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 - Class of 1952

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I .,.,,f - Ig! X Y It I 1 I S n ,Z Rii- Saw' .3 E .,,VVV 4,5 '44-" , ff2i...... ':' --fs 4 . ff2'W'Z. 1' 1 9 K Nt x, Vp 429 'Q I I ,l.b1Qi-it K V' I I J N QP' 1 lL' 1. T . . VV V . 1 V Y . ' 511V sl , ' . I VIV , : V KNIT? 1 ' Q X 'J .5 ' ' Vi .V -- V V . "I, , ' 4 f .qv f 'W - I - X' x 'V ' 5 JH L ' ' - 4 1 . V . ' - -" ' . ' , 1 ' .V ' V iff,-' VV' V' V,.'VV HV. H 2 n uf' . .V ' 4 F, . 'Y' f - 7 . ' 3 ' ' , - Sf. "Nz- .:r'- . A". -4-' Qtr! -, A I ', ' H Q M -' , V-VW.. in if-f f 'f' rn I ' . 'Q' V 5 L XF: VV V V V . X. . VV VV V V. ' V - V V V Vg, " - - ' A ., - e 563 "QW mf, , ' v ' 'Mx ' ' , -.'j'f' QL? , 'W V' fV V, ' V V . ' ' V. .v V. wiv' ' Qu?" j' ., 'V' V V . - - . V .V V . -' ' ,VV ,-VJ :. ,V, V 7' ,V 'fig V ' V V , VV In-.V t ,JVM Valk . V - li " V . . 'A 'r - 1 g.. VVV 1 ig ' 71 ' 5 A ' ,,, VN lr f ' . gf-.15 4152 N Vn fr ' ' . ' ' X ' -tl-' . L ' .Ing 'P' -X1 vb! X131 'Ze' l V. .. , ..v f . -.1 B. 'if,v,.,,,1 VV' -. '- ' . - f A ' V' 4- ' fffyq'-s 7'!'?y,'1 gn' v' V 'Q' 4 . 'Y' ' ..' ' ' .- , . ff ' ' '. 'ff' SH "QF 'Biff' R! -A 1 ..' V. :V 1111331 . 5 1, 1 ,, f V ' H ' ' - . 1 'f "' "f : - :ip , 'gf-ff"i:,'rgF V W.-'f'-' ' ' ' ' 1 l X 'I ', ' ' ' . ' f IR" Jf" 6 VU? F. VV ' 1 V , VVV . , : . LV ,V V? VVA VP V. Vif. V V V 5 V4 1. :V 1' ' 1 ' . - M -. I ' . -' A' - ' '. , l" "'.1 '45 I .' + P+ ' . -v . ' V . P- - . .1 . . s. v. qi. L. Ji f ' 1- . - -. . ' .. ,Q rv . Q. , ff-1 ff . a 'Q :-.H-'f . . ',' ' .' ' ' , Yi " gif. -' uf.. .- ,-- .f. f ' '.-s-1. 1-. V' ' A g ' " " ""'4aT 4+ 'l"f "-1 ff W . ' . ' . m - ' . ' 1 ,j1" ','- " , l! -f .".. ,, , V 9 ,V, V.f V q 1 , 'V , Y . j Q rVVv, V 'V V ' VVVVNV V' Vx . V, V. V V lg' PU '. IV - ip "5 - ' 'k ' . ' ' 1 gfff' , ,f', l",,', Hg g,w1fp ,VR ., 411 ' 'f- .- N. ' ." - ' .1 W " .' '11 1 -A H. Q , , . 4 V , . .. , - , , V Y V v . V . Q - . 1 1, , I f' VIN' '.V.- ,. -VgiV " f' ' .'V ' ' - V . . V5,V x , 1" -.QL 1' -, A E 11, V- - I .' - ,M , ' I., 'V K V Q, . V V ., , V V , V . W ,,-,- I.. -ww 41 I, ,VL VV V,..4,V5, VV V V7 .. . ,Vu VVVV , V VV .Span-'J' . .' " Q - , V 1 - 5 L' 1 1 J I 1 W V" '11 if 4 'Y ' . " A , l ', . 'N Y! 'A 'K it 7' 'ifv' ' ,N with A1 fl . Q, V- .V V . V. I -, . , .- V..-If 1vVVJ .1 pf ,,VVVVV...g1V , V - , . . V V V . ,.V. V TVJV V,VvVV,VfV.V1vlV" V rm . . . . .- U , W -' J.,.v,r. f l,:'.Vff,'s,'f', 'A' ', Q -i - V - A -,. .1. TJ V . ' F "1 if . .V.. V V VVV VV V VV VVV ,V V, -KM V - V V f I .,.a,V 'VV VVPV V11 il. 3... j . .- ff. 1 ' 'f ff' ,1,.1fQ4f " -1 -1 A 1 " ' ' ' f - - ' ' . , ' .- ' . ' . 1 A ' , ' ' ' 1 ' v. gx . 'nl-' . V ,Q ' '. - .5 ' , ' f' ' . -9 'pf' V ' 1' L, f'V, ,A .gif "H . 'W X l ,,'y: 1. X ' ' , V Vx 4 1' 918.5 'I .Yi,'J" 5- V "VS 1 V: wt ' .. . A fl V-I Vyy' ff , i.gfa 91v, U ' , i ' ' if .ff - -J, 1f"4..: V. I " - , . ' ' "."L.'- 'K f - 1.1 1' fy ' ' . - .. - '- - 53. .wus 'fag-' 5 in ,ya 2 na . - . A Q. ., A - A' V' ' ' MV VV , . .VA V , A I X Q, - V VK , . - V. ' , Vi VV? ,V . .V I V I V V .V A 5: V. f 2 ix, -, .J V g -. Q ' A x , -f 'r . , .Q -.,-gf Wx' :'. .1- : is ' -V Y V g V 4 , X I V xx fs cl V1- .-VV - ' , '. 1 . , , - - . ,, .' R' l f 'V V- . 7 ' - V -R VV I In X ' '7"2 V if Q A , 3, V ,F 1 7 ' . xr 1 V 15 if , fr. f, 5.-i 3. . ' ' '1 ' Q l ' " -, . 5 1 . f' r ,336 -' rx " f H V - A . s ' "' 5 .lp , , 5 ' .. A 5 V - V gi V, . 'wi ' K 5 ' " . 11 ,, . ' 1. X" ,Q . I , K W U ' Q., . ' ' lx ,X W L! 57 P ' V " f I 1 X' " . 1 ': . U! ' "1 ,' 4' VN 1 ,, N 5 .. x . , 1F1fg',Q," V V X I y A -1 V - ' .V ,VV e 1V . l 55 " I K , ll VV . ,V-', V , . . ' ,, X H " 9- . lr- 1' . IN Al X 1' Al :AV ' - , Q U 1, x N Q ,. " 1 N '1, .F LV , , V i A ,L I x '9 3' :J , .' - V . .5 , ,, 11 1' ' . - ' V ' V V. ,r.V. 'V ' .- V . V ' V t ' , f.'NV',, 1 . ' - ','v . F , V ' ' L V. , ' V Vj VV V: T V .VVVV V VV:'fQVLVV'j' Yoo Q '.1',sk, . Hu Gish THERE ARE solves or Love AND oufv, Mg vnene ARE souss or WAR AND :Ame R: of UT THE some THAT souuos 'rue sweeresr A: os oe ALMA MATea's uAne. M5 nv emwes BACK scenes eoRco'rTeN WHILE Louo oua voices RING., ' WHEN IN Honoa or ova n-non scnoou. Ei we ALL uurreo SING. is U W Q5 - dia OH VICTOR HIGH, WE LOVE THEE TF: ova ALMA MATER DEAR, HAND we SHALL Even How was V' 'fro ova AFFECTIONS NEAR. TWTHY NAME, ur STANDS ron Hou-con. W Fon COURAGE, CONSTANCY, 1"i'oTHEE, DEAR ALMA MA1-ea, -W we PLEDGE 'ouR LOYALTY. G39 ' 44- aim FP? QQQ 1 ff' K.-4' .K L 24, 5 -5-vv L I ..-, 2 4. -4 T 1 n' . mf: j TA 1 T Y A4 H If , I Al h --w N 5 X I' WF . V ,. X . A. I 1 .,'.:'...,. ::4....,, ' 'vxl vw' HMJEAINID Cmm Em-lTmmwc I O T l ' A ....NXX,: 1 A , NV Q, 9 "' S ! ff ' E T T ':"E'!1'T" 'I X ,V 'Y' 'Rf' ' 3 'M . T All-'T fx Qu I I W, Fmmszmmmm W SENIOR CLASS-"I'I5Z WZNT TCEQST VICTOR CENTRAL SCHOOL VICTOR, NEW YORK "R' Ji. . I rn 'I REWORD I I Q. :. ' A. , .. -':,i5 z : 3 - -5 W - , we ,rue STAFF ,SF sash., ARE HAVEN ,OP PRESENT -rms P-if Aa M95 THE scuoox. Yimm' so l-1952 AT vmok LE as CHHOOL. we FEEL THPW Tum WH' 001. vennaoox us A DO'-Vmte, LES CH MAY IN TIME BECOMEE ,ge GL s ro MANY or us, AND Y' we 7- AD T0 CONTINUE 'rn-us woknw 0 01989 ' RADITIDN, I 45 A WE HAVE CHOSEN "WN mga' aaok, Frrrnve THEME F041 OURUR cow' rm, T- owe -rms Auuaas OF 0 E wav: Rfonig HE Hvomrvs wane CP-PW" Ewaxv- FREE ' MLLING 'ro rue:-rr -ro PRESSW' View OP UNDOM AND HoMELAND. THEIR STRONG Aus? 08 uv 'TY STANDS A5 A can-amor' FOR 4 ANNE OF WORLD'WlDE UPHEAVAL' PL ug A A AM A A , fyfffg A Mfff, NNN M ,5nfMMWMX,M xFf,,MW,4Qu:i5,mf f ff ffdlw L 41,.dl4-,,Af,4,.,yxLLjfLL,,, f 24 TAEBLE QF CONTENTS Tonuonn W TABLE OF comzurs 33 Dznucmon iris .APPRECIATION 5 4 LPBINCIPAL E .HDHINISTRATIQN '1 , SENIDRS new NDERCLASSHEN E57 cnvmzs fri? Spams QT? A nvf:nTnsr:m:NTs 69" ' +I- 3 1 .F D.-1.DlCfUl0N Hr. Charles Rose In dedicating our book this year, we have turned to a friend of long-standing. His efforts on our behalf have influenced our lives in school and will continue to influence us after we have passed on "into the wide world." We have never known him to falter in his work as a teacher and friend. Many times we have ex- perienced the satisfaction of just sitting down and talking over our future with him. As our history teacher, we will always try to remember those ideals of American Democracy which he has implanted in us. We hope he'll pardon us, though, if we also choose to remember his readings from Gone With Qhe Wind. In closing, we would like to say to you very sincerely--thanks a million Mr. Rosel Y LL A PPRE CIATIO Mr. Francelloz We of the aporeeiate all that you have this edition a suooessf Bagel staff sincerely done for us ln making You have spent many patient hours working with us and have given up a greet amount of your time. Your unselflsh efforts have helped us achieve our goals with amazing ease and swiftness. your faithfulness has been one of your outstanding vir- tues and your integrity has proved and inspristion to all of us. Although words can't express our gratitude, we shall always aprreclate your gen- erous aid. 5 N -IREJU 3 MEF -Mr. Alton B. cor-bit MPS- Houghton Principal Secretary Dear Students: Many, many, moons have come and gone since the Indian roamed the beautiful hills and vales of western New York. One frequently Wonders what he would think of our civilization were he to return to roam again this area which he undoubtedly loved so much. At our mechanized advance over the handicraft stage of his civiliza- tion, our modern Thruway, our combines, hay bailers, four bottom plows, our TV sets, our big beautiful schools, with the most modern of facilities, to encourage youth and their parents to obtain an education-he would naturally stand in awe. As Abraham Lincoln so aptly put it-nThe only real Americans were those who wore the breechcloth and carried the tomahawk.u One might truly question, as the Indian returning to us from those relatively simple days of his era might question, just how civilized we really are, just what advance we have made in bringing up our children properly, in being able to live together peaceably, in leaving this world a little bit better than we found it. Red Jacket-nHe Who Keeps Then Awaken-eloquent Indian Chief of the Seneca Tribe, who was born near Geneva, New York, understood the white man well when he said, HYou are a kind-hearted people, seeking your own advan- tafes.n Let us nrofit from our past mistakes with the Indians of that day with our neighbors of this day and resolve that we leave our community Qnation, state, and school! a little bit better because of our having been here. Sincerely yours, C3mtu.,B.Q....dL5' Alton B. Corbit Principal 6 4 .. -.. .A 'T 'V K DMINISTRATIO Q51 z,3Z.Ef'-NvAv,m,'g'gimvpwP'?Twf'-5-,Q -f-Wmmfmqffsfwffaasmmmwmsw Li 4 L 4, Kim iif ' X, ,,, 1 'jf-g X M wk CHIEFQS COUNCIL Rogers, Vice-Pr-in. WWW ccagfmummmnnumwn SREAT C 0 UN CIL First Row: Second Row: Absent: V Mr. Ray Cornford, Clerk: Mr. Thomas Barryg Mr. Ogden Hiller, Pres identg Mr. Ralph Hawkins., Mr. Alton Corbit, Principal: Mr. William Burnsg Mr. Brice Bower man. Nr. John Loveless, Superintendentg Mr. Leslie Hulbert, Treasurer On behalf of the student body, the class of 1952 well' comes this opportunity to express their sincere appreciation to the Board of Education. You are the men behind the scenes. Few realize the long hours you spend and the responsibilities which are placed upon your shoulders. Through your efforts we have gained the opportunity for a liberal education in a fine school: For your donations of time and talent we are indeed grateful. 