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1.4-... Q 'farm' -Q' OQX H1771 1 I ll'ZJ'J'l1 , - 'W ' -ff - -Q -X. 5 W' - I O . ...A 4 ' 'E o 0 0 X x 8 -O A ' I I 5 I ' 0' i 4.7 ,X 1 1 fi if 9 iZfi5X Q ,, ,,, .lvnr f- I , 52 re E S ' gulf' 9 XM ?" "ff" - C83 W f-fQ"N VR' WN E :ji I JI g . . x . J 3.ff mi M Wu' 1' ng ff in . iff ' 1' X I 'igfy RTI 0 LZ-ll xxx.-1 W ,-1' .Av A' HSA 1512 BLUE AND GOLD EVERLASTKNG Q PRESENTED BV SENIOR CLRSS OF 1951 VOL.1'!Z VICTOR CENTRAL SCHOOL VICTOR , NEW YORK 4. WWW ' ,1,W77.?1.. 'Wd T ' A ' 'T 2 flifv " 4- -Tr T 2 . ...,..f be 3522: we THE. CLASS 011 T95 ARE GRADUATING mfo A woszub .Spur WITH INDECASION Amy THE CONFUSION OT- WAQ AS ws: Loom Bfxcx ON Oorz SCHOOL, YEARS, we Renxuze THAT THE HQLD OQQ OQINCAVAL AND TEALHFQS HAVE GIVEN Us HAS PARED 05 AS BETTr.:Q CITIZENS TD TAKE OUR PLACES IN TODAV5 WORLD wc FEEL THAT 'AQCf54lTEC,TUQb I5 AN IDEAL THEME no SHOWTNG. DEVELOPNTENT- or erzowm IN ME QHAQAQTEQ AS BROOGMT ABOUT' BY THE MOLDED OOQ Cl-IAQACTEQS AND UQE- SCLHOOL.. EVEQY PHASE CF SCHOOL: LTFE--- 1-HE TEAC!-REQ, THE ADMnols1124sqn0y,T OTHEQ Swbemw-5, c1oQQTc,uLAQ STUDIES, SWOQTS, IVUJSICJ AND W-xwnoos CLQBS-- ALL PLAY THETQ PAQT mx ESUULDINXG EVEQY 5ToDENT's QHAQAQTEQ, MIGHT -SALD Af THE GQEAT. l4oOe OF .SOCIETY IS mJbTJ1buAL C,-HAQAGTEQ. IT Ts oocz me-4 TO snow THAT Tu- bwmboml. QHARAQTEQ IS CDNSTROCTE? Tl-HZOLJQH 'THE QOODEQATLOM OF Mllwy -l5QC,Hn-sc,-rs, FQQEMEM, A1015 wooqaq- MEN U0 THAS TASK OF OQEOAQTAJC1 AMERTCAUS youm Fora Abou' C,1'n7.E10SHnO.a. 2 fi '- W 2 Zn wc 'g Q L W Ponewonn 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 DEDICATION 4 ADMINISTRATION 6 ALMA MAT ER L2 SENIORS I5 UNDER CLASSMEN 5.5 SNAPSI-IOTS 48 ACTIVITIES 49 SNAPSHOTS az SPORTS 95 ADVERTISEMENTS In 3 'F 4 N W X Q mf, 5 , if ,Q "lf ,, i .f f I . MR. ALTON B. CORBIT Dear Mr. Corbit: Each year you have written a letter to the students for publi- cation in the Bagel. This year the Bagel staff feels that it would be appropriate to write you a letter. These past five years you have worked many long hours for the students of Victor and have received little recognition from them for this work. As we become graduates, we realize how valuable this work has been to us. Your guidance and under- standing has contributed to the development of our characters during our school years. For these reasons, and for many others, the Bagel staff wishes to dedicate this, the fourth edition of the Bagel, to you as a means of expressing our appreciation for your work. Gratefully, The Class of '51 4 Aafmlnisfraiion 1..4 W K ff? Q '5 X fx fl X, M , E N f w ' Y Y N IA kj A - 4 if ffigigi J f' W Q Q' nf J fi gg ls V , . ,. N. f Ax A' V px v fl Gig Nw K. 5 ' N I RM 'Q Afx -D gh -n 1 : M15 ,- R: , . , .,0- L3-jj"f:-.. '--gym Victor Central School ALTO! L Iliff. kiwi l Viduor, New York february 12, 1951 Dear Students: The day that this letter is written is in honor of a great American- Ahraham Lincoln. !ou are all well-versed in his many accomplishments which have earned for him the esteem in which he is held by every real American. The story ot his lite, too, is one that tits well the theme or your yearbook-Architecture in the building or character. Ot course, the greatest bit or building he eventually did was to keep this great country of ours united under one governmontg not half slave and half free. In addition to this, running throughout his lite, are countless incidents which reflect the character! of the man. For exam- ple. do you recall the letter he wrote to the woman in Boston who had lost five sons in the Civil Var! Or, the humility ,of the mah as he delivered the immortal words of the Gettysburg Address? I like the following quotation credited to Lincoln: 'It I were to try to read, much less answer, all the attacks made on me, this shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the very beet I know how--the very best I sang and I aean to keep on doing so until the end. If the end. brgngs me out wrong, 10 angels evening I was right would make no duferincn' It is our tervent hope that your school has been of help in molding your characters for the 'bettsrg that as you look 'hack on your school days you may say of them-'They helped make or me a better person.' The following poem NOBILIT! by Alice Cary, I feel, really sums up everything we at school would like to say to each and every student but perhaps have not said adequately in the past: True worth is in being, not ssemingg In doing each day that goes by, Home little good.-not in dreaming Ot great things to do by and by. For whatever men say in their blindness, And in spite of the fancies of youth, Ther-e's nothing so klngly as kindness, And nothing so royal as truth. We cannot make bargains for blisses, Nor catch them like fishes in nets, And sometimes the thing our lite misses Helps more than the thing which it gets. For good lieth not in pursuing, Nor gaining or great nor ct smallg But just in the doing-and doing As we would be done by, is all. Sincerely yours, MIQBGMU MR. ALTON B. GORBIT 'uw' B- CW' Principal 'QW' . -M a... . 1' fa Mr. Rogers, Vice-Principal e , ofbfvy. -4 o .o .oow w Kfffm Mrs. Boughton, Secretary W ,, i .... N, xx. . ' 'Q Q M . 1 v . " Rx Q wx Q . I vi ' I X ' ITQ X ' Ai: A 2 W "'x" W X ff' Q -I We L, Q ' S , ., First Row: Mr. Ray Oornford, Olerkg Mr. Thomas Barryg Mr. Ogden Miller, Preg- d i entg Mr. Ralph Hawkins. Second Row: Mr. Alton Corbit, Principalg Mr. William Burnsg Mr. Brice Bower- 111511: Absent: Mr. John Loveless, Superintendentg Mr. Leslie Hulbert, Treasurer. The class of 1951 wishes to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to the members of the Board of Edu- cation. These men have acted as architects of the Job of build? ing V1ctor's youth. Many people do not realize that these men give their time freely to further the development of education. ' We realize their value to our school and community life and we feel that their interest in our youthful activities has been most valuable. 7 Q Q 1 I L WA 1 W I I I ' SE-s Q ' I Mr tsl 'Wd WW Q we E c First Second Third Row Fourth Row Alton B. Corblt Lyle Rogers Floyd Adams Irene Averill Eleanor M. Barry Lucille Boughton Margaret Brownlee Alice V. Burns Joseph Francello Natalie Graham Walter Henehan Berdena Johnston Richard Joseph Bernard Lynaugh Angela Mentesano Carl Palumbo Leola Popenhusen Robert Ransom Charles Rose Bernice Tucker Fern Wood Lucille Wood Eleanore Woods Row: Row: Miss Woods, Miss Mentesano, Mr. Corbit, Mr. Rogers, Mrs. Barry, Miss Blau- velt. Miss Averill, Miss Tucker, Mrs. Popenhusen, Mrs. Boughton, Mrs. Wood, Mis Zavatone . Miss Wood, Mr. Palumbo, Mr. Totman, Mr. Rose, Mr. Joseph, Mr. Francello Mrs. Johnston. Mrs. Burns, Mr. Lynaugh, Mr. Adams, Mr. Ransom, Mr. Henehan, Miss Graham Supervising Principal Vice-Principal and Industrial Arts Instrumental Music Librarian Languages and English Secretary to Principal High School English Commercial Social Studies and English Vocal Music Junior High Social Studies Junior High English Industrial Arts and Driver Training Boys' Physical Education Art High School Mathematics Girls' Physical Education Science Social Studies and Guidance Counselor Junior High Mathematics Seventh Grade School Nurse Home Economics 8 S 9 u 'Ll 1-rl WN ,IK , . W1 'P . 9 11" . 9: Ve 1 , - - ,. Q 4I'1.nl11hE': F ay s rf fflj az E First Row: Mr. Oorbit, Miss Burnett, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Power, Mrs. Spencer, Misa Bu- chan, Mrs. Cole. Second Row: Miss Stier, Miss Mead, Mrs. Wilkinson, Mrs. Engelhardt, Mies Thompson, Miss Colligan, Miss Condon, Miss B own. Dorothy Burnett Helen Cufari Virginia Mead Georgia Thompson Q, Vera Brown ' Jane Colligan f Rjuth Cole f Alice Condon ' Alice Power Doris Stier 1 Edith Buchan r Marjorie Spencer Norma Anderson Marlan Engelhardt Pearl Wilkinson 9 Kindergarten First Grade First Grade First Grade Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Dist. No. 12 ' ' . , Q.'q ' su? Fr ' M gf 9 T4 A 4, X W W ll . f o f'L-"ff .4 Q W 6 f i!! Y xfiiv ,go .ln 1: 'f1!i'gYffTfii??' ' X ffl' Xf f X - 2- V 1 I ,f' V .f , X ,, of E, Czadzeck, Mrs. DeCracker, B. Gillis, Nr. Smith. 3 - "WCEk f , " ., . , -Y - X I X, ,. I f , f 1 V f M u I -?.-, Z First Row: Hrs. Searle, Hrs. Lucy, Hrs. Blood, Mrs. Beebe, Era. Roberts. Second Row: Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Wood. 10 ,xlfqfk T in H :ff fi 'K 'ff3f:L521,, 2, o 5,444 JW L y qv' JA. 7' f wa: 1 f-JK! Vx AWN 4 ' ,r wg 1:1 MA KM? ' E 'Gi gl 5' I 1. RQ l , First Row: F., Underhill, V. Tischer, A. Rose. Second Row: R, Brewer, D. Green, I. Roberts, Li Hill, H. Wei- gert. I - - ll A fi' f V if leeea fl QW 4X x I New NIG- 11 .... .Z i 3' . 'W ,. I ,afkfr Ty' Vklixmyl There songs of love and duty, There are songs of war and fame, But the song that sounds the sweetest Is of Alma Mate:-'e name. It brings back scenes forgotten, While loud our voices ring, When in honor of our High School, We all united sing. Refrain: O Victor High, we love thee Our Alma Mater dear, And we shall ever hold thee To our affections near. Thy name, it stands for honor, For courage, constancy, To thee, dear Alma Mater, We pledge cdr loyalty. Tho' the years bring many chengesg Duties call us far awayg New friendships throng arolmd usg Eyes dim, and locks turn gray, We never shall forget thee, Np matter where we roam, V. C. S. our Alma Mater, Will be linked with Home Sweet Home. V 4 Seniors Win EW A X,,i wx 1A AMX ' Qi KZEFX . , .,,, ,. K ,. xmm9 N . Q Xkvl 5- Egg L J ll,' 'f w AN x 1 5 xxx X E G ' ,S Ag ff . 