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 - Class of 1956

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This year, we, the class of 1956, wish to express our history through the medlum of television. Using our year- book as a screen, we will attempt to take you through "the best years of our lives. " 8 - b- -' -.-.-11.-:.f .. .- 1 ' AX , ,qi -1- H, ,..-, .,., .,-.... , ,,,.,- ,,.,,, LY, ..A .,-,,ii.e, of Mlffyvfwy. H ff -..M ffgflf By ff,f'lfj,gQW gg!!! rEiI'LQI"- n FJ,.:n u-ur, gi .ru Sigur' f.g ,H Q 13,53 ,-f','g,g'- 54" A." :lg f. l"'44'l "if -S . ,,,.,n-.. ' -att , ' 4, wiv 'Q ' 3 ,V M3 'A El. ' r 5, 6.1 . ,Alla 'gf-'L 'N- 'sall 4 - a ,lx - MW 4.1 ' .ru-. ',,""1- as A .v. 4 ,. H-"UM 4". J M'n"7Xl"if ' ... Alma Along the rippling Susquehanna, The shadow of our high school falls, And mellow, mingled tlnts of sunset lllumlne now our classlc halls, Whlle students gather 'round thlne altars, True loyalty to thee confess, And slng with happy hearts and voices In praise ofV. C. S. qw. V no-0. ,,q ,, Y . ' . V' ' I. 9' O dear old Vestal Central High School, Attend our pledge of faithfulness. As unto thee our hearts we render With a love that we shall e'er profess. And always ln our true endeavors, We'll try for thee to win much fame, O Alma Mater we all hall thee And honor thy dear name. --2, , -t -- ufss. - ,,,,r s A Q, ' t 1 x wk 7 I , ',1"'-.,i Nm g.,,1 , '..- "Du .Q f K. N,..- , 1 .fN.q-'.- ,Q .3,-k..- -' fq's5f1 1 - - .4-A 1-if, , , f ,.w.,,.,5 . i ,w 4 -. , ,H 1 y - x .-, -. D . ,.5,,f"io'-,-ti, 3 . I . W. rf 1:f3xvf,.,' - , ... "'f"'L1' .- 4 --'x .Q -7 1' 5 L 1' r-veg--.s...' .Q . 1 7 ' v-" 3 V4 . . 1 ,M ' if? .yv , . .,,1aM,,. ', rs A In ' . u WILLIAM "WlLLlE" LOBB r'.'i p .X U, , ,M It is great pride that we dedicate this, our yearbook, to you Mr. , A , , - , Q Lobb. We hope that this sllght token will in some way repay you for ' - ' 2-A 'jt.n'. ' . ' ' o A xy" the time and energy you have spent on our class. Your quiet pa- y gy. .", 'w,1,'1.ff tience, help, and encouragement have been a help throughout the Q". I' g,'."j q5g'flfE 'C I,-1mr,s.'A" ears. With all sincerit we sa "thanks," ' 4, QV: ' "Q Y' '7."'f't1Q -A TheClassof '56 ,51X,,l-L,"'l, .54 fj 2-511 y . ff, ' 'l H . if-mls Q , ,ul x",l!!w. r 1 12-Q'-,'vfg.'M',", 'gg ' 5 3 L 21 Ls ,V ..!"',an, -a E rJ.'f,:1'?v'-':'3'r'1fJ sfffi ' "::. 1 lt gf B-!'tElwSlll'+:'Y ' w',.4U,.wvg,,.f,,,f' Q ,. U1 , af-rq.,wj,,4',,Q. 4 s 'N ' 'l 'v'Wf"m1"L1" 'S 395 FA fglxv 111. u,.,,. .,',.. , hifi.. ,.,'.L,J,M'm L. n., 'Hunt , v- , ... vs ,Yank 'Killa 'vga published by the senior class VESTAI. CENTRAL SCHOOL Q ZZXQEERAC QTI Q3d!L6wT0 'SzariJc?HUJ7'For omorrowg QT I I, omorr-oyv S CAFQZFS Qc:Q3"5TE2?Hf22U of 5porTS' iTheszfThinq5 We Share A M ug w c nsfcz 0 Commercials Q K ll is MW rex' V 69. F 1 0 0 o ' I I W I L r 3 Administration ..F,d,,.t RW' MW Q Board ot Mr. Edward Smitlrl, Assisiant Supervising Principal. Mr P Paul Gimmie Supervising Principal and Seated: Mrs. Muriel Detwiler, Mrs. Priscilla Saxton, F. Duncan 'D- Case, Edward McElligott, Presidentp Perry Baumlin. My Anime 4 Standing: Eugene Zierdt, Vern Elclredge, Walter Williams. Administrators bww Mr. Malcolm Piester, Junior High Principcrlg Mr. Arthur J. Peck, Senior High Principalg Mr. Laverne Bundy, Director of Adult Education and Audio Visual Aids. Guidance . ?" ..wWfb Mil ww NL M09 1 X JVNL4' X Row I: Miss Strong, Mrs. Roney, Mr. Traphagen. Row 2: Mr. Kurtzman, Mrs. MacLowry. 5 English RUTH BARRETT CAROLYN BASSAGE Junior High Math and Art Junior High Music EARLE L. BIDLACK, B.S. HELEN L. BOND, B.S. English Junior High Math AUDREY R. BYER, B.S., M.S. lnsfrumenfal Music GORDON F. BURR, A.B. GK DONALD E. CALLAHAN, FRANCIS P. CASELLA, a.A., M.A. B.s.A., A.a., M.A. World History Social Studies T LAWRENCE N. COOK, B.S., ANN CORCORAN, B.S. M .S . Commercial Agriculture 6 , IVGPWIJ ROBERT S. CROWELL, A.B., FRANCIS DeBENEDITTS M.A., B.S. in L.S. English Library THOMAS Di ANGELO, B.S. CLARK EDDY, B.F.A. in Music Auto Mechanics Education Instrumental Music and Choirs Social Studies HELEN J. FORD, A.B., M.A. . 1 x I f . 'ti ., s,,,,, 'X HAROLD E. FANNING, A.B., 4. ' "',ef'3,,jI M.S. ' V -, V a' Commercial l Z V f - I 'i ' : LUCY GENNETT, B.S. BERNARD FOX, B.S., M.A. Physical Education Auto Mechanics, Electricity and Radio Shops JOHN W. GILLARD, B.S., V. LOUIS GENNETT, B.S., M.A. M.A. Mechanical Drawing, Blue- Math print Reading 7 WALTER H. KINTNER, SR. Mathematics AGNES KOLUPSKI, B.S. General Science 8 "if gp ,AMWY A f 7 f , M.A. f' if" v 'WZ Advanced Math ygfA'JNGE A KAVANAGH, B.A. American History, Problems Homemaking of Democracy MARY ANN HOPKO, B.A. PHIL HUBBARD, B.A., M.A Junior High Remedial Read- Health, Science lng and English 1 0 ' - 4 X 4900400611 11W ,- ff f cARRoLLF.KEAaNEY,A.B., English EUGENE A. KOBYLARZ, B.A. Social Studies OLGA KOMAOWSKI, A.B. Biology DOROTHY S.HARDER, B.A., LOIS HOLSCHUH, B.S. an DAVID LEHMAN, B.A., M.A. JOHN H. MAC DONALD, Commercial B.A., M.A. English BETTY G. MAC QUEEN WILLIAM O.MARVIN, B.M., Junior High Math B.S.M. Senior Marching, Concert, and Swing Bands ROBERT MC CORMICK, B.A. Physics, General Science I EILEEN MC AULIFFE, B.S. Chemistry, General Science 'w J' ' H., WILLIAM MC GUIRE, B.A. MARIE O'NElLL, B.S. Junior High English Homemaking WALTER PARSONS, B.S. JOHN PENDLEBURY, 8.5 English Physical Education HARLON R. REITER, B. M .A . American History PATRICIA SMITH, B.A. English I0 TYPFHQ MARJORIE PERRY, B.S . LOUIS POND, B.S. Physical Education .IE- PHILIP PERSLEY, B.S., M.A In Education I. A. Machine Shop X. .I I . '1 ' X txt . ., I .-, , Fi! FYI' . ,I - . , xi ,A S.. .Q X U.. ., A RICHARDIJ. POWELL, B.A. French, Spanish HARVEY H. RANSOM, A.B. Lat II III ALICE G. PURDY English Department Head A., KENNETH J. SEELEY, B.S. General Science CELIA G. STAHL, B.S., M.S. Business Education inl, , SIDNEY T. STOCK ANNA STRONG, B.S., M.A General S h o p , Advanced American History, 7th grade Wood History and Guidance RUPERT SYKES, B.S. ROSE V. TRACY, B.S. In Bi- Junior High English ology Biology M.S . Industrial Arts I SHERMAN WALKER, B . S . , LEWIS WALKER, B.S., M.S. Driver Education L. WADE WALKER DOLORES WEED, B.A. Social Studles, Driver Edu- English, French cation JAMES T.WILLIAMS, B.S. L.R. E.WORSTER, A.B Art Director Social Studies -lr llli 5.1 ,W Dental taii M wd11A'f"'WW APY' Mrs. Greuliclc, Dental Hygienist, ex- plaining oral hygiene to kindergarten pupils. Medical taif .Hffflg-Mb. School Nurse Miss Rita Murphy, DoctorWalter Komarnisky, and School Nurse Mrs. Eugene Kobylarz con- ducting an examination in the clinic . H Qi i 1 V . i .3-. ,Rifle V 9' ,wifi-fl-11:1 . iwv llviefslffr Pl, ,rig M A 1 I. .1 l 3' ' ' .. 1 . 3 qiurgfrfifsfi- X - '- t is 2.23 5:51. -- 1 i .4,n.l" gl, - ,' E-5, 1' X c A , ,2 a 1 s r he fl l l . I Executive Office Workers Www M7h0ll4e " Mrs. Lorenson, Accounts Clerk, Mrs. Moulton, Secretary of Supervising Princi- pal's Office, Mrs. Potts, Clerk of the Board of Education. I2 Cusfodiens ' ' "0n A Roger Lily, lngeborg Lily, Robert Holland, Ross Hawley, C air Lily. labseni, Myron Crismanl Taflf, look mdgaaku Kitchen Employees Worke "xx Vanna Cobb, Ruth Fenstemacher, Elizabeth Williams, Lela Davidson, Leona Mayes, Velma Beach, Orpha Quinn, Manager, Louise Simp- son . Qs, if veg, Cc xx, -1,5 Q Offieeijfllfif refs 0 L, Mrs. Toeller, Mrs. Topping, Miss Shirley Griswold, Mrs. Holmes, Mrs . Winans . f 5 i A we , I3 11 Attendance 'r r 47105 S. 'W Y H H , X X , N, qu ' I i V' EQ 5 it ' f il' W. wing: L 'W J ivillr' 4 1, ., ' ' J l I 5 I... fl K ,4A- "M .tx In Wwq, 'aL i X Attendance office duties being ablely discharged by attendance offi- cer Mr. Frank Buren. gf ,ig A .,,,. fww Bus Drivers yung... ,nt """Ni ' -'-1 """1 'W nu- .,. 3 . -,--i"'HT? L11 :Aft .Ln AL CENTRAL, scHooL IP Row I: A. Ratlwbun, R. Willis, R. Elston, R. Bollen, J. Dobrolvosky, G. Rappold, P. Hamlin, H. Davidson, T. Steinroclc, J. Griffin, J. McManus, L. Antisdel, M. Neily. Row 2: Dan Hoadley, Director of Transportation, F. Loeffler, R. Burd, L. Ross, J. Ward, F. Ellis, P. Gunther, L. Mason, J. Petrak, C. Corson, G. Breed, J. Edwards, H. Grant. I4 lill- I5 "Crlllv' -- - VALEDICTORIAN LOIS GERCHMAN "Surely keenness of mlnd has its great reward and silence Its goal." Rlfle Club 45 Library Club 35 Junior and Senior Prom Cammltteesg Yearbook Staff 45 Syracuse Citizenship Conference 3 45 College Night 45 Honor Society 3, President 45 Class Day Committee 3. College VICE PRESIDENT TERRY MERRITT "Never remember old lniurles and your enemies will be few." J. V. Football l5 Varsit Wrestling 'l,2,3,45 J. V. Baseball l,2,35 Varsity Cross Country 2,3,45 Varsity Baseball 45 Track l,2,3,45 Varsity Bowling Team 45 Varsit Club 45 Student Congress 45 Senior King Candl- date5 zlnlted Nations Club 4. College l6 SALUTATORIAN ROSEMARY MILDRED PARISELLA "Rosie" "Intelligence ls the mother of all good things." Girls' Choir l,2,35 Mixed Cholr 3,45 Librar Club 35 Rifle Club 45 U. N. Model Assembly 45 VestallD.A.R. "Good Citizen" 45 All-State Choir 45 Junior and Senior Prom Comrnittees5 Honor Society 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Play5 College Night 4. College - Medical Technology SECRETARY SHERRILL LAYNE LAWRIO llsherryll "She loved her friends, forgave her foes, and spared her fellowmen. " Marching and Concert Bands l,2,3,4, V.P. 45 Swing Band 45 Orchestra 2,3,4, Sec.-Treas. 3, Pres. 45 Accom- panist l,25 Mixed Choir 2,3, Accompanist 45 Hi-Y 35 Queen Candidate 3,45 Prom Committees 3,45 All-State Band 45 Delegate to Girls' State 35 Delegate toSyracuse Citizenship Conference 3,45 U. N. 3,4, Pres. 45 Stu- dent Congress l,2,45 Honor Society, Sec. 4, Exchange Assembly 3,4. College - Musical Therapy PRESIDENT KENNETH GERARD ELLIS "Butch" "A day for toll, an hour for sport, but for a friend, life is too short." Football l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Treasurer of Junior Class5 Student Congress 2,3,45 Varsit Club 45 Senior and Junior Prom Commlttees5 Klng gruin Candidate5 Senior King Candidate. lBM - Air Force TREASURER THOMAS COOPER WAY it-I-om.. "His mind his kingdom, and his will his law." Student Congress 2,45 Class President 25 Marching Band 'l,2,3,45 Concert Band l,2,3,45 Boys' Choir 'l,2rMixed Choir 3,45 United Nations Club 45 Natlona Honor Society 3, Treasurer 45 Senior Play5 Binghamton Press Hlgh School Reporter 45 Unlted Nations Model Assembly 45 Junior and Senior Prom Committees. College - Engineering MERLE ACE 'Y 1 - - - B.. ....r:1...-'Z1 1. .- o o-. - .,,...-. Q . 4. S BUSY LOU IALDWIN -Q an-n.x.femf 1- Q u -os uv-, . .-,ir-...J-31?-rl ,I.:, ,,, av,-,u:l:. Y.. e.f.'.af..s4'...p4, ... .. -.-Q .. -.... r.-,. ,JA -,.-0g.'ur.:--s-ma"::-r-g:v- ,,r-::Fnece4s1--,4-w.,,.iL,,.' .g": .-'-. .:- -4-af " . L v , - 5 . I 11 ,ii .--ony-ri -.: :.:.!"...,--, 1fa': - ' 3.:.. ..I..g.,,.rJ'.::. -:, , -1':'!-:"7'-- ff ?f"' '- :-' "I.L-I.1'-1'.1f"liiH'5 '-!',,Me'4,1vo-os .. 1-...:-..,,..-9'vov-v--fn ,' "Z'!2'17...,.LSE, "" ", 7515.2 -.i.,,,.,.,,,...,,,,,-,-....,. ..-:..-,.- -.I T- fl..-: i .....1--my '.-. 1 .- -. -ores-n , r n rv , 4 1 are '1 -4 - s--. ' ' "F"1"T' ' ' ' - ,.. - -sz.:.:.,.' ..,..1..-.9.. .- . ,' , , . , . . ,-a-a , . -.-,-,--f-,,,.,.- . , ..., L. nq- 1-an ' els" -........ ... u n.- --w., nur., -vue n ii ." -ff' - 4- ., .- ..""f'?-v ' hu?-agree-. .5 .2-nv: ..,,. 4 i'!- ..- . .9-" -... .i..9 ,:' ...., -l. not-:Aw ANDERSON f ' 'J -I. 1 . DONALD BALLARD -Q -..... 59-- x"A'Ef ' Tl !'f 2""..,4 .-- -.Q- .....i LT- '--- 1-Niflrs-ri--: I D "'l , 'ia fb usb: -., E . -.,.L JUDITH GA! L ATWATEI - a 'E Q'-Shanti 1 5, C91 1 . 05 O'YCvivv1fv-D'--'rin-rv--svvv-ea - 1 nl :1 1-,....f',,g1.i4:--.'.-A--.4,,.,,, -3-ri-.1 I lgye,-.mffs-.eP'1.. el., ,MLM- :3 2272" -" "' 5-.1-3 .. 1:.:,:.:'-,Y ,...--.-.....:m -:5frgf'32"". IffT'i"":":.:.ZLZirLTiQ T.-f-i'i':1" 'ii "'f-'ni-f.A...'i.g .- '-2 QM -I -3 5. '1 -73 1 91 .. 7' -Q S-1' ,, .. . ..... - if-Nw"-41.553"'.Lg.':i.'..':.i.2,,f'1'. ' , gg,-f . . . 5 ' ' .Q-. Q . ' '- Pere., 1' 12 mtgfg-gg-:3'-iL1...:l:.....i.....,-.-.""j,M-I.. .4 I-A,,,F,5.i,-. 5, . .. , ,,. ,g,,,,3.yge1-z..1..,,g,.Q2,i.-fbi-5'-n--eggf-110-1w-.w.,u'--JLHPM'...Hitstv,ff.:.-n..5 :M-Iv.. . ., ' 2:5 - . ,. ,, 1 1 """ff"' ""'-' -s"'g1:,, , -QL..-,fg+1,.",,,.f,."'f g..q1,- ."' fgml i'T:.a':.',-4., ' s-Q-.-. ., .nf . 9-.-e ,sz p fig, 4 1 wALrEgG,gAgN55 ,---...-.. 4-4,-.5,,,5,',,,,g,..,.' ' Sze:--5 .Y :-a..,- . . .. ff ,'- - 5' - ""f'--"-'Tf?"1'--" M,-,,.....-.,- 3.255-.lar--L,-1.----v.r-.L "' """-ff! 4-'L T. .' '1' T ' " '-m.Ls.5,.51fi. .-s:-. f.- ' ' Q I 0 -, . 1, , V . -.'.......,.....a. ., .-. MERLEACE RONALD ANDERSON JUDITH GAILAMATER ..MoUde.. ..Ron.. "Hell is empty for all the devils are here." Glrls' Choir l5 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Orchestra l5 Senior Band l,2,35 Swing Band 25 United Nations Club 45 Hi-Y Club 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Softball l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Track l,25 Soccer l,25Tumbllng l,2,3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Sopho- more, Junior and Senior Dance Committees. College srrsv Lou aALnwuN -.Ban "l am tipsy with laughter." Cheerleading: J.V. 25 Varsity 3,45 Gzrls' Tennis l,25 United Nations Club 45 Student Congress l,2,45 Girls' Bowling 3,45 Mixed Cholr 45 Girls' Choi, l,2,3,45 Junior Queen Candidate, lst Lady-in-Waitlng5 Senior Queen Candidate-5 Hi-Y Club 2,35 Junior and Senior Prom Committee5 Freshmen Vice President. Work "Tall and straight with manly gait." Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band l,2,3,45 Swing Band 25 Boys' Choir I5 Mixed Choir 2,35 Service Club 25 United Nations Club 45 Bowling 45 Pep Band 4. College DONALD BALLARD iroonn "Simplicity is a state of mind." Business School -.Judi- "Sweet looks, sweet ways, sweet glrl ." Hi-Y Club 3,45 United NationsClub 45 Senior PlayCost 45 Basketball l,25 Tumbling 25 Volleyball 25 Student Congress 45 Softball l,25 Junior Prom Commlttee5 Senior Prom Committee5 Girls' Choir l. Nursing WALTER G. BARNES "Walt" "Every mon should bear his own burden." Football 3,45 Baseball l,25 Track 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Boys' Choir l, 2,35 Band l, 25 Future Farmers of America 3,4. College I7 A -3 ,, 1 4 . 124 . .XM .X X. , .Hn X Y . f al., . Liv, X, . 1.1 1? Z if X! X X2 "-X . +9 Xe ,gi X- ai., A mm 5-,il - .4 X , ,XXX , ,ff M -wr 2. A 1 5 . .,,,1 1 "iff , "gm 'qi .I ' ,rY.HX1,T .X,5XX....X X wma X ,AT .Q in X XA, X X, M-X QA., Eg-Q., .+ ,z Q1-X XX ju ' X 51' 5 4, .Xi , X5 Xa, Xagiw ' 204' if K C 5 X . X X .X v X X ' v X., 1 v, X -AXA X . Q. . a. , 6' U" F" 7" 'n 1..-J GX . ,-,X9.:.,,. in , , H, - T-'X , ' -' n,'4.u't- . , x ' '- srl ' lil fm? ,g .,. f,,f 5 :.X,X, NX, ,X .ag ,X ' Tr- 43 Xl' L J. 3 1 I . ,- '--' XX,.-2 X-- X, r,X,f.1g? iq. Www 1 -7 X? 3 ki -X X .' ,e X Jig ' X ' f 'Wx' ,X X. I 3 X ' 2' lm, if X 'Zi LXX,.X. .. , X ,EX X I , 5 X ug--41" AH ,, L-.1 ,M ' -77 Vigil. . - MX X ,E ' . N ' 05- .- Y. '11-Nw XXg,XmX' 2 X 'Yf ' 2 A 142 . ' I , " 1 4-r: - '-W ,gf'f?Q2,X,..X V fy N ,X,-:,+VQ+r,.,,,,,EX,:V ,z . gf.-7 1, XQ.qX,:. M ,,, :V QXQM Nm. f'-e '- 4, IX 1' m. X- ' X- X X ,-cf, X X. Q5 YXXKXLXX , if ig ,X-3.44. in uw. X.'fX' K--X,-1 , MM-ew X22 iii ' 'gf X f ,X V" rr-'X-XM. j X..X,X-,,.,,.XQ , :XSL 65' ji". 7 1 1' ..3,X:.5iX X1 n . X 2+ XXXQ ,Xfpx'..1gX W' ,-M. WX'-ia.,-qQ,,Ig2i1Qj,X , X X. 4112.-1:VvX5.-,.X!,?1 X0 Xs XX f 'fs XX,-X .,. X , xr. pw E k. XX y i Xe ,A 3 XJ 34 2 X K pf.. mv P :F +V'-X ag . ,SY '94 YEL il r' 1 WX Qjltw WH -nf-A-4 X- -1 - P V 'Y' 41.4-Xczxi r,-371 XX ,X -9' -X' 1- XJ It 5 1' if Q is X35 . li WX QI X ,.:1. XgX1w2 X X ' " X '.f 5 'fn 3 :XX X' 1 ' ' Y LX fl X.Y.,iX,: -1 156-2f1f'1" fiilflf' 91-isw .2 Af , X 4 1.14, lu, Xl TQ 4. I , X. A-X-Q -1 XX- X ,, 4 A-f 'w K ,,.gXm, X T ' ' X 9 if Quay.. Qqf - 1, 3 -X ' ' 'Q ' Fit? Xggqu. A .Ugi Q?-I ,gfgbff g",,i."-TJ? ea l srrfup v rv' f' r, ...- .gi 1 LM .I 5? .Q,. ...-... . .- -1 '-x' gn' 'f"-gr.'4'l"lll'-I--"'e-'-.1"i ln. QU ". '- E.. - n 4- ...Y.- ..,.i..!-1.15.1 2. ' 1. V- "QE ,. :1 3'l'7' ' ' 0 " ' l f -il --5 5... 'QTL' ' ' "if ' 13211 :SUEQ1 ' f' ' A.. 'fha-V . ' 4f " . " - 9- l.." . . Ltr v - - - I ' ' ' :Sgr-L , tt -Ll 41415. . . ' ,, . . . . -.P , -1.5 1. 1 f 'a 1 - .. . l..g- ',,f fl -. - H- .ar 9 - U , 7' an N 5-gw 4-- .. 14- .. U r-1. 5-:iitli L ' .ra "' ' Q I - . 1535...-,."-1 . . -lp ,. 5, fl, , .1 -' .L V -- A - - . A "QQ--xffffi f 4 .v "' if f Q, -f'l"'t- air ltr?-1 Le . . . M' ' 5 5, . ' 1- - 4 '1 ' jig- : .. u 5 A - 'RQ - , Q .5 l " ' : rn: -3151615 'W bv , 'J-' ' .', .. X.,-,j,,av.6. - ' - .5 - 5 ll a 5'4" . ', . -. - C.-' J 1 IW 5 l 1.5 .- -,i.q.:,:,v . - ,. ,5 1 .5 . 1 1 U.. 1.13.11 ' ' I -,N Z- - v-eq! 0 " ' g- i V 5 ' .Lf ' Lil "" 5 1' ' IE' T 0 6' ' - ' Q- . -x . . . 5 i. t 5. .. ,, lr.: 2 ll--A-n gp .1 fi ..x- BEVERLY J BETZ l .fa .1 .,. ..i, l -1' -la itil I .,. T lL'.1"f:A:lls.1l . :..4 .,,1T,,':ll, ... ,.n--1'-All :Www -A 1-:Q' Q 3'5" "l' .",a. :' ...Q lt. -I.--lla -"L y..n.4..5,-i......, . ,. ..5'.,...,.-.10 ! yi.-.GUM 1.4 , . V ... 1 q'5- sw 5 n,-.1 A 5.-,L J.. alll, if I 'I 1 Q e D . O 5. J x Q. .,, 'U I I 0 'I .-CI in I s wr -Y 3. ru - a lt Fx I , . ... 5- . ., 'xr dp. , . ll-I .123 : 5' ' an T113 11 .lg 1, snuvv. ANN anomcx 73,3 Ly lH5LI 715123 . . ,qu l , 4.., -l Q CV!" . , ..- .tu ..... t 6 I I I . f 'l'."f '3lf"""" s--:'l1 .:..' ew-E5 ll Q.. e-l 1 .. ,. 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BETZ --Bow- "Lllce gllrrpses of forgotten dreams." Student Congess I,2,3,45 United NatlonsClub 45 Junlor and Senlor Queen Candidates, Girls' Cholr l,25 Junior and Senlor Prom Committees 3,45 Glrls' Basketball 45 Llader's Club 3. IBM SHARYL ANN BIDLACK "Everybody loves a nurse." Marching Band I, 2, 3,45 Concert Band l, 2, 3,45 Orches- tra l,2, 35 Glrls' Cholr 45 Mlxed Cholr 45 Color Guard 45 Unlted Natlons Club 3,4. Nursing LARRY BIDWELL --md.. "I think lt better every man paddle his own canoe." Football 25 Basketball l,2,3,4. Work MARION G. BOUTON -.Menu "Give a man a boat he can sail." Navy - IBM H. JAMES BREARLEY ll-,lmll "When the elevator to success lsn't runnlng, take the stairs. " Alr Force CAROL ANN BRISCO "Her voice was ever so soft." Hl-Y 3,45 Unlted Natlons Club 45 Marchlng Band 2,35 Glrls' Cholr l,2,35 Yearbook Staff 45 Senlor Prom Com- mittee. Secretary I9 :, -V-H+.-N-or-nr ..S."F.'L":'?: u':'1'7"',5'... .gk , Y t f...,t.., s - ,:'..,-.. ., -- --A .sm f 1 , :aww . ka . Vlbllftt- Y K l O "L" '!?'ioe4.1....... - .. E' .. ,. zffvres-.,-...,,..,...-..- ....M.-- 'E' """'ffvE.--if 145,41 -. - . Li-v--f'i5-'i4- :n-v":-a-q,.---- f, - - i - A L1-f.t-g .55-1,1 Ali-in-Qin:-more-iq-wg--1 , , . J W - . .Jr -- .J,.. .o.,....,!,.,...- - .,-, wi.,-is -gaps., .,5', ,,,,,.,.,., .,: .-1 ffb... f--.-- ,."" 'r"trt. ..4- . i . maes- . -.