Vestal High School - Den Yearbook (Vestal, NY)

 - Class of 1947

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Vestal High School - Den Yearbook (Vestal, NY) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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' AQ' 'sms -1911-"""""4. -y,,....- A Vu n ' ,. 'N f' 3' , V Alvah--w.v:.4a--A-.JL..nn-uw. S' H I A 54.1.1 N I 'Blah ..f ' W Q 2 , . sp-nu-pu.-unvuuqgy.-Q..-,Q - ' A . ' 'I' -SUMO Q - f .-f .wsu ' ,f A4 I ',,,,A,.,g,'?,',g,.N .K ' I fl :, ' M I A f ' 'L ,I 'rv gfz' igfv' ,,,,,,,.,.,,AN,, . I 1 1 .Ji ,U '3 , .g' 1 z . 14 4 . . I 2 'I 4 I . In-jf, . 4-2' jlfi' iff? 'i 'J f 5 . f ' ' ff? 'M F' if " 3 ' " 'C 3 -5 ' 7.-. 'f '41 A +5 r Y' ' 3 i " r ' ,- xg 'I -:gg I .'g',, :wld gg 'ga 5 " ,Q si' 33 I . Sift, ' 3 455-?., f ' 1 '-ffl ' , . Q T' 4. "ri i f My ff mir. ' 1 , i f " 1 5. ' 'I -' 3 E ' Q 5 1 L 'g 'A - ' " T-.:.,.i',l'I,f: ., I + L3 ,I I I :N N ' I' rf! K . , - -, 2, i A wee: i .. ..L7'17' .- tx . 1 44 I , .3 , "nit-:x ri: Hui. I:- . -in , vA:.,u. K P - li I. 1 , 5 . :ffl . " ' , 523-1 3'.+f3'. f',. ef 4 : f 1 '- WH wiv-yrs , l ' .I .I In .U , Ar 1,91-'J.E1h .4.f . I, V' , I. kv- N' .g i . .h D Y? .- . , A 1 m-raw ,. A?,,Qf, ' -:'. 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V., , .- f' K A "A'- n f' 55-7 V f ' 1 'T ' . L-1 5 I ' I 5: i"""". "'+"'.- 5 A ,Q Ag,-'fm.A x A Ar, 1' f'..v- -v ., J, Q -LA ' 2 'H' A -.-una?-nusir-g.-p .A 'Lthr ",..9A.wra.A.vq A 9 l , L . 4. 5-yy: Q Q - , , ""'-N' Au-Av.-Av '-A"w-.,...- , A - , A " "' ,f. ' - er -ff .A .- ..n.w,vg:fq,,,N,q, "fm-o2x1,q,,f,,V,, ,Q A , . ,-4 Q rf: ' ', .9 R VV V V 4- ' P'P'vh':'n.-1,-,,, :,QQ,'wjg,,,,vNw N. ' :gg - s Q, -A1 iw wa Aw.. . . , 4 "W -A-M +V-w..q:C."A--AA--...,.. - A A A ' X Q .CL-' , 3,1 V - 4, .ax -Q rw. V hwilblx ,Q1 :, , . , 'p -'F-..'A, - 4 ' -1' ' ' ' A ' ,A . ,. 4 ' ,A ' Q . 1' ' W ' ' ' 'QQ' " 'P v . mbuwtvps-y,, .f unsung.. 'M Q If -3 5 :Af . 1 4- ' Seafisw' ., A--.ff..,.,,-1 V QQQML, ..,efn.w'.xmma ,Q 7' 3 "I OC I 1 ,5' R 5 " ' ' ' "'d"LU'N' 41:1 , V -. ,- A V -. .fA..- .. v , ' Q. ,. , ' -, a . A . , ,gt-3 . A, g A V s Q, .+ ,v1,gs,,f fy- '.. Q .. f -, Q A Q. , Q Q 1 . ,A , ,+ -- 1 V fi, A ' A A gi, -A 'ff . A ,,, A I. .N Qvr A A V A, Q ' IQ '. . ,. ' A ,' I , h ' A . ' . A . - ' " Q' ' U . x '- . Q, '. A- A+, -N pf fl A51 pgff 4 ' Q-,lg ' L Q' Q ' .4 ' .A . A . ' - , , - Q -VL 14. L - ' ', , 'A ' ' 'wf',71', ' - 'B Y ' Q - Q -' ' .4 at -ahh ' A if A' . 1 'A!".: ,. . hw ' ," . M - A 53: 5 A A ' in Dai .LVN I Q. n - '-f7 'f"i'1""'?5f if. -'- Ti- ' g' 950' '!w'i"5 QT, Ufit u l v' A ' ..Q,A' 2 .'Q - Q ' ' ' I . A 1-Q' ' 'Q . - I ' ' x Av I " - wgi.. W ' , C . 'I mlm? A Ui .Av'f1i. ' ' ' Q, ' " 'n'-gy" - . 7' V 1, . 1 A: V4 .1-:tg 4 v iQi?V.L'f 'r,'a- 1, 15.-.f,-. -.:5'1'r BM ,Hlaw K- A R' Xl - 1 ' I ' . A-A-nd! 'QUFFI xf .- , , r .' ' . ?!,"!"'- , ,- . f A A A A A ,,A.?:1z-'ffm-:ff-"'.A. Af:-wr .A-.sAAv.i?fff-wAf.2f7swaf QQ , f . . x 4, f8Qf'3.a .-' f .,A. - g ',u?f.,.'f' ' ,Q,fr',t:f " " 4 ,A - -- 'A -,, -. 4.-4' , H Yf,,gfA-ig.43f.,gg5-,sQ 552 .1-'ljq ,Q .gg -BV., '4' mfr-" 'fu ' - .'-Vg? , . 1 , - ,gf 'A ,14c.inf5,,.f.g,i,:9r!,:,.,Vfa., 1:4 .f:LiV:.i..:4LVVbL.V,'A. . . ,.-,V,,VQ, QA- -Q I . ,V Vu QQ Q. , , . , V vi -Q. 5' V , rg - . Q. 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Jkt .z 3? 2 DEDICHTIUH We, the Senior Class of '47, dedicate our yearbook to Mr. LaVerne "Pop" Bundy for his helpful guidance of our problems and accomplish- ments which has made our Senior year a most enjoyable and profitable one. He has generously assisted and wisely instructed us in all of our class activities. The entire student body admires and respects his kind liness, his school interest, sense of humor, and his sportsmanship. Our trip would have been impossible had it not, been for "Pop's" un- tiring efforts and keen interest in helping us achieve this goal. 2 JWHMWJW ZA 11: :XA 1 . .., M' WW :WMM - I f if fig' 1 ,711 my pi 1 if 39 . . nf ff ' , -- . .. , , -Q. 10" ., , gr.. ef'-.., , 'Q ,, .. 1 Qfiyff - H? 4 "' +'f5?"'1-'fi 'ew-'ffm ff .' ' ?:"ig,P'3,. ', 'T vxf. J X' ' " . " u' sg! . " BOARD OF EDUCATION First Row L. to R.--Paul K. Kintner, Vice Presidentg Perry L. Starbuckg Lewis P. Warn- er, Presidentg Walter H. Owen, Clerkg Robert I. Cargill. Second Row L. to R.-- james H. Westfallg Fred Fe Dora, Treasurerg Stephen O. Salmon, Supervising Principalg L. A. Mason. OUR PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL T PRINCIPAL in ww M5 STEPHEN O. SALMON B.S.,M.A. Syracuse University Pennsylvania State College Albany State Teachers Col- lege. ARTHUR I. PECK A.B., M. A. RAYMOND LEADBETTER A.B. Wheaton College Amherst College New York University Oneonta State Teachers Col Randolph Teachers Class lege. Colorado School of Mines 4 1 gsgfff:..igg5f2i2f PHYSICAL EDUCATION Q . 'ef-T ','. . X. f - X 'sical Education Instructors -- LOUIS J. POND B.S. Ithaca legeg BARBARA J. LUCE Ithaca Collegeg JOHN PENDLE- RY B.S. Springfield College. ENGLISH C, X HOME ECONOMICS L. to R.-- PHYLLIS L. WELLING B.S. Plattsburgh State Teachers Collegeg JANET FAKE. P az:-f - First Row, L. to R. -- ELLEN MURPHY B. S. Syracuse Universityg DORIS RONEY B. S. Mansfield State Teachers College, Syracuse Extensiong HELEN C. STECK B. S Buffalo ALICE G. PURDY B. S. Cortland State Normal School, New York University. Second Row, L. to R. -- HELEN BOND B. S. Buffalo State Teachers Collegeg D. JEAN KENNEDY B. A., M. A. Westminster College, New York State College for Teachers, Gen eseo State Teachers Collegeg GORDON F. BURR B. A. Brown University. 5 A yy' State Teachers College, Syracuse Universityg RUTH E. HAEFFNER B. A. Keuka Collegeg ART LIBRARY LANGUAGE .Ann- 11" JAMES T. WILLIAMS B. S. MIRIAM A. PARKER B. A. GLADYS BESANSON A.B.,B.S., Edinboro State Teachers Alfred University M.A. College State Teachers College, Syracuse University University of Buffalo Geneseo Columbia University Teach- Pennsylvania State College B. S. in Library ers College MUSIC L. to R. MARIORIE HUBBARD B. A. Ithaca C01- lege. LEONA MACLOWRY B. S. Ithaca College. MEDICAL STAFF L. to R. RITA MURPHY R. N.,B. S. Binghamton City Hospital, New York University. LUCILLE ESTY Frederick Ferris Thompson Hospital. DR S. EASTON McMANIS A.B.,M.D. Ohio Wesleyan, Universitie de Montpellier, University of Cincin- nati, University of Pennsylvania. MATHEMATICS 6 ee ? Qi .L I n . . GV - N 'Q EF HN ' It ga L. to R.-- CATHERINE G. PIERCE B. A. Alfred University, Buf- falo State Teachers College, Geneseo State Teachers College, Ca- nisius Collegeg WALTER H. KINTNER B. s. Mansfield state Tea- chers College, HELEN BOND. B INESS 'JZ' L. to R.-- MADELINE RAITE B. S. C01- lege of New Rochelle, Syracuse Univer- sityg CORNELIA PATTESON B. S. Keu- ka College, Columbia University. SOCIAL STUDIES First Row L. to R.-- HELEN STECKQ DOROTHY S. HARDER B. A., M. A. Houghton College, Cornell University, Geneseo State Teachers College, St. Bonaventure College, HELEN IACOB B. A., M. A. Cornell University. Second Row L. to R.-- JEAN KENNEDY, HARLON R. REITER A. B. Alfred Uni- versity, University of Pennsylvania, New York State College for Teachers at Albanyg ANNA STRONG B. S. New York University. fl? L. to R.-- I. DOUGLAS BOOKHOUT B. S., M. A. St. Lawrence University, New York State College for Teachers at Al- bany, Cornell University, MARIORIE E. CLOCKSIN A.B. Houghton College ter. Graduate Work at University of Roches- INDUSTRIAL ARTS L. to R.-- SIDNEY STOCK Oswego State Teachers College, New York University Ex- tension, LEWIS WALKER B. S., M. S. Cornell University, Oswego State Teachers College, State Tech. Institute of Schenectady, WILLIAM C. ISSLER B. S. Cornell Un- iversity, LAVERNE BUNDY Oswego State Teachers College. INST RUMENTAL L. to R.-- H. IVAN BRYDEN B. S. Mansfield State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State, WILLIAM O. MARVIN B. S. M. Baldwin Wallace College, Fredonia State Collegeg RALPH WADE Harrogate Technical School, England, Beethoven School of Music, Harrogate Eng- land, Violin with Sammons, Haddock, and Fenning, London. England:FELICE GIORDANO Instrumental Diploma Prince Umberto, I, Salerno, Italy, FRANK SCHOFIELD N-A-R-D. Degree. 8 I ' 7 1 w 'M4 1'L.'-:gV1.-4155. ' - V if V?-iff ' ..- 1 f .I ,,,'.,., . ,90- 1, 'mga J. -. ,Vpglyj IJ , ,u . A1 . 4.4,w' - ,1'ff5fu2'4z.: . , V' 34:-Vx!--' , .,. f. , . 94? sf ' ' '?4, 117 ' 1 , Vi--J, f, F ff ' i I ,gt f pw: ff" , V . .3 4 ': -4 .J if 1 ':. ll I - 3751 J f-15,31-QV--.,ff-gg, - ' 5'5 " ' ff'-'lf.-1.5.'1"',I'1P ' ,n V " -' I ' . ' ying.-,:-', ,rj .' ff ,, I. 7' '- ' 1 "5Lf1'10f?7Yg 'AH15:iy,ZY' -' :L4V"'V 'ifi' -Jilrir-:,fGz13E'::. V,j,- "9 " '2T-- ' -'if rlgi . ff:.-,Q ,ey Q:-Av. . . ',1,-gfV- Mfrfewz ' ' V 2.5 V " THQ'-'ffr 'Fi' , 'Zi ' 1 'C 2 42" ' ...fx-1",V-' -.2 ' - ' . .' ' J. 132 "V'5ZZ'27fgt2s,'? f'f:V,J1'EE" '1' V1 -HG-1 V '3-www' V. wwg V . . 'f adv. r-'f-" . A ,gi -, ' A .Lf 'Y 72, jggk ra L5 .,- A , Vw-1,V,f-, :Va wr VV: g V uH'F"rf"'41. - Q .,::, - ,.,, , ' -1"'f1,:47.f5'-J--,., - ' . -elf ' 22S?:'szfrfif 'K V V ff! - u 74" Q,-, - .?2"Zfpf? -frm' ' ' ' 'TJ Q , - V V, , , -ji I' A ,V -,f ..- I - 4 ... .,,,' ' ,- ' ' :fi Vf. .4V' ' - VV . -AV ,V 4: fV'f,1x2'!.,r IV. -fu. '- af -1. . - V , ,f ' VV V-I-f ,VV-ff' . . .-. if-.'.-f--' J :- "4"5" - - Qg V R , - .,,V V.,f.f"' "Ww- '- - .1-"2 :Je VV - ' ' VL' 1 , A , , f , V' ,ffl "Sf--' ,P"' ' . '- 'QLWVY .-.11-. -. V " 4' fT""' Pz.?l5f3?3'7'4 V .9 Jr' ""7 2 j "f f if H ",fiQ-23-V. ., .V - -V - .---V,--.,-f "--1-.:a.,. V 2 -- -.-V1.,, , ng' , . ,-49:-fo-,.. ' . ag,-,V V .f-, 'f' .. WF' ' ',:-xzawl..-. V '-"fy "QW-733-z+5f? ' 1" f I f igs -I g,. VM- .445 1' 17, , ,1 '1 ' , ' ,r'pV,g1g:V:'QG55,a1-:ggi,riff-.-552..172 E grfkf " ' -f .F -' . 3 5' 1, - -lf" f' 1- ,A -5 xl ..v , ' 'Rr--Mlm, - 4-',:,gV--145.3-2+ . ,f Su V , f ,p . . ,A 414.-1. tl 4 9, I:.iif'.'L- - ,ee -V V 'V 1 V V w V v V . ,gy I A , WF, .V,-1.,,,-5V x, A . ' ,V , ,Vp :, . 1 Vx, . V VV , 57-,.. ,V , - dvi, 5 5 GA JA gilgi I , .-fvgbvalgi.-.wan ff A 4. , iff "f '-4V- ' ',-.2-V V - - 31:1 "VV Ar 4 ' ' -HA' , ,al 42 117-',V 'ff , -,,2 'V I , 'Q 1-, J - '7-.-',1,., ' - L-531. f f f' f- . Q 1 , .1 P 221- "ffm f f' fr, VL' 2 f .Vf':ff'VQ' 'f l ' f Q., V, ' K4 ' W. . .fx ' 5' '!"" . ' 4 Q -'I' , 1' .. ?' fb 'Tiff JA ,. ' . 54. ' - - f- ,if 'V 6 ' - .? :riff . 4' 'W -' -MF ', -1' ' 5 3, -2. V 'Vg ,E , -if-f ngiggf ,,,., gr.. . . '.- ,V V- - L1 ' ,- .'V ' ,H 4 .'-?gf'1i::rf"' ' V' W '11 ""'-V. f, -' .. , --'--1-pg 1- . - 1, ,: . , -3 w ' - ' , I 2-12, 1 f, . 21,37 - ,zz-jg: 'Z' V 'Q I , : :V nj-'-'f.' ..V - 4. ' j,z'f:g,,, 'Q . 4, 23- V f ,t 4 ' V-'. I , Iiglfgff' -TF: I . - .-5 f , - V '5 . 2 V 4-,f:,.2Zpag'.1t hifi? -V In 2: gi , A L - rg V-V -. -. nil? , ia. ' V A ' -119. .-' V 4g rag,--319, .--V-1 QV-V11 dn, "f.V-' 1. , ' V wr ' f . ,4 "' 7 ,Af H, 4 Vifjff ,f . .1 , , . -,,L,.', ,JV 3, ,.-my j.. AV.-,gf ,A fi,3:fV',t? " zf- f -V ,2 ff-A A -zif, Q-.. "-2:1542 1. , .' 12: 146.71 17.1 ' 15515 5.55-f'?i 'Eff - "3" ' ' f ' ' Mffa- - ,E , VJ -,-.4-:iff-V -' ' as -f..-1V fa.-QV' . ' "v-1-' ' .1 i, V ,. Mp, V - 3 A. , ., V gl A V -1 9 'wr ffl: , VV ..:V' "" 1 . V , if, .Fx -if I-I 1. ,Phi fiffffii' -'qw f Q" . 4,34-' ,V ' F 2 A 'awk' a N Y' ff' 'J YL A ibn L K,,N tif, q v, Q Q A .,, gin" 3. gf '..-- f s mi EQ Iffi. 1 " ' 'fr' g , fi, g .-i wel if I iff . it ' if .ffl Marr, ., if 'rr' , ss 'Q Q fi- ie I 5 fl 'vrsga-A tx Kilxiir 'f' TQX . ,f-1 'S IACK ELLIS "Doc" "I awoke one morning and found myself fa- mous." I.V. Basketball 33Var- sity Basketball 43Foot- ball 2,3,43President of Junior Class3 Presi- dent of Senior Class. PHILIP D. WESTON ' ' Flip' , "The company of a just and righteous man is better than wealth and a rich estate." Varsity Baseball l,2,3,43 j.V. Basketball 2,33Foot- ball 23 Varsity Basket- ball 43Vice-President Senior Class. SALLY ANNE BROWN "Sal-Gal" "The cheerful live longest in years and afterwards in our re- gards." Basketball 43Volley- ball 4g Speedball 23 Cheer leaders 13Dan- cing Club 23 Tumbling 23Deb Club 23 Bowling Club 43 Art Club 13 Dramatics 13Solo Club 13 Swing Band l3Secre- tary of Senior Class, Sally plans to do gen- eral work at the "Club Holiday" with marriage later. MAXINE HARVEY g:Ma-xi s "Maxine has personal- ity plus, was a charm- ing May Queen for us". Bowling 43Treasurer of Senior Class 43Secre- tary of Mixed Choir 43 Treasurer of Girls' Choir 4 3Yearbook Staff 4. OUTSTANDING SIINIORS IOAN BEVERLY SAMPSON "Ioanie" "And stirring visions of the world to be." Class Valedictorian3 Art Club 13 Mixed Choir 1,2,33 Bowling 3,43 Sec. of Bowling Club 43 Basketball 1,23 Volleyball 13 Softball 1,23 Student Congress 3,43 Year- book Staff 43Co- edi- tor3 All-State Choir 43 Vice-Pres.-h0me- room 43 Treasurer of Class 3. ELAINE CAMPBELL "Elaine" "Wonderfully witty Willing and wise.' Class Salutatorian3 Red Cross l' Choirl 2' Bas- 7 ! 7 ketball l,43Yearbook Staff 43 Volleyball 13 Elaine plans to become a bookkeeper. ARLENE VIRGINIA IVES "Red" "Sparkling eyes like twinkling stars--" Third highest class av- erage3Mixed Choir 1,2,3Q Girls' Choir 2,33Basket- ball l,23Vol1eyball l3Art Club 1,23 Solo Club 3,43 Pres. of homeroom l3 Softball 1,2Q Yearbook Staff 43co-editor3 All- State Choir 43Student Congress 43Bowling Club 3,4. 10 ,fy - . V S , ,..' 3 6 .2 Q .. N: wp , 3 Q- in is K Sc- xi N sffiiffa, 1 , . f x. Q ',' 1? M, f 'c1!1gx""4""4?ffx3'21 ai efg,:,.1-..