Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA)

 - Class of 1949

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Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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.h, 'L I X .- -. ,,.,, v, x,f,. .Nk,. , W , , ,- LZEQQ 131, - Qi, 1" :2f!d.:g. j -V' ' 'W ' -' ' " 11? wi? WWW ?fU'jW,f,f,ff9i f uf, Q M429 ww ? J wiv 5 X! Ad ffgp Ls Q W W M' Q Q if 4 H 7 I 'H X I if Lf., Riff .ff 7714 ffsffvxf Clzdxjb '-4--L4 24 ' jj IG 1- 3 -X ,? - 'I fy r l ' f 5 l . I A ' k xy r vX v, 'VU H f , 1 D 0- I j fp ' ' , N - V . l' V f Vw 5, if J rf! Y LI? 0' j J .1 4x I 7 ff, V k T M f f 6 P ' 1 V . M, J .ff f AM xx' 'K Q U rx' .' V Ay I 6 W ' 'U nf' id' V - if .M Q25 Xf f A 1...-' N gb- 5 X . T - A A g g v' N Fi 1 A5 ,kifiiwfix f -Af' - -gg 'N tux I. ' x S 1 . . El , ft? ,il ff' Y ' ' .1 Y! X . V"- HJ Y'- WA? I-. Vf uf- If ,wavy 1' - .Hit , ..JA,w,.3 -win ' .l."'-SYN .2 ' ' Q - . ' L Y. , '35 ' v . .f 1- , . - ,. -K 1 - .nn A d'X1"'..' :"I!l:: Mmlka ' f W1 '55 ' 3 1 dw-vi .uv-. Y. '- , , f 5, , 5 G., 12: .' rg' V ,Q .f - ' - ' . s.. .1 w-y : 9' N- ,- '. ' , mm, f' ' - V-..,i"' . w , N! Q, M . , 1' U1 1 n A 1 x , V 'T .k A 1 Xfqfipl- -' ' L an ' ' "I , Q ' vFgil, :3- S ,V ,. V- .' X f-, .,.-41, K4 f' ' Mig? ' ' -L . :Yr If ' ,Q ' K 4 ' -1 h 1 - ,I 4 1' g,',H-.gif .4 .ug S vw, ' . - 'A 1 , ' V 3, N A 'V V: 1 : uf "V 4 'ff ff - 1 'W 'F - "G f . .' 'x , ' 'J ,VH :sr . - -W , f . - - "'v' 7 " I x . J' R " 7 V gv . .,.A . v . F. In 2 fy , ., -, V 1 ,'kf'vl - , I . '51-v ,1 5 . Q ,M V . ' '- Aw' ' . ' .Qf-.rv ' ...x .K Ku., I V ,eh Q' I is in I. 'r f -Q 4.-1. - 4., 1 ' 1 - 'H -4, "" 1 2354, f . , . ,X gin gg K, , K 1 LH 21, M ' Q Q. ,V W ' , .2-'qv . v',M-A Q, 1 K ?,,rA,VQX.... , 412,35-,g:53 - may I ,sk I A nL!"N7SiL - W Q, 'vs' , , V' an '4 ...a,-..- . . , -7, , D Rv' . 3 ff, ,X G . f . 1. 51, . Y ., 4 . . 'og' " 7 1 Y ', ' G' -1', ,a I I l yn ,. . ., -W l ,Nl, n '1 w . ka ' ' f2."'1 Jktls 1 ,. ,' .rx gg: I ..-' x 1. 1' -fin ' 7' , lx in 1 ?'n- A 'CQ'-fr I A-"" D '4 ? x 1 f .,"?- mf, Q 'gli ., Q 1 . L1 I , r . .1 qi-1 n J , -f ,, .f,, I . . ' - .f ,N 'w a.. ' u 1 -5.9. an ff . f ',.Y.r, Simi Y I I X wr'C?Ni .sf- 4 var 4- ' v uv- s .W r- A . ng, -- g..,,4f.. -','3.'e',., -' 355' - u ,NV . an ,QI , ' 'r-,rig , jk'-. '.'FEam5ff f- 4"'r"A ..,j .-' y ,,l -L . ,L-fb,-gff, ifv' 35 ww 'I A-OV WI2 DEDIC TE T0 MISS ELIZABETH BODENHORN As FORTY NINERS the prospects for us have been good Along wrth many of the thmgs whrch were an asset to us was the understandrng and vxgor ous efforts of Mrss Bodenhorn Most rrnportant of all we shall leave w1th the memorxes of the won derful plays whnch she has so expertly dlrected We take the opportunity to express our deepest thanks and apprecrauon for the many trmes her smrlmg face has helped us 9 , - , - BIIARD UF EDUC llll THE SllllIKH0lIlERS Standing john Grogan Harry Pnerce Paul Bnghr Seated Fred Shoemaker Robert Morford John Momz john Young BUARD UF EDUCMIO It rs these men who help solve the mayor problems of the school They have helped the students and the teachers both m fact rt rs through thexr work that our school rs able to run so successfully Besrde the major school problems our school board members are mterested enough m our school actnvxtnes that they spend some of therr evenrngs helpmg us have successful club meetings basketball games and dances There IS not a person rn Verona Hrgh School who ns not arded by the board s actxons and declsrons Prendeni PAUL BRIGHT Trefuuref JOHN YOUNG Serremry Hmuw Pmzce 4 r , , ' . - ' 1 Vice-President ....... . ........................ .,...... .......................,........ R 0 BERT MORFORD IIUR PRI CIP IS THE ASSAYERS HIIWARIJ II. llllllllS, Supervising Principal UNIVERSITY or Prrrssunou, A.B., M.A. Mr Douds IS the person who dIrects the atfarrs of the entrre school He grves help and gurdance to many students both drrectly and Indlrectly All our school func tIons run smoothly because Mr Douds has checked the detarls carefully The SCHIOIS are especIaIly helped by hrm because he IS able to grve advrce on plans for careersl and vocatrons after they leave hrgh school BIANCHE LINDERMUTH KERMIT ANUERSUN Jr ll S Prrnclpal Hrgh School Principal SLIPPERY ROCK STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE BS UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH MED Mr Anderson our hlgh school prrncrpal the promoter of general welfare In our hrgh school Hrs year starts wrth malung schedule changes so we .Ire all SJIISLICLI wIth our cur rIculum Our assemblres are planned through Nlr Anderson s othce so that they wIll be Interest Ing and valuable It IS Mr Anderson who sched ules all school actrutxes so that each organrzatron IS satIsFIed .Ind none are left out Although Mr Anderson IS .1 very busy man he always has trme to help you mth any problem you may have LOCK HAVEN STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Mrss Lrndemuth IS the person who takes care of the affarrs of the junror Hrgh School She also IS very helpful to the hrgh school students for she IS always wIIlIng to help us solve our problems It IS Mrss Lrndemuth who has been :I favorrte among the students you always find someone In her othce gerung a cut hnger frxed up or perhaps gust gemng an exrure We wrll always remember MISS Lrndemuth when we think o V H S . , . ll - ' I , .K 9 ' . ll I I Q I O I l 1. l ' . A - I l RICHARD A ARNDT Slippery Rock State Teachers Col le e B S Science md Mafbematzrr ll'AlN BLACK University of Pittsburgh A B Lzlzn Englub BTNIAMIN BONGIOVANNI lndnnl Stlte Teachers College Maur MARGARET COULTER California State Teachers College Third Guide WJW51 'JN HOPE e mins College B. B. . e r ng Consumerr Educa- zo M. JOSEPHINE HUNTER Edinhoro State Teachers College. Art, .Afilhmetig Spelling THE FACULTY "'Q C' 'ls...A Ve-ff 'xx i ELIZABLTHI BELL Indiana State Teachers College HOIIIE Ft 071001115 FLI7ABETH BODENHORN Grove Cnty College A B University ofP1ttsburgh M Litt Englnh Bmlngy VUILMAGENE MORTON BURROWS Indiana State Teachers College Fifi! Grade HELEN W 1-EIGHTNER Temple University Second Grade HARRIET HIGINBOTHAM ' Bowling Green University .C. . . . . Shorthand Typeuriting Book keeping 1 v T4 N-,, . o f , 1' OLGA JANKOVICI-I School Secretary ALICF IOWRY Slippery Rock State Teachers Col lege B S Health Phyrffal Education WILLIALI A MONACO Slippery Rock State Teachers Col lege B S Health Phyrfrll Education RUTH INI NICHOLS University of Pittsburgh Fourth Grade DOROTHY RI-IEA Edinboro State Teachers College Fourth Grad ANDREW C, VanGORDER Grove City College A. B. History Cizfirr GEORGE S. WA C IK Indiana State My I ef Hina A I 0UR lll IM AGE IS -be I' el tht Ji ,QPWTTL VIVIAN MAXNWELI Clarion State Teachers College Lthrartan HOWARD P NEDETSKY 'Q 1 Kent State University B S r L. Irzdurlrlal A rtr TWILA M REMALEY Clarion State Teachers College FIV! Grade GEORGE E SLONEKER Waynesburg College B S Mathematic! JEAN WAGNER Pittsburgh Teacher Training 1 I '93 Fifth Grade MARY E. WOODFILL Indiana State Teachers College Sixth Grade THE '49 TR ILBTAZIERS Prefzdenl EDWARD GOUID Vzre Prendent JAMES BRIGHT S en eta: y PATRICIA ToML1NsoN THE SENIURS AJ we hid adzeu to our Alma Mater Our eyey wzll .furely ll wzth water a part of the past Our day: zn school Memorzes 0 joy will always lax! Some o om dutzef we may have Jhzrkea' Yet onre we .ftarted we really worked We 11 l h mere y t anh our patzerzt teachers For helpzng uf unworthy rreaturer We d gladly coment to live zt agazn But ax the ola' Ja zn y g goex All good thzngf muy! end CONSTANCE EILER 525 1 -ak VQQ X , 5 .. ,W ff' s .V ,J 1 Y if GR DUAIES-1949 MARGARET P. ANTAL General Course "Peggy" Ambition---to be a housewife, Hobby-Dano ing, Favorite SportaFootbaIlg Activities-Cheerleader 3 years, Leaders Club 2 years, Vice President of Sopho- more Class, ADELMO A. APPOLONI General Couric' Ambition-To own a theaterg Hobby Golf: Favorite Sport f---- Basketball, Activities--Book VUorm Club 1 year. CHARLES BABICH, JR. fiU!llIIlt'l'ffdl Course Ambition-To be a plumberg Hobby-Repairing watches and clocks, Favorite Sport'--Hunting. LEXWIS M. BECK General Com,-e "Pat" Ambition-To own a pool roomg Hobby-- Playing in Vern Acklin Drum and Bugle Corps, Favorite Sport-Baskctballg Activities-Tumbling Club 2 years, YIOHN C. BEERS Atitllfffllii' Com-ie "jack" Ambition-H-To be a professional choir singerg Hobby!