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LIBRI .EA K L X . 1 ,jg H 1: . gf. K!!! Y 12' 'W .- ., . ,,., ..,2i .H ii 'U 5, 5355 -V - 1--F5 4 :vi 'As' .- ': 'ME 4 M I ...Q-.,, - -fx ,ug-W,.,,.. ,T.wLn1....,,: 6? ' w ,V r . , 6 MIL , , lxy WM on .fr ef Q 4' 1 kiwi 40- 9 . ' 'x .l X 0 0 L , PROPERTY OF' ' U' ' in ,J ,lg S f " ' "WN 7 .,l- . . 'sw ,.1, , .aff EDICATIUN !C5l 5 I.U DEDI TED To Mr. Merlin Bickell, an outstanding graduate of Victor High School, an inspiration to his community, a stimulant to fair play and promoter of worth hile school activities, we the Senior Class of 1950, do dedicate this annual. AN NUAL STAFF Editor: Judith Patton Pictures: Bertha Lunceford Features: Lorraine Hinton Make-Up: Darlene Hinman Sports editor: Claude Ankeny Art editor: Wilma Richards Assistants: Lloyd Larson, Alfred Larson, Dale Mansfield Raymond Mann, Dick Hill, and Milton Harper. T3 .H 0 -J x mace , A R36 YWOVJQ Q0 kc BVQXQ11 gpomcmmerkca ?"..,- Q, N wx- - mf ,gp L wi as xon xg xkjw ,-, snr.. ' uk xle Kwgi kgjc EEMCQHOXK N34 xx YQQQQQ, .mf .JM otgwev Yk3QXuCJQgQCS4K1j,5S Q94 355415 uma YIOH: W . T. .KCCQW zy,,,c,4',0m5 QR Q96 ieofskcxs My . A ' ' amwgk ,mem TNQ WTQMQTW5 work 'xox' e , V 7' V A . . Q x if g0xmW'Q6 QQQQO woxslx 'cw SUN" QV x5 . Q x A Q!-WWMWX ' XMI!-LRG f L ,.,,.. -A 24A X lU4 4251 JOHN MUNSON Ago, Math., B. S. Agriculture Montana State College Graduate Work Montana State College Oregon State College 2: Qi YLINEN Sciences B. A. Education Montana State University Graduate Work Education Montana State University B: QL McGILLIS Coach B. S. Biological Science Midland College M. A. Physical Education Col. State College of Ed. JOSEPH BRAGG Music Director B. S. Education Concord College Graduate Work Music Montana State University 6' MARK P. HITE B.A. Fist. 8 Pol. Science Montana State University M.A. Northwestern History Montana State University 481 4 10 SENIORS President: Vice-Pres: Sec.-Treas: Replaced by JUNIORS President: Vice-Pres: Sec.-Treas: SOPHMDRES President: Vice-Pres: Sec.-Treas: LAURA BICKELL 725 Grade Western Montana College of Ed. LAURA PATTERSON Commerce B. A. Education Montana State University Replaced Mrs., Scott Jan. 1950 JACK NETHERTON Sth Grade, Jr. High Coach Carnegie Junior College University Oklahoma 'mf 1 W. J. Rhodes replaced Laura Bickell in March. Freshman Sponsor: Mrs. Patterson Sophomore Sponsor: Mr. McGillis Junior Sponsor: Mr. Munson Senior Sponsor: Mr. Ilinen Claude Ankeny Milton Harper Bertha Lunceford Lorraine Hinton Bill Williamson Walter Roy Helen Gingerich Darrell Ehlert Don Williamson Janice Brodell FRESHMAN President: Vice-Pres: Secretary: Treasurer: M President: Vice-Pres: Secretary: Treasurer: 221. President: Vice-Press Secretary: Treasurer: Jerry Brodell Roy Jones Ephreim Hackett Gail Payne Fay Brown Herbert Wandler Patsy Hinman Dorothy Vaughn Lester Hinton Norma Williamson Marlene Connor Duane Ehlert -. ,, 'M f .ag 1 V It Q J 1950 491 104 4 aussi Lloyd Larson: Basketball l,2, 35 Football l,2,3,hg Track 1, 2,33 Pirate Staff by