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' m- ■ ' f, - ' ] w:m; !mmm : ' - m - P I iAT E J " t iJdx Xt. . Ojji iX ALL YOURS W ji»St s e» »oc ee .H ' «° " T e -es. ,e . . c,H c oA ;ov t ' ' . " sVe V atS o oo V( e xo» .oi c» .t 9 ' ,o - e ' ». « ' ' " ' t " jo-« V - ° ,- ' ° ' ' v vv ' -(P.r , e9 , f m iiiM " ■ ■ immr ■vrar • n - ' i .t- Mm THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING HOME ECONOMICS COTTAGE STUDENT UNION MEN ' S DORMITORY GYMNASIUM BUILDING INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING ' " %.. ( ' f: ' % ;v: ' yM M! ' 1 ' I ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' I » I ' I ' , . ' , ' ; , ' ,• . ' .• . ' , ' . ' , ' . ' V ; . ; ;, ' . ' ; , ' ; . ' ,» . ' ,- , ' , ' , ' ; , , ' ' » , ' ». ' , ' . ' , ' . , . , v, ' ' ' ' ' V • ' .• s ' ' . ' h ' ' ■ ' v A ' • ' . ' ' ' ' " , ' • ' , ' ' ' . ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' , ' ' ' , ' ' . ' ' ' ' : . ' ; ' ' ' , ' ' } ' ' ; • . ' ' ; • ; • . ' A ' » ' » ' A A ' ; • . ' • . ' • . ' ■ . ' ■ . ' , ' .A , - v _ - .vV.AVv ' Av. ' o 7K P fotdan, SHIRLEY DAVIS and VOLLIE WILLIAMS ALMA JECKER and JAMES CARNES te imea ft ;4tt ' UiCtw€ RUTH GONZALES and STANLEY SPACEK %€ UHCK Sa AcuHone DIANNE MOLLER and BERNARD HENRY symbol of collegiate JAMES CARNES Electrical Engineering iMcC ccKUAcn tce outstanding success u fc? l LONNIE SHOEMAKER Mathematics BERNARD HENRY Journalism symbol of collegiate z ccKwen tie outstanding VOLLIE WILLIAMS Business Administration (UHec(Mtut ccecK MISS BETTY POSEY SeiAeet eant MISS SHIRLEY DAVIS amec(MUH The BIG Game The Pirates head for glory-land! Mr. Howell gives with a key to victory-laughter. The Pirate band spiced the assembly with peppy marches. With Lots of Pep . The yell leaders led the student body in cheers for Alma Mater. . . . And Followed by a BIG Dance! Koyalty leads the way. Dancers are blissful despite football loss. Watching the parade of honorees. London bridge — college style! rf Phi Theta Kappa Coke Party. The Dixieland Six practicing. Charley at the piano. Waiting at Snack Bar m Mary Rea and Paul relaxing. Mid-term Get Acquainted Party. Bench Warmers ! Frank and Barbara. Mr. Mac and Dianne. Bub ■ ' w» ' IfiL ' ' iri _- -— 11 IHk ft ft -i vnn H After Football Party. a Corner: Cuero spectators. Serving the punch and cookies. 1. " Hello " — Buzzy? 2. Doug Baugh, Buzzy Deitz, and At- zie reclining. 3. Hey! Sling me the bread, Joe. 4. Fixing food for hungry boys. 5. What! Studying ? ? ? I.Down to the Sea in Ships. 2. Mr. Steele giving lessons. 3. Go Man, Go. 4. Open House for Russell. 5. The Faculty Dinner in Dorm on Career Day. Kay Holloway sings for court. Dancers at Valentine Dance. Queen Shirley and King Darden lead march. Tap Dancers entertain. Looking on. Everything from gun molls to Little Red Riding Hood ! Going . . . going Getting ready for the big party. VC ' e all had to buy those necessary evils. The audience was thrilled by the beau ty and grace of Madame Gordosky. Those " Bell Bottom Blues COLLEGE SWEETHEART and her COURT. Sfi im on na£ Only two cups of punch for all those people ? The people ' s choice Their dates must be hungry. % ' -: | ' il br ll " When those saints go marching in . . . " B - X ' wm ■v X f HalP n Sf ' .T .S J? ' ■ 1 i HH nM ® f . H ' ' ' Vn H bh . rttfl E Bk9 IHHHIU hhh No one sat this one out. Even the faculty gets in the act. Left: It always tastes better when you sit on the ground. TVed Jack and friends sitting this one out. Right; There ' s nothing like a good stomp. e ' ' . ci Yvonne Wilson, valedictorian, Richard i cy " - scholarship winner, and Emily Howell, v,e o torian, compare diplomas. •f:; s Fenner, saluta- Dr. Tom Spencer, commencement ; ° C» ' «v =,e vje ACS- fV ♦ Those Sophomores didn ' t sit around They ' re always hungry. Don ' t tell me there ' s nothing to do! Dig those crazy hats ! CHEERLEADERS — Dianne Moller, Lynette Hyak, Jerome Kutach, John Starnes, Jerry Morton. Another duty of the Saberettes is selling programs at the games. Here Buzzy Barker sells two programs. The SABERETTES with balloons add color to the halftime show. cfuitc cutcC a pw, 92:i8 3ii3L62,L4P First row: Richard Peckham, Ben Boehnke (2L), Wayne Atzenhoffer (IL), Chester Harrison (2L), Douglas Baugh (IL), Jordan Taylor (IL). Second row: Jack Wade, Don Albrecht (2L), Buddy Boek (IL), Luther Turner (IL), Don Horst (2L), Floyd Spencer, Vollie Williams (IL). Third row: Coach Art Goforth, Tom Mclntyre, Shirley Hall, Everett Metting, Fred Tepera (IL), Billy Johnson (IL), John Anderson (IL). 