----1-.. -7.1 - - . i..,. ' .-1-R ff-':..i -L ,, ,-',...,.L.,,, ,, " ' n-.n , i .- af- -movq seg. . 'I'f-'e-e- iiwral..-v-. Y.: 'f .. t-ii' f'ltg ' .Qt ""' .gg airli- .:.L. u-l .1-.... .Q-., .-n-- un f' : fl' :si 4 I A - .-4' ..c......,a-f.e..f'C"I 2 -' -- ,-t.-g ? Q- J -1 -if mo, J, . +73 4 s 3.GP'l"'f5 , ,pw .0 , ...,.,.v--- fn-ps.. .,,.,,n, ' sew: -rrf-5, r rf--46' sqm... . u-.. .. -rug--n-f, 5 D nAYMoNo N. aazowm ....e.- .utt- l-l-i z-, 1-1- .2-i.C.7 .. V-i-sn-wwe ,.... 4-2.5 'Ir-.-KJ , -g-5',--4-l'!-'Spf-,-1'-gcrflr-f'5get-viwpi. set-. . 4 'A4K,lvmnr-veg,-gig .v--... 5-- ..-f.'.f. , Esffttr: -flea.. "'-i of .-.-.- 55,...7'7'rH '.H' '33, Lyn'-.f Eiilflf - 1'---c.-ya ...-.. -1 f. 5:17461 sauce Houma BNNUAGEC , --'mend 'z me uimivmovcs mmf 5 lt' -.. '24 to 4. JACQUELINE se,ls- - 4- WL 5. .-,- -. , .. . . .. . . . f1-,e--,.--I v t -Q-..., Hzfftgs ..-J .-t.s --.- FREDERICK BUNTS - Q - - ,?.-.....F.'. Vw.,- j'-: :.,1.,:':-:':vv1',, ,,. RAYMOND N . BROWN I-Ray.. "lt is better to know more than one says." Future Farmers of America 1,2,3,45 President 4. College If! 5- 4: ? n - -FVWFY' -. ,. --, BRUCE HOWARD BRUNDAGE "The world knows little of its great menl" Co-editor of Yearbook 45 Marching Bond l,2,35Concert Band 1,25 Pres. of Junior Class5 Candidate for King 45 Delegates to: BJys' State 3, Syracuse Citizenship Con- ference 3,4, Engineering Conference 45 Boys' Choir I5 Mixed Choir 2,3,4, V.P. 45 J. V. Baseball, Football 35 Varsity Football 45 U.N. 45 Student Congress 35 King Bruin Candidote5 Pres. of Vestal Key Club5 Honor Society 45 Boys' Rifle Team 35 Prom Committees 2,3,4. WILLIAM EARL BUNZEY .nk j:L.:.rr:':f ...,,,,. ""T'i'i-:-1S......-. MARILYN JOYCE BRYANT "Mare" "Personality, beauty, wit, no wonder she makes such a hit." Marching and Concert Band l,2,3,45 Flag Swinging I, 2,3,45 Girls' Choir lp Mixed Choir 2,3,45 U. N. Club 45 Prom Committees 2,3,45 Queen Candidate 3,45 Stu- dent Congress l,2,3,45 Mixed Choir Board of Directors 45 Softball l5 Track l5 Volleyball 25 Basketball 35 Year- bgolg Staff 3,45 All-State Choir 45 Art Club 25 Leader's C u . JACQUELINE CARD FREDERICK BUNTS "Freddy" "Bill" "Jackie" "Each man has his own mind." "A great source of pleasure is variety." lille, njvet say notixung wgthout you'ri cimfjlledlto, Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year5 Football Junior and Senior Prom Committees. TM' en on l my not mg' or you can e e 'O' l Manager 4. College 20 IBM ,. 2-..-. . 51...-.1 'rf BJZAIEIN LOWS! CMEY in 2 lafg :rr-1 JEAN IAYE CAWLEY "'-r '--alan J"' 9 S'l"" .M Qld .Q , P. -'4""'FDga. li lf! Pau comm Jov cms: V-P ,F 5 1 1-3-f H--, -.1-,h.11ii 1 Q ' fs!--'ew-. .-rs. e :,.L.,f7i,,i,-.......45-N555-V 17.451, ' "' llv"l- e-n , :sl .1-1.r,..' ' 5-., , . . V . ,-.5--.-v----. "'g . ' "::1'5f'."".:.'. '."""-1-'N' 'A zerifiz -.. .. -, ., - . -- ' ,gP.,,,q5 V ,.,"v'e-t.a:'n-n.,-wo.-..f...2'.f.f'ff':f7 '55-:f.ev1.efr5sgg,, .!. .-,..:H-.,.! U M . vw-1.1--n n - - . 'L7 'i. wQe,r,g9,sn--.u.a 1.5.-.-...' "7fbwli- wqufenalg ' v f-s-r ...5-5- -nf "1 S--J-r.-A-6-Q ' 1--V----...'-,-., "':'C'i't'.-ref-W. ' '. - .. V. ' u ..,, ,-.5-.5 MP .,,..JJv.- 5. :A ,- -- -,'-. 1 -r 9'+fwb-f:'+-:"fvfe:'. .f59i"' -Q--1111 :-.-...-. ,.:'2'!'f""'f pgs, . - --'---..--u... . - . .... -sf- s-n ,. ---' ,...,,....4'---'-...: "-1 .f.-.-s4LLsy.n.'..5- -,sf -.4-.-. . ,-.-1-, , D Q- rw,-QQQQ -a-as-...,, g,,18+' """.'+-21-rf-'q--. -. . :-- --.-..-.-.-.- .. Y go--'fr'--..n :fT7"l: 5'f""-fvra a-a. Q-x .,,,,,,. 2.21671 -QC 'Lg , S5 bv hi t -V A , . al or 9 :IPD ELAINE CHAMIEILAIN , . ,. - a. .5 .. .- """"' """-'?'4.!'?:':1ti,,"",,,75g ,,E,Rg,5- :.. ' 'i'!l-P4 C ev--vw . 3 I s.....4 .- v-8 Hn!-I . ...,, G-- U Q- A tr... ,ra-2' , I5-vas.-una -vrz-af 2 : -:...4 31:3 .. -af ,,ifgi3ils.'liQ F. .-oi. ?,...,..' ""',.a ':"f-hh-7 T JOAN CHENEY .17 - .-J.. , .. ... .. M. 2"'Q'Tf.1f..!lLT55f55f.'.fTf::,'2L.".Il.-. ' . Qlff.. ..", ,, , -4' H 'fn-'fu-.SQ::',f7 I--.-1-Q-:..,,.....,L.4+Ls4.- -,- .,.,'L:r'f-p .. 1,..,,,, A' --qu-bl:-.5:E1EiiQ2'f 51t:i":,' 11.5 V -I ir'- 'Hg :tj:f,"7i'?.i':ll"2+"".T::-.1 :fr :pc -,'- ---. itiw 'ffN"'7:j1'1E'1,fE 1' gig.: . '.,,..3, ' ,:g,,L.4g.1, Q- ,...' 'T .....44.54gi:e:-.:,:.4.+:.-...,-. """g-ff' -" lC:s.i.2,,.-.r,, ... 71!j5' "--:'- ,vi -1-'-f-'-5--Jw":---gg g-3,--as--gg--4. JAMESEARLCOBB Q-.b:'I,,,,' Li"-4 'nil' T454-L"f7T.f"7-5 ' ""5"Q".:"xv"f"""T"'ff..4":lT'f'T'I "".'if ' ","L -' 5.1.3.-5A"'.5-:'."'1:5.T'EI.ff. 1233: .i.-..: iq :g:q7fgfflg,,gjgj,g3. v: ,Q-1: --- - f ,. ., gg L. , lf 3- ELIZABETH LOUISE CAREY JEAN RAYE CAWLEY JOYCE ELAINE CHAMBERLAIN "Betty Lou" "Jeanne" "Joy" "The personality that launched o thousand ships." "Her smile is sweetened by her gravity." "l love solitude--if someone is with me." Girls' Choir 1,45 Mixed Choir 4. Nursing Triangles 4. Lawyer's Secretary DONNA JOY CHASE JOAN CHENEY HJQY.. --Joan.. "1'll be waiting." "They're only truly great who are truly good." Jr. Batons 15 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Baton Twirling l, Girls' Choir 1 2 Intramurals l 2 Cheerlead l 2,3,45 Girls' Choir 1,45 Mixed Choir 2,45 United Na- tions 3,45 Student Congress 1,25 U. N. Model Assembly 45 American Legion Oratorical Contest 45 Girls' Basket- ball l,2,3,45 Softball 35 Bowling 45 Track 1,25 Honor Society 45 Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Dance Com- mittees5 Yearbook Staff 45 Tumbling 35 Leader's Club 3. Bible School College - Teacher , 2 , 2 ef : Stu' dent Congress 35 Hi-Y 3. Girls' Bowling Club 3,45 Girls' Rifle Club 35 Unlted Nations Club 3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 1,25 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Junior and Senior Prom Committees5 Exchange Assembly 35 Public Address Club 3. Business School JAMES EARL COBB "Cobbie" "As large as life and twice as natural ." Baseball l,2,3,45 Football l,3,45 Bond l,2,35 Basket- ball l5 Boys' Choir 25 Mixed Chair 2,3,45Vars1ty Club 45 Junior Prom Committee. iam 21 SAUNDRA JEAN COCHRAN nsundyn "She's little, she's wise, she's a terror for her size." 'l Glrls' Cholr l,2,3, United Nations Club 4, Senior Prom I Committee, Senior Play Cast, School Newspaper 4. College .if BARBARA ANN CRANE .pi ..,, ,E .1 fu- ,V nt n ,V ., ,...-V . ,. , . , rr... ,r r79'? --kg - fn .1 . as, .s-.4 . ul. SAUNDRA JEAN COG!-IAN 4., ,. n u .,-.. ,,..,.,.., . .,,., ,W 1 v'l5 IF .. -ol. Q' l.,. .f...1 "Barbe" "I think that naught is worth a thought, and I'ma ll , .1 'l" fool for thinking." lf- BARBARA CRANE Il I u Hi-Y Club 3,4, Junior and Senior Prom Committee. ,f 'Ifjjf FH" l IBM ri' i?-'fe' - lik: """f'5"i' "Y ,' H. il.. ...E 1 Qxitgyjygj , L Q isa if ' 11 f " fx K I f' '15-EVA , , J , if at fn-,,--f 1. In 'f -'we'-rr: ,. :I ---1 'Q-lh'f.7i'J ffVez-u-1-'9TP,"i.'. 'F - 1--1-p-.1 'f-U---141V of,,i.f 'fj,..!r arflaqz--li -r -rf. t-- ,,,, -P-Aw 7'll.----at-11--H .ip-f "---.1-v-uf..u.., .f,r.a -we rs... t, of V 4 ' . .ti I fl--wg ..:.....t.- .,.. ., 1 I 'twang- 4 l , Y I "4 I H wil I lwl' ll. ' lui 1 RICHARD CRAVER Duck , ,sr "Dark, and handsome, but not too tall . emboli 1,2, Football 1. s PAULA MARIE DAVENPORT "Although she's new, her friends are many Transferred from Newton High School, iowa, Pep Club 4, Make-Up Club 3, Pep Club Drill Team 4. . 1 p r .AA ' if Q4 2 .,,.. . RIC HARD CRAVER -fl.. - l',l-'v if--11 e 'ui ws ,gut C0lle99 I DAVENPORT . ,i.,!l.. -.',,. Rf- f'f'wzw:':'.1'G'f1.i I 0 .A.J , 4. lit. gn., .vlf.larW.'5 .-Q lu :ti gl! X-lljfl-fe,-I1- 3 PAULINE R . DEAN fl- rn . . "Polly" "Women 's blushes express what they dare not speck l" Unlted Nations Club 4, Press Club 4, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Senior From Committee, Badminton l, Library Club I, Homemaklng Club i. ' ' rl ,......g.r..- i A " Ql,.,l'.,...m..... 'utr .i.n..g-5 . .Q-A---,f ...ilk .H-.FT ,-'W , , .. ,, f .- is a Office Work SALLY DIEFENDORF .-Sal-. "My heart Is where my home will be." Qu Basketball l,3,4, Swimming Club I, Girls' Spring Sports 'l, 2,3,4, Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Commit- tee, Yearbook Staff 4, Bowling 4, Baton Twirling 2. ' Work - Marriage ' 4-w.. ifil ,-an -AQ.. iv- -r .. ,R n I .- I L-1 , f 'HTH PAULANE R. DEAN ' ..,..,,i , ,- .. . .. ' 'f'r"' I i no-. .rp -.- my , ,. .. ,,-. ,t .-.,. .. ...f.. . .. .... ,,,,a ,QF 'VF,,.i ,., igul. f,' "l?'1'f- -P:'4Ii1:.l:rz' we-f '.'J'11' L.. T TJQLS- '17 1' ? Q... ...jr-4... v,.,.,, . L V xi- i t -. ...-..i...,u,,.t.....r,.,, 1.5.34-.,. 'i I ' -I-fu-' ' -A..-II -I !1 ' ,.Ip...I K' .,.l,.,. .I 4--5-ef. 5' .1. .., ,I-.Qu , N 6 .I.I'-- vqua Q L. n I,. Ip -I., .. 1. f'.'IfE3.Q ,, flfl .L -'cgi' .,.,,,- .Ff l:.f s' If -- I- xr ll "II-: 7"I rblhfllg G35 ,. u..JI':'u 351. fTl'?"' 5-3 Rosen LEWIS oooums .If . III.: .I ' n,.f. ...AI-I------A -1 I R- . . ..v.IIxf..lI .,, ,. n . -I'-.lf I --,..-. ,..,' ,L -5.-I -5. 4.9. nur! .JM,,..r.....l.If.i5w:..-'En13. -. uh" v ,.... . 'wi-eI'1 5' I AI 145' 1:30 0.1 uw: "al 4.4. ..,--I. I Q I fn . I ., 4 .,I- gs' ROGER LEWIS DOOLITTLE nkod.. "From waklng to sleeplng, I shall Ilve each day tc the fullest." J.V. BasebaIl5 Student Congress 35 Junlor and Senlol Prom Corrmittee . Armed Forces - Work BARBARA ANN DOUGLASS numb.. "Oh, how I love that Navy man!" Orchestra I,25 Girls' Cholr I,2,35 Mixed Cholr 3,45 HI-Y Club 2,3, President 45 Unlted Nations Club 3, Secretary 45 Junlor and Senior Prom CommIttee5 Senlor Queen Candldate5 Student Congress 3,45 National Honor Society 45 Bowling Club 45 All-State Cholr 45 State Competition 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Exchange Assembly -.l.,.H.. . ff j,. Iv.,-.515 -I 1' IH wa 4 .I 1 'f - -lllnlf-:nl ' ' M5 5- jf I' j 3' 555.55555-,3g'5 BAIIIIAIIAANN oouGLAss I' ,. . ...IM - ' " "' 'f ' ' I . ..w.: .. v.-- "I 1 "I .. -f 'ff -A :V j, 5. A,QI',.5f.'.',, --,-, mga-,,f,...... I ...,.-7,--. ,V ,Q 'Z.....lI I.....-I.-I--I5 Ii---I QI' "' -TL... .E "' -. .. . . .- -I-11 f -"1 1 , "Hr: I -II' - 'I l'g".""'1"f"l .. ...'ll".1'I"l?.1'f'.I.f .!'l7'2"' 3.4. , V.. .V I,H,,5,'5... -- .Inu I r.. V I... I-'u-.I I-sul.. AI-A -I .1 ....----I. -- -- --I-I---...-5.-I--I--.5 M. w. I. ,,,h,,, - .. ,..,,.,,.,.,..,.., .-I. :J-.I I IUC-.I-IIl't 3"I 5. 5.5,-H .I.1.. .,g,A,I:..I.. MII.. ..n.t-s.l WI...5...-'-.".'A!"-j""' .1 . .,'. .,.. ...,... .3..I r554...,L:3,5,.fr,..... .- ' '. ' '. . II, " . ',"I-60.4-.1Il,4l'l .. ' 'r " Y" r.. - In.II.lsI 'ur . . ,I It I P , II5.. -..:.-'- --.- -... . .,,. ,B.l1,. I.. 'Iw1iI,..mII.-- --5551. 5 ..,I.l.. I-go Q .-I......s,IIAI 5u.l..5w,...g.,.w5c-152' --.Ig--,'5-uI'u . I I1- MIM ,5, --.....,.I.q.4 I I-it I I -- . ,3,I.xI.,5 Ill.. '-' I-.-I--luv -.. I ..., ..,,. -I.-. --I -v-I--rf' II. .qw -I--I I--I- 'I-HQI-I MI- w I.- .,,. .1 . 45. II.. Q." I-- .,. .--. I.: I . .I -vi .1 'T-'fzsu ..IR I4-' 'Q'-I T I 4' I..-'Q , :s-.Eng-' A F II" .xg --In I-HI ya 5'5.II.g5 5 QII Q-I 1' ELAINE MARIE DUFFY -IW ' 1 rg 'X Irv". ' 'II' "-I' pug,,5-.5-V .WH UH-Vwih,-,H 5- 'I- In 1. . -.0-nl--.1-' .In I-5--l-l' -,--I,- ,"ll,.l:I',--ph ll.-'ln-5--,AI-5fi:.-'bln'-I-A ,Is I Is.7I'l-'I-' 'I-1-I..-1.-.--.-,Z I -wg- ,W 5 ,gym-, ,..5,...,,,..,'g. '15,--,.., I"5--I-. .--..'.----.1.--Iv- ' -: a .,. . I....-. .. . ,IM lt'-II-.LI-lrll I.---I II-- qp I I...-.II I., . 4. .. I1-I t .Ig -'I.5-In-it--Iylfw' '-'vt 5' -IQ .Is ,-I'.- I -I I.',I1'I'-lg-1-I1.5-H-Ivxoh A ln. ,-...g--.1 vfrl ko -1-I -' L-4' - fI1I'?f.:'.lIl'f.. 5 ,. ...Y ,. II, - ...IF , -I- 5. -I,. Pu- ,. I'-I II' 5... .... I"',' ,. I. 211. Lsnov EARL .1 Q' ,- I 5 I , , , ,, -seg-gf.':'f5g, Iw' ' ' " 'If :A :.5..a.Ii55',rI.'1 .II--, -""' -- ' ' 'A' ' 5Iz1lf':.I.!3.---I--I. 15 -55,--gig-fr. II'5f'?'f 'ff-7 VI' fr: 7',1l':'I' 'T . I iii.: .: T-:I.53'x '55 .,l,..Q5,,,,i.,. . JNL 1 . . " ' .N If-.qv-.55-'I -a' .nv--II.Il--4 ""'."'l 'I "' -'H'-1"-""' ,, ,, . . I .. g.,", nal- I- '-I' 'A ' "M I' .I V' ""'I . . .. - . .II-5 I -.. '.Ag,5,I'.:. .055 .' bl' 1' 5 ..-.-4-..g,-., ..,. .,.,I.,,,, -ef' I gt ev I I.. .nl '. 4' .- I I 1 .-' Secretary - IBM ELAINE MARIE DUFFY "Duff" "Little In size, but blg ideas." Fleld Day I,2,3,45 Intramurals I,25 Softball I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,45 Leader's Club 35 Junlor and Senlor Queen CandIdate5 Junlor and Senior Pram Commlttee5 Student Cong-ess I,2,35 United Natlons 45 Glrls' Cholr I,25 Mlxed Cholr I,2. Physical Education Teacher ROBERT MARTIN DUNN nsobu "I "It would talk - Lordl Haw it would talkl I" t 4 4 -- I e. ...lin L " Secretary of Key Club 45 Business Mgr. of The Bruin 45 United Nations Club 3,45 Student Chairman of College Night 45 Senlor PIoy5 Tennls I5 Student Athletic Treas- urer 45 Honor Soclety 45 United Natlons Model Assem- bly 45 Scoreboard Committee 35 Alternate to Englneerlng Conference 4. Doctor . P611 47' Iv1'yP,-is j if Lsnov EARL "To all men hlmself must be true." Work LELAND DWIGHT ELDREDGE ...been "When do the leaves begln to turn? The nlght before exams." Band I,2,3,45 Boys' Cholr 1,25 Track Manager 25 Rlfle Club I5 Track 3,4. Army LELAND owrsm amines 5.2 23 .!I'f'I11'5Zfl.Qlf'f.", 5. ., ,......Tf.,.,,,,,,.,.. 1--5-..-III' I ,. .I ,.- .,I.!.I- --If-'I--I--.35 - 4.5f5'- 'I ,If""'-' ,-..,.,5.. al?-V.. 1.,.g'If-Iefggg '1 4" 1 5 L., .q-sq, -an f W fl? a -Ln... P., .v- M -E" - 7- 7 l il'-"3.' + ca- 1.. .-,. -.7-.5 , df -. -W. p" ,Ve i n--.-1.5, .- -. -. I.-. , , ....... ,-... gg.:.,.. IXUS n .Jrfa ,-, H:':z.1f....,.- --ra X- . rr -1--r1-.ltr..,...g.:.3g.5j,,,,g 4,5 A -4 rt el-'l.F1""""""Z-.'-'Il..:.:S' ....,." -- 'rw . ,,., e. . ,W-r-H-any .iii-ff'-'-"1'7'f-11-I-t.,-n-u1..,......,.i ' "s'1'7- .,g' f, ?""'?'.,-' .Ji f,-,,,,,.,.- V-Am 'ern Ls . 'S 'A a-.-. .. -sf T ' Le..-:sg - -- ,qw -.elf ,, .-,.-. If-2-ai.-'z 't ausaot -sms :as-qv ii VI ','QS'1'7- Q-l tg. QTY! P' 'f I l 0 u . ' 9"'M. vp.. -f- v-any 5 , EDITH ANN ENGLISH '-H---415 3"-el-sr.-':"r':':'F:-':'L . " -I-'I---1---1-9.1 :- : "rv ! . : -an uzxtrevvw-wwf-ev ,551 Hi-4 'wwf ,.a...- pgyxsei- -,t..,- .,, .. 1-D ' Q.-. . 4-G as ' 5 - 7 "'1w"43vWv'r'v-f'.1v-u1'-n- fs 1' a .- 'up A-Us-lf-isnt uve -1 WILLIAM LEWIS FISHER -- -f'1'i"'-4 W--' - .9a':.-nm :s +.1f'f'fvf.if4+if1-'-1 ' '1 - i It . . an --1. . .ng 'D' 5 -sv-I-no ilea.. at .atv 'a 1 au .4-' 5, I . -.1 av- Tat: I 'L ' 'tl zw,,, 2'.9"., . I ..-53,3 np4,.s-p- ',':'-,- ,- , .uw ' 'TQ-QLI1 QQ if T " 1 iff-? A MARY ELLEN FLAHERTY l"7T:?"ff" vnlst- -wus fwvfpgye will ,--, , 94 ,4-.V-.p+ -'tg' if-f. 1 ""Y-..:., li?!'1'T,' . .-.-..,..'..'Ls15-...:,3lf55 if Qian. ' " swf---.,'o.-a-.-...1-1 'T If-.3'r':-1 eq..,-:- if-55- -,-. WG-. EM',,,v ,,, ' 'S' ' ' ' . . ..,-.-"' A - " . . " f ."'tu-uns' -. f- '2 i-- 4' 'W ' DORISANNFITCH """'Z"Lf'ff'f'Z,1,5 j--0-v-.g...4-:.','3-a-a- lift?" -,t....l5h'f"'F"""-e ?i'i"r"'-- -2 -- : 1LJ:.l. ,fif1'f'gf,Q 'VA . .imgx,...'::,.-.4,jgj,vj5gg:fL5-55 - 5. Q . ,,g,g.,:',"""-"'fL'?'f-1.fq..1.:.::..-Q. ln. D -1 f'.! fl',,,.,F' ,ifggn-6 f, , .. sf-wc. -9 V. " "' "j' QE 1 f' 58814.-gi E'TfA"'5 11 "'i'f",' ' Cl-ARAJANEFISK J.'i'f'.' 'ETA' '.-.-4:-:Hfsrw-KiP'ff'?f'?t5'S""4 nf ' Q'f1ff'ifs.H",.J..f.f.-IQi'S'i:"7L. . ,- --.'-. -If --If .-4..-MW-Mg,,m.f . V . T ..- ,'MLu' -ig', .......v--4:-"v""' '!"'l'1-0.-,-1-aw.'...........- ,,,,,.c.t- -- "':"..".': z,s.4.,.. .5 . --"-:-'-'c'--" ,i, ,,,,, f-A----- H D. n.ta..'- n .H'M,' v 1-n Q-.-..!..-. EDITH ANN ENGLISH CURTIS EUGENE EPLEY WILLIAM LEWIS FISHER "Edie" "Curt" "Bill" "She has twoe essosoft and brown." "His brow is wet with honest sweat." "It matters not haw long welive, but how." Y Track l,25 Junior and Senior Prom Committee5 PressClub Football l,2,3,45 Varsity Club 4. 45 Playday I,2. Work Secretary CLARA JANE FISK DORIS ANN FITCH "A beam of light from the infinite depths of the mid- Done night sky." "It is not enough to be good5 one must do it in the Library Club 35 Basketball I5 Flashcards 25 Senior Prom Hgh' way' Committee. Band Concert l,2,3,45 Marching Band I,2,3,4. Medical Secretary College 24 Football I5 Senlor Play 45 Wrestling 4. Armed Services MARY ELLEN FLAHERTY "What counts isn't what you have above the eye- brows, but what you do with it." Senior Orchestra I,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 35 Mixed Choir 3,45 Volleyball 1,25 Softball l,2,35 Bowling l,35 Hockey I5 Soccer I5 Tumbling 2,35 Student Congress 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Softball Playclay I,2,35 Volley- ball Pla day 25 New York State Competition 25 Tum- bling Exhibition 3. Nurse F ' 1 . x , ,',, . 1' L x V 1, gulf. , 1 1 ' J: H ,H 1--ff' Q-R 'z' .- ' ' 1-v ' X f '. il if . "1 , V 5 'Y W' 5 "fm L- 5 A. ' 2152 ,"""f' M..,.f.4. - C' s,' .,1 JJ , '.,Yk .,1x.4,. ,l,-,jr A V? LI' f IXi gxjggm-if-fiirfh-+4 A ,J :::i'l,.f:-ff::,-Ein-.11 gr ' , ' ,iv iv W X , W ,,,. , - ..- ,. ,, ,- , A , , . f M I ,M iff 'r Qfigwri---qi.- H3-5,,g5-mf ,, f 157115H"j1j.4"iZ5i.g.,.-iL'..-4,..g:, 1 M wlliitg? , ' 1 f"125.f,f '73T5g1gw'1.'. ma- r- 11111-Qfff:gQu.A 'Ay "Jw if-""'f"'3" lf: df , rf, g-Nu Q ww ,, n cw- L-' ef- jf: if L '- Uv . , , 3.5:-:HZ -'J-+3 .. ,Y -17 :'f"iL'fI, 9 '1jf:f,Qv.:q' I 1 A 'Ml' ..,', .,,. ,1 f..-.951 ,-5. 5f,"T..1Q"jC,?, QQ"E?!y1f" 'B-C'i'3'i"' " -: ,-vw.x-.- J A 2 ' ,.,4 ,- - 1 1 - ' L ' ,L , gg 14 t.':":It 3?'3tvLr,'1 2 4+.x.3i..V ,-.f.N if i ,rm .3g Zmwmfsi-.iA19f1Cf:4,!3?i'?fL L ' ' J A 'iff' ' 'FE Q 3 + 1 QQ el 1:1 f if: w. .1 1 X53-Mjirl K -4 5... 333 ij 4 -115 ?' -,LJ-, ,-'Y Wm:-:X Ulm- M I-If V - 5: g4,fL,1,i,,qg,f1.':1 g . 1 W N 1 ' 3- ., . , + .I , A V. , 11, ', . A ' f smiff Q 1? 1 1 ,f 1 .- A"Y1""'L.f , H is :A ,Ag ....ff,. -,ge g ,"'-ff-.L "G, rf 1' 5 Q N? , 'N N A I4 t Lg -13.0 1 'qv x , X x,,, I W ' 1 1 I Q!--FiL".i.1'.Q.'Q hr: , ghd. f , , ., 5'--A-mgw-4 ' ..f,.'1'T?:r 13"' 1 K . , , 1,3 ',A. ,,,., 1 -5 , M 71,-Pf if-Yi-r+V.f,j 41 . 1 A f :"yV141,,' - ,A . , 'f A Q 9- 1- 2- Q .iT7x':?'3Yi- ' Y ' V T " , .. Qs. f if gf qgfftghg g- , f 157' 'I , "5 'i' AT. f L ., 4' -" 4377 ""?"I"F' 11:41 f 4 W ,gf U 41" I Y QQ iff H iff , ,A ., 5 U' vu ..w..,L , I A Q U ...f , ,, g. ,- -4 .L 1'-f ,-wg41 V , 1 I " gg, - fl R f 1.--,-4,-4-J 1 H .,--Hn..--...V4-1 in 1 3- - , Q 4 'L Qg1QfQ:,' f fy 'Eu' - q : 1 , ,' 1 .' .'.',Q,, ' , A f Q J X . . L 4 I ,lf A 4-ji M -f ,:gw v 94's , M... .., ' Lui, ,-. if ,- f ' 4-3-if ,di -.- , my , . . .. g 1 ,. ,I I 3. 4 ,Qxpn 7 pf+5fi'1'7"fF f15 Lf '4'T'g1-T-15414 Q ' 'ka ' ., 1' ..'q, f.""'fl X . ,V ,, , X K 1 'H+ , a'i""..s3'f E "3 "'! ' 'I 3 : 7' Vllff if -fr . ' GERALDINE GRIFFIN MGM.. "O, I am stabb'd with laughter." Library Club I5 Student Congress 35 Girls' Choir 25 Vol- leyball 25 Softball 25 Senior Prom Committee5 Girls' Track 25 Soccer I5 Yearbook Staff 4. Secretary RONALD GROSS -.Ron-I "l have survlved." Marching Band l,2,35 Concert Band l,2,35 Boys' Choir i, 2. Air Force MARY JO GUNTHER --Jo.. "lf l could talk until I knew no more to soy, and some one would listen, it would be a perfect day." Student Congress l,2,45 Mixed Choir 45 Girls' Choir 45 United Nations Club 45 Girls' Softball 3,45 Junior and Senior Prom Committees. Office Work ..,5. 