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urlnle 4 Gold ffadluhecldffzfhe Siaff GLM af Wanna duly!! Sdwal rjl . vim 9,3 .L " 112 N ' ' ' Sponsors ........................................,....... W. W. Irelan N. H . . Q I - s ' Editor-in-chief ....................................... Carl Vcm'l" X 5-',. J Assistant Editors .............................. Shirley Ha A I Iohn Vescx 4 Secr tary .......................................... Vir 'a Req furflz and 6 E if LQ 7 Gold o F 1953 -'-'tNfN,-i-LT ff?- 'Q QQ- ? ., D I , B X' Fw .M G . 'N ., , W . I .A ,, ,+4ij5V.' ' A fb. 5T" wk.1:r' : 'V 'XBF1 '- is-X-f ,Swv 1 si ?',Q3,fLP4 ,gg ik, iv, 'LI '- N f ul: .Q , 5, 'KN ,kj H W M. I' V -., K ,l. exif, Q i+4'5'51',f . .91 'Q if 1 Q.,- s inwmualuwvuwauwa mh+-lumwug UQWHEQMW Bill QQQWQWWSEM 'xml' f ElIlCA'l'l0 l 84' Mr ' I J' Qu" 7 xi! , :rj W' ix N S -4 .,x A ' A N l il , 1 4 'ff xg: V 4 Q W' we N X IN our democracy there are many cus- toms some great and unportant others small and lnsxgmhcant On these pages we wrsh catmg our yearbook to someone who has con tnbuted to the school a httle something a bove the danly calling of therr Job 18 a rather rnsxgnxhcant one When the yearbook comes out we smile and perhaps comment on the person who has thas year recenved the honor Whatever our personal opxmon the mcndent soon passes trom our mrnd mto the parade ot never endmg trnvnal events whrch compose our exlstance But not so thrs year for we are 'K 55 honoring an exrstence You thmk thus strange for before you IS a likeness oi a boy-a boy we all knew and some of us loved-a boy can no longer talk with us nor add hrs loot steps to the resoundmg echoes wrthxn our halls. Yet has echo ns greater than any we can bnng forth No measure of words wntten here add or detract from hrs eanstence He I8 mth us through his tarmly and ln the many mem ones xmplanted rn our mnnds and hearts. Therefore let us dedicate not only thm book but also ourselves to Vmcent Cassano 'Q 1 Q to declare one of. each. The custom ot dedi- who is dead, who has lost all existence. He Admlm tration F a well rounded teach mg background is neces- sary to make a good pnncl pal Mr Douds is certainly qualified. He has taught both English and Mathe- matics and in cm emergen cy Mr Douds proved the preceding iacts by talnng the Algebra class tor sev eral days We received a hrst hand look at the man who IS our pnnclpal Per haps afterwards we could better appreciate the ad- rmmstratxve problems of our school With this under standing ot each other we can more efficiently attain our mutual goal M r Anderson made the switch from Problems ot Democracy to problems oi Verona High students quite easily Although he excels at both we are glad he chose the latter Many are the fields that his lob cov ers Presxdmg at our assem bhes and greeting visitors are the most obvious but many more duties keep lum busy from nine to tour Very often. more hours are devot- ed to individual students to admonish. to advise. and to advance. These words may very well characterize our principal. Mr. Anderson. Board of Education Standmg Fred Shoemaker solxcztor Alex Shaw Richard Exler Seated Chnsty Stoner Pres. John Grogan V1cePres. Harry Pierce Secy John Young Trees. MOST OF the students do not realxze the true sxgmhcance ot the httle room on the hrst floor of the Elementary Butldmg On the door ol thxs room IS the slqn Board Room Here are made decxsrons whxch dxrectly affect all of us at Verona Hugh School The probems which confront them are manxfold however thexr pn mary consxderatxon IS that of the problems of modern youth Each year our problems mount and grow wtth the mtensxty oi modern tunes The School Board must really hop to stay abreast ot the times. COOL CLEAR eifxcxency inendly smxle-that s our X school secretary Ruth Kit ko She has not been with il us lonq but nn one year jfs, she has become a defuute part ol our wonderful hte ' S coupled with a warm U I I n , - Xl X - j ,f . NN X, ' ' X -"::'iQ,v I lig Kg' 'ff H X . . J ., MR IRELAND Sclence MRS SMITH Home Economncs MRS VETTER Enghsh Hxstory MR LITTLE MR LA FRANKIE Soc Scx Math Soc Sci Cocrchmg FACULTY Q1 ug., MR GREINER Englxsh Hxstory MRS HIGINBOTHAM Commercml 1'- MR HUSLAK Mathematics MISS LOWRY Physxccxl Education MR BRUGH MR SALOPEK Art Indusinal Arts MR BONGIOVANN I Muszc MRS BLACK Latin. Enghsh Phy Ed Cocxclung MISS MAXWELL Llbrarxan K 2. I , 15- R , If f fb. . I X . in 1 I 4- 5 I A ,Q .,.