1» PIRATES 19 3 SCHEDULE Sept. 17 — Blinn College 12 Pirates 7 Sept. 26 — Schreiner 21 Pirates 6 Oct. 1— San Angelo 20 Pirates 13 Oct. 8 — U. of Houston 14 Pirates 1} Oct. 15— Tyler 66 Pirates 7 Oct. 31— Tex. Lutheran 19 Pirates 7 Nov. l-l — Wharton 25 Pirates 7 Nov. 21— Del Mar 26 Pirates 6 South Texas Conference Game k. S2L74 VN A BSI73 H NT V :• First row: James Sestak (IL), Jack Lloyd (IL), Buzzy Dietze, Leroy Hadwin (IL), Stanley Spacek (2L), Harry Doty, James Games (2L). Second row: Martin Moerbe (IL), Pete Sardelich, George Gillar, Charles Burk (IL), Lewis Stephenson (IL), David Fowler (IL). Charles Smith (IL), Carol Markowsky. Third row: Gordon Broughton, Allen Anderson (IL), Bill Arndt (IL), Richard Watson, Mike Renaud (IL), Rolan " Pete " White (IL), LaMoyne Livingston, Coach Ed Shinn, Coach Hester Evans. EDDIE SHINN HESTER EVANS Ajsn diit Couches GARRETT COOK STANLEY PAYNE Managers VOLLIE WILLIAMS ' ' oakum DON ALbRECHT E :d Cuero Jack Lloyd tries right end against Blinn. VICTORIA 7— BLINN COLLEGE 12 Patli Welder Slitdiiini The Pirates got off to a fast start when Buddy Boek capped a °iO-yard drive with a burst off left tackle that saw him cross the double stripe standing up. The Buccaneers ckiiined the second halt by stopping the Pirates on their own 2 -yard line and then marching 75 yards to paydirt. John Anderson broke through to block the try for point. Six minutes deep in the fourth period. Lynch raced up the center for 26 yards and the winning tally tor Blinn. €4 . BILLY JOHNSON GoliaJ Stanley Spacek and John Anderson open a hole for Jack Lloyd as the Pirates hit paydirt. VICTORIA 6— SCHREINER 21 Anihr Stadium — Keriiille Late in the first quarter, Harrell of the Mountaineers went through the middle from the Victoria one-half yard line for the only score in that period. After much hard work, a penalty, and a fumble, Jack Lloyd drove over from the one for V. C. ' s only score. Harrison missed the try for point. With two minutes left to go in the third, Sthreiner completed its 34-yard march for their second touchdown and the extra point. Late in the fourth period Roy Halli- burton carried the ball over from the four and Rogstad converted for Schrcincr. MIKE RENAI D TMktc Houston GEORGE GILLAR Halfback Moulton HARRY DOTY Guard San Antonio V . DOUGLAS BAUGH Halfback Madisonville ii sat. ALLEN ANDERSON End Refugio JOHN ANDERSON Center Hitchcock GORDON BROUGHTON End Dallas CHARLES BURK Center Houston CHESTER HARRISON Guard Woodsboro VICTORIA 13— SAN ANGELO 20 Paiti V elder Stadium The San Angelo Rams enjoyed a 13-0 lead at the half with Kelly and Saurez marking six points apiece and Henderson kicking one extra point. The Pirates ' first counter came as Luther Turner plunged over from the seven to end an 80-yard drive early in the third quarter. Harrison ' s kick was wide. David Fowler, Pirate end, intercepted a Ram pass soon after and streaked 65 yards to score. Harrison ' s kick tied the game. A fast halfback from San Angelo showed his heels on a 63-yard punt return with only seconds remaining to break the tie. Buddy Boek runs into trouble against San Angelo as Chester Harrison tries to lend a helping hand. LEROY HADWIN Guard Beeville ] 1 .; ' W " » ' « WA- -NF ATZHNHdl I 1 R Halfback Cuero MARTIN MOERBE End Giddings I STANLEY SPACEK All-Conjerence Guard Rosenberg JORDAN TAYLOR Guard Houston Carl Mcicr (44) heads goalward with the assistance of Bill Arndf (83) Allen Anderson (80) Jordan Taylor (61) and Fred Te- pera (75). VICTORIA 13— UNIV. of HOUSTON 14 Palt! Welder Stadium The Pirates lost a heartbreaker to the Cubs as the final score read 14-13 after a hard fought game. In the first quarter James Sestak broke loose for 72 yards to the eight, where Boe hnke crashed over. Houston converted a blocked Pirate kick into six points and kicked the extra point. The Cubs then drove 66 yards in the third for a score and the extra point which won the game. Midway in the fourth period Chester Harrison broke through and blocked a Cub punt. David Fow- ler scooped it up for six points. Harrison ' s kick was good but the game ended before the Bucs could score again. FLOYD SPENCER Guard Port Lavaca " LLTHER Tl ' RNER Quarterback Sealy Ben Boehnlce nears the enJ of a long VICTORIA 7— TYLER 66 Apache Sladiiim By scoring in every period the Tyler Apaches ran up a fast 66 points against the Victoria Pirates. Tyler scored twice in the first and third quarters and three times in the second and fourth periods. They led 33-0 at the half and exactly duplicated it in the second period. With 50 seconds remaining in the game Boehnke re- turned a Tyler ki(koff 80 yards for the Pirate score. Jor- dan Taylor kicked the extra point. .x EVERETT METTING Tackle Yorktown BEN WAYNE BOEHNKE Atl-Conjeience Halfback Huntsville DAVID FOWLER End Ganado in as Kilgore lads close in on him VICTORIA 13— KILGORE 34 Kilgore Stadium Kilgore opened the scoring with a touchdown with the game only five minutes old with a long pass. The Pirates capped an 80-yard drive with a pass from Luther Turner to White tying the game. The kickoff was re- turned for 75 yards and another 7 points for the Rangers. With only four minutes and 40 seconds left, Kilgore scored again. Four minutes later brought the intermission score to 27-7. Sestak scored again for the Pirates in the third period. A Victoria fumble allowed the Rangers a final tally on two plays from scrimmage ending the game. DICK )vAi:?ON Quarlerhack Franklin ._.. tm -y ROLAN WHITE Fullback Las Vegas, Nevada VICTORIA 7 TEXAS LUTHERAN 19 SegHin Stadium Texas