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130 1967 PIRATE oS BM ■ ' ' 1 ' y ipmmwt s. ' xrv- " ' - ' " " ' ' ' " - Q H ■T ' ■PBS Sb H HI 1 - -x V- _x-r -cal r ' ■ satJi Our Campus The ways of life are many a mile . . . Richard Hovey ... a mile that to the ordinary voyageur on life ' s highway can prove to be a formidable feat. Im- printing our own distinct design on this universal road requires preparation— preparation afforded by VICTORIA COLLEGE. Our school does not propose to transform us from giddy adolescents into mature adults. For that task is left to each individual. Rather it provides us with the environment essential to developing our aptitudes and attitudes . . . Editors ' Note ... it is this campus setting of ' 67 that we depict in this PIRATE. Focusing on the motley aspects of college life, we portray the threshold of our first miles encountered along the ways of life. Co-editors, Alice Briones Carolyn Kovar Table Contents Our Campus Editors ' N ote Table of Contents Trustees President and Dean Academics 8 Personalities 30 Sports 44 Organizations 72 Classes 1 22 Index 1 70 Earl Cliburn, secretary; Gerald Dubose; Dr. C. P. Montier, chairman; Thomas M. O ' Connor; Morris Shattuck; Winston Zirjacks, chairman; Leo Welder. Board of Trustees An institution cannot progress until man looks into the future and turns his dreams into reality through action. Composad of seven men elected for six-year terms, the Board of Trus- tees converts the educational conceptions of Victoria County into concrete realities. It establishes policy under the direction of the president and is instrumental in expanding educational opportunities for citizens of the county and surrounding areas. Duties of the board include approving construction projects, authorizing grants for scholarships, approving new faculty members, and negotiating contracts and other busi- ness transactions involving Victoria College. Board members, led by chairman Winston Zirjacks, examine fiscal reports and tackle problems which may arise throughout the year. The group bears a heavy responsibility; therefore, it carefully analyzes each decision— its pur- pose, value, and eventual effect. President J. D. AAoore Dean Roland Bing Circulating administrative knowledge and power through the necessary channels of an educational institution is the function of President J. D. AAoore and Dean Roland Bing. Earning his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees at North Texas State College, Mr. Moore has held the president ' s position at Victoria College since 1948. Dr. Bing who came to this campus in 1954, first held posts as Director of Counseling and Guidance, then took over the position of dean in 1964. President and Dean AAARIE FRANKSON, B.A. Assistant Librarian LOUISE HUME, M.B.A. Registrar Dean of Women HAROLD J. NICHOLS, M.A, Business Manager JOHN W. STORMONT, Ph.D. Evening School, Government CLAUDE A. TALLEY, M.S. Director of Student Personnel, Economics Administration A body must have support— support, which at Victoria College is provided by the administration. Serving as the backbone of our institution, the college administration furnishes the necessary guid- ance and essential connections v hich every school must possess. Faculty members counsel with stu- dents while helping them prepare an outline of study that will be most beneficial to them upon completion of courses at Victoria College. Besides handling all business matters of thfe college and sponsoring student activities on campus, they exhibit qualities of hard work, perseverance, leader- ship, integrity, and cooperation as they contribute daily to the standards of their vocation. Symptoms of the dreaded disease known as " registerlfis " are commonly observed during September and January. Not having been inoculated by the pre-registrafion vaccine. Bill Sattler consults Miss Hume on a possible class schedule. And Mr. Shinn instructs Bill on how to fill out the semester course cards before paying fees. LUCILLE ADAIR, M.S. Biology ALFRED I. ALLEN, M.S. Chemistry, Mathemat- ics ROLAND E. BEARD, M.S. Physics, Mathematics STARLEY N. BOYKIN, M.A. Mathematics A puzzle can engencJer interest— interest which if applied to a course at VC will prompt student initiative. Realizing this. Dr. McAlister challenges " Lalo " Triana to solve a com- parative anatomy puzzle consisting of a cow ' s skeletal bones. Qcience and Math Progress in all areas of acti vity is being made today as a result of recent developments, in- ventions, and discoveries in the fields of science and math. In general, the entire pop- ulation is effected by the bigger and better machines, the v ell-constructed edifices, and the labor-saving devices which these devel- opments initiate. That is precisely why education in science and math departments has become such a vital part in the college curriculum of today. Our departments must keep pace with these modern advances while preparing the stu- dent to meet degree requirements of a senior college. To fulfill such a purpose, Victoria College offers studies in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, algebra, analytic geometry, trigonometry, modern math, calculus, ge- ology, and comparative anatomy. The de- partment tries to provide the basic informa- tion sought by a student of science and math. Fill-in-the-blanks always make my mind go blank! " mum- bles lab student Mike Johnson, who prefers those blacken-the-letter tests provided by Miss Etzel. Throughout the year, a physics lab group will undertake many experiments. Dennis Wagner and Joe Rodriguez observe a trial which threatens to bubble over. Making use of mechanical drawing instruments such as a T-square, drawing board, and ruler, Carroll Ferguson double checks work he has completed. Proper attention has merited its rewards fo rthe " gn lab as witnessed by the successful sprouts. CARL DuBOSE, M.Ed. Chemistry, Mathe thumbs " of the 401 biology ESTHER EMILY ETZEL, M.Ed. Biology HAROLD M. GARDNER, M.S. Chemistry ARMON M. HEWITT, M.S. Mathematics, Psychol- ogy WAYNE H. McALISTER, Ph.D. Biology Mr. Sergeant explains the strategy of a topographical survey map to geology student, Allen Neisser. Learning to read steepness of elevation by the use of 3-D interpre- tations of maps is an objective of the course. »u Tcr — n Searching through the maze of hundreds of as- sorted containers and formulas, Mr. DuBose, chem- istry instructor, proves to be a wizard at finding the right bottle among the shelves of the chemical supply room. Situated on the second floor of the Science Building, this room is essential to all bud- ding VC chemists. g Science and Math " Hey, Kyle Blake, " exclaims Kathy Diamond, " al- though it ' s a little flimsy, you seem to have a normal proportioned ear lobe. " Lab assistant, Linda Stuart explains that it would be rather abnormal to have a stiff earlobe like Mr. Plastic. liipifi [ SS 5 IB| ROYCE G. MILLER, M.Ed. M athematics, Chemistry LeROY PAHMIYER, M.S. Chemistry, Engineering JULIA REE RIGGS, M.S. Biology BENNIE H. SCHRAMM, M.A. Mathematics HERBERT P. SERGEANT, B.S. Chemistry, Engineering BENNIE TSCHOERNER, B.S. Physics, Engineering As Pauline Haile watches attentively, George Murphy applies solution to a glass slide, preparing it for microscope viewing in a biology lab. !«iS« ' GARY M. UNDERWOOD, A familiar sight to second semester biology lab stu- dents, the little fetal pig faces his predetermined fate of a thorough dissection. r - V A perplexed modern math class gazes intently at a blackboard filled with Schramm ' s explanatory figurings. Or is that Greek lettering? W . . 9cience and Math Absorbed in a titration normality test, Kay Await awaits the result of her chemistry lab experiment. The students must observe and record reactions occurring during the test. 7 t Flanked and protected from opponents by teammates Bill Tollver, Richard Farris, and Larry Pauley, Kenfuckian Bil tip in his famous 2-point rebound recovery at one of the Pirates ' home games. " Moose " Newton surges up to Regular physical exercise is essential for collegiates to pursue healthy, alert careers as students. Realizing that physical edu- cation courses for both men and women provide the exercise that is missed in an everyday routine, VC, through a series of carefully planned and supervised ac- tivities, attempts to develop physical fit- ness. Highlighting these classes is the intramural program in such sports as flag football, basketball, volleyball, lawn ten- nis, badminton, and table tennis. This year two new courses, swimming at the YMCA and a girls ' corrective physical edu- cation course emphasizing the individual, were added to VC ' s physical education program. Physical Education Even in flag football, keeping possession of the ball poses no easy problerr for ballcarriers Pat Taylor, David James and Jimmy Brown. Designed to correct basic faults of posture, figure, and nutri- tion, the PEW correctives class stimulates Paula Musselman and Judy Reynolds to attempt " book-sitting. " Almost completely unidentifiable, this monster on wheels was a likely subject for Mr. Steele ' s industrial arts boys who tried to revamp it back to normalcy. Budding and grafting of plants Lesley Huber, James Koenig, Howard Peters, Danny Anden Kallus ' s instructions on the right techniques. V. T. KALLUS, M.S. Agriculture, Bookstore Manager WILLIAM H. STEELE, M.S. Industrial Arts ETHEL THURMOND, M.A. Vocational Arts Skill in a vocational arts field pre- supposes study, observation, and ex- perience. Including such courses as art, agriculture, and industrial arts, the classes provide background train- ing for those who are talented in producing their own creative works. Besides stinnulating the individual stu- dent, the program serves both com- munity interests and the college. Revealing his mastery of industrial arts in- struments, Larry Green applies hands of authority to tedious woodcutting. Taking advantage of a double class break, art students Gail Ford, Mrs. Martha Lockstedt, and Mrs. Ernestine Kidder have energy " pepper-uppers. " Designed primarily to meet elementary education curriculum requirements, music education students have tlie opportunity to actually examine different musical instruments. A peek over the shoulder of flutist Penny Jeter reveals Mr. Collii familiar role of directing the Pirate Band. Music Complemented with the completion of the new Fine Arts Building featuring modern acoustical effects and interior design, the mu- sic department found a new home among spacious auditorium and practice room facili- ties this year. Providing cultural enlighten- ment for the student body and community, the department boasts three performing groups-Pirate Band, College Choir, and Cor- raliers. Classroom studies in music literature, theory, and fundamentals of music are of- fered. For those wlio wish to further develop their musical skill, private lessons in piano, organ, and voice are available. Engrossed in twanging the right strings, Mary Nell Johnston discovers the right techniques for successfully playing the autoharp. " My, what big Texans we growl " exclaims Mrs. Williams as she measures 6 ' 5 " Joe Watkins. Pictured as seen by Senator Bill Patman from his balcony post In the Capitol, the Corraliers perform at his " governor for a day " festivities. RUTH WILLIAAAS, M.M. Choir Pointing out a major current event news item, Mr. Talley relates national proble to economic analysis. Turning away from her destined fate, Linda Kitchens awaits Mr. Hummel ' s return of her graded history test. THOMAS D. CHRISTIAN, M.A. Sociology Curiosity concerning grades is cornmon to all students. Mr. Russell prepares a grade posting sheet designed to disclose students ' marks. Qocial Qciences It is important that students know who they are and the circumstances and events involved in forming their individual char- acteristics. Social science courses provide an appreciation for orderly approaches to the solutions of a problem and construct channels to mature citizenship. Benefits derived from surveys in economics, ge- ography, government, history, psycholo- gy, and sociology expand student insight in the direction of more effective living. MICHAEL HUAMAEL, M.A History, Sociology OTTO J. KNUDSON, JR., M.A. Psychology WILMA FELGER, M.A. History, Sociology FLOYD RUSSELL, JR., M.A Government, History ROBERT W. SHOOK, M.A, History, Geography I Dally digests on the state of the neighboring pigeon world are part of Dr. j Stormont ' s preliminaries to his 8:30 government class. 