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WW , 3 r i SHADOWS 1933 QTHE 12th EDITIONJ Published by the JUNIOR CLASS Henry B. Whitehome High School Verona, New Jersey Q! 'Nl SHADOWS DEDICATION To MISS AUDREY G. WETJEN, our staunch friend and belov- ed teacher, whose assistance in the preparation of this yearbook has been invaluable, We, the "Shadows" stai, af- fectionately dedicate this, the twelfth edition of "Shadows," ivqsuiiwqsfuiufqsui 1 9 3 3 ivasuil 651. .PCB Page two Qzamy' 'kilzsxv' Kilim? 'Rf SHADOWS Jf 50' , f v5 W -ff M, if 5.1" GX 4' iizcskiiiagk """ 1 9 3 3 ivgiguiivasw """ Page three FOREWGRD In presenting "Shadows" for this year, We, the editors, have tried in every Way to present to the school a volume superior both in quality,-and quantity. We have conscientiously en- deavored to produce an outstanding publication which will be a Worthy ambassador to our "Alma Mater" and an enjoyable possession to each and every Senior. It is our most sincere hope that this yearbook Will serve in future days as a medium for clearly visualizing past, pleasant memories. Faculty Seniors J umors Sophomores freshmen Act1v1t1es Advertisements IN MEMGRIAM In memory of Docto1 Henry B Whltelflorne A falthful frlend to all and a d1st1ngu1shed c1t1Len who was known every m1ty and w1ll1ng sacrl hee of tlme and energy to help othere ln tlme of pe we as well as war n y I 7- v - where for his magnani- 2 ' S . SHADOWS THE SHADOWS' STAFF John M. Jaqueth, Jr. ...A. ,,,,,, E dit0r-in-Chief Beulah Bergman W Frank Lanning L ......,. ........ L iterary Editors Marion Teare l Charles Marchant ....... .................,.,. B usiness Manager William Hinrichs Katherine White ..,.... ASS1StaHt Buslness Managers Aasta Indahl Anne Slaight """ All Editors Miss A. Cheney Mr. P. Dimmers ...... Faculty Advisers Miss A. Wetjen Helen Garrabrant ...... .,,,, C hief Censorist 1 9 3 3 Page six E. Herman Anderson Y 1.8! -5 lllll BOARD CF EDUCATION Mr. Robert B. King nnn..,,A.....,,nnn.....,nnnnnnnnl...........,nnvn.A. President Miss Maud I. Conway ii... ,ii..,, V ice President Mr. Paul J. Zingg Mr. Harry L. Brown Mr. Frederick J. Purdy Mr. Frank I". Moore ........ ..................... D istrict Clerk Mr. Frederic N. Brown ..,.... ....... S upervising Principal WHITEHCRNE l-llCl-I SCI-IDOL FACULTY Harold A. Crane, Principal Margaret Wood Helen Batchelder Aline Beck Edith M. Burton Alice G. Cheney M. Imogene Cook Paul Dimmers Maurice K. Dwyer Margaret Esher Marion S. Foster Paul W. Goeltz Josephine C. Hoornbeek Axel Johnson Anna M. Markham Mary Merriam Harriette E. Prince Edmund Schill Clarence Smith Audrey Wetjen Clifford D. Wilkin Muriel Lewis ,li ....... ...... .... 1933...y,,u ....... ..,... 29,1- lCX.,.l lC ,l1ilC !C1i 'age' sa 1 lx X W ,,44y-, ,,,.fveA11 zz, SHADOWS """ 1 9 3 3 Page eight Q' CULTY FA 'Q 19 s 5 N K MILTON NANN President WILSON CUPP ANNA GULLA Vice President Secretury-Treglsurer HELEN MUESER Vziledictorizin Milton Nzmn ,,Y Annu Gullzx , ,, ,,, James Swallow .ee..,,,ee Claude Valentine, Jr. Vivian Lziliiccizi ..v.. George Crawford ,, C7lzu'em-e Littlefield LEADERS President ot' the Student Council SENIOR Secietzu'y-Treasurer of the Student Council Captain of Soccer and Basketball President of the Athletic Association President ofthe Hi-Y Club President of the Boys' Glee Club President of the Senior Girls' Glee Club Captain ot' I-Baseball Vuptziin ot' Golf 1 9 3 3 Page nine SHADOWS if QVJJQP' ff ff J' , JJ s Q Quit 1 9 3 3 Page ten MARY CLARK "I did not care one straw" Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Concert 4. WILLIAM CHRISTIANSEN "Here's to the day when it is May, and care as light as a feather" Operetta 13 Vice Pres. 13 Stu- dent Council 3-4: Whitehornet 32 A. A. 1. WILSON CUPP "Respect the faculty that forms thy judgments" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Class Pres. 13 Vice Pres. 33 Shadows 33 Oper- etta 1-2-33 Play 2-33 Basketball 43 Glee Club 1-3-43 French Club 33 Concert 4. JAMES DeSANTIS "Great men are not always wise A. A. 1-2-3-43 Golf 2-3-43 Bas- I! ALEXANDER ASHE "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world" A. A. 1-2-33 Orchestra 1-23 Shadows Staff 33 Whitehornet 33 Track 1-2-33 Soccer 3-43 Basket- ball 3-43 Hi-Y 43 Treas. Hi-Y 4. VIOLET BUTTERWORTH "Variety is the spice of life" Glee Club 1-43 Sec.-Treas. Class 2-33 A. A. 1-2-3-43 Operetta 12 Girls' A. A. 2. EVELYN L. COLLINS "What's bred in the bone will never come out of the flesh" Transferred from Glen Ridge. GEORGE CRAWFORD "A clear fire, a clear hearth and the vigor of the game" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Student Council 13 Class Vice Pres. 13 Class Pres. 33 Operetta 1-2-33 Play 43 Treas. French Club 33 Baseball 2-3-41 Basketball 43 Glee Club 1-2. FANNIE DIBELLA "Neat, not gaudy" Glee Club 13 Girls' A. A. 1. ketball 4. LOIS DRYDEN "Thank God for tea, what would the world do without tea. I'rn glad I wasn't born before tea." Girls' A. A. 13 Girls' Glee Club lg French Club 3g A. A. 1-2-33 French Play 4. lxcmg' 'lifLZm2" 'kilxcmfe 'ki 1 9 3 3 Page eleven SHADOWS U' Gif- fvq M 'Qff-5735 ff Tw 1 9 3 3 2' Page twelve -Y ff' ,lf ...... up S ,E ...... ws ANNA GULLA "First say to yourself what would be, and then do what you have to do." Girls' Glee Club 1-2-33 Accom- panist Boys' Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Operetta 1-2-33 Orchestra 43 Sec.