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--- i V M., ww Q, t 31 , 1 T m, .,1,3l 3 ,. Tt :S Tie ii 5 ' 1 -' 1 Q 'AA EHa 'E 'lam I. Ml tlt EWQEQ sgmq I .W.m,f.L'W!,s.. A , my 'W 5-'ill ., wt- l I 5 . 5 22 --1' I ,L A 'V .15 , Ji 1, we-Y ll n1 iii a FHJwj y mia x my The Tenth Volume of the Yearhoolc THE DEN Pulzlishecl By The Senior Class of Vestal Central School Vestal, New Yorlc .lune,1952 J DEDICATION Who dreamed a dream one day almost ten years ago, Who saw the need of a yearbook in the dark hours before the dawn when Vestal still was sleeping, Who put the will behind this dream making it become a reality in the golden memories we count in retrospect. We, the Class of 1952, affectionately dedicate this volume to Mr. Stephen O. Salmon for his untiring efforts and his guiding help through our years in this Vestal Central School. 2 FCREWORD When our high school days are but dim lights of the past and the mind is busied with worldly care, should this brief protrayal of those days so important in our present high school life bring back our fondest thoughts and make us more appreciative of the weary Way of life. With this thought in mind we will feel rewarded for our labor and time spent. 3 - I WORDS OF WISDOM FROM THE FACULTY S-'Z' K J- I f' 5'x?lX.,Sx,-,xv..5'- N "I wish to publicly compliment the Seniors of 1952 for the part they have played in helping me maintain the standards Mr. Salmon spent nine years in developing. I am sure he feels very proud of you." -- Arthur J. Peck "Do the difficult job now. Take a little more time to do the 'impossible'." -- Mr. Genor "The Seniors- They're jolly and friendly, and in cheer they are rich I've found as our halls they have graced." -- Miss Anna Strong "Its saving good humor will probably make the post-commencement days of this class more enjoyable than that of many." -- Mr. Kearny "Tongues in trees Books in running brooks Sermons in stones Good in everything." -- Miss Murphy "Beauty is its own excuse for being. A curve is the most beautiful distance between two points." -- James Williams "The realization that you know very little is the beginning of wisdom." -- Miss Stahl "One of the best Senior classes I have ever had the privilege of working with. Good luck! -- Mr. Marvin "To a wonderful class: Be ever careful in your choice of friends, And let your special love be given to those Whose strength of character may prove the Whip That drives you ever to fair Wisdom's goal." -- Mrs. Dorothy Harder "With sincere wishes for a bright and happy future of the Class of 1952. My interest will always be with you." -- Louis .T . Pond "Good luck to the Class of 1952. May you be successful in everything you do." -- Philip Persley "Best wishes to the Class of 1952. We shall miss both its fine competitors and supporters of our Athletic Program." -- .Tohn H. Pendlebury "To the Class of 1952: I hope the lessons you have learned in Vestal Central School will benefit you in every way in the years that are ahead of you." -- Phil Hubbard "My experience with the Class of 1952 has been a happy one. It has been one of the best classes I have ever worked with. Luck to all." -- Mr. Hoover "To the graduates of 1952: To keep a sense of humor when adversity overcomes you will enable you to resolve the mysteries of living a fuller, richer, and more enjoyable life." -- H. Reiter 4 OUR BIG STORY The American people are a reading public. This is largely due to the fine system of education enjoyed by all of us. As a result of this great ability of our public, we have many sources of reading material, most widely used being the magazine. In these publications may be found many types of literature - essays, poems, plays, stories, and even letters. In these aforementioned kinds of literature are found innumerable subjects. Some articles are fictional and have as their purpose entertainment only and other articles tell of news and also in- form the public in other fields. It is only fitting that these magazines tell about our educational system which enables the public to read these magazines, and which is also such an important factor in the develop- ment of our nation and its government. The editorial staff of "The Denn has prepared this year's annual in the form of articles, from famous magazines, telling about education at Vestal. As you read the following pages, we hope that you will enjoy seeing and reading about your school, your friends, and yes -- even yourself, in pictures and articles from the leading magazines of the nation. 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS Part . ...Administration Part I ...Seniors Part II. .. ...Homeroom Classes Part V .... ...Classes In Action Part V . .. ...Sports Part VI .... .. .Music Part VII... ...Activities Part VIII .... ...Ads The Be sure to see "Time's" article on our Administration and Faculty P. 7 Everyone knows the Seniors. See their pictures in "Life." P. 17 As for the underclassmen, read about them in "Playmate," P. 39 R ead about classes in action. A good article is found in "American magazinen. P. 49 Sports are written up in "Varsity.'i P. 55 Don't miss "Etude's" report on Vestal's music program. P. 69 Energy is expended in activities. Read about them in "Look." P. 83 Not to be forgotten, "Wall Street" tells about our advertisers. P. 99 6 5 .1 V -V K'., ,gfg 4." ,LW', L ' new 4 ,gn af A5 SENIORS' MEMOIRS - TO OUR FACULTY As we turn another page in our book of memories, we come face to face with the realities of life. We realize that you, both as a group and as individuals, have helped us along the paths in which we had many sunny and dark days, along the rough roads of discouragement and the hills of triumph. Now upon graudation, though we are glad to end the chapter on our school days, we are reluctant to close the school door behind us. To you we extend our deepest thanks and appreciation for the consideration given us -- not only in school work but in the task of growing up. May your kind thoughts and wise consideration aid others as they have helped us. 8 ADMINISTRATION BOARD OF EDUCATION Seated-Mrs. B. Olsong Mrs. M. Johnsong Mr. L. Boland, Presidentg Mr. H. Stantong Mrs. A. Potts, Clerk of Board. Standing - Mr. F. Wescott, Treasurerg Mr. M. Lymang Mr. C. Wil- song Mr. L. Masong Mr. J. Fitzgeraldg Mr. P. Mather, absent. MR. GLENN SLATER District Superintendent MRS. AGNES POTTS Clerk of Board IR. RAYMOND LEADBETTER MR. ARTHUR J. PECK Assistant Principal Acting Supervising Grade Supervisor Principal 9 MR. GORDON BURR Acting Assistant Principal Junior-Senior High School FACULTY 1 ART DEPARTMENT COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Mr. J. Williams Seated - Miss B. SnydergMiss C. Mrs. E. Fanning Stahl. Standing-Mr. D. Lehmang Mr. S. Ford Mr. H. Fanning. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Seated - Miss E. Murphyg Miss H. Fitzgeraldg Miss V. Langlandg Mrs. A. Purdyg Miss P. McCormick. Standing - Mr. H. ReitergMr. W. Lobbg Mr. W. Lawg Mr. R. Sykes. yi DRIVER EDUCATION GUIDANCE Mr. L. Walker Mr. P.P. Gimmie , Miss N. Fenson 10 W 1 2 FACULTY e HOMEMAKING DEPARTMENT Mrs. F. Goss Miss S. Blair 's INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND AGRICULTURE Mr. P. Persleyg Mr. B. Foxg Mr. L. Cookg Mr.S. Stockg Mr. L. Bundy, seated. Q MATHEMATICS DE PARTME NT Front Row - Mr. C. Kearneyg Mrs. D. Roneyg Mr. W. Kintnerg Miss H. Bond. Standing- Mr. W. Tomikg Mr. H. Ransom. LANGUAGE DE PARTME NT LIBRAR Y Miss P. McCormick , Miss C. Baldwin Mr. R. Crowell FACULTY X R. L. C LINIC DE NTA L Dr. Walter Komarnisky Mrs. L. Hart Miss L. Estyg Miss R. Murphy INSTRUMENTA L DE PARTME NT Mr. C. Galough Mrs. M. Brown Mr. C. Eddy Seated - Mr. W. Marvin OFFICE STAFF VOCAL DEPARTMENT Mrs. A. Crawford Mrs. L. MacLowry Mrs. B. Smith Mr. J. Kostun Mrs, M, Hill Miss C. Scott 12 FACULTY PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT COACHES Seated - Mrs. I. Butlerg Miss L. Gennett. Seated - Mr. R. Hooverg Mr. J. Pendlebury Standing - Mr. L. Pondg Mr. J. Pendlebury, Mr. P. Hubbard. Standing - Mr. W. Tomik Mr. P. Hubbard. Mr. D. Lehmang Mr. W. Lobbg Mr. S. Stock F SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT First Row - Mrs. H. Fordg Mrs. D. Harderg Miss A. Strongg Miss J. Kennedy. Second Row - Mr. H. Reiterg Mr. R. Hoover. Mr. P. Persley SCIENCE DEPARTMENT LITTLE WHITE SCHOOL Mr. D.Ca11ahang Mr. P. Hubbardg Mrs. D. Nichols Mr. K. Seeleyg Mr. Genorg Mr. W. Tomik. 13 1 FACULTY INTERMEDIATE BUILDING VESTAL CENTER First Row - Mrs. M. Wi11iamsggMrs. L. Seated - Mrs. B. Hockenberryg Mrs. E Wilcoxg Mrs. M. Ford. Datesg Mr. R. Bakerg Miss M. Burkeg Mrs Standing - Mrs. F. Reynoldsg Mrs. L. M. Lee. Gusting Mrs. F. Gutoskyg Miss M. Munsong Standing - Mrs. G. Kresgeg Mrs. T Mrs. L. Briggsg Mrs. B. RichardsgMrs. B. Bi11ingsgMrs. H. HowardgMrs. E.Stoddard MacQueen. E PRIMARY First Row - Mrs. N. Watermang Mr. E. Albeckg Mrs. L. Slackg Miss M. Youngs. Second Row - Mrs. M.' Oweng Mrs. I. Stroupg Mrs. L. Sherwoodg Mrs. V. Hodg- kinsgMiss M. ParkergMiss M. Fredenburgg Mrs. IP. Persleyg Mrs. M. Boorng Mrs. A. Swinglleg Mrs. K. Genor. f uv, WILLOW POINT ROSS CORNERS Mrs. M. Doupe First Row - Mrs. H. Steen- Mrs, L, Wells burgg Mrs. F. Camp. Mrs. R. McMullen Standing - Mr. W. Walker. 14 H FACULTY NIGHT SCHOOL FACULTY Seated - L. Walker, Driver Ed., G. Blackwell, Rughookingg R. Schroeder, Ceramics, A. Crawford, Department Secretary and Begin- ning Sewing, D. Callahan, Director of Adult Education, C. Mapes, Flower Arrangement, C. Riolo, Advance Tailoring, F. Callahan, Typing. Standing - K. Seeley, Blueprint Reading, J. Williams, Arts, W. Marvin, Photography, L. Brady, Fly-tying, B. Palmer, Auto Mechanics, J. Edwards, Welding, W. Walker, Physical Ed., P. Persley, Machine Shop, R. Sykes, Landscaping and Gardening. a 1. .. . 'N I 3 MQ, we " ky' C ., vu" Hd PHYSICAL EDUCATION HOMEMAKING F. Buran C. Riolo SUMMER PLAYGROUND FACULTY J. Kennedy, S. Ford, H. Bond, J. Pendleburyg M. Owen, R. Westgate. 15 NON - TEACHING PERSONNEL BUS DRIVERS CUSTODIANS Front Row - J. Edwardsg L. G. Rappoldg R. Smithg D. Antisde1gD. Steinruckg F. Jenseng Beamg L. Crismang R. Hawleyg J. Gabrie1gT. SteinruckgM. Neilyg J. Gabrielg T. Steinruck. F. Browng J. Dobrovolsky. Second Row - C. Guntherg F. Ellisg F. Loefflerg M. Crismang B. Palmerg C. Rectory R. Bolleng D. Burdg J. Wardg G. Rappoldg R Burdg C. Osman. SUPERINTENDENT OF OUTSIDE BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS Q D. Knapp .ff-'f"" CAFETERIA - VESTAL CENTRAL CAFETERIA - VESTAL CENTER I. SampsongM. Ellisg L. Mayesg E. Stoutg L. Hickling E. Williamsg O. Quinn. 16 ur: -.--, fl ucfures of Ve sTaL rftral 'S Graduafm SS of 1752 V7 P339 ROGER WE STGATE "Rug" Class President "The company of a justand righteous man is better than wealth and a rich estate." Student C ongre s s 1,2,3,45 Senior Class President 45 Junior Vice Presi- dent 35 Yearbook Staff 45 J.V. Basket- ball 25 Track 1,2,3,45 Senior Play 45 Boys' Choir5 Mixed Choir5 Varsity Clubg Volleyball 3,45 J.V. Football 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Senior King. KATHLEEN STANTON "Kitty" Class Secretary "To hear her speak, and sweetly smile, you were in heaven the while." Cheerleading 2,3,45 Variety Club 2,35 Softball 1,25 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Hockey 1,25 Basketball 1,45 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Girls' Choir 1,25 StudentCongress 2,3, 45 Senior Class Se c r e ta r y 5 Student Congress Secretary 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Receptionist, 25 Junior Queen Can- didate 5 Senior Queen Candidate5 Honor Society. SENIOR L BARBARA PLATT "Barb" Valedictorian "Ambitionis the seed from which all growth of nobleness proceeds." Hi-Y 3,45 U.N. Club, 3,45 Treasurer U.N. 35 Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 35 Hockey 25 Girls' Choir 15 Press Club 25 French Club 35 Literary Editor Yearbook 45 Receptionists 25 Honor Society 3,4. EADERS , ,ly M I - 7 1 x 5 ..,.. . :ww G-W1-,ff :Effie we 2 ws,a- Wm slr a ai? 'ui 52,6 -. 2 gf' ni riff -YL Q fi.. ,gmt avg, ,ff-we--'5 V 1, ' .. .s 'ii Medi.: . ff- fix! - - I: -514 !::f5"" , 'Tse 'if'-:J-, 1- "' ,555 'o "A 5155, ',,f1:,:.:',-, vfggm mu: wt.. ,H -.151 -',-g5:.:w. .w :ffE1'i'f ' 5 a W ALBERTA GARDNER "Bertie" Salutatorian ' 'Thoughts are mightier than strength of hand. ' ' U.N. Club 45 Student Congress 3,45 Camera Club 25 Basketball 35 Home- room Officer 3,45 YearbookCo-Editor5 Honor Society5 Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. 18 , - 515, ,Q H., -W NORMAN SPENCE "Norm" Class Vice President "Much may be made of a Scotchman if he be caught young." Cross Country 15 Bowling 3,45 Vol- leyball 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45Wrestling 2, 3,45 Student Congress 1,2,3,45 Senior Vice Presidentg Varsity Club 3,45Boys' Choir 1,25 Mixed Choir 2. COIT CONANT "Butch" Class Treasurer "I came, I saw, 1 conquered." Baseball J.V. 15 Varsity 2,3,45 Bask- etball J,V. 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Football J.V. 25 Varsity 3,45 Track J.V. 25 Varsity 3,45 Boys ' State 35 Student Congress 1,45 U.N. Club 45 Treasurer of Senior Class. 'I ,QNX "ffm-s PATRICIA D. ANDREESSEN "Pat" "Although she's new, her friends aren't few." TransferredfromSewanig Sewanaha- ka High School, Floral Park, Long Is- land. HERBERT BARNES "Herb" "Hell is empty and all the devils are here." Track 2, Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2, 3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4. Wm' 5 . , Ka. 'Lf-51 ' llhl V ' I gh if . F lx r 2. at 4 5, 4 .mx ,A rg .Z 1 X-1 iff Q5 ff. N V 51.4111 se' 1952 DOLORES ACKLEY "Doddy" "She makes many friends and keeps them too." Girls' Choir 1,2,3,4, Student Con- gress l,2,3,4g United Nations 45 Press Club 25 Cheering 1, Intramurals 1,35 Yearbook Staff 4. JAMES ADRIANCE "Jim" "Pm coming back to haunt you, don't you fret, whether you want to or not, you can't forget." Cross Country 3,45 Track 3,45 F. F.A. 1,2,3,4. 1 ,kW,W5fQH YQW .R div kno- fi 3,g.,1..-, . ji? 1, C" g '44-fills so 1 QMM .Xxf'v,gfi:X:g we V .li ILENE BEAM "Shorty" "Happiness is the only good." Girls' Choir 45 Camera Club Z, F.H.A. 2,35 Honor Society. ROBERT BECKHORN "Bob" "The good memory is so poor that you can't remember what you worried about ye ste rday." Basketball lg Dramatics Club 1, Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. 19 LUCILLE BANICK "Lucy" "The glass of fashion, the mold of form." Student Congress 1,2,3,4g U.N. Club 45 Girls, Choir 1,2,3g Mixed Choir 43 Intramurals 1,2,3g Hi-Y 1,25 Swimming Club4g Yearbook4, Projectionists Club 1,25 Baton 1,23 Senior Play, Honor So- ciety 4. LEON BARRETT "L.B." "How great a matter a little fire kindlethf' Track 1,2,3,4g Volleyball 2,3,4g Cross Country 2,3,4g F.F.A.g Honor Society. we A SENIORS RONALD RAYMOND BERUBE "Canuck" "I'm sorry for any man who has not the imagination to spell a word two 5 ways." ij 2. - K N Cross Country 15 J.V. Basketball 25 iz ' 5 J.V. Baseball 3. A HM' v it HELEN E. BETZ ffneienf' "Helen is tall and full of grace5 she , always has a smiling face? Band 1,253,115 Mixed choir 3,45 or- J "i. chester 3,45 Secretary of Hi-Y 45 Hon- , or Society. ELAINE BISHOP "Elaine" "What man is proof against her , charm?'l Variety Club 35 Junior Queen Can- didate5 Senior Queen Candidate5 Trans- ferred from Maine in Sophomore.Year, 'X JAMES BLOss0M "Jim" 5 ' 5 "Happy am I, from care I'm free5 9' 'frf Q f", Q 5 why aren't all the rest like me?" '-:, ' 5 5 Pfoie C won Club 2,3,4:B0W1ing 3. E , aii 5 Y United Nations 45 Yearbook Staff 4. 5 7' - qv V-,5 J5. .-f. . I V--' S5 3 5 . 55, . .- --.L yr-5325751 'if' 2'5flQFQ fgj:.2i:f?f':5ff E EI- .K BARBARA ANN BROWN "Barb" "Ornament for a meek and quiet spirit." Girls' Choir 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 253. -nf,- HELEN BULMAN "Cookie" "Helen's a friend, so good and true5 when she's around we're never blue." Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Student Congress 45 Home Room President 45 Reception- ist's 25 Yearbook Staff 4. 