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f., 4 'Q lin M 'my S u u ' X 4 5 c 1 'Q .Q 1 "'x,'! .Jw 1 A, ,t ,, " 1 . pin ,. ffl, A , i' ,, ,,,, , V .,q. , 4 4, it ,kid A . ' fi' .N Nr", " f f-, Q.. - Yr .b,':.,. w "mv , fn A ,252"W 'A if ' H Q , ..,v-, K, .A. f ,3 ,. , . '12 -,.:u. . .1 .Mg fi .,.-' f X Ig' J 21 M 4 .H 1 -, 'Sv ' - NM M? . 5,2 .. I Q V , Gi X Y A xv nf ' . ,. V -' 'fs M" 4 . 5 ,iii-Aff mf' 52. .1 A - Amir. . ,- Q, x-,N 1' 2 A 1 aww . ,.'.,. -V 7 Ax 'HL . few ',.- ', A.1ff4. ' 11. . .lt-'vip 1 UR-u' 1 5 ,, ' Q 5 , i-'Vif:1 U ,941 16, M . 5' . - ,xg fx' i , .. vi ff ' 4 1 .af - K .-,,f ' Ja.-f I? . X. . I u ,,-, . ,-fp ij, .unix I' 'fs-.,:, vu , I - v, f v .1 . , ig , " I: .Cir 1' 2 X f -ll v v Lwv. 1 fn-an . f. 'ra - 'K' A-F: + . - 1 3 : . X "f'j3SQYia"f'x? A . ' ,fl . QQ? ii xxx Published by The Students of WHITEHORN E HIGH SCHOOL Verona, New jersey VOLUME TWENTY-FOUR 7 745 yi' M, wfwfg, Em. ,VX ' ., 7 VAN? f ,L,, , , M D 2 f - For the past four years the students of Henry B. Whitehorne High School have attended school with a war raging about them in the outside world. Al- though none of them have seen actual combat, they have made countless sacrifices for themselves and families on the homefront. Many of our boys have left the portals of our school to join the forces of Uncle Sam. These boys and girls are our pride and joy, and they are bring- ing a bit of V.H.S. to every corner of the world. This year the "Shadows" staff is employing a military theme throughout the yearbook. The cover starts the theme, and the book follows it on through. The staff is proud to have a military theme for the edition but it is their most sincere wish that in the very near future all military ideas will be forgotten. , DEDICATION It is with the utmost pleasure that the Shadows staff dedicates this twenty-fourth edition of Shadows to Paul W. Goeltz. "Doc" is celebrating his Silver Anniversary as teacher and athletic coach in Verona High School. During his twenty-five years with us "Doc" has had the finest reputation on the athletic Held and off. We extend heartiest congratulations and wish that the forthcoming years will bring him honor and prosperity. - The big day has arrived for the Class of 1945, and the next step has been taken in a great ad- venture. On the attitude and example of the senior class depends the success of the school year. They lead the way. Your class and the school, have selected wisely, as your leaders have done a great job, and the faculty have been delighted with your conduct, scholarship, and sportsmanship. Your home, school, and community have tried to help prepare the way for greater things. May the influence of your earlier life fashion a course that future events may change slightly, but always help push you on to a pleasant and successful life. Best wishes to the Class of 1945! WILLIAM H. SAMPSON, Principal. ADMINISTRATION General Headquarters and M .P s Following the last war, young people were thinking of the adventures ahead in postwar days, hopeful that we should never again be plunged into war. Despite our high hopes, we successively passed through a mild depression, a period of wild speculation, then a severe panic and pro- longed depression, ending with the present war. You young men and women of today are fac- ing the same hardships and vicissitudes of life. It is important that the adventurous spirit endure in each generation. With your youth, strength, and courage this war will be ended, then the grand adventure of striving for a better world will be yours. VINCENT GEIGER, Supervising Prirzripal. Ji LN D FACULTY W'illiam H. Sampson ,,,, . Clifford D. Wilkin Anna V. Howell E. Herman Anderson Edith M. Burton Harold Butterworth . Thelma C. Shockner Alice Ci. Cheney june Quast .. lrene Ehrmann Mary E. Hamer Roberta M. Kautzmann Viola Lissner Walter Wermuth Alice August H. Lane Calendar Marian Kelly . .... , jean Miller Mildred Quick Ruth H. Deal Andrew Carstensen Paul W. Goeltz Muriel W. Lewis ,. .. Nelson Smith Margaret H. Wood Helen V. Meixell Luther M. Falconer Robert li. King Barbara A. Shepherd , Aline Van Houten . ,,,. . .. , Principal Dean of Boys-Latin Dean of Girls-English Science English Mathematics . School Secretary ., , French, English ...,... . ,... Spanish . ,,,... ........ Science Commercial . English, Spanish Social Studies .. Mathematics Commercial Mathematics, Science .. ...,,......,, Social Studies . ...,,. . ....,,., ..., ..,.... E n glish Commercial .. Industrial Arts Physical Education , .,......,., ..,..,.....,,.. M usic . Physical Education Home Economics ., ,....., ,.... S chool Nurse Manual Training . Manual Training Home Economics Physical Education N t 31 is 53' 'PEL V JEAN ADAIR "Ieannie" That gorgeous blonde hair! . . . something tall and dark keeps her in a daze . . . won't commit herself on se- cret ambition . . . one of the sorority. Girls' A. A. IV, Dramatic Clu-b III, IVg Shadows III, IVg White Hornet IV. JOHN FREDERICK ADDIS YPAHYP You can see him through the windshield of a blue ,33 Dodge . . . noted for red hair ana height . . . "sends" everyone in the boys' locker room with "that voice!" . . . can't seem to get home early. Glee Club I-IVQ Traffic Pa- trol Ig Track I-IVg Football I-IV, Dramatic Club II-IV. MARY CATHARINE AHRENDTSEN ffMury,, Not heard, but silly in school . . . would like to lose I0 pounds without try- ing . . . "Bing" Crosby's her ideal. Dramatic Clulb II, III, IV, Locker Patrol I: Swimming Club III. ISI I..II.A JANE BAKER "Lilian Hopes to be an illustrator . . . constantly doodling . . . divides her weaknesses be- tween Keyport, potato chips and bracelets . . . goes with Dolores and Audrey. A.A. IIQ Dramatic II, III, IV, Glee Club II, Locker Patrol II, Shadows IV. BARBARA GAIL BARTLEY frBa',bv Could talk the sides of an iron pot . . . Always with Cathy and Kay . . . Navy holds her interest . . . soft spot for Madison Beach Ho- tel. Girls' Gflee Club II, IIIg Shadows III, IVg White Hor- net III, ,IVQ Girls' A.A. IIIQ Locker Patrol IVg Assembly Committee IV, Dramatic Club III, IV. KAREN WINIFRED BAUSUM frKeniv Look in the hall for her . . . beautiful smile . . . would like to he a Navy Nurse . . . Evan's her man! Came to Verona in her Junior Year, Shadows III, IVg Advertising Editor IVQ Dramatic Club III, IV, Hall Patrol IV. The 1945 sf hadows ROBERT j. BEATON fPBobD One of the best athletes of the Senior class . . . he and "Dar" make a swell couple . . . all the girls wish they had his legs . . . other half of Beaton-Bremser Quarter- back combination. Football I-IVQ Basketball I- IVQ Baseball I, IIQ Student Council I, II, IIIQ Traffic Patrol II, III. ELIZABETH JEAN BERGGREN vrBeHyv Has her eye on that farm in Waymart . . . freely gives out advice to the lovelorn . . . succumbs to poetry . . . holds her own in talking. OREN H. BERRY, JR. "Bwah" Very quiet in class . . . loves to eat . . . main ob- jective in life is to buy out McDowell's half of the car . . . one of the "Beechwood Road Gang." Soccer III, IV, Intramurals I, II, III: Cafeteria Patrol III: Dramatic II, III, IV. CATHERINE BANKS BERSEY rfcatbyrr Friendly to all . . . Art has a priority . . . one of the sorority sisters . . . wishes she could gain weight. Hall Patrol IIg Red Cross III: White Hornet III, IVg Girls' A.