23 F. B. BURDINE, M.B.A. Business Administra- tion, Economics Candidates for the business world must master the operation AAarjorie Lumpkins thus and computation of business machines. strives for skill In the use of IBM techniques. J. LLOYD HURST, JR., md i M.B.A. H Business Administra- B H tion ■ i |flpl JEANEHE NORTHCUTT, 1 M.Ed. Hk L Business Administra- K; ' V tion IBh ik ' ' A " k. J Since addition of a long list of numbers tends to get muddled in the old noggir Frances Tom rationalizes that figuring is ideally suited to an adding machine. W. ELMER OUTLAW, M.S. Business Administration MILDRED L. WILLMAN, M.B.E. Business Administration Guided by Mr. Outlaw, business administration stu- dents work diligently to complete their daily assign- ments. Business Administration One of the most valuable assets of an individual is his earning capacity. So that the student is provided with ample opportunity to develop an un- derstanding of modern business cul- ture, a perception of social responsi- bilities of the businessman, and an ability to investigate and analyze tech- niques and social values, the business administration department offers ex- tensive specialized training in all areas of the field pursued. By provid- ing the means to increased earning power, the department provides a greater satisfaction for the student and the community. Trying to avoid mistakes, Jerry Morse intently examines hi; list before continuing his addition. Wha t is a teacher? A perennial answerer of questions. One such fountain of l nowledge is Mr. Outlaw who by explairving what key does what solves James 25 Conjugating the wrong tense of " escribir " by addir mutters that Spanish is for the birds. in excess, Larry Griffin Through his works in English literature, Percy Bysshe Shelley has created a common bond of kinship between himself and VC literature students. 1 |jrilnH u , i Vv Language and Communications To achieve continual world progress, mankind must successfully communicate with his fellow man. Language has proved to be the most efficient media for this common communication. Once a lan- guage, native or foreign, has been mastered, it can be applied in communi- cative speech and journalism. Since the learning process is essentially based on a comprehension of language, curriculum pr ovided affords the student a thorough insight and survey into these departments of communication. Doritos and cokes have an exuberating effect on Kay Richter as she struggles over headlines for a Jolly Roger deadline. " " • " " 26 If a stack of books constitutes a premonition, Mrs. Warnlof ' s English class faces a long winter. • l aH Reminiscently familiar to all second semester freshman students, Sharon AAeyer in desper- ation burns the night oil to finish her research paper. JOSEPHINE BING, M. English, German EVELYN W. BROWN, M.A. English IVY JEAN DABNEY, M.A. English FRANK DEAVER, M.A. Journalism, Economics MARY DOUGHTIE, M. English SUE F. GOUCHIE, M.S. English 27 Increasing audio comprehension and vocal use of foreign languages are the ob|ectives unbelievable. Mrj. which Kenneth Peery and Nancy Nillen try to realize at one of their lab sessions 5 , , " speechless " by one of her stu- KENNETH A. GREENHILL, M.S. English DAVID LOCHER, M.A. Spanish, History J. WIARSHALL McCLEARY, M.A. English C. F. SCHNEIDER, M.A. English, Speech Speech students, in attaining a well-rounded personality, learn to be good listeners as well as fluent orators. Versatility in producing creative copy is a must for journalists. Kay Richter, Grace Perkins, Vince Hone, Tisha Beard, and Kay Aldis try to exercise this ability when publishing the college newspaper. 30 Freshman Favorites j2 Mike 8+ovall Don Rothwell Cafhy Zirjacks Becky Haeber Qfeve Beller David Pittman Judy Reynolds Carolyn Kovar -College Fav( Each year faculty members submit names of students to be considered by a student- faculty committee for the honor of Who ' s Who Though freshmen were eligible, this year the committee chose ten sophomores for the year 1966-1967 Selection is based on contribution to campus life, leadership, citizenship, and personal integrity. The committee was composed of four fac- ulty members and two students from each class. Cathy Benge CATHY BENGE-Baptist Student Union; Corraliers; Jolly Roger editor; Phi Theta Kappa treasurer; Pirate staff; Victoria Advocate scholarship. DON BRAEUER-Student Council president; Alpha Phi Omega president; All-College Favorite; Alcoa Scholarship. Don Braeuer journalism major pre-pharmacy major Alice Briones ALICE TURNER-Art Club presi- dent; Baptist Student Union presi- dent; Gavel Club; Jolly Roger cartoonist. Sophomore Pirate Belle. ALICE BRIONES-Pirate co-editor; Phi Theta Kappa parliamentarian- historian; Student Council repre- sentative; Newman Club. biology major 37 who ' s Who li KAY AWALT— Student Council secretary; All-College Favorite; Freshman Pirate Belle; Freshman Class Favorite; Vice-President Student Council-, Col- lege Sweetheart. ELAINE MALINA— Business Club president; Lutheran Student Association treasurer; Vice-President Sophomore Class; Student Council member. Elaine Malina business Kay Awalt major CAROLYN KOVAR-Pirate co-editor; Sopho- more Class Favorite; Newman Club vice-presi- dent; Texas Student Education Association; Freshman Pirate Belle. Carolyn Kovar elementary education major , -. history major ELISE DONALSON- Gavel Club presi dent; Choir; Corral- iers, Sophomore Pi rate Belle. David Pittman DAVID PITTAAAN-President Sophomore class; Student Council member; Sopho- more Class Favorite; Vice-President Fresh- man Class; Freshman Class Favorite. CAROLYN TOALSON-Student Council member; Secretary Sophomore Class; President Phi Theta Kappa; Gavel Club. pre-law Carolyn Toalson major Elise Donalson Pirate Belles Harriette Donalson Becky Haeber - X 1 Judy Knowl l Five freshmen and six sophomore Pirate Belles are elected by the student body from candidates nominated by campus clubs or petition. The sophomore Belle tallying the most votes Is revealed at the annual Spring Formal as the Victoria College Sw eetheart. Marsha Arnold i Pirate Belles Kathy Diamond College Sweetheart . . . 19G7 Kay Await Judy Knowles VC CheeHeaders jm mi})y m t 1 Lydia Serrata Cathy Zirjacks " Through the Years with Qtump " Bringing to an end over thirty years of coaciiing in the Victoria Public School systenn, Hester W. " Stump " Evans stepped down as head basketball coach at Victoria Col- lege at the conclusion of the 1966-1967 season. Having coached a wide range of sports throughout his coaching career, Evans will remain at VC as a physical education instructor. Pirate Basketball SEASON RECORD OF 1966-67 Nov. 22 VC 61 San Jacinto 92 Nov. 29 VC 71 Wharton 101 Dec. 2 VC 52 Texas Freshmen 101 Dec. 5 VC 83 San Antonio College 97 Dec. 8 VC 75 South Plains College .... 78 Dec. 9 VC 81 San Antonio College .... 71 Dec. 10 VC 67 Schreiner 76 Dec. 13 VC 79 Houston Baptist 11 Jan. 3 VC 69 Schreiner 80 Jan. 5 VC 52 San Jacinto 91 Jan. 6 VC 64 South Texas 71 Jan. 7 VC 61 Navarro 57 Jan. 10 VC 79 Houston Baptist 93 Jan. 19 VC 80 Schreiner 66 Jan. 23 VC 71 Wharton 92 Jan. 26 VC 59 San Jacinto 106 Feb. 3 VC 80 Lamar Tech Freshmen ...107 Feb. 10 VC 73 Pan American Freshmen . 80 Feb. 14 VC 116 San Antonio College 102 Feb. 18 VC 90 Lamar Tech Freshman ...118 Feb. 21 VC 79 Pan American Freshmen .103 Feb. 25 VC 75 Rice Freshmen 102 PIRATE CAGERS: Mike Johnson, Lynn Temple, Ronnie Land, Jerry McDonald, Robert Lumpkii Farris, Mike Rippamonti, Richard Bonds, Ricky Main, William Toliver. i, Larry Pauley, William Newton, Danny Anderson, Richard Pep talks are preliminaries to any game. Veteran coach, Hester W. Evans addresses the team before the opening game against San Jacinto. Substituting for ailing " Slump " Evans, Thomas Christian last minute instructions before the SAC game. Determined to place just one more ball through the basket before the buzzer rings, William Toliver grabs a Wharton rebound. Maneuvering inside for a closer shot, Danny Anderson stretches out of danger from hi: opponent ' s block. Amidst flailing arms, Robert Lumpkins fights SAC players for possession of the ball. Many hours of practice and play engendered Ronnie Land ' s ability to smoothly sink the ball through the hoop against San Antonio College. In the wrong place at the wrong time! In a rebound effort against Tech, " Moose " Newton elbows Danny Anderson ' s left cheek. 50 Surrounded by Black Ravens, William " Moose " Newton attempts a long shot in the season opener. Springing over Wharton ' s Webster, Wayne Pauley attains another duo of points enabling the Pirates to keep w ithin striking distance. Forward Robert Lumpkins meancters his way through the Wharton defenders for an effortless basket. Leading SAC 65-47 at the half, the nonchalant Pirates head to the dressing room during the half-time break. Leaping upward, William Toliver attempts an over-the-back shot against Lamar Tech. College President J. D. Moore watches intently as the Pirates insure their lead against Schreiner in the final quarter. A SAC forward, doggedly guarded by William Toliver and " Moose " Newton, finds that there is no way to go but up. With nothing but a Pirate basket on his mind, Mike Rippamonti slips past a Lamar Tech opponent. Follow the leader, basketball style! Duped by the fast-break Lamar Tech manner of play, Robert Lumpkins finds himself without a ball. Suddenly corralled by a Lamar squeeze play, Lynn Temple decides to pass. 53 VC TRACKSTERS: (first row) Coach Monroe Northcutt, John Carey, Randy Nichols, Larry Gunlock, Bill Seaman, manager; (second row) Joe Gallaghar, Randy Reynolds, Adam Gonzales, Richard Wier, Russell Mitchell; (third row) Bill Newton, Brent Schumacher, Jerry Taylor, Larry Pauley. Track Acquired confidence and experience were mirrored by the number of meets the Pirate tracksters won in the latter part of the season. Coached by Monroe Northcutt, VC sprinters captured the Blinn Relays, the San Jacinto Invitational Relays, and their own Pirate Relays. San Antonio was the site of two second place wins by the Pirates— once at the San Antonio College Invitational Meet and again at the Harlandale Relays. Although he joined the broad jump events at s late, Robert Blain participated in the pole vault and the running of the meets. Time to relax. Coke is good! Sprinter Richard Wier takes the " pause that refreshes " while waiting for his next 55 Heave, ho! Pirate shotputter, Randy Nichols, demonstrates the form that enabled him to set a VC record of 50 ft. 4 inches. Taking a hand-off from Joe Gallaghar in the mile relay at the Border Olympics, John Carey sets his pace for victory. Finishing first, second, and third in the 220 yd. dash. Randy Reynolds, Joe Gallaghar, and John Carey give it that last second effort. Setting the blocks for the next running event composes just one of the many duties of manager Bill Seaman. i- ' :ia2 Dist nee is the mporta nt th ng in javelin toss ■ng R chard Farr- s trie s to be ter his own perso nal mar k wh he flings the steel spear. Paydirt or is it just plain dirt? Depends whether Pirate broadjumper, Brent Schumacher, wins or loses. Leaving the board, soaring through the and landing feet fucked under. Brent determines to make it paydirt. g£: I- h ■Htafl Pffgsl T dtfni B H k i flMtaj mmm magg gf ' - ' - M H n ' M m r Fast start on the first turn! Although the outside lane creates a slight disadvantage, Jerry Taylor keeps well abreast of teammate John Carey. Making the utmost use of his speed, John Carey comes from behind to win the 440 yard dash in 48.6 seconds. Anchor man, Joe Gallagher came in with a time of 41.9 seconds to pace his crew to a victory in the 440 yard relay. Heading for the finish line in the 440 yard intermediate hurdles at the Border Olympics, Brent Schumacher managed second with a 54.9 timing. Gasping for air, Richard Wier takes the winning step across the finish hne to make him the only Pirate to take a first at the Border Olympics. High jumper, Nathan Hoffman, clears 6 feet in the Pirate Relays, Dressed " fit to kill " . Randy Reynolds, makes final preparations for the trip to Garden City, Kansas, site of the national junior college 59 Tennis coach Royce Miller totals scores with the aid of Coach Tall and lean Ronnie Connelly uses his height to good advantage in smashing a lob. Robinson from San Jacinto. Tennis Guided by Coach Royce Miller, the tennis quartet partici- pated in two large tournannents and numerous dual meets. Although the team did not fare well in the practice dual meets, the Pirate netters took third place in the San Jacinto Invitational Tournament and consolation singles in the San Antonio Invitational Tournament. Exhausted after a first round match, Mike Wright grabs a couple of winks between matches at the San Antonio Invitational Tourney. l !M W ' ' " TENNIS TEAM: Ronnie Connelly, Guy Sanford, Steve Beller, Mike Wright. 60 Determined to win, Guy Sanford braces his racket for backhand shot. Out of position, Mike Wright strains to reach and return a SAC opponent ' s drive. 