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hfulows Staff Ed1tor m Ch1ef Photography Echtor Literary Edltor Cxrculatxon Edxtor Co Adverhsmg Ed1tors Sports Ed1tor Art Edxtor DONALD FOSS NELSON PROCTOR REIIO RINNE SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON ROBERT HEFFLEY and ANN KING STANLEY CONNOR WILLIAM BALDWIN . f 4 I ffff' H J, I -X ' I ,,,f . r ' f-.S ' ' ! 3 v X ' x 'Z , 77?f'9'f"'1.Tf"e4.1. 1 1 f MV! ' -',gxQfifjq.gQ 1 1 fx-Qx . 1 5 kk x '-- . . If f .ff fm 11 I N -,L f"Y9:414'23Y5Q.fff.I 'Z- ' ' '., X , I-'Svc' I ' 5-K '-. 1 . X' - 'X-fb "7li1 ' ' -.V 7 QI fx.--.. ., h Q.. f , me-15-bx.-, my 1 v I. fx ,xv 'K-xxi f k X f -. X K,-X-ft . Lux Q. xi 'J V . V ,Xxx by r 5555, A ,':,u,,, nw lm: - ,,, f ' use -- 1 Q nl A JET 'Q ini' A IYZF1!'.v3"'3 ""' L, f' ,Q X -L .1 S ' ,,,i,,. ff X Q f is Q ' Eau: xx - ' J 2111 1 J' 4 Yeti ." 1 5 4, 7, sqfflv Lqv Q, i .-, ' W -A,f Y'knig1v,,.6 K3-f'517 9 r vgpyfl f I . 8 I I Q -'P ill ui I ff! of Annual The HENRY B. WHITEHORNE HIGH SCHOOL Q-H O Book and the Class "2" THE SENIOR CLASS 1 R 'AMMSM VERONA 0 NEW JERSEY ' 9 'P , f DADDWS IS DEDICATED To an inspiring teacher who makes possible one of the year's best accomplishments, our school playg to one who is interested in not "jist" our thoughts but in how we express them: to one who lives by "All the world is a stage, and the men and women merely players" 5 and to one who has served tar beyond the line of duty in guiding us on the right path. Our gratitude to you . . . MD. DADDLD DDTDDDWDDTH Admini tration -31 3 Z 2 ""' fi. Q ANNA V. HOWELL CLIFFORD D. WILKINS Dean of Girls Dean of Boys MR. VINCENT C. GEIGER Superintenderg of Schools n MR. WILLIAM H. SAMPSON Principal of the High School MARY E. HAMER Treasurer 5 W "" ,ag 0 It if' xr' I TIIE FACULTY 1. 2-f' f G , . K.. J First Row, left to right: Carol W. Warbasse, lane F. Mclvlunn, Grace Buttermore, Estelle W. Cotton, Isabelle E.Clark, Alice G. lohnson, Ruth Deal, Edith M. Burton, lean B. Miller, Irene Ehr- mann. Second Row: Paul W. Goeltz, Walter M. Wermuth, E. Herman Anderson, Harold Butter- worth, Paul E. Dimmers, Luther M. Falconer, Andrew E. Carstensen, Benedict La Cisero, Axel L. lohnson, Ernest Da Rosa 1 W-""" li uf C wfvq... 1 4'! , f 1. f f 'P ,ff 'W ' V .l 1 A' ,' . k xxx, 'X V4 JT 1 'Q' N ' r .1 , r ' ' I , x ' . I I-- I 'g ' 1 I A, ,I 2 x K' ' Yr 1' X f 4 , L! 1 fit F i 1-'Qt 1 11' 1-ny-I hu' .ff ,Q F I. , ,,g,4-.- ,of X 2. X, X X L psf ,uv L, N P+. F0llEW0llll The purpose of the Verona High Yearbook is to record, in print and in picture, the many thihgs about high school life that the reader will enjoy recalling later on. We sincerely hope that this annual accomplishes this purpose for you. CON'l'llN'l'S UNDERCLASSMEN ...... ...... P AGE 39 ORGANIZATIONS .... ...... P AGE 49 ATHLETICS ..... ...... P AGE 67 WILLIAM R BALDWIN Bloody Bill Baldwm is fond ot guns and would like t o hunting n anada e is one of the hiding talented and he is usually seen with the boys Shadows IV Trackl Soccer II Basketball I IO BARBARA H. ABRAHAMSON "No, that popping is not a gung it's only "Barb" cracking gum." fGee, it rhymesll When not chew- ing, she is either cutting bangs or admiring snazzy cars. She hopes to marry a Wrigley or a Ford heir. CA really sensible girll. "Whitehornet" II-IVQ "Shadows" II-IV7 Dra- matic Club I-IV. EDALLEN Rooster can be seen with Pepper in the shack following a radio dia gram He desires to get away without doing any homework Radio and that Navy sweater are what he is noted for H1Y Basketball I II Baseball I IV Manager II Intramural Basketball EVELYN ADLER Chickle has looked forward to that diploma ever since she can remember Her well dressed figure may usually be seen with Norm Phrome Smoky and Smitty She IS noted for speaking very softly and faintly lalmost a whisperl in class Entered Verona High School m Senior Year ELAINE BARRON Elaine is usually seen must envy and admire her ictures of Peter Lawford er secret ambition is to dwell out west in a dwell mg and perhaps she will meet Peter there or his so Whxtehomet I IV Cir culation Manager III IV Shadows II IV Dr matic Club Il IV Corre sponding Secretary IV Home Ec Club Ill IV Girls A A IIII Glee Club ll Orchestra I II Locker Patrol I Spanish Club III IV ' mv.7f""' V FRANCIS ABRAMSON To become a still bigger success with women is "Pop's" secret CPD ambi- tion. This soccer star always seems to be talk- ing at the wrong time. "Swede" can usually be seen in Ralph and Sal's smiling sweetly at the surrounding people. Football I5 Soccer III, IVQ Basketball llg Track Ill. ll Q . Il - - ll Il ll n ll H .1 U . ,Z . ' , . 2 ll ll . ll Il . .. .. . . . I' I 1 I ' 1 : . 3 l 'W .. . ,,. Q? i , . with the girls, who surely - a V . . . l 1 I . o gl 1 I - .., . , C. . . ' ni Y, I I . ' u . rr T . u n I I ' I ll ll . I I I n u , , - I a' ' 1 f 1 ' - I . I ' ' : I 7 ' 1 s 1 I Y 1 .I 2 - . g I - 0: I - I . . , . Ev' ' - ' JUNE BESSWENGER "Bessie," a serene and tranquil girl, is usually seen with her sister "Dotty." But she is not always serene! She often has much fun on skates, and also fun knitting. "Iune" is noted for her curly hair and twinkling eyes. Lost and Found Commit- tee I-IVg Traffic Patrol II-IVg I. S. S. II, Cabi- net IV. 1 MARIE D BOCHICCHIO Did you hear the one about and Mac is off again laughing at corny Jokes This tall black haired senior who IS usually seen throwing that baton around would love to own a race horse as good as Man O War and the odds are 2 to l that some day she will twhinny or neighll Glee Club I III Home Ec Club III Shadows III IV Whitehornet III Red Cross Committee IV Bulletin Board Committee IV Girls A A III Band IV Student Court Clerk IV J AMES BRIGHTON To be a polygamist who mames at twenty four is Lover Boys ambition If you have two cents left over from lunch look out' Moocher Brighton is sure to be there His smiling tDawh h h hh face is usually seen on the football field or on the track Student Court Iudge IV V106 President of Class II Student Council III Foot balll IV Trackl IV FLORA BIGGS "Flo" is a quiet and mod- est student whose name may usually be seen at the top of the honor roll in case she is not seen personally lhow truel. Her secret ambition is to own her own nursery school tmaybe. .two or even threel. Entered Verona High School in Senior Year. , Z H411 HOWARD F BOGERT All those who frequent the White Castle are quite accustomed to seeing Howie flying around there He will bring fame to our fair town it he realizes his ambition to tour the United States Canada and Alaska by air Howie is another boy mechanic Tennis Team I faggx GORDON B BROWN Gordy is a fine up standing the stands upl boy He is noted for his griping But then he smiles when he gripes so everyone likes him Gordy wants to go to Alaska and take care of sick animals Csea lions and walruses no doubtl Intramurals President I Vice President III Student Council Representative I III Track III Baseball I III Soccerl IV I I tn 1 11 V, it 11 . . . ' 1 . , ' 1 5 IT, I 1 tt 1 11 - 1 I u 11 K tt . 11 1 1 1 1 . I . 1 . 1 - - 1 1 ' I . K it . 11 . . 1 . . it . 11 , 1 ' I . - - ff. , 4 1 n 11 . . U 1 11 . - . - 1 1 - ' u 11 . , V M . W" n 11 . , , . , 1 1 1 , . ' 1 ' 1 1 I - ' - ' 1 ' , . . ' . I 1 1 4 1 . - . - I ' , . The Class of 1948i We made that class somethzng to be proud of and to be remembered From the hrst frlghtenmg daze of our freshman year r1ght up to the last remarkable days as sen 1ors our challenges and c fly apt 1 Kitt' comphshments were many and great In 1944 the halls of Verona Hlgh School held a sort of un known fasclnatlon for all of us but when we became senxors we looked back w1th conhdent pleasure on these happy happy years Let us recall some 1nc1 dents Wxth such people as Gordon Brown as pres1dent Roy Wag ner v1cepres1dent Sue SIl'11l.l'l secretary and Pete lelstrom treasurer chosen as leaders for our freshman year we proceeded cautlously w1th the plans for our future The greatest deed dur mg th1s year was the produchon ot the Freshman Frohc our very flrst dance Wmth a t1dy protlt tucked m our back I2 amor Class History pockets we advanced to the Soph omore classes As tmme went by such sports enthuslasts as llm Br1ghton llm Burns Donald Carroll Art Cas t1llo lohn G1bSOU Graham In gold Pete lelstrom Paul Kest ner Ralph North Pop Abram son Gordon Brown Walt Chea tle Dxck Da1ly D1Ck Edelhauser Lloyd Hadaway hm K1ngham .lack Kmgham Max Pelka Ray Rmne and many others were contnbutmg the1r talents to ath track Band members from our class helped boost the school morale almost a hundred per cent CWe1l pretty nearl These fme lads and ldSS1eS were Howard Bogert Stanley Connor and Bob Edwards As tw1rlers we had M1ll1e P1gnatello Manlyn Holderheld Myrna Roblnson and Marne Boch1cch1o Other muslc cats who made the as sembhes a better place ln whxch to march were Elame Barren V1olet Schuham Ruth Shaw Slurley Van Brunt Nan vonder Hyde and Pat Wamer Three of our Jeune fllles Estnd Paulsen Clau'e Schmick 9. ff ll Q r A QAM f all the games as cheerleaders for the maroon and wh1te Pres1dent for tl'1lS 1946 year was Ray R1nne v1ce prestdent lxm Bnghton secretary Nan vonder Hyde w1th Don Foss treasurer As secretary treas urer of the Student Councml Sue Slfllth d1d a f1ne yob Represen tahves thls year for student counc1l were Ruth Shaw Don Foss and Gordon Brown Almost every sophomore put h1s or her head and hands to work for the success ot Barnhouse Boogle the dance of the year One of the largest crowds ever to attend a Verona Hlgh School dance showed up at thxs affdll' and we st1ll remember xt as one of our best endeavors Stlll there and chmbmg hlgher yet we reached upperclass manshxp and w1th It came many responslbxlzhes For some reason our class shpped along wlthout gettmg down to work or acceptlng any of these responsl b1l1t1es I.rnmed1ately Mr Samp bombarded us with shghtly exaggerated admomhons and I O . l 1 D - 9. . ' - 't 5, a I I I - CA C I ' 1 1 ' I ' X I 1 a ' I 1 ' x H u 11 - I I I Ax I 3 I . . I . ' X f,,,,,,,1r111ylh v' xt 1 I ' ' jtlllv, ,... ,L Q gl ' sf , I A a . 0" ,W ,sl ,sg . ' ' il Q fl td ' 'V fl! , .ss.,s' li Z5 ' ' ' - Z? X letics on the court, field, or and Violet Schuham, were out at S AMI' , ' ' l I I ' . I , E W . H . , n , lm. I I I - ' ' . Z - I u 1 I' I 1 x M H ' ' ' 'n jg 1 ' . ,, . . ' 1 W : I . u . - J ,R ,ff ' ' scoldmgs The effect on our class was great At once the a1r we breathed was electrlc Wlfh altematmg and d1rect exclte ment and the Class of 1948 tore through another year of marked achzevement One of the memorable days was the t1me Verona H1gh School s soccer team tackled the Army plebes and came home wzth a 1-O vlctoryl Max Pelka was the hero of the day W111 you ever forget the rush we had w1th the prom and what a beauttful formal 1t proved to be? The lovely fountaln enor itas and all the restl' The year flew by and we all worked to learn thoroughly the IDS and outs of clubs commlttees and every other organ1zat1on of the school for we were go1ng to become Semors' And then the day arrwed' September 1947 found looklng stra1ght at the top rung of the ladderll Football had as 11S co captams Muggsey and Inky and fr tl lm! 0 ' x what a wonderful 1ob they d1d' The team that year had what they call sp1r1t plus The soccer team found l1m Kmgham at the head post and the basketball team was expertly gulded by Inky Ingold Track 1n the spnng had many enthuslasts out there work1ng very hard I1m Br1ghton Ralph North Don Car roll Dlck Da1ley Bob Edwards and so on ad 1nf1n1tum Base- ball had a bang up season prob ably w1th EdAllen Iohn Gnbson Inky Ingold hm K1ngham Paul Kestner and Tom Wallace g1v1ng the1r all The clubs and patrols were led by capable members of the X, null. N x lei: I I 'i KILCFOY KUTS IN you will nofmcc that hu, arm IS out aflofnlj Class of 1948 Roz Sachs kept the Dramahc Club rolllng Shlrl W1llldmSOD was head Cop the Traff1c Patrol D1ck Da1ley could be seen watch1ng over the Hall Patrol and Annette La Stella was 1n charge of Cafeter1a Pa trol Our Student Counc1l was ably conducted by Presxdent Bob Edwards and the hard work 1ng and results-gett1ng student court had stra1ght p1lot1ng Wllll Iudge I1m Br1ghton and As s1stant Iudge Ray Rmne at the helm The Wlntehornet covered every lunch lme and homeroom wlth lssue after lssue of top news The staff was headed by senlors and led by Estnd Paulsen through an extremely success ful year Of course the Shad ows of 1948 under the dlrec t1on of Don Foss put out the best yearbook of all t1me Padded cover colors and all ht says herel For the soc1al wh1rl you wxll never forget the Chrlstmas for mal' Bob Heffley as sen1or class presmdent d1d a marvelous Job 1n the Semors mayor presenta t1on to the school Bobs as s1stants were Inky Ingold as vlce presldent and Ed1th Crofut as secretary It has been too good to ever be forgotten hasnt 1t k1ds'P All the fun games part1es and the hke all the work Ccause they 1ns1st on QIVIHQ us workl all the plans and accompllshments and even the mlstakes have been worth every mtnute of the t1me And now 1I1S the last of our h1gh school days Look toward the future and towards success but dont ever forget our wonderful Verona H1gh School CLASS OFFICERS President Robert Heffley Vmce Pres ldent Graham Ingold and Secretary Treasurer Edxth Crotut 13 . n . . . 11 . . - . . , 1 1 1- 1 D A 1 Bl Il - I - . . ' 1 1 1 . . 1 . I - . . . . 1 I . ll ll ' 1 1 K ' xt Q A I I I . X f. x LA 1 1 . . w - - -I 1 1 1 1 . f . 1 . 94 I ' ' , X 1 I . . 9 ll ' ' 1 -by 1 . . 'I .K ' . , S - Q - I . . . , .. . '1 . 5:1 U I 1 1 f ' 'lv f ' 'I : . . . V I , , l :G I 0 ' 5 'X - n v ll . -,I - 0 ' If I , us , . , . ff . . K D , X .. I ' . . , j 1 v - . X I Il 11 n 11 ' ' - ' 1 , f v n ll ll . ' I ln 4, - . - - f' I 1 NYQIQN , X . ,-my I "YQ, lv ' W uv SA- I . life Q. ' .