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XX -S JJ J N c F OM ,J J Wy 6 , 231 Q ,, f' ' W- GMEEQ7 ff L 1 fl!!! 'Sf I lf' CP 135 f otgxff ff: We ?x nu 4-:png ,lj 'fill an :Ml-+1 3 F 0 Ii E N 0 li ll ""' 'mls of our sturdy shxp lecxdmq us to a scxie dP4v4n4gsnnqI 4' arbor oi wxsdoxn and knowle ge cquxred dunnq our voyage over often iurbuleni wcriers unng these four years ur noble skxppers have quxded us wxsely cmd we the crew, sxqhtmq the honzons of success. Strive for a strcnqht course. 2 4x4 ! i ,- A 01f-ew ,' ' .A 'Tie Qjst 7,,:'a.'lTg. 5 9 . f' 'L-1-E 563 L - - r Q. . -of ,- of If 4 X -- .Qs-' f "5 "5 X ' ' -fl I . -2 'QQ Q ,, . . N I U X X 4. - li' Q Li, 4.113 'il' U Q , ?, .2 ff N " f P T Y N' 4 ' ul' - fr ' ,L f' fi' 4.. - j 1 , , . X Q, , ,J Q ,, ' 0, , flvxxiffvwxg-t ' ' ' Q g fa .-Q1 . I WY L AA' ...lg ,A .f 1 ., 0 is, ,wi I. ff' .wign ' Hi' W ' v' ft ww 1 1 e xfsaggggg, I 1 4 Y . :yy S4 V 7 .55 wi ' L ge -. v. A-'ff'T'f:., 15 ,"'3'L FSF? . , ' f G K A ' ,Engel 6 QA iE3iN.f5QfV 6 v gwi-iifsfq , ' o 0 on I M In lr '15 AT ' I 1 Q , , eeeee .. . L I , L,- K Mn' ' fall rQ Y J' ',. 4 n M .V 12 If! H125 IH 'D K - A ' " if L - " 5- M . ,, , V K X . .. f. , 054' ' E! e X of l Q ' x S ' Mama. S. v. Q.. 4 f -, , fl . I V , I ' -' Q: -" A A S V . . . gzlbfisherj by flze SoniorUlz1ss llonry II. Whitohorno High Sohool Mroncz, dew pzerseg r -' -VAVA -L-- -1 -f-- W 'eww-' lx ,9 'Slang SHAIHIWS TAFF Ed1tor 1n Chref Donald Laiord Lrterary Ed1tor Barbara Iennmgs Art Ed1tor Robert Bardr Busmess Manager Damel Ierbasx Typmg Ed1tor Alberta Gray Crrculatron Manager Iames Chamberlm Adverusmg Manager Ralph Mrller Ass1stant Art Ed1tor Iamce Watson Sports Ed1tor Donald Coates Advrser Paul Drmmers X ,g jx Cf 17 "?3-'NLF x K l I :LI 6 ' X X r , a 4 .fy .ntl-' V.- V I . . ".--.'...- '.----l.- U . . ...--.. ,-.--'-' . A Q I ' hu.,-.-.-,,--,-----,.,--,'..-,,, ' f Photography Editor .....,.... Frank Mascuch - - ""d"' fff dl'l" N - 1 . . a""" 'M X 4 C 0 - -1 lg 9 x 0 , , . 3.5 gn, gv, 3 1565.3-:x,,., .pf .R-,J Y t Iv 1, . -px - X' li '47 W fo ARTER-MA TER l"""A 'J o M We the class of 53 w1sh to ded1cc1te 1h1s our book to the gu1d1ng 11ght of our clcxss who gmded us wlsely through the storms and fcnr weather of our h1gh school voyage keepmg our Shlp away from the shcllows of lI19XpeI1 ence cmd off the rocks of had ludgement Om' grutnude to you our fnend KENNETH GLEASON f - , 0 .R f f - ice' ffIPf in VINCENT C GEIGER Supervmsmg Pr1nc1pa1 5.-. "-- IEHOME DE STEFANO PAUL E DIMMERS Dnver Ed Health Ed Busmess Educatxon MARY E 1-:AMER s LINNEA HAHMS Busmess Educanon Ellqllsh if -0 IOHN G WOOD ANNA V HOWELL CLIFFORD D WILKIN Vxce Pnncxpal Duector oi Guxdance Dean f BOYS ADM I TRATIII fG"" IOHN BURGUILLOS Spcmxsh ,pf an IRENE EHRMANN SCIEDCE Guldance 4? ISABELLE E CLARKE Mathemaucs Guxdance bv LUTHER N I-'ALCONER Industnal Arts Y' L... DOROTHEA HOWARD AXEL L IOHNSON Health Educahon Science RUTH H DEAL r ,.--v KENNETH GLEASON Social Studles an... WOODROW W LITWHILEB Musxc A , -,,,, ,Q ? in , .-- , A kr A ,vi . . . . . . . . O iw A A .' - A N '52 I V Q 3' i 0 . . . . qw K X Q' z' In Lf? 9 - - Q - AK L L La L A V. I . . ,V Hlahr w b K -k.k , f . I K . . H1-,: : ,,, r . k fgqfg f ,K V, Y H , . A AAAA A A 1 - X A R Q, :ff - 1- 'X L' X I X M' A L A ' - fx X A A A A 4 af 1 A f M f 5 iv A A 1 i' A A W jf' A 'ff A .gl-il . c A A - 5 - U W ' Ns- ' 0 Vx I ' V ,. 5, 4 5 Q--, V -- f , 'K 15. X V M . 'ii' Q .Q 2 I gi :W ., 'Ou IEANNE DOREMUS Secretary LENORE KEENEY Clothmg Q xv JUNE PERRY French Englxsh ANN SPAIDE Clothmg R V , ,vs . vcr' f' L, 4 2 v ,fn . .if RUTH BORTELL Secretary FAC is MARGARET LEONARDSON Musxc 'C- HOWARD REIDENBAUGH Socxal Studxes ALINE VAN HOUTEN Health Educcmon 'Q "' 'el . L if 'kr Q fi RQ x , as 1 5. lk mf. -R x5 7f'94'. E. HERMAN ANDERSON Science JEAN B MILLER Enghsh .nu EDMUND SCHILI. MARY ALICE SHOCKNEY MUSIC Enqush NANCY STROUSE School Nuxse 1 . , . ?""N ,h'5,,- , 'Or WILLIAM I-L SAMPSON Pnnc1pa1 47. N"LSON E SMITH Health Educcztlon A Mg 1- ANTHONY SCELBA pAU1, GQELTZ Bus1ness Educauon Couch 7 Q, X 'R 'KX 42 " Sf- 5,-3 ' ' S Vlb, M A 4 eg rf' B "1 5. U X s 'ff . 5 ' . s J ,: . R L ..,. . . ifzigif, I 21-1 K I ' 1 ' ' , ' ' X A K Q 9 RX . X ' KJ 1 A if Y 1 X v Q E . 2 4 " , .H . -f ., . .1 Q, A. ,, , ,gs f A x' . f ,, AF' Ht. V ,Mx r -- 1 1 xl!-S2 ss 59" 09 ' Sf-. 1 ' K4 s.'. .I .M , 'tgbu H" . 'f.'F1'.' .E -e,.'., . - Ny' -5 x 1 . .5 1 sl f 'Q ff" 'A W 1 5 K mba 60? A IZ.. ph 5 f ' iffililfg . -uf f ' i iiag, A I ' 'ff :3L n4 ?- 'X 1, ,- - is IT f, 1' I - ,,-,L 0- 'V f : . ' A Y, 1? 11 K A ' ,n 5? , I 5. X 'RQSQ x Q ff 6 vi fl! U9-2: n v ' 56t":'l-A gk ...P 1' Cffzf pr 1 yy ., RFQ? gf hh. ,cl Wiz .H :BP ,iz ly ,. ni, U7 ,5-1 N MKS? , m D wx ll WX ge ' "Qi 5 MPX? K 5 fs I KZ! N SEP O Vkcrahed cr hor vu h a stra a wmd toward earn n aestrn tt '1 unkr ox As svxabb es el on cxperrence f our a xrsors the leadershrp cl cz hclmsmen arlre Op yke D n lerl n arne c crrnel lral VK llc 'ts told us the o the v C n Bo hre Iennrnq Steve Kot Charlre Opdyke and Joe Caqlrano a oused our rn erest IH he Student C rt lu, presentrnq t t e s udent body Be x Haucrc represented the class 1n Hartqman s IN ose ev ryone t the tarr and added much aold to ou tre sure chest Alter we c st b llots m the l: x tor Student Comcl we felt we were really of' cral members of the crew SEPT 950 The second lap of our voyage beams' Wrth superronty we lauqhcd at the confused freshmen rn boot camp Accepted as an rmportant part of our school we proved our worth m sports scholastrcs ana socral hte On the court track held and aramond Hoover Brovur' and lVlcK1nley led our ranks wrth Pat Ealchausser Alda DrTranx and Margre Ertzpatrrck cheer mg them on Our skrpper Steve Kott wrth hrs frrst mate Tompson and s cond mate Blose supcrused our second dance South of the Rro a real vrctory for us' After a stop for Chrrstmas vaca t1on our shrp garned speed and crursed toward the end of the year and cur promotron to the rank oi frrst class seamen SEPT l95l We Iound ourselves crursrnq rnto our Iunror year wrth ur class well represented rn all trelds ot athletrcs Many oi our boys returned to actron to become key men rn toot ball basketball and baseball Another new venture undertaken durmq thrs trrp was the canteen whrch proved to be enyoyaole to everyone Phys cs geometry and bookkeepmg II requrred a llttle more work than we had antrcrpated but you c nt always have smoo'h sarlrnq We also were well represented rn Men are Lrke Streetcars whrch was the annual school play Evelyn Hella drd a magnrfrcant Job rn the lead role whrle Junrors Ioe Gaglxano Ianet Hmckley Nancy Trrmmer Rosemary Lane and 63' ibn" ' X 10 Z Ml x lr 5 Q X If if X ' 1 S X I If , X My y li ' ff o f I .. T. 19-Q-. 'fy Mc 'it F14 N ' l La, '- ac. z vn. r ' i , we r ted the A ' c ' df ,and ,' pr.-r . Ch ' ' nd' , : vasi, a d El . S ..r.1orn. Ad- m' 'i'i. ,- - parts f 'crl3, .--tl C." bo' 'tlcx' ou or .' lolh At '. ts' ' .r '. " . la ' Climaxing a successful maiden xoyage, Karnival Kapers brought ll T rag lv . A I I Y ' . L , 'V ' A . I --vt hi' . U , .. I C fl H Y .0 . Y "Q, . L . , .Q . . . . . . . ' . 5" s t X."s - - A - V V Q 1 f 1 Q ll 'Q V I , : . lg 1 al 5 I 1 F 1 1 A ll I Q .A 1 I ' M ,' I , no I 'u'.'.. X '-xl 3' 's"' 1,-' - DQ 3-5 'N fx Pat Gifford also added their talents College boards were met and they proved to be a har wane in our otherwise fairly smooth trip These were weathered although they dd leave us minus a little selicontidence The biggest prolect of course was our Prom The Arabian Nights A little pond in the center of the floor filled with goldfish was lust one of the many features which everyone agreed was the most beautiful they had seen A second storm at sea arose when exams were sighted the second week in Iune We survived only to come face to face with the fact that we were approaching the most important part of our voyage our Senior year SEPT 1952 Land Ho' Our destination began to take shape on the horizon as our craft sailed speedily toward it On the football field our boys captured the Suburban Conference crown Our class was on the Brrdqe with Tompson wielding the qavcl and Cartabona issuing the decrees Blue lights and tmsel put us in the mood for The Silver Swirl which was our last but bcniors were in the limelight in the Senior play Spreading The News the octet The Horor Society and the School play More and more skippers were accepted at colleges and yobs Spring activities swept closer and closer The Glee Club presented The Lowland Sea while Ioe Gagliano and George Hoover led the baseball team It arrived at last the promised land graduation an end ana a beginning It was here we realized the last voyage is al ways the shortest It was here also we had to leave the shelter of our hip The SS Verona High and set out alone to conquer new countries ,md enter the problems of the world I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY vp LGQOIP 'VHOMHSX fl 7 S l ., . I r X I X 1 . ' E y 5 . ' t I . . -,, l . Z l,,' .I I f ' by no means our least. Hail King Dick and Queen Elaine. The 7 - ' gl - 6 till' ' tg: w f l N 11 W:-.- DAVID DEMEREST ACKERMAN Dave Ack Heaf Who does not love wine women and song remains a fool hrs whole life Noted for Bemg fickle Usually seen Yes Weakness Eating Secret Ambition To be a success ' 'sesevd' PATRICIA JANE ANDERSON Patty Jo Pat And she would argue ye gads how she would argue. Noted for: Blonde hair Usually seen: With Arlene Weakness: A certain guy with dark eyes Secret ambition: I'o marry and have enough boys for cr basketball team. 12 fy, i '?'k LOUISE S ALESCIO Lou Dark hair shmmg eyes merry humor Shes cr prize Noted for Doing the polka Usually seen Working in Kings Weakness Dancing Secret Ambition To go back to Schnectady ROBERT W BARDI Bob Bart " draw, to sketch, to paint is my delight." Noted for: Art ability and talking to girls Usually seen: With Iohn and Don Heyer 7Weakness: Cute blonds with blue eyes Secret ambition: To own a Harem s N CAROL MARIE ANDERSON Barrell Ander Carol She who means no mischief does it all Noted for Funny rmrtatrons and devil ish ways Usually seen With the ATO s and at Mikes Weakness Everything about Buddy Secret Ambition To see everyone in the whole world happy A f-dn..-' WWW' w 15053 lr , , JAMES VINCEM' BARRY, Jimmy ,Y I-Hhs happiest of wlbm the world 7 hknown least good or bad Noted for: Likiqg fun . Usually seent with Ieyy Mansoq 'Weal-mess: B s ll r Secref'a ti nz' Q be a dyver and . r ar sg - ELLEN LOUISE BOLTZ E1 Boltzxe It rs our actual work whxch determmes our value Noted for Bemg neat Usually seen Wxth the IUGS Weakness Trymg to drwe talkmg band concerts Secret Ambxuon It wouldnt be a secret anymore 11 I told you 1-P' GORDON ROBERT BROWN Goad Gordy Browme Hall' The conquermg hero comes Noted for Gettmg excrted Usually seen In the Deacons statton wagon Weakness Food and certaxn females Secret amb1t1on To play wxth the New York Kmckerbockers J xqpwiw s..4 !l. Wes- 031 X.. 