20 MARY BLEIL "Anything for a quiet l e BERNARD BRONSON "Joe "Fortune is not on the side of the faint hearted." J.V. Football 2,35 Wrestling 2 Volleyball 3. ,- ,gy JOYCE COOK "Cooky" "All this and heaven tool" United Nations Club 45 Hi'-Y Club 45 Volleyball 45 Senior Playg Transferred from U-E in Junior Year. BARBARA COULTER "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Library Club 15253545 Girls' Choir 253,45 F.H.A. 25 Vol1eyball2,35 Basket- ball 253. 1952 JOHN COMPTON "Johnnie" "His brow is wet with honest sweat." Track 253,45 Baseball 253,45 Football 15253545 Bowling 354. CHARLES CONRAD "Chuck" "A beard is the mark of a man." Football 3545 Baseball J.V. 3. . H+. 'PQ X '555 f BEVERLY DECKER "Bev" "Her yesterdays look backward with a smile" Flag Swinging 15253545 Marching Ba.nd152,3545 Concert Band 15253545 Basketball 3545 Volleyball 3,45 Base- ball 3545 Camera Club 25 Variety Club 3545 U.N. Club 4. JACK DENMARK Pork "Great men are dying every day5I don't feel so well myself." Football .T.V. 2535 Varsity 45 Wrest- ling 2535 Bowling 3545 Track 253545 U.N. Club 45 Band 152,3,4. 21 MARY COUGHLIN "Sh0rty', "She's little5 she's wise5 she's ater- ror for her size." Girls' Choir 152535 Baton Twirling 1525 Student Congress 1,2535 Recep- tionists 2535 Yearbook Staff 45 U.N. Club 45 Homeroom Officer 1,2535 Bas- ketball 3,45 Volleyball 45 Softball 4. ANITA COYLE "The lovelight in her eyes." Student Congress 152535 Homemaking Club 2535 Receptionists 25 First Aid 35 Girls'Choir 2,35 Press Club 25 Basket- ball lntramurals 2535 Honor Society 4. SENIORS DAVID DITTRICH "Tex" GLENN F. DUNI-IAM "Glenn" "No, never say nothin' without you're compelled to, an' then don't say nothin' that you canbe held to." Cross Country 2,35 Track l,2,3,45 Bowling 3,4. EVE LYN FE LLOWS "Evie" "Her step is music, and her Voice is songf' Girls'Choir 25 MixedChoir 3,45 U.N. Club 45 Solo Club 45 Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. .fur- "Get thee behind me Satang and don't pushll' J.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Bowling 45 U.N. Club 4. RIC HARD DUERR "Dick" "The fie1d's his study, nature was his book." F.F.A.1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 1,25 Boys' Choir 1,25 Honor Society 4. MARY FERRIS ' 'Mary" "The place to be happy is here, and the time to be happy is now." Baton Twirling 15 Receptionists 1,25 Intramurals 1,25 Student Congress 1,25 Mixed Choir 35 Girls' Choir 1,25 Hon- or Society. THOMAS FLAHERTY "Tom" "Some do not make much noise, but make their presence felt." F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Treasurer of F.F.A. 2,3,45 J.V. Baseball 2,35 J.V. Wrestling 15 Varsity Wre stling 253,45 Varsity Baseball 4. PATRICIA LOU ELLIS "Pat" "The cheerful live longest in years and afterwards in our regards." Variety Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 U.N. Club 45 Senior Play5 Basketball 3,45 Volleyball 3,45 Swimming Club 45 Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. GAIL DIANNE FELTON "Dianne" "If I couldn't go to heaven but with a party, I wouldn't go at all." Variety Club 2,35 Girls' Choir 35 Mixed Choir 45 Student Congress 2,35 U.N. Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Junior Queen Candidate5 French Club 35 Swim- ming Club 45 Solo Club 4. Y-yy CAROL GARRETT "Carol" "My kingdom for a horse." Christmas Pageant 15Vo11eyball 152, 3,45 Basketball 152,35 Hockey 2,35 Soft- ball 1,2,35Girls' Choir 1,2,3,4. SANDRA GA TES "Sandy" "A friend indeed to all is she, both work and play she does cheerfully." Transferred from Maine in Sopho- more Year. X it ,Ma- if -cl A' . '21 5 E ji , M' 5 ' ,. A fZ' PW'f fH"1 . . 5 5 . 'I 5- :f i xi-"' 195 MARION GAIGE "Mary Ann" "A moment's thinking is an hour in words." Girls' Choir 15 Mixed Choir 253,45 Yearbook Staff 45 U.N, Club 45 Student Congress 45 Receptionists 25 State Competition 2,3545 Junior Prom Com- mittee 35 Home Room Officer 45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Hockey 1,25 Softball 1,25 Pageant 1,35 2 Honor Society. SANDRA GALE "Sandy" "Stillness of person is a sign of good breeding." Receptionists 35 Basketball 15 Bowl- ing 1,25 Volleyball 1,35 Softball 15 Transferred from Endicott in Sopho- more Year. we-if DAVID GOULD "Dave 'l u The art of winning is in working hard." Football J.V. 15 Varsity 253,45 Bas- ketball J.V. 1,25 Varsity 3,45 Track 1, 253,45 Boys' Choir 1,2,45 Mixed Choir 1,2545 President of Boys' Choir5 Vice President of Mixed Choir. THOMAS GREEN "Tom" "It is a world of startling possibili- ties." Varsity Baseball 3,45 Varsity Ffoot- ball 45 Varsity Volleyball 3,45 ,Indus-5 trial Arts 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Congress 3,4. 23 RICHARD GASICILL "Dick" "Too busy with the crowded hour to fear to live or die." Football 15 Bowling 3. LYNN GERCHMAN "Leo" "The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool." Transferred from Forest City High School. MARJORIE HANEY "Margie" "Quiet and serene and tall, always a good friend to all." Band 1,2,3,45Marching Band l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 U.N. Club 3,45 Camera Club 25 Orchestra 1,2535 Basketball 25 Chaplain of Hi-Y 3. KENNETH HESS "Ken" "Life is too short for worry." Basketball 15 Projection Club 1,2535 .45 U.N. Club 45 Dramatics Club 15 Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. SENIORS JAMES GREGORY HJimmy" "Life is a jest, and all things show itg I thought so once, but now I know it." French Club 3,45 U.N. Club 45 Year- book Staff 45 Art Club 35 Senior Play 45 Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. MARTHA JEAN GUILES "Jeannie" "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves." Receptionists 25 Yearbook Staff 4. 7? WCM BARBARA J. HAVEN "Barb" "I have a heart with room for every ivy-" Transferred from Binghamton North in Senior Year. THE LMA HOGG "The1m" "Thelma is a whiz in gym c1ass,and she has a smile for every lad and lass." Softball 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Volleyball 1,2,3,45 Hockey 1,2,45 Variety Club 3,-4. JAMES HOOVER "Jim" "When do the leaves begin to turn? , The night before exams." ' , is 5 Football 35 Track 1,2,3,45 Wrestling I it W 2,3,45B0ys'ich0ir 1,25 Mixedcnoir 1,2. 5 5 T5 Vh-iA 'i-.' El ' -4 ' . ilie loej j ii., 'A,, . gt i ,, . ,, .te RICHARD HOYT Rich .i,5u55.. .,.. ,... . g.,, 5, I- ' ' ' '-i., 5' "And 1 agreed with him than he was wisegwhy should he study and wear out his 9YeS?u - 5 ii .555 Track 1,35 Marching Band 2,3,45 I , Concert Band 2,3,4. 24 LOIS JONES "Loie" "The draft caught her short." Girls' Choir 1,25 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Volleyballg Softball. MARGARET KILMER "Peg" "Agreeableness and friendship are wealth." Marching Band 1,2,3,45Camera Club 25 Badminton 35 Senior Band l,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,4. 195 CRAIG JOHNSON "Ivan" "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." Band 1,2,3,45 Swing Band 25 Mixed Choir 45 Boys' Choir 45 Track 1,253,115 Cross Country 35 Competition 15253545 Freshman Vice Pres.5Sophomore Vice Pres.5 Student Congress Sena'te 1,25 Co-Editor of Yearbookg Honor Societyg U.N. Club 4. 2 DONALD DUANE JONES "Don" "As I go through life's long walk,I say it's better to smile than to talk." Wrestling 2,45 Cross Country 35 l Baseball 4. like ROBERT KRISSEL "Bob" "Though this may be play to you, 'tis death to me." Band 3,4. BARBARA LARRABEE "Barb" U Those happiest smiles that played on her lips." Cheering 1,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 2,35 Scribe 15 Baseball 1,25 Variety Club 35 U.N. Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Congress 35 Basketball 2. 25 JOAN KADEL ".T0anie" "High in stature, high in aims." Mixed Choir 1,2,3,45 Junior Band 1, 25 Senior Band 3,45Marching Band 3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Recep- tionists 25 Senior Play Advertising Manager 45 High School Page in Press 45 Honor Society. ANNA KINTNER "Annie' ' "A face with gladness overspread, soft smiles by human kindness bred." Cheerleader 253,45 Mixed Choir 3,45 Girls' Choir 1,25 Senior Band 1,25 Marching Band 1,25 U.N. Club 45 Year- book Staff 45 Variety Club 2,35 Candi- date for Junior Queen5 Junior Queen5 Candidate for Senior Queen5 Basket- ball 1,25 Orchestra 2. SENIORS GARY LA TELL uneen "Oh, that it were my chief delight to do the things I ought." Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Radio Club 2,35 Track 3,45 Football 3. ROBERT LITTLE "Bob" "Dark and handsome, but not too tall." Marching Band 1,25 Concert Band 1, 25 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Boys' Choir 3,45 Varsity Football 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Freshman Treasurer. RIC HARD MacDOWALL "Mac" "A smile for every fellow, and two for every girl." Mixed Choir 1,35 Boys' Choir 1,35 Track 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 45Wrest- ling 1,25 Volleyball 3,45 Senior Play. 41B bn ROBERT LETSON 0 "Just me and my little green hornet. " Football 1,25 Wrestling 1,25 Band 35 Bowling 3,45 Cross Country 45 Student Congress 3. ,asm-. RONALD MATHER "Ronnie" "The de e pe st rivers flow most silently." Wrestling 25 Mixed Choir 45 Boys Choir 45 Football 2. PETER MCE LLIGOTT "Pete" "The measure of a man's life is the well spending of it, and not the length." Marching Band 1,2,3,45Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Honor Society5 Boys' Choir 3,45 Mixed Choir 3,4. 26 MAR JORIE LOVE "Margie " "Happy is Margie and carefree too5 keep on smiling and good luck, too." Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 1,2,3g Accompanied 7th and 8th Grade Girls and Mixed Choir 15 Honor Society. MARCIA MANN "Marty" "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." Girls' Hi-Y 3,45 Vice President of Hi-Y 45Student Congress 2,3,45 Hockey 25 Yearbook Staff - Advertising Mana- ger 45 Candidate for Junior Queen and Senior Queen5 Girls' Choir 15 Recep- tionist 25 Junior Class Secretary 35 Baton Twirling 15 Press Club 25 Honor Society. DOLORES MERRITT t'Dee" "Quiet, but always smiling." Choir 2,35 Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,2. EUGENE MOREY "Gene" "I am born happy every morning." Boys, Choir lg Mixed Choir 15 J.V. Football 25 J.V. Basketball 2. 195 DONNA Mc LAIN "Donna Belle" "A maiden's crown of glory is her rippling hair." Marching Band l,2,3,45Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 3,45 Mixed Choir 1, 2,3,45Girls' Choir 2,45 Variety Club 2, 45 French Club 35 Student Congress 1, 25 U.N. Club 45 Girls' Hi-Y Club 3,45 Basketball 253,45 Volleyball 45 Honor 2 Society. DAVID MCMULLEN "Smokey" "A million girls and a little man.', Boys' Choir 45 Mixed Choir 45 Vars- ity Football 45 .T.V. Football 2,35 Wrestling 1,45 Baseball Manager 1,25 Track 354. "lv-,,,, mt,- ,ml OPAL ARLEEN MURPHEY "B0bie" H a pound of sadness." An ounce of cheerfulness is worth Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Volleyball 1,2, 45 Variety Club 35 Yearbook Staff 4. GERALDINE MURPHY "Gerry" "As merry as the day is long." Girls' Choir 1,2,3,45 Library Club 35 Receptionists 15 Junior Prom Commit- tee5 Softball 1. 27 .4398 ,,. BARBARA MIKALAJUNAS "Mike" "A good nature is stronger than a tomahawkf' Girls' Choir 2,35 Mixed Choir 3,45 Receptionists 25 Student Congress 2,45 U.N. Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Director of Senior Play, BRUCE MORRISON "Bruce" "The power oi little things is so often noted." Football 15 Wrestling 2. ,fe 'Q- - BEVERLY PALMER "Bev" "She whose personality lacks noth- ing." Softball 1 2 3 4' Volle ball 1 2 3 4 . , y , , s Baskerbaiii,'2,'3,4gGir1sfHi-Y 45 diffs' Choir 1,3,45 Yearbook Smff 4. EUGENE POTTER t'Gene" "A mighty spirit fills this framef, Football 1,2,3,45Wrestling3,45Base- ball 2. SHARON YVONNE NEILY "Sherry" "Happiness is a thing called, 'Don'." Orchestra 1,25 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Mixed Choir 2, 3,45 Girls, Choir 1,25 Camera Club 1, 2g Hi-Y Secretary 35 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Vol- leyball 1,25 Basketball 1 2 RODNEY OUTMAN "Rod" "Here is proof that a man need not be tall to play basketball." Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Football 1,25 Boys' Choir 1. 'sum 'gn-...eq fa- "UGC" ADRIAN PRICE n thing." V, v ttfwubu ::Egg1 A little learning is a dangerous Basketball 15 Football l,2,3,45Wrest- ling 35 Track l,3. LOIS RATHBONE "Major" "Music is the speech of angels." Girls' Choir 25 Mixed Choir l,2,3,45 Variety Club 2,35Softball team 25 Intra- murals 1,2,3,45 Student Congress lg Art Club lg Solo Club 1,2,35 Candidate for Junior Queeng Candidate for Senior Queen, Receptionists 1,25 Honor Society. 28 MARION MARY PLEW "Marion" 'fOh, call it by some other name,for friendship sounds too cold." Basketball 2,35 Volleyball 35 Softball 15 Receptionists 2gStudent Congress 25 Yearbook Staff 4. JOYCE POTTER "Joy" "Manner so gay, heart so free5 worthy person she'll always be." Marching Band 2,3,4. ' x pf-N fb JULIA ROSSI "Ju-Ju" "They are rich who have friends." Student Congress 1,2,3,45 Girls' Choir 1,25Mixed Choir 3,45 Sophomore Class Treasurer5 Junior Class Pres- ident5 Candidate for Junior Queen5 Speaker of House 1,45 Projectionists Club 1. JANICE RUSSELL "Jann "The gold of her ,hair crowns the blue of her eyes, like a halo,tender1y." I-'.H.A. 35 F.H.A. Secretary 35 March- ing Band 3,45 Choir 1,2,35 Press Club 15 C h ri stm as Pageant 1,25 Concert Band 2,3545 State Competition 2,3,45 Vo lle yba ll Intramurals 3,45 Student Congress 15Committees for Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Dances. -uma, f T 1952 AUDREY ROBERTS "Mcuntbatten" "With a smile for everyone, she has her friends, and she has fun." Girls'Choir 15U.N.C1ub 1,45 Variety Club 2,45 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Cheerleader 3,45Girls' Hi-Y 45 Candi- date for Junior Queen5 Honor Society. 'ii 4 , f.' . f .. L L L: S 1,-.ft ALFRED Rossi HAI" este 5 ,. the midnight Oil " Hath thy toil o'er books consumtd Band 1,2,3,45 Track 3. -- .ah VU! DOROTHY SASINA "Dot" "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Yearbook Staff 45 U.N, Club 45Student Congress 3,45 Receptionists 25Camera Club 25 Transferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. ROGER 11 It is better fora man to blush than to turn pale." President of Home Room 15 Accom- panist for Choir 15 Mixed Choir 253,45 Boys' Choir 2,3,45 President of Mixed Choir 45 B:-1chelor's Club 25 Band 45 Transferred from We st Junior in Freshman Year, 29 ft S SUZANNE ROUNDS "Sue " "The merry heart doeth good like medicinef, Mixed Choir 1,253,115 Girls' Choir 1, 25 Marching Band 3,45 Basketball 25 Variety Club 25 U.N. Club 45 Senior Play5 Receptionists 35 State Competi- tion 3,45 Mr. Marvin's Secretary 45 Captain Bowling Team 45 Christmas Pageant 35 Committee for Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Dances. GEORGIA SANDIDGE "Shorty" "In her tongue is the law of kind- ness." Band 1,2,3,45 Drum Majorette march- ing band 3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Pres. of Hi-Y 45 Student Congress 35 Girls' Choir 15 Yearbook 45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Class Treasurer 35 Candidate for Junior Queen, Senior Queen5 Honor Society. 1 , 3 A 5 "'i is f CC4. to SENIORS KENNETH STANLEY "Ken" "School is but a place to stay when the fish w0n't rise." Student Congress 1,25 Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Choir 1,2,45 Boys' Choir 1, 2,45 Boys' Quartet 4. SAMUEL STEPHENS "Sam" "The people sensible enough to give good advice are usually sensible enough to give none." Rifle Club 2,3,45 Marching Band 152, 3,45 Band Concert l,2,3,4. GEORGE SLAVEN uspudn "Life is one long process of getting tired." Baseball 2,3,45 Football 3. RALPH EDWARD SOOS "Popeye" "I meant to do my work today." Basketball 15 J.V. Baseball 35 Radio Club 2. ilfufl- NORMAN TA LLON nnedn "Red hair doesn't always mean a bad temper." Football 3,45 Track 3,45 Radio Club 15 Varsity Club. C LYDE THOMPSON ' 'Sonny' ' "Home is the sailor, home from the sea, and the hunter, home from the hill." Track 1,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3, 45C0ncert Band l,2,3,45 Wrestling 3,45 StudentCongress 35 United Nations 3,45 Camera Club 25 Jr. High Basketball 1, 25 Yearbook Staff5 Boys' Patrol l,2,3. 