Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI)

 - Class of 1958

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Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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. . l pl" .f ,fl I ,' ,LV 0' f I' 1,116 fi V4 fn 1 f z lf! 'L X T" C f fl L, 1 Q fl X , ML? F72 fl"AC, ,Cf f L fm fig' ff N if VF Qu dj! f , L L j Cp A Jfbl' T .4 . 42 ff ' aff M W M f 1' W Q I f 6 f ! ' Way Lf X 3 f , ' ! 1 4 1 1 K f J 1 m fjfv Iliff I ky E ' ,lb U' ' a Q ii V.. I .-. .,.. 'fi till ,gm .v -f -T37 - rf , P f 1 an valid? . 6 3 .M 'gm :JZ ,,,, f I KA I I if 'J' 4 If 'U-W U.: ..l.. 'QMS' '17 'kr' H M Ima ik I ls ', I Nh. N , P' f ,Y f rl 11 ! ' 1' 1 ,I , K "I, ' ' M1 g gl'O R f 1 I QR 'wg 5 ff f QQ 'WW s 3. M I I SEXY THE 1958 VERHIAN PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS VERMONTVILLE HIGH SCHOOL VERMONTVILLE, MICHIGAN XX x ' H :ig ff -1:.-5 " mv we K VITY-, ,Sf Q 1 55, 311 if ' Z Xk'XxNtS I OF We. ......-.r..,Y.. .. Mn., ....,..... DEDICA TION an-Q, annul!! ffm 'U U ng, 0 U "' ' Q:vpoo l 1"'0u '09 sauna' 'O' I fllg I n..,..,pn0' annum ' lo O"9ooonll .,:""" "VO 'O' 1 nIall'.,:""" 4 g.' :,.'. ' '..',o.. a::nc: 1... 5. s '..,g ",a null. I U ' Illllll 00. ln, lllll' ,nl .. '::"' .:."' ' "':"::a1:::::' I lg., ,,,."0." la lU0": fgulonlggq l U 92' ag. '0g.: 'llQll0':ll:.llllllg ,,' '00, 'llonllv' ,:',:ancnq, va.. "l4,, ""1Acl",f',annnuan. ' f "' "n.' ' A "ba "Flo nl" ' nn: JENNIE BOYD Graduatlng classes ln schools all over the country once agarn are producrng books whrch hold rnnumerable memorres of therr four years rn hrgh school The maJor1ty of these books have, somewhere between therr covers, a page devoted to a certarn 1nd1 vrdual who has meant more to them than any other person To the class of 58 that person IS Mrss Jennre Boyd, to whom we are very proud and honored to ded1cate the 1958 Verhran Through her patrence, understandxng, and helpfulness, she has gurded us along the path to graduatron After four years under her drrecuon, we have learned to respect and admrre her as one ofVermontv111e s ftnest teachers We are truly thank ful, Mrss Boyd, that we have had the prrvrlege of havrng you as our advrsor, counselor and fr1end Now as we step out to take our places rn l1fe we hope that we w111 fulfill your expectatrons e z 1 V' l l W3 4' f f , , i L K 5 i 1 ef Q V ' I -:Y J Ar M fry , Mrk .. 1. m. , . .:'i.-.-ff 1 . .- . "j,..Z..2:,.Er,-' , 0, o-0.5 v "w."--1. 5 . ....-,,e - Uwe. 0 I s ,.. ,,, " 0 'D irons .--' ,t 4 ' Q Q .- . .' ll l - O 'r "0 " nv' Q . . .5 ' u r W U ' 'Q . , I , , 1 I 1' O " 1 J .:: lt. Q , .l ' " ff.-A 0 ' ' ' r ' In s to 0 ' ' ' f + " 1' I 1 , gl 0 . I 1 n f 4 c J . -A, I, o ,I . 1 . ,,, , , ,-f 1.0 0':,: 0 'I' ,, ' A ,Fla o 'a' . 0 ' ' ff -'. .a -Q . n - -. . ..l . ..- . ' I ' I . . . , . - . I FACULTY PRINCIPAL SUPERINTENDENT MR. WALTERC JENVEY IR. MR. KENNETH LAUTZENHEISER BOARD OF EDUCATION K. Lautzenhelser, R. Zemke, H. Kelsey, N. McLaugh11n, E. Steward, E. Gehman. I ,, 'ws DALE BACHELOR Michigan State B S Agriculture and Shop JENNIE BOYD Eastem M1Ch1g3H College A B Math and Science 7'Q CONSTANCE ACKERSON Michigan State B S Home Economics MILDRED ALLEN Duluth State Normal Westem Michigan College Library K ffffw HERBERT ESCOTT American International College Michigan State B A University Football Coach Junior High BARBARA HUMPHREY University of Michigan, B A Social Studies and English CLARENCE HUMPHREYS Ol1vet College A B M1Ch1g8H State UDIVCYSIIY M Mus1c Mus1c FRANK IDLE Hobart College A MlCh1g3H State M Commerclal A INGRID NORTHRUP Westem M1ch1gan College B A Latm and Engllsh L1brar1an Bertha Sells Eastern M1ch1gan College, B. A. Junior High ELEMENTARY TEACHERS SEATED H Shutes E Moner G Idle A Kroger STANDING E Weiler I Weller I Reed G Bustard COOKS MRS D MAKLEY MRS D BENTON CUSTODIANS DALE NORTHRUP RALPH WELLS SECRETARY MRS P FOOTE SENIORS GA YLORD DEAN 'We've got to have a class meetingl' Student Council Class Officer Verhian Paper Staff Chorus Senror Play Junror Play FTA Archery Club Btble Club PATRICIA BYRD It s nrce to be natural when you re naturally ruce Lrbrary 1 2 3 Chorus Jumor Play Senror Play FTA Paper Staff Class Offrcer Verhran CLASS DOUGLAS WELLS All great men are dead and I don t feel so well myself Class offrcer Band Band Board Chorus Dance Band Senror Play Archery Club FFA EDITH MAE ZEMKE Keen sense common sense and no room for nonsense Band 2 Band Board FHA Future Nurses Club Verhlan Junror Play S D Senror Play S D Class Offrcer Brble Club Lrbrary Club 1 3 4 4 4 1,2,3 ' 4 ' 3 3,4 2,3 ' 3 ' 4 , . 2 , . 1,2,3 . ' 4 1,2,3,4 FHA 1,2,3,4 4 OFFICERS . 3 4 ' 4 4 4 ' 4 ' 4 5 1, ,3 f 2,3 1 1.2, ' 3 ' . . 