5 -0, ELIZABETH ANN HAMLIN HBMSY.. "She whose personality lacks nothingl" Track l,25 Student Congress 25 United Nations 45 Press Club 45 Rifle Club 45 Senior Girls' 8asketball5 Junior and Senior Prom Committees5 Junior and Senior Queen Candidute5 Honor Society 45 College Night 45 Co- Editor of Yearbook 45 Yearbook Staff 35 Sewing Club 3. College - Nursing RICHARD HARDING "mack" "l am escaped with the skin of my teeth." Varsity Club 45 Football 45 Wrestling l. Machinist NANCY JANE HESS "Perfection is the child of time." Girls' Choir 1,35 Library Club 35 Junior and Senior Prom Committees5 Girls' Rifle Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Honor Society 4. Nursing 26 GERALDINE GRlFFlN I .rin rv T"""1'Y'f sf, .. 4 In wr fr r-"r vit' N' A . 1 s i'L l MARY JO GUNTHER I 'g..:.r.rrS-ii--.41--r-'v ty f- Ju.-,.,,,.'Qt,-'rIrl'F"'l Q -v.r,.',,,,.i,.,.-,IL -Jus r1"' 'Q 5 4,5 3 ii ' s.'-' f, -. 4- ...V .y .--- t 1 Q ,,,1e,,.f:. ..t..,.' ..,g'.5rbu.'...'r'iI I 5 ':,,,,,,,,,, ...,.rq...f...-mv-t' . 1'- x - ,.s.. 'y ,g,.1,,, ' oi-NY r'f: 1 it .31 Y ..... " "Simi -5 -If it it -lin RICHARD HARDING 05? 1.7.- 4. ern' 1. .- I 1 ln rf-xl! .-4 o wr 1-5-nw I '..'..s i 1. E., fi ...Q -. IX -I I g 1 1 " .4 j f V . ,ez X- 42.1 ., hr., . .5 Lg, Wa. , A J, ,,lL. .J ,L.... ,4 i V f 13. Q. ,.,..i-on-MQ,--4-,.K-11: ...... ' A . we v A,..V-, wa.. ,, , va' Q ' ' .-RFJML1 , , ', ,.. .Q.,p,g.5:.. f W , ,V H 'iq -4? -- .Wk Y: , Tw .. I-.I X .QQ 34 MA I X L 1 +1 , ..,h. h f , ' J Ju J' ,V ,am ,L 'fl , w, v 1 q .. , V' I ' A -'.H:' ',',:.., ' -4 Y WTF . M, , X K ' . . , .. .,..- ,ij .K+ .X 'ff ,Q .L U ,a. "5 , A-, W. HL- ' 4' 'rf ue-if , .M . ,N , --Q-.1 if .' ' ' x , . ..,.,w,..,... .Mr ,.+...i-5 , ' 'r 'ml gl ' nz. Q, . Q1-ww . r .tw , J, Q . . , ,Q -A ,..,.1.- Mig, . if ' qv- M, : , K., .- ..' vm. xy: ..., -' ' " J 'C' ., -.M 4 A , . , M -.. ..3.... .M 3 .. .A .Lil L 'H --nf L' , H,q,.x,.- , .1 --f V- .- if .KT . L.-- , . . ...Lp 4.4 A , 4.4, I. ., ' ' AS" "N" 4',"" . , ,. ., . 5, V 5. - 41, X , 1 Q ., J F .P WF 455 J 3-1, A 5.45 Y , ,X M , 4 -xy w..L.,.' r. . .1 if -1 .., -1- A. N, '. 1 ,, af 'K "TA ,IH ,,1 4 iw, In-nv N -v wi! gligi E' Q H . v ! 1 f a ,. 3-,E H.. .,,.,..,.,.. g.,,:I 'f ,L J... K W . , ,. . ..?. y rf ,J Q M .W Q . jzw. M if ' A ' f w sw: ,L wtf .T frm? ..,, ...WWI M - -. if-A: " '-'A"Uf',. .. ' " 'fWf'.?'..,-:,, .um .. ' it 5 gigilftgfw Li,fi,5f.,.N .fa ,LJ .V I-W f Q ,1ag,75t,f fi QT..-K ,,'i.,1,,a ' f P. , -4,6 5 1 'N J' QM, 'M' Q, Mir K., f iw-Jw JA j., Qjy- ,. r va w' K 'V 1 , 1- i f ,g . , . M ?.. . , Y W, z , . vioxx A , mf- LW.. . f A Ji., ., wr:-P-NN Q I K. 1 , : .L If fmwg ..-,, .- ' Lf, --ML .. ' I L f 2 g Q! ,-, ,.,. Q .., .. .. Mg' .. f - fii-ws.. f'++ ..e' . A ,,., .. L., in - 15ff'Q?Zii"T5laI'W"1" .- J fl 5-"3 :wr rm.f.f11,,. was 1' 4. . gE,l'f"5 v A . 5-Q si 4 . .aiwiw wg. Q fy ig '- "Q,i""'7' 3 1 5.557 S . , , 4 N. .X , ., ,, Q.: 1 ,,.. D . ..., fag. C ' ' 1 W V fi?-,' p . 1 ....,3, f5aA1+ f T 1 .ALT w ,. ' ,. , fi4q.9.,....,g.. -QI.: - ,5.4f..g" .Y 5- Q 6.1.1 VT g u 1 fe -:fmt . ww. ws 1 A-Q-png 2 www .1 ' L Q .,.,l-- " I., :N 1..f .Y 'EES M wan "' H 4-s. .gi ,. 4. N., K . Mig 4 was-v 9 1,.---Suu-M ' . 'EEZ .- 1 F1 ' .,,..,-.,.. . . , Mgr 1 5 E , ..-k. a X ,, ,,,f,. 5 1 L 5 I THF , , VME., .. -9--.,..H4,5Q Q r-Sy. ,. - Aka - 5.-- :M. ,,5Z Q., .QL 3.1 r r:..LQ:v.. . A L , 1, ,Q i1ru'f'-v k in-w 'A . r I 'M I , rl. arm? r ,H 5 E L I3 A T 'if' ,1 ' .L -phi 1 A i 'Q .Q-7 5 'T 1, 17- ws. ' 'A" 1? ' v ' A 11. . L -' , .1 . , , , . . 1, 1 , T , M. .,.:,.... -106' gpg, .. . V Vi, W. . A, Mi.. . 4 A -A..,,f1- ...Q U 45 -A 7' A -fi m g? ,vwf 1 .-, ...f YU-, W. I . 1-.uv V I v-iv ' wif I , 1 .. M, Q . -C-gi . . , , 'Q .-was-.+.E a- ,,' ,.:' ... 11. ., ' --on ..,..- -..L ' s.. - , 1. .- W '- 1 -Z...',.2 ' .' 3 . . 1 ' ' A ' "i3"i':'.-s'. . hgh-ull-fs.,-'fr-2 -fX'+?"'-fl :Q--'I-V1 +.-:.,,3y -,AJ 'A Y 'A Q i1....,' f,?:.3."+,,,.+3 vs 415.11 .XF "'fn:+'f -M V 7f.2'!'Q"i'Vi P ' WA.4..:4 'rf r .ML -,Nga -'W . . N .MV , 5 i V V15 .b . .1..,-fu-f'q.Qv-Y.-vffilw -61 ja wr :- 53-g,g.q3..F A 1.4 f J .ffiig 1' ' 'K "' "4" -xghgw-.....' . PM ""4.. . Q NWN' Qu'--'f,i,,i,g,1,r ' ,. . ,L?,,,.:,3.T.. - - . Q ,, -f .- 2'3!f'EI'f1'g.'g"i 2 vfw---f """ 'I I ' T' flwlfun.-, -L .V ' S- ...ff 1' . --P5 -i... 5 . -'I '..-1 ' f-.-. , 'j .,..,,,...4vw.. xv:-1 f 7 .-W-...4 .- 1 ' K 5. mn. ....ww....,. 3 P ' I "ff 'Nl x . E. it .ff . fx .J 6, -.QM-, , ,Mr . ,,,.,f ,W -- - .,,,. K.. . A, . we ' 2 :pw I I , . . ,-- A . . . . . .5 . N .. . f ' ' Q' 4- ' ,gy---1 . L2 7 i ' 5 i - . ,F L X X 3,,.W,M xgfpf.:-.,' - Hr I .f L' 1 fb ' 'F' 1-in . - , "'u::1 ff. , W QM 3'-g...'. F- 1 . .1 .4.......w, 5. .. 4. ,I ,A .A ,. J , M' "f'+"z.1::... ' J-'f'l'Tl1""'1:"" . Y 1 .J . . ,, , 'T,,1.-,.. ' .ff ""V5i f, 5 . , .-, . . . . lg., . . 3 if 'w wi, , Fi.. , . '- ., ,N A ., '. Y ,,. 1 . I 3 c , . 4 '-I .Ny 11 s .- ' an 5,5 gl L ,-g..i.!- .Q ftp.. . -. I.. .. .' ."?""' :"5 4x, .--QL---- . . Q -.,,...,'- -.-.,,,-,, ,. - , 1..- .-, ...... ,- , J. JAMES KUENZLI Him.. "He capers, he dances, he has eyes of youth." Basketball I,2,3,45 Crass Country 3,45 Baseball 45 Track 45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Boys' Choir I,2,45 Student Congress 3,45 United Nations Club 45 Varsity Club 45 Exchange Assembly 3,45 Senior Play5 Senior King Can- dldate. College JOYCE ELAINE KUSHNER "Twinkling e s, twinkling toes, make up Joyce's happy pace ." 5 In X Girls' Choir 25 Student Congress I,2,3,45 Secretary of Sophomori la 5 Junior Q eedsCandIdate5 Junior and Senior Prom Committeep Y5?aok Staff 3,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Senior Queen Ca Idatep Public Address Clubv3,45 United5Natians 45 Exchange Assembll 3.4: sketball 'I' ', I r Col ge - L y I K ' X1 , J ffl' I rj X I JOHN R. LADUE "John never seems to worry, and he's seldom Irtva hurry." Contractor ANNE JOAN LEE "Annie" "When I hear anyone talk al' culture, I reach for my revolver." Bowling Club l5 Basketball 25 Track 25 Junior Prom Commlttee5 Senior Prom CommIttee5 Yearbook Staff 45 Rifle Club 45 Transferred In Freshman Year from St. Ambrose's. mm 5 .wg , 'W MARJORIE LISENBY xx "Margie" N X 1 "l am not afraid of tomorrow, forl hav seen oday N X and I loved yesterday." l , ,xl Girls' choir 1, Mixed choir 2,a,4, Ha-Y ,a,4, X7 Student Congress 45 National Honor Society , nited Nations Club 3,45 Treasurer 45 Yearbook Staff 5 Rif Club 45 Junior and Senior Dance Committee5 Girls ST' Sports. , College - 30 HAROLD H . LINDSEY "Men may come and men may go, but I go on for- ever ." Senior Band I,2,3,45 Pep Band 4. IBM T.. lin. . 1 tiwwlt I n I ll'v"'sl , . r..a ELAINE KusHNEk J 4 .mt I I -' H hr? pu" 1 -ur- , r r , ge. '-t 5 . .D PW I 'Qld Al s-la! ,l '12 it '34-I I all eo I 'U Q . 1 I r r M I It- I Fx s 1 I rl q.. 3 :I 1 C A . I L IL .TIE 1 ,ti -I I s 1 E 1 1 5 ... 1 ,.1 1 'I ni. tt, H, 4 I I 1 1 I L. 4 s l s .ff H74 .. . iii .. wi .5 .I 'I I 5, : -LZ 45.9 5 n r .i ' .,. 5:-' ' JAMES KUENZLI Tal' ffffislifilfli' WT? '77 fl? ' um 'elif .ii TC 4,-..,,',...,Qf1,'r.,g.. .. -r1.4-1-opt. at t'I,4g e lo- 'lt 4 I tl n ....,...t-.--5.--. ,5.r.,. v-'-,-.r- -4 s ---r-. mln. 1 --, . .i. ,tel r 'f wi. el' .I 5 s4:t'r' 4. KQNI 'l 'woo' fu' -e r -.Cs 't gf.. 2--I t.,, .-4 Jour: n. urou: 5 . - .-1 l."rrl 1. ..--4-a Ev, ,-, ss- frat -,-gt g.- .. ,..5,..4l rgvrfta.--.I,:Ul' .mm .-r..v.,'.l.---s-.,3..,', :. -g.- Irnqlr :nr-:rut it-I r"Q"f' ', ,.,.,w ez 4 -I-l""I"' ,.,.t,.. silt rt. -I-I..--... - ,,.,.g,.,, I-as -lui-"IH ward- . 3 I v 1 'v-- -e, .,f,.IM-- -.,.l,,,, '- -- t-ft--my '-5.4 v.., .. .Q -I-o..'..,- V-vs wi-'-lla ""'1 . -.,.,.,Jq,:-.-.N Jw.. ,t..u..--,got--.-r. -I'-'ff-ri'rivJ ? I IINDSEY .-,f 4, .M 9, r.. .-.4 -3, If yt, W I . .. 8 .. I V an 1 .., its Q F: 42 W1 e I 4 1 'v .Iii I vs F. rr I. -u MQ 'I MARJORIE LISENBY -.3-'-1?-xQgl45"lf"illl"'gI' TfTfffL1Yit.'xIQ1glQi' 12,1 . . 1.51 1 'ggi' .1-A:-r... . ,N f"'-4: i:.f'r'1l,.,LrQ::,.1lvt-ll -- 1 ..'.l.g-W-I-tl'1i' : --1--Us . ml FRED 1414 f .H ny- .n -X li F .a v- Il lux! ts . iffy: ' ,..p.. ...,-.1 ,r--1 RICK R. LUVELAEE A PRISCILLA JANE HFNN I. 1. IZ" I. -m' -1-ll' -yt- .ng- ,,l,,4 v L, A ,,..,..,.I-1-1.415 1 W., .l..5,n,1..t- ' I ..l.e-I , sa ,. ,luirl ' 0 3 ,sql . I af' -'L .rg 5- 1" l 5 rl Ig Ill .If 'rd ' o i Lv--s sp Ju-in lv"l Isle I 5- v'il sq: :. ,, i.. , ... l. up ,,l,,.p. svflulll ,' SUSANN ELIZABETH MMTIN I lui I i Q- I-'s Q, fi ffff- -- - -i--.I lv ' ...,,., muy' I . Q. 1- aw.. .- 14-fur, .Q .-: 'I I JN s1,:..,,gs Q 5 I l.,u . I 1 vu, 1...-.fl " -1 51 ., Qui . r s 5 . .l,. all -pn E! U14 'I li' , e 4 , -Jl.L .n EARL MASLIN 1' 1'.l .1 2.5 II I f s-:UH "R" , , ., ,. -..,,,... 1.4-I -JNL: 5 If 'I '.':9. mf.: : .. . .. .vi ...Az . iznz. 'Q-Q .Y V . , , .'j', ,F,..,".3,, ERNES'l'C.MA5LIN .ff.fQ.. ., I 5-'V 'T . '- nlffhr' ' 'fi"l 'fl :' ',ll,..iQ' l slqsnlsily--vlltv --I, ,,- . i!.lb,lsT.: r..4s.,Al ,la--l'w-avnlll--1 -"""l"l""5"'!i' 'Ulf'-ml .I',-l--.n- "' A .. . .,. 5, .. .....,-'4- ' -I ., . .. .... ...f hu. Ll-.57 - 15. .' I.. I I ' " 1 ll . rl I y.. Q ul '- 1- .,,.S. .-I...,sl ',r1., L'--fav L:-Ji'-lrfer 5-I-le-I 1-'N .e-I.. - .--I '-Is. .-."4"- ...s..... .J.... .,:. nt' we s, s FREDERICK K. LOVELACE llFrodll "He sayeth llttle but thlnketh more." Basketball Manager l,2,3,45 Student Congress l. IBM PRISCILLA JAN E MANN "Prls" "Curfew must never rlng tonight." Glrls' Cholr I5 Mixed Cholr 2,3,45 Marchln Band l,2, 35 Concert Band l,2,35 Unlted Natlons Crub 45 Tum- bllng 35 Bowling 3,45 Student Congress l,2,35 Junior and Senlor Queen Candldate5 Honor Soclety 45 Leader's Club 35 Gen. Mgr. for Senlor Magazlne Campaign 45 Junlor and Senlor Prom Cornmlttee. Secretarlal Work MICHAEL JAMES MANNING "Mike" "Wine, women and song, thot's my llfe." Unlfed Nations Club 45 Student Congress l,2,45 Varsity Club 45 Bays' Cholr l5 Klng Bruln Candldate5 Senior King Candldate5 Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 3,4. College SUSANN ELIZABETH MARTIN "Susie" "Sweet Sue do be proud of those two eyes, which star-llke sparkle ln thelr skies." Cholr l,3,45 Student Congress l,2,35 Unlted Nations 3,45 Tumbling 35 Bawllng 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Secretarial Work EARL MASLIN "He ls quiet as o lamb." Crass Count? l,2,3,45 Basketball 45 Varslty C ub 4. College l,2,3,45 Track 2,3, ERNEST C. MASLIN "Ernie" "A beard is the mark of a man." Baseball 2,35 Wrestllng l. Work 31 STANLEY D MC GREGOR GEORGIA MC KAIG Dan Stan Red halr oesn t o ways mean p Work ' ' - h 'l M d Ch 2 Senior Band 2 3 4 Senior mittee 3 4' United Nations Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Orchestra l 2 3 4 Student Congress 2 Unite a ron LESTER MAYES . " " George d l a bad tem ef "A gentlemen ls often seen and often heard to laugh." It IS better to blush than to turn pale Transferred from Marne ln Sophomore Year, Prom Com Girls C our exe our , , Keycluivi. Club4 dN ' College College Bl lingual Secretary KAY SANDRA MEEKER "Kay's a friend, so good and true5 when she's around, we're never blue." Girls' Choir l, 2,35 Mixed Choir 3,45Cheerleading 3,45 Student Congress l,45 United Nations 45 Hi-Y 3,45 Secretary 45 Junior Queen Candidoteg Junior Queen5 Senior Prom Queen Candidate5 Senior Play5 Exchange Assembly 45 Girls' Bowllng. College 1 9 Am- ...qw , A -I-J Q -- 1 wx is-f , - f-iw - f ' QMQAIJJ' - - 'LTV' 1 W-fi11mgT5'N'1f'gT1f"' -. fx W' qu-+-vi' 34, g--'glffb-1' fl ,Y , A M, , Le,--...4.,..:i.J4+,z.ra..a.A A V 1-"5 . ig -in' W-, 7 ' I HM, 4 + --'T 2 1, f -1:-Q-XL.: n L5 ,. , ,Q . 1 g V: .,M,. --., . 1., . :Q v . CQ ,L ,,, ...J ,Q VE-, .wk 1 U1 Xffe1i i+if22ii ' ' V ?'f4"fLf'T3+WT 3 U 75 -?...,,ig?,,' 1.'..Af. Q15 I' H ,JOYCE NEWELL nJoylr "When you see a man In woe, walk rlght up and say 'HeIIo.' " Glrls' Cholr l,2, Bond I, Junlor Prom Committee, HI-Y Club 3,4p Yearbook Staff 45 National Honor Society 4. Marrlage BETTY NICHOLAS HBQNH "Her qulet frlendllness makes her beautiful . " Glrls' Cholr l,2,4, Mlxed Choir 45 Student Congress 2, United Natlons Club 3,47 Bowllng Club 4, Junlor Prom Commlttee, Senior Prom Commltteep Yearbook Staff 41 Secretary KEN N ETH N OYES llxenn ' "Every man loves what he is good at." Student Congress 3, Boys' Cholr l,2g Mixed Cholr 2, Varslt Club 45 King Bruln Candidate 4, Basketball l,2, 3,45 Xllarslty Basketball 45 Baseball l,2,3,4, Track l,2. Further Study GERALD D. PEASE llJerrYlI "Little man wlth o blg horn." Transferred from Montrose in Junlor Year, Journalism Staff lp Cross Country 1,25 Track I,2g Senior 2,3,4. Army 1 CURTIS PIERCE llcurfll "We are nearer to heaven by alt than by land." ,Q X Boys' Cholr I, 2 Junlor Prom Commlttee . Alr Force -. . - ll'-1' P 5 r 1" 'LJ I V x sf : I -, ,I q f lf xl it ,- ' f .f I 0 .Wx kj, 'fl I I xr A f lf" f 1? ' "Jean" l "Mlschlef comes by the pound, and goes away bythe. ounce ." Student Congress I,2,4p Girls' Cholr I,2,3, Mixed Cholr 4, Bowllng Club 3,4p United Nations Club. Secretary - IBM 34 3 N Mmcm JEAN Pusnsom ,,- X I , 154, pm. WJ... sr 13,w......u.., N 1' ' ,ML Q --W ,.-'Q .,1k.44.1 1 1 - 1 H1 A, , 1.44-f 1 -1 ? ' TTL 1 Ji' . 5-.qi 11' P' W , -+44-5-fr -f-11-g, - 1 ., -'Q-1-11-6' 1 :jx F,-1W ,r,..,,,, , ,, 4 A , 1i1'5-1-1 l-4-L, , ' , L21 3 Q 31 ,M bl, 1 1 .L ,L X -1:1Q1.q EE.:+.,.1:..4 A , v, ., .1 1, Ng. 1 .1:,,.,wr, W fmfg , ..- . J, I - V MX-1 .fl -, 3 ' '- mf11Lf 1,w.?1Mf11- 1 X5 1' .,,'k"a,K'- gf. gm? "-'1 :- v .,,4f,,.,,: . 5 1 N41 'Tfgut - 1, ' 1 U.. T, 5 A9 ,E , 47, :N M1 - :gg14,,1',,1,.L.., I ., -54-Lib 54- - i .4 s' 1 ,J Yiiff' fwfr? 'SY 'ff 'A ? 9-3-' , --f-, 4' -Q' .., N ..1..,4f V ,1' ,Le +2111 1 ,N 4...., 'H. 43:1 h, L' 1, - PL! w??ANp'1H1 iw? 5 i1"'l" L1 'Eff .,QlgC'1:'j..Fj ' Ly,,Hf59 ,ll -.1-AQ-51 N, , f , .ii.15 y 57" , ..A,,,. .4135 ,- -L ,V ,1.111fLu -1 1 L 'viii X ff. T 1' L Furry' ,'a1-1 1 , ' 11-ff T" ii'1:5s1" '1NI1'," 1 J"? 2,,411,51, 1am 4,,.f..,.5 I'+",? -. R ' , "lf, ,-ffl' , N. ..--.vw 1.,., ,. . -. -1--F. ,,,.'f 71 4--vc M ...4 1, Y , .xx Ml ' ul. .145 .M J Q.. ..,.,f .,... ' -.u.!.'- . .41-.1411i4 K1 Y , ' I, w . ' 1 ,- 1.59-Q...,1a 4-U. ff 1 , ' . 1... 1 1 Q51 ..1f, 1 , 5, an -lla 'bv .qi 1 f 11 ff!-L A el sl" 1 ., M, ., ,X L . V K X Y. xl. .14 K. ,1 we '1 J- 4, 1' , tl , gg 'y xy. , , 7' iiw .-Vw, -W LsA,14v11f -. . U .17,f,1.:t . 1 5.-1,111.1,,,-J'.s. X-'p " K 5- WTI '43 'EV '-v 1-1 -vnu, .' 1 ' fr.. H--31 L 1, Affffblif... 'LEM ji 5 11-u '-bm 1 3 5 ,L ,.. .fm '.J'i,, ML.. 1- fw., r, I L K A wc. ,, I-, Q. 2 ,,-3 2 ,Q M .1 . 1- 1 1? 1 5, e-1 an LL' mga--',.,. 1 E' .Q11 .L , -L : -au. if ,..-K. I L- n .,J,.,,., .Wg it .1 -'21 N12 ' .- Qui , E. 1 .g,,g. ,Y f. rv-Q 'Yuan ,H-..,. 3-as 5.6 4-5 ,r-,A : , K, M Q n in 3 1 .iw M1 L, Q I t ,, ive, kv .. .U 1 1 ,, ,, . .. ..,m., , , i f. . ...Q Hi 1, fa QLQAQ vf,m.,.jg - A . i X- ,yw-fyg , 1. 1 'Vi ,,.. " 5 if Z, 2 3 V 2- . -'wry T-f.,f?'fn'5 E331 , ,,,g?'x,z. .W ' : h 424 Y. ,Y l L! ' . mg .feng .f,, ., f Q, .f Qwfiii' m . gg . ,V Jnfffegil 'Q . V I ,S..g,,.y. 2 , ,z..,.,,Q 4 .L E 5 f if f M 17' ,V -Q 5 l fi' ' 'TW 254 f . ,sf '95 ' Q . QW4. W Lula' ' bmw .5 5, 35.4. ? 45132 3 , 5' 'E 5521.2 if' J: 2 ef . V ..,,,. .,.4,,,. Yi, W? as ri f . wt-, g fy nj! 5 ..e ., v,,,. ,, .1 wa- . .pwy Q-f , WM-.W ,,,, w ww?"f 4 1. . f ? , . , . Q s f f Q .,L2 -. 15:2 ' V 6 J fit. if-, .Q W ww ',-. , f 4. , -K, 1 1 , ff.. Q 1 f S . 1' if , Q 5 V S? f if . 3. fi, , ...L , , . ,M 1,-gauze... I if 45. .. . 4 1 ? . ,W .sw Lfxg., .- 1 Vt W-2 . wx 4.,x5M, .X A .... , Wig f .Q Q, 0 1,f,. 5 ,Fw X Q -4 'E 'E -44 PP 5? 'I Q. P1 .Q fr Ai -vi.. ? ' Q, .4 vi, 1 . ,I . lf. ,, . .. 1 ' ' 4, 1- i' .. 9 Y I j.2Q,.,,i ,QU . Q, 5 I ' w f P E., . . Q. N NN: -'- N . wQ .. V J, 1, 'I - R ,M J 1. I f X C , .Z - , Q. . ' FI. .A f ,,..,.' ' ' ' ' Y 'V ' ' ' , ,V - . . ,.. Hgfn -- ,v STEVEN STOUT .--I-eo.. "AIl his dealings are square, and above the board." Basketball 1,25 Bowling 4. Navy FAYE STROUSE "Beware of her fair halr for she exceIls." Turrbllng l,2g Glrls' Cholr 1,35 Mlxed Cholr 4 Beautlclan - Singer LOW ELL TALADA ' ' Hawkeye" "Your frlend ls one who knows all about you and stlll llkes you." Student Congress T5 Baseball l,2,45 Unlted NatlonsClub 45 Rlfle Club 4. Technical School - Navy NANCY M. TERRY "To be good ls to be happy." Unltedl Nations Club 3,45 Junlor and Senior Prom Com mlttees . Secretary JANE ANNE THOMAS "Janie" "Sllence ls llke virtue, lt ls its own exceeding great reward." Glrls' Cholr I. Beautlclan SHIRLEY MAY TINKLEPAUGH IlTinklI "Goodness ls beauty and its best estate." Student Congress 2,35 Homeroom Presldent 3 Library Club 15 Girls' Cholr l,2,35 Mixed Cholr 3,45 All State Cholr 45 Natlonul Honor Society 3,45 United Nations Club 35 Unlted Natlons Model Assembly 45 Junior Prom Commltteep Senlor Prom Publlclty Choirmanp Yearbook Staff 3,45 Senior Play. Secretary 38 ll 'Ot 1 .n BEVERLY JEAN TIAVER . ,,... .. .llul i'5 sae, '1i.iyI'. ..1--'I lu to 1 ,.1v 1.e' -- -. -.--1- L, 3-Tai-'. .5 ,A .. 1. . . ,.... 1.1 . ,V - . Mi, .rY5:,f2.-, ,',..I, mcHAnDTsAvls I--4.-v ,.,5 ,',.,.1, .. ..1'45.,,l..1 I-I., 'ate '1 A I ---x li ,.1.,.,,'..5.1-..1wg.. Q- 01'--1-Y-L, iz, -'-. Y- .. -,, ,' I-4-Ev 6 I ' I , V!-'H,...1nt',.,,. ,Q . .1 vi..5..0ul- . ,.1.4A.-.,-,..- ., 5 :zum.:e.:.:.-5-'--.-...M .. --if 18" " """"1'?' 'IZ ':"::: :"1"35"::1f':"""""-3' , W U ,l, ..,..1,.,. .5 , ,- .. . - .. . . . t.. ,,. il: i Q,:Q,.,.,,1:1y,1l.g14i'ngm. .qmguu ng--I 1 1.zu.ui,-egg: -I int -H-.PII-'yr 1-gp 1 .Z s--lv ri,-:sl-1'-3' U..-1. 1-i.2i?.Lii1 if-2 G1"':""'i'lw Y. 3.1 I is ?."1f: 4,..,i...p A 5.1fg...iffm1f.. 11.1, -ls.I'n.-- C, QiiEl,,',1 ' .1 mu., I .... I-1 O-nr1ulu,:1l 1--4--gn-.--,Q-3 ,'I.,'..g' .. ., nm... 6-hh, l-'a"v rl, .Isa-fx-I'-I" " "3" V'-" ilil , . ,, , rv. 11.1.45 p--1.411071 5. 1 - Q.. f,g'e, H., g 1, , ., .1--Hg 1' ' l-:g-"1r"- .T-..' liz: ll :m:"w 4111- .SN ,.l.,:-..r1.,l.IV1g. ll .A ,.,-nu.. 411.11--1-1 1-its-A-'---1--1,-.1 ry, -Qtrf 'I 'I--51-ll-g-' "f-lr--I-Q--13" i--Q-Q--. 1-- ---"1 l.zI'-Q---:- ri--0 f ::.Z.!1i. '1"2f"2- -.I ' ..I'f. ' "'l - llvt 5... 11. 4 gif.. if .1 --I-in ,r..:--,, 51.5" .l.,,i,, .'l. I. D I .I 1, I- I1- tu.-11r',,r 1'-'ll .Iii-I .fi--Q .-V , W .L.i..'i'Ii,.' 'I ' Q uv 'i ,. 1--- . ,ui ., r .. I-in... . .-',,:.:3 Q I' """' ' aa' - ALBERTA TIUESDALE , 'I' 4 'Qi . , . 1 ,b I ,,,.,,. ,, .sl--:S ' .1 1.- .l', 1-L. .. ur, - ., tial-- 3-5'-.3 ,If?',g,Q...,..j,.....,2. . . iI,.',f. MLENEVANDEMMK l.,..i1 l,JJ,-,V , , ,,t.,., ,t,,.,.1, -'pr-.:. 5-I-hr-I' A -. ...-,..a4--...-.1-.i-- .-II-.1---V -ff--p-1---M---r------.--E--iw tilt.. . .l1..I-NI-. Q-'Mp -vpuqsf-r "s, "'. v"g:"5l""""'f"' ' .. .-gr ..1 ,.. ww- 5- 1' -517 "I" "IH"--1"" 1' I::!!!-.5 IYQJRII .I :1,.5:.l:!-I :A--14:11-1.-1.::::l1-011, .yi , .xizg ,M ,:,,.,,, .,..,,, .. 5. V .... .,...,,. W.. ini-:riiif -ll.:-I I--T--'P""' ' 'ti' In 'l".'