Bulldogs scored in the first half on a long pass and again on a re- covered Pirate punt. Carl Meier, Pirate halfback, took the ball on the second half kickoff and ran 80 yards for a touch- down. Harrison ' s conversion was good. Toward the end of the last half the Lutherans scored again on a 13-yard touchdown pass which sewed up the game. The Bulldogs ' passing attack made the difference in the game. They at- tempted 20 passes and completed 10 for 114 yards on a muddy field. r " J Ijj Tepera drops a muddy Bulldog as Turner (43). Moerbc (HI). Cannes (19). and Meier (44) close in to assist on the tackle. BUDDY BOEK Quarterback Victoria THOMAS McINTYRE Halfback VICTORIA 7 WHARTON 25 Wharton Stadium The Pioneers held the upper hand in the first half, scoring once on a 44-yard pass after recovering a partially blocked punt. The third period saw Bob Williams of Wharton race 82 yards for another counter. The following kickoff allowed the Pirates to put on a 62-yard drive and a touchdown by Ben Wayne Boehnke. Spacek kicked the point. Wharton scored again in the third, and the fourth ended with another Pioneer tally to bring the total to Wharton 25, Victoria 7. Behind a forward wall of Jordie Taylor and John Anderson, Carl Meier sprints for a Pirate gain against the Wharton Pioneers. RICHARD PECKHAM End Victoria DON HORST Fullback Cuero PETE SARDELICH Halfback Palacios CARL MEIER Halfback Calvert Scoring three touchdowns in the opening quarter and one in the next gave the Vikings of Del Mar a comfortable lead over the Pirates. Sestak plunged over late in the second period for the Victoria club. The Pirates held their own against the tough Vikings in the second half but failed to get another scoring drive started as the game settled into a tooth and nail defensive affair. Del Mar ' s passing attack caused the Pirates most of their trouble in the last two quarters. »%•♦ JACK WADE LaMOYNE LIVINGSTON CAROL MARKOWSKY Quarlerbiick Halfback Halfback San Augustine Seminole Cuero mmiim h : izrv Taking it and dealing it out — Pirates on the rampage. Pirate linemen try their " block- ing-power " on the blocking ma- chine devised by Coach Russell to register the force of each man ' s block. Left to right, pic- tured are; Everett Metting, Fred Tepera, Billy Johnson, Coach " Stump " Evans, Pete Sardelich, Charles Burk, and some uniden- tified Pirates in the background and one blocking the dummy. Coach H. N. " Rusty " Russell assumed his duties as Pirate mentor during the spring workout. ■v - -V -X- ' .. »» - • ' «C S " l Knee-bends help get the kinks out before practice begins. " Let ' s get that ball a little more to the left, " says Coach Russell to Quarterback Buzzy Dietze. Separating the men from the boys. PIRATE BASKETBALL SQUAD 1953-54 Top row: Stanley Harbin, Manager; Roger Overby (13); Buddy Kotzebue (14); Clifton Lee 24); Bernard Henry (10); Allen Anderson (18); Jerry Odom (20); and Coach Hester " Stump " Evans. Bottom row: James Fagan (15); Dick Hiller (12); Charles Burk (3); Art Robinson (21); Bobby Hoffman (11); and Leonard Denny (19)- HESTER hVANS— Coach CHARLES BURK Forujrd Houston BUDDY KOTZEBUE Foyii ' iird Moulton DICK HILLER Guard Victoria JOHN STARNES Cenler Victoria BERNARD HENRY Forward Beeville CLIFTON LEE Center Freer Buddy Kotzebue (14) and John Starnes (15) leap with contenders from Howard County Jr. College as Her Henry (10) awaits the outcome. Roger Overby (3) and John Starnes (9) watch Ber Henry shoot a close one. JAMES PAGAN Guard Refugio LUTHER TURNER Guard Sealy ARTHUR ROBINSON Guard Galena Park BOBBY HOFFMAN Guard Waelder LEONARD DENNY Guard Refugio PIRATE BASKETBALL RECORD 1953-54 Victoria Opponent 61 Kingsville NAS 67 76 Kingsville NAS 64 68 San Antonio JC 74 69 Cabaniss NAS 67 58 South Texas JC 65 42 Texas Univ. Frosh 57 (A Del Mar College 51 79 San Antonio JC 88 81 Wharton Co. JC 89 50 Lee Jr. College 68 66 Univ. of Houston " B " 62 72 South Texas JC 48 55 Corpus Christi NAS 73 55 Cabaniss NAS 62 49 Wharton Co. Jr. Col 62 66 Lon Morris JC 75 63 Del Mar College 49 72 Rice Inst. Frosh 76 67 San Marcos Frosh 79 80 Del Mar College 67 54 Wharton Co. Jr. Col 83 89 Lee Jr. College 58 65 San Antonio JC 61 87 Corpus Christi NAS 73 AI.LEN ANDERSON Center Refugio Buddy Kotzebue (14) vies for control of ball while Ber Henry (10) Clifton Lee (1) and Bobby Hoffman (5) prepare for action. - l r }l PIRATE TRACK SQUAD 1953-54 Harry Seaman, Manager; Raymond Saenz. Joe Zambrano, Tom Beck, Eddie Halford, Herbie Hamilton, and Billy Johnson. Bill Seller, Joe Tanecka, J. P. Neely, Pete Sardelich, Vollie Williams. EDDIE SHINN— Cod - ? HARRY S AUKN— Manager LARRY SHOOK Sprints Edna HERBIE HAMILTON Relays Wichita Falls JOE ZAMBRANO Captain — Sprints Carrizo Springs MILE RELAY— Tanecka, Sardelich, Neely, Hamilton. BILL SEILER Mile and one-half mile Captain Karnes City % I i SPRINT MEDLEY— Sardelich, Neely, Halford, Tanecka. EDDIE HALFORD Sprints and Relays Luling Eddie Halford breaks tape in national JC prelims of 100 yd. dash. PETE SARDELICH National Champion in 440, 880 Palacios VOLLIE WILLIAMS