5: H 3 : Q 1 1 3 I 5 yy , s MHS. ELEANOR BARRY HNothing is impossible to a will ing heart.H '-' " .q. -I iff ,l Q, Q44 "ea 9!,f Tw IX X K, N 4: I f Q Q 1 VX 'f . N N .J r W E .55 Xl .""' ,fly ' ..XX,.X 4s Ifxlj Qfr X! E I 5 r ,Z ly fb 'H r .-, gh A .iii - X XG xg, f M ,,,: 'QK-K MR, ROBERT TOTMAN uEvery man is the architect of his own fortune.n lb y aw w F yiiffiy ,S f l 1 ,if VERNON POWER iQue learns about women gradual- y. Class President lag FFA l,2,3n'+? Pres' ident 3,1-Lg Intramurals l,2,3,LPZ Citi' zenship 3,bg Bachelors Club lg Cheer- leading 2g Sportsmanship 3a SH ILA CONCANNON Uwhy should the devil have all the good tuneS?U Student Council 2,3, Secretary 3g Hill- tcpics 2,33 Class Vice-Pres. bg Band 1, 2,3,Ug Orchestra 2,3,4g Chorus l,2,3,4, President 3,43 Triple Trio 43 Intra- murals l,?,3g Citizenship 3,bg Sports- manship 33 Clara G. Felt Soeaking Con- test 33 Brass Quartetfl,2. J x iff? fe Nx 14711 -My A1'am44fq . Wyfnl 1 unudl f W hmmm E K 2 'liwvmwlm H- tl ' AX L I i f . X SALLY H LM ETHEL FRITZ 5 Il. 1 - I'n a UHere's a girl who's liked by all ulnm little an m W Se' L She's very cute but not very tall U terror for my s1ze.H Bagel 3,45 Typing Ed. 4g Class Treasur- er 3, Secretary 3 Chorus l,2,3,4S FHA l,2,3,Ug Intramurals l,2,3,4. 15 Student Council 35 National Honor So ciety bg Bagel 2,4g Hilltopics 3 Class Treasurer by Senior Playg FHA l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Citi zenship 23 Cheerleading 2,3,4. DOMENICA ANTONIO ROBERT BARRY "Get: thee behind me' Satan!" hgxie igglrixgiliuggfizq one Chorus l,2,3,LIf- Senior Play' FHA 2 3, Bagel 14. FF-All 2 Q 14. I t amz gngramurale 1,2,3,1v: Cheerleading 3,55 Trick l,2:'5:5ff spogrgrizgglsgg Bsfz' I I 3 U A EVELYN BEARD have their "School ano study may Joys but' I'o rather be with the out-of-town boys." FHA lg Intramurals l,2,3: Cheerleading l,2,3,Lh 16 J,b5g'sXY 'Pk 4?-' J 'i I Z X15 - 42 ROBERT BERNDT conslcier 115 the best part of an education to have been born and brought up in the country." :II Bagel I-Pg' FFA l,2,3,lbg Intramurals l,2, 3, 3 Sportsmanship 33 Bachelors Club l. JOYCE BOUGHTON "No excellent soul is exempt from a touch of madness.U Student Council Treasurer 3, Vice- Pres. by National Honor Society 3, bg Bagel 3,U, Literary Editor 43 H111- topics 2,3,b, Editor 33 Class Sec.- Treas. 1, Vice-Pres. 23 Band 33 Or- chestra l,2,3,4g Triple Trio 1,2,3,4g Senior Playg FHA l,2,3,bg Intramurals l,2,3,4g Citizenship 35 Sportsmanship 3g String Ensemble l,2,3. ROBERT HJWE "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." FFA 1,2,3,ug Intramurals 1,2.3,4. f 1 '7 .Www w1:qm,'jum 1, K. x X' JOAN BRAIMAN 'Dynamite comes in small pack- ages." National Honor Society 2 3,hg Hilltop- icg 2 3g Band l,2,3,4g Orchestra l,2, 3,45 Chorus l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2, 33 c1r1zensh1p 3,4: Sportsmanship 3: Flute Trio '57 Woodwind Quintet 2. 17 ROBERT BRAKE "Bob's a star of our basketball team, when it comes to playing, he's on the beam." Intramurals lg Basketball 3,4g Base- ball l,3,4g Football 3,hg Bachelors Clug lg Projection Club l,3,Ng Chor- US Q PATRICIA BRODERICK 'A cheery grin, a quick hello, these things tell why we like Pat so.u FHA lg Intramurals 1,2,33 Cheerleading by Library Club 1. BETTY EURSE HBecause she never makes s sound, we hardly know that BeTty's around.u Intramurals 1,3. isis ,'fw:aiSiSNx ll! f I ll' BENJAMIN CARPENTER BERNARD CLEARY nMy idea of an agreeable person 1s 'His autograph may be worth saving, a person that agrees with me.' aembrant's was.u Band l,2,3,bg Orchestra My Chorus 1,2: Bagel, Sports Editor bg Senior Play 3,b' Senior Playg FFA 1,2,3,43 Intra' Intramurals lg Basketball 2,3,u: Base murals 1,2,3z Track 2: BaChe10I"f' Club ball 2,3,L+, Football ug Citizenship 3 1. 18 BETTY COLLINS and a ready smile are the best of remed1es.' UA sweet hello 5?Qrar:,gi264i.. Intramurals 1,2,3,4g BEVERLY COTTER LETS naren't everything---rut they Chorus 1,2,3,43 Triple Trio 3,45 In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. h' q Af itggnf lqLt,. FRANK DE RIGHT 'I gm very, fond of the company of the lad1es.n d 1 2 4' Orchestra 1,2,3,uQ Chor- l IE! J us 1,2,3, 3 Intramurals 13 Basketball 2 3g Baseball 2,3,M3 Football bg Cit- izenship Z,U3 Clara G. Felt Speak ng Contest 2, 3 Boys' Quartet 3,4- KENNETH GARLING 'It matters not how a man dies but how he l1ves.W Senlor Playg Intramurals 2,33 Track 3, 4. Kenneth entered VCS in his soph- OIHOPC year. 19 ROBERT GARLOCK 'Give this motorist an inch and he'll take a fender.u Intramurals l,2,3g Citizenship 23 Bachelors Club 15 Cheerleading 1. WILLIAM GARLOCK 'He was not just a chip off the old block, but the block 1tse1f.n Intramurals l,2,35 Baseball 25 Foot- ball 3,45 Citizenship 1,23 Sports- manship lg Bachelors Club l,2. I 'fliiueghhw 5335? Y if ag.--5 NXN'xxs"gi- l 1 wmv-. I f .J Jfxfmf DAVID HAWKINS nTrue to his work hi a 5 his fr1end,N ' S vor an Student Council lg National Honor So- ciety 2,3,bg Bagel 3,b, Business Man- ager 43 Class Secretary 25 Senior Playg FFA 1,23 Citizenship 3. le 5 5' e 1? 'V MARGARET HERENDEEN 'The blush is cute but sometimes 1nconven1ent.' National Honor Society 2,3,b' Bagel 3, u, Editor ug Hllltoplcs 3,bg senior Play: FHA l,2,3,b' Intramurals l,2,3, by Sportsmanship 5. 20 MARJORIE HERENDEEN u Tops in music, style and sports, Marjorie leads cheers on the bas- ketball court.u National Honor Society 45 Bagel 43 Or- chestra l,2,3,hg Chorus l,2,3,4g Sen- ior Play, FHA l,2,3,bg Intramurals l, 2,3,Q5 String Ensemble l,2,3, Triple Trio l,z,5,43 Cheerleading 2,3,b. SHIRLEY HUNT 'Happy go lucky with hardly a Safe, coulun't find better anywhere. Bagel 3,U, Art Editor 45 Hllltooics 3, 43 FHA l,2,3,b, President bg Intra- murals l,2,3,4g Library Club lg Sportsmanship 4. LOUISE KLEM nS1mpl1c1ty is an exact mecium be- tween too little or too much.' Chorus lg FHA l,2,3,45 Intramurals 1, 2,3,43 Library Club lg Art Club l,2. mfr M-lvkxmmkxlixx 'lfzf.Lfx ww .Lili cil.. 21 VA ,fb I BARBARA LORTSCHER UEarb is slim and very tall, she is liked by one and Pll.N Bagel 43 Hilltopics 3,4g Band l,2,3,4g President bg Orchestra 2,3,4, Chorus l,2,3,U3 Senior Play, Intramurals l,2, 3,43 Citizenship lg Sportsmanship 1. CHARLES MAHONEY 'Man and beast wall with fright whenr Chuck'e car comes into s1ght.' Intramurals lg Basketball 2,3g Bach- elors Club 1. DAVID MALTMAN nTake life easy, what's the hurry? Never study: never worry,U Bagel 43 Senior Playg Intramurals 1.2, 35 Citizenship 43 Sportsmanship 4, Bachelors Club 1,25 Cheerleading 1,2. SANDRA MARTIN HELEN MATTHEWS iltlgafe to wait. 'Shave why I come usober, but not serious. 8. 0 Hilltopics 3- chorus 3- Intramurals 2 Bf-eel 41 Hlllwpice 3.4: FHA Us Intra- 3. Sandra entered vos in her Sophol HI'-Tale 3,43 LibT'8I'.V Club '+- more year. 22 JOYCE MATTHEWS NA good book is the best or friends---the same today and for- ever.' Hllltopics 3,b5 FHA 3,45 Intramurals 3,45 Library Club 3,4. DOUGLAS ORLICK HSt1l1 waters run deep.U National Honor Society 45 Senior Play Committee. Douglas entered VCS in his Sophomore year. DOMINIC PAPARONE WEvery man is more or less mad on one point-women.' Student Council President 45 Bagel M5 Intramurals 1,2,35 Citizenship 35 Bachelors Club 1,25 Boys'State 35 cheerleading 1,2, JOH PHILLIPS 'nNever do today what you can put off tomorrow,' National Honor Society 3,45 Bagel 2,3, 4, Photography Editor 45 Clase Presi- dent 33 Orchestra l,2,3,45 Chorus l,2, 3,45 Intramurals l,2,3,U5 Baseball 25 Track 1,2,3,M5 Citizenship 25 Boys State 35 Photography 2,3,U5 Boys Quar- tet 2,3,4. ROSS PHIPPEN WSpeech is great, but silence is greater.u Intramurals 1,25 Track 35 Bachelors Club 1,2- PAUL PORTER nCheer up, the worst is yet to come.U Band 4. Paul entered VCS in his Senior year. NANCY PRATT ll flight. Make the bell I rec1te,n Hilltopics D3 Chorus murals l,2,3g Cheerle Forward, oh forward, time on thy ring Before 1,2,3g Intra- Sdlng 3 yuh qi" ' FY DONALD RECTOR WTQ worry little and study less is my idea of hapo1ness.u Don entered VCS in his junior year. 24 FFA 33 Basketball 3,43 Baseball 3,43 J, i fa az. , . .' Q H LUCILLE RUGENSTEIN 'The more the merr1er.n 'N NANCY STEMP 'Lord! I wonder what fool it was that first invented study3' Bagel 3,43 Hilltopics by FHA l,2,3,Ug Intramurals l,2,3,Ug Library Club lg Sportsmanship bg Clara G. Felt Speak- ing Contest 2,4. iglh Q -,ir fi aa M JEAN SMITH UFate tried to conceal her by calling her Sm1th.H Hilltopics 3g Chorus 1 2,3,LP' FHA 1' 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,5,3,uS, Liprary Club l,2. ROBERT SUHR uBob's like a little book--there's a lot more inside than you'd judge by the size of the cover.U FFA 1,2,3,ug Intramurals 1,2,3,Lng Track l,2,3,bg Bachelors Club l,2. is I DORO THY SWARTZENBERG WA smile and a word for sll.N FHA 1,2,3,Hg Intramurals l,2,3,4g Lib- rary Club 1,25 Citizenship 43 Art Club 1. 'UN HELEN THIELEMAN wgoberi We question the thought,' Chorus bg Intramurals 1,2,3,bg Libra- ry Club 1 . iii' EEEE?