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in ...ak .Q M . Db. Q 'EQ df? 1 5 jig S, , u K 'iw 1- Yv I I prnsentnii The Staff Ulu!! nf Marana gfixgh 512111101 The Marple anim G5nli1 ha Yr U11 fly D Manganaro A Berg R Mooney V Lyter GB ff 1 c 2 r rs was cfwfsw Under the excellent guxdance of our new sponsor, Mr. Echard, we the members of the Staff Club, published another yearbook of whlch we are truly proud. Our club spent much tlme trylng to make each book one whrch wtll be remembered. Every effort was made to obtarn the best prctures and the most mterestrng wrrte ups Wrth such a blg project on our hands the members of the club had very 11tt1e tlme to leave ldle. We hope you enjoy our book of 1956. SEATED R. Panza V Lyter D Manganaro R Mooney A Berg C Gustavson STANDING- ,Solicitors E. Sherman, M. Simpson, R. Tamburro, N. Stewart, T. Koch, B. Doles, B. Sill, M. King, H. Houck. ,x fllfilflilll N 3 0 9 ,lj fU5"'bx ww 5' tI.1"2"S" Our dedrcauon :hrs year IS a lrule our of the ordmary We are dedmaung Ih1S Year Book of 1956 to Mr Clark our Janrtor Peanuts has been wrth us for many years and he 1S a Joy to have around Peanuts has been a frrend to all the students and has mad e us all very proud of our school To you Pea nuts we say Thanks -A4 I . 1 'S rf? ' Q1 5 s '11 ,Hof Q K r 3 A L N 5193 5-9 G9 PRHGYAWJ iQ5U13K2W2UW MRS KITKO Secretary to Supervxsmg Pr1nc1pa1 'T 7 " 4 'I 6 we -fe .1 Q4 K2 Mr. D. Maroni, Mr. C. Stoner, Mr. R. Eiler, Mr. A. Shaw, Mr. F. Schwartz, Mr. R. Morford, Mr. I. Young fi 9 . A . !, Q 1 . ,fy B39 'Wil 33 T309 Our I-hgh School prrncrpal Mr Anderson 15 a frrendly adv1sor to the students as well as the d1rector of our school HCIIVIIICS Presrdmg at our assemblres and greetmg v1s1tors are the most obv1ous of hrs dunes We thank you for what you have done to strengthen and enr1ch our hrgh school A most able rnstructor leader and adv1sor IS our supervlsmg pr1nc1pa1 Mr Douds He IS always w11l1ng to extend a helprng hand to the students need mg advrce We would like to express our thanks Mr Douds for your lnterest 1n us and our problems ftnallg rnnhexi jill! fiqrw nhnuztt ere ,f dfgx Url 17 2111212 X F Qcgfx hPgIUUlU5 VU 5,-is Q .1 Q' X R535 w X giaiifw YN ? X If 41,3 -63 Q9 gnu-Q43 'sQy ff 'I 1 Q zu: if-GPX R T X MRS HIGINBOTHAM Commerclal Studles gulf' sl MR MONACO Health Physlcal Educat1on Q , , ,Sardar Qllams Q9fficrs C Plutls B Mason L Crrbbs As our four years H1 V H S come to a close we remember many of the happen mgs The excltement of our freshman year the anxrety of our sophomore year the year This year 1S all those years put together Excrtement, anxrety, and busmess at hand all are rn thxs last year rn hlgh school When commencement came at last we really and truly for the f1rst trme reallzed that our hrgh school career was almost over for us Th1s was our last m1le before faclng the cruel world In closmg we would lrke to say that we will never forget V H S and we hope you w1l1 always remember the class of 56 Q . , Q , . ' . 4 f n g ' . ' . ' . ' business at hand for the prom in our junior year, and the last, but not least, our senior . . ' I ANTHONY ARCURI Nrckname Tony STANLEY ALCORN Nickname -- Fedge Fedge proved to be a hard man to move the hne and always made rt rough for hrs opponents He was a member of the Football Club for four years and was always ready to HSSISI you when help was needed Hrs Wlllfllllg smrle has won hrm many frrends Ambruon To play college football Tony was a great gr1d1ron threat unt1l hrs Senlor year when a knee 1nJury put hrm up for the rest of the season Tony was very popular wrth everyone and had a knack for makrng frrends Hrs act1v1t1es rncluded the chou' and glee club and also Football Club We are sure Tony w11l make a success of his future Ambrtron To be a Jarutor at a gul s college SYLVIA AUSTIN Nickname Syl was a member of the band and alsoa cheer leader for two years Personahty and her many frrends were Syl s most valuable possessrons She was an alto rn the chorr and glee club and was outstanding rn both the Junror and Senlor Plays Ambmon To be a beauucran SANDRA BECKETT Nickname -- Sandy Sandy was well liked by all. Her lively strutting made her an asset to the band. She shared the honors as head majorette for half of her Senior year. Sandy was a member of the choir and glee club for four years and participated in the Senior Class play. Ambition: Medical Secretary. I AMES BRUNNER Nlckname Cricket Jim was the small man of the class and was also one of the qruetest His assrstance to the football team and also basketball will always be remembered. Jim was a member of the Football Club We wish LOUISE CRIBBS Nickname Weasy Louise was the peppy