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54, fm V v V v, s v v 5 V u U A V V V if u Gln Quinn QNII I N G . IAHA I 9 4 3 puma zu, Me S E N I O R C L A S S vERo BEACH HIGH SCHCOL VCLUME II v - fre- , fi ll7 N' B -' - :dl nal fa L. . . A Vs- .- ,:. wh- -Q ,f ., 7 OVQWOT In This, The second volume of The Arrowheod, we hove Tried To follow The precedenT seT for us by The sToTT of losT yeor's oririuol. The purpose of The Arrovvheod, os seT TorTh in vol- ume l, is To oid The memory in colling up more eosily The TocTs ond foces ossocioTed wiTh our high school doys. We hove Tried To provide moTeriol ThoT will fulfill This purpose. We hope ThoT our book will be o vvorThy successor To losT yeor's ond o helpful guide To Those To come. Us .lik 2 iifnip wfiw XJ 'lf' ,.: 'fl 75 . gf, i , ff, I 'ei V' .r . lil 'T j X T i lll 'lll 'll ll ll'li7l,lllllirlli Illini' - ' in ini BOOK l . . CLASSES BOOK Il . . FEATURES BOOK lll . . ACTIVITIES BOOK IV . . ATl'll.E-l'lC5 HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Q FRONT y iiiil Iii' 'IRL' ' Rl -I REAR an 'fi is MISS EDNA M. WALTERS in Token of our oppreciofion of her encourogemenf, of her love ond of her friendship Towords Us during our high school coreev. X MISS EDNA M. WALTERS f L , f iqii f an ffgnsz nupa n n n :mn nf-u nn.: nfl' 'bf' Hifi , , ' 'J' 'Z' ' T 'D' 'A' TL- 'W- ie 9 AILEEN JAMES .... ROBERT SKINNER ,... MATTHEW SAHINA . . . GWENDOLYN REAMS RUSSELL TWITCHELL . . . THELMA SIMMONS . . . ORTEMIUS -CARRUTHERS JEAN FROST ......... ALBERT RYALL .... LORENE KNIGHT . . . ARROWH EAD STAFF . , . . ,Editor-in-Chief . . .Business Manager . . . . . .Joke Editor . . . . .Class Historian . . . . .Sports Editor . . . .Photographer . . . . . .Art Editor . . . . . .Society Editor Advertising Manager . . . .Testament Editor f'--A ,fp .S ILK I A- I .., J U In L -V4 ,I ri -M 1: THE COUNTY BOARD OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION ,X OSCAR L. DUBOSE ....,..,.,.... REED HUTCHINSON LOUIS HARRIS ......,....,...... BOARD OF TRUSTEES J. L. KNIGHT ................ ...,.........,......CI'1oirmon C. T. BROWNE Secreto ry ond Superintendent ,...................Choirmcn E.M.BECTON EMMETT S. WALDEN ......., J. M. KNIGHT Secretory H t I'ACU LTY EMMETT S. WALDEN Supervising-Principal FRANK W. GRAHAM Senior High Principal WILLIARD C. CHINN junior High Principal Miss EDNA WALTERS Miss PAULINE WHIDDON MISS HOLLY WAKER MRS. ELOISE GOSSETT MRS. MILDRED M. WOODS MISS LOUISE TAYLOR MR. SHERWOOD P. STARBIRD MRS. ETHEL V. NOVOA MRS. NAN. MURPHREE MISS ELLEN MCBRYDE MISS LILAH V. NELSON MRS. HELEN HANCOCK MR. JOHN P. KOSCIELNY MRS. HAZEL M. HARRISON MR. J. PASCO WOODS MRS. ETHEL GRAHAM MISS GORDON WILIFORD MISS BETHANY ROUTH MRS. JOSEPHINE GIBBS MRS. GEORGIA WHILDEN MR. W. H. PERKINS MISS JOAN HASTINGS JE' .Is IS- V 'Q Z iw! 'Lax , . -:zi- .3 i 'I' A A '1-is? J R 1. QR 45 A35.m.. 'Q T' X I Q 53654 XR 4 ' efvfbx ff! EW ,qw ..,x -X. fs eq If ' 3 I A' w 'I I 5? 6 33 5-I QP' N3 . .I R I . .,.., 'G-I ,I S?" . ig... RJ W x QQ K I 5 .K .. g ji.: ,,.. - 4 , W .HPF is A Q9 ir. Q .ggi fx- .. . 41 .. ' A .' 2? -.V I M ..'fi1'?? 71' In I ,- 5 : ik 3. LK 5 1 F 1 CIR mi it ag. . R 1 ,.,,., A gf j x , 1 Nryfmk TF'- rf Iliff! L ,.....J....L....L......fyg ' G. ...,..n....f,........b, A54 ' SENIXOQS' Q h - 159536 --- fi X "f?1WL f f" . 'f X. N its 1 K4 Yi ' d oo j 00 li irflx :FTW 1-"' A'?'f-ll"4 iiirllllk .s , . " V ,AU v- Y item. . . U. . . .,:,. .m .,.. ..., b , ,f g G. .:.. ..,.. .D. ... .,. ... .C. .. 4.5 Senior Class ffisfory At last the Class of '43 has completed its voyage over the Twelve seas of learning. As we of the class began our voyage on September 28, l93l, with Mrs. Rodenburg, Mrs. Morgan, and Miss Day as captains, we looked forward with expectant faces to a future filled with happiness. The ele- mentary years were filled with many ioys and small woes, a few of our classmates fell overboard, but others ioined our group. Entering Junior High School in 1937 was a thrilling new experience, many began to realize that we were traveling on a never-ending sea of learning, for we do not stop learning when we have finished high school. We began to weather gales and storms of algebra, Latin, and science at the very beginning of our freshman year. Our sophomore year filled us with greater knowledge, and we learned to assume some of the responsibilities due us. As iuniors, our duties to the school and to other classes began. Our leaders were: Tray Moody, class president, Matthew Sahina, vice-president, Gwendolyn Reams, secretary, and Eloise Wall, treasurer. During this period we re- ceived our class rings. We also raised money for the Victory Dance by selling drinks and candy at the football games. The dance, which was held on May 15, featured the war bond slogan and was very successful. Money raised from the sale of stamps at the dance was used to buy the S150 war bond presented to the school. The Junior Class play, "Have a Heart", proved very