-T. 1-,Ji lv' V 1 -, . gg a, ...U h ' vfiltffiz, f 1 LESTER M. BAKEMAN A KI-les!! "A little learning is a dangerous thing. ' Intramural Basketball, football, and softball 1, 2,3,43 Aviation Club 23 Science Club 4. Les plans to be a ma- chinist. THOMAS BEACH "Smokey" "Blessings on thee, little man." Press Club l,2,3,43 In- tramural Basketball l, 2,43 Intramural Foot- ball 2,33 Bowling 43 Yearbook 43 Student Congress 3,4Q V.Y.O. 2,3,43 Boys' Choir 43 United Nations Club 13 Senior Prom Commit- tee. CONSTANCE L. BIERLY ' ' Connie' ' "I shall laugh myself to death." Senior Library Club 2,3,43 Iunior Library Club lg Pottery Club lg Yearbook Staff 43 Rid- ing Club 2,33 Photog- raphy Club 2,3. Connie is always the life of the party. MARY RITA BLAZEY KKMary?! "Here's a friend, so good and true. When she's around we're never blue." Dramatics Club l3Girls' Leaders Club 13 Glee Club 13 Archery Club 33 Student Council lg Press Club 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Social Dance Club 33 Girls' Tumbling lg Mary plans to be a Sec- ratary to a bank execu- tive. BETTY IANE ACKLEY ' ' Candy' ' "Quiet and serene and tall, Always a good friend to all." Archery Betty hopes to work for awhile and then get married. RONALD BAKER ' 'Ronnie ' ' "A young lad who is hard to bluff. In bas- ketball he does his stuff Basketball 1,2,3,43Track 1,23 He plans to P.G. and then enter college. LEWIS D. BIDWELL ' ' Louie' ' "He sayeth little, but thinketh more." Intramural Football l, 23 Science Club 1,23 Intramural Basket- ball l,2,3,4g Intramu- ral Softball 1,23 Avia- tion Club. IEAN MARY BISHOP K K 7 "Cute, pretty, and not very tall, We couldn't get along without her at all." Volleyball 1,2Q Speed- ball 1,2Q Badminton 13 Basketball l,2,43 Soft- ball l,2,4g Language Club 3,43 Photography Club 3,4. After graduation, Jean wants the usual thing, marriage. 'K' Q I' 3. Y . I 3 J 'A M. A . S ,tr f gk Y if R. f, IANET H. BLOMQUIST KKIOHY! "Tho' she looks very quiet..." Flag Twirling l,2,3,4g Debutante Club 2,3g Swimming Club 3g Bowl- ing Club 4g Dramatics Club lg Library Club 1, 23 Dancing Club 33 Bad- minton lg Softball 3. janet plans to go to work and earn enough money to go to beautician school. FRANCES BRIGHAM "Fran" "A quiet carefree miss, a heart full of bliss." Fran would like to go to college and study to be a dietician or Home Eco- nomics teacher. IOAN M. CAREY "Ioanie" "The glass of fashion and the mould of form." Bowling 43 Archery. Joan plans to wait until the future comes. SHIRLEY M. CASTERLIN "Shir1' ' ' High in stature, High in aims." Choir 1,2g Volleyball 1,45 Basketball l,2,4g Shirley wishes to be- come a telephone op- erator. 12 E WILLIAM BONHAM "Bin" ' Tall and straight with manly gait." Intramural Basketball, Intramural Football and Intramural softball. Bill plans to be a flier. IOE CACCIOLA ' 'Ioe' ' "Oh, that it were my chief delight to do the things I ought." Cross Country 35 Track lg Intramural Basketball and Football 3. joe plans to enlist in the Navy after graduation. ROGER D. CARGILL, CfRog7Y ' No, never say nothin' without you're compel- led to, An then don't say nothin: that you can be held to. Science Club 1,35 Roger plans to go to college. MARY ILENE CLUBB "Irish" "A rather small and charming lass, and greatly loved by all the class." Treas. of homeroom lg Queen Candidate 3g Bowling 43 Dance Club 33 Yearbook Staff 45 Prom Committee 3g United Nations Club l. - EGF: - 'S y ga 4 S JN, S ,M tr-.-Qg:,Q, il? Eb. , ' ia A ,if WFS? ' fa-'S ' - '-lx-W. aff' M", ' :L 4 HELEN M. CRANE "A winning smile, a winsome way." Swimming Club 35 Bowl- ing l,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Basketball 25 Softball 1,35 Volleyball 25 All- State Band 45 Concert Band l,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 United Na- tions Club l. LEWIS DAUGHERTY CILew!! "I 'spect I grow'd, Nobody made me." Football 3,45 Intramu- ral Basketball 3,45 Track 3,45 Volleyball 45 Boys' Choir 4. Lewis plans to become a veterinarian. BARBARA ELLEN DENMON lKBarb?7 "A hard worker who raises no dust." Press Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Choir l,2,35 Girls' Choir 35 Home nursing 15 Library Club g25 Social Dance Club 7 Barbara plans to go to business school. RUSSELL DEWING ' ' Tuck' ' "Russell comes from out in the sticks, and teases the girls with ridiculous tricks." Entered from Warren Center. Baseball 1,2,3, 45 School Play 25 Glee Club l,2. Russell plans to become a farmer. BETTY K. CODY ' ' Blondie' ' "Personality, beauty, wit. No wonder she makes such a hit." Entered from U. E.5 Intramural Soccer 2,35 Basketball 2,3,45 Vol- leyball 2,3,45Softball 2, 3,45 Photography Clubg Candidate for Iunior Queen5 Yearbook Staff. ROBERT CROOKS, IR CCBob15 "A smile for every fel- low, and two for every girl." Bowling 3,45 Intramu- ral Football 2,3,45 In- tramural Basketball 2,3,45 Track 3,45 Bob plans to find a job and a wife. ANNE M. DAVID "Annie" "Agreeableness and H friendship are wealth Solo Club 2,3,45 Debate Club 35 Girls and Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Bowling 3, 45 Radio Club 35 Anne's future plans are to let predestination or fate decide. WILLIAM W. DUEBLER "Bill" "Bill," you know is quite a lad, never too good, a.nd never too bad." Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Intramural Foot- ball l,2,3,45 Wrestling 4. Bill plans to become a family man. 13 Xl L K .un--., YU! VN. SHIRLEY I. DUFFY "Shir1" "We grant although she has much wit, She's very shy of using it.', United Nations Club 15 Bowling 15 Secretary and Treas. Homeroom 25 Dance Committee 25 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Basketball 4. MARILYN RUTH ELDRED "Myrnie" "The secret of success is constancy to purpose" Volleyball 15 Archery 15 Band 3,45 Orchestra 3, 45 Mixed Choir 45 All- State Competition 45 Marching Band 3,4. RAMONA JANE E LY nl-anien "Neat as a pin, shape- ly and slim." Library Club 1,25 Home Nursing 15 United Na- tions Club l5 Bowling 3, 45 Junior Prom Commit- tee 35 Year Book Staff 45 Art Club l,2. BETTY IOYCE FISHER HJOYH "Fine character, and that's not all. Very cooperative, a friend to all." Library Club 1,25 Art Club 1,25 Dance Club 35 Press Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 United Nations Club 25 Home Nursing I5 Archery Club l. ROBERT DUMAS ' ' R0beir" "If I could talk until I knew no more to say, and some one would listen, it would be a perfect day." Press. Club l,2,3,45Dra- matics Club 1,25 Intra- mural Basketball l,2,35 Bowling 2,3 5So1o Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Stu- dent Congress 3,45 V. Y. O. 2,3,45 Intramu- ral Football 2,35 Boys' Choir 3,4. ROBERT LANSING ELLIS HBOb!9 "And still he fluttered pulses when he said, 'Good Morning." Football 2,3,45 Track 2, 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Bowl- ing 4. Bob plans to work in I.B. M. LEO A. FEHELEY ' ' Heeb" "Leo's not wild, yet not very tame, Fun's the field he earns his fame." Football l,2,3,45 Track 1, 25 Tumbling l,2,35 Intra- mural Basketball l,2,35 Intramural Softball l,2,35 Intramural Football l,2,3. ROBERT C . FORD "Bob" "I meant to do my work today." Hi "Y" Club 45 Photo- graphy Club 25 Baseball 3,45 Cross Country 45 Intramural Football 15 Track 4. Bob plans to be a pro- duce dealer. 14 4 DURWOOD FRA ZIER ' ' Corky" "He's a worker, not a shirker." Photography Club 25 Football 4. Durwood plans to go to college and study civil engineering. MARJORIE LOUISE FROST "Margie " "Margie's a blond and never a bore, a pretty girl,--so why say more" Basketball 1,2,3,45 Soft- ball 35 Ping Pong lg Vol- leyball lg Archery 1,25 Badminton 15 Socker Ball 25 Language Club 35 Dramatics Club 1,45 Debating Club 35 Radio Club 3. PHYLLIS A.GAGE 1 I ! "With a friendly smile for everyone, she has her friends and she has fun." Entered from U. E., So- lo Club 35 Mixed Choir 3,45 Girls' Choir 3,45 Outdoor Club 35 Radio Club 3. SHIRLEY IEAN GOLTRY "Shirl" "Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." Baton Twirling 15 Dra- matics Club 45 Year- book Staff. Shirley plans to be a high school teacher. MARIAN R. FOSTER ' ' Marian" "Marian" always has a cheerfulsmile. Be- cause she's happy all the while." Biology Club 45 Year- book Staff 4. HENRY S. FROST l K Hank!! "I have often regretted my speech, never my silence." Football 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball l,2,3,45 Volley- ball 4g Softball 1,2,3. EARL W. GABRIEL llGabe77 "Let the world slide, I'll not budge an inch." Basketball-four years. Earl wishes to get a job in some factory where there is a good chance for advancement. ANNE CAROLINE GOLIGHTLY "Annie" "As merry as the day is long." Entered from Owegog Bowling Club 45 Year- book Staff 4. Anne plans to be a stew- ardess. S-nfs? fr .44 IQ' fit A BERNARD A. GOON "Bernie "When do the leaves be- gin to turn? The night before exams." Track 2,3,4g J.V. Bask- etball l,2g V. Basketball 3,45 V. Football 3,49 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Tumbling l,2,3,4. VIRGINIA HARRINGTON c r J-ennya 9 "Virginia is very neat and trim, full of pep, vigor and vim." Ping Pong 2g Archery 2 3 Bowling Club 3,4g Bas- ketball 3,4g Yearbook Staff. KATHRYN LOUISE HEATH "Kathy" "For her pep Kathryn is widely noted, and to her studying C21 she is devoted. ' Press Club 45 Archery 35 Girls' Glee Club lg Dramatics Club lg Girls' Tumbling lg Leaders Club lg Basketball 23 Yearbook Staff. JAYNE L . HERRICK ulanien "Jayne" is one you all should know, Her smile will keep you all aglow." Junior Queen Candidate Archery l,2,3,4g Class Gym Leader 1,2,3,4g Cheering lg Yearbook Staff 4g Bowling l,2,3,4g Sports l,2,3,4. Jayne wants to work in an office. CHARLES PAUL GULDENSCHUH ' ' Chuck' ' "The measure of a man's life is the well spending of it, and not the length." Intramural Softball l, 2g Football l,2,3g Bas- ketball l,2,43 Science Club 1,33 Gym Demon- stration lg Aviation Club 2. MARJORIE E. HAWLEY ' 'Margie" "WhenI was measured, I was found lacking." Badminton lg Drama- tics 45 Yearbook Staff. A trim little bookkeep- er she will be. LOU R. HEBERT"Red" "Lou Rita is the lass with the curly red hair. She is always happy, with never a care." Photography Club 2, Da.nce Club 33 Girls' Choir, High School Choir 3g Deb Club 2,3. Lou Rita plans on go- ing to work in the Triple Cities or in the South. DONALD MONROE HESS ' 'D0na1d" "Don is a mighty pop ular lad, When he's around no- body is sad." Band 13 Choir lg Enter- ed from Maine. Don plans to enlist in the Marine Corps. SYN Bok FRANCES IEAN HILLIS "Fran" "Fran" is the girl with winning smile. She drives her "jalopy" with plenty of style." Softball l,2,3,4, Speed- ball l,2,3, Basketball l, 2,3,4, Volleyball l,2,3, Intramurals 3,4. Fran plans to work for a couple of years and then get married. MARGUERITE HOYT lKMarg,l ' Gracious and charm- ing. With lots of under- standing." Pottery Club 1, Ir. Li- brary Club 1, Sr. Libra- ry Club 2,3,4, Riding Club 2,3, Yearbook Staff 4, Photography Club l,2, Christmas Pageant 4, Student Con- gress 4, Treas. of Homeroom 4, Secretary of Homeroom l. Marguerite plans to get married. DANIEL O. IENKS " Buck' ' "As I go through 1ife's long walk, I say it's better to smile than to talk." Varsity Football l,2,3, Varsity Baseball 1,3, Varsity Track l,2, Sec- ond Vets Club, Vice President of Future Farmers, Treas. of Freshman Class, Intra- mural Basketball l,2,3, Daniel plans on going to Trade School. PAUL KADLECIK, IR. "Paul" "Dark and handsome, but not too tall." Intramural Basketball l,2,4, Junior Varsity Basketball 3, Concert Ba.nd l,2,3,4, Orches- tra l,2,3, Choir l,2,3, Bowling 3,4, Marching Band l,2,3,4, Swing Band 2,35 Hi-Y Club 4, Paul plans to be a whole-sale manager. LAUREN QIOSEPH HESS " udo1ph" "Lauren is quiet a.nd kind of shy, But with his looks, he'll get by." Varsity Football l,2,3, I. V. Basketball l,2, Varsity Baseball 2, Var- sity Track l,2, Home- room President 2, Pres. of the FFA, Varsity Club. Lauren plans on going to Trade School. GERALD E. HOLLENBECK ' 'Homer" "He is our friend, not just for what we can give him, but for what he can give us." Photography Club, Science Club, Intra- mural Basketball, De- fense Machine Shop, Aviation Club. Gerald plans on work- ing as a machinist in the I. B. M. LEON HUNSINGER "Chicken" "He'd rather smile than fight his way to fame, Then if someone's hurt upon the way, he's not to blame." Biology Club 4. Leon wants to work in a store. DONALD C. IERSEY KKDon!! "A very quiet lad in class, seems to get a- long with a pretty lass." Band l,2,3, Choir l,2,3, 4, Boys' Choir 3,4, So- lo Club 2, Marching Band l,2,3, Concert Band l,2,3, Science Club 2, Photography Club 2, Orchestra 2, Track 2, 4, Intramural Football l,2,3,4, Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4, In- tramural Baseball l,2, 3,4, Bowling 2. Don plans to enlist in the U.S. Marines for 2 years and then work in I.B.M. 5-55m- 'N 5 I " ' 5, - t 'ti X ""f'F-r- 4. Cie. A 5, ' fwS?flfqs. , ,Q : ' Zyl' i Lh.. is -I -,,,- I SHIRLEY D. KNOLL "Shirl" fl "She's short and dark as we all know, and we all hone she'll never grow. Volleyball 15 Bowling 1, 45 Speedball 25 Basket- ball 15 Baseball 25 Swim- ming Club 35 Yearbook Staff 4. Shirley plans to get rich quick. VERA DAWN MATHER ' ' Dawn' ' "Tall and blonde is how she is known, she is pretty and that she has shown." Press Club l,2,3,45 Photography Club 25 junior Prom Commit- tee 35 All-State Choir 45 Mixed Choir 45 Girls' Choir 3,45 Yearbook Staff 3,4. THELMA MATTHEWS "Mau" "Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves." 5 Volleyball 15 Basket- ball l,25 Softball 1,25 Language Club 4. Thelmalplans to be a waitress. IEANINE AUDREY MCDONALD KlMac!! ' Jeannine is a girl whom we all know, she al- ways fixes her hair just so." Yearbook Staff 45 In- tramural Basketball l,25 Baton Twirling 15 Junior Band 15 Choir- Mixed 8: Girls 45 Ri- ding Club 25 Intramu- ral Baseball 2,35 Pot- tery Club l5 Junior Prom Committee 35 Tumbling 25 Volley- ball 25 Social Danc- ing 35 Home Room Secretary 1. 