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Text from Pages 1 - 48 of the 1941 volume:

JUIXIIQR LIBERTY PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS--VERNON HIGH SCHGOL JUNIOR LIBERTY STAFF Editor .,,.,....,......... Assistant Editor .,........ Business Manager .LLL... ............George Story ....Edith Mummery .Elizabeth Burleigh Advertising Manager ..,i..,..LLL.. Darrell Dailey Advertising Assistants ..... . Literary Editor .....,...... Social Editor ....... Sports Editor ,LL,..... joke Editor ..rL..... Art Editor ..L. Typists .,......., ....L.... fVernon Chandler jjean McKay lKenneth Dapson LVirginia Caldwell Gloria jean Phister ...Catherine Burton Harold Gibson .........Erances Rude .......Richard Ruttan fViolet Bach I Milton Brown LVirginia Caldwell BOARD OF EDUCATION H. R. Alger, Pravirlelzl Wz1lter Clute Harold Youker Harold Pohl Peter Lampmzm WL, the Class of 1941, sincerely dedicate this junior Liberty to Miss Deeley, our class ad- visor. It is through her help and advice that the publication of this annual has been made possible. JUNIOR LIBERTY Catherine Adams 1 year Chat Staff Catherine Adams is slim and tall Never unpleasant to work with at all. Bernard Ames-"Bernie" 5 years Band, 1 year Scouts Bernard is always very still But along with his quietness, he carries good will. Violet Bach Typist junior Annual Violet follows a studious way She's set to go places, come what may. Milton Brown-"Milky" Typist junior Annual, Student Ass'n, Council Member Milton's hair is not brown, but blond He's the type of boy of whom everyone's fond. Elizabeth Burleigh-"Berry" President Sophomore Class,, 2 years Student Association Treasurer, 4 years Band, 6 years Orchestra, 2 years Glee Club, 2 years Scouts, 2 years Chat, Business Manager jun- ior Annual, Basketball 1 year, Prize Speaking 1 year. Everyone agrees that Betty Burleigh Is a charming little girlie. JUNIOR LIBERTY Catherine Burton-"Nick" Tieasucr Junior Class, 6 years Band, 5 years Orchestra, 5 yea.s Scouts, Social Editor junior Annual, 2 years Basket- ball, 2 years Softball. Nick's a pal and a good one, too, According to character she looks good in blue. Virginia M. Caldwell-"Ginny" 1 year Glee Club, 1 year Chat Staff "Ginny" is jolly and full of fun She'll always be liked by everyone. Vernon Chandler President junior Class, Vice-President Freshman and Sophomore, Secretary Student Association, Vice-President Student Association, 2 years Band, 1 year Glee Club, Ath- letic Association Play, Assistant Advertising Manager, jun- ior Annual. Vernon Chandler, our class president, Is our most accommodating gent. Josephine Cuomo--"Jiii" 2 years Softball, 3 years Scouts Josephine always wears a cheerful smile She's sometimes mischievous, though not all the while. Darrell Dailey President Freshman, 4 years Scouts, 5 years Orchestra, 2 years Glee Club, Advertising Manager Annual, 1 year Cheerleader, Meet Darrell, the "High School Clown," Where things are humming, he's around. JUNIOR LIBERTY Kenneth Dapson-"Crandpappy" Band 5 years, Glee Club 1 year, Orchestra 5 years, Assis- tant Advertising Manager junior Annual. We say they're a real good pair, by gum- Kenny Dapson and his drum. Harold Gibson 6 years Band, 3 years Orchestra, 2 years Chat, Sports Editor Annual, 2 years Cheerleader, 3 years 4-H. Some like 'em hot -- some like 'em cold - Harold likes girls any way - at least so I'm told. R. Eileen Heinig 1 year Chat, 3 years 4-H, 5 years Scouts, 1 year Band, 5 years Orchestra, 1 year Glee Club, 1 year French Club. About Eileen, it is here hard to tell Because you see, we like her so well. Robert M. Ingersoll 2 years Glee Club, 5 years Orchestra, 2 years Scouts, 2 years Chat. Come, you folks who like a riddle - Tell us how Robert plays that fiddle. Elwyn Kessler-"Kessy" To Elwyn we can find no objection - His mechanical knowledge is down to perfection. JUNIOR LIBERTY Eugene Kitchen-"Bud" 3 years Band We're very glad to have met Eugene Kitchen and his clarinet. Jean E. McKay Secretary junior Class, Assistant Advertising Manager .lunior Annual. Jean is happy, jean is gay - Itls the luck of the Irish-she's made that way. Edith R. Mummery-"Edey" Secretary Freshman, Sophomore, 3 years Band, 4 years Scouts, Assistant Editor junior Annual, 2 years Chat Staff. Edith is the next "chat" editor As all-around sport she has no competitor. Gloria J. Phister-"Phizzy" 2 years Glee Club, 5 years Scouts, 2 years 4-H, 2 years Chat Staff, Literary Editor Junior Annual, French Club, 1 year Prize Speaking, Athletic Association Play. Gloria jean is always on her toes - She shall have music wherever she goes. Frances Rude 1 year Band, 2 years Glee Club, Joke Editor junior An- nual, Athletic Association Play, 2 years Prize Speaking. A fair complexion and dark brown hair -- Happy-go-lucky with ne'er a care. 8 JUNIOR LIBERTY Eu, Xpft 5' 'M Richard Rutfan 1 year Baseball, 4 years Scouts, 2 years Chat Staff, Art Edi- tor, junior Annual. Oh Richie! Oh Richie! What pictures he draws! Some funny, some pretty - without any flaws. George Story-"Story" Editor junior Annual, Vice-President Juniors, Student Council Member, 1 year Glee Club, 3 years Scouts, 1 year Baseball. Here is George, our man of science - He's always working on a new appliance. Eleanor Whaley-"Whaley" 2 years Cheerleader, 1 year Chat Staff, 2 years Scouts, 1 year Band. That noise which you so plainly hear Is only Eleanor leading a cheer. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY On a bright day last fall we entered school as sophisticated juniors. Knowing there was a lot to be done by us in the ensuing year, we tried to get right down to business the Hrst thing. We elected the following people for class officers: President, Vernon Chand- ler, Vice-President, George Story, Secretary, Jean McKay, Treasurer, Catherine Burton, and Class Advisor, Miss Deeley. In order to raise money for publishing the junior Liberty we held a movie, sold pencils, candy and V pins. At Christmas time we took orders for Christmas candy. The movie we held was quite a success. It was "Galloping Romeo," which featured Bob Steele. At Christmas time we held a dance at the Town Hall which was also a success. Of the 25 members of the junior class there were two who left and the other 23 have been with us since our Freshman year. In behalf of the junior class I wish to thank Miss Deeley for her untiring efforts in all activities for the class, and we hope to have her with us again next year. JUNIOR LIBERTY 9 I King, Cleveland, American Standard Band Instruments I Time Payments If Desired I Liberal Trade-in Allowance on Used Instruments I Compliments Of GURLEY-CLASCENS Music, Inc. COMMUNITY PLATE Utica, N-Y- SIVIART WEARINC APPAREL BREWER Cr BREWER I . . Dresses . . . Coats . . . Shoes Attorneys and Counselors at Law VERNON' NY- Moderately Priced at Telephone IOO Residence 25-I:-I2 L A N D M A N 1 S I37-139 Main St. ONEIDA, N.Y M. E. Cr A. M. KENNEY Compliments of JACOB'S ACADEMY Registered Optometrists and Opticians , 232 Genesee Street Yours for Health . . . ROLLER SKATE UTICA, N.Y. l IO JUNIOR LIBERTY Frorzl row, left lo right: Rexford Touse, Edward Peters, Robert Samson. Second wuz' Marion Houck, Jeanne Taylor, Mary McKay, Mildred Turk, Dorothy Lampman, Lurene Burton, Miss Davies CClass Advisory Burk mum' Frank Bellinger, Miles Fitch, Fred Martin, Robert Brown, Mary Kitchen, Fred McDermott, Ward Champney, Adolph Diehl, Robert Brooks. HISTORY OF SENIOR CLASS Witlu the exception of a few, most of us entered our Freshman year together. As a Freshman class we had 24 members, but through the years the number has decreased. We now have a class of 19 who are all looking forward to graduation. Of the 19, six started in this school. They are Edward Peters, Dorothy Lampman, Lurene Burton, Mary McKay, jean Taylor and Robert Brown. Last fall we elected the following officers: President, Robert Brown, Vice-President, Miles Fitch, Secretary, Fred Martin, Treas- urer, Edward Peters. Miss Davies was unanimously elected our Class Advisor for the fourth time. During our Freshman and Sophomore years we held many activities which brought us a fair profit to start our junior year. As juniors we proved to be very successful candy salesmen and made enough money to publish the junior Pilot of which we are all proud. This year we had a frankfurt roast at Davis' Grove. We also sponsored a Christ- mas Dance in December. Through our four years of high school we have had much fun together, and the class joins in wishing the best of luck to the classes following us. T -1 JUNIOR LIBERTY II Compliments of BOSTON STORE M0555-CRONK C0-' Inc- IBURKE- sl-IANLEY co.l Flour, Feed and Crain SOLSVILLE, CLINTON, DEANSBORO UEBLER BEST WISHES To Class of I94I MILKING MACHINE CO Inc. VERONA MARKET QUALITY MEATS F red Ava rd Compliments of C. A. BURC VERNON, N.Y. ROME, N.Y. w M01f.v BE IJING v 44'fHnAC9Q' Best Wishes to the Class of '40 Famous Reading Anthracite Phone IO4-J VERNON, N.Y. FRED C. SMITH AND FAMILY V.H.S. '07, 'IO, '34 and '38 MINER MOTOR SALES FORD SALES. . . SERVICE Tel. 263I Oriskany Falls, N.Y. "SYKES' " . . . The Store of Service and Quality Candy and Tobacco Fountain Service Home Made Ice Cream, Lunches, Magazines, Etc. gr- l2. JUNIOR LIBERTY Front row, left to right: Retha Hiller, Phyllis Hiller, Lillian Bartholomew, Virginia Teeps, Anne Kitchen, Kathleen McKay, Margaret Lawless, Marjorie Lampman, Mary Connors, Evelyn Wood, Ella Henry, Susanna Houck, Patricia Fitch. Bare mum' Shirley Champney, Vincent Mockler, Charles Bellinger, Lester Bach, William Bellinger, Roy Deal, Chester Pohl, William Dibble, Edward Deal, Donald Morgan, Carl Bock, Charles Bradley CClass Advisorj. SOP!-IOXVIGRE CLASS HISTORY During the first half of the school year, we Sophomores held a party, a dance, and a franlcfurt roast. During the last half of the year we have had one dance. XWhen we en- tered high school, we held the Annual Frosh Frolic and for class officers we elected Ed- ward Deal, President, Vice-President, Ches- ter Pohl, Secretary, Margaret Lawless, and for Treasurer, Patricia Fitch. For Class Ad- visor we chose Mr. Bradley. In our Sophomore year we elected the fol- lowing members for officers: President, Ches- ter Pohl, Vice-President, Margaret Lawlessg Secretary, William Bellingerg Treasurer, Roy Deal. In behalf of the Sophomore class I wish to express our thanks and appreciation to Mr. Bradley for his work with us. JUNIOR LIBERTY With Compliments of SCHEIFELE CANDY COMPANY, Inc. I I6 Lenox Avenue ONEIDA, N,Y. "TH E ATHLETE'S STORE" CAHILL SPORT SHOP I I3 N. JAMES ST. ROME, N.Y Central New York's Leading Sport Shop OFFICIAL OUTFITTERS FOR VERNON HIC-H SCHOOL When in need of athletic equipment . . call on "CAHILL'S" l4 JUNIOR LIBERTY Front mug left In right: Eunice Yaddaw, Norma Eychner, Helen Schleicher, Esther Wandle, Alice Black, Charlotte Harris, Marilyn Carter, Phylis Mahady. Second wuz' Sally Story, Wilma Nelson, Marshall Rice, Clifford