-Musicg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Activities- Glee Club -3 years, Band 2 years, Magicians Club l year, Music Club l year, Airplane Club 1 year, Science Club 1 year. IZDWARD BELIN Gemma! Curnwe "Ed" Hobby-Playing a guitar, Favorite Sport- Footballg Activities-Library Club 1 year. Drivers Club 1 year, Football Team l year. NANETTE BRAEUDIGAM Gerzeml Ckorzne "Nan" Htmbby-Knitting, sports, and letter writing, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Activities--Leaders Club 1 year. JAMES PAUL BRIGHT Atudenzic Cwowe "jim" Ambition--To be an electronic engineerg Hobby-Trombone playing, Favorite Sport-Foob ballg Activities-Band 4 years. Glee Club 4 years, Football 5 years, Senior Vice President. Football Club 5 years. Varsity Club 3 years, Cooking Club 2 years. ROBERT PAUL BRIGHT Acudemir Corn'-e "Bob" Ambition-To go to college, Hobby-Aviation, Favorite Sport-vBasketballg Activities-Band 4 years, Senior Hi-Y -l years, Football Team 5 years, Basketball Team 4 years, Science Club 1 year, Varsity Club 3 years, junior Play Cast. IOHN ERIC BROSTROM Gerzeral Court? Ambition---To be an electrician and study radar: Hobby4NXforking with electricity, Favorite Sport- Baskerballg Activities-Library Club 1 year, Drivers Club 1 year. as Sb'- .,,..s. c 6 I b at ' . f IV "-335 62. i 5 f -7 GRADUATES-l949 CI ARYNCI IDWARD CHANTEY 64116711 Cum u Ambrtron 'lo get 1 good rob Favorrtc Sport Basket 1 fr he IOIS CLLARY Ffmmlerfnzl Comme Ambrtron To be a nurse Favorrte Sport Bovnlrng, tn roller sk itrng Actrvrtres YTecns l err Home Iconomrcs Club l year JOHN PAI L CONDON Amdemfr Course Plul Ambrtron Crvrl Izngrneerrng Favontc Sport Swrmmlng Actrvltres Glee Club 4 yelrs Coolsrnga Cu 1 yur Slfcty Club 1 year Vrce President f Sophomore Class nip., 'lv Vl FO COSTA Genev zl Cams: Acc Ambrtron To be a sports broadcaster Hobby Golf Favorite Sport Footbtll tml Golf Acuyrtres Football Team 3 years Varsrty Club 2 years Football Club Z yurs Cooltrng Club 1 yelr lunror Pl ty Cast ii. CARl DONATO ln thc servrce CONSTANCF L EILER Aazdemzr 0 1 iw Srnp.,mg, Favorrte Sport Football Actlvrtres Glee Club 4 years Staff Club 3 years junror Play Cast Yearbook Solrcrtor 1 year Secretary of Freshman Class Natronal Honor Socrety IRLNE A ENGIAND Acudemrr Count Ambrtron To lrve happrly and be successful Hobby Dancrng Favorrte Sport Basketball Act rvrtres Glee Club 4 years Staff Club 3 years Y Teens 2 years junror Play Cast Natronal Honor "" Sacrety MARTHA L FLICK Afademlr Comte Mert Ambrtxon To be a draftsman Hobby Havrng fun Favorrte Sport Dancmg Actlvrtres Ptanrst for Glee Clubs 1 years Staff Club 5 years Leaders Club 1 year Student Councrl 4 years Y Teens 3 years junror Play Cast Secretary Treasurer of Sophomore Class Vrce Presrdent of junror Class Natronal Honor Socrety ORI ANDO RICHARD GACCI General Course Lundo Ambrtron To own a pool room Hobby Playrng pool Favorrte Sport Baseball Actrvrtrcs Football Team 2 years Football Club 2 years F -nh ROCCO R GARIA General Comte Q-:' Roclty Ambrtron Electrrcran or pro football player Hobby Football Favonre Sport Football Actrvmes Football Team 4 years Varsrty Club 4 years Football Club 4 years Basketball Team 2 years .31 X I '- - v . ip. - , - F v ' 1. 1 ,5 2 . ,P 1. , r 3 A' " Y- ' v L ' y I ' S -f 4. ' - 1 I ball. ' - 4 1 4 C' ' Q , R. 2 . 'S Z V ' y a el Q - , r ' Q ' ' ' .4 - ' ' y' 1 , I ' - . . X ,, y ,, .. if . . , 7, , 1 ,A Wi Ai 1 V 'z ., " ' I .l b 'z , 1 ' , 'g , 1 o r ' C "r Y 'K ,, . . All F C H -S T ' . ra ' ' l 'AL " ' L ' ' 4- , as 4 ' . 9. 4' L' is 4 . . X-Q' I in A . C uae an-r" A .A Connre Ambrtron-To be an alt hostessg Hobby- 2 W' Ja' ' ,' ,L V ' - 3 ' " L , ,-.iii 'fs . .j. X' I ' 1 U y ' ' I V , Q . A Y? .. W . y . 1 ' ' - ' 1 ' - 1 - V C . ., - A , I , ' ' - r s is ' ' H V vv: v T 1 L . . . i . . ,',,4 v - ' . r A X - 3 , - . ' X , . y T C y t A A - ' 1 ' - A P. if . K. . ,, y ,, ' . . . .I I Q - 3 ' 4 - g 4 , y , - .- GRAD EDWARD I-EWlS GOULD General Coutire "Gooch" Ambition-To live happilyg Hobby- Golfg Favorite Sport-Footballg Activities-Foot- ball Team 2 years, Basketball Team 1 year, Football Club 2 years, Varsity Club Z years, Drivers Club 1 year, Senior Class President. GLEN l.. GRUB-ER General Cuurte AmbitionMTo be an air officer in U. S. Marinesg Hobby-Wtyod workg Favorite Sport-Baseballg Activi- ties-Drivers Club 1 year. DONNA HENISH Commercial Coufre Ambition-To be a sccretaryg Favorite Sport- Basketballg Activities-Leaders Club 2 years, Glee Club 2 years. MATTHEW W KERIN General Cuurue Buck Ambition To go to college Favorite Sport Football Activities Football Team 3 years Drivers Club 1 year ERNEST BRUCE KNAPP Academic Course Bruce Ambition Professional Musician Hobby Playing trumpet Favorite Sport Baseball A tiyities Football Team 1 year Glee Club 4 years Cooking Club 1 year Music Club I year Magicians Club 1 year Airplane Club l year Football Club 1 year Science Club I year HELEN KRULC Commercial Course Ambition To be a physical education teacher Hobby Interscholastic basketball Fworite Sport Basketball Actrvtties Dramatic Club 1 year YTeens I y ar Leaders Club 2 vears MARILYN MARU' LFPPOLD General Course Ambition To get tl good pob Hobby Dancing Favorite Sport Basketball Activities Glee Club 4 years Cheerleader 2 years Drivers Club 1 year ROBERT LIBERTO General Cnurie Sonny Ambition To go to college Hobby Collect ing telephone numbers Favorite Sport Basketball Activities Drivers Club l year Student Council I year ALFRED S LOALBO General Cuurre Hole Ambition To go to college Favorite Sport Football Activities Football Team 3 years Football Club S years Basketball Team 7 years Senior HtY 5 years Staff Club 3 years Asststant Editor of Yearbook Editor of Yetrbool-t Student Counctl 4 years Freshmen Class Prestdtnt Sopho more Class President Varsity Club 5 years Co Captain of Football Team Student Director f junior Class Play JOHN WARRFN LOEFFIER Afldellllf Course Peanuts Ambition Naval Academy Officer or Doctor Favorite Sport Football Activities Football Team 2 years Varsity Club l year junior Play Cast s -K TES-l949 t 5-Q .ag -L , . . T. ' Y 4 I ,1- Q .-- 'f . ' ' ' 9 ' - 5 C- , T v D - - 'Q 2 1 " Z - . - H i C' , j 17 .. A I . Q W , 1 . 4 l ,,., W Q , . 2 I z 4 1 4 i h- A K L . , . 