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T ,V,,.,,f..,,, - -f frww- :.: ', f-Q. -4' ' ' . ' A 9 i ' .H rf' A Li? ff! El- H Q? A ,v :L HQ' "J . n 1- IJL ' If - J ' 1 . ,. ' , .Y Y 'S .,.1 I E 4 X . , E-GENE' 3 I, "pig '+ , , . 'sn 1 I ,y . . A I 1. P - ,All L , N . '54 5 - V1 . -. , y . .V A , ,. 1 ' f , .. " W . ", ', 1 ' f-f uf - ' H ' . L' z, z J " L, F Wm 4 -15: ', A A . . '- .9 V 1 1. fa J, ,. I, V 1 N ,. . ' , , , M 1 L, w X, W 1 if A , 1 1 ' ' x, 1 I ,', 1 x . 'F'-,, ea 1 1 1 , y 1 4 v hi, . .p I. . v'- n . , V s, ,. ,+Hi1fj1. .. ,YW x .-V4 1. lf,- lx '.. 5 ' ,',.:QfJ lggfxuya, , ,,. w w vi v S1 ' v HJ 1 1. nu., - 1 ,... n f if 1. T! f':' .W4 .fu y . 5 . 4 Q1 Y. V Aus , :fi fi' ',, .H 1 ' L X ' ,,x , . xiifxf, ' r' ufkf " - JS. -'f-i'i-2 1. " ..'2-,.g' u ' 3..'.y' P? is 3.1 :-I . X WI-,,9'l'JQ.' 1 'Kr f sf :L-if-Q ipwa- , 111 ,-.-'-sm ,:,g .' 1 ff! f-5 .. .R '.' ' " 'uf-f ' ' . -iii X , 4 I' fl. F T. y., - :ii lug! 'lui Us 3, . 'w. i.'.?':3,3 v 1 ff2?'2.f'- r'-'if ' i Jin. ip an . V '-f f' pg' 11. 'I ' N . f Q '7 'i .gk5ff.n1' xr ,,f,11. g.-X v 3 3,12-if"-.ff", A A ,,1t'fj'.f' 'I'.::jlif-,Q . 4 I -' f- H: .- V vfxfjlf 'gif yi, "A:'P3?.lf ll no -F -A X-'-. 1 1:,if?,g I 4 , n. A, Q41 . To Mr. Clell Mace Riddle, accidentally killed on Sefztember ll, 1952, outstanding citizen of the Victor covrimuaity and beloved father of our classmate, Donna Riddle, we the Senior Class of 1953 do respectfully dedicate this annual. THIS PAGE IS SFONSORED BY THE HAMILTON FLORAL 67.477 The annual staff consists of, left to rightg Shirley Buker, typistg Ephie Hackett, business managerg Donna Riddle, editorg Doris Menager, picture editor and Lois Larson Ovitt, picture editor. Shirlee Funkhouser was made a typist later in the year. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE VALLEY MERCANTILE CO. OF HAMILTON, MONTANA 2 4 HZ' X wg, 1 TITIS PAGE IS I3I'xffSOTiLiD WY THE ' l h ,. .. . Rn"VALLI CHLIILMARY COf.U"APIY OF . n H . ' ILAMIL PJN , f'ONTf1.NA 3 IA Fa ult LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs. Helen Peterson: English and social science, Mr. John O'Brien: history and junior high, Mr. Larry Ryan: phygicgl education, economics and junior high, Mr. T. J. Ylinen: superinten- dent and general science, Mr. John Munson: mathematics, shop and biology, Mrs. Laura Patten son: physical education and commercial subjects. Mr. Guthrie was not present at the time 1 the picture was taken. U513 PAGE IS SPONSCRED BY THE Mr. Harold Guthrie: music and HAMILTON Bom, or HAIAIILTON, junior Hish- MONTANA 4 9 rv 1 9 F' . gmac A 11N WN ' N5 W! ul 41 THIS PAGE TS SFOIISORED BY TIH3 C 8: D CLEANERS AND THE OUTDOOR SUPPLY COMPANY HAMILTON, MONTANA 5 A M gn :V W-14 S Q l Auhnik SHI HLEY FIIPILR P.E.-l,2,3,4, Chorus-3,4, Band-l,2,3 4, Pirate-4, Annual-4, Scxtette-4, Victorians-3,4, Class Vice President 5, Secretary of Band-3,4, Pep Club Presi 1.f- nt-3, Cheerleader-3,4, car- nival queen candidate-l, PLAYS-ANTIC SPRING, BTO CROOKS AND A LADY, ONE MAD NIGHT, HIS FIRST DATE. THIS PAGE IS SVSNHORED BY GAMBLES AND BORhN'S OF JIU CCLE Basketball-1,2,3,4, Football-1,2,3,4, Track-2,5,4, Tennis-2,3,4, BuSGball- 3,4, Band-I,2, Chorus-3,4, Vichori- ans-3,4, Student Council-3, V-Club President-4, V-Club secretary-3, Pirane Staff-3,4, Plays-AHFIC SVHI23 iHAClZXJEY,'VE BOOK, EULLNUJX WEDDIN', ONE BMD NIGHT, THC CRCOKS AUD A LADY, DEAR