successful also. Now we have entered the last and most memorable stage of our voyage, that is, our senior year. As seniors we stand ready to pass on to the voyage of real life, ready to prove our worth to our parents, school, city, and to our nation. Characteristic of the senior year is the partici- pation in special senior activities such as the Beautification Day, the Senior Class Play, Senior Skip Day, Baccalaureate services, Class Night. And last of all, that day which will live forever in our memories, Commencement. Memories of these happy events will never leave us. Some of our classmates have already left us to ioin different branches of the service, but we have had their comradeship through almost twelve happy years. We are looking forward with eagerness but with a little regret to that day when we shall be prepared to take a still greater voyage into life. M , , . Nygrlllk ,,,,5., .... .. ...Mage mpg, -- TROY MOODY President of Junior ond of Senior Class, Student Council 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Key Club, President 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Baslfetball 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Who's Who 3, 4, Blotter, Victory Corps. GWENDOLYN REAMS "Gwen" Secretary Junior Class, Arrow- head, Beta 4, Blotter, Victory Corps, Honor Society. BOB JENKINS, "Preacher" Hi-Y 3, 4, President 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2,,3, Band 3, Glee Club 3, Blotter, Editor, Victory Corps, Who's Who 4. MARJORIE COOK "Cookie" Student Council 3, Beta, Secre- tary 4, Junior Class Play, Blotter, Sub Deb 3, 4, President 4, Who's Who. RUSSELL TWITCHELL "Tarzan" Vice-President Junior Class, Stu- dent Council 4, Arrowhead, Key Club 2, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3. WINIFRED RICHARDSON "Winnie" Blotter. A .W- .uzb M nk i s .U 5 . is R , g Q G is G1 . 5, ik, .PF lk its sf 3' X' I ,w,kw,, we ee-- A- Yi? 1 QW, Qs, 'HH 4 Q . , . 1 ,,, ' - 5 7 4?,..e53:: .1' , ' x R I i - . If fm., JEAN FROST "Frosty" Beta 4, Glee Club 4, Arrowhead, Senior Class Treasurer, Blotter, Sub Deb'2, 3, 4, President 3, Secretary- Treasurer 4, Who's Who 4. MATTHEW SAHINA llslugll Business Manager of Junior Class, Vice-President Senior Class, Student Council 3, Arrowhead, Hi-Y 3, 4, Key Club 2, 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Football 3, 4, Honor Society. THELMA SIMMONS llsisll Beta, Treasurer 4, Arrowhead, Glee Club 3, 4, Who's Who 3, 4, Football Queen, Sub Deb 2, 3, 4. ALBERT RYALL "Gopher" Arrowhead, Hi-Y 4, Football 2, 4, Band 3, Blotter, Lettermen's Club 2, 4, Victory Corps. LORENE KNIGHT "Rene" Business Manager of Junior Class, Glee Club 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Arrowhead, Business Manager of Blotter, Victory Corps, Honor So- ciety, F. H. A. 3. CLAUDE HART llBUCkll Glee Club 3, F. F. A. 3, 4, Presi- dent 3, Victory Corps. p. :fem -unu a n - .cn nu IU. .tg ov, an Ia- M. . ..W EDITH MARIE WHIDDON Glee Club 2, 3, 4. JIMMIE ALLISON Hi-Y 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4. NELLIE MAE MILLER Band I, 4, Victory Corps, H. C. 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4. LAMAR BAILEY IIBOII Hi-Y 4, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Football I, 2, 4, Victory Corps. ELIZABETH BENSON ffshoffyff Band 2, 3, Glee Club 2, 4, H. H. 3, 4, Treasurer 4. JAMES COPELAND l Ilsidll Hi-Y 3, 4. H. 4, 3, C. BYRON RICE "Ber Grits" "': HI-Y 3, 4, Band 2, 3, F. F. A. 4 55 . Victory Corps. MARION DAVIS Victory Corps, H. H. C. 4. tg, QFII it Ks iw WILLIE R, MCCAIN llpluggyll Wi-Af all F.F.A.3,4. PATRICIA TODD ft fi! ' Iv. "Pony" I t . Honor Society, Student Council 4, 6 Glee Club 4, Victory Corps. '4""' + ,S 4 ,gtg ,4 RICHARD MATTMULLER A " "Mon" 1: hlvbbbb ' PM zvbl I Key Club 2, 3, Junior Class Play, Q .Q 'I Football 4, Basketball 3, Victory f ' COHOS- ' I .P MARY THoIvIPsoN Blotter, Who's Who 4, Sub Deb . 34- I G-. - 1 , E if 'I5T7lllM TSFKVRH f. - - I 1-Q ,E ,- qfglg l I Lug- I , nz. ... .CJ 1 1, -uf f 'L L1 3 1:n -wa un- --fn nu- pw- nc. ut V YJ HANEY WOODS lloickll Key Club 4, Blotter, Victory Corps. ETHEL MAY HAMMILL wg 5 . .ji .S i it iii .QS ' ' J: W I Beta 4, Victory Corps, Honor So- lqlr ., ,, V' I Buoois ANoERsoN Q QM asf llMUIey1l EA V . . .5 i f 1' C 'tif MARY EDITH TOWNSEND Beta 4, Glee Club 4, Victory Corps, Sub Deb 4. EILEEN FERSCH Band 3, 4, Glee Club 4. ORTEMIUS- CARRUTHERS "T Model" Arrowhead, Football 3, 4, F. F. A. 3, 4. v I asf , f..,Q. 