.fIi-'i.1 .u-.:,qv3.'m..,-.,Q-1-on-.1--.1 6.1.4 . ,Q . wi., , .,. ...,1-r-r--+-""'1tg:r"j'5 -'-t ' ' ,:,.' . - ML-:I s.,-,..---ff-HQ, "'.' , X, lt .fi-. , .1 f-,I-. "3'I"'vQ"'f'!l-A 21. 'iIiL'g1.. fIl',.v...r- I -1:7---t--tn-2 -I Iv-LH.-I .. .. .1-'l Aus, K:-,.H, ' ,I ,,.,,,,4,.. .,,,.,.,--,.11. . .5 -.. " - - --f---- Q--. :Ir 'I'.I'Tiil.Ii. gi' IQ. :i.'.f1-.. u.. 1-.1-.111--. -. .-.. .cl . . Q- 4.1. , D ,,,,lr. 1, I.. I I ,'vIh.,.f,'1lW-I,-.,..,,,a,vas 5.5. ' . ,g.. . 1.1. Q f,. .,. 1- 1 '- r llI,g,5.:,--4.,, .. nil 'I?l'2't r-r' 'i?li'x L 12.13 ..:.i?- -.-'qivlee-i 11- . IH:-.,-I-' wf'-g"f,'-'ff1:e,'g t' ' If . -- ' rr"' ".',4I, I-rhlu 'lj .1 .. l-.w..., :,.:., .. " b"t li 5-1 rg 'lg 3 ,:5:.'i.,1. .:.1,:. t H-2 'B "VV " - . , -"Mi I ' ."lr' 'I I i . 5.1. 45, " 51.41. 1,5 I ..,,1 --v,1 .h .',l,,,,, 1.1 -. -' ."l' A I ,'7f v fl- ' -1- ','. .I T.- 1- ,f 5. ig-L31 .- '54 '.-I lol-I' .., I , I. . .. L.x:.:Wi, -- CAROLJOYVINCENT "V" -H" -1 ""' .N -I5-.9--1' I-f -- ..., A .in -,-.,. r..L.-...-.....,.' ,J , .- !'S' H' ,. -.. 11Q..,f L nl'li1:I'N p,g,,ql,1,Q.."l 4.31. 1. -....l-- .!' 71 "o j ,' J .115-. - 1 '- -- 'Mira' '.:'3'-5g'5,g,':'i1i-rpg.-3 .. - JOANNWMD , . ., r ., 4... .,-.i--it I-'V 7-- -: X 1 Y WWW, I r . . 1., M, ., ,..... -.,1.: u 9 . ..,, 5 1N1,,.l..r1f-.gun .....11 ,. . . 6- -1.2-,-.1 I ,V A hp-. 1. -r, - -if iii.-.IH-i-'-i5:...'-it-lt"1..iIa- .'v-ily--I-fl---Qi: -7"'li' I ., .-1-ln..-. ..,i.-I1Q1 u"hl'1-elm'lpn'--A"v.!'1" .1. .i'liQT' 1,, ..,,q,g,..1. . ..,.1.1,. .I. pq .1 -tus, -it-1-1. .1.:. ,la-,,, , ,kg-,,,..,Q,..Ur,1 ......g-1.-if-1144-Ifizig- rg: -Y!.,, itil.:- ,g,,,, 1:.1,,1, -1 --g--.1,. 1.. -1.1..1 ...1.... . . .. -ui BEVERLY JEAN TRAVER naw.. "Friends are born--not made. " Girls' Track 25 Softball I,2,35 Soccer l,25 Basketball I,2,35 Girls' Choir 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Junior and Senior Prom Committees . Office Work RIC HARD TRAVIS "Dick" "The lazy man aims at nothing and usually hits it." Football l,2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Senior and Junior Prom Committees5 King Bruin Candidate. Work ALBERTA TRUESDALE n1AIbou "Oh, that It were my chief delight to do the things I ought . " Transferred from Pennsylvania in Junlor Year United Nations Club 4. College ARLENE VANDEMARK "The Iovelight in her eyes." Girls' Basketball I,2,35 Softball l,2,35 Tumbling l,25 Student Congress l, 25 Girls' Choir 35 Mixed Choir 3,45 All-State Choir 45 King Bruin Dance Committee 35 Hi-Y 3, Press Club Editor 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Prom Committee. Secretary - Housewife CAROL JOY VINCENT ..Redn "The height of cleverness is to be able toconceol It Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Yeor5 Glee Club I5 Junior Historical Club I5 Girls' Choir 35 Mixed Choir 3,45 Junior and Senior Prom Committee5 P. A. Club 3, 45 Honor Society 45 All-State Choir 45 Yearbook Staff 4. College or Work .IO ANN WARD HJC.. "What I think I must speak." Basketball l,2,45 Softball 25 Hi-Y Club 3,45 Girls' Choir 45 Mixed Choir 45 Volleyball 25 Junior and Senior Prom Committee. Work 39 .,,,V,,, 4 S.. ,, .,,., , -A-, Q 1 ii ' " k ,Q-, -.a 1 p E 1-5 'rv 7 F: ,. 44 15, ? L V. 1 'P ,-4 , A,,,, . ,fn -An-.. Lu-M 1 4, J -.,. .4 :A V WW 1 ian 1 r 4 . , 1 3 ,.n, 'u ,M 1, Q ,Q 2 1? gi ,,l,..,, Qs Maxx., , Zi it 'gf Q ,l 5 ,, .. af" V, W . :SJ 33, , YZ I 4 "Y M,-V ,Z,Q,..,1 Q Wk , , J 3. N.-.v ' ,f X , "' 1' 'WV 'ft f'5Tf"A"'f W. TM T , K ,W ' ir fy. T i " ' V' 'Q 'kj ,. 9' fI?gT'!"4'4?35"..,2'F 5"-'if .,, -N -f -A34-554 M ,j ' , 1, L , . A - kin L5 N Q1 .T , ,, L . , ?35E1?ie15-T34 A 4? .iij ir . ' ' ' ' - ' f QW' f'Q+,msm.x , . Y Q . -, 1 .W K if ff '.2E'f2Qgk "LL viii K fxJ.,,,g,,w,,,,, -,i,.i1l3 I Wh-L Q .V V .-qw ff If . Ex? 1 Q ,,. ,7 -f 11 sf v fir QQ 4, 4- M aw W. if ' SF ,,.L,3 .9 . 1 il'x.E -A. vf f F L M. 1-3 -tj fix E QL.. .mf .f A 4 .i , A , A F 1 , 3 . .Ng 1 A : F 2 . 2. ,N , Q, V. V .95 qw., ,. ig f .H . A a 1 TT" HW 4,1 - . . ,,,Q,,,,W f. 1 PL n , W. 011+ L .17 , fm - , Riin- X 1-L - 1 'L -'mf . ,. ..m,.,r., a '21, "HL ., f N Q ' 3,i":Q'! 3 42 My-.Q TI 2 . ' "Lv . ,,N,. , :ww ., uf iw , ... .S -iw., ,Q -A V V1 ' L, W, . 1 y .e . 1 -Y .f Am, , A 1 4 If f My Class Will We, the Senior Class of I956, the party of the first part, leave to the underclassmen, the party of the second part, FIRST: Our high spirits and enthusiasm. SECOND: Our ability to get through I3 years of school, and still be alive to talk about it. THIRD: Our good times in our Senior Year. FOURTH: We, also bequeath to certain people in the lower grades and to the faculty the following personal effects, abilities, and choice bits of events, which shall live on in our memory long after we have departed. ROSEMARY PARISELLA wills her bar of soap and bottle of hand lotion to any girl in next year's chemistry lab who wants to "be prepared . " CAROL VINCENT leaves her ability to get a 90 average in geometry and get a 36 on the regents to anyone who wants it. FAYE STROUSE wills her fourth period English XI class with Mr. MacDonald to anyone who can stand ltl LEONA BEAUMONT wills Brent Smith her ability to skip school and "not" get caught? JOYCE KUSHNER wills her iob as waitress to anyone who might like to meet certain Harpurltes. JOY CHASE wills her ability to make everyone In Senior Baton angry to anyone who likes to be unreasonable. GEORGIA MC KAIG wills high C flat to Sylvia Krissel and her red nose to anyone who would like it. WALT BARNES wills to Ed Flippse his part of the letter from Oneonta. BOB REYNOLDS wills his "hot studle" to Dave Bryant and his girl. SHIRLEY TINKLEPAUGH gives Judy Moore the ability to get everyone mixed up in Business Law--even the teacher l?J JACQUE CARD wills her good marks and good will in American History to Molly Fisher. MARILYN BRYANT wills to Judy O'Brien her ability to smell smoke when someone walks into English Class and to her brother Dave, a seat in the "Gray Bomber." SALLY DIEFENDORF wills to Carol Page her ability to get out of 6B study hall if she thinks she can do it. BARB CRANE leaves to Linda Luce her love for the opposite sex--especially the ones from Pennsylvanial BILL BUNZEY wills his love for convertibles to Jackie Winans. GRACE GREEN wills Ruth Opp the ability to have an attack while doing Bruin, also her much hated name as "ChampI" ELIZABETH CAREY leaves her place in mixed choir to Jane Wingate. VICCI HOOKO wills to Nancy Kintner her place in front of the band and her show routine, and to her brother, Tommy, all the fun and good times she had in school. JACK NC QUISTON wills his ability to lay on the floor and wait for cues in the Senior Play to Brent Landon. FRED BUNTS and RAY BROWN will their Christmas present to the boys they eat with, Gary Hartman, Edwin Alley, and Charley Wells. ROGER HICKLING leaves to Kraig Edsell all the girls from Montrose. FRED LOVELACE leaves his ability to not read in Mr. Relter's history class to his brother, Max. MERLE ACE, PRIS MANN, SANDY COCHRAN, SANDY JOHNSTON, and JEANIE PIERSON will their ability to fit over I00 beer bottles into one car to anyone who thinks he can do it. JIM COBB wills his arking spot on Round Top to Jack Shotto. POLLY DEAN wills her blush to any pale face. LEROY EARL wills his ability to stay out of trouble to anyone who wants it. TCK CRAVER and PAUL MOTSKO will to anyone who wants it, the ability to raise HE in blue print reading and get away wit it. -- BOB BARTO wills his smooth back tires to an one who wants to slide through the snow next winter. To Jackie Fowler from MARGIE LISENBY--bllue cars. JEANIE PIERSON wills her broken locker to Barb Coulter, as it needs a good hip. ALICE WEED wills her yellow uniform and ability to yell "Knees UpI" to Jo Ann Crawford. The Class of '56 leaves Mrs. Harder a gallon of gas, so that she won't run out of lt again in the middle of Binghamton with a carload of stuffed animals. EUGENE MINSO, CLIFF HOGG, JIM WASLEY, and TOM MINEHAN will their seats and books of the eighth period English class to anyone who will get as much use of them as they did. BOB HOUCK wills his locker to Linda Love and his first chair in band to Del Terry. GARY ROOSA wills to Carol Mather his seat in Mr. Peck's office. BETSY BALDWIN, GRACE GREEN, KAY MEEKER, and LYN GREENE leave to Nancy Post, Dee Fisher, and Donna Pollard, their ability to talk Miss Gennett into taking them out to eat and getting lost in Elmira. SHERRILL LAWRIO wills the whole United Nations Club to anyone with a bottle-shaped mind and the patience of Job. JO GUNTHER wills to Barb Watkins and Kathy Palenik the abilit to spill soup during lunch period. KEN NOYES wills his athletic ability to any Junior who can findyit. DONALD BALLARD wills his English problems to whoever wants them. FRED SLIKER wills his broken locker on the top floor and all his girls, wherever they may be, to Jim Purdy and Dave lnfantine. ALBERTA TRUSDALE wills her habit of skipping school and NQI getting away with it to Dee Fisher. JULIA KRUEMBERG wills her ability to stay awake in English to any Junior who wants lt. DOUG SPENCER wills his ability to get along with Parents to Shirle Beeman. DONNA FLIPSE wills all the homework she's never done to anyone Foolish enough to do itl BETSY BALDWIN wills to Donna Pollard a pair of boots, so she won't get her feet soaked walking to Endicott. SUE MARTIN leaves her ability to sit still and study in 6A study hall with her book "closed" to anyone who's capable of doing it. GERI GRIFFIN leaves to Dut-Dut Fowler her screenie break. NANCY HESS wills "her boy" to Barbara Munson. BARB FORCE leaves to Chris D'Angelo her seat on Bus 33, even if she does always standl BRPIIJCZBRUNDAGE wills his ability to flirt with Miss McAulliffe to any chemistry student who wants it, preferably boys, except on T urs ay. CAROL BRISCO leaves to Barb Watkins her love for the Marines. EARL MASLIN leaves his track shoes to Norm McPherson. 42 iE,--.,--- JOYCE NEWELL wills her gum stuck under the sixth table in the cafeteria to anyone who prys it loose. The Editorial Staff of the yearbook wills their inability to find the papers they want when they want them to any absent minded person. JIM WASLEY wills to Harold Angelo and Claudia Clark his parking spot on the Gravel Pit Road. ANNE LEE and EDIE ENGLISH will all the fun they had in Homemaking to Ann Riffanacht and Judy Touhey. TOM MINEHAN wills all his conduct cards to Bob Coughlin. ERNIE MASLIN wills his baseball hat to Ray Ackley. TOM RINER wills his ability to sell shoes to Ray Rossen. NANCY TERRY wills to Janice Wiggins her ability to blush in English class. JO ANN WARD wills to Jackie Fowler her 8th period English class with Mrs. Weed. BETTY NICHOLAS wills to her sister, Judy, her seat in Mixed Choir. CYD HOLDEN and ROSEMARY PARISELLA will their Coleman and Daniel matches to next year's Tuesday-Thursday third period chemistry lab class, so they won't wear themselves out "pumping flints." MIKE MANNING wills his attendance record Ithough it may not be the bestl to Mr. Peck so that he can get more state aid. LINDA GREENE wills her spot on the Varsity Cheering squad to her sister, Claudia. SHARYL BIDLACK wills her place In U. N. Club to Marcia Antisdel . SHIRLEY RESSIQUIE wills her seat in 5th period study hall to her sister, Roberta. JOYCE KRASKO leaves her homemaking class to her sister, Phyllis. BETSY HAMLIN wills the "Caddie" to Brenda Ellis. DORIS FITCH leaves her ability to eat baby food Ispinach, tool to anyone who won't complain toooo much. GERI GRIFFIN and NANCY JOHNSON will their clogging shoes to Barb Watts, Margie Post, Bill Richards, Craig Etsell and Norm McPherson . NANCY JOHNSON wills her collection of keys to Margie Post in hopes that she'll find good use for them at the dances. JOYCE CHAMBERLAIN wills to Sandra Carrigg her ability to skip school and be caught. TOM WAY leaves his seat in the cubby hole to any "Eskimo" who want to take Solid next year. ANNE LEE wills to her "just pretend sister," Phyllis Lee, her whole name. BILL HOWARD leaves to Gary Hartman, his ability to ploy the drums, and his desire to get Miss McAulllffe married off to any Junior. Here's hoping he does better than Bill didll JOHN LADUE wills his painting abilities to Bill Beach and his "second million" to Carol Blsgrove. ANN SEVERN wills to anyone who wants it, the ability to get kicked in the shoulder during a basketball game. VIRGINIA PROTHEROE wills to her sister, Sandra, her ability to pass transcription. MERLE ACE wllls Ruth Opp her ability to snitch posters and paper her walls with them. IA big coat is needed for the job.i With this, goes her seat in the Endicott Pollce Station. JIM BREARLEY and TOM SMITH will their share of the cabin on the hill to Gene McGowan and hope he can make good use of it. b The Senior Play cast wills to the members of next year's cast their ability to be missing at the exact moment they are supposed to e on stage. KAY MEEKER leaves to her brother, Bob, her ability to laugh heartily at iokes that really aren't funn . CLARA FISK wllls her seat in Business Law to her sister, Judy, and hopes that she will get more out ogllt than she did. JOAN HILL wills to Ruth Opp her ability to get along with Mr. Eddy in choir rehearsals. MELVIN BEAM wills the commandership of the Space Patrol to Del Terry and his old broken sax reeds to Molly Fisher. ELAINE DUFFY wills all the fun she had in U. N. Club and the good time in N. Y. to Kay Herceg. CURT EPLEY wllls his football shoulder ads to Dave Dryant. ROGER JOHNSON wllls to the iunior fellows with girls, his hitchhiking ability In the wee hours of the morning. GENE MINSO wills to Brent Landon the ability to keep calm, cool, and collected while someone flirts with his girl. BEV TRAVER wills her ability to stay out late and get away with it to Roberta Ressiquie. ROGER HICKLING, DICK TRAVIS, STEVEN STOUT, and CARL JOHNSON will their places in English Class to anyone who's fool enough to take them. ARLENE VANDEMARK wills her ability to have Mr. Lehman three straight years in a row to her sister, Linda. DONNA WEIRICK wills her ability to make it to 7th period law class one second after the bell to Pat Jamieson. JOAN CHENEY wills her half days of school to Betsy Greeno. GEORGE NBNBERRY wills his ability to roll a peanut down the hall with his nose on Class Day to Harold Angelo. CARLITA KNAPP wills to Jo Ann Braddock her seat In Secretarial Practice. BARB DOUGLASS wills her ability to not do experiments in chemistry lab and get away with It to Joyce Haight. JOAN BEGELL leaves to Barb Watts, In hopes that she'll put it to better use than she did, her ability to get out of the car and walk when she's out with her best bo friend. BILL ZIMMER wills his ability to Jive and speed shift to Tom Blackman. NANCY RYAN wills to Miss Cavanagh a year of peace and quiet, and to Naomi Shary, their very neat locker I?j RON ANDERSON wills his place in marching band to Del Terry, and his seat on the bus In the momlng to Brent Landon. BEVERLY BETZ wills to Rita Mitchell her ability to Wink with one eye Instead of two. JEAN CAWLEY wllls all her good times in Mr. Fanning's and Mr. Lehman's classes to Louise Bailey. LELAND ELDRIDGE wills his s ot in the parking lot to Betsy Mayes. JUDY ATWATER leaves her ability to stay out of trouble to any deserving iunior who needs it, and her ability to take a train to Binghamton and get caught to anyone who wants to risk it. A mysterious Senior wills ELAINE DUFFY'S ability to make up excuses for coming home late after school to any junior who needs them. P .S . We still don't know why she dldn't et home from school untll I0 o'clockl LINDA GREENE wills to Donna Pollard the aiility to keep that blg tree above Joe's Restaurant in Ithaca well watered on those cheering tripsl She hopes it grows between now and next year so you don't get caught, Donnal I PRIS MANN and SANDY COCHRAN will their noon hour trips to the Grand Union to Bette Balr. In Witness Thereof, on this day in June in theyear One Thousand Nine Hundred Fifty-Six A.D., we set our signatures to this, our Last Will and Testament. The Senior Class of i956 43 Class History One beautiful September day, the Class of 1956 started out their school days under the leadership of Mlss Dellow and Miss Thomp- son. How well we remember our kindergarten band and the thrill of being "muslclans". ln third grade we again exercised this ability ln our Tonette band. ln sixth grade, Mrs. Ford's class took a trip to the airport. As we recall our early school days, we forget many things we once thought important, but we have many memories that we will never forget. When we entered seventh grade, we felt very grown up and excited to be in high school. How we loved to get on the third floor where all the Seniors were and how little we felt beside them. We felt very privileged when we used voting machines to elect our class officers and at the same tlme learned the intricacies of voting by secret ballot. ln our Freshman year we really became High School students and began to take part In many extra-curricular activities. Our class officers were: Betsy Baldwin, Elalne Duffy, Jean Pierson, and Connie Meredith. Our advisors were Mrs. Wilcox, Mr. Wil- liams, and Mr. Seeley. Unfortunately, we were unable to have our class dance that year. Our Sophomore Class was led by Tom Way, Jo ce Kushner, Connie Meredith, and Linda Green and our advisors were Mr. Worster, Mr. Powell, Mr. Lobb, and Mrs. Kolupski. Our hard work was well rewarded by our Sophomore dance, the "Spring Swing", with muslc by the Three Jewels. Our decorations were an umbrella in the middle of the gym, flowers, and other objects which are typical of spring. ln the fall of l954, we became Juniors and started the year off under the supervision of Mrs. Tracy, Mr. Powell, and Mr. Par- sons, and Mr. Lehman, our faculty advisors. Bruce Brundage was our President with Vincent Petrolawicz as Vlce President, Janet Petrush as Secretary and Jerry Ellis as Treasurer. The crowning glory of our Junior year was when we received our long-awaited class rings and proudly dis layed them for many weeks. Another great event was our Junior Prom, the "Mardl Gras", with music by the New Yorkers. The decorations were balloons suspended from the ceiling, flowers, sidewalk cafes, a huge fan in the back- ground and steps leading up to the queen's throne . Kay Meeker was chosen as our queen with Betsy Baldwin and Linda Green as her ladies-in-waiting. The attendants were Beverly Betz, Elaine Duffy, Joyce Kushner, Saundra Reinhart, Sherrill Lawrio, Grace Green, Marilyn Bryant, Connie Meredith, Priscilla Mann, and Betsy Hamlin. The girls carried black fans and red carnations. The next exciting event was Class Day when the Seniors fed us canned baby food and dry