Victory Joint High School - Victorian Yearbook (Clintonville, PA)

 - Class of 1959

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1959 volume:

, .. , f vw,-A.. -V , w w ,r V --vw Q, nA L2enflgsw:.':-fis-1"::u:s -"T"',15g,M.,,'f 1 ',-.fav-,' ,.j H 4 , , 1 rr- 1, ., X., ,, K . '+.'w1 V mf .a A A V -,Lf - .1 V ,Q -. Q-Yin :'+?'-!1.I3',Ql3f-'-x-'tim FET:--f-ewr4qxl.:a'ie,4.'-111151 -f.4.F!1R'l Mia' '- -4,,,Em,.g.gr4fe7jf,,,-Lf, ' -is , Q xx F Q"N-sg N v 1'-fi l LL' xx X x S- xxx .N X! xx ,N -- Xxx fl-I HA x , X, , , N I x N , - N X NX xx , N x r NX X 1-Z3 'FQ '-'T"f Q - 4- , ff77f,,w?.f 1, fj,f,g,,,2y ' IQLQIAV' - ,ffgfeifi if-"""' ' cf' 3.1- L. Porto ?a-rf Arc pos-tnvi 4 'Cntu-r A an l Psa i S0-4 x V X -s , N '-:J-'yy '-L rg? NU-5 iw? CQXXA 95 Vlcmrlam W CQ 0 I EQI XI 1 E ?Ief VICTORY JOINT SCHOOL CLINTONVILLE PENNSYLVANIA f fm' 3 ,fn 17X 1 ,O Q , II :T C9 ' I A lf O 'X Fey I sr 7 I I-fn N ' ' . 4 , N N X'j,: -Q, R! I I, I ,f XX 77 X I f f I I J'Z.L. J w 1 w w nrwrmrxrnrwrmrmvwrwrwrwrw 1w1w , E E 'E E E E E E E E E E E E E' E E E E E 5 E E 5 5 5 E E E S E E E 5 E E E Z E E 2 I mnmmmmmmmmmnmnmmmmmmmnnmmf .MAIL 3 S E S a s- 5 3 3 P a 5 5 E F a 2 E E s .2 2 a e E e ? a s 3 3 DEDICATION BEHIND THB SCENES the detailed activities that occur from day to day is the theme for the 1959 VICTORIAN We would like you to consider our yearbook as a collection of moving picture stills depicting the varied activities in our school In these pictures, the students are the cast and the teachers their directors We feel that the directors are the ones who make a production what it really is Therefore, we wish to express our thanks for their direction through our school years and the help that this direction will give us in succeeding in the future Thus, e, the Class of '59 wish to dedicate this book to all tke teachers, and especially to those who are retiring- Bernard Barnes, President, P.S.E.A.3 William Uncapher, School Board President, S. r. Harlan, Superintendent of Schools, Venango County, Mrs. Earla Hamiltor, Retiring Teacher, Miss Grace Yard, Retiring Teacher, Rhesa S. Byers, Toast- master, School Board-Faculty Dinner, Emerson C. Best, Supervising Principal. 7,1 Q1 l'S1 IL Z1 Il 2111 ll 12 21 I1 Il Sl 21 ll I2 Il I1 11 Sl ll Z1 ll ll 21 " " ' " " " " " ' " " ' " -- -- - " " at ' as 2 j ' S - , v 1 5 I . E - - , . . P x . , . - , - , I . , - P ' E : . 5-I 7 ' ' e . S 7 ' " : u 1 ' ' x . Q 7 ' 2 x . Q I X 2 1 : ., 4 V ' 'S 2 ' ., Q I ,' - A : . 5 , A. .. . . .. . . . , . . . . . . . . , . . .. . 1 -- -.. . I X, . L D . . c E J . . . . ehmd the cicnei I 1 it :,L4Qff POQJUCGFS ffdm fr stfai n Boafd of EdLLCE3CzoT1 Wurse Coo 5 Jamt V5 ec :al 151566135 U VIVCPS IVQCJFOVS Faculty X' T C+ Clubs C+ I 3por'C5 C IU usm C+ IZ 'Pla 5 if 7 i Cast udenii f H95 S ph M pair YDS C nlfr' b I I I I IO ' 0 S . , 'LJ ........ - .... .-.... . .... ..... . . I 1 3 12" ' " ill-f-L if -i 'QL1-3 X 'lf' fx x 44 " 1 A u ..U. ,...... HN Fl +L, . . ., ,,,, 1,,, , . A + ., , ,,,,,,, .,,,,, , ,,,, ,, . W7 I l U . ..... .,.. ..,. . ,..,.,, . iz, xx"-'N-i..-----'Q Kriffx - .,.. .H.M.MHhm5t 5 0 cl655e5 Ofunu Ai'67f.... ....... ......Jl4r1ior' 1' ZX. .... . .... ., ..... .... . 0 o ones 6, ........., .,,.,. .....JL4T1loP5 ' . ..... ...... . . .... .. .... .SCUIOFS o , o I u of5 ADMINISTRATION Mrs Katharine Phipps Q 6 Mr Emerson C Best Secretary Supervising Principal X3 3 I f i at BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Mr. Lester Hamilton, Mrs. Edlth Griffin, Mr. Lloyd McFadden, Mrs. Marjorie Oakes, Mrs. Hazel Wareham, Mrs. Edna Pipicella, Mr. Robert Bell STANDING: Mr, Lynn Riddle, Mr. Bruce Hunter, Mr. J. Leslie Hoffman, Mr. John Bonacher, Mr. James Cokain, Mr. Earl Gerlach, Mr. Robert Lakatos. NOT PICTURED: Mr. Deloss Gibson, Dr. Kelse Hoffman, Mr. Earl Hovis, Mr. Earl King, Mr. William Pipicella, Mr. William Uncapher, Mr. Lewis Witherup. , ,BQ I s isJI.1'XlififiHlli r ' fs fi ' 3 I V nfs E IA. 55 430 i Q' -Q fi f 1 ui- K 1. NURSE P, Mrs Wdna Adams -Ql"?' COOKS Left to Right Mrs Lois Moyer, Mrs Viola McFadden, Mrs Irene Ford, Mrs Edna Ekis, Mrs Mary Meng, Mrs Thelma Hoffman, Mrs Bette Hutchison x I gl: - - I 'J S , X- N V , 1, Q z A Q .JB ' S 0 .J . sl 2 A 5 - ' - f 'L A -' ,... ..- n . . Q P 11 Q 7 I .. , 4, - S ' 1 ' 4 - R "mfr M M - s e 4-5-' r ' A A , .Zig ' .7 .Y on K 'TW X SW ' ' ' s ,A fl: ,..,,,k ,g . .fp f- ,M :,f,,,i, , ' Wil- EW "sf .'?"'+"P4v xi N ., ,, - .apmwx ' 'e J- ... Qi'-"ham, v ' -A' , , 'i-.Lg . A 1' X ' 1 fp W-gh .V " Ls, s ' 4 ms - K 3 12 Bimini, A f 'Wwe , qv 3+msj1,Q ,W K ..u-,awe 5521435 ,ii .. of K Q' ffl- ' ' fu , MWMS . 