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Text from Pages 1 - 56 of the 1957 volume:

-."fi:, ,. ' .-. '55 ,-we 4a .1 ,, dg,!,.'1k:lA. V, V' - r' f- 45. ,. .V . it .. yu , If 5 .li x j , R Jug" ,R , A .. .1 .5.if'b: I,-rz,,gx'L11., J' 1-'i31'L-' 16 wi- '-wg-f--.H ' 'f.. Q 14 'S' T., -' .432 .x ,gd ,- If - Lai' ' . 4 -.A " ' , .cn , . !.,f !V. fx' ' .Fa-253 xv' Z "Qt -.bfi mf' ww nu, ...Q ,-, BQ?" , c'w?s' ,. , qf,,,, mf.,- ' ,F . kv , ... , . ,X 4 P: W. mf, ,, ,. '-Mu, ,: - 13 f- 'fy Q gig . 3- ff, L ,- M , I, 'Q:,.' p5',.T.f 5 Agp, 1 f A 'wg ' , , es? . W gf, - f.-iff:,,2,,f.,ngL.fe,,,q,f a. ffggr :Q ' . - x la, 53- q., R -'nlf"f"'G!-' 155' r" my: ' L' - 1 4 1 1 , -x Z' :tg , ',,.v: '- . K , , . ' X 1- ...A F V JY.. J' x 'xwi 5, f, i . A 1 , V ..,,M,,1 . sr, .S I A ' . if H S R 3 f X . , is P b F Q ' :ff ' .f . , I ,Y t 4 A " 5 , - t 3 M Mm 4" A- . N ' .is ' 7 .. ' K - 'il b in ' i if 'f-'if X? 3' M Ji ' Q- , i . is i Q jf X 1 l gg A , u A X , M it X ,rf X 5 W I A ,f - M W Wi Mi 5 sf . A Q R . 1 J 69' f , is Q 4 I ft. ' f 'ra x K f X x , Q " f Q F W I X Q . , l gg , ,Q Q Q ' x kk ,4 . x f ua ,, X X ff, 5 , A "' I x nh as S - X , Q t' Q Q 5 5, Q 1 , if , 4' f ' ,g .. A qt-Qi . lv Al l t Q. 'V Q f ,wif A , Q wif , ' 4 . Q 4 -f ' 'ka :xx fa axfkffg 5 :f .xiii s ' K 5Kf'Qx,- ix. . fmg xs 'Vat cy f 'A ,km X K fl . -g I In . . , - wi.-1 q4H-X . '91 Q A ' . 1 gi, ' 3 , y ,M x ,. -' X X 6 . . . Q1 X f . -f f ' 1 . , 1. fi sw -f n Q V b 9 I 1' 3 it 5 95035 - gin. .V fy WX- 1 sf 11" 1 N A ' ' , 'Q A 1 , y . :Q . L. . 'X ' ' E J " I 'Via-w flying Q 1 1 ' - -mk- . H5 " A - ' - :fl A-A if 4' via 9 Q. 5. v L13 Q Q KF. A A jx I . . y , Mg? k w K ul, Hg Q 5, . ,ix .NM S ii , 4 'Q f 5 X 4 ff W 2s?1'w2+f2iAE -f , -S ' M ., ' A N .. - , ,. ,. X W ,4LL 1, fq,i,iA , . NNY . ' 'L 4 L f L :'L - ' . L 9 . 'H A A lx Q Q , -mf idfji' 6- A fx X, . My Q, K wg N": ' - A L W sf- 4 t .I ff! I Front row: Dolores Hacket, Junior Representative: Alvin Wagner, Vice President, Dean Williamson, Presi- dent, Janice Kerr, Secretary, Treasurer, Donna Fay Hewitt, Freshman Representative. Back row: Pete Ward, Seventh grade Representative, Jim Dullenty, Sophomore Representative: Donalee Leach, Senior Representative, Dan Brown, Eighth grade Representative, Mr. Charles Dillon, Advisor, Student Body Officers Left to right: Dean Williamson, Presi- dent, Janice Kerr, Secretary-Treasurer Alvin Wagner, Vice President, H This page is sponsored by ENTERPRISE MERC. . Victor. and COCA-COLA. Missoula ga... With heartfelt love and appreciation we, the class of 1957, dedicate our Pirate to the be- loved friend who set our feet in the right direction on the road of learning twelve years ago - our first grade teacher, MRS, MAYME CLARKE, . W' This page is sponsored by GENEVA'S APPAREL and BEN FRANKLIN STORE Hamilton A-uv S' yum, mfs .WMP E? Il f I IO 2 8 'I 5 51 j ADMINISTRATION SZ ills:-T, I 3 gf -if V f i AI V 1 Y l 'ii I ,I Fw .. - - o - , - ' an- 'TI' -Q... -HMA ,M .'