-A.. III, IVg Shadows III, IV. HELEN M. BOSSERT "Helen" Can't seem to get away from making cakes . . . would like to eat two meals in one . . . her ambition is to wear two plaids that match. Riding Club. DOROTHY ANN BOYLE HDOIJQ Well supplied with corny jokes . . . usually seen with Eve and Helen . . . wants to be a bookkeeper . . . adores chocolate. I9l 0 GO xv If- Y f figgjji. Pb , .A-,ixpk tfi 1. , -. Iv K C "S GEORGE BREMSER, JR. "Blitz" Anlent newspaper writer... good marks . . . would love to play football at Yale Endless string of activities e . . . one-half of Beaton- Bremser quarterback com- bination. Football I-IV, Track I-IVQ Student Council I, III, IVQ White Hornet I-IV fEditor- in-Chief IVJg Shadows I-IVg Assembly 'Commit te III: Class Vice President III: Class President IV: Intra- murals I-IVg President of Suburban Conference Stu- dent Council IV. MARGARET BROCKSON "Margie" Ambition to "baclztrail" the U.S. on horseback . . . that infectious giggle . . . enjoys athletics . . . always seen laughing. Entered V.I'I.-S. in Senior year: A.A., Dramatic Club. WILLIAM A. BR UCKMANN. JR. nluny., Exrels in football . . .seen with Lain or Bramser . . . would "dive overboard" for a clsocolatc sundae with chocolate ice cream . . . iilval of the Freshman girls. Football I-IVg Track III, IVQ Baskefball III, Tennis I, IIg Class Vice President II, IV: Student Council IV. l10I MARGARET ALICE BUGGELN repeggyu Her "drag" in the office is the envy of everyone . . . quiet in class but comes forth with witty remarks out of class . . . hopes to go hunting some day. Glee Club I-IVg Locker Pa- trol IV, White 'Hornet IVg Shadows IV. GEORGE WILLIAM BURNETT "George" Ambition: to devise a car that doesrft run on gas . . . his never-ending supply of sport coats . . . "johnny-om the-spot" as a photographer . . . NORMA, NORMA, NORMA! Football I, III, IVg Track III, IV, Dramatic Club IVQ Shadows III, IV: White Hor- net IVg Band Ig Orchestra Ig Locker Room Patrol III. NORMA ELLEN CAR MICHAEL "Norma" Only girl in the Boys' Glee Club . . . always with George . . . Extracurricular duties keep her busy . . . How to get in college witb- out exams? Girls' Glee Club I, II, Boys' Glee 'Club III-IVg Dramatic Club II-IV, Shadows II-IVg White Hornet III-IVg Locker Room Patrol II, IIIg Girls' A.A. II, IIIg Secretary of Class IIQ Secretary of Stu- dent Council IIIQ Orchestra IV: jr. Red Cross II. aclows FR ANCES NANCY CARNEVALE nlgrann Goes into hysteries at noth- ing at all . . . those dimples! . . . hopes to own and drive a blue ronvertible roupe . . . likes sports and dancing. Dance Club I. JOSEPH PETER CARTABONA nloev Has a special girl in Little Falls . . . likes to work in the shop . . . can be found in Cedar Grove or fishing without a license. Intramurals, Football I, III. EDITH RUTH CIMLER "Edie" Wishes to be a Powers model . . . swoons to boogie woogie bv the "Count" . . . dancing with Rosalie is a common sight . . . goes for anything chocolate. Entered V.I-I.S. in her Senior year . . . Glee Club IV. NORVIN CLOVER rrclayn Spends time at the club . . . wants to get out of Verona . . . is noted for doing things fast . . . he prefers blondes. Football Illg Glee Club IV. PHILIP M. CORWIN Ylpbilll Wants to be a fighter pilot . . . always talking with Hadaway .... otherwise silent . . . has a craze for planes. Chemistry Club IVg Track M a n a g e r III: Intramural Basketball III. EARLE HERBERT COURTER "Earle" "ls in his prime" when he is up in front of assembly . . . can turn a deep purple blush at easest things . . . frequents Chestnut Road . . . has a passion for color- ful ties. Trazk I-IV: Dramatic Club II, III, IVg White Hornet I- lVg Band II, IIIQ Orchestra I-IVg Gln Club 1, II, IIIg Student Couneil II, IVQ As- sembly Chairman IV. 111 4' I -4 Y -simon Ne . L - , f ,,..,-I J-fx 51:14 V N 'iiwl :AIU r Q 'Y' As H1 ROBERT VAN CLEFT DICKINSON "dit-dit-da-dit" If Irv's around, so's he . . . unusual knack for driving lqllfbffi mad . . . a hunting lo 'ge in Nicholson, Pu., would be heaven. Soccer II, II-I, IV: Chem- istry Clu'b IVg Glee Club III, IVQ Dramatic Clulb II, III, IV. ROBERT P. DOUGLASS rrD0ugn Can talk forever . . . Dr. Gillespie's next assistant . . . soft spot for N.I.C .... active member of the Dra- matic Club. Dramatic Club I-IV, Vice- President IVQ Glee Club III, Locker Room Patrol Illg Head of Hall Patrol IVg Chemistry Clubg Shadows IVQ White Hornet III, IVg War Stamps IIIg Intramural Sports I-IV. LIBBIE REBECCA FARMER "Libbie" Usually seen and heard laughing . . . wants to be a surgeon . . . goes for red hair, blue Buick convertibles, and the A.A.F. in a big way. Entered V.H.S. in her Senior yearg Girls' A.A. NANCY JEAN FIFOOT rflgootn Constantly connected with "jake" . . . wishes she could eat everything and still weigh 110 . . . Isix foot two, eyes of blue winner? Could bell . . . comes out with many enlightening re- marks. Dramatic Club I, II, III, Treasurer, IVg Social Com- mittee IVg Shadows Circula- tion III, IV: Girls' A.A. Ig Glee Club II. ROBERT FOX fPBeekH His main interest was ath- letics in high school . . . usually seen with his gang down at the club house . . . drives a green vegetable truck . . . wants to get in Navy. Football I-IV, Baseball I-IVQ Basketb allg Intramural Basketball and Boxing. EDITH GUANCIONE "Guance" Would like to go west . . . faithful patron of the Pub- lic Service . . . loves good jokes . . . crazy about ath- letics. ' -Nh nilimx r I ' .gm U21 Girls' A.A. I, II, III. he 1945 aclows ANN PATRICIA GULLA "Gullie" Her elothes attract every eye . . . especially Pat's . . . secret ambition is to chew gum in Mrs. Burton's elass without being caught . . . Gullie and Peggy make a perfert ping-pong couple. Glee Club Ig