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413 19 il X : - l A 5 , NW I 'QW KL ww.. H N? rx I W H - ,M , Q ' M.: J' , K fi X, f'-. 1-Y- I A 45134 if 201401 IQ DXBQQLOJZ LA gif Q Q C4 T' K1 V I , 0 'ifjfjfgqx mxqgix TNQ Q' X' if K Q" 'nj fj QYXX ff! XL! 3 X M 'fx G X W X x A .1 X x' L LK-J X C7 X 55 D DMV b fb QM Q .X 5 X59 QWW X19 Q 5 Nlgjlb xxjirx J Q ' 1 4 U- A. .ljxcfg wx X. VJX X ll 'A x A k 66x Daw I M P -s A A f is IX X N X X x V ,SJ QN f U Q E we ' ' 'D' A Q X . . qv --TJXT5 - N I? on 1 Q, ,Qi Q x lx ,ji W ,V ,Q-4 Q' Mgmf 7 'QMQLLIQ 4 X YQ LL L E +x- is QQ ,6T'MJL 'ww-Q Sm QUOV' dx, 93 AT Af 0, My I Q 'Z xD Ln 2 5-vb l? SQ H? Wax +1 W? MM T D 4? Wfgmfi Q 5 , 5 Ei ' ' fm F Ari' Z QQGQSQA - , S 17K Nfjf' x J, A N .-K, G?-CQ r Q. QE-f'f'v..'O H Q ww MQ ,MQX1 V2 V Q ' ,MO QJVC7 J , Q, QA' 0' X W aww W9 459- ' GN ' 'W' NNQQWQINO- '1 ,tlilwg 1333 'WN6.-MQUQW W0Y Q ,QW . , , 9" ' if - L i ..x,.. . by Journahs Hlgh School Ver?1on,'TQxas 76384 N ..,. 1 Law . ,m. Ah W , W . -, -M. , ., .4 -.11 w . Mbwngf' f,i L 1 fy 5 H 4 -Wf+1'2 V K "" ee - ,, iww . , . , fhf N f, , 5551: eg. , 5 Q-f.f'-1 ' xl efff.-, X if xg xv QY' w K 'l2: Live every moment w e 1 X L X m mx I 4' A s X N 'C 0 Q W 2, fa' -1 pe 1 M 5 When you look back on high school, it seems like a momentg yet while you are attending it, high school seems as though it may never end. When it comes to an end, you want to remember those special moments that made it so great. All the activities, sports, organizations, and classes you were in make up many moments worth remembering. When you do your best, work your hardest, and have the most fun humanly possible, you are living every moment. That's the essence of high school: Live Every Moment. I ff U I r i C rr 2 5 H 1'.,,,, A F -r Activities p. 8 Henry Stone - Editor in Chief Becky Cook -- Assistant Editor Sports p. 34 Robert Hill - Editor Class p. 70 Amy Coats - Editor Organizations p. 1 14 Jeanie Gaebler - Editor Ads p. 152 Kim Hunter - Editor Jay Wood - Ad Manager Spring brings high awards When first warm breezes usher in spring, students do on pilgrimages go to win favor in the eyes of judges and to bring home large stores of plunder in the form of trophies, medals, ratings, rib- bons, and finally diplomas. In events ranging from vocal music to most improved in sports to the school's highest award, valedic- torian, those who achieved honors were presented, awarded, and lauded. In the spring of 1985, those who lived every moment reaped the harvest of hard work, practice, hit- ting the books, and giving their best for causes of their choice. I Top winners in the Voice of Democracy competition included Ross Crabtree, first, David Mitchell, second, and Julie Ashley, third. Ross went on to win first in district and seventh in state. -Q Supt. Jerry Cook and valedictorian of the Class of 1985, Shelley Gilmore, check last minute notes before entering the main hall of Wilbarger Auditorium for the 94th Ver- non High School Commencement. 4 Spring Activities -. Mechelle Meixner and Landon Lowry were crowned band queen and king at the combined band-choir concert. 1 Cited at the band awards banquet were Kelli Crisp, Dawn Plewes, Cynthia lvlcCuis4 tion, Tracy Gfeeler, Jay Horsley, Deborah Clements, Julie Sewell, and Kim Beckwith. James Streit, director, presented awards. fare ra 1' J ... 'LJ in ll A V' s , t ws" , fli,'f5W??5'l' Q5 ,, fgs T if , of 1 - f-'f z . 1,31 5 I, V VV M ., .,,,L i L so Division I choral winners at Greater Southwest Music Festival included Lara Hamilton Gissi Pittman Kay Streit Melissa Hughes second row hauna Gibson Stephanie Moore Cheryl Kennedy thlrd row Roger Allen Susan Day Director Kenneth Baxter Matt Gallandat and Norman Pedigo. Pictured to the right is Division l winner David Spirek. .-I Drill Team members participating in Youth against Cancer were, front row, Lucinda Scott, Michelle Adams, Heather Lamb, Stephanie Campbell, Traci Rogers, second row, Lori Allison, Trisha Milner, Tawna Burrus, Michelle Houston, Connie Halencak, Kim Hunter, Becky Jansa, third row, Susan Gooch, Vickie Hutchson, Robbie Frith, Stephanie Beck, Karla Bunch, and Delinda Jones. I Outstanding athletes honorees at the spring sports banquet were Jodi Collums, Carla Hall, Wayne Schmoker, Pat Smithg back row, Vicki Hutchins, Stan Love, Robert Graf, and Tanzy Waggoner. L- Kalynda Wall, editor, presents the 1985 Yamparika to Principal Don Davis. Spring Activities 5 Lady Lions win state Lady Lions roared to a AAA state championship in the spring of 1985 with a 33-2 season record. Coached by George London, Cinda Scott and Shirley Price, the Lady Lions took the district title with ease, posting a 10-O record and placing Tanzy Waggoner, Staci Scott, Sherry Murray, and Janet Keser on the All-District Team. Receiving honorable mention were Jodi Collums and LaSonya Hall. Waggoner and Murray also received All-Regional honors. Named to the All-State Tournament team were Waggoner and Scott. Waggoner, Lady Lion tri-captain, posted 1207 points in three years of varsity play and was named honorable mention All-American by USA Today sportswriters. IH Janet Kesee gets ready to shoot the ball while Tanzy Waggoner and Sherry Murray are coming down court to rebound. The Lady Lions defeated Littlefield 65-51. -V Stacie Scott behind the opponent and Jodi Collums in front try to keep her from shooting or passing the ball out down the court. The Lady Lions trounced Graham 63-27 in bi-district play. I Members ofthe AAA state champion Lady Lions basketball team included, first row, Jodi Collums, LeAnn Collumsg second row, Coa London, Ethel King, Sherry Murray, Kim Beckwith, Melissa Matus, Stacie Scott, Rose Fleeks, managerg third row, Tanzy Waggoner, LaSonya Hall, Kristi Brittain, Janet Kesee, and Terri Cannon. 6 Spring Activities ch George 9 I 1 ct .,,.,1"A-A-Nf -'V 19 Qfjjljb-9 From giving teachers apples and apoplexy, reading books and doing homework to yearning for the great egress from the Vernon High Zoo, the students are forever caught in the maze of ac- tivities that gives life to the school and all things associated with it. What they do at night, what they do in the day and all things in between make up the activities of the students. Whether it is a football game, basketball game, studying for the big test, practicing those few extra notes or just existing in the school, it is the activity that constitutes the school and the school that makes the students what they are. The students, through the activities of living out the best they can, make the school, with their ac- tivities, a living, breathing entity. Activities Page 8 Activities 9 Faces in. . . What kind of faces do you see at Vernon High School? You see the happy ones, the sad ones, the serious ones, the jovial ones, but, most of all, you see students inside the school and away from its halls living it up making the best of every moment. IF Scott Wilkinson, just in from hunting rabbits H Ann Farber, it wasn't that funny. 10 Activities I Shelia Mangrum, singing for the world. ni 5.L+,',r S 'R . Gur crowd -I Derek Buck says, "Hello, Mother." I Matt Elliott looks inquisitively at the ground for a deeper meaning. .-1 Emma Taylor, you're not stealing that Car, are you? 1 "You watch yourself, pal," says Heath Faulkner. 12 Activities on lie Q 9' pm-rnuyy, iwalt 1 ,L , I, ,M Q. 1 1. r iz' v -24 1 Qi, 2 ?5 I . . 'mme 4 4 I ruff' l Y , l P Q I 1 W 1 J 1. Eh 'P " ' S Sit' 'SL lm..l When the spirit moves, it does weird things to people. When the spirit moves, people do weird things. People will dress atrociovsly, act preposterovslv, and go through anything, tolerate anything, and put up with the most adverse conditions known to man just to watch a football game and participate in its activities. .4 Gina Henderson pushes Rene Tolentino and her broken leg on the sidelines. l- Evan Ward trips out during a pep rally. 1 Wade Faulkner dons his makeup with his compact. Activities 15 .- Girls put on their best acts for photographers. l Monte says, 'lCheck me out. . . please." .-1 Clara Jane Luker, you're too happy, and Heath Faulkner, you need to wake up." 1 Show some emotion, Ross Crabtree. :.,:-K ' 3 A i f -was ' 1 1 K" ll s '- van Just look what happens when a person with a camera comes around. Everybody screams, "Take my picture, take my pic- ture." People will say and do the most absurd things just to get their pictures taken. .. Mimi Mitchell looks like a future model and Greg Fortune needs to learn how to smile. 1-. Matt Elliott, who are you trying to fool? We all know you are wearing shorts under that towel. lWe're all ready, now. Activities 17 "Ab .J , .. 'f ,ll- x 1 , l l Y ' V 7 ' y.,! ff ,Y . X u ,Z , , Just one ll e ' , ,. , f' lf 'f'l,,4ff H yffl 4 Fu kj e f 'J , if QFSXU ,J I G !!4Z7,,A,..V of those days IH Pensive Portwood lost in thought at a football game. l Was your day really that bad, Quincy Rutledge? M Heath Faulkner groans, 'Can't you leave a dying man alone?" 18 Activities 1 X ,X Did you euer haue one of those days? Everything just isn't right, or you can 't wake up, or you just can 't think. What makes these days bearable is that one solitary thought that there's a new moment to liue and a new day just around the corner. You just can 't wait to haue one of those days, can you? - "Can I have my ball back, please," squeaks Van McNeese? l "You get us up this early, and then expect up to look cheerful and alert." Heather Lamb says, "Why do you think l'm wearing sunglasses?" Michelle Adams, Kim Hunter and Gigi Pittman are wondering why you need sunglasses if you canlt open your eyes. .. J 'L-' f ,.,4,a4... n. 1 W4v.L. it .QV 673-4 ,, "'Q.,,Qfy' ' 1, :....,,, Vi W, ,"i' TM., Ky--gf. j , - ' 15 ,, ii - Vis,"-f' ' irfficfiitgttiylffiitiivifiit. x . 'fs '-.' V r ' 1?-242 V "Q . -1 ."Z'.' . ' A - , 4. f ' Ywj " 1 if .' V A-'i'.,'s-4'..z"f t :gf ,:-Q' - Jw? 1-31 ' - 1 , is 5' ' ' 3' ,f xx 5 a. xii-'gif' A f ' ,' s y, V i as 2 fi 4 N if l w W , W Es' l Xl Activities 1 ' "lL il if, -, Teacher, Teacher . . . I Tim Slaven, Spanish and English teacher, with his wife, supports the freshman football team, A Coach Geary Coker urges a player to give his best. 1-r Patricia Miller plans lessons for the week. 1 Barbara Hughes receives a birthday surprise from a class. ,,, A X BQ Ps 20 Activities . , 4V,.a if Some bumper stickers say "Teachers Are the Essential Elements. l' No so. Teachers are much more than a defined educational goal: They sup- port activities to urge each student become the best he can be. They plan work to challenge and interest - but with each individual in mind. They share the moments of their lives, acting as role models. They give hours beyond their prescribed working time. Yet, most of all, they cherish the ti- tle, HTeacher." -.I Band Director Freddie Butler rehearses before contest. - Science teacher Jack Hunter measures a rattlesnake. "I killed him with my own hands." l Coach Mike Portwood gets down to business with the freshman team. , 5 t T -A .mi Activities 21 Senior class presents plays Presenting a trio of one-act plays, the Senior Class of 1986 entertained the student body and townspeople with three comedies: "The Imaginary Invalid," "Antic Spring," and "The Pot Boiler." Directed by Brenda Beebe, drama teacher, the plays were per- formed in the Little Theater on December 16, 17. Jackie Gfeller as Cleante receives the scorn of Madame Diaforrus, played by Melanie Briscoe, in a poignant scene with Shawn Ham as the invalid in "The Im- aginary Invalid." I Melissa Matus played Bonefoi and Gina Henderson played Beline in 'LThe Imaginary Invalid." 22 Activities fi , its I A shoot-out marked the end of the melodrama, "The Pot Boiler." Len Woodard played Mr. Ruler, Tammy Mason was Miss Ivory, Ron Cook was Thomas Pinuckles, Sud, Susan Day was Mrs. Ivory, Willie King was Mr. Inkwell, and Rachelle Raume was Miss Pencil. IPhotos courtesy Vernon Daily Recordl Q- Scott Wilkinson as Elbert finds himself at Y a disadvantage with Kim Smith as Blossom i and Lisa Krebs as Possum determine to cap- l ture him in "Antic Spring." I Stephanie Ekern as Ginger comforts Robert Hill as Robert in this scene from "Antic Spring." Serious business transpires with Rachelle Raume, Willie King and Ron Cook in a scene from "The Pot Boiler." Activities 23 M ' QTTIOYIQS . . . 1 San Jones grades papers on hall duty, Chris And Dan 'Lhigh-five" after a touchdown 1 l Jay Wood reads a few notes, DeeDee McCourt signals for help during halftime. 111 Kelly Kirk and Gina Henderson decorate a friend's car. l 1 -. Jeff Strickland in deep concentration during Mrs. Jasimine Pace's English. ldaydreamingj 24 Activities Shawn Ham snoozes to tunes on a road trip. Brian Briscoe trumpeting at halftime. Fans sitting in the cold at the football game. Derek Buck and Brett White in a heavy congratulations hug after a hard fought game. Stanley Love on the last loop of a world record 800 meter run. Lucinda Scott helping at a track meet. Activities 25 For many years, the Lion's Den has been one of the favorite recrea- tional spots after games and on special occasions. I Jean Horsley and Shannon Wheeler play foos-ball. U-r Bobby Echols makes ready to put one in the corner pocket. IH D.J.'s Ronnie Gordon and Trent Townson keep that music going. -. . . . And most of all, it's dancin' time. 26 Activities ,Q f fs +6 ...,":, as QW- , car N wg! hue" rj Ji' ' fl Qi. E, fl V .tr f ' ,E .,,., j i 4- -e Cafeteria Dining Watching classmates at noon time is enough to make a per- son certain that food is more than sustenance. It is, in the cafeteria and corridors of the school, a reason for practicing the social skills, showing off favorite clothes, learning what happened when in every morning class, and making the right little moves to get attention of that favorite guy or girl. Dining choices abound - will it be the snack bar and a hamburger or nachos, or will it be the school lunch? Will you eat your meatloaf, or will you leave it? Will you supplement with chips or with candy? Will the candy last into class. And the ritual continues each day that transportation cannot be found to fast food for what the body really craves. If- Waiting in line at the snack bar can be fun if you have some one to talk to. .- Candy bars aren't really that nutritious of a lunchg they will do, however, xxx il , .5 I Shawn Suothhall looks as if his chicken isn't very good. C'est la vie! .- Barry Graf, Chris Thompsen, and Clara Jane Luker seem to enjoy their chicken, or maybe they just want to look nice for the camera. Activities 27 H Let me see you Frankenstein! 9 I - Jeff Haseloff, Grady Stowe, and Bill Nava whooping it up in the stands. A Direct from their training in the Congo it's the VHS drum corps. 28 Activities l 't-f .eacher Creatures I I This group must be attending an exciting NHS assembly. I Mrs. Susan Gooch and Mrs. Cinda Scott are discuss- ing pertinent political issues. Q- Jason Heitschmidt and Barry Graf model the latest in stadium coats for the Drill Team. Activities 29 The UIL One-Act play cast is performing The Runner Stum- bles by Milan Stitt. It is the ac- count of a priest named Rivard struggling with a nun whom he loved. In order to produce an award-winning drama the cast must be hardworking and dedicated. However, as these photographs show, the members also take practice time to live it up and have fun. Lara Hamilton takes a break to catch up on homework. Let's hope that Sean McKelvey's ex- pression does not reflect on the play's quality. Brenda Beebe comes smiling through despite rehearsals Henry Stone, Lara Hamilton, and Shawn Ham share a dramatic moment on stage. lf Jerry Daigle cannot be in the spotlight on stage he will at least be the center of attention behind the scenes. State participants win accolades 715354 Kalynda Wall Firstvheadline writing Julie Ashley L.D. Debate new Stacy Lane Melanie Briscoe Debra Franks Region 4 Poetry State Twirler Representative Stan Love Gigi Pittman Kevin Whiteside Brett White 800 meter: 5th All-State Choir 400 meter: 4th Sprint Relay: 5th Ron Cook Robert Graf Roy Ewing James Dixon Sprint Relay: 5th Discus: 2nd Sprint Relay: 5th Sprint Relay: 5th Angie Campsey was crowned on February 14. Special entertain- was performed as a "fake" Valen- 1986 Valentine Queen in ceremo- ment was provided by Todd and tine before the coronation. nies at D.O. Fulton Gymnasium Tammy Mason who sang. A skit Nominees and escorts enter the gym before the big announcement. Nominees and escorts show varied expressions as they enter. --. The Valentine Court includesg from left, Sherry Murray and Willie King, Lisa Krebs and Shawn Ham, Stephanie Ekem and Derek Buck, Angie Campsey and Dan Buesing, Shari Boring and Brett White, Terri Cannon and Len Woodard, Gina Henderson and Ron Cook, Sheila Mangrum and Ronnie Fanner. Crown bearer and flower girl for the occasion was Ryan Scott and Meridith Gooch. W .A 'xx wh, f a:f: 3+ 'X + :fag- rf H N.. . ' ff: f . f aux . Jw . . 5 1 ,.-iv, 356' ii M125 ' Q ' h 1 "'- Fifi! w ' mi-xg 4 ' ' : J ' w ' M- F- l , ,. 'Q 'Off' Y'W""fZ'A"j"'f'M,3,, 1 xy . ,M J VWMW X, X F ,VL A- H il Q 1 y A' vvmw Q' - - -A-m'9 s' xg 1 QQ, pr 1 - W Q N . 'J - 4 X - w ig f QV : A 2 W., 'F' if ' ' Pi Q ,,'- r 5" - " hW'w' 4?f X .. ti , 'f 5. V Sian: : H li k-N LJ x f . -' 37' 'W ' 1 M 14 : x' M7271 ,. I ' ' gf , "'T'Xl-' ,-5"Y"v1'f 1 .' 4 , j ,g f-w f - N k ,gg ' K 'ml' , f , .- , , .2 sf? , -ff -:L ' Q 3524" ,, 4 ,,...i,M ' .'