Vermont Academy - Wildcat Yearbook (Saxtons River, VT)

 - Class of 1959

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Vermont Academy - Wildcat Yearbook (Saxtons River, VT) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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I X XX?Y"""T7" 1 X ff I I I' X V ""Wf- -4 X X M! CK QW 1 I f f N -if X L59 5 -Sf I I II II .,-f'- x" f fXiX, f W L., I C' I1 I RW,-f Ggkllgxl , ff!- ff'I SQ 1 'Z Q 3 X., l If I -Q V if JIXLIIII 0 MII iw 1 jf f XII I ' QQ? Z' f - IM- f I X I C f ,I 6,4 xxx flfffpy 41 AX K f I CF iv- E-T4 Z7 QfE1i!1i'f?'I5 ii TMI ,-.IN Q05 AIU 3 N fi f76'X W i 3 W W1 I X Ik.. X fr I -'yy' fx I 7 7 YA Y Wfvfffff " E N Q f X . NX' IQ ,.", f' , IIIII I W , 1 . -,Yvx I' 3 I III 4 I '5"1i'11L?"I 'K H1 AX-S' I I Mi i Ir ZTIYI I ! I 4 H, I I if I 6 IL I I 'I X H I ,I 5 fi L g Z , , fi ,GI 6 T- I- , 'V K I .1 I XI L: II? ' I ' . I Ig! 7 1 Q I NI- I I ... I I I LI uf v lb D , I . I IM ff nib I I P' 2 L I I I 2: I L I I lxx' fu 5' I 2 1' 41 :2L.f,,.,..N'I' I 'III gl ,I ' wi f 'f 9' fgxj, I ' I! i XE XI lx A P , N im . - I ' I ,,f'E II ZZ? mx ' I 2 'X ' X Q 'Qlffkf - X gg' 'A' ff' " ' K Q W 4 QI II f "PH-gl - 4.1-L' X, f I . . , J tk . .1 f JV!! b X Xb Xi X 55? 9 X ww, 1 I I 19 lf' fig Q ,, ff , 22 .P Z I N .I J .X LX l ff xx X ik i lg I 6 I If , XXXXX VN N 'X 1 0 X f Svy-'ff ,. if I 5 Q X Xxxxsz- Z K J ff QS 3 I ffif I MHX, ij I' gixgv LI I. WCW I f I XII T J , I ' 1. I L I 7 IIIIIIIIIIW Xxls ' Q I a I I S131 f - 1 ' I z vo 'Qi' ' , lu 1-, I l ,.. N H -, Q I 'I,-X! A di! I A I' I Hxxf ffffiifj 'ff . I EI ZI 1 J I ,I I QI N TTT gf N .i?i7"' KK --., K ! 111 If Xin -4, I I, f ,I EX LIBRIS VE RMONT ACADEMY -1959 - .1 1 4 X X If X Y Z4 fg X X SL5-:E E20 , K xix X-Ns. X x x X Ragga My Q2 X Ba Jw Q wilflfii 52-ffxwx M Q,233'5XX V A fg- NX ff ,l . NL, RQW XV A 42 - 5 ff X X NVE, 7 '- F,M'.:jf'Qf SX A - N ,Q Zzw""1 ,V 'QQ X-1 f-v gi Z , ' Effzz x , 1 A 9- ,: ' iffy f figflyl 0 Q? f"'g1,fK l 5 1 X' 9 1 L .1 , funn-. L, Vjsfj 541 , f ri! 'L wQ7 f+ J 1- ir l ' f' v, W f 7 94. -kk 1 "' X ffl! f f 3 ug V Vx F Q 1 x IR if K, X go f' N' 'N , Q! l' 1-'-xxx-x 'lbw' I, in , H.. f RL k 3 :J X x J 5 LH NK f. X .5 A 7 P Q x ogy like M filXx 'AH rig7 X 4 7 5x Emi L 1 T3 '!vf.f""fCJ H U M, 'Q Kwai 4 V xd v 'ij THE ILDCAT .FR Him 153 ,i,'2llIua,X LL N ni'- , flramx: 1 ,, .lclwmk mlluf 1, 'V 41111 N-.X . 9111 Wm: Wplllhw ah.. ff,,a111mm1 Q x , fjQ4l11llMlv.luM,. 1 .1111 :gunna -4' l Am-mmgl' 1' Wf if Qi '44 I A gf fax 7 I a K., " riff 5 , g SM I 1 .iliuuulii X W Q 'wo K X541 L ' X --Q-"1"'x 47 a-,X-.lf 18 6 VERMO T ACADEMY 1959 Saxtons RIVCI, Vermont .I- Q - X I 'I '- yl- L NX ff. ' X-X 5-gy . x r I-1' ' A" ' A 5 X gif ' KX fun' TZ' la! ,-r-v'.- ,ff - H-e Zara' X! XX ag gl.: v X ' '. M "W .'.!.ia,f52' Y ' Qu 544145 . A NLR v ,- .-'Q T: ,ff - , . .f. ' 'u 'Iv A ,,.'1.,.-sz xr ' ' ' ' ' 1 .-sh!" ' , Y' ' 4, f -1 , ,-f':-fl -1- -u :f',f -'A' -Q' ' T ff 1- . -. .-4 1-3+ . 5 PQ' '. ,,. .. vii LHQQJ, A2595 .- A I-.-4 ay.:-.-am x bg' 1 ' - 1-?-2 x 1 1 ' A ' Q, , 4331: nf? 'EM fag '. 1 ' . ' ' -'aj -, ' rf' ,Q V 34,1 if- -" V' ff :T-.2 I -. ,I-3 -gg 6,3 ' 5.2 , .. 5 . A .5 5, fi .':1-'4f'1:','f"a: -V - Q-Ni ' ?j R 1 7 - . 4 E34-iiffiif. ,Zi-fl ' " - , , , , P-, . -ft, . fi, , -1 ' Y 1, . ,. , , ,Z , . , Y , Y ,f .J rf, Vg Q H V W , kv J If S f, f -A 77, W .,, V. , - 'gf 'fi--si3'-1, Q-x f. ' 7 .' . f' ' ' 1- .L 'ff '--5 D .. f , jd 'if N I - -C',. F -'J IX, . .- , . .wg DEDICATIO Nl' 111 I XI1x I 111111111 C1 l11x1t1 1 I 1 T 1 1 51'x11x :'1 11.1111111111 l1.1x1- 1111-11 111 I1 1 1 1 11.11 fi .11 1111 1'1'...111l 1111-.111111Ng 111 Xvxlflr 111 X11l1111x I 1 WN 1 s 111111111 .11I11,N111111r111 N .X 1111-11 Ikllillfll 111111 1111111 1111111 111111 I 1 11 11 ...11N '11 11.1':,f1 1l11'f11v1l1g1'1111115 I 11 1 II 1 1 1 111111: A311111 '11 11111 1111-11.111,x,1'1.1111111t IL 1 1111111 I'11 IN 1 ' ' HH' 1 1 1' '11- VW' 11 7111111 x'.1- '1',1111l1I '11L1', .1s .1 l.1x1111' 111111111111 11 ' 11 ?1?1..1'L' 'lm '11.1TF111111.111 TIM' 11.111 111 lk! 'J 41 V ,',X' a . .4 , , .2-, Jas." - Q- 'Z M . fsik ag g,.f , - ,igqfifv -- 7-, ur' f ,hi-,.Q,Y .fgfqzggx ,.r YA.. 1, ' A 59", -'A "fb:-' . .. gf. .f -',-1 ' i"."' k2g".T"' ,- mb- . a,ng M-mgmfg xv . M' -L' ."-'4 ' . ' .L O' ' 4 vhpr- f' 31 K if W TJ J!! . pf wf' Q 'X H, rg., 52. I , . 4 41, , 11' ,-' if ,, 7, , Q ui n.' ' - in , v- K - Auf. , 1. v .van iii-' " K: Q11 .gl n A ' Y P' I. i-.x . - lla: if 3, XX ,"'Q:a' 7 n 1 - -' I tL?,,i?,yS3 . ..- - 1 ff? Y' ,J AFL. A W Z' M? , A V. . ...-1w'??'51Q5 Aa ' .2 .igfvhLL4f',x . V ,. 12' b v -p, q. .AK .Wk , ,i 'vg K 'w,,,,.,?"?.fx", eg., , '- S in ,L.9n , r . as Si- fi-Lf' if ,1-,.. . -.5 - affpg avian V 4. -vi' EW I. :Q 1 aff' 6 9153. 4 , ' P' Q.. M. Q' - DMINISTRATIO x , 1 xg'-Q52 4 'QV ,-'35, ig I xxx ',txk'g4.. Wx-L ,W N-fx x'A.'utx, K ,I,' ,A ilk' r35l ,ZX Z f g' , ,NN 2 U A V V N g' xc'.'X: 2, ag. K K 2. f ix x xv I' 'S f Q 'if A ,gn .Y K 'rx F' 5 bmw! .,,,pi'Iv .Q5 -fi' . .s a'rjF'S 1 , ,..,Q,"4.1?,, , s A J 4 , - x X 'F a if ,t Yak 5 5 .ri wi, +3 sniff' ., LQ' If -Q t wr, 9 y 'a n 0 1 1 1 u v x Us "3 r v A .- -J i x r ea . Nl 2 N g ifgfx' ,iff MEI 3 A 5: ' A ,V ii? , , I ,., ,I J . ,, ...... W- . ff' 41 w,, zqL-1- ff- uf, 5'-.'g- .- .,.,5--- ' 1 . . . ..., ,.,, ,..::."' If "' ",'.w1a.:x'g'.,.IZZv.- -4-...P F-'ai -,Hg-.,, , -,JAX f We SENICRS q 9556 Cixi if QMS 275, If C g7g4"xyN . 4 X 1, wo , N 1 'WF - ,'1r"'X W ji I ,. 'P I -r V N. 'E fff ,X1XNN,fff 1xQ,,' r "f MAL 'l I Lwhi 2' others JOHN HARRISON ARTHUR 96 Burnham Road Andoxer Mass Chester as he rs wrdely known among hrs frrends rs one of the morc rndustrrous and hard xworkrng rndrvrduals at VA A srncere warm 'md enthusrastlc personalrty hc duotes hrmself eagerly to hrs rarrous dutrts Chets companronable nature has endeared hrm to hrs classmates and to Chets extracurrrcular actrvrtres rnclude the lead rn last falls play Krng of Hearts the photographrc edrtorshrp of thrs yearbook and membershrp rn several of the clubs at VA Though a regular member of the honor roll Chet rs a frequent xrsrtor at the Brodrnes fDrffrcultres rn Engl1sh9j As a result of hrs good work John can clarm a hrghly commendable and prarseworthy record Spam Football JV Manager 2 Manager 54 Skrrng Rec 2 3 4 Trarl Crew 2 3 4 WILLIAM KEMP BIGELOW JR 151 Garfreld Avenue Madrson New ersey Brll a three year boy at VA rs unquestronably the most actrve member of the senror class A xxrde xarrety of actrvrtres clarms hrs cooperatron and energetrc support Hrs effrcrent and metrculous may of gettrng thrngs done has made hmm a wrtal asset to the school Thrs year he rs the drrvrng rmpetus behrnd the yearbook staff as edrtor rn chref of the WILDCAT A well rounded rndrvrdual he has many rnterests not the least of whrch are hrs MG photography hr fr and the busrness world But dont get the rdea that Brll s lrfe rs all work and no play for though determrnatron rs a promrnent part of hrs character one cant rmagrne hrm vuthout a smrle or efferwescent good humor Brgs drlrgence and vnrllmg ness to accept responsrbrlrty should carry hrm far Sttmrlr Football hlhrrd Team 2 3 Skrrng JV Let ter 2 3 4 Track Varsrty Manager 2 Letter 3 4 Artrrrner Student Councrl Corridor Representa tue 2 LIFE 73 Photographrc Edrtor 4 VUILD CAT, Edrtor 4, Cheerleader, Letter 4, Dramatrcs, Productron Krng of Hearts 4, Camera Club 2 3 Presrdent 4, Scrence Club 3 4, Outrng Club 34 Headwarter 4, Art Club 4, Store Boy 34 Aclzrmer LIFE Busmess Manager 4 WILDCAT Board 4 Glee Club 4 Dramatrcs Productron L and Behold 3 Cast Krng of Hearts 4 Camera Club 23 Secretary 4 Scrence Club 4 Outrng Club 2 3 4 KURT BRANDHORST 106 lront Street Schenectady New Yorlt kurt a twoyur boy rs usually seen rerdrng a newspaper He rs est known for hrs conscrentrous rnd drlrgcnt study habrts and for hrs pleasant drsy osrtron Shakespeare once wrote Grye eyery man thy ear but few thy xorce He wasnt thrnkrng of Kurt at the trme but the quotatron aptly descrrbes Kurts practrce Behrnd Kurts tacrturn manner lres a profound personalrty Always wrllrng to prrtrtrprte rn school actryrtrcs one of Kurts chref rn terests has been rthlrtrrs The hrghlrght of hrs career rs the fact that he played eyery mmute of thc hrstorrt game yyhrth snapr ed Deerfrelds long strrng of yrctorres Kurt hrs been a yrluetl member of our class Sp rlf Football Varsrty 3 Ictter 4 Basketball Varsrty 3 Letter 4 Baseball JV s Varsrty 4 Amrzlzer Scrence Club 4 Headwarter 4 Outrng Club 3 4 GARY PETER BROWN Stoney lea Cross Rryer New York Four years ago last September a blond lad made hrs frrst appearance on the Vermont campus Garys accomplrshments rn the ensurng years wrll not be soon forgotten for he has earned hrmself a worthy reputatron both rn the classroom and on the athletrc frelcls Actrye rn school affarrs Gary was elected to the Student Councrl rn hrs yunror year and seryed rn hrs senror year as rts Secretary Treasurer As edrtor rn chref of LIFE hrs efforts went rnto both the bulletrn board edrtron and the quarterly magazrne Gary rs a leader Scholastrcally he has always hoyered near the top of hrs class In extracurrrcular actryrtres he has been the gurdrng force behrnd many successful endeayors Hrs drlrgence and wrllrngness to accept re sponsrbrlrty should carry hrm far Sp rlr Footbrll 'Ihrrd Team j let 3 Varsrty Letter 4 Hockey JV Manager Lctter J Varsrty Manager Letter 4 Skrrng Rec 2 Baseball Thrrd Team 1 7 'IV Letter 3 Arlrzrlr 5 Student Councrl 3 Secretary Treasurer 4 LIFE " 3 Fdrtor rn Chrcf 4 Vy ILDCAT Board mera Club Scrcncc C ub tronrrs Club l Rrflc Club l 4 Outrng Club H r 1 Qu 1el1 DAVID FRANRLIN BUNTING 370 Groxe Street Melrose Mass Daxe frrst :1p1e1red on the Vermont Aeademx campus last fall Although not one of the llfj,6Sl boys m school he went out for football .md man 1ged through lllfel xxorle and tremendous sprrrt to hold 1 Spot on tl1e wrsrty Dawe has used h1s l1ter11r1 t1lent 1n wxrrtrnq Sports art1eles tor school pub lncatrons S lol1St1e1ll1 l1e r1ted lonors I-le 1lso proxed to he 1 Q tx skater m'1le1nr, up 1n 1l11l1t1 w1l11t he lnlced 1n xxelght A qu1ck wut lnel 1 l1ke1l1le te111per1111ent 1111de Due 1 11ele11111e 1crSonal1t1 Nl Al IDXVARD BROXVN 157 Colon Street Bexerly M 1ss rouhle l1st f1l n s ele e matted to lxeep hrs feet 1lv11ys 1 111 e o x 111111111., XX 111 e1 1nd NI 1l i.qLl1PlCLl x tl1 l1e11y 11111 1 e QITSLINIII on t1 XllNl ey te1111 Sp lne l111 ueht 1111 C 1 1 entl1es11s111 fu t hrs 111n ept feet prox 1m, llllll 1e1 speed 111e111 1 IS 1 11 uxue un or ue1 one 1 A ur n1 s lngness to xxorl-4 l111d 1n1l l1e11ey 1 neless lllll W1 1ss 1 of ue ess 111 x1l11t IL l 1 0111 I'ootl'11 V21lSlly lettet 1 Hoeke1 Vllwll 1 Afflllfl Outmg, Club 4 1n the semor elm :mtv mt 1 rem Hoe es V1 1 1 ter 1 Tru Afflllflff Illl: 1 XWILDLAI -1 Outme Cluh 1 Ne.l "'l'l1c 1 liroxxn, .1 o11e-ye-111' hoy. gnc the- 11pPos1t1on .1 13111111 1le11l of t ' 1. 