Play manager 3, prompter hg Hobby- hunting and fishing. Claude Ankeny: Basketball l,2, 33 Football l,2,3,h5 Tennis 1, 2,33 Annual Staff hp Pirate Staff hy Student Council 13 Class President hg Plays 3,h3 Nickname-Skip. Darlene Hinman: Choir 2,3,hg Band 2,3,hg Student Council hg Pirate Staff hg Annual Staff M5 Pep Club l,2,3,hgVlce Pres. of Pep Club bg GAA 2,35 Tennis 2,3,h. Hobby-tennis. Bertha Lunceford: Choir 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3,h3 Plays 33 Class Reporter 2. Hobby- da-1'1Cinge Raymond Mann: Football l,2,3, hs Basketball l,2,3, Plays 33 Hobby-hunting and fishing. Alfred Larson: Football l,2,3, hg Basketball l,2,3,h3 Track 1,2,3,h3 Pirate staff hg Plays 3,u, Annual Staff by Hobby- wrapping fishing poles. 104 481 Lorraine Hinton: Chorus 2,33 Pep Club 1,2,3,h3 Cheer Leader 33 Pla ! Bghf Stude t Council 23 G.A.L. 2,33 G.A.A. Presihnt 33 ' Ann al Staff hi Pirate Staff by Hobbyh-Sewing. Milton Harpers Basketball 1, 23 Football 1,2,3,hj Track 1,23 Class President 23 Vice President h3 Plays 3,h3 Hobby Collecting Souveniers3 An ual Staff U. Dick Hill: Basketball 13 Choir 1,23 Playa 3,b3P1rate Staff hg An ual Staff hs President of Student Bod h3Student Council hi Class President 33 Football manager hglbbby-story writing. Wilma Richards: Choir 2,3j Pep Club 1,2,3,u3. Pep' Club vice President 33 Plays 3,h3 Class Secretary and Treasurer 33 GAA 2,33 Student Council 23 Annual Staff hs Hobby-dancing. Judith Patton: Choir 2,3,bj Band 2,3,h3 Class President 13 Plays 2,3,hj Declamation 3,h5 GAA 2,33 Pep Club Secretary and Treasurer hi Pirate Staff hi Annual Staff hs Hobby-fancy W0 rk e Dale Mansfield: Basketball l, 2,33 Football 1,2,3,hj Plays 33 Track 33 Tennis 1,2,3,hj Pirate Staff hjStud6Ht Council 33 Vice Pres. Student Body 33 Nickname-Napoleon. 104 481 19 CLASS MEETING 50 'A From left to right: Judith Patton, Milton Harper, Alfred Larson, Lorraine Hinton, Lloyd Larson, Dick Hill, Wilma Richards, Raymond Mann, Bertha Lunceford, Dale Mansfield, Skip Ankeny, Class Sponsor, Mr. T. J. Ylinen. SENIOR PLAY nDon't Darken My Doorn, a three-act comedy by Anne Coulter Martens, was pre- sented by the Senior Class on March 31, 1950. It was directed by Mr. Ylinen, assisted by Mrs. Patterson. Roger Kent, bachelor Dick Hill Rosemary Kent, romantic neice Lorraine Hinton Alfred Larson Darlene Hinman Tom Garrick, Rosemary's suitor Poppy Foster, maid-of-all-work Alec Stubbins, Poppy's suitor Skip Ankeny Jane Perkins, a writer of romance Judith Patton Louise Featherstone, maiden lady Wilma Richards Susie Featherstone, maiden lady Stage Managers: Dale Mansfield, Milton Harper, Lloyd Larson and Raymond Mann. STU DEN T COUNCIL Alberta Graham lllili From left to right: Mary Ann Kane, Wilma Richards, Irene Gingerich, Mr. Hite, Dick Hill, Bill Williamson,A1berta Graham, Harvey Hackett. 