Vestal High School - Den Yearbook (Vestal, NY)

 - Class of 1959

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' Q , Afq H v 1 1 .P,g,, W., fbiwxf, W- M . ' T". in, - ,I ' ., Q.IIg,.' .1 4 . ,I I' II IzI II I I.A..- ' I .I-1 . , . . -,..- 1' -2- - 1 1 : .- . Ii I-Ijgm1t,I.f .,. I III I I III . I :I II I ' .,I I .IF 1 I?'vI.1If415MI, I 3IgI,I'k 1I . -JI? III, .I I I . IIIIz..I. ,4 I V. I 1, 'A25'w1..- "T'..'7"."4."I."1 - 1 , 1 -. ' i -' ,' , Y" ' """fN'53i 'M gl f mx.. 'f .:...' ' ' 21 , 11 - ' ,P V 11" . "g.v'?'.f.-f'?,f JQL fir' 1. . ' J- 4. vw, ff u, 1 .' -f1 . , 4. I1f. f1-- ' 1-.'1f11vll' -1 ' - M. -v' -'f 1 .- -""-4, ' H -gf'-sr '4 +L- -' A--' " 1' w 'fp ' . -," . , ,.I.n,IIIQ,, III ,A ,IA.,III.II,,. TBI-. .I..,I. .IIIIH I II. III .I ,I I is I. gpg.. . .. . . 4 , .+IgII.g54. ' , 1 QI, .II..-I'.I..I?g.3 .mjnyfj 1' . I wx, ' -9 . QI . 5. S .gig 'I+ . -' ' -I ' 1. . :.I II, I . 1 .. I, I1 1I,.5,,,5,- -I'.:1'.1I-1I ,.. I . I,p1 . lf' II I., '--V 'I I. I IA '-Q I - x H- Iil 1 I ' - '-. ff1,'II 3: 10 . FIIIWIE :IIE IIIMI".'I??51-QQI II' ,IJI-I-,IIIZTKII I. ,- II. .II IQIII III'I I I .L IiIIIIIII I IIII II I II , EIIIIIII I-,Ir III I 1. .I IIIIII III' I ,I I..III I gk II I I y,IIq.11 I IIIIII III? ,gl ,IV II I. .5 II - . I.I- ,5I1.eJII-gIIII 5IIIIIIIf,.I .I I: I, 3 ,If -II,.I -III I I I IIIJII II .-1 , -Ip: -- ii. I..fa:1IIIII ., -1 ,WgIIw.g.1t .,. :I I '11.,.5-5I,,I.5iIIII.,. .I . , I I II II ,X vA:.II If I IRI II 1I x . I. Y- . ' '1 l- 1V'A""f" . .f' 5 1. 1151? 14"-1' " 'L' sf" '. f "4f.F"1 '1' 5'1" ' . .-"N" ' F :T '- Y ' Q11 H ' ' :L - 'T 1' VN.. ,1 ff!! "'. xi .'+?IX3P-' as vt' f' " i"E?x'f . ,1't6Z'- -.'f1!' 1' E "'A-dg.,,-'laik h "SQ, -9230" m V' aff'-'Q " 'J gl 41. ' " ' ' -' . --""f- J',..' - f' , :.""v -4 .I1 171.z' ' . -7 1. . - I I-. 'f - 'I'.. -.'II I. ,- -II1III v..IsI ,1j,I',f..Igsf1IiItf,1,-. 1'9" 41:1 l1,1'v4.'a, w 33-' 3I'2e1,e:Jf1fr 11, "ww ,pf y 1',"fg f ' ' . 5 1 .-:'1,ff Q . ' '-'. . i. 'lx -'55 '1v- 71 5- ' f 5' fab " -. ' .lf "NJ ' 'f"flS-.l' I --'lg 1. 'TL 51-sf .. .Y 2-ff "'1."" -"1 '.-- . ' -' 355- ' S' . .I IIII1f,I-.Il-,MI kg I.IIII.I,jf"..q15f'fffqII,6, . I II5gI5III,.,.' III I IIII ,II . .III I II III 1 If IIJIIIIIIIII .I .I .Q134'4.f'- .n1 M" fi. "f1ii3f"-A '?75.'?"4'1' gif '35-135' 'ff 3f"Pg'1 711s'f'.... ' -"!'1"'5':1f1 T-352' 71,1 'zgff f'f,F" J ' "" .3' ' 1 af ':' ' 'lf' A E311 3- ,1 ' -- 1ji:f-':5'.'I'f5gf. ' ' 651.511-v:'1iigiz'-,,A"2f,13'fQ.-'ff S3 .rg I ,,,f,.'v .ffi .. ..Q,,r 1yf""g.j'1' .' 95' '- 1f':'5P5'H' 7, 7511: - ":'ff1f.'-:'Q"w.," " -3 1' HSE y.'..1I,-4 1-sa.. ':g-.Wa 1,.., ' .-va ,,. 'Ui wi- M-IQ1'-' ' -. 1 51 air." '11 ' -I . ' ' if Mfznna . 5. .I III? -I Im., 1 ,1 1 A III Ig.I.III.I.g,IIS,,?I1,III,... III51. II. Q., I,1IwII..',g,g ,gf.,gff'.1. ' 1i. II -I ,I1... .II .f .I -I1 ,Ia IM? ' -1. .1 "I, ., - V1 xv, 'g.4j . ':1' . ',' " -'f ,M .'x 3,4 -f ' I . 4"lf'. P ,-7, ' I- .y 'j 2 ' 'Aiif f"1 'Q. I "kg-vis 4' JJU1 1 12 .. "1' "1 'Hy-1' 1- Q- 1,-M...'x'1'+r1'W'?f'f1r" .. LN-31"-1: --.--71 ' - F w.. A 1 ' E 'l x 37. ' '. 111 ' ,513 1 L Lf-'-T15 fr- .-3322 ,.,.- -1r . 1 - .1 wb.-1. - 1 . 1 f 11 -if-1 I- -X 1. ,. 1. . - .1 .fa . .W .1 , x. 1' 1. . .L . 4 . A . .g. .x .. , . . ,-3 ' , .r1f. Ii.. fi- ' -j-" ' .2 .-2. 7' -"H .. . HI .11 '..-1.' ' tif A af.1,' .1 I . -' -42: ,.. - ' '1' g.. 1 . I II I IIIII ,v,, ,QIAI I IIIIIII AI SGI r'III I I , I FII I II I,III ,IILJIII III,I IIIIQIIL I1I,. III.II I III IRI , p,I . I IIIE 51 IIII 1 x.I 'IIZIIIII -5, .1 . I' 4, - 1. -5 1 I . . . .' I . 1' I .I1 , ."-' ,I. I,.III,1I. 1 I1, I . . ' . . I I1 .,I.1 11 ' 1: - .. I III III.I..II.II -'II .fII. I-IAIIfII,,. .I I- . ,I . IIJIISI .XI I. M I 2 -IIII.IIfI.II.IIIR., I IIIQIIIIII FII I I ,QI II I I .II I I 1 .I I I .Q I I-. . .p:III,,III.'1I,. 1I. If XII . III II- I' IIIIIIII: IgIIIII IIII.II1II1I,.II,I.--I :II-IIi.,IIIi ,:III,.Iw ,IIIII III' I In4II III". . Q1.'I '.- .LAI .III ., ,5IfIg.. ' ' ' 'QI I'1'f'QI. .1 I. A-1 'I 1 55:51-'PQI ' 'G "6?'5':'.+ f. .'.17,,' 4- ff? -fq'.1'I,,n. ' ., if H' 'T' 'I . 1-154 If' A- I,1:,'I'I-I1'IIII. '. +151 'I. .'ff'I" Ia 'III'g., . ' II 'If fI".xfIII I 5 'III' III.I.I 'III' QIQI n.gI,4 r.I .'. "Ii II ' '-'1'j'I'LjI .I ' -: - .I.--. . III , '. '11 21.92. 1 ,., .1 2 g . '.f3fIIi L. '.1Q1I.-'. -1 II I ,Ig - I II " QT- neg g, ILS. 5' If" . I' -QI .. ,-I . III1fi -I 0 g.. I I 'I'-II'-II,-. P . -+I.. .I 1 , .1 ' f . ,,I'1,.I,.-fy, -,J . ,I 1 -, Id .14 . ..I -- If. I ,IH - .I - ,I -1 9.11 1 4 -. - . 1 '-'. ' ' : 5. U. "H-' - - -',1' ..: Z' ,P vp: 1"'13'4. '45-".11'C S . - . . .' 1 'M 7' .7-' 4' 1 .1- . I --w. -1 1 -1 gl - 1. Y' 14.1,-I. W.. 1I- 1,.,. I. f1..1.51...., 11 ., ,. .I '-1.5. ,Q .- .. .gg 1- W f' , .II, . . 91- 1'1.4. . 1 ,J-Ig .-I. I 4, 3 If. , I'-' I,I.1I - 13 ' egg-.I,1-1' , , f,' I .- fc' In 1 5 , .IQQI ,QCII If-1, -1 I If-,f, 1vI-1 I II., 31.1 I . I. 1 1 .5 I- I. 'QI uf- .451 ' .2 .WII gf, 11. ,I,.Iq .. II . I 1 :---V . .1'-'fI5fI41' x , .' Iu , 4 '- --if. f I- - 'II.1 11 1 Ig ,. . " 1 1 1' ' , at . 1- at ,f,f1f-'-,QE ' -. f T "Sf ' - ' 5' 'if' L .1 V lf'-" YU. 'VV' "4" .f. ..-"4"'V"" '-"W 1 "" ' I 11-f .I 5. C V". 'ff '5'f'.5J':"f -. . 0. gf., .- ., ,ik .,. .. .. .1 -I,-lv.. 1. ., I.. 1- .- - . , .. 9. , . . w ...1 .,.. . A ' '-."' w f. ' - .1 ru- 'J'-+L? .V " 'J 1' 1 1" 1' 1"-'F 'VC'-" . .1 f' A',1" 454. " 39- 't' A -. - fr' ,f-4' -.I .I-,Af I- . .-NIL. - 4 . -11I 'I ' 1, .I , If Ii ,. 5 'F - .f III 1 1 .if -1 I..,1 1 1-1 .I, ' , Nw- '. 3 " ' . ' 1 1+ .1 ' ' ' ' -1. . H 1 .'-, 1 ' :1. . -.1,. ' H -.1 1 "1 . f . 1 ff ' '11 f-A. ' ' 1 1 ' .Q-fx' .ff 11 - ' ' .f'-4 ' 1. Ig - ' 1 f. 1' -1.u4-f I , . 'f N "H . if '-'pw' I K N ,- .I .I 1 '15 I 5 I I ' g:I I...I I :II I Ig I I I.1 I , , III .. -, . .NMI f .. III1i . 'r I I' , 1 .I II ,II I,II, .I 12" . ., i. ' ,JL s ,'-fI3 1 ' ' I ' I ' I'. Ig,,II:.-II .Ii-nt-.I' 1 , -. . ...Iv1,w.'. A .-I "' ' Uf 7-.'. ' ' ' I1'if. ' 3-' ' 1.. 1 f -1 . "lyk 11 fa 1 Y' L 'PI ,:.. .1 . Ip 5.11.4 I- -1' I f ,QI . 1' f'IfS,.2I'2"'1' ' .I. 5' .. . ,' . ' -2 ' - K - 1 I .fp-,I 4 . I QI... .. I III 4' ilk' l KU' V 'lf - N 'L' M '10 III II .I . - 1 II! . I, I 4.1 , II1,I" ...- ' A 'I G 1-. '1I-I"- ' 'IIIIIQ I I , I -I . I.,.I ' J- 2 4' . ' 'fuk 1 'f - ni 1. f 1' I1 .. -H1 S . 'W , 3 u , -' I Q I I , I- -I,fII. 1 '-I'.III...1 f I I I.. 'K I 'I I g.I'I"6 'Y , 'Ig ' I , ' ' , ' ' -'N is i I 11 - 1 . 1 fy. 1- -.1 -. . - . ' , : ' 1..-'. 1, -, 1 f 1 ' ' fi ' H1 as I- . q A ' fu' , ' ,. ' I I-,jE.i13':gF ,III I 1 ,I.,IIIp T: 1 ' - ' ' - ' ' "' - ' a .- . . . 1. r- Z! 1 1 ' 11' . 0 -1 : , , - A 1 .fn . ' . ' ' ?' 1 - f + ". . -"H :I ' 4 - - "' . ., V 1. ' . 1I ' "', '. ,I-'-I ,' . -'E' YF ' , ' ..J:." ff. ...di .V . 1' II,,,I I ,. 1- rf 1: 1. Q, -" -:'1'."' - I- ' 'S'-Lf" H, - I H ' ' 'I '1 if' - Y -1 .' 1 " 1 1 Q f ' . .I . II , I I 1, QIIIIIIIIII. '1' . '. L -' ba.: af Q1 "1 . 1 .1I ' ' ,inf-I: I4 in '. I ,I . f I' ,f-IQI, - 'fm' 'I'I . I, I :N II"h W . . Q I . 1 . 4 '-fwqvf.. ' ' '. -. 11,"'. Af ' 4 1N'f'f g 11 .ff " XJR ,tw-4' " . . gI'I-13' I- ,gag '. , ' . ' I .. H ' iw 1 if ' "'1'1f i1'r . ' u . ' . -F nfffzff. 1 .I I. .If 4 - . : 3. . I ... ' 4 3 I I ,. , . 1 . - . .. 1. i-,Iv I. I I , I . . 5 ' : I-. . ...I 4 1 .LI H - .' , 7' r ' 44595. 1-J 4, L I.. "M 1 - . 1 . 9 .I.-1 ,. '- I ' I 1 I 'Ig IL.IIf 1, -Q'-Tj ' I 1 na .' -15 ' ' 'ff : f 1 I H I I .I A I . I5 .E -'III I, I . . .II.5I1 .I I ,. I ' I .I IIA- 1 II1I .' I .IJ I . . " "I .:'3.1,5I -In 'IIIQIIQQ - .I 1 ' ' 1. ..h". . W '. ' 'I1-3525. .: . 1 c. . -.' 1 EQQHLI' I' '-.1-if' .fII ' 1 ' . -.,.- . T1 R- ' 5.3 . ,- - ., I .III II at I ' RIMI E .fx J ,a,,.I .t 1 -1 Q 74a 79 W :de '4 74c2z7 WW M1 74a Q f ws? A Zen 9 I I To Mr. Charles Traphagen for the unselfish guidance given us throughout our years in Vestal, for the direction provided during our final year, and for the generous services imparted as a class advisor, We sincerely dedicate this, the 1959 Den. f WWW P-cjfl ei V XOT5 O wee, o piferfp can eil r fo 9'favs 3660 in 5 ce, PM 11 Scene Underghmdkes 555991 eaolexaqa 219 0426651 Seem Pm!! 'XSS Scefbf' Seen 'Bee X 55far3 ' we rf'-acces ?er,Qaf 99 ckevs 'rr is 4: 1 5 ' E- R- 1 'r -v Wxkh om smhud w .xx -wxfkxy do-xng e n x x Kma UXHUPH we pau-Q M maid xhe M X num- .md fueud- wa we md Vhm dung- have hlxppemd Hu- vm X om- hex , we LH num huge! Yxokhn no-eh 1 om hunks tk md nxemmxu K tu- Xu-X xeax x N Hu Dan xs wouxs Won nude xk lhxmwh wmd and X Q x 6- ' px P- THE STAFF uwd xk ,F , 2 , . "a ' gi Jef' ' Q if ' J '. - 2 ' Q X w 'K ' z ' A X 5' Q x uf - f' .: .al- , zx mx ' ' Q 1 ' , X' . - ! . , .. ,1 f an Q V "X, We- hm 'ge - 5 1 ' g -X 4 j in ' -- me in L- . . . T 1 1 .5 , ' 0 X J j ' ' A .f,.H.'b. 4- ,, . , . f- r , , V. ', , Q Wt, - 4. ' ' tg A - A-Urg. -1 . - in 1 , .fr , 4- 'sc Q1 Sf RQ l Mr. Edward W. Smith, Assistant Supervising Principal Mr. P. Paul Gimmie, Supervising Principal I I I Zawwlafi ' ROW 1: Mrs. Donald Saxton, Mr. Walter Williams, Presidentg Mrs. Ralph Walker. ROW 2 Dr. Samuel Finkelstein, Mr. Roland Scott, Mr. Glenn Miller. Missing: Mr. Eugene Zierdt, Mr Verne Eldredge, Mr. George Brown. af. X-- Wd Mr, Arqhur lj. PW-k Mr. Malvnlm Piester Xfssislalll In tlrv SIllN'I'IAI.S0f High Sfhool Pfi"f'iPUI 1 0 , WQMQWQMJID 0 Mr. Humly. IIOFIIIIUUIIIII Frlumlirmg Mr. Pow:-ll. Forvign l,ar1g11ngf's. English, and C1'li:f'nsl11'p EdllCIlfi0HQ Mr. Km-:arm-y. f17flflll'IIlIlfl.1'S llllfl S1'1'vr11'c. gi SEQ Lg, E . fi! 555 lg Z: 'P . ?g I km' 'WL 9 viii '55iQ-3 N? :fgw 5 N X V '1 g x , ffl- -v-0""' 7 I 0 Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Moulton WW L Wnkww Mrs. Potts, Clerk of the Board Mrs. Vanclervort, Typist Mrs. Lorensen, Accountant Clerk Miss Griswold, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Toeller 4. I Mrs. Quinn, Mrs. Haire, Mrs. Putnam. . X Mr. Mason, Director of Buses, Mr. Jen sen, Head Custodiang Mr. Hoadley Director of Transportation, Buildings, and Roads. Mrs. Williziriis, Mrs. Beach, Mrs. Marsh. Mrs. Cobb. Mrs. Monticello, Mrs. Neilly, Mrs. Ward. Mrs. Lillie, Mrs. Mayes. Mrs. Seebohrn. Miss Haight. -fl' I Mr. Kurtzman, Psychologist Mr. Polansky, Speech Therapist SW! Miss Murphy, R.N. Dr. Komarinsky Mrs. Gruelick, Dental Hygienist XI: lllilllilplvll Vw Hum-x Nh ful In lm Xl1+.Xlu4'l,4n 'v- i XII 1 ue Xl! Burr Xlrg I 5'. ,zulm ' 1 J . ' L'-1 f 1 , - ,Q L 4 , Q , 1 . L, I V , .Qf X 1 ". K Nlr, Nurun. Mrs. XvillilllS' fl' Ii i-Jff' "vs A , f' ' . 1 'v',+ h ,D v-Avx,-f 'tx -J 'jk' ffvk xx 1. ,X J' .5L!xiV.,,' xx V' " ,A ..V- ' ' A ,I 5 2 N ,J ,af-J I . f "-' L. l TL 644 ' ROW 1: H. Hilton, T. Steinruck, R. Ward, J. Edwards, M. Neily, B. Northrup, B. Reider, B. Griffin, J. McManus T. Jensen, R. Manning. ROW 2: W. Babcock, G. Breed, P. Scott, C. Corson, L. Swartz, J. Ward, F. Loeffler, G Steinruck, M. Price, J. Petrak, H. Daniels, H. Davidson, J. Heavy, L. Mason. NN Ky W JZ X xx xx WFS KL X ., X qgL- XXX? SVlf.'X'l'l'Il3: Mrs. Wlavku. Mrs. Vamlcrlvilt. Miss jones. N 'ss Strung. STANDING: Mr, Bidbyk. Miss Ifarnsl. W1 kuzlfmski. Mr. Fllnlnavk. Mr. Parsmms. NIV. Calluglhvr. f'- w5353Z 5Q5?'f4f. . . ffsgssf Q59 A 5 FE.Yl'FIUg Hrs. gilvr. STANDING: Hr. Vvorstcr. Mr. Kubylarz. Mrs. Lord. Miss Strong. Mr. Callahan at Hill: Mrs. Rmwy. Hr. Corwin. Mr. Russ. STANDING: Mr. Kirk. Mr. Rum chance Miss juhnsrm. Ur. Fiillllillg. Mr. Lulmlr. Nlr. cLt'llllt'll. NII'.Vill1!fi. 'KEY SPA Ci BA 'K 'fad' 1' s' ff . - 5 P1 - gi f V21 ' 4 'X z . 'z , iffy 1 7 'rim ., Q-emi' .3-1 v QNQ4' Yi xg 1 ew. igifif "" ' 'Q j?mg4.Qfs2w "W . rv 3 1- - A -5 wi 5 33,132 T V . KM . is s , ,sa .S Y YS W, XSS, A . R b 5 . aff, 5 f X BF T' , N5 X X, ff 5121 X 1, ,I ,QS K Q -K K I' ' -V 2 1.5, , A ,5- -A gn , W7 .xii 5 ni W- , Q .,: N ,H Wy ,A 3 x W f UI U'N4'iIl.xII'S.'Hl1V 0016 !x..J fu! WW Ml xYiIIiilIllSI.'1l'l YI: lfrmu-II: l,I-lII'lII'l'IIIl 5l'ZA'lAl':lT: Miss Wfillzin rw GE M 'K 17 1 Q STANIJINU: Mr. Biilllltl 'Vll Hrvzny. Mr. Hunsmm 'W fjcdw C Ll WM Mr. Pond, Mr. Pendlebury, Miss Cleveland, Miss Gennett O Miss Lewandowski, Mr. Eddy, Mr. Byers, Mr. Marvin 762461 Mr. Persley, Mr. D,Angelo Mr. Wade Wade Walker, Mr Lewis Walker LUMN Qjvralu wx wh va L' ' X' N ' .N rm 1, M 'J Kxljjkl V 1 Sm., wld 'x X Uv 1 U3 IJKX fd X1 To Miss Esther J ones we owe sincere thanks for the direction and support given to the Yearbook Staff toward the preparation of the 1959 Den. To Mrs. Mary Ann Macko we offer our extreme gratitude for her help patiently and thoughtfully given us during our junior and senior years. We would like to pay tribute to our advisors, Miss Jones, Mrs. Vanderbilt, Mrs. Macko, Mr. Snoback, for their guidance, insight and judgement throughout our four years in high school. To Mrs. Gertrude Vanderbilt we express our deep appreciation for her services as class advisor and Senior play director. To Mr. Paul Shoback We give our utmost recognition for his valuable aid, especially with the Snak Shak. . . ,T , Ep I ,.:f'. -5 2 f Q A T55 4 .9 J , 1 19,5 , .4-' ill xl., Ming, Uffczae We, the Senior Class, wish to express our appreciation to our Class Officers for the leadership they have given us during the past year. George Shary has been an extremely dedicated and hard working president during our Freshman, Sophomore and Senior years. Jim Wilson has been very capable as vice president this year and as treasurer in our Junior year. Shirley Fisher has carried out her duties as secretaary of the senior class with great competence. Stan Kopansky has served well as treasurer in the Sophomore and Senior years and as vice president in the Junior year. l.. DAVID L. ACKLEY ,, 4 3 'L '22 "Dave" ,Ji If nf! "A good reputation is better tlimymoneyfzk V' WWC i-'UV Wrestling 23 Track 3. ,I QV" ' 1.05 'V' Service Air Force ,CV tA,f,p .A 7 , , 7 aff fx !'fL J Z 1 ARLENE ALLXHNL 1 ug , ff Q' Thought alone IS etfilul. Girls' Choir 13 Athletics Club 2, 33 Dramatics Club 33 Girls' Swimming Club 3g Bow ing Cl b 3, 4g Press Club 4. fi I -'L '17 Work 1.B.M. I 7. ' KU ,Y , PATRICIA A. ASHCRAFT C I , ilPat9! J ' "The word for me is joy." Work I.B.M. M ' f v, .J . W fi ., .Ay nf U1 A My ,- J :VV fi A ilic Q 'KV tiny I at .bt f U L CURTIS A. AUDETTE Gicurtv "I never let education interfere with my school- ing." Transferred from Scotia 3g Senior Band 23 JV Football 2 Service Air Force RUSSEL L. AVERY "Lee" "Coach, those big boys are picking on me." Band lg Basketball 1, 2, 3g Ring Committee 3g Cross Country 4. College Pharmacy SANDRA AYERS usandyn "There is much to be said, but your eyes keep interrupting me." Orchestra lg Girls' Athletic Club 13 VP Student Congress lg President Glee Club 13 Dramatics Club 13 Concert Choir 3, 4-3 Vestal Voices 4-3 UN Club 43 Senior Play 4. College 2 1 I.B.M.-G.E. BEEMAN merry and WISE. SHIRLEY J. BEEMAN ' must never rmg tonight. 25 Dance Committee 33 Snak-Shak 4g 4, Announcements Committee 4. I.B.M. CAROLYN JOY BEGELL l6Cac!9 "She's small, but so is a stick of dynamite." Girls' Choir 1, Mixed Choir lg Student Con- gress lg Rifle Club 1' Girls' S orts 2, 3, 4g f P Bowling Club 2g UN 4. College Teaching - A f-- or-'psf' -. JOANN BILLET K X ,fy 'Quiet and good is she." 'fi ' ' XJ' 'V JAMES M. BILLET i6Jirn9Y "Life's sweet song is often jazz." Transferred from Maine 2g Student Council 1, 2, 4, Nominating Committee 3g Track 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4g Art Club 1: Junior Honor Society lg Boys' State 3, UN Club 4. tx, conege ,, Q, ' ' l Jr? IQ it l Kola Xu Ujl,-"ki L' -.H I f f at , 'SLM' WV qX,ie -V' fi ' f'- "FCP, rx f V 5 l filf C be-" .r.r1'.? I V' ' I X x-fl A, , ,Cy"J" ,Q wa! lyk. ,Qi 'Tx oy" "f,f1"'Y l J 1 'wg ,vii ELMA JOAN J3ovoAnfr,, .. , "Elmer" fy' .J I "She liked to like peoplekrtherefore, people liked her." 'A ' Bowling Club 3, Girls Sports 3. Work I.B.M. ' f. 7. ,,, -J V 5 .- E4-,QC all :I ROBERT G. BREED W . C ssB0bss A ' gu y "Arms can hold more than footballs, can't they?" sag I Football 1, 3, 4-g Wrestling 1. iq. j Xe Work I.B.M.-Farming . . 