1 l whee , .15 11 st.111n1l1 lllCllll5L'l' of the v11rXity ' 'V 111. he 11111 1 'A ' - ' -- 1 '1 . T1 xllll to the line fxer' " t foL 1e1 ' ' 1- vi 1' 11' AIS 11dAf-I-1 le '-'-'tl hoek- '1 . 1' 1" K' -1 3 1 Q1.ele's - 1J'1 1' 1'11ele, " 3, sw -A ' ll '-1l J -- "l11nt. Ne.l .1 theerful hvy. 1111 111' 'ld f f ' '1' 1 'n l 11 f lli will f,',' ' 1' 1 'l't11r x1'l11t 1 t-'ati l' 'll 1, lllk l1i11 S 1 '.'. ' ' . l - 1l1o11se-5 to Apply 1i111.e'lf to. Sp ' gll, ff .' 1' 'Q ' .ig rllfiilf fi. .l e11."1,' 1 'J M-1,hifj Sf Few h1ll. V11 A13 k .1"it,' Let- ' -'IQ Llc. DFAN LADD CI ARK Q0 l dgebrook Rmd II'lIl1II1Ql'l1!'l1 Mass V L s non t Q s11r1t 1 tug st 14111 os L Nunn 1 QIXIL 1 1 lN utr rc 1. 1 ILIIUIWULIS LUINIULD 1 tm ut mam tr t tht lm tltu tum Da 1n xxxll bt rtrnunbtru or s nonn mt 1 LU11 11on 11 xx A t1p1 1 t11n s Q If 1Nll1L broad yu n1nLx Llklflg us xotul talents to the Ottet mtl the Glu Club Dean ned tt1Iy 1 t s 11 s IIF stf Hn xullnngncss o TI lmml for tlun s 1 IN mtucs t IU smou IS urr lum of suctcss IU the fu urt 1 oo 1 m lc L 11945 ,- oss cllllfllly ln11.,t1 Hot t lV lt t mn 1 Bm 1 W C 41!111l1t 'us t1 UI I Cvlee u tl Cl cr Ll er f 1mtr1 Club V1tt Pmsndent 1 Scents Club 3 4 img, Club l I Hauvn uter a 4 Art C lub JOHN IRPDERICK DICK II 77 Conmt Square Brandon Vermont Commg to Vermont Acxdemy h1s sophomore year John has been well l1ked for h1s fr1endly Qplflf md att1tude lnt1l be met Conme ohn qual1f1ed as 1 xxomln l11ter Nou he 19 often found vsrmng her or s1tt1ng entramed before hcr prcture A member 1n good stmdmg., of the manag,er1.1l torps ohn was varsxty football manag.,e1 ind IV b1sketb1ll INQDIASZCY tus senuor year HIS extra curr1tul.1r 1ct1x1t1u xmlude the Qumtc. .and Outmg, Clubs Smte hrs hobby 15 s11l1ng It I9 no xxondcr tlnt he spends hh summers ll the t1ller of h1s sulbmt on Ill-ce Dunmore nur lm Vermont home ohn IS ser10usly tons1dcr1ng a tareer 1n med1c1nf. It IS our fond hope that he makes l11s goal Spawn Football Mamrtr 'S Varsnty Manager letter 1 Basketball Manager 7 JV Manager Let ter 3 1 Tratk 34 Baselnll Th1rd 'leam Man aber 7 Artzrfmf Student Counul Corndor Represenh me 7 VUII DCA'I Qemor Album rtllflll' l S11 mu Club, Vue Pre-s1dcnt S Outmg Club ' 3 4 I DXVARD I VFRI 'I'I I INII RSON IR 5 4 Bernrrdston Road Greenfneld Mus mmf, to Vermont Aculunx rs s n ft: spcndmng., thru yclls n oxer Audnmx Dmm Fl 1 It s t wwn ucrwms re ect ls 1 11rd md tonstutntmus not tx O ten one sus othtr stuttnts ID ls room 'l9lClI'lL, him tn Italy them IH some vu ly IIILIIINC9 islclng mn It t em up xwth urls In USS thlnt, or Denm sun his putflts Stonelexqh Prospect School for Cnrls No matter uhtt Dennx rs lslced to I1 In docs IU emellcnt to Wltlm hrs fme and drstrxmrnltmz nt me s long., x 1 rn I 1 all lrsr w WALLACE BRUC E PENN Dorset Vermont Bruce IS a hard xxorlcrng student blessed xuth 1 personalrtx that makes hlm the best of compmrons He has qontrrlnuted to the ltfe of the sahool rn vlrrous ways ln hrs four yeqrs .xt VA Sknng for the mrsrty rn hrs sophomore year he broke hrs mlcle Wrth charrctcrrstrc dctermmatron he xxas soon out PFILYICIHQ on one skr H15 pcrsxstence pard off IH good seasons durmg hrs yunlor and semor seqrs list fill he proud 1 tumble performer at and on the mrsrtx tootball team Llllflkl NXIIDCAI qpolts Itltor I Outu 1, fu I ff 1 as gig ggi Thls yur he has done a flne Joh on the Student Counul Although he doesnt tike Spmrsh Bruee seems to be on wonderfully frrendly terms vsxth thc Lum tlqn The future douhtlcss holds some rosx prospctts for Brute VOIIV' font all ,lhlf Team 1 JV Letter Vtrsrty Letter w -4 Qkllflg V Letter 1 Vlrsltx letter 3 I Basehlll 'lhrrd Tum 1 IV Letter 7 3 Arrfzflfer Student Councrl I LIFE 3 Outmg C1 IIS4 SeCret1rxTre1surcr I I-Iezdxxnttr STEPHEN TODD FISHER Oxerloolt Lrttle Falls New York A good sense of humor and a frrendly personalrty hare eamed a frne reputatron for Todd durrng hrs one year at Vermont Academy Although rather retrcent Todd frequently breaks through vrrth a wrttrcrsm to reveal not only a comrcal nature but also a genurnely warm and honest person He xx ent out for the football team but a broken nose relegated hrm to a managcrral posrtron Hrs excellent tone on the trombone made hrm a promrnent member of the band Todds hobbres rnclude water skrrng sxxrmmrng huntmg and most outdoor sports Todd Frsher frne frrencl me wrsh you the best of exerythrng Spam Football Manager 4 Basketball JV 4 AFIIIIIIPI Band 4 Outrng Club 4 sty e the future S", BRUCE MICHAEL GAGNIER 6 Maple Street Wrllramstown Mass Bruce Farmer Gagnrer has been a clrstrngurshed member of the VA famrly for the past three years Hrs resourcefulness persrstent effort and loyalty have won hrm the respect of the faculty and the student body Servrng as Art Edrtor of the Vermonl Academy Life has been one of hrs numerous outsrde actrxrtres rn the past three years Hrs specral talent rs for rampoonrng comrcal aspects of school lrfe rn hrs mrmrtable cartoon Gag has been an outstandmg member of the Varsrty Skr team for the past two years wrnnmg rn hrs runror year the Roger Emerson Trophy for berng the best four ewent skrer on the team Wrth hrs great enthusrasm for all he does we are sure that Bruce wrll succeed rn whatever he attempts rn Spam Football Thrrd Team 2 Co Captarn 3 Varsrty Letter 4 Skrrng JV 7 Varsrty 5 4 Base ball JV Letter 2 Varsrty Letter 34 Amzrlrer LIFE 3 4 Art Eclrtor 3 -l Scrence Club 3 4 Outrng Club 7 5 4 Art Club 3 RIC HARD CIORGF HANSON 2867 L1 Iomi Pltcc Rtxcrstclc Cilnf As semor proctor of Sturtcxant House Rnck Hanson quxckly won thc rupctt mtl tdmnratlon of the n xx fruhnmn hop Rttk has 1 warlcty Of tntcreits th1t hc tant Lxplmt .1t .1 Ncw Eng.,l1ntl prep sthool In sunny Calnfornu hc has m.1ny opportumtncs to xxatcrxkl and svum H tlso t1lccQ much prxtle m hls hot 57 Chuy and h l1ll'1 Although our uquzttntanu. xstth Rltlc .15 a one xur hwy has hccn short we feel th1t his admlrahlt ,mtl rcfreshmg, Wcstnrn tr11tQ .mtl :dns haw. 1ddecl 21 Lcrtun somethnng., to our scmor class Indcmctl with much ahxllty Rttk LID stfcly hope for 1 suctcssful future will out 1 Lttcr IIUL. if Lnms flllflzl XVIIDCAI I Cru 1 4 Quan Cu l Outxnp, Cluh 1 STI PHEN BOOTH COODXVIN 76 C ollcge Strcct Montpelncr, Vermont btephen Shorty Gootlxun entered tlc dass of 59 as 1 post g,l1du1tc student and Soon ohtuncd thc rwpntt lflll frxcndehxt of lux fcllovs tltss ITN c-S intl the fatulty Wlth lm qutct emu of humor Stun 1lxx 5 plcasint to be vunth HL 1ppc1rs not to lx sustcptlhlf. to fm of tlq TLSSIUII He IS 'tn and htslccthill 'md trulc mm md tlurnng the full hc oftcn kept the football tc-1m out of muth Llxffuulty hy hns long tmscrxnr, punts from deep wtthm Wnltlttt ILIFIIOQ Stcwcs l,l'wQ foot txxogyuof blur. C1rn1v1l date LCC mule lthtrmmg, pzatuu tlunpxdn har lmkv uncut H15 Strength of clnrutnr md um Lll9P09lIl0I'l wnll ttrry lum prof1t1hly through the tomxng, yeari wit oo h1ll V rmty Icttu Bmket a Varstty Letter 4 Truk 4 Afllllllff Suence Club -l Outmg Club -A GEORGE HOXVARD HASSELTINE 14 South Church Street Bedford Hrlls New York George Hasseltrne rn 1 srngle year at VA has left a good rmpressron upon those of us who haw known hrm Vlrth rr pronounced drlrgence toward everything that occur res hrm George has shown that he rs naturally industrious no shrrnker of what he feels to be of importance Durrng the fall season George drd 1 grand rob as starting vurngback of the IV football team rroxetl to be a ferocious tiger desprte hrs srze and upon occasron was temporarily elected captarn An honor student he has shoxxn a remarkably broad outlook on lrfe haxrng such vrdely varred hobbres as geology and numrsmatology Ccorn colledrngj Alert and responsrwe George rs an addrtron to any srtuatron and we know he will prowe hrmself a potent force rn hrs chosen field of geology Spmrr Football JV Letter I Skrrng Rec 4 Arllrrtrer Glee Club 4 Outrng Club 4 SAMUEL TRAFFORD HICKS III Westminster Street Walpole N H The senror vuho holds the most posrtrons of responsrbrlrty and who assumes the most leadershrp at Vermont Academy rs undoubtedly Sam Hrcks Mule as he rs known by hrs frrends holds respect from both faculty and student body Sam rs serrous conscrentrous comparatrvely quret and hard vuorkrng at everythrng he has a hand rn As presrdent of the Glee Club captain of the xarsrty basketball and base ball teams and Presrdent of the Student Councrl Sam has shown great qualrtres of leaclershrp Desprte hrs many responsrbrlrtres he does a superror rob rn each If Sams success at VA rs any measure of what lres ahead of hrm he can look forward to vfhat should be a most enjoyable and successful lrfe Sporlr Football Thrrd Team 1 JV Letter 7 Varsrty Letter 5 4 Basketball JV Letter 1 Varsrty Letter 7 3 4, Captain 4, Baseball, IV Letter 1 2, Varsrty Letter 3 4, Captarn 4 Ar1ir'irie.r.