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7 gui-' MELA? imdb ,MJ A-4,.2'Y..da...L.a6 ,did all ,fvdl "id""'L'fz"" Mmlwd-u...r M-44.1 .WM ,Mawr ffxmvwgmmg Aw-LJ 'LLf1+.4L.,,,.T,,4fNwLNg 40" my 1J....r.,,,.1wJ-,..zl.. M1 H, I ,LNJL LU: St 4.14.44 4-.A-uL1l..,....z.,,..,.f..f,,2 ,,,,, ,4,4,,., WM fd. f , I U I if ' """' . r, . o , 1? 48: I 'M an . wa." I m ' ' 'ang' -yin.: vb!!! . ' ' 0 , ,om I 3 ' nu 441: ' ' J 09 0 wa? du., o ' 4 ' ' 414'-4-o . .A-o 'vu' in D 1 ' . ,Lil .90 . 309911. ' ' 0 7 Y o I ' ' l VHS Which Lives in Our Hearts, in Our Homes. . . 1958 JACKET BUZZ Vernon Hzgh School Vernon Flo zda as Presented b e O , V V member of ' Scholastic Press A ' ' He Guided Us. . . and Counseled Us MR AROL HUDSON To Mr Arol Hudson we dedrcate the 1958 Jacket Buzz This IS but a small token of our toward makmg Vernon Hlgh a symbol of goodsportsmanshlp scholarshlp and cltlzenshlp The class of1958 w111 remember hms txmes to be the msprrauon to future senrors that he has been to us appreciation for the work he has done efforts. we sincerely hope that he con- As Une Who Serves MR FITZHUGH CARTER After twenty seven years of contlnuous service rn Washington County schools Mr Carter retired in the spring of 1957 ln 1930 he began this remarkable career in a frfth grade classroom rn Vernon elementary school from which he was sent to the Junror high school for one year The next three years he was prxnclpal of the old one teacher Greenhead school afterward commg back to Vernon for four years as assistant princtpal In 1946 he came back to Vernon to teach IH the Junior high school for three years Then after one year as prrncipal at Pleasant Grove he took over one sectron of the sixth grade in Vemon where he remaxned until his retirement Then followed one year as principal in Duncan and five as principal in Wausau. VIRGINIA ANN MOODY Edltor 6' MARY HARCUS BUSH Copy Edrtor LEONARD HINSON Buslness Manager CLARA KELLEY Typrst IUANITA SQUIRES Typlst JAY BRIGHT Ty pxst LOTTIE M DYKES 4 Advxsor THBLEX0 TITLE PAGE DEDICATION RETIRING TEACHER STAFF SENIOR DIVISION Semors Iunlor Sophornores JUNIOR HIGH DIVISION Freshmen Seventh ACTIVITIES DIVISION Beta Club Future Homemakers of Amerlca Semor 4 H Grrls Dramatlc Club Future Teachers of America Future Farmers of Amerlca Devotxonal Club Llbrary Club ,639 " " il, F' U U 'U-Nunn 6 Q. ,,,,,,, ,,,, , , , ,,,, ,- EI Eigmhu ------ -------- - -- "-- ' """"""' " "" NJ 'ci' -C --- ------ - ft - ..... - xy f CO TE TS 4 H Boys 4 H Gxrls Yearbook Jumor Book Club Sctence Club Band Paper Staff V-Club Chou Student Councll Faculty Supenntendent and Board Parent Teacher Assoclatlon Services SPORTS DIVISION Baseball Cheerleaders Basketball Homecomrng Football ADVERTISEMENT DIVISION YOUR TREASURE CHEST Make for yourself a treasure chest, But not for gems and gold F111 xt wlth thtngs more rose and f1ne Into xt place your kmdly thoughts Of frlends whom you hold dear happy hours That f111 your l1fe w1th cheer And then rf dark days come along And your brlght prospects mar Open your treasure chest and see How very nch you are" 5 - -- ......- .-----.-- - -44 - ' --- ..........------ -----45 ---- ---- -- ----- - ---46 ' .----- ---- ----- - - 48 ' -------- -------------- 4 9 --- ,----------- -------------50 .. . . --- - ........... .... - -52 .D --------------- ----------53 . . ' .--- ------- ----- - - --54 ' ' ------------- -------- 5 6 - ADMINISTRATION DIVISION """" """ 5 8 The classes, the teachers, the ------------------------U60 I ' .... --- .....- 64 . . . 1 - " ................ 55 . ' ---------- ---- - -- ---- ee ' ---- ---- -----------68 l D -------------- ----------10 ---------- ---- -----72 -- ...- --..-.-...-....- 7 4 . H ' ---- -- ------- ------ 7 8 ----------------- --- ---so -- --- -------se 5 Vernonfs High School Building "On the city's western border" stand the hallowed halls of Vernon High School. Many students have left these halls endowed with a greater knowledge of the world around them. Here they have been taught the fundamentals, as well as how to cope with their problems. This is the main building or entrance. In it are the library, science lab, and office. This history, English, mathematics, and commercial departments are also here. The main part of the building was constructed in 1931-32. This was then a high school campus only. In 1947 it was combined with the elementary school As we tour the rest of the campus, we would like to remind you that a lot of hard work has been done on the buildings as well as inside them. Please be careful for these halls are revered by many. SCROLL Memory is when you look back and the answers float in to who? what? when? where? The members who were there then are repeated on a screen are recalled on a scroll are moved in a miniature drama, are collected and recollected for actions, speeches, silences, set forth by images of the mind and made in a mingling mist to do again and to do over precisely what they did do once-- this is a memory-- Sometimes slurred and blurred-- this is remembering-- Sometimes wrecking the images and proceeding again to reconstruct what happened and how, the many little involved answers to who? what? when? where? and more involved than any how? how? Carl Sandburg 1-A I 5-I u-,iid 'U-171' fl.-1,-u on-.41s, .""'lhv "l'1-?4" .-...- -s"'-K fi-'Y' uv-gf: dsifbv ,, 1,115 flux -H27 -fN:':a' Q ls . f - X ' fx f 3 C- - X sk Q 4-sf' 'J ' K ' 7 - S 4 ' ,f ' Q ! 5 ,- . r f 4. x 'f 5 5 f 1 5 , X X , x I 'X- - Y Sw NINA IANE BROCK Slim Talkatrve Unconcerned Undecided about boys Future typist FHA 2 3 4 FTA 4 4 H 1 2 Glee Club 1 Library Club 4 Queen 2 BTU Secretary 2 3 4 EDWIN ELI CARTER Loyal. individualistic Swell pal Athletic Hopes to be a barber Football 3 4 FFA 1 2 3 4 FFA String Band 1 2 3 Softball 1 2 3 Science Club 1 2 V Club 3 4 IANI E BRUNER Blond Petite Vrvacious Accommodatin Future telephone operator FHA 1, 2: Dramatics Club 3g 4-H 1,25 Band 1, 2, LILLIAN LUVERN HADDOCK Cheerful. . . Helpful. . . Good student. , , Wants to make the good better and the better best. FHA 1. 3g Library 1, Music Club 3g Glee Club 1. 35 Devotional Club 1,49 4-H lg FTA 45 Dramatics 3,4g Band 3, Junior Play 3. Senwr OLIVER CLYDE HOOD Blonde hair Blue eyes Likes a pretty girl Good student Future engineer Student Council 3 4 FFA State Farmers Degree FFA 1 2 3 4 4 H1 2 3 4 FFA Secretary3 Parliamentarlan Junior Class 3 4 H President 1 2 3 4 4 H County Council Vice President 2 Science Club 4 4 H Judging Team 1 2 MARY NELL WOODHAM Brown eyes Nice Hard worker Friendly Future hair stylist Glee Club 1 3 4 Devotional Club 1 2 Dramatic Club 3 President FTA 4 GRETLE MCADAMS Petite Friendly Unconcemed Likes boys Wants to Join Air Force FHA 1 2 3 Library Club 4 Dramatics Club 4 Junior Play 3 Art Club 2 ALVIE EUGENE PIPPIN Good natured Willing worker An asset to any class Plans to do construction work after gradua tion FFA 1 2 3 4 Football 3 4 Junior Play 3 King 2 4 Science Club 2 4 ' rr Class WILLIAM THOMAS HAMMOND Good teammate Senous about a certaln glrl Ambmous Assured Wants to be a law offrcer Football 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Basketball 2 V Club 4 BERTHA REA HAMMOCK Conscrentrous Wrllrng to lend a helprng hand Efftcrent Future typrst FHA 1 2 4 Q FTA 2 Paper Staff3 4 Class Treas urer 4 Lrbrary 2 Student Counc1l4 LORETTA TILLER COOK Consrderate Helpful Good student Wants to be a secretary FHA 1 3 FTA 2 Paper Staff 3 4 Secretary Treas urer 2 MYF 1 2 3 LARRY ALVIN MORRELL Amazrng personalrty Wrtty Ambrtlous Intelhgent Interested rn scrence Plans to be a btologrst Football 4 Baseball 4 FFA 1 11" JEAN TAYLOR COOK Quret Petrte Sweet personalrty Wants to be a typrst FHA 1 2 3 FTA 2 Vlce Pres1dent2 EDWIN BAILEY Talkanve Yankee accent, Umque Wrll jorn Arr Force soon Scrence Club 4 FFA 2 3 4 FFA Vlce Presrden Glee Club 2 3 Iumor Play 3 Yearbook 2 3 VERDELL FINCH Blond harr blue eyes Llkes a certatn o Good student W ants to be a secretary Art Club EDNA IMOGENE SHAW Short Brown harr Full of fun Never a worry Wrshes to be a nurse FHA 1 2 3 4 Clee Club 1 2 3 4 Dramattcs Club 1 2 3 Reporter and Camera 3 Iuntor Play 3 ANNA IO ADKINS Long blond hatr Unpredtctable Fun Wants to be a phystcal educatton teacher Band l 2 3 4 FHA 1 2 Dramatrcs Club 3 4 Mustc Club 1 2 3 Junror Play 3 Sunday School Teacher 2 3 ELAINE COOK TILLER Tall slender blond Hopes to be a good secretary Cand wtfelj FHA 1 3 4 H 1 2 3 Devouonal Club 1 2 Glee Club 1 2 BENIA MIN WICKER Mtschtevous Frtendly Interested prmctpally tn agrtculture Fun lovtng Plans to enter the Atr Force FFA 1 2 3 4 FFA Stung Band won dtstrtct and sub dtstrrct 1 2 3 FFA Softball Team4 Glee Club 3 LINDA LOU HIGHTOWER Jolly Studrous 57 Hornecommg Queen Wants to be a success Ban 1 2 3 Glee Club 2 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Clu 1 2 3 Dramattcs Club 1 2 3 Student Counctl 1 3 4 MYF 1 2 3 4 I0 7 RONALD JOHNSON Ltkes to hunt Comtcal Good srnger Hopes to be a law offtcer FFA 1 2 3 4 Sc1enceClub2 3 4 H1 2 FLOREA PETTIS Unpredtctable Talkatrve Frtendly Helpful Future secretary Devotronal Club 1 2 3 4 H 1 2 3 Dramattcs Club 4 Junror Play 3 FRANCIES JUANITA SQUIRES Honest Constderate Good worker Rare oersonaltty Future secretary 4 H 1 2 3 Yearbook4 CHARLES NEW TON Fun lovtng Good personahty Honest Sctence Club 1 3 4 . . y X j 4 d . . : , . : . 5 Q V Y Beta Club 2, 3,43 FHA 1, 2,35 rumor Play 3g An f y f b , . : ' , , : ' . , s . , . . 1 2 , 3 1 JERRY THOMAS SYFRETT Consrderate Consrstent Easy gorng Uncon cemed Future law offrcer FFA 1 2 3 4 ScrenceClub2 3 4 H 1 2 MARY CLAUDETTE WILSON Blond Gtggles Swell prano player Wrll soon be muslc teacher Glee Club 2 3 Devotronal Club 1 2 3 FTA 4 FHA 4 LINDA L BRYANT Slrm Pleasant New at Vemon Hrgh Red harr Wants to be a good beautrcrarl. French Club 2 Band 4 LYDIA SASSER RUSS Frrendly Conslderate Talented tn art Brg rn heart.. . Is workrng to be a better housewrfe. Art Club 1, Devotronal Club 2, 3,4, Book Club 1. SHELTON ISAAC SMITH Courteous At.hlet1c Sterlmg Character Sandy hatred A future Htghway Patrol member FFA 1 2 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball4 4 I-I 1 3 SHIRLEY JENKINS STORY Understandrng Effrcrent Umque Wanta be a good housewtfe and rarse heaps of younguns FTA 2 Band 3 Lrbrary Club 3 4 Dramatrcs Club 4 Musxc Club 2 Paper Staff 3 4 Senror Class Queen 4 Devotronal Club 1 Art 1 BARBARA MCFATTER Energettc Vrvacrous Cheerleader Talkatrve Congenral Future physrcal educatron tnstructor Homecomrng Queen Candrdate 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 Cheerleader Captarn 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Iunror Play Cast DANIEL ALLEN ROGERS rrendly Dark brown hart Brown eyes Lrkes grrls Wants to be a barber Football 1 3 Freshman Class Vtce Presrdent 1 FFA Vrce Prestdent 3 4 Junror Play 3 Freshman Favonte 1 Student Councrl 1 SCIBHCC Club 2 FFA 1 2 3 4 FFA Softball 1 2 3 4 FFA Stung Band 2 3 4 Y 1 Ill . 0 ,. : ..: : - . 