Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA)

 - Class of 1942

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Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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wfw RPLE ANU Published by Verol H I SI l Verona, I l mx , :vii V fr 3 gi: 5 ,I x k AJ '-V., '?x.,.ff' K' Q f 1 ggfw - f:1x.f m .p 4, f, x Saw ,' ' f -lffff K. -1-01+ rfs' '24 Q29 f 'l3?gE'?2?' PX "',,,j,1-N jj-.-Qflfiiq ,xfgf'M',f ,, ajy-Q42.fY..5 , ,f rw, nfs, ' wi r " V gb. fx' :Q-C,-53 S 9 5 ii NV!! Z' R., IV! 5 z'fvl"Dff'i?x"'.f' 'X' 9 ff? '-ZjQiDf,"'rg,7 Q 1' 1 41 I' W f 4 ' ' , 1 R 1 W, MMM,-: 1 35 1 K Q 1' Y 1 ' 2 ' , 'K .1 f , , 5 4 w y f Q5 Q l 2 MJ , . vm . , X LJ' .X , 1 ll ' . - I x N G l 0 .M GOLD 1942 tty Wolfe and Tillie Sunker S, ,gf -W-My-.,,,,..f""'A N4 VVith this Scrapbook Edition, the lf?-L2 Staff has attonipterl to collect bits of the intimate, but informal student. life at Verona High. lVit.hin this school building many strange events have transpired, scholastic and otherwise. Roman- ces, friendships, classes, cletention halls, open-ttas, zitluletie contests . . . 1-Heli had its place. THREE B001-4 f 1 1- 1- lhf-1N11l11111lf ll'S1 we 1111111 y111 X . 1111 1-11g4'1'11v111' 111111 lll'. 11115' w111'11 S11111. 2lSS1'IIl1J11'11. 111' 1215 11'11s1-111 1111111 ' ll llillllt' ix 12111 '. V. -11111 13111, 111' ' I 111 ,. . f J X , f 111111 yf1lll'S1'11 1 1ll'l11j'. 111 11111 1 . 118 ' 1 .Il 'f 1 , f- -lvl . A N 1111 1111-11111111-S, X . . . s , . 1111111 1111-1111-s, 1"1'11111. 11" ug s11ss11111s, Rss I71rlNN 111111 11111'?1'111'-111-1111 ' --5 1111 '1v11 us 111111 111121 1- l H , 11111111111'10s. 1I111s- . - 1. 1! 1 'g1'111 11s 51111 1111111 1111 11111111 111 1111s 111 11-1 mlb 11111111 y1-111's 111111 1 1 1 111111 1 '11 1 1 f 'f.1H1l '.1f.X111-111 II 1N12ll',' 111 X1-1-111111 11 111111111111 '1'l11-lv ' s by 111 llllilufb fllh 11111111 111111 1111111 'l'111'i11i11g1 s11111.' '11?lS1i4'fWl11 1 11111'fi1-s1111111111 , ,. , . 1111- 11111 1111ys,11I111111 111w1111s11 11111 1111-Is 11 SIT-Y sI1111'1x 1111 li1111'1ig'111. 1YI'gI9l1 1111 by 1'1111si11g' s1'l111 ,' i1'i1. Illll' 1111 1'i11is111111 El 5111111 s1-11s1111 Sl11'1'1'SS1All11'Y. SIA Q r--1... f -Iwi-L - 1 g Y, 2 This may be called the most X W 7 g representative section of the book. K We are all here in form. Without dl f a doubt, we were blushing when the picture was snapped, but here's X - - hoping that we look at least pre- Book Une . l Kg -- - .. . Q , Q - sentable in the finished product. The pupils, as well as the faculty, were all udolled up" the day the photographer came to visit us, when it was necessary for us to be excused from our important classes for that more important picture. The administration and faculty were very lenient with us that same day. They all wanted us to look our best-in a happy mood. If you will look through this portion of the book, you are bound to see yourself. Many pleasant memories will be recalled to your minds as you glance through these pages and think back on the friendships made. 3 A 2 4 5 1 2 Dx , 'ik ' X . M 5? ff' ' -' - , ,. V , 'Q' 1 T 5 . I Q' Wi Vw A Z9 iw -:si '-" 'M 7 ,V -in KWM2, wi 23240 ' , f ,V-11 ,- . , an 4 .,., 1 :Qf- Nm. fI"f?1 : 4: 7 ' 2- was we . iffmi km f, i ff I -wx ,- ,yxf L'2,, L,L, , W., X Y 1 :.fLf:ik?' Z5-I ' K' 1 - 1 , ' 1 gi,5ggz.".,f2395Wi ' 14' H ' ' ,. , . - -Y 'www .... fbifltwiw A kgs fQ,lff',1Q j gwsnx 5 ,,1wy ,Yg53ig2x.u,:, K V. V5 , , , F15 7? 5 f ' sw, 11- In , - A ga .. , M1599 fy ,L mg vigfywgnmyv 4 3 va N D H 1 .Q ,K Wm I. f ' - 1 : f A ZK f,:" ffwml, Se wg W mm .rx af, in 3 LZCQVQ i P fy Ms V Sm QQQM K 4 . i ff-sw., ' H iw lil ,.,,,.1f , I f Ty 54 5, : fw . 'fyfxvigfzzpzmq W1'35uw ' - -L , , A . ' .. J f , f-1--,wlgt ' '1.a::,:zzF-4.a,'I..:- 'V ,, " W WWS1 rw 5 ' fx , ' ::,.,-:,. ... "' 3:Ef'5EEE5f:-'.:If'::S,E',. ,.2.,:::':,.'E'-CV 5 ' ,A U" 'VW . " .' ,,.. - - ', . . . -I ' K 1 .. IU e oT Those Trving clavs ui ,Xlilflflill Il. SNYDICR .elwriny S11pf1'l'i.villgf ll0Vl'.fXl?lJ V. IDOVDS .flriing lliyli Nwhool l'rillri1ml I'1'ineipul T llministratiun IClJl'1'A'l'l1 PN l"1 DN Yll"l'UliY This sehool year has seen a ehangfe l'ron1 a eong'esTeml labor lIl?ll'li0l To one of want. liabor eau noT 1neeT The cle- inanrls plaeeil upon iT by our eivilian annl war l'L'flllll'i'Illl'llfS. XVe n1usT noT forg'eT ThaT our Tore- l'aThers purehasell our liberTy by per- sonal saerifiees. labor. aull great sell' llenial. ll' we are To reTain This liberTy. niany must ehangre Their aTTTiuile l'ron1 "The world owes us a living"' To The aTTiTu1le "To our Treemlonis we cleclieaTe our livesfl Eclua-aTion has awakenell To The T'aeT ThaT Too g'reaT a sTress eannoT be plaeecl on Teaeliing' D0lll0CI'HCj'. ll' This sTrugw gle is To bring enmluring peace, we 1nusT remlemlieaTe our lives To expanll our enlueaTional philosophy anml schools, so ThaT none will wanT for lmowlemlgre. VW- 1nusT reineniber ThaT our Tree- rloins can only be reTaiuecl aT The priee of inmlivimlnal saeril'iee, anil a reineni- branee ThaT f'hrisTianiTy is SHIlll"lllillQl To be praeTieecl TwenTy-four hours a :lay every rlay of The year. AIil4'RICD ll. SNYDIAIII- TO THE FLASH Ulf' lil-L2 You Seniors are g'racluaTing' in lilnes whieh Try uien's souls. ln The uueerTain flays which lie aheaml you will un1loubTe4lly be eallecl upon To prove The loyalty anil clevoTion which you have professecl so ofTen. before The flag' ol' your eounTry. XVe, who have been your insTrueTors here in Verona for The lasT four years, feel eerTain ThaT you will pass all TesTs wiTh eolors flying. Those who are leall- ers among' you will. l ani sure. go l'orTh To serve in many anil various plaees. The oThers will never Toi-get ThaT There is always a plaee for Those who T'aiThfully follow. lleinoeraey awails your answer. May good lueli anml The besl ol' good forTune be wiTh yoll. llowmm F. Domus- The offiee seeri-Ta ry. Edna. Ilill, Dorothy Rupert and Adelaide Allen, office 111ll'l'AV 1,1l'1'L'l', -1411111 112l11111'l', .1111111 11. Y11111111, .11'., G1-111'g'1- N11111111-11 151111111 111' E1I111:11ti11n '11111' 111121111 111 V1-1111121 1'11p1es11111s 11111 p11p11121c11 of 11111 community 111 11111 11v1-11 111' 11111 s1111lQ111s. '1'111s.v11211'. 11111 1J0?l1'l1 s1111111'1111 11111 loss 111'1w11 12111111111 1111-111- 11111's 115' 111-21111. Vlyssvs 11. 1'211111111' 211111 111111111 Ii. 13111111111111111. T1111s11 1111-11 112111 s1-1'v1-11 11111' 1-111111111111115' 111 1112111y 1f2111211'11111s IUUI' y11111's 211111 11ll'1l' loss is 11111111151 11111. .X v1s11 211 2111 1IIl215.l'1l1ElI'j' Illt'911llg 111 1111- 131121111 111 E11111-21111111, 1JI'0b2lb1j' w1111111 I11'11v11 11l1l11'1'S11lll2' 111 11v111y111111. VV1111 the 1111-111'11111g' 111 11111 112111111s 111 11111 111111111111s p111s11111, 11111 m11111111s 111? 11111 11111-ce11111g 1111111111111 1111111 211111 21pp111v1-11, 211111 2111y 111Ilu1lI1S1I1'l1 1111s111ess 21111111111111 111, 11111 s1211111111gg' 11111111111111111s 2l1"t' 1'112111y 111 11121119 1111111 1'e11111'1s. T1l0I'1' ?iI'1' 11s1121l1y 1111211101211 ?l151"?l1I'S 111 be c1111s111111'1-11. '11111' b1111g'111 211111 1111w 111 1121111111-11 11 is 2111 111111111121111 111111111-111. 11, w1111111 2111111-211 111211 1:1ll?ll1C1' 1121s 111-1111 El llliljlil' 1111111111111 11111111'11111111g' 11111 131121111 111 E1l11c21111111 HS WQ11 as 111111v11111111s fiil' 21 1111-211 Illilllj' y11211's. 111 1111- 111111121111111 111 21 SQI111111 syS1e111, 1116 size 111 1111s 111111, bills 21111 1-111121111 111 1li1V1J il 1lI'llIIl11ll1111' p111c11 at 1111-1y 111121111 1111-111111113 1,E'I'11HIJS 211 1111s l116t'11llg1' 11111 1111111111111's 11111 11S1l-'1l1llQ' 111 1111- 1I'9?lS1lI't'I'1S 1'9Il0l'1', 11111 12121 01111111-1111's 211111 1111- s1111111'v1s111g' 1JI'1ll1'1lJ211'S s1211e1111-111. Why! The 111911111151 is 11l11111s1 11v1111 11111 W1111. 11111111113 1121s 111-1-11 S21111 211711111 new 1111s11111ss. S11 11 3-111-s 211111 11111 b11a111 w111-ks 1211- 1111 111111 11111 111g'111. 1111 1112111y M11111l21y 11v1111111g's 11111111 1112111 1111111 sc111111111e11 1111111111111 111110. 1V1111 1111s g'121111:11 111111 2111y 1'9g'l112lI' 111111-111151, w11 11121v11 11118 Q1111111 which has j.!'1Vl-'11 1111111 211111 s111'v11fe 111 11111 y1111111 of V11101121. NIN1 'siihf in W .,.., ,, - . A,'.'- V' 'mf-N., 1h - 1, , i hb , 1 W , W .,,. KWWM r K yi ,, . ,A LVV. Q5 A, W M' 'I , W :f-'--- --N' 5-'frn:.yfe.x' J' Q Teachers Create Friendly Atmosphere "Necessary evils in the classrooms are the teachers but they really are not bad once you get to know them", so speaks the student body. Our faculty, this year, l1as been rather a changing one. We have had a great deal of variety. First Mr. Ocker and Mr. Keister left Verona and were rc- placed by Mr. Yount and Mr. Rafter wl1o have taken up their responsibilities in the shop and the lab. Mr. Ocker's illness caused him to be hospitalized for some time while Mr. Keister was successful in getting back i11to Oakmont High School, a teaching post which he left some years ago. Both these men had endeared them- selves to us here. Mr. Ocker had started the "Traffic Patrol", with his home room group and Mr. Keister stirred up interest in the Rifle Club which has become quite an interesting activity for some of the students. Miss McCullough, who put us through the paces of music for the past few years, has begun a new venture as the wife of an army officer at Fort Benning, Georgia. I n Verona, she has been ably replaced by Mrs. Giltenboth. As seniors, we have been led along the Way in our activities by Miss Mc- Cully and Miss Rupert, as class sponsors, and by Mr. Douds in our P.O.D. classes Where we struggled over Town Hall discussions and "Democracyl' studies. The sponsors, of course, do teach shorthand, typing and English. Sponsors for our junior class are Mrs. Higinbotham and Mrs. Henggi, teachers of commercial subjects, mathematics and social studies. These two are also foremost faculty members on the " Prom" committee. Our French instructor, Miss Bodenhorn, had her hand in the pie too, as coach of the Junior play. Physical education, boxing, Leader 's Club, and Varsity Club honors are shared by coaches Palmer and Vtfild Whose teaching activities are not limited to Senior High but to the seventh and eighth grades as well. The guiding influence of Miss Lindelnuth has been an i11spiratio11 to all