Girls' A.A. I- IVQ Trafhc Patrol III, IV, Chairman IVg Dramatic Club II, III, IV: Shadows IVQ Hall Patrol III. PAUL ARTHUR HABERBUSH "Bush" One of the wits of the school, his unexperted re- marks have sent many a class into an uproar . . . favorite activities are danc- ing and sports . . . Red's rumble seat seems to be his favorite spot, especially if lake is in it. Track I-IVg Soccer III-IVQ Basketball II-IVg Dramatic Club II-IVg Glee Club I-IVg Intramuralsg Locker Room Patrol I, III. WILLIAM S. HADAWAY PIBHIU Mr. "two by two" . . . "lives" at the Caldwell air- port . . . weakness is air- planes and everything about them . . . a mean tennis player. Tennis III, IVg Chemistry Club IVg Intramurals. EDWARD HANDVILLE "Pun" Has just about the longest walk to school of anyone. .. Can't forget that touchdown in football . . . Really made trarlzs with Naney before entering the Navy . . . Noteil for his reil hair. Football I-IV, President of Class III, Intramurals I-IV. JOHN WILLIAM HAR DEBECK "Horse" A huge hunk of man . . . started to go with girls in his Senior year . . . out- standing football anrl base- ball player . . . one of "the boys." Football III-IV, Captain IVg Baseball III-IV, Captain IV: Boys' Glee Club III-IV. JAMES D. HARRIS "Piglet" Would like to be Naval gun- ner on P.T. boat . . . V.H.S.'s outstanding miler . . . ."goes" for brunettes . . . loves that blue Ply- mouth! Soccer I-IVg Track II, III, IVg Intramurals I, II: Glee Clulb I. U31 A41 argl' "' 5 'Str-. . .u ll- ll F Ax :jx L. 3- ' Ure PETER B. HEALY rrHookn Hangs around with "the boys" . . . wants to get out of Verona High . . . always wins his arguments . . . likes sodas and a certain Caldwell girl . . . I Soccer I, II, IIIg Football IVg Boxing IIIg Intramural Basketball I-IVg Volley Ball II, III. DOLORES GERTRUDE HEDDERICK 1-.I-,grin Murder mysteries and coke: intrigue her . . . quietness is dominant . . . Lila and Audrey are her constant companions . . . Adrian's future rival. Locker Patrol IIg Girls' A.A. II,IVq Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Finance Committee III: Glee Club IV. -IACK GRIGGS HENRIE Hlatkii You can hardly hear him . . . he has made tremen- dous strides in one year of school , . . 1945 ping pong champion. Entered Verona in Senior year. no NORMAN T. HERBERT "N0rm,' Will end up being a college professor . . . unmortalized "Ulysses was a soldier-" . . . can be depended to carry any class along . . . re- sembles an autogyro in class. I.S.S. III, IVg Intramurals. AUDREY LOUISE HERMEY rrAudirx Loves to square dance with Frank . . . Morristown is her haven . . . Dramatic Club fan . . . would love to move to Boonton. Glee Club IVQ Dance Club IIg Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Shadows IIIg Locker Patrol ITII, IVQ Cafeteria Pa- trol II. FLORENCE L. HOFFMANN frDaIlyn Whizzing through town in her little gray "flivver" . . . one of our prize dancers . . . constantly dreams of the Navy and that last canoe ride. White Hornet II, IIIQ Lock- er Patrol II5 Dramatic Club II, III, IVg Dance Club I. The 1945 aadows , 1 AUDREY LILYAN JACOB rriaken Can defrost anyone, look at Paul . . . always helps deco- rate for dances . . . insepar- able from "Foot" . . . has big brown eyes . . . would like to be a Navy nurse, Dramatic Club I-IVQ Social Committee I-IV, Chairman IVg Shadows Circulation II, III, IV, Editor IVQ Glee Club I, II. IRVING HOWARD JOHNSON "O,B." "The Man Who Co-mes to Dinner"'at Dickinson's . . . wants to live in Nicholson, Pennsylvania . . . loves chocolate malls. Soccer III, IV. LENA KAPTEIN ri-Leen Could ride a bike forever . . . day dreams . . . extra- ordinary artistic ability . . . noted for helping decorate with posters. Forum Club Ig Art Club Ilg Shadows IIIg Dramatic Club III, lVg Lost and Found IV: Cafeteria Patrol IV. VIRGINIA KLIPPEI. nlclipn Usually manages to be broke . . . very faithful at sports events . . . does her share to promote the eating of sun- daes . . . weakness: red- heads. Girls' A.A. IVQ White Hor- net IVQ Shadows IVg Dra- matic Club Ill, IV. CAROL JEAN KNOB LRER "Carol" A dream at the piano . . . can't keep back .that blush . . . carrot hound . . . Am- bition: to stay out all night. Girls' A.A. I, Ilg Glee Club Illg Dramatic Club I-IVg White Hornet II, IVQ Secre- tary-Treasurer of Class III. EDWARD V. LAUX "Uncle Bunny" Noted for his Army clothes . . . usually seen: in the mir- ror . . . is one of "the boys" . . . has set modern record of days absent from school. Track II, III, IVQ Football l, III: Intramurals I-IV. Ilil 1 1 'g nj' Zl D 1 if? '-fiffj' lx "iff - ' W, ' or L lar' 1 fi . ' N 'l KATHRYN ELIZABETH LIPPMAN erKaysx Very quiel . . . Nire eye- brows . . . Dotes on foot- ball and danfing . . . Is all a-lwitter at Van Iohnson. Girls A.A. III, IVg 'Dramatic Club III, IVQ Shadows III, IV, White Hornet III, IV: Traffic Patrol III, Glee 'Club II, III, Hospitality Commit- tee I. ROSALIE ANN LIVELLI "Rosalie" Decided weakness I o w a r rl "red-heads" . . . would like to danee for Arlhur Mur- ray . . . always seen wilh Alive . . . danees wiih Erlilh at lunch-time. Riding Club I, II, 'Hall Pa- trol IV, 'Cafeteria Patrol IVg Glee 'Club IVQ Dancing 'Club Ig Cooking -Club I. ,IOSEPHINE ROSE LOIBISSIO H1051 Practically lives in Miss Howell's oficc . . . will al- ways be true lo Gene . . . secret ambilion is still a se- crel . . . lows roller skating. Glee Club. l16l DORIS ELIZABETH MADSEN rrD0'yii Splits her afeelion between the Army Air Corps and lhe shore . . . has her eye on Carle! Nurse Corps . . . good dancer. Entered V.H.S. in junior yearg Locker Patrol III, IVQ Student Council III, I.S.S. III, Secretary-Treasurer IV. MAR Y JANE MAFFUCCI "Mafoovh" Would perish if postal serr- ice were ever discontinued , . . does more for her size than anyone in school . . . favors Army Air Corps Uohnnyl . . . loves in' ska!- mg. Shadows III, Typing Editor IVQ Glee Club I, II, White Hornet IV, Traffic Patrol IVg Defense Stamp Commit- tee IVg Locker Patrol III, IV. MARY ADAIR MARFIELD "Maria" Noted for sharp clothes . . . wanis lo be a debutanle . . . always eats lunch in rlass . . . marvelous knitler . . . usually seen wriling to her man . . . Glee Club Ig Girls' A.A. Ig Shadows II, IV, Literary Edi- tor IVg White Hornet III, IV, Editorial Staff III, IV, Cheerleaders III, Chairman Red Cross IV, Dramatic Club I-IVQ 'Student Council IV, I.S.S. III, IV, President IV. he 1945 EN' 1ad0ws M AR Y DIZSMOND MCIIRATNHY HMNU A "rugged" kid, wry arb- lrlir . . . lows io walch spoils bu! would ralhar play lhrm . . . whfn not with Gvorgv is usually srrn wifh Sigma Dalia Gamma . . . gow in for lofi of uclivilirs. Girls' A.A. IAIVQ Dramatic Club I-IV, Shadows II, IV, White Horse! III, IV: Traf- Gc Patml III, IV, Locker Pa- trol I, IV, Riding Club II- IVQ Student Council III, Cheerleader IV, Band I, III: Orchestra I-IV: Assembly Committee I. XVIIIARD VERNON MCCUMSIIY "Willie" Elvrual shadow of Bob Cong an . . . chief rnleriainmcnl provider czfcrywbrrr' . . . imffalrs profcssional alblctcs . . . 