'TP ,fp gr N1 JJ ALICE JANE BLOSE A lce A1 AJ Beauty is power a smxle tts sword Noted tor Her good nature and smll mg personaltty Usually seen W1th the IUG S Weakness Souped up cars Secret ambxtxon To get the most out of hte NANCY V BARTLEY Nan NB Happy the mnocent whose thoughts are tree from anquxsh as they are from taults Noted for Enyoymg hte Usually seen In the mxrror Weakness Flattery and all kmds of dogs Secret ambltxon To smg at the Paper M111 Playhouse -381 iw "" on 0'-lui i is elli- NANCY LEE BRATSCH nt 'OA-gl-PQ". JOHN ALFRED BORIS Jack John The round man And he was a carefree lad Noted for Talkmg out of turn Usually seen At school At Green Acres Weakness Wme Women and Songs Secret Ambmon Its sttll a secret Nan Nance 'X All this tor a s K Noted for Doodlmg or blush Usually seen W1th Ian gan Weakness Black wavy hart mmute m shor and XQN Secret ambmon To wrxte 200 w y fa, Q ,Ax , . 1 'N . U v ' 1 : - . . I . I I 'Q y . 2 , 5 I " " . Qs I ,, . G sk J, Q- . 'N ' I ' '- V I u 1- H .1 u H .',, - I . : , -' G, Q R y , - f f' N , R 2. z ' ff' NNX ' I 3. f tt 1 R A vw Q is 1 ,, .I . .,, ,I I KKIK vvkk J . ,, : - . X ,.tfetf- lllll 'lll' M W I I ' ' :I 9 ts tl l 7 ' : ' f is ' t Je I - g 3 -.t g - Q R . r- '. I L 'M 2 J H J, l' " J, " lsll U NN hx if , . xxx, ,ggi I 2. I Q ' 13 PHYLLIS DOROTHA BROWN PB Phyi There is only one proof of abtlzty action Noted for Working hard on dance decorations Usually seen With the IUGS Weakness The Air Force and the Shore Secret ambition To be quiet in Mr R s history class in W-fi' GERALD EDWARD CARLSON Gerry Worry and I never met ROBERT ALBERT CARTABONA Bones He came he saw he conquered. Noted tor: His leadership Usually seen: Claremont Avenue Weakness: Blonds Secret ambition: To be a success ' all I do 14 Noted for His hair comb Usually seen In the hot Ford with Cox Weakness Practically everything Secret Ambition To play like Maynard Ferguson RICHARD JOHN CASALE ,, a .. PATRICIA ANN CARROLL Pat And she would talk Lord how she would talk Noted for Always talking Usually seen With the ATO s Mikes Weakness Sailors Secret Ambition To become as good a nurse as my mother dim. K 4 'U'-5 JAMES MASON CHAMBERLIN Chames Jim The world knows nothing of its greatest men' Noted tor: Fort Hillside Usually seen: Unless standing side- ways with Munn Weakness: Any hock shop Secret Ambition: To have a 354 interest in Fort Knox 94'-5. v "OH we go into the wild blue yonder!" K J Noted for: Dancing Usually seen: With Vito Weakness: Bop music gg A ,, XX by I - I Secret ambition: To be my own boss W"Y0', DONALD D COATES Don Chuck jokes are the cayenne of conversatzon and the salt of hte' Noted for That cool prano Usually seen Gettmg the best of argument Weakness Workmg Secret amb1t1on To be on txme tiivw df' if 5,02 ii-ll -News we IIT" Simi' S ROBERT CHARLES CHARMAN Bob Bullet A combmatxon hard to beat a scholar lnend and athlete' Noted for Those hands and feet Usually seen Holdmg the door oppo srte Gd Weakness The personahty kxd Secret ambxtxon To wear srze 7 shoe EDWARD CHESTNUT Ed Eddy Bxg Ed Long and lean nght on the beam Noted for bemg a nxce guy Usually seen No longer tn Verona Weakness Basketball Secret Ambmon To strll lxve tn Verona Z ? Z 5 vial s tie MARY DEFRANCISCO ', Mary De hx 6 n ke Many her fnends few het foes ,M Noted for Talkxng Usually seen Talkmg Weakness Sarlors marmes f NIJ' We a Secret ambxtton To fmd an ambttxon W R Q Jxsay DJ S.. as x , GEORGE E COX QP- ,Nr T"-75' S wil 60" J, il? ' JOAN LEE DARTNELL Joan Dart By the work one knows the Workman Noted for Her many acttvmes Usually seen In a green Hudson Weakness The Suburban Conference Presxdent Secret ambttxon Ask Kay she lmows gf' Boots George L1 e zs just a senes of weekends wxth school m between Noted for Cat face Usually seen Headmg for Chester Weakness 32 Fords Secret arnbttton A iull House 1 :fini 'K tw 5 flllir E '22 'Hem RICHARD MIKIEL DEVITO V110 Who 1s that you gay Lothar1o" Noted for The black sedan Usually seen Wrth Sal Weakness Wme woman and a song Secret ambrtron To ily a plane as 'FQ 1 and LEE ALAN DOBSON Lzfe rs just a football game wrth tzme out for datmg" Noted for Loatmg Usually seen Martm Road Weakness Motorcycles Secret ambrtson To go to Alaska 16 CAROLYN FRANCES DITTMAR Carol Dui The great hope of socrety rs rndzvrdual character Noted tor Bemg mdependent embar rassrnq questlons Usually seen Wrth the A T O s and wrth George Ny' ALDA JEAN DI TRANI A1 Alda If eyes were made for seemg then beauty rs lts own excuse for bemg Noted for Berng short and cute Usually seen Wrth the ATO s and rn Mrkes Weakness 6 2 eyes of blue Secret ambxtron To be a lady detectwe DWQQQ 'O' xg +9 4 1 lt Weakness Boys wrth yellow socks and sweaters Secret ambttron To fmd the rlght one IGCIHI ELEANOR C EATON Bu E1 She IS a daughter of the gods drvmely tall and drvmely au' Noted tor Explosrons rn chermstry Usually seen In a chther Weakness Omons and wavy haxr Secret ambxtxon To be soplustxcated 9445. 4' it K in xx K 1 ' 5 5 J f 'wa-0' LELAND RUSSELL Donn nLeeu unussn "The worId's no better 11 we worry, hles no better rf we hurry ' Noted tor Bowlmg Usually seen At Sam's clunng lunch hour Weakness A certarn freshman. HR Secret ambmon To play ball tor the Yankees -Gam K I x s. 1' Sftgdi - pl' V N I A ' 1. H 1. - H I is A t t Y ,, I . . it ,S 4 xy - A- 3 1 S . 'wh E' : ' . . .' K ' if ,1 ' XX 1 , . B xvll X, I W X " : ' " v4l'1 ii and raise a red-headed basketball Q s H - H 9 ., . I i 1 . X 3 - I . H xg '1 1 ' , N Y - nd' 14 I X., 0 - ' ' I - 'll Q ' S- : ' . 1 1' ., t t y yy S Y 2 - yyyyy N 4' 3 ,. g,, .: ,. Y ' 1 ff' s ' .. .,: X f Q, ,K , . . 1. ' X S ' f 1 X ' . . 5 1 AJ 0 Z 2 ' , . . .9 ,l 4 v Q A g H 1 . . ' S t - 2 H H Q ' S l X, ps' A A 'U Al X FREDERICK GORDON FERNALD Barrell Fred rs better for a young man to blush than to turn pale Noted lor Blushtng Usually seen Havmg twtn trouble Weakness Getttng tnto embarassrng sxtuatxons Secret ambrtton To see the world 'iii 4'-x 41: S Q 'P' 'N 'Sv 'Isle MARGARET MARY FITZPATRICK P11219 Margme Noted for Her phobras Usually seen Wxth the ATO s cmd arrtvtng at 8 2412 Weakness Whos weak? 'P 9 Secret ambttxon To be a jet pxlot Ne.: MARGARET THERESA FAWCETT Marge Mag To talk wzthout effort rs after a the great charm of talkrng Noted for Gettrng 1n trouble wtth Mr Drmmers Weakness Brown eyes blonds Usually seen Wtth the gang and Bernte Secret ambrtton Its a secret 'QOFR MQW test if ,Qs I Qui' GEORGE FISHER Flsh A lrttle nonsense now and then rs relrshed by the best ot men Noted for Stxckmg wtth the redheads Usually seen Wrth Dm Weakness Food Secret ambxtxon To spend all e money I havent got if PATRICIA ANN EDELHAUSSER Pai Plant Her harr tell down her shoulder wrth loose care Noted for Her long hatr Usually seen Wrth the A T O s and m Mrkes Weakness George QTall dark and handsomej Secret Ambmon T own a lavender convertxble 3 Q" 'hi' KATHARINE LAURA FERNALD Kay All who wrn 1oy must share rt happrness was born a twm Noted for Her good looks Usually seen Wtth the other three Weakness A patr oi whtte bucks wrth somethmg m them Secret Ambttron Ask Suzanne she knows 1 Ill! . 'I I' I' 'I R : .i' . t 1 A A - 1 Nt. " - ff 9 Nw 4' jf "- wx ' 5 w ' If X 'Ns Q K 1, H I , :Maw f A S ' ." 1 3 M X .L I I 5 I . b . . . . 4 A ' , Y : . . 1 I l 4 " 2 o tt - 3 F Q R 1 ,, ,. ,. ,, 'S I H y U , w A 1 I R ,, -J ' A-X Ns J - Nh A ei - 1 l n l ' s Q A "Flirtation, Attention without intention." E Xwt- ,xx 2- - - ' . ' . .I ? ? V N W Q I 1 ,L T or 4 H If tx A - . ','t J . - ' ... ,, N., . - A - : . . : ih 7 if DONALD L FULTON Mouse Don His greatest toil is to avoid work' Noted for His noisy motorcycle Usually seen With Dottie Weakness Money wimmen sports and cars Secret ambition To own tive motorcy cles and an M G 5 -RQ! Nl ARLENE MARIE GAFFEY JOSEPH RICHARD GAGLIANO Joe Gag The great m 1 is the servant ot the peope ict 1 ey oi rim N cd tor D rig lis Lest for V H S Usually seen ln a green Hudson Weakness lhe X lute Hornet Editor Secret Ambition To cat a whole pizza pie n front ol Hoov Q I ' E .-'l-'N l I l Arlene Inward sincerity outward serenity Noted tor Doing a good Job Usually seen With Donna Mae and 'ses-'rd' LYNNE ALICE GARRABRANT Lyn Lose now and then a scattered smile and that will I live on Noted for Her swimming trophies Usually seen Coming to school at Z4 34 min. alter 8:00 Weakness: Cherry vanilla ice cream cones. I Secret ambition: To be on the first rocket to the moon 18 Ruthie Weakness The lersey Shore Secret ambition To see Tahiti l7'Y'Q,, 14110 PATRICIA JEAN GII-'FORD Pa Gif Whom not even critics criticize. Noted tor: A slip of the tongue Usually seen: Holding the door opposite Bullet or with the other three. Weal-mess: The boy with the big feet Secret ambition: To realize what I'm saying before I've said it ll' ,447 In 'fbizg H 449 JACQUELINE AN INETTE GIFOL Jackie Artistic and happy Noted for Her artistic ability Usually seen Mixing rt up with Maggie and Droth Weakness The seashore and little ele phants Secret ambition Ask Maggie she knows' is z rf. RICHARD GAYLORD GRIFFITH ..GaY,, The glory of young men is their strength. Noted lor Hrs herghth Usually seen Workmg on a car Weakness Grand Prxx racmg Secret ambxtron To be a uramum mm Ing GIIQIIIEBI so-, iii ELIZABETH ANN HAUCK Betsy Bets The mrldest manners and the gentlest heart Noted for Saymg What? Usually seen Huntmg for the stapler Secret ambrtron To be a trapeze artrst QQ ew in W N Q -1 .1 ALBERTA GRAY Not that I lrke work less but I lrlre lun more Noted for Gorng steady so long Usually seen Wrth Mary Weakness A certam Southern boy Secret ambrtxon To travel GJ i ARTHUR LESLIE HATHAWAY Lee Art By silence I hear other mens rmperfectrons and conceal my own Noted for Gomg rxght home alter school Usually seen Gomg to Orange Weakness Blondes Secret ambrtron To own a 53 Plymouth EUNICE GERALDINE GRANT Eun rs Cheerfulness rs the inend and helper of all good graces Noted for Bemg irxendly Usually seen Wrth a brg smrle Weakness A certaxn boy and food Secret ambrtxon To Jom the Marmes and go to Texas .1 af' sf QT' PATRICIA MAY HARRISON Pat Patty The laughter of grrls rs and ever was among the delrghtiul sounds of the earth Noted for Grgglmg wrth Ann Usually seen Havxng cr good txme Weakness Przza and prckles and blue eyes Secret Arnbrtxon To travel around the world m a Jet 19 ,. 39 by ,, If 'W A y : 'N ' . If Nu. 9 , 2 Q g ., ,. ..S. ., t If ,, . . H S f , . . ' xx I - x . D . . W s V' v Z .. . T Q' IIAIII t 'H , ' Q .' 5-.X N . - ? ' I si S E ' 1 . I lxy 'tk . . : Vx y . 1 W ff , f 7 J 1 f ' 'rl It ' t ,Lyff K ! I : ' In " ,H f 4 I K i Weaknesszi -Almonds ' ' U QXQQ? fe' Regs. :,,r"f'f 'jf ly ,, A ,I ., . .I 1 , I l : 3 . f f 1 .. . I . . ' ls It H H H U , thth I - ' R 1. .:,. ,.. .Lx : . . Wx gf' if I : , RUTH ANN HECTUS --J' ELIZABETH ANN HAYDEN Betty Ann Follow your convrctrons and be strong Noted for Her baby face Usually seen Wxth the A T O s Weakness Brown eyes and Lake Ho- patcong Secret Ambxtton To be the sophxstt cated type lf-me EVEL soft gentle and Her vorce was e low Ian excellent thmg rn a woman! Noted lor Btg brown eyes Usually seen Talkmg about Umver stty of Connectxcut Weakness Broad shoulders Secret ambxtron Twms one of each 20 Ruihme The hands that hath made you Noted for Out ot town boy tnends seen Wrth the IUGs South Amertcan accents ambxtron To own my own car BARBARA C. HELD "Bonny" "Courteous, though coy, and gentle though retired." Noted for: Trying to get articles for the Front Page Club Usually seen: Bumping into Lynne at 2434 min. alter 8:00 Weakness Vacations Secret ambrtzon To make vacatxon ast the year around D163 '?.....'