Juniors as the American Literature classes struggle to learn such famous selec- tions as "Thanatopsis" and Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address." Besides teaching, her duties are many. One enormous job is taking care of the financial affairs in all the school activities. All the students realize this is a great job. Clothes and food interest us as much as money affairs and in these prac- tical subjects Mrs. Carson and Miss Lambie instruct all the girls in the newly decorated home economic unit on the third floor of our Junior High building. Miss Steffy, as mathematics and English instructor in the Junior High, Miss Hunter as art supervisor, Mr. Anderson, expert on geography and social studies, Miss Pierce, as science teacher and Miss Lindley with history and Latin as her specialties complete the list of versatile teachers on our faculty. The librar- ian, Miss Eakin, meets us all in the library as we pore over the many books and magazines for reports in our various classes. Perhaps these individuals are human, after all. ELEVEN enior of '42 HOWARD ALCORN Hnwzird, an poinilzn' nu-nibcr of lhm' Hi-Y and zu. playa-1' on their 1-hzlnilriml buski-thall te-am has br-1-unw :i fzivurite zininnu his f-I:1ssi1izitf-s. t'uukinH'. rroliinuz :ind swiniminr uri- his hobbies. RUTH CHANEY Ruth is uni' nl' ihnsv fl-w tllllL'l wrnnvn in our 4-lass. Ruth si-1-ins to liaivl- vuukinf :is ai hubby bei-znisv she is usually in the midst uf cooking: or serving: in the Homo EQ, Room. Red is lll'I' IllClilllllll0. JOSEPH CONDON All.h0n::'h Jovi has nut in-1-n ai vlnb num hi- has :L nlzu-0 in sive-:ikimr und sinuinsr. HQ- f'00I!Pl'llll'S wi-ll :ind is usu- zllly Ull hand when a. job igltu he dune. Civil cnsiln-erillg is his goal. TV! li l.V li ADA MARTA ANDERSON Adu. :L lilllf- ::'i1'I, who lN'Yi'l' hurl niui-h in say, was an nu-mb:-1' nl' thi- Girl R1-sr-rvus, l,ibi'zn'y :ind i'n1nnu-wiul Ulub. ll' Ad:L's :nnhilion in he-1-nnw :i nurse- is wznlizrfil Ill'l'hll'US shi-'ll hi- till in: a-:n'1- nl wmnzf nl' In-1' r'I:is4ni:il4-s in thi- zirniy. JEAN BENNETT AlWllA'h il :ood I'i'im-nil und il lll'1lt'llll- :ihlv wnrkvi' was Jmni. Sho bolnnars to thi- Cmnnwm-izil Vinh :Ind e-njuys ly pinu. Shi- wishvs in do offir-c work nfloi' her iII'iHlllilll0ll. FRANK COSTA Thr- slinrll-sl. yi-l nnu of thc bvsl lik:-rl buys in nnr 1-hiss is 4Fi'm-ifzr-". HL cr und in wlivv has se-rvfwl as tl'f':1su1" 1 2 1 lNl'I1l'X'I' ul' thc S!'lll0l' Hi-Y. In thc- liprhlvl' vvin, hu is one of uin- jiltc-rhu,u's. bm-sl LEWIS ARNOLD Arnold would like lo :rn un lo sw-huol in Sindy 4'IlbflllPi'l'lllH'. He was :ln zu-live' IIIUIIIDUI' uf the- Band, Hi-Y, Glow- Ulnb. :ind Steiff fllnb, In Ihr- fii-ld of snnris. hu- plnyl-ll bush:-tbzill dnrimz' his jnnini' illlll Sl'lllUl' Xl'2ll'S. HENRY BENTZ H4-nry. always quick und zwlivv. wus :L lI'lll' vlzissrrizlix- and fun 1n'0uiolul'. Roller skating' sec-nie-d tn be his favor- itm- nastiimi :md f-lem-li-ic welding his uim in lilo. CHARLES M. DENTINO f'h:n'lii-. who has bm-n zu-live in foot- bnll, buslu-lbzill and iran-k, pu1'ti1'ipzilvil in the- llIN'l'l'll2l, Senior Hi-Y :uid Glel' Vinh. Hi- has bevn ai 1-lass Ivzuli-1' thi-nuuhnnt his Il-in' yeirs here. FRANK BERGOICH Copper finds his life desire is to work in a. mill. He played football for three years and was quite outstandiuz in this accomplishment on the gridiron. Ht- is an at-tive member of tht- Cookinf :uul Varsity Club. GEORGE BURROWS Geortre always had an ever ready smile for everyone, and kent us in sales of laughter in our dry 4'-lasses. He Ulayed basketball for the Hi-Y wonder team. Georges hobbies are driving. dancing and swimming. RUTH EILER Ruth is a quiet little miss who dt-s sires to bet-omv a nurse and maybe she will he a nurse in the army someday soon. She has been a member of the Dramatif- Club and Girl Reserves. Top Row: rf' . I. R Lower Row: Eleanor Gabor. 4 JOSEPH ARTHUR BOSCO Joe, who played the sax and t-lariuet in the "Star Gazer's" Orchestra, loves music- and nrt-hestras. He was a mem- ber of the Glee. Cookinir and Dau:-ing Clubs. He would like to beeorne an orf-hestra leader in the future. HELEN LOIS ASHBAUGH Helen is one of the mnsit-ally in- t-lined students of 42. A seeretaryshirf she would like to have in the future. She is a member of the St-rviee Club. Commercial Club and the Band. ROBERT RAYMOND ELLIS Bob. an at-tive member of the year book staff who worked hard :rettinu your pieture, played basketball and football in his senior year. In Mareh he left V.H.S. to go to the Defense Training School at Tec-h. . l X 9 t Howard Aleoru, Ada Au- dt-i'son, Lewis Arnold, Ruth Chaney, Jean Bennett., Henry Bentz, Joseph Condon. Frank Costa, Charles Dentino. I Frank Beriroit-h, Joseph Bosco. Mary Bozik, G1-orae Burrows, Helen Lois Ash- baufzh, Attilio Colouello. Ruth Eiler. Robert Ellis N ,. MARY BOZIK Mary's desire is to beeome at sewe- tary. She is one of our learned stud:-nts who hr-louis to the Dauwiuu' Club. Com- tuerrial Club, and Honor Sorit-ty. Al- ways "Mary on the Slwotl' was Mary. ATTILIO COLONELLO Till is always rc-atly lor lun. Ht- vlayed basketball for the Sr. Hi-Y and nla,yed Varsity football for three years. The Rifle Club was his main interest as a Senior. ELEANOR GABOR Toodles would like to travel and model 1-lothes, but at the lIl'0SClll is enmloyed as an extra salt-ssrirl at the G. C. Murphy Company. In st-hool shm- is a member of the Comnu-rt-ial Club. Service Club, Dau:-int: Club and Nai- tional Honor Society. THlR'l'l51iN Toll Row: Rif-hznwl Gzirvin, Clizurlow tinuliuzza, Mznnrie Gnnton. Thi-ri-su. Hollinzm-. Vale-rio Hollinarur, Resris Hinilwlc-. Anthony lnlorrr-, Sl:-ilu In- torra-. Hf-tty Ann Jzmsson. X A I ' ' 1 Lowf-r Row: Fi':nn-vs Hnnn. Hi-li-n Hui'- iwr, Edna Mao Hill, William Jztnsson, Stznilvy Kefulos, Ji-ssio Ki-intvr, Jennie Kn- lllEll'f'0. John Laliiffm-rl. Willis Lzlshvll. 2 f RICHARD GARVIN ' Dil-li who 1-ont:-s to VHS. from Dor- soyvillo is it nn-mlwr of thi- Hi-Y. Driving zlnfl skiing' in-v two of his hohhivs. In the l'ntin'0 ho will lirohzihly hz- :t r-he-nilst :xl thi- Slll7lII'l'I2lll vV!lll'l' Viiiiipiiliy. THERESA HOLLINGER Thvrvsa h:isn't flu-vids-d vvln-the-r to lil- in Illll'Hl' or at heznitiifiiin. Avtlvilii-s ln-ro lmvo 1-luiniesl ll his part of hoi- liml- lint, not so as to intrfrferc with hi-i' stildirls, Shi- i-laimeil nlf-mhz-rship in G11-0, Lf-alll-rs, Sisrmn Tan Chi Clubs :tml National Honor Soc-ii-ty. ANTHONY GEORGE INTORRE Tony was letter man in football und hztslu-tbztll. He wants to so on to school :intl take uv 9Il2ilN'l'l'lll2'. Ho liki-il to holil offices :incl in c-lass :incl Vzirsity tiluly ho had his share. POURTEEN CHARLES J. GUGLIUZZA Gnu is ai shy lull. soft snokmi with littli- io sux. Hi- would likr- to hvvonn- :in i-li-vii-intl oiiuiiwf-i', H0 wus ii mi-ni' Iwi' ol thc- Hi-Y. Vookinsr :intl Dniivina: Vlnlns, VALERIE HOLLINGER Vnl wants to hr-1-ome :i sim-ez-asfiil lmsine-ss woman, She was at invtnhm-I' of tho ills-f-, Dann-im:' :incl Coiliiin-1'4'ial Clubs, and Girl R4-si-rves, :tml took IlilI'l in tht? utrorettu. STELLA INTORRE 1VVllillil'l1Wll n Sli-llit is known in :ill hor friflnrls us Fi-en:-hiv. After sho rrzuluates slu- wmlld likz- lo bl-4-onio it mods-l. Shr- likes basketball and hulonfrcd to the :nrt 1-lnh. Sho is also ilile-i'i-sled in darn'- ina: MANGIE GUPTON Maimrie- who is ambitions to he-4-oinv at nurse- or at tvzu-hor hats bovoinlf ll nonnlzn' r-lzlssniutv with that 4-ln-Pri' snnlo ol' hors. ln hz-i' Jnniol' yr-nr, shi- wus :tunic-liihi-1' ot' thi- Swviu- Vinh. REGIS IIUNKELE His :imhition is to bf-1-ome at mztwtei' All't'l'LlflQ Mm-hzniin-. He like-s to build model ziii-plum-s zuul shoot. Ri-gis be-- longrs to thu Rlfli- Club and the Air- plzuice Clnh. With these activitivs he is :t :ood student mul me-mher of thc' Honor Souioly. BETTY ANN JANS SON Bcity Ann would like to bl: ei steno- gvzwliei' or l,l'lt'DhOlll,' oporatoi' Whf'11 sho zraflilzitvs. Her many activities con- sisted of tho Junior Class Play, Loud- ors' l'll1b and Stuff Club. enior of '42 FRANCES HANN Fi':ui's iuuhition is to design tht- lzite-st fashions of the day. Ono of hr-r i'm'oritm- ixzistinws is shooting' on thi- Riflc- Ie-:nu ami she p:1t'tivi1ma1tf-il in nium' othvi' sc-hool ziutivitivs, 0I7l'I'Pli1l. :incl the f'KllllIllPl'1'i2Ii Uluh . CARL WILLIAM JANSSON Bill has ai limi:-li for uimrlaiie build- ing und is quits- int:-rc-stml in mef'h:ui- ivzil clruwinut This tull situ-are svnioi' is rf-silly :ilu-acl of :ill his frivnsls in zurffznly holdin: clown 21 Joh. JENNIE KUMARCO Tuhhy always has thv srilrtrles. likes to trzivi-l and wants to he ill Hf'l'l'l"li1l'5'. Hoi' various activities werv in the Coninwrvizil, Se-rviuc-, Dan:-in: and Girl R,osPrvz3 Clubs, HELEN HARPER Althourh Heinnii-'s hobbies are in the sports world, her l,'HI'f't'l' will bc- thzit. ol an interior dec-orator. School reportvr for the- Advanr-e, mc-mb:-1' of the Stuff, Leziclvrs, Rifle, Sigma Tatu Chi 4-luhs and possession of lomlitiu' roles in tht- Jr. and Sr, plays ure- many an-tivities that l'U?lillI'E1i in hr-r svhool lil'0. STANLEY KEFALOS Although Stzufs skating :ability in-1-cl.: tonvliml up za. hit, he makes up for it in hr-inf tlu- wzwk shot of the- Rillr- lezuu. He pzu'tir-iymtr-ml on the football teanl. Boxirnr and Hi-Y clubs. but. his honu-work is always flnishvd on time. To bo :nn e-lm-trim-nl Pnsrine-1-r is his ani' bition. JOHN LANGFORD John is known for hz-ing: quiet. Hz- has he-4-n a, helper in many ways throulrhont his years in sf-hool. Al- thousrh Clllillt. he sonic-times hznl his troubles with the ts-uuhers. EDNA MAE HILL This blonili- lass ol' V1-rona will be tho 'Iwi-ffwt ser-ret,ary". Bc-sides he-1' worlz she take-s :if-tivo interest in the Glen Club, Staff, and Honor Sovivty Althouuh zi brood studr-nl, yet :l Hood frie-lui with lots of in-11. JESSIE KEISTER This "littl4- srirl' likvs to bowl and hike. HPI' work in the Serviw- Cluh :intl f'lllllIlll'l'1'ii1l Flub will load hor on to hu 211 most effivif-nt sv:-i'0t:1l'A'. WILLIS LASHELL VVith football. basketball, boxing' :Ls an-tivitir-s in which hr- nz1i', we know Bull is an asset to :lny dass. Not only in athletivs but in clranuitics :md spvllin: nizltr-hos too, Bud is at, thr- front. FIFTEEN enior of '42 ROBERT LASHER limb is thi- vii-L--Ln'esimls-Lil oi' tho Smi- -zss. ulsu the ilu- se-4-rPt:Lry ul' the' lOl' ill S:-uior Hi-Y. Thu