Hurdles Yoakum RAYMOND SAENZ Pole Vault Victoria JOE TANECKA 440, 880, Relays LaGrange WILLIAM JOHNSON Shot, Discus, Jat elin Goliad i J. p. NEELY National ]C Champion in 120 yd. High Hurdles 220 yd. Low Hurdles 220 yd. Dash Refugio JOYCE TOWERY ELMER OUTLAW GARY BARR ANITA TYNG LEON OBENHAUS SHIRLEY PICKETT CAROL GIBSON MARCUS WILDEN PAT McENROE Coach JOYCE TOWERY First Place Winner in Conference Meet rmwt Coach McEnroe explains techniques to the tennis squad. ) % mk j Aiaam P$Site LEON OBENHAUS Second Place in Conference Joyce Towery and Anita Tyng chat with girls doubles finalists from Del Mar. » 1Mi ? iJ. ?ir3 " Heads pop out. say. ■Heads ■will roll in Wharton! " r w3 1% ■ B V- KK " ' " ' ' ' ' - ' 9i | Doak Walker visits his old coach dur- ing spring workouts. Women ' s Sports Association members wait for the pinboys to set ' em up in the other alley. ■ ' ell practice draws the student body. Mrs. Goforth presents sweaters to Saberettes for good jobs. ■ ■ FlHJ WLM r fr w X ; . ' , x .-»Jlf " S giBj fiA MtoncA v.. % Planning class activities for 1933-54 was this trio ot class executives. Bill Kellett, the president, is standing in the picture above. Kneeling at left is Jim Lehrer, the vice- president. Seated is Betty Posey, the secretary-treasurer. Sponsors were Mrs. Rose Mary Kokernot, Miss Glenna Brock, and Mr. J. D. Howell. Jeanene Becker Inez Science Club 52-54, W.S.A. 52-54. Arthur Bennett Victoria B. S. U. 53-54, Veterans Club 53-54, Spanish Club 53-54, Chester M. Bennett Victoria B, S, U. 53-54, Band 53-54, Chorus 53-54. Mildred Blanton Victoria Student Council 52-54, B. A. Club 52-53. Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, H, E. Club 52-53, Band 52-54, Chorus 53-54, President Freshman Class, Who ' s Who 52-53- Mary Louise Brown Victoria W. S. A. 52-54. B. A. Club 52-54. Science Club 53-54. James Carnes Baytown Football 52-54, Student Council president 52-54. En- gineer Club 52-54, Who ' s Who 52-53, Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, B,S.U. 53-54. Donald Albrecht Cuero Football 52-53. Tennis 52-54. Wayne Atzenhoffer Cuero George E. Auld Port Arthur Track 52-53. Maurine Barker Victoria Art Club 52-53, W.S.A. secretary 53-54, Pirate Staff 52-54, Jolly Roger 52-54, Saberettes 52-54, Newman Club 53-54, Student Council 53-54. ■ Ji, l f •t - Edwin Carpenter Victoria Veterans Club 53-54, Newman Club 53-54. Engineer Club 53-54. Rudy P. Chumchal Hallettsville Engineer Club 52-54, Newman Club 52-54. ' 7 -m Betsy Crober Port Lavaca H. E. Club 52-53. Tommy J. Curlee, Jr. Edna Engineer Club 52-53, Tennis 52-54, Band 52-54. Dennis R. Dedear Yoakum Richard G. Fenner Victoria Engineer Club 53-54, Veterans Club 53-54. Mary Rea Finehout Victoria Science Club pres. 52-54, W. S. A. 52-54, H. E. Club 52-53, Pirate Staff 52-54, Newman Club 53-54. Carol Gibson Victoria Pirate Staff editor 52-54, Band 53-54, W.S.A. presi- dent 52-54, H. E. Club 52-53. Science Club 52-54, Who ' s Who 53-54, Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, V.P. Mrs. Patsy Goforth Victoria LuPE Gonzales Victoria Newman Club 53-54. tfl J. RoYCE Hoffman Victoria Veterans Club 52-54, Engineer Club 53-54, B. S. U. 53-54. Donald L. Horst Cuero Football 52-54. Emily Ann Howell Victoria W. S. A. 52-54, Art Club 52-53, Science Club 52- 54, Phi Theta Kappa president 53-54, Who ' s Who 53-54, H. E. Club 53-54. Lynette Hyak Victoria Saberettes 52-53, Cheerleader 53-54. Clarence Hyatt Victoria Darden Jacob Victoria Aggie Club 52-54. Ruth Gonzales Port Lavaca B. A. 52-54, Spanish Club vice president 52-54, H. E. Club 52-53. Art Club 53-54, B.S.U. 52-54. Carl B. Harding Victoria Veterans Club 52-54, Engineer 52-53. B. S. U. 53-54. Vernon C. Harris, Jr. Yoakum Engineer Club 52-54. Chester D. Harrison Woodsboro Football 52-54. HiSK. V Ik Allan Jank Goliad Football 52-54, Track 52-53, Aggie Club president 52-53, Student Council 53-54. Alma L. Jecker Victoria Art Club 52-54, Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, Saberettes 52-54, Pirate Staff 52-54, Chorus 52-54, Newman Club 53-54, Pirate Belle 53-54. William H. Kellett, Jr. Bryan Art Club 52-53, Science Club 52-54, B. S. U. 53-54, Engineer Club 52-54, Jolly Roger 52-54, Pirate Staff 52-54. Who ' s Who 52-54, Student Council 53-54, Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, President Sophomore class 53-54. Alexander Kotzebue Moulton Basketball 52-54. f,? J Mrs. Helen Ray Krum Yoakum Art Club 53-54. Jerome M. Kutach Victoria Cheerleader 52-54, Engineer Club 52-53- Clifton C. Lee Freer Basketball 52-54. James C. Lehrer Victoria Spanish Club 52-54, B. S itor 52-54, Pirate Players V. 52 53-54, -54, Jolly Roger ed Who ' s Who 53-54 Kenneth Marshall Bloomington Judith A. Miller Victoria Science Club secretary 52-54, W. S. A. 52-53, Jolly Roger 53-54, Pirate Staff 53-54. 