1 - , 1- , fp- , - .1 . M , ,SX :E ,V A 5 . V, I .I 1 I ' - , - o , ,. " Q, x . . J -X 1 . .4 V ' ' , . F I 1: vu ' 4 - - X. " ,, . k , . , . , , r . ! z . uw R y K- X ., , - X GRADUATES-1949 by 3' Ks is rr ' l , ,. ' ' '33 " 4 ll! J i, .5 DOMINIC J. LUBATTI Academic Count' "Shorty" AmbitionAPhysical Education teacher or research chemist, Hobby-Weight-lifting and hand balancing, Favorite Sport-Football, Activities-Student Council 2 years, Student 'President 1 year, Science Club 2 years, Tumbling Club 1 year. JANET LUCKOCK Genefal Course Ambition-To get a good jobg Hobby-Swimming, Favorite Sport-Football and swimming, Activi' ties-Glee Club 4 years, Leaders Club 1 year. THERESA ANN MARINO General Coune "Tess" Ambitiont-To be a housewife, Hobby-C0llect- ing cards, Favorite Sport-Football, Activities-Glee Club 1 year. DOMINICK MASTROGIACOMO "Hawk" Ambition-To work and live happily, Hobby-Golf, Favorite Sport-Football, Activ- ities-Football Team 4 years, Basketball Team 3 years, Varsity Club 4 years, Drivers Club 1 year, Cooking Club 1 year, Football Club 4 years. JOSEPH E. MELLE "Joe" Ambition-To work at Scaifesg Favorite Sport- Softball and football, Activities-Football Team 2 years. Drivers Club 1 year. ANDREW MYERS "Andy" Ambition-To get a good job, Favorite Sport-Hockey, Activities-Senior Hi-Y 4 years, Drivers Club 1 vear. JOHN MONENTI General Coune "Bananas" Ambition-"To make good"g Hobby-Golf, Favorite Sport-Football, Activities-Football Team 1 year, Football Club 2 years, Tumbling Club 2 years. LEMONIA NELLIE MORAITIS Academic Coufre "Nellie" Ambition-"To travel around the world", Favorite Sport-Football, Activities-Student Coun- cil 1 year, National Honor Society. MARIE JANE O'CONNELL Commercial Coune "Janie" Ambition - To be a secretaryg Hobby - Danc- ingg Favorite Sport-Basketball, Activities-Glee Club 4 years, Leaders Club 2 years, Cheerleader 3 years, Junior Play Cast. JANE LOUISE PLESE Commercial Coune Ambition-"To be successfulng Hobby-Keeping up with the latest fashions: Favorite Sport-Baskeb ball, Activities-Glee Club 1 year, Student Council 2 years, Staff Club 3 years, Yearbook Solicitor 1 year. 'X ,R K 53 if -O 'I 9-.' I I JOHN PORTER, General Course johnny" Ambition-To go to trade schoolg Hobby- Wtmrking after school, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Ac- tivities-Drivers Club 1 year, Tumbling Club 1 year, PHILOMENA SANTUCCI Voealional Course "Fanny" Ambition-To be a housewifeg Hobb - Dancing and swimming, Favorite Sport-Baslieb ball, Activities-Maiorette 4 years, Head Maiorette 1 year, Leaders Club I year. DORIS MAE SHEAFFER Commercial Courre "Dorie" Ambition-To be a good Citizen, Hobby- Dancing, Favorite Sport-Basketballg Activities-Staff Club 3 years, Glee Club 3 years, Student Council 2 years, Y-Teens -1 years, Leaders Club 1 year. MARY ELIZABETH SHOOK Commerrial Courier Ambition-To be a secretary, Favorite Sport- Basketballg Activities-Glee Club 1 year, Leaders Club 1 year. HOWARD F, STEWART General Courre "Stu" Ambition-To be a cabinet maker, Hobby- Woodworking, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Activities- Stafl Club 3 years, Yearbook Solicitor I year, Basketball Team 3 years. ADELAID C. THANER Vocalimzal Courie "Aden Ambition-To be a housewife, Favorite Sport-Dancing, Hobby-Working in the theater. PATRICIA A. TOMLINSON Commercial Courie "Pat" Ambition-To be a private secretaryg Hobby- Dress designing, Favorite Sport-Football, Activities- Glee Club 4 years, Y-Teens 2 years, Student Council 4 years, Secretary-Treasurer of Junior and Senior Class. IUNE VIRGINIA TREMBA Commercial Courre Ambition-To be a nurse, Hobby-Playing piano, Favorite Sport-Basketball, Activities-Glee Club 4 years, Y-Teens 3 years, junior Play Cast. PHILIP WILSON WALSH General Caurfe Ambition-To go to college, Favorite Sport- Football, Activities-Glee Club 4 years, Varsity Club 3 years, Band 2 years, Staff Club 3 years, Football Club 4 years, Cooking Club 2 years, Basketball Team 1 year, Football 4 years, Co-Captain of Football Team. ' "Babe" FRANCES WHITE Commercial Coune Ambition-To be a secretary, Favorite Sport- Basketball, Activities-Leaders Club 1 year, Glee Club 2 years. JOHN YOUK, JR. General Courre Ambition-To have a business of his owng Hobby- Playing golf, Favorite Sport-Baseball and golf, IES-1949 Zh. srl I n 3 X Q-, "-My fp 4 ' x, '1 NN...- ,,..1,.- F ' nw h if? :ff l if' K njfg: . Zmaf, MV. .:.J 1":"'?feM , ' pa - -x-, " . A K . I VU, ,iw . V N. fu '55, ,W ff W Qi iv ,ww .M I T . WOM "' W- Lf' 'N-4, - Aw, """y' V . ,fr ,IV A' 5. 'H 'fi aw Wgyw .,4r,,f, " :4 S ,W - ......-... f' u A 'lv X ,ut S 1 2 ,.. ,sn Ph 4-P" . .flg f .xx ,, W 5! 5- 599' 5 C A if, ' XA 4 ,V Vvwry, f f ' 'W Lf?fL,,.L!f FN- .M L ., Y ws., I -M fi. , V . - KM., V 1- , ,y ', ,, Q' -fi ' . f en 'Ky Q, 7, R VV: AVA I A T Wi ,I J, f -, x. ff ' f'-in-..,. W, 3 A' i' 4' 12. '. . f , 3 L Q4 '1 "S Hifi ft"-F4 4 illff wil K is l'i:E5r?"l , , " Q11 7 - il fr A 'gg . V. I 5 K ' Q' 3 A in f . fs ff: S 'arf 'T , - S .31 .. N411 f. ' ' X. ,,. . Ag yi is :si ff!! jfwuupfayaf ,I 14,90 STAKED PRUSPECTURS 'L aye Pverfdenl ANDY RAND-KS Vue Prerldenz TED TURPIN. Setreltzrp Trwrurer INIARTHA DIBLE paaffpj Zgodjljf ,,,144,6-f 6111 ' At last we haxe reached our unror year the arm of ewery underelassman Thrs year we are really proud of our xeeomplrshments We started wlth our very successful play We bhook The lamrly Tree The erst worked hard and thelr efforts were xxell rewarded We sponsored the Chrrstmas dance, The Holly Hop and the bprrng, Drnee 'lhen eame our prrde and Joy the unror Prom We worked hard to mlke lf one of Veronr s best and we certainly drd ourselxes yustree It took weeks of work md plrnnrng and then when the big, nrght arrneel vue realrzed hovx mueh our vsork w rs appreerated Credlt must be gnen to our homeroom telehers Mr Vin Gorder and Mr Waloehrk for the help they gue us tlus year rn all our undertaklngs Many of our class members represented us on the hardwood and the grrchron The xarslty brsketball term was composed of a IDIIOTIQ of unror boys, Whrle the yunror vrrsrty also elarmed some of our m mbers The unror grrls should be gnen eredrt for therr frbrhty rn the rnter mural basketblll games One more year and our school days vsrll be completed Take heed under classrnen the junror y ar rs hard work but lots of fun I Abercrombre Bouek Brrghr Clark Collins Condron Drble Doles Falso Forbeck Games Harper Henderson JlClxSOH K rstlnms lxe falos lxefllos lx Ketley L Ketley G lxrne Krng Kratsa Krebs Lexus Lrberto MacF rrlane Marolo M xnganaro M mm Marehese lfarehese Mehelrc McKn1ght Morarns Pennacehro Prxtchard Randas Ranclas Roth Shook Srnghose Qrevcnson Stoner Tsudls Turprn Vanover Varassr P Vesero M E Wagner D Walker M M Werr No! Pzriured J Webb H Shoop , h "-- r ' -1 'K gf, W- ' sf C pg A V V. . D' kr 4 at f.:f31i f,I'if. ' A D . , r yr, .5 2 if - of D' . V . ,E V Y. L J S4 . - K, ' ' 3 V, lf. .. ' dxf! My , 1 ' ' K - 7 Q , 'T D. ' ' fx R. A. 'ei K ' - V . f Y 'J s A. f - ' ' , f T B. . X A ' D. a. A - li. '- ' 5 X I I N. ' ' . 5 ' ' ' . , M. l.. 'elly ,!,AQ,,, 1 . D, - -' fr . 