Victory High School - Optic Yearbook (Clarksburg, WV)

 - Class of 1954

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Text from Pages 1 - 94 of the 1954 volume:

J 'Tia' 4 l Q V yur , S . . W A V ,K Sn , K. xx ' v x N 1.1 ,,. 'fa'.-nffmlf, .- -J' ef mf, . .,-. A 1 :ff '- A3-.mln 'XL .1 ha-+u,, .- I 'Vwzg.rQ'x:- 4.15-'Q' , '."1s 4 glh M. . . Q . M, . . W "1 'T , r fs.-. V:-f--M-W , A , , -,.-arf, 1 ' V f j "g,.,.,.: N. 'X ,ff-,,.A ' .I f,,,- V I, , .N i M- f E . . . ' qw, 4,4 .- ix, 1 I if ml , " QQ 1 'W ' A u. A A y my , A W' -Wai? w , X as at m Q , 4 , i 3 'FL N m 55 , 4 L ,S v M 1. kts A if 4 Jw. Sw K what 15. K ,P V' in Q QS! ,. ,J ,x AfM .L ,JM 4, Q ,, M M b . g,.,p,+l,,g,, .yd Q agar N,5 . wg Ke A V-gsm' .. ' ,Q H 1 - . Us , K. if 4 1 Am qw F an in A PT, ,,,J" " Ofiy, . 44 ,, , ' 'ki . vs- 1-Tggdmgxhl ' ""'Xf'+ ' 'N 8 , 1 Vi-ww. . ,-iw fawi, x . mf' W ,, y. , " . W' 1 ,, Vg w A 'lvuljk .. ' 4 - i v,.,, 'Q Q M A . W in .M ,hh 5 f A A 4 , , Q, 7 T4 R, ,. X I " , 1, an E K 3 s S4 E 2 Q Q LIBBIS S X fi? x lg -X :Q-"..'g2s'1f""" l 'a F K IN PICTURE AND WORD VICTORY HIGH SCHOOL THE OPTIC OF NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY FOUR EDITOR.. ARCHIE GLASPELI. ASS'T. EDITOR GLORIA GABBERT ADVISOR NORMA SMALLWOOD WILL REMEMBER OUR FACULTY Pages 1 to 6 OUR SENIORS Pages '1 to 27 OUR IUNIORS Pages 28 to 37 OUR SOPHOMORES Pages 38 to 44 OUR SCHOOL LIFE Pages 45 to '70 onnsn ar vm-any mon scnoor, WB, that .3flldf!!It8 of Victory High School, pfedreeuraelvas tp love our school, to obey its to spfqld in ideals, to support its Nik M. and maintain its kg s? X Iillubly the laws of O E a s E . sssss 2 so sung, pmmw, ,,s1 sass 5 sazs 1..s P E vmrd. and as WI' bed QROHB. R fo fwwf 'dw 'H ' ' ' ' is DEDICATION 32" Left to Right, FIRST ROW: J. Wells, G. Beezel, B. Singleton, B. I-Io1dsworth,J. Stackpole. SECOND ROW: W. Coffindaffer, C. Beezel, R. Thorne. J. Perri, B. McCann, R. Carey, P. Messinger, B, Roberti, D, Knight, B. Newbrough, T. Bow, C. Leggett. THIRD ROW: Coach Sappington, J' r. Griffin, P. Cunningham, D. Davis, I. Vasquez, T. Fittro, S. Hilton, D. Alexander, F. West, D. Fultz, C. Greathouse, Coach Moore, Manager, D, Toothrnan. The staff of the 1953-54 Optic in view of the athletic honors that have been bestowed upon Victory High School dedicates this publication to Coaches J' ack Moore, Neil Sappington, a.nd the 1953 football team. Because of the excellent coaching and the team's true Victory spirit, the eagles gained the Big Tex and City Championships with an undefeated record. Rx M!! x.3f 'K .AY .TACK -MOORE J. NEIL SAPPINGTON English, Coach History, Assistant Coach A.B. West Virginia Wesleyan A.B. Alderson-Broaddus College M.A. West Virginia University M.A. West Virginia University 1 IN APPRECIATION SPONSOR HELEN UPTON Math A.B. West Virginia Wesleyan M. A. West Virginia University The Senior Class wishes to take this opportunity to express its sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Miss Upton and Mr. Powell, for their lively interest and partici- . . . i . . sh e pation in our school life, and their untiring efforts and aid in all school act vitie av won for them loyalty and friendship of every senior. EDWARD POWELL Principal A. B. West Virginia University M. A. West Virginia University 2 PRINCIPAL ,xg sr ' V s 1001 .wav W ... L. f 5 PN 'vl H' Af ,7 ,Q f'f ' mi.. Y X 'A , XA . ' ow .ff K , 1 sl , s X l . L fy' . ,W Y . ," 3, 1 X f' f AA' ff . r . ,K 1 f .1 x ,f x - fl' if f , iff, If f 7 X x . - , I 'pr WINIFRED BELL Music A. B. Fairmont State College M. A. West Virginia University JAMES O. BUTCHER IR. Commerce A.B, Salem College M,A. West Virginia University CHARLES CHILDERS Commerce A.B. Salem College RUTH CLEVENGER Physical Education A.B. West Virginia University CANDACE DAVIS Art, History A.B. Salem College HELEN DAVISSON English, Public Speaking A. B. West Virginia University ANT OINET TE ERN ST English A.B, Hood College L. EURA GREY Modern Problems A. B. West Virginia University M. A. West Virginia University 'M PAUL R. HESS Math A. B. Fairmont State College M. A. West Virginia University WALTER HOLDEN Distributive Education A. B. Salem College M. A. West Virginia University WANDA MARTIN Latin, French, Guidance B. S. Mary Washington College M. A. West Virginia University IAMES E. MATTHEY Physics, Chemistry B. S, Salem College O. KENNETH MITTONG Biology B, S. Salem College M.A. West Virginia University LILLLE W. MORGAN English A. B, West Virginia University M,A. West Virginia University ROBERT O. NUTTER Band B. S, Fairmont State College M. A. West Virginia University ETHEL B, PAINE Home Economics A.B. Salem College RUTH PYLE Commerce A.B. Bowling Green NORMA B, SMALLWOOD English, Journalism A, B, Fairmont State College Potomac State School GRACE VAN HORN Librarian A,B, Fairmont State College M, A, West Virginia University MARGUERITE BROWNE Secretary FACULTY MAKES CONTRIBUTION TO WVEA CHESTER WHITEHAIR Technical Course Class President 2, 3,45 Junior Playg Boy of the Month 4. ROBERT BYRNES Preparatory Course Vice President 3,45 Language Club 2, 3,45A cappel- la 2,45A1l State Choir 45 Hi-Y 3,45 Pres, 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 25 Football 25 Home Room Pres, 25 Junior Play5 Boy of the Month 4. RUTH HALL Preparatory Co11rse Class Secretary 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Majorette 35 Twirl- er 45 Junior Playg Home Room Pres, 2, 35Gir1s' State 35 Language Club 2, 3,45 Sect, 3, CHARLES BOW Preparatory Course Class Treas, 5 Basketball 25 Football 3,45 Thespians 3,45 A cappella 4, BARBARA ALLEN Commercial Course National Honor Society 45 F.T,A. 3,45 Sec, 45 Y- Teens 2,35 Junior Play5 4-H Club 2, 3,4, JOHN ANAN IA General Course Football Manager 3,45 Basketball Manager 3,45 Red Cross 4, DELORES D, ANDERSON General Course Spirit Committee 3,45 Red Cross 4, SHIRLEY JO ANDRE Commercial Course Language Club 12, 3,45 G.A.A. 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 A cappella 3,45 Junior Play5 Thespians 35 Spirit Committee 2, 3, 4, MARTHA BANKHEAD Commercial Course Honor Society 43 Language Club 4, ANN BARBERIO Commercial Course Y-T eens 2, FELICIT Y BEEN Distributive Education CHARLES BEEZEL Preparatory Course Baseball Manager 2,35 Football 3,4gBasketba11 Man- ager 2,3,4g Football Manager 2g Hi-Y 3,43 Language Club 2, 3,43 Boy of the Month 4g Track 3. if LILA AREHART General Course I AC K ASHCRAFT Distributive Education ET HEL BAILEY General Course Glee Club 4g Spirit Committee 4- tional Honor Society 4, ,F. OKEY BAILEY General Course Auto Mechanic 3,4, lv in 4 4 3 I N I DORA BELL Distributive Education SHIRLEY BRAMER Commercial Course Junior Red Cross 35 Band 2, 3, 4, CLARABELL BROWN Commercial Course Language Club 2,3,45 F,T.A. 3,45 Vice Pres, 45 Junior Play, JULIA BROWN Distributive Education F, N, A. 2, 35 Librarian 3, DONALD BUMGARDN ER Technical Course HELEN BUNNER Commercial Course A cappella 45 F.N.A. 25 F,T,A. 3,4. GLADYS BURG Preparatory Course Home Room Vice Pres, 2, 3,45 G. A.A. 35 Band 3,4 Color Guard 3,45 F, N. A. 2, 35 Language Club 3,4 Spirit Committee 4. MARIE CAIN Distributive Education . 1 ALFREDA COMPTON Preparatory Course Optic 4g Language Club 2,33 A cappella 4g Honor Society 4g 4-H Club 2, 3g G,A, A. 2, 3g Spirit Com- mittee 2,3,4g Cheerleader 3,4, LENA COTTRILL Commercial Course Language Club 4, G, A. A. 2, 3,4, MENOKA CRAWFORD General Course Y-Teens 2, 3,4g A cappella 4. DON CRISS General Course PATTY CAREY Distributive Education Glee Club 2, 3, RONALD CAREY General Course Football 1, 2, 3,4g Captain 4, BARBARA ANN COBERLY Commercial Course Glee Club 2g Librarian 4g Red Cross Representative 2 WOODROW COFFINDAFFER Technical Course Basketball 2g Football 2,3,4g Boy of Month 4g Lang- uage Club 3,4g Hall Boy 4, ff' , NANCY ROBERTA GASKIN Preparatory Course Y-Teens 2, 3,4, Pres, 4, Sec, 33 Language Club 2, 3 4- F T A 3 4 Treas, 43 F,N,A. 2, 33 Honor I 9 ' ' ' D I Society 3,4, Sec, 43 Spirit Committee 43 Optic Staff 43 Yearbook Staff 4, ARCHIE GLASPELL Technical Course Optic Staff 3,42 Yearbook Staff 3,4, Editor 43 Spirit Committee 2, 3,43 Band 2, 3,42 Audio-Visual Staff 2, 3, 43 Ihespians 2, 3.4: Square Dance Club 33Class Plays 2, 3, LULU BELLE GODFREY Distributive Education MARY GOODWIN Commercial Course Office Girl 4, . X. - - eye- i SHIRLEY GOODWIN Commercial Course Cheerleader 3,43 Spirit Committee 3,4, Pres. 43 Y- Teens 2, 3, Sec, 33 Home Room Sec, 2,3, Vice Pres, 4. FAYE GRANDSTAFF Preparatory Course Honor Society 4, DELORES GREATHOUSE Commercial Course Y-Teens 2, 33 Band 3,43 Majorette 3,4, MARGARET GRIFFIN Commercial Course F. T. A. 2,33 A cappella 3,4, Sec, 4, 5 ALFREDA COMPTON Preparatory Course Optic 43 Language Club 2,33 A cappella 43 Honor L society 43 4-H Club 2,33 G,A,A, 2,33 Spirit com- mittee 2,3,4Q Cheerleader 3,4, Language Club LENA COTTRILL Commercial Course 43 G,A.A. 2,3,4, MENOKA CRAWFORD General Course Y-Teens 2, 3,43 A cappella 4. DON CRISS General Course PATTY CAREY Distributive Education Glee Club 2, 3, RONALD CAREY General Course Football 1, 2, 3,43 Captain 4, BARBARA ANN COBERLY Commercial Course Glee Club 23 Librarian 43 Red Cross Representative 2, WOODROW COFFINDAFFER Technical Course Basketball 23 Football 2,3,43 Boy of Month 43 Lang- uage Club 3,43 Hall Boy 4, if-if A 'X--.N BARBARA CUNNINGI-IAM Commercial Course Honor Society 4g Band 2, 3,4g Spirit Committee 4, BETTY DAVISSON General Course Red Cross 4, LARRY DAVISSON Preparatory Course Language Club 2,3,4g 4-H Club 2,33 Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Baseball 2g Junior Play 3. MARTHA ELAINE DENNISON Commercial Course SYLVESTER DeFAZIO Distributive Education Basketball 2g