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S X - n , he 74 WWE Only a photograph of a building, you say? How mistaken you are! To an outsider, yes, this is just another building - but to the students of Vernon High School it means much, much more. The friends madehere, the achievementswon, the disappointments suffered Qbut wisdom gainedj, and knowledge acquired here have made VHS a very special building. It would be hard to forget the crowded halls. . .the hours wasted during study halls . . .the pep sessions. . .the excitement of a close game. . .the bumpy bus rides. . . cramming for tests. . .the discussions in class. . .the mad scramble for the door. . . And so, here is your book, the 1959 V-ECHO, which we give to you so that you will never forget this past year in good old VHS. D an Our hearts overflowing with love, gratitude, and admira- tion, we, the graduating class of 1959, have chosen to honor, in a very special way, those devoted parents upon whom we have depended so completely for guidance and understanding throughout the blossoming years of our lives. With a spirit of sincere humility intermingled with the joyful pride of achievement, as your sons and daughters our senior class is indeed privileged to dedicate this 1959 V-ECHO to you, Mom and Dad. xl N xX f 0 X: N ' Q1 f sa C6- rrp ,ur F' 'M New N 4 -aw .K gi,ig5fSff5i?B'f K , . ,,,,2Q,g ,, A 5 cldmini tration NF xii . STANLEY WASIK Executive Head B. B.A. Westminster College Ed.M. University of Pittsburgh The best wishes of your faculty and friends go with you as you leave the school doors to commence the larger life which lies just beyond the threshold. May your hopes and dreams be realized in the fullest degree and in the years to come may your names reflect credit upon the institution which has been your house during the formative period of your life. Stanley Wasik. BOARD OF EDUCATION Jesse Santfant Herman Jackson Roy Bailes Fred Myers Stanley Wasik Carl Boyd ' X ' 41, x- N, 1 fi-5Qgl1 " sk 3' fkafwwflfdmzwv www facul N ANTHONY GELSOMINO Youngstown University B. S. in Education Subjects: Social Studies Hobby: Photography CORTELLE M , PEARCE Mount Union College A. B. Degree Subjects: Mathematics Hobby: Sewing NAOMI C. GLOWE Western Reserve University A. B. Degree Subjects: English and Spanish Senior Advisor Hobbies: Reading and Bowling ROBERT SAKEY Youngstown University B.S. in Education Westminster College M. S. in Education Subjects: Commercial DALE ROBBINS Ohio University B. S. in Education Subjects: Industrial Arts JOHN F, SANCHEZ Youngstown University Dana School of Music Subject: Music Hobby: Hunting Picture not available: CHARLES W. FURR Glenville State College A.B. Degree Subjects: Science Hobby: Photography MRS, MCCUMMINS. Home Economics sq mr U uv .zA, Q,,.,q,2, Y Q, fmsQfQzw-kgwsw-V .gk ' iff i?:E?!55ifZ??lfWff51f way i ,.:.,..,: ' 54 if 9 A L 'H 'sez Y .' V, T' W' 2-'fiwf' fvf f FT ,gf S if . 6 ' 55 4, , f ip , gigs f z if? fly xi gy ggi V 1? 5? 7 522 W 3555 ag 1959 FLOWER: Carnation COLORS: Silver and Blue MOTTOg Strive Today for a Better Tomorrow CLASS OFFICERS President ------- ALAN WAT SON Vice President - - - MERLE LANGLEY Secretary - - - - -ROBERTA REEVES Treasurer - - - - .TOE MACK BR-R-R-R-R! FIRST ROW: M. Smith, D. Draa, R, Reeves, I, Wells, M, Hillyer, D. Horodyski, B, Bloss, B. Griffiths, J. Bush, W. Shafer, SECOND ROW: R. Bloom, J. Mack, L, Bates, T. Tupper, J. Forsha, H. McMahon, G. Myers, R, Bailes, N. Englebaugh. THIRD ROW: E. Meloni, A. Watson, R. Wilson, M. Langley, G. Collins, F, Hiland, P. Bur- bach, D. Braden, J. Devine. Not present: Raymond Jackson. ROY BAILES "Bub" Basketball 1-2 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Beta Club 2-3-4 LARRY BATES "Speedy" Chorus 3-4 Homecoming Escort Bowling 3-4 RICHARD BLOOM "Clif" Chorus 1-2-3-4 Bowling 3-4 BARBARA BLOSS "Barb" Cheerleader 2-3 Softball 1 Queen Attendant 1 Chorus 1-2-3 Track 4 Junior Aid for Bac, DANIEL BRADEN "Boone" Chorus 1-2-3 Baseball 1 Bowling 1-3-4 PAUL BURBACH llMoe ll Basketball 2-3-4 Class Vice President 2 3 Chorus 3 Track 2 Baseball 1 364' JUDY BUSH "Jude" Bowling 1-3-4 Softball 1-2-3 Track 1-2 Chorus 1-2-3-4 GORDON COLLINS "Louie'f Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track 1 Chorus 3 Class Treasurer 3 Junior Play Prom Committee JERRY DEVINE "Andy" National Honor Society Beta Club 2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Class President 1 County Chorus 3-4 Prom Toastmaster DIANE DRAA "Chunky" Bowling 1-3 Chorus 1-2-3 Track 1 Softball 1-2 Junior Play Queen Attendant 3 NORMAN ENGLEBAUGH "Inky" Track 4 Chorus 1-3-4 Bowling 1-3 JOHN FORSHA Homecoming Attendant 4 Yearbook Staff BETTY GRIFFITHS "Lefty" Softball 1-2-3 Timer 2-3-4 Scorekeeper 1 Homecoming Queen 4 Junior Play Prom Committee Chorus 1-2-3-4 FRANK HILAND "Squeak" Chorus 3-4 Track 3-4 Yearbook Staff MARGARET HILLYER "Sherman" Softball 1-2 Bow ling 1 -3 Junior Play Prom Committee Chorus 1-2-3-4 DOROTHY HORODYSKI "Tinker" Softball 1-2 Cheerleader 1 Track 1 Chorus 1-2-3 Bowling 1-3 Junior Play Prompter RAYMOND JACKSON "Jack, the Ripper" Bowling 3-4 Basketball 3 Chorus 2-4 Track 3-4 Junior Play MERLE LANGLEY "Hur1" Basketball 1-2-3-4 Bowling 1-3 Junior Play Track 1-2 Class President 2-3 Vice President 4 Chorus 3 National Honor Society JOE MACK "Wild Steve" Class Treasurer 4 Track 1-2-3-4 Bowling 3-4 Boys' State 58 National Honor Society HOWARD MCMAHON "Goose" Junior Commencement Aid Baseball 1 EDWARD MELONI "Rabbit" Basketball 1-2 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 3-4 Class Treasurer 2 Junior