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r -1 H ,xl ,"...x ,rf XL. M-V V . ,. . S if A K if xv- S - Et? f if F -A. .-..- F - 1, Q fp 'A' . .pr --,-S QL -ei "' . ,, , 1 ,, K A E Haul K Fm' , -54. . -Q 1. 1,,x,g'.Q rw . ,,. , . . ,- gr, ,A 14, ., awww is Q ' -f.: ' "" -T" 4 .,. , , . , , . , .' .Q --Er, "-If-, ' f-5EfL'f'A 1'-1u.,L.,i 1.42 i , Q 4,. ..':a,fy ,. . ,, A f, Q-,:g:'gef",,5 .4-r 5 , . " ':,.'x'? .N-'f'5.,' L ., . ".'- 414:'gg'. V' A"5fL1-1:4-3.-5"7'1:' ,Z L 4 '- ' '-'gtg -J ' '- , ,. , " ' A ,- -12 ww, xv- - f 4. :fa A 1 ' 2" --'-1 'PQQ1 Q + 1-L 54 A .. . 3 !'1f?'M'1 .' ' 1. - - 1 - . '- ,V 'gg-L 1... --w.,.1: ,Q--,Pr-qi' f.-9, I :tx-'W .' Q L- T ' . , ii, ji' -24 I'-gi .wi f-ya ' ' 1' , 'E' .f7:.,,!41-- haf. ax:-Q HY, . - -. f - V 1 - .0-' -f ,-' ,.-' .g- ' ,. Y-QF. 1 , ' x ' J , N ,,,,4.-,Lib f 1. . ,f w .- P f-. , 1 " pu . f. ,plu . F9' fi Ili? Ha: -NN ff" 4 'nl ' win i 1 .rf Z 1 ,- ,,.w,.g-. ' -lk , .. I ' 1 s . M '- SRM .A i ,m . ,,e, , 'uf-L:-fp Je 51 3,151 f--'va' 1'?'f 'Q' K- Au my H1 gay ,.-ff: wx. P -JI-4, g ,u .. , fp, 1.f vp It 4 , .4 'F .Q-w v ' ' 'S w 1 w , w s "' 1 4' Q , 1 1a.,v, "RL EE-iff:-h ' . '.-.-1 if ' e f ,K , ' xt ' .mb xl wg- WL ,, Y ::.m..xa!-fe'.,,.e.. . ..... -. ,V , an , ."' .H ,f:1m.".:: .,. .:A,g:.a.,2!.f -v-,..' W 9719? 1938 PURPLE AND GOLD r ENGRAVING BY Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Co PRINTING BY Standardized Press ,M W...-f fm' ,M A XJ xb . T938 PURPLE and GOLD n 4' Lal Polly Fix lr presented for the benefit ol thu l ligh School Athletic Association hy this group ol' alumni and coached hy Miss Blanche Lindemurh is symbolic of thc work done by our alumni this year and in years gone hy NVe also consider it quite an honor that one ofour graduates was able to introduce several of his own musical scorn into this production. WE H0 ORN... We, the class of '38, in order to show our appreciation to our Alumni, Veronas most loyal and faithful supporters, who have assisted us in all our undertakings and activities, do herewith dedicate this publication of the Purple and Gold. With the greatest feeling of joy and happiness in our work and with the hope that the work will be continued in years to come, we Seniors of 1938, present this Purple and Gold to our fellow students, alumni and friends. We have tried in editing this publi- cation to preserve the memories of the best and happiest moments in our lives. lf this book will aid in recalling in the future some of the memories and the memorable events of this year, the staff will consider their efforts well worth while. x yew s- I i fl r fi 1 1 IV X CCNTENTS THE SCHCJOL THE ACTIVITIES THE ATHLETICS FEATURES AND ADS li efecivztion 'llhe Staff and Seniors extend our most heartfelt thanks to Miss Isabelle Rupert lor her cooperation and guidance as the advisor for our year hook, and as a llriencl throughout our high school days. We also wish to shoxx our appreciation to all those others who have contributed either of their time, effort or money in the puhlieation of this hook. " 9 is . E' , . 1 , H Wg 1 if Ike 36500 The Board of Education This group of men who serve as administrators in the Verona Schools are indirectly responsible for the student welfare, although their work is not from a professional but business standpoint. The present board was organized in December, IQ37, and meets once during each month to transact the ordinary business of such boards and discuss school problems. These men are closely identified with the past, as well as the present history of the school. Frank Hogan, john Young and Harry Pierce are not only patrons of the school but graduates of IQO5, l9l5, and l9l9 respectively, R. R. Bodenhorn who has been secre- tary since IQZ3 served as president from 1920 to IQZ3 and U, G. Palmer hllcd the principalship from l9ll to IQZQ. 'icrcc. 8 I lm!! lu rlgfil Frank ll. llogan, john ll Young, Jr., U. G. Palmer, Dr. C S llumcr, llurry l'. 1938 PURPLE Supervising Principal XV. Crane Remalcy Although this is Dr. Remaleys first year in Verona and Grst as Supervising Principal, he has been closely associated with the schools of Allegheny County for a number of years through his fathers connection with the County Office. Before coming to Verona he taught history in Gladstone junior High School, one of the larger junior Highs in Pittsburgh. Education and military activities seem to be his particular in- terests Each summer he spends a part of his time in camp where he serves in the capacity of Captain of the Coast Artillery Corps of U. S. Army Reserve. Along with his professional work at Verona. he is an assistant professor in the law school at Duquesne. He also enjoys photography and travel. His interest in the welfare of the student is always uppermost in his mind and a very successful year in the lives of the students of V. H. S. has this of '38 been. NTD GOLD 9 Head Teachers ..... The Verona Schools include three buildings, an Elementary, junior High. and a Senior High building, The Elementary School, the oldest of these buildings was built in 1870 For several years, Miss josephine Hunter, the principal, has capably managed this building where there are 468 pupils enrolled and ll teachers employed. This little red school house brings back many pleasant memories to the residents of Verona. The presentjunior High building was built in l9l3, and until last year it was used to house the junior and Senior High Schools. It is now under the supervision of Miss Blanche Lindemuth and there are 2-ll pupils with ll teachers there. ln the junior High, the Home Economics Department was remodeled and enlarged this year when modern equipment was installed on the third floor. The Shop, which was transferred to this building also has had some improvements. We proudly watched our New Senior High building being constructed during year of l937, each student anticipating his return to a new building, new equip- ment and a new environment, There are now l89 pupils enrolled and 8 teachers in the Senior High building which was first used this year. Mr. Alfred Synder, the principal, has contributed much to the success of this school year. The successful working of these buildings is due to the careful planning on the part of Miss Hunter, Miss Lindemuth and Mr. Snyder. A large portion of their time and effort is spent in making each building as efficient as possible. ' a- T - 1938 PURP1 10 N .k .R Sum! Clumcnu, XYcitIal4u, Claypnrml, l.lLLhlT'lCl', IU.-u.1x, Snuicr Slnmlzng Lon-L. VX1Q1r4 ml, Ruprrl Senior High F acult lI,YDlQ ifl.lLVX1l.N'lAS ,Il:wXN Vw'I5S'll.XKl' lfXlzl.YN CIl.,XYl'UOl. l'l1xuxuuI lilluulmrx. Hvullll lfrvmlw, lllxlwx' 'l xhmg. l'Lnvkl4uv,'ur1g, l31r.xrr1uxx Hull: Ulvlxclxllx' ui Plllxlvllrgglw, Pvnn Stale. Slxpprry Rock Slzllu 'lkm':1cln'xK Cfulf lnJlmz1 Slzxlu 'l'cuL'l1ulN Clullugu, I3 5 bllppclw R-mix, li 'X lugs, ll 5- 'XIlL'p,hL-ny Cfollvgn- I mnvrluxll liuudw Spurmvxs l'rrnL'l1 Club Spmmvr K cu l11L'rua1l Vlulx Slmmm Ya rxux filulw Dlrcurm' ul jumm' Plux IILYNH' l,IiI-.1.llIlll'NI'.R IIUXNQXRD li IBN DS Xl.I5RIpI7SNNl7l:R I :Imumu 'lr'1g-'r1u1m'1r,x', I' U IJ , 'XI,gufvw1, Gnu- l'l1umz.v!rx'. lizulugy,'.v XXuyn1uNlNur'p1 ifnwllnqgc, 'X ll, DUNN 'UUH5' Chun c filly ffulluggc. li 5, liwlvcrwllx' In-11 cillX ilullugu L'nlx'crN1ly -1tl'1l1ximu'gl1, -X H , YXI X nl PirlxlwL11',L:h. lfI1lXCI'P-IIX' 4-1 Sl7Ulhk'l'll Spmwwx Scnuu' H1-X 1IzsllI'm'rm1, I7ukcL'n1xclwilx Scrum' I hgh Prlrkwpul CIIQNIQSN LUNG vll'l.I:X IXINRUXI Xl. ISKHI-1l.l,l' Rl'l'lQR'l' .Slfmr llmml, 'lLvf:f1,g. l3u.x'zr1u.x,x I .nw Ufflu' -X'u.1'ulm x- lffhlll-Vh 'S"lL'X"'4"1-V,1'f' l'nix'c1'sil,y ul PillSl'Wl.II',LKh, I5 S, Rndur ffulluxu, N Y lf . lxI1IX'L'INIlX ,XJVIWV 'UV lhi' SHUI' H1144 ml l'1LlxlvL1ru,h, ll Cf S 4.1sucl1ol'Sunlur Play' GOLD 11 Qui... Smluil Lindley, Huntcr, lX4cCullough, Picruc. l,inL.lcmuth, Cunningham Slllfllllllij' Schrur, Stcffcy, lwlcfirmlluni, Bmhlcr unior High Facult IIILDA l.lNDLliY Latin, Hixmry Pennsylvania College fur W'nnif'n, NX' Ll., Vvinisrcr, A li lV1!XLi l"llfRClf Grograpliy, Ciiiifx, Suffice University nl Pittsburgh, B S. ALFRED SCl'll2liR Shop Pennsylvania Stare College, I3 S, JOSlQPHlNlg l ll.lN'l'liR AVI, Prinfipcil in lflvrriwlliiry .Skliiviil lfs.linl1nroSrz1lL' blluaclwcrls Ciillcpgc, li S li-LANCI lli l,lNDlflvlLl'lil l Prim'l,'ml Q! junior lligh Sclmul lnckhavcn State 'l'eacher'5 College MARCARI2 In STlilflfliY Mu1l1wm1lif.v, English lduskinguni College, A B, ,l,'XNlf Nli3CLll.l.Ol lGl l ,Nluxii Olwrlin College. li S M Urcliuslra Dircgtur Sponsor Ulcc Clulw lil-1l5lgCC,fX Cl lNNlNlil l.-Xlxl l'l1y.vii'ul lfillliilllun Slippcrv Buck Suitu 'lncuchcns Clullv.-gn, B S Cviachcx Clrlx Basketball learn. Spons Num l.cuLlcrQ Club and Chccrlcadsrf KA'l'l l.fXRlNl2 l NTKLCC Jl.l.l llxl llnmu lfcmwmlux Temple llriivcrsitv, l'3.5. MIZRLIQ J, BRAHLER Wll.l.lAlX'l MLEGILI. Arithnietic, Algvbru, C'1vi'c.i English, Geogniphy Universitv of Pittsburgh University nl' Pirtslwurgli, BS, lxl A. Sporimrs Junior l li-Y I Z I2 1958 PURPI A Farewell To Seniors ..... As Seniors of V. H. S., you are just entering the corridor of life. This corridor contains many doors, some of which you must pass through. The door of graduation opens nrst and there are many oppor- tunities waiting to he seized. Up to this time, you have worked as a class with some one at the head to guide you and help you solve your problems. That is left behind as you go through the door of graduation where you will either become leaders or followers, de- pending upon your own efforts. This world exists on natures laws of which one of the greatest is 'iThe Survival of the Fittestu. So, Seniors choose wisely as you push open the doors of work, religion and recreation. Contentment brings happiness, the only high goal any one can attain. But, we must have work, worship, and recreation, too. The rule that I want you to take with you as you go through the doors of lifes corridors is the Golden Rule of Life. AND GOLD 13 l hli dlvlfl up McCormick and Tendick: Miller and Rothg Mcgvgl U" an or llusack and Abercrombie: QL,anyi, lvlcck and Frickg Sqhrivski and Strunk Senior Personalities That quality which makes one human being different from another, that elu- sive something called personality, is the reason for the names on this page. With Shakespeare we say that "All the worlds a stage" and on the stage ol high school life these individuals have been outstanding in various fields of endeavor. Frances and lvlartha jane will be remembered for their good work, studious attitudes and helpfulness to all the Class of '38, Athletes, bold and brawny, always claim a warm spot in our heart. lvlorliord, McCormick and Tendick placed their names in the l-lall of Fame at V. H. S. and Anna Sehovski, although not so bold and brawny, distinguished herself in the athletic world. To cheer these individuals on to victory, Delroy was always in his place as head cheerleader, Wesley Frick, as editor of the annual and Thane Tegethoff as advertising manager have rendered a ieal service to all, True student supporters, with the willingness to work, such as Emma, Florence and Janet po 'sess are rarely found anywhere. And with Stan- ley Meek as our class president for the past two years we have had a real leader. So, it is with Edgar Guest that we say, " lt is not in the work you are able to do, lt's in the personality labeled as 'youf' 1958 PURPLE l4 Senior Graduating Class of 1938 SENIOR CLASS UFFICERS Stanley Mcck ...,....,.......... President Thane Tegetholf ......,...., Vice President Martha jane Abercrombie ..... . .Secretary XVcslcy Friek ............ .,.,., 'l 'reasurcr Our Freshman year found many students enrolled in our class. Although many new friendships were formed, the year passed without any social function being held. Some of our more ambitious classmates joined the various clubs in the school and thus initiated the beginning of their social life. Those of us with journalistic ability joined the staff of the school paper, "The I-li-Life". During this first year we set the mold for the career toward which we were striving. Our Sophomore year began with various new faces among our classmates for we welcomed many students who had spent their first year as Penn High Freshmen at Thad Stevens School The class enrollment reached its peak during this year but receded during the next two years. In the middle of the year a class party was held in the gym where radios furnished the music for dancing and refreshments were served. Our first social gathering was voted such a success by everyone that we enjoyed another party. As juniors, we considered ourselves the treasure of the school. It was during this year that we made our debut as performers in the annual junior class play, "Marry Before Midnight". Shortly after the presentation of the play our class sponsored a Valentine Dance. Many of us joined various clubs which extended to us their privileges. The election of class officers took place early in the year as we needed to have class representation at various meetings. The social event of the year turned out to be the junior-Senior Prom which was held in May at Alcoma Country Club with Art Giles' Orchestra. The junior year closed with us making plans for our future responsibilities as Seniors. Our Senior year commenced with classes in the new school building, where we all experienced thrills in finding our way about at first. To set the social whirl in motion our class held a party in the new gym with an orchestra furnishing the music for dancing. Many of us joined clubs and those who belonged to the Glee Club had the opportunity of taking part in an Operetta. A dance was held early in the year which was the first important social gathering of the Seniors. Our class sponsored a Year-book which was a new venture. Some of our classmates exhibited their skill as performers in the Senior Class Play at the close of the year. KND GOLD 15 X jk. X chool Calendar Sept. 7-First Day of School Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. B Nov. Nov. Nov Dec. Dec. Dec. 9-l.,eader's Club Dance l4-15-Teachers Institute 23-Jr. Class Dance 29-Dedication of New High Schoo uilcling and Dance 6-Cheerleaders Dance 24-Senior Party 24-28-Thanksgiving Vacation 3-Senior Dance 3-Commercial Club Dance ZZ-Athletic Assn. Dance IVTARTHA JANE ABERCROMBIE, "Corley" the chief monitor kept :1 perfect hall , . will be remembered for her Hne performance in the junior Play . . , has been the secretary of the class for two years. WILLIAM AFl7Al.'l'ER,"Link", although quarantined a great part of the year with Scarlet Fever and Diph- theria was a great favorite with all , his pride and joy is an old green lfortl. Cl lARl.O'l"lCli lvl. ALCURN, , "Chic" is another future sienographer . . . takes part in most school activities . can he found at the end ol' the second hall where she is the monitor . Treasurer of the Commercial Cluh her eheerv disposition won