Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI)

 - Class of 1957

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Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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f am! AA 0 , LM T9 d !'K ,391 '32 mf in si? M Wifrszwhe WWE 'E A. H5874 MW l eww: 14005446 Edlwf ASSISIHHI Edltor MARY LOU HOSEY awww' RIC HA RD LEE WELLS RM Fxrst row M Tompkms, M Hulbert R Wells M Hosey S Stairs Advlsor Mlss 0 Merhn Second row C Steward N Moore A Zakshesky C Van Neste S Wells, M McLaugh11n V Reed L Dale J Husman Thud row J Gordenskl D Hummel H Thompson B McDonald J Bnggs, L MacDonald L Woodbury 1-X For more than half a century, Vermontvllle High School has stood as a center of learmng rn our commumty Hundreds of students have gone out from thls school to take their places tn colleges vocattons and Jobs The records of achtevement whlch they have left behmd and the measures of success whrch have come to them mdtcate that Vermontvrlle Hlgh School was and lS an mstttutlon of learmng of whtch any commumty mtght be proud to call tts own Yes Vermontvrlle l-hgh School stands as a monument to education Flguratlvely speaking we say that tts protectlng walls have been a shleld agamst the 1ll wtnds of 1llrteracy Its doors have opened the way to learnmg Its wmdows have let ln the light of knowledge and truth tts roof has wlthstood the storms of lntolerance Wtthm tts walls, 1ts warmth has served as a fnendly hearth, radlatlng trust and fnendshlp among stu dents and teachers In apprecratnon to allwho have helped to matntam Vermont vrlle I-hgh School and to every wholesome and uphfung rn fluence whtch has helped to make Vermontvllle l-hgh School what it has been and is, we, the editors, present the 1957 Verhian 'X 'fx DAVID B MCDOWELL To Mr McDowell, who has been teacher, coach and ad vlsor whose patlence and guldance rhls semor year have helped us through each endeavor and class pro1ect wlth whom we h ave spent many an enjoyable and learned hour we the sen lor class of 1957 do dedlcate the 1957 Verhran if? W '? 5: H i? ,Z 4 K Q :rf i My 7 WU? 0 0 , ff! FX C7 hx 4S'2? MR DAVID MCDOWELL MR JACK MALE1-TE gocndofg sl 5 IQ Et I it il E Steward N McLaugh11n R Zemke H Kelsey J Malette Supenntendent C Rockafellar BEATRICE BOWERMAN Bob Jones Umverslty B S Enghsh and Dramaucs IENNIE BOYD Eastern Mmhrgan College Mlchlgan State Umversxty Math and Sclence .FERRY CAMPBELL Western Mlchlgan, A Speech Therapy HERBERT ESCOTT Amencan Intematlonal College Mlchxgan State Umverszty Asststant Coach CLARENCE HUMPHREYS Ohvet College A B Mrchxgan State Umversrty M Muslc MUSIC WILLIAM KUHLMAN M1Ch1g3H State Unxverslty Jumor Hlgh Football and Track Coach ROBERT LOCK Mlchrgan State Umversny M Basketball Coach and Soc 1a1 Stud1es HELEN McGLONE Jackson Jumor College A Mrchrgan State Umversxty Home Economics gwgfb r Ai S . . ! 1.5 B,A. 5 . AWE' . 'll an hx ,, ' , ' ' .B. q f M... B.s. , g L .- O , B.A., .A, P ,L l - K7 I A 12 ' 1 s N. ' B. S. 5 HARRY MCMA!-ION UILIVCISIIY of Mmnesota Iowa State College M S Agrrculture and Shop OLIVE MERLIN Syracuse Umversrty B S Commercral and Jumor l-ugh INGRID NORTHRUP Western Mrchxgan College Jumor H1gh Latm and Llbrary ROY RIDER Mrchrgan State Umversrty J unror H1gh and Dnvers Trarnmg X34 lik Fust row B Rrder A Kroger I Wallace I Reed Second row V Nelson I Weller E Wexler F Smurs L Loveland L MRS PA T FOOTE N Mas D BENTON RALPH WELLS DA LE NORTHRUP X MR D MAKLEY I L Zhao! Frrst row R Hunt, R Schnver P Chllds, M Hedden, D Harwood E Wtlson R Weller R Hamlm Second row P Baker R Nrchol M Halliwell, J Foote I Zemke L Wlser l Boyer E Kmg P Baker P Hokanson J Goodenough Thlrd row K Hunt G Wells D Howe G Campbell D Gearhart,J Marshall C Sowles, G Becraft C Brumm R Ewmg, R. Plddmgton Co-Captam D Collier Captam I Rose Fourth row Advisor Mrs Weller S Hokanson, K We1ler R McGregor R. Pugh J McLaughl1n K Thrun L Shrpman, Zac? R Mathews, B Makley L Musser L Krlpatrlck D Weller C Benton, L Joppre 6465 R Edxtor Assrstant Edrtor M McLaugh11n J Rockafe llar dst., Frrst row Advrsor Mxss Bowerman J Chrlds J Faust, C Steward L Chrlds Assrstant Edrtor J Rockafellar Edltor M MCL3Ugh11H Sports Edrtor C Foote N Kelsey G Walter N Moore S Wells Second row L Marcum C Hrgdon, M Hunt M Zakshesky P Shaub J Janousek D Trowbndge C Brumm K Kmg, L Knop M Hosey H Wrlcox C Van Neste C Zellers P Fezatte Thrrd row B Gehman M Hulbert L Aldrrch K Reed D Hyatt, B Malette A Zakshesky P Arnston, E Gaedert, V Ewrng R Wells B McDonald adm Wacom! l J. Marcurn, B. Valdrck, L. Knuth, V. Reed, B. McGregor, B. Gehman, D. Hemze, Advrsor, Mr. R. Rider. Flrst row M Hulbert, C Steward V Reed N Kelsey H Thompson L MacDonald Second row Adv1sor Mr Lock D Hemze L Gray J Marcum M McLaugh11n R Wells J Bnggs Advrsor Mr Kuhlman Thlrd row D Hummel B McDonald R Valdlck J Newman B Slple Advlsor Mr Escort W Q 'W' " 1' Frrst row 1 Rockafellar B Gehman M McLaughl1n L Howe L Aldnch, D Wells D Hemze Advrsor Mr Lock Second row N Imhoff A Rounds S Malette G Walter K Reed M Marun L Chllds, K Kmg, S Wells C Van Neste Thrrd row M Zakshesky B Kelsey B McGregor N Kelsey L Gray P Schaub 51-11 1 Fust row A Rounds C Steward, H Wxlcox B Pugh B Malette Adv1sor, Mlss B Bowerman I Wxser Second row L Chllds A WISCI, E Zemke J Rockafeller N Moore, C Brumm D Ianousek J DeWater, P Schaub D Hyatt Tlurd row G Dean T Pugh A Ornmen J Faust, B Dale Fust row L Knuth D Ianousek D Hyatt, P Schaub R Weller B McDonald Second row H Wxlcox L DeBolt, W Tompkms I Bnggs G Dean V Ewlng, Advxsor Mr R Rxder Thud row J Faust, B Malette A Ommen P Arnston, C Zellers 0666 l Frrst row Advrsor Mrs Northup C J 4.49 Hrgdon P Byrd G Walter M McLaugh1m Second row R Brumrn C Brumm K Krng A Rounds D Smrth F Gardner Thrrd row L Arnsworth V Ewmg N Imhoff S Malette C Zellers D Byrd Eff .'a?l41s'I,g:-.L 6 ...