Play Bowling 1-3-4 GORDON MYERS "Gobbin" Basketball 1-2-3 Track 1-2 Baseball 1 Bowling 1-4 ROBERTA REEVES "Bertie" National Honor Society Beta Club 2-3-4 Softball 1-2-3-4 Yearbook Editor Queen Attendant 4 Junior Play Class Secretary 4 MERLYN SMITH "Smitty" Band 3-4 1 THOMAS TUPPER "Lark" Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-3 National Honor Society Beta Club 2-3-4 Co-Editor Yearbook Chorus 1-3-4 Prom Committee Bowling 1-3 ALAN WATSON "Vite" Class President 4 Class Secretary 3 National Honor Society Beta Club 2-3-4 Basketball 1-2-3 Chorus 1-2-3 JANE WELLS "Janie" Softball 1-2-3-4 Track 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader 2-3-4 National Honor Society Bowling 1-3-4 Junior Play Queen Attendant 2 Chorus 1-2-3 RONALD WILSON "Moose" Basketball 1-2-3-4 Baseball 1 Bowling 1 Chorus 2 Just twelve years ago in September, 1947, forty-two six year old children entered Mrs. Karr's first grade. Twenty-one of the forty-two still remain with us, and they are Roy Bailes, Larry Bates, Barbara Bloss, Daniel Braden, Paul Burbach, Gordon Collins, Diane Draa, Norman Englebaugh, Betty Griffiths, Frank Hiland, Margaret Hillyer, Dorothy Horodyski, Raymond Jackson, Merle Langley, Joe Mack, Ed Meloni, Roberta Reeves, Tom Tupper, Alan Watson, Jane Wells, and Ronald Wilson. There were so many of us that the very first day we had to be moved into a larger room. After get- ting settled we began to learn the background for the 3 R's. In 1948 we were promoted to the second grade where Mrs. Queale was our teacher. The thing that we remember most was the Christmas tree we had that year. It was a branch from a tree, painted silver and decorated with the ornaments that we made. This year Gordon Myers and Howard McMahon joined us. In 1949 Mrs. Jennings received us into the third grade room. She certainly had a hard time pounding the "time tables" into our thick heads, That was the year that Judy Bush became a member of our class. The fourth grade was a memorable year, because Mrs. Lucas had the thankless task of teaching us how to write with an ink pen. This grade has the distinction of being that one in which Norman Englebaugh got his name of "Inky", because everytime we used our ink, he got more on himself than on the paper. Mrs. Hunter taught us in the fifth grade. Here we leamed who the musicians of the class were, for she taught us to play the harmonica, In the sixth grade we had Mrs. Seaholm as our teacher. I think the most important event that year was our trip to Pittsburgh to the Planetarium, the museum and the zoo. We next entered junior high school and what an experience that was! Mr. Furr was our seventh grade advisor and Mr. Whipkey, our eighth grade advisor, These two years were those in which we got into the most trouble. It seemed we were always getting blamed for something. It was in the seventh grade that we acquired another permanent member, Jerry Devine, and then in the eighth grade another, Richard Bloom. Well, when we finally became "Big" freshmen, we weren't as "big" as we thought we were, and Mr. Watson soon woke us up to that fact. We sponsored our first dance this year and were quite successful. The next fall all we did was move to the other side of the room and become soph- omores with Mr. Watson still our advisor. We had another dance that year and built up our funds in our treasury quite satisfactorily. When we left the tenth grade and ventured on to next-to-the-last year of school, we didn't think it would go as fast as it did. Mr. Gelsomino was our advisor and with his help we accomplished quite a bit. We put on a play, Miss Mischief, sold autograph books, sold candy in the hall at the noon recess, and had the concessions at the home basketball games. In the spring we received our class rings, had a dance, and enter- tained the seniors at a very successful Prom at the Mahoning Country Club. In the same year the girls' softball team won two district trophies with Jane Wells and Roberta Reeves from our class helping. John Forsha and Merlyn Smith joined us this year, And here we are at last in our senior year with graduation approaching. We have Mrs. Glowe as our sponsor whois guiding us along the route of making a yearbook, acquainting us with the many tests for scholarships in the many colleges, preparing for our senior play, getting ready for our senior trip to Washington, D. C., and finally helping us to be ready for the big event - graduation on May '20, 1959, These past twelve years have been the best years of our lives, even though they were pretty tough at times and without the guidance of our parents and teachers we probably wouldn't have made the grade. We owe them all a great big "Thanks! " and we hope to repay them by becoming conscientious citizens in the future. It is the year of 1979. Let us look in on the Senior Class of 1959. They all look quite different from what they did when we last saw them. The first one we visit is Roy Bailes, who is the center on the Boston Celtics, He has grown a bit since we last saw him, in fact, he is six feet seven inches tall now and still has his bright red hair. who is that little man? Of course, it is Larry Bates! We see that he is still driving his old Dodge. It is a miracle that it is still in one piece. He claims he has won the Indianapolis "500" a couple of times. Oh, we know who this is! It is Richard Bloom and his famous wife, Brigitte Bardot, He is the envy of every man in the United States. Let's visit Barbara Bloss. She is the champion boxer of the world - woman boxer, we mean. She