30 NEVA STEINRUCK "Nev" "Hear the wedding bells chime!" Marching Band 3,45Baton Vice Pres. 35 Band Concert 2,3,45 F.H.A. 35 F.l-LA. Treasurer 35 Choir 2,35 Press Club 15 State Competition 253,45 Basketball 2,3, 45 Volleyball 253,45 Spring Concert 2,3. NORMAN SWARTWOUT, JR. "Lefty" "I awoke one morning, and found myself famous." Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,45Baseball 3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 45 Track 45 Boys' Choir 2. 2 Rece KJ.. RAYMOND GRANT VANDE RPOOL uRayn "He sayethlittle,but thinketh more." Marching Band 35 Concert Band 35 Orchestra 35 Transferred from Largo High, Largo, Florida in Junior Year. MARION WAGNER "Marion" "In future life, she will excell be- cause her work is done well." Student Congress 2,35 Girls' Choir 1,25 U.N. Club 3,45 Mixed Choir 253,45 Candidate for Junior Queen5 Yearbook Staii 45 Intramurals 1,25 Senior Play5 Honor Society 3,4. . 1952 GERALD THORNE "Jerryl' "Tools were made and born were hands5 every farmer understands." Varsity Basketball 1,35 J.V. Basket- ball 25 J.V. Football 15 F.F.A. 1,2. 2 My -iw 31 u RUDOLPH VALLI-:SE ffnudyf' ' 78 'fL. ,, "Last night at twelvel felt immense, but new 1 feei like thirty cents." X 4 Track 1,2,3,45U.N. Club 3,45 Jr. High Basketball 1,2. . CARLTON WARD "Fag" "A schoolboy's tale, the wonder of an hour!" Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Vol- leyball 3,45 Baseball 3,4, tluauq PATRICIA LOU WARREN gold. .gm Awami me ve- sas. ''?5f1"5' Z, 5, npatu "A good disposition I far prefer to !J Hi Y 12 3 4' Press Club - , y , , 3 P- tionists 25 Girls' Choir l,2,35 Mixed Choir 45 Basketballg Volleyballg Soft- ballg Sec. Radio Workshop 35 Sec. of Homeroom 35 Committees for Proms and Senior Play 3,45 Squad leader 15 Yearbook 4. 31 ANN VAN DUZER "Annie" "Variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavor." Jr. High Cheerleader 15Girls' Choir 1,2,3,45 U.N. Club 3,45 Student Con- gress 35 Candidate for Junior Queen 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Intramurals 152. GLEN CARL WALLING "Glennie" "Ah, why should life all labor be?" F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Radio 2. BRUCE WESTON "Bruce" "What should a man do but be merry?" F. F.A. 25 Projectionists 2,3,4g Trans- ferred from Maine in Sophomore Year. GARY WILC OX "'Willi" "The secret of success is constancy to purpose." Marching Band l,2,3,4gConcert Band 1,2,3,4gMixed Choir l,2,4gBoys' Choir 1,43 J.V. Basketball 2,35 Varsity Bas- ketball 4g Honor Societyg Baseball 2,3, 4. lgfY .... lll l va 1 n,'gVV if ,-i. Z Q se.. I 2 5 . .le ,.,, as be S , SENIORS MARY LU WATTS "Sparkie" "This is the short and long of it." Student Congress 1,2,4g Homeroom Vice Pres. 1, Pres. 2g V. Pres. 4g Marching Band, Baton and Color Guard 1,2,3,4gBaton Sec. and Treas. 35 F.H,A. Pres., Basketball 1,2,3g Volleyball 1, 2,3,4g Variety Club 2g Choir 1,2,3, Pres. of Choir 35 Candidate for Jr. Queen, Committee for Dances 1,2,3,4g Committee for Sr. Play, Band Concert 1,2,3,4g Spring Concert 1,2,3g State Competition 1,3gTeen-Age Club 1, Christmas Pageant l,2. ROGER LEE WEBB 'fRog" "What is the end of study? Let me knowlu F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Wrestling 35 Radio Club 25 Track 1. ,K f VV.,f x ,.- . -g 2,5 ft is 'llblwrf' GLEN WOODWORTH, JR. "Gabriel" "His stature tall, I hate a dumpy man." Transferred from Maine in Sopho- more Year. SHIRLEY YOUNG "Shirl" "Shirley is known for her singingg joy to all she'll be bringing." Marching Band 1,2,3,4g Band Concert 1,2,3,4g Girls' Choir 3, U.N. Club 4g State Competition l,2,3,4g Solo Club 1, 2,3. 32 'Sh 9i55'iZ'?f7i:-- 5 . vii, fflli Z' 21 . ROBERT WICKIZER "Wick" 'fThe better part of valor is dis- cretion." Marching Band 1,23 Concert Band 1, 23 Track 1g J.V. Basketball 25 Varsity Basketball 3,49 Varsity Baseball 2,3,4, Varsity Football 3,4gU.N.Club 43 Hon- or Society. DALTON WILLIS ' 'Wi11ie" "I'm always willing to do the best I can, what more do you expect from a man?" Boys' Choir 1,2,3,4g Mixed Choir 2, 3,4g Projectionist 3,45 Bachelors' Club 2, Bowling 2,35 Track 2,33 Cross Country 2g Wrestling 4. 1 9 5 2 JEAN ZALENSIG "Jeni 'e" . "The artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist." Girls' Choir 1,23 Mixed Choir 3,43 United Nations Club 4, Yearbook 45 Art Editor of "Den", Candidate for rf' Junior Queeng Hockey 2,35 Softball 2,33 Basketball 1,2,3g Volleyball 2,35 Honor S . FREDERICK BLEIL Armed Forces. CLASS HISTORY Though most of the Freshman Class had spent nine years in the same surroundings, it seemed, as they climbed the stairs of Vestal Central in 1948, that it was just the begin- ning. And indeed it was! Until now they had been somewhat immature and had been accustomed to thinking of themselves as children. But suddenly they had grown up and had definite goals to attain before they would be fitted to make their way in life. What these lives were to be would depend a large measure on the foundations that would be laid for them in the next four years. They were most fortunate to have as their principal and leader, a man of unexcelled ability and understanding, Mr. Stephen O. Salmon. At the first get-together of the class, officers were elected, and everyone pledged themselves to do their part in all undertakings. Those chosen were: President--Kenneth Stanley, Vice-President--Craig Johnson, Secretary- -Mary Coughling and Treasurer-- Robert Little. As it had been the tradition for many years for the Senior Class to take a trip, plans were discussed to raise money for this. During the fall months, there was the usual run of football games with the Junior Varsity defeating every opposing team. Many of the Freshmen attended the big bonfire that helped spur the teams on to victory. That year the Cross Country team under Sid Stock won its first Triple Cities Championship led by Bill Mitchell, who also took the individual trophy. There was a lovely Christmas Pageant in which many of the Freshmen participated that year, and in the Spring the class had its first big social function- -the Freshman April Fool Dance. The great success of this square dance gave the pea-green class confidence in its ability. At the close of the term, the class went to Lily Lake for a picnic. Then the summer of 1949 flew by and once more the class was back in school. But now one year of their high school career was past, and they had earned the title of Sopho- mores. This time they chose as leaders: Kenneth Stanley--President, Craig Johnson-- Vice President, Kathleen Stanton--Secretary and Julie Rossi--Treasurer. They had as class advisors: Miss Ann Strong, Mr. Donald Callahan, Mr. Leland Genor, and Mr. James Williams. As usual, music played a big part in the progress of the class, under the able super- vision of Mrs. MacLowry, of the vocal department, and Mr. Marvin, Mr. Eddy and Mr. Galough of the instrumental department. With choirs, orchestra, band, etc., most every- one had a part in some form of harmonizing. In April the class had the traditional Sophomore dance called the "Spring Fever Frolic," at which there was a record crowd. Then the class settled down to finish out the term and prepare for the year to come. 33 Class History continuedl In the fall of 1950, they started their Junior year. By this time they felt quite grown up and ready to face most anything. In choosing their officers, this class had one of the biggest political campaigns in the history of the school. The Gold Party had a most amus- ing assembly to spread their viewpoint and the Green Party sponsored a dance to raise money for the class. The Green Party emerged victorious with Julia Rossi--President, Roger Westgate--Vice President, Marcia Mann--Secretary, and Georgia Sandidge-- Treasurer. Faculty advisors for this year were: Mrs. Harder, Miss Stahl and Miss Baldwin. Coach Stock helped bring his boys through a third victory and they thereby won per- manent possession of the Triple Cities Trophy. That fall they also won the Sectional Championship. In November, the class ordered their rings andeagerly awaited the day when they would arrive so they could display them. At Christmas time, a beautiful Christmas Pageant was presented under the direction of Miss Murphy, with background music furnished by Mrs. MacLowry's Mixed Choir. Many Juniors had the pleasure of taking part in this. Then came basketball season with Coach Hubbard's boy's playing many thrilling games. That year a new school scoring record for a single year was set. Shortly after basketball season, the class decided to have a roller skating party. This resulted in some spills, and many laughs, but a grand time was had by all at Roller Drome in Tioga. Sometime in May, the big event everyone had been awaiting rolled around--the Junior Prom. It was probably the most beautiful prom ever held in Vestal, with the gor- geous decorations completed one whole day ahead of time, a feat never before accom- plished by a class. "Southern Rhapsody" as the dance was named, had as a setting a southern mansion and flower garden complete even to a moon. Anna Kintner, who was crowned queen by Sue Knight, was followed to her throne by her attendants who were: Marion Wagner, Gail Felton, Elaine Bishop, Marcia Mann, Kathleen Stanton, Jean Zalen- ski, Georgia Sandidge, Julia Rossi, Ann VanDuzer, Lois Rathbone, Mary Lou Watts and Audrey Roberts. In June, much to the sorrow of the Junior Class, came Class Day. Both classes went to Lily Lake where the Juniors were initiated by the Seniors in the form of bending their knees to every Senior, being painted with lipstick and squirted with cheap perfume. The Seniors were truly having their hayday until some of the Junior boys threw Neil Robinson, a Senior, into the lake. However, the day ended on a happy note with the Junior class feed- ing the Seniors and the reading of the Senior Class Will and Prophecy. The year came to a close with the Junior Class in geat anticipation of the big year yet to come. At last, this class which but four short years before had started in Vestal as Fresh- men, had'reached their glory--they were now known as the Senior Class of 1952. Every- one was more than a little sad to learn that Mr. Salmon would not be with them this all important year 5 for due to poor health, he had been given a year's leave of absence. The heavy responsibilities of this year were given to a man admired by all, Mr. Peck. To run their affairs, the following officers were elected: President- -Roger Westgate, Vice President--Norman Spence, Secretary--Kathleen Stanton, and Treasurer--Coit Conant, Mrs. MacLowry, Miss Fitzgerald and a newcomer to Vestal, Miss Langeland, were their homeroom teachers, and of course "Pop" Bundy was their leader. To head the Student Congress for that year, Norman Spence was chosen President, Dalton Willis as Vice-President, Kathleen Stanton as Secretary, and Georgia Sandidge as Treasurer. About the first activity on the agenda for the Seniors was their annual magazine cam- paign, headed by Lucille Banick, Lois Rathbone and Roger Searles. As it had been decided there could be no more class trips in Vestal due to the enormous size of the classes, they were raising money for a banquet and dance at the end of the year. Football really played abig part in this school year. With such Senior stars as "Butch" 34 Class History continuedl Conant, Johnny Compton, Bob Wickizer, Dave Gould, "Smokey" McMullen, Dado Dittrich, Gene Potter, Bob Little and Roger Westgate, Vestal had a winning year, the first in a long time. School spirity played abig part during football season, and it was at its height when Vestal tied with its biggest competitor, Union-Endicott. Directly after the end of the sea- son, Student Congress sponsored a square dance to honor the team, cheerleaders, band, etc. A few weeks later in assembly, Coach Hoover was awarded a trophy by Bill Prior, noted sports writer, as most outstanding coach of the season. A trophy was also awarded the Sophomore Class for having the most school spirit. In the early part of December the Senior Class presented its Senior play which took the place of aChristmas Pageant for that year. Playing the lead roles were: James Blos- som, Roger Westgate and Joyce Cook. Their excellent performance brought a great deal of praise. A week before Christmas the traditional Senior Ball was held. Georgia San- didge and Roger Westgate were crowned queen and king of the "Marshmallow Swirl". At- tending them were: Elaine Bishop, Marcia Mann, Kathleen Stanton, Lois Rathbone, Anna Kintnerg Coit Conant, John Compton, Kenneth Stanley, David McMullen and Robert Little. After Christmas vacation everyone crammed for mid-terms, and after all the marks tallied up, Barbara Platt was decided upon as Valedictorian and Alberta Gardner as Salut- atorian. By this time, work on their yearbook was well under way and the Seniors were busy selling subscriptions to it. With Craig Johnson and Alberta Gardner as co-editors, everyone did his part. Seniors who belong to the United Nations Club are looking forward to their trip to New York City, and Senior members of Choir are awaiting state competition, which is to be at Vestal this year. This class is now looking ahead to the events of the year still awaiting them--class day, their Senior banquet, but most of all, Graduation, and the receiving of the diplomas they have worked so hard for. Then they will be leaving the school as finished men and women, ready to take their places in life among the citizens of the greatest Republic and grandest nation of all the world, representing before its people the best schools of all that cover the land from ocean to ocean. And may their lives be such as shall bring pride to the Vestal Central School. "And soon the ship glides out between the rocks that guard the shore, Bearing the class of '52 To be a class no more." "But looking forward with a smile of courage strong and high, To meet in that glad afterwhile No more to say good-by." CLASS PRCPHECY Well, well! Here we are approaching the scene of our happy Class Day Reunion of 1962. We smile as we fondly remember the perhaps chaotic, but certain joyous festivities in which we as Seniors participated ten years ago. At this first rennion in a decade, we find that our classmates have fallen into varied and novel ways of life. Let's visit the groups of friends who have congregated here, so that we may renew past acquaintances and more readily instill in our memories the avid joys and fervor of this day. Over at apicnic table, reserved for the employees of B. BECKHORN'S vast man- ufacturing corporation, we see MARY LU WATTS, his secretary, D. MERRITT, 35 Class Prophecy Icontinued head draftsmang G. MURPHY, and M. FERRIS, who manage the business in the com- mercialline, G. FELTON, E. FELLOWS, B. DECKER and J. RUSSELL, the sing- ing stenographers who plan to audition for stand-ins for the Billy Williams quartet, and a few of his hard working employees, M. BLIEL, I. BEAM, P. ANDREESSEEN,, who work on electrical machine wiring. Down by the lake we see P. WARREN, M. PLEW, M. KILMER, A. GARDNER,B. PALMER, and A. ROBERTS discussing the latestfashions in nurse's uniforms, with Bev and Audrey doing a little modeling on the side. Can someone tell us what those crooked lines of soldiers, sailors, and marines are trying to do? Oh, NOW I see! They're demonstrating how to march! Included are K. HESS, B. LETSON, R. BERUBE, N. SWARTWOUT, R. WEBB, R. DUERR, B. BRONSON, D. GOULD, G. WALLING, C. WARD, H. BARNES, B. KRISSELL, R. OUTMAN, N. TALLON, A. PRICE, and R. SOOS. Talking about their college degrees are