4 AY, V 4. V v I ' o a e I I O . :gn-f,.., gf' un vb? Xxx A 5 W X IANITORS ...E Mrs Goldie McKinley, Lewis Ekis, Lloyd Miller, Farl Phipps Mrs Dorothy Ekis. BUS DRIVERS FRONT HOW Mrs Eleanora Miller, Mrs Faye Gllls, Mrs Charity laylor, Mrs Genevieve Kelly, Mrs Musetta Surrena, Mrs Janice Varan BACK ROW Paul Hoffman, Kenneth Moore, Loren McDaniels, Clyde Richards, Charles Donovan, Earl Surrena, Hilton Hunter, Wilbur Lovett L,'Af X - j ' D V. X 'Lk ,, . - X Ai: ' ':' I I , I I ' ' ' 17 j ,M W ..., 1' Q lifes I , -- -: O - - . I -V ,-. fs 1 ,- rn 1- . I l 4 Q I O BUUSTEHS 71 faire, CL 17 ZHWQW W, ZW? MMM Wfwyjfzfuf fjggifiiu ffl 5253 WMM! iiwfil fiwfgjw L66 XQ,-az 77' QA' E agf 9WWM Qmmwwj LJ Qfimw Z7 WQ7Q2f2'f,a,W W M wmgdafm Wm if Ziff 1552? iiffwfafw ?P7Zfff377?Zf74jZiw fm, hmmm? I W 7731, 77ZwJ5A,f!,J4ww'--J ZWZMWQ ffwgaig zffiiw fmiw Qmwvz ,f.,.z:, j.,,,,,2,Ja4M.f IZ! f 9, . , ..fl0"aY"' J Jx ' iw W mf . pwfhcfdzow. 72+ 5-0-fldj U U . V VD' d.U,Qufn. . - A4 . . ' ' ' ALR! 114, ld- C .af , . 7'Hfu, 1 . J '70 U vu i LM- ' .cr . 49 5 ff ' , 4 . A lyk nf . 'ZW . LVL I ' ,ffxfrvlnlf ' 1 f 6 QQ . ' mi-Nb Sa S - X' S' , 5. - gr C' -P11 l ' J I . , KV 1 ' 04,2 . 1511-44, X if . - prw-:5cnT:n 4 oqr' I jj D4r'ecTof'5 THE Stephen S Renton, Jr ll Bernard L Barnes Senior High English Physical Education Mrs Ivarg B Danner Charles E DeLong M193 TOQUR Foster' Latin, Librarian Matremafics Commercial Mrs Darla H Hamilton Mrs Margaret C Hoffman H Thomas Kissell Junior High English Homemaking Science, Soc Studies so xx Wilmer C Lopus Thomas J Mcfxenna Allen J Minshl-111 History, Geography Music Supervisor Voc A8 n Ind A-Pts Robert J Morrison Art Supervisor P1 tt Ronald A Sweetapple Geggfiefmticg Social studies Y' is C1 xXx I Brose E. Thompson i,n Commercial, Guidance - - s l o I -' ' c 0 0 Y 0 . - 0 ELEMENTARY Left to Right SEATED Yrs Gladys Miller, Sth Grade, Miss Beverly Kerr, 3rd Grade, Mrs Olive Miller, 2nd Grade, Mrs Ruth Smith, 6th Grade, Mrs Harriett Brown, Lpth Grade, Mrs Altha Hovis, 2nd Grade, STANDING Mr Donald Hoffman, Sth Grade, Mrs Mary Eakin, Lpth Grade, Mrs Susie Donaldson, lst Grade, Mrs Emma Brakeman, 3rd Grade, Miss Grace Yard, lst Grade, kr Forrest Galloway, 6th Grade f 'hx Wai' A ah.. " ,LU,b-5 V Act I Setting Club OO'TT1 fx N z I r N QW fs? xx 1. l nl- - - - f 0 Q I R 4 0 ml OW B I. v J95' QU f Q . ,V Q ld 5 e Q j , Y! as ir f 1 . f 4 fry, X 2 4008 W I Cya xiuuxxnngg-xi: X W 4 ,, m -5. f ' . AV, .qw W- wmv-v2s' VXA I+.1. UH'-xi' Y G 1 fx ce, :dev .h . V -I and '6 M mel C Lois Fiddle, Laraine Zeller, Tanie Craig, Peg nightman SECOND RON tnel Ward, Mary Ann Griffin, Carol deeter, Louise Lakin, Laraine iken, Judy Lakin FUTURE HOMEMAKERS of AMERICA IimT QON Left to Right Bonnie Thonpson, ioxanne Orr, UOFlS Shaw Jane Gregory SECOND ROW racie Hovis, Iancy Gadsby President, ohirley Alcorn, Vice President Peggy Baker, ecretary Susan Bell, Tre surer, Janet Hoffman THIRD Ov Carol Craig, Karen Ford, Dianna Gladd, Jeanie Iillard, Erla Shaw, Catherine Sciarrone, udy snow, Irs Iargaret Hoffman, Advisor A ' QV V x W 1 , - A' ,f C3 Fife' QWNZ . I C af . 1- M ' ' ' . M . . , 1 I1 A 4-I U D 44. Q5 0 4 1 - Q. K B eq D N I , i 5 ' D hz W. N x X X ,V I' I V , , . V xy M ai O w xi 3 ll X xy F QA A 1: , , Q ' ' , ,Y wx , G . .yr , 0 . - Q - 2 , o , . f- I ' 'Q' T u CL g L X I l C J - , , 'A I 'A J A Q Y 0 I DESSERT CONTEST WINNER Shirley Alcorn took lst Place in the School, County, and Pre State Apple Dessert Contests and 2nd Place in the State Contest Shirley also took lst Place in the School and County Cherry Pie Contests and participated in the State Contest Shirley is shown at the above left with some of her Apple Dessert prizes and Mrs Hoffman, homemaklng teacher The picture at the right shows Shirley receiving an award at the County Cherry Pie Contest F H A DEMONSTRATION 'A Teenager's Dream An Unlimited Wardrob ' At Harrisburg this team fJudy Snow, Nancy Gadsby, Shirley Alcorn, Erla Shawl placed Sth among 2h teams from various areas throughout the state and received a 825 award. F F A DEMONSTRATION nPermanent Switche This team fGary Michael, John Kaylor, Ronald Takacsl presented their demonstration at the Mid destern F F A Demonstration Contest at West Middlesex The purpose of the demonstration contest is to develop leader ship and create learning opportunities O I I C C O I ' ..- e l 9 1 -- 1 A , 23.5-sw'c-4 ' 3-ww sway A Ei-ES.. 'Y-1"" C I I il 1 - O O O . - I 2 FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW Left to Right Ralph Mackey: Dick Graham, John Kaylor, Jim McFadden, Treasurer, Herb Stewart, Sentinel: Paul Gadsby, Chaplain, Ronald Craig, Secretary, Gary Michael, Vice President, Stanley Guiste, President, Jim Hoffman, Joe Phipps SECOND ROW Floyd Matthews, Don Sopher, Leroy McKinley, B111 Smith, Jim Hanna, Francis Currie, Frank Black, Mr Minshull, Dave Mackell, Jim Hoffman OUTDOOR CLUB FIRST ROW Leonard Adams, Royal Parker, Jim Phipps, Richard Adams SECOND ROW Carol Keller, Kathy Mundorf, Peg Wightman, Cheryl Reagle, Betty McFadden Lois Riddle, Betfv Melvin, David Guth Mr Kissell THIRD ROW George Ford, B111 McFadden, Carolyn Haney, Bonnie Porter, Janey Wareham, Earl McKinley, Eddie Wike, John Beach FOURTH ROW David Bixler, Larry Miller, Mike Cross, Charles Brothers, Richard Campbell, Donald Coursen gi QL' Advisor. THIRD ROW: Richard Kovachg Ron