4 I J fa Y JA ' . . P. - ' J - ' . M, . ' 1 " ' ' 1 ' ' M. U D ' 4 ' 7 D ' A I ' ' " y ,l. A . l ' .x h 5 ,' 4 ., L I tv, I 1 CA 1 I 7 V , V. . , - , , ,Z A. K . . y - ' ' ., . ,L - . hy, . L , L l C K K ' - T , , , . '- , ' r . J F. v . ' . , . . my 1 . V . D' . . ' n 4 ' L A '. ' z ' J K, ' ' . , Vt i. C U J . ' V A. ' Q - ,S u . , . n A, T. a J. B, . D. ' . ls s ' B. r ' T- . l T. ' A. 4? .A if dn ff "Y . , I Q THE ROVI G PRUSPHITURS When the gun went orf at the beginning of the year our sophomore and many other student organizations in Verona High School We are already dreaming of the umor Prom in 1950 of course it will be the best our school has cver had Wc know it means hard work and lots of planning but our class will do it ust wait and see As our Sophomore year closes we look forward to many new and exciting activities We have made the first half and wc will make the second half of our high school career though it is harder and more challenging Alhricli Appoloni Ant? Bc nnctt Bruin in Bruno Cassano C wmi ii Conklin D lllll I Dcl ci Dolcs Donlto Filer Intel md Gould Hollinger lntorre lrel md Iackson he-rn kin Knapp Liberro Loefiler Iyter M icF1rl1ne M ichen Marino M ii oney Morante Morrill Meyers Pierce Quinn Rodkey Roney Roney Rossi Roth oth Shoop Bigenho Qlioop Timburro Tiylor Xvcihrauch XW1lson Tuminclla No! Plffllffd I Yourcli is M. ' AA . F. ' . R. 1 a A. V. ' fi. in lm XXV , ' D A. cl7.'.' M, . nl l l.. 1 li, . XY. .V ' I., f ' L P. 1 T. ' ' I. .l- 4 rl. Y. . B. ' B. " g D. . VI . C. class was shot into all kinds of activities. They participated in sports, clubs, L, ' ' ' I f, J I , . I i ..k. L ' - 1 ' ' ' N. A R, ' H' . G, A. K. J. , VU. J. R D. N. . F. c J. L A G. L ' H. f B. ' D. ' I SUPHUMURES m K in --4 if-Y 3'- -"9' bb- -f LIX 9 THE Pl EER-MINING PRDSPIECTURS Pu ILJLII Brmfxrcrxlrwr Wfxuuu ILL Pnurdrnt XXIILIAM TARASI L1L'I?1T?L IYIULI IOLISI 1lAjNllx We me the refhzey young and green Told that ue ale only to he Jeen To our uppef clanfnen ue haze no Jfandnzg But only lo jump at fhen lommzndnzg Though the tearherr ure a lol o one I dont believe well pan lhe rourre IV e make zeror hy the perk I ear our Jehool career 11 qulfe a :neck But In .rpzte o thu u e haze om 1 n Although our uonzef uezgh a ton Whzle om hex! uendf tum then hath! Upon thezr .realx uell plare Jome taehf We re a lzllle hzg lo art thu Jzlly Came 11 hen upper elaJ.fmen paff the an gelf chzlly Some day uell gum' up and 1eal1ze That the thzngf I ze :ard are not all lzef So le! erely young ffefhman :ll up hu glam, And dunk Io lhe heallh o ou: glouour flax! Arvoxrv Morurz B C Arnold Bruno Brrght C oovcr DeV1ta Donny Falso I mtrske FI unrk G lhlltl Carla Graco H mmm Hcnderson Herron Dorsey Humphrey Krnf., Konold Kmtsa Lewrs long r M lmlros M moQ M1strog,11coma IWLDIJL Norm Morams N211 Roth Shook Shook Shook Stoner Tamil Thmner Tremba VIKJICS Wagner FRESHME ,J I 21 1.-if GRIEE HOR S F1151 Rau M Templeton M L I-leliey j Pryboclt D Smghase W Whrtmcxre M Rodgers R Condron R Ste-Hy L Clagg Semnd Ron B Monroe M Braeudrgam B Steffy J VCSCIO G Stewart Clingland L Hrll D Sprout P bekel B A Matheny C Cassano D Rossr Tlzzrd Rau Mr Nedctsky R lbherwood D Prntchard R Starn j Semencar j Wrlson E Loeffler J Comer D Monroe M j Ishervuood Mr Monaco Fourth Row G Bruno G Whrte C VanTme D Xoung P Manganaro T Mano: G Clark K Dorsey W Dunfee nr! Rau L Hcii Ll ll IIS :mu sux 1 Fllw J Fla nr Mxrchell Seanad Rau rrnnm ,ut 1 Btmmm M Webb E Dans 9 XlTl.1l"l B Rurrclt N Htc 1 V1nT1m A Hwuxrlmoltlqr C McD1tlc G Clp onl and Ron M x Blxrlt rg, mnto T I C Duns M L rn Cuolyn Helfrrc Fnllrc Moriltm 5 Ronny lx Mnlxmght R M Hcnderwn Mxss Hunter Ivunlla Rau D Cleary C Dorscx C Rxntlr Cy Rua C Lobouglx J Cumbcr L Stewart M Yclger i -ff: V . Ir- :gg Q, v 1 x A " 1 lg N n- A f 'YM 1 . 5. u-naw! P gy, XTX 5 ' - V. 1 I -- A ' J sf' me L49 5-Q. 'W YW w,h-H.. .wi R 1 S. T gi . . fi!! QX L :' L us. I 1 -.k f .Q V, 'Q Y K 5 K' ! 1 I .1-1 f fy ' f REMEMBER THE DAEEY DILLS. Q7 XXX! O o Q 9 xl G 0 .' , ox 0 Z1 L 19 E Ph i E Q 7 ?? . JI 5,3 1 Y ' 4 . A 1 '?" Fin-it win: D. Shcaffcr. J, I.uckwck. P. Tomlinson, C. Iillcr, M. Flick, I. England. Setorid N7 JJ 1 ii , kl, O'Cunm'll. A I.11Alb4-. YY. Iirlglmt. R. Bright, -I. I.m-tHE-11 I 'lqI'L'INE7.1. .XMI pit! L' J V. Cnsm. The .:111zn.:l ityoiztf jar the junior Play, Lvjllflllj' Jieltl iz reaJw1,1hly big day. Eizfh read their partr mid fprthe quite well For they uith their ttzlefitf tried to fell Their ability to aft. The lucky orzef were mon dixrlofed, And later for iz piutzzre pofed. They praftiuetl long will remeiithered izell, Thofe liiiei Jo familiar' for quite 4 fpell. The tzutzited flight wept up at laft With the mira! fini and fmlir pmt. Tlt y settled don 71 to do their bert, llwhile .Hin Lou rj, the direftor tried to ren. Slw lxzil Z1 orhetl so hm-J In mhmit lhii ,f1l.iy, ue hoped u'0t1ld he iz hit. Before long the "Daffy Dillf' wax 0'er Anil ihe itziderity .fettled down jzut af before. The fil.:'y if non' a mxrratize in the paft, lint iii ffm' memorief. il zz ill forezer lait. IRENE ENGLAND Editor ALFRED LOALBO Affiflanl Editor DONALD ABERCROMBU5 Adzfimr: Mas. BELL, Mns. BLACK THE MINING IIUMPA Y M AIIERS STAFF IIIUB These intelligent looking students of V. H. S. make up what we call the Staff Club. Their schemes and tricks were designed to one goal --ii bigger and better year- book. It took lots of work, planning, and imagination to make the 1949 yearbook a success. The going was tough at times, but these eager beavers didn't mind. No, for they enjoyed working for something which would mean much to them in the future. Because of their efforts, memories and recollections of good old high school days will never be forgotten. The results of their time and patience-this yearbook-show interest and capability. F7923 Fifi! Roux' R. Fantaske, I, England, H. Stewart, D. Abercrombie, Mrs. Bell, A. LoAlbo, L. Lyter, S. Herron, R. Falso. Semua' I?f1n': C. Eiler, R. Brennan, H. Quinn, Mrs. Black, Eiler, M. Flick, L. England, J. Manos. Third Razr: I. lrelancl, C. Manganaro, j. Plese, Walker, B. jackson. P. Walsh. N. Morrill, j. jackson, M. Dible, A. Moritz, P. Henderson, Sheaffer. IHIE MINING IIIIMPA Y FINANIIIERS ,f. ' , A- sz .L + sy, YE RBIIIIK SUIIIIIIIIRS Many of us do not realize the important job which the yearbook solicitors must do. It is their task to secure advertisements which pay for about one-half of the year- book's total cost. Under the supervision of Mrs. Higgin- botham, these hand picked people muster their courage and set out on their difhcult task. Their fears soon van- ished when they saw how well they were received. They are eager to do their job well so that the Purple and Gold will be a financial success and a better book. Their task is most dithcult and without a doubt these people deserve praise and many thanks from the student body. Fran! Rout Harriet Higglnborlmn.. Dorutlmy llultw, Pain I mlm rm lat Cams Seton Rau : Ruse Falso, Mary Ellen XY'.1gm'r. -lane Oflmim-II. ll-ma I Nrtvn R UUR FLURA Il0RA GIRLS AND CCUMPANISTS A at M JURETTES it ei r t r Drill! New Routines!! Lots of practice! ff -95 -A w Snappy steps! Yes, it takes a lot of hard work, but our majorettes, through their pa- . 