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S:i!«Sr- M ■U ' n ' i THE PIRATE Victoria College Victoria, Texas 1969 r ■M- rS 1 ' J ' ■ ' M It J " If - i I , Intioductioii 4 Faculty and Academics 19 Organizations 42 Sports YY Personalities 99 Classes nit- " dex 170 iU«!«» r f « 4i r; . A ' ii r ? J . .. . ' ' ' » ' - 3-V. v ; ' f - 5 , ■•it. ' I m: - %%f 1. ' . Pa t • " ■ I ■ -■ ■ v _. !tiri ' - ,itt i3f ' -ui: ' ±iaii!? ie .ii V! -V. ' £ ' --J i»i ' t A-. K--SfxS!£ i ' 1ai -. B , : ' ' ri m s y» I ' ' ' if N, A M- " Sr-. i.-iK r--s 1 ' ' W ' f yi- ■ . r •t r i««y» i - I ' ve come a long way. day. along tlie load of life. And from your dawn to your end only one mile more of one million Have I tread. My journey is far from complete, day. Iiut each time you live and then die The way becomes straighter. though hardei- to pass With olistructions that test all men. With your light I see guideposts, day. which give me direction. And the goal of my dreams hecomes leal to my senses. And to abandon is to die. L 10 I 12 14 b. S . y. % : r I- , -.- . i»- ' . .. . ■ - V •m - ' - J 4 « . 1 , l- . % 0 ■ ■• ' ■ ' ' • ' . ' • V ■: - - M1 L JMfW . » 9t¥ »«i iSrti ' V,itViW ' i n l fl ' «-«aM ' -eC lM ' tBe WJMi) ««M««KflftMei «(MA«fli ' tt S 06J. ' ' 1tMalj m !ai r: ?• ' ■ ' ' s i H. ' ' ■ " 5 1- -P " UV ' U rt " - ' ' ! Sl:l fe sr fe MS§s«W«,_ » fM; « i Faculty and Academics v.,- »! ' jR .4 ? ' £l ii. ' feliir d ! Mr. J. D. Monro. President of Victoria College, lias held his position for the past twenty-one years. Under his guidance Vic- toria College has steadily progressed. Mr. Moore previously served as a class- room teacher, athletic coach, principal (on the secondary level) and junior college dean. His degrees are from the North Texas State University. Members of the Board of Trustees in the front row from left to right are: Dr. C. P. Montier, Vice-chairman; Winston Zirjacks, (liairman; Earl Cliburn, Secretary. Those in the back are Robert J. Hewitt, Thomas M. O ' Connor, Leo Welder and lorris Shattuck. The Boar.! is constantly at work and consists of seven men who oversee the policies and educational expansion oi Victoria College. Members are elected for six year terms. 20 W. lif " i i| Sitt v A Mr. Alfred Allen, math teacher, explains to the class how simply the solution of a math problem can be derived. - Mr. Stanley Boykin, by means of verbal and hand expressions, convinces a student to take practical courses. Mr. Azbill attentively helps a VC student work out a suitable schedule. LUCILLE ADAIR. M.S. Biology ALFRED I. ALLEN, M.S. Chemistry, Mathematics E. M. AZBILL, M.A. English { i; ii IK). n. . im;. JOSKI ' IIINK ni.N(;. M.A. I ' .ii lisli. GerriKiii HOLAM) K. IJIN ' C. I ' h.l). Dean Dr. Roland Bing, Dean, double checks various forms that were filled out liy students at registra- tion. Mr. Seri;eant assists an engineering student. 22 Mr. McCleary ponders a possible schedule for Judy Moulder, a freshman at VC. Mr. Hurst, an accounting teacher, discusses changes in education with a former stu- dent. .STARLEY N. BOYKIN, M.A. Mathematics F. B. BLIRDINE, M.B.A. Business Administration THOMAS D. CHRISTIAN, M.A. Sociology Mr. Boylcin carefullv rechecks a student ' s schedule before ha ing him make copies. 23 Miss Iv Jean Dahney takes time off Ici rf i over a ciii) of coffee « itli Miss riiuimoiid. ) V, WILBUR L. COLLINS. M.M. Band IVY JEAN DABNEY. M.A. Enslish FRANK DEAVER. M.A. ■.conomics Mr. Wilbur Collins, band director, and Mrs. Ruth Williams, cboir director, review the college catalog ' together. 24 Mrs. Mary Doughtie appears speechless after a comment in Eng- lish. MARY DOUGHTIE. M.A. English CARL DuBOSE, M.Ed. Director of Evening School Chemistry. Education JACK EDWARDS, M. A. English Mr. Carl DuBose waits patiently for chemistry students to complete a problem on the board. Mr. Allen care- fully explains a math problem. „ - JtoiL: Mr. Harold Gardner assists two students simultaneously. . Mr. DuBose contemplates a chemistry problem before turning the page. ESTER EMILY ETZEL, M.Ed. Biology HESTER W. EVANS. M.A. P.E. WILMA FELGER, M.A. Hist ry. Sociology 26 MARIE FRANKSON, B.A. Assistant Librarian Mrs. Lois Rowland, librarian, figures out which courses are still open. HAROLD M. GARDNER, M.S. Chemistry HARLON GERHOLD, M.Ed. Physical Education, Sociology, Basketball Coach KENNETH A. GREENHILL, M.S. English 27 E. F. GUMMELT, M.L. Malticniatics. N ' Mlutal Science JOE M. HOECOMRE. M.Ed. Mathematics. Physics LOUSE HUME. M.B.A. Registrar . MICHAEL HUMMEL, M.A. History, Sociology J. LLOYD HURST. JR.. M.B.A. Business Administration A. DAVID KAISER, M.Ed. Mathematics Teachers have to eat too. believe it or not: and it seems that Mr. Burdine is borrowing some of Mr. Talley ' s Fritos? Seemingly busy, Mr. Hummel gets all the :lletition at registration. 28 A moment of contemplation and alertness. Study is an important part of college life. Registration, an all day affair. 29 V. T. KALLLS, M.S. Agriculture, Hookstore Manager OTTO J. KNUDSON JR.. M.A. Psychology DAVID LOCHKR. M.A. Spanish, History WAYNE H. McALISTER, Ph.D. Biology J. MARSHALL McCLEARY, M.A. English Mr. Collins advising a student during registration. 30 ROYCE P. MILLER. M.Efl. Chemistry. Mathematics HAROLD J. NICHOLS. M.A. Business Manager JEANETTE NORTHCUTT, M.Ed. Business Administration MONROE NORTHCUTT. M.Ed. Track Coach. P. E. Director of Intramurals Recreation night at Victoria College Mr. Northcult during registration in the Student Union. Victoria College TSEA students, Phi Theta Kappa and Student Council members help faculty during registration. j r y W. ELMER OUTLAW, M.S. Business Administration LeROY PAHMIYER, M.S. Chemistry, Engineering KAY FERRYMAN, M.S. Biology, Natural Science The SUB (Student Union Bldg.) is a place of relaxation, study, conversation and food. 32 Mr. Walker, is it a psychological problem? JULIA REE RIGGS. M.S. Dean of Women. Biology JOHN R. RIMMER, M.A. Mathematics, Chemistry M . (lout we seem lo he inllv on a day of reenlistment! Mr. Christian ' s socioloj;y class is an interested bunch. 33 LilLl.lK K. HOCI.K--. M.S. Business (liiiiiii liali( [i I.OIS HOW I.AM). M.I...S. Liliiaiian FLOYHRUSSKI.! . .Hi. M.A. (JdXfiiiment. Histor C. F. SCHNEIDER. I.A. Enftlish. S|)eech. Journalism BENME H. SCHRAMM. M.A Mathematics HERBERT P. SERGEANT. B.S. Chemistry. Engineering Mr. C. F. Srhneider lareful!) evaluates pictures for the anniTal during a work .session. Kalh Kutchka. Janet Wagner. Sherald Young, and Mrs. Holder are bus preparing their sections. E. C. SHINN, M.Ed Dean of Men 34 r " v CHARLES D. SPURLIN. M.A. History. Sociology WILLIAM H. STEELE. M.S. Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds JOHN W. STORMOM. Ph.D. Government CAROLINE C. SUMMERS. M.A. Speech CLAUDE A. TALLEY. M.S. Director of Student Personnel. Economics Victoria College, an inslilulioii of I ' aiiiini:. hrinss sunshine even in the rain. This student has decided ils time for a nap. One can ' t study constantiv without a rest period. 35 Mr. I{i(!iai(l W.ilkci (liiiiiij; ,i li-clure. Students express varied reactions durinj; English class. GERALDINE TALLEY. M.S. History. Sociolo " v ETHEL THURMOND, M.A. Art RICHARD P. WALKER. M.A. Psychology, History 36 Mr. Whitmore. going over the list of still-open classes. Omarr Ghalayini. student from Beirut, Lebanon, observes Sherald Young as she operates the Xerox machine in the library. JESSICA J. WARNLOF, M.A. English RICKY WEBB. M.S. Industrial Education, Engineering Drawing ROBERT J. WALLICK, M.A. English C. T. WHITMORE. M.A. English RUTH WILLIAMS. Mus. M. Music MILDRED L. WILLMAN, M.B.E. Business Administration 37 MAHJOHIi: PATKK. R.N.. B.S. V ' ocaliorKil Nursitif. ' MAHV WIMCm. R.N. Xiirsiri " Mrs. Marjorie Palek dis- cusses a patient with Dr. Cheshire. Mrs. Mary Wrijiht instructs a student on the use of a respirator. 38 From number 5 center pocket, to E 304.24, H 352.1, B 402.1— the life of a college student. S--.- i ' i 39 % ' .. 