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E? 1 ' 1 1 1. 1 E 1 ' lv 1 1' 1' 1 1 . 1 1'- 1 ,A 1 , ' 1 i ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . ,f , , ,, , .1 1 V 2 1 1 1 ' E A . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 ' 1 F H 1 1 . 5 V 1 ! 1 . 1 1 . ' '1 .K 1 1 ' Y 4 ! A 1, '1 ' . . X1 ' 1 " 5 4 . , 1 . Q' X1 . - ' ,1 1' 1 1 1 1 "". ,14 1 A 1 1 f 1 1 1' 1 1 .gl 2 . 1.' 1 , V- 'f 1 1 1 +4 - ' 1 1 ,, i , , i .1 1 ,lv ' , I IK.. 1 , 1 , 1 fi Am v 1 s1auE9wmm4,mn!mxuvlv:1mwl1m:Ai :1afw,sm.JLa1,, V 1 wx WMM Z WE EGM V-ECHO STAFF Editor-in-Chief . . . . Roberta Archer Business Manager, , , , , , , , Erdeene Hillyer Assistant Business Manager. . . . . . . . . , , . jane Fair Circulation Managers . . . . . . Harry Davis,jim Leonard Clas s Editors: Senior. . . Betty Jean Rice, jane Fair junior ..... Sophomore . . Freshmen. . Eighth Grade. . . Adelaide Rechedy . Marlyne G ruve r . . Eileen Edeburri . . .Carabelle Scott Seventh Grade. . .Emma j'eanBrown Grade School. Sports Editors , , Music Editor , , Class History. . . Class Will .... Class Prophecy. . . Class Poem. . . Class Song. . . Typists ...... . Faculty Advisors. . . . . . Elinor Perkins Paul Hutchins . , ,Larry Bradley, jack Warner I . . . . Irene Hillyer . .Robert Mullett . . .Wanda Aurand . . Francis Smith . . Randall Sweitzer . . Clyde Moffett Florence Santfant, Patricia Sonk . .Mr. Inglefield, Mrs. Hanawalt F4""""1 K Ax ' 1 1 .1 -s L.N 'DA' ' 'W ?.- J - . T-1. l-'--- xxl' ' l '1- f If., Lq- .W-x-xg- :ash Q lr.. ,J f - - , ' ' 9 . .-N Q- ,"'x 1' I- N- Xl' 'I 5X-xx Ufxx :X kk , lf j Ng! x C 3' - -sus:-p fXX2k Cf-s A K .-,. 1 w -xx f1.x"'J!q X Hkgf FX-fx - K -u-. x ,V- .. S LAI A I ,wif U w X111 f Q1 f? .71 --- f'?,X- f if QW XC.-WiZfNQ6f.jlf i -'N-'jfA'fx.Q'I ,f 5 f ga TjXfi"'xf. f,X,': J z2 !l DEDICATION In appreciation of the long hours ex pended in giving guidance and advice to the staff, and of the generous use of her talent to aid all forms of school activity we gratefully dedicate the 1948 V-Echo annual to .JANET HANAWALT W 1 U , 1 ,-. -nur l High School Faculty Front Row: Mr. Wasik, Mrs. Hanawalt, Miss Lawton, Mr.. Inglefield, Back Row: Mr. Schettino, Mr. Mallett. Mrs. Inglefield not pictured. james O. Inglefield R. D. Mallett Stanley Wasik Robert Schettino West Middlesex, Pa. Hartford, Ohio Pittsburgh, Pa. Youngstown, Ohio Superintendent Mathematics Coach Social Sciences Science B. S. - M. A. Commercial Seventh and Eighth B. S. Slippery Rock Kent State Ninth and Tenth Advisor M. E. University of University Advisor B. S. Youngstown Pittsburgh B. B. A. Westminister College College jean M. Lawton Mary B. Inglefield janet A. Hanawalt Pittsburgh, Pa. West Middlesex, Pa. Kinsman, Ohio English Latin Home Economics Junior Advisor B. A. Westminister Science B- A- Westministef College Senior Advisor College B. s. ohio state Unive r sity M- " wxqf h X 'X 545 N ,. FN A939 A 27 , ., 'fu fx fm 42 R X ' fa P f '51?L': 'IQ H ' pl, ,Q.,1" A ' , , uv? .., 'f -- .. I. 9 - Y , .--"J I l KA-...ff '.,'-." ' ' - ,., , , -, -.. ',.--..f,v.. .- - -. W A V ROBERTA ARCHER Chorus I-2-3-4 Pianist for chorus-4 Junior play Editor-in-chief Senior play WANDA AURAND Chorus 1-2 Band 2-3-4 Class will Senior Play LARR Y BR ADLE Y 4-H 1 junior Play Basketball Z-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 Sports Editor Senior Play HARRY DAVIS 4-H l Basketball 1-Z-3-4 Baseball 2-3 IANE FAIR Class olllcer 2-3-4 Booster club I junior play Chorus l-2-3-4 Cheerleader Z-3-4 Attendent Ior Queen 1-4 Asst. Business Mgr. Senior Editor Senior play National Honor Soc. ERDEENE HILLYER Class officer 4 Booster club 2-3 Chorus 1-2 Band 2-3 Cheerleader 2-3-4 Baseball 4 junior play Business Manager Senior Play IRENE HILLYER Class Officer Z Booster club 3 Chorus 1-2 Band 2-3-4 Cheerleader 2-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Prompter for jr. Play Music Editor Senior Play PAUL HUTCHINS 4-H 1-2-3 Grade School Editor JIM LEONARD junior play Class officer 3 Circulation Mgr. CLYDE MOFFETT junior play Class officer Z Boy Scout l Baseball 3-4 Basketball Mgr. 2 Basketball 3-4 National Honor Soc. Salutatorlan 3 1 - 6 1 ? a 4 i A A Us .5 " . f if4"'f.Q:rff'fsenl!v9J.sQ'+1s:xv!r wa f BOB MULLETT junior play Boy Scout 1 Booster Club Z Basket ball l-Z-3-4 Baseball Z-3-4 Class History Senior Play ELINOR PER KINS Chorus I-2-3-4 Grads School Editor Senior play Homecoming Queen BETTY JEAN RICE Clan officer 1-3-4 Booster club 4 Chorus I-Z-3 County chorus 3 Bank Z-3 Senior Editor Ptsnlst for chorus 2-3' Chairman of Carnival 4 Valodlctorlan Sonlor play National Honor Soc. FLORENCE SANTFANT junior Play Clan officer I Queen's attendent Z Typist for annual Senior Play National Honor Soc. Chorus 1-Z-3-4 FRANCIS SMITH junior play Basketball Z-3-4 Baseball 3-4 Class prophecy PAT SONK Junior Play Class officer l County chorus 3 Class prophgcy Typist for annual Chorus l-Z-3-4 Pianist for chorus 4 Senior Play National Honor Soc RANDALL SWEIT ZER Junior Play Booster club l-3 Chorus l Tlrnekeeper 4 Class poem Senior Play JACK WARNER 4-H 1 Basketball l-Z -3 - Baseball 1-Z-3-4 Sports editor HISTORY As we, the class of 1948, write the last few events into our record at Vernon High School, our thoughts go back twelve years to the day our mothers scrubbed our faces and first sent us off to school. Of the twenty- four original members of the class that met Miss Paden in September, 1936, only six, Betty jean Rice, Florence Santfant, Roberta Archer, jack Warner, Paul Hutchins. and Bob Mullett, remain to see the last chapter be- ing written in our history. Our grade school days tell