10,1 U! . .IL The Class of 'SO entered their freslmlan year with an enrollment of 22 brighteyed m mbers. The school picnic that year was held at Medicine S l'il1g8e AE the beginning of the sophomore year the class of '50 enrolled a to- tal of 18 students and this year journeyed to Gallogly Springs for their school picnic. A In their Junior year the class had diminished to lb members and the featured highlights this year were a Sadie Hawkins dance Nov. 15, Class Rings, Junior Class Play entitled HPapa Says Noln and the Junior Prom April 22. This year the class returned to Medicine Springs for their annual picnic. On entering the senior year theclass of '50 consisted of twelve members. Senior Class officers were Skip Ankeny, President, Milton Harper, Vice President, Bertha Lunceford, Secretary and Treasurer. 'The Senior Bm was given' February ll with e Valentine theme and the Senior Class Play entitled NDon't Darken My Door' naspresented March 31. The school picnic was again held at Medicine Springs. Baccalaurate services were held at the Community Church May 21 and Comp mencement exercises May 2h in the school gynasium. cuss comms. Scarlet and Gray CLASS IDTTOx 'Tonight we Set Sail' CLASS FTOWER: American Beauty Rose ' W The Senior Class of 1950 decided to see a fortune teller, who unveiled As we gazed into the crystal ball we found that ten years had elssped. le found ourselves in the White House, washington D. C. and to our surprise we saw Lorraine Hinton and Wilma Richards taking dictation from President, Dick Hill. Ie paused in the White House lobby and talked to two famed educators. Alfred-Larson who is Dean of Columbia University and Claude Ankeny, President of Podunk. After talking to the President's Chaffeur, Lloyd Larson we journeyed to the United States Treasury where Judith Patton and Bertha Lunceford are employed as Revenue clerks, this is very dangerous work and is carefully guarded by Ray Mann and Dale Csuper-snoopl Mansfield. Time came to depart and we drove to the National Airport where we found Darlene Hinman, stewardess and Milton Harper as pilot of our'Back to4mr 1950 Airliner." Fig -W 4' .. . 1 ,L-' -' X w M V -Y' Yi 'lf 4117 -1' M Q . V ,f..-H' ' 4 , QOL 9 .LU Bill Williamson Gladys 5775-Bert Walter ROY Hugh Elbert Helen Gingerich George Richards Phillip Menager Robert Hill UPHO DRE X W wk Wea, N r .3 'ww A m . .. L 'N fi 1 J' - V ' .n""' t V. 1 1 .vi iz ::,,.w4bg,,w- . 533 4 V? " ' ' 3, Q' 1- - A4 .Z Nancy Hinman Ted Jeanette Richards. Don Williamson Janice Brodell Harvey Hackett Frank Job M3-1'.Y Ann Kane Not pictured: Darrel Ehlert Rae Burcvr Daretta Maki Bernice Vaughn Shirley Hill , ,xv f x K' ' . 5: ', . FIS" 11 ' ve -A 1 ','-,. jp' 4,1 ,ag ' :EP f' '- A A ,, .1 1. - H ,., f.rAf"'9 F -Fw' - TTC" f 1 NfT,:".aM' ff1"Q45 2, 4 , he 52151 33411 . . ' - '- ,N rf-,-,Mr--1,559--. 4 - - ., 74 N , -K. - ' , :A I x .. b I , :X - U -MJ Eff.. 4, 'V , -lim f gum. ' 1 X - ' N -F' "' - ' f ' l ' . ' : ' Q t i" A lf'--, 'fl' .r - -, ' . I 1 L , .LUKE '-"law, n.f3,.C, , 4. 7 'A Q, -- tfgl' '. -' -1??,'x'1v M P- , ji ,- " .J -Jig .-Z,"-' W3. ,. ,HW . , , . , - Q-.-1, .L gg V ,A 1 1. 1-161 1-:-f , . ' 4' . .Huey 15 .37 .. , ,,H, N V -WF N "-u-Q' ..n'.. VJ, , , 'R-k', , fwf- 4. 