cheerleader you saw at all the games She was secretary of our class for three years Louise was a member of r.he chou and glee club and also the great Dramatics Club She appear ed rn the Junior Class Play and played the lead in the Senior Class Play She will always be remembered Ambition To be a nurse Jim success in his future at college Ambition To coach at Duquesne University BARBARA FARREN Nickname Barb EUGENE CRISSMAN Nickname -- Tippy Tip was the Tony Curtis of our class and a real lady killer. Well liked by all, and always around when help was needed, he proved to be a valuable player on the gridiron. Tippy was a member of the Football Club and also a bass in the Choir and Glee Club. Ambition: To have a car that runs. Barb was a very active girl at V H S Besides singing in the choir and glee club she was a member of the band Varsity Club Student Council and ap peared in the plays of the Dramaucs Club She con tributed her high spuits to the cheering section and also her ability to act which was rn the Junior Play and the Senior Play Ambition To find a career -avr ff: ROLAND F ARROW Nickname Rogie Rogre was late rn coming out for football but sonahty and ability to make fr1ends will surely help him to succeed ln later years Rogre took part in the Junior and Seruor plays He was a credit to the National Honor Society Ambition To have a cool hot rod Q1 V' A proved himself still a good halfback, His quiet per- : Q s . . . . RICHARD HOLLINGER Nickname -- Dick If you ever wanted a good laugh or to hear the latest joke, you would naturally look Dick up. He was a member of the band, choir, and glee club. Dick was also amemberof the Dramatics Club and took part in the plays they put on. Ambition: To go to Hollywood and be a comedian. GARY IRELAND Nickname Moe Moe s great humor made lum a standout among the class Gary showed his ability on the hardwood as a smooth basketball player As football manager he helped keepahve the wtnning spint Moe was a bass rn the Choir and Glee Club All these acttvrties dld not stop Moe from being a member of the National Honor Society Ambition To lead an orchestra WILLIAM JOHNSON Nrckname Our class has many comedians and B111 is at the top of the hst B111 was very very unpredictable One day he was in school and the next he wasn t there His presence in a classroom let you know that it wouldn tbe a dull period He was a member of the choir and glee club and played a very good part in the Senior Play Ambition To have a girl in every port . x THEODORE KOCH N1ckname Knock Ted was better known to his friends as Knock for some odd reason He was one of the quiet boys of our class but 1'us friends knew hlm different Ted was a great help to the football team as a manager and he was also a member of the Staff Club Ambition To be a success in college WILLIAM KELLEY Nickname -- Issac Bill was the fast kid on the basketball floor. He contributed his ability to the football team for three years. Billwas the president of the Student Council and was a member of the choir and glee club. We are all sure that Bill will be a success in all he does. Ambition: To drive a bigger, blacker Buick. LINDA KONALD Nickname rn Linda one of our ardent ma Jorettes showed her ability to be a leader when she lead the band in her Sophomore and Semor years She was a member of We will always remember her cute smile Ambition To be a nurse . N L. g the Student Council and also choir and glee club. GEORGE LYTER Nickname -- Geno Geno was one of the outstanding football play- ers of our class. His name was feared by opponents. George helped with many of the class activities. Geno's outstanding personality has won him many friends through his years at V.H.S. Ambition: To get out of school. DOLORES MANG AN ARO Nickname Dee We owe our thanks to Dee for some of the won derful work done in the yearbook as assistant editor She helped the class as a member of the Student Councrl for three years Besides this she was in the band and an alto in the Choir and Glee Club for four years Dee has always been a friend to all Ambition To be a beautician BARRY MARKS Nickname Liberace Barry was nominated as the Knock of 56 in the shop class He was one of the quiet boys of the class but he knew how to make friends His piano playing was always entertaining to llsten to With hls ambx tion we are all sure that he will be the last one to let you down Ambition To be a funeral director. WILLIAM MASON Nickname -- Willy Willy was the president of our Senior Class. He was active in the Student Council and was a member of the band, orchestra, choir and glee club. Besides this, Willy had a part in the Senior Class Play. Willy was atricky guard on the