of many ups and downs in population. In the third grade we were only eighteen, in the fourth, nineteen, and in the fifth we slumped to seventeen as we shifted back and forth between Miss Johnston and Miss Schadt. Weren't we big then! Yes, twenty-three of us were divided between two teachers. Miss Lowe and Mr. Cutting, and we really beat the seventh grade playing basket- ball. A grand total of thirty moved upstairs to Miss Locn and the thrill of having classes in different rooms each period. Unfortunately, Miss Loch, saw our all-time high in population drop to twenty-two the following year. The night of the hair-raising freshmen initiation we realized we had finally reached high school. Out class, in Miss Fitts' homeroom, had three new permanent members: Elinor Perkins, Larry Bradley, and Clyde Moffett. Our Sophomore year was high lighted by an unheard of victory. Both the boys and girls teams won the high school basketball tournament. More vivid are the mem0ries of the hours we spent selling refreshments at basketball games, taking-tickets for the "Tennessee Valley Ramblers", and working long hours to learn our lines for our junior Class play, "For Pete's Sake". We remember vividly Mrs. Hanawalt's reminders that we had to have money to give the junior-Senior Banquet and to get to Buffalo. Our junior year had a really successful conclusion the night we thrilled to- gether at the lights over Niagara Falls. On the last step of our ladder, eighteen of us strong have turned the last few pages in our story. Altogether none of our boys openly admit pres- idental aspiration, we joined forces with the junior Class to get inside Washington, D. C. To achieve this goal we gave two hilarious one-act plays, "The Curiosity Cure" and "Sisters Under the Skin", and sold an endless stream of magazines, cards, andcandy. Before our trip the juniors entertained us at a banquet, and evening none of us will forget, and on May 4th, we piled into a bus for Washington. In a few short days American history came to life for us. Then on May 19th we each heard our name being called. The last paragraph has been written in the history of our life at Vernon. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1948 We, the Senior Class of 1948, of the Vernon High School, of Trumbull County, in the State of Ohio, being of sound mind and body after four stren- uous years, do hereby make, publish, and declare this as 'our last and best will and testament hereby revoking all former wills, bequests, and devices of whatever nature or form heretofore made by us. - We the Seniors, will to the facutly, our regular habits and the excuses we are so good about bringing from home. To the juniors, we extend to them the right to accept or reject all carved and battered desks, and all our senior dignity. To the Sophomores, we will our ability in long arguments that never get us anywhere, and our dislike for getting down to business. To the Freshmen, we will our fondness for coke and chewing gum, and our skill in hitting the waste basket with paper wads. We, the individual members of the class bequeath the following: Florence Santfant, wills her ring to Donna Zimmet. Oh Yeah! Bob Mullett, wills his ability in handling women to Tom Bradley. Roberta Archer, wills all twenty boyfriends to joan I-Iassell--Beware! Clyde Moffett, wills his lawyer look and his intelligence to Pete Rice--Don'At let him down Pete! Elinor Perkins, wills her shyness and her quietness to Marlyne Gruver Oh dear! jim Leonard, wills that wolfish gleam in his eyes to Tommy Morris-- Look out girls! Betty jean Rice, wills her secret "Romeo" to Edna Stevens--This we didn't know. Francis Smith, wills his apple polishing to Howard Karr. Please don't make the teachers mad Sonny! Irene I-Iillyer, wills her good times and her energy in cheerleading to Eva Wade. Paul Hutchins, wills the cows he raised in 4-H and the medals and rib- bons he has won to Eddie Hassell--Don't wear all the medals at once, Eddie, they weigh almost two tons. Pat Sonk, wills her mathematical skill to Betty Scheel--Please get the right figures, Betty. Randall Sweitzer, wills his sixth sense to Fred Morrison--Don't ask us . what it is Fred, because we don't know, Erdeene Hillyer, wills her cute smile and her personality to joan Hall-- Whom we know can do wonders with it tool jack Warner, wills his athletic physique to Bob Byers. Keep it in good shape Bob. jane Fair, wills her ability to make orange bon-bon cake to Margery Moore. Don't let tit fall, Margery! Larry Bradley, wills his big brown eyes to Norman Dilley--Oh boy, now you can sing "Dark Eyes" too Norman. Harry Davis, wills his butch hair cut to Dick Mullett, Won't he be cute? I, Wanda Aurand, will the speed in catching the school bus every morn- ing to Gracie Saltzman. Now please don't miss the bus some morning and ruin my record Gracie! In witness whereof, we have hereto subscribed our name and affixed our seal, this fourteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-eight. THE CLASS OF 1948 SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY Now let us look ahead to 1960 and see what has happened to our class- mates in the last few years. Roberta Archer has become a famous concert pianist. At her concert in Carnegie Hall she played many selections of the masters. Among these were Cow-Cow Boogie and Nola. There is a new horror program on the radio. It is called "The Screamer and stars Wanda Aurand. Larry Bradley is now co-partner in the Bradley-Emerick Auto fwreckedj Company. Harry Davis, having exhausted all the game in Ohio, has gone on an expedition to Africa to hunt bigger animals. jane Fair, the only one in our class that settled down, is raising a family of cheerleaders to carry on at Vernon. All the girls that want to get the "new look" visit Erdeene Hillyer at her beauty salongplggated on 5th Avenue and Broadway. Irene Hillyer who fully intended to follow in her sister's footsteps, found it much easier to follow Gerald's. Paul Hutchins thought that he would be a farmer, but he has turned over a new leaf and is now the Pastor of the Vernon Church. jim Leonard is now riding a motorcycle in a side show at the circus. Clyde Moffett has invented several new farm implements which have placed his name next to those of McCormick and Whitney in our history book. Bob Mullett has become a Big League umpire. After his experience as an af!