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! 1 E Q46 fQ47 EAHHHNIAN 1 uw: uc 51 5, i' wvrfl-g:.'ug. .., 2 5 in i x J STUDENTS' YEARBOOK VILLA CABRINI ACADEMY BURBANK, CALIFORNIA 'l'lIIiSM1RliIJ IllC,XR'l' Ol" .l ESI S Saint l"ram'4'x .Y1l1'ie'r ffulnrini 1lf'rirwl inxpirzllion mul .Yll'l'lIMfll fron: flu' Snrrfwl llmzrl of Jesus llw llmughls. worfls, mul u'nr!.'.v lwulwl solvly lo nnzlw lllis llirinv Ilwzrl l.'nnu'n um! lorrrl by ull mvn. Tllli IBLICSSINIZ OF Tllli SMIRICIJ IIICART May Ihv grava- and hlc-ssing of rho Savrr-ll llvarl hm- with you: the- pvacr' of Ihr- Suvrml llvart f'IH'UlIlIJiisS you: lhv nu-rils of the- Savrvcl llearl plranl for you: lhm- low of the Suvrvml llvarl llllllulm- you: the- !4Ul'I'IHA4 of lhv Silfflltl llc-art vonsoh- youg ilu- zvul of Iha- Sacred llc-url animalv you: thc- xirlm-s of Ihr- Farr:-cl llvarl shine forth in Q-wry xxonl and xsork. and may Ihm- joys of thc' lie-ulifir Yision lu- your 1-If-rnaxl l'w'olnpr-llsv. M111-11. -1 ?' wif? we it 1. 'N .,.,.. S .: 2.11 ao- , '-in 1,-E - 1 4 - -same:-2' ' - :Z -"' ' 5 W: 15, In Nixon ',. 4 V f-1 3 r I-Q Nj, A an Q , ,5gzj,.p2 ' Tas? f 3? fv UT'- SAINT FRANCES XAVIEH CABRINI Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, beloved spouse of Jesus, bless and protect your devoted clients of this archdiocese. 5 IHS HOLINKSS POPE PIUS XII The ll'-ff'-Sill' slulnr' uf Sl. l.'f1Ifrif1i rmu: ll4'I'HIll'l'.Y Il pluwv of Ill'lllllflI1'll4'l' in nur IIVIIIIII-f-Ill lflzalwl. ll is Ihr' lllfflf of nur llf4'!ll.l1'l'1i0lI. To her we form' willz our pr'nl:lc'nlx anal lliflf-iI'lllfil'S mul prm lflllf fllfilllflfll lwr ivrlnrlrnus lIUlL'l'!' wr' nzny fiml Slllllflvllll. l'0llIf0l4f, fll.VlIilYlfi0ll,, IIIWIIIIXI' nur fifirlf lrnfc for luv' fimlx nu lmunrl, our fllflll in lmr rm limit. 7 ST RliYl'IHIiNIJ .IUIIIX J. lIAN'l'Wl'll,l D IJ AHIIIIBISIIOP OF LOS ANGEl.ES Ja. ooo 11, 5 . . O . 1- X an -. Jvllvlnvxxnllluu ' Plrrlyhinrvsv nf 35115 Puxgvlva 714 mm-at Oblgmpir muxxlrlrzxrh illua Angvlra l5,CKnlifnrnizx To the Graduating Class of 1947 Villa Cabrini School It is a pleasure once again to congratulate the graduating class of Villa Cabrini. You are completing your course in formal schoolingg you are to leave the classroom, and wide horizons of life stretch out before you,challenging all the preparation you have received. That preparation has been as complete as your Church, your family and your schoolfbuli make it. Upon you was lavished all the care of those who love you. Your minds and hearts were filled with Truth and Goodness-- with God Himself. This is Catholic education, of' which you are now representatives. As you receive your diplomas, I am sure 'you will say a prayer of gratitude to the good Sisters of the Sacred Heart. The best way to say your thanks is to model your life upon St. Frances Xavier Cabrini who lived always close to God. Praying upon you every blessing, I am Very sincerely yours in Christ, ARCH .SHOP of Los Angeles H X Sf RW , M is 33,91 K X ,X I , Sf T 'i ff .X 2 x MISXW w g X f M sz N Q. T . 1352 I III 4' J III4 I'X4'I'I I I'Nl'N 'I'III'I XIUST IiIiXI.Iil.NlJ ,IONLI II I NIA l Ixl N IJIJ XIXI. ' S ' I ' S ' x IIXIU BI IIOI II I0 XVIII , . 1 I V I 5, Q o Emu ui .1 ' CN Arrlyhinrvsv uf Une' Pulgvlvs 15 1?Le ' E ooo MW '-'- M VQXK "ww Fld lllilret Gblgmpir Tlliuulvtmrh Eos Pulgvlvs l5,QI1IlifUI'lliZl May Twenty Seventh 1 9 4 7 To the Students at VILLA CABRINIg The spirit of St, Frances Xavier Cabrini hovers over your derr Villa like A continual blessing, Yours is the high nrivilege to walk the soil that was sanctified by her feet, and to enjoy her snecial protection, I pray thrt you may make your own those qualities and virtues that were so characteristic of her noble and onerous heart, CJ soph T, McGuckenD uxili Bishop of Los Angeles C h a n c e 1 1 o r . B 11 HIS lCXlIIiI,I,I'lNlY. 'l'llIi MOST REX ICRIQMD 'VINIOTIIY NIANNING. D.D. 1I1.lilI'!lI'j' lfislwp nj Los ,f1Ilyt'l!'S. n.l'fi1'ir1tr'fl uf l't'fClIlUIlil'S ron:nzcnmruling flu' first feast u Sl. I"rr111ccfs Xrzzfvr Cularini. i n Arrlyhinrrsv nf E115 Bngvlvs '1i,Iif 5?' ' 7111 mrs! Gblgmpir lxinulrtmrh N r ' ' M, 4000.514 Tllus Aug:-Ira lgfgillifuflliil 1 0 lm , - U mini vm unsung! April Sixteenth 1 9 4 7 We are happy to have occasion to felicitate this year's graduates of CABRIIII VILLA HIGH SCHOOL. More and more it is becoming apparent that the strength, the integrity, and the beauty of our nation will depend on its womankind. when our young women are transfused with the traditions and teachings of our Church in a school such as yours, then we know that the future is in good hands. Well educated and well disciplined Catholic women are apostles to the world. They are lamps shining in pagan darkness. We pray that these lights shell never dim nor be e xtinguished, but that they shall lead us until the great Sun of Heaven shall dawn for all of us. May God 'bless you. Very faithfully yours, 'N' is---5"' ',...-A Most Reverend Timotlliianning Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles. S YERY RIQYERENIJ MUTIIICR ANTOINIETTA DEl.l,A CASA SUPERIOR GICINIQRAI. OF Tllli MISSIONARY SISTERS OF THR SAMIREIJ HEART Wk- e',x'!f'ml lu-1' II lzearly u'e'lr'on1e nur! lIffP!'fflJIllIft'l'V lool: foruvzrrl la an vnrly Visit lu Villa Crzbrini IUHIUIUHU No place is dearer to us than home. Closely inter- woven with the fondest memories of home are our happy school days. Deep-rooted in every heart and firmly bound with the slender tendrils of affection are those days and places when and where we learned the simple lessons of knowledge and christian living. Some will quickly deny this and say, "I didnit like school" but strangely time will cast a veil of enchant- ment before us when we view those days from a distance. Many who read the following pages of this CABRINIAN will know that this is true. I do not think it is only the lessons mastered in the various subjects and grades that we remember best, but there is someone there who has made those things seem aliveg there was something in the atmosphere we cannot forget. It is this SOMETHING and SOMEONE the editorial staff have attempted to portray in the pages of the l94-7 CABRINIAN. Ulllllllllllll Lessons learned from text-books may soon he for- gotteng but the influence for good acquired during our school days at VILLA CABRINI ACADEMY through association with noble characters in an atmosphere of Christian refinement will cling to our hearts and memories forever. Therefore, in loving, appreciative gratitude, we dedicate the 1947 CABRINIAN to SAINT FRANCES XAVIER CABRINI, the first UNITED STATES CITI- ZEN SAINT who laid the foundations of this truly Christian School, and whose maternal spirit hovers o'er this campus in loving benediction. Vllttlllfltllll Right Reverend Monsignor, Reverend 'Fathers, Dear Parents, Venerable Sisters, dear teachers, and fellow classmates: To me has fallen the honor of bidding you all farewell on behalf of the class of 1947. A farewell that means an end is indeed, sad and hopeless, but a farewell such as ours with faith, hope and charity shining brightly means a beginning of new promising adventures for those who are departing. We, of course, feel the sadness of separation after our pleasant years of happy, fruitful, precious associations, here in this hallowed Alma Mater, but even this is overshadowed by the joyful anticipation of gaining new knowledge, worthwhile experiences which the future holds in promise. Let us look upon this afternoon, therefore, as an occasion for rejoicing in an achievement of a goal we had set out and labored to attain. Catholic Youth holds within its grasp the promise of great things. With all its dreams and good intentions it seems destined for success. Time makes the test. Catholic Youth must prove the value of its dreams in tangible results. The world knows a tree by the fruit it brings forth, and you know a Christian Young Girl by the things she does, not by what she dreams of doing. But a young girl's deeds are her dreams and visions translated into actions. Therefore, like the Crusaders of old who dreamed of the Holy Grail and then set out to find their treasure, let us carry in our hands the sword of Truth, upon our arms the shield of Justice emblazoned with GOLD AND BLUE, within our hearts engraved our emblem of virtue, the American beauty, symbol of Marian love and fealty. Our banner shall float above us with our motto: DUTY - OUR CUIDING STAR! Before parting let us express our appreciation of the many advantages our school has afforded us. Here we have learned the precious knowledge we carry so abundantly-an education complete in every respect for it has enriched our mind, trained our will, molded our character, opened to us the precious fountains of grace of our Holy Religion. May we thank Reverend Mother Superior, our principal, the teachers, the sisters for their patient efforts, devotedness to duty, the motherly protection and guidance. To our beloved parents we owe a debt of gratitude for the many sacrifices sustained that we might attend and graduate from Villa Cabrini Academy. Fellow classmates of the Class of 194-7, I bid you all a fond farewell! Though we shall never assemble again as a class, though some of us may never meet