-,FQ 'X . qx I - R il x I , . xuxx f ' X Y xmwh 'KAN 5 . . . . v 'A ' , - I-zen, - ' - . I - . . , 2 xx . 11 I ' ' ll n I ' Q1 ll n ll a . , ' I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' Al s Maybe if he gets JOHN CHATELLIER Porky does not always look worried In fact his steady countenance goes well with his yolly Jokes He 1S usually seen with Pete Tommy Hank and he would like to cross the country on a pogo stick' Gm Rummy I 4 JAMES BURNS "Bruno" is noted for that haircut l?l and his Irish friends, and can usually be seen with the "Riffs," He seems to be one of the most energetic boys: he wants to drive a trolle through the park! A tough, terrific terror on the gridiron, "Bruno" is outstanding for his deten- sive skill. Football I-IV ARTHUR T CASTILLO Artie is a smooth talker dancer and athlete He s sharp I cause he s a gay bladel get the point? fughl His secret ambition is to rid the world ot women lpretty onesl by himself And Art is usually seen with Avis and Kiernan touring Verona Locker Patrol II Football II IV Bas ketballll IV Baseball II III Track IV DONALD CARROLL "Muggsy," our Irish football co- captain hangs around with the Riffs. He has livened up many a class by his strange OJ actions But in playing there are no strange Pl actions from him He is noted for rapid fire speed and rapid tire wit Football IIV Co captain IV Track I IV Student Council Ill IV WALTER J CHEATLE Huppy can generally be found reading some of those famous letters from Southampton and his fa that new car the corre spondence will be car ned on in person A gen e lad H p is a fighting goalie Bandl Soccerl IV Base ball I II Boxmgl III DAVID A. BUSH The sports crazy lYankees, Rah! Rahll "Dave" wants to be a writer, and travel at the same time. If one looks keenly at the pass- ing autos, one will notice him driving one of them. Or he can be seen fre- quently frequenting Al's. , , I A , - 2 - ' 1 ' I I - I Il ll I' I' . u u . . .I 2 - 2 - ' I I I - .. .. g ll ll I . . . . . i vorite reading place is ll ll tl ll ' ' ' 'L ' . or '. -I L. ' . V - f.. , - - -I .fy '.",,':s l . tl , " u " ' ' : . - : - J 1 I " - STANLEY M. CONNOR "Go West, young man!" is "Stan's" national slo- gan. This young trom- bonist can usually be seen puddle jumping in his father's Chevvy. "Stan's" most notable at- tributes are witty C?l re- marks and straight-from- the-shoulder sarcasm. "Whitehornet" III, IVQ "Shadows" IV: Band I- IV, Orchestra I-IV5 Glee Club II-IV, Hi-Y Club: Sports Editor of "Shad- ows" IVg Chaplain, Hi-Y IV3 Baseball I-IV. ll ? , V, -as, si ' X 'r"f ,. if , 1.-. t 11, 'affix 1 " . L I Q n I Q : J 2 ,gf ,T'f?"1? ff. . 'N Q H., A 121 ,, . i . f 1 ga, ' .1- Zeewi., L -. . if st st'-fi 2 CAROLYN M. COURTNEY "Corky," how many of those gor- geous reindeer sweaters have you made now? This lucky girl is also a consistent passenger in "Annie's" snazzy car. Though well versed in knitting and driving, she has an am- bition to learn to dive. What else, "Corky"? Dramatic Club I-IV' Home Ec Club III IV' Spanish Club III' Shadows III IV Traffic Patrol III IV rx J-IW' fm RUTH CROFUT Twinkle not to be con fused with Twink can usually be found in tears of laughter She always seems to be looking for something Uts always something different thought Her secret am bition is to obtain a Latin scholarship Dramatic Club V Shadows IIV I III IV Home Ec Club III IV SUSAN S. CORBETT Though noted for her beautiful singing and graceful dancing, "Phro- nie" wants to become a trained nurse. This poised young girl is usually seen with a certain sailor tpant! pant!! who she sings for, dances with and undoubt- edly practices her nursing on tarflj. Glee Club I-IV, Lost and Found Committee II-IV: Gir1s'A.A. II-IV. EDITH CROF UT Twink not to be confused with Twinkle is the other half of our feminine senior image and reflec tion To be individual is her secret ambition Twink makes a pretty picture with her laughing blue eyes and lively brown hair Home Ec Club President III Program Chairman IV Secretary of Class IV Corresponding Secretary ofI S S IV 1 ff' 'Nu RICHARD M DAILEY He gets stuck in many things while hes out in the family chariot Dick is sometimes pensive twist full and sometimes gay frnerryl While in h1S serious moods he would like to travel around the world Hall Patrol IV Ping Pong Intramurals III IV Span man of Hall Patrol IV Track II IV Soccer III IV 5 . . ' 4 . ii- - fl., .X ' . ' I ' , FR ' ' ' , F ' N sl , ' ' , I . . .' . . ' N 0 . ig, V ' I I ' ' rr I . ' l A ' I-I : I, : - "Whitehornet " I-IVQ ish Club II5 Hi-Y, Chair- U H - 1 . t I ' ' 5 ,, ' 7 f - f - 43 YN ' . ' I x X . , --f-4:5 za-,Q .,.. .V .I H ' 'IA' mf?--2 Er 5137 wg., 'ff 'U' -sf! . 7 ' ' If --A 'A b:"L? 4- --f.-ff-'sm 'ff"iff?? 'i f A ML E .NAJ ' -U' ' Q - . , - ' ,4., , . X "" 'J1"I X , .Al ' ., Q 'I ' f Xi Fr by 1 g I dv , "-. 6 THE VERO A HIGH UAMPU IJ l?Cl A Q I fd LA 'I' WILL A ll TE 'FAME We the Class of 1948 of Henry B Wh1tehome Hlgh School be1ng of sound mmd and body w1thout undue pr1de and of our free w1ll and accord do hereby declare thls document our last W111 and Testament to be held ln memorlam by those our fellow classmates that 1t shall be cherlshed as a permanent record of th1s duly honored class whlch w1ll presently take 1lS place among the tlme honored alumm of Henry B Wlutehorne Hlgh School Cpant pantl To our pr1v1leged schoolmates we leave an assorted array of talents and possesslons Among these noble a comphshments are Ingold s athlehc 6b1l1t1eS to Don Marshall Muggsey s h1t em l1ft em ease em down to anyone who can do lt as we l1m Br1ghton s g1rls to any s1x underclassmen Mlllle s dancmg techn1ques to Terry Carpenter who IS p1ck1ng It up fast Nan vonder Hyde s muslcal ab1l1t1es to V1rg1n1a Herr1ed Estrxd Paulsen s f1ne work on the Wlmtehornet to next year s edltor Cla1re s pep to lune Cox Some more sets of twms as swell as the Klnghams and the Crofuts Castlllo s curly locks to CSandy Samp1erJ CPD Gordy s huntmg ab111ty fdear that 1s'J to Bob Schoof V1olet Schuham s beauhful ha1r to someone w1th beauhful ha1r And to our dearly beloved faculty we leave a class that m1ght be a httle more dependable To Mrs lohnson we leave a blgger and better and more cooperahve To Mrs Burton and M1ss Hamer a class of non gum chewers To M1ss Howell a more attentwe hlstory class To Mr lohnson we leave a new automatlc wlndow opener to l1ghten hxs study hall burdens And last but not least to Mr Sampson we hope for some addlhonal rooms for our ever-grow1nq enrollment Slgned sealed and so well executed by the classmen of 1948 our last W111 and Testament 1n the presence of those who have the courage to Slgn here unto thls document The Class of 1948 Wllly Lump Lump M E P A loe Slunk Eagle Club Meat Heads A Green Banana Empty Shadows 1n crowded A Shmoe halls and dusty memorles of forgotten faces I l I I I I . I I . l l 1 . . 1. 4 n n a C I . 3 I Ll 1 I n I I . II - ll ' ' I n . I 1 . 1 s I l - I u 1 I I , . I 1 - 1 v . n s v Lytle's good looks to Frankie Aldiero. o I 1 IL I II I 1 . I - a I . . I u u 1 Q . . ' I I I. S. S. . , ' . , . ' I I I ' I - - - I I I ' . A ' 3 I I, ,, .fe ' ' .'?"k' g7."'rf'-t If '-, fm . I -' I 7 y., .g . ,m:::r-A """vr-v PETER DA ROJA You can usually find "D" in Anderson's Service Sta- tion. I-Ie would definitely like to own a new Ford. The way he flies low in his Lizzie, a new car would be a welcome change for the pedes- trians. Furthermore, "D" 51 cuffs! :.. ,f H Boxing I-IV. ,. Q. r,'...' , .,, , 5 U"-I -A-'iff rf:f'g,1f," -. I ,,. -tr - :4. :yr --.'- fy sf. ln. Y "Allin . . - 4, - . ,ffr if I afvffl, vin ,, , ,. ., ,,, ' 1' 'fad' --cttw.- DOROTHY E DEYERBERG If anyone ever has any need for appropriate re wards take a little Jaunt to see Dot She is well supplied with them She is usually seen but mostly heard Her secret ambi tion is to succeed in her chosen occupation Student Council Represent ahve IV I S S III IV Sec retary IV Dramatic Club I IV Home Ec Club III Girls A Shadows II IV White hornet Il IV Social Com mittee IV I8 -5' ROSEMARY DE WITT Onamony and her red hair fthey re attached to each otherl can be found anywhere with Eileen and her blond hair Cwhich parted some time agol This kind warm spirited girl wants to write a sequel to Gone with the Wind fwowll Dramatic Club I IV Whitehornet I IV Shadows I IV Home Ec Club III IV Secretary Treasurer III I S S III IV Traffic Patrol IV vb- -ad' is rather adept at fisti- ,N ' I LUCY M DE LUCCA Tootsie would love to get married And she would love to get married Those looking for her land there are quite a tewl will find her quietly selling milk in the cafeteria fsighl Glee Club I II Cafeteria Patrol III IV Whitehornet III HW DITARANTO If someone is looking for Pepper he will be with the other Meatheads when he isnt having a gay old time Hers trying to perfect a radio that works the first time fI'wo bits Curly I Glee Club IV Baseball IIV Intramural Basket a GERALDINE DE CHESER "Gerry" is looking high and low for a secret ambi- tion, but wherever she looks she dresses smartly. Is it a wonder that she is admired by young and old? She delivers a pretty speech also. Cafeteria Patrol I, II, "Whitehornet" III, IV, Feature Editor IV, Dra- matic Club I-IV, Home Bc Club IV: Cabinet IV: I. S. S. III, IVQ Chairman of Bulletin Board Com- mittee IV. I ii . ' 'ff ' .X , , .. ,, . . . . N q . ' lt . . , .. . ,. 1 I - I - I , , 1 I - - J' 1? Jr! :E . . . ' . ' A, I this in , s LEONARD f n 11 . ' f a . - ge . . A 5 . . .. ., . . 1 . ' I . . . -Q f it n . . , it 'X ' - 5 . , .. V . .. 1 'j ' ' '. ' ' 2 " . .. ,, ' I . I ' " 2 I IV: " ' .A. I, II, "s 3 , .. ,. , .. , , - 1 ' , - 1 ' ,. ., . z - 5 - X b ll. CHESTER H. DU BOIS 'Chet," a tall boy, seems even taller because ot his marvelous posture. A wonderful swimmer, he is usually seen at the Mont- clair A. C. and his secret ambition is to own a race track, several jockeys, thoroughbred racers, and some bookies tHm!l. Football II. RICHARD G EDELHAUSER Dick can be seen in the old 36 Olds Just peering over the wind shield I-Ie would very much like to go steady All girls interested avail able and beautiful may watch him most any tlme running steadily around the track Track I IV Basketball I Soccer II IV Bowling Club III IV Intramural Basketball Volleyball Boxing and Ping Pong JAME H FLYNN Nelther a borrower nor a lender be This is a wise maxim to uphold However our boy Earle is different The million dollars he hopes for would not last long with him Youll find this friendly person here there and everywhere Glee Club IV Tennis I Baseball Manager III Football Scoreboard III IV SUSAN M. DUFF "Who is talking back there?" "Sue," of course. She's probably laughing, too. "Sue" is active in school, but, according to her secret ambition, she has yet to be on time. Much ot the time she is the class wit tyou might sayl. O Sue .... "Shadows" III, IV, "Whitehornet" I-IV, Dra- matic Club I-IV, Red Cross Committee I, Presi. dent of Glee Club II, Locker Patrol IV, Home Ec Club III, IV, Student Council I, III, Riding Club I, II. ROBERT P EDWARDS Bob IS either 1n Cedar Grove with Dot Crrutfll or he is attending to matters of the utmost importance Our Bob with the well groomed hair Pl is beloved by all for his affa ble personality his hurdllng ability and his administration of school mat ters as president Band I Orchestra I Red Cross I Student Counc1lI President IV Locker Patrol III Shadows IV V1cePresi dent of I-lx Y IV Football I Track I IV Intramural Basketball Volleyball and Ping pong DONALD D FOSS Strangers may call him Hey Bud but his Don Donal or Don ald according to their degree of intimacy His secret ambition is to be supremely confident at all hmes And he is noted for his devil face Shadows III IV Editor IV H1Y IV Spamsh Club III Locker Patrol III Movie Committee III Treasurer of Class II Student Council Il Foot ball I III Baseball I II Basketball III Intramural Basketball Ping Pon Volleyball and Boxing - - an I 1 . . . ' .II I ' 1 ,.. - I 7 - I ' f I X" I I . I A n rf . . . , ll ll - , , . A as -I - . - : . xl : ' 1 I I u lr . . 1 ' ' ' ' I I ' I I I 4. I . KI ll . I I B I . " friends refer to him as , A W. I n u n 1: n K I ' . , , - I f, ll . . ' , I ' H . . f I . . . 1 , D D ' , f .' ' N' ,.', ' - . . . v i .. H . ' I 1 5 I I 1 . . . ,, f . 'I . ' ' 4 I I ' s , . . I ' K A ' . . ' . .I 3 : I ' : 1 I - . . - . - , V a 1 I I : , , , , Q, DOROTHEA A GNEITING Dorothea Ann Qwhose nickname is Dotty l can usually be seen at the toy She is a fast but melli tluous talker with a lovely feather cut and a chanr ing smile Dotty s well liked by everyone and she is noted for her flashy leopard skin coat Entered Verona High School in Senior Year Glee Club IV 20 RICHARD E. FRANK "Fud" can be seen in his most illustrious vehicle with "Kriss" and Dick. I-le has no particular am- bition, but "Fud" is known for his collection of knives, swords, guns, and war ' tro hies He's another p . , budding mechanic and he has a good build. Intramural Volleyballg Bowling Club, Track I- , IV, Soccer III, IV. Aw-ff' 5.1, is ,. qv- . JOHN GIBSON Gibby is usually seen at the Para mount talking to the boys usually looks mad but he is kind and ever so gentle Even though he likes to crush Iersey soil in the palm of his hand he wishes to leave New Iersey soon CWhaddya know'Pl Football I IV Baseball II IV Basket ballI II Volleyball 1' YZ? CAROL J. GERARD 'Way down South is where "Gerry" longs to live' and on a plantation no less. This Jeanie with the light brown hair is usuall seen with Ioan and is noted for M P Her conta gious laugh promises you never a dull moment when you re with her Glee Club I III Home Ec Club III IV President IV 'bf' DAVID G GRODOWSKY Cars and motorcycles mo torcycles and cars are the thoughts that whiz through Fibbers mind In fact he would like to be a millionaire Just so he could buy cars and mo torcycles Despite this preoccupation with me chamcs he is usually heard and then seen Hall Patrol IV Hi Y IV Bowling Club I IV Intra mural Ping Pong Volley ball and Basketball LOUISE J. GARTLEY "Lou" and her men, what a team. More than her alluring smile enchants them. She and Annette are usually seen together Qtogether with menl. P. S. It is said that "Lou" doesn't wear the same clothes twice in one year. Dramatic Club I-IVy "Whitehornet" ll-IV7 Girls' A. A. I-IV, Cate- teria Patrol I-IV, Proxy Parents IV, "Shadows" III, Home EC Club Ill, IV7 Spanish Club II-IV. , . ll ., . .ig ., , . . ' I I , . .. . ., . - . .. He . I I .Ak - 2 1 2 - 1 I - counter at Woolworth's. .. . . - ' l ll ll i-D . " Y - , . . l 1 '- 7 ' Y .' ' - 2 . 