Baseball 3,4g Hi-Y 3,4, CARL EDWARD DUNCAN Distributive Education BARBARA EVANS Preparatory Course Language Club 43 F. N. A. 4. PAUL FAHERTY General Course Football 2, 3,4, 1 1 if wi Glee Club 25 ROSETTA FUGGIANA Distributive Education Spring Concert, WALTER RALPH FULTZ. Distributive Education Stage Manager 2,35 Hi-Y 3,45 Red Cro Band 2, 3, 45 H JAMES GABBERT General Course i-Y 3,4, PAULINE GANOE Distriburive Education ss 3, LOU FLINT General Course Cheerleader 3,45 G,A, A. 2, 3,45 Girls' State5 Spirit Committee 2, 3,45 Square Dance Club 35 President of Home Room 2, 3,45 Glee Club 2, SUE FLINT General Course F.T,A, 3,45 Spirit Committee 35 Girls' State5 G, A. A, 2,3,45 Square Dance Club 35 Glee Club 25 Junior Play 3. DON FLOWERS General Course PAT FORTNEY General Course Band 3,45 Home Room President 3,45 Hall Boyg 4-H 45 Stage Committee 4, NANCY ROBERTA GASKIN Preparatory Course Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pres, 4, Sec, 3g Language Club 2, 3,4g F,T,A, 3, 4, Treas, 4g F.N,A. 2, 33 Honor Society 3,4, Sec, 4g Spirit Committee 45 Optic Staff 4g Yearbook Staff 4, ARCHIE GLASPELL Technical Course Optic Staff 3, 45 Yearbook staff 3,4, Editor 45 Spirit Committee 2, 3,45 Band 2, 3,4, Audio-Visual staff 2, 3, 4g Thespians 2, 3,4g Square Dance Club 3gClass Plays 2, 3. LULU BELLE GODFREY Distributive Education MARY GOODWIN Commercial Course Office Girl 4. SHIRLEY GOODWIN Commercial Course Cheerleader 3,4g Spirit Committee 3,4, Pres. 4g Y- Teens 2, 3, Sec, 3g Home Room Sec, 2,3, Vice Pres 4. FAYE GRANDSTAFF Preparatory Course Honor Society 4, DELORES GREATHOUSE Commercial Course Y-Teens 2, 33 Band 3,4g Majorette 3,4, MARGARET GRIFFIN Commercial Course F. T. A, 2,33 A cappella 3,4, Sec, 4, '1 --. 'll ., -s as K Language Clu Basketball 2: A cappella 4, IACQUELINE HAYS Commercial Course b s,4, .TERRY HILL Technical Course Red Cross 2g Hi-Y 3, GLE NE HODGKISS Commercial Course FREDERICK HOUSE General Course State Assistance 3, i'if5g- it 49 Junior Play. I R X JERRY GRIMES General Course RUDOLPH HAMRIC General Course IENETTA HANNAH Distributive Education Band 2, 3g 4-H 2g Class Tournament 2 3 Concert 2, NOEL HARDMAN General Course ERNEST HUFFMAN Technical Course Basketball 2, 3,4, 4-H 2,3,4, PHYLLIS HURST Preparatory Course A cappella 3,4, F,T.A, 3,4, Pres, 4, 2, 3,4, Treas, 4, Honor Society 4, HELEN HUST EAD General Course Optic Staff 3,4, Year Book Staff 3,4, EUGENE JAUMOT Preparatory Course Band 2, 3,4, "fi'1s1f 5 Nas... Language Club - My 4 if Q25 g... .R x I S f ' . -f- Q 1 Y E 4 A . rr.L R A i Q - 2 4 a--r - ' Q.. A MARLANA JOHNSON Preparatory Course Band 2,3,4, Twirler 2, 3, Drum Majorette 4, Spirit Committee 3,4, Sec, 4, Language Club 3,4, Honor Society 3,4, Vice Pres, 4, Junior Play, Home Room Vice Pres, 2, 3, Home Room Pres, 4, Girls' State 3, G, A, A. 2, 3, Senior Council. FRANCES JONES Commercial Course Home Room Treasurer 2, 3, OLGA KARAKIOZIS Commercial Course G. A. A. 2,3, 4-H 2, Honor Society 4, Spirit Com- mittee 4, Optic Staff 4, Office Girl 4, DARWIN KEARNS Distributive Education Language Club 2, 3,4, Spirit Committee 2, - A L HE Q nl' X 2 i W 2 4 X . X 'livin A ,V E I GENE KOPP General Course A cappella 3,45 Optic Staff 4, IULIANA KOPP Commercial Course Language Club 2,3,4g Red Cross 3, Sec, 35 F.N.A, 2g Thespians 2, 3,4g Junior Play, Spirit Committee 3, 4g Junior Council. HELEN LAMBERNEDIS Commercial Course Honor Society 4g A cappella Choir 3,4g CLARENCE LEGGETT Technical Course Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2, 3, 4g Ba FRANCES KERNS General Course A cappella Choir 4, WAYNE KIDD Preparatory Course Band 2, 3,43 Boys' State, Home Room 4. MORETH KIMBLE Commercial Course A cappella 3, 4, All State Choir 4 Club 3, DAVID KNIGHT Technical Course Basketball 2, 3,4, Capt, 4: Football 2 3 4 Track 3 4: Home Room Pres. 2. 3.4: Hi-Y 4 Optic Staff 4 SHIRLEY LIGHTNER Distributive Education Sophomore Playslunior Playg Thespian Playg F.T.A. 3: F.N, A, 2g Language Club 2, 35 Thespian Club 2, 3. ANTHONY LORIA Preparatory Course Hi -Y 4. DOROTHY LOY Commercial Course Language Club 3, DELORIS LOY Preparatory Course Language Club 2, 3,45 F, T, A, 45 Office Girl 4. iikfila T - 3 '9'2'1?f, 3 4. :W M f ' ' A with ' .SNA , . 3 il? 1 M. rm- IEAN MARANO Commercial Course G.A,A, 2g F, T,A. 33 Honor Society 3, 4, LA DONN MARTIN Commercial Course Y-Teen 2, 3,4g A cappella 3,43 All State Choir 4 4-H 2, sg G.A.A. 2, 3, Spirit Committee 2, 3,4 Home Room Sec, 4, Sophomore PlaygCheerleader 2, RALPH MARSHALL General Course ROBERT McCANN Technical Course Football 2, 3,45 Basketball 2, 3,45 Track 3,4, RUSSELL MILLER Distributive Education Football 2,3g Baseball 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,45 Language Club 2, 3, HELEN MOATS General Course Glee Club 2, 3, EBBERT MORRISON General Course Band 1, 2, 3, 4, VIRGINIA MOSCHELLA Distributive Education Spirit Committee 2g Glee Club 2. LA VAUGHN MCCARTY General Course Future Home Makers of America 2,3g A cappella 3, F.N.A, 3,4, Pres, 4g Class Play 2g Bulletin Board Committee 3. CAROL MCINNES Distributive Education VIRGINIA MERCANDINO Distributive Education Joumalism 2, Thespians 2, 3g F. T. A. 3, Junior Play Usher, PHIL MESSINGER Technical Course Basketball 2,3,4g Track 3,4gFootball 2, 3,4, Captain 43 Spirit Committee 4, Home Room Vice Pres, 2, 3, Optic Staff 4. CLAUDETTE MURPHY Preparatory Course A cappella 2, 3,4g 4-H 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres, 2, Pres, 3,45 Language Club 2g F,N.A, 2, 3. HAROLD NAPIER General Course Glee Club 23 A cappella 2, DOTTY NESTOR Commercial Course G,A.A, 2,3,4, Honor Society 3,4g Optic Staff 3g 4- H 2. ELLEN NESTOR Commercial Course Optic Staff 3g Red Cross 2,4, Pres, 4g Honor Society 4. 5: , lg ,, KENNETH NESTOR General Course BUD NEWBROUGH Technical Course Football 2, 3,4g Band 2, 3,45 Home Room Treasurer 3,43 Hi-Y 3,45 Language Club 2,3,4g Track 3,45 l-lall Boy 33 Boys' State, JERRY NEWMAN Preparatory Course Language Club 2, 3,4g Honor Society 4g 4-H 2, 3,4 Junior Play. BARBARA NICHOLSON Distributive Education . D MARILYN PARKER Distributive Education Glee Club Concert 2g G.A. A. 2: Cla 3. JAMES PATTERSON General Course Band 2, 3,4g Pep Band 4, Home Room A cappella 4, ban 2, 3, JOE PERRI General Course Football 2,4g Baseball BARBARA PRATT General Course l ...I If lit, ss Tournaments Sec, 3, 2, 3,4g Basket- LESTER NORRIS General Course Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4g Hobby Show Award 2,3g School Boy Patrol 2, 3,4, MARVIN NUTTER Technical Course PATRICIA OLIVERIO Preparatory Course Optic 4, Language Club 2,3,4g F,T, A. 3,4g Honor Society 3, 4, Pres, 4g Spirit Committee 3,4, Sec, 3, Home Room Sec, 2, 3, Home Room Pres, 4, HENRY PALMER Technical Course Band 1, 2, 3,4g Science Club 2, 3, I -.l , X , I CONNIE REBROOK General Course Y-Teens 2, Sec, 25 F. N.A, 2, Sec, 23 Red Cross 3, Junior Play: Art Award, HARRY RICHARDS Preparatory Course Band 2, 3g Pep Band 35 Square Dance Club 2: Hobby Show 2, 3, JAMES RICHARDS Technical Course Home Room Pres, 3,43 A cappella 3,4, Treas, 4, ROBERT ROBERTI General Course Spirit Committee 43 Football 2, 3,4g Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 44 Baseball 2,3,4g Hobby Show 3, Noon Recreation Committee 3, FLORENCE ROBILLIARD Commercial Course Office Girl 43 F. T. A. 4. RHEA ROGERS General Course CATHERINE ROGERS Distributive Education French 1, 2. MARTHA SCOTCHIE Commercial Course Glee Club 2, A cappella 3gY-Teen 3g 4-H 2,4g Home Room Vice Pres, 2, 3,4, 4.4, 5, x 4 SHIRLEY SKINNER Distributive Education Glee-Clubg Spring Concert, DONALD SMITH Preparatory Course A cappella 3,4g 4-H 2, 3,45 Football 2, 3,43 Basket- ball 2, GEORGE SMITH Distributive Education Spirit Committee 3g Member of Senior Council 4g D, E, Class Pres. 4g Sophomore Play: Junior Play. BARBARA SMYTHE Commercial Course Honor Society 3,43 Language Club 4, SARAH SCOTT Distributive Education Glee Club 2. NELLLE SEAMAN Distributive Education EVELYN SHRIVER Commercial Course Y-Teens 2, ANNA SIMONETTE Commercial Course Spirit Committee 3,43 F N, A, 2g Junior Play PATRICIA SNEAD General Course Y-Teens 3g 4-H 2, 3,4g Band 2,3,4g Majorette 43 Junior Play, JOHN SPATAFORE Technical Course Basketball 2, 3,4g Track 3,4g Sophomore Class Vice Pres., Hi-Y 3,4, Sec, Treas, 4, Hall Boy 4, JORETTA P, STARKEY Distributive Education F, N,A, 2g Language Club 1, Junior Red Cross 2, 3, SAM STEWART Technical Course Band 1, 2, 35 Pep Band 33 Optic Photographer 4, LUCILLE STOUT Commercial Course A cappella Choir 4, EDNA STROTHER Commercial Course Office Girl 4g Librarian 4, WILLIAM STROT HER General Course Honor Society 4g Language Club 3,4, DONALD SUMMERS Preparatory Course Language Club 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3,4g Foo ball 2. tball 2, Basket MARY TODD General Course Y-Teens 3, Sec, 2, Vice Pres, 3g G.A,A, 3g Band 2, 3, 43 Color Guard 3,43 Spirit Committee 2, 3,43 Glee Club 4, 4-H Club 2,3 4, I JACOB TRAUGH Distributive Education Spirit Committee 33 Librarian 2. HILDA WALLS Commercial Course Thespians 2,3g Class Play Committee 3g Home Room Sec, 3. CATHERINE WALSH Commercial Course Band 2, 3, 4g Majorette 2, 3, 4g Thespians 2, 3, G.A.A. 2, 3g Honor Society 4g Junior Playg Spirit Committee 4g Home room Sec. 4. SHIRLEY SWISHER Commercial Course Majorette 3,45 Band 2, 3,4g Home Room Pres. 23 Spirit Committee 4, Honor Society 45 Junior Play. TOMMY TENDA Commercial Course Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 3,4g Sophomore Play, RONNIE THORNE Technical Course Hi-Y 3,4g Football 2,3,4gHome Room Sec, 45 Track 3,4g Boys' Glee Club 33 4-H 2. ARCHIE TODD Distributive Education X DELORIS WATKINS Distributive Education Language Club 2, 3, Junior Red Cross, Spirit Com- mittee 4, RONNIE WATKINS General Course A cappella 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4g All State Choirgi Red Cross 4, Treas, 4, F,T.A. 4, Spirit Committee 4, Football 3, Hobby Show 2, 3, Language Club 3,4, JIMMY WEEKLEY Preparatory Course PATRICIA WEST Commercial Course AS' it i l ., X 3 . MINNIE WILCOX Distributive Education IO ANN WILSON General Course Spirit Committee 3,4g Junior Play, Y 3,43 Color Guard 3,4g Glee Club 2, JOHN WILT Technical Course SHIRLEY WOLF General Course Y E3 -Teen 2g Band SHIRLEY WRIGHT General Course A cappella 3, JOHN YAMBRICK Technical Course RONALD ZECK General Course Hi-Y 3,4, Pres, 4g Home Room Pres, 23 Honor So- ciety 3,4g Hall Boy 4: Stage Committee 3, 4, Basketball 33 Hi-Y 2g Junior Red Cross 2,3gA cappella SENIORS AT WORK 27 I as-Q il 'Qual' Wav-1 'S' IEVQ s 1 i i i Q ,,,,,,,,-we T' if ff, F' , Q . W" flaw Q? Q 3 1' Nl' .44-Q an ' 'BQ -uf 5 Cl? lv? 