?' and travel 3' ARLENE HERRMANN R Prmcess Neatness IS the czowmng grace of womanhood Noted for Bemg wrth Pat Anderson Usually seen Around Room 6 Weakness Mr Gleason Secret ambrtxon To own a 52 robm egg blue convertrble S DONALD EDWARD HEYER Donme Dupe I only regret that I have but one heart to give to the Iadzes Noted for Lxkxng wme women and song Usually seen Wxth Bumps and Bardt Weakness To cruxse and lounge Secret ambttxon To be on top master of all I survey Z Cvrlnr, ,f .arf no M 0Q'f :.. Z . 1 W ' 4. , H 1. Q ,, J' . gf U ix . Q 2 A I 1 X : : . . . Q Q ., , S A tt L If . -- tr , l H H I 'ff lf, X 1 Z Q I ' X X M , .. 2 3 A ', . X, 6 ' 1, H ,, . n in 'S rex rf' ' ' 'Q . . I w e gW V ' ,Q xx y ' t "9-,S 4 3' f' GRACE ELLEN HOGAN "Gracie" "Have more than thou showestf speak less than thou knowest." Noted lor: Being quiet Usually seen: With Shirley Weakness: Bob Secret Ambition: To get married alter graduation BARBARA RUTH JENNINGS "Bobbie" "It's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." Noted for: Being the lite of the party Usually seen: With the A.T.O.'s Weakness: Pretty neckties and choc- olate Secret ambition: To live in Wyoming and own a horse 5 V is S , , , mx , ' le xy - 5 z xD:" .L K Jw' 9' ,. ill 'Qc ill? Y W 01' N000 ur' ""' if 'N 1" x J .. 2 -- l 5 I Bs I KX I Ns JANET DOROTHY HINCKLEY ..Jan.. ..Hink,. "Any color so long as its green is the color that suits me best." Noted tor: Being late Usually seen: Rushing Weakness: Brown eyes Secret ambition: To really get my B. S. 6- B. N. Plug N 'W .Q- ""- -le:-me-4" 1 GEORGE O. HOOVER "Hoov." "Heaf." "George" "In athletics you will tind great joy." Noted tor: His athletic ability Usually seen: On the athletic fields. or with Ginge and Gag Weakness: Ginge and curve-ball pitch- mg Secret ambition: To have Gag pay tor a Pizza Pie f ' K lt f L' '55 a.. , ff s I f at 1' K 1 WN! ' " I 'Q . 1 N I ,.,v' Bur-"' JOHN W. HEYER "Benny" "Bumps" "Few are so clever as to know all the mischief they do!" Noted tor: Those eyes Usually seen: With Dupe and Bardi Weakness: Girls Secret ambition: Have a 12-month va cation every year 1229 MARILYN KAY HOGG Maa. Is there cz heart that music cannot melt." Noted tor: Lyric soprano voice Usually seen: Tangled up in movie schedules Weakness: Music Secret ambition: To be independent C-ly wealthyj 21 iw-"r DANIEL WILLIAM JERBASI Danny Dan It rs cz quzet person who accomplzshes much' Noted for Bemg quxet and avo1d1ng women Usually seen Club 28 throwmg newspapers Weakness Food Secret ambrtron To make cr mrlhon l MARIE KAPTEIN Mtckey Genume srmplrcrty rs a healmg and cementmg prrnczple Noted for Bemg quret Usually seen Walkmg Weakness Food Secret ambrtron To be a success 22 41-41' LORRAINE LILLIAN KANDEL Kandy The thmg that goes the farthest rs just a pleasant smxle Noted for Bemg quxet Usually seen Here n there Weakness Convertrbles I S-04" NANCY L JOHNSON Johnny Happmess rs an equrvalent to all troublesome thmgs Noted for Twrrlmg two batons Usually seen Wxth the IUGs and Bonds rn Montclatr Weakness Red Plymouth convertrbles Secret ambmon To be qutet m Mr R s hxstory class ri il" ALAN P KIEFER Weed To become a great man rt rs neces sary to be a good rascal Noted for Blonde harr and blue eyes Usually seen In Green Acres Weakness The oppostte sex Secret ambxtron To swrm rn Mr ohn sons hsh bowl Secret ambttxon To hve m Calxlorma ,Of 4911...-. Q9 15095 MARGARET WATSON KENWORTHY Maggre Marg1e Maggots Meg An ounce of wrt IS worth a pound of sorrow Noted for Her rmrtatxons Usually seen Mlxmg 1t up wxth Droth and Iackxe Weakness Chocolate a maxlman Secret Ambmon Ask Iackre s e knows' 94'-lu. S"tf,glI 4 'Ml xx -Z I , ' ,tv xl It 1 . A - . Q i 5 S ., Q E V ., .. ., ., Y 5 ,va X 1 " - s l , Y .- s Q ,. - .. S n " ' ' ' ix it ' v. J' : " 5 0 I h : ' I ' Ros A ll .' H: " 1 I H -' : uh .. . .. W rp 5 ,, . . AMF ist Z H. H. A 5 'I' X y J W 3 W l -qv ., - .. K ,S " ' ' ,. - X ,, 4 . I I , X ltst I' .. I . . I I - STEPHEN KOTT Steve Steph Pussy Kott A 'mnd full of knowledge zs a mmd that never feels Noted for The Tenor Horn gettmg A s Usually seen At not seemg Weakness Bob and Ray the Modern Dance Secret ambxtxon To see Opdyke and Coates on trme -e"'3"""' Wim C111 my he Tn H1Y Wm EWS?-E eakness Green eyes Secret ambxtron To beww Qi QA loft 'il een 'Ta' 2k V Q... Q Q1 JJ HENRY ARTHUR KOHLER Hank I have fought a good fight I have passed my course Noted for Flxrtmq Usually seen Green Acres and Newark Weakness Wme women and song Secret ambmon Marry a certam grr 'Qi- ROSEMARY LANE Pepper Rosemary "The world shall acclaxm the works her pen hath wrought" Noted for Bemg a scatterbraxn Usually seen Lookmg for somethmg Weakness Money Secret ambxtxon To be 5 it 3 ln tall and sophxstrcated I Bw-0' LAWRENCE BREWSTER KINGHAM Butter Lar Larry heart rs light Noted tor Dnvmg around and havmg no destmatlon Usually seen Cruxsmg around m a gray chevy Weakness Wme women and studies Secret ambxtlon To be a professxonal golfer and play basketball 1n Madr son Square Garden ,vii Q N 'Bene' IU m :nu ua m rn 53 30 5 gn- ,U l" nv '11 o zu U 'bm i' 5 6 N ...- 'Om-qv' The force of hxs ment makes his way' Noted for Causmg trouble Usually seen Lurkmg rn the Shad ows Weakness Fast cars Secret ambrtxon To own a Fast Speed Skrff 23 A N : rt G N 0 cb 5 .. I' I E Q I .. . : ua ... : J '. , -' ' . Q' ' ' . l 5' ' l. , .g Q : ,l..t'i'.'Qx-gk N X .f N ' f lv ' x 7' 5 z f tv 9' ' r f , 1 nn n , I U H 1 H I ' 5 ,,. ,M I VN s . : 5 N I' Y, ' 5 - ' S -f I K - ., 5 N I ' 1 . l ' ' n -:' S 'af 'fe 1 H Q 0:0 ..l 0 , ' 'Q-'wax "' JP' N ' v"'N"""-vs , 7 X : N . N 1? My Z : I' N z , E, 1 Nx ,L R - gl g 1+ 1 Q ' ln R W ' Q ' - 2 ' j rf ' -E -: ff . V it 4 I : lb Q 3 5 : 1 'U , . X ' I ' gg, I I . J - l :ll I 5 J . -'P .- ' 5 5 a . I Q iv' 14' 14 l. "':'.'1"' , LESLIE W LEWIS Les B1g Les To know how to hxde ones abrlrty 1s a great skrll Noted for Cool clothes Usually seen Wmth the boys Weakness Anythmg crazy Secret ambrtron To see Mr Wermuth wear suedes T5'3"g-Q 1 GERARD LYTLE L1ght Gerry Wrt rs an unexpected explosion of thought Noted for Breakmg test tubes Usually seen In the Hudson Weakness Ioungrng around Secret ambmon To assrrmlate the poclatude 24 Jw. 'ln quam 5 x5 K. I Q 1351 J OHNIE LIM John Saul Polzteness costs nothmg Noted for Chrnese accent Usually seen Domg homework Weakness Chrnese grrls Secret ambrtron Chmese pop srnger PHILIP JAMES LONGO Phrl Eat drznk and be merry tor tomorrow you may dte Noted lor Hrs dancmg abxlrty Usually seen Wrth the Cats Weakness Travels Secret ambrtron To make a soup up .-4 '1"'?,9fl ROBERT J MABEY Bob Its a good wmd that brought hrm here Noted for Hts norsy car Usually seen Behmd the wheel Weakness A grrl Secret ambttxon To have a neat car E GERALD MANSON Ge: Out of sxght out of mmd. Noted for Hrs tall stones Usually seen Wrth Ixm Barry Weakness New York Secret Ambmon To sarl the ocean blue Q6-fqg, do 'hp i if ,I xx 9 ' "' ff Ma P1 'r X 1 "" 1 V' s"s , 1 ' I . H ' - ' . 'ff ss WN 4 5 X Q Q -' I H -H X ., ,, .. : ,. If R X , - - 4 H - I -- . g x ,. t . 4' 4 1. z I- ss .ff my f? W : . ik I - 'V .. ., .. .. ' 'J' ' 1 Hand gains 9V61'YfhiHg3' A , V I ,. ., I c .. Z . H ' .. .. .. tj, X f Q . ' . 0' 'X t . ,, YG' i , ' , . M H L to - 3 ' . , N tv . . . ' 5 1' FRANK J MASCUCH Doc Frank Common sense rs not cz common thmg Noted tor Bemg the candrd camera man Usually seen In a gray convertrble Weakness Speed Graphtc Secret ambmon To tly a plane dv,-nib-SQ, J" as W lv 'I heat JOHN THOMAS McK ENNA John Guard well thy thoughts our thoughts are heard m Heaven' Noted for Bemg quret Usually seen Wxth Lee Weakness Cadrllacs Secret ambrtton To own ct Cadtllac .0-'LQ f' ws ,genius JEANETTE EDYTHE MARTIN J an To be gentle rs a test of a lady Noted for Saymg the nght thxng at the wrong trme Usually seen Workrng UD at Umted Weakness A Montclatr graduate Secret ambrtron To meet the boys I ,W SUZANN E MARIE MCGINN Sue Red The way to cook your goose rs wrth cr borlmg temper Noted for Her Insh temper Usually seen Wtth the other three Q 5 6' Weakness A wmk under a crew cut Secret ambxtron Ask Ioan she knows QW unix! SHIRLEY S A MARCHETTI Bunny Shxrl A woman of srlence rs a woman ot sense Noted tor That cute smrle Usually seen Wxth Grace Weakness Ame Secret Ambrtron To marry that certam someone Q-'W -gg 'Que RICHARD FREDERICK MELBOURNE Dzck It rs tranquil people who accomplrsh much Noted for Foulmq up cars Usually seen In hts Aushn Weakness A halt mch steak wtth french tries Secret Ambthon To own cr horse ranch out West 25 if I If I We f xt , rx H I5 z U . N, J 4, If I J -,N I, ' Q ,, I N 1 -- 1 Y ' K ' 2 vt in I u U Qs J, ,, . - X Nha 4' J' s . I l. 1' NJ Ns , R ,W : ' . ' I .mfg 'JN write to : K A t Q- , 2 ,, Q f 'H U . xxx- W 1 an I W ' . 'R 1 1'1" JN, .. . ,, f 1, 'n A f pf Q., u 8 :, : ' . l . 6 tl ,, X9 1 I 6 g 06? E if , I . Q Q K 1 ,, m I . . .. ,. 'hw I 1 I y 1 ' xx ' J, 1 1 .- Y tn- JOHN JOSEPH MCKEOWN Big John Men of few words are the best men Noted for Domg nothmg Usually seen Bummmg around Gar held Weakness Cars Secret ambition ake a mrlhon dollars W' 0,1 1-3"Ls,v-'-sQaJ., QZVJI NU' ROBERT DONOVAN McKINLEY Mac Bob As quick as Iightnmgl of ? As mce g n a little ed for Her re harr Usually seen Wxth th s and at Mrkes Weakness Tall blond boys brg blue eyes Secret ambztron To be mountain climber 26 ANITA MARIE MCLAUGHLIN ..Ann,. ..Mac.. "Those curious locks so aptly twined, Whose every curl a soul does bind." Noted tor: Saying so much in so little time Usually seen: Going some place in a hurry with Pat H. ' Weakness: Pizza, A ,Awful f Bond's ,-' I Secret A- 5 Qkly W f res Vila Dodger Runmng the mrle een In the Green Homet Food mbrtxon Success QQ-1-Q Uv qv--uv 'A if EUGENE BARRY NANN Eugene Barr The Cat Commodore Barry Friends Romans and countrymen lend me your ears' Noted for Hrs vocabulary Usually seen On a soapbox Weakness Octosyllablrc words Secret ambition To frhbuster m Senate the Duck gentleman among gentlemen a leader among men Noted for Bemg a mce guy Usually seen Except when standmg szdeways Weakness A certaxn tall blue-eyed blond Secret ambitron To see Charlie be the fastest person on earth 346. AQ! f'-my' KX X ve ,vi iw 4 s I A If v.' lf' gf ,, - , f y S u - I - I - .u 7 V X s : " " j' Z.. v - a : . C ' I O- W I I I E F I 5 y I Q .R : Mp 1 A w . My V ' S -,S x. N f 4 , Y . Y! " 'I ir s ,H ' My A 6. . ' Q M , ri rrl eyes that m. if . . N 2 A l W E X I : I . O-I , - ., arf.. X . I V x , .g 5 ' ' .. 4 s : , wig ' , ' I . jf ' " ., " " ,ff ,, " l O ,, . 'l 1 1 , ' H 1 ' if LR LOIS JANE NORTON L Lo1s Jame A merry heart that laughs at care Noted lor Makmg nolse Weakness New York Usually seen School 7 V 'P Secret ambrtron To graduate and get a drrvers lxcense ib- 1'---r E E merry heart maketh a cheery countenance Noted for Ge-ttmg caught chewmg gum Usually seen Wxth the IUGS Weakness Perry Como and the Yankees Secret Ambrtron To be a pop smger .jxgpsbi 5 If xv' 76 2 .I is 'N PATRICIA LOUISE NIGHLAND Patty Lou Lu Lu When Irrsh eyes are srnlmg sure its lrke a morn rn sprmg Noted lor Those sparklmg blue eyes Usually seen Wxth the ATO s and m Mxkes Weakness 47 black Ford convertlble Secret ambrtron To be the quret type -Q 'AN 421'-'9 NANCY DORIS NELSON Nel Nance Red She has sunset m her harr Noted lor Her crushes Usually seen Wxth the IUGS Weakness Hot rods Fords Secret ambrtron To keep qulet m R s Hlstory class iig 4'-iam -lv rigs!!