7 5 - . ,"' "Y . I ,AT .Inf - '- F "lu , ' 'tj ,Hg .A glffv L .77 1 .. J -Q AL, Q: - Vw' ,. -H , of .ji . . I 3 5 1 5 ' , ' Mg. , ' v " ,fflfaav-. . vw ' - .f 1' -1 N . , If ...M ' , A . -. ,V Y NA , - , Y: I A 71 ' J - " - .,.f:' P - C ' Y' .- ' ' L , 1 ' "WJ, V X , ,N ., SA I ,yi f. I- . ' xl' .1 1 , -I ' . , I ff - .5-. " Z- E? ',,5.f.9, ' sg" 4,4TT..'?k . , 25. .,,., - '., ,- 9, - - . 'fffi . fb-we - 7 Q -'Q . , gi - : Alix' -:. JL- "-'-'f- 1 ' -- .' ' 2 Swain, .f. - -' , '. .. - ' ' " v- . 1: .dv 4 4 A lx X ,H V .I L N . .Q , I - - -Q K' X- . ,I-. ' : 1 . . P7 - ,... - .w.f:- f 511. K ibm ml If ,AB X..-wel. , ,NJ ,. 1 ,Xb '. '- . 4-37 . , 4 1, , I' ,-1, v . " ., K- 1-f, j.f4x3,h:.'. .f. g:,??ar3.?w1 as at 5 , ' ' 4 , ff' . ' ' iq, f AV ,. . K- ,-W . ., 7 W- wil- 'H' BW -ww:-...v , ., H4 -, V- gk . '- :., -,vt ' H.--1 ' -f---w-'5-:+i1g.if-Jun A A1 - " ' mf f f fg4q:.'b-' -mr ,vw-.,. - . 1-. -V sf V . . V.. , .,, l I ,T '51 H . , f :YJ I ' : 1 Eff 5 I, PM ,V v 1 , .V 'f T .- . - fir,,"'Q1: a .1 , :QP- f 1 v ' " I 'l ' , , . . A . . , -' - - A I. .,,, , , x :sqm 5 V' f- -' . - J, WMM H11 'P - ' 4 1 '. 'l.-'i- "HT - .' ' 1' I 5 , V , ..,p 'anfjy-N5 3527 - 1. ,' H r .,-- ,lv N J' ' , - 'Kgsiiff' "3 A nm ,w-. . -. qw- L- '. A-V5 fr L., ' " v 'th- -Mul .cf , . X. .,?.1!,,ff .. - -. fw. 1' "- Wa . 131. , '- V L, . Il 'E -' EL ' ., i.. . 13, 1 ' J ' Li 5 .2 M ga x 'a l Y N 'Q i swim. ' film' A ,ff 3 " 7f'Thi,, ,W -AU. "" ' 'WWWM ,W Y ' wMG'W"1u WN. W M 'TTM5 1 V mu-19' I 'whiwws-aff" gl 'see'?'k,J M -Ann rv I + mv K N "N-'Wing-U ' 'w-QM. , 5 41 0 I' ,W , O 81 44 ' 0 Dale Hendricks Irene Gingerich Helen Flanagan p-n Kenneth Sherbondy Dale Kidder WSJ? Gail Payne Jerry Brodell Shirley Buker Lois Larson Not pictured: Roberta Blair Donna Riddle Doris Manager Roy Jones Georgia Smith Jerralee Judge it 4 Ephriam Hackett James Cole xx Barbara Hackett Wayne Mansfield ,Q Louis Vaughn 481 4 10 EIGHTH GRADE r W First Row: left to right, Patsy Hinman, Jeanette Wandler, Carol Smith, Wilma Jones, Carol Kerr, Gerine Aldrich, Julia Maxwell. Second Row: Helen Williamson, Colleer Ankeny, Doroth Vaughn, Patricia White, Barbara Hupfer, Fay Brown, Bonnie Chaffin, Third Raw: lr. Netherton, Larry Stanley, Ronnie Bumgarner, Wayne McCool, Jerralc Judge, Charles Lunceford, Herbert Wandler. ,mssvs ma-I GRADE First Row: left to right, Loretta Roy, Norma Williamson, Kathleen Kane, Hazel Flanagan, Kathleen Burrow, Iladeen Jones, Norma Brunner, Barbara Otlo. Second Row: Mrs. Bickell, Harley Williamson, Larry Jones, Barbara Tucker, Etta Jane Briggs, Marlene Conner, Viola Wagner, Johnny Yates, Lee Payne, Keith Jepson. Third Row: Glenn Hill, Marvin Williamson, Leo Payne, Lester Hinton, Thomas Kerr, Ben Job, Bobbie Turner, Gordon Mann, Jimmy Mansfield, Duane Ehlert, Kenneth Roberts, Harold Smith. My 'D 594 f ' Xw 1 A THE PIRATE STAFF Editor Darlene Hin an Make-up Alfred Larson Assistant Dale Mansfield Sports Claude Ankeny Reporters Raymond Mann f Dick Hill Business Judith Patton Circulation Lloyd Larson 4 Typist Lorraine