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 - Class of 1944

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R -K'-1 sf , EM? gg N 'en Qprnnnvv Vl"""" 'fwfr 14' NP-'Mk-YM-Y-w.x.xm,x3w, wld IMA a v 3 S 5 Mi- l Q 5 S K I 5 ' I Qggll , fi ly ff W 'm Ili gin? I Hitting Q lm mn K gs-f . l A A - Q K . is , A an '-X. fi J?!lli Sail! ll ll lllll lllll Th E AIQQOWI-IEAD Volume III IQLML Published by THE SENIOR CLASS VERO BEACH HIGH SCHOOL U' FOREWORD In this the third volume of the Arrowhead, we have tried to follow the purpose as set forth in previous volumes-that is, to aid the memory in recalling more easily the facts and faces associated with our high school days. We have done our best to make this Annual representative of the school and we hope you will enjoy it as we have, and re- member Vero Beach High School as we shall. fs TO MR. CHINN, our principal and friend, who has been so helpful through his kindness and understanding in our last year of High School, we dedicate this issue of the ARRQVVHIQAD. THE COUNTY BOARD OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION OSCAR L. DUBOSIZ . . . . . Chairman MRS. RUTH SCHUMANN C. T. BROWNE LOUIS HARRIS . . . . . Sc'c'rc'fury and Supc'ri11tc'11dc'nt BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. L. KNIGHT . . . . . Chairman E. M. BECTON J. M. KNIGHT WILLARD C. CHINN . . . . Secretary WII.I.ARD C. CHINN Sllllt'l'l'fSilIg Prinripal Miss Edna Walters Miss Pauline Whiddon Mrs. Eloise Gossett Miss Chevalier King Mrs. Catherine Simms Mrs. Garnet Hanshaw Miss Margaret Duxbury Miss Louise Taylor Miss Ruth Farrell Miss Virginia Batchelder Miss Louise McClure Miss Mary Nelle Martin Miss Lilah V. Nelson Mrs. Helen Hancock Mrs. Vida Lovett Mr. L. M. Merager Mr. Harold C. Mossey Miss Bethany Routh Mrs. Josephine Gibbs Mrs. Georgia Whidden Mrs. Martha L. Chinn Mrs. Margaret Mossey Mr. C. F. Whitiiey THE FACULTY W-'zffiv CLASS HISTORY EPOCH 1 In September, in the year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Forty, there landed upon the shores of the Tempel of Learning, a goodly number of explorers and seekers after wisdom. Being shaken in spirit from their rough voyage upon the sea of inexperience, they were quite terrified by the three tribes already in- habiting this realm. There were the Sophs, wild, reckless and always ready to jump upon the newcomers from startling points of ambuscade, attacking them with sarcasm and ridicule. A tribe of greater power, but not so much given to afflicting the strangers, was known as juniors, while the chief settlers were Seniors, a mighty group who spent much time in eluding the Rulers known as faculty members, and in the pursuit of knowledge just before conclaves known as exams. The members of the new band were called Freshmen, which in the language of the realm, meant "green", They separated into small bands and for the purpose of protection and mutual advancement, they elected a president for each of these bands. In spite of their greenness the new colonists made rapid progress. They obtained strong footholds in Algebra, English, History and oth- er important entrenchments of the country. The Governing Principal, Mr. Williams, soon became of much assistance in guiding the Freshmen and supply- ing them provisions for the mind. In spite of their many trials the Freshmen came to the end of the first epoch without serious catastrophe. EPOCH II At the beginning of the second epoch, the Freshmen advanced and took possession of the strongholds of the Sophs, this tribe having succeeded to the ter- ritory occupied by the Juniors. The numbers were increased by several who came in search of the greater supply of knowledge to be found in the great Vero High, as the Temple of Learning had been designated. The Governing Prin- cipal, Mr. Williams, having resigned, was now replaced by Mr. Walden. Ad- vanced strongholds of learning were conquered and the diligent Sophs grew in favor with the various members of the faculty. During epoch II the Hi-Y Club and Key Club became a part of the activities of Vero High. A rebellion of some import grew over the dismissal of a favorite ruler but it was soon settled without bloodshed. So drew to an end the second epoch. EPOCH III With the beginning of the third epoch several changes were noted. The valiant band who had entered as Freshmen, and had conquered the lessons of the Sophs, now advanced against and occupied the territory of the Juniors. To pre- side over them as the chief executive they did elect Strib Knight. During this time, class rings were received. The epoch was characterized by contentions and internal strife, because of the many members who were struggling for promi- nence in games of football and basketball. Among the noted warriors on the athletic fields were Archie Calhoun and Wilmar Law, who did win honors for the Juniors because of their might and muscle. The third epoch witnessed the introduction of the Beta Club into Vero High. Important social events of this period were the Hi-Y and Beta Banquet and the Victory Dance given instead of the usual Junior-Senior Prom. Thus did draw to a close the third epoch. EPOCH IV Epoch four