her many friends at VHS llAZEl. Al.CORN,UCotton Top" is a suitable epithet for this cute little blonde whos always full of fun, vigor and vitality . hobbies are giggling, dancing and singing active in Com- mercial and Cleo Clubs. NICK ANTHIMIDES-"Niek"eamc to V H S, from Akron Central High just intime to acquire a reputition as the best dancer in the class 4 . , is Presidentofthe Commercial Club . . at present works in his uncles rest- HlJl"8Y'lf. xl0HN Bl'1NNEY,"johnny on the Spot" where lun is to he had , , liven it gets him in had . . . belongs to the Commercial Cluh . . , his favorite hobbies are playing pool and arguing with the teachers, 16 1938 PURPLE lSlil'l llNlQ l3llRSlC,,"jO" is :aded for success . doesn't take art in many activities but you'll :ver find her idling axx ay hcr time . . . :r ambition is to become some bus- iessmarfs secretary JANET BU'l'LliR,.Wherever therc's mischief " Buck" is usually in the midst of it active in all sports and full of fun she is . likes to swim, dance and sing SARAH Nl CARlNl,'iSally" is a member of the Leader! Cluh hopes to hccome a clerk in some local store . . will be remembered as a member of the Glec Club that put on the Oper- ctta . . . favorite pastime is dancing, llDl'l'll COSTA-"lldie" is the dark' haired girl that took the part of the senorita in the Operetta so well . . would like to he a nurse . . hobbies are swimming and dancing . . . be- longed to Commercial Club llllW.ARD CUS'l'liLLO,.Not until "Jerk" took part in the Operclta did we realize what a good singer he was , . . B. B manager . , . Football player . .will probably be a radio crooncr, lllQl,lQN DACll'"H'i is a per- fect example of a perfect Commercial student , loves to type and take dic- tation . , . belonged to the Girls Re- serve and Commercial Clubs . . is known for her hashfulness and giggles. JOSEPH DAVl5-,"J oem is one of our quiet Seniors although a man of few words. he's friendly with all , member of Hi-Y, French Club and participated in the Upergttg NTHONY JOHN FORTli..lf you ant to laugh just join "Tony" and y to keep from it . . . he also is a oothaller and a good sport always. WESLEY FRlCK,'lihe life of the party is "Wes" . . . always joking and making witty remarks . . . editor of the Annual culminates a very active four years for him . . . acting and cheer- leading have been his interests, lvlOR'l'0N GARDNllR-'iScotty" is tall and lanky . . . quite popular as a ladies' man . he also enjoys driving around in the family car . , . he left us one year to attend Peabody but re- turned to take up his tasks among us as a Junior. MlCllAliL CiRl'l'ZliR g "Mike" loves to drive a car and his one am- bition is to have one of his own . . . played center on the Football team . . is a member of the exclusive Varsity Club. FRED HAERlCH.."Dum Dum" had a leading part in the Operetta and will be remembered for his fine acting and singing . . . had the privilege of coming late to school nearly every day . . had his High School career divided bleavgen Latimer Junior High and A D GOLD HARRIET l., HERRINGTON- "Whitey" is known for her great in- terest in office work , . . had quite a distance to travel to attend V H S, . . nevertheless it was no hindrance to a good record of attendance . . has a yearning to become a secretary since her interest lies there. JAMES M, i iizwi'r'r.jR,,'Ajammy" is an actor and has proved outstanding so far in school productions . . . hc's a cheerleader and the school reporter . . . perhaps he'll be a real newspaper man with many scoops to his credit. 17 F i I ir .l SCHOOL CALENDAR Cont inued Dec Dec jan. jan, Feb. Feb I Feb. Mar, Mar, I Mar. Mar Z4-Sophomore Party Z9-Glee Club Dance l4-junior Dance 26-Z7-Opcretta l2-Jr, Valentine Dance l7-Sr. Trip to Westinghouse 24-25-Alumni Play 4-Symphony Concert 5-WP l.A,L. Quarter Final O-WP l.A,L. Semi Final 12-WP l.A.L Final FRANCES HLlSACKY"Fran" is a grand girl . . , brilliant and quiet hut always willing to help a classmate the answer to the teachers' dream of a perfect pupil . , a conscientious work' er especially as the French Cluh Presi- dent ABRAllAlVl JcJlNll'lS,,fiHYl-l explain the nickname hut it's"Captain Kiss" ,Al'1e's a friend to all . , his teasing ways are tantalizing at times . . he is active in school affairs . , an all- around pal JEAN R. KANE7"jean's" hobby is having pen pals in far off lands . , en- joys writing letters and hopes someday to meet her friends from lndia . , , al- ways found working , . rnemlwer of Commercial Cluh. JOSEPHINE KERN-Quiet, unas- suming "Josie" loves to read and is usually found with a book in her hand . has been an active memher of the Leaders Club and Commercial Clulw, KATHERINE L KlPP,"Skipp is very quiet and serious . , . always found doing her work . . , is interested in typing and shorthand and hopes to continue her educational work in a Business School, EMMA LANYl--A very active miss is "Emma" . . .in thejuniur play . . . on Hi-Life Staff . a monitor . . . are some of her various activities . never seen alone . . . always with l'ay . . . likes to dance and read. I 18 ,ll 1938 PURPL A l-lPliSKY," Andy " those handsome men the girls vu he's a leltermnn in has winning ways and we him as one of our best friends l'Dl'lill l O ' HELEN MAY lvlARTlN,"Snoops, is active in activities president of the Leader's Club . shes willing worker in any undertaking and here's wishing her lots ol luck in her new fields to eonquer. 1 . L ISI: MAC.l'll'.N,,' Indie" wishes to become a Telephone Opera- tor and will do very well because ol' the cheery "hello" that she has for every- one loves sports and plays guard on the Girl's Varsity. she em oys reading Operetta STANLEY lvlliCK-"Shirley" has always been the envy of the girls be- cause of his beautiful hair . . has been Class President for two consecutive years . , active member in many clubs and played on the B.B. Varsity. Rl Vlill V lVlAffl llifXl,."Ruth" would be rich indeed, il' the is Golden" were true saying "Silence . lor relaxation is a member of the Glee Club and took part in the i Bli'l"l'Y lVlARRON,"l3eity" is quite an actress , showed her ability when she took part in the Commertial Club Amateur program likes to sew and is a member ol' the Glee Club FRANK Mt:CORlvllCl'QWe'll all remember quiet, slow-moving "Red" as a hero in Football and Basketball admired b all his classmates , . - V Y choseti for Post-Gazette lvlerit Parade l' B and BB, captain. lvllKOLFTlC7"lVlicky" curly hair and pleasant smile Il a lot in the three years he's 1 us he has done his bit in 3.B. and has shone in his DONALD lVlll.LlfR ,U Lefty", one ol' our big Seniors has as his specialty Athletics . . . he loves B13 and l7.B.. . works at Lou Sher's during his spare time or maybe we should say spends his time there JANIST JEAN MlLLlZR-"Bil-is" is one ol' the most entertaining classmates is unsurpassed as a comedian . . tall, with a real personality and has a fine voice , . she's very popular. JOSEPH D, Mill lARiBctter known as "Joey" to his classmates enjoys golfing and spends a large amount of his time bowling . , was a member of the Westmoreland Caddy Team . , is a member ol' the Glee Club GEORGE M0RFORD7"George" is distinguished by his big bass voice and slow motion , . , a real letterman is he and a hero for four years in Football . . , President of the Varsity Club. A D GOLD 19 IZLEANOR JEAN MILLIKEN- "Blondie" is tiny and as blonde as her name indicates , . she's a very popular lass and quite active in school alliairs . has led our cheers with a will all during high school IRENE S. PLU'lilS-" Irene" is al- ways jolly and her sunshine brightens many a dreary day . . , a good student and one who likes to sew and make her own clothes. l' t GX ll lu-- :nlllll llllnu I nnuinlll nu nn- llllllllll iuunn nun Ill!! I -:Q 3 , lllllfllln .. :' 1Ii:':-7 un , u 55' SCHOOL CALEN DAR Mar, l8-Leaders' Cluln Dance lvlar ZZ-Senior trip to Court llouse and City Jail Apr. l-Varsity Club Dance Apr. l-l-17-Easter Vacation Apr 2l-22fjr. Play lvlay lv-Varsity Club Dance May I3-Senior Play lvlay Z0-Junior Senior Promenade lvlay 22fBaccalaureate Sermon lvlav Z0-Class Night May 27-Commencement lvlay 30-Nlemorial Dav June 3ASchool Closes BRUNO E, PROCOPIO-'Allottie" should someday become a great wrestf ler . he certainly had enough practice in school . . . worked on Advertising Stall' for the Yr. Book . . his future RICHARD RlZlVlMY7"Riehey", it wise-cracker , . displays lots ol' pep on the dance floor . . . negro comic in "lVlarry Before Midnight" . . . cheer- leader during Sophomore year . ac- amhition is to heeom c a lawyer Cluh. jill IN GABRIEL RlNALDl7john- ny has a way about him that demands attention from others . . . this was proven when he was put on the moni- tor's force . . . played the part of a crook in the junior play. tive in French Club, Hi-Y and Glec JOHN H R0NEY7Quiet, shy is our john. . .if he ever had a girl it is still unknown to his most intimate friends . . . loves basketball but didn't play on the team Shows his loyalty to V ll S by attending every game of Basketball and Football . . hopes to become an Accountant. FLORENCE lvl R0THL"Elo" came to V l l S in herjunior year from 0 H S. . . hopes to become a public account- ant . . , helped to make many allairs successful . . . likes to play the piano. HELEN SANTOSTIiFANlO..'l'iniest among our girls is "Shrimp" but that doesnt hold her back . . , she takes an active part in school functions and is always ready to add her voice to any musical program. 20 1958 PURPLE LZNNIIZ SAN'l'UCCZl7"Schenny" is -very onc's friend . . . her cheery smile las brightened many a gloomy room . ,gets anound to help out many eluhs , is gifted with the rare talent of getting a tune from a paper-covered zomh, WlLLlA'Vl SA."ilVlANfNothing ever worries i'Sax" , , , never gets excited ,calm , cool and collected is he , one ofour best Basketball players . . quite a Football man too . . . he aims to get some ambition soon. SARA SCOVlfl-,A'Scoop" lilies hinne economies . perhaps she knows that the way to a man's heart is thrt ugh his stomach . took part in many activi- ties particularly the Jr, play and the Uperetta may he a nurse someday. ANN Slfl IOVSKI ,hllananau is a winner not only in Varsity B, B but also with her pleasing personality . , . she's always jolly and a real joy to all xt ho know her HARRY SllVlPSON-"Pe'l'e", a quiet, plump little Senior who is a whi: in mathematics . , . guards the front door and hurries the laggarcls on their way . . . likes Football . . . wants to he an aeronautical engineer. jliAN ll SlN'lY'lil'l,"-jean" everyones friend has a sweet face as well as dis- position . . . serves as a secretary to lVlr Snyder in the office . , look part in thej r. Play . , . member offjlee Cluh and Commercial Club, NVILLIAM SUlVllXf1lfRVll.l.lf,As a hasketball manager docs a lot ofworry- ing for the team . always willing to take on another job is especially interested in chemistry and athletics, EAN SPANGl.liRfVcry neat and uiet is i'Squihh" . . . is always ready nd willing to help a classmate . . .her :ture work will probably he taken up 'ith the duties of a housewife . . . was 1 the Operetta chorus. ALTHEA C. STliXVAR'l'7"Pie" de- serves a lot of laurels for even her press ence and attendance with us , . . she surely should be successful as a long distance hiker, DELRUY S'l'RUNlfQBetter known as A Strunk" . .a cheerleader . ,.lr. Play Stage manager . . . one of the monitors . . , these have been some of his duties . . . he's ambitious to be an expert mechanic, SAMUlZl-,l SLTCTI IIZVICI L."Simba" as he is known to his friends never has much to say . , . is quite a lad though when it comes to shorthand and typing . . took the male lead in a play given hy the Shorthand Class . . . Hails from South Verona. JAMES 'l'Al'vlBURRO-"Tammy" has been active as our Football and Basketball manager and he really did a swell job . . his crooning is popular and has become a feature at high school functions. EUNlCE K. TARR-A real pal is " Dune" and quite a singer too .... her winning: ways have made her rank high among her friends . . . all her Senior friends wish her the best of success and happiness in the future. Tl IANE TliGE'l"l lOlTlT,.YVhcncver there is an argument "Takey" is usually in the midst of it . , , he's a born leader . . . proved this in many school affairs. GOLD 21 s Aa 5 Z N Q FLUX IJ TliNDlCZK7lSudy or Boody .we don't know which because Floyd doesn't know how to spell it himsellg he's sunk many a basket for Verona still thinks he should have taken typing instead ol' French WILLIAM WIZNDELLAAII the girls envy Bill and his lovely golden hair took part in jr. Play , . , has been an efficient monitor . . enjoys a good time especially likes to swim, dance and play Football FRANCIS M, WYCIlClH4"l7ay" who owns a name made famous by her brothers in sports upheld the tradition by taking active part in all school ae tivities . . favorite pastime is dancing and has quite a record for attending school dances RlllXll.l'll 'l'RA'l'AR,,We wonder who blessed him with the nickname ol' 'lsazzyu . . one of the Basketball stars cc-ol, calm and collected is ' Razzyu at all times MARGARET WlLLlSON," Margie" is a mystery lady . . . nothing much is known about the real "Margie" . . likes to play basketball . . is a member of the Glee Club. ANGIE C, YAGODNlK-l lere is a popular miss with all the gems. , . she is a tine dancer and gets along pleasant- ly with anyone, 22 LOUIS TSOUNOSYA very witty boy is "Creek" even though he is rather slow . . he's tall and dark and eer- tainly lives to argue , , one of our outstanding Seniors is he. HOWARD WOODS-The opposing Football teams just wilt when they see "Howdy" racing down the field to meet them . . . active in many affairs , , good part in the Operetta. DOROTHY ZAKRAYSlilL.This blonde little lass is known to our class as "Dot " she ranks high scholast- ieally . is interested in sports . played center on the B. B, Team . . . a becoming blush has she 1938 PURPLE Our Alma Mater LND GOLD Verona's Alma Mater O'er the purple hills encompassed, Bathed in ambient air, Gem of Verona's lovely valley, Stands our High School fair. Blest by love of all her children- Riches manifold- See her colors proudly waving, Purple and the Gold Royal purple, Honor's emblem, Golden seal of Truth- These she Hings as inspiration To the heart of youth. Splendid promise to the future- Wrought by knightly deed Splendid heir of long tradition Bid her now "God-Speed, " Chorus: Lift your voices, sing her praises Over hill and dale, Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, High School, Hail All Hail! -Adapted from Cornell Song OFFICERS Pri'.vidi'nl Iidward Herman Yin' Pray:-lurii llllzabcrh Lanious .Ywrretrlry lX1lriam lvlurrziy 'l'rm1.mrar Mahlon lylillcr Spmi.wr.v licncsa Long llyclyn Claypool ill! l:If-VI low' liuvacic, licnti llhlmcr. l loward, Kccnc, Smith, Cook, Noting, livclyn Claypool. Stvviil rim' lXlarum. liroxxn, Polh, lvlurray, Dougan. Gros- sa, Gugliuzza, Dt-llaek, l'ray :icr 'flvml rim' Herman, -Ncklin, lvlillcr, llucbcn, filwarlesxx-wrlli, lvloiirc, lfix. TSHIUXIULIS. l.zilm First mu' Tsounos, fiornm. Davis, l'arroxx, Coleman, hic- Willianis. Licncsa Long. C.clwL'- lius, Scroll-l1'rvi1' llouglialncl' lien- co. lforiu. Allman, XN'lillc, 'Jonny Aharay. Third run lyilllcr, Cirgrlcli, Dcllack, lX1cck, llays. Roih, lvloraiius The juniors ln September, N35 the portals ol Verona High School opened to admit forty- ninc very timid Freshmen and to introduce them into the various activities. Perhaps the new routine was too much for them so the poor Vreshies after their lirst few weeks of real initiation placed themselves in the background. They accomplished nothing ol' importance the First year and decided to waitforanother term to make a name for themselves. As Sophomores, some distinguished themselves as reporters on the weekly school paper, "The Hi-Life". Others took active part in club activities but as a whole the class remained inactive. Now in their third year they felt a sudden urge to do something, so on the rolls of the various clubs we hnd a large representation olgluniors. ivlany also took part in the operetta which they helped to put over in a big way. Their play which was called, "The Red-Headed Step-Child" proved to be a great success and the directoresses and the cast are to be complimented. The klunior Promenade at which they will be hosts to the Seniors is their special object for later this year. As the class book closes on the third year in V. H. S. one and all begin to think of the Hnal year to come. Their only hope is to achieve Upoise and dignity' as Seniors. 