Hinton -'H--- Adviser Joseph Bragg ak a THE PHKATE MATHE nPirateH is published weekly by the High School Journalism Class. It's purpose is to educate the community as to the work of the school, to publish school news and to encourage and stimulate worth-while activities. The nPirateW deserves much credit for the passing of the 386,000,000 School Bond Election. It published the plans for the new buildings aa well as the facts on the project. L ANNUAL STAFF Left to Right: Alfred Larson, Dick Hill, Wilma Richards, Dale Mansfield, Milton Harper, Judith Patton, Raymond Mann, Bertha Lunceford, Mr. Bragg, Lloyd Larson, Lorraine Hinton, and Skip Ankeny. -Q 9:01 '! .LU First Row: left to right, Patsy Hinman, Daretta Maki, Bernice Vaughn, Robert Cole, Paddy Dwyer. Second Row: Shirley Buker, Etta Jane Briggs, Janice Brodell, Judith Patton, Lois Larson, Nancy Hinman, Marlene Conner, Ephreim Hackett. Third Row: Gail Payne, Mr. Bragg, James Cole, Irene Gingerich, Dale Kidder, Viola Wagner, Donna Sheetz, Patty Brodell, Jeanette Richards, Betsy Winship, Barbara Tucker. Not pictured: Helen Gingerich, Darlene Hinman, Ronnie G1-off, liarvin Williamson, May Buker and Barbara Jean Hackett. Starting the school year with fifteen members the Victor School Band in- creased to its present strength of thirty. The band played for all athletic contests at Nhomen and Wawayn. Programs were put on for the PTA and at the Ravalli County Teachers Meeting held in Hamilton. The band also played in the District Music Festival in Missoula, the Ravalli County Music Festival in Victor and the State Solo and Ensemble Festival and the All State Band and Chorus at the State University in Missoula. Concerts were held in the winter and spring. The Victor School Band is directed by Joseph Bragg. 481 4 10 afwlz, 0-df!! A WVU Club was reorganized in Victor High School, February 7, 1950. At the organization meeting the following officers were elected: Bill Williamson, President, Claude Ankeny, Vice-President, Alfred Larson, Secretary 5 Treasurer. To become a member you must have earned a letter in some sport. This is a club for, boys only. The purpose of it is to see that rules and regulations are complied with. It also sees to it that school letters and letter sweaters areworn by only those that have earned them. Members: Claude Ankeny, Milton Harper, Alfred Larson, Lloyd Larson, Dale Mansfield, Dick Hill, Raymond Mann, Bill Williamson, Walter Roy, Philip Menager, Frank Otlo, Don Williamson, Ralph Yates, Ted Buhler, Jerry Brodell, Dale Kidder and Wayne Mansfield. PEP CC LUB This year the Pep Club furnished half-time entertainment for our home basketball games and also performed once on the Corvallis floor. In the spring they sponsored a banquet honoring the football and basketball teams. Cheerleaders for the year were Mary Ann Kane and Darlene Hi man, not pictured. From left to right: Shirley Hill, Irene Gingerich, Roberta Blair, Barbara Jean Hackett, Jeanette Richards, Lorraine Hinton, Daretta Maki, Bertha Lunceford, June Rowan, Lois Larson, Wilma Richards, Janice Brodell, Judith Patton, Nancy Hinman, Bernice Vmghn, Shirley Buker, Dcris Lbnager, Gail Payne, Mary Ann Kane-cheerleader. 