2. .4. . : : . : : : . : n w," 9 , ' , Y I I : . .: . : ... : . : . , : : va . : : I f , : I : : , . , , : ... : ' 1 lil ill O00 - ., . : .. - .. Y . . : , . : : . O I . PATRICK RODNEY PARRISH Outstandrng Determrned Fun lovlng All round athlete Workrng hard to be an electnca engtneer Football 2 3 4 Co Captam 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Beta Club 2 3 4 Student Counc1l3 4 Pres 1dent4 Class Prestdent 1 3 4 Il-1U10l' Play 3 MYF Dtstr1ctPres1dent 3 Pres1dent4 Band 1 2 4 CLARA KELLY Consrderate Helpful Long blond halt Sweet Good student Wants to be a secretary FHA 1 2 Paper Stat'f4 Yearbook 3 4 Class Pres1dent2 4 H 1 2 3 Lrbrary 1 2, Iun1or Play 3 I2 vb IULAINE JOHNSON Pettte blond Easy gorng Dependable Homecomrng queen nmner up Plans to be a medtcal secretary FHA 1 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 Drum MaJorette 2 3 4 Beta Club 3 4 Paper Staff3 4 Junlor Play 3 Glee Club 1 2 4 Dramat rcs Club 1 2 Student Counctl 1 2 4 MYF 1 2 3 MELVIN DIETZ IR Ltkable Sports a cool flattop outstandtng rn sports Easy gorng Fun lovrng Plans to conttnue rn athletrcs as a coach Basketball 1 2 3 4 Won State3 Made Drstrrct as All State 3 Football 3 4 Baseball 1 3 4 Student Councrl 2 3 4 Vlce Prestdent 3 Junror Play 3 Yearbook 3 Band 1 2 4 Class Prestdent The senror class home commg float won fust prtze among all the many and vaned floats entered Three gtrls Clara Kelly Iuanxta Squtres and Anna Jo Adkms rode on the float The semors who had worked very hard were tndeed glad to wm ftrst place 1 can l can . ooo V, ... ' ' l . . . - ' : . . 2 , . : ' . . - ' 2 ' . , : ' S . . CIO Oil .occ DOI IU! I I , : s , s 1 , . . 1 : - . , Q . ' . f fly. 'ra 'X ' H xyyyval Ax . A-. . 7 t ' .f .9 as p I u - A V I 9 X . . . . Ar , 4 a ff 4. ' T ' My A 5 ' I ' - VME Q -5 A ,ftq l . . 7 f 1 1 1 V ,' 5 . . ' 'L 'Q I .1 1 I A lk. a I D my 'Ub- I C 4 1 I IOC I OIC li! ' - Oli ' . . . , : . . .42 ' . . : , : L , : ' : . , : - O Q IOC Ol! . I OOO I ICI I li! . . . . A , . . 2 : ' ' I ' 2 I Q 5 Q I 1 u Q Q I ' ' 9 : . . : 3' 1 2 1 I -Qs-M. Ang Loon X I-.,a,,,,,,,,, LINDA HIGHTOWER RODNEY PARRISH IULAINE JOHNSON Valedictorran Valedrctorran Salutatorran Lrnda Hlghtower and Rodney Parrrsh have the drs tmctton of berng the ftrst two students rn the h1story of Vernon Hrgh School to ne for the honor of vale drctorran Both have a strarght A average for therr htgh school years Thrs IS most umque and seldom rf ever happens rn any htgh school anywhere Next hlghest accordtng to the records was Ju lame Johnson who wrll be class salutatortan Lrnda and Rodney were the students chosen by school authontres to represent thls school rn thrs year s Natronal Merlt Scholarshrp Tests Our two students scored among the top 25010 of the Natron A hrgh goal' Llnda thls year s homecomrng queen won the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award tn Vernon Hrgh School She received the hrghest score on a wrrtten examrnatxon rn homemakmg knowledge and attrtudes Her paper wrll be entered rn competr non to name thls state s candrdate for the t1tle of the All Amerrcan Homemaker of Tomorrow For her achrevement she has recerved an award pm deszgned by Tnfarr of New York She has served as prolects charrman of Beta Club art edrtor of the school paper and Student Counctl representattve for thrs year Rodney semor class prestdent rs the very actxve Student Councrl presrdent He partrcrpates rn foot ball basketball and baseball Rodney IS a member of Beta Club and many other school organrzauons Iularne semor class secretary treasurer IS the secretary treasurer of Beta Club drum majorette and edxtor of the school paper She 15 secretary of F H A and of the Band Club A representatxve to Student Councrl and home comrng queen runner up she 15 a very busy grrl if Semor class Halloween kxng and queen were Eugene Prppm and Shrrley Ienkxns A .3 2 a A f f 1 ' , W. l , ' I' ' . A V 3 z ' W .,5 ' Z 5 -3 1 f 5 f g ' he , M , ' g 2' C efQ7 I ' if 2 , 5 . L J . 2,f' 4 V , . Q V1 , Maj I ,ov -Y. . . N Y kr V4 ' ' I - - - n rv - ' ' . 1 . , I v - ' ' U - I 1 f f - . - - - . . . ' 1 ' v ' - I U . . , , ' ' i I 0 ' . - , , . . , . . PAUL CCDK MARGARET HADDOCK HILTON KELLY VIRGINIA MOODY DAVID MITCHELL FOY E LAWRENCE HMMIE LEE IRIS HUDSON GERALD NELSON MARY H. BUSH HARLON HARRIS funwr JOHNNY CALHOUN HERMAN JENKINS IANICE SHORES RONALD COOK PAT PARRISH CLINTON HICKS SHIRLEY SHIPES JESSE TYRE avg. .E x 'Y' "xg-r 9 7' I 3 r 'ii' Class MINNIE FINCH DCRIS OWENS ALMA JEAN FINCH JAMES MOORE CRAYTON SHAW LOTTIE HELMS "' GENE LEAVINS DONAL WALSINGHAM MATTIELENE BREWER JAY BRIGHT ERNESTINE HELMS fa- WILLIE MARTIN MERLE HARRIS FAIRL MALLORY X,f2Px ALICE BURNHAM JIMMY HARRELL MAMIE LOU CARNLB' HENRY COOK MARY DUNN MARIE SUMNER ROYCE PIPPIN CAROL EBERLE T 2 'lf 'in-P' CHARLES TAYLOR YVONNE PARISH LEONARD HINSON pl-esldem Secretary Treasurer V106 President J 9 I as The Junior class was very proud Qand tired, when the end of the homecoming events finally arrived. The class had worked hard on the float they entered in the parade. The float won many words of praise, and third place. Riding the float were Lil' Abner and Daisy Mae. These two Dogpatch characters were portrayed by Johnny Calhoun and Lottie Helms. The theme was different soap ads: "B1ue? Cl-IEER up. The TIDE will turn. It always DUZ. LUX with us. lt'll be a BREEZE tonight. " Congratulations to the junior class, for the recognition that hard work won. LEONARD HINSON and JANICE SHORES HERMAN IENKINS and MARGARET HADDOCK Halloween royalty from Mrs Hightower s section of the Junior class was Leonard Hlnson and Ianice Shores The class worked hard Indeed they lacked less than half a dollar winning Many hearts were Royalty from Mr Boone s secuon was Herman Jenkins and Margaret Haddock Their room oo worked very hard and raised a lot of money to go on their couple s race disappointed when it was found they had lost by such a small margin But what is It to be a good winner if you can t be a good loser? Margaret was also one of the Junior candidates for homecoming queen The other candldate from the Junior class was Pat Parish Junior class officers this year were Yvonne Parish, secretary- treasurerg Charles Taylor, presidentg Leonard Hinson, vice presidentg and John Paul Cook, reporter. flower of Lars After one postponement and other delays due to conflicting activities, the junior class play was scheduled for presentation on March 24-25. The play "Tattletale, " by Ann Coulter Martens, was a three-act comedy. The class voted for the following cast: Patty. . . the tattletale . . . Yvonne Parish Mrs. Blaine. . . her mother. . . Pat Parish Mr. Blaine . . . her father . . . Johnny Calhoun Isabel. . . her older sister . . . Iris Hudson Artie . . . her younger brother . . . Jesse Tyre Ida May . . . her girl friend . . . Margaret Haddock Tod . . . her boy friend . . . Hilton Kelly Paul Cummings. . . a young editor . . . Leonard Hinson Mr. Nixon . . . the high school principal. . . Jay B Mrs. Nixon. . . his wife . . . Janice Shores Miss Wiggam . . . a teacher . . . Virginia Moody Walt Kennedy . . . a detective . . . David Mitchell Louella . . . Lottie Helms Monica . . . Milbra Brock. . . high school Bamey . . . Herman Jenkins . . . friends Students . . . Junior Class . . . from the high school Mr. Whittaker . . . president of the Board . . . Wadell Jenkins Mr. Bixley . . . a business man . . . Crayton Shaw Mrs. Lorimer . . . president of the Woman's Club . . . Alma J. Finch l-letty Heaton . . . of the radio . . . Shirley Shipes Quiz . . . a reporter . . . Foye Lawrence . 1' zw,g: 4 w2f14a3f.L..,.'ff , -fy.. , M , ' . ig 4 T .,.. is .. ' .M sf?gf'?iYfw5xfl 2 fm xi, :fw 4 B -gi EFA we 'fyygwugfg 4+-..srifI1fg1-e ff,--2. vi. 4 .fa,f..wgg. ,sw ?.,j,.Y,f1f'l.f-fi ' !13+afQ.?1 agree,-3.3 l 'fffg,Qjs.',,32-5 ji sl V, ,iff Kgs ahfxztw , , gr- . 1. fa ' r' 1 r f f 41-1 :f!?f',.g,: .wffiQf'ff R.- f:f.3'QfC-ig' l,':yQ.,f f3x'.,:1 . . 'iff ri fi'f?31'..q 1 if s 221:-sffgiswrffsfw' 'fs 1 W J .fl jtfi',gQ.i.5.v,:u1::'.' , . r. ..,.,.. . 'var' . qt . . Trng.-f-5' get ' .. .. .Jain .ff GQ' . at ,Y . fi 4. I ' A' The play centers around the antics of the Blaine family, especially their younger daughter Patty, who wishes to be a famous novelist. She asks her boy- friend Tod to borrow a typewriter for her. The typewriter gets broken and the kids really are in a jam. To add to it all--Tod snitched the typewriter from the principal's office. Funny? Hilarious! ! The nrght was here' The cats were all howlmg' Halloween at last' One of the spots rn the program was barbershop quartet The parucrpants rn thrs act were Johnny Calhoun Rodney Parrrsh Buddy Dretz and Hrlton Kelly The crowmng of the krng and queen was the hrgh pornt of the nrght l-hgh school royalty was Queen Wanda Lawrence and Krng Ted Barley Junror hrgh royalty was Queen Brenda The other royalty rncluded elementary krng and queen B111 Bruner and Jamce Brock and Queen Shrrlana Folmar and Krug Edward Haddock An unusual srght rn Florrda rs snow But rt drd snow here The kxds had a marvelous trme playrng rn the soft feathery fluffy whrte stuff It was the frrst trme many had seen thrs much at one trme Snowmen' snowmen' where drd you o No one knows just all of a sudden you weren t there I WWW sq-4' 'xl "9 Q 'W' ya' 1-7' J I9 Q A o . I . y M ya . . . . N U ' f 4 . l . ' . . r I - . 0 V Brown and King George Weekly. . . . I . - g ? v .- , '.., A- . 1 - F M V v -'t hi . K ' - A 'uv "' , . -- ., 0 Y ' - ' . " e ZA! ' . ' . g ' "" d,.' .r-'ff-rg ll. s Jr . , A .A ,Q A br . 8 I 1. xv- . A - ' 'sal . ' , .a ' 'A I ' A ' . - .. f zz Q mi wwf , f Q'-' Wanda Lawrence Doyle Cumbie Ioan Levins James Dietz Patricia Lewis Jack Dorch Joyce Levrns Buddy Eberle Dorothy Morrell McArthur Fmch Yvonne Newsom Carlton Wells Shrrley Petus George M Rogers V1ta Merle Pettls Iackre Roche Mary Jean Porter Theodore Srmmons '24 C64 ,4'f"- Q4 , 4 5 ,p ' it 'Af I XC' ' up-ug 'Z' v vx YQ. 