18 CATHERINE R. KOLVEK 'fxirtyn "That smile that wins them." Entered from U. E., Softball 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Vice-President of Homeroom 35 Nominee for junior Queen 35 Speedball 3. Catherine plans to be a bookkeeper and an ac- countant. IAMES MATHERS Kilim!! "I once admitted to my shame, that football was a brutal game." Varsity Football l,2,3,45 Varsity Club l,2,3,45 Track 25 Junior Basket- ball 35 Varsity Basket- ball 45 Student Congress 3,45 Boys' Choir 3,4. FREDERICK RAYMOND MCCULLEY K K 1 "Fred is known for his lively singing, joy to all he will be bringing." Solo Club 3,45 Wrestling 45 Dramatics 45 Year- book Staff 45 Choir 2,3,4. Fred plans to return for a P.G. course, then at- tend Triple Cities College. CLARA GENE MCGUIRE accinnyn "Clara" is quiet, never says a lot5 for a friend, she is widely sought." Speed Ball 1,25 Volley- ball l,25 Basketball 1,25 Badminton 1,25 Photo Tinting 25 Softball 1,2 5 Ir. Prom Committee 35 Language Club 35 Year Book Staff 45 Girls' High School Choir 2,3,4. K' 'Q' 'Q HAROLD MOORE C I I "I've studied hard and the best I can, now I rightfully take the du- ties of a man." Bache1or's Club 1,25 Photo Club 1,25 Intra- mural Football l,2,3,45 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,45 Intramural Softball l,25 Cross Country 25 Baseball 3,45 Varsity Bowling Club 2,3. GEORGE MOREY " junior" "George" is quiet,tall and slim, he has a very pleasant grin." Future Farmers l,2,3, 45 Intramural Basket- ball, Science Club. George plans to be a machinist at I.B.M. RITA IOANNE MOULTON C!Pete!! "Rita" is a happy lass, She's a girl who's fun in class. Basketball 1,25 Ping Pong l5 Deb Club 2535 Pottery Club 25 Year- book Staff 45 Drama- tics 45 Softball 2,35 Rita plans to go to Buf- falo to become a beau- ticia.n. BEVERLY E. NICHOLS ' ' Nickie' ' "Had sigh'd to many, though she loved but one. ' Basketball, Archery, Sophomore Dance Com- mittee, Volleyball, Year- book Staff. Beverly's future plans depend on her honey in the U.S. Navy. LYNWOOD MCLAIN K K 9 "That is as well said as if I had said it my- self." Football l,2,3,45 Bas- ketball 3,45 Baseball 35 Mixed Choir 2,3,45 Boys' Choir 3,45 Stu- dent Congress 35 Treas. of Student Congress 45 Pres. of Freshman Classg Band l,2,3,45 Boxing 1,2 5 Tumbling l, 25 Swing Band 1,2. HARRY MORDEN ' 'Junior ' ' "Harry" is one of our nicest boys, even tho he doesn t make much noise." Science Club, Intramu- ral Basketball 3,45 Harry plans to be a machine operator in a factory. KEN MOSHER "Moe' ' "There goes a laugh and a hearty oneg wherever you find ' Moe" you al- ways find fun." Football 1,25 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Track 1,25 Ken joined the Navy in 1943 and was in for three years. Ken plans to go to Ithaca College and take a physical ed- ucation course. NAOMI E. NEILD "Naomi" "With her good-natured beaming face, she's al- ways welcome every place." Deb Club 2 5 Girls' Choir 35 Press Club 45 Year book Staff 4. Naomi plans to find her- self a good office job. 'FP W 1-461' PHYLLIS A. NICHOLS ' ' Phylly' ' "A mighty spirit fills this little frame." Bowling, Archery, Art, Club, Solo Club, Dra- matic Club, Pottery Club, Dance Club, Choir Ir. Prom Committee, Yearbook Staff. Phyllis wants to go to college after she gra- duates. ROWENA A PITCHER ' 'Rena" "Rowena" is a tall, blonde, and cheerful lass, in all her stud- ies she's sure to pass." Yearbook Staff. Rowena wants to work and earn some money. SHIRLEY ANNE MARIE POTTER "Shirl" "Shirley" is full of vi- gor and vim, possessed of a friendliness that always wins." Band l,2,3,43 Orches- tra 3,4Q Basketball l,2, 3,43 Speedball l,2,3,43 Volleyball l,2,43Base- ball l,2,3,43 Flag Swing- ting 132,3,4Q Intramurals THREASA M. PUCEK a 1 Terry: 1 "Threasa3 is a blonde with wavy hair3 she'll always have friends everywhere." Photography Club, On Winning Speedball Team Basketball, Softball,Badi minton, Tumbling, Var- sity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball, Lan age Club. EU 2 years. BLAINE E . O'BRIEN Hobie!! "A comrade neither glum nor merry." Photography Club, Year- book Staff 43 Track Man- ager 33 Cross Country Manager 43 Track 43 ln- tramural Basketball a.nd Football. ROSEMARY POTTER ' ' Zeit' ' "Slow and easy is this swell girl,-her well- groomed hair never lacks a curl." Yearbook Staff, Intra- mural Basketball 43 She wants to work in Kaiser-Frazier Corp. in Trumansburg, N.Y. as secretary. EDWARD I. PUCEK ' ' Eddie" "Eddie is quiet and takes life at ease. He does his best and tries always to please." Basketball l,2,3,4Q Foot- ball 43 Wrestling 43 Softball l,2,3,4. Eddie plans to go in the Navy. DOLORES A. RAPPOLD I tpudgyii "The place to be happy is here3 The time to be happy is now." Basketball l,2,43 Debate Club 33 Dance Club 33 Photography Club 13 Softball 3. 20 ima wi ii 2. M. - 'Q' fi-5 Xi ! ' fy ig A if , riffs fa-fx: - 'pigs V -5- 271.4 LK.-ir ' 11,5 .1-'Jw-.f 'vi-f-,L-,221 p- , ff' -4532. if -lgfsi 1EJ:,,31w .4-" .S ,?'2-1.f- ,. .visfyl gvigfv Q RQ f- ,. keg '84, L 3 3 531515, i,z.fQ,.v jf f .. 3 JF' K A ARLENE MAY ROBINSON ' ' Rickey' ' "Arlene" is a girl you'd like to meet5 she has pretty eyes and smiles so sweet." Speedball 25 Open House 25 Band 35 Bowling 45 Girls' Choir 45 Archery l,2,35 Cheerleader 15 Basketball 15 Winter Sports l,2. IAMES D. SHEA "lim" "jimmy without Maxine is like apple pie with- out ige cream." Baseball l,2,3,45 Foot- ball l,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Varsity Club l,2,3,45 Boxing l,2,35 Gym Dem- onstration l,2,35 Vice- President Student Con- gress 35 Radio Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Boys' Choir 3,45 Bowling 45 President Student Con- gress 45 Mixed Choir 2,3,4. IEAN SHEARD "Spike' ' "Jean is a whiz in gym c ass, and has a smile for any lad or lass." Intramural Basketball l,2,3,45 Softball l,2,3,45 Bowling l,2,3,45 Ping Pong l,2,35 Volleyball l,2,3,45 Varsity Bas- ketball 3,45 Varsity Volleyball 3, Varsity Softball 3,4. IAMES L. STANLEY Kilim!! "As basketball manager "Iim's" very active, and to the girls he's quite at- tractive." Baseball 1,45 Band 15 Int. Basketball 25 Football 35 Basketball Manager 45 Pageant 4. Jim plans to be a mech- anic and carpenter. 21 WILLIAM E . RICHARDS K C I I "Football playing is "Bill's" delight, and on the field he does all right." Varsity Football 3,45 Volleyball 45 Wrestling 4. Bill plans to be a tool- maker and might enter I.B.M. school to take a training course. ROBERTA ANN SAYER I C D "Clever, pretty, and not very tall, we cou1dn't get along without her at all." Entered from Harpurs- ville in 10th grade. Bowl- ing Club 3,45 Swimming Club 35 Yearbook Staff 45 Language Club 3. JERRY SHEA' 'Iebbie' ' "His smile is one we will always cherish, and his happy laughter will never perish. ' Sports editor yearbook staff 45 Veterans Foot- ball team 45 Pla.ns to work this summer and then enter Ithaca College for his de- gree in Physical Ed- ucation. GEORGE SNYDER "George" "George never seems to worry, and he's sel- dom in a hurry." Bowling 3,45 Baseball 3.4, George plans to go to college. 'K' .- 1 ff , -, ml . 54, 3 .,ff4,, 1 Fig 1 4- , i .-6' -' ' 51 -' i 5 ' 0 , : .ZA Y 'B lr BARBARA CHENEY STANTON lCBa-rbi! F Y 1 VIRGINIA H. WEBB "Ginny" "If Virginia will, she will, Of that you may be sure." Band 13 Orchestra 13 High School Mixed Choir, Girls' Choir, Bowling. Virginia plans to go to college. BETTE G. WHITTEMORE "whit" "She's one of the most talented in her class, and yet she's a Winsome little lass." Pottery Club 13 Press Club 2,3,43 Bowling Club 3,43 Yearbook Staff 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Social Dancing 4. Bette plans to work, then to study fashion design- ing at the Pratt Art Insti- tute . VELMA GERTRUDE WILSON ' ' Velma' ' "Her merry heart doeth good like medicine." Junior Library Club 2, 33 Biology Club 43 lun- ior Volleyball l. IUNE LELA WOODRUFF "Pee Wee" "In youth and beauty, wisdom is rare." Art Club 1,23 Badmin- ton l,2,33 Bowling 3,43 Girls' Choir 43 Mixed Choir 43 Volleyball 23 Softball 2,33 Tumbling 33 Yearbook Staff 33 4g Solo Club 43 Iune plans to go to art school get an advertis- ing job and then become a housewife. IAMES H. WESTFALL Kilim!! "All things come round to him who will but wait" Choir l,2,33Orchestra 2,33 Int. Basketball 1,23 Int. Softball l,2,33 Int. Football 1,2 3 Swing Band 2,3,43 All State Band 43 I.V. Basketball 33 Hi-Y Club 43 Bowling l,2,3, 43 Ba.nd l,2,3,43 Home Room Pres. 33 Home Room'Treas. l,2,4. ARTHUR M. WICKMAN I lArtl! "It is well to know more than he says." Intramural Basketball J.,2,3,4Q Bowling 3,43 Hi- Y Club, Choir 43 Intra- mural Softball l,2,3,4. Arthur plans to go to college. CLIFTON HENRY WILLIAMS lfcliffff "The shortest player on the basketball team." But he's not so small that he can't be seen." Varsity Basketball 3,43 '- Iunlor Varsity 23 Band l,2,3,43 Swing Band 2,3Q Baseball 2,3,4Q March- ing Band I,2,3,4Q Concert Band l,2,3,43 Touch Football 13 Track 3,4j Orchestra 2,33 Open House I,2,3,4Q Varsity Club 2,33 Gym Exhibi- tion l3 Christmas Pa- gea.nt l. Clifton plans to become a draftsman in a large city. MARTHA ZABLOTSKY "Mart" "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired." Homemaking Club 1,23 Basketball 1,23 Debu- tante Club 33 Yearbook Staff 4. Martha plans to continue school.: for a few years, I-I-nn nnnnn annnn ARLENE MAY ROBINSON ' ' Rickey' ' "Arlene" is a girl you'd like to meetg she has pretty eyes and smiles so sweet." Speedball 23 Open House 2 Band 33 Bowling 43 Girls' Choir 43 Archery l,2,33 Cheerleader 13 Basketball 13 Winter Sports l,2. IAMES D. SHEA "lim" "jimmy without Maxine is like apple pie with- out ige cream." Baseball l,2,3,43 Foot- ball l,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Varsity Club l,2,3,43 Boxing l,2,33 Gym Dem- onstration l,2,33 Vice- President Student Con- gress 33 Radio Club 3,43 Yearbook Staff 43 Boys' Choir 3,43 Bowling 43 President Student Con- gress 43 Mixed Choir 2,3,4. IEAN SHEARD "Spike" "Jean is a whiz in gym c ass, and has a smile for any lad or lass." Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,43 Softball l,2,3,43 Bowling l,2,3,43 Ping Pong l,2,33 Volleyball l,2,3,43 Varsity Bas- ketball 3,43 Varsity Volleyball 3, Varsity Softball 3,4. IAMES L. STANLEY Hlimii "As basketball manager "Iim's" very active, and to the girls he's quite at- tractive." Baseball 1,43 Band 13 Int. Basketball 23 Football 33 Basketball Manager 45 Pageant 4. lim plans to be a mech- anic a.nd carpenter. 21 WILLIAM E. RICHARDS I I , "Football playing is "Bill's" delight, and on the field he does all right." Varsity Football 3,43 Volleyball 4 3 Wrestling 4. Bill plans to be a tool- maker and might enter I.B.M. school to take a training course. ROBERTA ANN SAYER ClBert!! "Clever, pretty, and not very tall, we couldn't get along without her at all." Entered from Harpurs- ville in 10th grade. Bowl- ing Club 3,43 Swimming Club 33 Yearbook Staff 4g Language Club 3. IERRY SHEA"Iebbie" "His smile is one we will always cherish, and his happy laughter will never perish. ' Sports editor yearbook staff 43 Veterans Foot- ball team 43 Plans to work this summer and then enter Ithaca College for his de- gree in Physical Ed- ucation. GEORGE SNYDER "George" "George never seems tq worry, and he's sel- dom in a hurry." glclwling 3,43 Baseball George plans to go to college. A K ay 3.3 if 'K t i P 1 Wg f." 4 .",. 1x"i' ., fm av- ? . S ' ' I 5 'Z ' 5 f .2 , . 'S . x-X- 55.5, Jfsglf if as . ' fs 9 'Y 5 gtsfifiibifiwir BARBARA CHENEY STANTON "Barb" "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." Softball l,2,35 High School Choir 15 Bas- ketball l,2,3,4' Vol- leyball 1,2,3S Sipeed, SHIRLEY MAY STANTON ball 35 Riding Club 25 "Shir1" Debate Club 35 Libra- ry Club l5 Press Club 35 Swimming Club 35 Photography Club 1,25 Little Theater Guild. IOAN BEVERLY STRAKA c cDouy1 n "A friend indeed to all is she, Both work and play she does cheer- ful1y.' ' Art Club l5 Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 15 Mixed Choir l,2,35 Girls' Choir 2,35 Bowling 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4. Ioan intends to obtain a position as an accoun- tant. KENNETH ROY SUTLIFF llKen!7 "The best of men have always loved repose." Photography 1,25 Ken expectS to work in some machine shop. CHARLES A. SWAN " Chuck" "He knew the precise psychological moment when to say something." Football 1,35 Science Club 25 Track Mana- ger l,25 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,45 Vol- leyball 45 Bowling 35 Hi-Y Club, Intramural Softball l,2,3,45 Chuck expects to be a machinist unless Uncle Sam gets him first. "Shirley is a brunette with eyes so blue, Has merry ways and is a friend so true." Basketball l,2,3,45 Vol- leyball l,2,35 Softball 1, 2,3,45 Speedball l,2,35 Photography Club 35 Secretary-Treasurer of Photography Club 5 Ping Pong 1,25 Class Leaders Club 2. EVELYN ANITA STULIR " Evelyn" "Evelyn" is quiet, never says much, On the type- writer she has a nice touch." Bowling 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Basketball 1,25 Art Club 1. Evelyn expects to be- come a secretary. LAVERTA MAY SWACKHAMMER "Vert" "To be a secretary is her aim, for making friends she has a claim." Bowling 45 Yearbook Staff 4. Vert expects to become a secretary. CLAIR S. SWINGLE "Bud" "Clair has blue eyes and is very husky, His football playing will never be rusty." Football l,2,3,45 Track 2,35 Volleyball 3,45 Dramatics Club 1,25 Bud plans to go to work for the New York State Electric Company. 