Vernon High School - Junior Annual Yearbook (Vernon, NY)

 - Class of 1951

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Vernon High School - Junior Annual Yearbook (Vernon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 122 of the 1951 volume:

e 5 E e 2 if 5 E E U W7 3 Clmgf, LIBRI .--Z X Sf Z- ,y:.f, Q3 md n-, '54, fb Y' v - ---f x,,,...f M ,.,v"-"""', .iv .- l4,..'- ,,.. ',,,fl""" S sv' ,.M,,.vg,"'.-L-r ff "2 .1 'If ,dw x mmm I' 'K I 9pfQfX33'f?fZ2'2Q5I FUIZWURD Well, here I am at last! I never thought I'd make it. After the staff tore out most of their hai they finally assembled me. I've traveled miles by bus, station-wagon, and all the letter routes trying to get to you, My name has caused fist fights. Votes, votes, and revotes have decided what should go in meg that senior class! This night life has been as bad for me as it has for the staff. I understand a lot of adults have put time and money into my completion, too. In spite of all this confusion, I pride myself on being one of the first projects of our united school, a pictorial record of our first year in centralization. I' DEDICX-WON The students of the V.V.S.C.S. gratefully acknowledge the unselfish devotion of the Board of Education in developing and directing the organization of the new school district and hereby dedicate this, the first issue of the Sheveron, to the members of the Board of Education. 'MA aw Wag ......- 1 , 1 . V Q Seated: Mr. John Black, Mrs. Bernard Collins, Mr. Seaman Ferris, Mr. Kenneth Clinch. Standing: Mr. John Deitrich, Mr. Arthur Agne, Mr. Walter Moulton, Mr. Floyd Scheifele, Mr. John George Jr. . ciivifigs . , eff' A , Q, I snsvfnon surf f X J ,WS f XV' 146160, fAl on 1 I 9 l L 3 Q 'res if feee- buf- J, ,I f In :ff sf Aga, fi' S' gg: "-N M,f"" -E Editors-in-Chief Literary Editors Art Editors Business Managers Advertising Managers Sports Editors Activities Editor Senior Aditors Clase Editors Typists Advisers A Drummond, M.J. Doyle R B. Collins, J. Phillips P. Zuegg, S. Alexander, . Loveless 2 Agne, D. Laing, A. Walter C. Jones, V E. Smith, J. Beach, N. Helt, B. Kyff R. Barnes, D. Wayland-Smith J D . Reed . Jackson, M.J. Doyle J. Durant, C. Youker, R. Warner, C. Trout, S. Johnston, A. Barclay, G. Lince, G. Ahles, C. Fuller, J. George, N. Skinner, B. Buss, S. Dewan D. Gifford, C. Spain, J J. Beach, M. Skinner, N B. Lauther Miss Dando Mrs. Snyder D. Siver, Q Lust, . Day, D. Lord irmini5trf1tinn ,if 1 ijf I! 7 4 , I I 7 N ' I A fr, fi' ' ff " gf I Zffftf ffm, ,Q QCULXY1, Q, ,624 f ' W L, "' fo If ff, Nd IZ! yn ya, , flffjf J O4 affifl fc! Kg W C75 Lf, N. , 4-f -f 1 ,, . k , N f 6171643 af ! f',14,4f'f yn C d,.fgQ,5j,-C4,ff!4 lf, 6 If fl! if " ZQLV6? mf' K,,r 1 , It f 3 "V , V1 AV, If, I C f ff ff' 5' ffffz H ff 41 f Ka. iff: ,M ,,ffc,4QA ,f gi ,,.f I ,Z , ' ' , ' 5M ,ff f .6211 fcf f.r,.f?f ,affix ,962 ff,CF,f,f lg Pffgffcfc 0 yay 77 ff ff fair ff? ff, f I . f Lx r - ' , ,. f J, ly,-4 54 If-I Y, I, K. 51 E 'f xx, , l jf K, W 1, F97 ry wuvfff 1 ,M Cfdbfntxx QLL, Md ,SA If 1. .f , ,nf 14,49 KZ' C. C ,'L,.fL,.fz 44 If . ff ' ' I. In In ' A 1 - ff za., 5 ,Y .fu , I Cx A7511 761 X5 ,4 AV,, fy! X If 1 4 1 5 K gf A ' ' 'A K fi' Clif zfyfm! cpffddfd fv', CJ " -nc fa, C,4 zfi,, ,M cf 1 : Of .. , A ff ' ' k f I f 'J 'CL !f'd"11'f' -- fa , 'IILCZA KL, L. 4 AUPUNISTRATION 4: az' Seated: Mrs. Griffin, Mr. Thomson, Miss Bingham, Mrs. Kreiter gtanding: Mr. Dodge, Mr. Hoyt, Mr. Wettel. OFFICE STAFF f gigf Y ls Mrs. Freeman, Mrs. Warcup, Miss Bentley, Mrs. Silknetter. ELEMENTARY FACULTY I ?? i A.. . ,A , -5 I 5-T Qlrgg Row: J. Aronaon, L. Ingersoll. B. Hull, S. Pacelli, M. Pritchard, B. Fargo, E. Griffin, M. Ashforth, H. Humnnrey, M. Griffith, R. Bowman, E. Falkinburg Secggg Bog: D. Cardinale, P. Zingaro, B. Snover, M. Conley, J. Eadea, B. Helt, G. Felehaw, A. Tyler, B. O'Leary, L. Folshaw, S. Kaltenbach, R. Garlock, E. Griffin, M. Molineux Tglgg 393: P. Matt, A. Stauffer, S. State, J. Howland, R. Pendorf, D. Herrington, P. Dunning, A. Cummings, H. Smith, R. Lenhart, Y. Pooley, M. Swallow SECONDARY FACULTY First Row: E. Butch G. Lawless B. Youee A. Wol V. . , Feillyii- D0flZella,,S. Davies, VaugE1n.y, f, Snyder, H York, J Qggggg Egg: A. Zingaro, R. Giambattista, F. Clark, M. Clark, R. Waaser, C. Dykstra, M. Dando, R. Wellman, J. Griffing, N. Patrick, J. Pettes, L. Callan J. Hallor-an. ' ll!-,Ili Bw! G. Wirme, C. Dekay, H. Hruby, R. DeLong, W. Cmaylo, S. Boggs, A. Simmons, D. Collins, J. Cmaylo, C. Clark, C. Hosio. M. Tornatore, G. Silknetter. bus DRIVERS Arlo cusvooums If . 14 1' ,fra A ,A x , f? 'N W 115 1 1 If A A Q Mxx '-A -, A 2 1 .rs Seatgg-L L. Herring, G. Biver. A. Dam, E. Dailey. J. Stock. Qjandlng: J. Snyder, C. Lamuman, F. Sobik, J. Avery. S. Cole, C. Cheeebro. B. Chamberlin. w"""'vn f ge A 1 A 1, Q6 x, M! 5 LKAV xiyz. K A gn '4 13 N-. mn! 1 ..... W X we . . . M - we Rm 2,41 On the followinv paves you wi11 find the pictures of the schowls which make up this central district. A11 are owen except: Verona--Q, 1C, 4, F, 14 1C 16 153 21 0 Vr 1, P, 11, 0, 1 1 I en "9 1 , , 1?, e non-- . 1 '.'JeSt'mr'e ahd-- T1 and Qome ...-U. Q, N 1 ' x v N ' . K K5 , . 1 f it W in 2 2, V WNM' N 1 fs ff' if ,I 8. I I S4 x 1 I Ai I ii! ' V .,Xggg5o b 'M I . - 'kg' onno V . X Q j DQ' I PQ-niggas, t L L 3 X 1 , 1 V na i , --, V 1JxIl 33 i 4 Q B1ackman's Corners - Verona 42 Verona High Annex is O .V 9 shea , AY ,E x xv vw ls' , 4, ,Af-f. ,A , r- MP3, I . Q5 K 2 'K kof Y K 1, jf' ,xx z 'Ae L .,'xR Q ' VJRV :WWW -9 Vi 'Sm f M gg ' 3 M35 1 -X, A -, , A ' , V. - M2 5 5 ,, ,A K V v bb V Q? -K ofgenfw snivew V 2 1 I 5gw,ew ongggg Leno ei X., gg,-.,f .- Goodrich C0I'I'1GP'S - 'Westmoreland 5412 ' Kenwood Park - Vernon 7546 A' - -,,,f-"A I ,, New London - Verona X25 Verona High - Verona 31 'Mio V llhllll 2 ,X enen , X ' wmw ,ww HS, , FUOU High ' Vernon f7 yy E' Willow Place - Vernon 36 4, f I, ag? , M K Ni lf! 4. V 0, . ,,f 7' . he-ai ' X A 2' V lfff 4 V V ' -.dx L 9 1 W I +I, V we A og Herder's Bridge - Rome kv Tilden Hill ' Verona mv - mfflfjn Q fa g-sv ' , l x , 'je HQ vs " ' W " we RAF., aj X 'W gyfff ' 1 vi i.K fri fagyt M .ML 8 y 3 KP? Sand Hill - Verona 56 I Q Churchville - Verona 1947 . A-m N xl , Y K! K f ' Z, x IE at :IQ 4 N X - AR R - no ., A ' V V 2 - o Vyig fin - I . r I is F Jfii- - 'img Al Woodcreek - Verona H8 unr- ,fx ff Paradise Hill - Verona 410 Vernon 59 School pw" J I 3 S or ,Q .1 in !"'1M. V. Rn V. Corners - Verona 76413 LL f Havener - Verona 5411, x V fe. +5 W-w ' ' .- ,Ji Qi ? 'L' 5 b U i1wWJmmn7P lp ' A L- P A A 'Z ,U . , . , .. .-.I-fi" . ' ---f... nts Y-..... 1 A ----Q.--.f I Q.. Q' ., ,, ff' 1'-' ,. : - 'Rocks - Verona 19416 ,Y ., ' x '-L ,1 -.', - J-'A -., 4 1 xg t"""9l4 A Le, iff J H we 1 -- XM f .ef Willow Valley - Verona 75415 Manure ff Rf Stacy Basin - Verona 95417 1 Effie- X ' I K VX' X s. 'ig Y fo: r Q 4 'Z MM ,N ig W 5 1 V ,H , S 2 3 " 'H 1 1 ' R 3 N 2 H 4 3 .3 5 it .A --'.- 2 '.,,m . my A- 'Nj no , "' Verona 418 35 State Bridge - Verona 5419 Happy Valley - White - Verona H21 on xxx 'K'--. M1lls - Verona f22 Af x'7 Fmlff, A xi? ' ' iff' rg l'J V I I ? eN5J'Q X Y. -L5fw5f!fi I ,Q'S V n Y?-ff? '. ,f gy 'fy' . 9 K E gf' ,WM ..,, ---' 'KQII -Jw., 1, X 1 '5 n X q"E 4ll'!!E!l. A 1' f f f We I ,V ' n V Qi n f k," 'uk ,.,1 if K ' 1 5 ' ' 3 Q K4 Q 5 ' g L I Q5 V I f t o Q Jlsffz , ,ik Q N . gee? fo f if ,. ,,,, ,af I A . E f. o55?1 Q4jfig?ffV:'fT M,-ff' 13-gg i, , .Q --' :V -- ,, Vernon fl Schoolrslill VCFHOU 52 School 4 Vernon Center ' Vernon 53 Maple Grove - Verona 59 4 X ' Jo! ,'e ',l 5 V fcfx .fv , of X x. Wu g 4 1 y F A K ,, , 1. in M Q LV. 5"1,'? M .n' n e,wWmw ,V ,xy ,.:, . 333' ' ' ' or lin 4,9 ., Z A Ili Marble Hill - Vernon 310 Vernon ill School ., Xssf--...W '1 Q Q- , ' MW AV,L e. Wvf f V l llZVV I I I af' A g A,?i!?Mi V Greenway - Home 58' Hatch's Corners - Rome 315 C 6 x 'S ff Q ,Q F7 C C' CY? C 0 w GG'-'S A Q0 lznirnfs SENIOR OFFICERS Seated: W. Thayer, C. Sflm, W. I-iahady, E. Orton, M. Doyle. Standing: Advisor: R. Wellman, D. Jackson, E. Smith, Advisor: B. Vau . X. n fl, frrif V SENIOR PLAY JZ Shadows Qs +112 125 ,f NHSHT fray' I UBl1ly Boyn Ill! S gvuoydilet 'Pusy Doinv Nothinwn JACK ANO Drama Club 2,0 Art Club 4 Senior Play Powling 6,4 Student Forum 2 Chef's Club 4 RUBY BARNES Basketball l,2,3,Ll Volleyball 1,2, ,M Softball 1,2,3, Cheerleading 3 Hockey 1,2, Soccer 1,2, Bowling 1,2 student Council l,2,h Secretary Student Council M Archery 1,2 3,L Tennis l,2,L'l Choir 1,2 3,h Yearbook 5 Swimming 3 DONALD BARTLETT President, Student Council 3 Class President 3 Dancinq Club 3,h Yearbook Staff 3 Paper Staff 3 KERRY PEESMEF J. V. Pesketball l,9, Paseball 2 Fasketball 6 Annual Staff 5 nYou're in the Army Q. CY. ,, .ew uCandy and Caken inf K 'Qrtf I I Now 9 . . FL ' 1 I2 ,v - 1 4 - x " ' LELTR-'dpkg rig. HThere is a Tavern in the Townu 1 'lf 'ETSU uShow Me How to Milk a Ccwn f ,.i C .V ,4 ,A-Q. P' ,Qi in of 'lf V I V, - ' 'fffi me 1 ,X-iw? iii! JOHN BLACK H Ive Football 3,h Basketball l,2,3 Track l,2,3,h Cross Country 2 Bowling l,2,3,h Volleyball M Choir M ESELNA BOHRER Powling l,2,5,4 Basketball l,2,5 Volleyball l,2,5 Paper Staff l Softball l,2,3 Choir l,2,5,4 Hockey l,?,5 Soccer 1,2 Dancing Club 2,5 Tennis