- LINDA CAROL PORTER Lm A quzet COHSCIGIICS makes OHS SO Sefene Noted for Her musrc abxhty Usually seen Up at the Lake Weakness Anythmg thats red Secret ambrtron To get the most out "Sri of hte Q Ns-e"" CHARLES EDWARD OPDYKE Opp1e Chuck Charley Chas Too busy wrth the crowded hour to fear to lrve or dre' Noted for Bemg busy and tnendly Usually seen Lookmg for hrs books playmq the bass Weakness Cool musrc Secret ambxtxon To get the Chev through mspectlon 27 V , C: N ,Q ., O., .. - ,. ,. - ,, A 1 Q. N , ,, ,, "f 'Q' I' A lynn: . . . . ya Q ,ff , 5 , L! 'A A U .. H U ,, 1. :.. : I . . ML !" " ' 2. , . f A as 5 ' I 'E Ny 4' -ef: . 0 EDl:I'Hu 12pl'.:EO t - 1 d - 4' f' A 0 HA ! l kr Z Z. ' ' l I f I 1 Us X I . .. i ,U ff . 4 , m 44 ,- A .. '. 1 or eff If 1. ,lf N tg ,f ,u " y " " I 1, Q., My J . . 'X Z . . , xv-s Q af! , 2 ' ' 1 if ll - u .-Q :. , yy' z : . .. a- 1 ' ' ,-,vii 'U' 'Dam ROBERT BINGHAM RAITHEL Bob Boob Ralth A good face rs a letter ot recommendatzon' Noted for Bemg 5th from last to get a dnvers hcense Usually seen In the hall durmg lunch perxod Weakness Guls xn general Secret ambxtxon To be a marned bachelor ii Nr JEAN HOPE SAGER Sag Jean Athletxcs are my joy Noted for Dunples Usually seen In the water Weakness Burck convertrbles Secret ambmon To go to the Olym plcs Ca spectator 15 good enoughj 28 Af NORMA V RAMBO Ginger She ts good that does good to others Noted lor Gettmg mto jams Usually seen Wxth the IUGS Weakness Hlllsxde and roller skatmg Secret ambmon To be quxet m Hxstory D'Y'Q., if N.. 4961 ALBERT JOHN SKRZYPEK Sknp He looks so shy but, oh, what mzschzef rn hrs eye" Noted lor Th1s 'n that Usually seen Yes Weakness Cars wxth hot motors Secret ambxtlon Its not DOROTHY JOSLIN ROWELL Dorth Doi Droth Coolness and absence of heat and haste mdlcate lme qualmes Noted lor Her electron mght party Usually seen Ioshmg around Weakness Food smgmg swxmmmg travelmg the South Secret ambmon To have enough trme for all her weaknesses M ' 3 'Lf QU' ELAINE MARIE SCHERMERHORN Elame Scherm Shes glad to help and do her part shell Wm her way mto your heart Noted tor Bemg natural Usually seen Talkmg Weakness A certam guy wxth dark haxr and blue eyes Secret ambmon To be a short ru nette YN .r""""x ELBER W STEARNS S Umber Elb 'r,.,qA,5 In quretness and conttdence shall be your strength 1 Noted lor Wearmg sxze 14 shoes Q Usually seen Takmg notes Weakness Eatmg Secret ambmon To get a Mechamcal Engmeermg Degree ate. if Q19 DONNA MAE SMITH D M Dommo The glass of fashion and the mold of form X X Noted for Grit oi gab Usually seen Wtth the IUGs Weakness Clothes perfume and the other sex Secret ambxtxon To be a comedxenne Gigi, HARRY J SMITHERS Hot Rod Harry Take hte too seriously and V what ts rt worth? Noted for Use car lot rp 3235! Usually se Q? out ,D W k S me 0 noysdd 01534.61 F WR Xp QC ffl' J., , f' 1 D1ck Deacon Defle Not just a man among men but a man anywhere' Noted for Those sermons Usually seen In hrs wagon Weakness Red curly hcur Secret ambmon To get to those pearly gates 'sis L' in Quan 5 was NNN 4' il?- CAROLINE H STEEN Steeme Carol N4-es-' BERNADETTE CHRISTINE STECK Berme Conversation rs the tmaqe ot the wmd Noted lor Laughmg rt up Usually seen Wxth Margaret and the Cedar Grove Indrans Weakness Roller Skattng and Pxzza re -s E! .0 . : 'rn ' - N -IP' : .. rn .. -- , A R Z" ' :U ' I ' z , m . 1 t W Q 1 p t , , N : .3 : . :R O . Z ,.Jr.ab.uvxs-.K N X m x . I A? 1 . h I xx E ge H 2 Q I y R. Nw H ' I 4'.EA f, K I I. l . ,, t , , R WY X -QW M t . h g R a 3, my U : 1 xx I' ? 4, 5 5 sl N, 2' Q " Q 96" 3 X J Q af N g 'N 'Q I 1 N SQ f I I , V w : N I N I " N" , Y 1. tg wt. V I UNH: .N I . . ' l . . X .',A 'ki ,Af . ' I 'A ? . ,I ' t an V It I , . .V I Y 3 S It E 5 . z : S5 1, . ' J - Q, J ' X .-P' 55 aj . eg? ' Qs 30 Secret ambmon To own a black and It rs a tnendly heart that has fed Ford Convemble plenty of irtends Noted for Bemg a loyal Swede Usually seen Wtth the ATO s Weakness Long dtstance telephone calls Secret ambmon To lrve m her own ltttle grass shack rn Hawan 29 NANCY TRIMMER "Trim" "Suppress me if you can: I am a merry jest." Noted for: Always smiling Usually seen: With the A.T.O.'s Weakness: My little brother, Dale Secret ambition: To swim the English 5' Wt DORIS ALBERTA VOLCKMAR 4-ffm "Dorli" "Her sunny locks hang on her temples like a golden fleece." Noted for: Coming from Vienna. Usually seen: With a dimple Weakness: The night before Christmas Secret ambition: To be a success in any profession I 50 'wr xx f 'af ss l fl I f Ps it """ 9 Channel JOHN WILLIAM VOGELIUS "Jack," "Sol" "Silence is a true friend who never betrays." ilwifqbq Ncitercilyforz Not attending school regu- J f ' T Usually seen: Getting somewhere I S I f if Weakness: "Chevies" Q 9, ,q-H+ . . . q 8. v - t Secret ambition: low .S. avy 2 kj cj g i if ,I 40' oy q 5' it 4 ', Ng EN IRE WEBER if Q- 'P' 5' iairabeuex "Claire" 1 s E gf "Be silent and sale -silence Q S betrays you." Q V, " Noted for: Tumed up nose X Usually seen: Anywhere and every- X 1 where K : Weakness: Wavy hair, movies and R as convertibles ""b.,,,,, Secret ambition: To live forever JAMES WADE "Jim," "Vinegar Bend" "Take lite easy: tomorrow is another day." Noted for: Being punchy Usually seen: With Larry Weakness: Eating Secret ambition: To play basketball at Madison Square Garden -.X rug PATRICIA WALSCHEID ..Rosa., upai.. ..wa1nut.. "And eyes that crinkle when she laughs." Noted lor: Going steady Usually seen: 'With the A. T. O.'s Weakness: Love, fun. and green eyes Secret ambition: To raise a football team in Colorado 1 X ' 'I e -- ff l .4 I ' xx X , A Aff! 7492.7 rfmif 1 0 I MALCOLM EDWARD WHITE "Maggie" "Maggots" "Bash!u1ness is an ornament to youth!" Noted tor: Wilbur Usually seen: Bdiwrinq "Chames" Weakness: Summers at Camp Secret ambition: To have to tell Don how to fix his car 5 rj' Q J xx-Rs " 5 A ,fs s r N' L' 5 , 1 'v A x 5 X I s X We ' Xg - Nix!-" BRUCE ROBERT WOLFF "Bruce" "A gentleman makes no noise." Noted tor: His walk Usually seen: N Weakness People Secret ambition To be able to smg BIG WHEEL ELLEN BOLTZ Secretary E CSN DICK MUNN M- Presldent . 'Q 'f"-Ta .TIM CHAMBERLIN Vlce President fll! l Q f 0 f fir K2 9 31 fish? Sv ll fd f K ,,- fx I , ' g, 42 , ay 4 ,s, Q2 U 0 fi ' x ,fm ff 5- H EK . 'r 7 S l ,. ro elif. 47, 5 'P ',e,.,, Aff: 'sr ' Q9 F! 4nHf"'9? ' X I x 42 A WW A BEST SMILE Dave Ackerman, Lynne Garrcxbrcmt CLASS WIT Gerry Lytle Patty Lou Nxghlcmd BEST ATHLETE George Hoover Bobble Ienmngs 'wud DONE MOST FOR VHS Ioe Gcxghcxno Elcxme Schermerhorn BIGGEST FLIRT Don Heyer Mcxrgxe Fnzpcxtnck QUIETEST Elber Stearns Meme Kcxptem TYPICAL V H S Bob Chczrmun Pat Gxiiord Q vo Q . 5' HRA ' gi T H XT, . ... B I v . li K 4 V AL.. -x 1 . W Q' 9 I me , 1 S ef fa I M " A 51' 5 , Q ' if Or vrvarfarlp,, f 5351: 'QQQ lm Glifai, :ffl I. 5 ' ' , , 5 If lg gf, N qi 5 -, A -' 1 s 4 1 g ,ld 1 - QA-fl 0 4, 9, A!! 'fcj'5'!!'lexv"'fa "I1"fz353 Ol' sstglf , s Q! N CUTES1' Larry Kmghorm Ann w 1 ..n ', ,ln N 'H 1 1 7,9 BEST PERSONALITY Bob Chcxrmcm Pat Gxflord McLc1ughl1n Ill i .. Ill, ,Ill 11 . l AA I flla . l 5 1 T . , fx, -elif f ' Q Ai X . ' . , .1 I . of n E .KN A 'QTL , A ' .. 'ir .IT Hoff' V ,, mi An ' . 'Ei i , gs 1, I ,Q of 1 MOST POPULAR George Hoover Carol Dmmcxr S? 5 . I 1" BEST LOOKING Bob Cartaboncx Aida D1 Tram BEST DRESSED Bob Hcuthel Donna Mae Smxth BEST DANCERS Phx Longo Pct Walschexd MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dxck Tompson Elume Schermerhorn 33 D",-,-f-1 f Q UW f Lf ox ,Coe ooxiixecxeox oo-1 xrlxiix 'Coe Xxexebq 19 9- f k Q 9 D We ox CXOSS ox X?b'5, xoexxxrg Xloxx oixoo ooo 'Coe 10oqxix'ixceox Boixe xv N eoocxxoo ox out 'ooxzxoxoxuxe Xoooxe Xoyooeoo, A 1 oeoxorae Qcixe oocooxeox ooi Toi-ix xgixx ooogggxow e L o oXX Q00-ae xo exoox o x e oss 0 . G 0- opeofto o cooqxooxexoxxoo ox oo: xoxexzxxe. xxoxxs. ooo GA Qoeeeeefxooe. ,HI V 'Doo Cooxee qw ee xixe Y-exfoooxo oxidxxq xo Goxox f- f F4 X XN exxxexgo. Yxowlq ooe ooo bowl 'Z4xoqXxo1oXeofIe"Q0e I x , qexx' xo Yxooxixe De Cxxeeex. 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SFS X K A jx All wspules to Jock ond T h 1720 SUITS their IW111 2 1 W 5 X ,Vr 'KW '7' I Qives U gm mdoff Bobble fe11f1f119S x l , , , N . fs-ala Lomb Q1 1, - - milf- Lewis and Gerry Cqilecjn Egstgirsigf DWJZJ? Les X I . "g,ju',Eg 41" ,fwfr De Mae? l:7eanor Eaton leaves 11,9 C5915 SIG? 3 - xn,- lx QIIYOIJS W 0 W f 1 1 ' i ? ff 1912: Tigelllqor Ggfsbleqve gli '?'flf1ifoZ1v0gl?e?'i!C3Cotlznu1gmg12e -'ETF y --i 'fm 4, 0 S deig f oflzer f 0 j t i H h 23 I seals Roddy Smith Wmgozgns Qrol Anderson pre if V4 wi- Galrfrbranf leaves an 1 f"'f',b remarks' Lynne 1 ref' 'Mg Q' f f QQH12 C' OC to tlze next resi- ' -e 5-em f dent of tlze Q-25 eine. P iw - p l .fb Q I 12 d J . w 7 I f les to Red Varian. The SSl1ijcllEr11bZ3SVZii1Eg?sg,1? O Selngs. o G 1 . , stroln tlze Seniors ot tlze socgfer isis Zgiiircmfigi RL I I f Q winning season. To ferry De Stefano We fe If X Z cjqsil ojlgzqgfen ddversl Q' S 0126 0 O If 017173012 F116 Cllemistr 1 i M , ' ' 0 hydrogen balloon. Along with artrlo 5438865 femm F X J V . U U e dictron, we Ugg e Mt Herdenbauglz a lite-tinge Suppfy of bow N i 8.90905 Seelefz and published 0 11, - t A Q of June in flze Year f 0 L U 6 Mm!! QQ-V fb hundred and Hhystbrez. ur ord one thousand nine I J Q Creoutors and HG?ne.s-.ees fffiiius 5j'3'g'l'ffY MURIEL, the cigar HIGSBIE ONTINE Peres NTAL Wann 1' DESIL v pf , . f-fx X W, Q. v Q , :Nm ff N px l' I I ff' .f'fg"' As we moved into our Iunior year we finally lelvii IF- tw title of "underclassmen" behind us and started to assi the duties and responsibilities ol "upperclassmen" u er the able lea rship of Ralph Ostella, Helmer Pearson, Gladys Kusen urg, who helped lead us through this important year. Our class -.was well represented in student activitl s such as Student,Cpuncil, Student Court, Shadows. and the White Hornet, with Rex Peterson, vice-president, and Lynn Dartnell, secretary, very ably fulfilling their hard and important jobs. With much ability we represented Verona in football. soccer, basketball. baseball, and track as well as in cheer- leading. The football cheerleaders, under captain Gladys Kusenburq, cheered our teams to many victories. We all ieel sure that next year's teams with Peterson, Bergstrom. Smith and the other team captains will bring many athletic awards to our school. Also the band was led this year by' head majorette Mary Ann Adams. Our class rings finally arrived in February and were displayed by everyone. Ideas lor our Iunior Prom started to materialize and the class decided on a musical background and theme. Most of the remainder ol the year was spent working very industriously on the decorations for the Prom as our Iunior year slowly but very surely came to a close. 