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W . I .I . , -1, I -F f, H' I I J' 'F H. . I QI .I.'.IIIII.. I Lx . I. I .F I .II I -. I-5' t Iv, ,L I ..I EI' QI , 1 , .. f' "Lg-E If . 7 -fm' 5 I ' I 4" sl' I II . 'ilu ' w 1 YF.: I. I"",I,. III. 4. I II II. R m II. I 1 " ' ve. .' 4 .- v-I -VII .LI . x I ' I :.I IIIIQLIIIL I . - I. .I,. I: . - ' -,rf .H"Hcs-.- 'If fi 'ff " TE .I I 1I Ez.. ' ,ii ,I , +I. I! I "f-5 , 1 'E QI, I ..I ..- . .. . L .I IIII 'ii ' . si If-I ' ' I .I - E--L. .- I f Im -,.'III- .I -.I -I I I, II.II I IE I 1 I . II is--.rpg . ff . ' ' I QM.. . - . I I- Q.-. .- if IE " I , ?f'f'.3?a.' , f il .3 - . .yy I, g -.' .T Y K 'u 'J I I II I- 5-1...-' I QE L '-- ,I V - . ' I I .1 ' I 1 - ' .. IF' - -I-"I .3 'q ." 1- If YP :. , I I af' ' I3if4eg 1 :J .IIE '71 " 4 - - Ig II5. I ,,.I. "'i'HE" ' '- ' ..- I 'Hn' . J ' .. ..L. . 44 Q ' I -. '4' -5 .. " 1 13 .. - 'LI IIE, I III. ,I .EIIII . 'f' Q I I:II41g:.3Q f' :RE - grfiv-II'l - . -'I-I-IW . i A YAP' DEI " :- I I I,I.,. , .II .II , IIII .. 39.-:.'a' I - I III-IIIII FI, . :II II. I . , -K., ,. QI 1: . ., , . -,. I. I. . I 4 'JI I 1.1, 1 "I-' T. T I -W..-I X' -' .fi- -Lh w..'.'? ,al I' Uv , 5'--'5 gi'-..5I..Ig1-II'rii." I ji? 'fl 'uf I.. ff I. . .WIIIII .I.. I . . -, . II - .,.I' I 'YH 1 .. , I II .e 1. II , I TE' ' r 'L-M. - 4' .LL ff' " .- . I vi-. ,. I :LI I.-E, . ' 5 x I 5 'IJ I .P . I L vii. v ll"' -I! "-. I .II1I. .- . fi'. ...I- I, -x Ibfq T'- I X. "Tian ' -.s I F I I . II gy -- ..,. I+.: - S' L 'ff . C 55153-... - ---Ihj, I - ' - , wr'-ITC f.I...f:- '55 ,.-my 2 .'H'I II I' , . .. ' I I' -. - 'I .Q ' . ,. '-4'f1"k H' f A -1 . A I- Q --1.3-f" ' I I . - I.-IM 'hr I! ., - -. ,, ? - '. . i'.j'-.A'i,?!5f7l, :I II I . I LIQIII f..I -- -Z ,II I..:'5g.-I II ,I Im 1' '-12 I, 5,-IIAV " ".-"Hi I. ' cf ' . 1-- -FW .--. I - Ig. -'-III I -.n'?.'I - ' - . I1 AI I" ' " mljilfil-1 I- II HI FIJI ILE. II ',i',.' I ' N II . .2 III,jII'I,ff.:jix 1. , F1 I -4 I ..I I --If 'HI , f .F I I Tn +I . RH I - is .I I .I I . . ' :".J'I " MQ. I 7: 'Alf 'ff' +42-III I . 'I I! .I WI ICJ- iiII fs ' ' . 5. I ' '-1.'3.'31 -' ul, A Z I' . 54. I, III. I' I- " .E ez. "V --I:-Jig. '.4 I . I....- r 'l irq 1-11.5.-Ii. . I, -jp. - Ii. I I I. ' '. I.. I.. - . X 'I S I- I gl , ' S X I I. .. . A4 . ' ',Jv'-'dl' 5 In I- . -' ' 1- ' I- -Nr- ' I ,jf 'I-In-II'.,. Y - -,II I..-.I 1 I .fl fwl- . . II . .I I . 1 '-- - .1 A .. ...' 'X I' 'A 1' , E -II Q: 25: if 1 Li . ,A .K T: ,j . v WFS The 1939 PURPLE AND GCLD Engraving by PONTIAC ENGRAVING CO Printing by STANDARDIZED PRESS Photography by CRESCENT STUDIO A . 4. ' M 'HL if Q ' 5 a Q if? 5325 3' 1' wi 'is N 'f 7 5 V4 ' S f, "A ' X,N33Eg' . 'M k ,,, 5' W W f- ' -V 7 f .V ..,. ,,. , . .. -- 14 Pages from the Verona High School Note Book Our thoughts turn to autograph collecting as The Purple and Clold goes on sale. This is work for both teach- ers and students w hen they are nalnhed by their friends, The stall w orlied hard putting out this volume ol The Purple and Gold hut had lots ol' lun doing it. Sarah typed some copy while Mahlon, lylartha and Ted poured over i'The School slournalist H lor some original ideas and lvlary and lfay cheelged oyer last year's annual in our little office hallway up the stairs, A snapshot contest was held to arouse interest and smiles llitted over the faces of Fay, Veronica and Nlartha as they tried to select the prize winning pictures. iylahlon Miller, lfay lfraysier and George Latin sacked the prizes. hlulia, Dr. Remaleys secretary, was usually found pounding her typewriter hut was never too lfusy to answer our questions about this and that. Nliriam and Rita. our hudding young reporters, chuckled as they read one ol' fyliriams School Columns in the Ad- Vance-l,cader. 3 In Dedication Miss M, Isabelle Rupert English Teacher -Senior Class Sponsor Year Book Adviser With sincere gratitude and appreciation for her co- operation and support as our yearbook adviser, class sponsor and a real friend-we, the class of thirty-nine, dedicate this edition of "The Purple and Gold" to Miss lvl. Isabelle Rupert. 4 Foreword We, who have heen served by our Alma Mater, take great pleasure in presenting the product ol' our accomplishment to those who are to follow us in years to come. ln presenting this volume of "The Purple and Cloldif the staH has striven to portray some ol' the best and happiest moments ol the year. We have tried to translate into words and attractive pictures some of the happiness we have enjoyed together throughout our high school days. When we shall have attained those places in life to which we aspire, may we loola hack with great joy on the pleasant memories of the year, nineteen hundred and thirty- nine. As we leal through this hook Filled with pictures and stories of our work and fun, may we live again these experiences from that interesting chapter of our life ltnoxvn as high school. 5 Learning to cook tasty pud- tlnngs and fancy dishes. these girls hope someelav ihev can sulisfv some manls palate. To use a saw and a lathe, the kids in the shop work :intl slax e. Contents The People As we look back over the years spent in Verona l ligh School, can we ever forget the friendships made' Boys, girls and teachers, too, left their mark on our lives, as we mingled with them in the classroom, gymnasium and on the football field. Interesting people they were to all of us. 'nn----' V B oo Q i l Athletics We are grateful that we have memories. for bv them we are permitted to live again. through those thrilling athletic encounters of the past. During this season, Verona's athletes upheld their ideals of true sportsmanship. Football and basketball had the spotlight at various times but interest never waned although we did not always come put on top. Boo! .:::.:::-sc, lic Qxs xi Organizations This side of our school life stands for pleasure. Our never-to-be forgotten dramatic feats --our great display of oratory and the thrill of our first large audience -fthe last minute rush to get the news to the press -and those coveted honors we received when we were elected to the National llonor Society' we can't forget them. l,et us live them over again. 6 Book O Cum: Guiding ur Destinies We owe a great deal to this group of men known as the Board of Education and to Mr. Snyder our High School Principal. They are responsible for much of our happiness while in school. The present school board was organized in Decemhcr l937 and meets once each month to transact school business. These men are Frank Hogan, john H. Young. jr., U. G. Palmer, Dr. C. S. Hunter and Harry Pierce. lvlr. Palmer is the newly elected president and john Young is treasurer while Mr. Hogan serves as secretary. Mr. Alfred Snyder who teaches us Chemistry, Physics and General Science has served as principal for two years, hut. was associated with Verona High School before this time as a teacher. He attended various colleges including Grove City, Duke and University ol' Southern California giving him wide experience for this position. We hope he has enjoyed working with us as much as weve enjoyed our work with him. PURPLE AND GOLD lkofxun or-' limvcinliw l.efl to ri' I: lf. ll. lli mer, D. ,. -. Pierce. ,XI,l'llI'.lH SNYIWICR leziclier Ul'cll1Cll1l5ll'X.ljl1XSl and General Science. Senior lligli School Pilncig .AN Iuniorl l gl AI,lfREl3 Swvmfiz criiur lligli Building Prin- ipal 1rishi'lliNElllNi'ii flcmentary Building Prin- ipal. it ' 1 Building llrincipal The Verona School System includes an Elementary, Junior High and a Senior High School Building. The Elementary School, the oldest of these three buildings, was built in 1876. This year the building has been condemned. The Elementary pupils now meet in the junior High building in the afternoon from 12:45 to 5:00 P.lV1. The Ele- ' H ' I idance has progressed under mentary school under lV1iss Josephine unter s gu the present conditions. b ilt in 1913 lt was used until 1937 to house The junior High building was u . both Senior and junior High Schools. Today it is under the supervision of Miss Blanche Lindemuth. The Home Economics department is on the third floor of this building and is used by both the Senior and junior High schools. The shop which is located in the basement is also used by both schools. This - d ' t hers. school boasts of two-hundred and forty five students an nine eac Th Senior High school is the newest of these buildings since it was built in e 1937. This structure is the pride of the Senior High students because of the newly equipped laboratory, spacious gymnasium and beautiful auditorium. There are now nearly two hundred students enrolled, and ten teachers in the " " hb"hareof Senior High building. Mr. Alfred Snyder, the principal, as een in c g the Senior High School for two years. ate units because some of the teachers These buildings are not entirely separ ly 1 in both junior and Senior High Schools, Although this years set-up are wor 'ing 1 has been an emergency one, work has progressed in these three places and much has been accomplished. JUNE 1939 9 mi CTE Senior High Faculty Mrs. Rebecca Cunningham Palmer has been in Verona lor three years, She has been successful in coaching the Girls' Varsity Basketball Teams and is popular among the students. She teaches Health and Physical liducation and sponsors the Cheerleaders and the Leaders Club. lX4r. Wild is a new member of our Senior High faculty t.his year. He came to us from Connelly Vocational High in Pittsburgh. He teaches Physical lidu- cation and Health and coaches the Football Team and Senior Varsity Basket- ball Team. He is the sponsor ofthe Boxing Club. Miss Lightner, who has been our librarian for a number ol years, never has much to say. She sponsors the Library Club, a newly-formed club in our school. Miss Long, who has been with us lor three years, teaches several commercial subjects and sponsors the Non-Commercial Club. She is one ol the sponsors ol the junior Class and acts as business manager for their dances and class plays. Miss McCullough has been responsible for the success ol our operettas during the past two years. She leads music for our assembly and sponsors the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs. Miss Claypool is one teacher who does not lose patience with the students. This is her second year as a commercial teacher in Verona and she has also been the director ol' two xlunior Class Plays and the sponsor ol' the Commercial Club. Miss Westlake is a graduate ol' Verona School and has taught here lor a num- ber ol years. She teaches World History, American History and French. Mr. Douds is hnishing his second year as teacher ol Problems ol' Democracy. Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. He sponsors the Debating Club, Senior Hi-Y and is the faculty adviser lor the Student Council. Mr. Snyder has the difficult job ol supervising the Senior High School. This .job he carries out very capably. Besides this he teaches classes in Chemistry, Physics, and General Science. Miss Rupert, like Miss Westlake, is a graduate ol' V.H.S. She teaches English, and is a very active leader among teachers and students alike. She is the class sponsor, adviser for the year book, and each year she directs the Senior Class Play. Mrs. Rebecca Cunningham Palmer. lvlr. j. Glenn VVild, lvliss Jennie Lee Ligbtner. Miss Gt-nesa Lung, hlissjane lX4cCullougb, lwliss livelyn Clayprml, hliss -lean Wt'sI- lakc, lwlr, llowartl Doutls, blr. Alfred Srlytler, lvliss lsabclle Rupert, PURPLE AND GOLD I0 ix i I lil li Lindley Miss Blat dcmulh. hir, i rmimer, Mr. j. ul Brill: r. lk-liss Kath- i 1 c um. Miss Mar- itl til N lvlr. W'arrcn li. Pi x ll n Miss Mac E. i lriscphint- liunf unior High Faculty Nfliss Hilda Lindley who is the teacher of History and Latin, attended Pennsylvania College for Women, X. Y. U, and Wooster, Miss Lindleys joh takes her into hoth the klunior and Senior High School buildings. Xfliss Blanche Lindemuth who is the principal ol' The xlunior High School, has been with us for many years, She has helped all ol' us over the rough spots in English grammar hecause that is w hat she taught before she hceame principal. She came to us from Lockhaven State Teachers College. Xlr. Barry D. Brammer is a new teacher who came to us from Tech. He teaches shop work and mechanical drawing in the shop, where many ol' the hoys love to spend their leisure moments, Mr, sl. Merle Brallier, graduated from the University of Pittshurgh and teaches Mathematics and Civics, He sponsors the junior Hi-Y, Nliss Katherine l. McCollum who is our Home Economics teacher. has been teaching in Verona lior a few years. She attended Temple University and rc- ceived a BS. degree, Xliss Margaret Stelliey a new teacher last year, teaches English and Arith- metic. She was graduated from Musltingum College. Xfliss Mae E. Pierce is our Geography and Science teacher. She is a Verona High graduate and a few years ago got her BS. degree at the University ol Pittshurgh. iylr. Warren E. Boydston who is a new teacher and served as assistant loot- hall coach and Junior High Varsity coach, came to us from California State Teachers College. He teaches English and Geography. iyliss -Josephine Hunter is the Principal of the Elementary Building. Shc has taught art for a numher ol' years. although she was formerly a first-grade teacher. She graduated from Edinhoro State Teachers College. JUNE 1939 i 1 A Farewell To jotting Down The Seniors "ir, K, is J, W. fTRANE llEMAI.EY mx 13' ' 1 Supervising Principal iw cg-':..i I 1.x To the Class of 1939: For you this year brings a culmination of a high school career. You have again reached the goal that has been set for you The future has no goals established by outside environment. The goals for you must be those you set and the important