DEPARTMD f '? HAMILTON, MONTANA ,H X, , A U: ver 1k:1 WHU' MMI GARNUTT BARBARA JEAN HACKLJTT Football-4, Basketball-4, PLAYS- EgcigjCi'2'4ChIf3f?g1-2- Band-1.25C1ass H1L1,rz1L1A' '.'mnD1N', om: mu NIGHT, NIGHT gms 'THE B003 ONE MAD ms FIRST DATE ,' T DATE' Camlval queen 6 Oandldate-4, Junior Prom Queen 'T 8 ff' .Q D , ,L 'Dv A X 404' 'L f HIS VASE IS S1OTSORLD NOBLES CF HAMILTON g. rx Iva 'W X 4 f 2 pp NX NY X I 385. r 4 f EPHRIAM HACKETT Basketball-5, Base- ball-3, Chorus-3,2 Band-l,2,3,4, Victon ians-3,4, class sec- retary-1, president- 4, student council- 2,3, president of Band-4. Pirate staffh 3,4, Business mana- ger of the annual-4, vice-president of the student body-4, PLAYS-THE BOOR,ANTIC SPRING, BLACK DBRBX HILLBILLY WEDDIN,ONE MAD NIGHT KENNETH SHBHBjNDY Basketball-5,4,Track- 5, Student Council-4 PLAYS-THE BOOR,BLACK DERBY,HILLBlLLY HED- DIY, ONE MAD NIGHT LOIS LAHJON OVIFT P. E.-1,2,3, Chorus- l,2,5, Victorians- 3,4, Pirate staff- 4, Picture editor of the annual-4, Band- Deolams-1,2 1 I I la PLAYS-EAST LYNNE , HILLBILLY hEDDIN,ONE MAD NIGHT DONNA RIDDLE P. E.-1,2, Chorus- l,2, Pirate editor- 3, Annual editor-4, class secretary-2,5, Pep Club secretary- 2, president of the student body-4, PLAYS-BLACK DERBY, TWO CROOKS AND A LADY, ONE MAD NIGIH at 'E .pt, Q Ad SHIRLEE PUNKHUUSSR P. E.-1,2, Chorus-2,5,4, Student zzuncil-4, Victorians-3,4, Sex- tette-4, typist for the annual-A Pirate snuff-3,4, PLAYS-LITTLE DANLIN, BLACK DERBY, SMMHM PULS TUB STRINGS, UNL MAD NIGHT, and ,Q DEAR DEPARTED. nw." . 9 DORIS MENAGER P. E.-I,2,3, Band-1,2,5, Chorus-l,2, Pirate staff-3,4, Picture editor of the annual-4, Vice presilent of the class-1,2,4,Pep Club vice president -2, Cheerleader-5, carnival Queen candidate-3, Queen of Dog Patch-4. F2 LOUIS VAUGHN Tennis-1 Stage manager of the BLACK DERBY AND ONE MAD NIGHT THIS PAGE IS SP'NSORED BY RAVALLI REPUBLICAN OF HAMILTON' MONTANA 8 V? DALE HENDXICK Basketball-2,5,4, Football-2,3,4, Trfck-2, Baseball-5, Class president -2, V-Club secretary-4, Chorus-L,4, Viccorians-3,4, PLAYS- THE EOOR, AARON JLIO.. FAOJ PVHININ CREEK, LIITLE DARLING, BLACK OERBY, TKO CROOKS AND A LADY, HILLBILLY HEDDIN, ONE MAD NIGHT and THE DEAR D VANTED. JERRALEE JUDGE P.E.-I,2,4, Chorus-I,2,5, Pirate staff-5,4, Librarian-2, Pep Club-4 PLAYS-ONE MAD NIGHT HIGH cLAss DAM-ES JHAT' S ALL T:iIS? As T15 IAM. IQ SFG,bO.Zn,D ASSEMBLY PRJGRAMS S TAT ON LTOTORS C O . CARNIVAL HAITI LTO!! , '.fOT!T.1Ml!A LARRY STANLEY AS THE BOSS SALT MINE WORKERS "WING"' IN ONE MAD NIGHT I PURE TORTURE -0 Wi Y ff I 53 A l ,lwvxi 'f', FQ! , Alaiiwf LARRY STANLEY HELEN WILLIAMSON SECRETARYJPREASURER CAROL KERR, PPJSJSIDHNT VICE PRESIDENT af- '46 ' Q5 A ,Qi ,H 3 Q ll PAY BRGWN DOROTHY VAUGHN COLLEEN ANKENY f Wvff PATRICA WHITE PATSY HINMAN GERINE ALDRICH NOT PICTURED: LAVERNE ANDREWS, ROBERTA MILLER, JERRALD JUDGE. The Junior class has 12 members. Their activities for the year include the Sadie HhWkin's dance, the class play nHi11bi11y Weddinu and the Junior Prom. LaVerne Andrews and Roberta Miller joined the class in the middle of the year. CLASS SPONSOR: MR. MUNSON This page is sponsored by the CITIZENS STATE BANK of Hamilton, Montana. ' JP' AID AWAY' HILLBILLY WE OUR EDITOR X .4213 SOPHISTICATr 1 1 DDIN' D 5 ',fSi? 1: 9 L a 1 MERLYN MILLER MURIEL KAUFHAN BARBARA TUCKER If ' SQ' ' ' -u. - , M ,,, Wifi f RRR ,R M 6' bn' S1 L sf 24 'Q 'I iii. 7' 2 ILADEAN JONES JINMY MANS FIELD ARLENE GIBSON , 1' 95 . R I ISR 1 RR 5? lift: W VER ga.'iwMf Efq I Ei 7'O'JQ5i MARVIN WILLIAMSON VIOLA WAFNWR J .. GORDON MANN NORMA BRUNNER JOHNNY YATES NORMA WILLIAMSON 4 Y MA RLENE CONNER ' 1 KN 6 Qui? . 