King: Joe Baker, Ron Tackasg AVAC Left to Right Dean Donaldson, Robert Graham, Thomas Sloan, Gary Witherup, Lee Moore, Thomas Brown, Gary Hovis, Samuel Bell, Mr Charles DeLong SEATED Left to Right Dave McNurdy, Betty Wike, Ronald Russell, Marllyn Nillcr STANDING John Best Lynn Gibson, Bob Rankin, Susan Miller, Mike Smith, Mary McCallister, Evelyn Smith, Sharon Lowers, Mr Sweetapple SOCIAL STUDIES CLUB Left to Right Mr Platt, Bert Mundorf, Roger Richmond, Gerry Garris ART CLUB FIRST ROW Mr Morrison, Clifford McChesney, Ethel Phipps, william ward, Connie Brothers, Judy Eakin, Guy Surrena THIRD ROW Adell Hale, Jean Mackey, Ruth Ford, Judy Bonacher. FOURTH ROW John Maori, Herb Surrena Rita Maori Glenn, LaRa1ne Aiken, Dorothy Yard. SECOND ROW: Donna Ward, Ethel , : VICTORIAN STAFF Left to Right Thomas McFadden, Junior Photographer, Miss Joan R Foster, Adviser, Dona Eakin, Junior Typist, Richard Welton, Junior Business Manager, George Richmond, Senior Editor, Carol Watrobsky Senior Business Manager Senior Typist, Mary Ann Griffen, Senior Photographer, Martha Lowers, Junior, Artist LIBRARY AIDES h M M d Louise Eakin Mary Lee A119n, Shirley lrigggniglniggg Mig-:zSt3x:er,cK2zhieen Davis: Katglleen Ekis' Doris walter I 4 A T Carol Reese, Junior Editor: Frances Pipicella, Senior Artist, Wallace Bafer SECRETARIAI. OFFICE PRACTICE LEFT TO RIGHT Mary Jo Phillips, Betty Wike, Connie Brothers, Mrs Katharine Phipps, Carol Ann Farren, Carol Watrobsky, Ethel Phipps, Marjorie Miller, Carol Heeter, Laraine Keller, Lo1s Riddle, Miss Joan Foster NOT PICTURED Dorothy Jugila, Peggy Wightman 9- 1X",an 'iff I J EH JL l I-'ORENSIC CLUB FIRST ROW Carolyn Riddle, Bonnie Porter, Frances Pipicella, Roberta McE1hanney, Marjorie Miller, Mr Benton, Betty McFadden, Carol Ann Farren, Marsha Wareham, Kathy Walker SECOND ROW Susan Miller, Betty Wike, Bert Mundorf, Elmer Beagle, Don Coursen, Richard Adams, Robert Rankin, Louise Eakin, Carolyn McGill THIRD ROW Janet Wareham, Carol Reese, Marilyn Miller, Loretta Cox, Kathy Davis, Mary Lee Allen, Carol Watrobsky. I N Q ,g.., 1215. ' if-'U , ,1',Qv ,X vs - .... Q? QI -S F?.0.F. FICTQII Seitmg Gym XJ fx K K 4? Q0 f X Wo f f sf? N WFS A-L .CMG ' 21,9 I jk If L ' 4 N f 353, fs N If K 2,97 ffrof ,' jf' X I QQ 6' fx-1 ' fx K XV WW xw gy: W H45 ff 7. , V ,T S "i 1 SL QA ' MNX K X Q16 fi? 5. 4 5+ ' 102 2 J 0 M' N q 5 V f , X uf ' , x Q3 Li L d STANDING Left to Right Dickie McMurdy, Elmer Reagle, Jack Richmond, Billy McFadden KNEELING Left to Right Kathy Walker, Roberta McElh1nney, Judy Melvin, Marsha Wareham INTRAMURALS l . . U . Q I C U ' ' fu U-kifi A . . Y IUNIOR HIGH TEAM KNEELING Barry Winger, Bill Yard, Mlke Benton, Dick Bixler, Robert Gregonls, Kenny Russell, Gary Moyer STANDING Gib Yard, Manager, Mlke watrobsky, Earl McKinley, Mike McE1h1nney, Steve Benton, Terry Guiste, tan Campbell, Dick Garris, Mr Wilmer Lopus, Coach FIG 'n r' 1 ,KQV 54 4 X HGHT 44 x N ' w MW! A TH' -,ff X S4 UN XS' ,X xx Q lxy 9 if fm' V .? 1 gr Q-L5 a fi '-I 6 'Q' .gf Q v 'ff ' x X I J 1. A, of R Y H lr ' 4 ff Qi M? ix r', A As 43 in-f' VARSITY TEAM Left to Right Mr Bernard Barnes, Bill McFadden, Gerald Garris, Manager, Richard Adams, Elmer Reagle, Tom Brown, Jack Richmond, Ronald Craig, Richard Campbell, Herbert Stewart, Vernon Ford ""f-fnilrxx-,Hd I A ,gg W Patty Gooden vio- Sandy Fuchs Wilde Johnson Carolyn Riddle Libby Burns , , G 40 CHEERLEADERS Ginnie Allen Marjorie Miller Carol Ann Par en fa nl' 7' 1 dm f fu . wi. e 8 SLV? wogfh V las pil? 45 h . W i is A U' I, if? if NSU X if i. we t2 GYM TEAM Left to Right FIRST ROW Kathy Nundorf, Hazel nord, Carolyn Riddle Lenda Adams, Peg Wightman, Annabell Adams, Bonnie Porter, Betty Ncradden, Judy Melvin, Betty Boozell, Nilda Johnson, Libb Burns Janie Craig S COND Row Mr Barnes, Gary Mover, Cue Parker, Bill Coon, Mike Jugila, Fred Carland, Stan Campbell Leonard Adams, Jeorpe Ford, Cliff Ncbnesney, Gary Witherup, Ed Wike, Cliff Ekis, Elmer Beagle Not Pictared Dean Donaldson 'N' ..,,, ,ak-'J' -Jo! rt, 'Vx silk IHIUSTERS is ff WW if Lijmwj X 1W?EYwQw QW Weffiw WW Mil MW! WYZEJQMXQY S Q OM My XX Wm, em QM 323 Qglgwfwy gfwvfzw 'XB Q riff Q31 4 QOA . WM QW 1 5 ,g ii X Jw xf a W iv f H We LQQJ gg, " . :AQ : X 9, 'Q g ?'m'?m' mix uk? uf M W' QS , "57" 3 6, 5 S Q WW f Qf H1 1 3 F , sq- C x 1 N9 Q ' ,Q ij 1 Q '-vida O gal -2, 0 UI ! QA gl Q., 'A' 1 4 -- JK my nm x ,,, Rx U ,-5 JC X 1 X Het U1 ef my u5rc oom, ucfnTof'sum f X J W7 La if . gf ..- , ..:.. , .,., . kmgkg W, Q 'A vyiigwb .. M, -,, ag, 'E kg? X51 xi?