- X I Q " sg IS-in , j SLL' MR. MONACO ,gf CLASSES i f 4 .af E 'Q W fffxq- I 231 1 0,99 -.i 5 sf S I f' 4 S rj 74 'f 'iff A S we prepare to leave school we land that there wrll be many rnemorxes to recall Our four years m hrgh school may very well be considered the most unportant as well as the most Joyous years of our lrves For xnstance as rcs and m the musrcal orgamzatxons although our only socxal actrvrty was the class party Replacmg the class party ln our Sophomore year was the class dance In our Iumor year we boastiully chose the motto The Iumors are the best Besides re- cewmg our class rmgs we held several record dances and one mam dance The Sprnnq Debut Our very successful play 'You Cant Take lt With You was followed by the Prom. tor which the gym was decorated rn a Pansran Finally belore we realxzed xt. or Semor year was upon us. The usual Sefmor actrvrtres fbut to us not qurte so usual! Sensor pzctures. class play class mqht and Commencement rounded out our school days. I R I Freshmen we were well represented in athlet- Cate theme. Senior Class tlffwer ADLAI DIDN 'I' make xt but Ish dxd For the second tune Ish captured our foremost executive posrtron. A busy man was our presxdent Staff Club Football Basketball and Student Councll were among hrs many actxvrtres. In the play as always Ish was rn PRESIDENT Robert Isherwood OUR VICE-PRESIDENT a man of dxstrnctlon rs Cxsco ahas Francisco Santuccl Hrs actnvrtres many and var ned as they are mclude Staff Club Student Councrl and Basketball You wnll soon be heanng hrs mellow tones over the au' waves for hrs ambltron I8 to be a commercral announcer the foreground. Ish intends to be busy after school too-as a hard worlnng husband VICE PRESIDENT Frank Santuccl SECRETARY Marlene Braeudrqam 'l'HE DISTAFF srde of our class officers ns represented by Mamre one of the better artrsts of our school. Her natural abxlrty and ambition qo hand rn hand as she mtefnds to go on to school to become a fashion arhst School years have been busy ones for Marme wrth Leaders Club Brology Club Staff Club Grrls Glee Club and Chorr occupymg her txme Somehow she hnds tlme for hobbtes which are travelmq and pam! mg 1 . . 1 Q 'C' - 1 1 . - I I . . .as - . . . . . - 1 1 1 . . . . ... . , ' 1 1 1 1 . 0 - . . X 1 .. -- - n . 1 A . 1 . . 1 1 1 1 , . - . . Q - IOHANNA CHIRILLO I o Actwxtzes Chou' l 3 4 Glee Club 1 3 4 Staff Club 1 3 4 Art Club 2 Gremlm Stall 2 3 Iumor Play Ambltlon To land a man CARL ENGLAND Activites Bandl 2 3 4 Orchestral 2 3 Glee Club l 2 Chonrl 2 3 4 Baaketba1l3 4 lumor Play Ambmon T0 traveL 4 1. Activites Student Councxl 3 4 Glee Club and Chonxs Staff Clubl 2 3 4 Gremlm Edxtor 4 Class Secretary 2 3 Ambltxon Mp To become a good housewxte 'I'-37 RONALD CONDRON Ronme Achvmes Bandl234 Orchestral 2 3 4 GleeClubl 2 3 4 Choxrl 234 Ambxtlon To go to college LEWIS CLEGG Lewze Actlvltxes Chou' 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2 3 4 Fxrst Axd Club 1 Boys Coolzmg Club 3 Iumor Play LEROY HALL Farmer Activities. Band 2. 3 4 4 VarsityQub34 Basketball 2. 3 4 Ambntnon. To have a bnq rabbit farm. CARMELLA cAssANo "Honey" 4. ' . .4 - 3 Basketball 1: 2. a, 4 4 4 l . . ,a. 4 . EILEEN LOEI-'l-'LER Squm-el' Actxvxtxes Chou' l 2 3 4 Band 2 3 4 Bxology Club l Leaders Club 2 Staff Club 3 4 Presxdent ot Chou' 4 Ambxhon To Jom the Waves. RAYMONDMELLE Chlp Activities Basketball 2. 3 4 I-'ootballl 2.3 4 VarsityClub2.3 4 Coohnq Club I Cholrl 2 Boys Glee Club 1. 2 Ambition: To get out ot school. i MARY HELSLEY Mary Lou Acuvzhes Chou' l 2 3 4 Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Typmg Club l Stall Club 3 4 Biology Club 2 Iumor Play Ambxtlon To be a Televxslon actress PETER MANGBNARO Elephant Boy' Actxvxtzes Football l 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 3 4 Varsity Club l 2. 