5 Organizations fi I a J osa were iiaiiiiMl All C.i}[ i " r |- ' a ( iilc at the an iJiial (!lit i-liiia ' . (laiKc |)on -njiil li the Sludfrit (!oun ( il Salur(la . Dect-inlier 11 Soplioinore class favorites are Jii cf Kariiifr and Tyler Tull h rcsliiiian faxorites are Mary Thwcatl and I ' .d iie l)e La Hdsa and Mark afcreii. who lii- ' i fur till- licirior . The Spring Formal was held on Mas Ml. r ol)l) Joost observes while others begin painting decorations. IJeiow. Doris Langenberg puts the final touch orr the roses before they ' re slairied irr place. Three of the many games of Western Day were the pony express, egg toss, and balloon chase. Each event was sponsored by a participating organiza- tion under the coordination of the Student Coun- cil. Pictured, right, is Katliy Sendt. who won the egg toss con- test. Below, left. Carol Rossi and Tommy Halepeska compete in the pony express. Right. Carol Schott and Patricia Plunkett participate in the balloon chase. Left, students are gettinj; organized for the l)alli)oii chase. Ceiilrr. Mi. (Christian officiates after action bcjiins. Right. Ml. Christian " rives the signal for the egg toss to hegiii. Menii)ers of the Gavel liluh presented a skit at the Western Day activities. Kath) Sendt rushes forward in order not to miss an egg that was tossed her direction. 44 Left, balloon chase contestants struggle to break everyone else ' s balloons but theirs. Right, students observe the egg toss from the side lines. 4 Left, girl contestants in the balloon chase event com- pete. Right, the egg toss causes excitement. 45 The first annual Victoria College Talent Nifjht was presented on May 5. The production was sponsored jointly b iht- Student (!ou[uii and the Music Department. Left. Juan Solo was one of the eleven entries. He sang and played the guitar. Kight. ihe .Midnight Appointment tunes up. Left, Maryalice Lyster and Eddie De La Rosa present an e.xcerpt from " Medea. " Below, Jeanne Kitchens and Don Halk were introduced as duo-guitarists. 46 Ronnie Williams, who was an emcee for Talent Night, was elected as the new Student Council President for the 1969-1970 school year. Members of Student Council sit and dis- cuss projects and future plans for Victoria College. Mrs. Iris Baillio is the sponsor of the organization. Student Council sponsored a volleyball tourna- ment among the various organizations on campus. Gary Einkauf studies a poem durinj; a (]uict moment. I he I ' liMii (Hull, llic cicalisc VMilinj; cliil) of II Iciiia (Inllcjic sliiTiiilalo ils mh-miIu ' i- in tlicii ' wiiliii- laliiil ami ciiiciiii a;ic- tlicii |iarli( ' i|)a- lidii. TlicN iiKidiirc all dial lliey Milr at llicir liicci ill ' _; liii Cdlisl I lilt i r riilii ' isiii. Ddiin Jfckcr (iis|)la .s a |)(i.-tci of fiiiiii) .■•a)iiij;s to Mrs. Jessica Warnlof and .Mr. Jack Kdwards, sponsors of the club. Members of the Prism Club include Donn Jecker, Leslie Ed- wards. .Mar Ruth Brush, Diana Spinks. and Jeanne Kitchens. 48 The Methodist Student Movement, among many projects, has collected money for a needy family and for a youth program this summer in Cen- tral America. Four of the members of the Methodist Club are. left to right. Brett Baillio, Jane Board, Bob McPherson. and Toninn Maroney. Mrs. Iris Baillio. sponsor of the club, is seated at the left. Next to her are Kathy Sendt, Martha Osborne. Paul McChesney. and Don Halk, back row, Dwight Edens. Claudia Myers, Susan Woodrow. Joe Graham, and John Mun- son. 49 Officers of Phi Theta Kappa are. from left to rii;lit. Kathy Sendt. vice president, Diane Witt, historian-parliamentarian. Gary Marshall, trea. urer. Marcia Sparks, president, and Vicki Miller, secretary. Members from left to right are Ruth Ann Bagnall. Leslie Edwards, Lance Froelich, Susan Maurer. Dvvight Edens, Mar ia Elliott, and Chester St. Clair. PHI THETA KAPPA I ' hi Theta Kappa is an organiza- liun on campus for honor students. This year the members originated a Student Faculty Advisory Com- mittee and initialed 22 new mem- hers. They helped faculty and stu- dents during registration and col- lected l)ooks for Asian children. a-Pf f!J V Twenty-two were initiated in Phi Theta Kappa ceremony. The initiates uere Becky Lou Barton, Billy Edens, Leslie Edwards. Maria Lee Elliott, Jonathan Ferguson, Lance Froeligh, Brenda Garrett, Kathy Gilley. Maria Rita Gonzales, Kathleen Grafe, Kath- leen Hamilton, Mary Herrington, Vir- ginia Hoppman, Alan Jaeger, Jeanne Kitchens, Geraldine Leita. Susan Maur- er, Chester St. Clair, LaVerne Teague, Betty Vick, Tommy Weigel and Nan- cy Zaptoek. Marcia Sparks and Kathy Sendt prepare PTK caps. Beckv Barton seems to be enjoying this moment with her fellow PTK members. 51 rl C.liil LaRosa. 1 |HlIl 1.1:1,1; -cji. _Mi . Ethfl Tliuriiioiid. and members, Barbara Koehl. Gloria Solis, Donn Jecker, Eddie De (Jloor. Debbie Harding, and Claudia Higginbotham. counter-tlockwise. Karen Phillips and Kath Davis try their artistic talents in oils. ART CLUB The Art Cliil) endeavors to provide both recreation and knowledge. Meml)ers are ex- posed to Russian art, tlie tech- ni(iues of ornament making, and various other creative activities. Membeis of TSEA are, front row, Delphine Gonzales, Eva Edgar, Jennie Neill. Linda Anders, Linda Thedford, Donna Ford, Pam Cash, Pam Hauschild, back row, Manuel Ruiz, Ann Buckert, Yvonne Hutchinson, Kathy Duckett, Lynette Olsovsky, Tommy Maroney, Tommy Teel, Steve Martin, Dwight Edens. Leon Bazar, Audelia Briones, OraUa Ramirez, Marie Villarreal. TSEA officers are, front row, Steve Martin, Vice President, Leon Bazar, President, Jennie Neill, Secretary, back row. Linda Anders, Treasurer, Tommy Teel, Parliamentarian, Yvonne Hutchinson, Historian. TSEA is an organization for future teach- ers. Various speakers give talks on dif- ferent phases of teaching. 53 Newman Cluh members, seated left to right. Mr. V. T. Kallu.s and Mr. [{obert Wallick. .sponsors, Carol Ros- si. Marie Kallii . Doris Schilhal). Father Wallace Stiles, second row. Martha Hanselka. Diane Maurer. Alice Hanys. Marv Thweatt. Judy Frederick. Lupe Diaz. Delphine Gonzales. Mary Flores. Edna Creager, Janet Wagner. Pamela Oliver, and Anna de Leon, third row. Yvonne Davidson. Susan Maurer. Dennis Maresh. Ra- niiro Ruhio. Mark Zafereo. Ronnie Williams. Fdgar Staha. Eddie De La Rosa. Mike Hrowii. Ronnie Miori. RaiuK ( hamrad. Tomm Ozuna. Henry Aguirre. Revmond Moreno, and Jimmv Yamin. Edna Creager, Delphine Gonzales, Anna de Leon, and Diane Maurer en- joy refreshments after a Newman meeting. NEWMAN CLUB Its purpose is to enrich the lives of Catholic stiuletits. Newman celebrated a youth Mass, published a bi-monthly newsletter, presented guest speakers for the entire college, organized volleyball games, and actively engaged in in- ter-religious functions. Members also enter- tained parents with a picnic at the end of the year. Bob James, weatherman for Victoria Coun- ty Weather Bureau, gives a talk on the responsibilities of the weatherman to the Club. Mrs. Wilma Felger gives a talk to Newmans on her trip to Russia. Mr. V. T. Kallus. Club Sponsor, shows a film to Newman Club. ' II IK I ' ll! TK I ' litliiij; llic I ' ll, lie iiilo iHililicatiiiii is a year- Idiii; joli. Tlieie are .deadlines to meet and cut- lines lo he written, pictiiies to lie taken and (•ala!()g( d. It is a siltinj; of present facts to make lutiiic memories. Sherald Youn-r questiims |)hotographer Dennis Wagner about the quality cf a |)i(ture she wants to use. .Mrs. Harold Nichols, secretary, helps the news- paper and annual staff by checking to see when pictures will be ready. ' r . a Mr. Schneider and Dt-iiiiis Waiiner look at layouts and decide which are the best. Annual staff members Sherald Young and Lucy Holder find that hours of hard work are needed to complete the yearbook. ii Katfiy Kutchka checks a list of names with PIRATE editor Janet Waener. Sometimes things can get complicated. Kathy Kutchka and Mr. Schneider try to straighten it out. 57 Julius Ermis, sports writer for the Joll) Roger, writes iiuilerial fur his sports page. IIIK JOI.I . KOCKK llic. Jolly K()ji,or tall covt ' is tlie news, presents feature stories, repot ts events of tlie colle-ie sports world, and editorializes issues ol inipnitance to the school. Kalliy Kutchka, editor, gives serious thought to the contents of the next issue of the |)ai)er. Gary Kinkauf gives the typewriter a workout as he prepares a column for the Jollv Roger. 