again, let our thoughts turn often to the dear old school and let the recollection of these happy days here live forever in our memory. Let us resolve to live honestly, act nobly, and face the future bravely with the confident assurance that the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini-this trinity of precious patrons-will guide, protect, and bring us safely through the uncharted future that opens before us. 17 2 MARY ELIZABETH ENFRS Vice-President, Senior Class If you need assistance just call for Mary. She has a keen sense of humor. Mary has served as a capable vice-president taking the initiative in all class activities. She is a member of the Sodality of the Blessed,Virgin Mary. Mary's hair is blonde and falls in soft curls. From early morning lill late at night, Mary is alvtays ready to do good. A really hard worker, Mary is noted for her cooperation and her cheerful disposition. Who could ask for more? She will live forever in our gallery of sweetest memories. Mary was "Fraueois" in the Cantata. "THE KllRACLE," and the "Pest" in the Senior Play, "WHAT IS A GOOD BOOK?" 18 N S ie ' X 3 e 2 I? r .,, Y L .J z L., . LOUISE CATHERINE FIELDS Editor of the CABRINIAN, Secretary, Senior Class Louise, the dull quiet type, we thought, is actually a favorite with the students for her charming personality and thoughtfulness of others. She likes basketball, is on the Varsity, and has talent for art, her favorite pastime. She has green eyes, brown hair and a fiery temper. tWonder whyll As editor of the CABRINIAN it was up to her to secure teamwork or this annual just wouldn't be. We are proud ol Lnuise's accomplishments. She will be missed by all who have come to know her and her unique ways. 19 JO ANNA HAIN Treasurer, Associated Students Here is a Senior whose chosen art is sparkling fun. We all know Jo Anna is reliable because she is our Senior treasurer. She takes an active part in sports, is in the Varsity, and participated in school activities. She has fluffy brown hair and laughing eyes, a happy, generous heart. Jo Anna aspires to quiet domestic life after graduation but college life also has its attraction for this fun- loving lassie. She will probably leave the Villa and all its sweet memories to enter a life of serious study. We shall always remember .lo Anna, a girl liked by all for holding first things first. Jo Anna was the "Judge" in the Senior Play, "What is a Good Book?', Jo Anna enjoys parties and is a gracious hostess. 20 g il ARI ENE FRANCES JAM 1 4 President, Senior Class Imagination! Arlene is the Senior with a very vivid imagination. she is sure to be there. She has served with distinction as Senior Sodalist. Her ambition, after she leaves the Villa with diploma interpreter. She is so different from the other Seniors, but so descent, has light complexion, large blue eyes, and deep dimple exciting life but always carry high the honor of her Alma Mater. cantata, "THE MIRACLE" and featured as one of the leading ES Whenever anything is going on Class President, and is an active in hand, is to become a French intriguing. Arlene is of French s. We are sure she will lead an Arlene was the "Mother" in the soloists in the "Senior Recital." 21 ELIZABETH VALENE JANES Editor, CABRINI HERALDg President, Science Club Studious Betty is the editor of the school paper. She is a small, fair-haired lassie. She is truly a steadfast worker and a good student. Betty is popular among the students. Her scholarship record is high. After graduation. she plans to attend college. When she sets her hand to accomplish something, she invariably succeeds. She participates actively in all class and school activities, and is president of the Science Club. Betty is a credit to her school. With her will to go ahead, and her loyal devotion to her Alma Mater, Betty is loved and esteemed by classmates and teachers. She is the ideal academy girl. Betty was a lovely "Village Girly in the cantata, "THE MIRACLEI, and had a leading role in the Senior Play, "What is a Good Book 715 22 YORNIA YXUNNIC JIMENEZ Svrrelury, Associated Stzulents Norma is a small, vivaeious brunette. secretary of the Student Body she is another girl xxho possesses a likeable personality. She delights in singing and dancing. and engages in these pastimes almost any time of the day. She looks forward to graduation with great expectation. After she receives her diploma we know she will make something of herself. Singing will be her career. llcr charming ways and good poise will aid her in obtaining -ttvoese. Norma is gifted with vocal and dramatic ability. She was the announcer in "The Miracle" eantata. and carried a leading role in the Senior Play. "What is a Good Book?" 23 JOANNE MARY JOHNSON President, Associated Sturlentsg President, Sorlalily ' Bright eyes -right! lt's Joanne, our Student Body President, with her hig hlue eyes and brown hair. Full of fun, ever ready for anything, she is also president of the Sodality and can be seen on the campus at most unexpected moments. After graduation Joanne intends to attend college and take up the profession of nursing. She is known and admired by the girls for her neat appearance, her cute outfits, and her pleasing personality. The girls will miss you Joanne, but we are confident that where you go you will he loved by all, as you won the affection of the Villa students. Joanne was a "Village Girl" in the Cantata, "The Miracle' and featured in the Senior Vocation Week Program. 24 LORETTA JULIA LORENZ Treasurer, G. A. A. "Tootsie," is our twin who really makes a capable G.A.A. treasurer. She is found most of the time on the baseball diamond. She is also a good socialist and possesses a pleasing personality. ller mind isn't settled on the particular work she will take up after graduation, but we feel con- fident she will be capable of accomplishing anything she undertakes. She is noted for her honesty and determination. With diploma in hand she will look upon the Villa as a place where she spent many happy days. Pleasant memories will color her life because of the time spent in her Alma Mater. Loretta enjoys swimming. She participated in the May, "Piano Recital." 25 LORRAINE BARBARA LORENZ Treasurer, Senior Class 1 Hi! Lorraine sends out her melodious voice in an informal greeting. Lorraine is the fortunate twin in our class. She is also an active Sodalist. Past secretary, she has advanced to the position of class treasurer. Her pleasing personality has won her a galaxy of friends. After graduating, Lorraine is a girl who will always exhibit love, devotion and sincerity to high ideals. She will treasure sweet memories of her school days-days of fun and hard study, but Lorraine has been a hard prodder. She was a soloist in the "Village Girl" group of the cantata, "The Miraclef' and played the "Husband" in the Senior "Vocation Play." She was also featured as soloist in the "Voice Recital." 26 2 ? 2 .E ,M ALMA TIIERESA WAGNER Treasurer, Associated Students Peaceful, quiet, and lovcablel This is our little Alma. She is noted for her loyalty and devotion to her Alma Mater. She is the girl whom you often see in the chapel before the altar of St. Cabrini in her spare time. Alma has poetic ability and has written several fine poems. When Alma receives her diploma, she will leave the Villa full of the Grace of Coil. We shall always remember her for her innocence. Studious, attentive, of exemplary conduct, always thorough in her school work, Alma is trustworthy and makes a capable treasurer. 27 UZZUM '47 Wishing king Now when it comes to thinking of our high school days, We wonder where our girls have gone ere diplomas came their way, So we'll put on a magic wishing ring to see if we can't find, lust why, just when, just where they can be found today. Please sit back and concentrate and try to visualize The ten fair maidens whom we present in our BOOK OF MEMORIES. The clouds glide gently by, the morning sun breaks through Coming into focus we see a Romanesque Church and oh, the VILLA, too. Treading flowered-paths of the dear old school is a familiar figure, It,s Mary Evers, bless her heart! Her care of children is highly treasured The holy habit she now wears is like sparkling sunbeams woven so true, We know Cod will bless our Mary and the dear little children, too. Now I rotate the wishing ring as the sun climbs in the sky, The sunny hills of Texas appear while silvery clouds drift by, Pray, what is that distant huming or singing? Cherubs perhaps? Why no, it's our cute Betty, she went to college as most of us did, But she decided she cared more for singing than she did for curls, Guess what she is: a singing cowgirl, she always liked the West, And now my little darlings, she's way above the rest in every test, Reluctantly we leave you but please do not feel blue! W e'll see you again some day. You're our "Sioux City Sue." The ring is getting tighter, I wonder what that could be. The sun has slowly glided far above the sea. And Florida's beneath us, with beaches, trees and sands, A California weather, it's really quite a land There in a modern building, seated at a large brown desk Is our petite ,lo Anna Hain, attired in her Sunday best. A secretary she has become, her books she neatly keeps, She