-"? I xy.. ,Q -l 1 M Q MQ? ' F .F ef 'A .f ff :union emo I SEATED Left to Right Rodney Mathias, Frank Lovet+, Tamora Thornbury, Karen Smith, Sheryl Phipps, Paulette Dunlap, Evelyn Smith, Valeria McQuiaten, Betty Melvin, Rodney Gladd, Donna Alcorn, Terry Guiste, Ricky Ream, Mike Cross STANDING Mr T J McKenna, Ronald Miller, John Welton SENIOR BAND SECOND ROW Doris Walters Susan Miller, Judy Bonaker, Dave Bixler 'F fpartly hiddenl, Judy Melvin, Steven Allen lpartly hiddenl THIRD ROW Margie Miller, Carol Ann Farren, Carol Natrobsky fpartly hidden! Gerald Garris Center Left to Right Lynn Gibson, Roberta Mc lhinney, Connie Brothers, Beth McMurdy, Janet Wareham, Tom Sloan, Wally Baker Front to Back FOURTH ROW Marilyn Miller, Bonnie Porter, Larry Miller FIFTH ROW Sam Bell, Steve Benton, yC' Gary Mackell, Robert Hovis SIXTH ROW Gary Hovis, David lackell, James Hoffman, Ed Wike Standing Left to Right Mr T J McKenna, Carol Craig, Karen Ford, Loretta Cox, Betty Wike, Joe Phipps, Mike Watrobsky, Bill Yard, Bruce Nulph Not pictured Kelse Hoffman Larry Yard, Judy Snow ' of 'F' M' ,. I N I' ,o Vs 3? I V55 ,fi I M Sf' of J' Y' J ,A if ,. JN .A 'I Front to Back: FIRST ROW. Gracie Hovis, John Best, Rita Maori. If ' ' A Q ' v y f 2 . , . I 0 O 0 A F . . . . . dp uh MARC!-IING BAND The above picture shows our Marching Band and Majorettes at Butler, Pennsylvania, on November ll, 1958 They received front page publicity in the Butler papers In the Halloween Parade, October 31 1958, in Grove City, Pennsylvania, the Band won 3rd prize out of eight marching units. Judy Craig Barbara Kilgore Kathy Walker Janie Craig Carol Heeter 'ana' C o Sally Beach Connie Beach Darla Latshaw Sandy Farren Judy Vegan Patty Brothers Sue Moore MAIORETTES i , 1 Y o 0 I i 9 5 ' f ff: Q Z: . h 5 3 , My s Q V l 5 . B E V ' T WX. Q . , -A 2 sv v 'C R ' .. .. -- - - , Lgys Hct II Sly ag fx fr !" IN fi Q KX cz fm : SJC Q -- If .C I -f QJXN ,4f"' , SENIOR CLASS PLAY FIRST ROW Betty Wike, Marjorie M1ller,Tom Brown, Betty McFadden, Laraine Aiken, Donald Coursen, Connie Brothers, Dave McMurdy, Janet Wareham, Peggy Wightman, SECOND ROW Mrs Earla Hamilton, George Richmond, William McKinley, Gerald Garris, Ronnie Craig, Richard Adams, Elmer Reagle, Carol Watrobsky, Mr Bernard L Barnes BOARDING HOUSE REACH Q 'Y 4, JUNIOR CLASS PLAY FIRST ROW Mr Morrison, Carol Reese, Carol Boyer, Nancy Gadsby, Erla Shaw, Marilyn Miller SECOND ROW Jim Hoffman, Tom Farmer, Sonne McElroy, Tom Sloan Lee Moore, Nr Sweetapple .S 45? ,,. 'THIS cHoS'r BUSINESS Q SSM 3 0 ' . 2 J g ' 0 0 X , Su- n I ' if I f ' R' 3 S w I U K l 1, 4. A 1 5 f .H x xl I A, LGLf:'.x'T s L 'lv N-Lf' A S ' v VJ Y ' Q V M ul I as fi!,.jfxDl 1 a Af :iw - xv .H Ji X xx gb 1 1 X X? xX jr rels- Chavi' nde Classm vx 4 ' no o Z! r c f? Ida Z! 4-2 Qxj' xi!! XQXXX xXXQX xQiX I .ilnx --v 'QI L L GRADE SEVEN FIRST ROW Jeanie Adkins, Donna Alcorn, Steve Allen, Dick Bixler, Bob Cannon SECOND ROW Leroy Clark, Janice Craig, Henry Currie, Larry Fasenmeyer, Paulette Dunlap' THIRD ROW- Hazel Ford, Ken Ford, Martha Ford, Kathv Fuchs, Eileen Gadsby, FOURTH ROW: Sally Gadsby, Rodney Gladd, Bonnie Graham, Terry Guiste, Sterling Hale, FIFTH ROW: Lois Hanna, George Hayes, Peggy Hoffman, Ronald Hoffman, Teddy Hoffman. X Nuo, , s A' : ,J If ' lg: K I I 9 'U' if t M Xf X . m ' . . K f 3 , ,plug ' I igiill 3 ,. i O , N N if in Q J Q Y K 'ha- jb r fd! 'Xu 5' X GRADE SEVEN CContinuedD FTRST ROW Paula Hovis, Robert Hovis, Arnold Huff, Jeanie Jacobs, Diana Kilgore SECOND ROW Karen King, Leona King, Darla Latshaw, Helen McCune Michael McElhinney THIRD ROW Gene McFeaters, Valeria McQuiston, Barbara Meals, William Michael, Sue Ellen Miller FOURTH ROW Judy Milliron, Sue Moore, Gary Moyer, Nancy Patton, Shryl Phipps FIFTH ROW Kenneth Reagle, Richard Ream, Kenneth Russell, Daniel Smalley, Karen Smith QU! GRADE SEVEN fConc lud ed D FIRST ROW Rose Snow, Tamara Thornbury, Lucille Van Dyke, Dixie Vogan, Faye Ward SECOND ROW Barry Winger, Joyce Witherup, Audrey Yard Not Pictured Joyce Ekiq, Harry Riddle Q HYIP! FIRST Allen Nancy Janet GRADE EIGHT ROW Anabell Adams, Clair Adams, Lenda Adams, Charles Alcorn, Bonnie SECOND ROW Karen Barnes, Connie Beach, Michael Benton, Vernon Black, Boyer. THIRD ROW Patricia Brothers, Linden Brown, Fred Garland, Coon, Sandra Eakin K x GRADE EIGHT fContinuedD FIRST ROW Sandra Farren, Robert Gregonis, Susan Hanna, Joyce Hoffman, Helen Hovis SECOND ROW Marilyn Hovis, Mike Jugila, David Kaylor, Edward King, Beverly Kovach THIRD ROW Frank Lovett, Clifford McChesney, Ed McKinley, Dale McFadden, James McFadden FOURTH ROW Barbara McGill, Judy McMurdy, Richard Martin, Rodney Mathias, John Mayes FIFTH ROW Carolyn Nulph, Josephine Pipicella, Robin Phillips, Faye Richmond, Stanley Riddle 3- g' S' Q- in X O , x if ' '- R q A is C aw.. 5 ""' , 3' S G " " "' , Xa Q . I N as 5 "tr-' A P GRADE EIGHT lConc ludedl FIRST ROW Don Smith, Lorraine Takacs, Ruth Travis, Fred Walters, Barbara Wareham SECOND ROW Mike Watrobsky, Shirley Welton, John Welton, Bill Yard, Gilbert Yard NOT PICTURED Sally Beach, Ronald Miller, Nancy Riddle, Cora Ellen Ward M GRAD E NINE FIRST ROW: Judy Baker, Peggy Baker, Steve nenton, Betty Boozell, Judy Bonacker. SECOND ROW: Stanley Campbell, B111 Coon, Mike Cross, Francis Currie, Bette Dunlap. . -, A K I iggsiagw 4 C S 'ne ,ff Q , X b y A ' - D sw 9 -new 'fun' .44 'al qi' 'B ' E GRADE NINE. fContinuedJ FIRST ROW Kathleen Ekis, Ruth Ford, Sandra Fuchs, Rickard