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EX LIBRIS ww TI-IE MIRROR Published by THE SENIOR CLASS or 1 9 4 1 of the VERSAILLES HIGH SCHOOL VERSAILLES MISSOURI DEDICATION THE MEMBERS OIT THE SENIOR CLASS, FONDLY DEDICATE THE MIRROR OE 1941 TO MRS. MARRIOTT. WHO HAS MADE OUR SCHOOL LIFE SO PLEASANT AND WHO EOR ALI. FOUR YEARS OIT OUR HIGH SCHOOL LIFE HAS BEEN OUR EAITHEUI- SPONSOR. Row 1: Shirley Shoemaker, Marilyn Hall. John Shoemaker, Mrs. Marriott, Alden Riley Bob Robinson. Row 2: Norma Jean Nichols, Ruth Kauffman, Avis Bellamy, Billy Woodin Vklillinms, Ann Earp. Bud Love. ANNUAL STAFF AVIS BlEl,l,AMY Editor-in-Chief BILLY WILLIALIS Assistant Editor ANN EARP Business Manager BUD Loyis Assistant Manager JOHN SHOEMAKER Advertising Manager ALDEN RILEY Art Editor Prryfa fil'I'--Tlllf I'll'Il'ror RUTII KAIIFFMAN Literary Editor MARILYN HALL Assistant Literary Editor NORMA JEAN NICHOLS Snap Shot Editor SHIRLIEY SHOElVlAKl5R Snap Shot Editor Bois RoBINsoN Soorts Editor ANNIQ MARRIOTT Sponsor FACULTY Moss MCDONALD, Superintendent B.S. in Education, C. M. S. T, C. M.A., Missouri University CARL WEST, Principal AB., Drury, Springfield M.A., Missouri University MARGARET KNOOP AB., B.S.,'Lindenwood College M.A., Missouri University TRHOMAS FLOYD B.S. in Education. S. W. M. S. T. MAURICE LA RUE, JR. B.S. in Education, Central College C. PAYE WILI.S B.S. in Education, C. M. S. T. C. Baker University, Baldwin, Kans, JOHANNA MCDONALD Bs.. C. M. s. T. C. PAUL ERANTZ AA., St. Joseph, Junior College BS. in Education, Missouri University KATHRYN WILLIAMS B.S. in Education, S. W. M. S. T. C. ANNE lVlARRlOT'I' I-LB., University of Colorado Graduate work, University of Missouri Graduate work, University of Nebraska The Mirrm'-AI'ugv s Top row: Russell Hall, E. W. Guenther, Douglas Hubbard. Second row: Dr. P. F. Eckholf, P. J. McDonough, William Otten. Board of Education RUSSELL P. HALL, President E. W. GUENTHER 1937-1940 1933-1936-1939 DR. P. P. ECKHOFP P. J. MCDONOUGH 1937-1940 1933-1936-1939 DOUGLAS HUBBARD WILLIAM OTTEN 1935-1938 1932-1935-1938 HAROLD KNOOP, Clerk Appointed 1925 P g n-The Mirror l. "Our Pep!" Z., . Just part of the gang." 3. "Headed for Fulton!" 4. "Love letter? F" 5. 'llust Erma." 6U . Guess who?" 7. "Love's Young Dream." 8. 'Spring is here." ll H 9. Studious class. 10. "Hold onl' ll. "Teachers pets," 12. "Bunch of dopesf' Th e Jllirror-Pfzge eight will A WI' M11 AX XXX Wm NWN: cLAS SENIORS WILFORD AKIN Girls' Chorus 33 Softball Team. JIM ANDERSON WILMA BARBER Softball Team 4. ARLETTA BARBER Girls' Chorus 4: Softball Team 4, AVIS BELLAMY Editor of Annual 4: Junior Play 3: One-Act Play 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 3, 4: Class President 1: Class Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Girls' Trio 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Quartet l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Quartet 3. 41 Declamation 2, 3, 4: Vice-President of Student Body 3: Oration 4: Black and Gold Staff 2, 4. DAN BURK Softball 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: Boys' Chorus l. VIRGINIA BURK Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4. JOHN CAINE Debate 4: Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Trombone Solo 4. BERNIECE CLINE Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3. PAUI. CLINE Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Softball 4: Track 4: Boys' Quartet 4. Th P .IIi1'1'm'fI'nyc' ten SENIORS CRISTEEN COLLINS Softball 4: Pep Squad 4. PAUL COOPER Boys' Chorus l, 2. ALTIPIA DANIELS Softball 4. H. M. DANIELS Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY JO DEVY Pep Squad 4: Carnival Queen 4. NORA MAUDE DUNNAWAY Girls' Chorus l: Black and Gold Staff 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1. ANN EARP Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Declamation l, 2, 3, 4: One-Act Play 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Oration 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, Black and Gold Typist 3. 