-Eggs iggigggi . gps MARY ANN TURNER "With her laughing eyes and happy smile, she keeps us happy all the while." Student Council Ng Class Secretary jg Band 1,2,3,bg Orchestra l,2,3,Ug Chor- us 1,2,3,4g Triple Trio by FHA 2g Intramurals l,2,3g Flute Trio 3,143 Cheerleading 2,33 Woodwind Quintet 2. 26 THOMAS TURNER Now I lay me down to sleepy the lecture's dry, and the subject s deep." Bagel 1-I-g FFA 1,2,3,l3fg Intramurals 1, Bachelors Club l,2. T 4,i-. V NANCY VALLEY 'Nancy is full of fun, and mis- chief, too-doing things she should not do.' Bagel 45 FHA 1,2,3,uj Intramurals 1,2, 3, 3 Library Club 1. AURELIA VAN LARE 'I hasten to laugh at everything for fear of being obliged to cry.' Intramurals l,2,3,bg Library Club 2,3,l-Pg Art club 1,2. moan fp", DARVIN WEIGERT RUTH YOUNG Uwith teachers he would never a- nRuthuB c te d h 1 ltqtl gregg if they'd recite, why should alwgys t1d?, alggys ieSt?n pp ' 9' e FFA 1,2,3,Ug Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Chorus 15 FHA l,2,3,b- Intramurals 1, Bachelors Club 1,2. 27 25 Art Club 1,2. ' 'On Q M X E I Aiy U ' . f V ,Q The construction of the Class of when we broke ground above the Post 1951 began 13 years ago, Office. The cornerstone of the Class of '51 was laid in September of 1938 when the construction of intellect and character commenced. For two years work progressed in the Post Office building where the foundation was established. We advanced to the Bank building where Miss Brown first impressed us with the importance of manners. in addition to the fundamentals ln read1n', wr1t1n', and 'r1thmet1c. In third grade we started constructing the frame in our new school building. Our new cafeteria, gymna- sium and library helped make this new life adventurescme and exciting work. we Iliff X i hoped that this quallty would be gms: X School. Then Jmnor High round us high school. Our Freshman year, we were assigned to the study hall with Miss Mertz, Miss Chambers, and Mr. Gray as foremen. We elected Lorraine Hulings, Presidentg Bill Garlcck, V1ce-Pres1- dentg Joyce Boughton, Secretary-Treasurerg David Hawkins, Stu- dent Council representative. Our activities for the year in- cluded two after.qanqaa, a tag day, a vaudeville show, roller skating party, and an 'end-of-school' picnic at the Dunn's cottage. We finished the year with a treasury of Sl-If3.6l. VEHEIKZHHSLQQ.. The frame was rapidly erected, and we selves preparing for Junior High School. How our ability to pass co classes without making mgg 'MW WWW L. Q 1 E ,QQ li film' P051-ozrrracf ,, ' '1 u I I 'T'-"7"I'-'TT' Lf' ' 1 1 I I ,,'7 -1-Tfffr lfg 1 1 , ' vl 'NSS f e I I 11' I 9-1,- W' QQXQ soon found our- proud we were of a commotion! We to Junior High d speeding into carrled on 70 strong an wi if Xizi' ' dMZliZ2?!, '5' 'WW gale.-52 an 0 I Our Sophomore year, 55 able teen-agers agaln met in the X study hall with Miss Mertz and Mr. Rogers advising us. Our 7 555555333 ggjgw officers were: President, Lorraine Hulingsg Vice-President, ff' fUs,,,4mmL, N -.1-1 Joyce Boughtong Secretary, David Hawkinsg Treasurer, Dennis Cliffordg and Student Council representative, Sheila Concan- our treasury. Our Junior year was our busiest. The construction was nearing its completion. Our officers this year were Presi- dent, John Phillipsg Vice-President, Nancy Dunng Secretary, Mary Ann Turnerg Treasurer, Sally Helmg and Student Council representative, Ethel Fritz. Our adviser was Mrs. Barry, for- merly Miss Mertz. We held a Halloween round and square dance. Later our Junior Prom Ca gay whirl of flowers and musicl, found us using a punch bowl, a pleasant innovation. From there we went into a stationery and wrapping paper sale, Fire- men and Rod and Gun Club dinners, sale of candy and pop, and another picnic, this time at Garlock's cottage. Our treasury non. Our activities included a ham raffle, several dinners, an Easter pageant, and another picnic. We now had 3379.141 in New ff 6:0 X 9.511 r X '!!JQ pq' -K f. - I 46,74 ' 4 1 u had now reached the overwhe X f ff ff! X' ylif' 4, Q ni Q W 7 W K 4 X! 4 , f N-,i'!L!, 4 Q ff 35 ' Pnoxnmvrr Ufmmae Q0 47 F ,Q ft- t 1 ' . f, 'Q3IiQ1Q-fy 1 N iff -Q' tx lt' Z W! 1 ' 2 - fd lming sum cf 81123.01 ,A S' Construction commenced on the roof in the fall of 1950. Officers for the year were President, Vernon Powerg V1ce-Pres- ident. Sheila Concannong Secretary, Sally Helmg Treasurer, Ethel Fritz: and Student Council representative, Mary Ann Tur- ner. Our advisers were Mrs. Barry and Mr. Totman. Activities for the year included the magazine subscription campaign, our Senior play, 'Early to Bed-Early to Rise', the Proximity din- ner, Senior Ball fa snow whirl with another unique addition: programsjg and the publication of this, V1ctor's fourth year- 'f book. After spending five g1OP10uB days ln New York City during ' Av- Easter Vacation, we began preparing for Moving-Up Day, Class f fN - Night, and Graduation---the final step in the construction of - fifty-two citizens of tomorrow. p-. rr, 5 L- AV g l I X ,,, ' x 't .V 1 ' - - 1""' '- W il 'X ! 'Q , -ftflfl-,lfflfwmnfti VT yy H r-Aiwa 1 1 3 n L, , gd., 28 an f i F ,A iff? ee 'VEAVY F, Qgxlfi' ww M "7 P " Ll ' 1Q tn as pg 'xii as" ' ' W A QKWFV' .213 QW' J ,fb ,JV . ' fcff lf N ,-fff, I v.P V 4 f I, ., gf" ,fa , ,S I, 'Early to Bed--Early to Risen proved to be one cf the best comedies Victor has ever seen. Every scene was packed with well-placed remarks that never failed to send the audi- ence into gales of laughter. Abbie Fuller is the well-meaning aunt who tried in vain to discipline her niece and nephew, Patsy and Bobby Fuller. Bobby is a rather lazy young man who would much rather tinker around cars and talk with his romance-minded girl friend, Spanky Minuti. Patsy, a young girl of eleven and an ardent animal lover, adds her bit of nonsense and common sense to the play. Marian Fuller is an average young woman completely in love with her boss, Jim Griggs. However, there is a sweet package of competition in the form of southerner Laura Montgomery who tries her hardest to win the affections of Mr. Griggs. Patsy, the ever-loving sister tries a series of clever maneuvers. including winning and selling a beautiful new home, and finally succeeds in sending Marian into Jimis waiting arms. Everitt Fuller, the inventor fatner of th1s crazy brood, manages to inject his bit of nonsense into the dialogue between belligerent attacks of rebellion from their landlord, Mr. Conkle, over Patsy's petsKV1olet-the skunk and Hamlet-the white rat! donated by the pet shop owner, Mr. Kirschmeier. Aobie Fuller ------- J. Boughton Bobby Fuller-- ------ D. Maltman Marian Fuller ----- M. Hsrendeen Everitt Fuller ---- B. Carpenter Spanky Minuti ------- D. Antonio Jim Griggs ----------- B. Cleary Patsy Fuller ---------- E. Fritz Daisy Fairfax ----- B. Lortscher Otto Kirschmeier ---- K. Garling Mr. Gonkle ---------- D. Hawkins Laura Montgomery--M. Herendeen Iiillnipn-,,,, First Row: D. Maltman, M. Herendeen , B, Carpenter, J3 Houghton, E. . Fritz. Second ROW' B- Cleary, K. Gerling, D. Antonio, M. Herenaeen, B. Lor- tscher, D. Hawkins. 29 x " 4 vt". "L1",xh Q A s l 43 'Sm ,,! C ifizens of The U5 :H X Fufure ff g N. 5, , Milifi EW: MRT has - K ,, . 1 f O E.. 4 .A f iw' Y. ,, ,,,, W. SIU T 145' L. ..,A 1. ,., 43 ,. N K 3 W 'h if J J.. AK js Y Q 1 , x . M ' "' ' 4 . Q VA uso- Q4 S i . , J t X I' 1 ix 1- 3 '.- J" il R I 5 av xg - ,lu , 1 ' A A H " z .. - , ,. .gn mf. .Q . . 9- 11 y as 1 'Q ,.,' 'P , v ' ' :O ., ' 1 f"'--T x,x ' ' cw. J . . nv I X 8 " 4 . 1 0 o Q mw+v"awHQ V 'g,A .gk ,lypy ' Bm My .fan -5 4 H'Tv'4? u3KQS si, 5' - Q 1 5 m ff I . S3 i sn it f 0SES99K z, xi . P f,- 1 aa - " 4-I f ' ' My ' Mm , -. ' , W. . f-L. W4, V 1 1- -zfv K 3-"W ' I 9. A Z' ,Q .I ,r ', 5 V, , , 5 t -. :Hai .wwf I? A7 ow! IDC x 5. . u Dann f S if r ' EZ E Egg 'Z-Q N ffm V 1. . . if ,, , - 1 uv Q4 a""" 29"THREE 36 1 L 'Doc 'BAY 'D JE? 9 K W is ' ff ol'-1-1912 L, 1,4 ,, ,wwf m M" L ff-n- "AH-1 F004 - . f "U -4- F. x 'B gums? A.. ,.. gaitrigu r v..,,f, QWQRED Rl-no ER Def ik, fn.1'Q -rn? DFI ...SERS FN A T1 fb' 5 11' -Lg 5 ,. .V Q .K .. vig.. xxx- . . , arqfvq X A, V A ,gi L, , a'f'i,f 'Z , ' ffswfirf . v pgz A - Li-affwf ":.-in u - 1 1 , F t S31 ,JS E' A .2 am "" '- ' 'V ze ZZ." JQNQW fw rev ,I P Q ' fl F 9 ,,....,..L,p .-4.gEiT.. -'iii i-X :TA First Row: Mr. Rose, Mary Lou Putman, Mary Lou Anderson, Patricia Clifford, - U p, Connie Barry, Robert Gillis, Alan Garlock. j HS Second Row: Joan Nesbitt, Alice Herendeen, Mary Turner, Elaine Stahl, Elsie l f f"o l Hawkins, Ann Rothwell, Mary Ryan, Jack Garlock. jg jfM,KL 15 ,Q Z Third Row: Sylvia Clover, Dorothy Rybke, Joe Angelo, Bernard Hall, Robert,:1'ZQ7 f 4 ,..L.. 3 smm., William Witter. w ' 5 x f 1E::2,.T.1. ,. Fourth Row: Richard Bardu , Francis Tischer, Harold Kesel. ' 4' - m 1' ' The Class of '52 had a very success- ful year with Mr. Rose as our adviser. We started out the year by winning first prize in the Halloween window painting contest for the second consecutive year. We also sponsored a Halloween Dance which proved to be a big success. In October we served a ham dinner for the firemen. After this we started selling writing paper which is always an annual project for the Junior Class. Dur- ing the basketball season we sold pop and candy at all the home games. We held our Junior Prom in May and we ended a year of profitable and enjoy- able activities. X544 M. L. Anderson, V-Pres.5 C. Barry, Pres. Clifford, Sec., A. Carlock, S. C. Rep.: Gillis, Trees. 