'lfkx 0.0, .cp 5 Yg1l1l.IAM BENTON BRENDEN NOT vo I Xb? "I sit and watch the world go by." x 1-P or 2 5 0 0 Rifle Club 3. Cl L9 oo 'SS College ,U xv' 'ol J Y UK O JUDITH ANNE ulludyn I dMischief dances in Band 1, 2, 3g Student Congress 2g UN Club 43 Senior Play. Work Secretary -' f wa s O 7- BRYON BROKAW Hshepii "Give me another horse." BROWN her spaniel eyes." is N D YN J ROBERT GRIF F ITH BROWN Basin Street Brown What me worry? snak Shak 4 Yearbook Staff 4 UN Club 4 I K Senior Suggestion Committee I ,Q s-2 j College Englneerlng ' 1 H0550 WILLIAM GORDON BROWN VA B E l Why aint they all contented like me? Navy I B M . Q J x l .. . ,, RX E ' 'G ' Q ll - : 4 : ' 1 X . . . ' 1 ,,-7 1 -iw 4: - as N Qu 5 I K LABH - Q - in 4 . . . J ' i 1 Wwffoaieyff ucinnyn Work Secretary College 1 My CAROL ELIZABETH BUEHLER llRf.d!! "The hand that hath made you fair, hath made you good." Transferred from Schenectady 43 Dramatics Club 2g Swimming Club 43 Snak-Shak 4. Airline Ste-wardess Nurse CfFran91 the world." UN Club 45 Snak-Shak 4. Work I.B.M. CLI-larry!! own canoe-.' VIRGINIA MARIE BRUCE "Speech is great, but silence IS greater Transferred from Maine 2 Girls Athletics 1 Cheerleading 1 , Snak Shak 4 J. REE BRUNDAGE , ' Si Oracle when I open my mouth let S t Council 1 3 4 Boys Choxr Concert rus 2, 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Q! l Secretary 4 UN Club 3 4 Class President 3 X -Q1 , Ho or ,Society 3 Treasurer 4 Syracuse Citizen '3 - ' onference 3 4 Boys State 3 Senior ay 43 Dance Com 1 2 3 ,Ir Red Cross Club 4' Newspaper Staff 4 Yearbook Co Editor 4 FRANCES MARIE CARDEN "A good heart is better than all the heads in LAWRENCE CARMAN ll "I think it IS better for each ma o p d 9 Nature fits all her children wlth something to Transferred from Tioga Center 4 Choir l, 2, DANIEL CAWLEY As for me all I know is that I know nothing." LINDA LOU CHAPMAN "A flower cannot blossom without sunshinef Girls' Choir lg Football Program Committee 2 3g Dance Committee 13 Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 .IV Cheering 3g Hi-Y 3, 4-3 Junior Queen Lady- in-Waitingg Press Club 3g Girls' Sports 3g Homeroom Representative 4. College DAVID N. COKELY "Dave" College Engineering J LINDA LOU COOK I A still small voice." Work Marriage GLENN COPP llCoppy!7 "A youth of frolicsf' Service Air Force "Men of few words are the best men Library Club 13 UN Club 4- Snak Shak 4 NK CRAWFORD man is a genius-at least once a year." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, President Ig Orchestra 15 Rifle Club Ig Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, Chairman 45 UN Club 3, 43 Snak Shak 4, Track 4, Cross Country 4g Senior Announcements 43 Chairman Magazine Drive 4. LAWRENCE CROFT cal-Aarryn eye." America 1, 2, 3, 4. Service Farming JAMES L. CUMMINGS LfJim,Y "Without hastwwithout rest." Transferred from Maine 2, Baseball 13 Basket- ball lg Soccer lg Track 15 Athletic Club 1. College Farming l5DickN "Nothing made the horse so fat as the King's Transferred from Maine 2g Future Farmers of? ,jim 1 get RICHARD CURRIE f Hai, -W 01,4 ax M f Eg "I have nothing to declare but my genius." Band 1, 2, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 45 Junior Red Cross 23 Track Manager 25 UN Club 45 Year- book Staff 4, Senior Play 4. College lj I 'KU-ph LINDA IEANNE DATES "The proper study of mankind is man himself." Orchestra 13 Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4g Class Secretary 2g Junior Red Cross 3, Secre- tary 4: PA Club 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4g Dance Committee 2, 3g Queen Candidate 3g UN Club 4, Student Congress 1, 2, 3, 4g Bowling Club 33 Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President 4. College WILLIAM DEAN HBHIY! "I am rising to a man' s work." .M J ,pw DANIEL DIDOCHA 6lDan!! Band 2. College Biology s4T0m!l DIANA S. DOWD "Diana" "I am so innocent." Girls' Athletics Club 15 Dance Committee 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club 35 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 UN Club 4. College Teaching DAVID R. DRABO "D.D." "A little more sleep and a little less work." Transferred from Long Island 45 Track LQ THOMAS G. DITTRICH "The mildest man that ever wrecked a hot d." Football 15 Wrestling 1. I Service Navy "And he will talk, good gods, how he will talk." U M 4951 A ,f KARL DOTY icslimss "A ready machine, always wound up and going." Future Farmers of America 1, President 2, Vice President 3. Work IBM President Student Congress 15 Boys' Choir 15 Treasurer Science Club 15 Mixed Choir 1, 25 Dance Committee 2, 35 Bowling Team 3, 45 Bear Facts Staff 45 Junior Red Cross 45 UN Club 3, Treasurer 45 Honor Society 3, 45 Student Congress Nominating Committee 35 Senior Snak Shak 45 Literary Editor Yearbook 4. 4. College Engineering WILLIAM PAUL DUFFY snuff" "A friend may be reckoned a masterpiece of nature." Baseball 15 Track 15 Basketball 1, 2, 4. DANI "Junior" "Lord, what fools these mortals be!" Amateur Radio Club 4. College W0 A' Wi .UM f93'f,w NANCY ELLEN DUKE "Nance" "Blessed are those who have little to say and cannot be persuaded to do so." Library Club 13 Girls' Athletic Club 1, 23 Stu- dent Congress 23 Swimming Club 23 Girls' Choir Accompanist lg Vestal Voices 3, 43 Mixed Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 13 Safety Com. 23 Madri- gal Group 4g All-County Choir 33 Dramatics Club 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 UN 4g Syracuse Citizenship Conf. 3, 4g Jr. Queen Candidate3 Bowling Club 33 .IV Cheerleader 3, Varsity 43 Vestal "Hi" Club 4, Sec. 33 Dance Com. 2, Ch. of Dec. 3, 4. College BEVERLY ANN DUNN MBEVH "Plain without pomp, and rich without show." Student Council 2, 33 Dance Committee 3g Hi-Y 2, 33 Dramatics Club 4. College Nursing EL JAMES EARL JR. Air Force ssKa!yn JUDITH K. EDWARDS udd "I have little and seek no more." UN Club 43 Snak Shak 4 Work Marriage LYLE JOHN EDWARDS "The life of ease is a difficult pursuit." Student Congress 1, 2, 43 Football 1, 25 Basket' ball 1, 2g UN Club 3, 4. College Technology KAREN DURAN N EDSELL "I am sure care is an enemy to life." Press Club 4. College Secretary A 0 I fry., i J ' ,. 7' ltff' fl Y- f I I 4 .- ,J 9 If . 1 c 'Z 05" SHIRLEY FISHER They that govem the most make the least Glrls Choir 1 Mixed Choir 1, 23 Bowling Club 3 4 Press Club 43 Cheerleader 1, 33 Junior Queen Lady in Waiting3 Dramatics Club 33 Secretary of Senior Class. rn. K 4, - 1 C 'PALTRICIA rfL1Lrf1ii JELDRED upatn . f"The Queen of hearts'is not always in the deck." Ln . . . . 3 Selilor Orchestra l3 President Mlxed Choir 13 C0nclertVCh0rus 2, Treasurer 3g Vestal Voices 3g Junior,Ring Committee3 Girls' Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 'StudentlCbngress 2, Treasurer 33 Secretary Hi-Y 33 Bowling' Club 3, 4g UN Club 43 Cheerleader fl, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. College if ' FRANCIS FETCINKO "A little nonsense now and then is rehshed by the wisest of men." "Fish" gf! gzpf X Lf f W ' 9 4 PAUL FORD "I would help others out of a fellow feeling Basketball 13 UN Club 4g Dance Committee 4 JACK E. FREEMAN "Employment, sir, and hardships preven melan choly." Work Mechanic WAYNE R FISH "Agree if you can if not dlspute lt like a man Transferred from Maine 2 College Draftsman KEITH FRENCH "No pleasure endures unseasoned by variety." Transferred from Maine 25 Baseball 13 Soccer lg Basketball lg Track 1. Work I.B.M. "Bemie" BERNICE F AE GABRIEL "No person is not happy that does not think himself so." Transferred from Maine 23 Varsity Cheerleaders lg Girls' Athletics 13 Archery Club 13 Disc Jockey Club 1. Work Marriage ,M ,M LARRY GABRIELE C , nAnge1n V: fm "The world for me is a joy." y Transferred from Scotia 4, Manager of Track A A 44, .W Le' LAN - Team 2, 3, Band 2, 3, 4. C7 A f U 5 ig" C UQ EVA ANN GALLUP "Little Eva" "Every why hath a wherefore." Girls' Choir 19 Bowling Club 2, 33 Prom Com- mittee 3g Rifle Club 1, 2, 3, 43 UN Club 3, President 43 Dramatics Club 3, 4-3 Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3, 45 Snak Shak 4. . fnffff .., w 4 N WALTER A. GARVEY UTony!! "Occasional flashes of conversation make his .4 silence perfectly delightful." Basketball 1, 2, 33 Track 1, 2g Dance Committee 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 4g Co-Chairman Maga- zine Drive 4. College LANNY WAYNE GATES "You should hammer your iron while it is glow- ing hot." JOHN M. GAVAZZI "Saudi" "Whatever is, is right." Transferred from Notre Dame Academy 3, Football 1, 35 Baseball 1, 3, Letter Award lg Skiing 2, Fencing 23 Riding 2, 3, President of Continentals 4. College ROBERT GENE GIFFORD LsB0b9a "He giveth his beloved sleep." Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 3, 4, Bowling lg ' Key Club 2, 3, 49 Varsity Club 2, 3, 4, Dance Committee 1, 2. College Architecture GENE GAIL GOTT "Service is no heritage." Choir lg Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Secretary Marriage JAMES COW illirnn "A man is known by the silence he keeps." Service KENNETH E. GRANNIZZMJ - Kenny "His worth is warrant for' his wel . Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, T k 2, - 'f Baseball 2, 35 Varsity Club 4. me Z Air Force I.B.M. EUGENE WILLIAM GORMAN "Gene" "Happiness seemed made to he shared." Basketball 1, 2 5 Football 1, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 4. Air Force do . ' WV fl C if , U 'L' 9 fl!! new gh X . U 3 oyf' 1 ff jay .Vb4r AL X 3114 ,I J V! ,IU , 1 wr I J 'W W if ld' fi uf ite fd VL f f l 7 at klwvcf X? LJM, X Avg I yi! X ,ol-4, N9 AV .0 x . UL, AMN XO VL, J A OV IJ fl 14 . jk. WW M.: cw NJMW 1 PAUL S. GRANNIS "He usually gets there- not in a hurry." Football 2, 3, 4. Service I.B.M. DIANNA JEAN GREEN "Cookie" "Her hair is black as night-I think." Girls' Choir l, 3: Dance Committee 1, 2, 3g Mixed Choir 1, 2, Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 JV Cheerleader 3, 43 Bowling Club 3, 4g Newspaper Staff 3' Press Club 3: Junior Red Cross 3. College t , , L B. LAWSON GREENHALGH "Sonny" "Why don't they spell my name right?" Wrestling 2, 3, 4-3 Cross Country 3, 4, Track 3, 4-9 Varsity Club 3, 4-g Snak Shak 4. , College .xv N , t . ' M, '- x t , - , 1 l , . X 1 J s lDlD'NTHA E Ay ij' -Q A THING TQ . BRENDA JOYCE GREGORY WEAR , ' "I laugh for hope of! a happy place for me." . Transferred"from Mainz-2: Girls' Leaders Club as S ,X 1, First Aid Club 13,6 ls' Coolsing lg Archery all ,' -Q lg, Girls' Bowling Club 4-g Girls' Athletic Club um , 4. , , itll!! I Office Work Q . . fx - C' CAROL JOYCE GROVER L "lf you think you are too small to do big things do ,small things in a big way." , Hi-Y 3, 4, UN 4, Snak Shak 4. Secretary I.B.M. JOYCE HACKLING nJ'0yn 1 "Reproof on her lips, but a smile in her eyes." Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vestal Voices 3, 4g Swimming Club 3, 4-g Junior Prom Committee 3, Junior Queen Candidate 33 UN Club 4: Junior Ring Committee 3g Snak Shak Chair- man 41. Business School There buds the promise of celestial worth." Mixed Cholr 1 2 3 Girls Choir 1, Vestal Voices 3 Swlmmmg Club 3 4 Jimior Red Cross Club 3 4 Girls Bowling Club 2, 3, 4, UN Club 4 Junior Prom Committee 3, Year- book Staff 4 Snak Shak 4 Dramatics Club 3. BEVERLY ANN HALL The quiet mind is richer than a crown." Work IBM. l RON DIANE HARTMAN Dil, ki I Pi' D JZ D!IA"The more more I see of men, the better I like horses." Senior Marching and Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Choir 1, 35 Junior Red Cross Club 3, Bowling Club 2, 33 Dance Committee 1, 2, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4-3 UN Club 3, Secretary 4. Airline Hostess. MARTHA HEATH LLMYNSS 3, 4. Secretarial School GERALD ALLEN HILL A mountam of muscle." Football 2 3 4g Basketball 3, 4-g Baseball 1, 2 3 4 Track 3, Varsity Club 2, 3, 4. NORMAN 0. HILLIS "Porky" "Why does ones yawning make another yawn. Football 4. Work I.B.M. "By the work one knows the workman Choir 1, Hi-Y 4, Yearbook Staff 4 Bowling Club 33 Honor Society 3, 4 Dance Committees DAVID A. HOGG "Dave" "Above the pitch, out of tune, and off the hinges." Future Farmers of America 2, 3. Farmer RICHARD M. HOLDEN GcDickvv - "The wrong way always seems more reasonable." J Transferred from Maine 2g Basketball 13 Soccer 13 Baseball 13 Track 13 Athletics Club 1. Service Navy 5, l .4 p V 1 I .f sjwrff- gf, I 3 " :F 'v ' ', r-xf' , WILLIAM MICHAEL HOUSE -V , 3 "Bill" 2'f"'7I"LL 'af' 4 ' " "No one knows what he can do until he tries." X X Science Club 13 Press Club 43 Future Farmers fjef ,yds 1-'1 49,6 of America 3, 4-3 Dramatics Club 3, 43 UN 4 Club 4. Service Army NORMA JEAN HUDGINS HTex1l "He's not worth my wiles." Transferred from Houston, Texas, 3g Dramatics Club lg Senior Play 43 Underwater Ballet Club 2, Team Captain 2g Red Coats 23 UN Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4. College Medical Secretary NANCY LEE lGNance!1 "The mildest manners and Snak Shak 4. Nurse's Aide 4 , I ,za ,-Cm. fir A! If 1 ,ffflf .if ' V deff--.1 .'I .X r .,Li7,'7f'f,-Q' xv-rf! gf, QI ff 7 , ,416 EILEEN E. HOWARD "She never did any harm-that I know of." Band 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Orchestra 2, 3, 4-3 UN Club 3, 4-3 Mixed Choir 23 Junior Prom Dance Com- mittee 33 Girls' Sports 1, 2. College 35 ,au BRYANT K. INGALLS "Devil turned angel or vice versa." X Transferred from Maine 2. , ,rf f, 1 GORDON JACOBS , f - . J., "Jake" l V , ,. ' 4' , "Smooth runs the water where the brook is' deep." Work I.B.M. NEAL JANUASHEK College " 'lt is my own invention,' said the white knight." Dance Committees 1, 2, 3g UN Club 3, 4-5 Key Club 3, 4-9 Cross Country 4-g Bowling 4g Track J- -vc My vi +ve ,YJJS Q... 4' N9 fs Q Q. 0 P Q. cy A 0 C S 9 at 0 ,N-P? . 5.1" ARLENE MAE JOHNSON QA", Jyqvr "Shorty" g Q NP 0, U "Cheerfu1ness is her const t om n . 9 0 ' 0 Junior Prom Committee 3. an C Pa mn J be. Marriage FL? a R001 CONSTANCE LOU JOHNSON 7Mf"" "Connie" WA "Stay as sweet as you are." ' I , , Girls' Choir 1g UN Club 3g Hi-Y Club 3, 49W Dance Committees 2, 3g Bowling Club 4. M Work Marriage HAROLD JOHNSON l "I think I will not hang myself today." 07 ,gy 0? Qu 'B ,,. H. TERRY JOHNSON "Although he is new, his friends are many." Transferred from North H.S. 49 Football 1, 2, Varsity 3, Wrestling 1, 25 Gymnastics 1, 2, 35 Track 2. College LYNNE F. JOHNSON "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall and most divinely fair." Class Secretary lg Student Congress 1, 2g Rifle Club 1, 2, PA Club 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4-5 Bowling Club 2, 33 Jlmior Red Cross Club 33 Hi-Y 2, 3, Parliamentarian 45 Ring Committee, UN Club 4g Dramatics Club 4. College CAROL LOUISE JURIGA "Elegant as simplicity." Girls' Athletic Club 1 3, 4g Science Club Presi- dent lg Girls' Choir lg Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Exchange Assembly 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4, Bear Facts Staff 3, 4-g UN Club 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Pom-Pom Committee 3. College Physical Education I . SALLY SHARI KARABON "Silly" "Youth is highly experimental." Press Club 4: Snak Shak 4. College EDWARD KENHART WX By hook or by crook. Service Navy my doubts." College DONALD KIMBLE A "He never seems to shout. Is -he ui . I have Transferred from Pennsylvania 4, CIC e Club 3: Dance Committee 3. Wi K Y B fx, 'J :lv L.: THOMAS LEO KNOWLTON ssT0m99 "The world is his oyster" Band l, 2, 3, 4: Bear Facts Staff 1, 2, 3, Rifle l, 23 Advertising Manager Yearbook 4. College . '-J Q' 3 J., jf fx 4 Ax ' if CX Qkyi.,,.3 QA x ' fe Q PHYLLIS JEAN KRASKO "Phyl" DAVID HENRY KONECNY "Dave" "Who says he's quiet, just reserved." Intramurals lg Manager Track 2g JV Baseball 35 Basketball 4g Baseball 4. College "Gentle of speech, beneficence of mind." Mixed Choir lg Girls' Choir lg Orchestra 1, Dance Committee 3. Work CELESTINE ANN LADUE STANLEY E. KOPANSKY "Stan" "There was ease in Casey's manner as he stepped up to the plate." Transferred from Maine 2, Student Council 15 Treasurer of Class 2, Vice President 35 Treasur- er of Class 45 Soccer lg Basketball 1, Baseball 15 Track lg JV Football 2, Student Government 2, 33 Snak-Shak 45 Magazine Chairman 4. College ff Vg, apr gi W, scsallyv 3,1 ' , "Short and sweet." , 'iff l". Rifle Club lg Science Club lg Hi-Y 2,,l"3g i - College ,1 Program Committee 2, 3g UN Club 3, 47" ,lj Ll' AJ u ' I EDITH MARLENE LATTIMO "Marlene" "Silence is more musical than any song." Transferred from Endicottg Band 1, Choir 13 Snak Shak 4g Art Club 4. College NEIL LAWTON "Beetle" "The Devil and Daniel Webster." UN Club 4. College SARAH E. LEADBETTER "It is better to blush than to turn pale." Transferred from Maine 2, Girls' Athletics lg Cheerleading 1. ,5- College A l :2f5"f5,- lli 2-g A 'ufhz I Ya 5 , i 1 H W was " LAWRENCE A. LEAMER 44148 H-yn "When asked what he would take to let a man give him a blow on the head, he answered, 'A hclmf:t.' " Boys' Choir lg Orchestra lg Football lg Baseball 23 UN Club 3, Vice President 4g Dance Com- mittee 3g Dramatics Club President 4g 'Advertis- ing Manager Newspaper 4g Vestal Voices 45 Concert Chorus 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Senior Play 43 Snak Shak 4. College , K X Q GERALD LEGG K v . -N ' 1 - "Hairy Leggs" , L' CX? ' "No mind is stronger than its weakest link." by . 