22 'Q' . fra-1' . sim' W ,Mysql 11: E .- - .-fe.: HELEN MARIE SWINGLE "Mike" "Music is the speech of angels." Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Marching Band 1 2,3,4j Orchestra 1,2,3,4Q Swing Band 43 Solo Club l,2,3,43 Grlls Choir 3,43 Mixed Choir 3,43 President Mixed Choir 43 Presidnnt Mixed Choir 43 Secretary Student Congress 33 Se- cretary Junior Class 33 Student Congress 2,3,4j Pres. Girls Choir 4. MERRELL E. THALLINGER IR. "Doc." "A man of wit and mod- esty. What more could we ask of destiny?" Ixmior Library Club 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Bowling 4. He plans to go to Syra- cuse University and take up the study of chemistry. VILMA VALENTA ' ' Vilma' ' "Always sweet and ever kind, a better friend we'l1 never find. Basketball 1,2 3 Volley- ball l,23 Bowling 4. Vilma plans to become a Stewardess. CREIGHDON ROY WARD flcregl! "Creighdon has light brown curly hair, As rlot-causer- he does his share." Band 8: Orchestra. Creighdon plans to work, play, sleep and eat. FORREST W. SWINGLE I lBiu! 7 "Ah, Why should life all labor be." Intramural Basketball l,2,33 Intramural Foot- ball 1,23 Open House 2, 33 Intramural Softball 2,33 Bachelors' Club 2, . GLENN EARL TARBOX KKBum!! "Glenn" never seems to shoutf Is he quiet? I have my doubt! Intramurals l,2,3,43 Cross Country 3,4Q Football 4. Glenn wants to go into the service and be a machinist. WALTER TRAVER K K 3 "Walt" is popular in every way, he makes friends without delay." Entered Army January '45, returned to school September '46. "Bud" plans to study forestry at Syracuse. DONALD I. WAGNER ' ' Don' ' "A man is no greater than his train of thought. I do not intend to be a man whose train amounts to nought." Iayvee Basketball 2,33 Intramural Football 1, 23 Softball l,2,3. Don plans to go into the Navy Air Corp. 23 11? VIRGINIA H. WEBB "Ginny" "If Virginia will, she will, Of that you may be sure." Band lg Orchestra 13 High School Mixed Choir, Girls' Choir, Bowling. Virginia plans to go to college. BETTE G. WHITTEMORE "Whit" "She's one of the most talented in her class, and yet she's a winsome little lass." Pottery Club 13 Press Club 2,3,4 3 Bowling Club 3,43 Yearbook Staff 43 Iunior Prom Committee 33 Social Dancing 4. Bette plans to work, then to study fashion design- ing at the Pratt Art Insti- tute. VELMA GERTRUDE WILSON ' ' Velma' ' "Her merry heart doeth good like medicine." Junior Library Club 2, 33 Biology Club 43 lun- ior Volleyball l. IUNE LELA WOODRUFF "Pee Wee" "In youth and beauty, wisdom is rare." Art Club 1,23 Badmin- ton l,2,33 Bowling 3,43 Girls' Choir 43 Mixed Choir 43 Volleyball 23 Softball 2,3Q Tumbling 33 Yearbook Staff 3343 Solo Club 43 Iune plans to go to art school get an advertis- ing job and then become a housewife. IAMES H. WESTFALL Kilim!! "All things come round to him who will but wait" Choir l,2,33Orchestra 2,33 Int. Basketball 1,23 Int. Softball 1,2,33 Int. Football 1,23 Swing Band 2,3,43 All state Band 43 1.v. Basketball 3g Hi-Y Club 43 Bowling l,2,3, 43 Band l,2,3,43 Home Room Pres. 33 Home Room'Treas. l,2,4. ARTHUR M. WICKMAN I lArt7! "It is well to know more than he says." Intramural Basketball l,2,3,43 Bowling 3,4Q Hi- Y Club, Choir 43 Intra- mural Softball l,2,3,4. Arthur plans to go to college. CLIFTON HENRY WILLIAMS ' ' Cliff " "The shortest player on the basketball team." But he's not so small that he can't be seen." Varsity Basketball 3,4Q as Junior Varsity 23 Band l,2,3,43 Swing Band 2,3Q Baseball 2,3,43 March- ing Band l,2,3,43 Concert Band l,2,3,43 Touch Football 13 Track 3,43 Orchestra 2,3Q Open House l 2,3,4j Varsity ciub 2,53 Gym Exhibi- tion 13 Christmas Pa- gea.nt l. Clifton plans to become a draftsma.n in a large city. MARTHA ZABLOTSKY "Mart" "Her air, her manners, all who saw admired." Homemaking Club 1,25 Basketball 1,23 Debu- tante Club 33 Yearbook Staff 4. Martha plans to continue school for a few years, then become some "Big Shot's" secretary. L 24 , , 3 JUNIORS ' A Y . -vlikiifi-L First Row--L. to R. Dorothy Cassin, Doris Messemer, Barbara Krissel, Thelma Wills, Pat Shaw, Helen Yavorski, Arlene Drum, Angeline Giannetti, Beverly Greeno, Jean Matthews. Second Row-- L. to R. Nancy Merrin, Verna McCulley, Gloria Clarke, Jacqueline Washburn, Marjorie Randall, Martha Ward, Margaret Wallan, Alice Taft, Bernice Smith, Ruth Gilg. Third Row--L. to R. Fran- ces Decker, Thena Warren, Betty Jean Young, Joanne Korger, Vera Valabek, Mary Slama, Joanne Scltzer, Joyce Filan, Rose Fissel. Fourth Row--L. to R. Beverly Penrose, Maxine Larrabee, Phyllis Pierce, Alecia Wright, Barbara Hill, Virginia Flipse, Eva Roat, Dorothy Chopiak, Ceci- lia Dobos. Fifth Row--L. to R. Evelyn Craver, Grace Dodd, Mary Sees, Peggy Rounds, Lucille Noyes, Beverly VanDuzer, Alice Traver, Esther Purdy, Anice Dumbleton, Barbara Jenks. - - R Q A. L - First Row--L. to R. Dale Betz, Martin Matteson, Thomas Jones, Robert Hanley, Paul Kintner, Geo- rge Hardy, Gerald Bundy, Richard Holdridge, Edward Lindsay, Albert Davies, Howard Shelp. Sec- ond Row--L. to R. Leo Striley, Lawrence Morton, William Wills, William Platt, William Panza, Burton Lozier, Richard Zimmer, Richard Landon, Glenn Wage, Russell Johnston. Third Row--L. to R. Frank Brown, Clinton Lainhart, Warren Chocholaty, Richard Kiegler, Robert Jensen, Donald Bo- dle, James Messemer, Harold Steinruck, James Stanton. Fourth Row--L. to R. Tracy Bouton, Rich- ard Graper, Howard Potts, Harold Hogan, Leonard Wright, James Flaherty, George Scott, Elmer Denmon, Robert Brewer. Fifth Row--L. to R. Lawrence Christian, LaRue Bailey, Millard Kidder, Charles Nelson, Edwin Black, Robert Anderson, Curtis Haus, Douglas Gulden, Roger Brown. 25 SGPHOMORES First Row--L. to R. Joyce Morean, Evelyn Gasko, Wilma Nesmith, Marion Evans,Barbara Weston, Eleanor Kadlecik, Shirley Branning, Beverly Card, Virginia Johnson, Myrna Ben- nett. Second Row--L. to R. Catherine Gallegher, Joyce Shipman, Geraldine Pierce, Patri- cia Larrabee, Cora De Land, Donna Cotton, Marilyn Barton, Janet Barrier, Caroline Step- hens, Agnes Hogan Myrna Salisbury. Third Row--L. to R. Helen Kimes, Janice Turk, Joan Menhermet, Lillian Babicek, Beverly Dobos, Jamalee Black, Jean Letson, Jeannette Deming, Shirley Russell, Jane Wall, Mildred Hill. Fourth Row--L. to R. Jean Wiggins, Lora Black- man, Barbara Holmes, Joamia. Platt, Patricia Wilkerson, Shirley I-Iiorns, Dorothy Kolvek, Stella Kaminskv. Phvllis Sanzo. Novella Wolfe. Fifth Row--L. to R. Barbara Wykstra, Dor is Matteson, Carol Hungerford, Sylvia Brewster, Shirley Spence, Beverly Whitman, Doris Mason, Shirley Crooks, Eleanor Smith, Evelyn Marsh. Sixth Row--L. to R. Thelma Lantz, Betty Crosby, Joan Eldred, Dora Bishop, Erma Taylor, Dorothy Morden, Paulene Vaughn, Dorothy Sampson. w . i Q. A L 5 First Row--L. to R. Talbot Thayer, Ralph Reed, John Roat, Richard N. Green, Lewis An- gelo, Elmer Stanton, Grover Stall, Dwight Shurtliff, Robert Carey. Second Row--L. to R. Glenn Kneen, Theodore Rounds, Richard Green, Eugene Hamlen, Harold Gage, Howard Hunsinger, Lyle Jackson, Richard Frederici. Third Row--L. to R. Kenneth Williams, Douglas Ward, Edgar Sager, William Hinrichsen, Earl Foster, Donald Lozier, George Ro- ney, Robert Outman. Fourth Row--L. to R. Richard Duffy, Lee Brown, Charles Stanley, Lacey Jones, Robert Hess, Ronald Bunzey, Barry Hess, Jule Jones. Fifth Row--L. to R. Fred Fedora, Vaughn Nield, Richard Francis, Robert Guldenschuh, Harry McCoy, William Northrup, Jack Kunte. 26 FRESHMEN First Row--L. to R. Barbara Hartman, Jean Babcock, Marilyn Ellis, Beverly Walker, Bernice Griswold, Coleen Cassin, Joan Hill, Ruth Cody, Jennie Pavlik, Jean Underwood. Second Row--L. to R. Sherry Hammond, Shirley Smithka, Margaret Rennie, Florence Makowsky, Irene Breckner, Pa- tricia Cook, Wanda Widerman, Shirley Watts, Nancy Martin, Mary Gulden, Alberta Flipse. Third Row--L. to R. Jeanne Korger, Vivian Little, Alice Jenks, Patricia Knapp, Bette Platt, Alice Ben- son, Beverly Noyes, Patricia Brigode, Marjorie Seltzer, Elrene Wright, Arleigh Scovell. Fourth Row--L. to R. Martha Hawley, Osceolla Jacobs, Phyllis Warren, Josephine Jacobs, Mildred Kann- enburg, Clara Mattes, Ola Fritsch, Alice Harris, Beverly Garrett, Donna Kay Noyes. Fifth Row- -L. to R. Beverly Noltee, Norma Wheeland, Opal Webb, Olive Terry, Connie Morton, Julia Valen- ta, Charlotte Gillespie. i5l2?ff5l?i?f' If 55 f a l i First Row--L. to R. Ralph Northrup, Russell Frederici, Robert Clark, Roland Cady, George Pennell, Larry Mathers, Duane I-Iunsinger, James Clubb, Billy Parke, Ray Stanton. Second Row--L. to R.Don- ald Williams, Walter Rossen, Richard Blackman, Duane Dickinson, Robert O'Brien, Clarence Pott- orff, Egbert Woodcook, Frank Sanzo, William Dayton, Carl Warfle, David Webb. Third Row--L. To R. Eugene Allis, Douglas Carey, Elmer Storozow, Lewis Jackson, Charles Sexton, James Va.n Der- vort, Henry Shafer, Warren Pappas, James Howard. Fourth Row--L. to R. Steve Denmon, Robert Wagener, Boyd Strouse, Arlton Nichols, David Clark, Harry Swackhammer, Donald Zimmer, Willi- am Hawver, Paul Barnhardt. Fifth Row--L. to R. Charles Gardner, Larry Flaherty, Andrew Heen, Robert Ward, Donald Taylor, Thomas Edwards, Thomas Crooks. 27 EIGHTH GRADE First Row--L. to R. Eleanor Matteson, Beverly Vandermark, Jean Smith, Gunther, Ber niece Fuller, Audrey Hinrichsen, Alice Tracy, Fay Casterline, Sally Snyder, Betty Dodd, Charlene Burg. Second Row--L. to R. Marilyn Noyes, June Fisher, Maude Jones, Ruth Py- luck, Doris Harned, Barbara Merkel, Joan Snyder, Martha Lisenby, Romayne Wadsworth, Dorothy Roat. Third Row--L. to R. Marlene Hill, Phyllis Root, Mary Somers, Suzanne Knight, Betty Murphey,Pauline June, Virginia Jacobs, Mabel Phillips, Arline June, Violet Hulse. Fourth Row--L. to R. Rose Barnett, Jean Denmon, Adelia Hamilton, Ethel Hack- ley, Jacquelyn Bodie, Beverly Pierce, Mavis Cheney, Gloria Kneen, Barbara Webb, Joyce Golding, Marion George. Fifth Row--L. to R. Kathy Lamb, Marlene Morton, Joyce War- ner, Myrna Yournans, Christine Cody, Joyce Buffington, Jean Anderson, Audrey Jensen, Virginia Richards, Carole Hotaling, Sarah Hoadley. Sixth Row--L. to R. Janice McPher- son, Jean Foster, Dolores Wheeland, Carol Whitman, Roseanna Baker, Gurine Heen, Bar- bara Gross, Martha Sprusansky, Sue Beaumont, Mildred Carman, Hazel Barnhardt. l. - 4 I First Row--L. to R. Vaughn Thayer, Allen Shaw, Larry Brearly, Neil Robinson, Kenneth Bidwell, Richard Beach, James Duffy, Ward Bunzey, Ronald Weston, Donald Ackley. Sec- ond Row--L. to R. Rolland Vallese, Donald Cole, Bruce Palmer, Joseph Vivona, George Hill, Ralph Stephens, James NcNerney, Roger McManus, Richard Purdy, John Miller. Third Row--L. to R. Raymond Salmon, Richard Hill, Donald Middleton, Albert Slottje, Kenyon Conant, Keith Terry, Donald Wescott, William Kingsbury, Blaine Ellis. Fourth Row--L. to R. Fred Christian, Robert Weild, Jerry Cargill, Richard Bleil, Jack Wilson, Roger Wick, Marle Flipse, David Nichols, Arthur Gabriel. Fifth Row--L. to R. Howard Haus, Richard Miller, Wendell Smith, Richard Hunsinger, Omar Lightner, Donald Smith, Robert Maas. Sixth Row- -L. to R. Kenneth Schupp, Thomas Kvasny, Hugh Bundy, Ray- mond Traver, Alden Randall, Gilbert Beach, Donald Payne, Virgil Neild, Keith Lupole. 28 4.- SEVENTH GRADE First Row--L. to R. Mary Coughlin, Mary Watts, Delores Ackley, Beverly Decker, Geor- gia Sandidge, Lois Rathbone, Marjorie Van Campen, Janice Russell, Patricia Brown, Row- ena Bowman, Lois Iones, Marian Gaige, Mary Bleil. Second Row--L. to R. Anita Coyle, Mary Ferris, Opal Murphy, Jean Guiles, Barbara Quick, Barbara Brown, Barbara Coulter Geraldine Murphy, Manilva Robinson, Leona Strouse, Ioyce Potter. Third Row--L. to R. Anna Kintner, Neva Steinruck, Helen Betz, Arlene Beam, Marcia Mann, Jean Zalenski, Marian Plew, Carol Garrett, Lores Panza, Helen Bulman. Fourth Row--L. to R. Kath- leen Stanton, Marian Wagner, Audrey Roberts, Regina Holdren, Marjorie Love, Lorice Karlsness, Beverly Palmer, Margaret Kilmer, Barbara Larrabee. Fifth Row--L. to R. ggillga McLain, Lasca Purdy, Suzanne Rounds, Marjorie Haney, Ann Van Duzer, Marie ns. 4 n IH 7 First Row--L. to R. James Blossom, Gary LaTell, James Hoover, Charles Hill, Bruce Morrison, Glen Dunham Compton, Truman Crawford, Harold Fisher, Frederick Green, Albert Rossi. Second Row--L. to R. lack Denmark, David McMullen, Paul Francis, Bernard Bronson, Robert Little, Ri- chard Gaskill, Craig Johnson, Richard Buchanan, Ronald Mather, Ralph Miller, Rudolph Vallese, Gary Wilcox. Third Row--L. to R. Norman Swathout, David Dittrich, Richard Hoyt, Ronald Berube, Sam Stephens, Clyde Thompson, Norman Spence, David Gould, Kenneth Stanley, Robert Kingsbury, Richard McDowa11. Fourth Row--L. to R. Ralph Soos, Richard Lewis, Glen Walling, Robert Kris- sel, Coit Conant, lack Cook, Gilbert Very, Balton Willis, Delos Geisenhoi, Donald Compo, Clifton Hyser. Fifth Row--L. to R. Eugene Morey, Clyde Mercer, Stephen Kizaze, Gary White, Eugene Smith, James Hill, Glen Hatter, Robert Letson. Sixth Row--L. to R. Joseph Grannetti, Earl Baste- do, Iohn Korger, Carlton Ward, Gerald Golding, Iames Adriance, Ronald Outman, Sta.nley Rlchelson, Richard Durr, Gene Potter. 