1938 PURPLE 2-i First mir .-Xuen. lXlull, Lyter, Butler, lfelxtr, lestcrelli, Schaney. Roth, Jean W'esl- lake, lfarruxx Svrtvriti mir llnd, XVeir, Buda Payone, Gunning, Hill. Del- laek, Premiek, Brady, Cfaulicld Shade. Lesar 'l'l1irtl mu Spiajear, Wuodings, Mehelie, liertosa. Peretie, Piesmxicz, lirazier. Alcorn, lX1iller. Bennett. l.Ol11l'W8I'kl0ZZI I71r.vl mu' Humphrey, llop- kins, lfrazier, Woodhall, llct- rlelx, Sistek. llaan, Nliller, lxiaehen, Clyde Clements Xeeurztl rim' Lung, Santucci luekey, lXf1eCft'rn1iek. Coleman Moore, Grogan. Crnjarieh, llalwllon, l,il1erlu, Bedding- lield. Calhoun Il-lllftf mil' Burrows, Allman Bowen, Ritchey, Bierlwower White. Shadltg DeVita, Car- vm, Simmons, Strunk The Sophomores Two down and two to go! This may sound like a football game but it is the game of liI'e in which the Sophomores are more involved than any other students in the high school. They have had two years of fun, attending parties, dances, football and basketball games. All views of school only as good times, Little was heard from the present Sophs when they were Freshies but their work on the junior Varsity brought many of the boys before the public eye this year, and some of the girls have attained positions on the girls varsity basketball team and in the Leaders' Club. Next year the Class of '40 will be heard in many places. D-doin '- 25 5UPl'lUlX1URliS lllf'-iltft'I1l NN illiam Alcorn Viet' l're.trtlPrll ,I oseph l.IlWCl'lU Sz't'ft'lury lummabcl Long 'fruttxtlrer llerniee Butler xl ean Westlake Clyde Clement A ITIFXI mn' KFHlNiiS.c:UI11l11l!1LIN, Kenyon, Raeioppo, Young. l.a Sl'l8Cll,l3llUjLl12-IITWCF.Pl1llllPN, Davis, lX1cCiornilelt, lvlorliin Swivritl mu' Wlarlin, iliuckey, Kumareo, Gorny, DcVita, Quimiro, fXnll1onN, Vuseiu. Dcntino, Wilson. Renialey Kralsas, Niue Pierce 'lihinl mu' Palmo, Phillips. l lezar, Lallcrl x. Ritchey. lXfcl1.'lic, Varassi, Peneo, XVIV noski, iiiraeclli, Zalwaysvgls, Sher, fihanlt l"1r.x'l mil' Goss, liarr, Wlcl- morc. Willison. Roth, Lerseh. Sepclyak. Zolel, Currie, XVII- wn, Rilehty, Welinei' Saturn! run' Gillespie, U'Cfcmf ncll, Randas, Starr, Rcmnicy, Raalsc, Caiwor, Bennett, Ada amsky, lvicilrail, Goruni, Fvias. trogiaeimio, Merle Brahler 'liliirfl mu' Areer lrwin, Dugan, Plulis, Sepclyak, Mauro, Luc- koek, llclslcy , Cfeslnik, Morrell, Lerseh, lfrxrle, Duliuzlo, Roth The Freshmen The ninth grade is rapidly approaching the stage where their interests ap- proximate those ol' the adult. We Gnd some already anxious to follow the lure of rod and gun, some with the knack of putting together novel designs for lamps, hook-ends and other small wooden novelties while others with ability, make in- teresting designs. Of course, such games as mushlwall, lwasehall and lwaslaetlwall are very popular 'lhc girls are especially outstanding in loasltetloall having become the junior and Senior High champions in inter-class competition. Roller skating has a number ol' devotees and dancing is at the top ofthe list for the girls. The girls are also in- terested in sewing and many have made holeros and blouses. At Christmas time the class held a play entitled "Christmas at Grandmasf A eomhined glee club from both sections was an added feature of the program. lvlr, Brahler and lvliss Pierce are the report room teachers. lVlr, Brahler toolc the place of Mr. Marshall who left us earlier in the year. ' ' ' E38 puiuiii ze Frm! mu' l-leakins, Agnich, Pope, W'ilson, Hann, Labor, lvlclkinley, Wolfe, Bennett, Nelson, Koney, Shaw Serum! run' La Shaell, Alcorn, Arnold, lvlauro, Wright, lfxrulc, Arnold, lvlauro, Wright, Krul Dudczak, Chaney, Rogers, Pietkievitch, Lorey, Garvin, lk-1eKnight, Costa, Hunter 'l'hmi run' Ellis, Sistek, Bruno, Reardick, Charlesworth, Wise- garhur, jansyon, Simmons, lX4okasek, lntorre, Clark, Bos- co, Burrows, Iv1m:CIormick. Cor- don Firxl mu- Carlsen, l"iw, Al- heris, Costa, Radovitch, lfiler, lllesc, lnlorre, Veseio, lVloorC, Rogers, Keisrer, Humphrey, 'Xshbaugh Semlinl mu' lxlaehen, lvleilson, Randas, llarper, Clupion, NVi liams, Hill, Lyler, jansson, liumgardner, Carlton, Smith, llilda Lindley 'Hurd mu' Lanious, liergolclt Saxman. Wolfe Lasher, Me- Williams. Lalierly, Pfeil, Car ner, Redding, Zesky, Burlosa Eighth fade lvlr. Lindley and Mr. McGill guided the footsteps ol this group through the mazes ol the eighth grade. Un George Washingtons Birthday, they presented an interesting assembly program which was enjoyed by the student body. They have taken a great interest in Girl and Boy Scout work, and are very much enthused about attaining a higher rank in this work, In Shop Work and Mechanical Drawing the boys are at their best. lt has been said that Mr. Sheer has to keep the shop locked in order to keep the junior High boys out. Now whether these people are all eighth graders or not we cant say but a part of them are. Cooking and sewing are the girls' interests and many new recipes are tried out on the family at home after the cooking class is over. i 1 I I i 1 AND GOLD 27 Fnxl mu' liueliippii, lfruzlcl Sill, Clrnjal'icl1, Norlilaii. l'i'rv- copiti, K'z1rlsoi1, Xxlllltg Cielw- lius, Simmer ffuinmuigs, lioli- nen, Rt-galil Scimul mui Normaln. -Nllman, liursie. Santtleci, Wilson, llusf chl, llrighl, Uutlejals, l.u:t'r, l.rvx'zlr, Xllzillwl. Alklnnnpsnin, Renmlex. Rt'lNt'ceu filllmlng- ham 'llinil mn- livers, iXliirullls, Could, Scclch, llunl-dex. Sim- lnuns, W lNille11Iwt'l'gel'. ,luhnf will, Circgo, C.zll'elndl, Xlfxllyer. llzirrulti, Phillips fflrxl mu l'pxzxlI, Powell, Alvcl'cl'in1il1ic, .Xl1lerllig, l.uIlt'x Cialwud, liurlsharl, Wiiotly Piesoxx ici, Krnli. l"otlgoi'leli, Uvt-rlwcl4, l3z1ird Stmmriil' mil' Sinnuc, Nlzlef Urt'gul'. lXlurlxox itch, l lann Kelsler, lX'lt'l1t'llc, fft-stink. Quinn, lXlull, Nellis, Klalww, Smyth, Dunn lXlargart'l Stel- fs 'llmil mil' 'l'lloinpsinr Roth. l7udc:ul4, ffolenmn, 'l'ut'ltex. Costa. l1zm'I1t's, lltrps, Lasliel. 'lkureliitr lXlalm1, liulalniiv Nlil- liken Seventh Grade lt was during this year that the seventh grade class made their dehut in the junior High Building. This was a novel experience to most ol them as this gave them the opportunity to consider themselves ladies and gentlemeninstead of "mere children". The schedule of the seventh graders dillered somewhat from their former years in that the girls made their hrst attempts at sewing and cools- ing under the supervision of Miss Katherine I. McCollum and the hoys were husily occupied with carpentry on a small scale aided hy Mr. Sheer. Seizing their hrst opportunity at the chances of using a gymnasium, the seventh grades major interest, has heen haskethall. Nluch ol' their leisure time after school has been spent in the gym. The seventh grade has worked under the guidance ol' Miss Stelly and Miss Cunningham as home room teachers. lf this grade continues in their present st.ride the hest can he expected of them. 1958 PURPLE 28 Z-be C 74cHviHe9 Ul:l"lCflfRS Prinmieril Wesley l7riclx Yin' Pru.vIilur1l Ted Herman .Yi'i'n'li1ry Nlahlon Nlillcr 'I'rt'i1.vur.'l' lidward lxlillcr Sp nv lH'l,:Imii'ZlVLl fl, lu f. ill wud! Firxl row lfortc, Gritzur, T lvleck, S lvlcck, Herman. Grgrieh, Boughamer Second mu! lfruck, Roth, li Miller, ffharlesworlh, l.alin. lvlorfurd, ll Duuds, Sponsor 'fhmi mu' Brown, Wendell, llays. 'lnegcthixlk Xurcmtls, Nl Miller. lxfloorc, lfrasier Senior Hi -Y Under the sponsorship of our genial P.O.l3. teacher, the Senior Hi-Y got off to a great but rather late start, After election ol officers and initiation of new members the club settled down to business. The Hi-Y members proudly strut about wearing club emblems on their chests These are representatives ofthe aims ol the club which are: To seek, to create and maintain high standards of Christian living and clean sportsmanship throughout the school. The clubs activities have been numerous. Being granted the use of the gym for certain nights, a basketball team was formed and alter strenuous practice the team played several games at home and abroad. Swimming at the East Liberty Y.Ivl,C.A. was also a feature, and last but not least. the parties were enjoyed by all. No less enjoyable was that portion of the club work where each boy had a voice in conducting the business. All this might lead one to consider this club as all fun and no work but that is a mistaken idea. Twentyfive boys belong to the Hi-Y and they are seldom ab- sent, It is an attractive club with high ideals for its members. 1958 PURPLE 30 OFIJII fI2R5 l'ri'.udcnl james xllfl' Pres lfcorge Set rvlury Vincent 'ltcuszlrvr l laruld Shi in sur Tuckey' idvrll Burrow N Vescii hlaunm Merle j Brahle r l'lr'.vI mu' lxllisi Rt-in-iley. C1-sta, lXlluru, Lashull, Burrows, Cfliar'lesxx'm'tl1. Gillespie, Pleill, Szlxnmn, hjartm .S'i'inr1dm14' D,-Vitir lfurte Hrunii. Vt-sem. l.'l't'l'lx'. Zakraysck. Sher, Arnold. lvlcllwriiwick. Denlinrr, lvl l':r.ililcr. Spimsnr 'flmil mu' ljl1illips,ffiarclli, Yziixissi. I lulslcx. lliluhcy, Nlulxusek, lnlwrre. XX''l'L'r'ly, QL1li11lriw l'luI ix unior Hi-Y The junior Hi-Y is one of the most outstanding and successful clubs of the junior High School, Under the guidance of both Mr, lwlarshall and Mr. Brahler they did their best to uphold the ideals of fair play and clean sportsmanship, which is associated with their organization, a branch of the Senior Hi-Y. Their swimming parties and other social events were always well planned and well attended The jr. Hi-Y has succeeded ad- mirahly in upholding for the future a club that all boys want to join and an organization with which parents and teachers are glad to cooperate. GOLD 31 A df EEE!!! Iii. EE!!! IBIS? a:::::::g5 111111: If 2225357 , G if f ex N The Stall' At Work Purple And Gold Staff A thing ofthe past was the year book until about Qctober of '37, Then rumors were whispered abroad that there was to be one published in l938 after a lapse of hve years. Very little was dehnitely decided until about January, when a staff was selected and work was really begun. To most of us the whole idea was new, and we had to start from scratch. Pictures were taken in February, and writing got underway soon after so that the work of assembling was completed in March. PURPLE AND CULD STAFF Editor7 777 d,.. dt,t,t,tt, 7777777777 7WesleyFriCk Assistant Editors 7 7 7 7 777 Martha jane AbercrombieeMartha Roth Activities Editors 7 7 777 777 7.7. . . William WendellAEunice Tarr Senior Editors 777 7 7 77 7 7 ,tt,t,t,,t Emma Lanyi-Frances Husack Boys' Athletic Reporters 77 Floyd Tendick-George Latin Girls' Athletic Reporter, 77 7 7, 77 7 7 7 7Charlotte Alcorn Alumni Correspondents 7 7 jean Smyth-A-fHelen M. Martin Business Managers 7 7 , l-loward Costelloal: rank Dellack Asst Bus. Managers7 7 7 7 7 7 77 7 7 Robert RothaRaymond Boughamer Advertising Manager 7 7 77 77 7 77 7 7 7 7 ,e,et .7177 7 7 7 7 -Thane Tegethoff Asst Adv. Managers 7 7 7 Mahlon Miller, Bruno Procopio, Nick Anthimides Circulation Manager77 7 ,e,ee,e,e 77777 7. 7777 777777 77 7,77Florence Roth Sales Representatives 777 7 7 Sara Scovel, jean Kane, Margaret Willison, Anthony . 7 7.7777 .. 