taill, Llzirk, liuiiilsrmic- hm' who plays thc- Lxi:uLu in the Star Ganz:-LN Or:-he-strai is noni- :Lthr-L' th:LLL Huh. JOHN MCCORMICK 'l'lLLe Hi-Y h:Ls 1-l:LiLLL0LI .lzivli :ls :LLL :LL-tivu ni:-mb:-r for thc- mist two yvurs zlliml thzlt 1-luinipiuii Hi-Y h6lSk1'iI12lll lt'lllll Illlil lots uf llllll lu-4-zillsv of him The V.H,S. fmvthzill linv was stremrlli- J Lt- :illmlitimi ul' J:L,:-li :Ls :L Nu-rl hx tl fl'll2ll'tl. MILDRED RADOVICH Millii- luv:-s ln play lmslcf-th:Lll. Sh:- - wr uf thc- Girl Rvscrvs- :uul is :L mimi ' . " Lufzli qui:-t. Milliv is Srrxiu Klub Ihr il lriz-ml to :lll. SlX'l'IElEN JUNE LYTER Rc-f-fer is :ni ac-tlvv lei:-as who is 2llWi15'H iii the midst ul' thinfrs. She is :L mum- hvr of the Girls' Varsity, 1.e':ulz-r's. Stuff :mil Girl Rc-servo Clubs. Shi- also lL:ul :L Lnirt. in Ihr- play. "Full ul' Yl7lllll." JOSEPH MCWILLIAMS Jn:-'s umhiliun is to lw llll0illl'l' "Glenn Miller." HL- is very WL-ll likml by :Lll thc- studs-nts in the sr-hool. JOf?'N h:LLul, "The Star Gaz:-r's", tzikvs Luv must nf his timv. PETER RANDAS Pete: is um- ut' thu boys who lt-ft Us to t:Lkv me his PLIll1"flfl0Il :Lt :L trzule ss-huol. He likes to play bzislietlmll :md mushbzill. :Ls well :Ls to shout pool :mal swim. Wu- rlrm't, know what Poli- lrlzins for thu fllllll'l'. hut wefri- suri- it'll hr- wrrrlh whilv. VINCENT MANNI Vin:-v was :ilw:Lys thc- studious l:L4l who wus lll'Vl'l' :LI'r:L.i1l tu look ut, his I'l'll0I'I. v:Lr4ls, Sim-v he' was il guml stinlc-nt :xml in:-'niln-1' of the Natiunsil Humor Som-if-ty. he has Lwospi-1-ts of gm- iiifr nn to svhunl :intl stuilyimz' 9l0c'tl'i0nl l'lIll'lllI'!'l'lllil'. OLIVER MEITSON This qui:-t ss-niur :Aims tu take- his Lilzu-v in thi- 1-levtrivul world :md in rf-zilizzitimi of his ambition is takim: tho Defense Course ol'ferPd at one of tho trade schools in the vity. Ho pur- tivipateml in the Cooking' Cluh while :Lt V:-rmizi Hiu'h. LAURA LOUISE ROGERS I.:L1lr:L is :mother SIPll0lIl'ZlllIll'l' to hr. Not only werm- her :im-tivitivs l'f'lll6'l'9fl in thc' Clll'lllllf'l'l'llil 1-lass but in Staff :mul Girl Rust-rvv Clubs. As :L l'llPllllJ0l' ol' thu GI:-v Club, shi- 1r:u'tic'ip:Ltr-rl in twu one-L-4-tt:1s. PEARL MOORE Blackic is one of those who really rlido when it comes to Roller Skatinuh She has hecn active in dramatics, par- I.i4'llHilill2' in the Junior and Senior Class Plays. hut her activities are mlividctl anions: the Girl Rescrvcs. Dancinu' Club. Gln-c Club and f'0illllll3l'l'l1li Flnla. HELEN PITKIVITCH Blondie would like to do sccrctarial work sometime in 1943. As il nu-mhcr of the National Honor Society and Com- mercial Club you see that her mind is workin! toward that end. MARGARET JANE ROGERS Marzic wants to go to colh-gc to enter into the field of oral hyH'il'll8. She has been active in the school oirercttas and shop club. She was also a member of the Commercial Club and was on the Jnnior Prom Committee. Ton Row: Laura Rogers. Second Row: James Santucci. MARIE MORRILL Although Marie is a ll0Wl'UIllt'l' to our sehool. she has iounfl a place for licr- self here. Sho has scrvcnl as a monitor and is quite active in sports. Her aim in life is to become a Lelelvhone olvcr- ator and answer your phone. ELIZABETH F. PLESE Vice President of the Commercial club. Lizzie stands out among' her class- mates, with her personality. She likes to dance and her desire in life is to be a filing' clerk. She is a member of Girl Reserve and narticinated in Junior Clase Play. MARGARET JANE RONEY Pr-zrrry, a sweet little Miss is always sniilinir and is a friend to all. Acro- batie Dancinzr is one of her hobbies and someday she hopes to be a model. The Glen and Commercial Clubs have had lu-r as a member. Robert Lasher, June Ly- ter, Vinccnt Manni, John ltlcflormick, JlJSl'Ilh McWill- iams, Oliver Meitson, Mildrctl Radovich, Pcte Randas. Pearl Moorc, Marie Mor- rill, Eleanor Peretic, Helen Pitkivitch, Elizabeth Plese. Margaret Pope, Margaret Roirers, Marzzarct Roncy, ELEANOR F. PERETIC Eleanor participates in sports, danc- in! and club activities. She is every- one-'s friend, dependable and cahablc at all times. Stuff. Leader's Club, Honor Society are some of her activities. MARGARET E. POPE fwilhrlruwnl Pope is very active in the Iicld of sports. she belongs to the Girl's Varsity and track team. She was a member of the National Honor Society and the Glce Club. JAMES SANTUCCI Jimmie. one of the fcw quiet boys of thc class leaned toward the domestic art. of cooking and the mechanical art of airplanes. He belonged to both these clubs. Weldinz is one of his hobbies which hc hoocs to turn into cash soon. SEVENTFFNI Pop Row: Roh:-rt Saxman, Delsena Shaw, Frank Sistek, Martha Loi- Williams, B4-'tty VVolfv. William Wolfe. Bottom Row: Frank Slosar, Rohm-rt Smith, Bt-linda Whit:-, Dora .It-au Wright, Harold Zc-sky. ROBERT SAXMAN Dvailniau is always on thi- ah-rl anti has he-f-n a invnihor of the Hi-Y lor foui' yr-airs. He played bask:-tball and football. In Marvh he wi-ut to DL'I't'llHt' Sc-hool at Tor-h to take un weldiiur with some of his 1-lassniaius. MARTHA LEE WILLIAMS Working in thc Sci-vi:-0 Club, and at-ting as a tyiwist, Martha is all set for thi- business world, As a. iiastiino. Honey enjoys clancinz. FRANK SLOSAR Frank wants FL business ol' his own. Ho If-ft us for a while this yt--ar to take up a trade at Coiuuelley, He was it member of the Cooking Club. Student Council, and Airplane Club. IIGHTEEN DELSENA SHAW Shaw was tho Drum Major at V.H.S, in her Junior aurl Senior yt-ar. Shi- was mesitle-lit. of tho L1-adn-r's Club anti a nu-mhz-r of the Gloss Club. Her future ia 1-ither workuu: in an ofiivi- or ruu- niusr a ht-auty parlor. BETTY WOLFE llotty thv editor or tho Nf?tll'l'iUtlk has Journalism as hz-r ambition. Baml. Lf-a1ler's Club, Rifle tflub and Gil-fe Club as wt-ll as thi- school Hauer l'f1Dorier for tho "Post Gazeltvf' were her at-tivities, Sho has taken Dart in tha- Junior Class play and 0D9I'8l,lZlS. MARTIN ROBERT SMITH A tlillar a dollar, a tou o'r-lot-k svholar is Smith. Always a quit-L fellow anal easy to get along with, hi- left us to Ho to trade school in March. FRANK J. SISTEK Sounyk that little 1-:ny who is always zirouutl hut in-vol' maki-s inuvh noistf. Hr was au avtive- lnemhrr of the cook- in:.'. typiiif. airplane- and :lam-ing' clubs, Ho would like- to hevonu- :i skilli-it niat-hinist. WILLIAM RAYMOND WOLFE Bill is vr-ry motive in tho liohl ol lll't'Sltll'llt'y. He was iwresitient of thr- Sr-nim' Hi-Y and the Sf-nior Class. "Bill" had f-hariro of the movie machine-ho is an amateur oaiidid c-amera man, He was also in thi- Glce Club and Staff Vluh, Bill hopes to enter coli02'f'. BELINDA WHITE Bi-liud:s's ambition is to irvt an ulfiri- position, In tvnth grade, member of t'oniinc-ra-ial Club, and later SL-rvit-u Club, and Commercial Club. enior of '42 41 Highlights of the Year Our last lap hogan in Svptetnhor of lil-12 and what un eventful your that tttrnecl out to ho. 'l'wo 'Rf' days, Kl9t'lill'illZl0ll of war, and sugar rationing wcru tho big events in Worlrl llistory while wo were lllllklllg history within Vcronufs walls. Eight of our Seniors Wore nlreztdy in tho thick of things wht-n svhool stnrtud and wo got into thu foothztll season, Now thPy ztro strutting urountl wouring tht-ir now purplo :intl gold sweat- vrs :and tht-ir your of glory is ovt-r. For t-vO1'y Senior that outing ut North Park ut tho Point was n "doozy." Playing gzunt-s, snapping pivturos and budding romatnt-es, wo had tht-nt ztll. Our eiit-rgios wt-ro oxcwtocl u littlt- lutvr :ts tht- t-lass holfl :L clunre and wo ull "trippt-tl the light fauitustir in tho gym. ' ' From Ilan:-ing to faster moving foot ut National Park for that Svnior Skate. Poor Stmtleyl He took it thztt night. lloutt- room prograins gulorv, wht-n our t'l5lSSIllll.t0S toll us how to act on dates, lwzwing :thout johs ztvnilzthlv :mtl schools for furthoring our education. In Mztroli, olevt-u of our mules loft to go to Dcfcnso St-hool to trtko up welding and p1'0pnr0 tln-nise-lvvs for jobs in the futuro. "Aunt Tillie Goos to Town" ou April 24 and on to that night of nights for the social fling, H The Prom" and then on to graduation, VVoll it is all over and wo are not sorry but just ft. hit r0g'rt-tful. Yvs, vlztssos, too, we'll rot-all but these :irc the high spots. FLASS OFFIFERS Prositlc-ut ..,..,. ,,..,,,,.. W ILLIAM WOLFE Vit-o Presitleut ...,,,.. ROBERT LASHER St'f'l'f'lill'Y :mtl Treztsuror ...,.,,,,.., ANTHONY INTORRE DORA JEAN WRIGHT Floorio is an-t,ivo in tho sports fit-ltl. playing on the Vt-runu Girl'-s Varsity :mtl VVf-stinrhouse Jr. Basketball! team. As at mt-mher of tho Glr-0 Club. Doral haul u mart in the out-'rt-tttt and slit- also lnlztys tho violin in tht- Community Owlit-stt':l. HAROLD ZES-KY Sw-r-tl. who is illlPl'PSl9ll in tlzutcimr :mtl tlrzmiutlf-s us lrastillif-s hope-s to hc-1-onw at weldt-r. His hobby is busohnll :mtl ou that stlbjt-vt he is very flue-nt. Ho is nt-vf-r latz- Slllf'P ho livz-s so vloso to school. NINETEEN T low Juniors Engage In Many Activities lfA, llursim-. E. Dunn. .l. lim-rs, A. f1I'lljill'Il'lI. E. li2ll'2Iii2l, E. NIIHIICUII L Fix. V. UOSTEI. Huw 2-li. NVomls, ,IQ SlJl'PC2il'0, M. Hlllyill. V. XViison. H. Nlomitis, Ii. Nellis, 'XI Huw Row Row How Row Row Row Mau-lmviicll. R. llmild. Iiffli. VVz1Ikvi'. E. White, -I. AAbPl'Ul'0illi'liI', A. BZIVIIUS. li. M. lilll'kil?li'f. X Powell. T. Sankvr, I". Tlioilipsoil. 4f-I. Snntucci, H. Roth, M. Yvzlgri-V. II. 'l'z1n1b11r1'o. SMU, P0111-0. R. Sturm. M. XVhi'rv. M. Zibrvg. 6-II. Keisier, A. 'I'm'chia. K. Mvhelic, C. livimilvy. T-li. Morrill, NT. A. Mull. ll. Rrigrhf. E. AiIlPi'iHg.f, M. I'3aii'd, S. Gabnr, M Abzlrzly, -I. Smlwv. 81-S. Hamm, H. BIHCFill'l2lllt'. IS. Dusclll, R. llvrps, -I. lfpvzlll, H. Elkan NV. Walker. -T. Mamli. Sl-J. UOIPIIIEIH, M. Bigrellilo. N. Uebelills, I". Roth, -I. lizlslieig G. Uverbul A. l"1'azic1I', II. Shirlvy. OFFTUERH I'1'cx'1'1lP14f .......... ......... C THARLES COSTA i'1'f'1' P1'l'.QI'fIPllf ...,,, ,,,...,, 1X IARION SMYTH Sl'f'l'I'fIII'jj'Tl'1'lISI!l'1'l' ,....,.... NURMA FEBELIVS 'I'VV IZ NTY TW ISNTY-ON! W I-I N'l'Y-'I " f'4?WS-Zffw-.'xz. Han.-rip?-'24 -mm: wi .gay .,fw1-'lf lf'11"" The Coming Generation Row 1-H. Pavone, VV. Humphrey. J. Lashell, IJ. Irwin, M. King. E. Templeton, M. L. Householder. Row 2-R. Marino, L. lxT?lllg1'Z'lI1H1"0, M. NVilson. J. Thompson, W. Johnson, M. R ow How Row Row Row Row Ke-ister. NV. Jankovieh. 