7 . " Y tience and effort, did a splendid job for thls '75 Q 9-, Q . . . . ea,-r N year. These pretty girls in their sharp uni- ETPQ, forms kept the band in perfect step. The "9 new attraction for the year, a corps of young majorettes, won great favor from the stu- dents and in the community. Our head majorette for this year, Fanny Santucci, a senior, will be greatly missed. However, Anna Harper, next year's leader, will surely do as fine a job. The majorettes won most of their glory at the football games this year. So here's congratulations to the ma- jorettes for their wonderful performances. l Smtucci. A. Harper, L. Flajnik, E. Donato, l. Shook, j, Prichard. t'Vat pnluredj B. Kefalos. Remember the sound of drums and horns that you heard last fall echoing from the football field that was the band gcttrng ready to show their routines at each football game Under thc direction of Mr Bongiovanni they made us all very proud of them Each game meant 1 new drill each new drill meant practice and practlce' meant hard work but it produced results After football season the band dropped out of the limelight and started to prac tice for their spring concert This was a grand climax to a very successful year We are not forgetting the new addition to the band this year the junior major ettes They made a good front for the band in their purple and gold uniforms also they provided twirlmg routines that made us all envious of them Verona Highs band is one that will always thrill us for it displays such talent and pep Foreground P Santucci Majoretter m l E Damrco j Bowman S Beckett M L King B Dare J Pritchard I Shook L Flajnlk B Donato A Harper L Konold P Hall N Brennan M Vodvarka E Pastrs F1111 Rau A Moritz Sezond Rau E Davis D Sprout j Stevenson G King -I Beers Tbrrd Rau R Condron S Bright C England A Bruno P Manganaro Fourth Rau B Shaw K McKnight B Steffy B Wagner D Knapp Fzflb Rau C Loetfler j Vescio G Rodkey C Manganaro G Bruno Srxfb Rau R Fantaska 1, r - r . . , ' 4 1 7 , . , ,, V - 1 . , . . . . . . . . . . , , , . , , . , ' v ' y ' 1 - ' n - y - v ' r - 1 - 1 . , . . . . . . , ' , . , . , . , . . '. . . . 1 - v 4 , . ' ' . ,. ' ' ' .. . . , . , . , . , . , . . , - r ' p - 1 - . - - - PROSPElIl0R'S ll CKERS 2 J Q. T3' fy 45 M L Lyter L Doles N Morrull not puctured CHEERLE DERS Verona Hugh us proud of uts sux peppy cheerleaders jane Peggy Pat Martha Mary Ellen and Nonnue These gurls have spent long hours practucung old and new cheers and teachung them to the student body ln theur snappy yellow sweaers and purple skurts these gurls stuck by the team wun or lose Nearly every Fruday you could see these gurls leadung the students un pep assemblues The cheerleaders were also present at the bonfire and have done theur share to boost the team The cheerleaders are sponsored by Muss Hope who deserves credut for helpung the gurls wuth new udeas Tryung hard to follow un the footsteps of the Senuor Varsuty cheerleaders are Lucy and Weazy They led the cheerung at the junuor Varsuty basketball games un preparatuon for takung theur place on the Senuor Varsuty next year 381:-t P Gam M E Wagner j Ofuuurucll P Antal M Duble W lulcr . , 1 1 . . , . , W. G ,pu -if' fy,-.2 lf- '.."1-' H004 ' ,. ,r . . . ,, diff 'elif' ! 1 l Y D , . , . , . ., .. - - ' - , ,QV ., -, 1 , . 'X ' . t x, 'X . Q k7"'- V ' , L u"' 'gr - 1, Kar? - - . r. ' , , ' 1 2' . . 5. . , , . A . . . . , . . . X I nuns CE53 B ILDI G BETTER CHARACTERS ' T rf ef. Although this club was entirely new this year, it The exchanging of proved to be very successful. stamps is very interesting to the members of the Stamp Club. Lecturers from many different places were provided for them with the help of their spon- sor, Mr. Van Gorder. The members consisted of stamp collectors or students who were curious and wished to know more about stamps. Planning an assembly was a tough problem, but the Stamp Club solved this by having a lecturer so that everyone might have a sample of their activities. Prerident ,,,,,.....................,........,....,... RODUER PIERCIH Secretary ...,,.....,...... ,....,... J EAN STONIER Pzzblicily Director ....... .....,...... A NITA KRATSA Spomor ...,........,.....r ,.,... M R. VAN GORDER Y-TEE S Frm ww, lefz-A. Appoloni, S. Bright, J. Stevenson, F. Shoop, J. Marino, M. Albrech, C. Loeffler, J. Benner. Second roug right-Mrs. Burrows, B. Donato, J. Lyter, H. Morrill, P. Henderson, W. Eiler, L. Doles, M. Dible, E. Marche-se, D. Singhose, M. J. Delach, P. Gould, H. Weihrauch. Third faux left- J. Jackson, J. MacFarlane, D. Wal ker, P. Tomlinson, M. L. Kelly, B. Shook, D, Kastinas, A. Varassi, I. England, M. Flick, J. King, G. Rodkey. Fourth row, rigbl-J Tremba, B. King, B. Wilson. ST MP Cl B Sitting, Fin! Rau'--J. Bowman. M. Saxman, M. I.. King. Second Rau'-J, Eiler. J. Rimer, E, Davis. Third Ron iF. Singhose, D. Shoop. J. Maroney. Fouflb Rau'-C. Hart- man, C, Helfric, C. Viores. Smud- fzig 7-F. Long, J. Semencar, G. White. R. Pierce, T. Nail, M. Moraitis, F. Manianros, F. Lewis. J. Stoner, ,I Grecco, A. Kratsa, B. Tremba. Mr. VgInGortler. I The Y-Teens put on a circus, which consisted of a fortune teller Artist, Horror Chamber, Graveyard, Best Date, and a Fish Pond. A program was put on in the auditorium before the circus by the tal- ented students of the school. The Y-Teens planned their Christmas project with the Hi-Y. They col- lected canned goods and packed baskets for needy families. After they delivered the baskets, they went caroling with the Hi-Y followed by hot chocolate and dancing in the gym. Their Christ- mas project was their biggest and most important thing they did this year, They had a very successful and prosperous year. Here is hoping that they will do as well in the future years. Preridenl ............,...........,.,....,.... PATRICIA TOMLINSON Vice-Preridenz ....,,.. ......,. P ATRICIA HENDERSON Sefremry .........., .,,.........,....,.., G EORGIE RODKFY Treasurer '............,,... ..,............,,......... N ANCY MORRII.I. iw ,ig R TEWHQY lE DE X7 X gy I SE IUR HI-Y Fin! mu'-T. Hollinger. J. Maiolo, N. Kefalos, j. Forbeck. Second mu'-Mr. Sloneker. D. Mastrogiaconia. R. Pierce, G. Taylor, A, Randas, S. Tsutlis. Thrid mu- - T. Turpin, B. McKnight. A. l.oAlho I. Ireland. - Under the leadership of ,Mr. Moritz, the Boys Club is doing a fine job of training boys to be out- standing in their class. The Club pledge best expresses the work of the junior Boys' Club. We quote their pledge, "I, do pledge to strive to advance the pur- pose of the junior Boys' Club-to develope my mind's strength, my body, worship God, and work together for a hner community and a better world. I will earnestly endeavor to practice the virtues of the junior Boys' Club platform-Christian thought, Christian action and Christian leadership." . Prefidem .....................,............ GEORGE HE DERSON Vice-Prefident ...... ........,....... N ICK EVITA Secretary ......,....., ....... R ONASQQ . IQICDADE Trefuufer ...... ....... T HOMASI GABUD Sponsor ..... ........ K, JMQRITZ :Img all The establishment of high standards and the maintenance of Christian character, have been the purposes of the Senior Hi-Y. The boys who are in the Hi-Y are hand picl-:ed from the whole school and no one but the best is voted in. The Hi-Y member stands out in his class for his scholarship and attitude. He also is a good sport, win or lose, because that is what the Hi-Y stands for: clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. Throughout the year the Monday meetings were educational as well as entertaining. There were also many exciting Monday basketball games played by the H1-Y. The Christmas caroling and baskets pre- pared by the Hi-Y and the Y-Teens was an inspira- tion to the members and welcome help to those who received them. JllNIOR BUYS Ill B I-'im mu-M. Humphrey, Pritchard. Steffy, 1. Vescio, L, Hall, R McDade. Second Mu'-R. Fantaske R. Isherwood. J. Dorsey, G. Clark I.. DeVita. R. Roth, T. Gaybud D Boom Tow lHilSlAl RE is ' 4 I--:cans ,. - - Smfwfi Forheclc, lf. Gould, R. llllso, D, Slie.1f'fci'. P. 