-...g dl Frrst row Advrsor, Mrs. NorLhuP. 1. Rockafellar, D, Hummel, D. Heinze, M. Tomp kms. Second row D. Smnh, L, Trowbndge, G. Walter, L Benedrct, J, Reed, D. Faust. Thrrd row. S. Trumble, M. McLaugh11.n, T. Pugh, G. Dean, R. Wells. I I I 5' l' ' 1" in 'P-'Q jg!! In i - 'N i :J " 'bb Nffnf- .. ,, , I V X , 1 LZ 1 5 " ' I Y o.....4' f1 . d , G , D ' . C f Y .-, : gk it :' -- H . s . ' ' 2' - Csds KE ' A' Q - . ,Q JA V gn. H ' r 'V 'ffl L ' v 5 ' Q ""I, is-rj . : ' I 9 I U . I 0 I I I I . Q , . I Q . 9 1 l 9 o I o e g 9 . , . , ' ' 1 0 r 0 a 0 1 n , Q Q I , e L M Q ... Q.-,ir-gfmfr V J . E Af ' ' ...- a :S .4 I -' -c7- , U L.. a " 1' .I 1 f , ,1 V' x Y . , - ,X G f A , r. ' 2 -L: W'A' Y I Nb, ' . encofzgand Frrst row V Ewrng N Kelsey C Brumm W Wheaton T Prddmgton, E Zemke B Kelsey C Zellers Second row B Malette N Imoff A Eastman, C Slade V Zakshesky L Weller D McDonald M Marun, L Amsworth M Benedxct, D Hernze M Zernke R. Baker D Wells Thud row G Becraft L Howe R Colher M McLaughlm S Howe B Kmg A Amsworth, L MacDonald D Gardner E Tubbs G Foote B Gehman, K Mrlls A Zakshesky Fourth row M Zakshesky J Rockafellar C Foote L Aldrrch J Rockafellar C Steward Drrector Mr Humphreys D Hyatt D Janousek, G Walters, A Rounds, P Schaub D Byrd Edltd 640: Frrst row D K1ng,J Aldnch C Hernze G Gutchess K Werler M Zemke C Brumm D Howe Second row H Moore L Schaub J Ames I Cole I. Bene drct P Frsher B Brumm R Srple R Reed Thrrd row Duector Mr C Humphreys, B Brrggs I Zernke in P1an1st B Kmg Fust row S Lourle P Fezatte, S Trumble J Chllds, A Wlser I DWa er P Lourxe J Wlser Advxsor Mr C Humphrys Second row J Faust, D Wells, R Weller G Dean A Ommen H W1lcox, L Sanders B Kelsey S l 0 ig ' Dance Zami Seated L Aldnch M McLaugh11n L Howe B Malcuxt, C Foote Standmg L MacDonald, D Hemze, D Wells, B Gehman P. Schaub, A, Rounds, D. Janousek, D, Hyatt, G. Walter, D. Byrd. I l A Fust row E Zemke E Gaedert C H1gd0lC1, Adv1sor M1ss H McG1oue Second row P Amston, H Wxlcox, N Moore J Faust www fl 'T' Fust row Advlsor M1851 Boyd P Amston, G Dean, M Tornpkms H W11cox Second row J Janousek P Schaub D Hyatt E Gaedergj Clulds, A Zakshesky S Staus N Moore Thud row J Faust, N Kelsey B Malette A Ommen, M Hosey D Janousek G Walters iv- . I 0 1 0 I I D . Y , ' ' 2 o 1 ' 1 ' 0 ' ef do . M 4 4 H' E , . if W ' .. ,-' """' if wr 3 ni y N., , 0 ' 1 ' . ' . . . . . ' . . ' . : . , . , . , . . ' . , o - 1 a 0 I I u Q 1 o p n g I U O l C atwzegf off? I Frrst row Song Leader S Trumble Secretary N Moore Hrstorran P Byrd Presldent, S Wells Treasurer B Malette Reporter A Ommen Advrsor MISH McGlone Second row C VanNeste S Sta1rs G Becraft, M. Marun, A Zakshesky D Janousek L Sanders,J Chllds, Parliamentanan, M Hosey Thrrd row P Schaub G Walters M Tompkms, D Hyatt P Amston, N Kelsey M McLaughl1n atwze 14 may Frrst row Sennnel, L Woodbury Reporter J Husman Secretary R. Boyer L MacDonald Pres1dent,J Buggs Treasurer L Dale Advrsor Mr H McMahon Second row J Degner B Srple L Howe K Wells, W Tompkxns, L Arnsworth D Smith B Gehman R. Weller K Mclntyre J Gordenskl Thrrd row F Gardner T Pugh, B Tomlmson, E Wells, D McDonald R Gusey A Eastman, R, Colher D Cook A Amsworth R. Brumm Qmunfocazdtle nn. Dlrector Mrs G Montgomery Student Dlrector J Bnggs Maw K Ballard Paw M 1-iu1bert Ellre Lou Duffunny M Hosey Dons Dean, S Wells D1zzy Mae M Tompkms Corney Belle C VanNeste Edward Small B McDonald Carol Hughes, M McLaughl1n Robert Bruce V Reed Sammy Fester H Thompson Zeke L MacDonald Curly D Hummel Orchestra J Gordenskr I Husman L Woodbury Stage Hands R Wells, S Staus J Rounds, A Zakshesky mmap -0 Y-'ln-41 1-fd 7005 .lance .af-frirfia .Q l L L Q-. Duector M1ssB Bowerman Student Duector J Husman Rrchard Early D Hummel Emlly Early M Tompkms Hope Early M McLaugh11n Dlck Early M Hulbert Mary Early C VanNeste Bob Early L MacDonald Delphre S Staus Randy Cunmngham R Wells Jenny Malloy I Staus Buzz Da1ly I Buggs Mrnam Walker M Hosey IackM1lford V Reed Sanford Welles B MacDonald Mrs Forester S Wells Prompter A Zakshesky Qi 'ff S N A . -Q: T ' kj if s , I ' I ' ' ' : ' i ' I 3 1 I I n a 2 I I I o Q ' , . ' Q , I I 1 o I . I Q , , Z ' ' 2 0 ' 5 r 1 I ' 1 .r 0 y o Q ' , , . , O . . f' M - kv'-4 v A.--L.,-..' 1 -. ,, l ' W ! I 5 'Q , 6 li 'Q 4 f - y f' f 4 l ' 1 3 K F' ' . ' . : ' . . s ' . . 1 ' l 0 D : I I ' 9 . l 9 Q I 0 : . . : ' . . ' : ' . - 1 1 , . ' : ' . . ' 5 ' ' . . 