-1-te at Vernon he was well qualified for the job. Elinor Perkins, lyric soprano, has joined the Fred Waring show and can be heard week day mornings on the radio. After winning several scholarships to various colleges Betty jean Rice has become special tutor to the President of the United States. Florence Santfant is still racking her brains trying to get advanced at the Westinghouse. Pat Sonk, struggling young artist, is still trying to draw a salary. After deciding that work was only for an ambitious man, Randall Sweitzer had bought a typewriter and is writing a book called "Solutions of Strange Love Entanglementsn. jack Warner, although has has no voice for singing, still has all the girls swooning over him and his muscles. PRIVATE Francis Smith, after l2,years on K. P. in the army, has re- tired and is returning to Latimer. Class Poem Dear Class of 1948, Our hearts to thee are bound Strong with the cords of golden love That all our lives surround. "Onward and upward" This our motto brave, As ever on and up we strive These words our way will pave. The years ahead we cannot know The way is long 'twould seem "Onward and upward," Of great things we will dream. Dear God, and may we keep these dreams Great deeds also achieve, Thy guiding hand be with us while We work, and love, and live. Class Song Tune: "O Sole Mio" We hate to leave you, students of our high schoolg We must be leaving for we are needed. Our fame and hopes depend on moments We spent with you in our high school days. Chorus We love our dear school, our love we give, Our senior spirit is brave and true, We pledge our hearts and hopes to live And labor, our whole lives through. The world is waiting for us ourside: We will be facing our fortune wideg The dear old school that we are leaving It is the school we love, the Vernon High. 5:83 6 5,3 E501 03:5 waz AUG?-by 0 NO Esau-E 05 UEOUUQ .eds 22:02 I Ugdm OH emew .am On OH :ASEOE omdbo WWE: 5 UA OH Nyse shim U3 UOUZ .CUE d M8 wsu-DOJ kgaoku 32202 W-QQ 5 30:2 Uzgbml-:zo HO .8502 NCOUE OHSSCME 0 tam .E-Hg wa 0 E16 .EUHOU UUEUG bam d HO Ur? 23 Us OH ggggm JWOEWSA miigdb I 5 k0CH:a'OU U Us OH azz at HO :EWEMVQ .EUCHUFHDOV Nitin 08 Otero U5 53 .EUEH-slvv Oh: aOFSP'sEw.3m 30: 05 HO N020 -83042 30:2 Massage 1 - 'BEND Bev-Obkm 92010 302 8:JIg:-GO-U?0l0O gazing EUHBGEUH mnkpso pawfsm 5 UH!!-gat vit msgs? gsonlm H0200 :Epgm 250m NZM :Exam 5 C235 miss 00951 'Exam Ugbuam Pix .camp :CSEUU EDN NAMED PHOHUUVH 033.23200 052 4 STEAM :U-:gs :E sto: - 3:90 macho SQA 08-Cdr hgdgzn gn HOU MUUUFH UHZODUHH .920 356 H :Ie -:TEH 3:50:03 -go gg 2 3 S23 na-Sm :Edna -so 02:52 -so OOO 2350 mapuusim 380m ,A-UOOO Oewm -mm :Sm .CSWMA UQQHOUO Am The .GO N. UCD Q5 mugs? view ME .AO Idgw HUA-DSI .denim NOAA-nm adm HOGOV 50? :ECU NAE AO WGOSWOHQXM mHH.:J4ZOwMHnH MOHZ-Nm H0930-I M 05,33 V-01' bug? H0-Ng03m :dead dgmtrw iam ggbdm .stem stem wmuggb ,asm thdridw OU-nUhO:H BNOUQ 00mm H30-l rim 0107! om m-bb-H Um .HO::m AOOOHH 30:52 HHUAONH E2 30:02 350 Ea' FSCOOA Quai. organ! missin gdm NEON 'shzmm 28: 02090 'gram Rug:-w 5hOgm :mm Oil' Bgahm mgdc kpzdm A232 ssgdhm 00505564 Buigm EB-51 6283 A84 HOSUHQ SHUAONH msgs -UUGBEIEU CAN YOU IMAGINE I9 Roberta Archer saying, "my thoity thoid cent, Because she'd attained a Brooklyn accent? Larry Bradley-lonely and sad, With less than six girls to interest this lad? Harry Davis in a state of conceit, Driving a convertbile with a red leather seat? Paul Hutchins and jimmy Durante, Singing duets-and applauded plenty? jack Warner-a leader grand, Of a symphony orchestra or military band? Elinor Perkins-brawny and strong, A champion wrestler before a throng? Francis Smith-traveling far, A tenor singer, an opera star? jim Leonard-all humor revoke. Not able to tell even one good joke? Wanda Aurand with a beauty salon, Veronica Lake her only patron? Florence Santfant saying to Dick, "Take back your ring--of it I am sick". Irene Hillyer deciding not to wed, Following the career of a model instead? Bob Mullett--letting things get dull, Contented with quiet-never breaking a lull? Betty jean deciding with whom, She could spend her future and never know gloom? Clyde M0ffett in a calm and cool state, Serenely askingthe lassies for dates? Randall Sweitzer the editor in chief, Of a lonely hearts club for widows in grief? Erdeen Hillyer--calm and serene, When a fellow from Jamestown arrives on the scene? Pat Sonk not able to draw, Pin-up girls in the raw? jane abhoring chocolate ice cream, But liking vanilla to an extreme? J W X f-E7 -E " .1 -, N kfiE: f5.-E, f f N X l E if fig'5..-- 'S if A ,.f , """""" f ' It I v . v- - 1 ,. rt?-Fisx L 1' -". ""' . - --" ,vbviv , ll Vb. . - E - .ii-:.:,..' Abll -I-..,. - E F -'-' ,fa 2 - --. i V Y ' f -1 ,,', AQAQV 1 g., s ' F: ...Th M 2 - Z X I ..:. ,lil ' .' Z 'L I! inn' 1 I LLo.,. .L-1 if X 'L x x ' .' V M UR " ' A ""',"' 1-IH --Q' S53 ,,'A "'A 1 V-" ' . :A 5 ' Q,lKhAp Q J egii UQ: ,..