'fit 1 T"V Mr ar hc' tx ,X E Q15 1.1 I J' Class Shrrley Swmdle Carlos Fmch Cynthra Sleezer Davrd Hayes Carolyn Roberts Hubert Hayes Ebbre Street Preston Haddock Kathryn Russ Howard Hams Yvette Stnckland Jrmmv Goodson Jeanelle Todd James C Hagan Barbara Syfrett Damel Martrn Margaret Yates Dennxs Hayes Beverly Weaver Primary Building Zip in Here those who shall take our places in high school are now learning to read and write. They are being taught to share. Many for the first time. They are being taught to get along with others. To lead and to follow. To give and to take. They are on the first rung of the ladder to adult- hood. wie: ' The first and second grades are housed in this building. We think they are lucky for we remember classrooms not so nice. We are really thankful that first school years can be made enjoyable in these wonderfully equipped rooms. The primary building was constructed in 1953 -54. , sf- is 7 si, cafe' 3' ""' ,740 ' Q.. , 1, 'SM-1 s My Lost Youth Often I think of the beautiful town That is seated by the sea, Often in thoughts go up and down The pleasant streets of that dear old town, And my youth comes back to me. And a verse of a Lapland song Is haunting my memory still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. I remember the gleams and glooms that dart Across the school-boy's brain, The song and the silence in the heart, That in part are prophecies, and in part Are longings wild and vain. And the voice of that fitful song Sings on, and is never still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. There are things of which I may not speakg There are things that cannot dieg There are thoughts that make The strong heart grow weak, And bring a pallor into the cheek, And a mist before the eye. And the words of that fatal song, come over me with a chill: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. ' Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Tr T' 'Q' fl! I! ,qs- LJ.. G' MGM 'lf' "re-,ef W" as L ti' Q A '55 ill 'C' War 24 - A PWS ,fs Freshman Curtis Porter Jr Grace Brock Secretary Treasurer Charlle Home Ann Hewett Pat Crosby Secretary Treasurer Waylon Hams Claudme Dunn Dalton Sheffreld Presrdent Jamce Foster Edsol Jenkrns Romona Sanders Marte Street A lleu Marshall Gall Dykes Broward Padgett Shrrley Smothers Corene Htcks Joe Boy Shores Karen Mrller Carolyn Land George Weekly Reporter Sandra Hrghtower Vrce Presrdent Dewey Worley Ruth Wtllxams Tommy Harrell Mary Grlmore Tyrone May Murlel Wells Jerry Weeks Novella Dykes Donald Boyette Arlene Smothers Wayne Helms Charlotte Sheffleld Joe Kent Judy Ann Harrell Reporter George Baragona Sonya Owens Devotronal Leader James Tutton Oberrean Thames 'W -0- I 59 , - W wa . ' ,, , 4 lr. V W,,. ,M . V'-' iq - 5 ' , ' r a , T r 3 , TX L1 lg - A I ' gk! 4111, 40- J :K 2 ' , .M are y f ' -Q I ,l I 4-v , i 'Y' fm ,I K A, J Q f.. AQ Q 3" I K ' 'ri W ' ' A A . I me N "' , ,o sf "Q Y-V -A r +1 LW : il W guy ' . f We at f 've . 1- W , , M 1 , l W ' D W.. Ag ll? H . , ' Ms K V I. , fl t ll 'Y f ' . , Kr , N ff" 5 A.. Wav . . ' la ' it W A , l fish l fn L- XS r I 1 5 I n . A .G 'a' in I 'gb EZ? .uh fx ' vv L' L ,,,:f4,- ' W , ,YF N 1 ' 5 7 ,H 'Wt .. ga l f ,, . ,A 5- , . - . f ' W, Q.. i fs, C . la M A rr: Q' .-w, l y r"'-'. W W ' ' ,, Kr , .. -: '. ' X at Q , ' 1 ' ' Vi., nkr 9 . ' I u av SL N Q ' V ' 1 4 A" V ,gn Q, i Q J ' ' . J 0 ' 1 ! ,W fl ,fu , , . f W lg t ' '. . -7. l 1 Jrmmy Walslngham Class Mary E Carter Roy Yates Evelyn Mrtchell Vera Murphy Margery Prpprn 'QW- AL IV' f Btlly Casey Chrtsteen Porter Charles Brock Gladys Cooper Thomas Cook nf S , Q' mhz :uh Scarlett Cook Delbert Church Phylhs Bonner Charles Fatson Vlce Presldent Gertrude Carter nidu- KIND' X Wxlson Leavms Jamce Syfrett Joseph Ferol Presldent Rebecca Stampley Kathryn Sheffxeld 415' Carol Mercer Zonme Rogers Kenneth Flnch Sarah Smrth Henry Russ Mary Dtehl James Gxlley Lourse Grantham Lamar Falson Voncrlle Pettts Wtndell Rlley Betty Pttts W T Petns Jo A nn Retherford N B Pe us Ruth Fmch vu. on gf- 'C' ,az-'ifrr 1 I' fl Mrldndge Carroll up -1- Rex Boyette .5 I ' -- Lunell Grantham x Q Q A X X N X ,f Al: , . I 4,5 . , ,', . R! , f , . CL' 5' A- ' , . .ne ' A v bn X, -rid" ' as tx W will f' . . xr VY My th X. I Am I f W I . ' . i , ' X2 gi ' wfm ' 5 M 3- V 5 ' E 6,1 A 9 ' R , R t.. X , X ,mf l 7' fr . ' ""'f J 2 , aw 4, . ' ' ,sf t W Sl f fs, jr VV , f :yy Zim Q A-V3.5 L 4 'VM I av y - , I n ,L xt, L , I "iv . . ,I 'V . :V 'v 5. t , , "W 1' " ' ' it of M A ' 45 ' , " M ff-M . I, V , , ,M 'ul . Q., R - ' 1 ' W Q www J x ' X 2 xl" ' t Q' , 'X L L "A nfxfi- J M7 l K ms , -as 22 U - fig 4- . 5" ,R as '- 5' ' D va f r K 1' Nj' U X R ' A I l C X A ' . t 'X ' ' " - Q X 4' a K", If N K ' k W f Y. x n':l 1 ' L". I L N. jc" 'tix' A .8 f . sr Nw I -.- ' V x-"' fl ' L' '.-. Q . U7 Lt - - ' A" 'I 4, 1: 5 f , 1 or C ,f wa , K i- ' f 4 Y A . . I ' . . tg: v 7' V ax' Kudos MURIEL WELLS Ninth Grade DIA NNE ROC HE Ninth Grade l Yxdl REBECCA STAMPLEY Ninth Grade SONYA OWENS Ninth Grade as 'QS' GAIL WELLS Seventh Grade FRANKIE BROCK Seventh Grade I 'V 5' sp nb B :f'2 5f'f 'W' " " ' 1? Grade W1ll1am Hammock Carol Hrcks Mrke Stnckland Edell Plts Newton Brock Charles Gxlley Mary Squrres Brll Hewett Frances Shaw Jerry Kendnck Flora Nell Smlth Ernest Prppen Kenneth Bell Ferrell Brock Madra Cox Kenneth Cook Regrnald Reddrck Wesley Anderson Lourse Brewer John Henry Haney Ronald Brock Presrdent Susan Evans Dale Taylor Maxwell Blue Frances Brewer Barbara Morrell Vrce Presrdent Walton Mcwrlllams Ang1a Hlnson , xx 3 -G- M 3 will ,Rx 'Kg Zvi' QQAQKS 40 "' no INDX .W we C. ei fx wwf Y Xie' 'V' I ,sh an xx X Jon Snrder Farrell Taylor X ., 3 Gwendolyn Sy frett Secretary Treasurer Glorla Raley Gary Hewett Sherrlll Shu er George Bry ant Larry Hewett, Reporter Nelda Ann Trbbets Rxta Shrpes Hulan Brown Loyal Jones, Reporter e v 5 J, 62 T3 4552.234 fii rv'-X, ,kb my Ja Q' GJ if X M 1 Q1 'r M-RW X x A r . kai 1' K a rs rx lu.. ' I ' E . M., ,F , 377 ,X , A, .2 M ,L 3' V v, rf ' - 4 . , 5 '5 V X I 4' em I , V, , , ' - ,,', :,,g,, ' f .0 f ff " g 'f ' 95 4 F + , , . f . 4' A I f 5 , N' E ' 't ' .I lx r ix 3 ' , ,Q 4. Q .w fr- a ,,,1., ya? ' 1 r ,A f 4, NJ, 21' I I t J 'V ' -f'r , , -: 1-1' A 74 V' 7 7? I gvl' X 1. T X ,f X A nf XY. Xt ,f x X Y , An? 4 ,f I y Q, ax QF' gl fr I 5,k -.V ,. ,,rr f 'ww-f It , I Qi' , V 1 A 42 1 :VV t 3 ,V v, , , , ,W , ,A ,, W. , fj r , - I , D - an x L 1 as N I x . ., . . , 'P' f fs' 0' ,, 5.1152 'EU V M ' 5 ill: I W i T .L , "' A E l , VA K gy . lg r Q I , fn I i ts ,Ali V, ,vi A, , y. J... 1 W Y ff if xx M. - l .1 at " " r .1 ,gg , H f ' . f- , , -f ' ' X, K - ' V .. my re M . -an " tx X . A I i I . b ldv., af.. f. . - - X . rr- 1' .' - , , Q, Q B ,,f,w,. - r I K ix ' ' J' , f' , .13 ' 'rl we , 3 or . ' xg K, K "' . . , mx Q rf .v X V. A .C J ' " X - . 5 X - ,. - Y , Q 5: ly ., - as-" B ' V 4 , . V - F Q- I K 3 C ' 'xi B s ci C ,C T ' 1 '-1 C v 'Y . , E K 6 . l . qiwiiyi . A If -M E V "ev , . -' 3 bk, . -"'f"':" f " J' , S-" .Ae .4 n l Vocational Building 1 ,zl C'pj " 59, 1, I' A .41 ' 'Gun . " fx , ,mg + fi... ' v.:f'lll-W Jin'- The vocational department has helped many of us to become better adjusted adults. As well as applying their psychology to help us out, the home economics and agriculture teachers have taught us many things to help us in later life. The girls have been taught to sew, cook, and make a home for a possible future husband and family. 2 f 0 is N rl . W ,Jw as Q.. if .49 "4 " M ,, ,ya , , f . , 4 an g Q , yt,, Q ,. P .,,mmww. Ja- V g , ,X ,., 1 ,....-R Q -- J-mr' K 'ir The boys have been taught how to manage a farm and many other things that they might use, even if not as a farm er. The F, H, A. and F, F, A. club meetings are held here. The vocational classes also. The building was constructed in '55-'56, ln the fall of '56, this was a welcome move to students and teachers alike 'lm My Lost Youth I can see the breezy dome of groves, The shadows of Deering's Woods, And the friendships old and the early loves Come back with a Sabbath sound, as of doves In quiet neighborhoods. And the verse of that sweet old song, It flutters and murmurs still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. Strange to me now are the forms I meet When I visit the dear old town, But the native air is pure and sweet, And the trees that o'er-shadow each Well-known street, As they balance up and down, Are singing the beautiful song, Are sighing and whispering still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts. And Deering's Woods are fresh and fair, And with joy that is almost pain My heart goes back to wonder there, Andamong the dreams of the days that were, I find my lost youth again. And the strange and beautiful song, The groves are repeating it still: "A boy's will is the wind's will, And the thoughts of youth are long, long, thoughts Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Strive to Make C O O The Beta Club members are fStand1ngJ President Yvonne Parish. First row, seated: Projects Chairman Linda Hightower Secretary Treasurer Julaine Johnson Advisor Mrs. Dykes. Second row: Rodney Parrish Vice President Leonard l-lmson Margaret Haddock Foye Lawrence. Third row: Program Chairman Pat Parish Publicity Chairman Mary V Bush and Mrlbra Brock, , ' I . o The Beta Club has been an active school organrzatton this year one of their main projects being to help raise funds for the auditorium curtains To do this among other things they teach school and donate the money thus earned to this project The members sponsored the VHS year book helping sell ads and the yearbook T compensate for this work they helped de cide on the cover of the book and style lettering used They were also invited by Yearbook Staff to Join them on their class party on which they visited the Gulfarium in Fort Walton Beach At Thanksgiving Beta members made blessing reminders for the school cafeteria and prepared a basket for a shut in ur School Better At the end of the frrst and second semesters a com mrttee of Beta members acqulred the names of those who qualrfred for the GOOD CITIZEN AWARD Qualrfrcatrons for thxs award are scholarshrp leader shrp character and servrce done for the school Beta members chose four students each semester to recerve thrs award Out of these erght, two students were chosen for the honor of berng the VHS GOOD CITIZENS OF 58 The members washed cars and took part rn other pro jects to rarse funds to send delegates to the Beta Club State Conventlon held rn Clearwater Florrda May 2 3 Members of the club tapped rn the sprrng thrs year are Clara Kelly senror Paul Cook Junror Jeanelle Todd Joan Levrns Joyce Levrns and Kathryn Russ sophomores ugh .7 Mary V Bush Publrcrty charrman pre sentlng the GOOD CITIZENSI-IIP AWARDS to Rodney Pamsh Lrnda Hrghtower Jularne Johnson and Hrlton Kelly fnot prcturedj The Beta Club organrzed rn 1947 has a farrly new constrtutron wrrtten ln 1957 'Ivy CLARA KELLY LORAN P COOK Senror Jumof IEAINELLE TQDD JOAN LEVIINS JOYCE LEVIINS KATHRI N RLSS Sophomore Sophomore S0Ph0m0fe SOPIIOUIOIS , - . - I I ' I - r v ' . . . - , v n r - n u - - - . . . . 9 9 1 p I 9 2 , ' , v u v u , I ' , . , . fx ,, tt, s I V-.7 gf f"15ViQ klfrgilf 'A ri-N X . -,-- v,,, W- F gt it-l':!.iJ'l4fjA4J -fat, Jr p , Fir ff: ,A lf' . I I - if X- X' jig' x, " "3"-f','A, ,p pf H ,- g,, ei?"ff :S 1' ,get ' . ski f' 11 I : X . A1 if, 1 4 if? f J J? 