- Student Council, President 4g LIFE 1-2-3, Sports Editor 4g Glee Club 1-2-3, President 43 Octet 3-4g Science Club 3-4g Outing Club 1-2-3-4. Q THOMAS ROWF KENISON 31 Wcstbourne Road Concord N l-I DONALD LEE KEEFE 48 Kendall Arenue Rutland Vermont Bundsre Keefe of Rutland High School Fame has also made a great rm pressron here at Vermont Academy as an outstandrng football and basket ball player as well as a congenial fun loving person Bundsre a Student Councrl member rs popular among hrs classmates Hrs competrtrse spirit and hrs willingness to cooperate make hrm the frne person that he rs We know hrs warm personalrty and hrs desrre to get ahead wrll bring hrm lots of success rn the years to come Spam Football Varsrty Letter 4 Basketball Varsrty Letter 4 Baseball 4 ACIIIIIIEY Student Council i Outrng Club i 'Iom Kenrson a txxoyetr boy at Vermont rs vselllrked by ll fo hrs a special abrlrty for getting., xxork rn on trmc which recounts for hrs func scholrstrc accomplishments He takes athletics hrs frvorrte pastrmc qurte seriously md has shown frn s ortsmanshrw on thc varsrt rrclrron rrnk and dramond If not at C P l Y S sports Tom can usually be found rn hrs room reading, 1 book from Dave Taylors library Wfhen not pursuing these interests lom occupies hrs mind with philosophy md model rarlroadrng Tom his yet to decide what career he urll pursue but there rs no doubt that whatcxer he docs md wherexer he goes h xxrll prorc to be 1 f e reprcscntatrwe of Vermont Academy Smalr Football V letter 1 Varsrty 4 Hoc ey JV letter 3 Varsrty Iettcr 1 Baseball Varsrty 3 4 Afflllllrt WILDCAI l Outing Club 79 I 4 7 Y , Q y , fi 1 , V ' A , - i . i, . 1 - V f X- y 4 L . l rin I ,ini I' 1 ' R 1 ' - ' ' ,' . a r , friendliness and sincerity. Tom has an abundance of initiative, as well as X . 1. " . ' 4 ' I - . - I l I -Q u v I ' 3 t , P . .L A ,u . K, - . 4' -'Q ' A' " e " " K rn I -' -J -'A - fl ls'- r 3 .-i r PFTFR C LPN LAWRENCE 1511 Msrrrbel Srnturce Puerto Rrco Pete Lawrence commonly knoxxn as Tarantula harls from the sunny terrrtory of Puerto Rrco Always a brrght personalrty around the campus he rs wrdely accomplrshed as a man of many talents Through these he holds doxxn hrs posrtron as the Groves own frx rt man Petes addrctron to traxelrng rs rnclrcated by hrs vagabond journeys to the West thrs past summer the relatrng of whrch has been a constant source of conxersatron mth hrs classmates He rs thrnkrng of a career rn busrness Thrs rs by no means a certarnty hovrexer for Taranch rs above all else a complex and changeable berng A very good natured fellow and a hard worker Pete rs sure to frnd lrfe an excrtmg and exhrlaratrng adventure Spmlr Football Thrrd Team 5 JV 4 Skrrng Rec 54 Camera Club 4 Scrence Club 3 4 Outrng Club 3 4 S' JOHN MAYNARD LINK Woodchuck Hrll Road Fayettexrlle New York john rs a most unpredrctable student Known here at VA as he Mrssrng Lrnk hrs easy gorng manners and happy go lucky outlook on lrfe make hrm an outstandrng personalrty Along wrth cheerleadrng john found trme to be actrve rn football sknng and tennrs One of Lrnkers faworrte pastrmes rs to run up to the gym and work out wrth the we-rghts for an hour or so john surprrses one mth the raprdrty mth xxhrch he responds to questrons Actrve rn everythrng he has lrttle trme to relax for hrs motto rs Study and sports frrst then the Grove john rs one of the nicest guys VA has graduated rn years Spam Football Thrrd Team 2 3 JV Letter 4 Skrrng Rec 234 Tennrs 24 Baseball Thrrd Team 3 Acmzner Rrfle Club 2 Cheerleader 4 Outrng Club 2 3 4 . . J 1 ,v-- . , cz , - r ' v v I . , Arlirilief: Rifle Club 3-43 LIFE 33 Glee Club 43 K- f . v QT, ' G 4 V. 4 1 9 I I . ' . , ul y . . . .. : Y . - - , . 3 r - ' ' S ' 1 , , . .I . 3 Z . CHARLES McKENNA LYNCH III Lyndon Greensburg Penna Charlre Lynch otherwrse known as Chuck transferred to us after four years at Shady Srde Academy rn Pittsburgh and rs now rn hrs second year at Vermont Chuck rs one of the well known group known as the Grovers The fall season found Chuck on the football freld but rn the snowy season he took to the slrppery boards on the nerghborrng slopes as a rec skrer Chuck has many rnterests rncludrng the source of hrs marl supply hrs favorrte car and college Hrs lrkeable and easy gorng manner wrll brrng hrm frrends wherever he goes Spam Football Varsrty Letter 34 Skrrng JV 3 Rec 4 Varsrty Track 3 4 Amutrer Rrfle Club 4 LIFE 4 Outrng Club 3 4 JOHN GILROY MCCALL Claw erack New York A congenral boy wrth a wonderful sense of humor John consrders every one rn school hrs frrend One can usually frnd John makrng up sarcastrc songs and jokes of whrch he rs justly proud Though not of great srze John was a frne addrtron to the backfreld of the varsrty football squad Through hrs perseverance and endeaxor John has establrshed hrmself on a frrm foundatron as a well rounded frrendly rndrvrdual Quags efforts last year produced a magnrfrcent example of a bull rn the Carnrw al sculpture competrtron John rs not qurte sure of hrs future but we can rely upon the fact that he wrll progress rn vshatewer freld he chooses Spoflr Football JV Letter 3 Varsrty Letter 4 Hockey JV Letter 3 Varsrty Letter 4 Baseball Manager 3 Aflzzlfzer Scrence Club 4 Outrng Club 34 K .1 v 5 ' - - .. .- r a v . , v , . . . - . . . . . V ' 7 7 . 3 Y -1 ' I - ' r , , ' . -, .N 4 .ot .40 v v 1 , . 7 . ' s v . . . . . . , . , . . . . Y . A. ' . Y . . , , .. , - . DONAID CORDON MUNNFQ '606 Dllffleltl Rold Sh1ker Helghts Oh1o Stuffy or Mac Mclnnes entered VA 19 1 sophomore IU 1956 and soon estabhshed h1msclf as 1 competent and hard yyorkmg 1nd1y1du1l H h1s proved to be a loy1l frmcnd and companron and would lend a helpmg hand to 1nyone 1n need of ass1st1nce He h1s gamed the respect of exery one bec1use of lllg depend1b1l1ty and resourcefulness He I9 1 pleasure to be 111th 1nd his 1 great sensc of humor HIS yaned mterests are shoyyn by h1s part1c1pat1on rn the school Outmg Club Dr1mat1cs Club Glee Club and Store Although not an outstandmg IS a gold enthus1ast and en1oys trayelmg vyhenexer gnen the chance He HSPIICS one day to become a lavsyer HIS consc1ent1ousness and per s1stent effort should mn h1m brrllrant success 5110111 Football Th1rdTe1m 'P V 3 V1rs1ty 1 Sk11ng Rec 7 34 Track JV 2 Varsrty 3 4 Aclzzmer LIFE 1 Glee Club 234 Dramat1cs Productmn 3 4 V1cePres1dent 4 Outmg Club Secretary and Treasurer 3 VlCC Pres1dent 4 Store Boy 3 4 DAVID SEXVELL McKENZIE Wrndfall Road Olean New York Dave MCKCDZIC IS knoyyn from Alumn1 to the Groye for h1s qUlCk and Splflted personahty and h1s neyer endmg supply of Bloody Mary yokes The 1mpetus of soarmg goals has drnen Daye scholastrcally to hrgh achrevements He battled h1s may to the champ1on seat at the pool table and was knovsn as the best shot wrth a slmgshot at Campbell House Macs amb1t1on IS to study psychology so he can analyze the fogged mmds of h1s fellow grosers Wh1teyer he does though me shall expect only the best from Mac who has been a great guv and loyal fr1end to all at Spam' Football, VHISIYY 3 4 Skung, JV 3 4 Afflllflff Glee Club 4, Outmg Club 3 4 2551 . 1 ' 1, , . I r . W , .K 7' . 6 K athlete. Don was a member of the varsity track team for two years, He . A . i K, Z . 2. N Q K Q Q V f ' , . . . , V.A. PERRY COATES MAYNARD 'IR 80 Hollywood Drrxe Hastrngs on Hudson New York Petes varred rnterests and talents seem to center around hot rods sports cars and photography but at VA grovmg has been hrs mayor fxeld of rnterest Out at the Grove one can always find frrendly good natured Pete and laugh at hrs hrlarrous lmpersonatrons or lrsten ln on some devrlrsh venture he rs sure to be plottmg Pete plans to major rn chemrstry XX7e all wrsh hrm the xery best and know that rn a man of Petes calrber success 15 lnewrtable Sportr Football 1 Thrrd Team 3 Skung Rec 34 Trarl Crew 34 Armrzzer Glee Club 4 Outmg Club 3 4 DOUGLAS STERLING MCLEAN 8 Rock Street Mrddleboro Mass Doug has been at Vermont Academy for four unforgettable years rn whrch he has won the fnendshrp of all Gropo or Tread as he rs more commonly known rs an easy gorng but mdustrrous person when grven a rob to do He rs relrable dependable and always wrllrng to co operate Grope and the Mrdget always keep the Alumm I rollrng rn laughter wrth thelr antics Grope has been very actrve rn athletrcs woe betrde the guy opposlte hum' as a mamstay of the football lme a defenseman m hockey and one of the best shotputtcrs on the track team Doug 15 mdeed our xdea of a good frrend and an all round nrce guy Spam Football JV Letter 1 Varsrty 2 Varsrty Letter 34 Hockey Manager 1 JV Letter 23 Varsrty Letter 1 Track 'P Letter 34 Armrtrer Dramatrcs Productron Bell Book and Candle 1 My Three Angels 2 Camera Club 1 4 Scrence Club 4 Outing Club 1 2 5 4 a 1 e' jp - A .. ., .. ,. - 1 A . s . . , , - . .-. . , I' v 7 3 'S ' 3 .1 , f, .., -. . . ,, - 1 v K . s .3 , .... 1 'H ie! ' I t 'K , . .Y . - I y u , . . 1, 1 ., .,, . . . , .. . , - a - 1 5 y - ., .- . , -, PETER HAMILTON MYERS 387 South Unron Street Burlrngton Vermont A natrxe Vermonter Pete came to VA as a freshman Durrng hrs four years he has always been one of the most conwnral and congenral person alrtres rn the class Hrs ape lrke antrcs have prowed most amusrng grwrng hrm the nrckname Ape Man As captarn of the frrst recognrzed cross country team he demonstrated both leadershrp and good xsrll as vsell as a defrance to all obstacles Petes ambrtron rs to study hotel management Wrth hrs pleasant person alrty and mllrngness to xsork hard he should qualrfy as an excellent host Spoflr Football Thrrd Team 7 Cross Country Varsrty Letter 3 4 Captarn 4 Skrrng Rec 1 7 a 1 Trarl Crew 2 3 Amrrtrer Dramatrcs Productron Krng of Hearts 4 Camera Club 4 Outrng Club 17 3 4 Head xwarter 4 V! fo 1 Nl ROBERT BURLING NARAMORE 89 Grox ers Axenue Brrdgeport Conn Enthusrasm rncarnate Bob has trudged through hrs four years at VA vsrth a look of sly rntellrgence mrnglrng a rest la ue phrlosophy wrth de ceptrve purposefulness Drrxen by warred Outlooks Nary takes part rn many school actrwrtres and clubs He enjoys the outdoors and rs Presrdent of the Outrng Club Nary rs often found rn heated quest of hrs hobbres water skrrng and elec tronrcs Wrth an rnsrde neva of the outsrde vsorld he and hrs room mate led therr corrrdor master a lrvely chase Hrs future plans and career preference stand open an opportunrty for some wealthy grrl to step rn Spam Football Thrrd Team 1 IV 3 JV Letter 4 Hockey 17 JV Letter 3 Varsrty 4 Tennis Thrrd Team 1 'P Trarl Crew 3 11511111161 Dramatrcs Productron 3 4 Chmera Club 4 Scrence Club 4 Electronrcs Club 3 4 Vrce 4' Presrdent 4 Outrng Club 1 2 Staff 