- .,..- ! 1 ,7 If ' --J v mf Mm 6 ' ' 7 ff -M..,f2-f , 1 .. J, m i my . 4 gi 5 5 , .w!51?gggf"g . 253311, ,. 5 .QL . f' ff-Mem ie-wif .-f gi -uf' F1 m f H V11 ri, 'i Q "-' M35 5 22' ---A W. . w,,,i, ' . . Q "nr MQ 5 7 N u A F N .l r .5 f I .. . -.. 1, Y 1 ...l-..- 1 L L First Row: Annabel Scott, Gladys Stafford, Eleanor Griifen, Lillian Derr, Betty Scheel, Arlene Sweitzer, Jeannine Everett, joan Hall. Second Row: Doris Fair, Adelaide Rechedy, Nancy Brugler, Sally Tupper, Barbara Shommer, Eva Wade, Mary Hayes, Miss Lawton, Margery Moore. Third Row: Fred Morrison, Tommy Morris, Tom Bradley, Ray- mond Rice, Allen Klingensmith, Norman Dilley, Walter Moore. Esther Hutchins was absent the day the picture was taken. JUNIOR CLASS President .... . .NormanDi11ey Vice President. . .... .Doris Fair Secretary . . . . . . Jeannine Everett Treasurer ...... . .Eleanor Griffin Class Advisor ........ Miss Lawton The junior Class is working for one particular goal, the goal is to raise money. Its two main purposes were for the junior and Senior trip to Washington, and the junior and Senior Prom. The projects used to raise money were: selling refreshments at basketball garries, sell- ing magazine subscriptions, Christmas Card Sale, and the presenting of the junior Play which was given April 16. The play, "Say it with Music", was a hilarious comedy with an all girl cast. .vaxmrm "CLASS OF FORTY NINE" Tom Bradley. . Nancy Brugler . . Lillian Derr, , , Norman Dilley. . Jeannine Everett. . Doris Fair , , , Eleanor Griffin. . joan Hall . , Mary. Hayes. . . Esther Hutchins . . Allen Klingensmith. . Margery Moore . . Walter Moore. . . Tom Morris . . Fred Morrison . . Adelaide Rechedya Rayrnond Rice. . Betty Scheel. . . Annabel Scott . . Barbara Shommer. Gladys Stafford. . Arlene Sweitzer. . Sally Tupper. . Eva Wade . . . .The invisible scholar . . . . .Hold that temper! . .Watch her roll those eyes . . .All around handy man. . . . . . Neatasapin . . . . . . . . . OurB1ondBomber Good things come in small packages . . Swing your partner. . . That "New Look" . . .Cheerful Chatterbox . . The "Ladies Man" . . . . . . Quiet asamouse . . .There's a Ford in his future . . . . .Still Water runs deep . . .The shy little man . . . . . .lloveaparade . "Hanky Pete" the prankster , . Brain child of Vernon High . . . . . . The root of all evil . . . She's got that pernament wave . . .That original cheerleader . . . . . Love comes but once. . . Oh how she rolls those skates . . Oh those rosy cheeks tauxffez -,J CAN YOU IMAGINE Tom Bradley with papers neat, And a memory that can't be beat? Fred Morrison--a Romeo, Always dating, on the go? Arlene Sweitzer--not kind and sweet, Not the girl you'd like to meet? Adelaide Rechedy--not a typist grand, Not strutting when she hears a band? Betty Scheel not debating, Not giving F. D. R. a rating? Doris Fair without a comb, And never to the mirrors roam? Sally Tupper--five feet two, With feet to fit a size five shoe? at Mary Hayes telling Leonard "No , When he suggests to see a show? Margery Moore with lots to say, About the happenings of the day? Barbara Shommer with tresses straight And twenty pounds over-weight? Jeannine Everett with hair of red, To match the temper which we dread? joan Hall with powder and Paint, Trying to look like what she "ain't" ? Pete--always good and never bad, just a grinning little lad? Allen Klingensmith--a chemistry whiz, With all his answers matching a quiz? Walter--never quiet. always loud, Always heard when in a crowd? Nancy Brugler without her smile, With which she does beguile. Norman Dilley--big, not funny, Never known to have a honey? Lillian De rr in a glamor pose, Without a freckle on her nose? Eleanor Griffin a housewife fine. Tending her children of which there are nine? Annabel Scott being calm and cool, If a fellow named Dick should come to school? Esther Hutchins a ballerina graceful and tall Dancing for thousands in Carnegie Hall? Gladys Stafford--six foot tall, Never cheering at basket ball? ' 1 X 5 , : , il. 7 . 1 A W, x-,.'-afvxmwfhzi-611315 , -wH4M,:2'mEilmhilxb!.?M:w4malK:'r'5:k2-FSwzxyw -, Ii' I - f V5 .fn--"hs-z.:'ivafff'11". fvJHidQwwL'sLw1vu.Hu.:rw.s-Qfu' irwx X4 .- .W Ninth Grade Firlf ROW: Alton Jewell, Paul Morris, Glenn Hall, Grank Lutheran, Bob Blggin, Dick Mullett. Second Row: Grace Saltzman, Eileen Edeburn, Hallie Stafford. De- lores Schoenfeld, Colleene Betts, Irene Flowers, Virginia Holler, . Grace Bradley, Opal Rice, Delora Derr. Third Row: Mra. Wasik, Phillip Bates, Don Williams, Bill Perkins, George Letcher, Paul Stevens, Pete Tupper, Sam johnaton, Perry Coxson, Howard Karr, Mrs. Mallett. Not pictured: Donna Fair, Charles Sponsler. Tenth Grade First Raw: Donna Zlmmet. Marlyre Gruver. Dolores Rascsak, Lola Davis, jun Rose, Edna Steavens. Second Row: Mr. Wasik, Shirley Schoenfeld, jerry Letcher. IOBGPMHC Hillyer, Leona Victor, Maxine Victor, Mr. Mallett. Third Row: Bill Moore, Gene Robinson, john Mack, Ben Haaaell, Loren Osborne, Bob Black, Jim Newman, Bill Morrison. SOPHOMORE PERSONALITIES junior Amon - He is quiet, he seems shyg But junior is e friendly guy. Robert Black - We would wonder what 'was the matterg If Bob stopped making with Mthe chatter. Lois Davis - Friendly, gracious, full of fun: Who likes Lois? Everyone. Marlyne.G!11ver, - Marlyne should get a crowng For being Vernon's leading clown. Ben Hassell - In life, variety is the spice: Ben especially thinks it's nice. josephine Hillyer - She always thinks before she actsg When called on she knows all the facts