1 Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 35 Vice eg rrpr President 2, President 3, Basketball 1, Cross X NR Country 2, 3. X Farming we 4 0-if gf Q. k f SYLVIA TERESA LOTT "She preferred to be good rather than to seem Rifle Club lg H1-Y 1, 2, 3, Program Committee 1, 2, 3g Press Club 23 UN Club 3, 4. College MAX LOVELACE "Honest labor bears an honest face." Q jf Q Future Farmers of America l, 2, 3, 4. .H . lf" X Farming if F- GLM jfiygrffiwgoisdfqmyf Ll 1 ' L f "She walks in beauty ike the nighhj ly V Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Bowling Club 3g H-Y 3 5 f College Nursing "Dave" PATRICIA LOIS MACHOVEC 6GPat!! "The eyes are the windows of a woman's soul." Mixed Choir I, 3g Pom-Pom Committee 3g Vestalettes 3g Girls' Athletics Club 3, 4g Co- Editor Bear Facts 3g Junior Red Cross Club 3g Junior Queen Candidateg Hi-Y 3, 43 UN Club 3, 4g Snak Shak 4. Marriage MARTIN MANCINI a4Martys1 else." J V Football 23 Track l. Service LS.Iudy79 College UN Club 43 Dramatics Club 4 DAVID LUDINGTON "Cars are the essence of the modern world." 'ilf at first you don't succeed, try something JULIA T. MARES 'Sing away sorrow, cast away care." Baseball I, 2g Basketball 2g Soccer I, 23 Swim- ming lg Tumbling 1, 23 Girls' Athletic Club 2, 4g Badminton 2g Ping Pong 2g Slimnastics Club 2g Volleyball 2, 4, Awards 2g Snak Shak 4g UN Club 4g Hockey 2g Sports Field Day 2, 3g Homeroom Treasurer I. STELLA M. LYON "Stel" " ,Tis but a part we see, not a whole Mixed Choir 13 Library Club 1, 2, 4. Business School SANDRA JEAN MARSH nsandyas "With a still small voice she hoomed forth." Mixed Choir 1, Concert Chorus 2, 3g Bowling Club 2, 3, 45 Sports Field Day 2g Dance Com- mittee 3g Junior Red Cross Club 35 Rifle Club 3, 4. College Nursing JANICE MATHER "Jan" An angel, or if not an earthly paragon. Mixed Choir lg Girls' Choir lg Sports Field Day 1, 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 4. Marriage l fi 2, wifi I xyvnlffq N fiit RICHARD A. MATTISON nsDiCkvv "Who loves not women, wine and song, remains a fool his whole life long." Student Congress 1, 3, Band 2, 33 Junior Red Cross Club 35 Key Club 3, Vice President 4g UN Club 3, 4-3 Dance Committee 3, Senior Playg Senior Announcements Committee, Photo- graphic Editor, Yearbook 4, Senior Homeroom Representative 4. College LESLIE ANN MAY "Les" "When love and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Student Congress lg Mixed Choir 1, 25 Dance Committee 1, 2, 3g Hi-Y 2, 3, President 4g UN Club 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 4g Junior Red Cross Club 3g Ring Committee 33 Snak Shak 4, Senior Play. bf 1 wfffdh L J S t fix Science Club lg Concert Chorus 1, 2, 3, Vestal College JAMES ALBERT MCDANIEL HAI!! "Talk to him of Jacob's ladder and he will ask how many steps." Voices 3. College ROBERT STEWART MCDONOUGH "Bob" "Calmness is not always the attribute of inno- cenceg and often it is." Rifle Club 29 Snak Shak 4. College SHARON ELAINE McPARTLAND "Sheree" "Nothing is more friendly to man, than a friend." Work I.B.M. ELANOR MEYER HEl1ie79 CAROL JEANNE MCQUISTON "Shorty" "Wit, now and then, struck smartly shows a spark." Library Club 1, 2, Girls' Choir 1, 2, 4, Mixed Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Congress 2, 31 Dance Committees 1, 2, 3g Bowling Club 3, Band 3, 4-9 Hi-Y 3, 4-g Snak Shak Treasurer 4-. Work I.B.M JANET MAY MESSERSMITH GSJ' an!! "Two souls, with but a single thought." Choir 1, 3g Girls' Sports 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Bowling Club 3, 45 Dance Committee 3, Band 4-g UN Club 4. Work I.B.M. "A smile that glows celestial red." Girls' Sports 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Choir 23 Orchestra 2, 3, 49 Swimming Club 3, 4g Dance Committee 3g UN Clubg Secretary Orchestra 4. College X - 1 fl Clfllil If v 1 l so N P I l 1nger" Asjlwwbllldw 5,1 - - 39 A yai1 1 1 3, 4' owlin 1 ' 51,115 4. , l 1 ' E f QKIKEHELL 1 ' ' e Cub lg Student Congress 1, 29 Dance Commit 1, stnifhagd 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y u ,'3, i iden 45 ing Bruin Dance Commit' e 2 3, 43 Bo Club 2, 3, 43 UN Club 4g ea College ' DONALD A. MONTICELLO "Monte" "If you follow reason far enough, it always leads to reasons contrary to reason." I Y Basketball Ig Rifle Club I, 3, 4g Da ce Co - mittee 2, 3, Rifle Team 3, 4g Vice i 43 Snak Shak 4. College asa I ,J 90, 9? , DIANE MORSE HDF! "I speak in a m Senior Orchestra 19 2 3 Future Farmers of College K- 49 X GEORGE F. MORTON "Georgie" , , X "lnject a few raisins into the tasteless dough K X Xl of existence." 'KX C K Service Navy A no C V ,f X J N ,A - fe 5 To he A rx I r it JCI! x kx GRACE MARIE MORTON "Mortie" "Two hearts that beat as one." Sports Day 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT MOULTON ssB0b9s "I was shipwrecked before I got aboard." ,IV Football 1, 2g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. I B M BARBARA LEE MUN SON ..Barb,, "Quiet, serene, and a good friend to all." Girls' Choir I, 2g Concert Chorus 1, 2, 33 Band - 1, 3, 4g Hi-Y Club 3, 45 UN Club 3, 45 Girls' I' ' , Sports 3, 43 Dance Committee 3, 4, Bowling T ' 'K 2 35' S Club 4. . H V 1'-5 1. f' :gi 3 College - gf ',?iff'l fe N " K e Pfkk , 9 Q Cl .f fi :Lip fQfX J ,x Xi lift xg LOUISE MAY MURPHY "Our life is what our thoughts make it." Girls' Choir lg Mixed Choir lg Library Club I, 2g Bible Club 25 Press Club 4. College MARILYN A. NELSON "Who but herself admits no parallel." Girls' Choir lg Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 2g Bowling Club 2, 4g Swimming Club 35 Junior Red Cross Club 3g UN Club 4. College JAMES BERNARD O'HARA ullirnss I 'lf DAVID EUGENE NORTHRUP "Butch', "Love is blind, but the neighbors ain't." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 UN Club 4 g., Choiixb ' 9.5 3 A I B 0 J x s ,. X Navy 5, " of ff X, lfvb ,Q .ll f 'P P , J, lu .5 A VW' .P X' cf' J . X5 C7 X' LX X-JW 'rin P Y ic " u sf 'L 'y YU Lv LX! ,P U by .T ., ye .4 -N .V c dl! IVV L7 IL l . UN to f "We drink water, too." Track 3, 4, UN Club 4-. Work MARLENE ANN OLVER 56Marv9! 'Tlappiness is speechless." Girls' Choir lg Mixed Choir lg Leaders' Club 1, Snak Shak 4. Work Marriage SANDRA LEE OPP ' ccsandyn "When she smiles her face lights up . . hmmm." -xv Dance Committees l, 2, 3g Student Congress l, 2, 3g PA Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Press Club 3, 43 Newspaper Staff 3, Co-Editor 43 Senior Orchestra 2, 3, President 4g Marching Band 1, 2, 4, Secretary 3g Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Treasurer 43 Bowling Club 3, 43 UN Club 45 Hi-Y Club 3, 4g Junior Queen Candidate, Yearbook Staff 4. cloyn JOSEPHINE PARKER MJD!! 'fSmall is the spark that starts the fire." 1 1 .IOYCE MARIE ORZELL Q With the hush of my lipsf I wholly confound the skeptic." ' Library Club 1, 3, 43 Rifle Club 13 Girls' Choir 13 Dance Committees 2. Business School Secretary THERON L. PAGE Slsnookf! "Little man with a big hom." Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4. Work Mechanic We Tiff? favs? "Library Club 13 Girls' Sports 1, 23 Choir 1, 2, 3, 43 Alternate Student Congress Repre- sentative 23 Dramatics Club 3g Junior Prom Committee3 All-County Choir 33 Swimming Club 33 Pom-Poms 33 UN Club 43 Snak Shak Com- mittee 43 Newspaper Staff 43 .lunior Red Cross Club 43 Yearbook Staff, Treasurer 4g Vestal Voices 4. College v JOHN ROY PETRUSH UROYU -77 BARBARA LOU PETERSON nB8l'b,' "She was invariably the first over the fence in the mad pursuit of culture." Transferred from Bumt Hills 33 ,IV Cheerleader 13 Leaders' Club 1, 23 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 33 Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, Vice President 43 Vestal Voices 43 Junior Honor Society lg Honor Society 3, 43 Athletic Award 2, Gold Medal 1, Silver Medal 23 Latin Award 23 Dance Committees 1, 2, 33 Junior Red Cross Club 3, 4g Candidate for Girls' State 33 "Hi" Club 3, 4g Newspaper Staff 43 Snak Shak 4g UN Club 43 Senior Homeroom Representative 43 Editor of Year- book 4. College College "Handsome is as handsome does." Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 4. CAROLINE L. PITCHER "They looked and looked with wonder that one small head contained all she knew." Transferred from Maine 23 Bowling Club 13 Girls' Athletics 1, 33 Dance Committees 2, 3g Dramatics Club 23 Student Congress 13 Orches- tra 1, 3, 43 Band 3, 4g Swimming Club 3g Honor Society 3, 4, President 43 UN Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. RICHARD L. PLACE "Great modesty often hides great virtue." College DONN NELSON PLEW "Reverend" "All I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow rover." Transferred from Maine 25 President of Class 15 Boys' Athletic Club 15 Junior Red Cross 15 Orchestra 15 Football 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain 45 Track 2, 3, 45 Varsity Club Vice President 3, President 45 Junior Ring Committee 35 UN Club 4. Pre-Med School if I M5553 J v PATRICIA I. POST I npatu "Doubling her pleasures and dividing her cares." Lip I Choir 1, 25 Bowling Club 3, 4-5 Junior Prom J,."' 1 Decorating Committee 35 UN Club 4-5 Snak var' ,L v ,J"0 d Shak 4-. V - Work 1' O' ' J LL!! f l ' U A ' v X LJ ff ' ff' . I Q..-fs, V' ,VI , A A 0 'A' Y X .. 4 . I I JOAN MARIE POTTER 1. ",loanie" "As merry as the day is long." Choir 15 Art Club 15 Transferred from Wyalus- ing, Pa. H , Secretarial Work 7 t 1. 1 2 5. " I , ' fi t ' Lg f I ,gre -o J '-fl-vfl --flfr,1LC, 44 5 . ,hoax if ff 5, t- I fx 4 Q- ew. 4, ' .f I ' J, If I: Mc L fm ' . ,fc . 'L-iff-all 1 ' V 'WQQLJ - 4 1 ' 46 4 Inf v 'J' 7 jc LL -W x. . ty if ft?-c 1 - fylQc,V L7 GARY CHARLES PULVER "Toad" "There's a good time coming, b0ys5 there's a good time a'coming." Football 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Wrestling 1, 35 Varsity Club 3, 4-. ELSIE LOIS RANDALL "All her dealings are square and above board." Office Work LINDA LEE RANDALL Kahn!! "The good we never miss we rarely prize." Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 1, 3, Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Treasurer 1, Class Secretary 3, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, UN Club 4, Student Congress 1, 3, Junior Ring Committee 3, Eligibility Committee 2, Dance Committee 1, 2, Queen Candidate 3. I.B.M. Marriage DONNA LEE REABUCK "O, that it were my chief delrgh o d the things I ought not." Work I.B.M MELDA G. REED "The only way to have friends is to be one." Transferred from Endicott 2, Orchestra 1, Library Club 1, Mixed Choir 2, 3, 4, Vestal Voices 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4. College Missionary MARLENE KAY REIN HART s4Mar91 "Being a woman is a terribly hard trade since it consists mainly of dealing with men." Transferred from Willow Glen, Califomia, 2, Social Committee 2, Girls Social Service Club, Vice President 2, Hi-Y Club 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, UN Club 4, Bowling Club 3, 4, Choir 3, 4. College HAROLD R. REISINGER "Life is not all without delight." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling Club 2, 4. Service Navy SHEILA RHINEVAULT "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Transferred from Endicott 3, Sports Dance Committees 1, Yearbook Staff 2, Tri-High Club 2, Swimming Club 3, UN Club 4, Snak Shak 4. Business School KAREN JOAN RICHARDS "Listen to what she says with her eyes." Transferred from Poughkeepsie 33 Dramatics Club I, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, PA Club Ig Debating Club lg Thespian Society Scribe 23 Dance Com- mittees 1, 2, 3, 4g Bowling Club 3g Newspaper Staff 43 Junior Red Cross Club 33 Hi-Y Club 43 UN Club 4-5 Honor Society 3, 45 Art Club President 3, 4-Q Senior Play 4g Art Editor of Yearbook 4. College MICHAEL JAMES RILEY "Mike" "When Irish eyes are smiling." Transferred from Northeast Bradford, Pa., 33 Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3. Work I.B.M. 66L0u77 Work Marines HOWARD LARUE RINKER "I yearn for the out-of-doors. JV Football 15 Band 2, 3, 4. im "Has I gotta go to school, Ma?" Bowling Team 13 Choir 1, 2, 3g Yearbook Staff 4. College "Robbie" KAREN ANN ROBINSON "All this and heaven, too." 'ry Concert Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Vestal VOICES EBLLLNK4 SJ 9? Student Congress 1, Vice President of Class 2 YJ ,ff Dance Committee 35 Junior Queen Qandida 35 Bowling Club 3, 45 UN Club 314: '- Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. xx EO Nursing -- if JMX rw lu X A WILLIAM ROLLS 10' lSBi1l!! X "What the teacher doesn't know wont hurt you." Work DEAN ROOSA Work "Always in haste but never in a hurry." DAVID A. ROSS LsDave99 "lf a bottle and a cork cost one dollar and five cents, and the bottle costs one dollar, how much does the cork cost?" Work RICHARD C. RUSH liDick!I "When so the leaves begin to tum? The night before exams." Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, fl-3 Rifle 1, 2, Vice Presi- dent 3, President 4, Track 3, 43 Wrestling 3, 43 Football 4, Varsity Club 4. College usandyn KEITH E. RUSSELL "Russ" "Little in size, but big in ideas Work fl SARVEY "The wrong way always seems more reasonable." Snak Shak 4, UN Club 4, Student Congress 13 Bowling Club 1. Secretarial Work GEORGE SAXENMYER "The world knows nothing of its greatest men." Science Club 1, 43 Amateur Radio Club 4-Q Rifle Club 1, 4. College I, I '1 H Office Work I.B.M. - f , A' ' J . A 1 HIV ' r . , I ROSEMARIE SCHLOTTERBECK 9 "Rose" ' "A rose by another name wouldn't seem as sweet." , Hi-Y Club 3, 4. -.. , JOHN SCHMIDT I f V 'fl never put off tomorrow what I can possibly do the next day." Work 'H I , ff I E ..."' 1 Q . Q x in I f Y, ,vc . ,f it 7 , .. L V 'ld 4 g v X . RICHARD C. SELTZER "Dick" "It's a pity that Shakespeere, who had geniyus, was so unedicatedg he's a wuss speller thet I kno of." Boys' Choir 1g Mixed Choir lg Concert Choir 2, 3, 4g Vestal Voices 3, 4, Art Club 1, 4g UN Club 4. College V , if . fl DAWN ELLEN SCOTT "Never idle a moment but thrifty and thought ful of others." Hi-Y Club 3, 4g Snak Shak 4g Dance Commit tee 25 UN Club 4. Work I.B.M. BONNIE R. SHAFF "Simplicity is a state of mind." Band 1, 2, 3, 4-g UN Club 33 Bowling Club 33 Hi-Y Club 3, 4-5 Prom Committee 3, 4. Secretarial Work GEORGE ANTHONY SHARY "When the elevator of success is not working, take the stairs." President of Class 1, 2, 45 Student Congress 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, Orchestra Ig UN Club 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 4g Dramatics Club 4g Syracuse Citizenship Conference 4. College usandyn SANDRA LEE SINGER JOHN WILLIAM SIMPSON "Willy" "I wish my stay were over." Cross Country 13 Track 15 Dance Committee 1, 3, 4: Student Congress 1, 2, Art Club Ig Junior Red Cross Club 2, 3g Key Club 3, 43 Band 3, 4, UN Club 43 Snak Shak 4. College RONALD V. SINGER "Ronnie" "Give a man a boat he can sail." Cross Country 3, 45 Track 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 4, Snak Shak 4, UN Club 4. College "She is pretty to talk with, and witty to talk with, and pleasant, too, to think on." Transferred from Harpursville 2g Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 13 Trumpet Quartet lg Future Homemakers of America lg UN Club 3, 45 Hi-Y Club 3, 43 Bowling Club 2, 3, Presi- dent 4g Announcement Committee Secretary 43 Junior Prom Queen, Student Congress 43 Prom Committee 3. Business School Wsei YV6lgii U3 Mu sl ETHEL MARIE SISSON "Eth" "Why is this thus, and what is the reason for this thusness'?" Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 1, Dance Committee 2, 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Snak Shak 4. Work I.B.M. CHARLES B. SMITH "Charlie" Smith." Track 4. Marines College "Louie" College L 34415 ' 111 Fate tried to conceal him by naming him MARYLOU SMITH "I would be friends with you." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 33 Dance Com- mittee 2g Yearbook Staff 4. tx as DAVID STADEL csDave9! "lt is better to wear out than to rust out." Transferred from Binghamton lg Rifle Club 23 Baseball 2g Football 3g Wrestling 3, 43 UN Club 3, 43 Press Club 33 Dance Committee 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4. College RICHARD H. SNYDER "Dick" "Every man has a sane spot-somewhere." Boys' Choir 13 Mixed Choir 13 Rifle Club 3, 43 Rifle Team 3, 43 UN Club 43 Dramatics Club 43 Senior Play 43 Snak Shak 4. College JAMES SOBAJ "Let the school stand, mind not the cry of the teacher." ROGER J. SOUTHWORTH "They also serve who only stand and wait Work I.B.M. za! wall? W yu-fyfyf RONALD P. STALFORD , "Ronnie" "Give me a laundry list and I will put it to music." Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Orchestra 1,' 2, 3, 4g Boys' Choir 1, 2g Mixed Choir 1, 23 Concert Choir 3, 4-3 Vestal Voices 3, 4g Madrigal Society 43 Library Club lg UN Club 4. College MARION GRACE STALKER "The blush is beautiful but often inconvenient." Orchestra lg Bowling Club 33 UN Club 43 Concert Choir 43 Junior Red Cross Club 33 Hi-Y Club 3, 43 Dramatics Club Treasurer 4-3 Marching and Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Librar- ian 3, 4. College if gb, EUGENE H., STRATTON "Gene" "A wise man never refuses anything to neces- sity." Journalism Club lg Transferred from Endicott 2, Track lg Football 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4g Press Club 25 Yearbook Staff 43 Snak Shak 4. College f y V LINDA JANE STOVER Nlinif "If we could surround ourselves with things of beauty, the evil things of life would tend to disappear." Girls' Choir lg Mixed Choir 13 Concert Choir 2, 3g Vestal Voices 35 Band 3, 4, Bowling Club ' 33 Swimming Club 33 Snak Shak 4: UN Club 4. Airline Hostess JAMES H. STRANAHAN lCJiIn1! "He freshly and cheerfully asked how a man ' should waste time." Transferred from Damascus, Pa., 45 Varsity Basketball Scorekeeper 3. Service Navy CHARLES SWAIN "Chick" "Sometimes I get soo-o-o-o-o tired." Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Key Club 2, 5, 4, UN Club 4. College ifilfvw wilful! M ,MLM Aff' J W M, VV f iiiii AW V .Lp W L V if A W f n , 1 4 I fl f -. . RONALD A. TAYLOR ' fy . H' s4Ronvv R- 14' "People who make no noise are dangei'0us."'- I . ,l , Bowling 1,2,3,4. . , , ' ' li il' Service Marines X ' f A CHARLES TENNANT , I "Chuck" "The life of ease is a difficult pursuit." Cross Country 1, 2, 3g Wrestling Manager 13 Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3. Work I.B.M. oL",,f,,f7 cl , my MILDRED ELIZABETH THOMAS '5Millie" "I have been a stranger in a strange land." Girls' Athletic Club 43 Snak Shak 4. ll Work ff we fiwtff' MARY ELIZABETH TERRENCE "Mary Lizi' "Such is the fullness of a heart's content Transferred from Long Island 4g Art lg Hostel Club 1, 2, 33 Student Newspaper 2, 33 Cheerleader 39 Mission 1, 2, 35 UN Club 4g Bowling Club 4g 45 Snak Shak 4. College WILLIAM THAYNE 4sBiu99 "The greatest pleasure other people say you Library Club lg Future 2 3 Snak Shak 4 , 9 : I Play 4. College ,cet 65 544410 j7 5 7322 M A Z BARBARA K. THEISEN "Bobbi" "Peace is always beautiful." Transferred from Schenectady 3g Booster Club 1, 23 Tri-High Club 2g Dance Committee 35 Yearbook Staff 4. Business School E D TRAV A A A .AMW "F are agap y lot." M' d. uture Farmers o e 2, 3, 4g d 1 f W Service Fanner ART R TRUESDELL "Butch" "A most uncommon urchin." Library Club 1, Treasurer 15 Science Club lg Press Club 43 Snak Shak 45 Dramatics Club 4. College cf' X1ff'y9,f9'fFQvfC 3, J ll' V 'il JA TUCKEY. E ,6 tv U P "Over his studies never a worry." V Y lr Q Snak Shak 4: Senior Play Stage Creyf ll' W ,ll Q Service Army X J Ju Q STEVEN A AQEQITPER V445 "Steve" Everything is sweetened by risk. College GENE VAILLANCOURT ..Andy,. "We pursue knowledge in the dungeon." Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Key Club 2, 3, 4-g Science Club 2. Service Air Force I' 1 A .tic kilt V - We il W Nec!! el VK wry tmvt ft 312 W JUDITH KAY VAN DERVEER liJudy71 "ln beauty as the first of May." Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, 4g Student Congress lg Girls' Choir 1, 33 Mixed Choir 1, 2g Concert Choir 43 Junior Queen Candidate, Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 43 UN Club 43 Junior Ring Committee 3. College , W xx M J rl X 1 lf! '14 JM ll XX ju ,X v1cK1 VERONICA VOKULICH f-view 1 JK 1 "A willing worker and a ready hand." Band 1, 2, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, All-State Band 13 I. G 5, W ,xfwmkli L' Nfl L Orchestra 1g Concert Choir Accom. 2, 3, Pres. 4: All-County Choir Accom. 33 PA Club 2, 3, 4: Vestal Voices 3, 4, Fred Waring Choir Accom. 3, UN Club 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3. 43 Dance Com. 1, 2, 3, Jr. Queen Cand.g Sr. Play 43 Press Club 1, 2, 33 Jr. Red Cross 3g Student Congress Treas. 1g Girls' Sports l, 2g Dramatics Club 43 Bowling Club 2, 34 Honor Society 3, Sec. 44 Yearbook Staff 4. College EUGENE A. WAGNER "A dwarf on a giant's shoulder is the farther of the two." Rifle Club lg Bowling Club 4. l.B.M. saceneu fig ,dsl 55 SANDRA ANN WALLAESA sssandyn "A good example is the best sermon." Transferred from Upper Darby, Pa., 23 News- Paper Staff 1, 2, Editor 43 Leader's Group 2g Homeroom Representative 13 Honor Society 3, 43 UN Club 43 Hi-Y Club 4. College ROLAND TERRY WHITE scfrerrysr "Very little is needed to make a happy life." Transferred from Endicott 33 Technical Club 23 Track 23 Band 1, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Senior Play, Stage Crew 4g Wrestling 4. If College UN Club 4. Work DIANE CLAIRE WICK A WSW QWQM fc "True beauty lies in a deep retreat." Band 1, 2, Secretary 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Athletics 1, 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 3, 43 M .IANICE JOANNE WIGGINS Hllan!! "In a single person she manages to produce the effect of a majority." Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Vestal Voices 43 Concert Choir 43 Vestallettes 33 Newspaper Staff 33 Yearbook Staff 43 All-County Band 33 PA Club 2, 3, 4g Dramatics Club 43 UN Club 43 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 4g Dance Committee 3, 43 Senior Play 4. College 3 x J 1 I x Q , X CHARLENE EDITH WILAND fishy!! "Old friends are best." Business School ALVIN H. WILLIAMS AAAI!! "Is there a heart music cannot melt?" Key Club 3, 43 Rifle Club 2, 3, 43 Rifle Team 3, 43 Boys' Choir 13 Mixed Choir 13 Concert Choir 2, 3, 43 Vestal Voices 3, 43 Dance Com- mittee 3g Madrigal Society 4. Real Estate 11" ,r uD0nn J M IVAN DONALD WILLIAMS iAbsence is my middle name 4 R. HAL WILLIAMS IiHal!Y "A student as well as an athlete? My word! Impossible! " Student Congress I, 2, 3, 4-5 Boys' Choir 15 Mixed Choir 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Com. 2, 3, 45 Concert Choir 2, 3, 45 Key Club 2, 3, Pres. 4-5 Honor Society 3, 4-5 Jr. Red Cross Club Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4-5 Track 3, 4-5 Vestal "Hi" Club 3, 45 All-County Choir 35 UN Club Parl. 45 Snak Shak 4-5 Var. Club 4-5 Newspaper Staff 4-5 Homeroom Rep. 4-5 Yearbook Staff 4. College ROBERTA JEAN WILLIAMS "Bobbi" "An angel face shines through all dark clouds." Transferred from Binghamton I5 Choral Read- ing Club 15 Girls' Choir 15 Announcement Committee 4-. Work I.B.M. College JAMES CHARLES WILSON 55Jim79 "Genius is bom not made." Student Congress 1, 3, Pres. 45 Track 15 Bowl- ing 35 Jr. Red Cross 3, Treas. 35 Dramatics Club 4-5 Key Club 3, Treas. 4-5 UN Club 45 Dance Com. 2, 35 Class Treas. 35 Class V. P. 4-. College PERRY DECKER WILLIAMSON "Silence is like virtue it is its own exceeding great reward WILLIAM A. WOODWORTH 4cBilln uwoodyn "The brave man Carves out his own future." Transferred from Maine 25 Soccer 15 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Track 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Class Treasurer 15 Boys' Athletic Club Treasurer 15 Varsity Club 2, 3, 45 UN Club 4-. College GERALD YOUMANS GSJCUYSS "His brow is wet with honest sweat." Wrestling 1, 3, 4-5 Football 2. Service Marines ANTHONY P. ZIEMBA Q "Tony" W "The day is shortg the work is much." Snak Shak Committee 4. Work I.B.M. ,yn Aboard, aboard, for shame! The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail, And you are stay'd for. There, my blessing with thee! And these few precepts in thy memory See thou character. Give thy thoughts no tongue, Nor any unproportion'd thought his act. Be thou familiar, but by no means vulgar. The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them' to thy soul with hoops of steelg But do not dull thy palm with entertainment Of each new-hatched, unfledged comrade. Beware Of entrance to a quarrel, but being in, Bear't that th' opposed may beware .of thee. Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice, Take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment. Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy, But not expressed in fancy, rich, not gaudy, For the apparel oft proclaims the man, Neither a borrower nor a lender beg For loan oft loses both itself and a friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry. This above all, to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell, my blessing season this in thee. from HAMLET :8 r Qfddftoeq THE SETTING: Vestal Central School is at Harvey Lake." THE TIME. 194-6-1959 THE CAST: "We," the Class of 1959 The stage is set, the curtain rises. fenter kindergartenersj "I wish I were in first grade." I enter first gradersj "I wish I were in second grade." I enter second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth gradersj "Dino" fenter seventh gradersj "We've made it. Now what do we do? Wait for eighth grade, I guess." NARRATOR: '6We are now a mature lot. The average boy is 5' while the average girl is 5' 3" Girls like boys and boys like boys. I enter eighth gradersj "I wish I were in ninth grade." fenter ninth gradersj "Won't we ever be seniors?" NARRATOR: "Our high school days have begun. We have chosen our courses, and some of us even have classes on the top floor! The officers this year are: George Shary, President, Ray Hiedeman, Vice President, Lynne Johnson, Secretary, Linda Randall, Treasurer. Our dance is Sandman Swing. Our picnic is at Rocky Glen." fenter tenth gradersj NARRATOR: "Our class officers this year are: George Shary, President, Karen Robinson, Vice President, Linda Dates, Secretary, Stan Kopansky, Treasurer. Our dance is Sham-Rock. Our picnic THE CURTAIN FALLS fenter lowly J uniorsj NARRATOR: "Leading the procession of Juniors are our officers: Reed Brundage, President, Stan Kopansky, Vice President, Linda Randall, Secre- tary, Jim Wilson, Treasurer. Our class rings have arrived, and we are the proudest bunch in the school. Our Junior Prom, certainly the most beautiful ever, is called 'Santa Catalina' with music by the New Yorkers. Decorations are in 'islandy pink' with 'dew drops' hanging from the ceiling. Sandy Singer is our queen. What a blast at our picnic at Harvey's Lake even if it did rain!" fenter "SENIORS"J fHere we are at the TOPJ NARRATOR: "Our advisors are Mr. Traphagen and Mr. Shoback. The officers are: George Shary, Pres- ident, Jim Wilson, Vice President, Shirley Fisher, Secretary, Stan Kopansky, Treasurer. The Senior Play, 'The Happiest Millionaire' is a great success. The Senior Prom, 'Evening in Paradise,' is fabulous. Our king and queen are George Shary and Shirley Fisher. The decorations are aqua and white with Irene Knapp, Nancy Duke and Martha Heath head- ing the decorating committee." TIME: June, 1959 SETTING: Graduation CAST: Class of '59 NARRATOR "Although we will never forget all the cherished memories of Vestal, we look forward to our future, with the hope that we may find our own 'Vestal' with the same genuine friendliness and happiness that we have found in our years here." f enter ex-Seniorsj "I wish I were back in kindergarten!" by Vicki Vokulich and Larry Leamer 59 V Alvin Williams Vicki Vokulich S X W vp :A 1 A 4 mg' Ev! Reed- Brundage 50 JT Sandy Ayers I :Llkk..::. FX XS- .4 Lee Avery Pat Eldred ? V Hal Williams Marilyn Nelson x af S Uv fly F , 5 .. 'r . 1 I b 1 : -f 4 . ,s 4 If Q, -I. Carol McQuiston Dave Jim Wilson Drabo Q Eva Gallup I ,IEC Z Vx Q rr , 3' Sandy Sing:-r Ge-orgv Shary Reed Brundage Barb Peter ,415 famzd 3-'WWW' Melda Reed Perry Williamson 24425645 U V arf ins W M X . A Q ' lg W? Sandy Singer George Shary i i' Ro wr .M fa-S "H 77504: popaza' '01 NN. -UW we .,,, X n X66 67 J TN-gf, A SHUT dh Geonze Shary B b Pt Sandy Singer G E Sh TY 71544: ZW .,. ...ff J df f, XX Q Roy Petrugh Judy Va De C Linda Randall D No th p Zee:-.4 3444 S ,. .n 4' , S an ,X Qs X? . N ,. Nancy Duke Johnny Simpson f-future L7 ff? f Q K U ix PCTTY Williamson Melda Reed maeww n i ,lv n n ' 'el J , -3 Larry Lgamer Karen Richards Da D abo Sandy Singer 52 z4eZou 74664414 WWW Q, new 1 HM Q ' 'fig Bob Breed Sandy Singer Cf '7 2 ff.. .. 3 K X ' Jim Wilson Barb Peterson Q - .. Wdflkdl 70046044 h 1 Carol ,Iuriga Jerry Hill 77614: ,4t4la'6e EP: F-553 ,X -....-1 fat Machove-c George Shary I V Dave D1-abo Sandy Singer ZQCJ x f o so Peapetad! . V qwl l , 111' Q Barb Peterson Jim Wilson L W if Q 0 2 George- Shaly Barb Peterson Linda Chapman Johnny Simpson Wim: .4 ta Seam: Em- D-wud 63 Wd! We, the Class of 1959, bequeath to the underclassmen our high spirits and enthusiasm and our good times at V.C.H.S. As we leave our Alma Mater, we give to certain underclassmen memories : Arlene Allyn wills to her sister Kathy and Jeannette Totten her ability to get her fingers caught in the keys in her first year of typing. Pat Ashcraft wills to anyone who wants it, her place at Marty's. Lee Avery leaves all his sack suits to anybody-preferably Mr. Gennett. Sandy Ayers leaves her dimple to anyone who can find a use for it. Shirley Beeman gives any junior the ability to chew gum in class without getting caught. Carolyn Begell wills her ability to play football with a brush at 5:30 A.M. to anyone who can stay up that late. Jim Billet would like to pass on to Don Pierson a left- handed monkey wrench for a right-handed monkey. Ehna Bogart leaves to her brother leon all her fun in high school. Bob Breed wills Jim Peters the ability to play football another year with Mr. Buran. Bill Brown gives his ability to sleep in class to Marcia Jones. Bob Brown "lends" the contents of the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard to Dan Cihiwskey. Bill Brenden gives his ability to get along with Mr. Stock, to whoever needs it. Reed Brundage and Hal Williams will the waitress in PeeTee's back room to Don Pierson. Carol Buehler bequeaths her precious seat next to Mr. Persley in Driver Ed. to Jerri Ketcham. Barb Card leaves the ability to talk and pass notes in study hall to Marianne McCarthy. Linda Chapman leaves her sister Pat and brother Bob all her fun in high school. .lack Coleman just leaves. Linda Cook wills to Mary Anne Wauous her ability to find and get what she wants. Glenn Copp leaves to Jim Micilcavage the ability to try to get away with as much as he did. Dean Crawford entrusts the first chair in the French horn section to anyone who can stand nine girls. Dick Currie wills his store of French phrases to Judd Epstein who really needs them. Dan Didocha leaves to those who follow him, his teachers. 