- Treas. Glee Club 23 Class 43 Stu- dent Council 4g French Club 33 French Play 43 A. A. 4g Girls' A. A. 1-2. ELIZABETH L. HOFFMAN "As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean" Glee Club 1-3-43 Sec. 43 Girls' A. A. li Operetta 33 Concert 43 Whitehornet 33 A. A. 1-2-3. LOIS JOHNSON Art Club 13 Girls' A. A. 1-2. EDWIN C. KAUTZMAN, JR. "A liberty to that only which is good, just, and honest" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Soccer 43 Basket- ball 43 Baseball 43 Hi-Y 4. VIRGINIA DUNN "Gather ye rosebucls while ye may!! A. A. 3-43 Glee Club 43 Art Club 1-2-3. ROBERT ELLETT "I clon't believe in principle, but I do in interest" A. A. 1-2-33 Play 1-2-32 Golf 3-41 Glee Club 4. IRIS ALINE HALLETT Glee Club 2-3-43 Operetta 3. DOROTHY HOGAN "In her tongue is the law of hind- ness" Glee Club 1-2.' MARION M. KNIPSHILD "Ah you flavor everything,' you are the vanilla of society" ' A. A. 13 Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Op- eretta 33 Concert 4g Sec. Glee Club 1. VIVIAN LA RICCIA "The hairbrain chatter of irre- sponsible frivolity" Glee Club 1-43 President Glee Club 43 Whitehornet 33 Concert 43 Girls' A. A. 23 A. A. 4. ivaguiiwqsujivqsui 1 9 3 3 -uf" Page thirteen X X ,. fa.. -f"6"" 'VM w., 34 aww WWW 1 9 3 3 Page fourteen 'is luasujivqsu """ SHADQWS LOUIS MILBAUER JOHN MILTON NANN "Make a virtue of necessity" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Student Council 3-43 Pres. 43 Class Pres. 43 Soccer 3-43 Glee Club 3-43 Operetta 33 Hi-Y 43 Concert 4. EDWARD NEWTON "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance" A. A. 3-43 Soccer 3-43 Basket- ball 3-43 Operetta 33 Concert 43 Baseball 3-4. ROY E. ONG "Defend me from my friendsg 1 can defend myself against my enemies." Golf 33 A. A. 3-43 Baseball 3-43 Soccer 3-43 Basketball 3-4. CLARENCE LITTLEFIELD "Well languaged Daniel" Golf 1-2-3-43 Basketball 43 Pub- lic Speaking 2-33 Play 2-43 A. A. 1-23 Class Pres. 23 Operetta 13 Student Council 23 Glee Club 13 Mayor during Boys' Week. RUTH MAIER "I am monarch of all I survey" Glee Club 43 Student Council 33 Whitehornet 33 A. A. 2-3-43 Play 3-43 A. A. 23 President 3:00 Club 43 Concert 4. GERTRUDE MORRIS "A soul as white as heaven" Glee Club 1-3-43 Vice Pres. 13 Student Council 33 Operetta 1. JAMES H. MARCHANT "The secret of success is constancy of purpose" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 1-2-3-43 Industrial Arts 1-2-3-43 Asst. Stage Director 1-2-3. ALBERT PERRELLA "Thinking is but an idle waste of thought" Glee Club 1-2-3-4: Operetta 1-2- 33 French Club 33 A. A. 1-2-3-4. ELSIE E. PIEN "Not what we wish but what we want, Oh let thy grace supply" Glee Club 1-42 Girls' A. A. 1-23 A. A. 1-2-33 Whitehornet 33 Shad- ows 33 Student Council 43 Con- cert 4. lzaxy' 'kflxsxy' qiflxmy' 'ki 1 9 3 3 Page fifteen . ,J X., SHAD OWS ff W W' Q .+ 5 1 Page sixteen ...y5 ,E ...... wg gh: ...... 19, GE... MAX REKOON ARTHUR RIDSDALE "Let this world slide" A. A. 2-31 Soccer 3-43 Basket- ball 43 Baseball 43 Glee Club 2-3- 43 Hi-Y 43 French Club 3. W. BERNARD SAMSON A. A. 1-2-33 Operetta lg Glee Club 1-43 Student Council 13 Hi-Y 4. CHARLES E. SMILEY "Whose little body lodged a mighty wind" Pres. Boys' Glee Club 13 Glee Club 33 Play 2-33 Operetta 12 French Club 3 3 French Play 42 Winner Public Speaking Contest 4. HELEN E. MUESER "Nothing so hard but search will find it out" Girls' A. A. 1-2: Operetta 1-33 Glee Club 1-2-3-43 French Club 33 Shadows 33 Concert 4. ROBERT C. POOLEY, JR. "I have found you an argument, I am not obliged to find you an understanding." Lincoln 1-23 Verona Hi-Y 2-3-43 Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Operetta 33 Baseball 2-43 Glee Club 4 3 Concert 43 Cheer Leader 4. GEORGE D. ROBERTSON "Wit and Wisdom are born with a man" A. A. 4. EDYTHE ROTHENBERG "How forcible are right words" West Side High School: Glee Club 23 Social Welfare 1-2: Bas- ketball 23 Concert 23 Verona: A. A. 33 Glee Club 33 Concert 3. KENNETH W. SMITH "In the full tide of a successful experiment" Glee Club 13 A. A. 1-2-3-43 Op- eretta 13 French Play 4 3 Sec. Hi-Y 43 Public Speaking 4. JAMES SWALLOW X "You may relish him more in the soldier than in the scholar" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Pres. A. A. 43 Soccer 2-3-43 Captain Soccer 43 Basketball 2-3-43 Captain 43 Base- ball 2-3-4. 1 9 3 3 ivqsuiiuqsuiivzcsui Page seventeen XM! . ,... ..... , . AA n, ...... ..,, AA J ...... ..,. A- ...M ,A ,. -------.. , AY-qi --"" """ 29, giigi SHADOWS Jiixpxlxlxllx X L, A SZ. Q W WW' 11" ...... ...... qi ...... yqlgsszrqd ...... ...... H, Page eighteen ,M ...... E., SHADOWS ,E ...... M, ,E ...... BP DORIS MARIE VIRTUE "After us the deluge" Westfield High School: Speech 23 A. A. Verona: A. A. 33 Glee Club 4g Whitehornet 3. ANNA MAY WEIR "A town that boasts inhabitants like me can have no lack of good society." Glee Club 1-43 Student Council 1-23 Operetta 13 Shadows 33 Girls' A. A. 13 A. A. 1-2-3-43 Whitehor- net 33 French Club 3. r CLAUDE VALENTINE, JR. "Here's metal more attractive" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 1-2-4, Vice Pres. 1, Pres. 43 Operetta 1-3: Play 1-23 Orchestra 1-2-3-43 Band 3-43 Manager Soccer 43 Hi-Y 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4g Shadows 3. SYLVIA ANDREE WAIMON "But Thy eternal summer shall not fade" Girls' A. A. 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 1-2-43 Orchestra 13 Orchestra Li- brarian lg Hockey 13 Operetta 23 French Club 3. CARL G. WITTE "Whistle, and she'll come to you" A. A. 1-2-3-43 Glee Club 3-43 Operetta 13 Concert 43 Student Council 2g Soccer 4g Tennis 33 Track 1-2-33 Manager Basketball 43 Editor-in-Chief Shadows 3. ...wg ,E ...... kr, qi... .... , .E 1 9 3 3 ,lg ...... hx, Page nineteen ...... iz? ,E ...... EP 1943 HEADLINES GINNY DUNN announced, on' her 8th wedding anniversary, that her book, "Care", in which the burdens of the poor people were expounded, will soon be published. LOIS DRYDEN has again entertained the all night "Bridge and Gossip Club". TIPPY KNIPSHILD has recently replaced Mrs. Wood as V.H.S. dietician. CARL WITTE, noted movie director, nears completion of his 13th picture. i The scenes are laid on board a yacht and the lead is a young, wealthy bachelor, Blrt Dowling. VIVIAN LA RICCIA. formerlv of