- , N ' " ' X1 1 w ..J"' Y' Q 'A K V , ,Q Jl , W L 3 f F.,ff?4'3":,,1i if" "Aww m.! A - ',- 1 A Y 4, .Zmfmwm 4'M'm,w5s" 'N Wi, ,, ' T . 3 ,, if , - -. 44A . ,i it 'Ag xx x?-1' ,r ' -K 'I' ",. v , W -M N. - f - 5 . , W., . ,gq Q' 5 ' ' W -I-'-" 'Y' 1 y " A X 57' Qi ' 1 3 I 'r ini 'vii cu, 9 fl! 4 F CEKD' -E- K ' i M s . ' 4 V 'A f f. Al I + vi s ,-W W Un- ' 211: 'ea '- " 3' , X, ' . ' :M " M fi t U K V. 4 4m.emW.i . A44 Q, xg- , X X n 1' Mi U , , E , :'V H xg15M 5- i ', N 1 'L' F g in ' 1 r ' ' y 1 ., ,H 'wy,va'!' N13 Q-ffgffji ' 5' - I ' M. 1 , ,Q H Activities alfa Q- , ' 1 may '- hr Ji if X Y 4 Q .ygzrtftffi-' "1- 'S 4 - 'Y-, ,W mf 5. my fw-M, 135 f' Yi A 2'-if an iq. SEC V Y V. Y W iii "Y' i "" J at ' V f ,NL Q J N 5 -Av . ., Bl B .'Q 5' x 5: P S," I 'wg1qS fi M ge X 'fx 1 I i, 'J h 5 " r Q' -"6 'L I ' xv? X Activities mums f, 21,4 Nl 1 ., Y in T, " ' W ,f Y 2' Q cf .W I K uc mmf fp A --fgX,wQ,g,q3w1?f ' T LNUN5 Q , 7 Nestled in Northcentral Texas, Vernon High School students have the opportunity to see snow only once or twice a year. So when Jack Frost bites and the white flurry of matter descends, students do not waste any time. They live every minute of it. 1 Grady Stowe seems to be "helping" his car get started on this cold afternoon. ll Outside the schools front door students are greeted with a Winter Wonderland. Witte: W? 4: K' ,Q ic:::..W::.-- -Sf ' - .K-.. -, ..., I "75...........-"' U Becky Cook wipes the snow from her car as she wonders if the weather will upset her weekend plans. I Van McNeese and Eddie Naylor cannot seem to find their car under the blanket of snow. -4 Someone seemed to bein a hurry. , S -,xc . , if ,,j.i,XX.t 4, ' V 4. f -y - A. gy' N K. :,. t Q . K apgyibl 4 in XHZX pil.: K rl V K "fr -t A PN L M J f' '-Fein, X' fflkif' FT TA ,e is wif? N Mr - as-' iff. ' s - iriver .fp , ps in 5 44:1-.K Q , ' L, ,AJ .Gym .9 V Y ,xx 2 W T. g frysgi, Y ,,,E.hN v,f'j.,.. ,fx-'nf , es, "za-1. , Q I " if I A y e-f."tQi5 5 12' - N 1, 5: s ' 'els' Z' .f ., .-1, . - ,.- .' f-,et A g to S3 ,. we fe' 1 " '1 ' N' or ' "4 ' lzi " NZ. af' . inf: 'r fs' F5510 w , ,-, , :',,,-,- 1 ,..,, '.-- A ,- WL.. ,1k2f - ,. ,. .ws A,wf::-f - -. e r A 7,yf5wg. .,,,',' 5 A My N61 'gfJ5i'Ir..'1w rf ' 'Q' I- -3 u . . .4 . .2 2. X4 - , " sf ,t.. V t N 1 'sst A, t t as , , , ii, -K fr-rf N 1-A deff' - ft --if - favsl f 1' , , Q 1 ' '- l 1. t""'s 1'-Q -1 f-WX ' A im' V - at . limit' l . I - i , W 2' Y ,NM , , - we-2-gf-04-,,3,,,MmMNNWw ,.s 'VK f 1 -A QY, .af , ,. , ....,. ,K V .1 .A . - - - 4- -i"g't'iA""i: ,.,. WI r. '1- . , A .L .X K K , sf f A,-' "Let it snow. . ." 4. I'- .qw w3"2'Mfc- Activities 33 'www N, M-wry 34 Sports The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. lt's unlike ABC Sports at Vernon High, though. Although the quality of our barbaric football players, skying basketball stars, world class runners, pro golfers, ace tennis players, and spiking volleyballers may indicate professional competitors, they aren'tg instead they are the pride of our school. They give VHS its renown. They are the competitors and fighters that strike fear into the teams of our district and around the state. Winning is the small part though. There's the hours of preparation, the euphoria of adrenalin pumping and the fun of partaking in the sport. Trying to have fun during high school makes the competitor live every moment through hisfher sport. 4-1 non-district posted The 1985-86 Vernon Lions got off to another roaring start in non- district play. The Lions lost only one game to Altus. Then romped on through the remainder of their games in great fashion. The Lions are hoping to make it to the playoffs for a third straight year. -. Number 11 Ron Cook seems to be in deep thought about tomorrow's big game. 1 Ross Crabtree does intense sideline surgery on Todd Greenwood's damaged nose. 1 Dan Buesing, the Lion quarterback, goes over the scouting report one last time to get some last minute information which will help him give the opponents defense some problems. M -s Y ., .wi ., t . 4 , . ..,, . . . Lion running back Willie King follows some good blocking as he scampers for a good gain. Willie received the honor of Texoma Player of the Week for his effort against Burkburnet. ANA vm-I -. Coach Coker is shown seriously thinking about tomorrow's game with Borger. The Lions finished non-district with four wins and one loss. 36 Sports 'Wifi -PX N ,Qs NON-DISTRICT VERNON V. ALTUS cu VERNON v. LAWTON twi VERNON V. BURK tw: VERNON vt. BORGER twin VERNON V. BRECK twi g Mighty Lions prepare for battle The mighty Vernon Lions are our friends out there giving it their all so that our school will be respected and looked up to. Win or lose our team is a part of each and every one of us. We should always remember that thanks to them it works for all of us, the Vernon way. N il., X Leadinglreceiiiergg l',- I - - f r tiigi Leadinglpasserg L Qgyg, Dan'Beusing3fg' Vgfffiy Leadinggrusherg V, Willie Kiiis. Leadingryscorerg L -A Quin Rutledge, s vvfuie it I Chris watches intensely as one of the coaches gives some instructions. new I I "Hugs of Happiness" is what Brett White and Shawn Ham do after an exciting win. I Linebacker Derek Buck makes a shoe-string tackle. Matt Elliott enjoys Thursday practice Sports Page 37 Practice makes perfect Lions 1 Willie King is shown here putting a good hit lf- Len Woodard, Derek Buck, David on an opponent, as Brad Koch charges in li- Coach Blythe gives Chad Haynes some Downes, Brad Price and Matt Elliott protect from the rear to help finish the job. This advice during Thursday's pre-game prac- Shawn Ham as he holds on a field goal at player will be in pain tomorrow. tice. lt seems to be a serious conversation. tempt in practice. 1 -i-if "Goggled" Stan Love sits on the sideline resting after a hard defensive effort. -. Coach Scott gives Shawn l-lam some sideline information. -V-J Look, it's the "Coneheads". Not real- ly, this is Ron Cook and Brad Price posing for the camera in their normal state of mind. Humor is used to break the tension of in- tense concentration. 38 Sports cf, ,nn- L L -H L I '. W5 LLIDNFEE L Lil 4- Lions go on 1 Mike Cox feels whiskers on the side. This is his way of relaxing because he knows the Lions have the game well in hand. Len Woodard shows signs of disgust after being ejected from a ballgame. Ronnie Fanner rushes to help his teammates destroy an op- ponent. The Good Time Gang charges onto the field. freak fs 5 9 Q- I I .- Chad Haynes seems to be a little upset as he catches his breath on the sideline. Team captains from left to rightg Willie King, Derek Buck, Brett White, Matt Elliott and Ron Cook. Chris Thomsen gets down in the bottom of a pile-up still holding on to an opponent's jersey. Sports 39 F' - nk I T' "fs -. ' 1 i I The 1985 Vernon Lions from l to rg Ross Crabtree, Brad Jones, Bill Blythe, Leo Brittain, Geary Coker, Walt Scott, Bryan Sullivan, Heath Faulkner, second row: M. Anderson, L. Miles, R. Philips, W. King, S. Love, R. Martinez, S. Ham, third rowg B. Weist, B. Koch, B. Cochran, B. Logsdon, K. Wooten, R. Fanner, C, Haynes, D. Downes, third row N. Rodriguez, Q. Rutledge, S. Richie, L. Woodard, R. Cook, D. Buesing, B. Price, M. Knight, fourth row: L. Brothers, R. Mooney, B. White, M. Elliott, C. Thomsen, D. Buck, M. Cox, S. Wheeler. I "Heads I win tails you lose." The entire team goes out onto the field to the coin toss as an in- timidating bunch. Dan Buesing warms up on the side line. -. 40 Sports W Al '4 rl,-Y, to Y u The 1985 Vernon Lions are shown here rambling on through the playoffs on their way to a second straight semi-finalist season. Sports 41 42S Lions ramble on to semi-finals ., '35 11 . mr. . 4.f.-.: i Here are a few candid shots of the Lions as they ramble on through the glorious season which they had this year. t worth celebrating, in all aspect rt Junior Varsity will keep winning record l I L be substituted. l Due to technical difficulties beyond our control there is a shortage of junior varsity pictures and varsity pictures had to Bottom: Greg Weaver, Jeff Adkins, Steve Jones, Pete Bustamante, Craig Templeton, Chris Havis, Keith Shelly. Second row: Bryon Bishop, Mgr,, Peter Hall, Dewayne Boyd, Nathan Kinkade, Sean McKelvey, David Krebs, Mario Valdez, Bobby Burrus, Brad Jones, Mgr Top row: Coach Jabe Brazzel, Phillip Morrison, Jay Smith, Kelly Reis, J eff Bristo, Dustin Heitschmidt, Todd Mason, Lance Noel, Coach Bill Belew. lll Q , , , 3 Q I 5 .,,. ,. Q . 3 f 44 Sports 1 ? ' ',gr.i,fvw ,,.., 9 ' f W L',. A , , '- 'rf' ., " v ZW H 'glwdf' Q QQQSTQ: it-::5':'?I . "WJ" ' ' urns was lm" Q' "" ' WW ' 2 A mls A UW aff -- f-4 f' 'f F ,, l' : I1 .-fa "' 'fa.r!"1N8 .:. Mg .A 4. - 1 1' ' 7-"UL - urns , 'l.uw"" JW: -: .,:, ti? WHS uw- -will Linus . ,f U65 ,xg 1 U-'s ,ily sg'-.-',-'...,"'1'a:,i:,,.g"'Q., f 1. r L" - :J na..- X Gq f' 'fy S ' W N. gg' 71 wus ti., "lm 4' mms- ua 'X Linus um .-Q'-TL-UE"-Qi' gigxlig 4ff'1.j 85 lla :Y 5 'S 'i 1' um :.,, WIS ' mush' Um 1 ' . b , jr 1-L 'Av ,' -x 11015 i I s - r ,gi -ff, 1 3 4 Y 2 5 'r , F 1 1 25 3 . l r ' fs. H ,. 5- ' , it v f' . - -f flpfa if -' M- t, - y f-1 . Y" ' -M , 6 , A H , - ' 4 -3,:0iff f' , "1 X , , - '-1? if . if X is , , .. 1 rv V 'Iwi' M - iy, - if A' , W 'so-. ff 1 4' Q Q I I +- +- The Freshman Cubs under the direction of coaches Mike Port- wood and Phil Wester posted four wins and five losses. Cub running back David Humphrey runs by a toppled defender here at Lion Stadium. Chris Carr makes a shoe string tackle. Michael Brodnex goes diving in for some hard earned yardage. shown at me mop are the 1985 Freshman cubs and their coac hes. 1 1 I Freshmen make good beginning Sports 45 46 Sports Lions make playoffsg first time in 12 yrs K is 'I Q wr 'N df? 1' In 1 1 I Xe: 3 W is q ,f fmQf5 f yi, J x JV shows promise for next year - ,..,, . ,,,,.,, I . QM xx E 1 2 1 ll ' . ff C aw Aeni s- ,C ' 1 T , ,Q , W . W P Q pf 35,2 A, 1 . 3 if 'i ifg ll 1 ' i r' 2 Jn i . , egi i ..,, .V t W r A I 332 fl ' A ' A5 ' A E251 I1 'K J, 'usa' 5 V 55 1' 'i sw aimpeew 3 t 1 5 4 v- f t ' .6 gd, ,Qt Y I J , q L6 X M lt ,, - A f , ' ' E"""'t It f l- it Wwl ix My ., 'V 4- M fr 5 Q' f fa I 1 1' , 1l'. . -43 'E r ' ' Members of the 1985 JV basketball team are, tbottom to top, left to rightl Lance Noel, Matt Knight, Chris Havis, Roy Ford, Coach Scott, Craig Templeton, Brad Koch, Mike Heatly, Tommy Neely, Mike Cox, Chris Franks. Below, Mike Heatly and Tommy Neely go to the hoop. Q51-fflfye lik Sports 49 Freshman boys hit hardwoods The freshman boys basketball team pic- tured to the left, lbottom to top, left to rightl Monty Dickerson, Alex Alinez, Jeff Rogers, Mark Puckett, Jason Hutchins, Chance O'Neal, Aldean Simms, Tracy Dowty, Coach Mike Portwood, Steven Holt, Mark Dobbs, Patrick Dillard, Greg Fortune, Evan Ward, Jerry Gibbons, and Michael Brodnex. -. Michael Brodnex takes his man to the hoop. 1 Patrick Dilliard battles two defenders. -. Aldean skies. l 1 XX!! '19 QHV 1. 9, , ,, is Z -E 3 5 l r in I1 r , . 'Q i f -fi., marital, if 50 Sports r Eu il, X I X I The 1985-86 Vernon Lady Lions areg Stacie Scott, Terri Cannon, Sherry Murry, LaSonya Hall, LeAnn Collums, Melanie Graf, Kenya Krebs, Janet Kesee, Kristi Brittain and Kim Willie. Lady Lions play Stacie Scott is shown here fighting hard for a loose ball. The Lady Lions are once again rampaging the playoffs. At the time of the printing this page the Lady Lions had just defeated Crane in the playoffs. The Lady Lions also defeated Graham for the Bi-district crown. Sports 51 To the hoop, it's Sherry Murry and LaSonya Hall go- ing all alone and in a crowd. Coach London looks worried. What for? His Lady Lions always come through in the end. "Wa M er an 52 Sports Lady Lions are in the Playoffs, again. aww ,J T h e L a d y L io n s a r e shown here. Th e s e p ic - t u r e d a r e Kristi Brittain Stacie Scott, Sherry Marry, Kenya Krebs, a n d S h a ri Cannon. The Lady L i on s kept up tradi- tion by advan- cing to the playoffs once again. um Sp 53 I I Kim Willie fights for the ball as Kenya Krebs and Sheri Cannon watch. -+ Janet Kesee comes down with a powerful rebound. 1 Did Sherry Murry hit that poor girl? 1 Kristi Brittain gets ready to play some defense. 'su Q2 54 Sports iahheltiy 'T' it 4 ' 4 Members of the Junior Varsity basketball team are, lbottom to top, Michele Houston, Brenda Lacy, Lisa Havins, Lydia Adams, Gina left to rightl Jennifer Thompson, Tricia Richardson, Teri Warden, Lee Havins, Tawna Burrus and Coach Lucinda Scott. Ann Owen, Angie Ham, Melanie Smith, Paula Bailey, Angela Cary, Tricia Richardson drives to the hoop on a layup, Angie Ham puts up a shot at D.O. Gymnasium. l ,Inna LAO Sports 55 Members of the Freshman girls basketball team areg lbottom to top, left to rightl Mary Burns, Shirley Stone, Kathy Nabors, Kim Blackwell, Shirley Stone goes for two as Mimi Mitchell watches. l 56 Sports Mimi Mitchell, Jennifer Jordon, Michelle Stafford, Renee Houston Elizabeth Turner, Zana Gibson, Lydia Lopez and Coach Shirley Price. Kathy Nabors fights hard for position under the goal. still-'K l F elions report good season 3 ll Kim Willie sets the ball up for one of her teammates. Brenda Lacy watches. I Intense concentration is shown by Rose Fleeks. .rw l I Dawn Gearald the ball alive. Making sure that one of her teammates is able to get it. Leeann Collums gets down low to return a serve. 57 Sports V 1? fj:"QQ"' 4' 'S J ' 154-we , e A . , I fy ff 'X f- . . .. cf L - r V. Q b V I , V, 4 , A . . , V V V ,.f I., 5- J' ,X V , ,-V f' 15 Y V ,J eczema, J M , L , . J .fr S , - , sf' r 1 ,V , , , A. f ,,'- ,ffl fu ,77 5 1 . , V, 4 if-Y - Y ,- 'ff 5 L ,,'V,H,,. LAM ff V, ,,,yi,Q ,L ,f ,J I , fp UV Armflqk Q! Nh JW V, ',x,,!,.V '. X ,Q QV, . ,.V,LV s . F V - VV, f' f ,f f ,f f 'fi ft 5 f W 1 m,!"A ff" l I N J v I 7 ,W C 1, ,f,.f,.ff -an-nl. 4MMA Varsity Volley ball l to r: Dawn Gerald, Melissa Matus, LaSonya Hall, Kristi Brittain, Shirley Price, Janet Kesee and Corina Leeann Owen, Stacie Scott, LeAnn Col- third row: Rose Fleeks, Lydia Adams, Valdez. lums, Gina Henderson, second row: . . ES. 'L i ,,,. Q h ,,, ., , , J iv v A A ., wi' H53 J NWrh ew t? ,A j ' iv ' 4 ,Y 'f i . . - J' sf, .,..: 3 j ' ' CAA L . J il. . X in ' 1' L1 1 tl y f ,, I ,nf 1 ft I - . nfl' 1' Junior varsity volley ball, I to r Kim Willie, Sheri Cannon, Teri Warden second row: Julie Sewell, Patricia Hernandez, Angela Cary, Kenya Krebs, back row, Melanie Graf, Michelle Houston, S. Price, Camille Reis, and Brenda Lacy. Freshman, DeEdra McWhorter, Cindy Crawford, Lydia Lopez, Elizabeth Turner, second row, Mary Burns, Tony Chism, Shirley Stone, Kathy Nabors, back row Kristi Raines, Renee Houston, Michelle Stafford, and Michelle Fullerton. Sports 58 f' r 'bf cf, V L J f.1liy.leJ, i, M? at 'Q 1:-"':.!.f-1 . Y . ' I I -i 1 LaSonya Hall and LeAnn Collums both make an attempt to set the ball as teammates look intensely on. Kenya Krebs flies across the court with determination in front of a home crowd. Lydia shows her style as she pounds the ball. ' I Janet Kesee closes her eyes as she goes for a devastating blocked spike. Sports 59 Tracksters take district by storm VU! ., t NY ,Qlkgff L V 'Ara-fff1'.,,.fjJw,q5ggf . g ' i ' -,,,1f.:Ww, ' ,S ' .jf 1 . F , ,-x-Iywu , Jw "Scar L' Ms . I V Q 4 - H --wr' . ' 'K - 'f r . A C, . f X r-'S-ae: . -aff si 0 .i . 2? , 'f , ' i i . ,,'.n-"if, 'T 4, is M-gfatr' -r-ff.: i v ' Nw -,MJ I-775414 X H. r 'W H ., H -,,,..v, .,, Q - - "' "CRX ' W - lyslfftff f- ww r ,,,.,,, ,,,,,, in g if XX The 1985 Vernon track team took the district by storm, as they placed a person in every event, and took someone to the regional meet in nearly all events as either a first place win- ner, second place, or as an alternate. Ron Cook and Derek Buck bring it home. Ron Cook glides to another easy victory. Coach Brittain watches with intent. ,A ll 60 Sports WF gn l 04' ,,WW"Pruv kj, -my . 7, , A Chris Havis seems to be a little out of breath as he runs the curve in the 400 meters. A Ron Cook shows some good form as he hurdles in the 300s. fir,-.W ? ., W Wi.. ,V .uv ' ff' 9f?f"' A 4 Joe Dennis shows he can clear this height with no problem. A What's this? No one lying on the high jump mat during practice. Coach Belew must have run them off. 4 Track meets always seem to attract the lazy fans. Ronnie Fanner, David Leija lay and watch. Sports 61 ...D .U Spaz, Wicker, and Big Face 4 P P P x lt" BACE 4 4 4 Cat-man M4 .L V 4 4 . B .1 WAT qarnyar ws "THE PEOPLE PAGE" J xii, we A., . Junior V Mesgan Y W M ' -.1 'lf , ., -' ' ' 4' M, 'L me Sports are made of many different things. Rules, equipment, but most im- portant the people. Whether they be fans, participant or whatever the case, it would not work without them. On this page one may see many different faces, with many different looks. What one does not see are the things hidden behind. a w., This page is dedicated to the many nicknames these friends share. 62 Sports Lady Lions take 1985 district title Tricia Richardson and Rose Fleeks dash to the finish. Angelita Richardson has got a blistering pace going. Emma Taylor smiles as she throws the discus. Coach London gives some advice to some of his tracksters. The Lady Lions won the district title in 1985 very easily Lady LIONS prove able speedy 6 W .. 1 M "ik ,AK ,1 ,1. 'J"x ', if'3Ef'?Q,3?L A 4255211 Q. 4 in 3 , ' Q Jw wwe, eg X 2 as 1 5, H, '14, R M N' 1 ,saw sZf"i'+a fx ae M A , X --X-'W X Q 5 v H A A 'fxwsell N235 Ng X dxf? Q XX X M133 A q NR X. gpm f A keygen ,MM Pima L MP vwffz,-1 W be when 7' A gskwgi' W t' Y H 'N ' f 3 5 api nnsmwm :Ran 1 '- ' W' 41' 4 "f 4 5 gpm--Y If . I 1 W if I L 1 . 