64 and faculty members the following personal items and Karl Doty gives to Grove Doty the ability to go to school half days in his Senior year and take it easy the other half. Diana Dowd wills lots of ambition and all the fun of her Senior year to her brother Bert. Dave Drabo leaves . . . most everyone will be pleased! Nancy Duke entrusts the Ithaca football field to the varsity cheerleaders with the hope that something will be added. Bev Dunn wills her walk to school every morning to Barb Bowen and Sharon Allen. Danny Earl leaves his official membership in the V.C.H.S. radio club to anyone who wants it. Karen Edsell gives her seat in history class for two years to her sister Kay. Judy Edwards wills her ability to have a good time in her Senior year to her sister Sylvia. Lyle Edwards leaves to Corky Schultz all the girls in the high school. Pat Eldred gives to her sister Phyllis all the troubles, some schemes, laughs and adventures she has had. Shirley Fisher wills to Mary Anne Watrous the ability to take world history twice and not do anything the second time. Paul Ford leaves his low-cut sneakers to Tom Stroup. Jack Freeman wills to Bob Staudt all his spare transmission parts. Keith French leaves everything he owns to Bev Chilson. Larry Gabriele leaves his speed to Doug Gustin. Arlene Johnson leaves to Barbara Gifford her seat in Homemaking lll. Phyllis Krasko leaves her Homemaking seat to her sister Virginia and hopes she has as much fun. Bev Hall wills to her brother Skip, and Grace Morton and Joan Potter will to Bonnie June, the ability to talk and pass notes in study hall. Carol Grover wills to anyone all the fun she had in her years of high school. Janice Mather wills to her sister Brenda, Janet Messersmith wills to her sister Jerri Ann Messersmith, and Charles Tennant wills to Dale Ward, all the good times at V.C.H.S. Eva Gallup wills to Mr. Bianco the honor of having another Gallup as a student next year. Nancy Hunsinger wills to Mr. Gallagher the privilege of putting up with her sisters. Tom Knowlton leaves to Rick Coon all of his ring-necks during hunting season. David Konecny wills his ability to have good excuses for all his mis-doings to Daryll Dodd. Stan Kopansky wills the brain-racking job of keeping track of the senior funds to any junior who is elected Senior treasurer. Sally LaDue leaves to Gail Hulslander and Judy Stevens her ability to get up early every morning without complaint. Neil Lawton wills his brains to anyone who can find them. Larry Leamer wills his corpse to the biology department. Sylvia Lott leaves Gail Hulslander and Judy Stevens the high honor of finally becoming a Senior. Max Lovelace leaves the school to anybody who wants it. Linda Lovell wills to Ed Lopke her seat in Senior band. Stella Lyon leaves to Betty Neely all her books in hopes she will put them to better use. Pat Machovec wills the use of her basketball court to John Comick, Terry Potts and Charles Beam. Marty Mancini wills his ability to skip gym class and get away with it to Darrel Hill. Julia Mares leaves third year Latin to anyone who wants it. Sandy Marsh wills to Sue Halley the ability to pass French ll the second time if she wants it. Dick Mattison wills Dave Drabo to the Class of 1960. Leslie May leaves Jim Billet's sweat pants to anyone in next year's Senior play cast who wants them. Al McDaniel wills his ability to fool around in chemistry lab and still keep on the good side of Mr. Corwin to any Junior who dares use it. Sharon McPartland wills to Bev Chilson the ability to chew gum in history class and get away with it. Carol McQuiston wills to her sister Joyce the ability to keep her sneakers on in gym. Ellie Meyer leaves her old clarinet reeds to her sister Janey ,for use in Senior band. Ginger Middendorf wills to Sandy Gow the ability to flirt with the boys in public speaking class. Kay Mitchell wills to Pat Purdy her problems with the ASIP workers. Good Luck! Don Monticello leaves his ability to start an argumept anytime, anywhere and win most of them to anyone with a strong pair of lungs. Diane Morse wills her stockings to her sister Bonnie. George Morton wills to anyone who thinks they can stick to it, the back seat on Ron Taylor's motorcycle. Barb Munson wills to Bev Munson, Joan Howard, Nancy Graffius and B. J . Fisher lots of fun in the remaining years of highschool, and pick up your feet. Tony Garvey leaves his spot on the bench in basketball to Ken Kramer. Lanny Gates leaves his American history seat to Roger Fenton. John Gavazzi wills to the school of Vestal the King of Arabia's Cadillacs for a new bus fleet. Bob Gifford leaves to Steve Mahon his job as left-halfback. Gene Gott wills to Pat Neily the ability to talk during study hall without being caught. Jim Gow wills to Don Mancini his ability to do nothing in study hall and get away with it. Ken Grannis leaves his defensive ability on the football squad to anyone who wants it. Diana Green wills to JoAnn Mitchell her spot on the J .V. Cheerleading squad and hopes that she will enjoy it as much as she did. Sonny Greenhalgh leaves to John Cornick and Don Pierson his ability to judge a girl by her legs. Brenda Gregory leaves her ability to miskick a soccer ball to anyone wishing to hop around for three weeks on one foot. Joyce Hackling wills all the problems of the Snak Shak to the Junior Chairman. Jerry Legg leaves all his English troubles to his brother Bruce. Mary Jane Hernon bequeaths to Bruce Warner all the Beech-Nut Spearmint wrappers left over from "the project" so that he will have something with which to start his own project. Norman Hillis wills his nickname "Porky" to Tiny Grannia. Richard Holden leaves his untouched abilities to Roger "Handsome" DuBois. Eileen Howard wills to Carrie Andrews all the bassoon reeds and music. . Norma Jean Hudgins wills to Marianne McCarthy her Southem accent and hopes that she can put it to good use. Neal Januashek wills his ability to lose at cards to Terry Potts and Dick Landon. Connie Johnson wills to Eleanor Heidtman the ability to call her at 11:00 P.M. and ask her to stay overnight. May she put it to good use. Lynne Johnson leaves to any band member that wants it, the ability to get on the wrong bus and get lost in the middle of the night in Hamilton, Ontario. Carol Juriga and Diane Wickham will the good fortune of keeping the girls' sports club in motion to B. J. Fisher, Joan Howard, Cathy Allyn and Judy Adams. Sally Karabon wills to Judy VanVleet and Roxanne Chectko her ability to meet the nice football players from other schools. Ed Kenhart wills Mr. Kitner's ride to school to anyone who gets there first. Louise Murphy wills her seat in Library Club to Sylvia Coulter and Dawn VanHart. Marilyn Nelson leaves to Linda Tilton and Sharon Parker the ability to go through "STOP, signs on their driver's test. Dave Northrup leaves to Steve Mahon his used razor blades to shave his legs for football. Jim O,Hara wills his ability to get along with teachers to anybody that wants it. Marlene Olver leaves to Zetta Grow her ability to flip a raceboat in the middle of the St. Lawrence River and come out of it without a scratch. Joyce Orzell and Shelia Rhinevault pass on to Ron Orzell and Pat Gage the ability to go out riding on their noon hour and come back with a flat tire. Jo Parker and Barb Peterson will to their sisters Rita, Jean and Joan all the wonderful times they've had in high school, especially their Senior year. Roy Petrush leaves his athletic ability to any junior who wants to warm the "pines" Caroline Pitcher, gives her ability to stall her car at every stop sign to anyone who wants it. Dick Place bequeaths his schedule to his brother and any other 'gfooll' who would like it. Donn Plew leaves his sermons to a fellow guard, Kevin Bryant. Pat Post and Judy Edwards will their good times in their Senior year to Marianne McCarthy and Nancy Morlando. Linda Randall wills to any underclassman the ability to go with the same boy for four years and still be on friendly terms. Donna Reabuck leaves to Pat Patterson and Joyce Kilmer her ability to get along with Mr. Buran. Melda Reed wills to Judy Piester all her good times at Vestal Central. Marlene Reinhart gives Linda Cuddy and Kay Vail the ability to be a "wild child." Karen Richards leaves her "perpetual blush" to Sue Dunn. Harold Reisinger wills Pat Gage the ability to see all the Triple Cities at once, if he wants. Mike Riley gives his ability to sleep in study halls to Jerry Miller. Jim Rising bequeaths his seat in Mr. Gennett's math classes to his brother Charley. Karen Robinson wills to everyone in choir all the fun she's had there. Bill Rolls gives two lunch hours and six coffee breaks to Joe Kristof. Dave Ross wills the ability to fail two years of world history to Tony Scarano. Keith Russell gives his school spirit to Jim Rounds. 56 ' Sandy Sarvey leaves to her cousin Phyllis the ability to go to l.B.M. Gun Club in the rain. Dick Seltzer wills to Spencer Roberts the book, Six Minutes a Day to Perfect Spelling. George Shary leaves the ability to come to school without any socks on to any barefoot contessa of V.C.H.S. Ron Sin er leaves to Don Pierson the abilit to o to , s i Y g parties and stlll run cross country. Marylou Smith leaves to Marylou Johnston the freedom of being the only Marylou in school. Dick Snyder wills to Ted Merry the ability to chisel shells from Mr. Maybee. Ron Stalford leaves his perfect pitch to Mr. Eddy. Linda Stover leaves to Sandy Kinner her Swiss flag hoping she has as much fun with it. Marion Stalker wills her ability to be late for class to her sister Carolyn. Chick Swain leaves his out-of-town black book to Steve Mahon. Ron Taylor wills his spare motorcycle tire to anyone who can fit it on their car. Bobbi Theisen leaves her job at l.B.M. to Judy Johnston. Mildred Thomas and Charlene Wiland leave their history seats to Janice Lovell, Myrna Briggs, Norman Hillis, and Audrey Greeno. Ed Traver wills his ability to go deer-hunting every year to Grove Doty. Steve Utter wills his luck to get through school on math and science credits to Dave Devine. Gene Vaillancourt wills his luck to obtain a triple lunch hour to anyone who can get away with it. Vicki Vokulich leaves next year's tenor drummer blisters and a black and blue leg. Gene Wagner wills his ability to come in late to work and get away with it to Bob Staudt. Sancy Wallaesa wills to next year's editor of the Bear Facts the almost impossible task of trying to get the staff to turn their copy in on time. Al Williams leaves all his empty ".22,' casings to John Maybee, rifle coach. Roberta Williams wills her sister Sandy the privilege of making speeches in English class. Jim Wilson wills to Mrs. Winans all of his mimeograph work. Bill Woodworth leaves to anyone who wants it the ability to steal cigars from Mr. Buran. Tony Ziemba wills the ability to go through red lights and stop signs without getting caught to G. H. Sandy Singer and Jim Stanahan will their ability to get along with teachers to Sue Pearsall and anyone else needing it. Charles Smith leaves his pleasant seat in physics class to Terry Schmidt. X' 5 D. Carley. B. Case, B. Chilson, L. Carmon, R. Bunts. S. Bur- gher. J. Browkaw, D. Cuddihe. BOW' 2: M. Clappf-r. L. Cuddy K. Bryant, F. Campion. B Clappvr. R. Clover. M. Coles R. Carlnody. 1 J. Bailey, C. Andrf-ws. K. Al- lyn. M. Angelo, J. Ball. S. Allen, K. Antony, S. Beverly. D. Alsup. ROW 2: J. Adams, T. Blake, I.. Beaudflltv. G. Andrews, M. Briggs. D. Ar- rufat, W. Baker, M. Brainard. I ROW 1: B. Du B0is,J. Daniels E. Earl, B, Deister. A. Duffy P. Davidson. ROW 2: C. Ding- men, C. Dyrnond, L. Davis. M Davis, S. Dunn, D. Du Bois. J Cummings. ROW 3: B. De Vlieger, D. De-Jean. J. Dunphy, C. Curtis. D. Berry. R. Dodd C. Doty. a I K. l"I'1'I1l'h, 5, Cvrurml. S. lvre-nr'h, ff. flvnung. fl. Flani- Lun. IJ. l':Il,LfIiPll, I'. Flvtrhf-r, H, lfisln-r, NT. fin-vrmr. N. Craf- fiu-. RUYV 2: P. Cage: D ll:-lvln-r, Il. inmlrnxun, H. inh- un, R. ffrvvnv, J. Epstvin. J Could. B. Flvlningl. I I Kvtvhann. l'. Jnm-Q, I.. I.f'w- I f I I. .uw-rifm. IJ. I1-r. S. Ma- h H. I., I.lll'kVVlNNI, I.. I.l'f', J. I'lSl'lllIlilI', J. Kvnnvy. ROW Z lx. Inpkc-, N. I,arrulu'1'. J. Kuhn:-r. ll. King. . 4 -e-. . lull. H. Huf'Q11r'1'I1. J. Litls, li l.ullu-r. J. l.lPTl'I'4 . I C. Hulslander. S. Irving. D H:-ath. C. Hvawy. J. Hanus. W. Hacklingz. K. Griffin. ROW 2: A. Crow. J. Howard. D. Gus- tin. P. Hanafin, B. House, J. Hunsingvr, S. Joiner, J. John- ston. uw? 0 ROW 1: P. Renda, P. Purdy B. Raif. T. Reese, S. Rogersi S. Pearsall, R. Coon, C. Pen- nell. B. Smith, D. Pierson ROW 2: D. Pierce, J. Robin- son, T. Robinson, T. Peck, I Peters, S. Roberts, W. Potter M. Rorapaugh, A. Plymale, Ri Petrush. I ROW 1: M. McCarthy. C. Morgan, D. Nelson, M. Neild, P. Patterson, B. Neely, S. Par- ker. BOW 2: N. Morlando, J. Myers, V, McGregor, J. Ormis- ton, T. Merry, J. Monticello, M. Olson. g . ROW 1: L. Scarzafava. l . fax- ton, P, Survey, P. Scanlan, L Tilton. B. Taylor, M. Stodclarcl N. Talada. BOW 2: N. Travis C. Shultz, J. Sehreck. R. Sha- piro, T. Scarano, T. Schmidt G. Savage, R. Trenconsky. I ROW l: K. Vail, li. Vandor- llilt, Nl. Ynnkln. S. Wlorflvll ll. Williamson. fl. Wilc'rix, D Whit:-. RUW 2: J. VanRipf-r, ll. Wilmn. W. Wand. W. Wal- tz-r, J. Vanllusvr. R. Yuhas. Nl. Nvwln-rry. ROW l: Z. flrnw. lf. llvimlt- man, xl. lflm-usmi, 5. Cow, I.. ifilmm. N. llurn:-fl. 'l'. lluglivs, ll. l.4n1ym1. C.. llnml. A. lam-n, N. lflvuxnll, N. lllll. Nl. llzlllil- lm. .l. llulrllrl. RUW 2: l.. lluwk:-ll. ll. lfxflmwlul. llm-mfun, l., lnlruy, J. lrl'llllIllF, R. ffllgz. Nl. llurri-. l.. llinm. li. llas- Sn If-y. ll. llullvr. V. llinla. ROXV 5: J, ll1lTV!'y. .l. llugggvrty. l.. llallrrivl, A. llrunnix, V. llumvr, l. llf-1-lf'r. if. llvnclvrfon. v ROW 1: W. Du Bois, A. C01- linglon. H. Fe-thvrolf. S. Coul In-r. C. Drum. K. Edsell, S. Ellis. C. Fe-lluws. S. Dymnnd J, Duty, S. Foley, E. Foster ROW 2: B. Dunlap, C. Fitvlx, B. Conklin. S. Corwin. B. De- Wcilfr-. M. l'JiNunzio. C. Cook, C. Dc-ami, A. Fish, R. Du Bois, K. Cramer, K. Fensteniavlwr, R. Fenton. ROW 1: P. Neily, B. O,Neil1 M. Mascioli, J. Morton, J Mitchell, C. Myers, J. Olver, P. Porcino, C. Meaker, C. Mil- ler, C. Miller, S. Mulhollen ROW 2: E. O,Hara, M. Os- man, B. Munson, L. Moore, J Morton, J. Morton, J. Miller, R. Morrison, R. Moulton, P Nielsen, C. Newton, D. Parker, F. Norton. ROW 3: S. Nielsen, T. Murphy, B. Morlando, J. McGregor, A. Miller, R. Moyer, R. Myers, H. May. ROW 1: J. Krissel, D. Krom, S. Luce, C. Lane, S. Luding- ton, E. Lovelace, P. Little, S. Krupske, B. Lynch, S. Kimble, N. Lane, C. Kocian, L. Lane, T. Kristof, B. Lenkiewicz. ROW 2: B. June, M. John- son, V. Kryger. V. Kresko, A. Lenkiewicz, S. Levinos, R. Koch, W. Kalbaugh, D. Ko- vach, D. Landon, C. Madison, D. Johnson, R. Martin, R. Ma1'sh, B. Keely. S ROW 1: C. Quick, B. Perkins, A. Robbins, L. Ryan, J. Pies ter, J. Ross, N. Pollard, T. Patti, A. Pfaff, J. Samson, K Sellick, B. Russell, J. Rutkow- ski. ROW 2: D. Ryan, G Robek, R. Ruh, K. Potter, Cv. Sanford, S. Schmidt, M. Rin ker, C. Rush, R. Payne, G Quinn. T. Scarano. E. Reistet- ter. ROW 3: J. Phelps, C Pierce, J. Riffanacht, K. Rich- ardson, D. Haggerty, H. Severn K. Richards, H. Shelp. IIUXX I: NI. XX1vkI1a1n. J. Winnv. K. Xuungr. J. Ynnkin X, Ifrv-1In'rin'k. I'. Wvllmzm, NI xVilIl'Hllh, C. Wir--ing. W. Iiuza, Il. fiwrzll. ROW 2: i.. XVLIIII' II. xvilI'Il4'l'. K. Young. II. I3 Wwi1'l'i1'I1, K. Wingllvr, R. Zu- Ivvg. .I. Wm-fl. II. XVRIHI. S IIUW I: II. Sllvrvt, J. 'I'I11'a1'-Il- ex 5 NIIIIIII I' NUIII N .,,',..5ln1p- un. f.. SIIIIIVVIQI. I.. FIIIIIII, 5. In-In. If, SHI'1N'IlIllHIxj. IIUW Z: J. Intl'-11. I.. Flaullnn. I. Xlxlxn I I mln: pau l 1i'...S4' .. , I. Iunm'1'. In. I1l1-flmlm. II. uufll. IN. YIIlt'l'llI. IIIIW II: I. 5II'lIlllY. II, 5IIIIIIl. I., I:lyI1Il'. II. Nlwm. I.. FIIIIIII. N, Spvllw-, 1. 5IllI'Illll'Ix. I.. 5ILl-IINIINII. F. ROW I: S. liurr. J. III-aluIuin 5. lfnpwe-ll, IT. lfnrrillgtnn, C IIPLIIII. G. IJLIFIIUS. T. II:-nn'Ims ski. 5. Illusku. U. Clappc-r. I. lfulvmzul. W. Iiurrivr.A II. Iiuw vu. ROW 2: II. lIIwm'v II Iicrm-. II. IIurII1uInl11mI': .I Be-1-klmrn, Il. IIUIUIIHIII. IT. Bum-r J. Cawlvy. Il. Colv. If. Iioulon C. Balmykin. T. Iiruwn. S Ayn-rs. HOW 3: H. III'l'llC'Ili' ly. Ac-kvrt. J. Card. B. Bald win. L. Ayvrs, K. Bwky. J Burris, J. Bc-lhf, S. Ashvraft. ROW 1: K. Gossler, M. Gon you. M. Greene, S. Haddad, WY. Hart D. Guldenschuh M Hahn, c'. Eddy, B. Fuller, Ai Henning, S. Frink, S. Hagen C. Galloway. ROW 2: B. Gre gory, P. Finklestein, W. Green- halgh, R. Garza, R. Greene, D Farwell, S. Griswold, J. Fields R. Genung, W. Gunning. ROW 3: J. Gibson, N. Griffin N. Edwards, J. Early, B. Ellis L. Frank, L. Durant, J. Earley D. Gustin, R. Hadsell, D. Fen- stemacher. ROW 1: G. Collington, P. Conklin, C. Durant, C. Cava- liere, L. Corson, R. Chetko, S. Cokely, C. Case, V. Clapper, M. Duffy, D. Day, M. Crowell, P. Dietrichsen, J. Duck. ROW 2: B. Crooke, L. Cramer, C. Chatham, C. Conklin, D. Deets, R. Cockrell, R. Duffy, B. Cur- rie, B. Chilson, A. Dowd, R. DeBoyace. ROW 3: J. Cham- berlain, J. Coulter, R. Cargill, G. Donson, J. Costley, D. Dodd, R. Cummings, D. Con- rad, R. Carmon. ROW 1: L. Liddle, N. LeSucr P. Herceg, V. Hotchkiss, N Lott, J. Knox, M. Krum, C Jatko, F. Koncak, J. Lovell J. Humphrey, C. Kristof, J Hix, J. Harvey. ROW 2: P Lane, S. Halley, C. Jamieson, H. Hitchcock, J. Kimble, G Krise, S. Madden, Y. Kanaza- wick, C. Lane, R. Heath, N Herko, R. Heath. ROW 3: G. Hoover, E. Leamer, S. Kinner, D. Lockwood, T. Lewis, T. Henley, A. Hanrahan, S. John- son. P. Lyon, C. Heavey. 1 ROW l: li. Nt-wvll, E. Makar, M. Nnyvs, .i. Aivyvr, ff. NIC- llummgli. M. Marinu, S. Nlyvrs, J. Nlitltllf-ton, N. Norton, KI. 'Xiuurt-, U. Moore-. D. Mc'Part- land, A. Munn, E. Nivholas. ROW 2: K. Morgan, U. Mar- tin, M. Mvlnlyrv, l'. Mc-CIW hind, R. Uris, C. Middvndorf. W. Hnlynr-zinx, J. 0'Connnr, I". Murtinvk, A. Morn, R. Mulyf nm-aux. ROW 3: CI. Mclain, J. Olson, N. Milli-r, R. Mnntrnss, R. Nvstrivk, R. Marsh, M. Nlivhnn. M. Nlinnivh, U. Mur- phy. ROW I: I.. Syke-s, J. Stanton, ff. Stom-. C. Svve-rn, C. Schmidt ff. 'l'halh4iff'r. R. Smith, K Utlnlvrwmul, J. Stvvvns, T. Swain, N. lhnhziuc-r, II. She-ily ROW 2: W. Staudt. A. Smith li. Spruaunsky, M. Spnhn, S 'l'ilt41n, J. Spuor, P. Stryker, lf. St. john. fl. Vvnth-rhilt, R Shvk. ROW Ii: R. Shuvvr, I. Shtlvvr, R. 'l'ut0r, U. S4-utt, A Stuwt-Il, li. Sing:-r, R. Sundvr- lamzl. ROW 1: J. Peck, R. Peck. C. Ryan, J. Peterson, J. Pvtvrson, L. Rathburn, T. Schaffvrt, P. Paddock, E. Sarvey. R. Post. M. Mroczku, J. Parker, L. Rush. ROW 2: P. Scarano, B. Petrush, T. Rishel, S. Ross, B. Patterson, J. Scheer, S. Osborne, M. Rackett. C. Peters, E. Renda, B. Planchek. ROW 3: J. Sanzo, C. Rich, C. Rear- don, C. Raymond, R. Post, C. Rising, W, Pierce, J. Ramer. ,, . .ga . 