Vestal High School - Den Yearbook (Vestal, NY)

 - Class of 1958

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Vestal High School - Den Yearbook (Vestal, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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FOREWORD Our years here at Vesral have been full of experiences. Some were new and exciting, others became part of school life. This, our senior year, has been very special. We wish To invite you to loin with us in remembering a few of The happy hours we have spent as the L 1958 C fling..-.Nu 51,4 I r ---ur' ,,,s . my U 5. c sc , ,, , 4 ra r ,W ..,..,... 5 was . , , Y. A5 K b ,qs "' L ,A . ,,,.,... , '1 "7 8 1 W! Q i I !Qla E 4 ' 'r ff? Of,-42j !VU,1f4L'C' V OL ,f K f , 61, 'N My yi? gp 1 BWM Q3? M65 N? MV WYE? QQEKUQQQXWW MW 2 J . Jgf W JQJJ ff' f3?iQ?Q1f f -QQ 5-4+ P V , - 4 L, 'Mig WL 5 '55 WM QWM f5V,,f" ,,Q1fJgN,JUJ JA W W M Afdifwxfg I , ig E THE EDEN SY' X V 'Q0'VJ'Zwqg 9 5 Muir' ff Wq,'VM gf 4 W , Jn, Wow 5: v N' 'Wm Muff X A MNH NM MIT' Jwgfw W ,lg WMQ Www M q' 'WM PUBLISHED BYT M513 Izigiikx , my jfffxfw Jw Jim W A UNO WWNN VESTAL CEB , pwlgwffw M ww 1 'CY . J TN' iv I cf SCHOOL W . . , .W A , V W. ,eq u it ww.. , s , , i, 1. .war ,S 1- .1 v ta! M. Sis? L1 9-.Q y.. wr o- wx, 5 61 5 sw .LJ AEE, f 4 59,3-,i,!m'p,v:aJ?rf1 ,1y-s.f-53? I nl-guts, Th! A. - ?,nunuf .v in I 1 If.: - N an Q 314,155 1 ' f t. f',,-WM ,, , , X 'sr i: las Q te ' ff' IN MEMORY To the memory -of Richard Layman, one who was so near to the class of 1958, we dedi- cate this page. "The clock of life is wound but once, And no man has the -power, To tell at late or early hour, f I Just when the hands will stop." , if v Our revels now are ended. These, our t I ld ll ' 't d As foreto you, were a spur: s, an I Are melted into air, into thin air. And like the baseless fabric of this vision, The cloud-capp'd towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve, And, like this insubstantial pageant faded, Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff As dreams are made on, and our little lite Is rounded with a sleep." HE TEMPEST ADMINISTRATION I FACULTY II SENIORS III CLASSES IV ACTIVITIES V ORGANIZATIONS VI ATHLETICS VII JUNIOR HIGH VIII SNAPSHOTS IX ADVERTISERS X Zvi-'dia DEDICATION ln sincere appreciation and gratitude tor his guidance, assist- ance, understanding, and interest in us, we, the Senior Class, wish to dedicate The Den ot 1958 to our Principal, Mr. Malcolm Piester. ADAMINISTRATICN The quality of mercy if not .ftminedg It droppetb, as the genfle rain from heaven Upon the place beneatbg it is twiceibleffd .. It blenerlo him um gfm, and him ffm fum. SHAKESPEARE 'fmffry-,e,: .,. , 5 .. x . . SN 5. K if if A ,qt ff' M-M, . was The Q. : . S is f F ' wffif 5 N X.-,A 'Q k 3 - ' fv ' ig. i?95f':I'k3f'- , NF . . Sf A as B Q w .M x i , 5 1 X L Q, 1 4 . T g if A ix Ly: ffvsf .. -bag F : X, - , 2? ' Xi X . L few V. , 1, f Xb .Q law w Zi ,Y . ,,., ,...m.Qm,x f " N -- -X ADMINISTRATION MR. ARTHUR J. PECK Assisfanf ro the Supervisor 41 5' CO-O Lefi to right: Mr. Kearney, and Foreign Languages, Mr. Powell, Department of English, Civ. Ed EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES Standing: Mrs. Moulton Seated: Mrs. Donlon W OFFICE WORKERS Mrs. Lorenson, Accountant Clerky Mrs. Potts, Clerk of the Board of Educa- n. SECRETARIES Mrs. Holmes, Mrs. Toeller, Mrs. Mnllard, Mess Gruswold K 4 slim, A . . W A OJ Owwf Q 1" ' cwtcl f 'E Af 1 . , L Qjaffni k X. kl , L I Nix-. .L X Sgwwgx- ww .. X SQ N X X- Wx T S "M" ww.-MW.,,,,,,, ,,x.Q v, .V . 3 A '1Q 71 iyizfw, A A X -new Af, f,,,1,.EX?2-f- if 1, 55 if, him-421 1 X 1 y 'ww Rv w .z 1 1 x Q. f 3345 S fssf W" A,- XM GUIDANCE .-f Seared: Mrs. MacLowry, Mrs. Roney Sranding: Mr. Gallagher, Mr. Tra hagen vafftf NHT' a , K as ,A .ev KW X":'n:fxSkX1Rigai C, Xi ii" Q XK':Qlg'li-1 , 'FJ RL jk 25- .Q,:i,2X -5 da. ATTENDANCE 1 Q, 'X XV L V Q- Mr. Buran and Mrs. Winans if X, ' gg L K, Li w .-'CX ,C . gggs ww fwvgr Q 6 MEDICAL STAFF if 1 I dare do all llmf may become fl mme Who dares do more, if none. SHAKESPEARE rn J ffl 5. :- Z 7U E mi OS2lVd 'M SN 'HW 5'1- an 2.2 '95 n O Q r' 'P3 6 6ue1 20 e6 U3 W "l 'H HSLSHOM W .H .8 SNVH WO 'd 'HW HS W5 DDVHO O 3. rn 9- ..- O l'1'l J KD 5. J' Q :P r- I- If I P F7 Z 3 P Ol 9l.I9Jq!'l U wSsl5Ua mgeugpxo-og r- JP 0 K !"' 2 U UBMOHD 'EI 'HW 'HW 'M V9 'l'I HSV UW EIB P 'u O E rn V' f' O F.. I'T1 9- -o . - o O F m 9- ll'0l HSHBUQ O Ti TTI D. .- ..- 3 no un 5 Ju U 3 no cn I P no 3 P U rn W E cn cn f"" SEINOI' 'V SSIW BLS 9NO 3 QV' 95 qouaq U3 ffl LIS! l Z ll9!I5U3 Zl Ol ODD 'W SSIW ANZBHH 'A '.l 'SEIW GNVA .HIGHS d0SS3l' '3 SSIW 'I 'SHW z l+S!l6Ua maaavnns :pawag Seated: MRS. V. SASUTA STAHL MISS C. THORPE MRS. A. E in ui uv 2 E C .9 .. 'U U D 'o I-LI 3 :- 0 I .E E UI gm 3 ,E o. Es. .P- U7 1 E C O I ID U D -u HJ Ill YI D .E I0 J Q MC 4.9 .- S3 9-3 41: sau.: u.i3 U ua.: Q5 J Em U LU 0 E o I 'NR . ik ' .. ,S 2 41: m. QE UE MD. O.. co U2 . .5 YN U 'ii' HJ div fu 'XLS E E o I Standing: Shop and Cross Country Shop and Auto Mech. Business Education Education Business Shop-Wrestl ng Machine COOK ture R.L Agrncu E 2 ni E X O u. MR. N LTO BO R.J M MR. L. BUNDY I LU 1 .I 4 3 On Driver Educati D. 0 .c KD .Q 'U vu 1 'U C ro .E 2: Elec Shop rdinator Co-o MR. J'. GILLARD MR. E. HABICHT L. WALKER MR. Drafting Woodshop and Blueprint Reading Driver Education A ww q N....:a -- W, .... N x 1 3 f I 5 5 i v 5 E . A 5 A Q A 5 2, S 5 f - 2 Q ff n-N... .age-5, , -,Q Aw K. ' -5+ . xg Q --ffm jg .- E 1.4 t k w ik. x a K 5 his . . Tix. K x s 2 R E wa fl? .1 - A Y A531 2 Q ?55f 9 as fi? -s s e 1 1 ISE ' wif S X 5,-as E f A 5 535,15 3 M 2 ME lin e 5 if Z uni s M i f . L ii 5 , L -I if ..,. N 8 w g Q Q t Civ sw -1 Qs? g N41 Q 'I I l if S, if if 1 mv 28: Ns X Q Wy 563+ in Wg? Six E 5 Ev f"w+........g, WN W-NK my QQM WM W' w ,, MMM x-Q:-Q... 2? U ag if Mi 2 iii 3mX'.P' l'v-m.., A .Q-Nsmw nm ,mm V. VANNATTA M. NEILL P. HUBBARD Science 9 Homemaking Health W. LOBB Math 'IO Basketball Coach FACULTY A high school is only as good as its faculty. It is they who help us to obtain knowledge and prepare for life. Without them, we could have no education. Left to right: J. Nicholas, E. Meyer, K. Mitchell, C. Anderssen, Mr. Battista. WHATS COOKI 9 Standing: L. Bailey, Mrs. Thorpe, R. Lynch. Seated: J. Loit, B. Gonyou, C, D'Angelo. Q SENICRS 1 x S W f .. . 'W- sxxw. W. . Q . 3 f k 5 E , , H xx x aussi? Q ,Q 4 . W A5 X. Q fx S X . R as X H Ax K gs . . f Q... , .. bg 1.. ,A z www :Lg va MSX 45-S fx i EQ , M K X X- 1 1 . W' A, . X, 1 A A . - 1 -Nh K 1 A ig -3' R V . ., - kvkf M in X we ,sf S Wm V- -- ' - f - .ax ' 4. 1 4 . ' 11 N X ff N' Whse gr XXX ' .x"f.w Q' i .. -Q 3 . .. Kjgq. k iss. Q X Q ' f' .K A ' 5 i Q I Q f ff . f ,. . , - ,or QQ V Q. 4 is - X " , . .f . .,:.:'g,S Q . A .Q - Q w. S K q 4 K Q Y xxx . A in S Y 'fb F . . if i 6 wa xx? X x ,. 5 Af kj H 1 f . f X-if Q ,Q L: if ' X' 'X 1- Q 1 X aw . qs Eg ,, ' 2. sw ik ,ff -. Q f wr f we Qt Q ., ,X Qs ri A. . . 'gy .- .ifff A H wsu A W L 1-f : x L K 5 vi Vx ml bl T ax sQav'G5Nas'1.. xx sf '- geS'i."' ' Q Visjfa. .,-,- was -A Q gy up ev .A 1 M32 my vs er Q' k 4 .. Q . , ,HL . .- 1? K W- . . Q.-msg Q, Q 7. Y - . .- Sf ff- ffs , .4 3 .1 S.. . 3, X 8 - kgswf. .A .. W S .' 5 . 1,,vL.w.! ,N W wx v. ,um lg: 'H k 1,1,,,,,,M,M, 5. . -wwvl " mv ,.. . .,, ,R A , .-,., M, . A Z X 'gl 5: 1 '. - qu W ' Y Q' Um ,, ,,N',., w V A S 'f' k W ' V, ,. A .. 0-gif. 2 X . fi .. LL . eg aj MM H A in fu 1-Nw 1 ' ,fs X . .3 Y,,1:.M, ,, A s . - Q Y ,511 11'w"'.Mw 'N V f..5f'3,Iv . fx , .. 4 -M ,. , 1 . ,. ,,.s- " -N 'sgwvf . , 3 5 , K gi K few! 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Sq gv ' style ,, My V if MZ A , ' Xi mx 1 f , 5 sv 35 2- , v if - N 3 'gf flklfmi 3 Af, . Q9 SX T1 Q ' Q ., IICI' QVYIN Yl JI I U f w1,9,4J g I Y "7"" 1 af' ' QQ-u H' 'Ui O 's SM. QSQWS 45 .. if' ,f l"",.-sf' gf s--ff" 'HK i F ,. sn- Xs B Z . :.,' ? R Q vf-ww -ret'-H,-'mi-"wr sw' W--f f1.:ywq.gw1-M-qg799m'i-5g?guax.f,,y?i,4nt, ..-wygsv.-1-f . CLASS WILL PAT WELLS wills to Mr. Koons and all the boys in third period Physics class all her books, notes and ability. lThe former in abundance, the latter in limited quantitiesl WES WILSON wills to Kay Frey all of the good times he had in Senior Band. .JOHN WILMOT: I will my ability to fool around in Mr. Koon's Physics Class to anyone who does not want to pass. DON WEBB wills his ability to use his elbows in a football game and not get caught to Al Plymale. HARRY WICKHAM: I will to my sister the strength that I have left to survive high school. BOB WASLYN wills his ability to get along with Mrs. Shaffert to anyone who can. LINDA LUCE and ELIZABETH MICHAUD will their seats in Mrs. Schaffert's homeroom and the ability not to hear the morning announcements to anyone who wants it. DAVE KING wills all boil operations to Doctor F. Buran. JOHN KELLY wills his seat in English to anvone who wants it. ' ROGER KEITHLINE wills his ability to stay home and go hunting without getting caught to Bill Snyder. KATHY SUE BRICMONT wills to Jerry Hill two white shoe laces. BEV TRENCONSKY wills to Gary Pulver one size 5V2 white sneaker. SUE MANNING wills to Ray Heidman a 51.00 bet from Summer School, 1957. RON MYERS and NANCY COLEMAN will to Pat Elred and Bill Jennings the ability not to get stung by the bees on African Road. CLYDE NELSON wills his .071 batting average in '57 to Bob Moulton. SHIRLEY MILLER wills her ability to take every math course twice to any underclassman who feels worthy of this honor. KATHY BRICMONT and MARION MERKEL will their title "Troublemakers" to any Junior who feels worthy of being an A.C. BOB MEEKER leaves his ability to iitterbug to a Prominent Junior-James Wilson. NORMAN McPHERSON wills his ability to get along with Miss Strong to Joyce Kilmer. WILLIAM ROZELLE wills his "Hot Ford" to anyone who wants it. LEW ROZELLE leaves his ability to stay away from girls all these years to any underclassmen that would be stupid enough to take it. a ROBERTA RESSEQUIE wills her ability to be con- fused in chemistry class to Bonita Grisold in hopes that she can understand it. MARCIA REED wills to her sister Melda all her notes to use as scrap paper next year. Also to three certain Junior girls she wills a slower walk to school next year. JAMES AUSTIN KALBAUGH wills to his frere Guillaum his seat in French ll and in the bass section of concert chorus. MARY McGREGOR will her ability to pass Latin by the skin of her teeth to anyone who wants it. BOB O'HARA wills my "make-out" ability to Sue Pearsall. JUDY NICHOLAS wills to Pat Mackovec the ability to "Jitterbug" behind the Gym teachers' back. JUDY