1 ? Carrie Gunning goes for one nearly out of reach. Kerry Matus walks to the school for a break during practice. Beth Blythe returns a deep one. Andy Meixner slams one back with power. Kerry takes time out to pose for a picture. Sports 65 Tennis teams coached by S. Lamp r...,.... ---1-annul Z. Varsity tennis members are: Stephanie Ekern, Beth Blythe, Kim tlnson, Coach Lamp, Brian Harris, Andy Meixner, Jeff Haseloff, and Tatum, Tosha Adams, Renee Tolentino, Angie Campsey, Toni Kevin Schatte. Howard, Jeff Case, Lance Noel, Greg Bailey, Stacy Soto, Randy Mar- y f ,, .pf ..,.- . we Junior Varslty members are: Carrie Gunning, Kim Folmar, Laura Matus, Sandra Carpenter, Tissha Crawford, Patrick Reeves, Dustin Allison, Cindy Johnson, Melissa Roberson, Stephanie Foerster, Kerry Appel, Randy Boykin, Rodney Pilcher, Greg Crawford, and Mike Graf 66 Sports a:mW,,a,.,ss.1, ., cW,,f.MfQ-W-gg 3 3 4 ' , 1 ,- -, N r X ., 124, xi ' gffffi ' .Q 1 ' 5 - w,-- ' ki mfs we QF .,,..,. - 0' '9"i""l" 'k'f:.t1,w 1:22515 , ' , X39 " X51 if 5 T ,, Q W- , .,,,,1,,,, , .,. 1 A 5- 2, ' 4 Q, 'swf ., Eileen . - ,. 5 .Jig if asv? Q Wg, Y s if " Y' , ,,,. X 'L , Ns' -as I s , w 5 .Sire pr A f 'az News -ww i." wi+twe 5- N 'eg Rt w .1 , ,fzzflgewaqfsei A ,,,:,,t3E,,5 'flsiiwsff v V , f I ,x.. X., . W eff-f 15:1 Q, af , ..., y ., Q... I . M . The tennis team works hard in practice and in meets. Pictured are Tosha Adams, Jeff Haseloff, Van McNese, Greg Baily, and Toni Howard. Sports 67 'Great American Pastime' alive, well Double safe! Two Lion baseball players are shown here sliding to safety. These slides came in the playoffs last year when the Lions made it to regionals. The Lions pictured areg ttopl Willie King and lbottoml Kirk Wooten. The Lions hope to once again make it to the playoffs, but the results of the season will not be until after the publication of this book. , 68 Sports Lions plan wins Here is a glove used by one of l ,J the present-day Vernon Lions. Billy Nava winds up. Chris Thomsen shows his best side. Chris and Billy work hard in practice. Sports 69 70 Class The game: Class. When you are a freshman you are just learning the rules and upon becoming a sophomore you are beginning to play. As a junior, you have learned the game and are adept at play- ing, however, the junior is unable to defeat the master ofthe halls, the senior. It is a game full of pitfall homework, lots of books, rough teachers, hard rules, and the harder it becomes, the more fun it turns into. You don't have to play full time and be in everything to enjoy the game. Just coming to school and traipsing through the halls is enough of a taste of the action of living and playing with every moment of Class in Vernon High School .s trsrt..t. .sm ,,. M... .t.. , , 4, ...YW MH.: A .. ,..t ,YM .A ,r,,r,,r YWWMMM ,pf lr- Class Page 70 J . id' . X X b Class 71 r,K r L! --,A 1 Senior Class Favorites Scott Wilkinson and Shari Boring ,KM I 1 .3 ' w. J H i , P- ws H,,,s..v-r ,Wf- -gm Sophomore Class Favorites Brad Koch and Brenda Lacy if Y 2' ,, w ,, .L 3 'fgi,,-.WZ-Q t '.isr,w 41 s 5' 4 ,J S JWA H12 Junior Class Favorites Chris Thomsen and Clara Jane Luker 'vli-I Q... ' IS or ' iw A . -X "--W1 ,gan , T35 'itat' '- Freshman Class Favorites Jeff Rogers and Jennifer Carlton 4.1- 'fiv I W ., '--7 r 0. . ' :-9 .s f 3106 , ' ,-1- All School Favorites Brett White Gina Henderson School favorites take time out to play in the one snow of the season. nd!" '22-, , ,,,, , ,L Class 73 L Quincy Rutledge epitomizes the look of a typical senior. 74 Class Greg Bailey David Bledsoe Eric Boelen Shari Boring Teri Box Melanie Briscoe Kristi Brittain Len Brothers Melinda Brown Derek Buck Angie Campsey Terri Cannon Michelle Chavis Ron Cook Dana Daberkow Jerry Daigle Christy Daniel Susan Day Joel Delgado Joe Dennis Sherry Dominey John Dowty Stephanie Ekern Matt Elliot Kelly England Irene Estrada Roy Ewing Ronnie Fanner Wade Faulkner Dewayne Fennell Rose Fleeks Jeanie Gaebler 76 Class Dennis Garza Dawn Gearld Tiffany Gentry Jackie Gfeller Shauna Gibson Kristin Glasgow Tammy Goins Todd Greenwood Starlene Halencak Lasonya Hall Shawn Ham Bennie Hamilton Lara Hamilton Doug Haseloff Matt Haynes Gina Henderson Laticia Hernandez Theresa Hickman Michelle Higgins Robert Hill Kelley Hingst Mae Houston James Huchton Melissa Hughes Tandy Jacobs Richard Johnston Darrell Jones Kelly Killian Robert Hill and Scott Wilkinson raise "a little spirit." Class 77 Three moods captured: concentration exulta tion, and deliberation. 78 Class Ethel King Jerry King Willie King Kym Kirk Lisa Krebs Jason Lingnau Sue Ann Lopez Stan Love Scott Lowe Sheila Mangram Melissa Marsland Paul Martinez Tammy Mason Melissa Matus Joe Dee McCurley Jill McGee Allison Messick Melissa Moerbe Stephanie Moore Sherry Murray Steve Nichols Kerry Noack Desiree Olliff Mei-ling Phillips Rodney Pilcher Dawn Plewes Brad Price Damon Proctor Members of the Good Time Gang always have a good time." 80 Class Rachelle Reaume Maria Rejino Russell Rivers Nick Rodriquez Ric Rosalez Quincy Rutledge Stacie Scott Russell Simmons Kim Smith Philip Stafford Henry Stone Jada Studer Emma Taylor Steve ten Brink Brad Thompson Renee Tolentino Corina Valdez Leslie Wakefield Rocquell Walker Jana Wall Susan Wattenbarger Donna Weaver Doug Weiser Brett White Clay Wiedemann Ray Dean Wilkinson Scott Wilkinson CoSundra Willie Annette Winters Jay Wood Len Woodard Sharleen Young Class 81 D1g.5i1rZ0Q, 1 I,-as lN,,j-X 'Qt rw 82 Class Class 83 Juniors Chad Haynes and Delinda Jones demonstrate two methods of sleeping: sleeping with eyes open and sleeping with eyes closed. my Roger Abbott Ronnie Abbott Michelle Adams Jeff Adkins Laura Allison N Julie Ashley Steve Azbell Chan Baker Tracy Ballard Stephanie Beck Scott Beckwith John Belcher Tammy Belew Trent Bellar Leroy Bess Priti Bhakta Kim Bivins David Blackshear f Doyle Blackshear Tm? Climmie Blackshire 84 Class v.2 1.3 I Scott Blackwell Beth Blythe Brian Briscoe David Brown Lance Brown Dan Buesing Kayla Bunch Tawna Burrus Lyn Bursey Stephanie Campbell Denise Carpenter Michelle Carter Bobby Channell Deborah Clements Chris Clifton Amy Coats Bobby Cochran LeAnn Collums Becky Cook Jon Cook Mike Cox Shelly Cox Ross Crabtree Susan Daniel Dayna Davis Becky DeLaRosa Linda Del-loyo Jimmy Delaughter Chelle Ellis Heath Faulkner Class 85 86 Class Cynthia Ferrales Larry Fillmon Kristi Finch Kim Folmar Debra Franks Robbi Frith Bobby Garza Troy Gfeller Michael Gilley Barry Graf Lisa Graf Melanie Graf Billie Jo Gray Richard Guerra Carrie Gunning Laura Guttieri Ricky Guzman Connie Halencak Timmy Hall Angie Ham Christy Ham Brian Harris asks David Sullivan. .49 'Tr N I - .,., -Nt. z Suv V Aiii ,....pvv'-...sinus-I , W , an K-Q ik Chad Haynes Adena Hays Sherry Heard Mike Heatley Jason Heitschmidt Brad Hingst Angie Holt Mary Horsley Jay Horsley Michele Houston Three Musketeers, Jeff Strickland, Steve Jones and Jeff Bishop want the world to see how handsome and daring they are. Donna Huffer Kim Hunter Vicki Hutchins Jackie Jackson Becky Jansa Delinda Jones Prisi Jones Steve Jones Cheryl Kennedy Janet Kesee Class 87 Brenda King Kelly Kirk David Lacy Heather Lamb Robert Lane Stacy Lane Greg Logsdon Landon Lowry Zenon Lozano Melinda Lujan Derric Martin Rufus Martinez Randy Martinson Kerry Matus Brandon McBroom Dee Dee McCourt Ted McGann Nancy McGee Shawna McGregor Van McNeece Andy Meixner Lorrin Miles Trisha Milner Mark Monson Clara Jane Luker gives the photographer a coy look. rf' ..., 3"-Tar' yr 1, yr Y -HY 'er r is f fr' C ,' 5 f 1 sys. Ronnie Mooney Reymie Morris Kathleen Morrissey Billy Nava Mitchell Nava James Newell Cary Nichols Eva Ochoa Sarahrae Pedigo Linda Perez Roger Phillips Mark Pilcher Debra Piper Gigi Pittman Becky Ramirez Camille Reis Alice Rejino Steve Richie Herbie Rios Laquetta Robinson Donna Rodriquez Traci Rogers Rhonda Roquemore Kim Rosalez Melinda Russell Melinda Russell ponders life and questions on the Puritan work ethic. Chan Baker reaches a satisfactory philosophy of life. Class 89 90 Class Kathy Salazar Kevin Schulz Wayne Scott Teasie Scott Melanie Shannon Shawna Shelton Tina Simpson Karen Smith Melanie Smith Shelli Soto Tammy Stokes Kay Streit Jeff Strickland Bryan Sullivan David Sullivan Kim Tatum Chris Thomsen Jerome Valila Michelle Vaughn Carla Walters Tina Ward Rhonda Whitten Billy Wiest Derek Wilkinson Shannon Wilkinson it l SHE Peggy Wong Elliot Yanzuk Hope Zuniga ,ff 1 -as N.: Class 91 Tosha Adams prepares to work in the library. Matt Knight takes a water break from the game. 92 Class Lydia Adams Tosha Adams Randy Allen Mike Anderson Mary Appleby Paula Bailey Tony Baker Brad Belew Kevin Bentley Richard Boiles Tony Box Dewayne Boyd Sandra Boyd Randy Boykin Jeff Bristo Alonna Brubaker Scott Burdette Bobby Burrus Pete Bustamante Sheri Cannon ,Q Sandra Carpenter Angela Cary Mark Cary Jeanie Chism Angelique Clayton Sherry Coker Robyn Cooper Tissha Crawford Shelia Cross Carmel Delgado Deric Demoss David Downs Oscar Downes Tina Downes Bobby Echols Joy Faulkner Troy Fennell Trina Ferguson Stephanie Foerster Lee Foley Chris Frank Misty Freeby Lupe Garcia Tina Garza Ann Gerard Kevin Gfeller Mike Graf Mike Gunning Maria Guzman Brad Hagerman Class 93 94 Class Bart Hall Kenneth Hall Peter Hall Teresa Hall Gina Havins Lisa Havins Chris Havis Dustin Heitschmidt Patricia Hernandez Jo Anna Hixon Lynn Holland Toni Howard Kristi Ingle Joni Jacobs Cindy Johnson Brad Jones Winter Jones Lyndall Kieschnick Nathan Kinkade Matt Knight Brad Koch David Krebs Sophornore Brad Koch rushes in to make a tackle on a Kermit plaver. DN I... Kenya Krebs James Lee Brenda Lacy Brad Lemons Michael Lo David Downes listens attentively to a speaker at the pep rally. Monica Logsdon Angie Long Sherry Lovelady Teresa Martin Michael Martinez Todd Mason Sean McKelvey Angela Merriman Lana Miles Randall Mints Phillip Morrison Stephanie Murphy Eddy Naylor Tommy Neely Lance Noel Class 95 96 Class Kristy Oliver Maria Ortega Lee Ann Owen Christi Pennington Sara Jane Perez Shannon Perkins Melissa Phillips Pat Plewes Bill Price Larry Rajski Kelly Reis Angelita Richardson Floyd Richardson Tricia Richardson Melissa Roberson Monica Rodriquez Julie Sewall Tony Shirley Aaron Sikes Jay Smith Kevin Smith Shawn Southall , fE?'f7TmAi1"' - ' Q4 Brad Belew at study? --el Henry Spruiell Melissa Stephens Jeff Stewart Craig Templeton Jennifer Thompson Paul Torrez Shana Tubb Mario Valdez Robbie Vanderbeek Jennifer Varela Kenny Vincent Karen Waggoner Paul Waggener Terri Warden Greg Weaver Wendy Weeks Kim Willie Katia Wilson Dean Winters Dana Wofford Jill Wood Theresa Woods Ricky Woolf Angela Young Class 97 98 Class 'T f 14 'CY i5ifa31?f?.1i.Q Captured at one of their more serious moments, Evan Ward and Steven Holt smile at the camera. - ' fd , :wa - X - U W Melissa Idol takes time out to smile at the camera before opening her locker. Ronnie Adams Alex Alaniz Karen Allison Dustin Appel Nic Barton t ,, J P, JW, ,W , . I I . K1 ,z K ' '11, Q f X ,iq 3 ' 1' Q . ' ' 'V f ' Tracy Beck Aletha Benton Melissa Bess Bhavesh Bhakta Carrie Biggs Erin Black Carol Blackshire Kim Blackwell Tom Boyd Michael Brodnex Susan Brown Lola Brustrom Jerry Burke Kerry Burnett Darlene Burns 99 Class Mary Burns Stephanie Byars Annette Campbell Jennifer Carlton Chris Carr Jeff Case Kevin Casey Toby Castleberry Kelley Cato Mitchell Cherry Tonya Chism Bridget Christian Steven Coats Stacy Coble David Compton Glen Cook Tammie Cotter Patricia Cox Calla Crawford Cindy Crawford Greg Crawford Lori Davis Pedro Dehoyos Patrick Dillard Mark Dobbs Freshmen are seen taking part in everyday life at V H.S. Sara Dobbs Christi Downes Tracy Dowty Betsy Drennan Chad Duckworth Shelly Echols Brant Ekern Stephanie Elliott Janie Ellis Ann Farber Kary Fennell Michelle Ferrales Greg Fortune Rebecca Frith Michelle Fullerton Brandon Gabbert Timmy Garza Victoria Garza Jerre Gibbons U Zana Gibson Susan Gilley Connie Goins John Gonzales Rachel Gutierrez Tony Guttieri Roseland Hall Larry Harrah Mike Head Danny Hernandez Luiz Herrera Mary Herring Steven Holt Jerry Hopper Jean Horsley Kim House Class 101 102 Class Raymond Houston Renee Houston Amy Huchton David Humphrey Jason Hutchins Melissa Idol Shane lngram J. D. Jacoby Julie Jones Randie Jones Jennifer Jordan Paul Kellogg Devin Kieschnick Adrian King Doris King Krissy Kirk Diane Koch Brian Lamb Keith Lamb Tammy Latimer Joel Loeschman Lydia Lopez Marty Magana Jerry Martinez Sandra Martinez Scottie Martinez Robin Matheny Christine Matney Darriss Matthews Stacey Matus Donna Rios Scott Ripley John McCardell Kenny Mcrae DeEdra McWhorter Laura Mechell Tommy Milner Mimi Mitchell Melody Moerbe Marci Monzingo Kathy Nabors Isaac Navarro Chance O'Neal Joey O'Neal Gene Ochoa Robin Oswalt Johnny Owens Jody Phillips Mike Phillips Mark Puckett Kristi Raines Melissa Rairdon Ignacio Ramirez Patrick Reeves Shawn Reinhardt Brandon Riggins Michelle Rinehart Class 103 Tom Roberts Krista Robeson Michael Robinson Jeff Rogers Andy Russell Kelby Sanders Kevin Schatte Tara Scott Aldean Sims Leigh Ray Smith Ryan Smith Stacy Soto Guy Spears Sondra Speir Michelle Staffrod Shirley Stone Stephanie Streit Mike Strickland Yolanda Taylor Audra Thiebaud Chris Thomas Elizabeth Turner Randy Van Arsdale Kim Vincent Louis Waggener Loretta Wakefield Jennifer Weaver Snannon Wheeler Chris Whitehead Scotty Wilhelm Tod Willey Ronald Wilson Bobby Wong Teresa Zaicek Jacinto Zapata za eg f xsbmwih Af., 5 'L V K I iw ww., Q Ar. xg , Sl 1 L. -as .k,,.. ,. A ,. 1" WN? ,qfxgu my Class 105 . 5, 56' 4' ,J Ltawlf SS if W Y I "sz 4-'W ,Z V, ' L' , ,s v ' s ,s xml' A Tziff ::,. X - af .L A .i iz -'ui .uf !' !?"fJi?v 4,:,.,,....LZ uw-L """ff'L" ebmovldzif Teachers ma1nta1n hlgh standards Nancy Barrier Kenneth Baxter Brenda Beebe Bill Belew Bettie Bell Bill Blythe Raymon Boykin Dorothy Boynton Jabe Brazzle Carole Brimer 7Gene Bristo Leo Brittain Mary Ann Buckridge Freddie Butlar Geary Coker Georgia Copeland Diana Dowty Bill Drury Susan Gooch Francis Hamm Cleta Holt Barbara Hughes Jack Hunter John Jones Karen Jones San Jones John Klappenbach Jane Knight Sheri Lamp George London Coach Walt Scott never stops helping engineer that Lion Ex press as it rolls down the tracks. ,swf 'wwe ttt in fs. kg wg' , Dan Martin Pat Miller Kara Mize Kim Murrial Avis Olliff Jasimine Pace Mike Portwood Shirley Price Susan Quisenberry Claudine Ripley Dan Roberson Becky Rogers 1 Theresa Rose Pat Schmoker Cinda Scott Walt Scott Tim Slaven Jimmy Smith Bob Wall Derrel Wall Mildred Wall Phillip Wester Don Word Judy Word Faculty 109 4 Guidance . . . 'qt 39 pf- ' Always ready and willing to help every member of the student body and faculty, the guidance depart- ment plans schedules, directs testing, and aids in career planning. g ttgft ,t.' 7 this Charles Bursey Director of Guidance Services x 1 N if 15? X' l at x 32 has We X X Y I 1 Q I . X Cathy Bristo High School Counselor 5 -. xc ' , l - Hn' Sue Heitschmidt Drucilla Edwards Claudette Owen Guidance Secretary Aide Attendance Clerk 1 10 Faculty L Administrators guide school to excellence M ' " E. Don Davis Vernon High School Principal , sl 5 K.-S Q , A 4 jr J ll ' .2 ,i ,,. ik in W 6 or Kenny Railsback E. Don Davis, principal of Vernon High School, is serving his second year. Mr. Davis holds a Master of Science Degree in Educational Ad- ministration from East Texas State University. Also in his second year at Vernon High, Kenny Railsback is now serving as assistant principal. He holds a Master of Science Degree in Educa- tional Administration from East Texas State University. Cathy Fox Vernon High School Assistant Principal Principal's Secretary Administrators set district goals Behind the scenes are the hard- working administrators who con- stantly labor to see that everything works right - that the school system provides the very best that it can for every student and every teacher. Led by Superintendent Jerry Don Coats Director of Operations Cook, the administrative staff makes the most of every available asset from buildings and funds to personnel in order to provide quali- ty education. Assistant Superintendent of ln- struction Robert Orr keeps cur- riculum current and meaningful. dv ei Don Coats, Director of Opera- tions, takes charge of large tasks and small details to get the most from what the school district has - from buses to buildings to maintenance. Robert Orr Assistant Superintendent of Instruction Jerry Cook Superintendent 112 Class Secretaries: Valerie Howie, Susan Tomsu, Jean McGuire, and Pat- Judy Tatum Vicki Hennessee ty Selman Director of Instruction Business Manager - Tax Collector i F, . X xi . A! 1 .,,,....