29 HISTUHU UF CLHSS UF 1947 This is the life story of a golden bear. A type of bear that grows to maturity from a cub in just four short years. It is a story filled with sorrows, hardships, and happiness. We like to think that the happiness and good times far out-shadowed the sorrows and hardships--and in many instances , t ey did. This eventful story begins on a bright sunny day in September of the year 1943 as a small golden bear cub waddled up the stairs and into the magnificant halls of Vestal Central School. On closer inspection and questioning, we found that he was called the Freshman class. As he wandered around poking into first this room and then that, he was told that he should choose someone to guide him safely through this, his first year in high school, so that he could emerge victorious with flying col- ors. He took this kind person's advice and chose Lyn McLain as president, Bernie Goon as vice- president, june Woodruff as secretary, and Jim Mathers as treasurer. As he entered high school a new supervisor arrived in Vestal. This was the " silver-haired" gntlsarnaxi that we were so privileged to have as our chief guide through our high school career, r. mon. Our activities of this year consisted of a very successful dance, a swminming party, and a roller- skating party where the participants laughed off the many falls which occurred at this gay affair. There is one item that must not be forgotten for it is spoken of and always will be spoken of wher ever our classmates meet and it will always mystify outsiders. It is how the freshmen enjoyed their ninth grade social studies. That subject was taught in the room just adjacent to the art room. As the summer of 1944 passed, we again took up our books to prepare for our ways in life. We found our cub back in Vestal Central, and with a year of learning added to his intelligence, he was rightful owner of the title, the Sophomore class. Those honored as his representatives were Don Wagner, president, Jerry Cole, vice-president, Betty Cody, secretary, and Charles Young, treasurer. Though still considered too young for many rights, we did hold a dance near Christmas time which mowed the whole school that even though we were only Sophomores, we could do very well in social e. In the fall of 1945, our golden bear trudged back to the classic halls of Vestal Central to begin another year of school. Now he became the Iunior class. Needing some leaders to guide him, the following officers were chosen to fill the bill: president, lack Ellis, vice-president, jim Shea, sec- retary, Helen Swingleg treasurer, Ioan Sampson. We were also led by our advisers, Miss Smith, Miss Ralte, Mrs. MacLowry, and Mrs. Pierce. During this year, the Vestal School Centennial Pageant was held in November. It consisted of three scenes beginning with a prologue of the years 1795-1823. Scene I, the first school between the years 1823-1850, was an old district school on a day in january. Scene II, the second school from 1850-1881, was an evening program in a singing school. Scene HI, the third school during the years 1881-1924, was a Friday afternoon in a Gay Nineties school. It ended with an epilogue of the years 1924-1945. The cast was made up of students from grades one through twelve which, of course, in- cluded some of our junior class. We began to think ahead to our trip to be taken during our Senior year, so we decided to start raising money, of which a large sum would be needed. First on our list was a full- length movie of interest to the grades as well as high school. Our next feat was that of selling Christmas cards. This campaign was headed by Joan Sampson. It was a happy day during our Junior year when we re- ceived our Senior class rings. Something new was started that year, the "Mile of Pennies." This ls a system to earn money for equipment for our great school band and music department. An organization, by the way, that we as former students can long be proud of. Mrs. MacLowry's homeroom earned the most money and were honored by having their name inscribed on the trophy. Our social affairs consisted of a square da.nce, attended by a very lively crowd, and the most beautiful junior Prom ever held in Vestal School. The decorating was done by our class and we used flowers consisting mostly of apple blossoms. The center piece was a rock garden with a trel- lis and bird bath with fish. It was too beautiful to ever be described on paper. Maxine Harvey was elected May Queen and was followed over the moss-covered rock path and under the trellis by her attendants, Sally Brown, Jayne Herrick, Betty Cody, Mary Clubb, Marie Hotaling, June Woodruff, R Roberta Sayer, Dawn Mather, Shirley Stanton, janet Blomquist, and Catherine Kolvek. Finally,much to our sorrow, came Senior Class Day. Much as we dreaded, the Seniors took us in hand, and the day went by with sad tales--too sad to relate. During assembly, the Seniors willed the Juniors many things. The day was brought to an end, thank goodness, when the Juniors fed the Seniors in the cafeteria. As the year ended, the Junior class, the largest in Vestal Central's history, took a well-earned rest from studies to prepare for the even tougher Senior year. 30 CLHSS HISTUHU At last our golden bear, that had started out just four short years ago as a small cub had attained the highest peak in his hyh school career. He had gained a large store of knowledge a.nd was known as the Senior Class of 19 7. In order to have his affairs run with efficiency, he had elected lack Ellis as president, Phil Weston as vice-president, Sally Brown as secretary, and Maxine Harvey as treas- urer. We had Mrs. MacLowry, Mr. Burr, a.nd Mr. Kintner as our homeroom teachers. "Bop" Bun- dy, of course, was our leader, and we were the largest graduating class in Vestal's history. The new?-elected officers of the Student Congress, fashioned after the Unites States Congress were: Ilm hea, president, Ronald Baker, vice-president, Bob Ellis, secretary, Lyn McLain, treasurer. The Student Congress, composed of representatives from the student body is the governing organi- zation of the school. I Our football team made out fairly well by winning three games out of slx played. Out there on the gridiron pushing Vestal on to victory were such seniors as Lewis Daugherty, Bernard Goon, Jim Ma- thers, Robert E lis, William Richards, lack Ellis, lim Shea, and Lyn McLain - all of which were un- der the able direction of Mr. Pond, Mr. Pendlebury, and Mr. Bookhout. Vestal was honored in 1946 by playing host to the New York State School Music Association' s All- Staite 'Music Concert which brought six hundred pupils to our school to appear in bands, orchestras, an c o rs. The war being over and transportation conditions back to normal, our class went on a.n inspection tour of the Court house and County Office Buildings. In addition the trip invluded visits to the County Iail and Sheriff's Department Offices, the Board of Supervisors and County and Supreme Court rooms. We also visited the studios of W. I. N. R., and the radio audience was favored with a rendition of our Alma Mater by part of the Senior class. We were taken on this tour by Mrs. Harder of the social studies department. As the year flew by, we planned our graduation and our senior trip. Having decided to take a trip to New York City, we proceeded to raise money. We started by selling magazine subscriptions of a wide variety of nationally-known magazines. This campaign was directed by Elaine Campbell with sub-captains, Tom Beach and Bob Dumas. Everyone was striving for the prize, a beautiful Bulova wrist watch. Fred McCulley sold the most subscriptions and well deserved this fine prize. As Christmas was creeping up, we began our sale of Christmas cards to augment our slowly rising fund. This time, as in our Junior year, it was directed by Ioan Sampson who also had charge o the sale of "everyday" cards. It was time to think about our yearbook which the staff pledged themselves to make the fin- est yet seen in Vestal Central. Ioan Sampson a.nd Arlene Ives acted as co-editors, and Elaine Camp- bell was business manager. Miss Patteson was our faculty adviser for the DEN. Finally it was time for our annual Christmas pageant. ' Our Christmas Heritage" included scenes in the ancient, medieval, and modern world in Engla.nd, Russia, Bavaria. and America. The cast of over 120 students was directed by Miss Ellen Murphy. The choir was ably led by Mrs. Maclowry a.nd the string ensemble by Mr. Bryden. They were all graciously aided by many of the other teach- ers. Our beautiful Christmas Ball was held just before Christmas vacation with Ronald Baker elected King and Naomi Nfeld, Queen. As we returned from our Christmas vacation, we began to prepare for our mid-year exams. These' came and went in short order, and as things began rolling normally, we brought forth to the public our next money-making feat, that of presenting the james M. Cole circus in our school gym. This was a great spectacle complete with horses, clowns, acrobats, llamas, monkeys, and an elephant. Our next money-raising scheme was selling personalized stationery. Our basket all team did very well by defeating six teams out of eleven with three games left to play when this was written making a total of fourteen conference games, Vestal Central made his- tory by defeating Binghamton North, the first time a Binghamton school had been defeated by Vestal in a major sport. The Vestal team was sparked to victory by the following seniors: Clifton Williams, Ronald Baker, Phil Weston, lim Shea, Bernard Goon, and lack Ellis, The team was ably coached by Mr. Walker, better known as "Doc" Walker. As our bear, the Senior Class of '47, looks ahead and plans for coming events such as the Senior trip, Senior play, a.nd Senior class day, he sees graduation and upon receiving the hard-won diplomas and awards, he views himself going out to face life. He should never falter for he is fortified with a multitude of fond memories of students, and of teachers--friendships gained during his school days in Vestal Central High School.. Merrell Thallinger 31 N-um uw .Rik . A x . was , vb , sf, ul-X M' Y 11 lt is now 1957 and a.n alumni committee under the heads of Mayor Bgbert Dumas and Tommy Beach local chief of police, have arranged a reunion of the city of Vestal s graduating class of 1947. This re- union is to be held on the roof garden of Vestal' s exclusive Holiday Inn. The scene opens with Mrs. A1f1QnQ..B9,blnson Ljttleiohn who has just arrived by airplane from Ari- zona with her husband. She is renewing acquaintances with who is explain- ing the troubles she has with her oldest son Beemy. We leave them to take up with an old familiar looking couple who seem to be having some trouble getting their baby carriage through the door. They are lung and Bob Ellis who have been living in Alaska but just recently returned to Vestal. Who ls this we see ambling over from the next-door penthouse, none other than jim Mathers, who has been playing pro-football since he graduated from college. From talking to him, we find he is still a bach- e or Enough from the outside of the club,--let's venture inside where we see standing by the door welcoming old friends. She tells us that she is just a career woman but does flnd time for a little basketball game on J Alumni team. We see that all of the men are talking to Jerry- ihgg, the latest bobby sox idol. In one corner of the main dining room ls a large booth with several leading citizens sitting around it talking over old times. From left to right is Mayor of Apalachin, .BQb.EQl'.d escorting a leading lady of Agglgghin . Next is Arlene Ives, the society ed- itor of "Vestal Times Newspaper," with and loan graka, her two co-workers. In the next booth is Dawn and Blaine O'Brieg. At their booth are two highchairs with two bawling babies. These two are residing in Vestal Center. Down the line we hear the clicking of a camera and see the flashing of bulbs as Virginia Harrington is taking some newspaper pictures. Besides her is Anne Q- .lltlan able assistant. What s this crowd of screaming women across the way, a.nd in their midst, a Major in the Army Air Corps, who is none other than our own Bernie Goon home on leave. As we follow the waiter down the aisle, we come across several Eoths with old familiar faces such as Ronnie Bakgr, the present principal of Vestal School, ,B,e,t,ty-Acggy and her latest beau, Lgs: and his large family of six, bachelor and here is a gang that have re- mained inseparable since 1947, Shirley Potter, and Rosemary Potter--could it be they still live near one another? Next is lean Bishop and d E -ek who are said to be of the arlstocrats of Binghamton. In the booth next to them is Mary Blazey, Fr , Kathy r Hea all gals from the city of Maine, conversing with their city mayor Lewis Further along we see some more couples such as Janet and Dan ilenks' Bill Bonham an ' his wife and baby, Joe a who has been winning national running champ onshfpsg - bell, who is a noted authorg , the famous New York fashion model, Roger Cargill, Presi- dent of the Board of Education of Vestal School, Shirley Casterline, youth leader in Vestal. Next we see a.nd with their husbands and families. Mary Clubb Beajtty Cody, Helen Crane, and Shirley Knoll are all talking to that handsome Bob Crooks. 