hardwood and proved to be LYNWOOD MC BRIDE Nickname Sid Sid was the Jolliest member of our class H was a friend to all and had a smile for everyone Std played football for three years and was a bass tn the choir and glee club for four years Whenever there was work to be done you could find Sid Ambition To be a success in everything a valuable member of the team. Ambition: To play first trumpet in Moe s orchestra ELEANOR MILLER Nickname Ellie Ellie is a cute little black haired Senior You may have seen her in her role as mayorette in the high school band She has been with the band for four years and also an alto in the choir and glee club Though she was small in size she was big in heart Ambition To be a private secretary NANCY MONECA Nickname -- Nance Nance, whois a real sweet girl, took part in the Choir and Glee Club. Also this lass was a member of the Dramatics Club. Nancy loved kids and was popular with everyone. This gal also tickled our funny bone for her clever answers in class. She will succeeed in all she does. Ambition: To helpthe needy people. ROSE MARIE MOONEY Nickname Chinky Where there was laughter you could find our Rose She was a member of the Staff Club for four years and in her Senior year was the editor She was in the Student Council band choir and glee club and also played the lead in the Junior Class Play and a swell part in the Senior Class Play We ll always MICHEAL MORONEY His friends call him Champ and he proved tt on the football team Many friends were won by his smile and sense of humor We ll always remember the part Mick played in the Junior Class Play He participated in the chou and glee club for four years also Ambition. To conquer the world remember her cute giggle Ambition To get married to Ken Nickname -- Champ PHILIP MURRAY Nickname Ftrp Phll came to us tn our Semor year and wtsh he would have come sooner He fltted tn wtth our class from the moment he arrlved Firp Jotned many actl vmes such as football and basketball He was also tn the Football Club We wlll never forget Phil s out RUTH MURRAY N lckname Ruthy Ruthy wasa member ofthe Nattonal Honor Soc lety she was a member of the band cholr and glee club for four years Ruth was supposed to be one of our qu1et ltttle Senlors but her frtends know better Ambmon To be a doctor standmg personality Ambmon To own a Coup de Vllle MYRNA OGDEN Ntckname Sllm Myma was a very popular gul at our school Dunng her years at V H S she parttctpated ln many acttvtttes such as band cholr and glee club and Dramatlcs Club We all know that her personality and ablhty to make frlends wrll help her to succeed Ambrtton. To be an atrllne hostess DOMONIC PALMER Nickname -- Dom A very popular boy at our school is Dom. There was never a dull moment in the class with Dom there. He played four years of football for the Panthers. Dom was a member of the choir and glee club. He spent his spare time at Bard's scooping ice cream for the kiddies. Ambition: To be a successful married man. ,xg N X . . CONSTANTINE PASTIS Nickname Connie Connie s first love was for music and he showed it in h1s outstanding work in the band and orchestra He was student director in his Senior Year Connie took an active part in the choir and glee club and that smooth dancer on the floor with the girl from Penn State was htm too Ambition. To be a rich Greek CAROL PLUTIS Nickname Poopte Carol was one of our tricky majorettes who has been with the baud for four years She was also a member of the choir and glee club for four years and she was in the Photography Club We will never for get her pleasant smile and outstanding personality Ambition. To be a nurse GEORGIA PLUTIS Nickname -- Pee Wee Although she was the smallest girl in the class Pee Wee was always ready to help everyone. She dis- played fine actingability in both the Junior and Senior plays. In the hand, she showed her ability as a major- ette. She also participated in the choir and glee club. RALPH SANTUCCI JAMES REGAN Nickname Inkey Jim was our varsity center of the great football team for four years He liked the out of town girls and attended most of the school dances Jim was a hard worker and the stage manager for both our plays Jim was a swell kid and will surely succeed at any task Ambition To get married and be rich Ambition: To be a secretary. PY- Nlckname Noodle Ralph s outstanding football record cannot be overlooked His versatility on the gridiron helped Verona in their winning cause He also contributed his efforts to the Verona team on the hardwood Noodle was Vice President of our Junior class and was a member of the choir and glee club for four years Ambition To be a big time bookie .1 ' ' PETER SEKEL Nickname -- Pete