's.:x7l5f' A ' ' ' CHARLOTTE C GRAHAM There goes Stewxe s steamer agam and there s Chuck nght rn there holding t1ght After a year t that LIZZIS Chucks all ready for that black convertrble she longs for Thls green eyed brown harred senzor w1ll no doubt be one of the future Swlmmlnq champs for she s practl cally a flsh rn H20 Glrls A A II III FLORENCE GREEN Soft spoken Flo IS much envxed for her all wrnter tan and the trzps to Florrda that produce lt She wants to be a prxvate secretary Her efflclency w1ll dehght the boss fand thats not alll She IS seen by everyone guard 1ng the cafetena entrance Dramahc Club IIV Shadows IV Home Ec Club III IV Cafeteria Patrol II IV Spamsh Club IV Proxy Par ents IV MARION A. HATCHETT The boys 1n Montclalr ap precrate "Hatch" land v1ce versal She IS usually seen rn the Cafetena where her warm person ahty IS showered o'er many fortunate fnends Her malor ambrtlon IS to get an "A" from Mr La Cxcero CEven a teeny weeny A would do Sobl Glee Club I III, V1ce ?69Sld6IlI of Grrls' A. A. ROBERT GRANT Home Sweet Home and thats where youll fmd the General most of the t1me Famous for hls nom de plume the General would lxke to journey West some day Kwhere the buffalo roam and the deer play wrth the antelopel I-Irs good natured personalxty cap hvates those S T gals Mfr 3196 LLOYD HADAWAY Lloydre hkes to ICS skate and bas ketball fmtramurall pmg pong base ball tennrs etc and brrdge fl thlnkl I-Irs secret ambrtron IS to parachute out of an alrplane Rlpcord Hadaway was usually seen on hls motorcycle untll 1t cracked up ftough bananasl Tenmsl II IV Basketball I III Base ball III Fw-fi 1'- 1+ 45-1 I DAVID E HATHAWAY Whenever you see a lute fly1ng h1gh over Verona, on the other end of the stnng you'll probably fmd "lane Dnve " If he 1sn't flymg a hte, then he 18 flying a model plane at the crty home fxeld Fly mg at thxs rate he w1ll soon reahze h1s amblhon to travel around the world. 2l 4 U H ' ' I I .. . , .. , . ll II . . . . e x I . . O 1 f v . .I , ., V s ' 4 , . , - ,N , - D ' . QA .' I I V ' r 1' . . - I ' f . l - -fs, . 1 4, 394' , , , :'.-4475-,. ',.,.-w ' 8 .122 was , .-,igasffzt . . . . , .. ,. , , , , , - , : - , f ' 'V , if K. V I . ll - ll 4 . ,ft 1 ' 1 ' I I ' . I I 'I ' . .. . H V I f I ' f ' "'x..J if Nicest Smile Most Popular Best Dancer First Choice First Choice First Choice Annette LaStella Gordon Brown Don Carroll Rosalyn Sachs Mildred Pignatello Peter lelstrom Second Choice Second Choice Second Choice Rosalyn Sachs Tom Lytle jim Brighton Shirley Williamson Violet Schuham Art Castillo 0437 Most Shy First Choice Flora Biggs George lanson Second Choice janet Henry Oscar Nilsson Best Athlete First Choice Graham Ingold Louise Stewart Second Choice Don Carroll Marlon Hatchett Best Musician Done Most for V. H. S. Most Typical First Choice- First Choice- First Choice- Stanley Connor Nancy Vonder Hyde Estrid Paulsen Ray Rinne Rosemary De Witt Dick Dailey Second Choice- Second Choice- lDick needs a Bromol Howard Bogert Ruth Shaw Nan Vonder Hyde Bob Heffley Second Choice- Barbara Rose l'm Brighton 12 'Z '14 Best Personahty Most Flnrtatuous Fnrst Chovce Flrst Cholce 051 T1 Most Lnkely to Succeed Fnrst Chouce Ray Rnnne Sue Smuth Rosalyn Sachs Don Carroll Mnldred Plgnatello Max Pelka Second Chouce Second Choice Second Chosce Bob Heffley Ruth Shaw Rosemary De Wltt jam Brughton Estrld Paulsen Pete jelstrom Cufesl' Buggest loker Flrst Choice Farst Chouce Elleen Vwfhllakel' I3Ck Klngltam Don F035 D01' Cneltmg Second Choace Second Choice Claire Schmack jlm Klngham ohn Chatellner Katherlne O Nelll Ac 3 m if 4 1 l 1 ' X Q Best Dressed Best Lookmg Buggest Rah Rah Fnrst Chouce Fnrst Chonce Flrst Choice Sue Smlth, Cordon Brown Annette La Stella, Tom Lytle Louise Cartley, Ralph North Second Cholce Second Cholce Second Cholce Louise Gartley, Art Castillo Sue Smnth, lrm Kmgham Mnldred Pvgnatello, Duck Darley , ' .X 4 f -I Q J? 4 I My A ...X VY IL Q V T1 I . , I li l' P N' ,J 'si . Y 0 E., - - , V . 1 . , . . . Y 1 4 H 3' v ' 5 ,qv F 1 , K 5: 1 Z X 9 . ' I l BARBARA A HOLMES Bunny an accom plished arhst tinds great Joy in talking Procunng a four year scholarship to Syracuse would be very much to her liking Eat mg two lunches seems to be a favorite pastime of hers but we all have our idiosyncrasies no? Wheres idiotiscrazy? says the innocent by stander Whitehornet II IV I S S III IV Shadows II IV Spamsh Club III Dramatic Clubl IV Home Ec Club III IV Proxy Parents IV 24 I I ROBERT W. HEFFLEY "Hetf" is a vehr-ry busy boy, and he is talented. His sober features and dry humor can be identi- fied everywhere, but A usually he is seen in Con- nor's car. No one knows why he wants to learn Pennsylvania Dutch! Band II7 Orchestra llg Hi-Y IV, Secretaryg Co- Advertising Manager of "Shadows" IV, Projection Committee III, IV3 Senior Class President. MARILYN D HOLDERFIELD Strike Up the Band Here comes Mar leading it' Although she is noted tor her Caldwell beaux and their Jewelry this girl with the long blond hair is true blue to the Navy And she wants to go to an Annapolis Prom IYlP9Sl Band I IV Glee Club I IV Dramatic ClubI IV Shadows III IV White hornet III IV Home Ec Club III IV Red Cross Committee I Traffic Patrol I ',-L J 4- HARVEY J HOCKSTEIN Irish is a good natured member of the noteworthy M E P A He is usually seen in the Ace and after graduation which is his mam ambi tion he will indubitably be seen there even more often KO K Harv well come in some timel Also he is seen after school at Prudens' W GRAHAM INGOLD Inky is an amiable cha whois usuall seen his athletic ability And Inky is usually with Iohn or the Mole His secret ambition is to own a car Ksloppy Jalopyl or go to college Vice President of Student Council III Vice Presi dent of Senior Class Foot ball I IV Co-Captain IV Basketball I IV Captain IV Baseball I IV Cap tam IV Intramural Bas ketball and Volleyball JANET L. HENRY "Ian" is pretty new around Verona High School, but she has en- hanced the quality of the atmosphere, nevertheless. She immediately became known for her artistic ability and gradually be- came recognized for her quietness. From what we hear, mail from a certain male keeps that pleasant smile with her always. Entered Verona High School in Senior Year. it . ,, . I . l.l l ll ' I . ' ll ll I . . . , , - 1 it , ff , it H . . - 6 , 1, i 1 ' ' I I I . , . ' I ' I , .. H , .. . ' 1 1 1 ' ' , " . . I , 1 1 7 ' -9 - , 1- 1, I . 1 ' A n H . . ' ' 55 ' by all. He is noted for .- H .I . . , , , , ' , .. 1, it 1, ' l it -. I "I, 'js - '- 4 . .fi ' 'A ' ' igqu-,:,.i.f -,T V55 N " . ' . ' .' 'QMS ' 1 ' u n ' . ' - '. gl. . . . , , .1 ,Q - I : ,I . , K - 7 . - . 7 1 I "f-vt. - " I , Q . . ' I - r ' V ' V ' . . ,. 1 , Q 5 - t' + an GEORGE K. JANSON George is onli seen at glances, but w en he is seen he is usually talking radio. We'11 all have to take a trip to see gentle George when he fulfills his ambition, and has a radio station set up in South America. tWill he speak Spanish?l Football I: Track I, II. CARL J. JENSEN "Carly," a sparkplug on the court, is also a bright spark in his classes. An airplane bug, he is often seen in his sleek Chrysler and his secret ambition is "to go 150 mph." CWa-a-a-all, we hope you get that wish, "Carly" mah boy.l Intramural Basketball Ping-pong: Bas- ketball I-IV' Football I' Baseball II. RICHARD J KIDDER 'Rich can usually be sizgn witlhojlglctarry or gggthsh a p or or The ambition ofhis life to work GJ his way around th world, ceeded only by his in terest tn the intricacies ol radio and the complexities in physics Dramatic Club II IV Pro jector Committee III IV Chairman IV Chairman ot Stage Committee IV GERGE PETER JEIBTROM "Pete," the other tall blond with the "Pete," uporkyu and uvllmmyu h'Io,iswellonthe waytn I his ambition competing totakellte easy. Always seenwhereveiixsomethinq lsioingo eisespe- ci yknogtorhisnlght lifeandbasketballabllity. Locker Patrol II: Treas- urer ot Class I5 Football I, II: Basketball I-IV. I PAUL W KETNER P K is situated beneath blonde wavy hair and is often enclosed in foot ball armor His secret ambition is to make a touchdown He and Dave enjoy life hte and women to gether Ulnd women enjoy himll Footballl IV Baseballl IV Intramural Volleyball Spanish Club II III ANN ELSIE KING Here is an industrious girl who is usually seen in her flashy and merry Oldsmobile Annie takes Irequent trips to Connechcut and would love to own a special house there She is espe- cially noted for her teas- ing tby her victimll and Found Committee I, 'Shadows III CoAdver ttstng Manager IV Home Bc Club III IV e is ex- I o I . - , . ,I Traffic Patrol II-IV: Lost . I . , H ' 5 ' 'G+ ANNEPTELASTELLA Follow the trail of broken hearts and there ou will find Nett with er gorgeous eyes and complexion just waiting to go stead for more than a week ew what a sentence l She is usually seen with Lou Cafeteria Patrol IIIV Chairman IV Cabinet IV Glee Club II 26 JAMES B. KINGHAM "lim" would like to own his own car Ksighl. But until then he finds it cozy in Ralph's Chewy Kwhere he is usually seenl. He is noted for his politeness and quiet charms as well as for his soccer ability Spanish Club Ill IV Soc cer I IV Captain IV Baseball I II IV Intra mural Basketball and Vol leyball WALTER LANG Walt can be seen tralpsmg up to Caldwell much of the time This suave senior would like to be a millionaire- No7 Yes? CWho wouldn t7l I-le is a member of that notable and illustrious association the M E PA He is also caught frolickmg with Paul 1,1 and Bob Intramural Volleyball Basketball Man ager III fha T? JOSEPH KRZACZKOWSKI ln appreciation of the condensation of Knaczkowskx to Kriss his friends refer to him as loe He has a yolly smile and a sweet personality The other member of the Edelhauser Frank tnumvirate he hopes to outdo all mechanics and he probably will Soccer IV Boxing III IV Bowling Club IV THOMAS J LYTLE Gangster Lytle has far from a temtymg aspect just ask the girls Bu tough luck females he wants to be a hermit If you dont know him yust look for the other tall blond between Pete and Porky He is another aspiring mechanic Locker Patrol III Intra mural Basketball Boxing IIIIV Basketball III JOHN R. KINGHAM Smiling "lack" Kingham is noted for his bee-utiful red hair and he is usually seen in the diner with "Don" or "Pop." His secret ambition is to go to college and play var- sity soccer there 'P ay boy has many hid den talents I S S III Student Coun c1lI Soccer III IV Foot balll Baseball I II IV K . . A ' . n I I P . 1 11 . 1 1 ' . - ' 1 I 1 1 1 ' ' ' ' 1 ' . I , , . ' . 1 1 1 1 x- - . it . 11 . . t , I - . U 11 , 1 1 , . f ' 1 1 I u 11 . . 1 . , . . . . . . . n 11 n . 11 1 B 1, u 11 1 ' lf' ' . I 'f -' 1 ff 514 L 4 . n 11 . . n 11 . - t K 1 1 1 . . llNh I ' ' u 11 . n 11 Q " u 11 . . . . - ' I P 1 ' . . 1 1 1 - JAMES MAJOROS "Ma-I" is one of our gleeifull club boys. His long, lean, lanky frame is a familiar sight on the court or on the diamond. To learn to dance is his most secret ambition Igirls please take noticel. H can usually be seen with Tom and Ossie Basketball III IV Base ball III IV Bowling Club I II Glee Club IV ROCCO MOLINARO Stonewall Molinaro s real nickname IS Rocky also Moke He is a big gun in the Moke Doke Ass n and he is usually seen with all the other okes His secret ambition is to be a mason helper with Goshe N Rocky has a broad beautiful and charming smile Glee Club I IV Locker Patrol IV Foot ball I IV Intramural Boxing an 41' OSCAR NILSSON JR Ossie 15 the tallest th1rd of that tno with Wa y an Ma Although he is rather shy h1s secret ambition IS to achieve greatness 1n baseball Because of his height and the fact that h1s head 1S on top many people fail to no- tice how good look1ng Swede is CYep'J Soccerl Basketball I IV Baseballl II IV it FRANCIS J. McGOVERN "Mac," who is noted for his laziness, wants to find an easy job with good pay! You don't have to , be lazy to want that ibut it helpsl. Our "Playboy of the A. and P." is noted tor strawberry blond hair and a ready smile Football III ELAINE NEBLO Little One wants to be tall and thin and get more sleep When she is not worrying she is giggling and having fun Her secret ambition IS to become famous' And moola to go with it I ll wager' Dramatic Club IIV Whitehornet II IV Chairman IV Student Council IV Bulletin Board Committee IV Red Cross Committee I III Spanish Club II IV Home Ec Club III IV Glee Clubl II 'V' ROBERT A NOLL Look on Montclalr Golf Course and tot coursel there ou ll find Don me c eerfully playing' golf He would like to own a 10000 acre farm and let someone else do the work KThe word playing is used Iooselyl Golf II IV e 91 ll ll ll . ll I I I L , , V a I . ' . . . ' ' I . I . . ll II . . . I ' I . I ' f ' I - ,' .. . ,, . , l . . I ' r . I Q X ll 1 ll ag' I-IVg "Shadows" I-IVQ Locker Patrol f I I if . h I . ' I 1 I , . 1 . . .. . ., . . ll ll d ll -Ill' ' ' I up , . .. - . .. . X ,, I ll I I 1 . . . I ' I I I I . 1 V ' 3 u . 11 . 