Verona, has won a nation wide gum chewing marathon after 820 hours, 27 minutes, and 33 seconds. She is said to have learned the art in Verona High School. MILTON NANN, television's unseen laughter, is increasingly sought after for his sound effects. GERTRUDE MORRIS has accepted the position as head of the department of needle work at Verona's famous institution, "Overbrook". CLARENCE LITTLEFIELD recently returned from London where he enjoyed a very successful run in the lead of Eugene O'Neil's most stirring drama. He says he needs a rest-and golf. ANNA GULLA is doing her best Cwhich is plentyi to keep that venerable language -Latin-from dying entirely. THE HR. C. POOLEY' SCHOOL" is turning out men fitted to fill executive offices at a great rate. And he does it all himself. GEORGE ROBERTSON lends the touch of humor to that latest picture of Carl's. ELSIE PIEN has just made a very successful demonstration of another new hair tinting process. EDWIN KAUTZMAN, long sought after by the Paramount Studios, has finally con- sented to play the lead in the revival of all Boris Karloff productions. BILLY CHRISTIANSEN is still working as a stilt advertising man. He states that he sees no future in anything else but stilts for him. WILSON CUPP, former publisher of popular music, has been given the position of Program Director on the G. B. S. net work. EVELYN COLLINS has often appeared in New York's social news since her debut there two years ago. ANNIE MAY WEIR has been heard to say that she has had no better luck with her second husband than with her first and will probably be free again soon. ROY ONG poses for pictures advertising permanent waves given at the Cut Rate Beauty Shoppe. EDWARD NEWTON is a big Slugger on the New York A's. IT IS RUMORED THAT ARTHUR RIDSDALE wishes he hadn't been quite so seri- ous now that he has her for good. JIMMY SWALLOW still doesn't know just whom he wants to keep his, home tidy. He still has 'em on the string. ELIZABETH HOFFMANN is coming home to Verona again. The west, she said, is too "hot" for her. CLAUDE VALENTINE JR. has succeeded! He now teaches English in Room 4 fshades of J. C. HJ ...yi 1 9 3 3 ...ya ,E ...... 29 ,E.....y. Qu.. Rage twenty -uw Qu .--.uc HX gm .n-... wa 'En --.yy En-my QE:--n KENNETH SMITH is recuperating from Yellow Fever contracted in the heart of Africa where he has been doing great Work as a missionary. CHARLES SMILEY has recently published his latest book, "From Prodigy to Play- boy". MARY CLARK is V. H. S.'s Commercial Department Head. Luck to her. RAY CRAWFORD still announces over WCZ when he's not in the control room. JAMES DESANTIS made a new record on the Madza Golf Club course. He did it in 68. DORII? YIRTUE is a cigarette girl at that ritzy night club of Verona's, the "Palo to '. VIOLET BUTTERWORTH, one of America's greatest impressionistic artists, is holding an exhibition in New York. FANNIE DiBELLA has returned from France where she made quite a name for herself designing clothes. LOIS JOHNSON is still in the public eye because of her great feats in the 1943 Olympics. RUTH MAIER foh, yes, she's married!j after trying the stage, movies, and radio has finally decided on the last. She is a perfect television type. ALEXANDER ASHE is head of a big night club in New York City. DOTTIE HOGAN has just made a rather unique record. She has not missed a day at the office for 8 years. BOB ELLETT, because of his spectacular work as wireless operator of the ship, "Frankinstein", saved the lives of thousands of passengers and the crew of that ship, which was disabled in a storm. MICHAEL LEONE gained much fame in golf land by the publishing of his book, "How to Follow the Ball". HELEN MUESER has opened a new field for women. Watch her sometime painting signs on billboards and find out how to balance yourself on scaffolding. ALBERT PERRELLA has taken over the "Empire" in Newark and expects to make better and "hotter" shows. BERNARD SAMSON just completed humming his way around the world for the fourth time. IRIS HALLET is an instructor at the C. E. conference at Blairstown. WALTER BURCHUM is playing the part of a gigilo in a New York cabaret. GEORGE CRAWFORD is head of the Yankees and has had so far a very successful season. RICHARD ROLLASON is working, as general contractor, to complete by August the great highway from Mexico to Argentina. SYLVIA WAIMON and EDITH ROTHENBURG are in Hollywood, "Sib" beautifying the "stars' " nails and Edith their hair. H. E. M. '33 1 9 3 3 Page twenty-one gk: ...... Hg yu... Gui..--.ya ck SCCIAL REGISTER BOYS GIRLS M. Nann Most Popular Maier-Butterworth C. Witte Best Looking T. Knipshild G. Crawford Best All Around L. Dryden J. Swallow Best Athlete H. Mueser K. Smith Most Courteous L. Johnson K. Smith Most Studious Gulla-Mueser G. Crawford Most Typical of V. L. Dryden M. N ann Best Class Worker L. Dryden C. Witte Best Dresser F. DiBella W. Burchum Best Dancer L. Dryden K. Smith Most Conceited E. Collins "Agnon" DeSantis Quietest D. Hogan A. Perrella Noisiest V. LaRiccia W. Cupp Cutest V. Dunn M. Leone Most Dignified G. Morris C. Witte Most Sarcastic E. Hoffman G. Robertson Wittiest H. Mueser C. Witte Biggest Bluffer R. Maier J. Swallow Laziest V. Butterworth J. Swallow Nicest Smile G. Morris J. DeSantis Most Bashful D. Hogan G. Crawford Most Admired Butterworth-Maier E. Newton Best Sport Butterworth-Mueser A. Ashe Most Obliging Johnson-Morris K. Smith-M.Nann Biggest Pull A. Gulla-Dryden 1 9 3 3 Page twenty- two qi: ...... ya ,Q ...... 29 S ,Q ....-. hr ,E Ashe ....................................................---.--.- Bloomfield Avenue Buscher ................. Christiansen ......,.. Civic Center ...i..,. Clark .................... Crawford G. ....... . Crawford R. Cupp .............. De Santis ...... Di Bella ........ Dowling ...,... Dryden ...... Dunn ...... Earle ...... Ellett ...... Gleisner ..... Gulla ....i..... Hoffman ........ Hogan ........ Johnson ......... Kautzman ........ Knipshield ........ La Riccia ...... Leone ..,.....i Littlefield ..... Maier ......... Marchant ...... Mueser ....., Morris ....... Nann ...... Newton ...... Ong ....,........ Perrella ...... Pien ......... Pooley ........ Ridsdale ........ Robertson ..... Samson ...... Smiley ........ Smith ......... St. Claire ,.,... Swallow ..... Valentine ...... THEME SONGS "Underneath the Harlem Moon" "Just a Little Street" "I Can't Remember" "Night and Day" "The Grass is Growing Greener All Along" "Walking My Baby Back Home" "Let's Call It a Day" "Have You Ever Been Lonely? "A Song Without an Ending" "O Lady, Don't Look at Me That Way" H "Tony's Wife "Dinah!" "Where Are You Tonight? "Remember Me "I'll See You Again "Going, Going, Gone "Linger a Little Longer" 77 I! Y! N "I've Got Rhythm The Girl in the Little Green Hat" "Please" ffffff"""1Li'al5'off'i""iieEE"oBHiE5 a Lady" "Hiawatha Lullaby" "Fit as a Fiddle" "Get Out of My Dreams" "What Have We Got to Lose?" "Fm Young and Healthy" "You're an Old Smoothy 77 H "Margy !! "Farewell To Arms Man I Love" "Peggy O'Ne1ll" "Two Buck Tim from Timbuctu "You're Beautiful To-nightz My Dear" J! "You've Got Me Crying Again" "You'll Never Get Up To Heaven That Way" "Strike Me Pink" "You're Gettin' to be a Habit With Me" "I'm Flying High" "I Envy the Moon" "Look What I've Got" !! "What Is This Thing Called Love? "Have You Ever Been Lonely? Y! "Lover" "I'll Take An Option On You l! Virtue ,.,4,,,, ......... , ...... i....... ...... ' ' A Kiss in the Moonlight" Weber ,,,,,,,, ..... ' 'If You Were the Only Girl in the World" Weir ,,,.,.,.,,,,,, ....,.........,...................... ' 'Under My Umbrella" Williams ,,,,,,, .......................... ' 'Take Me in Your Arms" Witte ,,,i,,,,,, .................... ' 'Sweet Adeline" ,..... 1 9 3 3 Page twenty-three E995 MOD USED .give ips :tam '22 gg 8 gmwggm 05635500 350385 ,szvmvma bag EREOMWEE -bw he-gi gmgzdm 23530: GEQUOVEWDOHH Hmmgwa 3 Q m new Illlil 5:4 2026 8 gmwggm AEE WQEWHE M5 E: gmemawmho EMOCBW OE 7 M F6gQNaOg8w 'I usmwygbdg ,Magnus ,SSQEMOQBW ESQNQOQBW mm-Msg 1 IVVII ahhh hmm-UQQOS QQHNMHNE Exam It mommkgg 21692 :-:I H-Hmm 26323 I wgggggm Dom gg Sgoawpz-:II Mswcww E H52 II EEUNB Egg A-..--'.-I.I SEO 35 Enom ,NSQSQO 32215 IIIIIIIIIIII magm Wagga Hswbmgai 523536 wngwmgm :III zllll: :C-Nah-M 34: :nz I. :som zwm: V.: rosie: IIII wzwm x In :Suggs:EEE I-:I 'I-1: :ohomuw :lr Ill... Q: psmvvllil :ll zmwhsu 'ua M53 hoe wi? llll iiiiiz: :low wpdxzl:-I l NEB! ...... Illll w Q23-C wmmm ca Iwgmou IIIIII ...IIlI". ,H Ming can M5329 hom Omen maids -HR: Mimi N :-Nnumdp :ag Shu? aozz: 36:8 :bm Oz: ,-.A I iv.: V :dk A??1?:-I.: E: zmmvmvu QNX QQOU: 1-:I gong: D30 ENE l'IIl IIII p gag llllilqlhIAIIllIIII.'A-IIlIIlIIII QOH. 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R wgomg any uwmmwcgg A'l, 1 'lll Nrwgommmmel ,SVEN3 maapgwm IHOQVSQO Wwgamgl ,HQFEM I"V...--ll-'-'III 3:33. 33,6 EBU lllil IIVIIIIIII g Bibs. mu! M5655 I.'I- 95 :sewing QNEVEE II.4I Ilvlll O 'E meag- :OE gsm:-hspwhuwm 3545 'SQEGQS .IIlI,...I.'Il'.'-- Sean. HEBWDDEW IA." ..'.' H BENQ Allll Mogwai pwwbm ..." 38533669 hon Eg lllllltl :mango :Zo ,sig Q5 :EFS Eggs HSSEOE ,SEQ gn!-EAM :Sta-go E' houoou -El: Qgcow M-:Egg-: E506t-Eglgi E-E85 -S525 wcgmrvl-EA pom- 0:5 I: '.-.' Tgw C309 wo ago il. mzmcd mogg -SHE? aw-EEBW W-gi' :liz :sch iyi: Amlwpag op www! E: :ia 35 :WEE 'EE pez: 'Harman ESM ,532 N pow Hn gowcqlllll I rhmwgnemg N WEE? H: :Hcp Ast,-Nw! 6:5 Ewk sgmbogzg I: l.A...I.'-".Al'-.- 4 I..I.-l.'Il'.' hwxncm :zlll wgoz -E wmahon lm' E: II Ea gong: SCENE mowi- I wgcggml 'IIIA A I aged I I ' Mamas V Exim 'I I4I..I.!...III... :N :ugh go: :il :kdww CNE: It al.-H25 MEM? 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H, SHADOWS ,I- p RAIN Rain falls gently, softly, swiftly on all nature She dips her slender fingers into tulip cups of every hue, Like a little mouse she slips between each thirsty plant, Christening each with her clean, pure, coolness. She is beautiful, this Goddess from the heavens. H. G. '34. FOG Fog slips, lurks, slides Through city streets. Enveloping all in her path Leaving the city quiet and blank, Like a shroud over a corpse. H. G. '34. The friendliness of Nature is strong. Here everyone has his place. Her privileges are for us allg she knows no partiality. In Nature, the shy make the intimate acquain- tance of the bold, the weak with the strong, and the foe with the friend. Prejudices cease and quarrels are forgot- ten. At times, Nature seems cruel and unjust, but the mother of all living things has made plans for us all. No matter how unjust her actions may seem to us, remember, she knows no partiality, we are all her children. In the wildness of Nature everyone is at his best, for kinship is the spirit of Nature. H. B. '34, Am-"' 'kflxcmf 'kilzmy' 1 9 3 3 imp Page twenty-six CHARLES K. MARCHANT President CHARLES ELLIS Vice President Stella Allchin Jeanette Anderson Kenneth Ashworth Howard Beams E. Lorraine Beck Beulah Bergman Jesse Boyette Helen Brombach Elsie Carlson Emma Carlson Frances Carlson Justin Carroll Frances Cebello Ada Cooper Dorothy Davenport Jean Davies Hildegarde Derwig Charles Dressel Anson Fischer Helen Garrabrant Pauline Geib Rose Ginsberg Jacob Ginsberg Irving Goldbaum William Hinrichs Thompson Holdsworth Jean Holloway Aasta Indahl Charles Jackson Helen Jackson Valeska Jacobsen John Jaqueth, Jr. Jessie Kautzman Marie Krauss Frank Lanning Jerome Leavitt Nancy Lewis Edith MacDonald Sidney Macy Theodore Magee Marie Murgatroyd Geraldine McManaman KATHRINE WHITE Secretary-Treasurer Marion Mead Anna Mercovich Eleanor Miller Clifford Morehouse Euretta Murphy Antoinette Palladino David Purdie, Jr. Ruth Sellick Anne Slaight Helen St. Claire