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---.--.-:-.....:-- -- f. - -1.1f.-m-+ A .-:Q.f'4-'-- .ff-'N ac -fe:-ff' .f-"lm V Y .Q 'L 3,1 Lg, I .,-ffl, Jil, . ' 3-.1 -, N -: :'f:: :ffiSJQ'4 2' , -7 'h'-'-"'f1:.T'1awQf5t"f:5:-" "i5i7f'k' -1w.g-'ff 122 11 ff ,,,M.,,... .. . .., IJ . we x 4' if ,I -4 f 4. x ,. Q, . N. +. , . , wif, , . K .,., W.. ,A , . - .Jw -If + . " -, LL . w i .- .gag . , ,-ML.:--.5-1 1''b''59,-4-1-,f":1"Afa,ew'5g+.. 5-1- :z:f,5,s Nw -- Lf,4:N,4:,..-f-s..f.,f.-,..- ,... .QQ P 1 W X 3. 1 1 '41 W A ..,, . , ,. - . Q., ... -- . ,. , -,. .. .1 - Y- if ff ,-.--5-fff-, if- ...if A-21' E ' Nz -S-+.w',f:S-fv "J'fN'-1ET?w1"h ff?-'.:.:." 'QTI1' -v. A gs . . "1e1'f"'-.Z....- x A. ,. -- ' f- 'ff -, J. ' , - , ff: L" . -4 . ' :J - f-- f.. . - .. H 1 g,-,."?Ij5:'- 4 H. .,,- 'J Q ,, , L. ,A ' .., -K.. ,, L..f- . . .-AA: .A ,f.1., - 1-. f L . -,. ,-, Q., , .1 . ,A - ,- ,f- N .- - , ,mf .-3. .1 ,, .--4 . S. ,. . 2116, ,1 , 41.-Q ..:.' f--. X, . 1 g.,.,,,... .,. -,-QT 1,1 ,. 5,6 .z- Li, .. 1, , , -. --Q 1,6 f,,,. ,.,,, ,. .V ,,-5 3. .M X-,-L ,,,,. H- - f ,,.V .-,. .J 41 - ,. - -,am ,Q - :M - - - .fy A. ,- ,f-f ' ,gg--,,,,.f,' -if .144 ,g-,,-QQM' -' iffy' mu-: -,, -.1-Vx.. - 'V ,1 - -. '.f.- .. f-.F-vw, ,., .g.f,-.wr .r- any ,iw 1- .ng gs 6. -1 -we 4 :g .f . ' - -' 2. ' 1. '- .- ,,. 1 . .., ,:.--,. f-, ' - -, . 1.2 v A - . 'ffg-R. .-nv, ,.- , . .1 -'f.'- ' FW ' , f...,f- 17-sf?-1'-2-fe.. .-gf--1..-f.rt'M lf 1 i .V ,swf Q.. xeeub , uL'w.,4--X--y-'is' f-ff: - ,- .,1,',1.+'k1L.:f-'Wig.. Rig:-:-.tifisi -S25 S V-- -'92 H' V. i. 11, .,.mLs..QiE1' -Q" , G' Q1-JI' - V a- 1: JEL:-aff:-s2'3'+,.'. L g:Lrf V- ' -' ' .-"IFS .A vw. LAL. -w 3 'gf 4' -191-.1-1 r 53? P w P B Y I E aww j THE NINETEEN HU EDFc V mu nn. tha, of jonwfzfww W ff f PUBLISHED AT VERONA HIGH SC VERCJNA PA fl 54 W, 7 if f y 0 HOOL THE 1948 PURPLE AND GOLD 4. ,,,,,, Yet not ot thine eternal resting-place Shalt thou retire alone,-nor couldst thou wish Couch more magnificent. Thou shalt lie down With patriarchs of the infant world,-with kings, The powerful of the earth,-the wise, the good, Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past, All in one mighty sepulchre. Thanatopsis- William Cullen Bryant 4 IN MEMGRIAM HERMAN JOSEPH FLAJNIK April 7, 1930 - August 8, 1946 As you look over the Purple ond Gold of I948, we hope that mony fond memories of doys gone by will be relived. Ah, those deor old School Dcnys! Recxdin', Ritin', ond 'Rithmetic were the big three, on invitation to the Prom was on invitation to Fcuirylondp ond oll our athletes were urged on with "Fight, team fight!" It is with extreme sotisfoction of o job well- done thot we present to you "The Purple ond Gold of I948." LIGHT O CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS 0 ff Pmaonaldzlza, ML fhllyl, mafzln a.4,,movLjnio I ZA ZH Z ? M ' CL ASSES IN T 1 '2 I EDUCATIONAL LEADERS Jim, B BOARD OF EDUCATION Standing: John Grogan, Harry Pierce, Paul Bright. Seated: Fred Shoemaker, Robert Morford, John Moritz, John Young. This year the board lost a member and gained a member. Many other changes have been made this year, but we find the president, Mr. Bright, and vice-president, Mr. Morford, are still leading the meetings. New problems have arisen and although some have caused diFFiculty these men have come through with the proper solutions. Teachers and students alike have been aided by this organization. Aside from the work these men do in their meetings, they are very busy with other activities. Basketball games, dances, and other extra-curricular activities are attended by our board members. President .. , Paul Bright Vice President . Robert Morford Treasurer .. ., , John Young Secretary .. Harry Pierce 8 Howard C. Douds - Supervising Principal At the head of the faculty is our principal, Mr. Douds. Through his oftice all the activities of the School are planned and every day the problems of many stu- dents are solved with his help. Mr. Douds has become well known throughout V. H. S. as a congenial and cap- able leader. Kermit Anderson - High School Principal This is the man who promotes the general welfare of the senior high school students. He is kept busy sched- uling activities and issuing excuses to those who have been absent. Mr. Anderson has many other chores, in- cluding presiding over assemblies and interpreting the rules and regulations to fit all cases. Blanche Lindemuth - Junior High School Principal Although we know that the business of the school is carried on in Mr. Douds' oftice, one of the busiest places is just across the hall. There you'll find Miss Lindemuth. If you know anything about Verona Schools, you know her. She has long been the 'Favorite of students, which may be due to her magnetic personality. 9 Howard C. Douds University of Pittsburgh, A. B., M. A. Kermit Anderson Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B. S University of Pittsburgh, M. Ecl. Blanche Lindemuth Lock Haven State Teachers College FACULTY ELIZABETH L. BELL Indiana State Teachers College, B. S Home Economics SARA G. BIENSTOCK University of Pittsburgh, B. S. Consumers' Education, Business, Mathematics, Typewriting JEAN BLACK University of Pittsburgh, A. B. Latin, English ELIZABETH BODENHORN Grove City College, A. B. University of Pittsburgh, M. Litt. English, Biology BENJAMIN BONGIOVANNI Indiana State Teachers College, B. S. Music ..Q WILMAGENE MORTON BURROWS Indiana State Teachers College, B. S. First Grade JOHN C. CARUTHERS Allegheny College, A. B. University of Pittsburgh, M. Ed. P. O. D., Geography, History, Nature Study MARGARET COULTER California State Teachers College Third Grade ELEANOR DeWALD Clarion State Teachers College, B Librarian HELEN W. FEIGHTNER Temple University Third Grade ms, of Unlwna. CHRISTINA M. GARLAND Geneseo State Normal School Fifth Grade HARVEY J. GOEHRING, JR. University of Pittsburgh, B. S. Chemistry, Physics, Algebra FLORENCE E. HENDERSON Clarion State Teachers College Second Grade ERMA HENDRICKSON . S. Geneva College, A. B. First Grade HARRIET HIGINBOTHAM Bowling Green University, B. C. S., B. Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping K 1 in I Elizabeth L. Bell Sara G. Bienstoclc Elizabeth Bodenhorn Benjamin Bongiovannl Wilmagene Morton Bur John C. Caruthers Margaret Coulter Eleanor DeWald Helen W. Feightner Christina M. Garland Florence E. Henderson T0 S. S. rows Harvey J. Goehring, Jr. ' School M. JOSEPH INE HUNTER Edinboro State Teachers College, B. S. Art, Arithmetic, Spelling RUTH YUGOVICH KITKO School Secretary MARTHA JANE KUNKLE Indiana State Teachers College, B. S. Mathematics ALICE LOWRY Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B. S. Health, Physical Education WILLIAM A. MONACO Slippery Rock State Teachers College, B. S. Health, Physical Education HOWARD P. NEDETSKY Kent State University, B. S. Industrial Arts RUTH M. NICHOLS University of Pittsburgh Fourth Grade JOSEPH P. PUSATERI Duquesne University, B. Ed. History, Civics TWILA M. REMALEY Clarion State Teachers College Second Grade JOHN L. STEVENS Allegheny College, A. B. University of Pittsburgh, M. Litt. Latin, English JEAN WAGNER Pittsburgh Teachers Training Orthogenic MARY E. WOODFILL Indiana State Teachers College Sixth Grade Erma Hendrickson Ruth Yugovich Kitko William A. Monaco Joseph P. Pusateri Jean li D. Wa Harriet Higinbotham Martha Jane Kunkle Howard P. Nedetsky Twila M. Remaley gner Mary M. Josephine Hunter Alice Lowry Ruth M. Nichols John L. Stevens E. Woodfill lm, Jw, SQILLTUIA, are the master switches ol the Earl Schwartz-President V- H- S- Raymond Pyle-Vice President Emily Fowkes-Secretary-Treasurer The Senior Class of '48 began in '36, It didn't take us long to learn the common grade school tricks.. The first year passed, the second, too, and soon came Junior High: Our high school days would soon begin, the time kept fiying by. Our Freshman year was here and gone before we thought about it. The Sophomore class of '46, the best, no one dare doubt it! As Juniors we received our rings and also held our dance, We planned the Prom and Junior Play a long time in advance. And finally the time had come for us to move ahead, As Seniors, we realized we must lead and not be led. The day of graduation lay just around the bend, Too swiftly life in Verona High was drawing to an end. Our days in school are over, and now we will confess The time we spent in V. H. S. was filled with happiness. No matter what a Senior says, he stands with heart downcast To think that his own Senior Class is now part of the past. We all pretend we're glad we're through, but this is lust a show- The way we feel down in our hearts only a Senior can know. by Tom Marchese 'I2 Apostolos L. Budich sr' Apostolos N. Burkhart LOTTIE APOSTOLOS--Academic Lottie has a friendly smile, Her friendships number many, She's always ready and willing to help With work if you have any. NELLIE APOSTOLOS-Academic With a flair for the dramatic And a knack for writing, too Nellie smiles her way into your heart When your friendship is yet new. BETTY JANE BELL-General Sweet, petite, and friendly Describes Betty Jane Bell, Her hair looks pretty at all times And she really dresses well. CAROL BENNETT-General Make-up neat, hair iust right- That's "Red" we can't deny, Her beautician's career was started When she was in her third year high. ANTHONY BOZIK-Academic Tony's well liked by everyone But he's the envy of the girls, Why is it that the fellows Have such very pretty curls? 