4- .abd R. R ., 'qlvafv' Q ' N , " ..v :- LESTER HINTON mai-5' 1 KATHLEEN KANE GLENN HILL Nor PICTUREU: KEITH JRPSOR, LARRY Jonas, THOMAS KERR, ROBERT smm. CLASS SPONSOR: MR. O'BRIEN Sponsor of this page is W. G. WOOUNARD COMPANY, Hamilton, Montana. ' OLE FUNNY FACE' vmAT's SHE TRL! 'NAITIN' mm TOURNAMENT HARD AT Nom JUN IORS AND SENIORS , K5 Q R5 T65 EN Qb Ykgmmk C gib W WPS? X1 X M 0 KI XCR Q QS 'Y fx W ,SQYCEQU iscxoa r A QW THE GREAT JUMP 0 wi B SW FAN S BEH1 ND THE LINES WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED- LOVE? ? ? SQUARES DANCING N N in ,.-Qs, 8 4, .M .1 PADDY UNYER ROBERT COLE JUDY MANSFIELD 5 WW IQ ff 1 FRANCES DANIELS RONNY GROFF MAY BUKER ws' :fm ' .4 5 I Y I gr i Aw I v - Q 5 NOAH CUCHINE MARILYN HILL DALE JUDGE . 1 , . g Y' v' 1 .2 . .I glji 4 K, ' 'T X 9 Q. Y CLAIR VARNER IXJNNA BRUNER W N f 'gift' 'ae 5 L T '4 N' 1 W - o x l CLHJ VLRNEH RONNY KITTEL A 6 463 I . u 1 PAT GARNETT MARITA MILLER ,f' -'Q 441.5 Q .,,. , 4. it nsvu .mcxsoxv JERRY HINMLN LYDIA GONCZAR This page is sponsored by BELL McCALL COMPANY of Hamilton, Montana. 5? . f, I If ,1 M " will We ,ffl Q. yn -Q 'N , mv- g ' 5 , , ,-2-':e . . .safe ' 1 I., fi 4 Q gr Eighth Grade BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Jerome Mansfield, Patty Buker, Herbie Funkhouser, Richard Guthrie, Douglas Jackson, Richard Jones, Clyde Tucker, Janice Kerr, Dean Williamson, Donalee Leach, Donna Jean Babbitt, Bruce White, Elouise Clarke, Charles Gibson, Betsy Winship, Jerry Burrow, Mr. Ryan S THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED by BUKER. S Tmco VICTOR MERCANTILE, and FRANK'S SERVICE I I Seventh Grade BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Evelyn Brunner, Robert Smith, Johnny Stovall, Richard Kittel, Douglas Madi- gan, Alvie Hinman, Delores Hackett, De- lores Richards, Ivy Jackson, Donna Kerr, Veda Yates, Peggy Golay, Myrna Miller, Jerry Riddle, Alford Lewno, Tommy Leach, Johnny Swdgert, Alvin Wagner Fifth Grade LEFT TO RIGHT Johnny Gow,Tom Jacques, Bobby Chaffin, Billy Buker, Richard Reed, Carmel Garnett, Sandy Bishop, Doris Whitten, Verna Jones, Jeanette Reed, Donna Hewitt. Judy Jackson, Sherry Hinman, Mrs. Smith I6 Sixth Grade BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Carol Woodward, Judy Esche, Louetta Jones, Lilly Olson, Judy Munden, Carlynn Brown, Bobby Ylinen, Dwayne Hinman, lnrtin Woodward, James Dul- lenty, Monty Daniels, Cecelia Cole, Patricia Brown, Anita Guthrie, Jack Buker, Albert Wagner, Virgil Brown, Cyrick Wandler, Donald Reynolds "'...3 .-.v Th i rd BACK RUS, J. dentleme Wonxou, L. Lnnjtou, Tnlnor, L Brown, L. mmol, 1.1. Hnnson, J Lfnnden , B Grade LSFT TO RIGHT n, I. Sim- Toc, B. H. Tout, C. Lanqton, H. Hinnwn, Y. HQ-.