3-C. Zibregr. E. Hollinger. F. Hann, F. Carson. 4-M. Haeriek, H. Himes, J. B1-uno, F. Ilarper. 5-J. De-Vita. U. Dehellis. T. Costa, J. Curtis. GML. Gabud. A. Garia, A. M. Bodenheimer, M. Dible. T-lf Bruno, B. Allman, M. Bainbridge. C. Bruno, L. Gordon, T. Condon, J. Alcorn. A. J. Colonello. 8-G. Morgan, R. Raabe. H. Pope, D. Rupert. M. Rice. M. McGrail, T. Starn. L. Roney. OIJFIUIGIIS Presiflmlf ......... ......... M . L. HOUSEHOLDER Viz-f'-President .................. FRANCES HARPER Sfw'fffrz1'y-Trmsm'er ...... .....,.. M Y RNA DIBLE TWENTY-THREE How How Row R 0 W H4 iw Iii :W Row Row Row inth Grade Becomes A Melting Pot I-V. J. Martin, D. Ricllpvro. XV. Benson, XV. Isherwood. J. Elkanich, N lilulich, R. 'Faylm-, G. Xenias, M. lxI2lllQIZlll2il'U, I'. limidzis. 2-D. XVetn1o1'e, R. Damien. B. Quinn. D. Duschl, R. Fowlws, VV. Dible, J Ross, L. Dible, L. Hobson, U. Turpin. 3-A. Lanious, H. Kratsas, -I. Pylv, L. Maclwn, J. Boziv. R, Luc-knack, K Ilunkley. li. Ogden, M. J. End, A. Heniale-y. -L-M. Gabllcl, D. SOIUIIIOII. M. Bosco, D. Ilolliligreix XV. HEIIIKIEIS. 5-D. Leppolcl. YY. Stairig Ii. Hopkins, M. Hvlin, I". Harattzi. 6-A VVhitv, B. lYIcDz1cle-, I. Cribbs. R. Harm-s, U. iWUI'Q'2lll. 7-A. Bursic, M. l'oovei'. G. Ritchey. H. J. Kollkle, R. Pvnco. VV. Briglif J. Umidon, D. Pi'icl1a1'd. S. Liberfo, J. Ritchey. 8-S.Moo11, G. Libvrto, Cl. Mille1',L.Mayua11, E. Uaiwliicli. E. Rosv, U. Sifllllfl' D He-pelyak, M. J. IJ0llgl'lllll'l', VV. Harper . fl-S. SCIIVVPIFTZ, H. Lozillm, V. NIL'XViHi?lIIlS. V. 'l'01'lizzi, li. XVhiTv, H. XYVHSUII A Uarchicli. E. Univsin. V. Fowkvs, VV. In-lziml. 0l+'I"IUEliS I'1'11S1'fl0i1f .... .. ...... AUDREY REMALEY V1'vgf-P1'ws1f1l011f ...,.................. LEONARD DIBLE Nw,-7'rmx, .............. MARY JANE IATVHIINER TW IZ NTY- FO UR NTX In The Uther Buildinj SI'IX'HN'l'Il GITAIJIC lst. lZmv:.l'. Lum-, W. Nvlnultz, IC. liiliut, Ni. iillIllliill'l'.Y, .L 'l'su4lis, .I. 'l's114lis, R. iillllll, il. 'l':lylm', tl, Young, XV X N ' v 3 .J Hlmup. A. Muiulu, R. i'z:IilIirl'i1lj,'l', il. KI'lli2ll'. .l. In-:1l'i1-k. ml How: Ii. Ili-lliulmlm-, M. Yiiillilllllflllll, N. -iL'SfL'l', Il, Collins, H, YllQUVi4'i1, L. SIDIlllQ'iL'l', U, iillllil, Y. fiililiil' If. Sf:l1'1',.I. Nlimritx, ID. lla-ups, N. liudivli, l'. Km-tlvy, IC. Sivin, Ii. liitvlwy, ID. .iJ5lllIil'O, J. ,i.,l'iil'il2lI'li, S lstiilflwvoud. 5 1 1 S1111 Huw: IC. I-,mln-11I1m'11, Vi't'2ll'ilUl'Q I. iomfvntilm, I". Mzmmtos, R. Ih-lin, V. Hclxmivv, J. Ilowurcl, Bi. King, M 4 Mzirrun, M. Yofs, 15. Quinn, If. Mzxnus, V. ii1llllllg'Gll'dllOl', NT. Ka-i':ulos,i A. G:lg'l:iis,'l'I. llvlslvy, S. Sher, V. Kinvf . C , A. xflllllrf, N. Luvkm-k, L. Iowvll, J. Iiyh-, M. Stl-ffy, 'l'0:u'hL-r. 1 th Row: .l'. liim-lips-1'n, A, Svpclyuk, F. Imvzir, J. Biil,l'I'0ll, D. Iilvlv, S. Yll1'kUYil', J. 1Xil'tZgl'l', J. illjilllllgil, C lirunu, .l'. Hnyrimw, W. King, f', Bl'IHil'll, ll. Skimwr, G. l'lm4-r, R. .Xlwn-r'miilviv, .l. Dvlh-dmiiiv, 'l'. Nc-His .i'. Wliitvsiflv. HlGII'l'll GRADE lst Huw: XV. Af5l.Yl'2lll, I.. Niniuiu, R. l':iil'1', .l. Ililur, R. IIIIIUS, R. Ruth, Il. 'i'.Vil'l', XV. 'ii1lilliIlll'l'0, ll. .Xllrvrts 9- 'J -J .1 ! Huciim-ii S. Ilulvs N. .Xuvn IJ. fifl1'l'ililli. ml Row: Rf. Ihxivs, A. igllI'Sil', Tl. Rmlkvlv, .I, .Xsl1lv:1lig'l1, 0. I.miiin11'1lozxi, XI. Rilllfiliri. M. l'11liS1l. H. Vilim-limi, .f. Ii2IiStl'l', I". I31'usfrmii, Bi. Zullwlizis, R. Him-uni. A. 'l'urpii1, N. ixiVl'xViiii2lHlS. I". i,f7l'Sl'.V, IC. Hilllgillllilll. rfl Huw: Mrs. Hirsmi K. Avklin fi, BiV2lll7'2III2ll'll XV. Xi2ll'till1'il'. A. XIX-irs S, ii2lSt2llli1lS K. Kc-fzilus. J. Uosizl i i 5-. y 1 , Q IDU, .f. Al'lllSfl'0l1g', .l. x'l'I'llUll, IJ. liytvr, N. llllschi, l,. XVilittL'llilL'l'g1'I'. K. iil'2lfS2lH! R. I'0h-rsznx, .l. Hsu-iup, Mrs. l':1lm01'. -HIL Huw: -T. iqlllllIlI'1'U, li. .Xill'l'l'l'Ullli1il', Ii. Witzvi, XV. 3:11111-v, S. ixirillllilfiibi, ,L Siiumrms, XV. Nfviwiiv, ii. Griyfius I 1 ' 1 ' ' VV ' 1 'V V ' 3 1-. 5Iil'2lAll'IH', A. i,1'i'?IZlH..i. luimm-Il:i,, lu. iXl'lli21l', A. Xsnrzissi, 0. Ili-Ilzuflmiiw, lm, lmng: YW IENTY-SI Y 2-ur K nam., f , .M up 1- x ' Tlw prim winning' photos frmn Tho plxotuglwzpll i'lJllfl'Sf or we llliffht say YUGIIRS about Town. TW EN'1'Y'S EVEN Q Through the various clubs and W X organizations within the school the student has an opportunity to discover his outside interests. He Aff has a natural outlet for this type of thinking while in school and it f X "' ik X -- f Z, s fi 4 ' , X .- - TVVIENTY-EIGHT Q is in the activities that he has a - splendid opportunity to add fur- ther color to his education and to add grace and beauty to his person- ality. This side of school life stands for pleasure. Our never-to-be- forgotten dramatic feats-our display of oratory, the thrill of our first large audience, and those coveted honors we received when we were elected to the National Honor Society-we can't forget them. 191 2 w KQV, kJhi?'r:ef1V f, mini iiefx 7 za, ii' , 521:19 A "in , ' ' V . , Y .wfwggmwge - . se .yfff fy K Q? ,V ,f,i1 . 3, x,gg5,y, e ,Eg ,V . ..,.,,,,,N, ww. ,N 4 : A Www is Urgfani ation Contr SIGMA 'FAI' Vlll lst, Rmv: li, Hill, ll. Slmxv. lu. l.:llrm'. X. Hulllmrzfr, 1. Hollins:-r. 'fllll Row: G. Xa-mans, H. Hzu-pr-r. M. Rh-1-. T, Szulliwlx Jlral Huw: S. Kc-lulus, 1' Vuslzx. VV. Wolff-, Flora Mr'1'l1lly. 34punsul'. '1' H lR'l'Y VUOKING l'LT'l1 Isl. Row: F. Ruth, H. 'Faun- lPlll'l'0. 'full Row: I,. lwlllllllll. 0. Dm-lf Izulmmr-. F. Sisls-k, R. Uutllml, Jllwl, Row: S. lilulir-I1, l'. Ram' 1l:lH. 0. lNll'IlS1lIl. llh Row: l-I. T1-nmll-lvm. l". lillrsn-, li. llupklnf. 1'. VW-tI1lrrl'lA. S, Lllwrln. l,liAlHCR'H 4'l,l'll Isl Row: 'I'. Sulllu-V, N. f'1'lll4lllls. L. Nvllis, D. Slmvv. B. Juussun, M. Smyth. HK Dunn. 'Emi Row: R1-hr-4-1-:l Palm:-1'. Smrllsmi P. Munro, J. Lyls-V. J. Ahvrl-rmuhim-, J. Upvnll. Il. BllI'lKll2ll'l, R. K4-istl-V, E. Pvrvtif-. :ml Row: IS. Wulle-. T. Hul- lil1:'vl'. A. Pnwt-ll. H. Hsu'- lll'l', D, J. Wri:rht, E, Hill. A, Fl'JLZlk'l'. F. H:u'm-r, M. W ll. Hnllsf-l141l1lz'I'. l 'hute to tudent Life Sigma Tau Chi The Student Council has been replaced by the Sigma Tau Chi, a changing group which meets on Friday mornings. These Greek letters have been used and they mean that this organization is a Student Town Hall. No permanent members were selected for the representatives consequently, any student had the privilege of attending the meetings. The purpose of this group is to solve some of the student problems which arise during the year. The troublesome questions concerning the Prom were numerous and consumed part of the time. Decorating a Christmas tree for the Senior High Building was another activity, while a. Bake Sale occupied the men"ber's time one Saturday. The proceeds of which were turned over to the coach to help defray athletic expenses. This showed the elub's interest in the school as a whole. Sllnlisoz' ....,........ ........ l' 'LORA MeC'l7LLY Temporary PI'f'.YilfI'Ilf. . . . . .THICRESA lIOLLING'FlR B0y's Cooking Cluh There is a g'roup of boys in our school who really like to cook. In fact some twenty or so boys who wish to be able to prepare a tasty snack for themselves meet during the activity period with Miss Ruth Lambie and do just this. They have made delicious candies. cookies and biscuits, and find it lots of fun. In fact. we are sure. that they will make the ideal husband for the busy wife of today. The boys have found it interesting to don aprons and begin putting ingredients together in a little saucepan and eventually after adding a little heat to turn out a fine batch of fudge. really edible. More boys are interested in this club than can be accommo- dated. Sponsor ...... ....... R UTH LANIBTTC Presirlenf ........ . .......... FRANK ROTH View Presirlellf ... ...HAROLD TAMHURRO Leader's Club XYith leadership, a desirable trait. to be developed in any girl, this club comes for- ward. Many of its members are active in all the high school sports open to the fairer sex. The members attend the home football games where they sell tickets. candy, pop, and hot dogs to the crowd. A yearly event, the spaghetti dinner, which is open to graduate members was con- tinued this year and sixty-two members were present. This event was :Followed by a bas- ketball game in the gym. In order to keep the Verona purple and gold before your eyes they crocheted novelty lapel gadgets which were sold to friends. The gadget represented a basketball and had a large V embroidered Ill it. The final activity was a dance on May 8, which proved a successful dance for all who attended. Spnntsrn- . . . . .REBECCA PALMER Pl'l'.YfI1f'7If .......... ......... l TELSENA SHAW S!'f'l'Pf!lI'.lI-TI'I'flNUl'I'7' . . . . .RE'l"l'Y ANN .IANSSON TIIIRI Y ONI Character Bu Hi-Y The Se11ior lli-Y is Elll active organization composed of eighteen boys kllltl its activ- ities have been varied. These boys are constantly worki11g toward developing better charac- ter, botl1 for themselves a11d others. Socially tl1e group has been active too. Tllffll' first affair was a VVE'llll'I' roast l1eld for all old IIIQIIIDQ-'I'S at tl1e Oakmont Rifle Range, early in tl1e year. After a complete re- orga11izatior1. a swimming party was the event at the Downtown Y. Tilt! 111ost significant activity of the group was tl1eir participation in a Hi-Y basket- ball league. In their 11ew black and wl1ite uniforms, tl1e boys strutted on their way in tl1ese games. The suits we1'e purchased witl1 lIl0ll0y earned from those dances after tl1e basket- ball games. Sponsor' ..... .. . .i'IlARLl'lS RAl"'l'lClt Vive 1,I'68lillI'llf ....... ,... C 'IIARLES f'OS'l'A l'1'f'sirle11t . . . .... WILLIAM VVOLF'l'l SI'1'l'l'fllI'lll .......,..... . , . ROBERT LASHER Tr'ea1.s111'er ......... .... lf 'R A N K POST A Girl Reserves A large organization of SOIIIP thirty-five girls, this group I1as as its purpose to face life squarely and to find and give of their best. Following tl1e trend of the times some of the members took a First Aid course taught by Miss Lindeniuth. Much worthwhile information was gained by these lessons. Swim- ming at tl1e New Kensington Y.M.C.A. was another activity as well an interesting Christ- mas party tlllflllg' tl1e holidays. Un March 25. tl1e big eve11t of tl1e year was held, tl1e Girl Reserve dllll Hi-Y Rally. Tl1is included stude11ts from Penn, Plum, Oakmont and Verona andthe two organizations served as hosts lfllltl hostesses. A general meeting was held ill lflllt auditorium. wl1ile group meetings were held i11 tl1e classrooms, DlllllQ1' dllfl dancing followed. Sponsor ........... . . . AlARllARl'l'l' E. S'l'EFl"Y View lilwsirlfllf ,... ...... , . . ,ATARY HAI RD Pl'l'.sfrfr'Ilf .... . . . lildikll MAY BVRK HART N1'f'rl'fd1'y ......... ...... .... 