Pete was the "joker" of the class of '56, He would rather go hunting than to shop classes. Pete always was on hand with a joke and a smile for every- M one. His personality made Pete popular with every- one. Ambition: To get out of school. HELEN SMITH Nickname Boots Although Boots was qulet you could always tell that she was around Her very sparkling personality made her pleasant to know and talk to She was a member of the Dramatics Club and was in the plays they put on and also had a part rn the Senior Class Play Boots also sang in choir and glee club Ambition To be a success in life ROSS SPROAT Nickname Marlon Ross was our answer to Marlon Brando He was a member of the Football and Varsity clubs Ross played a rough game of football his four years on the team He was president of our Freshman Class and also vice president tn his Sophomore year We ll Ambition To drag out Ttppy s new car D . ' f never forget those long sideburns. , ,, JOSEPH STONER Nickname -- Harpo Every class hasa character, ours has Harpol Joe proved to be a leader, both on the football team and in basketball in which he played for four years. He was a member of the Choir and Glee Club for four years and had a part in the Junior Class play. Ambition: To play for the Harlem Globe Trotters. RAYMOND STOVER Nickname Stogre A member of the National Honor Society, Ray was the scholar of the class We are proud of Ray s basketball ability in which he played Varsity ball for four years He helped the Panthers in their victorious year on the gridiron when he came out in his Senior year We will never forget Ray who played father in the Senior Class Play too Ambition To further his education RAYMOND TAMBURRO Ray was one of the gang that always had you laughing He did a swell Job on the Staff Club as art editor Hrs ability was also shown rn both the Iunlor and Senior Class plays Tammy sang bass in both the Choir and Glee Club We all wish that Ray s future is filled with success and happmess Ambmon To become President of the United States Nickname -- Tambutz DANIEL TERLIZZI Nickname Grasshopper Dan our only redhead really lived up to hls ntckname on the basketball floor His performance on the floor has clmched many a game for Verona On the gndlron he was outstanding both on offense and defense Dan s actrvttres were the Football Club the choir and glee club and was our President tn our Junior year Besides thts Dan played terlfftc parts Ambrtton To marry a gtrl like Glna Lolabrtdgtda DAVID WEBB Nickname Webby Dave was always being kidded about Plum Creek and hrs rabbits His Jokes always left you laughmg Webby wasa great help to the football team as mana ger He was a member of the Photography Club and a member of the Advanced Art Class for four years Ambitron To be a lady killer in both plays of which we will never forget. MR. ECHARD Mathematics MISS LOWRY 1th Phy G69 s Q 39 9 Y-S Q9 P a , sica1Educatio 1 P A' x Ggffiters IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS B Tsamb1s V Lyter, G Kratsa class participated H1 All County Chorus Two grrls were Varsxty cheerleaders and many members of our class were m the band chou basketball and football teams We feel that our Junxor year is one of the biggest and best years of high school Our class has worked hard on the prom and all the activiues they have sponsored The junior class has contributed much to our school. Six of the members of our .il ,B '--J' Bablch Berg V Cassano ,Jul '37 P Bauman T B1genho S Clegg Beam R Berardl C Brennan B Brown C C1'1bbS I Davlg 36" 1' I . Grossi C. Gustavson I. Estocko I. Flajnick B. Harman E. Herron . Houck P- Kern C, Kegjgy R Knapp G. Kratsa P. Kratsa fir A 4 ,fs ff-...L S Kresevrch Kubala Kubala B aw G Lyons V Lyter McGinn1s L Mrtchell R Palmer T Panagrotou Panza F Prerro sd' .r"' I , N Pyle T Radovitch N Semencar M. Shubert C Smith J Stewart E Truerer B Tsambis P Upvall T. Wetmore W. Yeager YS SANDERS 'brarian QW 1 Qgfficetrz SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS C Rearrck N Kratsa M Stmpson G Vrores We are good we are great we re the class of 58 Thts ts the motto of class whlch was selected th1s year and rt well descrtbes our class Our class has taken part rn chotr band, and other school BCUVIIICS Thts year bemg sophomores our class has become closer to berng semors When we are sentors we w111 achteve the goals set up for us We have now passed the year of belng green freshmen and have become an tmpor tant part of Verona Hrgh To rarse money for our Junror prom next year we heldabake sale and a dance Our class does IIS best to strck together . , . , . r ' u 9 1 u - - n I ' 1 ' n I - . . W9 38- I Arcun B DOICS Eder Graham Ausun He 1w1g Z P