'ir--4'-Q' in IUNIORS M, Alexander D, Alexander Swiger M, Allen Allowatt Alkire Alton Amsler I. Atha E, Bailey G, Bailey S, Bailey Bauld Beezel Boise Bowen Broderick A. Brunetti J. Brunetti Buckmeyer 29 Calafatis Camgliano ,,-.W h ,,,,,g,l Canfield Carroll " .,. XX Carpenter Cashdollar Christofore Cirullo Qu Clark 't'n"'Hs, L G Clutter fl Conch Cottrill Connors Vs 5 ' vi- Cunningham , t O Creighton izz -M-fr Cummings , , t il ll X. Q.. t, l A xi W :a l K V I .,::.. ., . - C f if y K gy I if Y' K K ij' --A" si C af F ,il f Dalton as ""' 'Q E, Davis .,,..,. ,Nu h Flannigan C ' Qs... ' Q.-. Wi ff' 'Q . D I '0"!lv -PQ 'Ai 'W ,ur V? 'WK' ff""l -1-.auf fwl' ' z kin-ii I! if 4 is 0' QCII 'MR rv vb-uw 'O' Davis S, Debar Deering Deffet DeLuca Dodd Donahue Dorsey Drummond Duchess Dunn Eavenson Edgell Ellison Este Fernandez B Fernandez F Ferando Firzhugh Griffin Q. MG wi Ml I f R, Flowers Foppiauo hw K. Fowler """"' P, Fowler 2 Fuggiano 'Lay ,K Fultz K V F Funk B Gubbert . Garner Gaines N, Garrett fig" Gianettino qw Godfrey Gola Goodwin Goolie A. Greathouse C, Greathouse Greynolds Grimm 32 ni 5 F Qs - ' rw- Nw-A-sig? -if A Hi 3' 9, X 1 .N Km l S Q. Q 4 5 if fl 3, 3 -P mum if N L... as 3, 'ir--nr K, Q dy P yf'X Y QL ff." -qv 'Q!l"" Kes wff' ff' 1-"' pf Z.."'fl2-'f- L6 vu? , , 5 W iw ,.1 r ' fy pq Q A...-ef' ww Gulley Hall Hardman Harris Hefner Hilton Holden Holdsworth B. Insani N. Insani W, Johnson Y, Johnston junkins Keith Kennedy Keyes KOPP Lamm Lantz Lawson Lesson LePon Looman Losh Lynch Mancuso Masto Mayle Swiger McNabb Merandi Mercindino Mills Mochella Modispaugh Monroe I. Moran R. Moran Murphy Murray A 3 4 xl N f 5 5 3 Qff' ., ,, ' . Q ' + f - . 'H . 5 Xi , 1 ef X Q5 in E X RQ X A gi? Y 45' S215 S 5 QS t o :H .ig an 'V"Nlnw ff? Q ow . if ' 1 ' ' A Q 4 M Q-M-M 'Q-4 . ::.'d+':: A ' Rr: ' :3 ' ', f -- -' my it . -. fl of A M M ' -5 , , Q A " . J i: : Q"'f ' ' gig A 'ff"""' 4 . - 9 ?f-E 5 A 3' F' 5' K .. fun, la .Q fr. A 0, ., , fr . ff f 3 .445 5.553 - gr-j Q5 W C"T1P 'QC' 51811 '04 in A , i' Q9 it 1 1"'D rw. -Y? 'P-on 'QW' 'wu- 153' 7-. Wes 1 I--i lg IU? 1 010 QQ gif eff W QQ' 'uf Ot? 1 J. Newbrough L. Newbrough C. Nichols T. Nichols D, Norman E, Norman T, Norman Olivero Olmstead Pernell Perri Pierce Philipparr I. Phillips S, Phillips Pope Powell Radcliffe Randolph Reed Reider Riffle Ritter D, Robey E, Robey L, Robey M, Robey Romeo Sandy Sanjulian Scott Sandling Shiftra Shingleton Shipley D, Short M. Short Shriver Singleton Sprouse S-eww ig-rv "J-'Begg NW 'Q' - -nn. ,ti , ' , W5 sig if fn. 'Nh-5 'W' midw- guru, ,ol- -if .R gi -'S."" P nf' '4' M, X ,F , mr f-as """"9 nc:- x9 C' ,Q U' J r V ,G ii li ,Yau uw 5 or ,V L 1,3 "nr 5 , ,,,.4--" 4:9 .f te, 'il MMU' WC? J,,W,, '32 sq" f V, is wa S xaf- ' 13 'J'...? 'P f".'i.".g v - :hai ,r A! Vi ,NDA T37 0-WP' if-aw-1 Sprouse R, Strother Swiger Swisher Taskcr Taylor C, Taylor P, Tippcr Vazquez Vassar Ventura Walsh Wclks Wells West Whitchair Wilcox Williams Wolfe Worsu-ll 'Ti' H '09 , " ' 'QP' H " Q, f as All K nd CREED OF VICTORY HIGH SCHOOL We, the students of Victory High School, pledge ourselves to love our school, to obey its regulations, to uphold its ideals, to support its code of morals, and respect and maintain its good name. To honor our parents, and obey the laws of our state and nation. To respect and be courteous to our principal, teachers, and fellow students. To be loyal to our school in thought, word, and deed, and to give her always of our best efforts. To use every opportunity to foster ideal school citizenship. 5' ,,' wiii a ie ' ,f 'L ' fm ,-ov' 91 ef Q-9 V V, an-1 Q' 'of ---. sf , x' S- rc' 'T l J 4.5 Q-ti? 1 ., i x we I 'E' fl 13' r A 6 as -ff M- ,J . pu- . live in ev.: J as Inf M fa in un' A " 'W' fra gl fr ff!! -tn. W' A Q 'of 5 if 4 ,Q N- -4-v-A iff kr, in as 4' 6 , A i Q. . .Q . ti. ,f 3 ivfil fa 4-v Yuan x K K -av '4E"'7? l Q Q SOPHOMORES Adams Anderson Allowat D. Alvarez R, Alvarez Anania Arnett Arthur Bailey Beezel C. Bell I. Bell Banazzo Bryan Burg Cain Calafatis Caldwell Carder Carole Patterson M. Carpenter R. Carpenter Chatam Chrissman I. Clevenger O, Clevenger Clifton M, Coffinda ffer S. Coffindaffer Coffman Conner Contento Crlslip Criss Cunningham Cyphers Daniels Daugherty B, Davis D. Dat is L, Davisson DeMicco Denham Dingo Dixon Douglas Elliot Fazzini Fincham Fittro Flint Floyd F ortney B. Fowler Fretwell Furbee P. Gaines Garrett Gawthrop Gill Gillespie Glenn Gola Goodwin L. Gonzalez R. Gonzalez Gould Gower Griffin ti-SP, sg at is Mi .,:. is d , , - , , . In 5 lik 3 J: 1 al -. . if 4.133 'Diff f if --fil3f1i"AS? f- 1 ai? a K asf? " fi was 1 ' , 'K 9 f 'Eg . i:E G X-34 Q f 5 s Wien- nJg' viii ' - 5' . ,. . .X S ACN ik s ""' P+ ls gm 'Wu gi' -7. ar 3 IQ' . T37 me M wi a 4 ' Qi x., f 4 ,, x 'Q ' .- ' f s 91 sg- M My anis -It ...- Z we ' ,, . Q sd. 1 ? 'lt-I fy' 2,12 is . 'f I fr. I 'W j i M f kill? v " 53 WX , fm' I FV! : W L 'Q ' f an , :V A 1 any Lv as 'JF ' A 'ima S in gk I M j 77 I M ayyn M .M E5 if 512' 'Z 1 59 Jn ref, hd Q! gx Y ' , U W' 2' "," ' g Q ' 9: I L -W L ag,-'. I :' z 1" ' , N ",,'-: ' 2 L 2 Q .:.- ,., ' PM 1 i '-is :wil 1 4 Griffth Gulas Hamerick Helms Hickman Hill Holbert House Hurst Hyde Isner Karnis Kerere Kerrigan Kourpas KOPP Kontak Knapp Kyle Lake Lambernedls Losure. Lawrence Lawson Layfield Linger Liptak Lucos Lynch Lyons Marano Marks Martain Maxwell McCoy McIntyre MCK een McKinney McKown Me near Menendez Mems Merrill Merriner Michael Mihaliak Miller Moats Montgomery A. Moore C, Moore I , Moore Murphy Murray Musci N, Newbrough S. Newbrough Newman Norris Palmer Panther Patterson P emell Perri Phillips Posey D, Pulice R, Pulice Pyle Radabough yliee 5523 1 an 'fl if ,fe Ev : ,.,.,..,. 3 1 iv 4 .An "Zi,-f 'L fa -- Q zli Q he F ees My 4 . fr 19" 1- R53 20" 255: W 2 A Es 5 s sy P 5 Q S s l a S we 3, as fs 'Q Q N. wifi. , fx 9- : 4 El, X -as -8 . b Q N' Q M i . 5 f . ,Av 3 ,.., x"99,Z gm 2 gl, P -ssr M s a Q WP , P W' 1' I Uh 'sid -Q-... Q Q Qf 4' 'V I if W I 1 QS' -.Zi K ,S 1.7 ,fi is get 'P' iii? PQ I .ez fa. flf 'A A 1 Q G? ,ww ?"'Y 'V 1 -A Ni 6 I .Q-,R 'H 'E' R 'JV' 3.-QQ' Q 5' f Q qvl, gj 2 ies 2 ft 1 M X i'fA ""'f A N8 11-wwf' K Sig., W' fi 3 S .r 5 X 9 I .-..L. ..,.., Reed Reed Reeves Rhodes Richards Ri gsby Riggs Ritter Roberti Romano Ross Rowh SanJu1ian Scalapio Sears Settles Shinn Short Shreve Shultz Sine s Sirk Smallwood O. Smith R. Smith Snider Squires Sta ckpole Stanton Steel Sterling Streets M, Swiger S, Swiger Symthe Taylor Tenda Thomas Toothman Townsend Trimble Ventura Walken Walls Walsh Walters Wamsley Watkins White Wilhelm Wilkinson L. Williams N. Williams R. Williams R, Williams Wolfe Wyatt Wycoff Yambrlck Zeck W Fi , A: if l sg 'Q-f FE. . Q1 Uh """ x K , af ll A ' .Q . 'S-' K i . Q 2 - . .g i 1 lgziifz f gfw F Q gk Q42 5 1,3 Q f ' is Q ' ' ' G- W fc S' 5 1 sr i ---s - fi? -1 ia '43 5 T ,.. ,,, A - R 1 J 3 . 1 E' X so A " T T ' T. ' gs assi ' ,. T .. 3, at -k.h it sms. .,... ,. , sihirixlvglkhi h ., 1 3' -. X ff f siss ' fs 2 - 5 5 it -sv 5 4 Jo i r .w 4-.. sc... 'f 2r'f"' ' ik' J'-x I 'v- xfx U"x Q- - K 4, , . X , Z 1 .. L' q tag , , 4' 5 ,ly Yr: A my 1 .. 1Wnir? Q w D. E. STUDENTS BUSY AT WORK. SSKSELEY .V,.,5 's " - .aww - - F s u W U t Qs x1fT' x evra. asm J' A Vzcronfi Hmm Scans. Uusrnuaunvs E acumen Cs.-ws on i..f--""" Lmsfi- - ' S n'SS - ' K- Mn- 1 -, 1 K p 351 A t .ii l A 1 'mama mm mi EY furry: 1, ...+: 'X ,Q Q 'F an if ' I f Uffwrus uvvxisis nhl' if . . :,.. 4 Competently advised by Mr. Holden the Distributive Education Class of Victory High School has completed another busy and successful year. The class is comprised of twenty-two girls and nine boys. These students are employed in local business firms and buildings. The D,E, Class meets five days a week between the hours of 8:30 and 11:30 at Pierpoint School and then report to their respective jobs at 12:00, To start the school year they held a picnic at Benedum Airport, and in February they took a trip to Pittsburg to tour the department stores, 46 :xg Yfhn , if it -. ,,. 