-rr Members of the Board of Education areg Dr. Joel Lowry, presidentg Mintsg Norman Brintsg and Dr. Doug Matthews. Pictured is a working Wilson Friberg, vice-presidentg Tommy Roberts, secretaryg Wendell session of administrators and board members. Administrators 113 K H., in N. , f 114 Organizations People get together in an organization to have fun, participate in school activities, and do services for the community. Whether one be in cheerleading, drill team, band, FFA, or any other of the many clubs in Vernon High School, there is one idea that comes from joining and participating. It's the thought that makes a per- son want to get the most out of his or her high school years and make the best out of what they can do. By the time a person gets into high school he knows what he likes and enjoys and organizations offer him the opportunity to have fun, be involved, and live every day to the fullest extent. QRGANIZATIONS Page 1 14 Or Choir performs for school programs 'x A 2' , , L fi .1 An. ' Members of the 1985-86 Choir, headed by Ken Baxter, are: seniors, James Clements, Susan Day, Shauna Gibson, Bennie Hamilton, Lara Hamilto Matt Haynes, Melissa Hughes, Darrell Jones, Shelia Mangrum, Stephanie Moore, Dawn Plewes, Juniors, Cynthia Ferrales, Eva Ochoa, Sararae Pedig Linda Perez, Gigi Pittman, Traci Rogers, Melinda Russell, Peggy Wong, Sophomores, Tony Box, David Downes, Peter Hall, Christopher Havis, Ki Lane, Sahnnon Perkins, 116 Organizations and competes in area contests 4 ,z3,,,f',,, 1.. M . V ? 5 Freshmen, Kerry Burnett, Chris Carr, Steven Coates, Stacy Coble, David Compton, Patrick Dillard, Sarah Dobbs, Betsy Drennan, Shelly Echols, Michelle Ferrales, Brandon Gabbert, Zana Gibson, Melissa ldol, Jennifer Jordan, Keith Lamb, Joey O'Neal, Michelle Rinehart, Michael Robinson, Jeff Rogers, Andy Russell and Evan Ward. Organizations 117 Kenneth Baxter is the director of the choir. The members perform for District choir and State. They perform at church- es, the banks, and at various assemblies. The Choir has worked since September for these goals and achieved many. Susan Day and Gigi Pittman have receiv- ed Area placesg Gigi, third chair and Susan, first. They also went to state. Susan placed 4th in 2nd chair and Gigi placed 6th in 2nd chair. Members of the All-District Choir areg Front row: Gigi Pittman, Kerry Burnett, Lara Hamilton, second rowg Susan Day, Steven Coats, Darrell Jones, Chris Havis, and David Compton. Bennie Hamilton is not pictured. The choir performs at the Vererans Day assembly. Members of the Zone Choir areg Kerry Burnett, Sheila Mangram, Gigi Pittman, Second row: Brandon Gabbert, Lara Hamilton, Stephanie Moore, Kim Lane, Michelle Rinehart, third row: Chris Havis, Shauna Gibson, Darrell Jones, Susan Day, Back row: David Compton, Bennie Hamilton and James Clements. Members of the Choir perform at halftime during the Homecoming. They sang "We Are the World" and other songs. l 118 Organization' -QC. Wm ,........ ............. 4- Christy Rains and Deborah Clements have a conversation while everyone else plays. I Everyone enjoys a nice moment of music. Hr- Deborah Clements turns and looks at the camera during Band. H Kathleen Morrissey poses for the camera at one of the many football games. L- Janie Ellis plays her flute during morning practice. , I Twirlers Debra Franks and Melanie Briscoe are on the track during one of the games after a performance. Organizations 119 Roaring Lion Band marches to fame mga also Xeno ogg: X. Li iam... , ' Biff! 'WGBH .. 11575 email Members of the 1985-86 Roaring Lion Band are: Flag Corp, D. Plewes, C. Walter, M. Horsley, D. Clements, C. Blackshire, S. West, K. Raines, J. Horsley, J. Ellis, and Capt. C, Ferrales, Freshmeng T. Beck, E. Block, K. Burnett, D, Burns, K. Casey, G. Cook, G. Crawford, R. Hall, M. Herring, K. House, J. Q. Jacoby, D. Koch, B. Lamb, T. Latimer, S. Martinez, D. Matthews, M. Phillips, C. Reece, D. Rios, A. Russell, S. Speir, D. Whatley, S. Wheeler, M. Whitten, L. Wilkinson, K. Vincent, J. Case, Sophomoresg M. Anderson, T. Baker, R. Boykin, K. Bentley, S. Cross, R. Cooper, M. Cary, T. 120 Organizations for music, style and great class saw, Ha.. ' .,,,,,, ,,:z,1 . .fs ".fL 7 132 , Qi., M. Freeby, J. Lee, B. Lemons, L. Miles, T. Hall, C. Johnson, J. Sewall, K. Vincent, R. Woolf, R. Ford, Juniors, S. Beckwith, J. Belcher, T. S. Blackwell, B. Briscoe, D. Carpenter, M. Carter, A. Coats, D. Franks, C. Hamm, J. Horsley, D. Lacy, L. Lowry, R. Martinson, K. Morrissey, D. M. Russell, and Seniors, S. ten Brink, M. Briscoe, J. Daigle, L. Hernandez, M. Higgins, M. Houston, J. Lingnau, A. Messick. Organizations 121 Speech broadens horizons The Speech department is head- ed by Mrs. Carol Brimer. The students participate in many events. Aside from tournaments, the speech class broadens horizons, breaks people out of their shell and prepares one for the outside world. if David Krebs plays with his Silly Putty in a demonstration. 1 Matt Knight tells of his last experience up at bat in class. I Jennifer Carlton shows how she decorated her pumpkin last Halloween. -i Tiffney Gentry gives her class the beef about ceramics. -V-+ Leighrae Smith makes up a demonstration that Shelia Mangrum and everyone can enjoy. 122 Organizations ,----"""' Public speakers compete in contests Uklmhaaqqq ,. ,, V581 525' r stcc s , ' Q ,, f tltttt l f ff K Q' nz w wv, ' " X ' iw. iff fgfg In 7' ca, I uf wget. 9 'tf. Hu lk' 5- ' '- 13334-,fer-rx' W e L 4 Shawna McGregor and her sneakers during one of her speeches. LeighRae Smith demonstrates her dip making skills. I M 3 Mrs. Carol Brimer is the sponsor of the Speech department. Kathy Nabors, Stephanie Gorester, and Sheila Mangrum taste some of Leigh Rae's dip. Chan Baker gives his sign of approval to a fellow student. Organizations 123 Public speakers The Speech Department does many things. They participate in many events such as, U.l.L. Extem- poraneous. Mrs. Brimer has three classes. -f First period class is: Front row: Brad Hingst, Barry Graf, Heath Faulkner, and Devin Kieshnick. Second row: Angie Long, Mike Graf, Dustin Appel, Jeanna Hixon, Dedre McHorter, Ramond Huston, Eddie Naylor. Third row: Brad Jones, Bobby Burus, Shirley Stone and Back row: Julie Jones, and Carri Biggs, -v Second period class is: Front: Janelle Stolle, Meliane Briscoe, Debra Franks, and Lisa Graf. Second row: Russel Simmons, Anlglice Claton, Stephiane Campbell, Dee Dee McCourt, Jerry Daiggle, Sue Ann Lopez. Back row: Brad Koch, Aaron Sikes, Scott Burdette, Troy Fennel, Tommy Neeley, Chan Baker, Randy Boykin, Quincy Rutledge, Roy Ewing. '---....,,,-l i f fa? Q A 5 wal 'iv' i um' 1' Dustin Heitschmit demonstrates tying shoe strings to his class. 124 Organizations Fifth period is: Malinda Whitten, Leigh Rae Smith, Jennifer Carlton, Jone Jacobs, Second row: Stephaine Forester, Jennifer Thompson, Shawna Gibson, Sherry Lovelady, Sheila Mangrum, Kathy Nabors, Tiffany Gentry and Third row: Henry Stone, David Krebs, Phillip Morrison, Brant Ekern, Matt Knight, Shawna McGregor, Cheryl Kenedy, Lupe Garcia. Student Council has leadership role The Student Council headed by Mrs. Sandra Jones and Mr. John Jones leads and directs the students in their daily activities around the school. It consists of five officers and fourteen representatives that represent the ri" ' . H , iii' Q K-f ,.,,, . fl students, in the school activities with the teachers and the Board of Educa- tion. These students were elected by the student body and are looked up to by the student body. Every morning you hear the student council make the mf 3 43 H F W, if Q isrs 'QM :ij .cyc """""'.'.' ' " , 4 Council officers are: President - Brett White, Vice-President - Willie King, Secretary - Henderson, Treasurer - Todd Greenwood, and Chaplain - Terri Cannon. announcements of the school. These students have helped to lead all of the students in one form or another, somehow or another. They help think of contest for fundraiser events so that the school can have special activities. Mrs. Sandra Jones is one of the advisors of the Student Council. Mr. John Jones is one of . the advisors of the Stu' dent Council. Student Council representatives for the 1985-86 school year are: Freshmen, Mary Burns, Michelle Fullerton, Thiebaud, Jennifer Carlton, Sophomoresg Sherri Cannon, Jennifer Thompson, Sheila Cross, Kenya Krebs, Clara Jane Luker, Landon Lowrey, Vicki Hutchins, Carrie Gunning, Seniors, Kelley Hingst, and Melanie Organizations 125 . 'W' W , ,YE ,lg , - 1. ze or 'sf is tif i .m..,,' ,- Students edit I D. Jones, S. Tubbs, T. Milner, S. McGregor look for ad copy. H K. Burns and L. Robinson pause after sell- ing papers. I--t First years newspaper journalism classes include S. Byars, D. Compton, C. Crawford, P. Dillard, A. Farmer, S. Gilley, J. Horsley, A. Huchton, A. King, B. Lamb, T. Lattimer, M. Taylor, S. Wheeler, L. Wilkinson, T. Crow. --. Others are K. Allison, B. Belew, A. Ben- ton, R. Frith, C. Haynes, J. Loeshman, S. Lopez, L. Mechell, L. Owen, K. Smith, M. Stafford, S. Striet, E. Turner. 1-r CoAEditors are Kevin Bentley and Todd Mason, 1 J. Ellis, first year student. - ...QW f- My ' "3 2 -mr ' , i e M.:-p -. 1 f'J 1 26 Organizations l 'Yarnparikans' live every moment "hr W,,..-w-'-N1-'vo-sQu.,.,,,mh,M,,,,., .!'M ppsmnnosnl Members of the 1985-86 Yamparika staff are Karen Smith, Melanie Shannon, Becky Cook, Amy Coats, Jeanie Gaebler, Beth Blythe, Jay Wood, Kristi Finch and Robert Hill. . , Shane Wheeler smiles after selling an ad. Kerry Matus receives instructions for the hour. Henry Stone, editor, takes pictures at a football game. A Kim Hunter, ad editor, rejoices after her last deadline. fa Chan Baker smiles and gets ready for his sales pitch. we 'fa Q X ,fi iw. National Honor Society members 'RLS I i ,....-.. ,sg L-mais ...- i , '1 ELL Members of the National Honor Society are, front row: Phillip Stafford, Wase Faulkner, Shawn Ham, and John Shackelton, second row: Gind Henderson, Melissa Matus, Terri Cannon, Jana Wall, Mae Houstin, and Kelley Hingst. ' . The incoming members of the Society are, front row: Clara Jane Luker, Kim Hunter, Kay Streit and Kathleen Morrissey, second rowg Kerry Amy Coats, Becky Cook, Shelly Soto, Cheryl Kennedy, and third row: Scott Wilkinson, Len Woodard, Ronnie Weaver, Jason Heitschmidt, Lowry and Ross Crabtree. Not pictured are: Mary Horsley, Brad Hingst, and Julie Ashley. 128 Organizations are top students, leaders of school rs.r + T f - S . - f A f jf? 1 I V. ,K E ,ills ' Q yy l A 9 ,ly K, T if ir' TZ H C T I ff? '1 ' ' f S z - M' V 109- 1' gy 2 I, ' y A , - N K '1 fx K ' A by . A W Nj r Q ' . :Q XV f ,r ,tr . r . l ' V. ' 2' 5 :bg f 1 1 , X' W T . - X ' " , ' " S . . ' 345' F lr. 1 T . '- T .Trs A T ft 'T ' ' s ,,,., .gpsywff K K gi, 1 ' f':f2'fif1Cf '-- 7. 4- , W ' A if 4 T' .g,Q,- 'f-'Wif i' - ' 1.3- "" , T77 "" P' i WKW: v,,.w"' ,..-W , , M Qrrgi, I X The National Honor Society is the elite group of students who achieve an excellence in their academic abilities. The Society is sponsored by Mrs. Pat Miller, who is one of our English teachers. Each year the incoming members are tapped out by one of the old members. These members repre- sent the school and they help many programsg one example is the fund raiser for needy families every year. I The day school let out for the Christmas holidays NHS had an assembly for the can drive. t- After being tapped Kay Streit and Kim Hunter are rejoicing with Mae Houstin and Melissa Matus. lf- +V Shawn Ham is president of NHS. 1.- Phillip Stafford taps out Ross Crabtree. 1 Amy Coats reads the rules for NHS. Organizations 129 FTA builds student interest in profession Teaching is for the best, l FTA members include Jana Wall, Julie Ashley, Kristi Finch, Kim Vincent, Jennifer Jordan, Kathleen Morrissey, Sandra Carpenter, Robin Oswalt, Amy Coats, Robin Cooper, LaRue Smith, Ann Farber, Adra Tiedbeau, Jennifer Carlton, Karen Smith, Kim Folmar, Cindy Crawford, Tina Downes, Shelli Soto, Michele Fullerton, Kris- ty Downes, and Ann Gerard. 130 Organizations Cleia Holt serves as advisor to the local FTA chapter. 1 Melissa Matus is senior representative of the organization. . E iii .: J ig' 2 ik? Y "r-- ' 5 i' A F .iil .. ll l ' X l .is hy Q Q I- mgiiig, . H ..3gQX.f, , s 'iff A 3.5! ts 4. mr Future Teachers of America is an organization for those interested in teaching as a possible future pro- fession. lt offers opportunities for leadership and service with the local chapter participating at all levels. l District officers are Karen Smith, secretary FTA, Kathleen Morrissey, district financial secretary, FTA, Jana Wall, president district TAFE, Kim Folmar, secretary, district TAFE. 1 Shelli Soto was elected District Miss FTA. ... Officers and representatives are, front, Amy Coats, vice-president, Karen Smith, junior Representative, Sandra Carpenter, sophomore representative, Katheleen Mor- rissey, secretary, Julie Ashley, historian, back row, Stephen Holt, freshman representativeg and Jana Wall, president. Organizations 131 Debaters post enviable record 'Gil tn. S Members ofthe 1985-86 Debate team are: Ross Crabtree, Jason Heitschmidt, Shawn Ham, Steven Holt, Mimi Mitchell, Philip Stafford Jana Wall Julie Ashley. Debate students debate upon the subjects of the day and the things to come. They are talented to the core of "" their beings and have some very good points to argue. They are instructed by Miss Brenda Beebe. UUE! YQWQY Q Miss Brenda Beebe smiles for the camera upon The Lincoln Douglas Debaters are: trontg Zana Gibson, and Kathleen Morrissey, backg Shawn hearing a good debate. McKelvy and Wade Faulkner. 132 Organizations Cheerleaders rally schoolspirit for games The Cheerleaders of Vernon help to promote school spirit at the games the school participates in. Mrs. Susan Gooch is the advisor. Q- Junior Varsity Cheerleaders from left are: Kim Willie, Teri Warden, LeAnn Owen, Brenda Lacy, and Angie Long. if L"l ' L- Junior varsity cheerleader Leeann Owen watches the proceeding at the Fan Fare at the square. I The 1985 Varsity cheerleaders are A N center: Angie Campsey, and clockwise N Kelly Kirk, LeeAnn Collumns, Stacie Scott, it Gina Henderson, and Clara Jane Luker. y The Mascot is Renee Tolentino. F Kelly Kirk and Clara Jane watch the game. I Stacie Scott watches the pep rally from the gym floor. Sports 133 Club interprets Drama Club members are Ifront row, Carri 1- Biggs, Lori Davis, Stephanie Streit, Melissa Hughes, Rachelle Reaume, Jackie Gfellerg fsecond rowj Kim Blackwell, Tina Downes, Robin Cooper, Michelle Houstin, Tawna Burrus. Shari Boring, Terri Cannon, Terri Box, Melissa Matusg lback rowl Shaunna McGregor, Shelli Soto, Ann Gerard, Sean McKelvey, Lee Foley, Robert Hill, and Becky Cook. if I-, A project of Drama Club was making up children for Hallo- ween trick-or-treating. Shaunna Gibson and Lara Hamilton work on a tiny trickster. I Officers of Drama Club include Shawn Ham, president, Gina Henderson, vice-president, Lara Hamilton, stage manager, Shaunna Gibson, business managerg Dawn Gerald, secretary- treasurer, Ron Cook, reporter, and Tammy Mason, social chairman. -t Faculty advisor Brenda Beebe is sponsor of the Drama Club. Not only directing school produc- tions, she also helps students develop a greater appreciation of theatrical elements. Drama Club is made up of students who perform in the school productions. 134 Organizations 6 f f Aviation Club shows interest in flight I Members of the 1985-86 Aviation Club are, top row: David Bledsoe, Jason Lignau, Chad Haynes, Lendel Keischnick, Jeff Strickland, Barry Graf, Pat Plewes, David Sullivan, Jay Wood, Larry Filman, Jack Hunter, Roger Snow, Brad Lemens, Scott Wilkinson, Second rowg Mike Anderson, Dewane Boyd, Jon Cook, and Seated, Lisa Krebs, and Chan Baker. Officers of the club are President, Chan Bakerg Reporter, David Sullivan, V-pres., Larry Fillmang Treas., Jon Cookg and Sec., Lisa Krebs. in W ,,... mam Jack Hunter is the sponsor of the Aviation Club and he helps the students understand a little more about flying and the air that the planes fly in. ln the third period class students learn about the history of flight. Among their ac- tivities are field trips and plotting flights on the aviation computer. The class shares their views on cur- rent advancements in the aviation world. Vernon High School is for- tunate to have a class such as thisg in many of the big schools students have to pay for their aviation studies. 4- 1 Chan Baker listens attentively as the fine points of aviation are being explained. 1 Mr. Hunter tries to teach a class. Organizations 135 Drill Team performs weekly Lucinda Scott is the director of the Drill Team. The Drill Team helps boost spirit at the football games. The Squad Leaders per- form at every Pep Rally and they occasionally get some help from the rest of the members. -r Squad Leaders are left to right: Karen Smith, Kim Tatum, Shaunna Gibson, Terri Cannon, Beth Blythe, Kim Folmar, CoSon- dra Willie and Tammy Mason. I Kim Hunter reads a book on one of the many road trips. -r I During one of the Pep Rallies all the members of the Drill Team are on the floor ready to perform. -r Officers for the 1985-86 year are from left: Rose Fleeks, secretaryg CoSundra Willie, Captaing Terri Cannon, Co-captaing Starlene Halencal-cg PublicityfHistoriang and Kristen Glassgow, Publicity X Historian, 136 Organizations 'f,alX Drill team enlivens half-time shows The Drill Team is sponsored by Mrs. LuCinda Scott and is designed to boost spirit at Lion football games. The lively girls go through rigorous training and many hours of practice to be Lionettes. At the end of the football season, each girl presents a scrapbook to, a player and to the coaches. Squad leaders for the 1985-1986 Drill Team are Terri Cannon, Shauna Gibson, Tammy Mason, CoSun- dra Willie, Beth Blythe, Kim Folmar, Karen Smith, and Kim Tatum. st. A - T rsrs Rl! Member of the 1985-86 Drill Team are Rose Fleeks, Tammie Goins, Starlene Halencak, LaSonya Hall, Michelle Adams, Laura Allison, Stephanie Beck, Kim Bivins, Kayla Bunch, Tawna Burrus, Stephanie Campbell, Carrie Gunning, Connie Halencak, Michelle Houston, Kim Hunter, Vicki Hutchins, DeLinda Jones, Prisi Jones, Janet Kesee, Heather Lamb, Melinda Lujan, DeeDee McCourt, Trisha Milner, GiGi Pittman, Traci Rogers, Kim Rosalez, Sheri Cannon, Angela Cary, Tina Downes, Joy Faulkner, Ann Gerard, Gina Havins, Lisa Havins, Patricia Hernandez, Kristi Ingle, Adrian Jackson, Joni Jacobs, Kristi Oliver, Shana Tubb, Robbi Frith, Lisa Graf, Becky Jansa, Tosha Adams, and Janelle Stolle. FFA participates it -. Matt Elliott, president of the local FFA Chapter, is pictured with Sweetheart Gina Henderson. 