'iflffi 5242 5' -A CY ,' 1 , I 'S a 3 L. il'- . if , ..... - x 1 A- " A . - X , ' . T 'rf K v z ' ' ' r "Toward New Horizonsw Seated Barbara Syfrett Projects Shxrley Swrndle Parhamentauan Yvette Stnckland Foye Lawrence 1-hstonan Pat Lewxs, Kathryn Russ Secretary Yvonne Pansh Presrdent Julame Johnson, Program of Work Mrs Pauhne Cook Advrsor Standmg Sh1rleyShrpes Janrce Shores, Verla Mae Hendrrx Nelda Faye Hughes Alma Jean Fmch Nma Brock, Mlnnle Frances Frnch Lottle Helms Wanda Lawrence Rea Hammock Margaret Haddock Margaret Bruner Ins Hudson Cathren Whrtfreld Helen Anderson Cynthla Sleezer Vtrgrma Moody Barbara Kmght Barbara McFatter M1nn1e Gilmore and Beverly Weaver The natronal orgamzatlon of Future Homemakers of Amerlca was founded 1n June 1945 Florxda became a chartered member ID 1946 and rn the fall Vemon Chapter became an affrhate member of both state and natxonal organrzatxon Acuvmes of the chapter this year which were planned IH August, rncluded a Valenteen Party for the F F A In February the girls presented a dress revrew ln P T A They modeled At the 1958 state conventron whrch met rn Daytona Beach Yvonne Parrsh state presrdent elect was xnstalled as state presrdent The annual banquet was the occasron for the rnstallauon Kathry Russ who won as state secretary rn drs trrct meeung, ran at state also Results were unknown at press txme clothes they themselves had made The club s exhrbrt at the Pensacola Interstate Farr took second place New members Frrst row G Dykes, R Fxnch C Land K Mtller M Summer S Owens B Stampley M Prpptn Second row V Pettxs E Garner Y Newsom A Hewett C Mercer V Murphy S Hrghtower J Syfrett C Porter C Sheffreld Thrrd row R Wrlltams M Carter D Roche M Wells G Brock S Smothers : I . Q. ' D I .5 ' I I ..s . ' Q ., . 5 . Q. . ' .I .:. .'. .I ' .'. .. .I . I ' I f Y, I "I I . '... ' .I I .. . ' I . . i . , ' I' ' . - ' . . '. . . v ,I- .. .. . . ' . .--o I, , .. . :' :. .' ,. ,.',. ,. ,. :. ',. ',. .. .. ,. ,. ' ,. ,. ,. '.' ,. ,. ,. , . ,. . "To Make the Best Betterw Senior 4-H Girls Mrs Pauhne Cook Adv1sor Nelda Faye Hughes Alma Jean Fmch Shxrley Shrpes Jamce Shores Lottre Helms Ramona Sanders Annette Anderson Patrrcra Parrsh Margaret Yates The 4 H Club of our school was orgamzed under the supervlslon of Mrs Mary L Mmchrn Wllh Mrs Pauhne Cook as 4 H leader the present super vlsor berng Mrs Ruby McDonald The 4 H Club has been very actrve th1s past year In November they took part rn the Northwest Florlda Farr They have had a Chrrstmas party a dress revlew and many other actrvltres 'Y 3 1711? l- MRS PAULINE COOK Advxsor I A NICE SHORE S Presldent ALMA JEAN FINCH Secretary Treasurer ? PAT PARISH Song Leader LOTTIE HELMS Vrce Presldent SHIRLEY SHIPES Reporter The Pla 95 the Thing R..f First row, front to back: Minnie Frances Gilmore, Patricia Lewis, Mary Dunn, Ernestine Helms, Crayton Shaw. Second row: Beverly Weaver, Cathryn Whitfield, Cynthia Sleezer, Ellen Gainer, Larry Bruner, Hilton Kelly. Third row: Shirley Owens, Yvonne Newsome, Vita Merl Pettis, Betty Sue Diehl, Barbara Syfrett. Fourth row: Herman Jenkins, Jeanelle Todd, President, Shirley Pettis, Margaret Bruner. Fifth row: James Moore, Wadell Jenkins, Shirley Swindle, Secretary-Treasurer. 4 Kneeling: Linda Sue Kinstle, Claudene Dunn, Mary Gilmore, Jerry Kendrick, John Snider, Mary Nita McDade, Gail Dykes. Standing: Carolyn Land, Scarlett Cook, Verdell Finch, Gretle McAdams, Florea Pettis, Shirley Story, Vice Presidentg Muriel Wells, Mary Lou Lundholm, Karen Miller, Charlotte Shef- field, Linda Waller, Lana Carol Coatney, Reporter. The Dramatic Club, organized in 1955-56, has always had a large membership. In previous years mem bers have given several one-act plays in student assembly and Parent Teacher Association meetings, one of the outstanding ones this year being "Love Hits Wilbur." During regular meetings of the club, groups and individuals present plays, pantomimes, skits, character sketches and dramatic readings. Members have opportunities to act, to design and construct scenery, to plan and execute stage settings, to do makeup and to design and make costumes. A Teacher Affects Etermty Members of the Vernon Hrgh School Future Teachers of Amerrca are as follows Frrst row Barbara Knrght Lavern Haddock Secretary and Treasurer Nma Brock Reporter Mr Johnson Advrsor Mary Nell Wood ham Presldent Second row Kathryn Russ Claudette Wilson Yvette Strlckland Vrce Presrdent Ioan Levlns Advisor MR. JAMES JOHNSON Todaygs Future Farmers The Future Farmers display their hard-won pennants. Boystabovej who have maintained more than one year's membership are as follows: Kneeling: George Mercer Rogers, Eugene Pippin, Vaughn Galloway, Kenneth Brock, Lloyd Bruner, Arrey Burch, Royce Pippin, James Calvin Hagan, Roy Land, Henry Cook Standing: McArthur Finch, Ben Wicker, Doyle Carter, Preston Haddock, Gene Leavins, Carlos Finch, Clyde Hood, Buddy Squires, Daniel A. Rogers, Harlon Harris, Alan McCullough, Junior Ferguson, Carl ton Wells, Doyle Cumbie, Hubert Hayes, Felton Barfield, John Paul Cook, Dennis Hayes, Eli Carter, Edwin Bailey, Ronald Johnson, Jerry Syfrett, and Mr. Arol Hudson, Advisor. The Vemon Chapter of the Future Farmers of America was organized in 1938, classes being held the first year in an old store building downtown. Later a new building to house vocational agriculture and home economics was constructed. The chapter has consistently rated high in district and state competition. The last five years it has wons twenty contests, bringingin S4500 in cash and prizes. Officers for this year are as follows: Jesse Tyre, President, Ed- win Bailey, Vice President, Doris Owens, Secretary, Donald Ray Smith, Treasurer, Henry Cook, Reporter, Donal Walsingham, Sen tinelg Mr. Arol Hudson, Advisor. Fill Tomorrow as Breadbczsket During the past twelve months the chap- ter has won a Ford tractor. Doris Owens won first place in farm judging at North Florida Fair in Tallahassee, and the forestry plot placed third in state competition. During this school term the chapter at- planted five acres in pasture and produced thirty registered Duroc pigs on their labora- tory plot. In February the boys received a S200 registered Polled Hereford heifer for an out standing livestock program for the year, tended the State Fair in Tampa, They New recuits for F, F, A. this year are fbelowj as follows: First row: Dewey Worley, George Baragona, Charles Brock, Lamar Faison, John Earl Walsingham, Wayne Helms, Charles Faison, Herman Jenkins, Roy Yates, Harry Marshall. Back row: Mildredge Carol, Donald Boyette, Wilson Leavins, Gerald Nelson, Curtis Porter, George Weekly, Harry Russ, W. D. Pettis, Paul Cook, Dalton Sheffield. Jimmy Goodson, Windell Riley, N. B. Pettis, Theodore Simmons, Waylon Harris, Broward Padgett, Thomas Cook, Kenneth Finch, Buddy Eberle, Joe Shores, Edsol Jenkins, and Rex Boyette Qnot picturedj. Mzghtzer Than the Sword Seated: Doyle Cumbie, McArthur Finch, Herman Jenkins, James Tutton, Roy Yates, Betty Sue Diehl Linda Hightower, Curtis Porter Jr., Verdell Finch, Gretle McAdams, Felton Barfield, Donald L Morris Standing: Dalton Sheffield, Shelton Smith, Shirley Story, Nina Brock, Royce Pippin, John Paul Cook Patricia Parish, Alma Jean Finch, Anne Hare, Verla Mae Hendrix, Evelyn Dykes, Broward Padgett Gracie Burke, Mamie Lou Carnley, Ernestine Helms, Alice Burnham, Nelda Faye Hughes The Library Council was organized in 1948. The local council became affiliated with the Florida High School Library Council in 1956. Last year it sent three members to the state convention in Lees- burg and this year it sent six members. Only out- standing students qualify for this award. The council pays the expenses for each delegate. XL., f u "' N X' f ,f X 7 X Lx I . 2 X , ,lx.- s- W lr X in ly!! E f f , 11", 14 x ' ' l - ' . S V I Q- 1 xi get fl-M Mrs Annie Reva Beverett demon , 'I ',.:' -V-. strates the correct was to open a new book ' 1 cv. 1 1,-, ., A ,Q " -2 ff ' 9' ff-I 9:3 , . 4 ,L A I w fx I Q vi' , 'N N ' ' ' , ,v 1 l I' ' U 'ri ,s H -T If Y '25 A . f, r. " I' rx ' U A W? ' Ye' pw 5 r 5525 ' , - I 5 il I ' -a "ll 7 A R I I A 5 . ' I V Alzll 1 j 'Kwik k - 4 Y A Q ' . , Z, . , I M-., , K. ' 3, A,1f.,..QffMA M iff 'f L44-a. 'f"'1'f"F 'lr' 12' A s V, -1 , .. ,qv In A , m ,MIP gg 99-r 1 , 1 - , . w 'f .L in. ,, rp, A - f 4 J 'wr 4, 'W E 7 9 nf' v fe 9' :fE"iyf i ,, 'R 4 . 'X I 7 'V ' r w fy v 4 4 sz.. w 1 1 in ii' . Y M' 3724 ww Y F ,W ff 1 u. r,A, f l 4' 'xfw 'w 'gn . iw. r. ,1- , .4 W. M? ' gi , . WA, ,., is - I 'M Q 1 6 Y f 2 ,ju D wx 1 15 ,Q P' , N. Mgfilffg my 6 1 WW, My ,W .. , .., ,Mn ' x M year the new H ealth, Hands Members of the club Qabovej are as follows: First row, left to right: Georgeanna Bonner, Yvonne Strick- land, Linda Worley, Alline Morris, Diane Brock, Martha Taylor, Caroline Brewer, Paulette Marlow, Dorothy Boyette, Frances Brewer, Phala Worthington, Wanda Brock, Barbara Blair, Gwendolyn Finch, Nancy Kelly. Second row: Mrs. Mitchell, Advisor, Betty Haddock, Hazel Leavins, Frances Shaw, Audrey Hudson, Judy Brock, Janice White, Carol Hicks, Charlotte Johnson, Lorane Strickland, Margaret Perkins, Betty Stiller, Linda Revis, Loretta Wilson, Sara Porter, Shirley Gainey, Florene Strickland, Linda Ward, Pat McCarthy, Etta Clark. Officers of the Iunior 4-H Club are Charlotte Johnson, President, Yvonne fqy Strickland, Vice President, Barbara Blair, Secretary-Treasurer, Betty Stiller, Re- ff porter, Lorene Strickland, Game Leader, 9 Loretta Williams, Song Leader. Charlotte Johnson and Carol Ann Hicks attended the Interstate Fair in ,Q -9 in Tallahassee, as a judging team. They were among the overall "Top Ten" " i judging teams. x x W h sf q la r ig' The Staff to D0 Iaunita Squires, Typist, Jay Bright, Typist, Mrs. Lottie M. Dykes, Advisor, Clara Kelly, Typist, Leonard Hinson, Business Manager, Virginia Ann Moody, Editorg Mary Bush, Copy Editor. As we look through this book now and in years to come, we shall remember old times, old places, old friends, old faces. The VHS yearbooks hold within their covers many precious memories "to who? what? when? where?" The first VHS yearbook was called the Verhiscan. This was for the year '48-'49. The next year it was given its present name v z Y' ,A I 1 ,V 9' ,, --f fr .af f K Q 'K 'Q Jv.,f, 0 I. r 'V f., Q T" '1' . y ,ss sts- an .QIEQWV : W, . ,Q F' 46 The Jacket Buzz staff does other things besides put out the book. This year they sponsored a movie, "Song of the South," to raise funds for the book. Taking pictures was an important part of their work, Besides pictures for the yearbook, they supervised the photographing of both elementary and high school students. More funds were raised by selling personal cards and invitations to the seniors. In November Mr, Wright, their publish- ing company's representative, came and the staff selected the color and design of the cover and talked over other yearbook prob- lems. The yearbook and Beta float was deco- rated in blue and white. A scroll which was placed upon it read thus: "When the one great Victor comes . . . To write beside your name . . . He writes not if you won or lost . . . But how you played the game. " Riding the float was lovely Joan Levins, a sophomore. She was arrayed in a gown of yellow and held a basketball trophy. Later Miss Levins was tapped for Beta Club. the fob Leonard Hmson Mrs Dykes Mary V Bush and Vrrgrma Moody all seem happy to be sendrng off the frrst shrpment of the yearbook copy whrch was completed and marled December 19 In October the yearbook staff and advrsor Mrs Dykes traveled to Pensacola for the meetrng of the Northwest Florrda Scholastrc Press Assocratron Upon arrrval they re cerved paper pen and other note takrng necessrtres as well as a bag wrth an attached shoulder strap rn whrch to carry therr matertals After a devotronal led by a Catholrc prrest a Protestant mrnrs ter and a Greek Orthodox prrest, they had a coke break They then went to drfferent rooms and talked to representatrves and reporters After thrs they lunched at the school they were vrsrtrng Warrrngton Jr Vrrgrnra Leonard Mrs Dykes and Mary Vrrgrnra are equrpped for attendlng yearbook conferences at N W F S P A rn Pensacola I-hgh Afterward they toured the Pensacola News Journal head quarters where they saw the frmshed papers bexng folded Each vrsrtor was grven a copy of the Journal as a souvenir of the trrp Homeward bound the travelers stopped at the Gulfarrum xn Fort Walton Beach They decrded to return there for therr club party rn the sprrng Beta Club and yearbook salesmen Qabovej were Mrlbra Brock, Lmda Hrghtower, Margaret Haddock, Foye Laurence, Pat Parrsh, Leonard Hlnson, Yvonne Parrsh, Rod Parrrsh, Jularne Johnson, Mary V Bush, and Vrrgrnra Ann Mood y 47 0 0 0 Tw" hz 5vi." KF"K,,, "Trl, js, . lx 1 , , . , ' - . r ' - I ' . ' ' ' ' n - I ' ' ' ' ' ' I ' , , . . . . . . . . , - , . U ' , . . . . 