Cnssrnan S F arren Jackson I Delo L For beck P Johnson 1-vw? .N 15? R Kaus M. King N. Kratsa N Libengood I Moritz I. Nicholson M- Petika C Rearick F Remmick I Rhea B Sill M. Simpson AX '97 B Sm1r.h S Sproat N Stewart J T1hey J Verzmskl G VIOISS Sophle Zor1ch Q df Q. m -Q I N' xA - -vf-f ,J Q! ...rv-" 'sz I .x 5 I JU' MR SHERMAN Enghsh Hlstory MISS RUGH Chemistry, Biology, Science ?""l' -.Q-J WTDW4' DMM1 ISEYIHUYI HIRING W B- F Qgffirers FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS H Keener, E Sherman I Hall Frnally after elght long years we can walk down the halls of Verona I-hgh School trcipated rn many school actlvxnes mcludmg chou band basketball and football We w1l1 do our best to 11ve up to the goal set for us , . , . as freshmen. Although it has been mostly work, we have had fun too. We have par- . . . . . . . .' ' . Antal Brandau Davxs B Bablch G Bugna A Delach T Bauman I Cassano T Dessy -van! V5 if-nib-. 0 P L 'SS' ? hr Bonner I Chllton N England -213 ?"Q:5f' M., J. Fescemyer R. Fescemyer W. Flemmg H Gonsowskx J. Grossx I Hall I. Heggenstaller C. Hollmger E. Holt I. Humphrey H, Keener A. Koch v n r Q "2 , , 1 1 id - '-i2 H T X A. T I Q " 1 5 w . c V4 W D I n f ,I . 7 T. . ' . R. S. . . . ' B. ' . . . T as ' A ' gi --f,..Lf' , is Q I - .. , r V 4 ' A 3, ig , Sl 1--'Y K .Z li i 'Trp'- .a "if P Manos T Mastromonaco B Mokosek I Murphy Rudy M Ruskewxcz .43 ,w X -04 '-fr McDade Page C Schrader f-Q ffl 'Y 'T' 4 E. Sherman G Tamburro A. Tarr D Veatch J, Zolet I. Zolet av-nm Sn . . f' 4' ' f ' S P Q. a j Q 'Y X 'ww I ' I Vxyl 5 4 f a X F 'N Q I Ntw, fANN1f' 'T' 'T' , ' ' a 4' ' ii 'ff 75 tm, f- 1 - ' 4 91 I I' ' 1 ' 4 " 1 'Vgi K ia hx W 'J y MIHEI Porovne Shaw J Terhzz1 1511111 Cflgrahe FIRST ROW I Lyons J Yeager C Morams B Brennan S Cross, B Zanella SECOND ROW A Innes, F E1ler M Chrrrllo K Beckett C Santuccl P Flajnrk THIRD ROW D Moronl B Douds N Sherman I Clark V Farrow FOURTH ROW J Montgomery R Raabe T Steffey F Damico Not prctured MR. ZELEK P O D History, Geography FIRST ROW: S. Moritz, R. Libegott, M. Stewart, G. Nicholes, B. Durich, D. Zorch, I. Clegg, D Caruso. SECOND ROW: L. Babich, R. Alcorn, F. Panza, R. Smith. THIRD ROW: I. Sill, J. Monroe L, Rearick, N. Verzinski, R. Clegg. 3BQW1aW?'f'9ZNZW1 EHNIQHWI MR. HATHAWAY MRS CHERNICK MRS RHEA Industrial Ar E I' Home Economics L ms rj .'lik N, I, . 1 , r Q 5 . 4 -L1 . , fi fi ll ? - ' f 5 nl I ,. .U Art ' ' i ffini its 0 329, Q13 E Q D f Q W "'fTQf A 3-Q," A Q Ain fc X 'ffm K I Six? 4.3:-EEff1fia f 4 d-nfwf'E1 R Wx srfafwmf ww wf SEATED V Lyter R Panza L Konald B Coles I Rhea L Mltchell STANDING D Babrch The Student Councrl as rn other years gone by has contributed much to our school Thrs group rs always lookmg forward to the betterment of the school and those who are connected wrth rt The Chnstmas Formal 15 just one of the many actlviues sponsored by thrs organlzanon We w1ll always be proud of the fact that we had such an orgamzauon rn our fme lxttle school R. Mooney, B. Kelly, G. Ireland, J. Davis, B. Mason, G. Kratsa, S. Beckett, D. Manganaro. NQIWYAJUB?-1549? 25 N C5 N25 uv' cJ 'WM' R Farrow G Ireland, R Stover R Murray The Nauonal Honor Socrety rs made up of students outstandmg rn therr work a chlevements rn school We are honored to have four members of the Semor Class of Verona Hrgh In thrs socrety the pr1nc1ple arm of the organrzauon 15 to emphasxze and encourage scholarshlp leadershxp servxce and character, both to thelr school and to therr commumty Qlcfwawf crwaw SEATED T Koch S Alcorn R Farrow B Farren R Murray C Pasus STANDING B Kelly D Ter hzzl G Ireland R Stover J' Stoner B Mason J Brunner SEATED D Manganaro R Mooney C Plums S Beckett G P1ut1s E M111er S Ausun M Ogden, STANDING R Beradl B Farren,R Panza L Cr1bbs V Lyter B Tsambls ? N351 3mC93RW3Rf5 252352 012521125 FIRST ROW E Holt J Crlbbs M Shubert J Pollock E Montgomery R Libengood D Conkhn J Ge1ser E Estocko SECOND ROW R Douds W Kenna F Damxco T Steffey J Chllton R Murphy A Koch H Gonsowslu P Manos G Avery E Herron Mrs Rhea 5251332245 CU 2532135 FIRST ROW: C. Santucci, K. Beckett, D. Zoridl, P. Guest, I. Clegg, M. Stewart. SECOND ROW: B. Bren- nan, P. Flajnik, B. Zanella, R. Liebegott, B. Durick, N. Roney, G. Nichols. THIRD ROW: C. Moraitis, C Hollinger, F. Eiler, S. Moritz. A .2-L A of X .MZ MN , . f l'f 4 Q cm wwwa V kiwi. . K N4 ' fi Ur M ' ,B W ' is W 'L Hg,Ff1f. ff' ff V 'Z -gg Q . Q. .N 'F " an Q M "" sf TE rs 1 A "' 1 ' wi 515 ff -f v ' Q Q g I a 1 . L , mf ,V - , ., , 4,1 , ,,,,. , K P 5 a fl 'Q 'i,:, ::.'f , U ,A V . , , if - 5 ,- N' -V fi. 4- : ,, 5 f ' , ' , f ' - , " .' ' ggvkbgff 13-, Q K . 