3 ' 1.2. ' 3 PATRICIA ARNTSON A frrend wrth a soft votce and ready srmle Chorus FHA FTA Archery Club Future Nurses Club Verhran LYNETTE CHILDS Her frrends they are many her foes are there any? Chorus FHA Paper Staff Brble Club Student Councll Verhran Jazz Club Semor Play Syrup Festrval Court 3 JEANNIE CHILDS Quret modest perfectly mce FHA 2 3 FTA Paper Staff Ltbrary Chorus Verhran LOUIS DEBOLT Srlence rn words but eloquent wrth a pencrl Verhran 1, , ,4 3,4 1, 3,4 ' 1 Q 3 f ' 4 Paper Staff 3,4 1,2 1, 3,4 3,4 2,3 ' 3 ' 4 ' 4 1 1 2, 3,4 ' 3 ' 2, 4 ' 4 3 ' 4 IUDITH FAUST A regular gal and the best of a Verhian Paper Staff Chorus FTA Archery Club Bible Club Office Practice ROBERT HAGER Every time I feel ambitious I lie down until the feeling goes away Basketball Student Council Class Officer Senior Play Junior Play Verhlan FFA Paper Staff Library Staff away LYNWOOD GRAY By his silent countenance--he does deceive the world. Student Council Class Officer Verhran Football Track FFA Varsity Club Jazz Club Homecoming King Basketball Manager Archery Club ' E 47 4 ,Y-ja? DOUGLAS HEINZE I m standing on the brink success won t someone give me a push? Football Basketball Baseball Track Manager Senior Play Junior Play Student Council Band Varsity Club Dance Band 4 , , U 3 .' A 4 A c , yy,ly 1,2,3,4 A -Q A y 1,2,3,4 A A at 1,2 ' A ' 3.4 x 3 , 4 . . 4 ' 4 , 2 , X q I f 2 ' 1 I I I .4 X P P- 4 H- 4 1 of 3,4 U H 3 3,4 1, 3,4 2,3 1, 3,4 , 3 1, 3,4 . . 4 1, 3,4 2 ' 4 ' 3 ' 3 1,2, 3,4 ' 2,3,4 1,2, 3,4 1,2 1 A , ' 1 f A f ' . . 4 4 , ,by 1,2 , ' if 4 r . I y . X 1: I LELAND HOWE A man of much sax appeal Basketball Track Band Dance Band Varslty Club FFA Jazz Club Paper Staff Class Offrcer Sen1or Play Junror Play JANIS JANOUSEK An equal mrxture of good sense and good humor Cheerleader Majorette FHA FTA Semor Play L1brary Chorus Paper Staff Syrup Fesuval Court Vars1ty Club Verhran DARLENE JANOUSEK Her very frowns are farrer far than most people s smrles Chorus Lrbrary FHA FTA Band Board Paper Staff Blb le Club Archery Club Jumor Camp Counselor Track NANCY IO KELSEY Sensrble k1nd lovmg and grvtng The lrfe she leads IS well worth lrvmg FTA FHA Band Vars1ty Club Cheerleader Chorus Paper Staff Verhran Syrup Festrval Queen Jumor Play Semor Play 1, 2, 3, 4 1,2 1, 2, 3, 4 ' 3,4 1, 2, 3, 4 3 4 ' 2 ' 4 ' 3 . 1, 2 ' ' 1, 2 1,2,3,4 1'2'3- - 1,2 U 3,4 1' 2 MaJorette 1, 2, 3,4 3,4 4 . 4 n 2, 4 . 1' 2 3,4 1,2 . 3'4 2, 3,4 3 . 3 2 ' 3,4 ' 4 3. 1, 2, 3, 1,2, 3, . 3, 1,2, 3, 1 2, 3, ' 3 ' 3 LARRY KNUTH There are many things that go around in the dark besides Santa Claus Football Basketball Baseball Track Senior Play Audio Visual Club Student Council Varsity Club Verhian Paper Staff JAMES MARCUM I happen but once FEA Football All State Guard All Conference Basketball Varsity Club Audio-Visual Club a lifetime .I KENNETH MCINTYRE My mind reads like an auto mechanlc s manual FFA 2 Verhian NANCY MOORE She is gentle, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye. Student Council Class Officer 3 Verhian 3, Paper Staff 3 Chorus 1 Senior Play FTA 3, Speech Contest 2 Bible Club 3 FHA 1, 2, 3 X if 'll ANN OMMEN If there IS mrschref to be done she wrll be the frrstest one FTA FHA Brb le Club Paper Staff Archery Club Chorus Basketball LILLIAN SANDERS Delrghtfully gay rn a pleasrng wa Verhran Paper Staff Chorus FHA 2 Lrbrary EDITH ROSE In her quretness Nashvrlle Hrgh Delton Hlgh Lakevrew Hrgh Verhran there rs charm Homecom mg C ourt if JANET ROCKAFELLAR "Give me an audience--I have a few words to say. Paper Staff Class Offrcer Cheerleader Speech Contest Student Councrl Junror Play Syrup Festrval Court Band Verhran Jazz Club 4? PATRICIA SCHAUB The glrl who put the pep 1n PePPe1' Lrbrary Paper Staff Verhlan Marorette Iunror Play Senror Play FHA Chorus Cheerleader Archery Club FTA Brble Club 3 CAROL STEWARD The great thmg ts not what we get out of ltfe tt rs what we put mto rt Band Band Board Paper Staff Brble Club Varsrty Club Class Offlcer Verhtan Semor Play RUSSELL WEILER As we grow senous we are danger of growrng dull 1 2 3 4 Archery Club GAYLA WALTER Always allurmg always gay nature made her Just that wa FTA Library Club Ma1orette ,Tumor Play Seruor Play Student Councrl Syrup Fesuval Court Paper Staff Verhtan Band Board ROBERT VALDICK Wtld oats w1ll get sown some trme and one of the arts of l1fe ts to sow them at the rtght ttme Football Basketball Baseball Track Semor Play Jumor Play Audro Vrsual Club Class Offtcer Student Counctl Varsrty Club Verhtan HELEN WILCOX She hves to burld not to boast Archery Chorus FTA Paper Staff Btble Club Verhran Basketball 3 3,4 1 ' 4 ' 3 . - . 3 ' 3 ' 2, 4 ' 2.3.4 Q 4 2.3.4 ' 3,4 Y- Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,4 FHA 1. 2. 