1 Tomorrow 95 Scientists Sitting: Jerry Kendrick, Dewey Worley, James Tutton, Harold Mallory, Loval Jones, Troy Lee Collins Farol Taylor. Standing: Verla Mae Hendrix, Annette Anderson, Reggie Reddick, Doyle Cumbie, Harlon Harris, Charles Newton, Gene Leavins, Royce Pippin, John Paul Cook, Reporter, Eli Carter, Edwin Bailey. Dorothy Morrell, Treasurer, Herman Jenkins, Daniel A. Rogers, Shirley Swindle, Secretary Nelda Faye Hughes, Donald Louis Morris, Jerry Syfrett, Ronald Johnson, Clyde Hood, President. Not pictured are Charles Taylor, Parliameutarian, and Doris Owens, Vice President. Regular meetings of the Science Club have been held during the school year since its organization in September 1951. For several years it was necessary to limit mem- bership to students who have taken general science, as many as sixty-nine being mem- bers in 1955. Various programs have been presented, though nothing so spectacular as a sputnik launching. With national interest focused on the sci- ence programs in our secondary schools, the club hopes in the future to foster interest in science. The club is considering a science fair and some individual projects for mem- bers. Although our members have not been able to compete up to now, several scholarships are available to outstanding students, some on a competitive basis others upon recom- mendation of principal and teachers. MR, S, B, SIMMONS Club Advisor Hit the "F all 821 nu. gf Q me-H4 ,f -gy Kneehng Wanda Lawrence Majorette Iularne Johnson Head Majorette Frrst row standrng Anna Jo Adkins Majorette PBUICIB Sapp Flute Elton Russ Cornet Carol Hrcks Clarrnet Marcra Sapp Clarr net Jamce Bruner Flute CarolEberle Clarrnet Charlotte Johnson Barrtone Saxophone Mary Carter Tenor Saxophone MaJorette Second row Judy Brock Clarrnet Majorette Frankle Brock Clarrnet Ellen Garner Clarrnet Frances Shaw Clarrnet Lrnda Bryant Clarrnet Ernre Brock Trombone Barbara Kmght E Flat Saxophone Jackle Roche Trombone Allen Kelly Cornet Tyrone May Cornet Jerry Weeks Cornet Ted Barley Trombone George Baragona Cornet Sandra I-lrghtower F Horn maJorette Thrrd row Ruth Wrllrams Clarxnet Drane Roche B Flat BassC1ar1net Murrel Wells Clarrnet Gracre Brock E Flat AltoC1ar1net Sh1rleySh1pes Clarrnet Ir1s Hudson Drum Barbara McFatter Clarrnet Mrlbra Brock Drurn- Kathryn Russ E-Flat Alto Saxophone- Joe Well Trombone- Angra Hrnson Cornet' Janrce Shores Drum. Fourth row: Annie Lou Wells E-Flat Horn- Margaret Haddock Drum- Jay Bright E-Flat Alto Saxophone- Leonard Hinson Cornet. H 5' f 5 .Y 5 D P ., Ou.: new L , " "fu V- -. , ' bm 'W' "luwa!ay,,::i'f' lH7lvh :W 1 .35 ,M ZLL. MW L W' A - ' " PTIJLL "ng QB 1. 5-rf!-.Eu Q. .41 'QC' iclnnrfu 'iw lair? Quia! llirs-V Hzgh Notes VHS band was organized in 1951 That year it may not have been so good. The notes were some times sour but the band played on As years passed the members of the band learned more about the instruments and the music. Later they attended disl trict festivals and in 1955-56 participated They played and marched away with superior rating, the highest honor given. That year they attended state festival in Gainesville and received excellent rating As the majorettes pranced the band marched in the West Florida Championship Rodeo parade for several years. Highlights of this year were attendance at district and state festivals and spring concert ln cooperation with the glee club the band presented the Christmas concert. Football games would not be complete without the halftime and band program The outstanding per formance of the year was presented at the home game between the Jackets and Sopchoppy intricate formations included the pinwheel the letter S for Sopchoppy the letter V for Vernon and the hesita Mr Ernest Boone Director relaxes and gets in a httle practice on his own GAIL CALHOUN Mascot , . ' .. .. ' . - tion strut. l - 5 . I Attention, The staff of our school paper, The Jackets' Sting, is a very busy group. Not only do they just write the copy, but news must first be collected. Re- porters have to dig deep to find out all the facts about the latest. Reporters. In order to publish the paper you have to have funds. To raise the needed money, the staff ventured to the nearby towns and sold ads. JACKETS' Editor-in-Chief - - - Assistant Editor - - - - Business Manager - - ---- Assistant Business Manager - Feature Editor ------- Assislaill Feature Editor - - Art Editor -------- Assistant Art Editor - - Alumni Editor ----- Assistant Alumni Editor - - - - Boys' Sports Editor ----- Assistant Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor ----- Assistant Girls' Sports Editor STING STAFF - - -IULAINE JOHNSON - - - - -IRIS HUDSON - LORETTA T, COOK - - - - MILBRA BROCK BARBARA MCFATTER - - -YVONNE RAMSI-I - LINDA HIGHTOWER - -FOYE LAWRENCE - - SHIRLEY JENKINS - - VIRGINIA MOODY - -MELVIN DIETZ, JR. - - - HILTON KELLY - - - -REA HAMMOCK - - - - MARGARET HADDOCK Vzctory VI -9-W-232 Front row: Cheerleader Yvonne Parish, Reporter, Coach Sam Mitchell, Cheerleader Barbara McFatter, Secretary. Second row: Buddy Dietz, Vice President, Rodney Parrish, Johnny Calhoun, President. Third row: Theodore Simmons, Preston Haddock, Hilton Kelly, David Mitchell. Fourth row: Royce Pippin, Bud Bruner, Jimmy Goodson. Fifth row: Wayne Carter, Clinton Hicks, Kenneth Faile, Jackie Roche, Jack Dorch. Sixth row: Charles Simmons, Daniel Martin, Wadell Jenkins, Herman Jenkins. Seventh row Junior Ferguson, Jim Harrell, Larry Morrell, and Eli Carter. The V-Club has been in existence since the beginning of athletics at VHS. This particular club con sists of boys and girls who have eamed letters in athletics. A highlight of the year was their banquet on March 14 honoring the school athletes. n the First row: Norma Jean Felder, Second Soprano, Margery Pippin, Second Soprano, Nelda Tibbits, Second Soprano, Paulette Marlow, Alto, Gail Wells, Alto, Norma Jean Brock, Alto, Sonya Owens, Alto, Rebecca Stampley, Second Soprano, Claudette Wilson, Alto, Marcia Sapp, Second Soprano, Foye Lawrence, First Soprano, Julaine Johnson, Alto, Mr. Charles Tobias, Director. Second row: Mary Nell Woodham, Alto, Milbra Brock, Accompanist, Linda Hightower, Accompanist, Imogene Shaw, First Soprano, Yvette Strick- land, Second Soprano, Arlene Smothers, Second Soprano, Phillis Bonner, Alto, Loretta Wilson, Second Soprano, Evelyn Mitchell, Alto, Gloria Jean Raley, Second Soprano, Kathryn Sheffield, Second Soprano, Beverly Weaver, First Soprano, Minnie Frances Gilmore, Alto. Third row: Shirley Smothers, Alto, Mar- garet Yates, Second Soprano, Barbara McFatter, Alto, Cynthia Sleezer, Alto, Floretta Carter, Alto, Vir- ginia Ann Noody, First Soprano, Ramona Sanders, Second Soprano, Cathren Whitfield, Alto, Patricia Lewis, Second Soprano, Mary Jean Porter, First Soprano, Joan Levins, Alto. Fourth row: Gwendolyn Finch Second Soprano, Lana Coatney, Second Soprano, Josephine Tutton, Second Soprano, Phala Worthington, Second Soprano, Frankie Brock, Alto, Mary Lou Lundholm, Second Soprano, Audry Hudson, Second Soprano, Leola Sellers, Second Soprano, Sharon Tibbits, Second Soprano. X H r a .Lg A, r if . ol J Vernon High School Student Council saw its glorious beginning in the year of 1948-49. The constitution had been written the previous year. In 1955-56 the council took as a pro- ject Lhe buying of curtains for the audi- torium stage and windows. Progress has been some what slow on this project. However this year the other school clubs have combined their efforts on this pro- ject with the counci1's. In 1956 and '57, the council spon- sored and planned homecoming activi- ties. For two years the group has been responsible for assemblies, fire drills, and hall traffic plans. This organization works constantly for an improved school and better stu- dents. This year the council plans to draw up a new constitution. lt also plans to continue with the other, older projects. ,n.s...... . , k iili'-"i'f?5i5fa,j'-4'f:'s': -T.fgziesxifxzsii-gags-st, -f:5,i:ff3?:-"4 QQ -gs. 1 -'7-z--- -QV W ur- 77.4.35 . . NW ' ,'i1J2',-P' 1' "' u., AQNI ,sw 8, , . -0 -" -3 S 67 fi? 'il 'Z 'li - - ' 13 A gli' , fi , t 2 ...std Qi' ,Iii s . ,awp-Zfti i ggifwgi-f-Wfi.-, - - 1-ka,.,.5,--V' Wheels in """'T.? MILBRA BROCK Vice President RODNEY PARRISH President Government fha MR, JAMES Russ Advisor Seated on the pillar Qin picture be- lowj are Rodney Parrish, grade 12, Mil- bra Brock, 11, James Russ, Advisor, Barbara Syfrett, 10. First row: Linda Hightower, 12, Yvonne Parish, 11: Margaret Haddock, 11, Iris Hudson, 11, Barbara McFatter, 12, Norma Jean Brock, 7, Danny Kol- metz, 'lg Reggie Reddick, 8, Jerry Ken- drick, 7. Second row: Muriel Wells, 9gJu1aine BARBARA SYFRETT Secretary-Treasurer Johnson, 12, Dianne Roche, 9, Becky Stampley, 9, Joan Levins, 10, Allen Kelly, 8. Third row: Margaret Bruner, 10, Janice Shores, 11, Pat Parish, 113 Rea Hammock, 12, Gail Dykes, 9, Mary Jeane Porter, 10, Clyde Hood, 12. Standing: Shirley Owens, 10, Johnny Calhoun, 11, Buddy Dietz, 12. Court In these rooms we have shared many moments of school life. We anticipated "moving up" from one room to another. From one grade to another. We studied hard and we played hard. We fought and we made lasting friendships. We remember the day we moved into the building. It was really a wonderful and exciting day. We had been going to school in various places since the old elementary building had burned to the ground in 1946. The old building was located downtown in front of the Methodist church. lt consisted of grades 1-6, and contained two-stories. The present elementary school was constructed in 1947-48. This is the court between the elementary and high school buildings. The auditorium is the third side of the court. IM .-ggfur. WJ' fv-f "I do believe the world is swinging toward the light. " So spoke a soul on fire with holy flame. Amid the dark such faith pierced through the night, The dreamers wrought, and living fruitage came. To give of self and not to count the cost, To learn, to teach, to labor, and to pray, To serve like Christ the least, the last, the 1ost--- These were the beacon fires that lit the way. Georgia Harkness TVIPQ . ,stifg gf,.rf,.,5'4Z:3-If-'13, '2"U"'P".1-ifif v'-aw 7:1 '7fF:N13f'--'7f':.'