7 7777 7Forte, Sam Suchevich, james Tamburro, Jennie Santucci Art Staff7. .7 77777777777777.777.777777.7777777 77 .janet Millerflimmett Shutes 1938 PURPLI 32 Fzrxl mu' livclyn Claypool, lfnd. J. Butler, Milliken, Smyth, Dachillc, llhlmcr, Cugliuzza lvl Corina, lf Coleman, S Corina, Santostcfano, Serum! mu- Kovacic Pcnco, C Alcorn. Costa, ll Alcorn, Allman. lxlillcr, Forte, Babilun, lVlcWilliams. Moore, Cook, Celwclius, Wycich 'Html mu' Schanuy, Murray, Roth, Yagotlnik, Lanyi, Scovcl, Tarr, Santucci. licntz, Kane, 7 l rcmiclc, Wclr. Kern. Keene, lYlcCorinick, Grossa Ifuurllimw Mchclic NVcntltll latin Crit tr ll lx Nl l R lx . N , ' ' , ." , 1 :' . acric ', . I cet, oncy, 'ix, Anlhimctlcs. Maron: Proeopio, Calhoun, Simmons Frflli mu' l7ortc, Tanilwurro, l3L'nnx', Roth, l.lpt-slxy. Suclir-viclw, 'lTcgctlml'l' Commercial Club The purposes of the Commercial Club are as follows: To promote interest in the business world and in the study of commercial subjects: to encourage a social spirit by offering opportunities for wholesome social contractg and to be- come familiar with modern progressive business methods and systems. The Club was organized on November 9, 1937. Money which was collected from dues was used for the purchasing of a paper cutter, typewriter covers and other equipment which will prove beneficial to our Commercial Department. On Friday December 10, the club held a dance in the new gymnasium . Argyros furnished the music and a good floor show helped to make it a grand evening,one which was well spent. This enterprise proved very successful and the proceeds were added to the treasury. Besides operating for commercial activities, the Commercial Club gave an amateur hour in assembly. The participants who were members of the club in- cluded singers and harmonica players and other talented people. This proved interesting and entertaining and cash prizes were given to the winners. Much is expected of those in the business world today and the hope is that the Commercial Club work will prove of some benefit to us later. Although the club was not organized until very recently it has taken its place among the other clubs at V. H. S. UVPICIZRS S,mm.wr lzvclyn Claypool l'ri-.vulwil Nick Anlhinictlcs Vim' Prt'siLh'l1l Angelo Martini .St't'n'l L1 ry llazcl Alcorn 'l'n'i1.t11rvr Charlotte Alcorn Rufjorlvr T'lorcncc Roth lD GCLD 33 iff it K I X if , XVrlght,Gimrdon,Roth,l-lerm3n.lVllller.Alcorn,lX1cVv'illian1s, Young, ,Jane Nleffullouggh, .Nelxlin School Orchestra The high school orchestra was privileged to he a part of a larger and more experienced group of musicians at the dedication of the new Senior High huilding. A great deal of practice was required for this and the memlwers attended diligently. All were enthusiastic and eager to do their part when called upon, Miss McCullough proved to he quite a patient and helplul direc- tor, aiding, in every way to smooth out the difficult spots. lX'li!I1llWCl's William Alcorn ,... l ruinpcl Vernon Acklin . . .... Drums Slcmcl Gordon . ..,.. .,,. . Violin led Herman , .Saxopliong Clarinet Joseph lVlcXVllliums ...... Accordion iVlahlon lVlillt'r ,. Saxophone, Clarinet Martha Roth ..., . ...., . Violin Robert lloih, .. . , ., Mfflzirincl Dora .lean Vv'rig1hl ., . . ...Violin hlary l.ouisc Young. ..,. Piano 1958 PURPL 34 lfzrsl row, Vwfycich, Kern, llopkins Yagodnik. Lanvi, C, Alcorn Ifcl-qcr, lvlurrav, lvl Corina S Corina, Long, lf, Roth, Santostcfano, lVlissJanc lVlc'Cullough. Sponsor I I .S'i't'ur1ilI'm:' Costa, lind, NVoodhall, Turf, lxlarron, Zakraysck, Kane, lX'1achcn, liursic, Sislck, lvl Roth, Dachillc, V Smith, I I. Alcorn, Spangler. Plutis 'Hind mug Moore, J. lwiiller, J. Butler, lX4illiken, Scovcl Grogan llctrich Wlllllillli,fXIWCI'Cl'Ul'l1lTllI McVv'illiams, If Coleman, Ccbclius, Schovski, Cook, White, I5 Butler, I lulmphrcy' Fuurlli mug' J. lDcVita, 'I-cslarclla, lVlcCormick, XVeir, Prcmick, liabilnn, I5 lvlillcr, l'l lviachcn Sanlucci, Il lvlachcn, D, Forte, Lytcr, Tuckcy, lXIull, Anthimidus, Buddingiicld Fijlli mul Garvin, Rinaldi, Ilat-rick, Suchcvich, Gritzer, lvlcck, Joe DcVita, Herman, D Strunk llIlL'l'lL'j', IT. Strunk, Varassi, Quimcro, Phillips Smlli mir, I.ombardo:zi, Vx'cndcll, Vcscio, Tamburro, I.ipcsl4y, lit-nnv, NVootIs, llcwitt, Jones 'lsoul1os, lviiltolt-lic, Chzirlcsworth, IE. Alcorn, I lays, J Davis The Glee Club For the hrst time in many years the Verona High Schools Clee Club has had the chance to entertain the public with their youthful voices. Under the direction of Miss Jane McCullough they have given severalpcrlormances,thehrst being at the dedication of the new high school building. At that time the club sang three selections, " I-Ioming " The Builder " and "The Heavens are Declaring and their voices blended very nicely. The Glee Club also appeared in assembly and spon- sored an Operetta and a Federal Symphony Concert at various times throughout the year. Weekly meetings were held by the club and much time and patience was devoted to the practice of new song. For the fine entertainment given to us during the school year of '37-'38, members of the Glee Club, we salute you. i i x A D GOLD 35 Frm! mu' Scovcl, Tarr, lvliller, Santucci, Yagodnik, Smyth, Rebecca Cunningham, Sponsor Suroritl ron' Cebelius. Sehovski, Santostcfano, Tuckey, Corina, Butler, Long. Wwcich, llhlmer 'lllizrti mir. Roth, Mull, Nlurray, NVoodhaII, llsabilun. Zakraysck, Hctrick, Kcrn,lllutis,iXf1artin OFFICERS Presidenl Helen lvlay lv1artin Treasurer Angie Yagodnik Secretary Anna Sehovski Sponsor Miss Rebecca Cun- ningham The Leaders Club The Leaders' Club was founded the term of l933 and '34 by lvliss Saloff. Since then the succeeding heads of the girls' physical education have carried on the work. The club is now in its hfth year in the Verona School. When the club was first organized the "leaders" were girls who automatically became members of the club when they earned a required number of points for hiking, playing basketball, and the like. Now a girl must be voted into the club by the members. However the girl must be willing to work for the benefit of the club and school, Last fall the club started off with a bang. Late in September new members were elected and initiated, The club held the hrst dance of the season on October 8, l937. Later, with a tumbling exhibition in assembly they presented the mats, which last years club had bought. During football season members of the club worked hard on the athletic field selling tickets, candy, pop, coffee, hot dogs and hamburgers. ln October came their Halloween party, after that was a pot luck supper ln December they had a shower for a member who was being married. Basketball season tickets were purchased from the club treasury for every mem- ber. On january Zl, N938 they held a party and in March came the St. Patricks Day Dance. The proceeds of this were used to buy all the members attractive white jackets. Surely this club represents the female leaders of the school, 1938 PURPLE l 30 ME ' V Firsl rim- XVcndcll, Forte, Crilzcr, 'l' Meek, lcndick, llcrman. 'l'cgctholl', Dc Vita Sunni! run' Clyde Clements, Aclilin, Saxman, Lipeslqy, Wvootls, lXliller, lxloi-loud, lXlclfurniiclx. l lcwilt 'fliinl mu' l7ricl4, Benny, llacricl4, Strunk, blikcilcllc. 'l'ralar, S lXf'lccl4, Sunililclwllle, l.2lllll, Costello, Simpson. 0 si 4 llruxitfclil Ucnrgc lylnrfixrtl Vin' llrmrifulil Ifrank Mciforniiek ulurv The Varsity Club was organized this year as an organization for lcttcrmen of Verona High School. 'li he club purposed to attain high standards for sports- manship throughout the school with due awards for participation in various sports. ln order to be eligible for membership one must have been awarded a Nfarsity letters 'lhe members of the club served as a committee to dispose of tickets for thc tournament games at the Stadium and as a result SCO ticltets were purchased by Veronians. Another activity was the unusual musical show presented in assembly before the W.P.l.A,L finals where Argyros and his orchestra accompanied by klimmie Tolbert of Oaltmont and Martha Lee Williams of Verona, entertained. A very successful party honoring the Verona Champions was held in the old gymnasium for the club and friends and it was followed by a dance held in April. All in all the club had a successful year. .Span Vlx Rudolph 'l'i'ami' I fuilxiai ur Dui iuld 'Xlillur .Ulf 'dc Cf Vlcmenls I GOLD 27 JM! 4 if l M.Yi'iiii'i! llL'I1'Il11X, Roth, lliys, l5.irlt-r. Farrowi Young, XVl1ilu, Davis, 'l'sour1os. Smith, Fraxwi i ' 4ll'llllUN .Ylmiilimg lN1oi'Ionl, 'llotmox ,lean Wt-sll ilw Spoiisiuj Iluwiil, ffliiirli-swiirili, I lusiitlt, liiiviv Miller Ulfl TICIIRS l'rt2vii1i'l1t lirances Husack Vim' Prvslifulll lvlartha Roth Secrelury und 'l'r'uu.tu lVlal'llUr'l lVllllL:l' Sfmrmor ,lean Westlake Le Cercle Francais The French Club was formed to stimulate an interest. in the language and customs of France. lvleeting informally at rather frequent intervals enables the members to enjoy songs, games, and anecdotes for which there is insufficient time in the classrooms Since a language becomes more vital if it is used in a social at- mosphere, the group is encouraged at all times to make use of simple French The formal business meeting is conducted in the foreign tongue, and the practice is continued in the social hour which follow s. Occasionally an inexpensive prize is awarded to the person who proves himself kecnest in a game or contest. During the various holiday seasons, special programs are prepared in order to point out the similarities and differences of American and French customs These sessions bring to light the fact that the French are people very much like us after all, and a bond of international understanding is established. This bond is further strengthened by correspondence with pupils of approximately the same age and taste in France. Many of the letters reveal habits and modes of speech which are not easily found elsewhere Pictures, clippings, magazine, and news- papers that are exchanged prove to be another source of interest The members feel, then, that their undertaking is worthwhile not only be- cause it promotes friendship between nations, but also be cause it pays dividends in enjoyment. 1938 PURPLE 38 Sealed l lernwan, Long. lX4iller, lforte, Costello Slmiriilirig Hays, Scovtl, Ruth, l.ipeslq, llacricls. .'Xleorn, l ltw lt! . Vwiviwtls. Cfln ld Louisiana" Operetta in Three Acts Produced by Glee Club The operetta in three acts " ln Uld Louisiana " was a story hased on Southern plantation life, a romance of the old South. On a New Orlean plantation owned hy Pilot Farley, pilot of a Mississippi River Boat, Rose the daughter ol' Pilot lfarley is loved hy and returns the affections of Richard St. John, a young South- ern planter. A duel was fought by Richard St. john and Scudder the villain of the play. There was also a very pretty love affair between Richards sister Martha and his friend Monty Gray, a Northern gentleman. Scenes between Old Ned and his wife judy, colored SCl'V31'1tS of Pilot Farley, were mirth provoking. Bill Alcorn won the acting award for his comedy throughout the play. llxrucc Nlac Duugal..Cui1l1Iy Slluriff. ,l luxxartl Wicuwcls Cfurina, li lloplsins, ill liclier, D XVuudhall, B linc- ifhorusol Planters: li lwlillcr, R Machen, li Qirog,:ari, key, M lestarella, Vera Smith Ki Alcorn, ,I Spang- ll Alcorn, ll Daehille, R Ccurrliul Butler, li lvlarron, ler, lxl Roth, li Cinleman Nl lVlurray,Hll Santoslefano, R Rcmmy, A Linn- Spanish Girl ........ ,.,.,.,........ . lftlilh Costa hardn::i,l- lsnunos, R RiIel1ey,XY lfrieluj Rinaldi. lrish . .,., , ,.,... . ..., li l.yter j. Davis, JN Quimircm, V Vcsem, W' Phillips,-l llumphf Japanese . , , S Ciiwrina rey, ul Premiek, lf Cehelius, j lXf'lillL'r, li Sistelc, ll Dutch . ,...G Nlull McWilliams. S hfleek, ,l. De Vila, If Clwarleswurth, lfreneh ., . .lf lfntl N Anthimt-tles,l7 lentllelx, D Strunk, li Ugtlen Chinest' . .,.. li Butler Pirates: j Santueci, A XMCIT, R lvlcfiorniiclt, S lfgyptian . .... lX1 Cforina - - l - - KN D GULD 39 "Red Headed Step Child" A Comedy in Three Acts By Charles George When Richard Russell brings his young daughter by his first marriage from the western ranch, where she has been brought up without education or culture to his fashionable Chicago home to live. society freely predicts that the experiment will be a failureg and it is. lt would be easier to domesticate the wild deer than to tame this free and unspoiled child of nature who is in her element breaking bronchos and completely at sea in trying to learn the technique of afternoon tea Bess soon finds herself about as popular with the women of the household as a case of measles. lt is a hilarious comedy and the juniors are to be commended for their work. Mrs Edith Russell Ricliards second wife C Helen McWilliams MrsC Oliver Woodruff C C C Society matron, her friends C Dolly Forte Mrs. Emory ScottCC CC CC CC ttoo, C C C C Veronica Kovacic Briggs C s,,c,, C C C C CC C The Russels' butler C C C Chauncy Moore Lucia RussellC C C Their daughierC C CCC C C C C Margaret White Dudley Russell C Tleeir sort C C Fay Fraysier Elizabeth Russell fBessJ. Richards daughierfrom the 'west Eleanor Coleman Richard Russell A financierw C C C Mortimer Rubin George Garrison C Presumably Lucias admirer Raymond Boughamer Ethel Ashley Cffoung society girlC C CC C C. Edith Cebelius Lucille Christy Young society girlC Margaret Farrow Flora Farnum C CC Dudlexfs iriamorata Ruth Cook 1938 PURPLE -10 Ifirxl mu' Zakraysck, Abercrombie, Ciorina, lX4achcri, l.anyi, NVycich, Tarr, Alcorn, Aucn, Qi ttk, Kovacic, Scovcl. Nut'nndru1l' Lombardoxi. Herman, lvl Miller, li lvlillcr, Dcllach, Tcndicl-Q, Brown, lfraysicr, Bc utzhamcr, Prncopio Iililrd rim' Wendell, l lays,Tcgcll1oI'f,Nlcck, lflcxx itt, Wlvods, Strunk, lX4cCormicl4, Summerville, Simpson, Rinaldi Monitors and Ushers Along with our new building, a new system of government was introduced to us. A group of fourteen Senior students were chosen to be monitors of our halls These monitors were supposed to set the example of behavior to their fellow stu- dents during the school hours. They were entrusted with the all important duty of maintaining order at change of classes and at dismissal. There were also ushers appointed-two from each class. Their duty was to conduct their class to its respective place in the auditorium for assembly each morning, where the student body participates in devotional exercises Besides the regular group of ushers there are several students who act in the same capacity to the junior High School pupils when the y attend our assemblies as our guests There are an even number of boys and girls acting as monitors, Martha jane Abercrombie being captain of the girls, and Bill Wendell, of the boys Each of the monitors has a dehnite post but these are varied occasionally They have meetings at regular intervals. On these occasions they discuss the various problems which confront them and try to find the proper solutions As a reward for their dutiful efforts the monitors enjoyed a social event which was a party to their honor, They brought their friends, forgot their dignity and had a good time. Thanks to our monitors, a new era of peace has reigned in our halls. 'ID GOLD 41 tl' ffl lt! Scenes At V. H. S. 4 1938 PURPI Tk U46 Veronu Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona Verona lfi hO'l'll ll ll Zu lv 'lil U ll I3 l-l ALL SCIORI-iS Wilkinshurg lfdgew on md Apol lo Leechhurg lvl 1 llvale Aspinwall Stowe 'l'ownsl1ip liast lVleKeesport Oakmont Sli! IC FND 'l'liAlVl CI.fXlvlliS O lv 7 21 Springdale Springdale Penn High 'llralford Ciii y 'l-he leziln .-M Skull llriicliee Varsit Football Facts And Figzl res Verona High Schools i037 footldall team was quite suc- cesf ful from several standpoints Winning ive out of nine regular games and scoring 78 points to our opponents 58. players receiving no serious injuries and a growing attend- ance at the games shows that foothall is becoming more and more popular in Verona. Oaltmont, Willsinslwurg and fidge- wood games drew the largest crowds of all. Some of thc unusual facts about the year were that Verona defeated Millvale for the fourteenth time and that a special street ear transported the Verona rooters to Edgewood. Our team this year consisted of hig men The line average was l8O pounds and the hacltfield lofi pounds. Good playing weather was our lot in most cases. 