4231 4: IG Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept. Octo 0Cto Oct. OCto N0v 0 Nov. Nov. Novo NOVQ Dec 0 Dec 0 Dec. Dec. DCC 0 Dec 0 Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jane Jan. J8n. Jane F6bo Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar. Mal' o Mar. Apr e Apr. Apr 0 Apr. Apr. May May May May May May NSY 6, 23, 23, 28, 30, 30, 7, 7, 21, 25, 3, M, 11-12 16, 18, 2, 7, 9, 13, lb, 16, 20, 21, 21, 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 21, 2h, 2h, 27, 3, 7, 10, ll, 17, 2h, l-h, 10, 31, lk, lb, lh, 21, 28, M, 6, 13, 13, 19-zo 21, 2h, 5' School opened. Freshman initiation. Football game with Florence at Victor. The Swiss Chime Ringers, a National Assembly Program Football game with Frenchtown at Victor. Freshman Initiation Dance. Football game with Hamilton at Victor. Sophomore Return Dance. Football game with Phillipsburg at Phillipsburg. India Mynah Birds, a National Assembly Program. Football game between Victor and Alberton at Frenchtown for the District Championship. Pep Club Dance. High School Carnival. Lewis the Magician, a National Assembly Program. Sadie Hawkins Dance. Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Basketball game Deep Sea Diver, Band Concert. Basketball ga e Christmas Party with the Alumni. with Hamilton at Hamilton. with Stevensville at Stevensville. with Florence at Florence. a National Assembly Program. with Drummond at Victor. 5 School dismissed for holidays. Christmas Operetta. School Resumed. Basketball game Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Archers Do Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball Basketball game game game game game n and game game game game game Senior Ball Basketball game Basketball-game with Darby at Victor. with Hamilton at Victor. with Stevensville at Victor. with Florence at Victor. with Drummond at Drummond. with Phillipsburg at Phillipsburg. Ginger, a National Assembly Program with Phillipsburg at Victor. with Corvallis at Victor. with Missoula DeMblays at Victor. with Darby at Victor. with Corvallis at Corvallis. with Darby at Victor. with Darby at Darby. Class 'GW Basketball Tournament at Hamilton. Band Card Party. Senior Class Play, NDon't Darken My Doorn. Ritz Trumpeteer Football and Ba Arbor Day. Junior Prom. County Band Fes s, a National Assembly Program. sketball Banquet. tival o Acheivement Day. County Track Me Corvallis Invit County Tennis T etc ational Track Meet. ournament. County Interschoolastic Track Meet. Bacculaureate. Graduation. TIILETIC Front row, left to right: Philip Menager, Dale Mansfield, Ted Buhler, Dale Kidder, Walter Roy, Milton Harper, Alfred Larson. Back row, left to right: Dick Hill-Manager, Wayne Mansfield, Don Williamson, Lloyd Larson, Bill Williamson, Jerry Brodell, Ray Mann, Coach McGillis. Not in picture: Ralph Yates, Lory Bartlett, Claude Ankeny, Harvey