Clara Stillwell Stanley Taub Marion Teare Amanda Tempesta Dorothy Tobin Beatrice Walters Marion Waterman Eleanor Wickham Walter Widmark Page Iwvnfy-s -7-if uywuf off, 25" SHADOWS A 1 9 3 3 Page twenty-eight SS CLA UNIOR 3 J awk., ' f 'Lf'ouQQC1:-A 3,,uufef EUGENE FERACANE President JOSE PH DUFFY Vice President Robert Allard Theodora Blake Nellie Bollenback Norris Bollenback Katherine Brewster Cecil Brown Elizabeth Brown William Butt Alexander Carr Eugene Carroll Sirri Cavalero Edward Cockefair Gloria Cook Christopher Courtney Mary Crilley Gloria Davies Alma DeCamp Daniel Demarest Margaret Dempsey Louis DiBella Michael DiBella Richard Donahue Leslie Dressel Donald Dryden Joseph Duffy Richard Earle Arthur Ellett Irene Elphick Helen Feeley Eugene Feracane Virginia Fransen Florence Gillett Bertha Ginsberg Betty Glover William Gordon Josephine Granata Robert Haefling Joseph Hansberry Edmund Hintz Robert Howatt Cuyler Hunt Rose Hurwitz Betty Jacobs Herbert Johnson Blanche Kaplan lrvinfl' Kaplus Dorothv Kappelon Louis Kocon Jeanette Krasner Caril Kreuder Barna Lazar Wilber Lenz Wallace Mackey Angus MacMillan Donald McCance Kathleen McCusker IRENE ELPHICK Secretary-Treasurer Adele Meehan William Meskill Rodman Muller Elizabeth Moore Clark Noyes Janet Oates Nina Palmer Russell Paxton Emma Probasco James Reilly Claudia Rolandelli Wendell Rollason Christi Puopolo Richard Selander George Shepherd Helene Sheridan Vera Smith Oliver Stehle Clifford Stenstrom Ellen Swenson Marie Taylor Charles Teare John Touhey Alan Truex Gladys Van Orden George Waters James Waters William Wright 1 9 3 3 Page twenty mm SHADOWS . X5 ,. Pj H116 ggi 3 gm? 'kximf W Z! A X Q xy . 'L - va A, Y N . SS PHOMORE CLA SO T uf I1 I. lf, f.l3llW 1 Dorothy Amarella George Ashley Jule Ann Barber Frederick Beck Olive Bedford June Benton Dorothy Berry Muriel Bobker John Boyle Eleanor Bourie Edward Brombach Mary Anne Brown Josephine Burtis Paul Busse Laurie Cadby Thelma Carlson Virginia Carnazza Constantine Carpon Lillie Mae Clark Homer Clinch Claude Coad Ruth Coerper Carl Coslick Katherine Coslick Violet Cox William Crane Mary Lu Culp Laura Darling Mildred Davis Josephine De Lucca Evelyn Dougherty Russell Dougherty William Dryden Robert Dye John Stocks Donald Strait Charles Tuers Fred Turnbull Ormond Valentine Edward VanderDecker William Venner Lillias Francis Natalie Frey Edwin Gage Clifford Geib Rose Gerber Helen Giesendorfer John Haas Otto Haas Gladys Hallett Ralph Hallett Dorothy Hansen Margaret Harbecke Dorothy Harvie Mildred Hintz John Hoagland Dorothy Hodge John Hodgson Helen Hoffman Pell Hollingshead William Howard Kenneth Howat Elizabeth Hughes Edith Jackson Norman Jocobus Alfred Jaqueth Allan Johnson Dorothy Johnson Edward Johnson Vincent Jerard Francis Kahrs Jean King Mary Kondly Evelyne LaRiccia Clifton Lewis August Vermeire Marie Victor William Walters Arthur White Madge Wilder Kenneth Williams Howard Wirthlin Henry Lins Katherine MacDonald Leonard Macy Howard Marion Robert Marriot Helen McCrystal Woodrow McDonald Gerald Miller Lyle Mullins Lucille T. Murphy Robert G. Neill Edna J. Nesbitt John H. Newitt Charles D. Oirilvie Henry Palladino Priscilla Palmer Corbin Parkhurst Doris Parsons Helen Perry Alleine Pffeifer George Pffeifer Claire Pilger George Peilly Phillip Rekoon R. Walter Reynolds Genevieve Richardson Muriel Ridsdale Eileen Roberts Philomena Russo Thomas Ryder Mildred Scher James Siewierski George Stenstron Thelma Sutherland Robert Wittenweiller Kay Wood Robert Wrede Eleanor Young Jack Young Jean Zingg 1 9 3 3 A Page thirty-one E A ... X , x i TSX 51 53. x 5 ff-iw ff U., , fa M yn S, vmnw- . rf? RS Gifs!! fff., . I, ,Q f N . . x Cb I Y sf X u X 21 N , NK as 1 9 3 3 age ry- wo 'O7 fX SS HMAN CLA FRE xX XX SHADUWS L KVI llli 1 9 3 3 Page thirty-three SHADOWS K gf' , . KK ' XX THE STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council consists of two representatives from each home room, a boy and a girl. In addition to the representatives, the class presidents take part in the proceedings of the organiza- tion. This year, the Student Council set out with very definite plans to- ward one goalg namely to amelio- rate conditions around the school. Suggestions were made by several members of the student body re- garding improvements in the ap- pearance of the school building. Page thirty-four Plans for forming a Junior Red Cross were discussed. With the help of Mr. Crane, our adviser, and of the faculty and student body, we feel that we have accom- plished a great deal. The officers are: President, Milton Nanny Vice President, Louis Millbauerg Secretary-Treas- urer, Anne Gulla. We feel certain that the Student Council of this year may be con- sidered a very definite unit to- ward the building up of a future outstanding organization. 9 3 3 ...... ki. limi' SHADOWS lx? lzzfgxy' THE FOUR CLASSES Where will all the freshmen go After they have completed this year? They will all be ready to show How the sophomores learn to sneer. Where will the lazy sophomores go? Into the junior class they'll embark, They're pretty smart by this time you know, Miss Cook's room is where they're likely to park. And Where will the jolly juniors ascend? Up to the heights, now they're nearing' the end. Into the best of all the classes Here's hoping everyone in this class passes. Now for the seniors and where will they be? Out in the world far from you, far from me. Before they go, give them a rousing cheer. Good-bye, dear seniors, we'll miss you next year. D. '34. OUR IDEAL MR. 1933 HAS Wilson Cupp's complexion Alabama's southern drawl Claude's height Newt's eyes The feet of Jimmy Swallow The politeness of Kenneth Smith Clarence Litt1efield's brains Ched Smiley's gift of speech George Crawford's smile Albert's crooning voice Roy's curls Witte's clothes Nann's personality. i D. '34. Page