1938 PURPL l 44 Squad Has Successful Season Some of the schools with whom our games were scheduled this year were schools out of our class but we scored l-l points to our opponents 18, We were de- feated by Stowe Township, the Class A champions by only six points. Out of 59 attempted passes, -L5 were completed. That averages 75 per cent. All in all a successful football season. At the close of the season, the second annual banquet was held, All the mem- bers of the team, school board, coaches, cheerleaders and a few other guests were present, An enjoyable evening for all! Letters, marked so as to show the number of years service to the football team, were presented by Coach Clyde Clements in Assembly. This years team being composed mainly of Seniors leaves a wide gap to be filled next year. A look into the future shows perhaps the toughest schedule any Verona team has played in a long while. Starting September 10th, there will be ten scheduled games with Turtle Creek, Wilkinsburg, Edgewood, Apollo, Leetsdale, Arnold, Aspinwall, Stowe Township, East Mclieesport and Gakmont as our rivals. We wish the best of luck to the team of 1938-39 in this undertaking. This also brings to mind the Verona junior Mens Club trophy won by Verona High this year when they defeated Oakmont, fa-Unch C-lvmwms Iam, Ht-Witt, Milliken, smmk. Rath tio-Captains Mccarmitk, Aekiin 1 1 T 1 45 1 xdx i lf 1 li I 1 f Football C ""' Personalities 1119 --' """" F . V . LV 3- 36' X A'-'g1'.:':j.' XX 3- N 4 C, ' 1 ' , :A X 5 3 il- S--' ,ag fr -L -"" XQ E f 1 JV' be ' - W - GEORGE lVlORFORD,eFullhack . , . only four year mar! on the team , . . an excellent hloeker . . when we needed that extra point, George was always there to get it . , once he got started, he was hard to stop. RED lVlCCORlVllClLl'lalflwaek . , . a senior and a three year man , , . triple-threat man who kicks, runs and passes equally well . as eo- captain he lcd our team on to many a victory, BILL WlfNDl2LL-Quarterhaek . . . although a little feollow he certainly could block . . . a Senior with two years service , . . a good all- around player but a whiz when receiving passes LEFTY lVllLLERLHalfhack . , . also tried center position . , a hig fellow with two years experience whose work in receiving passes and backing up the linc was exceptional jOE WOODS, -Tackle . . a Senior who has played football for three years . our heaviest man whom very few teams could move part of that "invincible H right side ofthe line THANE TliGE'l'l+lUl7F-Guard . . . not very big but tilleti an important position on the team . , . some say that he seared the other teams by his grimaces , . , he played hard from start to iinisn during the last two years. MIKL GRlTZER..Center. . . a chubby little rascal who played good football . . . always in the middle of the tray and enjoying it . . . a Senior of two years experience HARRY SllVlPSON-Guard . , . although his first year at football he made good . . . a hard player who did his job well VERNON ACKl-lN7Tackle . . co-captain and a Junior who has served two years . . he says hell rather play ioothall than eat . . . a hard player who always got his man. l-LOYD TENDlCl'QFnd . . . a Senior who played his position well although it was his first year . too had there weren't more like Floyd especially for his eo-operation. BILL SAXlVlANLllnd , . . a Senior of two years experience and a good defensive player . . . he says hc took six men out of play at one time during the Aspinwall game , . ask him about it. I 1 I 1 - l n l I - I 1958 PURPLE 46 Action On The Field -ullmll Squad Nh KND GOLD 47 Varsit Basketball FACTS AND FIGURES For the nrst time in the history of tlre school, V. H. S. won the championship of Section l9 in the W.P.I.A.L. Verona's feat in annexing not only his title but that of Class B Champions of Western Pennsylvania is all the more creditable in view of the fact that the boys had to fight an uphill battle to get to the top. Approximately 500 Verona rooters supported the team exceptionally well at the Stadium games. Our boys reached their greatest heights of the season when they defeated Etna in the Section 19 play-off. This game was played on February 23 on th Westinghouse Memorial High School floor in Wilmerding. Although Verona was trailing at the end of the first quarter they jumped into the lead during the second period and held that position until the Hnal whistle blew The game ended with the score 27-23. Next on their schedule after this decisive battle was a hard tussle with East Pittsburgh, the pre-tournament favorite for the class B title. Although Verona displayed a fine attack, they were outscored in the first half by the Classy Sham- rocks. From the beginning of the second half the Verona Yellow jackets took East Pittsburghs stride and walked away with a 33-30 victory tucked under their belts. Rostraver, a high scoring quintet from the vicinity of Uniontown, opposed Verona on the following Wednesday A close score was anticipated. To the sur- prise of all, the Rostraver passers fell by the wayside and Verona was the victor with a score of 38-26 to their credit. The finals were set for Saturday when Verona's opponent was Bellevue. Verona went into the game with but one thought in mind and that was to be the Class B champs. Showing their superiority in every way the Purple and Gold passers completely outclassed Bellevue with a high scoring attack. The game ended with Verona on the top. These boys who fought from fourth place in the league to the Western Pennsylvania championships should be a glorious memorial to those who carry Verona's colors in the future and they deserve all the credit that we can possibly give them. To coach Clyde Clements for his constant and untiring efforts, a heap of praise is also due. How They Fared WH. Verona 30 Alumni 25 H, Verona Oakmont YH, Verona 42 Pitcairn 22 H. Verona Etna +A. Verona 37 Franklin 27 A Verona Sharpsburg 'kl-l. Verona 40 Franklin l5 4'A. Verona Penn Twp, WA. Verona 32 Pitcairn 40 H, Verona Aspinwall "'H. Verona Zl Wilmerding 3l A, Verona Shaler A. Verona 36 Springdale Z0 H. Verona lvlillvale H. Verona 43 Sharpsburg 14 A. Verona Qakmont AH. Verona 59 Penn Twp. 2l MA. Verona Etna A, Verona 30 Aspinwall 22 M'l'A. Verona IL. Pittsburgh H. Verona 34 Shaler 36 M'lfA, Verona Rostraver A. Verona 27 Millvale 28 WWA. Verona Bellevue 4' Non-League Games 40" Play-oh' for Sectio which was played At n 19 Class B Championship Wilmerding W' W. P. I. A. L. Elimination played at Stadium , 48 1938 PURPLE Saxman Hacrick Coach Tcndick Miller Center Piccurc4Vcrona, Oakmont Game Mikolct ic McCormick 49 T. Mcck Latin Managers S. Meek Tratcr 2 gr 'f 4 2 Basketball jk ' Personalities FRANK McCORMlCKLUuarcl and Varsity captain , . . member of Sun-Tele Silver Medal team End for three years a hard player for V, . . DONALD MILLER, Lefty's career on the basketball court was started as a guard with the junior Varsity . , . he proved to be a better forward and this season totalled 343 points, second high scorer in the W. P, l, A. L, tourna- ment . . . made forward on Sun-Tele Gold Medal team, WILLIAM SAXMAN,Guard who has played Varsity basketball for the last two years . . although he has not added many points to the score, he played a hard game and was always in the thick of the scramble . . , netted 31 points during the year. RUDY TRATAR..Forward . . . tall quiet lad who certainly knows his basketball . . . made the Sun-Tele Gold Medal team and ranked as third high scorer in Verona. FLOYD TENDlCKLCenter who has served one year on the Varsity . . . certainly tried hard and rated as second high scorer this year. l"RliD llAliRlCK7Une ol' thc subs who is always the Hrst one dressed for practice . . . likes fancy shots and works hard for the team. THEODORIL MliCKLThe most substituted man this year . . , one of the Juniors who deserve a lot of credit and one who will be a mainstay for '3'-3. STANLEY MECK..Runs more than any other player on the floor . . . a most dependable suh who worked hard, FRANK MlKOLliTlC-A lad who sits baek and doesn't have much to say . . a good guard . . . too had there isn't another year for him GEORGE LATIN-Forward . . . a line player who really had some opportunities this year to get into the game . , . he will probably be an asset to the team next year. 1938 PURPLE 50 Ftrs! mu" Quimiro, Fix, Zakraysek, Nlauro, Lombardozzi, lntorre, 1V1i1ler. Second ron' A Snyder, Coachg Sommerville, Mgr 3 Dellack, Bosco, Varassi, Tegetholl, Time- keeperl Forte, unior Varsity Basketball Verona's jr. Varsity ended their 1938 basketball season with a record of eleven games won and ten lost. ln twenty-one games they have scored a total of +171 points to the opponents -135. Although their season was not a great success there were a number of players who show ed up well and who will undoubtedly con- tribute much to the success of the future teams, The team was composed mainly of Freshmen and Sophomores but a few juniors were used to add strength to the team. The captain of the team was i'Red" Lombardozzi, a sophomore who will probably win a position on next years varsity. The team, although inexperienced, did remarkably well. Mr. Alfred H. Snyder. who coached this team, has also coached some fine teams in the past, JUNIOR VARSITY RECORD Verona 28 Pitcairn 10 Verona 30 Franklin Township lb Verona 30 Franklin Township Z2 Verona I2 Pitcairn Zlw Verona Z-1 Wilmerding 23 Verona Z-1 Springdale Zu Verona 14 litna 21 Verona Zu Kerr-Junior High 'T Verona 20 Penn-High 27 Verona 1-1 Aspinwall 3b Verona 23 Shaler I0 Verona 2? lvlillvalc li Verona 35 Uakmont 15 Verona 23 Etna Zu Verona 12 Sharpshurg I0 Verona 18 Penn. High 1-1 Verona 20 Aspinwall 28 Verona I 5 Shaler 22 Verona Zu 1Vli11x'a1c 17 Verona I-1 Oakmonl lo Verona 31 Kerr-J unior 1 ligh I7 Verona -171 Total Points Total Points -135 WON 1 I LOST 11 I - - - AND GOLD l7ir.v1mu'. lVlull, Dougan, Pope. Scliuvski, ll lvlachcn. Krulc, Srmriil roux' Lcsar, Sistclall Nlachcn, Zakraysck, Miller, Ruth, Rclwccca Cunningham. Couch. 'Iihird ru1w,' Hcirick, lvlgr ,l-ytcr. lXf1gWilliams, Nluurc, l5al1ilun,llrsward,B liutlerj, Butler, acura-kccpcr. Girls Basketball 'I'liAM Alumni Pitcairn lfranklin Franklin Springdalc lilclcrs Ridge: llasr lVlcKccsporl Pitcairn Turtle Creek Saltslwurg Elders Ridge Springdale lfast Ducr Twp. Turtle Crock Sallslwurg East lVlcKccQpurl liusl Dccr Twp Schcrlulu lli l2'i 32 ll Ll lf l8 18 ll: I4 Z5 17 lll Zli Z3 I7 I8 lfl SCORE imc Vieitor 24 lu '52 32 22 I4 '56 ll 27 I7 I7 P4 ILP 17 lb 21 I3 I I 52 1938 P RPL A f NXON X I f , 19 X I "g4 I es :Q r S A M, Q Q f -Ms Q XS I4 xx MQW' F 4 Q42 x 4' Iv' ,' 1 0' 'Magi' . lu X 021 'fi ' QQ XY I X -V I e I QU1 3 Q5 numb V. H. S. ALUMNI 1901 Bricker, Irene CMrs. J. C. BayneDAAmity, Pa. R. D. No. 1 College, Alex-Oakmont, Pa. Dollens, Annie iMrs. Chas. M. Breggl Claybourne St. Pittsburgh, Pa. Kier, Lisle QDeceasedl Smiley, Florence Mrs. Chas. MossD-- Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Stough, Thomas CDeceasedD- Randolph, Haytt-Oakmcnt, Pa. Toy, Laura CMrs. W. K. Moorel-Philadelphia, Pa. Lewis, Delna-Brunot St. Verona, Pa. McCurdy, Clifford-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Wenzel, Edna Clvlrs. Fred Bushj- E. R. R. Ave, Verona, Pa. 1902 Hardie, Annie-First St. Verona, Pa. Johnston, Ralph CDeceasedJ- Kier, William-North Ave. Verona, Pa. McCollum, Addison QDeceasedl-- Mitchell, Birdie CDeceasedD- Patton, Alma CMrs. J. A. Fosterl- Kittanning, Pa. R. F. D. Ritchey, Bessie Clvlrs. Watt Millerj-First St. Verona, Pa. 1903 Crookston, Helen CMrs. A. J. Grahaml-CDeceasedj Grim, May Clvlrs. T. J. Costellol-Chicago, Illinois Holliday, Joseph-Pittsburgh, Pa. Hutchinson, Leanore CMrs. B. E. McMastersD- Ambridge, Pa . Mattewson, Elsie CMrs. C. J. Gallagherl- Philadelphia, Pa. Moore, Florence CMrs. J. H. CalswellDHOakmont, Pa. Quigley, Janet CMrs. Fred Snyderjw- North Ave. Verona, Pa. Roth, Paul--Los Angeles, Califomia 1904 Best, George-South Dithridge St. Pgh. Pa. Davis, Dale-Fourth St. Verona, Pa. Householder, Ethel CMrs. Geo. Woolslayerls P Brackenridge, Pa Lantz, John-Sixth St. Oakmont, Pa. Moore, Minnie iMrs. Bert. Steffyl-Parker St. Verona, Pa Simpson, Robert-Herron Ave. Verona, Pa. 1905 Davis, Lucy CMrs. Walter E. BuechnerJMFreeport, Pa Fisher, Grace CMrs. J. M. Lewisj- Ella St. Wilkinsburg, Pa Gumbert, D. J. E. CDeceasedJ- Hodgson, Margaret CMrs. Wm. Miles, Deceasedl- Hogan, F rank-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Householder, Clara CMrs. A. A. Yoerkl- North Ave. Verona, Pa. Kennedy, Letitia-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Moore, Hyatt QDeceasedJ- Seldon, Harry-Bridgeville, Pa. Scott, Edna CMrs. H. H. Stevingj-Dormont, Pa. Toy, Belle CMrs. Geo. lnnesl-Johnetta, Pa. Walker, Pearl-First St. Verona, Pa. Whitlach, Orma-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. 1906 Bricker, Martha fMrs. K. H. MattnerJ-- Fourth St. Verona, Pa. Burkhart, Leah CMrs. Alvin Stonerl-Centerville, Pa. Crookston, Robert+Negley Ave. Pittsburgh, Pa. Eiler, George--Verona, Pa, Frick, Ford--McKeespcrt, Pa. Kennedy, Agnes CMrs. S. Welshl--Philadelphia, Pa. Moore, J. R.-Washington Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Smith, Ralph-First St. Verona, Pa. Shade, Cora iMrs. John A1wardJ-- lsabella St. Oakmont, Pa. Dible, WilliamfRiverside Heights, Verona, Pa. 1907 Davidson, Harry-Turtle Creek, Pa. R. F. D. No. 2 Frazier, Russell CDeceasedJ-A Kennedy, Isabelle iMrs. Sanvillej-Pittsburgh, Pa. Shade, Pearl QMrs. J. R.Mo11estonJ- lsabella St. Oakmont, Pa. Sloan, Edith CMrs. Frank Davidsonl- Waltham, New York Walker, Ruth'--First St. Verona, Pa. 1908 Eiler, Frank-School St. Verona, Pa. Graham, Pauline CMrs. George Bestj- South Dithridge St. Pgh. Pa. Jolly, Thomas-Mt Lebanon, Pa. McCullough, May CMrs, W. H. Fennellj- Camegie Ave. Wilson, Pa. Walker, Elizabeth CMrs. Richard GibsonJ-- First St. Verona, Pa. 1 909 Chilcott, Bertha Clvlrs. Robert Huntl- Pittsburgh, Pa. N. S. Kenyon, Bessie CMrs. Frank W. Hilesj- Rennerdale, Pa. Best, Lloyd-South Verona, Pa. Frick, Orville-Cleveland, Ohio Stroud, Margaret CMrs. Joseph Ridgeway, Deceased - Thom, Wilbur-Tarentum, Pa. 1910 Alcom, Fannie CMrs. 'l'hos. Harveyj- Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Dunkle, Genevieve CMrs. Robert Steelel- Califomia, Pa. Lewis, Gordon-Clearfield, Pa. McNeil, John 1-1. CDeceasedl- Moore, Mary-Los Angeles, Califomia Remaley, Sadie CMrs. W. H. EunsonJ-'- Laketon Heights, Wilkinsburg, Pa. Ridgeway, Joseph-Forest Hills, Pgh. Pa. Tarr, Elmer CDeceasedD- Vetter, Elizabeth fMrs. Harvey Diblel- Cleveland, Ohio Zimmennan, Edna CMrs. Wm. Lamondj- First St. Verona, Pa. 1911 Alcom, MargaretQWi1kinsburg, Pa. Ritchey, Gamet fDeceasedD- Walker, Gertrude CMrs. Geo. McLaughlin1- South Verona, Pa. Walters, Charles-Gary, Indiana Wood, May-W. R. R. Ave. Verona, Pa. 1912 Allison, jay R. Dible, Harvey Chillcott, Ruth fMrs. Paul Kippj Frick, Norman Mackey, XVi1ma QMrs. Raymond Tcgetholfj 1913 Bushman, Melzena Mrs. H. B Shillc Condron, Edwin Dible, Marorie-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Moore, Helen CMrs. Walter Bollmanj- New York, New York Nail, Mary CMrs. L. H. Dawssnj-Washington, D. C. Palmer, U. Grant jr.-lnksten, Michigan Scott, Ethel CMrs. Clifford Meanorj- Tenth St. Oakmont, Pa. Simpson, EldervAkron, Ohio Whitely, Ethel Clvlrs. Adelbert jollyj-vRosedale, Pa. 1914 Condron, Belle CMrs. Norman Frickl- Herron Ave. Verona, Pa. Cribbs, Hyatt CDeceasedD- Dible, Vivian-First St. Verona, Pa. Dunkle, Frank-Allegheny Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Haffey, Ella Clvlrs. Robert Grahamlflngram, Pa. Kent, julia CMrs. Orville Frickj--Cleveland, Ohio Limegrover, lsadore CDeceasedD- Murray, Matthew-Penn St. Verona, Pa. Ryan, jane QMrs. john Kiserj-Haffey, Pa. Sheffer, Vera CMrs. C. H. Sands?