keeps in shape by fighting with her husband, Tom Horodyski. Why, here's Danny Braden, We can't mistake him. He is now very famous for his invention of chairs for kids who sleep in class. Could that thin man be Paul Burbach? Why, yes, it is! He lost his weight while he was a calisthen- ics instructor in the United States Navy. Our next visit is to Judy Bush. She is now a model on the "Big Payoff. " She models fur coats, no less. If you are wondering how she got the job, Bud is now the M.C. How is Gordon Collins these days? He now weighs 250 lbs. and is owner of Louie's Tavern. We hear that he always donates blood to the Red Cross. Who are those two men? It must be Jerry Devine and Joe Mack, Shall we see what mischief they have been up to lately? They have sold their invention of a moon rocket to the govemment and are becoming quite wealthy. Joe said they invented it when they were trying to find something that would outrun Red Davidson's Ford. Ah, here comes John Forsha, who is now the Speaker of the House, thanks to Mr, Gelsomino's guidance. This beautiful lady approaching is Diane Draa, After she finished her time in the U. S. Air Force C? Q, she married the owner of the Chunky Chocolates, Norman Englebaugh has become a horse jockey. He rides in the Kentucky Derby every year. Here comes Betty Lou Griffiths. She is still at the switchboard in Orangeville, but now she own half the company, She is now considered the best news reporter in Orangeville Margaret Hillyer owns the other half of the company, She now keeps her shade up so she can see Mr, Sakey when he goes past. Frank Hiland has become quite famous since we last saw him. He is the well known author of a book entitled "Rules for Going Steady, " which has won him many awards, Dorothy' Horodyski is still as beautiful as ever. She has been Miss America but is now modeling Bikinis at the May Company, Raymond Jackson has never outgrown his way with the girls. All of the women in New York City are chasing him and he like life this way. Merle Langley has followed in his father's footsteps and-is known as the best insurance agent in the United States. Howard McMahon has become a famous rock and roll singer - they claim he is better than Elvis, Edward Meloni has the largest chain of grocery stores in America. He will sell you anything you want, except girls. fDon't get any smart ideas, boys.J Gordon Myers owns the largest farm this side of the Mississippi, and, to whip the lack of help problem, has bought robots to do the work. He says it is cheaper this way too. Roberta Reeves is now the confidential secretary to the President of the United States. It is said that she is the reason the President is still sane. Merlyn Smith is now the warden of the Ohio State Penitentiary, They say he gets along with the prisoners very well and is doing a great job, Who are these two men with horn-rimmed glasses? Oh, it's Tom Tupper and Alan Watson. They are professors at Kent State University - following in Mr. Whipkey's footsteps. We hear they are teaching their students two very important subjects: How read library books and sleep in classes. Jane Wells still has her long blonde ponytail, although she now models wigs for Esquire magazine. fThe ponytail is not hers.J Ron Wilson has become very rich lately, He owns one of the largest zipper manufacturing companies in the world. He got the idea one day while he was attending good old Vernon High School. O We, the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, being of sound mind fsome people wonderj do bequeath the following: Article I To Mr. Wasik, we will an automatic paddling machine which will operate with little effort. To Mrs. Glowe, we will a library of records for her literature classes. QA little rock and roll might help too.J To Mr. Gelsomino, we bequeath the cost of a marriage license, payable at any time within the next decade. To Mr, Sakey, we will a 25 pound medicine ball for his future basketball players to help get them in shape. To Mr. Robbins, we bestow a burglar alarm system for the shop. To Mrs. McCummins, we will a set of Ford hubcaps with a good looking mechanic to install same. To Mr, Furr, we leave a cigarette break during each and every class. To Mrs, Pearce, we bequeath an automatic window adjuster so as to keep the temperature always the same. Article I! To the Juniors, we will an indestructible pop dispensing machine which will auto- matically electrocute anyone using pennies instead of dimes. To the Sophomores, we leave Vernon School in one piece with the stipulation that they keep it that way, To the Freshmen, we will the homework which we as Seniors never got around to doing. Article III Roy Bailes hereby bequeaths his height to Gordon Fenn. Larry Bates wills a junior boy to take his place with the freshman girls. Barbara Bloss leaves a warning to all girls to keep away from Tom. Richard Bloom bequeaths his quiet ways to Tink Wade. Paul Burbach leaves nothing - he needs everything he has. Daniel Braden leaves his witty sayings in class to Richard Wells. Judy Bush wills the book How to Catch a Man to anybody interested. Betty Griffiths wills her place as counter of noses in the lunch line to anybody under twenty-one years of age, being of sound mind, and with three years of ex- perience. Norman Englebaugh bequeaths his place in Mr. Wasik's office to Albert Stuart, Jerry Devine wills his finesse with teachers to Eddie Papsun, Diane Draa will leave her RDX diet to anyone who can tell her what RDX means, Gordon Collins wills his car to anybody who doesn't know