1, 5 P. R. 'Nm . e l ,- fir 1.1. me dt 'Alina W'Q217f' Q5 9 1 2 5'i '42 F 21e'w2 W mg it it le ni me liz: .aa lr IA, wif in LA ' f First Row: Patricia Bowerman, Richard Ryder, Robert McCarthy, Delores Stamp, Mr. Ransom. V Second Row: Ann Bluhm, Alice Whittaker, Joan Karvar, Beatrice Draper, Joyce V Rivet, Doris Peglow. Third Row: Glenn Popenhusen, Lee Semmler, Eugene Moore, Joyce Thiel, Bev- erly Stahl. Fourth Rows Allan Bowerman, James Mead, Raymond Weigert, Fenwick Small, Ron- ald Gouldriek, Dirk Weigsrt. Absent: 4 1' characters. The class had Delores Stamp and combined advisers, Mr. Palumbo and of a grand group of future Marian Brake, Jeanette Reubens, James MeKeag. This Sophomore class held a gala year of original money making ideas nlus starting the construction of many grand an able leader in their oresident with the violent efforts of their Mr. Ransom, started the building Juniors. Their activities included the Cole Circus, which en- larged their already bountiful treasury, olus a football taH day and a team of college acrobetics that presented a Der- formance that Victor Central will remember for a long time. gg mean a great future. M 3 ' '52 y n, This class has started a great building that will some day 34 I KA S 0 1-lp' a,,y Q LfU7F'7lEh 'QW ' ' ,P i '?Af,g1 5 Q' ' ,E E u Q 'JS , - Jihad?-' ZZ? 9. WMM A "E -4533 mf" P 79-kg! First Pow Second Row: Third Row Fourth Row WU' 'a " 5 Mr. Palumbo, David Rugg, Shirley Braiman, Mary Suhr, Marion Schmidt, Audrey Torquato. Jane Draper. Judy Nolan, Anne Power, Patricia Criss, Rita Swart- aenberg, Ruth Conover. Tony Mangiamele, Raymond White, Fay Spencer, Alvira Warters, Joyce Power, Donald Gourlaq, Richard Eechler, Marjorie Matthews, Beatrice Schrader, Inman Wartere, William Bennett, Jack Barry. Z HZ' . -2 Oi o 'C -ll---gif' I ' T," i ras Q 0,5600 602505 l S . N, ' ' f XZ 1 -' 'QQ' ' ff' 5 ' Q S .QV Obafzu of r AL 5 , F' X f F SJ P' P. Bowerman, Trees., D. Stamp, Pres.5 R. 1 f 11cCi.r't.hy, s. c. Rep.g R. Ryder, V-PreB.g M. Brake, Sec. 35 by Q 'fmmev y tm f M ...., P ..-- ' ' -"K X Q QV? .' O QD rc ony QD slwau First How Second Row Third Row: Fourth Row Absent x Donald Simonds, Vernon Underhill, Edward Brady, Asenath Payne, Carol Reeves, Miss Brownlee. John Gullace, Kathleen Hanlon, Janet Cotton, Gary Mortensen, Frances Ellis, Carol Czadzeck. Joan Czadzeck, Anna Garling, Eileen Hall, Nancy Barry, Audrey Ford, Carolyn Doyle, Daniel Parshall. Eugene Antonio, Nelson Allen, Eugene Gillis, John Mahoney, Morris Bowerman, Allan Berndt, Ronald Czadzeck.. James Turner, Charles Matthews, Louise Caloagno, Connie Angelo, Arthur Lewis, Robert Hendricks, Robert 0'Neil, Ralph Suhr, Robert MoGerry, James McKee, Donald Turner, Barbara Blazey, Gilbert Ald- ridge, June Collins, Judy Cotter, Charlene Henehan, Duane Hone- han, Richard Harder. We, the Freshman Class, are off to a good start with U5 members. We started thin s off right by selling the most sea- son tiokets. This put 510 into our treasury. Additional profits have come from checking coats and sponsoring a Tag Day for the opening basketball game. We ended the year by staging an annual Freshman assembly. Under the advisership of Miss Brownlee we hope to do as well 'in the future as we have done during our first year of high school. 36 I 0 I 0 J I 4 ff' 05 1 sf CHECKING' W r I ,A. Q ,.,,VE:- First Second Row Third Row Fourth Row: FUTURE SUPH5 Row: Sharleen Years, Doris Button, Sandra Carpenter, Barbara Lu dy, Janet Harris, Virginia Terwilliger, Lucille Young. Marcia Petersen, Joan Rivet, Helen Yahn, Alice Weigert, Elizabeth y11b9am, Mgrig Scgla, Christine Mortensen. Ross spencer, Frederick Wheeler, John Shoemaker, Carl Terwilli- ger, Paul Wilson, Kenneth Thompson. Clarence Rugenstein, Francis Preston, Donald Pegelou, Darvin Peg- elow. mm MK , wx " - ,. A N K x X ur - A' Payne: Pres.3 E. Brady, V-Pres.3 C, Reeves, 360.3 D. Simonds, Treas.g V. Und- erhill, S. C, Rep, 37 wink. fn. f 11 num, lv- fav 4 k wg, 14:1 'M f H-.WM We QE. :M mesa ' "Mil WM! J X I 1 Ur. 0 f I' 3 I X f R -- -T First Rows C. Militello, R. Matthews, O. Courtney. Second Row s Third Row x Fourth Row x Fifth Row z We Ozadzeok, F. Rappl, J. Reppl, B. ornek, c. Emez, lend, R. Militello, J. Snyder, M. Barry. E. M. H. S. B. Ee Peglow, M. Harder, Allen, D. Bowerman, Mrs. Johnston. Fritz, S. Walker, S. Garlock, J. Ryan, M. Lewis, Calcagm, W. Pyreinda, T. Madison. G. Cleve- W. Burns, J. Hunt, M. Stahl, E. Hargrave, D. White, Blood, D. Hunt. D. Rector, T. Twitchell, S. Kohl, A. Phillips, Matthews, R, Brady, G. Brown, R. Seals.. Rlleld 1 I ,J ' , I ggi, . 1 0110 ef i Q I R 4 I .1- l 1 1rl I I k-S ?r- -Q2 ,.g LL 4... I 'L ff DT. -n-H X .LW 2 'T' . 1' f L -'r-' .L1,'-f-'-4X i Y J I First Row: F. Underhill, L. Matthews, N. Rappl, M. Doyle, M. Years, E. Brai- I X man, G. Warder, C. Brake, R. Redfield, E. Gerling. Q Second new. D. Rader, R. Buree, s. Pratt, M. Leary, J. Getter, M. A. Loomis, W WX- X M. Power, H. LaC1are, B. Hall, Miss Tucker. - Third Row: G. Angelo, J. Carre., J. Carre., G. Piamn, R. Wallace, P. Steffen- , hagen, J. Devlin, T. Meaieen, o. Johnson, P. Rebineen. re f Fourth Rows C. Austin, N. Smith, R. Ott, C. Martin, B. Rugenstein, J. Sutton, G. Herendeen, F. Yahn, B. O'Dea.. Absent s R. Matthews . V .0 38 P Q 49 ZF- .. 'li I ,, ,n , ,, 1 - First Rows C. Golf, J. Barry, B. Matthews, E. Pilbeam, S. Miller, C. Hunt, 1 1 P. Bowerman, J. Fisher. Second Row: Mr. Henehan, C. Madison, D. Courtney, J. Carr, G. Snyder, D. Wei- gert, W. Pay-ne, M. J. Whitney, J. Hanlon. I Third Row: S. Peglow, R. Sutton, R. Wollack, F. Becker, A. Garrett, L. Lea- xv' fm vett, J. Walker, G. North. Fourth Row: F. Mangiamele, M. McGarry, A. Pimm, J. Searjeant, R. Robinson, L. Blood, J. Rhodes, H. Sadler, M. Brown. Absent: A. Strasener, E. Coon, R. Gillis. ,5'.f"':Qci fa A HS! M N 'IK X 1 M MW First How: J. Sirertzenberg, M. Clifford, R. Power, R. Anderson, D. Ander- son, G. Cody, R. Baleno, H. Maltman, H. Miller, N. Smith, Brownell. J. Second Row: P. Mortensen, E. Orlick, R. Herendoon, R. Whittaker, N. Gentle, B. Peglow, N. Fitchlee, S. Czadzeck, C. Dennis. Third Rows Misa Wood, C. Bowerman, J. Popenhusen, G. Stahl, E. Calhoun, Lortscher, W. Elliot, E. Bittner, R. Thompson, R. La01are. Fourth Row: P. Barnes, J. Strassner, D. Zuhledorf, W. Bennett, B. Rybke, Reynolds, M. Van0rman, J. Conover, D. Molieeg. Absent: A. Benedict, L. Nerber. 39 A. J. gfqfi A A W' df Q42 WZ.. 'tl A A f ' 44 X- WD ' f B: .f WM' in '-iw?" Q , A . .,,. A , ,, ef, First Row: R. Tay, L. Suhr, D. Brake, M. Brake, F. Doyle, A. Cardulla, J. Gardner, L. Sleight. Second Row: Mrs. Anderson, A. Cardulla, L. Bauer, K. Winkler, T. Becker, R. Rader, A. Boughton, F. Trenchsrd. Third Row: L. Gullace, A. Tim , A. Bennett, N, Jabaut, H. lrady, M. Gentle, J. Burns, H. Hess. Fourth Row: N. Hill, E. Morsck, J. Webster, R. Tuttle, Y. Johnson, S. Smith, P. Habecker, E. Strassner. Absent: R. Benedict, G. Rugenstein, M. Mead. X First Row: B. Elliot, D. Czadzeck, R. Wood, G. Herendeen, H. Broderick, M. Lucey, A. Rogers. Second Row: P. Scala, A. Wager, J. Beard, J. Gernon, S. Criss, F. Courtney, A. Mangiamele, Mrs. Engelhardt. Third Row: C. S ith, J. Jabaut, E. Padgham, G. Hill, E. Devlin, L. Jacobson, P. Van Lare. Fourth Row: R. Kratzenberg, R. Smith, K. Rodas, L. Johnson, J. Petersen, I. Madidnn. P. Wheeler, S. Cotton. Absent: B. Clark, B. Simonds, D. Mac Kerchar. U0 mm 4' MQ W np 41'-2' am 7 fd NPS 5 AA in f ' 'Row Row Row Row 1rst Row: M Ewan, H Peglow, B Paz-shall, G Brake, J Stanley, E Tobey Second Row G Turner, G Barry, M Fitchlee, P Jacobson, R Hall, W Doyle, Thlrd Row J Ott, G Preston, A O'Brien, S Busby, C Hulbert, E Pimm Fourth Row J Mclieag, E. Shoots, B Bauer, T Sutton, J Matthews, A Web RN WMM QW , ,WW Vwiy H Z' WWII Wh ', 'XA Xkiauuv' is W 9 E s, NWC? " xg 75 , , H First Rows W. Cody, S. Orliok, B. Schrader, H. Loss, G. Clifford, M. L. Gar- dulla, D. Tay, J. 0'Neil, J. Rose. Second Row: Mrs. Power, F. Sage, D. Oorbit, L. Pegslow, P. Shoots, R. Watson, V. Green, R. Padgham, S. Vogt. Third Rows S. Halbecker, D. Henshan, P. Harder, M. Ivnauga, S. Fitchlee, J. English, R. Rodas, G. Bezmett, J. Keefe. Fourth Row: L. R. Briggs, R. Hess, D. Oiierkirk, K. Lutweiller, B. Hawes, L. Saxman, J. Gouldrick, YI. 'hzrner, J. Coon. L' 1 ALJ f i First Row: F. Calhoun, J. Marlin, M. Morrissey, J. Lytle, F. Trenchard, J. Stahl, J. Rappl, D. Fritz, B. Blazey, L. Fisher. Second Rows O. Burns, F. Hauer, R. Miller, A. Strassner, B. Czadzeck, D. Bus- by, M. L. Kraai, S. Garrett. Third Row: Miss Stier, N. Peck, P. 0'Brien, G. Austin, M. Weigert, M. Matthews, O. Rodas, M. Lyons, 3. Anderson. , Fourth Row: C. Strassner, R. Ryan, R. Wolack, B. Gard, D. Hacker, M. King, E. Sadler, N. Romeiser, R. Johnson. Absentl B. Losaw, J. Swartzenberg, G. Rugenstein. Ll-2 5 1 ,-,,, .yn fl, 1 xf ' ,: 'Af .33 'Q ,Eid gk L 5 if E32 QQ, eggs Q5 B55 - .15 msd? 535225 Zaugi? First Row: Mrs. Cole, P.- Maier, R. Perry, O. Droney, H. Jolliff, E. Hess. Va.nDamme, E. Day, J. Brake, M. QW491 Qc 4. X K JU . 