3 Presrdent 4 Art Club 4 lm, -m ROBIE MARCLS HOOKER PALMER Bradley House Westmrnster Xermont In hrs two years rt VA Mark has earned eseryones respect rf not enxy for hrs remarkable rntellect md magnetrc personalrtw sshrrh have garrred hrm frrends rn the mam places he has resrded Always reads and vnrllrng to help rn hrs frrendly competent was he rs 1 loyal frrend and a person who can be depended on to do an outstandrng rob rt vuhateser he attempts Determrnatron drrse and substantral nrtrxe rhrlrty are three of Marks many assets porntrng the may to future success One of hrs xarred talents was revealed by hrs rnterpretrtron of a starrrng role rn Krng of Hearts Wrth a bagful of talents to draw on Mark can be counted on to make a good name for hrmself Sfmrfr Football Thrrd Team 31 Co Captun 1 Skrrng Rec 34 Tennrs Thrrd Team 3 JV l Afflllflfj Glee Club 4 Dramatrrs Cast Krng of Hearts 4 OLIVI R ROBERT NOYES 11 Atkrnson Street Belloxxs l rlls Vermont Wrth a broad snrle and 1 hearty srlutrtron Bob sruntcrs rnto the dry student room to herzrn mother dry of agrecrhle exrstence Rewealrng hrm self only through prolonged acquarntrnce Bobs pleasant easy gorng manner helres the sterner stuff he IS made cf Bestrr hrs placrd surfrtr and a ness pcrsonalrty emerges one loaded vxrth srtalrty and enthusrrsm On the foothall freld and the hockey r1nk rnd the baseball dramond Bob has demonstrated qualrtres of leadershrp rnd good sportsmmshrr W feel sure the future holds 1 multrtude of revyrrds for Bob earned throug.,l1 hrs persrstence and good wrll Spwzr Football Thrrd Team 7 3 JV Captarn 1 Basketball Thrrd Team 1 Hockey JV 7 jV Letter 5 4 Baseball Thrrd Team 1 " 3 Arflrfffer Qcrence Club 77 4 Outrng Club 1 2 3 1 4 I . ,. 1, . ' X V - K , f- - . . . .1 . . 4. '.r 4 1 a 1' 5 4 1 - fr ,AI A I' 4 -, va . I - 1 . . . . . . . Y I 1 -1 ' 1 w ' e .Y K 4 1 V K1 Q 'L W . .' . X 1, . . 'L' 1 ". r '4 . ' '. '. ' .L,. . - 4 ' 4 . r. r 1 . 1 ' .r v. c 1 f I v.-- 4 Y ,. . , .. , , - f .. . .-'A, 'y , ' 1 , -. ,, X 1 ' 1 4 " r 1 - , . ' 7. ' ' - ,, -, , ,' - V ' ' rv . A ' ' ' r ' ' s- r z f ' r .. . '. . .. 4 1 ' 1 ' H . ' -L . . ' f " . . A ' r 'A X- . I I at , x Q 'w -' 3 ' 3 , , , . DAX ID ARTHI R PRIC L I v XY elhncton Rold Dc XX rtt New X 4 rk Formerly of lrmesxrllc Dc XX1tt Hreh Nthtul IU New Hork Duc mule mark it Vermont ALlLlCI1lX n t nlx in 1 1 1 lc L ut mo as yxarm sincere frtend of ll Ha tmoy ytssrnr tue hours drstusszng, tue fcur sex yylth hrs roommate Bundsre Kecfc and JILICIUL on hrs next door pal Mmlge Taber Daye loyes to read ind thmks nothmg of fll'l19l1lflQ up 1 book rn a mght or tvyo Imay acrtatcd by an or trztlon last fall he scrycd is a football mm ager In the yylnter season he glued xuth the urslty basketball team We yylsh the best of luck to thrs be t mf tclloyxs Sfmrtr Football 'lhxrd le-am Mmazcr 1 Brsket ball Varsity Letter i Arlzzzmr Outlne Club 4 THOMAS RICHARDSON 303 Bmk Qtrect Attleboro Mass A man about thc umpus Tom rs ycrhips best known for the sarcastlc humor wtth which he addresses the truhmcn Thrs sem of yut his flowered freely rn the tltssroom and dormrtory makmg Tom a constant source of amusement Tom has put together a frne record of partrcrpatron on teams He drdnt let a bad and somewhat gruesome sknng acudent deter hrm as he has bounced back to a promrnent posrtron ln that sport Among hrs many mtercsts Tom tounts Jazz Brubeck and Mulhgan huntmg and of course glflS Wrtlm hrs motntted determmatron and dxs tmctlye aplomb lom lIlS tonyxnced ueryonc that hrs future IS loadtd wrth possrbnhtnes Spam Football JV Letter 7 9 Varslty 4 Sknng JV Letter 7 w Varsrty Letter 4 Tenms JV Letter 'I 5 Varsxty Letter 4 ACIIIIIIEI Rxfle Club 3 i LIFE 4 VUILDCAT Sta I Clce Club 'P 3 4 Octet 7 w 4 Ou ng, C u 3 I 4 . ' fe , ' TW55 ' 1V 2 J y., 'rr W4 gt, WILLIAM IOSTFR RICHARDSON 1 Shorewood Road Matrblcherd Mass Brg Brll has spent three successful years at VA drsplayrnr., hrs good nfrture and subtle humor rs well 'rs hrs wrllrngncss to face up to work 'rnd responsrbrlrty A loyal school supporter and r good athlete B hrs contrrbuted lot to VA Hrs acceptance of Icadershrp and duty irc shown by hrs good work rn the student councrl store and by hrs excellent rob as captarn of the 58 football team At the end of the football season Brll w rs g.,rven the E K Hall Awart for good sportsmanshrp one of the hrghest rwrrds 1 VA student can recerve 5170115 Football Varsrty Letter 7 3 Captarn 4 Hockey .IV 3 JV Letter 4 Skrrng Rec 7 Base ball V Letter 2 Varsrty 3 4 Acmmes Rrfle Club 2 WILDCAT 4 Yrre De partment 2 3 Outrnq Club 7 3 4 ROBIN MICHAEL ROSS 31 Wfestmrnster Terrace Bellows Ialls Vermont Durrng hrs four years at Vermont Atademy Rohrns borsterous humor and zany antrcs have contrrbuted a great deal to everyones sprrrt Always ready wrth a helprng hand or a word of adrrcc or cheer Robrn possesses an amazrng abrlrty for makrng frrends He has the uncrnny knack of k nowrng all that goes on 1 qualrtx that mrkes hrm a rerrtablc clcarrnge house for gossrp and gab He rs now gcttrng used to hrs recently acqurred nrckname Deacon brzarre yet strangely surtablc handle Robrns unlrmrted supply of energy has been 1 prrme factor rn hrs lrfe at VA Hrs warm and rowral attrtude wrll long be remembered by hrs classmates Spoalr Football 'Ihrrd 'Ieam 1 7 JV s IV Let ter 4 Basketball Thrrd Team 1 " 3 JV Letter 1 Track 3 Baseball Thrrd lcrm 17 Aflzzzlrer Glee Club 4 Electronrcs Club 4 Out mg Club 1 7 3 3 Scrence Club 4 1 1 1, . r, I . . , . ,. r . .. r , r . A ,:. . ,' A .- . . .. . 1 ,rll 4. B Ll .. 'r' ' ". r 3' V . Y . . . . . . . , 'z Y .. .l . .., , .zz.. .. - . , ...',, s 9 V7 y w -1 ' .,J , -. I - , r ' 'x t ""' " ' r I V I 1 'rr f Y ' v -'- -A V I . 1 1' 'l YY I 1 . . K V 'Fl 1 . 1 r .. ' L, B2 ' ,K 'L g , , , H A X a K . . I C- .. .V V p ,L ', . , --, - .y y .h., ., Q r, 1. '... ' a y ' .-...W ' ROBIR1 DI SHON SAWX l R 15 Niclroxc Aycnuc Rutlmd Xcrmont On thc lthletxc held Bah 1 unc cf the most cncrycctn members of the clus XX 1th a t1ght1nt, sp1r1t ml 1 t1crce dcerre to xx1n Bob repeate ly cl1spl1yo,l hls vullmgnews t1 9,11 all out both 19 ccntcr on the football team ml n the basketball tum NX'1lt1ngr 1010 Ds N1 lm mnltlle mme Ddlmon mom one lb struc b vu thnngs 1n prrtrtultr ccncril lmorcler mtl 1 rocunsh gallery of 'miortcd fcmales plasterctl on lm m1rror Bob D and hrs close f11cnl Bunclnc Ixcefc luyc xxcll upheld the laurels of therr home tovnn Rutlml 111 Football Vmty letter 1 Baskctlnll V1rs1ty Letter 1 Tratk V1rs1ty Letter -1 Atllllllt e Clu I lllli Staff i Ou ID C1 1 ERIC SCI-IABTACI-I I 186 Loyycll Road Schenectady New Yorlc bchab bccxmc U1U9lLlll'y mmclerl thm last year by yoxnmg the Glee Club Much to ucrwncs surprne 1ncIucl1ng lm mm he also became a mem bcr of thc octet and could be heard uery clay after lunch rehearsmg 1n the chapel yuth the other seyen members EFICS mtereyty mclucle photography and Sports cars A de'-otee of rec sknng Schab was fond of 1gn1t1ng the smokmg lamp 1n the felloyy sh1p of the Grow HIS congemal chxrrcter and f1ne mtcrests blend to make h1m a cl1St1nct1yc xnclmclual Spam Cross Country 4 Sknng V 1 Rec 1 Track VarS1ty lctter 7 Trazl Crexx ' Afllllflff Rxfle Club Secrctary " V1ce Presrclent v Presrclent 1 VUILDCAT w Glee Club 4 Octet 1 Camera Club 7 Scmnce Club 3 Outmg, Club 3 4 Art Clu ..l : ' 7' ' fr . -. . . 7. l 1 . . , .K ' " , N .1 . ,,.' . lk ti' I 'A Q in 1 v L in , A- 1 gc mv . -. . y tw ' . ' .1 '4 c" . 1 j ' 'f ' K, f.k 1 -'. '. . At. -. , 1 I ' . L, Sjw' 5 - ' , .' - -3 J ' 1 . Rifl b -Q . 7' " -3 tlg ,ltb-. ,, ' . y , , V' by , I .. YJ 'Z' shy 1-2-T-5 b-1. PAUI XWILLIAM SLOSBI RG 59 Reyqumn Street Neva London Conn Prul has been rn Vermont for tyyo unforgettrble years H rs alxxays ysrllrng to arcept responsrhrlrtres As 1 loyal trrentl Berg can he trusted rn anythrng he does Hrs warm eomprnronshrp rs felt by all who know hrm He keeps hrs assocrrtes rn hrgh sprrrts alyyrys ready wsrth a smrle and a good word XX hrle Berg nexer garnerl r berth on 1 yrrsrty team hrs sprrrteel yxrllrngness to to operate on the Vs hrs rnsprrerl hrs teammates A tough eompetrtor on the frelel off the frelel hrs zany rntrts keep thrnts from gcttrng, dull Prul cannot help but athrexe hrgh goals XY'e ursh hrm the best of luck rotr Trr ern rbslr a flllflgf IIIE 4 gelente Club I Outing uh CII? ROCLR NEXX TON SEAGRAVE 70 Capron Street Uxbrrdge Mass Reyerend Rogers most yronouneeel qualrty rs hrs yersrstently rn rrhle attrtutle toward all ot hrs rlassmrtes Hrs yxrrm personalrty rnel krnlly sense Of humor make hrm lrkeel by all and .1 close frrentl to many Hrs yarred rnterests rnclude sports Hrs fayorrte hobby rs trayelrnr., Drrr mg the summer of 1958 he droxe hrs Syyeelrsh 5aab out to Clexelanrl tr yrsrt a classmate Though Roger hasnt made up hrs mrnd about hrs earetr we are sure hrs rnrtratrye yyrll carry hrm to surtess We wyrll remember hrs srneere rnterest rn others hrs unhesrtatrng to operatron and the true warmth and appeal of hrs personalrty Spar! Cross Country 4 Basketball Thrrd Team 3 Varsrty Manager i Baseball .IV Letter 7 3 Varsrty 4 Trarl Crevy 7 3 Aflrrzlrer LIFE 4 Dramatres Productron L and Behold 3 Krng of Hearts 4 Secretary 4 Outrng Club 754 Scrence Club Presrdent 4 Heaclyyarter 4 11111 s1XXAII NNI 1111111 111111111111 N01 Lf 1 N 11 1 1 XC 1 111 s111 IL I1 11 1111 111 116 11t1't 1 11111 1 ll 1 1 11 11 Lllll. 