'f , ?U, h fix DONNA iooasvm' "Calamity Jane" Band 2, 3, H. H. C. 3, 4, Trees- urer, 3. BOBBY BLACK lIBIimpIl F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Victory Corps ELINOR LAW Victory Corps, Beta 4. LLOYD KNIGHT Football 4, Lettermen's F. F. A. I, 3. ALFRED KING IIAIII Club 45 F. F. A. 3, 4, Victory Corps. JANICE EVANS "Dynamite" Glee Club 4, F. H. A. 4. NYSA! ?v iff' .. ,f IK fill 7 'v. . M ' ,j , I U I IE! lvl lz:1l nfs -can :ans tpww I I A? gn. i 1:11 -ha no uuuu Lu :im np.: n I VIRGINIA SUMMER lfsinnyll Beta 4, Blotter, Victory Corps, Honor Society. LESLIE BARKER F. F. A. 3, 4. MURIEL NEELY Business Manager of Pep Squad 4, Junior Class Play. ARTHUR HARLOCK Ilcurlyll Key Club 2, 3, Blotter, Honoi Society. BONNIE MEADOWS COOLIDGE JUDAH F. F. A. 4. A 'if um f-ig ' 3 EDWIN POWERS "Pee Wee" Student Council 4, Key Club 2, 3 4, Band I, Blotter, Victory Corps. MARION EVANS Glee Club 2, 3, 4. DONALD HARRIS Football 3, Victory Corps. LYNDALL ALLISON Beta 4-Band 4, Victory Corps I GILFORD MATHIS F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, President 4. JULIA MAE BOWMAN F. H. A. 4. - i 7'-ff' ls. 'T I ,ylllik -FLEET I Jig- .... - .. ....,"g14 ' -Ip, BOBBIE ANDERSON F. F. A. 3, 4. MURIEL BALDWIN "Mort" Glee Club 2. Ztlfff 24 4,2 in K any Q s 15 ,B ' MARJORIE CHAPMAN F. H. A. 3. EVERETT HURST, Jr, F, F, A. 2, 3, 4. AILEEN JAMES Student Council 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Beta, President 4, Arrowhead 3, A 5 ' 4- ' Wh 4- onor ROBERT SKINNER Q Q! . 355,23 'Whos O 3' 'H Student Council 2, 3, 4, President qb. 4, Arrowhead, Business Manager, i ""i:E 5, Hi-Y 3, 4, Key Club 3, Secretary 3, "'i"1 Citizenship Award I, Honor So- iff if Cie-fy, Who's who 3, 4. V . ' VIDA JOHNSON Victory Corps. BILL LUTHER EDNA RUTH LISLE mi' xc K 4 ff H ' sf if J BILLY LETCHVVORTH "Big Stoop" Hi-Y 3, 4, Leitermen's Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Victory Corps, Stu- dent Council 4. MARTHA LEWIS JACK LAWREY llHGrpoll Lettermen's Club I, 2, 3, Secre- tary 4, Football I, 3, 4. 1149? lx - -L Llp' :EE-in B ,rrilpllllllm A eww. . . . . . . ..2. ..,. .... ..., 2. D. ..,,. .... .... ... MARY JEAN MICHAEL Beta 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club l, 3, Victory Corps, H. H. C. Busi- ness Manager 2. ALEX MCWILLIAM Lettermen's Club l, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball l, 2, 4, Victory Corps. LUTHER BINGHAM NOT PICTURED BOB PRICE "Pricey" Hi-Y 3, 4, Lettermerfs Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Victory Corps, Glee Club 3, Who's Who 3, 4. CLASS POEM Oh, pause not, then-nor falter, For Fate is in your hand, Climb ever,-onward,-upward, To where your feet would stand, The rocks are rough and rugged, But victory is sublime, Step bravely, boldly forward, And climb, and climb, and climb! SALLYDALE WIMBROW Beta 4, Glee Club 4, Victory Corps. DEWARD HOWARD llDeell Victory Corps, Lettermens Club l, 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, Who's Who 3, 4. L Av? M ,M , f, i 1 Y ., Y ' ""' Q nz: u n : I I I nm: nw: n , 1 'bww X' , K ,zu --1,1 uns 1,1 u n rm -gn JL' -s...., uni ors STRIB KNIGHT ..., A ,.,. President RAY HOGAN ...,. . . Vice-President PEGGY SEMBLER .... ...... T recsurer JEANETTE MARTIN .... ..., S ecretory iY.f N 3 'x5?'3km mf' we' 'B iv vs ,Li - ,Mawr "' W' J Q ,M .M 1 sz:- J v if -an 1 V H E ,Ap l K N237 'J Q tw 1 .- -ci, b,. Q99 Z' K5 .mrs N! Ji fix S sis, 'QSRQ 4.-ss -my il an M381 -lla swims 'es W' ll " ,gm First Row: Lomey Anderson, Dale Berggren, Lucille Blanton, Jack Chesnutt, Frances Cox, Henderson Carter . . . Second Row: Charles Coker, Helen Dukes, Henry Dukes, Gloria Blanchard, Joe Earman, Ruth Glover . . . Third Row: Doris Hamilton, Carl Evans, Wanda Harlock, Jack Fehon, May Belle Harper, Walter Forsling . . . Fourth Row: Bill Graves, Gladys Howard, Robert Hoag, Harriet Humis- ton, Alfred Hamilton, Kathleen Judah . . . Fifth Row: Dorothy Kyle, Robert Harris, Maudelle Law, Clyde Holtzclaw, Betty Lou Mason, Harold King . . . Sixth Row: Winitred Chesnutt,,B. J. Mathis, Jeanette Martin, Bob Carruthers. tix . . . lx Qt 1 Xi Q R. iv . x 3 lib X . N -. -X ' ' A " X sr s J". .M-1. . . X , s g Q - W'-rf A -vig, , is XX R Q Ni, .af E 335- QM- If .5 ' W., A, 5' '55 X 5 ti S s Q R , .5 N,,, , if Q . . ,wp ,W 4' ' cf' af t 'H' N a D R Qin P'f'K. QV s SQ if ll ff 2... .: 1? , nn. ig ,3 pq., s K PDQ ' f Q4 QS mms Q 38' an, ' .aw I I' 1 'D I , I . ' flex .. 1 E we N- 1 u iff QQ? G' "' e A V' ? ft f x B X Nw- ,R Q ' is M X- 3 S : N.. G it ag' R h,, , First Row- Strib Knight, Hazel Nelson, Archie Calhoun, Beatrice Peto, Russell Hurst, Rena Mc I D Cullers . . . Becond Row: Margaret Roberts, Wallace Letchworth, Roberta Routh, X. O. Lise oris Stansel A C. Morris . Third Row: Donald Reams, Ann Sahina, Elonzo Moseley, Virginia Smith B'll R dd -Cl 're Summer l. . . Fourth Row: Betty Willis, Casey Strickland, Bonnie Terrell, Richard n u , an Stuck, Patsy Roberts, Jack Vickers . . . Sixth Row: Milton Walters, Peggy Sembler, Donald Weaver Anna Wodtke, Billy Williams, Wilmar Law . . . Seventh Row: Tommy Palmer, Richard Prange Ray Hogan. ,. QC , gl f ' 5 5,..,,i: p f ' : 3 r I ' fl ut 53,8 A X5 M1 ,V :jx 9 wg 'W six itz- WM-L Z 115443 if im 9' .. Nl 4 lr vi ll, iiill ill! :ls agus I F' NN, sf- 4' . l I r ' 9 - IZ impw V1 V ,,,. .,--i I. Yum, yum! 2. The four Musketeers. 3. Going Up! 4. Yeo, yeo. 5. Monkeys are the cwcxziesf people. 