5 Z Second Row: D. Fisher, N. Smidt, R. Courtney, E. Schwab, J. Cowels, J. Ruse, 3 5 E. Willie, L. Bowerman, R. Goers. Third Row: J. Kaiser, C. Goons, M. Jacobson, W. Crudele, W. Pusey, D. Ott, E. Maltman, G. Becker, 5. Millham, B. Gillis. ' Fourth Row: D. Card, A. Grybauekae, F. Conover, D. Webster, R. Kratzenberg, D. Dunn, S. Tourje, S. Simonds, R. Rader. Absent: I-1. Barry, J. I-cGleJL1and, E. Brooks, R. I-icKee. kno Fir t Row S6C0l'ld Row: Third Row Fourth Row : Absent : Miss Condon, R. Satterlee, D. Gzadzeck, D. Jenson, J. Mangiamele, D. Rader, C. Wiley, P. Brownell, R. Wilson. J. Turner, P. Sage, D. Brovm, D. Garlock, B. Bennett, D. Bennett J. Cardulla., D. Devlin, J. Howland, C. Peglow. D. Bennett, D. Gentle, D. Small, D. Tobey, P. Peck, A. Larrabee R. Metcalf, L. Garlock, S. Segbers, R. Harloff. D, Witter, J. Katkamier, J. Allen, D. Madison, G. Smith, E. Kev eny, P. Hartz, I. Blood, O. Sherman, C. Phillips. D. H111. 43 7 Wm W , gsm fs 22 mm., waz gsm, iw we-J 'sv f Q 'J m'fQvWCmf.zd17 cf 31:31 1 I 4 ' VN rx D: v,..kA 'gi my 'wif Q- a N...4, , - f 'if 1 4 oe? Lvirst Row: E-E. Madison, D. Courtney, B. Rouse, V. Shoots, P. Sutton, R, Logs, D. Stahl, P. 4O'Beirne, V. North. is Second How: M. Burns, J. Extone, P. Ryan, K. Phippen, J, Pugey, M, V081-H M. 00 0 Wells, K. Peglow. Third Row: E. Fitchlee, R. Berndt, D. Robins, S. Smith, D. Lovejoy, 14, Tom-... je, J. Fisher, H. English, Miss Brown. Fourth Row: G. Tischer, C. McGhen, J. Goode, D. Fritz, M. Kneale, T.'Carli11 M. Holloway, G. Keyes. ' Absent: J. McClelland. PQOGRANS CTU?-J V IOLUJ F'1U.l L 1 an so ngngupg, 12: oo L,uo0--N 155, 5 Oanu .ua 2200 fAR.'T' 3100 Q9 A 05458 I First Row: J. Ryan, E. Heder, S. Gullace, J. Nickel, J. Cody, W. Brake, D. Oardulla, D. Wood, B. Doyle, G. Lord. Second Row: R. Brooks, D. Hulings, M. Sell, E. Leary, R. Granger, E- Crudele, T. Whitney, J. Sexstone, C. Colvin. Third Row: B. Suhr, P. Morrissey, S., Burse, G. Crippin, D.. Gentle, D Rogers, R. Kaiser, B. Sadler, S. Reese. Fourth Row: Miss Colligsn, G. Aldridge, H. Lytle, G. Metcalf, G. Criss, R Czadzeck, J. Devlin, R. Gard, T. McMahon, D. Rhode. 41+ .1717 x' -.,. First Row: M. L. Peglow, E. Wood, J. Leary, H. Lee.vitt,'K. Underhill, S Exton, Miss Gufari. Second Rowx A. Newman, T. Briggs, A. Calhoun, N. Fitchlee, J. Bauer, R. DaBeer, S. Burger. Third Row: P. McGha.n, L. Aldridge, C.Wi1son, B. Romeiser, T. Jebaut, J. Johnson. Fourth Row: D. Fisher, D. Green, E. Halloway, D. Fitchlee, J. Hunt, J. Sher- ms.n,' P. Smith. Absent: G. Soule, C. A. Busby. First Row: D. Becker, P. Bissell, T. Reese, D. Brake, G. Rodas, R. Gullace, Miss Mead. Second Rows R. Maltman, W. Ryan, D. Harris, J. Seals, W. Martin, G. Matthews., Sq HB1'tZo Third Roux M. 0'Brien, E. McCarty,, C. Scala., E. Green, K. Northrup, M. Hul- bert, B. Ferguson. Fourth Row: S. Van Ge1der,.T. Gentle, K. Vogt, F. Grant, S. Pitts, A. Turner. Absent: N. Brown, J. Snith '+5 L..41..,..,., Y L E DQ, Perf 'Uv- 'V mmm A gummy j. 'gs Aww Wgiam ' or 9 NN! -1. l 9 y 1 2 Eff First Row: J. Nickel, C. Reed, J'. Henehan, J. Moon, S. Granger, Miss Thomp- , v son. ji- -1 - Second Row: R. Martz, L. Watson, C. Rader, K. Buck, B. Fra.n.k, L. Wright. Third .Rowz G. Rader, R. Keefe, D. Smith, M. Oderkirk, J. Lewis, .B. Fisher. Fourth Row: D. Kratzenberg, G. Muchard, K. Kaveny, G. Barry, J. Oapron, R. Rugenste in, B . Winkler. Absent: J. Barry, G. Houghton, N. Matthews. pn-ff, R... U. Williams, s. Gunner, B. Bows, 0. Thompson. E- BOW'- sooond Ron G. oloon-ur, J, hrhueiller, M. Bows, J. Williams, R. Maier, R. Mylge, Mrs. Wilkinson. Third Rom B. Lerrabee, R. Coon, G. Johnson, D. Coon, R. Johnson, N. Horan- dean, D, Nolan, M. L. Smith, E. Bauer, S. Herendeen. 46 xffiWu,1W,N Wm L 5 P N0 J nr 'M , - ' Q ,ff-mx fix... fyx ul- .- First Row: Miss Burnett, R. Pimm, R. watson, K. Beard, F. 'rm-ner, B. Harder, '4 S' L. Northem. 'A ,- Second Rows A. Gardner, D. Calhoun, P. Green, J. Gemon, D. Benson, P. Eng- lish, L. Suhr, C. Shoemaker. Row: D. Vandenburgh, P. Bennett, C. 0'Niel, D. Shoots, S. Cody, K. Fisher, E. Ellis, H. Kraii. Fourth Row: J. .Webster-, G. Gutberlet, D. Phillips, M. Kaiser, J. Wiley, O. H0011-.L mm Third Absent: G. Conover. 6 N ct. IN. , FQSAKQS N T , ,file -f Q-- f - ff W Z7 AXMAQL 'Je-'A-:.. .J . J X, ll.: I-,Q 5 71 In 1 I 1 ll I , ...Jn - Uma' ll ffm 4144649014 Il lnlrvr First Row Second Row: Third Row FO'l11"t-h Row Absent: -D. Militello, K. McCarty, BV. Garrett, K. Northrup, S. Corbit, 'R. Henry, ruse Burnett. F. Schrader, A. Morrissey, D. Lovejoy, N. Aldrich, C. Shoemaker, B. Burns, B. Howland. S. Robbins, A. Gouldrick, M. Crane, B. DeLong, M. Capron, A. Hen- dricks, P. Brownell, M. Allen. B. Garratt, D. Tx-aber, B. Marlin, J. Garvey, J. Ludwig, B. McClelland. M. O'Beirne. M. Ryan. J, Redfinld, D. Habeolmr, 0. Nontgomery. 7 797 lulnalovu IVR nn.-lg K FoJ'64f' Checxfenlcgf las K Y ke S Q 2 fy: ff: ftfe-EH: V F. ei-a fgjys. lx nf? s L:-ne, Semin-t I-'f"'J"" Q C Ncwfilcani " 1 f'3vE s.,,x,"s A I V lJnysJ..,Q Y f A, v , .1411 . k A N SM 2' ,Q 51' W ff ""' 4' Pi 5 K MM Sm M may R ne ff ' f - N A if 8 N N FA. INI 1 T0 , , 4 X F, z , A A ,f k iw , -. , . N ff A ' A wg Activ iii es ff ff' 1 I X, XX f 5 X K . ,.' ,x obj J , :gt ' X N' I I f c 1 W 'Liu-ni tl .KN X p C9 fd Z J? :R 11 ww My .vm ff-We A "fre 'f MMM? MFEA A553 .f lg V x X M .s if -we w an J N51 'fs t at 1 A First Row: D. Hawkins, D. Paparons, J. Boughton, M.L. Anderson, M. Hsren- deen, S. Helm, S. Hu t, B. Cleary, Mrs. Berry. Second Rowx M. Turner, P. Clifford, A. Herendeen, H. Matthews, S. Martin, N, Valley, E. Fritz, N. Stomp, M. Herendeen, J. Bradman. - Third Rows M. Ryan, D. R bke, S. Clover, B. Lortscher, R. Gillis, D. Malt- man, B. Hall, A. Rothwell, C. Barry. Absent: J. Phillips, T. Turner, R. Berndt, J. Garlocka Ed1tor....... .....M. Herendeen Once again after many busy hours AFB 't' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'M' L' Anderson this group has produced an annual to be Busy M9-T' ' ' ' ' ' ' "D' Hawx HH kept in order to bring back memories in A39 t' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'C' Barry years to come. Literary Ed... ....J. Boughton Ass't..... .... . .... ..... ....P. Clifford We would like to express thanks to Mrs. Barry for her tireless aid. Wlth- out a capable foreman such an enterprise as this could not be successfully car- ried out, we realize. Here is a short poem that explains some of the ingredients that are poured into the mold of a book like this: Innumerable hours of hard work, One bushel of worries, Ten quarts of frayed nerves, A generous amount of fun and laughter. Adviser..... ......Mrs. Barry Cover by.... ....Sh1rley Hunt Staff........................J. Bralman, N. Stemp, N. Valley, S. Coneannon Photo. Ed....................J. Phillips Ass't ...... ... ..... J. Garlock Staff ........ ...M. Herendeen Sports Ed .... .... B. Cleary Typing Ed .... ....... S. Helm Ass't ................... ...A. Herendeen Staff...........................M. Ryan, S. Clover, H. Matthews Art Ed ......... .... .... ...... .... S. Hunt Ass't ...... .......... ........ A. Rothwell Staff ...... ....................E. Fritz, D. Rybke, T.Turner, M.Turner, S. Martin Ad. Ed........ ..... ..........D. Paparone Ass't........... .... . .... ........B. Hall Staff............ .... .........B. Gillis, B. Lortscher, D. Maltman, B. Berndt qt dl M Q First Row: B. Lortscher, M. Herendeen, Mrs. Burns, K. Hanlon, E. Hawhins, M. Scala, G. Mortensen, J. Cotton, S. Carpenter Second Rows E. Hall, M.L. Anderson, N. Pratt, J. Matthews, F. Ellis, L. Oalcag- no, J. Karvar, O. Angelo, M. Peterson, S. Braiman Third Rows J. Boughton, P. Clifford, A. Herendeen, M. Turner, R. Conover, N. Stomp, H. Matthews, J. Nolan, P. Criss, M. Suhr 5 V f Ryan, J. Thiel, S. Clover, D. B bke ' A iniE?- 25X EQJSZQE The Hilltopios staff is responsible for the' school newspaper and school news in the Victor Herald. For the first time, the Hilltopics was printed com- mercially. The result was a much more readable paper and one of which Victor Central was very proud. Publications come out every ten weeks and include im- portant and interesting news around school, Two delegates were sent to the Syracuse Press Conference in Ootober. ' J as D o f? ' Q by X Ac 9 gi . as J QQf" - dlg9gg,,, LM I e 51 Fourth Rows R. Swartzenberg, J. Collins, S. Hunt, M. Matthews, A. Rothwell, M. :S fling EIT WW' Wt xl E114 MW ff.b W Y A 0 ug 3 H E 5 . Qgl Q 'Q i li 5 l. 5pf9.f li 'E 1 7.22 Mr L,: 'lil bmw Wig New . ,, -552 First, Row: Mr. Gorbit, D. Paparone, J. Boughton, Mr. Rogers. Second Row: F. Tischer, R. Smith, A. Garlock, F. Underhill, R. McCarthy, C. Bowerman, M. A. Turner. Absent: V. Underhill The Student Council is a valuable worker in this construction. Working as a unit, it ls the Counci1's duty to supervise the smooth op- eration of actual school life. By giving movies and sponsoring a dance and dinner, the organization is able to finance assemblies and other items not included in the school budget. Victor is cooperating in an effort to form a County Student Council. Moet activities in the school must bear the Counc1l's stamp of approval before being held. Officers for 1950-51 are: President... ..... . ...Dominic Paparone Vice-Pres1dent.... ....Joyce Boughton Secretary. ...... ..... .Robert Smith Treasurer.. .... ...Francis Tlscher 52 e 'wumw 41mQf- s First Row: J. Braiman, M. Herendeen, E. Fritz, D. Hawkins, D. Orlick, J. Phillips, M. Herendeen, J. Boughton. Second Row: S. Braiman, A. Bluhm, C. Barry, A. Bowerman, A. Rothwell, E. Hawkins, Mrs. Burns. tional Honor Society possess leadership, scholarship, service, and character qualities. They have maintained 1 rd In its fourth year, over 855 in their high school scholast c reco . this organization has fourteen members. 