3 1 5 M -.1 5 gn 4 Y . . , Nr,. , A ,Z 5 5 A , 2 K , M . M? , ,,, A J? , K, R , . ,U , E! 1 an 3 'S 3 Q? if Q 25 if Q Mai 5 M, is 1 E' f A 'L ' , fb f W - 3 K3 32 ll 1 Q Ig I 5 H 3 R' 1 Q 5 if F 5 ai , 'M-' ?Q-11.1 A1 3339 FIRST ROW M Shubert N Stewart A Berg, M Slmpson B Mason T Steffey B Berg, A Tarr S Rudy SECOND ROW B Douds B S111 C Crlbbs R Murray L Mltchell, N Kratsa C Holhnger .T Hall C Woodhall R Shaw M Kmg, THIRD ROW B E11er M Shubert A. Innes J Crxbbs FOURTH ROW R Mooney S Austm M Ogden D Manganaro B Doles Mr Pfaff G Kratsa R Hollmger V Farrow N England P Kratsa R Tamburro Lmda Sandy 01 few FIRST ROW S Beckett C Ketley V Kubala R Mooney D Bablch B Farren L Mltchell M Ogden G Pluns P Beam D Ter11zz1 D Holllnger G Ireland E Crlssman R Tamburro L McBr1de J Stoner R Santuccx B Mason G Kratsa R Murray V Lyter S Ausun D Manganaro L Crxbbs C Pluus E M1l1er L Konold H Sffllfh Mr Pfaff SECOND ROW B Tsambxs C Brennan S Sproat J Rhea G Lyons M Rusk1ew1ez S Aust1n C Hollxnger A Delach N England J Fesoemeyer T Dessy R Shaw H Houck H Keener H Mxller R Fesoemeyer L Forbeck M Shubert M King P Grossl A Berg B Brown C Cnbbs N Pyle THIRD ROW P Graham M Sxmpson B Exler N Stewart B Doles J Zolet F Porovne P Bauman, G Helwxg B Davzs B Bab1ch F Remmick G Bogna A Tarr E Herron, B S111 B Mokosek C Reanck J Mornz FOURTH ROW T Panagxotou E Sherman A. Koch H Gonsowslu J Ch11ton J Zolet T Baumanl Cassano E Holt B Law J Dav1s T Wetmore R Knapp P Kratsa B Kubala B Harmon N Kratsa T Antal J Txhey B Farren S Rudy J Delo N L1bengood P Crissman P. Johnson M WT' ' 925355 i FIRST ROW Mr Pfaff S Beckett R Mooney B Farren L M1tche11 G Plutxs M Ogden E Trueter G Lyons C Gustavuson P Beam R Panza M Shubert R Murray S Austm D Manganaro L Crlbbs C PIUIIS L Konald E M111er H Sm1th R Berardl SECOND ROW C Ketley D Bablch S Sproat J Rhea P Graham B Exler S Austm B Doles N Stewart M Kmg C Rearlck P Grossr V Lyter Berg N Lrbengood B Brown C Crlbbs N Pyle THIRD ROW B Tsamb1s J Zolet V Kubala Sherman C Brennan A Koch H Gonsowskl T Bauman M Slmpson E Holt J Zolet M RUSRIWIEZ S111 B Mokosek P Johnson J Mor1tz P Cnssman J Ch11IOl'l T Panaglotou FIRST ROW: Mr. Pfaff, L. McBride, J. Stoner, R. Santucce, R. Tamburro, G. Ireland, D. Terlizzi, B Mason, G. Kratsa, P. Bauman, H. Houck, A. Delach. SECOND ROW: G. Helwig, B. Law, F. Paroune.J Davis, R. Knapp, N. England, B.Babich,E.Herron, F. Remmick, T. Antal, R. Fescemeyer, J. Fescemeyer G. Bogna, T. Dessy, H. Keener, T. Wetmore, L. Forbeck. THIRD ROW: B. Farren, J. Tihey, B. Davis, B Harmon, N. Kratsa, H. Miller, C. Hollinger A. Tarr, R. Shaw. BKAWM 365 UWM? SEATED: H. Smith, S. Beckett, D. Terlizzi, D. Hollinger, B. Farren, R. Murray. STANDING: S. Austin, B. Johnston, T. Bigenho, B. Tsambis, G. Plutis, B. Kelly, M. Ogden, Mr. Sherman. T7 Biyi UNH? P Crlssman B Smuh J Delo J Verz1nsk1 C Brennan V Kubala -I 4 " "' I FIRST ROW, Seated: J. Mc Dade, J, Zolet, M. Ruskiewicz,T. Bouman,J. Zolet, B. Brown, SECOND ROW 54123125 M25 031353 L FIRST ROW S Aust1n G V1ores B E11er C Rearxck J Montgomery J Clark T Wlute V Farrow SECOND ROW R Dav1s B Farren G Helwxg R Bonner T Antal 52520913 41513525 Qi QU X Y LEFT TO RIGHT L Delo K Games L Rearlck P W1l1ard G Stuebgen J Stxckengloss A THU' L Bablch I ' , f'f3W3H3K 95494355 JIHQWZEQRCS FIRST ROW A Innes D Caruso M Conkhn J Marom SECOND ROW M Wnght I Yeager R Taylor J Charlesworth D Bracco THIRD ROW C W11son D Kresev1ch FOURTH ROW J Lyons L Moore B Berg Mrs Chermch P Sproat R Bonner M SSJIIUCCI C McCartney 355W MHIPQK' UJAUJQB MUSIC APPRECIATION SEATED R Jackson S Sproat E M111er L McBr1de I Mastomonaca STANDING .T ESIOCkO V Grossx P Kern 7 '-T' 'I 44 ' 9' new ev Ebiiimwili Gfmi G Knapp K Anderson M Yots I Bates L Mauro R. Dav1s A Innes C Woodhall W Kenna D Moronr R Raabe N Sherman R Colhns I Gemellas T Dessy I Morrrll R Shaw W Babrch I Hall J Humphrey G Bugna H M111er R Fescemyer I Fescemyer N Verz1nsk1e R Snuth F Panza W Flemrng A Delach H Keener M Monaco N England J S111 F Porovne mfiiiif 335 E. Sherman, S. Rudy. PBBSEWE CWHEQ FIRST ROW B Mason G Ireland R Stover B Kelly B Law J Stoner S Alcorn D Terhzzl SECOND ROW R Santuccx E Crxssman R Sproat M Moroney J DaVlS B Harmon R Knapp P UPVBI1- F' 4' C' 9 EBBSJ 'Q 01325 A 3294535 """"8 Sad! L Cnbbs B Farren R Panza V Lwer C Rearlck 0 av . 