was marked by important reconstruction, for the humble band who had invaded the Freshmen trenches three years before, now became Seniors, the mighty leaders'of the realm and the Invincible Class of 1944. With a new year came a new Governing Principal, Mr. Chinn. The wise and sagacious Bill Stobbs was elected president. The seniors did greatly impress themselves upon the lower tribes of the Temple of Learning and became much noted for their ability and diligence. Especially did they endear themselves to the Faculty who gave much effort to fitting them for the great contest of Graduation. Char- acteristic Senior activities were Senior Class Play, Senior Skip Day, Baccalaureate Services, Class Night, and last of all Commencement. Thus doth close the fourth epoch, and with their motto emblazoned upon their shields, the class of 1944 goes forth to invade and conquer new territories. Class Motto "The' foundation of life is built with the bricks of character." Class Colors-Red and White Class Flower-Red Rose I Q ,.-,' A ,A . I y .m ,K """w. THE GOOD OLE DAYS 1. "Duck,' Reamsg 2. "Toad', Hurstg 3. "Fuzzy', Stanselg 4. "Goo Goo" Smithg 5. Where's the curls, Sonny? 6. Guess Who? It's "Bea" Petog 7. Ridelem cowboy, John! 8. Ten'sl1un, Clyde! 9. Now ain't they cute? QEileen, Roberta, Haroldjg 10. Claire Summer, believe it or notg 11. "Big Ann"g 12. Look at the birdie, Peggyg 13. "Witte, Hazelng 14. "Superman" Fehong 15. Wanna rattle, Wallace? 16. "Bull', Graves. fx ,Q for ,Q In Q? .W T E IEIRE SW? Rh 9'0" 3356" THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We, the Senior Class of 1944, having at last acquired super-human knowl- edge and unforgettable experiences, and being for the most part free of all prej- udice, now set forth our last will and testament. To our principal, Prof. Willard C. Chinn, and to our dear and long-suffer- ing faculty, who are no doubt now uttering solemn prayers of thanks at our de- parture, we leave our sincere gratitude for their understanding, kindness, and the help they have so generously bestowed upon us these last years. To our Class Sponsor, Miss Walters, we give our sincere appreciation of her cooperation and guidance at all times. For the numerous little "extras" she helped us put over, we want her to know of our undying love and gratitude. To all the students of Vero High, we leave our brilliant capacity for absorb- ing all the knowledge set forth by our wonderful faculty. To Vero High we leave the memory of the days when our cheerful voices and smiling faces were the predominant features in the halls. To the Junior Class we leave all the privileges and a few of the pains that are experienced by all Senior Classes. We also hope that their last year will be as gratifying and memorable to them as ours has been to us. THOMAS WILLIAM STOBBS, III "Bill" "A friend to everyone," President of Senior Class, Hi-Y '43, '44s Football Captain '44, Basketball '44, Student Council '44, Tennis '43, '44, Who's Who '44, Arrowhead Staff. CLARA LEE PHILLIPS "Dimples" "By a duuple deep we know this maid." Glee Club '43, '44, Beta '44, Sub Deb '-14. HAROLD ORMOND KING "A good worker, a good thinker, in fact a good fellow." Ili-Y '42, '43, '44, Key Club '42, Vic- tory Corps '44, Student Council '41, Tennis '43, '44, Band '4l, '42, '43, '44, Business Manager of Blotter, Arrow- head Staff, ROBERTA IRENE ROUTH "Bobbie" 'A worker always willing to do her level best." Bc-ta '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Ar- rowhead Staff, Honor Society. WALTFTR CARL FORSLING "AlWHYn the perfect gentleman." Ill Y '43, "8-lg Victory Corps '44. -Q O' I-IAZEL ELIZABETH NELSON "A good name is better than riches." Citizenship Award '41, Glee Club '43, '44: Junior Class Play, Student Council '42, '43, '44, Secretary '44, Arrowhead, Editor, Secretary Senior Class, Blotter Staff, Who's Who '44, Honor Society. Salutatorian. MILTON LUTHER WALTERS "Sonny" "A man as true as steel." Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Glee Club '44, Junior Class Play: Hi-Y '42, '43, '44, Football '44, Blotter Staff, Arrowhead Staff, Honor Society. HARRIETTE HALL HUMISTON "Always ready for a good time." V Glee Club '42, '43, '44, Secretary '44, Beta '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, Sub Deb '44, Junior Class Play. DONALD RAY WEA VER "If you can't say what you think, then why think it?" Hi-Y '43, '44: Victory Corps '43, '44, Band '41, '42, '43, '44. DORIS JEAN STANSEL "Fuzzy" "Happy am I. from care I am free." Band '43, '44, Glee Club '43, '44, Jun ior Class Play. WILLIAM CRENSHAW GRAVES, III "Bill" "The world is inside of smart men like this." Citizenship Award '41, Key Club '42, Student Council '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y '42 '43, '44, ln'l'l'SICll'I'll '44, Tennis '41, '42, '43, '44, Vit-tory Corps '43, '44, Football '42, '443 Vice-l'r0sidt-nt Senior Class, Business Manager ot' Arrowhead, Who's Who '44. ANNA CA'I'llElZINE WODTKE "By the work one knows the worker." Arrowhead Staff, Glee Club '44, llonor Society. ROBERT SAMUEL HARRIS, JR. "Men of few words are the best men," Ili-Y '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, '44, Key Club '42, Football '42. ANN MARIE SAIIINA "I had just as soon be out of the world as out of fashion." Beta '43, '44, Glee Club '43, '44, Trea- surer '44, Sub Deb '43. '443 Cheer Lead- er '43, Blotter Staff. ROBERT WILLIAM HAAG "The mind is the standard of man." f" ,ds fi .