8 Bell Cleary 13 Bennett Collins MARY BUDICH-General On hand to cheer the boys At each and every game, Babe didn't change with the weather, She retained her pep the same. MA RY AGNES BURKHART-General Burk's had trouble in her high school career But she's smiling through all you can bet, Her precious diploma is now in view And nothing has downed her yet. WI NONA CLEA RY-General You know sometimes you get quite weary But not our girl Winona Cleary. When things get bad and you are blue, She's the one we'lI send to you. BERNARD COLLINS-General Some things rattle, but not "Bones," When he's mad he gets the "moans". A lover of fun, you all can see, To happiness he's found the key. TOM CON DON-Academic Tom never worries, not one bit You see this boy has got some wit,. He loves all sports, especially swimmin', And then of course, there are his Hwimmin Bozick Condon 7948 Y. .W ...Ya ff Consentino DeVito Fowkes Galeski BETTY CONSENTINO-General Among our future homemakers Betty rates quite high, Her experience with Home Economics ls sure to always satisfy. ANTHONY DeVlTA-Academic Tony is Verona's Gene Kelly, Of that we can be sure: On the dance floor he's a whiz- Almost a connoisseur. MARJORIE DlBl.E-Academic A bright sunny smile is in view And "Merch" is always behind it. If the lost chord you want can be found on the She is the one who can find it. STANLEY DOLES-General New to our class, but not to the school, ls ex-G. l. Stanley Dales, His average is good, and his friendly ways Would rate high on popularity polls. KENNETH EICHELDINGER-General Ken's a boy you ought to know- He's really quite good looking. He's slow "n" easy on the draw And hard to tind when something's cooking. bells, Dible Hartman 14 Doles Hollinger EMILY FOWKES-General Every group must have a leader- A good one can brighten the show, With Em at the front of our band, In competition they didn't rate low. RITA GALESKI-General Rita works hard at Murphy's As well as at V. H. S. When something comes up for Rita to do, You can bet she'll give it her best. RICHARD HARTMAN-Commercial A very good worker is our Dick, He wields a rather mighty pen, His years at V. H. S. plus future college days Eicheldinger Humphrey May make him rate with the great among men. ANN HOLLINGER-Academic Annie shows us how to see The happy side of Iiteg Good times for all is her key To turn away all strife. MILES HUMPHREY-Academic When Pete picks up a saxophone, The sounds we hear are sweet, The things he does with his horn, Simply can't be beat. 5 79 Jankovich Kohnen Loggi McDade OLGA JANKOVICH-General "Ogie's" the girl with plenty of answers, On the basketball floor she is speedy. If life depends on a bright disposition, You'll never find our Olga needy. GEORGE KOHNEN-General Not only a good drummer but one of the best Our George K. never need worry, He's a real easy goin' guy And does only his drummin' in a hurry. JAMES KUNTZ-Academic Jim rates high in the field of sports, He's witty and friendly always. Tomorrow he'Il be out in the cold, cruel world, But he's safe at VHS today. CONNIE LIBERTO-Commercial Although it's hard to understand, How lots goes into little, When Connie's here, you can see, lt's really not a riddle. MARGARET LIPESKY-Commercial Though small in height, she is full of fun- She makes things seem just right, When Marge is here, we're full of cheer, 'Cause she's a girl we like. Kuntz Mamatos 15 Liberto Marchese ANGELO LOGGI-Academic Life of every party With his smile and friendly ways, Arkie does a good iob When he works or when he plays. BARBARA MCDADE-General Deep blue eyes and long blond hair, At Verona, Tech or Penn, Barb and her man make quite a pair, Or should we say her men? IRENE MAMATOS-General Oil and brushes, needle and thread- Sounds like a working convention, lt's really nothing for you to dread, lt's iust Irene we mention. TOM MARCHESE-Academic ln the smallest kind of packages Come all of the good things we know, And there's not a better boy than Tom To put you in the know. RICARDO MA RON I-Academic Whenever music's in the air, Or the conversation's merry, Look in the center ofthe crowd And you will tind our "Harry", i l 8 Lipesky Maroni 798 Melvin Rodkey Morford Schwartz ANDREW MELVIN-General Andy is our newest classmate, The friends he has are many, We all know how high he rates, For he's as bright as a copper penny. CAROL MORFORD-Academic Music has really always been Important in Carol's life, But what could be better than melody To keep one's mind from strife? JOHN MORRIS-General With the practical experience, Which he's gained at V. H. S., John will someday proudly boast That his home is quite the best. RICHARD PAPP-Academic For this young man School's iust a pastime, But after hours spent in study, You'll 'Find him "happy" with his budd RAYMOND PYLE-Academic With brain Sonny's gifted, He's a friend tried and true, He's a very good worker And he can dance, too. ies. Morris Shook 16 Papp Pyle Sistek Starr PAULINE RODKEY-General Baseball fans are many, Whether their interests are great or small, But as hard working as is our Paul She'll take off to watch a game of ball. EARL SCHWARTZ-Academic To be twice chosen president of our mighty class, Why he must be good, I declare! Earl's the gent in question, Ancl he could do well anywhere. ESTHER SHOOK-General Always in the best of style From shoes to crowning glory, Poochie tells us all the while That a man causes all her worry. DONALD SISTEK-General The Frankie fans are few ln this Senior class of ours: Don is our own male songbird- We could listen to his songs for hours. RUTH STARR-Commercial She's as sweet as the candy she sells, At the good old five and dime, Ruthie's really a true friend To be depended on all of the time. Tatalovich Thaner Tomazich Tsudis Turpin VanTine West Youk NADINE TATALOVICH-Academic Editor of a yearbook is a mansized iob for sure, But it took a little girl to fill it well, Deane's on the beam with ideas ofthe year, And everything she does is really swell. JEAN THANER-General "Jeanie" is an usherette- She works as well as plays, You never find her in a fret, For Bill makes her happy every day. MARY TOMAZICH-Commercial To model the fashions of "48", Our Mimi would be simply great, Her blond wavy hair and complexion so fair, Really go to make her rate. MALAMO TSUDIS-Commercial For info on sports news, Mal's the girl to see, Her knowledge of sports rules, Runs right on from A through Z. WILLIAM TURPIN-Academic Blond wavy hair and a quick bright smile, He excels on field and floor, "Turp" leads us all by a good long mile, When we're heading forthe door, MYRTLE VANTINE-Academic Lite ofthe party with her Betty Hutton charm, Chick's always known to lead the fun, But she's not always flighty, there's no need for alarm, She'll settle quickly if there's a job to be done. THOMAS WEST-General Here's a lad with real ambition- He never does much loafingy lt he's not hard at work repairing, He's keeping his mind in good condition. FRANCES YOUK-Commercial The canary ofthe senior class ls our good friend Miss Dolly, lt's not often that she'll sing for us, But she's really good, by golly. CNOT PICTUREDJ SARAH LYTER-Commercial S-al is everybody's Friend, She likes a lot of fun, But if you get our Sally mad, You'd better start to run. 8 we asm JL gpm Jafmum!L VERONA'S ALMA MATER O'er the purple hills encompassed, Bathed in ambient air, Gem of Verona's lovely valley, Stands our High School fair. Blest by love of all her children- Riches manifold- See her colors proudly waving, Purple and Gold. Royal purple, Honor's emblem, Golden seal of Truth- These she flings as inspiration To the heart of youth. Splendid promise to the future- Wrought by knightly deed Splendid heir of long tradition Bid her now "God-Speed." Chorus: Lift your voices, sing her praises Over hill and dale, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater High School, Hail All Hail! -Adapted from Cornell Song 'IB X. E' , M "IAA" JB' , N 3 'am Ha L ,wwf 469352 rm 2,5 JF ws ,J f' .f ff 5 H P li mf an ,Q 3 Q5 Joe Melle-President Martha Flick-Vice President Patricia Tomlinson-Secretary'Treasurer This year of work on our part, Took determination and a strong heart. First came our play, And it was an hilarious thing. A gun went oft And Jane O'Connell had to sing. Then the Harvest Hop We gave with pride: Our praises were sung But we took this in our stride. The prom was ours to engineerp And as the great night drew near, With high hopes and secret plans, We decorated the gym with willing hands. Don't you think that we deserve A pat on the back and a kind word? by Doris Sheafter and Martha Flick 20 Jim glam, 0Qu.rubJm, provide the glitter and gleam of the V. H. S. Spotlight A. Appoloni C. Babich P. Beck J. Beers E. Belin J. Bright R. Bright R. Brose J. Brostrom P. Butler C. Chaney L. Cleary P. Condon V. Costa C. Donato W. Dorsey l. England M. Fallon M. Flick B. Francisco O. Gacci R. Garia A. Glorioso J. Glorioso E. Gould G. Gruber D. Hennish M. Kern B. Knapp H. Krulc A. LoAlbo J. Loeffier M. Leppold D. Lubatti J. Luckock J. Manos T. Marino D. Mastrogiacomo J'. Melle A. Meyers J. Monenti N. Morris J. O'Connell J. Plese J. Porter P. Santucci D. Sheaffer M. Shook H. Stewart A. Thaner P. Tomlinson J. Tremba P. Walsh F. White J. Youk Not