0 'I 4 4 fl 'I 4 4 . an 1 3 A A i I ,., fm. g ,, I any If Irs i The Staff Club of 1956 1 of thrs year book to Tony Arcurr As we all know Tony was a very good footballplayer In the Edgewood game Tony was playmg an excellent game untllhe was hurt The out come was a broken leg whrch prevented hrm from taklng part rn athletrcs the rest of th e year Tony wxll graduate Wllh the class of 06 and we hope he w1l1 be a success IH all s very proud and honored to dedlcate the Sports sectron he does mae QIQAQHUIAQIH5 Quarter Back BILL LAW Noodle" " Geno' Egghead B1g Ray FCC186 Cha mp Marlon " Tippy' " H31'P0" "Grasshopper 9,021 6 Flrp Santucci Terlizzi Law Lyter Stoner Harmon Regan Dom" T D. E.P 6 2 2 2 1 0 1 Total 36 13 12 12 '7 1 6 0909 533531 5159411 FIRST ROW F Porovne I Arcun R. Harmon J Heggenstaller P Upvall I Flajnrk SECOND ROW Mr Zelek R. Knapp D Terltzzx S Alcorn M Moroney I Regan R. Sproat G Lyter P Murray J Davis Mr Echard THIRD ROW T Bigenho J Stoner R Stover W Law R. San Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona .C Oakmont Edgewood East Ptttsburgh East Deer Etna East McKeesport Verona Sharpsburg Verona Mxllvale Wtth a veteran team led by quarterback B111 Law the Verona Panthers fought then' way through an exght game schedule wxnnmg stx and lostng two This ts the best record Verona has had tn 20 years The Panthers of 55 showed they had what tt takes to make a wmmng team when they conststently came from behtnd or put up a good stand rn the closrng minutes of the game to wrn 'Z 7 'I tucci, E. Crissman,'R. Earrow, C. Schrader. Q I s.J 6 ll 20 - 12 ' 0 12 12 12 '7 Ei ' l 87 '72 vu 'E e- 1 1335235553333 AMW FIRST ROW R. Santucc1,J Stoner,I Regan W Mason SECOND ROW Mr Monaco R. Knapp W Kelley G Ireland D Ter11zz1 R Stover, P Murray W Law Mr Zelek Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona 7 0 1305 ' League ga mes East McKeesport Edgewood W P S D W P S D New Kensrngton Arnold Oakmont Etna Sharpsburg Hampton East Deer Mrllvale Oakmont Edgewood Asprnwall Etna Sharpsburg Hampton East Deer Mrllvale Oakmont 1212 7 " af I' 1 63 43 63 58 67 .... 61 63 .... 69 46 ' 57 48 56 57 46 Verona 60 ' Aspinwall 41 40 ' 47 66 ' 59 60 ' 50 66 ' 63 91 ' ' 90 63 ' 54 69 57 39 ' ' 40 37 ' 46 60 ' 56 57 ' ' 46 49 ' 57 71 ' ' 53 - ' .92 Gary Ireland 41 points B111 Kelley poxnts Rx B111 Law 370 pomts Joe Stoner 53 pomts Dan Terhzzl 231 pomts l- 55 , P N ' 1 7 N 3 ,I M 3 V ' 'ar 'TX A J' D 68 1 . . . X I 1 8 gg ' 1 iv Y'f D . N 41 , W, if X f A ,R tr 14 Ph11 Murray 6 pomts Ralph Santuccr 48 pomts James Regan 1' 5 47 Ray Stover 339 pomts B111 Mason 4 pornts ,E J A0933 3U8A3K,SJU1E FIRST ROW R Kubala W Greenwald H ROW Mr Monaco F Remmtck R. Smrth, M Peuka Mr Zelek Verona Verona Verona Verona Ver ona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona 673 Houck T Wetmore C Schrader F Porovne SECOND R Knapp J N1cho1son,J Davls R Kaus W Babmh East McKeesport Edgewood W P S D W P S D New Kensmgton Etna Sharpsburg Hampton East Deer Mxllvale Oakmonr Edgewood Aspmwall Etna Sharpsburg Hampton East Deer M111vale Oakmont 42 'I 'I 1 33 36 28 64 28 . . . . 31 42 . . . . 46 33 ' 51 Verona 29 Aspinwall 53 38 26 43 52 42 32 49 44 41 ' 36 24 45 35 52 31 ' 44 18 30 35 41 28 32 24 49 37 ' 42 E 32 8 ,qs-9' fl lvl Y " if xi 1 .V ' air' 09" xgw gi L Yfwlgfi 13198 If-B Y L Etna . .R .... ....... ..... 1 1 3 East Dae! .... . ...... 11 3 Verona , . ..... . ..... .IQ 4 ,Aspinwall .... ..... ' .10 4 akrnont 9 Hampton ...., ...... 5 9 Sharpsburg . .. ..... . 4 19 Hillvale , , , . . . , . 4 14 Y- 'e Q, o og we YQ 4 ef Verona Clips Hampton To gStay In Race The box score: HAMPTON YG F Pts Collier, i ,,, ., O 2 2 Allen. f L , , . . 1 0 2 Mzwk. Q , ...,. ll 4 x 26 Ewing. g l .,,.,.. 3 3 9 lBalowski, g ,,,.,.,, l 1 3 Furguson, s ,.,..., l 2 4 Totals 17 12 46 , VERONA FG F Pls. QLaw. f .. ,....,. 5 1 11 aMas0n, f 2 0 4 .Stovexg c ....,,.... 10 0 20 Kelly, g ..,,.M,.. 1 0 2 Santucci, g ,..,4.. 5 0M 10 Stoner, 3 .,,....... 5 0 19 Totals 28 . 1 5? Hampton 15 8 13 11-ll Verona 16 12 12 17-51 bg Q?" 'Q Fi' '-'F' G - 'B' N631 Q83 V362 xt b A B5 1 wma hafixw V345 GMM? - Vi Nw " Q- SS N, Yi'.oMf,',vK 3 i Q Swv Q Q I I K LK . b is 1 46 jf 1' Y 3 .ijt " vmfjgw 1 W Q Q IRQ, in fog S J? f x www Q X E , EL II Nm Q S Rug GN es Nl exon? X7- f Smne Zim SucceSS x vmm If 'ou' Fo, Lows 1 In 55, sims l Fr I ' C f, law S y 'll' R 9? , MTX! R , 6 1 . . 'K I ui , f N :- z , Q f 'fs , :HQ '. in ' r ' I ggi, if omplimunts of VERO A CHO0L VL IOF13 PLT1I15L'ylV'lI1l 1 I I THE T SLI! U11 Xl?lIlDffl115kf1CJOIIIf'J1ifl1tIS Umm l"iI1i'fi1iII1l'I'2! IllJI'T,I'll 41 lJi'INl:XV.'1l1t' I'iIL:slm1'gl1- i-Xl Xl 1mLu- 1-4375 Ne-'-.V Hmm." gt - llust I,ilw1't,5' 'u' 'R-EE." 'Ywgxw-'Q ARCO PL MBING COMPA Y Ax X N :- . Nm! Vf roua Pc I1I1bj1X'1I1lE1 to thy Lima of C IFE C0 A 5 gl . 2 I 1, ? fl, rk A Con'1'atL11:1tiur15 3 1956 I lzixm , N- 'Q 1111 .S Q5 is Q? ,Q X .ff , Q- Q n Oh l A ' - V .H ,Y iv 2, 'Q A A 'vp A ',mK,f., Y f W 1 f M ffm: qA,'i ' M as . , .1 1 14 3 4 M M . My k A "yr 'N Y T ' Q , :gi v l 5 ia ,K , H xv...