-.sag MARGARET JOYCE SEMBLER "P0ggy" "An ideal girl who can't be beat." Student Council '42, '43, '44, Beta '43, '44, Secretary '44, Treasurer of Junior Class, Blotter Staff, Football Queen, Who's Who '44, Honor Society: Arrowhead Staff. HENDERSON LESTER CARTER, JR, "F1abber" "They say the good die young-boy, am I taking care of myself." Hi-Y '44, Football Business Manager '43, '44. JEANNETTE ARLENE MARTIN "It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice." Beta '43, '44, Junior Class Secretary, Victory Corps '43, Junior Class Play, Arrowhead Staff, Honor Society. GEORGE WALLACE LETCHWORTH "Deep in thought, deep in mind, a smarter guy you coulcln't find." Citizenship Award '41: Key Club '42, Hi-Y '43, '44, Secretary '44, Glee Club '43, '44, Band '44, Who's Who '44, Ar- rowhead Staff, Student Council '44, Honor Society, Blotter, Editor. Valedictorian. .RENA LOUISE MCCULLERS "Little we know what she thinks and dreams." WARREN BUFORD STRICKLAND "Casey " School lSII'l thc only place tlicrc is to go." F. F. A. WYNIFRED JEAN CIIESNUTT "VVynl" What satisfies others, satisfies mo' Glcv Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Victory 'orps '43, RICHARD PRANGE A l'inc user ot' words and a gentle- man," Band '43, '4-4: Football '4-4. ANNIE VIRGINIA SMITH "I3unch" "Always zi smile tor cvcryoncf' Beta '43, '44, Glcc Club '43, '44. JOHN AUSTIN MOWERY Thx- host ul' nnhlcst minds arc those which arc set toward high ideals." Glcc Club '44. MAUDELLE LAW "Maud" "If worry were the cause of death, then I would live forever." Who's Who '43, '44. JACK HAROLD FEI-ION "A man of work." Band '41, "42, '43, Hi-Y '42, '43, '44, Tennis '42, '43, '44, Student Council '44, President '44, Football '44, Arrow- head Staff. ELLEN PIPPIN ..Pip.. "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Band '42, '43, '44, H. H. C. '42, Glue Club '41. CHARLES LAYTON COKER "Plodding along." Victory Corps '435 F. F. A. '41, '42, GLADYS LUCILLE HOWARD "Trick" "Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning!" Beta '44, Sub Deb '44. CLYDE ARLISS HOLTZCLAW "When joy and duty clash, let duty go to smash." Glee Club '43, 44, Vice President '44, Junior Class Play, Key Club '43, Presj- dent '43, Cheer Leader '44. ELIZABETH BLAIR GARTH "Liz" "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." JACK MCPI-IAIL Cl-IESNUTT "Long and tall and full of the makings of a man." Hi-Y '42, '43, '44, F. F. A. '42, Victory Corps '43, '44. RUTH AUDREY GLOVER noddn "Not quantity do we Lind here. but pleasing quality." Band '42, '43, '44, Victory Corps '43. DONALD ISAAC REAMS ..Duck.. "How various his employmentsf' Glee Club '44L Tennis '43, '44, wg BETTY ANN BROWN "True friends like this are seldom found." Glee Club '41, '42, '43, Beta '44. MAX TRAVIS ALLEN, JR. "Liked by all who know him." Hi-Y '44, Football '44, Basketball '44, Tennis '44, Honor Society. RUTH ANNE STECIIER "Her hair is no more bright than her heart," Glee Club '44, JACK KENNETH VICKERS "A man need not study to be smart." Band '42, Student Council '43, Senior Class Treasurer, Honor Society. FRANCES LAURA COX "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and her paths are peace." Beta '43, '44s Glee Club '41, '42, '43, '44. ELBERT KNIGHT, JR. --slim" "The school boy Creeping like a snail unwillingly to school." Band '41, '42L Victory Corps '43: Jun- ior Class Play, Junior Class President: Basketball '41, '42. DORIS MABEI, HAMILTON "As many good points as a pack of pins." Bainfi '41, '421 Glue Club '44. ELONZOE MOSLEY "Cooter" "What men dare, I dare." Football '43, '44, F. F. A. '12g Hi-Y BEATRICE PETO "Bea" "Quiet in manner, and sincere in speech." Student Council '4lg Honor Society, Junior Class Play. ROBERT LEITH CARRUTHERS, JR. "Bob" "I am what I am." F. F. A. '41, '42, '43, ,May 'QV' CLAIRE THOMAS SUMMER "Tommie" "Sweet, nice and very concise." Beta '43, '44, Honor Society. HENRY ARCHIE DUKES "Men may come, men may go, I'll get there, even though I'm slow." Football '42, '43, WANDA MARGARET HARLOCK "Friends she has many--foes has she any?" Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Glee Club '44, H. H. C. '43. RUSSELL PRICE HURST, JR. "Toad" "Not over serious, not over gay, but a jolly good fellow." Football '43, '44, F, F. A. '41, '42, '43: Victory Corps '43. WILLA EILEEN PHILLIPS "Laugh and the world laughs with you... Beta '44g Sub Deb '44. ALFRED JUNIOR HAMILTON "Slow but sure," F. F, A. '41, '42. LUCILLE RUTH BLANTON "Lulu" A good reputation is better than money." Honor Society. X. O, LISLE "A merry heart lasts all day." BARTOW JAMES MATHIS "B. J." "Good workers make good men." FY' X GRACE NELLIE MOWERY "A meek and quiet spirit." A. C. MORRIS "Don't let your trouble affect your conscience, or the girls your mind." Victory Corps, '44. MARY PATRICIA ROBERTS "Patsy" "Small in stature, but awfully kind, a better pal you couldn't find." Beta '43, '44, Treasurer '44g Who's Who '44g Honor Society. BILLY LEE WILLIAMS "A very nice and friendly guy." RICHARD CLEO STUCK "Good goods come in small packages." JLIN UFIE 21' Qi' J' in J-umiov' Class PiCCT'5 Pre S2 36,71 Z """ C251 Bac X314 ,Jam Vs c e.