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Q N c:.:::.v,1:"::4:"1: 1: , L V 5 M. .. .. HI.. l"fffQfI1 ' lf? Q, , X "-r A , ,, - Q Qfwifbr 5462! 4, yy lg QV gi ,EY M ff, M R' 1..Q4,mi W G fbQi' , if at Q, Lev Vggu Nxyf f 'ff' 5 U' x ,Q in X I f 'ft . fs? KF Q 'S' Q 5-1 Q gf e' QQ? , , . f gf , as ' W V" Y f ' Y 1? ' 5 TF LSU 1: xx' k f km 1 - Y i QE' P' awe n ar ' , 4 L W vp A ' ' W V " ,uf . H. -wx +1 5 1. --www . -,fm ,M,.W, A, , . ' s x a. 5 I , 1' - -ff .' ' m 5 X I A . , , an .7 tn, , J 34.31 . .g,fl.:3f,.r Y , g . Q , i If X . , ,L5,,i . .i1,,.e.:,, +A 4 ,- ki ,X N v x - . ,f.A',I.C?LT: . 4 X L: ' a . f ., L iw 1 ik' 'I 5' 'N' wo9,,.r12..- fqa " " + f - V - Jia-F - ,S f 'I ,rw .' .- . , -1: ' 1 ' - : . - 1, n.. - qw- 11 - 2- 1 V . 'LQ 2 up '5 -" 1 ' 5, ,11 ... ,Q A 1 , N- qv -4..,.y . L- .Y ,l.,. '.:i2.114.f,-1 1-1 U ., 1 . 4 5 A--' 1' ua, . M 5'fj,5:, ff L. 'X 1- .A f-1 --f,f1f'!' " , ' ffm fvlfg 554' ' 'wh' IQ-5 ' ' V' 1' lE53i7:'s" . fig? V ' fag! 'i"' I E'.,:f. 1? - , Q i : gifs 2 f 'i 'r vs Rom H I G H W .Q . 5 S C H E 1 Q E M I X li 'gh gf? E i A 2, s Q 3 AR? E Q as U 4- gg ff is he ,,N A A, Q: , ?: . ,,v -an 'gp ' 4-an-shaun A 1-im i fV,f 'CMYK Q , M . n f J fi f.,,...,...,,,, ,.4 ,, N, Q ..,, . rag, H" K ., K' f P L E H1 , ' if Xe... .U ,, is Q, ,Q 2 , . , ,L.' BJ Q- 4 3. 8 a 1 -rf yah. is sf- . H an I fn -R 1 , nf 1 .ma 4 3 ww,-.g,, ,.., 3 W .9 LGU? Wlg LOIOQJ fo C0171 Off ine, - 1? Su Y x i I ' 2 3 fl 41 1 4 ! E X, I ww-A 5 5 Q E 3 3 Qs e mf .9219 Jfedllirf 011.01494 Al' 0112 v J H7101 .9112 gOt AU? eI'l0UgA KN' thfee ' E ale gOt Wig new ouf fo MQZQA lorecioua gi f, lil g0llI'la And Ing 0bUl'l l'l'lU'l 501016 ay, :f0l'l'lelfUay. peace A? '15 lx Q - 5,3 Wea Qi e f ft T, :, h-Lf-'z 'vlii' ,y . Q mn m I Q Zigi! pfazef fiafszwz Legg gufivg 3 3 wAere we are gonna! ' neeo! fo dee, iw ,J e ee N .W g l, e C9322 , ye dkecx feam foo many or me. W On fke luinci :ioaring ree, Aloreaal your winga, - 5 .9 Leginhfng fo dee. I 5 . Ouf ip! Lam view, Leyoncl fge reach fLe come frue. , W 12 xx . , , Ll, x . , ' W, :Y Q il x, 1' ' n a WWF i L , L. L 5 , ,L L, ,, ZA, .f A AE. . , , , r . W f L L, 1 maw,,f M , fy Lgffzv L,-wwf, V q . -+ V gym, , 7 4 Y L L- wg, , ' . . L w ,1 , 2 , :M H2 J, 5 W ,E . -j VIL nz, VLH I , 4 x Q X " f Lgiwgf WX , 8, 8 s K f L - 2 .v W N L 4 ff, j M V L1 I ww I W, V ' X F L, L V, , ' . . ' .' mv" W L I f' , ' 3 7.2,Wwem:fzuz:Hnhifsiif2i25l?i?51iiiE If ,L 'gg mfirg If , Q A ,3 5,-,L M., ,gm WQL, h H ,MLLLLLM "" QW MQL L ,WL N ' L J Wm.g M L14 if . ' if w2f?l'ff7LL M SWT? nf 45 YM' 'V 7 W ,L .,,.. V w,L, f x 'L 5, , ,53,g2g,i3gzggyl: , HM ,Mg f ,V-WMV' ' M " , 'f 2' L ' "5lz3i5! 155 7' if 'Qiii' f H f 'F 1, L' L . W1 'Mx WW' ,JLKM W Q . , - M-,Aj 'Wy I ,- 5-5.1 N PTLQ M' KV 1 f M f E L Lk97?3'f?'52'f'gA""'Q",, ,L V L- , ' f' if ' ' .M fm, 3235, ' 5' 'Wfwff Q- V, f V ' fw , A . ' ,, ' x -L - I ,,,, A ,, ,M L v ww, v V,,, ,L ,533 J , L ,L A L?4,,xj LL L L 1 L ' k is L XL . LL L - , , - 1 s V 2 5 W RY' K - J gs 1 xg-G . f , x . x ,fvxgka L LLLL .f up 3 V ' R-.L Q . . 9 ' i f I k L, ' K 3 34,8 K I ' LLKL' --,r- X 3' ff 21404, L f ,W , 3 If IIN !!! Xml!!! W mf 1 ik, f-, 'WK in - ' 'W' M..a.., if -5 ' if iw. 1 Yfxiz .apex We 5 ,Q ? 5' 1 e.g7,:.A-5 Y Ou . rv as Ii 'mar' ixr 'Q " ,EVXEFV QU,-ii' 9 gl 21 .gwfw - qt Mm 5 "f ,,,, wir? '12 M-, 'few ,, 5?3Ff'1Le3 J , ff! 3 at .- 'F . I B Mx X 1 4, S mm if U Q 'ff an A MW fm af a w, I ,I 5 V , ., I in fi 'D :Q 2 ,1A. K Mx ' Z ,,. Lf .WV Q. V' if ll 2 Q . , 5 in W 13 a 'hm Wm., V ,' m Q? Q ,w g 1. 5 F 5 3 ia, 2 k ? QE . A ,M I ,wind ,Q-ff,v mAff ' L L:,, , ' A 4 , "' f 2 Y 2 A J 5 "" 1"f V' ff9f3 fi f 4 41 ,q ' '. ,f ff f ' Q is wt ,. , z in ...... NINE A A , .. .gf 1 K 1 ff , s- -9 f sv - x R . 1 z W, if mmm Wfwfw.- . , w mecbca fion JQHMA OZLL4 A A part of Verona High School for less time than its graduating Seniors, Ken Luks has dedicated much of his time and effort to the Class of 1977. As ener- getic in the classroom teaching English as after school directing'extra-curricular activities, he has shown his concern for the student body of Verona High School. The Senior Class of 1977 takes great pride in dedi- cating this yearbookito a terrific person who has done so much. - MR. KENNETH LUKS . Ei f i . - . g 1 - 1 1 r ' f W' A S . tcm W I s-- N- .L fr., , 5-5 . J .sq -'jg -W W " zz -i fvci-'Pt '?1i'5t2r-t1zr,f5i 'iii-esiflasifi ' 1 1-if - , L, V A 5,..,,2,,,i.g:fr,:gSQ,g1:ff-Q. PHP? -'51 ' - - uf. i -1 .- -s if1'::1"1rs: - - .. , g :- rmfffff ,1 5 f 4 1 fl .-Q-'.-iff:-ext? ,ts . r 1 - K ' z 515 'R r T ,mmm ,t,3,g, gk ,, .1 ,Q S wg ' I Qi g ' ' 6 t -I -. A ki its . .W 1 .J rm I N x W J J, Tw QM? WM M, WM wfU 7 Q ,I l 3, z ,7 + f gm ' U I ,. ,,, Xv' I , ,I g M ,w.,,.,g I W5 ct I im' ,pi I IIC N Q 'J I' lu ' 'xx Lf Q MR. WILLIAM ATKINSON 1 i I I Principal I MR. LE RUE STELLFOX Assistant Principal DR. MALCOLM RAINEY Superintendent of Schools I I I To the Graduating Class of 1977: The 1976-77 academic year has been a par- ticularly unique experience for me personally, largely because so many of you have demon- strated considerable effort to enrich the quality of life at Verona High School. The growth of an institution depends upon human growth. You can be proud of your individual and collective attempts to make our school a better place than when you found it. As you prepare to enter the world of work or to continue your education, remember that enthusiasm, courage, diligence and the ability to learn from your mistakes will be indispensable ingredients to your success. It is important to realize that if you cannot clo great things, do small things in a great way. I am pleased to extend my congratulations to the Class of 1977. Sincerely, WILLIAM B. ATKINSON J Principal -I Q I' L., I! f Arg' -MLW I, If K WV :He hy in , ,f 772314, j W, I My 5 f 4, My 'I N jf: fyqfi' if .I N I ' U If 51" , , I 'I ,fl 1 If , , ,Lf X I f . I crrrr .. I ' I aft- ,Q l ' ,I ilillii l. Q fi K I Ia 'rife 't-, I , -,,.:',. , ,I . 6.5.4 - ff' may -, reef, g,,f,:as,.yggff. -v 1,3 . f. V is. I il 'aEq:,,"f 6-V' ,,, :V T i'- l 4. - . ,. f 1 e"-i. I I csis, 1 ' srr s f 1 isr A 'I V v i , ' "' s.ff I 555' "-I--- ', s -4 'J rrr. '.1".' . 2 1'..4!iQ'f f-L. If V1 , J. - I f - '5 - .:m,s :.. . , ' fri I If ,. I, 'fr' si f I 'llf '-W - I , " ij' :' -- 5 -If H -fffiJJ"sif. sf'.- If f iiiieii 9:7522 - ...ICC A. . ff-Q ,.,, I Q.: , , ,- ',r' IIIZ I . I r'-i ""..I.-UL, wg., ,,. ..f.f. I .,.,, .,,,. .II MR. ANTHONY IUSO General Secondary Supervisor ,. MR. RICHARD KLEISSLER Director of Guidance I .. ,. r in ffl. I' , 9 2 , I 2 A, I i'rI . ' iw be QJl,Jf'-7-713.-1sP"1f"E,,L.v 4 I . I fffuffifnffvwsfl ,: 2 fl, W' Q,-, .,, l KA, ,,, Imfflf' A I , .1 ,, , 14 , g fl, V 1 'fig' fiwgew ,fllfiflgf - , . , ,M if I ,, I .,',, yr s fl! It 'K 5 I if 547, s.QJ..J f Q ,,f'fMQ. A Lf AA I", I 1 I L, ff' I 5' J , ,f If? fy ,' 2 I if U? f"Q?f4cfI.Qfk' ,j ' J STUDENT SERVICES MISS KATHLEEN QUINN FRIEND Guidance Counselor Guidance Counselor MR. ROBERT NEFF Guidance Counselor MIRS. GERRY KAMINSKY MRS. MARION LAWRENCE School Nurse Library Secretary MRS. MARGARET McSPIR'ITT School Librarian W J gf cv! ' " ji ' 056 iv. , I I, :Q 1' ' 4. i SL I 1,2 L.. MRS. LORETTA HODGENS A I I MR. RICHARD MEYER Special Education Special Education DR. FLORENCE RADER Youth Consultant BUSINESS MR. ANTHONY SCELBA Typing If Briefhand MISS GRACE FLANNERY MRS. .IEANNE BYRNE Sfeno If Typing Ili Business Machines Typing I, Ili Sfeno Ili Business Mini H' ' ' ,. MR. ROBERT ROMA ' - - - - Bookkee in I Il-Business Mini . A -"' A ,gf H: an H G QQ.: I 1 ' . , ' .4 , 'fm .F V. f , ., 1 ' . S 5 " i I I I V - y I J . I K , H Vk,,:.,..kQ,:. ,gg..:f.-Ltr , I , I I . I -an .,. -Wi. - ' , i A" 1i?2"fY4f. J , 5 K - Ll , ., v . .J rw 1 4 ,- I .V , I 'I I 1 I I 1 . ,Q fw fr '- " I -' W I MR. JOSEPH PIRRELLO MR JACK MORAN Disfribufive Education I, Ilp Business Law Coop. Indusirial Ed. If Susiness Mafhg Consumer Economics 1 4. f ln' K l V K l if ' ff" rl 1, M , ,UW il? l . MV' l A 1 A fe m 7.,, JU lv' ,W A nffwykd gb' . i li.'0"k!V l H I S T G R Y CDL fx' L An I M !l,v,N' Iii' l MRS. ROSALIND KRUPP Adv. Pl. U. S. History Ili Minorities World Cultures MR. DON ELLICOTI' MR. JOEL THRONE U.S. History If Code ly Current History World Historyp Foreign Policy MRS. TERRI FRYER Adv. Pl. U. S. History lp Modern History MR. PERRY ROCCASECCA Economicsf Ecology Rfk, MR. THOMAS KERRIGAN MRS. MARIE O'GRADY MR. RONALD WOLFE U. S. History lp World Geographyy Current History U, 5, Hisfory 1, American Polifical Sociologyf World Geography Behavior ENGLISH MR. KEN LUKS I English ll, lllp Code If Media MR. JAMES WALSH English lllp Speech MRS SHEILA NADLER English ll Codel Mythology Media E W jig, , 2? gg 1? ,I af 'II If-I1 ' llllgll EE,lEgl I MISS MARIA VALVANO MRS. LINDA AURAY English ll, Code lp Essenfials of English, Reading Lab English I, Ill, Code I 1 Y ,,, MRS. PATRICIA KOENIG English ll, Code I, Adv. Pl. IV MR. ERNEST BAKER English 1, Ill W- fv-wwf .. ,vs A MRS. CLAIRE BLAUVELT English llp Satire MISS JACQUELINE SCHLENGER English u, in MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES English If Essentials of English INDUSTRIAL- FINE ARTS MRS. EUNICE BURGESS General Arf MR. MICHAEL CONRAD MR. HARRY OWENS Ensemble, Instrumental Musicf Band General Arh Adv. Arf I, Ilp Graphics 1, , I - J 3 R. DAVID DEITZ MR. ANTHONY SCHMAUS I j,q4Ausic Theory I, llg Choirg Infrqlxcluerlon to Music lnsfrumenfal Music XI r LI T X- I' - - . XIX Q-XX 9,2 X! 31 ss W XX R' 0'fi5V55MPWff?1amR 1 0 if I iMf.f?yRJ'nl2,f'f?fif'R Swv . 1, Q Q Y vi 7 ' ' Is, k 1 ' , 'iz Q 2 s ,K 1 ' ' , . 4 E' F , K Hr S Q A . 3 I 'R , . , ,V . K 11 V i f K YT X ,' A ' L' . A 'K R 5 i ii RDRRALAYSI beoin A R' MR. RICHARD DiMARCO Wood and Mefalsy Adv. Graphics Wood and Mefalsp Graphics MR. THOMAS NEDROW Archiieciural Drawing and Designy Machine Drawingg Drawing Technique MRS. BERTHA LIPMAN MRS. JAN NUECHTERLEIN Fashions for Youf Meal Managemenh Sewing Techniquesf Cooking and Sewing Technique Home Economy Shop LANGUAGES MISS PATRICIA LEONE Spanish I, III, IV MRS. MARTA SABATES Spanish I, III, IV MRS. DELIA POILIFRONI French I, III, English II MRS. SYBIL REICHEK Latin I, II, English I, Mythology MR. JOHN BURGUILLOS Spanish II, III, Ifalian I, II MISS LOUISE FRICKE French I, II, III, IV MATH . ,Q fr: . .5 f 2' 1 asf. -wqih , .gkii . iv y ? 22 5, . . . 133' ' ' ' sill 3 1 . . . 4 . . I .4g5?f"1'l be 7477 - V A 1 Q 1 i ff Q A 1 I A 5 T I 2 A A . . 4 4 4 , . . 4 f MRS. PAT MAISENBACHER MR. BORIS WELLER Algebra lp Plane Geomefryg Compufer Math Mafh lV, V7 Plane Geometry Spf Compufer Math Q. f" ' , E 1 f 'XX 1. MR. TIMOTHY O'SULLlVAN MRS. BARBARA GUSTAVSON Algebra I-B, llp Computer Math Algebra I-Ap Plane Geomefry b CF cb U' 7 Q 2? Q? 5- Q0 QI oZ 255 -.I SE 7C Qm 35 'U S. 0 H 3 Q 'll :- 3: Q fb U' 3 TE PS0 :CD 'C 971.0 Pb IZ Q :E 'Dm Qu 0 3 m 4 -2 PHYSICAL EDUCATION I MRS. MIRA ROBERTS Girls' Physical Education MR. DOUGLAS GAFFNEY Director of Athletics MR. ALBERT ROTELLA Boys' Physical Education MR. MORRIS SUTTER Boys' Physical Education MR. GEORGE STIEFBOLD MRS. PATRICIA SCHOENIG Boys' Physical Education Girls' Physical Education SCIENCE MRS. ALLEINE GRAEF Biologyp General Biology MRS. DOROTHY LOZAUSKAS MR. EDWARD NEMETH MR. GARY MURPHY General Science, Chemistry Biologyf Adv. Pl. Biology Chemistryp Chemistry Technique MR. JOSEPH SABADY Physicsp Electronicsp General Science MRS. SANDRA ARTHURS General Sciencef Math I MR. DONALD VEITCH Chemistryf Adv. Pl. Chemistry ,ff A U Y ! W Ny S 24 SCHOOL SERVICES 5, , ,MRs. GRACE LAFORD MRS. W 1, af E, Mfrs ,Q gy if Mfi .A 5' MISS MARY HAMER School Treasurer Office Secrefary - Q, Riff" W In M1554 4 Hifi . W ,: MRS. KAY WITTROCK Office Secretary R MRS. LIBBY M Guidance Secretary Ii A ff. fr 1, f 0 .EATT1 iff ,M A 6 H , E A 5 41 K, L, iiiii R , 'W 1: 11f5si".slf5 Q i 04 K A A Rg- L A ' rr' "ii'ER'E. I. , E cccr E - R S , S , S iffijnj Q -11 A R.ER 4 i i c c rlE ccicE i , 1 .M . U , 1 A 5. .- .1. CAFETERIA STAFF CUSTODIANS J' Q v S ,ii f EV 441' iii ,W Nh V 5 FV rg UNL ,LHS f . i l , f Yiwu fllSiP'3 , f f 1.- A -I ,3f,g,,w,g af ff 6 L4- x ,, 'fl waiiv? J af! V L x K.-ul' ,an Who says the Juniors don'f care? 7-ifvlxfl 5 .I if- ' 'fly 'fb 5 3 zf r 1"F!4v Oh Henry!!!! Represeniaiive to ihe Board: Henry Cheup Secretory: Donna Kaxlanderp President: Bennett Hechi. t l l CHAIRPERSONS Vice President: Gregg Weinglassp Treasurer: Nancy Mascara. ' ' assr i 1 V ls f A ,,g,, rA"g 'E See my new hickey.?? Mr. President .... The Student Council, with the co- operation of the student body has reached many of the obiectives that it set out to accomplish during this school year, 'I976-77. The Student Council obtained a smoking lounge to help alleviate the smoking problem in the bath- rooms. ln previous years, this pro- posal had been considered a dead issue, however this year's council convinced the Board to allow a smoking area on a trial basis. Other accomplishments of the Student Council included an out-to- lunch program for seniors, during the fourth marking period, and providing the funds for a debating team for next year. The council held two successful movie features, "Tom- my" and "White Line Fever". Also, the council organized and presented an assembly, The Gong Show, with both teachers and students demon- strating their talents. ln addition, this year's council sponsored a rock concert, Smyle, with the help of a filmmaking club. Greater student involvement was one of the primary goals of this year's student council. This goal was achieved through the creation of a school radio station, WVHS, staffed totally by students and through numerous school dances. Student co-operation and involve- ment was the key to a successful year for the VHS student council. X elf ff 4:1 147' T if :ky N f y-f' 1 se i M Q 1 i 1 K Ei -2 x ..., ,gi 112 Secretary: Maureen Kennyp President: Beisy Fehrsp Vice President: Melanie Simon: Treas- urer: Penny Finnegan. 'wg Q .... . z.a.,,.,m- . u L k A 23.2 .-Gsm E? -fb.-1,41 . , ff . . ,, ram y an ' 5 ,if ff-,jr " YEA Q i ' , , . ,R T mr s-A ,gawk-H +92 I img Q ,J--'wf will Q-F ...- fieagkif , x 14 MARCHING BAND t "' fipflw ' QU 'H ran' '1 ix.-256' ,gg ,fvitf il it wi f .fi ' L . Aff if 3 if. , ., G Mm, f UE ' t lf... y, ,, ,fc 5 -t ,' . lf! jd' fl , 5 .xl KQLQ, P K , N711 X p, fi 6 E i t ' i-xxs -sf? , ,IM .Af V N F- nw wif A 1 Lf V fi -by W v- ,fffff ei fi Viv' 'Zigi vgf Q I' if V' W lxrlf L I V! HJ-,v K ye!! Va 'sr !ri"v' i 5 'js lf A , ,7 1 ,li f Q, I ,,M,.,f Y 9 . fl. W' 'J Nl , ' J The V.H.S. Band, proud of being the only group that performs and competes in the fall, winter, and spring, continued its tradi- tion of hard work and success during the '76-'77 year. The Band members could often be found on the football field, or in the auditorium, or in the music room, or selling hoagies, or . . . well, iust about anywhere. Energetically led by Mr. Owens, the highlight of the year was the three-day trip to Toronto, Canada, in which the Marching, Concert, Jazz, Color Guard, and Twirler groups all participated. Drum Moior-Henry Cheu, Muiorelfe-Ann Reismunn. Verona High School Music Department FAMILY MEMBERSHIP This Membership entitles Family of TNQ. in family, to attend the Concerts listed below. WINTER CONCERT Saturday, February I2, I977 IAZZ NIGHT Friday, April 29, I977 SPRING CONCERT Friday, May 27, I977 ALL CONCERTS Wll..L BE IN THE VERONA HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM AT 8:00 P.M. 1976-77 ' DONATION 85.00 5 , BN SZVU Class Officers-Sue France, Sharon Riffee, Sue Schnitzer, Christine McGurren Band President-Laura Scott, Vice President-Wendy Wilde. CONCERT BAND S W 4 H ,MNA Q., efw-M .W , E....M,..,W Q6 13 fi-NN I Z f J' X f f W f' ""' ' LMQ Ljvkki Q1, 'x'xXL v HSS- mul , ,Q , I Ll K f H' 1. f D X X x11W'Ml Q 'Vx fm nf g HQY-sfx yi' ' R., X ' , , , VH gk . N Ka-,NAV xy ff , .V x E V? 5 J s i AVANTE-GARDE l rl 17 lf, H 1' in ' LW 'li f ' N Treasurer: Joyce Brady, President: Judy Anderson, Secretary: Janet Finkelstein. Missing-Vice President: Julie Shelter. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Verona Chapter of the National Honor So- ciety was involved in many activities during the 1976- 77 school year. Honor Society members served as hosts for various school and community functions, in- cluding Go-to-School Night and the dedication of the new gymnasium. The highlight of the year's ac- tivities came in December, with the induction of twenty-tvvo seniors into the Honor Society and the annual Wassail Party for all VHS alumni. The mem- bers of the Honor Society became adept at raising funds through numerous bake sales and car washes. In June, the money raised was awarded, in the form of scholarships, to two members of the Senior class at the annual Senior Awards Assembly. 46- Q ia fs ss, iiti v A ff 4 5 HONOR SOCIETY Best Delegation, Security Council - Best Delegates, General Assembly- WINNERS AT HARVARD CONFERENCE, THE AWARD-WINNING DELEGATION: Lynda Clarizio Brenda Cunningham Norm Kutcher Harry Lehmann Ann Mancini Peter McGrath Kathy McGurren Jim McSpiritt Pam Petro Marcy Reiter Jim Turvey Cindy Weinstein "Through concentrated interaction within the structure of the United Nations system, students acting as delegates can acquire an otherwise unattainable perspective on inter- national relations." 1 N I LIBRARY AIDES A, ,q , Mx 1 4X 'M 9411? ,Ni '- My NURSES' AIDES QW M Nc ,Q It sf , ,A W N L xx? N 'Q -,. ISSJ w, V 0 W, J, . ,V,f, ivgi' iii? " iff, F T ,I ,n ,1,, 'E ' ' , i A 4 .' ji T 7' 'J H T ., LV ,, ' I 3 ' 7- F 1 VERONA H GH SCHOOL A JACK HIPKINS ....... GREGG THOMAS JON TURVEY ...... B it Q, TOM LYNCH ........ WAYNE FLYNN BILLY HIPKINS ........ MARK WALDSTEIN . SUE SCHNITZER ..... MARY ALISON ALBR MARK D'ARIENZO CAROL SCHUTT ...... CHRIS BEGGS ......... JERRIENNE BARRETT ANN MANCINI HTGH SCHOOL MIDXTURIIIM 'Ft' idahy, iviamciw 11" S6ff,u.1'dQ,y,Mamch 12 time: 8200 pu. acimiss5i0n':'33.00 SCAPINO CAST OF CHARACTERS Scapino Sylvestro Geronte Argante Leandro Ottavio Carlo Q Zerblnetta IGHT ....... ........... G iacinta Head Walter Waitress Singing Waiter Nurse MARY DORCHAK ,,,,.,,,,,..,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-, , ELLEN KAZALSKI, Assistant Directors w 1 1 w 1 r i k SHADOWS E l x -'off '4'KfN K! 'ggi' .E f A ., , 1 .- -3-A F ,f xv X15 . - . 2 71- vs, 1 . I A Business Advisor: Miss Flannery. Faculty Advisor: Mr. Luks, Business Editor: Janet Finkelstein. Editors-in-Chief: Fred Santoro and Donna Spinweber. Sports Editor: Judy Anderson. Underclossmen Editors: Mary Stanicsi. Cummings. Q' i .l -wt, ., , - ' is-'f V -1 we A, si . or row" W,,VQ:'?fxAfg,lF,i, 'M .Q Faculty Editors: Cindy Weinstein and Linda Clarizio. Mining! 59llY Senior Editors: Andy Foster and Geoff Post. ix S f ff N Photography Edifors-Jim Cheoile and Bill Sfunis .,1 M fr l" A I-i f , "1 i' , ' Aw p- -ft ' - - f : 'f. . 2 on . ,f 'K--,' ,mv Typing Editors: Joyc Brady and Doris Buff. Wm Av I7 Q. 4,4 'u 44.1,-,,,. '...gAi Art Editors-Pam Pietro. Not pic- tured Sue Baker. Activities Editors: Resa Corcoran and Mary Reilly. FRENCH CLUB CLASSICAL CLUB The French Club at Verona High School consists of those students who are interested in learning more about the French culture and lan- guage. Along with their advisor, Mrs. Delia Polifroni, these students have already made one interesting and entertaining excursion this year, and have several more notable events planned. On Tuesday, Nov. 30, members of the French Club and additional French students not in the Club, went to the Bellevue Theater in Upper Montclair to view the film "Small Change." The film, a Fran- cois Truffaut, is a charming story of the trials and tribulations of children living in a small French community. This afforded an excel- lent opportunity for the students to hear spoken French, and English subtitles were provided in addition. The trip was both informative and entertaining, and everyone seemed to have a good time. The French Club has several ambitious projects in the planning stages. The club members hope, in Aprill, to take a trip to the Metro- politan Opera House to see the opera "Carmen". A trip to the French Embassy has also been plan- ned. The students want to set up a meeting with French diplomats at the Embassy so as to be more in- formed on how the French are deal- ing with us politically and culturally. Then there is the annual Christmas party, where the club will taste tra- ditional French holiday foods. flwefff f M ,, W 'S - W iww A 1 , U., , 1 nazi., ,W 2 . ,A ' ?iQ'Z:aM, ., Q ' .,,. NF .A ,, M... ,.,,, ,....... ff , ..v.-Q-an ..WMW,,,V ,Mix L. ...MM H., MPV MM X my V QLLFA., Y 0 CO-OPERATIVE OFFICE EDUCATION . I , am-f""' CO-OPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION COE, CIE, DE Work? at Verona High? Yes, but not only in school. Three work experience programs which may be found at the high school include Cooperative Office Education, Cooperative Industrial Education, and Dis- tributive Education. Over five percent of the student body is enrolled in these programs. Cooperative Education here at Verona High is intended to bridge the gap for the second- ary school student between graduation and the beginning of a useful career in the bus- iness world. Under COE, type- writing, bookkeeping, and ste- nography skills are taught while the students are enrolled in school on a full-time basis. According to Jeanne Byrne, co- ordinator of COE, the program is also "an exploratory venture whereby students may be ex- posed to a number of employ- ment situations as they may better choose the occupations for which they are best suited." The Cooperative Industrial Education program aims to ed- ucate the student-trainee in the working world while attending school on a part-time basis. Students participating in this program not only receive val- uable working experience but also receive credits necessary to qualify them for a high school diploma. One of the goals set by the CIE program, according to John Moran, CIE coordinator, "is that the student will acquire those skills necessary to equip him for a full-time employment op- portunity." Joseph Pirrello is the coor- dinator for the Distributive Ed- ucation program. According to Mr. Pirrello, "DE combines the academic discipline of market- ing with a practical, develop- mental part-time iob experi- ence." He also stated, "most of our employers indicate a strong desire to employ DE students primarily because they have found them to be cooperative employees who can be easily trained." 4 Obviously school isn't the three R's anymore but in ad- dition such programs as Co- operative Office, Cooperative Industrial, and Distributive Ed- ucation help students to be- come more than just a student but also a responsible, mature, and competent member of the working community. 4: ,,., -3 I "'--V .,,, C DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION 5, - - -- --- H- ---- - - -W? . I I AI , ,A Li! ' ' fy: , l'2,'i1VI .- L, , Agfw 5 if ' I MJV4 Ll . I ' X45 YQ! J" ' I A f ,IfIALJDIO VISUAL SQUAD "IW 4115411 wif' I f ,, If f"f7I,,-MI-'C-fffw Y L ,I I I I I W . I W.: gf ,A I if 4 ,. II vx ' ' 'I lj LIGHTING SQUAD 56 . J 1 1 ,gm x gh., , 5 -ui" rn fob. 19 ' gm ,, A yr 'dl 406- fiw 3' Q E X ,ff 4,5 ' Q3 .. , .uw-M , x 5 3 , 5 1 ,W QS ' ' , 5 i 4 1, he xg 'MEM ,if , ai ,a HL T. W4 ,nz JM, ,,,.,.nJ-www l 0 ll Ed ' ,WI - 11" . -nw -.. -. TN x 5: eu. HALLOWEEN -.,. MY, Ykwkf 4 2 'iw 152.535 xwlf 5 I- 'fs A ,f ii A fs:- , lf ' '- ,, .55 1 1 .W , W WW, ,,H,H---., .5 , r Y 1 1, Q a '- R, , . A N , . I f 1 T 4 595-'ff ww :-A -41 ' ggi: A , 4 v . 1 n ,X fs 4 k Q- I, y i ,..-, , . . Q Q t? l . ,If . ,.1:,. 4 . li V 5 my x JA 3.17 f ' .,,,,L..ll....,,k,A:,5L....,,,,,,...A.. ,i....,,g,..4.,Lg..,,.,...,.-h " .A ,s . A 1 4 A .f ff L x c an 2 f P 63 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Morris Knolls Roselle Park Millburn Summit West Orange Dayton Regional Madison New Providence Caldwell .-.-.-22-fir 0-20 14-10 24-14 0-42 21-12 14-12 3-13 7-52 0-19 12.2 .... ..., .- ,. - -- N z 1- 0 r 1- ' B. CAUFIELD s. DANIEL! B- CROCKETT x. , '-. P. FESTA P. HENKE T. O'DONNELL l M. SALGADO M. MELIA J. MERCURO l B. FRAZEE D. BOUTMY M. OLLO Q J. VIZZONE S. HACHETT J. BURRO ,R W x 2 -.L - --- ' ff sp.. . se 's . ., - --vm ' ,,.,.. . X . Y . ,I 'YW arises l ' 4 STATE SOCCER CHAMPIONS! When you're Number 1, you know it, and this year's soccer team showed that they knew it all. Led by Coach George Stiefbold and Co- Captains Mark Brown and Charlie McSpiri1t, the booters captured the Conference, County, and State Championships, while amassing a 21-1 record, posting fifteen shutouts and gain- ing a Number 'I state ranking from the New Jersey Soccer Coaches Association. Even though the Varsity boasted several outstand- ing players, team work was the secret to bringing Coach Stiefbold his sixth State Cham- pionship and 251st win in twenty-one years as Varsity coach at Verona. Madison Dayton Regional Summit Millburn West Essex New Providence West Orange Caldwell Madison Dayton Regional Summit Millburn 222222222-22 SOCCER 9-0 New Providence 2-0 West Orange ' 1.2 Caldwell 2-0 County Tournament 3-0 Vailsburg 5-0 Seton Hall 2-0 Bloomfield 7-0 State Tournament 5-0 Vailsburg 4-0 Berkeley Heights 2-'l Glen Rock 2-'I Lawrence 222 222 E222 L ASHLEY K. KLOSS D. PEDA Co-Captain Capfain M. CORDASCO R- GIBILISCO CHEERLEADERS QP ,V 'BREW' W Q 'i P' Qs: E EEEE EE 1. 2 A ' - dw , I ' . bg 'ix - f' K 'A' 1 AV SW vw? - CROSS COUNTRY F Gs? Q' " J. PERCEVAULT M, SZKRYBALO D. STEELE J. YOUNG O 1 :IS BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY West Orange Caldwell Millburn Madison New Providence Mountain Glen Ridge Montclair Bloomfield Passaic Invitational Summit Dayton Chatham Summit Cedar Grove Caldwell Millburn West Orange New Providence Madison Dayton Suburban Conference Essex County North Jersey GP II 1 71h 8th 46-1 9 37-26 45- 1 5 45- 1 8 45- 1 7 50-1 5 47-1 9 42-16 Place 47-15 50-15 38-19 45-18 36-21 46-17 47-16 37-18 39-17 50-15 50-15 Place " Q. ' g.. 4x K? 1 .XA ' , ,T 'E -B N vii: .J Z' M . KY' A- W fl., x f if-1 4,4 s SRX N if 2 BASKETBALL TRB DIV, 'RUN Ya -7 4 1 'H' , , 1' fl H I A 1, , , V . 55 K ,k.V , :Vk ' V, , V. f ,.. ::--v xx, if I , uv. v ,,,, give.,-sms 1 A 2 a 1 if 2 Q4 i 11 1755 i F t G- QF' UM' me 2 ' is 4, ,ff -.A Q dia 25 .f V 'm P-,W ' ik ,1 2 V X J. HNKELSTEIN J. ANDERSON M- KENNY Capfain v.0,,,,g,5 I w ' ' sAsKETsALL scoResoARo OPP Mountain 35 West Morris , , 52 , Paul VI ,,,,, , ,, ,,,,,, W 46 , Passaic Valley , ,,YY.... 31 Millburn COTJ ,,,,.., . 46 , ,,,, Summit , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,. 2 'I , New Providence ....,,,, 38 Caldwell 45 Madison 30 West Orange ..,.. ,,,,,,.. 3 4 , ,,,. Dayton ,,,,,,, , ..,.,,, . 48 Millburn 48 Summit , 48 . New Providence , ,,,,, V.,,.,V. 3 9 ,, Caldwell ., ., .. 47 Madison , ,, 57 ., West Orange , .,eVA.., 46 Dayton 61 Montclair 47 ,. , Nutley ,,,,,, . ....,,, , 48 Clifford Scott ,, ,... .... , 47 Berkeley Heights . ...,,,,, 48 , , Kenilworth ,,.A,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 7 Pequannock COT, ,,,, ,,,..Y.. 5 5 , Union Catholic ,,,,,, W 32 QQRUN4 Y-QUM4 S4 Q 15 Khan , Vrana li " 'fwrE2!f, TEAM W-.1 'QQ 5-I ke' GIRLS' STATE CHAMPIONS Ax 1 fo r S vi ,, ,, x..,..f uzsmf' SWIM TEAM 1. -nr r 4 iw paw fy? Qi? x 545 7 , ,U 49 - mi' 'KET M ha, , 1 Wd, 3 H , . " ii' 753 ' l""'J . -'Www ff.. ' ...Q ff? IK a Q ' 'W ' " . -:Q V 'A' 5 V H G A W., ,,.w,,or.f-was ' jbwg!-Wu . , - ,f,mw,,,, ,MQ 'M .,... 1 - 'ww A Aff .,,, ,, ' f,z?L'H,:L.', ' , W:,L,,,4A ww-V-b..,4, ,,,W, , H, min I 1 MW sfgigjy WM W 'fu if , mm "-w ,A M, 'MST W Q J .744 5 ' "' H-K ' g ,M 1 ,,,,. .1 " "",fasw:1, " ' ' ' " nm -' N vii, 1 : I " 1 K Y V ' - . . fm f I A - ' g ' ' 'f,':L1,w!vf' ,f 1 ff .1,mf,Rf' N f' 'ff' BASEBALL ui M. BROWN -sv L L vs -La. , , S. Y I ' raw. ., '-zvgnsxv 13562, H us... . it 'gtg F J. Q, . x X F . ,S " :- ,, 'N 422.5 5' - e':'5wi'f ' 1' " ' Qs-tfkiii f.-:. j,.5m-,NL .. gm ff 3 'Z L 3,35 . Mg "f -., ""' A MN" X f G J U . 'X' U -. ,I .,kV:, J Y?g.'3E,Z, B. CAULFIELD G. WEI NGLASS C. McSPIRlTI' - wnqp . WF 1 'J fha :' Q, k ' 14" Ni. ww. 1 - 'rfgrfv " .SY I .-,5 ' M. SALGADO SOFTBALL P. FINNEGAN f Nm n nf ,. yay Km ,, fi' aiu -:fQf,f,- . " . , L X -5 i' 'XX' .X ww L- . -,arm-xg, .-it .f 3 , . -'K ,: -f f 4, Q f ,, xgbx i ,L Q ,J L, ,X N 1, J , X1 oJ'3' -,- Ky, mx 1 ' 5 X. L rm, 5, f,,.. A w 'gjyf , L. DELLI SANTI iii' ,,, 'Q KX R LL , , 4 7 - L Xb LLLL L LLL Q L N Qi. , L, -,, .: v ,. ,,, Q 1- :A i A A K. L L 3 V , xx f i S - K h.L.VL V-L L L ff L 1 T4 s . QQ. N S Q . "T Q ' L L , X? 1-YQ x --X ..'-, JN ff iiEiQ?379f3A .L ' Y A A LLL1- 'f L L .WB lLL Y.: kg "QD rr: W ' K f ' "N' ' "fi'..4 QQ :gf-,g M-sv "MQ LLA. , sv L ,M - A , Q. , ..,., -f'i.-mf -'LLL Lxf' Q1 Mtv- . M jfmw P J K ,W ?,f A h .Q A - - 'Q -... 5' 'U V ..'ff.:i. L ax K -. - 11. B-. A -,,,... W vu, Q, -ag.. gy' 4 .M J- mf.. 4- .W n..,.L. - . . -7321, 'Q N1? .- ' - ' .g,., A k ' .fw 7, Fff, . gjr.-. f 'X 1 B. LcRlCClA GOLF sffi fif1:i221rzgsQzezwuz5551: ' 411 fix'-2 fa K 'f .Q , ,X-3 . 'N . Q, -, 1-g 'hu T MCHUGH H MELIA L ALFANO J YOUNG J- GROVER B. C ROC KETT :Nw .' N f2.'l'.f ,F A J PERCEVAULT S HATCHETT R. ANDERSON w! li if M nf 5. !..mW,, W- ,.. A- . -,gfwv f--Fl -f-f yy f ff-W ,v,f',,Q?-A?,5,:,?G,Q- 4 f -kg W- . , . ,zpfgls-,1 Mx U W ..,... . .,., H. 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N' 3 3 ij Q " 5' x .1 33 Lg 'A ,sw 2, A 5 ff' 1 Q 9' 5 Q " X L, f 3 R ff W fl 2.3 -'Q lf S ,,f.X'a 4 v R A 3 ex ik ff " za W9- M , , . .Xp-435-nf AM M' 4- A wgg ggw Q1,L1.l,Q4.,2 A In P kzzff-1, I ' 'V" hex 5. kkkr K "fV- Y , , ...M-.........,. ,sw . ' ' Arg.. - . .14 'S . R . my jk' I s ' I I - . N 5 . 1 3' H s Q - if " i - .f are s ea-1' - M y 'P 'L Q--. 2 -1 H 1- '. V. r N . .1 I . Q Q - ,gk - 2, '2 . s r . L A leg -A i. f-A'.::w"-fi uf: sv... . .f '1' fi ' """' --' ' ' ' ' - ' 1 N p .Win --- I .f 1-', Q- :mv v :xfejw-f' - V. wiv.-, Effis, mK" s Q -' 3 1, i- - N' 23.5 -- ' 'QTL 1 t .rf 5 if "Mft 'eff -5 - 1- fi? - .." 2- .Z :iff ff' ., A rr.. . J - ffl? L k Q ,gzdd .. , ,, A k 'Ei A V , . . y J " , . 1, Q? A iw?.,wQEm Qgvs A ,ygk f f..vs . six e 3 'V ' K ' . . 'J f 5'5" gig? . .s., slisg? R' EE ,Ez as . ' -i?.iE!?!E5 l:53l: '. . E1i.153'L l V ' :4 fi: i i - 'N 5:2515 ,- ,,,- . A . . -' 1 'f-" - . . 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Ames G. Ammirata M. Anderson B. Angelillo S. Armiios M. Arnese R. Ashley R. Ball P. Balsamo A. Barberi K. Barry J. Barth S. Basil S. Belanger T. Bendtsen A. Beraquif J. Berner J. Berry S. Blakney A. Blank E. Blank J. Blumenlhal R. Bongo G. Boscaino L. Bowman S. Boyle C. Brou K. Buckley S. Buniing E. Byrne J. Carson R. Carson J. Casha F. Ceromi J. Cheu K. Chisena S. Ciirano C. Collins K. Collins C. Conte M. Coons J. Cummins L. D'Agos1o M. D'Arienzo S. Davis M. De Cheser L. De Maifheis P. De Milia P. De Nicola T. De Old A. Di Anna D. Digaeiano E. Eisen F. Ferrer R. Fidlow P. Filiaci T. Finn ., V. Fisher l.. Foley C. Gibson C. Gnau K. Gray J. Greenfield l. Griffin S. Hallman K. Harike S. Hawkins EV T. Heaslip J. Hedus ,i , ' +L G. Hill K. Hill S. Horton M. Jacobson D. Jamieson M. Jordan X P. Kafaf D La XC a sa ouros ' ' . K f f Qkti ull 7 M. Kesler C. Kestner . T. K I L.fWwm l Wllolf u OpV.Lahi5xlrl:kli PM yu foo NGA, 1.21122 'O L L+ W , H336 142 el J.L ' bg what s. 5131. Lombardi l.. lo Russo E. Lynch doe V f L. Lynch D. Mac Evoy L. Marshall A. Mariin G. Marfino M. A. Mauro E. Mc Cormack C. Mc Gurren A. Mc Kenna D. Mc Numara P. Mc Waliers P. Mc Walters R. Meinssen P. Mills J. Moniini l. Morchian A. Morongell P. Morion R. Mofsch L. Newkirk J. Nice R. Nicholson L. Oberg 94 5 . .. .. '25 . i M 4140 ,Q 5 1 1 me ,., 1. if QF ' sd Q 4-5' wifi-fx I 1' w .iw ' .Zi if 1 Ogg. , .. M Am ' 'M 'A il' 'Qs Ns sc... so as RL ME, ..-.- ... '. 1f..f 1. Y .1 1 A. if . .V,. ,Y gm , bw .. Q' ,...-fix.. . ., asm., w., -z jfs. SX X X 1, Z .:- xv YY s . . ..,,. .,,... . - 15.19 Ei K wifi? N? , if 'll 'SM J -4 ' 3 Q ,za .Sli ., fix' L , ,.... 3 .em 'W 5 xi If -fx ik . 1 li J. "s' - L as -J - . is -, L ' X." "'ll? l? R. Orlando S. Palumbo J. Parmigiani P. Petronaci M. Pefrozzino A. Pignaiello M. Puskas T. Quilty E. Rasmussen N. Reitzel A. Rembert K. Roche I.. Roma C. Romeo L. Rosenbush l. Russo P. Salgado L Scheiner D. Schmid l. Sciaraffa C. Scoiese S. Shapses M. Shelter D. Shields K. Shimansky C. Shurileff Q! .4 i , " " lr' , 1, - .Cq 5' , J jgsgi -.h g syn , N l f Q ai S. :' V f . 'll I, A x x I 5, 4. V 1 ' - ,. .5 FW 5 ' sls A . - 1. 4 x . mx ts K' C fe. ..,, Q Q A 1 ..f: " 5 ' ' ,... Q . . lllll A lllls A 2 ' '- 1 R T 'T' :f3'L an ' ' , A 'W A , ff, .S S . ,, .R Ssss , Q . - 2 .. .X '- i51iilw'lffz. X' 2 , ' Ph' . S? .4 L-wif - W x 'W " 'RSE ..,, f 335 ull , . ev. 1.-1:-2 .f w A. Silvia "' '- L. simonella l.. Sparno ""ll asfack 'lv' 'S K X K. Stone L' 'M' ' 1: ' A l--T0Yl0" .,,,, , ,.-:fi,lgfQ-A' Ms., ,f . ' , .4 J. Towarf i l' il 1, A 'V K. Veal X f , J. Vincenl I 'K' H G. Vizzone l fl 4 ' ' fl lx., X. F. Wagner ' 'M fu E. Wands I I , . fillyl'Iw-fdwflls ll. ,ll Hllh will ek Ax M 'h V . ? ,, ' 'S -Q . lvxyxjbyf' t x fy 3 . MJ H5 A lpn, 'U l , Q 9 IU , LQQVJQQ M. Watters T. Weilcnd J. Werner K. Whelan N. Zacharella D. Zorro J. Zichella A. Zupfgc w W . , H M k Vx .U lj if "L N' .1 ' F4 Q w, Q, iN uf-xg vw. 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Delli Sanii T. De Menna P. Dennis M. Devancy K. Dickison P. Di Napoli T. Di Napoli P. Di Paolo 3 Ai a i . ' ' V ns ' C ..,2.Lyf2.,.' ' g l V K gf v. 1 ti W Nl F: ' f . .,.. . we rsr C " H . igrg . iii? 1 1 -.Q I ' Rifflxf. E .M i ,., , ' " . ,FSE 1215: ' ,sgigjf f 1 ,, 1,3 'WRX ff. : :EM - f' " ....... "' 3 T559 . NP F gs ,Q . ks ' x fx' " , . q . :J ifitif' f 5 I 5 wgkwx - --ff Ag A R 5 -- Few , 7 , J ...iii . il -1: J , -, 11 -'1.,, - '2 Ni 57 f , 'li i'- ' J K ' x 4 'R vs f. 'fri if-if ' . ,, N k i .r X is Qu' - - .+R ' 'iff' ' mi. : -- X Q N .1 Q .. ll if Am . Q ,K 1 f " 0 , I, im .4 a . . Q Q-:,, ' -. , , 6 F f i! , effigy, Q., -- sf eg,-1 ,-s 4,1-V .Q ' ' 1. sw Fg?-Q N .. . Q . , ...Q M. :if Q 1 l ga EL s 5+ 3, . . ! 13.6 Q- 1 .,.3.,.,.,, " lk. if ' 22 W' 3' 5 , V. .5 5 ' C .L r Er w N . L 154 - ,. ..,- , ' J if gli lark 2 -, ix Q . Q J xl ' L .. 1 P fi ' is E' fc. 'fr Zsg , . ,... , .L ,t s Kg A. . 5 -. -P ,sim " ' E X 1 B as r , f ' fl ' i....s 2 W- , M m x A rrrs C ' 'F " 'B ' .f , - ' - fs . ' -- ' "',"-. r il T A J his i """-V 5 -".. , 2 1 f ' ' 5 1 ' I fri 4. 3 J .... any E.: t ,::-2 , 11 we RF E .L K , - ,. I ., , , ., ,,., ig is is in 31 R Q X3 f .13 Q3 , iz iw A ', if 1 gf 1" . X K! N... .J ,, rin ,r W X .., ,Af M., .,,. , K. Forte P. Foriunato V. Frank T. Fraser G. Freda P. Friedman K. Frontera L Fusella K. Gallagher C. Gamble C. Gomez D. Gray K. Greenwood R. Gross P. Grubbs D. Guarducci A. Gusiavson L. Hancock H. Harris M. Haizipelros D. Henning J. Hill B. Hipkins P. Holler B. Holmes D. Janson B. Kaslonder B. Knapp G. Knapp K. Kramer K. Lagergren L. Loniewski L. La Stella K. Lawless H. Lehman J. Leone J. Leopaldi L. Levine C. Lewis P. Liberaio V L1 9 ii. . of , ,. 'FA er D. Downie , M. Eklund S. Elfzholfz M. Estrada A. Fabrizio . . A e . 5? J, 4 gf a ..-fr 1 , .. , ..,. .,., 1 .,,,. .- . i Aj:-'f f' if ' x. ,gf U2 M5251 Z . :rr ,J .5 if 53 rf- . 