'l'oinl1nso11, Yl, lrclantl, D XX'allce1' N. Moraitis, A. Pennacchio. SIJIILJTVIKHI T. Hollinger, N. DeVira. S. Tsudis, R. Liheito, D. Lubatti Mr. VanGorcler. G. Taylor. C. lkiarigariaro. A, l.oAlho. M. Flick, M. Thanet STUDENT CHU Cll The Student Council is one of the most active clubs in our school and also one of the most important. This is one of the few clubs in our school that has a written constitution. The constitution was written and adopted in 1947 and up to this time no amendments have been made. The Council holds tea dances, other more elaborate dances, .ind has candy and soft drink concessions at basketball games. This last activity means some members do not get to see the game. The members of the Council all miss our former sponsor. Mr. Caruthers. How- ever, Mr. VanGorder has successfully stepped into his shoes and the council is as active as ever. Preridenr .............. ....... D oMrNrr. LUBATH Vire-President ...... .......... A NN P12NNAc3cH1o Secretary ......... ........ P ATRICIA TOMLINSON Trearurer ..... ..................... R 0512 FALSO Sponsor ..... ...... M R. VANGORDER T1 lE DERS UF lHlE B00 l0W Le I In ugh! Patrxcra Tomlinson Nellxe Monutrs Martha Flxclt Conmc Ellcr lrcne England NAlIONAl H0 0R SUCIETY Scholarshrp character leadershrp and servrce are the qualrtres that apply to these students Therr obyectlve rs to exalt these qualrtres and hold them before the students as a goal they should arm for Specnal honor rs conferred on these Senrors for therr above average standing rn therr class The Socrety has a set of standards for the rdeal hrgh school student They are to create enthusrasm for scholarshrp to promote leadershrp to develop character and to strmulate a desrre to render service We know that berng a member of the Natronal Honor Socrety wrll help the-se girls rn therr future success The forty mners are proud of these classmates and hope that future classes stnve to have more and more members 33 K IIWIEIIIIE IS IHIEIR IIIIIII LIBRARY III B Se.1led4K. McKnight. F. Moraitis, C. Davis, N. Brennan, R. M. Henderson, S. Roney, M, Yeager, S. Haerr, M. Wfehb. Standing-J. Pavelko. C. VanTine. Miss Maxwell. C. Mitchell, B. Rearick. These students under the direction of Miss Maxwell have been busy this year repairing books, arranging the shelves, and keeping the library in order. It is nice to know we have students who willingly help in this major task of caring for our library and all the books. This club is very democratic in that it elects a new presi- dent every month so that more people get a chance to be a lender. It is not all work in the Library Club. They held a party very early this year and it has been rqported that they had lots of fun. Perhaps some of these people will become the future librarians. of V. H. S. DRIVERS Cl B lfirwl Razr- -E. Marchese, B. Shook, D. Kasirinias, C. Donato, A. Varassi, M. I Delnch. M. Albrich. Second 131111 f- D. Singhose, T. Vanover, M. IZ. XX'agner. R. Liberto, G. Gruber. Third Rau--J. lntorre, D. Young. Mr. Sloneker. J, Tamburro, The drivers club is sponsored by Mr. Sloneker and is open to boys and girls in' terested in learning the good rules and regulations of safe driving. The oblectrves of this club is to acquaint the members with the rules of the safety code and the techniques of better driving. Preridenf ............... .. .. ...... BERDETTI3 FRANCISCO Vire-President ........ ....... D APHNE KASTANIAS geffewy ,,,,,,,,, ......... J ANE O'CONNELL IJIGGI G FUR K 0WlEDGE SCIE CE Cl B l'ni.' Role- M. bl. Vitlf, A Pennaccliio, A. Harper, Beers A G. Taylor. S. Tsudis. Svmrzd Run-'A I. Libcrto, P. Antal, j. O'Connell M. Leppold, N. Braeudigam. SIJIIJ mg RC. Mannio. N, Kefalos. V l.ilWel'tir. ,l. Forhc-Ck. D. Knapp, A Randas. P, Kratsa, Mr, Arndt. B Stoner. 5? The aim of this Club is to increase their knowledge of science. Under Mr. Arndt's direction, the club proved to be a very busy organization. One of the chief activities of the club this year was the developing and printing of photographs. All the mem- bers found this a profitable and interesting experience. Some of the students have taken photography as a personal hobby. During other club periods experiments were performed that were of general interest to the club members. Some club periods were spent in hearing reports on new scientific facts. All and all, the club programs were so varied that it is impossible to say which was most interesting. gi .sl' i WPI G Cl B Snnzdirzgf-L. Clegg, M. Thanet, I, Shook. D. Pritchard, 0. Rodkey, P. Gould, H. Xweihrauch. B. A. Na- theny. D. Rossi, lf. Loeffler. 1. Ben- nett, Z, Barr, Miss Hope. Fin! Rau N. I., Helsley, C. Cassano, M. Hr.ieudig.u'n. NW. Dunfec. Serum! Rflllglx. Appoloni, V. Shook, Shook, M. Templeton, F. Shoop. 7'hird Rffafrl. Wfilson. J. Steffy. Ci, Bruno. King. When you watch this club in action. it seems like a class for everybody is busy learning to type. The difference is that they get no grade for their effort and hard work. The purpose of the club is to help students get a foundation of typing so they will be better typists when they finish high school. It is an opportunity for non- commercial students to get some knowledge of typing. Miss Hope, their sponsor, is glad to have students so eager to learn and hopes that more students will be interested next year. Frrfl Rou B Donato -I Stevenson H Shoop B konold l Flainik J Lyter P K g C Loelfler A Pennacchio Second Rau M Flick P Tomlinson l Doles N Morrill D Wlalker M L Kelly W Eiler C Eiler j Marino Tfmd Rau P Could G Rodltey H Weihrauch B Shook D Kastanias J OConnell M Leopold P Gunes j lickson B Wagner Fozuth Rou Luckock l England J MacFarlane I lnglxnd MieI'irine Trembl R Bri B ackson M Dible P Henderson Fzflh Ron A Hlrper B Wilson A Bruno 1 King D Singhose M E Wagrier D Doles Under the careful direction of Mr Bongiomnni the Girls Glee Club has grown of patient worle on both the part of Mr Bongiowanni and the girls The songs were inspiring ind the girls were loxclv in their flowing gow ns of pastel shades This pro grim is one whieh will not be eisily forgotten Memories of good things linger on Not to be forgotten is the perform mee of the girls it the annual Christmas assembly They did their best to add to the Christmas spirit f lt by the students The sweet singing of the girls it the Biecaliurelte berviee gave the Seniors some thing to remember tlong with their happy days in school The girls realize thlt good music is liked by everyone and they endeavor to please Best of lucle to the girls and miy they continue their spleindld woile throughout the years to come. Fin! Ruzv: j, Beers V. Liberro, C. Donato j. Liherto, j. Forbeck, T. Hollinger E. Condron. St.f0f1dIe0ll'.' P. Walsh P, Condon j. Bright, W. McKnight D. lsnapp, B. Knapp J. Tamburro. The Boys' Glee Club sponsored by Mr. Bongiomnni w1s one of the main attrac- tions the night of the Christmas Cantata-they were all wearing tuxedoes. Although small in number their voices rang out with Christmas spirit that night. Besides their Christmas program the Boys Glee Club helped provide special as- sembly music and also sang for Baccalaureate. These programs were not accomplished over night. It took long hours of practice. Many afternoons we could hear them singing in the auditorium as we were going home from school. The boys feel their time is well spent in Glee Club for it is valuable training that Mr. Bongiovanni gave them. This organization is a credit to the school as well as to the boys who are in it. J. ' , . A .' . ,D -. a A , J. 1 1. 