4. OWEN LEE GABRIEL Boxing 3, 4. ROBERT GARBER Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. FLORENCE GODDARD Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Trio l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Quartet l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Quartet 3, 4. Page l'IP'l,'l'7l'-T110 Mirror SENIORS CLARICE GERBER Girls' Chorus 3. DORIS GERHART Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Softball 43 Junior Play. MARY LOU C-ERI-IART Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. CLIFFORD GREENWAY Track 4. MARILYN HALL Declamation 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Quartet 23 Clarinet Quartet 3, 43 Vocal Alto Solo 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 33 Black and Gold Staff 3, 4: Student Council Secre- tary 2, Class Vice-President 3: Pep Squad 2, 3, 43 Assistant Literary Editor of Annual 4. MARY HARRIS Softball 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, RAYMOND HAWKS Boys' Chorus lg Softball 4. EULA MAE HITE Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3: Black and Gold Typist 3, 4g Pep Squad 3, 4. CLAUDE HUARD Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 43 Junior Play: Black and Gold Staff 2, 3. ALBERT HENDRICKSON Junior Play, The ,1l'irz'or-Page twelve SENIORS ERMA DELL HUNTER Girls' Chorus l, 2: Pep Squad 3, 4, NORMAN HUITITMAN RUTH KAUFFMAN Oration 2, 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4, Literary Editor of Annual 4: Blczclv and Gold Reporter 4: Class Secretary 3, Student Council 2: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4. JEAN KAYS Girls' Chorus l. 2, 3, 4: Hlark and Gold Editor 41 Associate Editor 3: Mixed Chorus 3. 4, DEAN KAYS HILMA LEE LAMPTON Girls' Chorus l, 2. 3, 43 Black and Gold Rc- porter 3: Mixed Chorus l. 3. ROY LEATHERMAN, JR. Boys' Chorus 3: Junior Play 33 Mixed Chorus 3. ALMA LEHMAN Girls' Chorus 4. PETER LEHMAN Boys' Chorus l, 2, 3, 41 Mixed Chorus 2. 3, Track 4. ' BUDDY LOVE Junior Play 3: Track 3, 4: Basketball 3. 4: Tennis 3. 4: Glue Clubs 2, 4: Sergeant-ai-Arms 3, 4. Pay0thirtvP1177'I1P .llirror SENIORS KATHERINE MCDANIEL Oration 4. CHARLES MESSERLI Track 4. LINDA LOU MORRIS Girls' Chorus l. 2, 3. 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary I. NORMA JEAN NICHOLS Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Band 3. 4: Orchestra Z. 3, 4: One-Act Play 2, 3, 4: Junior Play 3: Pep Squad 2. 3, 4: Class Vice-President 4: Snapshot Co-Editor of Annual 4: Black and Gold Staff 3, 4. IZILEEN NOBLES Girls' Chorus l. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4. DEAN OPEER Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: Track 4. STANLEY OSBORN Boys' Chorus 4. ALDEN RILEY Basketball 4: Art Editor of Annual: Track 4. BOB ROBINSON Debate 4: Basketball l, 4: Student Body President 4: Class President 2, 3, 4: Sports Editor of Annual 4: Junior Play 3, ANNA LEE RUMANS Girls' Chorus l, 2, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus l, 2, 4: Declamation 2: One-Act Play 2: Typing Contest 3. T11 e Mir1'r11'+I'zLge fourteen SENIORS VERA RUMANS Orchestra 4: Band 3. 4: Girls' Chorus l, l. 3, 4: Mixcd Chorus l, 2, 3. GLENN SCHAITITTIQR Softball 4: Boys' Chorus lc Basketball Z, 3. LO'li'I'llj SClllVll"I"I'lfR Girls' Chorus l: Junior Play 3. JOHN SHOIZMAKER Band Z. 3, 4: Boys' Chorus l: Baslwlhall 4: Track 4: Advertising llclitor of Annual 4: Vice- ljresidcnt of Student Body 4. SHIRLEY SHOIIMAKIZR Girls' Chorus l, 2: Orchcstra 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 4: Student Council President 3: Snapshot Co-liditor of Annual 4: Junior Play 3: Pep Squad 2, 3, 4. RUTH SPURLOCK One-Act Play 2. 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l. Z, 3: Softball 4. I.ll-I.lAN STISVENSON NEVA SUMNER Psp Squafl 3, 4: Girls' Chorus l. 4. EARI. VOGT Softball 3. 4. EVELYN SUE VOGT Oration 2: Girls' Chorus 1. 2. 3. 4: Iiluth and Gold Typist 3, 43 Pep Squad 3, 4. ljflffi' iffwnf7'I:t' .llfrror I X GLENN CARSON SENIORS KATHRYN VOGT Ll2'I'HA WENGER MILBURN Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus l, 2 Junior Play 3, Pep Squad 2, 3, 4: Cheer Leader 4, .31 DORTHA MARY XVlLCOX Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Black and Gold Typist 3, 4. HOLLICE WIl.COX Track 2, 4, Captain. KATHRYN WILCOX Girls' Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Softball 4: Mixed Chorus 1. VERA WOOD Girls' Chorus 4. BILLY WOODIN VJILLIAMS nd 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Boys' Chorus l. 2. 'Mi ed Chorus l. Z, 3. 4: Boys' Quartet 3. 