-Nottingham, England Stoup, George-Eleventh St. Oakmont, Pa. Wood, Orren-FMedford, New jersey 1915 Allison, Elizabeth CMrs. E. V. Condronl- Springdale, Pa. Bethune, Lenore CMrs. j. W. Dunbarj-Albion, Michigan Bricker, Portia CMrs. Harveyj-State College, Pa. Bright, Scott-Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Brown, Eva'-Rosedale, Pa. Burgess, Bessie fMrs. Vemon Ritcheyl- Bloomfield, New jersey Davis, Edward-Parker St. Verona, Pa. Gillam, Mary iMrs. Hamilton McKnightJ- School St. Verona, Pa. Hickenbottom, Carl-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. King, Ra mond-Pamassus, Pa. Ritchey, Vemon-Bloomfield, jew jersey Rupert, Margaret CMrs. Hugh Abercrombiej- North Ave. Verona, Pa. Walker. lrl- Forest Park Way, Woodhaven Long Island, New York Wilson, Margaret CDeceased1- Woods, Marshall-North Ave. Verona, Pa. Young, john-First St. Verona, Pa. 1916 Brush, Virgil-Haffey, Pa. Coulter, Hazel Clvlrs. Elmer Bestl-Oakmont, Pa. Cribbs, Merrill-Riverview Road, Verona, Pa. Davis, Helen CMrs. Howard Schwartz South Ave. Verona, Pa. Drake, Leroy-Pittsburgh, Pa. Fink, Georgia CMrs. Wm. Lancaster, Deceasedj- Kapp, Hazel CMrs. Harvey Stotlerl-North Bessemer, Pa. Kelly, David-Popular St. Verona, Pa. Kendall, Ruth CMrs. Ralph Siple, Deceasedj- Kent, Lindsay-Cleveland, Ohio O'Conne11, Charles--Momingside, Pgh. Pa. Stewart, Huldah fMrs. Ellickerj-North Bessemer, Pa, Thomas, Rodger-Pittsburgh, Pa. Wood, Margaret-W. R. R. Ave. Verona, Pa, Frazier, Emma fDeceasedlM 1917 Bright, Luther---Logans Ferry Road, N. Kensington, Pa. Dible, Wesleyw-Third St. Verona, Pa. Dible, Marcena CMrs. john Bamesl-Oakmont, Pa. Dunkle, Daniel-Pittsburgh, Pa. Hughes, Lowrie-Sampson St. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Pierce, Mae-Poketa Road, Rosedale, Pa. Reinhold, Emest, jriOakmont, Pa. Ritchey, Harold-Bethlehem, Pa. ' Ryan, Ruth CMrs. H. Ritchey?----Bethlehem, Pa. Vetter, Agnes-Hulton Road, Oakmont, Pa. Warren, Lillian CMrs. L. D. Perryb-Chicago, Illinois 1918 Bethune, Hall W. Dr.--Grand Rapids, Michigan Bricker, Margaret-Maple Ave. Edgewood, Pa. Burgess, Miller-Mt. Pleasant, Michigan Craig, Luella CMrs. Leroy Naili- W. R. R. Ave. Verona, Pa. Dible, Isabell CMrs. Robert Fisherb-Dormont, Pa. Fawcett, David-Washington Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Fulton, Harold-Pittsburgh, Pa. Gwnbert, Helen CMrs. j. Fettersj- Bessica St. Wilkinsburg, Pa. Hochberg, Clara CMrs. O. jordanj-Rosedale, Pa. Kunselman, Everett-Califomia Ave. Oakmont, Pa. Milliken, janet fMrs. Nelson Konoldb- Seventh St. Verona, Pa. Padfield, Emma CMrs. D. T. Wordj-Washington. Pa. Palmer, Edwin C.-McKeesport, Pa. Ritchey, Lulu CMrs. jas. Millerj-Springdale, Pa. Strobel, Clement-Rosedale, Pa. Underwood, George-Florida 1919 Bethune, Hazel CMrs. C. P. judgel- Grand Rapids, Michigan Chalmers, Dorothy QMrs. Francis McFar1in, Deceasedj- Davis, Ruth-North Ave. Verona, Pa. Frick, john-New Kensington, Pa. Fulton, Gerald--Pittsburgh, Pa. Heid, Fred-Second St. Verona, Pa. Hill, Alma CMrs. Harold Brokawj-Garretsville, Ohio Hcchberg, Ruth CMrs. Harold Tumerl- Verona Road, Verona, Pa. jolly, Rachel QMrs. Ralph Elliotl-Parker St. Verona, Pa. Kidd, Margaret CMrs. Paul Smithl-Clearfield, Pa, Lamont, AnnaiMrs. Elmer Stotlerl-New Kensington, Pa. Molleston, Charlotte-North Ave. Verona, Pa. Pierce, Harry-South Ave. Verona, Pa. Rcop, Raymond-Los Angeles, Califomia Sheffer, Stanford-HUnion St. Verona, Pa. Walker, Paul-Califomia, Pa. Wallett, Frances Clvlrs. Alfred Walesj-Ford City, Pa. Wilson, john, C.-First St. Verona, Pa. Wise, Carroll-Olean St. Worchester, Mass. Young, Edna fMrs. joseph Procopio Second St. Verona, Pa. Zimmerman, Harry-Allison Park, Pa. l92U Dible, Robert--North Ave. Verona, Pa. Fawcett, Ruth fMrs. Paul Carey?-Chester, Pa. McCrea, Ada--Hoboken, Pa. Miller, Marjorie--Allegheny Ave. Oalrnrcrt, Pa. Monroe, Lottie--Verona, Pa. R. F. D. O'Connell, joseph--Selden Ave. Verora, Pa. Richardson, Lydia CDeceasedlH- Schaney, Margaret Clvlrs. Lloyd Peters!- North Ave. Vercna, Pa. Wright, Sara CMrs. J. Stotlerf--'Turtle Creek. Pa. Wylie, Alice CMrs. -Iames Croylel-New Kensington, Pa. Four Years Bethune, Hazel QMrs. Cjudgel-Grand Rapids, Michigan Pierce, I-larry-A-South Ave. Verona, Pa. Molleston, Charlotte-North Ave. Verona, Pa. Walker, Paul--fCalifornia, Pa. Young, EdnafMrs. .Joseph Procopiol- Second St. Verora. Fa, Zimmerman, Harry--Allison Park, Pa. ' 1922 Ahlering, Charles E.fHigh St. Verona, Pa. Crosby, Marie CMrs. Frank SiebertlfBradford, Pa. Coulter, Elizabeth CMrs. Wm. Petersl-f -Indiana, Pa. Edwards, Charlotte-Columbus, Ohio Frick, Walter---Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Greco, Dominic--Santa Monica, California Gumbert, Geraldine CMrs. W, Sproatl--f-Oaknsont, Pa. Kunselrnan, Martha CMrs. Paul Vv'alkerlfCalifornia, Pa. Moxon, Evelyn CMrs. Alex Chirsj--A-East Liberty, Pa. O'Connell, john-N. W. Canton, Ohio Smith, john-Center Ave. Verona, Pa. Templeton, Florence CMrs. J. DunnJ- Allegheny River Blvd. Verona Wilson, Mildred-Allegheny River Blvd. Verona 1923 Bennett, Roland-Falls Church, Virginia. Chalmers, Olga-Hollywood, Califomia. Connor, Violet CMrs. Geo. Neff,-Pittsburgh, Pa., N.S. Edwards, Arthur-Oakmont, Pa. Elliot, Robert-Third St., Verona, Pa. Fisher, Genevieve-Union St., Verona, Pa. Geyer, Arthur-Antietam St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Gillam, Lulu CMrs. Raymond Rodkeyl School St., Verona, Pa. Himes, Horace-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Householder, Genevieve CMrs. A. Charltonl Poplar St., Verona, Pa. Kaercher, Henrietta CMrs. Harry Piercej South Ave,, Verona, Pa. Lucas, Ica CMrs. Claude Rupertl-Homewood, Pa. Meeker, Margaret CMrs. Wesley Gregsonl Philadelphia, Pa. Molleston, jane CMrs. Steppel-Russelton, Pa. Morford, FanniefMilltown, Pa. Milliken, Jeannette-Third St., Verona, Pa. Palmer, Virginia CMrs. Hanselll-Lancaster, Pa. Pierce, Sarah CMrs, Geo. BovardlHVerona, Pa. R.F.D. 1 Murray, Philip--.James St., Verona, Pa. Ritchey, Virginia fMrs. DuMontj Long lsland City, New York Stoner, Alice Clvlrs. R. Griffinj--Rosedale, Pa. Sheppard, Marion CMrs. Harold AllisonJkColumbus, O. Tumer, Cleo CMrs. Hays Darnesl-Narbreth, Pa. Van Why, George-Washington Ave., Oakmont, Pa. Wallet, Arthur-Homewood, Pa. Willey, Frank-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. 1924 Best, Arthur--First St., Verona, Pa. Weber, Elizabeth KMrs. L. W. Cainj Tudor City CNew York Cityj N.Y Dunkle, Frederic-Califomia Ave., Oakmont, Pa. Gumbert, Rachel KMrs. Cyril Wcodingsj Washington Ave., Oakmont, Pa Bastow, Joseph--Second St., Verona, Pa. Boda, Helen fMrs. Davis Tennentl---Wilkinslzurg, Pa. Bethune, Russell-New jersey Coulter, Harry CDeceasedD Davis, Lucille CMrs. Chalmcey Prugerl---Oalsrrcnt, Pa Dickie, Edward'-Pittsburgh, Pa. Dible, Adrian-Cresent Hills, Wilkinsburg, Pa. Hardy, Mildred CMrs. Warren Mallyl-Brentwood, Pa. Haloviell, jessee-Adeline St., Mt. Lebanon, Pa. Hochberg, Hazel KMrs. Bash Clelandl-Rosedale, Pa. Kenemuth, Neva CMrs. Horace Colemanj Springdale, Pa. Lashell, John--North Ave., Verona, Pa. May, Helen CMrs. Frank Richardsonj Brunot St., Verona, Pa Miller, Thelma CMrs. Fred Heidl-Second St., Verona, Pa Meeker, Donald--Kingston, Pa, Mauro, Elizabeth CMrs. Richard Ferraroj Pittsburgh, Pa. Ritchey, LaVelle-fEmporium, Pa. Rupert, Edward--Third St., Verona, Pa. Roop, Mae CMrs. G. Peterson?--Third St., Verona, Pa Schell, Mathilda fMrs. C. Hartmanj Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Singhose, Marie CMrs. Loefflerl--I-ourth St., Verona, Pa Tumer, Mae CMrs. Earl Salsburyj-Canton, Ohio. Walter, William-Dayton, Ohio. Willard, Earl-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Wamer, Rebecca fMrs. Sharkeyj-Third St., Verona, Pa Whisner, Helen CMrs. R. C. Blackj-Rosedale, Pa. 1925 Berko, Veronica-Brunot St., Verona, Pa. Bright, joseph--l-.ulton Road, Oakntcnt, Pa. Costa, Frank--Union St., Verona, Pa. Davis, Marion QMrs. James Dunlapj--Wilkinsburg, Pa Elliot, Sherman-Pitcairn Road, Pitcaim, Pa. Flaherty, Mark CDeceasedJ Fassinger, LewisAFifth St., Verona, Pa. Gundy, Helen CMrs. LaVelle Ritcheyl-Emporium, Pa Heicl, Mabel CMrs. R. Diblej-North Ave., Verona, Pa Hickenbottom, Enfma CMrs. PostelwaiteDfSt. Louis, Mo lsherwood, ,lean Clvlrs. Chas. McCormickj Clarksburg, W. Va Konkle, Laila QMrs. Paul Rutterl--Turtle Creek, Pa. LaShell, Phylis fMrs. Walshj-Brushton, Pa. Milliken, Hollis-Third St., Verona, Pa. Milliken, Edith flvlrs. J. McCarthyJ Third St., Verona, Pa. Ma ,jean lMrs. Paul Gastonl-Rosedale, Pa. Pacllield, Alice CMrs. Walter Schottj Third St., Verona, Pa Rittwage, Margaret-Hunter Road, Verona, Pa. Rupert, lsabelle--Fourth St., Verona, Pa, Shaw, Stanley-'Wilkinsburg, Pa. Schaffer, Alice-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Tarr, George-N. Braddock, Pa. Tarr, Elizabeth-Third St., Verona, Pa. Wilson, Harold-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Tumer, Nita CMrs. Arthur Bestj-First St., Verona, Pa Willard, Opal CMrs. Jas Curriej-Parker St., Verona, Pa Yoerk, Mary LaVelle CDeceasedJ Zimmerman, George-Oakmont, Pa. 1926 Buerkle, Margaret CMrs. Kendall Powerl San Diego, California Best, Wilbur-Athletic Ave., Verona, Pa. Bethune, Richard-Albion, Michigan Frazier, John-Pamassus, Pa. Fowser, Dorothy CMrs. SaddIerlfWilkinsburg, Pa. Grant, Richard--Rosedale, Pa. Grosz, Florence fMrs. I. Hoxonj-Unity, Pa. Hollen, Minnie CMrs. Wm. Stonerl-Califomia Kennemuth, Dorothea Clvlrs. Richard Davis? Washington, D. C. Kenyers, Amelia-Brooklyn, N. Y. Keys, Eleanor CMrs. john Rupertj-Greensburg, Pa. May, Norman-First St., Verona, Pa. McCurdy, Howard-Saltsburg Road, Verona, Pa. Merriman, William--Eighth St., Oakmont, Pa. May, Camien --Rosedale, Pa. McMunn, Hazel fMrs. Scalzob W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa Pierce, Myrtle--Poketa Road, Rosedale, Pa. Pierro, Mike-Verona, Pa. Rupert, john-Greensburg, Pa. Singhose, Mabel CMrs. Wm. Helwigl- Chateau Beach, Oakmont, Pa Stoner, William--Califomia Schell, Grace CMrs. Isherwoodjfllnion St., Verona, Pa. Shaw, Alexander-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Shaw, Elizabeth CMrs. Thos. Grahamj-Homewood, Pa. Schulteis, Marie flvlrs. Ed. McC0nneIll- Fifth St., Verona, Pa Wagner, john-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Watterson, Georgian CMrs. Harry Reedl-Oakmont, Pa. Work, Raymond-Barger St., Verona, Pa. 1927 Boyle, Ruth Clvlrs. Ralph Nailj-Eu Clair, Pa. Buzzard, Earldean-Oakmont, Pa. Coulter, Georgia-Penn St., Verona, Pa, Davis, Lottie-Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Edwards, Harriet-Columbus, Ohio. Farrow, Roland--Athletic Way, Verona, Pa. Hochberg, Grace CMrs. Heltzelll-Rosedale, Pa. johnson, Alma-Rochelle St., Knoxville, Pa. Long, Isabelle QMrs. Clyde I.ongJwSixth St., Verona, Pa. McKinley, john-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Mills, Lenoraflvlrs. I-Iaylingj-First St., Verona, Pa. Mimrn, Florence CMrs. John Wilsonl- First St., Verona, Pa. Morgan, Mary--Rosedale, Pa. Nail, Ralph-Eu Clair, Pa. Ober, Frank-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Palmer, Harold-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Pique, Rosalie-Decatuer, Alabama Shade, Sarah QMrs. Paul Hilairej, Charleroi, Pa. Smith, Roy-Riverdale, New York, N. Y. Snyder, Malvene-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Swoger, Ida May CMrs. Kermit Davisl-Verona, Pa Truschel, Edward-Rosedale, Pa. Wallet, George-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Weaver, May CMrs. joseph Lauricj-Sixth St., Verona, Pa Yotmg, Ralph-Beechwood Blvd., Homewood, Pgh., Pal 1928 Beers, Paul-Los Angeles, Califomia Bruce, Charles-Rosedale, Pa. Buzzard, john-South Ave., Verona, Pa. Campbell, Mildred-Coraopolis, Pa. Coleman, Thomas-Oakmont, Pa. Costa, Mary-Union St., Verona, Pa. Cordingly, -Jonas-Butler, Pa. Coulter, Margaret-School St., Verona, Pa. Carminate, Mary CMrs. Kirk Young?- Herron Ave., Verona, Pa. Davis, Gertrude-South Ave., Verona, Pa. Frazier, Frank-Fram St., Homewood, Pa. Frye, Robert-Vogels Lane, Verona, Pa. Farrow, William-Los Angeles, Califomia Fisher, Margaret CMrs. Calvin Wilhelmlf Lincoln Ave., Extension, Pitts., Pa. Gillespie, Lawrence-Union St., Verona, Pa. Gillespie, Edgar-Union St., Verona, Pa. Hunter, Lillian-Brunot St., Verona, Pa. Innes, Harry-Parker St., Verona, Pa. james, Florence-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Kaercher, Harvey-Wallace Ave., Mt. Oliver, Pa. Kelly, Louise-Poplar St,, Verona, Pa. Kent, Darrell CMrs. Thomas Eva.nsl- F rankstown Road, Wilkinsburg Kier, Samuel-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Mahla, Millard-Squirrel Hill, Pgh., Pa. Molleston, Lucy-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Mills, Lelia CMrs. Washingtonb-First St., Verona, Pa. Marsh, john-Hunter Road, Verona, Pa. Mahan, Ralph-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Moore, james-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Merriman, Samuel-Eight St., Oakmont, Pa. Molleston, Evelyn-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Marsh, George-Hunter Road, Verona, Pa. McNeil, Florence CMrs. Paul Beersl- Iuos Angeles, Califomia Olsen, Signe CMrs. james Malloyj- Delaware Ave., Oakmont, Pa. Rupert, Helen-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Rodkey, Ruth CMrs. Geo. Stuebgonl- Bennett St., Homewood, Pa. Snyder, William-Pittsburgh, Pa. Steffy, Meade-Arlington Ave., Mt. Oliver, Pa. Stefanie, Rudolph-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Strunk, Edward-South Verona, Pa. Tarr, Oliver-Third St., Verona, Pa. Tarr, Ethel CMrs. W. H. Yeagerj-West Etna, Pa. Thompson, Frank-Oakmont, Pa. Terry, Elizabeth-Union St., Verona, Pa. Young, Carl-Third St., Verona, Pa. Work, Ruth CMrs. Allisonl-Barger St., Verona, Pa. Zoller, Lionel-Oakmont, Pa. 1929 Austen, Glenn-Haffey, Pa. Beers, Viola CMrs. james DunningD- Wellsburg, West Virginia Bone, Aldine CMrs. Ed. Strunkl-South Verona, Pa' Brady, Ralph-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Costa, Alice CMrs. Wm. Thompsonl-Sharpsburg, Pa. Condron, Charles-Race St., Homewood, Pa. Collins, Helene-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Davis, Elizabeth-Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Davis, Georgie CMrs. Haven Terrinl- Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Davis, jean CMrs. Ryanj-Forth St., Verona, Pa. Davis, Taylor-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Daly, Genevieve-Fifth Ave, Oakland, Pgh., Pa. Elliot, Kenneth-Verona, Pa. Elliot, Evelyn CMrs. Frank Frazierl-Homewood, Pa. English, Derwin, Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Fink, Beatrice-Fifth St., Oakmont, Pa. Gautchi, Margaret Clvlrs. Paul McDonoughJ- Hazlewood Ave., Hazlewood, Pa. Hall, Edward-Oakmont, Pa. Halowell, George-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Hartney, josephfSouth