3, 4 3,4 3,4 ' 3,4 ' 3.4 ' ' 3,4 ' ' 3 ' 3 ' 3,4 ' 4 ' 4 ' 3 ' 3 ' ' in 3,4 . . ' 4 FFA , , , 4 2 1 2.3 2,3 3,4 3.4 ' 3,4 ' 4 CLASS V1cePres1dent Joe Newman Treasurer Donna Trowbrrdge Secretary Margaret Zemke Absent Presrdent Crrs Cone JUNIORS 11? fb' 'uv 5' LARRY AINSWORTH LINDA ALDRICH GLORIA BECRAFT MARY BENEDICT RAY BOYER ROBERT BRIMMER CORA BRUMM ROGER BRUMM CRIS CONE IOE NEWMAN TOM PUGH JOYCE SHOUP ROBERT SIPLE LY DIA STAIRS DONNA TROWBRIDGE SALLY TRUMBLE KEITH WELLS IANETTE WISER MARY ZAKSHESKY MARGARET ZEMKE CONNIE FOOTE FORREST GARDNER BILL GEHMAN WAYNE GRANGER MARIORIE HUNT KATHY KING LOIS MAHAR JUDY MAKLEY LAQUEITA MARCUM MARILYN MARTIN CLETA MCDONALD ROBERT MCGREGOR DON MILLER 'S' uf ,x ff Nancy Imhoff Becky Kelsey Bonnre Kmg Lors Knop Patrrcra Laune Sandra Laurre Claudette Pnddy Bonnre Pugh SOPHOM ORES Albert Ainsworth Peter Adrianson Jim Barnhart Lester Brimmer Donna Byrd Roger Collier Dorr Cook Jerry Degner Joyce D Water Arlo Eastman Vrrgmra Ewmg Roger Gusey Kay Roberts Ardcan Rounds Douglas Smith Linda Wciler Erwin Wells Carol Wilcox Arlene Wiser Carole Zellers 5.4 C! flirt fv- , ,, 1 s l l- CLASS OFFICERS President Douglas Smith Vice President Claudette Priddy Secretary Bonnie King Treasurer Roger Collier r s 1 n r ' S-.f W-1' vp. eq! FRESHMEN Allan Ainsworth Judith A ldrrch Roger Baker Iris Benedict Vernon Bollinger Jeanette Brrmmer Charles B rum rn Sharon Bush ,fv- 5,2 Ida Byrd Daniel Childs Darwin Cook Diane Faust Norvel Fisher Gary Foote Paul Foster Harold Gaedert 1 67 f Douglas Gardner Richard Gearhart Larry Goodenough Jay Gordenski Robert Halliwell Alan Hamlin Carolyn Heinze Gary Hokanson Sylvia Howe Janice Mahar Kathleen Mills Gary Murphy if: 1 Judy McLaughhn Vrrgrnra Parker FQ Terrv Prddrngton Georgann Pugh 4 5 Judy Rockafellar George Ruffner Lawrence Sregfrred Conme Slade Edward T ubbs Oscar VanNeste Myrna Wolever Wrnston Wheaton Vrrgrnra Zakshesky CLASS OFFICERS Mary Z em ke N Presrdent, Irrs Benedrct, Treasurer, Wrnston Wheaton, Secretary, Drane Faust, Vrce Presrdent, Gary Hokanson g 55 . " L. l 1 ' z J 7 . l ' V 1 . . Q, 1 I y -f' , f"-5 if S A i f' 'Vigil ' K Larry Rarhbum 2, Q , - r S - . 141 N f 0 ' ' 'X 11 ., ., I " ' , A 'fx' a . . L 0 I F' - X . I 'gf - -2- S I y SJ? E I V - f',. , ,, 1. nf EIGHTH GRADE Nola Belcher Shrrel Boyer Nrle Bnggs Gerald Cole Emma Degner Eddre Day Sandra Frsher Paul F lsher Roger Gardner Bonme Gordmskr Gary Gutchess Allan Hummel Tom Hunt Carol Imes Sharon Imes Marrlyn Imhoff Rosella Janousek Chris King Diane King Marty McClelland Hugh Moore Jerry Nagle Duane Priddy Ross Reed Sammy Rose Glenda Ruffner Larry Schaub Terry Shinaver w-JY' -qi' ,vo it! Ronnre Shrnaver Robert Shumaker Raymond Srple D1x1e Stahl' Patty Stahr Parmer Thompson Lewls Trowbrrdge Rrta Trowbndge Donald W1ser Wayne Woodbury Jerry VanL1ew Jean Flory Pres Larry Trumble Vrce Pres Jerry Makley Sec Carolyn Smxth Treas Joyce Reed SEVENTH GRADE Absent Kathleen Weller Drana Bartholomew Gary Becraft Izetta Boyer Chrls Brumm Gary Campbell Charles Cone Sue Day Carolyn D'Wate Drck Ewlng Marletta Foster Davld Gearhart Jackxe Goodenough Dav1d Gusey Mary Holhwell -r,,, 1-X, Denn1s Harwood W1111am Herron Paula Hokanson D1ana Howe Ronald Hunt Lee Mahar John Marshall Russell M1115 'Tl' Dick McGregor J1m McLaugh11n Rebecca Nxchols Carl Sowles Robert Tomhnson Kay W11bum Wm Laura W1ser Walter Zaleskl hm Zellers Jeanne Zemke 'vw Pres ROGER P1DD1NGToN ,. vrce Pres DALE COLLIER .,, 2 .1 sec ELIZABETH KING Treas BARBARA NEWMAN '26 qc--1 'www 'NK xx SMH' ALMMM X1 mi 1 AK V 1 N if gg . --f A -my A -A j - - ., We-A vo X V . 5' '. fi :A 5 5 "ll I L- 'W 'E-an if-Yip . R M ' , p 4 4' Q V 0 mn " 1 '-' A . 7 A . . V --ff' J --V. 3 - ' 5. 1' A , ' Y 1. ' 3 : ,, ' ' . I ' V, f 'if' wi 64, N ,L X ,V V ' w ' -v- - E in' -, . ,Fav R, , ,... V" vga' L' va-.ff ' " li A f Y' 'R' ' i A, , M ' ,. :L ,rv f A 'We if 3 Q ve ' Y ' , ' -,. ' Q Av- I W ' X Y M fa.. f 'I 4' R1 I I I - n ' M K4 -- 4. - I c' if ly 'AV xl . Q , , , U XX S KN l. URGA NIZA TIONS CO-EDITORS Q39 I' CAROL STEWARD and NANCY MOORE BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL STAFF 442. -I Rs SEATED N Kelsey L Ch11ds G Walter Advlsor B Humphrey E Zemke H Wxlcox P Schaub STANDING M Zakshesky M Zemke J Janousek P Byrd L Howe J PM coMPLErE STAFF Q -ru-Q-n WILDCATS CALL Edltor Janet Rockafellar Co Ed1IOl"S Laquelta Marcum L1nda Aldnch L MINE FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW Adv1sor C Ackerson Song Leader S Trumble Secretary M Zemke Presrdent P Byrd Vrce Prestdent G Becraft Treasurer D Byrd Parlramentarran N Imhoff SECOND ROW G Walter S Laur1e P1an1st C Prlddy I Byrd C Slade, D Janousek A Rounds Schaub J Chrlds L Sanders M Martrn ARM RS Q an-mail' 'F P FIRST ROW Adv1sor D Bachelor Secretary R Boyer Reporter W Granger Presrdent L Howe Treasumr J Marcum V1ce Presrdent R Werler Sentrnel A Alnsworth SECOND ROW L Amsworth D Wells L Gray E Wells R S1p1e T Pugh K Wells L DeBolt R Baker THIRD ROW G Ruffner A Arnsworth D McDonald R Brumm D Cook K McIntyre D Smrth P Adrranson FOURTH ROW F Gardner P Foster D Cook N Frsher A Eastman J Degner R Collrer R Hager R Gusey W Gehman i an u, , A H S it 22 ' .. 3 l I. , I 0 I 6 if -. f YQ .X y x. .s I -, . 5 'I X 1 9 4" 0 O 40 .y . . 