1-.I I 'I 1 . Q, 40' r , 'A I J f V V 4 5 I 4 4 ,1" 1" 1 f I 1 .A ,gl I 1 -,z , i -.1 1 D :ink , I A I, 6 4 D . CLASS OFFICERS RALPH OSTELLA GLADYS KUSENBERG HELMER PEARSON President , all Lx f on 6 y :Q09'f'lw y j wt YJ N yr' I K 5 I - V- 1 I f -5 mf ' ' A ' A 5 XS f-ff I' i X pifdif WW MMU Q W 5.1 any Um aff' 'WK K Frrst row Wands Hagqblom Dougherty Hauck Apple Herr Novack Coe Palmer H Pearson Kusenburg Os tella Percevault Kaczmarek Graman Ruggtero Eriurt Gradowsky Second row Lombardt Ingold McCarren Baldwm Abbey Goldweber Sachs Urban Dodge Gur ney M Smlth Goldberg Turano Adams Lrssner C Towne Zxmmerman Prxce Cox Henschen Blood Bush Watson Thlrd row Vehslage Halsteader Hochherser Burnett Lrpkm Moo aher C S 1th Roos Collett eww , rf' qs 3' W Smg Curtts Barney Churchlll L Dartnell Wrlltams Dobson Caputo Rusconr H Morton Fourth row Vold LldSlXOm Hall Remhardt Kuhne D Voss Watson F Voss I Smrth Rtchardson DAIGSSIO Spot Strvala Lytle Moran Potter Dahl Frith row Buell Merwm Thorp Roemer Butler I Morton Peterson Bergstrom Spnnger Schultz Hathaway Norcott Gxbbs Tebo Asklmg R Smtth Shuttleworth Varlan Berr 'QSZQQ do Qlitlfffffrfy W' K' Q Q.z -P NL.. 4 22 HL I-at , Q 45? llll Even though coming back to school in 1952 meant giving up summer vacation, the Sophomore class was deter- mined to better our good standing as freshmen. We had elected Ioey Houiler secretary-treasurer, in Iune of 1952. We started oil the school year successiully by sponsor- ing a dance. The dance, held on October 14. was called "The Hillbilly Huddlef' Miss Shockneyi and Mr. Wermuth, our class advisers, helped us very much in making this dance a success. The sophomores were well represented in tall sports. The sophomore football players, highlighted by Dan Denton and Ierry DeLucca, were cheered on by sophomore cheer- leaders Nancy Edlehauser and Bonnie Bush. Richard Wil- liams helped the soccer team to win many games as did other sophomore boy-s. The sophomores, who made up most oi the basketball squad, appeared in numerous I. V. games and occasionally in varsity games. We were also repre- sented in baseball and track. Andy Wohlgemuth starred in the high jump. It is getting harder and harder for the class oi '55 to stay on the scholastic level at which they think they should be. With ablative absolutes. quadratic equations. and lab sessions in biology the Ks and B's seemed to drift farther away. Many sophomores are active in extra curricular activities such as, supporting Shadows and White Hornet. Glee Club, Front Page Club, Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y. Student Court, and Student Council. With this year's achievements in mind we will tackle the responsibility ol being upperclassmen. aa 25 CLASS OFFICERS IACK WINDOLF IOEY HAUFLER WALLY WOLFF Presxdent Secretary Vxce Presxdent Sl J Fxrst row Vmcent Pechemk Messmger I Cartabona Alexander Hochhexser Krohn Pantley Wmdolf Hauller Wolll Towne Brexthut Baresse Ashley Sxmpson De Cheser Lammack Kempczynskt Rxckert Second row Goeller Ianotf Cordasco Mlller MacDonald Bush New comb Clark Hoagland Edelhauser Wxndoll Hanley Bollmger Dalton Wnght Coad Wanner M Smrth Shlelds Thompson B Smlth Thtrd row Rennard Handy Mxller Marx Mxsca Allhusen Sherman Beese Yeats Palm Payne Iohnson Walschetd Dean C Rademacher f"'w ef? Af! I Connolly- Vanan N Rademacher P Connolly Wxdden Kxrby Barry Leach Fourth row Iacobus Young Hayne Lovalla Baker Kxlbury Lmdow Hommown Barslkow Slqrxst Sutton Skrzypek Wmner Farrar Towne Montz Gxanettl Cutrone Rrccardn Le Veccr Lund George Frith row Thomas Connolly Uccx Berber Bausum Schultz bank Lytle Tate Manalxo Wohlgemuth Koch Farns worth Denton Greene Opdylre Rxckert Gore Carlmg Betke Meeker Gargurlo Harnson Gerberg Tolly' Hayes Beck A rw-:fa ' Y- Q - L S W! """' ff' f F iii' in F t X ? g -f-1 " f . l . y . N L ar X y Q by . I ., 1 X At last we have become Freshmen! The hrst few days were coniusmg but as we began to get used to thmgs Htgh School became real and ahve In Iune of 1952 we had elected Lyn Carhn as presxdent Ierry Buermann vrce presxdent and Alxce Chamberlam secretary treasurer In the fall our freshmen football team played long and hard They won two games and lost three games Our last game was very excrtmg because we lost rt by only one pomt The ireshmen are very proud oi Iohn Pearson and Henry Tancke who made varsrty football and we are sure that there are other boys m our class who wxll play varsxty next year Some of our ireshmen boys also played soccer The basketball team has been iaxrly successful The gxrls are also takmg part xn athletxcs such as basket ball and bowlmg The members of our class are partxcrpatmq rn vanous achvmes such as Tr1H1Y H1Y Dramatxc Club Shadow and the Whlte Hornet Some of our ubjects thxs year are entrrely driierent especrally Latm The As and Bs 1ust seem to wander rn the other dxrectron The freshmen class rs lookxng forward to a very success ful four years rn H1gh School Wxth all of our wonderiul teachers and our class advrsers we are sure we wxll make out goal 'l I L. l .Ag 4 ii, gegjii rf, X W I ' - - - " 1 f, T , T . f J xx T QQ f' 2 L, ' NWA 31 2. ,fs . T, U X J T o T 1 0 T QT? 0 dn T f T wk nr ,J v L T ' ' N' v c I . ,, lvl' ' -0 lb' J I K .rpm T A Ps T . S U h .Q ' . .4 Tirk gt. X T ' 4 Z 1.31, , f I TT ' IJ 1 ' fl Fr sv 1 bij f ff ' - T 2 CLASS OFFICERS IERRY BUERMANN ALICE CHAMBERLIN LYNDELL CAHLIN Vrce Presxdent Secretary Presxdent fum L H Ig is 'ilk Fxrst row Tancke Wrllrams Donatell Nelson Albanese Laramy Scnven Burke Kearney Carlm Chamberlm Buermann Luzzx Wyble Intrle Hanley Ware Keller Nelson Lentz Second row Carpenter Collms Fulton Kurmes Palmer Brower Berber Trmmons Marx Hall Karcher Carell Van Etten De Malo Connolly Bartolo Burns De Francxsco Fahr Crtrano Rxder Thxrd row Hxcock Ness Weber Faxss Spot Fmkenstat Furbeck Dunn Leom Valentme Toltesy Beck Delapenha Mar X '0- E- shall Iordan Bowman Fourth row Thomas MacDonald Rexd Haas Hughes Meyner Dempsey McCorm1ck Para sugo Dx Tram Graman Congleton Davenport Dalton Hascup Ierbasx Weldon Sxca Paladmo Terry Rush Guttenberger Prer Frith row Wexssenborn H Smlth Cook Seller Greenberg Davenport Love Stewart Booth Munn Nxelson Wermuth Armswood Cresbaugh Thomp son Pearson Trxgg Puleo De Masx Donohue Berber Coulter Gesm Lambert West 1 5, 'X fb 1 Hi S.- X . I ,4 ,, ,i s-f ,A ,735 1 3 5 ,. ' if ,. Mi T .M bs' ,, . "Sis i - . ff u. ' 1 1 ,, 143 . ""?l'i'iV-l 31-Hx 'z J ' N ' L -X A " rw-..,fg - X Vs 7 fm A - N my I - , A , - v if -1 4' r A 5 . ' 9- K 1 K A L W FR-Iilf m m.,A 'fix 1515, Q lf' 2 0' ,QR 3 NRE 441 ik v -ww MS rf K5 QE f A by QR X.. ox f 1 11-""""!i9nn!+---""' "' F? if First row: Miller, Ierbasi, Laford, Bardi, Mascuch, Iennings. Gra Chamberlain, Coates. Second row: C. Hademacher Y' ' Trimmer, Kusenberq, L. Dartnell, Curtis, Sutton, T. Windolf Hoaglund, I. Miller, Winner, C. Towne, Dodge, B. Hauck, Gifford, Herr, Coe, Apple, B. Hauck, Dougherty, Third row: P. Connolly, M. Miller, Boltz, Barney, Churchill, Baker. N Rademacher, Varian, I. Connolly, Coad, Lindow, I. Watson, E ' M-" ' S 15' 6 Q WT ' ' .. 'U mtrrf IFJ. 7 ,L I hadow Staff Early in the year the Shadows staff began their annual work of piecing to- gether the yearbook. As usual the staff worked industriously and conscientiously in their valiant effort to make the year- book of 1953 truly representative of the students of V.H.S. The staff under the capable guidance of Mr. Dimmers heaved a sigh of relief as the series of deadlines finally came to an end and V.H.S. may chalk up an- fjf. 15 Y other job well done. Palmer, Gurney, Lissner, Urban, Gifol, Bartley. Fourth row: Lane, K. Fernald, I. Dartnell, Eaton, Sager, M. De Francisco: A. DiTrani, Hayden, Carroll, Grant, McLaughlin, Harrison. P. Marx, Hella, Blose, Rowell, Kenworthy, Rambo, Nelson Fifth row: Mr. Dimmers, Lipkin, R. Opdyke, Greene, Nann Potter, I, Smith, Charman, White, G. Brown, Kott, Hochheiser :- n .ae 8:1 .1 White Hornet Ten issues-what an order to fill be- tween September and Iune! That meant an issue every three weeks!-How could it ever be done? SIMPLE-just meet all the deadlines-THAT'S ALL!! Well-the staff did it! By hook or by crook the four pages were filled, rushed to the printers, proof read and finally received by the students. Many headaches plus a barrel of laughs are left not too willingly to next year's staff. First row: I. Miller, Schennerhorn, Lissner, Bartley, McGinn, Charrnan, F. Fernald, Tompson, Boltz, Lane, I. Dartnell Gifford, K. Femald, Gifol, Sager, Kott, D. Ierbasi. Nann, Grant, Carroll, C. Towne. Second row: G. Hanley, N. Edel- hauser, D. Walschied, Bush. Hauiler, Iohnson, N. Nelson Rambo, Hectus, Porter, Abbey, Baldwin, Dodge, Palmer: Apple, B. Hauck, Herr, Novack, C. Towne, Dittmar. Third row: husen, Sherman, Blose, P. Brown, Coe, Haggblom, Dougherty . iii: ET. I H5255 1 Hoagland, Clark, Dean, All- Kenworthy, Coad, Held, -Rs.. ' X ' fi me t Garrabrant, B, Hauck. Eaton, Curtis, Bamey, Churchill. L. Dartnell, Kusenburg, Goldweber, Sachs, Gurney, Harrison, McLaughlin. Fourth row: Johnson, Palm, Kandel, E. Puleo, Lindow, Sigrist, Bollinger, MacDonald, Breithut, Barsikow. Rowell. Jennings, Fitzpatrick, Hayden, A. Di Trani, M. Miller. Trimmer, P. Edelhauser, Anderson, Winner, Fulton, Rider. Hella, Hinckley. Fifth row: Greene, Coates, Potter, Gagliano. G. Brown, Hochheiser, R. Opdyke. ilil fi i 9153 .gs ' , -- 'wr' '- ' '--so may-m..1,w-'+,.-va'1t. . f, Q Front: Hoover. B. Cartabona, L. Dartnell, Gifford, Apple. Steen McGinn. Back: Peterson, K. Fernald, Raithel, Brown. Munn I, Dartnell. I. Chamberlin, McKinley, Schermerhom. A 4 The Student Council under the lead- ership of Bob Cartabona, Rex Peterson and Lynn Dartnell met every other Wednesday at 12:20 in room 23. The council is made up of the homerooms and the heads ot all the various com- mittees. In the Council meetings the prob- lems of the school are ironed out. The members discuss school problems and give their ideas on how to improve the taken by the president and acted upon to correct any problem in question. s 141 ,ii ui h . Front Peterson B Cartabona Dartnell Center Voss Wolff Sutton SC 001' These Suggestlons are then Coe McLaughlm Weldon Mcfirnley I Ierbasr G Brown Back Charman I Smith Denton Bergstrom Lytle Leach Farnsworth Pearson indent Court C O O 6' Y. O OF5 fp QAO? Front: Davenport, Fulton, D. Thompson, Charman, K. Fernald. Palm, DeVito. Center: Beck, Congleton, Hoover, Shuttleworth, Rowell, Gifford, Price, McKinley, Skrzypek. Back: Moore, Potter, Williams, Meeker, R. Miller, Operating under an entirely different system for the first time in seven years the Court has achieved better student cooperation and therefore more has been accomplished this year. Another innovation is that several Freshmen have attended each Court meeting as part of the present program. The Court feels that its success de- pends upon the student body's interest and helpful contribution. Thus the Court extends its thanks to the student body for making this year a successful one. Front: White, McGinn, K. Fernald, Mr. Iohnson. Center: R. Opdyke D. Voss, Kusenberg, Gifford, L. Dartnell, I. Dartnell, Sachs, D. Goldweber Raithel. Back: Nann, Potter. D. Tompson, I. Smith. Charman. G. Brown Wolff. ,,,- Boys' Lookor Patrol The Locker patrol, like any other patrol, is in existence to keep order and to keep things running smoothly. The three most important things a patrol member does is to see that there isn't any eating, fooling around, or noise in the locker room. 1 Traffic Patrol The Traffic patrol is the oldest student organization in the school. Other than the direction of traffic, the patrol is composed of two other sections, the fire drill committee and the assembly committee. The main purpose of this patrol is to keep traffic running smoothly throughout the day and to conduct orderly fire drills. Back: I. Connolly, Barry, Kingham, Denton, D, Heyer, McKinley. Kiefer. Center: Hoover. First row: Steen, Fitzpatrick, Walscheid, DiTrani, Blose, D. Smith, Martin. Haggblom. Second row: Rusconi, Miller, Nighland, N. Nelson, Harrison, Ingold, Grodowsky, Urfurt, Williams, Churchill. Third row: Gray, Dobson. Kandel, Herrman, Rambo, Boltz, Gaifey, Hectus. Hauck, Doherty. Fourth Girls' Lookor Patrol The Locker patrol is one of the important organizations of V. H. S. Without it we would find much disorder in the locker room. Its main purpose is to obtain notes from anyone en- tering the locker room, prevent- ing unnecessary actions and excess noise. :Jw 1' 3' f-I- 4 -L t fir! f I ug? -4 , 4 .oaol ll tzlfoz' ' . ' ' :silent ' t ' leaf? '. 