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4 S V ! 4 1 'D 1 1 1 1 n r u L A . '1 1 n -J 5 X A 1 L iw F I J' 1 1 ,f f W, A4 if :J , xc ya annum - ...- .M ,.,.,. I 1 - 1 ,af TI-IE JOSHUA TREE VICTOR VALLEY UNION I-IIOI-I SCI-IOOL VICTORVILLE - CALIFORNIA O EIGI-ITI-I ANNUAL PUBLICATION FOREWCDIQ D To give a true picture of the activities and pleasures of the school yearg to re- ward those whose untiring efforts have made these activities possibleg to keep alive memories of school friendships and happy hoursg this is the purpose of the i936 IDSHUA TREE. This year marks a very special mile- stone in the history of our school. For the first time a second generation is represented in our graduating class. Our campus is being constantly im- proved and beautifiedg the new swim- ming pool invites the hot, tired student to take a refreshing dipg the turf foot- ball field keeps our gridiron home where it belongs and saves the Victor- ville matrons hours of dustingg and now we look with pride at the new gymnasium as it is steadily taking form. We are grateful to our trustees and to the townspeople who have so willingly backed us in all of our activities. To them we say "Thank You!" We hope they-and you-will enjoy reading this Annual in which we have endeavored to trace the growth of our school. DAN B ROOX LUCAS TO OUR VICE-PRINCIPAL, IN APPRECIA- TION OF HIS UNSELFISH DEVOTION TO THE SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS OF VICTOR VALLEY UNION HIGH SCHOOL AND OF HIS INTEREST IN US AT ALL TIMES, WE, THE STAFF, DEDICATE THIS I936 IOSHUA TREE CCDNTEINITS ADMINISTRATICDINI C I. A S S E S GRGANIZATICDIXIS A T H L E T I C S Tl-IE STAFF The worried, tired expressions on the faces of Rosalis Dunham, Editor, and Margery Stevens, Assistant Editor, vouch for the hours of work they have put in on this year's Annual. Kemper Campbell, ably assisted by Art Lunce- ford, secured more ads this year than our yearbook has ever had before. Ernie Adams, News Editor, and his assistant, Earl Kollender, ransacked Mr. Moon's office for material on the early history of our school, and Barbara Barry demanded that all write-ups be turned in promptly or . . . The art work was ably handled by Irvin Saul, Art Editor, and his assistants, Betty C-ay Webb, Ann Rivers, and Mary Dunham. And those snappy sports write-ups--credit for them goes to Dorothy Miller, Lawrence Swartzbaugh, and Harold McAllister. There's not an alumnus but what Betty lean Crawford knows his pedigree, address, and hobby. just read the Alumni News! The accomplishments of the Seniors have been well chronicled by Frank Rivers, Virginia Wilson, Louise Arnold, and joyce Eagleton. Our historian has been Billy Vernon, don't fail to read his clever calendar. And, of course, among the ones deserving plenty of credit are the unfor- tunate typists, Martin Willson and Louise Arnold, who have typed and re- typed page after page of copy. just imagine-every letter in this Annual had to first be spaced out on a typewriter! Those jokes you're going to chuckle over were submitted by Robert Brugge and Granville Reed, joke Editors. And as you read and enjoy this Annual thank Dorothy Broad and her efficient corps of salesmen for talking you into buying itl MISS NELSON ROSALIS DUNHAM MARC-ERY STEVENS KEMPER CAMPBELL Advisor Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager AS THE twice is BEM... Digging into the musty archives of Victor Valley Union High School and poring over yellowed pages of former an- nuals, we find that the first yearbook was printed back in the days before the lawn was planted, when Dr. Francis was prin- cipal, in the year l926. The first joshua Tree, edited by Margaret'Farley, shovqed an impressive array of seventeen graduates. For the next three years the annual was discontinued be- cause of a lack of financial support. Bill Payette was the editor of the second joshua Tree, pub- lished in l93O. lt contained the first page devoted to Big Bear and three pages of snaps. The third yearbook was edited by Charles Wondra. Big Bear High School wandered slightly and we' found its picture over a write-up about play day. In the next book, 1932, we find Big Bear back in its right- ful place. Ray McAllister was the editor, and it was the only annual to have a riddle page with the answers in the back of the book. ln i932-33 the Board was forced to remove its support, so Isabelle Ridley, the editor, and her staff put in many hours of hard work typing the pages and hand-painting the divisions. No debts, anyhow! ln 1934 Miss Nelson was made advisor and the Annual really began to become a book of which we could be proud. This yearbook, edited by Myrle Black, was the first to have a definite theme-Progress. The division pages were novel and a strip of baby pictures made it very interesting. This annual was financed with difficulty, but even though it con- tained only forty-eight pages, it was a real annual. The next annual, the seventh, added ten pages, and with Alva johanson as editor was memorable for its unusual history theme and division pages matching the cover. The staff is justly proud of this year's joshua Tree. lt has been increased past its original size and now contains sixty- eight pages. lt has a cloth cover and the theme traces the development of our school. 44.9 h,-...L S.. 4...r:'3Z1!sf 1 1, .- ,. -Q2 , -lin Q-44611412 64, f .JL-fm.:-w.w F' -4- f?f":1m.:,L4.Q',:g.-MGI" ksf:sf5:., ADMIIXIISTIQATICDN ' S-r ,Ang N., x4-.1-, CDUR FACULTY September-and all of the teachers back again: Our prin- cipal, Mr. M. 1. Harkness, under whose wise leadership for the past eight years our school has made rapid progress, Mr. D. B. Lucas, graduate of the University of Oregon, in the Science Department, Miss Elvera Nelson of Redlands Univer- sity again teaching commercial subjects, English lll, and U. S. History, Miss Nelda McPheeters, a Pomona graduate, instruc- tor in Spanish, Mr. Cecil Tyler, who claims the University of California as his Alma Mater, teaching Mathematics and His- tory: Miss Eloise Shaw, B.A. and M.A., University of Chicago, head of the English Department, Miss Mary Bigelow, a gradu- ate of Pomona, instructor in Art, Music, and Latin, Miss Frances Leech of Santa Barbara State Teachers' College direct- ing Home Economics and Girls' Athletics: and Mr. Keith Gunn, also of Santa Barbara, who teaches shop work and has charge ot Boys' Athletics. Under Mr. Gunn's direction the Victorville boys have won their championship in Desert League football. CDUR TRUSTEES We students of Victor High School think we're very lucky to have the trustees we do. They have worked steadily for the advancement of our school. Mr. Walker jones serves as president of the Board. With him are Mr. T. A. Lee and Mrs. lmogene Hook of Adelanto, Mr. Bert Avery of Big Bear, Mr. james Holloway of Hesperia, and Mr. Ray Moore, clerk of the Board, of Adelanto. Mr. Moore handles all of the finances and bookkeeping of the school and now has an office in the shop building. Thanks to the foresightedness of these men and women our campus has been greatly improved. lt gives us a thrill and a feeling of pride to watch our school each year become more beautiful and better equipped. Mr. Walker jones has been in the newspaper game for years. He owned and operated several papers in Northern California and Oregon, and served in editorial positions on the Pasadena Star and a San Francisco daily. For years he operated the local weekly, and he now is special staff correspondent for the San Bernardino Sun. Mr. T. A. Lee was a law student before the World War called him overseas to see active service. Since coming to the desert he has served as manager of the Adelanto Mutual Water Company, a position of responsibility. Mrs. lmogene Hook has been very active in political circles and is now serving her presidency in two organizations, the San Bernardino County Tuberculosis Association and the Ladies' Auxiliary of the American Legion. Mr. Bert Avery of Big Bear owns and operates a fox farm, and he well deserves to be tremendously proud of the im- pressive collection of cups his champion silver foxes have won. Mr. james Holloway served as an engineer in the army during the time of the War, as an assistant in the Engineering Department of the New York Central Railway, and .then came west because of his wife's declining health. He is now Deputy County Assessor of San Bernardino County. Mr. Ray Moore, a Baylor University man, served for many years as a Civil Service Clerk in Washington, D.C. He subse- quently operated the Adelanto Mutual Cirain and Feed Organ- ization. TWENTY YEARS AFTER just twenty years ago last fall-in l9l5-the Victor Valley Union High School was organized, with a faculty of three, Will W. Green, principal, H. B. Humeston, instructor of his- tory and agriculture, and Lucy jane Rowe, teacher of English and Home Economics. The following names of the first pupils were taken from one of the teacher's class rolls: Miriam Bailey, Edna Byron, Ruby Cook, Francis B. Clark, Madge Davis, Edna May Dunford, George Goulding, Harry Muller, Elizabeth Penn, Frieda Phil- lips, Hattie Raephael, Doris Talmadge, joe Turner, Corinne Van Slyck, Mareta Westphal, Ruby Wilson, Wallace Williams, and Marjorie Young. ln l9l7 the high school graduated its first pupil, Ruth Sanborn, now Mrs. A. C. Lester of this city. School was first held in the Richardson house. ln l9l6 the present main building was started, and was completed in l9l 7. During the past several years the school plant has grown and the grounds have been landscaped. The work was made possible by the CWA and the SERA. To Walker jones goes the credit for the beauty of the school grounds. ln the years he has been on the board the grounds have. been his hobby, and each year has seen part of his plans go into effect. The school has been fortunate to have had Charles Feuhrer as the first gardener, and after his death Lee Hunt, the present superintendent of grounds, to carry out our work. ,A large part of the success of the school has been due to the fact that the board has been able to secure and keep an excellent faculty. In the last few years, when conditions have been crowded and classes have increased beyond the most desirable size, the reason that school standards could be main- tained and raised has been the fact that our faculty has remained unchanged for several years. The curriculum has been greatly enlarged. Courses now offered include four years of English, three of Spanish, World History, United States History, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, General Science, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Piano, Glee Club, Latin, Typewriting, Shorthand, Bookkeeping, Business Methods, Wood Shop, Auto Shop, Mechanical Drawing, Biology, and Physical Educa- tion for both boys and girls. ' TWENTY YEARS AFTER ln addition to the school in Victorville, there are now two other high schools in the district-Big Bear High School, located at Pine Knot, and Twenty-Nine Palms High School at Twenty-Nine Palms. ln l933-34 Big Bear High School was accredited. This year the school is housed in its own plant. The district voted a special tax for the purpose of securing a site, and the Eureka Camp was purchased. Through the assist- ance of the WPA it has been possible to provide a building for each of the three teachers, a social hall, a recreation hall for the girls, garages, and a physical education room. When the WPA project is finished the school will have an athletic field and tennis courts. Last summer the board accepted the Twenty-Nine Palms district in order to provide the children with the opportunity of securing a high school education. High school classes had been maintained in the grammar school previous to this year. Since the state law does not permit more than two years of high school work to be given in a grammar school district, it was necessary for them to unite with a high school district. From a small beginning of nineteen pupils and three teach- ers in l9l 5, our high school district has grown to one of three high schools and fourteen teachers and 287 pupils-Victor Valley Union High School at Victorville with nine teachers and 225 pupils, Big Bear High School at Pine Knot with three teachers and forty pupilsg and Twenty-Nine Palms with two teachers and twenty-two pupils. The district maintains seven school buses--six at Victor- ville and one at Big Bear. Some students ride as far as seventy miles a day. We hope that the next twenty years will see as much change and development in our school as the last twenty years. We feel sure that changes will come and that our school will continue to progress with the needs of its pupils in order that it may educate for living. -Condensed from an article by Principal M. l. Harkness in the December 20 number of the Victor Valley News-Herald ww iw af' A .. 