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The 19 Siihqfee 6 3 315 n r.. E : i l 1 ,sf W.,-rl F , mf , A ,143 -K.13k '4 r uW,-v 1' 2 ' 3' f f4"w,, 2'5" V35 kq,if3g1Q?F',-3T,4m1 '?-T -- , . K.. , n Al ,P , r5.2-an J ,, .N - 77:41. 'Wf- ?'N, '4' I H WF 'E-4 Y Q , n 1 - 4,.-,..- A-v ,, ,muf- F M., , .. .1-1.-.f ,..,....,..-6.-.-1 -sf A-1 f 4 'Q' ' '12-N -I-,Q ,,.. n,.... ,W K, f,,, wma iw, -q ,wwf My ., , gg ,g, xy? ,pw X-,VJ wg, , 1 ,X ,H 1 ,YQ VJ K if 'fifw -3595 w, , 1 ' ' Y 13 y. ',fg,x f. fr , ii N , , f 'f 1 1 A 3 1 A wff A .pu Adi, mfg: A -V Q V ' V A U , F M f Gwn' 3 , 1+ ww f t- -X Q L ,I . . ' ro5u's FLARE AUGU5+5L,, X f 1 2fWQf7WF+'L M J , WMWMMW mwwhl MMW4 M WL wbWM wM W iff' M meh, nj' L- 1, .I ' , U1 IN J. QJH7 f bfi, ,Ill JJ ff, . 3. LHAJ riff' . V I f 7 If f- I I 1 XX' ',Vf,!J J! 1011 C-'J I, , Av iff? X AJ ,, ,ff g,. f ' ,f 5 7 .dy - ' 0, f I , f - I I " 421 1 ff! Vff f" f WMA J' ' ' , . ' ' f 4' -wa J ' , 213 1 f' ff' 4 . li ff A - -f , V 5 I 'r 'zu I ll ! JI . I ' ' " f' gf? " f f ' , ' 40, ff I ff " 1 C'Q ,fr , 1 . f' ,yy r fl 2 VJ- l , "I 4' I -' '- 1 f x l H ' 'l QV , I YV' X . X ' ,K M":!f .,1 'jx I , v V!! JI, I 4:4,'V I,-J K X 'f gf f xgfvf- ,ff V 'I I ., ,ff , ' q ,f 'A V' X X' yi ,. ' f 0 f uf C 1, M' f any rf' -a Qfq X Q MJ CC-K '-L , ,f, N ' .x . X,5?klyg.vf.M,,x Q. KL C N x X, X311 l A f 15 ' f' ff X 1, A xj ' , 'X f ,. ..,.f' V.-4: I FQ X, Z LV x - Cb wk, X AX il!!! " f ! J' 'fn 15 J - TQ X42-SZFIL-Q xx 1 R X X Y - vxj ' V0.1 7 I. -ff' QVQA! V is Lk X xQf -RLAJQXJQL . A , WJVXN' " Q Cr T, V Am A A U 'ao f V L 7 'P 'flip Q' -ff! 3 LQQVWV, J" 71,3715 A V JM., 'uw 1 , - ' 'g J ,xlxdg Y 5 hh'-d x Ji! f. A f. Q. XR Im f' L N-ehfjl-.JN.2v,?LNN A 'I V ,N Lf' 'i'r,-VV-f'kbfmf , XY xv U , A J X , V' if x JV' . -Q, v , - D Y , f - .f, ' C5397 dill! CXN Ax rr-.VISUAL LA K ip W, I, A . :'!"f"-N1 fb f' U -' kf KKXZXA -ij? T- king l ' ' 1 I V V' 'x I ,- 2 ' 'AC ,Y xt, H his LY! X x Q 'fj '-I A Q 15 N, M W- - . X, x-jx K5 -nh ,,f K1 f, I -6? M f W Q 6 -- - ' f XJ V4 XxV,, - K Mwvfr, 1 :gg Li.: x XX .11 nj 1. . ' H I V k 65X '- H'. X xi , li 4 t A ' . , 1' w f 1 , I ffjvj Stingarec I 963 Victoria High School Victoria, Texas Volume XVI These Are Your Victoria High "Moments to Remember is School X in ,W Inspiring Moments '1 X I Y.. X , N Noisy Moments 25 1, s I V I X Moments of Friendship Relaxed Moments Moments of Pride Moments of Sheer Bliss 1. ff' Moments of Deep Thought f it Q wi 1L6'f54'! flffwto 1 on at not Aff! Jfffij rlifief G37M"f?" XW4, .ww ,MMM-fe L ' . my 1- f ,LW 03 Moments of Play Exciting Moments wBw5" A Q I ' 5J,1,'W' Us VL' 'Tyr T1,5L"'-J W Mpfq if - .Lf +-fy' - ,QPJJ ,, xp N"5L --y JJ L R-J -W 1 , J kk up V Kiwj r ff 'ASJV wswi ,. Q ,W B 52,2 I gy! ff! 1 ?VN"N'ijJ,-Jy Riva J" .. s s s f , gs, PQJJQD9' . . And the stillness QU DA oithe "wmv Qjew' 'mb t Q f ium after sf sv 'Q . ,Mfg W 's S XLQQXQW the game h -j, ,s R W bv," is won. . , ,, 'X "- N flflf uhh el' W FY" f P sf J I - S 5 4 X lm it l 2-1111-lillw . .. all E Hili-ill 1 I has been ' ' ' tirety- t a pleasure and an honor to serve as editors of the 1965 STINGAREE. We have tried to present to you the school year in its en the people, the places, and the events you will remember in the years to Come. As you turn these pages through the years, may you be reminded of the days you spent on the campus of VHS. If you recall the smiles, the tears, the sorrows, and the dreams of '63, then we shall have the satisfaction of knowing we did the job we were called upon to do. To you, the students of Victoria High School, we present the 1965 STINGAREE. I2 cstwmx Qcturo JW? Dedication Victoria High School is not merely a factory turning out high school graduates. It is a place where people learn together and laugh together. Long after the years have dimmed the memory of who won the battle of Bunker Hill or who wrote SILAS MARNER, you will remember the people who shared your high school experiences. Even in this atomic age of satellites and missiles, people play the most important part in life. With this thought in mind, we, the staff of the 1963 STINGAREE, dedicate this annual to the people of Victoria High-those who make up our school and those who made our school. Title Page. . . . . . Introduction. . . . . Editors' Note. . . Dedication ..... Table of Contents. . Administration. . Classes. . . Calendar ..... Organizations. . . Favorites. . ...... . . Sports.. Advertisers ........ ...... Senior Achievements. . . Index. . . Closing. . . Autographs. . . : v E 4 f'f ,A M WJ ....... , 'VQET-LT..-' - l r ' - . . . . , . Administration 4 . , - f- -,:v1:.2wamwmmmuiwmwkmwmwwwwg' Mr. C. O. Chandler, Superintendent of Victoria Public Schools, has gained tremen- dous admiration and respect in his eight years of service. He has been responsible for numerous educational gains for Victoria High School, and in the heart of every Vl-lite he holds a high place that cannot be easily matched. Here we find an efficient group of men who devote their time for our better edu- cation. These men, always civic-minded, di- rect our schools and serve the citizens of Victoria and their children. C. O. Chandler SZlli76'l'jlZ1i67'Zll767Zl' Members of the Board are: Roy E. Greenwood, Grady Yarbrough, W. D, O'Neill, C. O. Chandler, Conde N. Anderson, C. M. Ferguson, A. T. Ragan, jr., Robert J. Gerrard, and joe B. Milam. Combined Efforts Bring Results George Lipscomb Prifzcipfzl As our constant guiding light at Victoria High School, we have Mr. George Lipscomb, our princi- pal. Since July 1, 1958, he has been serving VHS well and is recognized by the student body as an admirable leader. It is our good fortune to have such a fine principal. Loved and respected for the great help and under- standing he gives so freely, is Mr. L. E. McCall, Associate Principal of VHS. His spirited pep rally speeches always delight every Stingaree, and he will always remain in their memory. Always with a smile and understanding way, we see Mrs. Majorie Vickers, Assistant Principal. She is of the utmost necessity to our school, and she fulfills her duties with fair judgment, and earnest concern for all. L E McCall . . l Mrs. Marjorie Vickers Affocifzle Przfzfzlbnl Arfirfmzt Prifzripal Providing Capable Leadership Supervising Functions Is Their Job Roy E. Greenwood W. E. Rowland . Bffsizzeipr Mmmger Direffoz' of Permfzfzel and Pupil AfCOI!7Zf!lZg Mrs. Eula Dodson Fred W. Sandhop, Jr. Dirermr of Special SEVZVJFEY Tax Auefyoa' nm! Colleffor They Give Guidance and Counseling Miss Novaline jowell VHite student Ruth Schroeter receives aid in counselor's office while Mrs. Pat Gilliam, secretary, stands by. Victoria High is fortunate in having Miss Nova- line 'lowell and Mr. Harry Uthoff, guidance counse- lors. They aid VHites with personal and vocational problemsg and they supervise all school testing pro- grams. Withorit their patient understanding, many of our problems would go unsolved. Mr. Harry Uthoff 2l Frank Keathley Wayne Davis Mrs. Lena Allen M.S. B.S.-Algebra I-II, BS.-Algebra I Alg. II, Trig. Plane Geometry To become a well-rounded indi- vidual, We must all come into contact with the great world of mathematics. VHS opens up this area with a very wide selection of math subjects with teachers that are responsible math- understanding individuals. Warren Norwood Louise Schubert BIS., BLS, B.A., M.A.-Plane- Algebra I, II Solid Geometry, Trig. , at . - ,W a -fra is if - ' ' 5 Q j . . ,, U : ,F -1 , .V A: J T ? K ,Q , N ry , . ft? . . Q gg A at ..'- , 01 I 4, S as 2 egg 5,53 s Y its it 4 3 W lf W as ,M 51 y x QM 4 in kg U Q I 1 M, , 2 5. Q as as fl I Q f S ,V if 'la 131 4 'H' r Y' gg I X 5? , Q. le, T, W Vps- R rw 'Z' 4 Si . I- H J wid -gs .,.. .,,,. KJ. .. I , LLI. ,Mill ':'t Tu, Students help each other in math class. Benny Azopardi jack Cook B.S.-Consumer Math, B.S., M.E.-Business Math Algebra I Basketball Mathematics . . . an Essential 22 Samuel Nichols Ludwig UlOtl1 Lewis Williglnqg B.S.YBi0l0gy BS., M.S.-Physics, Algebra II B.S., M.S.-Advanced Science, Chemistry Science is a fascinating and inter- esting subject. VHS has many quali- fied teachers, who, with the aid of efficient and modern equipment, open up this world of mystery to 'I each student. The student has the opportunity to participate in CXPCII- ments and prove things for him- self. I l 'IV Y' Bob Pannell l jesse Brown B.S.-Biology B.S.-Applied Science, Biology john Woodard Mrs. Edith Barnhrirt Taking biology notes can be absorbing B.S.-Biology B.S.-Consumer Math work. They Broaden Qur Knowledge of Science Educating Us in English and In our world, today, we not only need to be well-trained in speaking and writing our English language, but also in understanding the written literature. VHS is fortunate in having many dedicated teachers who are here to instruct us in our language and teach us appreciation for the written word. Mrs. Mary Meier Virginia Spurlin B.S. B.A. English IV, Spanish II English II 4 Mrs. Adele Young Mrs. Lova Wilson Sybil Pustejovsl-cy B.S. B.S. B.S. English III English III English IV ,lk Tom Burchfield Claude Hamilton Sue Kimmey B.B.A. B.A. BS. English IV English III, IV English II 24 I Several Foreign Languages They do not stop with the English language at VHS, but also offer several foreign languages, so a stu- dent may have the opportunity to increase his knowledge of languages. Y Sandy Seay Don Mitchusson B.A. B.A. English II, III Business Math, English IV V . I 1 l F i Mrs. Ray Duke Mrs. Alda Mae Harris Mrsf Margaret Scarborough B.A. B.S. B.A. Spanish, French I Spanish II Latin I, II l We pause in profound reverence to pay tribute to our beloved friend, and teacher, Mrs. Ruth Ann Frazier, , who passed away November 7, 1962. Mrs. Frazier taught English and Spanish, and was a very kind person, always willing to help anyone in need. Whether we had the privilege of knowing her as a teacher, during her four years at Victoria High School, or as a personal friend, her dear memory will always remain in our hearts, bringing to mind only the kindest of thoughts. l l Mrs. Ruth Frazier M. D. Gentry B.A. B.A. English IV Spanishl Laura Crawford lNl.Ed. Library Don Bunn B.A. Distributive Education Mrs. Edith Moore Homemaking and a Mrs. janell Hobbs B.S. Homemaking I, II, IV VHS offers courses in sewing, cooking, etiquette and family life. VHites are prepared for home life through the use of the finest and most modern equipment. Students are provided with an ef- ficient and well stocked library. It is adjacent to the study hall for the convenience of all. Virginia Porter B.S. Homemaking II Mrs. Sue Heater Study Hall Mrs. Irene Strieber B.S., M.A., M.S. Special Education B.S. y Marriage for Moderns Home and Family Life Variety of Arts Are Found r Bill Baskin Fred Junkin B.LM.Ed., lNrI.Ed. B.M., M.M. 1 Vocal Music Band i l Talented students are given the l opportunity to further their arts, through the varied courses offered r at VHS. Band, Mixed Choir, and Chorus fill musical needs. V VHS offers several art courses for talented students. Mrs. Sid Shields Dan Mendoza B.S. B.S. i Art I-IV Speech l l I l Mrs. Jo Nell Bradbury Mrs. Caroline Baumgartner Lettie Lew Hartman B.A. B.A., M.A. B.A. English II journalism, Latin I English II Educating Students for the World jerre Dunlclin Mrs, Henrietta McCall B.B.A. B,B.A., M.B.A. Typing I, General Business Secretarial Training Mrs. Mary Tyler Mrs. Marilyn Riesterer B.A., M.B.A. B.S. Typing, Office Practice Typing I, Bookkeeping Mrs, Betty Pantermuehl Mrs. Colleen Pounds Mrs. Nancy Cantwell B.A. B.S. B.S. Business Math, Typing I Typing I, II Typing I, General Business of Business Many sources which are needed by students for a particular field are offered at VHS. Students can be assured that they will be prepared after taking part in many of these courses, such as business, industrial arts, or agriculture. x l Lynn Dillon Joe Hoefer B.S. BS., M.Ed. Shop III, Mechanical Drawing I, II Shop 1, II james Fitts Emmett McCulley B.S., M.A. B.S,, M.Ed. Vocational Agriculture II Vocational Agriculture I, II 5 r joel Tanner john Moore Bs. B.A. I Industrial Arts Civicsg Economics, Texas History 29 Preparing VHiteXsgPhy!sicaII , Mentally Tom Pruett Coach Pruett issues last minute instructions to No. H6245 Football COHCII 44. VHS prepares the body physically as well as mentally, through physical education. Students learn sportsman- ship and develop special talents. Foot- ball, basketball, tennis, golf, track, and baseball are specific sports of- fered along with physical education classes, which include various sports. The Victoriadores, a drill team and pep squad is also a form of phy- sical education. Vollie Williams jerry Salley B.S. B.S. Sports, Biology Am. History, Sports ' J ill 'K is 'i l if r"" -A seifzi? 'A A r"' r' ' . .. .., . V 1 l i- isrr - jg - ' A - . eeii . , Larry Cummings Claudia Eckel Mrs. Claudine Majors B.S. B.S. B.S.--P.E., 30 P.E., Sports P.E., Basketball Victoriadores VHS Trains Future Citizens l A T l Floyd Russel Louis Grigar Buck Miller B.A., M.A. B.S. M.Ed. Am. Hist., Worlcl Geo., Lat. Am. Hist. American History American History, Sports -la iKnif5?A5,'sf2d QSM! i as 15 f ,,1: - 77 mms, ,., james Cleveland Leroy Psencik William Brandl B.S., M.Ecl, B.A. B.S. Biology, Sports Civics, Economics Civics, Economics, Texas Hislory Jack Gilliam Merton Fuquay O. C. Stroman flVl.Ecl. B.S. B.S. Civics, American History World Geography, Track Business Math, Tennis 3' Providing Efficiency in School Qffices TAX OFFICE-Mrs. Mary Heye, Viola Ybarra, Mrs. Bille Koehl, Francis Beck, Mrs. Laura Kelsey Mrs. Doris Reiser Mrs. Margaret Hollan Manager of Business Office Secretary to Mr. Rowland W. l . A Mrs. Theresa Shiller Edith Speed Mrs. jerry Greeson Secretary to Mr. Chandler Mrs. Judy Miller Switch Board Operator Mrs. Pat Gilliam Mrs. Nell Knight Secretary to Mr. Greenwood Mildred Slovacek Secretary to Mr. Lipscomb Mrs. Lillian Mullins TYPiSf Secretary to Mrs. Vickers Secretary to Mr. Uthoff Registrar 32 Workers Behind the Scene Felix B. Orsalf: CUSTODIANS-Carmen Lara, Curtis Montgomery, David Martinez, Bobby Maintenance joe Bankhead, Benito Rodrigues, Moses Green, Clarence Bullicks, Marilyn Bullicks. Mrs. Alice Atwell Mrs. Doris Ramseur Mr. Doug Winters Cafeteria Director Asst. Dietitian Supervisor of Maintenance Dietitian i Mrs. Dora Rogers CAFETERIA STAFF-Mrs. Geraldine Stell, Mrs. Annie Orsak, Mrs. Secretary to Mrs. Atwell Gertrude Talbott, Mrs. Mary Kutach, Mrs. Lillian Drost, Mrs. Tonie janeclca. 33 Class-es President Vice-President SCCYCMYY Treasurer JAN JOHNSON NANCY MORROW CAY WILLIS SHIELA FUI-BRIGHT SPONSORS L. E, McCall Mrs. Henrietta McCall Sybil Pustejovsky Frank Keathley Tom Burchfield Lewis Willianus In Honor of Peter Peter de Leeuw P RIGHT HERE, TOMMY! Peter shows his American brother, Tommy Gibbons, where his real home, The Netherlands, is located. Arrival of Peter de Leeuw from the Netherlands in Victoria will always be a dear memory in the hearts of all VHites. Peter was honored with an informal coke party soon after arriving in Victoria. The Student Council pre- sented him with an engraved leather notebook and a pen and pencil set. On the opening day of school, Peter arrived all decked out in purple and white, the senior class colors. It was not long before Peter became familiar with all the tra- ditions and customs at VHS. Peter received his senior ring from the Key Club of which he was a member. He also belonged to the Student Council, Future Teachers, and junior Historians. When Peter returns to his home in the Netherlands, we will be thankful for the opportunity to have had such a fine fellow classmate from across the ocean. FUTURE TEACHER! One of the many clubs Peter joined was the FTA. jan johnson, President, presented Peter with his pin at one of the meetings. GOLLY, YES!! Peter is usually asked such clues- tions as, "Do you have cars where you live?" 37 True Leaders JEAN ALLEN ALBRECHT GARY LEE ALEXANDER DONALD ALLEN AWALT ORAN ORVILLE BAIN KATHRYN LOUISE ALLEN SANDRA JO ALLEN DARIA ELIZABETH ALVAREZ BARBARA ANN ANDERLE DONALD HOWARD ANDERSON SUSAN ELOISE ANDERSON SIDNEY BERNET ARNOLD, JR. BETTY Jo ATHEY SHERRY AUSTIN of Victoria High! CAROL ANN BARLETTA WILLIAM JOHN BAROS THOMAS RICHARD BARR GWYNN BARRY GEORGE JAMES BARTAY LYNNDA KAYE BAYER WILLIAM LEE BEALS CAROLYN LYNN BELTON MICKEY BETTIS LOUIS CRESSWELL BARBER TIM BARGSLEY KATHRYN ANN BLACKBURN SANDRA ANN BLAIR Look Forward - EVELYN JANEEN OUDIA JUNE SUZANNE LUCILLE BOHANNON BRANCH BRANDL ONITA PAYE BOBBY GLENN GIAJEGORY BRANNON BROUSSARD BRO W N JAMES RAY ROY ALLISON JUDY KAY BRO W N BRYSON BUCHHOLZL THOMAS ALLEN CATHLEEN CHARLES BURKHART CALHOUN FRANKLIN CAMPBELL 40 to the Future! yfl' Q ' , ,A.. , k . I . Q Q 4 A I wvifix-A -Q SANDRA JAY SAM MUN OZ CARTER CAVAZOS ANTONIO WILLIAM ADELINE CEBALLOS EREDRECK CHAPA CHANDLER JOE CHAPA DAVID CHILDERS CAROLYN CLARK LINDA CLARK MARY LOUISE CAROLYN ANNE CLARY CLEVELAND LAURIE RAE COHEN CATHERINE COOK PATRICK HOWARD COONE EW qw 1 "Ll - f f .1 HQ I 'R 5 - fffi iff' , " ,., A iff' " if-GO V , , ' Qi " Q Q1 my W gy ,, A . . ,ax ,K fmw Q M, S af f ff 2 , ,, WILLIAM VIRGIL CORNELIUS 42, KAI Seniors Keep f X, RICHARD RONNIE COLLINS JOHN CHESTER COOK HOLLY ANN COONEY ROBERT LEE COLLINS ROBERT MARK COOK I PAMELA COOPER FRANK HARPER COVINGTON ,M . Y CUMMINGS ' ' - ' W 9- M 5 . ME , mf-W .-. :A .ze ,Ap - 5-fwismn A . , A fffswwfy 2' H- , ,.l,. L, ,K U , ,., L.,, , , GLORIA JEN E DAVIS LOUISE HERSILIA DELGADO Spirit High JOYCE ANN CUNNINGHAM PETER de LEEUW BONNIE CAROLYN DAVIS ESPERANZA OLIVIA DELGAJDO ANNIE RUTH DOBBINS EA ,AAA iff. J."'?3'?fjf'Pw5G' V - ., fii- . . . ' f - ' f . -- V- , fl , Ogg iw- ,A I, A11 is ' ., kk.. DEITZEL PRESTON LEWIS WILLIAM DOUGLAS OOOSON OOHMANN 43 Red - White DELBERT ANTHONY DOMSTEAD RED WHITE-FIGHT FIGHT!! Seniors raise their voices in the traditional yells at one of the football pep rallies. MARY MARGARET DONATO 'B JUDY DUTTON DAVID LEE DUN AWAY DORIS ELAINE DURAN CHRISTINE DELORES DURHAM SHERRY LEE CLEOVIS ELLISON EASTERWOOD 44 Fight! Fight! DAVID RODNEY ESTERAK DAVID ROY FERGUSON CHARLES GLENN ESTES DANIEL ADAM EVERETT JERRY ELLIS FINKE ANTONIO FLORES SHAME! SHAME! Paul Ray is laughing at his own jokes. Hey, this is a pep rally-not a. time for little jokes. STEPHANIE BRENDA SUE ELIZABETH FOREMAN EOITIK 45 Senior Class Exhibits JOHN DAVID MARLIN WAYNE HOWARD DAVID FRANKLIN FREDERICK FRIEDMAN SHIELA SUZANNE FULBRIGHT STEPHEN ERIK GANO VHS SENIOR COUNCIL! Representatives from each senior English class form the Senior Council. Those pictured are: Kathleen Welder, Cay Willis, Julie Villafranca, Nancy Mor- A ,,rr,,rs,.r I I I ,, : V' H ' "" A iii- I I ' isiii i'r' I . r,sr A sis - s ' . , +26 5333 f- sr, I 'ir'i if Iei f i"i' R ' ieilr f -',- L , - ' A .5 ,,:hi:, Vx gk Q f if 1: 4 , ' V A I 'V 1 I ' ' , MANUEL GARZA JAY LOYD GARNER JIMMY GAR-ZA GARCIA Loyalty to Stings ' 4525 f YW-?14ll'C47Ii?ii ,, . 9, N , R 'elif NWQSZ V Q jig A ' Q af w 5 ' in c, al 2? 4 2 4 W K, ii we Y R Q 2 X 35 If 1 4 . ,I sm l Q? 5, ,ii .. .f , , , k,f,.g5.ffv,fv?l l ,J s SH W fx f ' N, K , 'ww ,A BARBARA SUE THOMAS FIELD GEORGE GIBBONS row,' Ruthie Rutledge, Sally Townsend, Shiela. Fulbright, Kenny Totah, Ferol Toney, and Ken Powell. 1 1 2 ' -L a, 5+3,:w, , M , I , ,pm Q, ' "" 61'-z,g.'f , ,'- L, .... ' ' I ,L-52'-li?kjkf'j1g''if' w 132, " " V ' ykfk ooye y o f oo l M A, .,l, DANNY O N IEL GOFORTH GLENN RAY GOLDSUM PILAR GOMEZ PAULINE GONZALES ROBERT ARNOLD GRAHAM LINDA ANN GRAMMER Once a Stingaree LEONARD EARL GRANBERRY ALMUTH CORNELIUS GREEN DAVID KELL GREEN LORETTA MARIE GREEN ROY GREENWOOD NANCY ANN GREER JANIE GUAJARDO MARILYN LOUISE HAAS HENRY JOE HAGAN LUTHER FOREST HAIRELL EDWIN JAMES I-IAJEK GLORIA KAYE HALE SUSAN KAY HALL JOHN HAMILTON KATHRYN ANN HARDESTY Always a Stinga ree FRANCES LEE HARGROVE KAROLYN ESTELL HASSLER CAROLYN ANN HAUSENDEUEEL LINDA CAROL HAYWARD CHARLES HAROLD HEGER SANDRA ANNETTE HEIDT EDWARD LESLIE HELLER LINDA SUE HELLER DAVID BRUCE HELLYER HARLAN HUGH HENSEL EDDIE HERNANDEZ NANCY SUE HERVEY P DAVE COURTNEY HILL PAUL WILLIAM HILLER KAREN SUE HOFF "We Are the DONNA BLANCHE HOLLAN LINDA JOYCE HOTZ LESLIE LEE HUDLER CLIFTON HENRY HUEBNER CONNY jo HUEY JENEAL JOAN I-IOSEK I . I V513 ILNIIA ' A I ' ' , zi 3 IRMA JEAN HOUSTON THE BIG STEP Shirley Terry seems doubtful to enter the bus, but jan Sperry cheerfully pushes her on for :mother bus trip, Mighty Seniors!" CAROL RUTH HYATT CAROL JACKSON 1 J DEAD WEEK!! No, not really, but Yvonne Mooney and Nita Brannan clon't appear too happy about Western Day. Pants too tight, girls? ARTHUR WAYNE JACKSON NORMA KAY JACKSON CONSUELO JAIME SUSANN E IAMISON SHARON IAMISON Seniors Provide S GWYNNE .IARED RAYMOND PAULA GAIL FLOYD CHARLES JARRELL RANDOLPH JARED JASTER I 1 DL L ,pp-L I Fi l , i5 ' OARAL , L R ' AQLL A - 'VYAVVA J 'LVVV VVIAAA . ,-" ' girl. ,.". AA A TERRY JAYNES BABY JO JOHNSON JANICE ANN LINDA IANELLE WOODROW JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSTON MARTHA JEAN ANDRA SUE BARRY LEE WILLIAM JOINER JONES JONES MERVYN JONES Student Directory JIMMY KANDIS JANET KENNEDY WILLIAM HENRY PATRICIA ANN KICKENDAHL KLOESEL I, IIAI A I IIAI 5I1 R tI A I IIAAA" i IAAA th A CLIEEORD RAY DONNA SUE KNOX KNIPLING BARBARA JEAN PAUL RAY GLADYS KORENEK KORNFUEHRER KORNFUEHRER J VLASTA KOUTNY CAROLYN JOYCE MARY ALINE JOHN LOUIS KRUPPA KRAUSE KRUEGER Seniors Set BETTY JANE NANCY ALICE ALFRED WAYNE LASSMANN LEE LESIKAR KERRY OSCAR LOCKSTEDT JANICE MARIE LONG BEAUTIFUL-BEAUTIFUL!! The car, the car, girls, not you. Senior Class Officers add to the car in the annual Homecoming Parade. PEARL LOPEZ RICK LEROY MIKE ARNOLFO MARIA INEZ RICHARD LOYD LUCIO LUERA CHARLES 54 LUMPKINS CAROLE EDITH LOCKSTEDT Goals High JOE AUTHOR MCCANN LOUIS MARTINEZ III HOWARD FLOYD VIRGINIA HARQLD WAYNE McGOWAN PAULINE M5511 ADDEN MCLACHLAN LINDA LOU MCWILLIAMS BEN TONY IMALLETTE THEY'RE HERE! Senior drill team FRANKLIN members are all smiles over their Vic- LINWOOD toriadore awards. Each senior member MARSHALL who has served for three years received either a blanket, jacket, or sweater. RUBY ANN VIVIAN ELAINE ANN MATERANEK MAURER MAY K 55 We Pledge to Thee, M AZZ, IIIIM I , ' " KEfiffIf,fSrLiz'2151W-I ,gggf , ff '-,- f,'m1s1,1v,w ' ",- I eeeee I I M I ee eeee eee 22 we - ::I'f:-P SA W ? , '- f,fif'ffw Ti-f'ffQ?f ROBERT TREVINO A .,,,k.. 'e" eeee e ee I f ' I I I 1 'ie I e . DAVID MERWIN V , ':" " II'I 15" n k vw, - M? 7 , M MARY ANNE MILLER VIRGINIA DALE JOHN FRANK NELL MONNEY TONY GARCIA MILLER MINETREE MONTES ISABEL MONTEZ GLORIA YVONNE JAMES SIDNEY MARION CAROLE MOONEY MOORE MOORE Victoria High . . . NANCY CAROL MORROW RAYNALDO GARCIA MORALES ROSEMARY LINDA MOORE MICHAEL WAYNE BERNICE IRENE LARRY ALLEN JOHN CARL MOSES MOZISEK MUENZLER MULHOLLAN RICHARD JAMES CHESTER PAUL WAYNE MICHAEL WARREN MURPHY MURPHY MERRILL MUN DT MUTCHLER Our Honor and RAY EUGENE NELSON DAVID THOMAS NEWBERN HELEN ANN NEWTON TIOFILA NAVARRO ROBERT AMOS OSTMAN MARY ANN OTTO SUE OWENS EDWIN JAMES NEISSER FREDDIE WAYNE NEISSER JAMES MANSFIELD NICHOLS BETTY MARIE oLsovsKY MARIA SUSANNA ORTIZ GUADALUPE HERRERA PADILLA DON EARL PANNEN RICHARD CLYDE PARSONS HERBERT ALLEN PASE III BYRON EUGENE PATTERSON JOHN HAROLD EEREL BARBARA CAROLE POLLARD ROBERT EIELDING POLLARD THOMAS KIRK PRESTON PLACIDA ARIAS RAMOS FRANKLIN DOUGLAS RAYBURN NANCIE DIANNE REESE Our Praise! SANDRA SUE PICKETT KAREN JOYCE PIERCE SHARON JUDITH PIERCE WILLIAM RANDAL PRESTON AGNES THERESA RAAB SHERRY LYNN RAGAN Forever True SUSAN BRENT REESE ROSE MARIE REISSIG PATRICIA ANN REYNOLDS MICHELLE LYNNE ROBARGE JOHN MORRIS ROBERTS OENEVIEVE ROELES ALEX RODRIQUEZ AURORA RODRIQUEZ RUBY MAE ROKYTA PATRICIA ANN ROSE ALBERT GARY ROSENQUEST ROBERT LEE ROSS DELIA RUIZ to Good Ole' VHS! GLENN DAVID SCHOENER SCHOENIG WILLIAM FRANCIS SHAW EILEN MARGARET AUGUST SEILER RUTH EVELYN RUTLEDGE F LORENCIA SANCHEZ BARBARA ANNE SCHELL CHARLES WAYNE SCHRAMEK RUTH CAROL SCHROETER WILLIAM SCHUSTEREIT ROBERT EARL SHELTON ALBERT VAN SHUMBERA JUDY SIMS It's Been CHLOLON JASPER ELLEN FRANCES JESSE JOSEPH EDWARD EUGENE SKINNER SKOPAL SMALLEY SMIGA EDDIE JOHN PAUL BENNIE LOYD JOYCE ANN WOODROW SOMMERS SPARKMAN SPARKS SMITH KAREN SUE JEANNE ANN CHERRY LYNN SANDRA LEE SPARKS SPERRY STANFORD STARBUCK JUANITA KAY RONNIE JAY PATRICIA ANN JUDITH ANN STARK STARK STELL STOEVER Great Here! bl, , I ,,,..,. JEROME ALLAN BEVERLY GAYLE M!ARILYN RUTH DANIEL STOKES STRELCZYK SUMBERA SVOBODA MICHAEL WAYNE SANDRA JOYCE GARY RAY SHIRLEY BELLE SWANSON TAIT TEAGUE TERRY DOROTHY DARYAL REIMER FEROL LAURA KENNETH BRIAN ELIZABETH TOELLNER TONEY TOTAH TIMME SALLY EUGENE JUANITA MARIAN TYLER DAVID TOWNSEND TREVINO HERNANDEZ VALENZUELA Good-Bye RICHARD DENNIS VASQUEZ WOF F ARD VICKERY JULIE CECELIA ANDRE ROCHE VILLAFRANCA VILLARREAL MAJORIE ANN GARY DEAN WALLECK WALTON O O O 9 Senior Class Song- "We Are the Mighty Seniors Senior Class Motto- Today's vision . . . tomorroW's reality. Senior Class Flower- Purple Iris SANDRA SUE DERLENE CHARLES RAY WARREN WASHINGTON WATERS Senior Class Colors- Purple and White Senior Class Emblem Fleur-de-leis Senior Class Pet- Wfhite Poodle Good Luck! LARRY GORDEN CLEMENCE WATKINS JosEPH WEBER F RED RAY KATHLEEN WEITZEL LANDER WELDER HORTENCIA JAMES ALLEN WESAR WI-IITAKER RAY WILLIAMS GARY GAY DENE WILLIAMSON WILLIS EDWARD HANSEL WITT ELIZABETH WOODS FRANCIS WOODS GARY W'AYNE ZEPLIN JOHN MARTIN ZEUTZIUS TENNIE SUZANNE ZIRJACKS 66 Memories of That Wonderful Year . . . '62-'63 CJ if l fx V, N, ,ld 4 Xfwl, , ,fy ,V ' C! HOLD THE VILLAIN!! Kenny Totah, Don Pan- nen, Ronnie Collins, janet Kennedy, and Andy jones serve as the Sting posse in capturing culprit Jan Long. XVHATS THE SECRET?? Nancy Morrow is telling secrets instead of smiling at the nice people. Remind me not to vote for her again. Oh, sadness, we won't be here though. 