enjoys taking shorthand notes, she's really very sweet. She always liked this type of work with its daily routine, Ami receiving a fair salary, she feels just like a queen. Oh! The sky has darkened, twilight creeps to meet the gray, The air is filled with sweet perfume. Oh, where are we today? Why here's the French Embassy! A young lady appears, In stunning French ensemble wearing the latest headgear. Oh, yes. we recognize her, it's Arlene James, do tell! And as for French interpreting, she's all but rung the bell. Dense fog rises and falls, the sun again breaks through, We join in time a crowd of critics who go to a debut. It's funny how familiar the name now seems to me, Its name, face, or the familiar tune, let's see! Yes, I remember, ifs Norma in her really first debut. She said she'd never marry and I believe her word was true. No, Norma has not settled down to follow her career, And as for creative talents you need not have a fear. In New York City lives a maiden who gives her talents too. She sings at the Metropolitan Opera House and loves singing true. Why Opera without Lorraine Lorenz would never, never do! The sun is sinking westward, the clouds seem to heave a sigh When we meet Alma Wagner, the senior who always set her aim so high. A naturalist she who liked horses, birds, and trees, Reveled in pretty flowers, in the rustle of breezes in leaves. She's provided herself with plenty of horses to curry, comb and pet. She's really a wonderful girl, our love for her will be always true, Welll see you again in our travels, but till then we bid adieu. The red ball is setting, the night is drawing near, When you look at the beautiful sunset you realize no fear, For Cod's protecting hand is on the old, the young and the dear. Now in the twilight, a hospital leaps into view What could be its name, I donlt remember, do you? Oh, yes, it's the great Columbus, itls famous far and wide, Here mothers, children and daddys are nursed to health, trust, and life. That's where Joanne Johnson went, from graduation to nursing school. She now tends the surgical floor with efficiency and firm rule, She stately walks the corridors, in silence she hovers in white, Many a fond admirer raises his head to bid her goodnight. With shadows lowering, comes the end of a busy day. The ring reminds us of Tootsie who had her own innocent way. She too stands stately for exercises in her uniform so trim Her willingness and determination to win has never, never dimmed. She learned to handle the ball, how never to fear or fall, We,ll see you too, some other day, it won't be far off we pray But until then we say, "may unfailing success come your wayf, Now through the darkness of night the Los Angeles skyline breaks through With all its glitter of light, its noisy traffic and policemen in blue. There comes a little brunette wearing colors that blend with fine hues. She carries her easel, paints and brushes as most young artists dog Louise Fields is still calm and dignified, she loves politeness, too. And she can look back with pride and say, "1 came from the Villa. loof, Now that the sun has set and darkness spreads about The stars in Cod,s heaven are twinkling in and out, I wish to express my thanks to each and every one of you, And hope the bond of our friendship will last long and true. Now the wishing ring is off, my dreams have all come true, So to my dear Senior Class, I'l1 say, "l,ll be seeing youll' was S , X .,.Mm...r3 XT ' Y J 9 'un I lf: K . in c f., P' W' W A 39 4V'-- "'-AA '::2'1 f ,,"' The Seniors in out-oi-doors activities on the campus. These pictures will bring back many happy memories. 59 331 Every class wants to leave something by which to be remembered. The Seniors of '47, no exception. on Tuesday, March 11, planted a beautiful Rose Marandy "The All American Award Winner." fast Will and Cesfnmcni - Scuivr Glass of '47 LOUISE CATHERINE FIELDS Since I am the newest member of the Senior Class of 747, I, Louise Catherine Fields, wish to extend my deepest admiration and appreciation to all the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for their understanding help since I arrived here at the Villa. And being the newest member of the class I will make my last will. To Janet Stricbich I sincerely hope she will have the fortune to sleep next to a civilized person next semester. In case you didnil know, I now make known my experienced snoring seems to have kept quite a few awake at night. Midnight concerts, eh? To my classmate Alma Jimenez, lknown better as Chiu Chiul, I gladly and willingly will my none-too-used voice lmy ability of striking all flats sharp and all sharps flatsl in the hope that she will achieve her ambition! More power to youl And last of all, to Mary Ann Renner, the cool-collected type, I give my ability for losing my temper at you-all-know-who! I hope she will overcome her temper, I haven't succeeded at overcoming mine as yet. ARLENE FRANCES JAMES I, Arlene James overjoyed at the thought of graduation, but sane enough to write my first will, proceed as follows: I wish to thank Mother Superior for the 32 guidance and kindness. shown me. May Cod Bless her always. I wish to thank the entire faculty for their educational and spiritual guidance which will never be forgotten. l bequeath to lloris White the nickname of "Lambie" given to me by a favorite teacher for being the youngest Senior. I also will my Ais to a Junior who would like to have a mathematical mind. I will my "kiss curlsv to Pat Dunn who wishes she had them. I will my blue eyes to a fair-haired lassie like myself, a demure Junior, Esperanza Medina. l will the anxiety of graduating to Janet Striebich who is so worthy of this feel- ing. l will to Mary Ann Renner the thrill of my first flight. May her dream of becoming a stewardess come true. Just the thought of graduation makes me feel that I, Loretta Lorenz, owe my deepest appreciation and gratitude, to Mother Superior and the Sisters of Villa Cabrini for being so kind to me. To the Juniors, who will be Seniors next year, ll hopel, l leave my last will and testament. LORETTA JULIA LORENZ l, Loretta Lorenz, who just loves to eat, leave to Pat Dunn my extra portion of bread pudding so that she wonlt have to fight over it when lim gone. It will be a remembrance of our bouts. l, Loretta Lorenz, who likes to wash dishes as a charge in the dining room leave to some Junior to do them when lim gone. It is a lot of fun if you clonlt mind wash- ing dishes. l, Loretta Lorenz, who have a loud voice and yell out "right stepv in marching on Wednesday leave to Alma Jimenez, this ability. She needs to talk a little louder. And l, who just hate to get up in the morning, leave my beloved bed, excepting my treasured hole in the mattress, to Christina Emmanuel who now possesses one of the most Comfortable beds. . . . the delicious informal luncheon follows Seniors Rose Bush planting. LORRAINE BARBARA LORENZ I, Lorraine Lorenz, with clear mind and determined intention hereby give my sweet singing voice to Alma Jimenez, a Junior. I, Lorraine Lorenz. with a clear and sound mind leave my piece of pie to Janet Striebich, a Junior, who just longs for pie at table one. I, Lorraine Lorenz, hereby leave for a Junior the privilege of being monitor of the hall and hope she can keep silence as I have had to. I, Lorraine, with a clear and sound mind leave the privilege of cleaning the locker room and hall in the blue dorm. Knowing that a will is a serious matter, I, Betty Janes, wish first, to express my deep appreciation for the special interest the dear Sisters of Cabrini Villa have taken in me. May God bless them, and keep them safe, always. ELIZABETH VALENE JANES I, Betty Janes, wish to bequeath my worrying-mind and untiring effort in getting my lessons to Esperanza Medina, who I am sure will be able to use both. I, Betty Janes, being of sound mind do bequeath my cap and gown to Patricia Carlisle, who I know will reflect honor upon her Alma Mater. To the off-tune girl of the Junior Class, I, Betty Janes, wish to bequeath my ability to sing Western songs, and hope they will be of some comfort to her in her trying hours at the dear old Villa!! ALMA THERESA WACNER For life-long admiration and for loving help generously given, I, Alma Wagner, extend my thankfulness to the Sisters of the Villa who have been so true to me. To my Junior pal, Pat Ames, I bequeath my quietness, and I hope it won't bring you as much trouble as it has to me. To the Junior Class, I bequeath my hopes and prayers for you in the future. May Cod bless you always. NORMA YVONN E JIMEN EZ I, Norma Yvonne Jimenez, proud of the fact that I am a Senoir Graduate of Villa Cabrini yet not forgetting my everloving Junior Class, bequeath the following: To Janet Striebich my long deep-auburn locks, who never fails to let a day pass without longingly admiring them. To Esperanza Medina, who is far from being shy and loves the idea of appear- ing before an audience, I give my office of Student Body Secretary. To Mary Philby, my melodious low-toned voice. To Christina Emmanuel my '4Art of Clearing Your Throat." May she receive as much attention from it as I have. To Pat Dunn my ability to . . . uCarry a tunen . . . fWhat's the pitch, Petie?J and to my sister, Alma, I will absolutely nothing-for as far as I'm concerned, she has all that it takes. MARY ELIZABETH EVERS I, Mary Evers, want to thank Mother Directress and all the Sisters for the help and kindness they have shown me during my stay at the Villa. I also want to will my long beautiful braids to Pat Dunn. It seems hard for her to get them. And to Esperanza Medina, I will my ability to sell cupcakes and candy for I0 cents each for her Senior Class Treasury? Not last but least I will to Shirley Benz my temper which never got me anywhere. 