-fits, T. ' Bishop, 1. Allan, P. Hrown, G. hoodard, H. Cnchine, J. Simnowson, H. Munson, Hrs. Ylinen. Q First Grade BACK ROJ, LEFT TO RIGHT N. Tout, P. Daniels Mooney, F. Jackson, Gibson, K. Loosch, J. Goble, W. Gentleman, S. Brunner, S. Brown, Marquez, R. Hansen, Cuohlno, C. Campbell, C. Cook, B. Roberts Marek, Mrs. Clark -., Fourth Grade ., .,. . . M JHLK LUW, Lo:T TQ KTLNT K. Robarks, J. Brown, 7. Esvno, E. Gowld, Q. Hwwsln, B. Klwg, J, Golnj, H. Mansfield, L. Gilbert, J. Brwnner, H. R5dile, G. King, F, Cook,S. Lwrsvn, 3. Lxw' Y. Ankenj, T. Anderson, 30 TOYILV, Du 61.191, IJ, Brang 3.Lh1dl:r, J. Dullenhj, Mrs. Dnrnford g QP 'I T1 If Second Grade A.. BACL HCL, LEFT TO RIYEH Williamson,D. Larsm . Poiersow, Y. Golay, . Poe E. Marek J. D. Kaufmaw, R. Mwnson, G. Gutnrie D. nolds, H. Chaffln, Jaques, T. Gush ne, ,. Allen, H. Bishop, . Chaney, L. Stwnley, Brown Mrs. Costello STANDING: Ronald Kittle, managerg Mr. Ryan, coach. Seated are Dale Judge, Larry Jones, Lester Hinton, Jimmy Mansfield, Jim Cole, Bobby Smith, Glenn Hill, Ronny Groff, Merlyn Miller, Bob Cole and Marvin Williamson. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE VALLEY CLEANERS OF HAMILTON, MONTANA ANU THE BELL MCCALL COMPANY OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA I8 STANDING: LaVerne Andrews, Johnny Yates, Bobby Smith, Merlyn Miller, Ronny Groff, Lester Hinton, Mr. Ryan. KNEELING: Larry Stanley, Bobby Cole, Jerry Hinman, Larry Jones, Jim Cole. THI3 PAGE IS SPONSORED BY BARRON'S JEWELRY I9 T RACK TENNIS - The tennis team: Johnny Yates, Jim Cole, The track team consists of LaVern And- Larry Jones, Norma Williamson, Helen Will- rews, Merlyn Miller and Larry Jones. iamson and Colleen Ankeny LaVern Andrews came in third in the mile Larry Jones won 2nd place in the county run at the county meet, only to be dis- tennis meet, Helen Williamson and Colleen qualified. He also came in 8th at the Ankeny won the ,irls do les and Colleen state meet at Missoula. Ankeny was 2nd in the girls singles. BASEBALL The baseball team, Qpicture not availablej, is composed of Glenn Hill, Pat Garnett, Bobby Cole, Jerry Hinman, Ronald Kittle, Larry Jones, Ronny Grofq Bobby Smith, Gordon Mann, Merlyn Miller and Marvin Williamson. The team made a very good showing this year, winning a high percentage of thegames played. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE BUCK COMMERCIAL COM ANY AND POLL'S CREAM STATION OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA 20 .H.Q IA 1 Q CESCHED EY THE STEVINVILLE FEED k PVEL CC. AND THE ENEHO AGENCY OF STEVENSVI LE, MONTANA 1' AKE UP , 5 'J ' 1 I , I rf. wi , - JA E aux JANITORS E GN ,oC, T 5 ,pr The groups in the music division this year are: the Band, Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus, the Sextettc and the Victorions. The bond has played Ht all Howe Qwwos,'xt mournumewt and F.T.A. meetings. The following rdkings were recvivod wt the County Music Meet in Namiltowz I Band-2, Girls Chorus-5, Mixed Chorus-2, and the Victor- ians-l. Mr. Guthrie is the director. The Sextette entered and took first place in the Proup division at the All Vallef Talent Show. THERE HAVE BEEN SOME CHANGES, HUH? 21 MIXED CHORUS LEFT TO RIGHT H. Kettle, K. Jepson, P. Garnett, Vaughn, M. Garnett, M. Miller, E. Hackett, J. Cole, D. Hendrick, C Varner, G. Hill, C. Tucker, Guthrie, H. Funkhouser, L. Gonczar, D. Brunner, J. Mansfield, S. Buker, B. Tucker, M. Miller, P. Dwyer, D Babbitt, C. Varner, J. Kerr, D Leach, Mr. Guthrie F. Daniels M. I l Buker, B. Winship, M. Conner, S Funkhouser, A. Gibson, M. Kaufman R. Jackson, and M. Hill BAND STANDING: V. Wagner, Mr. Guthrie, B. Ylinen, C. Var- ner, R. Guthrie, C. Tucker, A. Gibson, F. Dwyer, third row: H. Pinkhsuser, M. Bukeg M. Conner, L. Hackett, A. Hinnac, second row: L. Gon- czar, J. Mansfield, D. Bah- bitt, S. Bukvr, H. Miller,M. Kaufman, H. Tucker, H. Win- sniw, X. Williamson, V. Yates, J. Riddle, First row A. Juthrie, J. Dullennly, U, Hewitt, D. Mudqan, J. Bukgr Qdgu 0 SEXTETTE Shirley Buker, Barbara Tucker, Shirlee Funk- houser, Muriel Kauhmug Paddy DWyer, Lydia Gonczar, accompanist- Lois Ovitt THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY STEVENSVILLE JEIILRY H51 gf-jsp W1- Hue-S - -H-fb b--,J -Low we wi +u..s+,+L.. lflrgfrfvlf EV HW' bb'-25 Uk!! '+v-muff Fav C'-H Raise, O. Qlz-Lv Fav Xnxcf -FOV' " was 00 0, 5 fy 'V J tif? 1.L wfifi- JN J .P I di' IJM.-I-kf.v WLQJFVJDV Hglkfwtl jj-gg.. Ef,,ckzm,!iW+rL ?,4M M, ET J hf5JZ',,, 'JN ii Liafawifigm- W' f?f7H!I?l17H.l-kjvw +111 fffm I EJZEJ i',.,SCJ+E.,,ff,fEf'f,f? 'ill LIWCW' LJ ' ,sh QSM. l T O ' . VENSVILLE, MONTANA V-CLUB THE V-CLUB: standing, left to right, Mr. Ryan, Marvin William- S011. Larry Stanley. Johnny Yates, Merlyn Miller, Dale Judge Ronny Groff, Perky Kerr, Bobby Cole. SEATED: Ronald Kittle, Larry JOHGS, Jim Mansfield, Lester Hinton, Gordon Mann, Bobby Smith, Dale Hendrick, Ephie Hackett, Jim Cole, Glenn 1511, Kieth Jepson. The activities of the V-Club for the past year have been to participate in assemblies and the carnival and to co-sponsor a SQUBFO dance. The officers are: Jim Cole, Presidentg Larry Jones, vice-president, Dale Hendrick, secretary. PEP CLUB The Pep Club has 34 members, they are: Donna Brunner, May Buker, Francis Daniels Paddy Dwyer, Marilyn Hill, RaVay Jackson, Judy Mansfield, Marita Miller, Cleo Varner, Norma Brunner, Marlene Conner, Arlene Gibson, Iladean Jones, Kathlan Kane, Muriel Kauf- man, Barbara Tucker, Viola Wagner, Norma Williamson, Gerine.Aldrich, Colleen Ankeny, Patsy Hinman, Carol Kerr, Dorothy Vaughn, Helen Williamson, Fay Brown, Patricia White Barbara Jean Hackett, Jerralee Judge, Lois Ovitt, Doris Manager, Donna Riddle, Shirley Buker, Shirlee Fbnkhouser, and Billy killer. Their activities for the past year have been a halloween party, a square dance co-sponsored withthe V-Club, a tea for the mot- hers, a P. J. party, assemblies and a shower. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE GAIETY SHOP OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA 24 + THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE CITY BAKERY AND SCOTTY'S DRUG OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA - UIL. I uiih. E HM-4-Rainy STUDENT COUNCIL The members of the student council are, standing: Lydia Gon- zar, Fay Brown, Colleen Ankeny, Ken Sherbondy, Marlene Conner, Barbara Tucker, Patsy Hinman. Seated are Mrs. Peterson,sponsorg Ephie Hackett, vice-presidentg Donna Riddle, presidentgGerine, Aldrich, secretary, and Mr. Ylinen, sponsor. l 1 ' lfijs, A ,WWII n Q THE PIRATE STAFF The journalists are, left to right, standing: Jorralee Judge, Barbara Joan Hackett, Mike Garnett, Dale Hendrick, Louis Vaughm and Shirlee Funkhouser. Seated are Shirley Buker, Eph'Hackett, Lois Ovitt, Doris Menager, Ken Snorbondy, Donna Riddle, and Jim Cole. 25 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY FRED EHRHART, INSURANCE, AND KEITH'S SHOE SERVICE, OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA The members of the one-act, uThe Dear Depart- edn are Marilyn Hill, Glenn Hill, Shirlee Fhnk- honsor, Dale Hendrick, Cleo Varner and Jim Cole. The members of uHis First Dateu are Barbara Jean Hackett, Carol Kerr, Mike Garnett, Shirley Buker, Larry Stanley and Muriel Kaufman. This was the play chosen to represent Victor at the County Festival. The comments concerning this play were very favorable. , W fvmwfdgag' S ,sf - V , ' f if? 