'Further ong is a group of very learned men conversing together--let's See who they are. It's B111 Deublgr, Earl Gabriel, Charles Guldeimgghuh, Don Hess Leon Hunsing-E, Harold Moore Donald Hamer, James Stanley, a.nd gLmgg, who are aff' professors a e famous Triple Cities College, which has just recently expanded into Vestal Just coming in the front door is Mrs. a ne Herrick Mondell with her two little Russians, and as usual, they are having an argument. Rig t - hind her are Russe, Dewi and George Snyder, two very prominent citizens, now of Vestal. Some of Vesta1's teac ers are now coming through the door, they are Shirley Duffy, history, Marilg Eldred school nurse, Lou Rita Herbert, chemistry, Phyllis Gage, English, o ce Fisher the kin- dergaifen teacher, Marion Foster librarian, Marjorie Hawley, business ma , an r ey Goltry head of the language department. Now that we are back in the lobby, we can see lack Ellis, the president of the Vestal National Bank, checking his hat, a.nd behind him is Durwood Frazier the famous contractor. As we push our way through the crowd, we notice familiar faces such as lane El the assistant manager of Burt's Department Store, and Leo Feheley, Ken Mosher, an auren Hess, members of the Vestal Police Department. just ahead of us are Hen Frost who is accompanying his sister, Mg-Egg, and brother-in-law, Phil Merrin. Leaving the po er room, we see Ergngis Hillis, Shirley gig, and Kitt Kolvek. lust going In are Roberta Sayeg, Marguerit-e-Hog, Thelma MatQgs, and EaVeHa Swackhammer. Here is another couple that we recognized as Rita. and Dick was 15 the class of "18". Sitting in the corner are Nagml Ngjld, our senior queen, Vir inia Webb Velma Wllsgg, and Manlgg-ZLbLQ1ggy-, L McLain and Iim Shea, perso ties we will never forget, seem to be in some kind of dlfficul e r wives trying to egxlain how they got the lipstick on their ties. Oh, well, they were always trying to talk their ways out something. Bill Richards, Ken Sutliff, Chuck Swan, and lair S eem to be having a time finding their Rves or coul'd It'be they don't have any and are jus oo ? I continued on page 711 33 GLASS SONG 65454444 A Ffa .E ,ia X 5. 3 Q.g.SWQ int SJ:- 'fo NL." 5.9 5 Q12 W? Mi QF WL 'Qxglsl Qui- Quinn 1.4-5. K0 VL ' 43.4.5 051- ui Daw- hyrb - ELQX 1 W if iw W 5. E E EJ W uw iw-is n W U 2 it CD 2 Q ,wl- SENIOR BABY PICTURES--Page 32 Top Row Row Two Row Three Row Four Row Five Row Six Shirley Goltry, Arlene Robinson, Shirley Duffy, Maxine Harvey, Clara McGuire. Tom Beach, Charles Guldenschuh, Shirley Stanton, Durwood Frazier, Fran- cis Hi lis. Jayne Herrick, Helen Swingle, Virginia Webb, Joan Sampson, Lester Bake- man, Jerry Shea. Sally Brown, Kathryn Heath. Naomi Neild, Connie Bierly, Jane Ely, Mary Clubb, Barbara Denmon, Kitty Kolvek, Bette Whittemore. Rita Moulton, Phyllis Nichols, Threasa Pucek, Shirley Knoll, Kenneth Sutliff, Merrell Thallinger, La Verta Swackhammer. SENIOR BABY PICTURES--Page 35 Top Row Row Two Row Three Row Four Row Five Blaine O'Brien, Marion Foster, Marguerite Hoyt, Elaine Campbell, Edward Pucek, Lewis Daugherty. Donald Jersey, Virginia Harrington, Joe Cacciola, Joyce Fisher,Cunderl June Woodruff, Shirley Potter, Helen Crane, Lou Rita Herbert. Jean Sheard, Beverly Nichols, Rosemary Potter, Mary Blazey, Joan Straka, Marjorie and Henry Frost, Fred McCu1ly. Dolores Rappold, Shirley Casterline, Leon Hunslnger, George Morey, Kenny Brown, Barbara Cheney, Dawn Mather, Roberta Sayer, Marilyn Eldred. Jim Shea, Marie Hotaling, Harold Moore, Ann Golightly, Joan Carey. SNAPSHOTS Page 52 Tow Row L. to R.-- Naomi Neild, Kenneth Sutliff, Marjorie Frost, Harry Morden, Mer- Row Two Row Three Row Four Row Five Row Six rell Thallinger, Helen Swingle. Marilyn Eldred, Lou Rita Herbert, Virginia Webb, Arlene Ives, Shirley Kroll, Donald Jersey, fin groupj Helen Crane, Barbara Denmon, Lou Rita Herbert, Dolores Rappold, Shirley Goltry, Marion Foster, Shirley Knoll, Shirley Duffey, Marjorie Frost, LaVerta Swackhammer, Shirley Goltry, Dick Martin. Jerry Shea, Jimmie Shea, Clara McGuire, Marjorie Hawley, Virginia Harr- ington, Qin groupj Jack Ellis, Bob Barnhart, Clair Swingle, Helen Crane, Dawn Mather. Harold Moore, Clara McGuire, Marie Hotaling, Elaine Campbell, Clara Mc- Guire, and Thelma Matthews, Roberta Sayer. Phyllis Nichols, Catherine Kolvek, Shirley Crooks, Mary Clubb a.nd Shirley Knoll, Jane Ely, Anne Golightly, George Morey, Bette Whittemore. Mary Clubb, Shirley Casterline, Beverly Nichols, Leon Hunsinger, Maxine Harvey, Joyce Fisher,Barbara Stanton, Thelma Matthews, Mr. Walker, and Wade Walker, Rita Moulton, Threasa Pucek. 36 '71, -1 .V -ff . ,4,.,1,-,ft 'ff ' 2"'.,2'A. .,,-5,13 -rs n'- la. :59 : .feng F' 'g5"?.f ,. f , , L 1 " " ,- 1 4133 .fu 1- .,., , , M: . --. -: fr.,f .11 , 1. I fy 11.214, J 1- 4.-3,,f-1, gif, , , f-fr'--5. . 1 Z 2 Z c r. "1 5 Y ..1 -Y v'l'Yf..v. fvreiif :Tc-1-fre:-W . -:rj 4911-df,-...r-,.1rq.1i1,:a, fc5-'F,1r-"- 2 f. I Q' Ls' Y .-""""j'-123221'f'3s2. -.V 11. Y ' j'.3'fL-.1-lf',lF. .A ,4 Y ,,,j,' .. 1 3 f J QVZ-'F' .-42" ff nf . .-ff r U A , , W fx., f U ' f V 1 'I fro, f yy , J , ,- p f: "' 1, fn! .15 , f I 's .4 J 1 r, f I 1 I J 59 -xi if . f ,Q K I I- I ' 'I 1 V.. .- ..f,f,.11. " . I: , ,1y'fc3,,Zg,:'-5:94 w3.'f4-f,,.,M ff':' " f' 4"n1.. :f':'-' :,:.431"-. 'iii ' gil if" .-iQ'5l:QTg,1Qi5jg,,. 1 24 ,Q pi!?biif if .gcyf ygg :Z-,2f,,,, ' gf fu ,,1,.,f,.7--1-,- f Agn. JG, ,4.,,.. 'ff' 'Q""1' - v-V121 '- -4' f:jff'w,- 1, ,,, ,'-L' ,, , 5.22 . :z',1:.5.-.-, I ,-1, ,.- M., , -. 1,-M.-,,.. . 'A ' -,:? .A - M'-4::,,' fi ' H' A Q 1 Y -Y 1 ' . f 5- ' :-3 e A 131527 ' 19-1--va-. . ' xiii' 783,74 'Q , ' 541 7' . I' f, "UQ '. lr' ' 11,7 r Z. -F' 4 JM" Q-V -... .--LJ Q LAJ rx GRADE TEACHERS First Row L. to R.-- Oleo Opp, Marjorie Stone, Virginia Haynes, Grace Camp, Marjorie Mun- son, Hazel Steenburg, Floral Gutosky, Muriel Newman. Standing L. to R.-- Margaret Freden- burg, Merebeth Youngs, Marjorie Owen, Leona Wells, Mildred Kenyon, Margaret Doupe, Flora Reynolds, Mary Parker, Margurite Williams, Ellamae Albeck, Louise Sherwood, Lottie Briggs Lenore Slack, Lulu Wilcox, Helen Compo, Elizabeth Jenks. OUR CHRISTMAS IIERITMSE 38 11:55 A. M. WHAT, A-N-O- T-H-E-R TEACHER? ASDF IKL: ASDF IKLZ POP'S BOYS BUSY ' 'AG' ' STUDENTS A CURVED LINE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DISTANCE BETWEEN TWO POINTS. POTTERY EXHIBIT ----- COMING UP. 'WIKI-f N WE COULD MAKE SUCH BEAUTIFUL MUSIC 41 an 5-B W' FUTURE BOSSES WE'LL DECREE, IF SECRETARIES THEY SHALL BE L-m,.,,:,,, A 5 o F GH A Li . e ww W M1 'Sf 5 UM, UM, GOOD WATCH THOSE FINGERS 42 oo O O O O 0 '9- -74 I" 'ill THE FITTEST ARE THE BRAVEST BUSY AS BEES QUIET PLEASE OFFICE STAFF GUIDANCE GOUN ELOR NV' 4' 9 xv EX c 1, P. PAUL GIMMIE A. B. Susquehanna University SCHOOL SECRETARIES Pittsburgh University Mrs. Margaret Wood, Stroudsburg State Teach- Mrs. Ame ia Turner. ers College, Syracuse University, Pennsylvania State College 1 i HOPE I MAKE A BASKET AH, ANOTHER BASKET FOR OUR SIDE. BETTER STAND BACK 44 .ex FLINKQ4 I: -an 11" ,. ir Q ,..4 41. W o ,sp4P""'Q 5 4 ' I u ' ' X K xv L 'S . lg, Swlxiimlmg .8 - ,155 - Il X '- I . , M N UYWN ., Wig? 1 www' Sm V" dt-x-. ' 45' ' K-4-S51-' ... b- E .,,. Niiasxgv 4' ' 4. D x ' N fe f A Q6 " Eg X Ib F93 iv 5' 4, ga, we ix -wha ,,,,pIf"'xxW' M' simp- ME 'sn 'IN UI! Ximian ' x 'jj AWN CONCERT BAND First Row--L. to R. Marilyn Barton,Richard Frederici, James St. Ledger, Jamalee Black, Louise Hark ness, Gene Cargill, Paul Kitner, Marilyn Eldred. Second Row--L. to R. Donald Lozier, Kenneth Willi- ams, Jean Wiggins, Everett Allen, Shirley Crooks, Marion George, Creighdon Ward, Melvin Williams, Barbara Jenks, Clifton Williams, William Hinrichsen, James Westfall. Third Row--L. to R. June Fish- er, George Roney, Albert Slottje, JoAnn Korger, Talbot Thayer, Shirley Hiorns, Thomas Crooks, Nor- ine Stevens,Nancy Rounds, Beverly Noyes, Paul Kadlecik, James Howard, Helen Crane, Robert Out- man. Fourth Row--L. to R. Kathy Lamb, Shirley Ellis, Joyce Warner, Raymond Stanton, Olive Terry, Pat Wilkerson, Joyce Marean, Craig Johnson, Gary Wilcox, Jack Denmark, Clyde Mercer. Fifth Row-- L. to R. Carole Hotaling, Romayne Wadsworth, Margaret Wallen, Jule Jones, Norman Swartout, Kemieth Stanley, Helen Swingle, Peggy Rounds, Leo Morris,Elmer Stanton, Edgar Sager, Doug Ward, Paul Tuck er, Robert Wheel, Jean Babcock, Harold Steinruck, Raymond PcPhearson, Barry Hess, Richard McMan- us, Anna Kitner, Pat Knapp, Marilyn Noyes, John Roat, Charles Stanley, Helen Aten, Lucille Noyes, Do- ris Mason, Edna Ward, Mr. Marvin. HING BAND First Row--L. to R. Shirley Watts, Gloria Kneen, Thelma Lantz, Shirley Burgess, Patricia Cook, Joyce Buffington, Evel.yn Gasko, Wanda Widerman, Beverly Walker, Jean Smith, Leona Strouse, Au- drey Roberts. Second Row--L. to R. Talbot Thayer, Norman Swartout, Carol Hotaling, Margaret Wallen, Marilyn Eldred, Romayne Wadsworth, Shirley Ellis, Joanne Korger, Albert Slottje, Evelyn Craver, Helen Kimes, Janet Blomquist, Kenneth Williams, George Roney, Catherine Lamb, Joyce Warner, Jean Wiggins, Richard Frederici, Marilyn Barton, June Fisher. Third Row--L. to R. Lou- ise Harkness, Gene Cargill, Jamalee Black, Robert Outman, Melvin Williams, Barbara Jenks, Wil- liam Hinrichsen, James Westfall, Helen Crane, Donald Lozier, Jule Jones, Clifton Williams, Paul Kadlecik, Beverly Noyes, Clyde Mercer, James Howard, Craig Johnson, Joyce Mareen, Gary Wil- cox, Jack Denmark. Fourth Row--L. to R. Evertt Allen, Shirley Crooks, Marion George, Crelghdon Ward, Paul Kitner, James St. Ledger, Richard Hoyt,Edgar Sager, Douglas Ward, Jean Babcock, Ha- rold Steinruck, Robert Weild, Paul Tucker, Pat Wilkerson, Shirley Hiorns, Kenneth Stanley, Nancy Rounds, Norine Stevens, Thomas Crooks. Fifth Row--L. to R. John Roat, Anna Kitner, Lucille Noy- es, Charles Stanley, Doris Mason, Edna Ward, Peggy Rounds, Leo Morris Elmer Stanton, Raymond McPherson, Barry Hess, Helen Swingle, Helen Aton, Patricia Knapp, Marilyn Noyes. 46 ' A my ORCHESTRA The Orchestra plays for community affairs, assembly, commencement exercises, and also for com- petition. It is under the direction of H. Ivan Bryden. First Row--L. to R. Marilyn Eldred, Helen Swingle, Louise Harkness, Bobby Maxming, Paul Kitner, Car- ol Garret, Loris Panza. Second Row--L. to R. Regina Holdren, Mary Jane Hessler, Jean Wiggins, Don Lozier, Marilyn Barton. Third Row--L. to R. Lynette Johnson, Dorothy Roat, Doris Mason, Edna Ward, Joa.nne Korger, Joyce Warner, June Fisher. Fourth Row--L. to R. Ruth Paplplas, Richard Duerr, Janice Wood, Bob Little, Talbot Thayer, Shirley Hiorns, Ralph Northrup, Craig Jo son, Billy Hinricksen, Don- na Noyes, Joan Hill, Cathy Lamb. Fifth Row--L. to R. Jackie St. Ledger, Freddy Doolittle, Janet Barrier Pat Knapp, Pat Wilkerson, Marilyn Noyes, Helen Aton, Elaine Johnson, Shirley Crooks, Creighdon Ward, Marion George, Jessie Miller, Everett Allen. Sixth Row--L. to R. Mr. Bryden, Douglas Ward, Jean Bab- cock, Gloria Kneen, Jean Anderson. JUNIOR BAND The Junior Band is an important organization in the instrumental music department. Out of this band will come the future musicians of the Senior Band. The Band plays for elementary grade assemblies a.nd also presents a program for the Spring Concert. First Row--L. to R. M. Kilmer, A. Hinrichsen, J. Wood, D. Hunsinger, J. Taylor, R. Manning. Second Row--L. to R. P. Manning, L. Hill, R. Haskill, J. Kocher, C. Bussey, G. Sandridge, N . Robinson, R. Cady, V. Thayer. Third Row--L. to R. M. Haney, A. Shillinger, L. Avery, P. Stlckland, R. Little, S. Jones, M. Guisenhoff, J. Weston, P. Westfall, J. Adriance, G. York, R. Williams, L. Barnard, G. McLain. Fourth Row--L. To R. S. Stevens, G. Golding, R. Chamberlain, R. Swan, C. Johnson, R. Northrup, B. Stewart, C. Truman. Fifth Row--L. to R. M. Cheney, F. Kintner, P. Francis, J. Glllispie, E. Wood, J. Callahan, D. Houselander. Sixth Row--L. to R. Mr. Bryden, D. McMullen, R. Gould, E. Allen, J. Potter, R. Weild J. McNearny, D. Compo, A. Kintner, R. George, P. Duerr. ' 47 SWING BAND an The Swing Band plays for dances after basketball games, community affairs, and assembly. It is directed by the Vestal music instructors. First Row--L. to R. Robert Dumas, Beverly Card, Shirley Hiorns, Patricia Wilkerson, Talbot Thay- er, Nancy Rounds, Iean Wiggins, Iames Stanton. Second Row--L. to R. W. O. Marvin, William Hin- richsen, James Westfall, Melvin Williams, Douglas Ward, Helen Aten, Helen Swingle. BATON 6 FLAG , . ag. The flag swingers and baton twlrlers are girls who excel in twirling and swinging feats. They are trained and directed by Mr. Marvin. They perform with the band at football games, at commu- nity affairs, and any school function when requested. They also enter the competition groups. First Row--L. to R. Shirley Watts, Thelma Lantz, Shirley Burgess, Beverly Walker, Leona Strauss, Audrey Roberts. Second Row--L. to R. Talbet Thayer, Gloria Kneen, Patricia Cook, Ioyce Buffing- Hn, Evelyn Craver, Helen Kimes, Janet Blomquist, Evelyn Gaska, Wanda Widerman, Jean Smith, Mr. arvin. A 6 I. A -off P .P by 1 'S 3 ' 4, s 5 flonase S 4, Q' Bw., - -41 1' -5, - - -1,42 :' -:- ,-.