-Pres SJe'n y-"Z ugcme. mnrl 3667811711 """"'BQi,2"l1 Two XC? Q' EP Firxf Row Vivian Anthony Edward Dancy Dot Scott Raymond Scent Vcra Jones Norman Carroway 'Q Srroml Row Billy McCullers Ada Mae Kerscy jack Mattmuller Laverne Armstrong Bobby Mcrz Bessie Mac Cook 'if f X? 4 lwi, l all Third Row Flossie jane Walker Dorothy Stecher Bill Reams Marilyn Eckhoff Pat Donevant Elsie Glaab Fourfb Rauf Mary E. Lisle Agnes Baker james Blair Lorene Collins Virginia Crosby Ifnwl Rnu' Mary li. Hinton Clay Buckingham Batty Tucker lfugcnc Walrcl .lane Vfykoff Byron T. Cookscy Szwmnl Rau' Bobby Radin Barbara NVhite Don Scott Clinton Hobbs Herb Guy Marion Hclsctli Third Row Marguerite Barker Bobby DuBose jean Rymer Ryland Cox Irene Beatty Kt!nnCfh Yangbchn Fourth Row Phyllis Ettcrs Edna Williams Morris Sutton Lucille Ricks Mary E. Carruthers aw! V V f X afar Q94 --.-'null N w 1' -4 .40 :Aw 5. Q Ip ' x.. gfvslf , I s.- k 5.1-5 "I 0.0 k-' sv . sl L'fb,""f ',. 0 if Da' 5 ,L- UNDER-cLHs5nE - ,eu ! 00 H0-B. YY I X Y-' PPEE' , v. ' ' fix KX Q X f' ' v I Q1 j S X SA ,A Q i' 'VIIJ uhm AFPLQ 5 - Tbtchgyfn I ' For The lg Q W 149' SOPHOMORES F RESHMAN CLASS X "-5. 4 f 501-.1 Q ,.. EIGHTH GRADE M Q SEVENTH GRADE f n a-f'5,,a':pnwrs 3 'E '1- N Q .i keanu w. ' A ,, ia, ff -'N 'MN , 1. The Winnah!! 2. Palsg 3. Leisure Momcntsg 4. The Nut Clubg S. Monkeys is the cwazi- est peoplesg 6. Dignified Seniorsg 7. Local glamourg 8. Pretty fiowersg 9. What a lifeg 10. School Dazeg ll. Reminiseingg 12. Swing Shift Maisieg 13. Sweet Rosie O'Scentg 14. Cowboyg 15. Criseog 16. just friends. FEFITLIREE f 0 M25 , Zh xx X oshf my fn ., Q- . ' X 'Y X fluff , F, i ,. K gf' f E. 6 5 ' Q x , '0 " , ' rfb" f L X C ff" 'ff ,K fl, 1' ' YM M - Q W , x 4 IIN x xxxxvl L-its Xa Wg fblyj, M . ,, , 51, , ,MM 1 I ' 1 ' 3 5. Lilies mi c'em'H Q 'merrx .- Czs 1' 51: ual' Va 'rg No W fo 'Y' Wh a 's Wi, o 57? -Sewfov' Cf2S5 X. N. 1 12,9 2,2 M, lk. S-Lfgwgffi Q? HY' K R. is 4425 'N www -..,y.e ' s - M. . . G :wwf Miss V. B. H. S. - - PEGGY SEMBLEB Best All Around Boy - BILL GBAVES ' . " 9 .. .. ' f- ' . ,. 7- N M Sw , ' . - ' ' ' ' ,u. ' xx , A K .- K . ig ' M- - Y A X X1 .u WS'SQ!'f'm 3'-:frm B+ Y 4. ff Most Likely to Succeed WALLACE LETCHWCDBTH HAZBL NELSCDN .eviden in Most Athletic BILL STCDBBS MAUDELL LAW Friendliest BILL GBAVES PATSY ROBERTS fe . . jf! 1. P-iUl!! 2. The gruesome twosomeg 3. At the D. Danceg 4. Ouch!!! S. Give mc strcngthg 6. Tut! Tut! 7. Woo! Woo! 8. Did you hear the one about-? 9. On the cam- pusg 10. What would Ward say? 11. On, deah! 12. Got any gum? svn ol? nnlsnulznnnus XX! NZ S 1 .I i I bggxb- . , ?' A , 4 0 61 Z Gkgv.. Qdnxb .fy 'BX Jx R-' '- X .f lax S-'dl id, R , 7 gd-1 -ffiisng 5-'92 SMA- 49' 'Q THE BLOTTER STAFF XWALLACI2 LLITCHXVORTI-I ANN SAHINA . . . HAROLD KING . ? ? ? ? ? ! ! ! . . PliGGY SIYMBLER . HAROLD KING . . MILTON WALTIZRS . I-IERB GUY . . . CLAY BUCKINGHAM . HAZEL NELSON . . . Ifflilrlr-irz-Clrirf . Asxixfullf lfzlifor . . Businrxx Manugvr . . . X07 aml Assisfanl . . Class ana' Club Rvfwrlrr Asxislarlf Class mul Club Rrportrr . . . Afblvfir Rvjlorfw' . Offin' ana' Cbupvl Rvflorfvr' . . Fwafzzrvs and Specials . Baml and Glvc Club Rvjmrlvr THE ARROWHEAD STAFF IIAZIQI. NIQISON . . lftliflll'-ill-frl!il'f MILTOIN XVAI,TIfRS ........ AX.YiXfcIllf lfffilor BILLY GRAVIQS ........ lilzsifzvss Managrr 5IliANNIi'I'TIi MARTIN, XVAIIACIQ LIiTCHXXfORTH- Axxixfanl BIISIIIFSX Mauagrrs HAROLD KING . . . . Claxs Ifffifm' ROBIQRTA ROUTII . .... Ilisloriun PICGGY SIQMBLIQR , , 7'l'Sft1lIIl'Ilf BII,I, STOBBS . . . Spnrls -IACK IIHON . . l'lml0graf1lu'r ANNA' NVODTKI1 . . Ari Ifflifor .,,..,,,.Qan-f-""""' THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated at Rear: Mr. W. C. Chinn, Jeannette Martin, Anna Wodtke, Hazel Nelson, Roberta Routh, Claire Summer . . . Seated in Front: Beatrice Peto, Jack Vickers, Patsy Roberts, Peggy Sembler . . . Standing: Milton Walters, Wallace Letchworth, Max Allen. STUDENT COUNCIL JACK FEI-ION . . . Prr'.iirf4'1lf HAZIZL NELSON ...... . Ser1'elary-Trvasurrr Bark Role: Wgillziee Letchworth, Bill Stobbs, jane Wykoff, Hazel Nelson, Peggy Sembler, Eugene NWnrd, Buddy Cooksey, Mr. W. C. Chinn, Supervisor . . . Frou! R-QIL'Z Jack Fehon, Marilyn Eekhoff, Jeannette Martin, Bill Graves, Patsy Wheeler, Dottie Sullivan, David Berggren, Bobby Rice. Q - 5 n ng. . if .- - -5 4 Y . 