5 B. Dodd C' Eaves .:v,5E'w gg.. ., . ,,.,. ...SSC ,xo . . , , ii. Q? C. Elia A. Farro .' f-az. .1 .. Q J. , .. , fe.: J. Fehrs ' . .. M. Ferina b A., TSS' A. Ferrari sf' vi 'l H-Niki? K . . . ,.. -"' 1 miie.. fe. xi J is 'X A '55 I J. QQ ,X A . K X K, Kg m . .3 K '39 fig? P, . 2 : f -- airy , 1 -3, X ' gs R G . . .. Yi N v . 1 Q Q. . w 4. J - 1 -,swf-A . , l -A 3 LT , K-Q5',X, X F 1 .1-"N its J. Fidlow , ff' ' . . 1 .M mx. B. Flerro ii, ,, 'fs w Q gi K. Foley 5 Q Qi ff! Q J' lll' ...f .,,,..1- 'K 'TJ J if if it 'L sf ' E f 5 ' 'F ,Q 1331, L- '- . .1-gp, ,. . . 'T . ,. .. .Q -1 -.-1 ,, 5 . .2 .Ne ,b , y A . ,L ch if lb' H1 1 X A J if 2 Q Q L , .53 X i . , . ,, , . . Q. .. . 1 ' lf? " I .1 51.55-E, V' .M rm- I ' gm. ' . ,,,. ' 1. ' ff is - """' ' . I , L as ev' J - ' War: - , .255 4- -- -f.. -, ' . '-.l .fff .. 3,5545 M X 1 1. Wg' ' 1 . - f if Q N, .. ,...., .. . . . . . f -- - . 15 .Q f-I-1' ' - 1 ..., -f if , .seem - ' .ms M- -. .,,.,,,Qx vb I X ew, -1 " .- , A 'Jilf , L' 21 Q7 5 -.-2, . ' ,, l .g"?' V. -1 i f ' .eb ' fa, :um LK JN, . 2 I 'm R x ,A x x if S . 4. it 1. ggi. B. Mahon C. Mac Murray L. Liguori J. Marinas D. Mascera S. Mauro G. Mc Conn S. Mc Evoy B. Mclnerney M. Mc Kaig P. Mc Namara D. Mc Ninch l. Megaloudis J. Melia L. Miele D. Miller E. Mossman M. Muhler C. Murphy R. Nadler A. Nicasiro L. November M. O'CalIaghan D. Oehinger T. O'Gorman S. Olsen L. Orlando J. Overton M. Panella C. Paulsen E. Pawlowski A. Peer R. Peer J. Peniangelo C. Percevauli A. Perley R. Pignatiello C. Plante D. Powers C. Quigley M. Ramondini B. Ramsay C. Ramsey P. Regan 5:1 xx! QA . in 3 3 , ly. - 2 ei M ink -ik I 'E us . , . ., f 3.: ' .5 ., 'li 3' Am Q F A Q' xg, 5 X Y 'N R ,V M. Rizziiello S. Robinson l.. Rodnon J. Rotella J. Ruddy L Ruhl L. Russell H. Sandberg C. Santoro D. Schaffel B. Schmid S. Schniizer M. Sellitto A. Sheridan M. Sideris T. Siegfried J. Singewald W. Siogren J. Sloan J. Smiih M. Smith C. Sianisci V. Sfanion S. Sieele M. Sfern B. Slunis l. Swenson E. Taggart M. Talmadge T. Tesfa V. Thomas M. Tucci , -ill , 'T T ' S J - . T' ' .lll fin. ff J J , r I ' , We ' 'E 2"l .. , A . W. A -' - . . -1- - 159 'Nike' H Q. ,Q 'K . ' 1 fl "i' J '1. ' S J -W I J .- , m I H V. ., L A A ... , J I .V ,. , , 'A If gf, h ,, N A , , H, W A A. N 5 , , ,A 1, . -m m. H ' - wg ,, , J ,. . ,X W V Mk.- K 5Q,.f5 l .vi N B I A J, 'A ,: . J J' M J , S S V J elllr , ' . ' . i.f..'r ' ' . , ,. .5 5 V 1 . i lll Sirl l f J ' J.-r. J lrnn v 1 . S - W' ff J J. it J... Q , Q. - R2 .bf NM uw, A W , , 9? ' 1 gif. . """', - J U A l, 2 - lrly , I iw , J ' A V H A , , kzrg I ,V 5 4,f1 , .,,, fl ' L fr 4' . ',"i J 7' ' ' . f 3.1.5 142.3 - ,ffzggzw-. ' 'K V' . ' ' ' ' L - K , W' ' 3 fn, W. 1 Q , I in' , 4 3 , 4 Q 5 .V -Y I Lg P. Tucker T. Tucci R. Valese B. Veech E. Villanyi J. Vitale K. Viviano D. Walder M. Waldsiein C. Waterman N. Weinshenker B. Weinslock L. Werner S. Wilcox P. Wilkinson T. Williamson M. Wizda A. Young J. Yurino K. Zales G. Zichoro L Zichelli W 1 Y v v Q fc si e is W v f l 15'-X ... . T . ' ffl... .3 ' R, 2 ,. . "ii x Y 1 . S i ' fesvv fx .ag . . P5 'fr xi f To fax J f . f :f.s4, .' ' rms ji' sf. 3 g aw? lx 5 ll Mx Q RW' g Guy lb is g- s .rdf ,V .........W................- ...,.... sv f i . ' .J Q , f,., hr T' .. , I 5. .. - eI1E?'.f,B- +39 v ' new .rum Z .... . m 1 Vu ff"X 35 fiffx? - h A f 'I ,I 1 ' ' w WU Q1 , ff wwe I ,E .1-iq.. 1 106 ,1--- m M. Alfieri T. Anderson M. Andrew J. Arminio B. Arno! B. Arringion S. Baird B. Bannon S. Barry R. Borsky K. Borih A. Beraquii T. Berman S. Beriucci S. Blakney E. Bongo G. Bowman N. Boyle L. Brody D. Brou M. Brody K. Budeso N. Burns S. Burns D. Butler C. Caprio J. Carle T. Carnovale A. Carpinelli M. Carragher P. Caruso D. Cawihorne D. Church A. Ciarmello A. Cicotti M. Cielecki L. Clarizio J. Coffman D. Condret A. Connell M. Corcoran L. Crummy B. Cunningham L. D'Agosto JA. Darling A. Davis A. De Luca M. De Luca J. De Nicola J. Denie K. Devaney B. De Stefano K. Di Geronimo D. Dillon A. Dinin M. Donahue P. Dorchck B. Dubowsky S. Duffy C. Dyer . ,,,.. + , f - - ' 'r - fgff za - B L ,Q u , - e K . N jf: K -' BN- . X ,Ay A V ...,.. 5 fb 5 .... 1 Z :Si 8 Q. Fw' ' F f D 'K M : T . SW 1 M N W ,..., 2 fi. ' . M X io.. -Q 'N 4 .B - ei ' 1 'Vi 1 1 n if A ,Li Z2 H ' f ' xxx' 1 f R ' f If 5 5.2 1 ' -' far ... . 1 .. X ,lir . ,,.. x 2,351- '.l3Y?' ' 1- . ..- " -1E?E?:':ii: . if . , L iff V .-. qib. me , 1.5 . '--fini ' 'Ellis sf.. 6. ,M XV .,, in . '. -qu' 9' WBT 3 . '15 i' 'Ps- it 2 X was ix-! if Q 1 Q.. is . Ng WR if W V K X ' - . ,, v ' - ' . ' as M - , A Q 1 1 isis? Q - -, Z 1.- 4. .. X S . iq? . 'Pi g ' 5:5455 .asm ..,. . Q , U ' M , .1 .. 21 i . L - rein? 3. r 3 i , G 5 .ff X ,Q f 1 sf ii . A .. ., Q. m mf . H 0 . ga '. If iff? -EQ 1: f " ' as., E 3+ . we 1 f Hf X' ,sip Bk 9. 2. " if' at Q . J.. . . -,. . ' .. . . ,,,, . ., .,,, ..,,k . .. ..,. L... . . P if 42.5 - i- F' + ' - F ,,.. , ' ww.. if . -9 5 L 3.5.1-.,,. S' be 2-- 5 .. r' - -1 el--fe 52... ' .ei-.M i . "ia-1.31 .,,. , . , - . . - . a-,, .. ,,..,, . 15' aw., . K, we 1 3. . H X QL.,-. -,lk .zz g- .' i"1f?"1f3Y'f45 f:2Q .iZ5l'.1" ' 47' ' . VJ. if X nge' .. . R .f . . i 5.3 - -. . .Q 1 . elf lk N- ' w . -'-53,1 554 . . 4' 1. - ' ma. ' ifzfrf w F i--i.:l1fi" ', ., .A My A .. .:.-.: 1 5 Q 2. 19' ,s jf? -2 h 2 - 'Tx it 3 we r -' '. qlsr A K . "E .?El?igg.A ,.. 5 'l":':' .3 is TJ.. V Xu l b.Qx..........e.xv.Mf.....f...-W.. " V - Eg: ' J.-' Q ,f ,Q 2513...- if ...f" Q-f .. . 1? . ' W - Xxx T is N: , 15' .- .A Xxx x . . ei if ff .i , .14 .1 Q 4 la o 'I . wi: :W . kk sk is xr fm 'if' Q... .. H33 8' Q X , . 3. K X . " ,. w w Q-ff 1. . Q- Owl . go' Fe , . A 45" I 3.41 X . Yi TT .ew i E. 2 ' .ff . .. wwf - - 3.25.2-.f3.. L PQ ' x 0 . if 'll 1. W5 ' . . if ., J if Qi . Ai W 7-.Q-. ,x 1 . w Nl' fum N... 55 E.. 5 an M. Esposito I.. Esiracla D. Farley M. Farrell D. Farro B. Ferrara H. Finklestein l. Finn W. Flynn S. Fowlie B. Frazee T. Freda A. Fuceiola S. Gallagher D. Grebe M. Griffin R. Griffiths B. Guarducci J. Guarducci J. Hacker K. Hackeh P. Harike K. Hartwig K. Hassert K. Hectus F. Herman B. Hersh I.. Hill B. Hooper A. Horton C. Hudson T. Hunt B. Jacobs P. Jordan E. Kaczmarek K. Kaczynski J. Kafaf J. Kapnick E. Kearney Y. Kedzierski D. Kern S. Kesler K. Kiernan S. Kingsfon B. Klein R. Knapp J. Kugel N. Kutcher M. Lacik J. lagergren D. Lambdin A. landsberger S. La Stella V. Lehrman if .. Q-N nk ,,,, 5' 4 . v 1 I ., 'flb A :gay ' ::T'i,,'1 , if AAAAJ 'Q a? 3 4 f-f- ' m A 'LAA" ' A N if '.': . A " k"" fl ., ff... ' -ff... . If i 1 5 . R.i. if X- - ,, , .. X R A " - W ' . ' -Sf' : .E NX , 4' 'Q . A ? ' fi . An r ... . , iir Hz ,-.. . 'If ,f 'L : gi ,f- ' JA f muff' K. ,M .F -...L . , ,. .J ,A - . , ,lr M ff . J 1 X M F L , mz, 'Q ., val? ' if E SE Y M , wi X M.. ,.x. . 2. .ga 425' W, T img? ::?i:'- 'Wf F-1355 32 . 1 V ., ,f,. A5.,ih.. 5 A A. K 'us' It , M. lawless .L H? ggsfsf . . ' l ' -' f, , A. Llebhauser kia, -57 L 1 1' -4 Jffiinvi R. Longo A. Lo Russo M. Lynch T. Lynch D. Mager J. Maglione G. Manley J. Martin I.. Martino N. Mascera J. Mc Carfhy M. Mc Cormack J. Mc Kenna J. Mc Kenna K. Mc Leod J. Mc Spirit? In P. Milford . .N A. Miller f M. Mau. b Q.. ' C. Mifrione N Q I ' M. Motylewski 1231, ff B. Neff ii D. Newkirk M. Niler R. O'Briun B. O'Gorman P. Oliphanf B. O'Toole J. Pasch C. Pedinoff M. Perdigao D. Peterson P. Petro 1 1- M. Pefronaci '1 . -:IT Evil R. Pierson fic" - . ., ..v-- .K Z ' V. Pignafello il J. Pirello A. Prosuk L. Reed J. Regan C. Richmond S. Riffee A. Robbins M. Robinson E. Rolondelli J. Rosenblait J. Schaffer C. Schuif B. Shanker K. Shapiro - A. Shelter M. Shimansky M. Simon M. Simpson l. Siogren B. Smith M. Soda B. Spurno M. Spooner B. Sfelling E. Sfemmer Q. Siires B. Stivole J. Sullivan T. Teves G. Thomas J. Towart J. Turvey J. S. Viviano J. Vizzone J. Voha T. Walsh T. Wuhers C. Weinstein Wesselhorff L. Williams Y. Wison D. Wyble D. Yee L. Zales M. Zelen J. Zeller A. Zilinsky C. Zois M. Zoschak 1, j . I Vryk -. W i if. 1. is ., .. . ' .::.- ' . .,.., lk , ' X . if , ,. .TS sziiizf , Aa - www ' "'W' X l fn,-',:!lzE'?fEi'5U a i:L a5ie.ii'fE'::?E, , ll.: i l X sh, .. 2 'Q 'fl' 'K 1. EQ ' ' lz,.l.1 .REX lf A lf? . nf, ,V Ik. x ..J:kL t W . -2 1 2 .f f--4 I lx N N eg fn lx X ' . N f .X ,K J' ll W...- gs Q o v 1 0 as sw qvQ 'Q 5 no ,Q ,cv Q,mL,,.,,,,. W-fm.. H13 .xa ,Jr "Sl Wi Q ,x . s K-'- A , i x L . X w M. ' ye, 1, X--. 51, Y' 9' 1? 3 1" L ii Y! .. fa 25595-if wiziff- 'Y . I .'-- izlfxf' -- . ,, I Q f . ,.-. , 4s.i'-."- A-12:3,gi:1ii,i,1ggggflgl.rn-ig?-"L -.,,. x ,, . " 2 I 215 T, I , ' - .N A- :X Q 'gf' Q , if W " .N .ff , ,V ..,i ' . W sl: 4 V ' ' in l H .... A idk: Vf m -Fw X Af A if . 1 ' ,f 1 Wit: 'ww g. lf Mba' ,af ""'N N .. ,,f K , mmww 4 T Qt 1' SN A 1 bA I X45 35 si. 1 Q S l A L X SU , . V ' , ,gr X nd' we My if i ws gm K 1 2 J f M Q may .Q if fs. is 5 i - 2 4 - Ei if f I f 1 ,V . Vkrii i Q. Q W' '77' i5-Y . J., ..f,, ff 11 -'21, - 1: :il . . . 3' if k Y Ex 3 2 A 5? -- if 1? Y., is sav it VA ---- :af-ss' 5. 1' FSE is , .. muslim-X' ,Q vp ' . if '-" SQQEQA -: ,, '4 iz' P, A f 1: ai I Sl ,H .. Ak N 4- X fx . k.h l kkfggfay.. S, 1 Wxfk E LKKA lif , gg -5 . - wi-Qugli K . . .. ww' . . N RSV. Ji? lf' V1 -2-:sz f -A ' - 5 ' - .nw , ...,, ,, . I .. A 1. L 1 xr f -Y! 4- wg- . u ff, My I , 1- , 11 .aw--YI' Q, "iii , , L LLI, r f K, ., ' K- ,ff ,fa -V iw- tx ' L ' ' 'Q -fr-IPL .w 1.4 .,f - , L PM K. . K R gp E F Y R Ev Q ge if Q ' et 11 ig' 1 X +5 S fi? + sg ' N ," R il F W3 f 1335 , f ZZ s w ? at f A .f S ug , 2? X QM Q , K ji W egg ' 1 S 4 g sf- ? 4 FQ XX 35 SK xxx R X ex ,Qi , U 5 3 b k . 3 Yi - -- , L. - J- ---I-QS ' - - ' f- --4 fi 1 : t g ,- " - 1 - " .1 F ' N 'S ,.. NR , , ,, : ',. ' , 1. ,LV1 . Z.. .K W , . W inn , L A, 'A K ues? 1 ' - , 1 , " K ,zfil '- i k Q- , --- WA QS' 1- 'iii' Quia- ' i - ' y, fi g 4 , - - - -m-A' , Ufkifgiiz 1-f f-1' , --, ., 'iw -. tlgy- f ref- as-1:Q3g5f.m k L . - 5 ' A ,,,, 'lYZ5vE?'f?5:?fi1?E 'l'z.w , , A X DAWN ELLEN ALBORE "Live each day to the fullest, Get the most from each hour, each day and each age of your life." Dawn's greatest memories at VHS include Vony's and Belmar, The Stick Sect, M8tM's, Sl43.40, Sauce, 5 butts with Vo, Pooh, basketball, Beat and the many good friends made along the way. JUDITH HELEN ANDERSON "Doubt whom you will, but never yourself." Bovee Judy is most proud of being a part of girls varsity basketball for four years, especially Suburban Con- ference Champs '75-'76. She will always remember 6th period chemistry with Mr. Nemeth, Finkie-Dink, G.A.A. Weekend, basketball camp, G.C.l., and talks with G.W. Her future plans include college. LOUIS ALFANO "Pew" "lou", usually seen with Pete, Al, Jake and Cooch, or some of his State Champs' Soccer teammates. Lou is most proud of playing Varsity Soccer for two years. Louie will never forget hitting the city with Pete and Brad. Will always remember cruising during the sum- mer of '76 with P.F., L.H., l.M., and A.C. Plans in- clude buying a red Roadrunner. P NANCY AQUILA Make every hour that you spend Mean just a little more So all the ones that lie ahead Will be worth waiting for. Nancy, known for her constant laughter, will always remember the all-niter, lost with Ann, Julie's, Tony's with Betty and Ann, Wings-Tickets, and good times with friends. RAYMOND L. ANDERSON VINCENT F. ARCANGELO 1 ---v--5 -4 l 4 3 l 1 1 1 LYNN ELIZABETH ASHLEY ANGELA BALSAMO "Ang", usually seen with Sue, Linda, and Barb will never forget: summers of '75 and '76, the great week- end down Seaside Heights, great times with Bobby, B.H.S. prom, doubling in '74 with Sue and, "The briefcase." Future plans include secretarial school and marriage. ANDREA MARY BARB lt's great to be great, but if's greater to be fully human. Andrea, usually found in the Nurse's office or with Tress and Barb, will never forget Color Guard, Mr. Masiello, popping popcorn in Chemistry, Mrs. K., talks with Tress and the '76 prom. SUSANNA G. BAKER .,.f'?m1 we Nj , 'N SUELLEN BARRET MQ? Q! A 6. --.X , QU , 7 Tb' g tk ,J hx giiy Wx Lf J RTV Q we XXV fin Riu! qx - ., T-XX xg V K X HENRY JOHN BARDSLEY 6' .fag tk WD' 453' X Q Henry, known for having the smallest car in the school Qwfiwfi X w '1 parking lot, was usually seen trying to make Jeff xv V Wx A 'X e Hendler's Plymouth run. HT will always remember the x J fn Xu' xx X Xe summer of '7o. Y if g 'C' ',.,f'DX D 3 I lj' X " - -YN I V 2 J 7 F XM , ' jj! 'fbgfcii 'J ' N W W fi ,VX I f , A. K X ,milf-c., QV NJ'-J CX ' YJ V' Yi' 5 j' 'V fm 5 L' ' ,gif f uf' lf L X 'L - ! . I. eff is SUSAN BATTISTA Sue, alias "Sue-Bo", alias "Bo-ie", will never forget: bumping with Joan, Monday night practices "Buzz", sophomore dance "Tina!", doubling with Ang in '74, "Junction 20" with Barb, long talks with J.H. in 6th period chemistry, Manasquan with Resa and Mary, friends from CG, 6f'l9f75, B.H.S. prom and great times with Chris. CLAYTON V. BAUER, JR. Sunday is a drag so forget it Monday you can make up for that Tuesday take a taste for your dinner LARRY BEAUCHAMP Will always remember out to lunch as o Freshman, trips to N.Y.C., and parties in the AV Room. Future plans include college and a career in the para- medical field. l lf it's all right spend it in bed But on Thursday prepare tor your weekend And let Friday disappear into Saturday morning When you're stone cold sober again. CHRISTOPHER BROUGHTON BEGGS Those were the days my friend, We thought they'd never end, We'd sing and dance forever and a day, We'd live the lite we choose, We'd tight and never lose, For we were young and sure to have our way." II "New kid on the block," was usually seen in George BRIAN HAROLD BESTE Sometimes the light's all shining an me Other times l can hardly see lately it occurs to me What a long, strange trip it's been. Grateful Dead Brian will always remember best times with Mary Alison, cruisin' in his '63 Riviera with Dave, Jon, and with Sheila, Mike, and Rose. ,nm RICHARD pAUL BENENSQN Henry, the Summer of '75, and c.D.'s "mobiles", fl J if d!L,fyjfl,Z,f'Tlf Lite is a game ot whist. From ' I f 7 I 'M f 6 lf U The cdlrriisezliiesglilrliild, and Sxcj QQ! LA' the hands are dealt . . . f , , d n 1 l'k th th Ml Oli-"g'l' C Lflgl l DLL, CL. LJJVG Q jkufyistirlliiligiliilngilthcdifznd l 7 ff f w ntt l . Ckfli, N , , L, U!-5 ,6,Lif7'J asugzfll ware-whisf ' A A I f A f s f2A,LL,b i Lf'O J AAOQLLLZ, , A U 7 Mudd' .fb vw CQLL, CJCQLJ C, LJQ rg if , Celfvxocfo Y "i"l""ii KEITH R. BOHLER JOYCE KAROL BRADY True happiness Consists not in the multitude of Friends But in the worth and choice. Yesterday is already-a dream And tomorrow is only a vision, But today, well lived, Makes every yesterday A dream of happiness, And tomorrow A vision of hope. Sanskrit Ben Jonson DANIEL H. BOUTMY Boot, usually seen with Billy D., Coughs, Pep, Dill, Bob and all the time with the most important person, Les- lie. He will never forget his four years of football, working at the Verona Board of Ed., coach Rotella and coach Sutter. Future plans include marriage and more schooling. CHRISTOPHER JOHN BRICKELL Cris will always remember out-to-lunch, Junior and Senior years, and the surprise week. He is most proud of having a clean record in high school. His future plans include taking a trip to Florida and relaxing. 