9 Supervising Principal 3I'.Nl0'2 LHEF f 'First Row: mr. Francello, Miss Mentesano, Miss Averill, Miss Heisen- berger, Miss Tucker, Mrs. Boughton, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Adams Second Row: Mr. Lynaugh, Ur. Glerum,Mr. Henehan,Mr. Totman, Mr. Rose, Hrs. Jarvis, Miss Yeska fhird Row: Mr. Palumbo, Mr. Joseph, Mrs. Burns, Miss Jacobs, Mrs. Johnston, Miss Wood, Mrs. Behernitz, Mrs. Popenhusen Alton B. Corbit Lyle Rogers Floyd Adams Irene Averill Margaret Bebernitz Lucille Boughton Alice V. Burns Vice Principal Instrumental Music Librarian High School English Secretary to Principal Commercial X Joseph Francello Social Studies and English Q Richard Glerum Science Walter Henehan Junior High Social Studies X Dorothy Jacobs Home Economics X Natalie Jarvis Vocal Music K k Berdena Johnston Junior High English X Richard Joseph Industrial Arts and Driver Training X Q Bernard Lynaupgh Boys' Physical hduoation Q Angela Mentesano Art Carl Palumbo Leola Popenhusen High School Mathematics Girls' Physical Education Charles Rose Social Studies and Guidance Counselor Robert Totman Agriculture Bernice Tucker Junior High Mathematics bvelyn Weisenberqer Fern Wood Lucille Wood Language and English Seventh Grade School Nurse lO ' l NIOR i HEI-'S ffl, First Ron 'iss Cufari, Miss Burnett, Mrs. Tuttle, urs Anderson, Hrs Cole, Miss Buchan, Mrs. Power Second Row Tiss Colligan, Miss Thompson, Miss Mead, Liss Lafiler, mrs Tallman, Hrs. Spencer, Mrs. bondon, Miss Brown Dorothy Burnett Helen Cufari Virginia Mead Georgia Thompson Vera Brown Jane Colligan Ruth Cole Alice Condon Alice Power Edith Buchan Marjorie Spencer Norma Anderson Alice Tallman cSte11a Whittaker Kindergarten First Grade First Grade First Grade Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Dist. No. 12 'EE'EE CLLANERS . Q 4, V Q 1 , 1 , g,Q 20, fs? gg Mrs. Golf, J.y,-lilkinson, M. smith, Daienehan B. Guns, 13. smith HEDMHNE MEN Wig' ,D M '65 M' Mrs. Peck, Mrs. Garrett, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Blood, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Beebe 12 CANOE PXDDLEI3 S MMM EV ,V First Row: R.Br-ewer, C.vVi1son, L.Hi1l. .Second Row: I.Hober-ts, F.Underhill, R.Capr-on, V.Tischer, D.Green iANOEb IX XA I X A f 5' , ,1',,yQx.1stF5"g. l.e'fg""'. W1 - W 1 37 L i'l0Vhlf-BQUP D'XY l :E.,:.g-3? sigma., . -iff' 1: ' 3.5553 , I ,. vvf-4 fa n f, Vu --w -Gr . L N' ak' mn. X E f 1 A 7 4 Hia 5. W x .4EgiQggg:4gf?f, 0 Alu... ' -s-nr 0RnE HERE :egg , r 5 5 1 In .-v.a.- K. Q U50 Q 5 W ct- -Ii ,nl ay. ,a "W.iibwv:q., Y,f 1 we 2 at Y- S r ww Monica Barry,Carol Reeves,A1vira Warters,Mary Ryan,Mary Ann Turner,Queen Marjorie, Evelyn Beard, Alice Herendeen, Audrey Torquato, Kathleen Hanlon, Mary Power Flower Girl Florence Turner lg fx ff f 14' .- AX - ffx f -g f , f, 1'2:L. " . . v in ,M . 3. Agfa' Kg Q 1- 2 Iaiiv 51:3 Q. , 4: X ,IE . ' f' W . aw ii"-T5 ' 'H Az . - is , ' A . 1'3'l!A,A,'-WZ! ' .rid :,,,. ,.f, ix , .Qx -A .1 , mf 5 Q w , ' Lu x .E Nx"', ,w'XjSA-l- 6.5, .., A , Q - ' 1--f -- 1 a hu -.xx V ' v.-1 x I vm v xr . I " 'xv-..s-uq -N... '-r-.R .Qt , I """'u.,,...... . 5 52 3g FLHMM fe nf L-, -. , -- if-Y H-fljls-i' x .. SL, inf' '-"V D , ,.... ,, A, Dx ---., JW sg :wc 1 I1 li! i X iw QQ V32 f x 16!? L .g , Q' w wvnfv' Z7 ul ag, fi' 1. Au. CONNIE BARRY H A good mind possesses a url kingdomn fy Student Council lg National Honor .1..E5,lvffk5s-:r Society 2,3,bg Bagel 3,M KBua -sJE2filE5aMMwme:-12? f-""' Mgr.Jg Class Officer 2,3,4 IPres :""A" -Q 3,UJg Senior Playg Citizenship 2 CHARLWS Ros, Sportsmanship 2,3,bg Boy's State H. Ls 3 Class Adviser nThe one exclusive sign o thorough knowledge is the power of teachingn f a .f' . X f 1 HS 4 e I W iw?" :L CAT 3 D09 fr G: ' Ji. f A957 1 ? 1 ,-i...-. ,s, f lv Xt ' li V ,-1' ut 4 ?g Yigf-t ee- fe' Zin- Z , ,,N,- ELSIE HAWKINS Hlhey that know no evil will suspect nonen Student Council 2,bg Cvice-Pres.J National Honor Society 2,3,4g Bagel as Hilltoplcs l,2,3,Ug fEd. 31' Class Officer 1,9 fvice-Pres. 1,513 Senior Playg Citizenship 33 Camera Club 1 16 .,-f ,f xx? -1. Q59 , 153 ' 'E I Nxxxxsxxxxaldf EEEQEQ N 1',-17+ ,",,.g1:- ,wma Um QEEEE ssuf ik" f""' Vs I!!! ROBERT GILLIS I X nLost time is never found againn f Q Bagel 5,43 Class Officer 5,4 L ' fTreas.F3 Band 1,2,5,4Q Orchestre Nu 2 3 4' Chorus l 2 5 4' Senior ....,mNi C , Pi89Q,IHtT8mUPHlS l,5,5,43 Citi- fm 'A zenship 43 Sportsmanship 43 Bach- ,5z?' ' elors Club l, Boys State 5 PATRICIA CLIFFORD HI shall laugh myself to deathu Bagel 5,4 fLit. Ed.53 Hilltooics 2,5,43 Class Officer 5,4 fS6C.,Q Intramurals 2,5,43 Citizenship 2: Sportsmanship 43 Art Club 1 J ,ffZii:iiEEEg:?::h mfii -- QxN'r-el '--J 1M"j44ffJf?LTf -lm! 'I f firlm' Q Mb .lwpv Ex si ' K .9 , JAMES MCKEAG ' NIS not life a hundred times too short for us to love our- Q selvesn 1 1 l student Council 45 chorus 1,2,53 f V 4- Senior Play' Football 2 5' Base4 '. ff'-is 1 fl- ball 1,2,5,lg Basketba11'1::e,5,4 zL,- 7 - :fires . ' +L3i:72f7gtil+L- flfgiggib Track 3,43 Citizenshlo 2,3,4, .ffffie 43? -1z::5Qf' ,411-5, Bachelors Club 1,2 17 JE 3 50,0 I fm' Z- " f .4gg' o fiiyqll . 0 -ff 10 ev 0 f. l"f ll I , F' :LRF f 1 Y,-3ki:- , ei':?lAg11fuH- ' gMME7 f falargf- .1- 11--" 22-' RICHARD BARDUN MARY LOU ANDERSON nThe reward of a thing well done is to have done it" Bagel Staff CAst. bd. 3, Bd- MJ: UCompanion to owlsu Intramurals 1,43 Basketball 2,3, Football 5,43 Track l,2,5,4g clt izenship 33 Bachelors Club l,2,3, Baseball 2,3 Hilltopics Staff 1,23 Class Of- pl , fl ficer 3 lV1ce-Pres.J3 Band 2,3,l1.3 NJ f ,f Orchestra 23 Chorus l,2,3,Ha Tri- W fy - .ple Trio 3,H3 Senior Playg P.H.A. J M, 1,23 Intramurals l,2,33 Sports- Q C, M K manship lg Flute Trio 23 Cheer- XXG' QI, leading 2,3,hg Art Club l J- C3 gf as W yhtfwlk J W! g L 'lla ,Ill ff 1 lf? x ...h,,..,l AL lm 'J H vu: A 1iZ.X - ,MMLH U' 'fq2Qyw . N s 1 -' fflf do !,' ,xg qw-'X .,,RJL, 1l,jggE5i iigw .1u'4:-sdggmiq Q X A' LL-: 'K L u I A xg I .muff BARRY : 4uAn all Americah with plenty x:ffsw-Audff .wa. 5'-15" QI' Wit" I Y -. 5x ? , - p-A 'f 1 Basketball li Football . 2,3,ll3 M 3- if-fig' 'f gf-'L' Citizenship 23 Sportsmanship 3,L CC?ptain M13 Varsity Club Pres. 3:4- 15 Q o QXX X UW' ,yf I J' ' N , .df - V 'lf , v 'lm 1 i '-v ,Z '14, Q fi 4: . -,,,g,,', 'Z 4 fi", Za ff Q' fugfmlh -N ' f f J P ,, . INR mxlxwjlflzdlgi I RUTH CONOVER , X ,ifwf r nThem that asks no questions, C Us 2 SYLVIA ANN CLOVER uSleep is a waste of timen .Bagel 3,4'g' Hilltooics Eng Band 1, 2,5,4 fPres. 453 Orchestra 2,3,1Q isn't told a lieu Hilltovics 2.53 Intramurals 3.4 Senior Playg Intramurals 1,2,5,4g Citizenship 43 Clarinet Quartet 4 Q 1 lihf Y, QQ0 X 1 '- -: 'hw H W all ,fn I ga' 1 , ,fa Y -?' f ,,-, r.gv "', 2 .... .1 - 15:7 , ,rx ? 'uf' n st at A " fig, -qEi?agxJF 1 5 I f ,47,xX,, In K QW Y Y p-l"'- f,l f ,-,ffxfgf A , .Z ALAN GARLOCK 'X fL,f,ff' ff!-Q f"' :"I've taken my fun where I found it." Bagel 45 Senior Playg Basketball 1,2,5,43 Baseball 2g45 Citizen- 'ship 53 Sportsmanship lg Bache-' lors Club 1,2,33 Photography 1,2 19 Chorus l,2,3,4g Triple Trio 5,Qg HU QQ? M2 CU ff 9 rirsm QF iw is ,S If L , I ff E7 ' . S DONALD GOURLAY !"'y mm- "'J'JhyJ-iaike life so seriously "' I ,. ' 3 t t I' NA,H -!gdAdZi1i1ven never pe ou o it ' ifyif'-' Intramurals l,2,5,4g Basketball JACK GARLOCK 33 Baseball 5,43 Bachelors Club "Lien, of few words are the best 1'2'4' Igg.?f6'l 33 Senior Playg Intramurals Lg.: Basketball 2,33 Citizenship 11293911- Q I 1 l f .l :V Txi X , N' in fi A I , 1 lf- - DM, D, D w X Il ni cf gal" n 'fl r I If XA A Q X' 5 , lv . wa ll' BERNARD HALL I , f , P ,' nsecgndtkhoughtsi they say, W L A are x e es JJ' f7wM' 4"K,f' ll - N - Bagel 3.4 lSDcrts Ed.j3 Senior 'f ' j xl Playg Basketball 5,45 Football 43 , . A ai. M ,: Citizenship 23 Sportsmanship 53. 