3 ' . . : v o 3 n , n Q u 0 0 "Hx ?ooz'!4!l Fust row R Boyce R, Brumm J Newman, R. Barrett, E Wells G Dean, B Fezatte A Amsworth D McDonald L Dale Second row Asslstant Coach H Escort Manager M Hulbert,J Marcum B McDonald D Hummel, V Reed D Wells,J Bnggs H Thompson, D Smlth B Valdlck D Cook, B Slple B Gehman, D Hemze W Tompkins, L Gray L Knuth R Boyer R J 1m Marcum Dewey Hummel All Conference Captaln All Reglon All Conference L. MacDonald, Assistant Managers, H. Gaedert, A. Hamlin, Coach, W. Kuhlman. Third row: 68604 15 f 'J HAROLD THOMPSON DEW EY HUMMEL DICK WELLS Qyn 'Q if' fa-1, JOE BRIGGS LARR BOB MCDONALD VERN REED 1l1::n l Xxxxxxxxlxj 2 v 2 3 2 U 21 Frrst row Assrstant Manager D Wlser L Knuth J Newman, B Valdrck L Howe D Hummel Second row Coach Lock, B McDonald T Pugh D Hemze V Reed B Gehman L MacDonald Manager M Hulbert 4-may First row: C, Steward, L, Marcum, M. Zakshesky, Second row: Captain, J. Janousek N. Kelsey, M. McLaughlin, 2 .:, , L , 1 " xxyxix ,,..E Y Frrst row D Smrth R Colher R. Brumm D McDonald J Barnhart Second row Manager G Ruffner R. Boyer L Amsworth, D Cook, C Cone A Amsworth Thrrd row K Wells B McGregor B Tomlmson E Wells, F Gardner A Eastman Coach Kuhlman mmWwwetq Captaln, C Foote S Malette N Imhoff B Kelsey D Trowbndge S Fxrst tow R Gardner D W1ser R. S1p1e L Trumble, D Htgdon Second row L J Nagle A Hummel, R. Reed W Woodbury Absent Coach!-I Escott D K1ng,J Makley R Ianousek M. Irnhoff J Reed C Smith P Starr V Hedden Schaub, H. Moore, C. King, B. Briggs, S. Boyer, J. Cole. Third row: J. Thompson, mm 7494 70411466 X sw Luv 1' vi' sql IQ 5 ug: Fust row L Schaub P F1sher C King, B Bnggs R Gardner D Hxgdon, L Trumble S Boyer Second row G Cole D Wiser W Woodbury J Thompson A Hummel J Nagle H Moore R, Reed L Trowbndge Thud row G Foote G Ruffner E Tubbs L Goodenough A Hamlin D Cook, T Hunt. Fourth row D Gearhart, A Alnsworth H Gaedert, R. Baker G Hokanson. Eff Coach Escott A 1 3 Gehman Knuth Hemze Valdlck Howe il? gaaelafl 1' 'z M' f z, Q.- If Y 1,94-' my ,N U hx lpn... Ms-90' X S F1rst row W Tompkms J Newman L Knuth R Valdxck J Marcum Second row B McDonald V Reed D Hummel J Harns C Valdlck B H111 M Hulbert Thlrd row Coach R R1der R Boyer B McGregor R Weller L Ruffner Manager G Ruffner Flrst row L. Gray, B. Slple, J. Marcum, C. Cone, L. Knuth, Coach Kuhlman. Second row E. Wells, D HCIDZC, B. Gehman, L MacDonald, V. Reed. ' , ' . I lf. 'Q' ,' , ' ' -Q , I ', N fx' 5 Q' 'fb-'X - 1 w f A z . - , E A 2 15.15 Q-Q ,1,,y.'4 , f , I xx? I Am" U ' . an-,.-f 9 'Il'-'J M A U , A. ' A ng - ,W - , - ,Nt " ' 'A 3 i w? 1 'rf f ,Q 1 f , 5 or "" " ' ' ' f 6 ' vu u , . 4 2 q I I A 1 ' ' ' , "5 9 'A ',,,,,.,,, ,- - f il l s , . . .1 .1 g , - f Y A x 7 I ' f"1 W' . 1 V 'bv V ,x ' - , -, 4 . ,. -, I, I, X V- : Q fn' , 3 W X . ' ' . , Ti"" 5 f 1' ' : 'ir-A I ' I 1 , . . ' .fx r - ., .li I ffff I Q-.ily ,VI V . Q -A - V.. ,I A rv , - x N N .5 B' X ' ' f ,, ' ff tn., ' ' A . r , ' ' f f ' f 4 X d 3 . f r I I . 42? ' : . ' , . . . . . ' , . . : U 1 I , O Q I . Q I l I I . ' I I 1 : I 5 . I U I ' I U . I 9 I I - 'QL M2 , TZ bf- sam 1 Zffwsws 1 5 -. 1 PATRICIA ARNSTON PATRICIA BYRD IEANNIE CHILDS LYNETTE CHILDS NORMA COTTON GAYLORD DEAN LOUIS DE BOLT IUDITH FAUST ELEANOR GAEDERT LYNWOOD GRAY ROBERT HAGER DOUGLAS HEINZE W1 A X mx 1 LELAND HOWE DONNA HYATT DARLENE IANOUSEK IANIS IANOUSEK NANCY JO KELSEY LARRY KNUTH KENNETH MCINTYRE BONNIE MALETTE JAMES MARCUM NANCY MOORE ANN OMMEN JANET ROCKAFELLAR LILLIAN SANDERS PATRICIA SCHAUB CAROL STEWARD WALTER TOMPKINS ROBERT VALDICK GAYLA WALTER RUSSELL WEILER DOUGLAS WELLS -N3 ' Hx. iii. HELEN WILCOX PHYLLIS WOODBURY EDITH ZEMKE Presrdent, R Valdrck Vrce Presldent., L Gray Treasurer N Moore Secretary B Malette Y-7 A R DAc if 'S -1 M Larry Arnsworth Lrnda Aldnch Ronnre Barrett Glorra Becraft Mary Benedrct Ray Boyer Cora Brumm Roger Brumm C hns Cone Beulah Dale Comme Foote Forrest Gardner 'S-' 'i ar V3 ,ps if 'mf .-'uf' fi sq' 'S' YY Y-U' 09? ,4- Brll Gehman Wayne Granger Carolyn Hrgdon Marjorre Hunt Kathy King Lois Mahar Judy Makley Laquita Marcum Marilyn Martin Cleta McDonald Robert McGregor Robert Myers Joe Newman Tom Pugh Kay Reed Carol Shumaker Robert Srple Lydra Stalrs B111 Tomlmson Donna Trowbridge Sally Trumble Ke1th Wells Janette Wlser Mary Zakshesky Margaret Zemke v 4 -J --9 'p R2 ff '3 C7 'N-. 1 'Q GA vw. W---4 -Q- 14 Vrce Presrdent W11l1am Gehman Secretary Laquna Marcum Presldent Robert S1p1e Absent Treasurer Judy Makely ' 'ini 5: :- i' Albert Amsworth Jrm Barnhart Donna Byrd Roger Colher Dorr Cook Jerry Degner Joyce D'Water Arlo Eastman Vuglnxa Ewing 1 N7 4 gi. - 2?-1..,'w 2 N... .mi 1 3.-z it una. Bud Fezatte Pat Fezatte Roger Gusey .fa ' 2 f 1g-" A rrr.: ,,, ff: 'M-N , .muh I V ' ' my my ", N K , yy an. I . . Q, -ws or - y 'Pm 4 yn- I , x .Q . E W, wf ! 'E 1 at 'A h PM Z be . Yr I .1 . V X 3 f xl. ' y I . qv , - 'P '5- L I .401-9 My Q' 1-"' be 4' .4 sf... Nancy Imhoff Becky Kelsey Bonme Kmg Lols Knop Sharon Malette Duane McDonald Claudette Pnddy Bonme Pugh Kay Roberts Ardean Rounds Mary Ellen Ruffner Douglas Smrth 1-hi 5 fgrfgfzd Lxnda Weller Erwrn Wells Carol Wrlcox Arlene Wlser A Janet Wlser Carol Zellers Patncla Loune Sandra Loune M-kk - V I Secretary, Patr1c1a Fezatte, Presldent, Carol Zellers, Vrce Presrdent, Sharon Malette Treasurer, Nancy Imhoff. ' nn,r H . 