5 1 CRAIG EDWARD BRADY Usually seen with Bob and Chris, Craig will always remember shop Freshman year with AI, and 5th period lunch Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years. Future plans include college. MARK SCOTT BROWN l'd rather laugh, a bright-haired boy, Than reign, a gray-beard king. O. W. Holmes Mark, usually seen with Greg, Andy, Charly, or Ben, will never forget soccer, iunior prom, hating Andy, the drive-in and the truck. Future plans include learn- ing how to dribble and being a member of the Essex County Country Club. PATRICIA CLAIRE BRUSO' Time it was And what a time it was, It was . . . A time of innocence, A time of confidences Long ago . . it must be . . . l have a photograph. Preserve your memories, Tlley're all that's left you. Simon 81 Garfunkel DORIS EILEEN BUTT You can do whatever you want to do Wherever you want to go it's up to you And wouldn't it be fine Following your heart knowin' from the start it's up to you. John Denver Doris will always remember American Lit. with Bill and Suzanne, Honor Society, the Troops, and Drivers' Ed. with JoAnne. CHRISTOPHER J. BUDESA Advice to those who will take it. The world is iust beyond those doors. We can be a meaningful part of it if we have courage and insight. If we are not, we will go nowhere and become noth- mg. JOSEPH JAMES CALABRESE "Hey PEP, Let's RUN". "CAL" usually seen with "PEP", "BERT", and the "FONDUERS" will never forget the summer of '76 with Pep and Bert. "LET ME SET A SCENE", water skiing, and THE GREAT ESCAPE were big. But cruisin' with a cooler with "PEP" was GREAT. Advice to the Fonduers, "KEEP ON FONDUIN." JOHN DANIEL BURO "Petrillo Get Your Hands Off Mel" "Bert" usually seen with "CAL", "PEP", and the "FONDUERS" will not forget the summer of '76 with CAL ancl PEP. "The GREAT ESCAPE", stealing stuff from MAXIE'S with Joe Cal, the starting of Wooden Tips, most memorable was "THE RIOT." JAMES VINCENT CALLANDER "ous" "Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules. Yes sir. I know it is. I know it." -J. D. Salinger Most proud of 3 years varsity Tennis and passing all classes. Future plans include college and a career in tennis. KAREN ANN CAPRIO "Time may pass, but fond memories lost forever." Will never forget good times with Julie, Wing's Con- cert-tickets???, Proms, The Night, G.A.A. Weekends, Julie's October Parties, Broom Night, strange things with Emilia, "Make Me Smile", Carolyn, Partying with Ann, Julie, Donna, Nancy, and Betty. Enjoyed making friends along the way. WILLIAM BRIAN CAULFIELD "Give it a shot." Billy, usually seen with O.D., Crock, Boot, Mac and Kaz, will never forget DIXON CO., brawling with Joey D. and "Robot" Junior year, the 7-7 tie with Madison, and special times with Janice. He'll always remember the Heaby Cheby, brickwall, and Aug. 16th and 20th. CYNTHIA LEE CARUSO Baby this town rips the bones from your back it's a death trap, it's a suicide rap. We gotta get out while we're young 'Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run. Bruce Springsteen LARRY CRAIG CELUSAK Mr. C. likes the Beatles, football and gals. He will always remember Coach Al Rotella and Mr. Sutter and the gang in homeroom l0B. 1! E EMILIA MARY CASTANO "l may never pass this way again That's why I want it with you." Will always remember Freshman year, 7's with Julie, G.A.A. weekends, cheering, Star, summer '75 with Donna and company, soccer season '75, strange things with Karen, Prom '76, doubling with Liz and Rich and memories with Paul. BARBARA CHIEN-PING CHANG "A fool takes no pleasure in understanding but only in expressing his opinion." Proverbs 18:2 W. JAMES CHEATLE "The art of a magician is to create wonder. lf we live a sense of wonder, our lives become filled with icy." Doug Henning Plans to go into the field of Marine Biology. ROBIN MARY COLEMAN I do my thing and you do your thing. l am this world to line up to your ex an are not in this world to line up to mme. and l am I-and if by chang L ' I HENRY WONG CHEU Rivers belong where they can ramble Eagles belong where they can fly l've got to be where my spirit can run free Got to find my corner of the sky. Pippin Sometimes known as "Wayne", Henry will never for- get all the bands, ski team, summer of '76 and all the priceless friendships made at VHS. MICHAEL FRANK COCUCCI "Coach" usually seen with AI, Jake, Lou, Mole and the "Boys' Room CrewI", will always remember leav- ing school his Senior year at 10:41, the parties at the Golf Course, in the woods and most of all the "Big Apple". His advice to underclassmen is party today, tomorrow may be too late. ALBERT VINCENT COLLINS, JR. AI is usually seen with Jake, Cooch, Kathy, Lou, Andy, Mole, and that certain Junior girl, Denise. He will Q' ever forget parties in the woods, the golf course, and meeting the guys in the lot. Al would like to see a smoking lounge at V.H.S. His future plans include college and marriage. WILLIAM COLLINS, JR. "Rock and Roll all Nite and Party Every Day." Usually seen with J.D., Paul, Al, Sal, or Knolls, Bill will always remember "Pikes" and good times. He likes to party on weekends and any time he can. W . , ,..4........,......... , .WM A 5 SUZANNE FRANCES CONCIALDI ". . . a dreamer of visions a run in the night, you'll see us together chasing the moonlight . . . Cinnamon Girl." "Softie's" memories include: freshman frolicking, Ohio trips, Bentley Road, elmo, Dog's feet at Laddie's, Colorguard, May 22nd, and N's B's. Usually seen driving her orange car with her orange boyfriend. Her future plans include schoolin', foolin', and Maf- tie. MARGARET CARLA CORDASCO l'll be happy and free, and sad for nobody. Marge will always remember: West Orange, freshman year, 4 years cheering, parties at her house, New Year's Evelsj, the night on the boat with Robbin, 2fl8f76 morning and night, flagging, summers, go- ing down the shore, her "mouth", the prom and other times with Dew. THERESA ANNE CORCORAN For yesterday is but a dream ancl tomorrow is only a vision but today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Unknown Resa will never forget Field Hockey, Is there trouble?, lover undercover, Chemistry, Ben, shore Sue and Mary, 10, and midnight rides. MICHAELCONTE Mike, most proud of his two years of varsity soccer, will never forget the soccer crew lplus U, ballooning, 7:30 screw driver, "WOW MAN", senior year on stage, pom pom girls and star, practice with BP and soccer bus rides iunior year. Future plans include college and having fun. CHERYL ANN CORELLO Remember the first time I came here the last time, Remember the future will always be there. But now that it's over l'll see you the next time, Remember the future is yours . . . Nektar fgm Y-S any with i ,IQ . 5 ENO COSME " ' i-' "" " THOMAS G. COX MARIANNE CULLEN "May your happiness be as endless as the waves in the ocean." D.C. Marianne will never forget the summer of '76, Jeff T., phonecalls from W. Va., Frampton concert with J.H., Chickens at Roche, Ski Weekend with D.T., J.H., D.C. and summers at Ocean Beach III. Future plans include Nursing. x C5 Q N f. x. 4 Q71 I C x INK.-. m ivy ROSEMARY SIOBHAN CRAIG "Gone, Love is never gone, As we travel on, Love's what we'll remember . . ." H. Leban I A Chorus Linel Rose usually seen around Mike, Billy, Sheila and Teri, is most often found in the music room. She is most proud of being involved with choir. SALLY ANN CUMMINS "They can because they' think they can." Sally, usually seen with Wendy, Janet, or any of the Color Guard, will never forget Chemistry, Band trips, Competitions, shore trips with W.W. and J.S., B.K., and parties. She is most proud of being in the band and color guard for 3 years. Future plans include college, with a career in Nursing. N X I . T- P. A ard X' Cypgbvgeg X V fx BRIAN SCOTT CROCKETT "Got to go hard or not at all." Ike Brian, usually seen with O'D, Peter and Billy, will never forget June 8th, the Calif. girl, prom, shore, Eagles and Cooper concerts, the "Switch", that cer- tain week and 7-7 tie with Madison. He is most proud of Athletic accomplishments. Future plans include college and fun. SHARON PATRICIA DALEY Some say it's holding on that makes one strong- Sometimes it's letting go. Sharon will always remember: N.P.D., "Willowbrook", New Year's '75, Soccer games with Joanie, "Murder on the Orient Express", that night at Gary's, cutting with Jean, July 4th, but most of all-"Red marks". Future plans include college and . . . T 125 STEVEN DANIELI HDHDLII Steve will never forget the bus ride sophomore year, his four years of football, the year the "Dick's" went to the championship, the parties at Pike's Inn, the Golf Course, and the fun four people had. He is often seen with Mike, John, Bill, Greg, and Al, and always seen with Aimee. LISA ANN DELLISANTI l am I , do not change me, condemn me nor put me down. Accept me for what I am, me. Lisa will always remember: playing basketball espe- cially 75-76 Suburban Conference Champs, O.T.B., stick sect, Bing, the prom, 3fI9f76, Summer of '76, K.P., beat, and Tin Man. . CAROLYN FLORENCE DAVIS Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it. Unknown There are many things that Carolyn never knew that she can't forget, many things she will gladly forget, and some things which will stay memories forever. She will never forget Florida '76, "uncool movements" and "handball," STEPHEN DE MILIA, II Sisters and brothers, do you hear me? We've got to stop killing one anotherp We've got to take care of each other, . . . love one another. People, clon't you think it's time? Jesse Colin Young FRANK J. DeFALCO JOHN JOSEPH DENICO-LA John usually seen with Bill, Al, Paul, Greg, Dill, Pep and Jim will never forget: the night he did "2I" and paid for it the next morning, when "D's" went to the championship, going down pike with the guys, partying on weekends at Ron's and the golf course. LINDA DeNlCOl.A Love will teach us all things but we must learn how to win love as it is obtained with difficulty. Always seen with Barbara, Joanne, and Angela. Will always remember Senior year and the good times we had. Future plans include marrying Greg, and being employed as a full-time Secretary. ROSA DIMAIO NRO En Roe is usually seen with Barbara, Mary Jo, Donna and Moira. She is usually seen hanging around in Montclair. Roe will always remember 5th period lunch. Future plans include working for l.B.M. SUZANNE PALMER DENNIS "Our love's so warm and beautiful, never fades away." MCR AND SPD Sue's memorable experiences at VHS include American Lit. with Doris and Bill, homeroom with Joe, band with Harry and bus trips, S.F. She will always re- member times spent with Joyce. Most of all, Sue will remember Winteree '76 and special moments shared with Matt. MARY THERESA DORCHAK The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, And l must follow if l can, Pursuing it with eager feet Until it joins some larger way Where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? l cannot say. J.R.R. Tolkien FRANCES DiANNA "Dream on . . . Dream until your dreams come true . . . " Aerosmith Fran will never forget her chemistry class with the sweathogs, her second period gym class with S.B., and her four years of homeroom with Mr. Sabaday. Aspirations for the future are to become a nurse and marry that special person. MICHAEL JOSEPH DUFFY, ll "He'll have fun, fun, fun till his daddy takes his T-bird away." Usually seen with Rose, Sheila, Billy Teri, Kerry, Chris, and Agnes or George, Mike will always remember Pilgrim Diner, Shennendoah and, "He put a rock in my mile." V e- -V V CHRISTINE ANN ELIA Chris had many high times. She enioyed Mr. Luks's, Mr. Roma's and Mr. Pirrello's classes. Chris will never forget Mr. Wolf and his assignment on breaking the norm, in which she ended up in Mountainside Hos- pital in diapers. JOANN L. FABRIZIO Joann is always seen with Linda, Barbara, and Ann Marie. Her future plans include being on airline stewardess. LINDSEY ANNE EMMONS "Find the end of a rainbow Fly wherever the winds blow Laugh at life like a sideshow Just what you need to make you feel better." Alan Parsons Lindsey can never forget perils with K.W., ski team, ski trips, concerts with K.W. and W.A.S.P. Future plans include skiing and living in Vermont. BARBARA J. FAZEKAS Barbara is always seen with Linda, Joann and Angela. Her future plans include going to college and travel. ANTHONY C. FABRIZIO Tony will always remember the wild times with Lanky gayo, Conte, Vaz, Melia and others. Advice to under- classmen, school is problems. Future plans include college and more wild times. A-LA-VITA ELIZABETH ANN FEHRS "Bets" will always remember Freshman year, Band trip, Prom '76, babysitting Joanie, Star KWrong Carl, Crest with M.K., Mrs. O'Grady, "capfulls", G.A.A. President and Weekend, Softball and Field Hockey with P.F., homework, headaches, insomnia with P.S., never enough time, great times with Sam, swimming, and talks with Hubs and Dick. ANN MICHELLE FESTA Ann, usually seen with Betty and Nancy, will never forget the Wings concert-Tickets??, Karen's house, the all-niter, Broom night, the Great Escape, "Make ME Smile" ltwicej, and especially the prom. She most enioyed parties and good times with friends. I' 'I 'IIWF JANET DEBRA FINKELSTE.IN The language of meaning is not words, but meaning. Henry David Thoreau Fink, usually seen with almost anyone, will always re- member GCI, basketball camp '74, Steak and Brew, Junior Prom, A.P. Chemistry with Judy, and being a member of the Championship Basketball team. A maior in science or math in college will highlight this Senior's future. PETER S. FESTA "Fest usually seen with Crocks, O'D., Louie, Brad, or in '68 LeMans, '69 Camaro, '73 Scamp, or in '68 Bonny is most proud of starting Varsity Football. He will always remember: Madison 7-7 football tie, Brad's trunk, The Great Escape, Mr. Masiello's lst period General Biology Class, '74, Drip Dry Grey L.B., and "Fritz". - PENNY A. FINNEGAN "l have learned that to be with those l like is enough" -Whitman Penny's fondest memories will always include Softball, Hockey, G.A.A. weekends, "The Gang", V.B. and J.G. and Steak and Brew. She will especially remember, those talks with Mrs. Schoenig, Camp Dolphin and special times with Greg. CHARLES E. FINGER, JR. BARBARA JEAN FISHER "Somebody Up There Likes Me" Leaves have fallen all around Time l was on my way Thanks to you l'm much obliged For such a pleasant stay. ' -Jimmy Page 8: Robert Plant Rabs will always remember, Jc. 20, Uncool movements, "Party Some," and the THE BLAZER. Future plans include college. SHARON FOLEY So many faces in and out of my life, Some will last, some will just be now and then. Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes-l'm afraid it's time for a good- bye again.-Billy Joel Sharon will always remember the summer of '76. SUSAN HILL FRANCE Clothed in Darkness I have wandered the mountains and valleys of my home, Now it is time to leave, never knowing the reasons for its mellow colors or imprisoned sounds. What was gained? a multitude of memories from Which l can become one with the mountains and valleys that l wandered so long ago. ANDREW PERRY FOSTER "A good laugh is a mighty good thing, and rather too scarce." Melville "Among my enemies l can find no common factor, but among my friends l can, they all make me laugh." Anon. "Drew's" best memories include Eggs, pizza, bal- looning, the all-night gang, Soccer Champs, 'IOXIOX76 . . . "Bridge Talks", and of course, laughing. we wb fi KATHERINE LINTON FRANK Kit was usually seen with Ruth, Ellen, or Ann. Most proud of surviving four years of Band with Mr. Ow- ens, she will always remember taking World Cultures in her iunior year, Bookkeeping Il, and the band trip to Atlantic City. Future plans include college and a career in Management. A '1- f Nga.. 1 N. , is L ui? Cl M 1 , f me . A M, X 5 ix is l QS' , f' BARBARA ANN FOWLIE "Bop-Bop" to some will always remember 4 years of Colorguard, Lohikan bus rides with Don, and band trips. Usually seen with Donna, Mc., and the C.G. Crew, she is most proud of being a rifle. Her ad- vice to underclassmen is: There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true, Tomorrow your dreams will Lx ' - .FX N! X " 1 'XX iii- Cin- .NJKQD4 - ,hx fy! Q. CQKB' f' 1 T , Q3 x come true. op. N ,X F c 4 J ' ,. 35 . fix-V so ,uf ,suafyf Lf of V ' T - NV ' X, 'TGV C ' 13.1 -- .. ,X E ij vw ' .X 3 Kr as 'N .X V5.2 .QV JR SIT' is r 1 VN N cfs sfx'N ' f- 1 11: 1 A - ' W, Av 'Stiff N. WJ? 'v'lf'.fi N Q7 QF' . ,. W L J F .fv f , -4, .Q .Q Tw-,fi ,J . N fav Mtv? fs :sf xi fx, ,iv yu, fl ,fm -,J fe, . g N X It fc visvmj me ,fx , ,Ln . N , QXQNXXNY, F, X5 Assn :NX TA" . 1 l-...Jil ,wifj ,J . wi! as 9' ' 1 495.9 W ofiqff -QW P , 1- p, My h i g w,,i,f xv ' 'NN KV ivld X NE? 1 1 N, rixj N E-N: lj"'- JJ -,X'Xuv!v QW .xigxj J 'xxx .,, 6 s.,,v.'L X A l"'ii,X.J 'Nfl NW AJ-J fi" vi -J 15 sea 'Lf sw' NV J! 165 'KJ ' sf ' he ,J .J 3 fn xi WlLLIAM STEPHEN FRAZEE "Fabulous Fraz", usually seen with Mike Melia, Paul Hanke and Pete Grubbs will always remember foot- ball, track and squash the Frosh day when Gary Hartwig and John Gilifey threw Mike Melia and him out the window. S.. if . , W' .1 ,.' ,, ,,,i l PATRICK JOHN FREY "Don't let your mind wander, it's too little to be out alone." Pat remembers iammies with all the waste heads, bare- foot Jenny, COB, and "Bananas hang in a bunch'f. His-advice to underclassmen is: Don't let high school interfere with your education. 1 Q l' fgblym g .. 'Oil e if fulfil IAYNL Lf "f5Vj ll'-'V f fffi -ef QW of ffm sf P its Qffwbv .RSV up X uf is is is my gm f Nb X5 X bb ag 0 x H tv' "lf P. 4' N' f 15' lv 3 fx- ww ef lf, f C42 O 59,213 kg, J! 2 is f A ll' KJEVA ' f . ' 'R' t 'X i' X 52- l-.fjlf J. A ef-QM ,M Q? .Hi Um U -of X LEX' JCVWU Qlfyi Nepal.. TM fs up 4 'Q 'i A 'O ,f U' xf 1. 'T ' f ' 'I O' "DAVID HAM GAMBLE Usually seen with Paul, Pat, Bruce, and Cricket. 7:30 at the tracks iust tor the social atmosphere. Future plans include Blimpies and Wailing. N.J.Y.C.! I never met a ferret I didn't like. RICHARD MARK FRIEDMAN Rick is most proud of playing two years of Varsity soccer with Step, and tennis with OTTO. He will never forget B.P., bus rides, soccer parties, and "Beacon Hill", along with Chemistry with Nem., Alg with Vin, Bio with Mas., and debates with Don. Future plans include college, fun, and making a bundle. s..J MICHAELLE M. GER BETTY ANN FRONTERA "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." Barrie Betty will always remember good times with Ann and Nancy, trips to New York, afterschools at Tony's, Wing's concert-tickets Karen?, Julie's and the all niter. Most important, she will never forget Peter or her friends at VHS. ROBBIN ANN GIBILISCO Memories are like a stormy sea: Waves slap hard Against the shore for awhile, Then things quiet, Waves are gone, Leaving their imprints in the sand . . . Robbin will never forget "WoWl", Jill, cheering, l.W.'s, night on boat, 2f'l8f76, Yippl, and the good times with Tom. Future plans include college for nurs- mg. JEAN LOUISE GILLEN Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. Robert Frost Jean will always remember field hockey, roller skat- ing, the shore with Sharon, out to lunch and the fire drill, flashing red lights, and times with HPD. Future plans include nursing. JULIE GROSS I think I got it, Got the strength to carry on, I need a drink and a quick decision, Now it's up to me, What will be. Julie will never forget the good times with Karen, doubling with Emilia and our 7's, Kathy's apartment, -jljlI30, her October parties, the Great Escape, Wings -Tickets?? and partying with the Senior Class. STEVEN J. GREENFIELD So many faces in and out of my life, Some will last, some will just be now and then- Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes- I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again. Billy Joel Steve will always remember the tie with Madison, Brad's trunk, an in lunch, Panics at Roche, and life talks with Joanie. , Q 1 5 NANCY eRossMAN , g If you cry because of losing the sun, your tears will not allow you to see the stars. 