58 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Baptist Student Union has converted a house at the corner of Virginia and Ben Jordan into a meeting place. The menil)ers, under the guidance of Mr. Joe Hol- comhe, have initiated a morn- ing watch. Coffee and donuts are sei-ved followed by a short devotional by one of the mem- bers. Members of the BSU are from left to right, Linda Thedford. Jo Moody, Ruth Shipley. Janey Lancaster. Da id Johnson. Brother Rov Mathison. and Betty Berger. Members and officers ot BSU are from left to right Max Spiller, Janev Lancaster, historian, Dave Clark, Sandy Phillips. |)uhlicitv. Wayne Arnold, president, and Jennie Neill. 59 GAVKI CIl ' B Id |H()iiiiilc ail iiitcir-.| ill [)C( ' cli and draina. the Gavel ( ' . i. -|)(iii ()rc(l li Ii . (lamliiie Siinimois. a socialc- In incinlicis uilli llie many lacets ol the eiilcrlaiiiiiimt |)i()le»i()ii. Mrs. Caroline Summers, sponsor, talks with the Gav. ' l Clul). I ' resitleiil Mar) alii c Lysler. Vice-Frcsidenl Davit Spears, Secretary Jane Board, with Carol Schott Parliamentarian He erl Albrecht. Historian Claudia HigpinliDthain. Reporter Suzanne Pyle. 60 Gavel Club members ready to depart on a club trij) are Mrs. Caroline Summers, sponsor, and from left to right Beverly Albrecht. Claudia Higginbotliam. Jane Board. Carol Schott. Maryalice Lyster. Darlene Tittle and David Spears. Maryalice Lyster and Doris Langenberg present a dramatic reading at the Ga e! Club banquet. Maryalice Lyster. Gavel Club president for the 1968- 1969 school year, presents the gavel to Bill Brooks, in- coming president. 61 Members of the Aggie Club beginning with the front row from the left are Laurie Egg, Alene Frels, Marie Kallus, Linda Kessis. ant• Garber. Wayne Kucera, and Kermit Karnei, second row. Mr. Kallus. Jim Kolle. Allen Carsner. Harold Lee. Allen Lassman. Dennis Bade, Zane Steininger. and Bimbo Lance, third row. Dewitt Johnson. Bill Sehultz. Gary Kneip. Clint Stiles. Dannv Dawdv. Doug Anders and David Barthels. Mr. V. T. Kallus is the club sponsor. The officers are Kermit Karnei, president: vice-president, Danny Dawdy; secretary, Nancy Garber; and treasurer, Marie Kallus. 62 Left, Barbara Lau and Kermit Karnei. Aggie Club |)resident. are pic- tured at the Aggie bar- beque. Right, Allen Cars- ner practices roping a calf at the Horsemen Club arena. Gene Finney and other Aggie members are pictured at the Aggie Club barbeque at CPL Park. Allen Carsner and Janice Maroney converse with other members after ■ supper. Members of the choir beginning from the left with the first row are Doiiiui Hums. Beatrice Riiicon. Pal DcLcon. Blenda Rod- riguez. Susie Neines. Oralia Ramirez. Rhei)a Tilhnoii. Gail Knehlick. I ' at Stevens and Pat Hodge, second row. Irene Hargrove. Carol) n Kutach, Susie Alkeck. Jo Ann Oow. Beverly Burnett. EveKii Brewer, Melva Hernandez. Daria Rigshy. Sharon Lesch- ber. and ( oleen Kenned), third row. Jack Woodrow. Dickie Knuckles. Dennis Rowan. Richard Aguilar. Wayne Arnold. Larry Knuckles, Tomnu Witte. Roger Bryant. Jackie Laster. Alex Garcia, and Danny Everitt. I Above, Coleen Kennedy, Danny Everitt, and Shar- on Leschber are pictured presenting the Empresar- io. Left. Dennis Rowan portrays " Figaro. " Right, members of the Corraliers from left to right are: Gail Kneblick, Sharon Leschber. Susie Alkeck, Donna Burns, Jackie Las- ter. Danny Everitt. Coleen Kennedy, Carolyn Kutach, Dennis Rowan. Larry Knuckles, Jack Woodrow, Wayne Arnold and Dick- ie Knuckles. Left, is pictured the clarinet section. They are from left to riuht hei;iiininu with the back row. Gwen Clifton, Kathy Sendt, Rita Gonzales, Pat Stevens. Thomas Smith, and Orelia Ramirez. Right, the trom- bone, tuba and saxophone section includes, back row from the left. Jack Woodrow. Claudis Brown and Leon Bazar: front row Bruce Goodwin and Lonnie Drozd. Above, the band takes Collins, band director. break. To the left, is pictured Mr. Wilbur Left, from the left front row are pic- tured Cynthia Wal- lis and Irene Har- grove playing the french horns, back row. from the left are Robert INoake. Tommy Witte. and Alex Gardia. The Percussion section consists of Richard Aguilar. JoAnn Crow, and Joe Pe- rez. 65 Pictured at a Business Club dinner are standing, Mr. Elmer Outlaw (sponsor), Don Heller, and Miss Billie Rogers (sponsor), sitting, Peggy Stock, Kay Higgins, Yvonne Davidson, Martha Hanselka, and Barbara Koehl. BUSINESS CULB The purpose of the Business Club is to develop a greater understanding of business through the association of students with business interests. The club hosts speakers from such fields as real estate, accounting and industry. This gives the students a greater understanding of what they can expect from business and what business will expect from them. Martha Hanselka speaks at a Business Club meeting. 66 Mr. Hughes, Cynthia Wallis, and Wyneisse Way observe while Richard Lee Green, a mem- ber of the Association of College Christians, indulges in a game of ping-pong. The officers of the Association of College Chris- tians are President. Danny Hobby; Vice-Presi- dent, Danny Everitt; Secretary. Wyneisse Way; and Reporter, Cynthia Wallis. Club sponsor is Mr. Jim Hughes. Bible Chair Director. The organization is for the benefit of its members and promotes Christian love. The club took three trips throughout the year, one to Portalis, Mexico, Leake, Texas, and Dallas, Texas. 67 Members of the Student-Ia( ult Advisory Committee are. back row from left to rij ht, Mr. William Steele. Miss Louise Hume. Marcia Sparks. Katli Sendt. Ruth Ann Ba;;iiall. Mr. Flowl Russell and Mr. C. F. Schneider, front row. Diane Witte. Mrs. Iris Haillio and .Mrs. Lois Rowland. Kathy Sendt. Marcia Sparks and Mrs. Lois Rowland make plans for the next meetinn;. STIOKM-FACI ITY ADVLSOin COMMITTEE The Sludfiil-Paciiily Advisory Coiiiniitlee is spon- sored ljy Phi Theta Kappa. 1 " lie ptirpose of the Coniniitlee is to open ((niiimmications among stiidcnls. fafiihy and adniinislralion. 68 JK i p ly Eddie (le la Rosa 69 This cross-picture portrays Mrs. jorie Patek and Mrs. Mary Mar- Ann Wrij. ' lit. Both are instructors for the vocational nursing program sponsored by Victoria College and Citizens Me- morial Hospital. i VT . E ■ -H kl Hj 1 Ik M Ic H Mr. J. D. Moore, Presi- dent of Victoria College and Mr. Harold Nichols, Business Manager, con- verse with Mrs. Patek and Mrs. Wright about the capping ceremony of twenty-one nursing stu- dents. 70 These twenty-one nursing students are pictured after receiving their caps. This marked the end of the precHnical period and the beginning of the clinical shift work period. The students along with the two instructors from left to right beginning with the first row are Gloria Torres, Brenda Harvey, Mrs. Wright, Alberta De La Garza. Vandy Beverly, Frances Phillips. Bertha Stovall. Billie Jean Jackson, Mrs. Patek. Linda Luco, Diana Depine. Myra Sue Berger, Sammie Echols. Joyce Girdy. Olga Serna, Evelyn Stone, Kathy Alexander. Ora Phillips, Mary Tisdell. Adeline Tolbert, Pauline Uselton, Amelia Salinas, and Angelita Martinez. Left, Myra Sue Berger tends to a baby in the nursery. Right. Van- dy Beverly restocks the Central Supply Room. Alberta De La Garza assists Mrs. Soto In raisin;: the ox " ii lent. Left. Mrs. Wright and Mary Ann Tiscjeil pre- pare medications. Rii;lit. Mrs. Helen Heaniden shows Olga Serna how to orrectly open a sterile pressing. 72 Evelyn Stone and Adeline Tolbert are shown preparing pies. Left, Evelyn Stone is pictured administering oxygen in the recovery room. Below, Ora Phillips, Linda Luco. and Brenda Harvey practice lifting a fellow stu- dent, Joyce Gerdy. who is playing the part of a patient. 73 . I a Linda Luco helps a pint-size pa- tient with breakfast. I ' H Kathy Alexander is washing syringes in the Central Supply Room. 74 Mrs. Mary Cline, Director of Nurses at Citizens, is capping the class president, Myra Berger. Joyce Gerdy and Kathy Alexander are busy washing supplies. Mrs. Frances Welch, Operating Room Supervisor, and Evelyn Stone, student, tend to the immediate care of a patient after surgery. 75 ' %;: ■ ' ' ■ i . . -„-. ....