1 - . V x 'Ax . " , Q 1 N . Y ' I . I ' Q 1 - '-5 lk Q of ,. ' ff Z 'J 6: N: K' f' , lfivozr, ,ref 4 ' . W Y R fy V. KVI 9, fl NI' 25-xv, T Pxddmgton A A1n T7 A03 7-1 2 L fre ,fff 514' 'sl 1.1.1 'sw Q sworth E Tubbs M Zemke ,Q an o-ff rv xx' X an V? Ang W 4 4 A I Aldrich R Baker I Ber1ed1ct V Vo111n er C g Brumm V Brumm S Bush I Byrd D Chxlds D Cook D Faust N Flsher G Foote P Foster H Gaedert, D Gardner D Gearhart, L Goodenourgh J Gordenskl B Goss R Ha111we11 A Hamlm C Hemze G Hokanson S H OWS J Mahar I McLaugh1m K M111s G Mur phy V Parker I , Li y '- , M 31 1 mf ' Y f I U , , ! ' - - JE f. :R If A f ,183 f 7",l'T xp 1 Q 'Af , f' ff . ,: 9 W7 I W . if fi V-9 Q 'E ff i W ,1 or D V V' -1 r. ..4 ,V ' ' , Y if D ' " .. - . r Q Q 'J ' If-A 3. l 'Q 'W Q , .::. .Q QQ., X 3 ,D f . , if g g Q ,F A K' 4 E Q ref v T s Q '54, , eg 1 , Ag? QQ, ' ,, 1 -. , . :M "' , I" Nxxf at a ,D Q 5 I f l 1' I 4 ,fx 1 EN ffffb' ' 53 , rorr V V -'ff 1-ls: Vg " ,mek A' 'B X v-7 ' viii, U1 5 'W ,,-. "' " ' , 5' " ' C e ' W L' . x 1 1. R J w. U Q- .1 'f if I N. ' ', H , P: 1 f I' R ' ,I J ' 1 6 an 3 r V U' QQ.,-1. -Q 1 W , - '- jf Tx Yr 1 . ' 41- V ! 'il' 1 Tr' , ', Sf V 44: V A - Q ' v-5 u-I J I G Pugh L Rathburn J Rockafellar R Shlnever R Shumaker G Ruffner C D Thomas, W Wheaton O VanNeste V Zakshesky fa'-pk .40 YJ 17' lc ,L Slade -ttf Nd F Hendden R Reed C Smxth J Makley Fx -1' " -1 f xr i -1 .. N at ,,-.1 el Q f sp. ,Y J --1 , ' 4 , , N1-. 1. S ' ' 1 .I ' ' A N. Belcher, S. Boyer, B. Brrggs, G. Cole, E. Degner, P. Frsher. R. Gardner, B, Gordenskl, G. Gutchess, D. Hlgdon, A. Hummel, T. Hunt. C. lmes, S, lmes, M. Imhoff, R. Ianousek, C. Kmg, D. Kmg. f ' , 4 R, x 4 V l . . . 4 ,., " 0 4 .. - . , x 4 . 1 L 1 R Q 1 - 5 A . Q A 'G Q 2 Xa , , . v " ,r ., ' .Q F . 'E P I I ' I ,Af Vvll' Y - 'N -,' A - ' ' Q ' li' l'l ll -C . M ' . I 'Sw lllx i L . , ' K 5 5 ' , Q, V 6 ' C 11 s 3 '- l , , ,, 1 4, E . Q . .G 'QQ Q3 1' . L, .. fic: ei-4, . 1 , . V. . - V ' . . ' h I' . i . . i " ' ' 4 . ' " - I - . R F f - 4 ,S 5, IK, 41 , . 'I 'I V 'I . . K., ijt, 'fl , ,I Q I - V 'AL 'sf KEN! r- ,f' 'V' -0? 'K-M -4 M McClelland H Morre J Nagle D Prlddy J Reed S Rose G Ruffner L Schaub T Shlnever R Slple D Stahl' P Stahr P Thompson L Trow budge R Trowbndge L Trumble D Wlser W Woodbury J Van L1ew 4: aacazgfg 3 !2"'P -qi Fust row G. Ruffner, A. Ainsworth, H Gaedert, R. Baker, D. Cook, A Hamlin. Second row L, Trumble, P Thompson, A. Hummel, G. Hokanson, Coach H. Escott, V. Brumm. D. Chllds, R. Reed, E. Tubbs, D. WISCI, - Y . A Y :fy 4' Q 'ti 4 X 4 an QA n ,V s D ,T ' t ra Q 4 ff Q , V R I 3 I A ' x . Q x W ff . X E' O A ' A .' gp x M G iv , A I vw' , V .Q . 4 lv .HSA rn X x , W .N , I 0 9 n g Q y 1 , Q 1 . 'AA 0 0 0 I 'O fgqwubzs f JOHN HENRY HUSMAN I0hn Trs the quret people that do the work FFA 2 3 4, Verhran Jumor Semor Play Class Offrcer 3 4 MARY LOU HOSEY Lou What wlll be w1ll be FTA 2 3 4 FHA 1 2 3 4' Archery 3 Grrls Gym 1 Grrls Basketball 4 Festrval Queen's Court 1 Verhlan Editor, Llbrary Staff 1, Class Offrcer 1 3 4 Paper Staff 3 4 Jumor Senror Play JOSEPH LEE BRIGGS Joe Able and wrllmg FFA 1 2"3'4' Archery 3 4 Verhran Football 3 4 Basket ball 2 Jumor Semor Play Photography 1 Varsrty Club 4 Class Offlcer 3 4 'R CAROLYN JEAN VAN NESTE Carol Some say she s qulet others know better FHA 1 2'3 4 Archery 3 Verhran Jazz Club 4 Jumor Semor Play Paper staff 3 4 Class Offrcer 3 4 Festlval Queen's Court 2 i If 'I J - : - : ' s - : - A : ' - ' : : ' s . ' -A nn - - n K Q - u . g . u . : , g ,pg A fi Ol I ' UI , . - - : : ' : : ' - : - s ' - : ' 1 so at ' N ' ' ' .N - q I - - - 0 0 l ' D J I l D I ' ' ' - - : - : ' - LAWRENCE W DALE Larry I am what I am FFA 1 2 3 4' Verhlan Footba'll1 4 Paper Staff3 L1 brary Staff 2 JOSEPH FRANKIE GORDENSKI Joe Not only good but good for somethmg FFA 2 3 4 Verhran, Jumor Play r' DON MICHAEL HULBERT Mlke I seek the hrgher thmgs Howard Cnty 1 Vermontvrlle 2 3 4 Sports Manager 2 3 a A 4 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 Paper Staff 3' Iunlor Senior Play Verhlan Archery Chorus2 FFA 2 5f"'2-.7 I 4 MARION DEWITT HUMMEL Dewey The more man knows the more he forgets FFA 2 3-4 Archery 3-4 Verhian Football 1 2 3-4 Bas- ketball 2 3 4 Baseball 4 Track 1 2-3 4, Junior-Senior Play Paper Staff 2-3-4 Photography 1 Varsity Club 2-3 4 Projector Club 43 Student Councll 2 3 4' LARRY WAYNE MacDONALD Mac I am young, but years have no monoply of coura e S FTA 2 FFA 2 3 4 Verhran Football 1 2 3 4 Basket ,.,,,, ball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 Track 4 Dance Band 3 4, Semor G' Band 1 2 3 4 Jumor Semor Play Varslty Club 3 4 ROBERT E McDONALD Bob A man who wlll make the most of hls opportunities FFA 2 3 4 Chorus 2 Archery 3 4' Verhran, Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 Basketball 1 2 3 4, Jumor Semor Play: Paper Staff 2 3 4' Photography 1 Varsrty Club 4 'Dx MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN Marg Serze the present hour FHA 2-4 FTA 2 Chorus 2 Debate 1 Gxrls Gym 1 Glrls' Track 2 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Jazz Club 4 Dance Band 1 2 4 Semor Band 1 2 3 4 Jumor Semor Play Paper 'Ms' Staff 2 3'4' Photography 1 Spamsh Club 1 Varslty Club 4 Lxbrary Staff 1 4 Festlval Qreen 3 Student Councrl 1 3'4 Festwal Queen s Court 2 WILLIAM ERNEST PARMELY B111 He lwes every day of hrs hfe Henderson Tennessee 1, Jackson MlSSlSSlPPl 2 Selmer Tennessee 3 Vermontvllle 4 T rade and Industry 3 Verhran FFA 3 Track 1 I, .0 J N rf ' 1 l - - : R - . U, fkv .' Q R ,R , ag. I- : I: ' : ' t Huff, IRIS STAIRS lne VERN H REED Il Verne IfI can't fmd a way I will make one FTA 2 Archery 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Track 1 2 3-4 Iumor Semor Play Photography 1 Varsity Club 2 3 4 Class Offlcer 2, Pro Jector Club 4 Student Councll 1 1? Thus the great thmgs from the small Woodland 1 Vermontvllle 2 3 4 Llbrary Staff 1 2 3 Semor Play Verhlan Chorus 1 FHA 2 3 4' 'S v-4-"7 HAROLD LEROY THOMPSON Pug Men of few words are the best men Verhlan Football 1 2 3 4 Track 3 Jumor Play 3 Photo graphy 1 Varsxty Club 3 4' SHIRLEY ANN STAIRS Shlrl Wlthout haste but wlthout rest Woodland 1 Vermontvllle 2 3 4 Guls Basketball 1 4 Semor Play Verhlan FHA 1 2 3 4 FTA 4 A .. .. : : ---z. --- ---s -- : '-' : : --: ' ' - Q . 