NICHOLAS wills to Eva Gallop her chemistry book and seat. BETTY MORLANDO, CAROLYN NICHOLAS, BETTY BRENDON, BERYL CONKLIN, JACKIE EARL, BAR- BARA EDDY, and ROSALIE DYSON will the name of the "Short-Sports" to their sisters. CAROLYN NICHOLAS wills to Eileen Earl the ability to go to a graveyard at 2 o'clock in the morning and read the names on the tombstones. EMMA MATTES and PAT JAMIESON will their ability to walk into Miss Stahl's shorthand and transcription class late every day, to Vera Lar- rabee. BOB NEWMAN wills the ability not to get along with Mr Shoback to Kay Mitchell. BOB NEWMAN wills the ability to go deer hunt- ing without getting caught by Mr. Buran to George Morton. GEORGE MASLIN wills the teachers who tried to educate him in high school and his ability to get past them without doing homework to his brother Paul. PAT WELLS and JEANNETTE MARSH will to Mr. Koons the hope that next year's Physics students won't skip lab. SUE'MANNlNG wills Gene Gorman one left size 4112 sneaker. MARGIE PURDY wills her shorthand ability to Shirley Beeman, if she can find it. WOLFGANG PUCHTLER wills his ability to be elected to everything to an able and willing Junior. SKIP SPAULDING leaves his ability to win all of the bowling games at Marty's during the noon hour to Don Williams. CLASS WILL CONT. ISIE TRACY leaves her ability to hit awnings on Washington Avenue to Judy Van Durver. DAVE TOWERS wills his ability to talk his friends into trouble, yet stay out of it himself, to anyone who has strong and true friends. From ALICE SPAULDING to Doris English: Her ability to pass all of her subiects. SYLVIA SMITH wills all of the fun in her senior year to Ellen Sorochinsky. EMIL TKACHUK wills his ability to elude Mr. Shoback during morning inspection of the halls to Dick Rush. To anyone who dares take it, CAROL SMITH wills her seat in Miss Strong's American History Class. NAOMI SHARY leaves to the new senior class her "little" brother, George. BARBARA DUKE wills her little sister, Nancy, to Naomi's little brother, George. PAUL THEODORE wills his ability to make right hand turns in Wade Walker's driver education class to anyone who dares take it. MIKE SHAMBURGER wills all of his girls to any- one who can manage them. JOHN SEDLAK wills his fullback position on the football team to anyone who can FILL? it. WENDELL TERRY wills his left handed monkey- wrench for a right handed monkey to Jim Billet. TERRY SCANLIN: I will my ability to have a double lunch period to Paul Ford and Tonie Garvey. LINDA SANFORD and SUE MANNING will their small feet size to Pat Hanagin. GARY TALMAN wills to Gene Raymond the luck he had in getting along with the teachers. LINDA SANFORD wills to her brother Gary the ability to always forget a pass when late for class. MARY TALLMAN leaves her locker space on the third floor to Bob Gifford. CEDRIC MEYERS wills his unusual locker to any Junior dumb enough to take it. PAUL KRESTALUDE wills his Advanced Algebra brains to "Genious" Hal Williams. PAT WELLS wills to all the -Junior girls Mr. Rar- sons for a study hall teacher and may they have better luck than she had in wasting time and talking. RAY WELLER wills to Dick Useless the art of "get- ting away with murder" and flirting with the girls without getting slapped. RICHIE WILLIAMS wills his seat at Marty's to whoever can find it. I, GARY WOOD, will all of my solos in choir back to Mr. Eddy to do with as he pleases. CHARLIE WELLS wills to Tom Knowlton his time to drive his M.G. on the Vestal Highway, also his seat in U.N. Club. CAROL WOOLEVER: To Judy Johnson and Sharon Erving all of the face iokes they can master and to Marylow Smith all the good times the seniors always have. JANET ABPLANALP wills to Paul Ford her ability to get caught talking in 7th period study hall and have to stand up all period. I also will to Kay Young my seat on the bus if she can find it. RAY ACKLEY wills to Joanna Weeks the ability to be able to approach a parakeet without having the tragedy of being bitten. Will from "HAM" AIMONETTI to Dick Rush: the ability to get kicked out of chemistry and still keep on the good side of Mr. Piester. CONNIE ANDERSSEN wills to her sister, Diane, all of the good times I have enioyed at Vestal. LINDA ANDREWS wills to her sister "Carrie" the bomb and let's see if she can keep it from head- ing toward Chenango Forks. TERRY AVERY wills "Halloween" to Mr. Gennet. JIM CARGILL wills to Jerry Hill the ability to get fellow classmates completely mixed up when helping them with their math. NANCY CORWIN and VIRGINIA COLE will Vestal Central High an escalator for use of students only. NANCY COLEMAN wills to Barbara and Beverly Munson her ability to get along so well with Mr. Buran. BERYL CONKLIN wills to anyone who wants it all of the fun she had in her 6th period lunch hour. ROGER COOK: "I will my ability to roll a car over and not get hurt to Jim Gow." WIN CORCORAN wills to her sister, Alberta, her seat in "Mom" Corcoran's Secretarial Practice class with hopes that Al will make a better hit. NANCY CORWIN leaves to her sister, Sandy, all the fun and work that high school offers. CLASS WILL CONT. SANDRA PROTHEROE wills her ability to flirt with the cute boys to my cousin Carol. GARY PRITCHARD wills to J. Hill and G. Pulver, who are certainly worthy of it, his ability to do nothing and get away with it and also our Favorite parking spot on "H--Road! BEV PRATT, LINDA SANFORD, NAN CRAWFORD, SUE MANNING and GLORIA HENDERSON will their ability to humor Miss Gennett in gym class to Linda Chapman and Karen Edsell KATHRYN PLYMALE wills to Rose Schlotterbeck the ability to sleep on the top bunk and not fall off. This also holds true for Donna Rathrock, if she ever tries. DONALD PIERCE wills his "iob" of selling food in the stands to any Junior with a big mouth. DONALD PIERCE wills the turntable in the gym to Pat Gage. FAY PIESTER wills the ability to argue with Miss Strong to anyone who dares try it. FAY PIESTER wills to his sister Judy all his high school fun. DEAN PHIPPS wills to Ron Singer my ability to eat goodies and still run cross country. MARY PHERREIGO wills her ability to Sally Kara- bon and Brenda Gregory to get out of 3rd period study hall, without asking the teacher. SHERMAN PEARSALL wills the ability to get along with Miss Strong to Sue Pearsall. SHERMAN PEARSALL walls to the senior Class of' 1959 his ability not to get along with Mr. Shoback. PRISCILLA MORTON wills her ability to talk in Mr. Shoback's study hall and always get caught to her sister Grace. BETTY MORLANDO wills to Nancy Morlando, Gail Morgon, Marianna McCarthy, the ability to fail four driving tests and still keep trying. CHARLOTTE PARKER, to her sister- Josephine, will her seat in American history hoping she gets more out of it than she did. ADELAIDE PARISH wills to Judy Stevens her seat in summer school. RONALD MYERS wills to Mr. Buran his double lunch period. SALLY MOTT leaves her incomplete American his- tory notebook to Judy Brown, if she wants it. DON RUTTER leaves to Dave Drabo his "blue hanky" and may he have a "ball" in NYC with it. BOB LANDON leaves his problem of being in three places at once to next year's' yearbook editor. LINDA RUSSELL wills to Shirley Beeman all the clogging shoes there are, and to Marlene Olver all the luck with those Warren Center guys. LARRY WARD leaves to his brother, Dale, his place on the wrestling team. WILL CUMMINGS wills his "heap" to Dick Rush to use on short lunch periods, to cross the Endi- cott Bridge to see his girl. NANCY KINTNER wills to next year's Drum Ma- iorette the ability to get the band confused dur- ing the games. LUCY TRACY wills her' love for Elvis Presley to Mr. Gennett! I, PEPPER STROUP, will my beer belly to Lynn Van Kuren. Varsity Cheerleaders leave to Pat Eldred and Judy Van Derveer the ability to remember to wear their tights at football games. GLORIA H., BEVERLY H., PAT O'B., LINDA A., and MARION M., wills to any Junior girls the ability to get thrown out of Tony's. R. and P. FERRIS, C. FERNBACH, D. EZZO, B. ELLIS, B. EDWARDS, B. EDWARDS, B. EDDY, F. TRAVER, P. STANTON, K. STONE, M. STOUT, B. STEVENS, P. STEVENS, J. ABPLANALP, A. STAUDT, D. STANTON, D. VAILLANCOURT, R. WELLS, E. LASON, J. LAUNT, L. GREENHAULGH, P. LEE, M. LEWIS, J. LOTT, N. LOVE, M. LUCAS, B. ELLIS, L. LUCE, L. VELIE, E. MICHAUD, R. LYNCH, S. GROSS, S. TURNER, M. WHEELAND, J. GUILES, G. GURNEY, D. GRINEFF, S. BOGART, B. BROWN, J. BALCHUNAS, H. GILG, D. BRYANT, W. GILES, B. BUNDY, J. GLEASON, B. GONYOU, M. GOOD- HART, J. GREEN, B. GREGORY, J. KARABON, L. BAILEY, S. BATTISTTA, B. BERUBE, D. BLAKENEY, C. D'ANGELO, K. DAVIES, D. DOOLITTLE, M. DRABO, D. DUERR, B. DUFFEK, D. DYKEMAN, R. DYSON, D. INFANTINE, L. INMAN, D. JANT- ZEN, V. JOHNSON, A. ANDERSSEN, W. KANNEN- BERG, C. HULSLANDER, T. HOOKO, W. HOGAN, R. HERNON, R. HENRY, D. TUCKER, D. STAR- BUCK, F. WALTER B. WESTCOTT, C. FRENCH, B. HALLEY, J. KITTLE will the unfortunate break of not getting their bequests in the class will, be- cause the staff ran out of space, to next year's "tough luckers." BEST ALL AROUND BEST LOOKING MOST COOPERATIVE MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST AMBITIOUS HARDEST WORKERS BEST NATURED BEST DANCERS MOST BASHFUL QUIETEST GREATEST TALKERS PERPETUAL MOTION MOST POPULAR Ronald Ferris John Kelly Ronald Ferris Wolfgang Putchler Wolfgang Putchler Wolfgang Putchler James Kalbaugh Robert Meeker George Maslin George Maslin Donald Rutter Donald Rutter Wolfgang Putchler CLASS Virginia Johnson Patricia O'Brien Beverly Trenconsky Bonnie Gregory Beverly Trenconsky Kathy Bricmont Louise Bailey Carol Woolever Marcia Reed Carolyn Nicholas Marion Merkel Marion Merkel Louise Bailey NOTABLES BEST DRESSED CLASS COUPLE MOST PRACTICAL BRAINS MUSICIANS ARTISTS ATHLETES POLITICIANS JOURNALISTS EYES FLIRTS CLASS CLOWNS Robert Meeker Robert Meeker Fay Piester George Maslin Robert Landon Terry Avery Richard Stanton Robert Landon Woifgang Putchler DougIas Doolittle Gary Pritchard Donald Rutter Nancy Coleman Carol Woolever Bonnie Gregory Bonnie Gregory Virginia Johnson Virginia Cole Lucy Tracy Marion MerkeI Ruth Opp Dawn Jantzen Isabelle Tracy Jean Balchunas CLASS HISTORY Let's take a tour of our class memories, for the class of '58 has much to remember. One bright, sunny day in September in the year 1945, we started our daily march, which has con- tinued for thirteen years, to Vestal Central School. The sun couldn't compare with the shiny ex- pressions on our faces, for now we could say, "l go to kindergarten." We learned the art of print- ing our names here, and labored over it until it was legible. With