English, Paul Korman, Marvyn Touse, Edward Oleksy, Harold Bellinger, Ruth Hornsby, Mabel Law. Buck row: Roderic li, Bent CClass Advisorj, Robert Black, Arthur Metz, William Schieferstine, Leon Stevens, Edward Karleskent. HISTORY OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS When we entered school last fall as Fresh- men, we realized the responsibility we had to face. For our Class Advisor we chose Mr. Bent, who is always willing to help us in every way. There are 24 members in our class. The officers are as follows: Alice Black, Presi- dentg Sally Story, Vice-President, Harold Bellinger, Treasurer, Edward Oleksy, Secre- tary. We held our annual Frosh Frolic during the month of November. It was a great suc- cess. We have also had other class activities such as a roast and class parties. With the splendid help of Mr. Bent we have had a happy and prosperous year and hope the following Freshman Class will have the same. JUNIOR LIBERTY I5 Compliments of ROME DAILY SENTINEL JAMES F. BURKE COMMON CARRIER OF MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS Phone I I I VERNON, N.Y. DAIRYMEN'S LEAGUE CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION Farmer Owned and Operated This Advertisement Contributed by Employees of Vernon, N.Y. OATMAN CHEVROLET CO., Inc. ONEIDA, N.Y. Sales and Service SHERRILL CITY GARAGE SHERRILL, N,Y. Sales and Service I6 JUNIOR LIBERTY Front row, lefl to rigbz: Lillian Bartell, Vivian Laube, Jane Samson, Irma Stewart, Peggy Santose, Marjorie Hogan, Beatrice Law, June Lanz, Harriet LaMunion, Frances Carter, Janet Law, Anne O'Neill. Burk faux' Eugene Lawless, Leroy Bach, Warren Chandler, Keith Whaley, Wilfred Black, Sherwood Coffin, Robert Vfalker, Tom Dorn, Leon Williamson, Guy Fitch, Edward janowski, Genevieve Gamble CClass Advisorl, Clarence Mason, Frank Law. E I G I-I Tl-I G R A D E JANE SAMSON and HARRIET LAMUNION Last September we started the year with 34 members. We elected our class officers as follows: President, Guy Fitchg Vice-Presi- dent, Wilfred Black, Treasurer, Frances Carterg and Secretary, jane Samson. As our Class Advisor we chose Miss Gamble. In the fall we collected newspapers and magazines. We also conducted two successful sales of magazine subscriptions and one seed sale. We will use the money we have earned for our class rings. We want to thank Miss Gamble, our teacher and class advisor, for the help and advice that she has so willingly given us. JUNIOR LIBERTY I7 DEMAND . . . Registered Piano Tuners Hughes Bros. Rome, N.Y. Dewey's Music Rhinehart's Store Music Studios Oneida, N.Y. Oneida, N.Y. SHELL SERVICE STATION Quick Shoe Repair Quality Material and Reliable Work Gasoline . . . Kerosene. . . Motor Oil . , . Candy. . . Cigarettes. . . Soft Drinks Fancy Groceries- Ice Cream in Season Forrest Linton, Prop. Verona St. VERNON, N.Y. Best Wishes from Ptatf's Meat Market PHILIP PFAFF Dealer in FRESH AND CURED MEATS POULTRY IN SEASON IZ8 Main St. Telephone 384 and 385 ONEIDA, N.Y. Compliments of GEORGE W. TACKABURY SUNOCO STATION Sherrill, N.Y. EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Try Us and Be Convinced Prompt Service and Delivery SHERRILL'S HARDWARE CO. Sherrill, N.Y. For Highest Quality Photo-finishing . . Leave Your Films with H. G. PHISTER Each roll is given individual attention, which assures the best possible results SHERRILL CITY GARAGE SALES. . . SERVICE 245 W. Seneca - Phone 260 H. T. Oatman E. J. MURPHY PHONE SHERRILL I6 G. E. Refrigerators and Ranges 1 JUNIOR LIBERTY THE FACULTY Flon! mug lefl Z0 right: Genevieve Gamble, 8th Grade and Elementary Algebrag Arlene Davies, Latin and French, Ruth Pendorf, 3rd and 4th Gradesg Lillian Mummery, lst and 2nd Grades, Ella Terwilligcr, 7th Grade and Geometry, Virginia Small, Commercial, Bark faux' Lillian Ingersoll, Sth and 6th Grades, Alta K. Butler, Art and Music, Roderic E. Bent, Physical Education Instructor and History, William A. Wcttel, Principal, Charles Bradley, History and Scienceg Lena Deeley, English and Library, Francese Sherwood, Nurse. JUNIOR LIB ERTY I9 MORSE ONEIDA CLEANERS AND DYERS l42 Phelps Street ONEIDA, N.Y. RHINEHART SCHOOL OF MUSIC PIANO AND THEORY IO9 Stone Street ONEIDA, N.Y. Phone l208 VAIL'S ELECTRIC MOTOR SERVICE IZO-I22 Cedar St. - Oneida, N.Y. Specialists in Repairs and Rewinding Machine Work Distributor of Century Electric Motors Phones - Oneida IZO4 - Vernon IO-F-4 BLACK BROTHERS VERNON CENTER, NEW YORK Cypsteel C-ypsum Contractors and Erectors for Floors, Roots, Ceilngs and Partitions Phone Vernon IOS-J Compliments of H. P. PENDORF Blacksmithing . . . General Repairing Woodworking LEBANON, NEW YORK ART NEEDLEWORK and GIFT SHOP IIVIrs. Roy E. Jonesl Needlework Supplies Kayser Hosiery. . . Citt Items Phone 52-R VERNON, N.Y. Compliments of FOSTER E. POHL, Agent-Buyer Cooperative C-.L.F. Exchange, Inc. FEED - SEEDS - FERTILIZER FARIVI SUPPLIES Phone 5l -W Vernon, N.Y. ATLANTIC SERVICE Freeman Law, Mgr. Complete Lubrication Car Washing and Simonizing Exide Batteries. . . Lee Tires Phone 88 Vernon, N.Y. JUNIOR LIBERTY VERNON I-HO!-I SC!