34 i E 'i is l' L. g t Seniors wearing their immaculate class sweaters. JU ANNA HAIN I, Jo Anna Hain. alter eonsulting a renowned psychiatrist who told me I was as sane as l ever will he. after the nervous 'ifrustrationii of graduation do wish first of all to thank lVlother Superior anrl all the nuns for the patient-e they have hail with nie. To Pat wlffilillllllly l will my recl loelier-liry rihhon in the hopes that she will never lose her loeker key. 'lio Ceeilia lfarley l will my' sheerest pair of hose lrunnings inttlucleclt hoping she will wear them every' day of her Senior year. To Shirley llenx l will my poor flelapidatefl threacl-hare uniform. hoping she will he alale to holrl it together a lot hetter than l have. Last of all l will to all ,luniors all the trials, seolclings. anrl lun ol' a Senior anrl hope they will all have as mueh fun as l had at Villa Cahrini. JOAN NIC IVIARY .IOH VXSON l, ,loanne johnson. tlo herehy sulnnit my last will and testament to all the Sisters ol' the N illa thanking them lor everything. To Alma Jimenez. l hequeath my' freekles ancl my great ahility' in ohtaining them hoping she will show them greater appreeiation than l have. To Pat Dunn l will my hig hlue irmoeent eyes. hoping they do her as mueh gootl as they tlifl me. To Doris Whitt- l hequeath my gratefulness to my hraicls in had weather tof course it never rains here -heavy' fogl when the hair cloesrft want to eurl. 'l'o ,lanet Striehieh l lvequeath my course in Chemistry, hoping you fintl it easier than l. Anfl to the ,luniors in grneral l will all my best wishes and hope for a husy, happy Senior year. S35 Che Senior Diary Dearest Diary: With grateful appreciation and enduring admiration for our school, we, the Seniors of '47 undertake to write this diary. It is with reluctance we do so, for deep in our hearts we know that when we leave the Villa we will lose a part of ourselvesg we will lose something far beyond value in money, we will lose something that can never be replaced. Some of us will go out into the world for the first time to live without the guidance of a 'gsisterf' These beloved sisters have shared our joys and sorrows, these sisters we shall never forget, we shall feel lost without their encouraging presence. When we reminisce about the senior year, highlight events loom up before us as milestones in our school life. We can never forget the impressive ceremony last October, the Feast ol Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, when our 4'Sister Classw, the Juniors, presented us with our coveted Senior sweaters and beautiful rings. A delight- ful tea climaxed this event. Catholic Book Week found us actively engaged preparing an assembly. We Seniors came out with top honors in our SENIOR PLAY: g'What is a Good Book?" Guest speakers: 'Covelle Newcomb and Reverend Father Valentine added interest to the Catholic Book Week Programs. The Day of Recollection preceding the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and the reception of new sodalists into the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin will never be forgotten. It took us away from our books but brought us closer to our Blessed Lord in a series of spiritual conferences and exercises. From them we realized the importance of God, and our soul and the emptiness of a life lived with the grace of Cod and His Divine uid. Frequent prayer interspersed the day with other stimulating thoughts. Events such as this made our Senior year an eventful one. Ah, do we remember the surprise that came our way the day we took a ride and ended up at ,lo Anna Hainas house for that wonderful luncheon, then attended a delightful moving picture at the local theatre? Vocation Week saw the Seniors again demonstrate uncommon dramatic ability in the skit they gave at a General Assembly. It portrayed the two leading careers: marriage and the religious life. Every Senior participated in the writing of the script. Our Radio Broadcast: VOCATION VIEWS cleared many doubts students might have had concerning vocations. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine Day- all these traditional festivities saw Seniors leading as chairmen in preparing parties, entertainment, acting as hostesses, and what-not. It brought much joy and satisfaction in spreading hap- piness among the younger students. On March the eleventh, we Seniors enacted the traditional ceremony of planting the rose tree. Its blooms will be culled and placed before the altar of the Blessed Virgin symbolizing our homage and love of Mary-and Mary's guidance and pro- tection going out to us in our future careers. After pictures of this event were taken, 36 we were ushered into a dining room. The table decorations were a work of art. It bespoke beauty, good taste, and the loving regard of sisters for us. The principal and several Juniors prepared a delicious luncheon. Do you remember that dreary rainy day in March when we boarded the bus to go to Hill Street for the closing of the Forty Hours' Devotion? A vision of Jesus in a beautiful monstrance on the altar tastefully decked with flowers, candles, and light met us as we opened the door of the chapel. It was a heavenly hour. We prayed fervently for all. May Day with the crowning of the statue of the Blessed Mother was really the day of our dreams. It was an unforgettable sight to see long rows of devout young girls in pretty pastel-colored formals bearing roses to lay at the feet of Mary. The perfume of virtue, the expression of love for Mary was visible on each face at the dramatic moment of the crowning of the Blessed Mother. Alma Wagner crowned the Virgin. Lent saw the students contribute generously in the campaign for the starving European children. Enthusiasm ran high as Senior campaigners elicited generous donations. These were sent to His Holiness, Pope Pius XII. Each student's name was written on a parchment scroll showing her contribution to this worthy cause. It was sent to the Holy Father. April had us in a whirl of events: preparing the annual, taking pictures, pre- paring for the Recital, the 25th of May, with the Seniors Arlene James and Lorraine Lorenz, as soloists. Then there will be daily practice for graduation. Parties, and the graduation banquet will highlight the social events which just leaves one breath- less. The Seniorls life is so filled with activities there,s not a dull moment throughout the year. June fifteenth, graduation day, is the happiest and yet the most sentimental day of our school life. It is the terminal of years of happiness crowning our school days. Graduation High Mass, Graduation Dinner, the final graduation exercises with its moments of intense emotion bring us the coveted diploma which tells us most eloquently that we have achieved success and may go forward as graduates of this outstanding Catholic Girls, Academy. Words fail to express what our hearts speak this day. But one thing we know. We take with us the love of virtue, the graces, the learning and the catholic education received so lavishly in this school established by a saint. We shall never forget what we have learned here, we shall always cherish the loving care, maternal guidance, spiritual assistance, and deep learning received at our ALMA MATER. 37 Dearest Diary: Did I ever tell you about the time I peeped in on the Senior Class Homeroom Meeting? Well, one day I did. It was a bright sunny day in June, when I peeked into a beautiful school among tall green trees and to my surprise this is what I saw: A nun was seated at a large desk in a pretty room and about her were ten cheerful girls. Arlene, a joke-cracking young girl was warbling, "Got a Ranch in Arizona", while another, a brunette, fluttered around the room drumming the song '4Temptation" on the wastepaper basket and beating out "Boomv as a grand finale . . . Everyone knows that Norma is the only one in the class that can do two things at the same time. What a girl she is!!! Our second Jeanette McDonald was trilling on high "CU till you'd think the window panes would fall out, and her twin sister, l0h! yes, they are twins you havenlt been disillusionedl, was still maintaining she had never heard of carrots and raisins mixed together in a salad, and Oh! the wonderful "BALMY', weather in Detroit!!! I didnit know they had weather anywhere except in California. Over to the right of the room were heard the muffled tones of Betty, fdo-or-diel , concentrating on chemistry gas formulae. Boyle, Charles and Avogadro are frequently mentioned because of their respective discoveries in this field. Beside Betty sits our little Alma, the one and only really quiet Senior. She is seriously trying, trying to concentrate but