3 1 .Q Q 4 i - - , i if z f E BETA CLUB Top lu Hollow, lfiiriil Run: Barbara Wfhite, Marion Mattmuller, Frances Cox, Betty Brown, Patsy Wheeler, Cilady Howard, Harriette llumiston, Vivian Anthony. Scrum! Row: Peggy Sembler, Susanne liakin, Alma Lee lmy, Ann Gr.ives, Roberta Routh, Clara Steele, jean Rymer, Betty Tucker, Eileen Phillips. Third Row: Helen Me- lkzrkle, I ucille law, Mary McCormick, joan MaeW'illiamS, Evelyn Eckoff, Virginia Smith, Patsy Roberts, litta Mae O'Neal, -lane Mills, Marilyn liekoff. Fnurflv Row: Miss Farrell, Sponsor: Betty jane Bailey, Helen MacWillian1s, Dolly Scott, ,lane Wykoff, President, Judy Owens, Phyllis litters, Clara Phillips. ie t 'fl 9 , 3 ci ig: Ki i gg as HI-Y CLUB Tub lo Bnffom, Iiirxf Rout Don Scott, Alaek Chesnutt, James Tippin. Srenml Row: Tommy Guy, jack Matt- muller, Bill Stubbs, Pat Donevant, Ryland Cox, Clay Buckingham, Wallace Letchworth. Third Row: Herb Guy, lldwin Prange, Max Allen, Eugene Ward, Buddy Cooksey, Charles Stubbs, Robert Harris, joe Ingalls. Fourlh Row: .lim Bailey, lilonzo Moseley, .lack Fehon, Bob DuBose, Milton Walters, Henderson Carter, Norman Carraway, Harold King. Ififflr Row: Bill Rice, Bobby Radin, Walter Forsling, Bill Graves, President, Bobby Rice, Bill Glenn, jack Graves, Iidgar Sclilitt. 3 mont 'Kyra na , GLEE CLUB Betty Brown, liranees Cox, Viiynifred Chesnutt, Vlallaee Letchworth, john Mowrey, llavel Nelson, llonaltl Reams, Ann Sahina, Virginia Smith, Milton XValters, Anna W'odtke, Beatrice Mixon, Vivian Anthony, lrene Beat- ty, Phyllis lftters, Vera jones, Bessie Cook, Dot Scott, ,lane W'ykoff, Laverne Armstrong, Agnes Baker, Clay Buck- ingham, B--h Ratlin, Betty iliueker, Doris Hamilton, XVanda Ilarlock, Clyde Holtzelaw, Harriet llummiston, Clara Phillips, Ruth Steeher, Betty .Io Brown, lirma james, Marion Mattmuller, Ramona Monroe, ,Iudy Owens, Bill Vfootls, Kathryn Yates, lflsie Glaah, Bill Reams, lfugene Wlartl, Bill Glenn, joan MaeW'illiams, Bob Rice, Betty Du- Bose, Maiorie Kersey, Mary l,anghehn, Alma Loy, Kenneth Reams, Bill Backus, Lester Bishop, ,lack Graves, Anita Carter, Otis Cfolah, Vivian Zigraiig, Hilda Graham, Ruth Nietlner, ,lane Wheeler, Norman Mattmuller, lullen Avis, Connie Ingalls, Betty Mefkfee, Doris Stansel, Marilyn Harris. i IIN' , . 0 nu-hs " """Uv- Nb I . Ll' "A -' ' -.4,.,. laaf ' ' '51 f I R' 'Sat -W "' """: . 'P 'J ' ' ' . -. .J fr- -.., -4 "-LJ..,,,,., gp- A+... Q R "'-Q... . : AW 2 .lwslc AYIUSIFQULQ, ,lim Bailey. Clay Buckingham, Mary Carruthers, Bessie Cook, Clemmie Cox, Betty Dullose, hob DuBose, Ihyllis lgtters, Ann Graves, Eleanor Graves, Betty Garrison, lilsic Gltmb, Ruth Glover, W'anda Harloek, M41fYHH'm0'1-'.l0C Ingalls, Charles jewett, Albert jones, Howard Kendall, Ronald Kendall, Ada Mac Kersey, Har- old King, Lucille Law, Wallace letehworth, Alma Lee Loy, jane Mills, Robert MacDonald, Mary jo Montgomery, .lllfk BM1lUfIjIylllCl:, joel Parker, Lllen Pippin, Kenneth Reams, Doris Stansel, Wiley Simms, Don Shaw Randy Sex- ton, etty ue er, james Tippin, Milton Walters, Eugene Ward, Don Weaver, Barbara White, Bobby White Kathryn Yates, johnny Wynitire. l E.. f, fl 3'- 1' f 1 w.f"NN, . s ' wmv? f . I 4 V ,....,s .f if 1 ,x ' X gr' x l fi' I ' lu 0 5? . ' nv TN A. Rm 1. "Supcrtruw"g 2. Wlmr wuuld Mies Whiddon say? 3. Emmett: 4. "Cannonball"g S. Teachefs Petg 6. "Mitlxcy"g 7. Nu luvc, no mnrhingg X. Awkward Squad: 9. "Co0rcr"3 10. General Forslingg 11. "Bridget thc, Midgt-r"g 12. lll.1Ll.1I11 Slum Slum: 13. "Nvw buys, lct'e get this'-"g 14. Beauty and the Beastg 15. W0uldn't you lukc In know? 16. Now Ll little nvcr tn tlw left: 17. Help!! IX. No more energy: 19. "Chesty." SPIJFITE An5O'Q 9' vt! 30 v.-95"M7"g 59 xv, X Q V' 0 St-'QA' oi v4B:ralJb - x ' f in-as 9'1" G 'C X Y 'N , , f 0 x '39 F Nxt io.: YP V F Al 1 FQ' N.- 603. fl 'Q Q s 2 r . Q or . in VL 'la Z X N--.H-,X 'fha Veins. o 'P- faspe.-riefhc e.. TEAM CDF 1943 Burl: Row: Clay Buckingham, Russell Hurst, Pat Donevant, Bill Stobbs, Richard Prangc. Raymond Scent, Max Allen. Miffillr' Rout Chuck Stobbs, Morris Suttomliugcnc Ward, Alvin Rceser, Bob Radin, Felix Hinton, Bill Rice, j. W. Calhoun, Coach Mossey. Kzzevlirigz jack Mattmuller, Kenneth Langbehn, Norman Carroway, Bob - lil nzoe Mosley, Bill Graves, jack Fehon, Milton Walters, David Glover. Sealed: Henderson Carter, Man- ' ' B Cldy Coolcsey, Manager. Duliose, o ngerg Freddy Duliose, Maseot, u l f B tler University where he starred in football and played basketball before Coach Mossey came iere rom u I taking up his coaching duties there as backfield coach. Befcre entering Butler he had been outstanding in all ath- letics at Ottawa High School in Illinois. In his first year here he has given Vero Beach High School a fine football team and a Conference and Dis- trict championship basketball team which in itself is enough to make him worthy of all the praise we can give him. He not only produced winning teams but also won the Warm regards of every boy who worked under him i ' ' d "Th's as'well as their highest admiration. We can only add to these few words that we are justly prou to say, 1 is OUR COACHK, B5E DuB0,sf MAX ALLE N PAT DGNEWUVI RICHARD FRANCE-.BILL Rfcf KENNETH lnfvoaffm GENE WA RD .Buoov COQKSEY M15 1 .tlfamiwg-N f nf 'Y . , 'l'5:wLf3h.: i r. wig fiwsxi' kgkf'x'V L f 3,4 , ,LA Y Bucffffvofmm fVln'rnm lAfAn-fp.: CHUCK 57-0585 BILL GRAVE5 xegff NS l Lx , wx. 4 -, f ' gw 'wtwe L- f ff QQX- .. N . . - ' A ,JL ALVIN REE5fR ' P , .L.., .K .5 1 MAX ALLEN ' x " ' , In 4 .1 , BOB RADIN JACK ICTEHON RUSSELL HURGT K , ELONZO MOSLEY JACKMATTMULLER ALEELIX Hffvrofv Ill I -l"INI'!fHf"4 FOOTBALL HIGHLIGHTS Opening the 1943 football season with a light and inexperienced squad and only two vet- erans, Coach Mosseyls Indians played a