1 til," 1 'I 1 f 5 fo , 2 is 4- , . I - 4 ibn 52 row: Alescio, Ruggiexo, Graman. Goldweber, Sachs, Hochheiser, Turano. Concessions Committee The Concessions Committee, which was instituted at Verona last year, played a very important part in the Fall sports program. The members of the committee derived much en- joyment from serving the fans and by adding to the funds of the Stu- dent Council. The committee feels that it has had ct very successful year. Front: Schermerhorn, Munn. Center: Dartnell, Curtis, Towne, Baldwin Kenworthy. Rowell. Top: Potter, Bergstrom, I. Chamberlin, Laford, McKinley Mascuch, Moore, Ostella, Voss. gf? !.'.f' Lett to right: Charman, Wade, Hoover, Raithel, Skrzypek, Shutt1eworth.Brown. Hall Patrol This year the Hall patrol evolved a new lunch schedule with the pur- pose of having students finish lunch before sixth period. The new ar- rangement was satisfactory, and the seven members, who were on duty from ll:45 to 1:00 kept students from loitering and talking in the halls. Front: Fitzpatrick, Di Trani, Steen, Nighland, P. Edelhausser, Carroll, Center: Inglesino, Anderson, Hayden, Walscheid, Novak, Herr, Coe, Abbey. Back: Furbeck, Luzzi, Intite, De Cheser, Leone, Valentine, Dunn. Committee The Cafeteria patrol was set up for the purpose of maintain- ing quiet, as well as order, in the cafeteria during both lunch periods. Pupils that can't abide by the few simple rules are sent to Student Court. The Cafeteria patrol, like the Traffic patrol and Hall patrol, consists of voluntary members. The patrol has appreciated the cooperation that it has re- ceived so far, and hopes it will continue. Assembly Uommittee This year, under the able guidance of Mr. Gleason, the Assembly Committee did a great job in leading the students in the opening exercises and helping to make our assemblies successful. Each member was very conscien- tious in seeing that the assembly of which they were in charge Went along very smoothly. l r x6"'x ' xx cog' 50 veto' Q- T steel G is-05e"Q,x2Oi 09512215 vial. CAO . qt. G5 oqxo ost' esteg. '50 o O? qoff Lett G- vet. 3,6960 YO B09 First row: Griliith, George, Raithel, Woltf, Second row: Tebo, Reid. Rush, Bausum. Third row: Pechenik. Voss, Miller, Melborne, Thompson, Mr. Burguillos. Fourth row: Koch, Denton, Springer, Kingham, Betke. - Ci le r if This year the members of the Verona Hi-Y have participated in many interesting and varied activi- ties. In addition to taking part in a basketball tournament and sending boys to Hi-Y conventions at Atlantic City and Trenton, we had numerous educational speakers and films. We owe a great deal of gratitude to Mr. Burguillos, our adviser, and Bob Raithel, our president. As a member of the National Tri- Hi-Y. the Verona Chapter has existed for three years. It has accomplished many things this year such as cookie sales and a dance. Also members have attended conventions and camps in order to exchange ideas and broaden the circle of friends. Jzprohr - ational Honor Society The Verona Chapter of the National Honor Society is a school organization which is de- signed to merit those who have ranked high among their classmates in the field of leader- ship, scholarship, character, and service. Miss Shockney, Mr. Dimmers, and Mr. Gleason are the faculty advisors of this or- ganization. The Society renders any services possible to its school and community. on, ' Q je Grp ' Ce rbfrs- eo Heli mer- 1' 5951, ' B ' loc Obd Om S, N Clog. 'le Pk .Ds Q - 1 IQ ef 13 on, D HAI? KOHALSS Fern owely ull ' G S170 Oli S011 D' M11 Cggljllnoclqzey Gifforgllmef. eldenbaxvlgife' C301-Inga! 9 Qifhe ' L Tri-Hi-Y Holtz, Lindow, Miss Howard. Second row: Eaton Harrison, Nelson, Rambo, Johnson, Blose, Gray , Sh n. Hommowtm, McLaughlin. Garra iilgri Hirilllxecy, Puleo, Reber, Brower. C. Smith CL First row: Miss O'BoY1ef BCm1eY' Brown' Leslie' Hectus, Gafiey. Smith, Nelson. Third row: DRAHATIC -,, , , U THOMAS Q B YQ in efforts wnh 12 V "Jai -Y 34" 1' 82,2 4'-lsr' 1 'trimmer r 'N' 11 Q lr mf Wim..- Frrst row Hauiler Krlbury Haggblom Dougherty Hauck Apple Herr Novack Coe Palmer Adams Turano McGmn Fernald Lrssner Ea on Bartley McLaughlm Second row Sacks Urban Gurney M Smlth Sager Barresse MacDonald Newcomb Marx Hoagland Srgrrst Payne Steen Carroll Blose Lane Grtford I Dartnell Ienmngs Edelhauser Bush Allhusen Sherman Hogg Towne Goldweber Schermerhorn Hauck Coad Luzzr Burns Granettl C Towne Cxtrano rhrrd row N Edelhauser Baldwm Abbey Goldberg Hochherser Rademacher Connolly Hmckley Connolly Curtrs Barney Churchrll L Dartnell Kenworthy Rowell Volck mar Boltz Trrmmer Fourth row Clark Rademacher Palm Porter Gxiol Iohnson Weber Hall Drttmar Dodge Garrabrant Hella Held Connolly Grant Harnson P Brown Iohnson Wmdoll Hanley Frith row l-lochherser Hayne Burnett Mr Butterworth Halsteader Lrpkm R Opdyke l IN' WI he X Q clubs min 'M X. Ehe ou proud of and b 1eSl thelr qmte 56 ,,..- .., 1 .4 11 51 1 . h K if 1 1 x 1 n Yxf' ' .1 5:41, Yi i " " ii' fl 'mel 1... - 'Pnl - A , , .. ,.. , , ,1 -MLW , ..,... , . "'fx'. f 'z 1 11 1. V' 3 'Lge ag ffzf an j,f-f--we-+1-uewiqq r-5: ,.,, f-.-1.1. 2' f'1 ,,,'f?:d,ak f ', kg lv. A in in 5 ,Lg t 543' 1 kwmsy .v:A is f d vga..-:,1,f.?.5i41,K , "1 W 5-e -K" 137g-.lfw Y' Xizsr' 1- 'Y 13 1-Q ,311 f.""E, A 4: 1? ,,,,?. .1P.:,VgxiqiLr qw' - ,ja A 1? f ., fu -,ah pg" ' 'fn - - 5 , r - 1-.f.151f.g-,.jJ,'.4, , 1. ,11 ., . .. , ,- ' - .M1,g5.g ,f js.-' 4 5 , 1 , rf 1 .: 2- - - -rr -1 1' fgzrfgfug' 5 '-1 ,A - 553 B I I I I 1 . 1 I I - 1 - 1 I I 0 ' 1 . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I 1 I I I I I -I I . -1 . ,,. . 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 , - - 1 1 - U I 1 I I ' I 1 I - I I I I I 1 I 1 '1 . , v I I I ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 V 1 1 l 2 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 h I 1 , , -P 1 , "- 0.1111 1... H ' ' -- X' X! K7 1 W- N ' N Q I I X I It i X My X 1 fa X ' HA' '43 - ! f . , ,yy if My A . W , -- g ,siix if xii 5'ii'S.,"iF:q1fg!j'T 3' I A .Q LLFS ' 1-A. if , 5 1 ,. -- First row: Sager, Volckmar, Held, Kenworthy, Rowell, Iohnson, Boltz, Blose, Rambo, Nelson, Lane, Fernald, I. Dartnell, Gifford, Hauck, McGinn, Schermerhorn, Churchill, Herr. Lissner, Gurney, L. Dartnell, Herrmann. Second row: Burns, Puleo, P. Brown, Leslie, Abbey, Baldwin. Towne, Blood, Gradowsl-ry, Sutton, Windolf, Hoagland, Coad, Winner, Lindow, Carroll, Grant, McLaughlin, Harrison, Hella, M. Smith, Kilbury, Alesio. Third row: Hanley. Haufler, Hectus. Timmons, Furbeck, C, Smith, Wyble, Barsikow, Baker, Rademacher, Varian, Connolly, Rade- macher, Rusconi, Goldberg, Porter, Marchetti, Marin, Cox, Morton, Alexander. Fourth row. G. Iohnson, Bush, MacDonald, Payne, Newcomb, Karcher, Laramy, Brower, Skrzypek, Marx Breithut, C. Towne, Farrar, Hordynsky, Dean, Walschied, Dalton, Lytle, Hanley, Olsen, Sigrist Bollinger, Burke, Marx. Fifth row: Clark, Palm, Edelhauser, Allhusen, Sherman, Faiss, Rider Lentz, Citrano, Weber, Intile, Dunn, Valentine, Moritz, Cutrone, Hiccardi, Le Vecci, Lawson Bartolo, Fahr, Donatell, Albanese, Schnetter, Iohnson, Scriven, Connolly. Sixth row: Fulton Hogg, Kurmes, Hinckley, Garrabrant, Corell, Chamberlin. Delapenha, Rush, Kearney, Toltesy Nelson, Simpson, Lavallo, Messinger, Yates, Wright, Krohn Hochheiser, De Maio, Leoni, Ware Kaptein, Percevault, Luzzi. Seventh row: Mrs. Lenardson, Denton, Love. Koch, Thompson Wolff, Betke, Meeker, Lambert, Tancke, Griffith, Rickert, Goeller, Opdyke, Lytle. CEE! The Choral department of the Verona High School has had a year full of activity. On December 14th the combined choral groups of the school gave a Christmas concert with the Verona Choral Society at the F. N. Brown f GIVE auditorium. The same week the groups gave Q programs for the Iunior and Senior High As- semblies. During the month of February, twenty-four 'dl , members of our various singing groups took - yi!! f part in the Operatic Festival at Westfield, New 5'4 " ' 1 lersey, singing with a massed chorus of three VZ, , , hundred singers. F " -Q May lst was selected as the date of the 0 'll Spring Choral Concert. 5 NX Q -1.-'E'-q ' .242 M 0 s ' fs . 1. r - LERQKI7 1'NomA6 Since its founding in the Spring of 1951, the Front Page Club has been writing local news for the Verona Cedar Grove Times. With the aid of its sponsors, Miss Shockney and Mr. Reidenbaugh, the club's aim is better technique in all types of news- paper writing. s-ff' . I THOMA5 This year the Iunior Red Cross Club was directed under Cary Lou Apple and Miss Spaide, the ad- viser. This club has done numerous things this year. Some members have gone to the chapter house in Caldwell to help out the Bed Cross members with the Blood Bank, and some have collected money for the annual drive. 58 Front Page Club Front: 'Wehrheim, Watson, Hauck, Co-ed. Eaton Co ed Coad Garra brant, Smith. Center: Lane, I. Miller, Clark, Bush N Edelhauser Mac Donald, Hoagland. Back: Hauiler, Hordynskr Farrar Skrzypelr Bol linger, Dean. a -...A ,TW-"':'t'ff- Q:-f First row, left to right: Kandel. Coad. Harrison Nelson Blose Boltz Held, Urban, Eaton, Back row: Reber, Haggblom Baldwin Apple Red Cross Audio Visual Committee Lett to right: Fulton, R. Miller, Hogg, Davenport, MacDonald, P. Davenport, Mr. Burguillos. Xff iiii io edict? L Lett to right: Betsy Hauck, Margaret Kenworthy. Iackie Gitol, Miss Deal, Phyllis Brown, Sherrill Coad, Lynne Garrabrant, Gail Haggblom. Bulletin Board Committee v . . it . The Audio Visual Committee un- der Mr. Burguillos has tried its best to serve the school in every way possible. Sometimes due to film breaks and other mishaps the com- mittee has been a bit late. The com- mittee, however, would like to thank Mr. Burguillos for the advice and as- sistance he gave both old and new members. Av .iff y X - K ' Q 4 2 7 4- - ' ' llllll gf l J ., D fo 9 J pl t.. j 'n-comes. 