'I I Will always remember the AV Room, Patty and Myr- tle Beach, History I and Calculus-Plus with Freddy, Janet, Henry and Mr. Weller. Honorary Stock-Room member in the old tradition. JOAN KAREN GREGORY If I accept the sunshine and warmth I must accept the thunder and lightning. Joanie will never forget for remember?J, her surprise party, babysitting Karen, Summer '76, Pals, great times with B. O. C., Bubbles and Dugg's, talks with Steven, soccer with Shar, Search, the Wildcat, Star, Rags, and memories with everyone. JAMES ROBERT GROVER CHARISMA "Geep", usually seen with everybody, will never tor- get the riot on Fairway with Gary, Mike, and Tony, the Frampton Concert, the reservation with C.G., M.C., and P.D., overheating in the Garment district, cruising in a '69 Cutlass, 4 years of basketball, es- pecially "The Game" and partying with Gary and Mike. Fondest memories were those with Lisa. DAVID JOHN GUSTAVSON "Buns, l1ow's the guitar?" "Gus" will always remember best times with Sue, Brian, and Jon, and could usually be found with a certain special California girl. He claims he'd be nowhere without Wendy. Advice to underclassmen: "Drive a bug. And remember, Seniors are Best." JANICE SUSAN HANSEN "lt's not time to make a change." Janice will never forget Color Guard, 6th period chemistry, talks, S.B., football games, bus rides and Billy, August 16th and 21st, the Heby Cheby, Daisy Jane and number's 65 and 15. These four years will always be special and will always be remembered. BOB GUTHRIE Bob is usually seen with Dick, Paul, and Craig. His future plans include a career in Criminology or busi- ness management. GERALD S. HARRIS PAUL HANKE "Get Ahead Now." "Hank", usually seen with Bill, Mike, Zoshack, Keith, Eno and John, will never forget trip to Philly, Bob's I.D. card, Eno's banged up car, football and track. His future plans include college, maioring in business administration, and eventually going into business with his father. CHRISTOPHER E. HARTMANN Consider the auk, Becoming extinct because he forgot how to fly, And could only walk. Consider man, who may well become extinct, Because he forgot how to walk and learned How to fly before he thinked. Ogden Nash M., if .47 ' 3 , i-'Km g ,V xl. ,ffm . ,Ai SCOTT THOMAS HATCHETT You will find peace of mind lf you look way down in your Heart and soul, Don't hesitate If the world seems cold. Earth, Wind and Fire Hatch, usually seen with Kyle, Ray, Bernard, Craig, Lloyd and sometimes T.C.p will never forget Single Survival with The Warrior. Future plans include col- lege and marriage. FREDERICK FRANCIS HILL Fred, usually seen in his '68 Mustang, is most proud of his Basketball career at VHS and being selected co-captain his senior year. He will always remember, New Year's Eve '76, Bowie's concert, Willowbrook, and Wheelin and Dealin in his Mustang. BENNETT LOWELL HECHT "We must build a new world, a far better world- one in which the eternal dignity of man is respected." H.S.T. Ben will always remember eggs, pizza, chemistry, Resa, Leone and Fryer, Overbrook, being elected stu- dent council president, and his friends, both faculty and student. His future plan is to become President in 2008. JOHN GERARD MICHAEL HIPKINS "Any resemblance between this character and a living human being is purely coincidental." Jack was most often seen with Killer and the"FLlNZ" in 132 bothering Uncle Max. He will never forget stockroom or drama club. Proudest achievement: Fak- ing through two years of A.P. History. Future plans include tax evasion. JEFFREY HENDLER Tig.. ., COLLEEN ANN HOGAN And thus it is until life ends, We spend the BEST YEARS . . . MAKING FRIENDSIU Cols will always remember 4 years of Color Guard, JoAnne and "40-Love", driving, band trips, eating constantly, O.L.L. Search, good times and long talks with Nancy. Future plans include college. ---Y - - MICHAEL JOHN HOGAN I can take care of myself against my enemies, but Lord protect me from my friends. Voltaire Hoages, usually seen with Marv, Lloyd, Bennie, and the gang, will never forget band, sophomore biology with Mr. Masiello, or U.S. cd I hist. Mike's future plans include college. l.f BILL HUTCHINGS "When I think back on all the crap I learned in High School, it's a wonder I can think at all." Paul Simon Hutch, usually seen with Bob, or Steve, enjoyed 3 years on Varsity tennis. Bill will never forget period 6 chemistry. Future plans include college. ELIZABETH ANNE HOLLANDER ". . . we're captive on a carousel of time, we can't return, we can only look behind from where we came . . ." 'Liz will always remember Lizard, bus rides, Color Guard, Freshman Art, Rizza, making it through Chem- istry and Algebra with S.C., Talks with T.S., Pancake House, weekends, Mic., lunch and oreo cookies. MAUREEN JACOBS O there are voices of the Past, Links of a broken chain, Wings that can bear me back to Times Which cannot come again, Yet God forbid that I should lose The echoes that remainl A. A. Proctor BRADFORD LEWITT HONIGFELD Observation-"It takes two hands to handle a whop- per, but it only takes one bite to eat one." BH Brad usually seen with food in his hand can often be seen with D.B., P.F., S.Z., L.A., M.C., or Balboa. Future plans include losing it all and turning it around in college. JAMES L. JACOBSEN Don't touch the hair! Jake, usually seen with Cooch, AI, Mole, Willie, Espo, and the crew, will never forget his four years in V.H.S. Most of all he'II always remember the week- end parties, and the Lot. Jake's plans include col- lege or the service. JUDITH E. JAMIESON These are the seasons of emotion And like the winds fhey rise and fall This is the wonder of devotion- I see the torch we all must hold This is the mystery of the quotient- Upon us all a little rain must fall. Led Zeppelin ELLEN ANN KAZALSKI Life is like music, lt must be composed by ear, feeling , And instinct not by rule SUSAN BETH JANETT Known for her South African accent, will never forget wearing white bobby socks and block Mary Jane shoes as part of her school uniform in Johannesburg. "If l had to single out iust one feeling upon my re- turn from being an exchange student, it would be my renewed faith and good fortune of being an American." DONNA JEAN KASLANDER Somewhere, in the future Close or far away There is something Pure and beautiful Something fo make living worthwhile Something, if if takes a lifetime of search, I will find. Donna will always treasure old friendships, new ones made, and the good times she's had with the senior class. BETH ANN KEENAN A friend is the present you give yourself. Beth will always remember 3f22f75, proms, Vonys and Belmar, stick sect, .A. Weekend, Steak 81 Brew, M8iM's, field hockey 6, long talks with Sue, Camp Dolphin, five b s ' Vo, and all the great times she had, especia 't Ferg. W homore and iunior year ELIZABETH KENNY "TWEETY BIRD" "What lies behind us and what lies before us SamuelBuflerrb G j - plllx Ellen will always remember seeing flicks with Sharon X bugging our "Friend" with Kit, Robin and Edie in sewing, Saturday morning debates, Bookkeeping and ll, Props, Latin, wearing hats, and everyone else from V.H.S. T il are tiny matters compared fo what lies within us." Ralph Waldo Emerson Maureen will always remember Basketball and Soft- G.A.A., "The Bomb" with Gregs, Lunch talks Bets, "Star", parties, 4th ay Hope, "Super Shoe" gang, Glass o, headache and good frien . Qilliliilii KATHRYN F. KLOSS Know you got to run Know you go to hide Don't know who to follow Who is on your side Don't know where you're going You won't talk of where you've been And I may see you tomorrow Never more again. MARK W. KRENRICH JAMES G. KNOELLER "KNOLLS" Usually found with Chris, partying with the gang, Ron, Joan, Al, Paul, Low, J.D., Bill, etc. To underclassmen: "Never wait or hesitate get in kick before it's too late, you may never get another chance." Rod. VALERIE ANN KNOTT ln My Life There are places l'll remember All my life though some have changed. Some forever not for better Some have gone, some remain. All these places had their moments With lovers and friends I still recall Some are dead, some are living, ln my lite l've loved them all! .Iohn Lennon and Paul McCartney CHRIS JONATHAN KHUNE Chris, usually seen with .l.W., H.B., M.H. and any number of other people, will always remember Physics and 7th period Algebra. His advice to underclassmen is: "Don't try and con your way through school, be- cause somewhere along the line you'll be nailed." BRUCE TAYLOR LAEL Sometimes the light's all shining on me, Other times l can hardly see, Lately it occurs to me, What a long strange trip it's been. Grateful Dead Will always remember W.W., A.P., 3 Musketeers, D. Gus, the Blue Chevy, Marty's, Post II camping, Munch- ies, Kutztown, and not going to gym for 3 years. CATHERINE ANTHONY LAMBDIN lf enough people told enough people to put their heads under trucks, l'm sure they would do so. Noel Coward Kote's best memories include Crayola Crayons, the three-port plan, 'I0fl0f76 with Mary, Ro, and Andy, chasing ducks, pseudo-intellects, "Mothers", and play- pens to Volares to . . . BRIAN LAWLESS "DINK" WILLIAM E. LaRICCIA HL. J." Bill will never forget the times with Steve, Oates and Brad at the Meadowlands. Bill is proud of his four years of Golf and Captaincy. Future plans, licensed plumber and many years of fine golf. LAURA LAWLESS Laura will always remember the Party at Flo's, the drinking Santa, the Summer of '76, 4th of July, mo- peds, economics, Burger King, the day in New York, going to court, following Lynn's stolen bathing suit, following the bus to the football game, and dinner at Steak and Brew. SUSAN D. LASKY Meet me at the crossroads Meet me at the edge of town Outskiris of the city .lust you and l And the evening sky You'd better come alone You'd better bring your gun We're going to have some fun!!! Jim Morrison DAVID L. LIEBHAUSER Memories may be beautiful and yet What's too painful to Remember We simply choose to forget So it's the Laughter we will remember Whenever we remember, the way we were. Will never forget pool hopping, dinner in New York, Maine trip, continental nights, great times with my friends the Campbells, Cathy. ROBIN BETH LIEBOWITZ Robin, usually seen with C.C., M.M., and. P.B., will never forget the school store and 5th period. Future plans include going to school for Fashion Merchan- dising. PAUL C. LYTLE "And you thought you were different but what did that mean For you tricked yourself trying-life's still unseen As it is, as it was, as it always will be Will you find out at all what it is to be free." lan Hunter JACK A. LISTER ROSEMARY CHRISTINE MacFARLANE Ro will always remember all the great friends she had at V.H.S. The most memorable times include: crayola crayons, camping trips, rooming with Mary, "Is there any troubIe?", three-part plan, "Sweet Talkin' guy", I0-'IO-76 with Mary, Andy, Kate and her ducks, iailbirds, F.P.R., Yulono, the Prom, and good times at the shore. GARY V. LOMBARDI "LUMPY" Gary is most proud of two years of varsity basketball, captain senior year. Will always remember balloon- ing and partying with the soccer crew, wow manl! 7:30 screwdrivers, and great times with "miggets", stits and Tony. Future plans include college and more good times. DONNA MARIA MacG'REGOR "BOWIE" Donna, usually seen with K.M., will never forget the "Iively ones" CM.Q., B.Q., and P.L.J, Raceway Park, and busting Joe B. Future plans include a career in art, owning a Mustang Mach I, and making the best of life. BARBARA ANN MACKEY DIANE Joyce MAKOVSKY fic ,E r D CARLA LEE MAU "You cannof be given a life by someone else. Of all fhe people you will ever know in a lifelime, you are the only one you will ever leave or lose. To flle quesfion of your life, you are ihe only answer. To the problems of your life, you are the only salufion. " TODD A. MARTIN "BoNER if' Todd, usually seen wifh Brill, Bruce, Wally and Dick, is mos! proud of playing Varsity soccer for 3 years, and being on The Championship soccer feam of "Bea- con Hill!" He will never forget the great times he had with C.G., and the gang in 4th period lunch. His advice to underclassmen is to sfick if oui, but enioyl PETER JOSEPH MC GRATH And indeed llwere will be lime . . . There will be lime, fhere will be lime To prepare a face fo meef lhe faces- fha! you meer, There will be fime lo murder and creafe, And lime for all fhe works and days of hands Thar lilf and drop a queslion on your plafe . . . T. E. Eliol CATHERINE ANN MCGURREN "We've only just begun . . . " Cathy's fondest memories of her four years at V.H.S. include, Color Guard, Model U.N. trips, band trips, drive-in, summer of '76 with J.H., poker, roasting marshmellows, David's car, constant laughing with Marcy, that special night in N.Y. with D.L., and the many experiences with her friends. MAUREEN E. MCNAMARA THOMAS F. MCHUGH "ABE LlNCOLN" "l've heard how some people have said that l've changed, that l'm not what l was- lt really is a shame!" Will always remember climbing Mount Washington, Mount Pierce, Mount Eryce, 2 years of cross country, track, hiking the Appalachian on the Jersey side. Usually seen with everyone, "a man of all seasons." DONNA M. McNINCH Donna is most proud ot her four years as a Color Guard. She'll never forget football games, bus rides, the prom, bell hops, and going through two grad- uations. Future plans include secretarial school and marriage. ERIN ANNE MCNAMARA Can l sail through the changing ocean tides. Can I handle the seasons of my life. -Fleetwood Mac Erin will never forget the rez, Fri. nights, the shore and "outside", Summer of '76 with sons of Marion, "T", 8f5f76 and the parties. Skateboarding and great times surfing with A.D. and Motts. CHARLES JAMES McSPlRlTT "Charlie Mac" will never forget ballooning at the drive in. Usually seen with Mark, Andy, Greg, Lump, Mike and Harry. Captain Varsity Soccer '76. Soccer parties that lasted forever. J.V. Basketball with Otto. SOCCER IS BESTI VALERIE MEDWAY "We can make our plans, but the final outcome is in God's hands." Proverb 16: I Val was proud to be in Band for four years and choir and Jazz choir tor three years. She will never forget Mr. Deitz's frequent tantrums and the teasing with Mr. Owens. Future plans hopefully in music. JOHN MICHAEL MERCURO Good things must end, They never last, The sorrow of the present Was the .joy ot the past. John M. Mercuro "Nero" usually seen with Klaus, Dave, Paul, Bruce, Geep, and lately with Lori. Will never forget concerts, Saturday nights, the prom, and school days with Sue S., Laura S. and Sue F. X X . an 'as X.: .J KLAUS F. MEINSSEN "Trying to learn is one of your most important re- sponsibilities to yourself, but making sure you have your own ideas about everything you learn is the most important." LESLIE MESHULAM Just say what you mean and mean what you think and think anything! CS Keep smile 'n' MICHAEL J. MELIA Mike is usually found with Tony riding their little green Yamohas. He will never forget: shop as a Frosh, track with "Hietch" and "Goldie" the two and some- times three lunches as a Junior, experiences with Coach Rotello, and all the good friends he made at V.H.S. RICHARD A. MILFORD Rich encourages people to try to make the world a better place to live. His future plans include owning a real estate company. JOANNE MILLS There are dreams to reach for, Dreams to just dream, And Hope, that's not a dream. JoAnne, usually seen with Teresa and Colleen. Will always remember Color Guard, band trips, track, Cross-Country's sing along, B.W. driving with Doris, Cols and 40-love, rooming with Tress and Summer of '76. TIMOTHY J. O'DONNELL "Stick to the fight when you're hardest hit, when things get tough, you mustn't quit." "OD" will never forget experiences on the field, the prom, the shore, cross-blocking, the "switch" with Brian, concerts, and all the great times with the friends he has made at V.H.S. I JOSEPH ROBERT MULVENNA Joe Mulvenna, known as Mole. Favorite songs in- clude, Suffragette City, Rebel Rebel, by Bowie, Roundabout - Yes, Mississippi Queen - Mountain. Best times I ever had were at huggs cave, Phamton concert, golf course. Usually seen with Al, Cooch, Jake Espo, Wash, Lil Willie, brother'Mike. Advice to underclassmen, "Keep on partying." KENNETH A. OETTINGER And you run and run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking, And racing around to come up behind you again, . . . And then one day, you find ten years have got behind you. Pink Floyd LEROY B. NEWELL, lll Jesus said, "l am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Uohn 14:62 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. fRomans 10:92 MICHAEL ANTHONY OLLO "Ols" . . . will always remember senior football, homeroom 132 . . . and especially the summer of '76 . . . Usually seen with "Carp", Rols", "Bern", and "Joe" . . . Advice to underclassmen is to get in- volved . . . Future plans include going to military school and becoming an Air Force pilot. JOAN MARIE OLSZEWSKI "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." "Such", Gilles, Randy, "Anybody", MSG, Livingston Roller Rink, mono, Bumping with Sue, Monday twirl- ing-"buzz." l'll never forget . . . HOCKEYIII Times with friends-Diane, Joyce, Doris, Laura, etc. "The greatest oak was once a little nut that held its ground." BOBBY-L PALLANTE Nobody can make you do anything you don't want to Bobby-L is usually seen with Betty and Kathy. She will never forget 115, or the shore with Debbey, Betty, Mary and Joe. Future plans include marrying, being a Legal Secretary, buying her own car, always being happy, and doing what she wants to. MICHAEL J. O'NEILL LYNN ELIZABETH PAULSEN "Man are the plans in the mind of a man y . But it is the purpose of God that will be established." Proverbs 19:21 RICHARD J. O'NElLL GAIL PECORIELLO HCHIC11 Will never forget the good times with "Big Mouth Bone." She will always remember the summer of "76" with Ann Marie and the "Newark Crew." She is usually seen with A.M.S., S.P., C.C., B.L., and the rest of the crew. Her future plans include traveling and becoming the Disco Queen of the world! in Y' I V Ii eg, F' I II I .III 'I , I af .. 