who can study science with ten fun-loving lassies, could you??? Mary, our natural blonde, is relating the climax of her latest novel, "What Happened in Motheris Dorm Last Night," when . . . well, 'iyou probably wouldnit understand anyway, so I won't explainf' Joanne, the blue-eyed lassie is all-a-flutter over graduation attire: to wear or not to wear pink, yellow or blue is her major problem. Jo Anna proudly announces last night's popcorn customers had increased her sales every bit of ten per cent. Dear Diary, this is only a side line for today. Sweet Dreams. S5!Vt70l6S By Louisa FIELDS A Senior's life is really one that is running over with lots of fung And Seniors are respected too, for all the little things they do. A Senior sets good example too, for all the younger girls in school, So if a Senior seems to be a little "Big time" just like me, Please just remember and youill see itis because of her personality! But now the year is almost gone, it's almost time for our farewell song. W e are excited and cannot wait until we leave the Villa gateg To leave a year of song and fun to go to college on the run, Now weire smart Seniors as you sec but soon dignified graduates weill be. We'll leave the school behind and start a- struggle with father time, And up the ladder we shall climb for we're Seniors in soul and mind. 38 Opposite Page: Members oi The Student Council in an informal gathering talk over business pertaining to the Student Body Association. . EQ , x 1,5 A. ..-. an ff A. M . px iv 350. if 'H 'fs ,: 5. K f' Q' X WlF z X 5 I 1 S Juniors enjoying themselves after school on the campus l!7ZlbM i ? Student Body Officers discussing business in the breezy garden. They are leit to right: Alma Wagner, Treasurer: Patricia Dunn. Vice-President: Norma Iimenez. Sec- retary: Ioanne Iohnson. President. Diary nf the junior 611155 As l look back over the year, '46-'f'l7, l can readily see that it has been the happiest in my high school life. lr was wonderful working with co-operative girls who had original ideas and a spirit for activity. We started the year with money problems just as any other class, but we soon solved them after the first month of selling. The whole-hearted co-operation of every student spelled success. The first party of the year was planned for Thanksgiving. Generous contribu- tions were made in the way of food and delicacies. The table was a pretty picture. ln the Tidings Campaign, Villa Cabrini ranked third in group five. Shirley Benz represented the school and received the award presented by the Archbishop to our Alma Mater. November quickly whizzed by and Christmas presents were discussed. A spirit of secrecy and fun hovered over room three when gayly colored packages were locked away in the cabinet. Presents were exchanged within the class and everyone was cheerful and happy. Lent found us thinking about missionaries, and a decision turned into a fulfilled promise: to ransom a pagan baby for every month in the year. l remember well, the contented feeling I had every time l entered our homeroom and caught a smile from Our Lady of the Missions, with our twelve little pagan babies sheltered under her mantle of blue. The year drew quickly to an end and the insinuation, 'ifuture seniorsf' made us sense great responsibilities. Sweaters and emblems were reviewed, discussed and approved -V-all but pur- chased. One topic we did agree upon is the memorial we shall leave the Villa . . . Curious? You'll seel The raffling of the corde bag made by Mrs. P. Benz was intended for this purpose. For Book Week the class put on 4'Library Fantasyw and purchased six books. Later, the juniors earned 3860.00 and made another contribution to the library. 442 'lihv program for Nor-ation Month provvci a hugo stu-4-css. lfw-ry girl 1-iiavtm-ti he-r r-hoit-v vovation. This proxmi at spiritual awakening: thu girls w'4'r't- in c-arnvst anti still arc. 'I'ht- juniors lvrought in 3Sl00.0tI for tht- school annual. isn't it at lwautj? For tht- liishopis Utlllljltligjfll for starving t'i'lilfil'Plt, tht- juniors wort- gvnvroiisz fl'Slfr.35 from I5 girls. Aftt-r anothvr lvig 1-ffort to raisi' funris. wc' nf'tlt'cl fflSllltl.tl0 which will lw giwn to Hi-ww-lui Nlothvr Uvncral for the war torn missions in lfuropv and Asia. ln tht- lfssaj Contvst on "lViusit' prior to H100 A.D.'i, two juniors. Mary Ann livnnvr anti Mary Phillry won sn-contl anti thirtl awarcls rc'spf't'tiu'ly. lVlrs. li. K. liiggs. flirwtor uncl sponsor ol' tht- vonlt-st took thvni to tht- opcrn. c'Song ol' Ntlfiiilym. All it-ar tht- juniors plannvci anti workvfi lior tht- svnior luanquvt. It was now linw to display this work: tht- artistic talvlc- tiecorations and faxors. In-autiiul hancl paints-fl platw--m'ai'tls. ancl prvtty cln-4-orzltions. Tllvrf- was an air ol' t-xrilmnm-nt on tht- titty wt- :lt-r'oi'at4-cl tht- tlining room in the trarlitional hlue and goltl. lin- lranquvt hull loolu-fl its lwst. 'lihv prouml juniors xivwt-ci tht-ir work with satisl'at'tion. As tht- Cranci Marcli approachffrl varh junior pl't'St'IIit7li an sc-nior with an appropriatv t-orsagv to match hvr gown. Thi' juniors svrwci. 'l'hvn. rluring the- rianiviiigz lhvy washvil tht- clishvs. lt was with that happy and t'ontf'nt04l lim-ling that vonn-s with siu't't'ss. that wt- sat clown to flllllittl' that 1-vcrllilg. lt had lwvn a grvat tlnj at tht- 1-nci ol' a grvat jvarl Otficers of the Freshmen. Sophomore, Iunior and Senior Grades discuss class activities in the garden. ,4 Day with a Saplzwmfrf A yawn, a stretch, a wild clutch at a kimona, and a Sophomoreis day has begun. The lights go on. The nun patiently waits until each sleepy head has emerged from a warm bed. This particular Sophomore strips her bed and turns her mattress, then exhausted with the effort, sinks down on her chair, but a thought of wasted time pulls her to her feet and she proceeds to put her bed together with amazing alacrity. The bed, when finished, looks like a table and, well satisfied, Sophie grabs her clothes and tears into the washroom to get dressed, washed and combed. Sophie says her morning prayers and then assists devoutly at Mass. After Mass comes breakfast which she devours ravenously and then skips off to do her charge. fThis Soph has the High Schooll . At 9:00 A. M. the bell rings and she wrings her hands in vain as she watches feet scuff up her immaculately polished floor. Four periods in the morning during which the teachers hurriedly question the g'Wise', of "Wise Foolsf, Such barbaric ignorance! but Sophieis doing her best. Now half of the day is gone and, lunch being hastily finished, our Soph dashes out to a fast game of basketball or baseball. Athletic, that Soph! Then three more periods at the end of which even the teachers bless the last bell and hurry out to preserve the last remnants of their patience. An hour of play fol- lowswthree-thirty to four-'thirty- and then study hall. As the nun tries to persuade Sophie that she is not the brightest girl in the class and that she really ought to study, Soph is busy thinking of that trick play she learned or the man she put out on third base. Finally she settles down -just in time for the dinner bell. Dinner has the nun wondering if Soph is man, mouse or elephant! 'The food she stores away! Another hour of recreation during which the girls play dodge-ball, QSoph,s always the first one outl , or dance to the music of their own radio or records. Seven-thirty finally rolls around and with a groan, Soph realizes that she must make use of this study period or that translation in Latin or that problem in Geometry just won't get done. fOh, woelj At quarter of nine our Soph says her night prayers, staggers to the dorm, nearly drowns in the tub, and with her last effort, collapses into bed, wondering where she ever got the strength to play such strenuous games. And, so we say farewell to A-Day-With-A-Sophomore. 44' 4 PP x . i M P ww. if M 3 e Sophomores having a gay iime in aihlelics and games afier school. 1, gif , 1 Q 'Eb 'ff' J ax 'Q s is Q! 718.5-Af. MAY ALT XR lt'1'1'ui11,u Visit In 1IlIl'-1:5 ,4lmr Q R E N Ag: ,Ag 4-7 ,4 ll Kevair The time has eome to say good-lmye. Vile. the classes of '16-'l7. will never he together again as we are now. exeept. perhaps. in our memories. Some ol' us will leave and others will come to take our places. Please. dear Lord. guide us all on our journeys so that someday we shall meet in Heaven. On this Ocean of Life. we are the lioats. Soon we shall lie on this vast sea. struggling to Cross to the other side. Please, Lord. help us to rememlier that our lwoats have been built Carefully over a long period of years with the liest of materials. furnished by the nuns who have carefully and vigilantly watched over us. Help ns to remember that there are others who have fragile boats. They. too. are trying to cross that stormy sea. Should they flounder, as some will. let us give a helping-hand to set their boats alright, thus aiding them start once more on their journey. The seniors have already started this journey. May Cod take eare of them so that they land safely ashore, to rest forever on the sands of the Kingdom of Cod. Freshman Initiation-They showed marks of ill treatment but the Seniors made it all up to them in the stupendous party culminating their period ot trial. uv. Rik m .N QQ' was K 405 I Mx m Pu: cw' ,A 4 Y A , 2 . 