67 That Wonderful Year . . . l962-63 In reminiscing over the numerous events that took place in 1962-63, seniors will undoubtedly recall many delightful, happy, and exciting memories. This fantastic year began in September with Senior students donning their colors of purple and white on the very first day, Too, it was the first day of their wonderful Senior Year! Highlighting the seniors' first semester was football season with the spirited pep rallies, the various hexes, poster parties, and the unforgettable Stingaree games. Homecoming proved to be a glorious affair when the seniors found themselves amid the excitement of the parade, the bonfire, crowning of the football sweetheart, the game, and climaxing the events, the Homecoming dance. After this season seniors observed the Stingaree basketball team take the District championship with out- standing records for the senior members of the team. Baseball and track followed this, and seniors hated to see all these activities end. The junior-Senior Prom was indeed an unforgettable experience for the seniors. This event will always be remembered in their hearts and minds. The theme of the "Old Plantation" allowed seniors and their dates to dance and enjoy a night of enchantment. Twirp Week, Western Day, and Career Day are important events that the Seniors '65 will always cherish and remember. In these moments the seniors both class and school loyalty and spirit. Then came the glorious SENIOR PARTIES! During this time of the year, seniors were forever going to coke parties, teas, luncheons, and formal affairs to honor their graduation. It made them feel as if their life was just beginning as they attended each of these memorable occasions. From the arrival of the senior rings and the first day of school until that final graduation day in May, the SENIORS '63 will always cherish and remember those fabulous days. They know in their hearts that . . . ONCE A STINGAREE, ALWAYS A STINGAREEI HERE COMES THE XYYINNERT llellierr Dom- OFFICIALS FOR A DAY! jimmy 'Nichols and Cay stead, senior student, is named first-place winner in Willis served as mayor and city manager respectively the art contest for the constitution assembly. on student government day at City Hall. Senior Activities Flourishl HARD AT WORK! Seniors Rosemary Moore, Nancy Her- vey, Eilen Schoenig, Virginia McLachlan, and Yvonne Mooney decorate the Anchor Club float for the annual homecoming parade. PATTY CAKE-PATTY CAKE! Don Anderson and Virginia McLachlan take time to play those extral li'l games on play day. "HEY, THIS IS DELICIOUSV' cries Mike Moses as he clines with other Key Club members and guests. SMILE FOR THE BIRDIE! Vivian Maurer beams happily after being named local "Homemaker of Tomorrow" in the annual Betty Crocker Homemaking Contest. 69 Christmas in the Air! TXVIST IT, GANG! Senior Agnes Raab twists with her date at the annual Christmas dance. HIT IT, MAN! Mark Cook, and Lee Ross, both Seniors, help provide music for the annual Christmas dance as mem- bers of "Terry and the Venturasf' Lee Ross Kes I KEY CLUB BEAUTIESl Nominees Shiela Fulbright, Jan Long, Linda johnson, and Kathy Blackburn gracefully pose with janet Kennedy, the 1962-63 Key Club Sweetheart. Juniors Present YOU'VE DISCOVERED ME!! Junior Sue Huffman is all in a 'huff'-seems the camera caught her looking not so good. WEE FOLKS!! The smaller people entertained the seniors at the annual reception. SHARE WITH US The registering table was the scene for all jokes, secrets, and new revelations. "TIME l" Junior Cheryl Hob- by presented a speech to the seniors at the reception. 7I SHIELA! SHIELA! No one can get Shiela's attention when a camera is around. Boy, what a pose! WHAT'S IN THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK, LADIES? Mrs. Lova Wilson and Mrs. Margaret Scarborough seem to be very interested in the contents as Miss Novaline jowell tries to appear nonchalant. 72 X, i "Dreams of f' "Dreams of the Old South" was presented by the junior class on February 22 in honor of the 1963 seniors for the annual junior-Senior Reception and Prom. All seniors were invited to attend the reception earlier in the evening. They were greeted at the door by the junior and senior class officers and were served refreshments. Then the juniors provided a welcome and enter- tainment for the guests. This included songs, musical arrangements, a skit, and a speech directed to the senior class. The juniors extended a hearty welcome and wished the seniors "the best of everything." DREAMING VUHILE DANCING! juniors and seniors alike enjoy the dreamy atmosphere of the Old South. l 1 the Old South" After the reception, both juniors and seniors arrived with their dates in formal dress for the prom. Music was provided by "Little Tommy and the Rhythm Knights." During the latter part of the dance, party hats, streamers, and confetti were passed out to all the guests present to add to the occasion. Decorations were based upon the general theme. This was brought out by transforming several areas of the gym into gardens and small courtyards. This was indeed an exciting night for the 1963 SENIORS for it was the last prom of their high school days. They are sure to remember "Dreams of the Old South." RARE MOMENT! Juniors and seniors both have taken advantage of the intermission to sit down and rest for that next go-round. HEY, LETS TWIST! Many people would not really believe that everyone was in the mood of the theme-twisting in the Old South? O-H-H-H-HI Seniors Barbara George and Richard Lump- kins are delighted with the beautiful decorations prepared by the juniors. 73 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. President ,,,.Y,,,. ,.,.. , Sarah Yarbrough Secretary ..,.,, ....... , Kathy Board Vice-President ....,,..,,,.,.. ,Aa,,,,,.,,, a,.,, J u dy Swoboda Treasurer .,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,r.,., Doug Winters Warren Norwood Don Mitchusson Claude Hamilton Mrs. Lova Wilson Mrs. Adele Young Mrs. jo Nell Bradbury 'Abernathey, Diane Alcorn, Ann Alkek, Ian Alvarez, Trinidad Anders, Linda lAnclerson, Nevin Arambula, Raul lAm0ld, Larry Arriaga, Theresa Balfanz, Charles Barefield, Ora Lee Butts, Celia Baumann, Pat Beatty, James Q Ze 5 sv fr fx 1 ,Q ,X ,. Yea, Red! Lajuana Sherman leads spirited juniors. Juniors I963 2 1 .wif - K-fr . fum jr' E Barnard, Gene Barrera, Alex Barts, Bobby Beck, john Berger, Royce Bernal, joe va -, M... . ,-. W., ,'. -, . .gg 'KY L 'irr'r Tfiilf B 'iir 1 f ,.,. . B' 'T B i 'ril . Yea, White. Nancy Ealls shares enthusiasm. . 4' 155 li 2 2- , .1 . , lake, Roger lazek, Virginia oard, Kathy Jehm, David shannon, Yvonne Jnar, Diannia Jurnias, Nick Jyd, james 75 '1nf+wwximmum 1:nn1mfQrm in as-n. mfmx.-an-iam.: v.,-- -W -nun Mix-Q.xwmn. aawvm ew K 7 H .wig Brandt, Linda Brandt, Pat Brown, Diann Brown, Nancy ' Bucklelew, Bonnie Buentello, Armando Burr, ,Sandra Butler, Glenna Cabazos, Gladys Caldwell, Suzy Calhoun, Mike Camacho. Alice Carr, Billy Carsner, Marie Carrille, Brenda Castanedn, Hector Cavzizos, John Chadbourne. Lynn Chamberlain, George Cheverton, Nancy Clark, Jerry Clark, Larry Cline, Mary Cochran, Kenneth Coles, Patty Collins, Evelyn Correll, Mike Cortinas, Rudy Costello, Mickey Craigen, Wayne Crain, Bebe Crass, Jack Everett, Victoria Felger, Carol Crawford, Gayle Creager, Edmund Crick, Gary Elder, julie Elkins, Maxine Ervin, Peggy Crum, Tom Cruze, Pete Curiel, Adrian Davis, Ann Dax is, Barbara Dawson, Ann de la Garza, Doris Delgado, Coney Delgado, Steve Densmnn, Artis De Young, Charles Diedrich, Bob Dobbins, Robert Dossey, Linda Douglitie, Gayle Dowlearn, Calvin Duran, Sandra Dunseth, Mike Easley, Kenneth Edwards, Clydia YEA JUNIOR? juniors entered a car in the Homecoming Parade Forman, Dessie Foster, Delores Fox, Nelson Frankum, Jeanette Fry, Melinda Gandt, Barbara Gaona, Rose Mary Garcia, Carmen Garcia, Eulojia Garcia, Gloria Garcia, Matias Garcia, Nancy Gardner, Pam Garrett, Ruth Gaubatz, jimmy Flores R1ymond Flores Richard Flores Robert Ferguson, W'ayne Figuerova, Tony Fimbel, Mike Finlc Martha Y Flores Daw d Garza, Estefanita Garza, Mary Lou Ofelia Garza, Garza, Raymond Gibson, Pat Gisler, Glenn 78 Gilbert, Pat Juniors Work Hard Gi lbreath, Robert Gillespie, Torimy Goodvu in Wayne Goldsum Marie Gomez, Ben Gomez, joe Gomez, Mike GET YOUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM Selling programs aids juniors to present the junior-Senior Prom. Gomez, Ramona Gonzales, Andrew Gonzales, Anna Marie Gonzales, Blas Gonzales, Dave Gonzales, Margo Gonzales, Theresa Grant, Raymond Graves, Bill Graves, Linda Greenburg, Dale Greer, Austin Greeson, Martha Gregory, Larna Gutierrez, Julia Guzman, Ellis Hajek, Louis Hale, Brenda Haley, Patsy Hanselka, Randy Hansen, Carol Hansen, Charles Hansen, Sandra Harris, Norma Hartenberger, Jerilyn Hartman, Bobby Harvey, Dennis Haynes, Bob Hedrick, Kennet Heibel, Bewerly Hemple, Lola Hendy, Joyce Hernandez, Eva Hobbs, Patricia Hobby, Cheryl Hohf, Jill Horton. Guy Horton, James Howard, Carol Inscore, Johnny Iraggi, Robert Jamison, Sharon Jaynes, Terry Jenkins, Cathy Johnson, Edith Kashouty, James Keel, Roy Kellogg, Susan Kennedy, Barry Kindrick, William King, Ronnie Harvey, Gene Harvey, Frances Hathaway, Bill Haschke, Linda Hicks, Gary Hill, Linda Hepburn, Jeannie Hindman, Susan Howard. Johnny Hrncir, J. G. Huckman, Johnny Huffman, Sue Johnson, Howard ohnston Malcolm J , Jones, Norman Jones, Tommy Kirchner, Gilbert Klotz, Lynda Kneblick, Linda Kneip, james Knight. Georgia Kohl, Billy Koliba, Ronnie Krause, Lenwood Krebs, Hank Kremling, Wayne Kruse, Jeanette Leita, Dennis Lemke, Kenneth Lerma, Nick Lesikar, Irene Lowe. Thomas Lowther, Don Luster, Carl McCle:lry, Don Matthews, XViIIiam Mace, Eddie Madden, Ted Mallory, David Marshall, john Lange, Michael Langenberg, Chris Lara. Frank Lassmann, Donna Lawrence. Russell Leake, Linda Lesikar, Iames Lopez. Rose Lnrd, Carolyn Lorenz. Carol Low, David Lowe, Bobby McCormick, Sammy McCracken, Bobby McKey, Nola McKinney, Robert McManus, Nelda McVC'herter, Ronnie ivlarroquin, Nora Martin, Danner Martinez, Elida Martinez, jesse Massouh, Linda Matlock, Drew 8l Mayo, Danny Maze, Cora Meyer, Grace Michna, Mary Ann Miller, Charles Miller, Dell Miller, joan Minatre. Gerald Miori, Steve Mitchell, Carolyn Moeller, David Montag, joseph Moore, Moore, Natho, Natho, Nelson, Nelson Norris, Barbara james Dennis Pam Linda Tom Joyce Ortiz, Beatrice Ondrias, Arthur Obermiller, Delores Padilla, Fidel Padron, Rose Pair, Diann Pantel, Curtis Pavlica, Sherry Pedrazo, Lee Perdue, George Penewitt, Nancy Pena, Sedonia Perez, Lucinda Petru, Roxie Petty, julia Pierson, Mike Pitts, Mary Ploss, Moritz Ponder, Clark Poole, Mona Post, Dian Prewitt, Carroll Pullin, Linda Purcell, Ann Quimby, Martha Quimby, XValter Quintanilla, Rafael Rackard, Carolyn Ralls, Nancy Ramos, Frank Ramos, Mary Ramseur, Rickey Ray, joel Reid, Ruby Reinhardt, James gesendez, Manuel eyna, Virginia Reynolds, Beth Riggs, Ray Roberts, Candy Roberts, Gloria Robinson, Ruthie Robison, Gary Robles, Lupe Rodriguez, jovita Rogers, Wanda Rojas, Frank Ross, Lee Rossi, Sylvan Rothwell, Ricky Rouse, Martha Rowell, Clifford Ruiz, Patricia Ruiz, Ted Rux, Barry Saldivar, Esther Salley,fDouglas Sanchei,fAdela Sanche , Danny Sanchez, Lucy Schmeltzer, Janet Schmeltzer, Paul Scott, Cheryl Sepulveda, Gloria Shelton, jean Sherman, Lajuana Short, Tommy Shroyer, Clifford Shultz, Pat Simmons, Sandi Slade, Sondra Smaistrla, Judy Smith, Fred Smith, Margaret Smith, Sue Soto, Andrew Spann, Leonard Spinks, Anita Staff, Charlotte Stanford, Larry Stephens, Joel Stephens, Tommy Stewart, Gayle Stoltzman, Marlys Stormont, john Streate, Merlin Strelczyk, Dennis Strother, Barbara Summers, Anna Summers, Fabian Surratt, Laura Sw eet Betty Sw obosla judy Taylor Roger Taylor Tommy Terry, Donna Thames, Mary ann Theus, Patricia Thompson, Brock Thompson, Mary Thompson, Mona Timme Richard of Tipton, Linda :ly , Trench Bob Trevino ulian SMILE! Mike Pierson, Tom Nelson, Mark Wfeaver, jerry Qlark, Gene Har- vey, Norman jones, Bobby Lowe, Clifford Shroyer, Dudie Inscore, Gary Robison, and Wfayne Kremling proudly represent the junior Class on the Stmga- ree Varsity football team. Urbano, Lee Uresti, Leo Valenzuela, Mary Vargas, Maria Vasquez, Manuel Veith, Judith Verret, Richard Vickers, Andrew Tyler, Larry Urban, Annette Urban, Cheri Urban, Joyce Trevino, Mary Trillius, Esther Tristan, Ella Tucker, Allyson Tunchez, Tom Turner, Hugh Volkmer, Patsy Voigt. Richard Wacker, Wanda Wagner, Patricia Vickers, Andrew Vickers, Barbara Vickery, Belinda Villairanca. Gloria Villareal, Yolunda Villareal, Ruby An fl XVhite, Buddy XVhite, Linda Wiggins, Relda Wilke, Fritz Waltliall, Richard Weatherly, Sue Weaver, Mary Jo Weax'er, Mark Wells, Rita Wells, Tom "On, Victoria!" just a fraction of the school spirit displayed by the junior section at the pep rallies. Wfilliams, Charles Williams, Larrv Williamsrnn, Ann Willmon, Joyce Wilsford, Donnie Wilson, Priscilla Winters, Doug W'oods, Sharold Worsham, Gail XVriggs, Billy Yarbrough, Sarah Yariger, Ann York, Diane Young, Donna Zarare, Abe Zepeda, Mary Ann Zorn, Frances Ziriacks, Chic 85 Active Juniors Iuniors show fine representation in the Victoriadores. Participating are: Kathy Board, julia Gutierrez, Pam Gard- ner, jan Alkek, Pat Theus, Drew Matlock, Susan Hindman, Martha Greeson, Lynda Klotz, Lieutenant Sarah Yar- lnrough, Beatrice Ortiz, Gloria Roberts, Marie Carsner, Lieutenant Diann Pair, Barbara Davis, and Ann Yariger. jan Alkek directs traffic as Diann Pair discovers her feet. Beatrice Ortiz and julia Gutierrez just don't seem to understand it all. Oh, well, girls. . Work and Play "Trade yu," .yells Kathy Board to Drew Matlock as the other drill team members grim at their foolish antics, Kathy Board seems pretty tickled over something. Could it be that crazy .lan Alkek? Sophomore C ss CLASS OFFICERS Plfsident .,.. ..., , ,, ,,,, , RONALD DAVIS Vice-President ,,,, SHARON MCCRAY Secretary ,,,,, ,, SERENA FROMME Treasurer JEANNETTE DOBBINS CLASS SPONSORS Samuel Nichols John Woodard 0, C, Sffomfm jerre Dunklin Sandy Seay Sue Kimmey Aguayo, Santos Aguilar, Eddie Aguilar, julian Aguirre, Geronimo Baass, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Balfan z, Dorothy Barfield, Stanley Barletta, Vincent Carol Ann Albrecht, Ronald Allman, john Alexander, Frank Allen, Barbara Allen, Richard Alvarado, Elida Anders, Gary Angerstein, Donald Angerstein, Gay Araj, Eddie Ardoin, Marc Armstrong, Dena Arnold, Andrew Arnold, jean Arnold, Marsha Atkinson, james Awalt, Kay Sophomores 63 Barnard, Diane Barnes, Jimmy Barnette, Lee Roy Bastian, Jerry Bazar, Ernest Beard, Letitia Beller, Steve Benitez, Domingo Bennett, Barbara Bennight, Ronnie Berkman, Cliff Bernal, Mickey Berry, Brenda Blanton, Janis Bleeker, Tom Boehm, Pat Bournias, Helen Boyd, David Boyd, Margery ,Io Braeuer, Don Branch, Ray Brady, james Bransford, Kay Breech, Don f Brett, Glenn Briones, Mary Britton, janet Brown, Billy Brown, jerry Brown, Ronald Bruton, Carol Buchholz, Bobby Buentello Diana Burgess, Judi Burgett, Genell Bustos, George Butler, Weldon Calhoun, Sylvia Calliham, David Camarillo, Ernest Canales, Domingo Canchola, Lucinda Cano, Adelit.n Carey, Marge- Carlos, John Carlos, Santos Carroll, jay Carsner, Carol Carter, Frankie Sophomores begin their work at VHS. Some eager sophs seem happy at the results of these papers being passed out, but others seem rather forlorn. Carver, Curtis l Casarez, Josephine Catchings, Robert Cavasar, Jerry Stin Curtis Louada Currier, Betty Curry, jo Ann Cramer, Ruth Cook, Greg Cooley, Arthur Coslett, Dorothy Courts, Coy Cox, Sharon Crawford, Carren ' Crisp, james Cross, Haney Cunningham, Sherry Curiel, Leonel Curlee, Ronna. ' x l 'Wu S Cavazas, Alice Chandler, johnny Chapa, Betty ,Io Chomout, Frank Christiansen, Freddie Church. Royce Claus, Mike Cleveland, Gayle Cochran, Diane Cole, jerry Coleman, Margaret Collins. Donna Connelly, Ronald What's this? Susan, Patti, and Margaret are making sure Russell is in style. How? By ratting his lovely hair, of course. Garces, Gloria Flores, Mary Flores, Sylvia Faitik, Shelby Freasier Fromme, Fuentez Fullick, Fulton, Garber, Tiny Serena Antonio Betty Mike Billy Foreman, Johnnie Foster. Carol Foster, Cindy Foster, Sandye Fowler, Linda Francis, Earl Frankum, Barbara Kay Day Dax Dea Dec De Del De De Der Die Dor Dut Edg Elder, Ronnie Ellision, Erna Ernst, Anna Ernst, Beth Espindola, Mannclita Espinoza, Earnest Espinoza, Theodore Fahey, Susan Falcon, Lee Fanning, Janice Fcchner, Charles Fellers, Janice Filley, George Flores, Louis Cu rton , Larry is, Betsy Davis., Ronald is, Sandra n. Lou ker, Charlotte Hoyas, Lupe Angel, Humberto Leon, Jesse Lorey, Carolyn rick, Joe Diamond, Kathy Dick, Gloria rlam, Angela Dobbins. Jeanette Dobbs, Judy Dobsky, Iantha Donalson, Elise ton, Mack Droza, Oscar Dunseth, Sammy ton, Joe ar, Candy Edwards, Robert Sophomore members of the drill team drink a toast in honor of the undying efforts of the Victoriadores to boost school spirit. , Neyv Victoriadore members are initiated into drill team. Take notice of the new-style hats that have a striking resemblance to socks. and the mau-mau hair-do in the background. Gonzales, Edward Gonzales Guadalupe Gonzales Jerry Gonzales Lupe Gonzales Robert Goode, fletty Goode, Eddie Gossie, Michael Graff. Larry Green, Richard Green, Ronald Gregory. Gail Gresham. Johnnie Griffin, Everett Grigsby, Shirley Grimes, Sharon Gunnoe, Sharon Hairell. Elizabeth Hall, Gay Hall. Mary Hall, Shelton I-lamblen. Charlotte Hamilton, Judy Hamilton, Kathy Geddie, Don Gerhold, Diane Gibson, Barbar: Gicldens. Joyce Gieb, Mike Gilliam. Connie Girard, Philip Garcia, Mary Ann Garcia, Mary Garcia, Sophie Garland, Ricky Garner, Janie Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Garcia, Evangeline Felix Felix Frank Frank Joe Mike Garton, Sandra Garza, Mary Ella Gasche. Penni Gassawa Cherl 7- .. Y Gayle, Patricia Glass, Cathy Glover, Aubrey Glover, Linda Goggans, Bobby Goldsum. Annie Gomez, Betty Gomez, Dolores Garcia Ambrosia r. n S i Hamlin, George Hancock. Willie Haney, Bruce Hanselkn, Diane Hanselman, In Ann Hanus, Patricia Hare, Joyce Hargrove, Lanny Hargus, Rebecca Harris, Donna Harris, Pat Hartfield, Roy 'Gene Hartman, Sandra Hasckke, Gerald Hathaway, Bennie Hathaway, Jimmy Sophomores Hauschild, Linda i I X-" r xii X , Hawkins, Clifford Haynes, Linda Hearn, Mary Beth Heger, James Heinold, Kenneth Held, Mike Heller, Harold Helm, Ida Henderson, Claire Henderson, Darlene Henderson, Eddie Henry, Suzette Henry, Linda Henze, Agnes Horadam, John Horton, Dorothy Houston, Bob Huber, David Huber, Lesley Huber, Pat Hubenak, Donna Huckabee. Jean Hudler, Hugh Huerta, john Hyman, Bob Hyman, Craig jalufka, Agnes James, Beverly jaschke, james Hernandez, Adam Hester, Tommy Hewlett, Terr Hill, Fredericli Hill, Marsha Hill, Solomon Hiller, Leroy Hillmer, David Hinojosa, Louis Hodges. Bobby Hoff, Olan Hoffman, Wfesley Holer, Janice Honea, Jerry Honeycutt, Janet Hoover, Don Jimenez, Henry johnson, Genell uhnson Nant I -- . - Y johnstim, Charlotte jones, Lynda jones, Sue Ann jordan. Tuinmy jurena, Freda Kamin, Dan Kandis, Mike Kauzcr, Sharon Keel, Margaret Keith, Duane Keller, Gracine Kinard. Mary King, jimmy King, Shirley Kirchner, Janie Knight. Richard Knight, Russell Kocian, Ronnie Kcvehl, Edward Kuehl, Mike Koonce, Johnny Lamb, Linda Lancaster, Judy I.:rng,:stun, Brenda Lara, johnny Le june. Bonnie Lemkc, Glenn Leur, Beverly Lieck, Pat Kothc, David Kovar, Carolyn Kraatz, Lee Roy Krause, Bill Kreig, Susan Kruppa, Alyce Kuykendall, Viva Soph of is Sophomores look rather sleepy as they wait for the 8:15 bell to ring early in the morning, i rr, fl? if S ig ei Q, 553 Lindsay, julia Lindsey, Bill Lindsey, Karen Lipscomb, Linda Lobprise. Linda Lopez, Maria Love, Charlene Loxel, Dennis Lowe, Mary Lowery, Virginia Loya, Manuel Loyd, Barbara Luera, Pete Lala, Dennis Luerssen, Bruce Lumplcins, Robert' Luna, Alex Lunngo, Suzanne McCann, janet McCown, Bill McCoy, Eddie McCoy, Mike lwlCCI'1lY, Sharon McGahee. Carol McGehee, joe McGinnes, Roscoe Mcklaney. Alexandra McKnight, Donna McManus, Rusty Magellan, Lupe Malina, Elaine SS Mancliaca, Lupe Marnney, Judy Mamney, Marguerite Marrsquin, Cifredo Martin, Betty Martin, Connie Martin, Patti Martinez, David M -i J.. ., Martinez, Julian Matthews, Gaye Mayfield, Billy Meadows, jucly Medellin, Teresa Meek, Susan Menchaca, Carolina Meyer, jimmy Mikeska, Sherwood Mills, jann Mills, Lynn Minetree, jane Mitchon, Trudy Mize, Gary Mock, Carol Monney, Bruce Moore, Anthony Moore, Max Morales, jesse Morgan, Richard Morris, Peggy Morrison, jack Mowels, Milfred Mullenix, Sue Munoz, Stella Mutschler, Gene Nagel, Ken Nathan, Terry Neely, Don Neisser, Allen Nelson, Dianne Nelson, Donna N sw' .kk i .W . L Cathy Glass says sophs are G-R-R-R-E-A-T! N. x Candy Edgar, sophomore cheerleader, is ready, willing, and able to boost the spirit of all Stingarees. Newberry, Lynn Newton, jan Nunez, Rachel O'Banon, Pat O'Cnnnor, Michele Ohrt, Linda Olsovsky, Linda Olsovsky, Willie Ondrias, john Orclnncz, Margarita Orsak, Ray Ortiz, Rudy Owen, Rusty Owens, john Ozuna, Mabel Pakebusch, Barbara Palacios, David Papadakis, Pete Paul, Linda Pauler, Catherine Perez, johnny Plcmnns, Billy Puhler, Connie Porter, Marsha Pounds, Anita Powitzky, Ardeth Preston, Stephen Pritchard, Donald Putnam, Russell Quimby, Marilyn Quinney, Marvin Ruiz. Delia Ruiz, jane Ruiz, jerry 1 Russell l.inLa Riifeqll. Nancy Robinson, Carl Robles, Adolph Rubles. Carolyn Rude, Jennifer Rodriguez, Alice Rodriguez. Elliu Rudriquez, Janie Rnell. Iris Rogers. Ciene Roller. Robert Rose. David Rose, Paula Ruth, Clary Rubin, Gilbert Sandiclge, Juhnny Samhez. Tomas Sanchez, Manuela Sanchez. Robert Sanchez, Ronnie Sanchez, Thumas Salas. Andnro Salazar, Leon Sanchez, julia Sanchez, Philip Radney, Theresa Ramos. Penny Rrimiie. Ursula Reha, Alice Reiser, Steve Rendiin, John Rentlnn. Lupe Reyes, Patsy Reyna, Fred Reyna. Olga Reynolds. Kayrcn RhndeS, Pat Rick, Tony Rider, Brian Ripple, Arthur Ripple, Carlotta Sandhop, Linda Sattelmaier, Richard Sattlcr, Bill Schell, Agnes Scherer. Clarence Schilhah, Gail I Schmidt, Clem Schustereit, Roger Schwarting, Jamie Scurlock, Lindsey Seaman, Bill Sellers, Sharon Sepulveda, Olivio Shannon, Cynthia Sharp, John Shaw, Rnhcrt Sherman, Sheryl Shelton, Bill Shepard, Edwin Shook. Mike Short, Nancy Shramck, Dana Shumbera. Faye Sides. Pat Sitterle. Mark Slaughter, james Slayden, Elmer Smith, Pam Snyder, Joe Snyder, Tom Soileau, Marilyn Solis, Raymond Snliz. Alfred Sparks, Dale Spradlin, Seahorn Stalinskv, Margaret Stanford, Rimnie Stanford, Sylvia Stanton. Ann Starhuck, Clyde Steelhammer. jimmy Stephens. Sara Stephens, William J. Steward. Reggie Stine, Kathy Sophomore Stone, Fay Stone. Kenneth Strong, Wallace Strother, Susie Stuart, Charles Suarez, Charles Suarez, Armondo Sweet. Dave Sykora, Leroy Tait, Charles Thompson, David Tate, Clarence Tate, Larry Terrell, Tim Thompson, Fred Thompson, Nina Thorton, jerry Toney, Hurcey Tooke, Susan Toombs, Carolyn Torres, Elizio Trejo, Juanita Trevino, Mary Tucker, jimmy Tucker, Thomas Tyler, Ray 'l Tylich, Mary lass '63 fl W Umlang, Larry Valenzuela, Sylvi Varclaman, Lee Waitschies, Glori Wallace, Linda Wallace, Patricia 21 Vela, Sylvia Velasquez, Harvey Vermillion, Dorothy Vogt, Donald Waitschies, Dennis 3 So hs f Xvallen, Peggy Wfnlther, Bill Wfatkins, jo Alan Wlatson, Patsy W'eatl1erford, Donna Wfeaver, Bill VVCJVCF, Ronnie Weigand, Bettye Wfeisse, Floyd W'clfel, Ronald Wfells, Larry XVeiland, Charles Wfilcnx, Sandy Xvilliams, Jay I f I ,ss 1 1 Q Tackle Studies Zafereo, William Zapata, Carmalita Williams, Jimmie Joe Williams, Shirley Wfilson, Robert Witt, joe Wfolf, Brenda Wood, Vance Word, Eddie Workman, James Wright, Mike Wyatt, Jim Yariger, Lee Ybarbo, jesse York, j. B. York, jesse Young. XVarren Youngblood, Bil ly john Petersen l-:eeps busy at Pounds' Texaco Service Students of Special Education Learn While They Earn ' i 9 I mt .4 ,, ac Station. X , L Dora Resuriz arranges flowers at Wedenieier Florist. ' Louis Svetlick finds work at Hanselka i Electric. A-1 Floors employs Edwin Porter. Ernest Robles works at a service stationg Albert Harris, jr., serves at Victoria House Rlegjumm' Larson Landscape employs Richard Munselle. 5? 9-S X rvV Q 34 gg BEA T B .THE Em 'I ,,,, sfiw- -we-1411 5. Special Education Robert Bernhard Felipe Blanco Pedro Chacon Lynnwood Knipling W' l V, :- K5 Richard Munselle john Peterson Thomas Edwin Porter Ernest Robles jerry Svetlick Francine Taylor CALENDAR September September September September September September September 6-School Begins 1-S-Stings vs. Port Lavaca 15-Stingbees vs. Port Lavaca 17-Student Council Election 20VStingbees vs. El Campo 2OfConStitution Wleek 21AStings vs. McAllen Victory Dance September 25-Anchor Club Initiation September 27-Stingbees vs. Ray B September 28-Stings vs. McCallum September 28-School Favorites Election Bonnie Buckelew gives views to VHites at a special assembly held during Constitution Week. EPT s M TX io Q I6 17 ia skit for the annual initiation held at the Hospitality House. Kathleen Welder, president of the Anchor Club, gives her interpretation of "Sing that song, XVelder!" Senior Anchor Club members put on 2 1 if Pelvis Esley. lI0 "Stop the Music!" The Student body attend: the first Victory Dance following the game against McAllen. "Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here." VHites return to the patio of their beloved school to entertain the idea of getting back into the old groove again. What fun was anticipated! -but alas and alack, the old burden of homework soon caught up with everyone even this fantastic group straight from the scenes of Mitch Miller and his sing-along gang!!! Y V1BER I2 I3 QLD 15 "And we're going to WIN l" says Mr. Mc- Call as he gives another of his famed speeches at the pep rally. 22 28 29 2 . - - - s - , 1 .,,, muh -, K 5 - H Q, 1 as r"r 1 - 1 - ' ' .. ' ' ' .... , 5 by ,-.,,,.,,g.,.,. if If - w H ,.,,, 2 4' Qi f 1 ---' -,u v-.t ..,v, - ' . .1 ,H gr .1 vttv W-A2 "w s 'MW fi 1 5 H 1 aiia 5 ,, 2 2-'i f l j g., iS? A ,- Q E , 1 1 '- ' "What school spirit!" remarked the cheerleaders at the crowd gathered in a rnotorcade to Patti Welder Stadium for an informal pep rally. CALENDAR October 1-Senior Aptitude Tests October -1-Spring Coronation . Elections October 5-Stings vs. I-Iiglands October 11-Stingbees vs. Carroll October 12KStings vs. Spring Branch -October 13-FTA District Convention October 18-Stingbees vs. Ray B "BB" vs. Carroll October 19QStings vs. Beaumont October 25-Professional Assembly l "Victor for Victory!" Victor, our school mascot was presented to the student body at the pep rally preceding the game against McAllen, by the Senior class of I oc S M T 14 15 16 21 22 21 28 29 3C "Heavens to Mergatroidf' cry the attendants of the football games, as they are immediatedly pounced upon by aggressive juniors, working diligently to make money for their class. "On, Victoria, On, Victoria," Loyal juniors open their mouths and roar out with the Stingaree fight song. This solid bunch of kids provide much of the wonderful school spirit to keep their team going. II2 i't Q ,C 1 -tt i i ' fm .1 it fi. is A 5 ' . ,isp Q uf - tt l J V g: .- S V 'Y' -1. -- v 'g'ip ' 131 ' 'l g T 5 A 'ff' Q 35547 411' g A - ' fs," - 1 . t - fe . 1- ttte ' ,- ,.. ,Q gg X L t '- i 5 fiE' iii1 f- f' ', 1- ,T if " ' if V "" ' If A 'S " ii i ff' t"' - it ' lx' Y gm cv - m v : .wg .m i . , f K Q. f-A ,., , ' - ,,:k, km E, if , . ii - : Q., V' I V' v, B Q 1 ,-'. if ' 'i V ggg tji i li' I i ' , rgff'5! :,?Qif"f, ' 'B t-,315 ' ""' M 21 7 i- 1 i E: tt ,V ,. ,,',, c , "t't If .,- i ,, 1, ii fil l -f fs9feii'1sit, t " ' M , ' ,... Y . "'p A 1 i A i c ifit 'Y " -, t 'Bri "'- L I I 5' .k,' B ii it ' esi i f L V ei - .f fiyl i vie ',-, i. 7 . 7 if' -:nf 1 '.i, , I 'ii i Eg t 1-5 3131.2 A ' if i I ., - to -A ' 'A 1 '7 A I -, , ' si,t Yu nnan If i,i, p , ties "" A J ff ,- ' f, i' - K 'yi 4 ' ii- If :im i ffr, .. it i i - my 5 f at lx lg ieiyevwisea i im "Yeah, Man, Look Out For Us Cool Canineslu Mike Moses, Kenny Totah, Don Pannen. Bob Ostman, Roy Bryson, and johnny Howard put on their "cool" act as Bulldogs wl1o have great intentions of beating the Stingarees. But, "Super Sting" comes on the scene and the day is saved when the Stings arise with another victory. BER W T F S 011 13 425 26 X1 ,A X 5' l 111 1 l 'Shot heard around the stadium!" 