'ia ' 1 , . I ' 9 .O 'M Historian, B. Kelsey: Editor, E. Zemke. THIRD ROW: A. Ommen, P. Amtson, N. Kelsey, P. r , F - st I .Nw . y Q rj' M1 ' 'z I maxi I ' I FUTURE TEACHERS ...: bv ITV? FIRST ROW Advrsor I Boyd I Benedrct Treasurer H WIICOX Presrdent L Marcum Vrce Presldent D Janousek Secretary P Schaub K Kmg SECOND ROW B Krng G Walter D Byrd S Laurre P Byrd J Chrlds K Roberts B Kelsey N Imhoff THIRD ROW C Hernze, SCCH LIBRORUM .w Z H TO ENLuGHTEN X SEATED J Brrmmer J Shoup P Byrd Secretary Treasurer K M111s V1ce PI'6S1d6l'1I S Howe Presldent G Walter B Pugh I Byrd STANDING Advxsor I Northrup D Byrd Head Lrbrarlan M Allen M McClelland D Krug I Barnhart C Prrddy D Smrth G Murphy S Bush . .K I? . - I 8 N R K, -! - , yq o 1' . Av , -1 V. Parker, A. Ommen, P. Arntson, G. Dean, N. Kelsey, J. Janousek, N. Moore, I. Faust. gf- ' Y "ia: ra 1 , , f J i I ' , S , . v , T, Y I F " BIBLE CLUB FIRST ROW Vrce Presrdent Bonnre Pugh Treasurer Claudette Prlddy Secretary Carole Zellers Absent Presrdent Cr1s Cone SECOND ROW M Hunt J Shoup G Pugh E Zemke L Knop C Steward L Clulds P Schaub THIRD ROW L Brrmmer I Byrd A Rounds E Wells T Pugh R Boyer C Brumrn K Krng D Byrd I DWater Advlsor D Bachelor VARSITY CLUB FIRST ROW N Kelsey M Zakshesky J Janousek Secretary L Marcum Vrce Presrdent D Helnze C Steward W Gehman SECOND ROW Advrsor H Escott A Alnsworth R Valdrck J Newman R Boyer L Howe Advtsor R Lock THIRD ROW L Arnsworth D Cook R Srple Presrdent J Marcum L Knuth L Gray Absent Treasurer D Mrller O ' . . I I 0 l - n 1 n u a n . . . , . . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , , . . 1 ' ' I v. 1 rl i I 1 wx I 4 A K f' Rf ,,:I1.1,',',,i . ' . l 'A .A f . Q' ,, L. x. Q, is Sa Q1 Q '-4 L M L Vi S Ls . . . . ' ' 1 I 9 I 9 v I l , . - . . . . . . I - , . . . p n , . , . , I . D . . , . , - , , . . . . , . , . , . . , l ' U ' l ' I I ' ' DANCE BAND --134' S Howe L Howe T Pxddmgton E Tubbs D McDonald B Gehman STUDENT COUNCIL P SEATED I Goodenough I McLaugh1m Treasurer N Moore V1cePres1dent L Gray Presrdem R Valdrck Secretary I Rockafellar J Nagle I Makley STANDING S Laurre A Amsworth L Knuth L Ch1ldS M Zakshesky R Slple C Slade T Plddlngton SENIOR BAND 7'-'fu-+E.. FIRST ROW N Kelsey T Prddxngton, C Brumm, E Zemke J Aldrrch J McLaughl1n D Krng B Kelsey SECOND ROW W Wheaton, N Imhoff C Slade, V Zakshesky C Hemze M Zemke A Eastman K We11er C Brumm I Benedrct V Parker G Becraft L Howe THIRD ROW D Wells, M Martm, M Zemke M Benedlct R Baker L Arns worth A Amsworth S Howe, K Mrlls D Gardner E Tubbs W Gehman D Hemze, B Humphreys MAJORETTES A Rounds G Pugh D Byrd G Walter P Schaub DRUM MAJORETTE D Janousek CADET BAND FIRST ROW D Howe J Goodenough L Shrpman H Strerley H Goodenough P Baker G Becraft J Makley P Hokanson B Ewrng SECOND ROW G Wells S Sanders I Frsher D Collxer P Barland J Boyer I Ames R Shrrver J McLaughlrn, R Weller P Chrlds R Rockwell M Kxlpamck THIRD ROW I Zemke K Hunt B Newman, Duector C Humphreys S MacDonald, L Schaub,J Zellers D Ewxng P Frsher, G Campbell E Wrlson Y Y .,,7.., , ., M.. .. I Q 3- A : . , . ' ' . . . . ' . . ' . . King, FOURTH ROW: I, Rockafellar, L, Aldrich, C, Steward, I. Rockafellar Director, C, O : I I U D I U 0 y 0 O MAJORETTES D Byrd G Walter D Ianousek G Pugh A Rounds P Schaub 7 -" of' T 1 I fx, 9 ' ' 2. - A '4 - M I NG DRU ' ? M L43 gl, MAJ V OR f ' ET T BIOLOGY CLASS SAFETY PATROL 71-..1...x.a.,..?'i 'ww A THLETICS GRISWOLD FIELD DEDICATION KELSEY MCLAUGHLIN ZEMKE GRISWOLD STEWARD DEDICATION The Grrswold Freld dedrcatron was held September 27 1957 rmmedtate ly preceedmg the Vermontvxlle vs Woodland football game P3l'I1C1P3I1I1g rn the ceremony were Graham Grxswold of Portland Ore gon Charles Murphy of Mrchtgan Magnetlcs, Members of the Board of Educa School Prrnclpal Rev Howard Ltndsay of the Methodlst Church, and Donald Nrchols Pastor of the Congregauonal Church The Vermontvllle and Wood land football teams cheerleaders and bands also took part ln the ceremony Mr Remhart Zemke Presrdent of the Board of Educanon formally ded :cated the fleld The Gnswold Fleld ln memory of the proneers of Vermont vrlle tion, K, E. Lautzenheiser, Superintendent of Schoolsg Walter C. Jenvey, High HCMECOMING Vermontville s first Homecoming on the Griswold Field was scheduled to take place on November 8 1957 with Nashvrlle Although weather conditions prevented the game from being played the other Homecoming activities took place as planned On Tuesday November 12 a parade consisting of the Vermontvrlle band several floats and the Queen s court proceeded through the town At this time Queen Judy Makley and Krng Lynwood Gray were crowned by the Student Council President Robert Valdtck Other members of the court were Edith Rose Don Miller Becky Kelsey Doug Smith Virginia Zakshesky and Wrnston Wheaton Junior High representattves were Jerry Makley Larry Trumble Barbara Newman and Dale Collier Prizes were awarded to the two top floats entered rn the parade The winner was a float entered by the Class of 59 Second prrze went to the Class of 62 Krng LYNWOOD GRAY Student Council President ROBERT VALDICK Queen JUDY MAKLEY 'i' 5 xi! i l D . . . . . , . ' . . . . 0 I I I ' I I , . . I U I . . , ' I I I I . I I . . , . . . . 0 . . . I I I I 5 I ' I '. was - Q 'Q f f A 1 - 2 4 5 s may .al ' I . K- uf 6 5 ' ' . ,J- Y K ' 'M A v Y- 2 1 gf f " x ff I 51 ' X, 5 , . , V , I A ' . ,Q .. li f ' 'W l , ' . . A J., , P , . ' ' X47 . 