1 , F' -.if 4,5 fy, . ., 5 -.Q if 7, S. ,, .f Q. A 3, 4, 5: QT' 'N Qgffwv, 7, ,Q M, S my . , Q , Qy gg k -.1 L, ' - '-P3147 "' '- 2 -5 ., A- 4' , 'v . , 45, ,E WA. ,kywf 'K W r W V'-.W 1 . - 51.1. , -'X 1 ' S ,Y .1 Q gt g!Q'i..' ' A, ' QM , 1 5 wwffu- '-" - - " -'-- --ff-:":Mf'fi-L CLASSES E 5 fig' '55 3?N.7'if' 95931 Q "1 F .192 'hir Fi H-I gi.. T n , x 1 'inkez . W- Z L "' f E3 9. 1 5, A TE A Q fi 2 I . 9111? YV, fi,.": ' .TT ff 'Eg 1.-Jaw. Eix llgfl Q ft. N. ,,,,, ,ff Q I G. Ykav ,.fQf 1 4- 9' Qi" 1 K , 1 fry. Y, v 41 be ,ar T ,Y , , N5 n Q , 1 if 'M 1.45, f- 1, 42 B' .. r' :,-" U., Vx., ,. fgfi' 'E 5 tl 5" Hb., I fl' Q 1-ii? 4' I , -'vr' 1 ,-' x -' we ,.,.+. 'K , l '-L . ,YL X 'h,,.',.f-Q L .df uit, ' -ir ' ,J-...Tig !,4,.,,,. 1 5:32 if . 9 N ,,.-gr .,,- ,mb V , .-2 . L is -Sf, L- 211 2 ' H 1 4. I A++ ff"'g 1 r H 3 rf ls . 'F 3 f -1' Milf.- 'Qing' 'NG ,E ,ffif . ,X .. ' N iff ,, - 'fr ,J -'A 5 1 K 5 1. Y itxgirw' . .V J -M,:'z1f' -'fly ., 056- ' , . ff... ' 2211 ' .. .Y. 7 A K , 1 . ,L 1 'i -.l Y Eb . . - S, me , ., . , . l ' W if .,.-9' 1, ,V , ,- ,A , . 4 , 'r ' K : ,. , X Q5 Q- '- fa: - fi y T 'VH' . f '3 ,, 512 2 mei-'IV P -flsm Aff. . "H ., E Mi' 1 1 N- fr , ' f -f-, ,- "F?:4Ll'- i 4. "11L32.-gg, 'F 'il - 1, Qui 4 n' 5' M ISS LEECH, MARCERY STEVENS, Advisor I President Tl-IE SENICDRS The Class of '36 sailed into the great Victor Valley Union High School on September 5, l932, with much verdancy and more noise. The crew elected to pilot the group through the first year was: Miss Leech, Captain, Bob Moline, Commanderg Grace Quarterman, official keeper of the lofi. We started our activities with a party at the Port of Apple Valley. An Assembly program followed, and the Freshman song took the ship by storm. The backward dance was certainly welcomed by the boys of Victor l-lighg they needed a rest. Swimming and dancing at Campbell's ended up the year right. As we swung into the Sophomore year Bob Moline was given dishonorable discharge for imitating joe Penner in meetings, and Kemper Campbell took over the helm with Stevens doing the honors on the log book. An Editor's Hop and an Assembly were achievements. We even displayed our colors for a week for winning a ticket-selling contest. The '36 juniors were an active crew, with Stevens at the helm and Arnold keeping the log, with the good old salt, Miss Leech, still advising. The new class sweaters created a sensation and established a tradition. The play "Sally Lou" came off in great shape,- with Willson and Broad striking up a gay and daring romance. The junior jocose raised a few snickers and was the talk of the ship for days. Then the prom-we did it up right, and everyone declared the hall had never looked lovelier. Still full of pep and raring to go, but just a little sad, the Class of '36 came back as Seniors. Stevens is still at the helm and Arnold continues to keep the log. Stopped off at Oro Grande for a big party at the river's edge. Taking time out again the crew of '36 entertained the Sophs with a Hallowe'en party at Campbell's. Too much cider was consumed by some of the members. The Christmas 'Dance reflected the Yuletide spirit. What a boot the Seamen of '36 received on Ditch Day! Honkey Tonk! We again entertained the Ship's company with a light fast-moving comedy which went over in a big way. After the beautiful formal the Seamen received their promotion papers and left the good ship VVUHS with "Bon Voyage, Shipmatesl" ROBERT MOLINE Past: Victor Grammar Present: Senior Vice-P. Future: Druggist DOROTHY MILLER Past: Victor G'ammar Present: S.B. Secretary Future: Bookkeeper IAMES RAINEY Past: Adelanto Grammar Present: Bl'-ck V Pres. Future: Engineer LOUISE ARNOLD Past: Grants Pass Junior High Present: Senior Secretary Future: Private Secretary KEMPER CAMPBELL Past: Victor Grammar Present:iS.B. President Future: Lawyer CAROL LESTER Past: Oro Grande Grammar Present: Girls' League Treas. pro-tem Future: Housewife -r IRA ELM ER Past: Victor Grammar Present: Senior Treasurer Future: Math Teacher MILDRED NILSEN Past: Phelan Grammar Present: Senior ulay lead Future: Beauty Operator ERNEST ADAMS Past: Victor G'ammar Present: S.B. Vice-Pres. Future: Veterinary 47 "ff: jf ROSALIS DUNHAM Past: Victor Grammar Present: Joshua Tree Editor Future: Commercial Artist MARTIN WILLSON Past: Victor Grammar Present: Junior alay- 1935 Future: Radio Engineer ROSEMAR IE STREET Past: Adelanto Grammar Present: S.B. Treasurer Future: Nurse JEAN CAMPBELL Past: Victor Grammar Present: Girls' League President Future: Dentist BOYD WATTS Past: Utah Present: Football player Future: Mechanic MAXINE NIELSON Past: Monroe High Present: Art student Future: Beauty operator WATTS LEWIS Past: Adelanto Grammar Present: Committee worker Future: Draftsman JOYCE EAGLETON Past: Bellflower Present: S.B. Song leader Future: Nurse MIRL OREBAUCH Past: Manual Arts High, Los Angeles Present: Senior Play Business Manager Future: Saxonhonist DOROTHY BROAD Past: Cortez Grammar Present: G.A.A. Secretary Future: Beauty Operator GRANVILLE REED Past: Lucerne Grammar Present: Paper corrector Future: Business man CELIA SANCHEZ Past: Oro Present: G.A.A. Future: Dreter FRANK RIVERS Past: Victor Grammar Present: Football quar- terback Future: In diplomatic service ELIZABETH STINEBAUGH Past: Victor Grammar Present: Basketball pla Future: Waitress DONALD BUNCE Past: El Sobranto High Present: Penny Dance Manager Future: Draftsman yel' X 'X . , if K f X 1 x . f I l ff V 'lj E I 'A fl., ' 'L f y f , f s x I - .J if , 'J f' ' f -I n j 1 F! LA , i J' r l' f , X' f J 1 l D If X I X I 4 ,V if ' V fr! ' jx R ' J I ' i-' ll f G 1 f f j J ' XJ 1 I rj AH 10 j J I - T P 1' 1 'lx' f - J t , ' , i W 1 I N ' 1 I J r ROBERT REID Past: Washington High. Montebello Present: Junior Play- 1935 Future: Rancher GRACE QUARTERMAN Past: Phelan Grammar Present: G.A.A. Secretary Future: Hotel Hostess LOU lS TORREZ Past: Victor Grammar Present: Trackman Future: Mechanic OLGA ROBERTSON Past: Kansas Present: Home Econ. student Future: Housewife LEE ADAMS Past: Victor Garnmar Present: S.B. Pep Chair- man Future: Agricultural Advisor HARRY ROBERTS Past: Victor Grammar ROBERT BRUCGE THELMA Past: Midway Gramma' HQLLINGSWQRTH Present: Stutterer past: Apple Valley Future: Surgeon Grammy Present: Committee work-r i 5 lm -D5zFuture: t3ookkeeper 4 If ERTHA WALTER Past: Victor Grammar Present: Verse Writer Future: Doctor MEREDITH MILLER Past: Oro Grande Present: Basketball player Grammar Future: Aviator Present: Handball Cham- Dion Future: Forest Ranger LOGAN DEEDS Past: Perris High Present: Football player Future: Civil Engineer IAMES HEWSON Past: Oro Grande Grammar Present: Trackman Future: Diesel Engineer LAST WILL AND TESTAIVIENT tx gif t is LAWRENCE SWARTZ BA UCH Past: Adelanto Grammar Present: Football player Future: G-Man We, the Class of Nineteen Thirty-Six, being about to pass this mortal struggle and enter the cruel world alone and unprotected, and being, regardless of psychological tests and otherwise, of sound mind and body, do hereby, hereon, herewith, and hereinafter bequeath the following chattels, assets, gee-gaws, and idiosyncracies to our heirs, the Class of Nineteen Thirty-seven: I, Margery Stevens, will my ability to manage the sophisticated Seniors to the next Senior Class president, and my sympathy goes with it I, Lee Adams, leave my glasses and giggle to Evelina Mausolf. I, Dorothy Broad, will my "cluster of curls" to jack Sewell. I, Robert Reid, leave my gift of gab to Pat Kiester. I, Rosemarie Street, leave my uncompleted treasurer's book to next year's Student Body treasurer, together with my bottle of red ink. I, Frank Rivers, will my fishing pole to Alpha King to aid her in hooking boy friends. See the "Dawn"? I, Louise Arnold, leave my dancing feet to Norma Buckbee. I, Ernest Adams, leave my taste for Barry's to Raymond Mitchell. I, Virginia Wilson, will my elocutionary achievements to Maidie Weaver, who could do with a little volume. I, Harry Roberts, leave my gangling frame to Roseanna Seward. I, lean Campbell, leave my typewriting ability to Helen Berger. I, Donald Bunce, leave my "office interests" to Donald Lintner. I, Elizabeth Stinebaugh, leave my favorite saying, "What's the matter?" to Pearl McAllister. I, Mlrl Orebaugh, will my instrumental ability and subsequent pop- ularity with the ladies to Duane jackson. I, Carol Lester, will my devotion to Art and my latest fashion book to Wahnita Bowen. I, Bud Peake, leave my book on "Personality and Charm" to Vernon Demaree. I, Lawrence Swartzbaugh, leave my ability to do the Charleston to Buster Navarro. I, Rosalis Dunham, leave my editorial headache to Betty lean Crawford. I, Robert Moline, leave my graceful trot to Geneva Said, who is of much the same general outline. I, Olga Robertson, will my ability to catch my man to Selma Barry, who obviously has no need of it. -1 I, Ira Elmer, leave my keen sense of humor to Helen Rasmussen. I9 WILL Continued I, Thelma Hollingsworth, leave my love for "Bunnies" to Harold McAllister. I, Boyd Watts, leave my unique style of dancing to jim Lovett. I, Celia Sanchez, leave my lovely wavy hair to Patricia Dexter. I, james Rainey, refuse to leave the "Girl from the Mountings" to anyone. I, Dorothy Miller, leave my vamping ability, learned partly in the Senior play, to Marion Dougherty. I, Logan Deeds, leave my ability to chew gum and dance at the same time without losing step to the music, to Kelsey Smith. I, Bertha Walter, leave my skating ability to Ann Rivers. I, Martin Wilson, will my vocal wooing way with the women to Ray Elmer. I, Kemper Campbell, leave my brilliant colored shirts and ties to Robert Valois. I, Granville Reed, leave my ability to understand Business Methods to Marion Knight. I, Watts Lewis, leave my stubborn wavy hair to Bob Freeman. I, Robert Brugge, leave my helping hand as Miss Nelson's "handy man" to Earl Kollender. I, Donald Reed, leave my untouched midnight oil to Bill Rowan. I, Louis Torrez, leave my silent diligence to Raphael Lopez. I, Meredith Miller, leave my badly worn red handkerchief to Ralph Cozad. g I, joseph johnston, leave my ability to snore nonchalantly through an entire class to Irvin Saul. I, james Hewson, will my toupee to Pop Hunt. I, Mildred Nilsen, leave my dramatic talent and bangs to Maxine Beekley. I, Grace Quarterman, will my ticket-selling ability to Helen Carter. I, Maxine Nielson, leave my history grades to Billy Bryan. And I, joyce Eagleton, will my dimple to Dawn Loomis to balance hers. We affix our hands and seals to the above document, our last will and testament, on this fourth day of june, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-six. 1 j 'v 1 .V , ,A . 