1 2 Hl p 7 ' WM n ' MM II § ma 1 Sailing through mid-air, Steve Seller plants a backhand against San Antonio to the of partner Guy Sanford. Concentrating his attention on serves to a San Jacinto receiver. Golf Fore! And the VC golfers lugging their equipment behind them were off in a whirl of tournaments and contests. This year, they pitted their skills against oppo- sition from San Antonio College, Texas A I, St. Mary ' s University, Texas Luth- eran College, and Southwest Texas State College. Before driving down the fairway, Gary Heen washes his golf ball. Riverside Golf Course— home course of Pirate golfers. GOLF TEAM: Jerry Cockerham, Jimmy Quit Heerssen, Coach Harold Gardner. James- Meitzen, Roger Ullman, Gary Sophomore golfer from Yoakum, Roger Ullman demonstrates his individual form when driving off the tee. Doing his utmost to brealc par, Gary Meerssen pays attentic details as selecting the proper ball. Coach Gardner and Texas A I Coach Aldrich confer abojt River- side ' s ground rules. One of several student referees, " Butch " Peery, watches for rule infractions. FLAG FOOTBALL CHAMPS: (first row) Ronald Green, Jimmy Quitta, Jimmy Anderson, Ernest Brooks, David James; (second row) Charles Grafe, Richard Seiler, Ted Maiek, Koyton Gant, Physical Activities Seasons come and go! And so do physical activities on the Pirate campus. When footballs and tennis rackets are traded for basketballs and table tennis paddles, VC is in the clutches of winter! These in turn give way to badminton rackets, volleyballs, and softballs in the spring. Even the language denotes these changes. A touchdown becomes a basket which eventually yields to spikes and runs. But whether it ' s swimming or weight-lifting, the purpose is all the same— the physical betterment of VC campus students. Open in the end zone! A perfect pass! Six points! Jimmy Brown outmaneuvers and out- runs Charles Grafe for the winning touchdown. Attempting a jump shot in the championship game against the Squirts, Roger Ullman of the Globetrotters is shadowed tenaciously by Joe Chandler. CHAMPIONSHIP INTRAMURAL CAGERS: Roger Ullman, Richard Seller, David James, Charles Grafe, John Rouse, James Pittman. Part of a fairly good-size crowd, Steve Seller, Mike McClung and Royce Church observe overtime play In the championship basketball intramural gme. Going to any lengths tor a basket, Eddie Mueller climbs over Roger Ullman order to get into shooting position. 65 Utilizing a variety of drives, smashes, and clears, Pat Taylor and Abe Garza stormed through to victory In the badminton doubles division. Victor in the badminton singles tourney, Joe Flores congratulates his closest competitor, Danny Stephens. Trying to get his opponent out of position, Abe Garza de- livers a lob into the opposite court. With water breaking over his back, swimming student is off and away. arms outstretched and legs kicking, a showing perfect form, John Weaver dives Into the YMCA pool, site of VC swimming instruction. VOLLEYBALL VICTORS: Charles Tipton, Robert Hairell, Lewis Sim- mons, J. B. York, Ronnie Falksen, C. W. Scherer, James Crisp, Larry Griffin, Ronnie Owen, Abraham Garza. 67 BASKETBALL CHAMPS: Sandra Brannan, Rosie Younghlood, Patti Martin, Sharon Musselwhite, Cathy Zirjacks, Cathy Benge, Alice Turner, Connie Schroeder. Ping-pong experience gained in the Union proved to be an asset to Linda Witte as she played her way to the top in girls singles table tennis competi- Looking at the ball squarely, Madelene Pantel iity to play tennis outside in the real courts meant many class periods spent in practicing forehands and backhands against the gym wall for Judy Knowles and Malina. Referee Mack Dorton keeps an eye on the play as the girls vie for the ball. Guarded closely by Elaine Malina, Jean Turner decides to attempt a bounce pass. Faced by opponents Becky Hargus, Frances Aguayo, and Teresa Hernandez, Lydia Serrata gets into position to re- Demonstrating her unique lever-type serve, Sharon Musselwhite ball into enemy territory. Heated pool, nothingi The wafer is still too cold for the likings of swimming beginners, Delii Flores, Theresa Covarrubias, and Teresa Hernandez. Adept at any type of shot, Sharon Mussel- white returns the ball with a seemingly easy form. Functional organization in volleyball demands flawless teamwork in set-ups from the back row to the attacks in the front. Besides winning the singles tennis division, Ruth Mayer teamed up with Carolyn McCaughey to also win the doubles tennis tournament. Badminton having originated in England and India, Lydia Serrata gives her own American brand of a forehand drive to the game. Atember of both the championship flag football team and the basketball team, David James displays the trophies awarded to him at the intramural banquet. Recipients of the Outstanding Athletic Trophies, David James and Becky Haeber, were selected on the basis of athletic ability, scholarship, and leader- ship by their fellow classmates. 72 FRESHMAN SC MEMBERS: Cindy Lear, Judy Knowles, Cathy Zirjacks, Mike Schaefer, Don Rothwell. 74 Serving as the hub for the wheel of extra- curricular activities on the Pirate campus the Student Council, in addition to its own officers, consisted of freshmen and sophomore class officers and representatives. This " go " group kept the ball rolling as it sponsored fun-filled events ranging from the Christmas Dance and Spring Formal to the get-acquainted picnic. Western Day and Play Nights. So that the student body could boast efficient leaders and representa- tives, the Council conducted campus elections of class and SC officers, all-college and class favorites, and Pirate Sweetheart and Belles. It played the role of a service organization for all activities sponsored on campus re- questing aid. SC OFFICERS: Marti Albrecht, vice-president; Don Braeuer, presi- dent; Kay Await, secretary. Keeping out of the red can get to be an art! Knowledge- able SC sponsors, Julia Riggs, Richard Walker, Tiiomas Christian, and Louise Hume have become experts in dance economizing. A funny thing happened to me on the way to the library; I got sidetracked and wound up at one of the SC-sponsored playnight dances. SOPHOMORE SC MEMBERS: Alice Briones, Carolyn Toal- son, Lynn Mills, Elaine Malina, David Pittman. Clowning as head cheerleader, Bobby Hesse executes his unique procedure for a " Pirate spellout. " Fellow yell-leaders, Jim Lenertz, Richard Fox, James Pittman, David Pittman, and Eddie Word complement his individuality. Preliminaries for the Spring Formal are drawn up during a SC bi-monthly meeting. SC sponsored playnight dances are a favorite with the guys and gals —in this case, Alan Saralecos and Dianna Brannan. 76 Spiking or holding hands? Playnight activities foster heated volleyball games in which David Pittman and J. B. York indulge in a spiking spree. chipping ice for " Speedy " Henneke ' s benefit during the hustle and bustle of playnight activities was just one of Don Braeuer ' s assorted duties. Along with Randy Reynolds and Diana Goldsum, Brent Schumacher and Marti Albrecht do the latest dance contortions. " Just like that! " specifies David Boyd to Lynn Mills concerning his par- ticular hot dog which he wants prepared according to Richard Morgan ' s original. " . . m Sitting one out at the Christinas dance, Julie Schultz and Mike Bole converse about the dance theme, " The Twelve Days of Christmas. " While outlining one of the " Ten-Leaping Lords " used for the Christmas dance theme, Alice Turner realizes how little time she has to finish her endeavors. Exhausted dancers formed a beeline to the refreshment table at the Christmas Dance manned by Mrs. Richard Walker and Don Rothwell. All-college favorites, Don Braeuer and Kay Await were revealed at the Christmas Dance. -¥- Adding color and glitter to the dec- orations, " a partridge in a pear tree " surveys collegians at the Christmas festivities. cones and candlelight composed the centerpieces for the dance arranged by Elaine Malina. 79 " Jackrabbit " Lydia Serrafa bounced along, her sack to place first in the Sack Race. Exemplifying the typical Western bum, Don Willi, indulges in cigars and coffee. Snap! Having eafen their Wheaties for breakfast, the Sophomore girls pulled with such strength in Getting into the swing of the Western the Tug-of-War Contest that in addition to winning they broke the rope. Day dance, Mr. and Mrs. Greenhill enjoy the Southernaires ' music. Pigs and mud galore! Placing a greased pig in much effort from John Clibum and Budd Hobbs. ck demanded Due to his heinous murder of Marsha Arnold ' s lover, Bobby Hesse was strung up by Sheriff Bobby Buchholz and Deputy Ben Gomez in the Gavel Club skit put on at Western Day. Turn about is fair play! Ernest Espinoza and Anna DeLeon conclude that one picture de- serves another. Mulling over the possibilities of electrocution or a non-stop flight to ground level, Cindy Lear wonders v hy no one told her that acrobatics was a SC sideline. In the midst of Pirate Belle nominees, Don Braeuer notifies Miss Rii tallying reveals three nominees absent prior to the elections. Bedecked in a " curler-halo, " Lydia Serrata consults l r. Walker on the best method for cutting cardboard. T " Well Mike, it ' s like this! " explains reluctant Brent Schumacher to Mike Held. " The track meet is tomorrow and you don ' t expect me to lift those rocks! " Panoramic views of a college sweetheart! Amid " Oriental Ecstasy " Kay Await, escorted by Ron Simmons, reigns af the Spring FomwI. During the Spring Formal, climax of the college social season, Gail Kinney relates her appraisal of the oriental decorations to Bill McCown. 83 While Diane Herzik signs the PTK membership roster denoting her acceptance into the society, Tisha Beard, secretary; Carolyn Toalson, presi( and Bill McCown, vice-president; wait to extend their congratulations to her. Phi Theta Kappa Election to the post of state parliamentarian- historian gave the local Zeta Gamma Chapter the privilege of designating one of its members to the office. Thirteen new members, approved by both the VC faculty and PTK members and selected on the basis of citizenship, leadership, and scholastic integrity, were initiated in the spring. During the fall semester, PTK hosted a tea for National Honor Society members. Patti Martin, Johnnie Dumas, and Paul York explain PTK activities to four of the visiting guests. 84 Part of the traditional PTK initiation of new pledges consists of the candielighting ceremony. Diane Herzik, and Joyce Leita observe while Alice Briones lights Enda Good ' s candle. ates Nancy Halepeska Socializing over cokes and cookies, PTK members Tisha Beard, Carolyn Toals Alice Briones, linda Sandhop, Carole Hunt, Candy Edgar, and Patti Martii compare their trials and tribulations. treasurer ' s report a home of co-sponsor Tokens of achievement— whether it ' s the boutonniere James Crisp receives president, Carolyn Toalson. new bride Beverly or the pin Pat Lieck accepts from PTK 0eK Aside from English instruction, Mrs. Jessica Warnlof co-sponsors Phi Theta Kappa. Election of ' 67 officers was the event of paramount in- terest at the annual PTK spring banquet. COLLEGE FORUM: (Seated) Judy Wigington, Candy Edgar, Beth Ernst, AAargaret Johnson, James Brady; (Standing) Marvin Suggs, David Boyd, Jimmy Meyer, Jay Smith. Knowledge necessitates reading which, as CF spomor, Mrs. Wilma Felger and Candy Edgar ascertain, can best be performed in the library. College Forum Attempting to stimulate latent collegiate interest in current af- fairs, College Forum investi- gated the validity of the Man- chester Report, the present draft system, and summer school in Europe. Held in the home of club sponsor, Mrs. Wilma Felger, the open group discussions paved the way for individual approaches to a bet- ter understanding of mundane problems. Group discussions prompt Marvin Suggs and Margaret Johnson to mentally ponder over possible solutions— to today ' s critical problems. Contemplating the opinion of a fel- low Forum member. Jay Smith de- termines his own approach to the question. 87 v ' eary Pirate photographer and sports section editor, Mike Wright trudges in after a hard day ' s work. Grand master of the layouts, Carolyn Kovar is a vertical picture into a horizontal space. PIRATE recipe: Ingredients: two co-editors, seven staff members, sponsor, layouts, pen and pencil, pictures and more pic- tures, enthusiasm, willingness, and a respect for deadlines. Baking Time: Nine months including endless afternoon hours and week- end days. END PRODUCT: 1966-1967 at VC in I picture form. helping Alice Krupa fit a Pirate I 67, Appointments and more appointments! Favorites editor, Tisha Beard, sets another picture-taking date with another VC personality. Academics editor, Cathy Benge confers with Mr. Frank Deaver, publications sponsor, concerning an identification problem. Searching for a new approach to the Pirate, co-editors Alice Briones and Carolyn Kovar decided to go mod— or rather Mondrian. Expressions throughout the year ranged from Alice ' s awe to Carolyn ' s " growl of joy " at marking off another page. Pace and Look provide many layout ideas for organization editors, Alice Kruppa and Robert Petru. 