3 4 Football Club 3 Coolnnq Club 4 Basketball Club l 2 Chou l 2. 3 4 Glee Club l 2. 3 4 Amblhon. To take up hne arts. EMIDIO LOGGI Mlm Activities Stall Club 4 Band 2 3 Chou' 2 3 4 Boys Glee Club 2 3 4 Ambnhon To get marned MARIE PIERRO Mimi' Achvnhes. School Reporta 4 Bnology Club l Staff Club 2. 4 Student Council 3 4 Gremlm Stall 2. 4 Iumor Play Ambition. To be a research chemist. .J X P ,if Girls' Cleo Club 2. a. 4 student cmmcu 3, 4 IOHN PRYZBOCK lohnny Actlvltles Muslcal Orqamzattonsl 2 3 4 Football I 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Ambxtron To lxve a long hte GEORGE RICE "locko" Activities: Football 1. 2. 3 Basketball l. 2. 3. 4 Cooking Club 4 Varsity Club 1. 2. 3 Choir 3. 4 Glee Club 3. 4 Basketball Club 2 Ambition: To get out of school. ,Yg- V?-rf DONAI.D PRITCHARD Herk' Actxvitxes Staff Club 3 4 Ambntnon To go to colleqe VIRGINIA REGAN Ginny Actxvxtnee Bnology Club I Leaders Club 2 Staff Club 3 4 Stat! Club Sec 4 Cheerleader 2 3. 4 Choir 3 4 Glee Club 3 4 Gremlm Ass't Ambition' To be a Secretary. or4 sb. Activities Chorrl 2 3 4 Gxrls Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Bxology Club I Leaders Club 2 Stcrti Club 3 4 Ambition To Join the Anr Force MAURICE RODGERS "Brother" Substituted work at gas station for activlhel. Ambrtionz To stay out of the Army. Hi-, 4' 1 " " MARY RACIOPPO .. : ' ' 'A is I 1 IOHN SHIENCAR Lemon Football l 2 Football Manager 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Chou' 2. 3 4 Glee Club 2. 3 4 Iunior Play Ambition To be a plumber IAMIS STEFFEY "Penguin" Activities. lietballClubl Football Club3 DELIA ROSSI Del' Activities Girls Glee Club l 2 3 Cholrl 2.34 Stal! Club l 2 3 4 Cheerleaderl 2 3 Iumor Play Ambition To travel. DOUGLAS SPROAT Doug Activities Football 2. 3 4 Basketball 3 Varsity Club 3 4 Cooking Club 4 Football Club 3 Band l Class Play Ambition To go to college football. and play PAUL SEKEI. Doodle Bthletics 3 4 Cooking Club 4 Football Club 3 Varsity Club 3 4 Ambition To be a concert vnohmst ROBERT STE!-'FY "Bob" Activites Band I 2. 3. 4 Glee Club l 2 Choir 1. 2. 3 4 Iumor Play Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4 Ambition. Football 4 To be a civil enqineer. Band2.3 Ambition: Toplaybaseball. II I I ' ' . . . 4 . I I I I I I I II II Il I ll Activities: Activities: I - I I . I . ' ' : ll Il . . I W , . . : I I I . GEORGE STEWART Actwltles I-'irst place award m wood craft section of Latm Exhlblts at Buhl Planetanum Ambltxon To get out oi school MARGARET TEMPLETON Marge CARL VANTINE Herlry Actrvltles Cholrl 2 3 4 Girls Glee Clubl 2.3 4 Grernlm Staff 4 Band 3 4 Ambntxon To be a beautlcman. IAMESVESCIO lerry' Achvtues Football 2. 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Bcmdl 2. 3 4 Boys Glee Clubl 2 3 4 Choir 2. 3 4 Student Council I 2. 3 4 Class Play 3 Ambition To be a research chemkt. CARROLL VANOVER Babe Actwxttes Basketball U Vl 3 Photography Club 2 3 Industrxal Arts Club 2 Golf Team 4 Ambltton To be a success ln IOAN WIISON 'Willy' Activxtres. Chonrl 3 4 Gxrls Glee Club l 3 4 Statt Club l 4 Leaders Club 3 Art Club 2 Gremlin Stat! l. 2. 3. 4 Ambition: To be a secretary. Activities Footballl 2 3 4 Stat! Club 2 3 4 Editor Staif Club 4 Gremlm Staff 3 4 Football Club 3 Varsrty Club 1 2 3 National Honor Society Student Council 2 3 4 Class V Pres. l Anlblfl0n To be an engineer WILLIAM WETMORE Happy' Activnttes Athlehcs 3 Iunlor Play Ambttxon To help people to the best of lus ability 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H Nun- ' " l 4 5: , .f ll ll . ll ll ' ' ' . i ' ' 1 ' : K 4 5 1 1 1 1 K Q 1 1 1 1 1 i s 41 52 ' ' ' ,. ' , 1 ' ' ' .1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . H 1 I I I 4 ll ll 1 . . . , , 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 ' 1 ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 e l M 1 ll I 11 I I I 1 1 I 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 2 , 1 1 1 1 ' ' I I ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 O Junior Class Ufiicer VICE PRESIDENT Kay McKnight PRESIDENT Claudette Mxtchell SECRETARY Molly Saxman TO BE A IUNIOR xs a mark of achlevement to us for lt means that we ll have to want no longer to say 'I cant watt for our class play or 'Wonder how our Prom vnll tum out? Our play Our Miss Brooks under the duectxon oi Mr Gremer was one ol the successful events oi the year The Prom was even more successful. Everyone seemed to hke our heavenly scene Our homeroom teachers Mr Gremer and Mr Hus- lak helped us ln our gludance penod and gave us many ideas on ramsmq money 1 1 I - 1 . 