'Lil Sting, donated by the Booster Club is heard after every touchdown made by the 7 I8 QE 20S X- 11 "VA-VA-VOOMH VHS majorettes rock on to the swingin' music of the High School Band. "Fightin' Stingareesf' November November November November November November November November November November November November November CALENDAR 1-Stinghees is. Alice B 2-Stings vs. Ray Homecoming Parade, Dance, and Bonfire Professional Assembly 5-Professional Assembly 8 9 Stin bees vs Carroll B 3 g , ' . 4Stings vs. Miller 1O!ACT Test Given 12-16-Civil Defense Program 15-Stingbees vs. Miller B 16-Stings vs. Carroll 20-"BB" ss. Wfestberry 22fThanksgiving 27-Boys BB vs, Brazosport 29-jr. Class Magazine Sales Begin November 294Student Council - Convention in Vanderbilt November 30-Boys BB vs. Bay City fm. Gfffra 1 mn... "Proud as Peacocks" These are the 1962 nominees for football sweetheart. During the entire Homecoming Week these girls were kept in suspense as to which of them would be chosen to reign. Alas, and alack, only one could hold that honor. N s M T "Left, Right, Left, Right" Tromping through streets in those big boots is no easy task for the fragile girls of the Victoriadores. g . II4 "HALP!! FIREEV' Boy, was this year's bonfire GREAT! It was so big it could have put the Empire State Building to shame. fWell, almostj The Thursday night this gigantic occasion was helcl,- was the high point of the Homecoming Week. The turn-out-marvelousg the bandfout- stanclingg the cheerleaders-terrificg and the school Spirit-GR-R-R-R-R-R-R-EATl l 9 zo 25 26 27 "Make way for the Stingaree Dads" Even the parents did not lack spirit during this festive week. Their entry for the parade was a car transporting Stingaree Dads through Victoria streets! -wth. "Chow time, Gang" Man, look at those boys get after that food! This was a fine! f evening for the Key Club boys. During National Key Club XX eek, the Kiwanis honored the boys with Green is trying a fine dinner. Uh, oh, theres one in every crowd. Apparently Corneal to stall the evening-wonder why4bad food ?, maybe? ABER W Tl I4 .5 I6 28 29 30 "Let Us Call You Sweetheart" Well, Kenny Totah may not be a Sweetheart, but he surely is a Beau! Victoriadores announced him Beau at the Homecoming Pep Rally and janet Kennedy, Major, got to kiss the groom-uh-3-Beau 5 "THIlVlK" Coach Pruett concentrates intently on what kind of move should be made next. Should he go ahead and finish the game or should he quit while we're ahead! "Hey, Little Queenien Nancy Hervey and David Childers aren't really being married-she's just been crowned Football Sweet- heart. This was a climactic event of Homecoming Week. After this everyone relaxed and enjoyed the game, cheering their team on. Although the Stings were defeated, this was one week which would surely live in every VI-Iiteis heart! Il5 December December December December December December December December Deeember December CALENDAR 1-SAT Tests 4-Stings vs. Beeville 7 -Victoria Tournament 11-Stings vs. Austin 14-Christmas Dance 18 19 20 27 31 -Stings vs. Brazosport -Christmas Recess -Stings Vs. Beevilie -San Antonio -Stings vs. Austin Austin Tournament 1 1 i Tournament "Christmas is Here" The office decorates its door, in the true Christmas spirit! "Terry and the Venturas" This fine band played for the VHS Christmas Dance. "First Place Winner" Miss Schubert's class won highest "Oh, Those Eyes !" Peter De Leeuw honors! at pretty students! II6 DEC M T 11 18 24 25 30 '31 makes eyes -' w 1 x W .Wy . fi, X V, ' Q 2. , , 54, bask , 51141, .ex f i "Would you say that out loud?" Kenny Totah presents janet Kennedy as Key Club Sweetheart. - 15 - 20 2122 26 27 28 29 A " fl Us--1 4, R, X" ii f V lx 5 rj, '.m,,w,N, MV, ig-,Lf1i"5-,:f.,Jt.-my 3 QQ. "HAPPY NEW YEAR" Guests dance at the blast of u New Year's Eve party given, XX'l1ee-e-e-el! "Yeah-h-h-h-h-h-hlllllY" Enthusiastic mule Seniors display their illustrious school spirit during the course of a Stingaree basketball game. "And We Resolve" Future Home- malcers take their vows as they enter the Future Homemakers of America Club. January January january january january january January January CALENDAR l-New Year 8-Stings ws. South San 11sStings vs. Harlrrnclale lel-wDearl Wfeek IS-Stings vs. Carroll 21mStings vs. Miller 25-Stings vs. Ray 28--Stings vs. Carroll "Please Buy a Student Directorylln Andy jones succeeds in selling Karen Sparks on the idea of buying one. JA s M T 13' 14365 ZQ 122 "Wishy-Washy" National Honor Society members help with dishes. Better watch out for Sherry Ragan-she looks rough!! 28 29 "HI" james Murphy and Jan Johnson were elected as Mr. and Miss FTA! lI8 "Better Get a Larger One, John! !" -1 and autographs will be available after the formal presentation!" Coach Tom Pruett pre- sents Gary Teague with the Sandy Santleben Award. T F 25 26 "T hat's about fl size IV!" Virginia "Easy Girls Easy" Girls basketball is rough V McLachlan fits Carol Hyaffxfor Q Cap in -and "tuff." the "Cap and Gown Game." .4. 'Qt' I "Leave 'em Alone!!" Number 32 on the op- posite team seems to be slapping two of the other boys. Naughty, naughty!! T II9 IL! March 8-TSTA Convention March 11-TWIRP Wfeek March 15-Professional Assembly March 15-Wfestern Day TWIRP Dance March 22-End 3rd Nine Weeks March 25-Begin 'ith Nine Vlfeeks March 28-Professional Assembly Anchor Club Style Show March 29fKid Day March 50-Flower Show CALENDAR "And for The Prom arab Yarborough speaks to the junior Council of the money making project for the junior Senior Prom "Down, Welderl!" Kathleen Welder and Suzanne Brandi play an exciting game of leap the frog before going to school for Kid Day and Playday. l22 "Well, Take Your Big Fat Time, You Slave-holder!! Susan Reese? kindly? holds the door open for john Roberts during the festive TXWIRP Week. The expressions are typical, no?! 5 , -f A "O.K. Girls, Look Pretty for the judging Committee" ' . Q Karen Pierce, Eilen Schoenig, Gwynn Barry and Kathleen r S Vifelder try and look very posed and relaxed as they try out for Anchor Club models for the style show! "Why Study . . During a study period given to a group of juniors, you will notice that just about everything is done-except study! But . . . that's the law of the jungle. No study-no pass! l April April April April April I24 CALENDAR 8-Champion Safety Program 12e-Good Friday 14-Easter 18wDistrict Key Club Convention 26-Spring Coronation and Dance "Spring has Sprung" and so have the Victoriadores as they lounge around resting after a full year of marching and yelling at the various sports games. Seems these girls never run out of energy and always take a lead in promoting Sting school spirit. "April Fool's!" The first of April brings with it the "Spring Fever" that attacks all VI-lites. jokes were being pulled right and left, but I'm afraid Carolyn Hausendeufel has a surprise for Louise Clary. who is trying to sturprise Sandy Blair, who is the victim of the whole stupid mess. Oh, well. Happy April. anyway. "Here Comes Peter Cottontailu-and there go all VHites out to enjoy a fun-filled Easter vacation! Looks kind of bare cloesn't it? But don't worry- though the halls are bareg the spirit of Stingarees will always be there!" .29 S M T ,J I4 15 16 21 22 22 "AGH-GH-GH-GH" jimm Nichols finds tennis a relax ing sport with none of th: silly stuff like straining yoL muscles. Look closely an notice that serene. contente look on his face. '4 25 go 2 "Study, Study, Study" These wise VI-lites get an early start at studying for those final exams. hir. Dillon seems to be having il little trouble at explaining his favorite and most- loved subject-Mechanical Drawing, but he pulls through when the VHite decides that everything is OK.: he'll try to get it by him- self. i ii Ill. 'i W T F s 0111213 1920 fi! , A .VX 7 E I . Cyp Lu..,:., b "And if you girls forget to come, theres going to be Bad trouble!" Warns Shiela Fulbright to Spring Coronation representatives who meekly take down notes to remember like: remember to bow, walk down the ramp, wear a full-length dress, etc. . xr l J H x "All Hail Spring Coronation and Its Repre- sentative-s!!" This happy group of young selec- tives seems to be eagerly looking forward to the day when they are going to walk down the- ramp! I25 May May May May May 12 20 30 31 -State Meet CALENDAR Motliens Day Deatl XVeek Students Dismissed Final Report Cards X "And Away Wfe Go!!" Peter Le Leeuw, Paul Hiller, Bill Shaw, and David Green, all Seniors of VHS, take a parting how as they depart for the annual Senior Trip! "W'atch That Holding I-lands, Jimmy!" Jimmy Nichols and Cay XWillis pose for a picture to be taken to show they served as Mayor and Council man, respectively, on the day reserved for Seniors to take over Qity Hall I26 I2 13 14 t - S 21 26 za "Oh, W'hen A Stingaree Boy Wfalks Down The Street" There are no Stingaree boys walking clown the street at this time, but V1-Iites likes to sing the song, anyway, just to show the Stings were behind them! 62 l X11 LV "And According to Statistics, More People Drown in 3 Bathtubs Than in Swimming Pools" At the school assemblies, there is a numerous variety!! if i W T F S 8 9 I0 Il I5 16 I7 I8 22 23 24 29 30 31 X Boycott?? Gosh NO!!" The Corral is the 'swingingest' place on those lazy summer afternoons after school. If the Corral were to be removed the entire teen population in Victoria would be at a loss as to what to do for entertain- ment! "Thank Goodness It's a D- and Not an F- Like Mrs. B. promised If He Didn't Quit Losing Pencils" Take a notice where Butch Pollard loses most of his pencils. Behind his ear? Right! Lucky johnny Perel was there to catch him when he collapsed, huh? 'Children MUST Play" The day school lets rut is the proverbial day when everyone lets rut all the steam that has built up the entire ear. Even the seniors get ,in on the childish 'lay . . , started by the sophomores, of course!! I27 President. Bob Ostman Constantly striving toward its goal of improving the school, the Student Coun- cil leads and represents Victoria Highs entire student body. For the third school term, the stu- dent Council was proud to sponsor a foreign student with the help of the American Field Service. To everyones delight, Peter de Leeuw of Holland spent his Senior year at V.H.S. Other worthy projects were the Christmas baskets distributed to needy families and the sale of book covers and bumper stickers. The Student Council also added to the entertainment of the school by sponsor- ing professional assemblies, the Spring Coronation, Homecoming Parade, West- ern Day, Twirp Week and a graduation dance. All these paved the way for another successful year. ' 1 Student Council Vice-President, Glenn Gisler l i Secretary, Andy jones Treasurer, Gary Robinson SPONSOR Miss Novaline Jowell Bob Ostman presides at a Student Council meeting. Members Enjoy Working Together SENIOR MEMBERS: Shiela Fulbright, Nancy Hervey, Jan Johnson, Jean Joiner, Janet Kennedy, Peter de Leeuvv, Jan Long, Nancy Morrow, Mike Moses, Johnny Perel, Ruth Rutledge, Sandy Starbuck, Cay Willis and Francis Woods. JUNIOR MEMBERS: Kathy Board, Martha Greeson, Pam Gardner, Norman Jones, James Kneip, Dennis Leita, Diann Pair Nancy Ralls, LaJuana Sherman, John Stormont, Judy Swoboda, Francine Taylor, Doug Winters and Sarah Yarbrough. SOPHOMORE MEMBERS: Kay Awalt, Betsy Davis, Ronald Davis, Connie Gilliam, Gail Gregory, Claire Henderson, Karen Lind- sey, Linda Lipscomb, Judy Meadows, Jan Newton, Anita Pounds, Sylvia Sager and Rose Mary Wrigge. I3I Council Strives to Improve the School "Just a little help with my purse!" Betty Athey became one of johnny Perel's slaves during Twirp Week, sponsored by the Student Council. OFFICERS: President, Bob Ostmang Vice-President, Glenn Gislerg Secretary, Andy Jonesg Treasurer, Gary Robinsong Corresponding Secretary, Linda johnsong Chaplain, Judy Hamilton: Historian, jan Alkekg and Parliamentarian, Kenny Totah, M Bob Ostman, president of the Student Coun- cil, gives the welcome address at a football game, while Judy Hamilton waits to give the invocation. Council Activities Hmm! Teacher's gonna catch you Tennie, if you write Christmas Cards to be mailed in the Student Council mail service during physics class. Peter deLeeuw, foreign exchange student. glances over the senior picture. "How about a bottle of milk," says Marian Tyler to a prospective milk buyer in the cafeteria. This is another service of the Student Council. "Surely, I'll buy one!" ex- claims john Minetree as he takes a book cover from Bob Ostmun, president of the Stu- dent Council. N I33 "lin Unit There -5 ,I Sw ,V - gf? .. 25 H . ' ex U W K. XVcIder President Vice-President Secretary if Wi: 5, fa- rm Q H: ' S 2 ' 4 L Treasurer Chaplain .i k ox , , Y J 1 i il S 3 ki wi P wr ,. ,q,. . .,r , i t i ff f1fg.9"t2f A 13 1 Q Q dil- B. Crain , L. johnson Historian Senior Director Junior Director Anchor Club girls discuss their key chain sales, a new project of the club. s Strength" "Anchored we hold" is the motto of the Vic- toria High School Anchor Club. Sponsored by the Pilot Club, it is a national organization and the largest of its kind in Texas. It has 21 member- ship of ninety. Community projects include assisting the Vic- toria Chapter of the March of Dimes, assisting the TB association, participating in the project of giving Easter eggs to the children at Hopkins School, giving Christmas baskets to the needy, and presenting a S100 scholarship to a deserving member of the club. A new project- was the selling of key chains. School projects include sponsoring a Home- coming Dance, putting a float in the Homecom- ing Parade and presenting a stunt at a pep rally. They also published their annual year- books and presented their annual style show. fi ' ' i - 1 ' : V E., I if ii: -' s Sophomore Director Anchor Club Has Many Activities 1 3 BEFORE: Senior Anchor clubbers Rosemary Moore, Nancy Hervey, Ellen Schoenig, Virginia Mc- Lachlan, and Yvonne Mooney work diligently to complete the Anchor Club Float for the Homecoming Parade. AFTER: The finished Anchor Club Float grace- fully goes down the street. Vfhat a boost to school spirit! They light their candles to symbolize the fellowship they are entering. I36 Anchor officers include: Linda johnson, senior directorg Kay Awalt, sophomore director, Sarah Yarbrough, junior directorg Bebe Crain, histor- Anchor Clubbers are initiated at one of the first meetings, iang Sandy Starbuck, chaplain. MEMBERS: D. Awalt T. Barr, J. Bohannon, B. Butler, S. Cavazos, L. Delgado, R. Esteralc, D. Everett, R. Garza. R Gilbreath, L. Granberry, E. Hernandez, C. Jaime, B. Kickendahl, G. Korenek, L. Martinez, S. McCormick, V. Miller, P. Reynolds, M. Robarge, L. Schultz, E. Smiga, G. Walton, L. Wfhite, J. Wfright. Distributive Education Distributive Education offers a supervised training program for student employees in retail, wholesale, and service selling. The purpose of this club is to create in each member interest, experience, and leadership in his chosen occupation. Each member has a job waiting for him when he graduates. Sponsor-Don Bunn OFFICERS: President- L. Delgado, Vice-President-D. Sweetheart Awalt, Secretary-P. Reynolds, Treasurer-M. Robarge, Janeen Bohannon Reporter-V. Miller, Parliamentarian-B. Kickendahl. Old Members-G. Allen, J. Atkinson, T. Bargsley, C. Barletta, j. Beck. J. Bernal, D. Calliham, D. Dietzel, R. Dobbins, C. Ellis B, Garber. 1. Gonzales. L. Hairell, E. Hajek, L. Hajelc, B. Hartman. B. Hathaway. B. Hathaway, E. Heller, J. Hrncir, C. Huebner F. jaster, D. Keith, E. Koehl, B. Kohl. L. Krause, K. Lemke, A. Lesikar, D. Low, J. McCann, C. Miller, G. Minatre, E. Neisser F. Neisser, F. Padilla, C. Pantel, R, Parsons, L. Pedraza, B. Preston, M. Quinney, R. Ramseur, F. Rayburn, A. Reba, F. Smith S. Spradlin, J. Stokes, R. Timme. Future Farmers of America Guide of the Future Farmers of Ameri- ca is to serve their fellow man and them- selves. They are "learning to do, doing A to learn, earning to live, living to serve." Some of their projects include farming techniques, methods, experiments, and Sponsor Emmett Mcguuey the election of an FFA Sweetheart. Also, this year they sold potted plants at Christ- SP0U50f' mils james Fitts Officers-President-Louis Hajek, Vice-President-jerry Stokes, Secretary-Richard Parsons, Treasurer-Kenneth Lemke, Reporter-Luther Hairell, Sentinel-Billy Garber. 138 Future Farmers Learn by Doing w New Members-R. Albrecht, J. Barnes, R. Bernhard, T. Castillo, A. Garcia, D. Gonzales, E. Guzman, L. Hargrove B l Haney, R. Hartfield, D. Harvey, J. Hathaway, K. Heinold, H. Heller, G. Horton, D. Lala, L. McCann, J McGehee ' W. Matthews, R. Orsak, B. Plemons, C. Ponder, M. Shook, D. Sparks, C. Starbuck, C. Stuart, V. Sylva, A Villarreal D. Vogt. Carol Ann Barletta, FFA Sweetheart, represents the Future Farmers in the annual Homecoming Parade. Future Farmers prepare Campus plants for the cold winter Winds. ..w.....,,, 1 , lm nu Y FFA Sweetheart Carol Ann Barletta FHA Sweetheart and Beau Kathy Blackburn and Clifton Huebner tttt . f Hhllhffi YH Xi! l ' i i 3. Z' 'ME yog a, 1 I - s t . in W ,s '- I ' ,V V N ,,', ' K ' S ar fi K7 This attractive float won second place in the annual float contest. Future Homemakers Victoria Highs chapter of the Future Homemakers of America is named after Mrs. Ollie Kee who served as sponsor of the chapter for many years. .During the year FHA members participate actively in school activities. Their float won second place in the Homecoming parade contest. FHA girls served at the Football banquet. Witluin the year's programs they learned a great deal about food preparation and sewing. This will be of much value to members in the future. FHA officers hold a formal installation. a l Sponsors: Virginia Porter, Mrs. Edith Moore. Mrs. Janelle Hobbs. of America Unit I: M. Alexander, K. Awalt, M. Bernal, O. Branch, M. Carsner, J. Curry, S. Davis, S. Flores, J. Foreman, B. Fullick, M Garcia, D. Gomez, G. Gregory, B. Heibel, C. Hobby, D. Hubenal-1. C. Jaime. N. Johnson, C. Johnston, L. Lipscomb, V. Lowery P. Martin, J. Miller, N. Monney. S. Munoz, A. Pounds, U. Ramos, C. Robles, J. Rodriques, J. Rosser, P. Ruiz, B. Schell, C. Scott S. Sellers, S. Shannon, S. Sherman, M. Stalinsky, K. Stark, B. Sweet, J. Swoboda, D. Vermillion, P. Wallen. Unit II: B. Anclerle, M. Alvarez, D. Balfanz, L. Bayer, J. Blanton, N. Brannon, K. Bransford, C. Calhoun, A. Camacho, A. Cano, L. Clark, M. Cline, M. Coleman, H. Cooney, V. Cortez, L. cle Hoyas, A. Dobbins, J. Dobbins, J. Dobbs, B. Ganclt, G. Garces, N. Garcia, P. Gibsen, B. Goode, P. Gonzales. L. Grammer, J. Gujarclo, S. Hall, P. Hanus, S. Heiclt, L. Jones, C. Kienas, B. Kornfuehrer, A. Kruppa, J. Lancaster, B. le June, V. Lindsey, E. Mulina, G. Matthews, V. Mauer, C. Maze, N. Monney, B. Mozisek, A. Newton. R. Nunez, M. Ordoney, S. Pavlica, R. Reissig, D. Resuriz, G. Robles, A. Roclriquez, N. Russell, A. Shell, D. Shramek, S. Tait, F. Taylor, S. Terry, M. Thompson, S. Tooke, M. Trevino, A. Tucker, S. Valenzuela, G. Villafranca, P. Wallace, S. Wallace, S. Williams, P. Willis, G. Worsham. I4l " alves Point the Unit III: E. Alvarado, D. Alvarez, G. Angerstein, C. Barletta, S. Carlos, L. Carroll, J. Casarez, K. Cochran, P. Coles, C. Cook, L. Delgado, D. Dodds, A. Dobbins, G. Davis, S. Easterwood, M. Flores. R. Garrett, W. Godwin, B. Gomez, F. Gomez, P. Gon- zales. E. Goode, L. Green, L. Grammer, J. Guajardo, F. Harvey, F. Hernandez, J. Holer, D. Hollan, D. Huckrnan, L. Manchaca, C. Morris, P. Jarrell, W. Johnston, V. Koutney, G. Langer, R. Mendieta, T. Mitchon, L. Pullin, C. Rackard, P. Reynolds, A. Rod- riquez, I. Roell, C. Shannon, F. Toney, D. Toellner, M. Tylick, L. Wilburn, C. Willis, G. Ybarra. Unit IV: J. Arnold, B. Athey, B. Gwynn, J. Bohannon, M. Briones, M. Carey, B. Carville, A. Chapa, C. Clark, C. Crawford, B. Davis, M. Donato, S. Easterwood, J. Fellers, L. Gonzales, M. Haas, J. Hanselman, N. Hervey, P. Hobbs, S. Jamison, E. Johnson, B. Leur, B. Lindsey, M. Loungo, C. Lockstedt, L. Magallan, J. Muniz, M. Nunez, K. Pierce, R. Poole, M. Quimby, M. Robarge, A. Reha, P. Rose, S. Starbuck, S. Stephens, F. Stone, I. Tunchez, R. Wiggins, G. Ybarra, S. Young. I42 Way to FH " l v X v 'DW Unit V: G. Allen, K. Allen, D. Alvarez, M. Alvzfez, V. Arambula. O. Bain, B. Batts. G. Butler, C. Calhoun, A. Chapa, A. Davis, C, Durham. C. Edwards. B. Foreman, J. Franl-rum. A. Gonzales, P. Gomez, Guitterez. S. Heidt, C. Huebner, S. Jamison. S, Jamison. D. Lassmann, V. Lindsey, P. Lopez, T. Madden, C. Mitchell, B. Moore, A. Newton, DI. Ohlhausen, B. Olsolvsky, D. Ruiz, F.. Salvidar, S. Smith, J. Sparks, C. Stanford, B. Strelczyk, F. Taylor, M. Thompson, S. Townsend, J. Trevino, F. Woods, D. Young. x os'..,.'- j . 41 I-L-:Fff X . K JW? 1 . 'nfl' - . 'fxifliif . Oran Bain is At initiation formally new members initiated entertain with into FHA a song. Future Homemaker officers smile sweetly as they ride in the Homecoming Parade. ' I43 -Q. ou' ' Future Teachers Senior Members: J. Albrecht, K. Allen, B. Athey, G. Barry, K. Blackburn, S. Blair, L. Clary, R. Cohen, C. Delgado, D. Duran, B, Friedman, S. Fulbright, T. Gibbons, M. Hass, S. Hall, F. Hargrove, K. Hassler, C. Hausendeufel, N. Hervey, K. Hoff, L. Hotz, I. Houston, C. Huey, C. Hyatt, S. Jamison, P. Jarrell, B. Johnson, J. Johnson, J. Joiner, L. Krueger, I. Luera, V. Maurer, J. Murphy, A. Newton, S. Owens, L. Paul, S. Pickett, C. Price, A. Raab, S. Ragan, F. Rayburn, R. Rutledge, E. Schoenig, R. Schroeter, J. Skinner, E. Skopal, J. Slaughter, K. Stark, P. Stell, S. Terry, D. Timmie, S. Townsend, K. Welder. Officers: President Jan Johnson, Vice-President Conny Huey, Secretary Inez Luera, Treasurer Lulu Krueger, Parliamentarian Tommy Gibbons, Historian Jean Albrecht, and Librarian Eilen Schoenig. I44 Future Teachers' Club provides an opportunity for students interested in the teaching profession to participate in classroom activities in Victoria Public Schools. This year the club had a record mem- bership. Each of the 108 members worked hard to acquire the necessary points to attend the State convention in Dallas. Each year the club chooses a Miss and Mr. FTA. Jan Johnson and James Murphy held these honors this year. 0 of America , ciifwaauc' J junior Members: K. Board, G. Chamberlain, B. Crain, A. Dawson, P. Erwin, V. Everett, C. Felger, M. Finley, J. Hepburn, J Inscore, D. Matlock, L. Nelson, D. Obermiller, D. Pair, S. Pavlica, J. Petty, M. Poole, M. Quimby, W. Quimby, N. Ralls, C Scott, J. Shelton, G. Stewart, B. Strother, J. Swohocla, M. Thompson, M. Thompson, L. Titon, P. Volkmer, W. Wacker, P. Wagner, M. Weaver, R. Wfells, A. Williamson, S. Woods. Y Sophomore Members: M. Boyd, S. Cochran, S. Hall, C. Henry, A. Henze, S. King, C. Love, P. Iuera, C. Mock, G. Schilhab, R. Schustereit, O. Sepul- Sponsor Mrs. Adele Young veda, N. Short, A. Stanton, S. Stephens, G. Waitschies. l l45 Key Club One of the most outstanding organizations of Victoria High School is the Key Club. It is a service organization dedicated to the promotion of school spirit and is designed to prepare the youth of today for the future world. Key Club was very active during the 1962-63 school year. For the annual Homecoming, the club undertook two major projects: Building the bonfire and entering a float in the Homecoming Parade. The bonfire was a huge success and a record crowd at- tended. Using the slogan "Boot the Texans," the club entered the first place float in the parade. Other projects included presenting a stunt at a pep rally, presenting a senior ring to Peter de Leeuw, the exchange student, sponsoring the Christmas dance, and crowning their annual sweetheart. Sponsor J. A. Dillon Every year the Key Club builds the bonfire for Homecoming, This year's was more successful than ever. This was the first place float designed and made by the Key Club for the Homecoming Parade. Key Clubbers Larry Muenzler. Kenny Torah, Doug Winters, Don Pannen, ancl Daniel Svoboda prepare to leave for the Key Club Convention. I48 Key I Club Activities H: 5' Ed M ii Larry Muenzler assisted Super Sting, johnny Perel, as the Key Club presented a stunt at one of the pep rallies. i f f '51 if 1 Sweetheart-janet Kennedy Junior Historians , U t . A ,. V . ' Members: S. Austin, C. Barletta, S. Carter, R. Collins, P. Coone, B. Cornelius, D. Domstend, M. Fry, T. Gibbons, C. Green, R Greenwood, N. Greer, F. Hargrove, L. Hotz, A. jones, J. Long, V. MacLachlan, L. McWilliams, R. Moore, M. Moses, S. Ortiz, S Owens, K. Pierce, S. Ragnn, J. Stoever, D. Toellner, M. Walleck. S. Yarbroughff. Zirjacks. Sponsors Louis Grigar, john Moore Junior Historians of VHS encourage interest in the history of Texas. The sponsors, Mr. john Moore and Mr. Louis Grigar encourage themes based on Texas history. During the Junior Historians second year, they have had guest speakers, many projects, films, and field trips. iunior Historians take part in the Homecoming Parade featur- ng Maiorie Walleck, their president. Vicroma Officers: President-Majorie Walleck, Vice-president-Delbert Dom- stead, Secretary-Sherry Ragan, Treasurer-Susie Ortiz, Reporter- -- Karen Pierce. .J Ofrifitt 51 . 5 ' ,w esjff , ' -rii ,fm .ff"""' ww 1 'W ff 'ww Www ff M., R, t 2, Q , , fs " fw K . , tg, 5 ia, rss? X, -s rf 4' K i 1. X s arg., ,S mr M .wx as s 0 fl gf' cgi lf- i in 1 QXM' t I ti rNs:s21lQl,f tea' '09 'Q i p 'Q in 3, ,Q X V k s A ,X sv M: M g- . L' ' .X ,. , . .X - .,, RQ i ,L Ngxts ,ff Q at N 2 ji H' vxi 4' f 'I 1 J' wr me ' s w a., N, 3" f t 'Xu 1 I49 Students Strive for Honors First Semester: 1. Albrecht, R. Collins, P. Cooper, N. Cheverton, D. Domstead, D. Duran, S. Gano, G. Goldsum, B. johnson, J. johnson, J. Joiner, P. Kornfuehrer, J. Long, I. Luera, J. Marek, J. Minetree, M. Moore, N. Morrow, L. Muenzler, T. New- bern, J. Nichols, R. Parsons, A. Raab, S. Ragan, C. Rowell, J. Sommers, J. Sperry. D. Timme, K. Totah, M. Tyler, T. Zirjacks, Sponsors: Frank Keathely, Mrs. Alda Mae Harris, Novaline jowell, and Harry Uthoff. l50 ational Honor Society Based on character, scholarship, leadership, and service, the NHS is composed of students with high scholastic averages. The club sets a goal to be reached by all. Initiations are held each semester at a school wide assembly and par- ents are invited to attend the tea following the ceremony. Second Semester: D. Abernathey, J. Albrecht, J. Alkek, R. Collins. P. Cooper, N. Cheverton, D. Domsteacl, S. Gunn P Gardner G. Goldsum, J. Johnson. L. Johnson, J. Joiner, J. Kennedy, L, Klotz, P. cleLeeuw. J. Long, C. Lorenz, I. Luera J Marek D Matlock, J. Minetree, M. Moore, R. Moore, N. Morrow, L. Muenzler, R, Parsons, S. Ragun, C. Rowell, E. Schoenrg J Stocver J. Summers, J. Sperry, M. Stoltzmnn, D. Svoboda, D. Timme, M. Tyler. M. Walleck. W. V1 4 f . fi jW5?era l : . ,.., ' - ' President-Glen Goldsum E Secretary-Sherry Ragan Vice-President-1--Delbert Domstead Treasurer-Jim Marek Library Club X. -' Members: T. Alvarez, J. Arnold, K. Awalt, L. Brandt, P. Brandt, B. Buckelew, S. Caldwell, G. Chamberlain, N. Cheverton, G. Cleveland, W. Craigen, S. Cunningham, J. Curry, J. Dobbins, G. Doughtie, J. Foreman, D. Forman, D. Foster, B. Gandt, P. Gibson, K. Hassler, L. Haynes, L. Hayward, S. Huffman, D. Lassmann, B. Loyd, S. McCray, T. Medellin, G. Meyer, M. U Natho, J. Norris, J. Peterson, W. Quimby, A. Raab, P. Ramos, M. Smith, S. Smith, M. Stoltzman, M. Thompson C. Urban, W. NX'acker, G. Waitschies, C. Wilson. Officers: President-Frank Rojas, Vice-President-Mary Ann Miller, Secretary-Patricia Gibson, Treasurer-Sue Smith, Reporter-Marlys Stoltzman, Corresponding Secretary-Joyce Norris, Historian-Del Foster. 