l,2,5 Archery 1,2 Nwanting Youu HOWARD PRECKENRIDGE Prom King 5 Treas. of Class l Pasketball l,2,o,4 Football 4 Paseball l,2,6,4 Varsity Club Pres. 5 Dancing Club 6,4 Volleyball 5 Varsity Club 2,5 French Club 2 Photo Club 2 - R MARY BROWN Choir 1,2,3 Drama Club l,2,3 Class Vice-Pres, 2 Junior Class Play Prize Speaking 2 Bowling A 1 Softball 2 f, nOh, Mary, Don't You Wee i n0h, Johnnyn Allllh. Us nLullaby of Broadwayn DONNA CAMPBELL Dancing Club 3,h Class Vice-Pres. 3 Student Council Sec. Library Club 2,3 Prom Queen 3 Chorus 2,3 Softball 2 Varsity Club 2,3 A Volleyball Team L Yearbook Staff 3 Ink Pot Staff 3 JOHN CHAMBERLIN Basketball l,2, , Baseball l,2,3, Volleyball 3 Gym Team l Chorus 1 Varsity Club 2, , Dancing Club 3, Photo Club 1,2 Yearbook Staff 3 Ink Pot Staff 1,3 Snow King M WILLIAM CHESEBRO Swimming 2,3 Track 2,3 Football 1,2,3 Choir l,2,3 Chefs Club U Mat Club 2,3 BARRY COLLINS Track 2 Drama Club 2 3 Senior Play L Bowling 1,3 M Art Club 3,H Choir L chef's Club A Swimming 2 Yearbook L 5 nShuffl1n' Off to Buffalon I nThe Marines' Hymn' was wgW,,g, ,. s ,fgfff nI'm Little, Put Oh Myu Q nSecretary's Songu . U ,O K MARILLA DENISON Chorus l,2,6,4 Pand 5,4 Photo Club 2 Library Club 2 Paper Staff 5 Yearbook Staff 6 5 Act Play 5 Dancinn Club 6,4 CHARLOTTEJDORN Drama Club 1,2,3 choir 1,2,3,h Band 3 Student Council French Club A Senior Play M Paper Staff l,h ANhE DRULLOKD Chorus l,2,3,u Library Club 2,3,q 2 Photo Club Pres. Paper Staff 3,L Yearbook Staff 3,b I1 Dancing Club 3,u 1,h Student Secretary 2,3,L hagazine Contest Cpt. L MARY JANE DOYLE Choir l,2,3,M Drama Club 1 2,3 Senior Play Q Treasurer Red Cr Class Secretar Annual Editor E Paper Staff 2,h oss 2 M H E - UMusic, Music, Musicn 9 nSm1lesW Georgia On ky nindn - ,H me it Wav HOld Man Rivern IMOGENE ELMER Prize Speaking 3 Newspaper l,M May Queen 3 Drama Club l 2,3 Choir l,2,3,L Class Secretary 1,2 Class Treasurer 3 Student Council Secretary 2 French Club A Junior Class Play 3 ANNE FLANAGAN Chorus 2,3 'tudent Council Sec. 2 Varsity Cheerleader 2 League Play 3 Class Secretary 2 Varsity Club 2,3,M Library Club M Dancing Club 3,M Prom Attendant 3 Paper Staff 3 Yearbook Staff Volleyball Team M PETER FRANK Basketball 2,3,u Baseball 2,3,M Football 2,3,M Chef's Club ALBERT GRAVES Class President 1 J.V. Basketball 2,3 Student Council 3 Varsity Basketball M Class Treasurer 3 Boys' State Representative 3 WW ix nGoodnight Sweetheartn wx Q I XC , Vi N KNNC 'W . N Y wiy v Aqlf QQ 3 gE.:x ea will in-i Nwho Said I was A' Bumn nf U50 This Is Loven .L- lf. hui. X Q Q, ga cd 4 fr fl... 1 t sis' kg': E nf? ' , fiir . E A Wi' V - fri all , .1 ,I AA V! can dy!! Wk EIINOH HALSTEAD Choir l,2,3,h Orchestra l Yearbook Staff A Volleyball A Bowling l,2,3,L MARIAN HIGHERS Chorus l,2,6,4 Pand l,2,6,4 Student Council l Yearbook Staff 5 Library Club l,2,5 French Club 2,5 Softball 2,5 Dancing Club 2 Junior Prom Attendant 5 nDnrk Eyesu PEATRICE HOPKINS Photo Club 1,2 Library Club 2,3 Dancing Club 6,4 Yearbook Staff 5 Paper Staff 5 DAWN JACKSON Class Secretary 4 Chorus l,2,5,4 Library Club 5,4 Dancing Club 5,4 Paper Staff 5,4 Student Secretary 2,3,4 Prom Attendant 6 Volleyball 4 wr k 7 X ,gf nOver The Sean 1. E I AQ kk k g 35 793 II Nw 2 NH, 'UI Wir' 1? ,Q 3 'In My Merry Oldsmobile' Il N I You're Just In Loven DAWN LAING Volleyball l,2,3 Softball 2,3, Hockey 1,2,3 Soccer 1,2 Bowling l,2,3,h Archery 1,2, ,M Choir 1,2 3, Yearbook L Swimming 2,3 Dancing Club 2,3 RICHARD LYNCH Bowling, l,2,3,h choir 3,u, Chef's Club M Track 2 Cross Country 3 KENNETH LOVELESS Photo Club 2 Chorus 1,2 Dancing Club 3,h cnervs Club A Yearbook Staff 3 Dance Band 3 Paper Staff 3 VIRGINIA LOVELESS Chorus l,?,5,4 Library Club 2,6,4 Student Secretary 2,5 Paper Staff 2,5,4 Yearbook Staff 5,4 Photo Club 2 Volleyball 4 Softball 3 May Dance Queen 5 Magazine Contest Cpt. 4 nA1waysn 'Pd' NRlng De Banjo Q Little Sir Echo unwwn at ,,p , I Q' ig, H 33, 0 NShort'nin Preadn hw 'M I V JO ANNE LUKE ' Hockey l,2,5 ye Soccer l,?,4 ge 1 -1 ':" . Softball l,2,5,4 fl " Pasketball l,2,3,4 'I -H V Bowling l,2,5,4 Cheerleading 4 so -f- Volleyball l,2,g6,4 l l l ,, ,,, M fe Tennis l,2,5 'M. --V:. A Archery 2,5 ' N hai' Choir l,2,5,4 f Orchestra l Eand 2,o,4 Paper Staff 4 5 WILLIAM MAHADY 37- L - E 3 Drama Club 1, 2, 3 Basketball 3 lbkixgffeaw Choir 1,2,3,L Y Band 3 2 f Chef'S Club M fmwl ,ly Senior Play M HQ as 'f League Play 3 geiggi Y e epr tive 3 Q3 L"LL ' BO S' Stat R esenta Class President 3,h Baseball 2,3 Class Treasurer 1 H Blow the Man Downu PAUL MATVIAS Varsity Club 2,o,4 Football 2,o,4 Photo Club l Student Council l Treas. of Class 2,5 Baseball 2 Mgr. Football l JOAN MCGRAW Volleyball l,2,5,4 ' ' Basketball 1,2 wg Bowling l,2,6 Choir l,2,3 , Newspaper Staff 2,5,4 CT Class Secretary 2 Y M Archery 2 APt Club 4 HStormy Weathern 'Fa A -wr-in-r 3 . C f ,, 7 l Q, lik. J , . , . K nTramp, Tramp. Trampu QU u C! Hwhisperingn KENNETH MILLSON Football l,2,5 Varsity Club ?, Pand 2,3,4 Chef's Club 4 JOHN MORCAN Football l,2,4 Pasketball l,?,5 Paseball l,2,3 Varsity Club 2,5 Photo Ulub 2 Chorus 1,2 Paper Staff 5 Yearbook Staff 6 Dancing Club 2,5 JIM MONTGOMERY Basketball 3 choir 2,3,LP Chef's Club LP Boy Scouts 2,3,L+ CLARINDA NOBLE Photo Club 1,2 French Club l 2,3 Chorus l,2,3,L Softball l,2, Dancing Club Ink Pot Staff 3 Paper Staff M Library Club 2 Bowling M Yearbook Staff 3 Varsity Club 1,2,3 l HRainbow Guyu '- V z bg . 'ft 53 K- 4 5 3 Q! E15 Nl 4? -Q29 ' r. , A f t C it , Q 5 sf - . nl WClancy Lowered Lhe Boom 3 5 N-Q. bmi Awbg Wwgk Q' ,?HW 5 H Q 51 my P 3 ,5 , 3 ?5s'?h3ifbW, ggo siihif trr UThe Darktown Strutter's Ballu 3 Every Day is Ladies Day for Men ELIOT ORTON Football 2,3,H Basketball 3,h J.V. Basketball 2 Class President Student Council Student Council President L Drama Club 2,3 Student Forum 2 French Club 2 Senior Play M Boys' State Re resentative Junior Rotary E Track 3 3,74 1,2 JESSIE PAQUETTE Paper Staff l,2,3,h Drama Club 2,3 choir l,2,h Yearbook 2,h French Club 2 Student Council 2 Hockey l,2,3 Archery 1 Volleyball 2 Softball 2 Student Forum 2 Dancing Club 2 TIM PARKER Orchestra l Band 2,o,4 SWlmm1Hg 2,5 Football 3,4 Track ZL514 Swing Band 4 PATRICIA PLABODY Library Club l,2,3 Dancing Club 3,L Yearbook Staff 3 Paper Staff 3 Chorus 1,2 AIUF ,lo Miva nTemptationn ha 'Mum 'Patricia' 1 Q nn F' W , ii- ,lg i Say it with Musicn 'Dream Girl' PEGGY REAMES Cheerleading 2,3,h Girls' Bowling l,2,3,h Basketball l,2,3 Volleyball 1,2, Softball l,2,3, Swimming 3 Choir l,2,3 Soccer l,2,3 Hockey 1,2 Tennis 1,2 Student Council 3 Secretary Student Counc Art Club A Yearbook JOYCE REED Mgr. of Mag Contest 4 Chorus l,2,6,4 Pand l,2,5,4 Yearbook Staff 5,4 Paper Staff 3,4 Dancing Club 3,4 Student Secretary 6,4 Softball 2 French Club 2,5 WILLIAM RICHMOND Football 1,h Track M Volleyball M Choir M French Club 2 CONSTANCE SALM Band l,2,3,h Chorus l,2,3,h Cheerleader 3 Dancing Club 3,L Editor, yearbook, 3 French Club 1,2, Paper Staff 2,3, Library Club 2 One-Act Play 3 Photo Club 1 2 Senior Play L Softball 2,3 Student Council 3,h Varsity Club 2,3 il nLaugh1ng Polkan 2, 5 ,Ne X K ' : , .xi 4 g . H +3 NSentimental Men GAIL SEIBEL Photo Club l,2,3 Library Club 1 Dancing Club 3,L Bowling A Cheerleader 3 French Club 2,3,h Softball l,2,3,L Paper Staff 3,L Yearbook Staff 3 Senior Play L Varsity Club 2,3,b Chorus 1,2,3,h Class Treasurer 2 Prom Attendant 3 JANICE SHOLTZ Photo Club 1,2 French Club l,2,5 Library Club 1,2 Chorus l,2,o,4 Paper Staff 4 EUGENE SMLTH Bowling l,2,3,L Class Treasurer L L Class Vice President 3 Football 2,3,L V. Pres. Student Coun. Choir 3,4 J.V. Basketball Mgr. 2 Annual Staff 4 Assistant Fire Chief 3 Newspaper Staff L MARY SWEENEY Basketball 2,3,h Volleyball 2,3,h Hockey 3 Soccer 2,M Bowling l,2, ,M Choir l,2, , Newspaper Dancing Club 2,3 Senior Play Prompter VSweet and Lovely N ga, nuff 'WNW' ', . Pi W H, , QTL . is E ,L 3' , H 5 'ii 33 A , 1' .2 , J A in .,,V- A W Mfwa nrhe hostess With the Mostess' on the Ba ' f 'fi ' s 1 P 'wi . y ' fp, IM E A -,:,. Q s I A NOver the Rainbown X 5 1' , ' 2 Af jg,-J xjfrwff : N X ,fix ig! fy J I . 139, yki A .. xx Q nSt- Louis Bluesu WARNER THAYER Chorus l,2,5 French Club 2,5 Photo Club 1,2 Senior Play League Play 5 Student Council Vic Editor, Ink Pot 5 Yearbook Staff 6 Dancing Club 5,4 Class Sec. 4 ALICE WALTER German Band 1 Orchestra l Band 2,3,h choir 1,2,3,h Drama Club 3 Senior Play M Paper Staff M Yearbook Staff ll CLARA WA TSON Chorus l,2,3,h Photo Club 1,2 French Club l,2,3 Paper Staff l,2,3,M Yearbook Staff 3 Library Club 1,2 Bowling M Band 3,h ETHEL'WRIGHT Basketball 2,3,h Volleyball 2,3,h Softball 2,3, A Archery 3 Soccer M Bowling 3 Hockey 2,3 Dancing Club 2,3 choir 3,h Student Council 1 e-Pres, 4 CJ U , : W 13 'Enix-wt 'H 4 ,n awqgfi W NNobody Knows the Trouble I've Seenn it-M . . A if 6? :art x jg J nHopscotch Polkau ' M - X 4 Y 3,19 1? il' . -ff Y 'Paby Facen ml 'fbn Merry Lifen DONALD YOUNG Photo Club 2,5 Varsity Club 2,3,4 Baseball 2,5,4 Dancing Club 5,4 CRYSTAL ZABELE Hockey 2 Softball 5 Volleyball 3,4 Basketball 3,4 Archery 2,5,4 Choir l,2,3,4 Dancing Club 5 Art Club 4 PAUL ZUEGG Baseball Mgr. l Class President 2 Baseball 2,5,4 Choir 2,5,4 Bowling 2,5 Class Vice-Pres. 5 Basketball 6,4 Football Mgr. 3 Yearbook 4 Football 4 Volleyball 4 Paper Staff 4 4 si!! NIn the Evening by the Mbonlightn ,g QNQ Nusa., N . F 4-D C Q x LAJ 'K f' v cv-t - 0 x Q A 4 1 P A x4,j m C., xm f Y .L M gg ,el E PET P AMBITION 1351. 