thing is to keep those goals just beyond your reach. ln your school life each year has represented a definite, tangible, and measure- able advancement towards graduation. Only in school is progress towards a goal so definitely recordedg yet in life as you must meet it now, those goals can be real if you make them so. The typical commencement speaker of a generation ago would somewhere in his speech admonish the graduation class, "The world is yours . . . " Today that statement is as true as ever for those who set a standard and strive towards that standard in spite of many disappointments, The world IS YOURS as you make it. Some of you will go to college to prepare for a professional life. Nlost of you will enter into commerce or industry as soon as you can get a place. Dont fear that any job may be beneath you because many errand boys have ultimately become managers of the concern. Whether that is your goal or not depends entirely on your will to win, Now that you have achieved this goal of graduation, keep ahead of yourself new goals that can be reached but which are always a little beyond your im- mediate preparation. This way leads to success. lvlay I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to your present achieve- ment and for your future happiness. Sincerely yours, Supervising Principal. PURPLE AND GOLD 12 e fi Ki 9 I w f J Hi-Lites of 1939 We expect a great deal of our class ofhcers. They may be our future political leaders. Who knows7 The Senior Class officers talked over the plans for their social program for the year. Note the smiles on their faces, maybe they are discussing their Roller Skating party where many of the Seniors were down more than up. Mechanical Drawing is lots of fun. Glenn and Eddie are intent on their work while Philip and Harold Gnd time to play in spite of Bram- mer's presence. Happy Dancers go into their dance as Phyllis, Betty jane, Sophia, Ruth, Florence lind, Alice and lflorence Young strut out on the stage. Maybe you remember the Uakmont-Verona game. Can anyone forget it? Klisky and Wild talked it over with the referee while the injured Acklin looked on. junior Class officers must have a funny bone in their soup. lvlaybe they are counting their funds for the junior-Senior Prom. Now the Sophomores are really serious-minded individuals. President Mauro with his pencil in hand tells Irene and Phyllis what he expects done. Consequently they did things, too. Many dances were held in the school gymnasium this year and truckin'on down, shaggin' and doing thc Suzy-Q were tried out by all. The Seniors Christmas Dance with the gym lighted by dim blue lights and a colorful Christ- mas tree was one of the most attractive affairs of the year. The .Juniors Heart Hop in February with red and white decorations was another hi-lite and the Sophomores too came in for their share of popular dances. Certain assemblies will be remembered for the interest they created. Rev. E. V. Condron from Springdale and his interesting talk on Room-mates, which was sponsored by the Hi-Y Club was excellent. I-le entertained us royally relating his experiences on a recent Mediterranean trip. The Leaders Club presented a Musical Fashion Show giving us styles for school wear, riding and dancing. When a debate was presented by the Debating Club, many stu- dents were shocked when they found it to be interesting instead of dull as they had expected. The Staff Club pre- sented an interesting skit in assembly later as did many of the other clubs. This plan of club sponsored programs in our assemblies was a new idea of the recently organized Student Council. I3 IUNE 1939 PAUL ABARAY Always willing, cheerful and smiling is Paul . . . a real pleasure to have him as a classmate. The Cooking and Dancing Clubs claim him asa member , . likes all phases of sports. VERNON ACKLIN lt's "Vern" who plays the drum in the Community Orchestra . . . is captain ol' thc Boy Scouts' Drum and Bugle Corps. Plays football and belongs to thc Varsity and Cooking Clubs . . . likes swimming, boxing. and hunting. IDA E. BENTZ "lde" belongs to the Glee Club, Com- mercial Club, Dramatic Club and was a monitor. Took part in the operctta and is interested in swimming, bike riding, roller skating, and dancing. RAYMOND E. BOUCHAMITR "Bunny" is the red-headed monitor at the end of the lower hall . . . played pro- minent role in the Junior play. Member of Staff and Cooking Club. Likes swim- ming and stamp collecting. PURPLE AND GOLD SENIOR CLASS GEORGE BROWN An active Senior who has been the man- ager of the Football and Basketball Team following in his brothers footsteps. A member ol' the klunior and Senior l-li-Y. Varsity and Debating Clubs . . . lnterested in sports. liDlTH V. CEBELIUS "Edie" belongs to the Leaders Club and Glec Club. Was in the klunior Play and Operctta. Has a pen pal in Denmark. linlioys swimming and dancing. EARL 'lf CHARLESNVORTH, QIR. i'Puddin" is a nice lad who belongs to the Hi-Y, Glce Club, Boys Cooking Club and was French Clubber of last year. lntcrested in dancing, skating, golf. photography and reading. IQLINOR COLl2lVlAN This little miss known as "Bess" oi "Coleman" had the lead in our Alunior play. A member oi' the Operctta C2-lst. Belongs to Stall' Club, Clee Club and Commercial Club. Her main interest is singing. l ,ll ,gr JUNE 1959 RUTH M. COOK "Cookie" had a part in the junior Play. Belongs to the Glee Club, Commercial Club, and Staff Club, Was in the operetta. Has a pen pal in England and likes to dance. PANSY NORA DAVIS Pansy is the tiniest girl in the Senior Class . . . is very studious and an efneient monitor. Some of her activities are Glee Club and Debating Club. Likes swimf ming, reading, and knitting. FRANK DELACH "Marty" is quite shy and quiet . . . his grades rank among the best in the Senior Class . . . a member ol' the Dancing and Cooking Clubs . . . enjoys stamp col- lecting and playing golf, QIOSEPH DELLACH "joe" never has much to say . . . is a member of the Debating and Dancing Clubs . . . playedjunior Varsity Basket- ball and is especially interested in all kinds of athletics. CATI IERINE DOUGAN "Katie" is well liked and has many friends. Captain of the girls' Basketball team. ls a member of the Dancing Club and Shop Club. Likes to swim. MARGARET ELINOR FARROW "Peg" is rather a quiet lass, but a lot of fun to know. Took part in the .Iunior Play. Belongs to Girl Reserves, Latin and French Clubs. Enjoys dancing, swim- ming and skating. RICHARD E. FIX i'Richie" is interested in all athletics and has great football and basketball ability. ls a member of Cooking, Hi-Y, and Com- mercial Clubs. Likes to swim and play tennis. CONSTANCE FORTE 'iDolly" is a real pal and quite a singer too. Had leading parts in the OpCrCtta for two years and was in the .lunior play. Belongs to many clubs, Likes dancing and sports. FAY FRAYSIER "Snyder" has shown his acting ability twice in school productions . . . the junior Play and 1938 Operetta . . .usually can be found near room 224 where he is a monitor . . . member of Glee Club, Senior Hi-Y, and Year Book Staff. 'l'l-IOMAS J. GRGURICH "Tommy" is always cheerful and smiling . . . member of the Cooking Club and Senior Hi-Y . . . swimming ranks first among his hobbies . . , others are dancing golf and radio. ANGELINA F. GROSSA This petite miss is liked by all. . . "Angie " is a member of the Staff, Commercial and Glee Clubs . . . took part in the oper- etta . . . likes to dance and hike. SARA R. GUGLIUZZA "Sara" is a future stenographer . . . an active member of the Year Book Staff . . . Always with Angie . . . likes to read and sew. SENIOR CLASS EDWARD HAYS 'iTed" is always in trouble with the teachers . . . one ofthe monitors, too . . . basketball manager for two years . . . had a lead in 1938 operetta . . , likes dancing, tennis and stamp collecting. EDWARD HERMAN ml'ed" or "Herman" served as class president for two years . . . he is a ver- satile musician and had a leading part in operetta for two years . . . on Football and Basketball squad . . . in various clubs . . . likes to dance. RUTH HOWARD "Honey" is a pal who has proved to be a help to our Girls' Varsity , , . member of the Cvlee Club and Shop Club . . . her main interests are in sports . . . also likes dancing. KA'l'lEjONES "Kitty" is a very quiet girl and a lover of music . . . belongs to the Glec Club and Girls' Shop Club . , ,likes skating, dancing, bike riding and sports. PURPLE AND GOLD JUNE 1959 HELEN E. KEENE "Hahn" will be a great secretary some- day . . . has always maintained a line scholastic record . . . is a member of Year Book Staff . . . also belongs to Cvlee Club and Commercial Club . . . likes reading and skating. VERONICA K. KOVAC "Veronie" is an active girl who belongs to the Cvlce Club and Staff Club . . . was in junior Play . . . likes to bowl, skate, dance and swim . . . was snapshot editor for year book. ELIZABETH R. LANIOUS "Dotty" has been quite an active stu- dent . . . class officer during herjunior year . . . played Varsity Basketball and served as President of the Commercial Club . . . likes reading, tennis, and Helen. GEORGE LATIN "Gegen is one of our best basketball players . . . he is a member of the Senior Hi-Y and Year Book Staff . . . Vice President of the Senior Class . . . chief among his varied interests are swimming, golf, and stamp collecting. ANCELO MARONI "Ange" is always present when prepa- rations for a social event are made . . . Vice President of Commercial Club dur- ing Junior year . . . member of the Year Book Staff, and Cooking Club . . . likes to dance, and play golf. THEODORE MECK "Ted" specializes in athletics . . . Basket- ball and Football . . . he has made some of the best grades in the Senior Class . . . a member of the Senior Hi-Y and Varsity Club . . . likes dancing, swimming, and playing golf. HELEN lvl. MCWILLIAMS "Mac" is one who made a name for her- self in the junior Play . . . belongs to the Commercial Club, Shop Club, and Cvlee Club . . . in the operetta . . . likes basket- ball, and plays the piano. EDXNARD lVllLLER "Eddie" is tall, blonde, handsome, and well liked by his classmates . . . played Varsity Basketball . . . his hobbies are iwiinming, cooking, and playing basket- a . JUNE 1939 MAHLON A. MILLER "Mahlon" is one of the busiest boys in the Senior Class . . . he divides his time among such activities as the Senior Hi-Y. Debating Club, Orchestra, Year Book Staff, and the Student Council . . . hobbies include swimming, tennis and pho- tography. CHAUNCEY MOORE "Bump" showed his acting ability by his one portrayal of the butler in the Nlunior Play , . . played football in '38' . . , treasurer ofthe Cooking Club . . . likes L0 swim, play golf and collect stamps. GUSTAVE N. MORAITIS "Gus" is the life of the party, always ready with a witty remark . . . member of the Senior Hi-Y, Cooking Club, and Year Book Staff . . . likes dancing. swim- ming and golf. MIRIAM E. MURRAY "Meme" is one of the most popular girls in the Senior Class , . . class secretary for the last two years . . . reliable correspon- dent for the Advance Leader . . . member of various clubs . . . among her hobbies are reading, dancing, and writing. PURPLE AND GOLD SENIOR CLASS EILEEN B. OBERDING Although "Eileen" has only been with us for one year she is a favorite with many . . , attended Etna High School . . . in several clubs . . . likes to dance, skate and knit. STEPHANIE J. PENCO 'iSteffe" is a member of the Clee Club. Dramatic Club. and Commercial Club . . . likes dancing, swimming and bike riding . . . enjoys reading. MARTHA E, ROTH A peppy little miss who has been a cheer- leader for two years . . . a member of the Staff Club. Clce Club. and Leaders Club . . . likes reading, dancing. swimming. and playing basketball. ROBERT ROTH "Bob" opens the door for us daily. as monitor at the front door , , , member of the Cooking Club, Senior Hi-Y, and Year Book Staff . . . member of the foot- ball team . , . interested in raising chic- kens, winter sports, and music. JUNE 1939 MORTIMER RUBIN "Morty" came to us in his junior year from Westinghouse High School . . . was in junior Play . . . is one ofthe monitors . . , is in Debating Club and Staff Club . . . likes fishing, and reading, VERA MAE SMITH "Vee" is a quiet girl who came to us from Latrobe High School . . . member of the Glee Club and ShopClub . . . was in both operettas . . . likes skating and dancing . . .has a pen pal in a faroff land. STELLA A. TSOLINOS As can easily be seen "Stella's" nick- name "Too-soon" has been derived from her last name. . . is a monitor. . . member ol' Debating, F rench, and Non-Commer- cial Clubs . . . likes athletics and dancing. ANNA WHITE "Anna " came back to us from Penn High School . . . a member ol' the Clee Club. Dramatic Club, and Commercial Club. . . was in the operetta . . . enjoys dancing and bike riding. MARGARET WHITE "Whitey" is a nice miss who was in our junior Play . . . belongs to thc Cvlce Club. Dramatic Club, and Dancing Club . . . was a member of the French Club last year . . . likes dancing, skating, and swimming. MARY LOUISE YOUNG A future librarian is "Weezie" . . . has a fine scholastic record . . . a member of French and Library Clubs . . . is a good musician . ., . likes reading, hiking, knit- ting, and writing to pen-pals. JUNE 1939 Past Events jotted Down In 1936 history was made in Verona because then entered the portals of the school this illustrious group who are graduating from our midst. After the Sophomores finished their initiation stunts we were more subdued than usual and took up our studies with vigor. Science, English, junior Business Training, Home Economics, Civics, Physical Education, Algebra, Latin, Shop and Me- chanical Drawing were some of the intricate