89 fi« f] 3W$« Banner of The Pirates JR STAFF: Mr. Frank Deaver, sponsor; Mike Wright, Alice Kruppa, Kenneth Peery, Janie Scully, Kay Richter, Kay Aldis, Tisha Beard, Cathy Benge, editor. " Good ole Texas did it again— beat A MI " exclaims Kenneth Peery as " he sneaks a peek at the sports section prior to class. TJCPA Award winners for this year were Nick Bournias, honorable mention, sports column; Alice Turner, second place, cartoons; Mike Wright, second, sports writing; and Cathy Benge, third, editorials. " It ' s a wonderful experience being away from home. " Nick Bournias, fall semester sports editor, after a semester at Sam Houston returned to speak at the publications banquet. Even the word convention implies a banquet. And it is these banquets that prove an added inducement to journalists Nick Bournias, Tisha Beard, and Alice Kruppa. With the deadline right on top of her, editor Cathy Benge ponders over time-saving ingenuities designed to get a paper together by Wednesday afternoon. Providing a lab of educational experience for journalism students, the Jolly Roger, campus newspaper, strove to accurately and vividly present news, editorials, sports and club activities. JR and Pirate staffers, Tisha Beard, Carolyn Kovar, Kay Aldis, Alice Kruppa, Janie Scully, Alice Briones, Cathy Benge, Mike Wright, Terry Hewlett, Nick Bournias, and Vince Hone attended the TJCPA convention on the A M campus. Opportunity knocks— Mr. Deaver gets a chance to try his Spanish on Mexican engii aspirant, Antonio Alvarado, who visited the JR staff. Corraliers Elise Donalson, Clara Gaskin, Janel Steubing, lantha Dobsky, Billye Ann Roberts, Dillard Schooley, Cathy Benge, Ray Whitmire, Janet Carton, Dwayne Wise, Joe Watkins, Kathy Wooldridge, Ray Holcombe, Larry Griffin, and Joe Morgan performed in Austin for governor-for-the-day ' " ' Choir entails many hours of bus travel. Ray Whitmire is convinced that food is essentia! to any songfest. Rehearsing in the new auditorium, VC trio Janel Steubing, Ray Whitmire, and Kathy Wooldridge prepare for their upcoming per- formance at a local civic club. College Choir Highlighting the year with a local Christmas performance of " The Messiah ' College Choir participants were selected on the basis of their vocal ability and musical interest. Versatile in their presentation of variety programs including classical, popular, and religious numbers, the singers also accepted out of town spring engagements. The vocal- ists journeyed to Dallas for the annual state convention of the Texas Junior College Teachers Association and to Corpus Christi for a per- formance of " Beethoven ' s Ninth Symphony. " Special concerts for area schools and local organizations were presented by both the main chorus and the Corraliers, a group composed of 16 select Choir members. Public performances are the nel result of many hours of choir practic Stressing the right inflection, the choir sings a rendi- tion of " Milk and Honey. " Accompanied by Mrs. W. J. Stephens, Ray Holcombe, Dwayne Wise, Clara Gaskin, Joe Morgan Kathy Wooldridge strive for the right intonation of the " Messiah. " Con centrating on correct notereaciing. Penny Jeter plays the flute. College Band Strains of music floated throughout the new VC auditorium as band members learned classical and contemporary mu- sic. Under the leadership of Mr. Wilbur Collins, the Pirate band performed at as- semblies, presented concerts, and attend- ed conventions. Conducted by Mr. Wilbur Collins, the Pirate band presents a formal concert. Knowing that the sax is an integral part of any band, tenor sax Lonnie B. Wesley and ba ' ritone sax Harold Tiemann strive for tone quality in a selection from " Prince Igor. " % New practice rooms in the auditorium are con sidered assets to band music by director Wilbu Collins. Two years of training in the reading and perfor ensembles are offered by the music department. of music for concert band and wind I bow as the band completes 95 Art Club Pop, op, abstract— the rage of modern Michelangelos— challenged the VC artistic clan to new aesthetic hori- zons. True to the traditional innovational nature of artists, club members exchanged ' different ideas and attempted new art techniques under the direction of sponsor. Miss Ethel Thurmond. Exhibition of their work to both the community and the college culmi- nated the year ' s activities. ART CLUB: Miss Thurmond, sponsor; Shirley Dierlam, Gary Roth, Alice Turner, Tony Olsovsky, Mary Jane Nelson, James Welborn, Mrs. Margaret Vanelli, Mrs. Shirley Weatherly. Using art fundamentals to project their individuality, Tony Olsovsky, Mrs. Lillian Miller, and Gary Roth exert themselves to realize their potentiality. and ink designs are one form of artistic expressi( president, Alice Turner. used by Art Club APO: (first row) William Miller; (second row) Ed Kelly, Walti Mike Rippamonti, Mike Held, Don Braeuer, Mike Wright. Alpha Phi Omega Oink, oink— and the pig hunt was on. A service organization, the newly-established VC branch of the national fraternity, com- menced its activities by procuring the pigs for the " greasy pig contest " held on Western Day. Dedicated to campus and community betterment, APO members, most of whom have had scouting experience, served as UIL information guides and painted house numbers on local street curbs. Student leadership includes Richard Morgan, secretary; Mike Rippamonti, vice-president; Don Braeuer, president; and David Pittman, treasurer. David Pittman, Leroy Hil " Leadership, Friendship, Service " — sponsors Mr. Knudson and Mr. Kaiser specify the group ' s objectives at the organizational meeting. Consulting with Aggie representative David Wilkes and " teasip " representative Buddy Summers, scout official Jim Polk finalizes chapter plans. 97 GAVEL CLUB: (first row) Alice Turner, Helen Bournias, Patti Martin, Marsha Arnold, Mary Jane Nelson, Jennifer Hickman, Gloria Waitschies, Judy Knowles, Marge Carey; (second row) Beverly Gardner, Elise Donalson, Becky Hargus, Jim Wyatt, Bobby Buchholz, Donna Nelson, Sharon Meyer, Dorothy Coslett, Ben Gomez. Gavel Club Forgetting their audience, Elise Donalson and Alice Turner dramati; Gavel program. " Fair is foul and foul is fair! " And so the Gavelite ghouls and ghosts commenced their annual witching hour. Supplementary activities to the Halloween merrymaking consisted of drama and speech activities in which members utilized their background experience. As well as presenting interpretive readings and poetry at their bi- monthly meetings, Gavelites ushered at Victoria Civic Theater productions and attended an Alley Theater performance in Houston. Saloon-girls, cowboys, braves, and squaws, were all part of the Gavel comedy skit presented at Western Day frolics. 98 Gathering round, the Gavelite witches glance at Mil e Wright play " piggy went to market " on Mrs. Summers ' toes. Club activities, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Summers, are promoted by Elise Donalson, president; Jennifer Hickman, vice-president; Jim Wyatt, parliamentarian; Sharon Meyer, reporter; Helen Bournias, secretary; and Becky Hargus, treasurer. Sighs of abjection reflect Gloria Waitschies ' timidity at the prospect of facing an audience. Old Father Time Joe Broilo narrates " The Christmas Carol " at the Gavel Christmas party. 99 Incoming Gavel president, Sharon Meyer receives the gavel from this year ' s president, Elise Donalson, at the club ' s spring banquet. Making the trip to Houston by bus, Kay Richter and other Gavelltes attended the presentation of " The World of Sholom Aleichem " at the Alley Theatre. 100 As part of their Western Day skit, Gavelites Elise Donalson and Dorothy Coslett search for the Indian squaw ' s lover. Perplexed about what he ' s eating, Mike Wright finally decides that it ' s food after all. AGGIE CLUB: (first row) Dennis Lala, Aubrey Clark, Dianna Brannan, Linda Witfe, Marsha Arnold, Diana Goldsum, Helen Bournias, Becky Haeber, Judy Knowles, Don Williams, Sandra Brannan, A. J. Zacek; (second row) " Doc " Kallus. Jerry Bastian, Royce Church, James Koenig, John Cliburn, Trey Ruschhaupt, Jimmy Monfag, Milton Hobbs, David James. Aggie Club Realizing the growing complexity of the farmer ' s role in modern economy, the Aggie Club strives to instill its potential ranchers and farmers with a knowledge of the latest agriculture developments. Sponsored by V. T. Kallus, the organization sup- plemented its meetings with films and programs, spring and fall bar-b-ques, and a float entry in the Victoria County Livestock Show Parade. All it takes to revive Aggies Dianna Brannan and Fred Good- man is a dish of hot bar-b-que and plenty of sauce. Leadership centered around officers Diana Goldsum, reporter; Dennis Lala, president; Judy Knowles, secretary; Milton Hobbs, treasurer; and Trey Rusch- haupt, vice-president. Conversation, food and good times prevailed at the Aggie bar-b-que held in the fall. 101 SCIENCE CLUB: (first row) Alice Briones, Debbie Truman, Billy Alex, Dennis Wagner, William Miller; (second row) Tisha Beard, Carole Hunt, Iris Horadam; (third row) sponsor, Mr. Roland Beard, Herb Simmons, sponsor, Dr. Wayne McAlister. I Gcience Club Scientific knowledge has many keys. For the VC science-minded, one of the easiest fits to the lock of learning was the excursion key. Traveling ranged from a field trip to Padre Island to a tour of the CP L generating plant. Heave ho! Fun and hazards go hand in hand. Potential scientists discovered trip that there is no easy scientific method of prodding a car out of the sand. Padre Island field Besides being a form of entertainment. Dr. McAlister realizes that films are a method of instruction. 102 M ;iaB. ' 1 ENGINEERING CLUB: (fir (second row) Richard Kii t row) Leroy Hiller, Gary Arnold, Kyle Lester; 3, William AAcCown, David Rubac; (third row) Roger Ullman, Donald Wagner, Rlppamonti. fAr. Herbert Sergeant, sponsor; Mike Engineering Acquaintance of prospective engineers with the var- 0|i|K| ious engineering fields constitutes the primary role of the Engineering Club. Climax of the year was the banquet given by the Victoria Chapter of the American Society of Professional Engineers in honor of the club. Barbecue experts Leroy Hiller and Lanny Mikulencak keep for smoke signals at the barbecue which the engineers junction with the Science Club Coordinators of the year ' s activities were yle Lester, secretary- treasurer; Leroy Hiller, vice-president; Mr. Herbert Sergeant, sponsor; and Bill McCown, president. Preparing punch for the TSEA faculty tea, Patti Martin and Sharon Gunnoe speculate about attendance at the social, Delivery of an informal report on " Why Freshmen Fail " by Richard Wier composed the program for one of the TSEA meetings. TSEA: (first row) Leana Twombly, Patti Martin, Gloria Waitschies, Agnes Schell, Helen Bournias, Suzette Henry, Sharon Gunnoe; (second row) Jeanie Turner, Susan Meek, James Steger, sponsor Mr. DuBose, Pat Lieck, Brenda Cavasar, Mike Wright. Stimulating students to learn and thereby form the basic networks of their futures is the goal of all teachers. How to fulfill this ambition was just one topic of discussion at the sessions attended by six TSEA members at a workshop hosted by Del Mar of Corpus Christi. Dedicatedto students who propose to become teachers, the organization meets monthly under the sponsorship of Mr. Carl DuBose. A faculty tea, a Christmas party, and a banquet for interested high school students composed the major undertakings of the club. Faculty member, Mr. Nichols serves hir self to peanuts, punch, and cake at tt TSEA tea. Texas Student Education Association " f lJRI ' the business sessic Mr. DuBose, Jeanie Harvin Suggs discu comes refreshment rner, Elmer Redding, future club under- ■ ip 4 3 atch out for UFO ' s, Astronomy club president Jim Wyatt informs Donald Wagner of the celestial object he has focused on. " My star ' s better than your star, " brags Kenneth Peery to James Cox and Donald Wagner. Astronomy Club Meteor showers, unidentified flying ob- jects, and the Apollo Space progrann— research projects of the newly-formed Astronomy Club, instigated by sponsor Mr. A. M. Hewitt, VC celestial observers analyzed UFO case histories and traced the