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n 2 f 'YM 2 "' 'W 1 4 M42 wv via , ,. V. . . ,W ,Z I -,4 A ' , wx, ' ,, fa L' .4 3, . 5, M, If 1 ,i LA, . az? 1 , , .fa L- ' V3 f 1 I Q . P A Qv ' , ., . wf W ,, W. V. Q ' up VERNONITES Il U Q I Q X f 51 . ' Ol f ll OEOICAII 011 We the Semors of 1958 1n an effort to show our apprecrauon for every thmg you have done for us especrally the mterest you have shown rn our 1nd1v1dua1 problems dedxcate to you Mr W Dean Moore the Vemomtes of 1958 ANNUAL QUEEN Charlene Dudley 9' 14,5 ,tires ANNUAL KING Dale Boyd Yusuf Lester L. Dittman A.B. Ball State 1927 M .S. Indiana University 1950 Principal, 2 years K Waldo Randall, Sr. Trustee Roald Foster Ball State Teachers College B.S. Degree Music 2 yrs. at Vernon, 5 yrs. experience Band , Drum Corp. Sponsor of Junior Class Wilford Huelson County Superintendent A.B. Hanover 1930 M.S. Indiana University 1937 l l Florence K . Dittman -1 f f' of V331 1? . I T K X Anna Wichman Ball State Teachers College Bllllel' UHiVSrSiIy Indiana University A.B. Degree, English, Social Science Cgmmefce Special B,S, English 9 and 11, CiIlZ6l'1Ship Typewriping, Shorthand Co-Sponsor of Junior Class 2 yrs. at Vernon, 16 yrs. experience Annual Sponsor, Vernon Banner, S.S.S. Sponsor ,am way' Phyllis Gray Purdue, Indiana Central B.S. Home Economics Home Economics 1 yr. at Vernon, 1 yr. experience Cafeteria books Freshman Sponsor, Sponsor of Cheerleaders ve., Birdie Gossman Indiana Central, Indiana University A.B. Degree, English, Soc. ic Library Science 1 yr. at Vemon, 16 yrs. experience Librarian, English 10 and 12 Dramatic Coach of Junior Play 3 Q x lk w, D, Mggre Harry Stewart Central Normal College Hanover College Butler University B-3- Degree A.B. , M,3, Degrees Social Studies, Driver Training, Phys. Ed. Algebra 1, Latin, English ll Coach of Basketball, Softball, Baseball, 3 yrs. at Vemon, 33 yrs. experience Track and CFOSS COUUUY Score Keeper, Co -Sponsor of Senior Class 2 Yrs- at Vemon- 2 YT5- eXPefienCe- 49 Ray D. Tatlock Avery Grab' University, M. S. Degree Purdue University, B.S. Degree in Agric, College, A.B. Degree Agriculture, Biology , Physics, Math. Freshman Sponsor hool Treasurer, Co-Sponsor, Soph. Class FFA Sponsor yrs. at Vernon, 36 yrs. experience. 2 yrs. at Vemon, 2 yrs. experience. Lenora Prtts Helper Melvre Cardmal Helper Mrs Davrdson Cook Mrs Rocky Cook Mrs Shultz Cook Sandra Layman Helper BUS DRIVERS Mr Stewart Mr Ross Mr Lauderbaugh Mr Sandefur Mr Hunt Mr Anderson and Mr Jones CGGKS CUSEGOIAUS Mr Cartwrrght Mr Sto ut Good wholesome food and a udy bulldrng were important factors rn our school 11fe It wasn t an easy Job to feed and clean up after us teen agers for four long years ' I ' I ' P ' I ' I ' I . . . . . 9 n S , : . ' . : . , M Z - . S 9 , 1 ' 'fr-E. '9ox . ?'1 ' , , P3 X A... . 4 5 1 I .. . I f , ' , I I . ' . . ' 0 FIRST ROW Betty Hellman Margie Bear Deanna Sullivan Patty James Carol Bartlett Gail Comett Karen Robbins Scherry Hartwell Ruth O Haver Mrs Gray Sponsor SECOND ROW Kenny Cary Lois Low Theresa West Patsy Scott Carol Smith THIRD ROW Woodrow Burton Eugene Freyn B111 Pitts Roy Matthews Harvey Matthews William Reagan Bob Boggs David Forrester Jesse Johnson Arthur Reece Paul Lacey Max Stewart FOURTH ROW James Wilder Larry Stewart Tom Arney Paul Jordan Melvxn Lawson George Shepherd B1l1Beesely Steve Mclntire Francis Vawter A C Sandlin Tom Roberson Charles Blehle Max Armstrong Jerry Grimes Ronnie Day Mike Rogers class office s FIRST ROW: Ruth OHaver Vice President' Deanna Sullivan, News Reporterg Martha Pettigrew, Secretaryg Patty James, Treasurerg Carol Bartlett, News Reporter. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Gray, Sponsor, Ronnie Day, President. fmst we wene eaoem ftzeshmen Lamb, :Martha Pettigrew, Patty Reyndlds, t Carolyn Dixon, Louise Matern, Mabelle oun Fneshman classes wane lntenestlnq it On September 17 1954 fifty six freshmen eager with anticipauon entered Vemon High School Twenty seven were from Vernon thirteen from Bigger Township and sixteen from Sandcreek Township We elected Dale Boyd President Doris Kirby Vice President Jerry Shepherd Secretary Howard Scroggrns Treasurer Charlene Dudley and Gordon Schnadinger News Reporters and Mr Supp was our Sponsor As the school year progressed we began to know the students around us and we made many new friends during the year We soon had our few very close friends but we also met pupils from different schools and different parts of the county We began to feel united as a freshman class, and we worked hard at the activities we joined and the subjects we took. Of course, there was always that certain someone in whom we were especially interested, besides the many friends we had already met. For our class party we had a weiner roast. Yes, our freshman year began to progress, and with it we progressed in many ways. OC. home GC. Vocauonal trauung m Home Economlcs and Agnculture 1S geared to the specxflc purposes of prepanng students for a vocatlon 1n the fl61dS of home makmg farrmng or related SCISHCCS These students reahze the xmportance of good trammg now VGC AGIQICUUZUI2 4+ as sophomones we felt mone at home FIRST ROW Ruth Scheller Sue Barber Mary Lou Spurlock Carolyn Prckett Sarah Boggs Lmda Holmes Barbara Beam Geraldme Dxxon Carolyn Comrngore SECOND ROW Ronme Roane Bob Scarlett James Poer Gordon Pettrgrew Tommy Chapman Phrlrp Daeger Chester Beam Don Chne THIRD ROW B111 Young Davxd Hook Davrd Forrester James Lovegrove Adam Smrth Haskell Cartwrlght Bob Garrrson FOURTH ROW Ralph Herlman Clarence Reynolds D1ck1e Ross Bob Frsher Mlckey Lauderbaugh Marvrn Underwood Gerald Cheesebrew and Frank Lacey class Off! I2 J 1 L FIRST ROW Sue Barber News Reporter Lrnda Holmes Secretary Carolyn Prckett News Reporter SECOND ROW Ronnre Roane Treasurer Ph111.pDaeger Presxdent Bob Garuson Vrce Presldent I Q 1 1 l I P I I ' : . I 1 I l A n v 5 1 n I I I I ' : I . I Y 1 I I ' ar' . 