subjects we began to study. There were a number of our group who were new to our school, but they immediately made friends in our midst. Miss Banker and Mr. Gibson will be remembered as our home room teachers. One group of us were perched high upon the third floor and the other in the basement. A class party was held and radio music was used for dancing. Notable among our experiences this year was a short school holiday due to the flood in the lower part of Verona. Although the homes of several of our classmates were Hooded everyone came through in fine shape and we were soon back at work as if nothing had happened. Miss Lindley and Miss Rupert guided our wayward steps during our second year in adjoining rooms. Two class parties with orchestra music finished our social activities during this year. Some of the classmates made themselves journalistically known by their work on A'The l-Ii-Life, " the school paper, spon- sored by Miss Banker. In our Junior year the momentous occasion was that we were located in a new building and took part in the dedication service for the new structure. Many participated in the Glee Club operetta, "ln Old Louisiana" and a few found their Thespian powers in the class play, "The Red Headed Step-child". Gne of the saddest events of the term was the passing of Donald Wetmore, one of our classmates. The group worked hard on the play and at dances, especially the clever Valentine Dance to make money to sponsor a very unusual junior- Senior Promenade in the school gymnasium with Len Malvern and his orchestra furnishing the music. We hope everyone hasnt forgotten the lovely dresses. dim lights and unusual decoration used for the party making it a high spot in our memory at least. Our Senior-year brings to a close, a glorious four years wit.h more fun than ever before. In October a Treasure Hunt all over Verona and culminating with "eats" at the Duquesne Club opened our social activities. The group sponsored a Christmas dance in the gym which was very successful. ln February a pri- vate Roller Skating party at National Park, claimed nearly all our classmates as participants, experts and some not so expert. Finally a picnic at North Park in May brought the program to a close. Class rings were purchased near Christ- mas time and individual pictures were in eminence a little later. An educational trip for the whole class was the one to Westinghouse. POD. has probably been our most interesting and unusual class because we have had everything from debates, forums and special speakers to period reports by classmates. Several of our Seniors did excellent work in the Clee Club operetta "Ask the Professor" and the Senior Class Play. 20 -1 ww ,fa 2,23 m W , Us .K V W as ' W ' 145, 'sa ff, V M " k,,X-V . yy' QQQEAQY' i 1 5 , 35, W V , Q V 4 4, 'A fffgff'-5 ' ,QA Vw .3 VS k'f5S',,13 if . gg, nigh ' -:5'f'?fwZgv 1i W QM' -f as H55 LM. , ,.. ,.,. ., 36, , f 3- gym ffm 7"- VK , K- ,,,1s,1V , V Vg, Y ' x 'Eggs " fpflliii- My V ' ' 1 , 'f ig? 5 g- kg Q p i -Hg x ' 3 ,gf if-1 - 5145? 'X , . V sg vm, ' V 7' , W A , V m W 1 L x- ,A V ,qw M 'X , 44 '5 E0 X . wx, 1 V w J: f , , F x ? 1 E ' ' , K aj' ' mari. V A igxif ROOM 223 ear. Siimnoris. ROOM 224 l.yier, Cmniarieli, lvlillerr N li. Ruth. lvliss l.or1g. Cab E xx! The junior Class Three short years ago a group ol timid youngsters entered the great cathedral ol learning, Verona High School. The door was closed hehind them with a jar and their high school career had begun, As a group of hardworking Freshmen they, slowly, hut lwravely, lhegan their climh upward, overcoming such obstacles as study and the scorn ol the upper elassmen. During this year a lew social gatherings helped to hring the class more into the limelight. These students began their Sophomore year with a more cheerlul aspect. Although divided, the Academics going one way and the Commercials another, they remained united in spirit. They enjoyed more freedom during this year and had much lun attending dances, parties, and hasltethall games. They also had the extreme pleasure ol' haiting their lellow lfreshmen, which gave them much more confidence in their own abilities. All too soon their Junior year was upon them. They made notalwle progress. everyone finding himself a jack ol all trades. Some students distinguished them- selves as reporters. and haslaethall and loothall players, and many displayed their ahility' in the operetta. They are represented to a great extent in the clulws, while dancing is the predominant recreation in this class. lt is quite evident that this class will prove to he a line group ol'Ser1ioi's next year. We all hope that their exalted position will not prevent them from worlt- ing steadily and setting a good example for the under classmen, PURPLE AND GOLD 22 lfirst riiw: Lung, lfelier. Ci mari, l'ra:iei, lxloon, Chr l tian, l.esar, uliutler, lVleC.orinielx, bchaney. Second rim' Nliss lfxt Cflayfpcml flaulleld, lfairi lialwilon, M. Ward, Urogin llill, Paxone. Delaeli, Kun ning, llelrielx, Brady. Third row' Lomlwardii f.alhoun. Garvin, lienmtl ljerctie, Xleimrn, Sliadle t Vila. liurruxx s, Rule ey, Sp liirsl row' Auen, Sis t lueliey, l lopliins, Sanlucei Second ruwi Shade, lklc me Buda, Vifeir. llann, fxlaeli I lremiels. Vinoyac, Wbiitllia Third row lleddinglitld lvlehqlie, Vvhsoeliiigs, N11 ltr Berlcmsa. lliesoxxiez. Vvlhiia Frazier, l,ilwerlo. lkwwfi Xllliile. RUUlXl Zlll lflrsl frm, W'etmnre, Xklilllsun Ward, Carmichael, Ritchey: Raeioppi. Lashell, Phillips, Starr, lxfhistrngiaeoinn, Zolet Weimcr. Second row 3 lX1issklean Vv'esl- lake, Irwin, O'Connell, Gur- ney, Kenyon, Kiahvr, Raahc. lxlelirail, lX4eCnrmiek, Rem- aley, Arce, lwlartin. 'lihlrd ruwi DeViLa, Kunif aren, Zakraysek, Quimiro, lx1auro, l lelsley, Cestnik, XJHFHSSI. Peneo, lfurle, Saun- ders. Anthony. ROOM Zll lfirsl row. FX1, bepelyak, Rantlas. Renimy. Young. llnugliamer, Runey. S. Krat- sas. lX1urion, Daxis, Cum- mingsi C. Roth. Vifilson. Second row. A. Roth, Gilles- PIC.l,lUlls.filifll'Clll,ALlHll1SliN', Bennett. Curun, Delfaziu. Dougan. lifk!lSil5, Turkey, Rebecca Cunningham Palmer. Third row: Phillips, Palino,'erly, A. Sepelyak, Nie- helie, Ritchey, Luckoek, Wis- niuski, Nlimrrell, Sher, Shank. The Sophomore Class The Sophomores have finally reached the age where they are being noticed. Little was heard from them last year but this year they have become more active and have held some dances and class parties. Football and Basketball brought many of the boys before the public eye and some of the girls were seen with the Girls Varsity, Many' took part in the Glee Club operetta, MAsk The Professor" and participated in a few assembly programs during the year. They are having many new experiences and studying new subjects but are taking them in their stride and are looking ahead for more. Clubs are very popular with Sophomore students, The boys are especially interested in the Cooking, Hi-Y and Varsity Clubs while the girls are interested in Shop. Commercial and Leaders Clubs. Other interests are dancing, ice and roller skating and sewing. Nliss -lean Westlake and Mr. Glenn Wild are the home room teachers and act as class sponsors. The officers are: President, , A .. , e A Harold Mauro Vice Presidente-- Phyllis Lashell Secretary ..,. , - - Irene Ward JUNE 1939 zz The Freshmen 'lhe class ol nineteen hundred and liorty-txxo was one ol the largest ever to have attended Ycrona High, and occupied three rooms under the guidance ol' Xliss fkleffollum, Xfliss Pierce, and Mr. Brallier. They gave much to their Alma lviater this yearg on the football field, on the hasliethall teams, and in the production ol the operetta. Most memhers ol' the nexxlv organized hand are freshmen proving that this is an active group. Xlanv are already preparing for that most important ol all events, their own Llunior Prom. in that they have joined the Dancing Cluli lflere many ol' the class have had l'L1I'l and learned to dance vvith some ease and grace, Nlae Pierce. Smith. XVolI'ei l.:1llerlvX Kell: Phillips. tus. ig N. 'V , .e 5, klansson, fil1fii'lesxxi-i'll1, Ciav I flill lux lXlil1n lXlool'e lxumareo Plexe. Kiwi lwor. llann, lDimnnel'lw'iu:r Radovieh, lgamlwrnlue, Vw l1llL' Second rim Sislelq. l,anqI'oi'tl Randas. liuplnn, XYilsfn1, l'ix man, lltngoieli, Yigqizil111o Petruney, llunter. PURPLE AND GOLD 2-I larsl ron' lluniphiey. llfil lmi.5f.r, Pope. XXrighl. ll-rp:,ers Ilill, llaiper, Q lltlnitzartlnei ,'XIMlL'l'sul1, Xvulle. Second roxx: lX'lam1i, ffusia X1CliIIlLKl'1l, .'Xrnold, llllis Denlino, Xleorn. litirroxu Xflefiornwick, CiLialiu::a 'Xlis lihird rox-.' Ciarvin, Ulm-ieline, los, l,asl1er, Canitlon. lmutlon lfirsi rim lielmeil, lfiler Kdamslvx, lliwllinger, Runev Ashlwautglw, ll, l'msW'1 Agmieh, SaLm.lers. l'ei'eLi- lX1ehelie. lmorre. Second roxx, Sistelc. Keistei Allweris, Costa. Xyigfjq,-thy Rogers, Piellcieviieh. Wil hams, 'X'IeKinlev. Lvter. Klein son, lXliss liallwurine hit' Cfollum. 'lihird roxx' Slnvszli' li-,seo Santueei, Rtariek, l'ltxl XX' l'irsl nm' lsfrrielv llzuilxins Cihzinev Krule. I5utl:'alx Zeskv, llrtino, Xlr. Xlerle llrallier. Third row: Mauro, Bent: ffharllim, l.asl1ell, lltmkele lntorre, lXf1eWilIiams, Sax- The Eighth Grade iXliss Lindley and hir. Boydston are the teachers that have heen the guiding and restraining hands to these pupils who are now approaching high school. 'liheir interests seem to he centered around activities such as hasketkall and such diversions as the Boys Junior lli-Y, Girls Reserves, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. 'lfhese groups culminated their social program with a comldined party on Deeemlwer 23 in the gymnasium with dancing. popular form of amusement, interspersed with a few games. A numliier of students ofthe eighth grade are engaged in the school hand and glee eluh has given them something to do in the afternoon when there is no school, The "men of the class" are very mueh interested in Shop work and Mechanical drawing and spend mueh of their leisure time in the shop with Nlr. Brammer. Nlany of the hoys are eagerly looking forward to the day when they will he alale to help make the .lunior Varsity a grand sueeess. There are also a numher of girls that have hopes of gaining a position on the Girls Varsity in years to eome. Swimming and skating has a numher of devotees and daneing is also on the list of much indulged in activities of the eighth grade. lfirsi row: Plesowieit, liairtl. Ux erlvcek. lXlaeQlregor, Mull, Burkhart, Cialvud, Poelgor- mek. Dunn. Smyth, lX1arko- xiteh, lialwor. Second row. l,ulley, l'px'all. Woods, Powell, Nlwereromlwie, lXiel1elle. lielster. flestmk, llann. Nellis, Milermg, Bliss lliltla l.indley. l-l1Il'xl row: Roth, hlilliken, loreliia, lilllano, Lasher. fiusla. llrego, Wlwitlenlwerger. luekev. Barnes, C oleman, llerps. Dutlezak. Nlanni, l hompson. lfirsl row' llrixcrupiu, llaeiop- po. Walson. Sanlueel Dutlef :ak. XYl'iIlL', Kohnen. Olwer- ding, Rt-gotti, While, Sanner, Celwellus. Second row, Starn, Burnt. Comer, Cirnjarleli, lumin- ella. l,U:er, Sill, lirazler. Bright, lhompson. Remaley, lxlr. lioyelslon. Third row' ,-Xlman. hloraitis Seeieh, Lanioux, llunkley lvfarron, Simmons. Johnson Gould, Bertosa, Carehxde VJ. Walker, Beers, R. NValker IUNE 1939 25 lfirst row: lliis. llumplirex fioover. fitislkl, Xlinlers, ll Rupert, l'li1Lisel1uldt'l', Vuotls liulsler. lTLll'1WL'I', fNlm.1n. Second row iXliss Slellex liutlieh. Kiabutl, lloney, Nit- Allister. l.aIlerlv, liible. Wil son, lieuster, Slam, :llWl'k'g.2, Third row' Ilann, l,ashell lX1zlnganaro, XN'uotllngs, l limes C. Rupert. Toma:iel14 Kilt- lantl. lXlurris-in. 'lit-nipleit-n Alanltoxieh, Aleorn. l'iII'Xl rim Xliss kl.1lie Xlt' Cfulloligli, TDCXIIIH. lxelver. li liruno, Unis. lrwln, lfltiinl King. Rice, liortlon. ,Xllvtri-N lliursle. Second row' liwuseo, livialie fiilrsrin. l,ov.1r, Vnrzissl lvlokaseli. J. Bruno, l. liruno Delfazio. Sloller, Curtis, Third row' Ttiminella, Sea burn, lliiplfins, Lewis. lXfliller Squirellus, Varassi, liurelnu Pavone. Loalbo, Klavdos .qs Q The Seventh Grade ln September i938 a group ol' about seventy new seventh graders made their debut in the junior ltligh School. They toolg up their work not as "mere ehild- ren", but as ladies and gentlemen. They lost a few ol their classmates but that hasnt stopped them at all. The seventh graders have shown great interest in basketball, mushball and baseball and mueh ol' their leisure time has been spent in the gymnasium. They had a few social alliairs this year which they all enjoyed. Cfoolting, and sewing has used up a lot of time and ellort lor the girls who with the help ol' lXf1iss lvleffollum, have turned out some nice vvorlt, The boys have been busily occupied with carpentry on a small scale with fvlr, Brammers aid. Some ol the seventh graders may be small in size but they have plenty ol pep and energy, If they lteep on going as they have we will be very proud ol' them in the future. Under the supervision of Miss Margaret Stelley and Miss jane Xleifullough during the past year they have had an interesting time. PURPLE AND GOLD 26 eniovs of dvofe We have set aside a page to the ten seniors whom we consider have contributed much to the success of the class of '39, It is the hope of the staff that this idea will be accepted fav- orably loy all those who chance to see it. Paul Abaray Vernon Acklin Elinor Coleman Constance Forte Edward Herman George Latin Theodore Meck Mahlon Miller Miriam Murray Martha Roth JUNE 1939 Golfing ns ll popular sport with Ccolgv: Dreaming ol' thc lu- lurc . . No, lhiQ lxlfl llrlsclllzt l.e1nc. ll ls Agua l'l'iIZlClk A larmcr and hu lvrldc on Initiation Dux' Linllc hwy hluc, umm' blow ywur' horn, Rulhk on thc hay mack Iwul not last aslccp A 'lllmu ln rc- urc . . . Dow thu rc- miml you ol those long hourx xpunr in lhu lah A A dwpcy Innk- ing foullwall player uml shadcs ol' thu Iwlmnncr gurls ul lrilbll, ,l10l1UNVElFlLl Vs.romcu pow lor thc canwra liolw Ritchey lucrliw happy with his mug lu-hind that mug A rcwc illhung lhn' lhrmrrn Two pcnxivc ladies on the slmrc ur North Park . . . a study in hlack and white Thcsc junmrs are luulv mg lor smudlwlng , . lxlaylwc a fuuplc o Seniors. A Page From the Notebook of School Life PURPLE AND GOLD 28 BookTWo M41-ble!