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F4 o 0 cb S ts tight skir Algebra choir? ng to d he say? .-4- O-D bilai .C '33 O jp,- -D C5 .SI 3 TD F-1 cd .24 Se O 3 ch Billie ond hm ic 1 R ,CI e S-Q 5 'U KD OD Of. QD O Ihr-4 O-H "JC-U C O -.-1 rn nn GJ ia Q. K CD the HO oh! tY sonali per pleasing lm e Sa Constanc 0 r-I r-4 O O an 'U -ri mn C3 31 o O f-1 :J bil -f-4 G-4 S-4 an ,D r4 CD ,D r-I -1-4 Q GJ QC O -I-7 O bil !-e O O 'U 5-4 O -re C O O CI P: Gi 3 CD .-Cl 4-J 1-l r-I cd QD C13 S-4 O GJ CQ OJ F-4 -r-1 GJ UI U1 CD r-4 r-4 O O rn cv ,EI m -1 'U bil SI -4 b at .II CD hi? O -L-7 O bil CI -1 O 'U O 4-7 gee quietness oltz Sh S ic Jan Ee. Home CI' ach te shop 0 rn 7-Q 5 C1 F-4 O CC! -r-I-r-4 din-I S-ITIJ bw G-1 O O bl hey SXCUS6 S ith Sm gene -D -1-I r-l r-1 ai O 5 E CU .Q o 4-1 C6 ,CI 3 mv m 5 o G! Syr giv eeney SW Eu Mary O -H 9-4 Q-1 C5 in JJ P: m m O .D Q- O O 0 I-'I D- O GJ O- SI 3 at C3 3 O II 3 O C2 In 4-7 GJ ,hi 0 -4-I 4-J b-0 S2 -H F1 0 Q F-1 E ra S4 CD lb K5 E ct IU -4 F-4 cd S-4 .O -r-I ri r-I G5 5 G SI 48 Pu F-4 O r-4 110 A .-C O .C bi! 3 6 r-I F-4 GJ D 1-4 P CD O -4 r-I 4 college to EO dishes washing kid S th 'r'I l'lOt her oarties USOTX Clara Wa California to getting Dick ?? uh h roller-skating Ethel wright UI r-I F4 -P U2 Q-q-r-4 C5 O r-4 w-I DU +1 -4 O 'U as S1 as E: -u E o 'U r-4 . I5 C an .ki o cu S-4 0 QD an -4 3 C3 CI 5 O P4 'U r-I GS C O Q D4 wise crip for men S sak SS personality Zabele 1-I di 4-7 U1 K rs in O ty salesman EUY3 rn r-I ..-1 GS -D 1D 'U U1 CD 31 O .,--J by CI -4-I r-I r-4 0 -I-'J UQ UD an S3 N 1-I 5 C5 0- W We are the first. To us it has been given To go before, to break the path and lead The way for others who come after us. We are the first Senior class. we have Laid aside the old and started new traditions. we have had our strifes among ourselves, But faced the world together as a class, As a school. We have worked and played And laughed and loved together, and cheered Together and fought our rivals as a team, As a school. we are the first. After us will come So many, many more, to cherish Our traditions and all that we hold dear-- One school, a trinity inseparable. And as we have each of us yielded Some to the other, and argued and still solved Things peacefully, gaining in one way what we lost in another, and finally, we hope, To see one school, with spirit proud and loyal-- So might the whole world do as we have done And still must do, and we may one day see A world united all in peace. --Jessie Paquette I, I, I, I, I, I, I, lN S I, I I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, we I, I, I, I, We, the Senior Class leave all the headaches, the Washington trip and all ILL We, the class of '51 of VVS Central School, City School District of Sherrill, State of New York, all being of legal age and sound mind do so declare and make this our last will and testament. Jack Ano, bequeath my Rudiments book to Lee Watson. Have fun! Ruby Barnes, bequeath my sports record to Alice Thurston. Don Bartlett, bequeath my ability to hit trees to Calvin and Warren. Kerry Bessmer, bequeath my talks with Miss Vaughn to Harley Burger. John Black, bequeath my nights at Al's to Dick Group. Eselma Bohrer, bequeath WMy afternoons offu to Connie Emms. Howard Breckenridye, bequeath my fun in the store-room to Rita and Chuck. , Mary Brown and Imogene Elmer, bequeath to the Junior girls our confession corner in the cloak room. Donna Campbell, bequeath my fiaure to Marleen Robinson. John Chamberlin, bequeath Hank's car to George Vanderwerken. Bill Cheesebro, bequeath by Marine uniform to anyone who'll take it. Barry Collins, bequeath nSouth Pacificn to Neil Fifield. Marilla Denison, bequeath my height to Betty Jean Kyff. Charlotte Dorn, bequeath my part in the Senior Play to Julie Beach. Mary Jane Doyle, bequeath HThe Puddy Catn to Jane Philips. Anne Drummond, bequeath full possession of the duplicator to Ruth Agne Anne Flanagan, bequeath my well-earned drivers license to any Junior. Pete Frank, bequeath my basketball uniform to Jim Austin. Al Graves, bequeath my chartreuse socks to whoever wants them. Elinor Halstead, bequeath my dislike for icy roads to Mary Lou Zinzack Marian Highers, bequeath my part in the play to Barb Van Patten. Have Beatrice Hopkins, bequeath the Candy Case to all the Juniors. Dawn Jackson, bequeath my fun in coach's office to Nancy Helt. Dawn Laing, bequeath my walk to school to Alberta Wright. Ken Loveless, bequeath my shoes to Jimmy Plantz. Virginia Loveless, bequeath my blond hair to Regina Hojnacki, not that she needs it. Dick Lynch, bequeath my addiction for motors to Gerry Savercool. Jo Luke, bequeath my naift of gabn to Doris Jones. Bill Mahady, bequeath the senior class presidency to some unlucky Junior. Paul Matvias, bequeath football to George Conley. Joan McGraw, bequeath my Ken Millson, bequeath my and Bob Carver. Jim Montgomery, bequeath John Morgan, bequeath my Clarinda Noble, bequeath Cot Orton, bequeath my ga fun! planning ability to the Juniors. They'll need it. red hair and half days of school to Bernard Hilts my love for English class to Carl Philips. dog house to Daniel Markowski and Gerald Sholtz. my ability to giggle to Carol Jones. vel and parliamentary procedure to Bud Jessie Paquette, bequeath my ability to get what I want to Mary Tim Parker, bequeath what is left of the band to Carolyn Youker Patricia Peabody, bequeath my trouble getting recipes to anyone Peggy Reames, bequeath my laughing spasms to Pat Corney. Joyce Reed, bequeath my music talent to Helene Scheifele. Bill Richmond, bequeath myself to Arvilla Tookt . Connie Salm, bequeath my ability to get along with people to Marian Freeman. Janice Sholtz, bequeath my ability to sew to Audrey Peabody. Eugene Smith, bequeath my variety of excuses to Dave Noyes. Mary Sweeney, bequeath all our aood times to Kathleen McGrath. Cwagner Thayer, bequeath my way with the women to Achus Wilson and John on on. Alice Walter, bequeath all my driving ability to Joan Lust. , Clara Watson and Gail Seibel, bequeath our fun washing dishes and selling tickets to Joy Durant and Edith Filey. I Ethel Wright, bequeath my square dancing talent to anyone who needs Don Young bequeath my manly build to Don Eychner. Crystal Zabele, bequeath my seat in the corner to Annette Group. Paul Zuegg, bequeath my cheerful disposition to the Junior Class. Alexander. Peck. who wants it it. the wonderful times we've had to the Juniors. Jack Ano has just taken a Ruby Barnes swung for her yesterday. Don Bartlett is a General Kerry Bessmer, as a resul Eselma Bohrer is struggl Q ? P ' s Happening in 19611 Perhap's'Jj P R O P H job arranging music for Leaping Larry's Jazz Band. tenth homer in the Cats and Rats Baseball League now. He made the army his career. t of 12th Social Studies, is still stuck in the Navy ing with the intricacies of homemaking, first hand. Howard Breckenrid e is a big league basketball player now. S The telephone poles dodge Donna Campbell is driving John Chamberlain flies to Sergeant Bill Chesebro is Barry Collins is writing, Marilla Denison runs the Charlotte Dorn is working Mary Jane Doyle has been Anne Drummond is a rising yet when Mary Brown drives by. again this year in the powder-puff derby. his barber shop every morning in his helicopter. still trying to get kicked out of the Marines. for the fifth time, a historical novel. nAtom1c Pop Beaneryn with Everett as dish-washer. on a musical call for chickens. voted the best dressed woman in Vernon Center. young stenographer in a large business firm. Imogene Elmer is entranced more than ever by romantic scenes. Good luck! Anne Flanagan is traveling all over the United States with her Dick. Pete Frank's oil burners are now well known from coast to coast. CI didn't say for whatlj Al Graves is running for the City Council. He learned quickly didn't he? Icy roads never deter Elinor Halstead any moreg rain, sleet, or shine--the show must go on. Marian Highers runs the W Lovely Messn beauty salon. Bea Hopkins runs the nGooey Candy Storeu in New London. Dawn Jackson is still in San Francisco waiting for a ship from Korea. Dawn Laing is still trying to catch the boys across the street. Ken Loveless is now the 1 eader of the NLovemore Noise Quintetn. Virginia Loveless is giving lessons on how to have blond hair naturally. Dick Lynch is burning up Jo Luke, unable to sit st Bill Mahady bought himsel the roads with his latest hot-rod. ill, joined the Navy Nurse Corps to see the world. f a carp everyone take to the nearest shelter. Paul Matvlas is leader of the nMoose Club' in Rome. Joan McGraw, finding Taxa officee s farther than she thought, settled for the Sales Ken Millson, a promising young milk tester on a large farm, spends his spare time in the kitchen. Jim Montgomery has developed into quite a ladies man since his sojourn in this country. John Morgan runs nMorgan' Clarinda Noble is a promi s Pet Shopn, dealing mostly in