6. Going our wciy. 7. O boy. 8. Three girls on o bike. 9. A drink offer physical ed. IO. Superman. ll, Who? o life. 12. A week with Veronico Luke. Uno-Q Rcmssmen C3 eb B ix Y "' sz A Q5 .ix E Q .gi 3 xxx Q, H 'vm-w.-.....,,,, NJ if Q Q .3 x Q f w gg f g gg 51 S143 : , :IQ"f FRESHMAN CLASS f if .V 'Q X '04, Q f3.f x gigs' A 'K i M , 1,1Wa'f',, lx:-Q N PM S 1 EIGHTH GRADE i V ,. 'Qu Q5 A ia B, 1 QF 5 QS 3' Q 0 we , - - -'QQ- 1 P- , :V .I W I K gf y X ' 'N , . Y ., . f . .M f., ,f Q if W W, wx V un" Q., S+ Vx f -w . -Q..-NM 1. i X .QQ 51, Sgr hu-up W SEVENTH GRADE .Y 5. e 1 E .X . J . wi XC .MA """'-vm. 70 6 7 I. Swing ii, sister. 2, Ain't love grand. 3. Nice House. 4. A dead ringer. 5. Bobes-in-orms 6. Sugar Rotioning Board. 7. The Nut Club. 8. World's worst. 9. S-W-A-K. IO. Modern Design ii. On the campus. I2. Smoll fry. Feel fu res - Q! I 6, 1 . - A A . yo- fiiffsm 3 x f f u. f X f AFT! I ,X lp UW, 4 X YK fx -ny Q ,AX ,, -A " ' I fig.. .... Q ... S c. ..... , THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT -A' We, the Class of l943, are now passing out of this sphere of educa- tion, and with our crammed minds and well Trained memories wish to leave our Last Will and Testament. We give and bequeath to our Principal, Prof. Emmett Walden, our sincere appreciation for his leadership. We give and bequeath to our dear faculty, who have instructed us with patience and good iudgment, some restful nights and the satisfaction that they have done their duty well. That as we make our successes in life, it is due to their faithful instructions and guidance which they have given us. They will always be held very dear in our memory. We give and bequeath to Vero High, as a whole, our school spirit and the places which we have filled through all our school years. To each and every student we give our ability to love Vero High and do our best in keeping it a great school. We give and bequeath to our Class Sponsor, Miss Walters, our heartiest gratitude and appreciation for her understanding ways in seeing us through our Senior Year. Also her support in making possible the publication of our school paper, The Blotter, in these trying and difficult times. . We give and bequeath to the Junior Class our seats in Chapel and our place as "dignified" Seniors. The Senior Indian Braves wish to leave their help in finally winning the game against Fort Pierce by leaving this motto for future players, "We did it before, and you can do it again." 7 I if 44,4 TT M -:.4g MISS V. B. H. S. .... . Q4 WHO'S WHO BEST ALL AROUND BOY ,.... Troy Moody Robert Skinner Bob Jenkins Deward Howard Robert Skinner Deward Howard Troy Moody Buddy Cooksey Troy Moody Bob Price MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED FRIENDLIEST MOST ATHLETIC MOST STUDIOUS BEST SPORT BEST LOOKING WITTIEST BEST DRESSED BEST DANCER . . . .Jean Frost . .Troy Moody Jean Frost Aileen James Pat Todd Maudell Law Aileen James Jane Wykoff Mariorie Cook Mary Thompson Thelma Simmons Mariorie Cook HUMCD Russell Twitchell: What's she got that the other girls haven't got? "Slug" Sahina: Nothing, but she groups it better, W W W W Albert Ryall: How are your tires, Strib? , Joe Knight: They're so bad that the air is beginning to show through. W W W W Sign of the times in a restaurant: Please don't insult our waiters. Customers we can get. W W W W Robert Skinner: Would you care to see a model home? Mac: Glad to. What time does she quit work? W W W W Pee Wee Powers: Show me a tough guy and l'll show you a coward. Bill Letchworth: Well, I'm a tough guy. Powers: Well, I'm a coward. W W W W Jean Frost: Do you see that boy over there, Sis? Thelma Simmons: Yes, what about him? Jean: Well, he's gone around with more women than a revolving door. W W W W Aileen James: What is the meaning of those three balls in front of a pawnshop? Bo Bailey: It means three to one you don't get it back. W W W W Troy Moody: Do you know that the new army rifle weighs 8.69 pounds? Miss Walters: Is that sol Troy: But after I have carried it a few hours, the decimal point drops out. W W W W Bob Jenkins: You can be mastoid of ceremonies at the Hi-Y party, Dale. Dale Berggren: A mastoid is a pain in the ear. Preacher: See what I mean! W W W W Buck Hart says he's got a way of looking into a girl's eyes that makes her completely forget what he looks like. W W W W Private Lawrey: I feel like telling that sergeant where to get off again. Yardbird Copeland: What do you mean, again? Private L: I felt like it yesterday, too. ' W W W W Sergeant: What is the absolutely first thing you do when cleaning a rifle? Private Sahina: Look at the number. Sergeant: And what's that got to do with it? Private Sahina: To make sure it's my gun. W W W W Miss Waker: ls trousers singular or plural? Bobby Black: They're singular at the top and plural at the bottom. W W W W Mr. Perkins: Will you boys please stop exchanging notes in the back of the room? D. Howard: Them ain't notes: Them's dollar bills. We're rolling dice. Mr. Perkins: Oh, pardon