4k H Roberta Neill Port Lavaca H. E. 52-54. Dean J. Neuvar Victoria Newman Club 53-5-4. Elmer Outlaw Victoria Tennis 52-54, Pirate Staff 52-54, Engineer Club 52- 54. Richard C. Peckham San Antonio Football 52-54, Veterans Club 52-54, Pirate Players 53-54, Science Club 52-54, i bfe. U Betty C. Posey Victoria B. S. U. president 52-54, Saberettes 52-54, Chorus 52-54, W. S. A. 52-54, H. E. 52-53, Homecoming Queen 53-54, Pirate Belle 52-54, Secretary Sopho- more Class 53-54. Paul Reinke Victoria Science Club 52-54. Clarence R, Rhodes Victoria Mrs. Hazel Robins Victoria Leonard Rohan Victoria Charlotte Rowand Victoria James Ryan Victoria Veterans Club 52-54. Bill Seiler Victoria Track 52-53, Aggie Club 52-54, Veterans Club 53- 54. LoNNiE Shoemaker Childress Jolly Roger 53-54, Pirate Staff 53-54, Engineer Club 53-54. Who ' s Who 53-54. Julia L. Silva Victoria H. E. 52-53, Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, Spanish Club secretary 53-54, Newman Club 52-54. — 0% ' ' ' f5 -4 Ilk George Simons Edna Chorus 53-54. Charles L. Smith Ganado Aggie Club 52-54, Football 52-54. Stanley J. Spacek Richmond Football 52-54, Track 52-53, Engineer Club 52-53, Dorm Council 52-53, Student Council 52-54, Who ' s Who 53-54. Carlton Speck Victoria Band 52-54. Lewis Stephenson Ganado Grace Sturm Port Lavaca Art Club 52-54, W.S.A. 52-54, H. E. 52-54, New- man Club 53-54. Joseph J. Tanecka West Point Track 52-5}, Engineer 53-54. Yvonne Templin Nursery Art Club 52-54, Pirate Staff 52-54, Band 52-54, H. E. Club 52-54. Carroll Thigpen Cuero Clifford Townsend Victoria Betty Traber Victoria Who ' s Who 52-54, Phi Theta Kappa 53-54, Art Club 52-54, Pirate Staff 52-54, Newman Club 52-54, Cho- rus 52-54, Saberettes 52-54. H. E. 52-54, Pirate Players 53-54. Robert Tucker Yoakum Engineer Club 53-54. Anita Tyng Victoria Tennis 52-54, W. S. A. 52-54, Newman Club 53- 54, Saberettes 52-54, Pirate Belle 53-54. Clinton Joe Voelkel Ganado Science Clyb 52-54, Pirate Players 53-54, Newman Club 53-54. Ray a. Voelkel Cuero Band 53-54. Yvonne Wilson Victoria Science Club 52-54, W. S. A. 52-53. Phi Theta Kap- pa treasurer 53-54, B. S. U. Secretary 52-54. Mid-Term Enrollees Kathryn Orr Houston Lou Woodward Houston Sophomores not pictured Mrs. Lorene Birchum Freida Bludau Ben Wavne Boehnke George L. Gallemore Mrs. Emma Hamilton Dorothy Hyak Wesley J. Marling J. P. Neely Martin D. Pape Jane Parmer Mrs. Theresa Pryor James R. Robertson Claude Steen Ira J. Williams W. B. Winborn Joe Zambrano This quartet led class activities during the year. Kneeling at left is Vollie Williams, president. At right is Norvan (Buzzy) Dietze, vice-president. Standing is Shirley Pick- ett, treasurer. Seated is Shirley Davis, secretary. Sponsors were Mrs. Mary Doughtie, Mr. Pat McEnroe, and Mr. Harold Nichols. DOROTHY ADCOCK Thomaston PATRICIA ALEXANDER Victoria JOHN ANDERSON, JR. Hitchcock WILLIAM E. ARNDT Giddings DORIS ANN ARNOLD Victoria HAROLD E. BARKER Bloomington GARY LEE BARR Victoria DOUGLAS BAUGH Madisonville TOM BECK, JR. Victoria DOROTHY BECKER Victoria EDWARD L. BIANCHI Victoria THOMAS M. BLAND Yoakum V li •«c f. ■ ' A I J KATHERINE BRAGG Victoria SHIRLEY BRICE Cuero ELIZABETH BROCK Victoria GORDON BROUGHTON Dallas ALLEN R. BROWN Yoakum FLO JEAN BROWN Victoria HARLAN H. BUELTER Yorktown CHARLES R. BURK Houston MARJORIE CALLAWAY Edna SONYA CAMPBELL Victoria WILLIAM CHAPMAN Victoria DIXIE JO CLARK Edna DIANE COBB Bloomington JANICE COFFEY Victoria NANCY COTTEN Victoria MARIAN CRAWFORD Victoria ELLIS D. CRISWELL Victoria CHARLYNE CRUMP Victoria ALICE META DAVIS Ganado SHIRLEY ANN DAVIS Edna JOYCE DeBORD Hallettsville MAURICE DeBORD Hallettsville JOYCE ANN DEDEAR Yoakum NORVAN DIETZE Cuero STEVEN DIXON Telferner MARTHA LYNN DODD Cuero HARRY DOTY San Antonio HAROLD DREYER Cuero GEORGIA ANN ELLINGER Cuero KENNETH ERWIN Victoria iT TOM FLORES Port Lavaca DAVID FOWLER Ganado BARBARA FRANKLIN Victoria PAUL FRANZ Victoria DAN C. GALVAN Bloomington LAVERNE GAUBATZ Victoria M f«5 1 , BRENT GHRHARDT Victoria GEORGE E. GILLAR Hallettsville ROBERT GONZALEZ Victoria EDWIN H. GRIPP Victoria MINNIE GUAJARDO Victoria DAVID HAJEK Placedo LOUIS E. HANS Cuero STANLEY R. HARBIN Mathis PAUL B. HARING Goliad MARIENNE F. HARRISON Victoria ERNEST HARSCH Flatonia BETH HART Victoria MARY ANN HEMMER Victoria BERNARD HENRY Beeville ESTHER HERNANDEZ Falfurrias RICHARD HILLER Victoria JOYCE S. HODDE Bloomington BOBBY HOFFMAN Waelder KAY HOLLOWAY Cuero ROSEMARY HOLZAPFEL Victoria SIDNEY R. HOUSLEY Victoria LOIS HUBBARD Ganado BENJAMIN HURDLE Victoria MRS. EVELYN HUVAR Victoria ■ T " . 1 " ' r (4 r K «. .- ' y ' . MAYNARD JANECKA Victoria WILLIAM L. JOHNSON Weesatche BARBARA KELLY Victoria JACK KERR Goliad DALE KOHUTEK Freer KENNETH KOWAL Victoria FRANCIS KULAWIK Cuero JOE W. KUTCHKA, JR. Inez NELL LAWSON Beeville BETTY NAN LEAKE Yoakum JACQUELYN LEWIS Bloomington LaMOYNE LIVINGSTON Seminole iil i HAROLD LONG Ganado HOMER LYNCH Alice CONNIE MADERO Edna EDITH MANNING Yoakum CAROL MARKOWSKY Cuero ANNIE RUTH MARSALIS Victoria SSS 1 - -nf f " : ' s JAMES D. MARTIN Nacogdoches LURA FAYE MARVIN Edna MARION J. MAUER Cuero VALERIE MAURER Victoria CARL MEIER Calvert MANUEL M. MENDEZ Victoria f .tS h ' EVERETT METTING Yorktown JOE EDGAR MEYER Wecsatche ROBERT E. MEYER Port Lavaca (? 