5 , ,Si 'Qv' 3,1 qw 5? 4 x -A V up Wu wi mtg , 'iw ws , .V .5-. 4 wwf? M. , MQ' ge iz 'mywnow M x 4 ,Q Q' BWP f4P019ff.9 Ezylftlf Grade Valedicfary "Going home. going home, l'm going home." however, not without bidding farewell to our dear Alma lVlater. 'l'ho' we can look forward to a restful vacation and a good time, still there gnaws at our hearts a strain of sadness, a genuine regret that the ties of friendship binding us so closely in our work and in our recreation must now be broken as our little, merry, mischievous group separates, and what has been a happy. united, active. cheerful class may become only a delightful memoryg a memory which will ever remain. ln triumph or failure, wealth or poverty, sickness or health, the bright recollections of our class 't-7 will never fade. ln our hearts we shall never be divided. lleverend Mother Directress, on behalf of the class, l extend our heartful thanks for the educational privileges you have made possible for us to enjoy. lf. in the years to come, we prove to be practical members of the Catholic Church and citizens worthy of our great America, remember us as only a few of the many. in whose years you laid a foundation of learning an aspiration for high ideals. And to the entire faculty, we feel there is no reward that can adequately com- pensate them for their service for us. To you we can only say, paraphrasing the famous words of Daniel Webster, "lf you work upon marble it will perish: if you work upon brass. time will efface itg if you rear temples, they will crumble into dustg but if you work upon immortal minds, if you imbue them with principles, with the fear of Cod and love of your fellowmen, you engrave upon those tablets something that will brighten to all eternity." Classmates. there is only one word more. and the last one must be to you 1 us as we part. pledge ourselves to remember all the true and lofty aims that have been born in us in our work together at Villa Cabrini Academy and make our lives such as shall bring pride to our school. . . . lfarewell we Farewell! With every morning's sun up goes the national flag over the campus of our beloved Alma Mater in the ceremony portraved above. Love for the country cannot be stronger than that filling the heart ot these girls together with love for their iamilv and an altar for religion. ,Aw 'sf di if ,ff ,sg 43 QQ S, Q ,si .sr it s any Q thai li li 9 The 1947 "Convert" class-these new Soldiers ol Iesus happily enter the ever growing army ol Most Reverend Ioseph T. McGucken, Auxiliary Bishop ol Los Angeles with the Confirmation ,swf if S 91-'Wei Opposite Page: Thirty-seven First Com municants received Iesus on May 18 1947 in an unforgettable ceremony Parents received Holy Communion, too Parents breaklastinq in VCA Dining Room. after the ceremony. fy 'W Sk A RENEW gw ww x, x QQ 3, 455. .W N H, ,. Q il 'S 2 E ggi All these girls are active missionaries-each has ransomed a pagan baby. ,xx In a briei letter containing individual signatures. the students participating in the campaign for the starv- ing European children told His Holiness how happy they were to do their part in giving pennies. nickels. and dimes to save the starving children ot Europe. Over S300.00 was contri- buted by the combined classes oi the Academy. The VCA Sodalists filled Easter Baskets to distribute to the little ones of the Mother Cabrini Day Nursery at 1406 Mateo Street, Los Angeles. This good deed highlighted a series oi charitable activities sponsored by the Sodality oi the Blessed Virgin during Lent. I-4 73,1 K ,Q-aff' 16 ' .f ,,-.4 ,-N53 Q24 The Sodalists prepared sn in- terestlnq General Assembly with posters. talks, and sklts - all calculated to help spend Lent profitably. ,An ,Active and Zcalaus Graup An active and zealous group . . . is our Sodality. Many activities have been held throughout the year - all are unforgettable. The Reception of the Sodalists was a beautiful ceremony, held on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Our Lady's Altar was lovely, for the Socialists had decorated it with many fragrant flowers. December twenty-second brought with it a Solemn High Mass in commemoration of St. Cabriniis first Feast Day. The Villa was honored with the Most Reverend Timothy Manning as celebrant. The Sodality sponsored a varied lenten program, complete with posters, essays, poems, and a short lenten skit. The entire Sodality participated in this entertaining 3SSCIIllJly. tTurn to Page 5Bl 55 Q Q Q' l'5 S fp jwbfi X A An aeria B W tml ' fx' Z .L H ,sw I V5 ,Q WY: ii" fi V ai' At left: Shirley Benz holding plaque-the winning award Q presented by the Most Rev- erend lohn I. Cantwell on Thursday, December 19, 1946. At right holding the auto- graphed photograph oi Arch- bishop Cantwell that went to third grader. Luana Patten, who sold the highest number ot Tidings subscriptions in the school. tFrom Page 551 'l'l1t- "Sotlality's lfisllpontln turnvcl out to lu- at hugo sllvwss. 'llht' Sotlalists were Qlt'llt'l'0llS in donating' "fish and hail" for this nowl vwnt which llflltffl a nent little sum. The Sodality nlayeid "big sister? to the Mother Calmrini Day Home. lfach Socialist presented il child with a clieery and generous Easter Basket. Sixty little' hearts were lllklflt' happy: sixty little mouths fills-d. Monthly, the Soclulity 11-veiie Conniiunion in a lrodi. The three Children of Nlzirx st'lc't'tvd to t'lll'IX tht- lilvssed lVlothvr's Banner. also llnvt' tht' honor of decorating tlnr'l,acls's Altar. 'l'hroughont tht- is-ar. c-avli Socialist works for hvr Sodality points. in order to I'l't't'lNt' tht- Sotltllity pin. This is l'0t'Pixvtl at an inipressivv t't'l't"Ill0lly at the end of tht- yvur. l mlm-r tht- Qllltlilllt't' of our prel'vr't and rnorlvrutor. tht- Soclality has hecn trc- nwmlously uvtiu- and xvulous. t'tlllSlLllllll Illilllll-t'SllllQI un vxzniiplt- worthy of imitation. Ft! Ou 'Y I A -fied!-f' ff 'M . f Q- R 5 , x gi-lx rg we , 4' 'f .4 :Q Bmwfxfmiw s 'mf my K 4.3, K K W KA: ,124 .SE.f!tdfv5g,lX,,,,,i.X She Class Ollicers of the Grammar Grades from the First to the Eighth inclusive. His Excellencv. The Most Reverend Timothy Manning poses for a picture with the VCA Senior Glee Club and Choir. To the lelt oi the bishop is Reverend Mother Eulemia, Superior. to the right. Mother Benedetta, Principal. in the rear. Mrs. Richard Kevs Biggs. Glee Club Director. . M,..,.,.,, ,z W , .....r,. I V in 3 if ' is anlrnmmx , , is 1 QEE ,. ,X . 'x 1 a M-A is Nr: 9-Q A in 9 fi' Q? rl vs. , 'J' if F S' dg xy 3 ,f ,. - .,.. .,:.. , K ff 'Q' 'V , M Tw T W :N K , 2 ' iw Q5:,., 4 "A'A'1: A V.,.' . ,,' W . Q N., X " 1 1 f ig. " ' Q " N Q .:.A.4, ., :gEg.:,5.EA1Ei: . 1 W -T'?i?fffffM 9 A if 2 MWWM , .I I ' Q -:-:::: ' i. 1 My it 'ff Wi X Sw + Q " - .nn 6 X .- 5 , The Art Craft fashioned many beautiful works which go to adorn their homes. A Chemistry Laboratory Class working seriously on experiments in Organic Chemistry awww: 3 Louise Fields. our artistic Senior. has designed two attractive art irames ol " Cabrini with doves" and "Baby Cabrini sending oli her violet missionaries to China." ln the Freshman Play "School ls So Much Fun" we see from left to right: Maryanne Krupa. Diane Strathearn tSlster Librarianj, Iulia Neilsen tSister Superiori. Victoria Fritz and Geraldine McHugh. Oli Upper Picture: High School Students start the school dav with the Salute ol the Flaq. Center Picture: The Elementary Division qoinq throuqh the daily exercise oi salutinq the Flag Lower Picture: Phvsical Education Exercises-High School Division. Music Festival-Senior Glee Club gave a delightful Musical Program May 25 at 7:00 P. M. Lucienne Courdon Biggs, M. A.. Instructor and Glee Club Director. with her voice students who featured as soloists in the Music Festival. Senior Glee Club in tormals put on a creditable performance. Catholic Book Week Essay and Poster Contest Win- ners tleft to rightl: Patricia Doyle. Ierry McHugh, Mary- anne Krupa, Bette Bono, Loretta Lorenz. Sheila Ha- gan and Alma Iimenez. A scene from "Breakable Vessels" a Freshman Ca- tholic Book Week play, portrays from lelt to right: Barbara Stetzer, Lorraine Garvin. Patricia Coon, Vir- ginia Ferguson and lean Ridgway. Father Valentine of Sierra Madre Retreat House, guest speaker for Catholic Book Week. Y g Q X. 1iIfr?ilZ'i7ctwl31Qf H...