jerry Letcher - Full of surprises, that's our jerryg Full of fun and very merry. Billy Moore - Bill stretches and stretches to grow so tallg But still he has to look up to all. john Maclc - Whether your going near or far, john will take you in his car. Edward Morrison - Always agreeableg Angry never: Eve ry-thing's done with great endeavor L0ren Osborn - The Einstein of most everythingg Want help, just give Loren a ring. Dolores Rascsak - She looks so angelic whenever she Has played a joke on you or me. Eugene Robinson - Gene sometimes appears to lagg But he's always ready with a gag. june Rose - To be a housewife she is meantg Because she is so diligent. Edna Stevens - If you've ever near Edna satg You'll know she loves to chat. Leona Victor - Sometimes laughing, sometimes gayg Sometimes not a word to say. Maxine Victor- The only redhead of our classy She is a very amiable lass. joe Warner - He acts so breezy and so toughg But joe's really up to snuff. Donna Zimmet - Donna has a beauty rareg She'd stand out anywhere. Phil Bates. . . Colleen Betts, , Grace Bradley . Bob Biggin, , , Perry Coxson , Delora Derr. . Eileen Eldeburn Donna Fair . . , Irene Flowers . Glenn Hall . . . Virginia Holler Alton Jewell . . Howard Karr. . osoooaauaau on n SONG DEDIC A T IONS . . . . ."Doing What Comes Naturally' -"I Love You For ,Sentimental Reasons' .':1f 1 Had My Way' ."I Can't Give YOu Anything But Love' A- "Mary's A Grand Old Name' Golden Earrings ' 1'When Irish Eyes Are Smiling' . . . 'ISmal1 Fry . I'Heartaches' Bloop Bleep' . I'Looking Over A Four-Leaf-Clover' . . ."Sonny' ."Dark Eyes' George Letcher. . ."Civilization' Frank Lutheran . . . . . . . . ."Scatterbrain' PdU1M01'I'iS . - - - - - - "Make Mine Country Style' Dick Mullett. . . "How Many Hearts Have You Broken' Bill Perkins. . . ."Oh Where Have You Been BillyBoy' 0 Opal Rice. . . . . I"I'oo Fat Polka Grace Saltzman. . . . ."How Soon' Charles Sponsler. . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Mumb1es' Hallie Stafford . . . ."'Don't You Love Me Anymore? Paul Stevens. . . . "Sleepy Lagoon Pete Tupper, , . . . . . . . , . "Near You' Bob Byers . . . ."Fuedin, Fussin, and Fightin' Seventh Grade First Row: Emma jean Brown, Barbara Karr. Betty Wells, Betty Sponsler, jonell Hassell, Beverly Gruver, Dorothy Stevens, Mary jane Bloom. Second Row: Mr. Schettino, George Smith, Ronald Dilley, joe Ensor, Laddie Zimmet, David Hunter, Ted Hunter, Raymond Zedaker. Glenn Robinson, Watten Steadman, David Uiselt. Third Row: Jerry Morrison, Robert Sweitzer. lvan Rose, Ted Wade, Donald Sweitzer, Daniel Varanelle, Tom Zedaker. Eighth Grade First Row: joan Hassell, Mildred Perkins, joan Morris, Nancy Black, Ethel Weiste, Mary Moore, Isabelle Scott, Virginia Rockhold, Carabelle Scott. Second Row: Mr. Sghettino, jimmy Weister, Bill Victor, Larry Runyan, Virgil Hunter, jimmy Lucik, Gene Slife, Edwin Fair, Kenneth Stafford. Third Row: Norman Hightree, Bob Myers, joh Hillyer, Norman Powell, Earl Wells, George Ketola, jim Cobb, Ralph Rice, George. Hegadus. f :LY - ns , ' x . 2 -2- Y f'Q:ffs'f'1V,H ' Ffa" 1'-',1:1:4'5!c' S?.'m'rsvx11l W'f'fximf-?s'fxwHLrsrs:!mum2l-X-M,fmifff S'1'rtfx ""' ' 'V H I7 " ' f ' ' f ' - -,ufmtm-iw-'unf-U"v01: :va K 7:2 f HITCH YOUR WAGON TO A STAR Mary jane Bloom, Emma jean Brown Ronald Dilley. . . Seventh Grade Beverly Gruver . . , jone11Hassel1, , , David Hunter. . . Teddy Hunter. . Barbara Karr. . jerry Morrison. . Glenn Robinson. , Ivan Rose .... George Smith. . . Betty Sponsler. . Warren Steadman . , Dorothy Steve ns . . Donald Sweitzer . Robe rt Sweitzer. . David Uiselt. . . Daniel Varanelli. Tommy Zedaker . Raymond Zedaker. Betty Wells' .... Laddie Zirnmet. . Teddy Wade. . . . Nancy Black . . jim Cobb. . . Edwin Fair , , joan Hassell . . . George Hegedus . . john Hillyer . . . Eighth Grade Norman Hightree . . . Virgil Hunter. . . . George Ketola. . james Lucik. . . Mary Moore . . . joan Morris . . . Robert Myers. . . Mildred Perkins. Ralph Rice .... Larry Runyan . . Virginia Rockhold Carabelle Scott . . Isabelle Scott. . . Kenneth Stafford . Earl Wells. . . . jimmy Weister. . Ethel Weister, , Bmy victor, H, , , Norman- Powell , , . BlondieBumstead . . . Greer Garson . . . Gene Autry . . Betty Hutton . . Judy Canova . . Gene Autry . . . Roy Rogers . , . Sonja Heine . . Gene Autry . . Gene Autry . . . Gene Autry . . . . Roy Rogers . . Shirley Temple . . . Gene Autry . . .Sonja Heine . . Torn Mix . . Glenn Davis . Ozzie Nelson . . . .Sam Spade . . . . .Sam Spade Dagvvood Bumstead . . . Jeanne Crain , . . Spike jones . .Gene Autry . Dale Evans . Ted Williams . .joe DeMaggio . . judy Canova . . Bob Feller . . Ted Williams . Roy Rogers . . . Gene Autry . . . . Gene Autry . . Robert Mitchum . . .Judy Garland . . Shirley Temple . . Lou Boudreau . Gloris jean . Gene Autry . . . . john Lujack . . . . June Allison Peggy Ann Garner . . Shirley Temple Gene Autry . . Gene Autry . . Gene Autry . . .Honey Davis . . john Lujack - - Mac Speedie Fifth Grade First Row: Donald Morris, Donald Letcher, Bruse Coxson, Ronald Morris, George Wells. Sonny Betts, Earl Stevens. Second Row: Lee Williams. Shirley Wade, Connie Wells, Yvonne Shommer, Delorel Stackhouse, Louise Sackett, Yvonne Keller, Jessie Wiester. Third Row: Herbert Ramm, Virginia Tomlinson, jean DeMay, Beverly Noble, Nola Rasor, Floyd Stevens, Barbara l-legedus, Doris Hillyer, Betty Bell, Mrs. Seaholm. Fourth Row: Ronnie Seidle, Charles Welle, Richard Cameron, William Tinley, Earl Holler, Richard Rodgerl. Stephen Lucik,Dannie I-ltghtree, David Steadmen, Larry Newman. 