0 Members of the Library Club established the ideals toward which the library works. Their objective, "Service to All," is to provide the students of VHS with books which are the key to knowledge and the ticket to adventure. The members are responsible for the issuing and arranging of the books in the library. Their cheer- fulness in their duties adds much to the atmosphere of the library. Sponsor Katherine Crawford I52 Quill and Scroll Members I Albrecht L Clary M Haas K Hoff, J. Johnson, J. Joiner, A. Newton, K. Pierce I Perel E Schoenig S Starbuck Quill and Scroll is a national honor society for journalism students. Members have to maintain an average of B in regular courses, an A in journalism, and thirty inches printed in The Victorian. Victoria High's chapter of Quill and Scroll was organized in 1958 and is named after its sponsor Mrs. Caroline Baumgartner. President Jean Albrecht Vice President Karen Pierce Treasurer Marilyn Haas Sponsor: Mrs. Caroline Baumgartner Secretary Ann New ton Red Masquers Red Masquers, or Drama Club, is a member of the National Thespian Association. It emphasizes creative acting and cooperation among members. Members also take part behind stage and find this responsibility as important as the actual acting. The Red Masquers are active in school affairs. They take part annually by selling mums at Homecoming and sponsoring a float in the parade. Members: Frank Alexander, Bonnie Buckelew, Charles Campbell, Jo Ann Curry, Sandra Carter, Linda Glover, Glen Goldsum, Mari- lyn Haas, Irma Houston, Johnny Howard, Connie Huey, Andy jones, Gene Mutschler, Ken Powell, Tony Rick, Sheryl Sherman Kay Stark, Sandy Tait, Susan Tooke. Thespians: Bonny Buckelew, Sandra Carter, Linda Glover, Lola Sponsor: Dan Mendoza Hempel, Bob Houston, Irma Houston, johnny Howard, Danny Kamin, Gene Mutschler, Tony Rick, Kay Stark. I54 R- C K C it ,, ,, .ef-4Qf"" President-Ken Powell Secretary-Irma Houston Vice-President-Pam Cooper Treasurer-Louise Clary Louise Clary, Drama Club Sweetheart, rode on the club's float in the Homecoming Parade. Sweetheart Louise Clary Science Club F. Alexander. R, Brown, S. Caldwell, G. Chamberlain. R, Collins. R. Green, H. Krebs. K. Loclcsteclt, G. Mutschler K Preston. S. Preston. T, Rick, C. Schramelc, G. Urban. J. W'atkins. J. Wfilliams, ul. Wfyatt. Science Club at Victoria High, under the observance of its sponsor, Mr. Samuel Nichols, offers the op- 1 portunity for our future scientists to gain experience through working with scientific equipment. The Science Club sponsors the annual science fair which draws entries from all Victoria schools. The members work hard on elaborate projects in order to make the fair fl success. Officers: President-Charles Schramek, Vice-President-fKerry Lockstedt. Secretaryf-Suzy Caldwell, Treasurer-Jim XXfyatt. Sponsorg Samuel Nichols Members: Sponsor, Mrs. Sid Shields, D. Breech, G. Cabazos, D. Domstead, P. Gasche, D. Green, R. Green, A. Glover, K. I-lardesty, N. Lermu, S. Owens, G. Roth, P. Schulze, E. Smith, L. Tate, S. Torzke, T. Zirjacks. Officers: President, Delbert Domsteadg Vice-President, Eilen Schoenigg Secretary, Sandy Starbuclcg Treasurer, Aubrey Gloverg Reporter, August Seiler. Paletteers SPOn5Or:MfS'Sld Shields Paletteers is 21 fine club for anyone interested in art. The club teaches art appreciation as well as adding to the experience and ability in many different types of media. Members added to school spirit by making posters during football season, and painting the school's windows at Christmas. Paletteers painted the windows at Christmas. l57 Editor-in-Chief Karen Pierce Auifmnt Edilar Sandy Starbuck Index and Organization-Eilen Schoenig, Linda Hotz, Jean Albrecht, Tennie Zirjacks, and Carolyn Hausendeufel. l58 Stinga ree This 1963 STINGAREE is the result of months and months of work on the part of these staff mem- bers. They have much pride in presenting this an- nual to the student body. This annual captures in pictures the outstanding events of the '62-'65 school year to preserve them in this book for you to last forever. Sport: Editor:-Johnny Perel, Ann Newton, Rae Cohen. Q Staff Clair Edizorr Jean Joiner, jan johnson Sarah Yarbrough, Lama Gregory, Claire Henderson, and Carol Carsner. Adzferlirizzg and Faculty Susie Jamison, Sandy Blair, and Marilyn Haas Spozzfof' Mrs. Caroline Baumgartner Cnlelzdm' amz' Fuzvriler Gwynn Barry, Kathleen Welder, Louise Clary, and Betty Athey Pbalogmpberr Robert McKinney and Robert Pollard KR 9 ,tv 1.3 FU it ar' ,ff -V it 1 l F i,fdM7t'0Lf" A J. Alkek, K. Allen, S. Anderson, C. Baass, C. Barletta, K. Board, K. Bransford, J. Britton, C. Bruton, C. Carsner, M. Carsner, S. Carter, B. Chapa, M. Coleman, H. Cooney, B. Crain, S. Cregg, B. Davis. A, Dawson, E. Donaldson, L. Frazier, P. Gardner, C. Gilliam, L. Glover, N. Greer, M. Greeson, L. Groves, S. Gunnoe, I. Guttierrez, K. Hardesty, F. Hargrove, L. Hauschild, J. Hamilton, C. Henderson, S. Hindman, J. Honeycutt. I. Houston, B. james, J. johnson, 1. Joiner, A. jones, S. Kauzer, J. Kennedy, f -T'flml. At pep rallies the Victoriadores entertain with cute routines and songs. ' . .1 A 1 Victoriadores The Victoriadores always active in school af- fairs do much to help raise the school spirit at Victoria High. At pep rallies, football games, basketball games, whatever the case may be, they are there cheering the Stingarees on to victory. Each year the Vietoriadores sponsor a talent show. Members of the club present their outstand- ing abilities to the people of Victoria. Other money-making projects they sponsor are a car- wash and voo-doo doll sales. E si E E E S Officers: Lieutenants Carol Carsner, Sarah Yarbrough, jean joinerg Captain jan Longg Major janet Kennedy, Captain Sandy Starbuckg Lieu- tenants Maiorie Walleck, Diann Pair and Linda Fraizer. l60 l f L. Klotz, J. Koonce, C. Kovar, L. Leake, P. Leal-ce, K. Lindsey, L. Lipscomb, J. Long, J. Maroni, C. Martin, D. Matlock, P May Meado , J. Mills, L. Mills, E. Molina, N. Morrow, L. McXWilliams, D. Ohermiller, B. Ortiz, S. Ortiz, D. Pair, M. Poole, N Poun s G. Roeerts, G. Robles, J. Rode, L. Russell, S. Sager, L. Sndhop. S. Sherman, K. Sparks, S. Starbuck, K. Stark, P. Theus M Thompson, C. Toombs, M. Tyler, S. Yarbrough, A. Yariger, M. Wrilleck, D. We11the1'ford, C. Willis. dd pirit 'A I O Sponsor, Mrs. Claudine Majors i UQ JE v' - H Victoriadores with the help of the band perform intricate routines Q I at hnlfrtime. if Victoriadores march in basic pattern during half-time show. Victoriadore Beau Kenny Totah Cheerleaders NANCY HERVEY RUTH RUTLEDGE Head Checflefldff Senior Cheerleader MARI JONES Mascot l.8,lUANA Sl'lERhlAN ' RALLS junior Cheerleader Junior Cheerleader "Go! Fight! Win!" is the well- known chant heard often from these cheerleaders. Their enthusi- asm has greatly helped the school spirit this year at VHS. They de- serve the thanks of all VI-Iites. CATHY GLASS CANDY EDGAR Sophomore Cheerleader Sophomore Qheerleadef VHS Majorettes Glenn Schoener leads Vic- toria High Band in its out- standing performances on field. Susan Kellogg, Nancie Reese, and Serena Fromme, per- forming their intricate routines, add color and personality to pep rallies and football games. Drum Major Head Majorette GLENN SCHOENER SUSAN KELLOGG Majorette Majorette SERENA EROMME NANCIE REESE my!! l VV . E. Aguilar, F. Alexander, L. Anders, A. Arnold, L. Arnold, M. Arnold, S. Arnold, C. Barber, S. Barr, B. Bennett, D. Buentello, B. Byers, E. Camarillo, J. Carlos, F. Carter, C. Carver, H. Cross, S. Cochran, D. Collins, E. Collins, J. DeLeon, M. Dunseth, S Duran, B. Edwards, J. Fanning, B. Erankum, S. Fromme, G. Garcia, R. Garland, B. George, D. Gonzales, A. Gonzales, L. Graff B. Hale, I. Helm, J. Hendy, A. Henze, M. Hill, J. Howard, E. johnson, G. Keller, S. Kellogg, S. King, J. Kirchner, C. Langen VICTORIA HIGH SCHOOL BAND E 4, . VHS is well represented with this band. The band entertains with both concert and marching music, providing music for Victorians on many occasions, especially football games and pep- rallies! Victorians listen with appreciation to our ex- ceptional band under the direction of Mr. Fred junkin. VHS Band Sweetheart NANCY LEE burg, N. Lee, R. Lee, R. Moore, P. Morris, J. Mulhollan, L. Nelson, L. Olsovsky, C. Pauler, C. Price, N. Reese, R. Reissig, F. Reyna, O. Reyna, G. Rokyta, R. Rokyta, P. Ross, R. Ross, S. Rossi, R. Sanchez, T. Sanchez, J. Sandidge, j. Schmeltzer, P. Schmelt- zer, G. Schoener, E. Sheppard, T. Short, M. Soileau, J. Stoever, W. Strong, S. Townsend, R. Tyler, M. Vasquez, R. Villareal. E. Wallen, F. Weisse, F. Wilke, C. Willianus, J. Williaxius, L. Wlilliams, R. Wilson, J. Yharbo, K. York. s,......- ff V Once again the VHS Band entertains football spectators in one of its fine half- time performances. All Regional Members: L. Anders, L. Arnold, S. Arnold, E. Collins, H. Cross, J. Fanning, G. Garcia, B. George, J. Hendy, E. Johnson, R. Moore, J. Mulhollan, L. Nelson, C. Price, R. Ross, G. Schoener, E. Shepard, R. Villareal. Sponsor Mr. Fred junkin S Choral Departmenll I Member of the Mixed Choir: K. Allen, M. Boyd, G. Brown, M. Brown, C. Bruton, N. Cheverton, C. Clark, M. Claus, P. Cooper, B. Davis, M. Elkins, J. Goodwin, S. Hall, F. Hargrove, I. Hartenberger, S. Hindman, C. Hyatt, B. Jones, L. Klotz, L. Kneblick, R. Koliba, J. Lindsay, S. McCray, R. Padron, N. Penewitt, S. Pickett, J. Reinhardt, V. Reyna, G. Roberts, M. Tyler. VHS Mixed Choir is considered one of the most talented groups in our school and members of the choir enrich many school and civic programs with their fine work. VHS Choral Department has increased in size this year, boasting a Beginners' Choir, Girls' Chorus, and Mixed Choir. Officers elected this year were Marian Tyler as president and Gloria Roberts as secretary. Section leaders were Lynda Klotz, Pam Cooper, james Reins L hardt, and Bill jones. 1 xii Choir Sweetheart and Beau GREG BROWN and PAM COOPER hows Great Talent in l ' ' T , ii X- All Regional Members: A. Alcorn, G. Brown, J. Brown, N. Cheverton, C. Clark, M. Claus, E. Ellison, F. Hargrove, B. Hargus, P. Harris, S. Hindman, T. jones, L. Klotz, R. Koliba, J. Lindsey, J. Reinhardt, P. Cooper, S. Hall. VHS Choir Sponsor BILL BASKIN VHS was well represented by these members who were chosen in the All-State contest. The are Gloria Roberts, Shelton Hall, jr., Pam Cooper, Bill jones. I67 Singing Is Their Business , x ' l -. . . , ,, .. . A Beginner's Choir: R. Barnhardxij. Brovyw G. Davis, J. Dobbs, P. Gayle, L. Glover, E. Guzman, E. Hairell, I.. Haynes, C. jack son, J. Nonmacher, K. Powell, SXfi'f'Quim?by, N. Short, P. Sides, E. Skopal, B. Sweet, M. Trevino, I.. Umlang, S. Urban, G., Wat- kins, F. Woods, L. Wallace. ' 1 x ,HIV . 'gh 4 1 Girls' Chorus: K. Blackburn, Burgett, R. Cramer, R. Curlee, I. Dobsky, E. Ellison, B. Hancock, P. Harris, B. Hargus, B. james, S. Jamison, S. jones, J. Sims, A. Spinks, F. Toney, S. Warren, E. Woods. I68 Members: A. Cavazos, B. J. Chapa, E. Collins, S. Foitik, G. Garces, E. Garcia, G. Garcia. A. M. Gonzales, C. Howard, D. Knox J Lancaster, V. Lindsey, C. Lorenz, B. Loyd, G. Matthews, J. Rodriguez. P. Sides, J. Smajstrla, P. Stell, J. Stoever, M. Stoltzman, D. Terry S Valenzuela, B. Vickers, J. Villafranca. Sponsor Mrs. Bruce Hurley Future Nurses of America Victoria Chapter of the Future Nurses offers guidance to girls who are considering nursing as a vocation. Most of these girls work as Candy Stripers. Candy Stripers work along with the nurses attending the patients at Citizen's Memorial Hospital. Their work is similar to that of a student nurse. P The objectives of the Future Nurses are to encourage student interest in personal and community healthg and to enlighten the future nurse as to the requirements and benefits to her profession. Officers: President-Vivian Lindsey, Vice-President-Stephanie Foitik, Secre- tary-Pat Stell, Treasurer-Marlys Stotzman, Historian-Carol Lorenz, Publicity Chairman-judy Smajstrla, Corresponding Secretary-Julie Villafranca, Chaplain -Evelyn Collins, Parliamentarian-Donna Terry. I69 Victorian Editorial Edilorr Sandy Starbuck Ann Newton Editor-in-Chief jean Albrecht Newr Edilorr jean Joiner jan Johnson Aififlmzt' Edilor Ian johnson S porn Editorr Feazzn-e Edilorr johnny Perel Louise Clary Richard Lumpkins Karen Pierce ta ff Photographer and Carlaorzifl Robert McKinney and Corneal Green Eilen Schoenig sells pep ribbons to VHites. This is the money-making project of the staff. THE VICTORIAN staff under the instruction of its sponsor Mrs. Caroline Baumgartner has pre- sented a bi-weekly newspaper re- lating the latest happenings at Vic- toria High to the student body free of charge. The Victorian is financed completely by the sale of advertise- ments and pep ribbons. Ad1fe1'li.fing and Cirfzzlatiofz Marilyn Haas Sponsor Mrs. Caroline Baumgartner Marilyn Haas, Carol Ann Barletta, and Susie Jamison fold the newspapers to send to other schools. l7l Q 'PwiY3F! " " i I Ma 1 ff,. - 'f . VH WITTIEST Yvonne Mooney johnny Perel I76 BEST ALL AROUND Nancy Hervey Cubby Hudler MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED jan johnson Paul Komfuehrer wwimfxwxm.,f5g.e-,,,-'1a.Q-3me:,:L:,52fu -aff K-iL1fa i.fQs1'mgh':-wmn MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Janet Kennedy Bob Ostmzm I77 BEST ALL AROUND Sarah Yarbrough Dennis Leita Junior 4 FRIENDLIEST La Juana Sherman and John , Stormont 1 Favorites MOST TALENTED Doug Winters and Jan Alkek CUTEST Gene Harvcy and Nancy Rails Sophomore BEST ALL AROUND Cathy Glass Jimmy jo Williams CUTEST David Sweet Craig Hyman Kathy Diamond LIVELIEST Candy Edgar LAD Al Favorites Qfg -- .-44:-:fesQa55:4e':,:E .i k .sfzaxw ,sf X Q., .. fix S gn K QQ! MOST TYPICAL jan Newton Mike Koehl JIMMY JOE NXEI rw as ei 5, B N e o a m U i 11 I1 Y S e s I83 Handsome Beautiful Q if-449 V 1 W' 4 , 6 -5 ' 2 6 'Eg W F390 CROWN PRINCE and CROWN PRINCESS Kathy Blackburn Paul Kornfuehrer Victoria High School's sixth annual Spring Coronation, formerly called May Fete, was held April 27 in the Victoria High School auditorium. Queen Shiela Fulbright and King Cubby Hudler reigned over the "Court of Mythical Enchantment" with 36 members of VHS royalty, plus representatives from Vic- toria College and Nazareth Academy. Representatives to the royal court were chosen through popular elections. Any girl from the sophomore, junior, or senior Classes was eligible for election after securing a petition of 25 names. Each winner then selected her own escort, who shared her title. Sponsored by the VHS Student Council, the Spring Coronation is the highlight of the school year. Im- mediately following the coronation, the Queen and King and Crown Princess and Crown Prince were honored with a ball in the gymnasium. fmfmwwwmmmwmwwfus f+fkmmwm-my 1' vm - f f , f .win -I. is Senior Attendants I92 T+, Junior Attendants Sophomore f 5 , 'HJ C Attendants Bobby Ostman Who's Sandy Starbuck Nancy Hervey Faculty members of VHS have chosen the outstanding students for the 1962-63 school years Who's Who section of THE STINGAREE is a tribute to those se- lected. To be one of the few who are given this honor is perhaps the desire of every VI-lite, for it is considered to be one of the very highest achievements. The election of these students is based on: leadership, social adjustment, moral integrity, scholastic standing, and par- ticipation in extracurricular activities. S E Shiela Fulbright Cubby Hudler Louise Clary Who Paul Kornfuehrer Kenny Totah Peter de LCEUW Janet Kennedy immy Nichols Who's Marian Tyler jan johnson Pam Cooper Ken Powell Who 6 Doug Winters Larna Gregory Judy Swoboda Sarah Yarbrough Nevin Anderson l f f A I 1 n w E w 1 o R 11: 11 x un nr uns wmumf: 7 20I 1 1 STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES Port Lavaca McAllen McCallum Highlands Spring Branch Beaumont Jefferson Ray Miller Carroll Q, Stlnga re Top row: Coach Miller, Coach Pruett, D. Vickery, R. Loyd, D. Childers, R. Greenwood, M, Weaver, T. Bargsley, M. Pearson, B. Lowe, E. Slayden, R. McManus, Coach Cummings, Coach Cleveland. Middle row: J. Inscore, R. Grant, W. Kremling, J. Roberts, F. Jaster, G. Alexander, A. Gonzalez, M. Koehl, Sting tri-captains for 1962-65: Paul Kornfuehrer, David Childers, and Cubby Hudler. 202 Stingaree coaches are: Larry Cummings, Tom Prue 5 Y fl 29 A 1 ,- 5 E ootball Victoria High Schools fighting STINGAREES compiled a four win, six loss record this year. The Stings won four games in a row to open the season and astonishall concerned. Then the Stings lost six games in a row, four of them by extra points. Victoria came in last place in the district 14AAAA race. E. Smith, J. Murphy, R. Nelson, J. Clerk, Trainer Montag. Botmm rnzw: G. Teague, N. jones, J. Williams, A. Cooley, T. Hewlett, S. Marmolejo, C. Hyman, Cv. Robison. C. Schroyer, B. Preston, P. Kornfuehrer, C. Hudler. Miller, james Cleveland. Victoria High School was honored with two of its football players to be recognized by the state. David Childers placed Znd team all-state center, and Cul:-by Hudler rated 5rd team all-state quarterback. 203 Stings Maul 'Crabs in Season Opener , I v. , 1 'f . li f w wf. " ,... ., - g , zj Y l U ,, 1. aafiirafmaaa 5- Cubby Hudler "DOWN YOU GO," say two Sandcrab tacklers to Stingaree halfback jimmy jo Williartis, No. 15, as he grabs a pass on the Victoria 34 yard line. -' asa if I 1zQfiift'?7flf? if i f 1 M. A , gif 2 .- lf A r A ' an -. Q r --. -,..:, .. a:7faa,,.,t Gary Alexander A Victoria's sur risin STINGAREES broke a three ear losin ,. t y D P S A I Y g Qt .L streak in Port Layaca by upending the Sandcrabs in the season 5 V s. V 3 ls' , ' Q , in I , opener, 26-12. A, Cubby Hudler, in his debut at quarterback, and Gary Teague P were the' big guns in the Sting victory. Hudler gained 112 ja K , - yards on the ground while com letin four asses to halfback ,ig 1 P a I P , , , P 5 Paul Kornfuehrer. Hudler had only two incompletionsg one to 's .AIW Q , X end Dennis Vickery, which he caught out of bounds, and the A", as ' - other pass was batted down, His four completions netted 73 l jlfl? 1 ' , - C 1 7 Q Yards' a t W .. A f Gary Teague, Sting fullback, found holes in the Sandcrab defensive wall and turned' in the - best performance of his " o career in rushing 100 yards in 18 carries. 1 " ,i-'1-wa, -M x - -- . . . . af- .112-s-51' - 1,1 Mast: -f The stifling STINGAREE defensive wall, led by David - r ' , , ,gc Childers and Ray Nelson, held the Sandcrabs to only 98 yards gig, ' 1-', 1 i.gai,f',,f aaa, K , Q faqe , 9 3 , 3, Q . A 1, .S 215 1 I rushing and one touchdown on the ground. The other touchdown 2 was made by a long pass play.. ' D . . i w g N . pk , f , Craig Hyman, sophomore kicking specialist, kicked two for two ,qw ' A . Sf ' at-.' "aa" p"H,i' 'iii 'C' -Qin i' - 'N' V , gif' x.,:- X '- ' fi' X' 7 '7 if fha 'Af exgm points. I I , , fhe most surprising play of the game was a sensational once- ' - - hdown jaunt by Cubby Hudler. Hudler started P IK f I in a season touc A D au Om ue Her on the Crab 23 yard line, fumbled, picked the ball up, ran back- Gary Teague wards to the 35, then weaved his way by the astounded Sand- crab football team for the tally. l ff g be 1 , 7 ig - 3 fp Z 5 .,.:f ! '.,..:l -arf: ' 9: 51. l 1 r 1 , fi llsi 1 l 1 1 ts C, l ,,-' , ' va 'fte i 7y.L ?.g,i,sst:,i,y3 - iilgwtfk I ,c a iw , . ,l,k i 1 f. , , W. Bill Preston 204 "HEY, I BET YOU CAN'T CATCH ME," is probably what Sting quar- terback Cubby Hudler is saying as he breaks in the clear to reach the Crab 22 yard line before he-'s finally brought down. Andrew Gonzalez l Stings Put Bite on Bulldogs, I2-7 A A A , , 1- oi A A fe 'mf4 1 7 . .Q , U , , ,, Q- , ... GO AWAY, BULLDOG, IVE GOT YARDAGE TO GAIN, says 1, f- , Cubby Hudler as a Bulldog tackler tries to down the flashing quarterback. Rick Loyd iff I ,wants V "' I 5'5 " - 'WT ,f-:ati s 'L 1l"?t'-i'llll-Willie' A 7 1 - fy spa- ' est., .fkk .ik xi - f' eff 5.5 , ' 1 - F 'S ' ' - ffxrrfke iw? ig at - f- ia-at-is-. ssitzagt-me its David Childers T, I 'QE 1 "' 3923 Rx, Q15 "1-sp-ff wt I afra- awe A J? 'f ,, ..., ...., AL.. , -w :5:-t- k55w51g.,ee,. it - ' Wi' -- Y' A 4 ' if fl.. Q - lik -" 4 -3- aft' " www K Vik IAQ?-figs! , ,: -Q ,P L,,, r if .ul - if ' aww james Murphy McAllen's brawny Bulldogs journeyed to Victoria to atone a heartbreaking 8-7 defeat the previous week to Highlands. They left our fair city feeling even worse re- ceiving the tail end of an exciting 12-7 game. They lost the game with only 2:17 left in the ball game. In the first half, neither the Stings nor the Bulldogs registered in the scoring column. McAllen drove all the way to the STINGAREE 5 yard line midway in the second quarter. But they were stopped by an offensive holding penalty costing them 15 yards and a touchdown. In the third quarter Victoria finally crossed into paydirt. Cubby Hudler squirted around right end for the score. The attempt for the extra point was no good. McAllen stormed right back and scored its six-pointer. Only the kick after the score was good. McAllen led 7-6. Things looked bad for the Stings until deep in the fourth quarter when they drove to the Bulldog 17 yard line. Three plays lost a yard. With fourth down and 11, Paul Kornfuehrer hit jimmy Williams for a 13 yard pass play setting up a first down and the Sting touchdown. McAllen couldn't muster up a threat in the fading seconds. "HEY, LET GO OF MY FACE MASK, YOU 'DOG'l" exclaims Paul Kornfuehrer as he is dropped after a short gain. Dennis Vickery ----. A K it sal ..,. V al l . ei' . 1 . ts. 2 -1 1. 55375 1 1 . g gi, ...., 3 A - ..l6:TgE..,.,, 41 Ray Nelson David Hellyer Safety Downs McCallum, 8- Norman jones helps Dennis Vickery as the Stingree defense Dennis Vickery and David Hellyer down this Knight as he is dropped for a four yard loss. l fig if '-,G Zyr- . V at , - ..,, - I ,Sofft -x, ggi . ,ji 1-,r :Qgjaf , iss, i.,s r e sm sfs ss, 7 Iiii gt s L' 'ia' 'Q I A - .L f.,g sg.iQagg.'fz"14a,:y iw--X 'ff e . , ,. f g 1 41 2,-as ,. Q- . if 5, riginal, M' st' ' ' ' W' as 'rf -. st ' ff. ,. ., ma- ,-Qaeda - - ' , ..-A ' ?'fi,r'f-' " V .,.. - .h 2:?S1i'?,rgM, liars rTimT'f 'H ixfzifi mi 'Y of-1 W f i ,gags M1 L.,-r, ,Q saw- i r 52 ms 'V fied-g.urff' 'I' ' Y k,y.., at-M, Tim Bargsley .fs-f,,,f-m, Floyd jaster 206 43,333 drops this Knight for one of the many minus carries that the Knights had. Finally, after seven years of waiting, the Victoria STINGAREES have come through the first three games of the season undefeated and untied. For the second game in succession, the Stings had to "pull one out of 'the fire" by coming up with a last period safety to edge the McCallum Knights 8-7. The winning two points came with 5:02 left in the game with Victoria trailing 7-6. With the ball on their own 15 yard stripe. McCallum was thrown back to the 6 yard line by Dennis Vickery. On the very next play, Ed Small, Knight quarterback, faded back and SZ V a ,,, Roy Greenwood and David Hellyer squirmed through the line and dropped him behind the goal line. . , :Mi '+w'f5rfTL+ffe' The STINGAREE touchdown tally started with a fumble on the Sting 19 yard line. On the fourth play, si5?35irg,.-'e I . Paul Kornfuehrer rabbed a 7 'ard ass and hit wa ' ,f-,Q1 . . , . 5 -s,-'r V ' f Vx, ..- "- dirt, Craig Hyman S kick was no good. . i n - A f f r" if 'fi ' -SMH '- For the third game in a row, the stout SIINGAREE Q. -pf: J s l i defensive wall played magnificently. Sparked by Dave J ,ifw w f . . rf s. , ffrzw .. -A if y - , .I-Q,,, vf ' L Childers, Roy Greenwood, and David Hellyer, the Knights could only muster 48 rushing yards. , Sonny Marmolejo 'xi ii. v . ' V ,' L I 5 -relief - ' 5 - ' 'rS'r6h:vz. ."A Sf-:ev:.,w,,. ' . i m'isQi'iiif5Qi"i'-'WW . -- -i.i?f?"3'Q , W ' " 7 ' W , A , or - +4 . ,fa M w5,,1.,i- - '----f 'X ,M sf.-2,r.,. , i. Q, A Viv. iw v, 1, - fr 1 -fo r s wf X 1 l isstts I . .ig siiiggg fir' + '.t- fw 1 T .4 r A , rv - - ' , ' tt.' ' 1' zsiiifil. , , ff " ?i51isi ,3- .. Q what .. N- f:,f 1 ,as -, sw ,ig-ss ,. . - . X , - 5 7 A if M john Roberts Roy Greenwood Eddie Smith Stingarees Take Fourth Straight Victory "EVERYONE CLEAR OUT!" yells Ray Nelson and Gary Alexander as they clear the way for Cubby Hudler. 3 't'1"e"'X' -T G 2 4 Ea- C'-4557" .TNQ Tftffyl, jsfcig' V H ff L f K a .. .aaa 53,36 .f,f. w .g-4 at , rigqm., ,i x ,ig ,Z f--X" Norman jones fashion. 6,500 thrilled football fans packed Patti Welder Stadium to see the STINGAREES slip by the Highlands Owls 16-14. For the second week in succession, a safety proved to be the difference in the close score. This time, Dave Childers, defensive end, shot through the Owl line to nail the punter behind the goal line. Later in the second quarter, the Owls took the ball, and in 12 plays, covering 55 yards, marched over into paydirt for the tally. The extra point boot was good and the score stood 7-2 at the half. Netting only 12 yards rushing and two first downs the first half, Victoria came out fighting. The Stings moved 69 yards in 13 plays for their first touchdown of the evening and took the lead. Hymanys boot was good and Victoria led 9-7. On a fumble recovery, the Stings began another march at the Owl 48. Six plays later, Arthur Cooley banged over for the score. Hyman's kick was again good and the Stings led 16-7. Highlands stormed back for another TD, but the final score was the STINGAREES 16, and the Owls 14. 5 aa A. f -ia 1 V W if ,af . , , as if -N , V -gvnifft ' 4142 N ta 21? , ii. S X x As ,z W f 6 Cubby Hudler lets everyone know that Gary Teague rammed over for this score as he lifts his arms in the regular referee f fa. f s Y i as '5' .gf N 52 - " 1 r. ,M -. w,,.,. V - Q U af 4- ' . gg ., ..,. . ...fc lf 1 was R .4 r -wwe :lj r s 1, I LA., Tygaaf Va. A ii , ei s"-. f,.vQl 'l lc ' .0 ' ?+5w6iQxa.f?'fl' 121+ . f . ' Gary Robinson ' f :. 'H N ' Y ' ,.9"ff- . Q. " "ft f v 'H ' i i 'I' , , 5 5'-'S' ' H f 5 ' - 'ff NM. ' i l ws, '.-7 R - .-'. - ' f' 'H . 7- F" 'Hi . 4 . f M95 , .' X ff ., ... ws-Kea? ' q f faftsa -75' C ' at gfev " It g S AA ',.if..31sA : 4 ,,,..xL:9v h I .L , I V 7 In 71 V ga A' ' " " 1 M ' 5 . gi A na - L fi, Y X - v i. lg . .',. in d , , gag. g f,-f. . ' 11 1 5 .' 11' .-,- ,.