1 My it seems ages since I ve written you! New York is such a whirl Oh you ll never guess who I saw at the hospital Saturday in the starchiest white uniform-joyce Eagleton. We had quite a long talk together. She asked me if I remembered the Senior picnic at the bridge when we washed each other s faces in watermelon-remem- ber? joyce is still the same old giggling girl and still hears from her IVIY DEAR MISS LEEGI-I.. , Dy: 7 I scarcely find time to breathe! fm!! , . if I t s are ,g J , H p.. old friend Margery Stevens, who is a beautiful auburn-haired debu- tante" in Los Angeles, according to the L.A. Times. Speaking of the Times, I read a notice in the paper that "Miss Rosalis Dunham, exclu- sive dress designer for Bullock's, left for Paris April Zl, where she will design several frocks for the famous French dancer, Dorothea Broade. She will be accompanied by the manager of the store, Mr. Harry Roberts, and his charming wife and secretary, the former Rose- marie Street." How are Dorothy and Bob Moline getting along now? I suppose Bob jr. is nearly four years old by now, isn't he? l knew Carol Lester was married and living in Oro Grande. She had two children when l was there in I944. I was sent by the Star to cover a large social function given at the Waldorf-Astoria the other night and ran across several more of my old school friends. Of course, you have heard Mirl Orebaugh's famous orchestra over the radio, but did you know that Mildred Nilsen is the piano player? The floor show was gorgeous! And would you believe it -joe johnston, better known as Crooner joey, swept everyone off their feet with his singing. Another number was a beautiful Spanish dance, called the "Rhapsody in Red," by Celia Sanchez. lt's the rage of New York! I also ran on to Grace Quarterman at the Waldorf-Astoria. You know how she always wanted to be a famous tap dancer? Well, she is now the cigarette girl at the Waldorf and she certainly has to keep dancing to keep everyone satisfied. She gets "ga-ga," though, when joey sings, and has to be called down for making eyes at him during his number. It looks like a triangle love affair to me. You see, Grace is crazy about joe, but joe seems to have eyes only for Elizabeth Stinebaugh, who works in the tea room. I was in St. Louis a few weeks ago, to interview the two great G- men, Boyd Watts and Logan Deeds. I suppose you have heard how they captured the Public Enemy No. l, john Barstow, in St. Louis. They took me out to dinner one evening and we ran across Kemper Campbell and handsome Bob Reid having dinner with two beautiful 2l 0 ID I'I E . .Continued ladies. Kemper is a lawyer, as you know, and was in St. Louis for the same purpose I was-to get the low-down on the great capture. "Rich and Idle" Bob, who inherited all his money from his rich uncle, just came with Kemper to keep him company. I asked Kemper where his sister, jean, was, and he told me she was an assistant to his father in Los Angeles. He also mentioned Frank Rivers, who is in Hollywood -a movie star, maybe? I suppose you knew Martin Willson is a radio engineer for Station KFI, Los Angeles. Louise Arnold is Kemper's private secretary, and Kemper said she was certainly a good one, thanks to Miss NeIson's tireless efforts. I was in Utah, my old home state, on a visit last summer, and dropped in to see Watts Lewis and his wife, the former Maxine Nielson. They have a small chicken farm, and the cutest cottage! I suppose Victorville has grown quite a bit since I was there in '44, Has Ernie Adams worked up a good veterinary business? How does he get along with the dogs and horses? And does Bob Moline still have his drug store? l suppose Bud Peake still runs the vegetable department in Lawrence Swartzbaugh's grocery store. Is Ernie's brother, Lee, still in South America? They were expecting him home when I was there. So eccentric Ira Elmer is a hair stylist in Los Angeles! I always knew he would amount to something, the way he used to hang on to the Seniors' money when he was treasurer. l'm glad to hear the Reeds, Donald and Granville, are doing well on their farm in Lucerne. Of course, they're both married, aren't they? Meredith Miller, I hear, is night watchman at the L.A. Bureau of Power and Light substation. So Donald and Thelma Bunce finally decided to open that large club and dance hall in Wrightwood? I'm glad they're getting along so well. I hear jimmy Hewson is chief bouncer for them! It seems natural to think of james Rainey as being coach of the football team at Stanford University. I read all about him in the paper last fall. He must have a swell team. Have you heard Louis Torrez and his guitar over radio station XEMO in Tia juana, Mexico? Remember when he used to play his guitar for us in junior Assembly? Olga Robertson and her husband still run the dairy at Kansas City, at least they did the last time I was there. I surely hope to be able to come to Victorville again next year, and if you are still there l'm coming to see you. If ever you're in New York don't forget l'm working for the Star as a reporter, so look me up. lsn't it too bad about poor Brugge? He worked so hard learning to stutter for the Senior play he's never gotten over it. They tell me Bertha is serving as a war nurse in the recent outbreak in Chile. Well, that seems to be all the news I can rake up. My, the class has certainly scattered, hasn't it? Don't forget to write. Love, Virginia it ,,f ,WM I gg , , 'ull' ll .jkf Ag, lvff ,, 1- l RAY MITCHELL, Pres. WAHNITA BOWEN, V-Pres. SELMA BARRY, Sec'y. MAIDIEAWEAVER, Treas. ELVERA NELSON, Advisor. 5 . I Q Q ci A-vig.-ff M771-i,,-'-9 tif., 4--Z,g,,v,1 ,cz ZV JLJ, T H E J u N I o i2 s -,,,,,,,,,,f L . . . . -1" " -f--LL, lg "Q This has been a very active year for the juniors. First we ' practiced enunciating and sawing the air in preparation for f our first dramatic production, "The Arrival of Kitty," a three- act farce, in which clothes certainly did NOT make the man. Our paper came out in a profusely decorated Christmas edi- tion, and we really had our readers going trying to figure out a completion story by substituting the names of Sophs. And then our assembly, presenting the activities of the school in slow and rapid motion, elicited chuckles from the student body. And the crowning achievement of our year-the junior- Senior Prom-expressed to our friends, the Seniors, the sin- cere wish of our class, "lt's been swell to be fellow students with you. As you leave VVUHS our thoughts will follow you. Good luckl x fl. fl Y! M bf, ,fl fJ i f "Q ' - X S' ,ll Xl' VMEJX: Qty ty L fl ll ,lil rf! fly V x' J 0 X T . ' za . fl l ,J Q l V ,t M , of ,J .ln K. V, . N. ' xy ' 'N if 1 ff . BILLY VERNON, Pres. CHARLOTTE WALKER, V.-Pres. IEANNE C-ODSHALL, Sec'y. MARY DUNHAM, Treas. MARY BIGELOW, Advisor. g,,,5,:g ff, Qf 1' ff' - gf, if J , 1, iff' I I ,f 2 Q . Q52- 3 :- 4712 24 Tl-IE SOPI-IOMORES Say, you Frosh, you don't know what a really SWELL feeling is until you come back to high school your second year and initiate a bunch of green Freshmen. We did that little job up brown on September 20. Then on Friday, October 4, we staged a benefit dance to raise money for a regular dance to be given in November. The Seniors took us under their pro- tecting wings and entertained us at Campbell's on November l. Our harvest dance early in November was acclaimed unique by the student body. We racked our brains for a clever as- sembly idea-then we got it--television! The Sophomore Val- entine paper practically depleted Miss Bigelow's supply of red crayons. We wound up our social activities for the year with a skating party. The decorations were carried out in black and blue. , il' V its A 7 e , x 4-1 1' FRANKLIN EVANS, Pres. WALTER CAMPBELL, V Pres MARY HORNBY Sec y Treas CECIL TYLER, Advisor TIIE I-RESIINEN After submitting, though not without a struggle, to the initiation punishments inflicted by the Sophomores, we grew very studious and plunged into our texts and notebooks for some intensive work the first semesterg we just didn't have time to go "social" with all the work these high school teachers piled on us. But in April we emerged for a swell hamburger fry given by the losers in the dues contest to the winners. Soon after this we published our Freshman paper, something no other Freshman class has ever done, so naturally we're proud of it. Plans are now under way for an assembly program to be put on in the near future. We have surely en- joyed our first year here at Victor High and we're looking for- ward to coming back next fall as full-fledged Sophomores- and what an initiation we have up our sleeves for next year's Froshl A GLIMPSE INTCD Tl-IE PAST.. GREAT STRIDES IN IMPROVEMENT OF CAMPUS AND EQUIPMENT When the high school was first opened, in 1915, classes were held in the Richardson house. By 1917 the present main school building was completed and impressive-just equipped. lts setting was none too desert sand, sagebrush, and a couple of joshua trees. Gradually, as the school expanded its curriculum, new buildings and equipment were added-a shop building, bus shed, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc., and now a new gymnasium is in the process of construction. The grounds have been beautifully landscaped, with a lawn that is the pride of Victorville, and we need only glance at this snapshot of the school taken when it was first built to realize how far we have advanced since the sand-and-sagebrush days of 1917. VICTOR GRADUATES MAKE GOOD We are proud to realize that the number of high school graduates who go on to college is steadily in- creasing, Among those who have "made good" and returned to the "old home town" to teach are Muriel Moon inow Mrs. Ernie Kraftl, Marian Christenson lnow Mrs. Frank Burnsl, Harvey Irwin, and Wauna Galbraith, who is now Mrs. Irwin. Last year the number of grad- uates who entered college surpassed that of any previous year. Alva johanson, Wilbur Martinson, Dinsmoor Webb, Beth Rogers, Clara Herlick, Rozelma Weiss, and Catherine Dexter are all enrolled in institutions of higher learning, CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION The California Scholarship Federation was organized in this school on February 9, 1926. The next year four students, jayne Barrett, john Lathrop, Flora Wadsworth and Richard Nolan were seal bearers of the C. S. F. A seal bearer is a life member of the organization. To attain this important office one must have an average of 3 A's and a B. ln 1929, Charles Snell was the only seal bearer. From that year until 1933, when Agnew Williams was the sole representative, there were no seal bearers. Then, in 1935, there were three life members: Wilbur Martinson, Dinsmoor Webb and Alva johanson. ln 1936 the number reached the greatest height since 1927, with four seal bearers: Kemper Campbell, Rosalis Dunham, jean Campbell and Margery Stevens. 