baby cereal ln which they put hot pepper, castor oil, egg yolks and other things. At their command, we had to kneel and recite a poem. The girls wore a man's shirt back- wards, dungarees inside out, sneakers without socks, no make-up and uncombed pin curls. The boys wore Bermuda shorts or dunga- rees cut off, a Tee shirt and necktie, suspenders, sneakers without socks, earrings, and we all wore our class colors, blue and white, around our ankles. Even now the Senlors wlnce when anyone even casually mentions baby food. We all breathed a sigh of relief when the Seniors left for Lily Lake at noon. After school we joined them for our picnic. We also had our moving-up day assembly and took those long-anticipated Senior places ln the auditorium. At last we became Seniors. Although we were upperclassmen we did not feel any older than we did before. Our Senior Class was very capably led by President Jerry Ellis, Vice President Terry Merritt, Secretary Sherrill Lawrlo and Treasurer Tom Way, and our advisors Mrs. Harder, Miss Hopko, Mr. Lobb, Mr. Lehman, and Mr. MacDonald. Mr. Traphagen was our Senior Guidance counselor and he helped us make plans for future study and work. Our Senior year was a very eventful one and so many things have happened that we could easily write a book. We had a successful magazine campaign to raise money for our many activities, the first of which was our Senior Play, "Father Knows Best". The huge crowd was a wonderful reward for the long hours spent rehear- sing. Soon after the play, our Senior Ball, "Wlnter Rhapsody", came along with music by the Marc Masters. The gym was deco- rated as a winter forest scene with green and white streamers on the ceiling, a huge evergreen tree ln the center, two log cabins on the sides, snow-sprinkled trees all around the room, stuffed animals to complete the scene and a sleigh in which the King and Queen were crowned. Bill Howard and Linda Green were crowned Senlor King and Queen by last ear's King and Queen, Jerry McQuade and Ann Coughlin. The queen's attendants were Beverly Betz, Elaine Duffy, Jo ce Kushner, Sherrill Lawrio, Grace Greene, Marilyn Bryant, Priscilla Mann, Betsy Hamlin, Beverly Stevens, and Barbara Dougllass. The King's attendants were Jim Bettencourt, Bob Reynolds, Terry Merritt, Joe Micalcavage, Jim Kuenzli, Jerry Ellis, Jerry Grannls, Tom Minehan, Ray Berube, Bert Putchler, and Bruce Brundage . College Night followed within a few days and the Seniors of past years returned and answered our numerous questions about college. After mid-terms, our anxious fears subsided as the certification llsts were announced and Lois Gerchman was named valedictorlan and Rosemary Parisella was named salutatorian. However, we couldn't relax long because College Boards and scholarship exams were just around the corner. While this yearbook ls being printed we still have our banquet, Class Day, Hnnors Nlght, baccalaureate and graduation to plan. Our school years seem like a dream now that they are nearly over and we, the Class of 1956, have many happy days to remember. We leave to the classes yet to come the happiness of our Senior year. by Nancy Ryan 44 1 . 45 Row 1: Wanda Collins, Bar- bara Coulter, Beffe Bair, Donna Adams, Susan Berne, Susan Campion, Carole Bisgrove, Carol Bosfwick. Row 2: Dan Bennero, Dale Ketcham, Donald Cook, Jerry Baldwin, Michael Burke, Tom Blackman , G. Chocholaty, Douglas Collins, Edwin Alley. Row 3: Nancy Swan, Joan Coyle, Marcia Anfisdel, Jo- anne Braddock, Sandra Carrigg. vt..- Ti ,N Row l: Sylvia Krissel, Linda Love, Joyce Haight, Louellen Jones, Barbara Lane, Kay Her- ceg, Sue Litts. Row 2: Arthur Holmes, James Hilton , Bob Graper, Tom Hamilton, John Layman, Larry Hill, Lanny Gregory, Gary Hill, Gary Hartman. Row 3: Joan Lillie, Paula Kennedy, S h i r l e y Harrison, Brent Landon , Kent Luther, Mary Hoaclley,Glenda Howard , Betty Grover. 7 R Juniors Row l: Diane Naylor, Lor- raine Neild, Rita Mitchell, Judy Moore. Row 2: Don Morey, James MacQueen, Bill Marvin, Robert MacQueen, Harley Murphey, Paul McElligott. Row 3: Barbara Mohney, Elizabeth Mayes, Carol Mather. 47 Row i: Brenda Pitcher, Lin- da Poff, Carol Page, Margie Post, Donna Baker, Nancy Nichols. Row 2: Elwyn Allyn, Gary O'Connor, James Pipher, Er- nest A. Patterson lll, Jack Pachuck, Jim O'Hora, Zimmer, Bernard Nelson. Row 3: Norma Parker, Soun- dra Battists, Judy O'Brien, Carole Porterfield, Donna Pol- lard, Dorothy Parker. . ga? 'J' Juniors 48 1 l .i ,, ..-............. , . .,... .,....,1..rr....r.,......,.s..r.-,,.1.....iA Row is Carole Zimmer, Jane Wingate, Marie Warfield, Ju- dith Weeks, Donna Wiggins, Donna VonGader, Judy White- sell . Row 2: Anne Riffanacht, Judy Touhey, Henrietta Thrash- er, Harriet Thrasher, Barbarc Watts, Carolee Purdy. Row 3: Jack Tobbe, Edwin Taylor, Emery Reistetter, An- thony Sanzo, Del Terry, Jame Streevy, Jim Purdy. Row 4: Jene Wilcox, Bar- bara Watkins, Donna Payne, Nancy Post, Ann Williams, Betty Snyder, Jackie Winans Sandra Webster, Anna Lovell Ronald Smith. Juniors Sophomores ' Row I: Jean Balchunas, Nancy Coleman, Elizabeth Brenden, Sue Barnes, Elsie Ackley, Nancy Erwin, Beryl Conklin. Row 2: Gary Tallman, James Baur, Ronald Almonetti, David Bryant, David Blakeney, Donald Bulman, Raymond Ackley, Samuel Bogart, Bill Beach, Glenn Bundy, Roger Cook. Row 3: Chuclc Briggs, Kathe Bricmont, Janet Abplanalp, Bea Brown, Beverly Berube, Connie Anderssen, Claudia Clark, Nancy Barnett, Linda Andrews, Louise Bailey, Bob Coughlin. Row l: Kathryn Polimilc, Jean Raye Cawley, Mary McGregor, Ethel Morden, Su- san Szymanski, Beverly Gre- gory. Row 2: Bob Stephens, Jack Olson, Leonard Bunts, John Krotzen, Monte Webster, Wes- ley Kannenberg, Robert Waxy- ler, Ed McMullen, Terry McCarthy. Row 3: Gladys Poff, Joanne Weed, Gerald Wilks, Judith Juriga, Bill Richards, Catherine Loomis, Barbara Gonyou. 4.1- ophomores Row l: Virginia Johnson, Gloria Henderson, Joan Kittie, Phyllis Lee, Nancy Kintner, Patricia Jamieson, Judy Launt, Bonnie Gregory, Beverly Has- kell. Row 2: Ralph Henry, Paul Krestalude, David Infantlne, Ed Lason, Tom Hoolco, Jim Kal- baugh, Richard Hermon, Rich- ard Layman, Leo Hildebrand, Gary Gurney, Frederic Kear- ney, Robert Landon. Row 3: Bill Hogan, John Larrabee, Arlene Keithline, Janet Kocher, lrene Knapp, Charlotte Hunsinger, Lynne Greenhalgh, Shirley Gross, Robert Halley, Douglas Grineff . 50 Row l: Dawn Starbuclc, Judy Fisk, Marilyn Goodhart, Carole E. French, Margaret Ferris, Brenda Ellis, Christina D'An- gelo, Carol Fernbach. Row 2: David Ezzo, James G l easo n , Michael Drabo, Philip Dailey, Ronald Ferris, John Fisher, Claude Carron, Bill Cummings. Row 3: Kay Davies, Rosalie Dyson, Donna D keman, Jac- quilin Earl, Carolle M. French, Bonnie Edwards, Joanne Green, Nancy Crawford . 0 D . F5 yi Row l: Linda Luce, Marion Merkel, Patty O'Brien, Sharon Battista, Linda Kannenberg, Marilyn Lewis, Jeannette Marsh, Ruth Opp, Dawn Jant- zen, Sue Manning. Row 2: Bob McDonnough, E. Thomas Henandez, Norman Luce, Clyde Nelson, Paul Pa- chuck, Robert Newman, James McCormick, Gary Goodman, Dave Tucker, Ronald M ers, Robert O'Hara, George Mas- lin, Floyd Traver. Row 3: Linda Russell, Emma Mattes, Shirle Miller, Betty Monlando, Lillllan Makowsk , Sharon Oxx, Rosemary Lynch, Sally Mott, Nancy Love, Caro- lyn Nicholas, Judy Nicholas, Priscilla Morton. ft Grew ophomores Row l: Roberta Ressiquie Kathryn P l yma l e , Alelaide Parish, Beverly Pratt, Marilyn Phillips. Row 2: FayPiester, Wolfgang Puchtler, John Sedlak, Sher- man Pearsall, Robert Meeker, Gary Pritchard, Tom Pondal- fino, Marvin Atkinson. Row 3: Violet Rienze, Mary Lou Stevens, Marjorie Purdy, Charlotte Parker. 51 Row I: Cedric Myers, Carole Smith, Lucy Tracy, Su- anne Scott, Naomi Shary, ileanne Tompkins, Terry Scan- in. Row 2: Donald E . Rutter, Jr. , Dan Turner, Wendell Terry, Pepper Stroup, David Towers, Alfred Staudt, Kenneth Stone, Emil Tkachuk . Row 3: Betty Scarano, Bev- erly Trenconsky, Isabelle Tracy, Linda Sanford, Patricia Stanton, Margaret Stout, Sylvia Smith. Sophomores Row 1: Alice Spaulding, Elizabeth Mlchaud, Pat Wells, Virginia Cole, Louise Velle, Margaret W l l lc i n son , Carol Woolever. Row 2: Sandra Turner, Charles Wells, Terry Avery, Donald Webb, Wesley Wilson, Mary Tallman . Row 3: David Valllancourt, JohnWilmot, RichardWilliams, Raymond Weller. E ni, Row l: Patricia Ashcraft, Sandra Hartman, Nancy Hun- slnger, Diane Hartman, Jean Farnham, Shirley Beeman, Mary Jane Hernon, Martha Heath, Joyce Hacklin, Beverly Hall, Carol Grover. Row 2: Lawson Greenhalgh, Arlene Johnson Eva Gallu r pl Cecelia Fitch, Virginia Mid- dendorf, Gene Gott, Shirley Fisher, Diana Greene, Rose- marie Schotterbeclc . Row 3: Bill House, Bill Brown, Alan Hollister, Robert Gifford, Edward Kenhart, Rich- ard Jensen, Jerry Hill, Gene Gorman, Gary Birdsall, Larry Beeman, Paul Ford. Row 4: Neal Janaushek David Hogg, Harold Johnson Earl Goltry, Walter Garvey, Karl Doty, Gerald Gilbert Paul Grannis, Gary Rhodes Jim Gow, Jack Freeman, Nor: man Hillis, Jerry Legg, Ed Traver . Ono '90 .dftff Freshmen ll , L, sw" wifi' Row l: Betty Jayne White, Barbara Brough, Diana Dowd, Frances Carden, Linda Dates, Beverl Dunn, Arlene Allyn, Pat Elled, Carol Juriga. Row 2: JamesWilson, Gerald Youmans, Wil l iam Brenden, Richard Place, Paul Angelo, Tom Dittrich, Alvin Williams, Robert Brown, Hal Williams, Norm Campbell, LarryCarmon, Lee Avery, Anthony Ziemba. Row 3: David Drabo, Daniel Earl Jr., Dean Crawford, Lyle Edwards, Karen Edsell, Barbara Brooker, Linda Cook, Elma Bogart, Cora Crawford, Caro- lyn Begell, Linda Cha man, Reed Brundage, William Duffy. Freshmen Row I: Sandra Opp, Sandra Sarvey, Donna Reabuck, Karen Robinson, Joyce Orzell, Mar- lene Olver, Sandy Protheroe, Pat Perrone, Rienzi Roxcena. Row 2: Bonnie Shaft, Pat Post, Ethel Slsson, Hugh Pres- ton, James Rising Jr., Howard Rinker, Richard Rush, Harold Reisinger, Richard Mattison, Ken Rignall, Roy Petrush, Richard Seltzer, Dawn Scott, Josephine Parker, Donna Roth- rock. Row 3: M. Hanlen Rossen, Keith Russell, Theron Page, John Simpson, Blll Rolls, Gary Pulver, George Shary, Larry Rounds, David Ross, Ronald Singer, Dean Roosa, Jim O'Hara. 54 Row 'I: Sylvia Lott, Linda Lovell, Eleanor Meyer, Barbara Munson, Janet Messersmith, Lesl le May, Donna Komarnisky, Diane Morse, Vivian Newber- ry. Row 2: Donald Monticello, Nell Lawton, George Morton, Bob Moulton, David Northrup, Max Lovelace, David Konecny, Thomas Knowlton, Larry Leam- er, Albert McDaniel. Row 3: Grace Morton, Pa- tricia Machovec, Phyllis Kras- ko, Stella Lyon, Beverly Lane, Louise Murphy, Janice Mather, S h a r o n McPartland, Juanita Larrabee, Sandra Marsh, Sally La Due, C a rol McQuiston, Marilyn Nelson . Row l: Mildred Thomas, Gloria Smith, Marion Stalker, Janice Wiggins, Diane Wick- ham, Linda Jane Stover, Chris- ta G. Wagner, Mary Stenger, VickiVokulIch, JudyVan Der- veer. Row 2: Roger Southworth, Chick Swain, ArthurTruesdale, Blll Thayne, Jim Tuckey, John Schmidt, C h a r l e s Tennant, Frank Walter. Row 3: Steven Utter, Eugene Wagner, Ronald Ta lor, Ronnie Morey, Ronald Staliord, Rich- ard Snyder, Charles Smith, Earl Spaulding, GeneVaillan- court. Freshmen Eighth rade l ii..- -. O imhrfll U- Row l: Judy Adams, Myrna Briggs, Linda Beaudette, Joann Billet, Margaret C l apper , Marlene Neild, Beverl Chil- son, Louise Carmon, Jlacque- line Brokaw. Row 2: Dennis Arrufat, Richard Clover, David Brown, Jim Burke, James Campbell, Earl Benjamin, Richard Car- mody, Tom Ba rto , Donald Chrzan, Lester Baldwin, Robert Chapman, Donald Barry, Doug- las Blackman, Kevin Bryant, Leon Chojnacki . Row 3: David Ackley, Frank Campion, W i l l ia m Baumlin, George Andrews, Mary Angelo, Caroline Andrews , Kathleen Allyn, Frances Cheney, Sheila Burgher, Lee Lockwood, Thomas Blok, Joan Baile y, Douglas Alsup. 55 Row l: Arlene French, Carolyn D mond, Nancy Graf- flus, Lincfi: Cuddy, Marjorie Lou Davis, Jane English, Vesta Gleason, Katherine Gunning, Bernita Griswold. Row 2: Charles Curtis, Nan- cy Hagen, Roger Dodd, Donna Cuddlhe, David Giannuzzi, Kathy Griffin, Rlcki Greene, Alice Duff , Roland Dodd, Phyllis Davidson, Judd Esptein, Douglas Gustln. Row 3: Mary Green, Nor- bert Corson, Richard Dingle- berry, Richard Goon, Dyo Coles, William Frank, Joe Dunphy, Leslie French, Richard Gregson, Gerald Gould, Gary Drost, Dick Currie, Susan Dunn, Gary Doupe, Wallace Hackling, Claudia Greene. v Eighth rade Row l: Vera Larrabee, Pa- tricia Hanifin, Janet Hunslng- er, Mary H owl e y , Barbara House, Joyce Kilmer, Joan Howard, Jud Johnston, Sarah Joiner, Caro? Lawrio. Row 2: Linda Lewis, Marcia Jones, Edward Larrabee, Daniel Haggerty, Joseph Kristof, Gor- don Jacobs, Dean Kunkle, Gary Hilton, Alfred Konecn , James Litts, Dorothy Heath, Yvonne Jacobs. Row 3: Dwayne King, Hen- ry Jones, Darrel Hill, Judy Hanus, Gail Hulslander, Sharon Liburdi, Sharon Irving, Joan H o wa rd , Joan Kretschmar, Richard Hughes, Jack Kenney, James Herceg, Edward Lopke. Eighth Grade Row l: Donna Rossen, Judy Schafer, Mary Ellen Stoddard, Rotha Soper, Judy Stevens, Barbara Tanaka, Jeanne Robin- son, Nadine Talada, Judy Ed- wards, Phyllis E. Sarvey, Linda Tilton. Row 2: James Totten, Leon Schultz, Patty Scanlin, Mary Short, Brenda Taylor, Lynn Van Kuren, Anthony Scarano, Ron- ald Slick, Jerry Van Duzer, Martin Rorapaugh, George Ward, Ronald Shapiro, Norman Travis, Terry Schmidt, Jim Rounds, Bill Smith. Row 3: Pat Renda, Barbara Vanderbilt, Dick Usas, Todd Reese, Barbara Ralf, Remi Thibodeau, Robert Slade, Pa- tricia Purdy, Wayne Walter, Priscilla Saxton, Gerald Sav- age, Kay Vail, Linda Vander- mark, Robert Trenconsky. Row l: Sharon Parker, Sue Pearsall, Gail Morgan, Carol Marcy, Carol Osmin, Nancy Morlando, Joan Poff, Vonda Molter, Betty Neely, Theda Page. Raw 2: Mariorie Merritt, Bernard Luther, Warren Potter, James Myers, Mike Newberry, Dale Pierce, Allen Plymale, Jim Peters, Roger May, Bob Mimlitch, Dorsa Ann Nelson. Row 3: Donald Pierson, Richard Moulton, Stephen Ma- hon, Dave Parr, Gary Pierce, James Lorensen, Alan Platt, Theodore Peck, Charles Pen- nell, Bruce Mac Queen, Ted Merr , John Monticello, Jim Mlclllcavage . Eighth Grade evenih Grade Row l: NancyTrout, Sandra Krupski, Mary Ann Wickam, Mary Ann Watrous, Jane Yon- kln, Joyce Winnie, Lynda Thatcher. Row 2: David Vymslicky, Donald Warner, JamesWildey, KathyWingler, Sandra Kimble, Sylvia Tuclcey, Thomas Vail- lancourt. 58 Row l: Lorraine Scarzafava, Barbara Davenport, Joanna Weeks, CharleneWlland, Mary Ward, Marie Yonkin, Judy Stevens, Jerrine Ketcham. Row 2: Marianne McCarthy, GaryWilcox, DonaldWilliams, John Schreck, Gary Warner, Larry Penrose, David Stadel, Bill Wood, Joseph Van Riper, Jack Fisher, Shirley Wardell . Row 3: Gary Williamson, Bill Lynch, Keith Young, Rich- ard Wilson, Bruce Fleming, Bruce Lane, Ronald Brlnkos, Martin Wylde, Lloyd Wiland, Joseph We ant, Colette Rin- aldl, HazelIWllmot. Row l: Annalee Robbins, Beth Weierlch, Lynne Taylor, Bonnie Snyder. Row 2: Glen Truesdale, Robert Kiel, Carol Stanton, Lynn Smith, Sharon Ellis, Ed- ward Walinski, William Was- son. . 3 el A Tx eventh Grade Y -m1- li for Row I: Clayton Austin, Bob Colburn, Sam Burggraaf, Betty Cheney, Judy Crotty, Jimm Card, Ken Becker, Kenneth Johnson, Bob Baldwin. Row 2: John Apalovich, Gail Babykin, Diane Baer, Bonnie Bartholomew, Ken Cramer, Beverly Conklin, Jo Ann Burris, Joseph Bello, Helen Cole, Sandra Corwin, Bonita Coleman, Sandra Brooks, Glenda Barnes. Row 3: Arnold Creeley, Martin Conant, Ray Myers Jr. , Hughie Breuche, Ronald Cor- nelius, Lauren Coleman, Judy B e a ud oi n , Sharon Blasko, George Cook, Jerry Brown, Anne Loulse Collington, Sylvia Coulter. 59 Row lc Sharon Gleason, Beverly Fritz, Susan Fole , Joseph D'Angelo, Leo Gab- riel, Joyce Grannis, Mildred Greene, Eleanor Foster, Donna Farnham. Row 2: BurtDunlap, Charles Fitch, Jerry Haggerty, David Gorman, Robert Giles, Keith Fenstemacher, Gordon Curtis, Don Eschenbach, Stanley Ely, Michael Di Nunzio. Row 3: Janet Gleason, Gary Dykeman, Charles Dy- son, Zetta Grow, Brian De Wolfe, David Devine, John Garvey, Kaye Edsell, Shirley Diamond, Audrey Greene, Eileen Earl, Linda Hackett, Helen Fetherolf, Kay Frey. E eventh Grade Row 1: Bonnee June, Naomi Lane, Gloria Lane, Nancy Hill, Carol Ann Jones, Mary Lou Johnson, Marley Hanafin, Patricia Stout, .Norma Hillis. Row 2: Vince Homer, Jim Heeter, Dick Landon, Ronald Koch, Marshall Krom, David Krom, Virginia Krasko, Paul Maslin, Thomas Kristof, Robert Hal te r , William Kalbaugh, Fred Hasley, Frank Hoyt, Jerry Hudock. Row 3: Dawn Krom, Joyce Krissel, Connie Snyder, Sally Harned, Evelyn Hogg, Larry Lane, Eleanor Heidtman, Don- na Hunsinger, Carl E. Kocian, Terry Hughes, Louise Ryan, Vernon Hink, George Smith, Fred Hoffstadt. .v :Y . ,, -7-,v . --fr- -?v V W rg--' - , . x-y.v',,QgfgI!r.QZv 1 Y,',fy'4iifi3iff?f - ' ' " ' 11 1.1591 , . Row l: Beverly Munson, Arthur Mann, Elaine Lovelace, Carol Miller, Cynthia Miller, Margaret Marlow, Sharyn Mul- hollen, Betty Lynch . Row 2: Ol i ver Langstaff, Robert Martin, Allen Michael- son, Robert Moyer, Judy Len- ox, Harold May, Roger Marsh, BennyMorlando, Edward Mills, Bill McNamara . Row 3: John Morton, Jo Ann Mitchell, Judy Morton, Pat Lyon, Tom Murphy, Gary Love, Roger Morrison, Thomas Letter- man, Jerry Morton, Richard Molyneaux, Albert Miller. I I elleflill rade . I Row l: Bonnie Perkins, Jud- ' ith Ann Piester, Charlene Oxx, Carolyn Pfqff, Antonia Pam, Jean Olver, Elizabeth Reistet- ter, Phyllis Palmer, Mary Os- man. Row 2: Carroll Noyes, Clif- ford Noltee, Irene Robinson, Gloria Robek, Carolyn Rush, Harold Severn, James Repp, Gerald Nicholas, John Phelps. Row 3: Patricia Neil , Jud- ith Ross, Nancy Pollarcfj Eddie O'Hara, George Quinn, Gary Sanford, Dennis Ryan, Donald Parker, Thomas Scarano, Mar- vin Rinker, Ken Potter, Jack Riffanacht. 61 tl-.1i11.1- .l.1,, V v 1 A Cir -vm l :wh ,Vi WWWOQ 1'-'v eventh Grade Row l: Kenneth Barnum, Bonnie Jean Darrow, Susan Ashcroft, Brenda Russell, Ger- ald Miller, Richard Ruh, Mr. Crowell . 62 Row l: PhllipStanclish,Tho- mas Stroup, Sandra Simpson, Leola Sternberg, Carolyn Stalk- er, Joyce Kenderes, Robert Sticklin, Robert Strouse. Row 2: Roy Stehm, John Spencer, Dole Ward, Robert Staudt, Harold Shelp, Leo Steigerwald, Joseph Weed, Stuart Spence, Jerry Wilbur, Howard Smith . Row 3: Sharon Smithmen, Suzanne Mott, Linda Smith, Celia Stubeclcl, Dennis Rose- mier, Ken Sisson, Ellen Soro- chinsky, Jeannette Totten, Gary Starbuck, Sheila Ann Smith, Diane Taylor, Billy Snyder, Gary Wiesing. -..V J4 Y 63 .,,,,,ah TW' V2 I'Slly Row l: Bob Reynolds, Mike Manning, Dick Stanton, Joe Micicavage, Jerry Ellis, Gerry Grannls, Dick Travis Tom Pondolfino, John Petrolowicz. Murphy, Tom Roskelly, Glen Bundy, Bruce Brundage. 