1 fi 'Q ,A Fxfj ' U 3 I 'EY wr'- 1' LG' 'Zi QW -use rar ,W OPTIC STAFF Members of the journalism class ol Victory High School include the literary and advertising staff of the Optic paper and yearbook. Archie Glaspell and Judy Foppiano served as co-editors of the paper. Gloria Gabbert worked as assistant editor with Archie on the yearbook staff. The class wishes to thank Miss Davis and the art class for their co-operation in help- ing with the paper and yearbook. The senior English class composed the will, prophecy, and history which greatly aided the staff in meet- ing the "dead line". Alfreda Compton, Peggy Jo Dorsey, Nancy Funk, Nancy Gaskin, Bob Gianettino, Elizabeth Hustead, Bob Insaini, Olga Karakiozis, David Knight, Gene Kopp, Phil Messinger, Pat Oliverio, are the other members who have worked on the paper and yearbook. Mrs, Norma Smallwood is the advisor. -TEENS - l A national organization at Victory is the Y-T een club, whose purpose is to teach the girls religion, morality, and character. For the 1953-54 year the officers were: President, N. Gasking Vice President, B. Fernandezg Secretary, H. Bauldg Treasurer, M. Alexander. The sponsor is Miss Upton. The main activity of the club was the "Barn Yard Frolic", which they sponsored in the spring. Members made and sold streamers for different ball games. FUTURE TEACHERS Around Victory High School one of the most active clubs is the Future Teachers organization. Miss Grey has assisted the members in all meetings to gain a complete knowledge ofa teaching career's qualifications and opportunities. Phyliss Hurst, Clara Brown, Nancy Gaskin, Barbara Allen, and Patty Oliverio are the officers for the organizaton. 48 H I- Y The Hi-Y Chapter of Victory High School has completed its 25th year. Among their activities of 1953-54 were: attending a conference at Iackson's Mills, acting as host to the regional Hi-Y meeting held in the fall, and selling refreshments at home ballgames, The club contributed twenty-five dollars to the World Service Fund, Mr. Childers, the sponsor, and the members held the annual Hi-Y Banquet in April, Members DeFazio and Beezel are not pictured, Byrnes Zeck - Spadafore Alexander s Alton if l Bailey Clark Cavisson if - ., , . Fultz l s, 4: 4 t m? Flannigan Hall Hill g i sa Hilton K Insani il if Knight KOPP Loria Mancuso Miller Mills Newbrough Norman Philliparte E. Robey L. Robey Singelton Summers Taylor Q 'fwk , ,C,,,,,x Thome 3 Williams A CAPPELLA CHOIR Under the direction of Mrs, Bell, the A cappella Choir, with the many hours of practicing has proven to be one of Victory's greatest aggregations, The choir has a membership of approximately thirty-five, and it has upheld its standards of per- formances, appearing in assemblies here at V, H, S, and other schools, before local clubs, and in the mid-winter concert, LANGUAGE CLUB use . . + s H I s fs s , is ,c ,W , .. r.. 4 - .Q A Membership in the Language Club which now reaches seventy-five, is open to all Latin and French students of Victory High School making a grade of B. The club is for fun, fellowship, and stimulating interest in the life and times of the ancient Romans and French, 50 NQ,,.,.f Q6 I QOL A aww. a program ed UISU Nutte., successfully p Robert O, Mr, of OH der the directi l11'1 Band igh I'yH 0 e Vict ar, th hool ye ther sc hroughout ano T of work which has greatly contributed to the pleasure and profit of the student body as well as of the community. The band played for all home gamesg formed a 'pep' band, which performed at home basketball gamesg presented the annual concertg Forest Festival. attended the State Band Contest at Huntingtong and proudly represented Clarksburg in the State NATIONAL -IONOR SOCIETY Service is the high ideal of the Honor Society, An active club throughout the year presented an assembly program, made and sold game programs, and sent out a question- aire to former Victory High School students, Mrs, Wanda Martin sponsors this or- ganization, SE" s iii ts s- X if 5- fsg 3 f 1 ca- sg, av'-. Sw is 'X'-. Nine I uv 'KN ,dn- ilk fm ,Q in? . s,,. , H 1 sex Q W W ., S. is -- 5 - - ms - Q Q .111:ffiiEsifsf3?Q2?:j:-ig is ,rx N--vv was ', '32 'swf was ann- .fs sa iii is 1 R Y 4 'X y 'Q is X Q22 i " f 4 Y HQ 15' . wi r ii gigs 'We-n-R t-ur' if , S, wi 'TM' I :.h Q5 ,S g s :ss ss 25355 " is RED CROSS ,ps i"7"4 4,55 1.16 .SQ J' -. .,: .33 "E, ' uagi. ' To try to give unselfish service to the school, community, state, nation, and world is the purpose of the Victory Junior Red Cross, The club is under the direction of Miss Grey, There is a total of nine- teen members, who represent each advisory group, FUTURE NURSES FK A group who made Christmas a happier one for the Kappa Sigma Pi home was the Future Nurses of Victory, This activity of the group is an example of its main purpose, to further interest in studying and working with the sick and needy, Mrs, Paine is the sponsor, 53 V C fi. in X:.k . 5 kik- Q , In ,K .x I K i K' i V 1 to o re gets Eagles S11 ii N w , Q F Polar B Q C0610 fr Year 'Q uatre warg, . .K . . , ,Lkk kk . - K V V, A .W ...Ji 5 ky K L. i f :f.., gr 5 MNQNAK f gf, Rox rndsgu Q5-J fpf 13 Take W0 'fm 'fwfQf:f1 m1iws f . '- 0 M-1 Wx i1 0w +wm gi fffihlr . qumefb Eg I V M A - 1 b., stun the gtxgiggg x -'S' " A' YL clixallengers Vi t gik K - 9 rm t - -' .. .fioo one tou C my N.. SW rea 1 aczg Qf42he g X Q P1 j fn1mse1f after f , 'sy W Af 3 dra down 53 ,4Qfm es Are? Q Q , A "mfg fir? A A :. P i f' -ff , ,As,1E K . VHS R5 1 V EE, zfzzb . f' X ,arisdgxw i m , f Q . 1: 5 A .1 , ul d bre l X 4 C i A A' nf X mei H K ip .ga X gil .i K F -'ix The lndxana zycored firsi 'Veg ' ,Corey cD.m1e1.s plunged over to . ie Aged Of, fqmpd drum ennr. ned dub b "': x , Q Q .ning of 'I oot . :.. ,br H, , 1, Ly csxrne right re H w'th gb iiiimmge McCann Look the 1 D13 czuxseff " HV- 20 and went all af SUN Of 1 ' 5 'ing marker. nn I 'vernight co - - Q Son Smith put srr u A fZ'Om gl fbi O ,agd L0 Stay at 7 oe ' ' ' fmrecl again as the 113.11 ISO? 'fd 03 ,fitlzu H get under wayfi 9 0 h BOYS ,ity tm m A ,ff K K Jkout LQ 56001, all vii: in fr Bdw "" X""v qu ,ai . 1 fd fy Y -ing Dfisii-FQ ' h I ,ff In k Q Over" Carey Q 5 Q . xt I E P Q- 5 P To ... A S mm 1019 m' is e 1 hardest 'GS BVEY' XII L L ff Bob 1 city but , ' g the ,, , Z0 im' A av- ftbo end In U1 d zone in he mb-f fter taking u mwnm nf? tha Palm ,fied rw X vutlr, j Q Q y 'I u M fawful an-E 9. L V Hhovere-212 gushed up the mid- Q Q S mme 0 Z , 195113 3 40 A ' N Q11 amouu c Y W h rback sneak. He 2 - Z1 hole an left? M Scythe-like blocked a converted it iouchdowu for me shook off Mus by scoring on il 67 essgwet climaxecl bv an 8- ftx to Sn ming, C0ach View? NK 01? 'PWS Victory t 510051 F potfential to fof ball team. pax AYIAVQ UNCH 1 0 is and X Ku Sci e. as in ha. in Xi Q1 i , ,. L offxow but che MCCa Throx the X ROb1 X , XX N Z , 1 4 4 o ff V FOOTBALL - I9 5 3 The 1953 football team was truly one of which Victory could be proud. An undefeated season brought City and Big Ten Championships and an official ranking of third best in the state, With a number of veterans from the '52 team, Victory was made a preseason favorite. The season opener with Fairmont West gave further notice that Victory had something. Fighting the rain and a much heavier Fairmont line, the Eagles soared to a 14-6 victory. The game featured T.D. runs by McCann and Roberti. A pass interception by Carey figured prominently in the win. Led by Charles Beezel, Phil Messinger, Don Smith, and Clarence Legget, Victory's determined line completely throttled the Polar Bear's attack. Elkins was the next victim of the Mooremen to the tune of 14-0. Fleet-footed Ronald Carey and an impenetrable defense proved the undoing ofthe stubborn Tigers. Bud Newbroudi and Chuck Greathouse gave promise of the things to come with their sterling play. Still improving the Eagles subdued the Bridgeport Indians 27-14 on the latter's home lot. After some anxious early moments, the Eagles put on a dazzling display of speed. McCann raced 80 yards with a kick off return. Carey sped 90 yards on a pitch out, and Roberti went 50 yards with a QB sneak. "Tuffy" Knight menaced the Bridgeporters with his offensive stabs and his defensive prowess. Weston offered little more than token resistance on dust-laden Hite Field. The Victory combination of McCann, Carey, and "Sonny" Harris with the deft handling of quarterback "Bob" Roberti had little trouble racking up 33 points. Ted Bow and Ronnie Thorne showed to advantage. Tom Wyckoff became the second victim retired to the sidelines with injuries. West Union was the scene of the Eagles next battle. Valiant undefeated Doddridge proved a real test for the Eagles' claws. A more experienced and confident team emerged with a 20-7 victory. The backfield played with its usual brilliance. The defensive play of Jerry Stackpole, "Tuffy" Knight, and Chuck Greathouse was equally good. Sam Hilton courageously played the full game with a broken hand. R.W. met Victory at Hite field in an inter-city clash. The game proved but a tune up for the following week with Shinnston. 55 The Eagles won with the future Eagles seeing much service. Mammoth Tom Fittro, Doug Alexander, George Beezle, and Jack Wells gave promise of good things to come. One of the largest crowds in the history of Hite Field witnessed the Shinnston-Victory game of 1953. Showing the poise of champions, the Victory Eagles dominated the Spartans. The score of 7-0 was no indication of the superiority of the Victory forces who rolled up a huge statistical margin. The entire Victory forward wall ,of Charles Beezle, Chuck Greathouse, Ronnie Thorne, Bud Newbrough, Clarence Leggett, Ted Bow, Don Smith, and Jesse Vasquez played superbly. lt was one of the finest defensive displays in the school's history. A game upset minded Fairmont East team gave the Mooremen a battle before succumbing 20-0. "Woody" Coffindaffer proved an able replacement for "Tuffy" Knight, who was added to the injury list early in the game. On November 6 Victory journeyed to Buckhannon and whipped the Buccaneers 33-25, With the W.I. game only five days off and many of the boys on the casualty list, CoachhMoore used reserves plentifully. The team was, helped with the return of Sam Hilton and Phil Messinger to the line up. The 1958 W.I.