19 we pp--nom Sixth Grade First Row: Mary Grace Englebaugh, Jeannette Horodyski, Shirley Blair, Patricia McMahon, Patricia Wade, Betty Oakes, Nancy McMahon, Betty Moore. ' Second Row: Mary Louise Fair, Carol Ann Edeburn, Dorothy Binh, Delores List, jean Wells, Ruth Brugler, Lloyd Hall, Misa Bell. Third Row: Dick Rufener, james Stafford, Mark Letcher, William Stevens, Leory Noble, Billy Biggins, Braden Hayes. -nm 2 X s , 1 v .AQ x 5 n i i 3 x Third Grade First Row: Martha Brugler, Lillian Bloom Margaret Griffiths. Sandra Schoenfeld, Josephine Melvin, Betty Blah, Roberta Collins. Reta Dllley, Mary Steadman, Judith Watson, Josephine Stsckhouse. Second Row: Mrs. Jennings, Arlene Noble, Eva Oakes, Dale Blair, Miles Wells, John Freiling. james DeMay, David Wells, Peter Williams, Richard Bloom Robert Rodgers, David Loosemore. William Stafford. Third Row: Richard Unangst, Lyle Draa, Charles Smith. Jackie Iackson. Iohn Stuard. Harold Burbach, David Vogel, Gordon Wade. Fourth Grade First Row: W. Johnson, L. I-Iightree, A. Smith, H. Bish, H. Samuels, E. McGarvey. Second Row: J, Ketola. N. Stainfield, M. L. Bradley. B. Rice, F. J. Scott, C. A. Holler, N. Cameron, J. Inglebaugh. Third Row: J. Taylor. J. Fenton, N. Bloss. H. Garlock, B. Braden. Fourth Row: A. Oaks, M. L. Miller, L. Osburn, C. List, T. Black, C. Stevens. C. Blair, Mrs. Queale. Fifth Row: G. Stevens, Lee Wilson E.. Morris. D. Gruber, L. Fell, J. Hipkins. Wm. Jones. R.AB!0Wh. First Grade First Row: Frank Hiland, Larry Bates, Norman Englebaugh, joe Mack, Charles Collier, Ronald Wilson, Robert Shafer, Alan Watson, Second Row: Helen Moore, Diane Draa, ,Beverly Cameron, joyce Sadler, Judith Anne james, Roberta Reeves, jane Wells, Kathy Gruver, Patricia Griffith, Betty Lou Griffiths. Third Row: Lous Loosernore. Daniel Braden, Dolores Rockhold, Barbara Blass, Esther Varmllt, Margaret Hlllyer, Aletha Ramm, Eileen Bush, Dorothy Horadysk, Roy Bailes, Raymond jackson. Fourth Row: Herby Victor, james Morgan, Gordon Collins, Duane Wilson, Randall Johnston, Paul Burbach Tommy Tupper, Merle Langley. Not Pictured: Darlene Warner, Edward Meloni. Second Grade First Row: Margaret Miller, Marlene Barr, Kathryn Bradley, Ruth Fenton, Phyllis Gruver. Kathryn Nagy, judith Bush, Ruth Uber. Second Row: Mrs. Lillie, Howard McMahon, Cindrew Dvoryak, Thomas Abthorpe, Frank Fowler, William McGarvey, Wallace McGarvey, Paul Wilson, Walter Bloom, Duane Smith. Third Row: Richard Wade, Robert Litten, William Mott, Ronald Wolford, Leroy Long, Ricky Smith, Bruce Bush, Gary Mizner, William Shafer, Gordon Myers. . . A N 4 I P ' 7' "'wW'iT'l ,Sig - . A' 14- A - - N Nigga Y Q V q X I M-if 34 fs ' ' Qgccx 5 A- E . iw: ii. - :J , L. -Q f, 1A. Siifs 1 fee 57 4 ' ,.'.Ciffg-2593-J:, L - ' ' ' QQ.-5'?.?.Q"'9'ffl1,5:fL'f7-ig. ,- 47' -F El- A . ' Q. i1f.1'j.f .IJ ' 29' 1 "L .M-122 551,- -- i - Z--l-:na-5i?fiAiiSif'2ii.i7 ,,.A, :LH-F5532 X . .....- X , ,1fQf7e:i S?3Qi??iT ff -1 fn f- is X -' ip ' ' ........ fi-i:'5'i -3?-i "-- "" ' f : .T......-" ' 5 : A--- ' 4 QL.- fglfi., .f'l.- I '," . 1'--'-Y't'.,g'F ' I --.- L ---. 4 ' 1 ,1341 rua sr, p iggy. r I -in 4 'h 5 F3 ' 'Zn , Q-'l J -ggi '-1' ' 'g ra e , XG V A rn..-A , Hg? 4,3 . 'Nr f A V -'T -Q-.wfwl b "cr-A ,.,-f Y . ' A , gtg' 6 . pf ,--s """"""- 1 4 . -ii- A V A ' x -xx kms -uv c HIGH SCHOOLLPROGRAIVIS' AND PARTIES '- Halloween Pa rty- On October 30, the night before Halloween, a party was given for the High' School and junior High. Everyone was to come dressed in a costume and prizes were .given to five different persons. Dorothy Stevens . . . . . Most Natural Virginia Rockhold . . . . . Prettiest Donald Sweitzer. . . .Funniest John Hillyer ................. Ugliest David Uiselt .............. Uncommon Everyone had a good time playing games such as the three-legged race and dancing the Virginia Reel. A grand march led to the lunchroom where donuts and cider were served. -Thanksgiving Program- The Thanksgiving program was given by the seventh and eighth grades under the direction of Mr. Schettino. The program consisted of: Scripture and Prayer ....... Beverly Gruver Two Songs ..... 7th and 8th Grade Girls Chorus Poems. . . Emma jane Brown, Virginia Rockhold Barbara Karr, Norman Hightree joan Hassell, Ronald Dilley Piano Solo ..,.,.,,,,,,,, Barbara Karr Two Songs ........... High School Chorus A pantomine. The Story of Thanksgiving, -by the 7th and 8th grades -Christmas Program- The Christmas program was held December 19 at eight o'clock. An operetta, At The Court of Santa Claus, was given by the grade school. Braden Hayes, Patricia Wade. Billy Biggins, Delores List, Richard Brown and Carol Ann Holler had the leading roles. There were two selections by the band under the direction of Mr. Remick. The Girls Chorus, under the direction of Mrs. Seaholm, sang one nurnber. -Homecoming Game- The Homecoming Game was played january Z0 with Kinsman. The score was 23 to Z4 in Vernon's favor. Elinor Perkins, who elected by the High School, was crowned Queen by Emma jane Carbaugh, Queen of '47, between the Reserve and Varsity games. Her attendents were as follows: U SeniorClass......... .....JaneFair junior Class ..... . . . .Nancy Brugler Sophomore Class. . . . . Geraldine Letcher Freshmen Class . . ..... Donna Fair Eighth Grade . . . ..... Isabelle Scott Seventh Grade . . . . . .Emma jane Brown Crown Bearer .... . . . Roberta Reeves Basketball Bearer. . . . . . . . . Tommy Tupper The Girls Chorus sang the school songs and Mary Hayes, Tommy Zedaker and Adelaide Rechedy twirled batons. SENIOR PLAYS The Curiosity Cure A Two-Act Comedy By Harold Rolseth Characters Corky Williams 'A teen-age scientist Randall Sweitzer jeff