.f-Y Sedan! gaafwl Left to right: Andrew M. Polson, Presidemg Sadie B. Miller, Clerk: Ferd Tucker, Norma Brown, Hugh B, Garner, John Moore, Charles E, Dillon, Superintendent, '? Cooks, Left to rightz Mrs. Katie Heidt and Mrs. Ethel Miles, Custodians: Mr, and Mrs, Francis Miller and daughter, Myrna, This page is sponsored by JOSTENS, Owattona, Wisconsin, and NOBLES, Hamilton W ?ffff2Vffff+f'f1ffi1ff:zM2'fff , WMMAWMM' .J "x, 2ffMW,WWff5ff2 WW X ffnff,7?fM'fWW, wfww N ffjwfw WW N JWW' ' X 4,-f This page sponsored by FARMERS STATE BANK, Victor f J X GoT MY EYES' 08 Yo U " '69 HQ m 5 Al U JOHN MUNSON ALICIA BINGHAM CHARLES DILLON Mathematics En glish Superintendent PAUL VENELL Athletics SUSANNA VICKMARK LOREN GERDES . S . TERESA WARD Commercial ORLAND ROGERS cience Remedial Work Music This page is sponsored by WOODWARDS, AND FORT OWEN SERVICE, Stevensville "Rol.X. IIKE A B16 WI-IEEY' DIPLOH X if S - X. - 9 3 xlllf - Af. ,- , V 1 O X UI' V N I 3 I I I Eiiii- -'.'- ,UIL I 13 'is - "' SENIORS 5 - -is ass ' S K gg . Senior Officers Best dressed girl in high school, no doubt! ea Wa-4 5-HM"-m1.,,A-N-U-+ r,r,r,wM Iris Hayne, Secretaryg Dean Williamson, Vice President, Janice Kerr, President. Mrs, Bingham, our be- loved sponsor. She is really very good natured! Senior girls, all six of us. 41 This page is sponsored by THE WESTERN NEWS, Hamilton DONNA JEAN BABBITT "Jeannie" "l'm a Fool to Care" Pep Club 1,2,3,4, President 4, Secretary 3g Band 1,2,3g Chorus 1,2,3g Victorians 1,2,3g All-State Chorus 2: Tennis 3,4g Class Treasurer 3g Cheerleader 3,45 Student Council Alternate 4g Pirate Staff 45 An- nual Staff4g Carnival Queen 4g PE 1,2g Plays: "Old Kentucky Garden" 2g "Ghost Wanted" 3. CHARLES LEE GIBSON "Chuck" "Just a Plain Old Country Boy" PE 1,2,a,4: "V" Club 3,4 Football l,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Annual Staff 4g Plays: "Ghost Wanted" 3, PATRICIA LEE BUKER upatty.. "Sweet Old Fashioned Girl" Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3g Chorus 1,2,3g Office Practice 4g Carnival Queen Candidate 3g Annual Staff 4g Pirate Staff 4g PE 1,23 Plays: "Old Kentucky Garden' 2g "Ghost Wanted" 3. DEAN WILLIAMSON "Speed" "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke that Cigarette" Basketball l,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Tennis 3,45 Baseball 1,3,4g Track '23 "V" Club 1,2,3,4g Class Vice President 4g Class president 2, Student Council Rep. 3: Student Body President 4g Student Council President 4, Plays: "Ghost Wanted", Pirate Staff 4g Annual Staff 4, JANICE KERR alany.. "True Love" Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Class Vice President 2g Chorus 1, 23 Carnival Queen Candidate 25 Student Council Secretary 4g Student Body Secretary 45 Class President 4, Cheerleader 4, Pirate Editor 4g Annual Editor 4, Plays: "Five to Five Thirty" 1, "The Palmer Way" 3, "Ghost Wanted" 3. JEROME MANSFIELD "Chief" "Drink, Drink, Drink" Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball Manager 1,23 Track 2,3, 4, Baseball 1,3,4g Class Vice President lg Student Coun cil Representative 2: "V" Club 1,2,3,4g Plays: "Ghost Wanted"g Pirate Staff 43 Annual staff 4, DONALEE LEACH C77 "I'm Never Satisfied" Tennis 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,3,4g Band l,2,3g Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Pep Club Vice President 4, Pep Club Secretary 35 Student Council 1,3,4g Cheerleader 3,43 Pirate Staff 43 Annual staff 4g Girl State Alternate 35 Carnival Candidate lg PE 1,2g Plays: "Ghost Wanted" 3, Old Kentucky Garden" 