11 MARTIN L. MOERBE Giddinps DIANNE MOLLER Hardin FRANK E. MOORE Victoria JERRY MORTON Victoria FRANKIE MLTSCHLER Victoria MARVIN McGAHEY Victoria PEGGY McLAREN Cuero LEON E. OBENHAIS Victoria ROGER A. OVERBY Kenedy STANLEY PAYNE Bloomington A. J. PETERS Edna ALBERT PHILLIPS Port Lavaca SHIRLEY PICKETT Victoria STANLEY POOLE Austin THERESA PRYOR Victoria EDWIN QUEBE. JR. Ganado WEYMAN REIMANN Victoria MIKE W. RENAUD Houston ARTHUR ROBINSON Houston PAUL ROEMER Victoria PATRICIA ROTHLISBERGER Victoria DON RUSH BUiomington JOANNE RUTROFF Victoria JO ANN SABLATURA. Cianado LEON SABLATURA Ganado RAYMOND D. SAENZ Victoria JIMMIE JO SALYER Victoria RAYMOND SCHERLEN Victoria SYLVESTER SCHROEDER Yoakum MRS. MARY JANE SCHl ' RTZ Bloomington JAMES W. SHEPARD Victoria BENJAMIN SHILLER Victoria LARRY SHOOK Edna MILFORD L. SMITH Bloomington NANCY SMITH Victoria WALLACE SPARKS Port Lavaca JOHN STARNES Victoria VICTOR STARY Yoakum JO ANN SWOBODA Victoria V - ja ' y CAROLYN ANN TASIN Victoria JORDAN TAYLOR Houston JOYCE TOWERY Cuero EDWIN D. TL ' LLOS. JR. Ganado DONALD VACKER Victoria NAZARIO VALDERRAMA Victoria A rs HARI.AN VICKERS Gonzales LEROY WALTHER Victoria MARY FRANCES X»EIR Victoria SIDNEY WEISIGER Victoria SYLVIA ANN WELCH Yoakum ROLAN WHITE Las Vej;as, Nevada V 4 MARCUS WILDEN Victoria SHIRLEY WILLEMIN Victoria VOLLIE VCILLIAMS Yoakum ROBERT WOOD Goliad CHARLOTTE WOOTEN Edna HENRY WOTIPKA Port Lavaca -f € CONNIE YBARRA Port Lavaca LOUISE ZIMMER Victoria BOBBIE M. ALBRECHT Edna BILL A. BALDWIN Bellaire BILLY BOB BERNARD Placec]o TAYLOR CLICK Hitclicock DAVID COOPER Coquille, Oregon LEONARD DENNEY Refugio JIMMY FAGAN Refugio LEROY HADWIN Beeville EDDIE HALFORD Luting HERBERT F. HAMILTON Wichita Falls ANDY JACKSON Macon, Illinois WILLIAM JARRETT Victoria MRS. EUNICE JONES Victoria WILLIAM H. MAHAN Cuero BILLY RUDDOCK Victoria JACK WADE Victoria freshmen not pictured MRS. ANN BETTS ROBERT CIGAINERO JAMES FREDERICKSEN JOHN HAMMAN EDGAR HANKS THOMAS HARDIN JACK KAHN LOUIS KORENEK LEONARD LEEDY WILLIAM H. MAHAN BETTY MINATRE ROBERT PRAUSE ALFRED SNYDER JACK STEWART BETTY URBAN LLOYD WENNER BERTIE WILEY BILLY WILLIAMS SUE WADE Victoria JEROME J. ZAK Inez HENRY BOEK Victoria BERTIE WILEY Cuero ' You poor deluded souls Freshman Haring takes kidding from sophs Winborn, Shoemaker, and Bennett. 0 t M4f€ltc M4 ROSTER Dorothy Adcock Pat Alexander Alice Davis Ruth Gonzales Esther Hernandez Mrs. Ray Krum Alma Jecker Betty Traber itt Ccd President Alma Jecker Vice President Ruth Gonzales Secretary-Treasurer Pat Alexander Sponsor — Miss Ethel Thurmond OFFICERS President Dianne Moller Vice President Kenneth Erwin Secretary-Treasurer Mary Jane Schurts ROSTER Maurine Barker Jeanene Becker Shirley Brice Liz Brock Flo Jean Brown Margie Callaway Diane Cobb Joyce DeBord Kenneth Erwin Mary Rea Finehout Louis Hans Lois Hubbard Bill Johnson Barbara Kelly Betty Leake Jim Lehrer Joe Edgar Meyer Dianne Moller Stanley Payne Richard Peckham Joanne Rutroff Jim Ryan Jo Ann Sablatura Mary Jane Schurtz Betty Traber Clinton Voelkel Sue Wade Sylvia Welch " PcficUe Gary Barr Chester Bennett Mildred Blanton Flo Jean Brown Harlan Buelter Marjorie Callaway Ellis Criswell Joyce Debord Joyce Dedear Harold Dreyer Kenneth Erwin Tom Flores Carol Gibson Paul Haring Joyce Hodde Rosemary Holzapfel Dale Kohutek Band Director — Wilbur Collins Betty N. Leake Consuelo Madero Edith Manning Lura Fay Marvin Joe Edgar Meyer Jimmy Moore Robert Prause Leon Sablatura Milford Smith Carleton Speck Yvonne Templin Ray Voelkel Leroy Walther Sylvia Welch Marcus Wilden Robert Wood Charlotte Wooten Tftafa ette Syl ia Wclcli Lura Fay Marvin Drum Major Mildred Blanton Charlotte Wooten Flo Jean Brown COLORGUARD " DIXIELAND SIX " Leake Joyce Dedear Joyce DeBord Harold Dreyer Ray Voelkel Robert Prause Chester Bennett Kenneth Erwin Joanne Rutroff ROSTER Doris Arnold Maurine Barker Jeanene Becker Liz Brock Dixie Jo Clark Diane Cobb Janice Coffey Marian Crawford Joyce De Bord Martha Lynn Dodd Mary Rea Finehout Barbara Franklin Kay Holloway Emily Howell Lynette Hyak Alma Jecker Barbara Kelly Peggy McLaren Annie Ruth Marsalis Valerie Mauer Shirley Pickett Betty Posey Pat Rothlisberger Joanne Rutroff Jo Anne Sablatura Joyce Towery Betty Traber Anita Tyng Shirley Willemin Louise Zimmer OFFICERS President Betty Posey Secretary-Treasurer Mary Rea Finehout Dance Captain Anita Tyng Drill Captain Betty Posey Sponsor Mrs. Art Goforth Saherette of the Year Anita Tyng Mrs. Goforth presents the Saberette of the Year. Saberettes perform for Career Day. OFFICERS Presidetit Ellis Criswell Vice President Shirley Davis Secretary-Treasurer Joanne Rutroff Historian Mary Ann Hammer Program Chairman Betty Posey Sponsor Wilbur Collins ROSTER Chester Bennett Mildred Blanton Sonya Campbell Ellis Criswell Charlyne Crump Shirley Davis Harry Doty Kenneth Erwin Rosemary Holzapfel Mary Ann Hemmer Esther Hernandez Lois Hubbard Alma Jecker Francis Kulawik Nell Lawson Peggy McLaren Roger Overby Shirley Pickett Betty Posey Robert Prause Joanne Rutroff Jo Ann Sablatura George Simons Jo Ann Swoboda Carolyn Tasin Ray Voelkel Jack Wade Sue Wade Mary Frances Weir VoUie Williams Getting ready for the Christmas Party. Practicing. ... the _ 1L ■iiaai_x r ■ society P ? Theta A 99 } w ■ ■ ■ initiation % . i President Emily Howell t _ w l ■••j « F Ve President Carol Gibson ' r ' Secretary Julia Silva J ' v a K B Treasurer Yvonne Wilson Historian Alma Jecker ly John Anderson Charles Russell Gary Barr Lonnie Shoemaker — • pr _ I ■ .jmmtM, ' " Sonya Campbell Grace Sturm »C itl ® " 1 ' ' ft " " " ?!!!! ' BillKellett a ntS i J entertaining S " " r f James Lehrer C il l©n» ' Ji u Marian Crawford ... Or tUO ' _«-m. honor George Gallemore Peggy McLaren .... «tt ' gr students La Verne Gaubatz James Martm 2 1 . . 