4 9 5142? ,V . if " 5.5, 'mi Q A ig - Z ,I gr' 'L' ,- ., A 'f rv a. . . i . A 71 Y ' Ir " fl, ,' .., . I., . -if I wig ,. fx, V4 4 gf gy, ,- M, , '- 'f - . 1 f it ' fi. J 5.3: y h., . 4 515, pi, :Swim .. ,-,. .A-Q 53' .TA .:.- 1 .. ,, . 5 1. 4,5 a' Along the rippling Susquehanna, The shadow of our high school falls And mellow, mingled tints of sunset Illumine now our classic hallsg While students gather 'round thin altars, True loyalty to thee confess, And sing with happy hearts and voices In praise of V.C.S. A, , . 22-, a s E411 ROW 1: P. Wheeland, R. Wiland, D. Wilbur, D. Van Hart, C. Weston, J. Van Vliet, C. Zalenski, M. Van Dusen, B. Wamer. ROW 2: R. Winans, E. Zimmer, M. Wilbur, C. Wright, R. Wilty, K. White. D. Weston, D. Weston. . --1 t gf 2' ' 1, -jhsglg' is- ' , . ,,. ' fi. Q .. ,V I' . rg fi' tb . - '55 ,- i 1.13 Q.. if .W ti . ,J , an LQ, A wr: 5. ,, .vs 1-SE ' KF' ta. -1 . ' ffm gg: 3' " ' Y J' -lx r VJ- .,., T V- iflfff Q-1,41 Ll, ,,1. 1 The Student Government of Vestal Central, under the guidance of Mr. Richard Powell, is operating under a new and better constitution. This body governs school and organization activities with the help and guidance of the administration. Member- ship includes the President and Vice President and four representatives from each class. ROW 1: T. Benzelewski, .l.'Crotty, M. Duffy, C. Andrews, L. Ryan, M. Yonkin. ROW 2: L. Dates, G. Hoover, R. Greene, R. Singer I. Monticello, B. Montross, S. Singer. ROW 3: R. Brundage, J. Card, J. Litts, H. Williams, H. May, G. Shary, J. Garvey, R. Hadsell V8 Sl'iA'l'IfD: Wallaf-sa, M. Heath, K. Rickards, L. May, L. Dates, C. Pitcher. STANDING: D. Drabo, B. Peterson, C. Shary, H. Williams, R. Brundage, V. Vokulich. Waxes ' The Vestal Central chapter of the National Honor Society is one organization of oxgyggazw which qualifications for membership are difficult. Each year in the spring the faculty H S ff, votes on the basis of leadership, character, service and scholarship for the top ten E , E' per cent of the class. In the fall of the Senior year, the faculty again votes on the Z QS tom twent Jer cent. ll ' y ' . Vs if Under the direction of Mr. Stropc. The Bear Facts is published monthly giving all the students the latest news of the school. gem aotd Staff SlCA'I'EIJ: W. House, L. Learner, C. Juriga, B. Peterson, J. Parker. STANDING: H. May, R. Brundage, K. Anthony. N. Irout, J. Pit-stcr, 5. Parker, J. Peterson, J. Peterson, S. Opp, S. Wallaesa. K K i .:-f if l H SEATED: M. Heath, Art, K. Richards, Art Editor, C. Juriga, Girls' Sports, J. Parker, Treasurer, B. Peterson, Editor, STANDING: T. Knowlton, Advertising, J. Rising, Sales, H. Williams, Boys' Sports, R. Brundage, Co-Editor, D. Drabo, Literary, D. Mattison, Photography. Sag ,Q 2 , fem EEE N 7 jflfl 'ii The Press Club is the Advertising Agent of the Y P ' 2,5 111-'-"N .-"W" Q Q. 1, V f l 5. school. lt writes articli to the lused in our local L: Sir k ? Ili:-LIL A. .1 paper on Sunday on t e sc oo page. i, 1 1644 SEATED1 S. Karahon, L. Murphy, A. Allyn, K. Edsell, S. Opp. STANDING: A. Truesdell, L. Lee, V. Molter, K. Griffin, S. Fisher, N. Trout, S. Singer, W. House, C. Juriga, President. ROW 1: B. Bowen, I. Knapp K. Richards, K. Sana., M' Lattimore. ROW 2: H. Wil mot, C. Lawrio, N. Morlando G. Morgan, N. Trout, N. Nor- ton. ROW 3: M. Jones, S Nielson, K. Richards, R. Selt- zer, R. Shapiro, P. Nielson, R Winans, C. Wright. For those students who have a desire to express themselves materialistically, Art Club is ideal. Among many other projects. Mr. Williams. the advisor, has helped the cluh with its annual Kathy Sellick. Vice President: Barbara Bowen, Secretary: lrene 2 X O Besides putting on several plays. and helping with the Senior play, the Dramatics fl! ' Q, y . J ' "w 0 fw , , 'Q Cluh learns the fundamentals of the "Fine Arts." Mrs. Vanderbilt the director has really made this club a success. Officers are Larry Leamer. President: Linda Lovell. Vice President: Sandy Simpson. Secretary: Marion Stalker, Treasurer. ROW 1. E Gallu B. Vander- ' - Pi hilt, M. McCarthy, P. Purdy S. Smith, N. Pollard, S. Simp- son, K. Young, C. Andrews K. Richards, J. Piester, M Reed. ROW 2: J. Wilson, J Garvey, H. May. L. May, B. Taylor, K. Antony, S. Beverly, C. Rush, M. Hanafin, T. Patti, J. Samson, B. Beme, M. Stal- ker. ROW 3: R. Carmody, R White, R. Snyder, W. House ll. Dowd, V. Vokulich. L Johnson, L. Learner, President: J. Wiggins, L. Davis, N. Mor- lando. L. Lovell. S. lfnrwin. I-I 1 Ween! FI l Vestal MHP' Club greets all new students entering the school and introduces them to the classes and activities at Vestal. Mrs. Mac Lowry is the club advisor, Linda Randall, President, Barbara Peterson, Vice Presidentg and Nancy Duke, Secretary. ROW 1: J. Hackling, L. May, E. Gallup, S. LaDue, V. Mlddendorf P Eldred N Duke L Lowell N Hudgxn K Allyn Hernon, C. Grover S Ayers, P. Machovec C. Begell N Joiner S Dunn K Nnthons J Cunnnm s N Nlorlando J 'Wares C Jurlga 7 ROW 3: F. C di -L. Dates, E. Me er., D. Dowd: Lott D DuBo1 B Case E Howard B Hun-son J Howard ROW 4 J Edward ar en, y S. Beeman, J. Myers, N. Lawton, R. Currie, W. House, J. Ep tem N Janua helt K Nlrtchell J Adams ROW 5 R Mattrson R ' f Brundage, B. Brown, P. Ford, P. Gage, P. Luther, J. Lltts L Cuddv J Me er mith N Graf ius : I waded 7Z4t6fm4 ffdeew SI'lA'l'IilJ: Mrs. IJ, Harrlr-r, E. Gallup, lresidvntg H. Williams, Parlianientarian. STANDING: ll. llralm, Treas- nrf-rg l.. li-ann:-r, Vive-l'ra-siilc-nl. MISSING: ll. Hartman. S4'1'r1'tury. 'lllle United Nations Club, the largest Clulm in the school, consists of Juniors and Seniors who carry out such WOI'LllWVlliI61JI'OjCCIS as clothing drives and donations to Ifzm-. 'I'l1c cluli holds a lmottle drive in the fall and various money raising projects to finance the spring trip to New York City. Mrs. Dorothy Harder is the dedicated advisor of the elulm. ROW I: ll. Wivklmm, I.. Randall, S. Parker, P. Post, ll. Raif, M. Yonkin. ll. Rinaldi, M. Nelson, J. Parker. ROW 2: D. Nelson, S. Wards-Il, l., Slove-r, V. Vnkulivh, M. Stalker. M. Reinliart. S. Singer, .l. Vanllz-rvvs-r, C. Pitcher, S. Wallaesa. ROW 3: B. Peterson, l,. I.:-ann-r, R. Snyder, Roberts, J. Sehrr-ck. G. Saxenmyvr. J. Wilson, K. Richards, S. Opp. ROW 4: R. Seltzer, R. Stalford, H. Williams, II. Swain, IJ. Norlhrup, II. Womlwortli. R. Singer, C. Shary. ll. Stadel. ROW 1: R. Bundage, Secre- taryg R. Mattison, Vice Pres- ident: H. Williams, Presidentg J. Wilson, Treasurer. ROW 2: T. Reese, D. Parker, B. De- Wolf, N. Januashek, J. Epstein, D. Pierson, J. Simpson, G. Vaillancourt, J. Monticello. ROW 3: S. Spence, J. Card, B. Gifford, J. Schreek, D. Cus- tin, C. Swain, J. Ormiston, A. Williams. W The motto of Key Club is "We Buildf, Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Vestal, the club performs service projects for ' l , the school and community, under the leadership of President Yhxo,QL,el,f" Hal Williams, Vice President Richard Mattison, Secretary Reed PM Brundage and Treasurer Jim Wilson. ilu, 'QR ExLt:EX I Q N st Wt l f ff Nx l ' Q' Dedicated to helping the needy and hospitalized, Red Cross Club members are Q constantly seen collecting money, useful items, and workers for some worthwhile ,Stow-iq, project. Under the guidance of Mrs. Cavanaugh and officers: Hal Williams, President, f Q Carrie Andrews, Vice President: Linda Dates, Secretary, and Ed Lopke, Treasurer, Q-Ocho? this is an extremely worthwhile organization. ROW 1: E. Gallup, B. Vander- hilt, J. Parker, K. Allyn, J. Hamus, B. Lynch, S. Simpson, C. Andrews, S. Pearsall, B. Taylor, T. Banzelewski. ROW 2: S. Beverly, K. Anthony, C. Meeker, C. Pfaff, B. Berne, B. Bartholomew, J. Adams, M. Osman, P. Hanafin, L. Dates, M. Hanafin. ROW 3: J. How- ard. C. Rush, B. Peterson, R. Brundage, J. Epstein, H. Wil- liams, F. Campion, E. Lopke, T. Brown, N. Craffius. 84 SEATED: J. Ketcham, B. Vanderbilt, M. Clapper, J. Kretschmar, J. B r 0 k a w. STANDING: J. Crotty, Miss Brezny, C. Morgan, H. Fether- olf, K. Young, D. Coodison, C. Flanigan, N. Trout, N. Hill, P. Scanlon, B. Taylor, W. Ackley, W. Kalbaugh. ly- l"renrh Club under the direction of Mlle. Brezny attempts to gain a better understanding of France, her language and customs. Officers are: Judy Crotty, President, Peggy Clapper, Vice Presi- dent: Jerri Keteham, Secretary: Joan Kretschmar, Treasurer: and Barbara Vanderbilt. Parliamentarian. The Hi-Y Club under the leadership of Miss Johnson was organized to create and maintain high standards of Christian character. The motto of the club is Clean Living, Clean Speech. Clean Sportsmanship, and Clean Scholarship. Officers of the club are: Leslie May, President: Kay Mitchell, Vice President, Priscella Saxton, Secretary: Linda Randall, Treasurer: Sandy Singer. Chaplain: and Lynne Johnson, Parliamentarian. ROW l: P. Saxton, Secretary, l.. May, l'rc-sidentg K. Mitchell, Vim--l'r1-sirlc-nt: L. Randall, 'l'r4-asurerg MISSING: L. John- son, Parlianientarian. ROW 2: V. Vokulich, K. Richards, L. Lovell, M. Stalker, P. Eldred, M. Reinhart, L. Chapman, S. Foley, ROW 3: L. Dates, B. Lynch, C. Meaker, N. Trout, M. Heath, C. Johnson, C. McQuis- ton, li. Shuff. ROW 4: S. Joiner, D. Nelson, S. Wardell, C. Stalk- er, T. Patti, P. Machovec, J. Sta-vt-ns, M. Davis, S. Pearsall, D. Dowd. S. Walluesa. ROW 5: D. Taylor, J. Krissel, Mott, N. Stratton, S. Smith, J. Puff, R. Rail, L. Cuddy, J. Kretschmar, J. VanDr-rveer, D. Green. ROW 6: D. Scott, J. Haclcling, C. Grover, R. Schlotterbeck, V. Nlicltlenclorf, K. Griffin, S. Opp, S. Singer, Chaplain, K. Vail, N. Duke, K. Robinson. ROW 1: L. Stover, Purchasingg C. Grover, Clean-uplg C. McQuiston, Treasurerg J. Hackling, Chaimian. ROW 2: J. Billet, Sellingg R. Singer, Assistant Sellingg D. Crawford, Co-Chairmang T. Ziemba, Purchasing. These are two of the most important activities of the Senior Class. By selling refreshments at the football games and subscriptions to magazines, the Seniors pay for graduation expenses. O I ' 60601 SEATED: D. Mattison, J. Hackling, B. Peterson. STANDING: H. Williams. D. Crawford, Chairman. I l "'W'fQ" ROW 1: J. Doty, W. Strong, C. Walker, D. Morse, D. Ward. ll. Corsam, B. House. ROW 2: L. Croft, B. Lynch, D. Walker, Nl. l.ovc-laee, L. Carmen, W. llrenden, J. Lyon. G. Willnur. Mr. Benson. advisor. directs the F.F.A. in the knowledge of new methods in scientific farming. liiflc Clulm under the direction of Mr. Maybee works for marksmansllip and safety in handling firearms. cfle ROW 1: D. Rush, Pre-sidenrg W. Wasson, J. Kenney. J. Monticello, L. Bogart, C. Jatko, E. Brown. ROW 2: E. Gallup. J. Ulf-as-on, li. Deifter, I-. Ilaekf-tt. E. Bogart, D. Wickham. J. Crannis. ROW 3: R. Morriso, C. Saxenmyer, F. Campion, D. Nlontieello, R. Clover, R. Snyder. W. Brenden, D. Kovacli. B. Keely. D. Ciannuzzi, A. Williams. Mal ROW 1: S. Greenhalgh, J. Epstein, J. Litts, C. Swain, W. Woodworth, J. Schreck, J. Comick, T. Reese. ROW 2: S. Mahon, K. Bryant, C.Pe11nell, J. Peters, R. Chapman, B. Wood, S. Roberts, D. Pierson. ROW 3: J. Billet, D. Berry, B, Gifford, B. Breed, R. Slick, D. Plew, President: J. Hill, D. Northrup, A. Plymale, H. Williams. I The Varsity Club is made up of lettermen from all major sports. The Club is under the leadership Of Donn Plew, President. The C.A.A. is a new club at school under the direction of Miss Cleveland. Any girl may participate in these after school athletic activities. ROW 1: J. Howard, K. Allyn, B. Fischer, J. Adams, M. Thomas. J. Mares, P. Renda. ROW 2: M. Marino, J. Peter- son, N. Lott, J. Peterson, S. French, M. Wilbur. ROW 3: J. Burris, J. Messersmith, D. Wickham, J. Billet, G. Morton. i w i ROW 1: J. Brokaw, R. Clover, Presidentg J. VanRiper, D. Giannuzzi. ROW 2: E. Lopke, F. Campion, G. Saxenmyer, J. Could, J. Burke. A new club at school this year is the Science Club under the direction of Joseph Kirk. This interesting club has undertaken many experiments in various fields of science. . This year the radio club was added to the list of clubs in Vestal Central. Bernard Fox, the founder of the club, has helped many students become ham radio operators. The students of the high school were all given the chance- to hear the workings of this station over the P.A. system in the fall. 24003 da! ROW 1: E. Lopke, Presidentg D. Kovach, F. Campion, M. Mclntyre, P. Alley. ROW 2: Mr. Fox, J. Scheer, L. Wasson, D. Earl. W. Wasson, C. Saxenmyer, B. Brokaw. cr SEATED: E. Sisson, S. Lyons, J. Orzell, L. Murphy. STANDING: E. Foster, N. Morlando, B. Bowen, S. Coulter. ir, fi?" " The Library Club under the direction ot Mr. Crowell helps out in the library, 'gt charging books out, replacing them and helping students find books. i The Public Address Club of Vestal Central under the direction of Walter Parsons gives off with a mighty "Good morning, may I please have your attention for the following announcementsf' This club briefs all the students of their many meetings and lists the lost and found articles among other bits of information. ? ROW 1: L. Dates, S. Opp, V. Vokulich, J. Wiggens. MISSING: L. Johnson. cazchfapfzam 'A ff , n ----'W' -L-- N! 117 1 U .., A I . 1 : I f Queen-Sandra Singer Past Queen-Louise Bailey Ladies-imWaiting-Shirley Fisher, Linda Chapman Queen's Court-Nancy Duke, Joyce Hackling, Karen Robinson Carole McQuiston, Sandra Ayres, Patricia Machovec, Linda 2,1 Dates, Linda Randall, Judy Van Derveer, Vicki Vokulich. Shirl I ... . ,, -v -, sg 1- f ra' , 1 fr ' r Wmvkly. 412 f Sillllly Ayr:-Q 5 l,in1lu CIIZIIDIIISIII l,in1la1 llulvs Pall l'llllFl'4l IAVSIH' Kuy Nlitvlia-ll Queen Shirley Fishvrf'-King George Shary Quvcn Phyllis Loc-King Ron Ferris Sandy Opp llurlm Pvtorson l,in1lu Rumlull xlllflvlll' Rvinhurt Sandy Singer Judy Vainllvrvc-or .lim Bill:-I .lvrry Hill Stun Kopansky Larry Lvuinvr Dave Northrup Roy Pvlrush Cary llulver John Simpson Gene- Stratton Hal Williams .lim Wilson Bill Woodworth '1 Seauhfz 77547 R. Brundage, S. Ayres, A. Williams, K. Rich- ards, J. Brown, G. Shafy, L. May, R. Currie, N. Hudgins, W. Thane, P. Eldred, L. Leamer. ' 'Af' Sh , E,-"" gg L,,7,, "find 'Meg Amd Wafpdq Swap." 94 I, Sa? " efeau, OMWW kk' QQN' E S 'if 9 f M , KX l le' QQ 3' 3' ' , ew H' ig -VM Q Lk ,. ,, ki. A . ik f' , J' K H ga A 4 V gr. 5 Yfkfp in .! , Q tg k r j A 'fy 1 U. W . . 5 e - Q' I 4+w Ah 'f N fm , iii ffx 5 'N gi, we A ,al Q,-'sg if ,f n-R! E, S N, - nllwhmwf, 1 , nm? 5 SK 40 f' a - ' f MF V v K ' ffm ffxx 5 4 9' 45' cf 11P 48 1, ,, rw, M' x 5, fx 11-ffixk 3, , fw- se- ! 453 ,wiv all Y.-. Q f -new V' ff f-ii sm et? , MQ ,min-1 A ' if 'TQQW in 11" gcc! 7 . Nw' , J ' W',h.- L ,nr '33 'A ax, w 4"X.'lRiQ , W K.. 1 an QW iff , x f Sw is by ELM ' Wxwiifw AQ vw, L, " "6" 'f k tw? M , -rg JN A yi: 3-1 by wiv- 5 k Q I Www 6 A XX., r" Q AY, . is ,gn KPN Q JW' W ,Wx .V W at . .- If -,-.,,, Mu 3, n , 1 .ROW 1: N. Craffius. S. Opp. M. Stalker. D. Wickham. .l. Howard. V. Vnkulich. C. Ralmykin, M Johnson. E. Howard. ROW 2: S. Levinns, B. Dunlap. W. Baker. P. Cage. C, Vuillancourt. R. Emu! Offezew The Vestal Central Band. under the direction of Mr. Williaili 0. Marvin, has continued to clemonstrate its excellent musical talent. The hand is again planning to attend the musical festival at Hamilton. Ontario. S. Levinos. Captain. S. Gleason. M. Watrnus. P. Hunifiri, J. Messersmith. K. Wingler, C. Babykin. Clupper. ROW 1: M. Osman, J, Ulver, E. Howard, K. Min-he-ll, S. Pcarsull, P. Purdy. ROW 2: R. Chetko M. Muscinli. V. Moltvr. C. Hood. A. Ure-4-no. L. Sykes. gatoneacbiewze U M. Chipper, N. Gruffius, C. Juriga, J. Adams, B. Fischer, S. Burgher, S. Kinner, L. Stover. -S ? 21? X N - ,,. , f W Q Q55 3? '25 as mf Q51 t :gf 21251 X- -8 LL'L .Q .7 A Q Rik Q 3 K A' W g .57 ,2f2fQ'?f?w ?f f..fsf if T Lv mf 3' 1' Q 25? 4, Y .1 A is Q Q .a ROW l. left to right: K. Robinson, V. Kryger, P. Eldred, J. Wiggins, M. Reinhart, J. Hackling, S. Ayers, J. Piester L. Randall, J. Parker, C McQuiston, J. Ketcham, B. Raif, P. Davidson, M. Hanafin, M. Reed, B. Griswold J. Kretschi mar, L. Beaudette, M. Davis, B. Peterson. ROW 2: R. Seltzer, H. Smith, G. Henderson, W. Baker, A. McDaniel, R Dodd, J. Rutkowski, R. Dodd, H. Shelp, J. Garvey, R. Sticklin, B. Kalbaugh, R. Stalford, K. Becker. ROW 3: N Duke, Pianist, Mr. Eddy, Director, V. Vokulich, Pianist. 764145 Waxed 0 ROW 1: C. Hnderson, G. Could, G. Zierdt. C. Stone. R. Peck. A. Coleman, E. Sorochinsky, E. Reistetter. ROW 2: S. Wardell, Vice President, P. Purdy, B. Coleman, J. Howard, Treasurer, S. Opp, President, R. Currie, E. Meyer Secretary, M. Duffy, E. Howard, D. Stewart, C. Rich, A. Marshall, M. Browning. ROW 3: C. Quinn, P. Cage, W Baker, D. Wickham, R. Stalford, C. Pitcher, R. Pierce, V. Kryger. 