'WQKLJQWF '. gygyywlfkypy l'T9Q7ff.F3 - b if ini' 5, V,-w qsxlv THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE ARCADIAN CONVALESCENT HOM OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA SPECIAL RECOGNITION TO.... DARETTA MAKI YATES ROBERTA BLAIR FORTNER who aftgr leaving school in who finished her high school the middle of her senior year education in three Years' returned this year to finish up her work and receive her diploma. Roberta began high school with the present Seniors and fini- shed while they were Juniors. Ephie Hackett, for winning the following scholarships: the Ravalli County M, E, A , the Women's C1ub's scholarship in music, the Ravalli Elks scholarship and the Montana State University scholarship. Barbara Jean Hackett, for winning the scholarship to Dillon . Lois Larson.Ovitt, for winning the scholarship to Billings. continued on next page 27 SPECIAL RECOGNITION T0..... Colleen Ankeny and Helen Williamson for winning the girls doubles championship at the state tennis meet. Barbara Jean Hackett and Ken Sherbondy for winning the Babe Ruth award based on good citizenship, fair play and sportsmanship. Donna Riddle for winning the Silver Key in journalism in her Senior and Junior year, also for being one of 6 persons in Montana to receive a sso. scholarship to Montana University. Dale Hendrick for having participated in 9 plays in his 4 years of high school, setting an all-time record for Victor High. Judy Mansfield and Bobby Cole, for being the receivers of the Occupations Award offered to a boy and girl in the Freshman class, determined by grades, attitude and good citizenship. the student council for putting into effect the first constitution the school has had in several years. Clyde Tucker for winning the Best Student award, given to the most deserving eighth grader. THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY KEN'S CLUB OF STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA 28 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY IRENE'S GIFT CLUES AN STEVENSVILLE, MONTANA CLASS PROPHECY Upon graduation from dear old Victor High School the class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-three decided that they would hold a reunion 10 years hence at a place to be designated at a more convenient date. Let us now imagine that the time is now May, 1965 and the setting is at Mrs. Shirley Back1in's, the former Shirley Buker. As IB look in on the scene everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. The center attraction appears to be Miss Shirlee Funkhouser Qyes, she is still singlej who is singing one of her latest songs. She is by Ephraim QHot Lipsj Hackett and his band. Ephraim has made for himself in the music world. accompanied quite a name nation's most to be on the Sitting on the sideline we find Donna Riddle, one of the well known journalists. She is writing a story, and it seems class reunion. Well, now that Shirlee has finished her song the gang appears to be drifting off in little groups to talk over the past few years. Oh, yes! There's actors on television. United States. Dale