45 fl W, Y , - Bachelors Club 1 l ZZ' 112' "'-' zoi K v 1 4 I 1 'J 1 ' x i 4- i .-L Af:w-A!Lv-- 3-'JZ Y JOAN KARVAR - L4l-t-i- e A QD rr -1-A C t nShe smiles on a11W'1:""' 4 -V '7"'-:F-4-f-' -T- 4 Hil1tODiCS 1,2,51 Chorus 1,21 ALICE HERENDEEN Library 1'2'5: Photography 2 nGent1eness succeeds better than violencen Bagel Staff 3,Mj Hilltopics 1,2, 3: FHA 1,2,3,b5 Intramurals 1,2, 3,u: Library Club lg citizenship 33 Cheerleading 2 . IW ,WHHHII rf r X 'E X , Iufw Q f P 2 Mx ww Mym --f .YF 'rv X --- t -f -e- e -:P vuee , 5 tr Q, E E 4 f"-L' 1. M 5 SAW iff? vk,vJ TPQf.t -J U ,J X x fx"-is X SHIRLEY KELLER Xu -nGood words are worth much ,S and cost littlen ffffy , Hilltooics ug Senior Playg c1c1- N"::" zenehip u. Shirley pnterea v.c.s. in her Senior year. 21 ,U 11- 4' lf, W x XNX Nlogf 2- 'B n xxllgff N- b U, . M-'M I li :Aim G21 fx-'tbl ...iii ,iii A -l HAROLD KESEL nYouth comes but once in a lifetimen Band l,2,3,uj Chorus l,2,3,Lg FFA 2,3,hS Intramurals M3 Track 33 Bachelor'Z Club 2,33 FFA Con- .ei gi vention 2,3, 5 Projection Club 3 fx. 5g,g Ev: 5- - IJ:-if fsffiff ' X of H 1-'I ln' ' X X I f I T a ,S .1 Iv, ll A ' 5 g 1 ' '26 yr 4, 7 2, if 1- IL! S ? Z f 1, 4. fl X E ,-- 7 ' 7 p? , f 7 X 1- 1 0 1 -ff k""" X A x V i7 ...-if .93 4 .za 4' 'gli , xA'iQff' 5522? JOAN NESBITT HA talent for words shall never leave her.N Bagel H3 Hilltoplcs 2,33 F.H.A l,2,3,Q3 Intramurals l,2,3 if K '94, ,l gx- "GS43Q 1 1 S. , ' max LQU RUTNAM - 44, All , X X- -- ..l-.-- A l"A-thing of beauty is a joy vei l ."v fvoreverv -,-3 ":L.-.- 1 - Cheerleading l,215,4 ' 22 Senior Playg Intramurals l,2,35 iff 731+ .10 X -12. x 'X ' .f . 14311 1 - sk 1 in 1' X f 3 K J N it H4 I 1 X ' N XXX ea fl XX Q N N 1 1 ix 1 . , 1 :X ,,1N- 'X MARY RYAN el g , .i T' gi S' uLet others labor, I'll do '-'e'1:4gi533.giZigQ:igg? the restu ggi "EE2E?jEsSF "-15? Bagel 5,43 Hilltopics 1,2,33 E? 1 Chorus 1,21 Senior Playg F.H,A. l,5,43 Intramurals l,2,5,4g Citi- ANN ROTHWELL zenshio 23 Art Club 1 "The true artist showeth the U5 wi master's hand" 1 National Honor Society 3,1-I-3 Bagel my 'X -ik 2,3,u CArt Ed. M33 Hilltopics 33 Q1 W chorus 1,2,3,L+5 Triple 'rr10 2, 3, r .fV,,., 'ill .1-P3 Senior Playg Intramurals l,2, LU ,Zak W 3,l+g Library Club 1- citizenship tl Q iwp 3,u5 sportsmanship by Art Club 1 M, I 53 fm qqifebli-1l""'Jdy pf Us MQ " - a,,,-,+X ,ea-. 2-ff, K Yun fig? -Eg55E2feXttZ?Aha 1 N .iffy-' X fi? -lm, uL,A,J.',,4:l'1fuw1.Axu'!!luLll1,!l1L- w-U1-.A . M 3. X-f .z'!wlb-U'qM Mui: 'Lwgx 771:-li' ll DOROTHY RYBKE r-X.. H. ' . 'ii' There s nothlnff so sweet -155: '- in life but 1ove,'s young ' dreams" ' lfv'x 'Bagel 5,45 Hilltopics 1,2,5,4g ,g Chorus 1,23 Triple Trio 23 Intra- ..-lvifwlluflz murals 1,2,5,4f Library Club 13 , l ',, 7 s T"t ei iiioortsmanship 5,43 F'.H.A. 2,3,4 23 Y X .A SY ftyy fee f Mt v!! i f Fx f 'f4?r T- ROBERT SMITH nThe qualities of leadership, musicianship and appreciation of artsn S-tuclent Council CSec. 3, Pres. LU Bagel staff Ll lAd. Ed.J3 Class Officer 1,2 CPres.J3 Band 3,l4.3 Orchestra 3,LL: Chorus l,2,3,ll CPres. UPS Senior Play: Sports- manship 2,3,hg Boy's Quartet 3 ELAINE STAHL nLet thy speech be netter tnan silence, or be silentn g duik ,v W I f 4 mx IQIQI M V Jmmniw fjx AY "i - ' -:-E-- NNY Af. y fi , 1 Q9 -ff fgf ,I X FRANCIS TISCHER ax -Ak NA modest man never talks of ,himselfn V Student Council Treas. 53 Class N Officer 1,2 fSec. Treas.P3 Senior - Play, Basketball l,2,5,4g Base- - ball 1,2,5,43 Football 2,5,4 f -74? 2b fl. mu ,I - I 1 -G xkhl Y ,M,LTW,E k ,-Qi, C it-YL,.f'-'Q' INMAN WARTERS Hspeak briefly and to the pointn F.F.A. 43 Intramurals 1,23 ketball 5,43 Bachelors Club ,. if 5 ' m mm., 5944-. 5-.A-q,, Bas- 1,2 NA merry heart doeth goo like a m6d1CiHSH Bagel 5,4g Hilltopics 2,5,4, Sen ior Playg F.q A 2,5,4 Intramur als l,2,5,43 A t Club l KZ-NN? J 2 "JP Q A IV, Q X I Mgr 7 4 ' R-XEg" ui ff' ,J Q f 'I-ii-1 .ffgzfiaiikzfszzji fill :fiL:Z?k y -. l , f'! ex ,X- A i Q T-J 'Q '3- rr A ffm. -4: fx. L .L A 'fl Q X'V"'x., i- AP 3,-fl I 'v"64,g ri"-13 'bw X' ed VCS during his Sophomore Year -,,-,,, RAYMOND WHITE A -"'I have laid aside business and gone a-fishinn Chorus 23 Track 2,3,M3 Ray enter- 25 5. I ll-BTORY In the fall of '39, 29 papooses left their mothers and launched their year education program. Our first two years were spent in the Gallup Block familiarizing ourselves with the English language. . With the completion of the modern new school we advanced along the trail to further education "on the hill". As sixth graders we proved our artistic and literary talents by painting a wall murrel depicting early pioneers in the West, and by editing our own grade newspaper. Stepping up into the seventh grade, we found the idea of changing rooms for various classes novel and exciting, and the study of New York State Indians really fascinated us! Moving along the trail, we had a successful freshman year with Mrs. Burns fthen Miss Vande Voordeb and Mr. Palumbo as ad- visers. We elected Bob Smith, President, Elsie Hawkins, Vice- President, Francis Tischer, Secretary-Treasurer, and Connie Barry, Student Council Representative. Our class activities included an after dance, a tage-day and a Halloween Party at the Rod and Gun Club. Our Sophomore year, Mr. Rose became our adviser and remained with us for the rest of our high school career. Bob Smith again was elected Class President, with Alice Herendeen, Vice-President, Francis Tischer, Secretary, Connie Barry, Treasurer and Elsie Haw- kins, Student Council Representative. That year we won the Hallo- ween picture window contest and again held a Halloween Party at the Rod and Gun Club. In an effort to add wampum to our Treasury, we sponsored a Donkey Basketball game, the Cole Circus, and a movie. We ended the year with a picnic at Nesbitt's cottage at Honeoye Lake. As Juniors we had another active year. This time with the following officers: Connie Barry, President, Mary Lou Anderson, Vice-President, Pat Clifford, Secretary, Bob Gillis, Treasurer, and Alan Garlock, Student Council Representative. We again won lst. Prize in the Halloween window painting contest, and augmented our treasury with our Halloween Round and Square Dance, ham sup- per, stationery sale, and sale od candy and pop at basketball games. In May, we sponsored the "Silver Slipper Prom". Again the year closed with a picnic at Nesbitt's cottage. Our Senior year brought us to the realization that our for- mal education in V.C.S. was nearly ended. We elected Connie Barry, President, Elsie Hawkins, Vice-President, Pat Clifford, Secretary, Bob Gillis, Treasurer, and Jim McKeag, Student Council Representative. Our activities this year included Magazine sub- scription sales, the Senior Play, "Willie's Week-end", the Senior Ball, "Silver Bell Dance' and the Firemen's dinner. During Easter vacation, we spent five wonderful .days in New York City. Then we began preparation for Class Night, and Com- mencement. On June 20 caps and gowns replaced Indian blankets and we graduated from Victor Central looking ahead to our future ca- reers. 26 sg 'S' s ' 55, , 'vt - is .4 k xl! Q." r'7 ff Eta ' 5 4 , 0 .1 . ' E251 f Q.- D D 1, - 'rs an Atv... First Row: C.Barry, J.Garlock, J.McKeag g Second Row: B.Hall, M.L.Putnam, B.Smith, E.L.Anderson, F.Tiscner Third Row: s.Ke11er, m.Turner, M.Ryan, n.Gi111s, A'ROthWe11, M- Hawkins, S.Clover 5'-TNIOR Pl AY 1-Q Q11l nWillie's Weekendn, under the capable direction of Mrs. Bebernitz, proved a great success. Mrs. Ophlis Winkle, a typical nson coddlern was afraid her son Willie, would have a heart attack. If this happened his large inheritance would go to a cat hospital. Willie did have a heart attack, but in this case it concerned a pretty nurse called Eva instead of the thrombosis, his mother feared. It all started when Willie was sent, in a convalescent state, to the nBide Aween Nursing Home while his mother redecorated their home. First, he met Eva, and then he was made very much aware of the nbefuddledn patients who believed themselves to be nCaptain Kiddu and nNapoleonn. Before you knew it, you were faced with a supposed burglary and kidnapping, topped off with a ransom note, a sprained ankle, an elopement, and many amusing and confusing incidents before the curtain came down on a side-splitting ending. Willie .............. Bob Smith Mrs. Winkle ......... Mary Lou Anderson Janie Lou Higgins...Elsie Hawkins Mrs. McDonald ....... Syliva Clover Hannah Mulligan.....Mary Turner Mr. Posey ........... Connie Barry QNapoleanJ Mr. Ozro Sanders .... Jim McKeag QCaptain Kidd, Samuel Hodges... .... Francis Tischer Eva Wood .... . ....... Mary Lou Putnam Brenda Burton... .... Mary Ryan Shirley Linton.. .... Ann Rothwell Mrs. Letitia Wood...Shirley Keller Orderlies.... ....... Bob Gillis Bernard Hall W Ai Samoa , "L V A' f25f m C View 0 IN fi M 5ERv1cs z fi ' zu. . " 'Try lodl Fi, 7? 