7 Leon Obenhaus New Members Mrs. Pat Coforth Richard Peckham IVifed to PTK ( MaTrn He " m mr Carroll Th.gpen wenty-two studente have been j Joyce Hodde Joyce Towery ;nded an Invitation to become rr " V Traber nbers of the Phi Jheta Kappa, Joanne Ru troff j a v F Weir was learned from Miss Lois Iter, sponsor. The group in- les 5 sophomores ana 17 frAQh. Student Council President James Carnes Vice President Annie Ruth Marsalis Secretary-Treasurer Mildred Blanton Second Semester Secretary-Treasitrer Maurine " Buzzy " Barker Sophomore Representatives James Lehrer George Gallemore Bill Kellett Allen Jank Freshman Representatives Norvan " Buzzy " Dietze Vollie Williams Sylvia Welch Buddy Boek Sponsor Miss Jewel Hudler The President . . . JAMES ••COTTON " CARNES Ropes, Donkeys, Whips Featured jronWestern Week . . . Sponsoring Western Week The Agriculture Club OFFICERS President Darden Jacob Vice President Jack Weisiger Secretary Bill Seiler Treasurer Charles Smith Leon Sablatura Billy Bob Bernard Maurice Debord David Fowler Dan Galvan Reporter George Gillar David Hajek Jerome Kutsch ROSTER .... Jerry Morton Vollie Williams Everett Mettm Jeff Quebe Don Rush Pat Smith Wallace Sparks Lewis Stephenson ' «! Sponsoring the Valentine Dance . Sturm Handles Garel For Home Economists Grace Sturm, dent of th ?d presi- ics Club OFFICERS President Grace Sturm Vice President Flo Jean Brown Marjorie Callaway Secretary Joyce DeBord Treasurer Louise Zimmer Laverne Gaubatz Historian Valerie Maurer Dorothy Adcock Shirley Davis Jeanene Becker Barbara Franklin Dixie Clark Esther Hernandez Nancy Gotten Lois Hubbard Betsy Crober Barbara Kelly last,s» ' ' ' Q . V s also King and Queen To Reign ot Ball, ROSTER Pat Rothlisberger Charlotte Rowand Joanne Rutroff Jo Ann Sablatura Jo Ann Swoboda A King and Queen of Ht ■ill reign at the Valentine d ary 11, 1954, in the Vici ' »vmnashim. The -H lb is sponsoring j ' en wil! Carolyn Tasin Yvonne Templin Betty Traber Mary Frances Weir Sylvia Welch Mf ll sponsoring a costume party . . . the council meeting Baptist Student Union OFFICERS President Betty Posey Vice Presidents Enlistment Carol Mobley Devotional Shirley Davis Social Diane Cobb Alusic Director Kay Holloway Pianist Charlotte Wooten Secretary-Treasurer Yvonne Wilson Publicity Chairman Dixie Jo Clark Sponsors Miss Lucille Adair Miss Glenna Brock ROSTER Patricia Alexander Arthur Bennett Chester Bennett Buddy Boek Betty Bragg Flo Jean Brown Janice Coffey Garrett Cook Ellis Criswell Charlyne Crump Carl Harding Royce Hoffman Ben Hurdle Mrs. Evelyn Huvar Alice Mcintosh Wesley Marling Leon Obenhaus Martin Pane Jimmy Salyer Lonnie Shoemaker Bobby Lee Smith Billy Winborn Charles Burk James Carnes Harry Doty James Leroy Hadwin Ernest Harsch Bernard Henry Donald Horst Clifton Lee Homer Lynch Arthur Robinson Stanley Harbin Bill Cavel Tommy Curlee Vernon Thompson Martha Lynn Dodd Peggy McLaren Carol Markowsky Jacquelyn Lewis Kenneth Marshall Harold Long Doyle Tullos Ruth Gonzales Grace Armstrong OFFICERS President Betty Traber Vice Presidents Mike Renaud Alma Jecker Secretary Joyce DeBord Treasurer Edward Bianchi Sergeant-at-Arnis Ed Carpenter Historian Liz Brock Chairmen Religious-Educational Paul Haring Membership Mary Hemmer Social Maurine Barker Chaplain Rev. E. A. Hermes Faculty Sponsors Miss Ethel Thurmond Mr. V. T. Kallus ROSTER John Anderson Doris A rnold L, R. Boeswetter Bobby Cigainero Rudy Chumchal Nancy Gotten Maurice DeBord Georgia Ellinger Mary Rea Finehout George GiUar Lupe Gonzales Edwin Gripp Louis Hans Richard Hiller Maynard Janecka Francis Kulawik Dale Kohutek Jack Kerr Joe W. Kutchka, Jr. Connie Madero Joe Edgar Meyer Dean Neuvar Fred Rcuter Paul Roemer Joanne Rutroff Jo Ann Sablatura Leon Sablatura Pete Sardelich Mary Jane Schurtz Larry Shook Buddy Snyder Carolyn Tasin Anita Tyng Donald Vacker Clinton Voelkel Mary Frances Weir ... in Kingsville at the South Texas Province Newman Club Convention. Newman Club . . blood typing ROSTER Jeanene Becker M Louise Brown Diane Cobb Jim Bob Cole Mary Rea Finehout Carol Gibson Paul Haring Joyce Hodde Emily Howell William Kellett LaMoyne Livingston Joe Edgar Meyer Judy Miller Richard Peckham Paul Reineke Clinton Voelkel Yvonne Wilson Robert D. Wood Dale Kohutek Leon Sablatura Jack Wade Bertie Wiley Betty Leake Science Club OFFICERS President Mary Rea Finehout Vice President Yvonne Wilson