-ics Herman-end ooiball . . . Brilliant Page Torn From Verona was dealt a rather severe jolt in athletics this year alter riding the crest for so long a time. But the small squad was undaunted in their desire to learn what this game F1 was all about, and so came up to the first game ol' the season on September the ninth with courageous hearts and fire in their eyes. However. Turtle Creek Union High had too many guns for Verona and the liormer walked oil' w ith a 3-l-o victory. With but a few days to catch our breath we again laced a strong XVilkinsburg outht, but were unable to stave oil' dellcat. After these two tough struggles, Verona tried to catch a second breath but relaxed too completely' for Edgewood. Apollo next took the scalp of Verona's Purple and Cold by a score ol' 33-O, this game disclosed a couple ol liullies on the line, Starting to pick up steam again Verona began to move along behind Lou Varassrs hard slashing drive to lead in the game with lfranklin Township. 'llhe game ended in stalemate at 6 apiece, Going up to Arnold High for a game intended to be played under the flood lights, but instead under a heavy blanket ol log, Verona again succumbed to defeat. Nevertheless the boys played the best football ol' the season here, Ar- nolds last touchdown was made behind the beautilul interference ol the low hanging clouds. The game was stopped in the fourth quarter because ol the log. Aspinwall came over next to pay us a visit, but rudely jolted Verona l-l-tw. Getting up in the upper bracket class again, Verona traveled to Stowe Town- ship. livery man fought hard but inexperience proved too big a handicap lor our team. Acklin-tackle joe De Vita-tackle Bosco-guard .Jimmie Dc Vita-guard Nlchelic h llback l ix tries to play leap-frog Nice blocking on the part ol' The crowd roars and Latin llunling lor the I ill t iii cr an Uakmonl plavcr. lx"lL'l'lCllC1'lI1klillWL'2lUlllUlPLlI1l. snaps a picture lor the con- lcsl. PURPLE AND GOLD 30 The Note Book Of Athletics liast lxlelieesport came over and tamed Veronas Wildcats by a ll-0 score in a game marred hy excessive fumbling at the critical moment. lt was an evenly fought game all through but the breaks -just werent coming our way. To Oakmont we came hut. did not conquer. Staving oil several Uakmont threats in the lirst quarter through sterling work hy Meek, lxflauro and Lalferty, Verona staged a drive in the second quarter that was well on the way to touch- down territory hut that lumhle hugahoo lnohhetl up and the attack was throttled just when it would have counted heavily. Un the second play of the half, lfix got away lor a 35 yard run hut to no avail. Oakmont managed to shove another six points across hy means ol' a forward pass to make the hnal score I2-0. 'llhus the season ol' N38 ioothall came to a close with nary a victory to our credit although we did score three touchdowns at various times throughout the season. We look on into the future and hope for greater success as we play Wil- kinshurg, ljdgewood. Sharpshurg. Arnold and our old enemy Qakmont again next year according to a tentative schedule now in the making. lfour ol our first team will graduate hut will leave us some other good material for these strenuous encounters next year. The ninth graders too are anxious to take their places on the lioothall squad. Our schedule for next year will he as follows, but for a lew games. Sept. lo Wilkinslwurg Oct. 20 Aspinwall Sept. 22 lfdgewood Oct. 27 Brentwood Sept. 29 Sharpshurg Nov. -l East lxlelieesport Oct. 13 Arnold Nov. ll Oakmont lxlauio center lfix-lialliliack Aleoiwi-ttid Varassi-fullhaeli 'xlttk l itl lc X wide end run with perfect .N plunge through the line. 'lime 5 n oi t s iui lwlotl ing. and tht gant, gels 1 rtlrtshint, drink 31 fmesstewfrms fp. . First row: Alcorn, Bosco,jimmic DeVita. Acklin, lVlauro,Joc DcVita, Meek. Herman, G. Burrows. C Second row: Assistant Coach, Boydston, Dcntino, lvloorc, Lafferty, lntorrc, Ritchey, Fix. lvlehelic, Varassi. Qulmiro, Ciart ioach-,C. W'ild. Third row: lvlanagcr C. Brown. Asst. lvlanagcril l, lVlachcn,Viggiano, Roth, Sepclyak, Bertosa. Bruno, lvlcffnrmick, R malcy, lXflanagcraTuckcy, lVlanager,Lomhardo::i. ..i 1 I T R 4 . 1.L . La The Football Squad Six Seniors who will depart from the squad this year will have given a great deal of their time to the grueling work of the gridiron. Vern Acklin who has played tackle for three years and also served as captain deserves a big hand from all his school. Richard Fix with only one year to his credit did some stellar playing while Moore and Roth took their place on the second team. Herman as end and Meek as tackle served the squad for two years. The manager George Brown whose work it has been to collect suits, and equipment, see that every bit of gauze and adhesive tape was in place in the first-aid kit, and carry water lor the players on the held has had a hard four years. Among the Juniors, joe DeVita has played good hard football for thc past two years and will have a fine chance in the l939-l940 season to add to his laurels. Alcorn, Bosco, Ogden and Bertosa deserve credit for their work so far. Bosco and Alcorn's vicious tackling and 0gden's blocking aided the team this year. The faithful Albert Lombardozzi as assistant manager has lugged many a bucket of water on to the held. What the Sophomores lacked in quality they made up in quantity because ten ofthe lads from this group broke through to make a berth for themselves on the squad. jimmie DeVita at guard, lvlauro at center, Lafferty at end, Me- helic at halfback and Varassi at fullback were in the thick of the fight in many a melee while joe Ritchey scored one of the three touchdowns. Remaley, Sepel- yak, Ciarelli and Quimiro saw plenty of action and will probably be heard from next year. Tuckey as an assistant manager will probably vie with Lombardozzi as manager in the future. The junior High came through with plenty of brawn and mettle with Bur- rows, Viggiano, Dentino, lntorre, McCormick and Bruno. Burrows, lntorre and Bruno had plenty of fight and will add to the line in the future. These boys had to sit on the bench much of the time but that didnt stop them at all. "Toot " lvlachen who is our youngest assistant manager is a willing worker, too. PURPLE AND GOLD 32 The tip-off between Latin and Ed Wright at the Penn High game. Verona scrambles for the ball under their own basket. Looks like the whole Verona tcam was assembled under the Penn High goal when one of the rival players grabbed the ball and another goal was scored. Thru the Hoop and it's Basketball The basketball season in Verona really got underway about the Hrst of Decem- ber and lasted throughout December, january and February. Three V.I-l.S. teams were in the lineup, the Senior Varsity, the Girls Varsity and the junior Varsity with Mr. Wild, Mrs. Palmer and Mr. Boydston as their respective coaches. As a whole, these teams played some very exciting games this winter and al- though quite often the games ended with a slight edge over Verona we can't complain too loudly. As for our place in the W.F.l.A.L. this year Verona traveled a long way down the lines from their crest reached last year. Even though the Varsity won only four games there were several matches in which theopponents scored only a few points more than Verona and excitement waxed high as to which team would really come out ahead in the end. The Girls Varsity was more successful from a winning standpoint, This team, although, newly organ- ized a year ago is to be commended on a most unusual and successful season of only three losses during the entire time. Finally when they played in the A.A.U. Tournament and played Trinity they were up against a very difhcult group and lost 20-31. Theirs was the most successful season of all three groups, but the junior Varsity, a younger and more inexperienced group played some Fine games and developed some good material for the Varsity of the future. The gymnasium was always occupied with practice for these groups or maybe a scheduled game on either Tuesday or Friday nights. The townspeople and school citizenry attended the games with a great amount of enthusiasm and many continued attending even though the Verona aggre- gation did not always come out ahead, Many parents and friends donated their services by driving cars filled with members of the team to the various schools. The girls traveled far for some of their games even to Eldersridge and Saltsburg. JUNE 1939 33 Xvcrcmzx I3 X'cmnu 2-I Ycronu 24 X-L'I'OI'121 25 X'cmnu IS Ycromx 30 Ycroma 25 Ycromi 2 I Ycrorm IN Ycrcmzi II XICVOHQI 3 I PURPLE I5.AXSIiI1'III5I-XI-I. 5C1ORIi5vSIQ.XSOX N38-30 I3r'cmtxxcumI Ildgcxxcuml If Xluliccsport Sprimgklulu Ildgcxxuml li XIcIiuQspm'L XYiImc11Iingg, Iitrw SI'lLlI'PSIWLlI'1LI Il-nn I Iiglw Nspimxzmll AND GOLD Ycmmi XICVOIWZI XICVOVILI Ycmmi XICVOIIEI X crcmzx X-CI'UHi,l Ycrcmzi Yu mmm XICVUIWEI XICVOIILI SIMIQI' XIIIIXLIIL' Uukmcmt Sp1'ingLIuIc 5I1z1rpsI1L11'g IJCIWINI High .'XSPII'lXX'E1II Shulcr Xlmllxulc Oulmwnl IEHXNI xx :MII Ixmx-II-. rI.uIvw up .1ImgIIwm IMI-- ln.1IIx I.. XIIIIX .Inn XIIIIHII XIILII Img III-N Imxw Inj xx lxmwnl I-I Xmx .IA x I xx zgtrmg :dx 11- XII-W1 .1 lulxl gg'-.II 'Xlmul-I lIvmIX HI IIml ym' -I:-xxu llu IIN.: XIIIl1Ll.lI'KIII.II .xp IHLIII will --I III. kjlullnv., I.I I px llml Q:srx+gIvIvl11egnlIlwg m1u.Iv IMI IIHII w4s1lII1wxxl1 IIWIIIWI 1lImeLI,.IImIvn xIw.IxIxln.Ip.,m1 28 30 30 -III 40 -I2 27 21 5-I 33 53 Senior Varsity Basketball Due to the lack of experienced players, Verona Highs quintet didn't live up to the early predictions which were made up and down the valley. During the nrst game with Brentwood, Verona's rating went down a notch or two, but when Verona conquered Edgewood to the tune of 24-19, hope was revised. Further success with East lVIcKeesport where Latin was the high scorer and the final score stood 24-22 was another feather in Veronas cap, Strange as it may seem, this East lVicKeesport game won by the Varsity is the only game t.he Varsity won on the same night and at the same place as the junior Varsity. Finally after the preliminary season was completed and W.P.I,A,L. com- petition started Verona's hopes faded quickly. Although Etna, Sharpsburg and Penn High were hard fought games, it seemed as though the Purple and Gold aggregation couldn't come through. The Penn High game drew a large crowd and where there are crowds there are usually fights. When Verona met the old rival, Oakmont, interest had waned although this proved a most exciting game. Zakraysek was able to score I7 points to his credit here. Another loss marked the end of the half of the W.P.I.A.L. games and Verona's place was not very high at this point. The Sharpsburg game which was a very exciting one was won in the last two minutes of play by a three point lead. At the Penn High-Verona game in Verona the largest basketball crowd of this year were assembled. Penn High had chalked up a good lead in the first half and although Verona rallied they were unable to catch up. The same spirit dominated the Aspinwall game where Aspinwall won by one point. Here, Verona was handicapped by the absence of Zakraysek, who was ill. The last three games with Shaler, Oakmont and Brentwood were all thrillers and the audiences nearly went wild as the scores were so evenly matched. Nevertheless, the practice this year will give the boys more confidence for later encounters and we know that you can't keep a good team down for long. l IL. JUNE 1939 3 5 First row: Zakravsek Me L, Latin. lVlauru,Quim1r Second row: Hays flVIgrj Herman. DcViIz1, Fi Brown rlVIgr.l, Mr C I rx WPI i unior Varsity Basketball With the opening of the season, the junior Varsity was a green team having only one veteran from last years group. Later in the season Varassi joined the junior Varsity adding his varsity experience and helping the team in many ways. A11 in all, these boys played 25 games, The junior Varsity played 18 and the junior Varsity HB" or Freshmen, only played 7. The junior Varsity won 7 and lost 11 and the Freshmen won 3 and lost -1. This record seems none too bright but does show promise of better playing in the future. Several games will be remembered particularly for odd circumstances sur- rounding them. The one at Wilmerding where the players looked like old men compared to our young group of Sophomores and Freshmen, was a strange one. After much difficulty over a playing date, a game was arranged with West- inghouse junior and Verona has the record of being the only team that beat them this year with a score 41-15. The Shaler game in which the score was 12-11 was a thriller and it was won in the last minute of play when lntorre shot a foul. ln fact both games with Shaler were very thrilling. The game with Penn High in which an extra period was played was very exciting and our team came through with 2o-22 victory. The game at Aspinwall, which they won 21-17, was won in the third quarter when most of the regulars were out of the game on fouls. At Oakmont when three Verona teams played three Oalimont teams, the junior Varsity played the best game of the night winning with a score of 20-18. jr. Varsity. ..... lb Edgewood ......... 30 jr. Varsity Fresh.23 Scott High Fresh.. .-1-1 jr. Varsity ..... .24 E. 1V1eKeesport. .. . 