-IOOL SCHEDULE 00 M. 00 00 00 00 00 00 30 00 50 30 55 00 30 35 00 15 30 35 10 31 32 00 Miss Deeley has a "Fate of junior Classl' nightmare. Violet Bach gives a parting look at the History C lesson. Ward brings Dorothy home. Miss Davies finishes correcting Latin III papers Cthree red pencil stubs re- mainj Violet draws History C from under her pillow at first rays of light. Eugene starts milking. Prof. plays last game of pinochle. Eugene's milking is done. Everybody Qwell, almost everybodyj gobbles breakfast as quickly as possi- ble. Kessy asks Pa if he may drive the truck to school. Gloria jean receives a letter from a foreign correspondent. Kessy arrives at school on his bicycle. Seniors decide to go to school Qsun's shiningD. Ted Spicer drags in. Charlie drags him out. Five teachers, so far, exclaim over Gloria jean's letter. Terwilliger meets her trig. class. Back seat in Profxs study hall col- lapses. Who did it? CSilence.D All eyes on the clock in History C. Darrell smiles out loud in English III. Darrell's new location is the study hall. Everybody gobbles dinner as quickly as possible. P. M. 12:50 1:00 1:30 2:30 5:50 5:52 5:45 5:00 5:50 6:00 6:50 7:50 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:50 11:00 11:30 12:00 Orchestra practice. Miss Butler waves her stick in vain. Darrell arrives at orchestra practice. Mr. Bent "bids" his love good-bye. Oh, my! Groans emitted from the laboratory are just the rudiments class singing scale. Miss Deeley declares there is too much noise in the library. Library closed. Big stampede on the stairs. Virginia approaches the drugstore. Eggy Esch wearily climbs down the school stairs. Everybody gobbles his supper as quickly as possible. Robert Ingersoll listens to his idol, Super man. Freshmen say prayers and go to bed. Jean and Betty hunt for a ride to jakes. Freshmen dream of the time when they will be Juniors. jean and Betty give up and go home. School dance, "dead on its feet." Virginia leaves the drug store. After hearing 'Gang Busters" the Sophomores are still afraid to go bed. jean Taylor sits thinking of a new hair-do for the next day. Mrs. Terwilliger still worrying about her trig. class. JUNIOR LIBERTY Zl EVERYTHING FOR THE HOME Floor Covering. . . Furniture. . . Bedding Linoleum . . . Draperies Venetian Blinds BROWNE-DAVIS ONEIDA Phone 585 lt's Cheaper to Talk. . .Than to Walk Every Home Should Have a TELEPHONE Its Cost ls But a Few Cents a Day VERNON TELEPHONE CO., Inc. Vernon, N.Y. - Phone lI3-W WHY NOT BUY THE BEST When you can get Esso Gas, Oils, Kerosene, Fuel Oil Wholesale and Retail at my Station E. W. BENNETT Phone 3l-F-22 Vernon Center Fire. . . Accident. . . Automobile . .. Compensation . . . and all other forms of INSURANCE The Saving is an "EXTRA BENEFIT" IRA W. CREENWAY Phone 7 I W - Verona St. VERNON, N.Y. WHOLIHAN'S BARBER SHOP "FOR THOSE WHO CARE" O Prices Reasonable W. J. HINMAN Jeweler and Silversmith C-ruen, Hamilton, Longines and Elgin Watches 0 Cor. Main and Phelps Phone I I IO Compliments of VERNON PRIVATE HOSPITAL Convalescents . . . Elderly People Verona St. Phone Vernon 81 -J A. H. DIEHL 6' SON Dealers in J. D. CASE FARM MACHINERY Vernon, New York 22 JUNIOR LIBERTY Frou! rozr. lefl 10 right: Violet Peters, Betty Burleigh, Marjorie Lampman, Catherine Burton, Dorothy Lampman, Esther W'andle, Helen Schleicher, Marjorie Hogan, june Lanz, Helen Lanz, Lurene Bu: ton, Phyllis Mahady, Sammi mum' Albert Wettel, Peter Lampman, Harold Gibson, Kenneth Dapson, Phyllis Hiller, Retha Hiller, Harriet LaMunion, Mary Kitchen, Anne Kitchen, jean Taylor, Frances Rude, Chester Pohl, Guy Fitch, Clarence Mizer CConductorD, Eugene Butler, Robert Tourney, Brick wav Fred Martin, Miles Fitch, Carl Bock, Eugene Kitchen, David Buss. BAND With the addition of ten new members, our band has prospered under the direction of Mr. Mizer. In April the band played at the monthly meeting of the Parent-Teachers' Association. We also attended the sectional band contest at Whiteshoro and received a rating of 2--, a great improvement over other years. We shall play on Memorial Day and on the following Week at the Music Festival. The Music Festival, the first ever attempted in the Madison-Oneida League, will be held on the Fair Grounds. Much credit is due to our director, Mr. Mizer, who has put forth much effort to make the festival a success. JUNIOR LIBERTY COMPLETE LU BR ICATION Good Gult and No-Nox Gasoline, Gulf Pride and Gulf Lube Oils Exide Batteries, Goodrich and Hood Tires Candy, Lunches, Auto Supplies, Smokes Swanson's Gulf Service Station East End of Vernon, N.Y. Route 5-NIGHT SERVICE-Ph. I I3-M GLASSES BY CLAY EDWIN P. CLAY . . . Optometrist EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED ZIO MAIN STREET Opposite Hotel Oneida "Twenty years' experience justifies confidence" When necessary the manner of payment may be arranged to tit your income Compliments of MRS. R. P. WHITE MILLINERY AND LADIES' ACCESSORIES 232 Main St. Oneida, N.Y. Compliments of THE OSBORNE SPECIALTY CO., Inc. Advertising and Imprint Pencils JOHN R. JONES Plumbing and Heating Phone 367 Sl-IERRILL, N.Y. PURE GRADE A MILK AND CREAM F. H. HALDER G' SONS Vernon, N.Y. IVAR RINCDAHL . . . Florist l29 Farrier Ave. Phone 839 We Telegraph Flowers Anywhere ONEIDA, N.Y. Reliability. . .AQuality. . .Service BILL'S SUNOCO SERVICE HSIVICG l890" Over One-third Million New Users CAMDEN, N.Y. of Nu-Blue Sunoco 24 JUNIOR LIBERTY SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY 1159 Park Avenue Chicago, Illinois june 30, 1960 Dear Dorothy: What do you suppose? The other day a Mrs. Rexford Touse came into my beauty salon for a permanent and as usual we began to visit and recognizing the name I asked her where she came from and she told me-New York City. And he came from a small village in New York State by the name of Vernon. As we were in the same class in school at