5 .. : ' --:'. --: ' : ': z --. Q-Q4 'xi fa 1" , ...., -' all .' - --0,-v -, f P ' ' ' ' f l 3 ': ---: ' : - MAXINE JOYCE TOMPKINS Mackie A merry heart lS Queen O e world FTA 2 3'4' FHA 1 2'3'4 Verhran Grrls' Gym 1 Gtrls Track 2 3 Iunror Senlor Play Class Officer 2 Student Councrl 3 4' Prrncr pal's Secretary LESTER ARCHIE WOODBURY Nature rs a mrghty teacher FFA 2 3 4' Verhran Jun lor Play SAUNDRA KAY WELLS Sandy Lrve and let lrve FTA 2 FHA 1 2 3 4' Chorus 2 Archery 3 Ver hran Jazz Club 4 Iunror Senror Play Paper Staff 4 Class Offrcer 1 PTA Queen' Court 1 l RICHARD LEE WELLS Drck Lrve and learn FTA 2' FFA 2 Chorus 2 Archery 3' Verhran Foot ball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 1 Track 1 2 3 Junror Senror Play Paper staff 2 3 4' Photography 1' Varsrty Club 3 4 Student Council 4 ANGELINE BLANCH ZAKSHESKY Angle I see and keep srlent FTA 2 3 4 FHA 2 3 4 Chorus 3 Verhran e Band 2 3 4 Grrls Gym 1 Grrls Track 2 Grrls Basket ball 4: Lrbrary Staff 35 Spamsh Club 15 Paper staff 43 Senror Playg Senror Band 1-2 3-4. 706017 W an 11, F ids ff X5- wSy H- Fil Ftrst row Larry Dale Larry MacDonald, Ioe Brtggs, Mary Lou Hosey Second row Dewey Hummel Shtrley and lrts Statrs Joe Gordenskt Lester Woodbury John Husman Sandy Wells Thtrd row Duck Wells, Maxme Tompkms Carol Van Neste Vern Reed Fourth row Margaret McLaugh11n, Angle Zakshesky Bob McDonald, Harold Thompson 0 fly -'Y ,Q ' "fi- ., - ,f Q. I- V -5' vf' 'Z - . .5 4 N AW :P I Q ' .. ., 'fx' Hg v V ' W-J.. J--fl ,, . 'A ' . I nk U K A t . Q !4A I 1 in W sg. - V A ,J .1 Nxt' . t, gg X, Q fog ,I 1. , 4 fs ,. . 1 L, ' -.1 ? , TV- 1 -', ' f A s--ai 5 . 'ff ' sn I .M m ' 'Q 1: ,f s ' 3 'i 11 . , . V: V, , 4 nf s I vw A , 'un ,W . ' 'I wr e I. 4 1 .. 1 V g ' A . , ,314 A ' - -' 4 V x -,, x -:fubj . 'I,',I2- . ' Aj f A y Av., I ,,, V ' ' . . z . H-f fa' 1 P . - "N , 7- , .' A -4: , 4' - ' Qxx . . : ' . . z U A ' . I ll I U . . : . . . . . . : . . , Our school days are nearly over The parttng of ways hes ahead let us lrnger Just a wee brt longer, Recalltng fond memortes now dead Deadl No not that for those Memortes shall we lovrngly cherrsh forever It was the Fall of 1953 that we took our ftrst steps on the ladder whtch was to lead us from the posrtton of the green rnexperrenced freshman to the long dreamed of herght of the status of a senror A rather forlorn group were the 28 students, feeltng very much out of place tn the mrdst of so many wrser ones Mr Rtchard Slater was our advtsor The offrcers were Presrdent Lrnda Halsey Vtce Presrdent Mary Lou Hosey Secretary Mary Ellen Shetenhelm and Treasurer Sandy Wells One of our frrst adventurous expenences was rnrtratton Lrttle drd we know what to expect from the large class of Sophomores We managed to lrve through thrs ordeal and buckle down to the ftrst year of hrgh school whtch proved to be uneventful In the sprtng our small force managed a stand at the Syrup Festtval, where we netted a trdy sum whtch was to serve as the nucleus for the large amount of money needed for our senror trrp During our sophomore year our number had drmrnrshed to 27 students We lost Donna Crane, Alrce Fineout, and Sherman Wolever but we garned Mrke Hulbert and Shrrley Starrs Mrs Shaffer was selected to act as our new advtsor New class offrcers were Presrdent Vern Reed Vrce President Douglas Janousek As rt was the usual tradrtton to mrttate the freshmen we dtd so by havrng a fteld day It proved to be a more crvrltzed procedure but of course we drdn t hesrtate rn lettmg the freshmen know who was the superror Our frrst enterprrse in makrng money was a magazine sale boys team vs gtrls team The lostng team entertatned the wtnners at an eventng party Our next proyect was the refreshment concesston at the basketball games, whrch proved very profitable Agarn takrng our stand out of storage we set tt up for the annual Syrup Festrval thrs year sellrng tnnkets and refreshments Another year ended after we ordered our class rrngs whrch were to be deltvered rn the fall of our Junror year Upon returxng to schoo rn 1956 we had lost Mary Mahar Lrnda Halsey, Mary Ellen Shetenhelm Douglas Janousek Robert Gardner, and Cltnton Harman Thus we numbered twenty one Class offrcers were Presrdent Joe Brrggs Vtce Prestdent John Husman Secretary Carolyn Van Neste and Treasurer Mary Lou Hosey Mrs Shaffer and Mr Wtlson were our advlsors Strll clrmbrng we knew we would have to work hard Here we learned to cooperate and to face responstbtlrty 71 ' Secretary - Kathleen Ballardg and Treasurer - Maxine Tompkins. The first week of school our class rings arrived Again we had a magazine drive w1th the losrng team entertaintng the winners A