1 Swad- if ,ff MRS. PURDY-Red Building MR. PERKINS!-Ross Corners . Q. MR. ANTONY-Willow Point ! N. ,ff ICUW l: N111 HUIIUII, flu. Xlau'Wlillun. Mrs. l'4-urszlll. Nlrs. I.lllkwl-Qi. Miss Clllllllilvull, Mrs. Ma1f'Quc'0n, Mr. ru-r. RUN! .Zz Hr. hnullk, Nlr, lillss, Mr, Mviflllrc-. Mr. I yluvk. Nl XII Il NI: IKAI'K1ll'Xk. Viv Klf-ray. Nlri. Ifnrfl. Mrs. Hill. STAND- SE.'X'l'Ell: Misg Clllillllll, Mrs. Hanson. STANDING: Mrs, Wlli IN! Nl: llunlf ll, Ur. liupe-mkc, Nlr. Nlillillifll. Mr. Lulkuski. sun. Mr. U1-11sm1. Mr. Auclinu. Mrs. Eggleston. Wx ROW 1: W. Meloling, G. Lockwood, K. McCeelland, L. Kerr, D. Little, D. McNeil, B. Terrence, L. Middendorf. ROW 2: K. Purdy, C. Pear- sall, K. Johnson, C. Miller P. Holland, J. Jacobs, L Peace, T. Howard. ROW 3: L. Layman, D. Lyman, A. Pet- tir, G. Jones, S. Lenor, K Murphy, S. Houseknecht, J Lainhart. ROW 4: J. Lupole, J. Lopke, A. Johnson, R. Lan don, L. Hunsinger, E. Mock, B Wiland G Oakele T. ' 7 ' yi Van Auken, T. Lynch. I6 s ROW 1: I. Benzelleski, B. Lamphere, T. Fuller, D. Bas- sett, G. Core, J. M. D'Angelo, L. Grow. ROW 2: T. Drumm, B. Braithwait, G. Ballard, C. Barnum, V. Campion, C. Farr, R. Camp, J. Crotty, E. Har- rison. ROW 3: B. Boice, T. Davis, M. Duffy, P. Frisbie, H. Eggleston, M, Foster, C. Homa, D. Fischthal, S. Fern- bach. ROW 4: J. George, D. Cokely, P. Hogan, K. Gas- kill, J. Flavin, C. Shelly, E. Decker, D. Gregory, G. Harper. ROW 1: C. Sicler, C. Van- dermark, L. Wark, J. Steph- ens, J. Russell, K. Stoddard, N. Silveri, C. Wray. ROW 2: J. Walter, V. Warner, S. Young, A. Rogers. D. Hill, Y. Shephard, A. Smithf K. Stuart. ROW 3: E. Stanton, D. Ward, N. Wolford, J. Stone, S. Tucker, D. Tillot- son, T. Warwick. J. Stern- berg. ROW 41: R. Rogers, S. Post, S. VanVlict, K. Van Duser, M. Walker, J. Brown, C. Stross, B. Wark, A. Spence, C. Toller. ROW I: li, l.ivingsmn, J. K. Livingston. lf, fllllllllllillS. ROW 2: S. Daly, T. Small- Slurk, 5. lllllllili, R. Emu, vmnlm, li. l"r4'4lrif'k, ff. llru D. Mrrviu, M, l'lf'l'lN'll, Sl'llllllllIl'lll, J, Yllllllg. WDW l: S. llzlvilunrl, S. llil 1-nflurf. ll. Svmit, D. Vain- flilflvr, l'. Krygvr. li. Wing- lvr, NI. D'llrso, D. DiNunzi0. liUW 21 ll. H0511-rs, S. Win- ston, l'. lim-ur. M. Sllunle-y, J Swrriku. l.. lin-zirlvy, l,l'lI'llSll, ll. 'IN-won. ROW 3: li. l.uwry, li. lla-nmlc-ry, fl. le-n'-on. .l. Milla-r, .l. Ste-flik, ll. Knupivk. li. fllie-ne-y. B Olflollllrlr. A. ROW 1: D. Morsome-n, L Brinkley. D. Williams. D Ratliff, D. LuDuc, D. Kurs! D. Fleming, M. Lason. ROW 2: T. Ratliff, M. Andrews, N Oliver. D. Murry, C. Millard S. Digman, S. Whitvllousv, A Dodd, P. Piercv. ROW 3: W Jumper, C. Horsky. L. Hatha: way. D. Johnson, P. Lewis R. Pylon, v. Clarke. R. Kroi wink. J. DeBoyac'c. R. Peris. I07 s 1 v ROW 1: 1. Sceliolim, C. Rut- ter, D. Williams, S. Raymond, J. Sisson, R. Sauage, T. Work, C. Sisson, S, Vail, E. Reistel- lee. ROW 2: D. Williamson, R. Westfall, P, Sweeney, S. Rought, P. Rush, D. Scott, W. Walter, D. Tkacliuk, D. Wiggins, N. Zinke. ROW 3: R. Tinklepaugh, P. White, K Spencer. R. Stowell, S. Terry 11. Riley, J. Wilbur, C Schneider, L. Prait, J. Potts. I08 ROW 1: R. Armant, C. Al- sup, J, Boland. T. Bakeo, J. Bryant, C. Allyn, S. Cort- right, N. Brown, L. Adams. ROW 2: D. Crispell, R. Deubler, M. Dobrovolsky, M. Cerbara, H. Adams, S. Bux- ton, C. Adams, L. Doupe, B. Crossett, R. Ambrose, R. Dur- and. ROW 3: R. Bennett, C. Burgess, M. Colman, D. Ben- ntt, C. Eldredge, S. Cole- man, D. Case, W. Chatham, J. Dare, D. Darling. ROW 1: F, Hackett, T. Ham- lin, J. Loughre, T. Leonard, H. Harvex, B. Knausdorf, L. Hess. K. Ely, M. Hyd , C. Gurney, C. Henning. ROWV 2: G. Liddle, C. King, J, Love, A. Cavazzi, F, Kenner, L. Hanifin. C. Kennedy, H. Hix, S. Heyda, T. Epstein. ROW 3: K. Eyes, M. Fisher. N. Joiner, E. Fenstemucher, P. Little, S. Irving, L. Fundis, C. Fourness, M, Fundis, S. Krupski. RU 'Nlnl W I: P. I'im'kf'rim1. L. In-r, .l. Ntwlrivk, .l. Moss, FWHIIIHINR, il. Nlxllu-n, B. f,Hl'il'll, fl. l'io'l'1'1'. RUXV 2' llllll. 4. . '1SS, 4-hun, A. Hill:-r, I, North- lup. lt. Nlnrlin. IJ. Morgan. RUW l: H, tlulligzlialrn, C. 1 llldlllilll, ff. Uallvs, U. ffrouks, IS f.uIt', fi. fiullglllin, lift-ke-r. RUW 2: I.. lY.fM1gt-lo, X Half-111.111, 'If llilliwsky, I3 tlmrln-5, IS. lllurk, S. flovk- I4 Il. H. lfulvs. H. tjlbllll, P. I htllllll ln ROW 3 IJ I tr A. flUH'lll'ilH. J. Carlson, 1 4 1 . I: . C001- Wnrud, W. lluy, J. Cun- u mg ,l, tlurnivk, N. limzuitis. ROW 1: D. Staulfurd, C Stcigvrwnld, E. Smith. G Stcinrurk. R. Tivl. T. Tulll man, H, 'l'lu-ctgv. A. Smith D. 'lxllI'ilSht'l'. ROW 2 Sutton. D, Tllrushcr. ROW 2 R. Sutton. C. Stanton. D SI7t'llt'l'f'. C. Stvwurl. S Shaw, J. Stalk:-r. U. Shattuck H. Wm-lwr. RUW 3: T. Slvvn burg. lf. Tm-rry. C, Slnttsv. P Shunk. F. Svxton. N. Smith P. Taylor. A. SWt'l'Ill'f'. ROW 1: S. O'Conn0r, W. Parrish, L. Norton, S. Pit- chanau, D. Dipher, J. Pilking- ton, A. Popik, R. Parker. ROW 2: H. Bellow, J. O'Hara S. Potter. R. Plymale, K O'Connell, B. Quackenbush, C. Place, N. Pritchard, H. Osca. ROW 3: M. Post, D Olson, T. Raif, B. Olver, T. Orzell, R. Pfaff, S. Reese, J. Pierson, R. Pierce. ROW 1: R. Letson, C. Mac- beth. D. Lynch, J. Kovuch K. Lewis, R. Lott, G. Lan dun, S. Lenz, C. Krissel ROW 2: G. Larnerd, M Mack, N. Ormiston, J. Lewis D. Keech, S. Lattimore, D Loveless, C. Lawrio. ROW 3: B. Lillie, T. Lloyd, J. Lucas N. Kilmer, S. Livingston, D Kelly, C. Lyon, V. Knapp, P Krotzer. ROW 1: M. Vrahlie, T. Tobbe, A. Truesdele, M. Vrablic, H. Walser, J. Young D. Utter. ROW 2: C. Yon- kin, H. Wood, D. Totten, L. Wardell, P. Wood, J.. Win- gate, G. VanDerveer, L. Trout. ROW 3: D. Viglione R. Williams, K. Totten, C. Wood, F. Wiggins, T. Weaver, R. Yuhas, B. Way. s 9 s llunplly, I', I'II1lrf-ri. A, Fr: HOW I: 5, I'II1'Ill'llIH'f'g, I Ifrhly, 5. Fi.-lfls, J, Fr:-1Ic-rivk, I, llulnrivlv, Ii. I'il'4'Il1'Il, llrnwl, Il. I'IlHIgl1'F, Il. Ilurvey ROW 2: I'. Iluffy. I.. Fran'-4'a1 li. I'lNI'IlIIIElI. Ii. I-lu: . NNW .: .. Y' gn luul. J. Iuurl, Ia. I'ilIl0 4. .VH , ,. 'l"' IHIIIIIIP. IIUW I: J. Ix11'Ix,llI!iI4lH. .I Izlllhc-ws, II. Morsef, IJ. Mc I'Inr 0 I 'NIIII 's n, I, . ' rr. J. Mnnli 44-Ilu, M. x1f'II1lI1', II. Ilugv. RUW 2: I.. AILIIIIPI. R. Mc-yvr, I'. NI:-rr4'II, I'. NIIIFPIIY, .I NI:-ual, IQ. My:-re-, IJ. N1-wmun. ROW Ii: if. NII'NilIllilfil, IJ. Minnivh, J. Naylor, I'. Mos- unr-r. J. Muwlmnk, A. Mur- slmll, J. IxIl'3NI'I'?4HIIIIl. A. Mnrsr-, NI. Mu1'!4'x1s. 3-Sv ROW 1: J. Andrews, K. An drvws. S, Bridges, D. Agunv C. Maerklc. L, B1lI'IIlUIUlllf'Il ROW 2: M. Browning, 'C Brown. .I. Iionjumin. R BUQIHIIIISIIL F. Ii:-rulw. M Andrvws, T. Iilvwr. RITW 3 K. Ifisgruw. .I. liaumvrnow D. I3rown, ll. Iirownluw. T Ilvur. C. :XIvissi. Nl. :Xgonv K, Bulhlrd. ROW 1: J. Hosie, G. Gleason, B. Harrington. P. Graffius, C. Harrington. K. GleZPn. E. Jumper, K. Hall. ROW 2: M. Highes. J. Hertzog, E. Gross. S. Gibson. D. Hill. S. Horton D. Gleason. R. Gross. P Hickey. ROW 3: C. Hugu- IllI'f'. B. Kaminsky, D. Haight P. Gouldin. J. Hemstreet, J Hoover. B. Hyried. G. Hughes. I2 v ROW l: R. Reynulil. K. Sim- ford. M. Rm-k. C. Rinvr. S. Scanlin. D. Saxton, ll. Ruf- fins, V. Rinclu. ROW 2: D. Ross, F. Sc-lwstu. A. Rnssvn. M. Rinaldi, T. Rll'lldl'llSI?Il. B. SCllWL'lZPT. A, Sagun. ll. Rose. ROW 3: D. Ruliinsnn. T. Rolls. W. Ruhinsun. A. Olieralicr. B. SC'lllll1ll1l'lll, K. Rosenlmluom. B. Schilling, E. Reistetter, C, Schupp. W ROW lt lhlr. Eddy. M. Rucli. P. Graffius, D. Robinson. J. Lewis. A. Francavillu. L. Mantei. C. Lawrio. S. O'Gun- nor, C. Callahan. C, Smnm-, Accompanist. ROW' 2: D. WildPy', D, Sllattuvk. R. Eng- lish, M, Crowell, E. St. John. M. Rinaldi. S. Hullvy. A. Popik. ROW 3: J. Olson, D. Guldenschuh. M. Spohn. C Brimmer. D. VunHurI. P Herceg. P. Cliapmun. ROW l, le-fl to right: R. Uris, Pianist: Nl. Rinaldi, J. Lewis, P. McClelland, C. Jatko, B. Flavin, J. Hemstreet, R. Pfaff, B. Clark, R. l"r1'iu'li. T. lilm-ui-r. C, l.awrio, ll. lfudgc-r, 5. 0'Connor, C. Stonv, Pianist. ROW 2: R. Crooks, D. Wildey, .l. Stalker, R. Tiel, .l. lialdwin, 'l'. Lloyd, .I. Luvas, P. Shook, P. Lyon, R. Marsh, D. Frm-fl1'rim'k, C. lirownlow, A. Dowd, D. Totten, C. Stanton, S. Scanlin, M. lim-k. RHW 3: S. llails-y, S. Iiridgi-5. R. llc-alll, ll. Ch-ason, M. Crowf-ll, C. Slottje, C. Benjamin, L. Frank, B. Ellis, D. Scott, C. Rising, T. ll:-nh-y, S. Livingston, NI. Mr-lntyrv, ll, Sr-liilling, ,l. Blouvr, S. Covkrvll, P. Craffius, D. Robinson, J. Olson. ROW 4: C. Dates, L. Mann-i, A. Poplik, ID. Slnatluvk, IJ. Spa-nm-r, E. St. john, C. McLain, K. U'Connf-ll, L. Wardell, M. Mack, S. Tilton, C. Brimmer, M. Hpolin, V, Clappe-r, A. l4'ran1'avillo, ll, Culdvnsvliuli, D, Vanllarl, P. llm-wvg. L. Sykes, P. Chapman, L. Brinkos, K. Glezen, C. Cal- lalian. . 4 'W' gavwl IUPW l: Mr. liyvr, l.. Trout. K- iilf'1f'rl, 5. llagzvn, P. Moslvy, C. Calloway. S. Pottvr, D. Thrasllvr, D. Spencer. ROW 2: ,l. Wingate, T. llisln-I, K, 0'fI1mn1-ll, ll. Willrur. D, lsudgor. ll. Spruansky. C. Ryan. R. Currie, C. Larnod, T. Steenbvrg, A. Dowd, ,l. Gabriele. S. liakvr, .I. Slalkm-r, K. Cosslvr, P. McClelland. C. VanDervc0r, B. Clark, li. Crooks, P. Krotzor, B. Schweizer, A. Corcoran, D. Stan- ford, C, Dau-Q, C. Wright, ,l. Pivrson, N. Stanlvy, C. Raymond, R. Sutton, D. Totten, S. Bridges, T. Scliaffcrt, B. Moore, C. Slottje, M. Mc-lnlyn-, V. Clappe-r, R. Williams, M. lluglics, L. llrinkos. ROW 3: M, Wilbur, P. Alley, K. Sanford, R. Pfaff. W. Robbins. G. R1-ardon, W. Day. R. Plymalr-, C. Millvr, C. Plavo. .l. Sf'llCf'I', B. PlLlI'l1'lllll'1, C. Landon. Honorable Seniors and others I4 Bread Line Coffee break W ll HV Fmfoawmacw ,ii ROW 1: D. Northrup, B. Gifford, K. Grannis, G. Pulver, J. Hill, D. Plow, B. Slick, C. Pennell, K. Bryant, S. Mahon. ROW 2: T. Scar- ano, N. Hillis, J. Peters, B. Woodworth, C. Swain, P. Crannis, D. Cihiwskey, J. Cornick, B. Wood, J. Totten. ROW 3: B. Bierly, B. Breed, R. Petrush. A. Plymale, D. Rush, L. Brainard, J. Litts. wwdq '7oodl-ul! Jerry Hill and Donn Plew W H6 COACH HOOV COACH POND COACH BURAN BILL WOODWORTH Gary Pulver, Roy Petush, Don Plew KEN GRANNIS CHICK SWAIN BOB GIFFORD Jil li SCORES Vestal 7 13 Johnson City ,,7,,,,, ,,,,,, 7 7712 Vestal ,,7, ,,,,, 7 Elmira South Side 7 ,,,,7,,,, 12 Vestal 7 T Ithaca 7 7 7 27 Vestal 7 77777 26 North High 7 7 2 Vestal 7777 L11 Mount Carmel 77 777777 77777 7 6 Vestal 7 7 7777 77 7 77735 Elmira Free Academy 7 7 7 6 Vestal 7 7 1-L Central High 20 Vestal 77777 7 7718 Union Endicott 7777 7 7 13 Linda Rgndall, Pu1Eldr4gd, Joan Bailey. Sharon Irving. Judy VunDeru-er, Mary Angelo, Nunvy Duke cauhfz ROW l: A. Grunnis. J. Olive-r, I.. Ayers, G. William- son, ll. Orvgson, li. O'llura, G, Williamson, D. Gregson, E. O'Hura, V. Homer, V. Hink, ll. Alsup. ROW 2: .l. Canipln-ll, B. Colburn, J. Mivilvavugv, H. Gilison, C. Wilcox, J. Smith, R. Coon, .l. Haggerty, B. Moyer. ROW 3: U. B1-rry, .l. Wilbur, T. Lernkowicz, R. Paine, J. Chamlwrlain, C. Ockerr, R. Myers. ROW 4: D. Murphy, .l. Heater, F. Hoyt, C, War- ner, .l. Ormiston, M. Now- lu-rry. ROW 1: J. Field, J. Gibson, D. Sprr-sandsky, R. Card, R. Slick, R. Williamson, W. Montross, C. Peters. ROW 2: H. Hitvhcock, R. Post, T Lewis, M. Minick, R. Cum mings, C. Hoovvr, "R. Shaf- fer. ROW 3: .l. Rilmvf, D. Weston, R. Hadsell, F. Boga- czyk, E. Smith, .l. Perry, L. Aoklf-y. C3 ZW? Zauaiv King Bruin-Cary Pulver President of Hi-Y-Leslie May Candidates: Bob Breed, Bob bifford, Ken Grannis, Pahl Crannis. Jerry Hill, Norman Hillis, Dave Northrup, Roy Petrush, Donn Plew, Dick Rush, Chick Swain, Bill Woodworth. ROW 1: B. Gifford, D. Northrup, J. Hill, H. Williams, L. Avery. ROW 2: D. Pierson, K. Cramer, D. Murphy, D. Gustin, J. Comick. COACH LOBB Joan Bailey Mary Angelo Mug? Nancy Duke Linda rowdy Randall Sharon Irving Judy Van Derveer Pat Eldred ROW 1: T. Potts, D. Landon, J. Litts, R. Green, L. Stastyshyn, J. Schreck. ROW 2: M. Conant, B. De Wolf, D. Haire, R. Green, L. Lana, J. Micilcavage. mmWmzzq This year's team will be remembered as a hard working group of hustlers. Although their record does not indicate such, our team has excellent possibilities for the future. A number of returning players show great potential and we look forward to an improved season next year. Sharon Betty Parker Cheney Diane Taylor :E Sue e K .22 ff' V, Ti' We .Rm Judy Johnston Dunn Dianna Green Claudia Greene Sheila Smith Beth Berne I2l ROW 1: K. Sanford, C. Terry, D, Dodd, D. Deets, B. Montrose, R. Green, G. Hoover. ROW 2: J. Pierson, R. Tator, J. Perry, D. Weston, D. Weston, R. Post, R. Singer, T. Raif. Z Bev Petrush YEA TEAM! 11 Donna Farwell r Pai Carollyn Scrano Banick Pat Cheryl Blake Weston Diane Yvonne Anderssen Kanazowich Ann Moss Tina Shaffert I-Lf W I: IJ. Ilurry, G. Wil:-ox. Il. Williamson, L. Crm- Ollllillglll, R. Walk:-r, T. Scrunu, R. Williamson. R Z A. flrunnis. .l. l'm-lm-rs. ll. Slim-k. K. Urunnis. ll. S111 rlvl. V. ll0llll'l', Allsvnl: R. Rusll. I ! In f Thu- Wrvslling 'l'vun1 llilll ai vc-ry Slll'L'0SSl-Ul SHISOII umlvr its now cuacll. lVlr. Curt Gkll0llgll. 0 W 0 0 Nl IIIRIQUT ll, ,flggnln-, ROW l: .l. Nlillvr. R. Rllll, ll, Slim-k. lf. lli-Ivrs, l,. Clllt'lIlllIl. D. Wilcox. ROW 2: Man I wr 'lf ,lllllN'4', ll. llrunnis. ll. llullvr. ll. llaulsc-ll. C. SlLllAl?lll'li, lWlllllLlgL'l'lxl.A201112 ., , , ,I R Tr 1 l Y' . N ' 0-muh? ' . '. " .f. 1 Q .. ..... - E. Lopke, J. Kenny, R. Green, G. Andrews, D. White, R. Bulger. ROW 2: F. Campion, L. Greenhalgh, D. King, L. Lane, D. Parker, L. Avery, W. Greenhalgh. ROW 3: D, Pierson, K. Cramer, J, Epstein, R. Green, J. Billet, R. Singer, R. Petrush. ROW 4: Manager P. Finklestein, Coach Sid Stock. Captain Jim Billet does it again as the Cross Country team moves on. 4 fr .' f r ' 1 .x..' I- W Q Q . 3.1! -5 1' ,, ., Q Q - . - , h -NAM V 6 . , v it r .Qi fffrw 5 , Q ... -1-. -gi Vi - ew. 2 -3, A.. , ff rg ,, - x b im. - -.xh, f. xx V K :W if : 'T-" "sw ful x ' 5 "1 XS' ' 5 'Bla Wvigi L ' - XT xg- ,QD ' , if X AQ Q VA x 1 K C . ', ' -K I v. Q u X I y X if f J A A IXXQI A? 1 .Q-A I I y -A V: :E X, 1 XY 4-- .. 'Q w V -N , L f xx - 4 g f 'nk , x xg ,J 'gl AAN , : QQ 'F ptr? Y ROW I: R. Singn-r, ,l. Hill:-l, IJ. King, W. T1-rry, D. Lott, D. Phipps, K. Crannis, R. Gifford, D. Pierson, W. Wood. ROW 2: F. Wnllwr, S. linln-rl-, ,I. lip-In-in. ,l. flnrnick, lf. Swain. .l. Lilts, D. Whit:-, ll. Ross, J. Schrvck, J. Peters, S. Mahon. ROW 3: M. Conant. D. Hurry. ,I. Nlwr-, li. Huy:-r, ll. Nlxu-Qm-1-n, 'I'. SII'UlllN'. D. Bryant, J. 0'Hara. W. Jvnnings, D. Ruddc-r. ROW 4: A. Plynmlv. D. Webb, R, NI:-yf-rs, Il, Ilryxnn, Il. 'l'nrn:-r. V. Angf-lu, K. Stanton, R. Rush, D. liullrnan. ROW fl-: H. Williams, R. Hcrnon, L. Rozcllf-, D. Plew, VV, W"lDlilIXV1lTfll, D. lnfzunlinv. W1-ndy Terry IlPl'd wv say more' ' fztif 5' . si vat, vi u" - 1'-. ...J-- l25 The Rifle Team, under the direction of Mr. John Maybee, has more than extended its fine reputation by defeating opponents in the twelve matches it has had thus far this year. played especially first place. Phipps, C. Pritchard, Pulver, W. Terry, K. Ml I .ll .LLL KUW l: Nl. liuvlu-II, J. Wilson, C. Vzlndvrlmilt. T. Swain, R. Dinglelwrry, E. 0'Hara, K. Russel, C. Wagner. ROW 2: J. Kenney Il, ,loin-5, li. 'l'uylor, F. Moy:-r, N. ifaunpln-ll, J. Rounds. J. Cavazzi.Al1S1-nt: D, Dralxo. awfdzgedm Wav? HUW lg S. Sing:-r, l'rm-siqlviitg ll. Ili-islvr, Se-ers-tary: K. Milclloll, Tre-aisurvr. ROW 2: J, Hix. M. Duffy, T. Rislicl, P. livrnadt, C. gl4'llIlllIll, S. llnllu-y, M. ffrow:-ll, I.. Randall. M. Rc-inliurt, L. Cllupman, S. Upp. S. Peursull. ROW 3: C. Brimmvr. M. Spohn, V. lllaippm-r, 'I'. Sm-liulfvrt. J. llaill, ll. Bowvn, J. Grannis, S. Mulllollcnlf. Mille-r. l'. Svunlin. ROW 4: D. Culdvnscllull. S. Tilton, S. M irali, l', l'osI, S. lrving, J. ,lllllllSlIH, S. llllllll, 5. Joinn-r, S. Foley, N. Trout, J, Early. ROW 5: C. McDonough, M. Clupper, J. llowzirml, N. tiriiflius, J. lVlK'SSl'fSIIlllll, B. Munson, B. Crooks, C. Moorc, S. Kimble-. ll. Clwncy, C. Mcakvr, T, Bvnzclcwski. ROW 6: 'L limi:-oiii, Nl. Slorldurml. G. llilI'l1l'S, l'. Sarvcy. l'. Davidson, E. Bogart, A. Allyn, S. Fisln-r, B. House. C. Johnson. L. Crauner. .. l I 4, Pass the cookies I " 3 SW! "Have we got problems!" "Hurry up! It's almost time for Peter Gunn!" Lf f X M A12 Cuff-AJ Jx fhjilfii 'N Xi? fx !! Q53 XX wx W 'X'AE2ixx'NNNXg f Xxffrzx JJJJ Q pb..