5 1 121.9112 5 1 , VM sy?" M? ' ' . . Lml-1 3:3111 ! asf! 1 1 ' K. ,A Affiiyiiw Vf 'H' - . - 1? 4' - . Z . . 1 fm 1 M" X A A, . R A , , . 5 ' 1 I I U . .N. WFT ft? vi-fm-.. 1 1- ' ' Y 'kg 'w Q A ' E llw gf 'WH ' , X.. Q W'+-'VF f N' , 'UQQH Q . A , j in-J wi ' , qi A .4 .,.. ,nw 5 . Q n it 'i' 'K x Q V , V 5. 3 W 1 - 1 Q I s .ini A ,461 'K-3,1 rib? ' W ' ..- LK gk 1 'ww , P15 www 'SSX ev yi A , 1 ., ' 5 5 Ez + We ' gg- vm v , . -z1,?Qif5i'2k ' 'Y 5 , ' . , f N fu, ,mek ,, --Q-, 1 f :Agni king 4. 27'-y'Q'i.i, ,- N ,-Qhq. ,xxwtvr 9 4 X ersonww-, Mft M ,,. A l X.. nr., V .K - , 3 .. K x, r . Y , gimp' 'f ag' kxqc.. +314 f lg - .-Q., r - YQ. . A., ' I-1 W 15- -24.-1 :W ,. , a-. !.5, .A 'lift ",,- g:f'f'3J,1y, cf f ' t 'cfffxibbkd-g.E'ff,:ji' -JO 0zer1:!,',A:L35n7 , I W 1 4- . 3435 , ,w piifmtzmwlxz . ffm-I 'r-P, 'L L, .,,- 5 ., , . M .,. QJL1u Q, 4. lkbl 4-. 'QQ x X. rf" 1 Q 4' 'I ' m ." U" UJanie Lou S -ffm 1f ' ' CHOOL NURSE lr Qhiwyrl V A " S" "Foolish" RIBAL MEMBERS X z fg1"5 " R3 WM 1 'fa- W1 l 000 0 0 0000 ul' H Oflfkblli 3 QF f 3 . If -XX ,J V I 'K ,J I fd , TSX First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Pat Bowerman, Audrey Torquato, Ann Power, Alan Bowerman, Mr. Glerum, Marian Brake, Alice Whittaker Jeanette Ruebens,Beatrice Draper,Pat Criss,Connie Angelo, Rita Swartzenberg, June Collins, Faye Spencer, Marjorie Matthews, Willard McKee, Judy Nolan Lee Semmler, Duane Henehan, Richard Mechler, Glenn Popen- husen, Dick Ryder, Ronald Gouldrick, Dirk Weigert, Charles Matthews L u A. Power, Seo.g D. Stemp, Pres.3 A. Torquato, V. Pres.g P. Bowerman, Trees. 30 Tl O1-IABJIK -A W 4 A457 First Row: Shirley Braiman, Charlene Henehan, Mary Suhr, Marian Schmidt, Mr. Palumbo, Frances Ellis, Joan Czadzeck, David RUSS Second Row: Doris Button, Tony Mangiamele, Robert McCarthy, Joyce Power, Jane Draper, Richard Warder, Doris Peglow, Everett Simonds, Eugene Moore, Ann Bluhm, Ralph Suhr Third Row: Joyce Thiel, Gilbert Aldridge, Jim Mead, Fenwick Small, Don Turner, Beverly Frederick, Bill Bennett, Ray Weigert, Beverly Stahl The Mohawk Tribe, better known to you as the Junior Class, has been cooking on a hot camp fire all year. Among the events which netted us much wampum were the selling of pop and candy at the basketball games, the selling of stationery, the Junior Prom, two suppers, and a Halloween round and square dance. This Wampum will be used to send us to New Amsterdam or as you know it today, New York City 31 P 4-3, C'XYUQ'X-VW 'Sf- C- 'G' -7 N.f First Row: Second Row Third Row 4a'A'A'A 4f' r 1 Av AY Wm. I V A n Christine Mortensen, Sandra Carpenter, Kathleen Hanlon, Mrs. Bebernitz, Carol Cadzeck, Helen Yahn, Carol Reeves Gary Mortensen, John Gullace, Janet Harris, Barbara Blazey, Sharlene Years, Marilyn Holloway, Anna Garling, Patricia Stearns Nelson Allen, Daniel Parshall, Eugene Antonio, Clarence Rugenstein, Alan Berndt, Roger Boughton, Eugene Gillis, Ross Spencer .. 's 6 Q4 5 R ' 5 4 5 ' 1 9 r e 1 A l '50 f " 4f' 'E , 4 0 '5P4v.v,vp ' First How: A. Ford, S. C. RSP-3 V Underhill, Pres.: J. Cotton, Sec Second Row: E.Erady, V-Pres.3 P.W1lson Trees 32 J 'XY' Pixel QF FL if Q fg a 3, ?f,a First Row: P. Wilson, E. Brady, V. Underhill, Mre. Bebernitz, J. Cotton, A. Ford, E. Pilbeam Second Row: E. Hall, M. Peterson, A. Payne, M. Scala, J. Turner, J. Mahoney, P. Whittaker Third Row: K. Thompson, M. Bowermen, F. Wheeler, R. Czadzeck, D. Pegelow, D. Pegelow, C. Terwilliger This past year proved to be a very successful one even though we had very few money making activities. For entertainment we had a Halloween oarty at which ev- eryone had fun. In March we out on an assembly for the en- joyment of the student body. Next year we hone to do many things to increawe our treasury for our future Senior trip. 3.3 ONO1lDACA-1 at '55 1. fr lb i' First Row: Larry Matthews, Francis Underhill, Mary Alice Loomis Mr. Totman, Evelyn Braiman, Susan Pratt, Marie Leary Carolyn Ernst Second Row: Rose Militello, Josephine Snyder, Marilyn Warder Shirley Kohl, Harold Wagner, James Cotter, Bill Rugenstein, Robert Wallace, James Keller Third Row: Bob Matthews, John Sutton, Carolyn Austin, Arlene Phillips, James Ryan, Floyd Yahn, Charles Herendeen Douglas White, Edward Phillips .Ph IQDQRIP fl Nl xh ah mm' ,P Q n M. Barry, V-Pres., F. Underhill, Pres D. Rector, Treas.3 R. Brady, Sec. O1lO1IDA!3'X? QF gf f TY First Row: Raymond Matthews, Steve Walker, Richard Ott, Mr. Francello Norita Years, Doris Rader, Jeanette Carra, Josephine Carra Second Row: Mary Power, Billie Jean Parker, Elsie Hargreaves, Myrna Allen, Glendora Pimm, Mary Lou Stahl, Thelma Madison Sandra Garlock Third Row: Carl Brake, Charles Militello, Ermil Peglow, Henry Fritz William Burns, Donald Hunt, Roger Brady, David Rector Thomas Twitchell We Freshman started our first high school years with 65 members. With Mr. Francello and Mr. Totman as advisers, we have had a very successful year. Our main activity for this year was a tag day at the first basketball game. We also checked coats at the basketball games which helped to add to our treasury. Our goal for this year is SSO. 35 1 2 V AW'X + ,.lHiV an qi + if lub V ,,1A'!'xs.' A' ' SS fa fy Q Z1 Q 55 ei Q HES? 49? sells t S4 1 L af S5 2, 0' '1r,',-11" I SJEMIACA5 QF 'f f First Row: Second Row: Third Row Fourth Row: Absent: R. Herendeen, P. Bowerman, R. Power, G. Snyder, P. Mort- ensen H. Miller, E. Pilbeam, B. Matthews, C. Dennis, C. Hunt, E. Calhoun, N. Gentle, B. Peglow, B. Johnston A. Lortscher, D. Weight, S. Czadzeck, A. Holloway, C. Bowerman, A. Bennedict, U. North, G. Stahl, J. Strassner E. Coon, A. Pimm, M. Koester, R. Gillis, D. McKeag, J. Rodas, L. Blood, W. Bennett, J. Prysinda M. Brown, D. Zuhlsdorf, D. Coprtney, R. McCormick A4 WlIIlHllL.IlI1lIlIV wig : : ,Naam A A .iii D. Anderson, J. Carr, H. Maltman, B. Anderson R. Baleno, S. Miller, M. Glifford, G. Cody, N. Smith, J. Brownell, J. Hanlon, Miss Tucker Row: J. Swsrtzenberg, H. LaC1are, M. Whitney, J. Bradford, B. Elliott, R. Sutton, E. Bittner, C. Golf, F. Msngiamele Fourth Row: A. Garrett, S. Peglow, M. MoGarry, J. Tisoher, R. Robin- son, B. Thompson, J. Walker, M. VsnOrman, J. Reynolds J. Barry, J. Conover, W. Payne, J. Popenhusen First Row: Second Row: Third Absent: Entered: Jean Lamb, Sam LaBue 30 011-19 Axs QF 1 JL c a '4 F o n First Row: L. Sleight, R. Wood, A. Houghton Second Row: A. Cardulla, R. Suhr, D. Czadzeck, J. Gardner, F. Doyle, J. Gernon, D. 5rake, 5. Criss, Miss Wood Third Row: M. Cahier, H. Hess, C. Carruth, A. Bennett, L. Gullace, P. VanLare, L. Jacobson, 5. Simonds, A. Timm, C. Madison, J. Webster R Fourth How: . Tuttle, B. Clark, R. Kratzenberg, R.Ruppersberger, J. Peterson, L. Padgham, I. Madison, B. Smith, C. Smlth, B. Rybke, H. Sadler Q 1gYQg??:Lf 1 r First Row: t. herendeen, A. deacr, J. rrenchard, A. Rogers Second Row: R. Benedict, P. Brake, B. Elliot, R. Tay, A. Mangiamele M. Gentle, J. Beard, M. Brady, Mr. Henehan Third Row: A. Cardulla, D. Bauer, K. Winkler, A. Wager, M. Hull J. Burns, R. Cowles, E. Devlin, E. Rozell Fourth Row: R. Whittaker, D. MacKircher, E. Strassner, S. Smith M. Mead, P. Wheeler, S. Cotton, K. Hodas, N. Hill, E. Morack- Absent: M. Lucy, L. Leavitt 37 I if QE 0 M' iHEROKE'.r'T.f CW 5 First Row: Second How: Third Row: Fourth Row: Absent: D. Swan, L. Potter, J. Stanley, E. Brown, H. Thompson J. Hull, B. Parshall, N. Gullace, R. McKirshar, K. Gard- ner, L. Years, C. Mangiamele M. Williams, B. Brice, P. Jacobson, G. Turner, C. Beber- nitz, E. Pimm, C. Hulings, E. Spencer, H. Holloway, L. Hunt A. Webster, K. Ruppersberger, J. Matthews, B. Brooks, T. Sutton, S. Whitney, M. Shoemaker, J. McKeag, Y. Johnson, A. Johnson E. Tobey, R. Guino First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Absent:, 6 IA 9 Wil we 1 i N9 W. Doyle, C. McCarty, D. Bowerman, G. Brake, J. Hull, M. Ryan, G. Barry, Mrs. Tallman H. Peglow, A. Dillman, J. Cody, H. Broderick. D- Wheeler, C. Hulbert, P. Brown, J. Harris, H. Hall