4: 3, 4, ix Mixed Quartet 3, 4: Bass Solo 3, 4: Bassoon Solo 4. KNO Picture Availablej GREGORY MCGINNIS KNO Picture Availablej Basketball 2, 3: Track 3: Softball 4. Tl: 1' ,1Ia'rrorgPr1y0 si.1'l1'z'11 CLASS HISTORY It was on the first Monday of September in l929 that our class had its real beginning. Now in l94l we find there are only nine members of our original class graduating at V. H. S. They are Ann Earp, Norma Jean Nichols, Avis Bellamy, Vera Rumans, Lottie Schmitter, Lillian Stevenson, Gregory McGinnis, Albert Hendrickson, Billy Woodin Williams. Through eight years of elementary training we struggled until at last we reached a long-sought goal-Versailles High School. We started as insignincant freshmen, but looking over our natural fault of greenness, we organized into a class of which there were ninety. With Mrs. Marriott as our sponsor we managed to elude the scorn of upperclassmen. and with the coming of the next year we ascended to the rank of sophomores, In this eventful year we selected Norma Jean Nichols as the outstanding sophomore to attend the Sophomore Pilgrimage at Jefferson City, We were well represented in music and dramatics. and a sophomore basket- ball team won lirst-place trophy at Clarksburg. But even with a year so full as this one we kept looking forward to bigger and better things, which we finally did accomplish in our junior year. Perhaps the greatest thing was the purchase of the curtain for the stage in the gymnasium. To pay for this we sponsored many school dances and a stand at the basketball tournament. The Junior play, "New Fires," was a success. with profits totaling S55 to go toward the banquet for the seniors of '39 and '40. Since Hawaii is such an alluring place we chose this type of setting, and the Hawaiian waitresses were the sophomore girls masquerading in grass skirts and leis, Again this year we were well represented in the music departmentg also the athletic department and dramatics. But for the greater part our minds still turned to a farther goalfthe senior class. It was on September 2, 1940, that school opened and we officially received our title of mighty seniors. In this year we perhaps did the biggest things in all our school life. With the Senior carnival we made 3210, enough to finish paying for the curtain. And then we decided to put out an annual, the staff was elected and work progressed. Again this year our class was well represented in extra-curricular activities: music, athletics and dramatics. The Senior play, "Headed for Eden," was presented May l. On May l6 the juniors served us a banquet, and at last the great day came. Our commencement was held on May 22 and our high school life is ended. With memories and regrets we say goodbye to V. H. S. Page xewwilewra--1'lz e Mirror CLASS WILL Ah, it seems we've reached the end of the road, And a pleasant journey it's been: They say, A'You can't take it with you," So we bequeath this to our friends. Wilford Akin: My ability to win my man and keep himeto Maxine Newkirk. Jim Anderson: My ability to skip study halls without being caught-to Quen- tin Lehman. ' Arletta Barber: My ability to tell jokeseto Ruthellyn Otten. Wilma Barber: My ability to control my temper-to Billy Wilkes. Avis Bellamy: My Hbaby talk"-to Barbara Comer, as if she needed it. Dan Burk: What remains of my French-to George Petty. Virginia Burk: Hereby refuse to will Jack to anyone. l'll keep him myself. John Caine: My ability to do the right thing at the wrong time Cand vice versaj -to I. A. Wenger. Glen Carson: My curly hair+to Mr. McDonald. Bernice Cline: My ability to giggle-to Evelyn Aeschbacher. Paul Cline: My formula for wavy hair-to the highest bidder. Cristeen Collins: My dancing ability-to Bill Moss. Don't let it get stale. Paul Cooper: My job as brakeman on Jesse's buseto Leroy Lampton. Altifia Daniels: My ability to get excited over very little-to June Lefever. H. M. Daniels: My track shoes, size ll-to little brother, Grayden, when he grows to them. Jody Devy-My waistline-to Meda Ruth. Nora Maude Dunnaway: My freckles1to Marian Lammert Cthen you can complainl, Ann Earp: My ability to catch my manAto Mary Frances Lujin Cl didn't say keep himj. Owen Lee Gabriel: My boxing ability-to George Hale Hubbard. Robert Garber: My wavy hair-to Vencil Foxworthy. Clarice Gerber: My dimples-to Miss Knoop Cthey might come in handyb. Doris Gerhart: My quiet disposition-to Mary Durham. Florence Goddard: MV place in the orchestra-to Dorothy Jean Kidwell. Clifford Greenway: My spats-to Mr. West to wear on rainy days. Marilyn Hall: My ability to tune my own instrumentsfto Mary Bolinger. Mary Harris: My ability to giggle at anythingfto Miss Williams . Raymond Hawks: My latest book, A'We Modern Romeos"?to the future sen- ior boys. Albert Hendrickson: My