- ' 9. ' -IS »• Wit . s? f -vfr y t ' -.a n ■fj- ■ ' v ■=■ A- Sports " ' " ...j.» ! .i,smr i m ,iS . .K,. 77 Coach Harlon Gerhold Pirate Basketball 1968-69 Coach Gerhold tends to Arvle Braeuer before a practice I session. 78 Don Anderson 6 ' 4 " 215 lb. Freshman Tinley Park, Illinois David Barnes 6 ' 4 " 180 lb. Freshman San Antonio. Texas Pirates Basketball Results 1968-69 vc... ...91 vc... ...95 vc. . . ... 56 vc... ...85 vc... ...82 vc... ...59 vc... ...60 vc . . . ...82 vc... . .101 vc... ...89 vc... ...82 vc... ...80 vc... ... 75 Record 15-12 Texas A I (JV) 77 Univ. of Houston Freshmen .79 Univ. of Houston Freshmen .91 Univ. of Texas Freshmen ... .92 South Texas 72 Lee of Baytown 77 San Jacinto 102 St. Philip ' s 93 San Antonio 69 Schreiner 94 Lee of Baytown 76 San Jacinto 1.38 Panola 80 Denotes Conference Games VC 89 VC 61 VC 116 VC ....86 VC 81 VC 84 VC 68 VC 77 VC 76 VC 94 VC 40 VC 83 VC 87 VC 1 Conference 12-8 Wharton 93 Blinn 67 College of the Mainland 61 St. Philip ' s 85 San Antonio 75 Bee County 74 Blinn 61 Wharton 84 Schreiner 69 Lee of Baytown 71 San Jacinto 72 College of the Mainland 61 Bee County 73 South Texas 79 Kevin Bui lelt 6 ' 2 " 171 lb. Freshman Tinley Park, Illinois Larry Berkman 6 ' 0 " 155 lb. Sophomore Victoria, Texas David Barnes (34) goes u]) for a jumj) shot against Lee (College as teammates Ed Daniels (22) and Kevin Barrett (30) look in on the action. Victoria College won the Texas Junior College conference game. 94-7 1 . 80 Arvle Braeuer 6 ' 1 " 180 lb. Freshman Victoria, Texas Ed Daniels 6 ' 0 " 160 lb. Sophomore Newark, New Jersey Judy Frederick (left) and Mary Thweatt (right) lead the group in cheering the Pirates on to victory. Tyler Tull (44) outjumps a Schreiner Institute op- ponent as Richard Janowski (14), Kevin Barrett (3(3) and David Barnes (34) get set for action. Victoria College bowed to Schreiner, 94-89 81 John Dulak 6 " T 183 lb. Freshman Corpus Christi, Texas Butch Hamlelt 6 ' 2 " 200 lb. Freshman Houston. Texas Larr Herkman (24) takes a shot from the foul line ag;ainst Bee County as Butch Hamlett (42) and John Dulak i 10) pet reatly to ' o u|) for the rebound. VC tojjped Bee Counlv . i!7-7. ' ' i. 82 Donald Pohlei 5 ' 10 " 161 lb. Freshman Moulton. Texas TxleiTull 6- 4 " 182 1b. Sophomore Corpus Christi. Texas Buccaneer Eddie De La Rosa ponders over the situation at hand as cheerleader Mary Thweatt seems to approve of the play down court. Larry Berkman 1 24 1 goes up for a rebound against Schreiner. David Barnes (34) and Don Anderson (52) get to pop in on the action. 83 Texas Junior College All-South Zone i a,uer Tyler Tull (44) leaps high in the air to sink a jump shot against Bee County with Butch Hamlett (421 and Kevin Barrett (.50) looking in on the activil) taking place. The Pirates swept past Bee County, 87-73. in the final game of the season. Manager Don Andres I center i j(jts down the vital statistics of the game for the I ' i rates as the VC hench glances at down court pla . 84 - i ■ iri i m m m 4 I David Barnes (31l ' Schreiner Institute Anderson (52) with passes over a player to Don outstretched arm. Da ifl Barnes (35 1 sends the round- ball sailing high and away for a two points jump against the Texas A I Junior Varsity in the season ' s opener won h) the Pirates. 91-77. Donald Haggins (50) along with an unidentified Pirate boxes in a Schrein- er opponent. Ed Daniels ( 22 ) comes in to assist Haggins while David Barnes (34 1 looks in on the action. Coach Gerhold gives the team some last minute advice before returning to action against Schreiner. 8S Ed Daniels l23) falls (iff balance as Don Haggins (51) prepares to go U|) for the rebound against Texas A I Junior Varsity. No. .35 is David Barnes. VC topped A I, 91-77, in the opening game of the season. Larr Herknian I 21 I displays his dribbling lechiii(jue b fiutiiianeuvering a Schreiner o])ponent. H! ' » David Barnes l34l g is up. up and aua for a juinj) shot against Schreiner. Richard Jatiouski (III lofls a free lliiow into basket for a point play against the ScluciiHT five. 86 Pirate Tennis Lari v Riedel Rawle McCo 87 Pirate Cheerleaders Carole Haines Iai Tliwcatt Alannah Spink? Jud Frederick The Victoria College rhcei leaders for the 1968- ( ' -) school term are Judy Frederick. Mary Thneatl. Alannah Spinks. and Car- ole Haines. Buccaneers are Fddie and |)a id De La Rosa. Intramurals Director, Coach Monroe Northcutt, keeps tab on the flag football championship game between the Cowboys and Wongas. Leland Parker and Larry Friedell of the Cowboys look in on the action taking place on the field. Intramural Sports The Cowboys, pictured above, captured the intramural flag football championship by rolling past the Wongas. 21-6. Top row. Bode Hausmann. Larry Saski. Allen ' Carsner, Buck Hartman and Philip Dewey, bottom row. Larry Friedell. Bob McPherson, Leland Parker. Pat Evans and Alwin Ellison. Bode Hausmann of the Cowboys sweeps around right end as Charles Rogers pursuit. of the Wongas follows in Larry Henry and Charles Rogers of the Wongas put the stop on Larry Friedell of the Cowboys in the title game between the two intramural teams. 89 I)a i(l Sddci holm of llii- Tijicrs makes an alli-iiipt Id |)ass to tfaiiiiiialf I ' at Polasck as I ' lulilia HauscliiicI of ihe Siiatchers covers Sod- I ' llidliii. Robert Lunipkins 1 33 1 of the Tigers goes in for a lax up wilii Bubba Hauschild (11) of the Snatchers (lefeiidiiig on the play. Corning in to help is Chris Hruns (Hi of the Tigers. Tliis action took place in llic intramural basketball title game won b the Tigers. 66-56. Ronnie Williams (20) and John Munson 22) of the Snatchers talk to their team- mates about the situation. David Soderholm (standii and joe Craham (kneeling) discuss with teammates how ' - ' i defend against the full court press applied b the Snatchers. John Munson brings the ball douii c(uirl for the Snatchers as Pat I ' olasek dcfctuls on the niancu- ers for the Timers. 90 PEM 3 captured the men ' s intramural volleyball championship by dumping PEM 1, 15-9 and 15-5. Members of the team left to right, top row, Bryon Hausman, Robert Goynes, Buck Hart- man and Bob Stirneman, bottom row. Jack Campbell. Danny Hennard and Leiand Parker. Bode Hausman (right) gives the ball a hard punch past the outstretched arm of Dan Wagner as Tom Batts waits for the white sphere to come his direction. Coach Monroe Northcutt keeps tab on the volleyball game from atop his viewing stand. Bryon Hausman (left) and Bobby Borchert (right) combined efforts to win the men ' s badminton crown. 91 Till- Outsiders captured tin- ;;irl volleyball title by rouliii;. ' the Super 7, IS-S. 15-10. Members of llie Ic.iiii Irfl 1(1 rijilit: Vir ' inia Jelinek, Alice llanys, Kathleen Grafe, Geraldine Jancha. Gwen Knocke and Sarah Hesse. Mrs. Iris Baillio. i;irls PF. instructor, dis- cusses the badminloii plavuffs « itli ISrcii- da Le June and jiarbara Lau. Raenell McCord gets set for action as Jo Ann Frers sends the birdie over the net. I.irida lluilfMrd ( left I serves the birdie as Jo Ann Ruhac looks in on the action. Donna Ford i renter ( sits out the same on the sideline. 92 Girls intramural badminton champions Leslie Edwards and Carole Haines. Darla Rigsby ( right I misses the birdie as Pam Oliver ( left I backs up the play in the bad- minton championship game. Leslie Edwards goes up and away for the birdie displaying her badminton style. Mrs. Iris Baillio keeps tab on the girls badminton finals. 93 Mrs. Mary Ann Jarish, girls ' swimming instructor, points out the fundamentals of swimming to Ruth Shipley and Gwen Knocke. Ruth Shipley exhibits her diving technique for the cam- eraman as the P.E. class looks Lisa Lynch lieads for the finish line in fiiirit of her nearest opponent. 