1 Mark Monson works on a plow edge during a class period, ,, ,.,,,.,e QQ' -. Instructor Don Word explains to Steve Jones the fine points of welding. I Rodney Pilcher, Matt Elliott, Brad Price, and John Dowty socialize at the FFA banquet. 138 Organizations Ag students keep busy Future Farmers of America is an organization that helps promote an interest in farming and livestock raising. The VHS chapter is directed by Don Word and Gene Bristo, vocational agriculture teachers. Students learn varied skills from woodworking to parliamentary procedure. Eligible students may represent their chapter by participating on teams such as senior and junior chapter conducting, junior and senior farm skills, radio, and quiz team, extemporaneous speaking, and FFA Creed speaking contests. The local chapter participated in all events this year. .- Cary Nichols practices his parliamentary procedure for contests in preparation. .,.. . Y.. . ... , , , i""1-- if U' 1 . tim. k Cy! W if l li - ' ' t ' . , 'f .Q .sf - FFA members are M. Brown, J. Bristo, K. Gfeller, M. Gunning, D Heitschmidt, L. Kieschnick, N. Kinkade, M. Martinez, R. Mints, P Monison, C. Nichols, B. Price, J. Smith, C. Templeton, T. Warden, D Winters, S, Azbell, R. Abbott, J. Belcher, T. Bellar, K. Bunch, B Cochran, T. Hall, B. Harris, D. Haynes, G. Logsdon, L. Miles, M Nava, K. Schultz, J. Strickland, K. Reis, O. Downes, R. Woolf, M Logsdon, L. Miles, S, Daniel, T. Stokes, K. Vincent, G, Gray, C. Penn- ington, B, Sullivan, K. Wooten, S. Beckwith, D. Lacy, S. Lowe, M Monson, J. Newell, S. Nichols, P. Valverde, B. Briscoe, L. Bursey, S. Jones, L. Brown, D. Bledsoe, L. Brothers, J. Dowty, M. Elliott, S Love, R. Pilcher, B. Price, C. Weidemann, D. Fennell, L. Herrera, T McGann, B. Penniger, G. Moore, L. Bess, C. Clifton, P. Kellogg, R. Anthony, R. Pierde, T. Roberts, T. Boyd, K, Raines, D. Kieschnick, S. Martinez, B. Ekern, R. Wilson, B. Riggins, K. Lamb, M. Phillips, L. Harrah, D. Whatley, M. Burns, S. Byers, S. Gilley, T. Castleberry, M. Freeby, M. Appelby, M. Puckett, G, Fortune, C. O'Neal, K. Fennell T. Latimer, E. Boelen, K. Sanders, K. Robeson, S. Bustamante, S. Echols, A. Thiebaud, T. Willey, S. Wilhelm, J. Burke, K, Cato, R Jones, M. Head, D. Hernandez, A. Huchton, T. Milner, T. Dowty, J. Rogers, K. McRae, D. Humphrey, J. Phillips, M. Strickland, R. Smith G. Spears, J. Hutchins, R. Lane, P. Torrez. w 1 Organizations 139 Library workers serve school Library! You know all those kids who work in the library, the ones that track you down to find out exactly where the book you lost last week is? They all aid Mrs. Mildred Wall in the recovery of the lost book. They assist with the films that the teachers show the students and help others check out a book. Fourth period library aides areg Scott Lowe, and Irene Estrada. Steve Jones and Joe Dee McCurley help out during fifth period, and Shelley Cox helps out first. 140 Organizations -5,3111 .. 'WS 1-...xx-SEM, Sixth period library aides areg Dawn Plewes, Willie King, Jill McGee, Ronnie Fanner, and Scott Wilkinson. , by U Q 3 1 an 3 f ,..A 1 6 W V' 1' sisr 1 I4 , my L Other members of the library staff are, Mae Houstin, Brenda King, Stacy Tracy. UP" Qotwlld 'rr Nz TQ .,,,,,,.p-P' it r' i ff 3' H, s islr or V 'l l L... Office workers serve entire school .ay Some of the office workers include, Michelle Chavis, Maria Rejino, Cosundra Willie and Kerry Noack. Students who work in the office picking up absentee slips, answering the telephone, running errands and generally practicing good clerical skills are enrolled in Clerical Internship, a local credit course. Mrs. Kathy Fox, secretary to the principal, is supervisor of clerical interns. Other office workers include, Jana Wall, Chan Baker, Wade Faulkner, Lorin Miles, Linda Perez, Laquetta Robinson, Kevin Shultz, John Shackelton, Sue Ann Lopez, Dawn Gerald, Willie King, and Len Brothers. , We . X 1' 4- 'QS ai- as Fifth period office workers are, Matt Elliott, Stan Love, Stacie Scott, and Third period workers are, Russell Rivers, Corina Valdez, Linda Perez Kim Smith. pictured with Mrs. Fox, Mr. Railsback, and Mrs. Owen. Organizations 141 FI-IA participates Future Homemakers of America participate in many community and school activities, always stressing the role of the individual as a force in mak- ing better American homes. This year they participated in the Great American Smoke Out, Cancer Society Bucket Brigade, and attended regional and state meetings. I First period officers: front, Susan Daniel, president, Theresa Hickman, vice-president, Becky Cook, secretary, second row, Rhonda Roquemore, treasurer, Adena Hays, historian, Gayle Gipson, parliamentarian. -. Second period officers: front, Melody Moerbe, historian, Cindy Crawford, president, Krissy Kirk, reporter, second row, Lydia Lopez, vice-president, Michelle Fullerton, treasurer, Mary Herring, secretary. Seventh period officers: front, Sandra Mar- tinez, secretaryg Rachel Gutierrez, vice- president, Melissa Stephens, historianjreporterg second row, Larry Rajski, treasurer, Wade Faulkner, parliamentariang not pictured is Chan Baker, president. ll-. Desiree Olliff is state vice-president of recreation. 142 Organizations 1 t at . vm m' ' . - ,. I g J. it f , .. -A if Fifth period officers: front, Dawn Plewes, secretary, Roonie Mooney, parliamentariang Sarah Dobbs, historian, seated, Jennifer Jordon, president, Jon Cook, vice-president, Jennifer Weaver, secretary. Advisor Avis Olliff and Cindy Crawford work on spirit rings. Karen Jones is advisor, also, Fourth period officers are Joni Jacobs, reporterfhistoriang Teresa Zaicek, secretaryftreasurerg Theresa Woods, vice-president, and Calla Crawford, president. Third period officers are Gary Weaver, presidentg Allison Messick, vice-president, Kim Wilson, secretaryftreasurerg Donna Wofford, treasurer, Lisa Copeland, representative. Sixth period officers are: front: Secretary, Kathy Nabors, Reporter, Monica Logsdong Treasurer Mike Head. Back: Parliamentarian, David Downs, Vice President, Barry Graf, President, Rudus Martinez. Organizations 143 Art Honor Society pledges students The National Art Honor Society many things, and they participate and character. It inspires students is the Honor Society for all Art in many things. Membership is who have shown an outstanding Students. They draw and paint based upon scholarship, service ability in art. Wmmmvwsm C. Hanlencak and S. Streit look at the officers' book. P. Bailey, S. Richie, B. Cochran, and B. Harris demonstrate one of the Lions. 1 . Y! 5 '-' if ' ' 5 wx? r i R .. . . r 4,11 is Y Sponsors are Mrs. Ripley and Mrs. Hamm. Other members are Pledges are: D. Olliff, R. Hill, M. Lo, K. Krebs, second row: L. Graf, D. Jones, S. Pedigo, D. Garza, and J. Clements. M. Higgins, M. Roberson, and M. Cary. :Z lii' ' ' " ' 7 M Q .I re to 1 P' gl ... K ' .4 xg, Q g . N R Officers are: Chairmen: V. McNeese, K. Morrissey, and S. Members are: S. Campbell, G. Henderson, R. Cook, V. McNeese, second row: Campbell. C. Gunning is His. R. Cook is Pres. and G. Hender- B. McBroom, K. Morrissey, P. Bhakta, S. Mangrum, and G, Gunning. son is V-Pres. 144 Organizations .bs pea I-IECE works HECE is one of the many programs in which students work part of the day and attend school part of the day. r- Third period members are: Officers, Hist., Irene Estrada, Treas., Alice Rejinog Sec., Becky Ramirez, V- pres., Chelle Ellis, and Pres., Melinda Brown. Back row: Sally Estrada, Camille Reis, Sheila Mangram, Donna Hut' fer, Hope Zuniga, Mike Phillips, Roquell Walker, and Ethel King. Q- 1 Fourth period members are: Debra Piper, Michelle Vaughn, Tammie Goins, and Dayna Davis. Officers are: Pres., Starlene Halencak, V-pfes., Stephanie Beck, Sec., Melinda Lujan, Treas., Connie Halencak, Hist., Tina Ward. .- 1 1 Fifth period members are: Pres., Derek Buckg V- pres., Brad Price, Sec., Kristi Brittain, Treas., Jill McGee, and Hist., Susie Wattenbarger. Back row: Billie Jo Gray, Laticia Hernandez, Rhonda Whitten, and Emma Taylor 1 Mrs. Word is the instructor ofthe HECE Organization. 1 1 Derek Buck helps one of the younger students of the school system a few things. Organizations 145 VICA trains for work force VICA is the statewide organzia- tion for students who choose to take Industrial Cooperative Train- ing. Through the organization they compete in work related contests and highlight the year with an employee-employer banquet in the spring. I Trent Bellar and Dan listen to instructions. +.., .. , ,H4 ,ki .-.. . I Damon Proctor is employed as a diesel mechanic. He adds practical knowledge to his program at Wilson's Garage. 146 Organizations -. Jimmy Smith is ICT teacher and VICA advisor. 1 Members are lfront rowj B. Jansa, A. Winter, T. Ward, D. Buesing, J. Laguans, L. Garza. tSecond row! J. McCurley, T. Gfeller, T. Hall, T. Ballard, R. Abbott, D. Wilkinson, D. Weiser, and P. Valverde. W' I Nick Rodriguez and Randy Martinson work on individualized programs related to their areas of employment. i'..i"f "'m-'Ph f .. ... VOE members earn to learn VOE is a work program in which the students work in an office type job. Some work for banks or even insurance agencies. Members of VOE are Front row: Rachelle Reaume, Jada Studer, Shari Boring, Tam- my Mason, and Vickie Hutchens. Second row: Kristen Glassgow, Laura Gutteiri, Don- na Rodriguez, and Leslie Wakefield. .- Officers for VOE are Front row: Reporterg Donna Rodriguez, Secretaryg Tammy Mason, Second row: presidentg Rachelle Reaume, Vice-presidentg Shari Boring, and Treasurerg Leslie Wakefield. 4- ff Susan Gooch the sponsor is teaching the class a few new skills. 1- Greg Bailey is interested in a typing assignment. Organizations 147 D.E. class affords work-study program .,M,d... Members of the D.E. class are: front Richard Johnson, Elliot Yanzuk, Stephanie Moore, Gigi Pittman, Shauna Shelton, and Joel Delegado, Middle: Richard Guerra, Mark Pilcher, Melissa Meorbe, Cheryl Broome, Robbie Frith, Shellie Cox, Tina Simpson, David Brown, Dennis Garza, backg Micheal Gilley, Derrick Martin, Mitchell Nava, Matt Haynes, Brad Thompson, Melanie Shannon, Denise Carpenter. D.E. is the class where the students go to work part of the day and to school part of the day. It is the oldest program of its kind in our school today. Dan Roberson is the instructor of the program. Melanie Shannon poses for the camera at work. 148 Organizations 41. A i get Club activated The newly reactivated Science Club is sponsored by Miss Teresa Rose. Some of these members will go to the T.M.S.C.A. State Meet in San Antonio this year in March. The first annual Science and Math meet is at VRJC this year. .- Members of the Science Club are Front: Michelle Higgins, Jean Horsley, Shannon Wheller, David Blackshear, Peggy Wong, Linda De Hoyas, Back: Scott Burdett, Shelli Soto, James Clenents, Doyle Balckshear, Kerry Noack, and Micheal Lo. Q- Officers for the Science Club areg David Blackshear - Secretary, Jean Horsley - Vice-president, and Kerry Noack - President. f Kerry Noack and Phillip Stafford work on their kites in Physics class. Miss Theresa Rose instructs the Science Club in their activities. Organizations 149 Spanish Club reflects culture Sponsored by Mrs. Nancy Barrier and Mr. Tim Slaven, the Spanish Club has as its purpose the giving a chance to members to experience the Spanish culture. The Spanish Club is one of the larger clubs at the high school. Through a comprehen- sive mixture of language education in the class and culture education in the club events, these students rid themselves of their lack of under- standing of our foreign friends. The club does many things such as, mak- ing pinatas as a class project. The students do dialouges in class for grades and in the end can speak the language of our friends across the border. Class representatives areg front rowg Angie Long, Heather Lamb, Kim Tatum, Audra Thiebaud, arf Clara Jane Luker, second row: Brenda Lacy, Todd Greenwood, Rose Fleeks, and Mark Puckett. -f Two of the officers for Spanish Club are Henry Stoneg President, and Chris Thomseng Secretary. ix Jason Heitchmidt isn't interested in what Brad Koch sees in the trophy case, while Dennis Garza lost Spanish book in his locker. at l tt, so i is l avi , 25122415 :1,. ,,. 150 Organizations Quill and Scroll Quill and Scroll is the national high school honor society for jour- nalism. Third year students with averages above 85 and advisor ap- proval are qualified for membership. H Officers include Jay Wood, secretary, Becky Cook, vice-presidentg Henry Stone, presidentg and Robert Hill, treasurer, IT Advisor Jasimine Pace confers with Becky Cook. Q-I Robert Hill makes a report. I Officers and advisor hold a spirited discussion. .- Members are, front row, Kim Hunter, Jay Wood, Becky Cook, Jeanie Gaeblerg back row, Robert Hill, Kerry Matus, Henry Stone, Chan Baker, Shane Wheeler. Organizations A 4 is er i . X 5 r .L csiff' 5,,,, e-fwhqgy 152 Advertising will T Practicing free enterprise and hoping to make a profit, meeting service needs of a community, sell- ing the goods that fill the basic needs and adding to the pleasures of the citizenry of a town of some 12,500 plus the surrounding area, merchants and providers of services from financial, to medical to legal to repairs, make the quality of life in Vernon more pleasant. These people are never too busy or too absorb- ed in making money to give a moment to a year- book advertising salesperson - and to buy an ad. They always are ready to don red coats and act as ambassadors of good will. The business and pro- fessional people of Vernon are "can do" people when the needs of youth and education are to be met. -ii iii tr ,Xt ADVERTISING PAGE 152 Advertising 153 469 TAXI 5147 QUALITY CAB CO. Safe, Courteous Service 24 Hour Service PETE PETERSON, Owner TELEPHONE 552-9306 Vernon Texas 76384 I TWSMISSIONS I AUTOMATIC i Specialist rm Zap.. ,.,4. ,, ' nsr ES mules iff!" 'f 5 'dk nm mm FOYE GATEWOOD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SERVICE 3009 MAIN 515525 552-2252 DEE BOYD WELL SERVICING INC. 3114 Main 553-4221 ' Justice Rexall Drug 852-5191 Chillicothe, TX. GANYER REPAIRS AND REFINISHING Furniture Repair and Refinishing and Blend Repair 1929 Main 553-3812 Douglas M. Matthews, DVM I I II III IIIIIUIHI WILBARGER ml NTI ABSTRMTCO mf Advertising rv " L" .G R TL Tr -f" - ' '-"1 1-ff ' I' 731 ,'j"fo, 'g-jf L Nj ,Q V. ' Y 'TQ ill ii QIIH-. EE 5 ' I V A I il , 1 i 1 - -- T I' ' 4, LX f , , Post Office Box 2017 ' Texas at FEYNWIVI ' Ve , The following dentists support the Yamparika: Tom Agnew, DDS H a H 8 Mark Reynolds, Dos Joel Lowry, DDS "KEYED UP TO SERVE YCU " RElD'S BULLDOZER RESIDENTIAL 81 SERWCE 25 YEARS OIL FIELD COMMERCIAL 2..i.'fii,i."L'i'!.'6iCE Complete Mobile Service 2563555 0 D PN. V T 76384 817 552 6664 Opened - Changed - Repaired - Installed KIDDYLAND NURSERY Open 8 AM-5 PM Mon. Thru Fri. 2227 Clair Dr ....... .... 5 52-6171 ""'LW'2:,:,,,'2:""'f' ' If No Answer Call .... .... 5 53-4495 A9 IBM - "OW L d by th S! t L y Ab b' - 0 2409 T 552 5569 f ,-fs, . 5 if Gene Payne State Farm Insurance Wooten's Exxon Complete Auto Service 2128 S. Ma' ln 553-1731 Phil Wooten Harold Smith Go Lions Ad g 155 156 Advertising A1 W gp ZW, SMX i f iw: , if NMX ' al Hillcrest Pharmacy it ni as 0 an PA. vw , 9' 4 JB-f-91 N-I GoIden's Furniture 1ng...1's.Qf QQ Qin The Booterie RD ON IDM ORE Vernon 2330 Wilbarger Phone New s. usEo CARS 552-6612 WW. K... .... la IA. 3.41 mn!! Gorden Tidmore The Den "So, what are your weekend plans?", asked your mother. "You probably think you are going to the game with your friends, drool over the guys, and then go to that place called the Lions Den, where you say that you dancef, You explain how much you enjoy it. She nods and thinks you go to the Den just to smooch on some guy you don't even know. Why do we go to the Den? For what reason? Most replies are to dance, be with friends, and your boyfriend. To dance makes you loosen up. To forget about some teacher that has been getting on your nerves every day. Dancing as couples makes you feel good. Your friends are out on the floor moving around looking like they are going into convulsions. You think about how they are mak- ing a fool of themselves. So, you decide to join them, and what a blast! The best reason to go is to be with your boyfriend. You feel super secure and a little superior. The great feeling you get when you dance makes you love him even more. Perhaps winning the game makes all the people go. This makes them have a better time. Go to the Den. It is like supporting the school and building a super spirit. J. E. Advertising 157 Portrait of a Senior tFrom a Freshman Point of Viewl A senior, wise to the world, mature, surrounded by a certain air of impor- tance, can intimidate a lowly freshman with a glance. Why, when a senior walks down the hall freshmen seem to clear out of the way like the senior had mono? Seniors in band terrorize and com- mand respect from fish. Fish have to carry horns, put away stands and chairs, clean buses and put up with having their faces painted and singing K'We Love You Seniors". Seniors get off the buses first. Seniors get the bathrooms first. Seniors get to eat first. Why can't the freshmen go first just once. Even at pep rallies it's the "Sensa- tional Seniors" the "Jovial Juniors", the "Super Sophomoresn, and the "freshmen". Seniors get the glory, the respect, the favors, and the cars. Fish get the work, the commands, the jobs, and the garbage. So Seniors take my words to heart and give them Fish a break. S. W. REDKEN WA,,..f firm s...:' t v"'T .. I' I Cut 81 Curl Beauty Shop dw ffl' . ,, A- ff- fr' . e ' F lien is 1' - ,, if , 1' Y l if e fi W .Q ,.,-,- " " Q f at S r srts -. i i South Main Dairy Queen .QQ -.,,,.,,,- 4. r ' ' f.., . .e ,. 