0 a - -SQ f I l vi . I , J - f' " f, . N , . N , .N -,, ,in 1. . ,A Z- I .,,, 5 I .. . if - 'ffi I I g S I v R ' , . : . I 1 1 f ' - GUQ SIUOIGS BGCAIHG HARCGR When we returned for our Sophomore year at V H S we found that there were only f1fty four of us That year we chose Forrest Sandefur Presrdent Dean Lucas Vrce Presrdent Evelyn Carpenter Secretary Paul Casey Treasurer Gordon Schnadlnger and Judy Hubbard News Reporters Mr Tatlock was our sponsor With our sophomore year at Vernon I-hgh came cares and responsrbrhtres but we took them all 1n stnde Yes our studtes became harderwhrch meant more homework Those Brology and Math classes took concentratron as JUUIORS we felt supemon FIRST ROW Ida Mae Cartwright Nancy Buck Mary Ann Grunert Ida Belle Fisher Pat Melton Ne11ereneCombest Effie Reece SECOND ROW Mr Foster Co Sponsor Lo1sKrom Carol Wolf Margaret Renner Rosa1eeWrlls Rosemary Evans Leona Matern Roberta Wells Mrs Wrchman Co Sponsor THIRD ROW Perry Slagle Paul Stewart Davrd Reynolds Ph111p Lutz Jerry Robertson Kenneth Sullrvan DeLane Fawcett FOURTH ROW Bob Bowen Warren Mitchell B111 Arthur Gary Goen Roger class OIIIIICGRS 'W FIRST ROW Co Sponsor Mr Foster Kenneth Sullivan President JamesCaud111 Vice President Mrs Wrchman Co Sponsor SECOND ROW Gary Goen Secretary and News Reporter DeLane Fawcett Treasurer Williams, James Caudill, William Mitchell, Gordon McGuire. we oulz Junlon classes Became speclallzeo Our enrollment for our Jumor year was frfty one Thrs was to be one of our brggest years ln high school We had the concesslonsat thehome ball games presented our class play Headln For a Weddrn and for the greatest event of our Jumor year we planned and gave a prom for the Senrors Our theme was A Holxday 1n Holland and the Muslc Makers from Columbus provrded the mus1c James Grrrnes and Anna Rerchel rexgned as King and Queen of the Prom The class offlcers for our Jumor year were Carolyn Heuer Presrdent Norman Stoner Vice Presrdent Anna Reichel Secre tary Evelyn Carpenter Treasurer and Charlene Dudley and James Grlmes News Reporters Mr Tatlock and Mrs Spall were Co Sponsors During our Junior year we were busy preparmg for the next task which would con front us the task of berng looked up to by the underclassmen As Juniors we began to look ahead into the future and chose subJects whrch would help us specialize rn a particular field of work C X Q J, S 1 ,X K wi r ,Q 1 P' W I ll ' I ' IN ' ' l I D 9 I . ' : . ' 2 . ' : . : ' . I . 9 I I The boys and gtrls of the Commerctal Department have kept very busy th1s year edrttng a school paper and yearbook Th1s was extra work Regular work mcluded letters forms and then some more letters The nght kmd of pracuce should make for perfectxon Bookkeepmg and General Busxness added to our knowledge of actual buslness procedure pmq class -'va W'-Q, shomthano class V gmt we ' . X t A .f "1 X X tht HGH h class On September 1 1957 forty nine sophisticated Seniors entered the doors of V I-I S for their last year of high school Our class OfflCSl'S were Norman Stoner President James Grrmes Vtce President Anna Relchel Secretary Lois Grmstead Treasurer Charlene Dudley and Dale Boyd News Reporters Our sponsors were Mr Moore and Mr D1ttman For our activities this year, we pubhshed our annual Vernonites , and part of the class published the school paper The Vernon Banner and we gave our Senior sales contest We had our baccalaureate services on May 11 in the gym and we were graduated on May 16 Class Colors Pink and Gray Class Song Canadian Sunset Class Motto When we bu11d let us build forever Q? class OHIICERS FIRST ROW James Grimes V1ce Presrdent Norman Stoner Presldent Anna Reichel Secretary SECOND ROW Mr Moore Sponsor Dale Boyd News Reporter Lois Grrnstead Treasurer Charlene Dudley News Reporter Mr D1ttman Sponsor Class Play. We had a dancing party which was given by the losing side in the annual M es E 2 W .2 W : . . U . 9 ' 4 ' ' , f ' hOll0AyS In hollano DX, pnom X! oli 57 .t 52' pl' X N . , ' x 'f X , 1 Au :Psa STEVE BARTLETT ACTIVITIES: Hanover Contest 1: Annual King Candidate 4: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus 3,4: F.F.A. Chapter Sec - retary 4. COURSE: Agricultural. PLANS: Navy. NICKNAME: "Stevie". AMBITION: Tobe campaign manager for John Kennedy. WILMA BEAM ACTIVITIES: Library 2,33 Sunshine 1,2,3, 4: Play Prompter 3. COURSE: Home Econ- omics. PLANS: Marriage. NICKNAME: "Wi1". AMBITION: To be a successful housewife. Q Q L PAUL ARNEY COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: Join the Air Force. NICKNAME: "Eddie" . AMBI- TION: Join the "Grand Ole Oprey". WILLIAM ARNEY ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1,2,3: Softball 1, 2, 3. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: To work. NICKNAME: "Bi1l". AMBITION: To get married. QM"u,WW Q Q f Z Q- 't' 2 s-ff e s!! a s fff!llllIllXXXYX RIC HARD BEES LEY ACTIVITIES: Basketball 4. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: To join Air Force. NICKNAME: "Bud". AMBITION: To fly. ERMA BOGGS ACTIVITIES: Chorus lg Sunshine 1,2,3,4, Sunshine Corresponding Secretary 3: Gift Presentation Junior Play 3: Home Economics- Room Assistant 3, Home Economics Award 3: Paper Staff 4: Annual Queen Candidate 4. COURSE: Home Economics. PLANS: Marriage. NICKNAME: "Erm". AMBITION: Secretary . Z? X V JUDY BOICOURT ACTIVITIES: Sunshine 2,3,4. COURSE: Home Economics. PLANS: Marriage. AMBITION: Beautician. DALE BOYD ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4: Softball 1 , 2, 3,43 Baseball 1,2,3,4: Cross Country '43 Class President 1: Class Reporter 4: Prom Page 2: Annual King Candidate 4: Annual staff 4. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: See the world. NICKNAME: "Peadue". AMBITION: Travel. 1 at ?f 6 'N i s PAUL CASEY North Vemon 1. ACTIVITIES: Biology Club 1: Health Club 1: Class Treasurer 2: Chorus 3, 4: School Paper 4. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: College . AMBITION: Graduate from college . CHARLES CHAPMAN ACTIVITIES: Basketball l,2,3,4: Cross Country 3,4: F.F.A. 1: Baseball 2,35 Soft- ball 2,3: Chorus 3: School Recreation Rep- resentative 4. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: College. NICKNAME: "Charlie". AM- BITION: Electrical Engineer. EVELYN CARPENTER ACTIVITIES: Library lg Sunshine 2,3,4, Sunshine Recording Secretary 3: Chorus 2, 3: Class Secretary 2: Class Treasurer 3: Paper staff 4: Candidate for Annual Queen 4. COURSE: Home Economics. PLANS: Nurse 's Training -- Leon. NICKNAME: "Shorty". AMBITION: Nurse. CHARLES CARTWRIGHT ACTIVITIES: Class Play 3: Cheerleader 4. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: College. NICKNAME: "Charlie" . AMBITION: Electrical Engineer. N4 ,. l 1 x F 'G xv r' DONALD COOMBS ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. 1, 2: Library 3. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Work for Kr0ger's. NICKNAME: "Don". AMBITION: Stay single . DONALD DIXON ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1,2,3: Paper staff 4. COURSE: Vocational Agriculture and Com- - mercial, PLANS: Farming. NICKNAME: "Chester", AMBITION: To own l1is own farm. if 1 bf f 1 A F55 -J' v 3, PJ K CI-IARLENE DUDLEY ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2,3,4g Prom Page 2: Class Reporter 1,3,4: Library 1,2,3,4: Class Play 3: Sunshinel , 2,3,4: Prom Queen Candidate 3: Paper Staff 4: Office Staff 4: Annual Queen Candidate 4: Student Council 4: Cheerleader 1,4. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: Marriage. NICKNAME: "Dud" AMBITION: Airline Hostess. LENA FITZPATRICK ACTIVITIES: Sunshine 1,2,3,4: Paper Staff 4: Booster Club 4. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS' College NICKNAME' "Fitz" AMBITION Stay single XX f 5 x., Pl ' We iw bx 44 .N x,zg4 Sri Y E, ff Wy XX x 4, W I OHN HART WELL ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Softball 1, 2,3,4. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: To join the U. S. Army. NICKNAME: "Johnny", AMBITION: Baseball pitcher. ROSE MARIE HERR ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2,3,4, Band Treasur- er 4: Sunshine 1,2,4: G.A.A. 1: Biology Club 1: Drum Corps 2: Class Play Usher 3: Annual Queen Candidate 4. COURSE: Com- merc ial. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Rosie". AMBITION: CPA Accountant. JAMES GRIMES ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4: Booster Club l,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,4, Reporter 3: Prom King 3: Class Play Usher 3: Chorus 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Annual King Candidate 4: Band Historian 4: Drum Major 4: Drum Corps 4: Class Vice President 4: District XII F. F.A. Secretary: F.F.A. ChapterPresident 4. COURSE: Agricultural. PLANS: College and marriage. NICKNAME: "Jimmy", AMBITION: Veterinarian. LOIS GRINSTEAD ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2,3,4: Drum Corps 1,2, 3: Sunshine 1,2,3,4: S. S.S. President 4: Girls' Trio 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1,2,3,4: Booster Club 1,2,3: Latin Award 1: News Reporter 2: S. S.S. Reporter 2: Class Play 3: 'Band Award 3: Typing Award 3: Prom Queen Candidate 3: D.A.R. Award 4: Cheerleader 1 ,4: Annual Staff 4: Paper Staff 4: Student Council Secretary 4: Student Council 4: Annual Queen Candidate 4. COURSE: Com- mercial. PLANS: College, then marriage. NICKNAME: "Louie" . AMBITION: CPA Accountant. F 1 '- 'L 4' ' J Q ., . CAROLYN HEUER Onekama 1 . ACTIVITIES: F.I-LA. 1, F.H.A. Treasur- er 1: Forensics Award 1: Chorus 1,2: Sun- Q shine 2,3,4, Sunshine Vice President 3 Sunshine President 3: Class President 3: An- nual staff 4: Paper staff 4: Office Staff 4: Hoosier Girls State 3: Coimty winner for I Speak forDemocracy 3: Outstanding Student Award 3: Scholarship 1: Typing Award 3: Junior Play 3: English Award 3: Essay Award 3: Editor of Annual 4: Lunchroom 3. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: College. NICKNAME: "Connie". AMBITION: High School Teacher. ROBERT HOYT ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3,4. COURSE: Agriculture. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Bob". AMBITION: To be a Marine. f I fi WALTER HOYT ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1,2,3. COURSE: Agricultural. PLANS: Marriage. NICK- NAME: "Wa1t". AMBITION: Career in the Service. JUDY HUBBARD ACTIVITIES: Sunshine 1,2,3,4: G.A.A. 1: Class Reporter 2: Class Play 3: Band 1,2: Chorus 3,4: Paper Staff 4: PromQueenCan- didate 3: Office Staff 4: Drum Corps 2: Cheerleader 4: HanoverContest1 . COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: College or work. AMBITION: Interior Decorator. S A .img 1-gif' - ....--1 :f -f,1j.!