64 W 525' SES zgo . o T13 E'-95' -19.1 a.o 3 0 56 Sw: nl rr- -4 Po 25 3 395, O mx-Q SIN QC Fw' OE.-m. 5.30 :ox o N':.: 131' Fi' 9.5 2171 E.14'u FF S -QD. W 1 Egnm :TF 3527 3m 0?-9, C ca Q.. aa V0 ff- Z 'U 5- 2 -4 8' ' 2 N4 :U g. E 5 2. gg Nc M 2 . ID s. cr 5' 'A- CD n S' o 5 ?5 2 25 0 16 0 an ec 44444444 OJ-'-Sf--' 'OSC-I-A 6 7 O 0 VARSITY FOOT BALL SCORES JC Norwich Cortland UE Schenectady, Nott Terrace Syracuse Vocational Central Elmira Football A This year, under the fine and able coach- ing of Dick Hoover, Frank Buran, and Lou Pond, our football team made an almost un- believable comeback. Playing under great pressure from local papers and townspeople after an undefeated season the year before, and being plagued with a rare football di- sease called "fumble-itis", the team lost its first four games although winning them moral- ly through statistics. The comeback, how- ever, was when the "Golden Bears" after four straight loses went on and won their re- maining four games. At the season's end they were again rated the best team in the South- ern Tier. i l , - 1. A, W" l. f l Coach H o o v e r presents Jerry Grannls with the tro- phy representlng his well- deserved title, "King Bruin." Junior Varsity Football -Royv izwclerry Hill, Bob MacQueen, David Bryant, Glen Bundy, Ed McMullen, Monty Webster. Row 2: Louis Rozelle, Gerry Hill, Robert Gifford, Chick Swain, Phil Daily, Tom VanKuren. Row 3: Pepper Stroup, Ray Ackley, Ron Ferrls, Danny Turner, Dick Rush, Gary Pritchard, John Fisher Varsity Basketball b N6 riifflw W . 9 g'wf'.. .55 1 fin" L rf. g ai -i 4' - Row l: Jim Bettencourt, Tony Sanzo, Dick Kramer, Coach Willard Lobb, Joe Micilcavage, Dick Stanton. Row 2: Gerry Grannis, Larry Bidwell, Ken Noyes, Wendell Terry, Jim Kuenzli, Earl Maslin. am" Although Vestal had fine coaching this year from the new vars- ,nw ity coach, Willie Lobb, they had a faltering season. The losing, but always husseling "hoopsters", compiled a record of two con- ference and three non-conference victories in flfteen games. In many games the team held a lead going into the closing minutes onl to falter and lose out at the end. Coach Lobb, who ls buillding for the future through fundamentals, has many promising prospects which may bring the school its first winning season in many years. The Junior Varsity had a very successful season under the ex- cellent coaching of Eugene Kobylarz. They won nine games and lost six. J. V.BfisketbaII Row 1: Raymond Ackley, Philip Dailey, Donald Webb, Coach Eugene Kobylarz, Richard Jensen, James Cargill, Jerry Hill. Row 2: William Duffy, Tony Giannetti Dave Norfhrup, Terry Avery, Richard Williams. lr ks. 68 g Varsity Wrestling Our wrestling team had another fine winning :ason because of Phil Persley, their talented nach. Although they didn't beat their big rival, haca, they did achieve glory by beating a pow- rful upstate team from Gouvenor. Vestal seems r have natural born wrestlers who are without a aubt the best in the area. Their record this year as eight wins and only three losses. 69 Row I: John Walker, Terry Merritt, Charles Briggs Craig Edsell, Tom Swan, Roger Heen. Row 2: Tom Pondolfino, Larr Ward, Richard Travis Jack Crawford, Bill Howard, Paul'Angelo. VAX "' J. V. Wresting K .M ..V .4 . , ,y , , ,hw M V , ,,,NR,i,1 ky U . ' ' 1, I k K i - .ne . Row I: Gary Pulver, Ed Larabee, Ron Myers, Coach John Gillard, Harold Angelo, Duane Pen nell, Ed Vandervorf. Row 2: Dan Turner, Dick Lehman, Ed McMullen, Tom Vancuren, Dave Bryant, Louis Rozelle. "6fw11f DMM.. l 'lx A ,' 1... Jw' WELL "gn c Cross Country Row I: Jim Kuenzli, Earl Maslin, Bill Howard, Coach Sid Stock, Ray Berube, Terry Merritt, Wendell Terry. Row 2: Jack Tobbe, Dave King, Tony Giannetti, Jerry Baldwin, Norm McPherson, Duane Pen- nell . Row 3: Bob Graper, Duane Merritt, John Wilmont, Charles Tennant, Larry Ward. Row 4: Jim Purdy, Leo Hildebrand. 5, r '4- s V - , 3 I 1 L i x- " QZTW iii J-, fixing! - 7.51-in I x -l . x T " X 9-if I it 9 ,fl Q, 0 ..c,w54ll0UdA I Once again under the unequaled cross-country coaching of Sid Stock, our well-balanced team "swept by" the finest com- petition in the state for another fine season. This season in- cluded only one loss in six meets. The lone loss was in the Utica Invitational which was the first meet of the season. Throughout the past nine years our cross-country teams have won the Section 4 crown eight times and tied for it the remain- ing year. Vestal's "Golden Harriers" accomplished something this season which has never before been equaled by any school in the state: They won their third straight New York State championship. Jerry Baldwin, Earl Moslin, Jim Kuenzli, Bill Howard, Ray Berube, Wendell Terry, Norm McPherson, Terry Merritt. Xll-s xl it ' ' 4- The coaches, guests and players sit down for a friendly conference at the Football-Cross Country Banquet. A4096 ..-nw L'l1W"'pb 72 In J E-54.5.-1v.,. eww M66 Row iz Bob Frey, Leo Hildebrande, Managers, Dave Bryant, Art Hemenway, Bob Velie, Ray Berube, Terry Merritt, Earl Maslin, Bill Howard. Row 2: Ron Ferris, Ed Wingler, Larry Pelton, Dan Tumer, Dave lnfantine, Ron Myers, Jerry Ellis, Tony Sanzo, Norm McPherson . Row 3: Louis Rozelle, Ronald Wells, Ronnie Bailer, Harold Angelo, Tom Roskelly, Bob Reynolds, George New- berry, Mike Burke, Bob Macowski . Row 4: John Pencllebury, Dave Lehman. y Track This year our well conditioned track team under the fine supervision of athletic director, John Pendelbury, compiled another fine record of eight wins and only two losses. Two new school records were set in both the mile and shotput. Under the direction of Coach Pendle- bury our track teams have become a local power in track and field. 73 Y... Baseball .awww vl W WMM -631' HC X W , nun ,1W"4' ,fd U by I ' A-P-li S81 Bill .gs Row l: Gerry Pulver, Jim McCormick, Managers. Row 2: Dick Stanton, Jud Bronson, Gerry Grannis, Felix Rodriguez, Jack Duffy, Jim Bettencourt, Jerry Hill, Dave Soloway . Row 3: Coach Lou Pond, Duane French, Mike Manning, Phil Dailey, Don Webb, Dick Kramer, Floyd Kintner, Jim Cargill, Bill Kittle, Ken Noyes. 74 Lou Pond made his final appearance as our baseball coach last spring to give us a better season than we've had in recent years. The team compiled a record of seven wins and nine losses. The big satisfaction came when our scrappy team beat Endicott, our cross town rivals, in a no-hitter. Boy's Bowling Z' We Row I: Phillip Stevens, Ronald Anderson, Douglas Spencer, Marvin Atkinson, Jim O'Hara, Edwin Taylor. Row 2: Tord Darrow, Terry Merritt, Clifford Hogg, Bob Gifford, Lou Pond, Coach, Gary Tallman, Michael Shambeirger, John Fisher. Rifle Team BW ff' fliwlv -fr' 1 Berfold Puchtler, Art Homes, Mr. Frank Buran, Advisor, Dick Rush, Charles Goldstein, Wolfgang Puchfler. Girls' ports Bowling P 3 SPM.. Row 1: Bett Nicholas, Joyce Haight, Sally Diefendorf, Betsy Baldwin, Marie Warfield, Carol, Zimmer, Sandra Webster. Row 2: Jud Nicholas, Joy Chase, Donna Flipse, Kay Herceg, Sue Litts, Donna Pollard, Dorothy Parker, Marilyn Dingleberry, Ann Lovell, Rita Mitchell, Brenda Pltc er. Basketball Bmw, EWM18 if Row l: Mary Ellen Flaherty, Gall Potter, Elaine Duffy, Joy Chase, Sally Diefen dorf. Row 2: Pauline Stlckland, Beverly Betz, Ann Severn, Merle Ace, Leona Beaumont 76 Betsy Hamlin, Donna Flipse. 6 rxlfl ' H. fir., Program Committee Row l: Carolyn Rush, Judy Stevens, Louise Velie, Nancy Love, Linda Luce. Row 2: Harrlet Thrasher, Jo Ann Bellet, Bonnie Edwards, Linda Smith, Henrietta Thrasher. 75 8e,4 Girls' pring Sports Row l: Donna Flipse, Mary Ellen Flahert , Lucy Tracy. Row 2: Harriet Thrasher, Henrietta Thrasher, .lo Gunther, Merle Ace, Vicki Hooko, Diane Wickam Joan Howard, Joan Howard, Eilien Howard, Carol Marcy. Row 3: Miss Gennett, Jo Ann Billet, Elaine Duffy, Gail Potter, Barbara Watkins, Carol Osman Sharon Oxx, Nancy Barnet, Kay Mitchell, Elinor Myer, Linda Smith. Cheerleaders Varsity I .,, crwiff Clockwlse: Kay Meeker, Donna Pollard, Dolores Fisher, Captaln- Grace Green, Linda Greene, Nancy Post, Betsy Baldwin. Jr. Varsity ..-nw LWVW- Clockwise: Claudia Clark, Ruth Opp, Phyllis Lee, Vlrginia Johnson, Henrietta Thrasher, Louise Balley 78 Harriet Thrasher-Captain . Jr. High Cheerleaders hw IPQGQQ l Va rsily Karen Robinson, Judy VanDerveer, Barbara Brough, Pal' Eldred, Par Perrone, Shirley Fisher, Linda Randall . Jr. Varsity Row l: Donna Rossen, Mary Angelo--Captain, Kay Vail. Row 2: Claudia Greene, Joan Bailey, Nancy Pollard, Sharon Parker, JoAnn Mitchell. 79 As., I , : - ,f Q ge r ,leafy . ' ef. ,Jule ei, swf N. K vm' Row I: Linda Greene, Nancy Post, Grace Green, Delores Flslwer. Row 2: Kay Meeker, Betsy Baldwin--Captain, Donna Pollard. Nlivgglg zxlogxx Cheerleaders 17-' Qu Linda Gennetf and Judy Lobb. 1- 81 mwee "The Den" 'W' Staff Row l: Linda Greene, Edltorlal Chairman, Shirley Tinklepaugh, Assistant Editorial Chairman, Jack Nlcuulsron, Art Editor, Marilyn Bryant, Assistant Art Editor, Bruce Brundoge and Betsy Hamlin, Co-editors, Merle Ace, Activi- tlves Chairman, Sandra Johnston, Business Manager of Sales, Stan McGregor, Business Manager of Ads. Row 2: Arlene Vandemark, Donna Welerlch, Nancy Hess, Carol Brlsco, Anne Lee, Phoebe Shanley, Mr. Fred Shaw, Faculty Advisor, Nancy Johnson, Rosemary Parlsella, Delores Wllcox, Pauline Sticklin, Shirle Ressegule. Row 3: Kay Meeker, Betty Nicholas, Sally Dlefendorf, Marjorie Lisenby, Barbara Douglass, Joy Chase, Vlctoric Hooko, Joyce Kushner, Grace Green, Susann Martin, Judy Atwater, Barbara Force, Beverly Trover. The 1956 Yearbook Staff The Yearbook Staff ls happy to bring you this edition of the Den i We hope lt will give you many pleasant memoriesl We wish to thank Mr. Fred "Shawster" Shaw for his invaluable q!......,.,, assistance. The patient guidance and many hours he spent at thl arduous task will ong be remembered by the Yearbook Staff. To yo Shawster" we say from the bottom of our hearts, "THANKS"l tudent Congress Senior if High WMU, Tafw' a Row l: Tom Way, Jim Purdy, Jim Kuenzli, Bill Howard, Jerry Ellis, Terry Merritt, Ken Noyes, Joe Micilcavage, Mike Manning, David Towers, Donald Rudder. Row 2: Marjorie Lisenby, Bette Bair, Kay Meeker, Sherrill Lawrio, Kay Herceg, Sue Litts, Joyce Haight, Barbara Douglass, Donna Pollard, Rita Mitchell, Beverly Betz, Mary Gunther. Row 3: Kathe Bricmont, Mary Low Stevens, Jack Tobbe, Phyllis Lee, Joyce Kushner, Betsy Baldwin, Marilyn Bryant, Brenda Ellis, Margaret Ferris, Marie Warfield, Carolee Purdy. Row 4: Paul McElligott, Bob McQueen, Marilyn Dingleberr , Judy O'Brien, Linda Sanford, Sue Manning, Mary Ellen Flaherty, Nancy Nichols, Louise Bailey, Marjorie lglurdy. Row 5: Emery Reistetter, Marilyn Philips, Nancy Kintner, Jackie Winans, Virginia Johnson, Nancy Craw- ford, Shirley Miller, Susan Szymanski, Lorraine Neild, Adelaide Parish. Row 6: Naomi Sherry, Elizabeth Michaud, Bonnie Gregory, Richard Williams, Jim Kalbaugh, Bob Newman, Ronald Ferris, Belinda Ellis, Carol Woolever, Ron Myers. Row 7: Gerry Grannis, Jack Shotto, Tony Giannetti, Gary Chocholaty, David Hill, Bernie Nelson, Jerry Baldwin, Barbara Coulter, Marian Merkel, Jean Pierson. Officers: Judy Moore, Secretary, Bertold Puchtler, President, Linda Greene, Vice President, Judy Whitsell Treasurer. Junior High Row iz David Pour, Jack Garvey, Don Pierson, Reid Brundage, Vice President, Dave Drabo, President, Maxi Yonker, Secretary, Vicki Vokulich, Treasurer, Judy Crotty, Shirley Wardell . Row 2: Jim Card, Jim Wilson, John Simpson, Linda Dates, Mr. Fran Cassella, Ad- visor, Lyle Edwards, Judy Lenox, Jim Wood. Row 3: Sarah Joiner, Judy Vanderveer, Judd Epstein, Margaret Clapper, Ray Heide- man, Richard Green, Judy Adams, Leslie May, Linda Stoner, Sandy Opp. I -wr' Honor Society of XX -. Row l: Bob Dunn, Nancy Hess, Sandra Johnston, Barbara Douglass, Georgia McKaig, Shirley Tinklepaugh, Joy Chase, Bruce Brundage. Row 2- Allce Weed Carol Vincent, Priscilla Mann, Merle Ace, Margie Lisenby, Lois Gerchman, President, Thomas Way, Treasurer, Nancy Ryan, Vice President, Sherrill Lawrio, Secretary, Rosemary Parisella. Row 3: Carolynn Williams, Betsy Hamlin. Vestal is the Alpha Chapter of the National Honor Society. lts members are chosen on the basis of character, scholarship, service and leadership. Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Roney. n Art Club ? u mow WMM n Row l: Barbara Davenport, Virginia Cole, Vice President, John Simpson, President, Carole Bisgrove Secretary, Margaret Ferris, Treasurer, Laurel Lee Lockwood. Row 2: Carol Osmin, Virginia Krasko, Jeanne Robinson, Mr. Williams, Faculty Advisor, Gerald Guiles Brenda Ellis, George Ward Row 3: Juanita Larrabee, Judy Schafer, Carol Marcy, Nancy Morlando, Barbara Coulter, Vera Larrabee 84 The purpose of Art Club ls to give students, in grades 7-12, extra time to work on individual art projects Key Club Thls year the Key Club was added to the list of student organizations at Vestal. Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the new group lsachartered part of Key Club International. The charter members of the new club elected for their first president, Bruce Brundage, The other officers are Bob Landon, Bob Dunn, and Fay Plester. Key Club's faculty advisor is Mr. Gillard. In the rules set forth by the lntematlonal organization, Key Club ls essentially a service group. Its members are so homore, junior and senior boys who are elected by the other members and approved by the principal . The credit for starting the Key Club in Vestal is due largely to Mr. Laverne "Pop" Bundy. For several years Mr. Bundy, a past president of Kiwanis, has worked on the proiect. This year his goal was finally realized on Charter Night, February 28, l956. Walter Weyant, chairman of Key Clubs, ls shown here presenting the Vestal Key Club charter to President, Bruce Brundage. 5.1 Row I: Robert Landon II, Vice Presidentp Bob Dunn, Secretary, John W. Gillard, Faculty Advisor, Bruce Brundage, Presidentg Fay Piester, Treasurer. Row 2: Paul McElllgott, Jack McQuiston, Arthur Holmes, James MacQueen, Stan McGregor, Emery Relstetter, Robert MacQueen, David Vaillancourt. Row 3: Richard Williams, Bernard Nelson, Fred Kearney, Dan Turner, John Wil- mot, Gerry Grannis, Glenn Bundy, Tom Way labsentl . 85 7' We 4m umm In Varslty Club Row i: Paul Angelo, Dick Harding, Harold Angelo, Vice President, Bruce Brundage, Earl Maslln, Treasurer: Mr. John Pendlebury, Faculty Advisor: Terry Merritt, Chuck Briggs, Ray Berube, Jack Tobbe. Row 2: Dick Kramer, Richard Travis, Dick Stanton, Anthony Sanzo, Curtis Epley, George Newberry. Row 3: Ron Myers, Norm McPherson, Bill Zimmer, Jim Wasley, Tom Pondolfino, Wendell Terry, Bill Howard, Jim Kuenzli, Mike Manning, Bob Reynolds, Gerard Ellis, Ken Noyes, Jim Bettencourt, James Cobb, Gerry Grannls. Joe Mlcilcavage, President fabsentl. The Varsity Club includes the Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores who have all won letters in competitive sports. :vw The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of farm boys who are students of vocational agri- culture in rural public high schools. Through r a c t l c al experiences, members lzearn to take part in meet- ings, to follow parliamentary pro- cedure, to speak in public, and to cooperate with their fellow students in programs for individual and com- munity betterment. 86 Row l: Bob Stephens, Paul Pachuck, James Lyon, Clifford Hogg, Secretary Raymond Brown, President, Gary Roosa, Vice President, Rudolph Mattes, Treas urer, Jerry Vlasak, Walt Barnes, Eugene Strong. Row 2: James Pipher, Donald Kannenberg, Neal Roosa, Ernest Maslln, Bi Beach, Karl Doty, Gary Rhodes, Gerald Uhlik, Frank Walter, Ed Flipse, E Kenhart, Dave Tucker. Row 3: David Hogg, Floyd Traver, Roger Heen, Ed Traver, Gordon Walter Jerry Legg . F. F. A. 1 'U L 'l library Clubs Row l: Linda Poff, Carol Price, Ann Williams, Elizabeth Snider, Nancy Nichols. Row 2: Carol Bisgrove, Lorraine Nield, Elaine Goodhard, Sue Campion. 7 0 Q- -vm Row I: Vera Larrabee, Secretary, Gloria Smith, Joyce Orzell, Vice Pr Dorothy Heath. Senior High The chief duties of the Senior Library Club are: lil to check books in and out, Q22 replace books on shelves, Q31 keep li- brary neat. The Senior Library Club, al- so, sponsored a Greek child by sending five dollars every month. This was used to buy food, clothing, and other essen- tlols. Faculty advisor, Mr. Robert Crowell. me am. Junior High The duties ofthe Junior Li- brary Club are similar to those of the Senior Library Club, but a little less complicated. The group is composed chiefly of Junior High students. esident, Row 2: Betty Morlando, Louise Murphy, Bill Thayne, President, Nancy Morlando, Arthur Truesdell, Treasurer. Row 3: Donna Rothrock, Josephine Parker, Ethel Sisson, James Lorensen, Laurel , 8 Lee Lockwood, Carol McQuiston, Marilyn Nelson HWMWMWWMW U. clllll Meng? T X' YN-Q ,K lx elf' 'fi' +f . fr-fl rs 'P SNA ff' f 1 S X 2 X ara, Q J .rw-.ii bush M L ' 'I .3 Row l: Priscilla Mann, Merle Ace, Sharyl Bidlack, Mariorie Lisenby, Treasurer, Barbara Doug- lass, Secretary, Sherrill Lawrio, President, Mrs. Dorothy Harder, Faculty Advisor, Stan McGregor, Vice President, Marcia Antisdel, Betty Nichols, Virginia Protheroe. Row 2: Judy O'Brien, Jackie Fowler, Sue Martin, Jean Pierson, Barbara Force, Glenda Howard, Kay Meeker, Betsy Baldwin, Elaine Duffy, Alberta Truesdale, Sandra Cochran. Row 3: Joyce Kushner, Beverly Stevens, Grace Green, Gail Potter, Jackie Winans, Jo Gun- ther, Joy Chase, Sandra Johnston, Judy Atwater, Georgia McKaig, Linda Greene. Row 4: Bruce Brundage, Joyce Haight, Pauline Dean, Nancy Ryan, Jim Wasley, Terry Merritt, Gerry Grannis, Nancy Post, Brenda Pitcher, Joan Hill . Row 5: Joyce Chamberlain, Beverly Betz, Emery Reistetter, Paul McElligott, Edwin Alley, Vicci Hooko, Carol Brisco, Donna Wiggins, Linda Poff. Row 6: Jack Tobbe, Bob Reynolds, Brent Smith, Leona Beaumont, Phoebe Shanley, Marilyn Bryant, Betsy Hamlin, Nancy Terry. Row 7: Tom Way, Ron Anderson, Bob Dunn, Tom Hamilton, Larry Hill, Fred Sliker, Mike Manning, Jim Kuenzli. Since it was founded in 1947, the U. N. Club has earned itself an outstanding reputation and is now one of the most active organizations in school. Some of the successful money-making projects have been two bottle drives, the senior girls- women faculty basketball game and dance, two roller skating parties, plus bake sales held every week during noon hours. The club also sent a CARE package to Korea, fulfilling the club goal to try and promote better relations between the United States and foreign countries. The highlight of the year was the annual trip to New York City, where the club visited the 88 U. N. building, IBM World Trade Headquarters, and a wonderful time was enjoyed by all. P. A. Club Wfaa gmavmlh Row T: Joyce Kushner, Joan Hill, President, Carol Vincent. The Public Address Club is composed of seniors, iuniors, and sophomores who are trained to give an- nouncements over the public address s tem. Faculty Advisor, Mr. Parsons. Row 2: Dawn Starbuck, Susan Campion, Robert MacQueen, Sue Berne, Phyllis Lee, Jim Kalbaugh, Paul McElligott, Sandra Johnston, Ruth Opp. Absent when picture was taken Carolee Purdy, Treasurer. lm 1 Q-uw ig Row is Sally Diefendorf, Betsy Hamlin, Assistant Editor, Arlene Vandemark, Editor-in-Chief, Miss Angela Kavanagh, Faculty Advisor, Ann Severn, Distribution Manager, Donna Weierich, Secretary, Susan Campion, Treasurer. Row 2: Beth Weierich, Vicki Vokullch, Donna Wiggins, Marilyn Bryant, Bob Dunn, Business Manager, Jane Wingate, Brenda Ellis, Shirley Resseguie, Janice Wiggins. Row 3: Linda Vandemark, Nancy Nichols, Nancy Ryan, E. Thomas Hermandez, James Lorensen, Edith English, Barbara Coulter, Judy O'Brien. Press Club The Press Club is a new organization which strives to promote better relations be- tween students, faculty, school, administration, other schools, and the community. Weefwetea 89 -fmmwmn l'll-Y clllll 00 Row l: Carolee Purdy, Joan Lillie, Gail Potter, Treasurer, Brenda Pitcher, Vice President, Bar- baraDouglass, President, Kay Meeker, Secretary, Jacqueline Fowler, Chaplain, Dorothy Parker, Donna Pollard. Row 2: Jackie Winans, Jo Ann Ward, Sandra Webster, Kay Herceg, Sue Litts, Carol Woolever, Betty Grover, Barbara Force, Carole Bostwick, Marjorie Lisenby. Row 3: Marjorie Purdy, Kathe Bricmont, Merle Ace, Nancy Coleman, Nancy Klntner, Virginia Johnson, Ruth Opp, Dolores Fisher, Anne Riffanacht. Row 4: Barbara Baldwin, Judy Atwater, Carol Zimmer, Bonnie Gregory, Joyce Haight, Donna VanGorder, Joan Begell, Sally Mott, Delores Wilcox. Row 5: Marilyn Dingleberry, Rita Mitchell, Judy Moore, Donna Adams, Sue Barnes, Carol Brisco, Nancy Johnson, Barbara Crane, Linda Luce. Row 6: Leona Beaumont, Marie Warfield, Elaine Goodhart, Phoebe Shanley, Phyllis Lee, Donna Wiggins, Susan Beme. The Vestal Alpha Gamma Hi-Y Club is ln its eighth year of existence and is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. lts purpose ls to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standard of Christian character." Our objectives are: "clean living, clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean scholarship . " The annual "King Bruin's Dance" was our biggest project. Others were: opening ceremonies For assemblies, parties for the children at the Susquehanna Valley Home, and the spring banquet. We took part in all the con- ferences. 