1'm'rybody's frirnd. Track II, III, Basketball Manager III, Intramurals. GEORGE EDVVARD McDOWELL rrMaCri Chauffeurs girls io school in his half of the car . . . phobia for combing his hair . grls mysicrious leltcrs from W1-sl Virginia. Tennis IV, Football I, Glee Cluib I, II, III, Dramatic Club II, III, Locker Patrol I, II, Hall Patrol III, Intra- murals. THOMAS A, MAQOVICRN "Town If you want to go as far as Oraiigr' yo'1'll find him uvzrlziiig in his fafh4'r'x ilrug sforc . . . Vifrv much infwr- vslcil iil llllf0NHlI7il1'X . . . Call i'nlighli'n any ,iiluuliou . . . I'Iagm-.v fiwrlacrs. CATHERINE LOUISE MOLINARO "Kllfy" Writes cxcrptionally long let- trrs . . . looks io br' Hedda Hopprr's successor . . . crazy abou! food, dancing, sporls, Frank Sinalra and rml con- wrtiblfs. A.A. I, II, IV, Shadows III, IV, TrafEc Patrol III, IV: Dancing Club Ig White Hor- ner IV. MARUIORIH PRISCII.I..A NELSON "Margic"' llas a largc gang of yi-wig,-- man shi- writes lo . . . holds d spol for that "certain sailor" . . . heavily pairon- izcs Monlclair Roller Skaling Rink . . . wants to gr! mar- riril and haw' kids. Glce Clufb I-IVQ Dramatic Club I, II, III, A.A. III, Cooking Cluib I, Locker Pa- trol II. wi me , g- - 44 91: 5-was I P , 6,9 659 ,v X. :.f - i, X A., U , ' N ,I . , WILLIAM OAKENELL "Wild Bill" You can't miss him! . . . a decided weakness for "Skip- perlsl' tumbling class . . . one of the "mad chemists" . . . has a soft spot for the library. Intramurals II, IIIg Hall Patrol IV. VINCENT R. OLDHAM "Vinniz'l' Usually segn around . . . wants to fly . . . those blue eyes . . . loves rhom- lafe marshmallow sunilaes. Soccer II, IVg Intramuralsg Chemistry Club. ALBERT ARTHUR OSTER UAHQ, Usually seen through the windshield of a '38 Plymouth . . . wishes he could get a tankful of gas . . . talented gold brick . . . weakness- Cathy. Bowling Ig Tennis IVg Intra- murals. l18l GLORIA H-ELEN PATAKY "Gloria" Helps lower classmen with their homework . . . goes for anything green . . . hopes to own a plane some day . . . always in the company of Carol or "Chic". 'Spanish Club I, IIg Girls' A.A. Ig Red Cross II, IIIg Lost and Found III, IVg Shadows III, IVg Shadows Publicity Editor IVg White Hornet II, IVQ Cafeteria IVQ Dramatic Club III, IVg Stu- dent Council IV. MARGARET PECK npfggyu Constant companion of "GaIlie's" . . . head twirler in the hand . . . wants to be a singer . . . soft spot for lemon cokes. Band I-IV9 Glee Club II, IIIQ A.A. IVg Dramatic Clulz I- IVg Locker Patrol Ilg Trafhc Patrol IV. CHARLOTTE EMILY PELKA "Chic" Always writing letters to Chick, her weakness . . . wants to be a good nurse . . . very tiny . . . "always pushing tall guys around" . . . loves to knit for pastime. Hall Patrol, Glee Club. he 1945 , ,W N i , adows MAR-IORIE PELTZ "Margie" Very quiet . . . adores dogs and everything about them . . . "Sump" is her constant Companion . . . if only she raulil lake sir lessons from Count Basie! A.A. I, II, IVg Orchestra I- IVQ Dramatic Club II, III, IV, Lust and Found IIIQ Riding Club I, II. GIfORCvIf PIZNNDORF, NIR. "Pin Head" 5-letter man in his Iunior and Senior years . . . hopes to he a eoaeh some day . . . owns one of th: better jalop- ies seen around VHS . . . his feminine interest? "Mar," hui definitely. Soccer I-IV, Basketball I-IV, Baseball I-IVg Glee Club II, III, Traihc Patrol Ig Locker Patrol IV. SVEN GUSTAV PETERSON "Pete" Outstanding athlete of the Senior Class . . . Pete rloes well in studies, too . . . Being president or captain of some organization is rom- mrin stuf to him . . . he anfl Peggy compose one of VHS's foremost twosomes. President of Class I, IIg Vice President of School IIIg President of School IVg Basketball I-IV, Captain IV: Soccer I-IV: Captain IV, Track I-IV, Captain IV. CAROL ANNETTE PETTERSON nQ'I,.,, ls frank and earnest with people . . . would like to earn lots of money without trying . . . hangs around with Gloria . . . likes music aml reading. Art Club Ig Glee 'Club IIg I.S.S. III, IVg Assembly Committee IVg Lost and Found Committee III, IV: Shadows IV. GLADYS MAE PURDY npllffn Able pianist . , . would like to he a Carle! Nurse . . . prartieally Iiws in her fam- ily's store . . . has a weak- nrss for a football guanl. Orchestra I-IVQ Band I-IVQ Girls' Glee Clulb II, IIIQ Locker Patrol III, IVg Head of Locker Patrol IVQ Cafe- teria Committee II. RALPH LYLE RICHARDSON, JR. "Suckah!" Amazingly active for his size .... v ueh wonderful wavy hair . . . "oh, to be six feel tall" . . . mad about' women. Boxing I: Soccer II, IVg Ilasketball IIIg Golf IIIg Baseball IVg Dramatic Club I-IVQ Glee Club I-IV: Or- chestra I, IIg Band I, II. 191 is sig B 3 ip ri 1 L3 ire " '. -, -. H if ' A 1 - idk, ' Aa? 'lift .nv wr, f hi' -V 1 1'-5, .-I fig F: A A is I-l Q lv greg! 1 q. fPihL"'- s ff ETHEL MAY RUTAN "Ethel" Very quiet . . . companion of Peggy . . . has ideas of owning and flying a plane . . . fast typist. Glee Club I, IVg Finance Committee IIIq Girls' A.A. IV: Shadows IVg White Hornet IV. MARY EVELYN SAMUEL "Ebhie" Lows to go to the Sewing Room . . . would like to hefome a registered nurse . . . main interest lies in the South Paeifif . . . Very artizfe member of the Girls, A.A. Girls' A.A.g White Hornet typing staffg Shadows ad- vertising staff. ROBERT CHARLES SCHNEIDER HBOI7., His motto: Beer, women ami ??? . . . usually driving around with Willie or in one of his father's trucks . . . Marine Corps holds a sperial fasrimition. Football Ig Golf I, II, III: Intramurals I, II, III. E201 WILLIAM H. SCHNEIDEWIND "Sehneiile" Loyal to West Point foot- ball teams . . . wants to get a ear . . . vulnerable to hlondes . . . seen with Art or Dave . . . loves to bet against Notre Dame with Turei. Football I, II, IVg Track III, IVg Student Council II, III, IVg Glee Club I-IV: Dramatic Club I-IV. RICHARD DAVIS SCHUBERT "St Yfffhu Has the distinction of being the tallest person in VHS . . . hopes he'll stop grow- ing soon . . . hangs around with Srhneide and Bwah . . . good-hearted football