-.,,,.w me lunior Play "Library Fantasy" shows from left to right: Ianet Striebich. Shirley Benz. Mary iird. Mary Ann Renner. Doris White. Adele Craig, Patricia McClammy, Cecilia Earley. Patricia arlisle. Christine Emanuel and Patricia Dunn. l A scene from the Senior Play "What ls A Good Book?" shows left to right: Mary Evers. loanne Iohn- son. Myrl McElroy. Norma Jimenez and Arlene lames. E' i f QA" Qu nu , Wmluumww Khrisfmas Program Phofagraphically Zfvld Top group: THE FIRST GRADERS. From leit to right: Sherle At- wood. Mary Gucciardi, Wanda Gomendi, Caroline Benz. San- dra Legqio. Irene Lynch, Ann Grove, Susan Moore, Louise Gerard. Center group: THE THIRD GRADERS. First row from left to right: Helen Schuler, Carol Kosen, Kathleen O'Connor, Mary Vega, Louise Ami Kerr, Ra- mona Allsted. Io Ann Boeqlin. Ioyce Iustice. Deanna Gilman, Honora Martin. Second row from left to right: Shoran Sales, Shirley Dodd. Winiired Platt, Eileen McCar- thy. Iewell Gardner. Iosephine Brennan, Nancy Heyboer, Re- gina Worldey, Keren Holden, Roberta Williams. Faith Lesh- ner. Bottom group: THE SECOND GRADERS. First row from left to right: Mary Io Iohnson. Ioanne Shaw. Beverly Miller, Patty Curnan, Ianet Boyington, Marietta Cal- zolari, Geraldine Worley, Rose- mary Hattum. Second row from left to right: Mary Sharp, Victoria Fisk. Merrell Craqo, Rose Emily Horvat, Eugenia Collas, Ida Almada, Io Anna Christensen, Patricia Price, Ieanne Delurqio, Patricia Dayton, Patricia Hotel, Benedette Williams, Kae Rae Atwood, Donna Bean. Top group: THE FOURTH GRADERS. First row from left to right: Darlene Gwynn, Mary Alco- race, Phyllis Wagner, Kathryn Davis, Carol Doran, Michele Henrie, Barbara Williams. Second row: Barbara Baily. Dona Sue Preston, Naomi Mar- tin, Iean Macey, Louise Macey. Third row: Denise Ricker. Shirley Lotz, Colleen Yankie. Theresa Dobas. Second group: THE SIXTH GRADERS. Center: Miss America, Dolores Macey: Father Time, Gladys McElroy: New Year, Ioanne Cafarella. From left to right: Barbara Gibson, Kathalean Hurley, Mary Hurley, Betty .Eaton. Pasa Engel. lean Vobr, An- toinette Dell'Olio, Mary Keogh, Patricia Lewis. Beverly Brandt. A Scene of "The Miracle"- Hiqh School play. Pierre lloyce Seidell sings the Ave Maria while the priest and faithful pray that the vi- sion of the nativity may be granted to them. The vision of the Nativity- Final Scene of "The Miracle" play. SPORTS Gerry McHugh, Pat Dunn, and Chris Emanuel-won distinc- tion as outstanding cheer- leaders in all athletic events -especially during the grand Playday at Flintridqe. 0ut on our courts this year, there wasn't a dull moment. Dash here, dash there balls spinning in the air, girls jumping to-and-fro! Volley ball was the first sport of the school year. Whell our izlrsity was chosen, Loretta Lorenz was elected captain The lu k ' l ' k d b 9 . c y glr s pic e to e on the varsity were: Vivian Caldwell, Teresa Woods, Maryanne Krupa, Janet Striebich, Doreen Thomas, Joyce Seidel, and Renee Andreo. About the middle of the season, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy invited us to a play-day. lnto the bus we all climbed, and up to Flintridge we zoomed-a happy, laughing group. We lost both of our games, Sacred Heart - 20, Villa - 16, Mayfield - 7, Villa - 0. But, that didnlt discourage usg we challenged St. Robert Bellarmine's and came out victorious in five out of five games. Bellarmine's were great sports and we enjoyed playing with them. Great praise should be given to our cheer leaders, they really gave us encourage- ment at every game. Christina Emmanuel, our C. A. A. president, Pat Dunn, and Gerry McHugh made up the peppy trio. Basketball started with a big bang and even though we had no coach until the end of the season, the girls played with their whole heart and soul. Nancy Marzo, 70 lui r v vs- hvltlvl. ami Ht'Ill't' .hlclwu xwrt- lm'um'1ls: Hurts Xxlllltk lltll't't'll llmnius. uml lmlilst- l'lt'l4ls. guurtls. llu- Xill'!4llX plalxml tht- "lin tvum lzlitlilully itll tlit- 1-mt nl tht- sc-aismi. NWI yvair tw lwlw ln vmlipt-tt' xxitll tllllt'I' st-limmls. Our nut QINIII lt'llt'llf'l'. Miss tim-mlulxn Iltmst-n. luis l't'illlY xxorlwtl liurtl witll us girls uml ur- ttf-1-plx ztpprt-msitv lt. liast-luull was slum going lull suing. llir' llvlrl Mus itlNilyS pm-kt-ft islllt plztxtws. lt sm-im-cl lu lu- mu- nl tht- must pupulur sports uniting: our girls. Xilwn tllt' NSIVIII xwaltllt-i' lwgun. our pmol was opt-m-tt lm' tlu- lll'Sl lItllt'. Null t'2lIl Illltl 'gint' llms tlirillt-tl tlit' girls iwn- lm' this 4-wntl illllt'l' spurts 1-ngagt-rl Qftlllllb. 'l'l1t-st' xwrc' kit-k lrall. clmlgt' Imll, lnzuimintmi, sm'1'1'1'. l1'IltllS. ami tlilIIt'llls1. Yl1llt',llltliUl' vluss lms il riglit to ln- pmllcl ul' Miriam l'illswm'tl1As vllurts. Slit' luis limit- at wry gluml juli. lliis ailmul wmt-rs atlllt-tit' Lll'llXIllt'S lor tht- ivan' ltr- lt. "C" lettered G. P.. A. Cabrinians brass hats labovel. who won 1000 point distinction in . ' WK? athletics, captained by top .. r we t RW A-di' Niv- ., ,. x A Panoramic view of the assembled Awards and Jfzfmfrs fff4l3Rl1'Vl Sf-'HULARSHII' In INIIIIIIFIIIIIIG Haart College .,.....,..,...,.,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,, ljlizalwth Valm-nv ,Iam-s FRANK SIm'lI,YfA SCIIULARSIIII' In lnzmmvzlulc Hear! College ,,,.., joaxuu- Mary C21lllt'I'iIil' Julmsun ,Ucrlal fur lfcligioll ,luanuv Mary f:i1Illl'l'iIil' Jtillllhtill. Senior .lalwt Sll'it'bil'll. Junior juan xVllgllt'l', Sllllflillllllll' Nlaryannc Krupa, l"I'lTSlIIH!I'I liuluxx-s .lm-an Dvl H:-y, lfighlll Grade Cuff! 11011111 for Ccnrrul I2',x'r'1'llvl1r'e.. ............,....................,..,.,,,,..,......., ,,,..,,., ,I nan WHgIlt'f ilwlal for .-Vuxir' ..... ,.Rcn6e AIlllI'f'0 U1-flu! for Voir-e ,.,,A.... ,,,,,,, ......,.....,...,.....w,,.,,. A r lane ,IilIlll'S llcclulx for 601101711 1Z',X'f'l'HL'IlI'L' ..,.....,. ,Mary l'v1'v1'a, llvlvnc 'I'm11'vy llyfluly fm- Violin ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,A .,,,,., K a llllvvn 0'Connor, llclcn Tcuucs Mrs. Richard K. Biggs, Glee Club Director and Instructor of voice, accompanies the winners ot the Essay Contest to enioy "The Song ot Norway." From lett to right: Mary Ann Renner, Lorraine Lorenz, Mrs. Biggs, Joyce Seidel. pre-school through High School. Winners of Give Glulf fssay 60l'If6'Sf SI-INIOR IIIGII SCHOOL 'I'OI'IfI: IIICMINNINIZS OI" NIISICI TO IUUIJ "I, II. XYIINNISRS IIONOIIMil,IC NIICNTION IJPIKIIKINI-. Imucxz, Svniur IIIQNI-:la .-Mlrlucu, Snplmnmrv ,lawns-1 SIIIIIICI.. Snplmnmn IlfI'I'IlI4IIA IJm'l.1-1, l"rf'.slmmn NIMH' I'nn,ln', ,luninr I':lIll'XIlI'1'I'II MWF, Svnim- 'Xlun' ANN RI4I'Y'NI'1II. luninr Nun WVMQNICIK. Svninr .Il'NIOIi IIIGII SIIIIOOI, 'I'OI'Ii1: NIIISIII IN 'I'IIIi ATOMIII MLIC WINNERS IIONORMIIII INIICNTION 'Xxx Ilwrmx Supmn INIAc:m' I'x'rlu1:u NIr:lLlNl.l4:Y Ixus NICIIOIIS , . - IIOLOIII-IH IJ1-11, Rm' 'Ihr' KSIIIIIPIN N-rv gnu-fix uf Urs. RIVIIHIAII kms C. 1 I Q y .uml-.N IIII.I.5 Higgs ut an xIlI5Il'kII Il'0LEI'llIlII "'I'IIIC SONG OF NORWAY." Hrfnfcrring af Prizes II:XI,I,IlWI'1ICY IIOSTIINIICS WINNERS OI' IIfX'l'IIOI,Ill HOOK Wlililx I'uIri4'iu Curlislv. . ,. ..., ,,,,'NIusI OriginaI v QMMY LONHISI v Ilvlu-v Amlrvu , . , ........, ,fII1urIiu- CIIZIIIIIII """S'1"'21" Huw ' ' " "Mu"yu""" IXIIUIILI Snplnnmm- Illussh , Shia-la IIagan xvlwwlcns OI4' f:1vl'l1m,uz nook WIQICK -l"11i"1' CIM A-AA- h I h h- MNH -li"H"1f'f Ilf,S'I"l,4:li fI0NTI.:S'I' Svniur ffIa5s,, ,. .. ,, ,,.,,,,., , .,.,,, .... ' Xrlvna' ,Izumw I,iIIl'Il'ILI Ilnyll' .,,. , , I'uslm'r of ilu- I,amIm IIONORfXI3I.I'f NII'IN'I'ION I,4lI'1'IIZl IAlI'4'IIL , , ,. ,wlismk I'nslr'r ICSSNY IION'I'IC5'I' ,If'l'l'y xII'IIlIjlIl , U Upvn Iiuuk Po:-lvr ,IOLlIllH' JUIIIINYII. KUIIIIl'1'II K1-lly. .lalwt Slrivbivll ,-., I.: IW W xwgb 'We fs- .ef xl :- 3 av S fi . 51 N Avfwy xii 4 .. Q, Q, fa 1.. ,. , N .. Q B9 We Y .:-:Ei vwsevfi ,X .- 5 59 Q Q W Q awww 'E .. + lbw we efffwvxb V 'fm Q we . 3' Q 3 f fa, xg 2 Q., 2 gif ov.. f 2 Q if-www' P 5 EQ ifi w MSI, Q X LW ss 0 S Wax 'X . 5 Qi 3 Q ? SQ ? Q. 2 N eb e N fi Bk 5 blk- PLHEITJIZIE School is ended - playiime begins. Playing games during recreation time Wlla 6'abri11i's 5. ,4. ,4. The Girls' Athletic Association is one of the most active clubs in the school. It was established at the Villa in 1945 and has been very successful and active ever since. The purpose of the C. A. A. is to fur-ther the girls' interest in sports and to encourage them to participate in all outdoor activities. The sports open to the girls are ones in which they can all take part. Volley- ball season extends from October to January, basketball from January to March. Last of all comes the season for which many girls wait anxiously all year - baseball! It is played from March to June. In addition to these sports we have tennis, kickball. and swimming. We, of the G. A. A., owe a great deal to the generosity of the Guerrieri family, who donated the pool in memory of their beloved mother, R.l.P. We feel certain their mother smiles gently on them, and on everyone who enjoys the pool built in her memory. . We have gym period twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, a young lady can be seen directing gym classes. She is Miss Gwen Hansen, coach and instructor. She has made a big hit with her store of knowledge of "how-to-lose- those-few-extra-pounds," and is much sought by those worried about their figure. Now you are probably wondering what the added incentive for sports is. Well, the answer is a beautiful six-inch white "CM, the girls obtain for earning 1000 points. Twenty-five girls have qualified. It would be unfair not to mention our cheerleaders, for they are an asset in our sports program. How is this for a yell? Chicka-lacka, Chicka-lacka, Chow, Chow, Chow! Booma-lacka, Booma-lacka, Bow, Bow, Bow! Chicka-lacka, chick - Booma-lacka, bick - Cabrini High School! Rick-Rack-Rick! Peppy, isn't it? They are usually clad in white peter-pan blouses, white pedal pushers, and blue lettermen sweaters. At a playday game at the Flintridge Sacred Heart, our