-f ' : -5 1' - d MARYLAND LAWSON ACTIVITIES: Sunshine 1, 2,3,4: Class Play 3. PLANS: Business College. AMBITION: Secretary. SANDRA LAYMAN ACTIVITIES: Sunshine 1,2,3,4, Sunshine Corresponding Secretary 3: Band 1,2,3,4, Band Officer 4: Drum Corps 1,2,3: Class Play 4: Band Awards 3: Hanover Contest 3, 4: Girls' Trio 1,2,3,4. COURSE: Music. PLANS: College. AMBITION: Elementary and Music Teacher. RICHARD IORDAN, IR. ACTIVITIES: Booster Club 4: Basketball 1. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Work. NICK- NAME: "Dick". AMBITION: None. EMMA LACHMANN ACTIVITIES: Drum Corps 1, 2: Sunshine 1, 2,3,4: Assistant Librarian 2: Class Play 3: Booster Club 3,-4: Usher at Graduation 3: Paper Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Shorthand Award 3: Typing Award 3. COURSE: Com- mercial. PLANS: Marriage. NICKNAME: "Em". AMBITION: Private Secretary. f an 2 . ...- :IJ-' ! .av 34" ,f RONALD LOVEGROVE ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1: Paper Staff 41 Coach's Office Staff Secretary 4. COURSE: Academic and Commercial. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Ronnie", AMBITION: Office Worker. JESSE LOW ACTIVITIES: F. F. A. 1 , 2,3 ,4. COURSE: Agricultural. PLANS: Farming. NICK- NAME: "Red", AMBITION: Farmer. 1 :RX .- 1. . -' A . v we 4 I Y DEAN LUCAS ACTIVITIES: F.F.A. 1,23 Class Vice Pres- ident 23 Basketball lg Prom Marshal 3. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Join the Navy. NICKNAME: "Gus". AMBITION: Navy Pilot. ANNA BERNICE MILLS ACTIVITIES: Sunshine2. COURSE: Home Economics. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Bernie". AMBITION: Secretary. N , "lay ,NU , I :Q '- -' ......' I S: A .Ii nf.fQfc- li.,-1312: EI HARRY REAGAN ACTIVITIES: Basketball l,4. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Join the Marines. AMBITION: None. ANNA REICI-IEL ACTIVITIES: Latin Award 1: Library lg Prom Page 2: Sunshine 2,3,4g Prom Queen 3: Class Secretary 3: Student Council 3,4: Play 3: ClassTreasurer 4: Sunshine Treasur- er 4: Paper Staff 4: Annual Staff 4. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: College. NICKNAME: "Annie". AMBITION: High School Teacher. VIKSINIA MONDAY Q IJ' .v 5 y ACTIVITIES: Play Prompter 3: Paper Staff 22146 4, Annual Staff4. COURSE: Commercial 6 .- PLANS: work. NICKNAME: "Gm", AM BITION: Secretary. LENORA PITTS ACTIVITIES: Lunchroom 4. COURSE Academic. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME "Pittsy" . AMBITICJN: To be a Beautician , Wn lwf f Q ff- FRITZ REICHEL ,,,.'--rn! X ACTIVITIES: Class Play 3: Chorus 3. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Join the ei ,f 1 Navy. NICKNAME: "Fritzie". AMBITION: ' ra- Become a Rear Admiral in the Navy. 3 ' EDNA ROBERSON ACTIVITIES: Sunshine l,2,3,4: Prom Page 2, Marshall 3. COURSE: Commer- cial. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Abnel"'. AMBITION: None. ...Ti 9, s 4 Xt Q' Q, Q , W FORREST SANDEFUR ACTIVITIES: Baseball Manager 1,2,3,4: Softball Managerl, 2,3, 4: Basketball Man- ager 1,2,3,4g Track Manager 3,4: Chorus 4: Class President 2: Office Staff 3g Junior Play 3: P.T .A. Play 3: State Driving Safety Counsel 4. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Join the Air Force. NICKNAME: "Edgar" . AMBITION: First man to go to moon. JACK SANDERS ACTIVITIES: F. F. A . 1 ,2,3,4g Basketball 1 , 2: Booster Club 4. COURSE: Agriculture. PLANS: I0intheNavy. NICKNAME: "lock", AMBITION: Be a playboy farmer. . - 1 ff 4 Sgt 6 '. Ifhg dl' 537 ol JERRY SHEPHERD ACTIVITIES: Softball 1: Basketball 1: F.F. A. Vice President 4. COURSE: Agriculture. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Shep". AM- BITION: To graduate. JOHN SIMPSON GORDON SCHNADINGER ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1, 2,3,4: News Reporter 2: Softball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2, 3,4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band President 4: F. F.A . 2: Band Vice President 3: Chorus 1,2,3g Prom Page 2: Prom King Candidate 3: An- nual King Candidate 4. COURSE: Academ- ic. PLANS: Work. NICKNAME: "Shorty" . AMBITION: Make a lot of money. MARIORIE SEDAM ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1: Prom Page 2: Class Play 3: Drum Corps 1,23 Annual Queen Candidate 4. COURSE: Home Economics. PLANS: Marriage. NICKNAME: "Margie". AMBITION: Become a minister's wife. ACTIVITIES: Band 1,2,3,4: chorus 3,43 f Basketball 1,2,3,4g Hanover Contest lg X ,L COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Join the 3- Navy. NICKNAME: None. AMBITION: sm .W AL: f None. 1 s' .-J ' , -QT' ll NORMAN STONER ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2,3,4g Junior Play 3: Class Vice President 35 Prom Attend- ant 33 Class President 4: Annual Staff 43 Student Council 3,4, President of Student Cotmcil 4g Annual King Candidate 4: Out- standing Student Award 3g Science Award 3g Good Citizenship Award 3: Mathematics Award 3. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: College. NICKNAME: "Joe", AMBITION: Be successful. PEGGY SUMMERFIELD ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3, 45 Girls' Trio 1,2,3,4g Hanover Contest 3, 4g Drum Corps 1,2,3g Class Play 3g Band Officer 4. COURSE: Commercial. PLANS: Marriage. NICKNAME: "Peg". AMBITION: Beautician. v- 1 I s,y M A IOHN TURNER ACTIVI'I'IES: F.F.A. 15 Chorus 3: Basket- ball 3g Track 3: Baseball 2g Junior Play 3. COURSE: Academic. PLANS: Join the Marines. NICKNAME: "Johnny". AMBI- TION: None. DAVID WILLS ACTIVITIES: Library 4: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g Art 2g Chorus 1,2,3,4: Class Play 3. COURSE: Agriculture. PLANS: College. NICKNAME: "Wi1ls". AMBITION: Agri- culture Engineer. linzst qnaoe FIRST ROW Helen Wrlder Janet Young, Cns Reynolds Mrchael Flemmg Davrd Mrlls SECOND ROW Deanna Freyn Sherla Layton Sandra James WalterSm1th Ronnre Short THIRD ROW Conn1eCarmer Cathy Dryden Tommy Flack Rosa Lee Caldwell Susan Bartlett Rosella Merrcle Sharon Stearns FOURTH ROW Edward Mrller Drckre Keal Brenda Frtch Paula Hammersley Randy Gayle Paul Moto Brlly Monday FIFTH ROW Lelsa Foster Garry Euler Sally.Bentz Stephen Powell Sherla Adrrdge Iennrfer Reynolds Sh1rleySchnad1nger Mrs Bevers Teacher FIRST ROW Erleen Young Frank Rleser Bobby Young SECOND ROW Eddy James Errue Cardlnal Weslre Bear Larry Krug THIRD ROW Sally Hunt Warren Gayle Ir Jonathan Bentz Carolyn Matthews FOURTH ROW Stanley Bartlett Sheryl Wrlson Denme Phelps Mrke Dryden Della Gabbard Mrs Chrlds Teacher Carol Robertson, Garry Poole. SIXTH ROW: Linda Richardson, Kathy Spaulding, UNIDO GRACE FIRST ROW Sue Engle Tommy Ch8V1S Ronnle Powell Pamela Spaulding Dennls Reynolds Leslle Hook SECOND ROW Randy Raybum Dennls Arbuckle Mlke Grlmes Donna Caudlll Nancy Ruark Llnda Mlller Melame Wllson Judy Hammersley Frances Short Llnda Lamb THIRD ROW Rosle Rltchle Margle Hellman Glorla Monday Jlmmy Scarlett Donnle Klngen MlkeArbuckle hols Cartwrlght Steve Lucas John Staples FOURTH ROW Terry Young Jerry Monday Jane Flemlng Cecll Freyn Bllly Moto Dlana Craddock Beth Hellman Faye Poer Joe Spurlock Mrs Reece Eoumzh qnaoe FIRST ROW Davld Jordan Larry Sanders Dale Beam SECOND ROW Judy wyne Marjorle Gayle Judlth Smlth Stephen Hammerslex Sherry Aldrldge Bllly Ingram Walter Freyn Tony Young THIRD ROW Betty Barber Johnny Brown Norman Stuart Davld Hammersley Beverly Lucas Larry Keal Robert Wllder FOURTH ROW Allce Reynolds Janlce O Connell Mlchael Myrlck Mlke Sallee Janet Palght Robert Short Mrs Temple Teacher : , . . . ' . . . . . : D . I . . . . , . . . I . . , ' 1 . . : , . . ' . . ' . . . ' , . . . ' . . ' . . : , . ' , ' , . . . ' . , i ' i I Teacher. I I was .li I F I 5 ' , , . I 1 . , ' . . ' ly' . , - l ' . . : . . 1 ' , , , ' . : ' s D I 1 I U 1 I 1 I ' ' Foumth fifth qmaoes lf "r as FIRST ROW Denn1sMyr1ck David Shaw Lee Lane Willy Meadows Martha Bear SECOND ROW Ransom Patton Virginia Reece Larry Hook Helen Young Sarah Bartlett Philip Rayburn THIRD ROW Sue Randall Paul Scarlett Joyce Hunt Linda Collingsworth Judy Carmer Suzanne Smith Mr Euler and Mrs Temple Teachers SIXU1 GRACE FIRST ROW: Sharon Poole, Billy Robertson, William Smith, Robert Dryden, Sharon Coombs. SECOND ROW: Kenneth Monday, Linda Monday, Larry Day, Carol Sanders, Judy Speer, Melvie Cardinal, Gene King, Dennie Wilson. THIRD ROW: Judy Richardson, Jim Shaw, Francis Ingram, Vernon Cartwright, Mary Chavis, Carl Phelps, Joyce,Cardinal, Danny Keal. FOURTH ROW: Clara Beam, Stephen Hunt, Wilma Long, Jimmy Young, Juliana Richardson, Tommy Poole, Mary Cheesebrewg Mr. Euler, Teacher. seventh GRACE L H iS' H 'gil' FIRST ROW Bobby Barbar Sue Barnes Janle Bartlett Johnny Beam Randy Boggs Shella Boyd Dlane Caldwell SECOND ROW Tommy Cartwrlght Davrd Castetter Anna Deppe Connte Flack Donnre Gabbard Dale Grrnstead Llnda Heuer J1mm1e Rrtchle THIRD ROW Nancy Kmg Ph111p Matthews Alan Palght Joe Ross Lorena Sanders Eva Skrnner FOURTH ROW Ralph Sm1th Judy Stark Joanna Sullrvan Connle Smlth Gene Hook Allen Arbuckle Teacher Mr Burgmerer eighth qtzaoe FIRST ROW Lrnda Skrnner Geneva Rrtchre Ronn1e Summerfreld Sammle Grrnstead Chrlstlna Bruce Franks SECOND ROW Ruth Reece Ruth Freyn Henr1ettaGabbard Beam Kenny Phelps THIRD ROW Lanny Reynolds Davld Gabbard Rlchard Spurlock Vuglma Brown Wllma Stahl FOURTH ROW Roger Cornette Douglas Boggs Joe Hook Choral Dryden Betty Wllder Ruth Hunt Teacher Mr Armstrong un hm society FIRST ROW Peggy Summerfreld Sandra Layman Edna Roberson Judy Hubbard CharleneDudley Lo1sGnnstead Maryland Lawson Lena Frtzpatrrck Evelyn Carpenter Carolyn Heuer SECOND ROW Mrs Drttman Sponsor Rosre Herr W11ma Beam Erma Boggs Anna Rerchel Lors Krom Ida Mae Cartwrrght Judy Borcourt Emma Lachmarm THIRD ROW Carol Bartlett, Patty James Ga1lCornette Mary Lou Spurlock Sue Barber Lmda Holmes Sarah Boggs Ruth Scheller Carolyn Plckett Low Betty Hellman Margre Bear Ruth O Haver Rose Mary Evans Rosalre Wrlls and Nancy Buck s s s offloens FIRST ROW Mrs Drttman Sponsor Lors Grmstead Presrdent Ida Belle Frsher Vrce Presldent SECOND ROW Sarah Boggs Recordrng Secretary Anna Rerchel Treasurer Llnda Holmes News Reporter Lols Krom, Correspondmg Secretary Scherry Hartwell, Karen Robbins. FOURTH ROW: Patsy Scott, Carolyn Dixon, Lois Lia.-vennon chapten FIRST ROW Mr Gray Sponsor Davld W111s Paul Stewart Jrmmy Gumes Steve Bartlett Jerry Shepherd Jerry Grrmes SECOND ROW Robert Boggs Steve McInt1re D1Ck16 Ross B111 Beesely Roy Matthews Robert Bowen Ralph Hellman Chester Beam Max Stewart Jesse Johnson THIRD ROW Arthur Reece James Evans Ronnre Roane Jack Sanders Frank Lacey Davld He11man B111Cha111e Robert Hoyt James Poer I fa offlcens CROPS IUDGING TEAM FIRST ROW ,hm Grrmes Davrd W111s Steve Bartlett Robert Hoyt FIRST ROW J1mGr1mes Presrdent Ronme Roane Reporter SECOND ROW Steve Bartlett Secretary Jerry Shepherd V1ce President Drck Ross Sentrnel Mr Gray Advrsor BANG l CLARINETS Llnda Heuer Sheha Boyd Carol Bartlett Sue Barnes Lots Grtnstead Bob Garrrson Lorena Sanders TRUMPETS Sandra Layman Peggy Summerfteld Paul Stewart Steve Bartlett Max Armstrong Gerald Cheesebrew Dale Grrnstead Sam Grrnstead SAXAPHONES John Slmpson Joe Ross Doug Boggs Martha Petugrew BASS Max Stewart Chrrstma Beam Ruth Freyn DRUMS Bruce Franks Scherry Hartwell Sarah Boggs Mary Lou Spurlock Jerry Gumes Pat James Maybelle Smlth Joan Sulltvan TROMBONES Gordon Sclmadmger, Ph1l11p Matthews BARITONES DeLane Fawcett Randy Boggs FLUTE Barbara Patterson FRENCH HORNS Kenny Cary Rosle Herr Janre Bartlett DRUM MAJOR. Jlm Gr1mes MAJORETTES Nancy Buck Sue Barber Deanna Sulhvan Rosalte Wllls and Connte Euler Bano offlcens FIRST ROW Peggy Summerfleld, Secretary, Gordon Schnadlnger, Presldent, Lo1s Grtnstead, Vrce Presldent, ROSIC Herr, Treasurer, Carol Bartlett, Class Representatrve. SECOND ROW Roald Foster, Dlrector, DeLane Fawcett, Class Representat1ve, Paul Stewart, News Reporter, Sandra Layman, Class Representauve, Mary Lou Spurlock, Class Representattve, 11m Gnmes, News Reporter. t 5 5 ' 5 f i , p 1 t I 4 ri' W l E i g . , 3 : 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . : , ' 1 . O ' ' u - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I , 1 I . I 1 1 1 ' 0 I 1 1 1 1 - SITUOEDI COUl1Cll -Q.. 