31- " N! I " xl- G cl- ? 1 t ' - . - Q . - 4.- ' . , ' 'Q ' Q is lt' 1- f . , ,' ' L' Q' 5 . q' ,,,. f.' . I . ,A Q Y 1 1- 1, V. Vg . ' . A 1 . " -V ' l-l.l f " SENIOR LETTERMEN Q yd gf-Y s " ' . .- LYNWOOD GRAY DOUGLAS HEINZE Guard Halfback LARRY KNUTH Co Captam Quarterback Z9 JIM MARCUM Co Captam ROBERT VALDICK Guard Center The Coaches Award for outstanding atti- tude, effort, and leadership in football was presented to Albert Amsworth for the 1957 58 school year FOOTBALL FIRST ROW R Boyer B Gehman D Hernze L Gray J Marcum L Knuth R Valdrck C Cone J Newman A Arnsworth SECOND ROW A Hamlrn G I-lokanson R Baker D Cook T Pugh H Gaedert A Axnsworth D Chrlds R Gearhart THIRD ROW E Day D Mc Donald G Foote D Cook E Wells L Sregfrxed L Goodenough D Smrth R. Collrer E Tubbs Asststant Coach R Lock Coach H Escott ik ALBERT AINSWORTH RAY BOYER HAROLD GAEDERT 'P---wqug.,.Q,,Qg Co -Captains DOUGLAS HEINZE LARRY KNUTH BILL GEHMAN WW R Ti --iQ.-..-..-...-..- W. , BOB M GREGOR JOE NEWMAN TOM PUGH ROBERT VALDICK VARSITY BASKETBALL VARSITY HEERLEADE JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS .-Q,g. -. In ul C Slade B Kelsey Captam N Imhoff S Lauue I Rockafellar I Aldnch JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL U Sreqf Q FIRST ROW D Cook R Baker D Cook A Amsworth R Collxer SECOND ROW T Plddmgton E Tubbs G Hokanson D McDonald I Barnhart Coach H Escott EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL W Woodbury FIRST ROW L Schaub H Moore L Trumble J Nagle D Wlser G Cole E Day P F1sher N Brlggs SECOND ROW R Gardner D Pr1ddy S Boyer A Hummel T Hunt L Trowbndge C Kmg Coach H Escott KERRY? 'gl CHEERLEADERS I REED M IMHOFF I MAKLEY R IANOUSEK D KING C SMITH SEVENTH GRADE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW C Sowles C Cone R Ewmg I McLaugh11n D Colher R P1dd1ngton J R Hunt Coach H Escott CHEERLEADERS B Newman I Boyer I Zemke P Hokanson Captam J Goodenough D Howe Z . g a g Q ' g o L g a L p a L ' g s Zellers, SECOND ROW: C, Brumm, G, Becraft, J. Ames, W, Zaleski, R, Mills, W, Herron BASEBALL xiii!! in fag. hh BACK ROW F Gardner A Amsworth C Cone H Gaedert J Newman T Pugh D Hemze D Mlller Coach I Newmgham FIRST ROW G Hokanson D Gearhart R Val dlck R Boyer A Hamlm R Colher A Amsworth C Cone TRACK FIRST ROW H Gaedert C Cone, D Hemze R Boyer D Smrth SECOND ROW G Ho kanson A Amsworth, R Baker T Pugh THIRD ROW L Gray A Amsworth R Collrer, R Brumm L Amsworth Coach R Lock SPORTS SHORTS montvxlle d1d have three All Conference wrnners B111 Gehman was named All Con ference end second team rn football In basketball Larry Knuth represented our school as a guard on the All Conference frrst team Douglas l-lemze also made the flrst team f1ll1ng the shortstop pos1t1on 1n baseball In track, Douglas Hernze set a new record for hrgh Jumpxng ln the Tn C League and also at the Albxon Relays He took fust tn the reglonals rn thrs event and went on to recerve a thud place medal rn the state 1 I 1 s o , 9 s g o . Q I . I o ' I 1 0 o I Q 9 0 . g Q . 0 I 0 t I I I 0 Although our won and lost records in all four sports this year were not outstanding, Ver- I I I The Coaches Award for outstandlng amtude effort and leadershrp H1 basketball was presented to Crrs Cone for the 1957 58 school year The LeRoy Hummel Memor1a1 Award awarded to an outstandmg semor boy who excels rn scholar sh1p and athletrcs was presented to Doug Hemze by the Class of 1955 'Al Y HT NFISHV VERNN V K ACTIVITIES "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET" - JUNIOR PLAY REST ASSURED SENIOR PLAY 1,1 Ommen G Walter C Steward N Moore N Kelsey J Janousek P Armson L Chrlds R Hager L Howe R Valdlck D Wells D I-Iemze P Schaub P Byrd L Knuth G Dean E Zemke DIRECTED BY Walter C Ienvew Ir STUDENT DIRECTORS P Amtson A Ommen E Zemke R, Weiler R, Hager L, Howe G Walter R Valdlck D Hemze DIRECTOR B Bowerman P Schaub J Rockafellar N Kelsew E Gaedert STUDENT DIRECTOR E Zemke MAPL SYRUP FESTIVAL - 1957 6' WWW'-l'V , fr , Y ' I ' KF! ' '. .gl E . I . , Alternate: "' 'iw ' J, Rockafellar ' e G, Walter 1? ' I Janousek Queen N Kelsey C Steward L Chl1dS lhwi H151 1 ffl Frrst Place Float X- gv I' ' 1' . wg I V A , i W 1 ,- I 4 l . l n I". . fr -l . I? , K k r V V " l e 4 fs W ix - ly E l : FH , . 2-N ln A X k'Xh bl Y l 1 f 4 . ' "' ff' VK- a " .a 4 f Mis. 'L ., f- ' OV, . ff' .a r r . 4 J - r l l , ' e .5 ff C . 4 xg D , I , . I- 1 - V .x 'lil' Y V, . 1, ,. 2.6- A! MAPLE SYRUP FESTIVAL 1958 '--.-..,.,,,-5.--.Q M Hunt K Kmg I Makley L Marcum Alternate M Zakshesky Queen S Trumble -as 3 5, 1 N1 i-, W4 9' mf f, . 