-Victory game was typical of this traditional game. With the City and Big Ten Championship and possible state honors hanging in the balance, the injury-ridden Eagles emerged victorious 13-6, The senior members of the squad performed admirably. Don Smith playing for the first time in the backfield made a touch down and several nice gains. .Toe Perri in a substitute role played his usual fine game. From this gallant and talented group of football players it is difficult to cite certain in- dividuals for recognition. They merged withtheteam so completely that they were lost as in- dividuals. Bob' McCann received all-state recognition and richly deserved it. Even Bob is the first to admit that several other boys were equally deserving. The fact that more boys did not receive recognition as individual stars is the best tribute that can be paid to this group of all- stars. SEASON RECORD Opponents We They Fairmont West 13 2 Elkins 13 0 'Bridgeport 27 12 Weston 30 12 Doddridge 20 'I R. W. 19 7 Shinnston 7 0 Fairmont East 20 0 Buckhannon-Upshur 33 25 w.1. ig- i Total 195 71 MOOR E OUR COACHES SAPPINGTON and BASKETBALL I 954 i . " 46 "f f 1 W " ' '75 -. A L - ww "R 5 All' . FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Clark, Wykoff, Roberti, Knight, Spatafore, Tenda, Manager, Anania. SECOND ROW: Coach Moore, Huffman, Hilton, Messinger, Vasquez, Conners, Leggett. Following in the wake of a successful football season, most of the same players faced the basketball season with equal confidence. With sevenlettermen returning from the previous basket- ball year, the season opener with Doddridge was successful. During the holidays the Eagles continued to roll with three hard earned victories. On foreign floors Buckhannon-Upshur and Elkins were beaten with last quarter rushers. Early developments showed a well balanced team of many players of equal ability. After the holidays, consecutive victories over Weston and Doddridge gave rise to speculation over a possible undefeated basketball team. R.W. destroyed this hope with an overtime 61-59 victory at the R.W. gym. The Eagles came back strong with consecutive wins over Spencer and East Fairmont be- fore again stumbling to a strong Shinnston team 62-60 at the Carmichael Auditorium. The Eagles then proceeded to rack up 10 straight victories. ln the course of this string of victories the Eagles duplicated their football accomplishment of winning the Big Ten Champion- ship. High on the list of accomplishments was a clean sweep of the Fairmont West series for that team's only two season losses. W.I. pinned a loss on the Eagles in the final game and grabbed the City Laurels. The 1953-54 basketball team has been a high scoring, well balanced aggregation. Every team scoring record in the history of the school has been erased. Such standout seniors as Phil Messinger, Bob Roberti, "Tuffy" Knight, John Spatafore, Clarence Leggett, Earnest Huffman will be remembered for a long time in the annals of Victory athletics. SEASON'S RECORD Victory Victory 65 Doddridge 48 68 West Fairmont 66 78 Buckhannon 69 65 W.l. 59 69 Alumni 55 72 Buckhannon 66 60 Elkins 59 78 Weston 72 72 Weston 49 79 R. W. '70 61 Doddridge 51 84 West Fairmont 72 59 R. W. 61 63 Spencer 58 66 Spencer 46 63 East Fairmont 58 70 East Fairmont 64 65 Shinnston 61 60 Shinnston 62 69 Elkins 68 69 W.I. 82 57 IR. VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Manager, Floyd, Taylor, Posey, DeMicco,Beeze1, Garret, Hickman, Manager, Toothman. SECOND ROW: Coach Sappington, Roberti, Smallwood, Williams, Tenda, Cunningham, Gil- lespie. Success and winning scores were not only achieved by the Varsity in football and basketball but were also won by the Junior Varisty teams in their gridiron and cage battles. Coach Sappington should be given much credit and praise for his winning teams. The Varsity can look forward to having well trained replacements for the Senior Eagles who are leaving. Members of the "B" and "C" football teams, who came through with a record of seven wins and one loss, were Dave Davis, Bob McNabb, Miles Gould, William Roberti, Donald Kyle, George Patterson, Jess Vasquez, Floyd West, Tom Fittro, Junior, Griffin, MikeGulas, Jerry Stackpole, Dave Foltz, Doug Alexand- er, Orlan Clevenger, Larry Williams, Bob Holdswoath, Mike Gulas, Jim Karnis, Russell Carder, Jack Wells, George Beezel, Bill Singleton, Tom Wyckoff, Phil Cunningham, Claude Harris, Bob Mihalik, Oscar Smith, Matthew Perri, Ed Gillespie, Joe Yambrick, Jasper Mc Intyre. COACH SAPPINGTON GENEVA RESERVE CHEERLEADERS COOKIE" NEVA SPIRIT COMMITTEE , mv. .tr Q mfg g , , f , 1 Q i5vf,SM: ng wmv I I 'K 7 'J -wr a. iffiiff, V ff. . at . at f dwarf , - To maintain and support school spirit in athletics and in any other way for the betterment of the high school and to select the cheerleaders is the purpose of the Spirit Committee. As a money-making project this year, the Spirit Committee sold programs at the football games. The cheerleaders collected the ads for these programs. Much of this money is used for the purchase of new uniforms for the varsity cheerleaders. They also sponsored a dance following the Victory-W.I. football game. This school year of 1953-54 has been one of the most successful for the Spirit Committee. The five lassies pictured at the left are to be given much credit for the victories won by the football and basketball teams. With- out their efforts of real hard cheering, the Eagles could never have had the record which they made for Victory, Shirley Goodwin, head cheerleader, was ably assisted by Alfreda Compton, Judy F oppiano, Low Flint, and Char1oetteGaines. 77 A' -5 of uf K6 nf F ffl 'Y mt fG N, W ff. "I "W f ?Z X , X fm K X' i 'ti m' I ,v,. K 'fmk -w V 'F QAQW' ww. WW' x 5 Pnornrcv Fon tuzctass or I954 On the first day of April, 1954, a huge blue flying saucer with long, streamlined while stripes landed on top of Ray's Snack Bar. The landing was spectacular, An array of yellow, green, and pink sparks flew up as it landed. A twenty foot ladder came out, and a little man with a worried look emerged. I was standing on the front steps and was so astonished, I could hardly move. He looked around, and thai he saw me. He started up the front steps. This amazed me as he didn't look like a senior. He greeted me with "Ollen Ropa", a typical Martian greeting. Then he asked me if I was a senior. I said "yes", He handed me a huge purple book with gold lettering. It contained a record of what the senior class of 1954 had done up to the year 1984. At once, I began eagerly to examine the book to see what my fellow students had accomplished. On the first page, it showed a picture of the great hospital that was built by Ruth Hall and Pauline Ganoe. Under the picture were the names of several of the nurses. Among these were Ann Barberio, Julia Brown, Patty West, Faye Grandstaff. Three of the doctors were Charles Beezel, John wilt, and Harry Richards, who have recently found aacure for cancer. One of the patients was Joe Perri, who had been hit by a foul tip which was hit byanother outstanding base- ball player, Robert Patterson, a pitcher for the Space Patrol League, which is coached by the all famous John Anania. In the room adjoining Perri's was Pat Fortney, an experimental automobile driver, who had had a blowout at 600 miles per hour. His jet powered engine was invented by Sam Stewart. They will be out and well in no time, thanks to the new medicine discovered by the two famous pharmacists, Eugene J aumot and Delores Greathouse. On another page, I saw an article telling of Eugene Kopp and Shirley Swisther bringing in another oil well on their million dollar ranch. Their foreman is Martha Scotchie, whose daily job is to round up the cattle. Kopp and Swisher sell their oil to "Bud" Newbrough and Carl Dumcan who own an oil refining company. Henry Palmer is their chief chemist. On the far sideof the ranch is the rocket testing ground. The rocket ships invented by Rudolph Hamric, Okey Bailey, and Lester Norris are tested by Ronald Carey, Donald Criss, Donald Nor- man, and Ralph Marshall. These tests were covered by Jean Marano, a newspaper reporter, and Helen Lambernedis, a television commentator, Another topic which came to my attention was the new turnpike from Glen Falls through North View to Reynoldsville, which had been built by James Richards and surveyed by William Strother. Located on the turnpike was the famous night club, "The Blue Peacock" owned by "Buddy" Coffindaffer and Larry Davisson. Some of the famous entertainers are Claudette Murphy and .Taqueline Hays, pianists, Rhea Rogers, a world renown ballerinag and La Donn Martin, a singer. Seen there quite often are Gladys Burg, a famous movie star: Robert Roberti and David Knight, noted professional golfers. Knight's caddy, Alfreda Compton, is usually tagging along behind. Victory High School now covers half of Adamston and part of North View. It has had fifteen new buildings added. Some of the teachers are Lou and Sue Flint, physical education instructors, Clarabelle Brown and Delores Loy, Home Economics teachersg Phillip Messenger is the coach of the boys' football and basketball teams. Lena Cottrill is the coach of the girls' teams. Margaret Griffin is the director of the Victory A cappella Choir, Glene Hodgekiss is the instructor of the glee clubsg Connie Rebrook is the art instructor and Minnie Wilcox is her assistant. Barbara Allen is the principal with Marie Cain as her secretary. The coaches of the girls' swimming team are Jane Bankhead and Menoka Crawford. Earnest Huffman has replaced Mr. Mittong in the biology department. Virginia Mercandino teaches history. Clarksburg now has a new recreation center. Some of out past students are helping out with it. They are Tom Tenda,Elizabeth Hustead, Juliana Kopp, and Patty Carey. 