me. W W W W Albert: I think l'll stop the car. My wrists are tired from driving. Cookie: How original! W W W W James Copeland: lAfter clerk had taken down all but one of the bottles on the shelvesi I don't really want to buy any medicine today. I was only looking for a friend. Clerk: Well, sir, if you think your friend is hiding in the other one, l'll gladly take it down. SOCIETY 1. ' Wk Jin Q Ag- mf f ' 'Ti' i'! if 29 - ,Y 'J- H - , W67 ' M' +Pff'i if x THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Beatrice 'Peto, Roberta Routh, Wallace Letchworth, Robert Skinner, Clinton Hobbs, Vivian Anthony . . . Second Row: Georgianne Earman, Clay Bucking- ham, Hazel Nelson, Virginia Summer, Matthew Sahina, Arthur Harlock, Lucille Blanton, Claire Summer, Herb Guy, Jane Wykoff, Prof. Walden . . . Third Row: Aileen James, Lorene Knight, Gwendolyn Reams, Jack Vickers, Phyllis Etters, Von Vivian James, Mary Ellen Lisle, Peggy Sembler, Mary Elizabeth Hinton .... Fourth Row: Patsy Roberts, Barbara White, Anna Wodtke, Marilyn Eckhoff, Betty Jean Tucker, Jimmie Lee Terrell, Elsie Glaab, Jeanette Martin, Ethel May Hammil-I .... Those not pictured: Patty Todd, Betty Jane Strickland, Helen Banta, Bacon Hardee, Bobby Rodin, Jack Ponder, Norman Carraway. Act well thy part, there all the honor lies.-Pope. , ,,,. . .,,,,. ,..., W S STUDENT COUNCIL ROBERT SKINNER . . . .,.., President BILL GRAVES . . . . . . Vice-President JANE WYKOFF , . r ,... Secretary EUGENE WARD .... Treasurer First Row: Lorene Knight, Jack Vickers, Troy Moody, Robert Skinner, Eugene Ward .... Second Row: Hazel Nelson, Aileen James, Margaret Ryburn, Peggy Sembler, Jane Wykoff .... Third Row: Edwin Powers, Bobby Rice, Patsy Wheeler, Mr. Graham, Bill Rice, Bill Graves .... Not pictured: Russell Twitchell, Bill Letchworth, Pat Todd. The power which resides in every man is new in nature, and none but he knows what he can do, nor does he know until he has tried.-Emerson. HI-Y CLUB Top to Bottom, First Row: Ralph Sexton, Mr. Woods. Wallace Letchworth, Bob Jenkins, Joe Earman, Bill Letchworth . . . Second Row: Troy Moody, Gene Ward, Clay Buckingham, Bill Gray, James Copeland, Matthew Sahina, Robert Skinner, Donald Weaver . . . Third Row: Jack Chesnutt, Jimmie Allison, Jack Fehon, Buddy Cooksey, Kenneth Langbehn, Dale Berggren, Bobby DuBose . . . Fourth Row: Tommy Guy, Herb Guy, Harold King, Jack Mattmuller, Bacon Hardee, Teddy Zeuch . . . Fifth Row: Albert Ryall, Bobby Rodin, Bob Price, Milton Walters, Bill Graves, Wcilter,Forsling, Richard Stuck, Norman Carraway, Bill Rice. Not pictured: Edgar Schlitt, Tommy Palmer, Lamar Bailey, Byron Rice. BETA CLUB if 'Hilda-Q... 'V' Ii iss Top to Bottom, First Row: Salliedale Wimbrow, Lyndall Allison, Harriet Humiston, Vivian Anthony . . . Second Row: Mary Jean Michael, Betty Willis, Virginia Sumner, Virginia Smith, Ann Sahina, Jean Frost, Roberta Routh, Claire Summer, Marion Mattmuller . . . Third Row: Vernice Knight, Betty Jean Tucker, Peggy Sernbler, Jeanette Martin, Marilyn Eckhoff, Barbara White, Mrs. Murphree, Elinor Law . . . Fourth Row: Etta Mae O'Neal, Jane Wykoff, Frances Cox, Jean Rymer, Betty Lou Mason, Aileen James, Mary McCormick, Mary Edith Townsend, Mariorie Cook, Thelma Simmons, Gwen Reams, Patsy Roberts, Ninevah Garbet, Alma Lee Loy . . . Fifth Row: Patsy Wheeler, Judy Owens, Mildred Walden, Phyllis Zeuch, Ann Graves, Geargianne Earman, Ethel Moy Hammill, Jane Mills. Not pictured. Marguerite Barker, Freida McCullers, Helen McWilliam, Dot Scott. mi www BCYS' VICTORY CURPS X Y W f.."'.,?5kJi W J, 5?-6 gl-S7-tif: limi tk QS? Top to Bottom, First Row: Joe Earmon, Teddy Zeuch, Claude Hart, Lamar Bailey, Jack Chesnutt, Donald Weaver, Donald Harris, Mr. Chinn, Robert Harris, Ryland Cox, Strib Knight, Russell Hurst, Richard Mattmuller, Bill Letchworth . . . Second Rowf' Deward Howard, Alex MacWilliam, Edwin Powers, Archie Calhoun, Bill Graves, Richard Stuck, Ray Hogan, Dale Berggren, Wilmar Law, Ralph Sexton, Carl Evans, Albert Ryall. GIRLS' VICTORY CORPS Top to Bottom, First Row: Mr. Woods, Virginia Summer, Elinor Law, Roberta Routh, Salliedale Wimbrow, Jeanette Martin, Harriet Humiston . . . Second Row: Vida Johnson, Lorene Knight, Betty Lou Mason, Mary Jean Michael . . . Third Row: Mary Edith Townsend, Gwendolyn Reoms, Dorothy Kyle, Nellie Mae Miller, Ethel May Hommill, Winitred Chesnutt, Ruth Glover. . """'-w. F. F. A. IN WAR ACTIVITIES Each of the forty members of the Indian Chapter F. F. A. has averaged collecting nearly two tons of scrap metal in the recent drive. The committee for this drive is as follows: Buck Hart Ichairmani, Leslie Barker, James Banks, and Bob Carruthers. In addition to the construction of much new equipment, some fifty pieces of farm machinery have been repaired in the agriculture shop this year. The outstanding event of the F. F. A. year, since the Tampa Fair is canceled for the duration, will be the fifth annual' Father-and-Son Banquet, which is scheduled for March nineteenth. OFFICERS GILFORFD MATHIS .. .,...,,...... .... P resident BILL RUDD .............. ......... , , .Vice-President LESLIE BARKER ....... .... .,.. S e cretary VAUGHN VIYIAN JAMES .... ...,... T reosurer BOB ANDERSON ..,...... ........, R eporter BUCK HART ..... ..,. ,.., , . .Purchasing Agent HOMER GRICE ..,.,,...... . ,...,.. Watch Dog PROF. "UNCLE" STARBIRD ..... ........ A dviser THE BLOTTER STAFF Top to Bottom, First Row: Edwin Powers, Albert Ryall, Troy Moody, Bob Jenkins, Dick Woods, Arthur Harlock . . . Second Row: Gwendolyn Reams, Mary Thompson, Virginia Summer, Lorene Knight, Miss Wolters, Winifred Richardson, Mariorie Cook, Jean Frost. GLEE CLUB Top to Bottom, First Row: Janice Evans, Mary Jean Michael, Vivian Anthony, Wallace Letchworth, Harriet Humiston, Clyde Holtzclaw . . . Second Row: Doris Stansel, Judy Owens, Virginia Smith, Betty Willis, Eileen Fersch, Florene Morris, Betty Jean Tucker, Frances Cox, Sallie Dale Wimbrow, Miss Nelson . . . Third Row: Jane Wykoff, Mary Edith Townsend, Jean Frost, Lorene Knight, Clay Buckingham, Patty Todd, Ann Sahina, Thelma Simmons, Olive Anderson . . . Fourth Row: Hilda Lee Graham, Mildred Walden, Alma Lee Loy, Hazel Nelson, Gene Ward, Marian Mattmuller, Betty DuBose, Betty Mason, Nancy Jenkins . . . Fifth Row: Dot Scott, Beatrice Mixon, Otis Cobb, Jr., Billy Reams, Billy Woods, Jack Graves, La Verne Armstrong, Anita Carter, Betty Benson. Not pictured: Mariorie Kersey, Marie Whiddon, Beverly Strickland, Bobby Rodin, Winifred Chesnutt, Marion Evans, Helen Banta. 'K THE BAND .. ll 9 t Y-4 ,i"f2QLtxSP- Flute and piccolo: Clemmie Cox, Arthur Graham. Eb clarinet: Jane Mills. Bb clarinet: Bobby McDonald, Milton Walters, Barbara White CDrum Maiorl, Anne Groves, Kenneth Reams, Jimmy Allison, Alma Lee Loy, Lyndall Allison, Jack Fehon, Eileen Fersch, Pete Wa'lden, Howard Kendall, Charles Griffis. Oboe: Ada Mae Kersey lDrum Moiorl. Eb saxophone: Donald Weaver, Harold King, Betty DuBose, Mary Jean Michael, Eleanore Graves. Tenor saxophone: Phyllis Etters. Trumpets: Bobby White, Wanda Harlock, James Tippin, Randy Sexton, Joel Parker, Clay Buckingham. Horns: Mildred Walden, Lucille Law. Trombones: Robbie Allison, Randall Kendall, Joe Ingalls, Ruth Glover, Ellen Pippin. Baritone: Gene Ward, Albert Jones. Basses: David Denmark, Bobby DuBose. Drums: Jimmy Bailey, Richard CHEER LEADERS Q M-r. YN Left to right: Ann Sahina, Donnie Scqtt, Jane Wykoff, Herb Guy, Marguerite Barker. KEY CLUB Top to bottom, First Row: Lloyd Knight, B, J. Mathis, Dick Woods, Morris Sutton, Clyde Holtzclaw . . Second Row: Billy Reams, James Stapp, Billy Woods. Wilbur Folds, Troy Moody. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top to bottom, First Row: Dorothy Kyle, Clinton Hobbs, Janice Evans, Vivian Anthony, Florene Morris, Opal Holland . . . Second Row: Betty Benson, Myrtle Roddenbury, Addie Roberts, Barbara White, Betty Willis, Jimmie Lee Terrell, Virginia Crosby, Ada Mae Kersey, Jean Rymer, Mrs. Sims . . . Third Row: Mary Elizabeth Hinton, Bessie Mae Cook, Marilyn Eckhotf, Lucile Ricks, Phyllis Etters, Flossie Jane Walker, Elsie Glaab, Vera Jones, Mary Ellen Lisle . . . Fourth Row: Dotty Scott, Irene Beatty, Lavern Armstrong, Judy Smith, Edna Williams, Mary Ella Carruthers, Marion Helseth, Lois Law, Lorene Collins, Julie Mae Bowman. SUB-DEB S Top io bottom, First Row: Mary Thompson, Ann Sahina, Jean Frost, Jane Wykoff . . . Second Row Mary Edith Townsend, Marjorie Cook, Thelma Simmons, Jean Rymer. H. H. C. Top fo bottom. First Row: Wanda Harlock . . . Second Row: Donna Kiorsvik, Beiiy Willis . . Third Row: Nellie Mae Miller, Marion Davis, Betty Benson. .Q ATHLETICS FOOTBALL We !l . Z-. ' i 4,5 F f - A ,ei J: A , , sw f ,: ' COACH FRANK W. GRAHAM Nebraska-born, our coach received his degrees from Midland College in Freemont, from the State University at Lincoln, and from Auburn in Alabama. He played football at Midland and Nebraska University. Coach Graham began teaching here in our own state, first at Chipley and then at Altha. From there he went back to Nebraska where he taught for five years at Stella. His career then carried him to Alabama where he taught at Ashford. He taught next at Sopchoppy, Florida, coming then to our own dear V. B. H. S. He has been with us two years, one asxassistant mentor and one as full coach. This makes eighteen years of coaching experience, and in his work here he has given a good account of his training. X Date September I9 September 25 October 2 October 9 October I6 October 23 October 30 November 6 November 20 November 26 I Air he FOOTBALL SCORES Ploce Here Here Here Here There There There Here Here There Team They Service Team Okeechobee Cocoa Loke Worth Cocoo Pohokee Titusville Melbourne Stuort Fort Pierce CONGRATULATIONS, INDIANS OF '43! You were the frrst to clup the Ec:gIes wmgs FOOTBALL BOB JENKINS-Senior . . . 170 pounds . . . 6 feet, 1 inch . . . left end . . . third and last year . . . good offensive player . . . good punter. 