mana- ger. Football III, Mgr. IVg Track IH,IVj Gke Cmb H,IHg Band IIg Dramatic Club II, IIIg Trafhc Patrol III: Shad- ows III, IVg White Horner IV: Soccer- II. ALICE ELIZABETH SHURTLEFF nRcdu Right next to Rosalie . . . has a fine zoire and would like to be a professional sing- er . . . ilrools for hot fudge sunrlaes. Glee Club I-IVg Cooking Club I. The 1945 was L Xt hadows WIESLIZY FOREST SMITH "Was" Trig agrcex with him . . . hoprx io join lhe ski lroopx . . . sprndx lunrh time xhoof- ing bask:-fx . . . gon for baseball. Football Ilg Baseball I, III, IVg Intramural Basketball and Volleyball. W I-ISLEY R. SM ITHERS Hurmv "Ah, women!" . . . where Amxf:'rrlam'x truck ix-lherv hr is . . . hax unique' wayx uf grlting ou! of gym . . . wanlx lo br a flyer . . . aletaxlx proplr who always comb lhvir hair. Soccer Ig Intramurals I-IV. EVELYN CHARLOTTE STRAUSS "Bofsy" Srrn al Pruderfs with Doi ana' Helen . . . hopex lo own aml fly a plane . . . ran hold hrr own in any -urgumrnt . . . likes lo ridr. Riding Club I-IVQ Dramatic Club III, IVg Dance Club I. HARIRIETT M. SWARTZ "Hatha" Nolrd for hrr fue xrledion of man . . . is small buf ,you ran'i mixx her . . . .fern with Mary all rhr iimv . . . capfivalrx than Sopho- nmrrs! Glee Club Ig A.A. Ig Dra- matic Club Ilg White Hor- net IV: Student Council II. CLAIRE ANN TRIPPETT "Trip" Tiny as a peanui . . . flirt: her cutrncss . . . wants to brvomz' a xingrr . . . Harry Iamrs and Iaclz hold her af- fvrtion. Riding Club I-IVQ Dramatic Club II, IVQ Glee Club I, Ilg Girls' A.A. Ig Hall Patrol III. LEONARD PETER TUCCI "Baird" "One of the Boys" . . . ,okrx with "Skip" . . . :een wilh "Bark" and "Clay" . . . a "Hawk," Soccer I, IIIg Baseball I, IIIg Intramurals. l21l ,f :- flff-.C L . QL Il. .TW V7.1 k ma. AN75, fa-5 N . ,jfs -- A J V. ff?Z?5" Wx.. 1 ---P-if ya 'I 4 TAL" e EDYTHE BERNICE TURNER "Bunny" Wants to be an efficient secretary . . . the perfert alibi for every situation . . . sleeps and sleeps . . . there's something about a uniform. White Hornet Typing Staffg Girls' A.A. I, III. ALAN DAVID UHI. "Barney" In a couple of years would be one of "the boys" . . . rather quiet . . . seen with "Clay," "Beek" and "Barrel." Entered Verona in Senior Year. WILLIAM H. WHARTON "Willie" Always at Applin's Garage . . . wants to go around the world on a moloreyele . . . ran't resist Barber-Shop harmony with Paul and Dave during eaeh 6th period . . . strums a mean guitar. Glee Club I, III, IVg Intra- murals. DAVID NEWTON WIIJSON rrDaverx Our editor and No. 1 man in Dramatic Club . . . hopes to graduate from announcing VHS basketball games to the real thing . . . varsity een- ter on football team . . . noted for sense of humor. Football I-IVg Track I-IVg Intramuralsg White Hornet I-IVg Sports Editor III, IVg 'Shadows I-IVQ Editor IV: Dramatic Club I-IV, Presi- dent IVg Student Council I, IIg Chairman Cafeteria Pa- trol IIIg Assembly Commit- tee IIIQ Locker Room Patrol III: Glee Club I, II. MILTON H. ZARA efzu,,n Wants to be a pyroteehnics expert task him what it meansj . . . one of the "Mad Chemists" . . . when teamed with Dickinson, makes chem- istry a circus . . . elaims his weakness is T.N.T. Soccer I-IVg Glee Club I- IVg Intramuralsg Chemistry Club IV: Track IV. l22l The 1945 Shadows On Graduation JUST THINK- Years have passed us swiftly by, Gone in the twinkling of an eye, Now we look back and try to see Our high school days perspectively. WE WERE- Entering Freshmen-bolder Sophs, Then upperclassmen fone who scoffs at all the rest and thinks he's greatj, All these-and now we'll graduate. REMEMBERING- The cares and fun of high school days, The track meets, ball games, dances, plays, The friends we had and how we tried To boost our teams-out joy and pride. AND NOW-- For us a new world lies ahead A change from student to co-edg To Hier, soldier, or marine, Things we must learn, lands to be seen. BARBARA BARTLEY L25 UKRLES H ATHAW AY BILL SOLEAU U41 The whole Class of 1945 was sorry to see some of its own boys leave the school and enter the military service of our country. Most of this happened during the past year, and it has stripped our class down to a mere eighty-six students. When we began as Freshmen we were over the hundred mark. On these two pages we have tried to catch like- nesses of these boys and portray them to you. All of them are not getting diplomas and graduating with the Class of '45, but they have been our classmates sometime during our high school days and we would like to remember them and pay tribute to them. It is hard to get photographs of all of them but we have tried hard. The boys are jack Cougan, Dick Wagner, Dave Bamford, Qharlie Hathaway, joe Morley, Dick Soleau, jack Avis, and Art Singewald. I ARTHUR SINGEWALD My ,A , . V ,rr Ne" - f ' . . . Semors m Serwce Q. JACK COUGAN DAVID BAMFORD E2 ua 1 "MM f h, ,. -I SS, g 'vw Q, ' ,iv FM. k A Qgfrpg-v,:Q Jean, - CHARLES RODGERS RICHARD WAGNER Q My f k xii.: A fish - W gi JOSEPH MORLEY JOHN AVIS n"ps eqqr "' L lzs 261 OFFICERS President ..,............ ......... G eorge Bremser Vice-President ...A.,, ...,,.... B ill Bruckmann Secretary ...,..,.w.. ..,...... D oris Madsen September, 1941!! The old and worldly wise alumni of Verona Junior High School stalked into the halls of the Henry B. Whitehorne High School, looking forward to a prosperous career and improving the school. How self-confident we were! And how soon we changed. Confronted by the towering seniors, we didn't feel quite so big as we had in junior High. Their haughty stares soon shrank us to the status of the usual Freshmang however, we started our high school career in true blue by electing Sven Peterson as Presidentg jack Cougan as Vice-President, and as Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Sniffen. In addition to many others, Sven Peterson, Jack Cougan and Bob Fox represented the class of " '45" in the world of V.H.S, sports on the track, gridiron, and diamond respectively. George Bremser, our boy genius, brought us additional fame by appearing as a quiz kid on a radio program. Along with Spring came our "record" dance-"The Jumpin' Jive." After taking a lot of hard knocks we finally rose to the rank of sophisticated "Sophs." Sven Peterson ran for a second term and defeated all opponents! As Vice- President and Secretary we chose Bill Bruckmann and Norma Carmichael. Early in the year we put our heads together and came up with a purse-filling idea- the Harvest Hop-another record dance. Z. Our Freshman stars in sports returned to greater glories. Other