- ' fy X R X55 5 H I TAX ? Zacdaa Mex -i THERE IS NO SATURATION POINT IN EDUCATION" usiness ac ines In'l'erna'I'ionaI IBM B M h Incorporaied Class of I959 We Join With Your Friends and Neighbors at This Happy Time in Congratulating Each One of You THE ENDICOTT NATIONAL BANK ENDICOTT TRUST COMPANY Endicott-Vestal-Endwell UNION-ENDICOTT OFFICE MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY OF SOUTHERN NEW YORK Deposirs Up +0 S 0 FOR EACH DEPOSITOR INSURED BY THE EDER L DE OSIT INSUR NCE COR O ATION Compliments of Your Yearbook Photographer RICHARDS AND DONAHUE INCORPORATED Producers of School Life Pictures 950 Rclg R d Webster, N Y lc Complimenfs of HILKINS JEWELERS 46 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT. NEW YORK Congra+uIa+ions, Class of '59 CLEARVIEW MOTOR COURT VESTAL PARKWAY COLONIAL MOTOR INN VesI'aI Parkway VESTAL CongraI'uIa+ions and Good Luck Io 'I'I1e Class of I959 From ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES Best Dressed-John Simpson D 'I' d s I'Igl'l+, y ac'l' right" 1 A fg Qi5zi:,,,f5 W Complimenis of WESTFALL'S of Vesfal HARDWARE DRESS SHOP I I2-I I6 PARKWAY EAST PHONE 5-3367 righ , you can'+ afford noi' +o. Whe ' ou 'Feel right And when you 'Feel g Besf Wishes From HILL'S BAKERY V 'EMI WJ ASTR X1 , . 6 ' IES WJ BREAD Vesfal Parkway VESTAL The real Reed L. Jolmson at it again Wanna drag? No grease with Vitalis r Complimenfs of NEW YORK STATE ELECTRIC AND GAS CORPORATION fe' ', I + IN u. N L ' q I ' . 39" I D . . ,af V F Yesteryear fri ' 'j I 1 .I . ' . L- , 9' A e W 1 -P- lt's raining in here! G - :S SWAIN PHARMACY, INC. "Your Rexall Drug S1'ore" CHARLES H. SWAIN. Prop I00 Norfh Main S'l'ree+ VESTAL PHONE 5-945I Complimen+s of H. P. MCAT FU N ERAL HOME vEsTAL we AG' YZ1 ' .. Liz rw- I never realized! Sally K. Eileen Howard Dick Snyder Gerald Youmans ,WI Complimenis of MIDGET CAB CO. Main Sfreei' EN DWELL, NEW YORK AV E L Bonnie Shaff CONSTRUCTION COMPANY General Con+rac'I'ors I75 FRONT STREET VESTAL NEW YORK Pat Post Don Monticell ,I im O'Hara Pat Eldred Melda Reed Bes+ Wishes Io fhe Class of '59 MARTIN AND SHUMAKER Engineers VESTAL NEW YORK E. M. CRUTTENDEN GRASS CUTTING EQUIPMENT 81 SUPPLY CO. Sales and Service PHONE EndicoH 5-92II I20 NOTII1 Main S+reeI' VESTAI... NEW YORK Linda Chapman H Iii, , I i w H im , wc Q 'i"' ' III T- iii" v H ly I W' I N IRM I L 1 I ' ,,i, YQ, ,W Mi 1' , , N iii 1' ,,Jf ,i, 4, , ww U X ' 5,,gy . ji, W' , L wi. I iw ' WWNN 'N mi I .If I ii A Vicki Vokulich Dick Seltzer Hal Williams Barb Peterson KENT DRUG STORE I33 Froni' S+. VESTAL, NEW YORK FREE PRESCRIPTION DELIVERIES ANYWHERE LU 81 JOHN S "Soup +o Nu+s Phone 5-638l Reed Brundage Ves'l'aI Parkway VESTAL. NEW YORK Complimenfs of CARL A. WALKER INSURANCE Farm and Ci'ry Agency Corp. I30 Fronl' Sheef VESTAL Phone 5-8360 DAN AND JIM'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Ves1'aI Parkway Easi' Nexl' +o S1'a+e Police for +I1e Besl' in Service I0 Years Pat Eldred Karen Richards ??? 1 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT Xb smouse CIIIED SERVICE T Vesfal Pkwy. Easf VESTAL, N. Y. 5-96I4 Mary Lou, what happened ? Karen Richards "Do you really mea t9 Besi' Wishes Io Ihe Class of '59 TRANSFORMERS, INC. 200 Sfage Road VESTAL. NEW YORK Phone 8-33 I I Besr Wishes From Complimen'I's GEARY'S TRI-CABS suNoco SERVICE Dia, Ves+al Parkway 8-7474 VESTAL . EJ Barb Peterson Mommy, Pvc got my hand caught again! Larry Leamer Am I the first here? Sweet Dreams? Bed-tlme story Congra'l'ula1'ions ro S fhe Class of '59 I4O N. Main Sfreei' VESTAL' N' Y' General Insurance GLF DEALER FEED, SEED, FERTILIZER AND GARDEN SUPPLIES "4 Vesta' Pmkway Em Phone 5-O72I Phone 8334' VESTAL NEW YORK CHARLES P. WEST Consulfing Engineer Complimems ef 200 Vesial Parkway East' VESTAL, NEW YORK 8 EndicoH' 8-339I R fur the RUR- in the floor! Free edveifieies fer beverages? Can you match these with the girl? Watch that sort of thing! R 8: J REFRIGERATION I Sales and Service JWHEN INTHE QTSQDFQJDDRD DAIRY BAR Frigidaire -5.5- Ves+aI Parkway Easf 5-754' VESTAL, New YORK B W' I1 CTI, .PES RAPPAPORT JEWELERS VESTAL MOTEL .?.?5i'zm5"N?+.:ex. Vega' New Y""' IRVING e. RAPPAPORT DIAL ZL7873 DILLENBECKS FLOWERS JOHNSON CITY, N. Y. Dial 9-3555 SANFORD SALLERSON Men's Wear I 03 WasI1ing+on Avenue EN DICOTT 5-47bI What happened to your knee, Donn ? Janice Wiggins Gene Wagner "All aboard I '7 I . Careful, Jim! RAY ANGEVINE I AGENCY, INC. GOODMAN 5 Complefe Insurance Services "For Fashions Firs+'l I45 Washingfon Avenue Endico'H'. N. Y. Phone PI8-I529 DONALD H. CLARK ATLANTIC SERVICE Froni and Main Sfreei VESTAL N. Y. Phone 5-965I VESTAL MEAT 81 SEAFOOD 205 Fronf Sireef VESTAL, N. Y. 8-4I I I Besi' Wishes CAMPUS ESSO LANGETS TV SERVICE RCA-Zenifh-Moforola TV Sales and Service V I p k I54 Froni' S+. New S+. esh ar way Vesfal, N. Y. Appalachian. N. Y Phone 5-3533 Phone AP6277I VESTAL STEAK HOUSE Ves'I'aI Parkway Vesfaf, N. Y. OPEN EVERY DAY Complimenfs of MAPES MOVING' 8: STORAGE VesI'aI New YorIr uise Murphy d friend aron, are you shy? 'Q Ahoy, matics, come on aboard! Did you pose for cheesecake at this age, Sandy Ayers? MARTY'S SODA BAR Homemade Ice Cream JOHN BRAIN, REALTOR I47 Washingion Avenue MAIN STREET VESTAL 5'I I I2 CongraI'uIa'I'ions Congrafulafions Class of '59 Class of '59 FRANKIE 8: JOHNNIE'S PARKWAY FURNITURE Vesfal Parkway Veda' New Yofk VESTAL NEW YORK Besl' WlSl1eS Congratulations ROUFF Class of '59 lO5-IO7 Washington Ave. ENDICOTT, NEW YORK A FRIEND Karen Richards Larry Beeman Slap leather, pardner! Those Peterson girls! Those Parker girls, ,lo and Rita! E Grace Morton Congra+ula+ions KEN W. BRCWN, REALTOR Class of '59 I48 Vestal Parkway East Endicott Trus'l' Building IDEAL CLEANERS VESTAL' NEW YORK ml-col' In Toleu Phone 8-825l 1 1 l i Congrafuiafions 'Io I'I1e Complimenfs of Ciass of '59 FANP?I'IiR APPSIANCE, INC. . H +. cARvEL ICE CREAM um Jl?.f3...Iw.Sa 'ng Veml New York VESTAL. N. Y. PHONE 8-2566 GROVER'S WATCH REPAIR . I48 Fronf S'I'ree+ Vesfdi, New YorIc Comphmenis of ALL WORK GUARQNTEED 9 PROMPT SERVICE VAN DERVOR-I-5 DAIRY BAR P 8-025 GRZTSER FEET Vesfal Cenier Road Vesial Hal, why so intent? vas., P-' 7 7 Coy, am" ' We' Tom and Tippy, friends? Q -P I , H. Cheek to Buddies! cheek! Diane Morse and Cookie Green D 81 I'I USED CARS Complimenfs of Deal Wiih a Dealer FREEMAN'S GULF SERVICE 239 MAIN STREET Vestal' New York PHONE 9-4045 VESTAL LUMBER 8: SUPPILY CO.. INC. TIBERIA'S DELICATESSEN Lumber-MIIIW0"If-Building SUPPIIe5 Specializing in Homemade Spagheifi Sauce, A+ me Viadud Baked Lasagna, Pasfa-Fasule, Pizza Dial 5-3307 VGSIBI. N- Y- I42 FRONT ST. VESTAL PHONE 5-92I6 2 1 I Complimen'rs of JOHN W. CHIPPER ENDICOTT SHOE CO. "Home of Qualiiy Foo1'wear" 23-25 Washingioh Ave. Besi' Wishes +o +he Class of I959 VESTAL DRY GOODS CO. LEON CHOJNACKI, Prop. l05 Main S+. Phone 5-466l VESTAL Complimenis of FEDERAL ELECTRONICS Vesial Parkway Eas'l' BARNETT AND HERMAN GREEN Congra+ula+ions fo fhe Class of I959 NUGENTS DRESS SHOP 53 Washing+on Ave. ENDICOTT Does anyone recognize an ybody ? s L 1 VAUGHN'S CLOTHING for Men and Boys I07-I09 E. MAIN ST. ENDICOTT PHONE 5-2I3l SAWICKI'S BAKE SHOP "Cakes for AII Occasions Cookies and Pariy Sandwiches" I06 E. Main S+.-5I Washingfon Ave. Endico'H', N. Y. TOULSON WALLPAPER 81 PAINT STORE I05 Wesi' Main SI. UNION. NEW YORK DOYLE'S TEXACO SERVICE Main and Vesfal Pkwy. Phone 5-9880 VESTAL. N. Y. UNION VARIETY GROUP ENTERPRISES, INC. I28 Wesi' Main S+. ENDICOTT. N. Y. ELMER B. LACEY Fuel-Heafing Supplies 3I4 Maple Ave. ENDICOTT, N. Y. Phone 5-9997 I -Ll li Complimenis of LAZENKA'S JEWELERS I75 Froni' S1'ree+, Vesfal, N. Y. VESTAL ROLLER RINK 250 Norih Main S+. VESTAL, N. Y. ELLIS KNICKERBOCKER Tel. 5-9503 or 8-3502 I sTeVe L.ITTER Radio-TV-Hi-Fi Phonographs-Car Radio Servicing I024 Vesfal Road Phone 5-2746 Complimenis of COTTAGE BAKE SHOP For +l1e Finesl' in l'l1e Sporls Car Field SUNBEAM. HILLMAN MORGAN, BORGWARD JAGUAR. VOLVO Compliments of CONTINENTAL MOTORS I . A 49 THE A BURT COMPANY Greafer EnclicoH Family Slore for Over 35 Years N 38-44 Waslmingfon Ave., Enclico'H W J Congrafulalions +o lhe Class of l959 VALLEY AUTOMATIC MACHINE CO. Veslal Parkway Easl. Veslal. N- Y- l L Take an Acfive Parf in fhe Life of Your Communify To Do Thaf, You Musf Be Fully Informed Read . . . THE VESTAL NEWS fo Know Whaf fhe Folks and Officials are Saying and Doing in Your Home Town STAR CLEANERS VESTAL Vesfal Pkwy. E. Phone 5-bl I6 Me, I want my Hula Hoop! Where did the cake go? ALVIN I'I. WILLIAMS Wifh RUSSELL C. TERRY REALTOR Residence OHICS 5-6495 5-3349 RUSSELL C. TERRY REALTOR I47 Fronf Sfreef VESTAL. NEW YORK Phone 5-3349 Residenfial-Commercial Renfals-Appraisals McLEANS DEPARTMENT STORES "Bes+ Known Names Are Seen af McLeans" BINGHAMTON ENDICOTT Good Luck JOHN'S BARBER SHOP Vesfal New York Ml' Surprise! Don Monticello-center of attention Diane and Cookie-the Bobsey Twins My, aren't we self- satisfied ! MASSA'S PHARMACY Prescripfion Specialisis Complefe Line of Dru s Cosmeiics-School Supp?ies VESTAL CENTER. N. Y. Complimenis of EN DICOTT CAMERA SHOP Washingfon Ave. EndicoH' THE VESTAL AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY I75 Froni' S+. VESTAL. N. Y. Dial 5-I996 N 1 Roberta Williamson IAA ,'1g.K, V I. Don't take my food! Cheers! Linda, get off my foot! Cozy I 1 1 l 1 To be well informed . . Read the Binghamton Press "News" can mean many fhings. An imporfanf local siory 'Thai merils fron? page 'l'rea'lmenl'. A world-shaking evenf fha? calls for banner headlines and exira space. And lhen 'rhere's 'the less im- poriam' sfory, ius+ as newsworihy, bu+ noi' rafing Page One. Tha+'s where ihe compleie news coverage of The Binghamion Press disfinguishes iiself. Here are fhe evenfs from Washingfon. Albany and world capiials. as well as local news, presenled in fheir proper focus and organized for convenienf, easy reading. To gel 'fhe news . . . from a sfafemenf by The Presidenf To an argumenl ai Ciiy Hall . . . 'lhe families of fhe Soufhern Tier place fheir confidence in fhe accuracy of The Press. They find iis pages bolh absorbing and informing. And because fhis newspaper has fhe loyalfy and confidence of i'rs readers. if is 'roday enioying 'rhe largesf circulalion in Hs hislory. THE BINGHAMTON PRESS 'EVENING A Great N ewspaper SUNDAY DEDICATED TO THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE F, Your crystal ball is getting dirty! Skeleton from your closet? Mildred Thomas Happy blrthday Sylvla I Moming after the night before! So what's your problem ? A f"V'K.:'I Compliments F. L. ROUNDS, INC. Blue Coal I33 N. Main St. Vestal THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. I305 Monroe St. ENDICOTT, NEW YORK 1 1 Compliments ot GEORGIA-HAN KS ENDICOTT CORP. Ottice Supplies and Equipment 59 Washington Ave. ENDICOTT DIAL 8-I746 I l 1 1 MODERN DRESS SHOP Lingerie and Hosiery II8 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT. NEW YORK K. B. WILCOX 8: SON GULF SERVICE MAIN ST. VESTAL Phone 8-652I TEE'S MARKET Home ot the Submarine Sandwich Owner-HOWARD C. TERRY ' 352 Vestal Rd. Phone 5-585I Melda Reed Pat Eldred . " ' L ' ,,,. Q I Bes'r Wishes "Class of I959" Why Noi Drop in lo See lhe New Display Rooms? A+ Our New Localion CRAN DALL SUPPLY CO., INC. One Lewis S+ree+ BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Phone 3-7505 Always . . . Plen+y o-F Parking Congralulalions lo lhe Class of I959 O'BRIEN OIL CO. Burner Healing Service Oils PHONE 5-I95I P.O. BOX VESTAL NEW YORK Carol McQuiston 4 N GIMGQL -2 sw ims CYMA WATCHES A Complete Line of Graduation Gifts See Us Before You Go Elsewhere We Are the Exclusive Dealer in the Vestal Area-From S49.50 Up I7 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. Phone 5-2b5I Compliments of BUTLER'S I.G.A. MARKET VESTAL NEW YORK Best Wishes ENDICOTT FLORISTS ,vs If 'P1'f" . Feel really clean Larry and Shirley Beeman Such protection! Marion Stalker S 3 WM tr? Sally Ladue and Sylvia Lott Don't you like your picture taken? First Prom We ""'s , ff: NATIONAL ARMY 81 NAVY STORE Everything tor Dress, Sport and Worlr ENDICOTT NEW YORK Congratulations STOUT'S 3 Washington Ave. ENDICOTT Best Wishes Class ot '59 CINDERELLA DRESS SHOP I9 Washington Ave. ENDICOTT NEW YORK 'Mau . had eappwzttle 1957 Dm waffle 04444667959 Besi' Wishes STUDENT GOVERNMENT NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Leadership-Scholarship Cha rac+er-Service Nous Vous Voulons Beaucoup de Bonheur! THE FRENCH CLUB FeIici+aI'ions and Success Io fhe Class of '59 UNITED NATION CLUB Three Cheers for 'I'he Class of I959 THE CHEERLEADERS Congra'I'uIa'Iions GIRLS' HI-Y CLUB Success in Ihe Fu'I'ure THE BEAR FACTS STAFF The yearbook sI'aff would Iike Io 'Ihank THE PETERSON FAMILY for Iheir help and co-opera+ion! Bes+ Wishes 'I'o fhe GraduaI'ing Class DRAMATICS CLUB CongraI'uIa+ions 'Io +he Class of I959 THE KEY CLUB i mvw lthtfu Pnl I 3:16 Stone' walls do nut u prison nmkv. ulrlv. 4lnlllrl4'. mil and lrnlllrlug fire- lvurn and Cuulmlmn lmlllmlmlv. Ent. drink . . . and lw nlvrry? 'lf ? N N X . and Julia-t is tho Sun X X 'NN gl H 'll 5 lg ll Lmlw l w 1 n I l WMA ll l l l Q w ff? ff - r 1 N ' J I N l fl . NUM? lllll A 1 l , A 'W 5 K , lm, 1 ' u X L l 5,l ljk b L lf X x i A the c l ng on the 1959 D ll P g tude to all who co-operated in k g our l Q J p possible. Thank you all very much! kj 24106 petauovv zeal Zuandage l I ll x l ll K J l U xl I6 W aw K J,,'f5ff,,w" 'f'JGf'?"'JM Wwffwfgw MQ!! JS W Qu! abiwz W 'Mmm W J fwmwqb MW v J E .4 e W www J! W ,. G! J I vi QE? aiiigiiig 'ii 421 ig 52332, il wif Ziigfbij Ex Exim X R2 ff ,A gf, ffbfyf YGJPX gr? X C Q Mswdwiigfww Wow! , 1 .VJ ., I L ' :A 5 .. . ' , V i A-v- '- 1 1 ' 1 f - ' b wg M. . V . A 1, I '- ' "' ,ff:.' I '. ,N 'Q 5 ref! 3 L., A A ,1 4 av ' -.1, J "- ' " '- ' ' " , . - x., .'AufMn:. u..aA.a1l.w-1.-1u,.SaElfZiiu..lAQ. ' P- .1 ni? 'X ,7.' -4? A ,- , -jr W +A wig PJ' w 1 5 4 uf 3 f 'f' .- Q-- - '--:-. -- 'ff 53" JAT -W all? 5 it ,I 1 'w ru, W W Q. W5 -01.11,-1 -- .M -.-my l 44 5' Cr ' ,. . - .MI- .L .ii-vi .- . km 1. .--. '. 'ff . 11-r,'g',. ---- . ,A - ' ,ff 'f J'- f - f..' 1'5- . 1.1'r-vs-. ' x ,rg ",1.- ,- lv 1: ,,.- ...M . - 2 , r Q., ' nz. - in, -- " . ' - ,'.. ' V 4. -.1,-3:-1-5 U. . ' 1' ':',5.' ,l.f., -. L 1:-x 7 - Z 'fn Jig '1 - .f'f'f, na v I fn ' 55 , .. : 1 IL ' . A s , " ,. L .n ,'. n I 444. , 1 ' fl , . ,,-,ulf'JL-R-1 4. . - ' - 2 ' , H px , , 1' 5- ,. 1 Y--,--1 Q' 2-ff. "-,V J- '- za 5.1 ,, A r YN- W,- EL. + .,a?'... ' My "1 ' , ' - dl. 1 . -- ,f . " ,, - . ,,.-, ' 3. .,,,., , , ' - ' I., -1 ,",. 1 - H, . , -A---p.. -1 V K 'JV H I: , L . ,T-1 ,- 9,, -Q N -, i-H 1 -5. ' .I 41- F- ,, g, , . . N , - V f 2, , .. . 1 . K 'V . L fm 1 + . ff df" A ,JIt1. V- , Q. ,jgsfx - ,.-l J Q? 4 - - ,g -, -.-- 'J Q - H..--5 - L A - N, X -..t,.4. 1 4 4 ' I 'nfs A W T - R ,- s It n ' ' s X rv 5 5 ' Z S , ' 'L - .A A A I L1 ' ' WR! v. ' V' 44' ir L A ll gy? , , - V1 J 1, . . . ' M ' 2 A A 3 - . A, I L . Y ll Y .5 3, X 1 'W N 4 -1 1 1 v ' ' - f - -gp -J .. . . . - ,,.-- g A 4 ,gf , qu- , . , ,v -H ,, 5 .. ,, M 2 x F 4 fly I T 1? -2 I 'I ras Q vv519k,, ' I ,f Y W fn '- ' 1 s Q A L 1 Y ' 7 I ,J r Q . 1 PR 3 " v '4 I " . P A EF' 1 ' . 3 ,, -'Q' Q , H 1 'Wd wry' V . -1 -y .f ' 'Q X aww. . , , .P 1 .2 .PF lg as P . K3 P 1 Y' , Elf' J lx s if Q n Al A- W if ., ff 'r ,p,-'f f ft ,lx 11- ,, . L' F ' ' '- ,:Q' 1 11-x A A. . if - - ' .5 .,,,..fij-, I , W , - , Aff iz'-' I ii Q , " - ' .-,,'1'1'-JL ' -fp-A f - g ' . Jr Rf- ' - . --G , 4, ,t J P- , " Q u -, 2 " , , .- ' -"f fm -- -" ' '4' '- - 3- - 4 - 'lf-Pe -, . 4 1" -f, -'I -. 1 2 +- an 'I -- if f , .r - A 4 f .Z - .fn .ma 511 fig- . FQ- ' 1 ...5 1 I ,Tr .L ' -'aw wil? - -f ' - J. -fl , '- .,' ' ' .--VV., - er: 3 F-MY -3 V 51 A -Af- 'A-QQQZJIUN-. 1.55, 92 i - -. VV E . pgl. .. x 'Q -'-,- " 'q' "Q " :mf 55, .5 ' 54: l L EL ff V , f ,-1 ,- -. 5- jf A Q, --,-5 I -- ':-U . -' ' b . 4. xr "" ' , - Ll. W AW., ff l- txf5':'-'i.A5':1 "f1- , - - "fl " - ' I' "'-' " 5" -..- -. v w W 'ir 4. , .rr . + - --Q' -, f-gs-.... W rf . - - 4 . 7,57- - ' iff? Y- ,I - : g-- - W--3, gg' -355 . 1 - -- ,:.- Q,- HS.- - 1 -L 'J gf? 4 ,., Q,.,,, . I -V -?"f.- "4 - Aki. - -' ' --.526 xii. 2 4' ' ' gpfu J' .. .,,. , V , A .. , L j -15--x 1-. ., ,5-., f,,..!,4 a 5--gay-,,'-2 . - - " " -.1-,ug '., M . -- 4 'gif 5: V N U., y. ,. V - i ,- ' Q, f1,,:6,.. 'i f . , 3-'.-algv - i-.vm - GL. . -- 'wil 21,3194 , - '.?,,g , , .1--gf, -fm - .,.- .--in Q A-'gf ,-.- . ,.,- ,Ll -5 .J A - 4' 12 'I ' V lf- is-f,.' X x. x-, 1-- u " . . mu. 43.4 4. -- in., 13, I, - 'VP 'U 'n,. ,545 . wk Q A -x L 4.95 V IX L V in K Q V p5'V W A 'fx , ,., 1 l X H, Lx ,dw ' . 4 M ' , . , X A , " g 4 ,y X lx V , W .U - v 'Y X ,J w 1 fl! I VJHL K' .1 XV Lf' if fx ff! Y N 4 .1 Al, 1' I v . f "V , sl , My A 1 I my EXC, 4,1 55 Ui! IA " . L, 'fr f 4 Af 41 ,bw X I Q, 7 .ay JL" .,1 1 , , fv. 5 , U , I ' ' v L I f if fl , f QV gf ' 'W I " ' 4 l 1 , 'V --c., L, V E 5 L Joe-' .ucv

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