26 GIRLS' LEAGUE NOW IN NINTH YEAR Mrs, Bolton, then Dean of Girls, organized the Girls' League in 1927. Miss Shaw, the present advisor of the League, introduced the custom of having teas for the mothers of the girls in school. These Mothers' Teas are yearly events and are among the nicest social func- tions of the school. WILL GREEN FIRST PRINCIPAL Early in the fall of 1915 homesteaders on the Mojave Desert were amazed to see a genial looking man bump over the cow trails in his Model T Ford, obviously in quest of something. Not jackrabbits, as one might sur- mise, but students,-students for a new high school that had just been organized in Victorville. And the man was Will Green, tall, blonde, and determined, the principal of the new school. Mr. Green guided the school through its infancy, planned and accomplished the construction of our main building, and bought much of the equipment still in use. He was well liked by his students and prominent in the community. Mr. Green has done graduate work at the University of California, where he received his Master's degree, and is now working for a Doctor's degree from the same institution. He is at present principal of the Alexander Hamilton junior High School in Oakland. The above snap of Mr. and Mrs. Green, taken when they were in Victorville, was snitched from Mrs. Lester's photograph album. A GLIMPSE INTO VICTOR HIGH GRADUATES FIRST SECOND GENERATION STUDENT In l9l7 Victor High graduated its first pupil, Ruth Sanborn, now Mrs. A. C. Lester of this city. It is inter- esting to note that her daugater, Carol, is a member of I l , BM , iv K T 3 1 A Qi 'L . -. ,W T351 , We Y 4' . l..i1.1'Ln. ,-" -"' L " i V . A Nik? L-. ff3f4.'f . 1 - fi the present senior class and will be graduated this june from the same school from which lfer mother was grad- uated nineteen years ago. GIRLS' LEADERSHIP CLUB ACTIVE One of the school's most active organizations is the Girls' Leadership Club. lt was started last year, at the suggestion of Alva johanson, who was active in athletics, and encouraged and advised by Miss Leech. Membership is limited to G.A.A. members who have earned a thousand points. This year the girls bought regulation white sweaters bearing the leadership club emblem. In their meetings the girls carry on lively discussions on sportsmanship, manners, personality, and other topics of vital interest to high school girls. FOOTBALL GROWS IN POPULARITY YEARLY Football was first introduced to Victor High by Coach Conard in l927. Some fifteen or sixteen fellows turned out for the first season. Now it is one of the most popular sports and has a turn-out of about fifty fellows who, under Coach Gunn, go out to make the jackrabbits supreme in the Desert League. We are proud of the achievements of our team: We have, in the last eight years, won 44 games, lost l3, and tied 8. We have played Needles since i929 and have never yet been defeated by them. We have won Desert League championships in l932, l933, and I936. Tl-lE PAST.. This year the Chamber of Commerce of Victorville presented to the school a beautiful trophy. This is to be a perpetual cup, retained by a school only during the time it holds the desert league championship. Victor- ville is naturally very proud to be its first possessor, and to lim Rainey, captain of the 1935-36 team, went the honor of receiving it in behalf of the school. BLOCK V MEMBERSHIP COVETED BY ATHLETES Back in i928 a group of outstanding athletes organ- ized a club for the promotion of good sportsmanship and high ideals on the athletic field and in daily conduct. They called themselves the Block V, as membership was open only to fellows who had made their varsity letters. Today, under the sponsorship of Coach Gunn, this is one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus, and the fellows deem it a real honor to belong. james Rainey, captain of this year's football team, is president of the group. Past presidents were: Walter McEwen, 1929-30, Wes Hooley, l93O-31, Derrel Henson, l93l-32, Leo Butts, l932-335 Walter McAllister, i933-343 and Robert Street, I934-35. SCHOOL SONG WRITTEN BY WAUNA GALBRAITH IRWIN The school song, which leads our teams to victory and inspires our students to do their utmost for their Alma Mater, was written by Wauna Galbraith, now Mrs. Irwin, in l926. The song is written to the tune of "California." 27 A GLIMPSE INTCD STUDENT BODY SELF-GOVERNING The student form of government was introduced by Dr. john H. Francis in 1925-26. The constitution was drawn up by the first student body president, George Tedford. In i926-27 Wilma Hackley, the first girl president in our school, presided over student body meet- ings. Succeeding presidents were: Harvey Irwin, jack Page, Geneva Nielsen, Wesley Hooley, Arthur Hooley, William Puette, Margie Alters, and Wilbur Martinson. This year, under Kemper Campbell's leadership, the stu-- dent body has enjoyed many heretofore unrealized pleasures. with the Council. Also, this year the constitution was revised, approval and able assistance of the Student MR. HARKNESS FRIEND OF STUDENTS I928, school as principal, was indeed a fortunate year in the career of our school. Mr. Harkness has been the loved when Mr. Maxwell I. Harkness entered our and admired friend and advisor of all the students since his arrival. To his inspiring counsel and friendly advice many graduates of this high school owe their success. Our principal is always ready to "lend a helping hand" to those in difficulties, and this quality, among others, has endeared him especially in the hearts of the students. 28 TI-IE PAST... FIRST DITCH DAY IMPROMPTU The first Ditch Day-in l9I7-was definitely un- official. The class ditched without a word of warning, and as a result of this impromptu vacation enjoyed the privilege of staying after school for the next two weeks. "What of it?" said the ditchers. "lt was worth it!" Since that day the custom of Seniors having a Ditch Day-official and long-awaited--has been perpetuated. It proves one of the most popular affairs in the school activities-and is looked forward to with pleasure and anticipation by the veriest Freshman. IOSHUA TREE OUTGROWTH OF SMALL YEARLY PAPER Browsing through the i926 Joshua Tree we found a write-up that interested us very much, and we pass it on to you: "Five years ago some pupils of the Victor Valley Union High School did a very remarkable thing when they started a little school paper called 'The Coyote.' This paper was published once a year. "The next year it was made a weekly paper and was read in auditorium. This paper was called 'The School Paper.' "The following year it was made a mimeographed paper and was published every two weeks. It bore the name of 'Pep'. "Two years ago the paper's name was changed to 'The joshua Tree', the name it bears at present. We have progressed so rapidly that this year we have been able to publish our first printed Annual." 'Q L 1, 5' Q33 Q5je'Y'QL'f'Q'j 5 lf-1' -'w . wi-hz -114 -292,1 "fm-,", 'LQ .- 1179 -Li W- 53153 5.5 Lf +3 ...U .Q A 55255 ' ff r5:"l' ii-57 ' ' 'V ,sz ,1 ,L-1.1 vf w -' -,Lp Aj -,Q 421'-fr J f A ga-yu . ' wb : icfl - vi: :A Elfkf g P 221 'xiii 'l'f'?f gf: ' gf P- 11 fr, ... 1.3! Z ff- Yr ' 1? . 'KES' '- ' 7' 'iii u 'EW 12? ge -,ef -in 15,11 2:11, V " 5' f,.,.- ,- -. ,fx 1- gf. frgjfr '-.5-.1 Q. 2 .-.Z mga 3,1 - ' FSL wx: :Hip 1' "fi F1221-. 11,1 ' .Lf , 'iirgi ' A ', : 'K ' 4?l'5ii1!i'.-.filh ,, ,. ' 1:-. V ' -iff' "X-S 'N 1 .1 .' f. - 4.-H, -, .15 ii 5' 'Z 5 '-3 "if-fw ffa ff?- "1 22. .Q , ,- --: '.-ww ,e 1 :-., I , .fr ..,. . -2, ' ' K : v1 52-5 51:21. f H-4 -:fag ' - -w .- 'v FYI. -3, .g.: ZQ' .-,-Z' . 1,!'1'1' -' . ,' gi ,411 . , . .aa gkfgd Jef . 1 -iff F53 ff- f ' wi' AZ' N1 33152 4. 'Eigiti' f if? 1 5- 1: .-:Q NETEE 'if 15 N HU an .. ND 9:45 :g1f5i1.,f 134' RED 7 f f -fa '53 ' '. I-. 4. -.'. gli.-f i . U' , ' ' ."T.'5" H1RTy S Q2-4 lg ifgigg - .1 . 4: Q.,-.-3 435. 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'spa' "4 ' .U 5. 2 Q. lr H -, 1- 54" . iv n.,1, ' s ' f ..-fl 1 .IE . aa 1 .W- H 311' . 48 L: ,QNZ ' A I 8... .,.. .. ,sk ,L 1, '- 2 Fri .Sr . . ,pil 1 ,Q 1 KEMPER CAMPBELL ERNEST ADAMS DOROTHY MILLER ROSEMARIE STREET President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Tl-IE STUDENT BCDDY Under the presidency of Kemper Campbell and the assist- ance of Ernie Adams, Dorothy Miller, and Rosemarie Street, our student body meetings and activities have been a great success. We have had the pleasure ot listening to many interesting speakers, among them Mr. lvy ot Los Angelesg Mr. Coodcell of the Automobile Club ot Southern California: Mr. Spears, who spoke on Death Valley: and Captain Hancock and his troop from Los Angeles. The Student Body spring dance was exceptionally well given, and everyone had a rollicking good time. Certainly one of the best reasons for our athletic teams winning so many of their games was the splendid support given them by the members ot the VVUHS student body. BLOC K V The Block V started the year by electing as Advisor, Mr. Keith Gunn, Pro- gram Chairman, Harold McAllister, Secretary-Treasurer, Ernest Adamsg and President, james Rainey. As a result of initiation the sixteen new members found it desirable to eat from the mantel-piece for quite a while. The Block V outing at Glenn Ranch was financed by the Cowboy Minstrel Show, "Sweet Adeline," which was a huge success due to the directorship of Coach Gunn. Members of the Block V are: Campbell, Peake, Rainey, Rivers, V. Demaree, C. Dawson, Saul, McAllister, Moline, Watts, Bryan, Swartzbaugh, Willson, E. Adams, L. Adams, Mitchell, johnston, Lopez, Smith, Bunce, R. Reid, Lewis, Oates, Bernal, Roberts, F. Read, Hewson. GIRLS' LEAGUE G. A. A. Only 25C a box! Get 'em while they last! That is probably what you heard at the Rodeo October 20, where members of the Girls' League were selling box lunches. November l5 saw the girls in crinoline and lace presenting an old-fashioned program for their Mothers' Tea. With bowed heads we accepted defeat in the Christmas food contest, but we paid our debt to the boys by throwing a Leap Year Dance for them. Everyone agreed it was certainly worth a dime, all right. We're talking about the Assembly program we put on February 7. The year has been a successful one for the League, and Miss Shaw, jean Campbell and Dorothy Miller reported an interesting time at the convention in April. Miss Leech plays advisor in this club lbut really she's just one of the gang -ask any memberl and Celia Sanchez is president. Our initiation was very thorough, you should have seen the new