the promotion to first grade, we began to learn discipline. We were slightly over-ener- getic and this didn't help our teacher. Second grade began our study of arithmetic and we all helped each other when we got caught on our two plus two's. We had our first chance to take up a musical instrument in this grade and many of us did. In third grade we were taught the "Palmer Method" of writing. It looked hard at first, but we soon used it all the time. Fourth grade spelling is the subiect that stays in our memory, and why wouldn't it? Some of us can't spell very well yet. ln our fifth grade, we continued our process of learning. When on the playground, we "ran ourselves ragged." The boys' "gang" chasing the girls' "gang" and visa versa. Sixth grade brought about much expectancy. ln one year we would be- in Junior High school, we could hardly wait. This was the first year we ever elected an officer and in our room we elected a President and Bob Coughlin addressed the chair by saying "Madame Queen" instead of "Madame President." Finally it was here, Seventh Grade. We didn't realize it then, but this year began a constantly quickening race of years that sped by and can never be recaptured but by memory. We felt we owned the world until we got in the halls and saw those upperclassmen towering over us. By eighth grade, we had become more accustomed to the hustle-bustle of the V.C.H.S. halls. Then came our ninth grade year, our Freshman Year of High School. Carol Woolever was our President, our Vice President was Linda Andrews, Secretary, Claudia Clark, and Treasurer, Lucy Tracy. We called our Freshman Dance, "Ya'll Come." It was decorated in Pink and Green and we had quite a crowd there to enioy themselves. Our Sophomore year, under the direction of Mrs. Tracy, our President, Virginia Johnson, Vice President, Ronald Myers, Secretary, Naomi Shary, Treasurer, Wolfgang Puchtler, planned our Sophomore Dance, "The Pop Hop." It was a great success in spite of the day cancellation which took place because of a sudden snowstorm. We had an ice skating party this year, with toasted marshmallows for refreshments, and fun was had by all. Our year was completed by a class picnic at Taughannock State Park and although it rained, we made up our minds to have fun and we certainly did. The boys played football, and then all of us danced under the pavilion roof. Our Junior Year-President, Wolfgang Puchtler, Vice President, Ruth Opp, Secretary, Phyllis Lee, and Treasurer, Naomi Shary, held new adventures too. This year we got our class rings, the cherished prize of all Juniors. Now we were big enough for a class prom, so we planned our prom "Springtime in Shangri-la." Claudia Clark, who has left us now to live in Rochester, Minne- sota, was the decorating chairman. The gym was a beautiful sight and at the stroke of eleven, the Queen candidates entered and at the end of the line was our Queen, Louise Bailey. She made our prom night complete, reigning there on her throne beneath a giant oriental pagoda. The climax of our school years is here now, and we, the Senior Class, feel some anxiety as we realize that the wide world awaits us. During this year, under the advisorship of Mrs. Van- derbilt and Mrs. Schaffert, our class officers, President, Ronald Ferris, Vice President, Phil Dailey, Secretary, Phyllis Lee, and Treasurer, Bonnie Gregory, we will crown a king and queen at our Senior Prom, we will plan our yearbook, "The Den," select our graduation invitations and cards, have our Senior pictures taken, work on our Senior Play, say farewell to our alma mater, its sports, activities, its bright classes and shadowy halls. Our last assembly, our graduation, will be the peak of our planning. Some of us will continue our schooling by going on to college or to an industrial school and others will marry or go directly to work, but whichever we do, we will always remem- ber the helping hands given to us by our teachers and we shall never forget the friendships held so dear to us during our years at Vestal Central School. By Virginia Johnson ASSES And thi! our life, exempt from public haunt, brook! Fzndf tongue: zn treef, bookf ln the runnzng t ' f f Sermons in ftonef, and good in everything. SHAKESPEARE JUNIORS First row: J. Brown, C. Begell, E. Bogart, S. Ayers, C. Baker, A. Allyn, P. Ashcraft. Second row: W. Brown, S. Beeman, B. Card, V. Bruce, L. Avery, R. Brundage Third row: S. Brokaw, L. Beeman, R Brown, J. Billet, JUNIORS First row: E. Gallup, G. Gott, S. Fisher, D. Green, C. Grover, J. Hackling, B. Hall, M. Hernon, B. Gabriel. Second row: l.. Greenhalgh, N. Hunsinger, K. Grannis, B Gregory, W. Fish, D. Hartman, K. French P. Grannis, M. Heath, R, House, E. How- ard. Third row: R. Heideman, G. Copp, R. Holden, G. Gorman, J. Hill, W. Garvey, R. Gifford, P. Ford, N. Hillis. JUNIORS First row: L. Chapman, N. Duke, P. El- dred, L. Dates, K. Edsell, L. Cook. Second row: B. Dunn, D. Drabo, D. Dowd, C. Crawford, L. Edwards, F. Carden. Third row: D. Earl, K. Doty, D. Crawford, T. Dillrich, J. Cummings, UNIORS First row: C. McQUiston, S. Marsh, P Machovec, V. Middendorf, J. Mares, S. Lyon. Second row: S. Leadbetter, S. Lott, L, May, L. Lovell, E. Mayer, J, Mather. Third row: L, Leamer, J. Messersmith, R. Mattison, A. McDaniel. JUNIORS First row: J. Potter, M. Nelson, J. Parker M. Olver, P. Post, S. Opp, D. Morse Second row: K. Mitchell, J. Orzell, D Monticello, G. Morton, J. Edwards, L Murphy, T. Page. Third row: C. Pitcher G. Pulver, J. O'Hara, D. Plew, R. Place R. Petrush, B. Peterson. JUNIORS First row: A. Johnson, S. LaDue, B. Lane, P, Krasko, J. Larrabee, C, Johnson, M. Latti- more. Second row: H. Johnson, C. Juriga, N. Janaushalc, B. Ingalls, S. Kopanslcy L. Johnson. Third row: G. Jacobs, W. Jennings, T. Knowlton, D. Konecny, T. White. t JUNIORS First row: D. Rothrock, S. Sarvey, D. Scott, D. Reabuck, K. Richards, D. Sisson. Second row: B. Shaff, J. Wilson, J. Wiggins, R. Stalford, R. Breed, S. Sneak. Third row: W. Woodworth, C. Swain, H. Williams, A. Williams, D, Plew. J UNIORS First row: S. Singer, M. Reinhart, M. Reed, M. Quick, K. Robinson, L. Randell, R. Schlottenbech, S. Rhinevault. Second row: W. Rolls, K. Russell, J. Simpson, G. Shary, S. Ray, R. Snyder, C. Smith, S. Slawson. Third row: G. Rhodes, R. Singer, R. Selt- zer, R. Rush, J. Rising, H. Rinker, D. Roosa. SOPHOMORES First row: J. Bailey, M. Angelo, C. An drews, S. Allen, K. Antony, S. Beverly K. Allyn, J. Ball. Second row: D. Blake B. Baunlin, J. Brokaw, J. Adams, J Branrod, M. Briggs, R.- Brinkos, D. Alsup Third row: D. Arrufat, D. Barry, T. Barto L. Brainard, W. Bierly, W. Baker, D. Black man, G. Andrews. SOPHOMORES First row: D. Carley, B. Case, R. Bunts J. Daniels, F. Cheney, L. Carrnon, J Cummings, D. Cuddihe, B. Chilson, P. Davidson. Second row: N. Carson, S. Burgher, K. Bryant, L. Cuddy, L. Davis, M, Clapper, W. Carson, D. Currie, R Clover, R. Clapper. Third row: L. Croft, J. Campbell, M. Coles, R. Dahl, R. Car mody, C. Curtis, D. Cihiwskey, J. Cornick R. Chapman, J. Burke. SOPHOMORES First row: M, Green, S. Gerard, J. How- ard, B. Hill, C. Genung, D. Heath, J Hanus, N. Hagen, M. Greene. Second row C, Hoskins, J. Herceg, K. Gunning, B House, R. Goon, K, Griffin, J. Howard N. Graffius, P. Hanifin. Third row: W Hackling, R. Gregson, A. Grow, R. Greene G. Hilton, D. Haggerty, P. Gage, H. Gib son, D. Gustin, G. Gould. SOPHOMORES First row: B. DuBois, S. French, B. Deister S. Dunn, B. Fischer, A. Duffy, D. DuBois D. English. Second row: G, Doupe, A French, G. Dingman, A. Boardman, M Davis, R. Dingleberry, R. Dodd. Third row R. Dodd, L. French, J. Epstein, D. Fletcher B. DeVlieger, B. Fleming. f SOPHOMORES First row: G. Hulslander, Y. Jacobs, J, Ketcham, P. Jones, S. Irving, L. Lewis, C. Lawrio, L. Lockwood, M, Jones. Second row: E. Lopke, V. Larrabee, J. Johnston, J. Kretschmar, S. Joiner, J. Hunsinger, L. Lee, J. Kilmer, J. Kenney. Third row: S. Mahon, H. Jones, M. Krom, J. Lorensen, J. Lifts, B. Luther, D. King, D. Mancini, B. Mac Queen. l lift SOPHOMORES First row: C. Rinaldi, P. Renda, L. Scarza- fava, B. Raif, P. Purdy, P. Saxton, S. Rogers, P. Scanlin, J. Poff. Second row: G. Quick, T. Reese, D. Pierson, T. Scarano, R. Shapiro, C. Shulty, G. Pierce, J. Robin- son. Third row: R. Slade, A. Platt, T. Schmidt, M. Rorapaugh, A. Plyrnale, H. Reisinger, D. Pierce, R. Slick, W. Potter. SGPHOMORES First row: B. Maslin, S. Parker, M. Mc- Carthy, G. Morgan, S. Pearsall, V. Molter, D. Nelson, M. Neild, M. Olson. Second row: J. Monticello, J. Micilcavage, G. Mareon, N. Morlando, B. Neely, R. Matthews, J. Myers, T. Merry. Third row: D. Moulton, J. Peters, T. Peck, M. New- berry, R. Yuhas, V. McGregor, G. Newton, D. Parr. , . QQ.,-13 yn Q X 3 J lv fx - Y . XL .xx x is jr - Q Npwix .V S 4 1 K 1 Q if f U if ' S' f S E Sm V X ' W- , .iiii . ' Q 'f 5 4, if -Q xx Q ' A i Q . J 5 px ,fig ...,. 310, P , G W Y Y f, Y' UX99 x Ov k I V A xv- - Rf b 5 55 31 X' xxx gtg. .gg .pg 7 . g i- S A . ,NM Q 5 - A Q N X , ,. ,W 5 if 31 ww if mv. ww , v , eve' ,U U K V, gy 40 X A mal 5 n m . A ,gl-31 w 5 X1 L Q 1 E M 4- " ' " 5 I A , fp ,M . Q7 K, in X A My uk 'VA ,K H X I A ' 'W '59 f 5 W XXQZ A K . , is g A ik, E3 Q-ef - kk seg.: kg Q. I 21.4 S1 is NNW , Y :ill xi, Sh . ix M ' K S k X -- v f Q 4 A X . WGJL Q . f:3 xf 5 N' ww Q -P X. J A 5 xg f S K YQ K H Ls iw R. W if FRESHMEN First row: E. Heidtman, J. Gleason, S Gow, E. Hogg, H. Frey, S. Harned, R Gonyou, A. Greene. Second row: J. Garin N. Hill, V. Hink, F. Hoffstadt, S. Gleason M. Hanifin, L. Gilroy, R. Gilg, J. Grannis Third roilv: J. Garvey, R. Halsey, V. Homer D. Gorman, R. Giles, L. Gabriel, R. Halter, J. Haggerty. FRESHMEN First row: S. Coulter, K. Edsell, H. Fether- olf, G. Drum, J. Crotty, A. Frederich, S. Drymond, B. Darrow. Second row: G. Doty, J. Doty, S. Foley, E. Foster, S. Corwin, S. Ellis, D. Deoine, R. Sanzo, M. Di Nunzio. Third row: C. Fitch, G. Curtis, K. Fenstemacher, C. Deane, K. Cramer, T. Potts, B. Dunlap, B. DeWolfe. -'Q' ,,. FRESHMEN First row: D. Krom, J. Krissel, G. Lane T. Hughes, D. Hunsinger, E. Lovelace, S Krupski, N. Lane, J. Lenox. Second row C. Kocian, L. Lane, B. Lynch, S. Kimble W. Keely, M. Johnson, D. Kovach, J Kenderes, R. Koch, T. Kristof. Third row K. Johnson, D. Lott, B. June, V. Kryger V. Krasko, W. Kalbough, S. Levinos, R Landon, J. Hudock. l E FRESHMEN First row: B. Snyder, S. Simpson, L. Smith S. Smith, P. Stout, N. Stratton, E. Sorochin sky, C. Stanton. Second row: B, Sheret, G. Sanford, T. Scarano, B. Snyder, J. Sam son, K. Sellick, C. Stalker, G. Saxenmeyer Third row: H. Ahelp, L. Sternburg, B Staudt, H. Severn, R. Stricklin, S. Spence S. Space. FRESHMEN First row: P. Nelly, S. Mott, J, Mitchell, J. Morton, K. Mascioli, C. Myers, C. Meaker, B. Munson, C. Miller. Second row: D. Mosen, T. Murphy, P. Maslin, G. Miller, S. Mulhollen, J. Morton, P. Neil- sen, H. May. Third row: G. Nicholas, B. Morlando, G. Ockerr, R, Marsh, E. Mills, A. Miller, B. Martin, S. Nielsen. FRESHMEN First row: L. Ryan, B. O'Neill, J. Piester N. Pollard, T. Patti, J. Olver, J. Ross, C Pfaff, J. Phipps, Second row: E. O'Hara E. Reistetter, B. Russell, L. Robinson, G Robek, M. Osman, C. Rush, G, Quinn, D Ryan. Third row: K. Potter, D. Parker, R Kuh, M. Rinker, J. Repp, J. Phelps, J Rinfanocht, K. Richards, G. Page. i 1 69 FRESHMEN First row: J. Thrasher, D. Taylor, J. Winne, K. Young, J. Yonkin, E. Mac Williams, S. Tucky M. Watrous. Second row: G. Weising, G. Zierdt, W. Wassen, D. Warner, C. Stubecki, N Trout, J. Totten, B. Weierich. Third row: K. Wingler, T. Stroup, L. Taylor, J. Wildey, R Zuleeg, D. Ward, S. Williams. 