11111111211 lllw mam 1111111us 1111s111x 1111 1 11 111 IH ll Alufllfll 11 11111111111 19 1111111111 Xxllfl 11 1111111 111C 1s 1111 11111111 1 1' 1111 1611 XX ILD C1111 1 11 1 11 111x 1111111 1111 fl 11 LN 1111 11 1 1 1, 11 111 1 C1111 N11 H1111 ba 11611 lk LllSlll0n L L fn! 111 C Ol l' U lfl l'011U An l1'CC.I'1f 111111 1 1 111 qL1L C11111 N 111 1 1 11111qu6Q1w we 1'11111me .1 V611111111 16L1n1 1111111 11 11 1 I1 1111, Rc l1nn1x R1 C 1.11 1 1111 1 1 VU C A 111 1 N 1 111111 1 T11111 A111,11x 1 1 11 1 P16w1111nt 1 C151 HL 1 111 s 1 C1m111 Club 1 ' TICJYUYEF 1 N1111111 Club 34 Outmg, C 1 1 34 I-161111111111 1 1 A11 C111 1RIDl:RlC STANLEY 1R A115011 Road lX01xm1l11 Conn lI116l1IQ6l'lf L11111 111111111,11.1111 F111 1118 1111 1111119611 a deep mche 1n the SUb9fJ1'lCC lllll 111111 up 1116 11.1Q 11 59 H1 1111 be 1111611611 to a s66t111ng mlcano whose Q111111n 11u1111111 b1111gs NI111CI'1f .111116x6r11611t 101 111m ID 1111019111 1n11 111111111 .iflllfs DCL11 111111111111111 1n11 1 un K111111 11111 1111r1C161zf:11 P16115 three 16315 11116 .1 16111111 11111111 w1111 1lF1L1Y1l'1j1 1.11111 111nque51s and 111611 gu11:11 p1.1x111g scssmns A 1116x111usls 11bs1u1ed .1b111ty came to the fore when the xearbook 211111 161161111 11u1 F1611 1111 111 5111115 and put them to 110111 ln the WILDCAT SOpl'llSllC.11CCl .1n11 116b11n.111 F1111 111s 111 1111 1111m.1 ki lflal a1111bu16s 116165 san for Ll 511161111111 fUCUl'L 1 ll 11111 V I 1111 1 C1055 Coun rs 1s11s s 1'1b1l1 T111111 T .1m 7 JV V11Q111 -1 l5lNL17ll1 'll'11fL1 Team 7 'IV 3 Varsm 1 1111111111 R 111 Club 1 VC ILDCAT -1 G166 Club 5 1 C11c111111l61' 4 Camera Club 4 51161116 u 1 OLIIIDQ ub FLOYD XVII I IAM STI VFNS Athens Vermont Ray of sunshrne support rf thc ft rlorn Il yd hy rll odd thc mot clestructrbly cheerful md lrkcrhlc boy on thc crmpus A trrrc Vermontcr Floyd arrses at 5 30 Fresh from hrs country plrce rn ncrrby Athens hc. brrngs to school vsrth hrm 1 glow of xxrrmth md yrtalrty that rs 1 yery real asset to the sprrrt of thc vtholc school He responds to cxcn the most ordrnary of remarks mth 1 burst of lrughtcr often rccomprnred by a frrcndly yet staggerrng clrp on the hrck In fall and xyrnter Floyd lrrhernrtes rnto the recesses of thc cqurpment room assrstrng Messrs Brrgdon Prcntrss md Wood As sprrng p proaches he dons hrs chrrrctcrrstrc up and yourneys to the rthletrc frclcl to deal mrghtrly yyrth hrs faxorrte sport hrsehrll May mmy more feel ns.---at We PHILIP TABIQR JR Nonqurtt South Drrtmouth Mass Mrdge as Phrl rs known to most rs a good natured frrcndly veteran of both the Grove Cas 1 prtrrn and the varsrty football tcam a 1 manager, I-Iayrng progressed through the ranks Mrdge thrs ycrr made the yarsrty hockey team In the sprrng hrs fancy turns to the tennrs courts yy here he plays a deceptrye game Durrng yacatrons Tahc rs usually found erther on a boat summer of 58 he sarled rn tht. classrc Bermuda racel or tryrng to balance hrs Trrumph I-Irs lrkerhle attrrhutes hue mrde hrm a frrcnd to all Wrth valor and good sprrrts he has acceptctl hrs role of human punchrng bag the fate of anyonc who hrrngs up the rerr of the class srrc wrse S I I wthrll Iouch 1 IV Manager 5 Varsrty Manrger 4 Hockey JV 3 Varsrty 4 Skrrng Rec rrc rm er nnrs rrt n fllllllr tcrlcrdcr I U rn Club I the warmth of Floyd s wonderfully ehullrent ycrsonrlrty rn ycrrs to come Sfwrlt Football Thrrd Team 1 Basketball Thrrd Team 17 Baseball Thrrd Team 1 I3 Manager 4 Trarl Crest 7 Arm mer Dramatrcs Procluctron My Three Angels ' ' ' , c - v . 7o4' is 1 s ' s rn- ' I I 1' . I A Q L L. . .' I L1 ' V V, V, . . 1 A K I . . . ' A s- is . jr . A Q . y . h . 4 r c J ' I ' -. fs . V I -,4,, V 'A Ak- F- , , ' I X Q . A I v y . . , , , A Ibm' ry for 2 , H , ' , f Y 1-25 T. k lwfz rg sg Tc- 'Th' 1 'ml 1, rr JV 2. Vg A ' ' ' rj Ch-A 'L ' 71 Camera CI h 2--Z1 Out- lf, g . -I-3-gi. 7 . HI NRY ERNIST TAUBFR 487 North Mun Street Gloxersxllle New Yorle H1n entered the 1l1ss I S9 ls 1 sol homore lflkl som est1hl1shecl hlm 4 1 1 eompetent 1nd l1lflXX rl-une 1nl1x1lu1l Dunne hrs xe1rs at 1e llIX een 1 s 1 enthu IISI who et the l'll!5l'lLNt teculs tor hrmself an curled these hugh g.o1ls mer 1nt other 1s1etts of has sthool earee-r H1s hard work mel frrendlxness h ue e1rned hum the resreet of hrs fellow classmates 1nd the faeultx 1l1ke H IS 1lxmxs 1 tlusure to be xuth be Cause of h1s elean eut refreshnm, 1tt1tude ton 1rd lxfe It eonsxderatlon for others humxllts 1nl optlmxsm 1re the CIFHIIYICS of 1 gentleman then no finer one than Hmk can he found nr! out ll 11r 1 L et v I t1 Letter 1 S ne V Le er VIYSIIX Lette1 r Afllllflef LIFE 4 Cheerleader 5 Camera Club 7 Outrng Club 7 3 I WILDCA1 I EWS in CHARLES BIRO VAUGHAN JR Manehester Vermont C B 1s Cl11flCS V1ughan jr prefers to be hanled eomes from the resort tovnn of Mmehester Vt Dunne hrs three years at VA he has made Ins presente felt chxetlx I9 the mannstay of the ski team whreh he cap tamed for two tears lhe texm eaptalnty was a tribute to hrs leadershlp shrp 1nd tompetntne spxrnt Whxle on 1.1eat1on he lb most likely to turn up on the slopes of Bromley or at some socral gathermg, Although he deems hlmself a solid English student CB ldrmts xxnth ehagrln that he has stlll not mastered the strut tural dxffc-rent11l INonethele-ss has skxlls nn other areas and hms eompetl tue abvlm should assure htm of 1 full 1nd mterestxng lrfe 5 mm Iootball 'Ihxrd Team 7 V Varsxtx Letter 4 Skung Varsrty Letter 7 Captain 3 4 Tratle 3 Basel'11ll Thxrd Team Arlzzzlzef LIFE 7 3 WILDCAT I Outrnle Club 7 v 4 f im 41. LIND LAXVTON XVEBER JR S61 H0r5c Inn Q1lflfTl1OII11S, Vrrgln lslancls Charlu: as Ilnds fncnds refer to hrm enrolled at VA 1s ,1 snnmr last fall an emqgrc from tha Vnrgm Ishnrls He soon shmxul h1s pun allty for xndrudualrstxc self cxpresslnn ln hrs f0j.,U1Sl1 hnrruts mknsh sandals hlaclc unrlcrshxrts l 1 rt.11n llttle red f L nglnr s 1 ll a Flexlhle Flyer slul Hrs quuk vut md frrendly rnfxl nituxc set hxm off as one nf those uhosr frncndshlp vull lx lung,1cmcmhLrul by thc sc-mor Llass Musnular 1n1l nnmrl umlcr thc tropn sun Charhc looks fnru.1r1l to cruxsmg the h1gh scas rrdmg surf hmrds 1nd mdulgmg rn s1m1l1r lslmd delxghts Has mynne ewcr really undcrstwd Imds xcry spcnml wmh1n1t1on of the hfrl 111011, thc mtcllectual md mm of the lslanrls that m1kLs hxm the lnscrutahln hung., he IN ww ross uuntry 1 9 HDF, Ru I lcnnls AIYIIIIIFF Cpllflflj, Cluh 4 DONALD ATWOOD XVFLCH Russct L1nc Lynnfrcld Mass Dun ls fuqmlllnyss xml l1lI'Ll vwxk pcrssmnmul xxrth 1 PINSIUD for rhr 1lLlx11tQ spurt of lwrkex thrmxn JH AkfL1llly hnclsu scams tu hc the prr1lnn11r11nt mruut ln Dons lrfn md xull rr ITIHLllI hr lm lu hrs LX 111111 ID thy mts fur thu l1st thru mars n1cr1t1ng 1 xarslty lgttcr muh yur Crptlln nf thr tum thls year lu 1l11l muah tn sustun lts high NlNlFItS Althuugh l1c wnsulcrs hmku thc unly rcxl spurt Don p1rt111p1tc.s ID ntlurs ns 1 Nlklkllnl As 1 xmmhnr ul thq Stmlgnt Cnunul Dun h1s Lunul 1 rnputmnn IS thg man uhm Mill mt thy wh llona md IS zlxxrys muh to llstcn tu sugrrstnvns fwrn Ihr lwlntm xt ln shl-rt Dun IN ln lmlxsprnslhlg md 1vuIst1n1l1n1. 1w1r11lxr ul thy scnmr lllss Nj' rf lwfrlull Ihml 111111 I ' fr11ssf41L1r1tlN Vnsntx a lntrrr I llmlru IV lnttu 1 Vrrsmtx lcltu 'Sl lirsrlmll llmrl lrm' 1 IV lrttnr l Vrrsllk 11 iw' Nm-'ant funn ll 1 X114 l'1s1.lmt A Cflu flllw 'fu111r1fl.1lv ' fl1l1HL,fl'lW l W sl ' 1 1 11 4 ?w s' r'5,,,i, :wr 14154 -b fr ' , fill' we: lf' V L ' Jn -VJ, ,if , N "ffl 437' ' f, - Q fiif'-Www 'r ' ' -,K ,lfriyg V" f' 3,25 f!'7, ' " , . " , ' ' ' 1 , . , ,A ' ' L ' ', a' .nm . ac' ' ' ir' L' A11 ve 115 ' V , ' ' I , ' , A ., ' - . - -. '. ' I , ,-- , . . r . , i Q A , , ' N , 'A K. ,, 4 Sm, " I lf. ' ' '. A 1 1 " . A ' ' , 4 1 ' J ' 1 x A . 1 A 4, Y A .J Sf 'J C A C .ku ', A' fg -1, , -M ,J Q K 3 . . ' L ', ' ' , RONIALD LTI XXHITEHILL il Green Qtreet Bellows I 1lls X Crmont 111 tl n1e X luteh tur 4 lul r or the lv, student dele-1,21 1un s tc ur sur vn the Hxll e t1hl1shed h mself t1rn1l1 IU the mm s 1 sen t ht 1 an 1ggress1xe erm1n1t1on tl cd 1 1 1 L Although nwt 1 stmduut athlete R wnme has IH h1s 1h1r1eter1st1eally mo est 1nd unassumme 1 1nner made 1 urs real mntr1b.1t1on to the sp1r1t and ttess ot t1e uns e een .1 mem er 1 t 1 hird to see xx mxone oull l1 1 4 XXh1tew ttr he Ltex tut tt h1s vnu to be fr1en y rnl theerful 1en you lull 1 Chu wr t1 l1st tune Ronme mm x ull bc t 1 suttustul future 1n xxhuh .1ll xx meet you xull note 1nl respent sour sen wondertul persomhty Sjwrzr Footb1ll lh1rd Team IV C.11t.11n v Vlfilfy Letter I B1sketball Th1rd 'lum 1 V 4 B1seb1ll rllllful Team 1 ' 3 A1I111!1e1 Outmg Club 1 54 GEORGE LAXVRENCE WILTSHIRE 45 Nottmgham Road Short H1lls New ersey In 1956 Short H1lls N sent Vermont .1 quxet well dressed stud1ous fun loung 1thlet1c 1nd1w1dual who answers to the name of George Vult sh1re In h1s three years at VA XX 1lt has been buss both ddlwlty msc and athlet1c:1lly In aLt1s1t1es h1s notable 1ccompl1shmc-nts are the ofmes of Secretary Treasurer of the Suente Club and Pres1dent of the Elec tromcs Club Th1s sprmg he has been a good eaptam ot the tenms team XY1lt .IS brought l1fe to the campus that vull newer be forgotten We are sure that xxhatexer he attempts 1n lrfe h1s pers1stent efforts vs1ll brmg. h1m success Spar!! Football JV Letter 3 V.1rs1t', Le er 1 Hockey JV Letter ' Varsm Letter 3 1 Tenms Vars1ty Letter " S Captsun I Amzzlzef LIFE Staff 4 NXILDCAT Contr1butor 4, Glee Club 31, Dramatlts Pr1wduct1on Kmg of Hearts 3, Sc1ente Club Setretar5Tre.1surer 1, Electronus Club Pre-s1dent I, Outmg Club 7 w 4 ? DOUGLAS JAMES WOOD, JR. 52 Fellows Street, Danvers, Mass. In his single year at V.A. Doug proved himself to be one of the most outstanding boys on the athletic field. Co-captain of the Danvers fMass.j High School football team before coming to VA Woody held the starting quarterback berth on the Wildcat team and stood out both in scoring and in rushing yardage Doug enjoys the friendship of everyone on the campus and is admired for his qualrty of never ending persistence He intends to mayor in Physical Education at college pointing tovvard a career as an athletic coach positron Dougs fight and fire suits him well for Considering his inexhaustible energy and driving desire to get ahead Doug should vrctoriously surmount lifes hurdles Sporif Football Varsity Letter4 Baseball Varsity Letter 4 Arlzzltrer Outing Club 4 WILLIAM WILDCAT Willie as this honorary member of the Class of 59 is affectionately known to his many frlends entered thc Academy community list fall when he came to inrmation under the pen md ink of Chip Smith Once born he proved in exceedingly versatile md eongenirl and at times almost obstreperous member of the cl ss Hrs ehirrcterrstrc smile and fingernails have mide this friendly feline most notevvorthy member of the graduating class His accomplishments in Considering his rnexhaustible energy and driving desire to get ahead Doug spectator as vvell as 1 spirited athletic competitor the marks Willie has left are more than mere surfice scratches of either pen or elaw The class of 59 which has been honored by Willres membership in its ranks trusts that graduation vvrll not remove him from the hill May another tilentecl clraughtsmln bring Willie to life agun next year' Smut Do chasing Variety letter 1 Irish barrel Scroungrng Manager Afllllllef Catervuulmg quartet 4 XVIIDCAV Nlascot I Outing Club 4 V-10' geik' Na Wefp fs f! g-4. IQ jj : - -rin axes, Sk X Clif I XV ' f, 4 74 .. . . , . - ll- IXIL ff' vm fi, K- A . . ,K . Z. F gig! I X . . . A L .' 