'Q 'N-.lf 41,1 XWLLQAJ' Q, YS'-5 K t FIRST ROW Anna Reichel Deanna Sullivan Ruth O Haver Martha Pettigrew Linda I-lolrnes Sue Barber SECOND ROW Patty James Lois Grtnstead Secretary James Caudill Kenneth Sullivan Norman Stoner President Carol Bartlett Carolyn Pickett THIRD ROW Philip Daeger DeLane Fawcett Gary Goen Jim Grimes Ronnie Day Ronnie Roane Bob Garrison Mr Dittman Advisor ORUITI CORDS DRUM MAJOR: Jim Grimes. MAJORETTES: Margie Gayle, Leisa Foster, Janis Steel, Nancy Buck, Rosalie Wills, Deanna Sullivan, Sue Barber. DRUMMERS: Scherry Hartwell, Sarah Boggs, Mary Lou Spurlock, Joanna Sullivan. CYMBALS: Mabel Smith, Gail Cornett. BUGLES: Patty James, Martha Pettigrew, Betty Heilman, Janie Bartlett, Carol Bartlett, Carol Lamb, Barbara Beam, Margie Bear. BELLS: Linda Holmes. papen staff FIRST ROW Ar1naRe1Che1 Sports L01SGl'1l'lSI68d Fashrons Vrrgrma Monday Art Edrtor Carolyn Heuer Grade News Emma Lachmann Art Edrtor Sandra Layman Assrstant Fashton Edrtor Lena Fttzpatrtck Senlor Portrarts SECOND ROW Judy Hubbard Sports Paul Casey Jokes Erma Boggs Clubs and Organrzatrons Evelyn Carpenter News Events Donald Drxon Busmess Manager Charlene Dudley Edrtor Ronald Lovegrove Class News Mrs Drttman Sponsor annual taff n. FIRST ROW Anna Rerchel Asststant Busrness Manager Lots Grmstead Co Edltor Vlrgmra Monday Art Edrtor Carolyn Heuer Edrtor Joe Stoner Business Manager Sandra Layman Assrstant Busmess Manager SECOND ROW Emma Lachmann Art Edltor Irmmy Grrmes Sports Edrtor Mrs Drttman Sponsor Not prctured Dale Boyd Asststant Sports Edrtor Jr Llsnany staff I ,,-'SV 5' S Q'- ,-, ff X -. tc" . . .J . ' 7' 1.5, .5 .f i D3V1d Wll1S Charlene Dudley RuthScheller Mrs Gossman Lrbrarran Carolyn Prckett FIRST ROW Jesse Low Ida Belle Frsher Lrnda Holmes Dale Boyd Judy Hubbard Charlene Dudley Carolyn Heuer Max Armstrong Mr Dntman BOOSUGI2 Cll1B FIRST ROW LOIS Grinstead Charlene Dudley Judy Hubbard Charles Cartwright SECOND ROW Carol Lamb Carolyn Heuer Ida Belle Frsher Sandra Layman Peggy Summerfield Edna Roberson Anna Rerchel Rosie Herr Emma Lachmann Lena Fitzpatrick Maryland Lawson THIRD ROW Barbara Beam Carol Bartlett Patty James Sheila Boyd Janie Bartlett Lois Krom Linda Holmes Geraldine Dixon Betty Martha Pettigrew Nancy Buck Nellerene Combest Carolyn Pickett Sarah Boggs Ruth O Haver Jim Grrmes Rosalie Wills Joanna Sullivan Judy Stark Sue Barnes Evelyn Carpenter Choral Dryden FIFTH ROW Paul Casey James Poet Philip Daeger Ronnie Roane Bob Garrison DeLane Fawcett Bud Beesely Robert Hoyt Joe Ross Steve Bartlett Dean Lucas Fritz Rerchel Douglas Boggs Hellman, Margie Bear, Lois Low, Bernice Mills. FOURTH ROW: Virginia Brown, CHEGIHGAOERS FIRST ROW Judy Hubbard SECOND ROW Lois Grmstead and Charlene Dudley THIRD ROW Mrs Gray and Charles Cartwright SCOREKEEPERS hugh game of the season lin shman tea FIRST ROW: Carol Bartlett, Bill Beesely, Charles Biehle, Steve Mclntire, Woodrow Burton, Mike Rogers, Patty James. SECOND ROW: Max Armstrong, Managerg Francis Vawter, William Reagan, Max Stewart, A.C. Sandlin. THIRD ROW: Tom Roberson, Roy Matthews Jerry Grimes Ronnie Day Harvey Matthews Mr Stewart Coach GRACE school USAID FIRST ROW Ianie Bartlett David Gabbard Bobby Barber Bruce Franks Larry Day Phillip Matthews Kenny Phelps Sam Grmstead Dale Grinstead Mr Stewart Coach Sheila Boyd.. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Reece, Sponsor of Cheerleadersg Ronnie Summerfield, VARSIIZ IEA FIRST ROW: ForrestSandefur, Manager, Dale Boyd, William Mitchell, Warren Mitchell, Norman Stoner, Charles Chapman, Roger Williams, Assistant Manager. SECOND ROW: Mr. Stewart, Coachg Billy Arthur, Gary Goen, Iohn Simpson, Paul Stewart, Gordon Schnadinger Mr Dittman Principal ESERVE UGA FIRST ROW Roger Williams Manager Max Stewart Franc1sVawter Mike Rogers Mr Stewart Coach Tom Roberson Roy Matthews M C Underwood Ronnie Day Mr. Dittman Principal A.C. Sandlin, William Reagan, Max Armstrong, Assistant Manager. SECOND ROW GARY GOEN 160 pounds 5 feet 10 U2 inches Guard , position Junior Class GORDON SCHNADINGER 157 pounds 5 feet ll inches Forward, position Senior Class PAUL STEWART 148 pounds 5 feet ll inches Center, position Junior Class JOHN SIMPSON 1 75 pounds 6 feet Forward, position Senior Class DALE BOYD 142 pounds 5 feet 7 inches Guard, position Senior Class WARREN MITCHELL 130 pounds 5 feet 7 inches Guard, position Junior Class CHARLES CHAPMAN 141 pounds 5 feet 9 112 inches Guard, position Senior Class NORMAN STO NER 148 pounds 5 feet 8 112 inches Guard, position Senior Class BILL ARTHUR 175 pounds 5 feet 10 112 inches Forward, position Junior Class WILLIAM MITCHELL 125 pounds 5 feet 7 inches Guard, position Junior Class SOIIIIBAH IEA FIRST ROW: Dale Boyd, Charles Chapman, William Mitchell, Gary Goen, Warren Mitchell. SECOND ROW: DeLane Fawcett, Bill Arthur, Mr. Stewart, Coach, Paul Stewart, Gordon Schnadinger. CROSS COUHU2 UGA FIRST ROW Dale Boyd Charles Chapman Frank Lacy Paul Stewart Gary Goen Adam Srruth M1ke Rogers, Mr Stewart Coach I 1 g 1 I r I 1 ' 0 an XR '1- -,,,.....