94 Intramural Awards Banquet Best Ail-Around Boy and Girl Athlete. Mrs. Iris Baillio (far left) and Coach Monroe Northcutt (far right) pose with Joan Bennett I left I and Br) on Hausman (right). Miss Bennett and Mr. Hausman were selected as the Best Ail-Around Boy and Girl Athlete on the basis of leadership, ability and scholarship. Coach Northcutt congratulates all the winners who participated in the Victoria College intramural athletic program for the 1968-69 school term. Mrs. Baillio presents Geraldine Jancha with an individual trophy for playing on the winning volleyball team. 95 490 1 k Coach Monroe Northcutt congratulates Bryon Hausman as Best Ail-Around Boy Athlete for the 1968-69 school term. Mrs. Baillio hands out an individual award to Carol Haines. Bob McPherson receives his trophy from Coach North- cutt as a member of the chamiiionshij) flag football team. Mrs. Baillio pres( nls Kathleen Grafe with an individual trophy as a member of the winning volleyball sauad 96 Coach H. E. Evans hands Ron Trevino an individual trophy for Softball. Mrs. Iris Baillio congratulates Joan Bennett as the Best All-Around Girl Athlete of Victoria College for the 1968-69 term. •■ K Coach Northcutt gives out the individual trophies to the members of the flag football championship team, the Cowboys. 97 Et r:vt ' ' jP-wv: m ' J A, tfili _- ' S i j i ' Jv iS ' l ss4 ' ' - ■m. ri. 4 J ft ' ' .««, Personalities 99 All-College Favorites Su anne Pyle and David De La Rosa 100 Suzanne Pyle is a sophomore English major. She has been active in the Student Council and was a Pirate Belle in her freshman year. She reigned as College Sweetheart at the Spring Formal. David De La Rosa is a sophomore Electrical Engineering major. 101 r ' if " ! u 11 m t Sophomore Favorites Joyce Farmer and Tyler Tii 102 Freshman Favorites Mark Zafereo, Mary Thweatt and Eddie De La Rosa 103 lU III IIMA l.l liulh mi MM -(I ii- Mijciciit (nmuil tor llii- ]• (,;;] ' )() ' ) s( IkidI i-,ir. She «a-. a iiicinlx-r oj I ' TK. llir S( icnc «• (!lul . the Sluili ' Ml-l ' ac uil) ( ommitU-f. and won lln- m liolarsliip offered li) Alcoa. Sophomores Selected for Who ' s Who LF.ON BAZAR Leon is niajoiinj; in eletnentai education. He was a ineinhei of the Collej;e Foiuni liis freshman year and a member of the l)and for two years. He has held the jjosition of presi dent and vice-president of TSEA. TOMMY MA ROM A Tommy held the position of MSM president the past year. He was also a member of TSEA and Assistant Intramural Director. 104 MARCIA SPARKS Marcia was a member of Phi Theta Kappa her freshman year and president her sopho- more year. She is a member of Student Fac- ulty Advisory Committee. Her major is sociol- ogy- ALLANAH SPINKS Allanah served as Pirate cheerleader her soph- omore vear and was both secretary and treas- urer of the Student Council. TYLER TULL Tyler was a member of the Gavel Club. He was named to the Texas Junior College Athletic Conference All-South Zone cage team and was the leading scorer for the Pirates during the l%o-69 basketball season. 105 .11 1) I liKDKKK.K Jiiilv served as clieerleatler for the ] ' )G ' ( ' f() ' ) schoul ear. She a a ineinlii-r of Sludi ' iil (loiincil. ihe (iaxi ' l ( ' hih. and ihi- Nruiriati ( liih. l-o. -hi- was selected as I ' iiate iJelle. Freshmen Selected MAHIK KALLLS Marie was secretary of the Newman Cluh and Treasurer of the Aggie (.lul) the past year. She was also a nieniher of TSEA. 106 KATHY SENDT Kathy is majorinj; in nursing. She was a member of the Victoria Col- lege band and the Student Faculty Committee. She held the position of President of the Sophomore Class, vice-president of Phi Theta Kappa, and vice-president of MSM. For Who ' s Who MARK ZAFEREO Mark is majoring in law. He was president of the Freshman Class, i member of Student Council, the Newman Club, and the Student Faculty Committee. He was also selected as a freshman favorite. 107 108 College Sweetheart Suzanne Pyle The Collefi;e Sweetheart is the sophomore Belle who gets the most votes from Ijallots cast hy college students. Six sophomores and five freshman Pirate Belles are also selected. The name of the Sweetheart is kept secret until the announcement is made at the Spring For- mal. College Sweetheart Suzanne Pyle poses with her escort. Dempsey Birmingham. Freshman Belles and their escorts await the announcement of the College Sweetheart. ireslinian Belle Mary Thweatt and her escort Fred Goodman bow before the newly crowned Sweet- heart. 109 Sophomore Belles Christine Barton Julia lirooks Edna Creaper V Joyce Farmer Doris Langenberg Carol Schott Freshman Belles Judy Frederick Marie Kallus Susan Myers Carol Rossi Mary Thweatt 113 wmmi .y. •■jW ■ . ' i V ■•vv VL- r -ft .J " . r ■ " ' ■■ ' ■ . . ,.t.f.... ■■ a... ■:■■:. ; vi .. i Classes 115 ' M ' mtiSisA ' iM Sophomores !■ ranees Aguayo HilK Al.-x Su aiiiif Alkck Ronald Allen Doufrlas Anders Elizabeth Angerstein Ruth Ann Bagnali Linda Barton Juan Hazan weary cowboy rests his bones after the tuj; of war held durin " Western da . 116 A student plods his way to the path of knowledge. Betty Berger Larry Berkman Laura Birkner Terry Branch Audelia Briones Julia Brooks Mary Ruth Brush Raymond Buckler Albert Buehring 117 l(u J. ( !.ii Ici Jov Chadliourne James (.hoinoiit Jr rill- N|»-r male exerting his MANPOWKR? Jot- fT. Clarke Harliara Coalson Sandra Cole l I jack Ciidk hir (ai ' ai;ei jnliri l)a is V. v ill |),i 118 Students enjoving the Christmas formal. Larry DuISroc Kathleen Duckett Robert Eddleman Charles Uentler Pegny Dittert Charles Dromgoo Lonnie Drozd Joe DeLeon 119 I K a Kdfiar cia ndfrar Students taking time out from their studies to relax. Artie Falksen Joyce E. Farmer Mary Ann Flores Alenc J. Frcis 120 Gail J. Garner Henrv S. Garza Number 33 clinches the game with the winning point. Charles D. George Dennis R. Gilpatrick Linda G. Gloor Judith Goode liarljara Grafe Joe Graham Donald H. Halk 121 K.iilili.-ii K. Il.iiiiilioii l.iiid.i lhir ' ri|iui ll.ischke Mlioll I fax-like Hichard V. llfllc Kay S. Ilijzjiiiis f ilricia L. Ho(l:;e Linda S. Hoff MirliacI W. II., Icon KiiU al |ila y ( . it ' s jusi lilt- I ' class Icai iiiiif; foiilliall. 122 Barbara M. Hyak Robert S. Jackson Pam A. Janacek Gloria L. Janota Karen Jaschke James Kainer Linda K. Kaike Kermit Karnei Charles F. Kloesei Virjiiiiia Gail Kneblick 123 I )..„., I, I W. K.Hi.,1, .11H N 1.. K.m1,| liirll.n.l I ' . K,,ln„k( S K IM . Klr-l. ' i (!lii isliiiiis cheer spread lliruiii luiul llic Iii(I( ' mI 1)ij(1 iluiiiif: ihe iiiuiiial (llni liiKit assciiil ' K. 124 ' " This lack of understanding is known to- day as the generation gap " . . . explains the teacher as the students listen politely. Phyllis Marthiljohnni David McClanahan Robert McPherson Edward McSwain Robert iVIeitzen Mary E. Montez Vickie Laza Earlene Marshall Gary Marshall 125 Jo M. Moody Victor Mozisek Tyler lull jiuards his rival closely to protect the uiimin marfiin fur the Pirates. Cecilia Nebon Patrick Norficid l.arr Niickels Mar Olicrl 126 William D. Olhausen Lynetle K. Olsovsky Jimmy Otto Janice Owens Jon Parkinson William Parris Ronald Peck Lydia Perez Karen Phillijjs Some members of the P.E. class tryinf; to master a new stroke. 127 Patrick Polasek Linda I ' olziii Judith I ' onas Gorman Prince Tana Richter Cheerleaders show their spirit as the Pirates score another two |HlilllS. 128 Beatrice Rincon Janice Robinson Belinda Rodriguez " A little bit of soul, yes, a little bit of soul " is shown by the New Breed singer after one of the Pirate basketball games. John Rush Glor ia Rutherford 129 Frc ' il S iiullui|i Mary ii. Sausedii Doris Sdiillial Western Day has its benefits as Randy Chamrad indulges in one of them. 130 Karen Jaschke, Germaine Thibo- deaux. and Marie Kallus give their full attention to Father Stiles while he explains the film to them. Darrell Sklar Ronald Sloan W. Lester Smith Thomas Smith Marcia Sparks David Spears Alannah Spinks Dianna Spinks Peggy Stock 131 Splash day? No, it ' s just another rainy day at Victoria Col- lege. John Stoutamire Gar Svvoboda Uavid Talley Tommy Teal David Thixlon I ' liil Titus William Toiidre T lerTull I ' aul Uiliuno 132 Practice makes perfect as demonstrated by one of the student nurses. Janice Wofford Plnllis Yanta Susan Zapata Rov Zeneserle Anna Wacker Maureen Wasner Karl Windwehen Linda West Diane Witt Toinniv Witte 13? Fresl inien 4iii Frederick Ater Gary Austin George Bafrnall Beck Lou Barton Michael Bartosh M ' Koliirt Acree Gar Aiigerstciii Barliara Arnold Dolores Artero Ran(l Gharnrad enjoying his favorite hob- by — u iniiiiiir. 