Hendrick, who is now one of the highest paid He also owns the largest television station in the Now, who do I see Manager! Doris is now walking towards him? Why, yes, I believe it's Doris secretary to Rodney Van Houghton, owner of the only movie studio left in the world, seeing as Dale Hendrick's company has put all others out of business. Over in another corner I spy Mike Garnett talking to his old pal, E. L. Vaughn. Mike is now president of the Podunk Railroad Company. Louis Vaughn has just finished riding that man-killer horse, Blue Lightening, and has won the purse, which amounts to S10,000. Now he can buy another hot-rod to replace the one he wrecked in his last auto race. Standing over at the refreshment table I see none other than that All- American hero Jim Cole, who is coach of the Husky Team in the wilds of Alaska. Also at the table, talking with Jim, I see General Kenneth Sherbondy. Ken has gone far in his army career. He is next on the list for president. And there's our hostess Shirley talking to Mrs. Lois Ovitt, the former Lois Larson, about their family affairs. You know each of them has a set of twin girls but Lois also has an older boy. Walking up to Shirley and Lois, I see Mrs. Barbara Job, the fonmer arbara Jean Hackett. Barbara Jean is the mother of three boys. Besides being a successful mother she is also a school teacher in dear old Victor. Well the party seems to be breaking up and Reverend Jerralee Judge is among the first to be leaving so she can prepare her senmon for the following day. I know this reunion has been a lot of fun for the Seniors and they will probably get together soon in the future. Shirlee Funkhouser Class Prophecy 29 D GAMBLES OF THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE STEVENSVILLE BANK OF STEVENSV ILLE , IIOHTANA LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1955, on this twentieth day of May, in the year of Our Lord One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty-Three, do make, publish, and declare this to be our last will and testament. First: to the Faculty we leave our appreciation for a task well done. Second: to the future Seniors of V. H. S. we leave our sincerest hope that they may enjoy high school as much as we have. Third: certain members of the Senior class will the following personal bequests. 117 127 137 147 157 167 177 187 197 1107 1117 C127 1157 Donna Riddle wills her driving ability to Mr. O'Brien hoping that it will help him. Ken Sherbondy wills his shy ways to Larry Jones. Doris llenager wills her job of making posters to anyone dumb enough to take it. Dale Hendrick wills his wavy hair to ,Jim Mansfield. Shirlee Rxnkhouser wills her voice to the Victor Fire Department. Ephie Hackett wills his music ability to Jerrald Judge and La Ve Andrews. rn Barbara Jean Hackett wills her quiet disposition to Pat Garnett. Jim Cole wills his ability to get girl friends to La Vern Andrews. Shirley Buker wills her flirty ways to Barbara Tucker and Muriel Kaufman. like Garnett wills his biology book to anyone that's crazy enough to take it. Lois Larson Ovitt wills the happiness of married life to Patsy Hinman and Lesterniiinton. Louis Vaughn wills his ability to come' to school every day to Francis Daniels. Jerralee Judge wills her manly stride to Carol Kerr. M 1 U51 .Sum GL-ru of ' , 1 Qflafoz Sobel nnnounou ltr, Gommananwst fxculua , fwulnulay wurlng, dung bmuanflckl dVLnatun Kmrlul fifty-time elsif o'JoaA Wlafm dlldlfdilltlll X Baaaalnuuata , asumlay waning, dung unniuarff N fight 0'db8A when 9.1.