8+ A K .QQ , ,gp .Lv F , ', M, 5 - I!! f s F., .. A - , v - 1 4' ,J nf xx 'Wm N sm? -nl 'sl I '73 CHRISTMAS DANCE JUNIOR SENIOR PROM BONJOUR PAREE QP I I -1, SENIOR TRIP On April 29, the seniors with their spon- sors, Miss Boyd and Mr, and Mrs, Hum- phreys, boarded a Greyhound bus for Wash- ington D,C. and then on to New York. We spent two days in each city seeing many famous sites and having each hour packed with excitement, After visiting Niagara Falls on the 5th day, we finally arrived home tired but happy. "We're Off" Time Out Tomb of the Unknown Soldier The U S Capitol The Lincoln Memorial if-. SENIOR TRIP A mght on the bus The Statue of L1berty The Umted NHIIOHS Mount Vernon .4 Dockmg at Mount Vernon Nnagara Falls JANET ROCKAFELLAR BACCALAUREA TE COMMENCEMENT Valedictorian qw Salutatonan EDITH ZEMKE recelvmg the class flower 53-f CLASS PROPHECY Q15 to 20 years rn the futurej PAT ARNTSON IS promo mg the use of rubber horse shoes guaranteed to cushron the rm pact PAT BYRD rs secretary to the Detrort Trgers and leads the cheerrng sectron on the srde JEANNIE CHILDS IS a telephone operator 1n her own home tellrng her chrldren when rt rs therr turn to use rt LYNETTE CHILDS rs owner operator and detectrve of an rnformatron bureau for peo ple who cannot keep therr mrnds on therr own buslness and everyone else s at the same trme LOUIS DeBOLT IS garnrng world renown as the personal art rnstructor of the 115 year old Grandma Moses GAYLORD DEAN rs currently pluggrng hrs new book HOW TO KEEP YOUR HAREM HAPPY JUDY FAUST IS ma rred and secretary to a brg busrnessman rn Detrort As a srdelxne she rs rarsrng srx lrttle redheads at home LYNWOOD GRAY IS a local hero as he has rnvented a capsule ftrademark GUTSJ whreh has led the MSU football team to another champronshrp BOB HAGER rs a unron polrtrcran and smokes frfty cent crgars DOUGLAS HEINZE rs followrng rn Frank Leahy s footsteps at Notre Dame and has a famrly almost as large as Frank s LEE HOWE IS a forergn correspondent currently on Mars dorng a serres on rnterplanetary relatrons DARLENE JANOUSEK heads the women s branch of the U S Jet Force and IS pluggrng for a spot wrth the Jornt Chrefs of Staff JANIS JANOUSEK has aehreved her ambrtron and IS secretary to Mr Brg Now her mam job IS to keep hrs coffee hot and to keep smrlrng NANCY KELSEY rs a buyer rn the men s department atJ L Hudson s and grves the salesmen dancrng lessons after hours LARRY KNUTH IS honeyrnoonrng on the French Rrvrera wrth a fat wealthy wrdow KEN MCINTYRE rs personal consultant to Harlowe Curtree at GM but he predrcts that autos wrll soon be replaced by somethrng more modern JIM MARCUM IS strll l1v1ng at home wrth hrs mother NANCY MOORE was elected Mother of the Year for her outstandrng work rn a brg crty orphanage ANN OMMEN IS operator of a grgglrng factory for rehabllrtatlng purged Sovlet strong men JANET ROCKAFELLAR rs seemg a psychratrrst as she has been moderator of the Teen Age Panel for 20 years and IS becomlng qulte sensrtrve about always berng the old est teenager EDITH ROSE poses for the Camay advertrsements as the brrde wrth the beautrful com plexron and has a new groom for every srttrng LILLIAN SANDERS has marrred a teacher from L B U and rs rarsmg her own lrttle sec retarres PATTI SCHAUB runs a supply shop for practrcal jokers and competes on the U S Olym plc track team CAROL STEWARD IS the star of her own televrsxon serres How to Have that Relaxed Look 24 Hours a Day BOB VALDICK a renowned chemrst has developed a new serum for alcoholrsm but the cure rs worse than the slckness, ' s - . '. 3 . . - L Q Q n 1 1 . . . . N I . . 1 - A Q n . . 2 . . ' . . . . , - 1 . . E. . . . n I . . Q 1 0 . , . , ,, . ,, 9 Q e . . ' , . Q Q Q . V . . . . . 1 v I I Q . .. .1 - - - ' 1 n 0 . n n . ' u n - ' u . . . . ,, 1. o 1 1 ' CLASS PROPHEC Y CONT GAYLA WALTER is the newly elected president of the married housing section at M S U RUSSELL WEILER is fast becoming a millionaire He sells automobiles for a fat profit then makes a fatter profit tearing them down and customizing them DOUGLAS WELLS has received a patent from the U S Government Patent Office on his new invention the wellsophone HELEN WILCOX is one of the best educated minister s wives in the Middle West and lives near her Indiana alma mater EDITH MAE ZEMKE is assigned to the presidential family as special nurse at the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D C CLASS FLOWER: Rose CLASS COLORS: Rose and Silver CLASS SONG: You ll Never Walk Alone CLASS MOTTO: Do not say go- but go thyself WQJMQMIZWQXAJ -1332. M M S A Qqgmgw on ,, 'FQ-af -O al . ." -9 W " ed ADVERTISERS Allml lla Cla,-tl. C, Jw mlm ,U 'X C-4 fff ,,3-xf..a,..x...'i.x IK Ak!! ! X i ,, VERMONTVILLE GQSPEL FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CENTER CHURCH 250 North Mam REV ROBERT MCINTYRE DON NICHOLS Pastor Pastor Vermontvllle Mommg Worsh1p 11 00 Momlng Worshlp 11 00 METHODIST CHURCHES REV HOWARD LINDSAY Pastor Vermontvllle B1smark Gresham Mornmg Worshlp 10 15 Mormng Worshxp 11 30 Mormng Worshlp 9 00 Sunday School 11 15 Sunday School 10 30 Sunday School 10 00 1 ,' ,, D X X S 5 I I Y N Ax XJ f x yo N x x , SSN N Ny ll l I I i I I 4 1 Sunday School ------------ 10100 Sunday School ------------ 10:00 MAKER'S SUPER MARKET The Frlendly Place to Trade Open 6 Days a Week From 8 A M 9 P M Na s hvllle M1 ch1 gan C E MATER REAL