tough schedule and finished the season with a good rec- ord, 6 wins to 4 losses, and second place in the Indian River Conference. For the first game the Red and White traveled to Melbourne but were turned back 0-13. With less thah 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter Knecht intercepted a pass and dashed 40 yards for a touchdown. The Bulldogs' second touchdown came 2 minutes later against our sec- ond string. Vero's only scoring thrust came early in the fourth quarter but a fourth down goal line pass was knocked down. Performing before a home town crowd for the first time this season, the Indians broke a 7 year jinx by defeating Stuart 13-7. They showed vast improvement in play over the previ- ous week and scored 2 touchdowns in the first half. The Tigers' only touch down came in the fourth quarter. The Indians' third game was with Cocoa. Playing one of their best games of the season, Vero easily turned back the invaders 27-0, making 2 wins and 1 defeat. Vero's third win came at the clash with the Catfish of Okeechobee. Finding it hard to get its offense working, the Indians finally stabbed across 2 quick touchdowns late in the sec- ond quarter. Okeechobee continually threatened the last half but Vero turned back all their scoring attempts. Final score of this game was Vero 14-Okeechobee 0. Playing their best ball game of the season Vero Beach trampled Melbourne in a return contest 13-6. Headed early in the first quarter 6-0, the Indians came back to take the lead 7-6 at the half. Vero scored once more in the fourth quarter to avenge more completely their previous loss. Vero won its fourth consecutive victory by defeating Okeechobee the second time. Play- ing a much better brand of ball than before, the locals were able to score easily and use their reserves. The final score for this game was Vero 28-Okeechobee 0. Playing their sixth game at Cocoa, the Red and White again turned the trick, scoring 3 touchdowns by the air lanes and 1 by a long run. The Indians scalped Cocoa 28-O and ex- tended their winning streak to six. In their only non-conference game Vero Beach played the Cavaliers of Lake Worth. Heav- ily outweighed and outclassed, the Indians suffered three injuries early in the game and Chuck Stobbs was hospitalized for the remainder of the season. Fighting hard, the Indians were able to score but once. Vero's winning streak was abruptly ended 7-28. Handicapped by injuries received the previous week, Vero Beach was in poor shape to meet their arch rival, Fort Pierce. With the conference championship at stake Vero Beach lost to the hard charging Eagles 0-26. Traveling to Stuart for their final game, the Indians were turned back for the fourth time that season. Constantly out-playing their opponents, they lacked the necessary punch to drive the ball across the goal line. Stuart's lone touchdown came on a long pass late in the third quar- ter. Final score was Vero 0-Stuart 6. Completing the season at the annual Football Banquet, Coach Mossey awarded letters to seven Seniors, Allen, B. Stobbs, Fehon, Graves, Walters, Prange, and Hurst and eleven under- classmen, Rice, Langbehn, Buckingham, Radin, Ward, C. Stobbs, DuBose, Hinton, Reeser, Donevant, Mattmuller, and the manager, Buddy Cooksey. Bill Stobbs was elected honorary captain of the 1943 squad and Bob Radin was chosen to lead the team in 1944. BASKETBALL TEAM Slilrliflng: BllkltlyQNUUIQNCY,Bl.lI1.lQ.1CI'QNl.lXi'XllCl1, Raymond Scent, Bill Stobhs, Clli Bun in Inn K IU hlolulwx, Cio.It'lI Nlvssuv. Ixzirwlnfgz Bob liadin, Iiugene Ward, Herb Guy, Alvin Reeser, Felix Hinton, Kenneth Rums Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Vero Beach Totals Av. per game SCH Ii DU I. li 33 Iiau Gallie S4 Cocoa 30 Melbourne 33 Lake Worth 31 Melbourne 32 West Palm Beach 58 Stuart 28 Eau Gallie 46 Cocoa 42 Ponce de Leon fMiami 27 West Palm Beach 46 Lake Worth I I 50 Stuart CONIfliRIiNC1li TOURNAMIZNT 33 Melbourne 46 Stuart 36 Cocoa SIXTH DISTRICIT' TOURNAMENT S0 Avon Park 53 Auburndale , S6 Mulberry STATI1 TOURNAMENT . 45 Fletcher fjaxj 39 Greenville ,. , 33 Pompano 41 Homestead , 942 , 41 'Qi .i Bucxmarlnm WMU 'Y pq ALLEN Hmmm R Essen 44 51'o ass, W. Capt. fnnm-l Mnsccv 3 is N 510855, C. fifxum BASKETBALL I-HGHLIGHTS The big clock on the scoreboard showed just fifteen seconds to play. It was the semi- final game of the State Basketball Tournament at Seabreeze gymnasium, Daytona Beach, the score, Pompano 31, Vero Beach 31 and Pompano had possession of the ball. A Pompano play- er tried a long shot. It looked good-so good in fact that Coach Mossey closed his eyes and flinched just a little. But the shot was just a trifle long and rebounded into the possession of the Indians. Captain Bill Stobbs broke deep into the corner of the court, while "Chuck" Stobbs dribbled rapidly down the court, passed to Bill in the corner, and then cut for the basket. Bill, standing near the sidelines at the most difficult angle on the court, ball poised above his head, looked for a Vero player to pass to, but they were all covered. The big clock on the scoreboard had stopped! The'timer's hand was on the horn button! Bill knew there was