-.pd GAW5 THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY THE WHITESITT FUNERAL HOIE OF STEVISNSVILLE, ummm : Baccalaureate Program commencement Program Federated Church VICTOR HIGH SCHOOL GYMNASIUH WEDNESDAY. May 20, 1953 MAY 17. 1953 mo pi m. 3:3321 - I F162 --V- . KUQAII' QQ 'f Qu- W' . Proceaalonal ........... ................. Se hool lllll I ' Invocation ......... ........... Rav . F. L. Lama -r , vnednmnan ............... n ....................................................... mpnrmm Racke!! Now la the Hour ....................................... .. .... ,. ........ .. ..... .. ............ Traditional Jim Cole. Dale Hendricks. Ephriam Hackett, Mike Garnett Prooonioncrl ........ ....... M ra. Earl Roberts Eighth Graqe Preumauon ............7....- ........................ .. .... John Ulrka lnvmuon -..-..-...-- ..........--...-..-'--.--..'- R ,vi Q. V. coow- Memories .................................................................. - ...... .. ............ Von Alltym "Bountiful Saviour Shlrlee Funkhouur, Shirley Buker, Lola Larson Ovitt ch""i"'s"" Vic"'i""' '-some x-naaen value. or Q mga School mamuuw' ........ramu 'rmuan ........................................ ROV. F. Lewno Present-tion of scholllmhip. -nd Award. .'..... ummmnnumg T. J' nm "Dear Lord. Father ol Mankind" ....... .............. V ictorians r sammonm ......................................................... ..... - Lola Lltloh Ovm Sermon ............................................................ Rev. F. L. Lowno Presbnmlon of Clan -...-..- ----.-.------ .- -- T- J- WMI -vhymd th. sian" ..-.'- -..... 5 neu., ......"-'..-..- Victorians Presentation of Dlplomoa ........................... ............ K mnoth Klum!! "C0l'n1leld MGIOIUQIU ... ............................ .... .......... ..... ..... ..... ........ ............ GIG! Bonodiction .............. ................ R ev. O. V. Coopor meme Guthrie, Hume Funkhouer' cud. .hacker N Rocolaional ....... MW- Eafl Rohm' neneaaeuon nov. rr. G. Guthtio A.- , x -1 S-if' -" 'M ., '4 A1i.wI'f'PW?W"'hTF'FL'1 fhl tolllilg pages of AUTOUFAPHB an sponsored by rm mm: nnrnnmw .co.or. mm or Q , 9 1 N fl , A u -. I V ' -wk :V , 0 . la . .-, , ' V ywws, -' " .lv :W . I., A . v L tru. ' 1. 1 v-r 5' -1 4. x 4 v 8. 1,1 , x f rg 1 r , KW ,Iv Y' A W- , V, , . f mmm' :L I 'Lise . ' fum' I' - - . 3 .X K. .Jfgx wr, 'W ,aw . ' , ug- K , -g:,,. ,y ' 'I .AAG Lf? li 1 . Q wr I V? 'x 31 Uk Y' -2' ! 35,4 u j en. - .,. V: "1 , . ,- gl' . . V r ' ' ' 193 A"'. . u .'.I'R'L ,. ,"' 1,443.7 , . "iM ' I A rx. !,.,- ., I F " -:-R IL' . -XY .'- ' j.1' '1,iL'.'.- if wx" 1 .433 I K K ax :'j"' 'I , 3545 fi: 1 - . ' 'S' ., I'- Q, -X H- I ' re,-4 V-Q ffl 1 P' 4 .v. 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Pl. jg, rf , Wa' ' Exim' 'Ar AN V . X -1 1 Y W Y N 3 .. QF. A 1 i' ,QI 'f 4 -fvwrg-1 7- I4..,1!,N:, 1 v z TWH I ' ni A . ' Y L rg- x 1 . . f. V . l ' v . . , 1 I 1 ' v 1 5.7 1 "ft - ' ,fi K . 5 If I O 0 ' A 4 f f Q w. ! -1 VY -4. L 4 , 51 ' . Ds' Q ,Wi I , n I .-. I . .L Ma, L ,,g. .- wi. , W-,I , ., -.-fi" 2:3 1 " - 4 v 4 . n . ! B . I"w,.N 5.2. L Iv, ii , 4, '-"4 'J . F' ff!-. ' -4,1 -I fifb

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