Pictured M. Antal C. Eiler s AQ 1 I jim, ,Slwrlahq, .Snphnmofum alias the slmort- circuits ol the V. H. S. Spoilighi Nick Kefolos-President Ted Turpin-Vice-President Dorothy Doles-Secretary-Treosurer Flrsi Row-D Abercrombie, S. Brighl, M. Bruno, D, Bozik, K. Clark, K. Collins, E. Condron, M. Dible Second Row-D. Doles, R. Fcllso, J. Forbeck, P. Gaines, A. Harper, P. Henderson, B. Jackson, D, Kuslcmicis Third Row-B. Kefcilos, N. Kefalos, M. L. Kelley, D. Kelley, L. Kelley, G. King, J. King, P. Krolsa Fourth Row-J. Liberto, J. MocFc1rlone, J. Muiolo 22 Most peepul think us'in is shocking, But we'uns reely ain't, We jest eat eggs and disinfect And spaghetti mixed with paint. We tryed to iern the menny klubs But they didn't want our kind, But soon they found thru deep servay, That we'uns is the best they kin find. In football and basketball our gize wus supream As if they was playing in a Cnite-marel dream Our bouys would be good in soccer and hockey, Except at Verona their ain't no such teemsz. With selery and peanuts and everything nice We'uns sit in our study halls niblin' like mice. The teechers try to keep us quiet So our class won't appear to be a riot. Now we'uns leave you in good cheer Looking toward the future wit' fear- Fear, that we will be expelled Before we reach our Senior year. Written by the Society for the Preservation of Poor Spelling and Incorrect Grammar. First Row-C. Manganaro, C. Manni, C. Marchese, E. Marchese, W. McKnight, D. Mehelich, K. Morris, J. Panion Second Row-A. Pennacchio, J. Pritchard, A. Randas, T. Randas, J. Roth, P. Selxel, D. Singhose, B. Shook Third Row-J, Stevenson, R. Stoner, S. Tsudis, T. Turpin, T. Vunover, A. Varassi, P. Vescio, M. Wagner Fourth Row--D. Walker, J. Webb, M. Weir Not Pictured-M. Krebs, M. Lewis, J. Manganaro, H. Shoop 23 J l f l:ff'1D1iT" ifii .ff-" .fr - M. Albrich A. Appoloni F. Aretz N. Bell J. Bennett N. Bigenho R. Brennan A. Bruno V. Cassano C. Condron W. Conklin A. Damico R. Daugherty A. De Fazio M. Delach R. DelleDonne L. Doles E. Donato W. Eiler L. England J. Feldgiesel E. Geary G. Goberish P. Gould T. Hollinger J. Intorre J. lreland J. Jackson B. Kern B. King D. Knapp J. Landseadel V. Liberto C. Loeffler J, Lyter J. MacFarlane D. Machen J. Marino E. Meyers V. Morante N. Morrill R. Pierce H. Quinn G. Rodkey A. Roney K. Roney J. Rossi J. Roth W. Roth W. Sheaffer R. Sistek D. Shoop F. Shoop J. Tamburro G. Taylor D. Tuminello H. Weihrauch B. Wilson J. Zourelias Not Pictured D. Angely I. Maroney ALIAS THE HOPEFUL BEAMS OF THE V. H. S. SPOTLIGHT Albert Bruno-President Norma Jean Bell-Secretary-Treasurer Our Freshman year began with fun With all our hard work to be done. Maroon and white were the colors we chose As our prom decorations when the tour years close. The Freshman hike was really swell, And everyone liked it very well. We all came packed with lots of food While everyone was in a happy mood. Our own class party was a big success, It was full of fun and happiness. We've had lots of fun every day, And now a lot more is coming our way. As the year rolls on and on All our Freshman fun is gone, But the next three years will be a hit And we'll try to make the best of it. We'll pass this year to a lower grade, And with the Sophomores we'll make a trade. by NONNIE EILER and NANCY MORRILL 25 jhej 'Ln U. .,S,. E I G H T H G R A D E First Row: C. Viores, S. McWilliams, S. Herron, F. Lewis, J. Shook, M. L. Bald, M. Humphrey, M. Morris, F. Falso, R. Coover, R. McDade. Second Row: M, Jenkins, B. Kcnold , M. Haase, P. King, M. Lyter, T. Gabud, R. Dawson, A. Panion, L. Flainik, V. Shook, J. Stoner, C. Hartman, F. Long. Third Row: Mr. Stevens, J. Dorsey, G. Henderson, A. Krotso, T. Nail, S. Wooclings, A. Radovich, M. Angely, B. Tremba, R. Bright, J. Manos, H. Monroe, G. Bruno. First Row: L. Clegg, J. SteFfey, R. Condron, M. Rodgers, W. Wetmore, P. Sekel, J. Prybock, E. Singhose, J. Vescio, J. Brown, P. Kastanias. Second Row: H. Wetmore, L. Hall, D. Sproat, C. England, R. Stel"fy, S. Stewart, R. Starn, M. L. Helsley M. Templeton, C. Cassano, D. Pritchard, R. lsherwocd, P. Manganaro, K. Dorsey. Third Row: C. Lobaugh, T. Manos, G. Clark, J. Semencar. Fourth Row: M. J. lsherwood, G. White, D. Rossi, N. Sheaffer, J. Wilson, B. Monroe, J. Comer, D. Monroe E. Loeftler, B. A. Matheny, G. Kukich, C. VanTine. S l E V E N T H G R A D E 26 1 M Vx K ff f 4 x Z!! Klum, and Efwupa, in, tho, .apoflakjlzi mx, they, wfmlr, to, bmlalphcumcicn. ACTIVITIES .f r X 5 E , 1 3 if L e 'iff' E ,f ' A -fi , gEmQijfm .. fy, 'by Us L i LV J 4 K :ffl LL,,L ,V gh ,W iv ,.,J rg . kj I I -ig, Y -T5 figf ,wx , ' 5, -M ,A .. ff' k - fw- Q 9 K , . .mb , . ' . v- 1 I H . ,I , w ., 2,6 and SENIOR Hl-Y "To create, maintain, and extend through- out the school and community high standards of Christian character." These words are familiar to every Hi-Y member. Their purpose, service, is realized in a six-fold program-service to members, community, nation, world, God and school-by personally accepting responsibility for the best Academic effort: by participating in extra-curricular and student-faculty activity: by offering to help in the many situations that arise where student co-operation and organization are necessary. President . .. ,. .t,. James Kuntz Vice-President . . , , .. Alfred LoAlbo Secretary-Treasurer . Richard Hartman Sponsor ...., . , ,. . ., , Mr. Pusateri Pusateri. Bright, R. Maroni, R. Hartman. Gabud, R. McDade, J. Rossi. F. Aretz, S. Woodings, G. Henderson. JUNIOR Hl-Y The Junior Division of Hi-Y follows closely the plan instigated by the Senior Hi-Y. The Hi-Y organization should enable high school boys to be able to deal with their per- sonal problems as well as to realistically face the kind of world they live in. The Hi-Y has many worthy objectives. lt strives to deepen their Christian convictions, to understand the meaning of democracy and dem- onstrate how it operates, and to prepare for citi- zenship and active participation in community life. President ,. .. . . Anthony DeFazio Vice-President . ,... Jack Landseadel Secretary , ,. . ,. Roger Pierce Treasurer ,..., ..,. V incent Morante Sponsor .... . ..,...,. Mr. Moritz Standing: T. Marchese, R. Brose, W. Turpin J Kuntz, J. Bright, E. Schwartz, R. Pyle r Kneeling: P. Butler, A. LoAlbo, G. Kohnen R Kneeling: A. DeFazio, R. Sistek, R. Brennan T Standing: R. Pierce, J. Ireland, V. Cassano J Landseadel, S. Taylor, V. Morante, J. lntorre 'gnllow gleam, " First Row: N. Apostolos, M. Tsudis, M. Van- Tine, C. Morford, N. Tatalovich, M. Burk- hart, M. Dible, B. McDade, O. Jankovich, I. Mamatos, L. Apostolos, Mrs. Burrows Second Row: N. Morris, P. Tomlinson, H. Krulc, M. Flick, D. Sheatfer, J. Tremba, L. Cleary Third Row: B. Shook, E. Marchese, D, Va- rassi, M. Wagner, D. Bozik, D. Mehelfc, P. Henderson, H. Shoop, C. Marchese, B. Kefalos Fourth Row: D. Ketley, S. Bright, J. Mac- Farlane, M. Kelley, D. Walker, D. Kos- tanias. J. Pritchard, J. Stevenson, M. Dible, L. Ketley, P. Gaines First Row: Mrs. Burrows, L. Apostolos, M. Dible, P. Henderson, D, Walker, l. Eng- land, D. Sheatfer, N. Apostolos Second Row: P. Tomlinson, C. Morford, M. Kelley Y-TEENS After reorganizing this year the Y-Teens were quite active. Their calendar consisted of a successful carnival, a widely read newspaper, and many other proiects iust as important. The code of Y-Teens, "World Fellowship," was pro- moted by all these activities. Some of the club members enjoyed a swimming party at the YWCA in town. Most of them attended a dance given by the Y-Teens from this district. lt has been felt that a successful year has been spent. President .......,....,.,.,, ...,.,..... N adine Tatalovich Vice President . .... Patricia Tomlinson Secretary ........... Carol Morford Treasurer .... ,..........,..,.., M ary Agnes Burkhart Sponsors Mrs. Burrows and Miss Kunkle NEWSPAPER STAFF Clickety, Clock Hold everything! Tear out page one-Patty has a scoop! This hub-bub is only a small part of what actually goes on in publishing a newspaper. It would be futile to attempt to explain all the work, and time in- volved. The Newspaper Sta'Ff, a part of the Y- Teens, chose as their aim "To report all school events faithfully and without preiudicef' What a gigantic aim! But their efforts are not disre- garded, for everyone looked forward to the pub- lication of the "Panther Hi Lite." Editor ........,..,. ......,.,..........., N adine Tatalovich Asst. Editor ,... .,.,.. P atty Tomlinson NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY owl Sli? T. Ma rchese JILL HL- ' nf, Uulz. jchcwl No honor conferred by the school excels that represented by this Society. It represents the fundamental objectives for which schools are instituted and gives recognition to those who have attained most nearly the desired ends. The Constitution of this national organization recognizes four cardinal obiec- tives as fundamental in all educational practice: Scholarship, Character, Leader- ship, and Service. To exalt these obiectives and hold them ever before the school as goals towards which all should strive, is the purpose of this Society. Our aim shall be to hold before the school such motives as shall induce others to aspire to scholarly habits, to enlist in worthy service and to lead forward in all things that shall advance the welfare of the school. The main advantages of the Society are to define and set standards for the ideal high school student, to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote lead- ership, to develop character, and to stimulate a desire to render service. The emblem of the Society is the Keystone, which bears at its base the letters S, L, C, and S, and a flaming torch. To you, the members of the National Honor Society, we say "Keep the torch of high ideals burning." 