Vernon, I asked about him. She told me they had a lovely family, that he has a good prac- tice in law, and is making a very good salary. After I had closed my salon for the night, we went to the "Swankee Hotel" here and hearing a girl's laughter I recognized it to be the former Jean Taylor, who is now a singer with one of the best orchestras in the United States. She sat down at our table and we had a long visit about our old classmates. I for- got to tell you it was Miles Fitch leading the band with which jean travels. Edward Peters is the drummer. She said Lurene Burton and Mary Kitchen are still old maid schoolteachers. Mildred Turk is becoming a famous artist in Vienna. Margaret Krug and Marion Houck are personal secretaries to some of the "big shots" in Washington. Adolph Diehl has a job in one of the cities upstate and plays for barn dances. Frank Bellinger bought the Henry Ford businesses and is now racking his brains to see how Ford kept the cars together. Robert Brown is now married and sup- porting his wife and family by coaching the New York Giants. Fred Martin is coaching basketball at Springfield College. Robert Samson is running a large farm and supplying over half of New York City with milk and dairy products. I suppose you know Ward Champney is head of the Standard Oil Company. Who should know better? I hope you like your new job teaching Home Economics. I must close now and get to my beauty parlor. Affectionately yours, MARY McKAY Harold- "Speaking about baseball, I've got a baseball dogf, Esther-"What makes you call him a base- ball dog P" Harold - 'lBecause he wears a muzzle, catches Hies, chases fowls, and beats it home when he sees the catcher comingf, Sign on student's door: "If 1 am busy when you enter, wake me upf, Proud Englishman-"Our trains have very few collisions." Man from small country - "We never have collisions on our road." P. F.-"Really! How is that P" M. F. S. C.-"We only have one trainf, Customer-"Say, is this hair tonic good ?" Barber - 'lGood! The other day I spilt some on my comb and now it's on a brush." JUNIOR LIBERTY Forty-fifth Year SUMMER TERM OPENS MONDAY, JULY I AUTUMN TERM OPENS TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 Business Administration and Secretarial Courses . . . Personalized Instruction . . . Individual Advancement. . . Gradu- ates Assisted lnto Positions. . . Bulletin Upon Request. BANK PLACE UTICA, N.Y. "PLANNING YOUR FUTURE" After graduating from High School if you would like to know more about the oppor- tunities in the business world, a copy of our illustrated booklet, "Planning Your Future," will be sent to you without cost or obligation. EE WWW "The School of Individual Instruction" lOO8 CORNELIA ST. UTICA, N.Y. H. J. Conkling, Prin. Compliments of We Buy, Sell, Press and Deliver M, H, STURDEVANT HAY AND STRAW . Complete General Store Groceries. . . Dry Goods . . . Drugs BENJAMIN JANOWSKI 5' SON Boots . . . Shoes . . . Hardware 0 and VERNON cENTER, N.Y. Socony pmducls DEANSBORO, N.Y. 26 JUNIOR LIBERTY amp Front row, left to right: Warrren Chandler, Marion Houck, Sally Story, Alice Black, Anne Kitchen, Marjorie Lampman, Dorothy Lampman, Marjorie Hogan, Mildred Turk, Mary McKay, Harriet LaMunion, Susanna Houck, Robert Ingersoll. Serond man' Kenneth Dapson, Darrell Dailey, Betty Burleigh, Frances Rude, Patricia Fitch, Lurene Burton, Irma Stewart, Beatrice Law, Marilyn Carter, Janet Law, Vivian Laube, Phyllis Mahady, Lillian Bartell, June Lanz, jean Taylor, Gloria Jean Phister, Dorothy Phister, Mary L. Lawlor, Alta K. Butler CDirectorj, Ward Champney, Robert Brooks. Bark row: Helen Schleicher, Esther Wandle, Marjorie Scheiferstine, Frances Carter, Loretta Casler, Ramona Elmer, Shirley Brown, Lillian Spear, Violet Peters, Blanche Clark, Harriet Youker, Helen Lanz, jean Ruttan. GLEE CLUB HISTORY Last fall Mrs. Butler called a meeting of our Glee Club at which 44 responded. We elected the following officers: President, Mary McKay, Vice-President, Betty Bur- leigh, Treasurer, Susanna Houck, and Secre- tary, Alice Black. We had a Halloween party at Mrs. But- ler's home and almost everyone attended and had a lovely time. The Glee Club held a bake sale at Kitson's store on the seventeenth of November at which we made 351250, which went toward buying new music. At present the boys are practising with us for the June Music Festival which is to be held at the Fair Grounds. Now, in behalf of the Glee Club, I wish to express our thanks and appreciation to Mrs. Butler for her willing work with us. JUNIOR Ll BERTY 27 Guy-"I graduated from Shoe College." Gal-"Where's that?" Guy-"Just one step above Oxford." Dad-"Another bite like that son and you'll leave the table." Son-"Another bite like that dad and Illl be finishedf' What would you do if you were in my shoes? I'd get a shine. Mr. Wettel-"I want to buy a hat." Salesman-"Fedo-rea ?', "No, for myself." What is you all doin, to that goldfish, chief? I'm holdin' his head under water so helll drown. I've an awful cold in my head. ' Well, that is something. Elwyn Kessler-"That new farm hand is awfully dumbf' Kenneth Dapson-"How so ?" E. K.