'k RUSSELL TWITCHELL-Senior . . . 189 pounds . . . 6 feet . . . third and last year . . . left tackle . . .place kicker . . . hard charger. 'A' BOB PRICE-Senior . . . 137 pounds . . . 5 feet, 9 inches . . . left guard . . . fair blocker . . . fast . . . played fairly good ball. 'A' LAMAR BAILEY-Senior . . . 159 pounds . . . 5 feet, ll inches . . . center . . . excellent punter and place kicker . . . kicked the extra point that beat Ft. Pierce. ir JACK LAWREY-Senior . . . 158 pounds . . . 5 feet, ll inches . . . right guard . . . good blocker . . . toughest man on the squad . . . received a broken shoulder bone during the last of the season. 'A' ALBERT RYALL-Senior . . . 180 pounds . . . 5 feet, lO inches . . . right tackle . . . fast and hard charger . . . fair blocker. 'A' TROY MOODY-Senior . . . 175 pounds . . . 6 feet, 1 inch . . .-right end . . . fair defensive player . . . stopped many end sweeps. ir ALEX McWlLLlAM-Senior . . . 122 pounds . . . 5 feet, 6 inches . . . blocking back . . . good at tackling . . . shone on quarter back sneaks. 'A' DEWARD HOWARD-Senior . . . 145 pounds . . . 5 feet, 7 inches . . . left half back . . . fast runner . . . goodpasser . . . good blocker . . . fourth and final year. 'A' ARCHIE CALHOUN-Junior . . . 127 pounds . . . 5 feet, 6 inches . . . right half back . . . one of the fastest backs in the conference . . . good pass receiver . . . good at tackling . . . good passer . . . fair blocker. 'k WILMAR LAW-Junior . . . 155 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . full back . . . best blocker in the conference . . . good passer and runner . . . good at tackling . . . hard line plunger . . . will use him next year. . 'k g MATTHEW SAHINA-Senior . . . 160 pounds . . . 5 feet, 11 inches . . . end . . ..fair blocker . . . good passer . . . played quite a lot of football. FOOTBALL BILLIE LETCHWORTH-Senior . . . 198 pounds . . . 6 feet, 2 inches . . . tackle . . . biggest man on the squad. t . LLOYD KNIGHT-Senior . . . 155 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . guard . . . fair defensive player . . . played a lot of football . . . started several games. 'A' DALE BERGGREN-Junior . . . 155 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . center . . . played little football . . . can use him next year. ir CLAY BUCKINGHAM-Sophomore . . . 145 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . guard . . . fairly green but will depend a lot on him next year. 'A' ORTEMIUS CARRUTHERS-Senior . . . 150 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . tackle . . . tough as they come . . . received a sprained ankle which kept him out the latter half of the season. 'A' HARRY ALLISON-Sophomore . . .'150 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . end . . . fast . . . good passer and receiver . . . ought to be outstanding next year. ir EUGENE WARD-Sophomore . . . 135 pounds . . . 5 feet, 7 inches . . . back . . . fast . . . good blocker . . . good passer . . . fair kicker . . . watch him next year. 'k FRANKIE McCLELLAN-Freshman . . . 130 pounds . . . 5 feet, 7 inches . . . back . . . lost him to the Navy. 'k BOBBY RADIN-Sophomore , . . 115 pounds . . . 5 feet, 4 inches . . . back . . . smallest player on the team . . . he really loves the sport . . . with a little more experience he will become a good back. 'Ir RICHARD MATTMULLER-Senior . . . 161 pounds . . . 6 feet, 1 inch . . . played a little bit of everything . . . too little experience . . . should have come out sooner. 'A' ELONZO MOSELEY-Junior . . . 135 pounds . . . 5 feet, 7 inches . . . guard . . . played a little football . . . iniured most of the time. 'A' RUSSELL HURST-Junior . . . 138 pounds . . . 6 feet . . . end . . . with a little more experience, he will make a good end. 'A' TOMMY EVANS-Sophomore . . . 135 pounds . . . 5 feet, 10 inches . . . guard . . . could use a little more experience . . . will need him next year. WE PAUSE TO HONOR OUR BOYS IN SERVICE KILLED IN ACTION Evans, Gene Gu y Morgan, Henry Mixon, John Navy Navy Air Force Navy MISSING Hogan, Edward Army Air Corps FACULTY Everett, Don Ed GodboId, David Hail Hendrix, Wilson, Army Army Air Corps Army Air Corps Hulbert, Carl M. Wenksiern, Kermit A rrny Navy GY Acker, James Naval Air Force Ambrose, Edward Army Anderson, Jimmie Navy Anderson, Lodney Navy Aughtmdn, John Army Baker, Lester Army Baldwin, James Army Air Corps Barker, Clyde Coast Guard Barker, Elmer Army Air Corps Barker, Quintas Army Air Corps Barnes, Marshall Army Barrett, Petie Army Air Corps Bartlett, Stuart Navy Beatty, Claude Army Beindorf, William Paul Naval Reserve Bell, Vance Navy Blair, Charles Marines Blair, Foister Coast Guard Blanton, Donald Coast Guard Blanton, George Coast Guard Boyer, Floyd Army Air Corps Buchannan, Allen iBuckyl Army Air Corps Buckingham, Walter, Jr. Navy Bunn, John Navy Cadenhead, Marvin Marines Cadenhead, Thomas Marines Carlsward, Carl Coast