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 u u 11 11 . . 1 1 n u . 11 11 s 1 0 o 1 - - 1 - 1 1 5 45' First Row He!! to zwhtj: I. Antal. I. Bowman. N. Brennen. S. Brown. G. Capponi. C. Davzs. Second How: E. Davis, E. Damico. T. Filer. I. F also, P. Forbeck. S. Haerr. Third How: K. Hcwkms, C. Helfrich. R. Henderson. L. Hollinger. I. Kmq. Fourth Row: M King. R. Layhew. C. McDade. I.. McGinnis. K. McKnight. C. Mitchell. Fifth Row: F. Moraitis. I. Pavelko, B. Reariclr. I. Rimer, B. Rodgers. S. Roney. Sxxlh Row: M. Saxmun. S. Sealy, R. Slam. I.. Stewart, H. Trairas. C. Vcmfine. Seventh Row: I.. Rinaldi. M. Veecxo. A. Vincent. M. Webb. M. Yeager. .1 .fx 3 I . ,R A at . I ...A Y' ,PN 5 wf qv 0 ..., I n V 3 k. , :Q Q sw .", ' r , ,. s W ' W gi... . Eb? Wim W' AQ 9 " gal 2:11, ,4 ' r iw 55 1 is L -Nr 1-H Q ' if Jw, .3 wi, jg ghkk i . - ' 'Mi m wh img? Y R fi V ffwgi in .iv .ek 2 z. W I ii..l.1...11-----i- 'K x X sw .Q FN' nfl x I 9 1 ' t-Si! .i............------.. - Q! ophomore Class Ufficers SECRETARY PRESIDENT Bonnie Daer Io!-m Vegqo VICE PRESIDENT Charlotte Manganaro THIS YEAR school was a lxttle different and somewhat more dxifxcult than lt had been xn the preceding years. Even though we had plenty of work we had good to lrqhten the burden dunng the Iumor year times, too. Instead oi having a class party we decided to raise money for the Prom in md' 'Ev 'Q' dim '25 J First Row lleft to nqhtl D Braeudiqum P Barotta L. Brewer C Ccxssano I Costa. I Cleary Second Row B Duet C Delach H. Genser P Hall N Iohnson. C Krebs. Third Row M. Kuhn A. LoAlbo C Manqunaro M McDade D McGmms. S Miller Fourth Row E. Pcmzcx I Panzu E. Postls P Reilly A. Plutis F Remmey F zfth Row B Rose I Rudy M. Sekel. B Shaw B Simpson. B Sonnie Sixth Row. I. Vescm. M. Vodvarku. M. Walker. E. Zcmellu. Fre hman Class Uffwer VICE PRESIDENT Danny Terlrzzi PRESIDENT Ross Sproat WEI.L here we are agam a new crop of Freshmen Many of us have long awarted the trme when we could walk the halls of Verona Hlgh School Most ol the Freshmen boys went out for athletics and gave a good account of themselves Wxth all the energehc pupils oi our class we had a grand class NNY 'bw-w-.... SECRETARY Sylvra Austrn I Eighth Grade First Row llett to riqhtlz P. Bauman. C. Smith. H. Houck. Shook, T. Wetmore. S Layhew. Second How: S. Quinn. V. Lyter, S. Clegg. P. Kratsa. R. Harmon. W. Yeager. Third Row: N. Pyle. R. Grey. L. Mitchell. W. Cleland. D. Babich. B. Brown. Fourth Row: T. Hazlett. R. Knapp. S. Wazelle. R. Beradi. G. Kratsas. E. Herron. Fifth Row: I. Estocko. S. Kresivitch, C. Brennan. B. Tsambis, V. Cassano. D. Blystone. Sixth Row: I. Davis. I. Ostendori. M. Strunk. L. Geiser, M. Shubert. Seventh How: R. Anthony. F. Long. B. Law. N. Semencar. T. Panaqioton. D. Comer. G. Monroe. C. Gupton. D. Layhew. x" Dvd' f rp. TJ - 1 eventh Grade Smqhose I Braeudlgam. T Mastrornonaco Second Row I Glover S Gabud I Montz D McDade B Eiler Thud Row P Iohnson S Sproat S Austxn N Stuart R Stoner F Farren Fourth Row B Sxll I Rhea M Kmg I Terhzzl B Taylor R Srnghose Fzfth Row L. Williams R Iackson I Henderson. I.. Keener Q , Q 2 MW- f ig? First Row: M. Simpson, P. Graham. B. Doles. B. Barnett. G. Viores. D. lsherwood. M. 4 E ,C NX Qx ACTIVITIES Q V 1 43.4 X N LI' A Qveegloe br" WOR Q51 '25 6? 5 I' kj -uf ffl "If f I N I I! I If 1- 4 u L5 sf"'fLN"' T-4 1 gs- L go' 2' ix X3 C , 4 ' I IIJB I I I If rf? Tas ,,....