-"He found some milk bottles in the grass and insisted he had found a cowls nestfl Mr. Bradley in Physics class- "What is wind P" Edith-"Air in a hurry." G. Phister- "What an appropriate looking hot-dog stand!" Eileen-f'Yes, it's made of dogwood and covered with bark." Ants are said to be the hardest working creatures. Yet they seem to have time to be at all the school picnics. Miss Deeley-"Which hand is the Statue of Liberty holding over her head ?" R. Ingersoll-"The one with the torchf' Teacher- "johnny, what are the middle ages ?" johnny-"They used to be 35--50, now they're 50-70.', Teacher-"Why do we use soap ?" Pupil-"That's what I'd like to knowlu Eugene Kitchen- "Look here, waiter, is this peach or apple pie ?" Waiter-"Can't you tell by the taste ?" Eugene-"'No, I can't." Waiter-"Well, then what difference does it make ?,' Teacher-"johnny, you have been to the zoo so you must know what an octopus is. Can you tell the class?', johnny-"They didn't have an octupus at the zoo, but it must be a cat with eight sides." A gay Irish laddie named Dennis Went out for a ramble thru Venice, He said, "It's a pretty And ilegant city -e But crossing the streets is a menacelu Did you know that Jonah was in the stomach of a whale for three days? Mah uncle Rastus was longer in de stom- ach of a alligator. You don't say! How long? He's dere y'it! Mr. Bradley-"Can you tell me in which battle Lee was killed P" Robert Brooks-"I think it was his last." George Story-uBut how did you break your leg PM "I threw a cigarette in a manhole and then stepped on it." Bernard Ames-"If you had ten potatoes and you had to divide them equally among four persons, how would you do it ?" Mother-"lid mash them In Milton Brown - mls there soup on the menu ?" Waiter-"There was, but I wiped it off." OK., joe, run up the curtain. What do you think I am a squirrel? Doctor-"You're bilousf, Patient-"No, I'm Julius." 28 JUNIOR LIBERTY CALENDAR The year had gloomily begun For Willie Weeks, a poor man's Sun. He was beset with bill and dun And he had very little Mon. "This cash," said he, "will pay my dues, I have nothing here but ones and Tueff' A bright thought struck him and he said, "The rich Miss Goldrocks I'll Wed." But when he paid his count to her, She lisped but firmly said, "No, Tlazzrf' "Alas," said he, 'lthen I must die, I'm done! I'll drown! I'll burn! I'll Fri." They found his gloves and coat and hat, The Coroner upon them Sul. STORMY WEATHER In a certain town the local weatherman was so often wrong that his predictions be- came a standing joke. At last he was forced to ask headquarters for a shift to another station. "Why" asked headquarters, "do you wish to be transferred P" "Because," he snapped back, "the climate doesn't agree with me." From a schoolboy's exam. paper: Matter- horn was a horn blown by the ancients when anything was the matter. "Hello! This is long distance. I have a call for you from Miami." "Hello! This is Rich. Listen, Harold, I'm stranded here and need 3S100f' Harold Gibson-"I can't hear you. Some- thing is wrong with the phone." Richard Ruttan-"I want 3100" Harold-"I can't hear you." Operator-"I can hear it O.K.', Harold-"Well, you give him the 35100." LOCATED Mother Cto son wandering around roomj -"What are you looking for ?" Son-"Nothing" Mother-"You'll find it in the box where the candy was." WAS HIS FACE RED! An angler went to heaven and told a fish- ing yarn. He noticed one man laughing heartily and obviously incredulously. "Who's that fellow?" he demanded an- grily. "just jonahf was the reply. "Now, children," said the teacher who was trying to boost the sale of class photos, "just think how you'll enjoy looking at the photographs when you grow up. As you look you'll say to yourself, 'there's Jennie, she's a nurse, there's Tom, he's a judge, and'-" "There's teacher," said little Bertie. "she's dead." Autographs 30 JUNIOR LIBERTY Fran! row, left Z0 rigblx Lurene Burton, Marjorie Lampman, Catherine Burton, Betty Burleigh, R. Eileen Heinig, jean Taylor, Phyllis Hiller, Dorothy Lampman. Back wuz' Harold Gibson, Darrell Dailey, Carl Bock, Clarence Mason, Retha Hiller, Helen Schleicher, Ann O'Neil, Robert Ingersoll, Kenneth Dapson, Eugene Butler, Alta K. Butler CDirectorD. ORCHESTRA Last year's orchestra, under the leadership of Mrs. Butler, has three new members. They are Clarence Mason, Helen Schleicher, and Ann O,Neil. This adds two to the violin sec- tion and one to the trombone section. The latter part of the year was spent in practicing for the Music Festival, at which time the orchestra, combined with those of the other schools of the Madison-Oneida League, played. "The Oracle", "Pomp and Circumstancen, and "Londonderry Air" were three of the four numbers presented. On sev- eral other occasions throughout the year the orchestra has presented programs. The present orchestra has enjoyed the ad- vantage of a larger variety of music than that of the previous year. This is partially due again to the Music Festival to be held in June. Autographs JUNIOR LIBERTY SENIGR CLASS WILL I, Robert Samson, designate my economi- cal principles and motheaten purse to any fellow feeling such a pinch. I, Robert "Shiek" Brooks, transfer my photos of discarded girl friends, trin- kets, and sentimental mementoes to Rob- ert Ingersoll as he is obviously missing opportunity's knock. I, Rexford G. Touse, willingly transfer my partially used physics book to any- one wishing to test his mental capacity and endurance. I, William Edward Peters, by popular petition will the muzzle formerly used on Dixie, to keep her from barking to Alice Black. Silence is golden. I, Robert Brown, reluctantly bestow my stunning chariot in maroon and gold upon Chester Pohl in order to enable him to visit "her" in Oneida more regu- larly. I, Frank Bellinger, always loyal to home and loved