1 ri ri FS A X' N pgs W . is ww-A-g,. X 1, -rs ' :Q In :EX KX. I A f klll gr S- ' - it it S . 1 E 5 rfrr Es X K 1. ,,,. ,r,, . . r ,E ti, 5 1 0 3 ' ' t' ' ' Q - .Vg 'J ,,. "K . . V' Golden Fried Chicken s , it my Q ws,,g,,, 3 N, ji Jim Christanelli Ford - Mercury Football "I-le's on the fifteen . . . the ten . . . the five . . . and he scores! Touchdown for the Vernon Lions!" We all know what happens next. The crowd rises to their feet, the band strikes up the fight song, and everyone goes wild. Football is a miracle worker. One victory can put the whole school on top of the world for a week. A winning season can make the school delirious. Football is a sport that draws everyone closer together and gives them a sense of pride and unity. What one group of boys does for one evening once a week sends electric waves through the entire town. It drives entire organizations to plaster the hallways with signs. lt motivates the band and the drill team to practice and practice for hours to perform at the games. lt brings hun- dreds of otherwise normal people to sit in crowded stands to suffer through freezing or rainy weather and yell their lungs out. For many, football is not only a sport or a pasttimeg it's a way of life, a reason to get up and come to school. Football has its supporters, and its non-supporters, mostly supporters. Football will never be replaced so long as we have determination and pride and school spirit. The Vernon Lions have plenty of each, plus a taste for victory. Football is more than a sport. It is the embodiment of the hearts and spirits of all the loyal Lion fans. J.H. Advertising ' " 54 ? Gibson's Pharmacy Eng, .---.f-.4ul---v2lnu- ee- C ' f F ""?'l5" , rf' L g up 'L fir xfsLe-7"'M1m- lgsiaeiar 1 is r ilS3'2?235s5'S A A V ' R1 ti , rl, -lr ., V .Q , .fr H :WTI sei eff '1 T, U , 'L . . .- ,,. 'V 4 ,, ' 1 Q Q A X q A Vgfl K -.',..A ' W ,... ,p:s1.fg. -e Kentucky Fried Chicken MAX KREUTZ HOUSE OF MUSIC 10th and Scott Streets Wichita Falls Ad Q 161 ...f- ,LQ 491 you 2,5 jvggfff'-7 7x0 j!-iz ou,-if Qf 7!7j6!,5 g 'Wars ISDN 710 63,-X you out Q W 162 Ad B uf you ,74cJc!2fY2f'c M !4!!,C!3Ic7!Z 7!fa?fV? C1115 1!l"!-C71 Engl our Allin 1071-55 your cocky, C0of 6175225 szff Md Aifvlif Q jo O!! yo coffior and do Wgff, My C7 1MSanlt n yoaf juafifnies Qffff-251 mm U fffflfPd Masfrr Drqrfran rr ff you 0224 Jf1y!hf'ff1j J jlfvf 07574 CCY!!! Odd! Zac! and uffff yowf' 730 vlan ffl! X 1818 Marshall 0 V5 Ya ' Ph. 552-2301 J5ofV ,, A Q0 ff? MODEL CLEANER MLK ffdcly 140 'fails over Af?-:fl fgfg 5U'f'77f'7721-P E wgunnv' ,ff Ai '- WW 5 XL BEDi 'IX A VERNON-CH1LDFIESS k ...L M 2 -...W Advertising 163 Ban AUTO Juniors 0 Through 13 ELE -I-RI Young Misses 4 Through 20 C C Half Sizes 12112 Through 24'!2 Starters, Generators and Alernators 2903 South Main 552-5911 Esfee Lauder MARC O M ' S ChyrIon's Styles Unlimited Frederick, Oklahoma 809 Hillcrest Plaza Vernon, Texas 553-4872 'iii ., 55 V-,Ni 1 NkN-, .,-if Y 2 5 2 2 A 5 5 L E, - 65,5 :Q . , .5 GREENBELT FOLlAGE81 5 Pesf f 5 5 5 GARDEN CENTER A e f' ' 5 5 5 5 TROPICALSLHOUSE PLANTS f -X L iiili 5 -GARDEN suPLs. , 'Ji is TREES-SHRUBS-BEDDING 15,5 R Af, fi ii'5 ,f 5 , 2 PLANTS 5 A . 'i L FULL LANDSCAPING SERVICE 'svsr xg T ' ' ml Q 1600 Wanderer 553-4861 , A ,f ..', ,-' 5 5 . ' s , ' A155 I A Flower Boutique Flats Fixed Oil Changed HALL'S OIL COMPANY Corner Bowie and Expressway 6a.m.-9 p.m. 7DaysaWeek 2 HOUR 24 HOUR 552-5152 Dig Minor Repairs Full Service EILM F ' LM ROCESSING PHOTO PROCESSING FAC TU R 'Y I I Ace Igou Ure 81 Appliance Co. 1730 Main St. 1817i 552-9361 Vernon, TX 76384 164 Ad ertising For All 35mm, Disc, H0 8 126 film. C-41 prec. SLIDE PROCESSING Q FILH l ENLARGEHENTS MON THRU FRI 9-5:30 Vo use KODAK a or 2222 PEASE ST W 555252556 DE' 14 21? 5 F Rf 5 n ,X 3 W Nm? Qs' '52 E?S3XS?fQs, sTJ'??2iK1i"f is 5 I "1 . 1-SA Wise ii fkixfggxi Ljfgw ' EW if 553 2 sign- H515 K X HE ERN GN AILY ECORD n .D-. x 5 215 S 1- P P' Tx 5' x5 YY 5 S1 ii? Ex 5 Z gif, ,E -Qkh 'axfg il'- P rs 1. x- X , Q 2, fi :S 2, fi a wwf: ard wrvx F in Y..-Lge .KE 5 rm. Q J O N' S' Lai 2 4? 5 EE 5 YT 3 X Q Q Fa 9 S5 Q. " "' - . P+ 5.5 E ' mtv? 5-KE. SQ' ,Si PQ?Q'l'N?EH? 1-1 t Ti' v 7X -N' 2 is mQ?J",Px 5 9 VN E P9215 2 Na' 'si-in T4 .J rf- x" S' CA '45 Nui on Qs? db 5 0 can G' ' ., . P Q lg f L: 'fx' Advertising 165 JCPENNEY 1518 Main Street 552-2596 KARCHER OIL COMPANY Safemark Products Wholesale GaslDieseI Lockett, Texas 552-6661 KOCH'S GARAGE DR. PEPPER BOTTLING CO., INC. 1516 PEASE 1726 Cato Road VERNON- TEXAS 5526870 ESTABLISHED 1927 553-3671 Mary Jane's Women's Wear 1726 Main Street Vernon, Texas 76384 "We're Here When You Need Us" M.E. MOSES COMPANY 1620 Main Vernon, Texas 552-6341 Adver tisi g The R 8 S Men's Shop 1708 MAIN VERNON. TX 76384 817-553-3492 MARK RAMSEY. MGR. MWMLW,,,MwW,MWWMWWMMMA,M . 55559- L Bunch - Norris Agencies ff CREATIVE UNISEX Q HAIRSTYLISTS J HIGH FASHION CUTS, COLORS, PERMS MEN 81 WOMEN Cuttin' Corner CUTTIN CORNER 1914 WILBARGER BUS.817l552-9791 VERNON, TEXAS 76384 DAN'S BARBER SHOP 1913 Pease Jie Sunny 'i 'Shoppe Phone 553-4941 1402 Main Vernon, Texas Central Market , gpg. f I QfT9PQ!!lf75IiI'CfiIIiTTYF Spann Automotive STREIT HARVESTING South Lockett 552-6489 VERNON EQUINE CLINIC Roger Lacy D.V.M. Advertisin 9 YOUR SYMBQLS 0F The Bank of Vernon SAVINGS 81 LOAN THE 'k Cwa oneff NATQOQXJAL Cgdllb VERNON FINANCIAL FINANCIAL SECURITY TI-IE I-'IEFIRIIXIG NFITIDIXIFII. BRNI4 W Jbiikails 3 QLNEY SAVINGS Come see us soon, or call and we'll come see you. Member F.s.L.I.C. INSTITUTIONS ASSOCIATICN, INC. A RANDY JACKSON AUTOMOTIVE ROLLING PLAINS 'MPLEMENT C I I A I R ' 'R I NN 552 9664 omp e e u o epair A , . Domestic and Foreign Cars and Pickups I, ,"IUII'I- " 1829 Cumberland ROYIEXIS 5 BU LIIVII AND OTHER FINE WATCHES EXPERT REPAIR -IQI'INSON'S JEWELRY 1712 MAIN 553-3592 we-new-W A A N A A A CHARTER TIRE CO. I t - Offset - Letterpress - Rubber Stamps LONE STAR PRINTING SERVICE 'Wk 18Z27f3i'23f!e. H Wayne L. Byrd Vernon, Texas if Q 76384 Gin-Mill and Commercial Duct Work KINLAU SHEET METAL WORKS Best of Luck Seniors 'NC' Movies - Sports - News - 2225 N552-cgggige Rd. childrervs Programming From the RCA Satellite, 24 Hours a Day SANTA ROSA TELEPHONE CO. T V P.0. Box 2128 Vernon, Texas 0 F V E R N 0 N 552-7431 Advertising Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Wichita Falls 172 Advertising KVWC 5,4-'WH f ":" i . 11. -- VERNON Obby adsilmcgctrors Chamber of Commerce " PM "A Community Proud of the Past but More Excited About the Future" AUGUSTAN APARTMENTS 4125 AUGUSTAN 552-2442 1, 2, 3 Bedrooms Swimming pool Cable TV Laundry Facilities 1731 FANNIN, PH. 552-5931 VERNON, TEXAS 76384 Balser Jewelry, Inc. FORMERLY 0'NEAL'S 'fwHEN You THINK OF JEWELRY . .. THINK OF BALSER'S" Bob's Wheel Alignment Bowers Exxon BUD'S AUTOMOTIVE 1504 Cumberland 552-6297 NORSWORTHY'S MUSIC CENTER 1814 Main 552-2321 Advertising 173 NORMAN W. BRINTS Agricultural Economist Bookkeeping and Tax Service 5002 Wilbarger Office 817-553-4356 Vernon, Texas 76384 Residence 817-553-3400 553-3591 Gulf Distributors - Serving Vernon - rrff --. .1 56 Years PORTER WALKER OIL CO., INC. Supporting Vernon High School: Employees of Wilbarger General Hospital WILBARGER GENERAL HOSPITAL -45 : I 7 '. ', - I NX f XTX- 419 1' x I ', I -X 241551 SIUE! SEV!! IACIIIIES sms - scnvvcf E PARTS - NGTESORIES A WIDE VARIETY Og T szwmc mcnmz A A wins RANGE Of Pmczs. oun CREDIT PLAN Lrrs vou auv Now wmun voun auoczr. 'WHERE T7 BUY IT' APPRO VEITDEALER W Vernon Sewing Machine Co 1716 Texas --.- 552-6692 174 Advertising NAYLOR FLYING SERVICE North of Vernon Vernon, Texas 76384 552-6102 Crown Quality Seed The following physicians at the Hillcrest Clinic support the 1985 Yamparika: Robert Borchardt, MD Layne Collums, MD Reynaldo Maniago, MD Martin Rosen, MD Reynaldo Tolentino, MD Carl Wagner, MD Esta's TA l PLAZAG 4200 College Drive 552-2861 WHlTE'S HOME 8: AUTO 1819 W. Wilbarger Vernon, Texas 552-2201 Pa! and Glenna and Paula Bryant l Proprie ora VERNON FROZEN FOOD 81 ABATTOIR Purveyors of Fine Meat Phone 552-5521 2616 Wilb g Home 552-5895 Vernon, Texa 76384 Advertisi UQ MW - NM QW -wmxaxma, WW wxmxmki wxxwxga, Qgfkgxs, K Sswy-Mb UAXMS Mm Wx waym M lggmfm M JN 63lK5'fPf UQQKN were Cgxtwwmgak mm. 3.1 c'a1fH' Nvfkm Q my ww gm 0? Qmrw JYMD LBPQW Q YW YQQKG l,wfHx Kjoa, mm cmd LMQTK auch QMDQ cmjgfom SEE? dm VT ' VN OU W CLEWWNE cmd QCOC5 MACK QR CQXKQCSQ CWC! +R Qmlxwfe HOUVQW-Pi'NQlbU0yS EMU Mung Beans :mei P Alfalfa Guar SAMHNERCE PLANT PIZZA POINT Restaurant oPEN sun-rnuns M 11 10 FRI AND SAT 11-11 OINT 7 WIDE SELECTION OF PIZZA MAMA REVA'S LASAGNE SUBMARINES - SPAGHETTI - SANWICHES ORDERS TO GO - PARTIES WELCOME 3205 S. Frontage Rd. 553-3322 BILL'S TV INC. "SINCE 1948" RW' 'wszzziied UTTUN COLOR TV SPECIALISTS WE SERVICE ALL MAKES AND MODELS 553-3848 1810 FANNIN The Clothes Line Freshman As a freshman we sometimes feel taken for granted. This means that just because we are in the walls of VHS we are supposed to know everything about all the activities held. "Where is the fanfare held?" asked a freshman. An up- perclassman laughs, and tells how this stupid freshman does not know what is going on. This could even happen to a newcomer who came from a school where all this did not happen. Some freshmen know all these things because of older family members, but this does not apply to all. A suggestion as to maybe having a special handbook containing all of the traditions and special activities and organizations might be a good one. Holding a freshman fun night given by the seniors is another sug- gestion. Here, they could tell us about all these customs. Now, the freshmen can be brought into the school with good intentions and great feelings of pride and joy. JL Advertising 177 I J , ,, I ,, iq If, If , ,I I jf .7 Qi :1.,,,,,- WI' QJOE BACON W LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY LIFE, HEALTH, DISABILITY, IRA'S ANNUITIES, GROUP INSURANCE 1509 CUMBERLAND STREET POST OFFICE BOX 413 VERNON, TEXAS 76384 TELEPHONE 817-552-7479 Uueaxy Commercial Clrpd Ccnitr Provence Decorating CENTRAL COMMUNICATIONS CO. COMMUNICATIONS John V. Chilton President Authorized Sales 8. Service General Electric Mobile Radio Systems 705 Hillcrest Dr. Vernon, TX 76384 552-2611 RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL CARPET DYEING 8. CLEANING C0 A PROFESSIONAL SERVICE RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL CARPET o DRAPES a UPHOLSTERY o CLEANING o DYEING o TINTING o Dnv CLEANING OF DRAPERIES A UPHOLSTERY IN Youn HOME o FIRE SMOKE a. WATER DAMAGE 553' 1 3 1 6 1015 LAMAR st. N Cy Long Stores Carrier - A .1......--""' Burdette Mechanical ZACAWEISTA LAND 81 CATTLE CO. Box 2247 Vernon, Texas 76384 533-4326 HERNANDEZ TRIM SHOP 81 I.D. USED CARS Advertis ng 179 180 Y.. FISH PCWER GRCUP Vernon Pump Service 5001 Wilbarger Service on all brands of pumps, PVC pipe and fittings, trenching, terrace drainage outlets, well drilling, irrigation pump service Enloe Automotive 1605 Wilbarger 553-1131 Nikie's Automotive YR E , 1305 Wilbarger I Nsyfx 552-9892 ,Q ISI I x HRX 4 J XLJXTX A ff :Jx ,X I I IW pw I U M fftt" , .cf wi no ,,,,,I,W5 L Ib W ,da 12221052 IVA' I1 I I fax I. A 5 N 'LI 5 I 'M I , w diy UI KXIIIJ QWQQXQJQNE Mill Block ru D M5150 L3 LI' IX VI LJ Nj"!I!QkI Tw we E a EQBQMZQI, QQSIQFDE-3 V ,QMLI , 0 X N I, 5-My f X' f 131913509 jg Q I Er A f, QIQEXUWF ay? Q S 0 IV I . 3 I' . lg g , ,,,, , 'Isl FURNITURE GALLERY 81 DESIGN STUDIO 1716 Pease "On The Square" 552-5421 Store Hours: 9:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. Ad I g 181 HALLOWEEN All l-lalloufs Evening long has been a fauorite night for high school students to prowl and howl. Among comments regard- ing Halloween are these: "Halloween used to be a very special occasion. I would get up early and be very excited. We used to dress up for school. The teachers were usually dressed up, too. That night we would go trick-or-treating . . . I remember one Halloween, it rained all day long. We were disappointed because we thought we were not going trick or treating. The rain stopped before dark and we got to go after allf' Michelle Stafford, Freshman uWhen I was a youngster, I donlt remember trick-or-treating. I know I probably did, but I don't remember it. All I remember is, I used to get in trees, and when the little kids would come, I would jump down and scare them." Mary Burns Freshman "My most memorable Halloween was about five years ago when I lived in Dallas. Getting candy was no problem. Every house was decorated and people were dressed up handing out candy. Kids on the block would play tricks on everyone." Laquetta Robinson Junior Advertising K-BOB'Sl TEAKHOUSE OF VERNON! Expressway 8 Laurie OPEN-Sun.-1T1urs., 11 a.m.-10 p.m.g Friday 8- Saturday 11 a.m.-11 p.m. I . 'Y' . iff? 93.53---L " Q? I . V A weft W 76az5Qez RESTAURANT Hwy. 287 553-1838 Ii la rve fs ' lmuvlif' A-' 'i c ' l atitzllj gli VERNON, TEXAS 76384 Bristo's Used Cars 1623 Cumberland 552-6268 Quality - Value - Satisfaction Aim to please BIII BriSt0 Lester Bristo 3900 Wilbarger Vernon, Texas 552-7631 Your Headquarters for l AUTO - HOME - FARM SUPPLIES X!! . i r?-4' ltlfsafi zi' r S' 2-:feb xxx :13 r We Reduce Prices - Not Quality Cupid When he walks around in a daze, and she is constantly giggling with her friends about 'him', you know that Cupid, so ruthless when it comes to teenagers, has done the arrow bit again. In these years of our lives when you can get high simply on living, puppy love can be thrilling. All he ever thinks about is 'her'. She' spends more time in class writing her name next to this than she does listening to teachers. When 'hel walks by in the hall, a simple, "Hi" with a smile seems like a marriage proposal. She lets him walk her to class once, and he doesn't come out of the clouds for a week, "He" calls her on the phone. Would she like to go out Saturday night? She guesses so, if nothing else is planned. When the phones are hung up, uYahoo,' and 'tl can't believe it" were uttered as though both had won new cars. He is all she can talk about. She is all he can think about. Why canlt Saturday come on Wednesday? When it finally comes, what will she wear? Should she let him kiss her goodnight? He comes to pick her up. They go to the show. They have a great time. When they were leaving, she saw Rah, the handsome football star. He winked at her! As they got into the car he saw the pretty new sophomore, Betty. An electric charge ran down his back. Oh, well, here we go again. Advertising 183 184 Advertising 2 ,, 'Q V V H A w , 2 W! 1 Vlll ' "Wig Z, ' ,z L vt BilI's Power Mower Ed Bo Bue . t VIDEO MEMORIES VCRs and Movies Rentals and sales 3721 Wilbarger 552-9741 OWNERS: Jim and Sherri Schaffer OPEN TUES. THRU SAT. 9 A.M.-6 P.M. FREE CLASSES Barb's Ceramics VERNON, TEXAS PHONE 553-1292 2011 MAIN G 81 L Lumber Company Lumber' Hardware' Building Supplies' Tools 4506 Wilbarger Tools and Equipment OPEN 7 TO 6 - MON THRU FRI SAT 7 AM-5 PM QUALITY PARTS "SINCE 1944" 552-6246 VERNON PARTS CO 1701 MARSHALL WATKINS DEPARTMENT STORE 1521 Main 553-3961 1 Ad ertising .4 EXW' 2 Wilbarger Car Wash Baylor Medical Leasing Company Durable Medical Equipment 3309 Wilbarger 552-2601 W.R. Moore Cotton Company l W W They die drunk. ln a ear with their friends. 'liheyre driving along when someone to avoid that tree. No time to swerve away from that oncoming Car. eare of each other. 'lhatis what friends are for. -..------............-..-.1 opens a hottle of wine or And sothev die. liven " , , . . ., . , , ,, - I liltl xlxlvitlxl'.It,iul.Pi.x L - hands out Cans ol heer. And though they thought they were I mix 331.15 it seems like lun heeause only having a little fun. 1 llllfhl ll ll -ll-Wl NV' TW-f3 thcxfl-Q flsicnds' fad dl-Unk.dI-ivincz l lllezis-etell nit-lioix lein lwlp nn li ieiiils - . , , . , ' l .iwitldiunltdining. Anil Soon lllilcy liC,lOk'lng accldcnts nnlolic l?l'0PlU l lllezisesentl toni iiil.wi'iii.itio11ltit. and singing. enjoying their your age than anything else. 1 iiitiitrtimu ii.i,itiit..ii.ittiiit-1 mit-i..iiN tt-t laughter. enjoying each other, 'lhinlx about who s heen , 2il""" ll' But sonietliings wrong. drinking and who s going to I X 3 I""l'L' e' ' e' rum . . . . I . K l lX"vN , W 1 he ear is too last and reflexes drive. I mx X I my are too slow. And it s too late You haveto start taking L. ........ ----L--- .J ."""" I 1 0 1. - FRIENDS DDII"I' I.ET FRIENDS DRIVE DRIIIIK 'f rs on ti, ui-. , ,A .Z . -tr ti.. -iii tri.. - t t winds in it X 188 Advertising F R A .NJ H, ,,, . . 