-rest" ' " 1 W - 'J ' , an 'ft 'Ru V1 ,, V. X .:?1w?,.ifQ,g r . -'S t - Wayne Kremling Mark Weaver Clifford Shroyer Johnny Inscore 207 Brawny Bruins Topple Stings, I4-I2 Gene Harvey Bobby Lowe . S ttf? A - Q Q- -M AT ,M V A A 1 I . . ' gig 13 I ,iii-5 f"' , if E - ' wx 'Y '- 'I-X -"fel 'ew ' s t 'J ' Q .im - Q--t. 1, S, 4 . tg? is 15555 .a is 3- I , , Y JT' fig. .L :Ugg R ixiiw., A :QW ' Jerry Clark 208 An unidentified Stingaree back drives for short yardage to carry the Stings away from their own goal line. Ranked third in the state, Spring Branch's Golden Bears hit Victoria and left with a squeaking 2-point victory. The STINGARFES, after winning its last three games by a total of only eight points, got a dose of its own medicine in losing 14-12. Spring Branch struck first on a 27 yard scamper by the Bears' Chris Gil- bert with 4:-41 left in the first half. After a punt exchange, Victoria recovered a Bruin fumble on the Sting 48. Wfith only two seconds left in the half, Cubby Hudler faded back to pass, couldnt find a receiver and shot over the goal for the tally, Hyman's conversion was blocked and Victoria trailed 7-6 at halftime. Coming back after the half, Spring Branch scored first again. After kicking the extra, the Bears led 14-6. Shortly after that the Stings began to move, With a third down situation coming up on the Spring Branch 30, Gary Teague plunged through the line and dashed all the way for the touchdown. I-Iudleris pass for the extra fell short and score stood 14-12. With only a little more than three minutes left, Victoria had the ball, first and goal on the Bear 7 yard line. Three plays netted five yards. On fourth down on the 1V2 yard line, Hudler fell inches short of a Sting victory. Spring Branch then ran out the clock. "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" yells halfback Paul Kornfuehrer, No. 30, as he reels in a long pass to take the Stings deep into Bear territory. Harris-Led Beaumont Romps Stings "LET GO OF ME, YOU . . . YOU . . cries Quarterback Hudler as one of Beaumont's Royal Purple grabs him and won't let him go. Victoria's fighting STINGAREES scored twice in the first quarter and then couldn't muster another threat and fell to the Beaumont Royal Purple 28-14 in Patti Wfelder Stadium. Victoria's first touchdown came early in the first quarter when guard james Murphy covered a fumble on the Beaumont 43. Gary Teague scampered for 52 yards and Cublrmy Hudler scooted the last 11 for the score. Craig I-lyman's boot was good and the Stings led 7-O. Four downs later, Hudler ran a Beaumont punt all the way to the Purple 9 yard line. Arthur Cooley took a pitch-out and passed to Dennis Vickery in the end zone for the Stings' last score. Beaumont began to move late in the second period. End runs by short, but swift Cameron Harris, shot holes in the heralded Sting defensive wall. In the second half, with Victoria leading 14-8, Beaumont again started to go. The Royal Purple quickly made another touchdown. Later, Harris scooted 85 yards for another Purple Score. Beaumont made its last TD when they inter- cepted a STINGAREE desperation pass with 2 minutes remaining. The game ended with Beaumont ahead 28-14. The hungry Stingaree defensive gang tackles Cameron Harris, who dealt the Stingarees misery with his broken-field running and pass snatching. . s . ' F 1 3. B 1 Q' rf is 'te .3 it A 8 4.8 2 8 W . 1g,s 'ifr 'q ' 'fi x My , ' ' it W . H-s f the - , - ,f hff , 1"ff"1i g,f.. Mike Pierson lu.. if ,f ' 'I f - ..,. -we ,li .I K ' I rv ., . , . 'G . ,y.. y...S , . . s jf-,aaa - . W j. .ou ,fe k iln T gi' rf-wa ,tw t '- V . -. 8 . ri w wav. A, sw 3 .. V Raymond Grant - n ,.,, ,. ' 2 fi a t 2 E' 3 at " pi G V . K " V A 5 Q, H N ,,,, ,, .-,afz Q .. ' ' '- - , , J ft . A-eat . M I ' 'L' is , . giggle" rises-,az ' ' I V ff r. ,Effie N w -i , A' 'ti " 'R' O - - r . 'iwtfiw-L1-gat' ,'f 'jfij. ' 1 . ,i -2 fs.:- . A ., "f?3ls -"QW 59 2 Wt ? , .- -- X Iimmy Jo Wfilliams 209 2I0 11 ro IR U3 .Q : CP. n :- ro U5 S ru Fl' o I. SD 70 1 Q U VY 'LJ rdf! S Sophomore halfback Arthur Cooley scampers around left end for good Mike Koghl yardage as Mustang No. 33 finally came in to make the stop. Powerful Jefferson of San Antonio had to fight for its life in the last half, but finally stopped the STINGAREE surge to squeeze by the Stings 21-20. In the first half, jefferson smashed over the Sting defense continuously. Midway in the second period, the Mustangs had amassed a 21-0 lead over the hapless, visiting STINGAREES. Late in the quarter, Victoria finally hit paydirt, but the extra point run by Cubby Hudler failed. At halftime, the score was 21-6 in favor' of jeff. But in the second half, things were different. The STINGAREES roared out to the field and after receiving the kick-off, promptly marched 75 yards in nine plays for their second tally of the evening. This time Hudler's run for the extra point was good, and the score stood 21-14 in favor of jeff. Victoria's final touchdown march began on the STINGAREE 20 yard line. After two quick first downs, the Stings faced third and 22 on their own 48 yard line. Then quarterback Eugene Harvey fired a long pass to Hudler to set up a first and 10 on the jefferson 25. Four plays later, Harvey banged over from the one yard line. Needing a single point to tie and two to win, the Stings went all the way, Halfback Paul Kornfuehrer took a pitch-out and ran wide to his left. When the pile-up was uncovered, Kornfuehrer was just feet away from the goal line leaving Jefferson with a 21-20 victory. Arthur Cooley "PUSH 'EM BACK, WAY BACK" roars the Sting rooters as jeff has a first and ten on the Victoria 39 yard line. Ray Ruins Homecoming Hopes . x' E1 3 x gf ef G y AW t vii -wt 'aim ,. .f ,w t Q - , 3 ' Rrifsiittff " . ,.s'-ffl' - -. , , . -lit Egg. t .mea ? we Q?5,fzw'i',g.1vx:2?M fm S Craig Hyman 1 . X .f cf g t A c -- V . I . Q-Jitsu f . TV Z is .,,, 1 r ' N. -- ' ESS we 2 . . W, 'Ya 1 mls, ., gf ra ai-v,1.1..jQvlf.Q.,+f-.v as --1 1 me-tfQp,jU'2-'23 ,as as Rus. a,.::wf.aa.aaasfi.aifsii Oates' .1 Elmer Slayden Senior fullback Gary Teague speeds by two Ray tacklers on his way into Ray territory. W. B. Ray's highly favored Texans shattered the STINGAREES Homecoming hopes by edging the Stings 15-12 at Patti Welder Stadium. It was the third time in four straight losses that extra points were the downfall of the STINGAREES. Victoria's stingy defense stopped drives on its own one and five yard lines in the second half and was in contention all the way, but two pass interceptions in the final six minutes quenched the chance of a Sting rally. Victoria hit the scoring column first late in the first quarter the second time they had the ball. Halfback Paul Kornfuehrer fired a pass to end Rick Loyd to set up a first and 10 on the Texan one foot line. Quarterback Harvey then rolled over for the score. Hudler's try for the extra point was no good and the score was 6-0. Ray stormed back 64 yards in the 10 plays to even up the score, and went ahead 7-6 on the extra point. After the half, Ray drove to the Sting three, but was stopped on the fourth down. In the final quarter, after Ray scored and made it 15-6, Gene Harvey fired a bullet pass to Paul Kornfuehrer who went all the way. Hudler's attempt for the extra was again short and the game ended Ray 15, Victoria 12. . r X' p "GET OUT OF MY WAY, NO. 2O," yells Cubby Hudler as he breaks into the clear, deep in Ray territory. 2lI Bucs Scuttle Sinking Stings, 28-I9 "I GOT YOU, HUDLERH squeaks a Buc guard as he grabs Cubby Hucller after an 11 yard pick-up to the Buc 53 yard line. Terry Hewlett Miller's powerful Buccaneers Won their seventh victory of the season by dumping the sliding STINGAREES, 27-18. Victoria has lost five games in a row now, after winning four in a row. The Stings continued to have trouble in making their extra points. In three attempts, none was converted. Miller had to battle twice from behind to overtake the Stings as Victoria was in the contest until the final gun. The turning point of the game came in the fourth quarter when punter Gary Alexander booted on fourth down into his own blocking back. Miller covered the ball on the Sting 10 yard line, and shortly after rolled over the goal line for the score. Miller went ahead 19-18, and stayed on top for the rest of the game. Victoria's offense stood out in the loss. Eugene Harvey completed nine of 22 passes, and the quick running of Leslie Hudler and the grinding drives of fullback Gary Teague kept the STINGAREES in the game, The Stings outgained the brawnier home team 311 to 276 yards. Dave Childers, Ray Nelson, and Mark XVeaver sparked the Victoria defense, although defensive mistakes of the STINGAREES cost them the victory. e Q .t 4 ttetrc a 1 s iffz 2fttf1i 'tf' ,f A ifgwfi . 5, ,.., 1 Q-11,3 gmt., fx 4538- imQg,,.fj, 5:3 .tftijg ,,sifr..zr V x Y agi .c f . rf' -3 A 1 A We K. 5,1474 u . - 31 s . Y' We K + ,F 'ii' -5 'l . gffaif.-1 i rs Q., .. 5, .g g h g A V4 W yfft,xXg2 ,557 av.. ' ' J 1 ' . 'HEY XWAIT F ME 4 " ' OR FELLOWS, hollers Buccaneer lNo. 12 as he Rusty MCMMHS appears to be 1,000 miles from the action at Buccaneer Stadium in Corpus. 2I2 Tigers Drop Stings for Sixth Straight Loss Ted Nelson "LET'S GO BIG STINGS" chants the student body on the opening kick off of the final game against Corpus Christi Carroll. Victoria's 1962-65 football season ended with the Stings' Sixth straight defeat. The Stings again lost by a margin of the 'dreaded' extra point for the fourth time this season, this time to the Mary Carroll Tigers, 8-7. STINGAREES drove all the way 68 yards the first time they got the ball for a touchdown. Cubby Hudler sprinted 16 and 11 yards on the drive, while work horse Gary Teague picked up 9 yards on two carries. Hudler then scampered 52 yards all the way to the one-foot line, where Gene Harvey carried for the score after he missed a hand-off. Hyman's kick was good and it looked as if the Stings couldnt be sto ed. Cgrroll began to move on the kick-off return. Driving all the way to the Sting 15, the stout Victoria defense began to hold. The next time the Tigers gained possession, Victoria wasn't quite so reluctant. After driving 68 yards in 10 plays, Carroll finally hit the scoring column. On the conversion, the Tigers shocked the home fans by rolling over for the two-pointer. Scoring for both teams was over, but the STINGAREES drove down to the Carroll 14 yard line deep in the fourth quarter. But the Tigers toughened up and halted the Sting threat. roll went on to win the game, 8-7. Coaches Pruett and Cleveland "IT'S GOOD!" Craig Hyman, sophomore place-kicker, toes the ball straight through the uprights to end the Victoria extra-point drought Car UGEE, I JUST CANT BELIEVE IT!" breathes Nancy Hervey, newly crowned Homecoming queen, to nominee Paula blnrrell. Homecoming A picture is worth a thousand words when you look at the star-studded face of Queen Nancy Her- vey at halftime ceremonies during the homecoming game with the Ray Texans. Victoria High School "B" Team Lefl Io riglal, mp row: Coach Salley, Coach Fuquay, Varclaman, Workman, Roller, Harvey, Lemke, Stanford, J. Gomez, Tay lor, Ramseur, Slayden. Middle raw: Manager Stormont, Derrick, Geddie, Wells, Branch, Foitik, Keel, B. Gomez, Grant Cruz, McWherter. Bottom row: Sharp, Scurlock, Schustreit, Slaughter, Fulton, Sanchez, Rodgers, Hoffman, Weaver. Stingaree "B-B" Team Lefl lo rigbl, lop row: Coach Williams, Coach Cook, Meyer, Owens, Davis, Baker, Sattler, Keith, Carroll, Butler, Knight, Manager Lerma. Middle raw: Youngblood, Tyler, Bennight, Sweet, Lang, Costello, Lala, McCoy, Elder, Dorton. Bottom row: Held, Gonzalez, Neely, Dutton, Eason, Cavasar, Brady, Lumpkins, Tate, Terrell, Kothe. Basketball l963 Lefz lo rigbls F. Padilla, M. Moses, J. Finke, D. Boehm, F. Weitzel, J. Stephens, Coach jack Cook, C. Cook C Huebner C. Heger, R. Rothwell, P. Gilbert, and D. Leita. Coach Cook tells student body that the Stingaree basketball team is going all the way this year. STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGARIEES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES STINGAREES 'kdenotes district game 1 denotes zone play-off SCOREBOARD Westbury South San Brazosport McCollom Beeville S. F. Austin Brazosport Beeville S. F. Austin Refugio South Sun Harlandale 4:Mary Carroll itRoy Miller i:W. B. Ray i1Mary Carroll ttRoy Miller f:W. B. Ray f1JMary Carroll f1jMary- Carroll f2jEdinburg f2jEdinburg f5jMcCallum 2 denotes district play off 3 denotes regional play off Cage Sweetheart f 2 1 rw VHS presents Miss jean Joiner as the 1962-1963 Basketball Sweetheart. The nominees stand and look as Co-Captains Weitzel and Cook Walk jean to her throne. Stings Dump Carroll in District Opener "REACH FOR THE SKY, ZEKE." Mike Moses goes high in the sky for the bucket. After starting the season in a mediocre fashion, Victoria's Stingarces banged out a 51-49 victory over the Carroll Tigers to initiate district play for both teams. Victoria won the game on a fantastic, last-second shot by forward Chet Cook. With only two seconds remaining, and the score tied 49-49, Cook sent a high, arching 30 foo-t shot that sank without even touching the rim. Fred Ray Weitzel led Sting scoring with 21 points. Cook was next with 13, and Mike Moses followed with 8 points for the evening. Mike Moses "HERE WE GO LOOP DE LOOP" yells Fred XWeitzel as he loops around number 44. Fred Weitzel Stings Top Miller in Double-Overtime This knee opposing player seems worried about Mike Moses' pads as "Zeke" tries for two. Trailing most of the game by scant points, Victoria came out on the top-end of a tense double-overtime tilt with the Miller Buccaneers. Regulation play ended with a 45-43 tie. In the first overtime period, both teams failed to connect for buckets. In the second overtimeg however, Victoria finally managed to sink one for the win. Chet Cook fed the ball to Charles I-Ieger, who neatly dropped the ball in the basket. Miller came downcourt only to have the ball stolen. The Stings then ran out the clock. Fidel Padilla Fred Weitzel again led Victoria scoring with 18 points followed by Mike Moses and Fidel Padilla with 11 and 10 points respectively. "PUT YOUR HAND DOWN, PIRATE!" thinks Charlie Heger as he sees the big hand of a Buc defender on his way up, Clifton Huebner Ray Falls, Stings Lead District Fighting like champions the entire game, the fight- ing Stingarees dumped the W. B. Ray Texans to take over undisputed first place in the North Zone of district 14AAAA. Behind by one point at each of the first three periods, the Stings stuffed in 18 points in the last quarter to Ray's nine to drop the Texans 59-51. Playing before a jammed house of 1,500 cheering fans, the home team really put on a show. Chet Cook led all scorers with 26 points on ten field goals and six free throws. Cook was followed by Fidel Padilla with 12 and Mike Moses with 11 points. "OVER TO HERE, OVER TO HERE," yells Chet Cook and Mike Moses as Fidel Padilla tries to bring the ball in. UPARDON ME, MR. COOK," apologizes this fellow as he tries to avoid running over Chet. 220 Chet Cook Charlie Heger Tigers Bounce Stings Out of First After losing to the Stings in Victoria, Carroll sur- prised the league-leaders with 21 59-51 upset at their hometown gyml Carolls' eight-point margin came from the free throw line. Carroll sank 21 of 31 tosses from the line as 23 fouls were called on the Stings. Victoria dropped in 13 of 19 free throws as only 13 fouls were called against the home team. Fred Wfeitzel and Chet Cook topped the Victoria scoring with 13 points apiece. Carroll's jim Assad broke the Stings' back with 24 points. Mike Moses jumps over the outstretched hand of this defender for the bucket. ELIES THROUGH THE AIR WITH THE GREAT- EST OF EASE," thinks the crowd as Fidel Padilla goes through the air on his way in for a lay-up. "' T. 'val 0 David Boehm Ricky Rothwell 22I Moses Paces Stings b Bucs C3522 U 3 "YOIf'RE NOT GOING TO IVIAKE IT THIS TIME," says Buc number 50 as he blocks Charlie Hegefs shot, Paced by the brilliant playing of guard Mike Moses, the Stingarees cinched a tie for the champion- ship of the North Zone of district MAAAA. Victorizfs big guns, Fred Weitzel and Chet Cook, were silenced by the Miller defense to set the stage for Moses, who pumped in 19 big points as the Stingrirees dropped Miller, 51-48. The Stings led most of the game, but late in the third quarter, Miller shot ahead 40-37. With Moses and Fidel Padilla sinking buckets, the Stings went ahead to stay. Following Moses in the scoring were Fidel Padilla with 12, and Charles Heger with 9 points. Dennis Leitn .590 if-Z T5 Chet Cook seems to be holding the ball out for anyone to grab, but this accounted for two Sting points. Pat Gilbert 222 Texans Drop Stingsg Force Play-off +'Kl'h This one is good for two points as Charlie Heger towers over the defenders to drop it in. Needing only this game to wrap up undisputed first place for the North Zone, the Stingarees were dumped by the Ray High School Texans, 49-41. Victoria looked far below the team that outclassed Ray only two weeks before in Victoria. The home team Texans could do no wrong, as they hit from the outside to shatter the Stings' zone defense. Ray's Henry Palacious stuffed in 21 points to lead all scorers. Victoria, it seemed, could do no right. Missing shots from all over the court, the Stingarees barely managed to stay within striking distance of the home team. Chet Cook managed a meager two points. High scorers were Charlie Heger, who popped in 12 points, and guard Fred Weitzel, who flipped in 11 points. Joel Stephens Coach Cook gives last minute instructions to his Stingarees as they go out for the last quarter. jerry Finke Stingarees Topple Tigers in Play-off Game E .Y,P'l, Victoria's big number 44, Chet Cook, leaps over the opposition to hit for the basket. Playing without the help of its leading scorer in district, Fred XXVeitzel, the Victoria Stingarees smashed the Carroll Tigers two games in a row, 54-50 and 42-30 to advance to the Zone play-off with Edinburg of the South Zone district 14AAAA. Mike Moses, who came out of nowhere late in the season, paced the Stings in both games. In the first game in Corpus, Moses sank 19 points for the Stingaree cause. And in the final encounter, Moses flipped in 18 points for a two game total of 37 points. Trailing the Tigers 36-35 in the final period of the first game, Victoria rolled up 19 points to Carroll's 14 points. After scoring seven straight points, Victoria never lost the lead again. "REACH FOR THE SKY. CHARLIE!" Charlie Heger seems Fred Weitzel attentively looks on as Fidel Padilla to be Sky-iligh 215 he pulls in tl1iS I'CiDOu1'1ci. hifg from the free-throw line, 224 Stings Take North Zone Title Clejata if to "HEY, LOOK AT ME, FELLOWS," shouts Chet Cook as he goes up high for a bucket. Needing only one victory to win the North Zone title, Victoria's talented Stingarees smashed the Carroll Tigers, 42-30. Carroll led at the end of the first two quarters by two and one points. But the halftime talk must have done something for the Stingarees, as they came back fired up to shoot way into the lead. The Stings scored five straight points in the opening of the third quarter. Then they slowly increased this margin. The Stingarees' new wonder, Mike Moses, led the game in scoring with 18 big points on five field goals and eight of ten free tosses. Chester Cook was runner-up for the Stings with ll points. Between the two of them, they scored prac- tically three fourths of the Stingarees' 42 points. Defensive play highlighted the game. Victoria's tightly knit zone defense limited Carroll to a mere 50 points in the game, and to only 11 points in the entire second half. Of course, Victoria managed but 42 points, but this was more than enough to swamp the Tigers. fi 7, x . X .11 f U 0 M. Fred Weitzel leaps high for the ball in a jump ball situation. "COME ON, BUDDY, LEAVE ME ALONE," murmurs Charlie Heger as a Tiger gets in his way. 225 Big Red Captures District Title GET BACK ON THE COURT, FIDELQ' hollers the referee to yunior Fidel Padilla as he steps out of bounds. In the opening game played in Victoria, the Stingarees never trailed. At the end of the first quarter, Victoria led 14-5, at half the Stings led 24-17, and the Bobcats grad- ually closed the lead. But the Sting momen- tum was too great for Edinburg to contain. The Stings ended with a 50-44 victory. Pacing Victoria's attack were Mike Moses who flipped in 18 points and Chet Cook who dropped in 16 for the evening. The Stingarees meet the winners of Dis- trict ISAAAA, Austin McCallum, in the bi-district game. Victoria's bi-district bound Stingarees dumped the Edinburg Bobcats two games in a row with scores of 50-44 here in Vic- toria, and 52-43 at Edinburg, to cop the district crown of 14AAAA. This is the first time the Stingarees have won district since they became an AAAA school, and since the 1955 team won the AAA state championship. Journeying to Edinburg with a 1-0 game lead, the Stingarees found themselves in for a harder time than they had here. Although they won by a bigger margin in Edinburg, they never trailed in the home game. They trailed numerous times on the road. Behind 20-16 at the half at Edinburg, the Stingarees tied the score with two quick field goals by Chet Cook and Clifton Hueb- ner. After a Bobcat point through a free throw, the Stings took the lead never to lose lt. Leading the Victoria scorers were Chet Cook with 16 points and Mike Moses with 11 points. "GET OFF ME, YOU LUGSV' screams Charlie Heger as he is squeezed in by two opponents. S "B" Team STINGAREE "B" TEAM-From left 10 riglalg fSlandingj.' R. Lumpkins, H. Hucller, M. Sitterle, J. Carroll, 1. I-leger R. Stewart, B. Youngblood, Conch Salley. KSi1zingj.' D. Sweet, R. Kocian, M. Gossie, B. McCowan, D, Tripson, E. Ba- zaar, M. Fulton, and R. Wilson. --Q ,, ,952 sz A ' ,E .3 '7 Cs Robert Lurnpkins tosses in a free throw against the Miller "B" team. Victoria THE STINGARETTES-From lefl lo right: Donna Hollan, Patsy Hobbs, Mary Cline, Faye Sumbera, Marilyn Shum- bera. Linda Johnson, Rae Cohen, Dorothy Vermillion, Sharold Woods, Ruby Reid, Rosemary Wrigge, Carol Lorenz, Coach Claudia Eckel. Stingarette Coach Claudia Eckel studies the 22-7 record her team set this year. 228 LINDA JOHNSON Captain Stingarettes DONNA HOLLAN V ....f K Z- 1 DOROTHY VERMILLION FAYE SIFMBERA Captain Guard Forward Forward Forward ROSENTARY WRIGGE IXIARY Cl.lNE CAROL LORENZ N SHAROLD XWOODS Guard Guard Forward Guard PATSY HOBBS Guard The Sringarettes composed a record of 22-7 in regular season play, and were 3-3 in district. They won first place in the Flour Bluff and Ganado tourneys and placed second in Bellville. L. johnson and D. Hollan hold the 2nd place trophy from Bellville. Both won honors. 229 Girl Cagers MARILYN SUMBERA RAE COHEN RUBY REID Captain No. 25 for Calhoun hops Linda johnson ou the head as she "I'll take that," SIIYS a Calhoun lady as Linda scores this lay-up, johnson, Dorothy Vermillion and Faye Sumbera emerge on the play. "Crazy Legs johnson"-Linda johnson chokes on this 230 play as Faye Sumbera seems disturbed also. Stingaree Track-Men VHS 1963 track team from left to right, lop raw: Coach Merton Fuquay, J. Franklin, R. King, J. Pase, E. Craiger, R. Nelson, C. jackson. Middle row: R. Sanchez, S. Moya, F. Sanchez, R. Haeber, L. Chadbourne, M. johnson, T. Crum. Boltom raw: F. Lara, B. Brown, K. Preston, K. Hedrick, J. Marshall, R. Blake, E. Roclriguez, and S. Preston. MILE RELAY-From left 10 right: joe Pase, Tom Crum, john Marshall, Richard Haeber, Floren- cio Sanchez, Robert Sanchez. 232 VHS Speedsters I Zami, we V - x - J VHS Sprinters-MLeft I0 rigbz: Kenneth Hedrick, Robert Sanchez, Rudy Ortiz, Tom Crum. Second faux' Richard Haeber, Joe Pfise, Corky Jackson, John Marshall. DISTANCE MEN-Billy Brown, Kirk Preston, Stephen Preston, Frank Tara, Sammy Moya, Roger Blake, Florencio Sanchez, john Franklin, Edmond Creger, Ronnie King. Cinder Men SHOT PUT THROWING: Ray Nelson. Smzzdifzg, left Z0 riglal: Lynn Chadbourne, Malcolmb johnson. DISCUS THROWING: Lynn Chadbourne, Malcomb johnson, Ray Nelson. Stingaree Golf Team, I963 Stingaree Golf Team-Front row, lefl lo riglal: R. Owens, D. Merwin, B. Graham, J. Morrison. Back row: Coach Davis, P. Gerrard, B. Thompson, D. Anderson, and M. Sitterle. David Merwin Don Anderson Brock Thompson Victoria High School boasts its first golf team This year's schedule in many years with the 1963 version of the golf team. The last time Victoria had this sport in its athletic pro- gram was the 1957-58 school year, but even this year the team had no coach. This year's golf team has for its coach Mr. Wayne Davis. Making up the team are David Merwin, Don An- derson, Bob Graham, Phil Girard, Mark Sitterle, Rusty Owens, Brock Thompson, and jack Morrison. Coach Wayne Davis Mark Sitterle ISI Kingsville Tournament February 15 Brownsville Tournament March 15 Corpus Tournament March 22 Victoria Tournament March 50 District Tournament April 5 235 Boys' Tennis Varsity N. Anderson, S. Cano, D. McCleary, T. Mallette, 1. Nichols, K. Powell, R. Quintanilla. B. Rigge, L. Watkins, D. Winters. VI-ISTS Varsity Tennis Team con- sists of eight girls and eleven boys. The team participates in tourna- ments and district play. The team is under the supervision of Coach O. C. Stroman who is in his 25th year of coaching tennis. The captains for this year's team are Ann Newton and jim Nichols who both returned with letters to their credit. jim Nichols, Boys' Captain Coach O. C. Stroman Boyg' Doubles: Nevin Anderson, Doug Winters, Boys' Singles: jim Nichols, Ken Powell, Ralph Billy Rigge, Robert Wilson. Quintanilla, Don McCleary. 236 Girls' Tennis Varsity T. Gonzales, J. Hepburn, C. Hobby, R. Materanek, M. Miller, A. Newton, S. Pickett. P. Wilson. Girls' Doubles: Theresa Gonzales, Priscilla Wilson, Jeanne Hepburn, Cheryl Hobby. Ann Newton, Girls' Captain Girls' Singles: Ann Newton, Mary Anne Miller, Sandra Pickett, Ruby Materanek. 237 ... ' Mmm-mmm, ,xvynvll iwuuswl wwxw+,fm.:.fJmexQX.'Mm , f 1 - ' ' f iIvlODlERNO RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN , Sleaks From Choice Corn-Fed Beef-Sea Food-Troul'-Almodine Shrimp ixir' 'N Chicken in +he Baskel-Charcoal Broiled Hamburgers HI 5-8032 Open 24 Hours I706 Houslon Highway .WSJ , Vicl'oria's House or FLOWERS, INC. ,V Ay. l3l3 N. Navarro HI 3-6349 ANCHOR LUMBER YARD "Le+ Us Plan, Finance, and Build for You" Conven+ional Loans - No Refinancing 307 Wafer Hl 5-l42l BATTS UPHOLSTERING COMPANY Cuslom-Made Furnilure I Draperies I Bedspreads O Slipcovers O l204 E. San Anlonio Hl 3-2562 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSY 'Reddy's in a rush fo offer you con- gralulafions. He knows you have im- por'ran+ plans for fhe fulure-plans lhaf may include higher educalion or plans for a career 'lhal will s'l'ar'l immedialely. Whalever you choose, we hope you'll seek your opporlunilies righl here in Soulh Texas. For, wherever you are in +his growing area, lhe folks af CPL will be your neighbors. And, we'll be on lhe iob providing you wilh dependable, low- cosl' eleclric service-helping you live beHer . . . eleclrically. df .fy CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY 240 Congratulations, Graduates of 1963 Z-Wictofia ational Since 'W f29W'9OFVLi:C2iLzQ3itz 24I VICTORIA COMPRESS AND WAREHOUSE COMPANY "Serving Ihe Collon IndusIry" II08 E. N0r'l'I1 I'II 5-25II VICTORIA FARM AND RANCH SUPPLY P. O. Box 3393 AI Breed. Sf- AI Breed. Jr. 2I08 Simon Drive HI 3-3371 TOWN AND COUNTRY FABRIC SHOP I407 E. Airline Rd. HI 3-7753 TOTAH'S PHARMACY 3402 N. Ben Wilson HI 5-4707 Uncle Van's DAIRY TREET PANCAKE HOUSE Jesse A. TOLBERT, owner Over 32 V-Hrie+ieS 3808 N. Lauren+ HI 3-3104 "Try Our Comfy Sausage" 25I3 N. Azalea HI 5-865I ll ll SHIPLEY DONUT SHOP BUGMOBII-E5 - Several Varielies of of Texas Sanilafion Co., Inc. Donuls and Jellies Scien'I'i'Fic Cdering-All Occasions Pesl' and Termife Confrol 609 E. Rio Grande HI 5-908I HI 3-2352 HI 5-542I 2305 N. Laureni' COMPLIMENTS BARG'S-NESBlTT'S COMPANY Bo'H'Iers of Your Favorife Drink I2I8 E. Rio Grande HI 5-25I2 Marjorie WaIIecIc, Eddie WHI, and Ferol Toney enfoy a "break" af ine ever-popular spoI-"The Corral." Q THE GREAT TEXAS 3 LUMBEII CUMPAIIV K9 I if Q N 6 O H "DePendabIe" Q Q-'X If . RESTAURANT 90I Easi' Juan Llnn F HI 3-4325 0 Vicforia VICTORIA SADDLE SHOP 306 W. Rio Grande HI 5-4282 VICTORIA HARDWARE COMPANY 2l7-22I S. Main HI 3-3277 Complimenfs ' CENTRAL DRUG YORK OIL CORP. I704 N. Lauren+ Sales Dep+. I305 E. Rio Grande HI 5-I49I HI 5-47I3 Producfion Depf. S. Texas Savings Bldg. Open 8 +0 I0 Daily HI 3'63II Open I0 'ro 6 Sunday 243 G. F. WACKER'S STORES Your Dollar Buys More AI' a Wacker S'rore S'Iore No. I-29II N. Azalea-HI 3-252I Sfore No. 2-22I3 Lone Tree Rd.