111 jr. Varsity. ..... 27 Springdale ....... . .23 jr. Varsity ...... 21 Edgewood ......... 24 jr. Varsity Frcsh.17 Scott High Fresh, .45 jr. Varsity, ..... 13 E, 1V1cKeesport ...27 jr. Varsity. ..... 15 Sharpsburg .. . . . . . .35 jr. Varsity .,... .14 Wilmcrding ........ 21 jr, Varsity Fresh.17 Penn High Fresh.. . 7 jr. Varsity ,,.... 13 Sharpsburg ........ 35 jr. Varsity. ...., 26 Penn High . . .... .22 jr. Varsity. ..,.. lil Penn High . ..... 24 jr. Varsity. ..... 17 Aspinwall .... ..... 2 1 jr. Varsity. ..,.. 41 Westinghouse jr.. . .15 jr. Varsity Fresh.22 lV1i11yalc Fresh.. . .14 jr. Varsity Fresh.l7 Penn High Fresh. . .23 jr. Varsity, ..... 17 Millvalc ......... -111 jr. Varsity. ..... 12 Shaler.. . ......,.. ll jr. Varsity, ..... 20 Oakmont ...... H18 j r. Varsity. ..,.. 29 Oakmont .......... 37 jr. Varsity Frcsh.17 Brentwood Fresh.. .2-1 FIRST ROV' Dentino, Fllis, Arnold, In- mrre. Burrows, Clark, l,, Fix, Lashell. SECOND ROW Machen IlV1gr.J, Rtmaley, Anthony, johnson, Lafferty. Siaxman, lvlciformick, lvlauro, luckey ClV1gr.1, Forte i1V1gr.J, Mr. Boydston, Coach. PURPLE AND GOLD 30 ll. lvlaehen, D. WlI'lghl, liabilon, l3. Nliller, K. 1Vlehelie,lVl. Pope. R. Howard, li. Lyler, lvlrs. Cunningham Palmer 4Coaeh1. B. Butler, P lwl ,ll R Fra'ier B .a.1e , - . Davis, li Sislek, C2 lwlull, li lX4eCormiek. lfronli Nl Rolli flX'lgr1, lj Dougan, lflaptaim, D, lforle lulssl Nlgr I Girls Participate in Basketball The girls of V. H. S. had quite a successful season as a basketball team. Of the lb games they played, they won 13, lost 3. stacking up 371 points against their opponents' 197. The squad consisted of eighteen girls who practiced hard many evenings in preparation for their games which were usually played on Tuesday and Friday evenings. Fortunately only two members of the team will graduate, Ruth Howard who served faithfully as a member of the squad and Catherine Dougan. Catherine was chosen Captain of the squad by her teammates at the beginning of the season. She did a very good job of guarding along with Grace Mull and lvlargaret Pope on the hrst team. while the forwards on the starting team were Mary Krulc, Hazel lylachen and Anna Lesar. The teams played were Saltsburg, Franklin Township, Springdale, East Mclieesport, East Deer, Eldersridge, and Penn High. When the regular season was over, the team was entered in the A. A. U. tournament at the North Side U. P. Community House. ln preparation for the tournament, the girls played an independent team of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. The team con- sisted of factory girls with a very different type of basketball training from our girls and we were proud when Verona won again. The team didnt last long in the tournament however. They drew a bye for the hrst round but drew "Trinity" in the second round. Trinity was a very good, fast team and they beat Verona 31-20 Franklin .......... Saringdalc. . .. . . .. East lxlclicesport . . Ve rona Verona Verona. ..... . Saltsburg ......... East Deer ......... Verona . . . . . . Verona... . East Deer ......... Verona ...,.... East lvlclieesport . . Verona ....... . Eldcrsridge ...... Verona Saltsburg ......... Verona. . . . . . . Franklin ...,. .... V 'erona Penn High ..... . . . Verona . . . . . . Eldersridge . . , . Verona Penn High. ....... Verona. . . . Springdale. . . .... Verona Pgh. Plate Class. . . Verona . . . . .27 37 JUNE 1939 iv Qwkx f 4 Q 5 4, 4 Uur only pair ol' twins, lylarlon and Margaret l'arrow poxc for the camera mam . . Three ducks on the rail at North Park in the "good 'ole summer limei' , . Maybe lfilecn forgot her ex- cuse or canmc El litllc lure Vuromfs cl1ccrl1:udurs all in ' linc A a . , , salute lrom "hplc" and "StcllAe" lo the Pur- ple and Gold . . , No lfddick not a doctor but Rita might Iw- eomc a nurse Tcd Meek ready Lo plunge . . .The man- agers and water ear- riers talk it over after a game at the lwack door . . . Some of our girls go to Oakrnom. NVe wonder why au Q A Page from Our Note Book of Athletics and Students at Play PURPLE AND GOLD Book Three 5anizat-Cons High M SENIOR Ill-Y l'irxl rmx: Brown, Cirwlmvslxi, Ilkrnmn, R. Rilchcv, li. VX'1iIIur, Ifix, ilrgurich Tuckcy. Cflmrlcswurth. Sccrmd ruw: Vvir, Dwuds, Ifrzayxlcr. Latin, Ilnyw, Mr-orc, I,ilwcrlo, Ruth, N1fwrz1llIS, l'mughumur. Third nm: Wbmliumgs, Vurusxi, Mech, M. VX1iIlu', PIL-mmcicz, lx'1L"1L'llL', XVismwsIXi, :akra-lysck, lfcmrlc. jl NIOR Ill-Y lfirst row: l3rwsu1,Civwla, 'I uckcy, Burrows, Arnold. lfllw, .Nlcrrrlm -.,,.. l Second ruw: Starn, N!1lH'E'lilIS, Maurfm. Barnus, Nicffmmrlnick, W' Q, 2 I Third row: CUSIH, Charlcsworlh, l,aI'I'crly, MQNVIIH' -f?ffF:. ' 1 X ffltiifn N x.: 5 i Q , Q-2:51 I 2 1 1' X , L 4 Ja PURPLE AND GOLD :1lkcr,Mr.I3l'e1illc fxms, Saxman, PV' r. ul, B 40 omls Senior Hi-Y Club Under the sponsorship of Mr. Howard Douds, the Hi-Y Club got off to its best start in several years. After the election of officers and the initiation of new members a committee was formed to provide a year's program. The group sponsored a dance in January and although this was the first Hi-Y sponsored dance it was quite successful. Later the club held a very entertaining party for its members and their "lady" friends in the gym where dancing again was in the limelight as that was the principal diversion of the evening. At various times during the year the group went swimming at the East Li- berty Y.lVl.C.A. No greater calamities than an injured nose resulted from these ventures. At the end of the year, the club had a "big feast. " You might suppose this club to be all fun and no work but their purpose is to create and maintain high standards of Christian character throughout their school and community. This purpose was well illustrated in the fine assembly program sponsored by this group when they explained their purpose, ideal and mott.o to us and Rev. E. V. Condron of Springdale brought us an inspiring talk on his Mediterranean trip, Presidentha aaaa .. . .. asaaa.aa . aaa, Ted Herman Vice President ...aa ,al, R obert Ritchey Secretary .s,a,,,a .a,cc E ddie Miller Treasurer- - - -. ...... .Richard Fix Sponsor ,a,......,......... Howard C. Douds The Theme of Botla Hi-Y Organizations junior Hi-Y Club Under the guidance of Mr. Brallier the faculty adviser, the club has been one of the most active clubs of t.he junior High School. The accomplishments were varied. On October 10th sixteen of the boys spent a very enjoyable and instructive evening at the Allegheny Observatory in Riverview Park, Pittsburgh, N. S. During Christmas week the boys met with the Ciirl's Reserve for a holiday party. Some of the boys were late due to basketball game, but they didn't miss the refreshments, believe it or not. Through the kindness of the Sharpsburg Y.lVl. C.A. the boys received an invitation for a swimming party which was held one bitter cold night in january, but-the water was warm. Mr. lvlorford addressed the group with some personal recollections of his travels in Egypt. The pyramids took on reality under his skillful recounting. March 15th a trip to Edgewater Steel Co. proved very instructive. The junior Hi-Y has succeeded admirably in upholding for the future a club that all boys want to join and an organization with which parents and teachers are glad to cooperate. President ,....... - - .... George Burrows Vice President ...., .... C harles Tuckey Secretary ..,.... ..... L ewis Arnold Treasurer--. .... .... F rank Costa Sponsor .... .... M r. Brallier JUNE 1939 41 Glee Clubs These combined groups, the Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs, have had a success- ful season and should be commended for their outstanding production of the operetta, "Ask the Pro fessorf' This group, which is one of the largest organizations of the school is sponsored by Miss jane McCullough, music supervisor. The clubs provide an opportunity for students to express themselves in song. They learn to blend voices by sing- ing folk songs and many of the worlds most popular musical selections. The organization in this way tries to promote interest in gocd music throughout the ranks of the student body of Verona High School. Music Organizations Have Bright Page The Glee Club sponsored a dance for the purpose of adding money to the Piano Fund and help pay for the piano purchased last year. A Y.M.C.A. Sym- phony Concert was also a Glee Club affair. This was a fine opportunity for students and citizens of Verona to hear a good Symphony Concert. The Glee Clubs also participated in a program on March 31 when the school held a School Night for its patrons. With this program it was proven that glee and chorus work is well liked by Verona audiences. ll-i PURPLE AND GOLD 42 Note Book GIRLS l2l.l2Ii Cfl,l B lfxrwt row: KVAISAS, Ruuuppiu, YXf1m'l4m, l.1mg,g, Snlclx, Dann, ff. Ruth, If. Roth, fv1astrcwgiac:wn1o, Zulu, Scpclyuk, IX1u5 Ividiulllvullglx, Second mw: fXf1urrz1y. l.ylCI', Cummings, Lashcll, Dams, Young, Pmughanmcr, li. Nkflurmick, Phillmps, Tuckuy, Rxlchcv, Rcmmy, Rundus, Kcnyun, Cfurmlchacl. Third rum Vvkmdhall, PL-nur, BL-nl:, TXf1ulI. Mauhun, Rcvm'y, Muller, lind, R. Nic- Cormick,Vv'clr,IX'1smn,lIrog11n.G1'uwu,Ciug,lxu:zu, l5ullL'1'. Fuurth row: Kovac. Whnlu, IXIuW1Il1z1mN, CRIUI4, Smith. N1murc, lhwplxins, Hzmn, lfchclius, Ciuuficld, Galwr, licnncll, Clnrun, Prcmick. Ward. Fifth rms: llckcr. Hctrsck, l7hurd:11g, Roth, llUXA21l'kl,,1Ul1CN. XY1lxm1, lllll. Kccnu, , I l.aniou5, Adunnlqy Wcmwr, ?X1uCIraxI, I'urlc, Shady, iiululmnl. ' I Q i' 1zm'sc:l.1215 c1l.L'1s ' I M First row: AlC4DTl1.I.llWCl'lI5, Philllps, Vz1l'z1sx1,,Inc lDcVilu, fX111uru,lIcrman, Rilchux. F I Sccuml rum: slum DCVIHA, Qulmlru, Vlzxrvlll, Pcncu, Pfuil, lk-Lluluuxgiiclxl. Rcarick, Lawhcll. T- Third row: IIXXif1.I:f2lX9lL'I'. Iluxw,Pu-wxxuuz.X1cW1IlmmQ,llulsh-y,Suxn1m1,Wolfe fx Arcs. f Xl! 'N JUNE 1939 43 R Physical LUADVRS fill 'IE I'klIkSI row' Iymg. Phlllipw, Buughunmcr, Aucn. ,rLlL'Ixk'Y. Siwtck, Lyicr, fYICcVilbI'l11iL'l4 Sucrurnlnm"Rcrll1.f1'lwllL1Q. I7fvl'lc, IIYCKVICIQ,IZLIIICY,fil'l1iilI'jCh,N1UH.IX"1I'5.lkCIWCL'L1l f:LlY1l'1II'lj.1h2lI11 Palmur. 'lxhird row: TX4urruy. Luwhn-II, Wnfmllmll, liulwilmm. Nldiruil, Vinuvnc, Shade, f Rllulwuy, Nuung. 2 , ' V.f'XRSI'l'Y czuwa 6 W Ifirsl rem: Brmxn,I.uI'turlx',I.a1lin,ClIcm1W'iId,VX"1L-plc.IDL-Yilu.IIcrm ' 'Sox' SL-cond rwv.: fjhlllllifil.VVAXHINNI, 'X'1uL4l'rv,Ugdc11.Cilur'L'll1,Bu 7 ,pf ' l'hil1lruxx: 'M-lxlnuw, XILHIH,lf2!fK.I'AIY.lillC,1L'j,IX4' ,': I I F, PURPLE AND nn. rrmx i,xIiI11IjL'ViflI. LhClIC,Iil7SCU,l2lI'Ul'10. GOLD 44 The Leaders Club The Leaders Club which was formed in 1933 is made up of girls who are leaders in every sense of the word selected from the Senior High, In order to become a member of the club of which there are twenty-five members, one must be voted in by the members remaining from the previous year's group. Meetings are held during activity period on Friday and Rebecca Cunningham Palmer is the sponsor. The girls have sponsored some of the most successful dances of the year from the standpoint of finances and good times. During football season, members of this group could be found going about at Cribbs' Field selling their wares of hot dogs, pop, candy and tickets. A delicious covered dish dinner was held at the home of the sponsor and many found time to take a plunge in the warm waters at Webster I-Iall. In March a musical Fashion Show was presented in assembly where the members of the club modeled popular styles in clothes for high school maidens. Musical selections sung by Dolly Forte, Phyllis Lashell and Carolyn Shade added variety to the program. Suitable piano selections were played by Ruth Hetrick as various outfits were shown. This was a new and interesting idea introduced into our assemblies, The purpose of this club is to develop a high standard of living for high school girls and to be a member is conceded quite an honor. President- , ..,.,s,v........,l,. Martha Roth Secretary-Treasurer .,gggggg,.. Miriam Murray Sponsor .s.s . .... Rebecca Cunningham Palmer Education Plays Part in Tloese Clubs Varsity Club The Varsity Club which is one of only two year's study was organized for lettermen of V.l-l.S. The club purposed to attain high standards of sportgman- ship with due awards for participation in various sports. Of course, the members of this group have been active in various sports but as a club they have sponsored several interesting activities. A Skating Party for the school was held-at National Park early in the season and many attended. During the Activity Period the club has sponsored two dances where the school's swing orchestra played, Cn March the tenth the members invited their lady friends to a party in the gym, dancing to the strains of the new swing bands music was enjoyed by all. Ted I-lays won a penny race whereby he had to walk down the gym floor balancing pennies on the top of those long shoes of his. This group shone particularly at the Athletic Banquet which was held on March 23, at which the football, basketball players and cheerleaders received their letters. An assembly program which was planned by the club was very successful. President. - - ..,s,st . ..,,o,s ,, - ,George Latin Secretaryg g ..,. George Brown Treasurer- .. - - ..... Bill Alcorn Sponsor- - - ..... Glenn Wild 45 Ask The Professor--Operetta CAST Maryida O'Neill- - - - , ,. .. - - Emily Lee- . .Ae,,. john Ainsworthy .,e. Red O'Neill- --- june Ainsworthy Prof. Breakeasy- Tommy e.....e. Mrs. O'Neill - -- Polly ..,,..e - - - -Dolly Forte -Carolyn Shade - - -Ted Herman . - - - -Fay Fraysier . -Edna Phillips Eddie Piesowicz -jimmy DeVita - - - - -Rita Caufield Elinor Coleman Brilliant Performances--Vocal And Our operetta this year, "Ask the Professor", was quite a success. The leading role was carried capably by Dolly Forte, and all the other parts were well done vocally and dramatically. Some new talent was displayed while others had a second try at showing their abilities. The operetta was the story of a wash womans son and daughter. The daughter, Maryida went to a very select boarding school, but did not tell anyone of her mothers occupation. Her brother, Red, became infatuated with a wealthy young girl in the school which Maryida attended. In some way the secret of lVlaryida's mother leaked out and the Professor was quite put out when he found out that this had happened right under his nose, so to speak. A lot of trouble followed but at the end of the operetta Maryida was given a scholarship and everything ended happily. The comedy was created by Tommy and Polly, two freshmen in the school. The group had a lot of fun at practices and many backstage laughs were had as the big performance loomed ahead. Now it is all over and we are looking forward to another such performance. PURPLE AND GOLD 46 I31vznv aztic ,sv F 1, ? 