Garris, Dianna Gladd SECOND ROW Willard Glenn, Patricia Gooden, Dave Guth, Richard Graham, Adell Hale THIRD ROW James Hoffman, James Huff, Connie Kellerman, Leonard Kellerman, Barbara Kilgore FOURTH ROW Ronald King, Richard Kovach Sharon Lowers, Mary McCa1lister, Joyce McBr1de FIFTH ROW Earl McKinley, Dave McMurdy, Dave Mackell, Jean Mackey, Ralph Mackey in h xx .VAVAN , N Vkii A 7 sg 7 " ' G C- T J AIO E , IP' H gf asa on 9 1' , 1 in N cs A ' W G .f I -i V G v Q Q " M x A f al X Y? L ' qi' nr lk as.. as , ' NW 'X all ikrs GRADE NINE CConcludedJ FIRST ROW John Maori, Floyd Matthews, Betty Melvin, Vernon Milliron Kathleen Mundo:-f SECOND ROW Pru e Nulph, Roxanne Orr, Verla Peters, James Phipps, Joe Phipps THIRD ROW Cheryl Ann Reagle, Marilyn Shaw Evelyn Smith, Don Sopher, Guy Surrena FOURTH RCN Herb Surrena, Bonnie Thompson, Gerald Van Brussell, Judy Vegan, Donna lard I wxsgxysfm Ig -sf f-f' --. Q . -- SX - ff? Aix V ai,-Qi Ill, f xx - QZ r as -T z Nijsi E' i:egi:::!55igQgg? !!,r. 1 I' -iisqxij ln 4 E W e . K - ' f': fi ,..- I I - I 8 V -L Q. , We ,,, on Y H53 - Q A ' I . . 5 A M ff J x I 1. ' 5' - s A 'fi . Ae.. : 9 . . A u: f , fl:E." 3' I 'U HD S XQSS Officers 0-F fyf-9 I f' I X Ginnie Allen Treasurer Gary Hovis President Mary Lee Allen Secretary Jack Richmond Vice President X 5 NN N X 'P-regve .9 s Cha,-2' Svpb Omores .', cn W0 X N N s ' 0 1 I eq: ,N X xxx NN Xxx X xxr. Xl N r err X X ,ff f- J-Q -4---e-e -:,...-, 1 x' C ,, ' 1 ,i,,-f,..f--f-f-ff- Q.-xezf-'fvfef ' 1 xxx I 0-F XXX .. xx' X 59 x XX I X gg I Z2 I3 av I I s Mary Lee Allen Samuel Bell Loretta Cox Kathleen Davis Karen Ford Virginia Allen John Best Carol Craig gtg It Dean Donaldson x 1 Paul Gadsby lv Joseph Baker David Bixler Carrie Lou Craig mfg Clifford Ekis 'ynn Gibson ,g ' - A t? s R 9' x 1 ,, wg gil 1 ' fa John Beach Charles Brothers Joan Davis George Ford Robert Graham 5 g s , Ax . 3 ' . ' flfzzsig f , - islf ayi fi' ' G s ,Q M. ' 25 :25 X' V . S, we ' Q we , W- 'W' Qfk N A V . . 3 . 4 N. A-I 1 shew Carolyn Haney Roger Hanna Wilbur Hoffman Gracie Hovis Janet Hovis Brian Hunter 40" Carol Kellgp Norma Lakatog Shirley McDanie 'Ni 'Q James McFadden Carolyn IcGi1l Leroy McKinley ...GL Gary Hovis Hilda Johnson 1 Roberta McElhinney miie Richard McMurdy Rita Maori Judith Melvin Susan Miller Sylvia Millep . f5mwF:', . e n. in "' - 4. y 5 4' lo ' , ,. ' t I Y V Q aigg ix . W 'K ' , VL X x K X if' ? . K 5 1 x at 5 e 3 M l , , " ? A vm xl rx f 2 ll ' -1 A ' S- 4: 'IF x Elizabeth Moyer Ronald Russell Marsha Wareham Catherine Norris hichael Smith Maxine Welton Royal Parker f"X Katherine Walker Edward Wike 12 W 22 Q jp X IwQ4? ? M if 1 3 W IT f-ids y 7 'ik Jack Richmond Doris Walter 'L Dorothy Yard f i ,Q Bm , W . X 3 e435 f . 'EPIA 57: W h :f:. Eixa , W 4 I vva V A ::. -x K M7 XM 9- fi Q d , , 4, J li 1 We A .Z 1' xx-.X rogvess had Gary Michael Treasurer Libby Burns Secretary Carolyn Riddle Vice President Leonard Adams President UYTKDYS :fp X 0 I I l I I us sxxx sg xx Ss lx Sx. ff"Cl.Qs3,Qff1qqf,s,Qf,L2 iv ,ll Q , Y , 'X P FC X es JO- xs I X , 59 X X xx x 61 Az a L3 ay X, , I I Leonard Adams Shirley Alcorn Susan Bell Carol Boyer kenneth Boyer Elizabeth Burns Judith Craig Dona Eakin Vernon Ford Thomas Garner Jane Gregory June Hale Michael Berdar Richard Campbell Laney Gadsby JwwsHmma 'S " fr 4 H -. . is 1 -imiglf. Erik F K 2 . Q 19. , KM' . I MF L A 4 Ilif r James Ira Hoffman Gary Mackell Janie McMurdy Lee Moore Janet Hoffman Roland Hovis Frank McElroy Thomas McFadden Gary Michael Jean Millard Robert Rankin Carol Reese Martha Lowers Elizabeth Mchurdy Marilyn Miner Roger Richmond 6 our -1 2 JJJJ e ' V A 5- " 2 J N if T K FN ig, l X L r K s 1 X 2 ' 1 J is 'Q2 f of JJ M "f K 3f45 oat oiaf 'E I niim Fgb Carolyn Riddle Catherine Sciarrone Doris Shaw Erla Shaw Pamela Shaw Tom Sloan Howard Smith Judith Snow Ronald Takacs Gary Witherup Larry Yard NOT PICTURED Timothy Bloom Kenneth Vogan Richard Welton Robert Welton .v!F' N M f 54X Q M 4, ig XXX-N l X Cfczss Off'aCeY.9 of'l75'? f XX NX XX Left to Right Bert Mundorf Treasurer Betty McFadden Vice President Janie Craig Ass't Secretary Carol Ann Farren Secretary Don Coursen President rojvess -if cwnsars X X x I XFX f xx XX x X Q52 N Richard G. Adams IIDOC N Cgurseg Academic Ambition: Become successful Delores La Raine Aiken Ilaainyli Course: Business Ambition: Housewife Wallace John Baker Wally Course Business Ambition Heliconter Pilot Connie Lee Brothers 'Con Course Business Ambition Secretary Frank Kenneth Black 'Ras Putin Putin Course General Ambition Marine Thomas W Brown 'Tom Course General Ambition Marine Donald Merle Coursen IYDOHH Course: Commercial Ambition: I. B. M. School Jane Elizabeth Craig Janie Course Academic Ambition X Ray Technician Ronald Dale Craig nCraigey Course Agriculture Ambition Veterinarian Judith Eakln Course Business Ambition Housewife Irene Louise Eakin Weiser Course General Ambition Homemaker Carol Ann Farren uCarol Ann' Course College Prep Ambition Commercial