61 "G Barbara Evans has become the first woman President of the United States. She had three private secretaries, Martha Dennison, Catherine Walsh, and Virginia Mochella. The Vice Presil dent is Arch GlaspelL His secretaries are Shirley Bramer and Evelyn Shriver. The Secretary of State is Wayne Kidd. His secretaries are Carol Mc Cinnis and Frances Kerns. Barbara Ann Coberly is now head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Her private secretaries are Shirley Andre, Olga Karakiozis, and Shirley Wright. Hollywood has a new motion picture studio owned by Theodore Bow. He now has a wife and twelve children. Some of the actors and actresses in his movies are Joan Wilson, a singerg Jerry Newman, a great loverg Ronald Watkins, a singerg and Shirley Lightner who finally made the movies. ln her latest role, she is a bar-tender, incidently she started the new rage---purple hair. Starring occasionally is Anna Simonette, an opera singer. Don Summers has invented 4-D movies. The dress designers are Delores Delaney and Moreth Kimble. The beauticians are Shirley Goodwin, Louise Bell, Lila Arehart, and Lula Belle Godfrey. In another chapter there was a story about Chester Whitehair's first landing on the moon. He was joined by Jerry Hill and Noel Hardman who were the inventors of his rocket ship. Hilda Walls, a famous and outstanding ,police woman,has finally tracked down and helped capture a husband for Sue Johnson. Others who have used her service in tracking down husbands are Mary Todd, La Vaughn McCarty, Patty Oliverio, Helen Bunner, Barbara Pratt, Deloris Watkins, Ruth Parker, Neillie Seamon, and Barbara Nicholson. Walter Fultz and Darwin Kearns are now Admirals in the United Nations Univeral Navy. Others in military service are George Smith, a corporal in the Air Force. Jim Weekley is an aviator-tele-typist. Shirley Wolfe is a General in the WACS, and Felicity Been is a Command- ing Officer in the WAVES. Sylvester Defazio, who is now a big-game hunter in Africa, recently ifourld 2 man in the jtmgles who had been lost for 25 years. He was indentified by Interstate-Commerce handler., Ken- neth Nestor, as Donald Smith. The guides who led them out of the jungle were Russ Miller, Jack Ashcraft, and Archie Todd. The Interplanetary Airlines, which is owned by Phyllis Hurst, has an airport on Mars. The chief mechanic is Paul Faherty. The airline hostesses are Mary Ann Goodwin, Lucille Stout, Barbara Cunningham, and Frances Jones. The pilots are Jacob Traugh, John Spatafore, John Yambrick, and Harold Napier. On another page was a picture of Clarence Legett, a professional football player on Bob Mc Cann's team coached by Ronald Thorne and Fred House., Jim Gabbert, whose secretaries are Dorothy Loy and Shirley Skinner, is now a real estate agent. His last client was Marvin Nutter who purchased a huge dairy farm. Recently, a new dictionary was edited by Barbara Smythe and assistants,Ethe1Bai1ey and Anthony Loria. Robert Byrnes is now a successful chemical engineer with too much money for his own good. Dotty Nestor invented a soda pop fountain for the Clarksburg, Television Theater owned by Sue Rogers and Sarah Belle Scott. The ushers are Ebbert Morrison and Helen Moats, On the last page was the story of an atomic powered eggbeater which was invented by Donald Flowers with the aid of Ellen Nestor and Rosetta Fuggiano. I closed the book and the man took it, got in the flying saucer, and took off. He left me wondering--would this be what the future holds for the 1954 class of Victory High School???????? 62 aw 11' 1 EB A12-I fag? Q 1 1. , ao' ' km' ,he 136 t V ? L wif, is NY to ""' 47:23 x Q QQ. ,, " ' E2 Y g ' fwf..,,wg L J SV ig l., CLASS HISTORY We, the seniors of the class of "54", 215 in number, entered the portals of Victory High School on Tuesday, September 2, 1952. Mr. Powell made the opening address which inspired us to do our very best while we were members of the student body of Victory High SchooL The sophomore class party was held in the school gymnasium on September 12, for the purpose of becoming acquainted with each other. We had come from Adamston, Northview, Sardis, Summit Park, and Zeising Junior High schools and so were strangers to each other. The class officers were Chester Whitehair, John Spatafore, Patty Oliverio, and Barbara Westfall. One of the highlights of the year was the magazine sale. Our sales amounted to 51,672.00 which was the highest amount ever sold up to that time. The high salesmen for the campaign were Clarence Legget who won first prize, a radio, and Ronnie Watkins who won second prize, a camera. Those who won honorable mention were Gladys Burg, Joe Perri, Virginia Mercandino, and Delores Watkins. The sophomore class gave the Easter program, the"Symbol of the Cross". After the summer vacation, we now entered Victory as juniors. The officers elected by the class were President, Chester Whitehairg Vice-Presi- dent, Bob Byrnesg Secretary, Patty Oliveriog Treasurer, Juliana Kopp. The junior play, "Our Miss Brooks", under the direction of Miss Helen Xenakis. was given on November 19, 1952. Ruth Hall, Chester Whitehair, Catherine Walsh, and Bob Byrnes had the principal parts. The net profit from the Christmas card sale was S383.70. Prizes were awarded to Delores waunns, Ronnie wankms, anainonnie Zeck. Nine juniors were initiated into the National Honor Society. They were Barbara Smythe, Patty Oliverio, Carmela Carfora, Jean Marano, Sue Johnson, Shirley Andre, Nancy Gaskins, Dotty Nestor, and Ronnie Zeck. The J unior-Senior Prom was held at the Stonewall Jackson Hotel on May 15, 1953. The seniors were our guests, and we danced to the music of Freddie Rose's orchestra. Chester Whitehair and Patty Oliverio attended "Know Your State Government Day" at Charleston. Class Day came, and we moved into the senior seats and were at long last granted the wonderful privilege of using the front steps, Wayne Kidd was our representative to Boys' State. Sue Johnson and Ruth Hall attended Girls' State. 6 H, 5' a sf J I -., sr 1. s rf 5 1 sf Q W I A ,ea 'N S nav . . t Chester Whitehair attended Camp Horseshoe at Parsons. In three months we again entered Victory only this would be the last time for most of us. The senior class officers were elected as follows: President, Chester Whitehairg Vice-President, Bob Byrnesg Secretary, Ruth Hallg and Treasurer, Ted Bow. This was the fourth consecutive year that Chester had been chosen President of his class. Thirty-one students were in the Distributive Education class. They went to school in the morning and worked at various business establishments in the afternoon. Our football team had the honor of being Big Ten Champions and also City Champ- ions. Bob McCann made the All-Stateteam. Robert Roberti, Ronnie Carey, and Clarence Leggett received honor able mention. The senior Christmas party was held in the school gymnasium on December 15, 1953. The rings arrived the first week in December. ln the meantime we had been meas- ured for our caps and govms, and our class pictures were taken by the Sayre Studio. Members of the Senior Council were Patty Oliverio, Lou Flint, Sue Johnson, Bob Byrnes, David Knight, James Richards, and George Smith, Sue Johnson was chosen Girl of the Month for February by the Women's Club. The Kiwanis Club choses a senior boy to be Boy of the Month for each month. These were Chester Whitehair, Bob Byrnes, Woodrow Coffindaffer, Charles Beezel, and Archie Glaspell. The co-captains of the football team were Ronnie Carey and Phil Messenger. Robert Roberti and David Knight were the co-captains of the basketball team. Some seniors who were presidents of clubs at Victory were Ellen Nestor, Junior Red Cross, Nancy Gaskins, Y-Teensg Patty Oliverio, National Honor Society, Bob Byrnes, Hi-Yg Phyllis Hurst, Future Teachers of Americag Shirley Goodwin, Spirit Committeeg and LaVaughn McCarty, Future Nurses. Fifteen seniors were initiated into the National Honor Society in a candlelight ceremony held in the school auditorium. They were Janie Bankhead, Ellen Nestor, Barbara Cunningham, Shirley Swisher, Phyllis Hurst, Helen Lambernedis, Alfreda Compton, Ethel Bailey, Catherine Walsh, Ruth Hall, Olga Karakiozis, Barbara Allen, Faye Grandstaff, Jerry Newman, and William Strother. Senior cheerleaders were Shirley' Goodwin, head cheerleaderg Alfreda Compton, and Lou Flint. The number of seniors had decreased from 215 to 154. ,,..... ll . sag? ' if t x-KSTQS vi is ...QF ' kr' i in iff, V :.. wk t Q . NF' .tt in , i. Wi S ,,- ' 1 e F ii,. i my Y P Q mb : we K an 'T "l, , ..,. J at - - 4 f-" l . t ,.. 5 ' . . . - . - 1 . K K K' .gi .-i , i n . - K 1 Q if 1'-iff: f 1 M it ii'. n is 1 K Q1 ' if waxy X as W . , Q, t W Sh , I K -is ig ' I " . is - ,-1., .. tilts 'ff. " .... 