thirty-five BOYS GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club consisting of thirty-five boys, conducted by Mr. Schill, our music instructor, has had a very interesting and en- joyable time this year. The purpose of this club is that the boys study and enjoy better music. We have participated in many events such as taking part in the Concert, which the Music Depart- ment gave in May, entertained the members of the Board of Educa- tion in the high school cafeteria in November, and last but not least, helped out in Assembly by singing our favorite songs. The officers are as follows: Claude Valentine Jr., Leaderg C. Dressel, Secretaryg Wallace Mack- ey and George Derwig, Librari- ans, and Anna Gulla, Accompan- ist. We are sorry that a few of the boys and Anna Gulla are going to leave us this year, but we hope that they will still continue with the same spirit that they have cherished here. Page thirty-six ivaguiivqsuiivqsuj SHADQWS izfqjskiizfzisii """- k - Bai li ORCHESTRA The Verona High School has an orchestra of which it may Well be proud. This musical organization under the splendid and able guid- ance of our music director, Mr. Schill, has improved its playing and has developed in its field of talent more rapidly this year than ever before in its entire history. All of the members in this or- ganization are musically talented fbelief it or don'tJ and many are so well talented that, on very short notice, they are able to render solos. A few of these are as fol- lows: Edward Brombach, cellog Edwin Gage, Constantine Carpon, Robert Pooley and Dorothy Hodge, violins, Sidney Macy, trumpet, Anna Gulla and Blanche Kaplan, pianists. During this school term, which is rapidly passing, the orchestra has played at all the assemblies for the singing of favorite songs, an experiment which proved suc- cessful, at the music department's concert, and for a few outside or- ganizations. Although we shall miss a few of our members next year We hope to develop more next year. lxmfp 'uflxmy' 'kflxsxf' 'uf 1 9 3 3 Page thirty-seven SHADOWS H 3 , 5 BENQ sri Ei Y Among the active clubs of the high school should be included the Hi-Y Club. Bi-Weekly meetings are held, some of these being in the form of dinner-meetings. The club seeks not only to be of assist- ance to the Student Council but to encourage all forms of coopera- tive endeavor. The members of this club have helped in different activities of the school such as decorating the cafeteria, ushering, taking charge of an assembly pro- gram and Wherever this aid is re- quested. The officers are as follows: Claude Valentine Jr., presidentg Alexander Ashe, treasurerg Ken- neth Smith, secretary, Alan Tru- ex, vice president, Robert Pooley, chapling Mr. Johnson, faculty ad- viser. This club has grown rapidly this year and expects in the near future to be one of the strongest clubs in V. H. S. """ 1 9 3 3 Page thirty-eight T Q5 - is i s. lzmf' 'kflzsxy Milk? if SHADOWS GIRLS' A. A. The purpose of the 'Girls' Ath- letic Club is to encourage partici- pation in athletics and in sports- manship. During the past year, five bas- ketball teams played in the intra- mural round robin tournament. The teams were captained by Val- eska Jacobsen, Dorothy Tobin, Virginia Dunn, Marian Teare, and Theodora Blake. Valeska Jacob- sen's team won the tournament, defeating every other team. As a fitting climax to our bas- ketball season our Club sponsored a Basketball Sports Day with girls from Caldwell High School, on Saturday, March 25. Twenty- four girls from each school partic- ipated. After a series of basket- ball games, social dancing ended the afternoon. During the baseball season there will be teams playing in the same kind of tournament. The captains are: Dorothy Tobin and Francis Cebello. The officers of the association are: president, Dorothy Tobin, vice president, Mary Crilleyg sec- retary, Kathleen McCuskerg treas- urer, Betty Brown. Qksxg' 'QIQZ' 1 9 3 3 Page thirty-nine SHADOWS L SCCCER The Soccer team started the season with about forty fellows turning out for practice. At the first meeting in the cafeteria, James Swallow was elected captain and Claude Valentine Jr., man- ager. The first string of men was picked after a few hard practices and suits were given to the follow- ing fellows: Swallow, Ridsdale, Witte, Di Bella, C. Dressel, Ong, Newton, Morehouse, Ellis, Holds- worth, Carroll, Truex, Clover. Ashe. The team, although it played a heavy schedule, showed up remarkably well winning four, losing four, and tying two. We were defeated by very strong teams: Kearny, Harrison, and East Side Patterson, although we defeated Kearny once. Next year's prospects look even better because we are only losing six men by graduation. These places will be filled by players who put up a good fight for po- sitions this year. 1 9 3 3 Page forty BASKETBALL The basketball team was led through a fifty-fifty season by the able coaching of "Doc" Goeltz. Al- though the team did not reach the winning streak displayed three years ago, it showed a decided in- crease in victories and it can be said that they did a splendid job in holding up Verona's standard of sportsmanship. The quintet was ably led by the shooting guard, Captain "Jim', Swallow. The other members of the Maroon and White squad were "Jake" Ginsberg, cagey dribbling guard: George Crawford, steady forwardg "Hobie" Earle, pot shot forwardg "Clink" Littlefield, eagle eye forwardg and back-board, Ashe, center. "Doc" Goeltz made a statement saying that he was proud to enter the boys in competition with some of the best basketball teams in the state. The managership was fill- ed by Carl Witte. 