J. DENMARK, D. WILLIS, N. SPENCE, B. MIKALAJUNAS, B. PLATT, S. ROUNDS, and D. DITTRICH. They insist that each one had the best. Lawyer T. GREEN and his pretty office assistant, D. MC LAIN, are trying to win a case of income tax evasion for R. SEARLES, who claims a pianist just can't live on what he makes anymore. Let's stroll over to our jolly three - R. WICKIZER, with his industrial account- ing job, is trying to impress R. MAC DOWALL, who is a candidate for U.S. Presi- dent. R. WESTGATE sits by listening and sketching the future president's new home - a completely remodeled White House. H. BULMAN and G. SANDIDGE are the two young ladies who will be making the plans for the interior decorating of the White House. Over here are J. GUILES, of the beautician trade, giving her buddies helpful hints on how to be beautiful and stay young. With her are B. COULTER and S. NEILY, one a dental hygienist, and the other a dietician. J. KADE L, playing hostess to her classmates on her Texas ranch sends her re- grets for not being able to attend the reunion, along with D. GASKILL, who is visit- ing Joan's dude ranch, and M. GAIGE is also there, helping Joan to raise horses. G. WOODWORTH, R. VANDERPOOL, R. HOYT, and L. GERCHMAN are making plans to open up an engineering school under a four-way partnership. S. STEPHENS, wild game manager, and C. THOMPSON, forest ranger, are see- ing quite a bit of each other in their jobs. They also claim they have seen P. MC ELLIGOTT, who was sorry he couldn't attend, but he just hates to leave his hermi- tage. Well! Hail the U.S. Air Force--here comes R. VALLESE and J. ROSSI in their stunninguniforms of air force blue. They flew their new "sabre jet" here, but have to return to their base in a few hours. K. STANLEY, their captain, was kind enough to give them leave for a few hours. D. ACKLEY, S. GALE, B. LARRABEE, N. STEINRUCK and E. BISHOP are work- ing to save pennies for that day in the future when they'll be working for themselves in their own homes. - J. ADRIANCE, L. BARRETT, T. FLAHERTY, and G. THORNE are devising new methods of soil conservation for their very modern farms. B. LITTLE now owns his own business, an apparel shop, and B. BROWN is his 36 Class Prophecy I continucdl very capable cashier. They say Bob's hit a gold mine in his store. Over on a bench we see A. VANDUZER and D. SASINA talking about their jobs with the Air Force as secretaries. Here comes J . COMPTON, and his following of spotlessly-clean pigs. They say he won a hog-calling contest in Georgia, and has made a career of it. Whew! What was that that just whizzed by us? A plane? A rocket? Superman? No! J. BLOSSOM on roller skates Che owns a private rink nowj with B. WESTON in his lil ol' hot rod fhe's a stock car racerj, in close pursuit. G. LATE LL, a builder of hot rods, is waiting to pick up the pieces and start all over again. Over on a bench, a bunch of younger children, fchildren of our classmatesj are quizzing H. BETZ and G. DUNHAM, who profess to be teachers. Glenn, an Ameri- can History teacher, is admitting woefully that they've got him stumped. fBy the way, where IS Maine? D T. HOGG, of swimming fame is flutter-kicking through the lilies at Lily Lake. 'Tis said she swam the English channel, gasped "What a swim! I'm dead!" and they renamed it the Dead Sea in her honor. What is that crowd milling around over there?Aha! A.COYLE is giving one of her famous speeches on how to catch a man. Men, watch out! Coyle's back in town! Oh, Oh! Here comes J. GREGORY, with tickets to the famous Plush Room the Hotel Zaza, now boasting the appearance of the great dancer, and Jimmy giving his own version of the Tango. Over on the side we see a terrific tennis match in progress. P. ELLIS and O. MURPHEY, Phys. Ed. Instructors, are matching each other. It's rumored that we have some famous people in our midst. Ah, yes! There on the bench, surrounded by empty platters is J. COOK, spaghetti-twirling champ of the actors' union! Talking about show life with her is M. COUGHLIN, who runs a midget circus. Her theme song? Oh, no! STILL "Shrimp Boats!" Also, there is C. GAR- RETT, next to Clem Cadiddlehopper of T.V. fame. L. JONES, aprofessional skater, is bathing her blistered feet in the wading pool. What is the comotion about? Some- one has fainted! Now we see! R. MATHER, an opera singe r, has the gals swooning. We have another famous singer in our midst, also. Lovely L. RATHBONE, singer at the Copa Club. What is that swarm of girls so excited about? No wonder! Here comes D. MC MULLEN, of movie fame. He has played a villain, a football star, and a great lover. Guess which role he liked best! The grunts and groans you hear are coming from CHUCK CONRAD, the bearded wrestler of Zanzabar. And, oh yes! Don't forget C. I. JOHNSON, cigar-smoking president of G.E.! fGeneral Entertain- ment, that is.l There seems to be a square dance in session! Dancing to some of G. MOREY'S new album of records we see B. HAVEN and S. GATES, who still go to East Maine dances. We have two professors in our midst. They are A. KINTNER and B. MORRISON, who attended a local institute. fThey were so well liked that they kept them as pro- fessorsll M. HANEY and M. MANN, two lovely models, are being photographed by J. POT- TER. They are modeling some creations by M. WAGNER, a leading fashion design- er. Off to one side, M. LOVE, is sketching them. She's an artist for the Local An- nual Calendar. With her is J. ZALENSKI, covered with paint. They say she's an famous artist now. 37 Class Prophecy continuedj Who is the man in the new Cadillac that just drove up? You might know! Sur- rounded by beautiful girls, we see J. HOOVER, a rich furrier in New York, who started his own mink farm back in 1952. Some gossipers say that the mink were caught out of season, but we won't talk about that! Down by the lake is another animated group. In it we see A. ROSSI, a leading brain surgeon, L. BANICK, who is raising her family to be sailors, G. WILCOX, director of the City Service Band of America, K. STANTON who patches up roman- ces through her lovelorn column, D. JONES, a leading physicist and mathematician, and that boy nobody can beat, C. CONANT, kicking footballs 'way up in the blue, as an expert football coach. As for the authors of these, well, we're the little mice in the corner who don't squeak anymore. We drank some lubricating oil. And so, at the end of a happy reunion, we have learned what has become of our Class of 1952--a class to remember--a class of distinction! SENIOR CLASS POPULARITY POLL -r ,, , Y f' "lx Q " 'Mx' ,lu b - - Q9 6 . J U fag-.1 B , f 1 I ,, If Q , 'stag o , if V I srgkvyl 'Y 'Exif 9 ft. ' ' ' " J sill, ' ,, , .,: - Xhifgj' qs U-1' . rf K 'f t' NWI, H It ff GIRL BOY Q f' 1' Marion Wagner Best Dresser David McMullen Kathleen Stanton Nicest Personality Roger Westgate T r' Best Thelma Hogg Best Athlete Coit Conant Best Dancer Joyce Cook Best Actor Roger Westgate Singer Lois Rathbone Best Looking David McMullen Julia Rossi Best Dancer Robert Wickizer Donna McLain Best Musician Roger Searles Georgia Sandidge Best Couple Roger Westgate Alberta Gardner Best Scholar Gary Wilcox Lois Rathbone Best Singer Robert Little Patricia Warren Greatest Talker James Gregory Best Anna Kintner Most Popular Roger Westgate Class Athlete Barbara Platt Most Ambitious Craig Johnson Couple Eta: :sd .nt 55,-A119 N -5 "',, .h ? -,Bw ,5wf'e . rs A 5220 ,. ,.. V . K-L23 7 'i re. QI . vi -f--55' ji CKMJ' XR., "S, lo A r . :gg . W4 NT- 3' Kathleen Stanton Patricia Ellis Best All Around J olliest 38 Roger Westgate Roger Searles Htl xi, 'CQ HOME ROOM 307 Row 1 - Martha Hunt, Priscilla Knapp, Carolyn Kearney, Lynette Johnson, Elsie Heen. ROW 2 - Gail Kittle, Connie English, Helen Ellis, Barbara Hitchcock, George Gabriel, Robert Green. Row 3 - Mae Gabriel, Frances Hard- ing, Don Hillis. Row 4 - Shirley Gerchman, Rose- mand Haire, Jean Hill, George Gilg, Donald Johnson. Row 5 - Joan Haight, Betty Johnson, Carol Fisher, Robert Gould, Dean Hun- singer. Row 6 - Ann Hotchkiss, Carolyn Hes- sler, Gordon Kellam. Row 7 - Tom Hackling, Robert Has- kell, Clyde Rounds. Row 8 - William Keefe, John Gil- lispie, Douglas Fawcett. HOME ROOM 306 Row 1 - Ila Jean Burgess, Paula VanDuzen, Geralding Ohls, George Brig- ham, Leon Angelo, Richard Ritcher. Row 2 - Lillian Barker, Shirley Carey, Louise Allis, Richard Brisco, Robert Berg, John Callahan, A. Cady, G. Bouton. Row 3 - Delores Waslyn, Betty Conk- lin, Margaret Bliel, Eugene Leadbetter. Row 4 - Edith Woodworth, Nancy Gelatt, Marilyn Coulter, Ernest Brooker, Clifford Bidwell. Row 5 - Jack Chamberlain, Bill Len- kiewicz, Arthur Barnes, Robe rt Anderson. Row 6 - Paul Duerr. JUNIORS HOME ROOM 308 Row 1 - Barbara Lee, Marilyn Lisen- by, Jean McCarthy, Richard MacQueen, Ronald Lerche, Roger Peabody. Row 2 - Shirley Pilkington, Shirley Landon, Virginia Sleeper, Duane Palmi- ter, Jack Hickey. Row 3 - Shirley Merrin, Patricia McGowan, Jean Bidlack, Floyd Knowlton, David Lewis. Row4 -Audrey Merkel, Ruth Pappas, Jerry Potter, William Knight, Robert Manning. JUNIORS fnqh fi?- xi: V In ,i xr 344' io' -. if" iv f f V' l V , , W, r '53 1 V El . ,x ' , A it-LV HOME ROOM 309 Row 1 - Betty Winne, Jean Williams, Shirley Wheeland, Eleanor Roney, Louis Vlcek, Roland Swan. Row 2 - Nancy Weston, Margaret Steinruck, Marilyn Traver, Margaret Smith, John Rennie. Row 3 - Connie Ziemba, Barbara Terry, Gladys Roat, Kay Shriber, Eugene Travis, James Taylor. Row 4 - Rosemary Tobbe, Gail Quinn Margaret Williams. , Row 5 - Sandra Stevens, Ann Purtell, Charles Spence, James VanOrder, Ken Storozow. Row 6 - Shirley Tozer, Charlene Turner, George Smith, Robert Warren, Robert Ward. L 5 , 5 '5 ', , 1 1" wr H 57 'rl' Q 24? HOME ROOM ADVANCED SCIENCE Row 1 - A. Cobb, G. Blackwell, C Bogard, G. Conrad, J. Barry, D. Blake . 7 L. Barnard, S. Crooks, J. Ackley, B. Bric mont. Row 2 - J. Ackley, L. Chilson, J. Boklekamp, D. Cook, J. Cook, G. Craw- ford, B. Card, J. Breed, V. Cody, M. Card. Row 3 - J. Compo, H. Ingraham, B Bailer, J. Kuzna, J. Conklin, P. Corwin R. Chamberlain, C. Lindsay, W. Barto J. Chase. ' ' J 'v 4- . was ' -,mfg S AQ- f- M, , A -N W ' , . Z-'bf 5- Lg, ' N' "' G f A J 0 15.-4, Q ' V' gm " X Q P '. :uv 7 - W.. .-. 'f 4 iq- I I 5-' ""E2g,, ., V H , ' -4... ' 5 1. A' X 63 X Y - ' " X - :T V' 2 rx I . qu -if G Wx f- Y' "f "-3' x Y A 'A .-3 Q i ,' q N., Q . Jw, ,J 5 uc , x 6 ' Y, Q7 5 9-'sf - " ij A 4 at aft... al. 1- :K - - ago , R 1. ' x ' Ei X " ' 1 E I , . .sf f l J - jg 3.51 A Uf 3,3- 0 ,gf S a- --'r ' 1 .1 Q ' 3+ .-in J ru 'Q' , . -4 49 "1 TW ,Q 4' J.fg .L--5, M , D U C J C- HOME ROOM - GENERAL SCIENCE Row 1 - B. Heffron, M. Sasina, E. Deming, O. Harding, D. French, C. Gol- try, F. Doolittle, R. Gianuzzi, J. Ellis, R. Sleeper. Row 2 - C. D'Imperio, M. Greeno, S. Dean, S. Davidson, D. Harris, M. Dick- inson, K. Given, G. Grineff, P. Riley, A. Jones, S. Harrington. Row 3 - R. Hill, G. Evans, J. Collins, C. Pendleton, J. Every, J. Emery, D. Hulslander, R. Henderson, S. Holmes, L. V. Griswold. Row 4 - D. Hill, L. Frederick, R. Glenn, J. Harzenski, K. Dewey, D. Ellis, D. Duffy, G. Fowler. Wx - F! .Y ew 7 5 42 HOME ROOM 302 Row 1 - M. Merrin, D. Jacobs, S Dunham, L. Daugherty, J. Johnson, S. Miller, J. Messemer, S. Jones, S. Lan- don. Row 2-S. King, J. McCarthy,E. Lee, M. Marlett, B. Kramer, J. Macuch, L. Lawhead, G. Lloyd, E. Meredith. Row 3 - R Jensen R Meeker R. MacPherson, Miles,,R. .Hess, I. iiil mer. Row 4 - D. Dorset, R. Keefe, L. John- son, J. Cronk, J. Briggs. HOME ROOM 303 Row 1 - G. Sarvey, D. Murphy, D. Pierce, J. Shamberger, M. O'Hara, C. Mott, J. Savage, T. Potter, T. Shamber ger. Row 2 - C. Williams, D. Neduchal, M. Morgan, A. Rossi, B. Moore O'Hora, D. Noltee, W. Reed, W. Naylor. Row 3 - R. Rafuse, W. Walters, T Sanzo, J. Potter, J. St. Leger, B. Ryan B. Noyes, R. Shaffer, M. Ross. Row 4 - S. Shapley, N. Oliver, J Roosa, D. O'Brien, A. Schillinger, M Shelp, C. Sorochinsky, G. Neild. 7 MEM HOME ROOM 304 Row 1 - P. Williams, J. Takats, S. Ziemba, B. Zimmer, D. Shurtleff, B. Wood,C. Townsend,C. Zicari,S. Streevy. Row 2 - F. Singer, M. Gregory, P. Wingler, M. Smith, B. Tarbox, M. Welty, L. Whitesell, L. Traver. Row 3 - R. Stone, E. Wes1ey,R. Vhl- liams, F. Wick, D. Watrous, J. Snyder, J. Watts. Row 4 - R. Snyder, W. Stuart, J. Short, C. Truman, G. Smith. .XE C. I Q0 9 "" ao? G - . 5 11:19 -" A' fp 'J .., , I ., It , . L, 'J' x'.-7 ' ., S.. ' 9 x'f A ' . 19 c 'QV .f ,Qs , 1 'zu 5'4- J vw , Q gif f -J J 1020 'af if f-'U 'GW F W Qi' my V'-U Q-, - - Z, - ' xg ' 1 X, HOME ROOM CAFETERIA WEST Row 1 - M. Langdon, M. Hird, S. Frink, W. Fisher, W. Green, D. Fowler. Row 2 - R. Garrett, J. Kocher, E. Hunsinger, J. Gardner, D. French, E. Henry. Row 3 - S. Griswold, J. Every, S. Kresge, E. Griffin, W. Kittle, R. Kubler, D. Hill. Row 4 - D. Glen, S. Hartman, M. Korger, M. Hanley, F. Kintner, A. Hem- ingway. Row 5 - L. Knapp,S. Jones, D. Glenn, R. Hagen, A. Jones, H. Howland. Row 6 - M. Geisenhof, C. Johnson, B. Hill, W. Mills, M. Harned,R. George. HOME ROOM CAFETERIA EAST Row 1 - K. Brown, P. Clague, J. Dodd A. Coughlin, C. Bussey, M. Coulter, F. Baldwin. Row 2 - W. Crane, S. Coletti, T Economides, G. Clauser, J. Bender, H Beach. Row 3 - E. Bell, M. Beers, S. Bald- win, J. Duffy, S. Eddy, F. Brown. Row 4 - S. Crouse, G. Barnett, V Benjamin, J. Birch, D. Chatham, P Andreeson, J. Atwater, G. Blakeney, W Amis, F. cole. Row 5 - E. Barnett, M. Burris, S Daley, J. Barnhart,R. Brooker, K. Bron- son, G. Bleil. FRESHMEN HOME ROOM ART ROOM Rowl - D. Opp, R. Morrison, W. Moss, R. Lloyd, J. Olver, J. Miles, R. Maslin. Row 2 - R. Lerche, C. Merritt, M Madison, R. Pilkington, J. Pelton, R VanA11en, M. Marshall. Row 3 - C. Pickering, D. Post, G Newman, L. Pendelton, M. Conklin, B Post. Row 4 - G. Larrabee, B. Lee, J. Osman, R. Lott, D. Nelson, J. Morton, R. Murphy, C. Riley. Row 5 - L. Pelton, A. Pierce, R. Ozell, R. Moore, M. Manning, C. McEl- ligott. Row 6 - B. Palmer, M. Miller, J. Mueller, D. May. FRESHMEN . 2 L. Q. , PF, . . ' 4. L7 as AD' K ' 1': ' ' , I .Fx si Y .. Q. ' 9, 'iff b .J 'Q i -3 .J , vs 1 ' 6 4. 'za va' , C8 "" J -J 31741 eff 5 'ru JJ, it 4 .LY Ji, " .we 'sg .L Q, do HOME ROOM 301. Row 1 - E. Woodworth, M. Slade, J Rounds, R. Watkins, J. Waillancount, R Webb. Row 2 - M. Ryan, J. Rolles, C. Shat tudk, D. Smith, R. Scott. Row 3 - J. Sandidge, J. Weston, B Skokauckas, T. Umhauer, G. Smith, E Wright. Row 4 - P. Woolever, J. Taylor, S Randall, J. Yates, E. Wingler, G. Rear- don, K. Stroup. Row 5 - M. Westfall, J. Potter, E Tallman, R. Wright. Row 6 - J. Slottje, J. Sanzo,A.We1ls M. St. Leger, S. Williams, S. Tucker. C JUNIOR HIGH HOME ROOM 201 Row 1 - G. Chocholaty,C. Carron, M. Empet,C. Bostwick, E. Ackley, J. Card, M. Burke, H. Angelo, W. Beach, M. Card, L. Angelo. Row 2 - W, Brown, B. Carman, S. Bogart, J. Baldwin,D. Co1lins,D. Cook, K. Edsell, R. Clauser, B. Benjamin, B. Ely, W. Bowman. Row 3 - J. Crawford, J. Braddock, S. Carrigg, D. Adams, A. Conrad, W. Collins, C. Bisgrove, S. ampion, D. Fisher, M. Dingleberry, J. Dewar. HOME ROOM 202 Row 1 - R. Knowles, D. Green, A. Gianetti, P. Kennedy, D. Gaskill, G. Hartman, E. Greeno, L. Gregory, R. Graper. Row 2 - R. Henry, L. Hillis, B. King, D. Hughes, K. Goon, G. Hill, K. Hunt, C. Goldstein, K. Herceg, J. Fowler, J. Haight. Row 3 - G. Howard, J. Hilton,A. Frink, B. Grover, M.E. Graham, L. Jones, A. Holmes, M. Hoadley, S. Harrison, M. Fisher, P. Gregson. HOME ROOM 203 Row 1 - B. Landon, T. McCarthy, D. Merritt, D. Morey, W. McCormack, J. Luther, J. Lyon. Row 2 - C. Mathers,D. Lewis, S. Krissel, E. Mayes, J. Mather,C. Lacey, P. McElligott, E. McMul- len, J. MacQuee n. Row 3 - R. Mitchell, G. Landon, J. Krotzer, J. McCormack, J. Lillie, B. Mohney, E. Morden, J Lyman, R. MacQueen, A. Kunkle. Row 4 - C. Lacey, S. Kunkle, J. Moore, L. Love, A. Lovell, W. Marvin, G. Mattern, L. Leadbetter R. Kramer, N. Luce. 46 JUNIOR HIGH HOME ROOM 204 Row 1 - D. Pennell, G. O'l-lara, J. Purdy, G. O'Connor, E. Reistetter, J. O'Hora, N. Nichols, D. Parker, J. O'Brien, D. Pollard. Row 2 - N. Post, C. Place, C. Place, J. Pipher, H. Murphey, G. Meyers, B. Palmer, B. Smith, L. Poff, S. Litts, A. Riffanacht, R. Neily. Row 3 - N. Roosa, C. Price, C. Page, J. Olson, R. Rossen, P. Morrison, J. O'Connor, A. Sanzo, F. Mueller, D. Naylor, L. Neild. HOME ROOM 205 Row 1 - J. Wilcox, B. Watts, E. Taylor, J. Walker, J. Streevy, G. Zimmer, J. Vlasak, K. Thorpe, R. Watrous, J. Winans, B. Watkins, J. Tobbe. Row 2 - D. Terry, N. Swan, H. Thrasher, H. Thrasher, N. Steadman, S. Webster, E. Tennant, T. Underwood, G. Wheeler, T. VanKuren, B. Snyder, C, Zimmer. Row 3 - B. Stroup, J. Spence, D. Wiggins, S. Walter, D. VanGorder, M. Warfield, J. Wingate, J. Whitesell, D. Stout, G. Wilcox, V. Turner. HOME ROOM 206 Row 1 - J. Cobb, A. Aten, D. Bennett, G. Card, J. Atwater, B. Baldwin, J. Card, B. Brundage, J. Watts, R. Berube, J. Brearley. Row 2 - W. Bunzey, R. Barto, F. Ackley, J. Cassin, J. Barry, T. Blackman, D. Baker, M. Ace, M. Beam, D. Welty, J. Wasley, B. Betz. Row 3 - R. Brown, J. Cheney, J. Begell, D. Wilcox, E. Carey, D. Chase, W. Barnes, B. Crane, A. Weed, J. Chamberlin, E. Costly, M. Bryant. Row 4 - J. Danvers, R. Anderson, L. Bidwell, J. Crawford, T. Way, C. Brisco, J. Chalmers, D. Ballard, M. Bouton, L. Beaumont, P. Bollen. 