55gE5ELgLg5E: ups. Entire cast including dancing and singing chorus gro . ' Carolyn Shvadc. Ted Herman, lvlissjanc lN4cCullough ' ' L1llClLl,,ll!11I'11lC DcVila, lilinor Coleman Edna Phillips, Ifay Frayslur. Dolly lwzrtc, liddlu Picsmx lc:. Rita C.a 47 jluv E 1939 l'Lli'pluzxl1dUulglblull ul xxurlx. CU?X1TX'1lfRfll!XI, CII.l li First ww: fX'1m'lmxl1,Rzindus,Niaslrmmgiaurmlncl,Zulcl,iX'1c1cm,l.t5ar,fXdal11sliy,Rsmcy, Wcimcr. Second row: Miss Claypiml, Schancy, Rummy, Pavrmu, Wilson, Gabor, Dclach. Laninus. Third row: Christian, limi. U'Cunncll, Calhoun, Ritchey, Roth, Brady, M, Sepclyak. lb Q K A A ' Q fe ff 'qv 19 1 ' PURPLE AND GOLD 48 Business Purple and Gold Staff The staff Club which was organized in November of 1938 was sponsored by Miss Isabelle Rupert. The main purpose of this club was to put out the Purple and Gold. To sell advertising, write copy, write subscriptions and deliver books may be some of the minor activities of the group. The club will continue as an activity club even after the publication of the year book. A snapshot contest was held by the staff and many good pictures were sub- mitted. Prizes were given for the three best pictures, selected on the basis of subject matter and originality. Mahlon Miller, our advertising manager, took first prize with his indoor snap of laboratory equipment, while Fay Fraysier used a group of boys at the locker room door as his basic study and won second prize. George Latin who snapped many pictures won third place with his view of Ted Meck posing in football togs. The entire staff traveled to Oakmont to see a Periscope sales promotion as- sembly. Some good ideas for our own program were gleaned from this trip. On March ninth, the Staff Club entertained the junior and Senior High assemblies with a novel program in which they featured a Fashion Show for men giving hints on what to wear at school, on a date, on horseback or at play, and at the prom. The male members of the club served as models. Ashort skit entitled "Pirates Pick Purple Gold" was also presented and all the staff members had a part in this program. Several evening sessions were held in order to get the work done but most of the meetings were held on Wednesday and Friday during activity period. A tureen dinner and movies culminated the year for this group. Training Trena' of Organizations Commercial Club The present Commercial Club was organized November 10, 1938. And officers were elected by a direct vote of the members. Miss Evelyn Claypool was selected as club sponsor. A constitution for the organization was drawn up and a copy was given to each member. The purposes of the Commercial Club are as follows: To promote interest in the business world and in the study of commercial subjectsg to en- courage a social spirit by offering opportunities for wholesome social contactsg and to become familiar with modern progressive business methods and systems. This club has sponsored several tea dances in the school gymnasium after school, which have been very enjoyable. During the club meetings a study of qualifications needed in order to get and hold a job was made. Some short playlets pertaining to business life were also read. Any person who is carrying two or more commercial subjects is eligible for membership in this club. Much is expected of those in the business world today and the hope is that the Commercial Club will prove of some benefit to its members in later life. President ,..........,...... Elizabeth Lanious Vice President .... ......... F lorence End Treasurer ..... ,........ J oseph O'Connell Sponsor ....c .... M iss Evelyn Claypool JUNE 1939 49 Monitors "Single file" . . . These words are quite frequently heard as one ascends or de- cends the steps of our Senior High Building. These and many others like them are orders given by our nine very capable monitors whose duty it is to keep peace and order in the halls. Selected by Mr. Snyder from the Senior group, they are expected to set the example of conduct in the halls. Of course there must be standards upon which they are judged. The following are the qualities upon which they are picked, reliability, honesty, ability to carry out orders, daily attendance, personality, Cgetting along with other stu- dentsl and last but far from least, leadership in the student body. Each has his own place in the halls. One is placed at the South Avenue en- trance, one is at the top of the steps, another is at the bottom of the stairs and so on. They, like everyone else, have their difficulties. To iron these problems out they have meetings at regular intervals to discuss them and decide and plan on what they can do to make our halls better at class-changing time. Vital Pages in The Note Book 0 Debating Club The Debating Club was organized Gctober 28, l939 and sponsored by Mr. Douds. It is a very small club but quite an active one. The purpose of the club is to develop and promote poise and ease in speaking before an audience. Some of the questions debated were? Resolved: 1. That Mercy Killing should be legalized. 2. That ransom to kidnappers should be made illegal. 3. That US, should establish an alliance with Great Britain. This third debate was debated before our assembly with Mahlon Miller and Stella Tsounas on the affirmative and Morty Rubin and Pansy Davis defending the negative side. It is also the debate that will be de- bated on in the debate tournament during the week of April 10. Five members and Mr. Douds attended the Third Annual High School de- bate Conference held at Stephen Foster Memorial University of Pittsburgh early in the year. The debate was: Resolved: That the U. S. should establish an alliance with Great Britain. This is the nation wide debate question de- bated by the Forensic Club. Kent Univeristy took the affirmative side while University of Pittsburgh took the negative. Some ideas on debate procedure were studied at this session, Two new members have been added to the group the persons, joe I-Iezar and Brice Shadle. President .... ..... M ahlon Miller Secretary .... ........ P apsy Davis Sponsor- - - - .. - - -Howard-C. Douds il--li PURPLE AND GOLD 50 Oqganiz anbns X1UNl'l'ORS vs, D.1viS,Ifrz1ysicr,Il:zx's,RuIwin,Roth,l3nl:+gl1:1u11L'l', Forts,IM-l1ti,TMsum Dlfl3,'X'IxlNfVi CLUB x ie Iiuscn, Dullach, Sher, Twumy-4. Rubin, Murrcll, Spzmns-wr---Xlr. H. CI, DnmlQ. Sc41lud,lu1'l lurlghlt U11 , Slzxmlmg: Xlullcr, Iiurruwe. Ifmrmvn, 51 JUNE 1939 l nxt ruw. licwcu Wilwn M 9 Various NA'l'l 'Rli STL DY , k'lCllSlll1, Nlzmni, Rupurt, Alnmn. llnuwlwllluy Rum-53 ljllli , fCli!"llg.Ll1l, lVlilIikL'v1. Cfiwlcnum. .mucmnul row: Slrmxur, Sistck, Ulwlxling, llcrps, Phillips, Ciuimlrvn, llunklc, Barnes, VVlillliL'l',lXflHI'lll1,ciL,If1llL1ZZ2l,xNlZlll4L'f'.lXllSSl1lQI'CC, 'lilurd nm: Duugun, Szlunnlcrq, llCI2lli, Dnugl1v.'i'ly, fXlux'i1'll, hloliiiwm, lilclumck, lX'lcl1L'lic, Spruticzxr, Kiulwwy, !Xnll1rmx,Shz1l1lx, l.aiNl1cr, Wlounliiwgm, GIRLS RIQSVQRVI-QS lfirsl ruw: Duis, lgZlll1lWFlLlfLL', Pai.5z1rnik,SmiLl1, Nlmmru, Uvcrlvcck, lluird, Amlursrm Slum. Wullc, ll, Uulwukl, Vifinlcrs, firnfwn-ix Sucuml rim: King, Ricc. Uurtnn, Williams, Clmmlrm. Viilson, Calvrir, llunn, XVhilc, Mull, XVmwm!s. Ilullingcr, Ilumplwrcy, lXf'lui'lxm'ilcl1, Klalvud. ilil1ll1l fuw lXf'luulli'ugul', Wlhiic. llcgrflli, Kclxlpr, Cllmniings. Pope, llczikins. Olwurf ding, lux. llzxrpcr, Sham, Prswull, l.ytur, Xlcliinlcv, liurklmrl. liunigurdncr, lwlu- Allixlcr. Ifuurllx rmx: Sprmwr,,lX4iw Su-I'Icy', lfiusrmiqz, l.u:cr. llpvzzll, Cfrnjuriuh, llzmn Nluliclicli, liilir, Wright, liuxluicls, Sill, l.uIl'u, Nullix Alhcrir1g,5,,Spunwr Nllxx I.imllux. GOLD 52 e e e ' ,ml-,K t .Mt , , 1' . L-I-:.g'1-It tru., , , . 5 Nature Study Club The Nature Study Club which is sponsored by Miss Mae Pierce has had some unique and interesting activities inasmuch as they have studied fossils, crabs, snakes, minerals, and other natural phenomena. The purpose of the club is to study anything in the field of nature that the members are interested in. Per- haps the most enjoyable activity the club has undertaken was their trip to the Carnegie Museum. The Club meets twice a week. Russel Dougherty is the President of the Wednesday session, and Charles Mehelic of the Friday session. The membership of the club consists almost entirely of boys, a rather curious situation as regards such a subject as nature. Needless to say, Miss Pierce, the Sponsor, has done much toward the success of the club, and through their efforts the studies have been interesting and educational. Officers Friday Wednesday President Charles Mehelic Russel Dougherty Vice President Andy Sepelyak john Morrell Secretary 82 Treasurer Alfred Gorney Richard Martin Interests Manmested in Clubs Girl Reserves The Girl Reserves which was reorganized in October 1938, is sponsored by Miss Steffey and Miss Lindley. lt is not a new club since another group was active in Verona under Miss Thomas' direction some years ago. There are sixty- nine members this year. The purpose of the club is to promote personal and social adjustment. The girls are junior members of the Y.W.C.A., and they have attended several meetings in Pittsburgh. This group has formed a council of the women of Verona to help interpret the Y.W.C.A. of the community and to help promote its ac- tivities here. The girls sponsored a bake sale, the proceeds of which were given to the Y. W.C.A. A party was held with the Hi-Y boys. Everyone enjoyed this very much. At the Club meetings, discussion concerning the Y.W.C.A. and its ideals are underway and handwork of various types is featured. A play was held by the group on March 10 in the High School auditorium and before this at one of the club meetings an amateur hour was featured. 53 Library Club This club was organized mainly to acquaint the members with all different kinds of books and also to aid them in locating books in a library. The system that they use to find these books is called, the Dewey Decimal System. Those interested in library work, as a profession would find the club very interesting and helpful. The club is sponsored by Miss Lightner and meets every Wednesday and Friday in the Senior High Library, The purpose of the library club is to train students to act as assistants in the library. Instructions are given in the make-up of books, classification, use of the card catalog, Readers Guide, the different kinds of reference books and indexes. Practice work is given in charging, shelving, and mending books. The officers of the club are: President ,.... .... M ary Louise Young Secretary ,..., ..., E ugene Calhoun Treasurer ,,,.. ...,... E lmer Mehelic Sponsor- .... ..., j ennie Lee Lightner Learning How Non Commercial Club This club is rather an experimental group and one of the new clubs organized this year. The majority of the group are junior High people and they are fas- cinated by a typewriter. Mastering the keyboard and learning to manipulate their fingers has been their job for a few months, Some of them have become adept enough at this and are now able to type a few of their assignments for class work. OFFICERS President ...... ......... l-I arold Miller Vice President .... ..... j ohn Peretic Treasurer- - .... ........ J ane Hann Secretary- .... .... M argaret Farrow --l PURPLE AND GOLD 54 inT bese Clubs LIBRARY CLUB ifimt row: Anderson, Drmnurbauur, Sehancy, Young, Pavum-, Iirulc, Raalwc, Del- lach. I Iumphrcv, Dunn, Niissjennie Lee Lightner. Second r-aw: Sistek. Bertosa, Bosco, H. Adamsky, Brady, Bright, J. Santucei, Condon, Smith, Gaydos. Third row: Kratsas. Calhoun, Simmons, Bennett, Mchclic, White, Paiino, Vig- Lxiano, Caydos, Garvin, Pctruncy. 'XION COix1Ix4ERCI!XL CLUB lfirnt row: Cnnvcr, Costa, Ncllis. Rnncy, Cfrvxtu, NYhitc, Iinhncn, Hollinger, hiv Carthy, Pmlgornick, Gabor, Cclwelilm, Procnpio. irnxv: Hann, Kumarco, Cummings. Farrow, Hopkins. PIeSe. Perelie, Nunn, v, iviehelie. Tsnunos. Upvall, Dudezak, Mins Genesa Long -Sponsor, '- wlcton, Randas. Laninus, Petruncv, Tuckey. Marmn, ' Hunkcle, Tomazieh, Bcrrosa, Gould, Beers, Sccnng Chaney, Farrm Third row: Stotlcr, Flemg Prcrgoich. Txfiiller, Perctic, Shadlm, Slosar, k4cits0n, Lashcil. 