'll I lLl1l'l'l COSTA Tl'r'11.w11'r'1' ............. ..... B lfl'l"l'Y BRIGHT Junior Hi-Y This is a little brother organization of tl1e Hi-Y and consists of boys from the sev- enth. eighth and 11inth grades elected to membership by tl1e group. This club strives to maintain an earnest endeavor with Godls help to be manly in mind and morals, and to be unselfish and helpful to others. Service to tl1e school has bOGll one of tl1eir aims. And in serving the school they not only served one, but all individuals. Sponsoring the sale of defense stamps throughout the school, delivering stamps to tl1e rooms, and collecting tl1e money are a few of tl1e ways ill VVl1lCll they help. Their other activities ll?lV9 been limited to a few basketball games. Sporzsfn' , .............. . KERMIT ANDERSON Vive Presizlclzt ......... .... R ONALD FOWKES Prrlsirlellt . . . .... GEORG Pl XHNIAS Sf'l'l'f'fllI'All ................ DONALD RIUVPERO Tl'I'fLSlll'f'I' ............. . . .J OSEPH LOHAUGH l l I R'l'Y-TXVO 'ldink Club III-Y l'I,I'II XV. Wulh- l', 'I'1lvIu'y. S. In-lulus. K. I.:lwI11'l'. J. MvWilIl:mns. Ii. Wzelliw. R. Szlxmull. A. Iizurm-Q. J. M1-Hu-lxlif-lc. H. All-1,1-11. A. Alffm-u. V. Guu'ln1xz:n. l'. 1'ust:1. A, Vulum-Ilu, G. Hllrmwf. V. III-milm. Ii. ISVIIIIU. F. Vuslu. W. H. Km-ift'-r. Slnu1Hn1'. GIRI. IIICSERYI-IS lst. Row: I.. Morrill. 'I'. SilIlIi4'l'. G. Ov:-1-In-I-la. M. Iiuird. I.. BI, HurIch:n'1. A. Pnwe-II. Il. 15l'i:1'IxI. T. Vuslu. A. J. l'nIum'IIo. 'Ind Huw: M, Smyth. I., No-If Iis. K. M4-he-Ii:-. A. I'Il'llZII'I'. J. Alu-xw-mxxlhifl. I.. Womb. M. A. Mull. T, Vullnlnll. BIIII'L'ill'l'I Str-I'I'y. SXUUIISHIZ Zirml Row: E. HulIllIu'1-l'. L. R.0m'A'. BI. M1-Ijmil. IC I'I1-sa-. .I. Sinn:-4-, J, Klum- zmww. M. NI2lI'IiUXI"II. M. Yr-:suv-l'. BI, YVI1iI4', J. Sull- tlu-vi, A, f'rnj:lrivI1. JR. HI-Y HIIIIIKIIIIUI Kvrmii Arnie-I-mul. Slmllsur. T. X:-Ilir. Il. Alu-nw-rmnhiv. W. Jzufkzl. W. IIIIIIKIQIF, ll. Ri:-lllwvm. E. Kl'llI:u1. G. XUIIIJIQ. W. Kimi. W. T:nnhu1-rn, I.. SImup. A. S4-lwlyxlli. R. I4'uwIivs. J. I.nImIl:I1. V, Slum-x'. H. '1'Nlf-r. R. l'e-le-11 sun. J. WI1iu-slmlv. Swann-II: W. Slznrr. TH IR'1'Y-THREE Group that er I IRTY-FU MllNl'l'1lliS 1. J. lic-1-ra, .I. Alwlu-1'n1x1Iv11'. L. liurkhnrl. I-I. Ph-se-. ll. YVl'i::lxl, " -K li'xl'lu-- 1' 'l'l11-l'4'v 4' .... . .. . x.. . IJ:-ntlxlu. 5. lv.-lulus. S. Hmm. Ul"l"Il'l'I FOKVIC 1. I.. Ii11l'kh:n'1. G. l.llu-Vlu. 'f. E. Vlvslm M. All'-1' Blllll, J. l.:l,l1u'l'm'1l. E. lXhll'l'iIHl'. li. Hill. M, lmmvvl'. KNITTING 1'I,l'lS 1. L. Gmwlull. M. Rim-an IC. HUlllIlil'1'l'. AI. T. Sturm. K. Tc-rlizxi, 1. lirulm, l.. Rum-y. A. Whit:-. li, Whit:-. G. Ovvr- In-1-li. Ji, M. K4-islzfr. N. liilhllif. M. Dull-S, li. Villvz-IIZU. M lfIlil'll, R. Sluwum. STA NDING M, NI1'GI'1lil. H1-1011 Hr-mfri. SIHIIIFIIIT F. li1'ustl'uln. r b the ehool and eommunit Monitors "Quiet I" "No running in the halls ! " t'0ne minute until the tardy bell I " Such were the calls to lagging' students from the Never present" monitors. The groups were changed several times. througrhout the year, bringing' more boys and girls important positions in V.H.S., which involved a great deal of respensibility. These faithful workers are to be re- spected and commended for the fine manner in which they fulfilled their duty. Office Force Runnin,-1' errands, writing' passes. answering' the telephone, are but a few of the jobs that the teachers and principals keep the office force busily doing. Each member of the group has his share of the work to take care of and is responsible for the completion of a thorough job. The work gives each one general experience in office routine, which may lend a hand in the future career of these students. This office force is one of the hardest working: organizations in the school. Knitting Club Learning' to work with onc's hands as well as onels brain is a fine aim and today. especially. knitting' has found its place. This group of students under the leadership of Mrs. Helen Henggi have worked on knitted patches from scrap yarn and as a final result have made several afgrhans to be used by a city hospital. ln the club period the majority of time was spent actually working. 'l'lllRlY PHI ariety l The Girl's Glee Club The Girl Glee Club is composed of thirty-eight girls from the four classes of our school. This organization has been active in civic affairs, cooperating with the Band in their concert, early in the school year, singing before the Parent Teacher Association at one of their meetings, and participating in a school sponsored, Sunday evening service during National Education Vlleek. During the last week of April in cooperation with the model airplane builders, a concert was given by the Glee Club. The members were Willing to come early in the morning and to stay late after school in order to make tl1eir club a success. This year, they had two different leaders, Jane Mc- t'nIlough and Mrs. Giltenboth. A Glee tllub for the boys was started by Mrs. Giltenboth and much interest was shown. Band Almost any Thursday, the band may be heard practicing in the auditorium. This group is taught by Mr. Louis Mango, while Lewis Arnold serves as student director and Delsena Shaw as head of the drum majorettes. VVe are sure that our band ranks with the best of those in Vtlestern Pennsylvania. Leading out on the football field, with their purple and gold Capes this group makes a grand appearance. Patriotic and scholastic letter formations have been learned and practiced by all the members and have been well executed. The Band Concert which was held in the fall was quite a successful event and much of this success was due to the work of the Band Association whose labors have made this organization possible. Junior Rifle Club One of tl1e newest organizations in our school aptly called a junior group is the Rifle team. In these days, learning to handle, shoot and take care of a gun is an important activity. This group was started by W. H. Keister and although not on the faculty for the entire year, his interest did not wane and he continued working with the members. The National Rifle Association, one of the oldest sportsmen 's organizations in the country, states that any boy or girl under nfneteen years of age whose parents are citizens of the U. S. is eligible for individual membership in The Junior Division. Clubs must con- sist of at least ten members in order to obtain a charter. Our club was duly chartered dur- ing this year. IHIRIY QIX 1 C C plce of Llfe GI.IiE l'LI.'li Isl Row: 'I'. Hullilmuw-l'. M. YI-:lsr-l'. S. Mmm. F .MIM AIIIY. M. I'1'm-upio. J. I'ylI-. 11. Prila-lxzursl. J. Szlntnwvi. A. Rf-mzllvy. D. Hullimrf-r. S. S4'IlNVZll'lZ. E. Rose, B l.l1r'Iim4k. R. J. IcllIlIiIl'. J. lN1vf'11Ilul1:rh, Slvmxsor. 'Zml Ruw: D. Shaw. T. Fun' llull. E. Alhe-rms. M. Dlhh-. IJ. J. VV1'i:'I1I. E. M. HIII. M. Iiillf. H. Ellaullim-h. .tml Huw: M. J. Emi. W. HIIIllIbIlI'l'5', J. Buzif-h, L. Hmmm-rs. WV. Hzlrxn-1'. M. Ruff-Vs. M. VVhil1-. M. Popes M. Ste-wurt. D. L+-ppulxl. K. HllllIiIP3'. H. M. Pulls-. BAND Isl. Row: li. Islu-rwouxi. Onu-sin. Il. WI-tmurv. H. JxI5L'I'I'I'UlllI'lIl'. W, Dibh-. A D1-Fzlziu, H. Abe-1-vl'umhu-. IJ. Czu-4-hinli. E. A111-u. V. IIULIl'IlIll'IIH1'I'. 'Emi Huw: R. Lllwkm-lc, A. J, Cvrlunfflln, E. Whitv. R. M4'1":1l'I:u1f-. A. Povsvll. M. HlllllIDhI'l'B'- B. VVnlf4-. V J. Murtill. L. Pow:-II. P. Ppf'I1IIlIl'Y. V. Ki11:'. L. Roh- sun. J. Moritz, Ii. Bruuht. S. Islu-Vwoml. J. Bev-rs. D. Shaw. IS. VVI1ith-l1Iwl'u'm'. Ii. Rosv. Jimi Ruw: J. Ah:-rf-rmnhi1-. H. Tzaylmk V. Mvwilliums. H. L. Ashlmalllfh. Ii. Bzlrlws. J. Full-mam. R. Tuylnv. M. J. I.illI4l'Illll'I'. M. L. H1llISl'- Imlzlm-l'. I.. M. IflII'IiIlIlI'I. L, Arlmlrl. RIFLI-L' VLVIS lst Ruw: H. HilI'Iil'l'. D. J. W1'i:rhl. M. YL-:nur-V. L. Nc-llis. E. AIIIPVIIIK. S. Ks-- fznlns R. HlIlIIC4'I4'. N. Fvlu-Iills, E. Dunn. T. Saunlwr. 'Incl Huw: W. H. Koistf-V. Sponsor: A. Colors:-Iln. M. Whit:-. B. VVUIIRA. A. Frzlx- i1-1'. K. Ma-hz-lim-. M. Mm'- rill. I-', Hmm. J. Vpvznll. T. IllIUI'I'6'. fini Huw: R. Smith. J. Mun- ni, R. M:'14':n-I:mv. M. R.l'ilI'I1'Ii. J. Snlnw-, M. NI!lI'IillVIll'h. W. Johnson. I-T. f':u1l'im-ld. I-I. VIIPIIIIIIVIUII. J. Vuriis. 'I' I I I RTV-S ICN junior Hi h Isl ,tml IIA 41 ,XIICI 'ILXXIC I'I,I'II Rum: W. W:nlIu-V. I 3I:llIllN. 'Ind Rum' II. Slzurn. I QVIIIIIIZ, H. 'I':nyIm'. KN Isln-1-xxmuI. Ii. III:l4'I'IJlI'IJIIIt I Muvln-ll. Ibm: VI. Mzlyw-:lll. Imlll rr-flu-r. S11mnNm': .I, R111 I-V V I0 !,. MIIIIIQI-lu. I+.. tlnn-Mn. I Ilzmll. IIII Ilnw, W, Sullxz-v, W, .lun luvxn-Il. l', M1-WlIIl:mlf. I Nlxulluuius. IC. .Mlm-lu. YXIVI-l'I'Y I'.-VI'IUJI, Il Iiiwlllwru. I., I,u.IIIu1. I 'Il-'XI'iIlI:m1f. NY. II'1'IJlII1I In. Ulm--mg l,. Blau-In-11. NIDl'RAI"'I' l'I,I'II if nlwlj S. Shvr. IC. Iillvllm X Ymnnui 11 KIIIIIZ, Ylxuuvn-II. I'. ICI-m:nI4-X, X tizulnw. tnlulm ,. INIznl'::m-I S14- QpnnN1n': KI-III-v .I. IUIIIIIN S 5 Iv-Iulux. M1 mu, J, IImx:u'1I. .I, IQII I.. In-Ilwlum-. Ii, SIVIII. -nl:lI4'y. IC, ICIIIUII Ilx I" IIlznnzatw. I Pull'-In:nl'1I. H . IIluIlw-Il. 