Gildersleeve laugh-to Phillip Muennig. Eula Mae Hite: My ability to chatter-to Charlotte Smoyer. Claude Huard: My ability to make high basketball scores-to Andy Calton. ErmaDell Hunter: My weakness for certain blond boy-to Betty Sue Heinemann. Norman Huffman: My typing ability-to anyone taking typing next year. Ruth Kauffman: My pug nose-to anyone who wants it. But please accom- pany application with a handsome plastic surgeon. Jean Kays: My mysterious correspondence from Camp Robinson-to no one. Dean Kays: My ability to have a hilarious time in study hall-to John Smith. Hilma Lee Lampton: My excess knowledge-to the school, to be put in the library for future reference. Roy Leatherman, Jr.: My hunt and peck system in typingfto any who can't learn the right way next year. Alma Lehman: My ability to visit in the library while studying-to Betty Rumans. Ili e Jlirror- -Page fighlferz CLASS WILL Peter Lehman: My ability to sing without opening my mouth-to Billy Hunter. Buddy Love: My assembly entrance and exit speech--to someone with a good memory. Katherine McDaniel: My appeal for spicy stories to Mr. Eloyd. Gregory McGinnis: My curly hairfto some girl who wants curly hair and has to pay for it. Charles Messerli: My extreme height-to Billy Caine. Linda Lou Morris: My seat in the bus-to someone who can hold it down. Norma Jean Nichols: My ability to make four E's-to Donan James. Eileen Nobles: My knowledge of Tiptonwto anyone who will stay off my territory. Stanley Osborn: My bashfulness-to Willa Meyer. Dean Opfer: My entire set of books-to Mr. Earnest, with which to start next year's nrst fire in the furnace. Alden Riley: My ability to write love lettersffto Coach Frantz. Bob Robinson: My physique-to Langston Henderson, to be used in basket- ball next year. Anna Lee Rumans: My diet secret to Betty Nell Stanley. Vera Rumans: My position on the Grapevine Telegraph systemfto Kathryn Ball. Glenn Schafter: Some of my heightvto Wendell Dunn. Lottie Schmitter: My ability to keep long fingernails in typing class-to Annie Laurie Campbell. John Shoemaker: My ability to love 'em and leave 'em-to my little brother Eddie. Shirley Shoemaker: My motto in getting a boy friend-to Betty Lea fwhere there's a will, there's a wayj. Lillian Stevenson: My Hance4to no one fyetfl. Neva Sumner: My high ambitions-to Viola Lehman. Earl Vogt: My slow drawl-to Nadyne Morris. Evelyn Sue Vogt: My writing abilityfto Mr. McDonald, who hasn't gotten out of the printing stage. Kathryn Vogt: My ability to fix my own hair+to Sara May Williams. Letha Wenger Milburn: My ability to get a husband-to Miss Williams. Dortha Mary Wilcox: My wavy hair-to Ella Ruth Lake. Hollice Wilcox: My ability to get my woman-to Phillip Muennig. Kathryn Wilcox: My artistic ability+to Jean Smith. Vera Wood: A few of my excess pounds-to Faye Dunn. Billy Williams: My manly height and dignity CFU-to Jimmy Hagens. Youse guys who read this lovely lore, Must know that weeks of mental toil Vsfere borne, in order to insure That no bequest would make you boil. Attested: COf course. it's just jestedil by power in us vested: RUTH KAUFFMAN. MARILYN HALL. I'nyw 1lfI1P,l'l'?I"Tllf' Mirror 1 "Struttin" 2 "Strike up the band" 3 "Step high" 4 "Don't Worry, these books won't be used" 5 "Senior play cast" 6 K'Oui-The French Club" 7 i'SmiIe now" 8 "Tsk-Tsk-Imagine that!" 9 "Just pals-Once in a while" 10 "Who'd a thunk it?" ll "Our janitor" I2 "Budding youth" 'I 13 "Ain't love grand?" 14 i'UndercIassmen" 15 "First flower of spring" 16 "No men?" The Jlirrnrw-Page Iwenly C .A me V isv A.,:. A :11,,, at it 'Qi mr ,. 'WML AV :VQ i f e. . .--,... .,,, ,.-, .Q r, ,V 5 ::, i s ...ff if Q e :E .5 - AIQ, Q' ' wr :ii A' .- 4 . -- :.,, me :2'1 ,:., -' f ' i:E it Q ,,,A1 -' at A J "1'M "" tk 1 S . f , ' ,..: 1 -.,":- - r q.,. - i J ""' V, Y 46 l l we Qflfiif aw A ' E ff: fggqq-Mal' 5: if . we Vqu. WII: E W 54:5 -',,- a f A 5 H ---A JUNIORS Row l: Ruth Hall. President: Charlotte Smoyer, Vice-President: Beth Harrison. Secretary: Kathryn Birdsong. Treasurer: Gene Guenther, Student Representative. Row 2: Mary Bolinger. l.ulu Clifton, Helen Ifrisbie, Pauline Garber, Langston Henderson Row 31 Bill Hess. Donon James. Dorothy Jean Kidwell. Tommy Keys, Walter Kistner. Row 4: John Kowalewski, Mary Frances l.ukjin. XVilla Nleyer. Phillip Muennig, Dorothea Shore, Row 5: Gerald XVheat, Billy NVilkes, Miss Vwlilliams. Betty l.ea Willsevn, Geareld Wocwd. Page I ntvnly-11:1 a'-- Th e Illirru 