90 Faculty advisors, Miss Holschuh and Mrs. Smith. Rifle Club imfw I Row I: Arthur Holmes, Nancy Kintner, Secretary: Jackie Winans, Carolee Purdy, Treasurer: Bruce Brundage, Vice President. Row 2: Mrs. Rose Tracy, Faculty Advisor, Eugene Wagner, Eva Gallup, Violet Rlenzi, Sally LaDue, Janet Kocher, Donna Rothrock, Harriet Thrasher. Row 3: Ann Williams, Shirley Miller, Nancy Crawford, Anne Riffanacht, Judy Touhey, Sue Manning, Carolyn Begell, Juanita Larrabee, Joan Coyle, Betsy Mayer. Row 4: Sylvia Lott, Carole Smith, Janice Mather, Dennis Arrufat, Wolfgang Puchtler, Jim Purdy, Sue Litts, Marlorie Lisenby, Rosalie Dyson, Carole Porterfield. Row 5: Anna Lovel , Barbara Lane, Joann Billet, Marion Merkel, Brenda Pitcher, Donna Payne, Sandra Webster. Row 6: Betsy Hamlin, Lois Gerchman, Joyce Krasko, Brenda Ellis, Joyce Orzell, Donna Adams, Judy Whitesell, Nancy Hess, Rita Mitchell. Row 7: Donald Adams, Richard Place, Thomas Knowlton, David Giannuzzi, Lynne Johnson, Cora Crawford, Rosemary Parisella, Margaret Ferris, Anne Lee. Row 8: Fred Sliker, James MacQueen, Lowell Talada, Charles Goldstein. The following were absent: Berthold Puchtler, President. The Vestal Central Rifle Club, which is open to both girls and boys, is now in its second ear of success. All eighty members are given a chance to shoot once a week, score their targets, and work on improving their marksmanshl . The members of this club are divided into teams which challenge each other and work for top position in their league. The club is under the supervision of Mrs. Rose Tracy and Mr. Frank Buran. 1? X' Senior .gf ,- Queen--Linda Greene, King--Bill Howard, Retiring Royalty, Queen--Anne Coughlin, King--Jerry McQuade. "Ml1fnfl7l RWAW' M lpfg,f'. Row I: Marilyn Bryant, Joyce Kushner, Sherrill Lawrio, Grace Green, Barbara Douglass, Elaine Duffy, Linda Greene, Bill Howard, Betsy Hamlin, Beverly Stevens, Priscilla Mann, Beverly Betz, Betsy Baldwin, Kay Meeker. Row 2: Mike Manning, Jim Kuenzli, Bruce Brundage, Jerry Ellis, Jim Bettencourt, Jerry Grannis, Anne Cough- lin--Retiring Queen, Jerry McQuade--Retiring King, Joe Micilcavage, Bob Reynolds, Bert Puchtler, Tom Minehan, Ray Berube, Terry Merritt. Prom - 1 -?V'-' " " ff,-52 -n-1-,.. Blue lights, snow fairies, tiny furry creatures peeking through the trees, all were visitors in the enchanted forest of "Winter Rhapsody". In the shadow ofthe giant tree, happy couples danced through the outdoor set- ting of our Senior Prom. The quaint sleigh with its regal cargo added a nostalgic touch to this memorable OCCGSIOFI. D-1 lv! Q ss. 1 . Gnabn --M Center Front: Kay Meeker, Queen. Court: Sandra Reinhart, Marilyn Bryant, Joyce Kush- ner, Sherill Lawrio, Priscilla Mann, Betsy Baldwin--First Lady-in-Waiting, Faye Bald- win--Retiring Q u e e n , Linda Greene--Second Lady-in- Waiting, Elaine Duffy, Grace Green, Connie Me red i t h , Beverly Betz, Betsy Hamlln. The gayly dressed masked dancers confetti balloons and dreamy music all blended into the Mardi Gras atmosphere at our Junior Prom The Spanish motif was carned out again In our palm bedecked fan throne The contrast of red roses against black fans was no match for our Queen or her lovely attendants The soft lights and music have faded into the past but the pleasant memories of our Junior Prom will remain with the Class of '56 down through the years 94 .a. sw :fri 1 liiiiiif -,1 ,JY e ' King Bruin Dance Clockwise: Jerry Ellis, Bill Zimmer, Curtis Eple , Bruce Brundage, Bert Puchtlyer, Wal- ter Barnes, Jerry Grannis-- Klng, Jim Wasley, Dick Hard- ing, Jim Cobb, Bob Reynolds, Mike Manning, Dick Travis. Each year around November 25 "King Bruin" roars no more but spreads his mighty arms in a gesture of con- tentment. Before going lnto another season of hibernation, however, he entertains Vestalltes at a dance in honor of his "cub pack." One ofthe pack is selected to reign as King. To see these well-dressed, well-mannered young men dance, one would hardly believe they were the same snarling pack of bruins that fought their way back to a successful season on the gridiron last fall. ax .JI li is 95 Best Dressed Class Clowns Perpetual Motion Greatest Talkers Quietest Most Bashful Best Natured Best Dancers Politicians Athletes Brains Journalists Actress and Actor Most Likely to Succeed Musicians Hardest Workers Artists Singers Most Cooperative Most Ambitious Best Looking Best All Around Class Couple Most Popular Most Practical Best Salesman Tooth Paste Ad Class Jeanne Warner Merle Ace Grace Green Jo Gunther Lois Gerchman Polly Dean Linda Greene Joyce Kushner Merle Ace Merle Ace Lois Gerchmon Betsy Hamlin Sandy Cochran Lois Gerc hman Sherrill Lawrla Sherrill Lawrio Marilyn Bryant Joan Hill Linda Greene Betsy Hamlin Kay Meeker Linda Greene Sherrill Lawrio Linda Greene Sandy Johnston Anne Lee Betsy Baldwin Notables Tom Minehan Ray Berube Ray Berube Bal: Dunn Earl Maslin Earl Maslin Gerry Grannis Jim Kuenzli Bob Dunn Joe Micilcavage Tom Way Bruce Brundage Tom Way Tom Way Blll Howard Bert Puchtler Jack McQuiston Bob Reynolds Bert Puchtler Bert Puchtler Jim Kuenzli Gerry Grannis Bill Howard Bill Howard Jerry Ellis Tom Minehan "Dungaree Dall" See You Later, Alligator" Rock Around the Clock" ldle Gossip" Help Me" Dim, Dim the Lights" "Whistle A Happy Tune" Rock and Roll Waltz" Ninety-Nine Years" A Teenage Prayer" l'll Know" In My Diary" There's No Business Like Show Business" l Thank the Lord" Memories Are Made of This" The Lord ls Counting On You 'These Hands" Lullaby of Bircllandu Sure" "Are You Satisfied?" "Pretty Baby" "l'm Blessed" "People Will Say We're in Love "Belle of the Ball" "The Shaw Must Go On" "Won't You Listen To Me, Baby Joe Micilcavoge "Smile" ti enior Play .RVN .. The Senior Play entitled "Father Knows Best" deals with teenage problems in an otherwise happy and normal family. After much blood, sweat, and tears, December 6 finally arrived. Bait., The following class played to a packed house: Father, Thomas Kn0w5 Way, Mother, Victoria Hooko, oldest daughter, Grace Green, Hfaillffl youngest daughter, Saundra Cochran, the son, Jack McQuiston, Betty's best friends, Janie, Phoebe Shanley and Romona, Judith Atwater, Patty, Kathy's best friend, Kay Meeker, Repairman from the washing machine company, Thomas Smith, Ralph, Betty's current boy friend, James Kuenzli, Mr. Brinkworth, Robert Dunn, Officer Johnson, from missing persons, Roger Johnson, Bud's friend from the basketball team, William Fisher, the three Garden Club Ladies: Mrs. Wembley, Carolynn Williams, Mrs. Jones, Shirley Tinklepaugh, and Mrs. Woolsey, Rosemary Parisella, police matron, Joan Hill. The play was under the able direction of Earle L. Bidlack, with Robert Crowell, as assistant. Alice Weed was student prompter . my ll- ., 99 ..,,,,,.1W"f' Marching Percussion Kathryn Plymale, Caro- I wil' ,v' nav ia- N 4 .r:r?,ri.'S:':. E':.rg,1A:. we Q fs f W. O. Marvin, Jack Pa- , FH A' 'P chuk, W i l l ia m Howard, PM 7. Gary Hartman, Linda Dates. Woodwinds 2 at I o fi -B x L. B , , ,H s B L , ,y o Row i: Sherrill Lawrio, Leo Hildebrand, Mary Hoadley, Patricia Stanton, Marilyn Nelson. Row 2: Patricia O'Brien, Linda Andrews, Sandra Carigg, Joan Lillie, Jene Wilcox, Marion Stalker. Row 3: Beverly Haskell, Pauline Sticklin, Nancy Kintner, Jean Balchunas, Linda Love, Molly Fisher, Donald Morey, Sandra Opp. Row 4: Jeanne Tompkins, Wesley Wilson, Robert Halley, Gloria Henderson, Marion Merkel, Bill Marvin, i00 Wesley Kannerburg, Melvin Beam, Douglas Collins. Band Color Guard Alice Weed, Sharyl Bid- lack, Doris Fitch, Jean De- war, Judy Launt, Joanne Crawford. Brass Section 1 .rt u -. 1, rreg1Lr.,..S,.k.v-L1 of f T L I . It Row I: Shirley Gross, Joan Cayle, Carolee Purdy, Carol Bostwick, Joyce Chamberlain. Ronv 2: Douglas Spencer, Bob London, Harold Lindsey, Kent Luther, Lanny Gregory, Duane Merritt, Paul MCE igott. Row 3: David Blakeney, Donald Merritt, Claude Carron, Kraig Edsell, Ronald Wells, Warren Giles, Wanda Collins, Georgia McKaig, Sylvia Krisell . Row 4: Edwin Alley, Thomas Hooko, Anna Lovell, Leland Eldredge, James Gleason, James MacQueen, Donna Adams, Gary Pritchard, David Towers, Gelbert Terry, Ronald Anderson, Robert Houck. 1 ,gy Junior High Row l: Phyllis Davidson, Susan Pear- sall, Patricia Purdy. Row 2: Mary Ann Hcnifan, Voncla Moulfer, Kay Mitchell, Jucliih Brown. Row l: Vlcforia Baton Twirlers 704024 pay. Senior High Senior High: Mar'orie Purcly, Nancy Cole- man, Joyce Haight, llonna Chase. Q .9 wmgers "Down W' a DMM Sally Mori, Jucly Moore, Marilyn Bryant. lO2 Row 2: Sue Barnes, Diane Naylor, Leona Beaumont, Judy Whifesell . f' ff A . 67 it 'fi I, e l- K ' ' 1 Pep Band Q WW l Row I: Patty O'Brien, Beverly Haskell, Jean Tompkins, Linda Andrews, Harold Lindsey, Kent Luther, Robert Landon . Row 2: Georgia McKaig, Victoria Hooko, Jean Balchunas, Linda Dates, Gary Hartman, Thomas Hooko, Douglas Spencer, David Blakene . Row 3: Shirley Gross, Duane Merritt, Lanny Gregory, David Towers, Ronald Anderson, Robert Houck. " fi, 5 +'1.l 1. tring rchestra i Y Row l: Virginia Johnson, Bonnie Gregory, Doris Gaskell, Marcia Antisclale, George Shary, Sue Burnes, Linda Dates. Row 2: Naomi Shary, Ruth Opp, Mary Ellen Flaherty, Georgia McKaig, Rosemary Lynch, Carole French, Donna Wiggins, Martha Eddy. Row 3: Kay Davies, Jeanne Dewar, Joyce Krasko, Judy Nicholas, Marilyn Goodhart, Charlotte Parkes, . T03 John Larrabee, Mr. Eddy Concert Row 1: Sherrill Lawrio, Leo Hildebrand, Mary Hoadley, Patricia O'Brien, Patricia Stanton, Jeanne Dewar. Row 2: Linda Andrews, Sandra Carigg, Beverly Haskell, Nancy Kintner, Lanny Gregory, Joyce Chamberlain Carol Bostwick, Shirley Gross, Carolee Purdy. Row 3: Jeanne Tompkins, Gloria Henderson, Marian Merkel, Robert Halley, Douglas Spencer, Robert Landon Harold Lindsey, Kent Luther, David Blakeney, Claude Carron, Warren Gills, Wanda Collins, Donald Merritt. Row 4: Leland Eldredge, Anna Lovell, Thomas Hooko, Edwin Alley, Carolynn Williams, Vicki Vokilich William Howard, Martha Eddy. 104 Band Q ' Row l: Marilyn Nelson, Sandra Opp, Marion Stalker, Doris Fitch, Douglas Collins, Sharyl Bidlack. Row 2- Paul McEllegott Duane Merritt Joan Co le All W d J . , , y , ce ee , oanne Crawford, Linda Love, Victoria Hooko. Row 3: Ronald Wells, Kraig Edsell, Marjorie Purdy, Nancy Calenav, Bill Marvin, Wesley Wilson, Jean Bal- chunas, Wesley Kannenburg, Melvin Beam, Moll Fisher, Donald Mare , Joan Lillie, Jene Wilcox. Row 4: Gary Hartman, Kathryn Plffmall, Lindla Dates, Jack Pachul Jim Gleason Jim MacQueen Sylvia Krissell, Georgia McKaig, Donna A ams, Gary Pritchard, David Towei's, Marilyn Bryant, Dilbert Terryl, Ronald Anderson, Robert Houck. 105 enior High rchestra gg Row l: Virginia Johnson, Bonnie Gregory, Doris Gaskell, Marcia Antisdale, George Shary, Sue bornes, Lmaa Dates, Donna Wiggins, Marion Stalker, Sandra Opp, Piano--Vicki Vokulich. Row 2: Naomi Shary, Ruth Opp, Mary Ellen Flahert , Georgia McKaig, Rosemary Lynch, Carole French, Marilyn Goodhart, Charlotte Parke, Jene Wilcox, Sherrill Lawrio, Joanne Crawford. Row 3: Kay Davies, Jeanne Dewar, Joyce Krasko, Judy Nicholas, John Larrabee, Mr. Eddy, Martha Eddy, Kathryn Reynolds, Carolynn Williams, Thomas Hooko, Robert Houck, David Blakeney, Kent Luther, Douglas Spencer . Junior High Row 1: Shirley Wordell, Mar- garet Clapper, Rosemary Yoakin, Shirley Dymond, Jo Ann Burris, Gene Zierat, Joan Harvard, Mary Low Smith, Carolyn Andrews, Di- ane Morse, Juanita Larrabee. Row 2: Gerald Gould, James Compbell, Dean Crawford, Janice Wiggins, DeaneWickham, Michael Di Mernzio, Harold Reisinger, Howard Rinker, Patrick Gage, Douglas Gustin, Richard Wilson, Tom Letternon, Dick Currie, Carol Osman, Gloria Lane, Bonnie Bar- tholomew, Bonita Coleman, Jean- ne Robinson, Phyllis Krasko. Row 3: Patricia Purdy, Marie Yonkin, Sandra Gow, Ellen Soro- me f f chinsky, Jeanne Farmham, Ethel Sisson, Marvin Rinker, George Quinn, Ronald Stalford, Martin Wilde, Pc 106 Eldred, Yvonne Jacobs, Mrs. Bassage, Directoress. 5 enior High Boys' Choir -WM Row I: James Purdy, Richard Williams, Bernard Nelson, Fred Kearney, John Wilmont, Paul Krestalude, Bob Coughlln, Mark Lucas. Row 2: David Ezzo, David Bryant, Doug Doolittle, Thomas Roskelly, Dave lnfantine, David King, Bob Mac- Queen, Ronald Meyers. Row 3: Arthur Holmes, Gene McGowan, Ronald Ferris, Robert Graper, Phil Dailey, Jim Kalbough, Mike Drabo, Jack McQuiston, Emery Reistetter. Director: Mr. Eddy. Accompanist: Dawn Starbuck. ,jenior High Girls' Choir ,,MW""i Row l: Glenda Harward, Linda Poff, Carole Bisgrove, Betty Snyder, Nancy Nichols, Brenda Pitcher, Marilyn Dingleberry, Dawn Starbuck, Kay Herceg, Georgia McKaig, Claudia Clark, Carole Mather, Kay Davies, Linda Andrews. Row 2: Charlotte Parke, Susan Szyppanski, Kathy Pricmont, Doris Gaskill, Judy Touhey, Ann Riffenancht, Dorothy Parker, Lucy Tracy, Betty Scarano, Judy Nicholas, Betty Nicholas, Pat Wells, Sharyl Bidlack, Marcia Antisdale, Shirley Miller, Sue Manning, Donna Pollard, Betsy Baldwin. Row 3: Joy Chase, Nancy Coleman, Nancy Crawford, Betty Lou Carey, Louise Bailey, Janet Kocher, Sue Litts, Joyce Haight, Linda Smith, Saundra Battista, Judy Weeks, Judy Fisk, Carol Price, Joanne Ward, Jo Gunther, Marilyn Lewis, Leanne Tompkins, Joan Kittle, Donna Dykeman, Marion Merkel, Anne Williams, Carole Porter- field, Carole Woolever. Row 4: Saundra Battista, Rosemary Lynch, Bonnie Berube, Joan Lillie, Linda Love, Carole Zimmer, Carole French, Virginia Cole, Ph llis Lee, Judy Moore, Judy Whitesell, Louise Velie, Linda Luce, Susan Campion, Jo ce Goodhart, Marilyn goodhart, Peggy Ferris, Marie Warfield, Donna Wiggins, Gail Potter, Jeanne Schub- nehl, Donna Adams, Gloria Henderson, Jean Bolchunns, Nancy Kintner, Beatrice Brown, Harriett Thrasher, Carolee Purdy. Accompanists: Mary McGregor, Donna Baker. TU7 e"i0fHiQ" Row i: Patricia Stanton, Jackie Card, Saundra Battista, Kay Meeker, Barbara Douglas, Jene Wilcox, Ronald Meyers, David Bryant, James Purdy. Row 2: Elizabeth Carey, Judy Moore, Donna Chase, Sandra Johnston, Virginia Johnson, Arthur Holmes, Lanny Gregory, Varren Giles, Robert Houck, James McQueen, Brent Landon. Row 3: Jackie Winans, Nancy Post, Joanne Ward, Pauline Sticklin, Sue Martin, Carolynn Williams, Edwin Alley, Ray Berube, William Zimmer, William Marvin. Row 4: Nancy Ryan, Shirley Ressiguie, Bonnie Gregory, Alice Weed, Arlene Vandemark, Ronald Ferris, Jim Kuenzli, William Howard, Bruce Brundage, Delbert Terry, John Wilmont, Bob MacQueen, Jim Cobb, Jean Dewar, Sue Burnes, Joyce Chamberlain, Carol Porterfield, Patty O'Brien. Dorothy Duerr. Rosemary Parisclla. Ann Severn, Vicky Hooko, Marilyn Bryant, Judy Whitesell, Gene McGowan, Mike Drabo, John Pachuk, Robert Graper, Thomas Wa . Director: Mr. Clark Eddy. Mixed Choir lflafq fffw Row I: Bob Coughlin, Harold Gilg, Martha Eddy, Merle Ace, Barbara Coulter, Marlene Stanton, Bette Bair, Elaine Duffy, Betsy Baldwin. Row 2: Jack McQuiston, Mark Lucas, Leo Hildebrand, Marjorie Lisenby, Mary Flaherty, Joyce Kushner, Ruth Opp, Carole Bostwiclc, Jean Pierson. Row 3: Paul Mclflligott, James Gleason, Claudia Clark, Kay Herceg, Gail Potter, Judy O'Brien, Priscilla Mann, Betty Nicholas, Shirley Tinklepaugh. Row 4: Philip Dailey, Robert Reynolds, Duane Merritt, Lorraine Neild, Jeanne Schubmehl, Faye Strouse, Donna Baker, Marie Warfield, Joan Hill, Mary Gunther, Dawn Starbuclc, Sharyl Bidlaclc. Accompanist: Sherrill Lawrio . 