'GSPECIALU T E OF D IS f ssfgirfl I Heigla-lao! .ring beigla-loo! unto the green holly.: Mon? friemlxloip if feigfzifzg, mo!! loving mere folly: Tlyen, laeigla-bo, tloe laolly! Tlaix life is most jolly! SHAKESPEARE s X as DIRECTOR W. O. MARVIN The Vestal Central Marching Band is one of the most active organizations in school. Well on their way to statewide re- nown, the band has won first place in marching competition at Delhi and Trumans- burg and has been asked to stage an exhibi- tion this spring at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Undaunted by the flu epidemic, the band also performed at all the football games in formations including pom-pom girls and fire batons. coNCERT First row: P. O'Brien, L. Andrews, B. Haskell, L. Hildebrand, E. Meyer, P. Stanton, J. Howard, G. Barnes, K. Frey. Second row: N. Kintner, G. Henderson, R. Halley, M. Merkel, W. Walter, J. Herceg, B. Mac- Queen, D. Crawford, J. Wiggins, S. Gross, J. Crotty, C. Genung, D. Nelson. Third row: C. Lawrio, T. Hughes, M. Smith, K. Allyn, G. Robek, B. Neely, K. Becker, G. Cook, R. Landon, D. Blakeney, N. Camp- bell, P. Gage, H. Reisinger, H. Rinker, R. Wells, B. Jennings, R. Brinkos, G. Drost. Fourth row: K. Plymale, M. Stoddard, T. Hooko, L. Rounds, T. Knowlton, R. Clapper, D. Arrufat, D. Ward, B. Dunlap, S. Pearsall, V. Vokulich, E Wfsi OFFICERS Firsr row: R. Landon, President, D. Towers, Vice President, M. Johnson, M. Stalker, Librarians, C. Anderssen, Color Guard Captain, M, Smith, D. Wickham, Secretaries, N. Kintner, Drum Maior- ette. Second row: Mr. Wm. O. Marvin, Director, V. Vokulich, Treasurer, L. Lovell, Quarter- master, G. Vaillencourt, Drum Maior, T. Hooko, Manager, L. Hildebrand, First Sergeant. BAN First row: R. Currie, S. Opp, M. Stalker, M. Nelson, R. Mattison, L. Cuddy, B. Deister, M. Johnson Second row: M. Clapper, J. Mather, C. Juriga, N. Coleman, W. Wilson, J. Balchunas, J. Olver, M. Purdy P. Purdy, S. Blasko, J. Hanus, C. McQuiston. Third row: E. Howard, C. Andrews, D. Gustin, K. Kannen berg, B. Shaff, B. Bartholomew, K. Fenstemacher, M. Coles, G. Wiesing, G. Doupe, R. Zuleeg, M DiNunzio, G. Sanford, W. Baker, S. Singer, T. White. Fourth row: D. Towers, D. Wickham, R. Stalford D. Hartman, R. Slade, G. Wood, D. Ryan, L. Lovell, J. VanRiper, G. Gott, E. Lopke, D. Rothrock, L. Dates J. Simpson, G. Vaillancourt, B. Brown. ge , MARCHI First row: J. Launt, M. Goodhart, L. Greenhalgh, N. Kintner, L. Johnson, V. Molter, M. Clapper, M Osman, B. Fischer, J. Olver, J. Adams, E. Howard, C. Juriga, P. Purdy. Second row: P. O'Brien L. Andrews, B. Haskell, L. Hildebrand, E. Meyer, K. Plymale, D. Rothrock, P. Stanton, G. Barnes, J Howard. Third row: C. Lawrio, R. Halley, M. Merkel, G. Henderson, W. Walter, J. Herceg, B. MacQueen D. Crawford, J. Wiggins, J, Crotty. Fourth row: T. Hughes, M, Smith, K. Allyn, G. Robek, B. Neely K. Becker, G. Cook, R. Landon, D. Blakeney, N. Campbell, P. Gage, H. Reisinger, H. Rinker, R. Wells B. Jennings, R. Brinkos. Fifth row: G. Vaillancourt, J, Doty, V. Vokulich, L. Dates, S. Harned, G. Quinn B. Brown, J. Simpson, D. Adams, S. Pearsall, T. Hooko, L. Rounds, T. Knowlton, R. Clapper. COLOR G ARD J. Launt, M. Goodhart S Levinos G. Babykin, L Greenhalgh C An derssen, Captain l FLAG- SWINGERS . I I I! B. Fischer, S. Bur hier, .JL Adams, N. Giraf us, ff I Juriga, Captai , L. lStot9eLlV ..f C. D'Angelo, J orlqyhafn, llll f Clapaer, B. so . I It l X ' Vi 7 I .VW . 'f liirll ffifiltj ,wl- ,, , , .. tiff' V' if KA k IH, -. . if f x . ' . , U . . , X . BAN g First row: S. Levinos, G. Babykin, C. Anderssen, Mr. Marvin, Director, M. Purdy, N. Graffius, J. Brown, S. Burgher, N. Coleman, C. D'Angelo, K. Mitchell, B. Munson, S. Gross, L. Stover. Second row: S. Opp, M. Stalker, M. Nelson, R. Mattison, C. Andrews, L. Cuddy, B. Deister, M. Johnson, K. Frey. Third row: J. Mather, J. Balchunas, W. Wilson, S. Blasko, J. Hanus, C. McQuiston, D. Nelson, C. Genung. Fourth row: D. Gustin, W. Kannenberg, B. Shaft, B. Bartholomew, K. Fenstemacher, M. Coles, G. Wiesing, G. Doupe, R. Zuleeg, M. DiNunzio, G. Sanford, W. Baker, S. Singer, T. White. Fifth row: D. Towers, D. Wickham, R. Stalford, D. Hartman, R. Slade, G. Wood, D. Ryan, L. Lovell, J. Van Riper, G. Gott, E, Lopke, B. Bunlap, D. Ward, D. Arrufat. fi E 2 'I Tch NCI BATON R L E R S dy y J.OI 'fl K, rs J P. Pu dy in , WPRACTI CE'MAKES PERFECT' S ss MO VMI is . f , 1. A , -fi xxx.. kk .5 1 5 . ? 7 , .,,, 2 ggul gb Q ,V-f .. 1 i Q A . - A 7 1- '22: g gs m QM fi ? fp TQ Li F, kgzfh f, i ? fa A' Q fx X ' .5 fn. W ,...,f ' 'KX 35 Q S ff an Q I Q aw gg gi.-inf' CCN CERT go First row: K. Bricmont, C. Woolever, J. Gavin, G. Doupe, G. Zierdt, B. Kalbaugh, K. Becker. Second row: J. Parker, N. Duke, J. Kretschmar, K. Robinson, L. Stover, M. Hernon, J. Hackling, P. Davidson, H. Shelp, D. Ezzo, R. Stalford. Third row: Mr. Eddy, Director, C. Genung, V. Johnson, M. Goodhart, B. Edwards, V. Kryger, T. Patti, B. Griswold, S. Mulhollen, M. Briggs, N. Coleman, R. Myers, P. Krestalude, W. Baker, M. Rorapaugh, H. Williams. Fourth row: H. Fetherolf, J. Ketcham, P. Stanton, S. Marsh, P, Saxton, B. Berube, S. Battista, M. Davis, B. Gregory, M. Reed, B. Munson, J. Messersmith, R. Dodd, P. Theodore, R. Brundage, R. Ferris, J. Rising, P. Dailey. Mg! is h ' T an Af, 'X .Wg X Q W V xi T if -' av X x A it f , gk Q2 xg 0 V ,, , ff, if 1 -f ,. Q ff .Sgr Q 1 Q , f T I V fi 2, 5 2 2 , f ' 5' 9, . I K ,Fi 1 if ..," 92 -s 9 9, 'L 5 it .fa.,, M.. 958 ' 3' 'S I ' Q 5, L4 Q Q Q :ii yi I n 1 9 E -.E Nl , of at ' . 5, W xxx X:m.fgjN.Yi. Q -3' . ' ", fir? 'i ig fm. 4 . W' 5 "': .VI' 5 fig if 5 , . LV C V. . I ,Y ,Q I ,ff ff' f ,wh 'N in EW 3 ' gg if "li Q 3 il ,V . if g ,gr J 3 5 9 .Q is as K Q Q W W , iw L -,K W 1 Q is 1 'N' if-Hi' GV' S5 1' 5 N' uv if ff , .. , SEL 342 5 5. My A' is 'xg , .Q ww , -W k-v - X . g - Q ,. an if if 1 Rf. , - 9' ?E Q, ggi, , 3? 'Q' S if if .gf M 'K f-- -' in-vi It 5 A X 3 EH, Q gg gg if , ,fi 3 3 s i wg H lx ORGANIZATICNS Q Q..--llfiifmf X Qi k .,.. First row: R. Opp, Club Editor, V. Cole, Art and Photography Editor, M. Reed, Literary Editor, B. Tren- consky, Co-Editor, R. Landon, Editor. Second row: P. O'Brien, Layout Editor, B. Gregory, Ads Manager, P. Lee, Activities Editor, D. Bryant, Sports Editor, M. Merkel, Sales Manager. THE DE STAFF Working night and day Cmostly nightl, the staff turned out the H1958 Den" with more pictures and pages than ever before. It was great fun and an experience we will never forget. First row: L. Andrews, M. Tallman, P. Stanton, P. Morton, N. Love, B. Edwards, M. Lewis, G. Henderson R. Lynch, P. Krestalude. Second row: D. Jantzen, C. French, C. Smith, B. Pratt, I. Tracy, C. Fernbach B. Morlando, R. Dyson. Third row: S. Gross, J. Balchunas, V. Johnson, B. Brown, S. Manning, P. Wells N. Corwin, J. Earl, C. Nicholas, E. Brenden. Fourth row: B. Haskell, N. Coleman, C. DCAngelo, P. Ferris J. Fisk, L. Luce, N. Shary, D. Blakney. A A... 4... f THE STUDE CO GRESS W. Puchtler, President, B. Trenconsky, Vice President, P. Eldred, Treasurer C Woolever Secretary. The Student Congress of the Vestal Central School, under the guidance of Mr. Powell, governs, controls and regulates, in cooperation with the administration, all student activities and organizations. Its membership consists of all class officers lsenatel and one representative per homeroom Chouse of representativesl. First rovv: J, Crotty, N. Graffius, C. Andrews, B. Fischer, C, Anderssen, N. Crawford, S. Manning, S. Simpson. Second row: S. Mahon, M. Angelo, L. Cuddy, M. Yonkin, B, Griswold, J. Kretschmar, B. Gregory, R. Landon. Third row: J. Kalbough, M. Johnson, T, Patti, S. Smith, N. Trout, L. Dates, L. Randall, S, Opp, H. May. Fourth row: K. Johnson, W. Jennings, H, Williams, J. Wilson, R. Brundage, R. Mattison, P. Dailey. Fifth row: S. Kopansky, G. Shary, D. Rutter, R, Ferris, M. Drabo, D. lnfantine, SENIOR MAGAZINE COMMITTEE l PRESS CLUB S, OPP. M. Merkel, V. Molter, R Halley, R. Opp, Editor, C. Juriga Secretary, B. Ralf, C. Rinaldi. P.A. CLUB Standing: J. Kalbough, First row: N. Kintner, B. Gregory, V. Johnson, R. Opp. Second row: S. Opp, L, Dates, J. Wiggins, V. Vokulich, L. Johnson. SUNDAY , HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOF-72 JOCIETY X X tg Q6 First row: G. Maslin, Vice President, J. Marsh, President, E, Mattes, Secretary, F. Peister, Treas- urer. Second row: R. Landon, R. Ferris, P. Dailey, B. Gregory, W. Puchtler. The Vestal Chapter ot the National Honor Society is composed of students selected by the faculty on the basis of leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Frorn each class IOM are selected in their junior year, and an addition 20?