Teacher Il ll ll 1 llTeX ll ll YI I NOT PICTURED Gerald Leslie Garris IlGeryN Course: Business Ambition: Milkman Walter LeRoy Gilmore Waldo Course General Ambition Businessman Mar Ann Griffin ary Ann Course College Prep Ambition Nurse Stanley Eugene Guiste Stan Course Agriculture Ambition Mechanic Carol Course Business Ambition Secretary James Edward Hoffman Jim Course Business Ambition I B M Operator il II XM ll ,. ll N Carol Margaret'Heeter il I ll ll Dorothy Mae Jugila .11 ll Dot ll Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary John Kaylor Johnnie' Course Agriculture Ambition Mechanic Laraine Jane Keller NLaraine Course Business Ambition Secretary Betty Jane McFadden Betsy Course College Prep Ambition Home mconomist William R McYinley Bill Course Academic Ambition Math Teacher David Wilbur McMurdy Dave Course Com ercial Ambition Insurance Agent 'lk- Marjorie Ann Miller !UMarg!l Course: College Prep. Ambition: Music Teacher Bert Stanton Mundorf Bert Course Academic Ambitlon flectrical Engineer Mary Jo Phillips '!N5r Jo' Course Commercial Ambition Live in Texas hthel Ann Phipps Ethel Course Commercial Ambition Secretary Frances Plpicella .f Fran Course Academic Ambltion Lurse Bonnie Jean Porter nPorkyn Course Busiless Ambition Phys Ed Teacher A Elmer W Beagle Elmo Course General Ambition Sailor George Edward Richmond ' eorgie Course College Prep Ambition Minister Lois Elaine Riddle 'Lois Course Commercial Ambition Secretary William Henry Smith B111 Course Agriculture Ambition Airplane Pilot Herbert R Stewart Herbie Course General Ambition I B M Operator Ethel June Ward NShortyn ' V I Course General Ambition: Homemaker T5 I Janet Marie Wareham WJ-an!! Course: Commercial Ambition: Secretary Carol Ann watrobsky HP iggyll Course Commercial 5'f4 Ambition Receptionist 1 Tw -,auf ga' Margaret Wightman 'Peg Course Business Ambition Raise Hovses E11Z8bGth Loretta Nike Betty Course Commercial Ambition Secretary SENIOR CLASS PERSONAL ITIES F MOST ATHLETIC BEST DR QSED Dave McNurdy Peg Wiphtman f una' 'S4wN of mx-xf: C 4 gr 'N ,,,, XX , MOST LIKLY TO SUCCEED Bert Mundorf Betty McFadden sf MOST BASHFUL Herb Stewart Laraine Keller BEST DANCERS MOST ATT nlmer Beagle Bonnie Porter -9 "?aEI? MOST TALKATIVE Richard Adams Janet Wareham WITTIEST Don Coursen Lois Riddle RACTIVE Tom Brown Ronnie Craig Carol Farren Betty Wike N , Y 2 5- i814 :ggi I ty . .- 3 " 3" 1 B n Q ' BJ .751 k gf ,f T! -72 kllo ' L41 ,Q ,Q fx l S af' SENIOR CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1959, do hereby bequeath to our up and coming classmates the following policies Donald Coursen, bestow upon you, Lee Moore, my way of being dressed neat Janie Craig, leave to thee, Judy Craig, my place in majorettes Ronnie Craig, bestow upon thee, Dean Welton, my lankiness Judy Eakin, bequeath to Doris Shaw and June Hale my shortness Louise Eakin, leave to thee, Shirley Alcorn, my baking ability Carol Ann Farren, bestow upon thee, Carolyn Riddle, my cheerleading ability I, Gerald Farris, leave thee, Ken Vogan, my way of tearing out transmissions We, Marjorie Miller and Janet Wareham, leave to any Junior our good looks I, Ethel Ann Phipps, bequeath to thee, Carol Boyer, my place in Office Practice Class walter Gilmore, bequeath to thee, Tom McFadden, the school Stanley Guiste, just leave Carol Heeter, leave to thee, Nancy Gadsby, my laugh James Hoffman, leave to thee, Gary Witherup, my way of keeping cars clean Dorothy Jugila, bequeath to thee, Susan Bell, my shortness John Kaylor, bequeath to thee, Jim Hanna, my place in Agriculture I, Laraine Keller, bequeath to thee, Janet Hoffman, my pleasant personality We, Bill McKinley and Bert Mundorf, leave to Roland Hovis and Roger Richmond our seats in solid Geometry Class We, Betty McFadden and Bonnie Porter, bequeath to Libby Burns and Jeanie Millard our athletic ability we, David McMurdy and Elmer Reagle, bequeath to Vernon Ford and Dick Welton our good looks I, Frances Pipicella, bestow upon thee, Martha Lowers, my art ability We, Lois Riddle and Peg Wightman, leave to Erla and Pamela Shaw our seats in the Senior Class I, Bill Smith, leave to Jim Hoffman my ability to get along with the teachers I, Herb Stewart, leave to Sonny McElroy, my unusual walk I, Carol Watrobsky, bequeath to thee, Catherine Sciarrone, my ability to talk continually I, Ethel Ward, leave to Beth McMurdy and Jane Gregory my quietness I, Betty Hike, leave, to make my way in the world I, . I, . I, . I, . I, . I, I, . I, Mary Ann Griffen, leave to thee, Judy Snow, my pleasantness. I, . I, . I, I, . I, . I, George Richmond, bequeath to thee, Carol Reese, my place as editor of the Yearbook. I, Richard Adams, leave to thee, Leonard Adams, my ability in basketall. I, Laraine Aiken, bequeath to thee, Marilyn Miller, my ability to get along with the boys. I, Wally Baker, bequeath to thee, Dona Eakin, my place as typist on the Yearbook Staff. I, Frank Black, bestow upon Mike Berdar and Howard Smith my ability