-'x 4 Standing llett to riqhtj: S. Brown. D. Pritchard. E. Davis. R. Mooney. M. Sekel. C. Cassano. B. Sonnie. I. Wilson. M. Yeager. E. Loggi. M. Racioppo. M. Kuhn. P. Reilly. C. Krebs. I. Chirillo. E. Loeftler. D. Rossi. M. Braeudigam. K. Hawkins. Seated fleft to rightl: E. Damico. M. Vescio. P. Baratta. D. Braeudigam. I. Vescio Ulssistant Editorj. S. Haerr KAssistant Editorl. C. VanTine KEd.itorI. V. Regan fSec- retaryl. M. Pierro. C. Cassano. I. King. M. L. King. Sponsors. W. Ireland. N. Hus- lak. THE STAFF CLUB. composed of the literary-and artistically-inclined students. worked long and busily to turn out a bigger and better yearbook. Our book was painstakingly and carefully com- posed bythe editor Carl VanT'me. and the sponsors. Mr. Ireland and Mr. Huslak. Typing and art work presented a continual problem. The theme was pleasantly illustrated in diilerent. new. humorous scenes. Piece by piece. page by page. our dream became a wonderful reality. This. our pride. has again proved a success through the untiring etiorts Q of this ambitious organization. the Staff Club. ff? ,gy muufxu D '-'11 gran: by F- Q. W! G ,.. tafi Club Uffioer Kenneth Hawkms Iane Bowman Robert Stefly Claudette Mitchell 1st Asst. Editor Shirley Haerr Secretary Virginia Regan Editor-in-Chief Carl VanTine 2nd Asst. Editor Iohn Vescio Sohmtor WITHOUT TI-IE SOLICITORS our yearbook would never become a reality It is have good selling ability and pleasant personalities in order to obtain these ads They are a part oi the mam foundation of our yearbook. O O their iob to contact business people for advertisements in the yearbook. They must H Seated lleft to riqhtl: I.. Konold. P. Baratta, P. Hall. D. Braeudigam. M. Vodvarlra, C. Mitchell. I.. McGinnis. M. Pierro, C. Cassano. K. McKnight. Standing llelt to riqhtl: I. Bowman. C. Van'l'ine. F. Moraitis. I. King. I. Vescio. R. Isher wood. E. Loqqi, F. Santucci. W. Wetmore, I. Pryzbock, W. Mason. I f 9 . nf Q S STLDENT E COUNCIL THE STUDENT COUNCIL is the governing body oi the school. It is made up of the students from nine through twelve. who are elected by each class to represent them. Some of the activities in which the Student Council participated were the ioint dance between Oak- mont and Verona. the can-drive tor the needy peo- ple ot Verona. and the Christmas dance. We held a contest ior the name ot the dance. with 'Winter Wonder Whirl" winning the prize. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY EL MARIE PIERRO CARI. VANTINE IN PRINT words hke scholarship character leadershzp and servxce seem iorexqn and out ot place m the everyday schedule oi school lxke Yet it is the summatxon of each ot these everyday events which IS the ioundatxon of the Nahonal Honor Society Each small apphcatxon every performance of duty day an and day out leads to thas honor xx 'f 7 2 mf! I xg' I . I I . I - - . l I . I I - I First Row fleit to riqhtl: B. Sofnnie. R. Stetty, C. England. R. Shaw. N. Iohnson. I.. Mitchell. S. Austin. R. Iaclrson. B. Babich. I. Davis, R. Farrow. T. Mastromanaco C. Pastis. C. Plutis. Second Row: R. Mooney. S. Rudy. M. Shubert. I. Rhea. N. Stewart. B. Rearick. P Kratsa. I. Rudy. R. Knapp. R. Santucci. T. Hazlett. E. Davis, R. Shaw, S. Haerr. Third Row: M. Templeton. E. Loettler. R. Condron. G. Capponi. I. Vescio, B. Iohn son. R. Stover. L. Hall. I. Rimer. E. Loggi. C. Manganaro, M. King. A. I.oAlbo. BAND 0 fi? I .1 X cr: lg UNDER Tl-IE LEADERSHIP ot Mr. Bongiovanni. our high school band is getting better and better each year. Last year the band received many praises for their outstanding performances on the football field and at the streefparades. Our most outstand- ing periormance was at New Kensington when we received the honor oi marching in the festive Miner's Day Parade. Our reward for marching in this celebration was an enjoyable banquet. Magorette 0-'Ci' Left to nqht P Hall S Beckett I Bowman. B Daer C Davls I.. Konold STEP HIGH Gxve a twnrl to the whul of the batonl And smxlel That s the code of the VJ-LS mmorettes. We are grateful to Mr Bongxovanm for the attrac hve routmes whxch are the trade mark of our twlrlers. Junior