1' SOPHOMORES Row 1: Gregory Ross. John Hays, Robert Smoyer, Douglas Loganbill, Billy Hunter. Dennis Garber. Row Z: Vera Maude Gerhart. Mary Lee Hawks. Mary Lou Vylilliams. Juanita Lehman, Peggy Jean Morrow, Mary Durham. Row 3: Mayme Osborn, Margarete White, Faye Kennedy, Elizabeth Williams, Twila Jean Paxson, Viola Lehman. Louise Gerber. Row 4: Wendell Dunn, Orval Williams, Bill Moss, Norman Wenger. , ,. Row 1: Glenn Bybee, Billy Chapman, Frisbie Adler, Jack Ferguson, Walton Marriott, Mr. lfloycl. Row 2: Dorothy Mae Hilty, Bonnie Cooper, Mary Lee Thixton, Doris Garber, Nadyne Morris, Betty Sue Heinemann, Marian Lammert. Row 3: June Lefever, Pauline Ayres, Helen Cox, Mildred Broyles, Mary Frances Aeschbacher, Evelyn Aeschbacher, Betty Rumans. Row 4: Ted Akins, Roy Veneil Williams. Dencil Smith. George Petty. Jimmy Hagens. The .llir1'in'f4l'nfmIwrfnfy-lu-ii SOPHOMORES Row l: Quentin l.ehman. Grayden Daniels. I. A. XVenger. John Smith. Daniel Gabriel. Elroy Lampton. J. L. Dunnaway. Row 2: Robert Cooper. Andrew Calton, Betty Jean Porter. Hazel Lees. Kathryn Ball, Vencil Foxworthy, John Cline, Row 3: Paulene Spurlock, Marjorie Wiecken, Ella Ruth Lake. Eva lrae Lees, Doris Nelson, Jean Smith. Pansy Doyel. FRESHMEN Row l: Robert Petty: George Gregory Gunn, Joe Smoyer. Darrel Goodman. J. C. Garri- son. Jimmy Don Hunter. Johnny Vyladdel. Frank Kowalewski, O. L. Dick. James Cox. Row 2: Marjorie Hall. Maxine Newkirk. lna Mae Garber. Luclean Cooper, Miss McDonald, Meda Ruth Muenning. Anna Laura Campbell. Betty Nell Stanley. Barbara Comer. Ruthellyn Otten. Row 3: Bertha Mae Guenther. Loetta NVilliarn. Gwendolyn Gee, Grace Breen. Gladys Marie Dennis, Helen l.eona Bass, Marie Finley. Marjorie Aeschbacher. Gustava McGinnis. Page ftv-1-nljl-ilr1'Pef7'Iu' Jlirror Eighth Grade Row l: L. Leatherman, J. Snorgrass, R. Kidwell, N. Kavanaugh. L. Kraxberger. li. Shoe- mvker. G. H. Hubbard. Row 2: P. Dcvy, V. M. Archer, L. N. Hess, A. R. Hicks. E. Hodges N. J. Boesehen, D. Smoyer. Row 3: Miss Knoop. lf. Dunn, B. Letchworth, A. M. Kowalewski A. Stringer. S. M. Williams, M. M. White, G, Osborn. Row 4: C. B. Harris. A. J. Lefever B. Caine. B. Cable, D. Crowson. Seventh Grade Row l: B. Hicks, W. L. Jones, B. G. Francis, J. Kennedy, B. Williams, R. Purinton, R. Shore. J. Robinson. G Marriott. Arnold. Row 2: li. Connor. H. Allee, M. Kidwell, H. Branson, N. Kiser. Nl. li. Morris. P. N. Silvey. Row 3: Nlrs. Vwlills, L. Nelson. D. R. Doyel, N. Brown, L. Stanley, R. Meunnig. T. Gee, L. Cawcll, P. L. Moore. Row 4: D. Earnest, A. Garrison, D. Oswald, B. Archer, C. Rains, S. M. Guenther, L. Morris. Th ff .llir ro z'fPf1gP I wwzzfy-,fo ur TI-ILETIC Row 1: Coach Frantz, Bill Hess. Row 2: Cieareld Vvlood. John Kowalewski. Alden Riley. Bud 1.oxe H M Daniels Capt Bob Robinson. Varsity Basketball Nov. 17 Versailles 27 Stuver 17 28, 29, 30-VERSAILLES TOURNAMENT 33 Latham 37 23 Tipton 18 35 Barnett 32 21 Fortuna 20 , 7-TIPTON TOURNAMENT 24 Centertown 25 26 Jamestown 15 23 Clarksburg 33 19 Osage 35 Osage 35 Tuscumbia 21 Tipton 15 Windsor 33 Tuscumbia 25 Calhoun 25 , 18-CALIFORNIA T Peters 30 33 Syracuse 32 22 Clarksburg 19 33 1,atham 36 NOV. Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles DEC. 6 Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Dec. 12 Versailles Dec. 17 Versailles Dec. 19 Versailles Dec. 31 Versailles Jan. lVersailles Jan. 10 Versailles JAN. 15, 16, 17 Versailles 37 St. Versailles Versailles Versailles Jan. 21 Jan. 23 Jan, 28 Versailles 32 California 22 Versailles 23 Syracuse 25 Versailles 23 Tipton 16 Jan Feb Feb lieb lfeb lieb lieb lieb OURNAMENT Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Ciptam Bob Robinson Row l: O, I.. Dick, Johnny Waddell, Dan Burk, Andrew Calton Coach I'r1ntl Darrel Goodman, Bill Hess. Crayden Daniels. Row Z: John Shoemaker. Billy Chapman. Bill Moss. George Piltx J C Cnrrison Joe Smoyer. Veneil lioxworthy. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dee. Jan. Jan, Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb, Feb. Versailles "B" Team l 9 Versailles ..,,, .... l 2 Versailles 17 Versailles .. , 10 Versailles 10 Versailles Zl Versailles Z8 Versailles 30 Versailles 3 Versailles 7 Versailles 0 Versailles I4 Versailles 21 Versailles 1'uyw fll'I'7If1f-Pf'l'VIl- 'Tllf'.l1iI'I'O1 Stover .,,.... Osage. ..... . 