-1--1 PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE The people m th1s p1cture have a lot 1n common The Seruors from Vemon H1gh School and Iohn Sublette of Arvm s Research and Advanced Engmeenng Department are all plannmg for the future Through thelr Shldles and GCUVIIIBS m school the students are prepanng themselves to be successful and useful cxhzens 1n a constantly changmg and xmprovlng world Through research m many helds not only 1n scrence but ln human relauons as well Arvln IS endeavonng to do 1ts part 1n makmg the future a better one for everyone Arvm IS proud to have a place 1I1thlS Year Book and wlshes the best of luck to all the Senmors of Vernon H1gh School. APVIH INDUSTRIES, Inc. 15 FACTORIES IN INDIANA COLUMBUS SEYMOUR FRANKLIN GREENWOOD NORTH VERNON f , I X, ' "", I ' J: ,. N- w ' - v Y' . I 'i 2 ' v . ' I W Q liz- , T 4 p 3 E , I ' I . . I . . . . I . Your Best Bet See Chet CHET WILLS AUTO SALES TRADE UP TRADE DOWN A11 Makes A11 Models New and Used Cars VISI1 Our Serv1ce Department When ln Need oi Body Repcnrs Motor Overhaul Weldmg THREE BIG LOCATIONS East Mann Street Phone 7561 Westport Indmna 718 726 West Mann Phone 2 7291 Greensburg Indrcma 101 North 21st St Phone 4602 New Castle Indlana Painting - All Other t P Best Wzshes to You Graduates' Congratulauons to every member of your hne graduahng class! Whether or not you mtend golng on to college we know you are g1v1ng senous thoughts to your future and we extend the warmest poss1ble welcome for you to come and d1SCl1SS your plans w1th us We are fortunate m havxng a strong malonty of Hoos1er h1gh school and college graduates on our management team progress1ve young people who have helped to make th1s one oi the nauon s v1ta1 growlng corporahons Because we are growmg steadlly we Wlll have new desks to man and 1t 1S possxble that you w1ll want to take your place behmd one of them If so you w1ll hnd the Harmlton Manufactunng Corporatlon a fme place to work and Columbus Indmna a Ime place 1n wluch to hve and raxse chlldren Once agam from all of us here at Ham1lton best wmshes to the Class of 58 HAMILTON MANUFACTURING CORPORATION COLUMBUS INDIANA Makers of COSCO Metal Furniture for Home cmd Oiiice Here s our brand new plant at Columbus lnd1ana where we make nanonally adverused COSCO Stools Carts and Uhhty Tables OOSCO Iuvemle Seatmg and Playume Furmture COSCO Chairs Settees Sofas and Occasmonal Tables COSCO Fashzontold Card Tables and Chcurs and COSCO Ofhce Fashloned cha1rs and Busmess Furmture. I I , . . . I I .... . , . . . , . , .... U I .... , . . . . 1 I I l I I u 4 n 1' 1 .. . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 I . Il I ll nl I I I 11 . . H . . . Partners ln Power .... After completing btgb school many young men and women have ound interesting sans ying occupations wxtb our Company We encourage sensors to inquire about opportunuses following gmduataon and underclassmen to investigate tbe most suitable preparutxon for u future career wub Cummins CUMMINS ENGINE COMPANY INC COLUMBUS INDIANA 24 ,J l Comphments of THE SCENIC VIEW RESTAURANT V- I I I I I 0 I I ff' ,I I Y L j I I - X A n I . . . . I I I f I I . . . . . . Y I I . I A, ' I ' . I ,wk Am , ' f' nv 1 I rf sv 5, I I , ,f K I X -F , 'A' , ,.,,,,, -I ' . I 1-I-PHP I N 0 I " -- - - .V ' - L 0 0 , K I I I I I WI I I I I I I Comphments of STADLER S PACKING CO THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK The Bank of Fnendly Service NORTH VERNON INDIANA DECATUR MATERIALS INC West Mcun Street P O Box 287 Phone 3 4171 Phone 3 9035 GREENSBURG INDIANA WILLIAMS EQUIPMENT COMPANY Farm Eqmpment Westmghouse RCA VVh1.r1poo1 525 Buckeye Street NORTH VERNON. INDIANA I I I I O International Harvester I To the Class of '58 My Most Sincere Wishes For Pictures That Please Its For You All A Long Life of Health THE HILDEBRAND STUDIO Happiness and Success 422W Fifth Street CHART-ES K DUDLEY COLUMBUS INDIANA SHERIF F Comphments of IENNINGS COUNTY OFFICIALS IESSIE IAIVIES R M WILHOIT G H POLLY GERALD CALVERT WILFORD HUELSON MARY KETCHAM Iennm Clerk Surveyor County Recorder County Treasurer County School Supermtendent County Truant Oithcer gs County Agriculture Extension Office AUDLEY STEARNS .i., Assessor Comphments of CREECH S FILLING STATION Comphments of A S E AUTO PARTS CALVERT 6. HUNT HUGHES SUNDRIES Comphments of ARNEY S GARAGE Comphments of D. STUART UPHOLSTERY SHOP Phone FI 6 2653 Comphments of Comphments of I ORDAN FUNERAL HOME WOLF GUMBLE 6. SON Compliments of Compliments of FARMER'S PRODUCTION CREDIT ASS'N Loans to Farmers SEYMOUR, INDIANA SAM PLATTER AGENCY General Insurance 221 East Walnut St. Phone FI. 9-5891 NORTH VERNON INDIANA Comphments of DUNLAP 6. COMPANY DANNER BROTHERS Sc and l0c to S1 00 Store Owned and Operated by Hoosxers NORTH VERNON INDIANA Comphments ot WILBER S IEWELRY STORE NORTH v1-:RNON INDIANA FOOD STORE Phone FI 98291 Comphments of LOIS BEAUTY SALON 238 V2 E Walnut St Phone FI 9 7621 NORTH VERNON. INDIANA Comphments of THE LAYMORE HATCHERY Quality Ch1CkS Nutrena Feeds NORTH VERNON INDIANA . NORTH VERNON , INDIANA IESS KELLEY S GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasxons Phone FI 9 4811 NORTH VERNON INDIANA CC1"'1'J1 ments of CORNER GROCERY HALL HEATING AND SHEET METAL Tm Shop Electncal Servxce Phone FI 6 2232 NORTH VERNON INDIANA A11 