-' IHANIK VOU TOR YOUR Cr NIEROUS CONI RILUI ION SC IIUI III1 IS ROS Verona Road Verona NIC COY BROS MOTOR Turtle Creek Pennsylvanla NIANCY'S ILAUTY SALON Verona Pennsylvanla INGALLS IRON WORRS C Verona Pennsylvanla IIULH ON XIOIOR SALES Oakmont Pennsylvama WOODINGS VERONA TOOL WORKS Verona Pennsylvanla E. N. MILLER COMPANY Verona Pennsylvanla Comphments of A FRII ND MELLON NATIONAL BANK RL TRUST CO. Oakmont, Pennsylvanla AMERICAN STEEL FOUNDRIES Verona, Pennaylvanla I I 4 :L ' 'A V . , I , Q V V N Y , ' I' ' 'IN , f J L LJ I, BUS SERVICE J 1 1 3,- O. , , Q 1 -Y f, 4a I Y 3 f ' J , , I . 4, ,J V . 1 5 . I u 3 Q, is ai fvv 5 wpf' YN! 03' :gang W. s . 'Pl' , 'iff' fn., ,. ,W 4 . ,wk my .- .yy ,,: fi W A , Ahuraww ju u nf' lt, . ."I I f Quit f , .H - I MF gs El 2 THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTIONS EATON UNDERWOOD FUNERAL HOME Oakmont ROX-ANN TAVE RN New Management Verona VISUAL PLANT LAYOUTS INC Oakm ont THREE STAR BOTTLING WORKS Verona ALLEGHENY VALLEY TRUST MERRILL W CRIBBS Congratulatlons to the Class of VERONA BUILDING Sr LOAN Verona E J LOIZAS' GIFT SHOP Verona SHOAL BERER Verona THOMPSON AND COMPANY Oakmont CO. ' Oakrnont 1 956 BOOST OUR BOOSTERS r- ' I RIECK DAIRY COMPANY Pittsburgh WM. J. O'NEILL FUNERAL HOME Oakmont S. WOODINGS Sz SON Verona 1 FORBES LUMBER 81 SUPPLY Cheswick SAVOR'S BAR-B-Q Cheswick PLEASE SUPPORT OUR BOOSTERS LOU SHER Verona VE RONA LUMBE R CO. Verona STEIN'S Verona TEEN AGE CENTER Verona SHIFLET STUDIO A11qu1ppa Pennsylvama NOLL THEE BUTSHER Verona KEYSTONE DAIRY CO New Kensmgton Pennsylvama GROSS CLEANERS Oakm ont BURKET FUNERAL HOME Oakmont KIWANIS C LUB Verona Rosedale " e Bu1Id" W P MC MILLAN HDW WEIMER FLORIST VAIL PONTIAC Oakmont VE RONA DRUG CO Verona CASSOL BEVERAGE Oakmont MIDWAY BE VE RAGE CO Verona --I REUTER MOTOR CO Dodge Plymouth Oakmont Compllments A FRIEND DOT SL WALT'S Oakmont R W SINGLER PLUMBER Oakmont , I of W . Oakmont Verona ' of I Y MANY THANKS TO THE PATRONS OF VE RONA YEARBOOK WALTERS MANUFACTURING CO Oakmont Pennsylvanla VE RONA FURNITURE SL APPLIANCE Verona Pennsylvanla MERRIMAN BEAUTY SALON Oakmont PGHHSYTVSHIH FUTULES GRILL Verona Pennsylvanla GORDON'S EASTWOOD FURNITURE CO 8991 Frankstown Road Plttsburgh 21 Pennsylvama VERONA FRUIT MARKET Verona Pennsylvanla ANDERSON NEWSPAPER INC Oakmont Pennsylvama ARTHUR MC GRAIL SERVICE STATION Oakmont Pennsylvama OAKMONT 81 VERONA CAB CO Oakrnont Pennsylvanla THEL MAR SHOP Oakmont Pennsylvanla SUGAR 81 SPICE CHILDREN'S STORE Verona Pennsylvama H TOMLINSON INSURANCE Oakrnont Pennsylvanla LIBERTO NEWS STAND Verona Pennsylvama WILLEY'S SHOE STORE Verona Pennsylvanla KELLY CHEVROLET Verona Pennsylvanla KIER G EWING Verona Pennsylvanla COMMUNITY PRESS Oakmont Pennsylvanla ELLIOT BROS Oakmont LIBERTO'S APPLIANCE SALES Oakmont Pennsylvanla I SAMEC 'S TAVERN Verona Pennsylvanla I I . , 2 1 I . . . , J A r . 5 I 1 . - Q J I J. . , , .1 , . 3 . D D . I, I I PLEASE PATRONIZE CUR BOOSTERS D1ble Bros Verona John's Auto Servlce Verona Murray's Servlce Statlon Verona Joe's Da1ry Store Oakmont Gaspar1ch's Market Oakmont Mary's Lunch Verona Steve Duzanec Grocery Store Verona Caleb Lee Bullders Suppl1es Verona C A Barr Gulf Statlon Oakmont Bard's Dalry Verona Bern1e's Flower Shop Oakmont Lou Kurner's Men's Store Oakrnont Oakrnont Laundromat Androsky's Hotel Oakrnont Adg1e's Servlce Stat1on Oakrnont Hotel Oakrnont Oakmont Shoe Store Sylv1a's Beauty Shoppe Verona Caylor's Atlantlc Servlce Statlon Oakmont Oakmont Pharmacy Voeste's Glft 81 Toy Store Oakmont Jane M Antoon Oakmont Z1mrnerrnan's Men's Shop Oakrnont Kramer's Shoes Verona George Starr Verona Hlatky Servlce Statlon Verona Youngwlrth Atlantlc Servlce Stat1on Oakmont DeFaz1o Modern Shoe Servlce Verona Oakrnont Motor Supply Paula Kaye Shop Verona V1nce's Shoe Repalr Verona Verona Hardware Store Jenn1e's Dress Shop Verona Schnelder Hardware Verona A Zi J Cleaners Verona Verona Junlor Women's Club Lewls Lumber and Supply Company Oakmont Roths Confect1onary Verona Holtz Tavern Oakmont . U, l 3 . . , D 3 I D I Q ' Q , . . Q , . J . I D . . , . 3 ' . ., . I O. S. Grubbs St Sons, Oakmont ' D ' I l J J .9 . . , -. . . n . , ! . , . I - J . 3 . . , . , . . 1 J 6 J P gf INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FACTOR Kansas Cnty I ,H U '-'xiii QIEIX' PubMshers Cover Munnduclurers Book Bmdefs Y HOME OFHCE Q-in r , -+...,,M ms 1 . 4 -1 A X fa F"' VE my . , W -N , wvwwzw W. , HYEEMW M TF?HWWJRIEQFQviwww A X M AMW X X5 Wbmm Ya X , ' ' ww ' UfWM'M,x',5NT"3Wfrf "'l""" '- ' 'N .M'GWMW?-W N LVM' ,WWW ffl ,N ', X X-44,4514 , H W., A se. .. Sk, in R V 1 it I Mb -,i. Q . , A, ,Ml . X . ,M 'y-,U-iw nf "V xr 7i3"'w'?f1g51ET'wil-L, '-M 1 A MA, V 4: .A N , +,W,W N Y ww mv. is wx - ,- f- wk' -M. ww M" V, ,ws N fu '

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