'liuscumbia Tipton, . , Calhoun . California. Tipton Calhoun . Eldon ,. Osage Stover California . Eldon , 0 .lIi1'ru1'fPr1y1r' lM'I'Il,jj'l'1'jfII!f Tennis Row l: Ann lQarp. Ruth Hall, Beth Harrison. lsflli' Sue Htintminn Miiiorie Hill Norma Jean Nichols. Row 2: XValler Kistner. Bud Love. Coach liranly. l.ang,slon Henderson Alden Rilcx Billi XVillses. Oct. l Versailles , .... , l llldon . Oct. -l Versailles Second at 'l'ri-County Oct. l0 Versailles . .... . 'S California Oct. I6 Versailles 3 California Oct. lb Versailles , .. Z lildon . Softball Row l: Bill Hess, Bill Chapman. Coach Frantz. Bill Moss Ciraiden Daniels Row 2: Glenn Schaffler. H. Nl. Daniels. Claude Huard Din Burk lirl Vogt Ceircld Vklood. Bob Robinson. Versailles, ll llldon .. ,, Versailles 20 Californii Versailles 8 liltlon . Versailles -l' Stover . Versailles 3 lfldon . , Versailles l Stover.. Versailles 3 lilrlon . Versailles 0 California -+---Q---ii Track, l940 Row l: Coach 'XVest. Bud l.ove. Henri' Ford Dunnaway. Capt, H. M. Daniels. l,esler Cox. Gregory McGinnis. Pete Kidwcll. Gerald Yarncll. Richard Meyer. Claud Huard. Daniel Gabriel. Bill Hess lAthletic Managerl. Dual Meet-Versailles 58 lfldon .. , 65 Tri-County-Versailles ,. 61 lildon . 60 Kidwell was outstanding in the dashes and broad jump. Yarnell ran well in the quarter and halffmile. lVlcGinnis showed up well in the weight class. In the distance runs Cox and Dunnaway displayed good form, Iwyfw llf'A't1f1l-7lfIl1'- The ,Hlrror Boxing -Wrestling Row l: Roy V. Vkfilliams, Bill Hess. George Petty. Crayden Daniels. Bob Smoyer. Coach Frantz Alden Riley. Joe Smoyer. Vklalton Marriot. Chas. Mcsserli. Row Z: I. A. Vslengcr. Jim Anderson. Donan James. Dan Burk. Langston Henderson. Billy Vvlilkes, Row 3: Paul Silyey. James Cox. Junior High Basketball Row l: lfrankie Kowalewski. Bill Hess. Joe Smoyer, Coach Frantz, Jimmy Don Hunter, Eddie Shoemaker. Row 2: Robert Petty. Jack Robinson. Captain John Waddell. J. C. Garrison, O. I.. Dick, Blake Cable, T11 4' lIil'l'ul'7l'ngfr' Illirllff Q Q9 f 4 I ml 4 ff 4 ZZIA 3 Aff! EATURES SHIRLEY SHOEMAKER Annual Queen The Mirror-Page lhirt,1f-f11 P BOB ROBINSON Most Popular Boy 11116 fhirlyl-fl:rw--TI14' Jlfr rn r 4,- The Mirror-Page thiriy-four Orchestra Row l: Vera Rumans, Natalie Kayanaugh. Dolores Smoyer. Ruthellyn Otten. John Caine, Billy Williams. Gene Guenther, Lloyd Kraxberger. Walter Kistner, Bertha Mae Guenther, Sam Mac Guenther, Phillip Muennig, Betty Lee Wilson. Row Z1 Charlotte Smoyer. Norma Jean Nichols. Avis Bellamy. Shirley Shoemaker. Ruth Hall. Meda Ruth Muennig, Betty Sue Heinemann, Helen Frishie. Roy Vencil XVilliams. Marjorie Hall. lflorence Goddard, Billy Caine, Buddy Heinemann, Row 3: Betty Rumans, Anna Lee Rumans, Dorothy Jean Kidwell, Marilyn Hall, Gwen- dolyn Gee, Loetta Vylilliams. Sara Mae Williams, Helen Bass, Mary Bolinger. Beth Harrison. Norma June Boeschen. Mary Lou XVilliams. Band Row l: l. A. VVenger. Erma Hodges. Florence Goddard. Vera Maude Gerhart. Betty Jean Porter. Mary Lou Vvlilliams. Dolores Smoyer, Vera Rumans, Beth Harrison, Charlotte Smoyer, Meda Ruth Muennig. Phillip Muennig, Billy Hunter. Row 2: Betty Sue Heinemann, John Caine, Maxine Newkirk, Mary Frances I-Xeschhacher, June Lefever. Mary Bolinger. Ann liarp. John Shoemaker. Billy Williams. Langston Henderson. Sherman YVilliams, Marilyn Hall. Gene Guenther. Betty Lea Vw'illson. Row 'sz Lloyd Kraxherger. XValter Kistner. Virginia Mae Archer. Loetta Vvlilliams. Alite Stringer, Bertha Mae Guenther, Martha Mae XVhite, Norma Jean Nichols, Marjorie Hall, Dorothy Jean Kidwell. Row 4: Ruthellyn Otten-Drum Major. Sam Mac Guenther. George Petty. J, C Garrison. lfdward Shoemaker. Billy Caine. Bohhy Archer. Milton Arnold, Donald Earnest. Alfred Garrison. Calvin Rains. Buddy Heinemann. Barbara Comer and Natalie Kavanaughg Twirlers. Brass Quartet Natalie Kavanaugh. Betty Sue Heinemann, Lloyd Kraxberger. Walter Kistner. Woodwind Quartet Loetta Williams. Marilyn Hall, Ruthellyn Otten, Mary Bolinger. I'uy1e f1rfI'ff!'fil'l'fT't1' Jfirrm' 4' lIf1'1'm'fI'flg1f' Ilf iffy-x Girls' Glee Club Row l: Peggy Jean Morrow, Kathryn Birdsong. Kathryn Wilcox, Mary Frances Aesch- bacher, Marilyn Hall,'Vera Maude Gerhart, Mary Lou Gerhart, Helen Leona Bass. Grace Breen, Eva Fae Lees. Norma Jean Nichols. Ruth Kauffman, Marie Finley, Juanita Lehman, Betty Jean Porter. Marian Lammert, Vera Rumans, Jean Kays, Neva Sumner, Doris Gerhart, Viola Lehman. Row 2: Betty Lea Willson, Charlotte Smoyer, Avis Bellamy, Linda Lou Morris, Vera Wood, Anna Lee Rumans, Meda Ruth Muennig. Dorothy Mae Hilty, Gwendolyn Gee, Gustava