55 IUNE 1939 N.Xl'ION.Xl,l1UNOR 5lJC1Ilil'Y IXf1arlhu Roth, Illlzaluclli l,unuwua, Paul Almruy, Slcllu lEuunub, Mary Luuiw Young, 'l hcmlnru Muck, Ted I lay X, VX1uhlun Millcr,VX1nrly Rulwm. SI'UDliN'l' COUNCIL TX4z1um, Lashull, Whrd, TXIV. lluwurd Duuds, Alu mug, h1urruy, Lzum, llurmzm, Nhllur. xrn, Nlr. Alfrud Snyder, Siblck, PURPLE AND GOLD 56 C lmmctei r' National Honor Society The National Honor Society was revived in Verona High last year when twelve Seniors became members and six Juniors were initiated at a very im- pressive service at Commencement time. The organization is a much older one than this nationally, since it was formed in -1922. Today there are over two thousand chapters with a total enrollment of 250,000 members. The National Honor Society was started to stimulate scholarship in the secondary schools of the country and to endeavor to place secondary education on higher levels. Character, service, leadership and scholar- ship were recognized. Membership in the club is not only for the high school period, but for life and the members must promise to endeavor always to raise secondary education to higher and higher levels. Members are selected for the club by a teacher vote on those scholastically eligible and judgment as to char- acter, service and leadership as regards school work and activities is passed. The membership of the club now totals nine, three of these being added after the first sem ester of their Senior year was concluded. And Leadersbzp Essence of These Organizations Student Council The Student Council, organized during the second semester, is a group which was requested by our student body. The group is a small one, consisting of the class officers of the various groups in Senior High. Mr. Alfred Snyder was selected as the representative from the administration and Howard Douds as the faculty representative of this organization. As a group, they have sponsored several worthwhile programs. During the month of February, the council visited at Connelly Trade School and observed their very excellent monitor system in action. There had been complaint con- cerning the present set-up in our school and this situation was altered through the efforts of this group after careful study. Regular meetings are held where questions of vital interest to the group are discussed. Our special assembly pro- grams have been products of the thinking of this group since they asked that the various clubs be responsible for an assembly program once in a while. The programs have been worthwhile as an entertainment feature and in an education- al way also. Although this group does not have the ideal plan of organization this year, they have drawn up a constitution and by-laws for the future and hope that the group will be more representative in the coming years. OFFICERS President .....z............... Malhon Miller Vice President-Treasurer .......... Bill Alcorn Secretary .................... Miriam Murray 57 Boy's Cooking Club The Boys Cooking Club, sponsored by Miss Katherine McCollum, has been such a popular one that it has been necessary to have two groups meeting at separate times. Senior High School boys were given the preference regarding membership in this club, although many boys had to be refused membership because of inadequate facilities in the home economics room. The main ac- tivities were cooking and baking, but of course, eating the finished product was the most enjoyable part of all the club period. A special trip to the H. J. Heinz Company was taken by one section of the club while the other group prepared an elaborate feed for themselves and a few guests in March. All the boys were greatly interested and good times were had as the members mixed up a batter for cup-cakes or prepared materials for chile-con-carne. Some of the foods prepared by the club wereg muffins, chocolate cake, fudge, salad, salmon cakes, and cream puffs. A few of the boys were overly anxious concerning their baking and watched the stove constantly. Some wished extra large portions and usually measured incorrectly in order to have more to eat. A few accidents have befallen some of the foodstuffs but in most cases the group has been besieged by classmates clamoring for some of the wares as they left the room. OfficersAWednesday' Officers-Friday President, , ,, ,,,s.,,,, Harold Mauro President ,c,,.. , ,.,.,., Verncn Acklin Sec.-Treas. - - - . , - -john Irwin Vice President a.., . ,,,c Carl Zakraysek Secretary .....avc.iia Ray Boughamer Treasu rer- ..... .... C hauncey Moore Girls Will Be Boys and Boys Wzll Girls' Shop Club Another popular club newly organized this year, had two divisions. One was held Wednesday and one on Friday. The girls not only had a good time but learned to use some of the more com- mon tools used in carpentry. All work was done by hand tools as the girls were not allowed to use the machines because of inadequate knowledge of such. So far the girls have finished two projects, namely, lamps and letter holders. Their latest creations were bookends with fancy designs. All projects which were made here were exhibited on March 31 in the gym along with all the boy's tables and book cases. PURPLE AND GOLD 58 lh?Co oks 'rulsa1s,lfm'lc, BONUS COOKING CTI-l'B Virxl rmv: TX1iwKalhcrinc TX4cC1ullum, Uxlluspic, Simmnns, Shulcs, lx Huu,L:hamcr, Tuulacy, Murlm, MlDF2iiliS, Alwmuy. Sucund ram: Ruth, Dcliaziu, Pulimm, Tviaruni, Gzxvdus, XYuwJir1gS. .'Xdxlm, X1mrru, Ruth, Anthony, Plullx, Irwin, Arcs, Clark, Clnill-umwskl. Third nm' Nhhclic. fX4uuru, Cihz1l'lcsxxorlh, Rituhcy, Urgurich. Xfcck, Dclzlch, C1-xmnilx, I'nx. YX1iIlur, Ilclslcy, Vv'imuski, Lallurty, Za!4v'ayscla, Phillips, Ruurick, GIRIQS Sl IOP EIIINI rmx' .'Xllwcrlx, xYL'll1ILlX'C,,lklI1S'ilH1, Sturt, Iinislcr, Gulmd, XYmwds, King, Riru, flunkl. Sucumi rum: NY11rd, Rzlciuppu, YX1gCfm'n1ick. I.L-mr, Clhriwliam. Yurawsi, Sunluucn. Unrdmu, IX'1c.fXlluslur. N112 liurrv Brur11111ur'. l ww: Clrnjuruuh, TX1cWillmms, I7uugz1n,,lmws, llowaxrd, Ilull, Ilugcrs, Krulu, Ruduvich, Whilr, 'l'hir4. A5hlmugl1, 50 JUNE 1939 M usic BAND liirsi-row: Peterson, Ashlwuuuh, Barnes R. 'liuyluiy Humphrey, Clarwwn, Swartz, ll. laylor, Curnplvcll, Ricupcru, lillim, 'l'umlwurrmw. ilihuynpmn, lluplxins, Lom- lvardrmzzi, Alum-n. Sqccund rmy: Kiulcnmn, Lashcr, Bosco, l.. Ciulcmun, rl, Alwwcrmwwlfirs, Aclilin. Cxuslu, l5cl'zi:iu, ll. Alwrcrrmmlvic, Dilwlu, R. .'Nlwcl'crm11lviL'. DRAlx4A'l'lCf Cfl,lFl3 First row: W'intL-rS, Rolh,Sl:1rn, Roth, Ilurmcrlvaucr. Kahn, Cummings, Crnjurich. lu. Olwcrding, lvlcistcr, Bcnnctl, Cfarmichuul, Szmtucci, Ciclwclius. Second row: Mr. Bixydslcmn, Sanders, Davis, Krulfus, Clcmrun, YNcir. Rudgcrs, B, Miller, M. While, Hill, lvlachcn, l'rcr'nicl4, I. Bumz, White, Pcncn, Moore, Goss, lvlcxrrison. Third row: Nlzmni, Roalw, liccri, fizmrsmm, Pzivmwc, Zwkv, Gurdon, johnson, Bcrlusa.Witlunlwrgrr,Giwsgu,lVlarrrwr1,l3uddim.gliclLl,Cihurllmm.ll. liumz, Rcmalc lvlachcn, Curtis. Y, PLE AN DG OLD 60 and I i Band The new school band which was organized by the Mango Band Instrument Company and directed by Louis Mango, has had an unusual year. Just about six weeks after the band was organized, a free concert was given in the audi- torium for the public. Many parents and friends expressed great surprise at the accomplishment of the group in such a short time. At School Nite, an exhibit and patrons day on March 31, the band played several numbers as part of the evenings program and they also held another concert later in the year. Finally on Memorial Day, they paraded along with other Verona organizations and performed admirably in their new venture. Group practice is held on Thursday but individual instruction is given through- out the week by Mr. Mango. BAND Louis MANGO-Conductor Clarinets Drums F. Costa A. DeFazio J. Bosco W. Diblc l lm Coleman Trumpets H. Abercomble R. Peterson A. Lombardozzi R- Abefflomblc j'l.6Xshbaugh Qlcofn V- Acklm . Tolcman . ay or J, Lasher J. Thompson Trombones R Ell. H. Taylor . rot H L . Us D. Ricupero ' amo 5 Safwphomf B. Tamburro Mellophone M. Carlton C. Costa Sl Campbell F. Carson J. Hopkins R. Vidak Bellyra L. Arnold J. Abercombic Drama are Varied Interests of These Groups Dramatic Club The Dramatic Club's main purpose is to promote interest in the study of plays and to develop the ability to read plays intelligently. Besides this the minor objectives are to learn to read plays for enjoyment and to study the large part which dramatics has played in the literature of the world. During the activity periods the members of this club read various plays and this experience helped them to overcome any nervousness which they might have. Sometimes the group practiced for plays which they presented in assembly. One of these plays entitled "In Before Midnight" had a cast of five or six in- dividuals. Another play "Dinner For Six" was read and much enjoyed by the group. Mr. Boydston, a teacher of English, in the Junior High, who is the club spon- sor has made it an interesting and educational one. This club was the re-birth of one which was discontinued a few years ago and one which the students favor highly. 61 The Art Club The art club was organized primarily for those students interested in making puppets and masks. Some of the students showed some original talent on differ- ent subjects and were permitted to carry them out. Should you visit our club you would find us modeling with paper mache, mixed with paste, sketching of various scenes, and people or painting using any of the various media. Some interesting problems have been successfully developed in this group. Variety is the Spice 0 Tbese Boxing Club An experiment was tried out this year in the way of organizing a boxing club for the junior High boys. The response was most gratifying to the coach. The object of the club is to teach boys the art of handling themselves, to develop their bodies and build-up a self-reliant attitude in each one. We do not hope to develop any joe Louis aspirants, and will not encourage any of the boys to go beyond the bounds of knowing what to do and how to do it, ifoccasion de- mands. Our time is spent in various forms of exercise, individual instruction and one or two rounds of friendly combat. Some of the boys were a bit back- ward about putting on the gloves at first, but each one has gradually fallen into the swing of things and their interest and enthusiasm is mounting with each succeeding meeting. Some mention should be made, perhaps, of a few of the members who are ad- vancing a bit more rapidly than the others-outstanding among them being joe Curtis, who carries his guard well up and is able to whip over a left with a telling effect. junior Alcorn displays nice footwork for a youngsterg john Lewis explodes a hefty right hand and is showing improvement right along. Before another year rolls around we will have gone far in establishing this as one of the leading activity clubs of the school. -li PURPLE AND GOLD 62 Groups QRS'- :iv sm, .XR I' C1I,l W3 lfrum rmvg llulcnmn, ,XLIUIL l'-l'dIiL'l'. linda, lirumv, ,'XL2IllL'l1, l'iv.'lXuvuul1, Nlulxubclx, liohnun, Irxxm. Sucund nm: .XHwrls, Qlukcr, Almun, Shulcs. Suclch, Sunburn, Rupcrt, Loallm, Ilimgb. lglll-ilI'llI,5IiiFI1,I'. Burma, A, BUF5lC. l'hn'd row: Gould, Hunkluy, Squnrulxuj, LCVMKS,x'LlI'L15:i,JiiI155UI'1,ciC5T.I'!il'i,SDl'iijCE:lI', Hopkins, Nhllcr, Dclfaziu, Glllcspic, Iwmkcs, BOXING CIl.l'l5 IJIINI rum: lkmu-,.L1L1u'11N. LJLXHII,HLlIk5lC,l,2l511Cll, I llmkx, fflclzmd, iimsmx, lzclxur, llunn. Hudmh, .Xllwrlr-, Sccund rmxg Dulfuim. 'lunm,1u1lz1, lhnplclnm. Ruth, Aluurn, X1i1l'lj.LllI1i1l'U, Burbic, .'Xlmzm, Rcxnalcy, 'X1m'l'1mux1, llvfkjhiil, Cluzxulw NN lld. ww: PJ2H'i1llil, IQLIDLTL. lmzxllw. Clurchldl, SquucI1u5, Lux 15, l'umu:1ch, Vznrunl, 'n, lialydms, -jurllxux sch, Xlzmni. 'l hard lm Lashcr, CIUI-mm 63 jUNE 1939 First rom A DANCING CLUB 'Z I7loo,l, D. llupurr. Balstcr, T. Costa, Ilousuholklcr, Roncy, Dilwlc, Bruno, lmun, P. XVomls, Wilson, I.. Irwin, Ilarpur, Delis. Sccond row: Stollcr, Raahc, Scahurn, Ilcakins, lvloorc, ll. Bruno, l.ovz1r. Agnich, Iiilcr, Piclliivitch, Nlchclic, lX4okasck, IVI. Varassi, Bruno, Roncy, Kcistcr, IVIQ- Carlhv, Miss Vv'csllal4f:, 'lihird row' I7.f:O9I8,i:.f,iL,ILQIIUZZH.I:.lX"I3Uff7,AF!1lJILI.II.AICKlYI1,Iz.I'iIII'4,f:I12iI'IL'- lon, Bcrgoich, lntorrc, BL-rtosa, Savcman, Kcfalos, K. Cfhurlcmworlh, J. Iloplains. R. Smith, Phillips, Hunter, T. XVuodings. lfirxt row: I73Ul'1I'1L'll, Allwcrtx filiilil, Aslilwalmglw. Nlcliinlcy, klzinwon, Ciulwr, llol- IIIU,2L'T,xVUIIC,IIUINDITFX,KL'lNlCT.ISHIITIWTILILCC,XVIIIISUl1.SZ1I'1lUL'CI. Second row' Bozick, Kumarco, Lytcr. lIolIingcr,Saumlurw, Pcruliu, RogurS,Vw'I1ilc, Wright, Ilill, Chaney, Ilzirpcr, Shaw, lllcsc, Doupgzin, Iiix, Ilann, Wire. Palmer. I". Sixtck, Ihompson. 