3 I , I .jf - I If , Lf ,ef H : V, - ,IR , ,, , I I -X V 4,-' v'I'1.f .. . I I' . - - 1 Af , I , ' C I I Iva I" I ' ' A . ' I ' I I I ,IU I I ' TL 'fI I' fl ' I I ' f If - I P ' f I ' I Ifv, I I I I we I .I I ' I . I . I.. I, , V I I I 1 ,I I. V4 ' ,Z I "'. I .I I 1-I I. If I f I 'I xx IIIIII I' I L I I III 1 'I ' I, NX II u If I I If fl lf' X x fl U G J jyf L, X I V N I 144 J If II I f X I U' I Q! .I c. DONNA LYNN PEDA As the years grow on me I find that growing up, ls also growing away, Thal with each new friend I meet, l'll begin lo forget the old, And the feelings that l've Always felt, Will drill away with lime, Because with every today, Yesterday dies. J - ' ' , f f I G CHRISTIAN MICHAEL PICKENS, "SLIM" gy F 'I But there are W Richer entanglements, enthrallments far More self-destroying, leading, by degrees, To the chief intensity: the crown of these ls made af love and friendship . . . Keats wi-F I Chris, invariably seen with Mark, cannot ever forget the LIH and special friendships with Sue, Jaynae, Ken, Pat, Roc, Ron, .lon Russel. 5' ff .Li f I if 4 - , I M ., , 91,242 ,a, . L JOSEPH KARL PERCEVAULT Love when you can, Cry when you have to, Be who you must . . . That's a parl of the Plan Await your orrivel With simple survival And one day we'll all understand. Dan Fogelberg Joe will always remember: Golf course, Park, Track, T.L., Knees, Got a dime, Walkathon, Search, Capital J., Life line, Billy Joel, The 23rd and France. If ,jf at x SARA PIGNATELLO Sara usually seen with Gail and Ruth will never for- get freshman and sophomore year, when she and Gail used to get into trouble. She won't forget 6th period lunch, Junior year with A.N., G.T., A.S., L.B., and A.L. She also won't forget good times with Ruth. Future plan is to be a Dental Assistant. - G ,X R V, K' ,lf ' ' JUDY LYNN PETERS Many times l've Lied, Many limes l've Listened, Many times l've Wondered, How much there is to Know. Mellow is the man, Who knows what he's been missing, Many men can't see the road. LZ. Judy will never forget all those Friday nights, Party- ing, the Rez., and a lot of people. :lil I . Q liiiflww M50 JW U H ON BETH POR GUESE Sharon's fondest memories will be of Band. She enjoyed Mrs. Fryer for Modern History. She will never forget fourteen years with Bari, movies with Ellen, Band trips, Music Man, International Weekend, get- ting her license, surviving chemistry, and shore trips. Sharon's future plans include college. or AU' cl l fl "i""i"?l'Ei-fiilfi 'i i ,Ii Q ' " , .ev 5-d f' ,f 4,4 V. ,HMVQ 'i ,. V I f e" .-fi.. ' ' 'sfs V. ii 7. if" l w+f:ffff..2ffsffI, -In si! . ,f- fftssi fi It I. ma, wi, A W I wwf? I ' y " 1 I J f f. . . I, , r 'V rv N? Ai, L . L47 ,I ' . -,I ifQ6g"L?T51 F4297 ,X ffl . f gt-416,59 j Mr1JM v -wi GEOFFREY ROBERT POST A mere speclalor of ofher men's forfunes and ad- venlures, And how fhey play fheir paris, which, mefhinks, are Diversely presenfed unfo me, as from a common lheafer or scene." ll Burfon Acquiring Knowledge is a painful experience. PAUL J. QUILTY "Do you lhink ihal l'm crazy. Oui of my mind? . Do you fhink fha! l creep fhrough fhe nighi, And sleep in a phone boofh?" Frank Zappa Paul was usually seen confused wifh dazed and a host of others. Enjoyed partying and Munchies. Re- member Kufzfownl ALBERT ANDRE PROSUK You musf walk righf oul in The sunshine, Try noi fo hide in fhe shade. Shake yourself loose from the chip on your shoulder, and forgei your passion play. l said, puf your grief behind you, All the sad songs ever sung Well I know how if feels, if don'f seem real When you lose someone so young. John Miles .. nf JULEANN MARIE QUIGLEY "Don you know where you're going fo? Do you like ihe fhings fhaf life's been showing you?" Diana Ross Jill will never forget good times ai V.H.S., espe cially the great friends made there. Fondesf mem ories include Color Guard, track, cross-country and those sing-alongs, Steak and Brew, and New Years Eve wifh Penny. CHRISTA R. QUINN You see fhings as fhey are, And ask why? I dream fhings fha! never were And ask "Why noi?" Some people never say The words "l love you" H's nof fheir sfyle fo be so bold. Some people never say Those words, "l love you" Buf like a child ihey're longing To be fold. RITA MARIE RAMSAY ...Look around and choose your own ground For Long you live and high you fly, And smiles you'll give and fears you'll cry And all you fouch and all you see, ls all your life will ever be Pink Floyd DONALD J. RAYMOND Don will always remember band with Harry, Band Trips, and skiing. He is most proud of designing and building his Hobby Cat. Future plans include study- ing Naval Architecture in college and when financially possible Cprobably neverl cruising around the world in a home designed and built yacht. MARCY LINDA REITER "Live for today Remember yesterday and think of tomorrow . . . " Marcy's best memories include Model U.N. trips, parties, Managing Girls' Basketball, the shore, Suite Judy Blue Eyes, Handball, Sister Golden Hair, "Having Fun", Boston-Razzle Dazzle, Laughing with Cath, Virginia Beach, and all the good times with her friends. MARTIN JOSEPH REGAN EverybocIy's got to take a chance Everybody's got to make a stand You'll be choosing in the end Cause this is your lite my friend. "Marty" will always remember Big Red, Virginia Search, Concerts and the shore. ANN ELIZABETH RIESENMAN Usually seen hanging around the music room with kids from the band. Proud of being Drum Maior for two years and winning "Best Drum Major Award" in Atlantic City '76, Won't forget band trips, bus rides, competition Color Guard, Basketball, and all the friends she made at VHS. MARY ELLEN REILLY You can't always get what you want. Best memories and friends included - Boston, Pool Hall, Manasquan, Search Playpens and marinated apples, rooming with Ro, Crayola Crayons, Sebiri's, Flo's party, Brew 81 Burger, 1f12, Inspiration, Con- tact, ballooning, "dead indians", Brillo Pads and especially I0fI0f76 . . . Future plans include Physical Therapy and going to Tahiti. ELIZABETH ANN ROBINSON Be tender with the young, Sympathetic with the sick, Compassionate with the aging, Sometime in your lite You'll have been all ot these. Liz will always remember frosh year with Julie, G.A.A. Weekend, Mr. Luk's class, Donna, S.M. Oct. parties, trips with Suzanne, Star, James Taylor con- cert and doubling with Emilia. JOHN HENRY RUHL "The memorable experiences in Miss l.eone's 1975- 1976 period 8 Spanish lll F.L.E.S. class will never be forgottenl It is the best class V.H.S. will ever have." TERESA ANN SANBORN "l've walked these halls four years . . . With hope, happiness, fear and even pain . . . But today l walk with sadness . . . Knowing l'll never walk them again . . . " Tress is seen with Liz, JoAnne, Andrea and the rest of the crew. Memories include snob, Color Guard, talks, bus rides, rooming with J.M., squeakies, and Mic. FRANCINE M. RUSSONIELLO Up a narrow flight of stairs ln a narrow little room, As l lie upon my becl ln the early evening gloom. lmpaled on my wall My eyes can dimly see The pattern ot my life And the puzzle that is me. Paul Simon Fran will never forget Jimbo Pasch and the summer of '74. EDITH F. SANFORD To each his own That's my philosophy I don't know what's right for you You don't know what's right for me. Ecstasy, Passion and Pain 148 -.1 .is , . , ., z ,W f - A . , . -. 11. LE .5 QL IE: MICHAEL SALGADO "You only live once so live it." Mike, better known as "Pep" usually seen with Joe Cal, Burt, Dill and the Fonduers. Never forget the summer of '76 with "Cal" and "Burt", always setting scenes. Also never forget cruisin' nights with Cal on cooler nights. Advice to the fonduers-don't stop. CYNTHIA ANN SANTARSIERO "l told you when I met you that l was crazy." Joni Mitchell Sissy will never forget good times with Micki, hanging out with "Hoops", Ken, Elly, Goody, Rich, "R", George, P.D. night, playing the kazoo, munching with Cris and Judy, Russian, parties with friends, Netty's spa, and skiingl FRED E. SANTORO May your hands always be busy, May your feet be always switt, May you have a strong foundation, When the winds of changes shift. May your heart always be joyful, May your song always be sung, And may you stay Forever young. Bob Dylan , I Q LAURA ANNE SCOTT Most proud of being band president. Will never tor- get band, working at BK, or Jr. yr. lespcially prom with JLK and day afterl. Plans to be a nurse. Arrison: Don't forget Great Adventure lwith Sue, Dave and the BIONIC MENJ, chemistry or Mrs. Schoenig's gym classes Soccer, ten "serious" minutes. JENNIFER ROBIN SCHEINER Look ahead, put behind you All the thoughts weighin' on your mind Float your laughter on the breeze Hear it tickling the leaves As it runs among the trees. And here's my thought for the day Put your troubles down today I promise they won't run away So let the music play. Jonathan Kraus STEVEN P. SERITO MARK B. SCHRADER CHRISTOPHER J. SHAW Chris enioyed Verona High. He will most remember his intelligent talks with Mr. Sutter. In the future he looks forward to a baking career. In high school he most enioyed Distributive Education and getting out early. JULIE G. SHELTER . . . iust relax, take it easy. You're still young that's your fault there's so much you have to know." Julie will always remember: Tennis Captain, Honor Society, Wing's Concert, Star, General Science, the Set-up, the prom, 2 a.m. baseball, freshman year, Band Trip, cabinet, the shore and mostly watching number 39. ALLISON JANE SJOGREN Allison is most proud of being a member of the rifle squad. Allison is usually seen with her sister or other assorted Color Guard or Band members. She'll never forget North Syracuse Band Trip, North Carolina, the prom with Jorgy and Great Adventure with Jorgy, Sue, Dave, Laura, and Jeff. vm lI" 5 ,, K it in E I SHEILA SHERIDAN An Irish Toast May you be in heaven A half hour Before the devil knows your dead. Usually seen with Rose, Teri, Kerry, Billy, Michael and George. Remember Pilgrim Diner, Bruce's, Foot- ball games, flat tires and no brakes!!I MICHAEL J. SMITH E w I NJ ANN MARIE SIMONELLI "A.S." Disco Queens "G.P." "With pride for all you are And with hope for all you'll be." Usually seen with Gail, Cindy and Crew will never forget the shore with Loulou, Markey, Mrs. Crabtrre, John, Wahoo and Mine and Gails "Newark" Crew. Future plans include School and marriage. "Summer of "75" "EZ" and "Gags." SUSAN A. SOLOMON "Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. Joni Mitchell Most memorable experiences include Summer School '74 with Jimbo and Cricket and that whole great summer. Future plans include a possible career in fashion. BILL SONA Usually can be found brownin' around, looking for some buns in the white coupe, somewhere out of town. Usually seen with Tony Fabreeze, Cooch, and some out of towners. MARY LISA STANISCI lf a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however mea- sured or far away." ll Henry David Thoreau Mary will never forget cheering for soccer, "Rags", P.D. night, Chemistry or Algebra with Vin. ANNE R. SOZANSKI Anne, will never forget the special times with her friends. They include: partying at Carolyn's, the 4th of July, softball games, Frampton, shopping for Prom dresses, Doc's "help", "lover undercover", last year's graduation parties, Thursday night poker, Moose and Red, Landslide . . . Bowie, the shore-"oh boy" and Spare me, Eddy. I J. DANIEL STEELE "Live for today, Dream for tomorrow." Danny, most proud of passing Chemistry, will remem- ber Typing Il with Ms. Byrne, earning letters in Cross Country and track, and' participating in other extra-curricular activities. His Advice to Underclass- men is don't eat the cafeteria food and get involved. Danny plans to go on to college and iournalism. V , ' 'W I , N... I .1 .rf -f . LA'-' w ' .gf R ' xv, I can 1 K. X .Q g X DONNA SUE SPINWEBER "Look with your understanding, find out what you already know, and you'll see the way to fly." From Jonathan Livingston Seagull Donna will always remember: Cheering, Soccer Par- ties, Shadows Junior Prom, Summer of '76, Poker, Steak 'N Brew, Marshmallows, Choir, A.P. History, Mr. Luks, and all the great times with her friends. PATRICIA ANN STIEFBOLD "The Bird of Time has but a little way to fly . . . . . . and the bird is on the wing." Omar Khayyeim Patty is usually with Ance, Bombie and other mem- bers of Ship 3. She will always remember Chemistry with Mr. Veitch, Biology, and Drivers' Ed. Theory with her father MQW MMM I . Aff iii' 3 .WW ,Vid JQW1 xi O04 amiuw ALlJJdwAI7UOc' 5 GREGORY STIVALA "STITS" can usually be found with the soccer gang or LD., Al, P.L., Dill, Pepe, and Lump. He will never forget being soccer champs, Junior prom with Barb, ocean's away, the Playboy Club, Kfour-leat clovers and Mark's truck. Future plans include the military, a new knee, and growing a beard like Clint Eastwood. RONDI ANNE STIRES "RONDEROO" Rondi will never forget Color Guard, Mr. Owens, cheering, dog's feet and Laddies, P.D. night, "Mungus Man", J1 and J2, Frantic City, Drew U., "B-A-H-R", rolling pots, and all the good times with Suzanne. Future plans include college. DALE ALLISON SWENSON "To fulfill the need to be who l am in this world, is all l ask. l can't pretend to be something l'm not w and l won't wear a mask, Cause lam what l am and l have the need to be." y V JANET srunrseffvif ary lin R Us 9 5, L z ,4f2Xf' ,. is 5 fri HLAVML , g 2 'lp' l if Ji fl R' ' K. E f Us M i X., , mg ' bf . - Y. I 5- 1 is 3 ki' Q t . AL Q f if ' ., if ici ' ef 1 at ' J-R . L 'fl' iff e S. if ' L 7' W Le M if 51 E S fl j V s J 1 Et V L 'A R F' E " I W 4, l K ' FTP L ' 25 . i c M ea. , Q. L x 1 ly J ,A A .kiwi V i 5 k Ml' K ' , " 9 t . J Flirt' .flu S' l' .Hill r. ,Xp U in l Q ,. 5 l i if , ' L.. .3 Lk . VE' XF . 'iff I -5 V ' L, 5' Lv 1 N 2 Cs' S Rx L E 1 , ' . Qfav ' K 1 - . ,M J ' l ' 1 'Q 152 1 rbxj N ,fx Q lx I Qyxewb cg-XLV mf, L yxfv -ga -.L gk e e X is kj .qv J J vt L i yea as c L SUSAN JANE STRUHL "l try my best to be just like l am, but everybody wants me to be just like them." Dylan Sue, alias "Sauce", will always remember Florida with Helen, K.A.K., G.A.A. Show and weekend, Dawn, Lisa, cheese doodles, Steak and Brew, skunk, long talks with Beth, proms, Feb. 7, and B, ILTW. Future plans include college. MICHAEL SZKRYBALO "With us it ain't like that. An' why? Because . . . because l got you to look utter me and you got me to look after you, and that's why." Of Mice And Men John Steinbeck LORI J. TARNOFSKY Lori will always remember the Sophomore dance, the Proms, down the shore, the pie incident, the trip to Philadelphia with Ms. D'Agostino's 5th period His- tory class, Home Room with loveable D.D., "That's all Folks," South Mountain Reservation, Learning to ski and those very special people. o KATHLEEN ANN TICHENOR I have failed in a thousand cases But I still have the heart to try l am scared of a hundred places No darling of luck am l ln many a crucial hour l have hoped and been scorned, But never has fate had the power To convince me l was licked. ' S. F. Kiser LEONARD R. TAYLOR DAVID TRAILL JAMES A. TENNERMANN "Make mine glazed!" "Crick" will long remember the impression made on him by VHS. He will never forget Mr. Ellicott's un- usual table manners or "the game" that they never did get to play. Future plans include riding the skies, the slopes, and the trails. YUKO TSUJI Glad that l live am l, That the sky is blue, Glad for the country lanes And the fall of dew. By Lizette W. Reese From A Little Song of Life Even though Yuko had a short stay at V.H.S., she will always remember her great Senior year and the great people she met. ,, QI, , ,W , , -,JW Af, ,3Lv1'fljj,o'li' 'MllJlsfl M yr My A9 A XY' C IJ I K ik' I : U ,X 'V ex . Mill A I ,I V Ao sf ' H J l Qfliili IW J A JAYNAE MAEIE TUCKER "Don'l look so sad, I know il's over, Bul life goes on and this old world will keep on luring. Lel's just be glad we had some lime lo spend logelher." Dedicated lo Wendy, Janet, Chris, and Dave. Fondest memories are of lunch, the laughter, tadpoles, home- room and the library. SALVATORE VICARISI "When l die - l'm going lo heaven, l iusl spent my lime in hell." "Sal Vic" will always remember the Prom '76, Bloom- field and Jenene, Partying, the Sign, Change at F.N., Wheeling and Dealing, Ronnie's house, Frampton, and hanging with new crew senior year. 154 ,WY ,,,.,., W . JONATHAN DOUGLAS TURVEY "AH PRAIRIE . . . " Jon, usually seen with "Men", "Mon" or in, on or under a boat, will never forget Spanish lll FLES, U.S. History I, or the time he cooked iiffypop in the chem. lab. Future plans include college and finally taking WLW sailing. JOHN MICHAEL VIZZONE John will always remember Economics Jr. year with Mr. Roc. Advice to underclassmenp stay out of the Halls to stay out trouble. Future plans include college. GAYLE M. VALESTIN Memories of love and tragedy Of great times and sad limes Ol friendship and loneliness All have made me who l am And will help me become who l will be. Gayle will never forget Jimbo and the memories he lefl with the summer of '74 and '75 with M.B. and the rest of the crew. MARY THERESA WATTERS For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision bul today well lived makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. ,, GREGG KEMPNER WEINGLASS Yanks Best!! Gregg is most proud of playing baseball for two years and being Student Council Vice-President. He will always remember all night poker with Ben, Mark . . . , the prom, and U.S. History with Mr. Ellicott. He really enioyed his senior year, and a special someone made it even better. KAREN JEAN WILLIAMS "lt's always summer on the inside." O'NeilI Karen will never forget: perils with Lindsey as ski team captains, ski weeks, Great Gorge with ski team crewp K27, Mr. O., concerts, gymnastics, and Q. She spent most of the time waterskiing and skate- boarding at the shore. Future plans include going to Australia. i A QM, ,C--X X TX Kikfxs ff ,fcJ-.4:.,,.mw1iL.s,,eQ-'Qi fi We-'H i0'ff'bi"X' Wfeffifvk Ce- !!! 