Christmas time we organrzed the Christmas Dance using the theme Winter Wonderland In April we made our debut behind the footlrghts in Comm Round the Mountain an hxlarious htllbrlly comedy There was still more to come The tradrtronal festival booth was under way once more 'I'hen came the prom! We were proud of our fabulous Star Light setting and did not begrudge the time and energy spent in decorating for the occasion Under the moon lit sky shining stars and softly playing music we danced the evening away At commencement after decorating the stage, we were proud to escort the seniors as they proceeded on their way to receive thetr diplomas On September fourth we started our last year with twenty one seniors We lost McDowell became our final advisor We re elected Joe Briggs, President John Husman Vice President Carolyn Van Neste Secretary and Mary Lou Hosey, Treasurer In the fall we boarded a bus bound for Lansing to have our Senior pictures taken Our money making projects were scrap and paper drives and Semor play, which was Foot Loose Added to these we sponsored dances after the football games, sold Christ mas trees, and cards Also we sponsored the annual Christmas dance Snow Flake Ball was the theme We decided not to take the conducted tours of New York and Washmgton as previous classes had done Instead we planned our own mp using the school bus for transportation and with Mr and Mrs McDowell as chaperones and bus driver It is with a mixed feeling of regret and anticipation that we come to the close of our high school days We regret leaving our many friends and the old familiar halls but in the true spirit of youth we antrcipate the adventure of accepting the challenge hfe offers us M? SUDDENLY THERE S A VALLEY When you climb the highest mountain When the clouds let the sunshine in Suddenly there's a valley Where hope and love begin . . . . ,, . . ' ,, Kathleen Ballard and Joanne Rounds, but gained Bill Parmely and Iris Stairs. Mr. David 70466 We, the senror class of 1957, of Vermontvrlle Communrty School, Vermontvrlle Mrchrgan berng of sound mrnd and and sound body hereby make thrs our last wrll and testament We wrll to the faculty our abrlrty to get along wrth the freshmen We wrll to the freshmen our abrlrty to get along wrth the faculty We wrll to the sophomores all of our extra money so they won t have to work so hard rn the years to come To the Junrors we leave our government books and these rndrvrdual grfts Joe Brrggs wrlls hrs way through Government to Bob Hager Let s hope Bob wrll frnd rt as easy as Joe drd Larry Dale wrlls hrs love for agrrculture classes to Ken Mclntyre and Walter Tompkrns We hope they wrll spend many happy days rn agrrculture class next year Joe Gordenskr wrlls hrs abrlrty to paint cars to Russel Werler We hope Russell s car rs sharpest rn Vermontvrlle Mary Lou Hosey wrlls her good behavror to Ann Ommen Janet Rockafellar and Janrs Janousek May these grrls do as well as Mary Lou Mrke Hulbert wrlls hrs lrfe to Eleanor Gaedert We are sure she wrll take good care of rt John Husman wrlls hrs quretness to Larry Knuth We hope Larry can take a hrnt Dewey Hummel wrlls all of hrs old excuses to Jrm Marcum We're sure Jrm can use them Larry MacDonald wrlls to Robert Valdrck hrs abrlrty to stay away from grrls and use hrs trme to study We know Bob wrll use thrs wrsely Bob McDonald wrlls hrs herght to Lynwood Gray We expect to see Lynwood our tallest student next year Margaret McLaughlrn wrlls her abrlrty to argue to Nancy Kelsey and Gayla Walters We expect to hear more from these grrls next year B111 Parmely wrlls hrs abllrty to travel to Leland Howe We probably won t see much of Leland next year Vern Reed wrlls hrs abrlrty to hrgh Jump to Douglas Herrrze We know he wrll use thrs talent well Shrrley Starts wrlls her way wrth men to Phyllrs Woodbury Edrth Mae Zemke and Patrrcra Byrd We hope therr many men don t become too troublesome Irrs Starrs wrlls her car to Donna Hyatt and Darlene Janousek We hope rt doesn t grve them the trouble rt gave Irrs Harold Thompson wrlls to Caylord Dean hrs abrlrty rn football We hope to see Gaylord burnrng thrngs up next year Maxrne Tompkrns wrlls her Job rn the offrce to Pat Arnston Judy Faust or Nancy Moore We hope they are as effrcrent as Maxrne Carolyn Van Neste wrlls her long harr to Helen Wrlcox and Bonnre Malette Maybe next year they wrll have longer harr Rrchard Wells wrlls hrs car troubles to Lours DeBolt We hope Loure doesn t have to walk to school too often Sandy Wells wrlls her gray harr to Lynette Chrlds Pat Schaub and Carol Steward hoprng they wrll never have any Lester Woodbury wrlls hrs love of Alaska to Douglas Wells hoprng he wrll learn to lrke the outdoors as well as Lester does Angelrne Zakshesky wrlls her typrng abrlrty to Jeannre Chrlds and Lrllran Sanders hoprng they do as well I I 9 n u a . ' . a p 1 . . . ' . . . o a n n . . . .. . , . o o I a o s n - n a s u o a 0 e n . . . . ' n a - a a l l ' I u o . . . . ' . n n . . ,. . . n a 9 e 1 a o . . . . . I s . I Q - - Y . , . 