32 R. Pyle, R. Hartman, N Tatalovich STUDENT COUNCIL Kneeling: A. Bozik, R. Pyle, S. Tsudis, T Marchese, C. Manganaro, A. LoAlbo, A. Loggi, E. Schwartz. Standing: A. Pennacchio, A. Hollinger, J. Plese, D. Walker, B. King, N, Bigenho, M. Flick, D. Sl-ieaffer, P. Tomlinson, M. Dible, Mr. Caruthers. qmwzn, fha ' .IL The Student Organization of Verona carried out a full and successful pro- gram--many difficult situations that arose were handled quietly and efficiently, assembly programs were given, and a host of varied activities completed. ln the Constitution of the Student Council are stated the fundamental prin- ciples of this worthy organization. They have striven to carry out these principles as we as o nation have striven to carry out the principles of the Constitution of the United States. As servants of the students and faculty, they have, to the utmost of their ability, promoted student paricipotion, served as a medium between the faculty and the student body, and contributed to the general welfare of the school by helping to foster school spirit and fellowship. Their accomplishments deserve more than a passing remark from all of us. Our remarks should be, "Well done, and more power to you in the future, Student Council." President . ....... , .,,. , Angelo Loggi Vice-President ,.... ,.., A lfred LoAlbo Secretary ........ ,,....,.. M ariorie Dible Treasurer ..,. ,......,......,. . . ,. Nadine Tatalovich Secretary of Activities .... ....,., A nn Hollinger Adviser ...........,,,....,., ,, Mr. Caruthers 33 sladine Tatalovich . , .. ,. ,,,... Editor Alfred LoAlbo ,. .. , , . .. Assistant-Editor Eleanor DeWald .. , Adviser PURPLE AND GOLD ,Ulm Spa . ,, Snapshots! Deadlines! Discounts! Engrav- ings! Copy! Proof! Cover Design! Layout! Dummy! Writeups! It all sounds like a iumble of nonsense but to Staff Club members it means the "l948 Purple and Gold." It is only through the cooperation of all departments-literary, lay- out, photography, art, sports, typing-that the yearbook each year is published for Verona stu- clents. Your financial aid has been solicited through your support of yearbook sales and ad- vertisements, magazine subscriptions, dances, and bake sales. The project necessitates a great deal of work but we also have fun watching the progress as each page is finished. We hope you enioy the results. Sitting: C. Eiler, B. Jackson, W. Eiler, P. Henderson, A. LoAlbo, N. Tatalovich, L. England, R. Brennan H. Quinn, J. Ireland, Miss DeWald. Standing: I, England, J. Plese, C. Mcrford, M, Dible, M. A. Burkhart, D. Walker, A. Loggi, M Dlble D. Abercrombie, R. Falso, C. Manganaro, J. Jackson, H. Stewart, D. Sheatter, M. Flick, N Morrill A. Hollinger, R. Starr, J. Kuntz, M. VanTine, P. Walsh, A. DeVita. 34 M. VanTine. YEARBOOK SOLICITORS ff U01 Many of us realize the importance of financing the yearbook. We know that in order to have a "Purple and Gold," we must work for it. First of all, there is the soliciting of ads for the yearbook. Mrs. Higginbotham chose eight reliable and dependable students to take over the task. Under her guidance, they learned the art of salesman- ship and courtesy. Although they met with some difficulty in securing the ads, they retained their spirit. They all agreed that wherever they went, they were received in a friendly manner. They were un- easy at first, but then fears vanished. Eagerly, they went to work to obtain their goal. We should be proud of them and Mrs. Higgin- botham for doing such a splendid job. They did a great deal in help- ing to finance our "Purple and Gold." 35 Kneeling: R. Hartman R Pyle T Mar chese, B. Knapp Standing: C. Eler J Plese C Morford 5.5. mmww mam .. P. Santucci, N. J. Bell, E. Fowlces, L. Flainik A. Harper. Center: M. Strunk MAJORETTES This year our girls spent many hours perfecting routines to go with the band drills. They didn't have to rely entirely on their own ingen- uity because of the instructions they received from their director, Mr. Bongiovanni. One girl is chosen from each grade from eight to twelve to repre- sent that class on the maiorette squad. Each girl chosen must prove herself capable in new routines before she is accepted. The senior member is head maiorette for the season and soon learns the right commands to put the band through their paces. A lot of credit is due to these girls who put forth so much effort to make our band successful and attractive. 36 VERONA BAND Jazz, Umonah, 9 ' Early in the fall before school began the prospective band members met with their new director, Mr. Bongiovanni. At this meeting and the ones that followed they became acquainted with the director and his plans. It was obvious to every- one that the year would bring a lot of hard work. The first week of school found the band practicing morning and evening for the football games. The townspeople saw many new formations and drills and were pleased with the new ideas. Immediately after football season they began practicing for the spring con- cert. Novelty numbers and several classics brought to the band a new type of program and again the audience was pleased by the variety offered. Throughout the year the band has played for assemblies, plays, and pro- grams of all kinds. Band-T. Mavchese, J. Liberto, B. Knapp, J. Vescio, D. Knapp, J. Beers, P. Kastanias, G. White, B. McDade, M. Kelley, D. Ketley, R. Brose, R. Pierce, J. Stevenson, S. Bright, M. Dible, A. Hollinger, T. Turpin, D. Mehelich, C. Morford, J. Feldgiesel, P. Butler, P. Vescio, B. Steffey, C. Manganaro, D. Abercrombie Flag Bearers-R. Condron, G. Bruno Maiorettes-P. Santucci, N. Bell, E. Fowkes, A. Harper, L. Flainik Mascot-M. Strunk 37 XX r . 1 R a in ,se W is hr ff . ,K fa W 's ,V R A Q' . L W' , ., 4 A Mgj,v'-2'-W. ' U, ' " 37 K 'H ev n , W 7 v V f yr , ,ir W W, Q 4 .. W , Q W' W V' A ,L ' A - lk h ' ,, ' i . n , lu , R k.,, "N ff' IL' " 55 W Q? 'Wh '- i f ag 2 u ,fm Y V Nbxk rv , , 14 k . M, Q .1 K s r ff Cx , A , , .. . . yi. 7, 7"h , X. K , "5i5Mi '5 M 1,551 ' ' . W ,' I . ,V ' - ah T '- ' 1 wk-Q15 LQSYQHV 1 A' A - "' I as - ' '35 K' - .. 4 ffl F' " Q 1 , .. Sf - me-,., ,LX - . V , , , V. QQ -In Q wif wr , ' A ,ai gn -an - ' 5 . M , , I. R . my 5 , ' W hw 41 ' 4 2 N A W ,Q I ,Y ma, ,Q ' L A L , A f v 2 5 N .bm , ' .X NK A Q f, gy J Eff, 4 X if-ffv ,N lpn, ,Q ,Q 4 v M Q if up . I 1,1 H y . f, fi Y L V. f we lf- D 1 ii as-K5 - KZ 5 " K '11 if , Wu...-.V ,- lu- ll ' o ll GIRLS GLEE CLUB Just like the voices of angels, the songs floated out over a hushed audience at the Christmas program. The girls of our Glee Club even looked like angels as they stood on the stage of the dimly lighted auditorium with their long, flow- ing gowns in pastel shades giving the scene a touch of ethereal beauty. This group under the direction of Mr. Bongiovanni gave iust the right touch to the musical activities at V. H. S. during this past year, and they shall continue to do so through the years to come. BOYS GLEE CLUB In true masculine tone the strains of "Dona Nobis" rose over the hushed audience as a new and better Boys Glee Club made its debut. This group, in- spired by an enthusiastic Mr. Bongiovanni, brought music to our ears unlike any we've heard in our auditorium for years. The many hours of hard work put in by all were not wasted. The crescen- does' and pianissimos and fortissimos were almost near perfection. The fine performances given at Christmas time and in the assemblies were a splendid surprise and in the future we would like to hear more fine renditions. It was a joy listening to such a well-rehearsed group. MUSIC CLUB Appreciation of good music took a special part in activities at V. H. S. when Mr. Bongiovanni organized a music club. In the foreground of this group's activities is the effort to give recognition to those of our lucky student body who possess real talent. They have shown that they know the value of the phono- graph by letting it have its say at meetings, which goes all the way from Bach to James-Harry, that is. 39 Jffww B11 ' CIVICS CLUB The Civics Club, an organization of 'fresh- man students, undertakes such projects as the Community Chest and the Red Cross Drive, in order to stimulate activities which will provoke thought and arouse interest for such worthy causes. The main purposes of the club are to encourage intelligent thinking, the setting up of high ideals, and the practice of these ideals in every day life. President . .. .. Arthur Roney Vice-President .. , Nancy Bigenho Secretary-Treasurer Josephine Marino Sponsor ,. . .. .. Mr. Pusateri 3 don, C. Loeffler, J. MacFarlane, R Daugherty, G. Taylor. Shoop. Second row: M. M. Albrich, M. T. Delach L. Doles, B. Wilson. Third row: H. Weihrauch, N. Bigenho, B King. Fourth row: A. Roney, J. Roth, R, Sistek Standing: Mr. Caruthers, G, Kukich, J Manos, R. Condron, B. Tremba, A. Pan ion, H. Monroe, T. Nail, J. Vescio, J Semencar, R. Starn, H. Wetmore, L. Hall L. Clegg, J. Steffey, D. Sproat, D. Pritcl-i Standing: Mr. Pusateri, P. Gould, J. Mar- a ino, A. Appoloni, G. Rodkey, F. Shoop, J. Bennett, E. M. Geary, B. Kern, C. Con- First row: G. Goberish, D. Angely, D. ard, R. Steffey, J, Brown. more, G. Stewart, C. England, hose. FIRST AID CLUB This club, newly organized this year, is for Junior High School students. They learn how to stop bleeding, how to wrap cuts, and many other things of importance in an emergency. They experiment with bandages by practicing on each other. This practical experience should prove to be very useful to them in the future. President , .,., . ...... . Glen White Vice-President . . .... Herman Monroe Secretary .. . . . .,... Peter Vescio Treasurer , ,. ,. . Adrienne Panion Sponsor . . ., , Mr. Caruthers Seated, First row: C. VanTine, W. Wet Second row: G. White, P. Sekel, E. Sing aa-ammiafmjfm 0,5 '- First Row: l. Mamatos, P. Rodkey, O, .lon kovich, E. Donato, R. Delle Donne, J. Ly ter, N. Bell, D. Machen Second Row: Mrs. Bell, D. Kastanias, E. Marchese, J. Thaner, B. Shook, E. Shook, L. Cleary, L. Apostolos, N. Apostolos Left to right: R. Popp, P. Sekel, P. Kraf- sis, D. Lubatti, Mr. Goehring, D. Sing- hose, N. Morris, A. Bozich HOME ECONOMICS CLUB This is an entirely new club this year, spon- sored by our Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Bell. It was organized for girls who like to cook, knit, sew, crochet, etc., but have no other opportunity to learn. Several parties have been given, and the girls have planned, cooked, and eaten their lunch at school several times during the term. President , .. . . . .. . ,..,.... Pauline Rodkey Vice-President . ,. Olga Jankovich Secretary . . Rachel Delle Donne Treasurer . . ., Eda Marchese Sponsor ,.,. ,. Mrs. Bell SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Science Club is to learn the scientific basis of experimental research in all fields of work. lt aims to broaden the scien- tific knowledge of each individual. The club always had something new and interesting, such as movies, discussions, and experimental work during club period. President .. ...,. Peter Sekel Vice-President . ,. Richard Papp Secretary-Treasurer , Delsie Singhose Sponsor . , .. ., Mr. Goehring SAFETY CLUB The organization known as the Safety Club had a rather peculiar beginning. Ric Maroni, Verona's "Harry James", felt that there was a need for instructing future drivers. After ar- rangements were completed and a club charter drawn, they then began their task of becoming familiar with Pennsylvania Traffic Rules and Regulations. President . . . Ric Maroni Vice President ,.... Tom Condon Secretary . ,.s. Tom West Sponsor ..., ,. . Mrs. Black BASKETBALL CLUB The Basketball Club experienced its first year at V. H. S. under the able leadership of Mr. William Monaco. The club, as the name indi- cates, plays basketball. It is with an eye to the future that Mr. Monaco is now training the un- derclassmen so that they may be the future "champs" of Verona High School. President .. .... ,,.. , ., Anthony DeFazio Secretary-Treasurer .. . ., Roger Pierce Sponsor ......... ,,.,, . . ., Mr. Monaco 602912, P ' 31111, J , Back Row: E. Belin, T. West, A. Melvin, A. Meyers, K. Eicheldinger, G. Kohnen, B. Francisco, D. Sistek, M. Humphrey, R. Maroni, Mrs. Black Seated: J. Brostrom, T. Condon, J. Manos, P. Condon, B. Collins, C. Donato, J. Por- ter, J. Morris, C. Babich, W. Dorsey Fazio, R. Pierce Second Row: J. Tamburro, R. Isherwood R. Dawson, J. Rossi, J. Feldgiesel, R Manganaro, S. Woodings, W. Conklin Third Row: G. Henderson, G. Clark, J Landseadel, C. Lobaugh, V. Morante, F Aretz, A. Damico, K. Dorsey, T. Manos G. Bruno, N. Panteladis, J. lntorre, J Dorsey, J. Zourelias First Row: Mr. Monaco, J. Prybock, M. Humphrey, F. Falso, R. Coover, R. Mc- Dacle, T. Hollinger, T. Gabud, A. De- f VARSITY CLUB Aren't they beautiful! Never saw anything like them! The Varsity Club composed of all lettermen had a great iob before them. They had as their purpose the iob of raising enough money to purchase their Varsity sweaters. lt was a difficult task but a worthy one which pro- duced at its end great pleasure. LEADERS CLUB The purpose of the Leaders Club is to teach the members of the club to be officials in all sports and to aid in the teaching of physical education classes. They are earning money through bake sales and the sale of Christmas cards in order to buy sweaters and emblems for the seniors. President ...., .,.....,.. ,...,.. ,... E a r l Schwartz President ....... ...., E mily Fowkes Vice-President .,.., . ..,. Alfred LoAlbo Vice-President ......... ....... S ally Lyter Secretary-Treasurer .. .... .,,..... . George Kohnen Secretary-Treasurer .. Fanny Santucci Sponsors .,.. . . Mr. Monaco and Mr. Nedetsky Sponsor .. ,.,.... ,. ..., . Miss Lowry . . . D Standing: Mr. Nedetsky, P. Walsh, V Costa, J. Melle, A. Bruno, W. Turpin, T Condon, A. Loggi, J. Bright, J. Kuntz, A, Bozich, D. Sistek, Mr. Monaco Seated: D. Mastrogiacomo, G. Kohnen, E. Schwartz, R. Bright, M. Bruno, E. Condron, E. Gould, A. LoAlbo, R .Garia First Row: C. Marchese, M. Dible, P. Hen- derson, J. Pritchard, J. O'Connell, M. Shook, S. Bright, P. Santucci, C. Lib- erto, D. Hennish Second Row: E. Fowkes, B. Kefalos, J. Luckock, D. Doles, L. Ketley, T. Randas, H. Krulc Third Row: R. Galeski, M. Budich, B. Con- sentino, A. Hollinger, P. Antal, F. White, F. Youk, S. Lyter CHEERLEADERS Jim, 'cLU17z.eA,n lZJL.5,. Our cheerleaders, under the sponsorship of Mr. Bongiovanni, were very trim this year in their new uniforms. They wore purple skirts and yellow varsity sweaters. Mrs. Bell, our Home Ec. teacher, made their skirts. These girls-Peggy, Jane, Betty Jane, Babe, Martha, Marilyn, and Pat-did a wonderful job in keeping up the morale, both of the team and of the student body. They were always energetic and peppy. Realizing the importance of their iob, they carried on even though things may have looked bad for the team. A great deal of time was spent in working with new cheers and revising old ones. It took ca lot of thinking to find new motions for the cheers. They should be given credit for their marvelous work. In giving credit to the Senior High Cheerleaders, we must not forget the Junior High Cheerleaders. Having been chosen at the end of the '47 school year, they have shown that they are quite capable of slipping into their places in the Senior High squad when their time comes. Due to their late organization, we regret to say that we have no picture of them. 44 P. Gaines, M. Leppold M Budich P Antal M. Dible, J. O'Connell B J Bell AT TH Five minute break Long may it sfand! Wrong place, Mick. Dead end kids Well, if ii isn't Yhe lovers! The Ioiterers In the groove Well, what have we here? New way to read the paper My hero. Atieniionl E CLICK OF HUTTER 45 pulzlzh ms, aww, qozwl diaplay E' ATHLETICS IN THE Spam lmgwuv, the T X v. ,, HM in, ww Sw Q qw K Q fa fe 4, ggi irgigwi, ,X xxx M3 "4 N ., A Q wa ,, ...., W5-h,w,,,3, N ' ,Jw ' Wg. . , 492525 J' A E iiigiggsxwz:-fy 1 zfesiw-'Q ' ' QW I A -4 fu : f-:U ,.,fsi?ig5rv I, , W, ,.. f gs First row: M. Kern, E. Condron, D. Mastrogiacomo, G. Kohnen, G. King, V. Cassano, O. Gacci, R. Daugherty. Second row: A. Roney, E. Gould, T. Condon, P. Walsh, R. Garia, W. Turpin, A. Loggi, J. Kuntz, A. LoAlbo, D. Sistek, J. Roth. Third row: Mr. Nedetsky, V. Costa, J. Loeffler, J. Bright, R. Bright, J. Melle, W. McKnight, A. Bozik, A. DeVita, M. Bruno. FOOTBALL Millvale-19 Verona-6 ln this, the first game of the year, Verona was baffled by Millvale's tricky T offense. Verona was stunned as Millvale carried across a score in the first few minutes of the game. Millvale again scored and convened in the second quarter. At half time the score stood Millvale 'I3-Verona 0. In the third quarter Verona got its only score when Bright, intercepting a Millvale pass, dashed 60 yards for the touchdown. Bright failed to convert. In the fourth quarter a Millvale back twisted 30 yards for the third and final score. Edgewood-13 Verona-6 In the first quarter of the game Edgewood scored on a long pass. They failed to convert. ln the second, Verona marched 80 yards down the field to score. Here Hawk scored on a pass from Costa. Verona failed to convert. At the half the score stood at 6-6. The third quarter was a stalemate as both teams played scoreless ball. In the fourth quarter they again scored by means of a long pass. This time they con- verted. Verona could not score again, and the game ended with Edgewood the winner. East McKeesport-19 Verona-0 ln the third game of the season Verona faced East McKees- port who was undefeated in Class B running. In the first quar- ter East McKeesport recovered a Verona fumble on the five yard line. A few plays later they scored from the one foot line. The second period touchdown was made when a blocked kick was recovered in the end zone. The half ended with East McKeesport leading by two touchdowns. In the third quarter neither team could score. In the fourth quarter East McKees- port again blocked a kick and recovered on the five yard line. This set up the third touchdown and the conversion was good. St. Justin-7 Verona-6 Verona's failure to convert cost them the fourth defeat of the season. In the first quarter St. Justin scored on a long pass. The kick for the extra point was partly blocked but the point was still good. There was no scoring in the second quarter. The half ended with St. Justin leading, 7-O. The third quarter was scoreless. In the fourth quarter Verona marched down the field and scored on a pass from Turpin to Hawk in the end zone. The pass for the extra point was blocked and the game ended with Verona losing a heartbreaker, 7-6. Hampton-7 Verona-'I2 Late in the first quarter Verona's hard-charging line re- covered a fumble in the end zone for the first score. The con- version failed. In the second quarter Loggi, after intercepting a pass, raced 60 yards, only to be dragged down on the one yard line. From here Hawk scored the second touchdown on a plunge. Again the conversion failed. At the half the score stood 12-0. ln the third quarter Hampton, capitalizing on a fumble, drove across a score. The conversion was good. In the fourth quarter neither team could score. Thus, Verona snatched their first win of the season. Unfwna, P nn, Hfuklbzon, HOW WE FARED Mlllvale . ,,.. . ,.., .. Edgewood . East McKeesport ..'I9 St. Justin . Hampton Aspinwall ,.., Plum ..,.. .. , Shorpsburg ,......... Oakmont .. , . Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona . .. Verona Verona ., ...... ., Verona ,.....,..r Verona COACH NEDETSKY CO-CAPTAINS ARKY AND BILL Aspinwali-12 Verona-0 ln the first half Verona played exceptionally good offen- sive and defensive ball, Verona's 60 yard march was stopped on the 3 yard line. Neither team scored the first half. The third quarter proved victorious for Aspinwall. Capitalizing on two Verona fumbles, they scored two touchdowns in succession. Both conversions failed. The fourth quarter neither team scored, although Verona was threatening when the game ended. Plum-0 Verona-0 Early in the first quarter Plum completed a long pass which carried to the Verona eight yard line. Verona braced and held for downs on their own ten-yard line. In the second quarter neither team threatened. Then in the third quarter both teams battled up and down the field but neither could score. The fourth quarter saw Plum threatening again but was stop- ped on the ten by Verona. Verona-32 Sharpsburg-0 Verona High's grid machine finally hit their scoring stride against Sharpsburg. Verona scored in the first quarter after recovering a Sharpsburg fumble. Turpin passed to Gould for the first score. The attempt for extra point failed. In the sec- ond quarter Verona marched sixty yards with Bright taking it over from the eight yard line. The conversion failed. In the last half Verona was able to pick up three touchdowns. The first was scored on a pass from Turpin to Gould who lateralled to Hawk who scored. Bright plunged for the extra point. The score stood Verona-19, Sharpsburg-0. A few minutes later Verona blocked a punt and recovered on Sharpsburg's twenty- five yard line. The same pass-lateral play followed with Hawk scoring again. The conversion failed. The final score was made by Hawk, who traveled twenty-nine yards to paydirt. Oakmont-I2 Verona-6 The big game of the year came when Verona met Oak- mont at Verona. The first quarter saw neither team score. In the second quarter Oakmont scored on a long pass which took them 80 yards for a touchdown. The conversion failed. The half ended with Oakmont leading 6-0. The second half saw a highly aroused Verona team march 80 yards to a touchdown after the kickoff. Bright scored from the 5-yard line. The conversion failed. The score was tied at 6-6. Fol- lowing Verona's score Oakmont marched down the field on passes to score. The try for extra point failed. Neither team could score in the fourth quarter. The game ended with Oak- mont winning, 12-6. Arlty Loggi Don Sisiek Tony Bozilc Jimmy Kuntz Earl Schwartz Tom Condon Bill Turpin Tony De Vifu George Kohnen Jud Sfzmbfw, Standing: H. Nedetsky, asst.-coach, A. Lo- Albo, G. Kohnen, .l. Kuntz, E. Gould, R. Bright, W. McKnight, W. Turpin, E Schwartz, R. Papp, A. Loggi, N. Kefalos D. Mostrogiocomo, William Monaco- coach. I Seated: R, Brennan, R, McDc1de, R. Hart- man, T. Hollinger, Mgrs. Standing: Mr. Necletsky, R. Stoner, E. Con- dron, A. Randas, T. Turpin, M. Kern, J. Mailo, J. Rossi, Mr. Monaco. Kneeling: R. Pierce, D. Abercrombie, P. Beck, P. Vescio, M. Bruno. Seated: R. Brennan, T. Hollinger, R. McDode. SEASON'5 RECORD VARSITY Verona 27 .,.. , . . Penn . 35 .. . . . Edgewood . . 27 ... ..,. Aspinwall . 36... .. AIumni,,.. 45 , , . . Edgewood , 29 . . . , . . Bethel 22 ,. .. .Aspinwall .. 22 . Oakmont . 43 . Millvale 30 . . East Deer 43 . . Hampton 50 . . Plum I 23 West Deer 22 , Hampton . 44 , W. P. S. D. 23 . ' Oakmont 42 . . Penn 46 . East Deer . 23 ,. . Millvale . 49 . . . . . Plum 53 . . . . West Deer 30 . . . . Oakmont 764 JUNIOR VARSITY Verona 18 , . Penn 49 . Edgewood 35 . Aspinwall 27 . Edgewood 32 . Bethel . , 35 . Aspinwall 28 , Oakmont 44 Millvale . '39 East Deer 36 . . Hampton 38 . Plum , 29 , , West- Deer 37 . Hampton I . 52 . . W. P. S. D. 34 . , Oakmont 27 . Penn , 49 , . East Deer 43 , Millvale . 33 . , Plum , , . 42 . West Deer , 727 Opponents 32 27 24 33 37 41 21 21 23 32 .. 37 36 28 36 38 22 27 28 18 29 . 39 32 661 Oppone 24 31 22 20 30 30 23 26 22 , 28 26 41 31 38 40 28 29 35 . . . 18 . , 25 567 Ill! VERONA NARROWLY MISSES BEING SECTION CHAMPS Verona had a successful season, winning 16 and losing 6. Two of the six losses were league games which resulted in a tie with Oakmont for the section title. Oakmont won the playotif game atWiIkir1sburg. The J. V. team performed very well, winning 16 and losing 4. INDIVIDUAL VARSITY SCORES Turpin . 254 Bright . . . . ,. 'I40 McKnight , .. . I82 Schwartz . ,. 76 Kuntz . . .. 63 Ronclas . I6 Kohnen 5 Loggi , 4 jnninlm, ,Q Jim Jlalzdwnnd "Arky" Loggi George Kohnen Jimmy Kuntz ANGELO LOGGI-Although he didn't see much action, Arky did his best to put his team on top. WILLIAM TURPIN-Ben was one of the two re- turning Iettermen. Besides being co-captain, he was high scorer for the year. JAMES KUNTZ-Jim was another returned letter- man. Although he didn't make too many points, his floor play was a great asset. Coach Mon acc Bill Turpin Earl Schwartz Richie Papp EARL SCHWARTZ--Earl will remain immortal for his spectacular climax to the Oakmont game. GEORGE KCHNEN-George, although the small- est player on the team, did his best to help the quintet reach its goal. RICHARD PAPP-Although Papp was cl reserve and didn't see much service, he gave his whole- hearted support to his team-mates. THEY SAW T Tired, Bill? Aaah, you're a big boy now. Napoleon, in person. Theirs or ours. Battered and weary. Undecided momeni. Eeeeek, No!! Was if rough, Al? I T T 53 ldnuldn QL JACK were POPS instead of BEERS JIM were GLOOMY instead of BRIGHT IRENE were SCOTLAND instead of ENGLAND Leroy were ROOM instead of HALL Donald were SLEEP instead of KNAPP ED were SILVER instead of GOULD SALLY were MATCH instead of LYTER PEGGY were UNCLE instead of ANTAL JUNE were QUIVER instead of TREMBA FRANKLIN were SHORT instead of LONG BOB were BRICKER instead of STONER THOMAS were TACK instead of NAIL SAMMY were SHAVINGS instead of WOODINGS PAUL were CHAUFFEUR instead of BUTLER GRAHAM were QUEEN instead of KING JEAN were BROWNER instead of THANER BILL were McDAY instead of MCKNIGHT JOE were KETTLE instead of PANION RICHARD were MOM instead of PAPP BETTY JANE were PIANO instead of BELL JOHNNY were SMALLEST instead of MORRIS DON were BROTHER-TICK instead of SIS-TEK DOLLY were WHITE instead of YOUK EMILY were PEOPLE instead of FOWKES PAT were LOSSES instead of GAINES LOIS were CLOUDY instead of CLEARY ARKIE were HIGH "G" instead of LOGGI RUTH were PLANET instead of STARR HOWARD were VALET instead of STEWART ESTHER were SHAKE instead of SHOOK RICHARD were LUNGMAN instead of HARTMAN THOMAS were EAST instead of WEST RAY were STACK instead of PYLE KENNETH were EICHELRINGER instead of ECHELDINGER BERNARD were YELLINS istead of COLLINS MARJORIE were BIBLE instead of DIBLE RICARDO were SPAGHETTI instead of MARONI JOHNNY were SPIDER Instead of WEBB MARTHA were SPARK instead of FLICK MYRTLE were VALENTINE instead of VANTINE ALFRED were HIALBO instead of LOALBO DOMINIC were COMO instead of MASTROGIACOMO BENJAMIN were SMITH Instead of BONGIOVANNI ROSE were DORE instead of FALSO DORIS were EVERSHARP instead of SHEAFFER 439, 9 BARBARA were LINCOLN instead of JACKSON ANDY were RIECKS instead of MEYERS BARBARA were SPALDING instead of WILSON KATHRYN were HERSHEY instead of CLARK JOAN were MacNEARLANE instead ot McFARLANE ANN were PINNOCHIO instead of PENNACHIO JEAN were IRVING instead of STEVENSON DOT were RUNNER instead of WALKER MARVIN were GREEN instead of LEWIS WILLIAM were SPIVAK insteak of DORSEY JANE were THANK YOU instead of PLESE PAT were DECK instead of BECK ED were BAWLIN instead of BELIN DICK were MOROSE Instead of BROSE MAUREEN were SITTEN instead of FALLON BURDETTE were ANGELES instead of FRANCISCO LUNDO were CASEY instead of GACCI DONNA were KITTENISH instead of HENNISH Peanuts were RIGHTLER instead of LOEFFLER DOMINIC were LUBALMY instead of LUBATTI JOHNNY were BELLHOP instead of PORTER PATTY were JIMLINSON instead of TOMLINSON STANLEY were POMCO instead of DOLES PAULINE were DOORKEY instead of RODKEY CAROL were MORNASH instead of MORFORD BILL were SAFETY-PIN instead of TURPIN ANN were MOANER instead of HARPER MICKEY were THREEBECK instead of FORBECK JACK were WRATH instead of ROTH DELSIE were SINGSOCK instead of SINGHOSE JOE were INTEAR instead of INTORRE