47 JUNIOR HIGH HOME ROOM 207 Row 1 - E. Duffy, A. Gardner, G. Gow, C. Gabriel, P. Fisher, H. Greeno, R. Harding, M. Eddy, V. Hooko. Row 2 - L. Gerchman, B. Douglass, M. Dunham, B. Jacobs, A. Hadley, R. Hickling, R. Doolittle, G. Green, S. Diefendorf, J. Hill, P. Dean. Row 3 - R. Gross, C. Epley, W. Howard, D. Fitch, M. Hill, E. Hallett, M. Ingersoll, E. English, F. Heeman, N. Hess. Row 4 - J. Heeter, B. Dunn, IR. Infantine, C. Hogg, G. Ellis, R. Fuller, L. Earl, E. Flipse, E. L. Eldredge, K. Fawcett. HOME ROOM 208 Row 1 - E. Maslin, M. Lisenby, R. Krissel, E. Maslin, R. Mil1er,H. McCoy, R. Johnson, A. Johnson, J. Kuenzli. Row 2 - M. Manning, R. Lamb, A. Walter, K. Meeker, P. Mann, S. Johnston, S. Martin, G. McKaig, D. Kemp, C. Meredith, G. Newberry. Row 3 - P. Motsko, H. Lindsay, E. Minso, G. McGowan, E. Kunkle, J. Winne,C. Johnson, S. Lawrio, A. Rathbun, T. Minehan, M. Moss.. Row 4 - J. Kushner, E. MacDowall, M. Lacey, B. Joiner, G. Williams, F. Lovelace, G. Kuenzli, R. Jerome, M. Naylor, D. Lyman, J. LaDue. HOME ROOM 209 Row 1 - W. Somers, S. Stout, T. Swan, T. Smith, G. Roosa, R. Smith, C. Nordland, M. Stanton, J Newell, J. Pierson, J. Warner, J. Thomas, V. Protheroe. Row 2 - A. Rizzo, S. Sandidge, F. Sliker, N. Terry, B. Nicholas, S. Tinklepaugh, 0. Northrup, G Pierce, J. Ward, B. Pierce, C. Pierce, D. Spencer, S. Resseguie. Row 3 - B. Simpson, G. Potter, M. Shanley, S. Reinhart, A. Vandemark, S. Salisbury, N. Ryan, P Sticklin, B. Northrup, M. Post, F. Strause, J. Schubmehl. Row 4 - K. Noyes,R. Travis, L. Talada,R. Pierce,A. Severn, V. Petrolovicz,R. Reynold, J. Eschen- bach, A. Price, F. Vlasak, L. Thorpe. 48 CLBSSQS at Vesta Cenfr Hlqh 111631110 CLASSES IN ACTION WW' ART CLASS Mr. Williams, Instructor RHI W AUTO MECHANICS Mr. Fox, Instructor C ONTEMPORARY LITERATURE Q ie Miss Murphy, Instructor tiirr iii HOMEMAKING CLASS Miss Blair, Instructor CLASSES IN ACTION M BOYS' HOMEMAKING Miss Blair, Instructor 4 as--'J DRIVER EDUCATION Mr. Walker, Instructor Ai 'V PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY 4 " h Mrs. Harder, Instructor KINDERGARTEN CLASS Miss Youngs, Instructor CLASSES IN ACTION STUDYING IN LIBRARY Mr. Crowell in charge mimi, 3 . FRENCH CLASS Miss Baldwin, Instructor 'S MECHANICAL DRAWING Mr. Bundy, Instructor OFFICE PRACTICE Mr. Lehman, Instructor i if X, IL Xf CLASSES IN ACTION I 5 I PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Pendlebury, Instructor , EIII PUBLIC SPEAKING Miss Murphy, Instructor SECRETARIAL PRACTICE Miss Stahl, Instructor HOMEMAIGNG Mrs. Goss, Instructor CLASSES IN ACTION PHYSICS LABORATORY Mr. Genor, Instructor -I ,ofa K f ,H '-'g..4..a-an You ,I 1 - WOOD SHOP Mr. Stock, Instructor MACHINE SHOP Mr. Persley, Instructor INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA Mr. Kearney, Instructor B' 1, E SPORTS AT VESTAL CENTRAL HIGH Varsity magazine is a magazine devoted exclusively to the interests of young men. We, the editors of Varsity, feel that though we have dedicated printing space to the coverage of collegiate athletics we have neglected an integral unit of the sports field, high school sports. This part of our nation's athletic program is an important feeder for the professional, semi-professional and collegiate teams. Because this program is an urgent farm system, teaching our future Joe Dimaggio's, Jim Thorpe's and Bob Mathias's the desired fundamentals, we propose to devote this entire issue to articles on high school sports. As an example of the typical American youth competing in inter- school and intra-mural sports we have had the good fortune of having the cooperation of the fine coaching staff at Vestal Central High School to report on the activities of their athletic department. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to them for their cooperation in allowing us the privilege of using their team members as models for the photo- graphs which illustrate these articles. 56 VARSITY FQOTBALL len, D. Dittrich, J. Compton, R Little, R. Westgate, R. Snyder. VanOrder, R. Berg, C. Conant ant Coach L. Pond. kiewicz, D. Slottje, D. Yates, G Potter, J. Potter, .T. Harzinski N. Tallon. Row 4 - N. Spence, J. Potter L. Angelo, D. Gould, H. Barnes Price . Early in the spring of 1951, the planning was started for the fall football season. In- cluded in this program was pre-season training at Camp Barton located on Lake Cayuga. It's primary purpose was to condition the boys into one powerful well-oiled machine g not only physically but with an exceptionally fine mental outlook on the success of the 1951 season. It is this vision of success that carried them through the most successful season of a decade making their sought-after goal a reality. MR. HOOVER As one of the youngest coaches in our section, he was appointed Head Coach of the Vestal Bears for the season of 1951. He devel- b oped Ve s t al ' s Bears inexperi- enced team into one of the best if teams Vestal had ever had. For all his work he was a- warded the "Coach-of-the-Year Trophy" by WNBF. 5 2 1 i SKULL PRACTICE Standing - J. C ompton, R. Berg, G. Potter, Coach Hoover. Seated - C. Conant. 57 Row 1 - C. Ward, D. McMul- Row 2 - Coach R. Hoover, J R. Wickizer, L. Jackson, Assist- Row 3 - I. Kilmer, B. Len- I D. Hunsinger, C. Conrad, Aj VARSITY SCORES Owego 6 Vestal 27 Norwich 26 Vestal O Onondaga Valley 0 Vestal 19 Cortland 25 Vestal 18 Oneonta 6 Vestal 33 Union-Endicott 0 Vestal 0 Newark Valley 0 Vestal 27 VARSITY FOOTBALL D. Dittrich, D. Gould, R. Wickizer JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Row 1 - D. Smith, T. Hackling, F. Kintner, J. Duffy, G. Smith D. Dorsett, D. Potter, H. Beach. Row 2 - G. Travis, D. Fawcett, J. Williams, G. MacLain, T. Potter, R. Gould, G. Eldred, G. Larrabee, A. Hemingway. Row 3 - E. Evans, R. Watkins, I. Kilmer, Coach W. Walker, M. Hanley Qmanagerl. 58 XM? ,..g,g,-yr., 51 -f Q36 X . . X Q, . M Li gf Xl . X is " CED WlCKlZER-Vanin? quo: iggs pass Safe in the fourth qucrfer geline, tive inye pass-watcher from behind. A Iso p ous Bears Tie from rue mm V, Dvd only wfmv- gelimx, Ernvm P334 maiflls of ibn C-FT 11 up ihe XML!! time-4-'him 5+-mr. 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' .Xmw ' re flf "Q A4 - Cm mm. 115 :wi-fin, fwavfrpmm W . - "Q .mq WM, ,5 A, , W, Yr ' me S-if wave V 2 IV. I Q 4 may aimffl lnumh game in 1hf: h By Wlcklz i O In In fi the frd rv- ..2f-Uni w if I 1 sms. dewnnms: f' 11 L ,ey Xf-X .V ani fouqhf m airy. whirh has dv- wlmwi mum? its inception Vestal Pins Hopes 0 fm 'eifh xfid nm! .wx eve DWR 79 fwwng rv TTSOS SI1C6 5 , . 4 4 Q Vx -'Sul fxhzunpx :HL.imki:x Pfswfm , Vi ii IRL. li K kr Q,-X1 1 1'.q1fr,gf fhy-h. fu:1L'3'f11LrfLr1vs fI"frS.'1' KE lfwfx 11-1' ml rfigzw, .Emuivw im rfr'nm1uXv lxww- --ru , X 1- k,45w5 X1L,gm.,g:w1!11g w KAL-mg. ea v IN U -,H-'slr : 5l!'mv.z hum' 'iv' I-'IN' WV!-'fn 4 iM'f"f X-'V' A A ,, fwj,.',f-:grui vmuww IFWU MU Irv' C'3:1l'H 1 41 x K 11 -X1l'.!mxa.Q P, Af I - , ,X 1- , .. X, - X , X- 5 1: J 151-f ,ut X- xii., r:z,,.1XX wzfvrrxzw rwlmu, mf-R bfxnm, S U . Q, ' K A f' wlwx. w. wm.4.X.X uf.:-,5 fy 0 .. , ,nyiq if! X ,.ffE.Xs'fs 1. HX--:ami ,X X- .X Sv- 'f K J- m ,rw tj,--,.z, 5,3 uw A WX .Nfgdbrge xrxn.,:nxh'w-n.1I'n if-mama,-f,-f E31-.zfm XX V 1 wx - 11 vw Emma 1, fwzrnrfwpv vfmm win X WX, wx. M f X X, X a amp: 'mx mm Xmva- ww F!zshmrd5 .ww mf I-um, 451411 H.: Aww r Wm pw.. Xml- sam, x'X,ff-gm HX nwfrwf ,X w ww my +.,WfX1 xwurz'-'Q M13 rw- lam mx? U er, Speed f P35569 ff www 2 1: fx. C9 Look for Vestal ngamst b-E Saturdav XSQIIZVIVEZS We mkend to pax ' ' '-fs say. Howefvwx u S --sf zmrxal mm. A X 11 fU'3xiG:,fffQ,,': H9 Hon fs.xLL.w" M' 'im S 1:1 . x u be . Hu- Xr EU! ix, S scu'!. of to Tm'-'F th , H mfwafsm worst defeat WT VARSITY FOOTBALL JOHN COMPTON COACH HOOVER R. Woolever, J. Compton, C. Conant Coach Hoover, Coach Swartzwalder, Syracuse University Lf! J. Compton carrying ball Gould carrying ball 60 CROSS COUNTRY Q at nv 4. Q L4 fi 1 'ig , 'Q31ma9R' R 'rm 3 2 is if ' . . . 4. R i ' i " Q A ' 7 .r ' it :-, M I YV ,I ,M . 'V -..., ln f 1 1. 12 Q. 7 f ' 'E Coach Sid Stock's Cross Country team, although losing most of his squad through grad- uation, had a very fine season, Norm Swartwout standing out in the sectionals by taking first place. They also went to the invitational meet in Schenectady in which they scored well. Row 1 - L. Barrett, R. Griffin, R. Letson, R. Jensen, R. MacQueen, G. Gabriel, B. Williams, D. Goon. Row 2 - G. Reardon, G., Kellam, R. Manning, G. Dunham, Coach S. Stock, N. Swartwout,R. MacDowell,R. Ward, J. Bronson,R. MacPherson,C. Gabriel. VARSITY BOWLING Row 1 - G. Bouten, D. Hunsinger, J. Denmark, R. Letson, G. Dunham. Row 2 - K. Dewey, R. Mathers, R. Harzenski, D. Dittrich, G. Smith. 61 VARSITY BASKETBALL f f 4..- Row 1 - G. Wilcox, R. Wickl- zer, R. Haskill, R. Outman, K. Stanley. Row 2 - Coach P. Hubbard, N. Swartwout, D. Gould, D. Slottje, G. Potter, R. Berg, C. Conant. Vestal 34 Central 77 Vestal 43 Elmira Free Academy 56 Vestal 48 Johnson city 63 Vestal 44 Ithaca 52 Vestal 54 North 53 Vestal 48 Union-Endicott 56 Vestal 43 Cortland 49 Vestal 69 Central 93 Vestal 49 Elmira Free Academy 61 Vestal 64 Elmira Southside 54 Vestal 58 Johnson City 73 Vestal 49 Ithaca 65 Vestal 74 Elmira Southside 51 Vestal 44 North 49 Vestal 52 Union-Endicott 68 UP IT GOES MR. BASKETBALL 62 BASKETBALL I D G. Wilcox, D. Slottje, Coach P. Hub- bard, Varsity. I , 4 I . . JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Row 1 - J. VanOrder,R. Giannuzzi, R. E. Griffin, G. Kuenz1i,R. Lott, F. Kint Williams, A.. Cady, B. Naylor, R. Larche. ner, J. Osman, J. Green, T. Economedies Row 2 - J. St. Leger, Manager, D. G. Guldenshuh, J. Duffy, B. Fisher. Lewis, B. Keefe, I. Ki1mer,R. Warren, D. Dorset, R. Gould, Coach P. Hubbard. Assistant Coach Lobb, J. Duffy, B. Fisher. 63 WRESTLING Coach P. Persley,R. Green, G. LaTell, G. Potter, J. Short, R. Ward, J. Potter, R. Snyder, N. Spence, T. Flaherty, D. McMullen, G. Gabriel, C. Merritt. Our wrestling team had it's best season this year, finishing with a record of 10 wins to 3 losses which gave the squad of 51 and 52 the best record since wrestling started 5 years ago. Two of those losses were to Ithaca who went undefeated this year. At the Sectionals which were held in Ithaca, George Gabriel and Charles Merit came home with Sectional Championships. Coach Phil Persley was very pleased this year but is looking forward to the next season when the majority of "his boys" return. G. Gabriel and D. McMullen re- Assistant Coach W. Tomik, D ceiving instructions from Coach.Phil Stout, R. Reynolds. Persley. 64 VARSITY TRACK Row 1 - R. Berg, D. Gould, R. Campbell, N. Zylich, D. Darling, C. Conant, J. Adriance, R. Weild, R. Traver, R. Hoyt, N. Spence. Row 2 - R. Green fManagerJ, J. Potter, C. Johnson, G. Gabriel, G. White, R Ward, B. LaRue, C. Bidwell, J. Compton, R. MacDowall. Row 3 - D. Palmiter, T. Jackson, J. Potter, R. Grover, A. Price, R. Glenn, T. Angelo, F. Singer, R. Williams, R. Westgate, R. Little. Row 4 - B. Bailer, J. Gillespie CManagerJ, T. Barrett, J. Hoover, R. Zylick, C Thompson, J. Denmark, R. Vallese. Row 5 - D. Lehman 1Assistant Coachj, J. Pendlebury 1Head Coachl, A. Sanzo, R. MacQueen, R. Jensen, K. Dewey, L. Lewey, J. Berry, I. Kilmer, G. Evans, C. Web- ster 1ManagerJ, D. Yates, J. Tucker, R. MacPherson. READY FOR A TAKE OFF FINISH OF 880 YARD RELAY 65 BASEBALL TEAM Row 1 - J. Compton, J. Duffy, R. Wield, G. Wilcox, R. Miller, C. Conant, R VanOrder, L. Brearly, R, Wickizer. Row 2 - Coach L. Pond,G. Slaven,K. Conant, J. VanOrder, C. Ward, R. Outman N. Swartwout. GIRLS' VOLLEYBALL Row l - S. Jones, V. Cody, B. Decker, C. Garrett, C. Hessler, T, Hogg, E. Meredith, P. Williams, R. Haire, J. Breed. Row 2 - N. Steinruck, L. Traver, R. Moore, J. Potter, S. Ziemba, J. Macuch, S. Miller, M. Williams. Row 3 - M. Watts, G. Olds, P. Ellis, B. Johnson,D. Noltee, D. Glen, R. Tobbe, N. Weston, S. Wheeland. 66 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS . ' I bl 1? . if If . ' ff 'L I S at EM,, ,S I M A ' I avg, 1,5 ,vi Vk z " t : ff2 ,,v f,j Kathleen Stanton, Gail Quinn, Mar- M My 91, ' ' .ew 2 -'965 "A garet wlulams' M : 'S 1 geek S lik-1. 1-lv , f ' sg,g2'?. , M5 ,g2 5g.:'f' . ff . .n , Q I., 3 5 3g5?3'Qfgs5,-.SJ Q Q' -5535 ,', ' 'Eff 1 'Q Giza ,QI:.iB:?3I..-gg-v?1'f11ifIII,wwfamsmicivghist JUNIOR VARSITY Anna Kintner,Audrey Roberts, Bar- bara Larrabee, Opal Murphey. Front Row - J. Macuch, E. Roney. Standing - S. Miller, C. Ziemba, J. Kadel, J. Takats, J. Sandidge. JUNIOR HIGH Front Row - S. Johnson, E. Mac Dowall E Duff . y. Standing - J. Braddock, S. Salis- bury, J. Macuch. Qu --., GUESS W 0? THE ET DE Z E i ...- eq 3 ,A wg. 'V' 1- -I., if N, Y i , J . . S V 9.4: A, ifijiigjk '4 . .i , ' ' if ' t W W X R . , j - X , ,9"" vm The Ca,Va.'viel"S R.W0stgate,R Lttl K sr ly R B E, MUSIC AT VESTAL CENTRAL HIGH SCHCOL VOCA L MUSIC When Mrs. MacLowry took over as vocal music director 9 years ago, there was a Mixed Choir of 18 girls and 3 boys. The second year a Boy's Choir was organized with 20 participating and practically everyone of them members of the football team. Also that year marked the organization of a High School Girls' Choir, a 7th and 8th grade Boys' Choir, and a 7th and 8th grade Girls' Choir. This was just a beginning. Each year the choirs have grown and improved. A 7th and 8th grade mixed choir was formed by Mr. John Kostun, Jr., who was recently added to the faculty. Three concerts are held each spring. The elementary concerts are under the direction of Miss Carmela Scott. The annual senior concert this year was held on April 3rd, This was the first time that the concert has ever been held before Easter and for that reason a different type of music was used. The choirs sang some Easter music and the songs for the Girls' Choir was chosen with the thoughts of Spring in mind. "Holy City" and "Russian Picnic" were two outstanding selections sung by the Mixed Choir. A Fred Waring arrangement of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", with combined choirs 7 through 12 and orchestral accompaniment, formed the finale of the evening. INSTRUME NTA L MUSIC The Vestal Instrumental Department has come a long Way since Mr. William O. Marvin took over twelve years ago. His first group of twelve musicians, lacking both uniforms and equipment, has developed into a full instrumental department numbering around five hundred students. There was an orchestra at that time too, comprised of twenty players and the next year a Marching Band was formed. Everyone that was able to play at all was drafted and a waiting list, such as we have now, was absolutely unheard of. The first year the Band played three concerts, one in the middle of the year ffour numbersl, the Spring Con- cert, and a few selections for a P.T.A. Meeting. This number has increased to approximately 20 concerts annually in addition to the many outside per- formances by individual members or groups of the Band. As time passed, new organizations were added to the Instrumental Department. At present there are seven bands: Concert, Marching, Junior High, Intermediate, Pep, Swing, and a parade band at Vestal Center. There are four orchestras: Senior, Beginners' and the Vestal Center Orchestra. The department now owns 230 uniforms and all the odd instruments. The teaching staff has been increased from one to four teachers, including Mr. Marvin, Mr. Galough, Mr. Eddy and Mrs. Brown. 