'I ll ll' I Il . ,,, . ' - ' I I I , I I ' ' A DAY WITH It is 8:25 and the students prepare themselves for a day of accomplishments. Let us follow them through their various and interesting stages. ln the morning, students store their wraps in their lockers end freshen up. CThis inside picture of the boys' locker room is authentic.J Between classes, the faculty strides with the students. Notice the young led drinking at e nearby fountain 'ET THE TUBE 'l' The sneaky camera catches students in assorted classroom poses ,X Observe the quiet action in a typical homeroom scene. A few students stare calmly up front. Perhaps the teacher is asking them to stop talking. 29 A Day With The tudent CConi"d.J N After a tiring morning the students are hungry. Therefore, they stare hung:-ily at the nearby food At 2 45 after a strenuous day filled wxth accomplxshments the students prepare to shove off H "Nui V: K ,Q A ,. f fwWffswW...,....,,:.a . . ..,......,.,,....,. if l'U- i- .,.,, 4 T A Q, ., B if h 'Q In order to nourish themselves for an exhausting afternoon, everyone sits down to eat a hearty meal An aerial view of the gym shows the boys playing games to aid digestion after lunch. On alter- nating days the girls dance. See how many students you can find that are in this aerial view twice. .gui The student opens the door and a cool zephyr ceresses his downy cheek: and this fresh scene greets his eyes bringing with it a draught of re- freshing excitement as he prepares himself for an afternoon of accomplishments. 31 E g MAX PELKA "Max" wants to stay! un- mamed CI-Iuh?7 e is noted for hls shyness Pland lus cute blushmg "Max" 18 a soccer and baseball standout. It only he would qwe all the coaches a break and go out for all sports. But he 18 also modest fslghl. Student Council Repre sentatlve III, IV, Soccer I IV, Basketball I, II, Base ball I, III, IV, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball. 32 RALPH M NORTH The way that boy pushes g1rls around IS probably due to the fact that he wxshes to remam a bach elor When not on the trac hes ln his 37 Chevvy Hes always movmg 1n class or out, espec1ally after blonds Ca pretty one tool Whxtehornet III IV Student Counc1l II Track I IV Soccer III IV Foot ballI II Intramurals M1 ESTRID A PAULSEN Those people who are lucky enough to qllmpse her radlance usually lmd her Wllh Henry Her secret ambl t1on IS to qam a few mches and lose a few pounds fShe wxll then be tall and sklnny I Shadows I IV Whxtehornet I IV Edltor IV Dramatxc Club I IV Secre tary Il Home Ec Club III IV Secre tary IV Glee Club I II Proxy Parents IVA gfpanxsh Club III IV Student Coun Cl X I CATHERINE M O NEILL The red ha1r and green eyes of thls semor arent the only thxnqs that at tract one s attentxon to her Cathy s wmtty remarks and cuttlng up ln class would make anyone l1ke her mstantly Her secret ambztlon IS no secret She wants to see West Pomt I b b but they re all boys'l A. MILDRED PIGNATALLO "M1ll1e" of the laughing face and the H,O, bottle does a protessxonal look mg Job--really neat. She prances around havmg fun wxth "the g1r1s" when she's not the dxgmhed "mademo1selle le presx dent" ot thel S S. We pred1ct that "Mxllxe" w1ll be a dancxng mstructor at Arthur Murray's Kyupl. Dramatlc Club I IV, Glee Club I, "Wh1tehomet" II, I S S Il IV, Presxdent IV, Band I, II, Cafetena Patrol II IV. ROBERT OAKENELL Oak revels zn the great outdoors In fact hi secret ambzhon ns to own a huntmg lodge 1n Can ada He IS usually seen tn Als and w1th Floyd Also he IS noted for being absent Apnl 15 Hmpt' CI-Ie 11 never forget that date nowl Soccer II III Trackl IV x 1 , t I , 1 l' :gil I I ' 12, ' fliglf ' n fl - if 'fl I ' ' S wg , . FT- . . YI, I - u I - ll I ll a is ' A k, . 1' ' ' . I , , . . , . 1 D , N sl . . ,V . 1 A 1 , . , , . " ' " - f i? 1. 1 , ' ' ,' I I v ' Z ,J ,ng ' ' ' 1 ni ,Hg ' R ff I . I H 1 . .1 1 11 .4 . I . . . . ' ' 1 iQ J I r 1 lLiaS"+ff-in . t. 11 . . . ll V I 1 11 , N 11 , .t . 11 1 I Q I 2 - 1 - I 1 1 ' I 1 2 I 1 I ' NELSON PROCTOR "Nels," our smiling pho- tographer, gets a large charge when taking un- expected snaps. They're pretty good tool What would "Shadows" and "Henry" do without him? He is noted for enthu- siasm and his secret am- bition is to beat Foss in everything fGrrrrrl. Photography Editor of "Shadows" IV3 Photog- raphy Editor of "White- homet" IVQ Golf I, II, Ten- nis III, IV: Basketball II, Intramural Ping-Pong, Egsltetball, and Volley- QLJZ' 1 IN, ,, 1.1 9 A 1 .X ,, 4' , . A H 'fr I . :J REIJO ARNE RINNE "Ray" is noted for his Finnish tallness and blondness Knot the bottle typel. "Bugs Bunny" livens up every class. The U. S. will lose a good debator when he fulfills his ambition to return to Finland. Soc1alComrn1ttee II Shadows Liter ary Editor IV Whitehornet III IV Sports Editor IV President ot Class II III Assistant Iudge IV Soccerl IV Trackl IV Intramuralsl IV 'Vi 'E' ROBERT P REDDINGTON Red is always good for a laugh ttha hal The boy is practically a sec ond Red Skelton tonly cuterl His crazy ideas such as growing a beard this ambltionl have won him the right to say that he does the right thing at the wrong time Footballl Il IV Track I IV Tennis II Intramu ral Boxing and Volleyball WILLIAM J. PROUT If you need a date, "Digger" can always dig you up somebody. "Bi1l's" secret ambition is to have even more friends. His reserved nature fails to hide a genial personality and he is one of the few persons that is always on time. T7 Joim D R1'rc1-nr: Ioan would yust love to cruise to Europe with Robert Mltchum Cas what sane girl wouldn tl Her pleasant nature makes her a valuable member in all of the many activities in which she takes part Shadows IIV Whitehornet IIV Glee Club II III I S S III IV Girls A A I II Dramatic Clubl IV Home Ec Club III IV Locker Patroll II Q iw I MYRNA ROBINSON By the use ot a beautiful smile and an infectious giggle Rusty keeps her selt surrounded by friends No wonder she is usually seen having a good time Toplay the horsestand winj young lady Whitehomet I Shad ows III Home Ec Club III IV Band III IV Glee Club II IV 1 1 ' V g 1 I , , as I 1 I I I ' l - , I n 1, W ,I N . , 1 I n 11 . it - 11 l W 1 1 y , 1 . . . . 2 ' - - 1 I M 2 1 l 1 - ll 11 . J ' I ' I 1 ll ll I-P, . ' ' , - . . 313 - - ' 1 would absolutely thrill this X . 1 A ,V -L n . 11 , u ' .1 11 . ' ' ' S' - fstfvfx- I 1 u 1 1 t Xvkgiq l . 1 . 7 1 - ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' - ' N. W 'VO DAVID G SCHOOF Its elther GIRLS or Paul and the boys but thats where youll fmd Dave I-Ie wants to retxre after graduatxon but even then he w1ll al ways laugh at h1s own lokes That maroon car has really won great fame and Daves pretty proud of xt "Dave"1s a mce guy Assembly Commxttee I 34 BARBARA C ROSE Barb has a unxque am bxhon She wants to be able to txt under a 5 foot 81nch fellow s ch1n Those lucky K5 foot 8 mchl stxtfsl Perhaps the SIX footers could lean over tsxghl An efflcxent gurl and very sharp dresser Barb IS usually seen w1th Roz Shadows II IV Whlte homet I IV Dramat1c Club I IV Locker Patrol II Home Ec Club III IV Spamsh Club III vm Q CLAIRE A SCI-IMICK Whos gxgghng there m the back of the room? Why 1ts Clalre who else? Thts hvely young lass has helped old Verona I-hgh School to v1ctory many hmes by rendermg her natural talents as one of our splr lted cheerleaders Alter graduation Clalre plans to become a nurse Cheerleader II IV Dramatxc Club I IV Locker Patrol I IV Home EC glubdll IV Whxtehornet III I S S 1' !D'v ROSALYN M SACHS Thls vlvaclous female bythe mckname of Roz IS usually seen w1th Barb To get an MRS degree IS the h1ghest a1m ln her hte Her ebony ha1r and snappmg black eyes make her a pretty picture mdeed Dramat1c Club IIV Secretary II Shadows II IV I S S III IV Vxce Presldent IV Home Ec Club III IV Rldmg Club Presldent III Locker I IV Assembly Commlttee IV Traltlc Patrol IV Qi VIOLET D SCHUHAM Mxke w1th the gorgeous halr and gay personallty cla1ms she needs ambl t1on but she sure uses energy whxle cheerlead mg She IS always seen havmg fun tand boys tool and she has quxte a g1ggle Cheerleadmg III IV Dra matxc Club I, IV, Cafe tena Patrol II, IV, "Whxte homet" I ,II, Band I, II, I S S III, Rldmg Club III, Home Ec Club III, IV. FREDERICK J ROTHLEIN Freddxe would hke to ralse race horses but he emoys talkmg to Betty m the hall and he enloys sleepmg on the beach wlth Howxe Neverthe less Freddle IS a nor mal good natured bloke who emoys enjoyable thmgs Entered Verona H1gh School ln Semor Year I'I1YIV , . .1 ,. . 11 - ll I ll ' I , I . ' . . 'xx 11 ,ef ' - 1 . . ' : ' 1 ' I ' I I , - 1 ll 1 Il . 4 1 I I I .. .1 . . . . . . .1 1, - u 11 I n . ' ' - I , y A 5 . " - . - ' f ' ' 1 1 A I - 1 I - - : . 2 ' 1 l ' , . 1. by b 'f I I - 1 1 W President IVg "Whitehornet" I-IV, I .. ,, . 1 I 1 1 1 7 I ' l ' I ' I 1 I 1 I I 1, .. .. , ' 1 . vr ll ll 1 I ' Q ' 1 .- 2 ' , ' I 1 I , .. . 1, , , , , . . . , . f Q . I Q ll ll Il I I' . I I l . . ll ll I - . U - .1 k , , .. 1 .. , . . , 1 I ' AN N LOUISE SHAW "Annie" just wants to get married soon las who does not?J, so, of course, you'll find her looking for "Bar- ney." With her"gift of gab," she's the center of any conversation when she's with the rest of the gang. Locker Patrol ll-IV: Home Ec Club IV. 6 JOHN SIGSBY "John" is a "live wire" in all his classes. His teachers can't get a word in edgewise. He is noted for a porcupine hair-do as well as being known for his handiness with a tennis racket. Dramatic Club II-IV' I-li-Y IV' 'Shad- ows IV' Student Council IV' Basket- ball II III' Tennis II-IV FRANCES S SMITH Sue of the beautiful eyes hair-dos and clothing is our most fashionable per sonality Traveling seems to satisfy this member of the mtelhgentsia because she has a yearning for learning about the road Dramatic Club I II Whitehornet IIV As sxstant Editor IV Ridin Spanish Club III IV Shadows IIII Assem bly Committee III IV Red Cross Committee I IV Chairman IV Social Conmittee III Class Sec retary I Student Council Secretary II RUTH A. SHAW iii' " To be seven feet tall is "Butch's" secret ambi- ion. This small quiet oung lady is usualltg found having fun wi everyone. If you're ever looking for Ruth, you'l1 find her looking for "Nan." Complicated, but that's the way it is. Dramatic Club I-IV, Treasurer III: "Whitehor- net" I-IVQ "Shadows" I- IV: Orchestra I-IV: As- sembly Committee IlI,IVg I. S. S. II, III, Secreta II: Home Ec Club III, Ilz Student Council II. lo-. JOSEPH C SILVER loe Cbaby faceb Silver is noted for his corny remarks in history Kgroanl Former pitching pennies champeen he now devotes his time to playing ping pong in the gym Ioe would like to go to New Hampshire Univer sity or own a new Dodge or both Cpreferablyl Basketball II Intramural sports 3 I' , JOYCE D SMITH An honor student Smitty is noted for be ing late Therefore be cause she is a wise girl her secret ambition is to get somewhere on time Qtoo truel Much of her time IS spent in minding Lost and Found Com mittee IV t st.. S v - Q I . ' .Y Club.I,II:.I.S. II.I-lla xt f I ahiiaren. I I I SHIRLEY VAN BRUNT "Get Out of Town" is "Sh1rl's" theme song. She can usually be found in the mxdst of the gang hav ing fun and laughmg softly It you're m need and you need a fnend, "Sh1rl's" the frlend you need lmdeedll I. S S. II, Gxrls' A A. I, II, Home Ec Club III, IV, Spanxsh Club III, Cafe terra Patrol I, Trathc Pa trol IV, "Shadows" IV, Orchestra I, Il 36 JOHN E STEEN Iohnny can usually be seen settmg up mxkes on all 1mportant occaslons around the school Th1s electrlcally lnclmed young man IS renowned for h1s unmanageable torelock and thrnks that the ab1l1ty to keep h1s halr well groomed would be an xnterestmg vanatlon Dramatlc Club II IV I S S III IV Stage Com rnlttee IV Projectxon Com rnxttee III IV Shadows IV Pres1dent of I-I1 Y IV Student Councrl IV Bas HARRY SWAN SON Thls Nordrc hunk o man would hke to go steady He IS usually seen scoot 1ng around on h1s scooter Cnaturallyl and IS noted for h1s crackpot ldeas Amphtxer System Dance Man Golf Soccer JP' LOUISE C STEWART It you see a model A Ford tearmg down Fd1I'VleW Avenue you are sure to fmd Stewle behmd the wheel Also her athletlc ab1l1ty IS unmatched by many of the all tlme greats fhuh'PJ and her ambrtlon Ctyprcally Stewartl IS to fmd out who changes the srgns on the sldes of the blxmps Dramatxc Club I IV Grrls A A III IV Shadows III IV Home Club IV '53 y GEORGE L. VAN LENTEN "Van" as usually seen wlth Claxre and hopes to eventually graduate les capel from Verona I-hgh School When he does, however, h1s hxstory class w1ll mlss hrm as well as the pearls of humor that rolled from h1s hps, bounced lrghtly around the room and kept the students' mmds oft thelr books Fxrst Veteran To Gradu ate from Verona I-hgh School. QA rrulestone has been unearthedl NORMA E STEVENS South Amenca Take Me Away' IS the theme song of thrs blond sen1or wxth the pleasant personahty Steve wlll usually be seen 1n the cafetena g1v mg Mrs Llssner a hard tune She IS noted for bemg late Cespecrally by those who wart for herl Glee Club I Locker Pa trol II Lost and Found Commlttee IV Shadows I I I at H f ' . . U . , I . . , H . A I ' ll ll . I I I, n 11 K' 1 ,- , . ' . ' ' - 5 ,5 f ' 5 - 1 g 'f . . . , I - -ff?-4' w 1 ,n'f' I . . , - - f, v .ee r -':,, - H u u L ' ' . ' , u ,I 3 A," ' "If ' 9 I - , 7 , ' 7 , I .' 