McGinnis, Loetta Williams, Bertha Mae Guenther, Hilma Lee Lampton, Eileen Nobles, Barbara Comer, Paulene Spurlock, Marjorie Wiecken, Gladys Dennis. Mary Frances Lujin, Helen Frisbie. Row 3: Betty Rumans, Elizabeth Williams, Kathryn Ball, Beth Harrison, Alma Lehman. Faye Kennedy, Hazel Lees, Evelyn Sue Vogt, Bonnie Cooper, Ruthellyn Otten, Ludean Cooper, Anna Laurie Campbell, Dortha Mary Wilcox, Twila Jean Paxson, Mary Bolinger, Ruth Hall, Florence Goddard, Betty Sue Heinemann, Marjorie Hall. Mixed Chorus Row 1: Charlotte Smoyer. Avis Bellamy, Linda Lou Morris. Eileen Nobles, Billy Hunter, I, A. Wenger, Buddy Love, Paulene Spurlock, Betty Sue Heinemann. Row 2: Betty Rumans. Ruth Kauffman, Betty Lea Willson, Marilyn Hall, Phillip Muennig, Billy Woodin Williams, Langston Henderson, Mary Frances Lujin, Jean Kays, Gladys Dennis. Row 3: Norma Jean Nichols, Anna Lee Rumans, Ruthellyn Otten, Mary Frances Aesch- bacher, Paul Cline, Dencil Smith, Lloyd Kraxberger. Mary Bolinger, Ruth Hall, Florence Goddard, Marjorie Hall. f Boys' Glee Club Row l: Dencil Smith. Gerald Wood, John Cline. Billy Woodin Williams. Langston Henderson. Billy Hunter. Row 2: Frankie Kowalewski, J. C. Garrison Ross, Gregg Berkstresser, Stanley Osborn, Robert Garber. Gerald Wheat. Row 3: Phillip Muennig. Paul Cline, Loyd Kraxberger, Walter Kistner, Buddy Love, I. A. Wenger, Peter Lehman, Page thirty-,veiven-The Mirror Black and Gold Staff Row l: P. Muennig. E. M, Hite. D, Garber. P, Spurlock, N. M. Dunnaway, R, Otten N. Kavanaugh. R. Hall, C. Ciuenther. Row 2: M. Hall. R. Kauffman. ll. S. Vogr, A. Earp M, P, Lujin. D. M. Wilcox. N. J. Nichols. A. Bellamy. Mr. liloyd, sponsor, Row 3: A. I. Rumans. D. J, Kidwell, B, S. Heinemann. B. l.. Vvlillson. J, Kays, Editor: N. Morris. B. Cooper T, Gee. Pep Squad Row l: M. P. Lujin, B. L. Willson, l.. l-. Morris, R. Kauffman, lf. M, Hile, S. Vogt N. Sumner, E. D. Hunter, M. Bolinger, B. S. Heinemann, N. J. Nichols, N. Morris, M. L Williams, D. Garber, M. Hall. Row 2: W. Barber, A. Barber, C. Collins, C. Smoyer, P. Spur- lock, S. Shoemaker, A. Bellamy, R. Hall, V. Rumans. B. Meyers, M, J. Devy, B. Harrison B. Rumans, D. J. Kidwell, A. L. Rumans. Row 3: Cheer Leaders: l.. Wenger and G. Daniels. Thr' .l,l'l'I'lH' l,1IjlI' ll:ff'Iy-wiylrf Senior Carnival Queens ? ink Seated: Jody Deyy. Senior Queen. Standing: Marian Lammert, sophomore attendant. Maxine Newkirk. freshman attendant Beth Harrison. junior attendant. ,-4.?g... ...Yi Senior Play, l94l-"Headed for Eden" Mrs. Oral Skipworth . ,, Imogene ,. ,, Hank, . ,.... ,. Dorothy Brill , Peggy Vklalters , Rosina Blandish. Gladys Hermann . Nancy l.ane ,,.., Kate Roberts , Barry Richards. ., Minnie Peters Henry Banks, Marcella Turner ,. Bob Roberts ..,, Sergeant Kelly , .. . Ken Howard. "l,impy "...... . l'n11e 'Ii irfy- nirief-7'1n' .llirrnr Ruth Kauflinan Anna Rumans Albert Hendrickson . , Ann lfarp Norma Jean Nichols . .. Ruth Spurloelx ,Lorrie Schmitter .. .. Jody Devy .. Avis Bellamy . , .John Shoemaker Shirley Shoemaker Bob Robinson ,..,Vera Rumans . John Caine .. . Stanley Osborn ..,,,.,Claude Huard Roy Leatherman. Jr. RU'l'HFI.I.YN OTTIQN, Drum Major Betty Lea Willson, Marilyn Hall, Norma Jean Nichols, Avis Bellamy, Ruth Spurlock, Betty Sue Heinemann, Ann Earp. Tri-County One-Act Play, l94l ' "Don't Tell a Soul" Gloria ,... .....,,..,.., A nn Earp Viola ,,.........,.. ....., N orma Jean Nichols Maris ,...,.. ....,.....,. M arilyn Hall Sheila .,.4.,..., ..,, . .,,,..... R uth Spurlock Binnie .,..,,. ..,.,, B etty Lea Willson Dorothy, ,. ., Betty Sue Heinemann Hazel ,,........., Avis Bellamy ' Il ll Junior Play, l94l- Bashful Mr. Bobbs Katherine Henderson .,.....,. Charlotte Smoyer Mr. Robt. V, Bobbs ,,.. Phillip Muennig, Jr. Frederick Henderson ,...,.....,... Donon James Jean Graham ......,...,..... Mary Frances Lujin Mrs. Wiggins ...,.............,,...... Mary Bolinger Marston Bobbs .,.,..,,.......,,....... Gerald Wheat Obadiah Stump ,,......,.... Langston Henderson Gelesta Vanderpool .. .,,.. .,.. B eth Harrison Frances Whitaker ........,...... Betty L, Willson Julie ...,,...,..,. ...,,..... , . ,Helen Frisbie Rosalie Otis ....,..,.. ....4..,.,,..,,,, R uth Hall ' ll ' ll Junior Play, l940- New Fires Lucinda Andrews ..............,...,.. Marilyn Hall Olive .,.,..,....4,.....,.......,.. Norma Jean Nichols Suzanne Toler ..,...,,........,.,,... Doris Gerhart Eve .....,.....,......., . ...,... Bob Robinson Sid Sperry, ,,....,. ..... R oy Leatherman, Jr. Dick .......,,...,....,... ......... L etha Wenger Jerry .................... ..... A lhert Hendrickson Dr. Lynn Gray .....,.. .,.........,, C laude Huard Stephen Santry ,....,, , ..... Billy W. Williams Mary Marshall .,... ..,,.. S hirley Shoemaker Billy ..................,. ............. B uddy Love Mrs. Marshall ,...... ,..... L ottie Schmitter Phyllis ..,....,....... .,,....., A vis Bellamy Angie Sperry ...,. ...... M ildred Peoples Anne ..... ........, A nn Earp The Illirrorff-Page fnriy 1, "Soldier girls" 2. "Horseshoe champions" 3. "Champion in tennis" 4. "Winners in ping pong" 5. 