girls try to get the fly paper off their feet and legs. On luly I4 the club gave all the fellows who had played football during the season a gr-r-r-and banquet. There was lots of good food, a clever pro- gram, and many interesting speakers. The G.A.A. gave Big Bear a play day here-with baseball, basketball, pingpong, and badminton as the major sports. lt's a swell organization to belong to, all right. ART CLUB 32 The Art Club's first project was the studying of famous artists, such as Michelangelo, Titian, Rembrandt, etc., every alternate Friday, and having club meetings the remaining Fridays. At the first meeting Irvin Saul was elected president, jeanne Godshall vice- president, and Maxine Nielson, secretary-treasurer. On November l5 the Club was entertained by the Girls? Glee'Club with a dinner and dance. Saint Patrick's Day found the Art Club members busy decorating the aud in green and making shamrock place cards for their dinner guests, the teach- ers and honorary members of the Club. james Rainey President Ernest Adams Secretary-Treasurer Harold McAllister Program Chairman Keith Gunn Advisor lean Campbell President Dorothy Miller Vice-President Louise Arnold Secretary Wahnita Bowen Treasurer Eloise Shaw Advisor Celia Sanchez President Mildred Nilsen Vice-President Dorothy Broad Secretary Wahnita Bowen Treasurer Grace Quarterman Sports Leader Frances Leech Advisor lrvin Saul President leanne Codshall Vice-President Maxine Nielson Secretary Mary Bigelow Advisor SPANISH CLUB GLEE Although we do not meet often nor boast a large membership, our meetings are interesting and amusing. Officers for this year are: Celia Sanchez, Presi- dent, jacinto Bernal, Vice-President, Margery Stevens, Secretary, Norma Buckbee, Treasurer, Miss McPheeters, Advisor. Our tamale supper and party held january 27 was the big event of the first semester. As the Annual goes to press we are making plans for an All-Spanish Program of dancing, songs, and skits, to be directed by our sponsor, Miss McPheeters. CLUBS The principal appearances of the Glee Clubs this year were: Return program to Barstow by the girls, football rally by both clubs, the Christmas Nativity program, the public program by the combined glee clubs on March 27, School Night Program, and Graduation. Boys: W. Lewis, B. Navarro, j. D. Britton, F. Berger, W. Campbell, M. Dabney, C. Demaree, R. Doran, H. Dunham, D. jackson, D. Lintner, j. Lovett, j. Martin, A. Nilsen, T. Oates, D. Reed, B. Rendell, K. Seals, F. Swift, H. Ther- kelson, B. Vernon. Girls: R. Dunham, T. Hollingsworth, D. Broad, H. Adams, C. Anthony, E. Carbajal, A. Deacon, G. Eagleton, E. Garrison, B. Green, R. Helland, M. Hornby, C. Hurvey, L. Kretlow, M. Koehley, A. Legardy, j. Neil, M. Nielson, V. Ryals, C. Stinebaugh, E. Stinebaugh, j. Stromberg, B. Vance, M. Webster, D. Loomis, P. johnson, L. Sheffield, L. Hannah. JUNIOR PLAY The junior Class brought down the house with the performance of "The Arrival of Kitty." Much credit goes to Miss Nelson for her fine work and sympathetic understanding as director, and to the student staff, under the direction of Earl Kollender. Plot: Bobbie Baxter's disguise as a gold-digging actress turned the habits of one William Winkler inside out. The arrival of the real Kitty placed Winkler in a tight spot and gave Bobbie his opportunity to ask for and win his sweetheart jane, who has misunderstood him. The cast included: Raymond Mitchell, Selma Barry, Irvin Saul, Helen Car- ter, Vernon Demaree, Maxine Beekley, Buster Navarro, Harold McAllister, and Maidie Weaver. SENIOR PLAY 34 The Senior play, "Growing Pains," was excellently cast with the following members of the class of '36: Mildred Nilsen, Ernest Adams, Rosalis Dunham, Ira Elmer, Grace Quarterman, Rosemarie Street, Carol Lester, Martin Willson, Frank Rivers, james Rainey, Robert Brugge. Granville Reed, Donald Bunce, Dorothy Miller, Dorothy Broad, joyce Eagleton, jean Campbell, and Margery Stevens. The play dealt with the difficulties of vounfa people in passing through the period of adolescence and presented some of its complications. The end of the play found the brother and sister no more "grown up" than they were at the beginning. The production was splendidly directed by Miss Leech. Spanish Club- Celia Sanchez President lacinto Bernal Vice-President Margery Stevens Secretary Norma Buckbee Treasurer Miss McPheeters Advisor Glee Clubs-Girls: Rosalis Dunham President Thelma Hollingsworth Vice-President Dorothy Broad Sec retary-Treasurer Boys: Watts Lewis President Buster Navarro Sec reta ry-Treasurer Clifford Demaree Librarian Miss Bigelow Advisor junior Play- Standing: M. Beekley, M. Navarro, M. Wea- ver, V. Demaree, H. Carter. Seated: R. Mitchell, S. Barry Senior Play- Standing: M. Ste- vens, F. Leech, Coach, R. M. Street, l. Camp-- bell, R. Brugge, C. Quarterman, B. Watts M. Willson, M. Niel- son, D. Bunce, V. Wilson, M. Nilsen, E. Adams, R, Dunham l. Elmer. Seated: C. Lester, l. Eagleton, l. Rainey, D. Miller, F. Rivers, D. Broad. CAN I 36 YOU IMAGINE? Noi Strain Miss Bigelow: Watts, how can you stand there and lie to me like that? Watts: It's easy when you get the hang of it. Confessions Rivers: How come it took you so long to finish your exams? Reid: The fellow next to me stutters. Time Wasted Mr. Tyler: Now we find that X is equal to zero. Kenneth: C-ee, all that work for nothing! Skin Insurance Mr. Harkness: lf I see anything funny I simply can't keep a straight face. Miss Leech: So that's why you don't shave yourself! Hard to Catch Duane: Yes, the bullet struck my head, went careening into space, and- Mary: How terriblel Did they get it out? Acrobatic "Ready," bawled Coach to his Freshman gym class, "Lift up your left leg to the count of l-Z." By mistake Bob Riley held up his right leg, which brought it out side by side with his neighbor's left leg. "And who is the galoot there holding up both legs?" shouted Coach. How Should He Know? Miss McPheeters Ito sailorl : Excuse me, do those tattoo marks wash off? Sailor: I couldn't say, lady. Suitable Material Kemper: See that girl over there? She made a fool out of me once. lim R.: What a lasting impression some girls make! Shed No Tear Marcie: Who's that brunette over there? Rosa: That's Don's girl. Marcie: Why, I thought he went with a blonde. Rosa: He did, but she dyed. Defined Miss Nelson: What do you understand by the word "deficit?" joyce: It's what you've got when you haven't got as much as you had when you had nuthin'. Camouflage Mr. Miller: Who spilled the mustard on this waffle? Mrs. Miller: Oh, Lou, how could you! This is a lemon pie! Be Reasonable Ernie labout to be operated uponl : Doctor, when I take ether, how long will it be before I know anything? Dr. Lawler lkindlyl 1 Well, Ernie, you mustn't expect too much from an anesthetic! Poor Taste! Mr. Lucas: loe, what is HNO? joe: Well, l've got it on the end of my tongue but I can't say it. Mr. Lucas: Well, spit it out: it's nitric acid. The Grade System A-One apple, polished B-One apple, unpolished C-One apple, green I D-No apple F--One apple, rotten -U 5 bg5-,f ww, A , nie, E5 5.-H .V,, 5,1 'H A ,,,,. ,digg 43 362 K try, gk 4 ,- ji ,, m, 5 V 1, Y - J1,fwg-ff.. , , .QQ 4- . 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'iff -A k W-m..M ,gf A ' .M 4 gy! . kr .gay M , P, I - , 'fd--mi X . 2 F, bf ,Z I. 5 ,, z ' J w' 'V , ,, 3,1 HZ-..i.-rggya, V - ., s 1- 5 K-Jlfzz i fp, Z A EQ, I ,Y 55- ',e'7-wg, V , ' . 'K 5 , fm . n' aaggx- .1 ' lf: if , K f 9- Q , f -. QK' - ' K sp .ff f K 4,3 gf' '14 ,'f"S' f ' ,S Ji A - ' fi K x-Q. ky i , MAJ ' .Q A' -K '7- 4, 3 Q., - K - - J " K 4 - Q' , . 5 A -- 39 M -'KU . . 21, ' ,f .5 . -, . - , Q X. WP U? 'f' 'AW , if ., W5- 'K K K1-. if , . fl : , - , -W. we psf 4 :Q - 4 , M--1. - K an . 4 .2 -53 , K' ui B I' I ,Q li , TV 5 -'- - , Q g"Kf""1 , K Q 3 1 . - ... -.,f K -5 - , ,- . U , I K4 M M V K 3 I Q ff my fg ff - Ki... ' . 1 A n ge ---AA ' Y' K - ' F? 5 -In V, 1K:,,V -z,,Lgk,lx V? af-3. I xy", , j , , ' 7 Q, 5 3' Q , - + "" V KKY K- 5 2575- 61,1--iff ' -f 32, K 52 K 'Y 51: 3 ' K W ' exff' Y' fi .V A ,i 35 .552, "fian--. .,. K E K' ' V ' K- f' ' K -f n' ve" 1 ' L g T,f 'i-asf l 1 I , 1--- 4' - "W-x wizw-,ggif ,z 1"2'if.v,-,z 4,1-f--W , .f R' ,V-f,,:,-V - - M A .234-Q ,I H - - , -' ' -- L f-M 'K.: 'p:f-ah3.2gf'.- 5 - A-f:,-1'K'::111.L-i-Tit-K -- , ' K K KK ie- XL-1' , -5,-.,,,. -1 .I , 3-f ' 'WK' - EW" ff' f'. . nffg' 'fl "5.-2:5-'LQ "'?3Q'.""Z"f-V-K'lilf-2 2I"-1:1'-C'..Ef"Z7i--ff'-23!v:.,.g.' '.., K Kf"- 5,11-,f-'ff ,- fr--.4-s fzsffv- --4 qw!--as ,,- 5 Ev-EW"--3 -:rw 1 -1-55 ---,,-W.,,- ,-.K- ,-.,:g,- -7:-.1 ', K- if-. -ff - A 'T F-Q -' ,: fl! Q--1. , 1 9-11. '--CA: ' 'ff' 5 I-. KKT 1- fri- 31. , ,-Q, E11 ,fl 3? Hifi' '11-' f ' Ai' " . KK ' ' ' ,,.,?'., v sf3fs.ZlKrgi-'aifii ff? Kf?Y"a:,,LL. ' 114 ,ff WK ---125: ,g,,gi5:. :gq- V. 4 . 'E K- - 'v ' - .4 -5 K K -A-K -F ' if-A-fqrf--..:r 1:..f,:-.-gags,-133, - vfrjfj ff'-1-.-.1-sy - '5 K Jaya. , 5-'T-3-21-Y,-:gg-. ', - ,:,1f:.-3 ,gf-:.-3-.,. . 'K .1 -r., ai , ., -- K , K' W'--f-'W-L1-" - - KK ,Jia , - .s- - 43- . :J--pw-af-1-, .- .. . ',.-..-., W , 1, L: . -ir. 2,-.1 . - '-,p-4 - -. . ,ig-' N -4 4: KK K K K K ---H 5-irivY:-.rig-:.33.L.'Zt1l?,i'lgj1i?f?':K 5 11'-x' f 5? .g:.w'.,5,3?f'3-iv..3K:r Y ' A-. gf-' . . ..,, -,.,,., 4.4. 1,5-..--wp j,?,f-.uwy 5 1 All 1' 523441- ,. , 12 . , . :.r1!a '1:.l ..v, . lg-wi -21?-:N 1 G Q 35 . 1 -' ua- . -1' I 3 3 r r 5 - , ' -324, rg H f x f -.- - w 51 w I J!- .,,a c 1: M1 if L. 5 5 'i if 'w -ge. ,q . fry, iii-5152 V ,- -V -1 4 in 5 Q,- : - v: JZ 4, vu ,Q 1 . X' 3 f 2 Y. ggfvsal: .N gr in an iii ..,V,. ,w,,, . ,P . 1 F.-4 . me - g ' S5 N A Q' 'r .. ,is ri ' 'V gigs? Sf ,. if -3 . 'E-Ea 'L 1 Q-,, i Qfirfvia- - f aw- , .- ,k ,re gr: 1- - . 4 , .V , H !-?'- , 1 : 1, 273 rwq f ggi , i' 5-f'ff'3f ' 5 .,x, . -- L. 1 "fr TY, - ' 245, t , 'fungi g., . V, 4. 1- x.,,g EN A' N31 V , , ffm 4- . 'Ugg fa 5' , ' - .ffm 'Y 4 - . ,,'f nfl L-. , , . V! V fb , Q Q , ' W1 'QW , ,,, V,- ,1 Nf.g:.f1 I, 2 .. ' Huff? 'V 'fkvf 3 +i 'ie' A f-F I Q f 55:15 ' R51 Q' , ,I V . ..- ,. 11' f: :fa . E 1 ,Tl -Y ' 514 -K: LK., :Fi Qi fl-ii ii th' ' ' 3 fix Y: 8. F . V , vw : V f N, , ,QA 2,14 'Efm ..'s.5.- wg, iss, f 5 2 'Lf'-' ' 15, . L, hr 25 ' ff ah? in I if I "I N-. fp' w il L, if. Lf' ferric' Deeds Smith Capt Rainey Bunce, Kruse, E. Adams Bacon Demaree Moline Lewis, Watts, Dawson Rivers lohnston Mitchell McAllister, Willson, Swartzbaugh, Peake, Lopez FOCDTBALI. Victor Valley Union High School pigskin tossers turned in their suits November 28 after defeating Needles on the home turf, 26-l9. Once again the jackrabbits, under the supervision of Coach Keith Gunn, have captured the Desert League championship. The big game this year was the Victorville-Lancaster fight on Armistice Day. The game was nip and tuck until the latter part of the first quarter, when Victor smeared Lancaster be- hind their own goal line. Victor kept this two-point lead until the middle of the third quarter when they finally broke after holding Lancaster for seven downs on the one-yard line. The game ended with the Victor team going down to a l4-2 defeat, but the memory of that goal line stand will linger in every spectator's mind. Fellows on the first string were: Moline, REQ Deeds, RT, Bunce, RC-3 Rainey, C3 Smith, LC, Kruse, LTQ E. Adams, LEQ Peake, HB, johnston, RHQ McAllister, FB, Rivers, Q. Subs on the heavyweight team were: Mitchell, Willson, Swartzbaugh, Lopez, Campbell, Demaree, Lewis, Watts, Bacon, Dawson. The members of the lightweight team were: Evans, Swift, Read, Saul, F. Mehner, jackson, Bryan, Oates, Lyons, Lovett, Rendell, C. Demaree, Dabney, Bernal, l. Carter, Vernon, Berger, C-obar, Ellis, Doran, Navarro, Hobbs. 