Verona, Pa. Hunkley, Ralph-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Keene, AndrewFWashington Ave., Oakrnont, Pa. Kier, Lisle-Verona, Pa. MacGregor, Archie-Church St., Verona, Pa. Miller, Harold-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. McChesney, Charles+E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Myers, Charles-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Mahan, Ronald-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Olsen, Dagne Clvlrs. King Derrj-Washington, D. C. O'Conne1, Mary CMrs. E. Eicheldingerj- South Verona, Pa. Rafey, Steve-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Rodkey, Eva Clvirs. Paul Amoldj-Oakmont, Pa. Rupert, Eunice CMrs, Owen Austinj- Forth St., Verona, Pa. Schwartz, Frederick-Union St., Verona, Pa. Simpson, Craig-Union St., Verona, Pa. Thompson, Catherine CMrs. Weaverj- Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Wagner, Charles-Haffey, Pa. Warner, Paul-Third St., Verona, Pa. Weaver, William-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. Wise, George-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Wycich, Matthew-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Wilson, William-Forth St., Pamassus, Pa. 1930 Alcom, Mathew-Verona, Pa., R. F. D. Best, Marjorie-Athletic Way, Verona, Pa. Boughamer, Alberta CMrs. Covertj-Verona, Pa. Brehm, Mary CMrs. Thomas Sailleyj-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Buckner, Cleland CMrs. Al. Hunterj-Erie, Pa. Bumgardner, Clarence-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Clawson, Vera CMrs. Tim Gordonj-aBarbaraton, Ohio Cozad, Gladys CMrs. Simpsonl-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Curley, Mitchell-Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. Davis, john-Verona, Pa. Flaherty, Lucy-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Gould, Dorothy CMrs. Degitzj-Oakmont, Pa. Grant, Esther-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Hill, Willianr-First St., Verona, Pa. johnson, Grace Gvlrs. Rothl-School St., Verona, Pa. Kapp, Charles-Haffey, Pa. Keene, Frances-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Leroy, Dorothy-Oakmont, Pa. Mauro, Albert-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. McCollum, Bertha fMrs. Wm. Likensj-Oakmont, Pa. Mobberly, F lorence-Greensboro, Pa. Morath, Walter-Verona, Pa., R. F. D. lbl Pope, Edgar-Morris Brown College, Georgia Roney, Alfred-Oakmont, Pa. Ronge, Mary CMrs. Clarence Edwardsj-Columbus, Ohio Rupert, Eva May-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Simfpson, Filmore-Oakmont, Pa. Ste fy, Marie CMrs. Grant Gray!- Tenth St., Oakmont, Pa. Stewart, Harold-Verona, Pa., R. F. D. Stevenson, Harriet CMrs. David Dinesh- W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Swanson, Lois 1Mrs. Robert Sprakej- Frankstown and Oakwood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. Truschel, Paul-Rosedale, Pa. Veneris, George-Warren, Ohio Wagner, Paul-Milltown, Pa. Weisel, Evelyn-Rosedale, Pa. Westlake, jean-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Willard, Donald-Union St., Verona, Pa. Wise, Dorothy fMrs. Raymond Brandt!- Eighth St., Chester, Pa. 1931 V Alcom, Charlxs-Verona, Pa., R. F. D. Alcom, William-Milltown, Pa. Alexa, Louisa+South Ave., Verona, Pa. Ayres, Harold-Vogels Lane, Verona, Pa. Barr, Charles-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Beddingfield, Ethel CMrs. Ethel jonesje- Peter St., Verona, Pa Caldwell, Gamet-Oakmont, Pa. Creese, Anna jane QMrs. Lemonl-Pine Ridge, Pa. Collins, BeatricefWildwocd Ave., Verona, Pa, Condron, ClarencefParker St., Verona, Pa. Coulter, Frank-Herron Ave., Verona. Fa. Cozad, MildredfAllegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Dain, Evelyn-kUnity, Pa. Davis, DalefFourth St., Verona, Pa. Dore, Vincent-Pride Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. Davis, janeFFirst St., Verona, Pa. Frick, Richard-Center Ave., Verona, Fa. Himes, Norman-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Hooper, Adaline-Second St., Verona, Pa. Hunkley, Mabel-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Hunter, Charles-Bnmot St., Verona, Pa. Innes, M. Eleanor-jones St., Verona, Pa. Lyter, Stanley-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Mahla, Helen QMrs. Chas. Beckettj-Oakniont, Pa. Martin, Thomas-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Rupert, lone CMrs. Thomasl-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Ryan, Jeannette CMrs. Carl Austen?- Hunter Road, Verona, Pa Sabol, Edward-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. Schwer, Herbert-Rosedale, Pa. Settlemeyer, Ethel CMrs. Bieberj- Lang Ave., Homewood, Pa Shaw, james-Brunot St., Verona, Pa. Sistek, Genevieve CMrs. Albert Roneyj-Oakrnont, Pa. Southworth, jean-Oakmont, Pa. Stevenson, Isabel Clvlrs. Thomas Murrayl-Oakrront, Pa Stiglich, Mary-Second St., Verona, Pa. Tarr, Benjamin-Third St., Verona, Pa. Weisel, Louise-Rosedale, Pa. Woodhall, Clarence-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Rupert Harold-North Ave., Verona, Pa. 1932 Nail, Charle-First St., Verona, Pa. jones, Edith-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Ober, Robert-North Ave., Ver9na, Pa. Lawrence, Dorothy-Homewood, Pa. Olsen, Erling-Union St., Verona, Pa. Cunnings, Russell-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Davis, Grace-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Davis, jack-Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Flaherty, Genevieve CMrs. Robert Zetlerl-New York Elliot, Harold-Delaware Ave., Oakmont, Pa. Peretic, Mike-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Mobberly, Lillian-Nadine, Pa. Pritchard, Harry-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. McCurly, Bonnie-Baldus Bldg., Springdale, Pa. Procopio, Emil-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Acklin, Clayton-School St., Verona, Pa. Anker, Lillian CMrs. Robsonj-Union Ave., Verona, Pa. Boughamer, Kenneth-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Campbell, Ruth CMrs. FobsDfFlorida Brown, Calvin-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Richardson, Robert-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Myers, Dorothy Clvlrs. Forgiel-Fourth St., Oakmont, Pa Snyder, Fred-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Szczepanck, Sophie-Freedom, Pa. Stotler, Ralph-Washington Blvd., Pgh., Pa. EE. Gillespie, Robert-Union St., Verona, Pa. Huston, Evelyn CMrs. Van Homl-Montrose Hill, Pa. Loughner, William-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. johnston, Hazel-Saltsburg Road, Verona, Pa. Milliken, CliffordBPoketa Road, Rosedale, Pa. Telep, joseph-Oakmont, Pa. Truschel, john-Rosedale, Pa. Wagner, Kathryn CMrs. Earl Bushb-Indianola, Pa. Young, Dale-Third St., Verona, Pa. Yugovich, john--Penn St., Verona, Pa. Schreiber, Carl--North Ave., Verona, Pa. Woozley, Irma CMrs. Stephensonj--Baltimore, Maryland Sprajcar, Matthew-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Wolfe, Mary janekNorth Ave., Verona, Pa. Schrensky, john- Blawnox, Pa. Weimer, Edward-South Ave., Verona, Pa. Woods, Harry--Fourth St., Verona, Pa. 1933 . Ankcr, Katherine CMrs. Robsonj- Herron Ave., Verona, Pa. Burkhart, Helen-Brunot St., Verona, Pa. Curran, Orna-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Caldwell, Naomi CMrs. Walcroftj-Turtle Creek, Pa. Dain, Ernestine--Unity, Pa. Davis, Louise-Parker St., Verona, Pa. D'Archangleo, Antoinette CMrs. R. Brady!-A Wilkinsburg, Pa. Futules, Catherine CMrs. Nick Bastisjg Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa Hodil, Louise QMrs. James HilDwMilltown, Pa. McDade, Nellie-South Ave., Verona, Pa' McNiel, Irene CMrs. Feichtj-Beaver, Pa. Moore, Evelyn CMrs. I.. Grayj-Tenth St., Oakmont, Pa. Ryan, Estella CMrs. Austenj-Haffey, Pa. Tarr, Helen-South Ave., Verona, Pa. Thomas, Betty--Wilkinsburg, Pa. Wagner, Gertrude-Haffey, Pa. Willard, Frances CMrs. Sam. Stonerj- Union St., Verona, Pa. Alcom, Raymond-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Affalter, Melvin--South Verona, Pa. Abaray, Mike-jones St., Verona, Pa. Boyer, Lorandusn-Fifth St., Oakmont, Pa. Bergamasco, Furio-Second St., Verona, Pa. Gabor, Charles-Jones St., Verona, Pa. Hackett, Raymond-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. Lyons, Armond--Union St., Verona, Pa. Maroni, David-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Mahen, Roydene-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. McGrail, john-Second St., Verona, Pa. Mischler, james-Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Rearick, Orman-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. Strunk, Robert--Herron Ave., Verona, Pa. Stewart, Vincent-Shannon Ave., Verona, Pa. Saddler, William-Poplar St., Verona, Pa. Williams, Edward-Carrick, Pa. Watterson, Thomas-Oakmont, Pa. Zanella, joseph-South Verona, Pa, Zolet, joseph-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Miller, Charles-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Long, Hazel CMrs. Wm. Van HomJ- North Ave., Verona, Pa. 1934 Alcom, Thomas--Ridge Ave., Verona, Pa. Bugna, Martin-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Cousineau, Austin-Newfield, Pa. Cook, Dorothy CMrs. J. StemDfButler, Pa. Czoper, Stanley-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. Davis, Robert4Oakmont, Pa. Fennel1,john-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Frazier, Nellie-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Fantaske, Pauline-High St., Verona, Pa. Hammond, Milton-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Hesser, William--Herron Ave., Verona, Pa. Hogan, John-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. King, William-College Ave., Oakmont, Pa. Miller, Paul-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Snyder, Jack Saltsburg Road-Alcoma Country Club, Pa Snyder, George-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Sistek, Leonard-Third St., Verona, Pa. Shadle, james-First St., Verona, Pa. Simpson, George-Herron Ave., Verona, Pa. Truschel, joseph-Rosedale, Pa. Wetmore, Richard-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. White, William-mAspinwa1l, Pa. Andrews, Betty CMrs. Paul Sarverj-Blawnox, Pa. Bumgardner, Lucille CMrs, W. Tegethoffj- High St., Verona, Pa Campbell, Lois-Poketa Road, Verona, Pa. Eiler, Margaret-School St., Verona, Pa. Grazier, Evelyn CMrs. Parryj-Oakmont, Pa. Hochberg, Wilma-Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Herrick, Nannie Bell-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Irwin, Helen CMrs. Wm. Whitej-Aspinwall, Pa. james, Mary-Center Avenue, Verona, Pa, Liberto, Irene-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. McBride, jean CMrs. Chas. Steffeyb- College Ave., Oakmont, Pa McDonough, Mary QMrs. Raymond Hackettl- Parker St., Verona, Pa McCormick, Grace-First St., Verona, Pa. May, Marguerite-james St., Verona, Pa. Procopio, Rose CMrs. L. Pagliaroj-Verona, Pa. Spindler, Barbara-Brunot St., Verona, Pa. Smyth, Ruth Eleanor-jones St., Verona, Pa. Simpson, Dorothy-Scuth Ave., Verona, Pa. Stuart, Naomi QMrs. Chas. Caldwell, Deceasedj Torchia, Mary CMrs. John Dastaj- Union St.. Verona, Pa. Wrabley, Rita-Elliot Plan, Verona, Pa. Xenias, Artemis-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Cardne, james-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Caufield, joseph-Third St., Verona, Pa. Dellach, Anthony-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Fescemeyer, John-Spruce St,, Verona, Pa. Gabor, Dan-jones St., Verona, Pa. Gould, Kenneth-Seventh St.. Verona, Pa. Innes, john-jones St., Verona, Pa. johnson, Richard-Herron Ave., Verona, Pa. Kelly, Thomas-Verona, Pa. Kier, CharlesvNorth Ave., Verona, Pa. Ptohides, james CDeoeasedD Wetzel, Idabelle-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Reithmiller, Hilda-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Roth, Dorothy CMrs. Ken. Loboughj-Verona, Pa. Costello, Marie-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Bennett, Georgie CMrs. W. Masoni- Genter Ave., Verona, Pa. Pyle, Harry-East Oakmont, Pa. Simpson, LouiseiSixth St., Verona, Pa. Cimnings, Marian-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Latin, Charles-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Eiler, Emily Clvirs. Ed. Moritzj- Allegheny Ave., Oakmont, Pa Rupert, Flora Dell-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Boughamer, Irma-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Bosco, julia-james St., Verona, Pa, Stewart, Grace-Verona, Pa., R. D. Alcom, Margaret-Ridge Ave., Verona, Pa. Hall, Isabelle Clvlrs. joe Domi-Isabella St.,Oakmont, Pa Weimerskirch, Edward-Pittsburgh, Pa. Ritchey, Edward-Church St., Verona, Pa. 1935 w, Abaray, George-jones St., Verona, Pa. Abaray, john-jones St., Verona, Pa. Acklin, Dale-School St., Verona, Pa. Aloom, Pearl-Ridge Ave., Verona, Pa. Blickenderfer, Max-Oakmont, Pa. Brady, john-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Brown, Elda May-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Buckner, Moses-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Bugna, Frederick-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Bugna, George-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa, Chaney, William-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Clark, Helen-Philadelphia, Pa. Costa, Sarah-Union St., Verona, Pa. Davis, Harry-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. Davis, Samuel-Oakmont, Pa. Davis, Walter-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Doran, jack-Cleveland, Ohio Fix, Charles-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Flynn, Edith-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Fowkes, Pearl CMrs. jack Rud D-East Oakmont, Pa. Frazier, Glendon-Parker St., Xferona, Pa. Gundy, Jessie-Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Hays, Frederick-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Hill, Esther-First St., Verona, Pa. Householder, Helen Marie QMrs. john Davisj- Fifth St., Verona, Pa jones, Dorothy-Wilkinsburg, Pa. Keeley, james-Parker St,, Verona, Pa. Lasher, Margaret-Union St., Verona, Pa. Long, Roy-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Long, Russell-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. McCafferty, Nellie CMrs. Walter Kingl-Oakmont, Pa. McCollum, Walter-New Kensington, Pa. McCormick, Raymond-Oakmont, Pa. McNeil, Bemice-E. R. R. Ave,, Verona, Pa. Manganero, james+E. R, R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Maroni, Harry-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Meck, john-Washington, D. C. Mileski, Leo-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Milliken, Helen QMrs. J. E. Beachler, jr.j-- Virginia Ave., Aspinwall, Pa. Moore, Mary CMrs. john Schrenskyl--fBlawnox, Pa. Mull, julia--Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Mull, William--South Verona, Pa. Mullen, Thelma-North