J. Ott, S. Twitchell, A. O'Brien, S. Busby, T. Becker, J. Zobel, D. Weigert, E. Shoots, R. Barry, B. Bauer P. Scala, R. Lyons, P. Turner 38 DAK0'l'AX-A QF 4 5 1 , J" 2' ' First Row: R. Second Row: D. Third Row: g. Fourth Row: g. Absent: g: Xl 4 .:l.:v.:v.: 9 Q , 5 D-mp4 .1 A'-1 "9 AV 4 4 w" J' U Q McKay, W. Cody, E. Clifford, D. Oderkirk Fritz, D. Busby, J. Rose, A. Strassner, L. Peglow Kraii, V. Green, Miss Buchan Governor, P. Shoots, F. Hauer, F. Calhoun, C. Burns Peck, P. 0'Brien, D. Henehan, P. Warder Johnson, L. Briggs, G. Bennett, M. Lyons, M. Lynaugh Matthews, B. McK1rcher, B. Losaw, M. King, J. Keefe Rhodas, D. Hacker, D. Corbit, K. Lutwiller, S. Aner Mos First Rowe J.Stah1, D.Swan, B.Schrader, R.Ux, R.Watson, B.B1azey Second Row: H.Loss, P.Trenchard, J.Coo1igan, J.Lyt1e, J.O'Nei1 J.Buwa1da, R.Mi11er, S.Vogt, M.Morr1ssey, Mrs. Spencer Third Row: R.Padgham, F.Sage, D.Tay, B.Czadzeck, M.Weigert, C.Austin S.Garratt, J.Mar1in, L.Fisher, J.Eng1ish R.Hess, B.Hawes, R.Ryan, C.Rodas, J.Gou1drick, W.Turner J.Parker, J.Coon, N.Romeiser ' Richard Young Fourth Row: Absent: 39 sun, loo T T RIZII NAVAJO? QF QSO First Row Second Row: Third Row Fourth Row Absent: Brown, D.Jensen, E.Qay, B.Bennett, C.Cah1er, D.Coon .Hu11, M.Dooney, H.Jo111ff, L.Bowerman, D.Bennett Gentle, A.Larrabee, D.Carruth, D.Rader, Mrs. Tuttle .Cardu11aQJ.McC1e11and,E.Wi111e,D.Sma11,P.Peck Tischer,C.Peglow,S.M11lham,R.Metca1f,R.Gowes,M.Jacobson .Witter,G.Massare11a,R.Kratzenberg,P.Hartz,R.Johnson .Segbers,E.Keaveny,J.A11en,L.Saxman,C.Sherman,C.Smith Courtney, I. Blood, P. Sage, S.Johnson First Row: R D Second Row: Il ll Q Q .Satterlee,P.Browne11,R.Wi1son,D.Garlock,D.Dev1in,D.Card .Bennett,E.Brooks .Cow1es,D.Czadzeck,C.W11ey,C.VanDamme,E.Hess, .Mangiame1e,J.Brake,N.Schmidt,D.0tt,R.Fox,Mrs. Power .Kaiser,P.Maier,F.Conover,G.Becker,J.Swartzenberg J J Third Row: J.Brown,L.Reese,B.Gi111s,D.Tobey,N.Herendeen,E.Ma1tma1 J B .Harloff,D.Hi11,L.Garlock M.Barry,S.Tourje,DfWebster, J.Katkamier,C.Coons,J.Simonds D.Mad1son,J.W1nch,M.Smith,R.McKee,R.Rader,C.Phillips Fourth Row: Lo 7 AXPAXCHE. 5 QF 991 First Second Third Fourth Absent: Row: Row: Row: Row: 0 its 2 Q Stahl, J. Cody, W. Brake, R. Cardulla Gullace, B. Doyle, E. Leary, G. Lord, R. Granger Hauer, S. Burse, D. Gentle, Mrs. Cole . Exton, D. Hullng, P. O'Be1rne, V. North, S. Reese . Aldridge, J. EcCellan, D. Rogers, R. Fisher, N. Vogt . Schwab, D. Lovejoy, E. Tischer, J. Good, J. Fisher . English, T. Carlin, D. Rhode, B. Gardner, G. Keyes . Ryan, T. Whitney, S. Smith, R. Johnson V A' .ual J ':, ,nc L NQJ 1 I-1 Q First Row: Second Row: Third Row Fourth Row Absent: n n - A ' ' Rouse, H. Lytle, R. Perry, W. BrooHs Nickel, P. Sutton, M. Sell, U. McKay, M. Wells, R. Ux, Ryan, C. Crippen, V. Shoots, Miss Condon Sexstone, M. Burns, P. Morrissey, K. Peglow,P. Kaiser, Robbins, R. Berndt, B. Suhr, G. Holloway, H. Ux Devlin, C. Criss, J. Turner, K. Phippen, R. Czadzeck, Teurje, C. McGhan, T. McMahon, U. Fritz, N. Holloway, Courtney H Q1 o'y'o 3flAW1lL'.E f QF Tl. First Row: N. Matthews, R. Gullace, J. Bauer, R. Maltmsn, J bmith, D. Fisher Second Row: J. Lewis, C. Busby, E. Holloway, M. Julbert, E. Green, C Rader, M. O'Br1en, S. Granger, B. Wilson, H. Leavitt, P Madison Third Row: W. Winkler, S. Hartz, J. Barry, K. Buck, M. L. Peglow, G Muchard, D. Harris, E. McCarthy, G. Boughton, Miss Brown Fourth Row: C. Wilson, E. Barry, B. Larrabee, N. Wise, J. Gapron, A Calhoun, K. Vogt, A. Turner, R. Loss 'First Second Third Fourth Absent: Row: Row Row: Row: 'iw ,f Vale D. MdKay, J. Nickel, G. Rodas, A. Newman, D. Brake, T, Reese J. Henehan, C. Reed, A. Wlnnere, D. wood, K. Underhill, A. Martz, G. Matthews, L. Watson, R. Keefe, Miss Colligan H. Turner, K. Northrup, P. M'Ghan, T. Briggs, B. Romeiser, C. Scala, L. Wright, J. Scala, G. Soule, M. Oderkirk T. Gentle, E. Bewelda, R. Rugenstein,' G. Metcalf, K. Kev- eny, J. Hunt, J. Sherman, P. Smith, R. Fisher, D. Card Sandra Van Gelder, Evelyn Dewick L2 X K E 2 i i 3.11P.-vzwfws QF First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Absent: 1 b 41 B 4 Pb J. Fowler, K.L. Northrup, B. Garratt, L. Northem, R. Wat- son, N. Brown, M. Rgan, Miss Mead C. Wiley, R. Pimm, . Calhoun, R. Lovejoy, G. Conover, S. Robbins, D. Becker M. Bennett, W. Ryan, M. O'Beirne, J. Wiley, K. Fisher, J. Ludwig, F. Grant, J. Barvey B. Matthews, S. Bliss, C. Thompson 5 l I Wir - Ah X f XX E El 'L w 5 r A First Row: K. McCarty, B. Harder, K. Beard Second Row. B. Lefler, L. Suhr, E. Wood, P. Green, A. Morrissey, S. Leary, C. Shoemaker, Miss Cufari Third Row: E. Ellis, B. Burns, N. Darling, M. Allen, S. Orr, D. Shoots, M. Capron, B. DeLong Fourth Row: J. Exton, C. Wood, A. Goulderick, M. Crane, M. Kaiser, L. Aldridge, D. Phillips, G. Gutberlet M3 lfllPPI'.E'lAY -A QF T? mu First Row: R.Mi1ite11o, P.Brown, D.Benson, F.Schrader, J.Moon,P. Eng- lish, N.A1drich,Miss Thompson Second Row: A.Gardner, J.Turner, R. Henry, S. Cody, B. Frank, P.Brown- ell, R. McClelland, A. Hendricks Third Row: K.Lyons, C.Vontgomery, G. Rader, D. Traber, B. Garratt, D. Kratzenberg, R.Mar1in Absent: S.Corbit, F. Turner DI ST, KAW idx -df First Row: R.E11sworth, B.Johnson B.O'Connor D Wei t Second Row: B.Saxmon, J.E11sworth,'B.Bowe, M.Coon, D.5ii1iams Q' Mrs.Wh1ttaker, D.Johnson, R.Mi11es, J.Jones, J 1-I S.Gardner, G.0'Conn0r Third Row: M.Bowe, D.Coon, J.Johnson, E.Bower, D.No1an, S'He1'9nd9611. R.Ma.ier, J.Lutwil1er, E.Bowe, N.Johns0n ML. lr r-I-v 1 9,11 ,JI LL: S QF U ,tth fxg -fr - 1 VI , V24 5, I+, First Row: D.Pittenger, L.Martz, V. Beal, M. Murphey, R.Hewman, P.Erickson Second Row: R.King, D.McLaugh1in, C. Allen, J. North, K. Tay, A. Pilbeam,D.Becker,M.Morressey, D.Doyle, Miss Burnett, Third Row: B.Henehan,E.Conover,R.Conover,B.Briggs, B.Nassivera, S. O'Ne1l,K. El1iott,J. Reese,D.Dil1man, T.Jensen,S. Peglow Fourth Row: S. Romeiser, E. Goers, B.Goldfarb, D.Lee,B.F1sher,D. Madison, L. Bumpus,D.Henehan,D.Ott,L.Potter,S.Busby, Fi?Et Second Third Fourth Row: Row: Row Row S5745 EMS R. Brake, J. Winters, U. Simonds, L. Smith, J. Stanley, L. Heefe, J. Whitney, R. Bebernitz M. Elliott, K. Butler, B. Pellor, P. Traber, D. Hall, R. Exton, S. Smith, J. Sager, C. McGhan, G. Pike, Miss Bur- nett R. Muchard, R. Rvan, J. Dayton, P. Longyear, T. Cullip, R. Kossow, B. Broomfield, J. Sherman, R. Harloff, J. Oderkirk, S. Perry, S. Fisher F, PetepS0n,M.Turner, M. McMahon, C. Lord, P. Fisher,J. Davison,J.Katkameir,E.Schwab,K.Cotton,J.Gutberlet,J.Tourje , M5 Ui? .rguvfi rx -,T'11"lS ' 4 . ,fx ,rf -.. 1 'll 2174104111 f':31'?':' W, fffgxn ' f -f-99,1 " 1,11iw?'ff"7f ja ylss Jacobs if ?? gal - ix . e, xv N5 ?iOlC':"V Llebw 5- aww? ff ,- , .Qu , , L 'fwsclhc L U.: :"I"!lf5f'NCi S 'E .L'-. if Q 411-1 V' 1- fw're5sl 5i1 M fi V' Y . . 4 , 'N .'1 ,1 y L'Zj?1 C':T1-Ziff? 1414 12, ww, ,.,.. SJ Wil? K... K. Ve: ,ia AX,. W W Uh-y.u1-,3 UQ? Eileen! Novica :md new ETWJ!'I1DCJT1Gx sv Tig iffihait ya fjot? 1 A' s sv, "1 1 it JQYE' ill? fa WQM4' W iw., 4 I 1 Q' ' kgs' ' , mm - sf gun'-"4 -A ,, K ,L S lffffl if ,wii Q. ' K ,,,, 3 , Q -, . ,wil E, r -. fl? Yi 1.5 I 1 if 5 Wa v ' in X I xQ' 5- ' . 'E 4 Q' 5 ' Q Amaqeci! 1 ,"'?w Us WS? " iff fi? , . . ,fix s 'ff ta: Q35 ' il' ll lxllr' :Fifi .W li .,, ...,...., .R if 'W Y Y TWT. Y ,l 'Q -- In A K ' as -W ' ' , 115395-L '5 if A f Wiz' 5 ,l,"'- bf.. .52 - .:v' 1f'iz' :I ,sf . AEEQT2' Vx I ,L Y Y-V , nf- V-V ---- :Z -A ,. -ff Y, rf :---,T-....,1:,,, 1 Y--, -,..:.:... W, .24-J-. ,.... ,R r . .. 5 .,.,,,. , ,. -M .5j:':-Pkg, 1 . .J . .. , ' --" 2 --. ...T .... V524 X l-if it ....... YYY P44 YYY M' ' 4 'EQ , - ,... i. ?l,, ,. -,if-'Tm 1.-1.1 1 70.-4 - UT:-, fu- H .-.., , ,.. . A .. ,. - - f k ......,---P-.1-H ""11v"ff' 'f""' 51,7-YY' "" """" ' ' ""' va, ,Z . - - v' A-H--'f 1- ,,4f:::..4. . ..- .,-gf-L H.- .,.. , ,--...l .1-g. - I I V U42 ff e 31 .ff 2 ..,-....,., ...- .-... -- .1---.. 11- YXYXNY Y ' 4 A BAF.-:.L STAFF yi ,y 4.x 4-K Algk I v First Row: C. Barry, P. Clifford, Mr. Francello, M.L. Anderson, S. N Braiman, A. Rothwell Second Row: M. Brake, A. Power, P. Bowerman, P. Criss, C. Angelo Third Row: A. Bluhm, J. Nesbitt, A. Herendeen, E. Hawkins, M. Turner M. Ryan, J. Mead, B. Gillis N Fourth Row: G. Popenhusen, B. Smith, F. Small, B- Hall, J- Thiel, 3- Clover, D. Rybke, B. Fredericks The fifth yearbook of Victor Central has been produced through the efforts of a hard-working staff. We accomplished our goals by working steadily, but we managed to have a great deal of fun also. We wish to extend our appreciation to Mr. Francello for giving up so many hours to advise us with our project and to Editor and Assistant Editor, who have so capably supervised us in the completion of this is- sue of Bagel. Editor--M. L. Anderson Asst. Editor--3. Braiman Literary Ed.