39 BASKETBALL The A team's hardest and best played game was with Needles, over there. The B team's most difficult game was with Barstow. The C team's best game was with Barstow, also-the last game of the season. This game was especially well played. The basketball teams were composed of the following: A Team B Team C Team lohnston Dawson Berger Peake Hewson Bryan McAllister Orebaugh Moore Adams Navarro Swift Bunce jackson F. Mehner Rainey Mitchell Gobar Reed Therkelson Vernon W. Mehner Sheehan TRACK On April 18, the Desert League lnvitational and Divisional track meet was held on the local track. Lancaster captured the Heavyweight lnvitational meet, with the Victorville Lightweights also winning. ln the Divisional meet the Victor team came out on top-winning both the Lightweight and Heavy- weight sections. Six members of the jackrabbits received first places: Moline, Bryan, Oates, Bernal, Read, and E. Adams. SOFTBALL One of the first games was played here with Lancaster, Lancaster won both lightweight and heavyweight games. The baseball team went to Barstow on May l5. The game was extremely exciting. 40 4 A BASKETBALL: First row: Coach Gunn, 1. Rainey, D. Eunce, H. McAllister, R. Peake, D. Reed. Second row: H. Roberts, E. Adams, K. Smith, B. Moline, 1. lohnston. B BASKETBALL: First row: Coach Gunn, C. Dawson, R. Mitchell, j. Hewson. Second row: M. Navarro, E. Burdick, R. Ellis. C BASKETBALL: First row: 1. Bernal, W. Mehner, B. Bryan, F. Swift, F. Berger, Mr. Tyler. Second row: 1. Moore, B. Vernon, F. Read, O. Sheehan. TRACK: First row: D. jackson, M. Orebaugh, I. Felix, K. Seals, 1. Lovett. Second row: I. Flanigan, B. Watson A. O'Rorke, H. Therkelson, F. Berger, T. Bright, F. Read. Third row: B. Bryan, 1. Bernal, T. Oates, N. Lyons, F. Evans. Fourth row: 1. johnston, B. Watts, E. Adams, B. Moline, D. Bunce, C. Dawson, K. Gunn. SOFTBALL: First row: K. Seals, B. Vernon, G. Carter I Lovett, F Berger. Second row: 1. Bernal, F. luarez, N. Lyons, H. Therkelson, F. Evans, K. Gobar. Third row: R. Ellis, R. Freeman, L. Swartzbaugh, D. jackson, R. Lopez L. Deeds. Fourth row: Mr. Tyler, K. Smith, I. lohnston D. Bunce, B. Watts, C. Dawson, Mr, Gunn. 1 n sp ' ' T'T'3 i ' 1 i ,. Y .A l . y T' ki El' ' ,S " if it fi if AM' - ' 1 Q ' A . .,.,a 4l CHRLS' CHRLS' CHRLS' CHRLS' CHRLS' TENhHS 42 VGLLEYBALL Sophomores took interclass volleyball, with the following players on their team: M. Dunham, P. McAllister, A. Rivers, B. Barry, D. Black, C. Stine- baugh, M. Ballinger, B. Webb, and j. Godshall lcaptainl. The Seniors came second, juniors third, and Freshmen fourth. Swell going, Sophs! HOCKEY What? Girls refusing candy! What a break for the fellows! The Seniors must have trained the hardest: anyhow, they captured first place with the following team: D.' Miller, G. Quarterman, E. Stinebaugh, j. Eagleton, M. Ste- vens, C. Sanchez, L. Arnold, C. Lester, D. Broad, T. Hollingsworth, and M. Nilsen. juniors came in second, Sophs third, and Freshmen fourth. BASKETBALL Another first for the Seniors. They took Basketball with a fast team com- posed of D. Miller, M. Nilsen, M. Stevens, G. Quarterman, E. Stinebaugh, j. Eagleton, and C. Sanchez. Sophs placed second, juniors third, and Frosh fourth again, poor kids! SPEEDBALL Boy, what a kick! No, not football-only speedball. Well, those Seniors took first again, with the following players on their team: D. Miller, G. Quar- terman, E. Stinebaugh, j. Eagleton, M. Stevens, C. Sanchez, L. Arnold, C. Lester, D. Broad, T. Hollingsworth, and M, Nilsen. Sophs took second, but the deciding games for third and fourth places were never played off because of the measles epidemic that hit us. BASEBALL Now here comes the game everyone has looked forward to. Of course, it's baseball. just think, the Sophs came in first, with the following hefty batters winning laurels for their team: M. Dunham, P. McAllister lcaptainl, M. Bal- linger, D. Black, B. Webb, M. Knight, B. Erickson, A. Frye, P. Dexter, C. Stinebaugh, j. Young, and R. Seward. Second place was taken by the Seniors, third by the juniors, and fourth by the Freshmen. You can't say those Frosh aren't consistent! Tennis has been growing in popularity steadily. The first meet, held with Lancaster on our home courts, resulted in a victory by our doubles team, Will- son and Reid, while our first and second singles players, Rivers and Swift, were defeated. The Desert League tournament was held at Barstow May 9. Here Rivers won first singles from both Barstow and Needles: Swift lost to Needles in the second singles gameg Willson and Reid, the doubles team, lost to Needles and won from Barstow: the mixed doubles team, Mehner and M. Dunham, defeated Barstow: and Dorothy Miller, girls' singles, lost to Barstow. Our team will be sent to a tournament in San Bernardino in the near future. VOLLEYBALL: First row, left to right: D. Penfold, A. Rivers, M. Dunham, C. Stinebaugh, C-. Quarterman, T. Orebaugh, W. Bowen, D. Miller, 1. Eagleton, Miss Leech Second row: C. Sanchez, E. Carbajal, I. Codshall, D. M Black, C. Eagleton, M. Beekley, M, Nilsen. Third row D. Broad, H. Carter, B. Barry, P. McAllister, L. Arnold. HOCKEY: Seated: D. Penfold, D. M. Black, W. Bowen M. Nilsen, C. Sanchez, D. Broad, D. Miller, 1, Eagleton, M. Stevens, N. Buckbee, B. 1. Crawford. Second row: R. M. Street, M. Koehly, T. Hollingsworth, G. Eagleton, C. Lester, G. Quarterman, E. Mausolf, B. G. Webb, B. Erickson. Third row: Miss Leech, M. Knight, E, Carbajal, P. Dexter, T. Orebaugh, H. Carter, M. Dunham. Ze , i BASKETBALLzeSeated: B. G. webiif iififisiaiseh, G.lQuar- te:ma'n,'M. Ballinger, D. Miller, C. Sanchez, I, Eagleton, H. Carter, M. Stevens. Second row: D. Penfold, E. Stine- baugh, A. Rivers, M. Beekley, G. Eagleton. Third row: C. Stinebaugh, P. Dexter, P. McAllister, M. Dunham. WJ7 SPEEDBALL: First row: N. Buckbee, M. Beekley, D. Black, D. Miller, I, Eagleton, L. Arnold. Second row: M. Knight, P. Dexter, D. Broad, W. Bowen, H. Carter. BASEBALL: First row: C. Sanchez, P. McAllister, C. Stinebaugh, D. Black, D. Miller, 1. Campbell, 1. Eagleton. Second row: C-. Eagleton, E. Stinebaugh, P. Dexter, A. Deacon, E. Carbaial, H. Carter. 4128111151 ,' - TENNIS: First row. D Miller M. Dunham A Rivers T. Hollingsworth Second row F. Rivers F Swift M E M ti . , l - 'i v " I .M ' ' ' ' I f i ' ai . 1 , . ' , . f Wu. '-'., ., , - X BFE : .lux waiison, w. Mariner. q S' .si A jk i i Qty -, , f . ireii . . ?' L sfiii A F QQJTQ . si in ill W lf ,NL It 1 1 dl, 43 Ai v ' X ' A ' i it ' .T , X, 'i li i i ,,.1 Pnzsxmm Imumon 3111.2 ANCXINT LAW 'TRS SURVIVAL OTTHE In'It51" Toowafm Smsom 4-.X 'fly DRl'.A7.B!G,wuNNrR!1rL. mn-N my 'mm emo' Simon Agszmnxg Q f 454 THERY JTEPLS L1'l"I'i-B .MBPS xxcvzarnuaaaf-ntRL's Lucy.. ! CALENDAR. .IQBO SEPTEMBER IO-School opens-everybody groans. ll-With the opening of school comes football - and Freshies. I2--Almost 70 Freshmen - look out Sophomoresl 20-Freshman Initiation - original and clever tricks. 28-Victorville speeds to victory over the San Bernardino Reserves. OCTOBER 3-A football rally to put our teams in spirit for the game with Barstow - were our faces red! 4-Football game at Barstow - good work, Victor! I l-Senior Assembly. "This is Major Bowes, folks. Are you listening?" Ah, a cake raffle -- "Aren't you going to give me a piece?" I2-Football game at Needles - "We showed them." I6-Spanish club meeting - "No spica da English." A football rally - for a game that was never played. l8-Six weeks tests - am I mortified! i9-A football game with Colton - a good game was played by -all. The Victorville Rodeo in which some of our prettiest fluffs took prizes. 23-Another Spanish Club meeting - "Yo no se." A football rally - Barstow was cremated in great style. 24-We played Barstow - Oh boy, did we have fun! 28-A Death Valley Pay Assembly - many interesting things were told and shown. NOVEMBER l-Goodrich Tire Picture - "St. Peter will get you if you don't watch out." A Senior party - Hallowe'en - I AM SCARED! 2-We play Lone Pine a game of football - Who won? 8-The Sophs give a dance - Hot dog! No, ice cream. The Light Weight football team played Claremont - too bad, Victor. A C-irls' League meeting was called - probably to talk about their beaux. l l-We went to Lancaster for a football game-some fun! JUMOR may 15-C-irls' League - My, my, such lovely mints. A Clee Club and Art Club party -"Ain't we got fun?" me-1?4J,, l6-San Bernardino gave us a wee bit of football. 35: 21 -22-junior Play - a screaming success. ' 23-We play football at San lacinto - What's the matter, Mac? CL 27-Second 6 weeks-talk about cramming! ' 5. Senior paper-"The Shovel" lit digs up dirtl. .,f, Senior Penny Dance-C.O.D. lCollect on Dances -- Cash on Dames.l NEJUN-a 28-We play Needles for the football championship - - -i-. T we win! 44 DECEMBER 4-Senior give a picture show - Oh, look! s 7-School l l -Sti II l 4-Goes l 7-on. l8-The Nativity given by the combined C-lee Clubs. 20--junior Paper - just like a door llt slamsl. Senior Dance -Watch out, girls! Zl -VACATION ! 26-We still have vaction - 31-More vacation - IANUARY 5-Aw shucks, it's over. 6-Basketball season has opened. I4-Play Lancaster basketball. I6-C-irls' League Cake Raffle - yum, yum! 24-Semester exams - groan - bone - ditch - worry! 25-Now we play Barstow basketball-Hooray for our side. FEBRUARY l-We contest with Needles in basketball game. 6-Girls' League rehearsal - No, no, that's wrong. l4-Soph Paper - Be my Valentine! l5-English classes go to Pasadena - lucky stiffs. 27-C-irls' League Party - They et and et. ' 28-Block V Minstrel Show -- Roamin' in the Cloamin'. MARCH 6-Another Picture show - the dough comes rolling in. 19-The Art Club has a party. 20-Senior Party - How's your head, Bob? 25--Talk by R. A. Goodcell - We appreciated it. 27-Clee Club Program "O Sole Mio." APRIL l-Senior Ditch Day - April Fool! Girls' League Candy Raffle postponed till - 2-Shucks, I just missed it by one. 3-Frosh paper - first in 5 years - the jokes were only a couple of years behind. 8-Senior Picture, "lf you could only cook"-Get it, girls? C-irls' League Breakfast - Trust them to forget the matches. 9-Vacation again. -- ll.. Sovflomovr DAME X iff L .lg 'S- 'Y-uuzvsst :form -'kwomu TRJUUPH 'EDP THF SOPHOGORIL , - NATI ITY I - J S M N. M fvxs , ON. cent ALL JP FAITMFIJL-3 'VI' THREE KINGS U' OHIINTARE-'-" . -L , Tursumzw l2Al7Pl2 U Serin... Sig TMI 'FIRST 'l'll"lE IN 577 j1ARS 'TMS AGB 04' msrnuvry -' TDAGK istaga ,550 . . T vnny -vu ny - wrmly - ' VlC'TORVll-LP "' RRH"RAH -J' 45 -...i-l-ll- DITCH Dfw H N l omg .' OH f OH f l- Srmoll Dlfw 0 , 'look DEEP wxmm mu in '6:LL:f Dow- os-if-s1Lx.y SL DQ om ,Q GXAQ "Do,N"r uou gust Anon: DANQXNG IN moon uc-in EJ., .,. GQADUATION J A K ""'iXz Q 2 b . , f 'LAND Him: was vrzvme M ' Goooxsgr ,-Simons .., 46 lO-But do the Freshmen know it? I8-Desert League Track Meet-Championship-"Bicycle." 