1 ,gipicf3g Ll 7 - W, - 'S A A A A ketball 1-111. - M I ll Al 1 , . . I ' - ll ' ll . . l . . . n H ' . ' l E' , g . , , C . ' I I , I ' ' I I I I if' I 'Z' I -1-f-J, 1,1 ff!! ' V. , ,L:5,. :, -. A 3'R,j.' ,j V !'i7"' nfs. 1. .yg-V' Jr- .4 ff 3"5x5- " -1 VIVIAN J. VINCENT "I-Iey! Kigs. . Oh! Oh! There goes that "Vin- ICSent" accent again, and here comes "Vivie." That lace with the Pepsodent smile can be seen from three to six at Madison's. Some day she'd like to own a Cadillac converti- ble fgaspl. Any day, as a matter ot fact! Home Ec Club III, IVQ Girls' A. A. I-III. if 'D 'Q' 4-.1"X x 5 THOMAS C WALLACE JR It you cant find Wally on the pitcher s mound he s sure to be with Ozzie and MaI or perhaps Just laughing gayly Happy boy will be even happier when he weighs 180 pounds or pitches yet another two no hitters in a row Baseball I IV Basketball III PATRICIA F WARNER Pat is a sweet young thing She islikea solitary rose in a field ot dande lions and she is usually seen eating hamburgers This laughing gay girl would like to own a race track Can ideal place to race Pat is crazy about horses fmool Orchestra I Glee Club II Spanish Clu'b Il IV Home Ec Club III IV Locker Patrol IV White hornet IIV Shadows III IV Dramatic Club I IV Riding Club II NANCY C. VON DER HYDE "Nan" is a modest but busy person with a ready smile, who is usually seen fby everyonel conducting the assembly programs. Strangely, her secret am- bition is to swim the Eng- lish Channel. I-lmmmpt! Dramatic Club I-IV: Rid- ing Club Ilg Home Ec Club III, IV: Social Com- mittee I1 "Whitehornet" III, IV3 "Shadows" III, IV: I. S. S. II, III, Vice-Presi- dent Illg Orchestra I-IV: Class Secretary Il, Treas- urer III: Chairman of Assembly Committee IV. K t JOAN E WARMINGTON Although Luke is recognized by her slo o ow walk she is dishnguished for her fast wit She enioys cracking lokes in class almost as much as her class mates emoy hearing them Her secret ambition is to write a book Girls A A I IV Glee ClubI II IV Whitehornet III IV Advertising Manager Shadows III IV EILEEN J WI-IITAKER that old song that de scribes Ei so perfectly Her enviable blond hair and also those matching eyes reminds one ot a Dresden doll Ei who is usually seen with Rose mary would like to travel Shed be welcome any where' Shadows III IV Home Ec Club III IV White hornet IV Glee Clubl Chairman ot Social Com r61itteeHIV Secretary of ass I 37 I 9 - 'V I 1 ll Il . , , . I I 1 " ,f .. . ,. .. ., , , ' I J . .. ,, . I - . . ,7 ' I - 5 I . .. ., . . - - , 1 . . . . ' - ' . . ' ' I I I I u . n I . . I I , .. ,. I I ' 1 , I I - .. . ,, . Pretty as a Picture is .. ,, . , . ' ' ' I u . 11 ' I K ' ' I Q Q D it ff - , V , ' ' . ' n If D ' . I I , , , . . -1' ,I .' ' I 'I I I I . I I 5 - v ' ' - ' , I - 5 I EDWARD S. WILLIAMS lllarllcll is usually seen chasing the women in his "rnerry model Alf but when his seoret arf.- biticn fone? true, the warner. will all be thas- ing h1n. 1:1 his Qzritoln Continental Coupe l-le is a quiet, good-hgrrlcred boy who lS universally known as l The Last of the M- -f Q M...,lc..Q,. PYPFVIPIQI fel lvlxstangs Ill- Forttal l lll basketball Ig Baseball ll, Boxing lll. C3 SHIRLEY WILLIAMSON "Sh1rl" can find humor in anything. This is why she is usually heard laugh- ing at the wrong times. And this hustling girl would like to go to South America where the inhabitants laugh often, heartily, and with a Spanish accent. llWh1I6l1OTH9Il' Ill, IVQ Dramatic Club l-IVQ Spanish Club Ill, lV7 Traffic Pa- trol IVg Glee Club lVg Home EC Club Ill, lVg Student Council I, IV. JOAN G. WYCKOFF Here's the other half of the loan-Carol combo. loan, with those startling blue eyes, longs to go to a West Point Prom. This gay member of 'lthe gang" is always laughing Cexcept when she's singingl. .loanls pleasant humor makes her a pleasing companion. Dramatic Club I-IVQ Glee Club I-IV: Home Ec Club III, IVQ "Shadows" III, IV. Mr. Johnson demonstrates technique in the sixth period chemistry clan FLOYD WILLIAMS ny- - -v ' ,..-H Flow nic-- .c .Ms I he likes to he Ca: fishgrig. , 1 L QTY. IIETZ WC" 'I dl, AKG .. f-,sn ing .cage is H ..4-..d.. - de boys. c. ,l....t.llg C l:Q5'."i brzrg oea: y.1..1an .,.,-.-fs -v , ,ln .hut C de c 'A' Locker Patrcl IV' Scicer Ilg Track l 'E' It iw ,i ' , 5 I 6 I ...----a , 467 illlll I , uni fiigbk gf 'N ? . . V .J- FQQWFG First Row: Morley, Fraser, Hall, Guansaone, Riccardi, Truex. Second Row: Bowling, Rhuel, Carpenter, Bluck, Allen, I. Cestone, Marone. Third Row: Abrams, Metz, Jennings, Sager, Reinhart, C. Cestone, Hanley. Fourth Row: Flynn, Burst, Cox, Cadby, Cogan, Wilson, Vehslage. Fifth Row: Schweizer, Norlz, vonder Heyde, lacobus, Schiabor, Bamford, Vincent, Bush. Sixth Row: Wein, Katz, Collins, Harr, Drumm, Herried, Dobson, Green, MacDougal, Guidone, Foritz, Winner THE Iuniors! Upperclassmen! Gee, we had superior feelings when we stepped on the threshold ot Verona High last September. But could we match the new responsibilities? Well, we think we did! Recalling events of the football sea- son, who made up a good part of the first team? Why, the juniors, of course. Don Marshall's honorary position on the Suburban Conference team really made us feel like strutting. It's pretty hard to forget the magnificent job Captain Ann Allen and the rest of the lunior cheer- leaders did to stimulate athletic events. We have a hunch that the soccer and especially the basketball teams would have found it hard sledding without our hws . m Q '- 4-va' v - KP. C Agfa D955 Blll Ill IEE! J lv I First Row, left to right: Thorp, Davies, Marshall, Pringle, Van Etten, Surrey, Rogers. Second Row: Wheaton, Collins, Shaw, Sempier, Hogan, Kingston, Kayes, Nighland, Brooks. Third Row: ' -S Ebert, Cummings, Peterson, lelstrom, W. Marshall, Alderio, Eckert, Shurtlett, Salero, Williams, ills. Fourth Row: Femald, Meyer, Edwards, Longo, Carlson, Seastrom, Bratch, Volk, Adams, Collins, Hall. Fifth Row: Butt, Shuttleworth, Davies, Bruso, Schmitt, Veitch, Kems, Kaezmarek, 'ff'--I '- Fitzpatrick, Hogan, Leone, Clapp. Sixth Row: Levy, Nimmo, Da Luca, Mendell, Bendell, Nolfi, 40 Warren, McWhorter, Schoof, Capossi, Taylor, Martin, Wheat 'Y' . mm., 1-siif JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Carl Sempier Vice Presi JU dent, Dean Pringle: and Secretary Nancy Bush Our hats are off to Barbara, Marcia, Nancy, ludy and Virginia, who, inspired by the Muses, entertained us more than once in assembly. While we're tossing around compliments, the Dramatic, Lit- erary, Musical and Language clubs were fortunate in having many partici- pants from our illustrious ranks. Besides this, our imaginative class put on a very "deep southern" prom. Betty Anne and her committee did a bang-up job on decorations for our romantic southern plantation. We are sure "you all" enjoyed it. Oops! I almost forgot the "Proxy Par- ents," which was really founded by us luniors. Our class not only helps the school, but we assist in community problems. However! Could be we're a little prejudiced. In this physics clan, everyone is poised in eager anticipation for the words that Mr. Anderson will utter shortly L-I :SS 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President, Dave Fulton: SecretaI'Y, Marilyn Brenner: and Vice-President, Ierry Foss 'I'llll 0I'll0M0llE At the beginning of the year, the Sophomores came back to school with heavy hearts, but as the days went by our future brightened considerably and plans were made for an interesting year. We elected Dave Fulton as our capable President, Marilyn Brenner as Secretary, and lerry Foss as Vice-President. During October we held our annual dance, which we called "Camival Ca- pers." A large number turned out and made it a big success. Many of our boys went out for sports, entering into basketball, football, soc- cer, etc. One or two made the varsity and delighted the sophomores with their outstanding performances. lust after Christmas the fourth period English class saw the need for courtesy in the school and decided to do some- iw. .W .. ., 'K Q t 1 2 f rf" :Q-g. W K, - if ' 1 45? - 55. . 'f--1.1 i- if . . 2 ,Re V',,m, A M , ,gi 3 ,in if f ' ll 4 ' - g . 3 y 3 A V h si 1 Q Thy: u yt! A I 1' L ' Q , lt ' QA .. i M.: , . Theee qirleere cheerfully sewing Kobviouelyl Here ie one of the many people 42 who open door: daily if ae? L. CLASS thing about it. They put up posters in the hall proclaiming a week in which the whole school was to observe cour- tesy Ca worthy ideall. An assembly on the subject featured Mr. Coffin, our police chief, and Reverend Moore, from the Presbyterian Church, as speakers. The campaign proved quite a success and we hope that more classes will carry on this idea in the future. Although we are all looking forward to the coming vacation, and farther forward to next year as juniors, we shall look back on this year as one which we all enjoyed. W -. -. -. .- - -. .. , .-. -,... . Q..- ai! .A 4350 lm..-A First Row left to right Green Gaylord Lennon Driggs Cooper Noll Van Dyne Second Row Gearty Eckert Archer Brenner Weisman Kratt Erickson Third Row Sherman Warren Muller Kreuder Nuss Conover Cartabona Grove Fourth Row Kerns Smorrol Steinback Colardeau Edsall Tileston Airman Wheaton Fifth Row Coad Nimmo Marfield Rose Ericson Green Cartabona Duff Proctor Sixth Row Lytle Cox Silverman Thayer Davies Gustavson Garrabrant Bowling Heuser Thomp son Bochicchio Magee First Row: Bradley, Madison, Stockman, Heyer, Kaffke, Wilcox, Bauerman, McClaren. Second Row: Huey, Rowly, Dow, Campanile, Kays, Jenkins, Olson, Pier, Booth. Third Row: Powers, Burnett, Gelpe, Cano, Brown, Marks, Yeaton, Hinckley, Rizzo. Fourth Row: Martin, Anderson, Sampson, Voss, Horner, White, Foss, Dietz, Wall, Martin. Fifth Row: Fulton, Weiland, Flynn, Watson, Fifoot, Mc- Carren, Carver, Sachs, Gillen, Williams, Percivault 43 .af First Row, left to right: Neger, Lucci, Berry, Bursey, Bratch. Second ' ull Row: De Lucca, Taylor, lacobus, Fear, Stewart, Hoffman. Third Row: McWhorter, Don, Palagallo, Burns, Paladino, Hanley, Heyer, 5.1 Hermey. Fourth Row: Hahn, Carter, O'I-Iagan, Scheffer, McMana, Mum, Hochheiser, Duff, Axman. Fifth Row: Brady, Walworth can Kayes, Schmick, Hardy, Tappen, De Cheser, Decker. Sixth Row' Greff, Graham, Pechinick, Rhuel, Coates, Brooks, Blose, Nedoma Levy, Lennon, lay, Barr n if , l . rise Wy? 7 First Row, left to right: Sebiri, Nigh- baugh, Pignatello, Kingston, Collins. Second Row: Kortright, Light, Fiose, Palm, Williams, Vincent, Towne, ' Meekes, Hayne, Hays, Castles. Third Row: Douglass, McKenna, Mead, Track- man, Brown, Spott, Clark, Stearns, Caputo, Guido, Hemion. Fourth Row: Tumer, Burst, Geddes, Laraher, Lar- kin, Menzer, Noble, Ferran, Longo. Fifth Row: Sadie, Steen, Bartley, Zeig- ler, Rodemacher, Hammes, Murray, Evenson, Baldwin, Hunt, Grove, Clark, Halstater. , PW land, Koch, Gahr, Robinson, Cres- -3 ' , C 44 'lllll Like eager bees the new Freshmen swarrned to the hive, the grandiose Verona High School. Like bees we swarmed to our new classes looking at the strange but friendly faces of the upperclassmen and teachers. Once again the Class of '51 was making headway. We had reached the much talked about Senior High. 'Ska sal I 1 FRE HMA CLASS We started rolling by electing some swell class officers: President, Harold Kortrighty vice-president, Henry Palm, and secretary, Ethel Walworth. Every person seemed interested in some activity, some in the Glee Club, others were on the "VVhitehornet" staff, and so on. We look forward to next year when we will really get into the swing in step with our striding alma mater. Also, we endeavor to start each year with more vim, vigor, and vitality than the year before. Young Montalto sticks the paddle in front of the ball almost every time as FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President, Harold Kortr-ight: Vice-Presi dent, Henry Palm: and Secretary Ethel Walworth 45 View of Hudson River in 1939 'l'hey're smiling at you! "Burg" end "Foot" swish them in the gym 'N Seve:-el sophomores in various curious poses 'r kgilz 311 Y' ff" 'A f vi 'u " 5 'H Whiiv -..-r1Ku':!". '37 Wxll he Jump? Bomgll Subgloct and scenery-both KSeo bottom of PQQCJ b99Ut1fU1 CI ll iake the pretfy gxrll --.....,,, Wim Out for l spin Yxpu l '41 'ffl- fin ,N -W 9 '-s""?.. ,gun 47 " , I F A, :qu ." ,, . . n , :WP V ,zfff-'J I I f-1-'57 ,- 5"5.'f,'f-v 45254 . gQ,f" I-5,7-4 z ,ff . . N ,, , . , :. -: af: .3.- " ' nf' ,J ,.w ,, .34 '- L 'fu , .Q i ,I A,-,af jg. A .r,,-haw. .cfm . , ,...v.:.f"' ,f ,flu , - ' . . 5 - w , Mlm, ,-r:.3f-.:. ur ,..,- . N , 5:304- I '- :.f' s . ,f W, X14-1 .' -aj, AV VYW4 F Ml' T: .ref 1,1 M1- -. .74 ,, ,X I... 4--':.': '21-vw f , 5-E'-55424 5'+i:?l:.: ' f ,-gp'-vga-fred,-4.1,-, ' ... -.....-f., -W s -,......,...-. , V , ......,....... ..... , -....-....-,..,, -.... M.-. L ..,, .............. , ..... .. .W 0 M.4..,:-N.- . , -....4.fq, .-.,,,, - ,,,TmH.. ,,,. ,,.....,,.. "' tt" 'Ll' 'M na- ma, ' 1-m.,.':11',,. ' H . 14..--1 H..-.-.f.7,1'7--V--.Z., ,,.,.....S: an-...,.,,-' 3 . , M:---Q., .4'.'--f'-.P ' M V-.." '-M K -..n.,,mw W .,...,, rm. , .-, -Q... I-Lv, ,L-uv., -...ww . ,, 'W QM, 1, f ,,g-sh.. 5-w,.f 1.-W ct., -7-2'7" -wp- .rw -.: - a., 'lin QFW, - . .F 3-ang n xl m Actxon The members axe lovin I at President Bob Edwards, The Student Cou e' ' ' . 