--P. Clifford Asst. Lit. Ed.--J. Mead Literary Staff--E. Hawkins, B . Fredericks, J.Nesbitt Art Editor--A. Rothwell Asst. Art Ed.--F. Small Art Staff--M. Turner, D. Rybke, C. Angelo ,Typing Editor--A. Herendeen Asst. Typing Ed.-J. Thiel Typing Staff--S. Clover, M. Ryan, A. Bluhm .Business Manager--C. Barry Asst. Bus. Hang.-M. Brake fhotography Editor--B. Hall I Ad Editor--B. Smith, Asst. Ad Ed.--P. Criss A d Staff--A. Garlock P. Bowerman , B. Gillis ' Wgvi A dviser--Mr. Francello I M over by--Ann Rothwell Gen workings... 2-.wblliii h8 WQWVIQXYSEJ V ' Lljff PICS fTAFf' First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row: Pat Criss, Shirley Braiman, Kathleen Hanlon,Marian Brake, Mrs. Burns, Anne Power Helen Yahn, Carol Reeves, Shirley Kohl,Charles Militello, Barbara Blazey, Rose Militello, Evalyn Braiman, Sandra Carpenter, Mary Alice Loomis Janet Harris,Beatr1ce Draper,MarciaPeterson,Pat Clifford, Mary Turner, Elsie Hawkins, Audrey Ford, Eileen Hall, Janet Cotton, Connie Angelo Rita Swartzenberg, June Collins, Marjorie Matthews, Joyce Thiel, Arlene Phillips, Shirley Keller, Jim Mead, Fenwick Small, Dorothy Rybke The Hilltopics staff of 1951-S2 has accomplished its goals through the publication of a monthly newspaper and by sending articles of special interest to the Victor Herald. In September, we sent two members and Mrs. Burns, our ad- viser as delegates to the Syracuse Press Conference. Our editor was Marian Brake, and the Assistant Editor was Kathleen Hanlon. Our newspaper consists of school news and events which are important to the student body. Our news- paper has been improved by the selling of ads. LL9 BT l DENT COUNCIL First Row: J. Mead, E. Hawkins, R. Smith, M. Brake, Mr. Corbit Second Row: A. Ford, H. Saddler, R. Brady, J. McKeag, B. Thompson The Student Council Association is a representative group of students who help in carrying out projects for the betterment of the student body as a whole, with Mr. Corbit as adviser. The major project of the organization is the sponsorship of assembly programs throughout the year. In order to raise funds to make this possible, movies are shown in the Spring and Fall. This Fall we sent two delegates to the Sportsmanship Conference at Red Jacket and two to the Student Council conference at Canan- daigua. T Officers for the school year 1951-S2 are: President ----- -Bob Smith Secretary- ---- -Marian Brake Vice-President-Elsie Hawkins Treasurer ------ James Mead SO N, L -1. H First Row: M.L. Anderson, P. Clifford, M. Brdce, A. Rothwell, C. Barry, E. Hawkins, Mrs. Burns. Second Rowg C. Reeves, K. Hanlon, J. Cotton, J. Thiel, A. Bowerman, G. Popenhusen, E. Brady, B. Frederick, P. Criss, A. Bluhm, A. Payne, S. Braiman. Members of the National Honor Society are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, character and ability. The student must also maintain a scnolastic average of SEZ. Membership for National Honor Society are chosen by percentafge:2OZ of Seniors, 1525 of Juniors, 1056 of Sophomores. The advisor of this society is Mrs. Burns. Officers President -------- --Connie Barry Vice-President ----- Ann Rothwell Secretary-Treasure-Marian Brake 51' 2 3 fs EEA, e'o 'First dow: K. Thompson, R. Matthews, D. Rugg, J. Turner, ir. Jotnan, W. Czadzeck, P. Steffenhagen, R. Ott Second Row: G. Hunt, E. Simonds, S. Walker, E. Gillis, F. Yann, D Bowerman, N. Allen Third Row: G. Aldridge, E. Moore, R. Houghton, C. Herendeen, T Twitchell, W. Prysinda Fourth Row: D.,Gourlay, W. O'Dea, I. Warters, H. Kesel, D. Weigert A. Berndt, C. Matthews This year the F.F.A.has participated in many activities. Besides helping to sponsor the school fair and having a F. F. A. banquet, we won first prize with our exhibit at the Ontario County Fair and put on three radio broadcasts over radio station W.G.V.A. We were one of ten schools to give 3500 to the New York State F. F. A. Camp. Kenny Thompson, Alan Bowerman, Donald Gourlay, and Roger Boughton attended this camp. A Glen Popenhusen, Kenny Thompson and Harold Kesel Sang in the New York State F. F. A. Chorus. u Altogether we can say we had an enjoyable and successful year and we are looking forward to another great year. o'e 52 IHA, First Second Third Row Row: Row 2 M. Barry, M. Scala, J. Nolan, N. Barry, G, Pimm A. Phillips, A. Herendeen, M. Brake, P. Bowerman, A. Ford : M. Turner, H. Yahn, M. Suhr, S, Years, B, Blazey, N. Years, Whittaker, Miss Jacobs Fourth Row: A. Payne, D. Peglow, S. Cole, J. Cotton, J. Collins, J. Nesbitt M. Ryan, D. Rybke, J. Power, M. Matthews, B. Frederick The school gi the homes As a Daughter Banquet. Our Patty Bow Future Homemakers of America is an organization of high- rls who are preparing themselves for their role in making of tomorrow. yearly tradition, the F.H.A. sponsors the Mother and Banquet and also prepares the meal for the annual F.F.A. adviser this year is Miss Jacobs and the President is 6 1"l'l'lB.-no 53 BAND First Row: S. Glover, J. Thiel, P. Criss, J. Mead, M. L. Anderson, M. A. Loomis, P. Wilson, F. Small, D. Pegelow, J. PODSH- husen Second Row: S. Braiman, C. Ernst, C. Bowerman, G. Dennis, J. Carre, A. Whittaker, M. Leary, G. Pimm, A. Halloway, N. Hill, H. Miller, J. Carra, A. Boughton, B. Matthews, B. Peglow, D. Pegelow Third Row: J. Harris, C. Smith, J. Matthews, S. Cotton, C. Reeves, K. Thompson, H. Smith, E. Braiman, J. Peterson, R. G11- lis, N. Barry, M. Halloway, E. Moraok, E. Peglow, K. Han- lon, M. Barry, F. Wheeler, G. Popenhusen Fourth Row: S. Carpenter, J. Hanlon, E. Matthews, A. Phillips, Mr. Adams To the strains of nThe Storm Kingn and the nBlue Tail Flyn, the V.C.S. Band started the year. We played for the School Fair and then for the Hal- loween Dance. The A5 member band also presented a:Concert on December 13. The Annual Music Festival, normally held at'Hushv1lle, was held at Gorham with the competition part taking place at Victor. To climax the season, we presented the Spring Concert which is held every year. Mary Lou Anderson, Sylvia Clover and Glenn Popenhusen attended the State Sectionals at Geneva. It was determined that we had a very interesting and successful year. President ----------- Sylvia Clover Vice-President ------ James Mead Secretary-Treasurer-Mary Lou Anderson 51+ ORC!-ll.f'I'RA First Row: K. Hanlon, A. Phillips, M. Peterson, P. Wheeler, J. Han- , lon, C. Colt Second ROW! S. Carpenter, D. Peglow, S. Clover, J. Thiel, M.A. Loomis, P. Wilson, E. Pilbeam, M. Scala Third Row: P. Bowerman, S. Years, G. Popenhusen, R. Smith, C. Reeves, B. J. Gillis, N. Barry, M. Halloway, G. Pimm, A. Halloway, E. Padgham, A. Bennett Fourth ROW! g. geadi Mr. Adams, K. Thompson, F. Wheeler, J. Popenhusen . IHS. t The 25 member orchestra started the year off with nDancing In the Darkn and nScherazaden. The five members attending the All-State Festival which was held at Geneva were Kathleen Hanlon, Arlene Phillips, Sandra Carpenter, Judy Hanlon and Carol Golf. The orchestra is under the direction of Floyd S. Adams. Officers are: President ----------- Robert Gillis Vice President ------ Harold Kesel Secretary-Treasprer-Carol Reeves 55 JHURI 3 xUl1qYn'Wl,r4Y1" Q -VIIIIIHIIHIIYHITIP , d !mUMnmmmt First Row: Second Row: Third Row: Mrs.Jarvis,S.Years,C.Mortensen,A.Torquato,M.A.Loomis,C.Cadzeck, M.Power,A.Wh1ttaker,P.Bowerman,A.Power,E.Pi1beam,A.B1uhm,C.Ange1o M.Peterson,S.Gar1ock S.Carpenter,M.Brake,M.L.Anderson,K.Han1on,M.Leary,C.Ernst,A.Payne M.Ho11oway,D.Peg1ow,J.P6wer,A.Rothwe11,A.Ph11lips,S.C1over, K.Thompson,P.Wi1son,B.Smith,B.Gi11is,J.Mead,G.Popenhusen, M.Bowerman,F.Small,R.Gouldrick,R.Ryder,H.Kese1 'la R1 PLL la Rl' Wx! H xl' Seated: M.Brake,D.Peg1ow,A.Torquato,J.Th1e1,M.L.Anderson,C.Angelo Back Row: S.C1over,J.Power,A.Rothwe11,A.Phillips 56 cmfzlrlf.-r oufurrz ,mums if rl' MM WYQ 'V' MJ Seated: Sylvia Clover, Joyce Thiel Standing: Patricia Criss, James Mead BRA 3 3 Q' ART E' SM ? a s VV J.Popenhusen, F. Sma11,E. Peglow,G. Pop h 57 CH' 121.113 HP C OH, J-Al l D A 4 u' ' 3' WWI W '- 532 'r 4 V Q x L. 'H' ,A f',rq x First Row: S. Clover, A. Rothwell, A. Torquato, Mr. Rogers, D. Peg- low, M. Suhr, S. Braiman Second Row: R. Gillis, L. Semmler, J. C-arlock, M. Bower-man, S. Kel- ler, J. McKeag, R. Meckler, V. Underhill, R. Terwllllger' 3 SPI R'I31'lfXN SHIP CON. av-can UAIAYAYAD ' WSI' sm E, 'V First Row: A. Rothwell, D. Rybke, J. Barry, Mr. ROgeI'B Second Row: R. smith, J. Mahoney, P. Clifford, R. Gillis, G- Barry 58 O1""1P ' ,,.,-0. - - .L 4 Ch-that dGntESt! 