24-Frosh dance postponed-make up your minds. 29-Public School Night - Are we good or are we good? MAY l-Frosh party - Pass the mustard! 7-8-Senior play, "Growing Pains" -- talk about talentl i5-junior Assembly - The sound and action didn't always go together, but very good. Girls' League Movie, "Gold Diggers." iThe League, not the movie.l 22-Girls League Mothers' Tea - very successful. 30-Alumni Banquet - What an initiationl Bl-Baccalaureate Services - Seniors are getting nervous. IUNE l-Glass Night - another original program. 2-junior-Senior Prom - Congratulations, juniorsl 3-Senior Breakfast - Oh, you've got to GET UP in the morning. 4-Graduation - lt's almost over now - tears and tenderness. 5-School ends - school picnic. Good bye Seniors - The rest of us will retire until next year. CALENDAR CDF IQI5-I7 SEPTEMBER l l-School started - 3 boys in High: joe Turner, George Coulding, Roy Walters. 22-Watermelon Feed - Dawson Ranch. OCTOBER 9-Lyceum - lsold ticketsl. IANUARY 3-Elected student body officers: President-Doris Talmadge Secretary-Corrine Van Slyclh Treasurer-Charles Button. l8-School snow tight. 24-Meeting of Student Body to make Constitution. 30-Green and White chosen as school colors. FEBRUARY l-lndoor baseball team organized - Teams chosen from Student Body. MARCH 6-Ditch Day - Impromptu lstayed after school for 2 weeksl . l3-Entered new High School building. APRIL l9-Special program for opening new school. MAY ll-Ramona moving picture shown at High School, spon- sored by school. JUNE 2-High School play, "The Runaways" - Doris Talmadge leading lady. IO-Baccalaureate sermon. l5-Graduation - Ruth Sanborn, our first graduate. .. vu A 6 E' U' tl, ll' X :- ill L- l i I K, y yl.y 5: ggj 15 J. f V," l l iwlli q f - I ' il :"' 2: l l M: y i iifiill 'Q l ' T 1 I Z I xx T lf. I., if . "7 it .g lah Q Lf' i t l - l .V . S - 1f!. ll il 'FK l , A T I l I l 47 48 A L LJ lvl N I . . By Betty jean Crawford IN MEMORIAM joe Turner . . Wallace Ford . . Guy Adams . . Margaret Moore . For all you folks who like to follow your friends from year to year we present our directory. When last seen by our Annual scout they were in the following places doing the following things: l9l7-Lester, Ruth Sanborn, Victorville, housewife. l9l8-Sheets, Marjorie Richardson, Eagle Rock, housewife. Turner, joe ldeceasedl. l9l9-Boyd, Lettie F., Los Angeles. Curtis, Lucy, Long Beach. Gossard, Mareta Westphal, Pasadena, housewife. l 920-Applebury, Carol, Westminster, Calif., housewife. Garrison, Wilma Forster, Pasadena, housewife. Hillman, Peggy Turner, Victorville, housewife. Muller, Edith, Los Angeles. Nielson, Torvald, Carpenteria, man- ager, Drug Store. l92l-Bickford, Gertrude, Los Angeles. Crain, Donald, Downey. Chantry, Arthur, Victorville, works at ice plant. Garrison, Noland, Pasadena, service station operator. Howe, Catherine Nallay, Victorville, housewife. Porter, Doris Webb, 600 So. 3rd St., Las Vegas, Nev., housewife. Washington, Eleanor, Victorville. i922-Love, Beth Hillman, Glendale, Calif. Phillips, Bill, l44 So. j. St., Tulare, electrician. Sowles, Mabel, San Luis Obispo, Edi- son Co. employee. l 923 Class of l9l 8 Class of 1926 Class of i932 . Ex-1935 Thompson, llma Morris, Fullerton. Wright, Ethel Weiss, Victorville, op- erator, Beauty Salon. -Abbey, Lena Turner, Victorville, housewife. Fortner, Clifton, Los Angeles. Goulding, james, jr., somewhere in Ohio. Neal, Anna Christenson, San Andreas, Calif., housewife. Newman, Bonnie Webb, l505 Main St., Chico, housewife. Nielson, Clifford, San Bernardino. Nielson, Yvonne Ravenscroft, Long Beach. Ruther, Esther, Columbia, Calif., in charge of marble quarry. Sowles, Merville, San Luis Obispo, service station operator. Vessey, Carol, Pasadena. i924-Branch, Norval, 4843 2nd St., Chico, l 925 teacher, Military Academy. Hagerman, Evelyn Farley, Victorville, housewife. Irwin, john, St. johns, Ariz., rancher. Muller, Edith Garrison, Victorville, housewife. Peters, Dolores Miller, San Francisco. Pfleghardt, Dan, Los Angeles. Riche, Walter, San Bernardino. Turner, Ruby Abbey, Victorville, housewife. -Barnsback, Betty, Los Angeles. Dayton, Arbutus Ellis, Hersh Apts., Los Angeles, housewife. Graham, Thelma, Long Beach, house- wife. Kimball, Leslie, Los Angeles, sub. teacher in high school. Lamb, Anna Langford, Trona, Calif. Richards, Lota B., San Bernardino. 49 l 926 Stinson, lrwin, U. S. Marines. Sowles, Leo, Ketchikan, Alaska. Stienberg, Anna, Los Angeles. Stinebaugh, George, Victorville, ce- ment plant. -Christman, Goldie Lowery, San Ber- nardino. Drais, james, Santa Ana, California. Eagle, Harold, Victorville, soda foun- tain manager. Ford, Wallace ldeceasedl. Farrington, Robert, Woodlake, Calif., mgr. furniture and electric shop. Grundy, Margaret Farley, 3925 So. Arlington, Los Angeles, house- wife. Hunt, Billy, Los Angeles, Douglas Aircraft Corp. lrwin, Wauna Galbraith, Victorville, housewife. Kraft, Muriel Moon, Victorville Housewife. Lathrop, Philip, i326 N. Kenmore, Los Angeles, L. A. Railroad Co. Loghry, May McAllister, Healdsburg, California. Morse, Mildred Costello, Portland, Colorado. Olsen, Oscar, Adelanto. Richardson, Margaret Chase, El Cen- tro, California. Settles, Leona Nolan, Los Angeles, Cons. Art Course. Sewell, Edward, Victorville, lawyer. Tedford, George, Victorville, Victor- ville Drug Co. v l9Z7-Barrett, jane, Azusa, Marine School for Girls. Drais, Marjory Davis, Anaheim, Calif. Hawes, Theodore, Los Angeles, busi- ness college. Hawley, Wilma Hackley, Whittier, California, housewife. Lathrop, john, Los Angeles, Pacific Electric conductor. Morgan, Helen Herlick, Los Angeles. Navarro, Aurora, Victorville, clerk at Harris and Crawford. Odell, Graydon, Victorville, convales- cing from illness. Wadsworth, Flora, San Pedro. Zieger, Gerald, Victorville, feed busi- ness. l928--Baird, Margaret, Los Angeles. 50 Christenson, Morris, Tray, ldaho, mgr. General Store. i929 l93O Dunham, Scott, Victorville, cement plant. Ellis, Fred, Victorville, Ford garage. Ford, Gleen, Victorville, Southern Si- erras. Irwin, Harvey, Victorville, Grammar School teacher. King, Charles, Los Angeles. Newman, Vance, Paso Robles, Calif. North, Leo, San Bernardino, soda fountain. Sayan, Gaylord, Los Angeles. Sayan, Lyle, no information. Williams, Novia, San Francisco, sten- ographer. Weinberg, Max, Victorville. -Benlow, Marjorie Davidson, Lucerne. Brown, Helen Hoffman, San Bernar- dino, housewife. Carden, Glen, Apple Valley, farming. Christenson, Mabel Carter, San Ber- nardino, housewife. Christenson, Paul, San Bernardino. Deutschmann, William, Santa Bar- bara. Drais, Ruth Hale, Oro Grande, house- wife. Figgins, Isabel Farrington, Uplands, housewife. Herlick, Conrad, Randolph Field, Tex- as, flyer. Hewson, Herbert, Los Angeles. Klossman, Barbara Harasta, Los An- geles, housewife. Lewis, David, Santa Barbara. Sayan, Garland, Los Angeles. Snell, Charles, jr., Ramona, Calif., chemistry teacher. Wondra, George, Victorville, service station. -Black, Richard, Victorville, SneIl's Dairy. Henson, Cleone Miles, Victorville, housewife. johnson, Alfred, Phelan, cement plant. Lackey, Merriam McEwen, Victor- ville, housewife. Merrill, William, Los Angeles. Munn, Martha Nixon, Hotel Smith, Victorville, housewife. McEwen, Walter, Victorville, Stand- ard service station. Nielson, Geneva Hunt, Victorville, housewife. Payette, William, Los Angeles, play- wright. l93l 1932 Paz, Martin, Oro Grande, Paradise Auto Court. Strickland, Paul, San Bernardino, Kress Store. Walters, George, Victorville, cement plant employee. Weiss, Paula Gottwalt, housewife. Young, james, Victorville, bank clerk. Ballinger, Albert, Kramer, borax plant employee. Butts, Leland, Victorville, service sta- tion operator. Cain, Marian Stinebaugh, Los An- geles, housewife. Coombs, Alan, 3l3 W. Hawthorne St., Glendale, bank clerk. Christensen, Beth Coombs, 657 N. Harper St., Los Angeles, house- wife. Deutschmann, Edward, Victorville, chicken ranching. Hooley, Wesley, Victorville, borax plant. Holloway, Louis, San Bernardino. Horton, john, Oklahoma. Hillwig, Ardel, Oro Grande. Koehly, Lorraine, Santa Barbara. Oxnevad, Francis Bowers, Videl, Cal- ifornia, housewife. Peake, Ward, Victorville, lime rock quarry. Pitts, Thomas, 323 E. lO9th Place, Los Angeles, Safeway store. Robinson, Darrell, 2338 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, U.C. student. Shaw, Eva Reed, Lucerne, housewife. Stinebaugh, Audrey Bell, Victorville, housewife. Tempe, La Verne Hildebrand, 6l58 Bear Ave., Huntington Park, housewife. Williams, Charles, Victorville, mgr. Richfield Service. Winford, Edna Frew, Los Angeles, housewife. Wondra, Charles jr., Victorville, ser- vice station o erator Victorville, p . -Adams, Guy ldeceasedl . Dewett, Bailey, Hesperia. Dewett, Donald, Easton, Harold, truck driver. Easton, Gladys housewife. Hartman, Effie housewife. Henson, Donald, Hawaii, Navy. Henson, Derrell, Victorville. Hesperia. Ontario, cement Rendell, Ontario, Saul, Victorville, i933 Hewson, Edith, Oro Grande. Hildebrand, Walter, Victorville, Lime Rock Company. Hooley, Arthur, Victorville, Kramer Borax Works. Lewis, Freeman, Victorville, Lime Rock Co. Long, Richard, Los Angeles. Madison, Myrtle Hutchinson, Santa Ana, housewife. McAllister, Ray, Victorville, cement plant. Nilsen, Norman, Phelan, chicken ranching. Phillips, Claire, Victorville, 'round home. Rendell, Bill, Victorville, cement plant. Ross, Clara, Santa Barbara University, student. Smith, Clarice, Los Angeles, Wood- bury Business College. Troxell, Othello, Los Angeles. Wadsworth, josephine, Annapolis? Hawaii, or where? No one knows. Walters, Dorothy, Pasadena, attend- ing j. C. Ward, Helena, Burbank, California. Thelma Wieck, Los Angeles. Wheeler, Velda Williamson, Pomona, housewife. -Armstrong, Rose Mae Ryals, Brawley, California, housewife. Ballinger, Lillian Rendell, Kramer, housewife. Deutschmann, Lenore Peake, Victor- ville, housewife. Herlick, Louise, San Bernardino, op- erator in Harris' Beauty Shop. Hillwig, Ralph, Oro Grande, ranching. Hutchinson, josephine, Berkeley, U.C. student. jacobsen, Victor, Wenatchee, Wash. Lackey, Carl, Victorville, bank clerk. Nielsen, Claron, Victorville. Nilsen, Inga, Phelan, pianist in Nilsen orchestra. Notterman, Gladys, Alhambra, as- sists father as bookkeeper. Pawlowski, Elizabeth, Topanga, Cali- fornia, working in Beverly Hills. Puette, William, Los Angeles, em- ployee, American Can Co. Ridley, Isabelle, Taft, California, waitress in cafe. Smith, Albert, Kramer borax mine. Sowles, Eva, Los Angeles, private nurse. Sl Washington, Dorothy, Victorville, Verde Ranch. Williams, Agnew, Los Angeles, at- tending business college. Young, Waunetia Sparlin, Victorville, housewife. Youngs, Richard, Hesperia, ranching. 