9 9 Y who stands there modestly The indent Council The Student Council, under the friendly lead- ership of its president, Bob Edwards, enjoyed a very successful year. The Council missed their adviser, Miss Howell, for two months while she was ill, but Mrs. Lissner took over and kept them going in grand form. President Edwards was aided by Vice-President Fred Brooks and Secretary Marge Marfield. The Suburban Conference Press Association was formed this year and Verona took an active part in it. Estrid Paulsen was sent as our repre- sentative and was elected Secretary. A new set of rules regarding the number of cheerleaders that shall go to basketball or foot- ball games was decided upon by the Suburban Conference this year. The Student Council had a number of discussions on this subject, and readily acquiesced with them. The Council, with the support of the students, decided the name "Hillbillies" would again be- come official. The newspapers continued to call us by that name and it was generally accepted that "Hillbillies" had more character. These activities are only a few of the many sponsored by the Student Council this year. Let's all hope next year's Council has a success- ful year, also. ff -- ,, fm 5:35 4 Q f-Lays? if., ' .L JV" .97 'fr 'Q C A I D CAYALOG CABIN ET First Row, left to right: Smith Marfield, secretary, Edwards, president, vonder Hyde. Second Row: De Cheser, Besswenger, Rinne, Whit- aker, Kidder, Brighton, Wil- liamson, Dailey, Paulsen, Neblo, La Stella T inn "W , , "ii, W ,.,,,,i , A fflfq HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES First Row, left to right: Silverman, Gar rabrant, Deyerberg, Morley, Herried Second Row: Paulsen, Sury, Pelka Steen, Palm, Kortright, Meeker, Levy, MacDouga11 Miss Howell, the adviser, is sitting down. With her are: President Edwards, Secretary Marfiald, and Vice-President Brooks as , , .. U ,N, iw A . TRAFFIC PATROL First Row, lett to right: Silverman, Wil- liamson, Rose, King. Second Row: Davies, Van Brant, Martield, Ericson, Duff. Third Row: De Witt, Sachs, Bess' wenqer, Courtney, Thayer, Gustavson Magee, Mr. Johnson, adviser LOST AND FOUND COMMITTEE First Row, lett to right: Mrs. lohnson, adviser: l. Smith, Bochicchio, Kreuder. Second Row: Fear, Stevens, Kratt, Bess- wenqer, Corbett n i STAGE COMMITTEE 3 i I HALL PA'rnoL -ZS. ,kg-'.':,?g, ne Left to right: Swanson, Kidder, Steen, Mr, But- Seated, left to right: Hogan, Kingston. Above: terworth, adviser Grodowsky, Da Luca, Dailey, chairman 52 CAFETERIA PATROL First Pow, left to right: Collins, Drumm, l.a Stella, chairman, Abrams, Gartley. Second Row: Tucci, Riccardi, Guan- Cione, Cestone, Pignatello, Green, Schuham, Cestone, Mrs. Lissner, adviser AQ-U! Vi I 4 It I :TTT X BOYS' LOCKER PATROL Squatting: Proctor, Sady, Teare, Standing: Mr. Smith, adviser, Molinaro, Lytle, Williams, Burns ASSEMB LY COM M ITTEE X X Left to right: Miss Deal, adviser, Bochicchio, Gerry De Cheser, chairman, G. De Cheser, Neblo BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE Left to right: Miss Cotton, adviser, Smith, Silver- man, Sachs, Shaw, vonder Hyde 53 First Row: Carpenter, Neblo, Mrs. Van Houten, adviser, Schmick. Second Row: Dobson, Gustavson, Warner, Duff, Morley, A. Shaw RED CROSS COMMITTEE f g j 1 K as nk 5 First Row, left to right: Mrs. Warbasse, adviser, Duff, Decker, La Stella Second Row: Drumm, Tileston, Katz Smith, chairman, Garrabrant, Abra hamson, Bochicchio Seated, left to right: lenninqs, Deyer- berq, I-leuser, Barron, Bursey, Whita- ker, chairrianp Tileston, Cadby, Miss Deal, adviser I GIRLS' LOCKER PATROL MOVIE COMMITTEE First Row: Heffley, Bratch, Kidder. Second Row: Steen, Mr. Anderson, adviser, Wheaton, Dietz, Martin SOCIAL COMMITTEE S 57' , f p. 4..h,l3.', ,v 1--f rw W1 es 0 ' ii 'mf' Flrst Row left to nght Wycoif Berry GU1dOH6 Kneltlng Truex Iacobus Abrams Smorral Kems Gaylord Thomp son Roblnson Second Row Holderhelcl Proctor Allheusen Edsall Nedoma Bush Wxlson Vehslage Muller Rhuel Drumm Iennmgs Thlrd Row Harr Hollander Cadby Coqan Iay Metz MacDougal Sager Sch1abor Dobson Bursey Stemback Colardeau Warren Fourth Row ONe1ll We1n Axman Gulla TUCCI vonoler Hyde Cox Mclvtanmon Brady Tappen Hahn Hardy De Lucca M1ller Gustavson Duff Flfth Row W1Sem6H N1mmo Cartabona Coad Heyer Pechxmk De Cheser Duff Fear Stewart Rhuel Axman Bratch Wheaton Dmqgs Garra brant Sherman S1lvennan Smxth Row Boqert Bendell F1tzpatr1ck Bradley Colhns Connor Ma1oros Wheaton Peterson Flynn Powers D1taranto Hmckley Nolfx Thls year the Glee Club was d1rected by Mrss Grace But termore Under her hne leadershlp our men and women smqers enyoyed a very popular season They presented two entertam G E L B 1ng assembl1es and also contrmbuted thelr talent to the rad1o program ID whlch everyone dxd such a wonderful Job The student body 1S sure that the Glee Club w1ll be as successful m the future The "characters" from the successful "Shadows" assembly pose in front of their Harry "works" the controls home in the Ozlfkl 55 -1-Q 'Wm .":',:- Tv fw- 499 Mn L rms! 3 M 1 t A ig.. .-of' .iffy .lie First Row, left to right: Proctor, Williamson, Courtney, Miller, Marone, Cestone, King, Neblo, Barron, E. Crofut, Holderfield. Second Row: Stewart, vonder Hyde, De Witt, Castone, Ritchie, Bush, MacDouqal, Graff, Hochheiser, Whitaker, Van Brunt. Third Row: Edwards, Marfield, Bochicchio, Deyerberg, R. Crofut, Green, Ritchie, Drumm, Metz, Wyckoff. Fourth Row: Heffley, Steen, Gustavson, Duff, Cogan, Cadby. Fifth Row fstandingl: Stevens, Sil- verman, Holmes, Sachs, B. Rose, Duff, I. Rose, Shiabor, Warner, Rhuel, Sager, R. Shaw, Paulsen, Hall, Herried, Jennings, Garrabrant, Ericson, Sigsby, Edwards, Warminqton HAINIW The Class of 1948 produced a different yearbook this year for several reasons. First: The staff was original and interesting. Second: The students were without an adviser for much of the time and, therefore, all material in this book is uncensored. The staff did a fine job, particularly Nelson Proctor, who did more than his share as photography editor, both dependably and well. Equal credit goes to the other able editors who are listed on the very first page of this book. The Class of 1948 warmly thanks also, Florence Green on identification, Sheldon St. Clair for his assistance, all those who sold advertisements, the fine typists, the talented writers, the editor-in-chief fmel and all those who contributed their time and work to this annual. May you live happily ever after. Phu. ,,,tch,, Mi, Mc- Munn, the advisor, and Donald Foss, the editor, sojourning in the library. The snooping photogra- I Wlll'lfllll0lt ET With the support of interested, cooperative students, the "White- hornet" celebrated its eighth year of publication and met, if not ex- ceeded, the standard set in preceding years. Verona's school news- paper, under the direction of Editor Estrid Paulsen and faculty adviser Mr. Dimmers, continued to be a source of school happenings, editorials and feature articles, gathered and reported by members of the various staffs. Subscriptions, priced at one dollar, were sold at the beginning of the school term to cover the ten issues which were to be edited dur- ing the course of the year. The finished product showed plainly that much time and effort had been put into it by all the staffs concerned, namely: assistant editor Sue Smith, News editor Betty Ann lennings, Ray Rinne carrying the ball on the sports end with his renowned "Bug's Eye View", Geraldine de Cheser dreaming up all those fantastic feature articles and collecting gossip on the sly, Nelson Proctor snapping shots for the sports and front page feature articles, Eileen Whitaker coming across with the finished articles all typed and ready for publication, and Elaine Barron getting them ready for distribution. No paper is complete without a progressive business manager, and to fill this place "Henry" was fortunate in having Mona Drumm, Credit must also be given to loan Warmington, who collected all the ads to make possible the publication of the paper with financial aid. With the all-inclusive support of the students and faculty, the editors were able to make the paper an interesting journal significant of a progressive school. Iktrid Paulsen, the edi- tor, and Mr. Dimmers, the adviser, discuss their mu- tual concern. 'W IPM! , ,,,, .f. 4 s it is df. 'T"li5 'I "V, x ,-Jhf film First Row, left to right: S. Duff, lennings, Deyerberg, Barron, Paulsen, De Cheser, Drumm, Warmington, Whitaker S. Smith. Second Row: E. Crotut, Neblo, Abrahamson, Hanley, Holmes, R. Crofut, Graham, Berry, A. Barron, A Duff. Third Row: Sherman, Brenner, Nuss, Iacobus, MacDougal, Marone, Garrabrant, Proctor, De Witt, Ritchie Holderfield, Gustavson. Fourth Row: Abrams, Cadby, Cogan, Metz, Hall, Herried, Burst, Bush, vonder Hyde R. Shaw, Warner, Van Dyne, L. Duff. Fifth Row: Connor, Rinne, Silverman, I. Rose, Ericson, Marfield, Williamson, Krueder, Miller, Sachs, B. Rose, Gartley, C. Cestone, I. Cestone, Proctor, Dailey 5 ,ao Ol ll? C3 s 1.. Iii naval Ili -ram' me Q' fig' .' --9 Q '-64617 wh V - -11 ? 1fsv QQ' iw-fl it Clie NY K ' WPA I.: Ifllfli.. ., ,L ?2??E? g 3.40: l ' ' QQ 4 f t t First Row, left to right: Geisbrecht, Kaffke, Nedoma, Graham, Hermey, Barron, Palm, Rowley. Second Row: Bur- nett, Towne, Hall, Herried, vonder Hyde, R. Shaw, Hayne, Sebiri. Third Row: Anderson, Sampson, Wall, Bogert, Hinckley, Nolti, Evenson, Egbert. Fourth Row: Bradley, Wheaton, Edwards, Peterson, Connor THE llllllllll 'PRA 'S-Q Although lacking in the number of violins necessary to a good, full-bodied orchestra, the Verona High School mu- sicians managed to turn in a very credit- able performance whenever called upon. They were always willing to play for many of the school assemblies, filling in extra time with well-played classical numbers and snappy marches. They also turned in very successful concerts both in school time and outside, receiv- ing gratifying compliments well de- served for the many hours of practice led by Mr. Schill, assisted by Stan Con- nor and lim Wheaton, student leaders. lt is the fond hope of all of those who have played and are still playing in these organizations that, in coming years, more interest will be shown and more respect for a hard working group. The orchestra in action 58 5 in S gx P -K ,V if B I' Mr. Edmund Schill s KI: 1 -Hn 4 vb S' umm sruooi at sew tw First Row, left to right: Robinson, Abrams, Coad, Cadby, Bochicchio, I-Ioldertield. Second Row: Towne, Christensen, Michaelscn, Ierbassi, Campanile, Patrick, Kaffke, Kresbaugh, Carlscn, Clark, Howard. Third Row: Wheaton, Bur- nett, Wall, Hinckley, Peterson, Rowley, Nedoma, Barron, Miller. Fourth Row: Collins, Sampson, Anderson, Cres- baugh, Geisbrecht, Nolti, Bogert, Egbert, Connor. Fifth Row: Bradley, Hayne, Palm, Sebiri lg This year's Verona High School Band, 4 under the experienced leadership of Edmund Schill, has had one of its most it successful seasons. Handicapped as it was by the lack ot numbers, it was not wanting in capable players. Appearing for the football games, pep rallies, and concerts, the band members have shown the enthusiasm for playing and con- tributing that is noticeably absent in many of the other students. Something different this year occurred when the Band played Christmas carols in front of the High School while the audience participated. Woody Litwiler has also shown much interest in sponsoring the music depart- ments and his dance band has shown considerable talent. Much of this talent was displayed with a great deal of suc- lv' cess on the High School radio show hour fl' along with the band and orchestra. , ef ka,- x. V '54 R In full rognlia, Myrna practical twirling near hor home 59 Q- X J DRAMATIU CLUB The largest and one of the most popular clubs zn Verona I-hgh School also proved to be one of the bus1est th1s year To start off the1r bang up year the club members elected as offtcers Presldent very ably handled by Rosalyn Sachs VICG presxdent Betty Anne lennmgs record1ng secretary Nancy Bush corre spondlng secretary B1nk1e MacDougal and Student Counc1l representattve Dot Deyerberg The flrst event of the year wh1ch has always been the 1n1t1at1on of new members was mlssmg thls year because the club was growmg too large to manage easlly Wxth a smaller group everyone has somethmg to do The fresh men and sophomores who were d1sappo1nted just remember you have some thmg pretty ntce to look forward to The club s ftrst presentatmon was tn the fall when they presented a one act Slde spl1tter entltled Why I Am a Bachelor wh1ch featured lohn Stgsby as the bachelor and lohn Steen and Betty Anne lenmngs as the couple who proved that marrlage IS a mxstake In February the young Thespxans took the1r annual yaunt to see Hlgh But ton Shoes wh1ch everyone enyoyed lmmensely Cespectally the leadmg manll The cllmax of the year s work Don t Take My Penny took shape under Mr Butterworth s mdtspensable leadershtp and was a smashlng success a flttmg trxbute to a hard work1ng club Mr Harold Butterworth the advxser, presents' sf'-il 19625 'Frm "F ,JT' sn- al l -. 1 na 442 ' , 4? -3 dl ASZLSIENQI 'Q n-v i!l!N"!a ll iv' il Ei UI!! :,-,,,- lit! z' , -""" "' ' 1 . ,Y ' , ' - 1 ' vi- - 1" ' ' 1" g .g-un' -'Quan -nu nn: nu- on .ms N . .ws t A , , A , 4 Aw X ,,,,, V, ,q, ,, ,,., .7 A7 -' fit Maru: -msn nausea-na ,',,:.,,ffV ?"n. nfnavf ,ns-nn N 3 - vu-1--N -"" ""'?"" ' my yn., 'aww-.uuorv 'bn NJWWN, N, ,A ,,,, ,nm -nu - ,, , -wa-f, l A' was nu-A .Mn-.nun-'anno ...he ..-M, , -up ff I-v 'A , -7:5 5 ,,. x ,q,t,, ,.4:n-s mn-.L-g,., -uf f , vfzzarl , , I , . , -, , t....,N- A A Q' , J Muse., aw! ,mf Y.. MM..- , V 4 M ev 'Y Q W .v , mn .f '-Ill'-' J:-my-J I ,V , V , My t -, 1 .-q-np. ,, w wana: 4 gg funn ' W' ' ,nm I ' WMV ,, I .1 ,, Q ,.,.- , --I-Q ' ' v-MM uf, 1 y ' ,- 'nw v'-"IDU f- 4 W -,W A ...Q-. :nun-an ' V - H. A f ,I -.nn-sn H eq i NW-, -n-in .-nuns a.-ff -0-'U'-'G Q pm-anal z yawn . lvl'-190 usa , ""2 :ES ' ll ill EE N! t'Ot'lMM " 'bil :DQ , ri-'ffl I Y J 11 'G if -S ' . .gl slfii f " ' lit F WL, ai ntl, Q .- 'x like I 4: - il ' QF Flrst Row left to nght Encson Schuham Abrahamson Ienmngs Sachs Bush MacDougal Con over De Wxtt Marone Holmes Second Row Paulsen Warren Garrabrant Gulla Cox Burst Vehslaqe Nuss Deyerberq De Cheser Thlrd Row Drxggs Sherman Flynn Guanc1one Drumm Herned vonder Hyde Nortz Allen Bluck Wheaton Warner Duff Gartley Fourth Row Wxse man Allhusen Green Holclerheld ONe1l Wycoff Cogan Sager Metz Muller Rhuel Edsall Tlleston E Crotut R Crofut Courtney Standmg Wheaton Sxgsby Stewart Sllverman Mar held Barron W1ll1amson Fraser Cadby Proctor Neblo lacobus Duff Shxabor SChm1Ck R Shaw RllCh18 Harr Rose vorder Hyde Kxdder Steen Mr Butterworth advzser Fun and frolzc at the Dramatmc Club party as nn :-2 IB!