0 Q I u JOE BRIGGS Srnce Joe rs the presrdent of our class we grve hrm thrs gavel so he wrll hold the upper hand rn whatever he does LARRY DALE To Larry we grve thrs paper doll as he has had a lot of trouble wrth hrs grrl frrend thrs year JOE GORDENSKI To Joe we grve thrs drawrng paper so he wrll always have plenty on whrch to sketch hrs model cars MARY LOU I-IOSEY Srnce Mary Lou rs undecrded about gorng to college we grve er thrs map of Mrchrgan State Unrversrry so rf she goes there she wrll be able to frn her way around MIKE HULBERT We grve Mrke a blueprrnt for hrs house so that he won t have to desrgn one when he builds hrs home DEWEY HUMMEL We grve to Dewey thrs book on drrvrng rules as we thrnk he wrll be able to use rt JOHN HUSMAN To John we grve thrs prcture of a model wrfe to add that frnrshrng touch to hrs farm LARRY MacDONALD To Larry who s gorng rn the servrce we grve thrs song Far Away Places BOB McDONALD As Bob has always en1oyed prckrng on grrls we grve hrm thrs book on How to be Nrce to Grrls so he can polrsh up on hrs etrquette MARGARET MCLAUGHLIN To Marg we grve thrs alarm clock so she wrll always be on BILL PARMELY Srnce B111 rs so lrvely we grve to hrm these Jumprng beans so he wrll have somethrng to bounce along wrth hrm VERN REED As Vern has made plans to enter college thrs fall we grve to hrm thrs date book for we know he wrll be able to use rt IRIS STAIRS Srnce Irrs always seems to be rn the need of tape for her rrng we grve her thrs roll of tape rn hopes she wrll never run out SHIRLEY STAIRS Shrrley has planned on takrng a trrp to Arrzona we grve to her thrs trarn trcket and wrsh her a good Journey HAROLD THOMPSON To Pug we grve thrs can of blue parnt so hrs car wrll always be brrght and blue MAXINE TOMPKINS Maxrne rs undecrded about teachrng but rn case she does we grve her thrs ruler so she can keep her students rn lrne CAROLYN VAN NESTE Srnce Carolyn has long hau' we grve her thrs parr of shears rn case she ever wants a change rn harr style RICHARD WELLS To Rrchard we grve these seasrck prlls as they say the navy gets pretty rough SAUNDRA WELLS Srnce Sandy rs a fan of popular musrc we grve to her thrs certrfrcate for a year s supply of popular records LESTER WOODBURY As Lester has often dreamed of a trrp to Alaska we grve hrm thrs map of Alaska and hope hrs dream comes true ANGELINE ZAKSHESKY To Angre we grve thrs rattle so she wrll have no excuse for berng quret I :. . . ' . . . . : . . I . . :. . . . ' .h . .. . ., . , .d . . . . , . : . . .. ' . . z . .. .' .I ' . . . . . n ' I I : . .. .' . . . time. :. .. . ' . . . . . z . ' . . . :. . . .D . : , . . . : . . z . . . ., . , :, .. . . . . : . . . ,' 2. . .' . . .. I : . I , . . : . . . . . Joe Bnggs Joe s cows give more mrlk than any darry farmer's near or far Larry Dale Larry owns the brggest beef farm rn Mrchrgan Joe Gordenskr Joe sells new Fords and makes a few dollars on the srde racrng cars Mary Lou Hosey Works ln an offrce but strll wanders around town when she finds trme Mrke Hulbert Mrke s mamed and has several lrttle Hulberts Dewey Hummel Governor of Mrchrgan farms as a hobby John Husman Iohn's a carpenter has a contract to butld a new whrte house larry MacDonald Makrng brg money rn the Arr Force after 20 years servrce Bob McDon1ad Admrral of the Navy he conducts the potato peelers Margaret Mcbaughlrn College, then 1t's hard to tell B111 Parmely The happy wanderer Vern Reed II Vern s a teacher he teaches grrls Physrcal Educatron Shrrley Starrs Shrrley s a Wave and the wrfe of a sarlor Ins Starrs Rearmg little prlots for the Arr Force Pug Thompson Farms most of the trme rf he sees a frerght train though he hops it Maxme Tompkrns Elementary teacher Carolyn Van Neste Head stenographer for Governor Wrlltams Rrchard Wells Whatever wrll be wall be after hrs time rn the Navy Sandy Wells Model wrfe Lester Woodbury Lester rs keeplng hrmself busy trappmg mrnk to frnance hrs trrp to the North Country Angelrne Zakshesky Secretary who can take over 200 words a mrnute How young we were when we started school How large seemed the half a day When from our homes and Moms and Dads we had to stay As trme went on we bolder grew The thtrd and fourth grades passed us by and then We gazed up to the erghth grade oh so hrgh We struggled onward through the years The frfth and srxth grades now are gone And though rt seemed so far away lnto Junlor Hlgh School we have sprung Each day brought us a new surprrse Each year brought us nts fears Wrth every passmg moment came new laugh Wrth the future loomrng brrght ahead We are at the summrt of the hrll How hugh and strange the future looks Yet we clrmbed hrgher strll Clrmbrng hrgher on the path of trme Our hrgh school days slrp slowly by And we frnd ourselves reachmg to the Many tasks now lay behmd us Many tasks now lay ahead And we touch each passmg moment Some with gladness, some wrth dread. We shall always struggle onward, Never wavermg, you and I. future ter and new tears Untrl we reach our hrghest goal up rn the sky. . - , . , . . 9 9 . - . , . . . 3 . 5 I I - . . . 1 n - . u . . . Q . 0 u . . . - . , . . 1 . . 0 1 .- . s 9 o . . . . . 9 v , . 0 1 . . r . . 