the way to Sharon - his car knows the way automatically. Joe Mack bequeaths his Ford to Henry Ford, Ir. for a before and after display. Of course, Joe's is the after part, Merle Langley wills his ability to stay off the dance floor to Don DePofi. fwho could need it more?J Raymond Jackson wills his ability to be around when there is trouble to Steve Horodyski. Dorothy Horodyski leaves her Chevy to anybody going into the junk business. Margaret Hillyer wills her ability to squeal her tires to John Wolford, who is already proficient in rolling cars. Frank Hiland leaves his masterpiece Rules for Going Steady to Douglas Rice. Roberta Reeves bequeaths her charming ways to Joan Reighard. Gordon Myers leaves his very slightly used books to Duane Wilson. Howard McMahon was going to leave a pack of cigarettes to someone but decided he better keep them for himself. Tom Tupper leaves his state test grades as an incentive to the juniors. Alan Watson' wills his shy disposition to Bob Klingensmith - but don't be fooled, Bob! ,Jane Wells wills her ponytail to Diane Devine. Ron Wilson wills his ability to sleep in class to John Hipkins, but remember, John, you mustdo it with your eyes open. Signed, sealed, and declared the last will and testament of the Class of 1959 of Vernon High School. W 3 Z PWM Q -N xg X 1 f If A :ew-A Q 2:1 WW ff' ff- " 'M' 'x , 'g.l,i 2 , X ,X Q 4 1 .1-f, .Q , z aeffa F 2 fr 5 Q2 W iors CLA SS OFFICERS President - - - - -John Wolford Vice President - - - -Tom Horodyski Secretary - - - - - - Vivian Hunter Treasurer - - - - - Diana Devine FIRST ROW: I. Parks, B. Underwood, N. Hillyer, H. Horodyski, B, Cameron, N. Heberling, D, Osborn, P. Long, S. Bailes, T. Gordon. SECOND ROW: C, Douce, J, Reighard, S. Kidd, V. Hunter, D. DePofi, M, Bobbie, M. Bragg, J. White, D. Devine, J. Wolford. THIRD ROW: R, Watson, H. Olson, T. Horodyski, G. Fenn, J, Hipkins, E, Papsun, A. Stuart, D. Wilson. f? O .,. Q 77 . P N ' ,A Af. 5?-vii .My . ' ,. my .. V V I .Q N A Xf" ' . A ' hw?V K, . , T M- f ' q b 5 : I Vi .. " A A - I . an . A fi? 521 . L I , . A' ,, f 9 . ,. f -A" 'J V f .I f. I --,, y W . - M ' 4 nx A Q 2 .Q 1' x.Q, A l I, N 6 I 1 1 A . 7 7 L. RRRR fail I A . R A - . A '- W H- R L R P , - f A ' 'Ia N .,f,, N , V g Biff! ff!! A 5 fi K - A V .Q .K A SANDRA KIDD PATTY IDNG SARA OAKES DOIORES OSBORN EDDIE PAPSUN JEAN PARKS ALAN SMITH ALBERT STUART ROBERT WATSON JUDY WHITE BARBARA UNDERWOOD DUANE WILSON JOHN WOLFORD 4 4, sggj . W SHIRLEY BAILES MICHAEL BOBBIE MARILYN BRAGG BEVERLY CAMERON DON DePOFI DIANA DEVINE CAROL DOUCE GORDON PENN TOM GORDON NEIL HEBERLING NANCY HILLYER JOHN HIPKINS HELEN HORODYSKI THOMAS HORODYSKI VIVIAN HUNTER .. .az W., f W, - .f 1 5: K5 V M Q. : H 9? ww .. In f ,krr I QL' I 9 1. Qu. A Q 'if L A' 1 ',.' 1' ' f A Xa - A2212.fv'?? A .i - .Lr 5 my K, K v I ,Q on - H - ' 4. .45 2 . I I .1 . 'f' 5:':"2f' w I f . 3' A LAA" ' I 'W , . . J : J k,,.,, V I No Plcture .ye 5' ' A f . : 'A 'v 3.21, more ' - ... V 5 ' - ,..': ..,.. - Q" ON -. ' RAI HWY OLS .I I ff P ROBERT WADE res FIRST ROW: B, Smith, E, Bush, S. Meloni, J. Wade, K. Unangst, L, Sackett, D. Frew, A, Frew, L. Tupper, H. Rodgers, M. Hunkus, D. Garrett. SECOND ROW: S Bates, Helen Myers, M. Miller, J. Wilson, R, Wells, D. Bates, D, Rice, J. Nash- tock, E. Stevens, M, Collins, C, Blair, L. Meikle, THIRD ROW: G. Edeburn, C, Griffiths, F. Hunter, P. Bradley, R. Karr, I. Starling, R. Braden., R, Klingensrnith, J. Nashtock, R, Wilson. Q CLA SS OFFIC ERS President ----------- Linda Tupper Vice President ------ Kathleen Unangst Secretary ---- - - Darlene Garrett Treasurer - - - - -Helen Myers X Duane Bates Shirley Bates Carol Blair Ray Braden Peter Bradley Eileen Bush Marlene Collins Gary Edeburn Dianne Frew Darlene Garrett Charles Griffiths Mary Hunkus Fred Hunter Raymond Karr Robert Klingensmith Linda Meikle Sandra Meloni Martha Miller Helen Myers James Nashtock Douglas Rice Hazel Rodgers Lois Sackett Bonnie Smith John Starling Elsie Jean Stevens Linda Tupper Kathleen Unangst Judy Wade Richard Wells James Wilson Richard Wilson Prctures Not Available Richard Breber Ada Frew John Nashtock. freshmen CLASS OFFICERS President ----- Vice President - - Secretary ---- Treasurer - - - Bonnie Hunter Ronald Gordon Donna Scheel Sandra Coxson FIRST ROW: C. Mook, P. Chambora, R Shafer D Scheel B Dunfee C Anderson, F. Garrett, R, Bailes, P. Henderson, R. Gordon D Walton SECOND ROW B Schuller, C. Langley, B. Hunter, M, Romrne M Hunter D Davidson C Langle J. Filer, C. Coxson, B. Radcliffe, S. Bush M Draa THIRD ROW S Horodyskr L Wilson, J. Pelton, R, Warner, R, Rogers, R Wilson R Floch, K Sta1nf1e1d, D Douce TP Cathleen Anderson Sandra Bush Donna Chambora Patty Chambora Sandra Coxson Donna Davidson David Douce Barbara Dunfee June Filer Flora Garrett Ronald Gordon Patricia Henderson Steve Horodyski Bonnie Hunter Marsha Hunter Carole Langley Dianne Langley Clayre Mook John Pelton Barbara Radcliffe Ronald Rogers Marsha Romine Donna Scheel Barbara Schuller Robert Shafer Kenneth Stainfield Donald Walton Rodger Warner Larry Wilson Richard Wilson Pictures Not Available: Robert Bailes, Michael Draa, Robert Floch. JE! WNV fqun I or h g h agdzd 53, FIRST ROW: M. Horodyski, P. Shafer, P. Kanchok, D. Watson, S. Bush, D. Fair, C. Frew, F. Kitko, J, Bailes, M. McGhee, E. Hunkus. SECOND ROW: S. Thomas D. Gordon, M. Apthorpe, L. Wade, H. Myers, B, Cameron, B. Peden, R. Draa, J. Stuart, E. Marshall, G. Boyd. THIRD ROW: P. Burbach. J. Forsha, D. Morrow, G. Fenn, K. Thomas, G. Penn, T. Bloom, B. Kerfoot. 