-J in the senior year. KEY CLUB ff ,f",VsEY-'R The motto of Key Club is "We Build." Sponsored by the Vestal Kiwanis Club, the club is essentially a service group dedicated to R Nil improve the school and community. Xisiggffil First row: R. Brundage, Treasurer, F. Piester, President, R. Landon, Vice President, J. Kalbough, Secretary. Second row: J, Schreck, J. Wilmont, D. Towers, A, Williams, H, Williams, C. Swain, R. Mattison, R. Gif- ford, Mr. Gillard, Advisor, Third row: J. Wilson, G. Vaillancourt, M. Janashek, D. Vaillancourt, G. Bundy, D. Turner, W. Puchtler, G. Williamson, T. Reese. RIFLE CLUB First row: C. Smith, J. Stevens, B. Deister, M. Ferris, J. Kocher, N. Crawford, S. Beeman, Mr Maybee. Second row: R. Rush, J. Lorensen, K. Young, F. Campion, T. Merry, G. Saxenmeyer S. Nielsen. Third row: V. Hink, B. Keely, D. Arrufat, W, Baumlin, K. Potter, R. Matches, G. Zierett Fourth row: R. Snyder, A. Williams, W. Puchtler, D. Usas, D. Monticello, T. Scanlin, W. Cummings R. Aimonetti. JUNIOR RED CROSS CLUB The Junior Red Cross Club, one of the most worthwhile clubs at Vestal, provides for the needy and the hospitalized through proiects such as an annual fund drive, and the making and selling of useful products. First row: B. Fischer, K. Antony, P. Machovec, D. Green, S. Pearsall, K. Richards, S. Parker, B. Vanderbilt, M. Nelson, V. Johnson. Second row: R. Opp, Junior Advertising, C. Andrews, Social Chairman, M. Clapper, Secretary, H. Williams, Vice President, R. Ferris, President, J. Wilson, Treasurer, C. Anderssen, Welfare Officer, J. Balchunas, Entertainment, B. Brown, Co-Chairman. Third row: M. Stoddard, M. Hernon, L. May, N. Coleman, G. Henderson, C. D'Angelo, L. Johnson, D. Hartman, J. Howard, N Corwin, B. Peterson, D. DuBois, L. Tilton, R, Lynch, N. Gratfius. Fourth row: S. Dunn, F, Campion R. Myers, W. Puchtler, J, Simpson, W. Jennings, R. Mattison, R. Currie, R. Clover, E. Jopke, R. Dingle- berry, V. Vokulich, L. Davies. i kip I if GSW' 1 Q? 1 W -F wx fY. Q. f. Q 5 ' 5' gli' WH Q X W sf is Q .75 ' Q :- Q f -R .Q . J x . a V. - . 5 L., . ,KA x as l, f gm . 'XS if A 5 Q 2' Q Q , i -fi -- 'ff ,,, X' R 1 1' A H Q' Vg SW S Xgsvmi 5 if Q 1 P 'am Sk E' F -X' ,W Q H Q Q R, 2 Y ik J 'W wx 1 1. 3 3 rf- H ii Q S R Q Nw xws if X fg1?fE.i.. X s -'ist' 1 1-i .1,k, fin if 4 si ffl .gs E23 S M .tu .M Q. , .x E-W ,A 2 xi , 5 , , QS f N 1 K :W . .1 ., S 3 m I Q iw . Y aw . R:-Q f Q L -I SM is , Qxig ? Q we Qggggi fig Xiw :'A' Q, f1.1 1 S23 gfsigiff m ii X, Sggfffmrfv C3'f3f5f?T5E . . 9253? mi '15 Y' Bs First row. C. Nicholas, L. Murphey, B. Morlando, S. Coulter, E. Sisson, E. Foster, N. Morlando, V. Cole. Second row: W. Thayne, G. Morgan, A, Truesdale. First row: P, Lee, Presldeng Coleman, Vice President. Second row: B. Ellis, Treasurer, P. Elclred, Secretary, K, Bricmont, Parliamen- tarian, J. Wiggins, Chaplain. Third row: P, Ferris, M. Rhinehart, L. Randall, D. Green, K. Mitchell, L. Lovell, D. Hartman. Fourth row: R. Opp, J. Fisk, B, Pratt, L. Luce, C. Johnson, M. Stalker, L. May, V. Vokulich, LIBRARY CLUB HI-Y CLUB Fifth row: B. Dunn, I. Tracy, N. Crawford, J. Kocher, J. Kittle, L. Dates, L. Johnson, S. Opp, J. Vanderveer, V. Cole. Sixth row: S. Singer, D. Jantzen, B. Gregory, D. Nelson, S. Warclell, P. Saxton, M. Davis, M. Lewis, K, Davies, W. Corcoran, M. Goodhart. Seventh row: N. Love, B. Duke, C. Smith, D, Dowd, B, Munson, C, McQuis- ton, B, Morlando, J. Parker, S. Lott, S. LaDue, P. Machovec, V. Johnson, B. Brown, C, Woolever, ART CLUB Standing: Mr. Williams, Advisor First row: S. Corwin, K, Selliqk C. Stubecki, L. Sneed, K. Richards Second row: M. Ferris, V. Cole, R Baldwin, N Morlando, G, Morgan L. VanKuran. MS .4 The Art Club presents an opportunity for students to become familiar with some of the aspects of art in the field of painting, sculpturing, and drawing. UNITED NATIONS CLUB First row: R. Aimonetti, J. McCormack, W. Cummings, G. Guiles, B. Scarano, E. Maries, S. Batfista, C, Plymale, E. Gallup, J. Nicholas, M. Purdy, J. Brown, K. Bricmont, J. Lott, S. Gross. Second row: R. Landon, D. Crawford, W. Wilson, M, Lucas, D. Sfadel, C. Wells, N. Love, B. Gonyou, L. Sanford, A. Parkh, W. Corcoran, K, Davies, M. Lewis, B. Edwards. Third row: R. Opp, W. Giles, J. Gleason, L. May, V. Vokulich, D. Hartman, E. Howard K. Robinson, S. Singer, D. Grineff, D. lnfantine, C, French, M. Goodhart, M. Tallman, P. Bailey, W. Puchtler, E. Tkachulc. Fourth row: V. Johnson, C. D'Angelo, . Anderssen, N. Coleman, N. Kintner, J, Balchunas, B. Brown, D. King, D. O'Hara, R. Coughlin, S. C Bogart, D, Doolittle, R. Williams, T. Avery, S. Pearsall, R. Newman, D. Phipps. UNITED NATION CLUB Standing: P, O'Brien, President. First row: M. Drabo, Treasurer, Mrs. D. Harder, Advisor. Second row: R. Ferris, Vice Presidentp D. Rutter, Secretary. The United Nations Club is an extremely popular club. The annual trip to New York City in the spring is an experience that almost every senior wants to take part in. The Club's bottle drives raise most of the expense money for the excursion. Although the trip to New York City is the big event of the year, the Club also undertakes such activities as parties and model United Nations Assemblies. L - .. L First row: P. Krestalude, E. Michaud, J. Fisk, P. Ferris, B. Ellis, M. Stout, L. Russell, S. Smith, S, Protheroe, B. Conklin, E. Brenden, R. Dyson, B. Morlando, R. Ressigue, P. Stanton, B. Eddy. Second row: D. Pierce, D. Ezzo, R. Halley, R. Mattison, R. Brundage, G. Henderson, l. Tracy, D. Jantzen, S. Miller, B. Pratt C. Smith, B. Duke, C. Fernbach, P. Lee, S. Manning, L. Andrews. Third row: G. Shary, L. Edwards' D. Drabo, J. Kocher, N. Crawford, R. Lynch, N. Corwin, J. Marsh, B. Gregory, P. Wells, P. Machovec S. Lott, C. Begell, B. Shaft, J. Messersmith, V. Cole. Fourth row: L. Leamer, N. Janavshek F. Piester, C. Briggs, J. Wilmont, L, Rozelle, D, Bryant, R. Myers, J. Fisher, R, Hernon, D. Towers, D Turner, B. Westcott, G. Bundy, M, Merkel. i S. LaDue, 1 SPRINGTIME IN SHANGRI-LA Q X ff yi fax? Miffw :sk X N mnSl y xx xx P OB Claudia Cl k Bev Trenconsky Pat Wells 92 RETIRING QUEEN, Carolee Purdy QUEEN, Louise Bauley LADY-lN-WAITING, Phyllis Lee CANDIDATES fyfifjlll y ygy ilfgf f efif I' NK Nl ' . - l wi 'pt' A . , . Q Q fl ' , .KM X Kathy Bricmo T avvn Janlze arol Wooleyer D C Nancy Kintne I belle-T y B nieGrg y JUNIOR PROM 5 0 ORON ATX QQUEENF S 93 'Ui Kung Ron and Queen Phyllis "UN-.-I . , , X I YY' 'Nm'-H-WNW 9 'M if Q W CANDIDATES Carole Woolever Kathy Bricmonf Louise Bailey Pal O'Brien Naomi Shary Dawn Janlzen Virginia Cole Par Wells Bev Trenconsky Virginia Johnson Joan Kiitle Bonnie Gregory Phyllis Lee Q93 Wolfgang Putchler Dave Blakney Jim Cargill John Sedlack Don Webb Phil Dailey Bob Meeker Dan Turner Paul Angelo Glen Bundy Jim Kalbadgh Ron Ferris Ron Myers ffl R 'Sn X g . 5 4 Q I' King Bruin of 1958, John Sedlak, is crowned by Miss Phyllis Lee, President of Hi-Y Club, as Mr. Buran looks on. CANDIDATES llllmi qw' K, . . W-Q First row: G. Bundy, L. Rozelle, D. Bryant, R. Myers. Second row: D. Turner, G. Pritchard, R. Hernon, P. Stroup, B. Westcott, P. Angeloe. Third row: J, Fisher, P. Dailey, J. Cargill, P. Lee, J. Secllak, Mr. Buran, R. Stanton, R..Ferris, D. Webb, X if XXLXX5 X X XXX :X XX XX QXXXXX1 :xg - S X Y X V X Y X XXX V ' f,w4,Wf,g,,fff , W 7 WNZ72',A ' Qj"ff,iwfWf M, QQ X L -R si X X . Q 5 X X X - .. A-T31 555 X X X. XXXX, K- ., X 5 ' X: x wi- , X . X " Q., .. -....:.g,- wgfza , 5 fk zff' X- f ., 557 pa t X Q ' X X X may X A aff . XX .X XXN - N . X N i ' 13 - X ff X 5 Ml 3 lf- MW? i fi Si :ss X 9? G,.,.,, L g gg :K , ,- gmgzx Si ig i s "ff H '5 21" '1 fii -. Y W S2-W? X if x :M Q eg 5 , X, as , , in ? cf 1? Ps KQV Q DRAMATICS CLUB First row: A. Allyn, J, Balchunas, Art Director, W. Putchler, Business Manager, M. Merkel, Director K. Bichmont, Secretary, C. Fernbach, Assistant Director, R. Lynch, M. McGregor, Second row: E. Gallup J. Parker, K. Antony, P. Stanton, J. Nicholas, B. Edwards, L. Andrews, C. Anderssen, B. Brown, N Coleman, R. Opp. Third row: J. Larrabee, S. Fisher, M. Hernon, D, Dowd, C. Pitcher, J. Orzell, B. Duke G. Henderson, B. Gregory, B. Peterson, B. Morlando. Fourth row: S. Ayers, P, Krestalude, D. Ezzo D. Phipps, D. Bryant, W. Cummings, R. Landon, R. Myers. ls 1 .... - Hkwfvfig r ' x up,- '....,, mx 'um u-'w 5 at ,v ,.. wx , 'z N x 1 -+ w 'QR' rrmxf'-.'cA . 'UP K "A, all-11 wwf .9 Qu as 'vi ,A Q FI 59" u."'1 4 .J figsf is Y 'Yi if If ,V :S Q. A fi if yi fx' Q Lf' 'fa sf Q 'F 1 . g , gi ff: 4-xl , M. R , v Rf! ATHLETICS VARSITY FOOTBALL s .... 1 s s 2 M1 First row: B. Woodworth, G. Pritchard, B. Gifford, J. Peters, K. Grannis, G. Bundy, D. Turner, D. Bryant, R. Myers. Second row: J, Hill, R. Ferris, J. Kelly, P. Angeloe, C. Swain, L. Rozelle, J. Fisher, G. Pulver, D. Plew, J. Sedlack. Third row: J. Cargill, A. Plymale, R. Stanton, D. Webb, P. Dailey, P. Stroupe, B. Westcott, R. Hernon. Our football Team completed, perhaps, the most successful season in the history of the school. Through the hard efforts of the team and fine coaching of Mr. Hoover and his staff, the "Golden Bears" took second place in their first year of Southern Tier Conference competition. Congratulations to a great team of a never-to-be-forgotten season. J.V. FOOTBALL First row: R. Chapman, G. Gorman, W. Smith, J. Litts, D. Chiwiski, W. Wood, S. Mahon, K. Bryant C. Pennell. Second row: L. Leamer, L. Brainard, H, Gibson, G. Straton, R. Gregson, D. Goon, J. Cornick J. Shreck, D. Barry, P. Grannis, R. Slick. Third rdw: T. Scarano, R. Hughs, J. Wilber, D. Northrup, R Petrush, G. Williamson, J. Totten, D. Staddel, G. Fenley, B. Bierly. f . Q... .T COACHES S ibm-v 1 . 5' 'SNL FRANK BURAN DICK HOOVER LOU POND Line Coach Head Coach Backfield Coach CO-CAPTAINS MQW-I DAN TURNER PHIL DAILEY ,N -I wwf PAUL ANGELOE DICK STANTON DON WEBB fi? L: S1 A Haw A SW? :Aw ,E N . ' in , ' i gA ' it nf .- .5 w li L i x k 1- ki +1 'KJ 'ww vs-S41-..,,.,, mf . 5? K F 5 Qt. .EM Lg- W . A A KE, 4 - .,, may M 4, 1 Af fx A5 . wk, g Lrg, . ielfw M 3. Q 1 2 dx N ....k. , . xx X ,Q .pl w 1 1 .x 1-.S A Q eggsm i. A X X 53+ , MM R if ""f+fSNQ, -f. 5 ' Q vi X, Q A T' 3 Q as JW aww! SE- M N. X.-Sy, 45' isis? ' M mn S4 ggi - if 5, x iq W ski-8 , v K New Q- 3, ,R If va. ,A x4 , W if ga., BH x hy '-'jf Q1 A If Lf. .M 'Q A X ff k . an A , Q-rg ,, K xyx k'NfX- 5 i'FA f yy K f ' V R -A H 631.1 ,. '1' w r-S. N- 4 K Rf 5 xg: Kc Qi, 1 , 5' . 30. il , X iff? Qg t Vx Q Y fe - .- 'Y kai? 4 sm en: 51 x If ,-ff -. X iff N. S 2 6 ix .1 J ff SWR 1 ?2 J-. , Q 1 W W .. -wwf- QQRYIPQ ' Q A L. Q ' Suk . f . Q3 Q 5.4 fax Q V . i . Q5 A :Q ,J iw W ' X ll " 'A As 2 N -1 f X 4 +P, 5 , 'ff-' H . . xv ,fs Z, Q1 sg? X ,f x" X5 X S: NIA F W1 iw 4 ,X .Vw A we kia? aiw.4Qqggi55L15? it A ,, wh. 11 A ,241 19 'P QM .l V r Q 5 ,Qi .!,, H9 : A VARSITY BASKETBALL First row: C J, Cargill, R s 1' A 1 V l hi, T The varsity basketball team lnanded in a fine l la rlecord far l957-1958. fo 'lop The season they beqt Qgniral in a Thrilling game during The sec- B tionals. A I i ' e AA M " f y .JUDY ,..-4 "E" Aww! A ...Ni W: PAT IO6 W. Terry, 0. Phipps, D. Northrup, J, Hill. Second row: D. Webb, H. Williams, P. Daily, Coach, Mr. Lobb. COACH LOBB vlRGiNlA PHYLLIS BEVERLY First row: Sue, Linda, Claudia, Mary. Second row: Helen, Sharon, Diane, Linda, Joan, Third row: Marlene, Nancy, Sue, Judy, Linda. X J LOUISE lSABELLE J .V. BASKETBALL Central U.E. North Cortland J.C. E.S.S. E.F.A. Ithaca Oneonta Q ..-gi X 2. mf W, . 