shining lights in the field were Bill Bruckmann, Ed Handville, Dave Wilson, George Bremser and Dick Wagner, on the gridiron, in soccer, Sven Peterson, George Penndorf and Pete Healyg in basketball, Sven Peterson, Bob Beaton and Ralph Richardson and Dick Gartley excelled, on the diamond, Bob Fox, Tucci and Beaton, and in track, Sven Peterson, Earle Courter, Paul Haberbush, jimmy Harris and jack Addis brought honors to our already distinguished class. Dave Wilson, Earle Courter, Ralph Richardson, and Bob Douglass showed great promise as actors and starred in "The Monkey's Paw." In the Fall of '45 we returned -- upperclassmen at last able to cast disdainful glances at the "small fry." An original event in the beginning of our junior Class was the election of class oflicers. After an energetic campaign, in which David Barnford was his chief booster, Ed Handville gained the Presidency. His able rival, George Bremser, was elected Vice-President, and Carol Knoderer Secretary-Treasurer. No third term for Pete, but he was Vice-President of the Student Council. In the '43-'44 season we were very well represented on varsity teams. Our contribution to the cheerleading squad was Mary Marfield while Margaret Peck and Mary McBratney did a fine job as clrum majorettes. Musical talent was found in Gladys Purdy, Earle Courter, Marjorie Peltz and Dorothy Boyle. In the literary world Dave Wilson and George Bremser gave the Seniors some stiff competition by serving on the editorial staffs of "Shadows" and the White Hornet, respectively. With a Prom, featuring a nautical motif, we gave the Seniors a royal sencloff. After a long, hard struggle, we're Seniors--coming down the home stretch towards our goal-graduation. This year, members of the class of '45 really walked away with top honors. Sven Peterson really earned his share of glories by being President of the Student Council and being captain of three teams: basketball, soccer, and track. George Bremser was President of our class, editor of the White Hornet and President of the Suburban Conference Council. Bill Bruckmann was class Vice-President and Doris Madsen Secretary-Treasurer. Dave Wilson ofliciated as editor of "Shadows," President of the Dramatic Club, and sports editor of the White Hornet. jack Hardebeck was captain of our football and baseball teams. Not to be outshone by the fellows, some of the girls really boosted morale during the football season. Mary McBratney was a checrleaderg Peggy Peck was a drum majorette, and Gladys Purdy played in the band. On December 15 we gave our last dance-titled simply "The Christmas Dance"- judged by many as the best in years. Highly original decorations followed the Christ- mas theme. in 281 Last Will and Testament We, the class of 1945, of the Henry B. Whitehorne High School, Borough of Verona, County of Essex and State of New Jersey, being of sound mind and of our own free will and accord, do hereby sign, seal and deliver our last will and testament as directed: C15 To the junior Class we give our dearly beloved teachers and their unique ways of teaching, our seats up in the front of the assembly-with the gum remaining-our sunny dispositions and sweet smiles in the face of excessive homework, a pair of legs as cute as Bobby Beaton's, our ability to eat in class and our ten-minute social period before and after each class. Q21 To our lovable faculty we leave: a homeroom that will observe the 8:20 bell for Mrs. Burton: a football team, loaded with "fruits" for Mr. Wermuthg a shiny, brass badge for Miss Ehrmann-symbolic of the crown of corny gagsterg a code class that will take 40 words a minute for Mr. Anderson, a Freshman more intelligent than Appius Claudius, ninety years old and blind, for Mr. Wilking a red and yellow gym suit for Mrs. Van Houten. GJ To that "solid sender," Marv Wickham, we leave a solo spot in the "Mel- odairs" band. Q41 To our highly esteemed and deserving principal, Mr. Sampson, we leave our honor roll marks and exceptional good behavior. We do hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint Marion Kelly to be executor of this, our Last Will and Testament. May she treat us well! In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our name on this first day of june in the year one thousand nine hundred and forty-five. CLASS OF '45 Witnesses .' AN ORBIT GRAVEL GERTIE ONE MEAT BALL SAD SACK THE NON-CUMMISSIGNED OFFICERS N x OFFICERS President ,. ...........,.,,,... ,,..., ,,.,... . . Ann Tobler Vice-President .. ....... jack Timkin Secretary .. ,...,,...., .. ,...... ,. jean Morrison if Fi li li-T, 'v Q f-Q 'V,-33' ,g ,' ... 'Q 1 g 6 THE JUNIORS The S er geants This important feeling, upperclassmen at last! Come September, and the class of 1946 were found trying their wings as juniors. In the latter part of our Sophomore year the class chose able leaders for their junior year: President, Ann Toblerg Vice-President, jack Timking Secretary, jean Morrisong Treasurer, Arvid Danielson. Juniors were well represented on our famous foot- ball team. Among these we discover the pride and joy of the class, "Bucky" Hatchett, who will Hll the captaincy of next year's team. The other gridders were Richie Carroll, Al Denicola, Bob Cougan, Bud Hodgkiss, Dan Buck, Frank Massa, and Walker Howell. Swinging over to basketball, we again find the valuable player "Bucky" Hatchett, Dick Ferris, Mike Bartolo, Marvin Solomon, and Sam Vitale. Melvin Siris was manager. E501 Helping to cheer the team to victory were cheer- leaders Captain Carol Baldwin and Anne Meyer. Among those who helped the soccer team win the gold trophy were Sam Vitale, Captain-elect for next year, johnny Puelo, Dick Ferris, jack Timkin and Bob Perry. In the literary field was Alta Ann Turner as As- sistant Editor of "Shadows" We showed up on the White .Hornet staff with "Dutch" Kusenberg, News Eclit0r. In the Music Department we boast of Sonny Casta and his "Melodaires." In the band and orches- tra were Danny Buck, Barbara Heuser, Iris Schuham, jack Shelly, Leslie Verheck, Bob Singewald, Richard Wolff, Alta Ann Turner, and Sonny Casta-President of the Band. The balmy breezes of Spring lured our junior fellows out for spring sports. Out on the track one saw "Bucky" Hatchett taking the hurdles in his stride, also kicking up dirt were Bud Hodgkiss, Richie Car- roll, Al Denicola, Bob Cougan, Marvin Solomon, Donnie Knowles, Wilson Milford, Bob Davis, Ar- nold Marks, Morris Moskowitz, Dick Ferris. Hopeful talents on the baseball team were Danny Buck, Al Denicola, johnny Puleo, and Sam Vitale. Keeping up the noble attempts of the tennis team were Bill White and Bob Perry. The juniors held two dances this year instead of the usual one. The Snow Shoe Shuffle Party was presented in january and was a big success. By presenting this dance we achieved our goal to ob- tain more funds for our treasury in order to give a bigger and better Prom. Our ideas and dreams for the Prom became a reality, and we came through with a wonderful Prom for the departing Seniors, thus ending our junior year with a bang. We will return next year as Seniors to uphold a reputation of which we are all proud. 