134 Marilyn Batts Virginia Batts A weary student rests his head after a try- inj; exam. Sandra Baumann Stephen Beeman Sophie Gail Beke Grace Benavides Douglas Benniffht 135 Tninuin Breivogel What is this — a new exercise? Only a friendly game of tennis. Michai ' l Hrowii Kicliaril Brown iir la liin;jliani lai lia Jam- Hoard I .l ) l Moniiuiii James Boyd-Robertson 136 Cheryl Lynn Browning Andrew Burge Patricia Burt Reba Butler Ciaudio Canales Dominoes seem to be the main attraction in the Ifnion. Barbara Jean Cannon Gilbert Cantu Pamela Cash Melba Castillo 137 l!art rtioviuiclz David Chil,.s Gordon Clark Prissy Lee. lakinp advantage of the many uses of the library. Gwendolyn Clifton Carolyn Cole Ri 1 Ti Katln Cm! u j John l)a ids(in flB i - 1 voniie Daviilson j| Mt 138 Darrel Dawkins Edward De La Rosa Anna DeLeon Dennis Wagner explains to the annual staff the importance of well planned pages. Edward Dittrich Laura Dragoo Linda Drevmala Patricia DeLeon Maria Diaz i . . 139 Mike l)iui John l)uiil.i|i Hilly Edens Jr. Duane Edwards Three Victoria College students; this is what it takes to pass a test. Leslie Lee Edwards Maria FlJiott Julius Eriiiis 140 John Espinoza Danny Everitt James Winters exerting his mathematical abil- ities. Carol Franke Daniel Frazier Arthur Wayne Frazier Prax Flores Donna Ford Kathy Fehner David Fike 141 Jii(l Firdcrick joAim I ' rcrs Gus Frieniel Jr. , Study is an essential part of college life. Nancy Garber Alex Garcia Gilbert Garcia 142 Brenda Garrett Melvin Garrett Amelia Garza Cathy Glazner James Godbe Linda Goetz Ginger Gerdes Jimmy Girdy Eddie De La Rosa exerting his talent in drafting. 143 Cli;iil )lli- Ciilllijirdt Deli)hine Gonzales The color television seems to be the favorite pastime for college students. Richard Goodman William Granberry James Grant f. im M Dawn Gripsby Kduard Gutierrez Mario (iulierrez Ronald Haggins 144 Carole Haines Michael Hamm Floyd Hammons Martha Hanselka } Alice Hanys Donald Haschke Mr. Benny Schramm explains the tech- niques of solving a math problem. Robert Hasdorff Randolph Hauboldt Pamela Hauschild 145 Mary Ht-rrinpton r)ann F(ol)l)y Larry Fiobson Anna I ' ar.l.c llauschild D ' -nnis Ilavlik Marllia Mawes I.foria llcibel Mrs. Ballilo announces the class favorites at the Christmas formal. Beverly Hoffer Lucy Holder 146 Students sign up to participate in campus organizations durina; the semester. Kl i] Robert Hood Michael Horton Rebecca Hrabovsky Mariette Hrncir Alan Jaeger Glenn Janak Carolyn Huvar f 147 ,- l V w a " ;. ' Geraldine Jancha iMarie Kallus Pegtpy Jones Elhel Johnson Woodrow Johnston Linda Jetton Cathy Kandis Danny Everett conducts the college assembly at the auditorium. Tana Karnei Linda Keith 148 I.iiula Sue Kellis Paul Kellev Carole Ke Fiances Kickendahl 14? iiliii-- K(iutii Jo iiiii- Kawalik KolxMl Krausc I )iirialil Kr ii|i{ a FJill Ley looks on as llu- Clii islinas dance turns out to be a memoiahlc iii;;lit. Wa ne Kucera Llo (l Kulak 150 K;illi Kutchka Lonnie Laqua Lair Le Bouf Randx Lasater Second semester, students start out with new books and determination to strive harder. Catli Lawhn Barbara v Brenda Le June JoAnn Lenipert Dianna Lee ii v lK 151 Shiiron Mill ■ (. ' •niiiiril l.iiiki- l) j| l I. idles B ' ll iiii l.dcki-ledl !• laiKes Maniscalio Dennis Maresh Mrs. Mary Ann Jarish, girls ' swim- minp instructor, instructs three students from the edge of the pool. 152 Gayle Martin Kenneth Martin Stephen Martin Mary Martinez An agricultural student shows how home made ice cream is made. Mr. C. F. Schneider. Janet Wagner, and Sherald Young hegin work on the 1969 annual. Diane Kay Maurer Susan Fay Maurer 153 ,lariM-s . Ma Jami ' s McCdmli Hauli M(C!(( Claudia MrLarr Jessie McPlierson Students make use of the jjool tables in the student union. I{( ' lici( ,1 likeska RoNce Mlllci Ronnie Mimi [{oruilil MniuifS 154 Turner Mooneyham Sandra Moraida Gail Moritz Father Wallis Stiles and Sandra Moraida can ' t seem to figure it out. Everyone has to snack. Travis Musselman Claudia Myers Susan Myers 155 A speech slmk-iit ])inclices ;i reaflin Iiefore presentiiif; it to the class. Kath M .yk Robert Noake Linda Novak Richard Nuckels John Nunez 156 Isidore Perez Jesse Perez Joe Perez Paul Perez Gajlon Oehlke Charlene Orsak Jerry Ortiz Martha Osborne Leland Parker Sylvia Pena Mark Pesek reaches in his pocket for the correct change. 157 ) . ohiiida I ' crez Shooting pool seems to be a favorite activity for students on off periods. Many of the students enjoy the occasional dances after basketball games at home. Dennis Pesek Mark Pesek Sandra Phillips Books are good for cluttering a table but don ' t seem to disturb students from their conversation. Dennis Prewitt John Pyle Joelene Quaintence Pamela Rakowitz Oraiia Ramirez Lawrence Ramirez Ray Reyes Mary Poenisch Garland Pohler 159 Ramiici Riihio MaiiufI Ruiz Larry Saski 160 The New Breeds liven up the Student Union with a dance after a basketball game. Lynelle Scherer Carol Schott Donald Schrade Robert Seale Jean Shaw Elaine Shelley Ruth Shipley Beverly Sledge 161 Thomas Smith Wayne Smith William Smith Jaik Sii,i|i|) Jerry Spiegel Max Spiller Edgar Staha Theresa Stanley Mr. Schramm takes time after class to give additional help to interested students. 162 IlU Ruth Shipley practices diving during swim- ming classes at the YMCA. Learah Staten Gilbert Steffek Patricia Stevens Robert Stock Karen Stoutamire Edwin Strakos Charles Strode 16? Mary Thweatt Herbert Stuart Jerome Taylor Cviilliia Tejreler I-inda Thedford Students form a line which extends to the trophy case for registration. 164 Danny Everitt, Student Council Vice President, addresses an as- sembly. Rheba Tillmon Jim Tisdale Debra Toellner Maxine Thomas Julian Trevino Ronald Tr ner Richard Turpen Meiba Tanner 165 Betty Vick Deborah Vick Amelia Villarreal Sylvia Uresti Odelia I ' njuizo Catherine Vahalik Marv Vella Students attend many dances held after home games. 166 Band students help increase spirit at a pep rally. Barbara Wapner Dennis Wagner Janet Wagner Cynthia Wallis Marie Villarreal Michele Villarreal Roseanna Villafranca 167 Wyniese Way V Tommy Weigel The majority of students Lee White Sharon Wilder 1 4 Ronald Williams Gean Williams Patricia Willis 168 i James Winter Susan Woodrow Eva Jane Wright Susie Yariger James Yamin Sherald Young Mark Zafereo Elizabeth Zapata Nancy Zatopek 169 Index A Acrii-. Kobi-n (Ft 13 1 Aguayu. Frances (S) 116 Aguilar, Richard (S) 64, 65 Aguirrc. HcnrN S 54 Alhrcdit, BevcrK i I- i dO. 61 Alex. Bill (Si IK. Alexander. Kalln (Nl 71, 74, 75 Alkek, Suzai ne (S) llf). 64 Allen, Ronald (S) 116 Anders, Douglas (S 116. 62 Ancl.i-. I.iniij (S) 53 Anderson. Don Kl 79. 83. 84 -Andres, Don iKl 84 Angerstein. Elizabeth (S) 116 Angerstein. Gary (Fi 134 Arnold, Barbara iFl 134 Arnold, Wayne (S) 64.59 Artero, Dolores (Fj 134 Ater, Frederick (F) 134 .■ ustin. Gary (F) 134 B Bade. Dennis (F) 62 Hainan. George IF) 13} Bagnall, Ruth Ann (S) 116, 4i, 50, 104 Ballio, Brett ( F) 49 Barnes, David (F) 79,80, 81, 83, 84. 85, 86 Barrett, Kevin (F) 80,81. 8-4 Barthels. David (.S) 62 Barton, Becky Lou (F) 134, 51 Barton. Christine (.Si 110 liarlon, I.inda (S) 116 Bartosli, .Michael (F) 134 Batts, .Marilyn (F) 134 Batts, Tom (S) 91 Batts, Virginia (F) 135 ll.uiit, l.awrenci- ( Fl 135 ll.uiin.inn. Sandra (F) 135 l!a an, ,luan (S) 116 Bazar. I-eon ' S) ,5.3,6.5.104 Sleplwn ( Fl 13. " ; Bckc, Sophie Gail (Fl 135 Bi ' navides. Grace (Fl 135 Bennett, Joan (S) 117.95, 97 Bennighl, Douglas (F) 135 Berger, Betty (S) 117,59 Berger, Myra Sue (Nl 71, 75 BcrkiiKin. l.arry (S) 117, 80, 82. 83. 86 Beverly, Vandy (N) 71 Bingham, Bryla (Fl 136 Rirkner. Laura S) 117 Rirminghani. Denipsey (F) 109 Board, Marsha Jane (F) 136,49, 60, 61 Borchert, Bobby (S) 91 Born.uiii. Lloyd (F) 136 Boyd-RolH ' rtson. James (F) 136 Braeuer, Arvle(F) 78, 81 Branch, Terry (S) 117 Breivogel, Truman (Fl 136 Brewer, Evelyn (S) 64 Briones, Audelia (S) 117, 53 Brisendo, Esther (F) 136 Brooks, Bill (S) 61 Brooks, Julia (S) 117. 