-if sl:- 5 .0 .4 ll I WY X554 ,, Q1 4 yi 'W S. rdeallf Cola Lennon: :off . Proc Uhr. leff fo N Row. Fits' Wein. HYde' rberg' def. DeYe I OrtzlD-Jfgitchle, nd ROW' Ilghifd RO 1, Secocjheser' . Rhueitt, De Smith, De W Saqer' - d. . Hermes . lme ' h Jbifdslggl' HO Sc mtoni e Drumln' Whea Metz' SaCh ' flltf fut, R. CIQOEI Cro Hall, iser IohnsOn' adv Mrs' 19I'f M111 er cesfon o o o The I S S continued this year in its successful aiIn of bringi French lite and custorn to the hearts o francais " UQ s nearer t the 'etudiants Besides the ann ceremony Ineet' ual Chrisbnas held at one of its ings, a play was present assembly that was ing to all. I The I ed entertain- . S. S. has 1' ' nuSd in its ren aithtully con- support of the little ch war orphan and is oc sionally rewarded by l winqs frofn Trib ca- etters and hifn. lite gOes to for her unti 1276 Mrs. John thrihg worlr, rs ern alibi, SOD and to the selves who e club a su The ofticer ildr have ccess. s for th' Sd P' Edith is year W ignatello Crofut c retary ere: , president' , orresponding sec- ,- Dorothy Deyerberq re- cording secretary' and Beverly e treasurer. Nl'4lW A0 HU Rosa was fhe Sbanis dnd if W In fhe adviser h Club fhis YSGIQ' as a thrilling year. Q fhe monthly rneeiings the gay and frolicsorne studenfs were busy planning for fhe Pan- Ainerioan day pr0g1-aln, as well as learning new fhings about their Latin neighbors. Everyone in the Spanish Club is happy It is an exclusive OPQGIIIQGUOIJ. Only Spanish stu- dents can join. And it is a con- sb-uclive organizalion. A large group of parlici ling happ Sbanish sfudenfspialce Y pride in learning fhzhgs. Yes fh like fh helm Qreat these e S e ench DSW Danish Club is anling chord of ony fhat folnzs built around o Zalions. ' l,1f11 'ht:NIL F , dbx rams U26 Aizzkcgirtlgx if ggsfone,oQ C2-Zine. Seoongbkow. HIS 1726026 ' Edsall Ham Weih, Trueag Bush, MGISOH, V017-3699, fell UI. 891,001 Orgcmi, ningsg Marone, Rose, Paulsen. Thug Rovgfrgnnen B1 Allen, Burst C015 MacDougal Jaco Us ia 1 , Tl 1' , I' lfi E ' . The oihcers for this year were: 11Czig:e?:TdCo1loifZ:nNu1:frdilla, C-glqson President Beiiy A1111 Jennings' -von. Arches Barron, G VicepresidenLSusaI1ne I'1Glson,' Alggbigwfichoof Gnd secretary Josephine Ces- ' tone. f 'fa ucl' , Dol: Fourilzor LIldO1IS 1-een, S Kern-S3 A M. fl son, Row: All , Gusta vson, Erick Inorrol Warre Pringle, Meyer ills Shulileworllz Dal? d n, Duff , Clapp, Th , Taylor wie Nolil .J if ,YxQr?'7'x , 9 555' i rf. 5 YL sh 'Q 4 fig? 1 515 I A f 2 ,vii ' , LK X. in r lx, Sitting, left to right: Bendell, D. Edwards. Allen, R. Edwards, Menzer, Butt, Sigsby, Heffley, Koch. Standing: Grodowsky, Hammes, Hogan, Shuttleworth, Eckert, Steen. Connor, Fon PIHIXY PARE The Proxy Parents Confedera- tion was another of the organiza- tions established last year. It was formed primarily to ease the ever-growing crisis that occurs all over Verona. Yes, there is a shortage of Baby Sitters. The juniors were the ones who rose to this emergency, and Miss Ehrmann and Mrs. Warbasse were the faculty or- ganizers. It is generally believed that parents who wish these services need only deposit one dollar lto cover cost of handlingj, and a baby sitter will be sure to come and sit. This method is more economical for the parents. The girls who are "Proxy Par- ents" also learn many useful things, such as changing dia- pers, and also strategy in handling people. - ' The officers elected for the 1948 baby-sitting season were: President, lanet Heuser, and secretary-treasurer, Betty Ann Jennings. Ill-Y In September a new club was estab- lished in Verona High School. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Walter Malins, the Verona chapter of the Hi-Y was formed with almost twenty-five members. After an organization meet- ing a committee drew up a constitution which was soon ratified, and our activity program began with force. Three repre- sentatives were sent to the Central Atlantic Hi-Y conference and two repre- sentatives were sent to the pre-legisla- tive at Princeton, and also the model legislature in Trenton. Speakers, movies, trips, and discus- sion groups formed the basis for weekly club activities. The club also has the use of the Y. M. C. A. once a month for athletics and a swim and often plays basketball in the league on Saturdays. The seniors in the club hope that in the coming years the Hi-Y will grow and improve, under capable leadership. This year, Iohn Steen was elected president and held office until he was forced to resign because of a more im- portant activity in the Y. M. C. A. Bob Edwards then became presidentg Dick Dailey, vice-president, Bob Heffley, sec- retary, and Dick Edwards, treasurer. Stan Connor was chaplain. me-we u'Ti'lTZ ni QWE- X514 zz: Ill ,Q Blfmnriw ug- I-Ilia!! M SWS' ya .am -s-man I SJ -':f"N:t ...-4-v" First Row, left to right: lennings, Green, Neblo, Gartley, Smor- rol, Kerns.Second Row: MacDougal, Marone, Thayer, Stein- beck, Thompson, Miller. Third Row: Metz, Tileston, Gus- tavson, Duff, Davies, Magee, Garrabrant, Kraft, Kreuder. Fourth Row: Edsall, Heuser, La Stella, Driggs, Wheaton, Bochicchio Muller, Drumm, Cogan, Miss Ehrmann, adviser GIRL ' AA. Many girls belonged to the Girls' Athletic Association this year. Every Tuesday and Thursday after school, those who peeked could see the female ath- letes playing basketball in the gym, or some other game outside. This activity helps keep girls in condition and pro- duce shapely legs. Mrs. Van Houten, the adviser, directed a vigorous program, in- cluding the annual Dance. The officers for this year were: Presi- dent, Mary Lou Morley, vice-president, Marion Hatchett, secretary, lean Gus- tavson, and treasurer, Lillian Duff. l J' . , ' A-0 9 ..l" Q- . T JZ' .Waf First Row, left to right: Duff, Hatchett, Morley, Carpenter. Second Row: . Erickson, Wheaton, Thayer, Guidone, Smoroll, Magee, Kreuder, Miller. Third Row: Lytle, Eckert, Colardeau, Van Dyne, Bowling, Dobson, Rheinhart, First Row, left to right: Rose, Gartley, Sachs, King, Schmick, Pignatello, Wyckoff, Holderfield, Vincent, Duff. Second Row: R. Shaw, Paulsen, Gerard, Mrs, Wood, adviser, E. Crofut, Robinson. Third Row: La Stella, S. Smith, R. Crofut, Warner, Schuham, De Witt, vonder Hyde, Deyerberg, Besswenger, Courtney, A. Shaw, Green, Ritchie, O'Neil. Fourth Row: De Cheser, Holmes, Abrahamson, Van Brunt, Williamson, Whitaker, Neblo Stewart. Fourth Row: Mrs. Van Houten, adviser: Heyer, Peckinick, Greene, Davies, Green, Archer, Bowling, Warmington l 5 l l Fax 1 D Edu 'p"57fsQU:,1 The Home Economics Club was orginated by the girls of the llllllll EU. CLUB Class of 1948, under the advisership of Mrs. Wood. There were several meetings last year consisting mostly of social discussions about the club. When the girls returned this year as Seniors, they started their first meeting by electing the President, Carol Gerard, and Secretary, Estrid Paulsen. The meetings, again in 1948, were mostly social discussions and bridge playing. They met once a month at different girls' houses, and their gath- erings were very pleasant and constructive. The girls of the Home Ec Club leave their organization in the hands of their followers, and they leave many thanks to their sympathetic and understanding adviser, Mrs. l. Wood. P IJ' d The latest addition to the school's governmental to, aflao organizations is the Student Court. Introduced 6, Bfggaio Rim' in the latter part ot last year, the court func- Judge '3i'3l,,AQ' tioned very well, and before the close of the a term lames Brighton was elected by the students as judge with Ray Rinne as assistant judge. 2 'T ludge Brighton started this year the right way, with a "bang" He held an assembly and explained the operations of this Student Court. This body was then hopefully accepted by the law-abiding citizens of the student body and the other students didn't object. And it went through the rest of the year with flying colors. The Student Court is just what its name im- plies, a court of the students, by the students, and for the students. The judges are elected by the student body, the jury is composed of stu- dents, and every student may act as a police- man to report his best friend, if need be. Mr. Wermuth, the faculty adviser, can only com- ment on the harshness of the punishments fwhich are always con- structivel. Congratulations to the ludge and his assistantp Marie Bochicchio, the clerk: and to Don Marshall, who acted as sheriff, for making the Student Court the success it is. 'l'Hll 'l'llllE 'I' C0 RT r"M Q4 tqdwv lil-f-akin Judge Brighton, defender of the peoplee' riqhte and champion of law and order, ie now expounding to the pereon indicted the facte of human behavior, which are ll logical and ae orderly an the geometrical calculations on the board behind him x ' - X. Y F00'l'llALL -4512 .fr e Coach Wermuth 'sr 545' api, "K .4 x I. I I 1 I ,I wr W i l 1 ,f ff' , X, X X Beginning the year with only a few experienced players, "Dutch" Wermuth turned a "green" squad into a powerful team-with "Muggesy" Carroll and "Inky" Ingold as spark- plugs. Unfortunately, Ingold was hurt early in the season. However, Carroll continued to play a marvelous offensive and defensive game, as did the rest of the team. The new recruits were worked hard by Coaches Wermuth and Smith. They were worked like putty until they could be formed into their best positionsg and then they hardened into per- sistent, consistent, and rugged players. The team's strong point wasn't brute force or crushing physical power, but rather the will to win: and most of all "guts." The season's over-all record was good except for a few heart- breaking losses: one to Clifford Scott, and another to Glen Ridge. The team battled hard and out- fought the enemy in almost every contest, win, lose, or draw. 11 Twisting torso in tough tulllo , A .,".:f'f4 Dutch" shows 'om how The climax of the season came in the tense and dra- matic Caldwell tussle. Both teams reared and snarled, plunging close to the enemy's goal line. Only once did a ball carrier cross the line, and he was called back. It was this kind of fighting spirit that was common through- out the whole season and made it one of the most satis- fying that Verona High ever had. Outstanding in this and other games were "Mug- gsey," lim Brighton, limmie Burns, Ed Bruso, Don Mar- shall, Georgie Mills, Art Castillo, Frank Aldiero, Clary Rogers, and so on throughout the squad. Aldiero and Bruso were elected next year's co-captains. Verona can look forward to better teams in future years. "Phillip" White and "Tom" Hatchett, a sopho- more and a freshman, saw considerable action. Notable among Coach Litwiler's Fresh-Soph team were "Dicko" Fifoot, "Jerry" Foss, and "Gawge" Voss. TEAM RECORD Won 53 Tied lp Lost 3 Verona .... ......... 3 3 Rockaway ..... ..... l 9 Verona .... ....... S ummit . ...... ..... 2 7 Verona .... ..... G len Ridge.. . . . . . . .25 7 Harrison ...... . . . . . Mad's n Verona .... ..... V o ............. PassaicValley........ Clifford Scott ......... 7 16 14 erona .... ..... 2 O 12 Verona 13 7 Verona .... ..... 1 8 19 Verona .... ..... 2 8 Millburn .... ......... 1 3 Verona .... . . . Caldwell ...... . . . . . 2' 6i,i,r .. .. -,wt kg- A, K- . tw tx .Y ,.. W up, it -us47f'- L... "Clary" lCO0fl around and UHEERLEAIIER The 194721948 cheerleading season cannot go by without a word or more of praise for the gals who symbolize the spirit of Verona High. Early in September, the cheerleaders put their heads together and came up with some new and snappy cheers and motions, which they introduced at the numerous "pep" rallies. Under the able leadership of Ann Allen, as captain, and Mr. Wermuth, as their adviser, these twelve atomic cheer- leaders, bursting forth with vim and vigor, combined their talents to give a wonderful performance on the field and on the court. Due to a back injury, Claire Schmick was unable to cheer during basketball season, but she was replaced by the alternating subs. The addition of those new maroon sweaters to their uniforms was truly appreciated by the cheerleaders in the fierce football windy weather. Many thanks again to Mr. Wermuth, Ann Allen, and all the cheerleaders for the wonderful job they did in backing up the teams and inspiring school spirit. Three cheers for the cheerleaders! Typical pose First Row left to ri ht Nortz Schiabor llen Marf will i . - r..'f?'?-' ' A ""fi'T"'?,j' F?si "iwgL'. ,Jkt . Q A ield Rose Cox Second Row Carpenter Schuham Silverman Ericson Bluck Schrmck .554 U at lllllllllt Verona .... ...... Verona .... .... Verona .... .... Verona .... .... Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona 72 The 1947 soccer team consisted mainly of seniors: rugged and "tough like gristle" sen- iors. And there were also capable juniors, in- cluding Fred Brooks Cwho was elected captain for next yearl, and sophomores fincluding skill- ful Phil Weilandl. Despite injuries, bad luck, and other handi- caps, the soccer team finished the season with a fair record of three wins, six losses, and two ties. But these boys were always fighting, and the games were always fast and interesting. This is why a good chunk of the Verona student body witnessed the games and cheered vigorously behind the able cheerleaders. This season, as last, the thriller was the West Point game. Although we lost narrowly C3-25, it was exciting all the way. The team was ably coached by "Doc" Goeltz and it consisted of Captain lim Kingham, lack Kingham, "Pop" Abramson, "Bugs" Rinne, Dick Dailey, "Effie" Brooks, Max "West Point" Pelka, "Gordy" Brown, Phil Weiland, and "Huppy" Cheatle and Ralph North as goalies. Dick Edel- hauser, loe, etc., and other fighting players were also contributing all these energies to make a fine, spirited season. TEAtvg RECORD Montclair ..... . . . O 1 East Orange. . , . . . 