-t- 'yn' .5::Se.,1'.p3f ff-'3-,'Q:a9g,g-1 Q.'?,.f3 -.?sf.v!,53 :l'g'fi,'v?,11.n'.c-3t','3Q "Ja 'fs . 'fl5sf!'A'Q."'f, 'I' . emi' 5153: 1b':f,':Y 7NfF."Fj.M-f.' v55's'Q:Q1-Zqvi - .Q:rfcsrm-,glgds-guiyggfrzfsjeslzzssib-,ay izhsafrfg f.','G5wfC'.e,i:,-A -gig-' '225'Q.-"2'ro"1!'-'TV'i-1'51C'11""QS":'b'Z-. 'fi -fi-21Wfv-:w'z5-is-f2?.:'3' 7'.5I.'!ff '5?f'1-2T--4'7vff'3':a'1'ffe- ,hiv ,-11, eg Nb.. ....,,, ,13,,,x,,p'n.,JJ-S'v Au -,neg x- , AL .. '17 'C " N 'P ' ': '--' - - .- LA. -: 'C-. .', I- 137' " 4' .a "ff:--." 075' 1' 'v'sa'b ..-,.. 'ff "'.'- "'-11' .:"-'. ' 'J' '.' ' "1 xffs 3 ." gif.: cfziagfif-S 55 ?-?.J1',-Z2 f 2-ik , ,, 55 -7. new fjif' x,f,-'fx " . "L" 'QJ11' ,v'a:':" f., '-ft "J1?'v!-s'3 'LL .gl U' , . ff M11vt-fri-1-Z-4.-.:idle'-il".:--f FI-1D-.'2x3""'- 'Li-1 .1'9'7Q" " -'cis 'is' fc' 4-wr-f'uff"i224-4-1--i,ev-f fc-if-T-i:::,---fPD1i'S"1f:r'-'e"f-1194:vw f fx .,,.vr',.'p ,,"v,,'.'?.1v,--at:-!..yrQ'.,'Qf -Y,z"67:'4-vlilf.,,2I..f,'Q11:n'.'3',-2 S , Q, Sfh: -'Laing' 'fl 1T"',- 'YCq,:'-201 9113, '14-qx-!,.g-.V-vw v'--SWQQ '75 " 3. ' 'Y. J," -if -.ff Qfglfn- hifpl-U", 1 -'V' 'X N' n "-5'7"-xjw"q'l-I fl xl- pf 'J qL,,L-Sm.: gf 9y,3."7,,.,gl,u,,f,g,5.,. .,,i.- :Vyjtf ,pff ,x,g,f3N..'g,e,a..3i -,,,.g, . 4.. 1- . ,L A- - - . -, 1 - , - 5 1--y in Af ::3nr1-245.115 f.:.''etLL411-Cmfei'YYQ-:':5-Ap'.f6-4Q'fv1ir,i'.n ,, fv, gf'-1 :-'5a32?.3-Zig? F5 315352322 5522-5,v2?Z1iffF.52i-rL'f?251y2zqgzfslfg-2,65Q 5.55 exif, Fm- Q3-'.'4.L., lj, fr- Q1-612,-,, ' ,'f.L"CQE-L:.'-:7.:5'Ha-.'-,-.::,.J'32E'4'L.::q.r .lv-,,, ," yfypj- .a.:v,,N,s,x1z--:gpg-a,g4'1a..,f!,,zu5ti,u. el-rf.-':.-,.j.?1.-:,.. :Ag-,gpm r-ft vf' -..,1:v,Lg-'-,-.3.,u5,fgr2':, ,.'y,,gT-.3-'Q-:.'Cg':,,.7jS1'.-.v.-'f1,,,g,xy.5:,fF'f1,:0rf-:Pago gtg. .1 Sfgihfiq-:-22,ai-w1i152'i9:3'i,-x'L1kf51Q3Q3ic1L-:i1fl212-"qZ:'lgfZrgx552551-f39' Ei Q-ff, 4-' '--1' L'-1 - I ":'2L'iS" A--.."i:: -1' -1 '22-H-' "-'ff ."'4 'v 45'--" " '-'f ' - lifi ' H' 451-942'-'-1:5:-vw-fffirwk-.?.-wkhfrirx'sfhi'f-rzfv'-Mifai' Q---ff 'f' f."!'l',ff.',':t. -nf' g,mLw'h1--.T5P-1f.'f,g:-.' -fra' 4 -7- -1 f'jfh'Ie'C!7"'f-",Lf- - .c?Zf.'-1 , "ck:-.-4 --'As-'Ev . :fa-'. -'fn " 'wif ' -rv -v'f'."n-2 - f -..'r -f' "E!3f,:jg':'g'rf1y5':QiLQ3Sj-if:I-5:2fif1QPf?Z7CfC'fESg'T-fjffjfvi ifigrsig? 9fg'ff Q . - - .f ."' ,- ,. -,- f.-. --' .3 v -, u- -1. .', g ' H0 PL:-f -'41 " "'I-1'7'V."Z'ff 4 -1""!"- ff'-ls"'5'fR!.sfs Jig' 4 'ilivwzf :fi-1'f21'w1f'rEm:! war-285.2 ""2Z5-fnf+.z-uns? '-:avi '.1i:ifas3'::23wQ2??:az+1vb: :d'T6:f51avv: ref' f .Jain-R.5.:a-55.2 in 1f,.q?lf,ytE:'gi-?'1:sNLv:g5:,,fxIg.:.A?S.:3:4:'! , , 'vji' "-Sfq a-'rg-1 ?."'7,'-':'Q'f ,fL,9'.l J' 'dw ' '.w:1-",:-'43-':e"2!-2,1 fl-.G:.uq -, '-:sf-'1'H'.f. "1v"f-910, 4:14:79-' 1 1:7421 V-ra-T i"'!6.2,.- 'grit -V , I 525.5-fflwu9f5'ar,a'39-1-rdffia .mis-1 - - 5-1 1,5-,iv Hy-J A1g-'fi:'1g1"53?2J-Z- ' i7x..?5'g, 366,32 ffpggz, - .1 .haw fia- ARCHIE C, HUTCHISON Master of Arts in Education Principal :eb HOWARD H. BRUNER Bachelor of Arts in Education Bookkeeping DORIS G. NEWSOM Bachelor of Arts in History Mathematics, History, English PAULINE COOK Bachelor of Science in Vocational Home Economics Homemaklng KELLY BROCK Bachelor of Science in Education History Mathematics OLLIE A WELLS Bachelor of Science rn Education Science English Social Studies JAMES H JOHNSON IR Bachelor of Scrence in History and Social Studies Mathematics Th ro T Know ANNIE REVA BEVERETT Bachelor of Science in Education Master of Science in Library Science Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Master of Science in Education Science ERNEST WILLIAM BOONE Bachelor of Science in Music Education Band Music Science lil' l I K H '5 3 STEPHEN B. siMMoNs 1 L L i, . , . ' ugh eir ledge CHARLES TOBIAS IR, Bachelor of Science Vocal Music. Glee Club LILLIAN HIGHTOWER Bachelor of Arts in English English RAY A, HORNE Master of Science in Administration and Supervrsxon Phys1calEducat1on Mathematlcs Sctence LOTTIE M DYKES Bachelor of Arts ln Educatlon Post Graduate Enghsh World Hrstory JAMES RUSS IR. Bachelor of Arts 1n Educatron Socral Studres IRVING ROCHE Bachelor of Arts rn Educauon Typmg Shorthand SAM MITCHELL Master of Arts ln Physrcal Educatlon and School Admlmstrauon Coach Phys1calEducat1on AROL HUDSON Bachelor of Scrence Ln Agnculture Agnculture RALPH E UPTON Bachelor of Scrence 1n Educauon Master of Sclence rn Educauon Socxal Studles NELLIE MITCHELL Physlcal Educatxon I l l I 2 1 ' N 0 M ,es LJ 62 Besides teaching courses in subject matter areas, Vernon High faculty members are active participants in extracurricular school and community affairs. Mrs. Cook is advi- sor to both the Vernon Chapter of F, H, A,, and Senior 4-H. She is also sponsor of the teacher's lounge project and president of Vernon Garden Club. Advisor of F F A Mr Hudson is a member of the Farm Bureau and of Vernon Lions Club as well as a State F F A Advr sory Board member He is also mayor of the city of Vernon Head coach and advisor of V-Club Mr Mitchell is Washington County representative to the Florida Legislature Student Council advisor Mr Russ is reporter for Washington County Education Association and a mem ber of the executive committee of P T A He is a member of the city council and Boy Scouts com mrtteeman He is also superintendent of Vernon Baptist Sunday school Mrs Newsom is an active member of Vernon Methodist Church being superintendent of the children s division in Sunday school Sunday school teacher and Junior MYF counselor MR BRUNER and MRS BOYETTE MRS COOK MR HUDSON MR MITCHELL Co advisor of the Junior class Mrs Hightower directs the Junior class play and advises the Dra matic Club She also serves on the Advisory Board of F H A and is secretary treasurer of Vernon Garden Club Mrs Mitchell is sponsor of Junior Girls 4 H and of the Cheerleaders 15- ,us H- 4 RUSS and MRS NEW SOM MRS MWCHELL MRS HIGHTOWER . , . . . . . J ' -- '- . .- ,"' 1 tlr . . . - , 'Z l-. 2 f ,gba p ,VvZ V, N sggssi tmg X, x L " 'fs 5 S54 z .1 MR, f Mr Brock and Mr Horne play on the Greats basketball team Mr Brock rs also advrsor to the Boys 4 l-I Club Sponsor of both the Lrbrary Councrl and the Teen Age Book Club Mrs Beverett rs actrve 1n Vemon Methodrst Church teachmg the older ladres Sun day school class and servlng as the charr man of the commrssron on membershrp and evangehsm Mr Upton sponsor of the Devononal Club lS superrntendent of West Florrda Ba ptrst Assocratron Sunday school organ rzatlon In addrtxon to belng an or darned mrnrster he rs presrdent of the MR BRQCK and Adult Umon rn Vernon Baptrst Church MR. HORNE Band drrector Mr Boone IS both co sponsor of the Jumor class and a member of Vernon Greats l-le also drrects the chorr and serves as presrdent of the young adults Sunday school class rn Vernon Baptrst Church Drrector of the Vernon Hrgh Glee Club Mr Tobras drrects several chorrs rn Frrst Baptrst Church Chrpley Mrs Wells IS an acuve member of Vernon Baptrst Church MR BOONE and MRS WELLS Co Advrsor of the senior class Mr Roche rs advrsor of the paper staff and has charge of all school publrcrty He also operates an rce cream box whrch students v1s1t at recess Co Advlsor ot the senror class Mrs Dykes IS advlsor of both the Beta Club and The Jacket Buzz staff She 15 a member of the P T A program cornmxttee and o the Nat1onal Councrl of Teachers of Englrsh She rs superrntendent of trarnmg and group leader of the adult umon rn Vernon Baptrst Church MR ROCHE and MRS DYKES MRS BEVERETT andMR UPTON MR TOBIAS Mr Srmmons IS advrsor of the Scrence Club and Mr Johnson an ordarned Baptrst mxnrster IS advtsor of the Future Teacher s of Amerrca Club MR, SIMMONS and MR. IOHNSON l n u ' ' 1 - , . . . , - v - u n . . . - fa , . . . . . Q , . n u - , . . . Q Q - n 1 1 - s s 1 ' I u - ' , . . . . f , . A Lzghthouse of Authorzty 121 l Members of Washrngton County School Board Qabovej are as follows Seated Mr LeonR Cox Mr J A Douglass Mr C H Brock Standmg Mr W G Mercer Mr J E Haddock and Mr W T McFatter Jr superrntendent To Mr Prerce IS due the credrt for the followrng well known prrn crple of marksmanshrp wrth rts applrcatron When the target at whrch you are shootrng IS some drstance from you set your srght on a POIHI drrectly above the target and pull the trlgger The same prrncrple applres rn lrfe If you desrre maxrmum success set your srght on a pornt drrectly above your goal shlft to hxgh gear and drrve vrgorously toward II As superrntendent of publrc rn structron rn Washrngton County Mr McFatter assumes responsrbllrty for overall admrnrstratron of the county school system Graduatrng semors look forward each year to that pornt on the commencement program Presentatron of Drplomas Mr W T McFatter Jr Mrs Leonard tells us that her wrsh for all her students IS that they achrevement foster moralrty hap prness and useful abrlrty May each student practrce self drscrplrne and strrve to develop each talent to the fullest R PIII Count Supcr rsor NWS AGNES 'xlclx"NlNA LEONARD Q O ,I I My - Jw 'X 1 ' ' ' , . fl X - l -'ff - a - A 1 H might "strive for intellectual 'ed' by . y n ,R ,C ' ' My V MR, H, , ARCE Leads Us on Organized in 1950, Vernon Parent-Teacher Association has con- sistently proved itself an asset to the school. Outstanding projects of the past have been planting shrubbery on the campus and buying band uniforms. This year the P. T,A, went beyond its goal in membership, and in every way has taken on new life. Officers are as follows: Mrs. Robert Stampley, President, Mr. Alex Sapp, Vice President, Mrs. John Brock, Treasurer, Mrs. Henry A. Brock, Secretary, Mr. Arol Hudson, Parliamentarian. Chairmen of Committees are the following: James Russ Jr. . Ways and Means, Mrs. Margie Boyette, Membership, Mrs. Ernest Dalton, Refreshmentsg Mrs. Helen Syfrett, Publicity. f-1'f.....---5-r-T-"' 'E ' . 4 Virginia Moody Qabove, lefty models her gray wool 4 flannel jumper with matching plaid jacket in February P. T. A, meeting. Julaine Johnson fright, acts as emcee, when the Future Homemakers present a dress review. Mrs. Franz tacks up pictures of Dramatic Club members. When posters, murals, stage props, and the like are need ed, she is always there to advise and assist. MRS. ALEENE S. FRANZ. C0UflIy Art Instructor 'ww' '9 fx 232 LQ' ami' N- 'RQ' "WJ Reefs J ' 2 - ' , , fi fi ,. . W, Mrs. Stampley fabovej presides, momentarily, over the refreshment table at February P. T. A. meet- ing. Mrs. Henry A. Brock, secretary fstand ingj, reads the minutes at the December P.T.A, meeting. Mrs. John Brock, treas- urer fseated at leftj, later reads her report Mrs. Stampley peruses the agenda for this meeting. 65 7 They Also MRS MARGIE BOYETTE MRS DEE ROCHE Offrce Secretary Lunchroom Supervrsor MRS PHILO DIETZ Lunchroom Worker MRS. SADIE KNIGHT Lunchroom Worker MRS. PENNY SCOTT Luuchxoom Worker Serve swf Q me imma? 