1 v V 2' if M 4- Sullivan Funeral Home li UB IC awww Qfiw 35? mamma: -a Maw-ww EW ,--X JJ if x W XMW--fNx.,,,, fy X-ix ff-----...,,,,-Q-at Q Sxxmxv, L M, - -.'M,-Q'-w-,I , Double the Savings Advertising Sellers Ska. Q 4 xg, '11 K ,i ,,L.. i filig- wi- 5 Gibson's Discount Store Adt g 191 ON BEING A SENIGR . "People look up to you. Everyone looks to you to be a role model. When I graduate, the one thing I will miss most is my class." Rose Fleeks "I-low does it feel to be a senior? Great! Cause you are the bossf' Jackie Gfeller "lt's wonderful. I can't wait for the year to be over with. It feels good to SEROLD 'Firestone - PASSENGER, TRUCK, TRACTOR COMPUTER WHEEL BALANCE BRAKES, SHOCKS, BATTERIES B. D. HAYNES 1922 WILBARGER 8171552-5478 VERNON, TEXAS 763841 BOB HAYNES PAVING AND CONSTRUCTION Parking lots, Driveways Roads, Dump trucks, Grading and leveling. W. Vernon Community 553-4408 SEROLD FIRESTONEIBOB HAYNES PAVING AND CONSTRUCTION be over everyone. I will miss my Us Q friends and teachers. I will miss sports lx- h 5 f' If 'S most of all, though." I ' 9 Stacie Scott PETS, src. 13053 ooo onoownuo K I rpm av Ullmgn .. . . - - - Fmally belng able to get Out. Aouxmlums, CAGES, FEED, suPPuEs, Tovs you can do a lot more Stuff. Like anAss,wicKEn,coMPtEiE LINE oriwonrs l ' 'n th h I." eadefshfpl e SC OO zeoo MAIN vemvorv, rexxxs 76384 Lisa Krebs "I like the power. For example, when I walk down the hall and freshmen walk by: They are terrified b m resencef' . . .... .. M ..... - . .. -- . W ..,-.-,.Wm,-,.,-- V V I' an fm- sa I, Bennie Hamilton W 3' 44 1 . as : nf f'ri . .3, gE , If 5 mce- l PIHIIIP 5faff0fCI 2 A M I ,,,,, . ,,,, ,,.,,. ,,.. , .,,,.,. . , A .,.., , "You feel like you are on top, you I E Q I , Eff ',.- donat realize how dumb you were I when you were a freshman. lt's supe." T 'I 'A I ' In I , ' fwly 1 Km Nom I . -55, in t . 'L ff:.""' M f'Party Time, mostly, as long as you can survive the yearf' James Clements 192 Advertising Nichol's Automotive Bluebonnet Laundry 81 Dry Cleaners Chasing Rainbows Brilliant strips of red, yellow, and blue, and a pot of gold at the end, thatfs the rainbow that dreams are made of. Unfortunately, the rainbows we chase often turn out to have muted colors and fools gold. We all have our own personal rain- bows. Some are high, proud, and ma- jestic, filled with grand dreams and high goals. Others are smaller, not so spectacular, but just as treasured by the owner. We spend most of our lives chasing rainbows. Whether we catch them or not depends on how hard we hunt and how fast we run. You might set your rainbows on winning a tennis match, or graduating with honors, or even on getting a date for Friday night. Wherever you set it, it is up to you to catch it. Only you can practice, or study, or do what ever it takes to get to that pot of gold. The higher you set it, the harder it will be to catch, but the bigger the reward. You'll never find a bigger rainbow than the one you dream about, and you won't find that one without looking. 194 Advertising Chinese, American and Mexican Food Canton Cafe Steve Lo, owner Elda Petty 7 A Q W vii 1,1 " George's Aircraft l Rhoads and Hingst Realtors W. B. Dunavant Cotton Company wo.-.C vo I L 4 Now o y , .fo Qgen! 7 ,fs 3 OR G' ,P L X, rfl2Z..l!'2E.E!'i'!!, I ci.. sss-3303 lor Taka-Outs ' V2 BuRGERS"FruhIy Ground" A hamburger bullt the- way they used to be! ' CHICKEN FRIED CHICKEN ' CHICKEN FRIED STEAK Your Choice . . . PLUS: Christmas . . . Christmas is a very special time of year. Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Christ. During the Christmas holidays there is a special kind of feeling in the air. We celebrate Christmas by giving and receiving gifts. People help out the ones who are less fortunate. Christmas is a day to be spent with the family and loved ones. It is a day of giving to show our love for Christ. There is always a Christmas dinner to go with all the presents. People put lights up around the house and put up a Christmas tree in the house. You put the presents under the Christmas tree. Some people open presents the day Beans before Christmas and others open ees!-Pigs them on Christmas Day. People S4,25Ea,f1ESS feel that we are forgetting the real meaning of Christmas, but it is not true. C.H. B uaium , I hi ,Q XYTLOJZYJL " B. . START A Gooo HABIT, W, J B l 'rooAv ana wool coussnvs ENERGY A . L7 MW as so its ww l WESTTEXASUHLFHESCOMPANY W , 01, 1.34 9 l ,.,. W wool ,im Advertising Rings and Things The junior year is composed of many things. First of all, most people are getting their drivers license. It is exciting to drive for the first time! It is also a time to order a senior ring. What color stone should be ordered? What style or size should be con- sidered? There are so many decisions about ordering a ring that makes it right for each in- dividual. When it finally comes in, everyone is turning each others rings and saving the last turn for their sweetheart. The ring symbolizes that one is proud of his school and achievements. It makes one feel almost like a senior but not quite. One knows that he is growing up and does not have much time left in high school. What time is left, needs to be spent enjoying life and hav- ing fun with friends. Next comes all of the practice tests that must be taken for some reason no one knows. How do they help if the scoring can- not be understood? Besides all of these things there are still many school ac- tivities and clubs that can be joined. Do not forget about the Junior-Senior Banquet and all of the money making activities that help make it possible. It is an ex- citing night going to the banquet with someone special. It will be remembered forever. Before realizing it, the year is gone and it is wondered how another treacherous year was survived. One more year ahead. What a frightening thing to think about! Or is it? KH. 198 Advertising sf Wilbarger County Farm Bureau .J. .. i Q. .. 3. ig if - T5 YM' Professional Expectations T Q? I ir, ,Q 1 WW B8rL Tractor Co Q? My E., 'Fr Jw, 1 , Y T,. M, and ,,,,, ,, 315 T emi . -.3 A. A, . 3, t 3' A 41421231 - 5 .V,v1:,fz,, Q ,.,. , l A My 'M MMT ' ,417 My mf as H ii N K H i 4 'A AA qi V 4? - - iw' 1 ' .ff Tj VERNON BOOSTER CLUB . . . BEHIND ALL THE TEAMS ALL THE TIME 199 Advertising 200 Advertising 5 X 26 Q f' A sa if HiII's Youth Center Taylor's Body Shop Vernon Abstract Co. ZACAWEISTA LAND 81 CATTLE CO. Box 2247 Vernon, Texas 76384 533-4326 D.J. BEAUTYLAND COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICES FOR MEN AND WOMEN DOROTHY PUCKETT, OWNER JERRY WOOD TEXACO 930 Main Street 2701 Wilbarger Street THE ARBORS 4603 Brewer Dr. 553-417 ' Furnished, unfurn h 1 and 2 bd p - Convenient t VRJC 81 V rno S Hosp I F m S194-S235 81 p nt based on inco Managqer on Site -12 8. 1-5 Mon.-Fri. Sabine Valles Management o Eq I Housing Opportunity F mer's Home 9943156 M9 F STELLA'S HAIR 499 CUTTING zoNE 96635 Fo the L8feSLlg.:.I?SI:gr2?lI:lS, and Colors 884555598 Advertising 2 X Wllson Herrlng Insurance Waggoner Office Supply I' ' -M ,NN Q5. , 190 . ,QQ x ww iwwffolwbf OWVWN5 924600 5Q'aQ2vew,,1:KK a ' '59 V Q55 S ff ' Qi Rai In nwate 9 AgencJl1Ig 5 nc ' . gpg , Q Aja ,. X? . W wil' ,-V".-,x , ., ,uf 2.2 1412 ,, -fp Taihk + - ' I ,mage QSM.. -tw ww: . . A , ,- Q-J-JUN Mtfgg' ' if-4 ff..-LL ' 1' . 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'G f' f9" f f ' :sl-:kv 4' 5,1 ,p53Qg,y1l,LY?iggA5- . C7-rf',5.j,:-,NY nge " -' vig' Qv . -'f -q'.3fyy95A,7.,.x.,9i 1 'W ,-,--59.4-' 1--y.y.Lq'.:gr,., '1 2:15.5- ' if " fb , . ' ' iifm we-I 4-any-:fse.1:'baff:f :awe e- vp ,vu-w e - .',g,-y,,, -V, .-':g.5gf?.4:g3-,.,.--Y g.-.f.,,1 pgrg-1., ,39 5 v Q ' ""i"ffr ,12Nilf'5Q1-.fI'.Gs' 'f'Yf7 ":k2'fhyLf'2'P'- - 41 ff' ' ' ' rf .cvflgviw : A ' : -V0-E: -' ZYHQEIIXTQ:-57. -11.3. 2 -.4 fy.: .pw , 521. . +.-4 ,. - . bi.-:wg-f.' .x,-4-- .-"'.-P 'q,y,fJ'!'.fK1.-'5 -S:--, ,r.ff,- ,,-4 ,Ng J,-.-,r. My' .v,rg,f:., S " , b-5.4-2531 - - -' wx f v .l'.i?fye1 7LS,'5.g,:5 59 HA 4 ER -:p5:,s,,,, 1s,z .5 J r Q ijt:-1LEg.'..-Zn. W wx .f?mf-Qgqf-Jf4'- J:---' 4-2 '-: fs. , x --4--Cu1,v'i'f1 7- Li, -iff. 'ff v , 59 5 E wh x -':z. - X "3'1'--,GBSI3 - I ' --.- , f I Xue, L1 Gm 1 , Q if wh Jw, G-fb 'I '255'f.f 'J' " H533 "'-haf! , jf Qi. gggfztg, F NL f?.f59QiI,5.g ' fkbywyfczfia H '3539'Qa92'2f.i Zu . -'lt' ,ul -4- 'i 'T' . 1. Ms, xlfc 1- , ff ..s.,, ' -Vaci . Jlxilpy , 114 '.. vs-.. 'vi . " " f-5.41 'f 1 " P " L- -.v' 13gg-.fe :,.,i,.,.f,k.., N ,:. . . , .-,ggkf-.,'-..: ,,,z.V ,.. ,,, '4E:S:f.s:12f,Q-gf.ifff -Q:-4 5' f' "01f.' I 'wif , ,, '-.fn "Jigsaw - f L --:rjfa , , .::g. '.: 1-1i.4'Ru.,. uf! ai' ..,'. "fi-35?-' S' ,gQ9"'x"' 1, 'Awifi qw 53. 51" X, ' kim? 'Q 'Q 63' J xl-,. 1 qu. U,-',,,e n ,X -1 1-.1 , -. :L A -:Z: ' 431. xg. 'i',q,f7f,. f' - ff pa: ,, , ui -4 -fu . 1 ' -- Jai... F 45:5 1- Fr ' - 7:1 -H' --: . - :-45,32 -:Q14-url? xr f-, 514: 9 A., A dvertising 2 03 Examsl Exams! , Well, it is time again to prepare yourself for semester exams. You think you will never make it but somehow you always do. It is time to start worrying and taking tons of antacid for nervous stomachs which some ex- perience. So, you stay up late try- ing to memorize everything for the test from day one. When the day finally arrives, you are scared and blank out on most of the test. You just know that you failed, but it turns out that you passed with flying colors. Some do not care how they do on the exam. They are just ready to have a two hour lunch. Why does one worry about little things like exams? No one figured it out yetl K.H. 204 Advertising Skate City v if RICHIE'S TOM'S SALES MILTON H. RICHIE 3205 PARADISE STREET VERNON, TEXAS 76384 PHONE AC 817 552-2933 Toasted Peanuts - Peanut Butter Sandwiches - Candies Potato Chips - Vending Machines Richie's Tom's Sales J im Hardcastle Ag-Air Inc X., ' 'f .. ,. . - ' 1 Y f ' L' 'L Q ' " ' ,,1,,,,fW ,,..,' Georgeann Scott Real Estate N 9 allll ff, ff QQ , "'1 5 X IN, ' ff n w ff f' K X J mf .tt nil P- Q 4131? M544 t M t 5. -Sf". , Q' 51' ,'r1g':"."'1 1. 1.5 ,4,-,wg - JD QQ, , R O E I x ' 1 c -f 5 O STP VG F' Coffee Il"lSUl'al'lCe Agency ""-eff' A - A ev e 2 - S f, so '-in +1 'ft 'V ' 'f figft,ntt'?zff,4ge2i2i Qfffl-Cfni ti-LTV ,En e t, f5WewL me -e Q n .Fwd I ' 'l.:x:"' "" . '03-zuzrv 'f-,f ., ,.t ,.., ...Y .-tV-. , . . . . - ' ' " A '4 1 ire.: -1-,. 1 'S' :NPRM 'J'-,x',.L: 'K-2f'7r W , "-'g5,,,,,,,,-f""1'- 'WA- '1"f-ggmfawfqg., 73513 ' 'S ' - . ' L mem W ? 4 'fp-'Te' ,. . -,,11- ,L Tv, 4 Mfwggpt. V A - w 5' S -.,' -4 A e t Q, l ' ffm t..t ' V 5' 1 -..: K: N Q. 71. 0 'ff gif A - zvsgf- - r I b Axkl'k I tg' A , uw SQ ' E -Q-1 ,,., Q E Qs j .., lf' ' . , , L .,.1,--,-t I A - 4 t'tt At" L A glALA' I 'rgrztt' W T t ttft tttttt Wood Convalescent Center Advertising 205 Index Abbott, Roger 84 ABBOTT, RONNIE 84,145,139 ADAMS, LYDIA 58, 59, 92, 55 ADAMS, MICHELLE 5,19,84,137 adams, mortisha 92 ADAMS, MORTISHA 66, 67, 137 Adams, Ronnie 99 Adkins, Jeff 84. 44 Alaniz, Alex 99,50 ALLEN, RANDY 92 ALLISON, KAREN 126,99 ALLISON, LAURA 5, 84, 66, 137 ANDERSON, Mike 40, 92, 135 ANTHONY, RICKY 139 APPEL, DUSTIN 66, 99, 124 APPLEBY, MARTY 139,92 ASHLEY, JULIE 4. 130, 131, 84, 132 AZBELL, STEVE 139, 84 BAILEY, GREG 74,66,67, 147 BAILEY, PAULA 92, 55, 144 BAKER, CHAN 84,89, 151,123, 124, 127,14 141 BAKER, TONY 92 ballard, tracy 84, 146 Barrier, Nancy 110 Barton, Nic 99 Baxter, Kenneth 110, 5, 116 BECK, STEPHANIE 5, 84, 137,145 Beck, Tracy 99, 120 BECK, TRACY 99 BECKWITH, SCOTT 139 Beebe, Brenda 110, 22, 134 BELCHER, JOHN 11, 139, 84 Belew, Bill 110, 44, 61 BELEW, BRAD 126, 92, 97 BELEW, TAMMY 84 Bell, Bettie 110 BELLAR, TRENT 139, 84, 146 BENTLEY, KEVIN 126,92 BENTON, ALETHA 99 BESS, LEROY 139, 84 BESS, MELISSA 99 BHAKTA, BHAVESH 99 BHAKTA, PRITI 84, 144 BIGGS-,CARRl134,99, 124 BISHOP, JEFF 87 BIVINS, KIM 84,137 BLACK, ERIN 99 BLACKSHEAR, DOYLE 84, 149 blackshear, david BLACKSHEAR, DAVID 84, 149 BLACKSHIRE, CYNTHIA 99 BLACKSHIRE, CLIMMIE 85, 120 BLACKWELL, SCOTT 85 BLACKWELL, KIM 134, 99,56 BLEDSOE, DAVID 139, 74, 135 BLYTHE, BETH 11, 85, 66, 127, 136, 137, 65 Blythe, Bill 110, 38, 40 BOELEN, ERIC 139, 74 BOILES, RICHARD 92 BORING,SHARI134,74, 147, 72 BOX, TERI 74 Box, Tony 92 BOX, TONY 116 ' BOYD, DEWAYNE 92, 44, 135 BOYD, SANDRA 92 Boyd, Tom 99 BOYKIN, RANDY 92, 66, 124 Boykin, Rayom 110 Boynton, Dorthy 110 Brazzle, Jabe 110,44 Brazzle, Jade 110 Brimer, Carole 110, 123, 124 brints, norman 113 BRISCOE, BRIAN 85 Bristo, Gene 110 BRISTO, JEFF 192, 44 BRITTAIN, KRISTI 6, 58, 74, 53, 145, 54, 51 Brittain, Leo 110, 40, 60 Britton, Leo 110 BRODNEX, MICHAEL 45, 99, 50 BROOME,CHERYL148 BROTHERS, LEN 139, 40, 74, 141 BROWN, DAVID 85, 148 BROWN, LANCE 139,85 BROWN, MELINDA 139, 74, 145 Brown, Susan 99 BRUBAKER, ALONA 92 BRUSTROM, LOLA 99 BUCK, DEREK 12, 37, 38, 39, 40, 74, 145, 60 Buckridge, Ann, Mary 110 BUESING, DAN 36, 40, 85, 146 BUNCH, KAYLA 5, 139,85, 137 BURDETTE, SCOTT 92, 124, 149 Burke, Jerry 99 BURKE, JERRY WAYNE 139 Burnett, Kerry 99 burnett, kerry 118 BURNETTE, KERRY 117, 120 Burns, Darlene 99 BURNS, DENISE 120 Advertising 2, 135, WAQLIER '4 DRYER! 11.1 ww-4 rn' M M- wr 7M-4 4614! ,Yr ,. I . JJ! 1 1 if - '-Hurumasmuuuw w-ummm' Kwik Klean Korner Self-Senlice Laundry Rainbow Supplies Y ...qv Wright Insurance Agency Pear-Tree Fashions Troutman-Associates Insurance Agency , L s ss -+,i, w.. ,,.. ,, lil .ZZ M 1 -L, --Q -uk, Martinson's Conoco Index BURNS, MARY 58,126,139,100, 125,56 BURRUS, BOBBY 92, 44, 124 BURRUS, TAWNA 5,134,85, 137, 55 BURSEY, LYN 139,85 BUSTAMANTE, SABRINA 139 BUSTAMANTE, PETE 92, 44 Butler, Freddie 110, 21 BYARS, STEPHANIE 126, 139, 100 CAMPBELL, RI-IONDA 100 CAMPBELL, STEPHANIE 5, 85, 124, 137,144 CAMPSEY, ANGIE 133, 74, 66 CANNON, SHERI 58, 92, 53, 125, 137,54 CANNON, TERRI 6, 134, 74, 125, 128, 136, 137, 51 CARLTON, JENNIFER 122, 130, 100, 124, 125,72 CARPENTER, DENISE 85, 148 CARPENTER, SANDRA 130, 131, 92, ee CARR, CHRIS 45,100,117 CARTER. MICHELLE 85 CARY, ANGELA 58, 92, 137,55 CARY, MARK 92,144 CASE, JEFF 100 CASEY, KEVIN 100, 120 CASTLEBERRY, TOBY139, 100 CATO,KELLEY139, 100 CHANNELL, BOBBY 85 CHAVIS, MICHELLE 75, 141 CHERRY, MITCHELL 100 CHISM, JEANIE 93 CHISM, TONYA 58,100 CHRISTIAN, BRIDGET 100 CLAYTON, ANGELIQUE 93, 124 CLEMENTS, DEBORAH 4, 119, 85, 120 CLEMENTS, JAMES 116, 148,144, 118 CLIFTON, CHRIS 139, 85 COATS, AMY 130, 131, 85, 125, 128, 129 COATS, DON 112 COATS, STEVEN 100, 117,118 COBLE, STACY I10, 117 Cochran, Bobby 139, 40, 85, 144 Coker, Geary 110, 20, 36, 40 COKER, SHERRY 93 COLLUMS, LEANN 6, 7, 11, 14, 57, 58, 133, 59, 85, 51 COMPTON, DAVID 126, 100, 117, 118 COOK, BECKY 134, 85, 151, 127, 142, 33, 129 COOK, GLEN 100, 120 Cook, Jerry 4, 112 COOK, JON 85,143,135 CgCfK, RON 36, 38, 134, 39, 40, 75, 22, 23, 60, 61, 144 COOPER, ROBYN 130, 134,93 Copeland, Georgia 110 COPELAND, LISA 143 COTTER, TAMMIE 101 Cox, Patricia 100 COX, MIKE 39, 40, 85, 49 COX, SHELLY 85, 148, 140 CRABTREE, ROSS 4, 16, 36, 40, 85, 132, 128, 129 Crawford, Greg 100 CRAWFORD, CINDY 58,126,130,100,142,143 CRAWFORD, CALLA 100, 143 CRAWFORD, RICHARD 120 CRAWFORD, TISSHA 66, 93 CROSS, SHELIA 93, 125 CROW, TAMMY 126 DABERKOW, DANA 75 DAIGLE, JERRY 13, 75, 124 DANIEL, CHRISTY 75 DANIEL, SUSAN 139, 85, 142 DAVIS, DANA 85, 145 DAVIS, LORI 134, 100 DAY, SUSAN 5, 75, 116, 22, 118 DE LA ROSA, REBECCA 85 DEHOYOS, PEDRO 100 DEHOYOS, ROSA LINDA 85, 149 DELAUGHTER, JIMMY 85 DELGADO, CARMEL 93 DELGADO, JOEL 75, 148 DEMOSS, DERIC 93 DENNIS, JOE 75,61 DICKERSON, MONTE 50 DILLARD, PATRICK 50, 100, 117 DOBBS, MARK 100,50 DOBBS, SARAH101, 117,143 DOMINEY, SHERRY 75 DOWNES, CHRISTI 130, 101 DOWNES, DAVID 38, 40, 93, 95, 116, 143 DOWNES, OSCAR 139, 93 DOWNES, TINA 130, 134, 93, 137 Dowty, Diana 110 DOWTY, JOHN 138, 139,75 DRENNAN,BETSY101,117 Drury,BrlI110 DUCKWORTH, CHAD 14, 101 ECHOLS, BOBBY 26, 93 Echols, Shelly 101, 117 EKERN,BRANT139,101,124 EKERN, STEPHANIE 75, 66, 23 ELHOTT, MATT 12, 17, 37, 38, 138, 139, 39, 40, 75, I Elliott, Slenhanie 101 Advertising 207 Index ELL1S,CHELLE 85, 145 ELLIS,JAN1E119, 126,101, 120 ENGLAND, KELLY 75 ESTRADA, IRENE 75, 145, 140 ESTRADA, SALLY 145 EWING, ROY 75, 124, 31 FANNER, RONNIE 39, 40, 75, 61, 140 FARBER,ANN10,126,130,101 FAULKNER, HEATH 12, 16, 18, 40, 85, 124 FAULKNER, JOY 93, 137 FAULKNER, WADE 15, 75, 128, 132, 142, 141 FENNELL, CLIFFORD 139 FENNELL,KARY139,101 FENNELL, TROY 93,124 FERGUSON, TRINA 93 FERRALES, CYNTHIA 13, 86, 116, 120 FERRALES, MICHELLE 101, 117 FILLMON, LARRY 86, 135 FINCH,KRISTI130,86, 127 FLEEKS, ROSE 6, 57, 58, 75, 136, 137, 63 FOERSTER, STEPHANIE 66, 93, 123, 124 FOLEY, LEE 134,93 FOLMAR, KIM 130, 131, 86, 66, 136, 137 ford, roy 49 FORTUNE, GREG 17, 139, 101, 50 FOUST, RHONDA Fox, Kathy 141 FRANKS, CHRIS 93,49 FRANKS, DEBRA 119, 86, 124, 31 Freeby, Misty 139,93 lriberg, wilson 113 FRITH, REBECCA 126, 101 FR1TH,ROBBl86, 137,148.5 FULLERTON, MICHELLE 58, 130, 101, 125,142 Gabbert, Brandon 101, 117, 118 GAEBLER,JEAN1E 151, 127,75 Gibbon GARZA, LUJERIO 146 Garza, Garza, Garza, Timmy 101 Tina 93 Victoria 101 Gearld, Dawn 76, 57, 134, 14 Gentry, Tiffany 122, 76, 124 Gerald, Dawn 141 Gerard Gfeller Gleller ,Ann 130, 134, 93, 137 Jackie 134,76 I Kevin 139, 93 Gleller, Troy 86, 146 s,Jerre 101,50 Gibson, Shauna 5,134,76,116,136,137, 118 Gibson, Zana 101, 117, 132, 56 Galley, Michael 86, 148 Gilley, Susan 126, 139, 101 Gipson, Gayle 142 Glasgow, Kristin 76, 136, 147 Goins, Connie 101 Goins, Tammie 76,137,145 Gonzales, John 101 Gooch, Susan 110, 5, 29 GARC1A,LUPE124 Graf, Barry 27, 86, 124, 143, 28, 135 Graf, Lisa 86,124, 137, 144 Graf, Melanie 58, 86, 51 Graf, Mike 66, 93, 124 gral, robert 31 Gray, Billie Jo 86, 