1 O Harrison .... . .. 4 O Chatham .... . . . 1 2 Summit ..... . . . 0 1 Montclair... O O Summit ....... . . . 0 O Harrison ........ . . . 3 O East Orange ..... . . . 2 O Chatham ...... . . . 1 2 West Point .... . .. 3 Torrid action. "Pop" sees the ball Jackie Kinghem mede All-Stete eecond team 1 3 , .. S 1 -xtR0N4 ,XQRUN4 .-3-. -+'gg'f .x 12 H 1- 0223" Q wg fe ' fs W qos QSRONG 610114 Aden' an 4 7 6 N I 0 N 199714 6' 4 1 3 l 5 - 518 rg X .QA ' v ,J-.1 I' u ,. 3 Nfl 'W' 8 Skip Smith s varsity basketball squad had few experlenced players but last year s substi tutes showed great improvement and although handicapped by a serious 1n1ury to a key man they have shown speed and aggresslveness Lacking a high scorer as in years past Coach Smith concentrated on a tight defensive game and a careful deliberate offense A number ot 1un1ors showing improvement as the season progressed also hgured 1n the team s successes Among these were Frank Alderio Fred Brooks Don Marshall and Dean Pringle Seniors were Art Castillo Inky Ingold Pete lelstrom Carl lensen and lim Ma1oros These men carried the load in making a fine season One ot the greatest accomplishments of the 1948 team was when xt upset Millburn 38 27 Up to that time they had e1ght wins and no defeats Our team advanced to the finals in the State tourney Art Castillo sank two free throws in the fmal seconds to win the sem1 final tilt by one point Verona should have good basketball teams for years to come because ot such fine players al ready spotted 1n the grades as low as yumor h1gh because of an extensive and active intra mural system and because of a clear thinklng coach Skip Smith Verona fans hope that Inky wall make xt BA KETBALL 'Xl I1 - Il - I . ' - I I I I I ' I I I ' I I ' against tough competition. ' 1 . I . !l - ll I , . ll li 0 Q I Clary Bh0Otl xt aero! ...J ul 5-ai' ."""r'1D-wa..-41 Ingold rounds third agun XXX B W Q s E sw,.ni RA EBALL Coach Woody L1tw1ler has h1gh hopes for a suc Cessful season 1n the sprmg of 1948 W1th a good defen s1ve team and speed afoot the Verona H1gh School base ball team should g1ve the1r opponents and v1ct1ms rough hmes The p1lICh1I1Q staff 1ncludes Tommy Wallace and Clary Rogers both expenenced chuckers and Len Andersonwlll bethelrsklllful rece1ver Inky lngold the Captaln w1ll be the playmaker mn the 1nf1eld Other peppy 1nf1elders w1ll be hm Kmgham Max Pelka and lack Davles and they w1ll often smoothly scoop up the bouncy ball and snap a stralght and true peg to flrst base where George M1lls w1ll gracefully grasp 1t and then cheerfully pass It around Th1S wonderful sp1r1t w1ll be present whenever Verona l'l1gh students engage 1n any recreatlonal compeh ln the outheld of the Verona Hlgh School baseball team Among thts year s stalwarts w1ll be Don Clapp Paul Kestner and Bob Taylor Of course there are many other flne players who w1ll contr1bute the1r sk1lls There fore Cby deduchonl the 48 baseball season w1ll be a splenchd cred1t to the men who w1ll f1ght throughout lt .36-sv "'-..? O V ' ' I K Q, ff. 'l . s ,,i,1, I Q . ,s yi n 11 . . . - I t V I - , I - ' k , A . . 1 I 1 1 X ll ' 7 'N fl V V, . V . " " , ' 2 ' - A f ' ' Z lsr .I am- . . . . . U 1, x A 5 I ' I I 1 I A 0 f ig., . 1-. 1 . O ' rl N., tion. Another one of the sundry typical examples occurs fil l , ' , ' 'lf 'QA I 1 . , 4 ' W I , A Qvkll- 1 V , . , I I , . - ff l il . l f X x 'Y' Q .X if xl' f I gf , 6 s My jig' I I X 7 5 4 f I 1 .1 X 1 I ,W ff' fl A ' 1 'l ' I 1 fs ff X I Q A ' , I 1. x lil ' ' I X Q ga.. ji xx My VIS al: R fl S! 'FEA-3 -l x .W ' S' . R4 V 'ff' Q X El I L ouch Woody Litwilor 'rm .3 '74 T 1 Y Ga Coach Nelson S1-mth CZ. The Verona track team under the expert guldance of Skxp Smxth has won SlX of the seven Suburban Conference meets that they have part1c1pated ln and three state meets Year after year under any c1rcumstances Verona 1S hard to beat 1n the conference as well as 1n outs1de competxtlon Although they lost the1r flrst dual meet 1n seven years to Glen Rldge Verona came back to w1n 1n the Conference meet for the SlXlh t1me And by the t1me thls annual 1S 1n your hands we all hope that the Verona H1gh School track team Wlll be walklng away wlth the laurels of the 1948 champ1onsh1p Frankly the 1nd1ca tlons are pretty good There are many returrung lettermen con 1SllIlg of hm Br1ghton Ralph North Bob Edwards Don Mar shall Don Carroll Dean Prmgle Dlck Dalley Frank Alderlo George Van Etten Carl Semp1er Ray Rmne and others And there are many underclassmen who show 1nf1n1te promlse Therefore w1th the efforts of all these boys Verona H1gh School should pull through w1th yet another Conference Champxonshlp Ne w A Q gf, 'fx .1 .x ax X x 'NX XM The speed camera can Don Carroll thunder: speechly down the track U0 11 stop even Don Marshall an mid au' 1 ' F 440 h B x , ,y Q Q . 1 , - ll - ll - . W I n . I . ' , , x ' ' ' 1. u . ' . ' ' e 1 1 1 'W L, 1 a I - . I ' : I I I ' I I I I I I I I ' I I l ,AI X - Q , 0 I 5, , . .mf I 5 s ' - - 1 - ,-qw H 2- ru- - -' - . I' 1 -1"-"Aa If , I ' Y, 1 fl , ll H . 1 -x' ' . Q ,' sfiqa -, 1 ' Q t -, U ,,f.v.,,. .' V X H t ' . fb. . 5 elf u 1' m, ' 4 K 11.3143 ,- -955, 4,,.- 8 --ffiiflii' puff f gn-nu' f 4. ., l' 'Lee Wrqfif ' ' ' 231: -X -wf Vzzlf' , ' 13 ,- ,fi 1 ' ie- ,al t X 1 f2!"V T- ff ,L 3,1 ig' ll K XX u W X Q X a 1,1 11-K XX t X '- W 1 Q . g 'x .Y A' ' M , 1, , t L X -4 . ' 5525235 9 X X ' ,nfl-S33 . 7 Elf' - r-X itll 'X ' . ,lll , . I -'lvl' ',x 1' .--W 77 John Sig!-by TENNI It is simply balmy out! And a lark begins a-twittering and a robin Cfemalel blushes all over. lt is spring and here comes the precursor Charbinger to youj: fine lads in white pants with tennis rackets. Tennis practice begins in force. The Verona tennis team looks forward to a better season this year. lt is a com- paratively young team, but it faces the perennial disadvantage of the long trek to Caldwell for practice each afternoon. Mr. "C" has six lettermen remaining from last year: Lloyd Hadaway, "B.T.O." Foss, "Nels" Proctor, "lawn" Sigsby, "Bob" Burnett, l'Dick" Collins, "Phil" Weiland, and "Mac" McClaren. A new- comer, Carl lensen, will be a valuable asset. A Q Nelson Proctor Coach Andrew Cantenlon W fag Coach Paul Goeltz In the year of our Lord 1947 the Verona golf team had a hard tune But near the end of the season the team began to calm down and get to work There are a few letter men back thls year and w1th the help of Coach Doc Geoltz they hope to make a better showmg Doc who shoots a noble 72 for thereaboutsl has showed the boys thelr faults and how to correct them But It takes t1me to master the game of golf as many of you would be golfers know Out on the course many thlngs happen Balls are lost clubs are broken, tees are lost and harsh words are spoken But 'll11S 1S all in the game, of Swanson, Noll, Carlson, McCarren, and Fernald Bobbae Noll if I Harry Swanson .-I-Q 79 ENJOY YOUR SUMMER VACATION -Sw Boy s Fully EquIpped 368 .ef WM I c HIGGINS BIKE iff If 95 WIQZPXX we It if 1 S Streaml ed style t sto g ork I N fl! f N front t uss rods Steel luggage ca I f fl, 5 safety reflecto Balloon t res R QNX I Sta dard and L ht Model I I ISIII IIIII Boys and it ls K II dx S3875 S2t'?::t'0:.:.23'1:?:" SEARS M?.'!EE,':,fI'R OLDSMOBILE ROBERT B KING, Inc I29 BLOOMFIELD AVE. VERONA, N. I. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QQQQQQQQQQQ .ff W". I - 3 22? 1 fiifh im wwfw ' ' ,f1bz:2j:' -iff-:'ff.: v,,,' "Q, :I :-iff' ,I 0.2557 Q XX , . - V . ffi fl , ' 4? in , wi ll r H t Q I 'SEI-I ! III' I W fl I s r r 'er ala' -Xl I fs' If rl."-N I 'l wlmdd I' II',l, ' ' 169515 -'tx MI ning lg.. Y , 1.1 A . .,f..II. a ig 31" NLQ EE Q f Ii X .X ff.: fl I I2 wZWwHfwre:w'l I In ffl --If I rfgffl Will ..J:.E: - 14'ihM, 2 Y. f I 15255512 .... ' .5 If - I it' VV ii , - O I ---------- -0- - ----o---- - ---o---o- - -- - ---oQ---------- ------------------- HENRY RUDOLPH SUPERIOR SINK TOP CO. Fine Flowers 340 Bloomfield Avenue VERONA N 1 CALDWELL ESSEX EELLS Voma 8 ,708 Since 1885 Verona 8 8586 MARGARET M. HARBECKE REALTOR Herbert Stalp Agency REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 5l2 Bloomfield Avenue VERONA N 1 BEST WISHES TO For SUN and FUN Clothes CLASS OF 1948 THE BABS SHOP Montclair Summit Spring Lake S l-lemstitclwing Pleating Pinking Buttonlwoles Buttons and Buckles Covered Everything for the Sportsman Yarns Stamped Goods Our Only Store and GIFT SHOP 596 Bloomfield Avenue N I BlOOl'1"lfIGld Avenue MONTCLAIR N 1 lNAOT1TCl3IF 2 Montclair 2 82 , . . , , . , , 1. , . . , . . QQQQQQQoooooooogoqooooooooo-QQQQ---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -----------QQQQQQQQQQQQQQ..--.o.----..-------- Q-- VERONA TRUST COMPANY CHECKING and SAVINGS ACCOUNTS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES and STORAGE TRUST DEPARTMENT PERSONAL LOANS FEDERAL HOUSING LOANS ConsuIt Us About Your Financial ProbIems IIVIember Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatuonl Montclair 2 I 653 MADISON S BOOKS STATIONERY GIFTS SCHOOL SUPPLIES GREETING CARDS PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 427 429 Bloomfield Avenue IVIONTCLAIR N I 83 -------------- ----------------------------------- 000000 00000000000000000 Verona E: 8552 5 WEST ESSEX BUILDING SUPPLY CO. LUMBER MASON S MATERIAL FEED SCREEN INSULATION 40 Depot Street VERONA N I Your Communrty Burldrng Supply Dealer Complrments of LOU SEBIRI VERONA N 1 Complnmenfs of HOFFMAN S LAKESIDE DELICATESSEN Hy Hoffman 550 Bloomfield Avenue VERONA N 1 Verona S I I28 Compluments of GRUNINGS Celebrafnons for All Occasuons IVIONTCLAIR CALDWELL SOUTH ORANGE Complnments of EVENSON S VERONA N 1 84 1 - Y , . . , . . i Y - , . , 000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 -------------------o Q --------------QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-------------- 1 Complnments to the CLASS OF 48 T E R R GREEN'S HOTEL Y West Orange, N I S Best Wnshes to Class of 1948 VERONA THEATRE ANDER50N'5 FLOWERS INC See Your Favorlte Pictures 6 South Park Street IVIONTCLAIR N I Montclair 2 2921 2 2922 Comung to Thus Theatre Soon Est 1905 E BROWN AND SON Inc BUILDING CONSTRUCTION ROOFING and REPAIRS Telephone Verona 8 5446 HOFFMAN S DEPT STORE LOUIS HARRIS Ladies and Cent s Founded 1875 Furnrshungs Shoes 648 Bloomfield Avenue Montclasr s Department Store VERONA N I MONTCLAIR N I Verona 8 2016 85 . . A I 1 , 0 a t I o 1 . , . . -QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQLQL-0-QQ------------------------- .------Q-4-L---, ------------------------------------------- Ve rona 5 ts-I3 5 PETER KAMP o LINOLEUIVI o ASPHALT TILE o RUBBER TILE o CORK TILE o PLASTIC TILE 748 BIoornIleId Avenue Verona N om L UNITED CIGAR STORE IIM CARL MEN S SHOP VERONA N I Phone Verona 8 IOII5 Complnments of 632 Bloomfueld Avenue QREETINQ CARDS TQYS MAGAZINES CICARS VERONA N I ay Sarah Shep Verona 8 552I B RBAN SU U GEMMELLS DRY CLEANING SPECIALISTS Maurlce Bergman Ted Telmer 700 Bloomfield Avenue VERONA N I 86 QQQQQQQQQQQQ-----------------QQ---------Q---QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ -------- ------------------ Comprwmems cf LOUIS WIERDO 672 Bloomfseid Avenue VERONA N I Qomplnmcnrs of FAIRVIEW SERVICE STATION RALPH E ADDIS Prop 87 4l2'l TY e1'SOI'1 A telephone operator, we mean From the transoceamc call that affects world affaxrs to the soc1a1 call that brmgs frxends together, she plays an 1m portant part ln the act1v1t1es of the commumty and the nat1on No wonder grrls hke to work for the telephone company NEW JERSEY BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 88 ---------,--------------------------------------------- 'I X V. 'nm cntarn. . , L , ....nnnmnM O . . . . . . - . . .. . . . . . . . 'Ili' ------------------------------------------,...-------... -QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q---------,------Q------o-- VERNER-CADBY, Inc. Authorized SALES SERVICE VERONA N I Verona 8 6071 E ER VERONA HARDWARE ss S NC VERONA N I S Moran For Your Floor HOUSEWARES CARPET TILES PAINT OILS vARNISEIES FERTILIZER LAWN SEED '-'NOLEUM GLASS TOOLS 542 B! f ld A 462 B oom IG venue VERONA N I Verona 8 3531 IOOl'T1fIGId Avenue FOSS 6' VOIGHT I DC WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Sloane S Llnoleunn and Felt Base Koroseal TIIe and Cove Base Danbury Rubber TIle Langhorne Carpets 17 E 3Otn St New York I6 N Y 222 13th Ave 89 Newark 3 N Q c s , . . I o . , , , . . . , . . J . .--..o-----..-,---1.------------------QQ--------------------,----o -Q-QQQQQQQQQQQ Compllments 0 RALPH and SALLYS SWEET SHOP lFormerly Ph I sl VERONA N I VITALE S MARKET M EATS CROC ERI ES POU LTRY FRUITS VEGETABLES BIRDS EYE FOODS 423 Bloomfueld Avenue VERONA N I Photog aph c S ppl es De elop g D 8 F lm Rental L b a y 8mm l6mm a d Sound EST l882 720 Bloomfneld Avenue Opposxte Food Faur MONTCLAIR N I Phone MOntclaxr 3 l234 Verona 8 550l 8 5502 CHARLES BAHR Cr SON INC. LUMBER lVlASON'S MATERIALS COKE COAL FUEL OIL Iron Fireman Automatic Stokers Durrell Street, at Erue R R VERONA, N I ------------------------ ---- ----------- JUHNSUN NNIISUN 'YC Coal Coke Fuel Onl A Complete Fuel Servnce IIO Falrvlew Avenue VERONA NEW IERSEY SOFT WATER SERVICE FRED E CASPAR PRESCRIPTION OPTICIAN I0 South Fullerton Avenue MONTCLAIR N I lvlontclanr 2 6809 CIVIC CENTER BAKERY 557 Bloomtneld Avenue VERONA, N j Telephone Verona 8 2l04 IERRY DAVI NO Proprnetor ----------------------------- . F I W.P. 9 . A V lk I X- . i ' - - . Office and Plant , . . 1 T ! ...H-..... , . . r i u i v in , Printing . Enlarging, Co yin on Premises I i r r n - . - 1 - ' - , . 90 Q Q -- -- ---- - - - -Q--- AUTOGRAPHS This Page Is Dedicated To World Federation GREEN ACRES SWEET SHOP 92 Complumems ff

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