1934-Alters, Margie, Los Angeles, stenog- 52 rapher, Bureau of Power and Light. Arnold, Fern, Santa Ana, works in oranges. Black, Myrle, Victorville, Green Spot Cafe waitress. Bowen, Glen, Hawaii, army telephone operator. Carter, Lillian, Oro Grande. Conrad, Mildred, San Bernardino, Base Line Beauty Shop. Dexter, Donnell, March Field, army radio operator. Evans, Page, Pasadena, attending 1. C. Frantz, George, Victorville, cement plant. Garrison, Robert, Los Angeles, L. A. to Frisco truck driver. Hale, Elizabeth, Victorville, clerk at Harris and Crawford store. Hopson, Ruth, Victorville. jackson, Marie Erickson, Victorville, housewife. johnson, Charity, Phelan. King, William, Los Angeles, works in paint shop. Letcher, Louise, San Bernardino, stu- dent at I. C. Letcher, William, San Bernardino, student at l. C. Lunceford, Bert, Berkeley, California, attending U.C. Marki Robert, Glendale, Califo'Fnia, attending j. C. McA'lister, Walter, Y.M.C.A., San Bernardino, attending I. C. McNew, ldamae, lO38 E. Zlst St., Eugene, Oregon. Newman, Doris, Fresno, California, Attending F. Teachers' College. Oates. Fmilv, San Bernardino, attend- ing l. C. Peck. Geneva, Victorville, Southern Sierras Power Co. stenographer. Williamson, Cleo, Lancaster, clerking in store. Winkler, Vera, Victorville, at home. Young, Lola lohanson, Blythe, Cali- fornia, housewife. i935 -Anthony, Gertrude, Victorville. Black, Marian, Victorville. Black, Mary, Victorville, part time at library. Bowen, Le Roy, March Field, Army. Bowers, Fred, Victorville, Bowers Drug Co. Branch, David, U.S. Navy. Carter, Margaret King, Oro Grande, housewife. Colloran, Florence Bass, Lucerne, housewife. Dexter, Catherine, Los Angeles, Col- lege of Sacred Heart. Garrison, jack, Victorville, Ford Ga- rage. Garrison, Pearl, Apple Valley. Herlick, Clara, San Bernardino, lun- ior College. Horine, Merrill, Hesperia. jackson, Earle, Adelanto, cement plant. lohanson, Alva, Redlands, university student. King. Russell, Adelanto Garage. Knight, Rulon, Big Pines, California. Koehlv, lohn, Hollywood, attending Diesel Engineering School. McEwen, Dorothy, Victorville, Dollar Store. Martin, Donald, Sooth City, Kansas, farming. Martin. Ray, Death Valley, California, CCC. Martinson, Wilbur, San Diego, uni- versity. Moore, De Witte, Victorville, lumber yard. Ostrander, Claire, Lucerne. Panabaker, Guy, Olive, California. Rogers, Beth, Los Angeles, U.C.L.A. Said, june, Los Angeles, school li- brarian. Sewell, Mary, Victorville. Smithson, Warren, Los Angeles, air- plane factory. Street, Robert, Adelanto, poultry business. Wallsten, Thelma, Victorville, P.G. at Victor High.. Webb, Dinsmoor, San Bernardino l.C. Weiss, Rozelma, Redlands University. Ellis, Alva Welch, Victorville, house- wife. Williams, William, Victorville, ser- vice station. Williamson, Margaret Ross, Lancas- ter, housewife. - pnnnnnunnusuuunnnnnununnnnnnnuuununonnnnnuuq E ie 4 Q THE CUDAHY PACKING CO. E 1 PURITAN PRODUCTS I With Sincere Compliments U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED RANCHO YUCCA LQMA IN ALL DEPARTMENTS "A Major E Southern California T Industry" I .l.Li:: ,.........:,..........,g:...... .,,,, i,.:1,.....c::::.........g ,.....................E..........................,.,.,,,,,, . LUNCEFORD'S SNYDER'S M A R K E T i 54-104-25,6-51.00 E ' S T O R E K Carrying a Complete Line of G1-eefings fo the Variety Merchandise Class of 1936 Boy's and Girl's Tennis Shoes O ii O S pecializing in 5 MARY A. LUNCEFORD 31.00 Wash procks ' i II 5 ! .E 53 4 P-4 O 3 gr: Zu: mo H5 I" me D2 4 R. FP o "1 S. F 'TJ F1 o Q. s: fi F? M H Wfs REQ, 'S IBTUR A 9 J J? W 9 1084 4 U, NQLLLSI, A A CEMENT EOR EVERY JOB VICTOR STANDARD PORTLAND CEMENT VICTOR HYDRO-PLASTIC CEMENT VICTOR OILWELI. CEMENT VICTOR SULPHATE RESISTANT CEMENT 1 SOUTHWESTERN PORTLAND CEMENT CO. 503 Roosevelt Building Los Angeles, California Inunnnnunnnnnnn11naman:un:nunnununnnnunnnu MCKINNEY'S MARKET Fresh Meats Groceries Vegetables Feed Victorville California Compliments E. R. HORNBY GROCER Odd Fellows Building Victorville, Calif. Phone 2641 uunnuuunun unnuununnnnnn R. Y. FISH ELECTRICAL CoNTRACTINC RADIOS AND APPLIANCES Phone 300 V I C T O R NEWS AGENCY SCHOOL SUPPLIES MAGAZINES DAILY PAPERS FOUNTAIN Students Always Welcome Compliments DR. PHILIP W. LAWLER PHYSICIAN 26 SURGEON Victorville, California ED S. SMITH "The Plumber" "No Job Too Large or Small" ROCK GAS GAS RANGES ACCESSORIES Shop - 308 Sixth Street Victorville California Phone 2821 nu nunInuun:nnunnnIu1nnnnnnnuunuuuun nnnnnIunnnununUannn1annnnnnnununnnnunnnnnn WHITTEMORE JEWELRY CO. Gifts for the Graduate Class Emblems Announcements All Kinds of Watch Repairing Victorville California 55 Fnnsnnnlnnuunnunuuun nnnunnnsnlllnuunsnlunllnnlu - llnuunnunnunnunuunnlnnnlnnnualnuclnnlnnunnul I '5 li' I: E E I: I H NU-WAY LAUNDRY 5 I B. M. BENNETT I I 15 3, Victorville, California Phone 2801 I I ii ll H F Prompt and Efficient Service M in gl I ' I H E Sanitary Conditions ll ' il W FUNERAL PARLOR I , ,I :E M. W. RYAN, Prop. I AMBULANCE SERVICE 55 ll li tv in FURNITURE STORE I ai Compliments to the I Class of 1936 H I HAYWARD LUMBER COMPANY ,Q W. C. Weber, Mgr. ,I li H PHONE 2441 LI ll VICTORVILLE CALIFORNIA Ia Q QQ 'Q Victorville, California SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION, LTD. If it can be done with heat, it can be done better with gas. VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA 326 7th Street Telephone 2391 I I E J. CLAY GARRISON 2 CENTER - POISE - RIDE I Q V-8 TRUCKS V-8 CARS 2 Watch the FORDS go by! E S25 with the usual down-payment 5 Telephone 2421 Dealer Victorville, Calif. 56 .............,..m-c,,,......-...,..-..-.......e... L .................. ,.-......,,..-.......---......... 'I In 3 1-I IE I : I li ,. ,I H ii Ei u E . . ...- I I I I E I I .- Accessories Replacement Parts Wholesale - Retail THE VICTORVILLE GARAGE C. J. GooDR1cH, Prop. DEPENDABLE REPAIRING Oflicial Garage No. 49 Phone 2411 Auto Club of So. Calif. Victorville ',.. Compliments of ' SAEEWAY STOR COMPLETE FOOD SERVICE C. A. Stockdale, Mtgr. E Compliments to the Senior Class of '36 J. E. RANSOM See us about your Painting -ALBERT'S-- GROCERIES fd GENERAL MERCHANDISE ORO GRANDE, CAL112. ----------illlllliuuu'-uuuuuuun-nu-uuuullii-un DIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ nunnn nnulunuu uunnuu LOUIS L. WEISS G59 Compliments to the Senior Class of 1936 on I Manufacturer of Cement Products IN-9 VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA CLASS PINS CLASS RINGS GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS CUPS-MEDALS BUCKLEMS, NJ Manufactured by THE T. V. ALLEN CO. 812-816 Maple Ave., Los Ange les 57 igiwe nnunnnnn nnnnnu unsung gun:nuuunIInnauuulunlnunnnunnnllunnnnnnl u f . I" - fi lI'0SfO VI I , , I' 1, O 1 E ' X I fl ,ff U .1 'Q ,' f g i f " , , I 'ann' '1 4o,f'- Ir, E E If . .fr I I : an me f - '1 GEORG WON I CENTRAL PHARMACY Phone 25 7 1 SCHOOL SUPPLIES W ' DRUGS 'McKesson Service -. . U I 'I 1:51 nu:unuuunuunnnnnuunnunn:nn:nuunnunuunnnuuunnunnululnnn in nuul in Compliments to I1 Class of '36 TEXACO SERVICE T. J. H I L L M A N THE VERY NEWEST IN DRY GOODS SHOES READY-TO-WEAR Furnishings 26 Notions HARRIS '65 'CRAW1FORD "Service, Quality and Fair Prices" H. P. ZIEGER G. L. ZIEGER ZIEGER FEED STORE POULTRY '25 STOCK FEEDS HAY - GRAIN 310 Sixth St., Victorville, Calif. Cleaning Pressing Repairing Dyeing VICTORVILLE' CITY CLEANERS Helen Quinn, Mgr. AGT. INTERNATIONAL 'IIAILORING CO. Phone 2 3 9 6 Victorville ...E ln....-..................... ........................ WALTER G. ROBERT GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS REAL ESTATE Telephone 2671 Victorville, Calif. SUPERFEX-HEATERS OIL BURNERS INDEPENDENT OIL SUPPLY Distributors of DISTILLATE 8 FUEL OILS OF ALL KINDS KEROSENE 8 LUBRICATING OILS P. O. Box 156 - Phone 2781 LELAND BUTTS Victorville, Calif. -5. l fi E CHAEL COPE a QL, Wholesale the Produce Green-Grocer VICTOR VALLEY DOI-ICI-YS DAIRY NEWS-HERALD C, M. MOON, Publisher The Only Newspaper Published In Victor Valley QUALITY MILK E5 CREAM LEE DOLCH Phone 2111 I -...nm -1--mm..... -un V - he Specializing 1 . ' Distinctive U lf' I Wash Frocks RUTH GAUGHAN, Owner Stewart Hotel Building Victorville, Calif. Best Wl.Sh9S to the Senior Class of '36 E from the VICTORVILLE DRUG Co. 5 C. F. BOWERS, Prop. ' gnu ----nu Compliments DR. LLOYD W. GILLILAND Professional Building Victorville California Phone 2921 WATCH FOR THE GINGHAM WRAP WEBER BREAD CO. WHO? Gives the most for your money in quality and quantity- - T H E - VICTORVILLE BAKERY Of Course VICTORVILLE, CALIF. MEYER'S B R E A D The Perfect Loaf F O R D SERVICE STATION GAS OIL ACCESSORIES F. E. CHAMBERS, Mgr. Our Best Wishes to The Class of '36 i VAN'S MARKET COMPLETE FOOD CENTER COMPLIMEN TS OF SPROUSE-REITZ CO. DIME STORE BRlTAlN'S STUDIO Congratulations to the Class of 1936 It has been a pleasure to make your senior pictures and we hope to have the con- tinued patronage of Victorville students and their friends. Phone 3 5 2-J Colton California 60 v .luuuunnunun lnuunuununnnnn Compliments of NORTH VERDE RANCH VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA Compliments of G L O B E M I L L S GLOBE "Al" PRODUCTS MAKE "Al" COOKS nu lunnuuunnnunnnunnInunununnunn1nunuununnunnnu I I I 1 I Il EARL SL HAROLD E Compliments to Class of '36 FOUNTAIN SERVICE CANDIES - MAGAZINES Across from Post Omce E E. G. BUTTS H. E. EAGLE -nun-nun '.nnuuuununnnununn COLTON IN APPRECIATICDN The staff wishes to express its sincere appreciation for the cooperation of Mr. Moon - in helping us with our printing, of Mrs. Lester - for the early "historical" pictures you've laughed over, of Mr. Cannicott - for assisting us greatly in the planning of our Yearbook: of Mr. Harkness - for giving us unlimited access to the files: of Mr. Voelker - for taking the panel pictures, and miscellaneous snaps. Vtfithout the will- ing aid of these people, our Annual, as it is, would not have been possible. Well, you've read the Annual We've tried to please you - We don't know whether we've succeeded - What - You don't like the snaps? Why not turn some in next timel And the pictures - Well - take a look around at some of the mugs - Pretty bad - eh! Surprised us, too. Old jokes? You ought to try and find new ones. Oh, so you're saying, "After all, it's a darn good Annual." Thanks - We think so, too - THE STAFF. i E' gf .. . , l 'AZ' , ? 1 ' W1 gif-Q, f 2 " Q55 53 I , , S K fa 36' ., wif' -Q fffxtx O' fi ' " 9 . b ti f, W J V ' I 9' ' A: , of-?' f,f , . I I . Ta, Q.2.d4!-a-0'?- - cam., W L lg . if ff- -iQ a . 4 H til A , Q QQ. 5 2 . - W .E """"U- : I -dau .,A' An , . , J 4 -,Ig 'X LV Ox 3 A, W 4 pong Z ' I 5 -vrzrrq V -Li . - . ' I D . ' 2 fy ua ' Q 4A V - 39 of Vw 'P 5 , dwg' ,f - r- -' . Z !F A773 fyrpg LQ? U . Y 5 ' ' . ' - ' I ii 2 Z' - " EFF QL '-1 it , rv . .gf .- w. . , H " ffl vu - Q - , ' , v-A M., fa. , Q . I . , , N . 01 , ,Q 4, MN.. Av -,S fi Qgpf, , my ,.-J H . ,- :",,:'ff"fi- '-L4 A is 'F -fx4,2 . ' f ':L " 7 f -' q'P5-1' 4 , 13 V w , fs I K WWW 'F ffl Qafoyc- MW W :Q 55 WWWW ff gif? W A ke MM wfqwxfl J7.. E jg T5 Jawa? J K QQ? wffggwgf 23590 M Wxiiis WM ,AU Q5 ' Til ,QW MW 9 f ""g,gg- pf. 374.-f',gef.5f,-' "rw "1-"-1--"ggi-I". w gg5,1v,.- 31.345-'+g.' .g.f1-rw -4 zwf gg--:g3'3'-g1'i,Au 55,5 1.-g.,., 31 W- 'f'Eb'? 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Suggestions in the Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) collection:

Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 56

1936, pg 56

Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 48

1936, pg 48

Victor Valley High School - Joshua Tree Yearbook (Victorville, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 59

1936, pg 59

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