'PW' ut Twelve buses transport about 85470 of VHS students Drrvers fabovej are as follows Mr Otrs Hammock Mr Dav1dE Cook Mr Clark Rogers Mr H T Walter Mr J A Wells Mr Roland Jenklns Mr A M Smndle Robert Hudson Mr Freddre Kolmetz Mr Ernest Worthrng ton Mr C W Todd and Mr Nevrl Brock Qnot prcturedj 'fl ., 4' 0 U 'ff' W a 40J MR MILTON HOWELL ' , "Wg 1 Janrtor t 4 X r L' 1 ' - ' V. 7,--. HW, 4 fe -W K, K. ,,,:'3 ,hi ,. , ' - '1 ' V A. :img . ,v V i I A k , 4 V. V, .f xl K., Ax I I . F., ' 4 . , mtv , ' Hwwg, . V . . H fr- Mk"1T t A ,, ,, , K vt - 5 . , Y: 5 V ' ' ' , 4 .A : . , . . , . , . . . , . . . , . , . . . ' , Mr. X, , . , . ' , . . . , . . 1 . .hr 5 4 ,.,. e ,iff .4-,, if 1 , ' C . 5 V! -.:. ',g,f'+ ' o- ' 5 1 V F 1.4 uw ng-., r-.--..- Q ' . . '. . 1 l .4 Y 'Z se' -f A' -55932 .' '-9'- ' 2 0 'ff ' -,. .t I n in - High School ymnasium A . jaw ' ""' ' ' "Y 'Timm ,-aww-W W 'M M: ' 'L ""a""'W.- ' ,. rlowef fa saw M K ,Nair 3-S?""" - Here many memorable events in our lives have occurred. We have taken a tremendous step toward adulthood here. For here we have experienced our final moments of school life. The Junior-Senior Prom and gradua- tion are two that will long remain nestled in our hearts. Not only have we experienced these high exhilara- ting moments of life here, but we have seen our cheerleaders inspire our winning basketball team to victory. Our variety shows and other events have taken place here. -' -Y L new ,A ,. . 4 . , Hwfv .W aa f ' I WCHA' Here ghouls have scared small children as Hallow- een night approached. The carnival with all its splen dor and marvels was held in the gym. We have experienced our high points and our low points here. We have laughed and we have cried, We have won and we have lost. The gym was built in 1950-51. At the time it was constructed it was considered the best in the district. 'ev-. TO AN ATHLETE DYING YOUNG The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the marketplace, Man and boy stood cheering by, and hom brought you shoulder-high. Today, the road all runners come, Shoulder-high we bring you home, And set you at your threshold down, Townsman of a stiller town. Smart lad, to slip betimes away From fields where glory does not stay, And early though the laurel grows, It withers quicker than the rose. So set, before its echoes fade, The fleet fast on the sill of shade, And hold to the low lintel up The still-defended challenge-cup. William Butler Yeats e we 69 if GERALD NELSON Second Base coreboard C ampbelton B omfay Chrp ley Bonrfay Chrpley C am pbelton Bonrfay 1 if Lost Lost on Lost Lost Lost Lost JOHNNY CALHOUN Outfleld 1957 Baseball Team Top row Johnny Calhoun Buddy Dretz Gene Hudson Rodney Parnsh Bryward Brock Phrllp Waller Coach Vtrgxl Stewart Second row Dan1e1Mart1n Larry Bruner Tom Hammond Davrd Mrtchell Bottom row Theodore Srmmons Aaron Todd Gerald Nelson Cecrl Mrner Manager Jlmmy Jordan. fs, V414 VIRGIL STEWART RODNEY PARRISH JIMMY D JORDAN 70 Coach Catcher Manager W4 ,Mw- MELVIN DIETZ CECIL CHARLES MIN CLINTON HICKS Prtcher Outf1eld Prtcher The Yellow Jackets subsututes played a blg part rn the success of the team They are standmg Davrd Mrtchell Bryward Brock Theodore Srmmons Kneelmg Larry Bruner Daruel Martm vwilfffp-c if 4 9 Qfaq if -" 4 sf 1 TOM HAMMOND PHILIP WALLER AARON TODD Outfield Third Base Shortstop Sports Autograplgs X R kv- K-'rj if xr sl.: X -U ' l 'hifi ,L J' 1 x X' X N n to Victory The Iackets' A-Team Qabovejg Clinton Hicks, Guard, Wadell Jenkins, Guard, Jim Harrell Forward David Mitchell, Guard, Rodney Parrish, Forward, Buddy Dietz, Center, Hilton Kelly, Forward Johnny Calhoun, Forward, Herman Jenkins, Guard. Kneeling: AdronCoatney, Charles Simmons, Managers Coach Mitchell, and Danny Kolmetz, Manager. At the state tournament last year Rod Parrish and Buddy Dietz, both seniors, helped win the beautiful trophy Coach Mitchell is holding. Scoreboard vHs-- --37 vHs-- --59 vHs-- --56 vHs-- --51 vHs-- --60 vHs-- --49 vHs-- --49 vHs-- --54 vHs-- --54 vHs-- --43 vias-- --44 vHs-- --51 vHs-- --41 vHs-- --45 vHs-- --40 vHs-- --43 vHs-- --55 vHs-- --69 vHs-- --45 vHs-- --so vHs-- --41 vHs-- --38 Bonifay - - Bonifay - - - Graceville - - Baker ---- Baker ---- Grand Ridge - Blountstown - Greenwood - - Chattahoochee Greenwood - - Graceville - - Blountstown - Cottondale - - Ponce de Leon Campbellton - Port St. Joe - - Ponce de Leon Chattahoochee Campbellton - Grand Ridge - Cottondale - - Port St. Joe - - ..,....,?... 76 WADELL JENKINS CLINTON HICKS HERMAN JENKINS Guard Guard Guard Berng our arch rrval Cottondale IS a team we always want to beat Thrs year was no exceptton Before our frrst game wrth the Hornets thrs season Coach had burlt us up and we had burlt ourselves up to the POIHI where we were ready for Cottondale We drdn t have exceptxonal materral thrs year and from the f1rst Coach stressed the fact that we would have to have a team effort to wrn We had a team effort on Saturday nrght January 25 when we beat Coach Hxckman s Hornets Everybody felt good and wanted to play that nxght We played an excellent defen srve game man for man We worked the ball well on offense and rebounded off both boards It was by far the best game we played thrs year and we won because we had frve boys on the floor playrng together Cottondale went on to wm the State Class B Champtonshrp Qwhrch we won last yearj and our havrng beaten them was a feather rn our cap Among other thlngs because Coach Mrt chell went to college wlth therr coach the Campbellton Wrld Cats are also rmportant Jacket rxvals And the games played wlth them were rmportant ones However the game agarnst Walnut H111 rn the Drstrrct Tournament was a crucral game s1nce attendrng State was contingent upon our wrnmng rt The game was mp and tuck and nerther team ran off mth a brg lead at any trme Vernon frnally got ahead and held a one point lead trll the end of the game Through rnaccurate scorekeeprng and a mrsunderstandrng we had to play a tre and lost Yes lost our chance to go back to State Tournament , , Y Future State Champs ,J f.L L, " ,Q 1-. ' 11 ' Members ofthe B-team Qabovej are as follows: Front row, Adron Coatney, Danny Kolmetz, Managers. Second row: Wayne Carter, Center, Daniel Martin, Guard, Larry Bruner, Forward, Willie Martin, For- ward, lame Moore, Guard, Howard Harris, Center, Forward, Jesse Tyre, Guard, Coach Mitchell. Third row: Charles Faison, Guard, Donald Boyette, Center, Preston Haddock, Forward, Doyle Carter, Forward, George Baragona, Guard, Dalton Sheffield, Guard. Fourth row: Broward Padgett, Guard, George Weekly Forward, Loran Paul Cook, Forward, Saxton Raines, Forward, Carlton Wells, Forward, Center, Theodore Simmons, Guard, Vaughn Galloway, Forward, H. T. Waller, Guard. ,'.,,, - 3 en.. - : . . 'A-.3-39 4-'Aff' 479923,- 1- un: .- -. - ',q.L.- -f:s":,-me-',,,+a,w, .,"+,. 1','J,:,. f',',U1-ff 0 : Q7 - . 5. 52.5 1,5 ' '-Qggi.. '-:O ,:K -- .fq-rsf' -- 2 r' .' Iv- 'ltgv' vu- Q.. .' U 'r ' ' - - o ,T f-.1 rs:-S--' l,-J-is -.: g ,,,..g . , . '. N' ' 'I '- - ' xx 3' s ?r".' . 'if' 'gf' 'S I . --vt-J - . K.-0 . X " C 1 F The Nzght 0 f -Q...-sh W..-v XXX LINDA HIGH TOWER Homecomrng Queen Lghts Our lovely homecomrng queen for thrs year was Mrss Lrnda Hrghtower a semor At half trme antrcxpatron was tremendous and hearts beat louder as last year s queen Mrlbra Brock a Junxor brought the crown onto the fleld As Mrss Brock stopped before Mrss Hrghtower and rarsed the crown place rt upon her head the applause llteral ly thundered from the stands The queen candrdates were chosen by senror football players and those who will be too old to play next year Llnda Hrghtower was nomrnated by E11 Carter Barbara Mc Fatter a semor by Larry Morrell Iularne Johnson also a semor was prcked by Rodney Parrrsh The Junxor gtrls and thexr sponsors were Pat Parrrsh sponsored by Johnny Cal houn and Margaret Haddock by Jrm Har rell A sophomore Ieanelle Todd was the chorce of Kenneth Fa1le Mary E Carter freshman was chosen by Torn Hammond The queen s float was constructed by the VHS student councll It was decorated ID whxte Many hours of hard work had to go rnto th1s float to make xt so lovely Runners up were Mrss McFatter and Mrss Johnson fa? 'fu I kd 'ff pt' up gig 2 I gas. 5 4 nv r J1,,2 4 :fv!f',, va. "'J'.x K .3 - A-.. a K5 f 4 ' F . C ' 4' MILBRA BROCK Llnda smrles happily after QJeen's Float 1956 57 Queen recervmg her queen's bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums g 0 . C U W,-W W---Wm I , ,V ' ' . ' 's ' fa ,, A4 7'fQaZ' " t ' , . . . . f . , 'f , I 1 ' v n- p ' X . V4 V' . . . - 42 V ' ' r 1 - 394: ' . . ' ' I . t . . . . if . ' X , H ' ' w ill I K ' t 35 .V . , ' - 1. 'Z' hr , U, ' I I 715. , 24 25 ' ' ' ' y ,V V V 1. ' , ' A y , .. A 15 . . 74 +, Q .1 sr Ny, ' 'ik LY I ,gif ' - -HL 4 Y, ,I is X VJ, X QV , Q 1"- ,WU It 1 'L-f f '2 'Af"frff v P I haw' l lf uk, In Y! p , ,tax at J 1, ,L I 4 ' ,,vmM. V A l-' - L Homecommg Hark' Do we hear the sound of mus1c and marchrng feet? Here comes the band They lead the homecommg parade The band was lead by Sandra Hrghtower asslstant drum majorette aft! Frrst prrze float was constructed by the senror class Rrdrng the float were three senlor class grrls Clara Kelly Iuanrta Squrres and Anna Jo Adkrns Followrng the band were the floats rep resentrng drfferent school orgamzatrons rnterest rn the game Beat Cottondale Wm or Bust and other such slogans were to be seen everywhere Second prrze float was entered by Mrs Sapp s sectron of the fourth grade It deprcted rmmrgrants from several countrres lookrng wrth longlng toward the Statue of Lrberty whrch was portrayed by Pamalln Pennrngton 41 M The countrres were Indra represented by Ollle Tharp France Ople Tharp Spam Shelton Coatney Japan Mary Owens and Amerrca by Glenda Carter and Raymond Owens Therr slogan read All Natrons Make Amerrca Together We W1ll Make a Vxctory YIY The float entered by Mrs Sapp s fourth grade The stands were crowded that cool November nrght as we met our foe -Cottondale The glorious year our football team was organized was the fall of '5'1. We may have lost many games but our spirits rose as we won another. Our boys may have been bruised and sore but the game always went on. Spirits were sometimes low but enthusiasm soared high. Fall, Fun, and ra .A Y' HQ Coaches Sam Mitchell and Ray Home Kneeling: Adron Coatney, Manager, Dannie Kolmetz, Manager, Willie Martin, grade 11, Joe Kent, 99 Jimmy Goodson, 10, Her- man Jenkins, 114 Billy Casey, 9. Standing: Coach Mitchell, Kenneth Faile, 10, Johnny Calhoun, ll, and John Paul Cook, 11. Football . . . Sitting: Larry Bnmer, 105 Joe Ferol, 95 Jesse Tyre, 115 Charles Gilley, 85 Charlie Horn, 95 Charles Simmons, Manager. Kneeling: Ronald Cook, 115 David Mitchell, 115 Daniel Martin, 105 Royce Pippin 115 Eugene Pippin, 125 Tommy Harrell, 9. Standing: Tom Hammond, 125 Rodney Parrish, 125 Melvin Dietz, 125 Jimmy Harrell, 115 Eli Carter, 125 Larry Morrell, 125 Junior Ferguson, 105 Coach Horne. The team's best year since its beginning in '51 The football stadium, sponsored was the fall of '55, We had a record of 6 wins and 3 by the Lions Club, was constructed losses. Two important games played that year were in '53-'54, The first game played against our two most eminent foes, Bonifay and Chip- on the field was in the fall of '54, ley. We won both games. Spirits soared for this was The field is constantly being im- the first time in the history of our team that we had proved and completed. won a game against these schools. fr, ' Ikxfwf i 5. 