5 A if I L-f 'P . Ns, . Iva- ie.. If :gig it- SZf'L,l'l.,-.,,.-Q.j sgv -s Vvefe. -la'-M, fi XATQCX' Lfs..l..fxf-M, 'ent LN. A ' L ' I 2 I . f 511,-...., iw.,,, Nj, ' NX, '-JJ Q L33 ii" A 'l s K -s . yxfsf 2 W- IX.w:--.- mx lf.. le itislee-We "vb-1 U s NJ-K' if sf-' M :el fs- X Nfsgk . 'i R-V alt, 'if' . Kwik L ssefsf La Ll 'KM-ereWe-QQWENDY Louise WILDE QM V, gs- Q. Isa, I, A "The road' is long with many a winding turn that V 4 , l, U a l i Q ll ' leads us to who knows where." i ' 'J' 1 I " ' g N 'Of' 5 V ix?-1 Tl-ec Wendy's memories include: High Point, the Prom, M ..'y.' we I A, A, 1, X MM E in In ,V I lunch, Band Fags, Post trips, good times with B.L., Q, Al ii 'O Qxffx S.C., S.F., .l.T., J.S., L.T., F.S., ALBATROSS, "The "f'f"' jf" lg' f --sf X 653. ,FC B", mess from '79, B.C., that special person Dip, and LAN, 3 i ,,,, 5, ,Q ,,A,,,Y,5 4, F X qlwqys Dave A A .JV 11 , Q tr f A , . , rl W. JR. 2, A I Q :j V H" ' " - 'X " N ' " X in ex...-4 A fs. I X Q. ' '1 e . , iiffx' . . ERIK RICHARD WILLIAMSON Erik can usually be found in the halls or boys' room several periods a day. Best known for his ability to avoid trouble, getting away clean when all others are caught, Advice to underclassmen is: Do yourself a favor and have your fun after school. -f --f.. .Qs , Q , '-K.. ,.. Ak JONATHAN WAYNE YOUNG Usually seen running around Verona somewhere. Favorite class is Vinnie's 8th period crack class. Future plans include college. Vee.. STEPHEN JOSEPH ZALES "lf you don't have time to do it right the first time, then when are you going to find time to correct it." Steve's memorable experiences include: The Meadow- lands, 12 years with Buro, Subways, bicycle trips to N.Y. State, the Garment District, 60 hour weeks at the Manor, and hitchin' around. NOT PICTURED: ROBERT Acceruno BERNARD JOHN DOLAN, JR. MAR Y FITZPATRICK ' " -v? 'W CRYSTAL L. ZUKOSKY "Beginning to think that l'm wasting time Don't understand the things that I do. 'Cause the world outside looks so unkind Now l'm counting on you To carry me through Give me the beat boys to soothe my soul l wanna get lost in your rock-n-roll and drift away Rod Stewart CHRISTOPHER ANDREW OLIPHANT EUGENE S. OLIPHANT lg., ""- W-"::zr NWN, MW I I -if E 3 . if Wil: --Q....,., J'-'A 1,1 -1245 f if ifffi-fm 5- FRESHMAN YEAR '73-'74 Welcome to V.H.S .... Stuck in homeroom during assemblies . . . "Get outta the lounge kid!" . . . Frosh spirit shown by leading magazine drive and spirit chain . . . New uniforms for The Marching Maroon and White . . . Band places in West Essex Competition . . . Completion of tennis courts . . . First girls tennis team . . . Football team-Gr. Il, Sec. ll, State Champs . . . Romeo and Juliet trip . . . D.L. "streaks" . . . Production,,of school's first musicalp Oliver . . . Model U.N. goes to Harvard . . . Fairviewer discontinued . . . Saggs opens candy store . . 4 Energy crisis gives school extra winter vacation-but days are made up in June .... SOPHOMORE YEAR '74-'75 Still underclassmen . . . Many new faces on faculty . . . Band places second at Syracuse . . . Choir exchange with Mt. Pocono . . . Soph Biology dis- L sects frogs, worms and crayfish . . . Jazz band places first at Berkeley . . . Fairviewer reiuvenated . . . Harry Chapin concert that almost was . . . girls ski team . . . Big tree chopped down on upper field . . . Music Man produced . . . The referendum is passed . . . English term papers . . . and Sopho- more ring dance tops it all off .... JUNIOR YEAR '75-'76 Finally upperclassmen! . . . Mr. Pirrello new vice- principal . . . The band festival . . . .lazz band first at Berkeley again . . . 7-7 tie with Madison . . . Soccer team-Gr. II, Sec. II state champs . . . Col- lege day . . . PSAT'S and SAT'S . . . Chemistry is a ioy?! . . . Mr. Ellico1t's table manners . . . W.O. basketball game . . . Mrs. Fryer and class try to go to museum with class . . . Miss D., Mrs. Fryer and class do go to Philly . . . Bagel sale . . . Horse- heads choir exchange . . . Girls Suburban Con- ference Basketball Champs . . . 12 inducted into Honor Society . . . Junior Prom . . . can't wait 'til next year when .... SENIOR YEAR '76-'77 We're Seniors! . . . Mr. Atkinson is new principal . . . Senior lounge reborn and repainted . . . New library, classrooms, and finally new Gym . . . Soccer Team is 21-l--Conference, County, State Champs . . . Long Island Hobbit? . . . The Great Congressional Debate . . . Student Council gets smoking lounge . . . Should have gotten out to lunch . . . Auughl, Those college interviews and applications! . . . Halloween . . . Pep Rally and Bonfire . . . Smyle concert . . . Sex Ed .... Choir oranges and grapefruits everywhere! . . . 22 more Seniors inducted into Honor Society . . . Model U.N. wins all! . . . Senior Slump hits hard . . . Exam exemptions anyone? . . . Senior banquet . . . The Prom . . . Hittin' the shore . . . and finally . . . Diplomas and Graduation . . . We Made lt! . . . mw- fi f 1 y ..,....,..... . i 2 a ff! , -- 1- yn, H .sw f, x 4 K must .... - as I' v A "' -,wwf 9 Lila? , x A 3 mf - e 5 ii fi" K .. yi my , ... 1 :L J .ig Wa, K F wkwiw x nw Um si, A gi W., J' if it ff A by X JR L Q f ' 1 fix as my 1 fx N Q A f :fa if R , .Q Ri 5 Q fm if ., 5 45' In K ,G Q of M ga 1 rg Q3 1 0 sf K Q S' 4 sw X Sk a Mx K 1 N N i' vb. 1 . W W in ., 'sn 'D C 0 ' If 0 0 . ' 1 Mist , all-C! 2 you M, AM W1 m, Ap, you are my inapirafion juni you anal me 5zm,,4 M1 pee gag? you Ve euer gfning .9112 ever ,umff of Que me your own Jfoeciafdmid 7 promioe you never Azave me yuaf you ann! me .gmlag anclhee Gaze ia ao eaay WLQI1 you Ge Leaiele me game Wie CAJB, ILBUEI' FQLGJB ine Open your armd Lt my Ave in love me fonignf. grove me gzrever never you Aww J? can? Lfgef you juu you am! me fo Cm, on gmpg in wnaf one Amen me Zur .loving you ,iff ia 60 damn .my Mu are my Km and my AL Mu are my inapirafion Juni you anal me .STMPL and ZW gal? you re everyfning .gaze ever clreameal of . . . A,ga:f1mma"77f U ff! f -?.f?17111f7f' '-'1111.w,w52f,lf ,251 ' if ,aw Qgimgjg ,M 3.-Q, V H I ii 1 s 5, ,, g I fgjfigsv ' 1 S 4 4 Q i a 3 i i u 5 I 4 1 A , I I 3 : 5 Q f .I , K f 7 ix W E F "4 K5 1 Q 9' w L iw A my, am , af. Nm 6 Q 1 sk Q 4 4x XJ 5 i ,f fiafyf , Z Q W X 3 . Yin ,Q K X Q13 x- Q 4? . -N- QHF- ' """k -wa .., I A -1 -S45 HX - EX fy W4 XSQ.-'L J fa! 'x if 1 i K .4 ' ilk: Q' u rg .MQ yn- A-M, -Z -M -my .515 -3-. .E- X . .. .. , ,f , M0135 i S., , -V .LT A A Vx .PQ .X 1-f 1 53..gk,,1 f ...ffm K 1 .Q ..-.U.. .- 1' .J. ,, - .e if . , N . I , a . -f ,. ,fa ' J 1 . , . 122551, Q an W- x Y A H?.,,...,.., ., . ., ' 'G . 'f 1 V4 RX 'r-:f::.-,nf .... 1.315-.H v e leg. E 1es zBf, ., . Q- W. W If f 1 1 1:11 Qfzwfw ,W fy! ,Q ' GW ,MUWQQ f 22 f ,ff ju! W QQ .XM W f W WMMMMW Uf XWQ 15 X xx ,I Q iw ,' 1 I 7 'Q, I Q, X U ' f ,i Vg X M 'V N X ,,' r , W 4,-2515! X X9?Smiqg1fx ?. ff V Wafgfiii wf H 324' ,Wise My!! , W ff f,f,'f,'LQ,E 5, .9-Z4 ff ly' f -W H ",' 2 2117 "Leif ff , f' ' ,f N" , 'ff' ' V X Z! v f ' . .NXMLE - K .V,.f: g- K, ,fi ,Z . 'V X"4C'3: 5' gf 'f' ', I Afwfllf' - " ' 4 W: AA, 45: -Q '1 , ,f ff 1 i ,f mf pf 0 1 ,ff f X f f I. 4 -f :f ', ,, ff ' WM f Y NN X I X-1 f wr- Z ,F 'X' ffl Y W ..'y L- ' J Y L f W ' fffi W ,K,, , , - ,. e if w wim f f f ww f , 'I f giigq lg , - Il -f-, ."': H - e 1 UY R M6 a 'MQ ,M ,ff ,qbfy M gm fr. 1 fi N Q-M Q W. x r axx ,u 5 QW f? ff' ffl gf, SHN kf xf' MM W ' W iw 5 sw W 4 . 51 IU 4 aft V :KG 98 MW if-, ww was 5 I Q Nfl A ww x V I MQW X Sw L . ' 41 Wx M f W , ' Wwxyw Jw V 3 in NN 'f ' -5 wwf QW' +'W xv -W 'fjk Ox of if . ' Bbffy Nl, W W ww ff Wikis N0 ww XN' NM? X P ff? f J,-,,. I , x ' ff f f' ' "7 ' , lf Lf RTE' - - f -- ' f,iJ.XQ?'J-Ffff 'Sf' 'rG'Fi, HI' X ' va fl 14,1 -Q YN :i' i Q , L ,,,f-f' ' x X ,l Ab 190 f - , 'Wim ' Q i f , f ' - f .ffgaq ' ' N, .- ?5::,T'i ?7!"1'i .ml 1 fff' Wfif W OJ- Dwi fwifffg " f Af' if XY V12 5 "K.i'E'5'?'A' 1 '11 : T MW LLL-5' ,ff 4 mgrmgdff - ,Z ' , ,M . ' 'U ,Mix y , l ,. ' 1 I I . -.4 . ,, x ' IH' ,1V:Q,1g1'y 1 "z'1' Wl+iff A ,M 1 lf! "' ' ,1. r .' 1 A ,F Q Anonymous Mr- and Mrs. William B. Atkinson PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Duffy, Ill "The Family of Charles E. Finger" Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Beste Mr. and Mrs. Edward Brady Mr. and Mrs. John Budesa Mr. and Mrs. James Caufield Bill and Cynthia Collins Mr. and Mrs. Concialdi Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Corello John J. Curley Stone Co. Mr. and Mrs- B. DeFalco David Deitz Mr. and Mrs. Dorchak A dollar for THIS? "AgNie, Man"-sbi Aimee, I will love your forever Love, Steven Air Head L Miggets All hail Sneeze and Ferdl "All right Gary" CEEI Andy Blank Are you listening Bri-Yeah I'm listening-MC August I6, I976-BC Bi JH Baby face Bill Atkinson Balls and Hoops-to Sue Love Beth Bangin' Beavers, Tull G Trower if-'I Basketball would be -If-'I if everyone was as good as me-lumpy B.C.-Thanks for I0f23f76-J.H. Before the pep rally, Kathy F., Donna, Sue, Suzy, Nancy, Vicki, Linda, Lori, Amy Belmar Best-down the shore with Dawn, Beth, Lisa Ben Hecht for president in 2008 Ben-I really like your hairl Best of everything seniors. Best of luck Class of '77 Best of Luck to the Class of I977 Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of '77 Best ot Wishes Class of '77 from M.G. Best Wishes Best Wishes- from Florence Rader Best Wishes from Hazel Griesenbeck Best Wishes from Mrs. "K" Best Wishes from Mrs. Kathleen Quinn Best Wishes, Mrs. "R" Best Wishes-The Purpuras Beth and Ferg March 22, I975 Better ta win than lose Bl-Ml-HI-FI-NOW-B.H. A C.H. , B A K-Tonight's the nite, it's gonna be alright S.C. Bo-Boy blue Bimbo from the Bozo Barn Boner I A A "WAH", "WAH", "WAH" Bonne Chancel ' Bonne chance a' mis amisl B.P. with Ears Boag-"Let's go skiing"-Marg B.R. Brian C. Bi Wendy W. forever Bi ever Bri-I'm not really in 5th grade am I?-Marge But his eyes popped out-Kakel But really, I swear we're just friends Can YOU spot the Roc? Captain Midnight is bestl Captain, Sue, and the Caiyoon Kinds Charlie Mac has golden Nuggets CHARLIE MAC-ALL-AMERICAN Chip-Remember me-I love you-Soph. girl Chris G Dave played a lot Chris Hartman is chauvenistic Chris it must have been sh- putting up those vines never forget good ol snow white, Mary Cincinnati Reds are NO. IIIIII Class Night.'76 T.L., K.G., S.A., G.B. Class of '75 is still 9'--Jagger Colleen 8. Joanne-The world's worst comedians Congratulations Colleen Corcoran says "HI" to VHS Cont-l'll walk-Lump Cont-Y or 0 KMC, GLI UG, LR, QEE, BJJ-Lump Cruising in the silver bug-EM, JP, KW, G MC Cue Sollins and Fori Lusella Dale-You made itl Good Luck!-Leslie Danny-I love youl-Leslie D.B.-How's gym with Karen 8. French with Joanne? Love "Angel" DD, MM, 81 CB never forget 6 AM tennis Dennis R. Gurry Destiny -l- Desire L Efforts Diane loves Danny, II-29-75 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Friedman Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Hecht and Family Dr. and Mrs. . Ken Hipkins Donald W. Hogan I. Honigfeld ' Mr. and Mrs. Dr- and Mrs. . Richard J. Kenny McNinch Charles Mc Spiritt The Paulsen Family Marge and Joe Percevault Thelma and Bernard Reiter BOOSBTERS Dill, Pep, Mo, Cal, Paul AI, Vic, Bert, Knoles, Bill C., Ronny, Greg, Brian, will never forget the Shingles in Belleville. DK L JB at "OIIies"-TP sawll D.K.-Never forget the Apartment on Hamilton Ave.-E.C. D.L-Don't worry, I'lI never forget you D.L.-l'II never forget chickens, frogs, Maxwell Plum, your neck, whiplash, Russ, or our talks-C.M. Does Ann Landers like Cheese Doodles? Do my eyes look funny? V.L., N.G. Don McNamara A Mike Salgado are soooo cutel Donna-Remember doubling with GG and GM- Margaret Don, You know you're my idol from Tom Doug Smith Shall Rise Again Drink Water, Captain Video, Mick L His Mike M.L. A A.F. Dr. Keep In Touch-"The girl in the yellow sweater" Drop a dime "Drop Dead MichaeI" CMI Duffy is tenderlll e.c. a. P.z.-1 lf29f75 Eileen-Tennis? Chocolate? Hair? Cold?-Lynn Emilia-I'II never forget the summers-DK Emilia-Want to play "Pitch and Put?"-Liz EM-Remember the Wild Times of Life-JP Even though we can't, we do, we are, and we willl Everyone is going surfing Sharon Face-L.D. Fark Brown has big EARSI Favorite M.O.M.'s It The Brick wall February Vacation '76-Never a dull moment Feel Like Makin' Love-JG, CG, MC, PD Fickle Senior Yearl FIDELIS: YOUNG MAJORITY: BERMUDA FINK-l'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU For old dog, children and watermelon wine Four dollar high in July-EM, JP, MC A KW Fox-The eyes tell the Story-Marg Fritz the Cat-RG, MC, BC, PG, SG-iwrong car Robll From "EucIid" "Fruetz A VegitabIes'f Gail, don't forget senior year in English Gary L Mike forever "Gary, isn't my chest big enough?" iEEt George Austin George, Birdie, Agnes, Merg A Jenny will ride on Get in kicking before it's too late or keep your pride Get out the car, bitchl G.K.-"The Best"-L.O. Good-by LONG ISLAND HOBBIT Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck Beth, remember March 22, I975- Love always Ferg Good Luck from a '45er Good Luck-Chief '73 Good Luck from Esther Pearson, the old baker Good Luck from Joe, Danny and Mickey Good Luck-From Mr. 8 Mrs. Hunt Goal Luck from M.S. Good Luck from the Greenfields Good Luck in the future Montclair Man Good Luck-J.D., B.C., G.S., A.F., B.C., P.l.., J.N., M.S., J.C.,-Love S.B. 81 P.D. Good Luck, Robert Frungillo Good Luck Seniors Good Luck Susie Good Luck to all seniors from S.B. Good Luck to all the Senior of '76-Love- Joyce, Sandra, Judy Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to Senior Homeroom -H9 Good Luck to the Class of '74-R.A.F. Good Luck to the Class of '77 J. F. Reisenman Mrs. Neil F. Ritchey Best Wishes, The Sanford Family Mr. and Mrs. Stanley A. Spinweber Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Swenson Tom '67, Jim '69, Judy '75, Maureen Brian '77 Compliments of Twin Method Cleaners of Verona The Weinglass Family Mr- and Mrs. Robert W. Wilde Good Luck from the New Wright Hardware Store in Verona Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to the Class of '77 Good Luck to the Class of '77- Mr. and Mrs. Otto Clarizio Good Luck to the Crew-E.E. Good Luck to the "Hartke GirIs" Good Luck to the Junior Class President Good Luck to the Seniors Good Luck to the Seniors of '77 Great knowing Susie Greetings from Neil Sokoler in California Greg-Never forget our many talks and times we spent together-Margaret Hail to the Queen-Karen Have a Happy Have Fun, from an '82er Hebey Cheby 2 8. Daisy Jane Heidi Charmdine Von-Vick Hunt Hell-It was New Year's Evel Help us Help you-V.Y.R.S. Here's to everything we've ever done together Hey Alf-Forget her, I'm here Hey Amyl Where's the key? I thought you had it Jol Lesliel "Hey Billy is it a cop?" Hed dead Indian-Be my brother, or I will kill you- S.R.N.C. cfo M.B. Hey Cyphalilium it's snowing in the basement Hey I.indsey! Want a Darcie burger? Mutha Hark Hey Miss Schoenig, Brian wants to know what "flip side" is Hey-my brother spiked the o.i.I lf2B Hey Pete, Edith fell because the little Leprechauns didn't rack it upl Hey Sue-Plan A is workingl KBoys are so dumbt Hey Tootsl How you doin' Hey Tresa, How's Mick? "HL" Are you FUBAR?-"HLB" HLB-I'm no fubar, later we can-OK? HL "HL"-Never forget that song by Queen-"HLB" Hot tea at Serps with Donna and Vickie 9f25 I can't wait to go away to college and live with someone-Allison S. "If you knew Susie" - I had fun with Lou-KH I'll miss you Sauce l'lI never forget you I love I love I love I love I love I love I love I love "I Io Bobby Ferraral Don forever girls-S.A. John Sar il. Hilll Lisa O. Marching Bandtl Pedcocksllllll Suzy ya all" RG ve - I love ya Don Juan-KH I love W.W.-KM-and visa-versa I love you Lumpy-E.E. I love you M.S. by Nat I loved you Tommy DIIII "l iust put it in the machineI" "I'm iust looking at you Through Crazy Eyes Tonight" L, M, J, G. I'm waiting for a long distance phone call, BC 8. RG I need somebody to love-MS It is better to have never loved than to have loved 8- lost It's been special pen-G.W. l've got something in my Pocketll M.N. Bt C.B. from J.Y. I want my Maypol I was forced to buy thisll Jake: YOU ARE ROTTEN-donna, good luck- miss ya . . . Janice-I'm rubbin' my nose all the time-Billy Janice-Never forget Heaby Cheby 2 A the Brick wall-Billy January 7, 1977-Score Four-JL Si KF J.C. likes me-SAPII-T.C. J.C. "The Bum" J.G.-Thanks for all the memories-they won't be forgotten and neither will you-P.D. JJ A DM Always Jill-I'lI never forget our five mile race-Mike Jim Bob-Dylan-Springsteen-Chips-Inmateur- KA-HU LU KI-egad marticia-MF-SS Jim Callander "Oats" Jimmy-You're No Goodl-D.K. Joe Cal loves his Zetas Jon Russel is STILL dead J.P.-Those Friday Nights were on the wild side-E.M. J. Quaranta, Jeweler, J. J. Newberrys Juan Lopez can drive!