Hackett, James Cole. I. - PIRATE ,L oo'rsAu. p-il, Msggltiaagail fEt,,Nsx The M9 edition of the Pirate football team in a transformation from eleven-man to sixwman football had the most successful season in the schoo1's athletic history. The small Pirates sank five teams to win the championship of the South- ern half of District 15. In the District 15 title game with Alberton the Pirates were defeated 30-O. Seasnn's record Victor-12 Florence-0 Vigtgr-12 Frenchtownf0 Victor-h2 Hami1tone0 Victqr-35 Hamilton-o Vigt0ry7 Phillipsburg-6 Victor-0 Alberton-30 Left to right: Coach McGillis, Frank Otlo, James Cole, Walter Roy, Philip Menager, Jerry Brodell, Ted Bul.her, Don Williamson, Alfred Larson and Dale Kidder. Not picturedg Ralph Yates and Lorrie Bartlett. The 19140-50 Pirate Basketball Team had a unsuccessful cam- paign winning only two of their ,conference games. However the prospects for a good team next year are very bright with only one player being lost by graduation. SEASON 'S RECCRD ill , victor 28 --- Alumni 19 X . 22 --- Hamilton 59 3: pp A W E 39 --- Stevensville Eh E 36 -- Florence 56 X E 28 -- Drummond 36 AA If E 17 --- Darby S2 I pl 8 i 21 -- Hamilton 76 If 3 , 21 ---- Stevensville S7 I S3 ---- Florence Eg 4 X 2 --- Drummond 3 A f X 28 --- P-Burg 116 no --- P-Burg 36 X 35 -- Corvallis 80 N 214 --- DeMolay 745 36 --- Darby 62 hh -- Corvallis 52 33 --- Darby 38 35 -- Darby Sh TOL E! .l.U in f-we 5 sb - fe --f I L 4 il., Front row - Left to right: Patsy Hinman, Larry Jones, Lester Hinton, Jimmy Mansfield, Gordon Mann, Johnny Yates, Dorthy ' Ann Vaughn. Back row: Coach Jack Netherton, Ronnie Bum- garner, Charles Luncefond, Wwne McCoo1, BenJob, LanySta.nley. l 0 L 6' The l9h9-50 basketball season for the Victor Junior High was perhaps tne most successful in the history of the Junior High. The team coached by Mr. Jack Netherton won seven games out of eleven in the regular season. In the Junior High Tournment at Bonner, Montana they took third place. In the first game of the tourn ent Victor defeated St. Francis of Missoula 55-20. In the second game over confidence helped Alberton defeat them 33-31. In the play off for third place Victor defeated Florence 27-19. SEASON'S RECORD Victor 19 -- Stevensville 18 26 --- Stevensville 16 20 -- Corvallis 38 21 --- Stevensville 20 21 -- Florence 19 11 -- Hamilton 36 28 --- Florence 17 17 -- Corvallis 28 lb --- Bonner 13 JL -- Hamilton 31 5 25 -- Darby WW 1 48 4 10 Harvey Hackett and Don 'Williamson, the initial members of the Victor Guards, a newly organized HScholas- tic Honoraryu. The basis on which membership is determined, is a HBH average for the years in highschool. The Victor School was recognized as a potential music center during the recent County Band Festival held at Victor, April 28. The Victor School Band participated in the All County Band. The Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Music Award CArionJ and other honors were not known at thetime this year- book was printed. Wilma Richards, '50 was crowned Queen