Majorette T. Panaqioton. D. Comer. E. Pastis. P. Reilly, G. Plutis. C. Cassano. I.. Crtbbs. I Kina. B. Tsambis. . F um t mee cms, become a very popular extra-curricular activih! with G9 W' Hard work. taient and pGii0DC6 hdve han e qiven us during the yedf. Ctub has this year. they hav ii Giee members torniances e Gi! crease to titty-six tnsed to turn out the line per BUY ' Glee Ulub C5 Ur Ciub is another tine musical qronp conducted by Mr. Bonqiovqnhi- a! have toiiowed aionq with the tradition. They gahq ai qssegnhiy. Many hours ci practice were spent feai periods- The boys have ac- ' honri ot practice weii Boys' Giee es this ye Christmas iar rehed ider their The Their pertorihanc Bdccaiauredte and ai the betore and atter schooi besides the requ quired worthy traininq and exp6rience and :nay cons spent. The Choir, under the direction ot Mr. Bongiovanni, contributed to tw grams, the Nativity Story and the Spring Festival. At Chris gaiety oi the season by singing many ot the w In May the Choir presented the S ' and white shirts, with Certain! o annual pro- frnas the Choir adds to the el!-loved Christmas Carols and HYU1n.g, przng Festival when gay-colored gowns. dark suits the contrasting iootlighis. added to the beauty oi y the Choir adds to the Verona reputation ot 'blent small School'C the stage. y ot inusic t Our Orchestra, comP0ssd of ina the School fhe ' UIQIIY talented music rem. Hmong them wer Christmas Cantata and i , I e playing for glzslfrgioon several fhe SPring Festival. , X 1' 'Aff K X Xxx fx A -- 1 -f Q- X. -52 B il' rom such a orvhe H11 pr0grU1ns dur- r and Senior Clam plays. HEI BI' The Leaders Club ns mtended for the athletic type of qxrl Under the supervision of Mrss Lowry the gxrls learn how to play and referee basketball volleyball cmd many other sports. At the end ot the school term the qxrls have a party tor the departmg semors ar 1 Club The Varslty Club is made up oi our lettermen. 'I'he Club s mam purpose is rmslnq money to buy sweaters for the senior athletes. The Club is under the guidance of our coaches. Mr. Monaco and Mr. LaFranlrle. L fl ' Club V 'ty XMXXXX 41" ar' uXX Yrme. tlosk ok the eacpederxced mem- vi stotk. Srrxce Yreehrrmerr rhode up 'XX becorrle sXxC1XXecX Xrx the rs xo me cogrirrq ck Xo our mXrri'. Mrs qeotho very Krkfrc Xed.XecvXr1q an oXmoe-X emirreXq oe e stoki. XX X9 Xhe hope Xhcn Xheq wx dociroh and produce hexxer page X v1 wines were mode. Bexxer Xu e "Gre rodua er ok th r pro exch. e 'Xb had q do X rm 'NSPGPQ ' heed bers Xhe qreakei various one ok rxe years. Due to on Xrrexperre "Gre1rXYrrf' Xrx the gears xo come. rrirnq me of oi ent NX Xeoxed group hu-S131 Xed proqfeeb K5 qxfrke evX6 . ob was orqatfv-ed 'cor mcse qsprovermqfedi orx'N ,Av,,ad1' ima o ee fdfron oi NBS' Hiqurbokxdm. GSXQIXBQ epcledvor. The cX X course rn Xuxure qedfs- Xth 'W NPWQ- Us erhoq Xorhl rnXnuXe6 sxrldepw deiyfxnq Xo enter X heXp to 01099 Xp the acodouirc coo! e Xouflh p0 der the sw1p0 oi eofneik. gd he cognverdro 56 69 v1eXX. The Golf Club a new club thxs year was msututed under the drrectxon of Mr Salopelr. Through the wmter they met mdoors learmnq the fundamentals of qolfmg The club at mxd wlnter had already planned to bxd lor a place tn W P l ILL. competltxon Shortly before Mr Salopelr left V I'L S m February the club presented an assembly whxch combined humor wxth the imer aspects of golfing ookm Culinary artists an the malnnql Thats our Boys Coolnng Club Spaghetti. stealr. casseroles chops-all thxs and then theres dxshwashmq and cleanmq up at all of which these boys under Mrs. Smiths drrectxon aim to excel. Golf Club Roy , U 'Q s f Club The Art Club under the direchon of Mr Brugh has gone beyond the usual activities oi an Art group They have entered such fields as toolmq leather and clay moldmg besides oil pamtmg water colors and pencil sketching This club also helps other organizations with advertising and props Handicraft Club Among the accomplishments oi the Handicraft Club are embroidery. crochotlnq. lrnittinq, pot holder malnnq and needlepoint. Miss Maxwell. the club's sponsor. may be justifiably proud of her qroup of hard working sewtnq artists. . X ' .nm t,,..t g -K . V ,xjig - W . it .ill I 0 I . . . . . 