-HI 5-3I68 V I Barlelfa and Jerry Brown selecl school supplies aI' Wacker's. LARSON LANDSCAPE COMPANY I Complefe Nursery Service Year 'Round PIan'Iing HA C F k B 1-W Shrubs--PlanIs-Trees-Bulbs-Grass Onnec Ing In e een T + S . You and Your DocI'or" Discingcgnd firgfiing 2604 N. Laurenl' HI 5-4523 -I-0+ MOWING- Year 'Round Lawn Mowing Tree Surgery and Pruning 2208 E. Airline I'II 3-4732 EASLEY ROOFING, SHEET METAL AND INSULATION COMPANY JAY M. EASLEY, Owner 206 E. Anagua SI. P.O. Box 3464 HI 5-3469 RICICS FOOD STORE I6II N. Laurenf HI 5-4724 BOYD AND HALL INSURANCE AGENCY 405-A. N. Main HI 3-2455 HUMMEL'S SHOP Ornamenfal Iron Welding 703 E. Juan Linn HI 3-22I3 TEXAS REAL ESTATE I l AND LENTZ FEED 8. SEED DEVELOPMENT CO. COMPANY JAMES E. lJlMl CHILCOAT YOUR PURINA DEALER Ream' - APP'a'Se' TI-IE CI-IECKERBOARD STORE ReaHors-Builders-Appraisers-Developers 205 N. George HI 3-249' 2020 Hous'ron Hwy. Properfy Managers HI 5-6333 o-v?Jl' JOE'S SHOE SHOP JOE RANDAL, Owner if Experi Shoe Repairing if Child Life Shoes if Orfhopedic Prescrip'l'ions Filled K I4I0 on QZTJIEII N Covering +he Greal' Golden A Cresceni' Clear L T. and C. Cen+er Vicforia, Texas +0 me Coasi. HI 3-3l32 MELVIN'S TOTS-TO-TEENS H. E. B. FOOD STORES l405 E. Airline Road HI 3 9797 NO. I-2702 N. Lauren'l' No. 2-703 N. Main Vicforia, Texas YOUR GIFT HEADQUARTERS 0 Diamonds 0 Walches 0 Silver O Appliances America's Largesi' Diamond Merchanls . 9 5 '-7 I-'E IQ S Town and Counfry Hl 5-452I Belly Jo Chapa and Jane? Briffon, sophomores, 1' f d h' h 'ler each should buy M l I ' e W IC SW95 . e v'n s Toi'-To-T wide seleciion of clofhes. VICTORIA BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY "Victoria's Action Bank" MEMBER F.D.I.C. l20 S M HI 3-24Il 54' 96 ""'1 I 1 'Fil f, q B IU B ARN E s7 h Fashions ul s. MAIN STREET ' for +he Junior Miss vTOR'AvTEXA5 X PRECIOUS GEMS-BRIDAL GTFTS HI 3-esol HI 5-742: 208 S. Main 2503 N. Azale URI-IAM zamwd. 607 ml N. UURENI DIAL HI 3-2231 247 Wwffyis x IAT N 031 SAVINGS Assgzt: 165' NQ9' OF ff w 5 ' vlcToRlA I205 N. Navarrj HI I 1. I I "IT D'x , ' V I- A cAMPIBELL's JEWELRY I Diamonds Wafches - GIHS Guaranfeed WBICI1 Repa kg .Vio+oria. Texas lo9 E. cons+i+u+i0n HI 3-4I3I l08 E..San+a Rosa HI 5-45II VICTORIA VICTORIA "'0U5E TYPEWRITER COMPANY All Makes Office Machines IO7 S. Liberfy S+. Vic+oria, Texas SCIIOOI Supplies and OIIIC9 SUPPIIGS 2I0 S. Main I'II 3-9I33 THE VICTORIA ADVOCATE 'For Ihe STINGAREES AII I'I1e Way! vlc:ToRlA FARM EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. 250 I CaIIis HI 3-2497 THE SQUIRE SHOP Men's Furnishings I40I Village Drive HI 3-42I3 Chain Link and Rusfic Wood Fences MeI'aI Awnings 'I' Coraloc Pools PARSON'S FENCE COMPANY CLYDE PARSONS, Owner Complefe Sales and Erecrion Call for Free Es'Iima+es 2l0I N. Navarro HI 3-7477 MIORI PLUMBING Rheemaire Healing and Air ConcIi+ioning I3I7 Sam Hous'Ion Drive HI 5-376I LU LU'S "AppareI of +I1e Momen'I"' II3 E. Consiifurion HI 5-425I MOBIL PRODUCTS f Lubricarion -k Washing Mobil Tires and Ba'Heries "COMPLETE SERVICE" 24-Hours Daily DENTLER'S MOBIL SERVICE ALoNzo DENTLER, owner 2 I02 Housron Hwy. 250 Dial HI 3-793l - HAUSCHILD MUSIC COMPANY Conn-Marlin-Buf-FeH-Selmer Band Insfrumenfs of All Types Gibson-Fender-Marfin Guifars 202 E. Foresi' HI 3-9I95 RUSSELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT if Office Machines ZARSKY LUMBER COMPANY "EveryIl1ing for flue Builder" 'ik' Furnifure Oil Field Lumber - Painfs 7115 Supplies Insulafion - Hardware Wallpaper - Roofing HAH Your Office Needsu 604 E. Rio Grande HI 3-2479 I I3 W. Sanfa Rosa HI 3-442I DICK'S FOOD STORES Dicks Supermarkd HI 3-4339 Be Friendly wifh - Flowers I302 E. Cresfwood Drews em. sf Markei HI 5-I3I2 FI-URIST IOIO Juan Linn 802 E. Norfh HI 3-9I37 DicIt'S Wesf End I"II 3-7429 70I S. Moody LULU'S "AppareI of fhe Momeni-" II3 E. Consfifufion HI 5-425I MELVIN'S Linda Hoi-z and Jean AIIarecI1I' en'o a cool, TQTS' TQ TEENS "Frosfy" DR PEPPER. 'Y Infanfs'-Girls'-BOYS'-Subfeens' DR PEPPER P' Town and Counfry Cenfer Lone Tree Cenfer BOTTLING COMPANY 1507 Main HI 5.2661 2I5 VICTORIA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 4I2 Nor'I'h Main xsn1HGs,,,0 Q sumo: K Posf Office Box II58 .5 '0"'S""'GS 3 INSURED T I ' I ' Q N 41425 'sr-:ba X,JQS?J016J0.xs . WM WY E ,M-1, 'iff MN ff. ,HW aa- gl 'VI 4 C 24.55 J. ' ii 1. n. w-,fy 5 -ff!vwfw.f........,m1 'q- HARDING AND PARKER DRUG STORES No. I - I2I S. Main - HI 3-74II No. 2 - 2008 N. Navarro - HI 3-2476 GROCE-WEARDEN, serving Vicioria since I908, is a landmark of progress in wholesale disiribuiion in 'rhe Gulf Coast Wi+h ihe by-word of "Foods You Know by Folks You Know", GROCE-WEARDEN has sef ihe' sfandard of superior producis and courfesy wi'rli lower prices for 'ihe prosperify of iis cusfomers everywhere. , f fff f ,' V e Q - , f if ff! Q EM 35 if exif or ms' 432- . or . -o v 1 frqw K - W ' 0 0 9 '. 1' Q Mil: 0 5 fl s. 22:12 'lfoz K U' """" 'ffm - Q Wye , 4' ' 'K-X , ' GROCE-WEARDEN COMPANY "Foods You Know by Folks You Know" HI 3-247l 204 N. Brownson HI 5-l32l S I For Qualily Porlrailure lI..L.,l l...l 2002 E. Red River Hlllcresl 5-2962 R I7-Wig' Air Conclilioning - Sales and Service 'CLIMATROL co. Town and Resiclenlial - Commercial - I COUHIFY Genie' 60I N. Eas'I' HI 5-4483 JIM ELDER, Owner Vicforia, Texas N6'I'IOl16IIy -' C:0h'I'I'OIIed RAYMOND HAWKINS Owner HI3-3624 MONTAG BROS. SU PERMARKETS The Besl in Meals for lhe Table or Home Freezer" Sfore No. I I606 N. Navarro HI 3-9l78 Meal' Dep+. I606 N. Navarro HI 3-6532 Slore No. 2 2085 S. Liberly HI 5-2397 Toyfown U.S.A. l706 N. Navarro HI 3-33l I M 0 Di K L ACLEANERS- 50I E. Nor+I1 Village Shopping Cenler "HOUSE of 'rhe FRIENDLY STAR' H. A. Jamison H. R. Jamison W. H. LofIin ne:en Igaas Miziiie :1I61CIeary GULF TRUCK 81 TRACTOR COMPANY 72? In+erna+ionaI Harvesier gl? SaIes and Service if Paris and Accessories CompIe+e Home Furnishings Sf? Heavy D017 Wrecker Service Decoraiing Service 72? CompIe+e Repaw I I0 E. Sania Rosa HI 3-2437 2609 P+. Lavaca Hwy. I303 Main S+. HI 5-I48I JA 4-4749 P+. Lavaca VICTORIA'S HOUSE of FLOWERS, INC. VICTORIA A PLUMBING COMPANY F. L. FossATl AND soNs Wesfinghouse Appliances Prompf and Guaranfeed Service 506 E. Juan Linn HI 3-94I I HI 3-6349 I3 I3 N. Navarro VICTORIA RADIO AND SOUND COMPANY Radio and Television SaIes and Service G.E. I404 N. LiI9erI'y S'I'ree'I' P.O. Box 3096 RCA PHILCO HI 5-2I I I and HI 5-859I RCA COLOR D. W. MARSHALL CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION General Con'I'racI'or . Residen'I'iaI and Commerciai Buiiding I007 E. NOI"i'i1 SI. HI 3-7424 Congralulaiions From THE A. B. J. HAIMMEW Inveslmenfs and Developmenls 280I N. Azalea HI 5-I662 VicI'oria High School Newspaper Published Semi-Monlhly by Ihe Journalism Deparlmenf of Vicloria High School OILFIELD ROAD BUILDING MAINTAINERS, LOADERS E. L. CRISP Dump Trucks -- Sand Gravel JEAN ALBRECHT - Edi+or and Road Gravel JAN JOHNSON - Assis+an+ Edilor Tel. I"II 3-7439 P.O. Box 2367 Res. HI 3-6767 Vic'I'oria, Texas ANGERSTEIN'S MARKETS See Wigs Before Y B y "Where Qualily Is Remembered Long A'Her Prices Are Forgo'H'en" No. I - 9I5 E. Juan Linn HI 3-4662 No. 2 - Bloomingfon, Texas 256 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS I AMERICAN BANK f COMIIAERCE MEMBER FDIC Miss Pa+ Acres ac- I30I E. RIO Grande quaIn+s Eilen Schoenig and Karen Pierce with HI 5-4574 safefy deposit boxes af ABC. I Downiawn Victoria I ., -1 A,.,,n I sos N. MAIN smear A CompIeI'e Cafe-ring Service 2902 N. Laureni' HI 3-4389 Vic'roria's Only Complefe QuaIiI'y Family Shoe Sfore "x Nj If ,KQV . GO STINGAREES GO! BOOSTE RS Campus Cleaners Cano Electric Company Carpet Masters Easley Roofing, Sheet Metal 81 Insulation va of dock Hood Typewriters The .let Leon's lSIeumann's Food Store Safety Steel Warehouse, Inc. Town 81 County Gulf Service Town 81 Country Hardware Town 81 Country Model Market Company ALBRECHT, JEAN Library Club-2, 3 State Delegate-2 Vice-president-3 Future Teachers-2, 3, 4 Literacy Teacher-3 Historian-4 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 NHS-5, 4 Honor Roll-3, 4 Quill and Scroll--3, 4 President-4 UIL Regional Meet-3, 4 UIL State Meet-4 The Victorian-4 Editor-in-Chief-4 The Stingaree-4 Organizations-4 ALEXANDER, GARY Football-2, 5, 4 Baseball-3, 4 Track-4 jr.-Sr. Prom-5 ALLEN, GARY FFA-3, 4 ALLEN, KATHRYN LOUISE FHA-2, 3, 4 Chaplain-3 lst Vice-president-4 State Meet-3 State Degree-5 Area Meet-3, 4 District Meet--5 Homecoming Float-2, 5, 4 Drill Team--2, 3, 4 Talent Show-3 FTA-3, 4 junior Historians-4 Girls' Chorus-2 Mixed Choir--3, 4 junior Achievement-4 Area Conference-4 Girls' State-3 ALLEN, SANDRA Girls' Chorus-2 Mixed Choir-3 Bowling League-2 Future Nurses-2 FHA-4 ANDERSON, DONALD Key Club-4 Golf-4 Student Booster Club-4 ANDERSON, SUSAN Victoriadores-4 Anchor Club-4 Senior Achievements ANDERLE, BARBARA FHA-2, 3, 4 ARNOLD, SIDNEY Band-2, 3, 4 ATHEY, BETTY Victoriadores-2, 3 Officer-2 Anchor Club-2, 3 FTA-4 Stingaree Staff-4 Favorites Section AUSTIN, SHERRY Anchor Club-2 Library Club-2 Roman Banquet-2 FTA-3 junior Council-3 Honor Roll-4 junior Historians-4 BAIN, ORAN FHA-4 D.E. Club-4 Student Council-3 junior Achievement-3, 4 BARBER, CRESS Science Club-2, 3 Bancl-2, 3, 4 BARGSLEY, TIM Football-2, 3, 4 Track-2 FFA-2, 3, 4 junior Achievement-4 BARLETTA, CAROL Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 FFA Sweetheart-4 Football Sweetheart Nominee-4 Basketball Sweetheart Nominee-4 junior Historians-4 FHA-4 Unit Officer-4 Annual Staff-4 BAROS, BILLY Band-2, 3 BARR, TOMMY D.E. Club-4 BARRY, GWYNN Victoriadores-2 Anchor Club-2, 4 Model-4 junior Historians-3 Annual Staff-3, 4 Advertisements-3 Calendar-4 junior Council-3 Football Sweetheart Nominee-4 FTA-4 FHA-4 BARTAY, GEORGE junior Achievements-5, 4 BEALS, WILLIAM Tennis-3, 4 JETS-3 BETTIS, MICKEY junior Achievement-3, 4 Vice-president Sales-4 Honor Roll-3 BLACKBURN, KATHY Victoriadores-2 Spring Coronation-3, 4 Beauty Nominee-4 Key Club Sweetheart Nominee-4 FI-IA74 Sweetheart-4 Football Sweetheart Nominee-4 FTA-4 Red Masquers-4 Girls' Chorus-4 junior Council-3 Senior Council-4 BRANCH, OUIDA Basketball-2 FI-IA+4 BRANNAN, NITA Victoriadores-2 FTA--4 FHA--4 Unit Officer-4 Senior Play-4 BROUSSARD, BOBBY Industrial Arts Fair-2 BROWN, GREG Band-2, 3 District-3 Regional-3 Buccaneer Award-2 Dance Band--3 UIL Medal-5 Mixed Choir-4 Beau-4 Regional-4 Key Club-2, 5, 4 Science Fair-2 259 BROWN, IAMES Senior Playw-4 BROWIN, MICHAEL Beginning Choir-3 Mixed Choirw4 BRYSON, BONNIE JEAN Palateers-4 Transfer: Art Club-2, 3 Booster Club-2, 3 Secretary-3 Girls' Glee Club-2 Mixed Choir-3 Varsity Swimming-2, 3 FHA-2, 3 BRYSON, ROY FTA-4 Science Club-2 Key Club-2, 3, 4 Senior Play-4 BURKHART, TOMMY Basketball Manager-3, 4 Fire Captain-3, 4 CALHOUN, CATHLEEN FHAAW4 Transfer: Choir!-2 Pep Squad-Z 4-H Delegate-2 Class Reporter-2 Basketball-2 CAMPBELL, CHARLES Red Masquers-2, 3, 4 Senior Play-4 National Thespians-3, 4 CARROLL, LARRY FFA-2, 3, 4 CARTER, SANDRA Victoriadores-3, 4 Talent Show-3 Chaplain-4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Senior Play-4 Student Playhouse-3, 4 junior Historians-4 Red Masquers-4 Palateers-2, 3 FHA-3 CAVAZOS, SAMMY D.E. Club-4 CHAPA, ADELINE FHA-4 CHAPA, JOE Transfer: Football--2, 3 Basketball-3 Track-3 260 Baseball--A3 Mechanics Club-2 FFA-2 CHILDERS, DAVID Football42, 3, 4 All State-4 Captain-4 Track-3 Spring Coronation-4 CLARK, CAROLYN Student Council--2 Basketball-2 Mixed Choir-4 Regional-4 FHAA-4 Ifnit Chaplain-4 CLARK, LINDA FHA-4 CLARY, LOUISE Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Style Show Modelg3 Float-2, 3, 4 FTA-3, 4 District Convention- Red Masquers-4 Treasurer-4 Sweetheart-4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Victoriadoresi2, 3 Lieutenant-2 Who's Who-4 Victorian Staff-4 Feature Editor-4 Stingaree Staffg4 Calendar Editor-4 junior-Senior Prom-3 Chairman-3 Student Council-3 Quill and Scroll-4 UIL Spelling Meet-4 COLLINS, RICHARD Band-2, 3 1 3 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 I NHS-4 ' Science Club-4 junior Historians--4 junior Achievement-3 Senior Play-4 Science Fair-3, 4 Math Medal-3 COOK, CATHY Future Nurses-4 Transfer: Student Council-3 Pep Club-2, 3 Glee Club-2, 3 COOK, CHET Basketball-2, 3, 4 FHAN-4 Unit Treasurer-4 Beau Nominee-4 4 . , A f 7 f l Victoriadore Beau Nominee-4 COOK, MARK Palatteers-4 COONE, PAT Baseball-2, 3, 4 junior Historians-4 junior Achievement-3, 4 Vice-president-3 President-4 Award-3 Executive Award-3 Perfect Attendance-4 Junior Council-3 COONEY, HOLLY Victoriadores-3, 4 FHA-4 Anchor Club-4 Typing UIL Award-2 COOPER, PAIVI Mixed Choir-2, 3, 4 Secretaryq3 Sweetheartp-4 NHSS3, 4 junior Class Secretary-3 Student Council-3 FTA-2, 3, 4 Red Masquers-2, 3, 4 Vice-president--4 Who's XVho--4 All Region Choir-2, 3, 4 All State Choir-2, 3, 4 Anchor Club Style Show Honor RollH2, 3, 4 CORNELIUS, BILL junior Historians-3, 4 Perfect Attendance-2 Science Fair-2, 3 School Photographer-4 COVINGTON, FRANK FTA-4 Honor Roll-4 CROW, RANDY Transfer: Senior Play-4 CUMMINGS, ROBERT Student Council-2, 3 Baseball--2 Football-2 Science Club-3 JETS-2, 3 junior Historians-3 FFA-2, 3 Red Masquers-2 CUNNINGHAM, JOYCE Anchor Club-2 Library ClubQ2, 3 FTA-3 FHA-3, 4 DAVIS, GLORICE FHA-2, 3, 4 Unit President-2 Unit Officer-4 DELGADO, ESPERANZA FHA-2, 3 DELGADO, LOUISE FHA-2, 3, 4 Style Show-2 D.E. Club-4 President-4 Float-4 DIETZEL, DENNIS FFAH3, 4 DODSON, PRESTON Band-2, 3 DOBBINS, ANNIE FHA-3, 4 DODDS, DONALD FHA-4 DOMSTEAD, DELBERT Palatteers-2, 3, 4 Biology Award-2 NHS-3, 4 Junior Historians-4 Vice-president--4 Perfect Attendance-3 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Transfer: Student Council-2 Science Club-2 Math Club-2 Football-2 DONATO, MARGARET FHA-2, 4 Palatteers-4 DUNAWAY, DAVID Basketball-2, 3, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3 Junior Council-3 DURAN, DORIS Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 NHS-3, 4 FTA-2, 3, 4 Junior HistoriansA3 DUTTON, JUDY Victoriadores-2, 3 Junior Achievement-3 EASTERWOOD, SHERRY FHA-2, 3, 4 ELLISON, CLEOVIS FFA-2, 3, 4 ESTERAK, ROD D.E. Club-4 EVERETT, DANIEL D.E. Club-4 FERGUSON, DAVID Science Club-2, 3 FTA-4 EINKE, JERRY Football-3 Basketball-3, 4 FOREMAN, BRENDA Junior Council-3 FHA-2, 3 Vice-president-3 President-2 Junior Historians-4 Junior Achievement-3, 4 Secretarye3, 4 FRANKLIN, JOHN DAVID Junior Historians-4 Track-4 Transfer: Track-2 Spanish Club-2 FREDERICK, MARLIN Paletteers-4 FRIEDMAN, BUDDY Student Council-2 FTA-4 EULBRIGHT, SHIELA Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Director-2 Secretary-3 Style Show-3 Spring Coronation-2, 3, 4 Princess-2 Lady-3 Queen-4 Class Officer-2, 3, 4 Secretary-2 Treasurer-3, 4 Track Queen-3 Beauty Nominee-2, 3, 4 Loveliest-3 Cutest-2 Student Council-3, 4 Nominee Key Club Sweetheart- FTA-2, 3, 4 Whos Who-3, 4 Honor Rol1F2, 3, 4 GAMEZ, FRANK FHA-4 GARCIA, ROSIE FHA-Z, 3 Future Nurses-2 GARNER, JAY Junior Achievement-3 Secretary-3 GARZA, JIMMY Paletteers-2, 3 GEORGE, BARBARA Band-2, 3, 4 Chaplain--4 GIBBONS, THOMAS Band-2, 3 Science Club-3 4 JETS-3 Junior Historians-4 Senior Play-4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 GODWIN, WAYNE GOFORTH, DANNY Transfer: Nlath Club-3 GOLDSUM, GLENN Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Red Masquers-3, 4 NHS-3, 4 Senior Play-4 GOMEZ, PILAR FHA--4 GONZALES, PAULINE FHA-4 GRAHAM, Bois Golf-4 Science Club-4 Red Masquers-4 JETS-3 GREEN, CORNEAL Key Club-4 Paletteers-2, 3 Junior Historians-4 Newspaper Cartoonist-2, 3, 4 Junior-Senior Prom-3 Texas Speech Contest-3 Civil Defense Instruction-4 GREEN, DAVID Perfect Attendance-3 Junior Achievement-3, 4 Achiever Award-3 Executive Award-3, 4 President-4 Paletteers-4 Fire Chief-4 GREEN, LORETTA FHA-4 Transfer: SPTA-2, 3 GREENWOOD, ROY Footballi2, 3, 4 Baseball-2, 3, 4 Key Club-2, 5, 4 Float-2, 5, 4 Texas-Oklahoma Convention--4 International Convention-3, 4 Junior Historians-3, 4 Spring Coronation Escort-4 Honor Roll-3, 4 Latin Banquet-2 Anchor Club Style Show Escort Fire Chief--2, 3, 4 4 26I GREER, NANCY Palatteers-2, 3 Red Masquers-2, 3 Honor Roll-3 junior Historians-4 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 Anchor Club-3 GOODWIN, IOEL Beginning Choir-3 Mixed Choir-4 GUAJARDO, JANIE FHA-4 HALL, SUSAN Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Style Show-2, 3 Dance Chairman-4 Style Show Sets-3 Float-2, 3, 4 Victoriadores-2, 3 junior Historians-2, 3, 4 FTA-4 F HA-4 HELLER, EDWARD FFA-2, 3, 4 HUEY, CONNIE FTA-4 Vice-president-4 Senior Play-4 Transfer: One Act Play-2, 3 Basketball-2, 3 Band--2, 3 Prose Reading--3 - FTA Secretary'-2 FTA President--3 Tennis-3 Softball'-2, 3 HELLYER, DAVID Football-2, 4 Handsome Nominee-2, 3, Friendliest-2 Spring Coronation Escort-3, 4 Track--2 HUDDLER, CUBBY Football-2, 3, 4 Track-2, 3 Spring Coronation Escort-2, 3 Cutest-2 Best All Round-3, 4 LIL VHS-4 Handsome Nominee-3, 4 Who's Wfho--3, 4 Spring Coronation King Horr, KAREN NHS-4 Honor Roll-2, 4 FTA--2, 3, 4 State Convention-3, Library Club-2, 3 Treasurer-3 FHA-4 UIL Typing-2 262 4 4 Quill and Scroll--4 Perfect Attendance-2 HEIDT, SANDRA FHA-2, 3, 4 Unit President-4 Victoriadores-2, 3 HAIRELL, LUTHER FFAM-4 Reporter-4 HAMILTON, JOHNNY Football-2, 3 Best All Round-2 Cutest-3' Handsome Nominee-2, 3 HARDESTY, KATHY Palatteers-4 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 HARGROVE, FRANCES Junior Historians-4 Anchor Club-3, 4 Mixed Choir-3, 4 Regional Choir-4 Trio-4 FTA-2, 3, 4 Paletteers-2 Red Masquers-2, 3 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 HASSLER, KAROLYN FTA-2, 3, 4 junior Historians--3, 4 Library Club-4 HAUSENDEUFEL, CAROLYN Victoriadores-2, 3 FTA-4 Red Masquers-4 Annual Staff-4 Senior Directory-4 HAYWARD, LINDA Library Club-3, 4 HELLER, LINDA Girls' Chorus--3 FHA-4 Paletteers-4 HERNANDEZ, EDDIE Football-2, 3 Track-2, 3 D.E. Club-4 HERVEY, NANCY Best All Round--2, 4 Spring Coronation-2, 3, 4 Cheerleader-2, 3 Head Cheerleader-4 Beauty Nominee-2 Who's Who-3, 4 Girls' State 'Alternate-3 Most Typical-3 Miss VHS-4 DAR Award-4 Homecoming Sweetheart-4 Junior Historians-3, 4 ETA-4 FHA-4 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Float-4 Style Show-2, 3, 4 Student Council-2, 3, 4 District Convention-2, 3, Palette-ers-4 HILL, DAVE Spring Coronation Escort-2 Key Club-3, 4 Director-4 Boys' State-3 Senior Play-4 Senior Directory-4 HOLLAN, DONNA Basketball-2, 3, 4 FHA-4 HOTZ, LINDA Basketball-2 Junior Historians-3, 4 Red Masquers-3 FTA-3, 4 Annual Staff-4 Honor Roll-2 HOUSTON, IRMA JEAN FTA-3, 4 Anchor Club-4 Victoriadores-3, 4 Senior Play--4 Red Masquers-2, 3, 4 Play-3 Secretary-4 Thespian-4 Speech Contest-4 HUEBNER, CLIFTON Basketball-2, 3, 4 JACKSON, CORKY Track-4 Transfer: Class President-2 Football-3 Basketball-2, 3 Track-2, 3 Most Handsome-3 Usher-3 NCO Club--2 Drill Team-2 Thespian-3 "A" Association-2, 3 JACKSON, CAROL FHA-4 JACKSON, KAY Red Masquers-2, 3 Victoriadores-3, 4 Junior-Senior Prom-3 Football Sweetheart Nominee Girls' Chorus-2 Mixed Choir-3, 4 UIL Solo Medal-2, 3 JAIME, CONNIE JOHNSTON, WOODIE Spring Coronation-4 FHA-3, 4 DE. Club-4 JAMISON, SHARON FHA-4 JAMISON, SUSIE FTA-2, 3, 4 State Convention-3 FHA-4 Unit Chaplain-4 Annual Staff-4 Girls' Chorus-4 Honor Roll-4 Junior Historians-4 Victoriadores-2, 3 JARED, RAYMOND Student Council-2 Red Masquers--3 Junior Senior Prom-3 Senior Play-3 JARRELL, PAULA FTA-4 FHA-4 Mixed Choir-2, 3 Football Sweetheart Nominee-4 Transfer: Junior Historians-3 Phy-Chem Club-3 Class Favorite-3 Drill Teain-3 JOHNSON, BABY JO FTA-3, 4 NHS-3, 4 Honor Roll-Z, 3, 4 JOHNSON, JAN Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 Class President-+4 Girls' State-3 Student Council-2, 3, 4 FTA-2, 3, 4 Secretary-3 President-4 Miss FTA-4 Newspaper Staff-4 Assistant Editor-4 News Editor-4 Annual Staff-2, 3, 4 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Whos Who-4 Most Likely to Succeed-4 NHS-3, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll-3, 4 UIL State Meet-3 Senior Council-4 JOHNSON, LINDA Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Director--3, 4 FI-IA-4 Basketball-2, 3, 4 Captain-4 Football Sweetheart Nominee-4 Key Club Sweetheart Nominee-4 Student Council-4 Corresponding Secretary-4 Football-2 FHA-4 JOINER, JEAN FTA-2, 3, 4 NHS-3, 4 Quill and Scroll-4 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 OffiCerA4 Student Council-4 District Convention-4 Basketball Sweetheart-4 Honor Roll--2, 3, 4 Paletteers-4 Newspaper Staff-4 News Editor-4 Annual Staff--3, 4 Junior EditorW3 Senior Editor-4 ILPC Convention-3 JONES, ANDRA Victoriadoresw2, 3, 4 Historian-2 Talent Show-3 Student Council-2, 3, 4 Treasurer-3 Secretary-4 Red Masquers-2, 3, 4 Thespian-4 Junior Historians+3, 4 Anchor Club-3, 4 Style Show-3 Spring Coronation-4 Senior Play-4 Junior-Senior Prom-3 Chairman'-3 JONES, BARRY FFA-2 DE. Club-3, 4 JONES, BILL Mixed Choir-2, 3, 4 Regional-2, 3, 4 All Statc?3, 4 UIL Contest-2, 3, 4 Soloist-2, 3, 4 Football Game Soloist-4 Key Club-2 JAYNES, TERRY FFA--2 D.E. Club-3 FHA-4 KANDIS, JIMMY Football-2 Junior Council-3 KENNEDY, JANET Anchor Club-3, 4 Future Nurses-2, 3, 4 Student Council-2, 3, 4 NHS-3, 4 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 Lieutenant-3 Major-4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Key Club Sweetheart-4 Most School Spirited-4 Junior Council-3 Who's Who-4 KICKENDAHL, BILL D.E. Club-3, 4 Parliarnentarian-4 KLOESEL, PATRICIA FHA-4 KNOX, DONNA NHS-44 Anchor Club-4 Future Nurses-4 Transfer: Band-2, 3 Honor Roll-3, 4 NHS-3, 4 FHA-Z Pianist-2 Vice-president-3 Spanish Club-3 UIL Typing Contest-2 KORNFUEHRER, BARBARA FHA-4 KORNFUEHRER, PAUL NHS-3, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Football-2, 3, 4 Captain-4 Track-2, 3 Boys' State-3 Who's Who-4 Most Likely To Succeed-4 Spring Coronation-2, 3, 4 Escort-2, 3 Prince-4 Key Club-5, 4 Student Council-2 Victoriadore Beau Nominee-4 JETS-3 KOUTNY, VLASTA FHA-2, 3 KRAUSE, CAROLYN Basketball-2, 3, 4 FHA-4 KRUEGER, LULU Spring Coronation-2, 3 Class Officer-2 FTA-3, 4 Most Typical-2 Victoriadores-2 Junior Council-3 Senior Council-4 Red Masquers--4 FHA-4 KRUPPA, JOHN Bowling League-2, 3 LASSMANN, BETTY FHA-2, 3 Girls' Chorus-2 Perfect Attendance-2, 3 263 LEE, NANCY Bandh-2. 9, 4 Lihrarianl-4 Sweetheart-4 junior Historians'-4 Prom Committee--3 LESIKAR, AL EEA-2, 3. 4 LINDSEY, VIVIAN FHA-2. 5. 4 Pianistf2 Treasurer43. 4 Future Nurses-2, 3, -I PresidentfM4 Library Club-2. 3 LOCKSTEDT, CAROLE PHA-Z, 4 Officer-2 junior Achievement-4 LOCKSTEDT, KERRY Key Cluh-2 Science Club-3. 4 Vice-president-4 Eire lNlarshal43. 4 Honor Roll-2 Senior Play-4 LONG, IAN Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 NHS-3. 4 Spring Coronation-4 Anchor Clube-3, 4 Style Show-3 Key Club Sweetheart Nominee-4 junior Council-3 Student Council-4 FHA-4 Senior Council--4 Junior Historians-4 Beauty Nominee-4 Class Officer-3 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 Talent Show-3 Captain-4 LOYD, RICK Football-2. 3, 4 Basketball42 LUERA, INEZ FHA-2 FTA-3. 4 Secretary-4 NHS-3, 4 Anchor Club-4 LUMPKINS, RICHARD Baseball-2, 3, 4 E junior Achievement-3, 4 Vice-president-4 MCCANN, Joie A. FFA-3. 4 Junior Achievement-4 McGOXYfAN, HOXVARD Senior Playh4 Transfer: 264 ETAf2. 3 Drama Club--2, 3 FEA-2. 5 4-H Cluhfl 5 President-5 Variety Show-2, 3 MCWILLIAMS, LINDA Library Club-2 Victoriadores-3, 4 Treasurer-4 junior Historians4w3, 4 Honor Roll-3. 4 D.E. Club-4 Officer-4 MILLER, MARY ANNE Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Library Club-2, 3, 4 Secretary-3 Vice-president-4 Junior-Senior Prom-5 Tennis Varsity-4 FHAA-4 Honor Roll-2, 4 NHS-4 Anchor Club-2, 3. 4 MINETREE, JOHN Basketball-2' MCLACHLAN, VIRGINIA QQfgjfOj"C'l'9 Red Masquers--'3 Honor Roll-Z. 3, 4 Victoriadores-4 Anchor Club-3, 4 Treasurer-4 junior Council-3 junior Historians-4 Transfer: National Forensic League MAREK, JIM 4 1 NHSf-3. 4 VFW Essay Contest-3 MARMOLEIO, SONNY Track-2. 3 Football-2, 3. 4 Senior Play-4 MARTINEZ, LOUIS III D.E. Club-4 MARSHALL, LIN Honor Roll-3 MATERANEK, RUBY Honor Roll-3 Anchor Cluh-2 Tennis Varsity-3, 4 EHAS3. 4 Historian-4 MAURER, VIVIAN FHA-2, 3, 4 Unit OfficerA-2, 3 Betty Crocker Award-4 FTA-3, 4 IAY PAM FTA-2 Victoriaclores-2, 3, 4 Anchor Club-3, 4 MENDIETA, ROBERT FHA-4 IVIERVUIN, DAVID Golf Team-64 INIILLER, GINGER FHA-2, 5 Officer-2 IVIONNEY, NELL FHA-4 Secretary-4 MONTES, TONY Paletteers-2 MOONEY, YVONNE Band-2, 5 District-2, 3 Regional-3 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Student Council42 FHA-4 Class Favorite-4 Junior-Senior Prom-5 MOORE, IVIARION NHS-3. 4 Anchor Club-4 Junior Achievement-3 Honor Roll-w3, 4 Transfer: Honor Roll-2 Student Council--2 State Convention-2 Pep Squad MOORE, ROSEMARY Band-2, 3, 4 District-3, 4 Regional-5, 4 junior Senior Pron1W5 Anchor Club-2, 4 junior Historians-3, 4 Honor Roll-3, 4 NHS-4 MORROW, NANCY Anchor Club-42, 3, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Class Officer-4 Senior Play Victoriaclores-2, 3, 4 NHS-4 Student Council-2, 3, 4 junior-Senior Prom MOSES, MIKE Basketball-2, 3, 4 junior Historians-4 Student Council-2. 5. 4 junior Council--3 Senior Council-4 Honor Rolla-2. 5 Key Club-5, 4 Officerfi 4 MOZISEK, BERNICE FHA-4 Honor Roll-5 MUISNZLER, LARRY Key Clubal 5, 4 Secretary-4 JETS-5 Secretary-3 NHSf5, 4 Offirer-5 National Merit Finalist-4 Honor Roll42, 3, 4 Junior Achievement-4 MULHOLLAN, JOHN CARL Band-2, 5, 4 Districth-4 Regionalij 4 State-4 Officer-4 MURPHY, JAIVIES FTA4-4 Mr. FTA-4 Football-2, 3, 4 MUTCHLER, MICHAEL FFAWQ, 5. 4 NEISSER, EDWEN FFA-4 NEISSER, FREDDIE FFA-5, 4 NELSON, RAY FFA-2 Football-2, 5, 4 Track-2, 5 NICHOLS, JIM Tennis-2, 3, 4 NHS-2, 5, 4 Officer-4 XY'ho's X5Ulio-W5, 4 NEWBERN, TOM NHS-5, 4 Honor Roll-2, 5, 4 JETS-5 Key Club-4 Finalist American Field Service-5 junior Achievement-H5, 4 Anchor Chiba? PARSONS, RICHARD CLYDE FTA-5, 4 Junior Council-5 FHAMX4 Officer-4 Annual Staff-4 Newspaper Staff-4 Student Council-4 Quill and Scroll-4 Officer-4 NHS-4 OLSOVSKY, BETTY FHA-2, 5, 4 OfficerM2. 