6 S9 FIRST ROW: M. Kerfoot, V. Bradley, R. McAllister, T. Milks, D, Morrison, B. Starling, R. Kanchok, M. Anderson, T. Romine, I. Heberling. SECOND ROW: G. Peden, N. Phillips, C. Williams, E. Walton, R. Griffiths, E. Cameron, K. Scheel D. Bloom, D. Kitko. THIRD ROW: G. Dodge, P. Hillyer, J, Oakes, W. Bloss, E. Diehl, G. Shafer, B. Duecaster, T. Nashtock, L. Sonk, f Mt- I s,l . X ll ob, 0 "' fr O. -1 . 47 '. 6? 4 1 , " G.. f J 9 I '44' 'rr' f 4 f X I 5 . weiggim ' W 5 Y 7w'Wf FLORENCE LUCAS Youngstown University Hobby: Travel MARGRET K , SMITH Kent State University Youngstown University Hobby: Sewing HARRY BENETIS Ohio Northern University Youngstown University Hobbies: Coins and Ping-pong FAUSTENA HUNTER Kent State University Hobby: Music EDNA IENNINGS Slippery Rock State Teachers College EVELYN HUTCHINS State Teachers College Westfield, Massachussetts Youngstown University Hobby: Playing piano ALDA WATSON Kent State University MERLE EDEBURN Trumbull County Normal School Kent State University Hobby: Raising flowers Saad ROW 1: K. Smith, K. Bumstead, S, McAlister, J. Blair, M. Fair, R, Shingledecker, R. DePofi, L. Stuart, S, Klingensmith, I. Starling, L, Tenney, ROW 2: S, Brandon, J. Meikle, A. Duecaster, S. Kidd, D. Schuller, S. DeArment, J. Russell, M. Chambora P. Langley, B. Bequeath, K, Campbell, Mr. Benetls. ROW 3: R. Mack, C. Boyd, M. Frew, R. Derr, D. Wolford, W. Radcliffe, J. Martin, H. Stevens, C. Elder, D. Rice, H, Penn. ROW 4: M. Bush, K. Owen, G. Slovinsky, C. Reighard, P. Santfant, D. Hipkins, P. Horodyski, C. Douce, L. Henderson. Not present: C. Reighard. qu ROW 1: G. Hansen, B. Duecaster, D. Tenney, R. Bell, J. Shafer, D. Gross, M, Hunkus, C. Gordon, J. Davidson, B, Hall, P. Apthorpe, J. Langley, ROW 2: D, Hartman, S. DeArment, W. Kerfoot, D. Petrocco, B. Romine, L. Douce, W. Campbell, K. Bush, R, Tupper, J, Wade, Mrs. Lucas, ROW 3: I. May, G, Hayden, C. Marshall, T, Rogers, M. Dodge, D. Nagy, N. White, R, Smith, L, Rose, DC ' ROW 1: 'P. Stainfield, S. Bloss, S. Bell, M. Lower, M, Kitk0. I. Davidson, J, Davidson. ROW 2: C. Thomas, D. Harnett, E. Wilson, K. Elser, K. Kidd, D, Vujevic, J. White, C. Milks, Mrs. Hunter. ROW 3: M. Bush, S, Wilmouth, W, Klingensmith, R. Garlock, D. Griffiths, P. Hunkus, I. Cameron, M. Oakes, E. Oakes. ?awzZ4 I ROW 1: S. Starling, C. Hamett, T. Yeager, R. Smith, B. Gordon, A. Horodyski, P. Rechedy, D. Harnett, W. Kotanichek, S. Bumstead, L. Heberling, M. Louer. ROW 2: I. Bates, D. Wilrnouth, I. Russell, M, Hartman, K, Bonar, E. Henderson R, Shingeldecker, I. Horodyski, I. Chambora, A, Allen, R. Elder, P. Wolford. ROW 3: A, Funk, W, Skelton, L, Bailes, M. Langley, D. Phillips, I. Reeves, M, Klingensmith, J. Stiles, R. Moy, W, Kidd. Mrs. Smith. 741:-wi ROW 1: D, Hamett, K. Elser, C. Moore, C. Bates, D, Olson, L. Phillips, J, Blair, G. McGhee, G, Garrett, C. Bradley, ROW 2: W. Wade, R. Reeves, K, Dillon, S. Hansen, S, DeArrnent, L. Bloss, W, Wolford, J, Kacerski, J. Storey, K, Klingensmith, N. Vujevic, ROW 3: D. Hall, I, Slovinsky, D. Tupper, R. Wade, I. Mack, G. Hillyer, D, Bailes, G. Wajda, R. Douce, C, Bush, ROW 4: D. Melvin, M. Parks,' P, Bloom, D, Funk, K. Baldwin, B. Radcliffe, I. Parks. ,Not present: J. Davis, J. Davis, ecoad ROW 1: J. Garlock. I. Tenney, T, Shingledecker, B. Perrine, K, Gordon, C. Smith G, Harnett, D. Hall, P. DePofi, D. Baldwin. ROW 2: K, Bonar, I.,Campbell, R, Gross, D. Rogan, I, Moore, I. Mizner, F, Hunkus, S, Smith, R, McPeak, B, Bates. ROW 3: L, Unangst, I, Cameron, C, Caswell, K. Brown, E, Bush, A, Bailes, D, Meikle, J, Shafer, R, Tallman, A, Kanchok. ecomiavwfrizdl ROW 1: I. Elder, B. Marshall, C, Perrine, J, Shafer, G, Kotanchek, P, Hansen, T. Apthorpe, G. Morrison. ROW 2: H, Allen, B, Bumstead, D. Cameron, J, Dillon, H, Parks, W. Henderson, D. Bishop. ROW 3: B, Bequeath, B, Swick, J, Garlock, K, Scheel, S. Kitko, L. Funk, I. Martin, B, Bailes, Mrs. Watson, 70241 ROW 1: W, Horodyski, J. Fell, E, Evans, M, Hartman, J, Shingledecker, T, Wolford, E. Skelton, L, Bumstead, ROW 2: Mrs. Edeburn, M. Forsha, M. Forsha, T. Davis, B, Draa, N, Duecaster, D, Hunkus, J. Wajda, B, Coller, ROW 3: G. Bonar, M. Petrocco B, Rosier, C. Wade, G. Wells, A, Kanchok, C, Hall, M. Elser. .snuff 'fx IlL? E:QQ,A.7Xv3:1g4jw1Q2 K 5:1 mg f455T5??Yf54' Q 3 f gm wififfiggi S Q 15 sy 52 ,v x, S E L 'fff ' 0 19, 9 . a x e ' ' QQ wr- A . 1x011 of azaunurggjak img- uf' M J SEATED: Alan Watson, Merle Langley, Thomas Tupper ,Toe Mack STANDING: Roberta Reeves, Jane Wells, Jerry Devine Marilyn Bragg, Diana Devine. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY x 5 v 5 1.9 ge -.. B N "4omsn P CHAaAc1:R SEATEDN Alan Watson, Thomas Tupper, Roberta Reeves. STANDING: Roy Bailes, Helen Myers, Judy White, Linda Tupper, Judy Wade, Mary Hunkus. Sponsor: Mr. Glowe. 5 afhlqjlcs M LEAGUE CHAMPIONS KNEELING: Gary Edeburn, Torn Tupper, Ed Meloni, John Pelton, Jerry Devine, Roy Bailes, Gary Boyd, Manager. STANDING: Mr. Sakey, Coach, Bob Wilson, Manager, David Douce, Ronald Gordon, Pete Bradley, Bob Bailes, John Wolford, Robert Wade, Kenneth Stainfield, Raymond Karr. JERRY DEVINE ED MELONI n V TOM TUPPER ROY BAILES sagmw KNEELING: Bonnie Hunter, Barbara Unangst, Jane Wells, Linda Meikle, Shirley Bates, Carol Douce, Martha Bush, Helen Myers, Roberta Reeves, Radcliffe, Carole Langley, Hazel Rodgers, Kathleen Marsha Hunter. STANDING: Sandra Meloni, Miller, Marsha Romine, Marilyn Bragg, Sandra Mr. Furr, Coach. ROBERTA REEVES JANE WELLS Marg FIRST ROW: G. Boyd, M, Langley, R, Wilson, G, Collins, P. Burbach, T. Tupper R, Bailes, SECOND ROW: Coach Robert Sakey, J. Hipkins, D. Wilson, R. Watson, J. Wolford, R, Karr, G. Edeburn, T. Horodyski. RONALD