1.1 First row: J. Cornick, L. Avery, D. Pierson, J. Micilcavage, J, Epstein. Second row: S. Roberts, B. Gifford, T. Garvey, A. Plymale, R. Green, B. Woodworth, Coach: Mr. McGuire. VARSITY SCORES Vestal Opp. 58 76 52 A8 57 60 75 68 63 62 58 57 55 66 56 70 44 29 Vestal Opp Central 58 78 U5 49 61 North 51 69 J.C. 66 36 Ithaca 58 59 Norwich 80 65 Oneonta 70 49 Nott Terrace 63 68 Sectionals: Vestal-62 Central-60 9 K, X-QQ 'GX G9 42 5:g'5 0l .- 'AX Re. .. V. i K w 5 Rua?-R ag ,i y, :Rid i5l',5,75 U A ,-.R 3' ff 1 2 is QQ ,ff ,swf .v , 4 NHDJATXNORK SCGRES E.F.A. Watertown E.F.A. Bainbridge E.S.S. Windsor hold CROSS - COUNTRY First row: N. McPherson, D. Pierson, D. Tucker, W. Terry, F. Walters, D. Phipps, J. Billet. Second row: Mr. Stock, Coach, L. Greenhaulgh, B. McQueen, E, Mills, E. Tkachuk, L. Ward, J. Epstein, D. King, R. Heen, G. Wilcox, R. Singer. COACH S. STOCK Coached by Nlr. Stock, this year's cross-country team finished the season with a most impressive record. Although.a number of their meets were canceled due to the flu, the boys won for Vestal such honors as the 9th consecutive sectional championship, third place out of 44 teams at Utica Proctor and fourth place in the New York State Meet. F Walters D Pierson D Tucker W Terry, J. Billet. W. Terry, J. Billet XXX! x S VARSITY BASEBALL First row: Mr. L. Gennett, Coach, D. Northrup, J, Cargill, P. Daily, R. O'Hara G. Hill, J. Hill. Second row: W. Terry, P. Angelo, G. Pritchard, J, Sedlaln, R. Williams, D. Chihiewsky, C. Nelson. Third row: C. Pennell, R. Gifford, T. Avery, K. Grannis, E. Spaulding, D. Doolittle, T. O'Hara, B. Molton. The T957 varsity baseball team, which con- sisted mostly of juniors, showed improvement over the T956 edition in fielding and pitching. However, a weak olfensefnamely, weak hitting, still plagued the team to hold its season record to 3 wins and l3 losses. Third baseman Jim Cargill was selected as All-Southern Tier Confer- ence third baseman. COACH GENNETT Jim Cargill and Wendy Terry Doug Doolittle, Gary Pritchard, and Phil Daily 'K' X 9.5 N lll TRACK TEAM First row: D. Pierson, J. Schreck, S. Mann, J. Litts, T. Sanzo, B. Graper, K. Grannis, D. Plew. Second row: L. Rozelle, C. Swain, D. King, B. Woodworth, J. Billet, F. Walters, D. Rutter, R. Meyer. Third row: D. Bryant, D. Bulman, D. lnfantine, D. Turner, G. Bundy, J. Kristof, R. Ferris, K. Bryant, H. Angelo. Fourth row: D. Lehman, Coach, J. Simpson, E. Lason, R. Hernon, J, Peters, R. Wells, J. Cornick, J. Garvey, J. Pendlebury, Coach. Vestal has long been noted for its championship track teams. This year's team turned in an outstanding performance which gained them recognition throughout the area. TEAM IN ACTION Meyers edges Mooney of U.E. Dave lnfantine hurdles for Vestal , K . .4 . . f et' rv ' , s.3gg:f Q . sxse-e' - 1 K :fi-ri it r" wt.. , 12, ' xl K i'1s....,g,... First row J Hudak K. Fenstemacher, R, Jones, D. Drabo, J. Fisher, D. Clover, Mr. Pond. Second row: R Moyer W Waters T. Avery, J. Litts. BOWLING TEAM Although the student body is not as vvell informed on the activities of the rifle and bowling clubs as they are on other sports, these teams deserve a great deal of credit for the honors they have brought to Vestal through inter-school competition. RIFLE TEAM First row: W. Keeley, D. Moticello, G. Zerdt, G. Saxenntayer, Second row: W Puchtler D Rush A. Williams, R. Snyder, Mr. Maybee. ill! BOWLING CLUB First row: V. Johnson, A. Parish, K. Davies. Second row: J. Fisk, M. Goodhart, M. Hernon, J. Orzell B. Raif, J. Beverly, S. Manning, L. Sanford, I, Tracy, B. Dietrich, B. Taylor, B. Edwards, W. Corcoran L. Lovell, L. Dates, S. Opp. Third row: E, Gallup, C. Richards, N. Barnett, M. Purdy, N. Love, C. Parker D. Heath, P. Hanafin, P. Davidson, B. House, J. Messersmith, B. Neely, J, Barnes, L. Johnson. Fourth row M. Heath, H. Fetherolf, P, Neily, G. Lane, T. Hughes, K. Sellick, J. Kinders, D Cuddihe, J, Grannis J, Balchunas, C. D'Angelo, R. Opp, N. Duke, J. Poff, Fifth row: G. Hulslander, J. Begall, J. Billett, C Meeker, P. Stout, N, Stratton, N. Trout, S. Marsh, S. Harneol, B. Shaft, N. Coleman, B, Brown, P. Post Miss Gennett. Sixth row: T. Benzelouski, D. Carrington, J. Burris, B. Coulter, L, Tilton, S. Joiner P. Purdy, V. Vokulich, D. Hartman, M. Stalker, L. Randall, M. Reinhart, K. Robinson, S. Singer, J. Stevens C, Smith, C, Rinaldi. Adniiring our trophy case are R, Opp, D. Stanton, B. Haskell, C. Briggs, L. Rozelle, D. Turner. RJUNICR HIGH ff' ,ff FACULTY WILLOW POINT MR. ANTONY Principal MRS. HILTON, Secrefary gov' First row: Miss Klersy, Choir and Orchestra, Miss Barrett, Math, Mrs. Kaspryk, Homernaking, Mrs. Kobylarz, Nurse, Miss Brigham, Reading, Miss Bierly, Art. Second row: Mrs. Ford, CH. Ed. 85 Mr. Durdon, Shopg Mr. Ross, Science 7-8, Mrs Gallagher, Guidance, Mr, Bierne, English 75 Mr, McGuire, English 8, Mr. Pyluck, Marh 85 Miss Camadella, Cit. Ed, 7, Q11 Q5 .6 X QS? 5. -Q -2 .ix S. .S x VESTAL MRS. PURDY Principal 3 1 Q' "T" I , 'J 1 FACULTY X um- -1 igigwgf ,'Yx Vs. lfkfawgi ix 1 w,A Y Q 1 J if M- Q l K 1 O . gd First row: Mr. G. Roney, Miss B, Blair, Miss W, Lulkoski, Mrs, B, MacQueen, Mr. R. Sykes. Second row: Mr. E. Kobylarz, Mr, W. Kintner, Mr, J, Bolton, Mr. E. Bidlack. C EIGHTH GRADE First row: R, Dyson, D. Ross, D. MacBeth, C, Rofturt, A. Truesdale, R, Grost, E. Smith, B. Karninsky, J. Pilkington. Second row: P. Hickey, R. Way, G. Beach, J. Hemstreet, D. Loveless, E. Page, L. Rossen, D. McPherson, B. Weland, N. Ely, A. Bierly. Third row: S. Gibson, B. English, G. Benjamin, S, Edwards, G. Ross, K. Bisgrove, D. Sutphon, J. Spence, S. Reese, D. Giles. EIGHTH GRADE First row: P. Herceg, M. Gonyou, R Chetko, J. VanVliet, H. Oxx, J. Parker J. Merkel, C. Jamieson. Second row: F Ronoak, R. Williamson, W. Balchunas, T Swain, R. Planshak, D. Sprasanoky, E Renda, F. Martinek, Third row: A. Munn R. Sunderlin, M, VanDusen, F. Bogaczyle C. McLain, J. Rider, V. Schultz, M Martens. EIGHTH GRADE First row: G. Collingham, D. Brown, K Barnum, M. Greene, J, Harvey, L. Rath burn, R. Cargill, R. Cockrell, W. Chilson Second row: S. Cokely, N. Lott, G. Trues dale, J. Peterson, J. Peterson, R. Ca M. Wilbur, D. Bassett, J. Humphrey, M Briggs, C. Dyson. Third row: D, Conrad S. Griswold, D, Cross, L. Ackley, B Conklin, J. Bello, R. Molyneaux, E. St John, B. Crooks, D. Dodd. EIGHTH GRADE First row: D. Wilbur, C. Severn, L. Page S. Fields, N. Nicholas, J, Knox, M. Marino M. Crowell, Second row: D. Deeis, B Martin, R. Winans, C. Shelly, R. Shaver R. Millard, B. Slick, L. Durant, W. Green halgh. Third row: N. Matulewicz, R. Welty B. Singer, K. White, P. Lyon, J. Perry T. Brooks, E. Zimmer, C. Peters. ,.. .4 EIGHTH GRADE First row: S, Haddad, J. Meyer, C. Cala- liere, J. Lovell, C. Zalenski, N. Herke K, Cummings, B. Petrush. Second row: R. Peck, S. Wood, J. Ace, S. Madden, M. Hahn, C. Galloway, S. Hagen, P. Bernadf, R. Cummings R. Bulger. Third row: R Garza, G, Donson, J. Sanzo, J. Ramer, M. Munnich, D. Haire, J. Early, D. Far- well, C. Rich, R. Heath. 'fn EIGHTH GRADE First row: J. McDermid, P. Dietrichsen J. Hix, M. Duffy, C. Weston, C. Case, C Schmidt, T. Rishel, D, Day. Second row R. Currie, C. Detwiler, R. Duffy, J. Scheer G. Vanderbilt, R. Greene, J. Duck, R Nestrick, J. Fields. Third row: J. Bleuer L. Frank, Y. Kanazowich, P. Alley, R Hadsell, M. Michno, R. Carmon, M Banick, C. Moore, B. Moore. EIG HTH GRADE First row: R. Cackett, W. Montross, R. Walker, J. Stanton, M. Mclntyre, N. Ed- wards, C. Wells, D. Learner, T. Schaffert. Second row: C. Stone, A, Dowd, B. Bau- cam, M. Sphoh, P. Blake, B. Gregory, L. Sykes, V. Clapper, B. Fuller. Third row. P. McClelland, T. Henley, D. Weston, D. Weston, A. Stowell, C. Chatham, C. Rising, E. Marsh, K. Sisson. EIGHTH GRADE Frrst row: W. Newell, B. Vandermark, E. Sarvey, R. Wiland, P. Wheeland, E. Smith, K. Underwood, M. Noyes, M. Kront. Second row: A. Hawley, J. B. Beniamifh H. Hitchcock, K. Morgan, J. Spoor, M, Wickham, W. Molyneaux, D. Lockwood, R. Wilcox. Third row: J. Eschenback, D, Ely, J. Gibson, D. Brigade, H. Smith, D Murphy, R. Post, A, Morn, A, SaInpSOI't, R. Morrison. l20 EIGHTH GRADE First row: J. Peck, R. Dought, V. Hotchkiss D. Wilcox, C, Eddy, D. Guldenschuh, C Brirnmer, S. Frink, J. Olson. Second row L. Corson, S. Ross, B. Patterson, B Warner, A. Smith, G. Hoover, B. Webster N. Miller, G. Warfle, J. Middleton, A Campbell, J. Costley. Third row: B. Ellis B. June, P. Stryker, D, Scott, S, Kinner S. Tilton, C. Wright, J. Coulter, E, Lg-Wig R. Oris. SEVENTH GRADE First row: B. Cobb, D. Keiclw, M. Brown- ing, A. Coleman, S. Cocksell, C. NlcNamf ara, A, Francavillo, M, Post, S. Plfchanan. Second row: H. Coles, C. Hugunine, L. Frasca, R. Hynes, G. Conrad, D. Kelly M. George, D. Frederick, W. French, R Tiel. IHGHTH CH DE First row: P. Scarano, P, Conklin, D. Van Hail, C. Durant, A. Moss, S. Meyers, P Lane, C. Kustof. Second row: W. Shaud? R. Avery, L, Wasson, M. Rackelt, R. Heath L. Rush, C. Lane, C. Tholhofer, B. Post Third row: D. Guslln, L. Cramer, C. Conk lin, N. Griffin, J, Chamberlin, W. Pierce R. Genung, J, Earley. SEVENTH GRADE Firs? row: B. Decker, S Pollcr, S. Eiclwn' rg, E. Dunplvy, S. Shaw, K. Andrews, S. Laltimore, K Ackley Second row: R LOU, H. Tlweelge, J. Wlmtakcr, C. Gleason G. Slunrock, D, Lynclw, H. Woorl, C. Jafko D. Newman. Tlwlrd row: K. Ballard, J Igerald, J. Earl, P Bvnjnmnx, C. Wood Rosenbloom, F Sexlon, G. Myers, D Piplner. l2l SEVENTH GRADE Firsr row: D. Utter, J. Frederick, C. Cal houn, C, Riner, S. Landon, D. Brearley P. Graffius, C. Harrington, J. Lewis, A Corcoran. Sc-fond rovv: E. Jumper, H Walser, D. Totten, A. Sagan, K. Sanford P, Rinaldi, C. Place, T. Cihiwsky, C. Miller, D. Stanford. Third row V. Rose, A Sweeney, M. Agone, T. Rail, P, Messcmer R. Poft, W. Riblvins, T. Rolls, P. Murphy C. Terry, C. Barge. SEVENTH GRADE First row: J. Hosie, D. Garvey, J. McQuis ton, C. Callahan, C Coughlin, C. Krissol J. O'Hara, S. Scanlin, J. Matthews, M Hughes. Secoid row: J. Bleuer, S. Lenz C. Eddy, R. French, D. Hight, M. Mack C. McKreII, L, Norton, F. L'oyd. Third row: J. Baldwin, C. Abinsi, L. Wardell, G Brownlow, J. Messersmith, E. Hughes, D Minnick, B. Clark, J, Lucas. SEVENTH CHl DE First row: D. Thrasher, L, Bartholomew, B. Conigliaro, B. Cole, U. Smith, K. Glezen, B. Beniamin, L. Trout. Second row: D. Saxton, C. Drost, B, Feschthal, L. D'Angelo, B, Lillie, J. Converse, R. Board- man, J, Hoover, R. Meyer, Third row: P. Duffy, P. Thayne, C. Schapp, E, Rei- stetter, J. Bannerman, N. Kilrnar, K. Tot- ten, J. Hertzog, D, Houghton, D. Shattuck. SEVENTH GRADE Firsr row: A. Popik, C. Dates, G. Van Derveer, D, Robinson, J. Di Nunzio, J. Stalker, C. Crabb, D. Viglione, K. O'Con- nell. Second row. J. Young, H. Rellow, D. Fudger, C. Yonkin, T. Steenburg, L. Mantel, F. Sebesra, M. Rock, G. Landon. Third row: D. Agone, G. Larnerd, W. Schweizer, L. Shaver, W. Day, C. Sloftje, P. Taylor, H. Lewis, J. Mushock. SHOPCLASS Looking on: Mr. Durdon, S. Terry, B. Scliubmelwl, N. Pritchard. Sawing: T. Tobbe. yi SEVENTH GRADE Firsr row: M. Cerbara, R. Parker, J. Cor- nick, V. Angelo, P. Wood, V. Knapp, K. Millard, P. Launt. Second row: J. Andrews, T. Tallnwan, T. Tobbc, S. O'Connor, H. Conklin, M. Mcl-lale, N. Prilchard. Third row: C. Lyon, W. Sclwiebmehl, F. Wiggins, C. Mosley, S. Terry, B. Oliver, J. Naylor, G. Di Paulo, C. Dyer. SEVENTH GRADE First row: C. Lawrio, P. Krotzer, B. Harrington, D. Fanara, K. Roos, R. Plymale. Second row: J, Moss, J. Frank, P. Gouldin, D. Stewart, F. Berube, G. Romonchuk, J. Gallup. Third row: S. Slawson, R. Yuhas, P. Shook, T. Orzell, W. Kimber, G. Jones. SEVENTH GRADE First row: V. Renda, B. Morse, B. Crooks, C. Brown, N. Broiaitis, S, Bridges, L. Brinkos, D. Wilcley, N. Stanley. Second row: J. Monticello, C. Beniamin, C. Stan- ton, D. Hill, P. Eldred, J.' Wingate, D. Spencer, D. Loveless, N. Smith, B. Qualcen- bush, M, Andrews. Third row: M. Rinaldi, T. Weaver, R. Williams, A. Marshall, R. Pierce, J. Pierson, D. Olson, E. Sampson, B. Schilling, L. Hall. ,f 12 Q J. Wy? 3 , W 1, 3 M' f : E A Q f, .. Slim:-if . ,Q --Ad.. ff-Y Q, 17' im . 