5. 4 District Officer-2. State MeetingeA5 State Homemakefs Degree-5 NHS-4 Honor Roll-5. 4 Library Clulv-2 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 NHS--5, 4 Key Club-2. 5. 4 FFA-N2. 5. 4 Secretary-4 Competition-5. 4 Merit Certificate-3 Fat Stock Show-5 PASE. JOE Track-2, 3, 4 Key Club'-Ml Honor Roll "'-f- 2, 3 Science ClubA2 Fair Award-2 Mixed Choirsl 5 Latin Banquet-Z Junior Olympics--2, 5 Officer-2 PEREL, JOHNNY Key Clubf2, 5, 4 Treasu rer-5 URTIZ, SUSIE Student Council-2, 5, 4 B35kCtb3llf3 Most Typical-2 junior Historians-4 WIJHJCQW4 Tf935U1'5f"4 Red Masquers-4 Senior PIHYW4 Quill and scroll-5, 4 VlCt0fl3d0fC5M4 Newspaper Staff-4 junior Achievement-4 Annual Smffwgl 56f1'CU1f!"T'ii Class Officer-2 Prom Committee-5 Junior Council-3 Literacy Teacher-2 Fire Chieffgq 3, 4 Honor Roll-2. 5, 4 OSTMAN, BOB Student Council-2, 5, 4 PICKETT, SANDRA Pfffldeflf-'4 Beginning Choir-2 District C0l'lVEI'lflOIl-2, 5, 4 Girls' Ch01'L1S73 State Convention-5, 4 Mixed Choir-4 KEY Club-2, 5. 4 Tennis-5, 4 Vice-president-5 FTA-4 Float Committee-2, 5, 4 District Conventionm- Class Officer-2, 3 PIERCE, KAREN PfCSfdCf1f-2, 3 Anchor Clube-3, 4 FI'l6I1ClllESl--5 Style Shovvk-3, 4 RfIOSt School Red Mgqsqrlgfs-2, 3 Spring Coronation-2, 5. 4 Junior Hisroieifms-5, 4 vVl'lOlS Repgftgf-4 Honor ROll-2, 5 Honor Roll-5 Fire Chief-2, 5 Prom Committee-5 Victoriadore Beau Nominee-4 Student C0unqi1..3 District Convention-3 FHA-4 OWENS, SUE Victoriadoresf3 FTA-2, 5, 4 Red Masquers-2 Paletteers-5, 4 junior Achievement-4 Secretary--4 PADILLA, LUPE Basketball-2 FHA-4 Bowling League-2 Annual Staff-4 Editor-in-Chief-4 Newspaper Staff-4 Feature Editor-4 Quill and Scroll-4 Vicerpresident-4 A ILPC Convention-5 A8aM Publications Workshop 4 POLLARD, ROBERT Annual Staff-4 PANNEN7 DON Photographer-4 NHS-5, 4 Transfer: NEXVTON, ANN Honor Roll42, 5. 4 Golf-2, 3 Tennis-2, 5. 4 Key Club-2, 5, 4 Football?-2, 3 Captain-4 Treasurer-4 Manager-2 Mixed Choir-2 International Convention-5, 4 Sqienge Club-2, 3 POLLARD, TUDY Student Council-2, 3, 4 Vice-president-3 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Style Show-2, 3, 4 junior Council-3 Senior Directory-4 Victoriadore-2, 3 Senior Play-4 POWELL, KEN Red Masquers-2, 3, 4 Float Committeee-2, 3 Mum SalesA2, 3 President-4 Drama Club Play--4 junior Council-3 Junior Historians--3, 4 Tennis-P3, 4 Prom Decorating-3 Prom Program-3 , Senior Playa-3, 4 - ' Senior Council-4 XVho's Who-4 PRESTON, KIRK Science Club-2, 3, 4 Vice-President-4 TrackA-2, 3 FTA-4 HUGHES, CARLTON Band-2, 3, 4 District-2, 3, 4 Regional-Z,' 3, 4 Area-2 SwingareesAw2, 3 UIL Contest-2, 3, 4 Captain-4 FTA-4 RAAB, AGNES Honor Roll-2, 3 Library Club-2, 3, 4 NHS-3, 4 FTA-4 RAGAN, SHERRY Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 FTA-4 junior Historians-4 Secretary-4 NHS-3, 4 Honor Roll-4-2, 3, 4 Whos Who-3 Student Council-3 Historian-3 AFS Local Finalist-3 Teen Age Conservatives-4 President-4 RAMOS, PLACIDA Band-2 Trioc-2 Ensemble-2 REESE, NANCI Mixed Choir-2, 3 Victoriadores-3 266 Band-3, 4 Majorette44 Future Nurses-4 REISSIG, ROSE MARIE Band-2, 3, 4 Sweetheart Nominee-4 Buccaneer Award-2 Ensemble Medal-3 FHA-4 Unit Officer--4 FTA-2, 3 RENDON, IVIANUEL FHA-4 Paletteers-2, 3 x X REYNOLDS, PAT FHA-3 Unit Officer-3 D.E. Club-4 Secretary-4 Sweetheart Nominee-4 ROBARGE, MICHELLE FHA-2, 5, 4 DE. club-4 ROBERTS, JOHN Football-2, 3, 4 Track-2, 3 Key Club-4 Spring Coronation-3 NHS-3 Honor Rollw-2, 3 ROBLES, GENEVIEVE FHA-4 Victoriadores-4 ROKYTA, RUBY MAE Band-3, 4 Sweeteart Nominee-4 FHA-4 RODRIQUEZ, AURORA Paletteers-4 ROSE, PATRICIA FHA-3, 4 ROSENQUEST, GARY Honor Roll-2, 3 Typing Contest-3 ROSS, ROBERT LEE Band-2, 3, 4 Science Fair-2 RUIZ, DELIA FHA-2, 4 RUTLEDGE, RUTH Cheerleader-2, 4 Student Council-2, 3, 4 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Spring Coronation-2, 4 junior Council-3 FTA-3, 4 Senior Council-4 Honor Roll-4 SANCHEZ, FLORENCIO Track-2, 3, 4 SCHELL, BARBARA junior Achievement-4 Convention-4 FHA4-'04 Transfer: Student Council--2 Spanish Club-2, 3 President-2 Choral Club-2 Science Club-3 junior Achievement-3 N.A. Chats Staff-3 SCHOENER, GLENN Band-2, 3, 4 Drum Major-3. 4 Key Club-4 SCHOENIG, EILEN Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 NHS-4 Victoriadores-23 3 Secretary-3 Talent Show-2, 3 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 HistorianY3 Junior Council-3 junior Historians-3 Paletteers-2, 4 FHA-4 FTA-4 Librarian-4 Quill and Scroll Annual Staff-3, 4 Town 8: Country Window Contest 4 SCHRAMEK, CHARLES Key Club-2 Science Club-3, 4 Vice-president-3 President-4 NHS-5, 4 Honor Roll--2, 3, 4 SCHROETER, RUTH FTA-4 State Convention-4 Perfect Attendance-3 SEILER, AUGUST Baseball-3, 4 Paletteers-3, 4 Honor Roll-3 Transfer: Football-2 Basketball--2 Baseball-2 Student Council-2 Vice-president-2 SHELTON, ROBERT Bowling League-2, 3 SI-IUMBERA, VAN FFA f M3 Treasurer-3 SIMS, JUDY Girls' Choir--2 Mixed Choir-M1 Transfer: Volleyball-2 Captain-2 SKINNER, JASPER Art Scholarship-2 FTA-5, 4 JETS-3 Student Council Alternate junior Achievement-3 Vice-president--3 President-3 Pi1letteersA4 SKOPAL, ELLEN FTA-2, 3. 4 Band-2 Paletteers-3 Beginning ChoirW4 junior Achievement-4 Treasurer-4 SMIGA, EDWARD FFA-2, 3 D.E. Club-4 SMITH, EDDIE Football-2, 3, 4 Baseball-3 SMITH, JOAN Band-2, 5 District-2, 5 FI-IA-3, 4 Unit Officer-4 SOMMERS, JOHN NHS--5, 4 Honor Roll-3, 4 Key Club-5, 4 Vice-president-4 Basketball-5 SPARKS, KAREN FHA-2 Red Masquers-3, 4 Victoriadores-3, 4 junior Council-3 Student Council-2 SPERRY, JAN Science Club-2 Red Masquers-2 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 NHS-3. 4 Mixed Choir-2 STANFORD, CHERRY Victoriadores-2 FHA-2, 4 Sweetheart Nominee-4 STARK, KAY Victoriadores-2, 5, 4 FTA-2, 3, 4 State Convention-3 District Convention-4 Red Masquerswi 4 Thespian--4 FHA-4 Unit Officer-4 Junior Degree-4 Area Convention-4 Anchor Club-4 Senior PlayA4 STARK, RONNIE Key Club-3 junior Council-5 STARBUCK, SANDY Student Council-2, 3, 4 Chaplain-2 Stage Band-2, 5 D.E. Club-5. 4 SUMBERA, MARILYN Basketball-2, 3, 4 Faletteers-2, 4 FHAe-3. 4 SVOBODA, DANIEL Key Club-2, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 JETS-5 NHS-3. 4 Football-3 Manager-3 Latin Bunquetf2 TAIT, SANDY FHA-2, 4 Unit Officer-2. 4 Hobo Queen-2 Red Masquers-2, 4 Student Directory-4 Basketball-2 Senior Play-4 Contest Speech-4 Future Nurses-2, 3 District Convention-2, 3, 4 TEAGUE, GARY State Convention-2, 4 Victoriadores-2, 3, 4 Lieutenant-3 Captain-4 Anchor Club-2, 4 Chaplain-4 Best All Round-3 Spring Coronation-4 Junior Historians!-3 Secretary-3 Annual Staffw'3, 4 Assistant Editor-4 Favorites Editorw-3 ILPC Convention-3 Newspaper Staff-4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll-4 FHA-4 Paletteers-4 NVho's Vifho-3, 4 STELL, PAT Future Nurses-3, 4 Secretary-4 FTA-4 Transfer: Speech Club-2 Pep Squad-2 FTA-2 STRELCZYK, BEVERLY FHAf2, 3, 4 Vice-presidentv-2 Recording Secretary-3 Corresponding Secretary-4 STREMPEL, EDMOND Transfer: Band-2, 3 Football-2, 5, 4 Baseball-3, 4 Truck-2 Santeleben Award-4 Key Club-3, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3 Spring Coronation-4 Liveliest-3 JETS-5 Victoriadore Beau Nominee TERRY, SHIRLEY FHA-2, 4 FTA-3, 4 NHS-3 Honor RollM2, 3, 4 TIMME, DOROTHY FHA-2, 3 FTA-4 NHS-5, 4 Honor Roll-2, 3, 4 TOELLNER, DARYAL junior Historians-3, 4 FHA-4 TONEY, FEROL Basketball-2 FHA-4 Unit Officer-4 Girls' Chorus-4 Senior Council----4 Senior Directory-4 TOTAH, KENNETH Boys' State-3 Class Officer --'-" 2 Student Council-3, 4 Parliamentarian-4 Victoriadore Beau-4 W'ho's Vifho-4 Senior Playf4 Honor Roll-2, 3. 4 NHS---3 Key Club-2, 3, 4 Secretary-3 President--4 International Conventionf 4 f District Convention-WZ, 5 4 Spring Coronation-4 junior Council-3 Senior Council-4 TUPA, DORIS JEAN FHA-4 TYLER, MARIAN Victoriadoresfl 3, 4 Anchor Club-2, 3, 4 Style Show-3 NHS-5. 4 Mixed Choir--2, 3, 4 President44 Wfho's W'ho-4 FTA--3 Honor Roll-2, 5, 4 UIL Typing Contest-3 Regional--3 Junior Achievement-A-4 VASQUEZ, RICHARD Track-4 Paletteers-4 VICKERY, DENNIS Footballf-3, 4 Baseball-5, 4 VILLAFRANCA, JULIE Victoriadores-4 Future Nurses-4 FHA44 Senior Council--4 VILLARREAL, ANDY Perfect Attendance-2, 3 EEA-2 NVALDROP, DALE Basketball-2, 3, 4 WALLACE, SANDRA FHA-4 Unit Officer-4 Transfer: German Club-2, 3 Amatus Club-2, 5 WALLECK, MARJORIE Anchor Club-2 Red Masquers-5, 4 junior Historians-W3, 4 Victoriadores-2, 5, 4 Talent Show-3 Lieutenant--4 Senior Play-4 268 Young Democrats-4 SecretaryA4 Honor Roll-3, 4 NHS-4 VFW' Essay Contest-2 WALTQN, GARY DE. Club-3, 4 WARREN, SANDRA FHA-2, 4 Girls' Chorus-4 WATERS, CHARLES RAY junior Achievement-3 WEBER, CLEMENCE junior Council-3 NHS-4 Transfer: Honor Roll-2 Librarian42 Class Officer-2 WEITZEL, FRED Basketball-2, 3, 4 Captain-4 Baseball-3, 4 WELDER, KATHLEEN Anchor Club-2, 5, 4 Vice-president-5 PresidentF4 junior Council-3 Senior Council-4 Annual Staff-3, 4 FTA-4 WESAR, HORTENCIA FHA-2, 4 WILLIS, CAY Anchor Ciuln-45, 4 Victoriadores-3, 4 Chaplain-4 Student Council-4 Red Masquers-5 Chaplain-3 junior Council-3 Senior Council-4 Class Officer-4 FHA-4 Unit Officer-4 Transfer: Booster Club-2 Secretary-Treasurer-2 WITT, EDDIE Transfer: Football-2 Track-2 Boxing-2 WOFIJORD, BLANTON Student Council-2, 5' Football-2 Science Club-3 junior I-IistoriansA2 Red Masquers-2 FHA-3 Library Club-2 XVOODS, ELIZABETH Girls' Chorus-3 Transfer: Latin Club-2 Spanish Club-2 Glee Club-2 WOODS, FRANCIS Victoriadores-2, 3 Spring Coronation-2, 3, 4 Friendliest-2, 3 Girls' State Alternate-5 Student Council-4 junior Council-3 FHA-2, 5. 4 Historian-2 Social Chairman-5 Key Homemaker-3 District Officer-4 Sweetheart Nominee-4 FFA Sweetheart Nominee Future Nurses-5 Beginning Choir-4 Honor Roll-4 junior Historians-A4 XVOODS, JOHN H. Beginning Choir-2 D.E. Club-3, 4 Junior Achievement-3, 4 Senior Council-4 WRIGHT, JAMES' FFA-2 D.E. Club-3 5 4 YARBROUGH, EARL GRADY Key Club-3, 4 Honor Roll-3 junior Council-3 Senior Council-4 Spring Coronation-3 Senior Play-4 Tennis-2, 3, 4 YBARRA, GLORIA FHA-2, 3, 4 Basketball-2 junior Achievement-4 YBARRA, LUPE FHA-2 Unit Officer-2 ZEPLIN, GARY junior Council-3 ZIRJACKS, TENNIE Junior Historians-4 Paletteers-4 Annual Staff!-4 Index Editor-4 Transfer: Pep Squad-2, 3 Library Club-2 Spanish Club-2, 3 Newspaper Staff-3 Prom Decorating Committee-3 SENIORS Albrecht, jean-38, 145, 158, 170, 251 Alexander, Gary Lee-38, 202, 203, 204, 207 Allen, Gary-38, 158, 143 Allen, Kathryn Louise-38, 143, 145, 160, 166 Allen, Sandra jo-38 Alvarez, Daria Elizabeth-38, 142, 143 Alvarez, Mary-141 Anderle, Barbara-38, 141 Anderson, Donald-38, 69, 146, 235 Anderson, Susan Eloise-38, 160 Arambula, Viola-143 Arnold, Sidney-38, 164, 165 Athey, Betty--38, 132, 142, 145, 159 Austin, Sherry-38, 149 Avvalt, Donald-38, 137 Bain, Oran-38, 143 Barber, Cress-39, 164, 165 Bargsley, Timi39, 138, 202, 203, 206 Barletta, Carol-39, 138, 139, 142, 149, 160, 171 Baros, Williaiai-39 Barr, Thomas Richard-39, 137 Barry, Gwynn--39, 123, 142, 145, 159 Bartay, George jamesg39 Bayer, Lynnda Kayef39, 141 Beals, 'William Lee-39 Belton, Carolyn Lynn-39 Beasley, Donald Keith-39 Blackburn, Kathryn-39, 70, 125, 140, 145, 168, 188, 214 Blair, Sandra-39, 124, 145, 159 Bohannon, Evelyn Janeen-40, 137, 142 Branch, Ouida june-40, 141 Brandl, Suzanne-40, 122 Brannan, Nit21+llO, 51, 141 Broussard, Bobby Glenn-40 Brown, GregM40, 134, 166, 167 Brown, james Ray-40 Brown, Michael Wfayne-166 Bryson, Roy-40, 113 Buchholz, Judy Kay-40 Burkhardt, Thomas Allen-40 Butler, Aubry JaCkSon-137 Calhoun, Cathleen-40, 141, 143 Campbell, Charles Franklin-40, 154 Carter, Sandra Joy-41, 149, 154 Cavazos, Sam-41, 137 Ceballos, Antonio-41 Chandler, Wfilliam Frederick-41 Chapa, Adeline-41, 142, 143 Chapa, joe-41 Childers. David-41, 115, 202, 203, 205 Clark, Carolyn-41, 142, 166, 167 Clark, Linda-41, 141 Clary, Louise-41, 120, 124, 145, 155, 159, 170 Cleveland, Carolyn Ann-41 Cochran, Kenneth-76, 142 Cohen, Ray-42, 145, 158, 285 Collins, Richard Ronald-42, 67, 149, 156 Collins, Robert Lee-42 Cook, Catherine-42 Cook,Cheb-42,142,216,220,222,223,224,225,226 Cook, Robert Mark-42, 70 Coone, Patrick Howard-42, 149 Cooney, Holly Ann-42, 141, 160 Index Cooper, Pami42, 120, 155, 166, 167, 198 Cornelius, Billw42, 149 Covington, Frank-42 Cummings, Robert-43 Cunningham, Joyce-43 Davis, Bonnie-43, 142 Davis, Glorice June-43, 142, 168 de Leeuw, Petera37, 43, 54, 116, 120, 125, 146, 191 Delgado, Esperanza Olivia-43 Delgado, Louise Hersiliaw43, 137, 142 Dietzel, Dennis-43, 138 Dobbins, Annie Ruth-43, 141, 142 Dodds, Donald james+-142 Dodson, Preston-43 Dohmann, Wfilliam Douglas-43 Domstead, Delbertf-44, 149, 157 Donato, Mary Margaret-44, 142 Dunaway, David-44 Duran, Doris Elaine-44, 145 Durham, Christine Dolores-44, 143 Dutton, Judy-44 Easterwood, Sherry-44, 142 Ellis, James Travis-44 Ellison, Cleovis-138 Este-rak, David--45, 137 Estes, Charles Glenn-45 Everett, Daniel Adam--45 Ferguson, David Roy--45 Finke, Jerry-45, 216, 223 Flores, Antonio-45 Foitik, Stephanie-45, 169 Foreman, Brenda Sue-45, 143 Franklin, john David-46, 232 Frederick, Marlin Wfayne-46 Friedman, Howard David-46, 145 Fulbright, Shiela-36, 46, 54, 67, 70, 125, 13 Gano, Stephen-46, 146, 236 Garcia, Manuel-46 Garner, jay-46 Garza, Raymond-137 George, Barbara Sue-47, 164, 165 Gibbons, Thomas Field-37, 47, 145, 149 Gilbreath, Robert-137 Goforth, Danny-47 Goldsum. Glennww-47, 154 Gomez, Frank-142 Gomez, Pilar-47, 143 Gonzales, Pauline-47, 141, 142 Gonzalez, Andrew-143, 202, 203, 204 Graham, Robert Arnoldn-47, 235 Grammer, Linda-47, 141, 142 Granberry, Leonard Earl!-4-48, 137 Green, Corneal-48, 115, 146, 149, 171 Green, David Kell-48, 126, 157 Green, Loretta Marie-48, 142 Greenwood, Roy-448, 146, 149, 190, 202, 20 Greer, Nancy-48, 149. 160, 287 Guajarclo, Janie-48, 141, 142 Haas, Marilyn-48, 142, 145, 154, 159, 171 Hagan, Henry Joe-+48 Hairell. Luther Forest-48, 138 Hajek, Edwin james-48, 138 Hale, Gloria Kaye4w48 Hall, Susan-48, 141, 145 Hamilton, john-48 Hardesty, Kathryn Ann-48, 157, 160 126, 131, 133, 1145,189,196 3,206 269 Index Hargrove, Frances-49, 145, 149, 160, 166, 167 Hassler, Karolyn Estell-49, 145, 153 Hausendeufel, Carolyn-49, 124, 145 Hayward, Linda Carol-49, 153 I-leger, Charles-49, 216, 220, 222, 223, 224, 225, 226 Heidt, Sandra Annette-49, 141, 143 Heller, Edward Leslie-49, 138 Heller, Linda Sue-49 Hellyer, David-49, 191, 202, 203, 205, 206 Hensel, Harlan Hugh-49 Hernandez, Eddie-49, 137, 142 Hervey, Nancy-49, 69, 115, 120, 131, 136, 142, 145, 162, 175, 176, 190, 196,214 Hill, Dave-49 146 Hiller, Paul W'illiam-49, 126 Hoff, Karen-49, 145 Hollan, Donna750, 142 Hosek, Jeneal Joan-50 Hotz, Linda-50, 145, 149, 158, 251 Houston, Irma Jean-50, 145, 154, 155, 160 Huckman, Diane-142 Huddler, Leslief50, 120, 174, 176, 189, 196, 202, 203, 204, 205, 207, 209, 211, 212 Huebner, Clifton Henry-50, 138, 140, 143, 216, 220, 224, 225 Huey, Conny Jo-50, 145, 154 Hyatt, Carol Ruth-51, 119, 145, 166 Jackson, Corky-51, 232 Jackson, Carol-51, 168 Jackson, Norma Kay-51, 160 Jaime, Connie-51, 137 Jamison, Susie-51, 143, 145, 159, 168, 171 Jared, Gwynne-52 Jared. Raymond-52 Jarrell, Paula Gailf52, 142, 145, 214 Jaster, Floyd Randolph452, 138, 202, 203, 206 Jaynes, Terry 52 Johnson, Baby Jo-52, 145 Johnson, Jan-36, 52, 54, 67, 118, 120, 131, 145, 159, 160, 170, 177, 198 Johnson, Linda-52, 70, 132, 136, 214 Johnston, XW0odi-ow-52, 142 Joiner, Jean-52, 120, 131, 145, 159, 160, 170 Jones, Andra-52, 67, 118, 130, 132, 149, 154, 160, 191 Jones, Barry Lee-52 Jones, XWilliam Mervyn-52, 167 Kandis, Jimmy-53 Kennedy, Janet-53, 67, 115, 117, 120, 125, 131, 135, 148, 160, 177, 191 Kickendahl, William Henry-53, 137 Kloesel, Patricia Ann-53 Knipling, Clifford Ray-53 Knox, Donna Sue-53, 135, 169 Korenek, Glady-53, 137 Kornfuehrer, Barbara-53, 141 Kornfuehrer, Paul--45, 53, 120, 125, 147, 177, 188, 202, 203, 204, 205, 208 Koutny. Vlasta-53, 142 Krause, Carolyn Joyce-53 Krueger, Lulu-53, 145 Kruppa, John Louis-53 Lassmann, Betty Janef454, 143 Lauger, Grace-142 Lee, Nancy--54, 164, 165 Lesikar, Alfred Wfayne-54, 138 Lindsey, Vivian Carol-141, 143, 169 Lockstedt, Carol-54, 142 Lockstedt, Kerry Oscar-54, 156 270 Long, Jan-454, 70, 125, 131, 135, 149, 160, 190, 214 Lopez, Pearl--54, 143 Loyd, Rick-54, 191, 202, 203, 205 Lucio, Mike Arnolfo-54 Luera, Maria Inez-54, 135, 145 Lumpkins, Richard-54, 170 Luongo, Mary Lou-142 McCann, Joe--55, 138 McCormick, Sammy--137 McGowan, Howard Floyd-55 McLachlan, Virginia-55, 69, 119, 136, 149, 160 McSpadden, Harold Wfayne--55 McWilliams, Linda Lou-55, 135, 149, 160 Madden, Ted-143 Mallette, Ben-55, 236 Marmolejo, Domingo-202, 203, 206 Marshall, Franklin-55 Martinez, Louis III-55, 137 Materanek, Ruby Ann-55, 237 Maurer, Vivian ElaineH55, 69, 121, 141, 145 May, Pam-55, 135, 160 Mendieta, Robertw56, 142 Merwin, David-56, 235 Miller, Ivlary Anne-56, 135, 153, 237 Miller, Ginger-56, 137 Minetree, John Frank-56, 118, 133 Monney, Nell-56, 141 Montes, Tony Garcia-56 Montez, Isabel-56 Mooney, Yvonne-51, 56, 69, 135, 136, 176 Moore, Sidney-56 Moore, Marion Carole-56 Moore, Rosemary-57, 69, 135, 136, 149, 164, 165 Morales, Raynaldo-57 Morrow, NanCy-36, 46, 54, 57, 67, 131, 135, 160 Moses, Mike-57, 69, 113, 131, 146, 149, 216, 220, 2 Mozisek, Bernice Irene--57, 141 Muenzler, Larry Allen-57, 146, 148 Mulhollan, John Carl-57, 164, 165 Mundt, Richard Wfarren-57 Munoz, Juanita-142 Nfurphy, James-57, 118, 145, 202, 203, 205 Murphy, Paul-57 Mutchler, Michael Merrill-57 Navarro, Tiofila-58 Neisser, Edwin James-58, 138 Neisser, Freddie Wayneh58, 138 Nelson, Roy Eugene-58, 202, 203, 205, 232, 233 Newbern, David Thomas-58, 147 Newton, Ann-58, 141, 143, 145, 158, 170, 237 Nichols, James Mansfield-58, 124, 126, 198, 236 Nonmacher, John-168 Nunoz, Rachael-141 Olsovsky, Betty-58, 143 Ortiz, Susie-58, 149, 160 Ostman, Bob-58, 113, 118, 120, 125, 130, 132, 133, 177, 191, 196 Otto, Mary Ann-58, 143 Owens, Sue-58, 145, 149, 157 Padilla, Guadalupe Herrera-58, 143 Pannen, Don-58, 67, 113, 146 Parsons, Richard-58, 138, 147 Pase, Herbert Allen III-59, 147, 232 Patteson, Byron Eugene-59 Perel, Johnny-59, 127, 131, 132, 147, 158, 170, 176 Pickett, Sandra-59, 145, 166, 237 21, 224 146, Pierce, Karen-59, 123, 135, 142, 149, 158, 170 Pierce, Sharon Judith-59 Pollard Pollard 1 9 Barbara-59, 135 Robert--59, 127, 159 Powell, Kenneth Eugene-46, 120, 154, 155, 168, 198, 236 Preston, Preston Kirk-59, 156, 232 Willian1 Randal-59, 138, 202, 203, 204 Price, Carlton-145, 164, 165 Raab, Agnes Theresa-59, 70, 145 Ragan, Sherry-59, 118, 135, 145, 149 Ramos, Placida-59 Rayburn, Franklin Douglas-59, 138, 145 Reese, Nancie-59, 163, 164, 165 Reese, Susan Brent-60, 123, 143 Reissig, Rose Marie-60, 141, 164, 165 Rendon, Manuel Albert-143 Reynolds, Patricia Ann-60, 137, 142 Robarge, Michelle Lynne-60, 137, 142 Roberts, John-60, 123, 147, 202, 203, 206 Robles, Genevieve-60, 141 Rodriquez, Alex-60, 142 Rodriquez, Aurora-60 Rokyta, Ruby Mae-60, 164, 165 Rose, Patricia Ann-60, 143, 164, 165 Rosenquest, Albert Gary-60 Ross, Robert Lee-60, 70, 164, 165, 166 Ruiz, Delia-60 Ruthledge, Ruth-46, 61, 125, 131, 135, 145, 162, 191 Sanchez, Florencia-61, 143, 232 Schell, Barbara Anne-61, 141 Schoener, Glenn-61, 163, 164, 165 Schoenig, Eilen-61. 69, 123, 135, 136, 145, 157, 158, 171 Schramek, Charles Wayne-61, 156 Schroeter, Ruth-61, 145 Seiler, August-61, 157 Shaw, William Francis, jr.-61, 126 Shelton, Robert Earl-61 Shumbera, Albert Van-61 Sims, Judy-61 Skinner, Chlolon jasper-62, 145 Skopal, Ellen Frances-62, 145, 168 Smalley, Jesse joseph-62 Smiga, Edward Eugene-62, 137 Smith, Eddie Woodrow-62, 157, 202, 203, 206 Sommers, John Paul-62, 146 Sparkman, Bennie Loyd-62 Sparks, Joyce-62, 143 Sparks, Karen Sue-62, 118, 160 Sperry, jan-50, 62 Stanford, Cherry Lynn-62, 143 Starbuck, Sandy-62, 120, 125, 131, 136, 142, 157, 158, 160, 170, 191, 196 Stark, Juanita Kay-62, 135, 141, 145, 154, 160 Stark, Ronnie Jay-62 Stell, Patricia Ann-62, 145, 169 Stoever, judithAr1n-62, 135. 149, 164, 165, 169 Stokes, Jerome Allan-63, 138 Strelczyk, Beverly Gayle-63, 143 Sumbera, Marilyn Ruth-63 Svoboda. Daniel-63. 147, 148 Swanson, Michael Wayne-63 Tait, Sandra Joyce--63, 141, 154 Teaque, Gary-63, 119, 125, 147, 190, 202, 203, 204, 207, 211 ' Terry, Shirley Belle-50, 63, 141, 145 Timme, Dorothy Elizabeth-63, 145 Index Toellner, Daryal Reimer--63, 142, 149 Toney, Ferol-46, 63, 142, 168 Totah, Kenny-46, 63, 67, 113, 115, 117, 120, 125, 132, 146, 148, 161, 190 Townsend, Sally-46, 63, 143, 145, 164, 165 Trevino, Juanita-63 Tyler, Marian-63, 120, 133, 135, 160, 166, 198 Valenzuela, David-63 Vasquez, Richard--64 Vickery, Dennis Wofford-64, 202, 203, 205, 206 Villafranca, julie Cecelia-46, 64, 169 Villarreal, Andre Roche-64, 139 Wallace, Sandra Kay-141 Walleck, Marjorie Ann-64, 149, 160 Walton, Gary Dean-64, 137 Warren, Sandra Sue-64, 168 Waters, Charles Ray-64 Watkins, Larry Gordon-65, 236 Weber, Clemence-65 Weitzel, Fred--65, 216 Welder, Kathleen--46, 65, 110, 122, 123, 145, 159 Wesar, Hortencia-65 Whitaker, James Allen-65 Willis, Cay Dene-36, 46, 54, 65, 67, 126, 131, 13 Witt, Edward Hansel 66 Woods, Elizabeth Ann-66, 168 Woods, John Henry-66 Woods, Mary Francis-66, 131, 143, 168, 190 Wright, james-66, 137 Yarbrough, Earl Gardy, jr.-66, 146 Ybarra, Gloria-66, 142 Zeplin, Gary Wayne-66 Zeutzius, john Martin-66 Zirjacks, Tennie-66, 133, 149, 157, 158 JUNIORS Abernathey, Diane Kay-75 Alcorn, Margarette Ann-75, 167 Alexander, Mary--141 Alkelc, Jan-75, 86, 87, 88, 132, 160, 179 Alvarez, Trinidad-75 Anders, Linda Carol-75, 164, 165 Anderson, Nevin-75, 146, 199, 236 Arambula, Raul-75 Arnold, Larry Dwayne-75, 164, 165 Arriaga, Mary Theresa-75 Atkinson ,james Anthony-138 Balfanz, Charles Eugene-75, 141 Barefield, Chick-75 Barnard, Fred Eugene-75 Barr, Sandra-164, 165 Barrera, Alex-75 Batts, Bobby jo-75, 143 Batts, Celia Mary-75 Baumann, Patricia Ann-75 Beatty, james David-75 Beck, john Louis, jr.-75, 138 Berger Royce Wayne--75 Bernal, Joe John-75, 138 Blake, Roger Earl-75, 232 Blazek, Virginia Mary-75 5, 142, 160 271 Index 60 Board, Kathy--75, 86, 87, 88, 131, 145, 160 Everett, ictoria-77, 145 Boehm, David XX1'ayne-75, 216, 221 lg r, Carol 77, 145 Bohannon, Frances Yvonne-75 guson, 'ne-18 Bonny, Dimmu ,.,. 275 Figuerov ntonio-78 Bournias, Nicholas Stanley-75 4 Fi '-78 Boyd, JamC5v75 ,, Fi ', Martha-78. 145 Brandt, Linda--76 C 2 0 ' Q-151 res, Dax" 78 Brandt, Patricia Ann-76, 152 M Mu' l Iores. ' ond? Brown, Diann-76 41 1:10f N113 E1 ' Brown, Johnnie-167, 168 Fl 5- R 8 Brown, Nancy Lynn-76 G nZlF0f1112U1- 1516-7 1 1 Buckelew, Bonnie-76, 110, 152, 154 lb F051 f C1k'781 1 Buentello, Armando-76 WU ' A A L f 1 , 11elson1N Burr, Sandia-76 V ly 311k11111- 11 3-73 1 5 D Butler, GlennaNs76, 143 in 6 , 'Y- Ns 11"7 1 1! , I Byers, Brenda-164, 165 11 df, i11'13111'31J 1 141, Cabazos. Gladys Katherine- 1 . ' 3- R059 M11 e7 , ' Caldwell, Suzy-76, 152, 15 My , affix C211 CH S Calhoun, Mike Lowel-76 . Wi 1' GUY H 113 -8 VJ Comacho, Alice-76 ,bb 31' I - Gl1111a'M7 1 611 1 5, I5 cm, vcftiimmuaaipil-76 , L fm MHUHS 8 ' 1 H! Carville, Brenda Kay-76, 142 arc a, i-H1 f . A I Carroll, Larry Charles-142 L Gard 1' 111 5 1 - " IE - 51 131, 1 cafsmf, Mafia Aaelewvs, ae, sv, 141, 1 ff 1 W1 " 1 - Castaneda. Hector-76 ' , ' H- E51CfHU1f11"73 Cavazos, John-76 l 31131 J1111mYk16 Chadhourne, Lynn Earl-76, 232, 233 L Garza, Mary 1011573 Chamberlain, George-76, 145, 152, 156, 2 2, 203 K, Garza, Ofelia-78 Cheverton, Nancy-76, 152, 167 Garza, Raymond-78 Clark, Larryv--76 - Gauhzltz, Jimmy-78 Clark, Thomas jerry-76, 202, 203, 208 Gibson, PatriciaA78, 141, 152 Cline, Marry Katherine-76, 141 Gilbert, Pat-79, 216, 221 Coles, Patricia Gay-76, 142 G11l9fef1fh, 1-Ynn Robert-79 Collins, Evelyn -lean--76, 164, 165, 169 G111e5l'1f?- w'Y11C T110mf15m79 Correll, Michael Andrew-76 G151Cf- G19f1f1 RUYQ79- 130, 152, 146 Comms, Rudy-76 Godwin, Howard--79, 142 Costella, Michael james-76, 215 G01C1511m- Mf11'C1C'79 Cmigcnx Geo,-ge wf,,ynCM76, 152 Gomez, Ben-79, 202, 203 Crain, Bebe-77, 136, 145, 160 Gomez, joe-79 Crass, jgrfk -Ray-77 Gomez, Michael-79 Crawford, G3y1e-77 Gomez, Ramona-79 Cfggc-fi '1aCk-77, 232 Gonzales, Andrewf -:-- 79, 164, 175 Crick, Gary Cha,-1e5..77 Gonzales, Anna-79, 164, 165, 169 Crum, Thomas Gilbert-77, 125, 193, 232 Gonzales, Blas-79 C1'LlZC. PCICI'-77, 215 Ggnzalegw Margo-Q79 Curiel, Adriann-77 Gonzales, Theresa-79, 237 Davis, Barbara Lee-77, 86, 87, 160, 166 Gonzalez, ,Ir1elg79, 237 Davis, Elizabeth-77, 143 Gogdyyvina -1061-166 Dawson, Leosha Annh77, 145, 160 Grant, Raymond-79, 202, 203, 209, 2 de la Garza, Doris-77 Delgado, Cornelio-77, 145 Delgado, Tonym-77 Densman, Artis jay-77 ' De Young, Charles Allen-77 Diedrich, Robert Bruce-77 Dobbins, Robert Eugene-77, 138 Dossey, Linda Kay-77 Doughtie, Gayle Ann-77, 152 , Dowlearn, Calvin-77 ' Dunseth, Michael Clair-77, 164, 165 Duran, Sandra-77, 164, 165 Easley, Kenneth-77 ' Edwards, Clydiaf77, 143 Elder, julie Ann-77 Elkins, Betlyf-77, 166 Erwin, Peggy-77, 145 272 Graves, Linda-79, 1 60 Graves, Wfilliam Anthony IIIB-79 Greenberg, Dale-79 Greer, Austin-79 Greeson, Marthah79, 86, 87, 131, 160 Gregory, Larna-79, 120, 159, 199 Gutierrez, Juliaq79, Guzman, Ellisa79 86, 87, 143, 160 Haeber, Richardk2 3 2 Haiek, Louis-79, 13 8 Hale, Brenda-79, 164, 165 -Haley, Patsy-79 Hancock, Betty-168 Hanselka, Randall-7 Hansen, Carol-1-79 Hansen, Charles-80 Hansen, Sandrah8O 9, 146 15 Harris, Norma-80 Hartenberger, jarilyn-80, 166 Hartman, Robert-80, 138 Harvey, Clarron Eugene-80, 125, 179, Harvey, Dennis-80, 139, 215 193, 208 Index Lopez, Rose-81 Lord, Carolyn-81 , Lorenz, Carol781, 269 Low, David-81,w13lQ, f Lowe, Robert-I-815202, 203, 208 L, ' Harvey, Frances-80, 142 f I 7,1 LOWE, Th0fUHS'-31 fl is Haschke, Linda-80 1' 1 , 1' ff Lowther, Pglnk-81 ' lf Hathaway, Bennie-80, 138 7 jf 7 Luster, Car --81 1 , L Haynes, Robert-80 j ff MLQQHU, LCIOY-139 .ly 1" Hedrick, Kenneth-80, 146, 232 1 d,McCleary, Qon-81W36 4 L, Heibel, Beverly-Q80 ' McCormick, Sanizny-81 " ' Heinpel, Lola-80, 154 McCracken, giobert-81, 147 l Hendy, Joyce-80, 164, 165 MCKSV, N918-31 ' Hepburn, Jeanne-80, 145, 237 ol, 1 M,CKiUUEY1 R0b5ff-8l'!1P9, 171 Hernandez, Eva-80 ' Ebfl MlcManus, Nelda-81,6 'Y f 1 Hicks, Gary-80 ,f McWhorter, Ronaldf?51, 215 Hill, LindahS0 l. ,' I Mace, Russelllgbl ' , Hindman, Susan-80, 86, 87, 160, 166, 167 . f jf, l Madden,,,'FedfQ81 Ji Hobbs, Patricia-80, 142 Y I , ,, 1 K , V" Lvflloijy, David-81,1 ,' V Hobby, Cheryl-80, 141, 23,7 H X, UL! , if ffiipshall, :Iohn.w8 1, 23? it I Hohf, Jill-80 If R 11: I Marroquin, Nora- 1' 1,41 V Horton, Guy-80, 139N 1 U llartm, Danferig-81, 147 1 ' Horton, ames-80 'sf ' Q1 Marfnez El d -81 ' Howard,JCarol-80, 169 I L, A J l Martine55'TIessS+81 , 1 L1 Howard, John-80, 113, 125, 134,"yl34, 192 ff' M3SiS011ll, Linda-81 T, L ' Hrncir, Jerome-80, 138 I " , . Mlatlock, Drew-81, 86, 87, 85,3141 160 Huckman, john-80 , 1 LZ' ' ', JY Lf" lMatthews, Wlillianu-81, 139li Huffman, Suellen-QQQ15 X 1 , . xg, Mayo, Qanny-82 1 if Inscore, Johnny-80l!Zl2, 203, 207 ,jf Maze, C5raf82, 141 , A Iraggi, Robert-80 lr, f Meyer, Grace-82, 152 Jamison, Sharon-80, 142, 14 f f H -7 ,'Michna. Mir'-452 Z1 I Ju L , ,,5 Jayne-s, Terry Lee-80 Q ,I fl ' Miller, Cghilrles-82, 138 rf jenkins, Catherine-8009 fy XL, , Millirgffjloan-82, 135, 1411, l Johnson, Edithg80, 142, 164, 165 Vlf ,, M iller, june-8,2 fir ' Johnson, Howard-80 UU f, V, 4' inatre, Geral,iif8dZ,lf138 . Johnston, joseph-80, 233 11' j , ,' "' M1011 Steve-1825! ' jones, Norman-80, 125, 121146, 193, 202, 206, 207 f Mitchell, Carolfyn-H82, 143, Jong-5, Tommy-80 f I V L ' Moeller, 'lfxavid-82 li.