only one thing to do and he did it. He shot a long, two-handed, overhead shot that will live long in the mem- ory of Bill's teammates and the few Vero fans assembled there that night. The ball swished through the hoop as clean as a bullseye! Before the dazed Pompano team could retrieve the ball and make a play, the horn sounded ending the game, 33-31 in favor of the future champions! In the minds of many who had followed the fortunes of the Indians throughout the sea- son, this game-saving shot and the victory over Pompano was the proof that our team were champions. True, there was still Homestead in the final game. Homestead, the powerhouse that the sportswriters and bleacherites had proclaimed unbeatable, the team they said could beat any team in the State, class A or B, any time they wanted to. But Vero Beach didn't think Homestead was invincible. In fact, in the minds of the Indians, Homestead was one team they could and would beat. Hadn't the boys at Ponce de Leon in Miami told them they could beat Homestead, more than a month ago after the game in which the Indians romped on Ponce, 42-28? The Indians brought that conviction home with them from Miami and they appa- rently never lost it, for at the end of the first half of the championship game, the Growers were dizzy from watching the Indians fast-break to pile up a 29-16 advantage. In the second half Homestead came to life and cut down our lead to a point where masterful stalling was neces- sary to protect our slim advantage. However, the "Cinderella" team from Vero, that the sports writers had never given as much as an outside chance, were more than equal to the occasion and when the final horn sounded, the Vero Beach Indians were State Champions by a 41-39 score! Winning the State Championship climaxed the most successful season Vero has ever en- joyed in any sport. Losing only one game in 23 starts and annexing the Indian River Confer- ence championship, the Sixth District championship, and the State championship, the local cag- ers have set a mark for future teams to shoot at. In addition to winning honors for the school, several of the Indians received personal honors: Bill Stobbs made All-State, All-District, and All-Conference, and his feats on the court will be legend in Indian River County for many years to come. Clay Buckingham, who played his finest brand of ball in the State Tourna- ment, received Honorable Mention at Daytona. Charles, "Chuck" Stobbs, who thrilled the spectators with many scintillating shots, likewise received Honorable Mention at Daytona and was placed on the All-District and All-Conference teams. Max Allen, who could always be depended upon to "cool" a "hot" player on the opposing team as well as contribute several baskets each game, was voted Honorable Mention at the State and he also made All-Confer- ence. Bob Radin and Felix' Hinton, although they won no all-star honors, won a place in the heart of every Vero fan for their dependable play and splendid teamwork. When, in the first game of the season, the Indians disposed of a small Eau Gallie team by a score of 33-19 with the second team playing most of the game, not a single follower would have been bold enough to predict such a successful season. Even after Cocoa was defeated han- dily by a score of 54-28, no one was unduly optimistic. However, when the strong Melbourne team, led by big, rugged, Jim Knecht, was turned back 30-18 with Knecht getting only two baskets some of the fans began to climb on the bandwagon. Their confidence in the team was justified in two games which followed, the Indians disposing of two class "A" teams, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach, by scores of 33-28 and 32-24, respectively. One of the highlights of the season was a road trip taken by the team February 9, 10, 11. In the first game of the trip our smooth-rolling team smothered Ponce de Leon in Miami by a score of 42-28. The bright lights of Miami had their effect on the boys, however, for the next night they lost the only game of the season to West Palm Beach, 29-27, in a game that was considered an upset even by Palm Beach followers. The next night the team rebounded fast and trounced Lake Worth for the second time, 46-29. The Indian River Conference tourney was to be only a workout for the boys, but they had to turn on everything they had to sink Melbourne 33-28 in the last two minutes of play. The rest of the tournament was easy, however, Stuart being toppled 46-29 in the semi-finals, and the Indians collected the first of their trophies by beating Cocoa 36-11 in the final game with the second team playing half of the ball game. The district tournament was hard-fought throughout, but the Indians had their eye for the basket and scored S0 or more points each game. In the Haines City tournament Avon Park was downed 50-31 in the first game, and Auburndale bowed to the local team, 53-37 in the semi-finals. The final game against Mulberry, five times winner of the District, was a thrilling game only exceeded by those to follow in the State. Turning on 'all the power they had, the Indians outscored the boys from che phosphate belt, S6-47. Vero