'NI . ISIN-l'xx'muI. N n The potli. ht Airplane Uluh This club has two divisions, one for the Junior High and one for the Senior High. and includes in its membership twenty-two members. Their purpose is to make model air- planes a11d learn the different types of planes. In cooperation with the U. S. government which is sponsoring a drive throughout the country, the members have made fifty model planes which include models of the axis and allied air forces. Late in April, an exhibition of these models was given in the auditorium. This club gives an opportunity to boys who are interested in mechanics and wood carving to really do some creative work. The sponsor of this club Joseph Yount, holds a private pilots' license and is there- fore well adapted to leadership in this club. spoinwr , ..................,. JOSEPH YOUNT View I're.wifIwv1t ....... ....... l 'ORREST IIANN Prexizlfvlf .,.. WILLIAM VVALKER SI'l'I'l'flll'-ll and Tr1'a.wu1'fr.ROBER'l' MaeF'ARLANE lhe Safety Patrol A squad of boys who might well be called Junior I olicemen was organized under the direction of Earl Ocker, with members from his own home room. This club has stationed boys at various street cor11ers in order to aid the students in conducting an orderly crossing of the streets. A series of posters have been placed o11 the bulletin boards by the members in order to bring the safety question before the students dailv. J XVhite belts and arm bands marked with the words, Safety Patrol, are worn by the members. Hamlcraft Uluh The Handcraft Club is an organization of thirty members from the seventh, eighth and ninth grades. sponsored by Margaret Steffy. The purpose of this club is to learn how to do constructive hand work. Making waffle rugs. weaving little blocks for afghans on a weave-it, crocheting, tooling leather projects. making wood burned pins, placques and leather mocassins are a few of the activities. Pot holders have been crocheted and some linolevm block Work has been done. These arts are all interesting and fascinating to girls and help to develop their cre- ative abilities. THIRTY NINE Hehhie ' re D llmllmercial llluh lllNV0lllY-lclblll' 1ll0llllJK'1'S pz1rTieipz1Te ill Tl1is club llO1'?lllS0 They are especially inferestefl ill The work of The em1111111e1'eial fielcl. Some i'llfPl'l'2lill1llPl1f b11T 1110111 l'01l1lllPl'l?i2-ll ecl11e11Tir111 is The p111'p11se11fTl1e club. Early i11 The year El Tea dance was Sp0llSHI'0ll by The gr1'f111p1l111'i11g'ho111e 11141111 period illlll The prov eeemls were flmiatecl To The HBlV2ll'L'll of lJi111es" 211111 "Buy a BOIllbl'1'ii fllllll. All issue of 11 lllWVNp2llll'I', Yer l'r1111s, was publishecl by The lll9IIlbPl'S which was q11iTe Slli'CT'SSflll. l11 Mareli, Tl1e club wiTh iTs S1H0l1S01', l'll0l'El Mellxllly, llllillf' a Trip To PiTTsb11r51'l1 where Tl1ey 1'isiTecl Duffs lrr111 l'iTy i'r1lleg'e illlil Tl1e l'iTTsb111'grl1 Press. "The Strange Bequest" -laimes l1HSll9l' ....,,, llll2l1'iBS Hellliclley A lbert Tr11'el1ia .... Ilarrmlfl 'I'z1111b111'1'o Al'ilI'l0ll Smyth Tillie Sanker Olga l,l'lIl'0 ...,, ll0l6ll Shirley xY0I'l'llil Uebelius , ixlZlI'g'iP Yeager ,, VAST 1,,..lio111s111' OWEN LONG ...,.-lAl'K FENvvA1' .....R1aNH l101'v1111 ,,,,elANl5'I' BENTON .,,,,,.iNlA1V1IE DREW' ,.1'l'11.1,11: M1'111'111' .,,....M11s. 041014141 COOKE VAR11151. T1115N'1'0N - 1 llillwlllg Lluh Allibfllfxl' club, pz11'Tic11la1'ly i11Te1'esTi11g' To girls ill Tl1e lower grrades, is Tl1e Lldlllilllg' club, spoilsored by Elizabeth Bodeiiliorii. During- The club period, SiI'2lillS of fillxllll Milli-1"s, Sarumy Kaye's, and Guy Lom- bz11'1h1's 11111sie may be heard issuing' 101-0111 The olcl g1'y11111asi11111. Of course These 0I'Cll6St1'?l leaders are COIlli11Q' To you via popular pl1o11og:1'apl1 reeorfls buT They serve The purpose well. All Types of cla11ei11g' are per111iTTecl but The 2i,ll'1l of The g'I'0llp is To keep claueing and lGEiI'l1 To dance well. FORTY eloped Here l'UMMIiIil'IAI. 4'l,l,'lS Florzx M:-1 ully. Simxwuri F. Hzulll. V. Zihrf-:L J. Kvls- lvr. M Zihre-fr. H. L. Ash- hznl:'h. R. l'h:1nv5'. M. Gulf- lull. M, L. Williams, J. Szmu-1-, I-I Gznhnr. J. Klum' :1rvn, M. Mzwlwvilm-11. S. Guhur, A. Aluh-rsull. M. H1li'I'i4'li, R. Ruuhf-, A. Puw- f-ll. H, Shirlvy. E. Plc-Qu R. M. Ruth. I-1. Whilw. J. Thnmlmsrm. J, Sim-mul:-. J. Humphrf-X. V. Hollinsrf-V. li. Whilv. M. R:ulm'iwlx. H. Pilv kivih-Il. .IVNIUR PLAY PRA1'TII'l-1 A. Turf-l1i:l. T. SElllkE'l'. M. Smyth. J. I42lhlH'l'. M. Ye-:lun-I, H. Slxiflc-W. 11 Rm-mule-y. H. 'l':unlm1'l-U. N, twlu-lim. E. Bu4Ivulun'n. nlirr-1-tm: IIA NVING I'l.I ' li M EM BI-IRS G. Mill:-r, L. Robson. I. Vrihhs, A. J. 1'ulul11-llu, T. Custzn. U. Rin-ht'5'. S. Kus- IJIIIHIS. IA. Sr-lwlyzlli. Ib Dllsa-hl. V. Mzirtin. IJ, Lyn,-V. li. Whittoluhf-I-::cl'. G. Lib:-rlu. M. Duswhl, H. Yr-rnun. M. Rulnlrls. 0. Lnlnhurclnzzi. M. I":nlQu. B. I-Iile-r. A. BllI'Sil'. M, Helin. V, l'zn'r-hnli. Buurhmnu, A. NI. Bmlvn- hm-imc-r. 11 Br-nun A. M4-in-Q. U. Smith. R, D:une-vu. M. L Huuss-hulnh-r. M. J. I,u1ls'h- nm-r. L, Mun-:m. S. Sinlmnns. 'l'. Vusta. M. 1YJUll2'lll'I'lY, L. Unhuri. li. Quinn. A. I.:miuus. K, Kmxfulos. F Imrfr-y. M. Wxlsun. A. I.zuu-. T"0R'I'Y-ONI Honor Come FOR'I'Y-TWO BOXING l'I.l'll Slilllillllyff f'. lil'lI4l1'Il. R, Luna' H, Vlfilsml, A. Gilrizl. A. Hlll'Hl1'. R. Slus:u', J. D1- xvilil. VV, Juhllsull, P. Rullnlus. R, lille-1'. ll. I,yI1-, N. Hllllivll. KIll'l'llIlJl'I M. Ima:-0, Glvnn Wild. Slrnllsulf J, l'lll'IiS. J, Rivluu-ru. lmximrgli, lmullm. H. l':lvulle'. NATIONAL HONOR SOUIICTY Hilmlzl Lilnllrfy, Sxmunsurg 'Fil- lia- Samlu-r. V. Hollinm-V. A, I4:u'nr-s. E. Dunn. M. Iluzlk. V. lulllllll, E. Grnlmr. 0. Pom-U, T. Hul- llIlL!'L'l', S. K4'lY2llllS, J. Sunu-m', K. Mvhr-liw, H. Pitlcivitvlm. E. Hill. N. Hlmkl-If-. VA RS l'I'Y 1'l,l'li Iiull l,:1shs-ll. A. 1nlm'rv, H. l':u'm1v. Glr-nn VVilxl, Shun- sur: R Ellis. ll. Arnold. S. Kcfzllus. 'Xml Row: E, T1-nmI1'tnn. J, Riu-In-y, A. B!ll'lll'S, 17, Rr-lnulvy. J. M1-4'm'mi1'k. F. ISL-1'::'uis-ll, G, Lmllhu. V. Drlntino. Sirml Row: R. SIIXIIIIIH, L. ' Fix. M, liiu'f11ll10. W. l Julmsun. VV. VV:nllil-l', H. M:ll'i:nlis. R. l'1-nwu. l ln All Aoti itie Boxing Club Twenty hard-hitting sluggers make up this club. Under the leadership of Coach Glenn Wild, the boys present two public exhibitions a year in which each available mem- ber participates. The first show which was held in December, was an interscholastic match with Penn High. lt proved to be very exciting' because all of the entrants seemed very well matched. On April, another match was held and Vero11a's opponents were from Penn and East Deer. Many local boxing fans attend these contests and enjoy watching the boys. Besides offering' fun and exhibitions ef their prowess, the club aims to teach and in- struct the boys in the art of self defense. Through boxing, the members learn the value of precision and sportsmanship and gain greater self confidence. Sponsor ............,.........,........... GLENN WILD PTH-ilfll'7lf ......... .... , KNTHONY BURSIC Srv'I'f'a1'y-Tl'r'!ls1l1'P1' . . . .... VVILLIAM JOHNSON National Honor Society The scholastic leaders of our school are found in this group. ln order to be consid- ered for membership, an average of B must be maintained in your first three year's work. Final selection is made by a faculty vote late during the Junior year and membership is made known during a special assembly program. Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Character are four points on which the indi- viduals are rated. Because this group is not only a local one but a large national group. it is consid- ered quite an honor to belong to the group. Hilda Lindley is the sponsor. Varsity Club NVe are sure that a closer friendship and understanding is gained by the organization of a club for those boys who have fought together and for each other on the gridiron and basketball courts as members of the Verona High athletic teams. Through the efforts of this club, due recognition is also given to the graduating members in the form of some award. Special basketball games and dances were sponsored by the members as a means toward earning the funds. The members are all proud to wear tle V. of their alma mater. Sponsor .................................. GLENN WILD Prc.vidr'nt .,.... ........ B UD LASHELL Vice Pff'-Ylllfpllf ...... .... A NTHONY INTORRE Secretary-Trr'as'1m'er . . . .... CHARLES DENTINO FOR'1Y 1 HRIIE Purple and Gold What kind of a cover . . . VVhat tl1en1e will we use . . . Style of book . . . How many pictures . . . How many sections . . . on goes the list of perplexing questions which confront the Staff each year. Miss Rupert gave her support at the nightly writing sessions and got l1er dose of "writer's cra1np" alo11g with Betty and Tillie and those faithful few who were struggling to get the "dummy" complete for the printer. Larry and Lewis came through with a fine job on the ads, with the aid of Dewy, Norma, Marion, and Lois. Tramping over Verona and Oakmont selling advertising was much better than a day in school and it was valuable experience for each one of these Staff members. The photographs for the book were again taken by Mr. Deglau of Crescent Studios. supervised by Bobby Ellis and Jean Upvall. Ask either one of these folks how their feet felt after a busy day here with the photo- grapher It was hard work even tho' they were given a couple days out of school to do the job. The various typists, artists, and report- ers did their best to get the copy ready for the press by obtaining desired information from coaches and club sponsors. Getting the yearbook ready has been our most important task but there have been some other affairs of interest to the Staff too. In October, Betty and Miss Rupert in- vited the members to a spaghetti supper at 1 ORTX P OUR the editorls home. Lots of food was con- sumed by those who attended and an in- teresting evening ensued. Another bright spot ill October was the l70l1l'1Sj'lV?llllH School Press Association Con- vention in Harrisburg. Although only a few of our Staff could attend this, competition for places was keen. Two representatives were selected by vote and as a result your editor, Betty Wolfeg advertising manager, Lewis Arnoldg Tillie Sanker and Albert Torchia were your delegates. Miss Rupert and Helen Harper also attended the meet- ings. The trip over to Harrisburg was made by bus and sponsored by the Post Gazette. Forty two students and advisors from the Pittsburgh district buzzed over the new Turnpike to the state capitol. On arrival there most of us were housed at the Penn Harris Hotel while our friends from Penn went to the Harrisburger, just across the way. Meetings were held at the John Harris High School and new ideas were gleaned from these sessions. The only regret of the six who attended was that the entire Staff could not be there too. ln order to make this Convention trip possible. the sale of individual pictures and the proceeds from a dance were used. Later, a snapshot contest was in the front and Helen Harper, June Lyter and Henry Bentz walked off with the prizes. The big question now is who will carry on in our places next year. Purple and Gold Staff Iiflflor .. ..,. Hvtty Wulfv .-'f.wsf.vl1lHl lfrfflul' .. .... 