Secretary-Treasurer Judith Miller Reporter Clinton Voelkel Sponsor — Miss Lucille Adair Engineering Club OFFICERS President Bill Kellett James Martin Vice President Stanley Spacek Ed Carpenter Secretary Gary Barr Treasurer Vernon Thompson Jerome Kutach Reporter Lonnie Shoemaker Sponsors Roland Beard Harold Gardner Pat McEnroe John Anderson Bill Arndt Harold E. Barker Edward Bianchi Thomas Bland Allen Brown James Carnes Bill Chapman Rudy Chumchal Tommy Curlee Bennie Davis George Gillar ROSTER Edwin Gripp Richard Fenner Carl Harding Paul Haring Vernon Harris Ernest Harsch Leroy Walther Melvin Hilbrich J. R. Hoffman Clarence Hyatt Bill Johnson Harold Long Elmer Outlaw Marion Mauer Orville Marling Joe Meyer Martin Moerbe Leon Obenhaus Bobby Smith Sylvester Schroeder John Starnes Fred Tepera Edwin Tullos Ed Urban Donald Vacker ROSTER Charlyne Crump Joyce Dedear Robert Gonzales Minnie Guajardo Maynard Janecka Nell Lawson Edith Manning Anita Paredez Weyman Reimann Carolyn Tasin Mary Francis Weir Lloyd Wenner Coiyiie Ybarra Sponsors Glena Brock Harold Nichols OFFICERS President Charlotte Wooten Vice President Shirley Davis Secretary-Treasurer Dixie Clark Reporter Connie Madero Program Chairttian Paul Roemer oof-en To Head bbers jsiness %] " f r f Ad ation C © ' f o ir ' " ' «s» " rs OFFICERS President Kenneth Erwin Vice President Ruth Gonzales Secretary-Treasurer Juha Silva Arthur Bennett Jim Bob Cole Nancy Gotten Marian Crawford Tom Flores Lupe Gonzales Minnie Guajardo ROSTER Mary Ann Hemmer Esther Hernandez Jack Kerr Jim Lehrer Manuel Mendez Anita Paredez Joanne Rutroff Raymond Saenz Jesse Salinas Nancy Smith Nasario Valderama Jack Wade Robert D. Wood Connie Ybarra Sponsor — Mrs. Mary Doughtie Veterans ' Club ROSTER Jim Archer H. E. Barker Arthur Bennett L. R. Boesewetter Edwin J. Carpenter Harold Dreyer Richard Fenner Carl Harding Ernest Harsch Melvin Hilbrich Leonard Leady James Laza Charles Lohrke O. G. Marling Marion Mauer Richard Peckham James Ryan Raymond Saenz William Seiler Clifford Townsend Nazario Valderrama OFFICERS President J. R. Hoffman Vice President William Winborn Secretary-Treasurer George Gallemore Sergeant-at-Arms Frank Moore Sponsor — Harold Nichols Women s Sports Association OFFICERS President Carol Gibson Vice President Joyce Towery Secretary Maurine Barker Sponsor — Miss Ester Etzel ROSTER Maurine Barker Barbara Kelly Jeanine Becker Connie Madero Joyce Dedear Betty Minatre Mary Rea Finehout Jo Ann Sablatura Carol Sue Gibson Grace Sturm Joyce Hodde Joyce Towery Emily Howell Anita Tyng Lois Hubba rd CAROL GIBSON Editor SONYA CAMPBELL Feature Editor PcxaU JOANNE RUTROFF Associate Editor BETTY TRABER Organizations Editor MAURINE BARKER Campus Life and Buildings Editor ELMER OUTLAW Spoili Editor HARRY DOTY Sports Section BERNARD HENRY Sports Section BILL KELLETT Assistciiii Sports Editor rut JOUi i OQEi LONNIE SHOEMAKER Managing Editor JUDY MILLER feature Editor BARBARA KELLY Newr Writer YVONNE TEMPLIN Neu-s Writer BILL KELLETT Cartoons , - ' ' ctcuittf Standing on the steps of the Administration Building are these members who have just emerged from a board meeting. Checking the new landscape improvements are Fred C. Proctor, Jr., R. Earl Cliturn, Joseph Wearden, Leo Welder, Winston L. Zirjacks, and Dr. C. P. Montier. o tcC a %cc tee i OFFICERS JOSEPH WEARDEN Preudent WINSTON L. ZIRJACKS Vice President FRED C. PROCTOR, JR Secretary MEMBERS OF THE BOARD R. EARL CLIBURN— B o 6 ' ;- Term Expires April, 1958 DR. C. P. MONTIER— DeK w Term Expires April, 1958 FRED C. PROCTOR, ]R.— Lawyer Term Expires April, I960 JOSEPH WEARDEN— Groffc Term Expires April, I960 LEO WELDER— Cattleman Term Expires April, 1956 WINSTON L. Zm]ACKS Ba iier Term Expires April, I960 ARVLE ELLIOTT. ROY McFADDIN, and R. W. HILL resigned from the board during the year. t J. D. MOORE President 4cCwMt tn ZcoK JOHN STORMONT Dean LUCILLE ADAIR Biology R. E. BEARD Science Mathematics GLENNA BROCK Business Administration MRS. LOUISE BROWNE Speech ROY G. BROWNE Business Manager WILBUR COLLINS Music ESTHER ETZEL Physical Education HESTER EVANS Physical Education HAROLD GARDNER Chemistry ART GOFORTH English MRS. MARY DOUGHTIE English, Spanish • ' " »-v.. ir V KYLE HARDESTY Business Administration J. D. HOWELL Director, Student Personnel Education JEWELL HUDLER Dean of Women Social Science UNA T. HUNTER English LEONA JONES Registrar Business Administration V. T. KALLUS Evening School Director Agriculture MRS. ROSEMARY KOKERNOT Home Economics HANS LINDENBERG German P. J. McEnroe Mathematics HAROLD NICHOLS Business Administration " i WrBOARD IRENE OLIN English LOIS PARKER Librarian ALLEN SELF Social Science E. C. SHINN WILLIAM STEELE ETHEL THURMOND Dean of Men Industrial Arts Art Mathematics Checking a report from the dean ' s office are the secretaries of Victoria College. Pictured at a desk in the Administration Building are Mrs. Marian Howell, Mrs. Lela Beard, Mrs. Gwendolyn Fanner, and Miss Emily Weber, seated. A LITHOGRAPHED — YEARBOOK DALLAS • TEXAS % Eie

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