24? k z , ., f M . Q . ,L,,aa. M, in as if an ,. Q ffl. 3 --M, Nw N 1 Q Q km Neg wg 1. f FY First row: S. Potter, A. Smith, V. Javaszi, C. Wright, J. Wingate, E. Leamer, T. Schaffert, M. Mclntyre, P. McClelland, D. Spencer. Second row: B. Crooks, J. Pierson, D. Weston, R. Williams, D. Weston L. Brinker, A. Sampson, E. Sampson, D. Sprunansky, C. Ryan, A. Dowd. Third row: N. Stanley, R Vought, W. French, S. Tilton, J. Bicher, A. Campbell, S. Bridges, C. Hugunine, B. Planchak, D. Lockwood, M. George. JU IOR HIGH BANDS First row: J. Hix, J. Meyer, M. J. Duffy, T. Rishel, K. Sanford, P. Alley, J. Moss, J. Gallup, C, Slottie B. Moore, C. Crabb, J. Stalker. Second row: K. O'Connell, D. Standford, C. Dates, C. Eddy, G. Van derveer, G. Donson, B. Clark, D. Brearley, R. Duffy, M. Hughes, W. Day, G. Larnerd, B. Currie, T, Steen burg, Third row: M. Gone, P. Krotzer, B. Schweizer, A. Sagan, M. Cerbana, M. Crowell, K. Lewis,.G Raymond, C. Place, C. Albeck, A. Robbins, D. Totter, R. Plymale, J. Scheer, G. Landon. r First row- D. Shattuck, B. Quackenbush, D. Spencer, S. Edwards, V. Schultz, Ern. St. John, P. McClelland C. McLain, R. Marsh, G. Beach, A, Dowd, J. Peck, R. Oris, Pianist. Second row: Mr, Eddy, Director A. Francavillo, R. Shetko, S. Frink, C. Stanton, C. McNamara, R, Williams, V. Halley, V, Gayazzi, S Kinner, C. Wright, M, George, D. Frederick, J. Hentstreet, W. Montross, R. Tiel. Third row: B. Morse N Brozaritis, L. Brinkos, C. Beniantin, D. Keech, L. Sykes, D. Guldenshuh, J, Merkel, C. Brinwmer E. Reistetter, M, Cpohn, B, Ellsworth, M. VanDusen, J. Costly, D, Scott, C. Rising, A, Camphill, A. Smith G. Benjamin, W. French. Fourth row: L. Bartholomew, P. Hercek, L. Trout, S. Cockrell, T, Schaffert P, Chapman, B. Cobb, P. Duffy, M. Rinaldi, J. Olson, B. Patterson, B. Schilling, V. Clapper, S, Griswold S, Tilton, T. Henley, D, Weston, D. Weston, J. Coulter, M, Mclntyre, R. Vought, ICR HIGH CHOIRS first row: C. Coughlin, S, Scanlin, J. O'Hara, P. Graffius, D. Robinson, S. Fields, P. Conklin, M. Marino, J. Lovell, J. Knox, J. Matthews, J Frederick, S. Landon, C. Callahan, J. Hosie, J. MCQuiston, C. Dates, M. J. Duffy. Second row. Miss Klerey, Director, D, Fudger, R. Peck, T. Bleuer, W. Grecnhalgh, C. Dyer, C. Mclireel, J. Lucas, J. Baldwin, T. Lloyd, L. Frank, G, Brownlow, R. Heath, R. Winans, B. Clark, C. Lyons, R, Duffy, R. French, E. Tohen, M. McHale, C. Eddy, S. O'Conner. Third row: J. Meyer, M, Cerbana, A. Moss, D. VanHart, l. Mantel, C. Calhoun, V. Angelo, J, DiNunzio, l. Wardell J. Bleuer, R. Heath, R, Plynialu, C. Harrington, J, Hix, C. lawrio, S. Madden, C. Weston, J. McDermid, P. Dietricksen, M. Hughes, M. Rock, D. Brearley. Fourth row: M. Crowell, S. Meyers, D. Minnich, M. Mack, J. Duck, B. Petrush, K. Cuntntings, D. Farwell, M, Banick, L, Cramer, C. Conklin, D, Day, C. Moore, D. Viglione, K. O'Connell, C. Slottie, P. Launt, J. lewis, P. Taylor, S. Hagen, J, Stalker, G. Vanderveer. ,M M I r 5 Thi! above all -- to thine own self be mze, And it mmf follow, as the night the day, Thou mm! not then be false to any man. SHAKESPEARE SERVING BUSINESS IS OUR BUSINESS For more Ihan foriy years, a parade of consI'an'IIy improved business machines has spread from I'he Soufhern Tier 'Io every corner of I'he earI'h. More I'han a 'Ihousand differeni models, from Iime sI'amps +o I'he newesf eIec+ronic daI'a processing machines, are produced here. Developmeni' and applicaiion of Ihese produc+s have paced business grow+h and mei' +he in- creasing need 'For handling I'he vas+ amouni' of informaI'ion required by modern management All our deveIopmenI's are in I'he in+eres'Is of beHer service, for service is iiself an IBM product IBM INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION Class of T958 We Join WIII1 YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS I' This Happy Ti CONGRATULATING E h o FY THE ENDICOTT NATIONAL BANK ENDICOTT TRUST COMPANY EndicoI'I-Ves+aI-EncIweII UNION-ENDICOTT OFFICE MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY OF SOUTHERN NEW YORK DeposII's Up S , . EACH DEPOSITOR INSURED BY THE I I CE C RATION Complimenfs of ELK'S BAKE SHOP WASHINGTON Ave. ENolco1'r O'Brien Usn'I' she a doll, Congra+ula+ions Class of '58 COLONIAL wormh- MOTOR INN P d resi n'l' Ves+al Parkway E. VESTAL Perri L Complimen+s M M ,.., . T .T TTT A TTT A 6 HILKEN'S 'sw A i JEWELERS I 46 Washingfon Ave. ENDICOTT N. Y. THE VESTAL T AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY l75 FRONT ST. VESTAL, N. Y Phone: Dial 5-l99b Marcia Reed lWhen she was youngerl Acrion, Acrion, Aciion Sweel' Sue VAUGHN'S CLOTHING For Men and Boys IO7-I09 E. Main S+. ENDICOTT PHONE 5-2l3I VESTAL PHARMACY "May your endeavors bring success and your lives be 'Filled wiih happiness." I 33 FRONT ST. VESTAL Complimenfs of J. J. NEWBERRY Washingion Ave. ENDICOTT N. Y. PAT PATTERSON'S JEWELERS CYMA WATCHES Are 'Phe Finesi' Money Can Buy We Are 'lhe Exclusive Dealer in lhe Veslal Area-From 549.50 Up I7 Washinglon Ave. End., N. Y. PHONE 5-265I Bundy and Bryani, always clowning Jacl: and Phyllis We invi+e you +o consul'r us on 'l'he problem of cleaning your esrablish- men'l' sa+is'fac+orily CRANDALL SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED 7779 S+a+e Sfreei' Phone 2-6425 BINGHAMTON. N. Y. Branches-Elmira-Cor+land "Keep Clean Wi+h Crandall" Besf Wishes 'I'o +he Class of '58 TRANSFORMERS, INC. 200 Srage Road VESTAL, NEW YORK Phone 8-33ll Sylvia Smifh Rurh Opp c-h-e-e-s-e Sherman Pearsall Think fhe rain'll hurf The rhubarb Wendy Wai1"ll I gel' our lSmall buf dangerousl Emma Mah Phyllis Lee lAIways a PHHY sifll Dawn Siarbuclc as . Congrafulafions io Ves+aI's Class of '58 K. HEIN MACHINES, INC. Manufacfurer of Machine Paris Tool-Dies Experimenial Work Special Machines 34l Vesfal Parkway, Easi' VESTAL. NEW YORK E. M. CRUTTENDEN GRASS CUTTING EQUIPMENT 81 SUPPLY CO. Sales and Service Phone Endicofl' 5-927l I20 Norih Main S+. VESTAL. NEW YORK 4 Congraiulalions ancl Besl' Wishes lo lhe Class of '58 LOU-MAX DIE 81 MODEL SHOP, INC. VESTAL NEW YORK Bill. Bob and Wolf "Whi+ey" Cargill 1 5 F hu.. ! r- 4' R . 5 iw fi RUSSELL C. TERRY REALTOR I47 Fronl' Slreel' VESTAL, NEW YORK Phone 5-3349 Residenlial-Commercial Renlals FI Nin and Look ou!! Balch Mc LEANS DEPARTMENT STORES HBed Known Names Are Seen ai' McLeans" Is I+ TV or is if TV? BINGHAMTON ENDICOTT jO Bev Haskell I'm sure you've made a misialre ,C-K 9543 TW Aww iynj,UWEEQEE I WW ff' 4. W I-kan. X. w INQMVEW we . Nh + mfisjipmn. J PH 5 s ww i Besi Wishes From The morning affer A H I E Dave, you're so funny VESTAL PARKWAY VESTAL Com plimenfs of 'rhe WINATIC "We like shori' sham" R I "Manufac1'urers of MAGNETIC COlLS" 50 STAGE ROAD VESTAL fa' Y N0 ',. XIIBIBS for BVGWW I,-vb? Nm U51 roller skatihg The whole family has fun together! Boller skating s good clean fun . . . a grand recreation. NAME UF RINK Address VESTAL ROLLER RINK 250 N. Main S+. 5-9503 CongraI'ula+ions Io Ihe Class of I958 VALLEY AUTOMATIC MACHINE CO., INC VesI'aI Parkway-Easi' VESTAL N. Y. I Complimenfs of WESTFALL'S OF VESTAL Hardware 1 Dress Shop I'I2-I I6 PARKWAY E. PHONE 5-3367 1 s PP Mary Tallman Bobby Meeks i - ---- Y--' I2-2---h Linda Luce Pres. and V. Congrafulaiions and Good Luck fo +he Class of I958 From ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES and ENDICOTI' JOHNSON WORKERS Carol smnh E Bev PraH' se Velie Complimenis of TOTS TO TEENS, INC. 49 Washingfon Ave. ENDICOTT N. Y. Smiles Bes+ Wishes +o +l1e gradua+es of +he Class of l958 "S"gjjfn,Pfe" VESTAL DRY eooos co LEON CHOJNACKI, Prop. l05 Main S+. Phone 5-4b6I VESTAL T T' ea 'me ees A A Complimenfs of GEORGIA-HANKS ENDICOTT CORP. Office Supplies and Equipmeni' 59 Washingfon Ave. ENDICOTT DIAL 8-I746 Congraiulafions Gary Guemey l Class of I958 l FRANKIE 8: JOHNNlE'S SNACK BAR Dial 9.oaol VESTAL NEW Yoklc i Linda Luce l 7 l l Q -l Complimenfs of CARL A. WALKER 5IeeP7 INSURANCE Farm and Cify Agency Corp l'50 Fron'l' Sf. Ves'l'aI PHONE 5-2360 Congra+uIa+ions Class of I958 Phil Daily ROUFF FURNITURE CO. Linda Andrews "Dedica+ecI +o IBeH'er Homes" GMS! Bah ENDICOTT, NEW YORK OWEGO. NEW YORK Congra1'uIa+ions +o +he Class of '58 VICTOR B. TAYLOR GENER II4 AL INSURANCE Vesral Parkway E. Phone 8-334I VESTAL, N. Y. Man! Whai a night Pai' O'Brien Chuck Briggs MARTY'S SODA BAR Homemade Ice Cream MAIN ST. VESTAL CompIimen+s Complimenfs of of BUTLER'S I.G.A. MARKET KEN'S BARBER SHOP VESTAL NEW YORK MAIN ST. VESTAL WILCOX'S GULF SERVICE MAIN ST. vEsTAL CLEARVIEW ESSO Washing and Lubrica'l'ion VESTAL PARKWAY VESTAL Lef's go, dad Whai' are we waiiing for? "l see you as presiden'r" Ron and Peg Ferris L SATlCO'S l33 Washingion Ave. ENDICOTT. N. Y. TOULSON WALLPAPER 81 PAINT STORE I05 Wesi Main Sireei' Union, New York UNION VARIETY Complimenfs Group Enferprises, Inc. of '28 Wes, Main S+, LAZENKA'S JEWELERS ENDICOTT. N. Y. f FRONT ST. VESTAL Vesial Parkway E. IDEAL "TOOT 'N TOTE" CLEANERS ln by I0 A. M.-Ouf by 4 P. M. WOODY'S RECORD SHOP Popular and Classical I27 Washingfon Ave. 40 Couri' S+ EndicoH' Binghamion MODERN DRESS SHOP Lingerie and Hosiery II8 Washingion Avenue Endicofl, New York V v VESTAL MEAT 8: SEAFOOD 205 From' S+ree'l' Vesial, N. Y. Dial 8-4lll Louise and Joan Bailey L. L. Andrews l Soap geis in your eyes 4 E THE ENDICOTT PRINTING CO. I24 Nanficoke Avenue EndicoH, New York Business Forms. Wedding lnviiaiions Brochures, E+c. Dial 5-94-4l ENDICOTT FLORISTS Besl' Wishes SAWICKI'S BAKE SHOP "Cakes for All Occasions Cookies and Parfy Sandwiches" I06 E. Main Si.