3 sz Dreaming? x Q' f K f, I f r'zg5,nM 1dishQ u Mmm .W 57 ., r., Qenator y 'vu Next sbeming at-- V NR Luv te,r'vrf"h ere s the v SSS ,hat? v.. -'in Q His mf auce a. Last! away me X A 4-. .M Y. 4 ' . L- . ., 3 ' N Nc. ' Zcztfs 3:51 .ii . f EM W , 3' 'ik f if A 1? k F :K M. ,A,- -,A Wxffx . f aa- :TN I ha 111 " v gr , 145 mi J, 'f'9" -, 5 A--D Y "' Q -, 5 4, 1 2,12-'fl ,, 1353 ,Q .L L!l"l'1GI" qv VI. I A . W - 'fy A ' 1 Wa f'1gn . A ' , . Wi.. ' , haw Rat? 4-. ,.,e'f., A 4' 'fifx . "' ' if W ,S 3 sh ' ' ,'i...f gg, .' ! W W,i 51316 ard? .iwhx J ,+Qeg11f , 4 fpQQ'!. 9 . . Eghiggg 54, i f. : 'A My 'Lu 6--3 X .- hh 'A MQ wm'W?M' 5 Q 45? 'F 'J x L J LL Q' Lx ,A f " v. ,1 x S , N 41 Msg 2 V -f .,+f.A,..e,..,,,,,.,i or s'iS3E3l91'S f Sixth gr ,... f-MQ I 1 1 1 Ur W NJ- 1 wa'b ' Q, -,fmnfn .x-AN .Q A ,Qi W 1 5, i .ff 'fiarendeen SPORTS Q A Q Q' W , if-'i F W y ,.,. A B Q famgx ,. - g,. Q ..-.-Q ,-, ., g fuih. A A xygfx Q , N. ,I yn - - 1 Q VKX X f ., I L ,,,: ' 1 x. , 4 Q KT fs 4 Wg' -1 Q Js igbwuilfl K It N Q F P4 if lf' , E ji F VARSIT Y Bi fl .IIBALL l Standing: T. Mangiamele, G. Antonio, B. Bennett, B. Hall, D. Pegelow, J. McKeag, D. Pegelow, F. Tischer, H. Go1ldrick, A. Garlock, L. Semmler Seated: H. Maltman, Coach Lynaugh, B. Clark Victor's Varsity Basketball team was highly successful with Victor capturing the Finger Lakes B-C League. The Devils from Victor had sixteen wins and two losses. Along with their fine basketball ability, Coach Lynaugh's Hoopsters had very much nespirit de corpn enabling them to capture many important games. The team's shooting percentage was far above average. The paramount players were Don and Darvin Pegelow whose rebounding and shoot- ing ability helped the team immensely. Our big pivot-man was Jimmy McKeag who also did his share of rebounding and shooting. Our guards were Gene Antonio and Lee Semmler who, although did little scoring, were often responsible for the baskets being scored. Francis Tischer and Bill Bennett saw considerable action as did the rest of the team. Victor had fine bench power, which, when not in action, was con- stantly backing the team. Our first loss was to Naples, due game the press by Naples was of little Springs game was considerably tough. Vic perienced a regrettful loss in the end. team all the way. press. However in the second Naples use to our opposing team. The Clifton tor drew a lead of fifteen points but ef- On the whole, Victor WHS H ChHm?10HSHiP to a and led the team over the rough spots and urged them on to the top. The managers for the team were Howard Maltman and Bernard Clark. Coach Lynaugh guided O or 5 e acre 37 Victor-5b V1 t - 1.....R d J L t ---- Victor-57 Victor-60.....Bloomfield ---- 14.5 V1 n - . .... Ph 1 -------- o Victor-83 C or 57 e ps E3 Victor-63 'Victor-59.....Honeoye Falls-V Victor-73.....Honeoye Flats-29 Victor-Z2 52 Victor-65.....Cl1fton ------- W Non Victor- 7.... leag Gorham -------- Naples ---- Middlesex- . . .Red 'Jacket ---- Bloomfield ---- .Phe1ps--- uevgames O2 Victor -76 ..... 'Victor- Victor-56 ..... Victor-54 ..... Victor-79 ..... V1ctora80 ..... Honeoye Flats Honeoye Falls Clifton ------ Gorham ------- Naples ------- Middlesex ---- mv, Bi 334.5 BALL First Row: F. Underhill, 3. Mortensen, B. O'Dea, R. Brady, H, Mecklerf C. Milletello, J. Gullace Second Row: G, Cody, P, Bowerman, J. Cotter, M. VanOrman, V. Underhill, D. Rector, D. McKeag, B. Burns, E. Simonds, Mr. Palumbo Made up of a nucleus of Freshman and one Sophomore, the Junior Var- sity showed fine spirit and playing ability. It is important to note that games lost were by close margins while the victories were often by a large number of points. According to Coach Palumbo, the team had plenty of nhustleu and showed good fighting spirit. Congratulations to our Junior Varsity and a pat on the back for that ,Second place league standing they won this year. The scores for the games were as follows: Victor Victor-28 Red Jacket---- -25 .Red Jacket--- Victor-2 Bloomfield ---- Victor-S3 .Bloomfield--- Victor- 7 Phelps-- Victor-38 .Phelps------- Victor- 3 Honeoye Falls- Victor .Honeoye Flats Victor-14.3 Honeoye Flats- Victor- 3 .Honeoye Falls giictior-14.3 .gliI'ton3 ------ Victor .gligton ----- - C Or' OI'h8.l!1 """" c or menace or am """' Victor- Naples- ------- Victor-311. .Naples ------ - Victor-52 Valley- ------- Victor-50 .Valley ------- 63 FOO'I1f3ALL First Row: Coach Palumbo, R. Meckler, F. Tischer, J. Barry, T. Mangiamele, G. Antonio, V. Underhill, Coach Lynaugh Second Row: W. Bennett, F. Wheeler, M. Vanorman, L. Semmler, K. Thompson, J. Mead, S. Walker, M. Bowerman, F. Underhill Third Row: D. Pegelow, D. Pegelow, J. Cotter, W. Burns, B. Hall, R.Czadzeek, R. Brady Absent: D. Parshall, J. Shoemaker, J. Ryan, J. Mahoney Under our capable Coach, Carl Palumbo, Victor's Blue Devils had a very successful year with Victor, Red Jacket and Phelps tying for the Championship. This is Victor's second tie in two years. Darvin Pegelow led in yards gained and Jack Barry was one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league, Jack as the passer and Francis Tischer as the receiver formed a fearsome duo to any opposing team. Victor had a very fast defensive center under Danny Parshall. Tony Mangiamele and Gene Antonio were our agile defensive and offensive backs. Our offensive center was Jim Mead, Donald Pegelow played left end and Vernon Un- derhill was a very able replacement at quarterback. A A .- I Victor - 19 Savannah - O Victor - 14.5 Phelps - 3,4- victor - L.2 Phelps - 20 Victor - 35 Honeoye - 114. Victor - 13 Red Jacket - 19 Victor - 35 Honeoye - 0 DLL r, 3l"r A I3 V A BAW W' JF K Xxx 2 ,g x f ,. .W v Q 1345 ,"3S3 - 'rj W ' A A J 1 "ij A Ls K' ff' X . . '. .XXX 'QC fT0p 4 F?Q9 First Row! F. Underhill, B. Burns, D. Rector, L. Semmler, D.Meckler, F. Yahn Second Row: V. Underhill, D. Gourlay, B. Brake, Mr. Henehan, D. Rect- OP, B. Cleary, F. DeRight Third ROW! J. Mead, D. Pegelow, J. Phillips, R. Gouldrick, B. Folk- ins, D. Pegelow, J. Mahoney 'ITXPK .I J' .Ja v5 'O HW ?g? Victor's trackmen ended up in second place with five boys qualify- ing for sectional competition. Vic- tor has always been highly sectional minded. Darvin and Don Pegelow were our 100 and 220 yard men respectively. Ross Phippen was our MMO yard man with Bob Barry and Ray White as the runners in the mile and hurdles res- pectively. First Row: L.Semmler,R.Wh1te,E.S1mond P.W1lson. Second Row: F.Sma1l,D.Pegelow,J.McKeag D. Pegelow, A. Berndt, Coach Lynaugh. Sa VARSIT Y CU 5 First Row: V. Underhill, J. Berry, Mr. Palumbo, G- AUt0n10, T' Man' giamele Second Row: B. Bennett, D. Pegelow, J. McKeaS, D- Peselow. J' Mead' L. Semmler Four years ago the Varsity Club, which is composed of members of the different sports organizations of Victor Central, was organized by Mr. Palumbo. The purpose of this club is to promote good sportsmanship throughout the school. We purchased new jackets with our symbol, the blue devil, on them.We also sponsored after dances following the basketball games. The President is Jack Barry again this year and the Vice President is Gene Antonio. bbq lHEE.RL1.ADE.R 3 Y f 2 IM ?,Z XX X klmx l W N VARSITY First Row: M.L. Anderson, C. Reeves Second Row: M.L..Putnam, J. Cotton, E. Hall, K. Hanlon VV, ' 7 1175 n JUNIOR VARSITY . First Row: S. Carpenter, S. Pratt, E. Braiman Second Row! C. Angelo, C. Mortensen, C. Ernst 67' I1l'IRAi'1l RAL 3 First Row: B.Draper,J.Draper,C.Ange1o,A.Wh1ttaker,P.Bowerman M. Brake , B . Frederick, S . Braiman Second Row: Mrs.Popenhusen,R.Swartzenberg,A.Weigert,J.Co11ins M.Sch idt,D.Button,M.Matthews,J.Czadzeck Third Row: Miss Sharrow,A.Rothwe11,S.Clover,D.Rybke,A.Herendeen M.Turncr, P.G1iI'ford,J.Nesbitt,M.Ryan First Row: M.Sca1a,N.Years,D.Rader,C.Mortensen,N.Barry M.Warder,M.Doy1e,B.B1azey Second Row: S.Carpenter,K.Han1on,R.Burse,A.Gar11ng,M.Ho1loway A.Ford,S.Years,Mrs. Popenhusen Third Row: Miss Sharrow,C.Reeves,J.Cotton,E.Ha11,J.Carra R.Mi1ite11o,M.Barry,C.Austin,E.Gar1ing Fourth Row: S.Koh1,A.Payne,M.Peterson,C.Cadzeck,M.L.Stah1 A.Phi11ips,M.A11en,E.Hargrave,B.Ha1l,J.Snyder 68 S A MQW , H lm, 7 , xl X K an lx ,W if 4 x XM Wig? V f X I I A I I U1 ,AI ia y F I A ' X 4 X 'f gl xx I 1 'gr 2 N j qi' IQ X in 2. ff Y "Hx Jr 1 xgwv n. NX I digit 9 'Kimi M - f W , 1 dd ff f Q? 15 ' , 'Z 'ff1f'l'.'f'3f'T".: , A ,Hgh "r are 'Q . ini g , v I Pi. I ".1' -5 ' ' if ff' new . 