poodles and fish. sing young teacher at Morrisville. In spite of Cot Orton's optimistic statement in English class, I'm afraid his and John Black's po Jessie Paquette now has a Tim Parker now owns a gas Pat Peabody wears her new litical conversation would disprove it. fiancee in every state of the union. station: heaven help the customers. nurses uniform very well. Peggy Reames is putting twenty kindergarteners to sleep for their naps. Joyce Reed, after working B111 Richmond recently se Connie Salm is now a memb for the government, is now Mrs. Clydesdale. ttled down in a vine-covered cottage. fsighl er of the VVSCS faculty. Janice Sholtz is teaching sewing classes at the new VVSCS. Eugene Smith realizes the now, he's a teacher. Be prepared for anythingg folly of his ingenious remarks in history class Mary Sweeney's been to Syracuse again! Warner Thayer's law office is doing very well lately. He now has three stenographers. QAll bl Alice Walter, the old-mai Clara Watson runs the Wat ondj d librarian, is still reading her books. son half of the nwatson-Seibel Culture Studion. Clara gives instructions on how to get your man and--- Gail Seibel gives lessons on how to keep him. Ethel Wright is knitting baby booties for the second time. Don Young gives dramatic Cris Zabele is still just lessons as an after-math of the Senior Play. a typistg woe is mel Paul Zuegg is still unbothered by details such as making out his salesman's expense account. This is our prophecy for to being right. '61, but only time will tell how close we are 6 '24 cg? QQGBY .543 fCfUf25 vw 35.13 1 .a. -.ff .,.?""'I '7' Qglehwmwe N 'Wh' iw' lar: 1. D. Campbell 2. K. Loveless 3. D. Jackson I+. C. Noble 5. R. Barnes 6. E. Bohrer 7. J. Reed. 8. G. Seibel 9. V. Loveless 10. P. Peabody 11. P. Matvias 12. J. Paquette 13. P. Resumes 114-. M. Brown 15. C. Zebele 16. E. Halstead 17. C- Dorn 18. D. Laine 19. M.J. Dovle 20. B. Collins 21. I. Elmer 22. A. Walter 23. C. Salm 21-P. T. Parker 25. J. Luxe 26 B . . Ghesebro 27. M. Sweeney 28. E. Smith 29. J. McGraw 30. A. Graves 31. E. OPtOn rg NWD55 L1"".ff 3 1'1if155n11:n 55 5 0 , n L1 A P 1, O ff J JUPIIURS First Row: M. Robinson, J. Durant, N. Helt, R. Hojackni, D. Eaton, B. Van Dafhenf-CT Jones, E. Filey, M. Freeman. Second Row: J. Condon, D. Markowski, A. Wilson, D. Eychner, D. MOPSY. 'fEmEEF1'sta, Advisor, B. Kyff, H- Scheifele. A- Peabody. R- ASUS. R- Van- derhoof. Third Row: R. Carver, G. Scholtz, G. Vanderwerken, J. Plantz, W. Noble. B. Leader, G. Conley. First Row: M. Peck, J. Phillips, A. Rooke, M. Skinner, D. Pohl, J. Lust, Mr. Tornatore Advisor, F. Montgomery, J. Beach, D. Gifford, E. Black, D. Jones, C. Emms. Second Row: D. Noyes, J. Ruttan, K. McGrath, C. Spain, M. Hennegg , N. Snyder, E. Wrfghf, M. Zinzack, S. Pomeroy, V. Durant, C. Youker, F. Mahadyq Third Row: M. Krawiec. T. Wright, T. Frank, R. Group, R. Richard, M. Nodecker, H. Burger, p, Henneggy, G. Savercool, D. Wayland-Smith, J. Austin, S. Alexander C. Ph111ipS, N- Flfleld, J. Henneggy 30 PHDVIORES 2 1 First Row: J. Williams, N. Day, J. Wood, M. Myers, D. Bartoszek, M. Plantz, P. Schoenick, C. Broduck. Second Row: B. Hilts, D. Lord, J. Mahoney, J. Anson, B. Hitchings, Advisor: R. Defong, J. Scheifele, F. Shaw, C. Spink, B. Secor Third Row: J. Simmons, F. Witchley, P. Kruger, R. Wall, C. Jacobs, J. Cornish B. Eiufher, R. Warner. First 521: A. Dorn, P. Stever, M. Duff, A. Thurston, C. Mallory, D. Ingalls, E. Dedell, Miss Davies Advisor, P. Cassell, V. Avery, G. Russell, B. Burke, J. Bennett, P. McGraw, E. Skinner. Second 523: V. Vaughn, A. Champney, M. Dangle, N. Paquette, Z. Tousley, J. Dixson, E. Wenham, K. Cobb, G. Blair, C. Lanz, Mrs. Clark Advisor, J. Adams, M. Lyon, B. Kitchen, P. Hogan, P. Corney, R. Blanchette, H. Brown, C. Simmonds, J. Oatman, G. Hartwig. Third row: R. Mumford, T. Renniger, C. Kitendaugh, J. Ango, B. Gurnier, K. Roy, R. Wright, R. Wright, A. Noyes, C. Trout, R. RUSS, K. Westcott, D. Chapman, E. Jones, B. Edie. F RE. SHHEPI '39 ' Qi'-Pnglit' ' First row: N. Skinner, E. Seifert, J. Smith, A. Lampman, E. Durant, D. Cronln, A. Yaddaw. Second row: R. Kitchen, D. Richards, L. Cooley, E. Wagner, N. Kelts, A. Collins, C. Irwin, A. Janbwski. Third row: D. Clinch, C. Kitchen, J. Decker, L. Adams, N. Vandervall, C. Salm, K. Vanderwood. First 533: N. Downey, C. Herlov, M. Seamon, A. Group, Mrs. Dykstra, P. Oatman, J. Williams, S. Marshall, R. Lynch Second 323: G. Arnott, K. Wood, J. Hackett, D. Northrup, W. Rousher, B. Devore P. Rich, S. Bllliman, A. Sheible, R. Rebias, P. Hennessey, R. Hahn, R. Parker, W. Whitford, P. Dwyer Third Row: P. Kelly, D. Ceraolo, S. Jones, F. Hennessey, J. McGrath, P. St. Auburn, C. Wright, J. O'Her1an, L. Watson, G. Barnes, J. Comfort, R. Marshall, P. Rainboth FRESHMEN First roy: W. Breckenridge, J. Austin, L. Fike, B. Staple, E. Dodge, G. Gafner, K. Denison, C. Reed, R. Zeller. Second Egg: J. Masner, J. Durant, L. Nillson, D. Larsen, C. Smith, Mrs. Waaser, D, Decker, K. Janes, J. Conley, A. West, J. Larrabee, P. Feun. Third row: P. Disburger, R. Gaffney, B. Jackson, C. Parent, J. Van Dreason, Mr. BOEE, C. Angell, K. Warner, M. Richardson, I. Cornish, C. Houseman. Fourth 523: T. Collins, J. Kinne, J. Larsen, R. Abel, R. Gerwig, W. Evans, A. Barclay, W. Kirk, P. Merry, K. Dodson, T. Ray. L , W viii i Aff T X f lu., " J n - g .Y , li A ,,l. ..., I ww, aiiin E .-'ij EIGHTH GRADE. m' -Q NT' First 523: L. Vahady, T. Vaughn, S. Hckhard, 3. Siver, P. Peters, C. Hocan, D. Burnham. Second row: D. Irwin, T. Zabele, R. Finch, E. Beach, Nr. Collins, '1. Diceif. Wallace, R. Lenhart, H. Owen. Third Egg: J. Tackin, L. Brown, D. Casler, J. Thurston, H. Lewin, 7. Allen, U. Finch. X J, llll First row: J. itanton, W. Seamon, J. Tagner, R. Ualkiewicz, H. Blake, B. Eckerd, D. Buss. F. Law, R. Lewin. Second row: L. Hennessy F. Bobrek , R. Duncan, C. Adams, J. CGI'8010, D. Zajac, Miss Clark, B. Mumford, C. Grimm, C. Raht, R. McLead Q. Paulson EIGHTH GRADE First Row: w, Wood, J. Buell, D. Vanderhoof, W. Zeller, J. Bartozek, L. Hojnacki,MS. Spink. Second Row: P, Decker, A. Havener, E. Kirk, S. Schoeneck, Mr. Callan, A3vIsor, K. Condon, B. Abel, G. Castor, J. Kenna. Third Row: C, Mackey, D. Fargo, A. Castor, B. Tracy, R. Wall, R. Williams, R. Cornlih, C. Hoage, G. Abel, E. Kitchen, D. Pecola. First row: G. Ahles, E. Combs, C. Spink, K. Drummond, W. Davis, S. Weslowskl, J. Kirk. Second roy: B. Secor, M. Snyder, J. Tracy, M. Eychner, Miss Daniella, P. Tayler, E. Barclay, J. Spinelli, B. Reed. Third roy: R. Noble, R. Van Slyke, J. Vanderwerken, R. Kimball, R. Walker, C. Butler, R. Gregory, P. Walker, D. Breckenridge. Fourth 522: R. Hawthorne, E. Bertella, J. Witchley, M. Jones, J. Butler SEVEHT H GRADE. First Row' R. Arnott, D. Dennison, W. Condon, D. Williams, J. George, J. Ffley, T. Hartman. Second Row: L. Pawlikowski, G. Bertella, D. Hall, M. Masner, Mr. Winne, B. Heed, NC-Witchley, E. Rolewicz, A. Sprague. Third Row: N. Makarchuk, D. Van Slyke, P. Lohr, M. Campbell, J. Hull, M. 5rems,'F:' Fisher, R. Nichols, F. Peploski. Fourth Egg: J. Bienlecki, G. Hltchings, L. Johnson, J. Twiss, R. Brodock, H. Curtis, R. Young, E. Boyson, R. Foster. First Row: B. Loveless D. Wood S. Steve R. Van Dreason P. James D. Aus gfn, C.Rgarver. , , , ' , eoond ws E. Beybold N. Bpink M. Millson P. Durant Miss Dando J. Staple, U. Rider, F. Boieifele, B: Janes. , , , , Third Row: R. Harkowskl, B. Lohr, V. Webb, M. Miller, C. Fuller, L. Weis- mantIe, I. Renwick, R. Bartlett, J. Wilson. gggiggbgouz R. Raymond, J. Janes, C. Carey, R. Reid, P. Widrig, J. Evans, he-' SEVENTH GRADE First gow: E. Warburton, V. Miller, R. Krone, R. Tate, D. Detrich, J. Townsend, H. O'Her1en. Second 591: A. Simmons, J. Hennessy, D. Owen, M. Jacobs, R. Derlnger, S. Law, K. Kitchen, P. Beane, B. Sprinkle, A. Gauthier. Third gow: S. Mallory, D. Hartson, T. Wenham, T. Durant. S. Adams, Mr. Dodge, D. Rose, E. Phillips, K. Dixon, G. Kelts, T. Kohler. Fourth 393: W. Bellows, R. Zajac, B. Maciag, R. Grimm, R. Maxwell, R. Lenhart, G. Heoworth, J. Kaun, P. Christiansen, P. Ferris. 9 V7 Ji First row: F. Kitchen, R. Champney, F. Maciag, B. Bolton, R. Mumford, J. Beck, R. Smith. Second row: S. Hiller, H. Durant, J. Krawiec, A. Bennett, A. Collins, B. Black, C. Stevens, E. Dalklewicz, L. Seifert, D. Lent. Third row: N. Nell, N. Vaughan, V. Nazel, J. Gouchie, C. Barnes, Fr. Hruby, S. Dewan, P. Pawlickl, H. Herrington, J. Bartell, B. Lanz. Fourth row: R. Jones, H. Haight, O. Clark, W. Abrial, B. Flanders, R. Russell, J. Wayland-Smith. SIXTH GRADE First 322: T. Kirk, F. Butler, R. Robinson, R. Henry, L. Jackson, C. Havenen J. Klpp. Second 222: M. Decker, E. Widrig, M. Piatkowski, R. Angell, Mr. Felshaw, L. Agne, H. Wishart, T. Wesolowski, J. Seibel. Third 525: E. Taylor, J. Buda, J. Williams, J. Reed, D. Bertella, D. Brown, C. Dunne, R. Kyff. First row: R. Hilts, R. Keoebein, D. Durant, H. Horst, J. Schoeneck, E. Miller R. Glur. Second row: G. Reed, S. Kardys, R. Fieoler, B. Aley, Mrs. Pacelli, D. Sulli- van, J. Sexton, E. Fort, P. Dodse. Third row: J. Berdanier, I. Kitchen, C. Drummond, K. Parker, M. Smith, B. Uisburoer, P. Larsen, P. Zeller, A. Carey, R. Angell. snxrn GRADE. , First row: B. Gloss, B. Lewis, D. Newhouse, R. Rebres, B. Lesher, J. Brelthaupt, D. Howard. Second 221: S. Prowda, P. Collins, B. Brester, N. Cobey, Mrs. Dunning, A. Nolan, D. Collins, B. Bigtree, M. Haight. Third row: R. Devore, F. Meyers, R. Johns, T. Cowan, W. Scheible, F. Silliman, B. Griffith, A. Hennessy, G. Gilbert, T. Jones, L. Mills. 