j , Robert Mullett Gabby, His loyal assistants Larry Bradley Hatty A curious housemaid Elinor Perkins Gladys The contest winner Florence Santfant Susan Corky's spoiled and curious cousin Betty jean Rice Mrs. Matilda Shanks Her disagreeable mother Pat Sonk Mrs. Williams Corky's mother Erdeen Hillyer Miss Barnham Corky's friend in need Roberta Archer Place: Corky's attic laboratory Actl: A summer afternoon ActZ: The same evening Give a teen-age boy, like Corky, an attic laboratory and a chemistry set and there are bound to a repercussions. What happened to Susan, the inquisitive young pest, and to Hatty, the still more curious hired girl, shouldn't happen to a dog. Corky has told them that he had invented a concoction to make supermen of him- self and his pal, Gabby and jeff. The two girls just couldn't resist rubbing a little on their faces. What Corky had really discovered was a brown hair dye. Therenis a riot of fun when the girls find that they have turned brown and when Susan's irate mother confronts Corky. . A One-Act Comedy Sisters Under The Skin By Mae Hawley Barry Characters Sandra Proprietor of "The Sandra Salon for Social Success" Betty Rice Tessie The timid one Wanda Aurand Katie The calm one four scrhbwomen jane Fair Maggie .The mad one Irene Hillyer Allie The awkward one Pat Sonk Place: An office in a skyscraper in a large city. Time: The present. Eleven P. M. Allie, Katie, and Maggie are rather dubious of taking the timid scrubwoman, Tessie, into their success classes. Their instructor, a book of Sa'ndra's. "How to be a Lady", is supposed to make them into ladies in three months. All they have to do is to take the exercises recommended. Katie gives the lessons in Sandra's office work- ing hours. Maggie is rather hot-headed about it all when who should come in but Sandra herself. The women have to make some quick disappearances and Katie, some reasonable excuses. When Sandra finally decides to leave. the women decide that being a lady isn't for them. '-1-'-:L-:v-" F I I Varsity Basketball Team Front Row: Norman Dilley, jack Warner Larry Bradley, Mr. Wanik. Back Row: Mr. Mallett. Bob Mullett, Raymond Rice, Francis Smith. Rese rve Basketball Team Front Row: Frank Lutheran, Bob Blggln, Dick Mullett, Pete Tupper, joe Warner. Howard Karr. Back Row: Mr. Mallett, Alton Jewell, Paul Stevens, Allan Klingen smith, Glenn Hall, Mr. Wasik. ,lf ' , . E' . .-,'fQ1f'1wwmrfa:vf4:w1f'fiX ff: 2. ' W ' ' ' f A -.f Vernon Vernon Ve rnon Ve rnon Vernon Vernon Ve rnon Vernon Ve rnon Vernon Ve rnon Vernon Vernon Ve rnon Ve rnon Ve rnor Ve rnon Vernon Ve rnon Ve rnon Ve rnon VERNON BASKETBALL SCORES Z8 Hartford 5 1 Lordstown 40 Fowle r Z 9 Johnston 37 Gustavus 39 Jamestown 13 B rookfield 39 A B ristol Z8 Sharon Z8 Kinsman 2 Z Johnston 3 5 Mecca 3 1 Fowle r 30 Hartford Z4 Kinsman 2.8 Cortland 5 0 Alumni 62 Gustavus 3 1 Mecca 35 Braceville 48 Bazetta ,M Y! . . 1, , I I K WA L S W 0 R TH 1.m..,..,n-.4 1. a...,.4 by w LSIORYH amor nu., u. s. , Boy's Baseball Team Front Row: Allan Klingensmith, Norman Dllley, Raymond Rice, jack Warner, Larry Bradley. Second Row: Bob Biggin, Glenn Hall, Dick Mullett, Howard Karr. Mr. Waaik. Back Row: Alton jewell, joe Warner. Bob Mullett, Francis Smith. Gir1's acnaan ream Front Row: Colleene Betts, Dolores Raacask, Geraldine Letcher, Donna Zimmet. Annabel Scott. Back Row: Mr. Waaik, june Rose, Edna Stevens, Wanda Aux-and. Doris Fair. Lf ' ,. .ff 1 A Q 3 . , K -I+' fr , I Q : iff 452 'Q' J , ,X ,..t JU? r 5 Q Q0 . ww ! ei ,A,q. A ,1V, Ji L " s ,.-,' XM .Wig v 1 J? A I, I 'V ,pa in ,xg ff . 45 f 'I rs Q-fn Q mf wx, ,L M Xf ' V .A 3 at hx XA. 2 . 534 is K T7' 5 'R 41", ,, iq 5.2 - Xxx! s iifw . ,X -xxx. 5-in ' A 'f 72-ii.. -,.l +-i 'x '. -, , f Y ,Y '- XXX , XR t .-16? f fn i ":9i X XX L, Q UI A, 5 31 '. - ,I 1- IL ' , X . - 1r--- 0 W X V Lg- sf jf ll 1 - if I ' - J 'J ' W' I A 'N gi F ,-, ,l H lmdljy li- n.4T it ll-l Q'-A 'ly Q 1' 0 -1 X 'Z - 'A i ', -N ' V 1 gf!" :Oli ,f, , Y M I E'-1-1-1 V ,X ? X -1 N YQ, I V A E " 1 1 --+- ' 1 ,,::F l x 1 .5 ,fs-. - 1 -" Y: 'SK i.T L,?ql- Z ,H . ' ,nl V ' , V M .af I - ' '-T 1 2 il I 1' 'X - 2 l.-ii -3 ." -i-111, 3 i I A 1- 5' 2- '.-fE'EL? s -liwliiv-lg? l-... xx' , ""' NX 'TE -. ,5'f.':LLf55v. . g --an, 'sc ku ,lrxkk bi-- "-' 1.- .M , - "" 1 ,., -vye,T.,,V' :L-'Hfig .,.,-.15 1 . .xg -,I . gg, 4 A4 --wh -N .H-25: ' -lg. -l ,f ff,j5iQf- L- 'i lg'-"" ,W -5.3 1'- .g .gh--Q,-'f,3f3jp'2,q ' jaldybfif-J "f 6 .,f?S,:i,l,,i,:l it 7, l- :S 4 lxgiiigi 1-l l . 1-'53-i-:QQ',,j-.fjf ii " '- "Q,1,,, ,-ey,,543thJ:Qf?g-Qkv -"' xiii? Y - I-I' ,,-,I v',ij..'L-li.:,:,J:':?V "i yi, " jg' 1 v- " " ' . 2 'inf f-IL 1, f wx . 1. Jw- -iffy, i i ii'- ' A-5:5 -X: . ff! ,mv-l? i T f I 'XS '3 4,111 31, -' ,Ep Ein wffeesiqglilig-Tff4,y2Ql't,' .. ' - 3-T- . ' -f w ',f ,. T .. f iciil .54qQ3f4,,qli2ig1sf4fg1rAfp9p3,4iSf2 iw.- '--..1--..... -"" ,V 1,5 , -, l ,.,1'1f.5 51,9 3,54--. '-.,q 4-.AAI - - vga-----i ...ill . - ,,,, ,.f,.-.N 1.19-, 5,,4p',,ya-W,Q,,.-L. -k . , 5 ,- 5 , . E, X 3 n J- .a3,b'g3'23:g-fQ3.4Q5TgiqA,i,.Q msg., l- - -A' 1- - ' 32 1. Q . 2-?"l-1 --,431-.ff .A I IA- x - 4-1? - , , , ' K' 'MY S - ,f f Wnligv- 4. - W' -3-----f'-1--- -Y 1' X ' "555s:...,,'g'Q11, A' . lb Z . fb 'sv -' -' ., 11, 6 ' " ' - Y A,- 4. ? Sf. L i ,vu f V , E. 'J 4: , ' t V ,W ' 'V ffm x " ' I . " -4 - ff WWW. -- XMY V V 5' H1 A . I mx Q.. 1' 'X V ' f 5? ' I ' - ' 'I .. Y- A V 1 . I 2 l 3 5 ! ai-1i!'fi9m3:'51-2:11 ,vi f .'