70 VOCAL MUSIC MRS. MAC LOWRY The Vestal Central School, in its desire and will to aspire in developing a strong vocal department, interviewed many applicants and out of the many who desired the position, Mrs. Leona Mac Lowry was appointed. She became amember of our faculty nine years ago,bringing with her to our vocal department a great source of vitality and ability, and with this spirit Mrs. Mac Lowry developed aboys' choir and a girls' choir, in addition to the already-formed mixed choir. "Mrs, Mac", as she is fondly called, is one of the best known and beloved persons in our school. Her radiant personality and sincere interest in her students will long be remembered by every senior. GIRLS' TRIO Seated - J. Takats. Standing - L. Johnson, G. Kittle. 71 VOCAL MUSIC S 5 3 x e 3 Q i w MIXED CHOIR Accompanist: Roger Searles Row 1 - B. Mikalajunas, L. Rathbone, L. Jones, S. Landon, R. Tobbe, G. Quinn, E. Roney, J. Hill, J. Macuch, D. McLain, J. Cook, S. Crooks, F. Doolittle, S. Eddy, E. Dem- ing, G. Blackwell, R. Griffis, J. Taylor, P. Duerr. Row 2 - S. Holmes, J. Rossi, B. Bricrnont, E. Lee, E. Fellows, M. Gaige, M. Coulter, L. Allis, P. McGowan, N. Mather, H. Ellis, G. Kittle, J. Takats, G. White, R. Jensen, R. Lloyd, R. McPherson, D. McMullen, R. Potter, J. Callaghan, R. Giannuzzi, A. Sano, R, Gould. 72 VOCAL MUSIC Row 3 - P. Warren, B. Zimmer, L. Johnson, P. Williams, J. Grant, J. McCarthy, J Williams, K. Stanton, M. Love, S. Miller, A. Kintner, J. Watts, D. French, R. Williams L. Hill, D. Palmiter, E. Evans, D. Willis, L. Bernard, W. Barto, R. Berg. Row 4 - S. Neily, S. Carey, J. Kadel, L. Banick, M. Gabriel, J. Zalenski, M. Wagner H. Betz, G. Felton, A. Hotchkiss, J. St. Leger, D. Hulslander, K. Stanley, G. McLain, cf Pickering, D. Blake, D. Watrous, G. Tavis, A. Cady. Row 5 - S. Young, S. Rounds, S. Shapley, N. Oliver, K. Zicari, D. Shurtleff, J. Kadel, R. Westgate, R. Little, C.Truman, W. Kittie, F. Kintner, B. Mather, R. Manning, P. McEl1igott, R. Mather, C. Johnson, G. Wilcox, W. Knight, J. Chamberlain, B. Anderson, D. Gould, D. Yates, J. Barry. 73 VOCAL MUSIC BOYS' CHOIR Row 1 - R. Searles, piano, R. Darling, D. Fowler, R. Watkins, S. Crooks, D. French, J. Watts, G. Fowler, T. Potter, G. Blackwell, D. Opp, H. Terry, B. Gianuzzi. Row 2 - T. Economedies, J. Bender, S. Eddy, K. Tobey, C. Mott, R. MacPherson, D. Hul- slander, R. Potter, F. Kintner, G. Conrad, W. Kittle, B. Grover, B. Bailer, R. Williams, R. Brooker, B. Gould, D. McMullen. Row 3 - R. Westgate, B. Little, M. Hanley, D. Lloyd, B. Scott, B. Morrison, J. Shamberger, E. Evans, G. McLain, B. Mather, K. Stanley, T. Hackling, G. Travis, A. Cady, B. Knight, B. Berg, B. Wingler. Row 4 - D. Hill, F. Doolittle,R. Chamberlain, J. St. Leger,C. Truman, L. Pelton, J. Emery, R. Mather, J. Taylor, D. Blake, D. Palmiter, J. Yates, D. Watrous, L. Hill, A. Sanzo, B. Duerr, J. Barry. Row 5 - D. Smith, G. Guldenshuh, B. Brooker, M. Harned, P. McElligott, G. Wilcox, G. Johnson, B. Warren, J. Chamberlain, D. Yates, B. Anderson, D. Gould, I. Kilmer, B. Barto, D. Willis, G. Larrabee, L. Barnard. GIRLS' CHOIR Row 1 - P. Steinruck, C. Johnson, O. Murphey, B. Heffron, M. O'Hara, B. Brokaw, J. Col- lins, J. Savage, J. Rounds,D. Chatham, J. Morton, J. Sandidge, J. Olver, S. Coletti, A. Coughlin. Row 2 - D. McLain fstanding in frontj, M. Coulter, R. Maslin, J. Kocher, P. Woolever, B. Wood, S. Dean, L. Chilson, D. Glen, E. Bell, M. Traver, S. Jones, G. Grineff, M. Greeno, J. Taylor, B. Lee, B. Moore, A. Rossi, J. Messemer, A. Cobb, P. Westfall Cstanding in frontj. Row 3 - J. Dodd,E. Heen,S. Williams,C. McElligott,C. D'Imperio, P. Clague, V. Benjamin, B. Culter, M. Marshall, D. Pierce,K. Brown, J. St. Leger, J. Gardiner, J. Boklecamp, J. Barn- hart, J. Breed, S. Davidson, S.. Randall, C. Turner, J. Birch, R. Moore, J. Potter, R. Haire. Row 4 - G. Murphey, M. Ross, M. Korger,S. Kresge, L. Lawhead, A. Merkel, D. Ackley, K. Shriber, P. Cook, J. Bidlack, M. Morgan, A. VanDuzer, S. Landon, G. Crawford, G. Ohls, D. Harris, B. Brown, L. Griswold, E. Meredith, R. Pappas, J. Slottje, B. Hitchcock. Row 5 - I. Beam, A. Wells, B. Tarbox, P. Williams, N. O'Hora, D. O'Brien, R. Shafer, S. Jones, M. Burris, L. Whitesell, M. Welty, A. Shillinger, S. Baldwin, D. Noltee, S. Daily, M. Marlett, S. Griswold, B. Palmer, N. Weston, S. Stevens, R. Pappas, M. Reardon, M. Geisenhof, T. Hogg, C. Garret, P. Wingler. 74 VOCAL MUSIC JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BOYS CHOIR Row 1 - G. Wilcox, P. McElligott, J. Cobb, T. Blackman, D. Terry, J. Watts, J. Tobbe. Row 2 - B. Smith, G. Chocolaty, A. Holmes, D. Cook, R. MacQueen, B. McCoy, J. Wasley, L. Gregory, D. Merritt. Row 3 - C. Place, R. Hickling, R. Gilg, J. Berry, J. MacQueen, G. Wheeler, W. Marvin, G. Zimmer. Row 4 - D. Spencer, T. Way, G. Newberry, E. Flipse, K. Fawcett, R. Travis, G. Williams, C. Pierce. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS CHOIR Row 1 - S. Williams, E, Greeno, B. Mayes, M. Lisenby, E. Duffy, J. Fowler, B. Douglas, P. Mann, S. Blackwell, C. Mather, J. Braddock, S. Lawrio. Row 2 - S. Burns, N. Post, M. Eddy, L. Love, B. Watts, H. Thrasher, M.T. Underwood, G. McKaig, K. Meeker, J. Pierson, S. Martin, P. Chalmers, A. Gardner, G. Howard, B. Carman, N. Nichols. Row 3 - D. Fisher, B. Snyder, D. Wilcox, J. Kushner, M. Lacy, M. Hoadley, J. Schubmehl, H. Thrasher, S. Tinklepaugh, J. Winnie, S. Salisbury, C. Price, J. Wingate, J. Whitesell, V. Hooko, J. Card, N. Ryan, D. Baker, D. Pollard, B. Mohney, D. Parker. Row 4 - M. Stanton, J. Cheney, J. Thomas, N. Post, B. Watkins, A. Riffanacht, M. Dunham, S. Burns, B. Betz, J. Newell, C. Bostwick, J. Winans, J. Atwater, L. Poff, N. Hess, J. Begall, N. Terry, C. Zimmer, C. Place, P. Morrison, D. VanGorder, B. Stroup, D. Welty, J. Hill. Row 5 - E. Tennant, F. Strouse, M. Bryant, G. Potter, E. English, B. Nicholas, M. Hill, L. Neild, J. Warner, S. Rinehart, B. Simpson, M. McDowell, A. Vandermark, S. Webster, M. Shanley,C. Brisco, P. Sticklin, P. Dean,A. Weed, C. Brisco, A. Severn, C. Williams, D. Naylor, J. Chase, M. Warfield, F. Strouse, L. Beaumont. 75 VOCAL MUSIC JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL MIXED CHOIR Row 1 - S. Lawrio, J. Wilcox, G. Chocolaty, B. Nelson, J. Purdy, A. Gardner, C. Mather, S Blackwell, P. Mann, B. Douglas, S. Johnston, S. Salisbury, E. Duffy, M. Lisenby, E. Reistetter J. O' Hora, K. Luther, D. Merritt, S. Williams. Row 2 - S. Stout, T. Blackman, P. McElligott, D. Mays, D. Cook, N. Ryan, M. Shanley, J Atwater, D. Baker, P. Chalmers,S. Martin, J. Pierson, K. Meeker, G. McKaig, M. Eddy, D Terry, J. Waslyn, J. Watts, W. Zimmer, L. Gregory. Row 3 - J. Tobbe, B. Brundage, J. MacQueen, W. Marvin, J. Cobb, K. Card, G. Myers, D Welty, J. Thomas, J. Newell, B. Simpson, V. Hooko, J. Card, J. Winne, S. Tinklepaugh, M Lacey, D. Wilcox, M. Hill, B. Ni.cholas, R. Doolittle, R. Barto, H. Bell, C. Pierce, D. Spencer G. Pierce. Row 4 - B. Smith, A. Holmes, A. Frink, J. Berry, J. Hill, J. Chase, D. Naylor, N. Hess, N Terry, P. Dean, J. Kushner, E. MacDowell, B. Betz, G. Potter, J. Begall, M. Dunham, J Warner, S. Reinhart, P. Sticklin, M. Stanton, J. Cheney, B. McCoy, R. MacQueen, K. Thorpe. Row 5 - C. Place, W. Bunzey, T. Way, R. Gilg, G. Newberry, L. Beaumont, F. Strouse, A Severn,C. Brisco,B. Crane, C. Williams, J. Schubmehl, A. Weed, A. Vandermark, J. Chamber- lain, E. English, M. Bryant, K. Fawcett, L. Eldridge, E. Flipse, K. Noyes, R. Anderson, R. Travis, R. Hickling, G. Williams. ACCOMPANISTS ROGER SEARLES Seated - D. Mc Lain. Roger Searles is our senior accompanist Standing - R. Giannuzzi, P. West- for the boys' and mixed choirs. He is an fall, D. Shurtleff, S. Williams, S. Lawrio, accomplished musician and an individual with a radiant personality. 76 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC MR . MARVIN The success of our instrumental division is due to the untiring and relent- less efforts of our director, Mr. William O. Marvin. Twelve years ago he came to the Vestal Central School and with a nucle- us of twelve players he has developed a concert of 98 members and a marching band of 136. The expansion of the instrumental division to its present height is a result of his patience, hard work, and constant effort to achieve a goal for his students. The enjoyment that his pupils derive from their rehearsals and working with him is a tribute to his fine ability and personality. FLAG SWINGE RS Row 1 - B. Decker, S. Coletti, G Lloyd, S Zimmer Row 2 - G. Kittle, N. O'Hora, D O'Br1en, P McGowan, S Merrin, R Tobbe INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC .L ..l..L .L A A CONCERT BAND Row 1 - P. McElligott, P. Knapp, M. Haney, P. Woolever, C. Busy, S. Eddy, D. Fitch, P Holden, D. Collins, S. Sandidge, F. Kintner, M. McElligott, J. Taylor. Row 2 - S. Lawrio, M. Kilmer, J. Yates, J. Emery, R. Chamberlin, S. Stephens, N. Swart- wout, R. Gould, D. Hill, A. Moore, J. Slottje, L. Gregory, V. Hooko, D. Murphy, B. Marvin, K Stanley, G. Sandidge, H. Betz, M. Love, P. Williams, W. Marvin, Director. Row 3 - C. Johnson, S. Williams, G. Grineff, B. Bailer, L. Dougherty, B. Brundage, P. 78 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Mann, J. Warner, P. Stickland, C. Johnson, G. Wilcox, L. Pelton,L. Barnard, E. Wingler, C. Truman, M. Ace, G. Roat, P. Williams, A. Rossi, D. Spencer, H. Lindsay,S. King, S. Colletti, J. Bidlack, G. Wilcox, D. Fawcett, W. Stewart, P. Westfall. Row 4 - J. Wasley, T. Way, J. Bender, G. Kittle, M. Eddy, B. Moore, B. Krissel, R. Hoyt, J. Kadel, A. Jones, G. Biiel, L. Eldridge, R. Makowsky, G. Larrabee, D. French, R. Anderson, R. Searles, S. Herrick, G. Guldenschuh, D. Terry, R.. Morrison, G. Crawford, S. Tucker, M. St. Leger, J. Osman, D. MacLain. 79 l --4i..-.., 4- INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC MARC HING BAND Row 1 - Color Guards - M. Love, D. Murphy, W. Marvin, Director, G. Sandidge, Majorette Color Guards - C. Bussy, H. Betz. Row 2 - P. McElligott, P. Knapp, M. Haney, K. McEl1igott, J. Taylor, S. Eddy, E. Heen, J Hill, M. Watts, D. Fitch, P. Holden, D. Collins, S. Sandidge, F. Kintner. Row 3 - P. Woolever,S. Lawrio, J. Emery, J. Yates, N. Swartwout, S. Stephens, P. VanDuz- en, J. Potter,N. Steinruck, R. Tobbe, R. Gould, B. Decker, S. Coletti, J. Rushell, L. Traver, D. Hill, L. Gregory, J. Slottje, P. Williams, R. Moore, K. Stanley, B. Marvin. Row 4 - C. Johnson, S. Williams, R. Chamberlin, G. Grineff, B. Bailer, L. Dougherty, B Brundage, P. Mann, J. Warner, P. Stricklin, B. Tarbox, G. Lloyd, E. Wingler, C. Truman, M. Ace, P. McGowan, G. Kittle, B. Knowles, M. Greeno, A. Rossi, L. Barnard, R. Williams, D Spencer, H. Lindsay, S. King, J. Bidlack, D. Fawcett, B. Stewart, M. Westfall, G. Wilcox. Row 5 - J. Wasley, T. Way, B. Brundage, R. Krissel, R. Hoyt, C. Thompson, S. Eddy, R. Grover, J. Kadel, M. Eddy, B. Moore, A. Jones, S. Young, G. Bliel, N. O'Hora, C. Johnson, L. Eldridge, G. Wilcox, G. Larrabee, L. Pelton, G. Roat, R. Makowsky, D. O'Brien, D. French, S. Rounds, B. Anderson, R. Searles, S. Herrick, G. Guldenschuh, J. Osman, G. Crawford, S. Tucker, R. Morrison, M. St. Leger, D. McLain, D. Terry. BATON TWIR LERS Row 1 - L. Traver, N. Steinruck, J. Russell, J. Hill, J. Potter, E. Heen, M.,L. Watts. Row 2 - M. Greeno, B. Kramer, B. Tarbox, S. Young, P. VanDuzen, S. Rounds. 80 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC -4. L A ' ORC HESTRA Row 1 - F. Doolittle, J. St. Leger, J. Taylor, D. Fitch, C. Bussey, S. Eddy, P. McElligott P. Knapp, M. Kilmer, R. Opp, K. Bricmont. Row 2 - B. Zimmer, J. Kadel, V. Johnson, B. Pierce, S. Dailey, B. Palmer, M. Love, C King, M. Fischer, D. Opp, M. Parmalee, J. Emery, D. Baker, A. Johnson. Row 3 - W. Barto, J. Takats, K. Hersig, B. Douglas, S. Berne, M. Eddy, H. Betz, G. Sand- dige, M. Ace, G. Roat, D. Spencer, G. Wilcox, P. McElligott, D. Hill, S. Barnes, J. Dewar, C. Lacey, B. Carmen, N. Shary. Row 4 - S. Carey, J. Bidlack, B. Gregory, P. Morrison, J. Moore, D. Wiggins, A. Parish S. Herrick, R. George, G. Crawford, S. Tucker, G. Kittle, D. McLean, W. Howard, R. Haire, V? Hooko, D. Murphy, D. French, C. Galough CDirectorJ, B. Carmen, D. Haskill, G. Hartman, B. Morrison. Absent from picture - C. Bostwick, L. Johnson, J. Cheney, L. Makowsky, J. Nichols. STRING ORCHESTRA Row 1 - F. Doolittle, J. St. Leger,B. Douglass,K. Hersig,A. Johnson, B. Pierce, S. Barnes D. Gaskill, W. Barto, J. Kadel, B. Zimmer. , Row 2 - R. Haire,S. Carey, J. Takats, C. Galough CDirectorJ, S. Dailey, S. Berne, J. Moore B. Palmer, K. Bricmont, R. Opp, P. Morrison, D. Baker, B. Gregory, V. Johnson. , 81 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC INTERMEDIATE BAND - MR. EDDY Row 1 - R. Gross, W. Barnes, P. O'Brien, M. Hoadley, P. Stanton, S. Opp, M. Nelson, R. Currie, J. Schafer, C. Andrews, D. Morey, J. Crawford. Row 2 - L. Andrews, G. Zimmer, P. Hill, S. Carrigg, C. Page, M. Merkel, D. Bryant, C. Johnson, D. Merritt, P. McElligott, C. Bostwick, A. Aton, R. Knowles, J. Cobb, A. Frink, R. Landon, J. Brearley, J. Tobbe, W. Crane, K. Card, C. Carron. Row 3 - J. Hill,N. Kintner,B. Haskell,R. Bailer, G. Wheeler, D. Osman, T. Page, J. Lillie, W. Wilson, M. Fisher, M. Beam, D. Gustin, D. Crawford, D. Opp, L. Rinker, R.Moulton, D. Grineff, K. Edsell, W. Collins, R. Wells, H. Reisinger, G. Decker, S. Gross, D. Merritt, K. Luther, G. Pierce, D. Blakeney. Row 4 - C. Brisco, R. Halley, D. Starbuck, K. Stone, C. Place, J. O'Hora, B. Lee, G. Hart- man, E. Warren, L. Love, D. VanG0rder, D. Adams, E. Lasan, C. Pierce, A. Lovell, J. Dewar, J. MacQueen, W. Terry, H. William, S. Krissel, J. Gleason, D. Wickham, C. Place, J. Olson, M. Bryant, D. Hartman, D. Adams, D. Duerr, R. Floyd, R. Anderson. Standing - K. Brown, J. Savage, J. Dodd, E. Howard, J. H0ward, S. Farvey, P. Sarvey. VESTAL CENTER JUNIOR ORCHESTRA - MRS. BROWN Violins - Rorapaugh, Campbell, Resseguie, Phillips, Morse, Krasko, Gould, Warren, Lar- rabee, Griswold, Irving, Dyson, Stout. Violas - Pratt, Smith. Trumpets - Gage, Drost, Kittle, Webb, Doupe, Cello - Conklin Scarano, Kristoff String Bass - Alderman, Eldred Alto Horn - Mattern Clarinet - Woolever Drums - Larrabee Saxophone - Page Piano - Hackling, Dykeman 82 Look 3. . QIILT-25+-. Q- -1- fi . -, 'Jw KEN HILL'S SODA BAR 'E LEISURE TIME C AC TIVITY LEADERS , X.. ACTIVITY ADVISORS Look ITTQUKQS at c stal Centra 15 5 SC gi? 5 . 2 H , Jr ? 1 1 F ig if 2 A A E 5 if 551.3 5339 E 'S Es H LH Q SUMMER PLAYGROUND C LASSES C HANGING Survey of ACtlVltl9S ugh School 1 ACTIVITIES Extra-curricular activities form an important part of the daily schedule in the Vestal Junior and Senior High School. These activities are created to fit to the needs and the desires of the student body and are under the sponsorship of competent instructors. This type of program is so constructed that itenriches the curriculum and enables the students to enjoy the knowledge and benefits of the activity in which they participate. STUDENT CONGRESS The student government of Vestal is a replica of the National Congress. The repre- sentatives of this group are made up of the homeroom officers and the class officers. The organization learns parliamentary procedure and passes legislation to improve the school. It is under the sponsorship of Mrs. Dorothy Harder and Mr. Donald Callahan. UNITED NATIONS The aim of the United Nations Club is to develop a friendly relationship between the students of Vestal and those of the European countries. Each year a trip is taken to New York City to see the United Nations in action. The following were elected as this year's officers: President, Clyde Thompson, Vice President, Connie Ziembag Secretary, Alberta Gardner, Treasurer, Marion Wagner. The sponsor of this organization is Mrs. Dorothy Harder. YE ARBOOK STA FF The yearbook staff is elected each year from the Senior Class. Their untiring efforts made this book possible. Their sponsor is P. Paul Gimmie. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is selected on the basis of their scholastic record and citizenship. It is sponsored by Mrs. MacLowry, Miss Murphy, Miss Fenson, and Mr. Gimmie. GIRLS' I-II-Y The Girls' Hi-Y is affiliated with the Y.M.C.A. This is the only girls' unit in Broome County participating in youth and Government Program of Community Service. Sponsored by Miss Fenson. FRENCH C LUB The French Club was organized by Miss Baldwin to further the interest in foreign language. PROJEC TION C LUB Projection Club is under the direction of Mr. Bundy. These boys show films and slides in classrooms and community. PATROL BOYS The patrol boys are under the direction of Mr. Stock. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The future of America depends on its Future Farmers, sponsored by Mr. Cook. SWIMMING C LUB This is a new club for the purpose of swimming, a healthy recreation. Miss Gennett is the sponsor. 84 ACTIVITIES LIBRARY CLUB These are future librarians, under the sponsorship of Mr. Crowell. CLASS OFFICERS Class officers are an important factor in each class unit. STUDE NT CONGRESS SE NA TE Row 1 - K. Stanton, A. Vandermark, P. Hurd, N. Spence, R. Westgate, A. Coughlin, J. San- didge. Row 2 - C. Ziemba, E. Roney, Chocolaty, J. O'Hora, B. Baldwin, E. Duffy, B. Smith, G. Grineff, J. Takats, M. Morgan. STUDENT CONGRESS HOUSE OF RE PRE SE NTA TIVES Row 1 - B. Lee, J. Mills, D. Waslyn,A. Garnder, D. Sasina, M. Mann, J. Rossi, L. Johnson, S. Pilkington, C. Townsend, D. O'Brien, J. Potter, B. Baldwin, C. Nordland. Row 2 - B. Baldwin, K. Meeker, A. Coff, M. Slates, A. Merkel, P. Woolever, C. Turner, J. Kadel, G. Kittle,B. Wood,D. Harris, J. Moore, D. Ackley, L. Banick, B. Mikalajunas, M., Gaige, R. Mitchell, P. Morrison, S. Carey, J. Gardner, H. Thrasher, L. Beaumont, M. Gunther, D. Tanner, S. Bernhart, P. Williams, R. Fowler, N. O'Hora, S. Martin, S. Miller, S. Jones, E. Lee, S. Salsbury, B. Bricmont. Row 3 - P. McGowan, B. Douglas, B. Mooney, S. Berne, V. Sleeper, G. Evans, J. Windgate, J. Whitesell, A. Cady, T. Green, J. Chase, N. Weston, J. Williams, R. Tobbe, L. Oliver, A. Rossi, B. Betz, J. Warner, P. Motska. 85 ACTIVITIES X "X, . X . X I , 4 I Vs j . X. ,M Ty EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF STUDENT CONGRESS N. Spence, President, M. Mann, G. Sandidge, D. Willis, K. Stanton, J. Rossi. 'idol' UNITED NATIONS CLUB Row 1 - M. Coughlin, E. Brooker, G. Evans, P. Ellis, I. Burgess, A. Gardner, Sec., C. Ziemba, Vice Pres., C. Thompson, Pres., M. Wagner, Treas., B. Platt, J. Zalenski, S. Young, B. Lee, P. Williams, S. Rounds. Row 2 - N. Gelatt, C. Fisher, D. Waslyn, D. Sasina, C. Kearney, A. Purtell, M. Gaige, S. Pilkington, C. Townsend, J. Grant, R. Pappas, J. McCarthy, J. McCarthy, C. D'Imperio, E. Fellows G. Felton J. Rossi A. Schillinger, D. Merritt, M. Beers, L. Daugherty, M. Sasina, V. Sleeper,,B. Larrarfee, B. Deeker, A. Roberts., D. McLain, J. Hill, J. cook, A. vanouzer. Row 3 - B. Mikalajunas, D. Ackley, M. Gabriel, L. Banick, B. Johnson, K. Hess, D. Fau cett, D. Willis, J. Denmark, J. Gregory, R. Vallese, R. Brisco, R. Little, J. Compton, R. Wic- kizer, D. Dittrich, C. Conant, J. Bidlack, L. Goff, R. Sleeper, P. Knapp, A. Kintner. 0 86 A CT IV IT I E S 'I'I YEARBOOK STAFF Row 1 - D. Dittrich, A. VanDuzer, B. Mikalajunas, D. Ackley, M. Mann, K. Stanton, L Banick, A. Gardner co-editor, C. Johnson co-editor, J. Zalenski, B. Platt, M. Wagner, K. Hess R. Westgate. Row 2 - M. Coughlin, A. Kintner,B. Larrabee, A. Roberts, J. Guiles, B. Palmer, D. Sasina M. Gaige, J. Gregory, P. Ellis, G. Felton, M. Plew, T. Green, C. Thompson, J. Blossom. I .-5' YEARBOOK STAFF AT WORK L-R: R. Westgate, D. Dittrich, C. Johnson, A. Gardner, M. Mann, K. Stanton, G. Sandidge. 87 ACTIVITIES HONOR SOCIETY Row 1 - B. Terry, J. Kadel, M. Wagner, M. Gaige, M. Ferris, B. Platt, J. Zalenski, L. Rathbone, A. Coyle, G. Sandidge, M. Mann, K. Stanton. Row 2 - R. Duerr, P. McElligott, J. Taylor, P. Duerr, N. Gelatt, H. Betz, M. Love, D. McLain, A. Gardner, A. Roberts, F. Harding, R., Haire, J. Kadel, R. Wickizer, G. Wilcox, C. Johnson, L. Barrett. GIRLS' HI-Y Row 1 - B. Decker, P. McGowan, C. Turner, G. Sandidge, H. Betz, M. Mann, B. Platt, L. Rathbone, C. Ziemba, R. Tobbe, E. Lee. Row 2 - D. McLain, M. Love, A.Roberts, J. Cook, B. Palmer, J. Kadel, S. Tozer, S. Stevens, N. Weston, L. Johnson, J. Kadel, E. Meredith, P. Williams, D. Harris, L. Chilson, C.. Fisher. Row 3 - C. Townsend, E. Rozney, J. Kamp, B. Hitchcock, B. Heffron, S. Miller, B. Zimmer, G. Grineff, B. Moore, J. Bokelkamp. 88 ACTIVITIES FRENCH CLUB Row 1 - C. Kearney, N. Oliver, J. Gregory, J. Grant. Row2 - J. Chase,S. Carey, J. McCarthy. PATROL BOYS L-R: S. Brokow,. J. Compo, T. Nolan, J. McCormick, B. S mith, R. Willis, A. Hadley, D. Stout. PROJECTIONIST C LUB L-R: F. Doolittle, J. Cal- lahan, K. Hess, J. Gillespie, J. Blossom, B. Hess, J. Cook, P. Duerr, B. Weston, K. Dewey, R. Miles. ACTIVITIES Z . I FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Row 1 - C. Spence, D. Johnson, L. Barrett, T. Flaherty, G. Kellam. Row 2 - G. Leadbetter, B. Lenkiewicz, D. McPherson, G. Gabriel, R. Swan, R. Ward, D Watrous, D. Hillis, B. Terry, C. Pendleton, F. Hutchinson, R. Green, R. Hogan, D. Hunsinger. Row 3 - G. Smith, G. Gilg, D. Ellis, J. Ellis, J. Harzenski, R. Johnson, J. VanOrder. Row 4 - J. Short, R. Duerr, D. Hills, J. Briggs, J. Berry, R. Keefe, B. Ryan, D. Goon, L Fredericks, W. Walters. fa" . A . .... . .. S A L , . . SWIMMING C LUB Row 1 - S. Ziemba, S. Dieffendorf, R. Mitchell, J. Lillie, H. Thrasher, G. Felton, M. Slade, J. Taylor, J. Hill, J. Takats. Row 2 - E. Meredith, S. Miller, J. Savage, D. Pierce, M. Warfield, R. Pappas, J. Breed, G. Potter, A. Dates, S. Dailey, M. Geisenhof, N. O'Hora. Row 3 - L. Traver, R. Tobbe, L. Beaumont, B. Tarbox, M. Smith, P. Wingler, G. Ohles, P. Ellis, T. Hogg, C. Hessler, V. Cody, R. Haire, J. Schuhmehl, J. Macuch. 90 'T LIBRARY C LUB Row 1 - L. Baker,B. Coul- ter, J. Williams. Row 2 - P. Clauge, S. Wheeland, M. Coulter. ACTIVITIES 91 JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB Row 1 - C. Goldstein, R Berube, D. Fisher. Row 2 - O. Northrup, N Post. Christmas Party at the "old" school. ACTIVITIES If. ' I , we . Gy. . L, A 'F ,313 Il JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS L-R: Pres.-C. Ziemba, V. Pres.-B. Knight, T r e a s . -J. Hickey, Sec.-E. Roney. Seated: G. Grineff, J. St. Leger. Standing: J. Takats, M. Morgan. FRESHMAN OFFICERS L-R: J. Sandidge,B. Mills, P. Hird, A. Coughlin. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS Treas.-P. Mann, Sec.-B.Ba1dwin, Pres. -A. Vandermark, Vice Pres.-E. Duffy INot in picture.J 92 X ni SE VE NTH GRADE OFFICERS L-R: B. Smith, J. O'Gora, G. Chocalaty, J. O'Brien. ART CLUB Standing with posters - J. Wingate . Row 1 -D. Baker,S. Frink, A. Gardner. Row 2 - J. Whitesell, N. Ryan, J. Purdy, R. Meeker, D. Merritt, E. Taylor. ACTIVITIES I Slifer? 93 DENTAL HEA LTH POSTER WINNERS L-R: J. Mesh, J. O'Connor E.. Taylor, K. Bricmont, J Simpson. Seated: J. Zalenski. SENIOR ART WINNERS Shirley M e r r i n , Sandra Stevens, Jean Zalenski. THE TOWN COMES OPEN HOUSE TO SCHOOL 11'-f ' mfg' ,P O ,LI-.5.3f', , THEY SEE THE SCHOOL THEY HEAR ABOUT THE SCHOOL AND THEY MEET THE TEACHERS JUNIOR PROM I JUNIOR PR OM In the spring of 1951, the Class of 1952 held their Junior Prom. Using two large pictures of a Southern mansion, a beautiful rock garden and assorted bushes as scenery, the Prom, entitled "A Southern Rhapsodynwas acclaimed a huge success. Anna Kintner was crowned Junior Queen in an im- pressive and beautiful ceremony. t "QUEEN ANNA" AND HER COURT L-R: M.L. Watts, G. Sandidge, L. Rathbone, M. Mann, J. Zalenski,E. Bishop, S. Knight, retiring queen, A. VanDuzer, J. Rossi, M. Wagner, A. Roberts, G. Felton, K. Stanton. 95 OM SENIOR KING Sz QUEEN CHRISTMAS BALL Ge orgia Sandidge, Roger Westgate In celebration of the commencement of Christmas vacation, the Class of 1952 held the Annual Christmas Ball on December 20. The name chosen for the ball this year was ' The Marshmallow Sw1rl.' ' The highlight of the even- ing was the Coronation of King Roger Westgate and Queen Georgia Sandidge. Q,-5.1 ' 4 of SENTOR PROM SENIOR PROM Anna Kintner, Elaine Bishop, Marcia Mann, Katheleen Stanton, Jane Harned, Georgia Sandidge, Roger Westgate, Raymond Groves, David M c Mu 1 1 e n , John Compton, Robert Little, Coit Conant. Not in picture: Kenneth Stanley KL Lois Rathbone. SE NIOR PLAY THE WINSLOW BOY PRAC TIC E PRACTICE ima MAKE PER FEC T AND STILL MORE PRACTICE CLASS WILL We, the Senior Class of 1952 of Vestal Central High School, being of sound mind and body, do make, publish and declare this our Last Will and Testament. FIRST: We perceive that our passing should not be a regret, but a direct chal- lenge to our posterity. SECOND: As a body, we, the Class of 1952, leave to the Class of 1953 the dis- tinguished position held by our class and all those preceding us, to be relinquished to the succeeding as time demands. We offer to you the key to our success, the three "F's" - Fairness, Fun and Friendship. THIRD: As predecessors to the Class of 1953,we wish to leave to our followers these specific tokens of our cherished memories. TOM GREENE leaves his ability to talk out of turn in Miss Murphy's class to one who can best profit by it. "PAT" ELLIS to Paula VanDuzen, all her smiles. AUDREY ROBERTS to Connie Ziemba, her cheering uniform and her secret for always being good. GENE MOREY to Bob Grover, two cigars. DOROTHY SASINA her basketball player boy friends to Lura Daugherty. MARY LU WATTS to Peggy Steinruck, her flirty eyes. JULIE ROSSI to Helen Ellis, her effervescent personality to add to the cocophony of Public Speaking Class and her desire to become gray early. NORM SWARTWOUT to George Gabriel, his first place on the cross country team and his trophy. LYNN GERCHMAN his popularity to his sister, Lois Gerchman. KATHLEEN STANTON and MARCIA MANN to Charlene Turner and Patricia McGowan their positions in the Guidance Office and their ability to cope with Mr. Gimmie the 6th period. DONNA Mc LAIN to Eleanor Roney, her Solid Geometry book. BRUCE WESTON to Bob Hess, his ability to drive. BARBARA PLATT to Rosemary Tobbe, all the good times on the Hi-Y confer- ences. "CHUCK" CONRAD to Marilyn Dickinson, his mental book on "How to Get Through Miss Stahl's courses Without working." It's hers for the asking. DOLORES MERRITT to Leon Angelo, her gym suit so he can have fun "playing Gym." GAIL FE LTON wills her boy friends to anyone who can manage them. JIM BLOSSOM his ability to drive a Plymouth, to Ken Storozow. MARCIA MANN to Barbara Bricmont, her seat in the back of the Vestal Theatre. HELEN BULMAN to Ila Jeanne Burgess, her good times in Homemaking. RUDY VALLESE to Connie Ziemba, his big Nash, so that she will have a place to sleep. ANITA COYLE to Peggy Bleil her undying love for Mr. Fanning and her sales- manship book. BARBARA LARRABEE to Gail Kittle, her ability to write letters every night to Ithaca. NEVA STEINRUCK her diamond to Paula VanDuzen. JACK DENMARK to Dick Brisco, his limousine and his ability to drive it. MARION PLEW to Beverly Wood, her love of food. KENN HESS to George Brigham, his ability to get out of "Pop" Bundy's blue- print class. BEVERLY DECKER to Rosemary Tobbe, her flag swinging ability. NORM SPENCE to Duane Slottje, his place of residence in Irving Place across from O'Hora's. A convenient place for him, isn't it Nancy? SANDRA GALE to Shirley Wheeland her knack for writing out absence excuses. ELAINE BISHOP to Gerry Bouton, her ability to skip school successfully. A 98 CLASS WILL BARBARA COULTER to Marilyn Coulter her whistle, to referee Basketball Intramurals with. DALTON WILLIS to Floyd Knowlton, the cue stick he borrowed from him and his ability to use it. BOB LE TSON his bowling technique to Jerry Bouton. ALBERTA GARDNER to Delores Wasyln her job of playing cupid. JANICE RUSSELL to Elsie Heen, her long fingernails. JEAN ZALENSKI to Marilyn Dickinson, her ability to keep "Chuck" Conrad on the string. MARY FERRIS to Shirley Landon, her job at Ideal Hospital. BARBARA MIKALAJUNAS wills her size 4 1f2 shoes to Carolyn Hessler. ROGER WESTGATE to Jake Angelo, his sore feet, acquired at football camp. BEVERLY PALMER to Nancy Weston, her ability to skip school. THE LMA HOGG wills her athletic ability to Carolyn Hessler. RALPH SOOS leaves his ability to skip school without being caught, to Hugo Roosa and Roland Swan. MARY COUGHLIN wills her freckles to Louise Allis. CARLETON WARD wills to Jerry Potter, his nickname "Fag" to keep the name on Melbourne Street. DICK HOYT leaves his drumming ability to Bill Howard. DONALD JONES leaves his common name of "Jones" to Boleslaw Lenkiewicz. MARION GAIGE to Ann Purtell, her square dancing shoes. HELEN BETZ to Scott Eddy, her bassoon. RAY VANDERPOEL to Hugo Roosa, his mechanical ability. JOAN KADEL to Bob Grover, her ability to play the bass drum. JIM HOOVER leaves his determination not to study to Bob Haskell. GLENN DUNHAM to Jerry Bouton, his bowling ball. SHIRLEY YOUNG wills "The Voice" to Lynette Johnson. SHARON NEILY leaves to Frances Harding, the bathing suit she liked so well last summer and all the memories that go with it. ANN VAN DUZER wills her blue eyes to Gwen Lloyd. ANNA KINTNER leaves her ability to have a good time at the games to Gail Quinn. OPAL MURPHY to Jean Kadel, her cheering ability. CAROL GARRE TT to Rosemonde Haire, her love of horses. NORM TALLON to Bill Knight, his ability to go to the store for candy. GLEN WALLING and ROGER WEBB leave their ability to keep out of Mr. Burr's hair, to anyone who can best profit by it. PEG KILMER leaves to Joan Grant, her ability to get along with Mr. Swartz. JIM GREGORY leaves his ability in Art to Sandy Stevens. LOIS JONES leaves her will to do her job well, to Peggy Williams. DICK MAC DOWALL leaves to Bill Knight, his firm belief that he will some day be President. RONALD MATHER leaves to Brian Mather, his part in the Senior Play. TOM FLAHERTY leaves his wrestling ability to Jim Potter. GARY WILCOX leaves his hot trumpet to Larry Pelton. BOB WICKIZER, BUTCH CONANT and JOHNNY COMPTON leave their "out- standing sports ability" to Bob Berg, Jerry Potter and Jim Potter. Live up to it, fellows! DAVID GOULD passes on to Bob Gould, his place on the basketball team. "PAT" ANDREESSEN wills her "accent" to Carol Sorochinsky. RONALD BERUBE leaves his collection of Jane Powell pictures to Bill Knight. BOB LITTLE to Bob Berg, his voice. JIM ADRIANCE and LEON BARRETT leave their farming ability to Dick Ward and George Gabriel. BARBARA BROWN her job in the Grand Union - to anyone who wants it. CRAIG JOHNSON leaves his little black book with all the Binghamton-Johnson 99 CLASS WILL City and Endicott phone numbers, to Doug Fawcett. LUCILLE B-ANICK and DOLORES ACKLEY leave to Mae Gabriel, a package of lunch bags for her own use. MARGIE HANEY to Priscilla Knapp, her clarinet reed. PETE McE LLIGOTT to Dick Chamberlain, his first chair in the clarinet section. GERALDINE MURPHY leaves her perfect attendance record for five years to Betty Winne. DAVE DITTRICK his basketball ability to Doug Dorsett. ROGER SEARLES leaves the piano bench in Mrs. Mac's room to Donna Shurtleff. SUE ROUNDS leaves her job as secretary of the band to Paula VanDuzen. BARBARA HAVEN leaves her pink gym suit to any transfer from "North" who dares to wear it. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, on this 24th day of June in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-two A.D. we have set our signatures to this, our Last Will and Testament. The Senior Class of 1952 By Suzanne Rounds QLSJ ,'x r'X1:3sa ,YV 9 ax larsl XJ' W Q 'Q ' , 9 by J! 5 'W wh, ' Q wg- 'sga 17 vw 35, "9 : 'Je' 'Nz ' .N J.. .5 +',:l B, '59, vRi9fG- A H fm 5553, 5.-t r 1 .Ji VIYJ, D-Giligix R: x'::y V-'J A I" tiff-f"'J32 ' ' 4' 1 '::T:jI?Tif1e,A H' ,7'ff'0l, LM T ,gf M gl 'UQQW I W ' V ' l . . t 5 'JLQaffHLt U 1,37 'ming Spreads sis It Can Fill heed. ll 1952 Hearst Cham 'iewsprznt' Buying W en fm- All Businessll ay Evnrm J. swm 3. Agn: my way inlv my nfhcei D' pk put plpgr .mmm xx x wwe pwxmyum dam." l A, :mme N, mm. Pfbfidffffl ly. im., a New York prmfifft KMQ y mm, frm- mmpnm' sremalizcs' nu! dir-get-mm adwrzmng. 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Metal an. tape is ward extensively in the uma. 31532, flvwrifinl irmiz.xn.enc. lwrflfv fw- dmd plumbing gwugmdmuuizi . + , Renard mud: all pmdficiiore in Texas was authurizexl lor Mararh, State au-' ibm-ities nr allowable output ax. SASL- I 665 barrels daily. This is Ln increase ol 39.429 barrels par day awe-r the current limit. Im is 16,153 laarrsls. daily :buys the previous high' last Octebnr. Pexxmsv sible nmduction ellis month was bomwd , 122,000 barrels. daily over' Janurwy. A iurzlner hike was declared to be needbd fn: March as the lndustry entereri thi season of high damsnct l Tin purchase Xiogotiumions by th! U. S. wiuh Indonesia. xrkayvcoma to a head badly. Indonesian o5idl31.rmwin Waslxf ingtoa, expect to nt ddinize instruc- tion: from iheir Govpmmentu to lin" :und they should lakc.Tlze lwdowsixnn want n mmrielarbtgmgemajagand zhiu eo is wen , . . as 'mqzilm high." If iz is agreed on. ilu same Egure will have sn brpzhi lor 20.000 inns af tin recently wntrwctsd for with Britain. The British in new ltffihl 31.18 A giolxzudk American Tdephunc plans the larr est piece of carporave flxxnn wigs in his' wry. Dinner! voted tn ,ell .950 mil- lion of convertible debentures to smelt- holderx to l1elp'pa3' ln: in huge CDB' shfuciion program. 'Frm plan is subject to .slum-ehnlders' approval at the annual , meeting April 16. lc also calls far an in- sreau in the anthem-ized capital sinelr' from 45 million nhmea to 645 mllliom' This would make :hares available for cfmwrsion of the pmposcgl deberxzuvca ar well as for any fufum financing. H- 1-mmring in needs for more capital. V A. T, 8: T, reported iz added twn million telephones en iz: lines lasf yeas and expansion mxtlnyl are corxtinumg at s 51 billion nnnvsliraic. D Apnrkan Wdolen Cu. directors dsl- ciclod "no dividend should be paid tm the summon stock at this Ama." Pay' menbs lu: year, were S1 each in March. J .me and September and S3 in Decmv bm-, The f-ompmiy blamed the dividefmi umlssi-an fu: "present :auditions in flag' industryfl Ynur of American 'vVn0lv!1's El nvorstefl wills weve shut down af, the close' of 1951 and the Luther! cuzxailed !or lack of orders. 4 1 Q Markets- swn- voir: .1 1 sm-'nn shares. Imax,-1 Jones .ndumrmls 95549, M! 1.1D'w: mis 53,00 as omfsg utilf' A. 45 12, na' 1.1.11 wma- Fmlnrxal Timo? wmmon male mdfx H16 dl! Mi. Binh-Vomfue 13.534900 Dowvdonea 49 Banda 95.23, of 013g high grade Mila 100 20. ol! 0.21: wgemlmvn was ans. nn' 0.011 umu- Lmx 98.63, vi! 0 19: lrviiisfrxalx 8.68. QB' MM. rioavnoasiim .. Dow-Jones mmm mrxex 31.86. up 0.57, 23.1.1 :Mex 13730. up 0.19. V . . . . Eaminas- , em me people gum 1 mee mm- 7 HO! ya imc-ps ll ment ' YHZMEM' 'E GROUP l Milllafy 'vwlros Y.. 'WM - M A . QU MI' Rimini. .mmm an .Yields in we. Mind gmum-I Ruggianisr ,aw by mmnbowrfs . 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M.. l.?f'Z,.2Z.,,.fl'l SUCCESS There is no mystery about success in life, and no great genius is necessary to accomplish things. If you think properly, Work, and apply the rules of common sense with a firm belief in your own ability and the opportunities which the world offers you, you can attain success. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION ENnIco'rT NEW YO K 102 CONGRATULATIONS To the CLASS OF 1952 From ENDICOTT JOHNSON WORKERS ENDICOTT JOHNSON RETAIL STORES WEST FAI. L5 'I B GST Vfslieg f ff I To The A O 6 Cla. K 3 55 I A I XI WI 52 9 I I 2 E "LEADING THE WAY TO BETTER HEALTH" HAZARD LEWIS FARMS vEs'rA1. ROAD A COMPLETE LINE OF DAIRY PRODUCTS 104 Serving THE CAY COMPANY The Triple Cities Areo For the Lost Holt Century DIAL 2-644i CROWLEY'S MILK CO., Guild Office Supplies - Equipment SMITH-CORONA PORTABLES Nine Washington Avenue INC. Endicott, New York Phone 5-2721 Best Wishes to the Class of '52 BURT'S DEPARTMENT STORE F ll th V t IS ' 0 OW 9 SWAIN PHARMACY, mc. to sETTY's naive-:NN Mcinsffeef VESTAL, NEW YORK FRONT STREET VESTAL, NEW YORK Phone 5-9451 105 BEN HANSEN CHEVROLET, INC. CHEVROLET CARS and TRUCKS SALES and SERVICE Used Cars With the O K That Counts 3-5-6-8 Grant Avenue EN'DICO'I'I'. NEW YORK Phone: 5-9991-5-9992 SHEET METAL CONTRACTING CO. S. 8 Jane Street Phone 5-4363 VESTAL, NEW YORK Install Coal, Gas or Oil Heat- Forced air or gravity Eavestrough and General Sheet Metal Work 24-HOUR SERVICE ON OIL OR GAS BURNERS CharIesR f P p G.L.F. Agent VESTAL, NEW YORK FEED and SEEDS FARM SUPPLIES Phone 5-O72I 106 Reoltor For Results in Southern Tier Mogozmes SCIAIOOI Supplles I I Front Street Sundries VESTAL, NEW YORK Diol 5-9657 Phone 5-3349 WELLS 81 MESSEMER INC. D GE SALES 8: SERVICE PLY UTH gh DODGE Jos RATED TRUCKS L ,JEL LARGE STOCK OF FACTORY ENGINEERED PARTS 'TW COMPLETE CAR SERVICE BY FACTORY TRAINED MECHANICS GUARANTEED USED CARS s TRUCKS PHONE ENDICOTT 5-3397 1302 E. MAIN ST. ENDICOTT TRIPLE CITIES Pho SZSSI A N G E LI N E ' S SPORTING GOODS CO. FLQWER I I3 Washington Avenue The S H 0 P Most ' WILSON SPORTING GOODS F'fg"e Arts PRODQS-1031 1306 Monroe s End f N Y R 107 CASTLE GARDENS for FRESH FRU ITS AND VEGETABLES Best Wishes from The Bakers of STROEHMANN'S PRIDEWINNER BREAD SHIPMAN'S A TLANTIC SERVIC -iSTATION--- Sk Lee Tires Goodyear Tires Exide Batteries wk 24-HOUR SERVICE Dial 5-9651 VESTAL, NEW YORK! OLUM'S Complete Home Furnishings and WOMEN'S APPAREL 2 BIG STORES TO SERVE YOU II4 Clinton St. 222 Main St. Binghamton Johnson City STONE'S STATIONERY Now Located at 2 Washington Avenue For Best-Quality School Supplies, Office Supplies and Stationery Dial 5-6251 VESTAL DRY GOODS CO. 5 Main Street VESTAL, NEW YORK "V t I' Family Store Since l939' ENDICOTT LUMBER G' BOX COMPANY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS MASON'S SUPPLIES D.6H. ANTHRACITE COAL ENDICOTT, NEW YORK I306 CLARK STREET PHONE 5-9903 CLAYTON H. RANDALL CONTRACTOR and BUILDER Box86 Dial5-5023 VESTAL, NEW YORK Free Estimate GENERAL REPAIR WORK HILKINS JEWELERS 46 WASHINGTON AVENUE ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Dial 5-0121 Take an Active Part in tI1e,Life of Your Community To Do That, You Must Be Fully Informed read . . . THE VESTAL NEWS to know what the folks and officials are saying and doing in your home town . . . CECIL W. MIDGLEY MAGIC CITY ICE 6. MILK CO.. INC CONTRACTOR 607 North Street ENDICO'I'I'. NEW YORK Plumbing and Heating Dial 5-3337 308 Badger Avenue Pasteurizecl Milk and Cream UNION, NEW YORK Homogenizecl Vitamin D Milk Chocolate Milk Orange Drink Gee FIIIIVIQS Buttermilk SHEET METAL WORK Cheese Eove Troughs Courteous Delivery Service NEWING MOTOR CO., INC. Your Local Ford Dealer Since I920 NEW CARS AND TRUCKS SERVICE DEPARTMENT-MAIN STREET AT GARFIELD USED CARS--MAIN STREET AT HARRISON ENDICOTT, NEW YORK 110 THE BINGHAMTON PRESS DAILY AND SUNDAY Extends Congrotulotions to VESTAL'S CLASS OF '52 . v Q . .,,A , fx Remember: if egg ZX In the Press you get more news, more ,. pictures, more advertising. Any woy ' A you look ot it, you get more tor your Y ffL.j ' ' -ff " money in the PRESS. 4,St":3:: " ' - :' 561' 2-W- . 'S : coNeRATuLATnoNs TO THE CLASS OF '52 2 A610142 , guna gwwn F011 MEN ' You f.AD1ES , you CHUEDREN KEN'S SHOES 111 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '52 from MSLEA-NB ENDlcoTT, New YORK Lou KoRcHAK',s Friendly ' Service Office Clinton and Jorvis Streets Dial 7-0968-7-9730 Bulk Plant Towpath Road-R.D. 3 Phone 4-9895 Binghamton, New York LOUIS N. PICCIANO 8' SON Plumbing and Heating APPLIANCES I 204 Witherill Street Endicott, New York Phone 5-9986 "bIue coaI" and "blue coaI" Thermostats F. L. ROUNDS, INC. NORTH MAIN STREET, VESTAL, N. Y. Dial 5-5l I5 BOB MEAD'S mobil Service ROY WINNIE SAND AND GRAVEL VESTAL, N EW YORK Compliments of H EN RY CARROLL, INC. "Your Lincoln-Mercury DeaIer" PARTS-SALES--SERVICE-USED CARS 62-68-78 Water Street Southern Tier's Largest Inside Used Car Showrooms BARNEY Cr DICKENSON WASHED SAND AND GRAVEL 'TEE READY MIXED CONCRETE CRUSHED GRAVEL MASON SAND LU 5. JOHNIS FROM I R, D. t 1 HAVE SOUP Vesta No EVERY- To THING NUTS Dio' 2-641 8 Free Delivery ----- 5-6381 FOR BETTER MODERN Prints and FLORIST D E S I G N Photo Equipment I and E N G I N E E R I N G Shop Gt I I6 Washington Avenue E N D I C O T T Endicott, New York C A M E R A Division of SHOP H. C. SCHLOER Inc. 33 Washington Avenue Phone 5-0221 DIAL 5-557i Dial 5-99OI 113 Congratulations Give Your Family the "Best of Everything" BUY HERSHEY'S ICE CREAM in the Solid Packed Full Pints, Half-Gallons Available in a Variety of Flavors HERSHEY CREAMERY CO. MAINE, NEW YoRK W. D. CROCKETT AGENCY Farm Bureau Insurance Company Columbus, Ohio MAINE, NEW YORK Phone 8-9665 MITCHELL'S GENERAL STORE MAINE, NEW voRK LUDINGTON BROTHERS Quality Meats I4 North McKinley Endicott PUBLIC MARKET WALTER'S CONFECTIONERY Home-made Ice Cream-Sodas SUNDAES LuNcHEs Maine, New York PITCHER'S RADIO SHOP Frigidaire Appliances and TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE Reliable Goods at Reliable Prices PHONE 16-Y-22 Y Box IO3 Maine, New ork G A T E S ' S T O R E East Maine Road MAINE, NEW YORK Phone 8-9800 GROVER'S Your Local Jeweler on Main Street in Vestal We Wish to Take This Best Wishes from the Opportunity A I-YR I C to Congratulate the 'Q STATE Vestal Graduating Class of I952 GOOD LUCK HARVEY'S IGA GROCERY To l952 Senior Class Maine, New York Phone 8-95I 3 wEsTcoTT,s BEAUTY SALON Best Wishes to the Class of '52 H. J. RUSSELL'S, INC. EXCAVATING or ALL KINDS ' GRADING TOPSOIL BLAC KTOP COMPLETE SINCLAIR SERVICE I Mile West of Vestal Route I7 LARKIN MusicAi. mst. co., mc. Everything Musical 94 Chenango Street Phone 2-3933 BI NGHAMTON, NEW YORK For the Best in Printing -1- THE -l ENDICOTT PRINTING co. IZ4 Nanticoke Avenue Endicott, New York All Commercial Printing BUSINESS FORMS WEDDINGS BOOKLETS, ETC. W. H. Yager, Prop. Phone 5-9441 ALLEN'S MEMORIAL HOME ENDICOTT, NEW YORK E. E. INDERLIED HARDWARE CO. COMPLIMENTS ENDICOTT, NEW YORK ofthe Phone 5-4OI I For Everything in Hardware EN DWEI-L RUG C0- phone 2,2123 When you think of Insurance Think of "' M' "' A N A F ' N' 'N C' MacCLARY-STABLER AGENCY FARrlAllsLlClolli?f?e:Ealzs Egilcgsnzlrjg Ecellqvlce Reliable "'Su'O"Ce fo' 'OO Yew PHONE 5-3646 AUTO PARTS AND SUPPLIES BEACH'S AUTO SUPPLY I IO West Main Street Telephone 5-0521 ENDICOTT, NEW YORK BICYCLES PARTS AND SERVICE National Army Cr Navy Store , 5I Washington Ave. A Frlend ENDICOTT, N. Y. Phone 5-0351 RAYCO Auto Seat Cover Co. "The Smartest Cover on the Highway" I23 Main Street Dial 4-5491 BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK HAMMOND'S 2605 East Main Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK L. H. TRAVIS Groceries, Meats and Fruits OIL AND GAS phone 5-1331 56 Front Street Phone 5-975I VESTAL, NEW YORK 116 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES to CLASS OF I952 LOU-MAX DIE Cr MODEL SHOP, INC. VESTAL, NEW YORK Best Wishes from the VESTAL THEATER for BETTER ENTERTAINMENT CONGRATULATIONS from SCHAPI RO'S MEN'S SHOP 56 Washington Avenue Fine Jewelry and Watches Since l9l9 RUBY'S JEWELRY 6 Washington Ave., Endicott, N. Y G R A N D U N I O N D. Westgate, Manager ELK'S BAKE SHOP BEST BAKED GOODS IN TOWN I I0 Washington Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK R Cv J REFRIGERATION Vestal, New York ECONOMY DRUG STORE Corner Washington and Monroe "THE REXALL STORE" Milk at its Best . . . COMPQQIENTS CORNELL'S DAIRY KLINEH5 SERVING THEOXESTAL AREA Store for Men and Boys 25 Kentucky Avenue Telephone S-603l ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Com Iimen sof THE VESTAE STEAK HOUSE Vestal, New York FOOD SERVED AT ITS BEST Banquet Hall Available Accommodating 20 to 400 For Information Call Binghamton 4-9150 DAN 6' JIM'S ESSO STATION Is the Place to Stop RESIDENTS OF VESTAL FOR 30 YEARS M A R Y ' S S T O R E vEsTAL CENTER, NEW YORK M. E. Tllallinger, Prop. I I End LAN DON M. MORTON'S i-- Groceries --- Vestal and Vestal Center CHOICE MEATS AND GROCERIES WARFLE'S TEXACO STATION VESTAL CENTER, NEW YORK Route 26 HILL'S ELECTRIC APPLIANCES Radio and Television VESTAL CENTER, NEW YORK HUNTINGTON'S The High School Hangout COLEMAN AND DANIELS Compliments of PEE TEE'S DRIVE-IN HOME OF THE FAMOUS HI-BOY SANDWICH Your Hosts - Milt and Woody WARFLE'S GENERALSTORE L. F. HAMLIN, INC. Pharmacist "THE RED CROSS DRUG STORE" 28-30 Washington Avenue icott, N. Y. Phone 8-1565 COLONIAL MOTEL "BINGHAMTON'S FINEST" MR 98 Binghamton, New York 3 Miles West on Highway I7 Phone: 4-4389 2-0193 CHAFFEE'S GROCERY - l23 Vestal Road VESTAL, NEW YORK JOHN D'IMPERIO BARBER SHOP BENNER WHOLESALE IO7 Duane Avenue ENDICOTT, NEW YORK STAR DRY CLEANERS AND SHIRT LAUNDRY Main Office VESTAL 1- DIAL 5-61 I6 CLARK-OWEN MOTORS, INC. l904-O6 North Street ENDICOTT, NEW YORK DR. CHARLES R. MINCH .yfw STACEY 0 says o I'm os Near os Your Telephone! Home ............ 5 8623 B ss ............ 5 3355 H ...,.... 5 8665 WEDDINGS CANDID PARTIES BIRTHDAYS STUDIO SHOWERS LEGAL COMMERCIAL Miss Bride-This od is worth money to you. HARRINGTON STUDIO 9I I E. Main St. Doily Bulletin Bldg. Endicott, New York GXHII Ill' IIFVG lothinq Lumix in QIIIIUII Home of TIMELY CLOTHES ond MANHATTAN SHIRTS KEN'S BARBER SHOP GREETINGS from SOME FRIENDS THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Congrotulotes The Senior Closs of l952 ond Wishes Them o Hoppy ond Successful Future ENDICUTT NASH CURPURATIIIN 2301 EAST MAIN STREET ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Dial 5-5951 WILLIAM F. BERG ROY B. HITCHCOCK I 13 Wendell Street 114 Main Street Endicott, N. Y. Vestol, N. Y. Diol 5-3167 Dial 5-5302 BERG 8a HITCHCOCK General Contractors BUILDERS OF MODERN HOMES WE HAVE A NUMBER OF BUILDING LOTS IN THE BEST AVAILABLE SECTION OF ENDICOTT, NEW YORK Five minutes walk from I.B.M., on which you can build your home os you want it. 120 THE CLASS SONG V Music by Donna Mc Lain aw-wfxfw .s,.,,l..tua -as SP: 4'-1L4,eLJrH'f'lffE'H Words by Lois Rathbone The twelve full years of school life Which now make up our past Are tender years of happiness That, for us, have flown too fast. In cap and gown we say farewell This graduation year To teachers, books, and friends alike To much that we held dear And as we tread the road of life With hopes and courage high We'll treasure happy memories Of Vestal Central High THE ALMA MATER Along the rippling Susquehanna, The shadow of our high school falls, And mellow mingled tints of sunset, Illumine now our classic halls. While students gather round thine altar, True loyalty to thee confess, And sing with happy hearts and voices In praise of VCS. O, dear old Vestal Central High School, Attend our pledge of faithfulness, As unto thee our hearts we render With a love that we shall ere possess. And always in our true endeavor, We'l1 try for thee to win much fame, O, Alma Mater, we all hail thee And honor thy dear name. 121 Hts-W I 'H M.. . - 4, X nm 3 e V4 --. W---....,,,.-- Aww--W --wwf . Q ,,. , . -... . ffi w-mask QV!! .,.,,,,,,N Q-,...... WL W ,, x .Sift mn

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