1 sl 4 s .wx 4 NX S mmm The Frlendly Place to Trade Open6DaysaWeek Frorn8A M 9P M Nashvllle GRAND LEDGE CLAY PRODUCT COMPANY N. I4 -RH '55, Grand Ledge Mmhlgan Phone 204W I VV,Atl..Sl-I S PHARMACY MABLE L AND WILBUR Extend Our Best W1shes to the Graduatmg Class of 1957 Vermontv1l1e Mlchlgan 7fefam0m"w!Q LOCKER SERVICE Fancy Vegetables Food Freezers Locker Supphes Custom Process1ng Slaughter Srnokmg Meats and Grocerxes Vermontv1lle M1Ch1gaH Phone 2111 Pont1ac Sales and Servuze LASS IMPLEMENT SALES lnternatxonal Farm Equlp and Trucks Congratulahons to the Class of 57 BEN H LENIK K SONS Verrnontvxlle M1 chxgan Cornpllments of Karim AGEN CV Real Estate lnsurancy Auctloneermg Vermontv1l1e 178 South Mam Phones 2142 3210 Congratulahons to the Class of 57 CDT TCD 5 FUNERAL HOME Vermontvllle Mlchxgan Compllments of the RANDALL LUMBER CO Vermontv111e M1ch1gan Cornplxments of JACK K GLEN STANDARD SERVICE STATION Agent WAYNE BOSWORTH Vermontv11le M1 chxgan ' 1 . P. - . ll ll . . , Lake Odessa, Mich. ' , ' ' ll ll I Comphments of MAR CUM HARDWARE Vermontvzlle M1ch1gan Comphments of MICHIGAN MAGNETICS INC V e rmontvllle M1 chmgan Comphments of JOE'S LEONARD STATION Vermontvllle M1ch1gan Compllments of VERMONTVILLE ECHO Phone 3811 Vermontv1lle M1Ch1gaH Comphments of RED'S BARBER SHOP Vermontvllle M1 chlgan Comphments of LARRY'S GARAGE Phone 4061 N Ma1n Stree Vermontvllle M1ch1gan t Comphments of J EG TAVERN Vermontv1l1e M1ch1gan Comphments of KATE'S BEAUTY SHOP Phone 2411 Vermontv11le Mlchlgan WILSON TV RADIO SERVICE Complete Guaranteed Servlce and Parts Vermontvllle M1ch1gan DON KELSEY D O Phone 3621 Vermontv111e M1ch1gan Comphments of PRESCOTT if MOTOR SALES Ferguson Dealer Vermontvxlle Mlchlgan Congratulatwns to the Class of '57 AURTHUR L BARNINGHAM Phone 3851 Vermontvllle, M1Ch1gaH Good Luck to the Class of '57 TRUMBLE'S TAVERN Vermontv11le M1ch1gan JOHNNIE'S AUTO PARTS Engme Tune Ups Radlator Work Englne Rebulldlngs Phone 2521 Vermontvxlle M1ch1gan Comphments of JANOUSEK'S SERVICE STATION Vermontvllle M1ch1gan Complxments of FOOTE'S CAFE Vermontv11le Mlclugan . , . . . , . . . , . . . , . . ' , ' ' . , . . . , . . . , . . Phgne 3431 Compliments of 3 o Q u , c u . , . . , , , , . . . . , . . i . ' S Comphments MOBIL SERVICE Tu-es Tubes Battermes Accessomes Washmg and Lubncatxon Complete Motor Servmce Ma1n St Phone 5721 Nashv1lle MlCh1gaH DRY CLEANERS Nashv1lle M1ch1gan Phone 241 1 Congratulatmns to the Class of 1957 yum? GMM!! Nashv1lle Mlchlgan Comphments GREEN WELDING 8: MACHINE Mmneapohs Mohne Sales Serv1ce Nashvxlle, M1ChlgaD Phone 262 1 Congratulatmns to the Class of 1957 STEWART LOFDAHL M D T W MYERS M D Nashv1lle, M1ch1gan Compllmehts of VVHEELEI2 CITIES SERVICE To the Class of 1957 Call 2851 Nashv1lle The Road to Success lsn't on the Map You Have to Make That Yourself Just Naturally Good WMM 02564 W Phone Nashv1lle 2451 NELSON BRUMM Complxments of fhwzawsewa FURNITURE Our Customers Buy for Less Nashv1lle M1ch1gan n ' of 1 'co. I . - . - U . ' 1 I I 6 X Compliments , KEN-ll.. ,ma Xl HARDWARE Xz 1 Compliments of Z Of Nashville Michigan 1 Nashvill e Michigan Phone 3831 Compliments of IF I1' s GOOD Fool: V 121 ZCD1? 'U 'AH ELEVATORS Modern Elevator Service C2053 6 N Nashville woodland DRIVE IN See You After the Games Phone 4741 Phone 22.75 Nashville Michigan Congratulations Compliments of to the Class of"57 C-:E:CDl-xC:l: I-I C E NAATEIQ VVILSON REAL ESTATE BROKER INSURANCE AGENCY Office 106 South Main St igan Nashville Michigan Phone 4131 Compliments of THE MONTGOMERY WARD 6 118 South Jefferson Z i 10" z Y Phone 2704 9 W" Hastings Michi gan Nashville Michigan I Q nl 1 I I . I K p ,A J A 1 . Nashville, Mich' Phone 3771 . , . . . A ' 1 1 Compliments of LATQIQF- F3-l JICK CO. New and Used Cars Hastings, Michigan Phone 2206 and 2208 Comphments of KELLEYS 59? TO S1 O0 STORE Almost Everythlng Nashv1lle Mxchlgan B U I C K Compllments of CLJTZTICE BLJICK K 'N Charlotte M1Ch1gaH CHARLES VIELE BULLDOZING D 6 Dozer Excavatxng Gradlng Crane Work Clearlng CHARLES VIELE Owner and Operator 220 N loma Vermontvxlle M1ch1gan Phone 2771 ANYTIME VAN SICKLE TQOVVLAN D INC Authorxzed Ford Dealer Genuxne Ford Parts and Servmce Bumpmg Pa1nt1ng Glass Charlotte M1 chlgan Phone 40 3 FDENNCDCK CONCRETE PRODUCTS Cement Buxldlng Blocks Steel and Alumlnum Sash Cement Pamts Cement Gravel Crushed Road Gravel Peat for Lawns and Greenhouses Phone 2791 Nashv1lle The B1g Store ln the Llttle Town 3994 W' V' MAPES FURNITURE CO Sunfleld Mlchxgan Phone 200 . r.Q, . ll ' ll 4 - 4 X , . . 1 ll ll - an as 2, A . 4. 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Compliments of Zgfzfefza Hastings Michigan Compliments of LEVVIES PLACE Nashville Michigan Congratulations to the Class of '57 DEAN S SUPER MARKET Vermontville fwsairf BARBER BRANCH 3 0 Interest on Savings Account Member F D I C Vermontville Michigan LGVELL IMPLEMENTS COMPANY International Harvester Sales and Service International Trucks Goodyear Farm Tires Phone 3531 INA I L..l..'E5 HARDWARE General Electric Appliances Plumbing Supplies Paints V ermontville Michigan Lots of Luck to the Class of 1957 TRCDVVBRIDGE MOBILE SER VICE Vermontville Michigan Full Line of Groceries and Cold Meats MAC'S AND GROCERY SAVE ,U f 1- AT V erm ontv1lle M1 chigan ' . 7 1 Vermontville, Michigan t U . 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Suggestions in the Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) collection:

Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Vermontville High School - Verhian Yearbook (Vermontville, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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