path of a recurring meteor shower. During the months of November and December, William Kruse, Philip Korinek, and John Weaver w itnessed a spectacular meteor shovi ' er. Business Club Offering students an objective view of the modern business world, the Business Club proposes to nurture a more meaningful un- derstanding of the field. Ad- dresses from representatives of local firms constituted the organi- zation ' s chief activity. With the aid of IBM marketing representative Gerry Cohn, sponsor, Mr. Elrr Outlaw readies a film on IBM use in typing business letters. Business officers were Ann Barnett, reporter-historian; Milton Carroll, secretary-treasurer; Elaine Malina, president; and Mrs. Betty Van Sickle, vice-president. BUSINESS CLUB: (first row) Mrs. Betty Van Sickle, Ann Barnett, Mr. Outlaw, Bubenik, Milton Carroll, Miss Mildred Willman, Connie Pohler, Charles Hen- derson. A bug in the punch? MSM: (first row) Marguerite Maroney, Patti Martin, Mary Jane Nelson, Jennifer Hickman, Linda Calliham, Frances Tom, Marge Carey, Paula Musselman; (second row) Judy Reynolds, Linda Traylor, Jeannette Dobbins, Mike Held, Mike Stovall, Linda Clint, Pat Lieck, Gerald Haschke, Wayne Wells, Richard Phillips, Noel McGinnes, sponsor, Mrs. Iris Baillio. Methodist Gtudent Movement Avenues of understanding can be paved in many ways. To achieve this end, MSM conducted informal dis- cussions, hosted guest speakers, and sponsored fellowship gatherings throughout the year. These activities were supplemented with the group ' s attendance of the film, " The Restless Ones. " ITTTT l? MSM leaders Mary Jane Nelson, secretary; Paula Mussel- man, social chairman; Patti Martin, president; Judy Rey- nolds, vice-president; Mike Held, treasurer relax in the Volleyball teammates Judy Reynolds, Mike Wright, Judy Knowles, Steve Belief, Patti Martin, Gerald Haschke, Pat Lieck, and Linda Traylor planned strategic moves before the interdenominational tournament. CCSA: Ben Gomez, James Crisp, Beverly James, Becky Hargus, Mr. Gary Underwood, sponsor; Jim Wyatt, Mr. Fount Schultz, Bible Chair director. Concerned with humanitar- ian services to community groups, CCSA highlighted its projects this year with a plastic bag supply drive for a Vietnam unit. In addi- tion, the organization at- tempted to provide its members with a Christian atmosphere in which to socialize, work, and pro- gress. Church of Christ Student Association Attempting to better CCSA, Mr. Gary Underwood presents Jim Wyatt, president, with a tentative list of projects and activities for the year. Bible instructor. Fount Schultz, consults with Ben Gomez, vice-president; and Becky Hargus, secretary-treasurer; concerning their immediate proiect. 109 Newman Club " Brownsville, here we come! " exults Father David AAeurer, Newmanite chaplain, in anticipation of the February province cenvention. Religious education on a secular campus and personal sanctification are the established goals of the New- man Club, a religious organization primarily for Catholic students, but welcoming members of other faiths. To achieve this purpose, the club highlighted its activities with its annual Red Mass, a folk Mass, and a Regional Leadership Weekend. Further incentive to enthusiastic par- ticipation was provided by the South Texas Province Convention in Browns- ville which was followed by the in- terdenominational volleyball tourna- ment. Even Newmanite turncoats " Oogle " T. Reyna and Rene Carbajal failed to keep the Lutherans, represented by Elaine Malina and Marsha Arnold, out of the bottom rung In the volleyball tournament. NEWMAN CLUB: (first row) Gail Ford, president; Carolyn Kovar, vice-president; Francey Sandhofer, secretary; David Pitt- man, treasurer; Alice Briones, extension chairman; Donna Lewis, publicity chair- man; (second row) Barbara Pribyl, Larry Luna, Terry Smith, Mike Rivera, Lupe Ybarbo, A. J. Zacek, Richard Fox, Connie Pohler; (third row) Midge Garcia, Teresa Hernandez, Yolanda Hernandez, Rene Carbajal, Beatrice Quintanilla, Beatrice Flores, Mary Elizondo, Agnes Schell, Martha Zeplin; (fourth row) Kenneth Bishop, Bernard Bluntzer, Freeman Nelson, Allen Baass, Jeanette Kasper, Gail Schilhab, Barbara Lorance, Gene Schilhab, Gena Smith, Rosemary Baker, Olga Reyna; (fifth row) Robert Barrientos, Gwen Safar, Diana Jo Talafuse, Judy Hensley, Connie Ayo. Realizing that refreshments are a necessary essential at any dance, Newmanltes concoct the punch which was served at their first fall dance. Time-scheduling and referee appointments for the Newmanite interdenominational volley- ball tournament were handled by Newman sponsors, Robert Wallick, " Doc " Kallus, and LeRoy Pahmiyer. Newly-elected 67-68 officers, Francey Sandhofer, Rene Carbajal, Ed Kelly, Barbara Pribyl, Kenneth Bishop and Donna Lewis face the task of spearheading the projects requisite to club attendance at the national convention in DeKalb, Illinois. In conjunction with the Newam drive for increased membership, Olga Reyna " shanghais " David Velas- quez, prospective Catholic collegian, into registering as a club affiliate. Ranging from o films attempt to . to a better life. to college life, Newman udents by providing guides III BSU: (first row) Patricia Post, Kitty Newman, Fay Stone, Susan Robbins, Mary Ellen Wright, Cathy Benge, Paula McMillan, Royce Burden; (second row) Aubrey Clark, Alice Turner, Jennifer Rosser, Ann Barnett, Charles Rutledge. Baptist Student Union Stimulating interest in religious activities and promoting Christian ideals, BSU ' s agenda included guest speakers, sur- veys of other denominations, a state convention, and related trips and events. High school Baptist seniors were fa- miliarized with the college chapter at the annual BSU spring picnic. Participa- tion in the interdenominational volley- ball tournament, Halloween costume party, and a Thanksgiving breakfast sup- plemented these activities. Facing the prospect of another agonizing day of school was no ordeal to BSU members who made it to the club breakfast in the Red Room of the Holiday Inn. Il2 An empire style perhaps? Or maybe an A-line mod dress? Imagination in the BSU fashion world went wild when style contestants David Kolterman, Paula McMillan, and Dianna Brannan designed and modeled their own individual paper 1 ■ 1 ■ ll rl ■ Fj n 1 W ' r r - i 4 ' •« ■■ A i i( ■ r M 1 1 i s M M Domino players Kathy Woolrldge and Dwayne Wise meditate over whether to " shoot the moon " or not at one of the Baptist socials. -Representing the Baptists, Alice Turner, president, accepts the winner ' s trophy in the interdenominational volleyball tournament from Newman president, Gail Ford, 113 " Cutting the rug " at one of the interdenominational dances were Larry Sisson and Bonnie Cowan Lutheran leaders were Eddie Mueller, vice-president; Eileen Hawkes, external affairs; Elaine Malina, treasurer; Marsha Arnold, secretary; and Gloria Waitschies, president. Listening to the words of Rev. Harold Pearson, LSA rnembers were informed on why students need to belong to a religious club on campus. LSA: (first row) Sharon Meyer, Eileen Hawkes, Gloria Waitschi Reinhardt, Eddie Mueller, Johnny May. k; (second row) Jerald Ne Lutheran Qtudent Association Incorporating fellowship with campus life are the means with which LSA achieves its goal of strengthening religious faith. This year, Lutherans toured Texas Lutheran College, presented a provocative film, " The Parable " and along with Newman and MSM co-sponsored a Christmas dance. Not even Marsha Arnold ' s hard serves enabled the Lutherans to chalk up a victory in the Newman-sponsored volleyball tournament. 115 Marjory Alex Linda Allred Josephine Armstrong Mary Barrington Nurses What makes a hard working nurse? Any modern Flor- ence Nightingale on the VC campus knows the answer. Under Mrs. Marjorie Patek and Mrs. Bessie Irle, student nurses diligently labor throughout a twelve month period during which they acquire nursing skills and techniques. Upon passing the State Examination for Li- censing, the title of LVN is conferred upon the success- ful candidates. MARJORIE PATEK Instructor BESSIE IRLE Clinical Supervi! With the gentleness of a nurse, Dolores Saldivar places proud mother. " bundle of joy " into the arms of As demonstrated by a physical therapist from Citizens Memorial Hospital, Dolores Saldivar observes the correct procedure of crutch-walking. After a highly successful operation, her doctor ' s request for recuperation therapy spurs " Mrs. Chase " to short walks ancJ pulse checks afterwards by Marjory Alex and Betty Simon. Carolyn Everett Rosalinda Figueroa Peggy Foreman Gloria Hatfield Lydia Hensley Joan Hobbs Cynthia Kalinowski Jeanette Kasper f w Josephine Liendo Barbara Lorance Lucille Martinez 4 % Gwen Purdy Mamie Ramirez Wilda Rigsby Dolores Saldivar Effective administration of ether, as demonstrated by Mrs. Howard, R.N., composes part of the course for Marfory Alex and lupe Carmona. Interested in all forms of therapy, Cora Post learns to operate the iron lung. m H B T ■j Kj l flM 4» Vl i 7 K S STi j HIRr ' iM 9 J mK Jfl i H BBi IH H «i «4lilL| | OkIiI MHh tSM X Ik J w - M W 7 ' Kfk. ' ' ® j g lV jI Under the close supervision of Mrs. Irle, AAary Barrlngton prepares medication for the routine run of the " pill wagon. " " I want my mother. " Mothering pint-sized patients is part of Wilda Rigsby ' s duty. Giving special instruction, Mrs. Irle lectures on the basics of radiology to Kathy Moore. Jane Sanchez Betty Simon Betty Svoboda Bobbie Watl(in 121 122 1 Sophomores John W. Adamek Elida S. Alvarado Marsha J. Arnold Harriet A. Barneft Thomas T. Batts Letitia Beard Lewis S. Beller L iM . Cathy B. Benge Richard L. Bonds Helen E. Bournias David C. Boyd Gophomores Don A. Braeuer Alice Briones Ronald B. Brown Patterson A. Browning Bobby D. Buchholz Linda R. Calliham Marge E. Carey Brenda S. Cavasar Annette C. DeLaurier Jesse V. DeLeon Shirley L. Dierlam Jeanette F. Dobbins 125 lantha J. Dobsky Alan M. Dorton Oscar W. Drozd Johnnie D. Dumas Candyce R. Edga Ronald J. Elder Anna M. Ernst Frona B. Ernst Qophomores Ernest G. Espinoza Ronald W. Falksen Beatrice A. Flores Sylvia R. Flores Clara L. Gaskrn Joyce K. Giddens James F. Golden Nancy S. Gunnoe 127 9ophomores Molly L. Hawes Gary O. Heerssen Wesley B. Hoffmann 128 Sophomores John G. Horadam 129 Philip L. Korinek Carolyn M. Kovar William A. Krause Alice K. Kruppa Lucien B. Landry James F. Lenertz Irene J. Lesikar Patricia E. Lieck . - £mJri 130 Qophomores Ophelia J. Lopez Shannon T. Luebs Lannie L. Luksovsky Alex Luna Patricia A. Mackrell Elaine K. Malina Marguerite A. Maroney PattI J. Martin Michael J. McClun William R. McCow Jane E. McPhail Susan K. Meek William E. Miller Jeannette L. Mills Larry J. Mills Lynnette A. Mills Qophomores Richard L. Morgan £ £ 132 Sophomores Anthony L. Olsovsky Linda J. Olsovsky Ismael L. Perez David J. Pittman Connie M. Pohler Patricia A. Post Elmer C. Redding Judith A. Reynolds Mike M. Rivera, Jr. Betty S. Robinson Jennifer L. Rode Joe M. Rodriguez 133 Sophomores Robert M. Routh David E. Rubac Ronnie J. Sanchez Thomas B. Sanchez Richard O. Sattein: William F. Sattler 9ophomores 1 5 w n. b .1 ' ' ■ .