110 Brown. Claudis (S) 65 Brown, .Michael (F) 136, 54 Brown, Richard (Fl 136 Browning, Cher l L nn (F) 137 Bruns, Chris (S) 90 Brush, .Mary Ruth (S) 117, 48 Rr ant. Roger (S) 64 BuckcM, Ann (S) 53 Bucklir. Ra mond (S) 117 Duehring, Albert (S) 117 Burge, Andrew (F) 137 BciriMii. li.iirh (S) 64 Rum-. Donna (S) 54 liurl. I ' alricia (Fl 137 c Campbell. J J, k (Fl 91 Canalcs Claudi., iFl 137 Cannon, Barbara Jean (F) 1.37 Canlu. Gilbert (F) 137 Carsner, Allen (F) 62,63, 89 Carter. Ale u- J. (Si 118 Cash. I ' (F) 137, 53 Castillo, Melba ( F) 137 Chadbourne, Joy (S) 118 Chamrad. Albert (F) 138, 131, 134, 54 Chiles. David (F) 138 Choniout. James Jr. (S) 118 Cho anetz, Barry ( F) 138 Clark, Dove (F) 59 Clark, Gordon (Fl 138 Clarke, Joe H. (S) 118 Clifton, Gwendolyn (F) 138, 65 Coalson, Barbara (S) 118 Cole, Carolyn (F) 138 Cole, Sandra (S) 118 Cook, Jack (S) 118 Creager, Mary (S) 118,54, 110 Crow, Jo Ann (S) 64, 65 Curl, Kathy (F) 138 D Daniels, Ed (Si 80, 81, 85, 86 Davidson, Yvonne (F) 138, 54, 61 Davis, John (S) 118 Davis. Kalh (Fl 52 Dawdy, Danny (S) 62 Dawkins, Darrel ( F) 139 Day, Everilt (S) 118 De La Garza. Alberta (N) 71, 72 l7o De La Rosa. David (S) 88, 42. 101 De La Rosa, Edward (F) 139, 143, 52, .54, 83, 88, 42, 46, 103 DeLeon, Anna (F) 139, 54 DeLeon, Joe (S) 119 DeLeon, Patricia (Fl 139, 64 Dentler, Charles (S) 119 Depine, Diana (N) 71 Dewey, Pliilip (F) 89 Diaz, Maria (F) 139,54 Dittert, Peggy (S) 119 Dittrirh. Edward (F) 139 Dragoo, Laura (F) 139 Dreymala, Linda (F» 139 Dromgoole, Charles (F) 119 Drozd, Lonnie (S) 119,65 Drury, Mike ( F ) 140 DuBroc, Larry (S) 119 Duckett, Kalhleen (S» 119, 53 Dulak, John (F» 82 Dunlap, John (F) 140 Easley, Steve IF) 140 Echols, Samniic (N) 71 Eddleman, Rohert (S) 119 Edens, Billy Jr. (F) 140, 51 Edens, Dwight (F) 49. 53, 50 Edgar, Eva (S) 120,53 Edgar, Rebecca (S) 120 Edgar, Ruby (S) 120 Edwards, Leslie Lee (F) 140, 48, 51, 93, 50 Edwards, Duane (F) 140 Egg, Laurie (S) 120, 62 Elliott, Maria (Fl 140,51, 50 Ellison, Alwin (S) 89, 120 Einkauf, Gary (S) 4S, 58 Ermis, Julius (F) 140,58 Espinoza, John (F) 141 Evans, Pat (S) 89 Everitt, Danny (F) 141, 148, 164, 64, 65 Falksen, Artie (S) 120 Farmer, Joyce E. (Si 120, 111, 42, 102 Fehner, Kathy (F) 141 Ferguson, Jonathan (F) 51 Fike, David (F) 141 Finney, Gene (S) 63 Floras, Mary Ann (S» 120, 54 Flores, Prax (F) 141 Ford, Donna (F) 141, 92 Franke, Carol (F) 141 Frazier, Daniel (F) 141 Frazier, Arthur Wayne (F) 141 Frederick, Judy (F) 142, 54, 81, 88, 112, 106 Frels, Alene J. (S) 120,62 Frers, JoAnn (F) 142,92 Friedell, Larry (S) 89 Friemel, Gus Jr. (F) 142 Froelich, Lance (Si 51,50 Gallandal, Glenda (Fl 142 Ganeni, Sharon (F) 142 Garber, Nancy (F) 142, 62 Garcia, Alex (F) 142,64, 651 Garcia, Gilbert (F) 142 Garner, Gail J. (S) 121 Garrett. Brenda (F) 143, 51 Garrett, Melvin (F) 143 Garza, Amelia (F) 143 Garza, Henry S. (Si 121 64 George, Charles D. (S) 121 Gerdes, Ginger F) 143 Ghalayini, Omar ( ) 37 Gilley, Kathy (S) 51 Gilpatrick, Dennis R. (S) 121 Girdy, Jimmy (F) 143 Girdy, Joyce (N) 71.73,75 Glazner, Cathy (F) 143 Gloor, Linda G. (S) 121, 52 Godbe, James (F) 143 Goetz, Linda ( F ) 143 Goode, Judith (Si 121 Golthardt, Charlotte (Fl 144 Gonzales, Delphine (Fl 144, ,54, 53 Gonzales, Maria (F) 51 Gonzales, Rita (F) 65 Goodman, Fred (S) 109 Goodman, Richard (Fl 144 Goodwin, Bruce (Fl 65 Coynes, Robert (Si 91 Grafe, Barbara (S) 121 Grafe, Kathleen (F) 51,92, 96 Graham, Joe (S) 121,49, 90 Grandberry, William (F) 144 Grant. James (F) 114 Green, Richard ( S ) 67 Grigsby, Dawn (F) 144 Gutierrez, Edward (F) 144 Gutierrez, Mario (Fl 144 H Hag gins, Donald (F) 85,86 Haggins, Ronald (F) 144 Haines, Carole (F) 145,88, 93, 96 Halepcska. Tommy (F) 43 Halk, Donald H. (S) 121, 49, 46 Hamilton. Kathleen K. (S) 122, 51 Hamlett, Butch (F) 82,84 Hamm, Michael (F) 145 Hammons, Floyd (F) 145 Hanselka, Martha (F) 145, 54,61 Hanys, Alice ( F) 145, 54, 92 Harding, Debbie (F) 52 Hargrove, Irene (F) 64, 65 Hartman, Buck (S) 89, 91 Harvey, Brenda (N) 71,73 Harvey, Linda (S) 122 Haschke, Anton (S) 122 Haschke, Donald (F) 145 Haschke, Elliott (S) 122 Hasdorff, Robert (F) 145 171 tljultoldl, Randolph i Fi 14S Hauscliild, Anna I ' arder (F) lt6 Hauscliild. Bubba I V) W Hauschild, Pamela (F) 145, 53 Huusmann, Bryon iSl 89, 91. 95, 96 Havlik. Dcnnid (I ' l 146 Hawfs .Martha (F) 146 Heibfl, Leona (F) 146 HcIUt, Don IS) 61 Htller. Richard V. (S) 122 H.nnard. IJanny I F) 91 Henry, Larry (S) 89 Hernandez, Melva (S) 64 Herrinjiton. Mary (F) 146. 51 Hesse, Sarah (F) 92 Higginhothani. Claudia I F) 52, f)0. 61 Higgins, Kay S. (S) 122, 61 Hobby, Danny (F)) 146, 87.67 Hobson, Larry (F) 146 Hodge, Patricia L. (S) 122 64. Hoff, Linda S. (S) 122 Hoffer, Beverly (Fj 146 Holcomb, Michael W. (S) 122 Holder, Lucy I F 146, 34, 57 Hood, Robert (F) 147 Hopman, Virginia (i) 51 Horton. Michael ( F) 147 Hrabovsky, Rebecca (F) 147 Hrncir, Mariette (F) 147 Huber, Margaret (F) 147 Hutchinson. Yvonne (S) 53 Huvar, Carolyn (S) 147 Hyak, Barbara M. (S) 123 Jackson. Billic .lean (N) 71 Jackson, Robert S. (.S) 123 Jaeger, Alan (F) 147,51 Janacek, Pam A. (S) 123 Janak, Cli-nn ' Ki 117 Jancha, Oruldinc ill 118, 92. 9. ' ) Janoltt. Gloria L. (S» 123 Janowski. Ri(bar(l iSi 81, Jasrhkc, Karen ISl 123, 130 Jecker, Donn il ' i 1«. . ' 2 Jrlinrk, Vir;:ini.i IFl 92 Jellon, Linda iF) 148 Johnson, David ( F) 59 Johnson, Dewitt IS) 62 JohiiMin, Ethel iKl lis Johnston, Woodrow iF) 148 Jones, Peggy (Fl 148 Joost, Bobby I Si 42 Kainer, James (S) 123 Kalke, Linda K. IS) 123 Kallus, Marie IF) 148, 130, 54, 62, 112, 106 Kandis, Cathy iF) 148 Kamei, Kermit (S) 123,62 Kamei, Tana IF) 148 Keith, Linda (F) 148 Kellis, Linda Sue IF) 149 Kelley, Paul (F) 149 Kennedy, Coleen (F) 64 Key, Carole (F) 149 Kickcndahl, Frances IF) 149 Kirclmer, Albert iF) 149 Kitchens. Jeanne IF) 48, 51,46 Kloesel, Charles F. IS) 123 Kneblick, Virginia Gail (S) 123,64 Kneip, Gary (S) 62 Knocke, Gwen IF) 92,94 Kocian. Donald W. IS) 124 Koelil, Barbara iF) 149, 52, 61 Kccbl. Nancy L. IS) 124 Kohl. Martha IF) 119 Kolar. (;..ry IF) 119 Kollc, Jim IS) 62 Kolodzie, Mark (F) 149 Knionko. Hirhard P. IS) 121 Kouniy, Julius (Fl 150 Kowalik. JoAnne (F) 150 Kraus.-, Robert IF) 1.50 Krcsla, Sylvia A. (S) 124 Krueger, Royce W. (S) 124 Kruppa. Donald (F) 150 Kubcna, Kathleen IS) 124 Kubesch, .Mary ' F) 150 Kucera, Waync- (Ki 1.50,62 Kulak, Lloyd iK) 1.50 Kulach, Carcjiyn IS) 61 Kutrliku, Katby IF) 151, 34, 57, 58 Kuykendall, Jerry IS) 124 Lance, Bimbo IS) 62 Lancaster, Janey IF) 59 Langenberg, Doris IS) 124, 61, 111, 42 Landgraf. Larry iSl 124 Laqua. Lonnic iF) 151 Lasater, Randy iFl 151 Lassman, .Allen I F) 62 Laster, Jackie (S) 64 Lawbn, Cathy IF) 151 Lau, Barbara IF) 151, 62, 92 Laza, Vickie (S) 125 LeBouf, Larry (Fl 151 Lee, Dianna iF) 151 Lee, Harold IS) 62 Lee, Priscilla (F) 138 Li ' ita, Geraldine I F) 51 Lejune, Brenda IF) 151, 92 Lcmpert. Jo. nne IF) 151 Leschber, Sharon IF) 152, 64 Ley, Bill iF) 1,S2, 150 Lockstedt. Belly Ann IK) 152 Littles, Donald IF) 152 Lockstedt. Belly Ann (F) 1.52 Luco. Linda (N) 71,73,74 Lumpkins, Rober! (S) 90 Lvncb, Lisa (F) 94 I7.i Lyster. Mar aliic (Si 60, 61, 46 M Maniscalio. Frances (F) 152 Maresli, Dennis (F» 54 Maroney, Janice (F) 63 Maroney, Kathy (F) 152 Maroney, Tommy (S) 49, 53, 104 Marshall, Earlene (S) 125 Marshall, Gary (S) 125, 50 Marthiljohnni, Phyllis (S) 125 Martin, Gayle (F) 153 Martin, Kenneth (F) 153 Martin, Stephen (F) 153, 53 Martinez, Angelita (N) 71 Martinez, Mary (F) 153 Maurer, Diane Kay (F) 153. 