2, CLYDE TUCKER "Tuck" "l Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby" Class Vice President 2, 3g Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball l,'2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Track 2,3: "V" Club 1,2,3,4 Pirate Staff 43 Annual Staff 4g Plays: "Ghost Wanted", "A Portrait of Nelson Holi- day Ir. " LENORE IANETT SULLIVAN "Mickey" "lf it Ain't One Thing It's Another" chorus 1,2,3: Pep Club 2,3,4g An 1,25 PE 1,25 of- fice 4g Annual staff 45 Pirate Staff 45 Plays: "Old Kentucky Garden' 2, "Ghost Wanted, " 'bl-I! wmcr if O0 I ,F 4 J -Wg 3 1 ' 5 VT? O CO 637 Nix "' JUNIORS E... 5 Sf 2 1 X Junior Class Officers: Vada Yates, President: Mark Bingham, Vice Presidentg Jeanie Dillon, Secretary Painting??? Wrong foot! That's right This page is sponsored by FIRST STATE BANK, and RHODES GAMBLE STORE, Stevensviile ,fw:,.' Q ,. ,4.,.,. in 'ii'fffff'?ii: t ,tn..f,,.g 1 f. W fb L W ,Hx K fwvfd , 'Glue-x ' M, . , Q.. , . 1, Vt, f ' f x ' . ' ff ': fkfii H 2? 'W' 2.5 .N ff, '1 ., , V .I K vi Q -Q1 , M A DEE D, STANLEY ALVIN GENE WAGNER MARGARET F, WARD "Dee" "Dadio" "Margo" "He may look shy but don't depend "When pleasure interferes with studies, "The other Gold Dust Twin, on it, " quit studying. " Q ?J VJ VADA RUTH YATES "Spuds" Come on Tom, don't be "I believe in love at first sight, but stingy! I also believe in having another look. " Geeeetttt to work! n This page is sponsored by C at D CLEANERS and G 8a R ELECTRIC, Hamilton Ha., ill? 'MY mir' THE sine 2 if -731 sg, 5 Kms' -f 1 1. 'isis Sophomore Class Officers: Dwayne Hinman, Vice President: Lilly Olson, Presidentg Jim Dullenry, Student Council Representativeg not pictured, Margie Parker, Secretary. Quit teasing ! just restin' K glk,r5l:i1,,r5xgr- .q Follow me This page is sponsored by MEDO-LAND DAIRY, Missoula Q Virgil Brown Jack Buker Cecelia Cole Monte Daniels if f ,355 Lk X I as .1 V f f M. . N1 + 1 5-'Q Ja rf Jim Dullenty Judy Esche Dwayne Hinman Alberta Holt UV ! F X ft PK grim W 1' f' Joy Kent Jessie Maier Mike Payne Albert Wagner Li11Y Olson Margaret Parker Carol Woodward Martin Woodward " THE IEAST To SAY THE Mo T5 N g i V"Q,p ce "M X N ' - 858 Y . 111, X7 , B N ! 3 Q ' gig X 5 03 B 551' :7 aa 00 Q .Qc f' ff I X, '- ' PRES:-:MEN S- . Freshman Officers: David Garner, Secretaryg Peggy Cunningham, President. I won't go wading, Mommy! Our class sponsor E - in 3-, -2 1 - .. -zz: - -- - N-at - if 4 aaab- David? .ki , Y Montana's Miami Beach This page sponsored by BUKER'S TEXACO SERVICE and THE BOX ELDER, Victor ff',y5 u-'7f""" Y ' Q' 4 W ' 1 161 f I . .1 giirfffffg U' I' I ll ' ' vj gf. cg x .' X' ws Q ' 1 Q vw Myrna Anderson lim Baier Lisandra Bishop William Buker lack Burgess Chriss Crawford f! Q I be .111 ,. .:: EE. :Jig ff ,EVE-15 figs P '1i1?if!,YE7Z'l' H eggy Cunningham ggi, H, 22,4 David Garner " KQV' jihyfzf . 0' I . . I Q -4 'N- .. Mary Dell Hayne Donna Fay Hewitt Sherry Hinman Robert Hunter Thomas Jacques Joanne Maier wv Grp 4 Reg " ' - 12 ' E r, 'IN mp B111 Parker Jeanette Reed ff EJ Richard Reed Joseph Ward 'x I James Palmer "Too YQUNC1 To TAXXGQ 591 " 'if f 1- --- lg 10 ' QW ,f nv Q t-tall: W I y J f if iw ,M-do we -X T f 3 -' 3 3 9, 2, 'JUNIOR HIGH . o o G ,nh Q ff- -wut , J-.: . g i, K 'slash-'-5?f:.a44,' Q From row, left to right: Jeanie Simonsen, Kathy Overturf, Linda Langton, Ruth Bingham, Nancy Raymond, Marion Hewitt, Middle row: Mrs, Vickmark, Joanne Rimmereid, Mary Crawford, Glenda Woodward, Back row: Pete Ward Gary Rogers, Marvin Simonsen, Brian Langton, Thane Atwood, Walter Kittle, 'Qfii cg.