Guard Carlsward, Earl Arvid Navy Carraway, Frank Coast Guard Carruthers, Ortemius Marines Carter, Lee Navy Air Corps Cato, Wilmer Army Chapman, Gail Army Cherry, Leonard Army Chesnutt, Redding Army Air Corps Cobb, T. W. Army Air Corps Cothern, Raymond Navy Crane, Gale Army Air Corps Damerow, Dr. Carl Army Davis, Edison Army Air Corps Davis, Nathan Army Dean, Buddy Army Air Corps Dean, T. H. RCAF Dellerman, Tommy Army Air Corps Denmark, Dorris Navy DuBose, David Army Duncan, Charles Ellis Army Erickson, Walter Army Air Corps Evans, David Navy Fersch, Erwin Coast Guard Fika, John Coast Guard Forbes, Donald Coast Guard Fultz, Herbert Army Futch, Charles L. Army Air Corps Gibson, Phil Army Gifford, John Army Medical Glaab, George W. Navy Glover, Stuart Navy SERVICE Godbold, David Hall Army Air Corps Goodrich, Leslie Army Gore, Jack Army Graul, Ernest Navy Graul, Carl Naval Reserve Haag, Paul Army Hatfield, Warren Army Hamilton, Emory Navy Hamilton, Franklin Coast Guard Hamilton, Worth Army Hansen, Charles Army Air Corps Hansen, Harold Coast Guard Harlock, Charles A. Navy Harlock, Robert E. Navy Harper, Jesse CBuddiel Army Harrell, George L. Navy Harris, Elmer Army Air Corps Harris, Louis Army Air Corps Helseth, Albert O., Jr. Army Helseth, Philip Army Air Corps Henderson, Richard Army Air Corps Hill, Joseph Army Air Corps Hinton, Bailey Navy Howard, Columbus Navy Howard, Clyde D. Army Howard, Hoyt Army Air Corps Howard, Jack Coast Guard Hutto, Victor Army Jenkins, Bob Marines Jenkins, William Coast Guard Johnson, Jesse Army Air Corps Jones, Courtney Army Air Corps Jones, Malcolm Navy Jones, Matthew Navy Jones, Milton Army Kaus, Arthur Coast Guard Kaus, Edward R. Army Kennedy, Purnell Army Air Corps Kersey, Clyde Navy King, Alfred Navy Air Force Kitching, Alton Army Knight, Luke Coast Guard Knight, Raymond Army Air Corps Knight, Stanley Army Knight, Wiley Army Kuppers, John Army Air Corps Kuppers, Robert Navy Lawson, Basil B. Army Longaker, John Coast Guard Longaker, Robert Army Loudermilk, James Army Loudermilk, Sammy Army Luther, Paul Army Air Corps McClellan, Frank Navy McClellan, W. T. Navy McCullers, Eugene Coast Guard McCully, Bill Army McPherson, Curtis Army McPherson, W. H. Army McWilliam, Edgar Army Air Corps Martin, Ronald Navy Massey, Edward Air Corps Massey, John Navy Mathis, Lemuel Army Air Corps Metz, William Army Air Corps Michael, Alfred Navy Michael, Claude Army Michael, Joe Army Mixon, David Navy Monroe, Cecil Marines Monroe, Herrell Marines Monroe, Harvey Army Moody, Troy E. Navy Air Force Morgan, Clyde Navy Air Force Morgan, Guy H. Navy Morgan, Whittle Navy Morris, George Albert Army Air Corps Morris, Herman Army Morrison, Philo Army Nelson, Leon Army Nelson, Byron Navy Nielsen, Frederick Army Novoa, Raymond Navy Osteen, Howard Army Park, John B. Army Park, Wallace Coast Guard Patten, Harry Army Pierce, Donald Marines Pippin, Clark Navy Poole, Hugh Navy Power, Jack Navy Pryor, Gerald C. Navy Pryor, Milton Army Quarles, William Army Air Corps Reams, Leslie Army Air Corps Reamsg Rufus Navy Reed, John Navy Rice, Byron Navy Air Force Rice, Clark, Jr. Navy Rice, Stephen iBudi Army Air Corps Richey, Lee Marines Rivenbark, Luke Army Air Corps Roach, Cecil Coast Guard Roberts, -Lamar Army Air Corps Roy, Morris Army Air Corps Rudd, Edward Army Ryall, Charles Coast Guard Ryall, Claude Army Ryall, Lauren Naval Reserve Ryall, Nesbit B., Jr. Army Salmela, Jackie Army Air Corps Sheffield, Wade Coast Guard Smith, Elden Navy Smith, George fBrittonl Coast Guard Smith, L. D. Coast Guard Smith, Lawrence Army Smith, Lowell Marine Corps Smith, Leonard Navy Smith, John Navy Smith, Raymond Navy Smith, Rupert Naval Air Force Smith, Sammy Marines Smith, Sherman Navy Smith, Willie Army Stevenson, William Rob Navy Studstill, Edward iBobo Navy Sweet, Carleton Army Air Corps Swilley, Everett Navy Talbert, Merrill Army Taylor, Ervin Marines Taylor, William G. Navy Terrell, Jack Army Thatcher, Frank Army Thompson, Bobby Navy Thompson, Leroy Navy Tillman, E. Olin Navy Tippin, Edward Navy Tuten, Tommy Navy Twitchell, Dale Army Air Corps Twitchell, Othmar Marines Vann, Elmer iPunchJ Army Air Corps Vann, Perry Navy Vercellotti, Louie Army Votzi, Mike Army Air Corps Vickers, Don Army Air Corps Weaver, Ted Marines Walker, D. C. Navy Walker, Herman Coast Guard N Walker, E. Waldo Army Warren, Alison Army Weatherington, Harlie Army Wells, Zip Army Whitelock, Frank Army Whitelock, William Army Air Corps Woods, Charles Army Young, Rupert Marines Hearn, Harry Merchant Marine Fink, Joe Army Baker, Edwin Army Beers, Harvey U. S. C. G. Brown, Byron N. Marines Carlsward, Arthur Army Crocker, Stanley Navy Dancy, Frank Navy Denmark, David Navy Hatfield, Jerre Army Howard, Deward Army Howard, Leonard C. G. Moeller, Loran Army Palmer, Tommy Navy Price, Bob Navy Redstone, Ray Army Smith, Dean Army Thornton, Tommy Army Woods, Dick Navy Young, Nettie Army Nurse

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