-5I Washingion Ave. Endico'H', N. Y. TlBERIA'S DELICATESSEN Specializing in Homemade Spagheffi Sauce, Baked Lesagna, Pasia-Fasule l42 Froni S+. Vesfal Phone 5-92I6 o DOYLE'S TEXACO SERVICE Main and Vesfal Pkwy. Phone 5-9880 Vesial. N. Y. KEN W. BROWN ReaI+or MeeI' The Town Through Brown Wesifall Building Di'I'I 8-253I Complimenis Complimenfs of F L ROUND INC GROVER'S JEWELERS Blue Cog, ' I48 Fron+ SI. Phone 5-0300 '33 N. Main S+ Veda' Naomi Complimenis Nancy Love MICHAEL-ALICE'S I.G.A. MARKET Maine New York Complimenfs of MAPES MOVING 8: STORING Vesfai New York GERALD S. CRANE Phone 5-5762 l40 MAIN ST. VESTAL, N. Y. ANGELINE'S FLOWER SHOP The Mos? Fragile of Ar'I's 306 Monroe S+. Endicoh' :fr A. Parish .. , -li I A Giorla Q ' VW I CLEARVIEW MOTOR COURT VESTAL PARKWAY VESTAL LANGE'S TV SERVICE R.C.A.-Zenifh-Hoffman TV Sales and Service I54 Froni S+. Phone 5-3533 Vesial N. Y. CompIimenI's of SHIPMAN'S ATLANTIC STATION VESTAL N. Y. Complimenis HARRIS SUPER MARKET ROSS coRNERs NEW YORK MATTY'S MUSIC CENTER Band Insfrumenrsz Selmer - Conn - King - THE CARAVAN SHOP BBCII. Conn Organs - Grersch Guifars - Inferior Dgcgrafgrs Pianos - Drums - Accordions - Hi-Fis. ' Open evenings fill 9 p.m. 3' YVa5I"'n9'I'9V' AVB- I25 Washingfon Ave. EnCIlCO'I'I'. NSW York Endico++. N. Y. 5.2480 Ph- 5-9142 THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. I305 Monroe SI. EncIicoH', New York Complimenis 'of BILL'S CLEANERS Vesial Parkway W. Vesfal, N. Y. Besf Wishes From DAVIS PHARMACY I508 E. Main S+. Pal' Jamison Endico'H' New York I Nancy Love Complimenis A of VESTAL STEAK HOUSE Brenda Ellis I Virginia Cole Besi Wishes GEARY'S SUNOCO SERVICE Ves+aI Parkway Vesial NEILD'S GARAGE General Auio Repairs and Wrecker Service: Specializes in Wheel Alignmenfs Fronl' S+. 5-75 I 0 Vesial BINGHAMTON FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions Arlisiic Floral Designs 2l Main Sireel' Angelo ICherro Binghamion, N. Y. Complimenis of POLAR DAIRY BAR Vesfal Parkway E. VESTAL, N. Y. Complimenis of RAWLINS. INC. S+ore of Cheerful Service Johnson Ciiy N. Y. Bti Y. WINNIE 8: SON Bank Run Gravel Our Specialiy Vesial 5-383 I N. Y. FQ. .Nix ws!-il PHILLIPS LINCOLN 8: MERCURY MENIS QUALITY SHOP 2I4 Main Si. Dial 2-7232 Binghamion N. Y. Smari' Men's Wear 246 MAIN ST. JOHNSON CITY ,.4v High 'rime Nin "Hoi Sea?" Carol, JeanneH', Sue Ann Connie Margaref S'l'oui' Complimenis of Good Luck GENERAL JOHN'S BARBER SHOP DRY CLEANING co. VESTAL NEW YORK Wes+ Corners Phone 5-I93I Be5+ Wishes CompIimen+s of Class of '58 BEN'S CLOTHING SHOP VESTAL MOTEL JOHNSON CITY VESTAL N. Y. Dean Phipps Bonnie and Jeanneft, Linda. Marcia. Sandra "Siudying7" Home on fhe Range JeanneH "Gosh-Really Nancy and a-w-a-y we Complimenh of Complimenfs of MARY's STORE JOE JULlAN'S VESTAL CENTER PHONE 5-9838 JOHNSON CITY N. Y. 1 CASTLE GARDENS PIan'rs for Home and Garden Vegefables in Season W. B. CASTLE 8: SONS. INC. Phone 5-I I52 Besi Wishes +o 'Ihe Class of I958 Wendy and D. Pierce: firsi day of kinder- garien Lasl' day of Icindergarien I IIPI 'I' ll I Tan-ru lla-Ilan Rav .lhfl lnnien A. L. GEORGE WISE POTATO CHIPS Old Ves1'aI Rd. VesI'aI Con?ra+:':ahons CongraI'uIa'I'ions Cl O :'58 Class of '58 ass o COMMUNITY M T THE BLUE MOON O E'- VesI'aI Parkway VESTAL OLD VESTAL RD. VESTAL Bea Brown wifh no clofhes on B. Meeker Webb and friend Lookin' for flue boys Take an Acfive Parf in fhe Life of Your Communify fo Do Thaf, You Musf Be Fully Informed READ... THE VESTAL NEWS fo know whaf fhe folks and officials are saying and doing in your home fown. Complimenfs of ENDICOTT CAMERA SHOP WASHINGTON AVE. ENDICOTT Good Luck PARAMOUNT STEAK fo fhe Class of I958 HOUSE 8: LOUNGE BAR AIRKEM UPPER COURT ST. 81 I Mile Easf of Binghamfon P,O, Box 628 Roufe I7 and II VESTAL New YORK ' PHONE 4-9608 PlERSON'S OFFICE FURNITURE STATIONERY Duplicaiing Machines-Siencils-Ink Dieizgen Draffing and Archiieci' lns+rumen'I's FLOOR WAX, CUPS, TOWELS Banquef-Pariy Decorafions-Favors BINGHAMTON NEAR POST OFFICE U.N. CLUB "Congra+ula+ions +o +he Class of '58" A. A. SPARKLING BEVERAGE CO. I2 Oalc Hill Avenue ENDICOTT. NEW YORK 20 Assoried Flavors Including "S1'rilce" We carer +o parfies. weddings, ban- que+s, efc. From TRI-CITY VENETIAN BLIND CO. l504 Non-H1 S+ree+ ENDICOTT. NEW YORK Vene+ian blinds, awnings, sform windows and doors, w-rough+ iron railings, folding doors, e+c. Don'1' Be Fooled See Kres1'alude" U.N. CLUB TEE'S MARKET Home of fhe Submarine Sandwich Owner-HOWARD C. TERRY 352 Vesfal Rd. Phone 5-585I Magjdlzvtgfland Nancy, fire in her eyes Bobby Landon You fell Us " ' 5? Q' 'M xt- A i p, 33 sti r T Jim and a happy fime H"s a Newspaper Wi+h An lmpac+ in Hs Readers I+'s a Communi+y Minded Newspaper THE DAILY BULLETIN Serving Wesfern Broome and Easfern Tioga Couniies "ALWAYS BUY BULLETIN" Chris and small friend BINGHAMTON RON- "Bring qv .fha Burch and Ron dancing 9"'l5 Where you been Ron? GO TO COLLEGE LIVE AT HOME BROOME TECH 'Associaie in Applied Science Degree 'Two-year Curriculum AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY DENTAL HYGIENE ELECTRICAL TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING PHYSICS MECHANICAL TECHNOLOGY MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTANT Marcia Reed No 'Iifle NATIONAL ARMY 81 NAVY STORE Ev I1' f Dress, Srggrlngndolwork Endicoff N. Y. STAR CLEANERS Vesfal Vesfal Parkway E. Phone 5 6lI6 Bes'I' Wishes Class of '58 VESTAL THEATER VESTAL NEW YORK Complimenfs of CONTINENTAL MOTORS For 'Phe Finesi' in fhe Spor'I's Car Field Sunbeam, Hillman, Morgan, Borg Ward, Jaguar, Volvo Judy Lo'H' MARTHA'S SODA SHOP 222 Washingion Ave. ENDICOTT Complimenis of HARNED'S MARINE SUPPLY Phone 5-I006 404 Froni S+. Veslal l+'s Smarl' 'io Say "I Use Vale?" GAIL PETTlT'S Peggy Ferris Can'+ seem fo iell VALET SERVICE Union Cenfer Hi-Way 8-0130 ENDICOTT, N. Y. THE BURT Nancy COMPANY Phyllis Greaier EnclicoH' Family Siore for Over 35 Years 38-44 Washingion Ave ENDICOTT 'Eve ,gx uwysx N. 1 ,KV X f MMM Da. - . wa, Q 3 ' ggg gziib ff q Q wig - ,sa v . 3' 3. sis ef.. A . - A I SWA. , Q 1 is 'HQ - Q . Q K z fx.. Q' . fx LE K ' S .. 5 3 Ei' 'P Q Nl- I x + .. H V , Af S S f- 1 .Q,.,g,, My Z :A X . xg: X. Q ,K 5, 1' -ii 3' wwf: X W -31-9 X. K' x Wi gsigig- ., 5f"1,:Q: 'W' . gi - X M X L' " J if fi ' Z2 5??Ti'f - N : .1 -0 x . qarsgaw - , x y w x A M W E ' 'fa film, assi? nfl gym-V wa- ww, , yff .9 N -2.2151 qigfjw V, ,7 , , X , U 1, ,,,g,,?aa , ,iia " , .-ry 5 A , f em, V 4 1 Q Ugg' f I '31 431 fm ff www, X 5 hm , . tzU.i442.f,-I Mgr, , M , f 4 r ' 1 ,f 3' 'i ' , . Q ' M1 il" I ,T '.2'51fv" APPLAUSE A Newspaper Doesn'1' Expeci' lf! Tall: abou+ pleasing The public! A Newspaper musi give 'I'op performance every day, in order io lceep ifs audience. Bu? we enioy bringing defailed reporis and pholographs of news from Alrron or Aquaba almosf as fasl as il happens . . . commenfary, background and prediciions from world-famous analysis . . . sporls . . . comics . . . fashions . . . ihousands and ihousands of words for a 'few cenls! And ihough our audience doesn'+ physically applaud, if renders felling expression of safisfaciion, for 'lhe Binghamfon Press is read in more homes fhroughoui' 'lhe Triple Cifies and surrounding couniies 'lhan ever before in Hs hisfory. l1"s 'lhe readers 'lhaf malce a newspaper grea1'! And +ha+'s why The Binghamlon Press is growing wiih The communily. Dedicaied 'lo ihe lnl'eres'l's of ihe People THE BINGHAMTON PRESS EVENING A GREAT NEWSPAPER SUNDAY laxanher arve lothinq imun in I1l0l'l Congrafulafions fo fhe Class of I958 0'BRIEN OIL CO. BURNER - HEATING SERVICE QILS Phone 5-I95I P.O. Box 3l VESTAL NEW YORK Congra+ula+ions and Besf Wishes +o +he Class of I958 MIDWAY BCWLING ALLEYS vEsTAL NEW YORK SENIUR CLASS MEETING Now a chapter of our life is finished. Throughout High School the faculty of Vestal has been kind, patient and eager to help us. In our senior year, especially, there have been assistance and help offered from all the faculty members, and especially from a few. MlSS Jones , our yearbook advisor, taught the staff the answers to yearbook publication problems. Previous experience as a yearbook ad- visor made her assistance invaluable, while her quiet way made her the motivating power behind the scenes. Mrs. Vanderbilt did so much for the class that it would be impossible to mention all of the activities that she has undertaken. The Senior Play, Dramatics Club, and Snak-Shak were just a few of her projects. Mr. T1'apl12igCf1 has helped us all through high school by scheduling correct courses so that we would be prepared for our post high school life. His biggest service to the class has been preparing our transcripts and helping students to be accepted by the college of their choice. vcrissczief iw MM V I b X . ,Q ji. ' C - '-,N, ' W xv! ff Ulf! 'Jf""!!:ffj "" 251.4 WN. 'Y vfwzwf- ff 1-Wf'J.,ffff fff' W Q f 1 - 7 ' -,171 1-rf' ! ' .J ' - V. x . .' S H x 4 ob 44+ . I 1 ,C ynm ii- 1 ,J V5 , H h ' gn,-5 V A , b 4 44 'lwgfT"Q1 my 2652 EJQEAQQWL mm Z Q AQ g,6d'ff'0,,MMf b 4 . l E E w 50Fe5CMJ Jaya! 'P , W WMM gygkfgifaww, WMWCQMQ ,Mi 'ff W! m -f,fZf!f!f1f,,2,f'f M ff 5' n fr . ' . , M , ', '7 4' 5' 1' I. l J Q f- "'.-. ' , f ,ffl x ' rf' 4 , , . fl . 1 .f. ' ,, K' 1 , ' - - ' f.. rf ' , ' ' . V ' J ' : 1 1 v f ,V - I ' w j I vi x Vi! 1 I I , f f o d I lift I EQ ZA! f ,gf lx 5 ,M qw .VN 'U 'Qi Zffmf' 1 .M VN W3 , 41 1 Lf JJ9' IU, -'ll 3,1 1 ,rf W, J, ' ,M N W ' M M ,V V ' W MN fu QM" iff 1 ,, X J, X RM' ' f w V QV V 01 N, ' V . fr UM Wbvmbixjymqqizybxlixj .vb 'X ,N wx F . 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Q . , ' 0 Hr ' 1 N, V viii' K fist", . -V ' ' VJ!-' H. - ' x wwllfgl ,,1i'LvWl:'3 - 4 V W I f' 1 Q . , an - M , I 'U "' X' ' f 'T , 7 FOREWGRD Our years here at Vestal have been full of experiences. Some were new and exciting, others became part of school life. This, our senior year, has been very special.. We wish to invite you to ioin with us in remembering a few of the happy hours we have spent as the senior of 1958. v V . .1 itll .,, if YQ Q f 3 Q' f 3 Q ' Q 5 4 , 5 3 if 5 was ' ,,M ., ,im , 1 mm E a ' 2 d f x .. Q 1 n 0 3 17 '-f'1' f qi , A 1 2 2 3 5 f il! M L A ZV. if 3, ' A , , Z 2 I b E f 3 Z3 Q Q f 'f . M N ' 7 i A .- Q V Ai ,Q , .m::x2...,,, ,K it 1' 2" 'wi A f A, .. . H My K: gag ,mm .., ,Amd 2 K q 3 ,A +- Ri ' , Y ,nw x ... "M 1 W Pa Wkgwwwvmwv F , Qu! , Vt, ,Lf, 5 i L ,J

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