0021 The Football Club sponsored by our coach Mr I.aFranlne has as lts mam purpose Besades studymq these fundamentals the club also viewed and analyzed football movzes. Ba ketball Uluh Mr Monacos Basketball Club this year has few mendaers but they make up for thas with enthusiasm. The boys learn the fundamentals oi basketball during then' club periods. The coach keeps a watchful eye on these boys who may some day be the champs of Verona. the learning of those fundamentals whichlareunecessary lor a good football team. Cheerleader Rahl Rahl Rahl Three cheers. and the cheerleaders ran ot! the held. What would we have done vnthout the leadershxp oi these gnrls? Although the teams gomq was rough Vzrgxma. Mary very end of every game The 'bnght new umionns added to the attractiveness of our squad and the basketball floor bnghtened up when our gxrls ran on to lead enthusxastxc cheers from ex IN Q lawn clted spectators. J. V. Uheerleeder Louise Sylvia and Sandy were our three Iunior Varsity Cheer- leaders whxch the Freshmen Class donated to our school. 'they tried to follow in the footsteps ot the Varsity Cheerleaders and provided the I V Basketball Team with much needed support. KN , e w i: Q ' l 3 . . . f u 9 ' Louise. Kay. Sally, Claudette and Lois stuck with them until the ei ' 3 91' y is e u X f Q", l A . - 'll 6' Lt' . B , , , - QW V - IA GMX SI56Rgl'S X K X X - I ,Q f E X Q ! XA H J, 5 V S xg X Z!! Salam cj ' A! 6 , ' , 14 X N.. 'X' . 1 ln Y I x av' V, 5 R 4 7 . Hb 5 X, ..-.1 ,Z Q N 4175 x LX , x A 5 A If 3 l First Row I Semencar QMgrj R. Melle F Remmy E Smghose I Regan I..Rmald1. C Van'l'ine I Pryzboclr G Ireland flVIgrI Second Row Mr LaFrcmlne W Kelly D Terhzzx. R Isherwood P Selrel I Vescro D Sproal I.. McBride I Stoner Mr Monaco Thzrd Row T Arcun, D Palmer E. Cnssman I Flalmk N Tratras I Antal S Alcorn. 0 - . 12 - 0 I . 0 . 12 - 0 . 0 - . 0 . 0 . 24 3I'3 . . . 12 ' . 6 R. Sproat. G Lyter Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Indxvxdual Sconng Sproat Vescxo Pfwbock 46 Aspmwall 41 Edgewood 37 Elizabeth 36 Plum 32 East Deer 26 Leetsdale 38 Mxllvale 20 Sharpsburq 37 Oakmoni 6 mg Ii Coaches Mr LaFranlne and Mr Monaco Captain Ray Mello pickinq up yardage! Douglas Sprout Paul Sekel Carl Vun'l"me Robert Ishe rwood Raymond Melle Ierry Vescio Ray Melle Paul Sekel Carl England Leroy Hcxll Iohn Semencar Iohn Pryzbock Pete Manqcxnuro rank Scmtuccn Var ity Standing Ile!! to riqhtl: I. Hollinger. P. SekeL C. Enqlcmd. Mr. Monaco, Mr. I.aFrcmlde P Manqanaro I Pryzbock.I I-'also F Scmtucci. Kneelmq lleft to rxqhtl F Remmy I Semenoar R. Mello R. Stover I.. Hall. Jr. Var ity he I Stoner R. Scmtuccl. I.. McBnde Kneelmq Ile!! to riqhtl R. Shaw D Terlxzzl. R. Slove: G Ireland. I Fczlso I I Standing fleit to riqhth A. LoAlbo, I. Hollinqer, F. Remmy. Mr. Monaco. Mr. La:Fra:n- Section I3 Champ Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona 4 3 6 34 38 Total 870 VARSITY IUNIOR VARSITY 63 Edgewood 36 Etna 52 Shaler 69 Edgewood 43 Bell Twp 59 Ehzabeth 28 Etna 56 Aspmwall 56 Plum 45 East Deer 42 West Deer 35 Oalrmont 51 Aspmwall 56 Plum 39 Arnold 48 East Deer 40 West Deer 40 Oalrmont 919 Post Season Play-ol! Games Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Total 635 Verona 54 41 Plum Verona 44 62 Edgewood 26 Edgewood 27 Etna Shaler 45 Edgewood 26 Bell Twp 23 Elrzabeth 36 Etna 44 Aspmwall 27 Plum 32 East Deer 36 West Deer 30 Oakmont 48 Aspmwall 29 Plum 36 Amold 35 East Deer 24 West Deer 38 Oalrrnont 46 - 27 - 41 - 14 - 50 , - 49 - 49 - 50 - . 56 - . 49 - ' 28 - ' 30 - 43 - 47 - ' 21 - ' 46 - 29 - Verona 41 - 61 Arnold Verona 28 - 25 Arnold 47 - 24 - A 7 - ' 37 - 9 - 32 - 40 - ' 38 - ' l - 35 - - 31 - 73 - 59 - - 53 - 62 - 32 - 587 Four score and seven years ago fix Eo0vmo1Q 25 YN 1 Q!! wif' 1 s.....4 1:33 Y K?-if ' 'Ni- 'iv nm! My we look studlousl BRAINS at work? W we Y! Q . , ,M 5 r ms-gri p X X gg if 23 X 4 gg 1' X f ?' Q x K ga wg, 'Q . ' - ' X ' I 4 M'HXk'a 1 Q asf A ,Qi i X, fu R , 3? 