321 THE SOPHGMORES The Corporals OFFICERS President .,........,....... Dave Settle Vice-President Vincent Marriott Secretary-Treasurer Jacklyn Scott The crisp tang of a September breeze, which closely pursued those blissful summer days, reminded us that we, as future citizens of the United States, had an education to build. So we entered our Sophomore year with all the confidence and assurance in the world, for after all, weren't we hardened veterans? It wasn't long before we set to work and enthusiastically plunging into extra- curricular events, came out with some very pleasing results. 3 . li-lr:- 4,- ,j -'fini A 7111 . figs 'ff -'ef . . f , 4"'?'-K-G51-g 4"Fx-if - This year we Sophomores sitting in the bleachers had extra special reasons for yelling like savages. For didn't we have hve full Hedged cheerleaders, Nancy Edwards, Amy Smith, Wiiiiiie Cameron, Carol Ericson, and Ginger Hagemann to cheer with? And weren't we well represented on the teams? We were Ver-y proud of Vinnie Marriott, Dave Settle and jimmy Towart, who saw quite a bit of the pigsking Lee Appleton and Glen Noback seeing action on the soccer team, and Vinnie Marriott, Dave Settle, Mac Hemion and Glen Noback holding their own on the basketball court. The spring sports also look promising for the Sophomores and again we'll be there to cheer them on. However, we are not limited to sports. The early part of October found our dance committee industrially drawing original posters and working on smooth decorations for "The Big Top." This dance with its artistic entrance and noval parade was one of the most successful of the year. In the music department we found many talented Sophomores. Lee Appleton, lfrank Butler, Roger Hermann, Dot Klix, Patsy Dickenson, Dave Knoderer, Jay Trac kman were members of the band or orchestra, and the members of the Girls Glee Club passed the twenty mark. Many of us continued participating in the Dramatic Club's activities. Others joined the Wliitc' Hornet Staff, Helene Smithline becoming Business Manager. On top of our own class proceedings handled by our officers, President, Dave Settle, Vice-President Vincent Marriott, and Secretary-Treasurer, ,lacklyn Scott, we had a hand in the business transactions of the High School Student Council. Executing the duties of Student Council Secretary and Treasurer was Marianne Rowell. Our other representatives were Vincent Marriott, Mac Hemion and Dick La Rue. After such a successful year as Sophomores just wait 'til you see what we do as juniors! U5 2.4, - S QQ 'if xss 'im THE FRESHMEN Buck Privates OFFICERS President .,.... Gordon Brown Vice-President ...w.. Roy Wagner Secretary .,,...,...,,,.....,.. Sue Smith ' ' Treasurer ,.....,..... Pete jelstrom H'.f"Y?l 2, gm, as. . P 5 ,lx ,T . . 1 x. y wp'- C , il On September 8, 1944, the members of the class of '48 entered the halls of the high school with a rather misty idea of classes and books. Soon after this, however, they settled down-the quiet, meek Freshmen they were expected to be. After about two months of solitude, the upperclassmen heard rumors that the Freshmen were going to elect their class officers by ballot in the homerooms. This plan was carried through and the officers were-President, Gordon Browng Vice-President, Roy Wagnerg Secre- tary, Sue Smith, and Treasurer, Pete jelstrom. 341 f - . ln the sports held the Freshmen really showed their spirit. The boys who went out for football were ---jiin Brighton, james Burns, Donald Carroll, llarry Easton, Bob Edwards, Donald Foss, John Gib- son, Bob Hermey, Graham Ingold, George Janson, Carl jensen, Pete jelstrom, Paul Kestner, Ralph North, and Bob Reddington. In the basketball sea- son, Graham lngold, Louis Wierdo, Lloyd Hadaway, Pete jelstrom, Bob Hermey, john Gibson, Carl Jen- sen, and Max Pelka showed promise for a future ehampionship team. Wlieri word was sent out about the new band unilfmrms, it really enthused the following Freshmen who had a wonderful time parading and showing off their outfits - Bob Edwards, Stanley Conner, Howard Bogart, Walter Cheatte, and Harry Easton. Marilyn Holerfield, Mildred Pignatello and Art Wil- liams were very good with their batons. In the orchestra are Elaine Barron, Betty Fransen, Violet Sihuham, Ruth Shaw, Shirley Van Brunt, Nancy Vonder Hyde, and Pat Warner. Around the end of january, the class officers had a meeting and started to plan for the Freshman Danie to be given April 13, 1945. The dance, called the "l"reshman Frolicf' was open only to Freshmen and their friends. The tickets, costing titty cents each, were made by the boys in the shop. Gaines, like "Truth or Consequences" and an Ama- teur llour, were stressed, so the "Frolic" was really a party! The class of '48 has made quite a name for itself in its lireshman year and will undoubtedly continue with this reputation throughout their remaining years at Verona High School. all ..,,,f 5 . , 12121 41.1 if -1 ,J . ,.., ,W , , -- - vw W-fl ,fa ,r HENRY B. wx-mfeg-sosQS1f,, -- HIGH scwooz. - ,. . -1- l,, 1: Lifgg-:MS,-Wy,fW . -z-Y: i wif. ,. " ' fu-. , - ' ' bis " 55,-iw . A fa , if , PM J"'3'H 5339! A-HF' .J an V 'K af . 3,-W. .. g ' k VL,-. :L ,f . SQ x 5'-e S Q1-M-W x W ' Qffk C . " -K ,W fo f Q 5 gk XX J V Y V in I -..L.'g..gjj,- 45 V, u-,-,W--"' Z --A "",g',........., """'m' 73 - 1'-------T- ZL-2 v,f,:fii2 fiiil-3:1 "- M Z' QQ: ' ' ' f'ff.2'L'71 '4' .f' 23321: L- we M""7 ,f V, 21?,,' f yo I - ,fffzzy f - A' 1 ,. 