11lHIIIl' CS' 'koi x 3 5, I ll gl if Y' fl' Q f fl n vu D n f4"z..ig Fjfgy' FIFTH ...J snxrn amass First row: D. Irwin, W. Vaughn, B. Rolewicz, K. Murphy, W. Carney, B. Neli-T. Butler. Second row: P. Durant, M. Grim , E. Prenez, J. Raymond, Mrs, Ingersoll. J. Vand?r'v7erken, P. White, T. Vanderwall, V. Kitchen. Third row: P. Merrell, J. Raymond, M. Mumford, K. Vanderwerken, N. Blair, Il. Clar-Lf S. Bartholomew, R. Wagner, D. Salm, R. Vanderwerken, A. Seelman, A. Law, M. Durant, W. Lampman, C. Seaman. Absent: J. Paratore. First row: C. Griffin,D. Hoyt, S. Evans, J. Whltcombe, L. Phillips, P, Shaver, P. Austin. Second row: N. Freeman, N. Gillette, B. Eckhard, M. Arnett, Mr. Tyler, J. Brewster, A. Beane, S. Barnes, H. Bigger. Third row: B. Wickens, L. Mills, M. Cummings, E. Ceraolo, R. Barnes, G. Simmonds, C. Allen, W. Thurston, B. Moulton. FIFTH GRADE grail F ings, R. Henry. Second Row: M. Condon, N. Salm, P. Horr, H. Holt, Mrs. Conley, Advisor, E. Wlllliis, D. Makey, C. Combs, A. Smith. Third Row: L. Ray, J. Wishart, C. Eychner, T. Van Dreason, N. Angell, S. Al- Eanosklf-W. Brodock, C. Hoffmeister, E. Butler, J. Parker, G. Hopkins. irst row: J. Kegebein, G. Warner, R. Simele, T. Bertella, F. Puda, P. Hitch- Fourth Row: D. Lovely, J. Barclay, R. Leeder, W. Durant, H. Beckwith, D. Davis, E. Eoyson, R. Van Slyke, L. Morgan. F' X-Q First row: R. Barnes, F. MacArthur, W. Hull, J. Parker, S. Wa1la09: D- Duncan Second row: A. Wilson, J. Cassell, L. Seamgn,SM. Cameron. Ella Falkinbufg, M. Berdanier C. Lengler B. Chamberlain . eamon- Third row: J: Thurston, D. Wilson, J. Pairicla, A. Sweeney, N. AnO, R- Grlffi G. K1 M. V lk S. Iencyewskl. Fourtgnigat D. gghnirl. Seamon, R. Pieper, R, Rudolph, J. Bierworth, Apspnc: P. Mitchell, E. Hennessy- 0 Us rouR'rH Ano FIFTH caggoas First row: C. Collins, C. Paulson, J. Teeps, R. Paulson, A. Sheldon, E. Williams, H. Adams. Second row: R. DiLapi, N. Harp, J. Salm, J. Brown, Mrs. Smith, P. Williams, E. Avery, R. Edie, M. Law. Third row: N. Adams, C. Carney, J. Owens, S. Slachta, R. Sreca, C. Teeps, M. Thieme, N. Paulson, D. Law, N. Dewan. Absent: C. Burton, L. Carney, T. Conniff, K. Harp, K. Mumford, R. Whaley, F. lilczak, H. Raslauer. FOURTH GRADE First Egg: M. Lovely, J. Morrell, M. Hartzog. W. Hull, A. Miller, J. Pita- kowski, D. George. R. Anno. Second row: R. Durant, R. Parker, A. Wade, N. Combs, M. Seybold, Mrs. Will- iams, VT-Davis, J. Smith, M. Bartlett, L. Wesolowski, F. Arnott. Third row: P. Hatch, A. Miller, L. Matir. D. Reed, M. Slmister, J. Dodson, J. Stegan, S. Snover, G. Kinne, B. Fort. Fourth row: D. James, D. Havener, J. Seltenoohl, D. Putler, D. Kruger, G. Stoddard,-D. Walker, S. Sieniecki, R. Durant, S. Eelviek, G. Van Slyke, D. Baird. GRADES THREE AND F' OUR mi Us of 3 in .anV First Row: B. Griffith, J. Morris, M. Cameron, C. Parker, B. Baker Second Row: S. French, M. Phillips, A. Hall, Mrs. Elphick, C. Conley C. Nelson, S. Bushnell Third Row: D. Grisenthwaite, R. Vaughn P. Dygert, B. Rudolph, D. Decker K. Breithaupt, F. Walter Absent: Joanne Flanders, Mary Stanton ,Wi g 3,3 Yu? 393' First 521: D. Abrial, J. Bierworth, D. Pomeroy, B. Wayland-Smith, D. Orr, D. Collins, E. Endemann Second 525: M. Lewis, J. Wilson, K. Johnson, S. Perrigo, D. Herrington, Teacher, C. Van Wie, S. Babcok, M. Cheseboro, D. Ballard Third 221: D. Barnard, L. Lyons, J. Gilbert, K. Noto, I. Cullen, R. O'Leary, Cadet Teacher: M. Noyes, S. Marshall, M. Greer, G. Noyes, G. Brewster Whse' ,H THIRD G. vii First row: R. Baird, A. Spinelli, J. Wren, R. Fox, J. Ernenwein, R. Hawthorn, J. Hull. Second row: L. Wishart, D. Kipp, J. Ertz, G. Hooley, Mrs. Zingaro, B. Fiedler P. Wade, W. Hitchings, C. Decker. Third reg: V. Pekola, R. Simele, W. West, S. Hojnacki, J. Burback, E. Brown, F. Butler, J. Walker, D. Ferris. First row: R. Morris, E. Combs, G. Havener, G. Herder, R. West, A. Brecken- ridge,-FT Jones. Second row: G. Boyson, U. Burkhard, J. Putman, M. Kenfield, Mrs. Snover, J. EuddTS'. Thomson, V. Hopkins, C. Vaitkus. Third row: G. Bourne, D. Yaser, F. Erzezowski, E. Secor, J. Felts, J. Lipp- Hardt,-K Herzog, G. Kinne. THIRD GRADE Si . 9 el.. I :' First rg!! L. Carpenter, E. Kirk, L. Sprague, J. Tkatch, F. Marshall, D. Seamon, H. Simmonds. Second roy: P. Chapman, L. Mowers, L. Ottaway, E. Sharrow, Mrs. Griffin, L. Barnes, M. Blust, H. Hennessy, J. Cameron. Third ggi: J. Mitchell, G. Dutcher, J. Green, L. Moulton, L. Allen, M. Leclau, L. Lyons, J. Blanchette, B. Merkling. Fourth roy: T. Rich, G. Streeter, J. McGrath, C. Duncan, L. Snadter, C. Wilson, G. Thurston. Ulla First row: J. Hewitt, R. Sturdevant, E. Seslman, F. Murphy, P. Sears, B. Campbell, R. Law. Qigong row: S. Clark, F. Mumford, A. Williams, R. Butler Niss Pendorf C. Adams, D. Wilbur, D. Sreca, W. Witchley. , ' 22152 ggyz C. Simpson, J. Ferris, V. Adams, A. Kelts, R. Salm, B. Sansone B. Sansone. Absent: A. DiLapi, F. Hutchin s, S. Morris, N. Reed, N. Smith. SECOND GRADE To Y First Row: F. Wesolowski, R. George, M. Stedman, G- Wood, G- Marcel-1'-15. P- Vaitkus. Second Row: E. Havener, J. Wishardt, C. Kern, K. West, Mrs. Pooley, G. Durant, 5. Burleigh, S. Fazekas, J. Lewis. Thlra now: J. Walker, H. Wellman, A. Barclay? R. Lippflardt. J- 50516179191 5. Nichols. S. Pierce. D. Chabot. G. Holmes. J. Belvick. R. JOHGB- First Row: S. Snover, T. Campbell, W. Williams, L. Jackson, J. Hartzog, J. Webb, Ufvan Slvke. Second Egg: C. MoGowen, J. Ernenwein, J. Pep1osk1, C. Yager, Mrs. Garlock, B. Holt, E. Fort, F. Chabot, C. Regner. Third Egg: J. Kenna, H. Hawthorne, E. Peck, P. Fazekas, K. Dewolf, P. Finn, 5. Brodock, S. Urganl, S. Kyff, J. Steltenpohl. SECOND GRADE ' , Q ,, L.. ,. ' ,,, ' 'im min .P First row: D. Tudman, B. Fenner, P. Evans, N. Krone, J. Davis, J. Perrigo. Second row: B. Jollie, J. Pietroski, P. Cassell, L. Dutcher, Miss Bowman, A. Paquette, J. Putaski, B. Hahn, C. Evans. Third row: J. MacArthur, H. Hall, L. Zucco, G. Grosjean, S. Robinson, K. Jones, P. Deringer, T. Endemann. Absent: B. Hayes, C. O'Herien, J. Osier, G. Sweeney, J. Walradt. First 293: Y. Downey, D. feorge, D. Patricia, D. Herlov, R. Wayland-Smith, T. Parker, J. Freeman, B. Babcock. Second row: L. Rudolph, M. Seaman, P. Wilson, S. Vanwie. Miss Swallow, J. Hayes, S. Green, D. Rudolph, E. Evans. IQQQQ Egg: N. Leonard, J. Colburn, V. Anton, E. Noyes, T. Farmer, A. Phillips T. Jenczwski, D. Jones, J. Zophy, Absent: J. Conte. SECOND GRADE First rgg: J. J. Cronin, L. Collins Law, Jo Moshier, E. Merrell, Second Row: L. Egan, D. Collins, K. Grant, M. Wagner, M. Touse, S.A. Kitchen, S. Hyle Third row: D. - Dewan, J.A. Raht, D. Ferris, S. Vencek K. Crain, R. Budlong, G. Vanderwerken, P. Ricklefs, R. Hutchings, Mrs. Stauffer, T. Stewart, H.M. Yaddaw Fourth row: D. Hahlauer, E. Vanderwall, C. Lewin, A. Wilczak. u x O. 5 Q Xf U I 8 - V ' ft 2' WN: N ri Us ' if 7X4 A' ,L ,hw hh 4 1 'I . JK, lv , ,,,,, r . ,,,A n 1T.w7,..,,1,:,l LQ f v . . M., ,,,,,,,, - ff, , "f A A if -,. ,- ale. Riff' 'L F IRST GRADE. Davie, D. Voll, W. Berdanier, E. Corcoran, L. Zucco, R. Freeman First roy: B. B. Wagner, D. Evans, R. Zabele. Second How: P.L. Shaver, L. Flander, P. Downen, S. Sykes, Miss Molineux, M. Jenczewski, S. Hornyak, E. MacLaughlin, C. CUdmD6Pl8iU Third How: A. Morris, K. Bolton, R. Bickom, N. Gilbert, S. Coob, L. Seamon, S. Allen, C. Hague, P. Scheible, A. Seamon, R. Burnham, J. Theisen, A. George Absent: R. Puteeki, D. Putaski First row: C. Cassell, G. Grisenthwaite, J. Lesher, H. Dutcher, R. Butcher, V. Smi'E?Tf L. Morris, R. Bigger. Second row: P. Haight, M. Noyes, B. Baker, S. Watson, Mrs. Griffith, J. Hansen, C. Form'fYc'e'll, S. Urlocker, L. Hill. Third roy: B. Scheible, E. Brewster, L. Pomeroy, P. Liddycoat, K. Marshall, 3. MOOH. S. Park. D- Orr. J. Mackin, J. Lyons, L. Farrell, Note F' IRST GRADE. N . . .-We 1 ?""" ' E Qf , First Egg: J. Sutton, W. Dodge, R. Fiedler, J. Biblk, J. Holmes, G. Smith, R. Myers, T. Beckwith. Second Row: P. Kipp, N. Durant, S- Peck, J. Janes, Mrs. Felshaw, K. Haw- thorne,-DT Kirk, L. Miller, M. Bourne. Third Egg: R. Williams, J. Leeder, D. Miller, R. Pitoniak, D. Fox, J. Eaton, U. Erodock, B. Hooley, J. Reid, D. Lipphardt, R. Eaton, K. Burns. Pm . e , , First Egg: L. Johnson, P. Schneible, W. Pratt, J. Morrell, E. Roeer, Jr., C. White, J. Hitchings, C. Dewolf Second 393: S. Smith, J. Parker, C. Wren, N. Snyder, Mrs. Helt, M. Wesolowski, W. Decker, J. Janes, S. Smith Third 323: D. Duda, J. Beaucheane, C. Hatch, E. Regner, L. Clifford, 5. Easwell, R. Felts, K. Boggs, S. Henry, D. Hopkins FIRST GRADE. ni - Va Lew nderwood, E. Faldzinski, R. Sutherland, B. Hewitt, in, D. Vaughn. Wickes, I. Durant, R. Sears, M. Vanderwerken, J. Hutch Vunk, H. Seelman, T First row: H. J. Carney, J. Second row: J. P. Seaman, L. Buss, Mrs. Kaltenbach, ings, J. Smith. Third row: N. S. Ernenwein, D. Haslauer, J. Lang Fourth row: R. Budlonn, W. Sturdev KIHDER T GAR First row: J. Grant, Second ro R. Raymond, N. Durant, J. Tompkins, J. McCard1ff, D. Roberts, D. Proschauer, K. Hyle. -3: J. Lent, G. Stevens, S. Frisek, C. Cervo, J. Aronson, V. Rate M. Touse, S. Smith, B. Hiller. Third row C. P,'arH'K, J . Fourth 323: S. Collins, D. Haslauer, J. Hynes, J. Crain, N. Dalkiewicz, J. Raker. : S. Kennett, S. Cresswell, G. Stifert, R. Ramsden, R. Adams, Grant, S. Kelts, E. Hutchings, J. Sawner. . Zajac, P. Carney, D. Adams, ford, J. Cresswell, P. Connors. ant, R. Lawunion, R. Roberts, J. Reed. 3, KINDER GARTEN 1 a 1 , . ,of fx' ' M I M A A 1 'S' D, .5.,fl Frclz' lol: A. Roser, W. Poppelton, J. Butler, J. Wall, L. Miller, D. Gramer, J. Dixon, x. Eddy. Second 335: S. Hoffmeiater, N. Simchick, M. Gilbert, M. Ray, Mrs. Hull, I. Eggen, J. Reed, R. Meyers, Y. Parker. Third Egg: R. Breckenridge, H. Schoeneck, W. Shaw, W. Durant, S. Gregory, Ffjiirr, K. Smith, D. Rosenthal, P. sceaman. 