-4, First Row--L. to R. Janice Rus- sell, Iacklyn Bodie, Marjorie Love, Marian Wagner. Second Row--L. to R. Beverly Pierce, Minerva Robinson, Helen Betz, Regina Holdren. 48 MIXED CHOIR First Row--L. to R. Ralph Northrup, James Howard, Ray Stanton, Robert Ward, Sally Brown, Maxine Harvey, Beverly Card, Marion Evans, Jean Letson, Joan Eldred, Ochlee Prince, Edna Uhler, Shirley Hiorns, Polly Wesley, Marilyn Barton, Robert Crooks, Phil Merrln. Second Row--L. to R. Elwyn Mc- Lain, Larry Mathers, James Mathers, Lynwood, Phyllis Nichols, Betty Jean Young, Clara Mc- Guire, Patricia Knapp, Patricia Brigode, Betty Platt, Phyllis Gage, Alice Jenks, Vivian Little, Jean Wiggins, June Woodruff, Myrna Salisbury, Jeannette Deming, George Roney, Charles Gunther, Donald Jersey. Third Row--L. to R. Robert Beaumont, Fred McCulley, Robert Dumas, Melvin Williams, Marilyn Eldred, Eleanor Kadlecik, Beverly Noyes, Connie Morton, Jeannine McDonald, Barbara Wyk- stra, Lois Killam, Nancy Rounds, Dorothy Sampson, Doris Mason, Wilma Hackley, Lucille Noyes, Donald Williams, Edgar Sager, Harry Littlejohn. Fourth Row--L. to R. Creighdon Ward Everett Al- len, James Shea, Jerry Shea, Anne David, Evelyn Marsh, Joanne Seltzer, Alberta Flipse, Marjorie Selt- Zefy. Shirley Crooks, Shirley Russell, Nancy Merrin, Dawn Mather, Mary Jean Hessler, Helen Swing- le, Peggy Rounds, Lloyd Winnie, Bernard Goon,Richard Martin, Talbot Thayer. Accompanists: Don- na Kay Noyes, Richard Landon. The mixed choir has a membership of 85 and each year shows great improvement. I'm sure every- one was thrilled at the Spring Concert last year when this organization performed under the direction of Mrs. Leona MacLowry. The group is making plans to enter State Competition this year. The offi- cers are: President--Helen Swingle, Vice-President--Jim Shea, Secretary--Maxine Harvey, Treasurer --Ochlee Prince, Librarlan-- Alice Jenks, Robe Manager--Phyllis Nichols. SOLO CLUB Left to Right: Robert Dumas, Fred McCulley, Edgar Sager, Bettg Jean Young, Glen Kneen, Dwight Shurtleff, Phil Merrin, Evelyn Marsh, Charlotte Liebig, Shirley rooks, Alice Harris, Jean Bab- cock, Beverly Card, Edna Uhlir, June Woodruff, Jean Wiggins. Solo Club gives students an opportnmity to express themselves musically. The members learn the correct way of breathing, correct pronunciation, and poise, which are necessary to develop a ood si er. g Sevggal members sing solos throughout the year at public performances, and they enter compe- tition in the Spring. 49 GIRLS CHOIR J First Row--L. to R. Jean Letson, Edna Mae Farr,Marion Evans, Maxine Harvey, Sally Brown, Wanda Widerman, Joan Eldred, Beverly Card, Patricia Brigode, Marjorie Seltzer, Shirley Hiorns, Vivian Little, Marie Hotaling, Jeanette Deming, Joan Hill, Myrna Salisbury. Second Row--L. to R. Shirley Watts, Colleen Cassin, Betty Platt, Betty Jean Young, Julia Valenta, Grace Dodd, Virginia Johnston, Phyllis Sanzo, Patricia Knapp, Barbara Wykstra, Lois Killam, Beverly Noyes, Alice Jenks, Edna Uh- ler, Joanna Platt, Jean Wiggins, June Woodruff, Shirley Branning. Third Row--L. to R. Phyllis War- ren, Osceolia Jacobs, Phyllis Nichols, Clara McGuire, Jeannine McDonald, Ochlee Prince, Eleanor Kadlecik, Connie Morton, Shirley Crooks, Na.ncy Merrin, Phyllis Pierce, Bernice Griswald, Martha Ward, Alberta Flipse, Lucille Noyes, Dorothy Sampson, Wilma Hackley, Nancy Rounds, Cora Ellen Deland, Alice Traver. Fourth Row--L. to R. Shirley Russell, Nancy Martin, Arlene Robinson, Bev- erly Walker, Evelyn Marsh, Lora Blackman, Betty Maas, Sylvia Brewster, Joyce Shipman, Anne Da- vid, Doris Mason, Olive Terry, Helen Swingle, Peggy Rounds, Mary Jean Hessler, Barrier, Dawn Mather, Pat Shaw. The Girls' Choir is one of the newer music- organizations. This is also under the direction of Mrs MacLowry. They are working toward the goal of entering State Competition this year. The officers are: President--Helen Swingle, Vice President--Peggy Ro1mds,Secretary--Maxine Harvey, Treas- urer-- Sally Brown, Librarian--Alice Jenks. BOYS CHOIR First Row--L. to R. James Howard, Grover Stall, Robert Ward, Glen Kneen, James Westfall, Mel- vin Williams, Roy Stanton, Donald Taylor, Talbot Thayer, Robert Crooks, Paul Kitner. Second Row--L. to R. Ralph Northrup, Robert Dumas, Phil Merrin, Lyn McLain, William Platt, Edgar Sa- ger, Creighdon Ward, James Shea, Charles Gunther, George Roney, Harry Littlejohn, George Har- dy. Third Row--L. to R. Everett Allen, Fred McCully, Tom Beach, Larry Mathers, Jerry Shea, Robert Beaumont, Bernard Goon, Lloyd Winnie, Richard Martin, Bert Mersereau, Ja.mes Mathers. Accompanist---Peggy Rounds. The first formal organization of a Boys' Choir was established this September under the su- pervision of Mrs. MacLowry. The group chose as their president--Lloyd Winnie, vice-president, Robert Crooks, Secretary- -treasurer--Lyn McLain and Librarian- -Herby Swan. 50 JUNIOR CHOIRS First Row--L. to R. Barbara Platt, Lois Rathbone, Eleanor Matteson, Georgia Sandridge, Anita COY- le, Dolores Ackley, Audrey Roberts, Janice Russell, Joyce Potter, Lois Jones, Gurine Heen, Doris Smith, Patricia Brown, Barbara Coulter, Marion Plew, Marjorie VanCampen, Kathleen Stanton, Ma- ry Lou Watts. Second Row--L. to R. Donna McLain, Adelia Hamilton, Dorma Youngs, Marion Wagner Alice Tracy, Fay Casterline, Carol Hotaling, Gloria Kneen, Louise Harkness, Anna Kintner, Jxme Fi- sher, Marjorie Love, Helen Betz, Virginia Richards, Geraldine Murphy, Barbara Merkel, Mary Fer- ris, Regina Holdren, Jane Harnard, Suza.nne Knight. Third Row--L. to R. Ethel Hackley, Ilene Beam .Jean Denmon, Marjorie Haney, Sharon Neily, Sarah: Hoadely, Marilyn Noyes, Joyce Warner, Helen Maslin, Audrey Jensen, Sue Beaumont, Suzanne Rounds, Shirley Young, Marcia Ma.nn, Jean Zalenski, Beverly Palmer, Margaret Kilmer, Audrey Hinrichsen, Charlene Burg, Marlene McCoy, Barbara Larrabee, Helen Bulman. Fourth Row--L. to R. Joyce Buffington, Am VanDuzer, Marion George, Betty Dodd, Sally Snyder, Beverly Pierce, Mavis Cheney, Marie Wilkins, Joyce Foulkrod, Phyllis Root, Joyce Golding, Martha Sprusanky, Kathy Lamb, Marlene Morton, Myrna Youmans, Jane Gunth- er, Bernice Fuller, Romayne Wadsworth, Beverly Vandermart, Mary Somers, Betty Murphy, Leona Strouse, Barbara Brown. The Seventh and Eighth Grade Girls' Choir meets every Monday and Wednesday. It consists of ninety-five members. The Seventh Grade Choir's officers are: President, Marion Wagner, Vice- President, Georgia Sandridgeg Secretary, Helen Betz, Treasurer, Regina Holdren, Librarian, Mar- jorie Haney. The eighth grade officers are: President, Marion George, Vice-President, Doris Har- nard, Secretary-Treasurer, Carole Hotalingg Librarian, June Fisher. ,ZW ,F ,L .. - -nm... .. - . - First Row--L. to R. Blaine Ellis, James Duffy, Fred Camp, Ronald Weston, Gerald Cargill, Lloyd Uhler, Robert Miller, Jack Denmark, Bruce Morrison, James Blossom, David McMullen, Sam Ste- phens. Second Row--L. to R. Merle Flipse, David Nichols, Rudy Vallese, Gary Wilcox, Ralph Ste- phens, George Hill, Eugene Smith, Robert Little, Robert Duerr, Vaughn Thayer, Allen Shaw, Gil- bert Beach, John Compton. Third Row--L. to R. Roger McManus, Frank Ackley, Dalton Willis, Richard MacDowall, Thomas Kvasny, Ralph Soos, Kenyon Conant, Larry Brearly, Roger Wick, Ward Bunzey, Gerald Golding, Jack Vivona, Rolland Vallese. Fourth Row--L. to R. Richard Hoyt, Rich- ard Miller, Jack Wilson, Keith Willis, Gary White, Robert Weild, John Miller, Omar Lightner, El- mer Slottje, Donald Smith, Allen Struthers, Keith Terry, James McNerney, Richard Uhler. The Seventh a.nd Eighth Grade Choir was organized in September of this year. The group now in- cludes sixty-five members. The officers are: President and Vice President--Larry Bearly, Secre- tary and Treasurer--David McMullen, Bookkeeper--Kenyon Conant. 51 '2- X M ...wr 21:5 4 H ,,Q'ZfLnx '-RQ ll' v any ,A- w ,af v N-'fill' 1 -fu- .e xSA 33,.Lx- QLQQ ls Q 3 i K xkyk' M k . S A5 X N1 X' 9 X , K TV- . N Ji, A' ' hw: ' NS- J - X95 , . N ws, N my - N . I , Wa , B+ I yi I L H ' x' N 1--fx X ma . .Er-y N! -.,. V SU. . .. Kwik A ' " ,- , . Ng, " ' . -.L f'U+Ef5v - 'ls'lHi+ 4 11'EQf-Fix , - W2-'K . .15 , .f 5.134 f. '15, " " 4. X e 0 xv -ML. 5 X: "ff X ltgm-2:5-,typ 1' . hx,-gh 45.1 fi N if mg :N SP3 ,R 3 . Wi' -RN ' ., -.. .. , . " ' ' 4 g ixvf s ..-. - Gm 'Wx - 0 .,,' Q' f- X:-is 1 ' ' ' ' 'gs Shx xv v fl- -,, 1- wi - , ,Q J,-H' 'M -' '-QQ .qwp QA . .0 .51-,. . --.V -wr - A, 5. ,-H ' X Q x. V -jvxq --:HS ,H ,Q .9-L .-- K l . it v.:'TS5k2.,. L .N IG? 21.5. 5' Q.,-Txyu. fi--I fx' Q .. m .U M . 4 Q, 555- . ., .- ,- .L , .mug - ' .- -1 : ' . xy B-5' . . : Vw sw ca ru-ff FOOTBALL First Row--L. to R. Leo Feheley, lack Ellis, Clair Swingle, Larry Mathers, Gerald Bundy, Clinton Johnston, Lewis Angelo, Lewis Daugherty. Second Row--Harry McCoy, Richard Duffy, Harold Guiles Duane Ellis, Frank Brown, Pete Stanley, Lynn McLain. Third Row--Bill VanDuzer, Bob Ellis, Lee Brown, Mr. Louis Pond, Bernard Goon, Richard Holdridge, Howard Minckler, Iim Mathers, Iim Shea. Vestal - 0 Johnson City - 38 Vestal - 12 Owego - 20 Vestal - 12 Waverly - 2 Vestal - 6 'Oneonta - 20 Vestal - 25 'Cortland High - 0 Vestal - 13 'St Mary's Cortland - 0 " Home Games...Won--3 .... .Lost--3 With the opening of school, and the sound of football cleats in the locker room, all eyes turned to the Vestal football team and wondered what kind of a team we would have this year. Our new coach, Lou Pond, really made the boys work. Vestal's Golden Bears opened their season against a strong I. C. eleven, entirely out of our class, and went down to defeat 38-0. The boys played, a hard game, but I. C.'s eleven just out-fought and out-rushed them. We did witness, however, some superb line playing by Iim Mathers. . The following Saturday our warriors travelled to Waverly. Everyone was itching for the smell of victory. The first half was a very slow and sloppy football game and nothing we did seemed right. In fact, we even had a man tackled behind our own goal lines, and that is how the first half ended-- 0-2. Vestal fans were glumg they must have been because I was, and it looked as though our team would give us nothing to cheer about. However, it was a new and inspired team that came back in the second half, and how they did fight. Our line was rushing and the back field was moving. Sud- denly Vestal fans leaped to their feet, for "little" Lee Brown had raced away around left to make Vestal's first score. Later ln the game Jim Shea faded back, and tossed a pretty T. D. pass to Herb Swan in the end zone practically taking the ball away from two Waverly men. That's how our first victory was earned the the final score 12-2. Cortland came to Vestal for our first home game, and our line brilliantly managed a final score of 25-0. The holes made for the backfield were more than any backfield man could hope for. To our football headlines came the name of Bob Ellis who grabbed the opening kick-off and raced 80 yards for a touchdown. Bob Ellis also scored two others and lim Shea, one. "Oink" Robards, Richards, Mathers, and Johnston stood out in the line, while Ellis, Shea, and Goon were in Cortland's secondary. Next came the Owego game where we lost 20-12. The boys went to Owego pretty sure of victory, but Owego wasn't to be denied. Jim Mathers played his usual smart a.nd hard game at center, but it was Owego's good furtune to discover that our Golden Bears had a weak pass defense, and they took full advantage of it. Bob Ellis and Bernie Goon scored for Vestal. It was a cool crisp day when Oneonta's big blue team came to Vestal, a.nd from the start one could tell our Vestal lads were out classed by a much heavier team. The final score was 20-6 in favor of Oneonta, but our boys must not feel ashamed because they played their hearts out. Again, it was Capt. jim Mathers who played out-standing on the line, along with fullback Ellis, Howie Minck- ler, whim ripped off some nlce gains, and quarterback Shea, who handles the ball beautifully from T.