-ag' I Front row, left to right: Virginia Eshe, Dale Ann Williamson, Caroline Ward, Judy Murray, Carol Palmer, Janet Brown, Lynn Gilbert, June Dullenty, Gerry Grimm. Middle row: Frank Cook, Suzanne Tout, Doris Case, Hazel Roberts, Sharon Larson, Janice Brunner, Glenda Anderson, Donald Wandler. Back row: Eric Gould, Melvin Ankeny Keenan Bingham, John Golay, Dan Brown, Roger King, Delbert Olson, Mr, Gerdes. This Page Sponsored by INTERSTATE LUMBER, Hamilton "C-:QNE GATHERINC:5" i 5 px ORGAN ZAT E Eli! -5 GW Pawn and 14144446 Std-ff Front row: Donalee Leach, Make up editor: Clyde Tucker, Business Manager: Janice Kerr, Editor, Middle row: Advisors, Mrs. Susanna Vickmark, Mrs. Alicia Bing- ham. Back row, left to right: Patty Buker, Jeanie Babbitt, Jerry Mansfeild, Charles Gib- son, Bruce White, Dean Will iamson, Iris Hayne, Lenore Sullivan. W.. .?"""- "W" dial Staff Front row, left to right: Jessie Maier, Peggy Cunningham, Mrs, Bingham, Advisor: Cecilia Cole, Evelyn Brunner, Back row: Ginger Esche, Susanne Tout, Lynne Gilbert, Mary Hayne, Iris Hayne Lilly Olson. I Office Staff Left to right: Donna Kerr, Alberta Holt, Mrs. Sadie Miller, Secretary, Patty Buker, Lenore Sullivan, Iris Hayne. 5 , iff."-' Aw 604 Science glad This page is sponsored by ATWELLS GROCERY and GOBLE DRUG, Victor gum m,4g4m4 'Zfanofzglocaa Front row, left to right: Cecilia Cole, Myrna Miller, Donalee Leach, Donna Jean Babbitt, Second row: Jim Dullenty Dee Stanley, David Garner, Clyde Tucker, Mark Bingham, Alvie Hinman, Director, Mr. Orland Rogers. 7w0zln4 Mascot, Kelly Vickmark. Left to right: Evelyn Brunner, Lilly Olson, Carol Woodward, Jeanie Dillon, Donna Kerr, Margorie Parker, Myrna Miller, Cecilia Cole, Jessie Maier. View Smal 8444 This page is sponsored by STEELE MAYTAG, Hamilton Q? A U SHAKERATTLE MI' l2oI.X." kin , 1 1 Z 7 W f Jlf.-..wllL.- ... ll I I ul --me fr, M X 4- Q A Q 'G A I gui' 3' flu, V f . V ' MW f -Q x g 'N K 9 2 f V1 4 ff M , f WW? ! ' f f -QQ k"llli.-1.1, .... ls- m ' v I .--Kita.. K SPORTS I. lui . Back row: Coach Venell, John Raymond, Alvin Wagner, Alvie Himman, Dean Williamson, Rich Kittie. Kneeling: Clyde Tucker, Tom Leach, Chuck Gibson, Darrel Hayne, Marty Woodward, , Al. Come on, Pirates, Go get him! in W A Go, Alvie George, go! This Page Sponsored by DOWNING REXALL DRUG, ST. IOHN'S DRUG, ROBERT HALL'S BITTERROOT DRUG, Hamilton. B-SQUAD BASKETBALL TEAM Front row, left to right: Coach Mr, Paul Venell, Richard Reed, Mark Bingham, Jim Biaer. Back row: David Garner, Joe Ward, Jim Palmer, A-SQUAD BASKETBALL TEAM Front row, left to right: Tommy Jaques, Dean Williamson, Clyde Tucker, Bruce White, Martin Woodward, Second row: Coach Mr, Paul Venell, Alvie Hinman, Alvin Wagner, Chriss Crawford, Charles Gibson, Richard Kittel. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM Front row, left to right: Walter Kittel, Pete Ward, Danny Brown, John Golay, Keenan Bingham, Thane Atwood, Delbert Olson. Back row: Coach, Mr. Paul Venell, Roger King, Donald Wandler, Brian Langton, Melvin Ankeny, Marvin Simonsen, Gary Rogers, Eric Gould. This page is sponsored by BITTERROOT LAUNDRY, O, K, RUBBER WELDERS, Hamilton CHEERLEADERS Donalee Leach Jeanie Babbitt Janice Kerr Girls Tennis Participants of Interschola stic , This Page Sponsored by FORD'S FEDERATED, Hamilton Jeanie Babbitt Dona lee Leach TRACK TEAM Front row: Ierry Mansfield, Alvie Hinman, Back row: Tom beach, Clyde Tucker fNfN " K ITTENJ' " OCC H0 W-r 90 Qs 000 Go fa xfzgx ,..-o 0 O - . t ----so ELEMENTARY Top row, left to right: Mrs. Mayme Clarke, First Gradeg Mrs. Margaret Cummings, Second Gradeg Miss Dorothy Gulliford, Third Grade, Bottom row: Mrs. Neva Campbell, Fourth Grade: Mrs, Lu Rea Tanner, Fifth Gradeg Mrs. Alma Connor, Sixth Grade, Elementary Band iw i Christmas Program Kelly Vickmark, Elementary Twirler Grade School Nativity Scene Fourth Grade Halloween Party This page sponsored by CITIZENS STATE BANK, Hamilton Q V I From row, left to right: Le Chel Grimm, Ianet Thompson, uw, ,,,t.,c,, .M L. tw.,- Y 'ff It Carlene Payne, Louise Raymond, Ardith Gilbert, Sandra Moore, Jane Speake, Second row: Steven Nield, Emil Maier, Donald Kibler, Wayne Kent, Kearld Nield, John Chaney, Third row: Mrs. Mayme Clarke, Sandra Kent, Larry Mahe, Marsha Nies, Dorothy Martinell, Robert Hewitt, Douglas Delaney. Not Pictured: Kenny Wright, Jeanette Loesch, Pamela Wilson, EIQ NJA F.......,..... "'P ar- '-'-t , '1 Wal' 1 Front row, left to right: Freddy Simonsen, Sandra Nield, Julie Thompson, Mary Kay Williamson, Margaret Chaney, Kelly Vickmark, Kim Murray. Back row: Wayne Allen, Jerry Skaggs, Billy Matthews, Tommy Payne, Bruce Gould, Gary Mahe, Mrs, Margaret Cunningham. Not pictured: Nancy Raudsep. ..,, 'assi' ,aw G3 643' 1 Front row, left to right: Shirley Jones, Gary Hayne, Chester Garner, David Thrailkill, Jimmy Case, Thomas Cunningham, Marilyn Brown, Second row: Diana Bingham, Judy Martinell, Jo Anna Skaggs, Shirleen Woodward, Kathryn Chaney, Bernadine Nies. Third row: Miss Dorothy Gulliford, Alice Hill, Glenna Roberts, Laura Speake, Not Pictured: James Waylett, Keith Rimmereid. Front row, left to right: Linda Campbell, Yates Marjorie Gould, Renae Nield, Ariel Atwood, Second row: Mrsl Neva Campbell, Loran Grimm, Walter Martin, David Brown, George Marquez, Timothy Over turf, Third row: Terry Williamson, Charles Speake, Clayton Bishop, Michael Fifield, James Gilbert, 'lv 'Y 'JC' A .- - Front row, left to right: Susan Brunner, Susan Polson, Maxine Hayne, Carrie Cook, Suzanne Thrailkill, Carol Camp- bell, Betty Roberts, Back row: Vernon Garner, Danny Rogers, Wayne Williamson, Nancy Tout, Mike Murray, Johnny Gibson, Ward Fifield, Not Pictured: Donna Terry, CD O Sufi Front row, left to right: Nancy Brown, Judy Hayne, Linda Stanley, Joann White, Nancy Lu Allen, Helen Bishop, Second row: Dean Jaques, Elizabeth Chaney, Patsy Golay, Rita Ward, Risa Atwood, Perilee Daniels, Lenny Hinman, Third rowg John Bishop, Dale Larson, Robert Allen, Patrick Murray, Eddie Anderson, 13 311 Y' Senior Play, "Bolts and Nuts" Junior Play Cas: Senior Play IW' " . 