Bessemer, Pa. Palmer, Frank-Third St., Verona, Pa. Papp, joseph-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Patton, William--South Verona, Pa. Peretic, Agatha-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Petruney, Frank-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Remmy, Frederick-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Rimmel, Dorothy-Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Sehovski, Frank-jones St., Verona, Pa. Sells, Kim-Charleston, North Carolina Smith, Clifford-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Sommerville, jane-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Speidel, Gladys-W. Spr ng St., Frackv lle, Pa. Stevenson, Edna-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Tegethoff, William-High St., Verona, Pa. Thomas, Parks-Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. Tsambis, Charles-Diamond Alley, Verona, Pa. Valentic, Anna-Los Angeles, Califomia Vosachlo, john-Seventh St., Verona, Pa. Warren, Wanda-North Ave., Verona, Pa. Welsh, Russell-Valley St., Oakmont, Pa. White, Hannah CMrs. C. Libengoodl- West Sixth St., Aspinwall, Pa, Wycich, Anthony-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Yugovich, Paul-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Yugovich, Veronica-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Zibreg, john-Penn St., Verona, Pa. 1936 Bergomasco, Ann-Second St., Verona, Pa. Bergomasco, Joseph-Second St., Verona, Pa. Bosco, Lucy-james St., Verona, Pa. Caulfield, Margaret-Third St., Verona, Pa. Clark, RaymondAHunter Road, Verona, Pa. Claycombe, William-School St., Verona, Pa. Cleland, Miles--North Ave., Verona, Pa. Czoper, Cecelia---Sixth St., Verona, Pa. D'A1exxandra, julia-Glenwood, Pa. Gomey, Matthew-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Dattola, Aurora-Springdale, Pa. Davis, june4North Ave., Verona, Pa. Ecker, Margaret CMrs. Harry ShearlfCleveland, Ohio English, Dale-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Fantaske, Julius---High St., Verona, Pa. Graboski, john-Seventh St., Verona, Pa. Green, Mary iMrs. Steve Kratsasj- Second St., Verona, Pa Gunning, Eunice--jones St., Verona, Pa. Hesser, Donald--Parker St., Verona, Pa. Hysong, Betty-Seldon Ave., Verona, Pa. Irwin, Hora Belle-Union St., Verona, Pa. Kane, Elsie QMrs. Chas. Knopfell- Temple St., Aliquippa, Pa. Davis, Edith-Fifth St., Verona, Pa. Kim, Stanley-Hunter Road, Verona, Pa. Kovacic, Helen-Oakland, Califomia Klass, Frank-Plum St., Oakmont, Pa. Kratsas, Grace-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. Lanyi, Margaret-Ridge Ave., Verona, Pa. Long, Lester-Sixth St., Verona, Pa. McCormick, Catherine-Oakncont, Pa. McKee, Earl-Hermitage St., Homewood, Pa. McKinley, Beatriceejones St., Verona, Pa. Martin, Edward, E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Mauro, Eleanor-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa. May, HarryfCenter Ave., Verona, Pa. Papp, john-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Pope, Ethel May-Vogels Lane, Verona, Pa. Raabe, Julius-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Ritchey, MauricefChurch St., Verona, Pa. Ruskivez, Edward-Arch St., Verona, Pa. Simpson, Grace-aSouth Ave., Verona, Pa. Spangler, Dolores-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Stoner, Gertrude CMrs. Harry lnnesj- Parker St., Verona, Pa Thompson, DavidfFourth St., Verona, Pa. Torchia, Louisef-Union St., Verona, Pa. Papp, Margaret-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. T ratar, Frances4W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Futules, William-Allegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Woodhall, MildredfAllegheny River Blvd., Verona, Pa. Wrabley, Helen-Elliot Plan, Verona, Pa. Young, Clyde-Third St., Verona, Pa. Young, jane-Union St., Verona, Pa. Utischer, Erica-Vogels Lane, Verona, Pa. Pfeil, Milton-Wilkinsburg, Pa. 1937 Frazier, Earle-Parker Street, Verona, Pa. Frick, Norman-l-lerron Ave., Verona, Pa. Gostkowski, Walter-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Humphrey, Dorothy CMrs. Thomas Skantzosl- Sixth St., Oakmont, Pa King, jack-Union St., Verona, Pa. Placas, john-Ridge St., Verona, Pa. Urban, Casper-Plum St., Verona, Pa. Best, Beryl!Athletic Way, Verona, Pa. Boughamer, Percy-Center Ave., Verona, Pa. Campbell, Eleanor-Poketa Road, Verona, Pa. Dattola, Louis-North St., Springdale, Pa. Dentino, Hermanflzirst St., Verona, Pa. End, Edward-Lincoln Ave. Extension, Pgh. Kiste, Frank-E, R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Kleber, Rita-Second St , Verona, Pa. Loughner, Ruth-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. McCollum, Eldora-Grant St., Verona, Pa. McDonough, Patricia-Parker St., Verona, Pa. Rosepink, Martin-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Rupert, Lois-Fourth St., Verona, Pa. Walker, june-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Agn ich, Fann e-Fairview Ave., Verona, Pa. Baratta, Rose Qlvirs, jack Randij-Brushton, Pa. Bennett, William--Center Ave., Verona, Pa, Bright, Kenneth-South Ave., Verona, Pa. Brown, Bruce-Spruce St., Verona, Pa. Bugna, Virgin a-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Caufield, Vincent-Third St., Verona, Pa. Cherok, john-Spring St., Verona, Pa. Coleman, Charles-'E R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Cook, Hazel-South Ave., Verona, Pa. Eiler, William-School St., Verona, Pa. Hall, Florence-Verona Road, Verona. Pa. Innes, james-jones St., Verona, Pa. Kratsas, Nick-Wildwood Ave., Verona, Pa, Lafferty, Frances-Poplar St., Verona, Pa. Liberto, Sara-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Maroni, julia-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Mischler, Dorothy-Verona Road, Verona, Pa. Mokasek, Frances-Fairview Ave., Verona, Pa. Penco. Frances-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Premick, Rudolph-Third St., Verona, Pa. Procopio, Catherine-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Sehovski, Mary-jones St., Verona, Pa. Smeltz, Thelmaflones St., Verona, Pa. Stevenson, Florence-W. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Swatchick, julia-Spring St., Verona, Pa. Testarella, Orlando-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa, Thompson, Pearl CMrs. Hultonj-East Oakmont Wetmore, joseph-E. R. R. Ave., Verona, Pa. Wycich, Victor-Penn St., Verona, Pa. Yots. William-Medle St., Pittsburgh, Pa., NS. Zolet, Ann-Arch St., Verona, Pa. ,Pa COMPLIMENTS OF The EDGEWATER STEEL CO. ALWAYS INTERESTED IN THE SUCCESS OF OUR SCHOOLS 62 Compliments of AMERICAN STEEL FOUNDRIES Verona, Pa. GRACE MARTIN S SCHOOL "A School Discriminatev Secretarial for Young W'0men 16th, 17th, 18th Floors Keenan Bldg. Pittsburgh, Pa. Atl. 6309-6310 Grace M. Cornelius, Prop. NAME CARDS DELUXE A Complete Line Superior in Material and Workmanship CROGHAN ENGRAVING AND PRINTING CO. Fremont, Ohio WILLEY'S BROWNbi1r SI-IOE. STORE 737 From: Street Verona, Pa. Phone Syc. 7843 P.S.C. A20593 Phone Court 2610, 3511, 3512 PITTSBURGH VERONA-OAKMONT EXPRESS Daily Trips Between Pittsburgh, Verona, Galcmont, N. Bessemer, Unity 66 Universal. A11 Goods Received at 202 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh Before 1 P. M. Will Be Delivered the Same Day Paul Kress, Prop. Rosedale, Verona, Pa. GO TO BARD'S FOR GOOD THINGS TO EAT BARD'S "YOUR ICE CREAM STORE" 420 ALLEG1-IENY RIVER BLVD. OAKMONT, PA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1938 ALLEGHENY VALLEY TRUST CO. MEMBER FEDERAL, DEPOSIT' INSURANCE CO. VERONA LUMBER - and - Compliments of SUPPLY COMPANY Building Headquarters A. DIETCPI Phone Oak. 144 New Kensington, Pa. 415 East Railroad'Avenue Verona, Pa. 64 THE MENS' SHOPPE Geo. H. Zimmerman MENS FURNISHINGS Oak 995 757 E. Railroad. Avenue Verona, Pa. DIBLE BROTHERS Gas, Oil, Tires and Accessories GENERAL REPAIRING Oak. 9578 614 Front Street Verona, Pa.. . . MILLER CO. FURNITURE, CARPETS, STOVES, ELECTRICAL HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES HOME OF QUALITY FURNITURE l Phone Oak. 1077 -- 615 E. RAILROAD AVENUE .. 'VERONA, PA N O L L THEE BUTCHER ALLEGHENY PHARMACY 'G. Di Leonardo, Ph. G. Your Neighborhood Drug Store Phone Oak. 9550 700 Front Street Verona., Pa. JAMES Bunnows Iron and Steel Scrap Oakmont, Pa. HARRY A. STEIN Insurance Our 27 Years in one Locality Speaks for Its Self YOU CAN'T BUY NEW' EYES Let us examine your eyes without delay. Dr. L. V. HERPS Optometrist 724 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. OODI GS VERO A TOOL ORKS LOU SHER Meat -- Groceries Verona, Pa.. Oakmont, Pa. LIBERTY THEATRE Verona, Pa. "Where you always find the best" LOIS' MAISON FREDERIC Beauty Salon Competent Operators Artistic Service of Distinction 813 Front Street Verona, Pa. Lois Kempfer, Prop. Oak. 1424 S. M. GUNDY - HOME DAIRY -- Sycamore 7714 CALL Oakmont 4 O. S. GRUBBS 86 SON INSURANCE Established 1920 Oakmont Ave. Oakmont, Pa. REAL ESTATE THREE STAR BOTTLING WORKS CARBONATED A BEVERAGES Verona, Pa. Oakmont 925 HARRY ZALEVSKY Patent Medicines - Groceries Cold Meats-Magazines Ice Cream -- Candy - Cigars. Cor. 3rd 86 Center Verona, Pa. SPRIN GT1 ME It's only in the Springtime That 'your heart begins to quicken, As each flower sprouts new beauty And the trees their dresses thick-en As the warm sun starts its journey Thro, a sky of azure blue, O, it's then all nature beckons With glad tidings all for you. SANITARY PRODUCTS PAPER CO. Division Crown Zellerbach Corp. Janitors Supplies Rubber Closs Wlax Floor Maintainance Supplies Paper Towels Toilet Tissues Drinking Cups 328 Federal Street Pittsburgh, Pa. Cedar 6443 T HE history of a university is the story of men struggling with disappointment and commonness and frustration for that which they have called by various names, some of them practical-honesty, good sense, securityg and some of them visionary-freedom, goodness, beauty. A university is a protest against dullness and a prayer for strength and wisdom,-AGNES LYNCH STARRETT, THROUGH ONE HUNDRED AND EIFTY YEARS: THE UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR Compliments of THE SANITARY KITCHEN Compliments of THE OLYMPIC THEATRE Verona, Pa. J. Moritz, Prop. CARINI AND STARR BARBER SHOP 331 South Avenu-e Verona, Pa. FLEISI-IER'S BAKERY Oak. 310 763 Allegheny Avenue Oalcmont, Pa. Union Collieries Co. ?- PRODUCERS OF 1 NEW FIELD COAL "TI-IE CLEAN COALH OAKMONT 1300 QAKMQNT Wolfe Print Shop HAMMOND'S John S. Wolfe JCB PRINTING Penzoil Service, Station Phone Oalc. 344 427 North Avenue Verona, Pa. Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. W. H. FISHER Everything in Hardware Radios, Paints, Glass, Varnish General Electric Refrigerators and Washers FERTILIZER AND SEED Oak. 17 Masonic Building Verona, Pa. EDWARD J. WEIMER Florist and Decorator Phone Oalc. 550 473 South Avenue Verona, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1938 CRESCENT ST DIO LATROBE, PA. OFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPHER FOR TI-IE "PURPLE AND GOLD" S. WOODLINGS 8: SON HARDWARE AND FEED PAINTS, VARNISI-IES, AND GLASS HUNTING AND FISHING LICENSES Compliments of Compliments of JAYNE's BEAUTY PARLOR THE 803 Allegheny River Blvd. VERONA Verona, Pa. VOLUNTEER Oalcmont 869 FIRE DEPARTMENT 70 A. S. WARNER CO. Roofing, Sheet Metal Welding Air Conditioning Stokers Phone Oak. 252 514 W. Railroad Avenue Verona, Pa. SHAWS SERVICE STATION Alex Shaw, Prop. Amoco Products, Firestone Tires, Kendall Oil and Grease Syc. 4483-Verona Rd. 66 Znd St Verona, Pa. OAKMONT 86 VERONA DAIRY 86 ICE CO. Pasteurized Milk and1C1-eam ICE Dairy Products Phone Oak. 159 20 Pennsylvania Avenue Oakmonr, Pa. SUBURBAN WATER COMPANY Water Supply For Verona, Oakmont and Plum Township Offices 436 and 748 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. G. W. DAVIS Electrician General Contracting Phone Oalc. 990-J 447 Parker Street Verona, Pa. CALEB LEE Builders Supplies Verona, Pa. HASTINGS GARAGE Packard Salesnand Service 747 Second Street Verona, Pa. Phone Oak. 212 VERONA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 736 Allegheny River Blvd. Verona, Pa. Profits Now Around 571 Paul F. Bealafeld, Sec'y. COMPLIMENTS OF EATON FUNERAL HOME OAKMONT, PA. SINCE 1895 72 VERONA FOOD MARKET Center Ave. Ar First Street - FREE DELIVERY - Phones Oak. 1124-1259 Verona, Pa. ESTHERS BEAUTY SHOPPE Compliments of L. K. CARTER IVIOTOR CO. Dodge and Plymouth Oakmont, Pa. KIER M. EWING Real Estate Insurance Phone Oak. 27 Res. Syc. 7711 NOTARY PUBLIC Verona, Pa. CHARLES L. GORDON Funeral Director Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, Pa. AMBULANCE SERVICE Phone Oak. 633 THE ADVANCE LEADER Allegheny Valley's Best Weekly Newspaper ZESTFUL , ..,, INFORMATIVE - SUBSCRIBE TO-DAY - KURTZ BROS. 3528 FORBES ST. PITTSBURGH, PA. MAIN OFFICE AND FACTORY: CLEARFIELD, PA. RAIN I sat one clay During a rain, And lent my ear To its rhythmic refrain. In fell so soft Ancl steady and slow Ancl I felt somehow That I felt should know, That rain is sent As a gift from God, To freshen the earth Where we have trocl. FORD CARS AND TRUCKS HUMES BROS. INC. ASPINWALL, PA. ST. zsso It Pays to Buy your New or Usecl car' from a reputable Dealer C. E. STONER LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE 74 COMPLIMENTS OF G. C. MURPHY COMPANY i-- 5 and l0c STORE -1- 730-734 FRONT STREET VERONA, PA INGALLS IRON WORK COMPANY Birmingham, Ala. VERONA PLANT Structural Steel for Buildings and Bridges HERPS SERVICE STATION W. V. Herps, Prop. Atlantic White Flash Lee Tires, Accessories Expert Lubrication Service Oak. 9560 Front and Wildwood Verona, Pa. SPIRER'S DEPARTMENT STORE DRY GOODS Ladies, Mens, and Boy's Ready-to-wear Furnishing Clothing and Shoes Oak. 664 Verona, Pa. THE PEOPLES PHARMACY Marshall D. Woods, PhG. Prop. Phone Oak. 166-9605 Verona, Pa. CHAS. KING Practical Tinner and Roolfer Sheet Metal Work Phone Oak. 855 Agents for 20th Century FURNACE 745 Allegheny Avenue OAKMONT, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF C. W. RUSE 734 BRUNOT STREET VERONA, PA. RODM CHEMICAL COMPANY VERONA, PA. 76 WITH THE COMPLIMENTS OF Wm. B. SCAIFE D SO C . OAKMONT, PA. 136 YEARS OLD FOUNDED 1802 77 if E 5, a F! H A4 -Q 1 15' '1 'E Ri E F L., F' E Sf! 9- g J 'Q P! , .1 wx E 'X ii 71 5. -. i E Q! E 'SF Q ,M -- any . ,-.173-: 57, . - 7. j.7f' 4.,."'7, .J 7- Qc . vs ,-w,7 ' 'c 1 74- E 4 1 x.. MT 2 PH ' P P ' . ' '-- .7 1' -K.. 7 71 -. '7 .- 7.7-.155 5,117 -7. 7 . L. Qj .G 7.917 f ,- 7 -,rg-. -, . - 77.7. . 1 7: .7 u .img 7 i 7 '1' 4 ' .1 gpg- 7 ish-0, 417- 7 :'7,'::- 'L I 7 7 'I .. --.7,.'-H .- - 7 . W 7 "T 7 7 75 -W7 - 7 7- 1 ' 7- -M 'El' .- -2f:7n'.' .. I-7. .7-Fa. . ' ' A -1.4.71-'17, - --f 7 -' -. 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Suggestions in the Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) collection:

Verona High School - Purple and Gold Yearbook (Verona, PA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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