cheerleaders were acclaimed the best cheerleaders there, and our team made a grand showing, too. Meetings are held twice a month. You can drop in at a meeting and see Christina Emanuel, president, gavel in hand, conducting a peppy discussiong Pat Dunn, vice-president, listening very attentivelyg Joyce Siedel, Secretary, busily tak- ing notesg Loretta Lorenz, treasurer, going over accounts and dues collected. Mother Mercedes, our Moderator, can be seen seated in the back keenly observing and voicing her opinion on the particular topic discussed. At times we are honored with a visit from our High School Principal, Mother Benedetta. In the month of May, we had a banquet. Reverend Mother Superior presided and presented the trophy to the best athlete of the year. Thus the school year ends, with it our happy group disbands for the summer months. As President and Vice-President of the C. A. A., we wish to extend heartfelt appreciation for the generous co-operation of the members. We enjoyed our work and play, and sincerely hope to meet "the old gang in Septemberf, 77 UEUYEM I NE HH NEW SWIMMINE PUUL From top right. down: Rev. Benso blesses the swimming pool. Next to him is Rev. Mother Superior. Arlene Iames. Senior President. ad- dresses the distinguished Guests. The Glee Club rendering Schubert's "Ave Maria." Father Benso circling the pool in bene- diction. Here the bathhouse is in full view. Richard K. Biggs' "Blessed be God" by Glee Club, closes impressive outdoor ceremony. Below: Pool's bronze Plaque. a per- petual memorial ol Maria Guerrieri. SLUIWHIIHG 'mth ,ew Vigorous action is ev race. Who will win? icking, splashing. waves small nd large arise from the swim- ling pool when these prize wimmers plunge into it with usto. ident in this Wm' Since dedication, the swimming pool is the favorite rendezvous. A frolicsome formation - this group is enjoying a refreshing afternoon in the swimming pool. 558232 2 ,awxj Q, WRBANK. CAUF Mac! 'yldarlimcrv Our Selma! 15115 Early, every school morning a little yellow bus, named g'lVIortimer," chugs and chugs trying to get warmed up before he starts his journey. The bright sun feels good on his yellow coat as he heads for the bus stop. The bus seems cold and lonely at first but slowly the passengers increase in number and a low murmur is heard as they tell each other about the homework they did or did not do. By the time he gets to Pacoima the little bus is feeling chipper and his chugs have changed to purrs. All sizes and ages of children get on the bus. Being fond of children. LiM0fllHl6l',, waits and sometimes even honks to make sure no one misses school. Wihen someone is absent he gets an empty feeling in his motor and also an empty seat on his hack. The little bus is proud of himself because his windows are all shiny and clear, and his yellow coat sparkles in the sunlight. Soon he reaches San Fernando and the load becomes heavier, but that doesn't discourage him. "The more the merrierf' is his motto. Then he turns around and heads for Roscoe where others are waiting, and then to the Villa. Sometimes on rainy days Mortimer gets a bad cough, so he has to stay in his ugarage homef' Then he feels very sad for his little black cousin, commonly called 'fthe meat wagonf, takes his place. His cousin didn't grow very large so he has to make quite a few trips to get the children to school. When '5lVIortimer" is well on rainy days, he really takes it like a soldier. He has to wade through puddles, get rain all over the windshield and in his headlight, and mud all over his rubbers. But does he complain? No! On hot days dust gets all over him and chokes his motor, but he travels along cheerfully just the same. Finally, at evening, when all the children have been taken to their homes safely. "lVlortimer" trudges to his home, his windows smudged with fingerprints, dirt on the floor, sweaters and books forgotten on the seats, and a window rattling here or there. 'ilVIortimer" gets his cleansing bath then nestles in his garage, closes his head- lights and thinks over the day gone hy, with a little smile on his bumper. 80 -'lu f0g2'd,j9A.4 JOE BUECHELER MR. D. CIUFFO JOHN CADESCHI EUGENE LOUGHRAN G. LYNCH JOHN P. LYNCH dftZ0lfL4 L. J. MISURACA J. s. A. SMITH 1 BURT E. TAYLOR THOMAS J. TAYLOR GEO. THORESEN MRS. EDWARD ZOBELEIN In Illrfnmrimzv of Our lffflowvl Jloflzm' Jlrzrin G 1mf'1'iw'i THE GUERRIERI FAMILY "ln .'ll1'mmj11 of My ,1luflu'r" ANTONIETTA DELUOLIO GERRY DELL'OLIO AND FAMILY F. CERNIGLIA AND FAMILY LOS ANGELES With Best Wishes RANDISI WINE COMPANY JOHN C. RANDISI 2100 N. 6TH STREET BURBANK, CALIFORNIA Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. ANGELO RABAGLINO AND FAMILY Compliments of IOHN F. WAGNER ASSOCIATES Accountant and Auditor Cltrus 10532 220 W. BROADWAY GLENDALE 4, CALIF. POZZO CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors LOS ANGELES A. B. C. ELECTRICAL CO. I. B. HARRISON Electrical Contracting 122 MARINE STREET OCEAN PARK, CALIFORNIA Compliments of STOLPER ELECTRIC CO. 150 S. SAN FERNANDO BLVD. BURBANK, CALIF. CRestvie W 1-2055 BRadshaw 2-3012 BEN K. TANNER 6. SON General Contractors 371 SO. ROBERTSON BLVD. BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. QL, Portraits Weddings Industrial Catalogs Aerials Large Groups Panoramic Banquets Professional Photographs News G Publicity Copies 707 E. BROADWAY GLENDALE 5, CALIF. Glendale Hotel Building Phones: CI, 2-7456 - CH. 5-2058 TODAYSS NEWS TODA Y! Whatever happened to- day - Whether it be local, national or inter- national- it's there be- fore your eyes in stories and pictures this after- noon! 1 VaIleyTimes THE Pape-r for the ENTIRE San Fernando Vallvy PADDOCK POOL MAINTENANCE CO. Maintenance . Chemicals . Repairs 8400 SANTA MONICA BLVD. LOS ANGELES 46 Hlllside 0133 M. P. MCCAFFREY. Inc. Construction Equipment 81 Machine Shop 2121 EAST 25TH STREET LOS ANGELES ll, CALIF. COLUMBUS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 1019 MADISON ST. SEATTLE 4, WASHINGTON Offcfrs 3 Year Course in Nursing-Affiliated with Seattle College. G I TRUCKING COMPANY "The All Veteran Organization" C. S. HUTCHINGS, President NOrmandy 2-1181 2822 Clearwater St. Los Angeles 26. Calif. The WILLIAM WILSON COMPANY "Over Thirty Five Years of Serviceu Real Estate . Insurance . Mortgages 40 North Garfield Pasadena 1. Calif. ROSCOE HARDWARE 8165 W. San Fernando Road Roscoe. Calif. INSURANCE Written in the Better Companies Anywhere in California FRANCIS XAVIER PRICE 1633 Market St. Phone MEn1o 4-2111 Gardena. Calif. FRANK R. HUNT AND COMPANY Real Estate and Insurance 402 South San Fernando Boulevard Burbank, California 88 NEW GENERAL MARKET Wholesale Meat and Provisions Live and Dressed Poultry and Eggs 773 North Broadway Los Angeles 12. Calif. Phones: MUtual 5443 - VAndilre 4528 FRY'S STATIONERY STORE Offire Supplies . Greeting Cards Telephone NEwmark 1-2701 177 E. Compton Blvd. Compton. Calif. IULIETTE CANDY CO. HENRY BERTOLOTTI, President 561-563 East Green St. Pasadena. Calif. TORELLI'S SHOE STORE Shoes and Hosiery 115 North San Fernando Boulevard Burbank, California IVERS DEPARTMENT STORE CLeveland 6-2138 5801-09 North Figueroa Los Angeles 42, Calif. f.5ia,"fi"i ' f , N K .'. N' 4' Ag -1, A 1 . V , :,-f 4 " rr - . . ff Mf- ..' V 'f ' 3.1. 1 A 5 . as-Q. . -J- .,-gwva l+v - y.ze.'.Ln5sw-,aa.i L45-fg+4A.,2x '51 1, 65, , ,G .4 v ' . 1 1 4 x A A V' +'1Q":. -:': ' K 'fi I '- A f-421531955 5 1-Kr. 1 Lai-E213-3525521 - A-54:1r: '.:'ffi' f4?fA,.'fFg".1i?z, 2 -v'-iww ,N " gzggw ' rffgiyfflif T-A 1 . Q, , , 2' it f'?r.122?kag' , i7fi'1if'J?EQ?L.'V5 T X 4 . A ff5gA.siff1i?: 1:21-+47 Q-ff ' -- ' 'F 1' -' ""? V. 'LTRS 1. .w1"'.J'f', "5 ' -. ,313 .' X , ff' -1' fx.-:.,t', 5' z . g "fp" W - staff ' ,rflla,"-.v:f?i1??'AQ,v-AY x.,,, -sf 1 v .,o,..-A.a1s':-mf wan Y 1, f Y . 34,37 Q5-7jgi9fKg3,l:fZ,x-3 fa-'A W5-,-131 ii N ,,,, A . .A .A 'FH-fffv AF-me ,... Y -rfvrsw ig p -A4 4 , -QL ,Aviv vga, , up 5, ,,.iA,,, 'ff -3225? 'f ' Aim". As . A A Fi- "1 IL' fiir, ' . .,--13,3'j,fEq17 -:gm1'ggg5gL:'9.'-,L -' f, ' -1: - S- f' ,QSAQ-Qi'g:1::,"f?+Le Q, , ffm: L xx- 1'g14-Aefs-f.,-is -A ,712 .Cp .fi V fffrumfp ,,f-gm.. ,I A :i2i'25'5i2i:, A fm : i 55 ' Q" QA, 2, ffijfr ' 'ffl .- - 9217 -'L -H- 153 A iif.1,i?a2fFP' 'W-al "-a+:fEff 1 f-.?1gp,2aCE- 1f":.:s,:1- .f if -A A.,5 .fi-gig? f f ' .+Q2?-.imlafsq 1 L-4i1?ffff?'f if - -'nf' 'A A1551 xiii'-'Fr-5'w ff 'PJ-Tir.. Y- . V-:fn 1- ?'4L,.y-J 02 ,'15'.u'-Ai ,iG1:.5-M :jig 1 Q A'-A - -4? fx- 5 A Q.. - 1+ ff- f- -- - . x 1' 1, ' 'E' -"2 . A ziz, , F'c:'f5-f?17Pfw'iil-31fi?l"31353' f' 2 ' " - ' '- f 4,1352 -2'-gi? swag-Egfr, ' 'f -f f . ' '- -V .'--fi iraq:".t5--zhsi-,.v'--'T , A,-f-'-ffm' if , --45215 A in ' will frfzicfvlzgl-' ' ' - fig, Lgg . : ssidil? Z-'gxzgig-:'i ' Q' - 'N ' , F34ae1?'Aj .1,Pf!5!-'- ,. A A A Zgfisiig-:An :A Q", -1 J f wf. ,,A .A :iff 2-'?f4.....f'fi2f' f 1: ' Qfh-in-1 ff-'f 1 nf. ff' ' 1 A L-- - v ag, 1: '1 we-25. ,.. , ' ' --. 4, . . , A ---5,5 Y f , .A Q, ,. . I X 1 1 , x N 1' X I 1 , . 1 1 , I ,Y YCTHLLQ - - , ' . ML. w 1 , A , .ah A. AV A ,A 7-,734 hi- l A' - 354,-vf--. -ai If , x, fu IE , , X .L -2 , F .gr ' M, R y: E E- . E . 4 Si- ' x E 4 V . if 1' - '-' M . ,... . .. ,....f... f ,1:A....n. -gibd ,QQ

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