'Villil' Sil'llk1'l' ,.'llVl'l'fl-Nflllll ,llrluuyf 1' Hlmwis ,Xl'lIH:4l ,l.w,v1'.vlrl1ll ,llllllllllfl r . . . .l,:11'l'.v Fix .Irl4'f1'lf'.wi11,r1 Nfllfwlnf u , ..xHIl'l't 'l'o1'4-llizl :f0I'Ill2I- V4-lzvlills, Xluriun SIIIIVHI, Luis Nvllis. IJfIUf4lfll'llll1l.Il I'11n1nrr'liffp ..,.. Rexlmwt lfllix, .lvzlllllv I'pv:1Il, .lun Imsllvll, Ar! Muff' .. .,.IIvlvu H1lI'llUl'7 xvillilllll Wulfx Tjfpi.wi.w . ..., lcflllll Mm- llill I'Ilv:11m1' I's-wtiv llvtiy .Kun .IIIIISSUII liirlx' .AIIl1l1'fiw.v ...,.... Jum- I.'vtv1', Nlzlrlv Iloxiv, Hurlv L. Ilmlsslmhlvl' Buys' ,4l'lllrlir'.v ,... H1141 Lzlshvll, John IM- Yitzn Huh la'1lilur ..... Imnh May l:lll'kll2ll'1 I'l1l.v.w lf4pul'frl'.v ..... I,flI'HHlIY HllIN'l'f Ill-l'rl1l4's xI0l'2litiH 1'n.vf flflfrllf' Hf'pnl'fr'r..HQ-Hy XYulfl' .'1Hf'f!lllIl4If .'f1f1'llI1l'r' Ifrpfwlfz' .... Iivlvn H:11'pL-1' SIIIIILWII' . .. ...NL lsulwllv Rll1JL'J'f FORTY-FIV! FOR'I'Y-SIX ohool lla, S! School lla s! School days! School days! Soon they will be over for the year of 1942 and we'll have little else except our souvenirs from the year's events and, of course, some little knowledge stored up from our busy classes. Pictures will help us recall these important events. Attention! Take some glimpses of what goes on while the school is at work. No doubt, there is some daydreaming when we are supposed to be working, but we like to sandwich in a little fun, too. ln the Household C'hen'1ist.ry Class, Miss Pierce helps the students perform some interesting experiments. Dying and testing of dyes and fabrics is one of these. Judging by the rapt expressions on the faces of Ruth and Stella they :ire surprised by the results obtained. "The hypotenuse of tl1is is equal to that,'y Jack says, as he explains this uzzlinfr theorem to the members of his geometry class. This frrou consists en- p 15 lf- -. Z' p tirely of the male sex and is quite a class, from all reports. In order to maintain a good appearance in the halls of the Junior High Building, this crew works hard. Snapped on the upper landing, they forgot about their work but thought of the picture which they were creating for future refer- ence. Chemistry again holds the interest of some juniors and seniors who listen and watch while Mr. Rafter explains the intricacies involved in this experiment. Some look on in wonderment. This class, as well as the one in geometry, affords training in clear. logical and accurate thinking. No, this is not a beauty contest lineup or a Pepsodent ad. It is just a picture of five girls from the class of '42 who could aptly pose for either of the former. Bang! Bang! Rang! These four marksmen will not shoot but you should appreciate the originality in this picture since it was gotten in a very ingenious way with the help of ladders, roofs, and rifles. Early in the year. football and basketball heroes were in evidence. This is a typical example. Bud, one of the leading senior athletes, active in boxing, football and basketball poses with Tillie. a cheerleader. Again a few of the seniors glance at the snapshots while they are being exhibited in Room 220 and help to choose the winner of the contest. Just a glance at these proves that students today have every advantage to put into real practice the facts which they are learningg it is practice which make perfect. FORTY-S EVEN Football season comes in with last minute gains, field goals and 4 a Aff o fo , X Q. all the fight that goes with a game to make it interesting and exciting. Close scores, and an enthusiastic X -- B00k111ree QQ -- . Q Q K FORTY Il! HT and excited crowd present a color- Q - ful spectacle to all. The cheerlead- ers in their showy costumes as they cavort about urging the students to yell for their team are seen at all the games. Finally another football year is ended but soon we are in the midst of basketball, that ever popular winter sport for both boys and girls. Some one has said that God gave us memories that we might have them in future years and through them we are permitted to live through those thrilling encounters again and again. gn-vim MGHX, n I : 5l Q ,, X, 1 Q. 'S ' ,-p"""' Q ,...' K I' My J R. , W A i f k N FI FTY ak s K' L Mm:f'm'111in-lc, lallfl Lusllvll, Klikv liigvnlm, -I4-Vry lmalbn. Uuppvl' Bwgnicll Alt Ilnrm-N. limb SEIXIIIEIII. Vinum-k Vostwl, l'Im1'li4- IM-ntimv and llurry PHVUIIP Ilwlu' KIfn'zni1is,Hm1nV -lnllllsmmn, In flu- vvllfvl' llw t'02lI'll holds El W9-f":l111e' svssiml u u PI erona Gridmen Uiplay Fighting Spirit Yorona was doalt a I'Zltllt'l' svvvro jolt in football this soason. Ou tht- afternoon of Septonilwr 13, Verona was defeated by the strong Wilkinsburg ol:-von to tlu' tuno of ISHP, Tllr following week we full in the path of our old jinx, lidgvvvoorl with the svoro ti-II. A wvok or so later, we truvele-d to f'laridgi-, wlulrr wo sc-orvrl our first tout-hdown by at pass from liashvll to Moriatis, but lost the gaim- 20.43. The following wt-ok Vi-rona lirokv into tlu- li-ad Ivy di-fm-ating a stubborn Baldwin Oli-vt-n Ivy a srore of 122-li. Tho first touchdown was iuadu lay roluple-ting a. pass from Laslwll to Johnson. Returning a punt, Lashvll ran fifty-five yards for the sw-ond tally. Vvrona travclwl out to Ponn High, our noar nvighlior and foo, with virtory in our lu-arts, only to return hoiuo si-alpvd by thu ln- mlians with the score of 20-ll. Looming lu-forv us wore- sow-i':1l otlu-r important HEIIIIUS but tho big' one with Oakmout whit-h was tho last of tht- svasou lookvd lll'llQfllf on our horizon. ln tlu- past wr had uu-iuorin-s of big scorvs pilvd up in this nu-lm-v which is usually aiiylnodlv 's gaun- ll lnut again wort' lli'i:t'2Iit'4l lrlv six points. Ni-vor say div" has lu-rin tho motto of our toaui this .VUJI l'. lil Wilkinsluirg ll Voroua :Ill Pm-nu lligli ll Vuroua 43 Edgvwood ll Vt-rona I8 Aspiuwall ll h'1'1'0ll1l EH Penn Towusliip 7 Vorona 24 Plum Township ti Vi-roua Qt'la1'idg0b I8 East lluvr fi Vi-rona ti Buldwin 12 V1-roua I2 Oakmuut I3 Vvrona. Kite-eliri.2'-Mem. J. Eiler and R. Eilvr. lst row-H. Pavouo. F. Bersroim-h. R. Ellis. F. De-uliuo, R. SQLXIIIHII. J. Mc-K'oruii4-k. A. l'olouc-llo. L. Fix, Qual row-Foam-h. Glf-uu Wild: A. Iutorrf-. L. Mauu'arnaro. A. Garia. H. Morailis. M. Biuouho. A. Iiaruf-s, V. Rmnalr-y. J. Loalho, A, Bursit-. E. Ti-nurlelou. Marr.: Ks-rniil Audi-rsou. Asst, Coat-li. Jird row-f'. Zihrt-.22 R. Pouvo. V. Fosta. R. Raalw. G. Mor2'au. J. Ritvlwy. G. Loallm, FIFTY-ONE I FTY- TXYO 'l'0ll l'0ll 'l'Ull l'Ul1 l'4lll l'Ull l'Hll l'4lll l'LDIl 'l'Ull 'Hill 'l'1lll 'l'Ull 'l'llll 1. XSKl'I'l'B.Xl,ll T H28 ,HKS 22? '54 ...Ill .jill ...LIS ...2U H213 ..Qfl ...-H UIQ!! .. .253 N1'lIl'llJI'l.l lqtllil .... Sll1ll'llSlllll'j1' Izalst llUl'l' .XSIllllNVZlll Nll2lll'l' . . Nlllllilll' . llillillltblll . litnn ...,.. . . Hll2ll'llSlllll'g 4. Lust llwl' .Xslrillwzlll SllillUl' ... . Klillvulv . Olllillllbllf . . 41a Ill 311 IH 212 27 254 44 ,lu is ,,- :iii 25 Arlmld, IS4'1':1m'l1 lillis. llalslu-ll SUX lllilll, l42Il'IIl'h. Fw. li: mnlvy, Wullu-1' Iulm Nlbll. 'l'h4- first flu-in pcm- Inn- ilu- 1 mu-x':u x urn! huh! Nu, th:-j : '1 ' in: lmmlx. Snlxlm' :If-ls wrlh Ihr- alll-Q Ill: ln:llI 441:11-lm talk, it mu Uagemen in Honors The 1941-4:2 basketball season was rather suceessfnl in that Verona showed a total of nine victories against six defeats for a .600 average. This year 's team was brilliant at times and displayed :1 good passing attack with an uncanniness at working the hall into their opponents basket for elose-up shots. It was the failure to convert our foul shots that cost Verona a few of those defeats. The most thrilling game of them all was the Shaler game in which Verona staged a garrison finish to nose Shaler out by Remaley's field goal as the whistle blew for the end of the game. At this time the Verona gym crowded with spectators who stood with wide open months and waited while the ball was passed from player to player. Shouts were emitted from their throats as the score went up and only the end of the game Saved them from collapse from severe nervous strain. More interest was shown in the games after this feat. Bobby Ellis was the individual stand-out in this game with sixteen points, ten of those points coming in the last five minutes. Ellis was the leading scorer for Verona with an even 100 points for the season, followed by Larry Fix, with 90 points, and then Rnd Lashell with 71 points. Art Barnes was consistently steady on the gnard and was responsible for breaking forays on mnnerons occasions. Johnson and VValker are promising stand-outs for next year's floor team. The game at Millvale which followed was another exciting one but Verona was finally vie- torious by four points. Their stage which served as the basketball eonrt was unusual but the entire game was that. After each side tallying point ly point, Verona was glad to be able to earry home a victory. liast Deer and Aspinwall were two other close games. Oakmont, our oldest rival, did not offer as mueh competition as in the past but the final game of the season which was played at Oakmont chalked us up another victory, and some of the thrills of the past were evident there. Players out on fouls, boys sick and hard luck was our lot but not for long when the final score of 33-25 was received. First row-R. Ellis. B. Lashell. L. Fix. W. Johnson. A. Barnes. Coach Wild. St-1-oml row-F, Br-rzoieh, I.. Arnold, R, Saxman, C. Remaley, J. Volemau. W. Walker, E. Templeton, Mauauer. FIFTY TIIRTF FIFTY-FOUR Ftrs! row-K, AlHlt'l'S0ll. 1'o:1wl1: J. 'I'honmsun. A. Ala-urn. H, l'iIV0lN'. J, Kiln-lux 1 4 lls Sl'I'tllllll' '-.. C : :u-'Q .. 'W' ' ' -Q on I lm: Munn ru I Dzhln VV Runnin M llus1'0.ll. lin-mlpt-ro A X nwn 111 breatoaks from little acorns grow" Hard work. long hours of practice and lots of tnn malta np tln lot tor tlnsm boys of the -lnnior High who are paving' their way to tln VAISI x tefn of I0 fl ltnre. Allllllllflll vim-tor-ies were not always 1-villa-nt, good NlJ0lfSIll1lllSlllp nas 14 vc-lopecl by all the partir-ipal .IUNIUIKV VARSITY SVHEIJULE Verona Verona Verona Verona. Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Eclgewoosl Etlgvwoml Penn Etna Sharpsburgr East Deer Aspinwall Sllaler M illval e Oaklnont Etna Sharpsburgf East Deer Aspinwall Shaler Millvale Oakmont l'la y the gaine- Uh wh:1t fun it is tu play! llIlHl'iL'llI2lll, mush- lulll, siwvw, vullvy hull :tml re-lays, we- low' thvm :ill Wll0lllt'l' wx- will ur lusv. lllli'l'l'lk'2l4ll'I'S fivv ws-rv ours for 1941-42, sl-- lvvtvfl :lftcr smm- trlvmits 1-:nrly in tlw 'Vt'ill'. llc-:nl iiitc-iwsf wus shown In-v 'l'iIlin-, Pm-xlrl, .llDlIllllll', lllllllf, :xml Nlnriun, sill, who ns w's':ur4'rs of V4-rm1:r,'s purplv Y, 414-sm-i'w zu big hnml. Wlimi thc- giving' is ltllljfll this ,juli is mu fun hut lll'Vt'I'- tlwlvss tlwy wt-rv on tlwir tm-s lmliliing zllmut front Ivlzu-0 tu plm-1' in thv l'illll, in thx- snow, in thx- mml tll' swelt1-ring' limit urging thv spv1't:1- tors to l'lll'L'l' thx' fl'2llll on tu vis-tnrlv. 