109 HO uw' ,Mutt Junior High Boys' Choir Row l: Mrs. Bassage, Gene Zierkl, Gary Doupe, Donald Parker, John Garney, Anthony Scarano, Sam Burg- graaf, Harold Shelp, Keith Young, Hugh Breuche, Dennis Ryan, Lauren Coleman, John Ganln, Ronald Stalford. Row 2: David Drabo, Burt Dunlap, Daniel Earl, Ray Stehm, Tony Ziemba, Larry Leamer, Donald Williams, Dean Roosa, David Ross, Martin Rarapaugh, Robert Sticklin, Albert McDaniel, James Pepp, Harold May, Kevin Bryant, Reml Thiliedeau, William Kalbaugh. Row 3: Gerald Gould, Johnny Simpson, James Wildey, Roger Dodd, David Giannuzzi, Reed Brundage, Richard Snyder, Gerald Gilbert, Kenneth Rignall, Hal Williams, Alvin Williams, James Rising, Norman Campbell, David Northrup, Ray Petrush, Ray Geideman, Hugh Preston, Gordon Walter, Neil Lawton, Richard Gregsen. .WW'Junior High Girls' Choir Row l: Sylvia Coulter, Gail Krissel, Sharon Smithmen, Hazel Svelmont, Rosemary Yonkin, Sall Horned, Diane Taylor, Joyce Winne, Laura Lee Lochwood, Judy Homes, Nancy Pollard, Linda Smith, Carol tXcQuiston, Ka Vail. lilow 2: Mrs. Bassage, Directoress, Ena Gallup, Mary Angelo, Betty Cheney, Carole Genung, Shirley Dymond, Betty Lynch, Carol Jones, Judy Lenox, Sharon Mulhollen, Patricia Post, Leala Sternburg, Judy Piester, Gail Baleylcin, Joan Dretschmas, Susan Dunn, Sylvia Tuckey, Sharon lrving, Glenda Barnes, Naome Lane, Judy Crotty, Mary Ann Mascioli . Row 3: Patricia Purdy, Betty Niely, Dorsa Nelson, Diane Green, Shirley Fisher, Prisella Saxton, Bonnie Schaft, Judy Johnson, Sarah Joiner, Carol Lawrio, Beverly Chilson, Sheila Burgher, Marley Hanifan, Phyllis Davidson, Louise Murphy, Shiela Smith, Patricia Machovec, Linda Randall, Janice Mather, Diane Baer, Patricia Hanifan, Mary Ellen Stoddora, Bonnie Bartholomew, Sandra Marsh, Carol Miller, Beth Berne, Sandra Simpson, Susan Fole . Row 4: Priscilla Dains, Jean Olver, Dorothy Heath, Joyce Hackllng, Barbara Brough, Judy Van Deveer, Bemita Griswold, Mary Jame Hernon, Kathy Wingler, Carolyn Rush, Carol Julga, Marlene Neild, Linda Stover, Karen Robinson, Marjorie Davis, Lynne Taylor, Barbara Munson, Cora Crawford, Diane Hartman, Margaret Clop- per, Joyce Orzell, Irene Robinson, Constance Johnson, Edith L'Hommedieu, Mary Ann Osman, Nancy Gratfius, Sandra Corwin, Judy Adams, Arlene Allyn, Mary Ann Watrous, Phyllis Krasko. Wilunior High Mixed Choir Row I: Janet Gleason, Claudia Greene, Laurel Lockwood, Kay Vail, Carol McQuiston, Sandra Gowk, Carol Genung, John Garney, Lawson Greenbalgh, Sam Burggraaf, Remi Thiliedeau, Mary Angelo, Josephine Parker, Gail Babylsin, Joan Kretschmar, Susan Dunn, Donna Rossen, Diane Taylor. Row 2: Mrs. Bassage, Directoress, Helen Fetherolf, Yvonne Jacobs, Shirley Fisher, Dorsa Nelson, Donna Cuddilce, Judy Shafer, David Drabo, Deith Young, Anthony Ziemba, Kenneth Becker, Neil Jaunesheh, Eileen Howard, Phyllis Krasko, Patricia Machnec, Pat Eldred, Linda Randall, Judy Brown, Judy Plester, Marley Hanafin, Pat Post, Diane Green, Ronald Stalford. Row 3: Bonita Coleman, Judy Lenox, Joyce Hackling, Mary Ellen Stoddard, Barbara Brough, Judy Vander- nor, Bernita Griswold, Mary Osman, Carol Osman, Myrna Briggs, JoAnn Bunis, Karen Robinson, Priscilla Dains, James Wildey, Albert McDaniel, Donald Williams, Danial Ross, Kevin Bryant, Leo Gabriel, Leslie May, Pat Perrone, Stella Lyon, Eleanor Myer, Donna Komarnisky, Louise Murphy. Row 4: Marcia Heath, Mary Jane Hermon, Linda Stoner, Jeanne Robinson, Barbara Munson, Christa Wagner, Daniel Gainnuzzi, Reed Brundage, Larry Rounds, Gerald Gilbert, Alvin Williams, James Rising, David North- rup, Ray Heideman, Richard Snyder, Gordon Walter, Cora Crawford, Diane Hartman, Nancy Graffins, Janice Mather, Jeane Olver, Diane Morse, Juanita Landue. Among the school activities contributed by the music department were the Christmas Pageant, Spring Concert, Exchange Assembly, and the stirring music at our sporting events. As the Exchange Assembly was held after publication pictures could not be included. The music department has had an addition to its membership this year in the person of Mrs. Carolyn Bassage, who capably directed the Junior High Choirs, and Junior High Orchestra. lil 5 ro .-WWW' Junior High Band Y .. r Q3-an El xx Row 1: Eleanor Meyer, Wayne Walter, Mary Lou Smith, Kathy Allyn, Richard Wilson, Donna Komarnisky, Janice Wiggins, Dean Crawford, Richard Currie. Row 2: Jim Herceg, Bruce MacQueen, Carol Lawrio, Janice Neilson, Terry Hughes, Gloria Robek, Ralph Zuleeg, Gary Sanford, Alan Hollister, Michael Dlnunzio, Dennis Arrufae, Gary Drost. Row 3: Sand Simpson, George Cook, Fred Hasley, Judy Morton, Kenneth Becker, Carolyn Stalker, Jerry Hu- dock, George guinn, Brian DeWolfe. Twirlers: Sue Pearsall, Kay Mitchell, Mary Osman, Vonda Moulter. D he Per ,gb 'fill 4 "' Row i: Lawson Greenhalgh, Kay Frey, Mary Lou Johnson, Judy Schafer, Carolyn Andrews, Joan Howard. Row 2: Edward Loxhe, Norman Campbell, Pat Gage, Gary Eileen Howard, Donna Rothrock. Row 3: Gene Vaillancourt, Martin Wylde, Lee Avery, Thomas Letterman, Ronald Slick, Bob Moyer, Larry Rounds, Allan Plymale, Bob Sloder, Gene Gott, Linda Lawrio, Dennis Ryan, Theodore Peck, Ronald Stalford, Diana Hartman, Diane Wickham. 112 Twirlers: Judy Brown, Patricia Purdy, Phyllis Davidson. ..T H3 CLASS OF I956 We join with YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS ot this happy time in CONGRATULATING eoch one ot you THE ENDICOTT NATIONAL BANK ENDICOTT TRUST COMPANY Endicott -Vestol - Endwell UNION-ENDICOTT OFFICE MARINE MIDLAND TRUST COMPANY of Southern New York to SI O OOOOO for eoch depositor ihsu C CONGRATULATIONS GOOD LUCK THE CLASS OF 1956 F ROM ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES ENDICOTT JOHNSON WORKERS GROWTH The United States of tomorrow belongs to the children of today and the adults are the trustees for them. It is our duty to safe- guard the principles that have made our country great and to encourage all with whom we come in contact to take an ever increasing interest in the family and the homeg thereby contributing to the better- ment of our communities, the growth of our country, and the improvement of our relations throughout the world. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CO T B D 0 R A N I 5 LUMBER-MILLWORK MASON ATLANTIC SERVICE Bunding Supplies FREE PICK-UP ond DELIVERY Vestal Lumber Cr Supply Co Inc Vestal Parkway Phone 9-9426 Ar tI'1eVioduct-Vestal N Y o ol 5 3307 H6 -I f M: P '- 3 L Iexanher arve . l jj " 4 ,L M2 Iothinq Aww mon Beckwith lumber Co., Inc. "THE ONE STOP LUMBER YARD" Dealers in ' LUMBER, COAL AND MASON SUPPLIES PHONE ENDICOTT 5-3387 OFFICE IO HOOPER ROAD ENDWELL, N. Y. ANDERSON WINDOWS MILLWORK AND TRIM ROOFING AND SIDING OAK AND YELLOW PINE FLOORING STORM DOORS AND STORM WINDOWS U.S .G. PAINT PRODUCTS QUALITY LUMBER CARPENTER TOOLS AND HARDWARE Volspclr Vcarnish and Paint Products II7 COMPLIMENTS of PIERSCNS OFFICE EQUIPMENT STATIONERY DUPLICATING MACHINES SUPPLIES Floor Wax, Cups, Towels BANQUET-PARTY DECORATIONS AND FAVORS Graduates of 1956 History knows no parallel to the amazing story of America . . . the conception, growth and fruition of a new way of life. History's brightest and most hopeful chapter-America and the American way-is relatively "current", All that has gone before contributed to the America that is today, all that is to come will be influenced by a nation that pioneered and prospered with a new notion . . . democracy. But in the chronological cavalcade of nations marching one by one, America is the boisterous youth . . . the exuberant, the zestful, the confident, with the sure and steady faith of youth. Youth typifies the American way . . . and, like the nation, looks forward with confidence, looks back with respect and appreciation. Evening and Sunday Dedicated to the service of the people H8 clear and bright day or night... SNAPSHOTS ON NEW ANSCO AII-Weather Pun Film ANSCO BINGHAMTON, New YORK, u.s.A. America s Oldest Photographic Company LEADING THE WAY TO BETTER HEALTH CROWlEY'S MILK CO., INC. PHONE 2-6441 A Complete Lune of DAIRY PRODUCTS II9 Best Wishes CLASS OF 1956 Westfall's of Vestal CONG ATU A ONS cmd BEST WISHES to the CLASS O 56 lOU-MAX DIE 8. MODEL SHOP, INC. VESTAL, NEW YORK at nwdern S plete plant T Q, - vw -2 . - 2 , S 6 Q, Q1 wn.,,.,w ww - 60 WALL STREET - BINGHAMTON, N Y STAR DRY CLEANERS COM P L IM E NTS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY of Moinomce THE BINGHAMTQN VESTAL Diol5-6116 SAVINGS BANK 48 Henry Street Dial 2-1765 62-68 Exchange Street BINGHAMTON 121 Our sincerest wishes for the BEST OF LUCK to the CLASS OF '56 CADRE IN. Mc LEAN'S The Southern Tier's NEWEST DEPARTMENT STORE AIR CONDITIONED for your shopping comfort CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER Clayton H. Randall FREE ESTIMATE GENERAL REPAIR WORK Box 86 Vestal, N .Y. Phone 5-5023 CASTLE GARDENS P L A N T S for HOME and GARDEN Vegetables in Season W. B. CASTLE fr SONS INC. PHONE 5-l l52 Congratulations to VESTAL'S CLASS OF '56 K. HEIN MACHINES INC Manufacturer of MACHINE PARTS Tools-Dies EXPERIMENTAL WORK Special Machines 34l Vestal Parkway, East VESTAL, NEW YORK STATE BEAUTY sALoN HAIR STYLING PERMANENT WAVING IO8 East Main Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 5-4651 T 1 Your Hometown NEWSPAPER rogef ALL THE HOMETOWN NEWS HE VESTAL N EWS By Mail: Year S250 2 Years 54.00 PHONE 8-3334 COMPLIMENTS of CORNELL'S DAIRY PRODUCTS INC. 25 Kentucky Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 5-6031 COMPLIMENTS of VESTAL DRY GOODS YOUR FAMILY STORE SINCE 1939 Serving Your Community With Nationally Advertised Brands 105 MAIN STREET, VESTAL Phone 5-4661 Hilkins JEWELERS Our 4Oth Year 46 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Dial 5-0121 GERALD S. CRANE GLF Agent VESTAL, NEW YORK FEED and SEEDS FARM SUPPLIES Phone 5-O721 Vestal Parkway, East STACEY says: I'm as Near as Your Telephone! KEN W. BROWN Realtor vvEsTFAl.i. BUILDING Home ............ 5-8623 Eusiness . . ......... om ............ - e WEDDINGS VESTAL, New YORK CANDID PARTIES BIRTHDAYS STUDIO SHOWERS LEGAL PHONE 8-2531 COMMERCIAL Miss Bride-This ad is worth money to you. HARRING-I-ON STUDIO RESIDENTIAL SPECIALISTS 9lI East Main Street Daily Bulletin Building Endicott, New York R, Manning Mr. Harrington lT'S A NEWSPAPER with AN IMPACT ON ITS READERS lt's a Community Minded Newspaper THE DAILY BULLETIN Serving Western Broome and Eastern Tioga Counties "ALWAYS BUY BULLETIN" YOU HAVE MINIATURE GOLF AT ITS VERY BEST AT TAYLOR'S TINY TOWN VESTAL, NEW YORK OPEN NOON TIL MIDNIGHT ADULTS-- 35c CHILDREN UNDER I2-25C Come In and Putter Around SWAIN PHARMACY, INC. "EXPERT PRESCRIPTION SERVICE' CHAS. H. SWAIN, PROP. Phone 5-9451 IOO N. Main St. Vestal, N.Y. CONGRATULATIONS from VESTAL YOUTH BIBLE CLUB Choose you this doy whom ye will serve. . .we will serve the Lord. Josh. 24: I5 E. M. Crutienclen Gross Cutting Equipment C1 Supply Co. SALES cmd SERVICE Phone Endicott 5-927l I 20 North Main Street VESTAL, NEW YORK CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '56 TRANSFORMERS INC. VESTAL, NEW YORK ,i .?,-,T Modern Design Division of N.E. HILL BAKERY H.C. SCHLOER, I N C . FROM OUR OVEN DIRECT TO YOUR HOME BAKED FOODS Dial 5-9901 CONGRATULATIONS CQLONIAL CLASS OF '56 "Binghomton's Finest" FRMIKIE K .IDHIIIIIE now with R E STA U RA N T Snack Bar MR 98 BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK VEST-AL, NEW YORK 3 Miles West on Highway I7 Phone 9-0801 PHONE 9" 5" I27 RUSSELL C. TERRY BEST W'5"'E5 REALTOR ffvfhe C LASS OF '56 I47 Front Street Vestal, New York TRANSFORMERS INC Phone 5-3349 ZOO Stage Road Residential - Commercial VESTALI NEW YORK Rentals Phone 8-3311 BARNEY AND FRANK W. 0'CONNEll DICKINSON INC. Incorporated Ready Mixed C 0 N C R E T E GENERAL CONTRACTORS WASHED SAND and GRAVEL Crushed Gravel Mason Sand 329 Water Street R.D, l, VESTAL, NEW YORK Binghgmfon Phone 9-I536 I28 SUPERIOR ELECTRIC l25 West Main Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 8-3381 HARRIS SUPER MARKET Ross Corners Vestal, New' York Largest, Most Well-Stocked Super Market in Town SHOP AND SAVE ENDICOTT Co-Op G.L.F. Service, Inc. I I6 Jennings Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS FEED - SEED - FERTILIZER Lawn - Garden Supplies COMPLIMENTS of BETTY'S DRIVE-IN VESTAL PARKWAY BUICK F. L. ROUNDS, INC. Endicott Sales Cr Service Inc. NEW BUICKS Blue Coal Electric Furnace Man OFICI Certified Used Cars , SPECIAL BUICK TRAINED SERVICE l9OO North Street Endicott, New York I33 North QASIEFEQSOINEVV YORKDICH 5-Sl I5 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 VESTAL PHARMACY Herbert F. Brennen, Reg. Phar. I33 Front Street Vestal, New York PHONE 5-7l6l A Complete Musical Service HICKEY'S MUSIC STORE 330 East State Street Phone 4-l lOl ITHACA, NEW YORK f f Z 7 Q NICK S Homemade IC E C R EA M CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '56 VICTOR B. TAYLOR General Insurance I I4 Vestal Parkway, East Phone 8-334i VESTAL, NEW YORK GEARY BROTHERS SUNOCO Welly Tires Wax Jobs LUBE--OIL-GAS-ETC. VESTAL PARKWAY, EAST Compliments of VAUGHN'S CLOTHING For Men and Boys IO7- I O9 East Main Street PHoNE 5-2131 ENDlcoTT iuNloNm, N. Y. , N ft JF: Compliments , sw .J '83 ,Nj K I lx QT' tx kfdxj Nl? Lof Ql?7v33swQiLi..:' X33 .X 'I' my X.: .N L ,JACK I. Q COMMUNITY MOTEL Route I7, 3 Miles West of BINGHAMTON FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE BINGHAMTON 9-2281 SAWICKIS' BAKE SHOP Cake for All Occasions Cookies and Party Sandwiches IOS East Main St. 57 Washington Ave CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to CLASS OF l956 The Georgia Hanks Endicott Corporation Stationery and Office Supplies BUSINESS FURNITURE -- EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES and DRAWING EQUIPMENT D R A Z E N S . . . "City of Foshion" 96-98 State Street 59 Washington Ave. Endicott, N. Y. BINGHAMTON' NEW YORK Dial 2-3495 Congrotulotions COMPLIMENTS CLASS OF '56 of ROUFF FURNITURE CO. CARSON'S ROTARY SERVICE "Dedicated to Better Homes" Bridge Street Phone 5-9761 ENDICOTT, NEW YORK - OWEGO, NEW YORK VESTAL NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS CO Vments mp I of of RGJ REFRIGERATION Your Frigidaire Dealer Front Street VESTAL JACOB Y. BECKER A. L. GEORGE - Food Distributors i VESTAL, NEW YORK Phone 8-3331 LOUIS N. PICCIANO Cr SON Crone Plumbing - Heoting ond APPLIANCES IZO4 Witherill St. Phone 5-9985 ENDICOTT, NEW YORK THE BURT CO. GREATER ENDICOTT'S FAMILY STORE tor Over 35 Years CONGRATULATIONS to VestaI's Class of '56 NEWING EQUIPMENT ' CONSTRUCTION ' Industrial Power FARMI NG EQUIPMENT ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Phone 5-9989 I CLEARVIEW ESSO STATION S H I P M A N S LUBRICATION WASHING Batteries Tires ATLANTIC GAS AND OIL 24-Hour Service PHONE 5-965l COMPLIMENTS of FANCHER APPLIANCE INC. GROOVER'S JEWELRY MORTON'5 MARKET l48 Front Street Vestal, New York SOI Mein Street Phone 5-9742 Phone 5-0300 Specializing in Choice Meats and Groceries DOYLE'S TEXACO SERVICE Front and Main Street VESTAL, NEW YORK I IMI COMPLIMENTS of ROBERT HANAFIN, Inc., Insurance ELMER ANGEVINE AGENCY INC. COMPLETE SERVICES INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE and Mortgages 145 Washington Avenue Endicott, N. Y Phone 8-1529 RECTOR SHEET METAL Install HEAT, Repair FURNACES Eavestrough, Air Conditioning 1 12 Vestal Road Phone 5-4363 VESTAL, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS of STANLEY MISKE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR PAT PATTERSON'S CYMA WATCHES are the finest money can buy WE ARE THE EXCLUSIVE DEALER IN ENDlcoTT AND VESTAL - FROM 549.50 up 17 Washington Avenue Endicott, N. Y. Phone 5-2651 H. J. RUSSELL'S INC. Excavating Contractors Phone 5-5281 VESTAL, NEW YORK COMPLIMENTS of VESTAL Meat 8' Sea Food Market NEILD'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIR and Wrecking Service COMPLIMENTS ofthe TRI-CITI ES INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments to the CLASS OF '56 COLETTI'S DINER UNION WALL PAPER 8' PAINT The Progressive Store for Modern HOME DECORATIONS COMPLIMENTS of CARL A. WALKER - Insurance CONGRATULATIONS from M A R Y ' S S T O R E Phone 5-9838 Vestal Center, N .Y. Morton's Market MGIH Street Phone 5-9742 VestaI's Biggest Little Meat Market COMPLIMENTS ofthe C O R N E R G R I L L Andrew Kushner, Jr., and John Hogan, Prop. DAN Cr JlM'S ESSO STATION ls the Place to Stop Clayton 8. Vestal Pkwy. Vestal, N .Y. Phone 5-7922 Vera's Beauty Shop Specializing in Cold Waves and Hair Styling Phone 5-0491 PEE TEE'S RESTAU RANT Famous for FINEST IN FOODS I33 VESTAL PARKWAY, EAST Manor Park GULF Service I005 Main St. Vestal, N .Y. Phone 5-9705 Ken Wilcox, Prop. COMPLIMENTS of VESTAL SHOE REPAIR VESTAL MOTEL Vestal Parkway Route I7 Vestal, N .Y . Phone 8-3338 VESTAL Wine fr Liquor Store IOS North Main Street COMPLIMENTS of MAY'S GROCERY CHOCONUT MARKET Groceries Meats Hardware Paints MOBIL GAS AND OIL Choconut, Pa. Congratulations to the CLASS OF '56 BARNE'S Red G' White Store DEE Y. MOORE'S Texaco Service Washing, Lubrication, Tires, Accessories 2809 Watson Boulevard Endicott, New York UNION HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware - Bottle Gas - Paints GLASS, PLUMBING SUPPLIES, HOUSEWARES VESTAL TROPICAL FISH PLANTS TANKS ACCESSORIES IZO W. Main St. Union Dist., Endicott, N. Y. Phone 5-0491 We invite you CONGRATULATIONS to Consult Us the TO THE CLASS OF '56 PROBLEM OF CLEANING your establishment O'B SATI SFACTORI LY OIL COMPANY CRANDALL SUPPLY CO., Incorporated 77 State Street Phone 2-6425 BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK Branches: Elmira-Cortland P .O. Box 31 Phone 5-1951 "Keep Clean With CrandaII's" VESTAL, N EW YORK CENTRAL PACKAGE STORE GEORGE F. SKATING PAVILION Front Street JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK VESTAL, NEW YORK I 'J Q JSM-I AUTOGRAPHSQCJQIJSQJI. 'sg . jmiir I lxwiyfiltf Q , Qxgb?-Tv"i9I9i ' My ' is -If Qt 1115 I I I M to I ff if F Y IIMIIJIINITIIIII r if 2p2 AlIf0 ra hs :wg 1 W W., MJ X WW .334 R ww Ac ,uve ewzoixl j WWW 'MW Af,1i:1i,i15W fbafy A"-'A A-"J Xrylxfnxx If I 11, rib ' EQW WJ' XA- if Q5 - ex fwwhf f 5W6mmM JQRQQ I W! J l 1 Z! , ,V if I i 'f!21j6 ffm4149 m X N J xl 1 I Vv,' ,-fr ' XJ W , ' J ff 1 C W N,fX4a, d V wig? M I X fp wfmw Qgafywwb J!fV 3, ,yfwwff H ,IQ "..X2'jW 4pMMMM bww? WM iffy Mifwfpjff M MLTWJV Q2 W Sf get G av f 1 1 g , f, A iff? CX' C-- S 655 Q5 giwjqx ' mm, iw if' MW -QQ www mg? My ,QiiQ,1 f2ff,1L Aix ' WN A 4 :gif WFP QV Q " xi? , - I , '. f lp was ffffizixffw WM fy wwf P W -W off 'f M "ff WW 4?"',""Jf ' ' ww, QWW4., W ff: fa 'M if' ' pp Jr-uf, P . D,g?'M'qzffJ +52 W1yf"0f PM QM My ' 1 QW Qfiyix QA Wim MAT lv I 1 FWHM'-.- - -V 'W' V. . , .Ll " H. ,, Y 'WWEQQH , V 1 -"W ' 4 1 V. . F. , . Y -My 1 i' ' Y ' 3, .va ':'4 Tw? ' A 271' ,-MP" W mf F ra,fr,f so GMM W ? I I f A wwf ,qw I mf X 5 T., J Now the time is growing short Our high school days are o'er We, the Class of '56 Will be a class no more. The memories of our high school days We'lI cherish through the ears The homework, proms, andyCIass Day, The happiness and tears. The many friends we've made Are like a guiding light That lead us through our school days To graduation night. Although we're sad to graduate We cannot long be sad The future is but a mirror Of pleasures we have had. For though tonight we have to part And each go his separate way The Class of T956 Wlll meet again someday. Nancy Ryan

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