'iOur marble players" 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 . "XVhatY More marbles? . "Feminine ping pongersn , i'Tbree's EI trio" . "Out for debate" 62nd in tri-countyb "Tops in softball" Two good voices" "Vv'inners in girls' softball "Ready, track men?" "Another good voice" Prrgfv fm'l41f-mw- Thr' .llfrrnr SCHOOL CALENDAR SEPTEMBER-School opens with 270 enrolled. Band marches at American Legion Convention at Sedalia. Bentley Trio entertains with a song and dance. lowa Silent Reading Test taken. Morgan County Pair two-day vacation. Class officers selected. OC'1'OBERfStudent body officers elected fan awfully close raceil. Long faces indicate first grade cards. Pep squad initiation progresses as usual, as terrible for the initiates as it is amusing to the spectators. Senior Carnival is a grand success. Looks like the stage curtain is ours. NOVEMBER-Teachers' meeting gives a breathing spell. Band plays at P. T. A. Strange faces appear at Invitational Basketball Tournament as well as familiar ones. Seventh grade gives assembly-ends with turkey Conly a paper onej. Thanksgiving holidays Cwe favored Roosevelt'sj. Declamation and oration work begun. DECEMBER-Band gives Hjingle bell" drill at basketball game. Declamation and oration preliminaries heldfMarilyn Hall and Ruth Kauffman go to Tri- County. Christmas assembly given by juniors and band: "Merry Christmas" rings through the air. JANUARY-Resolutions made by dozens Cand brokenj. Rev. Waggoner gives instruction talk in assembly. Debate work is begun under Mr. Floyd. FEBRUARY-Dr. Knox holds vocational conference for seniors. Mr. Charles A. Lee gives talk in assembly on same day. Tri-County Debate Contest held at Stover-thanks to the team, Versailles won second place. Air Show assembly much enjoyed. New Cilee Club robes arrive, One-act Play cast selected. MARCH-Tri-County One-act Play Contest at California yields a second rating. Business and Professional Women's Club gives reception for senior girlsiMrs. Houschild found charming. Seniors go to Guidance Conference at Eldon. Osage Music Meet leaves old V. H. S. with another trophy. The Shad Mystiners hold assembly in suspense. Juniors give dance, APRIL4Tri-County Music Meet held here. Music assembly held later. Sen- iors give play cut and then "Headed for Eden" is staged at last. School sends winners of District meet to State. Tri-County Music Meet sees Versailles well represented. MAYfDrchestra assembly much enjoyed. Clever Junior-Senior Banquet given. Alumni Banquet sees the girls looking beautiful in "long skirts" and the boys appearing particularly handsome. Drills in marching. Finally Baccalaureate servicesfthen award assembly-the end draws near-few classes and what fun. Commencement sees seniors holding their diplomas. The ,11f?'l'f1I'--Plljfl' furfy-two 34 jar Q i? IX n,lL f T1 E EJ J M' f5Jiy53 I I7 W I 0 IX mutctsnn sreuocnnnsn 'E'-EGRAPNER BANKER Rggdsiisa MANAGER sggizigiliv D f 4 , - The Sclxool that places Students H770 CHILLICOTIIE BUSINESS COLLEGE 2 cH1LL1coTms, Mo. 7 3' ti!! f"i 2 H fi i r l d g i' Jff fs T - ii - i f" 1 '-e'-- fb ' " - R' bln 'fe " 4 THESE EIGHT BUILDINGS COMPRISEQTHE LARGEST BUSINESS COLLEGE PLANT IN AMERICA . Raymond Hawks Csitting on a park bench with Mary Loud : 'iDar- ling, there's something l've been if ir if Wanting to ask you for a long time." Mary l-ou Gerhart: "Yes, yes. What is it dear?" a bit? I'm sitting on a nail." Bob Robinson: i'Are yor anaemia?" John Caine: "No, I am Irish." Raymond: "Could you move over I STUDY BUSINESS And Increase Your Earning Capacity ATTEND Springfield Drciughon Business University Springfield, Missouri Missouri Utilities FRIENDLY SERVICE No dollar you spend buys more than your electrical dollar. Page fur! 1 II wr' -,-- TIM' llfirror

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