ones, do hereby preserve my English IV literature questions, and His- tory C book reports for my two brothers, Chuck and Billy. I, Fred Martin, offer my text on back- hand penmanship to Elwyn Kessler. All his bird tracks need is a nest. I, Ward Champney, leave my trusty briar to Roy Deal in hopes his growth will be stunted before it is too late. I, Miles Fitch, bestow one of my broad shouldered suits upon Vincent Mockler. That "Gable,' look gives a guy "oomph." I, Margaret Krug, leave my best pair of evening stilts to Gloria Jean Phister. Bet- ter late than never. I, Marion Houck, willingly bestow upon Catherine Adams, my middle name- Agnes. Doesn't Agnes Adams have at- tractive rhythm. I, Mary McKay, leave one of my char- acteristically huge purses to Violet Bach to use as a bookbag for all those texts. I, Lurene Burton, leave my worn dance cards from ujakesl' to Frances Rude, in hopes she will have as exciting a time as I have had for the last two years. I, Mildred Turk, leave my senior ring, for which I have little further use, to Esther Wandle, to make "him" jealous. I, jean Taylor, bestow a plastic thumb upon Betty Burleigh so she will have success in bumming rides to "jakes'l without me. I, Marion Rice, leave one pound of dig- nity and restraint to Patty Fitch and one gallon of subtlety Qrefer to XVebster'sj to all the boy-crazy eighth grade girls. I, Mary Kitchen, leave my agricultural ambitions and brawn to my brother Eugene in hopes he can keep the farm running. I, Dorothy Jane Lampman, will my watch to Eddie Oleksy who has had trouble lately in getting to school on time. Lastly, but also first, we must leave be- hind us our petite Class Advisor, Miss Davies, who has borne with us for the past four years. Good luck to you, Miss Davies, for you have certainly been that to us. JUNIOR LIBERTY 33 Your Printing should indicate the Character and Importance of Your Business YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME IN AND TALK OVER YOUR PRINTING PROBLEM5 IIIIIIIIII BATES if CARR, INC. VERNQN, N. Y. THE PRINTERS OF THE JUNIOR LIBERTY 34 JUNIOR LIBERTY Front mu: left to riglal: Virginia Small, Commercial Subjects, Gloria jean Phister, Marion Houck, Mildred Turk, Edith Mummery, R. Eileen Heinig, Mary Kitchen, Dorothy Lampman, Catherine Adams. Sammi 7'014'.' Alta K. Butler, Art and Music, Patricia Fitch, Margaret Lawless, Eleanor Wluailey, Betty Burleigh, Margaret Krug, Lurene Burton, Ella Henry, Lena Deeley, English and Library. Back wuz' Robert Ingersoll, Carl Bock, Roy Deal, Lester Bach, Harold Gibson. CHAT STAFF We are the first Chat Staff to be repre- sented in the Junior Year Book by more than a snapshot. Nevertheless, we pay tribute to the group who started this literary organiza- tion nearly a decade ago. It is through their work and the work of their followers, our predecessors, that the foundation was laid for the product of our yearis work which we feel stands abreast of that of other local schools and which we hope has met with your tastes. Many of us will be continuing our work next year in the same position, or in another one of our choice, but a large number of us will be Seniors. We wish to extend our thanks to Miss Deeley, Mrs. Butler, and Miss Small for their guidance, and to our advertisers who have given our publication the necessary financial support. JUNIOR LIB ERTY 35 SHEAR'S MEAT MARKET Home Cured Meats of All Kinds Fruits - Vegetables - Groceries Custom Work Deliver at any time . . . anywhere Phone 89W MYERS BROS. DRUG CO., Inc. Dependable Since I875 Superior Cut Rate Drug Store Service SEE MARKSON BROS. FURNITURE STORE ONEIDA, N.Y. for ' Philco Radios ' Blackstone Washers ' Philco Refrigerators Easy Terms Compliments of GROVER D. HUDSON Electric Appliances of All Kinds I35 Madison Street ONEIDA, N.Y. THE N. A. TYLER LUMBER CO. Dealers in Lumber and Coal, Hard Wall Plaster, Port- land Cement and Roofing and Tile Sewer Pipes . . . Vitrified Septic Tanks. Phone 82-J VERNON, N.Y. HUC--TITE Footwear. . . For Women SIMPLE . . . For Children FREEMAN and BOSTONIANS. , .For Men Mojud Silk Hosiery DAILEY'S BOOT SHOP II7 Madison St. Oneida, N.Y. SCONONDOA GARAGE J. H. Smith Chevrolet . . . Sales and Service Radio . . . Sales and Service VERNON, N.Y. VICTORY CHAIN, Inc. ' QUALITY CROCERIES ' QUANTITY PRICES JUNIOR LIBERTY Front muf, lefl to 7'igfJl,' Leon Peters. Second row: Richard Ruttan, Marvyn Touse, Frank Bellinger, Fred Martin, David Buss, Edward Peters Burk man' Robert Brown, Edward Deal, Edward Oleksy, George Story, Arthur Metz, Chester Pohl Paul Korman, Theodore Spicer. BASEBALL ROBERT BROWN The baseball team looks fairly good this year. The team has 13 players, five of whom were letter-men from last year. The other eight are developing rapidly and the team looks forward to a successful season. The letter-men returning are Fred Martin, David Buss, Frank Bellinger, Edward Peters, R. Brown. This year we have games with West- moreland, Verona, Oriskany Falls and Chit- tenango. JUNIOR LIBERTY THE NATIONAL BANK OF VERNON, N.Y. I 839- I 940 CHECKI NC AND INTEREST ACCOUNTS Member F,D.I,C. VERNON MILLS J. J. Bartholomew G' Son, Inc. Why Not Try Our Health Products WHEAT C-ERM MEAL TRUE GRAHAM FLOUR WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR STEAMED WHOLE WHEAT FLAKES TABLE BRAN M. B. THURSTON Cr SONS Producers and Retailers O GRADE A PASTEURIZED MILK Oneida, N.Y. C. H. BURTON Dealer in Horses and Cows - Harnesses - Blankets Whips - Hay - Straw, Etc. Phone 54-J, 54-R VERNON, N.Y. Commission Auction Every Wednesday IO'l on Everything Except Horses and Cattle. . , 712 on Horses and Cattle 38 JUNIOR LIBERTY Frou! wuz lefl fo right: Edward Peters, Robert Samson, lfdward Deal, Chester Pohl, Robert Brown, Robert Stewart, Fred Martin, Carl Bock CManagerD. Bari rozzx' Paul Korman, lNIarvyn Touse, Arthur Metz, Robert Black, David Buss, Robert Wfalker, BASKETBALL Edward Oleksy. At the Completion of the 1959-40 basket- ball season, we finished third in the Madison- Oneida League. In our league competition we won six games and lost four. Vife had a small team which consisted of seven Players, five of whom were letter-men last season. Following are the scores for the season: We Ojzjzofzemir They 16 Holland Patent . . . 