.2,1m6, 9, "w.f.1.whz,wk ' ' !m'Wi6Y!'Q953:.uzluw-.vile-'illfvnxxil' if X a '1 K J .ZQW-' f ,-w g 'lf--L ' ' - ' ----- VEQRJS "S+-1? C ld,--f HV' X 1 1 Y iiisimmlilgsailsnrea ' l Sharon Store IMENTS OF Boyd Auto Service -i . -i 1 1 1 COMPLIMEI'-:TS AND BEST WISHES TO THE A CL "SS OF 1948 The G aube Brass Mfg. C0 KINSMAN, OHIO H The After We Sc KINSMAN, i -1 :ii- A. G. Birrall Co. FORD SALES AND SERVICE'- 11 We Service Phone 3231 OHIO The Fl A. M. Voorhees G. C. Wall Harper J. Endsley Hilda M. Thompson Dewitt Marsh George A. Burford Carolyn Southworth Christine Honawalt KINSMAN, BEST WISHES FROM P I rst National Bank President Vice President Cashier Assistant Cashier Teller Terrer Bookkeeper Bookkeeper OHIO Ei -S it - -' -' - - P - - - - - - L 5 COMPLIMENTS OF 1 IIOIIIG BHIQGI' CAKES ROLLS Potato, Luncheon, Vienna and Variety Breads il Grp-enville, Pennsylvania I I THE COVER LUMBER AND SUPPLY Builders' Supplies Standing Timber I ' Matched and Dressed Lumber Steel Mill Blocking l Roofing Veneer Logs I Telephone Cortland - W - 125 Cortland, Ohio I I Quality Goods Prompt Service Phone X - 59 . WALTER M. AURAND W LJ"5f'5f I . X 5 ' ' B 1- hm, - I ' Ohw '1 8 l ess?-E? it 1,T"fiif'.PW5EH!5Wif' L Q- 1 1 l Style He adquarte Greenv SHONTZ AND MYERS ille Sharon rs for Men's and Boy's Clothing Grove City Best Wishes - Class of '48 SAKS JEWELRY 118iWest State Street 1'Once a Customer - Always a Friend"' Sharon, Pennsylvania "Botany 500' Brand Suits Tailored by Daroff For the Young Men SAM LURIE AND SON Corner State and Porter Way 41 v Z3 West State Street C Sharon ANCHCJR DRUG STORES The Rexall Store s Two Convenient Locations orner East State at Stambaugh Pennsylvania . A. Jewell 84 Son DEALERS IN John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Sales Service Telephone 2462 Kinsman, Ohio It May be Good and Not be Ours - But it Can't be Ours And Not be Good Ice Cream - Soft Drinks - Groceries Orangeville , Ohio Phone 5 8 C omp liment s Of C. L. Hobart INSURANCE Phone Kinsman 2.181 Kinsman, Ohiq -1, nl C OMPLIMENTS OF lvlciaughlines Restaurant Residence Phone 3171 KINSMAN LIVESTOCK AUCTION Sales Every Monday For Good Selection of Livestock Attend These Sales Virgil McLaughlin, Manager Kinsman, Ohio Compliments ROSSMAN'S GENERAL STORE Phone 2351 Johnston, Ohio HOTEL WARNER Warren's Leading Hotel Excellent Dining Room Warren, Ohio l 1- l l Ll FARMERS SUPPLY C OMPANY Feed - Seed - Fertilizer - Roofing Phone 3161 Purina Chows Kinsman, Ohig Compliments Of KINSMAN SUPER MARKET Groceries - Dry Goods - Shoes - Hardware Serve Yourself and - Buy for Less Phone: Kinsman 32.11 Farms a Specialty PLATT SIJOHNSTON Real Estate and Insurance Howard P. Johnston, Sale sman George H. Platt J. B. Johnston Insurance in Old and Reliable Companies Licensed in Ohio and Pennslyvania Kinsman, Ohio Compliments Of KINSMAN ,AUTO BODY SHOP Body and Fender Work Painting Phone 3162 Compliments Of LEE BARBER SHOP Kinsman, Ohio Compliments Of JOBES APPLIANCE STORE Phone 3386 Kinsman, Ohio Compliments IRWIN'S ISALY STORE Dairy Products - Groceries And Frosted Foods Kinsman, Ohio Compliments Of MAC'S MARKET Phone - Kinsman 2251 Earl Osborne - Manager Kinsman, Ohio 1 1 lm l -1. 1 l Compliments Of L. A. HANSON I Phone 2345 Kinsman, Ohio I I We Serve You Well jEWELL'S SOHIO SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Accessories Route 5 and 7 Phone 2674 Kinsman, Ohio - Singer Sewing Classes I Morning - Afternoon - Evening 2 Hour Session Each Week - 8 Weeks . j. '-iior Classes Saturday A.MW. P.M. SINGER SEWING CENTER 12 South Water Street Dial 6816 Sharon, Pennslyvania I , ROBERT DUFFEE I jeweler Elgin and Hamilton Watches "The House of Perfect Diamonds" Phone 4820 16 Vine Avenue Sharon, Pennslyvania I .... .- .... .... I F i IT.: L 1 I 1 - -it n - 1 I 1 KINSMAN PHARMACY The Rexall Store Gifts Drugs Soda s Public Square Kinsman, Ohio I , KEELER'S SANITARY DAIRY Sandwiches - French Fries Sodas - Sundies Phone 372.2 Kinsman, Ohio I 1 Congratulations to Class of '48 ' GOLDTONE STUDIO Mildred Lininger Manager and Photographer Sharon, Pennslyvania CHURCH MOTOR CO., INC. Genuine Lincoln - Mercury Parts Body and Fender Work 189 Silver Street Ma Telephone SHaron 4195 usncunY8 STIHTOH. Pennslyvania u coua WHOS? KYLE 'S KORNER SERVICE SHOES2' AND CONFECTIONERY SMITH'S Phone 5448 Mobilgas Products Phone 2391 Sharon, Pennslyvania Johnston, ,Ohio I 'em ,V I Compliments Of Compliments Of I. L. HINE PEASE - HANSON OIL COMPANY f Dodge - Plymouth Sales and Phone 3789 Service Phone 3585 Kinsman, Ohio Kinsman, Ohio TIMES SQUARE RESTAURANT Alice C. Logan, Manager WALL'S SERVICE STATION American Gas and Oils Pnone 3241 U. S. Tires, Batteries and Accessories Kinsman, Ohio Kinsman, Ohio Phone 2331 A. R. MYERS Kinsman Clover Farm Store General Merchandise ,f Phone 211 1 Kinsman, Ohio Pl .- 3 m KINSMANV RADIO AND- APPLIANCE co. ' Sales and Service Radio - Home Appliances G.E. - Arvin - Zenith - Farnsworth Across From Kinsman Theater nm mm Im -m X if ' m l .A.D. HURD HARDWARE Compliments Of Hardware, Stoves, Ranges, COLONIAL INN Harness, Paint, Oils Phone 3686 Farmdale, Ohio Kinsman, Ohio Compliments Of Compliments SINION'S AND CO. Of a General Merchandise Phone 3681 , FRIEND Farmdale , Ohio Compliments Of Compliments Of WENGLER'S K. R. MEREDITH HARDWARE Sharon's Reliable jeweler 50 West State Street Phone 2121 Phone 7000 I Kinsman, Ohio Sharon, Pennslyvania WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE 1 . , , .. Q , V L , n w - 1 V r kv g ' xx ' 1 , , yy 'QQ V . Fr 'I I , ,. I .X 1 " If , ' ,,, V I k R 1 L . w 1 I . i ,ME Q AI , L V 1 fu 'E , 3 , C Ki. 1 E , V ,.', , i V4 r i ' , . E 1hlmmaa.m1 hum in mmm 5. Q ..

Suggestions in the Vernon High School - V Echo Yearbook (Vernon, OH) collection:

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