'X 1-:Ufxy x7"'...1C" Q ua ,First iowa S. Oggover, R. Dennison, B. Gardner, J. Walker, W. Wesolowaxl, V. Wes , . roe y. Second Row: I. Robinson S. Pratt B. Mackey J.Ernenwe1n Mrs. Hull G. gojacfgg, L.BLane, P. Taflor, G, Herzog. 1 , ' hird w: . Peck B. Hoffmeister C. Hoffmeister B. Sprague W. Durant P. VanScoy, R. Lewie, N. Dodge, J. Dodge. , I , KIHDERGARTEN 00 First Row: H. Phillips, D. Rodzihka, R. Marshall SeconH Row: M. Jollie, S. Bushnell, P. Zophy, Mrs. Humphrey, E.Wyland, N. Buy ea, 5. Eowery, Third Row: R. Nelson, L. Landon, L. Urlocker, P. Dirks A5senE: R. Rapp, B. Allen, L. Downing, P. Hayes, P. Johns, F. Rosa First Row: Second'EE!g THIPE Row: E. Rudolph Absentees F. Besig, C. Galliher, H. Phillips, B. Kratz S. Charlebois, D. Green, B. Kirk, J. Surburg S. Phllllps, B. Graham, J. Sayles, B. Frisbee, B. Ottaway, W. Barcume, J. Beane 'N VERNON CENTER ' First Row: C. Tabolt J. Clinch T. Asch R. Burke G. Langford D. Finch R. MIIIer, J. Deal , , , , , , Second Row: J. Finch, J. Smith, S. Grannis, S. Harney, Mrs. Lenhart, C. Sprinkle, A. Krug, N. Finch, C. Krug Third Row: M. Durante, B. Lawton, J. Miller, E. Lent, H. Lyons, A. Eckhart R. Havener, G. Clinch, C. Tabolt, S. Miller, P. Henry, N. Smith, S. Rauscher, L. Langford First row: L. Lawton, B. Miller, A. Finch, E. Booth, J. Sprinkle. Ed"r'5w: N. Glenn, J. Durant, C. Sawner, M. Filler, Mrs. Cummings, M. Lyon?-N. Finch, O. Henry, J. Nahady. Third row: S. Rauscher, T. Harney, H. Peters, W. Booth, C. Grannis, fTTet3'-E, P. Spain, M. Sawner, J. Adams, V. Durant, P. Deal. VERNON 2 E3 H! 5551 First Row: E. Skinner, J. Janowski, R. Simons Second Row: S. Simmons, J, Snider, Mrs. Ashfor-th, G. Simmons, S. Clinch T'E1'r7d"Row: D. Deal, R. Simmons V V CCRNERS First 521: L. Hartson, W. Ingersoll, D. Way. Second ggi: D. Hartson, C. Kotary, Miss Howland, Teacher, S. Seifert, V. Seifert. Third 391: E. Kotary, N. Wilson. vanuon First E: J. Collins, R. Benson, L. Stevens, L. Stevens, B. Kobler L. Stevens Second gg: L. Collins, M.J. Roberts, J. Miller, Mrs. State, V. Stevens, J. Stevens, W. Kobler Third gg: P. Peck, J. Collins, V. Sprague .2 if , 42. w , -X I3 f I 'N . X ' 35113 igrsei xi. , . s-v -Q15 " , " ff... ,571 5 'L gf' Figgs .474 Q... 5 .A- 'V . I I - XX.. , Vg. ,gig W, K . I f ff f Wg. S X 'f' ' f 5 '55, in , , f if N . M - f ff Q. 'Sk ,7 . " 'N ,,,,- ,ff , - X. . ,QITHJ 7f Q ' L M ffl? v-ri fs L' 2 J F: 'Lg 'E' - A " N, ff gl xlrw, ! fir: -2 I 4 an . V fr as z . fl -. "' " f a fs... A EA'-vs "' ' lla? s. , ' 5'2" 'L '97 'L M 'A Mr L - ' ,f tosis- L ,331 Q, .- MV- ,K " .s,fk' 4 K' ' , 5 , M W- W f' ' S 2. fly' Q ' S' M Z9 s -f ff s'rgif -4 ,X GRE E. PIWAY Firgg Row: J. Cleslewitz, L. Millson, W. Ahlee, J. Petonlck, P. Klein Second 323: S. Wilson, R. Pnieaant, J. Staple, Mrs. Pritchard, J. Lewis, F. Millson, B. Collins Qglrg Row: W. Brower, J. Lewis, P. Osborn, J. Collins, A. Witchley, S. Arthur, T. Millson .ggw in ff! ' 1 k4"'g! On? F1gst Roy: H. weismantle, L. Filey, H. Filey. gsg9ngfFbw: S. Wood, B. Weismantle, Mrs. Cardinale, J. Kingwater, E. Filey. Tgggg Rowr D. Conley, E. Filey, J. Bartlett. A. Kingwater- STACY BASIN ,1- M- 7M Firgg Row! J. Lohr, H. Rood, R. Lohr, S. Lohr, J. Lohr. W. Rolewicz Qggond Row: O. Lohr, M. Rolewicz, Mr. Bogart, J. Rolewicz, S. Rider Third Row: A. Lohr, J. Rider, T. Pawlikowski, S. Lohr NEW LONDON :ffl g all '14, 1 JI Qw first Row: R. Glur, W. Boret, J. Drummond, R. Borst Second Row: R. Hull, J. Webb, Mrs. Matt, C. Sears, L. McCormick Third Row: R. Borst. S. Disburger, M. Ellis, R. Drummond, K. Spink BLACKHAHS conruins Q .Yr'x. W - Q ,J wi. 9'oe"'k 4 24? 'r First Bog: R. Pratt, S. Lane, P. Pawlikowski, H. Smith, W. Smith Secgng B932 B. Pawlikowskl, A. Kirk, T. Xardye. D. Gardner, Mrs. Farzo, S Kardys, P. Lane, M. Dennison, I. Ankin Third Row: P. Stellwagon, R. Gardner, J. Merry, M. Dennison, V. Farzo, C. Sexton, H. Hopple HATCH'S GORHERS ek fig - First Bog: T. Rounds, R. Smith, A. O'Br1en, D. Smith, D. Kent Second Row: B. Renwick, J. Rounds, B. Renwick, J. Herzog, Miss Griffin, H. O'Br1en, N. Cieslewitz, J. Storey, D. McGee CHURCHVILLE ? First Row: W. Snink, T. Lawrence Second Row: B. Farley, B. Farley, Miss Eades, R. Lawrence, L. Sholtz STATE BRIDGE 3 x First Row: R. James, D. Simchik, H. Wall, D. Rosenthal, J. wall Second Row: D. James, D. Wilcox Mrs Ott S Boncella E Wil Q 4 o COX Third Row: J. steve, H. smith, 5. Wall, wf Mosher, D. iones iff H lg' Y 'div IW L LM Fume 5 Q HOORAY- No SCHOOL N! E none ww ' me nu:-wg NILKTIHE gn ---......,,,M M. M, K -...NN MM, K "tk -..,.,,,..., i N S XTHE SUPEKINTENDEN T OF SCHOOLS ww'-W T661 NE KIN DERQAU, NEAKINC- SMS? SON 'BLK TDI!! Q . ir'-l", N . , . f Lf. ff ,.'4i3v'7 EQ-vjbf' 7 Ig--12:2 4 if Ki'55'f57K4'3f'f ' 'fix 54. ,ir s ? we X -,,11f , f ' . ' Am, ,G Q-fa, 5SL"i',w. If1im 2. . 35:-5 w ,Q PROM QUEEN wwfww. ' . - I wi . . 2' , 1. H, ..k. . W , fa-v'W " i 4 NG To SEE f' 'g 18 5 0 X J ACUUY 0 YS and HOTIIER X.. ,. 1 mxl 10 G rfinififff KK S Q ,E Q, , N 4, Z Q x Aux O 0, xo A A C' STUDENT COUNCIL if First Row: M. Peck P. Bean D. Breckenridge M. Miller B. Van Patt n M1 Va"'ughn,"ii. Daiklewlez, N. Height, J. Masner, fr. wood, F.'1-shady. e ' as Second Row: B. Lauther, N. Vanderwal, K. Roy, C. Orton, B. DeVores, Miss Second Row: B. Lauther N. Vanderwal, K. Ro C. O t B. D M1 C1 k Mrs. Waaser, W. Evans, B. Smith, W. Thayer, gi Haightin, evore, Ss ar Qhlgd Egg: R. Young, B. Wagner, M. Plantz, D. Markowski, R. Barnes, J. Wallace, C. Salm. This year Verona, Sherrill and Vernon each elected a student Council, much the same as they had in previous years. In order to promote smoother co-operation between the Councils a VVS Central Student Council was formed, consisting of the president, vice-- president and secretary of each of the three separate Councils. The Central Council is presided over alternately by the Presidents of the member councils. Meeting every other wednesday, the Central Council established a National Honor Society Chapter and the Sportsmanship Brotherhood at VVS. Other important matters were enacted also. Connie Salm is the Verona president, Nick Vanderwall, at Vernon, and Cot Orton at Sherrill. ,V-L cuonus Uirst row: C. Spink, J. Mahoney, B. Lauther, W. mvans, J. Kinne, W. Thayer, C. Foster, J. Cornish. Second row: C. Jones, J. Conley, N. Helt, N. Dennison, D. Lord, P. Fawn, N. Freeman, J. Vasner, N. Highers, V. Robinson, V. Loveless. Third 321: C. Noble, Fourth row: T. Ray, R. C. Smith, D. Jackson, N. Day, C. Fifth row: ridge, R. Gregory, E. Dodge, 1. Gafner, J. Sholtz, Shoneck. Vanderhoff, J. Larabee, K. Janes, R. Hojackni, J. Van Dreason, C. Watson, G. Seible, D. Campbell, Brodock, D. Eaton, B. Hitchings, N. Plantz. Agne, H. Schiefele, J. Angell, N. Vyers, J. Williams, B. Bracken C. Salm. P. D. Rartozek, J. Reed, R. J. Wood, A. Drummond, J. Simons, P. Kruqer, W. Kirk, C. Houseman, J. Schiefele, B. Jackson, I. Cornish, C. Parent, B. Kyff. First row: D. Gifford C. Simmond Second row: R. iorthru Third rg!! P. Stever, P. Nciraw, Fourth row: T. Rlair, h. Wright, Fifth row: J. Comfort P. 