THERESA were TRUCKOVER instead of VANOVER MARY LOUISE were APOPOLAS Instead of KELLY RODGER were SLASH instead of PIERCE BILLY were BOPLIN instead of CONKLIN RONNIE were BRENEMAN instead of BRENNAN CAROL were GARBO Instead of BENNETT GEORGE were WAVERISH instead of GOBERISH NANCY were BIGENHA instead of BIGENHO SARA were BEETSTOCK instead of BIENSTOCK HARVEY were GOEBBELS instead of GOEHRING JR MARGARET were WARMER instead of COULTER CHRISTINA were ROSE instead of GARLAND ELIZABETH were FRENCH HORN instead of BODENHORN REVUES OF THE PAST September second was the opening day, Everyone turned out bright and gay, The curtain went up for the 47-48 season, But the students weren't settled down yet for iust one reason. lt was hard for the teachers to get the attention of all, Because they did not have their minds on English, but on football. The football season started, and just like a gale, We lost to Edgewood, East McKeesport, and Millvale. ln the middle of all the confusion, the teachers dressed up in their best, While they went to Institute we stayed home to rest. The remaining games with Hampton, St. Justin, and Sharpsburg werent so bad, But the last game of the season was really sad. Our last word to Oakmont is that they've got something to fear When they see the team we have lined up for next year. The Juniors surprised us with their very fine play, And a week later with their dance, which was the hit of the day Reverend Hilbert gave the prayer for Thanksgiving And gave thanks for the great world in which we are living. The way our basketball season started was beyond speech And the goal we made last year, we were sure again to reach. The Christmas Cantata was the greatest sensation, For a long time Verona had not witnessed such a presentation. After vacation we lost to East Deer and West Deer, too, But we beat Millvale, Aspinwall, Hampton and Plum, to name ius January ninth was really the treat, For on that day it was Oakmont we beat, Oakmont wasn't happy-they were really sore, And they started saying they would beat us on their floor. lt was the other way around for Oakmont, I guess, Because on February 6th we made Oakmont look like a mess. March was a busy month with class parties and plays, And the seniors were starting to count the remaining days. The month of May was the finest of all, With the distribution of year books and the Junior Ball, The seniors were busy with their graduation programs, The teachers were busy with the 'final exams. The '48 seniors in their hearts will hold A little soft spot for the Purple and Gold. June fourth was the closing day, And everyone went home looking bright and gay. --Malamo 55 t a few Tsudis M M FIRST STREET U3 l 1 5 " AA"' ' 4 ---. L Wgifn miss:- 'T-..-..:: E--"'.... E 'O FIRST FLOOR q ...-"'-..-: ...-:..-' "' HALL ma c S 'i7-"-:l- . -it-I ' 7 , ' f' 77 q MOL AUDI 0 IUM E3 5 A ui. ,E-f' H 213 -1--'-"""', -1--- ,--1... nm Y :Y Z: , ,-,-i A H '-"--1' 90' '----......"""' L arms ,X --- -- X, G Y M I , H f STAGE H Q Oo lg' DRESSING 2 num 2 'noon or CE C C A ' I A 1. 3 T21 'allegra 1715 Pegg C1-A95 I SECOND FLOOR .r HIGH scuooL if :woo 991 ROOM FJ H A LIL-J I1 933 xrmssnfwf of cam: sc.u0QL HA YYPING III FIRST FLOOR J GRADE SCHOOL mom Ll B R AR Y fi naw Jysscowo noon .: amos xuool. DD 2 LU ITHIRD noon .I GRADE scuoon. mmmnn W P Vim lmuunmr Iii wh runner N "'f' " ?o.H -'L":-: DRESSING A? --3 l -.-: i' 5. 5 - mm CLASS wg '-.3 E"...- g 15 CLASS "gi 2 'ROOM L -s ---:Z E 4 Room :-.:-' 'F G A 2-..""' '3 110 .i. A 1 I 2. '- 1 v. WORK- -A-"' mnnmm L ' "' SHOP 'E 100 H A Ll' C Ass l of THESQHAUITQL JANWORS I? 'Soon 33221 .....-"-I WWE Q13-0A0sl?1 ' 'Room womfsuov 1,3 117, HI u nr' Hu: CLAS 5 "HI ,...l"" f C HIIIII ummm IJ CLAS S 5 . "-.:-1" .7 LASS moon Z 5 Z' mon HOME fpeoon I2 2' M Eg: -,r-"1-"'.-.."" 2 3, ,go H X '39 A HALL 1 n I CLASS FALL "" ""' "" 'ROOM cum aL.Ass cuss 'ROOMS '50 CLASS mom WOM Toon 1311 wow j Q, 3 I1 Lf 191 1.3, K N I 'I Y i V GENERAL REGULATIONS VERONA HIGH SCHOOL I. NECESSITY: A. Article IO Section I-"The General Assembly shall provide for the main- tenance and support of a thorough and elticient system of public schools, wherein all the children of the Commonwealth above the age of six years may be educated ..... " B. Every child six years of age or above may be educated in public schools. C. Every child between the ages of eight and seventeen must attend a state accredited school. Il. AIM: A. The major aim of Verona High School is to educate the individual to the limit of his or her ability in order that he or she may take o place as a useful citizen in the local community, in the state, in the nation and in the world. III. ADMISSION: A. The admission to Verona High School is upon successful completion of six years of Elementary and three years of Junior High School work. IV. CURRICULA: A. The curricula of Verona High School is organized on the principle of individual need as much as possible. B. The curricula offers three courses: Academic, Commercial and General. Vocational aspects are emphasized in the Commercial and General courses. C. Social Studies. English, Health, and Physical Education are required of all students. V. GRADUATION: A. Graduation from Verona High School is dependent upon the successful completion of seventeen units of work, a unit being five periods per week for thirty-six weeks. VI. POST-G RAD UATION CONTACT: A. Verona High School strives to assist the graduate in any way possible to adiust the graduate to successful living. B. Help us to help you. Keep us informed. 57 I E, the publishers of the 1948 Purple and Gold, desire to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make this yearbook successful. It is impossible to mention all the names- the advertisers and the teacher and students responsible for se- curing the ads, the numerous people both professional and ama- teur who furnished our pictures, the engraving and printing companies whose representatives helped us plan the book and iron out our dilificulties. You all have our sincere thanks and appreciation. 58 TO THE ESSENTIALS OF A FINER WE ADD COMMUNITY M ITS CHURCHES H ITS SCHOOLS M IT'S HOMES H ITS RECREATIONAL FACILITIES! We take great pride in the fact that since assuming ownership of the Willows Pool, we have exerted every effort to make it one of the nation's finest swimming pools. Congratulations and best wishes to the graduating class of Verona High Schcool. THE WI LLOWS POOL NICK KRATsAs, Mgr. PoP GERDING, Publicity 59 yearbook staff for preserving a pictorial record of the school year. We are proud of having played a part in the production of this yearbook and know that you and your alumni will cherish the many memories it retains. You are to be complimented for your initiative and enthusiasm which has played such an important part in its production. Pontiac craftsmen have tried sincerely to crown your efforts with success by rendering service and quality in the production of the photo-engrav- ings in this book. runnin Ezwsnavzwa at ELECTBOTYl'E co. MASTER ENGRAVERS TO AMERlCA'S SCHOOLS n SIIIDDI FIIBIICIITIUII IIWISIIIII me wzssr mzv mmmv sz-nzwr ' cnwfmo af, uuzvozs .mNnlI"m 2521 it for all 1 doY5 el mst We gli?-'gland Corelle L D ' oy, Yo SCHOO So 9 HXGH d girls. b0Y5 on we wl1Y . hqT'5 hut remembetqs to photo9raP K0 gfdl ' wdnl ru P07 YoU Come Days Stieff' K -, 919995 1 d ever' r on ofeve d to have ll rece' .4:1:5:5i25225E?iif5fEEE55555i5f if Illu- 5 T U D I 0 S me rzmcm ozfzazlfs 433 PENN AVENUE 0 ATLANTIC 4575 Students need no appointments. Our able staff is always attentive and that's why students feel "'at home" at Streml' Studios! Studios in Pittsburgh Mdceespon 'Your Official School Photographer Altoona New Kensington East Liberty bl 'Don't Forget 'I9'I 5' THE PEOPLES PHARMACY MARSHALL D. WOODS, Prop. VERONA BILLIARD PARLOR 739 East Railroad Ave Phone Oak 'I66 Verona, Pa. RAY GACCI, PYOP' COPELANDIS Compliments BOWLING ALLEYS of VERONA, PA. A FRIEND 747 E. Railroad Ave. Phone 9549 THE KEYSTONE DAIRY CO. QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Visit our DAIRY STORE 329 Sixth Ave. Phone New Kensington 666 62 Phone Oak. 27 Res. Syc. 7711 KIER M. EWING REAL ESTATE INSU RANCE Notary Public Verona, Pa. WlLLEY'S SHOE STORE X-RAY FITTED 737 Allegheny River Blvcl. Verona, Pa. IONIA APPLIANCE CO. 330 Center Ave. VERONA Phone Oak. 831 House Wiring Radios - Appliances Electrical Supplies Sales 81 Service Lighting Fixtures "Factory Bilt" Homes 63 1 1 I I i l BILL COOK'S SUNOCO Compliments of SERVICE CENTER GRILL A to Z Lubrication Our Specialty 759 East Railroad Ave. Verona, Pa. Allegheny River Blvd. Verono, Pa. Phone Oak. 9591 I . Compliments of Compliments of "CHUCK" REMALEY PAUL CARROLL TUCKLEY 8' ACKUN J. M. wm-iERsPooN s. soNs For FINE MENIS WEAR REAL ESTATE General Insurance 347 Delaware Ave. Oak. 206 Oakmont, Pc. Phone Oak. 25 Oakmont, Penna Qmfk Wmfxfw WALTERS MOTOR - 367 Plum St. Oak. 3913 I ... ... ... - . . - - l 64 I. GORDON FUNERAL HOME CHARLES L. GORDON Allegheny River Blvd. Phone: Oak. 3900 Oakmonf, Pa. THE CQMMUNITY PRESS Coll Oak. 4 Sf. Em. 7002 RAYMOND F. FERRARO, 0- 5+ GRUBB5 3- SONS Owner REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Established 1919 COMMERCIAL PRINTING Telephone Oak. 3994 Oakmont, Pa. 434 Allegheny River Blvd. Union Printing Oakmonf, Pa. ComP'1me"'s w. P. McMILLlN O VERONA AUTO PARTS