GORDON FRED HUNTER JOHN PELTON GARY EDEBURN - ROBERT KLINGENSMITH - DICK WILSON - ROBERT WATSON ' HM NASHTOCK Varsity basketball at Vernon during the 1959 season was not too successful. Lack of experience or lack of spirit, both of which are essential for a good team, caused the team to lose more games than it won. The reserve team, on the other hand, tumed in a very impressive record, which points to better days ahead. MARILYN BRAGG JANE WELLS JUDY WHITE SANDRA COXSON LINDA TUPPER CAROLE LANGLEY We'11 remember them not only for their adept handling of the cheering at the games but also for the clever skits they presented at our pep sessions held on the days of home games, BETTY GRIFFITHS DIANA DEVINE HELEN MYERS 6405 ,. ' 'lI'ylgHk,. i A A FIRST ROW: Richard Wells, Fred Hunter, Pete Bradley, Tink Wade, John Wolford, Dave Douce, Ron Gordon. SECOND ROW: Bill Shafer, Gary Edeburn, Bob Bailes, Ken Stainfield, Neil Heberling, Gary Boyd, Mgr. Mr. Sakey, Bob Wilson, Merlyn Smith, Ed Papsun, Joe Mack, John Pelton, Ray Jackson, Norman Englebaugh, Ed Meloni, Jerry Devine, Frank Hiland. FIRST ROW: Linda Meikle, Jane Wells, Diane Langley, Marsha Romine, Barbara Radcliffe, Bonnie Hunter, Marsha Hunter. SECOND ROW: Barbara Dunfee, Sandra Coxson, Sandra Bush, Donna Scheel, Carol Langley, Kathleen Unangst. THIRD ROW: Judy Bush, Helen Myers, Martha Miller, Flora Garrett, Cathleen Anderson, Sandra Meloni, Shirley Bates, Hazel Rodgers. CIC GS I .fueea BETTY GRIFFITHS Wee Qual FIRST ROW: Mr. Sanchez, N. Hillyer, E. Bush, S. Oakes, H. Myers, S. Bates, M. Hunkus, D. Scheel, B. Hunter, B. Radcliffe, K. Unangst, D. Frew, L. Sackett F. Garrett. SECOND ROW: C. Douce, H. Horodyski, J. Wade, C. Blair, M. Hunter, S. Coxson, M. Bragg, I. White, D. Devine, D. Langley, L. Meikle, R. Reeves, B. Griffiths. THIRD ROW: B. Cameron, T. Tupper, J. Hipkins, R. Floch, J. Pelton, L. Bates, J. Devine, M. Bobbie, F. Hiland, S. Bailes, M. Romine, E. Stevens. FOURTH ROW: R. Jackson, N. Englebaugh. I. Wolford, G. Edeburn, R. Bloom, R. Gordon, S. Horodyski. X' N gmwl SENIOR BAND SEATED: D. Gordon, E. Marshall, E. Stevens, R. Mack, M. Hunter, I. Pelton, H. Myers, D. Schuller, C. Frew, S. Horodyski, G. Boyd, R. Gordon. STANDING: E. Wilson, J. Heberling, Mr. Sanchez. JUNIOR BAND FIRST ROW: K. Burnstead, G. Hansen, L, Stuart, J. Starling, A. Kacerski, D, Bloom, N. White, D, Gross, D. Hamett, H. Fenn, D. Harnett, I. Wade, J. Russell, D. Vujevic, T. Yeager. SECOND ROW: W. Kerfoot, P. Hunkus, D. Wolford, P, Santfant, W. Klingensmith, I. Davidson. DONNA BAXTER - Secretary KENNETH STAFFORD - Custodian IRENE RAMM - DOROTHY LANGLEY - MARY BUSH Cooks Bus Drivers KING PELTON - RUSSELL HIPKINS - DALE BLAIR WILLIAM WOLFORD - HENRY HANSEN -JOE MACK W- Em 5:45 SEATED: STANDING, First Row: Second Row: THOMAS TUPPER. . . . . . Co-Editor ROBERTA REEVES .... ..... E ditor MRS. NAOMI GUOWE. . . . . . Class Advisor ED MELONI ..... . . Business Manager BETTY GRIFFITHS. . . . . Senior Class JANE WELLS .... . . Girls' Sports JOE MACK ..... ............. S napshots FRANK HILAND. . . ............ Junior High MERLE LANGLEY, , , , , ,Prophecy, Will, Poem, History ALAN WATSON. . . ...... Faculty and Employees ROY BAILES. . ....... Boys' Sports JERRY DEVINE. . ....... Grade School LARRY BATES JOHN FORS HA . . .Freshmen and Sophornores .. ..........Activities di! 76X L .. MN N y elvertisers Grocerles and Notions MELCNl'S GENERAL STCRE Wholesale and Retail Vernon, Oh1o Phone Orangeville M-65 Fresh-Dressed Pork and Beef Inte rnational Trucks BCYD PONTIAC, INC. Route 5 and 7 Kinsman, Ohio Phone-Urban 6-2345 Service All Makes of Cars Complim ents of WILSON'S MARKET Orangeville, Ohio Phone 15 Store Hours 8:30 A. M. - 9 P. M. FRED BATHLOW ELECTRICAL CCNTRACTCR Vernon, Ohio ille O-96 Good Luck Class of 1959 REMBRANDT STUDIO 204 East State Street Sharon, Pennsylvania I would like to thank the year- book staff and administration for all the cooperation and assistance given our photographers this year. JACK MERLE Owne r C omplim ents of PAUL G. MILLS, INC. Dairy Barn and Silo Equipment Lawn and Garden Equipment Chain Saws - Brush Cutters Henry Light Industrial Equipment We Have Parts and Service for Everything We Sell Routes 7 and 82 Brookfield, Ohio Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK G. G. WALL - - W. B. DAVIS - - - DEWITT MARSH - - HILDA THOMPSON - - RUTH DIBELL - - - MABEL REED - - HELEN BROWN - - GENE SHAFER ---- MARGARET COUCH RACHEL BAXTER - EVELYN MATHEWS RUBY ARTMAN - - Kinsman, Ohio ----------- ----President - -Vice President - - - - -Cashier - -Asst. Cashier - - -Chief Clerk - - -Teller - - Teller - - Teller - - - - -Teller Teller - - Bookkeepe r - - Bookkeepe r C olfnplim ents of REIMOLD 81 MCKNIGHT Clothing - Appliances - Toys - Housewares Sporting Goods 1000 Items in Stock Route 18 Between Sharon and Greenville Open Seven Days a Week Complim ents of BLAIR'S THRIFTLINE STORE Meats - Groceries - General Merchandise Custom Butchering Burghill, Ohio Phone: Orangeville X-59 Compliments of THE BURGHILL AUCTION SALE CORN POPPER DINER AND Pizza New and Used Merchandise Hamburgers Every Tuesday Night Ice Cream 7:00 P. M. Burghill, Ohio Compliments of BOYD CHEVROLET New and Used Cars Service Orangeville, Ohio Phone: A-39 Compliments of THE ALLEN HOUSE Built in 1821 'Your Home for Gracious Eating" Family Style Parties by Sunday Dinners Appointment Phone Urban 6- 2931 Kinsman, Ohio and TIMES SQUARE RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours Junction of Routes 5 and 7 Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of LANGLEY 81 HOBART All Kinds of Insurance Phone: Urban 6-2181 Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of MCCURDY FUNERAL HOME Kinsman, Ohio Phone: Urban 6-2271 Ambulance Service Compliments of A. G. BIRRELL CO. Selection of Used Cars Sales Service Mercury and Ford Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3 221 Compliments of LEROY HARNETT Quality Coal Excavating Phone: Urban 6-3589 Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of HORODYSKI'S BROS. The Best in Tires Auto Wrecking Route 7 Burghill, Ohio Phone: Orangeville O-64 1 P Compliments of FARMERS' FEED 8: SUPPLY Custom Grinding Feed, Seeds, Fertilizer, Lime, Drain Tile, Building Supplies Box 4 Burghill, Ohio Phone: Orangeville A- 97 Compliments of BROWN'S SERVICE STATION LEE BROWN, Prop. Lubrication Tires and Tubes Accessories Clean Rest Rooms Burghill, Ohio Ph. Orangeville K-44 Compliments of Compliments of KINSMAN SAND Sn GRAVEL CO. KINSMAN RESTAURANT GLENN B, HARNETT Route 7 Kinsman, Ohio Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3321 Compliments of Compliments of KINSMAN PLUMBING Sz HEATING CO. L, R, SWICK 81 SONS Boilers, Furnaces Air Conditioning Roofing - Spouting Deming and Myers Pumps Furnace Work Kinsman, Ohio Farmdale, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3163 Ph. Urban 6-3684 Compliments of Compliments of LEWIS 8: CO. PAT 8m LOU'S Clover Farm Store Route 7 General Merchandise Andover, Ohio Ph. 3841 Wayne, Ohio Ph. Y-Z5 C 1' t f Omp lmen S 0 Compliments of PEASE Sr HANSON RAY'S SOHIO SERVICE The Sign of the Flying Red Horse Routes 5 and 7 Kinsman, Ohio , , Ph. Urban 6-2961 Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of KINSMAN SUPER MARKE T Kinsman, Ohio Phone: Urban 6-3181 and THE APPAREL SHOPPE Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of PARKER LUMBER CO. 103 Shenango Street Sharon, Pa. Lumber - Builders Supplies - Coal - B.P.S. Paints For Quick, Courteous Service and Building Advice Call WO Z-5143 Compliments of FORD V. BAXTER AGENCY Insurance and Real Estate Homes - Farms - Business Kinsman, Ohio Phone: Urban 6-3051 Compliments of KINSMAN REXALL DRUGS Public Square Kinsman, Ohio Gifts - Tobacco - Sodas Compliments of BILL'S AUTO BODY SHOP Z4 Hr. Wrecker Service Wrecking Yard Complete Auto Body Work Kinsman, Ohio Phones: Xavier 4-2467 or 4-2469 Compliments of C. L. ARNER International Harvester New Idea RCA - Whirlpool Orangeville, Ohio Phone: Z1 Compliments of Compliments of WALL'S SERVICE STATION K, R, MEREDITH HARDWARE Amoco Gasoline Kinsman, Ohio Sherwin Williams Paint Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of .IACK'S SOHIO Atlas Tires Batteries and Accessories Routes 5, 88, and 90 Johnston, Ohio Ph. Xavier 4-2.3 14 Compliments of NEWMASTER'S SERVICE STATION Johnston, Ohio ni' 2 , ,,,.,.- . A ,,1igQ.,,i -nn! f. Compliments of FARMDALE HARDWARE Farmdale, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3686 Compliments of FRED E, ELSON INSURANCE AGENCY Insurance - Real Estate Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-2781 Compliments of KINSMAN CLEANERS Kinsman, Ohio Ph, Urban 6-2761 Compliments of BUSH LUMBER Lumber - Building Supplies Lime and Coal Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3692. Compliments of Compliments of AARON SALTZMAN GALLOWAY'S FUNERAL HOME Lawnmowers Sharpened and Repaired Hartford, Ohio Saws Filed, Set, and Retoothed Burghill, Ohio Compliments of Compliments of CARSON THE MAJESTIC FINANCE COMPANY Greenville , Penns ylvania Greenville , Penns ylvania Compliments of THE SPORTS CENTER 228 Main Street Greenville, Pennsylvania Phone: 1532 Compliments of DAVIS DRUG STORE 169 Main Street Greenville , Penns ylvania Phone: 37 9 Compliments of KELLER'S lt's Definitely Keller's for Smart Things to Wear Greenville , Penns ylvania Compliments of STREAMLINE MARKET Greenville, Pennsylvania Compliments of GREENVILLE LUMBER gl SUPPLY CO. Route 18, Greenville, Pa. and Affiliated MOSS LUMBER 8: SUPPLY CO. Route 7, Andover, Ohio Compliments of ART GOODWILL'S ASHLAND SERVICE STATION Clinton and Mercer Streets Greenville, Pennsylvania I Compliments of BOLIVER'S AUTO PARTS 12. South Water Street Greenville, Pennsylvania Phones : 450 and 451 Compliments of CITY DISPOSAL SERVICE KENNETH STAFFORD, SR, Orangeville, Ohio Compliments of FOGEL' LOCKER PLANTS Custom Cutting Orangeville, Ohio Phone: 47 Compliments of STATE LINE PRODUCTS Glass, Paints, and Mirrors Orangeville, Ohio Phone: A-42 Compliments of L, L, KECK 8: SON, INC, Greenville , Pennsylvania Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Greenville , Penns ylvania Compliments of WILLIAM J. MILLER Burghill, Ohio Phone: M-4 Septic Tank Installation Licensed: Trumbull Co. , Ohio C ompliments of BOLOTIN'S Fine Furniture SO. Pymafurlillg TWP., Pa. Greenville, Pennsylvania Why Fuss ? -- Go Bortner Bus PAUL BORTNER CHARTER BUS SERVICE R.D. l Sharpsville, Pa, Phone: Transfer-Mitchell 6082.1 Best Wishes to the Class of 1959 SHARON SPEEDWAY Hartford, Ohio Racing Every Sunday Compliments of CONWAY AND WASSER Stetson Hats Hart, Schaffner and Marx Clothes 168 Main Street P Greenville, Pennsylvania Compliments of J. C. HOFFMAN Sz SON Established 1884 Sheet Metal Work, Roofing Furnaces, Air-Conditioning 332 Shenango Avenue Sharon, Pennsylvania hones Di 6-5394 or Di 7-2888 Compliments of THE HUB SAM SLESKICK, Prop. Greenville, Pennsylvania Compliments of S, S, MCCURDY Jeweler Athletic Equipment Greenville , Penns ylvania C ompliments of Compliments of MILD WILLIAMS RUTH AND CLARENCE VOGEL JEWELERS