'Vhv girls found swim- fliffivillty in lovaitiiigg' uplmsiiig l'l'1llllS with whom to play hut fimllly on l'lllt'l'lllg thu f0Ill'll2lllll'llf IIIUT thvir 1-quzlls. Niicvvss was thx-irs in this Vl'llllll'L'. Sn llllli'll su tor two uf tht- ,girls th:1t l'lll'1lllUl' :xml llm':1 Wl'l'l' invitm-rl to join thx- Wvstinglmusn- .luniurs tl'2lllI :ml gn mi with thvm in llw l:1st half uf th' lUlll'llIlllll'lll :tml win tho t'llIllllllltlllSllllI. ,X sin- ljllllll' llumn' for lmtli thvsm- girls, ynu'll Ilg1l'l'u'. 'l'hs- QZIIIIUS with W1-stillgllolisx' :lml Nt. .Xllths ony 's wv'll :ill l'l'llll'lllllL'l'. .luniur Yxirsity lllt'llllll'l'S m-ml :1 rm-lalxzltiun lll'l'l01l lll'fWl't'll tht- first :xml sm-vulill q11:lrt1'rs of that lizlst llvvr QIIIIIU. llJll'l'f' l,1lYUIll' l'v:llly is l1'llllljj his tv:111l-lmltl-s how to Illilf' thv gzuml llit lYlll'l'l' is .Xl1'1lI'lllS miml :is ll:Il'l'j' l'IllIllJll'S Ull? Wm- llUIlfll'l . . . that um- wus zz Wllllll'l', IIIVWIIV. Sc-vvntli g'l'2llll'I'S low- tlivir t'2lllNlll1'lllL'S :xml L'l'l't'l1 gym suits. This gruiip is mio of thnsu wlwrg- st-wiwul twlms t'2lll lu- forim-rl :xml mm-ll 40lllIll'llflUll Iiivvslils, 'l'hut strziiglit "tu tha- tw-tli" talk whirl' may if l1c':l1'rl from tlw lofkvr ruoni is llL'lllg' givvii by Bwky hut l'lll'2lllUl' :tml vlllllk' sm-1-111 to linu- utlwr intl-rests. l"lm,ugiv, Pnpv :xml llzu-pm-r :nhl tlu-ir lllt, tml, We wish to thank our patrons and advertisers without whom our book rould not be published. We urge that our subscribers patronize the merchants whose advertisements appear on these pages. Fil TY SIX onjtatufationa, '42 i With our heartiest con ratu- g I lations goes every wish for I J good luck and success in the I l years to come ' s E SUAIFE UUIVIPANY General Offices and Works: Oakmont Cpittsburgh DistrictD, Pa O AN OAKMONT INSTITUTION SINCE 1894 Phono Oak. 1707 Hvlen Evanco, Prop. N O L L HELENE'S BEAUTY SHOP , THEE "It Pays To Look l our Iirsf H BUTSCHER 751 Alleglxmly Hivor Blvd. Verona, Pa. H. B. IIZIHIHIOYIKI, Prop. Unk. Elfilfi VERONA FRUIT MARKET ATLANTIC Mrs. Rose Liberto SERVICE STATION BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS EXPERT IJUBRIUATING - Awnsscmnxxss Tire and Baffcry Srlrzzirn Verona, Pa. Phone Oak. 1537 Allegh ony Blvd. Verona, Pa. RALPH WEIMER JEVVELER XVATCHMAKER "Af file Nfrwf Wm-k Siflnl' Snccvssol' to L. V. IIEHPS Oklllilllilllf 797 C0lllf1lIlTlll?7?l'S of LOU SHER ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE WILLIAM R. ZESKY 733 Allpgllelly River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Phone Oaklnont 1391-J JAYNE'S BEAUTY PARLOR 803 on the Blvd. Oak. 869 Verona, Pa. FIFTY- EIGHT Oakmont 9690 Car XV3Slllllg' and , .1 . U I Ohblllnb MARY'S DRESS SHoP CURRAN SERVICE Y Y i 1 Ltllllfwg mul I7lz1'lrl:'w'11,'s bllkocfcb cllxblnllxlll A to Z IJllb1'lC2lll0ll TIRES, 'I'I'BlLS, lSA'I"l'I1IlilES, Al'Q'l'ISSURI1QS Verona, Pa. Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Congratulations to the Class of 1942 Allegheny Valley Trust Ce. Verona, Pa. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. LEWIS ARNOLD COLONELI-,0'S . BEAUTY SALON Bullder of BETTER IIQNIES 565 Center Ave. Oak. 1485 llll0l1O Oak. 175-M Verona, Pa. 466 North Avenue Verona, Pa. BUULAII Co1,oN151.r,0, Prop. FIFTY-NIN E SIXTY CllIlI,j1I'l'Il1!'HI.N of JAMES BURROWS n:oN AND s'1'E1aII svlmlf ARTHUR 86 McGRAILS MOBIL SERVICE IIIIIUIIOIII, Pa. Verona, Pa. Phone Oakmont 9509 UNION COLLIERIES CO. Producers of ll I Il I Nevviield Coal - The Llean Way Phone: Oakmont 1300 Oakmont, Pa. WOLFE QUICK'SERVICE PRINT SHOP Phone Oakmont 344 427 North Avenue Verona, Pa. Prinfed Advertising Novelties fIlll6'l'LdCH'S, Pcnvils, Fans, Thermometers GENERAL JOB PRINTING Phone Oak. 27 Res. Syc. 7711 KIER M. EWING REAL ESTATE INSIIRANFE Notary Publ ie Verona, Pa. Compliments of THE EDGEWATEP1 STEEL COMPANY "All Out For America" Always Interested in the Success of Our Schools SIXTY ONE RODMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY Verona, Pa. VER-OAK CHEVROLET, Inc. lmwf Forgff 1 mf l'7lw'vrol0f Sales and SPIN!!!-!'1' NENV AND YSED CARS THE PEOPLES PHARMACY I 626 Allesllvns' River Blvd- Ailammll D. W'oocls Il c Verona, Pa. PIIOIIF fyilklllfbllf 110 Nemna fYIlIll1Jll'llL!'lI,f of CALEB LEE ROBSON'S BAKERY Home Styli- Pastrics BUILDERS' Sl I I I S 1'0ll2l WOODINGS VERONA TOOL WORKS SIXTY-TVVO SAFETY AT XVORK MEANS HAPPINESS AT HOME C'0m'tesy of AMERICAN STEEL FOUNDRIES VVERONA WORKS Compliments of G. C. Murphy Co. 5 AND 10c STORES With Selected Merchandise to 51.00 730-734 Front Street Verona, Pa. VERONA LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE 415 East Railroad Avenue Verona, Pa. SIXTY-THR E I3 ALLEGHEN Y PHARMACY G. D. Leonardo. PILG. Yom' Neigh borhood Drug Store Phone Oak 9550 Verona. Pa 719 Allegheny River Blvd. J. an s. COMPANY, Inc. DRY GOODS I,r1f11'vs', Mvniw and Boys' Rerlrly-to-VVM1' FURNISHINGS CLOTHING AND SHOES Phone Oak. 9533 761 Allo,Q'I1euy River Blvd. Verona. Pa. EDWARD J. WEIMER Fnomsr and DECORATOR Phone: Oak. 550 473 South Avenue Showroom: 753 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Go to IIard's for Good 'I'I1iug's to Eat B A R D ' S Yom: ICE CREAM s'1'oRE 420 AIIQg'IlPlly River Blvd. Oakmont. Pa. WM. MERRIMAN'S BEAUTY srxlrox 500 Delaware Ave. UHICIIIOIII, Pa Phono: Oak. 13201 GORDON A. SPENCER GENERAL INSIIRANUE North Resselxwr. Pa. Phone: IInity 230 WAGN ER SHOES 731 East Railroad Avenue Verona. Pa. GORDON FUNERAL HOME Charles II. Gordon Allvgrlleny River Blvd. Oakmont Phone: Oak 633 SIXTY-FOUR E. N. MILLER COMPANY FURNITURE, CARPETS, STOVES EIIEFTRICAI1 IIOIISEIIOIID APPr.IANc'Es IIOME OF QUALITY FIIRNITITRE Phone: Oak 1077 615 East Railroad Avenue Verona, Pa. ADGIE'S SERVICE STATION AMERICAN OIL CO. PRODUCTS WILLARD BATTERY SERVICE W I L L E Y ' S BROXVN-BILT SHOE STORE 737 Allegheny River Blvd. 507 Allegheny Avenue Verona. Pa. UHIKIIIOIII Station Oak 9520 . H. I THREE STAR W F SHER BOTTLING WORKS Evwfffffvw "H HARDIVARE fl3l'b0I1?lI9iI Beverages Masonic Buil Verona, Pa. Oak. 17 OAKMONT AND VERONA DAIRY AND- ICE CO. PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM ICE - DAIRY PRODUCTS 20 Pennsylvania Avenue Phone: Oak. 159 OPLIUIIOIIIT. Pa. cling' Verona, P THE MEN'S SHOP , . , Goo. H. ZIIlll1101'I1lEll1 "LN flux br' your llrnryf I MENS FURNISHINGS TECH DAIRY STORE mul IW f7r1?11-nz. Ninn", T43 Allwfllcllv llivvl' l'lv4l T57 East lizlilmzlxl Aw-11110 r- . ' ' . xvl1l'0ll2l. Pa. Oak. 13515 x7l'l'Ull2l, Pa FIRST NATIONAL BANK fjilklllllllf, IIUIIIISYIVEIIIIEI CflllflfflfIIIKIIIIHIS fn H10 U1'fIfllllIf1'N of 1942 BI01llbl'l' Foclm-1'zLl Dvpuxif Il1Slll'2lllC9 f'0l'INll'2lII011 INGALLS IRON WORKS COMPANY IEIRMINGIIAM, A1,AnAMA AND VLQRUNA r1,AN'r NILl'l!l'fIlI'fIl Nlwvl for BITIIIIJINHS AND IGIIIIDGIQS-USIIII'llI7ll,lDlN1l" SAM'S S. WOODINGS 86 SONS IDEAL BARBER SHOP IIARDVVARE AND FEED 713 East Railroacl Aw. PAINTS, VARNISH, GLASS Xf01'Q112l,, Pu. Ilunting' and Fislxing' Licellsefs SIXTY'SIX THOMPSON 86 CO. PAINT MANI'FAC'I'IIRERS Oakmont, Pa. P1zooRAM COST?-IUPXIDPIISIVG TIME REQUIREDI-Comparatively Short Day and Evening' Sessions I3z1s1' Needs You DUFFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE 424 Duquesne NVay At. 4875 l'ittsb111'g'l1 JOSTEN'S Amcriea.'x Finest Sehool J cfwelry Commem'em,ent Invifafions Medals and T1'0plu'e.s 41 FACTORY : OVVATONNA, MINNESOTA nfllllljlll-lll,I'7'LfS nf ESTHER'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Center Avenue Verona, Pa. B T E BUSINESS TRAINING COLLEGE SECRETARIAI. ACCOUNTING BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COURSES ATLANTIC 2673 FULTON BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PA. Compliments of CENTER GRILLE KEYSTON E JEWELERS "Your Fmfendly JG'w0ZC'7",, Diamonds, NVHICIIGS, Novelty Jewelry Eleefriz-al A pplianees 757 AII6g'Il9llj' River Blvd. Oak. 160-I SIXTY-S EV EN SHAW SERVICE STATION Alexander Shaw Syc. 9483 V1-1111121 Road and 21111 Street XVPFOIIE1, Pa. ZALEVSKY,S CASH MARKET Pufe'111' 11101111111'1z0.w-G'1'm'erim Cold Mm1l'siMagrl1zfi11as Ire 171-141111-011111111-C'1'gr11's Cor. 31-11 and Center Oak. 925 X7PY'0ll21, P1 C 0 111 pl IIHLC' 71 I s of VERON A FOOD MARKET L. K. CARTER MOTOR CO. 1101141141 111111 1'11Y1x1o11'r11 Oak. 960 fjilklllflllf, Pal.. Call Oak. 4 O. S. GRUBBS 86 SONS REA L ES'1'A'l'E AND INSITIMXNVIC Itlstablislwnl 1920 9151 Alleg'l1e11y River I:0lll9Y?ll'Kl 0ak111o11t, Va.. THE ADVANCE - LEADER I11-:N l'. Axnlinsox P11l1l1'sl111r 40110 of lll'llllSj'lV?lIliEl,S Nest VVeekI5 Newspapers " Vml Your 1111111111 Bzlkzfry FRANK FIX FLEISCHER'S BAKERY 440 Allflg-iteny rum- Blvd. ROOF AND WRNAOE and WORK T63 Allegheny Avenue 'Fc-le: Oak, 16110-310 cmatlmtmtf, Pa. Oak' 419 W""'11' PH SIXTY-EICIIT SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY Vlfater Supply For VERONA, OAKMONT, PENN AND PLUM TONVNSHIP 748' Allegheny River Boulevard Verona, Pa. Compliments New Eaton Funeral Home 378 Maryland Avenue, Oakmont, Pa. Ambulance Service Phone Oak. 1 178 VERONA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 736 Allegheny River Boulevard Verona, Pa. PAUL F. BEALAFELD, Secretary REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE SIXTY-NINE - . Y ,' , 1 , , 7, q 19114 ynu get thx- most K'llf6l'fil1lllll0llf Congmmlafmm in HW flaw of 4' for the least HIOIIPY OAKS THEATRE OLYMPIC THEATRE A 'Fruly 1UOC,l9l'1l Theatre Vemlm. Pa. m Oakmout Your f'0lIlllIIl7'IT.f.I1 Tl1f'uf1'1' S'l'L:1'1114:N M. Holmxlcxoli, Mgr. "Wlu'rc You Always Find 11111 limi" 0onz,pIi'nmnfs of LIBERTY THEATRE KIWANIS CLUB XLGPOIIEI. Pa. xYP1'0l'l2l. Pa. SEVENTY E A T O N ' S ICE CREAM " We make our ownn I+'ROS'l'ED MALTICD BARBEQTTES SOTTPS AND SANDVVICHES S13 AIlvg'l1m1y River Blvd. XVGPOIIEI, Pa. sg . rx ,- Elph . ,ah , hd ,- Ji' R QT. '-'. K, ,L eff . J if: K' 1 4:1 'h 1 ,- fl . 1, f ,1 1 1 1 . Fi Qi a 592 P4527 v 2, , if Q I-J "'. an xi E4 !'i a-K-'I ' : r le' Ik Q, 'SW 14 ., , tm . 3 .1 if --f E? 'es wi . 15 4., -L fr- . 5525. . hi lI T 0G H PH

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