54 Maurer, Susan Fay (F) 153, 51, 54, 50 May, James A. (F) 154 McChesney, Paul (F) 49 McClanahan, David (S) 125 McClanahan, Joseph (F) 154 McCombs, James (F) 154 McCord, Raenell (F) 92 McCoy, Rawley (F) 154, 87 McLarry, Claudia ( F) 154 McPherson, Jessie (F) 154 McPherson, Robert (S) 125, 49, 89, 96 McSwain, Edward (S) 125 Meitzen, Robert (S) 125 Mikeska, Rebecca (F) 154 Miller, Vicki (S) 50 Miori, Ronnie (F) 154, 54 Monney, Ronald (F) 154 Montez, Mary E. (S) 125 Moody, Jo M. (S) 59, 126 Mooneyham, Turner (F) 155 Moraida, Sandra (F) 155 Moreno, Reymond (S) 54 Morilz, Gail (F) 155 Moulder, Judy (F) 155,22 Moya, Ernest (F) 155 Mozisek, Victor (S) 126 Mueller, Carolyn (S) 126 Munson, John (F) 49, 90 Musselman, Travis (F) 155 Myer, Claudia (F) 49,155 Myers, Susan (F) 113, 155 Mzyk, Kathy (F) 156 N Neill, Jennie (S) 53, 59, 126 Nelson, Cecilia (S) 126 Nemes, Susie (F) 64 Nessis, Linda (F) 62 Noake, Robert (F) 65, 156 Norfield, Patrick (S) 126 Novak, Linda (F) 156 Nuckels, Larry (S) 64, 126 Nuckels, Richard (F) 64, 156 Nunez, John (F) 156 Obert, Mary (S) 126 Oehlke, Gaylon (F) 157 Olhausen, William D. (S) 127 Oliver, Pamela (S) 54, 93 Olsovsky, Lynette K. (S) 53, 127 Orsak, Charlene (F) 157 Ortiz, Jerry (F) 157 Osborne, Martha (F; 49, 157 Owens, Janice (S) 127 Ozuna, Tommy (S) 54 Parker, Leiand (F) 89, 91, 157 Parkinson, Jon (S) 127 Parris, William (S) 127 Peck, Ronald (S) 127 Pena, Sylvia (F) 157 Perez, Isidore (F) 157 Perez, Jesse (F) 157 Perez, Joe (F) 65,157 Perez, Lydia (S) 127 Perez, Paul (F) 157 Periz, Yolanda (F) 158 Pesek, Dennis (F) 158 Pesek, Mark (F) 157, 158 Phillips. Frances (N) 71 Phillips, Karen (S) 52,127 Phillips Ora (N) 71, 73 Phillips, Sandra (F) 59, 158 Plunkett, Patricia (S) 43 Poenisch, Mary (F) 159 Pohler, Donald (F) 82 Pohler, Garland (F) 159 90, 128 Polzin, Linda (S) 128 Ponas, Judith (S) 128 Poole, Eddie (F) 159 Pratt, Lynn (F) 159 Prewitt, Dennis (F) 159 Prince, Gorman (S) 128 Pyle, John (F) 159 Pyle, Suzanne (S» 42, 60, 100, 109, 128 Quaintence, Joelene (F) 159 R Rakowitz, Pamela ( F) 159 Ramirez, Lawrence (F) 159 Ramirez, Oralia (F) 53, 64, 65, 159 Rangnow, Gary (S) 128 Redding, David (S) 128 Reese, Susanne (S) 128 Reyes, Ray (F) 159 Reyna, Michael (S) 128 Richter, Tana (S) 128 Riddell, Frances (F) 160 Riedel, Larry (F) 87 Rigsby, Dark (S) 64,93 Rimmer, Sharon (F) 160 Rincon, Beatrice (S) 64, 129 Riveria. Dora (F) 160 Robinson, Janice (S) 129 Rodriguez, Belinda (S) 64, 129 Roeben, Darlette (S) 64, 129 173 Rogers Charlts (Si 89 Rose, Iris (Kl 160 Rossi, Carol (Ki 13. SI. 113, K.0 Kciwaii. Dennis (SI M. 129 Kulu.. J..AnM iKl 92,160 Ruhio. Raniiro (Fl 54, 160 Ruii, Manuel (F) 53,160 Rusli, Jolin (S) 129 Rutherford, Gloria (S) 129 Sachtlcben, Glen (S) 129 Salinas, Amelia (N) 71 Sandhop. Fred (S) 131 Saski. Larry (F) 89,160 Sauseda, Mary E. (Sj 131 Sclierer. Lynclle (F) 161 Sehilhal), Doris (S) 54, 131 Sehilhal.. Doris (Si 54,131 Sehrade. Donald (F) 161 Sclmllz, Bill (S) 62 Schott, Carol (S) 43, 61, 111, 161 Scott, Margaret (S) 131 Seale, Robert (F) 161 Sendt, Kathy iS) 43,44, 49, 50, 51, 65, 107, 131 Sema, Olga (N) 71,72 Shaw, Jean (F) 161 Shaw, Stephen (.S) 131 Shelley, Elaine (F) 161 Shipley, Ruth (F) 59,94, 161. 162 Shook, Dolores (S) 131 Sklar, Darrell (S) 130 Sledge, Beverly iF) 161 Sloan, Ronald (S) 130 Smith, Lester (S) 130 Smith, Thomas (F) 65, 162 Smith, Thomas (S) 130 Smith, Wayne (F) 162 Smith, William iFl 162 Snapp, Jack ( F) 162 Soderholm, David (S) 90 Solis, Gloria (S) 52 Soto, Juan (F) -46 Sparks, Marcia (S) 50, 51, 105, 130 Spears, David (S) 60,61. 130 . ' Spiegel, Jerry (Fl 162 Spiller, Max (Fl .59.162 Spinks, Alannah i S i 88, 105. 130 Spinks. Dianna (Si 18, 130 Si. Clair. Chester (SI 50. 51 Staha, Edgar iFl .vl, 162 Stanley, Theresa (F) 162 Staten, Learah (F) 163 Stcffrk. Gilbert (F) 163 Steininger, Zane (S) 62 Stevens, Patricia (Fl 64, 65, 163 Stiles, Clint (S) 62 Stirneman, Bob (S) 91 Stock, Peggy (S) 61, 130 Stock, Robert (F) 163 Stone, Evelyn (N) 71, 73, 75 Stoutamirc, John (S) 132 Stoutamire, Karen (F) 163 Stovall, Bertha (Nl 71 Strakos, Edwin (F) 163 Strode, Charles (F) 163 Stuart, Herbert (F) 164 Swoboda, Gary (S) 132 Talley, David (S) 132 Tanner. Melba (F) 165 Taylor, Jerome ( F) 164 Teague, LaVerne (SI 51 Tegeler, Cynthia (Fl 164 Teel. Tommy (SI 53, 132 Thedford, Linda (Fl 53, 59, 92. 164 Thibodeauz, Theresa (F) 130, 164 Thizton, David (S| 132 Thomas, Maxine (F) 165 Thweatt, Mary (F) 42, 54. 81. 83, 88, 103. 109. 113, 164 Tillmon. Rheba (Fl 64, 165 Tisdale, Jim (F) 165 Tisdell, Mao- (N) 71. 72 Tilllr, Darlene (S) 61 Tilus. Phil (S) 132 Toellncr, Debra (F) 165 Tolbert. Adeline (Nl 71, 73 T..n lr.-. William I Si 132 Torri-s. Gloria (Nl 71 Trevino, Julian ' Fl 165 Trevino, Ron I Fl 97 Tryncr, Ronald (Fl 165 Tull. Tyler (Si 42, 81, 83, 84, 102. 105. 126, 132 TiiriMii. Hirluird (Fl 165 u Urbano, Paul (S) 132 Uresti, Sylvia (F) 166 Urguizo, Odelia (Fl 166 Uselton. Pauline (Nl 7] Vahalik, Catherine (F) 166 Vella, Mary (Fl 166 Vick, Betty (F) 51,166 Vick, Deborah (Fl 166 Villarreal, Amelia (F) 166 Villarreal. Marie (Fl 53, 167 Villarreal, Mirhele (Fl 167 Villafranca, Roseanne (F) 167 w Wacker, Anna (S) 133 Wagner, Barbara ( F 1 167 Wagner, Dan (Fl 91 Wagner, Dennis (F) 56, 139, 167 Wagner. Janet (F) 34, 54, 133, 167 Wagner, Maureen (SI 133 Wallis, Cynthia (F) 65,67, 167 Watkins. Gene (Fl 168 Way, Wyniese (Fl 67,168 Weigel, Tommy (Fl 51, 168 White. Lee (F) 168 Wilder, Sharon (F) 168 Williams. Gean (Fl 168 Williams. Ronald (F) 47. 54. 90. 168 Willis, Patricia (F) 168 Windwehen. Karl (S) 133 I A Winter. James (F) 141,169 West, Linda (S) 133 Witt, Diane (S) 50,133 Witte. Tommy (S) 64,65, 133 Wofford, Janice (S) 133 Woodrow, Jack (S) 64,65 Woodrow, Susan ( F) 46, 169 Wright, Eva Jane (F) 169 Yamin, James (F) 54, 169 Yanta, Phyllis (S) 133 Yargiger, Susie (F) 169 Young, Sherald (F) 34,56, 57, 133, 169 Zafereo. Mark (F) 42, 54, 103, 107. 169 Zapata, Elizahclli (F) 169 Zapata, Susan (S) 133 Zatopek, Nancy (F) 51, 169 Zenegerle. Roy (S) 133 Faculty Roster Adair. Lucille 21 Allen. Alfred I. 21, 25 Azbill, E. M. 21 Baillio, Iris 22, 49, 92, 93, 95, 96, 97, 146 Bing, Josephine 22 Bing, Roland E. 22 Boykin, Starley N. 23, 21 Burdine, F. B. 23, 28 Christian, Thomas D. 23, 33 CoUins, Wilbur L. 24, 30 Dabney, Ivy Jean 24 Deaver, Frank 24 Doughtie, Mary 25 DuBose, Carl 25, 26 Edwards, Jack 25, 48 Etzel, Ester Emily 26 Evans, Hester W. 26, 97 Felger. Wilma 26, 54 Frankson, Marie 27 Gardner, Harold M. 26, 27 Gerhold, Harlon 27, 78, 85 Greenhill, Kenneth A. 27 Gummelt, E. F. 28 Holcombe, Joe M. 28 Hume, Louise 28 Hummel, Michael 28 Hurst, J. Lloyd 23, 28 Jarrish, Mary Ann 94, 152 Kaiser, A. David 28 Kallus, V. T. 30, 54, 62 Knudson, Otto J. Jr. 30 Locher, David 30 McAllister. Wayne H. 30 McCleary, J. Marshall 22. 30, 87 Miller, Royce P. 31 Nichols, Harold J. 31 Northcutt, Jeanette 31 Northcutt, Monroe 31, 89, 91, 95, 96, 97 Outlaw, W. Elmer 32, 61 Pahmiyer, LeRoy 32 Patek, Marjorie 38, 70, 71 Ferryman, Kay 32 Riggs, Julia Ree 33 Rimmer, John R. 33 Rogers, Billie R. 34, 61 Rowland, Lois 27, 34 Russell. Floyd Jr. 34 Schneider, C. F. 34, 56, 57 Schramm, Bennie H. 34, 133, 145, 162 Sergeant, Herbert P. 22, 34 Shinn, E. C. 34 Spurlin, Charles D. 35 Steele, William H. 35 Stiles, Rev. Wallis 54, 130, 155 Stormont, Jo hn W. 35 Summers, Caroline C. 35, 60,61 Talley, Claude A. 28, 35 Talley, Geraldine 36 Thurmond, Ethel 24, 36, 52 Walker, Richard P. 33, 36 WaUick, Robert J. 37, 54 Warnlof, Jessica J. 37, 48 Webb, Ricky 37 Whitmore, C. T. 37 Williams, Ruth 24, 37 WiUman, Mildred L. 37 Wright, Mary 38, 70, 71, 72 Organizations Roster Aggie Club 62. 63 Art Club 52 Baptist Student Union 59 Business Club 66 Church of Christ Student Association 67 College Rand 65 College Choir 64 Faculty-Student Advisory Committee 68 Gavel Club 60, 61 Jolly Roger Staff 58 Methodist Student Movement 49 Newman Club 54, 55 Nurses 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 Phi Theta Kappa 50, 51 Pirate Staff 56, 57 Prism Club 48 Student Council 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 Texas Student Education Association 53 175 With ill.- (omplclioii of llu ' linal |.ai;. nl llic ' )( ) IMKXTK. I tiiul il hard In liclicNc ihal it ' s all over with. No more cropping pictures, writing; ciitlines or proolriMdin . No mox- stall meet- ings, deadlines — no moie worries. It was lull. Il was haid. It was a woiiderlul and rewardinj experience. And now llial it has ended I wish to thank my small staff and the people who have lieljied in the production of this annual. Inlidduclion — Dennis Wagner Faculty — Hrenda Garrett. Kathy Kutchka. Sherald Young Organization — Lucy Holder, Kathy Kutchka, Sherald Young Sports — Julius Ermis Personalities — Kathy Kutchka Classes — Sharon Ganeni, Kathy Kutchka, Bill Ley Cover Design — Larry Kovar Gerdes Photography Willard Clark, Taylor Puhlishing Company I especially want to thank Dennis Wagner, our photographer, who assumed tlie role of my co-editor when the going got tough, and Mr. C. F. Schneider, our advisor, who has been most patient and understanding and a tremendous help. Janet Wagner, Editor I.

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