■ ' :i-j - " ' mL ' iM nrmn 1 ■ ' %jr».:j : - 1 Connie M. Schroeder William T. Seaman Edith Sienkiewicz Nancy L. Skelton Randall T. Smith 135 136 9ophomores Dennis J. Wagner Gloria F. Waltschies Ethel M. Walker Joe A. Watkins Larry G. Zacharias 137 Ronald R. Adcock William E. Adcock Josephine Alanis Freshmen Martha L. Albrecht Linda K. Aldis Billy L. Alex 1 Esther Anderson James G. Anderson Calton W Arnecke Gary O. Arnold Laura L. Aschenbeck Mary M. Ayars Kathleen E. Baker Lowana L. Baker Rosemary A. Baker Glynda M. Barre Carol A. Beaver Freshmen Elaine N. Beyer Edith L. Billings Ellen E. Binnion Kenneth E. Bishop Linda L. Blagg Richard T. Blagg Robert L. Blain Eldon K. Blake Elizabeth A. Bluntzer Michael F. Boles Andrew C. Bowers James W. Brady Patsy A. Braeuer Dianna L. Brannan Sandra G. Brannan 140 Freshmen 141 John B. Carey Milton Carroll Frank J. Carter Royce J. Carville Mary A. Castilla Robert A. Cavazos Effie L. Chandler 142 Freshmen JoAnn J. Chovanec Clarence A. Clark II John W. Cliburn Ronald C. Crain James R. Davis 143 Freshmen Mary M. Dean Kitty L. Decker Mary L. Dedear John Delgado Travis L. Dennis Ginger G. Dentler Larry L. Dierlam James E. DIugosch, Jr. Phyllis A. Domstead Thomas M. Dornak Victoria L. Doucette k J Sandra L. Dronet Donna M. Durham Frances E. Dusek 144 Freshmen Mary M. Elizondo Louis M. Eller, Jr. Patricia L. Ellis Gregory A. Fanelli Robert Foitik Fabian Fonseca Alan R. Foster Jeanette M. Frazier 145 Freshmen 146 Freshmen Adam A. Gonzales Beatrice Gonzales Otila Gonzales Rosarlo Gonzales 147 Freshmen 148 Freshmen Larry G. Gunlock Joe J. Gutierrez Wenceslao Gutierrez, Jr. Rebecca A. Haeber Mary A. Hamblin Joseph R. Hanselka Sandy L. Harkey Charles H. Harlick Carol L. Hahn Pauline Haile Nancy C. Halepeska Gwen A. Hall Judy A. Harwood Paul M. Hathorn Joyce E. Hawkes Betty J. Hellem 149 Freshmen Freshmen John R, Hobby Roysteen Hodge Harlene Holman Carolyn J. Hotz Janice K. Houston Lesley L. Huber Janell M. Hurta Carolyn J. Janak Alphonse J. Jendrzyi 151 Freshmen Orville G. Jones Allan G. Kalich Patrick M. Kalisek Virgil B. Kellogg Janet G. Kirkland Linda S. Kitchens Judy L. Knowles Doyle W. Koch 152 Freshmen 153 i ii ' Joyce M. Leita Cynthia Leifh Kyle C. Lester Stephen K. Lewalle Freshmen Donna R. Lewis Nancy A. Lewis John H. Liford Pamela A. Little Woodrow W. Lorance Janis H. Luddeke Marjorie A, Lumpkins AAary F. Luster Larry C. Marek James L. Marsha Judith A. Martin J. B. Mascorro 155 Freshmen ' iUi Shirley F. AAatson Linda M. Matula Marilyn A. Mauer James E. Maurer M Thelma R. Mayer Cynthia A. McClure Russell W. McFarland, Jr. Noel H. McGinnes Marolyn K. McKil Ellen L. McMath Paula J. McMillan Janna L. Meiske James E. Meitzen 156 Freshmen Gale R. Mitchell Joseph T. Morgan Eddie R. Mueller Michael L. Munson Clifford A. Musselman Dwight L. Mutschler Donna L. Nelson Tracy J. Nillen William F. Obsta Jesusa G. Ochoa Dennis M. O ' Conn 158 Freshmen Lupe Olivares Martin H. Oreschnigg Debora A. Overton Madelene Pantel Dennis Postel, Jr Barbara J. Pribyl Jackie R. Quarles Arthur Ramirez Alfred H. Reinhardt Joe C. R esendez Pene D. Revelle 160 Freshmen Frank Reyes, Jr. Nancy J. Rider Dennis R. Riedesel Beatrice V. Rincon Michael R. RippamontI Susan M. Robbins Billye A. Roberts Richard L. Rodriguez Freshmen Stephen D. Rogers Frank D. Roller Donald J. Rothwell Glen W. Rudolph Samuel F. Ruschhaupt, III Charles D. Rutledge 3 C ' f ' 162 Freshmen Roberta G. Schnelle Robert E. Schoenfeld Dillard R. Schooley Arley D. Schulte Yvonne M. Sdiultz Jeffrey K. Schweinsbe Lydia Serrata Lewis W. Simmons Cloyse D. Sims Benny J. SkopaJ Jim S. Sledge 163 Freshmen Peggy L. Sledge Allen G. Smajstrla Sharon A. Smalley Genevieve M. Smit Freshmen Dana F. Stephens Danny R. Stephens Vickie D. Stevens M. Annette Stokes 165 Freshmen 166 Freshmen Dorothy J. Turnei AAarie A. Tu Allan R. Urban Virginia Urban Andres Urbano, Jr. Rosemary Valenzuela Vera B. Vasques Delia R. Walker Carol A. Wallace Paula L. Weathers John E. Weaver, III Mb J1 ■ m B B wL i Bv iH mm S M ' ' 1 [| [ •: N H n K Nw m. i d Ronald R. Weischwill Lonnie B. Wesley Ray M. Whitmire, Jr. Glenn R. Wllkerson Donna A. Wilkes Barbara J. Wilson (T rt T " " - Freshmen ■m Warren R. Windham Dwayne N. Wise Linda D. Witte Janet J. Wooldridge Kafherine R. Wooldridge Linda F. Ybarra Sandra L. York Albert J. Zacek Joe F. Zafereo Linda K. Zafereo Carolyna Zapata Douglas W. Zappe 169 Gtudent Roster Abell, Gary L (F) Abies, Nelson W. (S) Abrams, Teddy G. (F) Adamek, John W. (S) 124 Adcock, Donald R. (F) Adcock, Ronald R. (F) 138 Adcock, William E. (F) 138 Adrian, Daniel J. (F) Aguayo, Frances (F) 69, 138 Alanis, Josephine (F) 138 Albrecht, Darrell W. (F) Albrecht, Martha L. (F) 74, 77, 139 Albrecht, Ronald W. (S) Aldis, Linda K. (F) 29, 90, 91, 139 Alejandro, Leonel (S) Alex, Billy L (F) 102, 139 Alex, Marjory 1. (N) 116, 119, 120 Alexander, Jean H. (Sp) Alexander, Virginia A. (S) Alkek, Jimy F. (F) Allen, John H. (S) Allen, Lucy T. (Sp) Allred, Linda S. (N) 116 Alvarado, Elida S. (S) 124 Alvarado, Raul L. (F) Alvarado, Virginia A. (Sp) Anders, Gary W. (S) Anderson, Conde N., Jr. (Sp) Anderson, Danny (S) 18, 48, 49, 50, 53 Anderson, Donald R. (S) Anderson, Esther (F) 139 " Anderson, James G. (F) 64, 139 Anderson, Joyce M. (S) Andres, Pat M. (Sp) Armstrong, Josephine D. (N) 116 Arnecke, Calton W. (F) 139 Arnold, Andrew L. (F) Arnold, Gary O. (F) 103, 139 Arnold, Marsha J. (S) 41, 81, 98, 101, 110, 114 115, 124 Aschenbeck, Laura L. (F) 139 Atkinson, Floyd H. (F) Avant, Leonard A. (F) Await, Kay (S) 15, 34, 38, 43, 74, 78, 83, 124 Ayars, Mary M. (F) 139 Ayo, Constance L. (S) 110 Baass, Allen J. (S) 97, 110 Bagnall, Vida R. (Sp) Bailey, Mary I. (S) 124 Bailey, Robert J. (S) Bailey, Vivienne L. (Sp) Baker, Aria J. (F) Baker, Claudia A. (S) 124 Baker, Forrest W. (S) 124 Baker, Kathleen E. (F) 139 Baker, Lowana L. (F) 139 Baker, Paul D. (F) Baker, Rosemary A. (F) 110, 139 Baker, Warren J. (Sp) Balli, Rudolph E. (F) Balusek, Larry V (S) 124 Barker, Eunice I. (Sp) Barnett, Harriet A. (S) 107, 1 12, 124 Baros, Clyde W. (S) Barre, Glynda M. (F) 139 Barrera, Irma (N) 117 Barrera, Richard (F) Barrientos, Robert (S) 110 Barrington, Mary J. (N) 116, 121 Basham, Barbara P. (S) Basham, Beverly A. (S) Bastian, Robert J. (S) 101 Batts, Thomas (S) 124 Bauer, Bea E. (F) 46 Bauer, Glenn E. (F) Beams, Karen E. (F) Beard, Letitia (S) 29, 84, 85, 89, 90, 91, 102, 124 Beardsley, Charles R. (F) Beaty, Jo Ann (Sp) Beaulieu, Carol S. (Sp) Beaver, Carol A. (F) 139 Bell, L ' Roy O. (S) Beller, Lewis S. (S) 33, 60, 61, 65, 108, 124 Bellfield, Nancy L. (N) 118 Benavides, Gilbert (F) Benes, Ronnie D. (F) Benge, Cathy B. (S) 36, 68, 89, 90, 91, 92, 112, 124 Bennight, Ronald N. (F) Berger, Ervin W. (F) Bethune, Howard H. (S) Bethune, Kathy A. (F) Beyer, Elaine N. (F) 140 Billings, Edith L. (F) 140 Billings, Wayne E. (F) Binnion, Ellen E. (F) 140 Birchfield, Kenneth L. (S) Birdwell, John C. (F) Bishop, Donald R. (F) Bishop, Kenneth E, (F) 110, 111, 140 Bishop, Roger F. (S) Blagg, Linda L (F) 140 Blagg, Richard T. (F) 140 Blahuta, Glenn D. (F) Blain, Robert L. (F) 54, 59, 140 Blake, Bryan A. (F) Blake, Eldon K. (F) 13, 140 Blancheft, Leslie R. (S) Blanton, Stephen M. (F) Blevins, Bruce A. (F) Bley, Arthur (S) Bluntzer, Bernard R. (F) 110 Bluntzer, Elizabeth A. (F) 140 Boehm, Geraldyne J. (N) 118 Boehm, Janice C. (F) Boehm, Ronald (F) Bohn, Dorothy M. (S) Boles, Michael F. (F) 78, 140 Bonds, Richard L. (S) 48, 124 Bostick, Vickie M. (F) Bournias, Helen E. (S) 98, 99, 101, 105, 124 Bournias, Nicholas S. (S) 90, 91 Bowen, Mary E. (F) Bowers, Andrew C. (F) 140 Boyd, David C . (S) 77, 87, 124 Boyd, Mary H. (F) Brady, James W. (F) 87, 140 Braeuer, Don A. (S) 35, 36, 74, 77, 78, 82, 97, 124 Braeuer, Patsy A. (F) Branch Eugene D. (F) Brannan, Dianna L. (F) 76, 101, 113, 140 Brannan, Sandra G. (F) 68, 101, 140 Breivogel, Carroll F. (F) 141 Brenner, Carol J. (S) Brice, Jeannie L. (F) 141 Briones, Alice (S) 37, 75, 85, 88, 91, 102, 110, 125 Broilo, Joseph L. (F) 99 Brooks, Ernest W. (F) 64, 141 Brooks, James (F) Brooks, Jimmie E. (Sp) Broussard, Lenorastine (F) Brown, Ann D. (Sp) Brown, Carl D. (F) Brown, James E., Jr. (S) 17,64 Brown, Jerry G. (S) Brown, Ronald B. (S) 124 Brown, Vaughn A. (F) Browning, Patterson A. (S) 125 Browning, Thomas J. (F) Broz, Emil J., Jr. (S) Brzozowski, Glenn R. (F) 141 Bubenik, Kirby J. (S) 107 Buchholz, Bobby D. (S) 81, 98, 125 Buckert, Byron M. (F) 141 Buckley, Lilia (S) Budge, Karen B. (F) Buethe, Donald W. (F) Bujnoch, Joe D. (S) Bujnoch, Robert J. (F) Burden, Iva R. (F) 112, 141 Burden, Nelda J. (F) 141 Burgess, Jacki L. (F) 141 Burketf, Robert S. (F) 141 Bush, Barbara K. (F) 107 Bustamante, Ivonne C. (F) Butler, Weldon D. (F) 141 Byrne, William T. (F) 141 Calliham, Linda R. (S) 108, 125 Camacho, Gilbert (F) Campbell, E.June (F) Cano, Julius D. (F) Cano, Linda K. (F) 141 Cano, Pete III (F) Cantu, Sylvia (F) Carbaial, Lupe R. (S) Carbajal, Raymond (F) Carbajal, Rene (F) 110, 111 Carey, John B. (F) 54, 56, 58, 142 Carey, Marge E; (S) 98, 108, 125 Carey, Ruth C. (F) 142 Carmona, Lupe V. (N) 116, 118, 120 Carnley, BillJe (Sp) Carnley, Joe D. (S) Carrion, Maria S. (F) Carroll, Milton (F) 107, 142 Carter, Alcus J. (F) Carter, Frank (F) 142 Carter, Frankie G. (F) Carville, Royce J. (F) 142 Castilla, Mary A. (F) 142 Cavasar, Brenda S. (S) 105, 125 Cavasar, Jerry D. (S) Cavazos, Robert A. (F) 142 Cazort, Ann C. (F) Chamrad, Joe W. (S) Chamrad, Joe W. (S) Chamrad, Woodrow C. (S) Chandler, Effie L. (F) 142 Chandler, Joe F. (F) 65 Chapman, Wanda L. (Sp) Cheatham, Thomas L. (S) Cheshire, Barbara J. (F) Chilcoat, Larry P. (F) Chiles, Wanda M. (F) Chisum, Pat H. (F) 143 Chovanec, JoAnn J. (F) 170 Chovanec, Mildred M. (F) Chovanetz, Alfred C. (F) Chovanetz, Edwin D. (F) Christiansen, Wayne F. (F) Church, Royce F. (S) 65, 101 Clark, Clarence A., II (F) 101, 112, 143 Clark, Kathryn A. (F) Clarke, Howard P. (S) Claussen, Barbara B. (S) Clegg, John H. (S) Cleveland, Billie J. (F) Cliburn, John W. (F) 81, 101, 143 Clint, Linda I. (F) 108 Cockerham, Jerry R. (F) 62 Coffey, Jane R. (Sp) Coffey, Patricia A. (Sp) Cohen, Susan M. (Sp) Cole, Everett B., Jr. (F) Connelly, Ronnie J. (F) 60 Connor, Cynthia J. (F) Cook, Altha M. (F) Cook, Champ T. (F) 18 Cook, Laura L. (F) Cook, Linda J. (F) Cooper, Glenn W. (S) 125 Cope, Michael A. (S) 125 Copeland, James C. (F) Copeland, Joe B. (F) Coslett, Dorothy B. (F) 98, 100 Cousins, Jim D. (F) Covarrubias, Margaret (F) Covey, Mildred D. (Sp) Covington, Joanna R. (F) 143 Cowan, Bonnie G. (F) 114, 143 Cox, Barbara M. (S) Cox, Jimmy D. (F) 106 Crain, Ronald C. (F) 143 Crass, Thomas E. (F) Crisp, James C. (S) 67, 86,109 Cuellar, Janet L. (F) Cuevas, Frank G. (F) Cunningham, Shearie L. (S) 125 Curtis, Jerry G. (S) Daily, Harry J. (S) Dariiek, Franklin L (F) Davila, Bertha A. (F) Davis, Bennie L. (S) 125 Davis, Daniel (F) Davis, Daniel Jr. (F) Davis, James R. (F) 143 Davis, Stephen M. (F) Day, Judith A. (F) Dean, Mary M. (F) 144 Dearman, Derlene M. (F) Deaver, Bill R. (Sp) DeBault, Benjamin E. (F) Dechert, Robbie N. (N) 118 Decker, Kitty L. (F) 144 Dedear, Mary L. (F) 144 DeLaurier, Annette C. (S) 125 DelBosque, Joe V., Jr. (F) DeLeon, Jesse V. (S) 125 Delgado, John (F) 144 Dement, Dennis M. (F) Dennis, Travis, L. (F) 144 Densman, Caryl A. (F) Dentler, Ginger G. (F) 144 Deshazor, DeVonne D. (F) Diamond, Kathryn S. (S) 13, 42 Dickey, Susan A. (S) Dickinson, Ralph H. (F) Dieringer, Nadine H. (F) Dierlam, Larry L. (F) 144 Dierlam, Shirley L. (S) 96, 125 Dischinger, James E. (S) Dlugosch, James E., Jr. (F) 144 Dobbins, Jeannette F. (S) 108, 125 Dobbins, Robin H. (F) Dobsky, lantha J. (S) 92, 126 Domstead, Phyllis A. (F) 144 Donalson, Harriette M. (F) 40 Donalson, Mary E. (S) 29, 39, 42, 92, 98, 99, 100 Dornak, Thomas M. (F) 144 Dorton, Alan M. (S) 69, 126, Doucette, Victoria L. (F) 144 Douglas, Dallis C. (S) Doyle, Gloria N. (F) Dronet, Sandra L (F) 144 brozd, Oscar W. (S) 126 Dumas, Johnnie D. (S) 84, 126 Dumas, Linda K. (F) Dunham, David A. (F) Dunn, Benjamin B. (F) Dunn, Noalyn E. (N) 118 Dunseth, Sammy D. (F) Durham, Donna M. (F) 144 Durrant, Harriet J. (N) 118 Dusek, Frances E. (F) 144 Dutton, Harry J. (F) Dyer, Glen D. (F) Dyson, Robert L. (S) Dziuk, Larry J. (S) Easley, Glenda M. (s) Edgar, Carolyn R. (S) 85, 87, 12i Edgar, Ruby F. (F) Edwards, Chester L. (S) Edwards, Faye L. (N) Eicke, Cecil E. (Sp) Eilers, Kenneth W. (F) Elder, Ronald J. (S) 126 Elizondo, Mary M. (F) 110, 145 Eller, Louis M., Jr. (F) 145 Ellis, Arthur D. (S) Ellis, Patricia L. (F) 145 Ernst, Anna M. (S) 126 Ernst, Frona B. (S) 87, 126 Erwin, Peggy J. (S) Espinoza, Ernest G. (S) 82, 127 Espinoza, Theodore V. (S) Etiinger, Robert A. (S) Euresti, Eddie B. (F) Everett, Carolyn J. (N) 119 Ezzell, Benny F. (S) Ezzell, Genevieve B. (F) Fagan, Thomas P. (F) Falksen, Ronald W. (S) 67, 88, 127 Faltysek, Timothy J. (F) Fanelli, Gregory A. (F) 145 Farber, Alvin R. (F) 145 Farek, Mae A. (Sp) Farley, Wynette P. (S) Farmer, Jacquelyn (F) Farris, Richard W. (F) 16, 48, 57 Faulkner, Richard H. (s) Faulkner, Tim T. (F) Faupel, Robin L. (F) 145 Ferguson, Carroll K. (F) 145 Ferguson, lleen (F) 145 Fernandez, Johnny R. (F) Figueroa, Rosalinda F. (N) 119 Flores, Beatrice A. (S) 110, 127 Flores, Delia (S) Flores, Joe D. (F) 66, 145 Flores, Sylvia R. (S) 127 Flowers, Karen L (F) 145 Foitik, Robert (F) 145 Fojtik, Felix D. (S) Fonseca, Fabian (F) 145 Ford, Gail M. (S) 19, 110, 113, 127 Ford, Heratio C. (S) Ford, Terry W. (F) Foreman, Peggy A. (N) 119 Foster, Alan R. (F) 145 Foster, Darrel L. (F) Fox, Richard L. (S) 76, 110, 127 Franklin, Bobbie J. (S) 127 Franks, Donna K. (F) Frazier, Jeanette M. (F) 145 Frederick, Ricky D. (F) 146 Freeland, Corine G. (S) Frels, Edmund (S) Fridell, Larry (F) Friedrich, Ray E. (F) Friedrich, Vicki L. (S) Frisbie, Elaine E. (S) Fromme, Joyce M. (S) Fullick, Lois E. (S) 127 Fuzzell, Norman A. (F) 146 Gallaghar, Joseph G. (F) 54, 56, 58 Green, Madlyn C. (F) 148 Gutierrez, Joe Wenceslao, Jr. (F) 149 Gant, Koyton (F) 64, 146 Garber, Billy D. (S) Garces, Genevieve (F) 146 Garcia, Margarita I. (F) 110, 146 Garcia, Martha A. (F) 146 Garcia, Sophie (S) 127 Garcia, Tony V. (F) Gardner, Beverly L (S) 98, 127 Garland, Richard L. (F) 146 Garrett, Mary N. (Sp) Garrett, Sandra L. (S) Garton, Janet C. (F) 92, 146 Garza, Abraham D. (S) 66, 67 Garza, Adelina V. (F) 146 Garza, Armondo R. (S) Garza, Felipe S. (F) 146 Garza, Joe G. (F) Garza, Leroy (F) Garza, Victor R. (F) 147 Gasche, Penni L. (F) Gaskin, Clara L (S) 92, 93, 127 Geryk, Karen A. (F) 147 Gerhold, Georgia L. (F) Giddens, Joyce K. (S) 19, 127 Gieb, John A. (F) 147 Gill, Rodney B. (F) Gilley, Michael D. (S) Gisler, David A. (S) Godwin, Freda A. (F) Goehring, Geraldine (F) Gohike, Glenda (S) Gohike, Michael (F) Gohmerf, Aletha R. (F) 147 Golden, James F. (S) 127 Goldman, Henry (Sp) Goldsum, Diana G. (F) 77, 101, 147 Gomez, Benedict (F) 81, 98, 109, 147 Gonzales, Adam A. (F) 54, 147 Gonzales, Beatrice (F) 147 Gonzales, Evelyn P. (S) Gonzales, Gloria (F) Gonzales, John G. (F) Gonzales, Josie G. (F) Gonzales, Otila (F) 147 Gonzales, Rosario (F) 147 Gonzalez, Robert A. (S) Good, Enda (F) 85, 148 Goode, JoB. (F) 148 Goodman, Fred H. (F) 101, 148 171 Gore, Paula J. (F) Grady, Brian D. (F) 148 Grafe, Charles J. (S) 64, 75 Grafe, William A. (F) Granger, Patsy L. (F) 148 Granger, Wanda S. (S) Grant, Mary A. (F) 148 Grave, Donald S., Jr. (F) Gray, Katherine L. (F) 148 Gary, Pamela J. (F) Grayson, Robert G. (S) Green, Abb M. (S) Green, Betty L. (F) Green, John B. (F) Green, Johnny P. (F) Green, Larry C. (F) 18 Green, Madlyn C. (F) 148 Green, Richard L. (F) Green, Ronald A. (S) 64 Green Susan M. (F) Green, Thomas S. (F) 148 Greenhill, Ruth A. (Sp) Greeson, Richard J. (F) 148 Gregorczyk, Dwighf L. (F) Griffin, Larry F. (F) 18, 26, 67, 92, 148 Grones, Leon J. (S) Groll, Ella S. (F) Guerra, Emma M. (F) 148 Gunlock, Larry G. (F) 54, 149 Gunnoe, Nancy S. (S) 104, 105, 127 Gutierrez, Joe J .