151 of the Senior Class is represented, 105 of the Junior Class, and 51 of the Sophomore Class. The members of the Z' is 7 ! Z X 53 Q .nlf Q Q, First Row: Mr. Totmzm, R. Weigert, R. Berndt, V. Power, D. Weigert, R. Bows, R. Suhr, A, Berndt. Second Row: E. Simonds, D. Rugg, G. Popenhusen, N. Allen, F. Spencer, D, Ggurj-atv, K. Thgmpson R. Boughton. ' Third Row: A. Bowerman, G. Aldridge, C. Matthews, B. Carpenter, H. Kesel, R. Barry, T. Turner, R. Ifiechler, I. Warters. This year the Future Farmers of America participated in various activities. Two members attended Camp-Oswegotchie last summer, and all of the boys of the F.F.A. spent an enjoyable day at the State Fair in Syracuse. For the fourth consecutive year, the F.F.A. and the F.H.A. co-sponsored the school fair, which was held for two days. The boys of the F.F.A. also participated in the Ontario County Fair. The F.H.A. served the F.F.A. boys at the annual Parent a Son Banquet, March 19, which brought their year to its successful conclusion. The officers thls year were: President Vernon Power A glee Igresident Darvin Welgert ' H, - COPS BTV Bob Berndt N , Treasurer Bob Bowe , ,-"' Q 5 ,g5glIEf? Reporter Ray Weigert fk ,223 522 -3 Sentinel Bob Suhr " Qfasgeszai . 1 oe lx "un "' 25 f k ' Tr I 5U H Qaing h1QD Ai TQCGQ I lllliilllil 7 ,:- v,...,. . Aww 'M "J: Y UQ 7,1 A S3 Q ' First ROW! D. Peglow, M. Herendeen, M. Brake, M. Suhr, A. Torquato, M. Herendeen, H. Yahn J. Nesbitt, J. Bougheon. ' Second Row. A. Whittaker, S. Years, D., Swartzenberg, S. Hunt, S. Helm E. Fritz P Bowermgm N. Stemp, Miss Woods. ' ' ' ' Thlrd POW: Q. Collins, J. Smith, R. You g, L. Klem, D. Antonio, A. Herendeen, M. L. Anderson, Fourth Row: 3. F01-d,.J. Nolan, N. Valley, M, Ryan, H. Matthews, D. Stamp, D. Rybke, M. Turner, . Collins, J. Power, C. Ange1owJ. Matthews. 1 X ,fn I' .1 L 'ly ' ..-VZ , s Eigg' :L The Future Homemakers of America finally realized a dream that had been very distant in the last few years. The members have finally acquired jackets in red and white, the national F.H.A. colors. Shirley Hunt, the organization president, gamely led the members through the two days of the school fair, whose success can be attributed to the hard work and com- bined efforts of the F.H.A. girls and also, Miss Woods, their adviser. The group sponsored a play-day and a dance in the Spring. The play-day brought many girls from other F.H.A. organizations, and helped everyone realize the need for understanding and friendship among members. Hg W Q ' J' W- , 3 ' AQ, 5 QS. H 55 This organization 0 fl J we Q - l- L 5 M M 2 'H S 3 5 it E ' 4' X law' J, it W The projection club is a very valuable school service. The members operate the pro- jection machines for high school and grade movies during school hours. They also take care of- the evening movies sponsored by the various classes and organizations as money-raising projects, during the year. first How: Hr. Ransom, F. Small, G Popennusen, J Weld, Benne L, F. Yahn. L Wap 12 W? 1 1 hmm vi N QLEZEWM zmwfw' 5 bil f NKQ f 'E Eg MM: A44 ,655 consists of high school girls interested in the management and operation of the library. Among tha g1rl's duties are: supervising the highi school and grade library, shelves, stamping books going out, and putting cards in the books that come in during the day. Aurelia VanLare is presi- dent and Beatrice Schra- der is the v1ce-presi- dent. First Row: Miss Averillf A. Payne, M. Peteison, J Cotton, VanLare, J Karvar, C. Mortensen, H. Barry Second Row: Miss Blauvelt, J. Collins, R Swa tzenberg, 1 Ueigert, Matthews, H. Matthews, A. Ford, n Years, I Sea a WWWMQ, f i W J First Row: 3. iunt, 1. Stemp, 1. gerendeen, C. Barry. Jeconi Row: R. Smith, R. Earry, Mr. Rogers, D. Rybke, D. Maltman. 5' T'. : w 4 ', .N : iw. .fy l l 3 ' ' ' 1? ,E I JF' 1 ,lS.Mvi S, S if W2 Q l HMM' 1515 Q , W' sis Q L e The sportsmansnlp commit- tee was selected by the facul- ty on the basis of character, dependability and sportsman- ship. They number eight in all and help promote sportsmanship at the basketball games by pa- trolling the sidelines, find- ing seats for bystanders, and keeping order in the entire gym. Victor hopes to add the well earned Sportsmanship ban- ner to their gym walls some day and with the cooperation of the students and the com- mittee, it may one day be ours. QA? Q ,, WY. '--" .... ' Sg- The citizenship pro- gram in Victor has been very popular for the last few years. However, Mr. Rogers, their adviser, believes that the need for such a committee will be needless in a very few years. There are sixteen members all picked for their dependability and character. They keep control during classes, inspect the room slips, and check congestion in the halls during class changes. The committee also acts as hosts and hostesses for VIBIUOPB and guests at the school. They have been doing a fine Job and have helped Victor Central become a more orderlv school. First Row: J. Eraiman, S. Concannon, Mr. Rogers, A. Herendeen, D. Swart- zenberg, E. Hawkins. Second Row: J. Garlock, L. Semmler, E. Moore, V. Power, D. Maltman. Third Row: F. Tischer, R. Bardu , R. Eowe, D. Weipert. 57 me . is tes First Row: J. Braiman, M. Loomis, P. Wilson, F. DeRight, M. Leary, G. Pimm, D. Pegelow, J. Popenhusen, B. Lortscher. Second Row: S. Glover, J. Thiel, P. Griss, G. Smith, B. Peglow, D. Page- low, F. Small. Third Row: A. Whittaker, S. Braiman, O. Ernst, S. Pratt, P. Porter, F. Wheeler, R. Boughton. G. Popenhusen, S. Ooncannon. Fourth Row: J. Harris, J. Carre. 0. Bowerman, J.Mead, Mr. Adambn R- Smith: O. Reeves, E. Braiman, N. Barry, R. Gillis, B. Carpenter, K. Hanlon, E. Morack, E. Peglow, E. Matthews, J. Phillips, H. Ke- sol. 'Strike up the bandl' This musical organization is composed of 45 members and is under the direction of Floyd S. Adams. The opening concert of the season was presented at the School Fair. We also provided the music for the local Hal- loween Festivities. We presented a short program for PTA in January. Delegates to Medina All-State Band were Marie Leary, Sylvia Clover, Joyce Thiel, John Phillips, and Bennie Carpenter. We again played at the Rushville festival and at the State Contest in Can- andaigua. Our big finale was at the Spring Concert where a grand performance was heard by many music lovers. And so--the curtain falls! 53. .1 fhy WWW sq NTLM V' 15, 7, 'V .. ,First Row: P. Wheeler. Second Row: J. Boughton, K. Hanlon, M. Herendeen, S. Clover, J. Thiel, M. A. Turner, M. Loomis, C. Colf, S. Years. Third Row: A. Phillips, S. Carpenter. Fourth Row: D. Peglow, P. Bowerman, C. Reeves, R. Gillis, S. Concannon, G. Popenhusen, B. Lortscher, J.Popenhusen, M. Leary, F. DeRight, E. Pilbsam, M. Scala, J. Hanlon. Fifth Row: J. Braiman, J. Phillips, Mr. Adams. To the strains of nThe Tower Princen, WShepherd King Overtureu, WThe Man I Loveu, and several other tunes, the VCS orchestra Ublew and bowedn through the school year. They played for the PTA, Middlesex Valley Central School, and the community at the Annual Spring Concert and the Fall Concert. Of course, the organization attended the State Music Contest at Canandaigua and the Festival at Rushville. Joyce Houghton, Sandra Carpenter, Marjorie Herendeen, Arlene Phillips, and Mary Ann Turner, participated in the Medina All-State Sectional Orchestra in November. The orchestra is composed of thirty musicians, who practice every Wednes- day under the direction of Floyd S. Adams. Officers are: President-Joyce Boughton Vice-president-Barbara Lortscher Secretary-Kathleen Hanlon '59 The mixed chorus is composed of forty se- lected students, sing- ing under the direction of Miss Graham. This group sang at the Fall concert, All-State Mu- sic Festival at Canan- daigua, and the Music Festival at Rushville. Officers for the year are: Pres: S. Goncannon V-Pres: J. McKeag Sec: A. Hotnwell First Row: A. Garlock, J. Braiman, S. Braiman, S. Carpenter, K. Han- lon, E. Herendeen, H. L. Anderson, S. Helm, R. Smith, Kiss Graham. Second Row: M. A. Turner, J. Boughton, A. Torquato, S. Concannon, L. Petersen, B. Cotter, P. Bowerman, E. Pilbeam, R. Eraxe. Pnird Row: F. DeRight, P. Wilson, R. Gillis, A. Rothwell, B. Lortech- er, G. Popenhusen, F. Small. Fourth Row: J. Mead, S. Clover, H. Kesel, J. HcKeag, R. Ryder, E. Car- penter, J. Phillips, J. Zhiel l'f .f 4 ,..-,ef:' .,.. 1 ,,.,.i.. F1 X 295 I jf.,ff, I X! ,,-f'ip : X 1 v-if 0 X 1, ff' , ' t K d W5 6:3 K I , ptr 5 9y X J first mow: Miss Graham Second Row: S. Carpenter, E. Pilbeam, M. Petersen, A. Payne, J- . :.t . 50 Cotton, 4 danlon Waffle. gi 1 my I f Q-Q,l. I W 4... 3?W wiie E Z a my 1 7' VII: A f ' 'Eli 3 E,-- V' . ,'i The Triple Trio is an or- ganization of nine girls, who meet once a week 'unaer the direction of Miss Graham, to prepare music for festivals and entertainment. Places where they have sung this year include the Fall Concert, PTA program, 'Sunrise Service' at Farmington Friends Church, Hushville assembly, Rushville Music Festival, State Music Festival, Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate. f - J 4401110 'I 4525 W First Row: D.'Peg1ow, M. Herendeen, J. Boughton, -5. Concannon. 