'Q -, f'-4' 15 ' ' 7.1 , I ' ' - il - - ' f - 5 3 ug f 5 I HZTQW ' 7' 225522 -, Q gssii " :Q , " sigma ? ' N t DS A.-. L, I wi.. . 9' fa. , ,imnlm:' 1 -gr. " ' A " n W! , ., Pg dpi'-"""A'Vf'Wnin up .. ,I T . .55 Z .Jn-ff' V--Q45 .git .F -N 2 I .. , f ' 'fr- f, ag, ' z I 254 Q53 Q 'f-L. - ,-1' .-- X" 1 if- "F-I--3 , , . I g sg, . Q M' .r h JI ,' 1 .Q 241.9 1" ' 'z Q. f f M f . X "3F1!'?IP'4iXs:f:H: ' ' V J f,, ',:,' 'G 9, -5 , A 1 iz, , 3 1 :lv ly un r Y Q Q , 3 .5 M 5 , E . 1 mktw -,E.4Ip,,M , I 'f wif S., V 1 X 1 ' X X 11 if ,--. ' 1 , lug- a ' A' ,X -,,- .fi U . f , ' X' 4 'u 5 ' I f 3. V' -J, N rf , 'A 'N 4 " -V J 3 an 1- , ' . , . ' .N is 4- if '14 ' 'ls ,Q . - , . . - 1, . I A S ' T 'U :I , , fi: f' .s , I-' I Mr - 1? ' .Q ' . .IL- . l 11, ,, . J ' in L w. , 7 Y , . ,f fy . I I I . , ', l l l I A i X , 44 -Rr Q N V 'idk 51 . 41 an I tlzsiafr Q -Jw ' , .Lil-. 17 ,4f:"-f., H In - , ' '-'- A E - " f-5, J-ui-'lk-. ' - ' " ' 4 - ' M u W -' , 432' L "R .- f -,,, -N -,I . jf -- ,rd ,,,ff Mini- ...:f to V- L-. I . A ",- " -M-F -- 'AF'- ,. -- ' I -J - e' f' ., ,M'J,,i' , , -E V F- V -, . .. :iff-, - V' - XI' A ff -. -4- --'-- -df-?'i"f A -4, 5, 3' 'T'- " ' , -A--Q, 7 -ggggjl-V, W V:-' a .fm ,tgp - 7+- - k 5 ' 1-..dA.""' ' ' L 1' " v f c A N, f ' - . 'E 'V K KN Km' f 1 , I V 'l -., 'L .I A A ,f 7--V J r , MJXMQI 1 V as' V X 1 www,L13yfr-,., 42525331 e ' ' ' 0 . ffl ' ,ff 32' W1 ! ll! I 'qi u .- - - 1 2:23321 5 s ,ga il P 5 'am ' 'M V 1 X, PAT R 0 N S' PA C E 1. VR. nw VRS. JAMES ANDERSON,SR. 4 fs. VR. VRS. ARTHUR HERENDEEN z. VR. -no VRS. EMERSON BARDUN 4 R. VRS. GRACE KARVAR S. VR. VRS. LEONARD BARRY 4 IZ VR. Af-D VRS. GERALD KELLER R VR. VRS. THOMAS BARRY .4 ll VRS-A VRS. HAROLD KESEL 5 VRS. RUTH BROOMFIELD A IZ VRS. RUTH LEWIS 4. VR. VRS. JAMES CLIFFORD A za VR.--A VRS. EDWARD NESBITT 1 VR. ---A VRS. RAYMOND CLOVER,SR. 4 21. VR. VRS. ELLIS PUTNAM s. VR. VRS. HAROLD CONOVER A zz. VR. VRS. C-AMES ROTHWELL 1 VR. VRS. ELBERT GARLOCK .4 za VR. W VRS. LEO RYAN fo. VR. VRS EVERETT GARLOCK 4 24 VR. VRS. UOSEPH RYBKE u. VR VRS CHARLES GILLIS A zs. VR. VRS. LAWRENCE SMITH IZ VR. LVLRS HDNARD GOURLAY A za VR. VRS. :AMES STAHL La. VR. VRS DANIEL HALL A zz VR W VRS. E-OHN TURNER U. VRW VRS. RALPH HAVKINS .4 za VR. VRS. iNMAN WARTERS THANK ALL or ITS CON -- TRIBUTORS FOR DRJJQFV' 1'-l1'l-Z I I wus:-IES TO ' PATRONIZING THE BAKE! 'L A Y L A YO COLLUM ACOUSTICAL C0.,lNC. 3137 ELMWOOD AVE. ROCHESTER l8,NY. COMPLIMENTS ' 1 of' kqs T-3? We plgobfifil 35? :STI-IE X . E." BUTLER5 HAW ARE BREAD 2RZX'N'ER.5Uk,3fi 5'E:31Y,i,fSO,, E, FUR ME 44:55 V CTQR ww S M UE TQ 65335 51315 IN c o R PORAT E D A311 E E WN VICTOR,N.Y 71 TH 5 I2 3'1END0NA P Ugg? E GARAQ1-:A A 'E HOWAF7'filf5'55fiT'l? i TUDXU L PHOTOGRAPHE12 H YFOR BAGKL R7 A A 552255, fa'1E5-W FRANK MILLIGAN F P Q- A BTJTTLED GAS A APPLIANCES EggAASggg3,5gTEi 13l?29E?oRfS?NiT' ...... ...... ............... J . A "" i""' THEMEQEZANGE FOR ATLANTIC GAS LqBIf5rl1iIE1Fig1IACgzI,N A - gAD6fAc,zAf0w UNN HL I vucrore 322 - W W3 A ..... . . ..... b ......... ........ ........ C ANANoAnsuA,N I '1DE'i5NDgxBl.ECO?ERVICE I S AX BY LW W ' IMPLL-:ME NT coRP MENDQN, NEW YORK c0,,,,,f,.,,e,,fs of 72 V0 UR WAYNE TARUNA7 GENERAL ELECTRIC CU,,,,A,E --DEALER - -1-1... .-5, nreus smne ag , f EEQNEQ ONIIRIUQIIQIQLIIQEIIIIRI IWJQEQEE-1-:JS NES, I ' I FISHING TACKLE I 5, n GENESEE F3 RIBBON CAR BON TRUCKS BRMM NS REG TRUCK SALES PQEQQEAVICTOSQQK ROCHESTER 6,N.Y I I LJ NND I I I DIVISION HM' rgllfg-E-lEERSTc-Eg,.NX S E S E mComPIimen'I's ow A- 272 DEWEY AVENUE G I SI re , I l Complimexffs Tb The 1952 QEAVEEE RE EK? B EE L QQFQTAQRAE STHFF :if .MSL CENLKSS 0 52 -A FR END H COIVIPLIHENTS OF 351262 A gwzzff DRESS SHOP CANANDAIGUA NEW YoRK TIHSIE 'IMIHIWIE SWAN SPEUA- TLRKEY MD CHlEKEN PLATES 701. IZMIM- Oua. Own. Tw!-If wwf 5vCCa5M"4- 15-4 SOUTH NAIN ST. CANANDAIGUMNX. KORDIT F CORP. f PL AS-VIC 5 RECOR ELQE U S I C v H IM ? V X f f CANANDAlGUAlNEW YORK I fi WW IZRZQVKRS AND 735:54 cLuB P so CANANDAIGUA GR EENHOUSES mason mn CHARLOTTE, CANANDN GUA,NX Q 5 X c:n.oTHesn.nNes A I'lACEDON,N.Y. 355553 fag FIND .Sl EST MISHES F 5 MMM - CLASS '52 HOME . TD HE FEQQM1-O,-TE GROCERIES F- Mig, gd GF VICTOR CENTRAL SCHOOL F I 6 HERE, NM -' " -" STA R Y'S D R Y' C U5 A N' N G CANNANDAIGUA 1 v v X 55 4 K ' 0 BUSINESS memes POULTS K CHICKENS 55 55 QQEQQQ? ROCHESTER BUSINESS INSTITUTE 3 I72 CUNTON AVENUE SOUYH W Sggi mi? Aw HAlRDWAREgPAHNTS2GLASS I-"-"-4 Vic'f'or , New YOFI4 '-'-"- ' 75 'tors ' Nag Ilia? I AWES ANOQIRLSA-ig? I ,O Esoro- PLymouTH T llllm-...- E f , M CARS ag' . FARMWUTACHTNTRY ,,,A-fi Moron TRUCKS ,, ME AND - TlllEETE, REPA Tame T' T T DAVI 5' WELwgJlNG FREEZERS 'fi 4, i Suoss roRQ,5 RffRi3fRAT0RS: CCfTATT 'i?ATTN5-MF T f - C T MDCK WYWWWW WZ? fl3f"Ml"'5 BETLQWOOU 6 0 mm mmm Vrana-,-NIY Pique 33-w ,I VICTOR My L PROJECTORS 5 6 U5 HEHBER FD IC SERVICE BEFORE 'JOU BUU CA CJw H Q T30 E Tvfff 'LEAKY' Swwe 1353 ' I RELIN, ""..?"' STATE BANK 5g,lgffF'QN5g5gmfN1S 1' v' OF VICTOR TTTTTOTT RSMHRTZEUBERG l'l'?!'f MJ-MMMTW GAS NG! L SAL45 OIL BURNQRS SQRVICG h 3 S e 'S wfsrznenousf TTTTTQTTTTTTS PHONE 96-F-T2 VICTOR NT - - I, YO ' G0 00 TRIICKING - E W J- f y , ?ARRYS'iRi2Tj2GE ARBER2 L M Sho TEMCQ E, ,E MQ I VICTOR P If Dwfm VICTORE CASS RING Klfifii , ' " . AWARDS-AHNOUCEHENTS HQQQQIJS 'iiftra ff 9 ' 7 Vo IACLASS F '52 REPRESENTATIVE b 0 R , MR. vzrgieur H. MAYOUE , - cu r '53 GENEBSEOENCIRJ YORK I C vlclgogsrcjmg !JgKLY iHOLCONB CO-OP SERVICE INC. , mem STGRE FEED STORE - PHONE PHONE BOO EAST BLOOMFIELD 9 TJ " 77 BEARD! iqfNG-- l WDQX E BOUHIQLIQ - -i VICTQR AN1. .F B BUD SALE MOBILHEAT'-' E PH-CS-Ixqligogiffg-g'lgiix'Nf86, A A VICTOR J. TISCHER IUIYBURNSP F UNERAL DIRECTOR JOUNMN SERVI9Cmf A .,.. VLQTQE W 951 QWYCQW Wfiff BUCKPITTQ EU WQTQ REPRESENTING . 1 '-i A COYY1bUS+iOY1 Engineering- Q' 4 Superheaing Sfokers -V 9 Mo'f'ors'f'oker Radiarff Glass Heaf . XX I , '88 UNIVEI-R0SClq':'EZVEIZTROCHESTER - I ' Re an wl1i'I'e . sur smwcs 72 VEGETABLES Vll'TOR sRocERlEs 78 AEDB RESTIIUIUIIIT f , , f, CHEVROLET P HON E I42 V ICTO-QNX C ompx xmenqlg of El. R. HOOD VlCTOR,N. I I FOOD 'ZQJS AQLLQCN VICTOR, N.Y'S. 711 FV W ' ' ' ' " QDERKI K fx , MDN 4, AND LUMBER co. 2 HOME MLUMBER AND MASON SUPPLIESN PHONE '05 EQDCEREAM 25, -'QKEROSENE AND FUEL ou.-N VlCTOR1N.y' WCTORMI QW-ACOMPLETE LINE OF HARDVARI-:N 2 TJ. MAI-IONEY :cron ,iw ,,,M 3 , Al RY N WITH H EW SPACE-.SAVING """"' i'llIlll ll n If pH0Ng 72 VICTOR NY I 'S Q EA LLYM M N583 gs 5.17 umncf PA vrcrok N.N?o' lv -M CRf3N1WArENEAIGuASJ Rg?L?a VICTOR WI NN Q! I H W - NNCTOR I GE emLraI Pharmacy -T3t+Jr51fofd MM - 5 ' MPN D 5 53J"a2f1?55ab'?Q BML SM SQNQ aegis 'A szrevfcr-: Qrjfzcw, M W GU'R A 'TEE DQARSM '-- - 71- V- T vucrore Mx cAmwnmcuA um TRUCKS- CUNPLINENTS OF uw Q- STEEL H ARPAINTS A RE E EJ C9 Q 45 E SQ - DENTIST PHILLIPS WCTUR wumus sHoP 5 5 RWCF3 EDWARD B. PHILLIPS N wELgNl-QJTJNEEE,0TET3EH'r55wORKS 'RWE 5ff'T5BrN5R,P3cEQf Mix HEATING AND PLUMBWC5 VICTOR NEW YORK NIILIJTELL Sl A " - x i :VICTOR AUTO PARTS?-L U INSURANCE FRIGIDAIRE I B0 50 HEENCY C, VICTORNY an l .l 'WEREAI1 fm aw-a:.PO:H.'2 Y F30 L-L l lummmr RW?EWWWCPOW ' 09 BEST w1sHEs OF I QQ? ,TTC 'nie vuaenwm-CAROUNA CHEMIFZAL coma I ml l . , r' AHB - IEDDO-HIGHLAND fMQ15ELY,!K:2f?ggS C O A L AGRIQJ FERTILIZERS IWCTOR E 'Y kdf MACEDON 'F 4375 I X N H, LM FIZ6El0W'R, , :A 3 NCWMM- ' - - EJUQQQMFIELD I J iw-ZQWJ HARDWARE I-'DL DING BUXE 5 A.B. c: owl.Es co. mcg- MENDON. NEW Yomc Won sou Gmc EM S M R WME GLGTRKAL CONTRACTHNIG HGATIN6 ,W mummme O 49 X , , ' " X Q ' " Q "" - l-- - YICTOR N.Y - PHON4-600 Homomfz NJ JC. MCMAHON 5 A LMCAIIPBELL N r 0 0 Q JTEVIHLIEIRSSHLVHRSINIUTTH Q AM ,JMNUNUS 25 ewmcnss e vmrorz N. Y M D Bride a Groom? Interesting? hTommy Dorseyn Bowerman 1 Down: ll 21 3: Lu Sleeping Jimm ? I A 1 I 1 W Q. .mAMwk,g -4,2 90 Bu EE GFP caiia E in . QE! THERE ARE soues or Love Ann oufv, A wen: Ame sowcs or wan AND rms UT THE some THAT sounos we swea'rEs'r A: Is or ALMA MATER's NAIIE. mg UT BRINGS encx scenes roRcsoTTE:N E, WHILE Louo' ous. voncss RING, ' WHEN IN HONOR or ova mon scuoon. WE ALL UNITED SING, fi? J Wa, 9 L 1 W Q5 I sq, gpm YI 3 OH VICTOR HIGH, WE LOVE THEE 3 Dua ALMA MATER DEAR, BAND WE SHML EVER HOLD THEE P' Avo OUR AFFECTIONS NEAR. RTHY NAME, IT STANDS r-'on HONDA. 'R' FOR COURAGE, CONSTANCY, Pero TAEE, DEAR ALMA NATER, 'N' WE PLEDGE ouR LOYALTY. 435 5,33 U? Ulu '--- W--'mill 2 ll W IIII 44- im EEE E

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1952, pg 36

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