9 The Bulletin Board Committee has had a great deal of fun this year keeping the halls interesting with different displays. Under the lead- ership of Phyllis Brown, chairman, and Miss Deal, adviser, the commit- tee was always thinking of better ideas to make the bulletin boards throughout the school more interest- ing to the students of V. H. S. 59 -gyp- A 1 . , , fll' for ISHQ' i5,i3?e 40 5 m an v E65 Ili 'K lilhll5n" li! ll. r L A 4 35501 ."r 5 'VJ M'-"i'iwv First ww: D. Ierbcrsi, I. Martin, C. Towne, Second row: Wermuth, Kott, Baldwin, Lissner Carlson Burnett d ke Third row Carlin Stearns Wyble Marx Fourth row' George fn? Pearson, Faraher. WM- dfigfggd? '-5 Under the skillful leadership i t of Edmund Schill, the orchestra S succeeded once again in hav- ing a successful year. -Q The orchestra could always be counted upon to play in assembly programs, con- certs, and other activities requiring their services. One of the more enjoyable electives, the orchestra, meets only one period a week to accomplish the heavy schedule it has planned, but hard work and fun go together and delightful memories will always be remem- bered by former members. . . Y - 1 1 ' ' ' , ' ' Reiber Dodge, Hall Fifth row: Coates, Stewart, Wehrheim, Smith, Hochherser. Mascuch, Green, Sixth row: I. lerbasi, Hogg, Thomas. Seventh row: Fernald, Mr. Schill, Director. '10 R CW gm, ,,,.-L... Qsyww Q If 9- X4 IV XP N x X 'Jr YV cv ff' X. D uc? JL' Nvrx' by W of ,M vdk -NJ 'l 40 ' Ah' agxhq 0' by 03' hal J. js ' ,y ,J cr J'-'X . 4' fp F' 63,8 " ' I. W gr -of F 'X X V S 1 Sd. J V JD- X 'J' J-A 'X fig? ,-X Afx... v"'j fN W5 p...v0J,- Jluyw LLM afi- ,,t4,f,,M VU!-dean-4--EU! 1+ -w-Q-'-P'J'q' 'Ag , Www SCORES Verona 20 Rockaway 26-Summlt Wayne MGd1SOn Passcuc Valley Chiford Scott M111burn Caldwell g Opp '1 .D ,. Af non cHAmv1AN 'W 7 Dxcx THOMPSON ALAN DOBSON NX IL NME -Aan-,slQ, V tl 5 f X MIL wum-: 9' 64 'ggi f 1 ' f AL SICRYZPEK ' .f-Pl' """S?' f 'S-V"2'T-.' . . f .f f 5-:Riff . . ' -, ., 0 . Vv , Q " Y 1 P Ano U ! Av' ' ' X W a fi?" T S P' yyyyya A f - ,,,,,,,...,,.,.,,,..........., 0 l ' I V-----Y---------'F-.------.V--D---I' 6 77 Y 12-Glen Ridge ...,.,......,...,........... 6 26- ,,......,.,,....,,,,................ 14 33- ' .............,.......,............ 5 21- ' .....,................ 5 19- ' ....,..................... 27 14- ' .................,........,....... 6 L 13- .......................,........ 6 X , , en ,X ' X ,xi ,47 6 W 'b'V,y P ll h ,X , N ' --X "-sh , 7 . Ig I ' f xA' I I ix 1' ,ff 'WX , -6 - If x f In pre-season forecasts, little was expected of Verona's eleven, due to heavy losses in- curred throuqh graduation However under the superb leadershrp of co-captams George Hoover cmd Bob Cartabona the teams drs playing overpowering drive and determination went on tc w1n eight of nine games and cop he Suburban Conference crown Much of the credrt for the showlng of the team can be attrrbuted to the excellent coach mg of Dutch Wermuth Pierson Fellows and lerry DeStefano Other factors were the hard and elusrve ball toting of Cartabona Morton and Brown the fierce blocking of the forward wall headed by Dobson White Peterson Hoover and Denton the deadly accuracy of Rod Smiths passmg coupled w1th the sensa tional receiving of end Bob Charman and Isla 3 finally the jarring tackling of Tompson, Heyer, Skrzypek DeLucca and Richardson The clrmax of the season was the hard earned Thanksgrving Day triumph over arch rival Caldwell to gain undisputed possession of the conference t1tle Two second half touch downs enabled Verona to emerge with a spot less record in conference play Ten seniors all of whom played regularly will be m1ss1ng from next years cast They are Cartabona Hoover Charman Tompson Heyer Dobson Whrte Brown Skrzypek and Lewis The vast rebuilding job will fall on co captains elect Rod Srnrth and Rex Peterson lim Morton Charlie Brchardson Iohn Smith Bob Shuttleworth Dan Denton and Ierry De Lucca Q f,.J. 'Mt WW-W 'W' BOB CARTABONA-GEORGE HOOVER JOHN HEYER GORDON BROWN I-E51-IE LEWIS Co Captains M9371 33343333 mfr tfhvikiswrnbrf-+ vffxt-M1 :Ut ' 1 W5 frrf' M. fa 2 if 6'-E' f-sz f--S 77133 A 'dw fe fs sm ll' Wftvsrrswnvzsfbsss Frrst row left to rght Wermuth CCoachj Dobson White Tompson Brown Hoover Cartabona QCocaptaxnsD Heyer Skrzypek Lewis Charman DeStefano CAss1stant coachj Second row Shuttleworth Smith Berry Peterson Farnsworth Denton Smuh Morton De Lucca Voss Perows CAss1stant Coachb Third row Uc 1 Wmdolf Reber Tancke Tait Richardson Fahy Varian Mrller CManagerD Ydlhill' new .- S 2 I M125 V- T553 s Fifi? ,.. W3 K lsr! K P J 'f 5551 sw' Www WALTER WERMUTH Coach Y' 65 1 - 1 1 ' . , V ' 1 1 ' ' I - I 1 - , ' ' I - l . ' - , .. ' 'I , ' - . 4 n -I I ll ll n 1 1 1 1 1 1 . ' I 1 1 1 1 1 I , . . . . . I - . - . I ' - 1 1 1 ' I I I , , . I 2 I I - u. L. - I -.. up L Y' hx' ,' v WT' X - '. V . . ' 'af t Q Q. 41- Wt' f + .EE L , 1 V r 1 . lt l I ' V E I ,,'z . ri X Y J, - ' t ' " " sl x K "P+ ' ' 0 9' f' --- W1 it ' me r t,.....s xl X L . . . ,,. ,W I. ways, . N -1 . .. 5 nur x 1 1- .V 1 1 , to ' .1 4x1 R t . 1 .. -Q f 25,2 ' ' "1i"',1. . . . U ' . l I , . x -- 'i, ' ' 'G sq .4 R 1-1 ec' ,L - '- , ww WZ, I, ll "KP-' ,UW 4 ., . ...:.1'x ' 'srlmf '.1.., :ul '- ' . Tak? ' ' 'Q 21' ' 511, 4,-tg - I l,'Q'ff,- .-4115 .Az-f, ' 1 'ffl-ll' K Sf," I , ,gyfmlsji T ' t 1 A :7 .yall 1:14711 3 as ,s , 216511. 1 sw 1211, -1. Nr' V-wi, ,qw 'iw A :' liz: Afimwl-Q ,-.. v L23 A -.s-L , 4 'ir K ffl: ff? 92, : -"L L -, 1 1 - -rf - -five r O: I' 2: wi "' lf- " 12" . 1- ' , -.s . Q' J ' 1 1 . va ' v I-AJAMX is mn 'V-A ,...-f- 7 J ,,... ,-1-' I Fi "5 f 1 W' ' -',f.1.sf 1 1 fm Q XL 1 -- - h "' I. -.,Y,,,. , -,Yf- , N we , ' " W- O V x X, ' ' -H . J. 4 'X .P t xx 1 ,- -Q t. 7-ilk, XJ . - 1+ , Q 'X5"3 ' ff we--,. . 1 my ' -.N A, ll- ":T. Hn ' -- ,. -5' , 1 il"-llgfp .- A , . . - 1 1 ? QI. ' 41 ,,"3' 1 y ,. --fqrns. f '-sf Wm- ' ' . ,Q gun 98, -' A ' J ,1 ' . fy. U u1.,,en , R- Q 'E -I gl A .Y , .. M, ,k...'1' , f '4'-t rf 'lui ' -:1 3 in 5'-lv - I ' 1 I I I 1 'I I I I I A ' . 1 C', ' . - , . ' . ' . . 1 . : 1 ' K 507.0 .r CJD L2 celoq 1 ...ft ,ffg3Y,, if ' ' ' Q 5 1 Q D First row, left to right: F. Fernald, D. Vold, D. Ierbasi. D. Opdyke, Barry Nann. Second row: B. Wolfe. B. fi' I Under the tutelage oi its vet- eran mentor Doc Goeltz for the 25th year, the soccer team com- piled a record of seven Wins. four losses and three ties. Sport- ing a 5-1-1 record at the sea- son's halfway point, the team ialtered slightly, finally losing to Chatham and ending all hopes for a state championship. How- ever, the team, paced by Dean Vold and Charlie Opdyke with seven and six goals respective- ly, outscored its opponents 20-12. Eleven seniors, co-captains Charlie Opdyke and Dan ler- basi, Bob Raithel, Iirn Chamber- lin, Barry Nann, Dick Munn. Larry Kingham, Bruce Woltt. Fred Fernald, Ioe Gagliano and Ed Chestnut wish captain-elect Harry Bergstrom and the 1953 squad a most successful sea- SOD.. Goeltz' Qcoachj, I, Buermann, A. Wohlgemuth, M. Green, R- W1111C1mS. 1. Gagljano, O. Lidstromb, D. Rieber, P. Raithel, H. Kuhne, D. Munn, L. Kingham, B. Potter, I. Howe, R. Peckinek, S. Syler, B, McDonald R Koch Chamberlain. H. Bergstrom. Third row Cstandinglz Doc s ,Qs l l ' -r 1: rruqq, 1 .16 K"N 1 V '? z 6 g TB U. X .Z QW 5 mn' '. The nine won, eight lost -rec- ord posted by Skipper Smiths cage squad does not give a true picture of the '52-'53 sea- son. This is because it was a hot and cold team, playing ex- ceptionally well for a iew games and then slipping for a few. Many games were close and a reversal of the breaks could have changed the deci- sions. However, a 46-44 triumph over Glen Ridge assured a bid to the state tournament. George Hoover, the team's captain and playmaker, Gor- don Brown, high scorer, Bob Charman, Gerry Lytle, George Fisher, Dick Munn and Toe Gag- liano will be lost through grad- uation. Nevertheless, with such performers as Rod Smith, lim Morton and Bob Shuttleworth returning, a successful season is anticipated next year. First row, lett to right: Nelson E. Smith Ccoachj, Dave Ack- erman, Ioo Gagliano, Bob Charman, George Hoover, Gordon Brown, George Fish- er, Gerry Lytle, Dick Munn, Mac White Cmanagerj. Sec- ond row: Ralph Ostella, Rob- ert Butler, Nick Berry, Bob Spott, Helmer Pearson, Roddy Smith, Rex Peterson, Iimmy Morton, Harry Bergstrom, Bob Shuttleworth, Red Varian, Third row: Dan O'Rawe, Roy Tolley, Danny Denton, Gor- don Leach, Andy Wohlge- muth, Richard 'Williams, Bill Farnsworth. Iack wmdoff. Bob Gerberg. Fourth row: Iim Ucci, Don Gore, Marvin Pechi- neck, Stan Heber, Tom Hayne, Wally Wolff, Robert Kemp- CZYI1Ski. lohn Barry, QCH rg, 6 S' t Q I ..' -1 iq 'Qui of Lenov Tue Top row, left to riqht: Tim Gearty, Lindel Carlin, Philip George, Iohn Di Tranl, Iohn Barry Paul Parasuqo, Iim Cordasco, Dar Reiber, Ierry Buermann, Ioe M yner. Second row: Skip Smith coacht, Herb Kuhne, Helmer Pecrscn, Rudy Koch, Dan Denton, Todd Springer, Iohn Pearson, Howard Buell, fred Voss, Roy Asklinq. First row: Eric Thorp, Harry Bergstrom, Bob Raithel, Bob McKinley Cco-captain 1, Iim Morton Qco-captainlf, lim Chamberlin, Bob Shuttle- worth, Rex Peterson. This year Nelson Smith's thinclads will be out to regain the Suburban Conference championship which they lost last season and to hold the state title which they have possessed for a number of years. Co-captains Bob McKinley and lim Morton will compete in the mile, high jump, low hurdles, dashes, and broad jump. Andy Walgernuth will work on his specialty, the high jump. Eric Thorpe will be back for the javelin, while Rex Peterson will run the 440. Others looked to for valuable contributions are Helmar Pearson, LeRoy Roemer, Oscar Lindstrom, Dick Munn, Iirn Chamberlin, Heinz Kuhne and Dan Denton. GELE TEA l Coach Doc Goeltz has high hopes for 1m provement- on the rec ord of last years golf team which finished second in the Suburban Conference race The squad will be selected from five seniors Larry Krngham captcun hm Wade Barry ann Bruce Wolff Don Coates and Ron De Cheser Dan ORawe and Don Voss BEWLI G TEAM The bowling team, again coached by Lu- ther Falconer, was cap- tained by seniors Lee Dodd and Bob Raithel. Others who contributed were Harvey Ianoff, Bob Tebo, Al Kiefer, Bob Cresbaugh, and George Iacobus. Verona's entry finished fifth in the, ' North Iegsey Interschol- 5' I . astia Bowling League. I . . K , , x I T S TPA' tv. X' L T , V- x .1 1 t X T . y . ' Q ffhx, ,, - xx . X K xx X. x ' Left to right Doc Goeltz Ccoachj Barry Nann Ierry De Lucca Don Voss Larry Kngham Qcaptamj Dan Olftawe Don Coats Bruce Wolff TEEN! TEA I Thts year the tennis squad has hopes of cont1nu1ng its climb to prominence rn Suburban Conference tennis circles Led by captain Steve Kott and Bob Ptaithel lVLr Cs netsters expect to better the1r 4 6 record of last year Let termen who will lend their valuable experience are Charhe Opdyke Fred Fernald Bruce Potter and Elber Stearns Additional help is expected from new comers George Betke and Irmmy Stewart Top row left to right Davxd Lund Dan Reiber Tommy Hayne Ralph Miller Bob Steele First row Mr CarstenSOn Ccoachj Manme Green Elber Stearns Steve Kott Bruce Potter Fred Fernald Y SJ FOO I' BALL CHEERLEADERS First row left to right Polly Ruggerxo Alice Kaczmark Second row Nancy Edelhauser Bonny Bush Third row Sandra Barney Libby Coe Fourth row lean Sager Janet Hinckley -. ,, 1' ' S I - 1 I I I I ' . , x , I 0 5 Q O v ' u I J. ' L U 1 1 5 dz . Q I . ' r Cheerleader leading forces, one for the football and soccer games and one for the basket- ball contests. Captaining the former squad which included lean Sager, Ia- net Hinckley, Libby Coe, Sandra Bar- ney, Nancy Edelhauser, Polly Ruggerio, Alice Kaczmark and substitute Bonny Bush, was Glady Kusenberg. Lynne Garrabrant was captain of the basket ball cheerleaders who were Lynn Dart nell Barbara Ingold and Anne Curtis Mrs Harms the adviser deserves much credit for her aid N5 es' N3 0 4 5 105, F af .6 P' ' fl N yy Q'D:gJ:,'4's:Q'0Xi sf' 12 3' wif en? 