38 54 Wfestmoreland . . 25 56 Wfestmoreland . . 26 41 Oriskany Falls . . Z8 41 Oriskany Falls . . 28 l 5 Verona . . . 34 Zo Verona . . 5 5 We played non-league games with New York Mills, Holland Patent, and Oriskany Falls, The team thanks Mr. Bent for working with them and wishes him better luck in the future. 40 Madison . . 50 29 Madison . . . 28 27 Chittenango . . 30 19 Chittenango . . 25 25 Stockbridge . . 21 60 Stockbridge . . 45 52 N. Y. Mills . . 42 27 N. Y. Mills .... . 50 Won 8 - Lost 7 JUNIOR LIBERTY 39 Compliments of ALGER FUNERAL HOME VERNON, N.Y. SQUARE DEAL GARAGE General Repairing TOW CAR SERVICE O Day Phone - Vernon 99 Night Phone - Oneida 826 When in Oneida. . . Don't Forget to Stop at BOSTON CANDY KITCHEN Fine Confectionery and Ice Cream I-Iome Made Candies. . . Light Lunches I49 MAIN ST, ONEIDA, N.Y. WAYNE T. WATERS MCCORMICK-DEERING DEALER and JAMES WAY BARN EQUIPMENT AL PHELPS Brings you meat every MONDAY AND THURSDAY Choice Cuts and Cold Cuts Phone 63E4 - UTICA ADAH'S BEAUTY SHOP Permanent Waving Grey and White Hair a Specialty VERNON, N.Y. TeI. 9I VERNON GARAGE Phone 58-J Korman G Garber, Props. AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING Exide and Willard Certified Batteries Goodyear and Dunlop Tires ONEIDA PAINT Cr WALLPAPER CO. PAINTERS' SUPPLIES I3Z Madison St. Oneida, N.Y. 40 JUNIOR LIBERTY H,- Frmzt row, left to right: Marvyn Touse, Arthur Metz, Robert Brown, Fred Martin, Paul Korman, Frank Bellinger. Back rouu' Miles Fitch, Edward Peters, Edward Deal, Robert Black, Roy Deal, David Buss, Chester Pohl, Ward Champney, Robert Stewart. SOCCER The final scores of the soccer team this year were more satisfactory than last year. Many of our previous letter-men returned, and we had a fairly strong team. Our team consisted of 14 players several of whom played for their first time. We played games with Sherrill, Cleveland, Wfestmoreland, Oriskany and Cincinnatus. We had close scores in all our games, but the season ended with our winning two and losing six games. The team joins in thanking Mr. Bent for working with us and wishes him a more suc- cessful season for the coming year. JUNIOR LIBERTY 4I Courtesy KITSON'S FUNERAL HOME VERNON, N.Y. Phone 46 DRUGS Sundries . . . Toilet Coods Fro-Joy lce Cream H. E. YOUKER, Pharmacist Phone I IO Vernon, N.Y. Compliments of JOHN HART Best Wishes and C-ood Luck to the Class of '41 For Clothes and lVlen's Furnishings ot Quality at the Lowest Prices see J. LYLE JONES Vernon, N.Y. WELL KNOWN BRANDS . . . AT FAIR PRICES Plus Friendly Service BURLEIGH Cr FRANKLIN Phone 80 VERNON, N.Y. Compliments of BILL MAIR, THE BARBER VERNON, N.Y. D. H. WILSON DAIRYLEA ICE CREAM Soda Fountain and Booth Service Candy, Cigars and Tobacco Milk Shakes a Specialty VERNON, N.Y. M. B. HALL Vernon, New York O ATTOR N EY Ceneral Practice in State and Federal Courts JUNIOR LIBERTY Success to 7-l78l77 WE WISH to express our thanks to the busi- ness men whose advertisements have helped to make the publication of this annual pos! sible. All Illustrations in this Book Made by THE DISQUE PHOTO ENGRAVING COMPANY 107 North Franklin St. SYRACUSE, N. Y. JUNIOR LIBERTY Ton' mir. lefl Io rigbff Two winter scones of Vcrnong lwfr, Susenbcry. ,lanitorg Frances Rudc. Sefolzd mzzz' French Clubg Harold Gibson, Esther Wzinrllc, Helen Schleichcrg Violet Buch, Mildred Turk, Alice Blalckg Margaret Krug, Mildred Turk, Eleanor Wlialcy. Third 1'uu'.' French Club and Town Hall. Ifourib mum' Playground Sccncg School Busg Vernon High School. 44 JUNIO R LIBERTY GLENWOOD AVENUE FLORIST . . . FLOWERS. . . For All Occasions Phone l393 Hot and Cold Lunches. . .Chicken Dinners Ham and Eggs Our Specialty Snyder's Red Top Cabins-DeLuxe Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Snyder, Props. Phone 28-F-3 Vernon Route 5 . . . 2 Miles East of Vernon, N.Y. Fireplace and Free Picnic Tables FIRNHABER'S LAWN MOWER HOSPITAL On New State Road . . . Midway Between Vernon and Verona All kinds of edged tools perfectly sharp- ened. Repair parts for all makes of lawn mowers. Prompt service. All work guaran- teed. Specialty: Cow-clipping machine knives ground and returned by mail at 65c per set. Address: Firnhaber's Lawn Mower Hospital Phone I6-F-2 - Route 2, Vernon, N.Y. PURE GRADE A MILK AND CREAM E. F.. SIMMONS Vernon Center, N.Y. Compliments of HARRISON FURNITURE SALESROOM KIRKLAND, N.Y. Route 5 8 Miles West of Utica Compliments of ENDICOTT-JOHNSON Retail Store I44 Main St. ONEIDA, N.Y. THOMAS LANZ PLUMBING AND HEATING Electric Wiring Phone 94 VERNON, N.Y. 4-Piece Graduation Suits from Sl2.95 up The House of Better Clothing MAHER BROTHERS Opposite Hotel Utica Utica, New York

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