-Girls' Tennis Team Judy-Get some Iimeade-Marg Kansas Livesl Karen -n- Julie 4-ever K.C. 8. J.G. will always remember those good times with J.D. G G.S.-summer of '76 K.C.-Never forget Camp Shawney, Tequila G Ron's 2f76 Es our other crazy times-MC Keep on twirling, LU Ann "Keep Surfing"-"Bolt"-EM Kelly and Colleen Kerrigan Ken Luks is NOT a hobbit-MK, CP Kill Liz Hollonderl Kill them Roaches-L.F. A D.P. King Garucci-Keep me in your little black book- Margaret Krazy K.C.'c SW, SM, TZ, JG, Ml, DB L.A.-Dribbles-C.A.G. "Landslide", Soccer, "What are ya doinl" Laurie G. and Lisa M. Good Luck L.D. 8. 0. D. O.T.B. bestll Bing Best Let's go blow a bogie Let's hit the shore 8. Seaside pier-EM, JP, KW, MC Let's keep it a secret Light up the big one Lindo L Sue remember Bth period Lip Stuck Smile ' use a. Gary 9f4f76 Lisa G. "Would you like to sit on my face?" Lisa-"It's howdy doody time" Lisa-Have some more vodka-Gary Lisa N-Meet ya at the backstopl Liz, Donna, Karen 8. Julie-Ronnies room Liz, Donna, and Emilia christened EmiIia's car-per. 3 Liz-Never forget 4th of July weekend '76-Emilia Lloyd and Tricia, Forever Lori 8. Penny-Tramps, Malted Balls A Revolving Zippers Lot's of Luck Mike-Donna Louie-I'll never forget ya G Good Luck in the future -R.P. Love yo' powder puff L.S. L D.H. never forget Sept. 17 B. the lady in the car-M.N. Lu Gatz-Is that the way it's spelled Tony? L nn Ashle Y Y Lynn-Don't talk to me until I had my coffee L toast- Sue Lynne-Never forget Chuckie Gi Jummy "MAC", HARTKE, AIRHEAD, MILES . Making signs for tearoom Buddy and Otto, and stealing the medal and getting caught-E.B., S.M., L.B. Manson Lives in my bathtub More-Always remember summer '76 "we were born to run"-Pom "Marge-Are you sure it's all right?"-MC Marge-I'm still waiting for some tips II-Gary Marge-Next time-Gary Marge, summer of '77 will be best-RG Mark, We never souled the tickets Marshmallow parties can start forest fires, Camp Activities Director Mary and Andy May the sky be the limit for Susie M.C.-Remember summer of '76-LD Melia-Always remember our long talks- Good Luck-R.P. Michael and Lynn Michelle C's-48 hour party K.G. Michele R. "What time is it?" Mig-Best Always Miller Nips are bestl "Mike I can't go to an R movie" KBJJ Mike, I love you-Thanks for the memories-W.M. Mike-The whole night in his Tobyhanna gym shorts- KRG, JG, LR! M.M., don't forget the "E" at the End MN of Freshman year at Marge's MOM, It must be him-or I sholl die: lit wasll "MOOCHI" Dedicated to MJ 8- RO Mosie, Duffy, More-Mare, Sheila and Bill Mr. Atkinson-Do us a favor?-MK, CP Mr. A Mrs. David Arthurs Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward Byrne Mr. 8. Mrs. Eugene Corcoran Mr 8. Mrs. Carlo Cordasce Mr. G Mrs. Gulanza Crockett Mr. I BOOSTERS Mr. B Mrs. Thomas G. Kerrigan Mr. and Mrs. Joe Micchelli Mr. 81 Mrs. Rocco Orlando Mr. G Mrs. Gerald Roberts Mr. Us Mrs. Tavaglione Mrs. Eunice Burgess Mrs. Edward A. Dyer Mrs. Lawrence Mrs. Roberts-Thanks for ruining my senior year- Margaret Mr. Roc loves 4th period economics and Julie Much happiness to the class of '77 Nancy Friend Need Soul 239-5597 before X-mas S88 or best offer Neil Sends best wishes to the Class of '77 Never a dull moment with Judy Never forget 8th period chemistry-LA, JG, A MC from BS Never forget Jimmy in the park--What happened? Never forget that Norweigen Skier Never forget the old and remember to make the newtl Never forget weekend at Lafayette, CM, RG New Year's Eve ot Chris'-What a iokel Next flag will be made out of material Kingl NIPCO lMC,GLj O.C. with KW-iogging, boardwalk, Aquaport, Young Blood, 8. "streaking"-M.C. Oct. 2nd at L.B.'s house was the bestl Oct. 16-The night on the moveable couch at Rob's "Oh dear God, please help us get home safe and sound"-BC. RG, JG, GL, MC, MC, LR Orange Girls are Best!-Sue and Julie One down and three to go OH MY GODI-Girls' Tennis '76 Out of sight - out of mindl OUPPE I I I M.R., D.A. Pam-Thanks for the shoulder-More Patti! I'm involvedl Paul, "You can't argue with a sick mind", Nero P.D. 8- S.M.-Shazzaaml It's Captain Marvel!-JG Penny and Gregg l0f7f76 Pete 6. Brio-Friday Night Special-Hayride in "Whyville"-Marge G Peds. Pickles PILYN Put it in bird I I Queer Br Crazy together forever Queer Bi Queer best friends forever R-Short 8. Sweet 7f22-8f24-Thanks-M R.E. 8- R.D., Summer of '76 Best: Pontiac Tempest Ra?bIe Rclbble your head is a mess ! I I Ra ph?-Overbrook?-VHS?-DP-LF? Remember singing on the Golf Course Ricky-I can't get you in trouble this year-JP Rob-Always remember our midnight talks 8- "our conspiracy"-Marge Rob-Do you?-Thomas Robin and "Moon" Rose didn't do itl Rose P. Thanks for 5f21f76 M.O. Rt. 3 drive-in F.H., S.W., M.C., L.H., G.l.., LM. Sammy Sperm live onl-Bio. Soph. yr.-Dill, Marge, Donna, Julie, Todd and Mrs. L. Sara, remember Steno I and oth period lunch Soy hello-Say I love you-Say Good-byel Schmick 8. Dink She was going on 35-J.L. 81 D.P. Shed Girlds DM, KG, 8. SA Shine your mirror sunglasses yet Charlie? Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain, getting high on moonshine, and rocking in the grain. Show me the way -11-'41 Sissy, where am I? S.M. "It's called a one night stand" P.D. SMILEI So-wha'cha been doing'-snorkeIin', Lindsey? So you do, do you-D.P. Soccer Crew plus 1 Soccer is Great I I I by R.P. Gi L. O. S.S. K.C. D.M S.B. etc. Sue-"Remember 'Make up your mind' and Halloween?"-MC "Sons of Marion" and "T"-I'll always remember ya- E.M. Sophomores '79 Know how to partyl Steve Z.-Pete F.-Dan B.-Brad H. '77 Stock Room Loves Snapper, Eriol, Gee whiz, G Pat Pend Sue, Steve's tender tool Mike Sue Struhl, You made itll Mr. D Sue take a walk-SW, TZ, JG, SM, ML, DB Suite Judy Blue eyes: . . . And we get high-MR 8 MR Summers of '75 and '76 spent with that certain lifeguard-MC Summer of '76-the boys are back in town Support the IRA Susy stay young and Beautiful Sybil the Dragon Tell me about it TENNIS BESTI Terry Caruso That's not funny-My Mother's dog's cousin died that wayl The American Desert Chicken livesl The best got better with us-sleeping on the beach- M'O'CaI, M.B.S., V.S. The Class of '80 is No. 'I The CooCoo clock and The Bathtub THE CRAZY COUPLE The Disco Duck 8- the Bunny Hep The Downik Family "The Endless Night" Aug. 15-16 1976, CC, JT, 8. RS The Fondue Club The 4's out to breakfast The Four Hillbillies '76-'77 are the Bestl The Long Island Hobbit The men in service-JP 8. MC The Nadlers The 0's are the best Michael-Liz The ffl American Dream LC., D.P., V.S. The Rolling Stones Salute Potwood Roffing- 11-'1 in their league The stick sect: vony, beat, vony-beat There really are lions in South Africal This is your lifel-Senior Sociology Thomas, I don't - Rob Times spent cruising to W.O., Harvard Terr. 8. Tony's To a Sweet Girl Sue To Alf, Thanks for all the memories, 0.5. To Blue Eyes-I love youl To Bobby Ball-Seaside, Newberry's, and the Front Porch, HA, HA, HA, PD To Charley Bi Jimmy: Cheese and crackers at 8:00I M.D. To Gary, Good Luck, Love Goomba 8. Maria To Jimmy, The good times will never be forgotten, Love, Sue To Judy-Love always-Tony To Margaret-Thanks for being such a good friend- Love, Carm To M.N., D.H. and J.Y. Diamond Dogs Dash-L.S. To E.C. and D.K., etc-All those nights at Star-J.S. To Freddie-Pills Berry Dough, Girl, M.D. To Jan- Never forget August 16, 21, and 21- they were unreal-Love Billy To Mig, Love-Your mother the witch To S.K. ond N.K. Remember "Maintain" and the 6 A.M. smoke To the Dirty Dozen-Have a Ball-T.R. To the gang-Thanks for the surprise party- Love ya all Sue C To the girls in Per. 2 gym To Uncle George-I love your daughter very much- Billy C. Tonino- Love you always "Tonight's the night" 1f16f77 "Tonight's the night" Tony TOOTHPASTE, CARWASH, AND THUMPER- Amy, Carla and Pauline Tree Trunk KGSI T T T TW 8- KG Always Two on One-LF 81 SC Uncle B.P. found a four leaf clover Verona 4-Bloomfield 0, 11f4f76 f Verona Car Wash 189 Bloomfield Ave., Verona, N.J. 07044 - Vickie-Gobble, Gobble, donno-ho ho hol V-Thanks for being there-M Walking "T"-Vo Sauce We hates Babinses We hates Krenrichesses We'II Finally Be Upper Classmen Well Marty, What do you want to do? Huh, Huh, Huh We love Susie We love you Gerry Harris-3rd Pd. Biology We love you "Chester", your'e our main rock We're not in Kansas anymore Chicklets What ya getl What has it got in its pocketses? When does she scream? Why do you want to go? J.T., J.T., D.P. Where do we go from here? Why do you always want what you can't get and not want it once you get it? MC Widow's peak KGS, Will always remember decoraing his locker the lucky whistle, and the lucky gum wrappers. lucky wh stle, and the lucky gum wrappers. Will never forget summer of '75-EC, MC, RG, DK, ' L SC Will never forget the Giants game in the Galaxy Will you love me iust a little just enough to show you care? Wing Fullbacks are best-R.F. Hi D.O. WM 8- MS, AF 8- SD on the way to 50 Glen Rd. 11:00 P.M.-9:00 A.M. W.O. is o crazy town but I love itl WOW man II lGL, MC, SH, ADJ Yaaagh I I I . , You guys-why are you walking so fast? Rabs "You're the Best"-Liz Yous twos wanna ride? "Zoom" with JQ, BK, DA, MR, JF, JA, SS, SB, TC 7 in a Camaro-Rob, I don't feel like driving anymore, B.C. if-'7 life guard stand, Me 8. you, friends forever 7 o'cIock screwdriver-FL, MC, BL 10f10f76-Frampton Concert-JG, SM, KH, ME, DF, PD 36-28-36 hike-TL 49 er's Sas-M.s.s. 5. A.r.r. 175 gm! IMA fo fle CAM of 1977 y Your Life My Friend - Urleans There you are af a fork in fhe road Don'f know where you're going, So you're iusf going slow You're afraid if you have iochoose You win less fhan you lose Don'f you know . . . Everybody's gof fo fake-a chance Everybody's gof fo make a sfand You'll be choosing in fhe end 'Cause fhis is your life my friend Ain'f nobody can puf fhe ropes on you Buf keeping your freedom, Has you fied up foo While you sif frying fo decide There's so many fhings fhaf you Could have fried Everybody's got fo fake a chance Everybody's gof make a sfand You'll be choosing in fhe end 'Cause fhis is your life my friend Somefhing final in a closing door Reminds you fhaf you're nof So young anymore And you see your deafh presaged The furning of a hearf The furning of a page . . . O F F I C E R S President ,,,......,. .............................. B ETTY FRONTERA Vice-Presidenf ....... ......... J ULIE SHELTER Secrefary ........ . ........ ROBBIN GIBILISCO Treasurer ........ ........ T HERESA CORCORAN Ea! wakes jig .Sfmim Lam THE CLASS OF '78 Advisors: Maria Valva no Joel Throne Officers: Patti Hartke-Pres. Cabot Hudson-Vice-Pres. Melanie Simon-Sec. Mary Lacik-Treas. Ea! woken fo fke Cfaaa o!f977 Lam fke YEARBCCDK STAFF gjoocf Jack Cfaaa o '7 7 Growin' UP Bruce Springsteen Istood Stone-like at midnight suspended in my masquerade I combed my hair till it was just right and commanded the night brigade I was open to pain and crossed by the rain and I walked on a crooked crutch Istrolled all alone through a fallout zone and came out with my soul untouched I hid in the clouded wrath of the crowd but when they said "Sit down," I stood up. Ooh . . . growin' up. The flag of piracy flew from my mast, my sails were set to wing. I had a jukebox graduate for first mate, she couIdn't sail but she sure could sing, I pushed B-52 and bombed 'em with the blues with my gear setlstubborn on standing I broke all the rules, strafed my old high school, never once gave thought to landing, I hid in the clouded warmth of the crowd but when they said, "Come down," I threw up, Ooh . . . growin' up. I took month-long vacations in the stratosphere and you know it's really hard to hold your breath I swear I lost everything I ever loved or feared, I was the cosmic kid in full costume dress, Well, my feet they finally took root in the earth but I got me a nice little place in the stars And I swear I found the key to the universe in the engine of an old parked car I hid in the mother breast of the crowd but when they said, "Pull down," I pulled up Ooh . . . growin' up. Ooh . . . growin' up. STUDENT COUNCIL 1976 77 President .............. ............ Vice-President ....... ..... Secretary .................. ...... Treasurer ..................... ...... Board Representative ...... ............... Faculty Advisor ........ ..... BENNETT HECHT GREGG WEINGLASS DONNA KASLANDER NANCY MASCERA HENRY CHEU PERRY ROCCASECCA . 55 ,. ,Q , . f, 3i"'g'j.1'g. Q9 1 Q5 HQ m""'?3 Q ,,. " fi, ix nig xxk ,ff hi ,,, .f L ' 5 A .VAV . ,. ' ' EN 1 if N 1 "J' M, . A L. - . , Q1 v. -..1 1. ,.,, f"fg,g!fw,fl' fjjffff V , 2' 1 . i 1 Q ir, rr,, 5. ,- 'jg if ' 1 ' eel ft ,A "f 1 :Sikh 'M' -JJ 'lf w fA f ' - Congrafulafions from HR. 10A - Mrs. Koenig Bes'WisheSf'om HR. I9 - Mrs. lozauslras BUILDING W O C G We re going fo make if! Zin M6424 fo me CAM of 1977 Lam HUMERUOM II QOOJ OZJUCL A001 HOMl"RO0M I34 THE FAMOUS FACES OF HOMEROOM 124 WISH THE SENIORS LUCK! + rf "Still crazy affer all fhese years' K Besf Wishes from iazhiffifmgl-ca1,:r 5 . HR 133 f Mn Wolfe ,K ,Q Wishing You Were Here... . . .D. 81 BJ. 81 W.BS. 81 '77 I FRESHMEN HOMEROOM 122 wishes Besf Wishes fo the Class of '77 DON'l' EAT Yl"ll0W 5NOW SHARK Y 'S CRE W "Good Luck fo Us" Class of "77" IO-B Q - - W W CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '77 FROM THE orrlcfns or aA.A. 9 ' sports center am. 553 Bloomfield Avenue 0 Verona. New Jersey 07044 AND BEN LEUZZI Phone CBJ 1239-2 398 soon Lucx ro me Befgy Fel-n-5 ,,,,,,, ,.............. P residenf Melanie Simgn ,,,,,,, ,.,,,... V ice Presidenf Maureen Kenny .......... ........... 5 eCfef0fy Penny Finnegan ,,,, ........... T reasurer Mrs. Roberts ......... .......-. A dvisor g I9 f?',gQQ19W.f:2uNev1fafAx fx U U X G G 'y Nfl SWYQQAILZ JJ T if P1 L, N .. . f 0 ' 7 7 Q . 1 IM LJISSU E- g Z Q5 V we L0 A ll CONGRATULATIONS AND THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '77, FROM THE CLASS or '79 LYNN BANNON ......................................................... .............. P residenf PAM DENNIS ........... ........... V ice-President SUE MAURO .......... ......... S ecrefqry JULIE LEONE ........... .......... T reasurer 'Exo' RILEY'S IEFKONI FROM SERVICE STATION THE . ROAD SERVICE COLLEGE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS , D FOREIGN H DOMESTIC Q . N.J. STATE INSPECTION - TIRES 81 TUBES CENTER . BATTERIES . BRAKE SERVICE . MUFFLER sl EXHAUST . MOTOR TUNE UP SYSTEMS ' Phone: 2269772-226-2229 91 BLOOMFIELD AVE. CALDWELL, N.J. 07006 2ND LOCATION: E E E no E RlLEY'S NORTH CALDWELL SIC INC. 1 BLOOMFIELD AvE. CALDWELL, NJ. 226-6266 CARTERET SA VIN65 and l0AN A.S'.S'0l'IA l'ION Convenienf Locafions Throughout New Jersey VERONA OFFICE: 620 Bloomfield Avenue 120D 239-2772 MAIN OFFICE: 866 Broad Shleef, Newark 1201, 622-SOIO Carferef Cares MORE! About You TO THE SENIOR CLASS . . . "WoIk by the Sea With one hand waving free Silhouefied by the sea." -B. Dylan I HR. ll and Miss Valvano "'I sls EII I I Fhhhlhhilh I AZII I IIIERQ I I ' "': 'W 'S 'Rm II II I III -k ,,,, A Congrafulafions fo No. 2 from No. I-From HOMERO0M I4 CARDS JEWELRY CENTER DRUGS 656 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE VERONA, N. J. 07044 FANNY FARMER CANDY PERF UMES Z '!EL??"-'PASFJEF C 'vA1m.fu 10" ,l 60 EQ l BERNARD N. .JANETT REALTY .,...' f We ' 538 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, 07044 A 239-7700 Best Wishes fo fhe Class of '77 from HOMERO0M 21 v-F v X Besf Wishes fo the Class of '77 from Good Luck fo fhe Class of '77 from HUMFRUUM IH THE ll.4.f.f 0F T0 ess YR, f 3 ,R fbffvl' " MW YSQAXMMJMKH CONSRHTULHTIONS A FQOM HO 5 ooh-f 62,4 gffwdd fm W pf 575i-f Ciffsg QR R M2 Q47 R Q, c?,LK,, . my HOMERO0M 207 "Tl1e Family Tree" Nav. 'f ,J ff f ff! 752, M .n A, ' ' A ,WW ff A gxiwfw ww f :Nb 'fi' 74 Verona Road 07044 2011239-1231 3-w..,, XSXNQE bk... -... Mlm ,ifv ir if .. 313' E . Q '- MQ f1v j,ea,L'Qk4iiViEQ1xz . , 492 MZ an a V , , h ?f J -. mf l' - 'klgfaf' ' Iii ' i i',i?jf7 5 f K K 41935 ' W 'T - WK" ,I ff b,,,l'f "fl, X W ,gl . .ff ' Kali' Nw 1, , ff i-'fit ' W' " , Wf. 248 1 Q f gf 3, ,, .A , qwwe W, M591 ..,, ww-4 4 V gpg 1 A , 1 V fi, 1 fix ,s .wr ,wig . Z" .1 by L me fm 7- m,,f,,. W ,A ",' f1 fy, 'V I 7.4mm 'Wlfifk ,, N A V ,, , .,,, A . .Q I V RWQQWQAVGLFLCQJ . . . 5 2 3 ! i 3 P 5 B. WHITMORE mum sc 1 51 I J u 2 X 2 V mf 'i,,,w P 1 PM ff jg. ,fi tr' is 1, ' 43,3 . ,fu f,, ,, 2 1 k Q P vhs: K, ,!k V N w. QA, X 1 1 ri I K ' E9 R JM KQV GW ' XX 2 M S' N- I if .? U ig L ,M L H ww? af X 3 1 K mi' f A i K MM M " H Xl L if . li 'J , i 1, I fm, , , . W Npifil 3 'ug' , , . U - ,- V 'af 1 F W Eff! Q J k , Q f f lv , W 1 z 114 V w .Y 'A'4 my fm. i is if X ,f rrxl I i Z L V ,I - , ,, J., L, QV! 1 973 F, , 5 ak 'ff' 25 L Q 3 'Q ,V an .A .u 1 " 4 KF' , Mo--wwqwmw W. v , V A 1 """f'M-'v'w..-,f g..4.q,,. A L " 4. J 4 , . Vi 5 f , ' W f ,v , . .ff U,-1 X 1 x . ' , 1, , ' Q 5 . 1 Xl , vu Q ,V,. i , i ,Q E ' 'iff T 4 ' i 2 , I s 3 2 x 4 V J 5 QM-'Q .ff 2 f-W4 5 A V I 3,5 . F , A Q2 I Q a , My I x H it -W. ww -,KZ A A- ' ,,,. , X . , Q, x X 3 W 'X ' . W .Q x . f "1,gjlZ1lr , i . Q 1 v ,gl , ' .Nx 2 , i K 2,7 V . M-L , ,nth l m.wfgg,,4,, I 'fi'-Vw' www v ,,, X' K A ir ,Hffl 1 61 ,f i' VV V2 it f v 2 w F f A , dk ,1 we L ,Q 4 ' 2 T ' j , N. vf' ! 5 f A f.,, 1' . x ,ff ,, ' , W V If ,if h 4 Q . 1 Q. ' 3" Q' 1 4, ' 4 S' , ,, i s 7 a 1 1 4 5 Q' , K 2 2 2 lil ' f+w.,,, '-flu.. ?,,.,..---1' N..,,.,,,, " , 2 J V ,zgvfw ,, !'?..W A , W,-gamma L, f 5 6 Hi' Y , Y I iwgg-g.3f'f:' in ff? ii ?? !?I127.,2" . , . wg 4 was f, f , A ,ww I I I If Lithographerl hy RAE PUBLISHING CU., INC 282 Grove Avenue Cedar Grave, N. J.

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