Greenville , Penns ylvania Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of CRATSLEY'S BARBER SHOP Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of KINSMAN ZERO LOCKER Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3381 Compliments of BOB'S MARKET Groceries - Fruits - Vegetables Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3794 Compliments of LESLIE 'S GREENHOUSE Flowers for All Occasions Kinsman, Ohio Ph. -Urban 6-3021 Compliments of McCLEAD'S REST HOME Vernon, Ohio Phone: Kinsman Urban 6-2911 Compliments of TARGET STAMPED PRODUC TS CORP, Box 176 Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of SHARP CHEVROLET, INC, Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales and Service Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-3151 Compliments of DR. AND MRS R, A. HANAWALT Veterinarian Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of A. R. MYERS Clover Farm Store Groceries - Meats Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of FRANK DIBELL INSURANCE AGC Y. Nationwide Insurance Kinsman, Ohio Ph. Urban 6-4343 WARREN SANITARY MILK Warren, Ohio Phone: EX 2151 Compliments of GATEWAY TAVERN Greenville-Vernon Road ALBERT AND ESTHER SZAKACH Compliments of STATE LINE AUTO BODY For the Best in Auto Body Work Orangeville , Ohio III Compliments of BIGGINS ELEC TRIC CO. Electrical Appliances TV and Furniture Cortland, Ohio Compliments of WARREN MUSIC CENTER Compliments Everything in Music of 158 High Street R. W. COOK Warren, Ohio and A VETERINARIAN Cortland, Ohio Austin Village Shopping Center Compliments Compliments of of TRIANGLE DR. AND MRS. SHAFER RESTAURANT Good Eating Cortland, Ohio Your Dentist Cortland, Ohio Compliments of Compliments J. E. LININGER 8: SONS Well Drilling Contractors of Pumps - Well Screen - Well BIANCO'S BARBER SHOP Service 170 E t St St t Greenville, Pa. as ate ree Ph. l62.6R or l626W Sharon, Penna. Compliments of Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE "Your Friendly Self-Service Store for All Your Needs" VIRGIL AND RALPH ROSSI BARBER SHOP 646 Main St. Sharpsville , Pennsylvania Sharpsville , Penna . Compliments of Congratulations EMERSON PERRINE to Distributor of Atlantic Petroleum Products Class of 1959 Ten Modern Efficient Delivery , Trucks to Serve You S Bobbv's Corners, Sharon, Penna. KE Compliments of YAN E LAKE Dancing - Swimming - Picnicking "C" LO'S RESTAURANT Dancing Every Saturday Night Fine Food and Groceries Brookfield, Ohio BENNY JONES ORCHESTRA Compliments Compliments of of MRS. JEAN BERRY AND FAMILY TOM THUMB DRIVE-IN Route 305 Kinsman, Ohio Hartford, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of SEIDLE BROS . TV DR 'S BERRY FARM Philco - Hoffman - Sylvania AA Burghill, Ohio Ph. K-97 Vernon, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of THE MAYB ORN CONSTRUCTION CO. JEAN'S FREEZER FREEZE General Contractors , . Johnston, Ohio Kinsman, Ohio Ph., Urban 6-2751 Compliments Compliments of of ROY BAILES TWIN KISS DRIVE-IN Sharon-Mercer Road Your Sohio Distributor Soft Ice Cream - Frosty Root Beer Vernon, Ohio Sandwiches Compliments of HARTFORD ORCHARDS Hartford, Ohio Compliments of MADASZ FUNERAL HOME 24 Hr. Ambulance Service Brookfield, Ohio - Masury, Ohio Phone Sharon Gibson- 859 69 C om plim ent s of E. E. BLAIR 81 SONS Groceries - Meats General Merchandise C om pliment s of PARKER'S DAIRY BAR Phone: Y-51 Orangeville, Ohio Phg 9 Orangeville, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of SANDY AND SADIE KIDD Phone: 45 Orangeville, Ohio PELTON'S CIDER MILL Phone: W- 3 1 Vernon, Ohio Compliments Compliments of of KINSMAN GULF SERVICE THE PITTSBURGER Routes 5 and 7 Rmlte 7 Kinsman, Ohio Kinsman, Ohio Compliments of VIENNA HARDWARE THOMAS B. CRAIG Building Supplies Warren, Ohio Phone 8-2134 Compliments of BLOCH BROS. Outfitter s Since 1907 Sharpsville , Penna HORODYSKI BROS. Burghill, Ohio Used Cars Used Parts New Tires Auto Wrecking Phone: Orangeville O- 64 OUR PATRONS BOYCAN FRUIT FARM JOHNSTON BARBER SHOP VIRGIL'S DAIRY KREME SANDRA'S BEAUTY SHOP HAMILTON MUSIC CENTER KEESECKER IMPLEMENT CO. KEN PAYNE'S AUTO SALES KINSIVIAN LANES MRS, K. KNEVAL GREENVILLE ARMY STORE RUTTERS 8a SON BODY SHOP DR. 8L MRS. CHIONCHIO DR. 8a MRS, F. L. THOMPSON PETER RECHEDY OCTAGON TOURIST HOME PAUL SMITI-I'S MARKET GOVERNOR 8: SONS SPORTLAND GORDIE LEE'S BARBER SHOP THE LEWIS SHOPPE PENN SALES DISCOUNT HOUSE FINIS It is the pleasure of the V-ECHO staff to express appre- ciation to those of you who have made this annual a success . Without the cooperation of our teachers and parents and with- out the financial assistance of the merchants and other busi- ness persons of our area we could not publish this book as we do. This is your bookg we and the students of Vernon High School express our sincere thanks . As the Senior Class of '59 leaves to journey downthe road of Life, we hope these pages willbe treasured as a reminder of their school days in Vernon High School. V 31 Nr! ---Ck 1557 ff X f I . I 1 Q k ,--4- XX ft 'g X c fn. fn 1 a at A ,4 "N X0 X MI, p f i ifyx -f N wi. ,, an or F7 f TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks-Are Taylor-made" 3 1 - W ,- ,.., N I,. w - . .,, ,ng 31. 3. .,.wsr-a--uw .wrv 11.-.

Suggestions in the Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) collection:

Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 35

1959, pg 35

Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 78

1959, pg 78

Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 78

1959, pg 78

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