'ar-1 gm, A. Group, A. Chamnney, H. Brown, C. Russell, C. Vallory, D. Pohl, Blanchette, P. Cassell, M. Dangle, D. Ingalls, G. Hartwig, Tousley, D. Laing, C. Emms, N. Paquette. , R. S, Z. K. VcGrath, N. Skinner, R. Rugq, W. Vahady, D. Ceraolo, D, J. Montgomery, K. Wood, P. Kelly, R. Hahn, N. Zinzack, E. Bohrer 5. Black, N. Downey, N. Doyle, I. Elmer, C. Herlov, R. Lynch, Johnston, N. peck, S. Marshall, E. Halstead, P. O S. atman, A. Dorn, J. Williams. F. Vontmomery, J. Paquette, J. WcGraw, R. Barnes, J. Pratt, A. Walter, Nr. S. Pomeroy, N. Snyder, Hosic, A. Wright, P. Corney, C. iabele, A. Scheible, J. Luke, E. Devore, P. Rich, C. Vouker. V. Sweeney, J. Phillips, J. Beach, M. Seaman, C. Phillips, . R. Richards, C. Trout, G. Savercool, H. Burger, R. Wright, P. Zuegg, E. Smith, L. Watson, N. Fifield, E. Jones, S. Silliman, B. Kitchen. BAND First Row: J. Beach, C. Youker, D. Pohl, D. Ho t D. Collins B. Griffith B. Kitchen, L. Watson. y , , , Second Row: P. Cassell, A. Walter, P. McGraw, H. Burger, R. Richards, P. Shaver. Third Row: P. Stever, G. Prowda. Standin : T. Parker, C. Dorn, J. Luke, B. Moulton, B. Lasher, S. Alexander, A. Wrlggf, Mr. Zingaro. X h ,J First Row: B. Lauther, M. Highers, R. Fisher, N. Day, E. Kitchen, R. Kyff, J. Mahoney, B. Kyff. Second Row: C. Fuller, R. Walker, F. Scheifele, M. Dodge, B. Van Patten, E. Dodge, D. Davis, G. Gafner, R. Warner. Third Row: M. Grems, L. Agne, R. Angell, R. Kegebein, R. Angell, J. George, M. Miller, P. Taylor, R. Vanderhoof, E. Kitchen, C. Salm, R. Noble, R. Gregory, D. Fargo, M. Myers, J. Simons, T. Ray. Fourth Row: N. Helt, M. Denison, H. Scheifele, C. Spink, J. Reed, C. Watson, G. Dunne, W. Evans, J. Kinne, K. Millson, C. Jacobs, Mr. Zingaro. Front Row: A. Havener, D. Lord, J. Wood, I. Cornish. Jun on BAND . , . was .Ants if First 521: A. Bennett, J. Stanton, B. Black, S. Putaski, C. Barnes, S. Dewan, S. Law, M. Vaughan, J. Krawieo, E. Dalkiewicz Center 521: B. Buss, N. Law, R. Dalkiewicz, K. Dixon, C. Raht, W. Abriel, V. Nfller, D. Rosa,B. Maciag, P. Beane, P. Pawlicki, B. Lanz, C. Hogan, N. Haight, E. Seifert, J. Wagner, R. Deringer, F. Laciag, C. Kitchen, M. L. Jacobs, A. Yaddaw, L. Mahady Back Egg: E. Beach, D. Irwin, D. Richards, Miss Holmes s D s 2' Kg' N ' 5 f- 'K L, xt., I , .Ma s Q. , - I W3 'Cz' 'Y' ...L D e ,I 0 X - " 1 -iss? e X f --W 4 1, 'Q 3 if snooze STAFF E ls! Seated: C. Watson, N. Kelts, C. Salm, P. Nahady. First row: B. Kyff, J. Paquette, V. Loveless, D. Eaton, J. Smith, B. VanPatten, A. Drummond, N. Holt. S. Pomeroy. iegond ggy: D. Jackson,-J. Plantz, Mr. Simmons Adviser, Nr. Winne Adviser, C. Trout. U ., 2 ff Wfftgifay, Q 'I 'Q ' T 043 A F V0 -- a A, f fs. E 0 0 0 -t"' 5 .,- A X, 1 ll, 'V-1 First 521: C. Spink, F. Witchely, A. Barclay, Mr. DeKay, D. Baker, R. Warner, D. Hegnef Second row: W. Breckenridge, P. Disburger, W. Kirk, D. Narkowski, c. Butlf c. Reed, R. Zeller. Third row: T. Collins, G. Sholtz, R. Gerwig, C. Jacobs, W. Noble, G- Conley ART CLUB Cai' 'K First Row: R. Blanchette, J. Phillips, J. Mills, P. Reamee. J. McGraw Second Row: R. Barnes, B. Collins, Mrs. Grifflnq, J. Ano, F. Montzcmery ramen CLUB Q 2 'uw First Egg: P. Faun, J. Nasner, C. Jones, C. Youker, I. Elmer, C. Dorn, J. Phillips, D. Decker. Second Egg: R. Hahn, J. Austin, A. Voyes, W. Evans, Miss Davies, R. Wright, J. Plantz, M. Krawiec, K. Roy. Third 521: E. Kitchen, C. Parent, R. Agne, C. Lanz, H. Scheifele, Mrs. Clark C. Angell, J. Scheifele, D. Bartoszek, N. Day, L. Fike. Fourth row: N. Paquette, B. Jackson, R. Blanchette, C. Simmonds, Z. Tousley, Niss Donzella, M. Vyers, P. Schoeneck, J. Williams, I. Cornish, D. Pohl. LIBRARY CLUB 'T 'YW-1. Ez- Q R1 ht: A. Flanagan, A. Druwmond, D. Jackson, Mrs. Waaser, P. Schoeneck B. Van Patten, J. Williama 5.. mf-131 Dlnid . Q -.x 312 f .N H . , First Row: M. Peck, R. Lynch, H. Brown, M.J. Burke, D. Jones, E. Skinner Secona row: N. Snyder, V. Durant, K. Cobb, Mrs. Lawless, P. Hogan, M Hennessey. W-J 533235: Mrs. York, Home Economics Advisor .LEIQQEL J- Black. Us Nodeffker, B. Collins. R. Group, J. Henessey. oANcme CLUB First Egg: D. Lord, N. Helt, M. Dennison, M. Hlghers, M. Freeman, M. Robinson Second 321: C. Noble, J. Sholtz, C. Balm, P. Fawn, B. Hopkins, J. Larrabee, D. Camobell Third Egg: C. Watson, G. Seibel, A. Drummond, C. Brodock, D. Eaton, J. Reed, Mrs. Wellman, A. Flanagan, M. Plantr, P. Peabody, D. Jackson, N. Day Fourth Row: D. Bartlett, J. Plantz, J. Chamberlin, P. Hatvial, D. Young, W. Thayer, J. Morgan, H. Brackenridge, K. Loveless, Mr. Giambstista fv C Th riffs X . Q 3 -if Nl L ' R. C, xc FOOTBALL M Back row: Coach Callan, J. Hennessey, J. Morgan, P. Zuegg, G. Savercool, H. Burger, E. Smith, T. Parker, C. Orton, D. Eychner, Coach Cmaylo Front row: P. Frank, G. Conley, T. Wright, P. Hennessey, P. Matvias, T. Frank, B. Richmond, J. Black, H. Breckenrid B. Alexander Approximately two dozen men reported for six- man football under Coach Callan and Cmaylo. The big trouble this year seemed to be in co-ordinating the attack, but in the opener at Holland Patent it seemed as if they had done it. Again and again they came from behind--eventually to win. In the following games the team made a good showing, but cou1dn't find that last one or two points to win. From the looks of this year's squad,next years' should be really great due to the fact that some of the boys needed only experience to assert themselves as the great players they are. vvs--Sh Holland Patent--11.2 VVS--W9 Earlville--33 VVS--22 Sauquoit--38 VVS--21 Oriskany--22 g6 FOOT QALL 1 JV ELEVEN MAN From the thirty-eight candidates appearing at the first practice, Coaches Clark and Halloran molded a strong hard-fighting squad which gave a good account of itself. During this first year of eleven-man foot- ball the squad proved itself to be very capable in building up a record of three victories and two losses. This squad composed entirely of Sophomores and Freshman is expected to provide the backbone of next year's elev en-man varsity team and should do a very fine job. VVS--7 Canastota--O VVS--0 Oneida--20 VVS--20 Camden--7 VVS--12 Hamilton--19 VVS--12 Oneida--7 Back row: Coach Halloran, P. Dwyer, D. Boone, B. Edic S. Jones, J. Comfort, C. Trout, K, Roy, P. St. Auburn, C. Kitendaugh, G. Haight. G. Barnes, D. Chapman, Coach Clark Front row: P. Hennessey, R. Wright, T. Collins, A. , . Rainboth, F. Thurston, R. Wall, J. McGrath, R. Northrup, F. Guernier, A. Barclay, R. Wright, D. Regner vAnsl'rY BASKETBALL E lil BQ!! T- Frank. A. Graves, H. Breckenridge, J. Chamberlin, CoachTJeLong QQQQQQ Egg: Manager K. Dennison, E. Orton, P. Henneseey, 8. Alexander J. Henesseyv R- Will. J. Plantz - Absent: P. Frank ' VVS opened its season winning its first three games. Then the boys dropped their first game to Hamilton by a one-point heart-breaker. The red and white then went into a tailspin losin to Westmoreland and Oneida before pulling out for a close victory of hh-E1 over an upset for Clinton. The Clinton game marked the start of a scoring spree for John Chamber- lain who joined Pete Frank in leading the attack. VVS wound up the season with eight wins and nine defeats. They rang up 901 points while allowing their opponents 865. VVS QQ Westmoreland i459 VVS Q5 Cazenovia we 27 VVS nr Waterville an hh VVS we Hamilton ni hh VVS 44 Oneida an 50 VVS we Westmorelandne l VVS as Clinton an 1 VVS an Cazenovia me 3h VVS re Canastota an 6 VVS Q4 Chittenango we S VVS an Camden on 7 VVS as Hamilton in 6 VVS we Clinton we VVS ee Waterville we VVS we Oneida we S5 VVS we Camden in S2 VVS we Chittenango ne 53 VVS we Canastota Q4 S2 T. V. BAS KET BALL First Row: K. Roy, B. Gfuernier, A. Noyes C. Trout, G Kittend ugh, T Feneger . Second Row: Coach Cmaylo, R. Wright, R. Wright M Nodecker, P Kruger, T. Wright, Mgr. B. Hilte.. THE Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Junior varsity oasketball team finished an impressive court schedule with lb wins and U losses, including P sparkling victories over the Oneida Juniors. Coach falter Cmvlo's charges amassed a total of 815 points, while allowing their opoonents an anemlc total of 580. Kenney Roy led the VVS Juniors in scoring uitn 203 oolnt wdlle Rich Wright captured 171 points. VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS VVS V V S VVS Westmoreland Cazenovia Waterville Hamilton Oneida Westmoreland Clinton Gazenovla Canastota Chittenango Camden Hamilton Clinton Waterville Oneida Camden Chlttenango Canastota CHEERLEADERS First Row: P. Fawn, G. Hartwig, C. Russell, D. Lord, P. Castle Second Row: N. Helt, P. Reames, B. Kyff, C. Spain, J. Luke, D. Pohl. GIRLS' VOLLEY BALL 'TW First Row: R. Vsnderhoof, J. Mills, A. Thurston, P. Castle, Miss Pettee, J. 'Biz-rabee, I. Cornish, P. szeber, N. Helt. Second Rom Z Tousley, C Spain P qchoeneck, M Zin ack, J A . . ': Q 1 .s. . Z.s Q da Sweeney E. Kyff, M. Lyons, C. Zeoele, R. Barnes M. Plantz. Third Row: O. Russell, P. Gorney, J. Pratt, J. Luke, J. Oatman. Q The Girls Volleyball Team was only partially successful tf1iS year, beating Canastota and losing to Oneida. Playday was held at Canastota, but the team lost. H'o'.vever', keen competion made it an enjoyable'season. ms, M ,VISU- XG W fo on si' lf fl y y ,X f7 nfl N If, X, 'if aovs' sowunc A A A First Egg: R. Hann, T. Reneger, K. Loveless, J. Hackett, R. Group, J. Black, C. Foster, H. Berger, D. Ceraolo, P. Kelly. Second Row: J. Austin, D. Wayland-Smith, M. Nodecker, G. Savercool, B. Collins, J. Ano,-RT Wright, R. Lynch, P. Frank, C. Trout, J. Plantz. Third Roy: R. Reebres, W. Marshall, J. Ruttan, H. Breckenridge, T. Wright, J. Comfort, E. Smith, P. St. Auburn, Mr. Tornatore, D. DuPlecy, L. Satson, S. Alex- ander, T. Frank, M. Krawiec, C. Phillips, N. Fiefield, G. Haight, T. Ray. GIRLS1 BOWLING T First Row: J. Lust, M. Skinner, C. Russell, J. Beach, S. Marshall, M. Dangle, J. fuk?-J. Williams, A. Thurston, P. Oatman, A. West, P. McGraw, K. Janes, K. McGrath. 