5. J. A Q. . gm. considerably. The Nativity Story they presented at Christmas time showed evidence MUSIIIM TR ILBLAZERS rfonl row let to ngbl A Bruno P Kung C Loeffler j Marrno B Donato W Erler B Shook M Flrck 1 Lyter P Garns A Harper A Pennacchro J Stevenson D Smghose Serond Row M Drble P Henderson J OConnell M Leopold C Euler j Luckock B jackson Tremba I England B Wagner M L Kelly D Walker L England B Krng D Kastanxas Third Row J Kmg P Gould G Rodkey H Werhrauch D Doles M E Wagner j jackson MacFarlane J MacFarlane B Wrlson P Tomlrnson R Bnght N Braeudrgam L Flaynxk P Walsh B Knapp J Bnght B McKnxght D Knapp P Condon j Tamburro E Condron For most the musrc actlvntnes the Boys and Grrls Glee Club combmes to forrn the V H S Choxr These slxty vorces blend rn beautrful harmony to present musrcal programs every student ns proud of Mr Bongxovanm spends much txme rehearsmg th1s group for rt takes hours of practxce to present 1 program such as the Natrvrty Story In our memones of hrgh school the chorr wrll be foremost V Lrberto T Hollmger THE GIRL T THE PIA 0 Le I to ngbt james Brrght Martha Flnck Bruce Knapp joseph Lnberto Donald Knapp Wrthout Martha the muslc department would be lost All her four years m hlgh school she has been accompamst for any musnc group that needed her Marthas free tame 15 monopolnzed by her dutxes at the pxano but she never complams for she realrzes how fortunate she IS to have such talent The forty mners are proud to have her as a classmate 37 L. Doles, N. Morrill, B. Konold. Fourth Row: J. Beers, J. Forbeck, j. Lrberto, C. Donato, f ' I ' , ' . , ' , . 4 ' PREPARI li FUR THE R SH Sealed---Mr. Nedetsky, Mr. Monaco. Firrl Rau'-W. Tarassi, j. Webb, P. Vescio, A. LoAlbo V. Costa, T. Hollinger, H, Quinn, j. Garia A. DeFazio, j. Rossi. Second Rau'--J. DOYSCY B. Bright, O. Gacci, J. Monenti, E. Condron V. Cassano, R, Roth, D. Mastrogiocomo, R. Garia j. Maiolo. Third Rau'-E. Gould, Bright, B Knapp, J. Loeffler, A. Bruno, D, Abercrombie P. W'alsh. Fourlb Row-T. Turpin, 1. Melle G. Rice, V. Morante, W. McKnight. FBUTB ll This club was organized in 1947 and can only remain active during the football season due to W.P.I.A.L. rulings. The purpose of this club is to learn rules and regulations of football and learn some of the fundamentals. The boys with football experience help in every way to teach the younger boys what they know and how to learn plays and other little but important things of football. This club is not active in money making and other such activities. Their main interest is football. Under the sponsorship of our head football coach, Mr. Nedetsky, this club is a great asset to future gridiron men r w 1 v 9 s Kneeling-Fin! Row-R. Condron, T. Meyers, of V. H. S. President ........,... ... ......... ALFRED LoALBo Vire-Preridenr ....... ....... E nwfian GoU1.D Secfemry .......... ..,..... V iro Costa Treasurer ...... ............ J OE MELLE Spomor ............................................ .. ........ MR. NEDETSKY To develop strong minds and bodies is the goal of the basketball club. In their activities, of which basketball is very important, they strive to make good. With Coach Monaco as their leader, these boys aim to be fair sports and symbolize our school spirit. These boys are hoping to be the future varsity men of V. H. S. The establishment of high standards and good sportsman- ship will help these boys reach the top of the ladder of success in sports. The twenty-four students in the club range from seventh to ninth graders. BASKETBALL Cl B J. Falso. N. Tratras. Second Rau'--J. Vescio, A, Mastrigiacoma, R. McDade, R. Coover. Tbifd Rau'-W. Howard, G. Rice. T. Manos. Slanding aG. Cappone, L. Hall, G. Stewart, D. Cleary, T, Gaybud, P. Manganaro, G. Dorsey, B. Isher- wood, K. Dorsey, G. Zourellius, F. Falso, C. McDade, B. Steffey, Mr. Monaco. f THLETICS IS THEIR G0lD lfno Ron'--Edward Condron. Second Raw- Yincent Cassano, joe Maiola, Dominick Masrro- giacomo, Third Rau--Orlando Gacci, john Moneriti, Philip Walsli, Raymond Garza. lfourlh Rfizu -Vito Costa, Alfred LoAlbo, Vincent Morantr. Albert Bruno. I-'iftb Row-Bob Bright, john Loetiler, Mr. Ncdctsky, Mr. Monaco, Ed Gould, james Dorsey. Sixth Row-james Bright, XVilIiam McKnight, Ted Turpin, joe Melle. Si'1u1lf'1 Ron'--George Rice. VARSHY Cl B The Varsity Club is composed of all lettcrmen. The chief aim of these boys is to promote good sportsmanship througlirzut the school. Their activities are many and varied. The main job of the boys is to raise sutiicicnt funds to buy varsity sweaters for the graduating Seniors, Money is raised through dances, concessions. basketball games, and various other activities. The club is under the able leadership of Mr. Nedetsky .ind Mr. Monaco, Prefzdenz .,...,.......,..................,,.......,,.,,.,,,.,,.,............ .Aukisn LoALrxo Vice-Preridezil .... ...... EDWARD Gourn Serfezary ......, ...,..............,.,i........... V rro Cosm Trearurer .,.,. ,......,,........ .............,.... j o is Mrziiia Sponror ....,... ,,...,.. M R. Nnonrsrcv. MR. MKJNACO The Leaders' Club has been in operation for many years in Verona High School. The purpose of this club is to teach the girls to be good sports and to be leaders of the school. Many successful projects are carried on by these girls with the helpful aid of their sponsor, Miss Lowry. During their club periods, the girls are taught all the rules and regulations of basketball, soccer, volley ball and other sports. For the first time at V. H. S., the Leaders' Club is starting Girls' Athletic Association. The girls from grades nine to twelve will receive a number of points for doing such things as refereeing games, keeping score, playing the games, and so on. Let's all work together, so that the G. A. A. will remain a tradition in V. H. S. Prerident ..........................,.....................,..,...,................ HELEN KRULC Vive-Prefidenz ........ ....... C Armor. Mancmzsra Secretary-Treafurer .... ...... B ARBARA KEFALOS Spanmr ................ .......... M iss Lowrw lt DERS Cl B R5 OE C Fim Rau'WP, Henderson, B. Donato, J. Lyter, J. Pritchard, S. Bright, P. Gains, XXI Eiler, C. Marchese, R. Falso. Serond Rou'fT. Randas, H, Krulc, D. Doles. L. Ketley, N. Morrill M. Flick, B. Kafalos, L. Doles, D. Bozick, M. Diblc. Third Rau'-Miss Lowry, D. Ketley D. Walker, B, XY'ilson, B. King, D. Mehelich, i 4 .1 B. jackson, D. Sheaffer, T'T'l K 73 Q? cf Oi Cl HIGH 5 THEIR STRIKE IS THE G0 l First Rout A. DeFazio, T. Hollinger, E. Falso, R. Roth, H. Quinn, tl. Rossi, j. Garia. M. Lewis, Second Row: J. Loeffler, E. Gould, j. Melle, P. Walsh tco-captainj, R. Garia. V. Costa, A. Bruno, W, McKnight, D. Mastrogiacomo, Mr. Monaco fassistant Coachj. Third Itrfnp' Mr. Nedetsky thead coachj, J, Maiolo, D. Abercrombie, J. Dorsey, V. Morante. T. Turpin, R. Bright, j. Bright, B. Knapp, G. Rice tmanagerj. Foufzb Roux -T. Webb. V. Cassano, P. Vescio, O. Gacci, G. Henderson, j. Monenti, A. LoAlbo lco-captiunb, M. Kern. E. Condron, A. Mastrogiacomo fmanagerj. BRUCE KNAPP Bruce's first year he proved to be a dependable end and had an exceptionally fine fighting spirit. MATTHEW "BUCK" KERN Although "Buck" was very small he proved to be a fine guard. With another hundred pounds he could be Sylvan's candidate for All-American. PHILIP "ADAM" WALSH Although "Adam" was the most seriously injured player this year he managed to make the All- Conference team and received honorable mention from W.P.I.A.I.. JAMES "COOMER" BRIGHT "Coomer", the biggest man of the squad, added a lot of bulk to the left side of our line. ROBERT "BOB" BRIGHT BOb's plunging and powerful running enabled him to tie for scoring honors. Every game was marked by his fine kicking. JOHN UBANANASH MONENTI "Bananas", a fine guard, played well this year. He was nick-named "johnny Lump-Lump" for he was always injured. ORLANDO ULUNDOH GACCT "Lundo," a defenseman, was used chiefly as a line- backer. Here he carried on very well. ROCCO "ROCKY"' GARIA "Rocky" gained fame through his line-backing. A terriffic blocker and tackler. TKT T COACHES Edgewood East McKee-sport Plum Aspinwall Hampton East Deer Sharpsburg Oakmont SCORES DOM1NiCR "HAWK" MASTRKJIGSACOMO Hawk's dependable running helped him to tie for scoring honors and honorable mention on the All- Conference team. JCE 'iHUNKEY" MIZLLE Shifting to tackle in his last year, "Hunkey" helped strengthen the line. VITO "ACE" COSTA "Ace" switching to guard his last year proved to be capable and helped pep up the line. EDWARD "ED" CONDRON This is Ed's last year of eligibility. He has been a regular for three years and his running sparked many games. JOHN HPEANUTSH LOEFFLER In the early part of the year "Peanuts" proved to be a dependable end. Later, he switched to tackle and performed well here. EDWARD "GOOCH" GOULD "Gooch" was hurt before the season started, he returned for the third game and played well the remainder of the season. ALFRED "HOLE" LOALDO Shifting to quarterback in his last year, "Hole" proved to be a capable field general and excep- tional passer. C0-CAPTAINS Opponent: I 'z mn.: Z0 0 19 0 0 12 12 U U 6 19 6 6 25 6 6 A Hlllll' 1 v Rsnv I-ni! Rau' G. Taylor, R r Il nan, C. Manganaro. Sewnd R an Mr, Monaco, Mr, Nedetsky lima Rau'-P. Vescio, N. lie-falos Abercrombie, V. Morante, H Stew art, W. McKnight, T. Turpin R Bright, A. Randas, B. Stoner Mllltilil, E. Condron. Varsity Scores: Varsity Scoring: junior Varsity Scores: l'mu1.1 Opfmueuli INDIVIDUAL Vgfgng Oppanentr 61 W.P.S.D. 39 Morante ..... 219 53 W.P.S.D. '45 Springdale 45 Randas ..... 214 Springdale 3-I Edgewood 57 McKnight .. 213 Edgewood 5-4 Springdale 27 Turpin ..,..,. 90 Springdale 59 Hampton 23 Bright .,... 89 Hampton +i"H': Millvale 38 Maiolo ...... 80 Millyale 37""F Alumni 35 Kefalos ...... 46 Second Team 2845 Oalcmont 33 Condron .... 8 Oalcmont 39 HllfTlPf0l'l 26 Abercrombie 2 Hampton 4535 East Deer 35 Stewart ,..... 1 East Deer 39" 'l' Edgewood 36 Edgewood 524: 'H Plum 45 Plum 34 West Deer 35 West Deer 59 W.P.S.D. 54 W.P.S.D. 36" Oakmont 30 Oakmont 554' East Deer 42 Boys Club 44 Aspinwall I6 East Deer 544: Plum 30 Aspinwall 38" West Deer 33 Plum fSec. 13 Play Otfj West Deer 27 Oakmont 30 Millvale 61 Millvale 34 4' League 'H' Overtime JllNl0R VARSITY l'1ri1 Rua' G, Taylor, R. Bren- nan, C. Manganaro. Serum! Rout-- Mr. Monaco, Mr. Ned:-Lsky. Third Rau Tarassi, j. Rossi. T, Htilv linger, R. Pierce. W. Howard, H. Stewart. P. Krutsa, G. Rice, N Lewis, D. Abercrornbie, E. Condron, P. Vesfio. s I FURTY-NINERS H RDWO0D SE l0RS " 1 ll 'S, x ,mu ll A gpm-:fr , we , lN"?fiw"'?:V H at l ROBERT BRIGHT Bob, one of this year's captains, played at both guard and forward, He helped the team a great deal by getting a lot of rebounds. NICK KEFALOS Nick was this year's other captain. Be- sides scoring quite a few points, he con- trolled the ball and set up most of the scoring plays, EDWARD CONDRON lid, one of the smallest boys on the squad, scored quite a few points for the Jay Vee team. He set up quite a few plays for this team and often was their star. HOWARD STEWART Although "Stu" didn't see much Varsity action, he starred on the jay Vee team. He was often high-scorer for this team. XB, A A It V, 0 2-Qt., E 17? SL.: ' w , 5 r,. -v nz 9 H' , Jw QE ii Q25 J Q 'wi . 1 , 4 . , . .Lg lfghlr " , I1 an .lr , , ,: . sy s 1 kv ' if .?"' .F in ' ' , A -w as 2 . S F, J' '15 S., ii 'lift 3' 6 Viv ! r is A Efliwagf 5' si r lk 3 'A' 'ww 1' ' ww a x 'fkn Y D f :nj - 3 "s THE D0l SS 0F VHS STUDENTS Ready to llljfl. After iz rough light. fuyfully going lo practice Laughing at our mixtakef lnnzyirzg and laughing. 'lliiing lime out to eat. llwarnzizzg Ike bensh. Ezen Jeniorf need iz :Imp 67077. IVXW1 haf the biggen mozilla? Enjoying 4 picnic. FORlY-NINIERS KI G AND OUEE 0F HIVE Q,-1 "'7 0"5 lx-I' -,... vw-, Patrncla Games Raymond Gana Donna Hennsh Mary Ellen Wagner The forty mne trallblazers are proud of thelr lung and queen The candndates for this honor are selected by the Semors and voted on by the entxre student body We are proud to be able to have the1r prctureb m our yearbook for xt w1ll help us all remember the wonderful times we all had at V Hnve C OMPLIMEN TS OF COMPI IMENTS OF WOODINGS VERONA A FRIEND TOOL WORKS COMPLIMENIS OF JUNIOR WOMAN S CLUB I , L rr gh ,,, I -rv -.J lvlq '1 V X 1? Nl YT? ,Y v f V ., f K J. L at.. lgl, W ga y O! l ' l 7 ::::::::-':::::::::::l-01-:::.v-::::::-A::::::::::-'ff-'ffffffff-'fff We appreciate the support of a full-page of advertisement from these companies. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1919 MERRILL W CRIBBS VERONA TAX OFFICE VERON A PENNSYLVANIA TO THE ESSENTIALS OF A FINER COMMUNITY ITS CHURCHES ITS SCHOOLS ITS HOMES ADD FACILITIES' Congratulatlons .md best wxshes to the graduatlng class of Verona H1gh School THE WILLOWS POOL NICK KRATSAS Mgr POP GERDING Publxcnty M ' awk ' :rx . 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HOME Of QUALITY FLRNIFURE Phone Oakmont 1077 615 EAST RAILROAD AVENUE Verona Pennsylvan VERONA LUMBER AND SUPPLY nm RAII ROAD AVENUF VI RONA CONGRAI ULATIONS YO THL QIAYS O1 1919 KIWANIS CLUB VERONA We thank these people for their full page advertisement 13 CUHPIIHIINIS V HIVE 11111111 1111 1l11l1l1e11 lfllj 11111 11111111 lem live p1!Ie1111g 001 Jtepf df 111111 111111 lm l0IIII5l7f If the 1111111 fha! ue wlebmte I mae lu Ile V Hue ue ll gl 111th 11111 bex! dale Ile 11111 re all 11111151115 111111 71161117148 define U lvlle I look or my date al 11 q1fdI,e ,fo 11111 I11 11 llllle uhlle ue anne at Ile 531111 In 11111 l1e111e11ly 11111111 111111 llglvtf 1 111111 A le: FIIIIIA 11111 lm! do r 111111 1l1111i111g 0111 meer U e lllfflb to Ilwe ble,11l1e15 1111! fell 111111y joeef Ile 1111 ul 11 111111 r11111lr ilej seem to Ig In 11111 IU 1l11111111g 111411 111 1 Jzze Il1e11 llve lay! danfe 11111 hllllt' ue gl 7 1 Jrezm 1 111 616711115 ue!! 1 1111 ll 11h our beau AL DR1Y MORITZ HIGH SCHOOL CYM VERONA PA 1 1 ' ,I I' 4. , . 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C A ' 'f ' A. , . ' 1 ' . ' H , - Y , F- ' . y 5 . , 1 X v 4' , y K I ' 5 v ' .A I 1 ' , , Q I ' A ' A X. Y Y . 1 'Q - , f 3 ' ' , a. ' . 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Suggestions in the Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) collection:

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