1 9 3 3 Page forty-one EksixsxiksiSmmwwkzsizagiksi BASEBALL With the baseball season hardly under way when this Writeup goes to press it is still unknown what goals the team will attain. The team has been developing fast al- though it is hampered by rainy weather. So far the team has played only three games. One of these was the severe trouncing our outfit gave Newark Academy which was supposed to have a strong team. Only one game was lost and all signs point to a very good season. Coach Wilkin, our able instructor, has also succeeded in scheduling games for the second string. The members of the team are as follows: Di Bella, Swallow, and Carr, pitchersg Ginsberg and Di Bella, catchers 5 Swallow and New- ton, first baseg Crawford, second baseg Newton, Ginsberg, and Di Bella, third baseg MacDonald, shortstopg Ong, left fieldg Owen, center fieldg C. Dressel, Pooley, Ridsdale and O. Valentine, right field. The managership was filled by Edwin Kautzmann. ERSQEGQEQSSI933f2mQ3kdi?sKf Page forty-two SHADOWS GOLF The Golf Team banged into what may be a pushover season. First they battered Barringer, the Newark City Champions, so that the urban chaps were swinging at violets and boundary markers, then the team buried our tradi- tional rivals from the wilderness of the Caldwell Plateau, in the sand traps at Green Brook Coun- try Club. Throughout their games, tee and fairway, craftsmanship has characterized the action of this year's turf digging machine, which is composed of Clarence Littlefield, James fAgnoj DeSan- tis, Michael Leone and Robert Ellet. At Doctor Goeltz's original con- vocation, Littlefield, who is a vet- eran of four years of Whitehorne golf, was successfully promoted for captain and manager. Clar- ence triumphed with a fourth place in the New Jersey State In- terscholastic tournament, at Hope- well, last spring. Further, besides holding the record low score for high school players, on the Green Brook course, Littlefield has made a clean sweep of eighteen of twen- ty matches, in the last three years, for Verona High. The team is scheduled to play Newark Normal, St. Benedicts, Central CNewarkJ and Summit, the State Interscholastic Champ- ions. lxrxy' 'kflksxy' 'kflzmy' 'bf 1 9 3 3 Page forty-three SHADGWS 1 9 3 3 Page forty-four GIRLS' GLEE CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club this year started out with much fervor and zeal, and much to the satisfaction of everyone, has continued this fine spirit throughout the year. In addition to the regular Glee Club, a quartet has been formed con- sisting cf: Elsie Russell, Helen Mueser, Helen Jackson, and Frances Cebello-alternate, Hildegarde Derwig. At the Christmas Concert, Anne Sfaight and Helen Mueser sang solos which were very well rendered. The Glee Club has been called on to sing at various outside benefits and the cooperation of the girls was greatly appreciated. Miss Lewis, our director, has been the incentive and we appreciate her efforts in helping us have a Glee Club that we are proud of. Cne of the high spots of the year was the opportunity of the quartet to sing cver Station WAAM. THE FRESHMAN GIRLS, GLEE CLUB The Freshman Girls' Glee Club, which has been meeting every Fri- day morning in Room 4 under the guiding hand of Miss Lewis, the music director, has been progressing very rapidly. We hope to sing in assembly in the near future. The officers are as follows: Jean Zingg, presidentg Betty Hughes, vice president, Eileen Roberts, secretaryg and Jule Ann Barber, librarian. Next year we will greatly strengthen the High School Girls' Glee Club both in numbers and in talent. We sincerely hope that the Freshman Girls' Glee Clubs in the future will have an enjoyable and educational year like, if not better than, the one we have just spent in Room 4 under the in- struction of so great and capable a leader. llxcmy' 'kflxmy' 'kflxmv' 1 9 3 3 Page forty-five SHADUWS CAN YOU IMAGINE Doris without Anson? Pooley being meek and mild? Anne Weir without a Brown man? Vivian being serious? , Gertie coming to school every day? Sylvia without her bright nail polish and high-toned glasses? Elsie Pien with Black hair? Crawford with anyone but Smith? Ginnie being quiet for two minutes? Dolly being dignified? The high school having only one Dryden? Roy Crawford being a bold brute? Violet with a bad disposition? Ridsdale not being a ladies' man? Kenneth Smith being dumb? Stephanie making a noise? The school having popular songs in assembly? Having no examinations? Davenport and Briggs not parked near the school every morning? Alma DeCamp running after "local boys"? Certain boys in school going out with a girl? Jack without Dolly? Miss Cheney Without her weekly tests? The cafeteria Without fish on Friday? Alabama minus his southern slang? A school team without Swallow? Nann minus his laugh? Charles Ellis without Marie Krauss? A Year Book which pleased everyone? Everyone doing his own homework? Chucky without her golden locks? Roy without his curls? Using your library slip only once? Mr. Wilkin without his jokes? Nina without Gobby? The clocks all working perfectly? Having more holidays? Having no more dry talks in Assembly? 100 per cent School Spirit? """ 1 9 3 3 Page forty-six Qzamy' SI-IADOWS ALPHABETUM A is for "Ashie", he's called Alex too, B is for Birt, "Alabama" to you. C is for Chuckie, the school's "bestest" vamp, D is for DeSantis, the future golf champ, E is for Earle, the joy of any class, F is for Freshmen, still green as grass! G is for Gulla, can she' tickle those keys! H is for Hoffmann, "Mamie" if you please. I is for Indahl, as an artist, not bad! J is for Jesse, that nice southern lad. K is for Kautzman, Eddie I mean, L is for La Riccia, who makes us all scream. M is for Mueser, who has a nice voice, N is for "Newt", or is Eddie your choice? 