- ormat on. Up to now our team had won two and lost three games. The boys felt badly about it, but came Saturday a.nd a chance to even their record against St. Mary's of Cortland. The game was switched from our field to En-joy park in Endicott. It was a beautiful day for a football game, a.nd somehow, I sensed our boys would do it. The score was 13-0 in our favor. Howie Minckler's line plunging in this game was something to watch and next year we expect big things from him. Bob Ellis played his usual fine game at fullback and scored one touchdown along with Minckler's six pointer. lim Shea quarterbacked a.nd handled the ball from the T without a flaw. One can't say our season wasn't successful. It was, with a 500 average. Credit must be given to Coach Pond for working so hard with the boys, and to Ken Mosher goes the credit which most per- sons overlook--the job of conditioning the team. Hats off to Ken. None of the boys will forget Ken's bellowing voice. Two more hats off to our football team. One to Bob Ellis who was named football player o the week for his excellent performance against Cortland. One to Capt, lim Mathers for the honor of being named by radio station W.I.N.R. All-Scholastic Center on the Triple Cities All- HihSh lt . Nl i 1. g c oo eam ce go ng,Im By Jerry Shea 54 VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row--L. to R. Robert Maas, Phil Weston, James Mathers, Cliff Williams, jim Shea, Melvin Williams, Jack Ellis. Second Row--L. to R. Mr. Lewis Walker, Richard Martin, Bernard Goon, Ronald Baker, Pete Vallese, Bob Barnhart, Howie Mlnkler, Gerald Bundy, James Stanley. VARSITY BASKETBALL 'l'hls year's Varsity basketball team under the capable leadership of "Doc Walker, is one of the best ever turned out by Vestal Central High School. However, many may say that Vestal ls not a very high scoring team such as Central, but this year, "Doc" has worked the boys into aflne defensive team and it has 'paid off very well, as you will see by the scores that no team and that in- cludes the high scoring Blue Bulldogs of Central, have scored more than forty-three points against li us. Ilm Shea and Bernie Goon have led Vestal's "Giant-Killers" in scoring all year and are a- mong the leading scorers in the league. Not many Vestal fans will forget the lmack that Mel Wil- liams has acquired to drive his opponents crazy and wind up stealing the ball from the bewildered lads. Credit must also be given .to Ronnie Baker and Pete Valeese for their work under the bask- et and to "Doc's" reserves. 'I'he games and scores that are listed below do not complete our basketball schedule, for the Yearbook had to go to press before the season ended. SCHEDULE Vestal Qpp: Vestal gag Vestal Qpp: 'Chenango Forks 53 33 Cortland 36 33 Ithaca 23 40 Ithaca 28 26 Elmira S. S. 39 32 Bing. N. 37 35 'Non-League Waverly 50 41 Union End. 29 36 I. C. 35 42 Games Binghamton North 32 35 Elmira F. A. 49 37 Elmira S. S. 51 34 Won--10 Johnson City 31 30 Bing. Cent. 31 43 'Cortland 43 32 Lost- 5 e INDIVIDUAL SCORING Player Games F.G. F,T, F,P, T,P, player Qgma F.G. F.T. F.P. T.P. Shea 14 56 50 26 138 Weston 12 7 27 14 28 Goon 16 60 93 41 161 Swan 2 1 o 0 2 Baker 16 30 59 2 1 81 Martin 1 0 3 1 1 Valeese 16 15 25 1 1 41 McLain 1 1 1 0 2 M. Williams 16 37 52 25 99 Mathers 1 0 2 2 2 C. Williams 12 19 14 8 46 Bundy 3 0 0 0 0 Ellis 12 4 12 4 12 Hard 2 1 0 0 2 Barnlzardt 2 0 0 0 0 'This -includes non-league games. 55 WRESTLI G N57 A First Row--L. to R. Glenn Tarbox, Glenn Wage, Iames Flaherty, Ed. Pucek, Dale Betz, Richard Kiegler, Richard Frances. Second Row--L. to R. William Hinchcliff, Instructor, Frank Brown, Bill Wright, Lewis Angelo, David Leonard, Bob Hanley, Bill Deubler, Elmo Wilcox. J.V. BASKETBALL F Front Row--L. to R. Mr. James Williams, Pete Stanley, Richard Duffy, Duane Hunsinger, lack Vandervort, Ken Williams. Second Row--L. to R. Barry Hess. Eugene Hamlen, Ron- ald Bunzey, Bill Northrup, Robert Hess, Lacey Iones, Bob Outman. 56 mug,-...l . GROSS COUNTRY First Row--number 5 around L. to R. to number 6.: 5-Kenneth Williams, 7- Robert Ford, 9- Dale Betz, 10- Douglas Ward, V6-Kenneth Wright, 6- Elmo Wilcox. Second Row--Mr. Stock, 14-Joe Cacciola, 4-Donald Zimmer, V5-Ed. Sager, V8-Ernest Cobb, V12-David Leon- ard, l3-Richard Kiegler, Blaine O'Brien, Manager. VOLLEYBALL BOYS BOWLING 57 SENIOR CHEER LEADERS Marie Hotaling, Anice Dumbleton. Second Row, L. to R.-- I gt Dumas, Beverly Van Duzer, Alice Traver, Ioanne Dunbar. JUNIOR CHEER LEADERS GIRIIS BOWI.ING 58 HN' uw-W' Q mmmmxmmkxxww X.-gl" ' YA 1: ish? 1 J iss' 'Q'-lx . i 1 Y 45 ' YEARBOOK STAFF First Row--L. to R. James Shea, Jayne Herrick, Jerry Shea, Pat Shaw, Virginia Harrington, Arlene Ives, Joan Sampson, Joyce Fisher, Robert Dumas, Jeannine McDonald, Virginia Webb. Second Row- -L. to R. Maxine Harvey, Sally Brown, Betty Cody, Shirley Duffy, Arlene Robinson, Helen Crane, Marjorie Hawley, Shirley Knoll, Marguerite Hoyt, Connie Bierly, Rosemary Potter, Marie Hotaling, Kathryn Heath, Bette Whittemore, Joan Straka, Barbara Denmon, Lou Rita Herbert, Roberta Sayer, Ann Golightly, Marion Foster, Rita Moulton, Shirley Goltry. Third Row--L. to R. Janet Blomquist, June Pearson, Jane Ely, Tommy Beach, Merrill Thallen er,Mary Clubb, LaVerta Swackhammer, Clara McGuire, Beverly Nichols, Phyllis Nichols, Joan garey, Rowena Pitcher. EDITORS GBUS. MGR. vp ::3 3 Ol , 1 'll lf 'OO' 1 ',, . ,, ,. h 6 v uv- .- 6389 Q1 .-. .-.'.g.-5, -.-' vw' -f- p --v aff I5 -,-Q' .ff I Q -' yy 'Q -f wr - L-1 Anno," Y b , U ,. - 4 9 - 1 L S ,W u r 1 S H ? iii I The Year Book Staff and its co-Editors, Arlene Ives, Joan Sampson, and Business Manager Elaine Campbell, have sponsored an assembly program and have canvassed the Triple Cities to sell advertisements to make this year book a successful one. 60 VETERANS CLUB When Vestal Central opened their classes in September '46 it found many veterans enrolled, fel- lows who through various experien ces realized the value of education The "Vestal Vets" formed a club and elected officers who are as follows: Ken Mosher-President, Dick Dennis-Vice President, Walt Traver-Treasurer, and Dan Jenks- Secretaryg Mr. Pendelbury- Advi- ser. We had a vet's dance at our school Gym, music furnished by Walt Brown and his top flight mu- sicians. The dance was not only a social success but also a financial one. Left to Right--Robert Shapley,Phil- ip Merrin, Jerry Shea, Ken Mosher, Dan Mersereau, Forrest Swingle, Dan Jenks, Walt Traver. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The photography club consists of students whose hobby is to take and develop pictures. Left to Right: Jenny Pavlik, Creig Johnson, Joseph Vinola, Bob Clark, Dick Hill, Larry Loveland, Doug- las Gulden, Clara Mattes, Ola Fritch, Mildred Kannenberg, Don Taylor. BIOIDGY CLUB .-.l .-1 X0 ? T td ' Q .Q L Q -ash Q Qu. G '. Q 'J ,. in-f The Biology Club was formed this year to replace the Science Club. It's p1u'pose is to give aux- iliary work in the special fields of Biology. The officers are Albert Davies-President, Phyllis Pier- ce-Vice-President, Mary Sees-Secretary, and Velma Wilson-Treasurer. First Row, L. to R.--Leon Hunsinger, Phyllis Pierce, Marion Foster, Doris Mattison, Miss Marjo- rle Clocksin, Mary Sees, Joanne Korger, Joyce Filan, Joanna Platt. Second Row, L. to R.--Albert Davies, Maxine Larabee, Grover Stall, Velma Wilson, Lois Killam, Dorothy Morden, Joanne Selt- zer, Beverly Whitman. STUDENT COUNCIL " - S5 Aa A: First Row-L. to R.- Georgia Sandridge, Barbara Platt, Donna McLain, Lyn McLain,-Treasurer, lim Shea-President, Bob Ellis-Secretary, Ioan Hill, Pat Brigode, Sally Brown, David McMullen, Richard Gasgo. Second Row-L. to R.- Evelyn Gasgo, Ann VanDuzer,Iune Woodruff, Beverly VanDuzer, Peg- gy Rounds, Janet Allen, Ioan Sampson, Marguerite Hoyt, Betty Cody, Caroline Stevens, lane Wall, El- eanor Smith, Evelyn Marsh, Mary Iane I-Iessler. Third Row-L. to R.- Lee Brown, Richard Duffy, Richard Frederici, Doug Ward, Jack Vandervort, Leo Morris, Joanne Dunbar, Grace Dodd, Barbara Ienks, Don Morey, Bud Fisher, lack Ellis, Gerald Bundy, Don Jersey, Russell Johnston, Richard Hold- er PRESS CLUB Left to Right: Kathryn Heath, Pat Bonham, Mary lean Hessler, janet Allen, Marie Hotaling, Bette Whittemore, Martha Ward, Tommy Beach, Ioyce Fischer, Bob Dumas, Barbara Denmon, Gloria Steadman. AERONAUTICS ' A . ...l.... '- 1 J .Ig , xy'-, Q,, QQ L The pre-flight class is a regular high school subject concerning the study of aeronautics and including some actual flight time. L. to R.-Bill Bonham, Don Wagner, Ken- neth Sutliff, Mr. LaVerne H. Bundy, Ivan Edwards, Tommy Beach. 62 FUTURE FARMERS L. to R.-Ed. Canfield, Larry Flaherty, Keefe Lupole, Clinton Lainhart, Frank Brown, Harold Stein- ruck, Boyd Strouse, Mr. William Issler, Don Aton, Fred FeDora, Leo Striley, Elmer Storozow, Da- LANGUAGE CLUB Front Row, L. to R.-Marjorie Seltzer- Vice President Iean Bishop-President. Second Row: Threa- sa Pucek, Bernice Smith Secretary,Ruth Gilg-Treasurer. Third Row: Elrene Wright, lane Wall, Thelma Matthews, Patricia Brigode. Fourth Row: Florence Makowsky, Caroline Stephens, Bar- bara Wykstra. ART CLUB S First Row, L. to R.-Keith Terry, Kenneth Bidwell, Geraldine Murphey, Patricia Knapp, Dora Bis- hop. Second Row: Jean Zalenski, Barbara Coulter, Richard MacRowall, Don Compo, Charles Hill, Ioan Eldred. Third Row: Lois Rathbone, Margaret Rennie, Trueman Carford, Robert Letson, Ga- ry LaTell. Standing: George Hill, Mr. Williams, Head of Art Department. 63 JUNIOR LIBRARY CLUB First Row, L. to R.-Jean Denmon, Adelia Hamilton-Secretary, Edith Galloway, Martha Hawley, Nan- cy Merrin-President, Osceola Jacobs-Treasurer, Josephine Jacobs, Rose Barnett-Vice President, Joyce Golding. Second Row, L. to R.-Jean Babcock, Phyllis Warren, Sue Beaumont, Colleen Cassin, Charlene Burg, Suzanne Knight. SR. LIBRARY CLUB Left to Right - Marguerite Hoyt, Constance Bier- ly, Jacqueline lm f I Washburn. I in Q - Xe e' 'I DRAMATIC CLUB First Row, L. to R.- Mary Conklin, Myrna Bennett, Mable Phillips, Verna McCully, Irene Breck- ner, Joyce Shipman, Joyce Foulkrod, Geraldine Pierce, Patricia Larrabee, Martha Sprusansky, Martha Lisenby, Alice Benson. Second Row, L. to R.-Rita Moulton, Shirley Goltry, Marjory Frost, Shirley Smithka, Barbara Hartman, Sherry Hammond, Virginia Johnson, Maude Jones, Sarah Hoad- ley, Carol Hotaling. Third Row, L. to R.-Virginia Richards, Mildred Carman, Robert Maas, Rog- er Wick, Eugene Smith, Gilbert Beach, Chester Osborn, Jack Wilson, Audrey Jensen. Fourth Row, L. to R.-Marjorie Hawley, Jane Harned,,,Barbara Brown, Patricia Brown, Barbara Gross, Delores Wheeland, Jean Foster, Donna McLain, Audrey Roberts, Alice Harris. 64 We yy,-'.-. 1 W . l l -f ,- .aux Ti' QV Quf ,, ' W .x ,Xa N -xv 'X v- W ,Q H fs -Qu 5 Gi N H Fixx 1- " Mx W X143 Tggkg 1 - HQ: -' - -. --1-rg. ' , ' . x 1 . N X 'il has ' Q x x 'IK e X L1 Xi J vi- 8 'L r , L gg ' 4 V ' ' wx . Qnqfibg . X ' Qui . -f V- X 55::"' I -' X XM ' 'fs' x X uxxxa' 'L x . 1 x It , f-LU I x Y, 1 x 1,2 1 . X .L . "s -1 gf. X. F ' .1 ' It .I " ffisfm' yt' ,pm . 1- v-evf'.'f .. ,,,...w""f' ul" . -..-ex-5"'.,,w""' FW' VW?" -ELAWQR U gig, A Gbitwr- JL. ery' 'MF -Jw mf. X NN 1,1 1 BTUL Q. 4 X X S GRADUATING Z E cLAss 2 es Imaginaiion To See Beyond The Ho ' N .gxgbpma-No XX com PLIMENTS os EN DICOTT-JCHNSON WORKERS CCJMPLIMENTS OF WE5TFALL'5 The Complete Department Store COM PLIMENTS B URT3 DEPARTMENT .STORE H arf, Shaffner Qpfanhi 6 Marx 500 VAUGH N 'S Mens ' ' Boys ' Phone i025 Union Distric? Endicoii, NX ll Q6 N 5'-UQ, Jewuen CCN- PATTERSON I7 Washington Ave. Endico11',N.Y INC ELROUNDS Q Y - RZ'l'Sf?5'iZ??ef-e' Vestal N than you expect SH I PMAN 'S SWA IN ATLANTIC Saavuca 5.,AT,ON PHARMACY 24-floun .Sanwcsf Phone 258' vasrm., mv. H Vesfal. N- Y THE RUSSELL c. Tl-:Rav E SQU I RE. REALTOR HAILIALEXANDERYWESI'HARVEY ll FRONT ST. PHONE 845 Vasm.. NX u us MAIN sr. H DOWN IN UNION WI ESI N6 'S SERVICE. STATION F RONT8. MAIN STS. VESTAI., NM Puour. 447 VESTAL FOOD MARKET PAUL KADLECIK, PROB CHOICE MEA1'5.Pou1.Tmf GROCER fes, mozfw mans, moo ucs, Is-rc. MAGIC CITY ICE GMILK C0. JERSEYs6RADE.'A' VITAMIN' o"M I I.Ke, DAIRY Paooucrs PHONE ENDICOTT 84' so? NORTH sr !7MArfv sr. END. 2068 ENWCUTTI N- lf STUMPIS sf'-519.0 .STORE MCCAU'-EYEfK0C'AN STAR DRY CLEANERS PLUMBING CO. THALLlNGER'S CONFECTIONARY vIoI.A's BEAUTY SALON PLUMBINGSHEATING VF-STAL NNE-R ICM FRONT ST. VESTAL. NX JOI-IN'S BARBER SHOP PAUL SHINEFUS GROCERY ROY'S BARBER SHOP CLASS PROPHECY lC0ntinuedl Now, we turn our attention to the Holiday Inn Orchestra featuring Helen Swin le as guest solosit th ble band leader turns to face the audience, we recognize him as Being C-rei hdon Ward. The potlight turns for a moment on the two featured trumpet artists, James WesUm1 S anding over by the orchestra are Jeannine McDonald, Phyllis and geverly Nichols, and Bette Whitf more. They are taking to Paul Kadlecik, Don Iersel, Gerald Fred Mcgglly, Hgg n, and Qeorge Morey. What? Nearly midnight? We really must be on our way now--so nice to have seen you all again. s as we are leavin we see the last of our class just presentin hemselves. Lat rr' al nclud I t g, g t e a iv s i Vilma Valenta, Glengi-Tarboxl Walt Traver, Phil Weston and Arthur Wickman. Besi: Wishes, Seniors! Thg Svuonos FINE P1-1o'rocRA Pm' " ll FRONT ST. PHONE. 2509'R "veggie Own swoon The ENDICOTT IDAILYBULLETIN UYOUY !7OfTlCf'OLUI7 V161-USfQf6Y ,I COMPLETE COVERAGE Of Locm- sms mf womb AFFAIRS VESTAL OFFIC E Phone 2.497 qi. .. - a mf' - , 4' 'Ye -.1 ,-1. - 1 , X X- , Q ,Q . 4 1 .1 x , w , 'eu' f .1 .-,An ya-,., A '14 ' Q V '. , , W. -,f .1, . l Ha 12' fx 1 MWA' , + .L ,-'g,'ix,i1 . 1 ,K J' ,Y , . 'QQ .. , 1 -+4-1+ V A ,. 1 'af'?"5'3uffH.3.y!'ii'i"QL'f ' A' W ..:,,.J.-:fm ' -3, Y , V, A ,.-fu Uk,,,, 5.x V k Wx, q1,1.,r: L , r '4' , s'f,'iNsJ 1.. 1- .e. ' " 5S.'...4 , X v , ,,. , X, 1 f .i1,l t , K Q3 V I ' ,c u ' 2 ,. ,,y , N.. . ,, ' . , ,f . M. r , , ww, f W 'U V 1 , X'5,,Q Q , 3 A . X . ' 1341. '- .fe mga-,pusnln-Q 4, -6 ,,...... . -f rim A ,gn 'fn 'S , X ,ff N. NN 3' H Msn IM-nv 1 .Qu--Aw.:-Aurw,-svn, 4 L-r 4 8 S ..J-"Af X . . 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Suggestions in the Vestal High School - Den Yearbook (Vestal, NY) collection:

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