'lihirgl row: Bqntz, Rcmulcy, Zcsky, lfix, J. Dclluch, Lasher, I,11lI'crLy, I". Dcludi, Wolfe, I Iczar. Sher, Sanlucci, Aluaruy, Iiundeis, lvluchcn. PURPLE AND GOLD 64 Trqb the Light F Dancing Club One of the largest clubs organized this year, the Dancing Club has had some interesting sessions. The club was organized in order that those who never had had an opportunity might learn to dance and many have accomplished this feat with some of the desired ease and grace which comes with much practice on the dance Floor. Victrola music served as the momentum back of the dance and many vic- trola records which were donated to the club made it possible to have a variety of selections and thus avoid monotony. At several club periods, special music was furnished by the school swing orchestra and invited guests made the activities more versatile. During one of the periods a lecture was given on 'The actions, dress and behavior of a lady or gentleman attending a dance. " On either Wednesdays or Fridays during the Activity period music can be heard floating up from the gymnasium where Mrs. Palmer or Miss Westlake are in charge of these groups. Sometimes it is a Paul jones and sometimes just a good swing session, but it has been lots of fun for its members. Fantastic 65 junior Class Play "He's My Pal" It is the custom of the junior Class to hold an annual play in order to make money for the junior-Senior Prom. The class this year chose for their play "He's My Pal" a three-act comedy which they presented on Thursday and Friday evenings March 16th and 17th, It went over very well and also proved to be a financial success. All members of the cast took their parts admirably and we wish to congratulate them. Ma Averill, played by Rita Caufield, was a motherly woman who was loved by all her boarders. Wally Allen, or Bill Alcorn, had to solve the question- "Would you give up the girl you loved to your best pal, if it was for his happiness and hers, particularly if you owed your life to him?" His dilemma threatened to upset the peace of the household. lt made three other people thoroughly unhappy, his pretty Hancee-Lark, who does not love him-played by Carolyn Shadeg his beloved pal-Roger Cail CBrice Shadlej who had sacrificed an arm for him, and the quiet little ugly-duckling who is secretly in love with him- played by Emmabel Long. Wally's self-sacrifice eventually brought happiness to all other members of the cast including Eugene Calhoun, who took the part of a young carpenter, Bob Ritchey, who took the part of Calvin l'VlcCay, a hen- pecked husband, his wife and boss, Blossom lVlcCay played by Esther Grogan, Kitten Blake, and a beauty specialist portrayed by Lois Coleman. Others in the cast were Crace Mull, Edwin Ogden and Albert Lombardozzi, Alumni Play "It Happened In Holblwoodu CHARACTERS Jarvis ..,....,.. the Pembroke Butler ..s....... ,... H erbert Schwer Messenger Boy ,..............c.........te.. ....t,.. G eorge Wise Torn Cwarrity ,,............,... a press agent .s.. .... T homas Watterson Alan Tremayne ...... with movie aspirations .,.ttt ......t J ohn Truschel Josie Pembroke .,,tt,,, the daughter of the house .... ,t,, B arbara Spindler Princess Dolores .....t her dearest friend .,........... .... A deline Hopper Phyllis Duganne ...... reporter on the "Movie News" - - - ..,... Sara Scovel Bert .......... temporarily a chaujeur ............ ..... R ichard F rick Doreen Downing .......... a "movie star" ..... ....,.. H elen Burkhart Polly O'Connor .... ,... a "comedy" actress .... , ....,...,-. Rita Kleber Mrs. Pembroke ......., the mistress of the house ......,.. Hazel lvlclvlunn Scalzo Sir Humphrey .... ,,., t he Princes guardian ................. Harold Palmer Time ....................,.......r....., The present Place ....t The Pembroke home in Hollywood, California Again, the Alumni group who last year presented a play for the benefit of athletics in Verona, came to the foreground in a presentation of a second such play. This time they chose a three act comedy in which Alan played by john Truschel passed himself off as Prince Umbert and tried to break into the "movies" in Hollywood. Everything goes well until he and his publicity agent encounter the real prince, a princess and movie stars galore in a house the butler shouldn't have rented. A pleasant entertainment this was and we, students take this opportunity to thank the alumni again for their earnest support in the activities of the school. ---1 PURPLE AND GOLD 66 C.lx'1ull, J l INIOR PLAY CAST l7irsL ruw: li. Lung, A, lvloorc, R, Cauficld, C. Shade, lf. Grogan, J. l lzmn, l,, Coleman. Second row: lfvclyn Cflaypool-Cuacly A. Lmnlwarduzzi, lf, Calhnun, ll. Alcorn. R. Ritchey, l5.Sl18k.llL', li. Ognlcrrll. ALUMNI PLAY CAST Standing: ll. Schwcr, J. Truschcl, S. Scovcl, T. NVattcrsun, H. Palmer, A. l loopcr, 'ndlcr, G. XVisc. 1'lvlunn Scalzo, Richard Frick, Rita Klchcr. llclen Burkhart. B. Spl Seated: llazcl lx L 67 JUNE 1939 With the compliments of Wm. B. SCAIFE AND SUNS CO. OAKMONT, PA 137 Years Old Founded 1802 69 WAGNER SHOE STORE THE MEN'S SHOPPE Geo. H. Zimmerman The Home of up-to-date Footwear Mens' Furnishings Oak. 995 cat moderate prices, 757 E. Railroad Avenue 731 E. Railroad Ave. Verona Pa. Verona, Pa. Open every night UNION COLLIERIES CO. -Producers of - NEWFIELD COAL "THE CLEAN COAL" Oakmont 1300 Oakmont, Pa. SPIRER'S DEPARTMENT STORE FRANK'S BARBER SHOP Dry Goods 613 E. Railroad Avenue Ladies', Men's and Boy's Verona' Pa' Ready-to-wear Furnishing F. Jakovac, Prop. Clothing and Shoes Oak. 664 Verona, Pa. 69 Compliments of G. C. Murphy Company -5 and 10 cent Store- 730-734 Front Street Verona, Pa. THE ADVANCE-LEADER Compliments of Len. C. Anderson, Publisher One of Pennsylvania's VERONA FOOD MARKET Best Weekly Newspapers 70 KURTZ BROS. School Supplies and Equipment Ditto Machines and Supplies 3528-30 Forbes Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Main Oiiice and Factorygfllearfield, Pa. !tThey shall find wisdom here and faith. In steel and stone, in character and thought, they shall find beauty, adventure, and moments of high victory." THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH Verona Building and Loan Association 736 Allegheny River Blvd. VERONA, PA. PAUL F. BEALAFELD, Sec. Real Estate and Insurance 7l OAKMONT PONTIAC CO 607 Allegheny Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Phone Oak. 9589 INGALLS IRON WORK COMPANY Birmingham, Ala. Verona Plant Structural Steel for Buildings and Bridges THOMPSON 8: CO. Paint Manufacturers Oakmont, Pa. GORDON FUNERAL IIOME " On the Boulevard " Oakmont, Pa. Phone Oak. 633 SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY Water Supply for Verona, Oakmont and Plum 436 an Township Offices: d 748 Allegheny R Verona, Pa. iver Blvd Compliments of C. W. RUSE Funeral Home 734 Brunot Street Verona, Pa. VERONA LUMBER Wand.- SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDING HEADQUARTERS Phone Oak. 144 415 East Railroad Ave. Verona, Pa. C. MOBILE SERVICE STATION Efficient, Friendly Service 400 Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, Pa. E. Arthur and J. T. McGrail, Proprietors EDWARD J. WEIMER Florist and Decorator Phone Oak. 550 473 South Avenue Showroom: 753 Allegheny River Blvd Verona, Pa. Go To Bardls for Good Things To Eat Bmfcfs "Your Ice Cream Storey 420 Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, Pa. 73 Compliments of MAX PARKER General Contractor 710 Bakewell Building Pittsburgh, Pa. Don't forget 1915 THE PEOPLE'S PHARMACY Marshall D. Woods, Ph. G. Prop. Verona, Pa. Congratulations To The Class of 1939 ALLEGHENY VALLEY TRUST CO. VERONA, PA. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Co. A. S. WARNER CO. Roofing and Sheet Metal Work Automatic Heating Welding Continental Bundy and Selmer Instruments Instruments MANGO BAND INSTRUMENT CO. Band and Orchestra Organizers 1421 Fallowfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Anthony Mango-Lehigh 0690-J Phone Oak 27 Res. Syc. 7711 L. K. CARTER MOTOR CO. KIER M. EWING Dodge and Plymouth Real Estate-Insurance O k. 960 O k , P Notary Public Verona, Pa. a a mont a FORD CARS and TRUCKS H UMES BROS. INC. Aspinwall, Pa. St. 2880 It Pays to Buy Your New or Used Car From a Reputable Dealer C. E. STONER, Local Representative Oakmom' C? Verona Dairy 6 Ice Ca. PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM ICE - DAIRY PRODUCTS y 20 Pennsylvania Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Phone Oak. 159 JOHN S. GASPARICH LOU SHER Meats and Groceries cor. 5th an virginia Ave. Groceries 08km011'C, Pa. Verona, Pa. Phone Oak. 1097 75 A Century of Service to Business For Superior Business Training S WOODINGS 81 SON Enter Duff's ' K Hardware and Feed DUFFS-IRON CITY COLLEGE Paints, Varnishes, Glass 424 Duquesne Way-Pittsburgh Hunting and Fishing Licenses AT1antic 4875-76 AMERICAN STEEL FOUNDRIES VERONA, PA. W1LLEY'S DIBLE BROTHERS BROWN but Shoe Store Gas, Oil, Tires anr1.Accessor1es General Repairing 737 Allegheny River Blvd. Oak' 9578 Allegheny River Blvd.fSecond St. Verona, Pa. Verona, pa. W RODMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY VERONA, PA. 76 TECH DAIRY STORE 743 Front St. Verona We specialize in Dairy Products SHAW SERVICE STATION Alex Shaw, Prop. Amoco ProductseFirestone Tires Kendall Oil and Grease Syc. 4483 Verona Rd. 85 2nd St. Verona, Pa. "OAKS" A TRULY MODERN THEATRE in Oakmont, Pa. A place where it is a delight to meet your Sweetheart, Friends and Neighbors Stephen M. Rodenok, Mgr. Fifteen Years of Progress in This Community CALEB LEE Builders' Supplies Verona, Pa. LOIS' MAISON FREDERIC Beauty Salon Competent Operators 411 Center Ave. Verona, Pa Lois Wagner, Prop. Oak. 1424 THREE STAR BOTTLING WORKS Carbonated Beverages Verona, Pa. JAMES BURROWS Iron and Steel Scrap Verona, Pa. WOODINGS VERO A TOOL WORKS FIRST NATIONAL BANK OAKMONI PA. Congratulations to the' Graduates of 1939 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GRACE MARTIN 'S SCHOOL "A School Discriminaten D Firestone Tires Secretarial for Young Women MARTIN SERVICE STATION h h Fl -K B 'l ' Ut 85 lgiaittsgxgh fgan ul ding Willard Batteries Grace Martin Cornelius - Principal Atlantic 6309 - 6310 78 Call Oakmont 4 O. S. GRUBBS Sc SON'S +HONOR BRAND- Insurance Established 1920 Frosted Foods Allegheny River Blvd. Qakmont, pa. E.A.Volkwein Oakmont Real Estate Phone Syc. 7843-P.S.C.A. 20593 Phone Court 2610, 3511, 3512 PITTSBURGH CARINI and STARR VERONA-OAKMONT EXPRESS Daily Trips Between BARBER SHOP Pittsburgh, Verona, Oakmont, N. Bessemer, Unity, and Universal All Goods Received at 202 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh Before 1 P.M. Will Be Delivered 331 South Avenue Verona- Pa- The Same Day PAUL KRESS, Prop. Rosedale. Verona, Pa. E. N. MILLER CO. FURNITURE, CARPETS, STOVES, ELECTRICAL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Home of Quality Furniture -Phone Oak. 1077- 615 E. Railroad Avenue Verona, pa' 79 S. M. GUNDY - HOME DAIRY - Sycamore 7714 W. H. FISHER Everything in Hardware Radios, Paints, Glass, Varnish General Electric Refrigerators and Washers Fertilizer and Seed Oak. 17 Masonic Building Verona, Pa. Compliments of Eaton Funeral Home OAKMONT, PENNSYLVANIA Since 1895 Compliments of THE OLYMPIC THEATRE Verona, Pa. J. Moritz. Prop. WOLFE PRINT SHOP John S. Wolfe JOB PRINTING Phone Oak. 344 427 North Avenue Verona, Pa. 80 C p1'ments of The EDGEWATER STEEL CO. ALWAYS INTERESTED IN THE SUCCESS OF OUR SCHOOLS 81 ESTHERS BEAUTY SHOPPE HERPS SERVICE STATION W. V. Herps, Prop. Atlantic White Flash Lee Tires-Accessories Expert Lubrication Service Oak. 9560 River Blvd. 85 Wildwood Allegheny Verona, Pa. THANKS! FOR YOUR CLASS RING ORDERS Future classes can safely depend on equally fine class rings , JOSTEN ' c?,ggnggM1DGS'mr2'f E stern Sale Office - - New York City a Main Plant ----- Owatorma, Minnesota FLEISHER'S BAKERY Oak.310 763 Allegheny Avenue Oakmont, Pa ALLEGHENY PHARMACY G. Di Leonardo, Ph. G. Your Neighborhood Drug Store Phone Oak. 9550 719 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Compliments of THE VERONA VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT Oakmont 9 2 5 HARRY ZALEVSKY Patent Medicines-Groceries Cold Meats-Magazines Ice Cream-Candy4Cigars Cor. 3rd 85 Center Verona, 82 Baby picture identification Richard Fix Compliments of Anna White Fay Fraysier lN1iriam Murray Elinor Coleman Margaret Farrow Raymond Boughamer Robson? Bakery Baby picture identificati n Edith Cebelius Helen McWilliams Martha Roth Ida Bentz Chauncey lvloore Pansy Davis Sara Cugliuzza Eileen Oberding Ted HBYS Helen Keene HOME STYLE PASTRIES Mary Louise Young Stella Tsounos Elizabeth Lanious Frank Delach Dolly Forte Our 27 years in one Locality speaks for its self YOU CAN'T BUY NEW EYES Let Us Examine Your Eyes Without Delay DR. L. V. HERPS Optometrist 724 Alleg. River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Compliments of WM. MERRIMAN'S BEAUTY SALON JAYNE'S BEAUTY PARLOR Individual finger waves 803 Allegheny River Blvd. Machineless permanents Verona, Pa. Oakmont 869 500 Delaware Ave. Oakmott Phone, Oakmont 132-J ACKNO WLEDGMEN T The staff of 1939 wishes to thank you, the students teachers and patrons who, through friendly and help- ful cooperation are largely responsible for the success of "The Purple and Gold,'. 83 'I I X 4 4, lf if F L - 24 ! ii 'J 5 11-12- ,. 2.1, 1 .Ir " 1.II1.J. GI - me I" 1 I l gp I 1II4 dl ' 1': ' 'r' 1 E1 '1 3171 I1.,1fA1I.SfI. HF' I T11 ' I 1II I I -1. WIA .1- I 75 1-T .Q 1 4 .ALI 2575 -Ii i 1 -,: . I . I .I .1 145543 ' ' fl'-"l I' ,ILL 1 ,11L- - fs- -. V I 1 I1 J1- 'fs 'IL -- 1351'- 'Wk ,. ,I Q '- T A71 HL " " 11 1 .1 .- 1 'U .IIIII 1fI1' 1' 'VY ?fJ: 'P-IJ Is. fi .v 11 .-n 4. -1 -1 .I , 1 , 11. 'TL- 1' -11 -1' - 1 11 I .1 1 1 I 1 .In- .I 1 - ..- - ., I- ' 1 1-1+ 1.11 4 , 1 II I, , I . . -. . . ' 'L' 45 ' . 1- .. - 1 . 111 L -.1. 15- . fe- 1. V -- L- : I . 1 " 1 .1 ' -1I' .. , ' ' - ' EI'1. nf '11 -I1 - :.I11 . MIIIII . I1 1I .11.s 1 , I 311. , - " -. . 1 v-11 '11 . r-1 'af - - - 11-1 ' -1 ' . WPI I-N' - lil 1' Lf I ' L EZ li! M . - I . .1 1 - - 1 11- - 1 1 -1-1111. -1--'E 'E 711:15 -." ' ' 1 . M I I IIII.,.:11 . I . .-. 11--. L- ' 1 1 'L .f1f1- -11 ll 1.111 II .11 1 - .11 , - 'I' .1 1 NE. I 51I:I' ' 11 1 1 ' -153' ' . 1 -- E' ' . 1 1-. -' .,I, . I 1.1 1 ' QP' . 1 , ,, .1 .1111I .II ' 1 I. .. " 1 ' 1 '12, I ' I VI K1-1 - - L. i 1 .' 'I . " ' Q I 'if" ' 5 ' "A VT is 'M 1 ' I I . . 1 'III 2- -5- ' . I1I I 1 .-- '11--'. - .11 H .m . . ,. 11 1'-V Il 16 1 - 11. . 11 11: 1 I I -,II - 1 . 'I V1 'Z . 1II I I If I .Z IE 1 f T 5.41 f. I , r . I "7 . .. s.'- .1 Ja 1 1 . . ' J r 1 - ' , .VII- 1"'5"'-Ik, ' .11-' I 1 'Hr , ii . H -- I , . I - '-u, Z! I . . Av. ' , I -1 , s'11I.- . I I I I 15' 5 I' ' ' I11 .-1 'Pi , . -L ' f' l ICQ' -I. . ,..II, 13. I .- I J. . em 1.1 1. - - .jf 33' , 11- EJ' is :,II'.gILIII 1 1-I . HJ? - JE 31'?:Eg1I -I 9" !'1' I , 'II'-I . 1. - ,L 1 I 1 LII '- V- :X l5'5 ' 'V . . .1 1 1, IIII 1 I I 1 E - Q 1. ' ,..L1n1-.1 im. 51 1 ' g 1 I , . .I 1..1 1- 1II. I -."-1.1, 1 , 15' 11 I 3" I1 I I 7.1- -1 .III 1 IQII 1- I PW ff II1I'.iIfI ' lg: .-.5 114' 1 . .. 21 i:i'4' 'Sw --ef F . , J.. , .Af , .Hg .- 1 lj I I I w .wa w W w W , ' N- I iii 41,5 gy V5 I . F . , WWE" jf' 4' A ., 4 A-A-K A f. ,Qi

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