'Second Egg: M. Seaman, N. Downey, N. Helt, D. Lord, P. Faun, P. Castle, C. Emma E. Halstead, P. Reames, C. Mallory, C. Simmonds, Z. Tousley, G. Hartwig, M. Dennison, M. Freeman, M. Peck. Third Egg: J. Wood, P. Schoeneck, N. Pauquette, P. Corney, M. Zinzack, M. Brown B. Hitchings, K. Cobb, A. Wright, J. Adams, M. Sweeney, B. Kyff, C. Lanz, M. Plantz, S. Pomeroy, M. Myers, S. Silliman, E, Bohrer, N. Day, J. Williams, A. Group, J. Larrabee. fourth Row: J. Oatman, D. Ingalls, R. Blanchette, C. Youker, V. Durant, S. John- ston, CT-Watson, G. Seibel, Mrs. Krelter, Miss Pettis, R. Riche, D. Laing, I. Cornish, B. Devores, C. Salm, J. McGraw, C. Noble, J. Bennett. BASE BALL al First Roy: K. Loveless, J. Chamberlin, C. Spinelli, H. Breckenridge, G. Conley Second Rowx Coach Clark, R. Group, J Plantz, M. Nodecker, D. Young, D. Wayland-Smith, P. Zuegg, P. Frank, A. Wilson. FRESHNAN BASKE Aimwame Q KUNG! il' Seated: W. Whitford, P. Dwyer, G. Haight, P. St. Auburn, C. Wright, R. Fireball, R. Northrup. Standing: Coach Clark, R. Hann, J. McGrath, L. Peters, J. Comfort, G. arnes, G. Abel, P. Rainboth, R. Heneeeey, W. Breckenridge, P. Kelly. fi C 00 C! g ca I 0 L C T' Q , C' N Q! Vw LH 0 Sf A A Q I F F O L3 I g A Tilnfrii i lg heirfa-2 Som Scoooo Bos Boones C: ',Q'Q ' H '2-1-:'1'f1f1f2-' 5: G' Y we ou Safety. Comfort . Booory QQW7 009350 products Corfuoratuoh Conasfo fa,M X vl N, . 6 .f -N ' Q, QJMM, 'im 'CQ7xP -5 J Q xv. q,,If,,,- Xl Ny! ,..c- -l il .3 ' HAY' IS59 NATIONAL BANK OF RNON N32 T TJINW 'L-W 'xizulkhil ,M-in-V a , N O R tg? -S.-..-ii, L--, -li. - 125 -W f -J-4 TWV T- 'i ' 'Hwy ' O54 E e , A ' 5 - UEQIIIIWJ ii' Mnn.. .funk mu-umm-ve-umn.wawww .,f.,... ,,. ,, ... ,... , k 1 , J' ,. ' r1'K,..f Q ,1',."',..fAg.1.. wx f-,, Awaiting: - J,':q.., , I v ' , 4' ,WJ 'ln Y - , "- M. 'f,"rf.N .f .fr L ' - , N ll 'f 1 . 'f Q ' W 1- -... "-13' 1 O K0 Cya, 1 1-Q.: rl., 3,1 ' - 14- . - 'Q XII' 4 ,W "' 'a V 1, Q- V A' . ,LN I X f , --V A, ENN I I v t , H'-' X x ---f '12, - 3 .N Q. f'v'lm4,l J-, Y ' X ""A -mr fg " .ll ' ,-1 , Ls- --ff - 4. f 4, Q- , , ,, J . N, 'X i" - g' , xxkxx 2 -'in ' .. 1 wflgl ,X-'.."gf" A4 f 1 wx X s' ' Z. --M, lixytllvn il 5. i , f I E-V ' Y Y .4 Iix-,VIII exif dnl, i :,u.,Jl J., V ' f in XML' ,p'if",,nW ' .A +V . ,::j51-JNL:-5,Lil --" ' 'if' ' f -Lf' --.., L1e,5-fe? ..-4 Y f--44:-'--A14-1, ' iff f 'if L -f--Q at-531 "QW '.... - ::"1f1 .'-:-wifi-'-1' 'H V --'4-" " , HI- -f ,f 2 ,Y ' " l W' ' ""'::', ,W ,W Y,'?1.7-las? F jj'Q7?7L' " - '4 '-., i Y ' ' - - -if-ff 414147 Y-..-gif"-'Z--ff'T 'iiiixyir Ml :1 131 f., Q Y ,Y ,- ,L H Y .Y.,,,, A' - W' .-- - -M' Y 1 ' fg.- .. , , 5-If f . fff. f-A, 7 ' . N , L-3-I:-151-A fa' , Q Y f N ,H W N - -' Y , i W - 'I -if ,,L 1 i, g . ly, , ' .V E -' ' 5 'girl 1 gf ,Wg 3L+Oei1ai-,O5a?f " .uf - .gg lg- L 5 .j 'A : f . W V1 .. J? -,,.,- z, W A w .A , - 1 4 .:Q:- gg5::.. - , . f :A , . Z- A ...Z il 3-ff 1 F ff L '37 ' , " ..- f , , A 1 2--,n 1 1 " ' " ' ' , ,4. H' "1 - ' - 1 E A 1 Q E c 'E F 1. "'-' -' "Q 2 z X- J .-. .Y , V . , . L E 5 " Y Q 1 4 : E E l 1- ' - A V 4 L ' ' Af : :sf--:L: " i r .. A f 22:22 F - . 1 ' 1 " e ' ' a I .3 1 I E E1 71:4 MEMBER FDIC. DIAL 5-5235 VERNON, N.Y COVIPLIVIEVITS OE f-'KOTKE VH OTO SERVICE' YOUR YEAR BOOK PI-IOTOGRAPHER PROJECTOR SALE 5 BOUND E ILVI RENTALS V3 KIHTIE .ST Nfl EAST SYRACUSE, HEV YORK Rickard's Jeweler-optician Oneida, N.Y. Phone 169k Buy Bonds Verona Post Office Verona, New York G. L. F. Feed Store G. L. F. Farm Store Rome, New York Compl1ments of Clinton Farm Supply Compliments of Iseneker's Dairy Inc. Caswell Farm Supply Co. Rome, New York Phone 581 Juliana Infants R Children Center 186 W. Dominick, Rome, N. Y. Lince Sears Service 522 N. James, Rome, N. Y. Phone 3377 Gas, Oil R Acces Compliments of Verona Market Verona New York Arnett, Felts G Hugunine Verona, New York phone lhhh-J3 Hatch Bros. Lumber Co. Verona, New York Phone 2081-Ml Decker's Hosiery Shop lh8 W. Dominick St. Rome, N Phone 1362 Sonne Jewelers 10h w. Dominick, Rome, N. Y. Phone M67 Compliments of Green Briar Restaurant 1h5 W. James, Rome, N. Y. sories . Y. Brennan's Appliances 151 Madison Street Oneida, N.Y. Phone lO5 Compliments of John O. Evans Principal of Verona High School 1905-1908 Lesiakowski's 1h6 W. Dominick, Rome, N. Y. Phone 1370 M. J. Engelbert k Bro. 16h w. Dominick, Rome, N. Y. Phone 1738 Compl iment s of Candyl and Rome, New York Phone 722 Compliments of Verona PTA Verona, New York Nelson's 185-15? W. Dominick, Rome, N. Y Phone hh88 - QLB9 - MLQO Griffin R Aldridge Funeral Home Rome, New York Murphy's Store Greenway Phone Rome, 27lM-JM Compliments of Town of Verona Highway Department Higginsville Garage Higginsville, N. Y. Telephone IMYS-W2 Compliments of Higginsville Hotel Higginsvllle, N. Y. Cheney's Groceries Verona, New York Phone lhho-M2 Compliments of Al's Tavern Verona, New York The nSheveronn staff would like to thank our advertisers and boosters for their support of our yearbook. Vernon Mills Flour G Feed Vernon, New York Halders Farm Equipment Company Massey-Harris Sales 8 Service Verona Phone: Vernon 3-ZMO3 Vets' Highway Service Phone: 3-3735--3-3730 Vernon, General Repairs-Towing Service Compliments of Vernon Gas 8 Oil Company Compliments of Dairymen's League Compliments of Ward Canning Company Compliments of J. Albert Amann General Insurance Compliments of Crown Dairy Supply of New York State Compliments Vernon Confectionery Store N.Y. Prop: B. B. Touse and B. W. Brown Compliments of Ira Greenway Vernon, N.Y. Compliments Sansones' Dept. Store Vernon, N.Y. Compliments of National Auto Store Oneida, N.Y. Phone: 628 Vernon Garage Michael Korman, Prop. Dial 3-3315 John's Body Shop Body 8 Fender repairing Phone 3-3793 Robert W. White Lumber 8 Building Supplies Vernon, New York Condi Milking Machine Company, Sherrill, New York Phone: 171 or 172 Roy's Service Station Atlantic Gas 8 O11 Vernon N.Y. Phone: 3-3195 Vernon Pharmacy Vernon, N.Y. Phone: 3-3125 Story Appliance Company, Inc. Vernon, N.Y. Pyrofax Gas Seryice Vernon Farm Supply your International Harvester Dealer John Hart Vernon, N.Y. Phone: 3-3155 Shear's Market Vernon, N.Y. Phone: 3-3105 Victory Chain, Inc. William Decker, Mgr. DC nfor the best in groceries and meatsn Zero Lockers Oneida, N.Y. Phone: 1319 Sherrill Hardware 111 W. Noyes Blvd. Phone: 298 Frey Auto Supply 129 Broad Street Oneida, N.Y. Phone: 1213 Adams Dairy E. 2nd. Street Oneida Castle Phone: 1751 Johnson Monument Company 59k Main Street, Oneida Phone: 80h Arthur Langford Contractor Phone M-365 Vernon Center, New York Hinman Milking h51 Elizabeth street Oneida, N.Y. Phone: 561 Vanderlands Sherrill Square Sherrill Phone: 25h Sivers 301 W. Seneca Sherrill Phone: 61 Store 1926-1951 Drugs-Home Baked Goods-Meats-Groceries Brelthaupts Super Drug U25th Annlversaryn Corona, tailor 127 E. Seneca Sherrill Phone: 196W Chesebro's Store 329 E. Seneca Sherrill Phone: 383 First National Bank 61h Sherrill Road Phone: 327 Chapman's 613 Sherrill Road Phone: H09-J W. J. Hinman Jeweler H Silversmith Corner of Main R Phelps St., Oneida, N.Y. Silver City Inn RD2 Oneida Phone: 355 Sherrill Blasier--The Barber Sherrill Rd. Phone: 356 W Edward J. Murphy Sherrill, N.Y. Phone: 16 Spink's Grocery M19 Sherrill Rd. Sherrill, N.Y. Markson Brothers Furniture Oneida, N.Y. Phone 1057 Garofalo's Townshoes Phone: h3h 1h7 Main Street Oneida, N.Y. Kenwood Electric Light Co. 202 Sherrill Rd. Phone: Zhl Zophy's Firestone Main Street Oneida, N.Y. Gordon Flower Shop Oneida, N.Y. Phone: 839 Willard J. Laube nW22bw READING XVIWHHA at Vernon, New York Phone: 3-2731 . 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Phone Rome 4214-M1 Compliments of Moses Retail Feed Store Durhamville, N.Y. See Ben Wilson, your Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Agt. 100 yrs..of prote ct ing the American Family. Verona, N.Y. Compliments of Oliver Office Equipment 1k8 North Washington, Rome, N.Y. Cook and Alder Attorneys at Law Vernon and Rome, New York Be sure, Insure with Kenneth W. Kenna R.D.f2 Verona, N.Y. Phone IHS8-W2 Compliments of Traxe1l's Barber Shop Rome, N.Y. Compliments of Vernon Agricultural Society Vernon, New York Oneida Hardware Company 107 Madison Street Oneida, N.Y. Phone 70 Vernon Center Feed Store Janowski Brothers Vernon Center, N. . Phone 4-H75 Y Kallet Theater Oneida, New York Phone Oneida 325 Harry F. Naumann Naumann Bldg. 214 Cedar Street Oneida, N.Y. Phone 623 Pfaff's Market 128 Main 384 Q 385 R. BL Ruby Lumber Company, Inc. Oneida, N.Y. Phone 52k Wood's Sunoco Service 1k2 Lenox Avenue Oneida, N.Y. Oneida 363 Oneida Surplus Outlet 132 Madison Street Oneida, N.Y. Phone 1716 Mower's Cities Service 179 Madison Street Phone 1312-J Olin Electronics 117 Madison Street Oneida, N.Y. Phone 410 Jacobson Q Conley lll E. Seneca Street Sherrill. N.Y. Phone N10 Best Wishes to the Class of 'Sl John W. Black, General Contractor Vernon, N.Y. Phone 3-ZMMS Compliments of Stedford Chemical Co. Vernon, N-Y- The N. A. Tyler Lumber Co.,Inc. Serving Since 1877 Vernon, N.Y. Phone 3-2925 Compliments of a Friend BOOSTEK5 YVLJ4 v'714uro. dEL44f7g'ZU6k4560 Ci tk 5.,.,,c,M. 5? V ,-dfwwl Q. BV' QI hwy' gmac wwe mama we W yyffpfvyqe. Lmfa -E. Gas ON. awe ee MM ' ,KCI-ZLFUFLS fax ,444L,J4L47fi L. G. Balfour Comrany Leland G. Lee, 16+ Hermitage, N.Y. Q Rochester, N.Y. ' Compliments of Cy Noble 80 Sons Coal Company O . W. Greenway, New York Alfred Poirer, Radio, TV,Service Durhamville, New York ' Phone Oneida 2061-Rl j Compliments of Oneida Valley Garage , ' Oneida Valley, New York Charles Williams Funeral Home Miller Paper Company, Inc. 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