2 T .. . Atib iig- in as i Q. .N,',, , EE? ,,i:. ,,, E it ,,:N, . , , 33,35 ki no raaa r f CLASS WILL we, the incomparable class of "54", being the possessors of magnanimously generous in- tellects, who have favored Victory with their presence for the preceding three years Qsome have been superhumanly generous by staying for fourj do hereby, according to the laws of our state, in the year of our Lord 1954, draw up and draft this, our last will and testamett. We realize that, without these prominent gifts of prodigious intelligeice, superlative comprehension, meritoriously studious attitude, and gloriously serene dispositionand composure, the portion of society which composes the younger generation Quotable Sophomores and J uniorsl would have no chance whatso- ever to, hereafter, attain the height of fameor taste the sweetness of success. We leave, realizing that we are no ordinary graduating class, but one that commands the deepest respect and awe, and the one that will, without a doubt, forever stand at the top of the Victory ladder of fame. ARTICLE I - T0 THE FACULTY To Mr. Powell, we the class of 1954, leaveour deepest respect and our sincere appreciation of his untiring patience in dealing with us. We leave the faculty all the pleasant memories of us. the hope that the bad ones will fade into the hazy past. ARTICLE II - TO THE CLASSES To the Junior Class we leave our seniority in being served at Ray's Snack Bar and all the other senior privileges. ARTICLE III - TO THE INDIVIDUALS The various individuals bequests are as follows: I, John Anania, leave my manager keys to any Junior who can take a scolding from Coach before, during, and after every game. I, Barbara Allen, leave my scatterbrains to my sister, Joan,inorder that she may create a monopoly. I, Delores Anderson, will to my brother-in-law, J ohnnie Anderson, my seat over at Ray's Snack Bar eating penny pretzels. I, Shirley Jo Andre, relinquish to some poor, washed out dishwater blonde fgood example, Charlotte Gainesy my precious bottle of "Liga and Bright". I, Lila Arehart, leave Mrs. Paine to all the Sophomore girls who want to take Home Econ- omics. I, Jack Ashcratt, will my seat and good behavior in Distributive Education to Bob Mc Nabb. l, Janie Bankhead, will toLindaCottrill the jokesl told in chemistry class while Mr. Matthey wasn't looking. I, Ann Barberio, relinquish to James Athey, the privilege of walking down the senior steps and tempting the unfortunate juniors. I, Ethel Bailey, will my nickname of "Bubbles" to Peggy Greynolds who seems to be quite an expert at chewing gum. I, Okey Bailey, will the wave in the front of my hair and a zipper for his mouth to Bob Godfrey. We, Felicity Ann Been and Barbara "Inky" Nicholson, leave our seats in D.E. to Phyllis Shiffra and Connie Nicholson. 65 I, Charlie Beezel, bequeath my last pack of "goons" to "Honest Sam" Hilton, and my curly hair to that straight-haired stranger, Oscar "Sonny" Smith. We, Sarah Welle Scott, Sue Rogers, Louise Bell, and Joretta Patterson Starkey, will our seats ir1 D.E. to any four persons sitting at the first table next year who can keep up the laugh- ing and talking as much as we did. I, Charles Theodore Bow, leave nothing to nobody ffor he has done nothing and vows he will continue to do nothingj, I, Shirley Bramer, will my seat at Wallace basketball games to Mary J o Coffindaffer. I, Clarabell Brown, will my friendliness to one and all to Deloris Allawat. I, Julia Brown, with my Selling Book at my head - Merchandising Book at my feet - English in hand leave for the happy land. I, Don Bumgardner, leave my nickname of "Fibber" to "Mo" Moshello who can do honor to the name. I, Helen Bunner, will my ability to day-dream in English class toKay Riggs. QHelen, you're leaving after that one?j I, Gladys Burg, leave my love for the sea and what's on it fnot the fish, eitherj to any girl who likes seamen. I, Bob Burnes, will my ability to say a lot about a little to someone who can't sling it like I can. We, the Three Musketeers, Carol Mclnnes, Marie Cain, and Virginia Moschella, wish to will our filled doughnuts and coffee at "Nick's Place" to any three juniors who will enjoy them as much as we did, I, Pauline Ganor, will my soft voice to Ann Moore. I, Patty Carey, will my energy to Kenny Fowler. I, Virginia Mercandino, will to Kenny Mills the knowledge that some day the right girl may come along if he quits teasing my sister in class. I, Rosetta Fuggiano, will my four different seats in D.E. to my sister Mary. I, Shirley Skinner, will my book of jokes to any Junior who can read them in class and get by with it. I, Nellie Jane Seaman, will my ability to talk to any Junior or Sophomore who thinks he might be in need of it. I, Ronnie Carey, leave my "J oe Louis haymaker" to Jack Wells in order that he may protect himself from over-sized opponents during football season, as I will be on the side lines then. I, Barbara Ann Coberly, will to the future classes of Victory, the opportunity to appreciate the true value of our teachers who have our best interests at heart, I, Bud Coffindaffer, will my title as "Champion Ear Wiggler" to Tom Philippart. I, Alfreda Compton, hereby solemnly resolve to relinquish and bequeath all my money, the large sum of a 51.98 and 2d tax, to Mrs. Morgan because I can't take it with me when I go and she isn't leaving. 656 I, Lena Cottrill, being of sound mind and body, bequeath to Nancy Funk my ability to get my lessons done at the last possible moment, I, Menoka Crawford, will my secretarial job in Modern Problems to any Junior who would like to sit by Miss Grey's desk. l, Dan Criss, leave my admiration for Marilyn Monroe to Joe DiMaggio. I, Barbara Cunningham, leave my quietness to Mary Ann Thomas in hopes she will make good use of it. I, Larry Davisson, will my ability to do justice to the "Moonlight Square Dance" to Loren Lee Flanigan. I, Sub DeFazio, will my position on the baseball team to my brother in order to keep it in the family. I, Martha Dennison, will my nickname of "Bunny" to some little pink-nosed Sophomore. We, Walter Fultz and Carl Duncan, will our morning trip to W.I. to any D.E. student who can dodge Mr. Cubbon. I, Barbara Evans, leave to Jenny Lawson my ability to just pass in all my subjects. I, Paul Faherty, "The Mail Pouch Kid", leave a pack of Mail Pouch to Harold Conners. I, "LuLu" Flint, will my real "cat1ike" cheerleading position to Neva Menear, a real gone cat. I, Sue Flint, will my patience to wait for letters from college men Q73 to Marie Buck- neyer, who I hope can uphold my standards, I, Don Flowers, leave half of my curly hair to "Zip" Sap. I, Pat Fortney, will my "slow driving" to anyone who wants to live to a ripe old age. I, James Gabbert, will to Larry Robey all of Miss Upton's "tricky problems". I, N for my naturally curly hair, A for my ability to leave Journalism class every day, and N for my notorious brain, or Nan Gaskins, do hereby will these characteristics of myself to Nancy Vassar. I, Archie A. Glaspell, will my position as bass drummer and village idiot to any Junior who can furnish reference. I, Mary Ann Goodwin, will my ability to dig-up a real-live noon hour conversation to Kay Hurst. I, Shirley Goodwin, will my position as head cheerleader to the girl lucky enough to be elected. I, Faye Grandstaff, do hereby will my courage to ask Miss Van Horn where to find books in the library to any Junior who has enough nerve. I, Delores Greathouse, will my white majorette hat toChuck Greathouse to wear on the foot- ball field so that he will be in style with the rest of the boys and not have a black helmet. We, Margaret Griffin and Connie Rebrook, being Shakespearian actors Cl-la-Haj, hereby leave the "witches scene" to any two pupils who fit the part as well as we did. 6'7 I, Glene Hodgkiss, do will my ability to chew gum inAcappella class to anyone who can get away with it. I, Ruth Hall, will my rusty chair in band class which I have occupied for 4 years, to Deloris Robey. I, Rudolph Hamric, the last of our family, leave our ability to slide quietly through Victory High School, to any other family that needs it. I, Jo Ann Hannah, wish to will my ability to earn while you learn to any Junior who wants to take D.E. I, Noel Hardman, will to Frank Shipley my locker, tif he can get the janitor to fix it so it will openl. I, Jacqueline Hays, wish to leave behind my "gift of gab" to Louetta Pope, Janie Shultz, and Patty Fain. I am certain there will be enough for all. I, Jerry Hill, leave my chivalry and charming personality to Miles Gould and hope he makes good use of it. I, Fred House, will my ability to " jitter-bug like mad" to John Gulley. I, Ernie Huffman, will to Donnie Hefner my ability to walk in Modern Problems Class five minutes late every morning and get a smile from Miss Grey. I, Phyllis Hurst, leave to any junior who might need it my ability to find something to do when everyone else has searched and failed. I, Elizabeth Hustead, will my bashfulness and quietness to Martha Alexander, who will need it for library use. I, Eugene "Euge" Iaumot, hereby will my little bass horn to a big bass player, Lawerance Wilkinson. I, Sue Johnson, will my reputation to "own half the School" to Peggy Jo Dorsey, in hopes she can persuade my partner, Alfreda Compton, to grant her the other half. I, Frances Jones, will the "Casanova Tendencies" handed down through the family to Jakie Whitehair. I, Olga Karakiozis, will my friendly smile and cheerful disposition to Phyllis Canfield. I, Chuck Kearns, do hereby will my ability to get along with everyone, and get by with anything, to any Junior fortunate enough to get a seat in D.E. I, Frances Kerns, with one last gasp, sadly leave Victory. I, Wayne Kedd, leave my stubborness to Bob Alton who can do justice to the "corp". I, Moreth Kimble, will to Delores Short the ability to go with any football player for three years. I, Tuffy Knight, will mv share in the Compton estate to Dominick Welks, if he thinks he can beat my time. I, Juliana Kopp, will my sunshine to any Junior girl who always is in the dark. 68 I, Gene Kopp, will my seat in A cappella to "Hooker" Roberti if he can keep up my re- putation for singing off pitch constantly. I, Helen Lambernedis, will my choir robe to Yvonne Johnston Qtake good care of ity. I, Clarence Leggett, will my trips to and from Fairmont every weekend to anyone who is rich enough to buy gas CEd. note: he won't be needing