145 Gray, Gary 139 Greenwood, Todd 13, 36, 76, 125 Guerra, Richard 86, 148 Gunning, Mike 139,93 Gunnther, Carrie 86, 66, 125, 137, 65, 144 Gutierrez, Rachel 101, 142 Guttieri, Laura 86, 147 Guttieri, Tony 101 Guzman, Maria 93 Guzman, Ricky 86 Hagerman, Brad 93 Halencak, Connie 5, 86, 137, 145, 144 Hale cak Starlene 76, 136, 137, 145 n 1 Hall, Bart 94 Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Hall, Ham Kenneth 93 LaSonya 6, 58, 59, 76, 52, 137, 51 Peter 44, 94, 116 Roseland 101, 120 Teresa 94, 146 Timothy 139,86 , Angie 86, 55 Ham, Christy 86 Shawn 37, 38, 134, 40, 76, 22, 132, 128,129 Hamilton, Bennie 76,116, 118 Hamilton, Lara 5,134,76, 116, 118 Hamm, Francis 110, 144 Harris, Bnan139, 86, 66, 144 Haseloll, Doug 76 Haselotl, Jefl 66, 67, 28 Havins, Gina 94, 137,55 Havins, Lisa 94, 137,55 Havis, Chris 44, 94, 116, 49, 61, 118 HAYES, ADENA 142 Haynes, Chad 38, 126, 39, 40, 84, 87,1 Haynes, Matt 76, 116, 148 Ham, 208 Advertising 35 BUCK'S WELDING SHOP Lathe Work Portable Welding, Farm Repairs, Truck and Trailer Repairs Ornamental Iron 1711 Eastland 2-2332 El Matador rg., , Putter In Waggoner Estate Index Head, Mike 139,101,143 Head, Mike 139, 101 Heard, Sherry 87 Heatly, Mike 87, 49 Heitschmidt, Jason 87, 132, 28, 129 Heitschmidt, Dustin 139, 44, 94, 124 Henderson, Gina 13, 15, 58, 128, 133, 134, 138, 76, 22, 125, 144, 73 hennessee, vicki 113 Hernandez, Patricia 58, 94, 137 Hernandez, Laticia 76, 145 Hernandez, Danny 139, 101 Herrera, Luis 139, 101 Herring, Mary 101, 120, 142 Hickman, Theresa 76, 142 Higgins, Michelle 76, 149, 144 Hill, Spaz 11, 134, 76, 77, 151, 127, 23 Hingst, Brad 124 Hingst, Kelley 77, 125,128 Hixon, Joanna 94, 124 Holland, Lynn 94 Holt, Angie 87 Holt, Cleta 110 Holt, Steven 131, 99, 101, 132, 50 Hopper, Horsely, Horsley. Horsley, Jerry 101 Jay 87 Jean 26,126,101,120, 149 Mary 87, 120 House, Kim 101, 120 Houston Houston Houston Houston Houston Howard, ,Mae 77,140,12S,129 , Michele 87 .Michele 137, 5, 134, 55 ,Raymond 102, 124 .Renee 58, 102, 56 Toni 66, 67, 94 howie, valerie 113 Huchton, Amy 126, 139, 102 Huchton, James 77 Hufler, Donna 87, 145 Hughes, Barbara 110, 20 Hughes, Melissa 5, 134, 77, 116 Humphrey, David 102 Humphrey, Wayne 45 Hunter, Jack 110, 21, 135 Hunter, Kim 5,19,87,151,127,136,1 Hutchins, Jason 50, 102, 139 Hutchins, Vicki 5, 87, 125,137,147 Idol, Melissa 99, 102, 117 lngle, Kristi 94, 137 Ingram, Shane 102 Jackson, Adrian 137 Jackson, Jackie 87 Jackson, Jacqueline Jacobs, Joni 94, 124,137,143 Jacobs, Tandy 77 Jacoby, Joseph D. 102, 120 Jansa, Becky 5, 87, 137, 146 Johnson, Cindy 66, 94 Johnston, Richard 77, 148 Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones Jones , San 1 10 ,Brad 40, 44, 94, 124 ,Darrell 77, 116, 118 ,Delinda 5,126, 84, 87, 137, 144 ,John 110, 125 ,Julie102 ,Karen 110 Jones, Prisi 87, 137 Jones, Randle 139, 102 Jones, San 125, 110 Jones, Steve 138, 139, 87, 44, 140 Jones, Winter 94 Jordan, Jennifer 130,102, 117, 143, 56 Kellogg, Paul 139, 102 Kennedy, Cheryl 5, 87, 124, 129 Kesee, Janet 58, 59, 87, 137, 6, 54, 51 Kieschnick, Lyndall 139, 94, 135 Kieschnick, Devin 139, 102, 124 Killian, Kelly 77 King, King. King, King, King, King, Adrian 126, 102 Brenda 88, 140 Doris 102 Ethel 6, 78, 145 Jerry 78 Willie 36, 38, 39, 40, 78, 125, 22. Kinkade, Nathan 139, 44, 94 Kirk, Kelly 133, 88 Kirk, Krissy 102, 142 Kirk, Kym 78 Klappenbach, John 110 Knight, Jane 110 Knight, Matt 122, 40, 92, 94, 124, 49 Koch, Brad 40, 94, 96, 124, 49, 38, 72 Koch, Diana 120 Koch, Diane 102 Krebs, David 94 KREBS, DAVID 94,44 Krebs, Kenya 58, 59, 53, 95, 125, 54,5 Krebs, Lisa 78, 23, 135 Lacy, Brenda 57, 58, 133, 95, 55, 72 Lacy, David 139.88 Advertising 210 ,48, 144 37,128,129 23, 68, 140, 141 1,144 Vernon Compress Company .13 Hillcrest Country Club Vernon Plumbing Specialty Wholesale, Inc. - if ,1'v,gwQM,f..Mw,,l.. '91 L 4 VV 4, - fewi -rf . -- 1 off f 4 , Lwky f W,,, Q , , , N f it , K L .5 'A 'fi L 4 , Q 4' 'Q Q -A fl:- pg. A gps, , . .-5 w",f,.l, gf 5 .-'.- -,': 5 ' - wi. H -D - iii' K, V l 4 in ' ,' - R 15 'Q'.fggQlif5K fffagil: 2. rg ' :JR s W - - " ,, - jk - 2. fig f f qw' fr M1 'Pl . ,M ' ,A 1. - .. W,,.. . . 1- . V . 4-MA wr-4. sam - 1,-- - A f REQ' -W Wye W4 X gg ,Y -Q 453.54 fi- f '-, '- of F , dx.-M--,w 'MW' ilrmxi . m ffl-1sx ,- . ff 3..n-N ,Q - 4 if 1 '- -..V -' j ' SLE Vernon Regional Junior College 4400 College Drive Vernon, Texas 76384 18171 552-6291 Advertising 21 1 Index Lagunas. Jeff 146 Lamb, Brian 102, 120 Lamb, Heather Lamb, Keith 139, 102, 117 Lamp, Sheri 110, 66 Lane, Kim 116, 118 Lane, Robert 139, 88 Lane, Stacy 88,31 Latimer, Tammy 126. 139, 102, 120 Lee, James 95 Lemons, Bradley 95, 135 Iingnau, jason 135 Lingnau, Jason 78 Lo, Michael 95, 149,144 Loeschman, Joel 126, 102 Logsdon, Greg 139, 40, 88 Logsdon. Monica 139, 95, 143 London, George 110, 6, 52. 63 Long, Angie 133. 95, 124 Lopez, Lydia 58, 102, 142, 56 Lopez, Sue Ann 126,78,124, 141 Love, Stan 5, 13,38, 139,40,78, 141,31 Lovelady. Sherry 95, 124 Lowe, Scott 139. 79, 140 lowry, joel 113 lowry, landon 4, 88, 125, 129 Lorano. Zenon 88 Luyan, Melinda 88.137145 Luker, Clara Jane 16, 88,125.128, 27. 133. 72 Magana. Marty 102 Mangrum, Sheila 10, 79,122.116,123.124,145,144 118 Marshland, Mellisa 79 Martin, Dan 111 Martin, Derric 88, 148 Martin, Teresa 95 Martinez, Jerry 102 Martinez, Michael 139, 95 Martinez, Paul 79 Martinez, Rufus 40. 88. 143 Martinez, Scottie 139, 102 Martinez, Sandra 102. 120, 142 Martinson, Randy 66, 88, 146 Mason, Tammy 134, 22, 136, 137. 147, 79 Mason, Todd 126, 44, 95 matheny. robin 102 Matney, Christine 102 matthews, doug 113 Matthews, Darriss 102, 120 Matus, Kerry 88, 66, 151,127. 129, 65 Matus, Melissa 6, 58. 22. 134, 79. 128, 129 Matus, Stacey 102 McBroom. Brandon 88, 144 McCardell, John 103 McCourt, DeeDee 88, 124, 137 McCurley, Joe Dee 146, 79, 140 McGann, Ted 139,88 McGee. Jill 145, 79, 140 McGee, Nancy 88 McGregor, Shawna 126, 134, 88, 123, 124 mcguire. jean 113 McKelvey, Sean 134, 44,132 McNeese, Van 19, 88, 67, 33. 144 McRae, Kenny 139, 102 McWhorter, Deedra 58, 102 Mechell, Laura 126,103 Meixner, Andy 88.66.65 Merriman, Angela 95 Messick, Allison 143, 79 Miles, Lana 95 Miles, Lorin 139, 40, 141 Miles, Lorrin 88 Miller. Pat 111,20 Milner, Tommy 139, 103 Milner, Trisha 5, 126, 88, 137 Mints, Randall 139,95 mints, Wendell 113 Mitchell. Mimi 17, 103, 132, 56 Mize, Kara 111 Moerbe. Melissa 148. 79 Moerbe, Melody 103, 142 Monson, Mark 138, 139,88 Monzingo, Marci 103 Mooney, Ronnie 40, 89. 143 Moore, Gary 139 Moore, Stephanie 5, 116. 148. 79, 118 Morris, Reymie 89 Morrison, Phillip 44, 95, 124 Morrissey, Kathleen 119, 129. 130. 131, 89, 132, 144 MURPHY, STEPHANIE 95 Murray, Sherry 6. 7, 52, 53, 79. 54, 51 Murrial, Kim 111 NABORS, KATHY ANN Nabors. Kathy 58, 103, 123, 124, 143, 56 Nava. Billy 89. 28, 69 Nava. Mitchell 139. 89, 148 Navarro. lsaac 103 Naylor, Eddy 95, 124, 33 NEELY, TOMMY 95.124, 49 NEWELL, JAMES 139. 89 NICHOLS, CARY 139,89 NICHOLS, STEVEN 139,79 NOACK, KERRY 149, 79, 141 NOEL, LANCE 66, 44, 95. 49 Advertising A , ..., I I I . . W W Vernon Manufacturing Co. Beauty Boutique , sf. gg u sf--9 ' '13 H 1 ,ng ' :og M 55? f ,Q J I . fl W' 3 '111 L11 can Ls! sf' 9, at 0 A ' ,fi ,fl , S 6 7 , I , , . All - ' I ,,.f 1- wif f ff , , 'si I if , ,If White s Sport Shop Index O'NEAL, CHANCE 139, 103, 50 O'neal, Joey 103, 117 OCHOA, EVA 89, 116 OCHOA, JESSE 103 OLIVER, KRISTY 96. 137 Ollilt. Avis 111 OLLIFF, DESIREE 142, 79, 144 ORR. ROBERT 112 ORTEGA, MARIA 96 OSWALT, ROBIN 130, 103 OWEN, LEE ANN 126, 133, 96, 55 OWENS, JOHNNY 103 Pace, Jasimine 111 Partwnod, Mike111 PEDIGO, SARAHRAE 89, 116, 144 PENNINGTON,CHR1STI139,95 Perez, Linda 141 Perez, Linda PEREZ, LINDA 89, 116,141 PEREZ, SARA JANE 96 PERKINS, SHANNON 96, 116 PHILLIPS, JODY 139, 103 PHILLIPS. MIKE 103, 145 PHILLIPS, MELISSA 96 PHILLIPS, MEI-LING 79 PHILLIPS, ROGER 40, 89 PIERCE, RICHARD 139 PILCHER, MARK 89,148 PILCHER, RODNEY 138, 139, 66, 79 PIPER, DEBRA 89, 145 PITTMAN,GIGI5,19,89,116,137,14 plewes, dawn Plewes, Dawn 116, 120, 143, 4, 79, 140 Plewes, Pat 96, 135 Portwood, Mike 111, 18, 45, 50 Price, Bill 96 Price, Brad 38,40,79,138,139, 145 Price, Shirley 111, 6, 56, 58 Proctor, Damon 79 Pucltett,Mark139, 103,50 Quisenberry, Susan 111 Raines, Kristi 58, 119, 139, 103, 120 Rairdon, Melissa 103 Raiski, Larry 142, 96 Ramirez, Ignacio 103 Ramirez, Rebecca 145 Reaume, Rachelle 134, 80, 147, 22, 23 Reeves, Patrick 66, 103 Reinhardt, Shawn 103 Reis, Camille 58, 89, 145 Reis. Kelly 139, 44. 96 Re1ino,Altce 89, 145 Rejino, Marla 78,141 Richardson. Tricia 96, 55, 63 Richardson, Floyd 96 Richardson, Angelita 96, 63 Richie, Steve 40, 89, 144 Riggins, Brandon 139, 103 Rinehart, Michelle 103, 117, 118 Rios, Donna 103 Rios, Herbie 89 Ripley, Claudine 111, 144 Ripley, Scott 103 Rivers, Russell 80, 141 Roberson 111 Roberson, Dan 148, 111 Roberson, Melissa 66, 96, 144 roberts, tommy 113 Roberts, Tom 139, 104 Robeson, Krista 139, 104 Robinson, Laquetta 126, 89, 141 Robinson, Michael 104. 117 Rodriguez, Donna 147 Rodriguez, Nick 80, 40 Rodriguez, Monica 96 Rogers, Becky 111 Rogers, Jelf 139, 104, 117, 50, 72 Rogers, Traci 5, 89, 116, 137 Roquemore, Rhonda 89, 142 Rosalez, Kim 89, 137 Rose, Theresa 111, 149 Russell, Andy 104. 117 Russell, Melinda 89, 116 Rutledge. Quincy 18, 40, 74, so, 124 Salazar, Kathy 90 Sanders, Kelby 139, 104 Schatte, Kevin 66, 104 Schmoker, Pat 111 Schulz, Kevin 90 Scott. Anthony 90 Scott, Cinda 111, 6, 29, 55 Scott, Stacie 6, 7, 58, 133, 80, 53, 51,1 Scott, Tara 104 Scott, Teasie 90 Scott, Walt 111, 38, 40 selman. patty 113 Sewall, Julie 58, 96 Shackelton, John 141 SHAKELTON, JOHN 128 Shannon, Melanie 90, 148 Shelley, Keith 44 Shelton, Shawna 90, 148 Shirley, Tony 96 8,118 31 41 Index Shultz, Kevin 141 Shultz, Kevin SIKES, AARON 96, 124 SIMMONS, RUSSELL 80, 124 Simpson, Tina 90 Sims, Aldean 104 Slaven, Tim 111 Smith, Jay 96, 44 Smith, Jimmy 111 Smith, Karen 90, 136,137,127, 130 Smith, Kevin 96 Smith, Kim 80, 23, 141 Smith, Leigh Rae 104, 123,124, 130 Smith, Melanie 90,55 Smith, Ryan 104 Snow, Rodger 135 Soto, Shelli 90, 129, 130, 131, 134, 149 Soto, Stacy 104, 66 Southall, Shawn 96, 27 Spears, Guy 104 Spear, Sondra 104 Spruiell, Henry 97 Stafford, Michelle 104, 58, 126. 56 Stafford, Philip 80, 132,149 129, 128 Stephens, Melissa 97, 142 Stewart, Jeff 97 Stokes, Tammy 90, 139 Stolle, Janelle 137 Stone, Henry 8O,124, 127, 151 Stone, Shirley 104, 58, 124,56 Stowe, Grady 33, 28 Streit, Kay 5, 90, 128, 129 Streit, Stephanie 104, 126, 134, 144 Strickland, Mike 104, 139 Strickland. Jett90,139,135 Studer, Jada 80, 147 Sullivan, Bryan 90, 139, 40 Sullivan, David 90, 135 tatum, judy 113 Tatum, Kim 90,136,137,66 Taylor, Emma 81,145,613 Taylor, Yolanda 104 Templeton, Craig 97, 139, 44, 49 TenBrink. Steve 81 Thiebaud, Audra 104, 139, 125, 130 Thomas, Chris 104 Thompson, Brad 81, 148 Thompson, Jennifer 97, 124, 125,55 Thomsen, Chris 90, 27, 39, 40, 69 Tolentino, Renee 81, 15, 66, 133 tomsu, susan 113 Torrez, Paul 97 Tracy, Stacy 140 Tubb, Shana 97, 137,126 Turner, Elizabeth 104, 58, 126, 56 Valdez, Corlna 81, 58, 141 Valdez, Mario 97,44 Valila, Jerome 90 Valverde, Phillip 139, 146 Vanarsdale, Randy 104 Vanderbeek, Robbie 97 Varela, Jennifer 97 Vaughn, Michelle 90, 145 Vincent, Kenny 97, 139 Vincent, Kim 104, 130 Waggener, Karen 97 Waggener, Louis 104 Waggoner, Paul 97 Wakefield, Loretta 104 Wakefield, Leslie 81, 147 Walker, Rocqell 81 Wall, Bob 111 Wall, Derrel111 Wall,Jana 81,128,130,131,132,141 wall, kalynda 31 Wall, Mildred 111, 140 waiters, carla 90 Ward, Evan 117 Ward, Evan 15 Ward, Tina 90, 145, 146 Warden, Teri 97, 139.58, 133,55 wattenbarger, susie 145 Wattenbarger, Susan 81 Weaver, Donna 81 Weaver, Greg 96, 97, 44 Weaver, Jennifer 104, 143 Weaver, Ronnie 129 Weeks, Wendy 97 Weiser, Doug 81,146 weist, billy 90. 40 Wester, Phillip 111 Whatley, Donald 139 Wheeler, Shannon 104, 26, 126, 149 Wheeler, Shane 40, 127, 151 White, Brett 81, 37, 39, 40, 125, 73, 31 Whitehead, Chris 104 whiteside, kevin 31 Whitten, Rhonda 90, 145 Wiedemann, Clay 81 Wilhelm, Scotty 104 Wilkinson, Ray Dean 81, 146 Wilkinson, Shannon 90 Wilkinson, Scott 81, 129, 135, 140, 72 214 Advertising ffl Verntex Well Service Village Inn Motel Y ,..,.,, .,., , . Tr' H , i. ,A 1 wi. '-5 ,ei --iw -. -'A A .8,f,f8',f'L,3,,ff 34 K H., A Qt,,5f.1,4f fs-,iewfum J, - 'gs 1 Q A - Q r , Homer Edmonds Roofing Krebs Motor Co. Index Wilkinson. Randy Wilkinson, Monte Wilkinson, Derek 90 Willey, Todd 104 Willie, CoSundra 81,136,137, 141 Willie, Kim 97, 57, 58, 133, 54, 51 Wilson, Katia 97 Wilson, Ronald 104 Winters, Annette 81, 146 Winters, Dean 97, 139 Wofford, Dana 97, 143 Wong, Bobby 104 Wong, Peggy 90, 149 Wood, Jay 81,127,151, 135 Wood, Jill 97 Woodard, Len 81, 39, 40, 129 Woods, Theresa 97, 143 Woolf, Ricky 97,139 Wooten, Kirk 139, 40, 68 Word, Don 111 Word, Judy 111 Yanzuk, Elliot 90, 148 Young, Angela 97 Young, Sharleen 81 Zaicek, Teresa 104, 143 Zapata, Jacinto 104 Zuniga, Hope 90, 145 Tom Agnew, D.D.S., 155 The Arbors, 201 Augustan Apartments, 173 B 8: L Tractor, 198 B 84 R Auto Electric, 164 Joe Bacon Insurance, 178 Balser Jewelry lnc., 173 Barb's Ceramics, 186 Baylor Medical Leasing, 186 Beauty Boutique, 212 Bill's Power Mower, 184 Bill's TV lnc., 177 Blue Bonnet Laundry, 193 Bob's Pets and Things, 192 Bob's Wheel Alignment, 173 The Booterie, 157 Bower's Exxon, 173 Bristo's Used Cars, 183 Buck's Welding, 208 Bud's Automotive, 173 Bunch-Norris Agencies, 167 Burdette Mechanical, 179 Cadillac Grill, 197 Central Communications, 179 Central Market, 1167 Charter Tire, 170 Canton Cafe, 194 Chyrlon's Styles Unlimited, 164 City of Vernon, 181 The Clothes Line, 177 Coffee Insurance Agency, 205 Crown Quality Seed Co., lnc., 175 The Cuttery 218 Cuttin' Corner, 167 Cut and Curl, 158 Cy Long's Store, 179 D.J,'s Beauty Land, 201 Dan's Barber Shop, 167 Dee Boyd Well Service, 154 Douglas M, Matthews, D.V.M., 154 Ed Buesing Body Br Paint Shop, 185 El Matador, 208 Elda Petty Service Station, 194 Enloe Automotive, 181 Esta's Kwik Stop, 175 First National Bank of Chillicothe, 174 Fish Power Group, 180 Flower Boutique, 164 The Flower Cart, 182 Ganyer Repair 8: Refinishing, 154 Gatewood Transmission, 154 G 8: L Lumber, 186 George's Aircraft, 194 Golf 81 Stuff, 154 Gordon Tidmore, 157 Georgeann Scott Real Estate, lnc., 205 Gene Payne-State Farm, 155 Gibson's Discount Center, 190191 Gibson Pharmacy, 160 Golden's Fried Chicken, 158 Golden's Furniture, 157 Greenbelt Foliage, 164 H Sr. H Lock 8: Key, 155 Hall Oil Co , 164 Hardcastle Ag Air, 204 Harper House, 182 Harvey's Electric, 183 Hernandez Trim Shop 84 Used Cars, 179 Hill's Youth Center, 200 Hillcrest Clinic, 175 Hillcrest Country Club, 210 Hillcrest Pharmacy, 156 Homer Edmond's Roofing, 215 Hume Palace Inc, 174 lgou Tire and Appliance Co., 164 lnterior Collections, 181 JCPenney's, 166 Advertising 215 16d EQ 1 I 1 , vw K 5 " r J Q . f gf! di 5!CpQ?ff Vfm' F I M DQ GH ,fu R Fffdk !Df.mf1E1' 1 L fo U5 fd, V f f W Q ff M333 Erin fi G, gm iofmfbjfdffg WMOJZ' ww W fi M Q gm , M mf an 565 091 Igpfp ham! 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Moses, 166 Naylor Flying Service, 174 Nichol's Automotive, 192 Nikie's Automotive, 181 Norsworthy Music Center, 173 Norman Brints, 174 Osborne's. 183 Pear Tree Fashions. 207 Photo Factory, 164 Pizza Hut, 205 Pizza Point, 177 Porter-Walker Oil, 174 Professional Expectations, 198 Provence Decorating. 179 Putter lnn. 208 Quality Cab Company, 154 R Br S Men's Shop, 166 Rainbow Supplies. 206 Rainwater Fleming Insurance Agency. 203 Rainbow Carpet Dying and Cleaning, 179 Randy Jackson Automotive, 170 Red River Valley Museum, 174 Reids, 155 Mark Reynolds, D.D.S., 155 Richxe's Tom's Sales, 204 Rhoads and Hingst Realtors, 195 Robbie Eads Motors, 173 Rolling Plains Implement, 170 Sam Pierce Plant, 176 Santa Rosa Sales, 170 Santa Rosa Telephone, 170 Serold Firestone, 192 Skate City, 204 Singer Sales and Services, 174 South Main Dairy Queen, 158 Spann Automotive Warehouse, 167 S!ella's Hair Cutting Zone. 201 Stren Harvesting, 167 Sullivan Funeral Home, 189 Sunny Shoppe, 167 TV Cable of Vernon, 170 Taco Plaza, 175 Taylor's Paint and Body Shop, 201 Troutman and Associates, 207 Vernon Regional Junior College, 211 Vernon Absstract, 201 Vernon Chamber of Commerce, 173 Vernon Compress Company, 210 Vernon Daily Record, 165 Vernon Dr. Pepper, 166 Vernon Equine Clinic. 167 Vernon Financial Institutions, 168-169 Vernon Frozen Food Locker, 175 Vernon Parts Company, 186 Vernon Manufacturing, 212 Vernon Plumbing Specialty, 210 Vernon Pump Service, 181 VernfTex Well Service, 214 Video Memories, 186 Village lnn Motel, 214 W, B. Dunavent, 196 W. R. Moore Cotton, 187 Waggoner Estate, 209 Waggoner Office Supply. 202 Watkins Department Store, 186 Wendell Mints lnsurance, 218 White's Home and Auto, 175 White's Sport Shop, 213 Wilbarger Car Wash, 186 Wilbarger County Abstract, 154 Wilbarger County Farm Bureau, 198 Wilbarger Elevator, 181 Wilbarger General Hospital, 174 Wilson Herring lnsurance, 202 Wood's Convalescent Home, 205 Wooten's Exxon, 155 Wright's lnsurance, 206 Wright's Meat Packing, 216-217 WTU, 197 Zacaweista Land and Cattle, 201 Advertising Wendell Mints Insurance Agency '7ar ' A i"f , .X I . '69 The Cuttery PHONE 553-4042 Nes Christian, Glenda Hook, 1119 Hillcrest Dr Jackie Smith, Kathy Storek Vernon, Texas 76384 ing Wim om . 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Suggestions in the Vernon High School - Yamparika Yearbook (Vernon, TX) collection:

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