'iff Second Row: A. Rothwell, M. L. Anderson, M. A. Tumer, B. Cotter, X 'N A. Torquato, S. Clover. CXkfQ!' K 9 3 J K N M 'X N I X t ' Fiizll Him- , "ia 517 .WN ll . Q Wt. 1 ,. at me llrl we 'T l w It 1 f. Ml we VE pts - ms ,MG 622 va 65 - f f M , 3, .4': 6'f 0- M w Although a relatively new in V.C.S., the has been uite organization Boy's Quartet q active. They have sung at the Rushville assem- Fall Concert, bly, Rushvllle Music Festival, 'Sunrise Servicen at the Farm- ington Friends Church, Spring Concert, State Music Festival, and over station W.G.V.A. in Geneva. First Row: Miss Graham. Second Row: F. DeRight, R. Smith, J. Phillips, R. Ryder. 61 O WIFHQEIZJ .Awww Fo Hof R09 Q -2 2' si. '-. .M gm, ww, . .aww-,-,-x.,,. .,..,-.f-w.,,- - ., YA 6 f-OID. 73 MUSIC cEo'1"1.n1' 'T'a Mc: aff X 4' s'if'5b -Riff-'5fl?! F4 1'x:fE1'y .f I ' l'l, f 7 X I f N fx? h xxx? iT1I1.g, - ,7 - 35-' X q R l-lf' LN AQ W POT S 1 w ,A - 1 XE -,,, i 751 X :aff ff' QQ. I , .f fi X9 qt., VX X ,, 1' ' We 'jf Tam SSH 51 'A gf-V?-J.. iv-c -, .1-- ts 4 .-" ew. ,aff - ': W' . First Row: D. Pegelow, W. Bennett, R. Brake, J. Angelo, G. Antonio, D. Pegelcw. Second Row: Coach Lynaugh, F. Underhill, B. Cleary, D. Weigert, L. Semmler, D. MnKeag, M. VanOrman. With a brand new team, brand new uniforms, and a brand new coach, .the cagers from V.C.S. set out to get some seasoning and concentrate on the years ahead for their champ- ionship teams. Quite to the contrary, the ensuing season found them one of the league terrors, and most teams discovered this 'young bunch of kidsn had the scoring punch to match any. The end of the first half of the season found them third in offensive scoring, but far down in the won and lost column. However, the second half found them a far dif- ferent team, and the only game they lost was a double overtime thriller, to Naples, which was instrumental in deciding the Class 'BW title. Because they did not win the championship does not mean they had a bad season, for they shared second place in the standings with Gorham and Red Jacket, with a league record of eleven won and five lost. The outstanding players of the team were the Pegelow twins, Don and Darvin, who controlled the boards and poured in the points for Coach Lynaugh's Shotsmiths. The youth of the team makes them one of next year's best bets for the league title, They E2 .'1'12.91 E2 38 Bloomfield 29 38 Bloomfield 48 22 Dphilijs 22 23 133152, ii? 6 68 35 Honzoye 51-If Z0 Honeoye 71 22' Clifton Springs 53 15? olirggnhgprlnss gg GQ ha 3 I' III LI-2 Nagle: 38 53" Naples 51 38 Rushville 58 141+ Rushville 57 ug ned Jacket M1 Rea Jacket 51 68 U--Double Overtime Games 6b 'il Jia? tea M M 9-'Wal as 0: I Ar 'awash fr F i wif wi ' we s 5 ig '. 'ef :lf 'Eb' 1,4 5 P Mg- Q ' ' -' -- -A01 3 nl f J Q e vw J' J ' First Row: R. Gouldrick, A. Garlock, L. Semmler, T. Hangiamele, J. Garlock, D. Weigert, J. Gullace. Second Row: Coach Palumbo, D. Gourlay, R. Mechler, B. Hall, E. Simonds, I. Warters, J. Mahoney, D. Turner. Third Row: D. Rector, J. Cotter. Under Coach Palumbo's leadership, another group of basketball players were launched unon their high school career. Most of these boys were Freshmen and Souhomores with a few Juniors, for the Junior Varsity is where the boys get their experience. This season showed a mediocre eight won and eight lost record, but the hori- zon looks brighter with many promising nlayers coming along next ycar. 65 ' Www.. mm HVWF6 fy F y f 0 W1 ft 1 l V' " Y' First Rows V. Underhill, R. Mechler, L. Semmler, nThumper'-Mascot, T. Mangiamele, G. Antonio, D. Parshall, J. Angelo. Second Row: B. Burns, F. DeRigh'b, J. Mead, D. Bardun, B. Lynaugh-Asst. Coach, k C. Palumbo-Head Coach, B. Bennett, J. Barry, B. Garlock, W. Bennett. Third Row: R. Brady, D. Pegelow, F. Tieoher, F. Preston, J. McKeag, B. Brake, B. Barry, B. Cleary, D. Pegelow, D. Turner. With a season of moral victories behind him, Coach Carl Palumbo started this year wlth a young team. Youth dld not dominate the team, though, and enough gridiron experience re- turned from last year to finish in a tie for league laurels with Red Jacket Central, who also had a three win, one loss record. Victor suffered its loss on opening day to Clifton Springs, a loss which may be at- tributed to inexperience. The next three games went in V1ctor's favor and we were 'In like Flynn'. In one other non-league contest, we topped Union Springs which had been rated as one of the best six-man fpotball teams in the area. Scoring leaders on the team were closely grouped. Joe Angelo and Gene Antonio in the backfield, Francis Tischer and Jim McKeag on the line garnered about-6 or 7 TD's each. Joe Angelo led the field in yards gained rushing when he carried the ball 30 times for U15 yards. Gene Antonio placed in the standings by carrying the ball 260 yards in 39 tries. As,a team the Blue Devils completed 20 passes in bl attempts. Jack Barry and Bob Brake carried the blunt of this job from the quarterback spot. gf-152 W2 25 Clifton Springs 12 A 16 Honeoye 25 6 Red Jacket 18 6 Nanles' 46 26 ,Union Springs' 37 22 Phelps 45 'non-league nrst Hows F. Tischer, B. Garlock, J. McKeag Second Row: J. Angelo, G. Antonio, B. Brake 66 v if fi U ,111 nf ',N'l1N qw -wi ' C L7 x UHF? We 'Tu' X iv- ! .1 eb-' xg 57,131 H A? pl ' 5 wx w f Vi C -a H X A EZ' me my was 1 r if ee f N 7 Tx"43"'721h-1 gr' eq., 8.4 . Q First Row: L. Semmler, G. Gourlay, J. Antonio, B. Bowe, G. Fritz, B. Folkins. Second Row: Coach Henehan, K. Weigert, D. Rector, J. McKeag, B. Brake, O. Lehw man, R. Gouldriok, F. Tincher, F. DeRight, B. Cleary. With his team run- ning hot and cold, Coach Walt Henehan's charges finished the 1950 season with a four won and four lost record. The Drincinal pitcnlng chores were handled by Bob Folkihs, who posted an even rec- ord of three wins and three losses. Bob Brake led the team in batting with s .321 average, and Gene Fritz and Gordon Gour- lay formed an outstand- ing keystone combina- tion. Although he lost six seniors, Coach Henehan is exnectinz s successful season from his 1951 team. ' 'iq We .1 jr, 'ti WV' LWjQVH mt efafmftwvmrlt 4 V - -421111.411 1 1 12 7 ? 1 ff in. Bar-dun H. Phippen J. Phillips X53 K IU' X-,X :,i 1 - 1 fy r '1' HRV 'A ,X B. Barry 9 1 V , ,f-Xx-4- xx ,1.f5- eemegiiefe-as genes fe ,AX tlfffffr sm.-'1f.Qf+ M " 41- 3 ,- ,mf-' 74.13--'kieg-?4..,,x-.5 j , f22-j1:.f-- Si-' X Q,1B.Q'f'eI'1I1af1JM 5B'. Suhr JH. R. White .31-H-so-is L '- ---t'-- After two successful track seasons, the speedsters from V03 hit lum d W unable to qualify anyone for the sectional meet. qlth a strong aggregagionprggurnigg igrtlig-383951 season, the boys once more have hopes of their team having much section- 07 Bob Gene X J dl 222-2 ' 'W F '. W g :hx 'L M HW 1 49 'ff' EKG -1 1-, :'5 ?1ff'. Q 5 R M7 P W3 gt F ,- fs ,E 9 'Q 'mmf' MW " 9 ' l Joe First Row: L. Semmler, B. Brake, Mr. Palumbo, G. Antonio, D. Parahalls Mangiamele T. . Second Row: J. Barry, D. Pegelow, J. MoKeag, D. Pegelow, B. Garlock. Bernard Don Francis 'Dutc 68 Darvln Don Dick The Varsity Club was or- ganized three years ago by Mr. Palumbo and it is composed of members of the various teams of Victor Central. The presi- dent of the club is Jack Barry and the vice-president is Bill Garlock. These boys sold socks, sneaks, and T-shirts to raise money for club Jackets. Mr. Palumbo, in the role of advis- or, helps the boys immeasurab- ly, as they strive to better the sportsmanship of Viotor's student body. rw f fe my f H ffm fx , .- Af XZ?-MZAQQY. .Z1uxXMfWW.1:JJL.4 I M i, A- W Q ' .f 'Y 5-if! VARSITY L. to R.: N. Pratt, M. L. Anderson, D. Antonio, M. L. Putnam, M. Herendeen, Es Fritz. JUNIOR VARSITY L. to R.: E. Hall, K. Hanlon, O. Angelo, P. Bfoderick, 0. Reeves, J. Cotton. 69 , . N, First Row: A. Garling, C. Reeves, K. Hanlon, M. Scala, F. Ellis, C. Morten- sen, E. Hall, J. Draper, H. Yahn. J. Rivet, A. Ford, J. Cotton, M. Petersen, A. Payne, Ea Pilbeam, J. Collins, R. Swartzenberg, Miss Zavatone. B. Lu dy, D. Button, B. Draper, J. Rivet, S. Years, S. Carpenter, Mrs. Popenhusen, C. Angelo, J. Nolan. A. Weigert, L. Young, G. Gzadzeck, J. Ozadzeck, M. Matthews, M. Brake, A. Whittaker. P. Bowerman. S. Braiman- Second Row: Third Rows Fourth Row: First Row: J. Nesbitt, M.L. Anderson, M. Turner, P. Clifford, R. Conover, M. Ryan, A. Herendeen. Second Rows J. Karvar, A. Vanlare, S. Hunt, M. Herendeen, B. Lortscher, J. Boughton. Third Row: D. Antonio, I-LL. Putnam. A. Rothwell, S. Clover, Mrs. Popenhueen, H. Matthews, J. Matthews, Miss Zavatone. Fourth Row: S. Helm, N. Valley, E. Fritz, D. Swartzenberg, B. Collins, H. Thieleman, D. Rybke. 