1, Hic ! N-1 vu'-r X., n 5551 Q. J . v 1 .4 CJ gr rv Q o i s 'F 'Q 4 , , I PIB!! Dive Susie ! --,1....,...W., ., 4 2 it gif: . N ZW, Q A-1, S A if. , ' ' x ,J - vw '.. gs' X -- ' 5.2,-,-f :gk .W ,w '- r 4. "nv like . S 5 f, 1 - 5 -:B 'wa Q?" 4, 5 V Q Q Z- -ff Bw, ,, ,rf , 5 f if Wrfrwf ' r . V, f S ,rry ,S in qw eww, -, :I .1 z. Nsuft-6: Siifiimx, ..4.....-... ., S "1 View .we -- mms :jj warn rn. 'f '5'!Y'vvv3"f vi ir ' YV 'VX DONNA JEAN BABBITT, Carnival Queen .Pl at PATTY BUKER, Prom Queen 5? DOLORES HACKETT, Best supporting actressg ALBERTA HOLT, Best Actress. fri'- Boys' State: Alvie Hinman, Alternate: Dee Stanleyg Girls' State: Arlene Buhler, Alternateg Dolores Hackett, 1 syn' .ut , g, .x, I 2 x , 1 at .-56,293 , -in - . . - ,,,. DEAN WILLIAMSON, Athletic King gf X 1' ' t r 3' Kay Z' our ' CLYDE TUCKER, Salutatoriang BRUCE WHITE, Valedictorian. i 2 gg ',..-ox, I 'QD Tu A wg Q- 7 BILLY PARKER, Best Supporting Actorg DWAYNE HINMAN, Best Actor, f- i Q . 'Q I K X at .' Declam Team: Dwayne Hinman, Jim Dullenty, Peggy Golay, Alberta Holt. QQ 9 G i v 6 Librarians 6 Time Before But Mom, it's too early. OLII 'll K W,,ir.,.. 4 M Y 1 e 8 's P r 6 I I Y After My Baby! Go, man, go! Heave Hoi This page sponsored by FULLERTON'S HEATING AND PLUMBING, Hamilton 7041! The Class wills its good grades and ability to get along with each other to the Junior Class. Donna Jean Babbitt wills the Florence boys to next years Senior girls. Patty Buker wills her quiet ways to Donna Fay Hewitt, Chuch Gibson wills his driving ability to Douglas Madigan. Iris Hayne wills her figure to Pat Cunningham. Janice Kerr wills her laugh to Arlene Buhler and her ability to go steady for three years to Vada Yates. Donalee Leach wills her ability to get the family car to Alvie. Jerry Mansfield wills his height to Joe Ward but he wants to take his home brew with him. Mickey Sullivan would will her curly hair and art ability to Donna Kerr but she already has both. Clyde Tucker wills his black curly hair and big brown eyes to Myrna Anderson. Bruce White wills his brains to Alvin Wagner and his wild ways to Chriss Crawford. Dean Williamson wills his speed U3 to Alvie Hinman. Donna Jean, Janice, and Donalee will the old cigarette butts left to them by Dale Judge C563 to Elsie King. Wwtow The Class of 1957 began school in 1945 with Mayme Clarke as their first grade teacher. Of the graduating class six began and attended school at Victor for twelve years. These are Donna Jean Babbitt, Donalee Leach, Bruce White, Patty Buker, Dean Williamson, and Clyde Tucker. Janice Kerr joined us during the first grade. Jerry Mansfield was a new addition when we began our second school year with Mrs. Babbitt as our teacher. We continued through the next five years with new pupils enrolling and dropping. Not until we were seventh graders did Chuck Gibson join us. We graduated from the eighth grade with the above mentioned and several others who have since moved or dropped school entirely. At the beginning of our first year in high school Mickey Sullivan joined us from Etna. Our first three years of high school seemed to fly past. Our Senior year brought Iris Hayne, our last new addition. Our class has always been known for keeping good grades, being cooperative, and getting along with one another as a class. Our teachers have been proud of us, thus making each one of us proud to be members of the graduating class of 1957. Ulf Int