7, S- 1 .5 14cti ith 7 at Anlkv i A7laQ'1'5' l STUDENT COUNCIL CABINET Sitting: Gladys Purdy, Marianne Rowell, Sven Peterson, Bill Hatch- ctt, Miss Howell fadviserj. Stand- ing: Bob Douglass, Audrey jacob, Janice Dodd, Gloria Pataky, Nor- man Butt, Earle Courter. P 7' The Student Council, under the guidance of Miss Howell, met many times this year to deal with problems confronting the student body. President Sven Peterson, aided by Vice- President Bucky Hatchett and Secretary-Treas- urer Marianne Rowell led the group composed of homeroom representatives and committee chairmen. Verona High School is represented in the Suburban Conference Council by George Brem- ser, Acting President. In the fall three mem- bers of our council were cordially welcomed at Glen Ridge where the first meeting of the year was held. At this meeting ideas and helpful suggestions were exchanged on the running of various committees, youth centers and year- books. On Tuesday, November 7, 1944, the Coun- cil sponsored a Mock Presidential Election fol- -V-1... I --...,L.,. , .. " Q .f 'nl ,g carefully prepared speeches given the before by members of Senior History es. The results were definitely in favor swey. is year in addition to the annual Red drive held in November the student did an exceptional job in filling Christmas s for service men. ne Council, also with the agreement of the nt body, changed Verona High's nickname "Hillbillies" to "Hornets" which was de- .ly much more appropriate. They also sug- d a new metho of choosing cheerleaders, h will be put into effect this spring, and a very successful party Friday, February 345. me above are only a few of the many ac- es sponsored by the Student Council. Let's next year's Council is as successful. STUDE T COUNCIL The Quartermasters First row, seated: Gloria Pataky, Alta Ann Turner, Gladys Purdy, Mary Marfield, Mary Oldham, Mary Gearry, Ann Tobler, Ann Gulla, Audrey Jacob, Shirley Williamson. Second row, seared: Norman Butt, Robert Edwards, Sonny Casta, jer- ry Goeltz, Janice Dodd, Donald Bruckmann, Richard Klix. Stand- ing: Phil Fear, Mac Hemion, Miss Howell fAdviserJ, George Bremser, Sven Peterson, Bucky Hatchett, Bill Schneidewind, Dick La Rue, Vin- cent Marriott, Bob Douglass, Bill Bruckmann, Earle Courter. K-4 .J 1 - 2 f, 'A S5 A ,J"" we f-1' N s gig-y' .T Far l""ll 'N "-I v 1 L rf. ,ji 1 " rl 6.L-r I39 irst row: Katherine Beuhler. jean Sigelen, Mary McBratney, Miss Kautzmann, ilta Ann Turner, Mary Maffucci. Second row: Ann Di Salvo, Violet Patalty, lan Fifoot, Audrey jacob, Dave Wilson, Mary Marficld, Hazel Marshall, at Dickinson, Mildred Johnson. Third row: Mary Gearty, Helene Smith- ne, .lean Morrison, Ann Gulla, Annette Franco, Pat Congdon, Karen Bausum, Qloria Pataky, Ethel Rutan, jacklyn Scott, Harriett Swartz, Beth Lohr, Ielen Pheilfer, Carolyn Priest, Ruth Keaton. Fourth row: Helen Edwards, dith Drum, Carol Baldwin, Dorthea Butler, Janet Vanderveer, Grace .usenberg, George Bremser, George Burnett, Peggy Buggeln. Lila Baker, Carol etterson, joan Calder, Betty Ryder, Nancy Edwards, Ruth Rast. Fifth Jw: Iris Schuham, Pat Garrabrant, Barbara Holmes, Shirley Williams, Ruth haw, Ruth Crofut, Blanche Vogelius, Doris Krauss, Carolyn Anderson, Vinnie Cameron, Harriett McCully, Mary Samuel, Ann Carpenter, Jean lzlrshall, Laura Tobin. Sixth row: Jean Chittim, Kay Lippmann, Cathy ersey, Jean Adair, Janet Hafer, Joan Strasser, Bill Schneidewind, Dick chubcrt, Bob Douglass, Lawrence Marchioni, Richard Rizzo, Virginia Klip- cl, Norma Carmichael, Joyce Sampson, Mary MacMillan, Betty Bresnahan, hirley Zink. l40l SHADOWS STAFF The Pilots The publication of "Shadows" this year was made overly difficult because the deadline with the publishers was February 15th, the earliest it has ever been. This was due to the present shortage of materials which must be used for war produc- tion. Since all the work was speeded up, every- one had to work fast to have his articles, pictures, and art work finished on time, but as usual the students of Verona High were on their toes and willing to help in all ways so this year we've come through with a big bang. "Shadows" is indeed a transcendent piece of work and Editor Dave Wilson was a prime factor in making it so. Dave had a tremendous job confronting him when he took over the task of publishing the yearbook during a war-time year. He was very fortunate in having a line stalf to assist him. Alta Ann 'l'urner has shown us, by her fine high sclionl record and her great many attainments, that she is a suitable person for such a responsibility as assistant to Dave Wilsoii this year and the honor of Editor next year. Mary Mcliratney, also did an excellent job in the significant position of Business Manager. Workiiig under Dave as Literary Editor, was Mary Marfield, a well-known, hard-working mem- ber of the Senior class. A trying task and one that requires a great deal of understanding is the office of Advertising Edi- tor held this year by Karen Bausum who did an excellent piece of work. Many of you have met up with George Bur- nett around school, directing the photography for "Shadows" and snapping the shutter a number of times himself. He proved to everyone just what an able Photography Editor he has been. Sports Editor George Bremser has been "on the ball" all year and has followed the sports closely and accurately so that in this edition of "Shadows" we have a very clear picture of the Verona High School Sports Program. Gloria Pataky, as Publicity Editor, has created much interest in "Shadows" this year and our hats are off to her for a job so well done. Circulation is an arduous job, but Audrey jacob, as "Shadows" Circulation Editor, has handled it very well indeed and she has kept her staff working diligently. Mary Maffucci had a job that is not so easy and a lot of industry was required of her and her staff. In her position as Typing Editor, she has not been surpassed. Miss Roberta Kautzmann has done a splendid job as faculty adviser for "Shadows" Her aid to the editors was invaluable and she deserves a great deal of appreciation for her continued aid and guidance which made "Shadows" a wonderful success this year. It is due to the "Shadows" editors that every- thing ran so smoothly and of course it is realized that without them there would be nothing, but also there are the people included on the staffs who should be congratulated for the time they have spent helping. Every person on "Shadows" had a job to do at some time and the cooperation of these with the editors, and their ceaseless effort have kept everything rolling smoothly along in order to bring forth the finished "Shadows" of this year. All these students are appreciated to no end because it is through their efforts that "Shad- ows" has turned out to be one of the nicest and best yearbooks that Verona High has ever had. .. . -H1-my ,- ..-w- --la 1-lv-mf...

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