to get along with the teachers. I, Connie Brothers, bequeath to thee, Janie McMurdy, my ability to get along with classmates. I, Tom Brown, leave to thee, Tim Bloom, my craziness in school. I, Mary Jo Phippips, leave my seat in the Senior Class to any latecomer Stephen S Benton Bernard Barnes Donald Coursen Emerson C Best PRESENTATION The Class of '59 spent much time in thought in determining what type of gift to leave the school After careful study the class decided that a tape recorder was much needed by the school Therefore, as a means of showing our appreciation to the school and the teachers, the Class of '59 gave the tape recorder to be used by the teachers and future students as an aid to instruction as well as an aid to the social life of the school Sr. Class Advisor Pres. P.S.E.A. Pres. Class '59 Super. Principal COMMENCEMENT PROCESSIONAL . b C 1 W t b k Music by the High School Band wELCOMESaiutgfgriag ro S y nlllmb THE COFJIIJSNCEIDIEILIT THWME The Hggse g1L1ve In" FAREWELL by arol Ann Farren BOHY1 6 OI' SI' Sem 6 Valedlctorian Dr Dana S Still PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr Nilliam J Uncapher Clarlon St Teachers Col President, Victory Jolnt School Board June 2, 1959 VICTORY JOINT HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM C IIE Qoluooooon sooo osoooll ? 1. 0 Ag 1. F ,A 3- ,P S Q , 4' . n .1 V C , 'Iii- 3' .' ' at o U 3 . I w it W-S-R v tl 7 'ah ,fi I , 5 x V, 5 a nf' X. 'Spa-avg?-gf mm 15' QQ,- ,f 'f wi., .Eggs Z A ffawmws ASSEMBLYX May 15, 1959 !s: IEL. High Scholastic Honors were announced by Mr Brose Thompson, Guidance Counselor Those students ranking in the top fifth of the Senior Class are Carol Ann Farren, Carol Watrobsky, Betty McFadden, Bert Mundorf, Betty Wike Bonnle Porter, George Richmond, and Jane Craig hrs Elton Martin, representing the Woman's Club, announced the ngli Awards Bach year this clvic organizatlon gives S5 each to the senlor boy and girl having the highest avera e in English for four vears Awards went hundorf Mrs Agnes Guiste, president of the P T A reviewed the purposes of the group of P T A Awards These are given to the Seniors having the highest average for Iour years in Agriculture, Homemaking, Science, Mathematics, and the highest average for three vears in Business These awards were presented by the teachers of the subjects Minshull to John Kaylor for Agriculture Mrs Voffman to Louise makin for Romemaking Klssell to Betty Dcradden, Bert Mundorf in a tie for Science Platt to Bert lundorf for Mathematics Miss Foster to Carol Ann Farren, Carol watrobsky for Commercial CM1ss Foster also awarded a Gold pin to each girl J Ronald Sweetapple announced the student having the highest average of four years in Social Studies as Betty McFadden He presented her with a S5 award Seniors in the Social Studies Club, Betty Wike and Dave McMurd were recognized Spelling Awards of cash provided by an interested patron were presented by Mr Ckarles DeLong to the spelling champion of the school Sandra Eakin, Grade 8, and her alternate Joyce Nitherup, Grade 7 Special Recognition was g Ven to Samuel Bell, the School's Mail Carrier Mrs Ruth Mackell, president of the Band Pothers, awarded pins to the Seniors in the band They were Carol Ann Farren, Carol Natrobsky, Betty dike, Connie Brothers, Marjorie Diller, Gerald Garris, Wally Baker, Bonnie Porter and Janet Wareham She also awarded pins to Carol Heeter and Jane Craig, Seniors in the Magorettes Through the American Legion Awards, Richard Adams will spend a week at Camp Keystone Mr Stephen Benton presented the essay awards to Bonnie Porter, Peg Wightman, Carol Ann Farren The subject was nwhat Constitutes an Ideal Citlzenn Agricultural and F F A awards were announced by Mr Allen Minshull Thor Research Center Award John Kaylor For Better Farm Living American Agriculturist Foundation Award - Stanley Guiste The Dekalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award Ronald Craig Agricultural Foundation Awards: Paul Gadsby Dairy Foundation Award Ronnie Takacs Farm Electrification Paul Gadsby Outstanding Chapter Farmer John Kaylor Farm Mechanics Gary Michael Public Speaking Dedication of the 1959 VICTORIAN to all the teachers and especially to those who are retiring -Miss Grace Yard and Mrs. Erla Hamilton- was announced by George Richmond, Editor. ease, 4gi24 X - S. .fi ff X 2-ij xx 'gg 5 A if 117 N , f 1' If Jw! U 5.5 -A - - l 3 V ' , . O. ' . . n E sh to Carol Ann Farren, Betty McFaddgn, Carol Watrobsky whouwere tied, and Bert V ifr. L 1 ' MP.: -J. - I'-1 1. . Mr. I Mr. . ' - . Y, 0 1 " 1 . , 4 1 Yearbook awards were presented by Miss Joan R Foster, VICTORIAN adviser George Richmond, Editor, and Wallace Baker, typist, received gold tie clips with yearbook keys Carol Watrobsky, Business Manager, Frances Pipicella, Artist, and Mary Ann Griffin, Photographer, received gold year book keys George Richmond and Carol Watrobsky also received certificates of achievement Junior staff