hsrhooil Arc lAYlOl MADE I IDI PUIINNING COMPANY DAHAS. IEXAS Om Snead ' The Senior Class of 1957 took a Sneak Trip this year that we hope can be enjoyed by Senior Classes from now on, Our route took us into Canada. We would like to relate to you some of our experiences. We met at the home of Larry Grimm Tuesday night, May 7 to pack our belongings into the two station wagons we had acquired for the trip. Each person had a sleeping bag, air mattress, one change of clothes, and dress clothes for special occasions. Food was contributed and also packed this night. We rushed home as soon as we were through in order to get enough sleep to enable us to rise at 6:00 the next morning. 6:30 a. m. found us well on our way out of the limits of Victor. What a site to see two station wagons crammed to the gills with sleeping bags, food, and seven people each. "Canada, here we come," was on the mind of each one, although "Canada, look out, " would have been more appropriate. Before crossing the border we saw such sites as the Bison Range, Hungry Horse Dam, and Flathead Lake. Our first night was spent at Cardston, Alberta, Canada, It was raining so we rented a cabin for the women and the men slept in the backs of the station wagons. Before retiring, a delicious home-cooked meal was consumed, and we took in a movie at the local movie house. The next morning we rose early and left for Calgary. We reached there in the early afternoon and rented another cabin to freshen up a bit. We decided to go shopping, so we dressed for the big city and drove to the main part of Calgary. You would have thought no one had ever seen fourteen people crammed into one station wagon before by the way the Royal folks stared at us. But it was great fun. Upon returning to the cabin, supper was started. Some of us went for a walk while the others had kitchen duty. Mrs. Bingham had quite a time finding the right cabin when she returned from a walk. They say the third time's a charm, and with her it worked just that way. Quite embarrassing. Friday found us on our way through Banff Park. We stopped at the town of Banff and there saw the Mountie in his red coat. It seems that the red coats are for dress, but we encouraged one to model his for us. All it took was one simple question, "We'd like to see a Mountie in a red coat, have you got one?" We chose to camp near Radium Hot Springs this night. We went for a swim and enjoyed it very much, Our supper was cooked in the fireplace at one end of our camp shelter. The women slept under the shelter that night and the men found a place outside under the Royal Stars, We crossed the border Saturday and traveled to Cour d' Alene, Idaho. We had supper and took in another movie to celebrate our last night. We crossed into Montana by way of Lookout Pass Sunday, We were all relieved and yet dissappointed when we reached home that Sunday evening. We certainly enjoyed our trip for the fun and education we gained from it. The beautiful Canadian Rockies The beautiful Canadian Mounties mini 'P!uQ7v!-4:.i4Bi6:'UXw.L

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Victor High School - Pirate Yearbook (Victor, MT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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