K1nds of Insurance ornolm nts of AGENCY Kathleen L Matthews Mgr 57 N Mudrson Ave Phone FI 9 5761 When rn Need of cr Watch Thmk ot cr WYLER Best Shock 6 Water Proof Watch Made BOB S WATCH REPAIR Your Authonzed Wyler Dealer O and M Avenue NORTH VERNON, INDIANA Skate or Bowl at the SKATE BOWL Comphrnents of KINNEY S BEAUTY SHOP 9 Iennmgs St Phone FI 6 3031 SHOE MART C .1 I e Williamson and Peerless Fumaces CLYDE M- MATTHEWS Be Sure to Read THE EVENING REPUBLICAN For All the News Every Day Comphments of HOSTETTER FUNERAL HOME Conn Hostetter Kathenne Hostetter Phone 2571 WESTPORT INDIANA GATEWOOD LUMBER 6. SUPPLY CO The Gateway to Better Bulldmg For a Complete 1.1116 of Bmldxng Matenals Come m and See Us or Call Phone 3344 WESTPORT INDIANA ANDERSON S PINE LAKE Good F1SI'11Ilq Boats Ba1t Refreshments Chas G Ruth Anderson WESTPORT INDIANA Comphments of WESTPORT BANK WESTPORT INDIANA EBERTS 6 BRO INC Mad1son and Hoos1er St Phone FI. 95781 NORTH VERNON INDIANA I ENNIN GS COUNTY BOOK STORE Mr and Mrs Ohn Armstrong THE TECH DRY GOODS CO Dry Goods Notlons Hos1ery NORTH VERNON. INDIANA I I 0 ll . . . H :I - . Il . 1 I Ol 0 . I 1 0 Compliments of MOORE'S STOCK FARM Poued Hereford came o.P.c. Hogs Complimems of Mr. 6: Mrs. W. D. Moore G Daughter Owners Phone Columbus 2-2076 'I'HE I AY C STORE WYKOFF PEDDIE SHOE SERVICE 326 Mulberry St 111 N 5th St MGd1S0n Ind North Vernon Ind SCHUYLER INSURANCE AGENCY RobertW Moore Agent 16 Short St Phone FI 9 4851 SHAW GROCERY Grocenes Ice Cream VERNON INDIANA TEMPEST AND ST IOHN PLUMBERS NORTH VERNON INDIANA GARRITY GROCERY SARDINIA. INDIANA Comphments of NORTH VERNON POLICE Candy Sgff Drinks R. F. D. 2 Phone 9-7731 Comphments of REGAL RUGS THOMPSON S DAIRY COMPANY uallty Chekd Ice Cream and Grade A M11k THE IRON CLAD CLOTHING COMPANY Men and Boy s Wear 16 N 5th St Phone FI 9 7781 HALLIE CORYA Ready M1xed Concrete Stone Sand L1me Phone FI 9 5811 NORTH VERNON INDIANA SALES CO INC O and M Avenue NORTH VERNON INDIANA DAIRY QUEEN Cones Short Orders Sandwxches Nat1ona11y Known Home Owned Hzghways 7 G 3 NORTH VERNON INDIANA ROBBIN S TRACTOR 6. IMPLEMENT SALES John Deere Sales and Servrce Weldxng Blstcksrruth Work 719 Buckeye Street Phone FI 9 5141 NORTH VERNON INDIANA STONER S DEPARTMENT STORE E Walnut St Phone FI 9 7441 NORTH VERNON INDIANA WEBSTER CHEVROLET Malls - Shakes - Sundaes - Sodas LURTON'S STORE Established 1881 General Merchandise Locker Service DODD FUNERAL HOME PARIS CROSSING, INDIANA HAMILTON S KITCHEN 123 Easi Mum GREENSBURG INDIANA Compliments of BEWLEY S BAKERY WESTPORT INDIANA DECATUR COUNTY R.E.M C GREENSBURG INDIANA Comp1.ments of WESTPORT IMPLEMENT WESTPORT GOODRICH CO WESTPORT ELEVATOR D1v1s1on of Acme-Goodnch Inc WQRLAND Feed Gram Seeds Farm Supphes Fertilizers scHw1-:Nm-:NMANN Gnndmg and Mmm GREENSBURG INDIANA One Stop Service' Phone 2391 WESTPORT INDIANA I . v I , 1 0 0 1 ' ' 'tunic " , . D - . ll - 1 l I ZUMHINGST INC M111 Work Bu11d1ng Matenal West 6th St Phone IA 2 1279 SEYMOUR INDIANA B 6. W SHOE STORE 204 West Second Street SEYMOUR. INDIANA HUNGATE DIBBLE INC Howesser Chmcks Howesser Feeds Farm Garden Seeds 315 Frcmkhn St Phone 3712 COLUMBUS INDIANA Qin? aps Greatest Name 1n Donuts BUCHANAN 6: I ONES FURNITURE CO One of Southern Ind1ana s Largest and Fmest Furmture Stores COLUMBUS INDIANA Comphments of DUPONT STATE BANK Comphments of BERNARD M LOW Trustee of Sandcreek Twp DEEANDCEE RR4 GREEN SBURG INDIANA Poultry Supplies Comphments of COUNTY GAS CO INC Comvl ments of NORTH VERNON INDUSTRIES HENDRICK S GROCERY AND SERVICE STATION State Road 7 North of North Vernon TYLER S CROSSING FOX DRIVE IN MARKET Iuncuon 3 6 7 NORTH VERNON INDIANA Phone FI 9-4181 NORTH VERNON INDIANA CADBY S AETNA STATION VERNON. INDIANA Monuments oi BOLSER AND SHAW Phone FI 9 5634 VERNON INDIANA MADDOX DRUG STORE WESTPORT INDIANA UNION BANK AND TRUST CO. QufI1ifY and Disfincfion Hulse Furmture Store E C Auerswald Gregory Stcmoners arm Iennmgs County F Swmg Inn Melvm Hulall A D Schontreld Farmers Hommy M111 Sclarra Cleaners PATRONS NORTH Bureau VERNON E C Schuck Ben s Bakery M11ler's Supply Store Carter Cleaners A and W Root Beer Drekhotf and Vance Leo O Mara SEYMOUR Sears and Roebuck Dr Robert L Anderson McNutt Iewelry WESTPORT Vond1ehngen Shoe Store Westport Cafe Neal Iessup, Real Estate Bradley Smcla1r Ball and Son Mobllgas OTHERS Doerfhngers Greensburg Iohn Reese Vemon H L Rost and Son Columbus Chester Buck Dupont THE SENIOR CLASS OF VERNON HIGH SCHOOL WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE WHO HELPED MAKE OUR YEARBOOK POSSIBLE Paul Franks, Inc. Renn's Nest xy INTER COLLEGIATE P SS FAUO i Kunsus Cnty Publmhevs Covev Muv'u'urIurerx Boa! Bw:-M RY HUM OFFIKE I-IHVNYED NH K A X .. -2. gn ' up 1. 1 K U , ,Ll , . vx':g1"'L!:, ,, ta. 'W ll.:-1 W x, fn., Aff. w fi 4 5 A A655 Y? W i ,,-F W'WT3F-ww f"""m,.aJ f A x V , " a .L ,'- A . A' G L, ,wi I . K dl .- :'gq.,fy,+ 'X Q Q x WN Q: 4 A .K . ,n A. wi, ' 5 1 5 3 4 'A ' ' w. dx . 1 " 1 1, . X . s ' ' , P' -A ' , .1 , I 4 1 I M, gf , ww kg: U SWL '5 X1 K3 . it Q fv- , n, Vx . Mg , WL K . , Q VIEW in K ,I if 5 2 L4 ,, M M, H 4 1i,f' ww 5, 45:

Suggestions in the Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) collection:

Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 65

1958, pg 65

Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 35

1958, pg 35

Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 45

1958, pg 45

Vernon High School - Vernonite Yearbook (Vernon, IN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 28

1958, pg 28

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