7 O 932 Wmmlf 421 "4 . , . J . The girls' intramural program has broadened each year, until every Wednesday afternoon we find girls playing one of the numerous girls sports. Basketball is the principal sport dur- ing the winter and also is the most popular with the girls. Volleyball and floatball are played on rainy afternoons. In spring and fall soccer is played alternately with baseball. Occa- sional swim trips are taken during the fall and spring to a Roches- ter pool. Playdays, in which intermural sports are played with other schools, have been held a few times during the year. I R. rf S g Q7 at fu -, M X 1 ""1'l'f' Z" Q! is-f M J-:E-aj' 9 -fl'-T lLXC1A7 Q rflbemenfg -42' I C M, Q49 - ,5' 3 7!6' A 'Y IS 'Y 'O 'K ff may X T4-IE 485 9 1951 WISHES T0 THANK ALL ITS CONTRIBUTORS FOP. PATRONIZING TI-IE zfff... MR. DATQoNg ,r PAGE and MRS. BOVE ANTONIO JOSEPH BARRY MQ. and MRS. MELVILLE BEA MQ. and MRS. GORDON MR. and MRS. OLIN BOUGHTON MR. FRANK BONE MR. and MRS. Runowu MQ. o.w. BWAKE MRS. REBECCA BULMAN MR. and MRS. RAY W. BURSE MRS. BEM CARPE N MR.o-nd MS25. ARDEN COLL: MR.and MRS. ANDREW J. MR. and MRS. FRANK and MRS. FRED GARL1 MR. MR. MQ. MQ. MQ. NR. and MRS. EVERE T amd MRS. VINCENT and MRS. RALPH and MRS. OTTO MRS. HUR MQ. 22 MR. 23 MQ Q RS. FRANCAS and . RED and Mas. CLAYTO W 1 RD BERNDT BRAI DER T B. B. MAN HEQ ms COTTER IGHT, sn. N6 GARLOCK GAR LOC KINS HERE NDEEN ueszkmneem T HN 1. MR.M.f Mrzs. JOSEPH LORTSCHER, mg Mvvmk Mus. EDWARD Mqnomev MR.M-A MQS. w.c. MARTIN MQ. and MRS. CHARLES E. MATTHEWS MR. and MRS. LEVMS LMATFHEWS MR. and MRS. DONALD MALTMAN MR. and. MRS. LESTEI-2 MQ5. LORETYA ORLICK Moy eil MQ.amL Mas. Joaepn PAPAQOME MQ. and MQS. RAYMOND c. ILLIPS MQ,o.ncL MRS. LORE PHIOPEN MR. and MRS . AYNE Fvowzn MRS. PRATT .amd MRS. TIEL REC MR. and, MRS EDNARJJ N MR and, TW STE . 4. Mas FQANKLN smml M SUHQ Tora Mass THERESA RYAN. . . V. P M MQML MR5.M muon 12,5 MQ and MRS HENQY To MQ. a . JOHN EJJ' MQ, and MQS. Qmrqom MQ. cmd MRS. ARTHUR FZTZENBERG QN ER UQNER VALLEV EIG EQ T ,N B 6 5 T J 'ag f CDGAvN.Y, KENNED ww Hes ,f G -S " W "Q . F HIT! . ,w 15,3 J 6 TSHQRP ii 'ff' VEEOZQUQE M5 ' ' u D s I D O 0 CANANbAaouA,N.M , I YOUR HOME-lgwghfanvnsn JPTM Buffvmhlmf 72 'CYD MEN x X R5 6 Ymfuno Q Y kk gyxm N Nl! I , XA lfecvoagsvm ' MAPLE AVE E125 X ES? W SHES I ' L for PLM 'isis ma nwuenvc HWQAVICTOR-PHONE ue., 8 , N. Y I 8 477UC?c hvo-al AVG. R,994lS5a'r8Y,N.K! 2 CQMQMMQNT 5 mg FQ ICND H E EISENHANNS wc ron - an EH STOQE FARMINGTON DRuGs-cosmmcs-sunnmfs Q E AIRFIILD Q... mNTGl'f??55,2'.i57J?FBACCO5 p7.wfzOWAfir fc Z ZZ f Z E : F.-.megnd Z5 ,,,UO,2,,,,,J,, VlCTOR,N.9. 6 rreqlbressed '13..LlsLLsT..-5 fi Q I vzcron Aura ' P14915 Inc. iDe'co fmvwevs qxwd, coNcjffoNAlYc,S H Ie CL , 'for' youd' 5 'Q' i 6,5 i Zz 65 W MM ww 'PART NEEDS ff I 1 If ,RX 63 qgcfgj -:PAURQJ HQ5! A f gg uh, -., ,. . ,, ,,,,.,.,,,,, H B I www HORNINGS f X 16. TRAILOR c.m9 QQ EHRK CO Tepiff-M7'5nfe. E5 S 0 ,Q A cmwwfgwy MSZWCZV ,Xi X MF EHAN 'S vffron VIC TORA can PESTHUAPANRI? FINE P0005 Q N ?"Q G VA ily-. WC W My BEVERHGE5 E Qj Q if: 9 ' No- ZZ! H V! U Phqv7e Ml Weror.N-Y if SHS? SM. WF X i ofsoro AND Purnoum cans 4 L f n conmuc DEERINGFARM nncnmm Ei :INTERNATIONAL noron mucus , BEPAIRING Ano wfwms HOME FREEZER5' REFRIGERATORS cmuu sAws P D W ' M 'iilg 00 ' 'N 7 Nlfxlj Rc Q E6 X 4 Q QUE O Ov KOLCOMB oo R'N R Ll, C N 1f,.,,J12L.,,,,.,.EL.,, mx Gs 1 WA fnsuanu 'IBEST 'R,uj1'5 1 3054515 A from amd, , CNE SR' 'Genessee Pgggon Clwfckenscl A fmfigf t and M e F I I ' CQ F B00 C om qn H sphon vu more ITISEHIZR P 7 Q C ery N rfum-mm, DJRECTQR D T Kohl ' E m E 1 I iiL q VICVTOR, NlE y.QQ RK U 1-kPoefz!e.s'fEr Ny Lackulood J H Vuc.-ror,N.V- 1 Beef L 6 - 9- F' Kpx W6 125-I wpawy - UWA ssnvlcz Kzivw M ,S RE 5rAr1oN H , qwfffo gnari. Motu. SAXBY IMPLEMENT coRPoRAnoN 3 GA 5 40' 1 - DEPENDABLE M E M . MST cm- E, Zac., 0? Jbmee, -niouesa VIZ1-o1'2l2-'J "' DRESS SHG? CANANDAMGUA , NEWYORK Honeys 'Falls J'-5'3Fl2.'E W .law NE -- L3 r X N J if 'Mm Vicfll' MCHJQA ,Rolzl B9 Q 'RESTAURANT Open Zfflm f MGIJOYI, New wir . k i6 Plume IQ2. Vtcfn-5 N-Y Gommlmewk A S"'0:L1z,S FTMEMBGR Cm, sou 1989. GF HL mos. 8. ' of VEEOK QY 25.21, 170 'W mevlhgfn A .4 Q 5.TI5Qi l ' - X Q- M !Lrh9MPS0d'5RADm1' E9 OF Er: ifwfb Ca,,,,T,,,,,,L Mqjumv M A W naw 1,4 used E: 6:9 F R I 'E' i CAf2fJ1-ng Sen-vicgidrdrrorfs E ND 5 ffm eoiafmfmaw' cd-9"f:!VV, xpiwhvdqc F ww 2, Q VICTOR Fooncomfi X RS O Bard 'JD U QA Qcoa JM: .HT-S' X 4 CA NN , ' " 'M XS W ,, EEJ F E F' NEW YORK3 ' X N 'h RUM' AND VEGETABLES X, X ' Wy 'S Ph I 2 I ' X5- 9QQ'9e ig 1155,-'axis V x 1 Q C r P COlVYPLlMENTS OF1 Milton R. Swartzenberg I G Jwawwzpwww E Sales - OIL BURNERS - Service I S wssnmwous E HEADQJUARTE RS I Mmm ST. VICTOR Ny 96-F-12' 1 , - - LORD amos. Bas? uf,1aJ,'1f Wnliefseg L Snurs mm SERVME EI ., RS mf? ' f jj sffszsm ' - J4...,,c,,.,,- HOLCOMBJ N.9. Man? NM A Jafgliizb Vwflgrj NM KXC PED AND T'?d Y 'Dffsfra 1' . STORE MPM.. Q ...JJ f'WN5'f E owe H-S' EQOZEN VECEETRBLE5 ! - 2 3 PE VIIYTO R If UAL AND maj 1 Q ,L UMBER LUMPANY 5 S B Lurvxbev FQfm1QfWA5oN u.fPIfg5--?,-, V x78K-fvfvsem. AND FLLeIOi'l----6-g-- U4447,JAQ suns ds D ll Jeweler v55Llw--7-150-I-Exkcy iggyggg Q T 0 CANANDAIGUA N-K IHGUCMHCS Wm M If EAM ,mf N E58 Tam BQr'rs.I,S 5D'AM0N11s- 1 n.vLBun. R Wnrcnes s ' T EWFVRY 3 vncron, vw- lrvlx L!! -Buv Youn IHEAT5 AND C g Bw-Bef 5"QPl Gnocfmfs F ROM 'FZ 55 ED-1 Closed 3 OUGHTON-HILL KT ff,-. ,rj . gnc A., NM J,:3oX3o, ' H VICTQR, NX MIPHONE Q2 BUSINESS FDREFER6 GRADUATES C., fi qf:lpvou8J Tir' YM ie Beaver wp Pogenfllfs 04: 'Ulm Mmjueu-sig, o'F'flxe, Sfnfe of l72- C.Zfv?fv'-fu dm-wwu. ,- 79 NUIHINMX SIHUIP N LADIESW :ms STORE Q 53 X ' R J 7- x,x SHENKNIXN3 MEN MD BOYS STORE Q? Q u1Axvnmsmv's SHOES EOR THE WHOLE FAMILY "? l .BKENNER58 'CMF 9 rj Qwfgff QM ww Q, 137 So. MAIN Sr- D - . ,S BAKED eoons ., Q. f ' Qufm' I FQSTH mfg 111' L WKWNOWWKWKW BOB HUNT I M ,f h WWGRE 'FISI-IEP-.S , N.Y X r -L CBNHNDH1?-fuf13txl.j, 1 CANANoAnGuA,N.Y. WALT B. LEARY 5 gwwu' COLVILLE sn vucronyu TELEVISIDN INSTALLATION Vl0TOR ROD and GUN CLUB L, eg LLLADZIWS BUWFL Q 005, 9 ' 1 J 6 PER,-MNENI' L I M U2 U b DQ HND Q D Q 4'- ,ff WM MX A Mo K STAINLESS stem. ,f g L Q Q2 C G E FISHERS, ug, D A. NY. . 1 I I 1 A,B.CowLEs co. mc. I ww 5-W W' V ICTOR , NH. Menmon , Nm a VlCTOR, Mfg- W X I3 HAHQHEY wt Mgt CU5-7'0fW GIQINDING Z fam Arm FEED PHONE 7-3 H vfc70e,N.7, HAROLD3 ST :F bSTUART s. CAVES, Inc.,G C .POWER U c LUMFE ORK . . TAVE RN cnmxs 6 L S no-Ulu, mmm mv 5 '23 l Hjjggjljg Y- GIS pplnotvez gg F am 3 J Homns. 5500 j 'lj y VlC , 59' W EAST v1o"r'oR,N-y at ww BEST CDF wlswes fro 'THE CLASS cof in 'REO TRUCK SALES on 'I?OCHESTEF?,IIVC. ,Dfs'fvTbw'fZv.s oF 'REQ snserv .sec-aoamsuses AND 'mucxs 2.78-DEQICYAVENLLE81 'PHONE -gnem-7773 i1QfQM S'GmfJ4f1mfL f",C"5f'f3 603135 MAJ-. HKNE95 SUMQCQ R . Q E-MA 0 SERVE E Cfgnfw 'P'-ul 6,3 m7y'ClCAN1NG Q .G. Awnfef I Co. PHDNE H I-COLCQMQ 233 !Pll0fV6f Cdgw. f - Nymyt' 76,0 N. H Z4xg!D. JxiC sms amxor vmon p D In El 'PS neu-men Rn.n.c, 6 " W" "' X c lfflvf Wi E Nb lu 9 HX K E? 'Beg A connsaciin. BANK sauce comm mm Ffa 1- 'SSS ll-lARDWARI:j 'px HE ONS' 'WJ' 'Af W H ,, I W fx I 2 v cwiwmvusi Q Wkqvqf 5 W fffg .4 1 W ll gg ,V N Si M 0 ,fa I Y N IM W ' N wr W QM' Donor 0 ffvef ,fq-,MN RT, JCMCCAG my M SC compumemrs RS 1 of your VICTO Wwe , '17 GENERALQELECTRIC M.. Dealev- 0nTaU':B 'Reddy fi wel Fu 10,5 G fec,Trr'E, Co m PA11 y Repaifmg . ufggli, Nm uheler, "r"'Z.1.,..... 3-+A VICTOR' NEW YORK . M PHONE T16 DY 'S an F. H. SZ SON H A R D w A R E IFUNERA1. DIRECTORS QUALITY FURNIEURE ,B V I CANANDAIGUA, N. Y. MAIN ST, VICTOR I Y Wi PHONE 5.62 i Punuvs wemmc. ,,, mp Mi MMNT W HND camo 8.Pllll.llPS ' ff- g Lmasnce LPHILLIPS M SEQ? - uma -::.::'::.:' :'::..... .,... Wm A Q Pnoues: Suov-los Rama-F-3 M V ff 799 NY 'POST93l UTqmesE .CooK AP V QA .Abu v ' AMN. v 1' 4 1 + r A W3 H r"r,'1L'.-W. m7Ec.hrvfc FAN k,gcs'.....,,'f' ' V ,f -4 9-I DW Q91 4 ,PIA No K Eli-9, !!7 EA57fELm Sri EASY' 'Rochesfexg N V Vfcfllnf 6 . . 1 NELVILLE 1 Lmzucc W! HUD mf B E ARD:-Qt OJEEAI wk Sfkvlfmnm R00FlNG!xn'Q6? 4 ,Ph D' v ip SIDING i mm survues F 065.1055 53 VlfTOR,N.9. E VlCTOR,l-1 Vfc1ZvJ N. Y, WCTGQM9' I L H XF 0 2 VIKTUR EMQZQ Z JQMIHQ S HMEL WEE: E CJ L, Sfvff JH ii-if saws:-4 1 B Tl E5 ,Z E,,,,Li5,,,Pf 0 . UTEDDO-H HIGMANJ TI-IESENIORS COA' F V.C. ani QGPICO R FE PHLIZE R O M ,PHoNE, 3 WQLQAOXN 45 76' THE W ULTTL.U.PEGELOU N 'H BT3' 4, l E Homrswm vigflca CREAM E53 E NFA73 Co f g V1C'l'0Ij,1Xl,I L ylangbghvv-1.yn 1c IQMES cmnmnvmuew fsmmcsmruauw s GRAKNSBEANSWPEQD DUNN QIL coMPANY D-LQANDH ATLAN OCC"5"'NS CHMLOT Sort' C011 T P:-solve sea mx? , Puousasa fJ9ON'I-ARIO Sf. Cciqll. EARL I ATKINSON 'Q ,Q D- A 1 6Q w Qi insurance -Por cull your needs H Fu nevafl Aqency 7 ,' ,Lf PH T GRHPHE lyb A2 O 0 R iw, 'lzwafb' V 1 VICTOR X Com I' fc P amen s Ka MJ G' 88 umvekslfv Ave. ROCHESTER, N1 CGM D1-IME NTS O A.w,wHlTE,lNG. DODGE and PLYMOUTH SALES and SEQVICE 25 ONTARKJ ST. CDG!-X. Fox? THE BEST nv 'II-IE Q gm awww wgwmsvmwwma wmsamm GUARANTEED CARS AND TRUCKS. STUD W AT OU? fQ0Cf4!ES7EA3 A701413 .l0C'llT!0!V JUST WEST JF , CANANDAIGUA an van CREEK RGSTAUR ANT Lt' ' ' 86 5211101 in Service DENNIS CLIFFORD, USN 1?LS,GA ya 6 ?lZ4!m' 101:-,.A,0 1 1, f-.1 5 LIN Q5, . JV5 fuutx Bal' USS LIS 15 . T , KELLEQ THIS YEARBOOK PRINTED VELVATONEg-EXCLUSIVE KELLER REFINEMENT OF PHOTO-OFFSET QQ BUFFALO 1 i 1 2 Q .-S 4 5 -'Q Q :Q as 5 .f S fi if N i . s 5. c. 5, ff .71 2 l. I a 4 5 a 1 l 23, . fxif- ' .-1. JL . X EP 4 4 I it 24 5 iv-L6 Q E 583 NR- wx 'Z ,, 1 In ,Q N ' - ,u :5 . ' I A if - " J we 5 ? 116 1 W, M l l E251 il B , RH JXAAM 1?

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1951, pg 48

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