(F) 149 Guitierrez, Wenceslao, Jr; (F) 149 Haeber, Becky A. (F) 32, 40, 71, 101, 149 Hahn, Billy E. (F) Hahn, Carol L (F) 149 Hahn, Charles T. (S) Haile, Pauline (F) 14, 149 Hairell, Robert J. (S) 67 Hajovsky, Leon E. (F) Halepeska, Nancy C. (F) 85, 149 Hall, Gay N. (S) Hall, Gwen A. (F) 149 Hall, John R. (S) Hall, Willard C. (F) 128 Hamblin, Mary A. (F) 149 Hamilton, Irma J. (Sp) Hamman, Douglas W. (F) Hancock, Malcolm D. (Sp) Handley, Jack A. (F) Handy, Keneth L. (F) Hanselka, Joseph R. (F) 149 Hanson, Chris S. (F) Hanys, Jerry M. (S) Hardcastle, Steven (F) Hargrove, Virginia H. (Sp) Hargus, Rebecca S. (S) 69, 98, 99, 109 Harkey, Sandy L. (F) 149 Harris, Mildred O. (Sp.) Hartman, Shirley A. (F) Hartman, Susan A. (F) Hartman, William A., Jr. (S) Hartzell, Susan (F) Harwell, Mai J. (Sp) Harwood, Judy A. (F) 149 Harwood, Thomas W. (S) Haschke, Dale K. (F) Haschke, Gerald P. (S) 108, 128 Hastings, Victor C. (F) Hatfield, Gloria J. (N) 119 Hathorn, Paul M. (F) 149 Haugen, Daniel R. (S) Haw es, Kathleen A. (S) Hawes, Molly L. (S) 128 Haw kes, Joyce A. (F) Hawkes, Joyce E. (F) 114, 115, 149 Hawks, Ada B. (Sp) Heard, Carol L. (Sp) Heard, Lena B. (Sp) Heerssen, Gary O. (S) 62, 63, 128 Heger, James L. (S) 128 Heinold, John W. (S) 128 Heinrich, Harvey H. (F) Held, Earl M. (S) 83, 97, 108,128 Hellem, Betty J. (F) 149 Helms, Roger L. (S) 128 Helms, Ronald G. (S) 128 Henderson, Charles E. (F) 107 Henderson, Tobias W. (F) Henley, Milanna J. (F) 150 Henneke, Lawrence E., Jr. (S) 77, 128 Henry, Christyl S. (S) 105, 128 Hensley, Gayle L. (F) 150 Hensley, Judith G. (S) 110 Hensley, Lydia R. (N) 119 Herchek, Lindsay M. (F) 150 Hernandez, Adam, Jr. (S) 128 Hernandez, Maria T. (F) 69, 110 Hernandez, Phillip (F) Hernandez, Rudolph (F) Hernandez, Sylvia (F) Hernandez, Thomas (F) Hernandez, Yolanda (S) 110 Hernholm, James M. (F) 150 Herzik, Diane L. (F) 84, 85 Hesse, Margaret L. (F Hesse, Robert C. (S) 76,81 Hewitt, Nancy J. (F) Hewlett, Kathleen O. (S) Hewlett, Terry L. (S) 91 Heyer, David L (S) Hickman, Jennifer L. (S) 98, 99, 108, 128 Hicks, Michael W. (F) 150 Higgins, Tommye L. (F) 150 Higgins, Shirley A. (F) High, Wilma F. (Sp) Hill, Charles D. (S) Hill, David L. (F) Hiller, Dinah B. (S) Hiller, Leroy F. (S) 97, 103, 128 Hillmer, David G. (F) Hilmers, Walter (F) 150 Hilscher, Frank J. (Sp) Hobbs, Joan M. (N) 119 Hobbs, Milton M. (F) 81, 101 Hobby, John R. (F) 151 Hodge, Roysteen (F) 151 Hoff, Olan W., Jr. (F) Hoffman, Nathan P. (S) 59, 128 Hoffmann, Wesley B. (S) 128 Holcombe, Richard R. (S) 92, 93 Holer, Janice A. (S) Holloway, Camille W. (F) Hollmann, Gregory F. (S) Holly, Virginia D. (S) Holman, Harlene (F) 151 Holzheauser, Kenneth (F) Hone, Vincent R., Jr. (F) 29, 91 Hopkins, Toya D. (F) Horadam, Iris S. (S) 102 Horadam, John G. (S) 129 Horadam, Weldon S. (S) Horelka, Barbara J. (Sp) Horny, Jayne M. (F) Hoskins, Donald R. (Sp) Hotz, Carolyn J. (F) 151 Houston, Janice K. CF) 151 Howard, Jean (S) 129 Huber, David C. (S) 129 Huber, Lesley L (F) 18, 151 Hudler, Hugh V. (F) Huehlefeld, Norman E. (F) Hughes, Fred C. (F) Hugo, Maurice L (S) 129 Humphrey, Shirley A. (S) Hunnam, James G. (F) Hunt, Carole P. (S) 85, 102, 129 Hurta, James C. (S) 25, 129 Hurta, Janell M. (F) 151 Hurta, Lawrence J. (S) 129 Hutchison, William W. (S) Hutto, Jessye E. (F) Hyak, Joyce M. (S) Hymer, Renee (Sp) Ingram, Bobbie F. (Sp) J Jacob, Darwin E. (S) Jacobs, William E. (S) 129 Jaeger, Diana K. (F) 151 James, Beverly A. (S) 86, 109, 129 James, David A. (F) 17 , 64, 65, 71, 101 James, Larry T. (F) Janak, Carolyn J. (F) 151 Janak, Dennis R. (F) Janssen, William L. (F) Jaure, Paul A. (S) Jaycox, Sally R. (F) Jedlicka, Mary J. (F) 151 Jendrzyi, Alphonse J. (F) 151 Jennings, Edwin P. (F) Jeter, Penny J. (F) 20,94, 151 John, Alice I. (F) Johnson, Fox J. (F) Johnson, J. C. (F) Johnson, Joseph L. (F) 151 Johnson, Margaret A. (S) 87 Johnson, Mike L. (F) 48 Johnson, Tommy M. (F) Johnson, Vera B. (S) 129 Johnston, Charlotte E. (S) 129 Johnston, Mary N. (F) 20 Jolly, Laurence W. (F) Jones, Betty J. (F) Jones, Darriel W. (F) Jones, James E. (F) 151 Jones, Leslie W., Jr. (F) Jonei, Orville G. (F) 152 Jones, Ossia M. (Sp) Jones, Ray C, Jr. (S) Jones, Rita A. (S) Juarez, Jesse (F) Jurena, Daniel A. (F) Kaiser, Robert A. (F) Kalich, Allan G. (F) 152 Kalinowski, Cynthia K. (N) 119 Kalisek, Patrick M. (F) 152 Kaike, Richard D. (S) Kamin, Dan T. (S) Kashouty, James (F) Kasper, Jeanette R. (N) 110, 119 Keith, Patsy R. (S) Keller, Gracine (S) Keller, Sandra K. (F) Kellogg, Virgil B. (F) 152 Kelly, John E. (F) 97, 111, 152 Kennedy, Candace H. (F) 152 Kerley, Robert N. (S) Kern, Ronnie K. (F) Key, Adena (F) Kidd, Susan H. (F) Kidder, Ernestine M. (F) 19 Kimball, Alma D. (S) Kincaid, James H. (F) Kinder, Jerry L. (F) 152 King, Charles L (F) King, James F. (F) 152 King, Richard L. (F) 103, 152 Kinsey, John P. (F) Kinsfather, Sharon E. (F) 152 Kirkland, Janet G. (F) 152 Kitchen, William H. (F) Kitchens, Linda S. (F) 22, 152 Klein, Linda M. (S) 129 Kleinecke, Bonnie R. (F) Kline, Frederick L, III (S) Knight, Nancy D. (F) Knoblock, Otis R. (F) Knowles, Judy L. (F) 40, 46, 69, 74, 98, 101, 108, 152 Knowles, Richard E. (F) Kocian, Ronald J. (S) Koch, Doyle W. (F) 152 Koch, Gerald H. (F) 153 Koehl, Edward D. (F) Koenig, Dennis R. (F) 153 Koenig, James E. (F) 18,55, 101 Koenning, Darwin G. (F) Kolle, Doyle C. (S) Kolodziejczyk, Daniel (S) Kolos, James R. (F) Kolterman, David G. (F) 113, 153 Konrad, Carlton R. (S) Konvicka, Robert E. (Sp) ;orinek Philip L. (S) 106, 130 Kornfuehrer, Edith (F) 153 Kouba, Linda (F) 153 Kovar, Carolyn M. (S) 33, 38, 88, 89, 91, 110, 130 Kraatz, Lee R. (S) Krause, William A. (S) 130 Krause, William Alvin (S) Krauskopf, Kenneth P. (S) Krebs, Elizabeth (F) Kremling, Rubin A. (F) 153 Kretschmar, Linda F. (F) Kretschmar, Shirley A. (F) Kruppa, Alice K. (S) 88, 89, 90, 91, 130 Kruse, Linda A. (F) 107, 153 Kruse, William F. (S) 106 Kubena, Gene A. (F) 153 Kuchler, Shannon (F) Kurtz, Steve A. (F) Kyle, Linda D. (F) Lacina, Stevan P. (F) Ladner, Mary E. (Sp) Lala, Dennis D. (S) 101, 130 Lamas, Patty N. (F) 153 Lambden, Lynn D. (S) Land, Ronald H. (F) 48, 49,50 Landanno, Theresa M. (F) Landry, Lucien B. (S) 130 Lane, Daniel T. (F) Lange, Kenneth D. (F) 153 Langton, Mary A. (F) Lansford, Dorothy C. (F) Lara, Johnny (F) Lao, Daryl R. (S) Lawhn, James L. (F) 153 Lazarin, Cynthia A. (F) 154 Leal, David S. (F) 154 Lear, Cynthia A. (F) 44, 82, 15 Lee, Lucille M. (Sp) Lee, Ronnie W. (F) Leger, Danny R. (S) Lehman, Sandra L. (F) 154 Leita, Joyce (F) 85, 154 Leith, Cynthia (F) 154 Lenertz, James F. (S) 76, 130 Lenkey, Frank J. (Sp) Lenz, Marvin E., Jr. (S) Lesikar, Irene J. (S) 130 Lester, Kyle C. (F) 103, 154 Leur, Beverly A. (F) Lewallen, itepnen K. (F) 154 Lewis, uonna K. (F) 110, 111, 155 Lewis, Nancy A. (FJ 155 Ley, i-aroi m. (i) LiecK, farriua h. (S) 86, 105, 108, 130 Lienao, josepnine A. (N) 120 Litora, Jonn H. i.t-) 155 Lignt, Sidney C. (S) Linney, Kicnard M. (S) Little, Pamela A. (F) 155 LoDprise, unaa N. (S) LocKsteat, Martna A. (F) 19 Logeman, lea F. (F) Lopez, Maria C. (F) Lopez, Opnelia J. (Sp) 131 Lorance, Barbara J. (N) 110, 120 Lorance, Woodrow W. (F) 155 Lott, Homer (F) Lovejoy, Judith A. (F) Loyd, Randy L. (F) Lozano, Rose M. (N) Luddeke, Janis H. (F) 155 Luebs, Shannon T. (S) 131 Luksovsky, Lannie L. (S) 131 Lumpkins, Marjorie A. (F) 155 Lumpkins, Robert W. (S) 48, 49, 51, 53, 80 Luna, Alex (S) 131 Luna, Larry (S) 110 Lunsmann, Hugh K. (F) Luster, Mary F. (F) 155 Lutringer, Gary W. (F) 155 M Mackrell, Patricia A. (S) 131 Maddux, Jack C. (F) Magninat, John A. (F) Main, Richard W. (F) 48 Makowski, Donna R. (F) 155 Maiek, Ted H. (S) 64 Malina, Ben H. (F) 155 Malina, Elaine K. (S) 38, 69, 75, 79, 107, 110, 115, 131 Malinek, Sidney J. (F) Maloy, Wendall L (F) Manning, Gordon (S) Manning, Lonnie W. (F) Maraggia, Mitcheal R. (F) Marek, Brenda K. (S) Marek, Donald C. (F) Marek, Gloria J. (F) Marek, Larry C. (F) 155 Maresh, Annie J. (F) Maroney, Marguerite A. (S) 108, 131 Marshall, James L. (F) 155 Marthiljohni, Floris N. (F) Martin, Judith A. (F) 155 Martin, Patti J. (S) 68, 84, 85, 98, 99, 104, 105, 108, 131 Martin, Thelma E. (F) AAartinez, Felipe, Jr. (F) Martinez, Lucille R. (N) 120 Martinez, Rudolph J. (F) Mascorro, J. B. (F) 155 AAascorro, Joe J. (S) Matteranek, E. Lawrence (F). Matson, Shirley F. (F) 156 Matthews, Virginia (F) Matula, Linda M. (F) 156 Mauer, Marilyn A. (F) 156 Maurer, James E. (F) 156 Mauritz, Mitzi M. (Sp) Maxwell, Harry S. (F) May, John D. (F) 115, 156 Mayer, Merri S. (S) Mayer, Thelma R. (F) 71, 156 Mayes, Hiram E. (F) McBride, Mary S. (Sp) McBroom, Ronald O. (F) McCann, Janet C. (Sp) McCaughey, Carolyn (S) 71 McCauley, Mike R. (F) McClung, Michael J. (S) 65, 131 McClure, Cynthia A. (F) 156 McCourt, Guyeula L. (S) McCown, William R. (S) 83, 84, 103, 131 McCracken, Robert A. (S) McDaniel, Donna J. (F) McDonald, Jerry C. (S) 48 McDonald, Marshall W., Jr. (F) McDow, Gwendolyn J. (N) McElreath, Deborah F. (F) McFarland, Russell W., Jr. (F) 156 McGee, Sharon N. (F) McGehee, Robert H., Ill (F) McGinnes, Noel H. (F) 108, 156 McGinty, Larry O. (F) McKibbon, Marolyn K. (F) 156 McMath, Ellen L. (F) 156 McMillan, Paula J. (F) 112, 113, 156 McPhail Jane E. (S) 131 McPherson, Jean (S) Meador, Garland P. (F) Meadows, Judith L. (S) Medrano, Rene A. (F) Meek, Susan K. (s) 105, 131 Mejia, Irene R. (F) Meiske, Jenna L. (F) 156 Meitzen, James E. (F) 62, 156 Mendez, Pete (F) Merritt, Charles E. (S) Metting, Quinton B. (S) Meyer, Carl D. (F) Meyer, Elizabeth B. (Sp) Meyer, Jimmie L. (S) 86 Meyer, Judy F. (S) Meyer, June S. (F) 27, 98, 99, 100, 115, 157 Mickle, Barbara A. (S) Middaugh, Thomas E. (S) Mikeska, Shirley A. (F) 157 Mikulenka, Dennis L. (F) Mikulencak, Lanny W. (S) 109 Miles, George D. (Sp) Miles, Louise O. (F) Miller, Frank A. (F) Miller, Gail A. (F) Miller, Lillian (Sp) Miller, Raymond L. (F) 157 Miller, William E. (S) 97, 102, 131 Millner, Sandra F. (F) Mills, Jeannefte L (S) 131 Mills, Larry J. (S) 131 Mills, Lynnette A. (S) 75, 77, 131 Mills, Marilyn K. (F) 96 Minatre, Gerald L. (Sp) Miori, Tim H. (F) 157 Mitchell, Gale R. (F) 54, 158 Mitchell, Roger M. (S) Mladenka, Leonard B. (F) Monroy, Ray M. (S) 132 Montag, James R. (F) 101 Montgomery, Margie L. (F) Moore, Kathy (N) 120, 121 Moore, Mary J. (F) 21 Moreno, Johnny C. (S) Morgan, Jon P. (S) 132 Morgan, Joseph T. (F) 92, 93, 158 Morgan, Richard L. (S) 77, 97, 132 Morgenroth,.Dana R. (S) Morris, Kenneth E. (F) 173 Morse, Jerry L. (F) 25 Mosley, Barbara P. (F) Motley, John E. (F) Moya, Sammy N. (S) Mozisek, Patricia R. (F) Mueller, Eddie R. (F) 65, 114, 115, 158 Muenzler, Wayne D. (F) Mulhollan, Michael E. (F) Mumphord, Lorraine (F) Munsch, Millie L. (Sp) Munson, Michael L. (F) 158 Murphy, George E. (F) 14 Murrell, Charles M. (Sp) Musselman, Clifford A. (F) 158 Musselman, Paula F. (F) 17, 108 Musselwhite, Sharon A. (F) 68, 69, 70 Mutchler, Esther R. (S) Mutschler, Dwight L. (F) 158 Myers, James H. (S) N Nagel, Kenneth E. (S) Nami, Robert W. (F) Nee, Wesley E. (S) 132 Neely, Dick M. (F) Neisser, Allen C. (S) 12, 132 Nelson, Charles D. (F) Nelson, Donna L (F) 98, 158 Nelson, Freeman L (S) 110, 132 Nelson, Mary J. (S) 96,98, 108 Nelson, Ted G. (F) Nelson, William S. (F) Nesloney, Jerald R. (F) 115, 158 Nevlud, Ed G. (F) 158 Newman, Kitty S. (S) 112, 132 Newman, L. Geneva (Sp) Newton, Jan C. (S) 132 Newton, Thomas A. (F) Newton, William M. (F) 16, 48, 50, 51, 52, 54 Nichols, Randall H. (F) 54, 56 Nieman, Johnny F. (F) 158 Nillen, Nancy A. (S) 28, 132 Nillen, Tracy J. (F) 158 Noack, Pete C. (F) Northcutt, Mary L. (S) Norton, Kathleeh (F) Novian, Madeline (S) Nylin, Trudy R. (F) Obelgoner, Margaret T. (F) Obsta, William F. (F) 158 Ochoa, Jesusa G, (F) 158 O ' Connell, Dennis M. (F) 158 Odom, Myron F. (F) Odom, Robbin G. (F) Oehike, Larry L. (S) Olivares, Lupe (F) 159 Oliveira, Gregoria (F) Oliveira, Jesus O. (S) Olsovsky, Anthony L. (S) 96, 133 Olsovsky, Linda J. (S) 133 O ' Neill, Diana D. (S) Oreschnigg, Martin H. (F) 159 Orsak, Edward J. (F) Orsak, James F. (S) Orta, Jesse (S) Ottinger, Doris B. (F) Otto, Jeanene (F) Overton, Debora A. (F) 159 Owen, Ronald K. (F) 67 Owens, Jack D. (F) Owens, John R. (F) 32 Palmer, Charles C. (F) Pantel, Madelene (F) 68, 159 Parker, Clifford D. (F) Parr, Oliver J., Jr. (S) Parsons, Eleanor A. (F) 159 Patton, Barba A. (F) Pauley, Larry W. (F) 16, 48, 50, 51, 54 Pearson, Mary L. (F) Peery, Kenneth W. (F) 28, 64, 90, 106 Peery, Michael J. (S) Pellegrino, Don P. (F) 159 Pena, Mary H. (F) 159 Perez, Ismael L. (S) 133 Perez, Mary L. (F) 159 Perkins, Grace (S) 29 Perry, Angeline S. (Sp) Peters, Howard L. (S) ,18 Petru, Robert W. (F) 89, 159 Pfeifer, Shirley A. (F) 159 Phillips, Michael J. (F) 159 Phillips, Richard L. (F) 108 Pittman, David J. (S) 33, 39, 75, 76, 97, 110, Pittman, James A. (F) 65, 76, 159 Pizzolato, Melanie K. (F) 159 Plemons, William, Jr. (S) Poenisch, Terry L. (F) Pohler, Connie M. (S) 107, 110, 133 Pollard, Jimmy L (F) Polzin, Don L. (F) 159 Porter, Mary A. (S) Post, Cora J. (N) 121 ■■ost Patricia A. (S) 112, 133 " ostel, Dennis, Jr. (F) 160 Powell, Monty R. (S) Pozzi, Mary S. (S) Pribyl, Barbara J. (F) 110, 111, 160 Priddy, Franklin W. (F) Procter, Pauline G. (Sp) Pfeifer, Shirley A. (F) 159 Phillips, Richard L. (F) 108 Pruett, Barbara G. (Sp) Prukop, Sharon S. (F) Psencik, Whyman D. (S) Purcell, Donna A. (S) Purdy, Gwen A. (N) 120 Pustejovsky, Fred F., Jr. (S) Putman, Carnell C. (Sp) Quarles, Jackie R. (F) 160 Quintanilla, Mary B. (F) 110 Quitta, James E. (S) 62, 64 Page, Patrick H. (F) Raab, Daivd C. (F) Ragsdale, Robert D. (F) Rakowitz, Albert E. (S) Ramirez, Arthur (F) 160 Ramirez, Edward G. (S) Ramirez, Henry, Jr. (F) Ramirez, Mamie M. (N) 120 Read, Marguerite C. (S) Reagan, Jo B. (N) Redding, Elmer C. (S) 105, ' Reichardt, Hal R. (F) Reinhardt, Alfred H. (F) Hi Reinhardt, James C. (S) Resendez, Joe C. (F) 160 Respondek, Thomas E. (S) Ressler, Douglas C. (F) Revelle, Pene D. (F) 160 Reyes, Frank, Jr. (F) 161 Reyna, Diana L. (S) 133 Reyna, John P. (F) Reyna, Olga T. (S) 110, 111 Reyna, Virginia S. (S) Reynolds, Jackie M. (Sp) Reynolds, Judith A. (S) 17, 33, 42, 108, 133 Reynolds, Randy M. (F) 54, 55, 56, 59, 77 Rhodes, Betty A. (F) Richards, Daniel L. (F) Richey, Carol Y. (F) Richter, Saundra K. (F) 26, 29, 90, 100 Richter, William J. (Sp) Rider, Nancy J. (F) 161 Riedesel, Dennis R. (F) 161 Rigsby, Wilda G. (N) 120, 121 Riley, Thomas R. (S) Rincon, Beatrice V. (F) 161 Rippamonti, Michael R. (F) 48, 53, 97, 103, 161 Rivera, Mike M., Jr. (S) 88, 110, 133 Robbins, Susan M. (F) 112, 161 Roberson, Garland E. (F) Roberts, Billye A. (F) 92, 161 Roberts, Dianne R. (S) Robinson, Betty S. (S) 133 Robinson, Letitia T. (F) Robinson, Margaret (F) Robinson, Ruthie M. (F) Robinson, Tressie M. (S) Robison, Cathy M. (F) Rode, Jennifer L. (S) 133 Rodriguez, Erasmo D. (S) Rodriguez, Joe M. (S) 11, 133 Rodriquez, Richard L. (F) 161 Rodriguez, Rosa C. (S) Roesler, Gus W. (Sp) Rogers, Stephen D. (F) 162 Rojas, Isaac M. (F) Rojas, Ralph G. (F) Rokyta, Wayne A. (F) Roller, Frank D. (F) 162 Rosser, Jennifer (S) 112 Roth, Gary W. (S) 96 Rothwell, Donald J. (F) 32, 74, 78, 162 Rouse, John H. (F) 64, 65 Routh, Robert M. (S) 134 Rubac, David E. (S) 103, 134 Rubio, Hector H. (F) Rudolph, Glen W. (F) 162 Ruschhaupt, Samuel F., Ill (F) 101, 162 Rushing, Thomas H. (F) Rutledge, Charles D. (F) 112, 162 Sachtleben, Glen A. (F) 162 Safar, Gwendolyn A. (F) 110, 162 Sager, Sylvia A. (S) St. Clair, Charles (F) St. Clair, Dannye R. (F) Salas, John Jr. (F) Saldivar, Dolores (N) 1 17, 118, 120 Salinas, Anthony J. (F) Salinas, Diana S. (F) Salyer, Philip (F) Sanchez, Emily A. (Sp) Sanchez, Jane B. (N) 121 Sanchez, Ronald J. (S) 134 Sanchez, Thomas B. (S) 134 Sanchez, Tomas (S) Sanders, Larry J. (F) 162 Sandhofer, Catherine A. (S) Sandhofer, Frances S. (F) 110, HI, 162 Sandhop, Linda G. (S) 85 Sandford, Guy J. (S) 60,61 Santiago, George A. (F) Saralecos, Alan W. (F) 76 Sattelmaier, Richard O. (S) 134 Sattler, William F. (S) 9, 134 Schaefer, Michael P. (F) 74, 162 Schell, Mathilda A. (S) 104, 105, 110, 134 Schendel, Bernell (F) Scherer, Clarence W. (S) 67, 134 Schilhab, Abigail C. (S) 110 Schilhab, Eugene J. (F) 110, 162 Schlabach, Cliff M. (F) Schnelle, Roberta G. (F) 163 Schoenfeld, Robert E. (F) 163 Schooley, Dillard R. (F) 92, 163 Schroeder, Connie M. (S) 68, 135 Schulte, Arley D. (F) 163 Schultz, Yvonne M. (F) 163 Schumacher, Brent L. (S) 54, 57, 58, 77, 83 Schustereit, Roger C. (S) Schustereif, Rosalyn K. (F) Schwartz, Ellen D. (F) Schweinsberg, Jeffrey K. (F) 104, 163 Scully, Marcia J. (S) 90, 91 Seaman, William T. (S) 54, 56, 135 Sedgwick, Mar A. (F) Seiler, Richard J. (F) 64, 65 Selby, Mary K. (F) Sensat, Walter L (S) 97, 135 Serrata, Lydia (F) 41, 46, 69, 71, 80, 82, 163 Shackelford, Frances T. (F) Shaffer, Sheila (F) Shahan, Elinor K. (F) 163 Shaver, William D. (F) Sheffield, James R. (F) 163 Shelton, William E., Jr. (F) 163 Shenot, Richard B. (Sp) Shutt, Clinton P. (F) 163 Siecko, Glen D. (S) Sienkiewicz, Edith (S) 135 Sills, William C. (F) Simmons, Herbert B. (S) 102 Simmons, Lewis W. (F) 67, 163 Simmons, Ron L (F) 83 Simon, Betty G. (N) 119, 121 Sims, Cloyse D. (F) 163 Sisson, Larry F. (F) 114 Sistrunk, Jimmy W. (F) Sistrunk, Thomas E. (F) Skelfon, Nancy L. (S) 135 Skopal, Benny J. (F) 163 Slavik, Thomas G. (S) Sledge, Jim S. (F) 163 Sledge, Peggy L. (F) 164 Smajstrla, Allen G. (F) 164 Smalley, Sharon A. (F) 164 Smiga, Robert L (F) Smith, Frank W. (S) Smith, Genevieve M. (F) 110, 164 Smith, James W. (F) Smith, Jay T. (S) 87 Smith, Neil L. (F) Smith, Randall T. (S) 135 Smith, Sedric N. (F) Smith, Terry D. (S) 110, 135 Snapp, Josephine A. (F) 164 Snell, Joanne (F) Sohrwide, Lyria A. (F) 164 Soileau, Marilyn D. (S) Solis, Roberta (F) Soils, Theresa M. (S) 135 Soliz, George (F) Soliz, Thomas J. (F) Soltermack, Gilbert W. (F) Sommers, Mary M. (F) Soto, David E. (F) Soto, Fred F. (F) Spann, Robert L. (F) Sparkman, Linda L. (F) 164 Sparks, Dale K. (S) Sarks, Emma L. (Sp) Spears, Kathy J. (F) Spicer, Jerry L. (S) Srubar, Eugene E. (F) Stanford, Ronnie L (S) Stange, Peggy J. (F) 165 Stanley, Eloise (Sp) Steele, Karen O. (F) 165 Steelhammer, Jimmy L. (S) 136 Stefka, Sandra K. (F) 165 Steger, James (F) 105, 165 Steininger, Zane C. (F) 165 Steinmann, Janice M. (F) 165 Stephens, Dana F. (F) 165 Stephens, Danny R. (F) 66, 165 Stephens, Joyce M. (Sp) Steubing, Alfa J. (F) 92 Stevens, Charles R. (S) 136 Stevens, Vickie D. (F) 165 Stevenson, Martin D. (S) Sthele, LeRoy A. (F) Stockton, Linda J. (F) Stockton, Thomas E. (F) Stockton, William L., Jr. (S) Stokes, M. Annette (F) 165 Stone, Ethel F. (S) 112, 166 Stone, Jack L. (F) Stormont, John F. (S) Stovall, Michael T. (F) 32, 108, Strakos, Marvin F. (F) 166 Sfridde, Elwood E. (Sp) Striedel, Beverly L. (F) Strong, Robert W. (F) Strother, Elizabeth S. (F) Stuart, Linda L. (F) 13, 166 Suggs, Harvin E. (F) 87, 105, 1( Sumbera, Henrietta M. (S) 80 Summers, Patricia A. (F) Sutton, Robert M. (F) Svatek, Emil F. (S) 136 Svoboda, Betty J. (N) 121 Svobada, Donna K. (F) 166 Swenson, Greg L. (F) Swinnea, Tom H. (F) Swoap, Floyd E. (F) Tagliabue, Paul A., Jr (F) 166 Talafuse, Diana J. (S) 110, 136 Talbott, Robert W. (F) Tarver, Freddie N. (S) Tate, Clarence R. (S) Tate, Larry N. (S) Tate, Sallie (F) Tate, Wrayal L. (F) Taylor, Gerald A. (F) 54, 58, 166 Taylor, Patrick A. (S) 17, 66 Taylor, Tommy (S) Technik, Michael J. (F) Teel, Suzanne (Sp) Temple, Alan L. (S) 48, 53 Thamm, Robert E. (F) Thompson, Nina F. (S) Thompson, Quincy M. (F) 166 Thompson, Rodney C. (F) 166 Thompson, Sharon (F) Thorne, Barbara A. (F) Tieken, Herbert (F) Tiemann, Harold G. (S) 94, 136 Tietz, Jerry W. (S) Tilley, Clyde R., Jr. (F) Tillmon, Judy G. (F) 166 Tipton, Charles J. (S) 67, 107 Toalson, Carolyn (S) 39, 75, 84, 85, 86, 136 Todd, Georgia M. (F) Todd, Maureice A. (F) Tolbert, Nancy P. (S) Toliver, William H., Jr. (F) 16, 48, 49, 52 Tom, Frances J. (F) 24, 108, 166 Tompkins, Frank E. (F) 166 Toney, Hurcey H. (F) Tooke, Susan K. (S) Totah, Margaret M. (Sp) Traylor, Linda R. (S) 108, 136 Trenck, Robert B. (S) Triana, Gildardo (S) Trojcak, Janie M. (S) Truman, Deborah D. (F) 102, 166 Turner, Alice R. (S) 37, 43, 78, 96, 98, 112, 113, 136 Turner, Dorothy J. (F) 69, 105, 167 Turner, Marie A. (F) 167 Twinn, Ronald E, (F) Twombly, Leana J. (S) 105, 136 u Ullman, Roger L. (S) 62, 63, 65, 103, 136 Umlang, Larry G. (F) Underwood, Marylyn J. (Sp) Urban, Allan R. (F) 167 Urban, Elizabeth C. (F) Urban, Lonnie J. (F) Urban, Virginia (F) 167 Urbano, Andres, Jr. (F) 167 Urbano, Paul M. (F) Vacek, V. James (Sp) Valadez, Ruth R. (S) Valenzuela, Rosemary (F) 167 Van Cleave, Norman G. (F) Vanelli, Margaret S. (F) 96 Van Metre, Charles T. (S) 97 Vann, Catherine E. (F) Van Sickle, Betty J. (F) 107 Vasques, Vera B. (F) 167 Vaughan, Cecilia R. (F) Vela, Julio, Jr. (F)167 Velasquez, David (S) 111, 136 Valasquez, Jimmy B. (F) Velasquez, Leo (S) Vera, David P. (F) Verlander, Rick E. (F) Verret, Cathleen (F) 167 Veselka, Ronnie E. (S) Vianes, Matthew R. (Sp) Villarreal, Vilma (F) Vincik, Patricia A. (F) 167 Vogt, Edward M. (F) Voss, Paul C. (S) w Wagner, Dennis J. (S) 1 1, 102, 137 Wagner, Donald R. (F) 103, 106 Waitschies, Dennis D. (S) Waitschies, Gloria F. (S) 98, 99, 105, 114, 115, 137 Walker, Delia R. (F) 167 Walker, Ethel M. (S) 137 Wallace, Carol A. (F) 167 Wallace, Linda S. (S) Wallace, Patricia M. 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(F) Woodman, Webster M. (S) Wooldridge, Janet J. (F) 169 Wooldridge, Katherine R. (F) 92, 93, 113, 169 Word, Eddie D. (F) 76 Workman, Lonnie H. (S) Wright, John M. (S) 60, 61, 88, 90, 91, 97, 98, 100, 105, 108, 137 Wright, Lois E. (S) Wright, Mary E. (S) 112, 137 Wright, Scott P. (S) Wurzbach, Emmett R. (F) Faculty Roster Hewitt, Armon A. 12 Hume, Louise 9, 25 Hummel, Michael 22 Hurst, J. Lloyd 24 trie, Bessie 117, 121 Kaiser, David 12, 97 Kallus, V. T.81, 101, 111 Knudson, Otto J., Jr. 22, 97 Locher, David 28 McAlister, Wayne Dr. 10, 12, McCleary, J. M. 28 Miller, Royce D. 14, 60, 80 Moore, J. D. 7, 52 Nichols, Harold 9, 105 Northcutt, Jeanette 24 Northcutt, Monroe 17, 54 Oglesby, Louise 9 Outlaw, Elmer 24, 25, 107 Pahmiyer, LeRoy 14, 111 Patek, Marjorie 1 17 Riggs, Julia 14, 75,82 Wyatt, Jim B. (S) 98, 99, 106, 109, 137 Y Yarbrough, Stephen D. (F) Yariger, Jeanice A. (Sp) Ybarbo, Lupe B. (F) 110 Ybarra, Lynaa F. (F) 169 Yendrey, Earney S. (S) York, J. B., Jr. (S) 67, 76, 137 York, Paul M. (S) 84,137 York, Sandra L. (F) 169 Young, LeRoy, Jr. (F) Young, Ray A. (F) Youngblood, Rosie E. (F) 68 Zacek, Albert J. (F) 101, 110, 169 Zacharias, Larry G. (S) 137 Zafereo, Joe F. (F) 169 Zafereo, Linda K. (F) 169 Zapata, Carolyna (F) 169 Zappe, Douglas W. (F) 169 Zavadil, Gus F. (F) Zavesky, Adolph, Jr. (S) Zentner, Frederick L. (F) Zeplin, Martha J. (F) 110, 169 Zipp, Sharon M. (N) Zirjacks, Catherine M. (F) 32, 41, 46, 68, 74, Zmeskal, David C. (F) 169 Rowland, Lois 9, 85 Russell, Floyd 22, 23 Schneider, C. F. 28 Schramm, Bennie H. 14 Sergeant, Herbert 12, 14, 103 Shinn, E. C. 9, 57 Shook, R. W. 23 Spurlin, Charles 23 Steele, William H. 18 Stormont, John W. Dr. 9, 23 Summers, Caroline 28, 29, 99 Talley, Claude A., Jr. 9, 22 Thurmond, €thel 18, 96 Tschoerner, Bennie W. 14 LJndersood, Gary M. 14, 109 Walker, Richard P. 23, 75, 82 Wallick, Robert J. 29, 1 1 1 Warnlof, Jessica 27, 29, 86 Whitmore, Chad T. 29 Williams, Ruth 21, 93 Willman, Mildred 24, 107 Organizations Roster Aggie Club 101 Alpha Phi Omega 97 Art Club 9 6 Astronomy Club 106 Baptist Student Union 112, 113 Business Club 107 Church of Christ Student Association 109 College Band 94, 95 College Choir 92, 93 College Forum 87 Engineering Club 103 Gavel Club 98, 99, 100 Jolly Roger Staff 90, 91 Lutheran Student Association Methodist Student Movement 108 Newman Club 110, HI Nurses 116, 117, 118, 119, 120, 121 Phi Theta Kappa 84, 85, 86 Pirate Staff 88, 89 Science Club 102 Student Council 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83 Texas Student Education Association 104, 105 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY iipii.jyp j!iiiJiiijiMi« ' " ' igfTPB sps ' "

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