7 -. Xi i 4 A , Q l"' i.' :J 2.44 5' swim XX XX if f 595 fm ff, 3 515 XXXX XXXX 5, X nib ff fa X Q aa. Q m mf W V257 5422 ! Ji! if-0 mllkgg 0 , g ' 5 f "S :G -, x 'N WW? A K in 0-la A ll f 5 QUE - M 5 J" XZ 4-' 9 Li T9 El xi Qi... ff 369,11 QW I A sa C. X V A D Q , W .' f-3 Q S, ff' -. - . 4' 7 ss W 'fix X . v A F nl B Q fd ' 'n ' 0 f U , V, N1 iff 3 is f 5.2 "-Q N ,A lc' ' I -Q U . my X 56 K - K ,455 ,E n' 5 I J W 3 5 xxx lb . 'mf lx' ' f' ' 'S 5 ,W Q ' I I Y A QM ii , A X X 'V a X ' 'N E A- X .. gn-r V , -riff? my A19 0 3 59' uf' W-mf' LJ I S To I ' 2 v 5 X 1 1 N3-x 7' ii. , Y, A 5, gg, .1 x ,.-we X, 'ff ,--wgx W M' '1 ff"?5'Q 12 Q., S ., 41? ,SV 'uf L ' juli- M., -...L N ,Q fi N? fm SV-1 , -5 A. U f vii A Y ff! R4 ? i I .Sv S In A We Are Grateful For Your Support ln Contnbutmg cr Full Page Ad STREM STUDIOS 433 P AT tc 1 4575 Std b gh t LIIUI IIIIIVIHEIIS U S LINES VERONA PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION V a Pennsyl uma If Scanfe Co Oo kmont Pa NCQ- IBO UIIIIIWICII BARBQ COMPLIMENTS FRIEND enn Avenue . Ian i - , u ios in oo O u . Pitts ur - Mc Keespor - Altoona '- ' ' 'lr New Kensington - East Liberty 7 M 1 ' I I Cheswick, Pennsylvania OF eron , v ' A M 4 5' g L., ,, in A QI Vx ,ku X 'aw 0 2 K.f fmm..,A,, 'fx I X it O 5' 4- Q 'gig fn 5, gi.. ' s., - X .. 9 .x- Q- - Ev. .-Y' 4: +5 51 -VT . " "' - aa. M A ig., 4- !,,-m ,H g ' 5' 'Lb Q A """' I Q , f , 4 1 a I ' I! Q -,bin , . Q . l"ltCk 91'w Q ', Hv"' fy, wmv 4 , Q b fffifgyn Qfff h if N' -2, 'E as hu" 414 --Q A M W QJ A 1 Li 'P' lv -'ii gi ' '1- Thank You Very Much For Your One Fourth Page Ads Mane A. Mahnke Antrques Verona Lumber 6. Supply W B Francxsco Servlce Statron Verona Electnc Wise Paxnt 6 Wallpaper Lou Sher s Rrnaldx 6. Santuccx Center Drug Store Welmer Flonst E. N Mxller Furruture Co Crocker s Applrance Compliments ol Your School Doctor S Woodmgs and Sons Foremost Dames Inc Walters Mfg Co Chas Gordon Funeral Home Vrsual Planrung Equxpment Co Unxversal Lubncatmg System. Hulton Motor Sales Nicholas Service Station Thel Mar Shop G C Murphy Co Robson s Bakery People s Super Market Penn Auto Parts Llberto s Appliance Sales Smrth s Iewelry Oakmont Floral Shop Dot and Walt W P McMillm Hardware I H. Tomllnson. Insurance W H. Fisher Hardware Gross Cleaners Ellrot Bros. Mernman Beauty Salon Ivory System Shrilet Studro Dan s Barbecue Forbes Lumber 6 Supply Morne Bluestone-Verona Drug 6 Rosedale Cut Rate Kier M. Ewmg Real Estate 6 Insurance Woodmgs Verona Tool Works Yobp Chevrolet Verona Fruit Market Lxberto s Paper Store Noll Thee Butscher Iack Frank. Leo Willeys W R. Konkle General Contractor Tele V Diner Three Star Bottlmg Worlrs Caleb Lee Burlders Verona Bunldmg G Loan Association Comrnumty Press . .. . . . . . . . .. .. . . Inc. . . .. . . . I . . n I -, . . . . I .. ,P-K ,uw -.-agp., W iw' '- 'Li WL.. if-2 35 qw .4'?vf-'rf 4. f 10, 4 an qw, S 1' x .M i I , 'ex f-X nt, 'lg- Nt will Thanks For Your One-Eighth Page Contnbutnons sdgvzfmmq ote Iane M. Antoon Iohn Gasparich s Market Ioe s Dairy Allegheny Mold and Die Co Bygates Bowling Alleys Walter s Motel Edgewater Restaurant Berman Buick Iaclr Metxgar. Auto Body Parts Ioseph Sporer Rank1n's Service Station C E King Rooter Adgre s Service Station The Lullaby House Omer R. Noe. Ieweler Arthur 6 McGra1l Service Station Oakmont Pharmacy Morgans Gen. Elec Appliances Ienny s Dress Shop Hlatlry Service Statron George Kratsas DxLibertos City Service Steve Duzanec Grocer Meade Stefiy Rooimg Festa s Inn Zimmerman s Bar Paul s Bar Kefalos' Barber Shop Paula Kaye Shop Snack Shop Mary s Lunch Becky s Barber Shop Dxble Brothers George Starr Barber SSTL' En" C' rocery Twm Boro Electric Zimmerman s Men s Shop Schneider Hardware 43 A. G I Cleaners 1. . 2. 3. 4. ' 5. ' 6. . 7. 8. ' 9. 10. ll. 12. 13. ' ' 14. . . . 15. ' ' ' 16. 17. 18. ' 19. 20. ' . ' 21. ' 22. Kramer Shoe Store R' i 24. 25. ' ' 26. . 28. ' 29. ' 30. ' 31. 32. 33. 34. I 35. ' 36. ' 37. , 38. . 39. 40. ' - ' 41. ' ' Q.

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