- 1 ,' ' "" INI , V M iiimlasgfzlio , , 2 77,3 , Livfgfriif K6H0ggvSuMHP-80,135,163Ll64y165 641 ,Lf ' b4oomxJ1nwg.j1L-sz 2 Kennedy, Barrym-80 , ,f A' ' l' Moya, Sammy'l232 7 A Kindrick, Willianu-80 1' Wffl! Natho, Pamela-82, 152 , f 7 King, Ronald-480, 232 1 ,f if Ipfafhb. Williamfsz 4, , 1 Kirchner, Gilbert-80 'I lfl fr 5' Q Nelson, Linda-82, 145,lf1'64, 165 Klotz, Linda-81, 86, 87, 135, 160, 166, 1671 , ' 1 Nelson, Torn-82, 213 Kneblick, Linda-81, 166 .V 'V 1 yi' 1, l' Norris. Arlflelia-82, 152 Kneip, james-81, 131 X 1 Q1 l' Ogberrlnillerfbelores-82, 135, 145, 169 Knight, Georgia+81 1 'P if Ohlhairsen, 'Io Ann-143 7 , Kohl, Wfilliam-81, 138 , , Ondrias, Arthur-82 ,f ' Koliba, Ronnie-81, 166, 167 1 ' X X i,OffiZ, Beatrice-82, 86, 87, 16014 Krause, Lenwood-81, 138 Padilla, Fidel-82, 132L21'6, 2Zt0,01221,iI2i3 224 225 226 Krebs, Charles-81, 147, 156 Padron, ROSew82l 1663 ,lj Krmnhng,YWayne-81,202,203,207 P1n,IMann-T825h6,87,1511115!1h5, 60 lg Kruse, Jeanette-81 Pf1Uf5l,1Ci-1.1-'fFr5rL-82, 13 lf ' XJ Ll L 1 V 3 Lange, Michael-81, 215 , 1, P11V1fCaL.Sher1y-3231 13 , 141, 145 N V N Langenberg, Chrisw81, 164, 165 I Pedr2r'2za.j'I.eopoldTJ82, R38 LKFL f ,ll C Lara, Frank, Jr.-81, 232 Q- xi P6na,pSidonia-82 L 1 F Lassmann, Donna-81, 143, 152 m P I 1PenelZvLitlqfNaney-SQL-186' ,' X Lawrence, Russell-81 I, ' l ' flfgrdue, GeorgdQ852', 147 1 Ieake Linda-81 135 160 1 - fi 11 UP:-:rez Iucinda-82 1 Ll 1 . I 7 - 1 - 1 Q 1 ffjikk f , - 1 1 Leita, Dennis-81. 131, 178, 216, 222, L, Pffff, 'OKIC-82 nj' X Lemke, Kenneth-81, 138 i f 4 PCWV. ,lulia-82, 146, ' Lerma, Nick-81, 157, 215 fl" J I fy Tiersoe , Robe-At5R'2, 202, 203, 209 Lesikar, Irene Jeanette-4-81, 135 My rj., lfitts,--fllgary-L82 Lesikar, james-81 La, f lei' 1 Plasis, Moritz-82 F il'-J A' . . , 5 e , 133 l 1, ly .U ,. X, ki V mf ' Lie 273 , li Tv 1 T2 X Index Ponder, Clark-82 V T T' X Q Poole, Ramona-82, ,142,'41K45 ,- Poole, Ramona-L-82, 142, 145, 160 T , Post, Dian-82 if Xl 'S Lx Y Prewitt, Carroll-82 -""' '11 T Pullin, Linda-82, 142- W- X ' Purcell, Donna-82 1 XT' K Quimby, Martha-82, 145 5' Y- l ' 7' ,mx Quimby, W'lter-82, 145, 15m68 .Y 2 22 Quintanilla, Rafael-82, 256 '-'- , 'vi Staff, Charlotte-83 Stanford, Larry-483, 215 Stephens, james-83 Stephens, Joel-83. 147, 216, 223 Stewart, Gayle-83, 145 Stoltzman, Marlys-83, 152, 169 Stormont, john-83, 131, 178, 192, 215 Streate, Merlin-84 Strelczyk, Dennis-84 Strothe1', Barbarafw84, 145 'T Rackard, Carolyn-82, 142 " XYZ Summers, Anna-84 Rn1s,Nanfyw82, 125, 131, 145, 162, 1194 192 '-' x 'xu,Sumf1wfs, Mafvm-84, 125 Ramos, Frank-82 Ramos, Mary-82 -A Ramseur, Rickey-82, 138, 215 X 4 X 1 , W , Qxb N Ray, 1061282 147 K -f '1' Reha, Andy-138 Reid, Ruby-83 Reinhardt, James-83, 166, 167 P Resendez. Manueli83 Reyna, Virginia-83, 166 Reynolds, Marie-83 4 Riggs, Raye-83 5 'x if Roberts, Candace-83 ' 2 Surratt, Laura-84 Sweet, Elizabeth-84, 1 4 1,2168 56.7. , . 4 ' Sgvoboda, Judith-74, 84, 120, 125, 131, 141, 145, 193, 199 Taylor, Francine-131 Tl: ' Taylor, Roger-84 Taylor, Thomas-84, 215 S- . f Terry, -Qonr1aM484, 169 2-,L Thames, Mary-84 'i Theus, Patriciah84, 86, 87, 160 1 ,Q Roberts. Gloria-83, 86, 87, 160, R ' 'J Robinson, Ruthie-83, 143 we n Robinson, Gary-aa, 150, 132, 202, 203, 207 ' Robles, Lupe-483 -QT X, Rodriquez, Jody-83, 169 ' Rogers, Wandak83 N Rojas, Frank-83 Ross, Lee-83 Rossi, Sylvan-83, 164, 165 ,fi l --Y. Rothwell, Richard-83, 216, 221 A 1 V L5 Rouse, Martha-83 6,3 ,ov Cf Rowell, -Clifford-83 QQ fl' A Ruiz Delia-1215 5 ' Us J Ruiz, Patricia-83, 141 AKVRJVC Ruiz, Ted-83 Rux, Barry-83 Salrlivar, Ninfa-83 Salley, Douglas-83 Sanchez, Atlela-S3 Sanchez, Daniele-83, 215 Sanchez, Lucy-83 Schmeltzer. ,1aneti83, 164, 165 Schmeltzer, Paul-83, 164, 165 Schultz, Larry-137 Schulze, Patrick-83, 157 Scott. chnfyigaa, 135, 1211, 145 Sellers, Sharon-141 Sepulveda. Gloria-83 Shelton, jean-83, 135, 145 je, Ir I QYRMLQ Qmi' 1 TXQM5 1 ,585 U5 Sherman, Larluana-83, 125, 131, 162, 178, 192 Short, Tommy-83 Shroyer, Clift'ordM83. 202, 203, 207 Simmons. Sandra-83 Sims. Judy-168 Slade, Sondra-83 Smajstrla, Judith-83, 169 Smith, Fred-83, 138 Smith, Margaret-83, 152 Smith, Sue-83, 143, 152 Soto. Andrew-83 Spann, Leonard-83 Spinks, Anita-83, 168 274 Xiljhompson, Kinman-84 Thompson, Mary-84, 141, 145, 152, 160 Thompson, Mona-84, 132, Timme, Richard-84, 138 N Tipton, Linda-84, 135, 145 1 , Trapp, JosephE84 1 Trenck, Robert-84 ,, ,I l Trevino, Juanita-145 Z n IU' ' 0 'I' Trevino, JulianM84 'I 6, , ,tjlfs ,fb fi fi, Trevino, Sophie-84, 168 ,HN ,:Q!'l , 7' Tniuns, Esther-84 J" ,L ' Lf' ' ,VD will-'74 Tristan. Ella-84 JI, U16 l U I,ij,,1 Tucker, Patricia-84, 141 , di! ', ,flew , 1 Tunchez, Tom-84 , if " if 1 I I , Hy, Turner, Hugh Albert-84 f jf ,tjflf ,,,."' 1,y'f' I ' . f 1 1 I L. Tyler, Larry-84, 215 XJR 061 QLD" Alf? ,fi Urban, Annette-4-84 MDQU' , ff' i, 1 If ' K ff U1-ban, Cheri+168 7 Lf' ' .ff 1 -f Urban, Chris-84, 152 ' 7 ' Urban, Joyce-8 4 M3637 fr ,fn 1024, fl! Aff 'l U V be 0i1.z1"1!li,1 4 fi Urbano, Lee-84 Uresti, Leo-84 Valenzuela, Mary-84 Vargas, Maria-84 J l A Liz' , , I L N ' ff Vasquez, 1N1anuelE84, 164, 165 i qnlfv . , ft, cl J Veith, Judith-84 l' VV ,LZ-6 ., Verret, Richard-84 V' ,- jg", I Vickers, Barbara-169 1 'S n 'ti l Villafranca, Gloria-141 f Villarreal, Ruby-164, 165 Voigt, Richard-85 Vollcmer, Patricia-85, 145 5 1 l ,1,, Wfacker, Wfanda-85, 135, 145, 152 Wagner, Patriciaf-85, 145 Wfalthall, Richard-85 Weatherley, Linda-85 Weaver, Mark-85, 145, 192, 202, 203, 207 Wells, Rita-85, 145 Wells, Thomas-85 White, Buddy-85 White, Linda-65, 137 Wiggins, Relda-85, 142 Wilke, Fritz, 85, 164, 165 Williams, Charles-85, 164, 165 Williaxns, Lawrence-85, 147, 164, 165 -J 2f76"!l C fy 1 if Q39 fJ,9ff,V yjplgdex ' , Co ie Am- 'llm ce-85 ilsfo , onald ' i on, Priscilla 237 X Q ' inters, Do as--74, , 12 1, 147, 148, 179, 199, 36 2 Wood , arold 5, 145 3 rs ara-8 41 Wrigge, illiam- , 236 Yar 5631521 -74, 85, 1,136, 49, 5 0, 178 , 19 1 1 ' e eanice-8,, 87, 'LY5crr , iane-8 , 1 4, 1 I ung, Do a-85, 1 E X Young, e-f-1 ar ,Abe- , peda. M Zirjacks, , 2 Q! Zom, Frances-85 SOPHOMORES -W E9 Aguayo, Santos-89 Aguilar Aguilar, Julian-89 Aguirre, Geronimo-89 Aguirre, Sammy-89 ' , Edward Charles-89, 164, 165 Albrecht, Ronald-89, 139 .K fwfl Alemon, Johnny-89 l Alexander, Frank-89, 154, 156, 1 4, 165 yin! ,, I, Allen, Barbara-89f"' , - 'I' 7 - Allen, Richard-89 1 37, L Alvarado, Elicla-89, 142 - , 'K ll, ij 1 Alvarez, Tina-89, 152 , My 1 ,I ' ' yi I ,I ' A Anders. Gary-89 l I , I f gif' ' Angrstein, Donald-89 - ' , Angerstein, Patricia-89, 142 fi! 1, Q! A lp , I Araj, Edward-89 , I " L I' 4 ,' Ardoin, Marc-89 fi ' ' I I Armstrong, Dena-8 V' Arnold, Andrew-89, 164, 165 , gf Arnold, Dorothy-89, 142, 152 'f Arnold, Marsha-89, 164, 165 Awalt, Kay-89. 96, 97, 131, 136, 141, 152 Baass, Bailey, Baker, Baker, Baker, Carol-89, 135, 160 Charles-89 Claudia-89 Forrest-89 George-89, 215 Balfanz, Dorothy-89, 141 Barfield, Stanley-89 Barletta, Vincent-89 Barnard, Cheryl-89 Barnes, james-89. 139 Barnette, LeRoy-89 Bastain, Robert-89 Bazar, Ernest-489 Beard, Letitia-89 Beller, Lewis-89 Benitez, Domingo-89 Bennett, Barbara-89, 164, 165 Bennight, Ronald-89, 105, 215 Berkman, Cliff-89 Bernal, Mickey--89, 141 Berry, Brenda-89 Blanton, Janis-89, 141 Bleeker, Tom-89, 125, 195 Boehm, Patricia--89 Bournias, Helen-89 Boyd, David-89 Boyd, Margery-89, 96, 97, 105, 145 5 Brady, James-215 Braeuer, Don-89, 146 Branch, Allen-89, 215 Brandt, Linda-89, 152 Bransforcl, Kay-89, 96, 97, 141, 160 Breech, Donald-89, 157 Brett. Glenn-90 Briones, Mary-90, 142 Britton, Janet-90, 92, 93, 96, 97, 135 Brown, Billy-90, 232 Brown, Diana-90 Brown, Jerry-90 Brown, Ronald-90, 156, 232 Bruton, Carol-90. 160, 166 Buchholz, Bobby-90 Buentello, Diana-90, 164, 165 Burgess, Judith-90 Burgett, Ruby-90, 168 Bustos, Albert-90 Butler, Robert-90 Butlafr, XYleldonw90, 215 Calhoun, Sylvia-90 Calliliam, David-90, 138 Cianiayiillg. Ernest-90, 164, 165 Canales, Domingok9O Canehola,,LuCinda-90 Cano, Adelita-90, 14,1 Carey, Marge-90, 142 Carlon, john-90, 164, 165 Carlftis, Santos-90, 142 Carroll, jay-90, 215 Carsner, Carol-90, 92, 159, 160 Carter, ,Frankie-90, 160, 164, 165 Caryer,ICurtis-90, 164, 165 Casarez, josephine-90, 142 Qastil1o,,"11om-90, 139 Cafchings, Robert-90 Cavasar, jerry-90, 215 Cavazos, Alice-90, 169 Chandler, johnny-91 Chapa, Betty-91, 92, 93, 160, 169 Chomout, Frank+91 Christiansen, Wfayne--91 Church, Royce-91 Claus, Santan?-91. 166, 167 Cleveland. Gail-91, 152 Cochran, Patricia-91 Cochran. Sandra-145, 164, 165 Cole, jerry-91 Coleman, Margaret-91, 141, 160 Collins, Donnan-W91, 164, 165 Connelly, Ronald-91 Cook, Gregoryi91 Cooley, Arthur-91, 202, 203, 210 Cortez, Richard-91 Coslett, Dorothy-91 Courts, Coy-91 Cox, Sharon-91 Curiel, Leonel-A91 '7"' Cramer, Frances-91, 168 Crawford, Carren-91, 142 Crisp, james-91, 146 Cross, Allen-91, 164,,k165 ,X I ,Xi Cunningham,Shearie--9i1yQ52 5 V xi, 'xy' 13" il 5 Index ,JH Q9 Qi Garces, Gloria-92, 141, 169 Garcia, Ambrosia-92, 159 Garcia, Evangeline-93, 169 Garcia, Felix-95 Garcia, Felix-93 Garcia, Frank-M95 Curlee, Ronna-91, 168 Currier, Betty-91, 96, 97 Curry, JoAnn-91, 141, 152, 154 Garcia, Frank-Q93 Garcia, joe-93 Garcia, Mary Ann-95, 141 .'p .1 CUYUS, Louada-91 Garcia, Mary Guadalupe-93 X Curton, 1-21ffY'92 Garcia, Sophie-93 Davis, Elizabeth-90, 92, 95, 96, 97, 131 Garland, RiCharda95, 164. 165 Davis, Ronald-88, 92, 131, 146, 215 Garner, janie-93 A Davis, Sandra Lee-92, 141 Garrett, Sandra-93 Dean, ChrlrlCS-92 Garton, Sandra-93 , Decker, Charlotte-92 Garza, Mary Ellen-93 DeHoyos, Lupe-92, 141 Garza, Mary Louise-93 DelAngel, Humberto-92 Gagchex Pefmjggg, 157 DeLeon, 101111-92, 164, 165 Gggggxvay, Chefyli93 Delorey, Carolyn-'92 Gayle, Patricia-93, 168 Derrick, joe-92, 125, 194, 215 Geddie, Gary-93, 215 ' Diamond, Kathryn-92, 104, 125, 181, 194 Gerlxold, Diane-93, 96, 97 Dick, Gloria-92 Gibson, Barbara-93 Dierlam, Angela-92 Gilason, jack-93 X Dobbins, jeanetteQ88, 92, 141, 152 Giddens, Joyce-93 S, Y 92, 141 Gieb, 1N1iChaleh93 o s'y, antha-92, 168 Gilliam, Constance-92, 93, 96, 97, 131, 160 Donalson, Mary-92, 160 I Girard, Philip-93, 235 Dorton, Allenf92, 215 Gisler, DavidM93 Drozd, Oscar-92 Glass, Cathy-93. 98, 125, 162, 180, 194 Dunseth, Sammy-92 Glover, Aubrey-92, 93, 96, 97, 157 Dutton, Harry-92, 215 Glover, Linda-93, 154, 160, 168 Eason, Robert-92, 215 Goggans, Bobby-93 Edgar, Candyce-92, 96. 97, 99, 125, 162, 181, 195 Goldsum, Annie-90, 93 Edwards, Robert-92, 164, 165 Gomez, Berry-93, 4142, 215 Eilers, Cavin-92 Gomez, Delores-93, 141, 215 1, Elder, Ronald-92, 215 Gonzales, Edward-95 lr, I 1 -1 Ellison, Erma-92, 167, 168 QF-TTI Gonzales, Guadalupe-95 ft-, , 1 Ernst, Beth--92 , . ' Gonzales, Jerry-138 ' ' ' Espinoza, Ernest-92 Gonzales, johnny-93 V' Espinoza, Theodore-92 Gonzales Lupe-95, 142 Fahey, Susan-92 Gonzalez, Robert-93, 215 Falcon, Lee-92 , Goode, Betty-93, 141 l N Fanning, Janice-92, 165 Goode, Eddie Sue-93, 142 Feclmer, Charles-92 Gossie, MiCl'12Sl-93, 105 Fellers, Janice-92, 142 Graff, Larry-93. 164, 165 Filley, George-92 Green, Richard-93, 156, 157 Flores, Louis-92 Green, Ronald-93 I, Flores, Mary-92, 142 Gregory, Gailh-93, 131, 141 , ,- If 4 Flores, Robert 92 Greslmm, Johnnie-93 . ,,,, N r-f'i CM Flores, Sylvia-92, 141 I Gfiffffl, EVCYCTY-93 "7 V . ' romk, Roberi-96, 92, 105, 215 392-K' ' Slay, shifiey-93 ,f X ,J Lf Foreman, Johnnie-92, 141, 152 Gd 5' Shqfon-95, 104 4,4 7 4, ,Q'1V' I Foster, Carol-92 Q G11H Nar1cv-4-96, 160 ' ' G ,, 4 Foster, Cynthia-92, 96, 97 Z6 C rrez, vid-95 .V-C2d'j93fjgq71f64JL-'lf ' Foster, Sandra-92 Q' . -35, I ' 93 ' ,X X f Fowler, Linda-92 Qzkf , Iv ,iz Ethan 168 In , MMV, Frances, Earl-92 ' fll 473' - 3 ' Frankum Barbara-92, 164, 165 f l, ' 93 Frasier, Linda-92, 96, 97, 160 ff Ha . r ton--95, 145, 166, 167 'J Fromme, Serena-aa, 92, 113, 125, 163, 164, 16 , 5 ' Hambe C arlotte-93 Fuentez, AntonioH92 Hamilton, cith-93, 132 Q14 1 Fullick, Elizabeth-92, 141 Hamilton, ailiy-93, 125, 19 C141 Fulton, Michael-92, 141 Hamlin, George-94 Gaona, Rose-92 Hancock, Willie-94 Garber, Billy-92, 138 Haney, Bruce-94, 139 276 N W ' 7119. Q 51? 9 W 7 GX iffg 547 GK? J , . Q ans 1 iane V johnson, Nancy-96, 141 - 5 IU U J -94 42 Johnstom C11arlottes96, 141 -D K - us, t ' ia 4 ' jones, Lynda-96, 141 at y fe 94 jones, Sue Ann-M96, 168 - I Ove, J 6 94, 15 qlones, Tommy-96, 167 Q argug F C a+94 168 an Jfgfdan, Tommy-96 gg- i 1.1 .rrisl Umm I rena, Freda-96 . c 2 rr' HMC- 4, 467, '1I1'l1f1. Daniel-96, 154 4 rtfield, O 4, 15 - lb andis, Mike-96 ' ' am xandr I 41 of nuzer, Sharon-92, 95, 96, 160 V HH 5 fa - 4 123131 Qi Ce V -' el1,.l1--5 4, ,,thZ,f,3y3 L,,,lam9 f 1 Keilh, Randal-96, 158, 215 f Hausc i , Lin , 9 160 W Keller, Grncine-96, 164, 165 I S Clif rd 94 Kinnn1'd,Mury-96 'l .y11e, in 9 152,168 Kin21JmS'96 'ic 3. He, r 94 King, Shirley-96, 155, 145, 164, 165 -' C f 5 5 Hege mes-9 Kirchner, Janie-96, 164, 165 6:54 5 H i Id, Kenneth-94, 139 Kn1ght, Richard-96, 215 X! Qld' EarIY90y 94, 96' 97, 125, 195, 215 Knlght, Russell-96 Heller, Edwin-94, 139 KNOW R'W"l'4'P6 Helm, Ida-94, 164, 165 Koehl- Edward-961 138 Henderson, Claire-492, 94, 154 , 159, 160 Koehl, Mic'h1lel496, 181, 202, 203, 210 Henderson Darleen-94 I. I Koonce' JOQQIQQG' 160 4 6 -- Ve Kothe, DRVIG-96, 215 , Hemyv Christylb-94, 145 Kovar, Carolyn-96, 160 553151 51211121596 1 Henze, Anes-94, 145, 164, 165 , 1 3 . Hernandez, Adam-95 J Hester, Thomas-95 IKAIPPH, AlyCe1Lq961'Ml . , 'A I . 1 Hewlett, Terry-95, 125, 195, 202, 203, 212 Kuykendgyf VMH95 , 1' ,x , '- Highsmith, Phillip--95 LE1?1"D? 'USW961 1591 215 2 Hill, Frederick-95 ,L-a"1b1L'f1d'LP96 . ' 5 Hill, Marsha-95, 164, 165 'Lancasterijucly-1.96, 141, 169 Hill, Solomon-95 Ifanggton, Brenda-96 1 4 Hiller, Lef6vw95 Mm' JWYNQG Hillmer David-95 Lee' liinnme-164' 165 Hinoiosgx he-95 Lej-une, Bonnie-96, 141 I Hinoiosa iouis-95 'Le-mke,uGlenn--96, 215 ,, Hodges, 7Roberti95 Lglr' Beve?1YN96' M2 4 f I Hoff, Ohm-95 -Lleck, Patr1c1a-96 4 Hoffmann, Vfesley-95,, 2151, ' Lindsay' JLTIILIHQ7' 166' 167 - i , K Holer, Janicehgsy 142 -XI: 1.4 X Llndsey, Blllle-97, 142 Hom' Jem-95 1 L1nd5ey,.Lyn.da-97, 125, 131, 160, 194 X Honeycuttx Janet-93 ?5 16 , LIIDSCQIDIJ, Llnda-92, 93, 97, 131,1135, 141, 160 , Hoover' Dmim Q XIV' ex fy. X lLobpr1se, L1r1dai9Q xxf Horadamy John-954 I ,XJ Lopez, Marla-97 Q 1 . A1 Horadam, L11ther-5525 X X' if! Lord, Salldfa--97 . ' Horto .xppmfhygfhj ' S .J X , X, Love, Merry-97 X2 HOP-'5 551 R0be1'XI'1495 45.2 ' G- I N Lovel, Dennis-97 X N , - Hgbqegil, jeuy-1644 165 Lowe, Mary-97, 104, 105 N '- X . Hrdggfy Dabidlgg Q Lowery, Virginia-97, L4'v1K ' Q1 K Xf, X4 4 I pipber, Q35 3,4 K. 1 , X, 1 L 1e 95 3,4 1 I CN Xlglubep., Htricia-HAM ' 'Hubferi , , Dbnxna-95,1 141 Huclm ee. Wi ma-9 Hudler, 'ug -95 '41 Huertzl, 7 911 X' - XJ 11 NO 11 Undlda-95"51', ,x ', ee Loyax.Manue1-97 Loyd, Barbara-97, 152,-.169 1 uera, Pete-97, 145 Q 1, erssen, Bruce-97X -Lumpkins, Rohert-L97, 2151, 1 9-uLuna, Alex-971 , Q X , , x . 'xl .YJ K.. X .11 Hyman, Cmig49ij18O7 XZOXNEQ5, Nh, 215 Luongo, SLIZXHDDCLQ7 'K 1.14 4 X. 4 X Hyn1Qh,fR0bert-X95 N 3 XXV 1 ' Y McCann, janet-'-97 f 1 'X Xl I Jfilyfkgy AgneSlf.?5 I 1 - f X V ' 'T I M X McClanaha.n, Larryf97 ,.""'5N X K, 'I X. -. Jzinjes, Igeveflyy-95, 'Ij60, 168 Ke J 1 X 1NIcCown, XX1i1l2iJ1rnlJ97, 147 ,' - 1 X , 1 I jargchke, Jgmes-95 K xx. X K Mcffoyiifareqtev-97, 215 ' 1 , ' .H X ' ' 4 Jimenez, ,Felix-96 a f McC0y,', ' icyhgel-97 V .4 l. Jime ez? Hen 95 4 . IVLQCIQHY, SharonT88, 197, 135, 152, 166 .V 4 6 johngngx Qengzlgg ' X 52 eMcFehee,4Caro1-97 'W' df," ' " , 11 , -Q X4 -1,4-7 X -.lil x.,-' X-1444, xl. VI X11 W X 1 ' ' N H ,.4f X. J X X 1 ,NN Q X1 5, A fb ' H 277 W ' X .l1,. 5 QJQJ ' e Jo 9 , 7, ' jp L es, Coe 4-yy cH ' 11 e ' R Mc i ney, R 'i97 IN ' 97 nrght, onna- cManus, James-97 McMurray, Wayrne-97 Magallan. Guadalupe-97, 142 gk - ,ffigxikls ,5Vk4, J Q ---R' Malina, Elaine-97, 135, 141, 160 Manchaca, Lupe-97, 142 Maroney, Judy-97, 160 Maroney, Marguerite-97, 141 Marrsquin. Cifredo-97 Martin, Connie-97, 160 Martin. Patti-97, 135, 141 Martinez. David-97 Martinez, John-97 Martinez, Julian-97 Massouh, Linda-98 Matthews. Gay-98, 141, 169 Mayfield, Wfilliam-98 Meadows, Judith--98, 131, 160 ef: fb 1 rniii . Ozuna, 1NfIabel+y99'if, l Pakebusch, Barbara-392, Fung' -,CQ Palacios, CDayid?Q9 qhgmsw J v E-Q, V Rapadakisf,Pete-291 jg. ,mu X513 at 1 Paul, Linda-99. 15,45 1 fc - X5 Fife.: Pauler, CaW,neT99, EZFQTQY , 3 X, aah 111499 U Eg 114 Plemons, W,llliain2299E7 ,f,1 fr-N MGT 3 Pohlef, Cofaiyieg-99 XC. Q55 il f C Ponderg ,jasperil 39 A F Ported, Marsha 99 POunclS,xNAnlta-9 , 93,,99, 1 , 155555215 5 Powitgigbbirdeth X Prestom, Stephen-9 fl56,Q I Prichara David-99 X ' Putnam Russell-1-f96,197, 99 Quinyl, 1C13,,i1y11Q3,9, 142 Qumey, MQQYHI9 , 158 Radney, 'fhergt-!1Q0 Ramas, Penelopai-100, 152 Ramirez, Ysidro-E00 Ramos, Ursula-1 ', 141 .1 ' 2,-f Medellin, Teresa-98, 152 Meek. Susan-98 Menchaca. Carolina-98 Meyer, Jimmy-'98, 215 Mikeska, Sherwood-98 Mills, Jann--98, 160 Mills, Lynnette-98 Minetree. jane-98 11111111011 rmay-98, 142 J Mize, Garry-98 Mock. Barbara-98, 145 Monney, Bruce-98 Montag, Darrell-98 Moore, Anthony-98 Moore, Vifilliam-98 Morales. jesse-98 Morgan, Richard-98 Morris, Peggy-98, 164, 165 Morrison, jack-098, 235 Mowels, Milford-98 Mullenix. Mary-99 Munoz. Stella-99. 141 Mutschler, Eugene-99, 147, 154, 156 Reha, Alice-100, 142 Reiser, Andrew-100 Rendon. john-100 Rendon, Lupe-100 Reyes, Patsy--100 Reyna, Fred-100, 164, 165 Reyna. Olga-100. 164, 165 Reynolds, Esley--100 W1 Reynolds. Judy-100 Reynolds, Kayren-100, 135 Rhodes, Patrick-100, 147 Rick, Gordon-100, 154, 156 Rider, Brianf1OO Ripple, Carlotta-100, 104, 105 Roberson, Carl-100 OJ l, Robles, Pennie-100, 160 Rode, jennifer-92, 95. 100, 160 I v Rodriquez, Alice--100, 141 ' Rodriquez. Barbara-100 Rodriquez, Ellia-100, 232 Rodriquez, Janie-100, 141 Roell, Iris-100, 142 1 XJ Rogers, Gene-96, 97, 100, 215 1 lla N jill Nagel. Kenneth-99 Nathan, Kendrick-99 Neely. Don-w99 Neisser, Allen-99 Nelson, Diannff-99 Nelson, Donna-99 Newberry, Helen-99 Newton. jan4-99, 131, 160, 181 Nunez. Mary-99, 142 Nunez, Rachel-99 O'Bannon, Patriciavb99 O'Connor, Michele-99 Odom. Harold599 Oertli. James-99 Olsovsky, Linda-99, 164, 165 Olsovsky, Willie May-99 Rokyta, Gloria-100, 164, 165 Rolley, Robert-100, 215 Rose, David-4100 Rose, Paula-100, 142 Ross, Patricia-100, 164, 165. Rosser, jennifer-100, 141 Roth, Gary-100, 157 Rowell, Clifford-147 Rubio, Gilbert-100 Ruiz, Delia-100 Ruiz, janeM-100 Ruizglerry-V100 ,NN Rl1gell,VLinda--92, 93, 100, 160 1' Hxssell, Nancy-100, 141 Sager, Sylvia-92, 93, 100, 131, 160 Salas, Andorow-100 Ondrias, johnny-99 Ordonez, Margarita-99 Orsak, Ray-99, 139 Ortiz, Rudy-99, 252 Owen, Russell-99, 235 Owens, john-99, 215 278 Salazar, Leon-100 Sanchez, julia-100 Sanchez, Philip-100 Sanchez, Robert-232 Sanchez, Ronald-100, 164, 165 Sanchez, Thomas B.-100, 164, 165 6 ndex r Sanchez, Thomas-100 , Sandidge, john--100, 164, 165 Sanford, Guy-147 N Y hornton, jerry-102 Toney, Hurcey-102 Tooke, Susan-102, 141, 154, 157 Sandhop, Linda-'10 , 8104 Toombs, Carolyn-92, 93, 102, 135, Sattelmaie Rich r 101 j f ONES, Eliseo-103 Sattler, illi 101, M WU 610, uanita-103 Schell, t 'da- 1 ,. T rv'n , Mary-103, 141 Scherer, lar n e ij I i son, David-103 Sqhilh , 101 2 ucker, jimmy-103 Sqhm' IC e ' Tucker, homas-103 Sch e it, er-101, 215 Tun lyrpwwfne-142 Schwa i , a ie- 01 , , Lo is-105, 164, 165 Scurlo in 01, 1 J 1 , Mary--103, 142 Seaman, ' ' 0 14 A 103. 152, 168 Sellers, n 1 I Urban, Gary-103, 156 Sepulveda, ' -.1 1, Valenzuela, Sylvia-103, 141, 169 Shannon, nt ' , 141, Vardaman, Lee-103, 215 Sharp, Joh y 215 Vela, Manuel-103 Shaw, R rt 01 Vela, Sylvia-103 Sherman, S r 1, 141, 154, 160 Velasquez, Harvey-103 Shelton, m-101 Shepard, dwin-101, 164, 165 Shook, james-101, 139 Short, Nancy-101, 145, 168 Short, Thomas-101, 164, 165 Shramek, Dana--101, 141 Shumbera, Faye-101 Sides, Patricia-101, 168, 169 Sitterle, Mark-101, 235 Villarreal Louis 105 Vogt Donald 103 159 147 Waitschies Dennis 103 Waitschies, Gloria-103, 145, 152 Wal ' a 103, 168 Wallace, Patricia-103, 141 Wallen, Edward-103, 164, 165 Wallen, Peggy-103, 141 Vermillion, Dorothy-103, 141 'ill1CE Slaughter, james-101, 145, 215 !Waltl1er, Bill-104 Slayden, Elmer-101, 202, 203, 211, 215 f Watkins, joe-104, 156 Smith, Franklin-101 5 I Wfkins, MichaelQ168 Smith, Pamela-101 KK, 'I i ,ff r QQ tson, Patsy-7104 Smith, Sharon-101, USQSJW P, j pf' Weatherford, Donna-104, 160 Snyder, Joe--101, 147 th - A ff-I .1 A Q! I Weaver, William 104, 215 x Snyder, Thomas-101 ,f Soileau, Marilyn--101 Solis, Alfred-101 1 Solis, Raymond-101 , .1 , , -' I Sparks, Dale-101, 139 i i " Q' 1, Spradlin, Seahorn-101, 138 lk' fl L w f j 1 ,NU ly fNx l , rf ' 1 M rx ' J 1 X Weigand Bettyf- O4 Weisie, my-104,,164, 165 ald-104 e , Larry-104, 215 eiland, Charles-104 Wigington, Judy-104 1 .XC Stalinsky, Margaret-101, 141 'X ,X :X kX1iC?il911'n, Linda-104, 142 Stanford, Sylvia-101, 104, 105 ' ' , 1' HCOX, Sandra-104 Stanton, Ann-101, 145 4 f ,J Williams, jay-104, 156, 164, 165 sfafbuck, Clyde-101, 139 Q, ,ij X Williams, jimmy Joe-104, 125, 180, 194, 202, 203 204 Steelhammer, jimmy--101 I NJ ' ,Dx 1,-J U Stephens, Sarae-101, 142, 145 Q ,GJ J Wfllmms, 5h1rlCY-104 Stephens, Williamqlol - V4 5-1 W1 s, Patricia-104, 141 Steward, Regiml-101 j' ilson, Charlotte-104, 152 Stine, Kathryn-101 ,H , X ,JS V, Txjlfwtispgyzagley-104, 164, 165 stone, 1211161-102, 142 M1 1 ' j WGS? s 0 eff Lee-104 Stone, Kenneth-102 1 L, ' J ,V my 10561711-105 Strong, Robert-4102, 164, 165 " ' 'Aj' ,A ,I oli, Ere?-105 Strother, Elizabeth-102 . jx W00gjX,ya fe-105 Stuart, Charles-102, 139 xg, ry. , Work Edwin-105 Suarez, Armando-102 X of man- ames-101 215 J l 14 rigge, Rose Mary-105, 131 Sweet, David-90. 102, 180, 215 Sykora. Leroy-102 X, Sylva, Valentina-139 Y ' - Tait, Charles-102 Tate, Clarence-102, 215 Tate, Larry-102, 157 Terrell, Tim-102, 215 Thompson, Brock--235 Thompson, David-102 Thompson, Frederick-102 Thompson, Nina-102 I 1' Wright, john-105 Wyatt, Jim-105, 156 riger, Lee-74105 Y afbo, Jesie7HTJ5, 1164, 165 Yaerk, J. B. ',105 York, Jessgf 05 Young, Warri X, 105, Youngblood, Billy-105 .125, 194, '-Zafereo, William-105 K, Zapata, Carn71alitarj0 fx .1 J X x 215 W AJC , , ., 50, wtllliivwllig Autogra ph 2 gg Navy? Wwiiw if t Zfjjwfaf fffdflyfffiifff l ,zu l 5 M! ' Mighty Stingaree is displayed proudly in the main building. A symbol 0 of Victoria High School, all VHites honor it by making sure not to step on it as they pass from their classes. I - J MH Mlls' 1 A9 I I 0 .F V u 4 '63 i I l 1' I . ' 3 Q " '-te., ff4L.,,.J J lj' . . jd i f 4 S ' s- f . - AJ 5 -1 f nj nf. "W ' '-'T 2 Ax ,F . lt ' ll . "' " ' ' I l f 0 n l ' " ' V L u N' . l s lvl ' Y '. ' :- gyyl, X fx xi - 0' X A ,M A . L I r V ' 1 f' I JJ I f' LU" 'Vs , ' . ' f Q l 'L dd , ,N I I x I P I JJ viii , 1 l ' -' ' i es X X 1 ' 4 A f' , J - , x N VX! - Y H - eb! V. , y ., - J! ,u .ky 2 X V J .' 'FN ' 'itil All - ' Q 1 pf J .1 t - L . I ' 'l e' I X .,: ' - ' . lf' Get a load of that school 1 A I-. J 3 A I ' . ,' spirit! Those senior boys - " ,f J 5 1 ' I X l',' surely added to the basket- i b M " f" ' . K Lv-" -, ball game when they NN '-X Q , , sl ' 4 ' Q showed up in those ador- x ' - ,. K K -' , f able hats. What fine speci- t I , ' , f X x mens of loyal VHites. I 'f X Way to go, boys. ,X ' MN , FV L- gg V- , , X he 'jo Ji . 9 9 0 ' mlvl M . l fZ"'ff""'3'jf'jf X 9 Look at that togetherness! VHS has a very fine group of cheer- 3 leaders-and anyone who doesn't believe it can take a peek at this' 'JJ' . . C so ' ' f can Av 1 Q 2 Autograph ,y q 17 V I ' , Fixx .I f., I ,- l lillullillf lf" What a lovely chapeau you are wearing, Mr. Lipscomb! Now something classic should be said on an occasion like this-like "A bird on the head is worth two in a cage." Oh, well, nice try. I I 1 x l - Q 1 K If lf! 4 A "I could have danced all night." These were the words uttered by many VHites after that great Key Club Christmas dance. .xlff ,f" 5 v X Those Victoriadore bus trips are murder and Nancy Greer can vouch for that fact. Emerg- ing from the depths of that yellow monster filled with screaming girls is good rea- son for a weary expression. 1 I ll 4 I x I,-. , . s 1 to ,mea 'injury 1 y I X. '- : X , . , ' fry., ' 1 X -J.. MK 4 s V . 1 V , I, 4 ' il fl Q - yxe N v E , I N tt: Q A 1 , I ' 1 cf ', 0-E ' . 'V 7 1 l f K l X I X I all l '. s ' my 5. C 1 1 ' L .Y ' ,l ' 1 A fl!! I' ' jflgufj M r l f 4 tograph ffl of 'H' QL A fi i VY rl lvijl ff, V' fy h 1 i I was ' L NV lf 4 xl , Qx ' 'XJ-it I ll I l 'fi li' Ill I I ' X ' ,, W V T, et wir ff' Q J X O l L wifi . l- MN, Q 21.1 J dw l,' I , , 'Nr f i at or mf l pi l M fl l L W Al fr 1 il lQ f 5 L f If . 3 Q! 1 ' -' , l 3' u 4- i , V, ., l, i -- f i 17 s- ,lflvj A Lb QJM ,L 1 Q L . f Y All eyes are on jean Joiner as Chet Cook guy ff 4 and Fred Wfeitzel burst through the side of Q' ' M.the heart to crown her basketball sweet- if ff, ,CL - heart, X V -,J it , if V Lee V V i .xy IJ 'jk 1!67UL,., i Y' 'fb Q -1 'C 1 V- , . V . K , i' f- 1' W 1 X S A J' , 1 " D ff X N f ff' . nu A f JA: "--' x, , . R ' " , l' ,, 7 1 ", , jf' -. ! 'J ,' Many donors were 1 'k ' Q decorated in celebra- .: tion of the Christ- 'A3 f' mas season. .K B F 1 P F If , J w X- I, R' , fs Y wi X ,,.- 5 I I 'I 'fi V - ss A. l ' ,, - 'XL M Q, .. if, Li it L .li mt 'qw it it qi , ubxblfxb 4 X V 'il mt li ' ll r - X Www vo U1 ., A QW L ' ' 1 J Q W 3,15 ipbi, jx fy Uxux . ' l. la V in 5, my Lv fjxfrf X if Ulf' rqkb I X x - , 1 , ' 4 X -if Sf' lex. r gilf K 5 282 , " l, i 1' 1 Autograph ' GH QR iii 1' f ' ' 4 f K fy K 1 W ig V A 6 X iii! 4 1 is C Y lv f Q H 952 3 X Jlwjjgvdfy E 1 NZ, Qf X 5 "W f- 0 'P ' A,wf"'9"f '7 ' ' ,- V 2 X six , x. CH ' Qf ,Y F QQMWM Qlfly T UQ gif!!! D, 4' 611, 'A' J Jw W ,"4V ' 5 . fl ,f I IW EUA K -EJJIXJ 1 N K ax -:.. Y - . 'Ll L K - 3 283 X utograph ,, '5- Q x , ec' 1' H4 . -. 9 CN4 M, x I ,J W - b - 32. '- Q, qlqul V RA .'!x,,, v L 5 vit, Zhjsirf N5-I. 'H' ff. ' V -F V I Y-11, .J"v . 4 . 1 973 ,xr"M 'I .'i, 7!"r' fy 'L 4 xr . 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'WAS Xu- wld '- Ugyfi' 'w4.,,"Xi 'X Am "W wi, X1 , u ' ' X . 3' X f,!wX.,. XX, X, X'.X,X in Q , , A X! -V Ag Tzdqgvi ,w,XX,,,,w in 1 Y . X h ' ' W N X X X . 1 , X "X . A 1 ' ' ' ,A , ' .,.. -L .,....4.., .,- ...a....f .-as-4"-po.-. -u,--vu-'rg f, -v-nv X .v--- 1- .,.,,,F,,,,,.,,.,,,,.1. .. .1 . ., .. Xi.--af - ...ea l 2 ' .' : X .X

Suggestions in the Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) collection:

Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 85

1963, pg 85

Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 216

1963, pg 216

Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 156

1963, pg 156

Victoria High School - Stingaree Yearbook (Victoria, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 127

1963, pg 127

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