of the Annual athletic Carnival held November ll and 12. Other class candidates were: June Rowan runner- up, Helen Gingerich, and Shirley Buker. Lloyd Larson, a senior, took honors by winning first place in the school in the Ravalli County Conservation Program's Essay Contest. easel? ,aa Most popular Claude Ankeny Daretta Maki Best all around Claude Ankeny Wilma Richards Most likely to succeed Dick Hill Most loyal to school Dick Hill Prettiest girl Best looking boy Best dressed Best dancer Most friendly Don Williamson Milton Harper Milton Harper Ephriam Hackett Daretta,Maki Judith Patton Judith Patton Doris Manager Judith Patton Bertha Lunceford Best athlete Walter Roy June Rowan Book worm Harvey Hackett Alberta Graham Best liked Claude Ankeny Wilma Richards Most dependable Dick Hill Judith Patton Sportsmanship Philip'Menager Judith Patton Most popular senior Claude Ankeny UTDGRAPIIS FACULTY GRAPH5 AUTO fy .1 1- snail? Ci A yr' 1 ' RAPHS 5 4 tx I v A X '3"" XJ K DVERTISING 'wr 4 lg,..- 'll M P lf' IU4 481 PRESCRIPTIONS TOILETRIES CANDIES ST. 101-IN DRUG C0. 20. Mm mmm. mm - PHONE 699 - 4 481 .lU BOX ELDER GLADYS BEAUTY Sl-l0P SANDWICHES-FOUNTAIN DRESDEN SERVICE CRAFT GIFTS V' - Mo I. P 216 V I "LOOK YOUR BEST" VALLEY CLEANERS Phone 484 Hamilton, Mont. Radios For The Best In Fine Foods Stoves Refrigerators 11 ICTOR HARDWARE V ENTERPRISE 6 APPLIANCE CO. MERCANTILE CO. Farm Supplies 4 451 .IU "SAVE ON SHOES" a t S A V 0 N S Phone 180 Hamilton, Mont. GREENFIELD BARBER SHOP P H A R M A C Y Agency for nowmucrs nnxm. sm-om: v ll v d C v Cl - Fountain s :vice - v Ph zev n 1 THE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Montana's Largest Stationery Store HELENA OFFICE SUPPLY C0. 50 North Main St. - Helena. Montana Montana's Oldest Stationery Store 104 481 For Your Beauty Needs STUDEBAKER CALL 336 DOBOTI'IY'S BEAUTY SHOP B II A N D B 0 M 0 'I' 0 B S Victor Phone 366 Hamilton ROBERTS BOOK STORE Ph ne 166-W EAIRWAY MARKET - Best Foods - MUSIC SUPPLIES I-Iam'I on Ph 97 I-I Il "The Home Of Friendly Service" C 8: D CLEANERS PICKUP AND DELIVERY Phone 86-I Hamilton, Mont. M315 . ,YA 1 -. '- Q. - . 5 y X ' 4 xo, 1 '- - - -9, - .' . . .mn - - uv. - . - if ,,, -pg -1- N , .v ' v ' . 1 xr , ., , H+ I I A , n A .F . V" zu R YL :fi ' . el. ut. a 'J W . If lf rl- ,K-Ihr in ' ,Y -ri ' , ' . .K -51, 'I 1 erik? ' Hu 1 X rw , F I I I . F- ' 1 ll I , ' . I. , v is' L' ' ' "' - ' r ' 3, 5 4. -r- . Q 4' f Q, 1 vp ' . Q " 1 7. . , f f 5 ' V 5' Wy? V .. -, F' .J 3' -M-H 1 ' - f . .. .5-J' - ' ' . G4 'Y . 574' f... ' ' ""!f,12gu 1 4, A-gf-, ,, .V . 35 fffifw -, Tl 1: , .31 - V V .. ,,J. i iw. L ri- fd. ? " .1 , Jail' E4 , , IME. 3 53 , ' 1- , il, "EQ: . M! .X annum A . mx ' K' 'lg ' ' 4 f' . ,. :J if-T'7l' ,:f ' if - A W ' ,f 9' is liz. 'Q '11 ! . . , ..w,,f.,.-,, 4, w- x-N -,I . 1. ' 's' Eilii-alia! - We Fix Everything - TEXACO CONNERS GARAGE SIMMONS SERVICE Ph 361 V I Ph 581 V .IUQ 451 GOAL-FUEL OIL-WOOD WANDERER FUEL C0. PHONE 360-W HAMILTON. MONT. 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