ESTATE BROKER Off1ce 106 South Ma1n Phone OL 3 3771 Nashvllle M1Ch1gaD Compllrnents of WATROUS BARBER SHOP Nashv1lle M1Ch1gaD LAMDEN'S DRUGS Open Eve rung s Nashvllle M1ch1gan THE BLUE INN Nashv1lle M1ch1gan OTTO'S JEWELRY or Watches D1a,m onds S11ve rware Jewelry Charlotte M1Ch1 gan Congratulatmns to the Class of 1958 WHEELER CITY SERVICE Nashvllle M1Ch1gan HAROLD E SMITH 'Just a Good Place to Buy Clothes" Charlotte M1ch1gan Compllments of VERMONTVILLE ECHO Phone CL 9 8991 Vermontv1l1e M1ch1gan ' - ' St. - . , . . Fountain Sefvice The Best in Fine Food i ' i . , . . I f . - . , . . I , . . . , . . VEVA'S BEAUTY SHOP Hair Fashions to Please Nashvllle Mlchlgan Courtesy of KEIHL HARDWARE Nashvllle Mlchlgan ELSTON S GARAGE gl AUTO PARTS R1vers1de T1res W1nter Kmg Batterles Vermontvllle Mlchlgan Compllments of BULLINGS STORE Hastlngs M1ch1gan QWOM l C E 3,33 FIRST X' THOUGHT Where Your Home Begms COLBORN FULTON LUMBER COMPANY 316 N Washlngton Street Charlotte M1ch1gan Phone 9 C13 il W4 1- 1 H if' 'iz S Full Lme of GTOCSIICS and Cold Cuts MAC S GROCERY Vermontvllle M1ch1gan Compllments of .T SLG TAVERN Verrnontvllle M1ch1gan Courtesy of PRESCOTT MOTOR SALES LIL: HASTINGS M.. MANUFAC TURING COMPANY Ferguson Dealer Verrnontv1lle M1ch1gan Hastlngs M1ch1gan C0U1'teSY Of .TANOUSEK S SERVICE STATION Vermontvllle M1Ch1gaH . . . O V , ,, , QV ,, J 1 O -V, he Y v -I M I x.1 J O 9 I C I ' 5 Y - s ' a s a , I .53 . . . gig: 1 .sq vs-' A 1 . . 5 :3 lv? 3- -1 '--' . . '-1 . T F QT- 210. f5:::n Q ' -1 -il, 59.1 1 sa- Q . . - -- ,T W- -qs, if-12' ' T- V--" 2 'l - :xi pg-Ar : Y- 1 - - ' 2 - -- 1 s 1 I EATON AGENCY Insurance Real Estate Auct1oneer1ng Phone CL 9 8971 Vermontville Michigan FOWLERS INC Chevrolet Oldsmobile AND SAVE Charlotte Michigan SUNFIELD FARMERS ELEVATOR CO General Elevator Business Coal Gasoline Oil Corn Our Specialty Call Collect Phone 33100 Sunfield Michigan MAPES FURNITURE CO The Big Store 1n the Little Town Phone 3 3600 Sunfield Michigan LARKE Buick Rambler Opal Sales and Service Good Used Cars 235 S Jefferson Hastings Michigan Phone WI 5 2425 HEATHERWOOD FARMS I Want to Be Your Milkman Michigan s Finest Creamery 2791 East Michigan Ave Lansing Michigan Sincere C ongratulations and Best Wishes for Your Success" GRAND LEDGE CLAY PRODUCT COMPANY Grand Ledge Mlchigan I o . I . . qqul i hu . . Greases - Building Material , WERTZ IMPLEMENT COMPANY Phone 844 Charlotte M1ch1gan NASHVILLE IRON AND METAL Cars Junk Batter1es Radlators Farm Scrap DEWEY MUSSER Phone OL 3 8111 PACKARD S Furnlture W1th Comfort Style Durablllty Charlotte Mlchlgan THE BONNET AND GOWN SHOP The Store of Fash1ons for M1ss and Mrs Hast1ngs M1Ch1gan Compllments of MARC UM HARDWARE NASHVILLE NEWS F1ne Prmtmg Nashvllle M1Ch1gaH WILLIAM .T STANTON REAL ESTATE BROKER Insurance Auct1oneer1ng Vermontv1lle M1ch1gan Courtesy of NASHVILLE LOCKER SERVICE Complete Locker ELLIOTTS IGA STORE and Home Freezer Servlce Sunf1eld M1Ch1gan Processmg Our Speclalty Phone OL 3 8972 CITlZEN'S ELEVATOR Buyers of Beans Seeds Gram Headquarters for Wayne Feeds Coal Fertlllzer T1le Fence Posts Verrnontvllle Phone CL 9 7225 I 104 East State Street Verrnontville, Michigan Compllments STAN DARD! JACK AND GLEN STANDARD SERVICE STATION Agent WAYNE BOSWORTH Vermontvllle Mlchlgan EATON COUNTY BANK BARBER BRAN CH Interest on Savmgs Account Member F D I C Ve rmontvllle Mxchlgan Compllments of KELLEY S 5? to S1 O0 STORE Almost Everythmg Nashv111e M1ch1gar1 Fennack CONCRETE PRODUCTS Cement Bu1ld1ng Blocks Steel and Alumlnum Sash Cement Pa1nts Cement Gravel Crushed Road Gravel Peat for Lawns and Greenhouses Phone OL 3 2791 Nashvllle A comphmenfs SE SAVINGS! F0P'l -1 U l CHRISTENSEN FURNITURE Our Customers Buy for Less Nashvllle Mlchlgan S Compllments J8.H DRY CLEANERS Phone OL 3 2411 Nashvllle Mlchlgan Congratulatmns to the Class of 1958 Warren and Jlfiargucrzfcf Kurdlck Nashvllle M1ch1gan Zum www MONTGOMERY WARD 1 118 South Jefferson Phone WI 5 2954 Hastlngs M1Ch1gan X of 370 ' 1 q . ' of of O - , I -A UH H , xy WALSH S PHARMACY MABLE L AND WILBUR Extend Our Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1958 Verrnontvllle M1ch1gan IF IT S GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT Q Wulf COOLEY s tl DRIVE-IN See You After the Games Nashv1lle M1Ch1gan CHARLOTTE APPLIANCE 81 GAS SERVICE All New 1958 Maytag Washers Halo of Heat Dryers World W1de Sew1ng Machlnes Wlth Servlce After the Sale Charlotte Mlchlgan Compllments of Qevrgc fr' Wzlsvn INSURAN CE AGENC Y Nashv1lle Mlchlgan Phone OL 3 8131 UIC K New and Used Cars YR Zurfzce l6'u1ck Rambler Sales and Servlce Charlotte M1ch1gan The Road to Success Isn t on the Map You Have to Make That Yourse LOCKSHORE FARMS INC Our Products Are Just Naturally Good Kalamazoo Mlchlgan lf C ourte sy of RIZOR ELEVATORS Modern Elevator Servlce Wayne Feeds Nashv1lle Woodland Compllments to the Class of 1958 THE i FAMILY ,436 STORE qi' Phone OL 3 8741 Phone 2275 Nashv1lle M1ch1gan , li ak ' , I I I- 0 P 5' X B ffregg ' y ' r mf H 1 -5 7 DEAhIS SUPER MARKET Low Low Prxce GTOCCTISS and Produce Phone CL 9 8977 Verrnontvllle M1Ch1gaH PARMALEE S Ladles and Chxldren S Hastmg s M1ch1gan Courtesy of LAKE ODESSA DAIRY MAID QUALITY FEED MILL Complete Feed Gr1nd1ng and M1X1ng SCTVICC Buyers of Seeds and Graln Verrnontvllle M1ch1gan BOWL AT LAKEVIEW LANES Au' COHd1t1OH1ng AMF Autornatlc Pxnspotters Phone DR 4 4881 for Reservatlo Lake Odessa M1Ch1gan HS LEFTY S SPORT SHOP New and Used Guns Boats Motors L1ve Balt .Tunct1on M 50 M 43 M 66 WELCH Sz SON HARDWARE 81 IMPLEMENTS Sunf1eld Mlchlgan Cornphments of FULLER AGENCY INC INSURANCE Hastlngs M1ch1gan Compllments of HANNA S LOCKER SERVICE Sunfleld Mlchlgan E VV BUSS COMPANY 100 Years of Maklng Metal Work for Manklnd Hastlngs D1v1s1on Hastlngs , M1ch1gan 9 Readyqofwear '.D1fY Goods Lake Odessa, Michigan C ornphments of FURLONG BROS WELDING AND MACHINE COMPANY Mmneapohs Molrne Sales Serv1ce Nashvllle Mlchlgan Phone OL 3 2621 MILLS HARDWARE General Electrxc Applrances Plurnbmg Supplles Pamts Vermontv1lle M1ch1gan LOV ELL IMPLEMENT COMPANY Internatmnal Harvester Sales and Servrce Internat1onal Trucks Goodyear Farm Txres Phone CL 9 8984 Vermontvllle Mlchlgan NEHI BOTTLING CO Bottlers of Royal Crown Cola Neh1 Flavors P T P Upper 10 Lansmg M1ch1gan CHARLES VIELE BU LLDOZING D 6 Dozer Excavatlng Gradmng Crane Work Clearmg CHARLES VIELE Owner and Operator 220 N Ionla Phone CL 9 7230 Any Tune Vermontvllle M1Ch1gaH Cornplxments of RUSS KERBYSON FURNAC E REPAIR Amerlcan Standard Dealer 323 W Maln Phone CL 9 7215 Vermontv1lle M1ch1gan Congratulauons Lots of Luck to the MU' to the Class of 1958 Class of 1958 Ono S mowmuuse FUNERAL HOME MOBILE SERVICE Vermontv1lle M1Ch1gaD Vermontv1lle Mxclfugan o , n . . 9 . . . . , 1 - I I ' I I . . . 1 s 1 I 1 Courtesy of GEN'S HAIR FASHIONS Nashv1lle M1ch1gan Spec1al Cakes for All Occaslons DALE'S BAKE SHOP Hastmgs M1ch1gan BROWN DRUG STORE 'P easmg You Keeps Us 1n Buslness Charlotte Mlchxgan CHRISTOPHERI KING ARCHITECT A I A Vermor1tv1l1e M1ChlgaH Comphments of lfauug 5 JEWELRY S1r1ce 1933 1fts That Last Charlotte M1ChlgaH BOB LEPPO SALES 202 Lansmg Street Your Factory Author1zed Dodge Plymouth Dealer Charlotte M1ch1gan Towmg Wrecker Servmce PLYMOUTH We Carry a Complete Stock Th Y Ah d C of Dodge Plymouth Parts e ears ea ar Congratulanons to the Class of 1958 ARTHUR L BARNINGHAM GENERAL INSURANCE Phone CL 9 7289 Vermontvllle Mxclugan Compliments of ROSE DRESS SHOP Food Center Arcade Hastlngs M1ch1gan Compllments WOODARD'S MOBIL SERVICE 'The Nashv1lle M1ch1gan FLORY'S CAFE Snack That Br1ngs You Back" Vermontvxlle M1ch1gan I 1' ' 1 I IG ' I I ' ful - I ' ' .E 1"-W ' li W" . - . IH! X , :zulu-.3 ' o f MILLER JEWELERS A Square Deal Always D1amonds Watches Sllver G1fts for All Occaslons 119 W State St Hastlngs MlCh1gaH Zxgawczfe ecaehg WILSON TV RADIO SERVICE Phone CL 9 7277 Completely Guaranteed Servlce and Parts Vermontv1lle Mlchxgan Compllrnents of VOMBERG 'S Charlotte Mlchlgan Comphnfxents of LARRY'S GARAGE Phone CL 9 8988 Vermontv1lle M1ChlgaH Congratulatmns to the Class of '58 BEN H LENIK 8m SONS Vermontv1lle Mlchlgan JAKE'S WATCH SHOP Professxonal Watch Repaxr Phone 582 207 S Mam St Charlotte M1ch1gan Comphments of SHELDON'S LUMBER Phone 63 Charlotte Mlchlgan VANDERSTOW CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Plant Phone 2 140 Charlotte M1ch1gan GAMBLES The Frxendly Store Nashv11le M1ChlgaH C omphments of TEBE TEMAN COUNTY CLERK AND REGISTER OF DEEDS Charlotte , M1ch1gan D 7 , , I I 7 .Img 1 A . rv . 1 IX . . X o 1 2 7 Q 1 JOHNNIE'S AUTO PARTS Engme Tune Ups Radxator Work Englne Rebuxldxngs Vermontwlle Mlchmgan NASHVILLE CO OPERATIVE ELEVATOR ASSOCIATION Nashvxlle Mlchxgan DOUSE REXALL DRUG STORE Drugs and Jewelry Nashvllle Mxchxgan Complufnents of CHARLOTTE RECREATION Bowl for Health WCER CHARLOTTE EATON COUNTY RADIO 1390 K C Servlng All of Eaton County and M1d Mlchxgan Wlth the Best 1n Muslc News and Sports Schrader Huber AGENCY Ins urance and Bond 106 E Lawrence Ave Charlotte Mlch Vermontv1lle Branch Phone CL 9 8933 CLIFFORD PRESCOTT Manager Compllments of MICHIGAN MAGNETICS INC Vermontv1lle Mlchlgan Clothmg Shoes Housewares Not1ons G1fts for Every Occasxon LEXEN'S VARIETY Complxments of CURTIS BARBER SHOP Vermontv1lle Mxchxgan Good Luck to the Class of '58 TRUMBLE'S TAVERN Vermontvllle M1ch1gan Charlotte , Michigan s , . l f We, the Senior Class of '58, wish to take this space to sincerely thank the merchants of Vermontville and surrounding communities for enabling us to produce this yearbook, the "Verhian THE VERHIAN STAFF OF 58 y fl 77 1 Co-Editors ---------------- N. MOORE, C. STEWARD Business Manager --------------------- E. ZEMKE Circulation Editor -------------- - - - - ---- P. BYRD Advertising Manager ------------ ------- L . CHILDS Typists ------------- J, FAUST, P, SCHAUB, H. WILCOX Copy Editor Photography Treasurer Advisor G WALTER J JANOUSEK N KELSEY B HUMPHREY lf or VU D 1 mn ' -- , , -

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