'L A X n LYNNE GARRABRANT ICO Captamsl GLADYS KUSENBERG W7 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS Left to right Lynne Garrabrant Inky Ingold Anne Curtis Lyn Dartnell g l f"" , , , i Lalord's Green Machine v -xx, , I M, Rl 2 J . 1 1 !"A . ' EQ' ffl: v l ., rr-,I dz: 1 v DeVito's Clean Wagon Tompson's Flying Box Car Legal at 1816 M21 XL lm if .12 1" xg, sig 514' til' ""' lgmfm-1,1 . mf - 'A ' Fl ' liar Siool Heyefs Wedge-Maybee's Mobile f gf ", A , Funons ymg ' w . ,41 Z Y 9ai --1 A I 1' l . M Car1son's Red Witch Massuch's Grey Shadow s Runmrq Demohtion Machine A' aa Ackerman's Chariot? Cox's Draggin Wagon N Complimenls of WAIWORTH PLUMBING 8. HEATING CO. 724 Bloomfield Avenue Verona, N. .I. To the Class of 53 Congratulahons to the GOOD LUCK AND HAPPINESS CLASS 01" 1953 ESSERS VERONA ANDERSONS FLOWERS Inc When You Get Around Buymg Rugs Remember Us Comp! ments of HOFFMAN S LAKESIDE DEUCATESSEN DRY CLEANING SPECIALISTS GEMMEII S INC 24 Hour Dry Clecxmng Servxce HY Hoffman 700 Bloomheld Ave 550 Bloomfleld Ave Tel VE 85521 VEroncx 81128 Verona N 1 The New York Lxfe Agent Ln Your Commumty Is cz Good Mcm to Know PROCTOR B BAKER 1180 RAYMOND BLVD NEWARK 2 N I MArket 25150 50 CHURCH STREET MONTCLAIR N I MOntc1cur 2 9678 Res 60 CHESTNUT ROAD VERONA N I MOntc1cnr 3 3650 I I , . 10 . - i I 1 I ' New York life Insurance Co. fb- g,,fNN,fy"' by x a-J' PQQQKQ-rf' sw NJ What Legs? Getting Hough Who are they Kidding? 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FLOLUERS 555 Bloomfield Ave Verona N VErona 82192 VErona 87842 THOMAS A CAVALERE Realtor Real Estate Insurance Next to Verona Post Office 678 Bloomfield Ave Verona N l . I . I . . I ,, ef EE, - I 1' A - ' ., , . ' ' ' A11 Smiles ,YA s 41.85 ik' WN. -We 'fha '5 JW Scmd M an If W W Txmber' Icrzz'? -in , E"i"" Bzg Load Makmq Out VErona 88382 3 WEST ESSEX BUILDING SUPPLY C0 INC lumber Masons Materials Screens Insulation Your Commuruiy Supply Dealer EPOT STREET VERONA Best Wxshes VERONA CEDAR GROVE DOROTHY llllEN Tl M ES DRESS SHOP R E A L T O R PEGGY ANN SHOP Real Estate and Insurance Olga SPU10 Prop 506 Bloomheld Ave Laches Weanng Apparel VSYOHU N I 617 Bloomheld Ave Verona N I VErona 81230 JACOBSEN S SPORT SHOP Everyflnng for the Sportsman OUR ONLY STORE 596 Bloomtxeld Avenue Montclau' N I I, I , . 40 D . N I ' Compliments of C .I' I OmP""en'S O RAYMOND R. BEAM I ll ' ll Three Little Girls .. Q. X my , f Q Q n , a. 1. 4 , ,- Q.. 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A, -. ,I Vw I ' I '."'Wea'L ' I E I 9 i gl 1 . , . . - - I - I - - 1l - -I 1 I W 1 WMM? nqrafukaf me we Ls? of u ' 2 rw df fouu he par? we 5 e 'Mao n m v 'vw k C Hssboo ermanenf em noe 1 Ho y rs veco 1 ng w WN L o o aphs one of We Mu pas? wd mos? e me of ou 1e' We hope We u as ou ave C osefw us you Q plwofoqraplwer you wUCorwfmue+o1l'w nk of Thomas S?u'i os when you wanf phofoqfaohs fo hefp you remembfr ofher momemfou days To Come' Wien you Choose Thomas Lorfrads y u am ure of We fmesf cgraffsmansh p ai We most modemfc 5 Foremosf School Phofographers an Hue Easf WWW ff -6 Af ,rf il, 90 JX 'V' ,410 -in- - T15 PW i, A, lune 20 1965 A man approaches the gang plank of the S S Laford named after the famous sea captam Don Laford Off to the left the man notrces a small crowd and upon further exam1nrt1on fmds the renowned reporter Rosemary Lane 1nterv1ew1ng the well known busrness tycoon Mr Danrel Ierbasr Whrle standlng at the rarl a woman brushes past h1m garbed 1n the newest McGmn creatron H1s attentron 1s agam drawn to the wavrng crowd below where a group of teen age fans are reluctantly say1ng goodbye to therr favorrte crooner Fred Fernald Durrng the hrst day at sea Captarn Elber Stearns beco'nes seasrck and the only avarlable physrcran Lynne Garrabrant horse spec1al1st and her nurse Ianet Hmckley succeed rn currng h1s rllness He amves 1n M1am1 Just rn t1me to see lean Saqer capture the womens swrmmmg t1tle That evemng he takes 1n the show at the Kohler Klub wh1ch features the Rarthel Rock ttes Nancy Iohnson Ar lene Hermann and Pat Walscherd torch smger Nancy Tnmmer and the smgmg head warter Bubbles Brown The next mornrng hrs shrp sarls tor New Orleans and the Mardx Gras where Dlck Munn and Elarne Schermerhorn are relgnrng as kmg and queen of the festrval attended by E1 anor Eaton Alberta Gray and Ruth Hectus The crazy rhythm of Iazzy Chazzy Opdyke Gone Don Coates and Gerry Cool Ca Carlson lures hrm to Bas1n Street Mexrco Crty 1S the next stop on the Journey Ex Mayor OHeyer takes h1s leave closely shadowed by G Ohver Hoover of the F BI The Mascuch Movre Company starrmg Ev Hella and Marqre Frtspatrrck wtth Iaclae Grtol choreographer and Bob Bardr. scenrc drrector d1s embarks to make an on locatron prcture Dunng the voyage through the Panama Canal to HGWU11 the passengers are entertamed by Bobbre Iennrngs and her tramed horses assrsted by Bonrue Held and Mary De Manlyn Hogg shows movres of he recent Afncan safan On TV he sees the two famous red heads rn The Red Frsher Show wh1ch follows I Love Drttmar Whrle strollmg around the deck he prcks up the latest copy of Varrety and sees that the fabulous tno Betty Hayden Moe Mrller and Carol Steen has re placed the Marx Brothers 1n therr act Contrnutng hrs stroll he makes the acquarntance of hm Chamberlm and Don Fulton the jet p1lots who broke the hght barner Attendrng the mrlhonarres conventron rn the shrps lounge were Rlchard Melbourne Wyommg tycoon Larry Kmq ham Darry Mard magnate Gay Gnifrth automobrle mult1m1ll1ona1re and Lee Dodd the Bowhng Alley K1ng He also met hmmy Barry br1ll1ant outhelder for the New York Yankees The next mornrng the shrp sarls 1nto Honolulu Harbor Walkrng along the beach he spres hulu grrls Nancy Nelson Marcxa Leshe and Grace Hogan who are able students of the Pussy Kott Dance Studro As the sh1p steams away Dare Ackerman Bob Mabey lerry Manson Vrnegar Ben Wade members of Beachcombers Local 942 wave aloha At Slngapore he drops 1n on Iohnnre Lrm the world famed vet er1nar1an At the Amerrcan Embassy he hnds Martrn Marchettr Weber Bratsch and Kaptem engaged as conhdentral secretarres The next stop 1S to see Shah Charman the Sherk of Araby and h1s harem Wh1Ch xncludes h1s number one wrfe Pat Grfford t N, xi! X s ll - X ' I' glggdmi 'I g t x if Q-.12 'f tml 'xx I I 0 0 3 , ' . ' e , M , - , . ' e , , ' I . ll ill - - I , - y ll I n I ll-. - . . .ll u - ll . - - I 1 . I -I . I t N ' . ' . ' ' . ' . I I ' QR fi ' I 1 ' I I ' KX Jil ll I ll I I t Q . , t y r PE ea fs-Z' fl? jf, 1 3484 Fore1gn M1n1ster Barry Nann IS bargammg wtth Shah Charman for O11 r1ghts on behalf of the Lytle Wolff and McKeown O11 Company the owners of wh1ch are now famous metal1urg1ca1 engmeers Depart1ng from Arab1a the sh1p sa1ls through the Dardanelles Iemlndlng the man of the emtnent ed1tor of the Atlant1c Monthly Ioan Dartnell H1s Shlp makes a l1ttle Slde tr1p up the Danube to see the ambassa dor to Austr1a Dor1s Volckmar and her secretary Lorrame Kandel The Shlp 1S not allowed to stop ln Russ1a because of the Skrzypek rebell1on Wh1Ch IS raglng agamst Czar Borls desp1te the noble efforts of the peacemakers Tompson and Cartabona Because of th1s rebelllon he was unable to see Donna Mae Smrth dance 1n the Impenal Ballet A short Journey through he blue Medrterranean br1ngs h1m 1nto Ro'ne Italy The mam attract1on IS Ioe Gaqhanos Lean1ng Tower of P1zza Hot rod cabbres Harry Smnthers and Rxch Casale Whlp through the alleys of Rome to the underworld doma1n of Lucky L s Lewrs There the b1g boss IS attended by h1s personal D A expert Carol Anderson and man1cur1st Alda D1 Tram Then he wh1ps to the forum where Pat Carroll IS teach1ng the Romans the f1ner po1nts of Latm II On the corner of the forum the name Kmgs Supermarket catches h1s eye and Spa1n IS next on the 1t1nerary As he d1sembarks D1ck De Vlto comes to the dock to serenade the passengers He Watches lack Voqelrus the famous matador sl1ng the bulls At the Sparush school Lrnda Porter plays Malaguena as accompan1ment for the Samba dancers Nancy Bartley Phylhs Brown and Kay Fernald Pans' V1a the Stra1ts of G1braltar Betsy Hauck IS seen modelmg Margaret Kenworthys creat1ons tn the fash1on cap1tal Also 1n Pans IS Arl ne Gaifey VICE pres1dent of the Par1s branch of the Montclalr Trust Company In foggy old London he calls upon Alrce Blose and Ellen Boltz co owners of the Trans At1ant1c Telephone Company The1r wo k has re cently been stream11ned by Pat Edelhauser ef.t1c1ency expert He hears that Lee Hathaway has become a successful banker and country gen tleman England IS left behrnd as the Emerald Isle appears on the hor1zon He watches Anne McLaughl1n and LuLu Nrghland teach Lep rechaun Iohn McKenna the Ir1sh 11g Wh1le cross1ng the Atlant1c toward home he takes 1n some more T V Dot Rowell d1scovered by Cox Dobson und Kerfer w1ns the talent show The program IS mterrupted by the commerc1al wtth Edrth Puleo s1ng1ng the pra1ses of Heyers Root Beer A news report reveals the rece1v1ng of the Nobel PIIZG by Maqg e Wlute for d1scover1ng a so1ut1on Wh1Ch makes thlngs 1nv1s1b1e Mr Whrt stated he w1l1 share h1s royalt1es w1th anyone who can f1nd so'ne h1ng to put 1t 1n In the sports world we f1nd the Verona Varmmts wrth Marge fearless? Fawc tt Berme tSluggerl Steck Gmger fRo111ck1ngl Rambo and Pat CAveng1ngl Anderson as the star skaters News Flashll Ex Prestdent McK1n1ey has declared I do not choose to run fthe rmlel Wh1Ch means Pat Harnson w1ll lead the party agamst Euruce Grant 1n the com1ng Pres1dent1al Elecuon Wrth th1s news the Shlp moves more raptdly toward port and as lt docks the gang plank IS lowered and the man descends and d1S appears 1nto the n1ght f 4,1 'agg- A. ? 222 P22 L I - I . . I . 4 . . . . - . A I a ' - - - I I ' e ' . he discovers Louise Alescio is its manager. 1 I I 3 . I - - . 4 1 u v . I 1 - . 1' - 1 I - -l u n s I ' I I 'W . I . ' I . . . Q . , - . . . . 1 ll A I I I ,I - , 1 . - UNITED CIGARS Stationery - Toys - Greeting Cards l Manny FOUNTAIN SERVICE Harry l l l I lr 1 1 I. W X nHecz.As5 or wJV4 305 you GOOD BYE K2 X e xa Q ft Ft QQ? 5 2 K H JJ U ff5"""' ef if af my ox 13 X - 5 QA! Wfffggigs at A3922 J 1 ,W Q' K I Cx -1 1 -Y X f I N - na F XR f fi fx xi Y J, . L g Gi t :LQ Q if L, if ,mx 'A if i ' M I I r .. X X ' ' Q Q3 it ' 0 2 :L K Qt P 5 J tg . ,n 1 1 ,J ff . , Q 'D x J gy , ,, S R EFX? K7 Q X: if X x I , X , f -I .fzxx ' t: -' ""': V' RSE' - 1, U AL A k HQ! 5 92

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