these anymorej. I, Shirley Lighmer, will my position in D.E. to Shila Kexmedy with the hope that she will have a lot of money for gum that cracks. I, Anthony Loria, will my locker art gallery to Junior Perri. I, Deloris Loy, will my position as 1:37 office girl to any girl who would like to lose weight by running up and down steps. I, Dorothy Loy, will my brains to Shila Newman to use for experimental purposes when she becomes a doctor. I, Jean Marano, will my dislike for answering the office phone to Marcia Carpenter. I, Ralph Marshall, will my ability to blush at anytime at anything to David Davis. I, Bob McCann, being of sound mind and feeble leg leave Tom Fittro my uniform, and one departing thought, "Pull through, Tiny". I, Lavaudm McCarty, will my ability to acquire a husband for a graduation present to Pat Taylor. I, LaDonn Martin, hereby leave as my last will and testament my seat and the two adjoining seats inthe choir to three people, namely, Loretta Ellison, Lavoris Pernell, and Diana Swiger, who can truly do justice to the song, "God Give Me Mountains". I, Phil "Bevo" Messinger, leave my ability to escape the wiles of the feminine sex to Jes "Tarzan" Basquez. CBragging of Complainingl I, Russ Miller, will my ability to catch Senator Holden's eye at any particular time to "Bulldog" Drummond. l, Helen Marie Moats, will my shyness to my sister, Ruth Moats. I, Ebbert Morrison, leave my ability to write about l'Little Red Riding Hood" for Mrs. Morgan to Dale Deems. I, Claudette Murphy, will my position as choir accompanist to Carol Deffet if shecan survive. I, Harold Napier, will my undying patience and ability to control my temper to Douglas Alexander and Kenny Mills. Ut is enough for both of them.J I, Dotty Nestor, will my driving ability U3 to Sandra Tipper and hope she gets around as much as I did. I, Ellen Nestor, hereby will to Nancy Streets my ability to hold an intellectual countenance in the presaice of the faculty fln other words, bluff the teachersj. I, Kenneth Nestor, leave my worn out line with the teachers and the soft soap that goes with it to Bob Mancuso who will know how to handle it. 69 We, Jerry Newman and Bill Strother, leave our reserve seats in the magazine room of the library to anyone who has the time to cultivate the acquaintance of Miss Van Horn. I, Lester Norris, will my 10 gallon hat to Mrs. Morgan because I know she'll miss it if I take it with me. We, Marvin Nutter and Bob Patterson, do will the pictures in our locker, which Mr. Mittong admires, to his biology classes for future study of the feminine sex of homo sapiens. I, Patty Oliverio, bequeath my "poodle" haircuts to any Junior who wants to put on the udawgu. I, Henry Palmer, will my ability to come to Victory High School for one semester and get a girlfriend right off the bat to Bill Lawson. I, Ruth Parker, will my favorite teacher, Mrs. Clevenger, to some little Sophomore who needs a ' second mother". l, Joe Perri, leave my Master's Degree in biology to Warren Shreves, who by all in- dications is following in my footsteps. I, Barbara Pratt, will my ability "to stand up for my rights" to Norma Jean Dalton. I, James Richards, will the "4O0 boys" to anyone who can under-go the responsibility. I, Harry Richards, will to Tom Nichoals my blessed Art of Drumming manual, and my slightly used set of Krupa brushes. I, Robert Roberti, am leaving nothing because nobody begged me to do so. I, Florence Robilliard will my great effort of walking up and down the steps with the announcements to Mary Frances Romeo. I, Rhea Rogers, will my neat appearance at all times in all places to Annetta Brunetti. I, Martha Scotchie, will my natural blonde hair to Judy Foppiano so she won't spend any more money on peroxide. I, Evelyn V. Shriver, do hereby will my ability to forget things to my sister, Marjorie, my ability to fall in love a million times to Pleacie Wilcox, and my ability to get mad to Barbara Keith. I, Anne Simonette, being the last of the Simonette clan will our spirit to the spirit committee and cheerleaders. I, Donald Edward Smith, do will the perfect timing at stepping into the 8:00 study hall just as the tardy bell rings to Phil Cunningham, I, George F. Smith J r., will my position as president of the D.E. Class to any forecoming Senior that has the ambition and the responsibility to take care of such a job. I, Barbara Smythe, will my pleasing attitude and likable personality to Sandra Glenn. I, Pattie Snead, will my position as band sponsor, toa cute girl who really deserves-it, Lanora Newbrough. I, John "Gob" Spadafore, will my ability to handle girls and torment the teachers to "Gorgeores" George Beezel. 70 I, Sam Stewart, will to Miss Grey my rich and single uncle in order that she may no longer call herself "The Unclaimed Treasure". I, Lucille Stout, will Joe Perri to anyone inA cappella whofcan endure the tempest of stand- ing in front of him, I, Edna Ruth Strother, leave to Esther Hardman, the real exciting Q?J noon hours to be found aronmd the candy counter. f0hJ It must be the sweetness of Babe Ruth. I, Don Summers, willmy pleasure of buying the girls ice cream after losing at "Mooda" to David Masto. I, Shirley Swisher, will my honor of being secretary of the Pee De Poo Club to some worthy hepcat. I, Tom "Noodles" Tenda, will my long legs to my cousin Richard so that he may catch all the girls as I should have done. I, Mary Todd, will to Victory my spirit, and to Harriet Bauld my laugh. Think you can keep up the pace, Harriet? I, Archie Todd, 'hereby will all of my girls in Ten Mile District High School to any one in D.E. Class next year that wants them. I, Ronnie Thorne. leave my ability to lose library books without being sent to Sing Sing for life to Keith Clark. I, Jacob Trough, will my ability to catch a ride to and from school every morning to some future D.E. student. I, Hilda Walls, will my long hair to Laura Dunn. I, Catherine Walsh, will my ability to get a Bridgeport sweater to Beverly Fernandez in hopes a certain "Spur" will take the hint. l, Dee Watkins, will my Master's Degree in Biology to my little brother, Kenny Paul, and I will my chewing gum to Senator Holden. fSince he likes it so welll. I, Ronnie Watkins, do hereby leave my sheet music "This is My Country" to any soloist who thinks he owns the world. I, J immy A. Weekley, do hereby leave to Ronnie McClung the knowledge of how to doodle in my English notebook, I, Patty West will my tallness to Delores Perri in case she ever needs it. fEd, note --- SHE WILLJ I, Chester Whitehair, do will to any Junior my job as president of the Senior Class, and I charge 'this person to remember long after I'm gone that 'fOld Presidents Never Dieg They Just Fade Away". I, Minnie Wilcox, will my ability to live and learn to any smart Junior who can be taught a lesson. I, Jo Ann Wilson, will my great understanding with Miss Grey to Bob lnsani: QI fear he will need ity.. 71 I, John Wilt, leave my mania for driving "Hot Rods" to Wilbar Snyder. I, Shirley Wolf, will to Mary Fuggiano my big brown eyes so that she may get a good view of all the important things in life. I, Shirley Wright, leave my share in the invention of the airplane to Leslie Hall. I, John Yarnbrick, do hereby leave my three study halls to Ronnie Alonsog he'll need them. I, Ronnie Zeck, leave my job of hall boy at 12:37 to Jerry Stackpole, who I am certain will appreciate the view of the gym girls. AUTOGRAPHS Advertisin 828 West Street "Quality Home Cooking" Emilio Scolopio, Prop. 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Va. 75 1 DUDLEY'S FLOWERS Make Happier Hours Flower Phone 4-6451 Special Prices on Corsages 120 S. Fourth Street Compliments of HI DI HO POOLROOM Clarksburg, W- Va. Hamill Avenue ONE HOUR MARTINIZING ORE THAN DRY CLEANING M MANHATTAN BUILDING 335 W IST PIKE STREET CLARKSBURG 3-1521 Mc FARLIN'S PHARMACY ADAMSTON DRUG STORE 216 Milford Street Prescription Druggist S Clarksburg, West 'Virginia E 1500 W. Pike St. Clarksburg, W.Va Phone 4-4710 ' Phone 2-4331 Compliments of lIN1l0N NATIO AL BA K UNION NATIONAL BANK BLDG. CLARKSBURG, W. Va. Phone 4-6321 76 HARTLA D PLAINING MILL 715 WEST PIKE STREET PHONE 4-5631 CLARKSBURG, W. Va. CE TRAL RE TAURA T 460 WEST PIKE STREET CLARKSBURG, W. Va. , I Commencement Announcements and Cards Class Rings and Emblems Engraved Wedding Stationery Newest Booklet Diplomas Caps and Gowns Medals and Trophies Engraved and Printed Letterheads and Envelopes MERRELL .I C. 111-115 SECOND STREET TELEPHONE 30121 CLARKSBURG, W. Va. 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Scott Eddie Maxwell Corner Confectionery William W. Mayfield Dr. Powell GOLA STORE Meats and Groceries General Merchandise Phone 3-0465 and 2-4081 Reynoldsville, W. Va. TUCKER'S SPORT CENTER, INC, "Sporting Goods for Good Sports" HARDWARE TAXIDERMY STUDIO C.D. Wentz--taxidermist 16027 Buckhannon Pike Nutter Fort, W. Va. Open Evenings Pet and pet supplies Buy at the EXCLUSIVE SHOP for SMARTNESS, STYLE and VALUE MAIN AND FOURTH SENIOR S YOUR CHOICE Stenographic, secretarial, bookkeeping, business administration and higher accounting, junior accounting, civil service, office machines, general business, or comptometry. COURSES STREAMLINED TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF BUSINESS. WRITE, CALL, OR PHONE 2-9811 FOR INFORMATION ABOUT THE SUMMER OR FALL TERM. WEST VIRGINIA BUSINESS COLLEGE T. B. Cain President Clarksburg West Virginia Approved for training veterans. 'Fi' 81 ? s Y 5 1 5 5 5 5"?' gh: jffwf -its J .- -A fr rw, W" Wls. I . X q ts. , K, ".m",f ,V A y gi, AQ Q , '...'."fm,.' 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