members who stood for recognition were Carol Reese, Martha Lowers, Dona Eakin, Tom McFadden, and Dick Welton For service on the Library Staff, Louise Eakin was awarded a certi ficate and a gold pin by Mrs Mary Danner, Librarian Homemaking and F H A Awards were announced by Mrs Margaret Hoffman The Betty Crocker Homemaker award was presented by Carol Watrobsky The F H A Essay Contest entry award went to Judy Snow who is secretary treasurer of Venanvo County F H A chapters Pennsylvania State Farm Show awards were given to Judy Snow, Shipley Alcorn,.Nancy Gadsby and Erla Shaw for their participation at Harr1sburg Shipley Alcorn also was given an award for her ability in pie baking A Visual Aids letter was awarded to Tom Brown by Mr Charles DeLong Riddle, Libby Burns, Wilda Johnson, Ginnie Allen, Patty Gooden, and Sandy Fuchs and he awarded sweaters to seniors Carol Ann Farren and Margorie Miller A briefcase was presented by the Senior Class to their advisor, Mr Stephen Benton as a special award Nr Bernard Barnes of the Athletic Department gave emblems to the Gym Team, certificates to the Varsity Basketball team members He also gave the Senior members Jackets Mr Wilber Lopus presented certificates to the Junior High School basketball and Junior Varsity basketball players Cheerleading letters were presented by Mr. T. J. McKenna to Carolyn V Hia A U ? i f X Q y Ir - . -' ' . "f'v5 "V' 5 g -5 g ,,, rf A NMQQA . E."i'5.f..w-f l Wi 5 1 1 - 2' ii ogg, PATRONS Mr 8 Drs, C, L, Donovan, Funeral Directors Clintonville, Pennsylvania Grove Clty Bus Line Grove City, Pennsylvanla Grove City Natlonal Bank Grove City, Pennsylvanla Gym Team, Victory Joint High School Clintonville, Pennsylvania Oil Clty NBDIODH1 Bank, Clintonville Office Clintonvllle, Pennsylvania Merle Phipps Oil Well Eoulpment R D 51, Harri ville, Pennsylvania D L Rankin, Lumber and Builders Supplies Clintonville, Pennsylvania CONTRIBUTOR Allison Dress Shop Blair's Haraware Book Davis Co Brown's Boot Shop Brown's Boot Shop Burdick's Men's Shop Clifford D Mlller, Metropolitan Life Insurance Desko's Market D S Peden Jewelers Ed's Men's Shop Fuch's Brothers Carage G Murphy Co Green 8 Gerlack Grove City Sport Shop Hazel Hutchinson State Farm Insurance Hoffman's Furniture Store Janie's Beauty Shoppe S Grove City Clintonville Grove City Franklin Grove City Grove City Harrisvllle R D Polk, Grove City Grove City Polk, Grove City Farrisville D 1 Grove City Clintonville Grove City HaI1lSillle,R D nl V 5 AQ. I . A 0 O . ! 0 D College Shop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grove City V' I I O O O Ro DI 1 . . . . R. D. 52 0 Co O U I 0 O . . . . - , R. . W 3 o n , i. Wy- . ,gl C Pennev Co n Ksng's Qnoe otore Lovett's C6FV1C6 Station N8PtlU'S lover Farm tore Nclullen lrivel Qervice lundorf's Llower Iqrm Cto e Moore's Gazoge OI en' toPtLr'S n1OV61 drm fOIC eez e s nlte Store Ron Lea Beautv Soon Russell Doll, Jewel IS Royal Te elers Deere Roebuck 9 The Fasrlon mVe rr rtz Tnow, on's Qsso tation Town 2 Country tudio Turner's at rllnr Qfnt J Ricnerd Turner, Insu e ce ve o's eme onoj 5 on foungs rrlnters Franklin Grove City Harrisville, Harrisvllle, Grove City Bullion Lmlenton Grove City Clintonville Harrlsvtlle Grove Clt5 Grove Citv darrieville Grove City Crowe City Frxnklln Fran lin Iuzrlsville Grove City Edrkewvllle Har 1 ville Crowe City Grove llty Whoever vou are whxtgvgr Vou do J. . , . I C. . . ' 4. N, LJ U I O O .A o , , , R . . ,, I lx C . , , R vie v I qw 1 1 1 , , . 'X fi V w 'A 1 'C .J T' , . - V .. - -1 ' Q 0 0 l 0 il 9 Rn D H 'rls Chmlmr 3 Sfop , , , ' " N 1 TF: C' 1 "1 U L , My , . D 1- -- ! D Vo nv ' v A Ll neo f H, , , - , R L .. Q " ' V 1 L n Q n 1 Q V .. S ' ' 0 0 Q ,, Ruth's Eeauty Salon , Y , , J. L, W , . . ' " . 11 , . A., oO. , , A 'A' ' 4 0 2 , 'N : 1 v --- 1- L CO. a u a 0 9 . Lf 'f fr f .Ffa .J , , . fc ' y I Q C , U o n 1 0 f. - F O . , 'T A L. ,Z LOU , , ' ' 'V' f, . L' P n , , e r's , N b of ra Fc if ,1 on , , , W Y - vu 1 , -1 -L fs o 0 o a 0 g g J If f ffffk JV,i! I 1 l 2 l . 1 1 L u QGRAPHQ- 2 .SH mfs Y 51 fi. ni N 6? '..' I 1? ,,, Q 4 X lj- .N YQQ-NIXXX X L W 5 if-,,1 - ' , 51, , 9 L F 4, X H . mil' ,I ,.-,- .-... l'I',, . 6 Y- X , if 5' nn.. i ., I , ' A 'ab Ili!!-f' ,Q 'LLA' Y bw- , 1 t lv' f OSL? V IN TER LOLLEGIATI PRESS Publnsners Manufacturers Yearbooks Yearbook Covers Dip! mos Graduation Announcements Factory Horne Offnce Kansas Cnty Mo USA ,img x l :Li 'fn- ,fv X Xxxx -Lx -NANX xx A?5x P 'BC f"i 1 -.iff uh" 'M H--..,.,r . 1- id., ..A4g.,-.'2!"1"F'.'-,,'-gm" 531 F' v ' '7 3,. 1'-1' -.y ll- G' ' 1325, -lj fl k 1-'Q ' hw! ' F -Ni"-1f"f?' -r,fg,' 5. v .",' 1' - , ,. ', ..'J:.u,.J J!'.1T.L-boi:-aalcQ'usb'JBL.::1-lm-zacrclnz.feng. X -,-.wc--if'-.wif-fibflzfxrflimfw.f11,v,lW4N'.11'vf,""'.JfLn:'fi,4.i-A1Qibu A-1 fJ2'fss-- uf .1 -:.f,...,-,-.--. L 4' 2 ..'?.'...f-f ?oY't BTC- pox-tkili 51-t Otis A an PQfto p - . Q! vo 0-4 QJNN fxx is C 4?-P I Sk -45 R fs

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