1 lh."fY'segxxZ"Q." Ili Am Wt: O Y' La.: JESSE TYRE Right Guard Cottondale, one of our eminent foes for years, had be- come an even more eminent foe because ofa past coach of VHS. He is now coaching at Cotton dale and leading their team to welcome victories fwelcome to Cottondalej. Homecoming was indeed a real success with a final score of 12-6 in Vernon's favor. ROYCE PIPPIN Halfback fs vga his KENNETH FAILE Left Tackle C HA RLIE HORN E Left End SCOREBOARD Blountstown 19 VHS O Brent Christian 0 VHS 47 Chattahoochee 20 VHS 0 Blue Springs, Ala. 0 VHS '73 Bonifay 30 vas 26 Sopchoppy O VHS 8 Graceville 20 VHS 6 Cottondale O VHS 12 Altha O VHS 20 Coffee Springs 13 VHS 'I JOE KENT Right Guard JOHN PAUL COOK Right End 3' H73 DANIEL MARTIN Fullback 45- Ia:-M . 3 EUGENE PIPPIN CHARLES GILLEY Right Tackle Left Guard Southern View ,lilifffa ' I Thrs space has been crossed many trmes as we went from one burldrng to another We cross rt to go from the mam burldrng to the gym or vocatronal departments Here IS our holler room that furnishes the heat for the elementary burldrng and hrgh school The other burldrngs have furnaces of thexr own The aud1tor1um where we hold our assemblres and many of pep rallres rs here The Junror play rs practrced and produced here We are all great actors as the stage lrghts blxnd us The ap plause rs tremendous as our frrends and we are on stage Here we see the elementary burldrng that we sadly qbut also gladlyp left to move up to the hrgh school burldtng Our Carnegre Hall and cafeterra are on the westem boundarres of the school campus You can see them here rn the background ff Ill" ga 3' IN SCHOOL DAYS Stlll srts the schoolhouse by the road A ragged beggar sunnmg Around xt sull the sumacs grow And blackberrv vrnes are runnxng Wxthrn the master s desk IS seen Deep scarred by raps offxcxal The warplng floor the battered seats The Jack knxfe s carved lnrtlal The charcoal frescoes on IES wall Its door s worn srll betrayrng The feet that creeprng slow to school Went stormmg out to playmg' Long vears ago a wrnter sun Shone over rt at settmg Lit up IIS western wrndow panes John Greenleaf Whlttxer ,?,,..-P' ff ' . gfqfkjynf ' I T122 3 T ' f , I 1 1 5 , ' 7 l C 5 4 f , K . 'W A s 'T M T' r,,s ' ' ' ' ' ,.-, ---f 2 --" P And low eaves' icy fretting. X XX T f X ' T X X we X I W xx? J 4 ' lr, 1 .Q he f 'A 'r' if 'xl ,,- ! ff? ' Y ' ." 5 7 ifg :Y - V vi , , , NV A M I e, Compliments of EVEWQET I' FORD COMPANY Chipley, Florida BLACKEUQN CHIDLEY We Are for Washumgton County W P ATKINS Mgr Phone Me8 1449 Ch1pley Florlda Bottlers of I-hgh Grade Carbonated Beverages PEEL FUNERAL HOME A Bonlfay Instltutlon Phone 2881 THRIFT DEPARTMENT STORE Ch1pley Florlda TOBIAS MARKET ROLAND FOWLER Purlna Chows Grocemes Phone Me 8 0880 Ch1pley Florlda NORTHCUTT REXALI.. DRUG STORE PTSSCIIPTIOD D1-ugg1sts Phone Mercury 8-1301 Chlpley Florlda Compllments TREASURE CHEST Jewelry and Watch Repalrs Keepsake D1amonds Ernest Bor el Watches Phone Me 8 1740 Chlpley Florlda Bonifay, Florida ChiP1eY 1 Florida BONIFAY THEATRE Bonlfay F1Or1da Show T1me Week N1ghts 7 00 Sunday N1ghts Mat1nee Sun and Wed 3 D. L. SNIITH CO. Clothing - Shoes for A11 the Farruly Bomfay F1or1da Comp11ments of CHIPLEY MOTEL Phone ME 8 1350 1351 Ch1p1ey F1or1da BUSH AUTO CO Your Ford and Mercury Dealer Bonlfay F1or1da T111age Tools Q I-I I 13 l-E Y Farm wagons TRAC TOR CO LI" X Farm Tractor s M4 I McCorm1ck Deerlng Farm Operatlng C xx f Equlpment Farmall Tractors and Equ1pment Tractors Parts and Serv1ce Sales and Serv1ce Hammer M111s Refngerators Chlpley F1or1da Seed1ng Machmes I-Iarvestmg Mach1nes Home Freezers Comp11ments STAN DIRD 253624 SERVICE STATION Vernon F1or1da Compllment s of HOLMES COUNTY FURNITURE CO Borufay F1or1da WELLS BARBER SHOP Vernon F1or1da O K WILLIAIVIS GROC 8: MARKET Bonlfay F1or1da COOK S FURNITURE AND PHILCO APPLIANC E Vernon F1or1da ' 8:00 . . . 100 0 1 n . , . 7 I an K .ff Eff: 137' D I ' , ' I - . ' 1' ,.1, L W Q . - . . rf A 2 . . . 2 . . . ' of f Q , I , ' - - I ' K Q l 'J ' N' I ' j . . , L , , , Y I BCVVEN HARDWARE General Electric Appliances Complete Line Building Materials Telephone 393 l Bonifay, Florida VET? N C N SERVICE STATION 8: RESTAURANT MR. AND IVIRS. JOSH BROCK Owners and Operators Service Is Our Motto KENDRICK'S GROCERY Meats - Vegetables - Groceries "A Friendly Place to Trade" F. Vernon, Florida CHIPLEY HOTEL GRILL Chipley, Florida C ompliments T. COLEMAN, Distributor GULF OIL PRODUCTS ME-8-1672 Chipley, Florida WATFORD'S DRUG STORE ADAMS-HALL "Just What Your Doctor Orders" FLOWERS Prescription Druggists l n Phone ME 8-1460 Chipley, Florida B0n1faY, Floflda ' " ' I CATHERINE'S SHOPPE BONIFAY SKATING RINK Ladies' and Teenage Apparel Bonifay, Florida Dial 4331 Phone 3613 Bonifay, Florida 2 Nliles - Hwy. 90 EVANS For Good Merchandise Bonifay, Florida .mn..- f ,LW sth Deposit Your Money in THE BANK OF BONIFAY 'No Substitute for Safety' Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit Guaranteed Up to S10 000 Bonifay Florida Compliments of N D NIILLEQ COMPANY Wholesale Grocers Stokely s Finest Foods Polar Bear Flour Bama Mayonnaise and Preserves Bonifay Florida Compliments of SCHIENBERG S Bonifay Florida Shoes and Ready to Wear CI-IIl3l.EY Compliments of PADGETT DRUG CO Bonifay Florida Phone ME 8 1760 Chipley Florida , HARDWARE CO. RII..LA'S FLOW ERS AND GIFTS "The Best Flowers for Less" 515 South 6th Street Chipley, Florida Phone ME 8-1960 or ME 81778 THE FAIVIILY STORE Outfitters for the Entire Family Shoes - Ready-to-Wear Chipley, Florida Compliments of Qifzzafzj DEPARTMENT STORE Phone ME 8-12.76 Chipley, Florida Compliments of COGC3 I N AND DEETQIXACNT GENERAL CONTRACTORS Chipley, Florida DUNCAN RADIO AND TV Sales and Service The Home of Philco "Famous for Quality the World Over" Phone ME 8-0756 Chipley, Florida ...,.,,,q Best Wishes GEORGE WATTS IR. , Sheriff W ashington County Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys H R PIERCE Chipley Florida Compliments H. W. VARNUM, Tax Collector W as hington C ounty Compliments of WHITE-JERNIGAN CO. Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Phone ME 81469 Chipley, Florida Compliments of FLCQIDA BANK AT CI-I IDLEY Member F10T1da Natlonal Group Ch1p1 ey Flor 1da C AND PONTIAC lggf A EE AND Auth0I1Z8d Dealers PWVTIAF S RVICE Pont1ac Sales and Serv1ce Phone ME 8 0711 Chlpley Florlda Ch1pley Flor 1da FURNITURE EXCHANGE -L? Cash or Easy Payments f MR Phone ME 8 1872 Compllments of CHIPLEY DRY CLEANERS Cleaxung Pres slng Altermg Ch1p1ey Flor1da Compllments of GULF POWER COMPANY Servmg Northwest F1or1da Ch1p1ey Florlda FURNITURE COMPANY Complete House Furnlshmgs for the Home Cash or Easy Payments CECIL BROCK Manager Chlpley Florlda MM' tx . -..- . CAA ,- Z ' The S0-'12 meefs i ? ll mosi everybody ff S a ks for sl , U ffgf x V I QE QREA V1s1tors Welcome to Our Modern Plant HYGEIA COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. De Fun1ak Sprlngs, Florlda I . I .rg N K Q f f x ,I , "-I li- Umm Lib? f e t ns 9 I " . 7 55:2 1 , 'Qx N f ' ,K EE -, 711 2 '- S s s s s s jf XX I x. Fw, g. :X X , . -'lx , ... x 5 r . Q x A : if c ' " . '4 f , 5' 1 I f ' -0, .XQ Ay Q , . U, J I ' Q ff? Compliments of COLLINS BAKING COMPANY Makers of Colonial Bread 110 South-Bell Street Dothan, Alabama Compliments of WZff?eZ STORE Vernon, Florida BOOST ERS TAYLOR JEWELRY STORE - Bonifay, Florida A, V, WARD - ACME BARBER SHOP - Bonifay, Florida H1-WAY 90 DRIVE IN - Bonifay, Florida WILLIAMSON POULTRY - Bonifay, Florida ALTON'S SERVICE STATION - Chipley, Florida SHREVE'S SEED 8a PECANS - Chipley, Florida FRM SEED STORE - Chipley, Florida WA'I'FORD'S SERVICE CENTER - FLOYD WATFORD - Chipley, Florida SUE'S BEAUTY SHOP - Vemon, Florida STAFFORD GAS 8: APPLIANCE CO, - Bonifay, Florida PELT'S 5-10 and 254 STORE - Bonifay, Florida L. D, HODGES - Chipley, Florida SHERRILL OIL COMPANY - Bonifay, Florida TQAW 1 c: I4 TQUDYS C ONS TR UC TION C OMPANY Telephone Line Construction Phone ME 8-0429 Chipley, Florida LESLIE TRAWICK Res. Phone Me 8-0111 CARTHELL TRAWICK Res. Phone ME 8-1466 Chipley, Florida BEAUTY CENTER TRUDY CROSLEY, Manager ME 8-0447 Meal, new ff MILLING COMPANY Grits, Syrups, Peas, Beans South's Cleanest Mills WEST LORIDA GAS 8: FUEL CO. I Yllur L, P. Gas Dealer I BRYAN REGISTER Chipley, Florida Complirnentts of FOOD STORE Frozen Foods Fruits and Vegetables Dietetics Foods Fresh Meats LORAN L. COOK, Clerk Circuit Court Chipley, Washington County, Florida Chipley , Florida C ompliments Compliments of EVERETT BROS. LUMBER CO Chipley, Florida . PALMS CAFE Chipley, Florida ADVEQT ISEQ "The Home of Good Printing" Bonifay, Florida Compliments of FAULK- IV! I LES FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishings Phone 3801 Bonifay, Florida Compllments of DIGGLY VVIGGLY Chlpley F1or1da BUSH APPLIANCE 8: HARDWARE Compllments COMPANY Bon1fay Florlda I I C I4 CONSTRUCTION COMPANY VERNON THEATER I ROCHE Owner and Manager Ch1pley Flor1da Complnnents Zaman! MS OF 58 BUILDING SUPPLY Ch1p1ey F1OI1da THE JACKET BUZZ VERNON HIGH SCHOOL Vernon F1or1da . . D I , , . 1 3 l 3 9 Y6?QUf3fQ1Gw FQ LXPQKQM 2590 w NW f-Q RW-3 X75 by A x? N55 S U QQ SI mg 3 CE g fy-0 gf '3 1 3 XJQQD 63W'D3UI x T7 BQQWEQ JT 1 View Q49 ' JL S Q 'Qll mg XQL A- mr, 3 VUKXWUWD UQ 273-QXVD fm 472 Dub W3 li R XXNQ6 'TX f Qix UQ 1? 0 iw L, Sauxowfqm OPDVLQ g D gd 'WAI N? mm PWD Lui KN V933 Jian? Kjbljz Q4 M QA D Nm Ycx WEL ix-QDUIQ ,Y XWD 4?11 44:00 If ,Q QIUDJ QW SSID? E 'lx 'M NRG A 3 :wo Ei LK 1 vyggw avg S 4- Sf 1480+ 3'l?2HWO D3x'5'3'PuGQ U:-,QA YJ M0 W w T' Q 113 N C35 22C GSK MO uugpq 2290 img JPY NX 'W 3 TN QTR I Q ' ,if Q! V wr E JJ Nl' R A XX A F M, X. Hsin WV xx PW , Q. Q Q I WL 'B' Q31 u '33 lv 162 YOKQ AS .SY V., ' I c,7',lc Lf " A :I KAL if n Q X K Sffffsf +VO gx fi Q1 Q fl QSX Ax' in Q ' 'SD' DAQ QNX ,729 2+ I I IQ 2, W3 g as eguf P -x'x "Y ' ' -'C 9.-3 .' 1 CFJOB 'EHHN ua wfmn yogi Exo QJQYL I,kC!Q.k-,5'1j'55gx fi wi K L1 V ww Xml la -ytq Fx O A Y K xn 013127 MQW fbl7L,.,.J Av Y 'UL lg 1 Q X- ua , T 3. -fx N L A 1-1 'Lf . 1 '- Q-5 , C-'kfX'f: 11053 --1 ' iq Q x + 93,0 X , , - Qu Q I v,kk 0 QQ .-XL 2fN,5'2'.S'53fJ 1QXN 1-max-,A T ,n 11 ,,.b ,,QJ l W - + up- x XM in M on 1 2 v XA G MJ I Q , TMLOR PUB S 5 in .f N VD!" -gg? , , .. , alll!! A an 0 f Q? U , .ea N 455 ' , -.N 1, M! Wu K. Q X 9 'Wo ' '19 ' flfnw in , p 5, v S .. Ah M an ' , Z 51, 31 4'eff,xs ff' ' 'L- 1. - '35 " CA nr 5.5 Jar 6 if I Q. in W' .V , 1. l W ? ,, .. skis P - V 4 -- in ' 5 n 7 A ' 2 M5 6. mfi ,fig i f 'ly . ' 'Xff' , ,si if V4 , . iv K i ,Q X.

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