0 is for Ong, who wears a red sweater, P is for Pooley-oh, there'sV no one better! is for quizzes, which I hope you'll always pass, is for the rushing, which we do for each class. Q R S is for Swallow, another Bobkar fan, T is for Tompy, quite the ladies' man. U is for Universities--going? Hope you stay, V is for Valentine, "Junior", Iris'd say! W is for Waimon, a senior belle, X is for "X-cuses" that we all know so well. Y is for Yells that we give when we cheer, Z is for Zeta-that has no meaning here. SPRING I saw an ancient cherry treeg Scarred and crooked Rooted in a field. The field, too, was scarred With the marks of a plow, The mist of bloom trembled on the branches. A breeze came--and laughed-and went, And the rich, red earth seemed flecked with snow. M. T. '34. 1 9 3 3 Page forty-seven SHADOWS TO THE LITTLE SCRUB It's only a toast to the shadows-no more- You never will see them-it's a terrible bore Watching them struggling in cold and rain Bleeding and fighting for a varsity's name. You say that your heroes struggle as well? Yes, they get the honorg the Scrub gets the h-! He's only a shadow-it's all in the game He never gets praisedg but he's there just the same. It's only a drink to the forgotten-the drub. Here's a toast to his honor, the Scrub! R. G. '34, RECOMMENDED Chucky Gleisner's dancing feet. Elizabeth Hoffmann's "short" stories flittle "olly"J. Marian Knipshield's pretty eyes. Vivian La Riccia's sense of humor. Anne Slaight's voice. Lois Dryden's vocabulary. Evelyn's fancy sewing. Ginnie Dunn's rosy cheeks. Violet Butterworth's dimples. Verona High School-good old Verona. B. W. '34. MISS 1933 HAS Elsie Pien's hair. Tippy's eyes. Mamie's eyelashes. Ruthie's nose. Lois J ohnson's complexion. Ginny Dunn's smile. Edythe Rothenberg's petiteness. Dryden's personality. Anna Gulla's pull. Evelyn's demureness. Doris's craftiness. Vivian's sense of humor. Fannie's clothes. Mme. X '33, lmsxy' 'liflkmfp qiflzmy' 1 9 3 3 Page forty-eight SHADOWS Wfhe Shop Tl1at's Different" Fcannls K I W For Every Occasion 632 Rloomfielcl Ave. Montclair, N. CREENIIOUSES AT YICRONJX, N. Plione: lNltc. 2-5465 Niglitwlllioncz Ycr. 8-4865 Miss Mabirmans SECRETARIAL AND FINISHING EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL ACADEMIC For the young woman seeking a high grade Commercial and Cultural Training. High school graduates and college women eligible only. Short term and long term Secretarial Courses. SELECT, LIMITED ENROLLMENT 126 Clinton Ave. Newark, N. Bigelow 3-0563 APPLICATIONS RECEIVED NOW FOR SEPTEMBER ENROLLMENT -TummiuiininIInummminniunnInmnmunuiuuninunmmummmnuninIInIIIIInumm-.muu-um-uninnIIi-1Ininnninum-mmmm:-mn 1 9 3 3 Page forty-nine SHADOWS X G. E. WEBER Optometrist and Optician 297 Bloomfield Ave. MONTCLAIR 309 Bloomfield Ave. CALDWELL Phone Mtc. 2-5827 JACOBSENS SPORT SHOP Everything In The Line of Sports Athletic Wear Ammunition and Fishing Tackle Tennis Rackets Restrung 24 Hour Service Films Developed 596 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE MONTCLAIR, N. J. ui Ininnlininnnumuuuunmm The EDWARD MADISON CO. Books, Stationery, Art Wares, Cameras, Ar- tistic Framing and Printing 427-429 Bloomfield Ave. MONTCLAIR, N. nnnannnnnnnunnunnunnnnnnunnnununnnunnnuunmum School of Secretarial Training Intensive one year course stimu- lating cultural and vocational achievement. Curriculum combines standard college subjects with practical secretarial studies. Dis- tinguished faculty of university professors. Fall enrollment now open to care- fully selected group of young wo- men. High school graduation pre- requisite. For bulletin address the Director. Telephone 4926 22 " W East Branch Prospect Orange 326 Main Street Orange, N. J. Street .xi , N. Telephone 9165 TELEPHONE ORANGE 3-1246 1 9 3 3 """ B963 Page fifty uuulu nunnuuunnmnmn ...... SHADOWS W. in-nuuunnnnnunnnnunnnnnnunmnuu nannunnunnnunnuunnnnuunnunmnunnmnulmunnnununanannnnmmnnnnnmn Telephone : Mitchell 2-6779 THE H. A. GREENE COMPANY Sporting Goods - - Camp Outfitters Special Discounts to V. H. S. Students 88 Halsey St. Newark, N. J. HENRY BECKER 81 SON INC. Exclusively GRADE "A" DAIRY PRODUCTS 54 Years Continuous Service Telephones: Farms and Main Office Caldwell 6-0350 Roseland, N. Orange 5-5000 annumnununuuuunnnnu Iunnnnnnnnunuuuuunnnnnnun nnnuununnunnnnnnun COMPLIMENTS OF WHITE STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHERS ,nunnuannumunnunnnunnuunnmununnmnnnnunnnnnnnununnnnninmnunnnnnunaninin:mumnunuunannnanmuunnuumnun lxixg' 'milzsxg' 'uflxcmy' 1 9 3 3 "- P g f'ft ae 11 ...... be SHADOWS ,E ...... :gr SOUND managerial policies and long, successful experience have provided us with sufficient equipment, adequate personnel, and ample resources to render dependable service as artists and makers of fine printing plates. That you will be secure from chance, is our first promise. JAHN at OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. In the foreground 1 Ft. Dearborn referected in Grant Park on Chicago's lake front. Illustration by Jahn fr Ollier Art Studios. 811 Wes! Washington Blvd., - Chicago, Illinois Printed by The Benton Review Shop Printers of School and College Annuals Fowler, Indiana A ,E ...... he 1 9 3 3 ,E ...... kr Page fifty-two - wwf- wi'Jf93'fw .QU Q97 . , wwf :ff TQ??7jM'M7ffffW WWW 2555 MK V19 RQ: Q65 M7W 'fllfj fi, K , v5 W ' W WL W7 .Q nw 74 gy! 6 ' M J ,6Z,Q,4,! ., U .X MQW, W N W my W , WV M1fE!f5f W Qfgyww WW MWWW 07 Wk 2" , L QAM 55 W MLW fwm fafmjfviwjy 4 . 4 W df M W if M wi , 4 my M324 W I MLA? .

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Verona High School - Shadows Yearbook (Verona, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Verona High School - Shadows Yearbook (Verona, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Verona High School - Shadows Yearbook (Verona, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Verona High School - Shadows Yearbook (Verona, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


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