Beach was seeded second in the State Tournament, a fact that seemed to be over- looked by the sports writers, but we have told before how Bill Stobb's dazzling shot from the corner of the court made the sports writers "eat crow". This is a story about the boys and the season, but it would not be complete without say- ing something about the man who, by his patience and untiring efforts, made our success pos- sible. While the rest of us were shouting and slapping each other on the back after each game, Coach Harold C. Mossey, calm and casual as a sphinx, showed no emotion but merely admon- ished the boys to "get to bed and be at practice, Monday". Mossey, after developing a fine football team could have rested on his laurels, but instead he developed a green, untried bunch of boys into the finest team in Florida. Every boy on the squad has expressed his warm re- gard for Coach and given him all credit for their success. The school and the community have likewise taken him to their heart and we all feel that a new era in sports has started in Vero Beach with his coming. Only after the final game at Daytona did Coach Mossey show the strain he had been un- der during those three days! As the final horn sounded, he still remained seated as everyone scrambled to the court. Then he arose, slowly, and like an old, old man started out on the court, eyes straight ahead and very tired looking--but why not? Few coaches ever win a State Championship, fewer win it in their first year in a school, and it is duobtful if anyone has ever won that honor in a school where basketball was not played the previous year! THE VICTORY CCRPS Kl'1l1lfIl.Q,I,"fl'fIiRi,Q!VfI Corporal ,lack Chesnutt, Corporal Don W'eavcr, Corporal Robert Harris, Pfc. Joe Ingalls, Pvt. Claude llamilton, Pvt. ,lack Mattmuller, Pvt. Harold King, Pvt Norman Carraway, Pfc. Bill Graves, Pvt. A. C. Morris, Pvt. liob Metz, Pvt. Harrell Holmes, Pvt. Morris Sutton, Pvt. james Burdick, Pfc. Walter Fors- ling, Pfe. Piill King, Pvt. liarl Mathis, Sgt. Ryland Cox. The Victory Corps is serving its second enlistment in the Vero Beach High School. Originally conceived as the Air Training Corps of America, the local organization became the High School Victory Corps when the A. T. C. was fused into the Victory Corps movement. Many of the boys, now in the armed services, first learned the rudiments of military drill and the manual of arms in the high school platoon. In general, these boys have expressed their thanks for their high school training, stating their "boot" training was made easier and their advancement more rapid because of this advantage they had over boys who knew nothing of military drill. The Corps is not as large this year as it was in the beginning, numbering only about twenty boys. Perhaps this is due to the fact that considerable hard work and rigid discipline is expected of the members. A system of demerits for those who violate rules of the Corps makes it necessary for some of the members to "walk off" time after school. Sergeant Ryland Cox is in charge of the platoon this year, and squad lead- ers are Corporal Robert Harris, Corporal 'Donald Weaver, and Corporal Jack Chesnutt. Drills are held two activity periods each week and the boys can be seen drilling on the basketball courts. The platoon has acquired good coordina- tion and rhythm in their drilling, and it is quite unlikely that any boy in the Corps will ever be put in a "rookie" squad when he enters the service. Willard C. Chinn has been the faculty member in charge of the Corps since it was formed in the fall of 1942. IN MEMORIAM Graduates and Former Students Dufu IN Slikvlcilf MISSING IN ACTION Henry Morgan Courtney Jones Gene Guy Evans Joseph Hill John Mixon Robert Harlock Edward Hogan M0ffiS ROY Charles Harlock Ch nrles Futcll ,Q .. ' LAY, HDVERTIEENENTE'e4-::::.1-:Jan-::::::::.fc:::::::J4f:J'o-4-:::: The Indian River Uitru Bank "The Friendly Bank" VERO BEACH, FLORIDA 'li Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Buy War Bonds Here COMPLIMENTS OF 74 JJCGCZWLW EQQQQZMGMZ Same DRY GOODS READY-TO-WEAR HOME FURNISHINGS WINDOW SHADES VENETIAN BLINDS STAR BRAND SHOES WODTKE and WALTERS Vero Beach, Florida Phone 2275 Box C lr A:rr::rv::::r-r:4-gf:+-a-f-f-r:f-f-v-r-rf-P::rv:r:fv::-r-c:::: J T Compliments of Bugois .swsfzy do., Una. GIFTS THAT LAST FLORIDA SOUVENIRS EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING COMPLIMENTS OF BARTLETT HARDWARE STORE L f :::::Q:::::::::::::::::::: ::::f: FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION .I INSURED SAVINGS MORTGAGE LOANS I1 I I lL"""""'7:'f::""4'717:::???f:?i :::::::::97V:?'7?c:?f: Compliments of C. E. COX FUNERAL DIRECTOR Phone 2325 I5I5 Osceolo Boulevord L ------v---------v- J COMPLIMENTS OF THEATRE DRUG STORE Frederic . Zeuch Worren ZEUCH BROS. 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Suggestions in the Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) collection:

Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Vero Beach High School - Arrowhead Yearbook (Vero Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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