Hardware - Paints - Glass Phone Oak. 811 620 Allegheny River Blvd. 807 Allegheny River Blvd. Phone Oak. 616 Oakmont, Pa. Verona, Pa, BlLLlE'S BEAUTY PARLOR "Look Your Best-for The Women Who Care." 803 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Phone: Oak. 869 65 HAPPY MOTORING BEGINS AT OUR ESSO SIGN W. B. FRANCISCO 8m SON 900 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pennsylvania TEL. Oakmont 9512 Compliments of FUTULES GRILL Compliments of A Allegheny River Blvd. FRIEND Verona, Pa. LEWIS ARNOLD BUILDER OF BETTER HOMES Oak. I485 466 North Avenue Verona, PU Compliments of LO U S H E R First Street Verona, Penne h n - -I II I SJ 66 G. C. MURPHY COMPANY 5: and 10c Stores With Selected Merchandise to 31.00 OAKMONT, PA. VERONA, PA Compliments of LIBERTY THEATER "BesT in Enfer1'cninmenT" VERONA, PENNA l I i I 67 MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP 751 Allegheny River Blvd. PHONE: Oak. 1919 For permanents and Latest Hair Styles Compliments of VERONA ELECTRIC COMPANY Oak. 2057 716 Allegheny River Blvd Compliments of ROBSON BAKERY VERONA, PE NA E. N. MILLER COMPANY Furniture, Carpets, Stoves Electrical Household Appliances HOME OF QUALITY FURNITURE Phone: Oak. 1077 615 East Railroad Avenue Verona, Penna 68 C. N. BLICKENDERFER Compliments of Jewelry and Watch PLUTIS MEAT MARKET Repairing Oak. 797 Allegheny River Blvd. LLOYD JEWELERS, VERONA, PA. Verona, P0 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 Compliments of STEVE DUZANEC 410 Penn Street Verona, Pa ' PHONE: Oak. 501-J HAVE YOUR NEXT LUNCH AT ALLEGHENY PHARMACY Real Delicious Sandwiches and Meals Prepared under the supervision of Mrs. Garrison HOME MADE SOUP SERVED DAILY - 10 CENTS Allegheny Pharmacy Your Green Stamp Drugstore Verona, Pa. YOBP CHEVROLET CHEVROLET SALES 8. SERVICE New 81 Used Cars 614 Allegheny River Road VERONA, PENNA. Oakmont 110 Emerson 3034 69 ' EDGEWATER STEEL COMPANY " INSURANCE EDGAR C HARTUNG With Compliments of N oAKMoNT FLORAL sHoPPE I 520 Allegheny River Blvd. I Fire ' Aulomoblle ' casually Phone Oak. 700 Oakmont, Penna. Bonds I Flowers Telegraphed Phone 1493-J Oakmont, Pa. Flowers for Every Occasion I I PITTSBURGH - VERONA - OAKMONT -EXPRESS l Daily trips between Pittsburgh Verona, Oakmont, North Bessemer, Unity, and Universal PAUL KRESS, Proprietor ROSEDALE VERONA, PA. Home OFI'Tce-Sycamore 7843 City Office-Fairfax 5950 VERONA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 736 Allegheny River Boulevard Verona, Penna. PAUL F. BEALAFIELD, Secretary DIRECT REDUCTION MORTGAGES Verona, Compliments of DI LIBERTO CITIES SERVICE Allegheny River Blvd. "Quality Cleaning for Less" Compliments of SPOTLESS CLEANING STORES 618 Allegheny River Blvd. Pa. Verona, Pa. 71 ZALEVSKVS FLElsHER's BAKERY 3RD 81 CENTER Ookmont, Pennci Verono, Po. Ook. 925 WOODINGS-VERONA TOOL WORKS VERONA, PENNA Compliments of VERONA FRUIT MARKET MRS. R. LIBERTO, Prop. Free Delivery Phone Ookmont 'I537 Verona, Penno Oakmont and Verona Dairy ancI Ice Company PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM ICE I DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone: Oak. I59 20 Pennsylvonio Avenue Ookmont, Penno 72 EDWARD .l. WElMER Flomsr and DECORATOR 473 South Avenue Verona, Penno. Phone Oak. 550 Compliments of PENN AUTO PARTS COMPANY T44 Allegheny River Blvd. Phone Oak. 2450 Oakmont, Pa. NOLL THEE BUT-SHER JACK FRANK LEO VERONA, PA. HYATT M. CRIBBS 81 SON REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Rents Collected Phone Oak. 89 753 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. 73 Compliments of THOMPSON AND COMPANY Paints - Vurnishes - Lacquer Encxmels and Coatings for Plastics OAKMONT, PENNA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS ' OF T948 KIWANIS CLUB l,,,,,,,-1 ,ifffz-TNA NQFX Q' l V20 if' XCQ5591 VERONA, PA. Compliments of OLYMPIC THEATER SHOW of BIG HITS VERONA, PA. OAK. 1612 74 in JOSTEN'S Since T897 Fine Class Rings - Announcements - Awards Representative-FRED C. WAGNER Box 8082 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania STANDARD PENNANT COMPANY BIG RUN, PA. JEFFERSON COUNTY Manufacturers Felt 8i Chenille Awards also Sweaters "Compliments of a Friend" PEABODY MASSACHUSETTS IVORY SYSTEM Reconditioners of Athletic Equipment Where all the people meet For real tasting ice cream TECH DAIRY STORE ON THE AVENUE VERONA, PA. Come in and see for yourself 75 Compliments of LlBERTO'S TAVERN 755E RI dA V P Complimenis of JAMES BU RROWS Iron and Steel Scrap VERONA PENNA OAKMONT MOTOR SUPPLY 733 E R ilrocld Ave. V P Ph 2315 AUTOMOBILE PARTS ACCESSORIES SUPPLIES Compliments of WALTER'S MANUFACTURING COMPANY OAKMONT PA VERONA COMMUNITY CENTER V- HIVE If you think you are beoten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don't. If you'd like to win, but you think you can't, lt's almost a cinch you won't. If you think you'II lose, you're lost: For out in the world we find Success begins with a fellow's wiIl,- It's all in the state of mind, 1? HIGH SCHOOL GYM VERONA, PA 77 SCAIFE CGMPANY extends best wishes for happiness cmd success To the Clclss of 1948 of Verona High School 'U' OAKMONT PENNSYLVANIA I 1J 78 Compliments THREE STAR of BOTTLING WORKS LOBAUGH'S CONFECTION STORE CARBONATED BEVERAGES 459 South Ave. Verona, Pa. After The Game -Av it You'll Find Dancing 8. Refreshments t Cl' CRESCENT GARDENS Private Parties Arranged Verona, Pa. Frankstown Rd. Sym. 9428 Compliments of VERONA, PENNA. Calliope-Tratras Allegheny River Blvd. VERONA DRUG MORRIS BLUESTONE, Proprietor 306 Center Ave. VERONA Phone Oak. T525 Day and night prescription service Night Calls - 1264-J 79 1 nf 1 Compliments of DIBLE BROTHERS GARAGE 747 Second Street Verona, Penna Compliments of I DR. MORTON L. ARONSON vERoNA, PENNA , T. H. GORMAN, Prop. FRANK 5 oak. 9613 SERVICE STATION Expert Lubricating 820 Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Accessories Tires and Battery Service Oak' 2189 Verona, Penna HLATKY'S SERVICE STATION OAKS THEATRE AMOCO GAS For the Best 81 OIL in Entertainment Second St. 81 Verona Road Sycamore 9433 Verona, Pa. Oakmont, Penna Q K - - 2 K 1 1 - - i - I 80 AMERICAN STEEL FCDUNDRIES VERONA PENNA Congratulations to the Class of '48 Allegheny Valley Trust Company VERONA, PA. MemberFd lDptI C py 81 RPS CCD LE G BU AAND DRUNK L HA. NKD E N NN ACKU N ER V E TH i THE ADVANCE LEADER LEN C. ANDERSON Publisher "One of Pennsylvanici's Best Weekly Newspa pers" OAKMONT, PENNA Compliments of THEL-MAR SHOP ARTHUR AND McGRAIL'S MOBILE SERVICE Phone Oak. 9509 Ocikmont, Penna. Oakmont, Penna WYCICH BROS. .I 8: S STORE Groceries Meals Furnishings Shoes R 'I d A . 623 East al ron ve 761 Allegheny River Blvd. Oak. 860 Verona, Pa. Verona, Pennq Compliments of PEEPlE'S PLACE Compliments of LARIS MUSIC STORE Verona, Pa 83 Compliments of KEYSTONE JEWELERS Watches - Diamonds - Gifts Model Airplanes 81 Railroads VERONA, PA. Verona, S. WOODINGS 81 SONS Hardware and Feed Paints, Varnish, Glass Hunting and Fishing Licenses Pennsylvania WILLIAM MERRlMAN'S BEAUTY SALON Phone Oak. 132 500 Delaware Ave. Oakmont, Pa JANE M. ANTOON THE MEN'S SHOPPE GEO. H. ZIMMERMAN Dry Goods - Ready to Wear Men's Furnishings Oakmont 98 757 East Railroad Ave. 346 Delaware Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Oak. 995 Verona, Pa - - - - - K - 84 Compliments of VERONA FOOD MARKET PAUL STEIN VERONA, PA. Lewis Lumber and Supply Company CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '48 Allegheny River Blvd.8. Plum Street OAK. 938 OAKMONT, PENNA. 35 E - n -1- o - y FOREMOST ICE CREAM FoREMosT DAIRIES lNcoRPoRATED 313 Archie Street Oakmont, Penna. Phone: Oak. 1100 Highland 4951 Compliments of TERRY'S GRILLE BLOSSOM RESTAURANT MIKE APOSTOLOS, Prop. VERONA Oakmont 162-M Prop.-Gee-Gee 731 East Railroad Ave. Verona Penna VERONA, PA. G. KEFALOS BARBER SHOP 613 East Railroad Avenue I I venom, PENNA I i - 86 Compliments of EATON FUNERAL HOME 378 Maryland Avenue Oakmonf, Pa. Verona Lumber ancl Supply Company COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE 'J' 415 Easf Railroad Ave. Verona, Pa. L--I I Congratulations to the T948 Class THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OAKMONT OAKMONT, PENNA. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation . WEARING APPAREL Compliments of for the Entire Family EDGEWATER RESTAURANT DOT AND WALT Ookmom' Penne Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, Pa. J. H. -I-OMLINSON ADGIE'S SERVICE STATION American C. I. O. GENERAL INSURANCE P'0dUC'S Amoco Battery Service 510 Allegheny River Road 507 Allegheny Ave. Phone Oak. 1193 Oakmont, Pa. Ockrngnf Sfgfign Oak, 9520 Compliments of HARRY J. REED C. F. REED AND BROS. LUMBER SUPPLY OAKMONT, PENNA. 1 l Z 1 i 88 ,, ,N 3 ,Q fb A AU , - 5 Q a ,J 1 . .-,, , .,f. ,, A, 1 f ,,,. , .. K . , , A M : ,. ,,x,, , , A , N4-JS.: 1- -'1.,.gg,g,:, -5"-.,f V s .vy.g1.'g mg',gQ',.1'4f-'-:W-4,l.1'f,'vf" 5:1-4' ,-1 :X , -' ,g- 5: ,, , V x ff .pf-ng-3 wg 1 ffm ,1q:,j:'21:4wzg,,g1-J.: .-gn-. . ff , ., -' . Y. if-ff',.j:1'f3G Sew- ff. 5357: ua I-:Ffff-' Ni 'Yff-""'yzS,'. x .'.1,1s,f, 1.1":,1c ff-.4--W" mf 3-ff A, my 'ua' -ww J-Q-v fxp11.:3vi'q'22'.-::w--'. 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Suggestions in the Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) collection:

Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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