'L UV' ' 'Ina A . cbs W ggi, A- . ' ' A a.. 'f xi 0 :Qi 1: " A 7, 7--at ' ' 1' 4.e' ' ' A 'f , 'Z'-.lsfjsse NX I, ,, 1 ' " ' ' i i. " ' I W X- X -. 'i A '-4 A' in i"'2' " If-If A I 21-f r A- r' sl : ,fl - I-we e f in Vg A' . . 1' , IT- I l X! Af"-v :l l X I i kfixlfla V Yi! V' , . 4:N,: C' 2" i . x ff--'fi l ll I' ffl!! l . 7 xxlgtv. ., ik'Au'Q."x ...' , pm vt' "ny CLASS WILL o n Arthur letse Xermont Atucms H t I Sl1ll n tt u see 1 trrer Brll Brgeloss lelse the XXILDCAT to my yumor ssho likes detdlmes md helrt lttatks Kurt Brlndhorst lease ms amrzmg them esperrment results to confuse and tonfound future chemxsts Cm Brossn lelse my spasmodre skulls rt produtmr, the sseekly l.llE bolrd to 1 yumor edrtor sslth more fre quent sprsms Nell Brossn berng of sound mmd and body letse my feet and therr drstrnetnsc tendencres to some yumor qulck Dasld Buntmg Ierse my shlttered hockey streks and un scored goals to Sss ecles to next years track captam ohn Duck lease my abrlrty to forget yerseys and mrsscore games to next year s IV manager Scrooge Fmerson lease nothrng to nobody Bruce Fenn lease my lose for cross country to lohn Reynolds Todd I'1sher lease my place m the band as flrst trombone to Peter Van Schalek Bruce Gagnrer lease late as usual Stese Goodwm lease an endowment for extra long beds R1ck Hanson lease my rron handed rule of Sturtesant to next year s proctor George Hasseltrne lease my sknng abrlrty to some ssreck on next years begmners slope Sam Mule H1cks lease my faculty mfluence to Eddre Allen Donald Bundsne Keefe leave my good nature to D Reynolds Tom Kemson lease my posrtron 1n left freld to anyone who enjoys that area Peter Lawrence lease my tarantula webs to Beetle Bax ohn Lmk lease my mckname Mrssmg rn the archrses Chuck Lynch lease my room on Alumm II to any yumor agnle enough to mrss the tarantula webs left by one of the present occupants ohn McCall lease my teddy bear to some other rugged underclassman Don Mclnnes lease my ab1l1ty to shed pounds to Tony Carbme Dave McKenz1e, lease Lnglrsh 4 st1ll confused by the structural drfferentlal Doug McLean, leave my tractor treads to anyone man enough to frll them I I Pete Mtsntrd le rse ms lrte yhysxts plpers under Doc s Us l' Pete Nlsers lease ms led to Tony Carbme ssrth the hope thrt he ss ont hrclk lt ILIIFI Bob Ntrtmore lease ms turhts tor regrsterlng tom ylunts to Crrss ford Ssseeles Btb Noyes le1se my strtus rs B1 Conztubc to my felloss dry student Larry Crty Mrrtus Pllmer lease my btttered raceoon colt to the moths rn Lotker '8 ssho hrse hllf taken lt anyss IS Dxsrd Arthur Prlee the Irrst lease my red Bermudas to ms tsso yumors ssho un lull them Tom Rrchardson lease my addretlon to damage lusts to Bnll Rnthardson lease my cooking abrllty and access the Prentlss cooklng f1LlllllCS to a hungry successor Rohm Ross lease my shosel to my vsorthy apprentrce nm Noyes Robert Sassyer lease my skls to any non basketball player Frrc Schabtach lease fmally Roger Seagrase lease my abxlrty to make runs to some one on next year s cross country and baseball teams Pull Slosberg lease my cheerful d1spos1t1on to anyone ss ho can handle xt Merrxll S Smrth r lease my pet ssrldcat to any yunnor draughtsman ssho can tame ham l'red Stanley lease Brother Lee for the ness headmaster to cope ssrth Floyd Stes ens lease my charr rn the stock room to Mrke Sulhs an Phrlxp Taber lease my prefrs Midge to anyone rn the 5 foot 1 16 mch class Henry Tauber lease my superlor lrft on the skr jump to some asprrmg Olympran C B Vaughan lease my laceless drlaprdated desert boots to Mr Lucy Lund XY!eber lease my mathematxcal gemus srrtually unused Donald Welch lease my es erlastrng patrence to any studrous mmded soul cursed mth a noxsy next door nergh or Ronald Whntehnll lease rn search of eo educatxon' George Wfxltshxre lease my recipe tor sugarless but lrght ly lemoned Tetley tea to a drscrrmmatrng apprecrator, Mr Zms Douglas Wfood, jr, lease my neglect of the razor to someone not afflrcted wrth frse oclock shadow .I h , '. '- '- 4 l- ff lu " 5 .l re- , I - , h A, - ' K - s . " "' tur " 1 -Dlklj. tl 1. -Y A. H I '. r L e s '. . L ' ' l Ae Y S . V. 4 . e f , . " 1' . I L' ' ' - ' L Y. . '. 1 ' 1' A. 'l . n' A ll I v ' . YQ il l , s fi v e rr I- e 'I f 'V my I, l "C, L I V .V s ,S ef 'V 1 'L 'H V l v ' ' . -, v ' J, v . . , , ' . V. v ,t .., . Q". I. :' q ,. . 1 .'l ", 4" KL ' " '.'. - A ' ' A V . ' 1 'I s. Dean Clark, lease my abrlrty to stay a broad jump ahead future occupants of Alumm 26. Y ' 'K . I, . .X k , A v Y - r. . . E to - ' , - - Iv ' y L. , 5 . V f Y ' y y . 1, Y . H I, y . . ,' . , , , ' ' l, 1 ' , " . . . A . , K 1 I, ,, . 7 . . t ' ' L , , s - - I, 1 k Q . , - , ' ' ' . Y I V 7 - r . I , . ' , , , ." ' ' - Iv ' ,V , , , , I, . , . , ' ' . U y f f v L , y - Y ' ' ' ' y V .. I, H I Q 7 v V M A . . J . 7 Y . , ,.., , . .Y r . .. . I, 7 , . 1, ' y ' I I , V - . , , . . b . . I, ' ' y v v h ' ' I 1 . . MOST REPRESENTATIVE OF V.A. Sam Hicks CHANGED MOST WHILE AT V.A Gary Brown WHO'S CLASS BRAIN Mark Palmer MOST SELF-ASSURED BEST LOOKING Dean Clark MOST MUSCULAR Lind Weber CLASS GRIND Don XVelch BEST DRESSED George Wiltshire QUIETEST Kurt Brandhorst MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Roger Seagrave WOMAN HATER Doug McLean BEST SPORT Phil Taber III5 I A I HLEI E DONE M051 IOR V.A MUSI' ACTIVE ISIII Iiiuglms- WHO MOST CHEEREEL .Iwhn Lmk LADIES' MAN Chip Smith FASTEST TALKER C. B. w7.1LIgI'I3I'1 INIOSVIA POPLLAR B111 R1II1.1rIIs0n CLASS OPTIIXHST Pete Maynard CLASS PESSIMIST Paul Slosberg NOISIEST Bruce Gagnicr CLASS fQI.UXX'N Duc Prim EARLIEST RISER Elm! Stu ans 3 ATHLETICS 1 V 5 1 , 'J' gx R-dx 4 -'it X . ' wi , 2 gg, Z f f V :mx-M f P , Fi5?3'l34 Lf ,E fy I fav 'Wy xf X55 y -S . r 1- N'-H ,4 hx vb' ,N 1 fu :. W Q? XX v Jg vu I J, S fx Xxx Vi, 4 w 'Vx' 3775 W 'X 1 xx 'vu fi- x cl' -N-L ff QQ x t 1 H.. , -,417 .Z -jfllffg T fffff 10116, lv-4 'Lf 81"-3 ix VARSITY FOOTBALL Th1s years yarsrty football squad reported for practrce wrth fue returnlng lettermen Captaln Brll R1ch ardson Doug McLean Chuck Lynch Sam Hrcks and Bruce Penn Seyeral of last year s V s and a num ber of new boys rounded out the roster The brg thrrll of the season rn fact the brggest thrrll rn many a year came when Vermont snapped on passes thrown by Bruce Gagnrer The brg break came when center Bob Sawyer rntercepted a Deerfreld pass and ran 50 yards to Deerfreld s 10 settrng up the wrnmng touchdown The followrng week the Wrldcats yourneyed down to Wrlbraham Academy for a 12 6 defeat before a Fathers Day crowd VA quarterback Doug Wood ran 85 yards for a touchdown on the opemng krck off but after that the home team settled down and held off any further 'XW1ldcat scorrng On September 18 before a large Parents Day crowd V A was beaten by Cushmg 28 14 Leadmg 6 0 at the half Vermont strengthened rts positron rn the openmg mrnutes of the thnrd quarter on an 80 yard run for a touchdown by Herb Capen only to fall apart as the Cushmg offensrye got under way and plled up 28 pornts to w1n On the followrng weekend V A was beaten by a good Dartmouth Frosh B team 30 0 The combma tlon of fumbles and ramy weather made rt rmpossrble for the Wflldcats to open up a sustarned drrye On Nox ember 1 the whole student body tray eled to Mt Hermon to watch the Wrldcats lose 34 0 The Hermonrtes completely domrnated the frrst half sconn 25 ponnts Maxnly through Steye Goodwrns ex cellent puntrng and the good defensne play of end Sam Hrcks guard john Reynolds and halfbacks Wrlt shrre and Lardner V A was able to hold Mt Hermon to one touchdown rn the second half On Alumnr Homecommg Day tradrtronal nyal Krmball Unnon myaded Saxtons Rryer and rmposed a 27 6 defeat on the Wrldcats In the fourth play of the game a KU A player ran 64 yards for a touch down Moments later V A s spectacular back Doug Wood matched thrs feat wlth a 63 yard touchdown run Whrle V A rallies spluttered out Krmball Union scored three more touchdowns and the extra pomts after In the frnal game of the season Wrllrston played host to V A Herb Capen scored the frrst touchdown on a 1 yard plunge set up by Doug Wood s long run Wrllxston came back strongly thereafter When the frnal dust had cleared the Wrldcats were trarlrng 6 30 The season had begun most ausprcrously wrth the surpnse yrctory oxer Deerfreld but rnjurres and other drffrcultres kept the team from regarnrng 1ts openrng strrde rn the remarnder of the season X . ' 1 X ,Af 'Q , ' 8 1 Z fix' ' ' , F at W " " 2 f -' -3 1 ,- fl. F ,, , --E ,x ,, I 1--' 1, - ' LQ f jf ,4-Ez Ei gn .:::sy,k,'- Ax fir: Ll I T xx s 11 'Y'-,,r ,Y , f Deerfie-ld's 35-game winning streak by a score of 16-14 in the season-opener. All V.A.'s points were scored , Y. . 1 , . v , I 0 ' , I ' . , . , v v 7 ' . . ' , g ' . v . 7 Y Y Y - , . . . . ' ' ' Y 1 V I I ' - mmf. Vermont Vermont Vermont ,...., Vermont Vermont .,.,., Vermont .,...,. Vermont Trainer Edmund Tripp. Cinuli john Lucy. Captain Bill Rithardson. and Coach Deerfield Wilbraham Cushing Dartmouth "B" Mt. Hermon Kimball Union Wfilliston FOOTBALL AWARDS VARSITY LETTERS-Bosworth, Brandhorst, G. Brown N. Brown, Bunting, Capen, Dick fmanagerj, Fenn, Gag- nier, Goodwin, Hicks, Keefe, Lardner, Lynch, McCall, McLean, Reynolds, Bill Richardson Ccaptainj, Sawyer, Taber fmanagerj, Tauber, Vaughan, Whitehill, Wiltshire XY'ood, Yeomans. E. K. HALL AXVARD-Bill Richardson CAPTAIN-FLECTvPenn Lardner MANAGER-ELECT-Philip Cannon 1 r :M . - . VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD-B.irE mu: McCall. T. Richardson, G. Brown, Lambeth, Bunting, Kenison. Emerson, Bosworth, McKenzie Swift. W'eston. Wiltshire. Tauber. Middle muy' Dick fnunagery. Taber fmanagerj, Vaughan, Lardner, Keefe, Wood, N. Brown, Lynch Gagnier. Reynolds. XY'hitehill. Mr, Tripp ltraincrj, Mr, Choukas and Mr, Lucy fcoachesb. Bortom mu: Capen, Rose, Goodwin. Fenn, Yeo- mans, Bill Richardson fcaptainb. Sawyer, Hides, McLean, Vilillricc, Bmndhorst. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD-Barb mu: Ruth, Hickcox, D. Taylor, Rice, Eberle, Compson, Ashworth, Clarner, johnson, Van Schaick. Mid dle muy' Eddy and Cannon fmanagersj, Bartow, W'ahlstrom. Singer. Ragland. Cray, Kilgore, Stewart, Mr. Calvert and Mr. Lunetta Qcoachesj Borrow wuz' Vea. Miles, F. Stanley, Link, Lawrence, Naramore, R. Noyes, Ross. I-Iasseltine, Hanson. . . FGOTBALL In spite of the promise shown at the outset of the season, the junior Varsity football team had to set- tle for a season's record of one and five, the sole victory coming in the game with K.U.A. when, playing on their home field, the Wildcats squeaked through with a 2-O victory. Injuries which knocked out sev- eral key men, including Eric johnson, starting quarterback, Sam Bartow, wingback, and Larry Rice, end, were a major factor in scuttling the JV hopes. The starting offensive backfield included Hasseltine at wingback, Johnson at quarter, Vea at fullback, and Ruth at halfback. The line included Hickcox at center, Stewart and Noyes as guards, Compson and Naramore at tackle, and Rice and Clarner at the ends. Standouts on the defensive team were Kilgore, end, Ross, guard, Miles, left tackle, and Captain Bob Noyes at guard, with Singer, Ruth, and johnson as the secondary. Vermont Vermont ...... Vermont 7 Vermont ....,, Vermont ...... X ermont ..,... SEASON SUMMARY 2 0 ...... Kimball Union 6 20 Mt. Hermon o 14 ..., .. . . Brattleboro High 0 32 Mt. Hermon H22 68 ..,.,. Kimball Union 7 35 Cushing j.V. LETTER WINNERS Cannon Cmanagerj, Clarner, Compson, Cray, Eddy fman agerj, Hanson, Hasseltine, Hickcox, johnson, Kilgore Lawrence, Link, Miles, Naramore, R. Noyes, Rice, Ross Ruth, Singer, F. Stanley, Stewart, Van Schaick, Vea. 1 THIRD FOOTBALL SQL'ADf'I'ff,'1 rffzt: C.tItIcr. Minith. Atzlzsi. ITMJ. I.wtr-r. I. Anictsttn. I, Notts. Clttxntbt-t'lin ADJ! I x Prnt' IUUCITI- FQIIC1' ffllln-1gZL'rI. Chase. Gillettt-, Iiixtcr. 'I'.1rNhi4. XYHIII-ILI'. INIr. C.1st.tgnL-t' and Mr Ifilus lotmtlmcsj, Hfflmm mn: 'I4.tI5tAzt, Turn- bull. I.1ttlct1t:Id. Iiogdanski. Slmlwcrg. P.1Imtt'. Kenny. Iiootlmhy. THIRD FOOTBALL TOUCH FOOTBALL I it wh Vermont ...... IDL-trmltl VCVINUIH 6 V1I.1: Hitch Vermont ...... Mt. Hcrmon Vermont 24 .. ..... Putney Vermont ...... .... ..,,. C 1 .trdigm Mt. Vcrmwnt ........ .. . IH Kurn Htttin Vermont ..,,.. . Mt. Hcrmon VCFINOUI 2-I .,,, .. Putney Vermont VVVVV, Kimlytll Ivmtm Vermont JI Kurn IIIIIIII Vermont ,,..,, Bflttldwm High Vermont -Il Xtxtom Run-r TUVCH FOOTHAI-L SQUAD 'rl Aff, ' I fwfr' flftnptf n. Itmrmnrt. Irlntoxxp I51'otIIm.1.l. P.1rtcI. Pitot. Dcnkcr. I,intIc1'. rIIir2'd.'.f wut: Iiorth. Hur'- D.t1rH. . UI . n Don f.I.I1'I'i. I. ffl'fUf1- SICIIL2 SILILIMII. HLIIWIMII, fNIufIw.ttI1. XIV Ytlntx It-multi, lifffftfw wrt: Rf:LImuntI. I3.1dt-Ifo1'tI. Mnson. R. Andcrwx Nik NI tn 2 W 5 s , W . - . O Q' - Pa? Manager Dean Clark, Captain Pete Myers. and Coach Angus Black. CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD - Top mu: Seeley, Dowlin, Schab- tach, Leonardi, Butler, Seagrave, Noonan. Middle mu: Clark, fmanagerj, Vfestergren, Wleber, Dixon, Angell. Mr. Black fcoachj, Boifom mu: VC'elch, Okie, Dor- man fcaptainbelectb, Pete Myers fcaptainb, P. Allen. Tom Stevens, Cooper. CROSS COUNTRY In its second year as a recognized sport, cross country running attracted a dozen and a half devotees, who rang up a fair season in spite of a good deal of rugged competition. Mr. Black, making his debut as coach, saw to it that the squad faithfully practiced each day. His guidance and enthusiastic encourage- ment proved indispensable to the harriers. Under the spirited leadership of Pete Myers, the team worked extremely hard. Mainstays of the team included Pete Myers, always a strong contender, Fred Okie, a fleet-footed new- comer. and veteran Pete Allen. Other stalwarts included Don XY'elch, Roger Seagrave, Al Dixon, Mark Leonardi. Tom Stevens, Rick Cooper, and Gay Dorman. In the season-opener with Rutland, V.A. lost 34-21 to a strong team. Brattleboro High won over the XVildcats by identical figures. Poor weather cancelled consecutive meets with Keene High and Deerfield. The returnimatch with Rutland resulted in the same score as the original, with the winners again led by Mike Gallagher. Keenes powerful runner Fletcher led his mates to a 17-38 victory. The tide of defeat was finally turned when the Wildcats, in their finest performance of the year, beat the Mt, Hermon jV's 25-30. Pete Allen led the winners with teammates Stevens, Cooper, Dorman, and Dixon also figuring in the scoring. In the last two meets V.A. split with Putney School. Ted Okie led his mates to a 26-31 victory on the V.A. course, but a strengthened Putney team won the season closer. Next year's team will be led by Captain-elect Gay Dorman and will have a carry-over nucleus of the fol- lowing runners: Okie, Allen, Dixon, Leonardi, Cooper, and Stevens. M1153 zg :z fe.,-f .Q-J: ffffifa Qxfxfaf ZUMNXH? ,tix v E vig 'TTT Aff-.fs , ix., X .WK 7 ig:-f f lf hm VARSITY HOCKEY Wrth only three lettermen returnrng Captam Don Welch Dean Clark and George Wrltshrre-Coach Choukas began the season wrth a predomrnantly green squad Clark and Wrltshxre wrth newcomer Dave Buntmg at center comprrsed the frrst lme The second lme had Crawford Sweeley at center flanked by newcomers Bob Laughton and Ted Okre Ward Kenny and Tom Kenrson were the defense ln front of Goalre Wech Reserxe lrnemen were john McCall Phrl Taber and Brll Bosworth spare defensemen were Neal Brown Doug McLean and Drck Compson Bob Naramore was second strrng goalre In the season opener the Wrllrams College frosh outclassed V A from the start to walk away wrth a 7 0 xrctory A gash over Dean Clarks rrght eye kept hrm out of actron for the next few games Deerfreld handed the Wrldcats a 6 0 defeat rn the second game at home Excellent Carnnal weather and ree as well as the frghtmg sprrrt rnstrlled by Coach Choukas were not enough to keep a frne KU A team from wrestrng a 3 0 xrctory though the game was an excrtrng contest down to the fmal gun Four days later however the Wrldcats fmally broke rnto the scoring column against the Dartmouth frosh wrth Dean Clark perfomrng the hat trrck and Sweeley and Wrltshrre each addmg a goal whrle Buntmg chrpped rn wrth three assrsts Takrng adxantage of defensrxe lapses the frosh scored a 9 5 wm At the end of the week at the K U A Carnrx al the Merrden men agam shut out V A thrs trme 3 ln the annual game wrth returnrng Alumnr the oldsters won 7 6 as Clark Buntmg and Laughton each eolleeted a brace of goals The Wrlclcats frrst tasted xretory on February 7 by upsettrng the Amherst Col lege frosh Trarlrng 1 5 rn the frnal perrod Buntmg started things by scorrng qurckly Two more goals by Wfrltshlre and one by Clark gaxe V A a 4 3 edge In the return game agamst Deerfreld rt looked for a whrle as rf the Wxldeats would axenge therr prexr lrnes wore down the Vermonters rn 1 brtterly contested game to wrn 2 1 rn what was probably the hugh ponnt of the season Cushrng won 4 S as Buntmg Clark and Okre scored for V A The return game was canceled after bad weather and ree mused sexeral postponements Both games wrth Mt Hermon ended rn tres At Northfreld snow hampered Vermonts rntrrcate passmg attack the game endmg rn a 7 2 deadlock On thelr home rrnk the Wrldcats outplayed the Hermonrtes but exen rn the sudden death oxertrme were unable to break th tre In the last 4L,1lllC of the season VA played I-lrnoxer Hugh School on the Dartmouth rrnk Ted Hochn started the scormg for Hanoxer wrth a solo Buntmg countered wrth a goal on a pass from Okie With two mrnutes remunrng rn the grme Clark tallred on 1 pass from Buntmg to end Vermonts seormg whlle they were on the short end of the 3 2 score The season IS a whole was rather drsapporntmg eweept for Captam Welch s excellent goal tendmg the wrn oxer Amherst and the exertmg close match wrth Deerfreld Gila P f ' 'Q 3 Il 1' I 1 I ' f I 0 ' II' T 1 7 l I ' 1 , . , , . ' . 1 Y . . . , ' 'I . " . . . A . 'L , A l I ' ' ,L l - ' -v A L C-0. A L L 7 ,I ' l, A ll . ll V ' K T, I , L K A K l L L 1 a . V T 4 V. 1 1 A A - ous defeat. Stale-mated at the end of regulation time, the game went in to over-time. Deerfields three ' . r . V . ' Q ' r V- - . ,L . rl , ' 'A h Q 1 2 . . . ' ' ' K . W ' y K - -3 A ,Q . . ' ' h, . - . ' D f A ' v , , V , 7 , V , - 1 vs V 4 I1 e ' z 'Q - . . ' L " ' ' ' - ' X . . K- I v V . V' A 5 I ' , . , A ' K A 5 " -h 4 ' I " '4"f4 e'. ',4 ' . I' 1 .fl I' ' ' 'fl 'V rl . , , 'b A 7 - 7. ,, A . 1 s K - libs W M S -P' V, ,A K . KJ Y5. uf - -1 ' 3 J ' V 4 'Q '9-nn-.,.,,, Captain Don Welch and Coach Mike Choukas. VARSITY HOCKEY SEASON Vermont ....ww..,w....,,.,,, 0 7 ,,,SS ,,,, X Williams Erosh Vermont ..S,.,. ....l 0 6 ..l,Y,,ll Y,Y,.,,,lSSw D eerfield Vermont ,....,, .... 0 3 ..Y.Y,....,,.. Kimball Union Vermont .rrrrr. ..,. 5 9 ..rr Dartmouth Frosh "B" Vermont ...t,,t . 0 6 ,t........ Kimball Union Vermont ..,,, S 6 t,,, .. Alumni All-Stars Vermont ,,,,, ,,,, S 4 . .. Amherst Iirosh Vermont ,,.., . ,,,, 1 2 Deerfield fovertimej Vermont ..,,,,, ..,. 3 4 ....,,,. t,t,tt,,,,t,,, C ushing Vermont ,,,,, I 1 Mt. Hermon fovertimej Vermont .,,,.., . 2 3 ,,,. Hanover High School Q 5.5 Captain W'elch receiving from Coach Choukas the Danny MacFayclen Trophy for "greatest contribution to hockey." VARSITY HOCKEY AWARDS VARSITY LETTERSgBosworth, Bunting, Clark, Comp- son, Kenison, Kenny, Laughton, Okie, Sweeley, Wfelch, Wiltshire, G. Brown fmanagerj. GREATEST CONTRIBUTION TROPHY--Don Wfelch CAPTAIN-ELECT-Crawford Sweeley MANAGER-ELECT-Tony Carbine Q VARSITY HOCKEY SQL'ADiB.1rk four Vfelch Ccaptainj, McCall. Okie, Laughton, Compson, Bosworth, Sweeley, Mr. Choukas fcoachj, Naramore, Ffwzr mu: Taber. McLean. Clark. Bunting. Wiltsliire, Kcnison, N. Brown. Kenny. Muring from ,tficlufex Gary Brown, fman- agerj. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY SQUAD-Bark faux- Heffernan, Boothby, Littlefield, Ragland, Bill Richardson, Rose, Lardner fco-captainj, Linder Stewart, Mr. Lunetta fcoachj. Front rouu' Walker, Calder, Baxter, Tarshis, Morton, Rice, Bob Noyes, J. Anderson, Clarner fco- captainj Ruth. . V. HOCKEY Winning six while dropping five, the junior Varsity team, coached by Mr. Lunetta, enjoyed its best season in recent years. The season opened at Saxtons River with a 1-0 victory over Hanover High School's juniors, right wing john Morton scoring for V.A. A good Kimball Union team beat Vermont in a snowstorm 1-0, and in the following game Mount Hermon won in a fast game 2-O. On the first road trip of the season Vermont beat Cardigan Mountain 3-0 in a game which called for only three saves from goalie Walker while Rice, Ruth, and Morton tallied for V.A. Poor ice at Mount Hermon brought the return game to V.A. where, despite "Big Bill' Richardson's hard checks, the visitors again scored twice while shutting out the Wildcats. The high point of the season was the shutting out of K.U.A. 4-0 at Meriden, with Morton turning the "hat trick" and Rice picking up the other goal. Despite a large cut beneath his eye, Walker stayed in as goalie to complete his tremendous shut out. The wildcats were completely outclassed at Deerfield, losing 8-0 to a team augmented by some of the lower varsity members. In a 6-0 defeat of Cardigan everyone got into the scoring act: Clarner, Ruth, Morton, Rice, and Noyes. Wfithout the services of their first line the j.V.s easily beat an inexperienced Putney team 7-2 as Rice per- formed the "hat trick" plus one. On the worst ice of the year at Proctor the team lost to a well-balanced Proctor varsity 5-0. They wound up the season by beating Hanover I-Iigh's junior varsity 4-1, Lardner scoring twice and Clarner and Ragland once each. Lardner and Clarner were elected co-captains. With-only Bob Noyes and Bill Richardson lost through graduation, the squad should contribute substantially towards V.A.'s hockey effort next winter. IV. HOCKEY AXVARDS -LV. HOCKEY SEASON JUNIOR VARSITY LETTERS-J. Anderson, Carbine Vermont ...,,, ,,.,, ,.,,,. 1 0 ,.,,..., H :mover High IV. managerj, Clarner, Heffernan, Lardner, Littlefield, Vermont ,...,,,,, ..,,., 0 1 ..,. ............. K .U.A. IV. Morton R. Noyes, Ragland, Rice, Bill Richardson, Ruth, Vermont ......... ...... 5 O .,..... ..... C ardigan Mt. Stevvart Wfalker. Vermont, ,,.,,.. ..,,,. 1 2 ..,, ,.... IN It, Hermon Vermont .......,, ,.,,.. C J 2 .,..... . Mt. Hermon Vermont ,.... .... 4 0 .... ...... , . K.U.A. IV. Vermont ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, O 8 ....,. Deerfield IV. Vermont, ,,,,, 6 0 ,,,r,,, ..... C ardigan Nt. Vermont ' 2 Putney Vermont .. , . 0 5 .. Proctor Vermont -i 1 Hanoxer ,VUMA -mf' 441 S I , QSXAN 0013 Q fig- NexsQcXLLsX x U G' L iffy, VARSITY SKIING Wrth a strong nucleus from last year s varsxty to burld around Vermont began rts season wrth a very bnght and promrsrng outlook Coach Warren Chners added Tom Rrchardson and Buddy Morrrsseau to an already strong team made up of Captarn C B Vaughan Henry Tauber D Reynolds Sam Bartow Errc ohnson Bruce Fenn and Bruce Gagnrer Early practrce and the flrst meet wxth Proctor revealed an exceptronally strong Nordrc combined team and a good but rnexperrenced Alprne team Vermont vyon the frrst meet wrthout the help of rts senror members for the mornrng eyents of downhrll and slalom The followrng weekend the team won over a weak Mount Hermon team rn a slalom cross country meet In the brg meet of the year the VA Carnryal Vermont won easlly over KUA and Deerfleld wrth almost clean sweeps of eyery eyent At the Krmball Unron Carnn al the Vermont skrers met Holderness who to say the least turned out to be Vermonts brg rrsal on the slopes They proved too powerful for V A ID the mornrng Alprne eyents p1l1ng up too much of a lead for eyen Vermonts strong Nordic team to offset V A lost the meet by a narrow 3 5 po1nts and returned home resolved to make therr reyenge on therr home grounds the next weekend However because of a lack of snow the team was forced to go to Holderness vshere VA was agaln nosed out by 4 po1nts The next two weeks were spent preparrng for the Prep School Champronshrps and the only rnterruptron of thus preparatron perrod was the meet wrth Putney whrch put V A back rn the wrnnlng column by a de crsne margm Vermont then began that all lmportant weekend at Hanox er where all could be won or lost ln two short days On Saturday Vermont placed thrrd rn the slalom and won the afternoons yumprng event In the slalom Vaughan placed well vyhrle Bartow frnlshed at nrnth and Gagnrer srxteenth Erxc Johnson a soph omore won the prep school yumpmg champxonshlp Bartovy at slxth and Gagmer at eighth completed V A s scorrng rn the Jump After spendxng the mght at George Yeomans nn Norvuch the boys tackled Sundays downhrll and cross country ex ents Vermont mlssed wlnnrng the dovy nhnll by three tenths of a poxnt vyrth Vaughan and Reynolds tylng for second and Gagnrer taklng tenth Vermont agam won the cross country by a decrsrve margln oyer Putney and Holderness Vaughan won thrs exent to gne V A another champron He was follovsed by Gagnxer ID seyenth posrtlon and Tauber rn tenth Because of Vaughan s and Johnsons excellent performances at thns brg meet they were elected to the Fastcrn Natronal unror Squad for the Natnonal unror Champnonshnps at Yakrma Washington Vermont then frmshed the season mth an excellent yrctory oser the Dartmouth Frosh and the Wrllrams Irosh In thus meet D Reynolds set a new dovynhrll record Bartow won the slalom johnson the yumpxng and Gagnrer the cross country Mark Ottey a promlsmg newcomer was also added to the team nn txme for this eyent lf' QM L' s 02 N. , 6 LQQ ' 3- 2-2.-ff f -' -J -Y '- YY' I x.. A x FJ A 5 K. 'I 1 1 I ' 'C 2 S X f ' ' 2 - - fe f- '- af e - M f Lt L q Q I ' b 6 A ,A , 4 f 'ri Q' U C f.-Q, 7 ' . . , ,j. . , , J 7 3 ' ' Y V ' ' - 'v . , 7 , , ' 'Y , . Y l ' Y I , ' D 9 , l . . ' q - . 5 Y' , I . V V .V . 4 ' l 7. vl y v D l : ' ' ij' ' v ' I v y ' ' Ya 1 fav? . I ."' :Uh I .5 . sv eq H 'rf ,f P 4 A fl fl l ,Q fi P I I l VARSITY SKI AXVARDS VARSITY I.IiTTIfRS Iiartoxxp Venn, Cagnier. -Iohnson, Reynolds, T. Richardson, Tauber, Vaughan. Yeomans Cmanagcrj ROGER ITMERSON TROPHY Captain C, B. Vaughan CAPTAIN-IfI.IfCT---Eric 'Iohnson VARSITY SKI SEASON January 10: DUAL MEET-Vermont 356, Proctor 342. january 17: DUAL MEET-Vermont lst, Mt. I-Iermon Znd. lanuafy 24: V.A. CARNIVAI.iVermont Ist, Kimball Union 2nd Coach Wdmn Chivers Presents Roger Emerson Trophy for best all-round skier Deerfield 5rd, to Captain C. B. Vaughan. January 31: K.U.A. CARNIVAL-Vermont Znd. February 7: DUAL--Holderness lst, Vermont Zncl. February 14: TRIANGUI.ARs-Vermont lst, Putney 2nd, Mt. Hermon 3rd. February 21: USEASA Prep School Championshipsfliolderness lst, Vermont Znd. fllohnson, jumping champion: Vaughan, cross country championj. February 28: TRIANGULAR-Vermont lst, Dartmouth Frosh 2nd, Williams Frosh 3rd, fl .m 'Tr' -gg 1? I J I M VARSITY SKI SQIQAD-Sm1di:1g.' Coach Warren Chivers. Bartow. johnson. Penn, Ottey. T, Richardson, Yeomans fmanagerj, Salad: Gagnier, Vaughan, Reynolds. Tauber N -,tolls A EE: JLNIOR VARSITH SKI SQL AD Bzci u 'Nnles Noonan Fnon A Mrtehell Mr Black tcoachj Front mu Brod head Chamberlln Bxeclow fcocaptaxn Cooper co uptalnl R Anderson Incrmore Mnfmg mm pitlure McKenz1e and falbert V SKIING thus sears team from underclassmen licking, experzence as tompetrtors Notvlthstandlng thelr modest promxse at the outset of the season the yunror xarsltx skrers made exeellent progress IH xarrous ways Nloomn was a steady pomt mnner IU the cross eounrrs fhlmberlm turned ID some outstandlng per tormxnces Rlek Cooper made the best oxer all 1mproxement Bigelow spmrleed the telm xn thexr effort and spnnt The team von double meets mth Mt Hermon and Clkllglll Mounteun School md dropped meets to Deerfneld Kimball Unxon and Dublin School JV sm Axx ARDS ILNIOR X ARSITY LETTFRS- R Anderson Bngelovs Brodhead Chxrnberlln Cooper Fnon McKenz1e Nlles Noonan Redmond Talbert I av l ll e . 5 1- 1 Q . gl ' C QI . - . ' .Q E A U' ' ' f f l f 1 i t l . ? R C . ' l ,H With only one man-Bill Bigelow-returning from l.1st years IV. ski team, Coach Black had to build wg .... n xg 1 ff 0 iggz, ft "'H'r"rnQ'fT' lfffffm K 59255 VARSITY BASKETBALL Led by Captain Sam Hicks coached by Arnold Castagner and backed by some new talent the 1959 xarsity basketball looked forward to a good season Leonardi and Fred Stanley were Joined by newcomers Bob Sawyer Bundsie Keefe Steye Goodwin and Doug Wood Opening the season with Cushing Academy the Wfildcats took the initiatiye and the game 47 37 After dropping a close one to New Hampton 58 62 the Hilltoppers yentured to Mount Hermon where despite repeated comebacks they lost 47 39 Beating KU A 53 41 before a capacity crovyd at our 50th Winter Carnival was a high moment in the season The Meridenites barely managed to turn the tables on V A at the KU A Carniy al the following weekend Following the annual alumni game on February lst in which the alumni put on 1 good show but lost in a close gime the Wfildcats took two beating the Middlebury Collage Frosh decisncly 64 59 and using their superior height adyantage to defelt Cushing igun 46 34 At Deerfield February 21 V A lost dccisiyely 71 58 despite a brilliant second half comeback Journey mg to Tilton Academy the following Wednesday the Wildcats lost 80 48 to a superior team Then ontc again on the home court the team just missed taking Williston losing 50 53 The Wildcats dropped their last game to Mount Hermon finishing on the short end of a 5 8 season ' I A ' X . X ' Xxxf' . I , ' 6 ', -9 g.i..,' A ., , J R X X 0,0 1.141 1 I JZ F Q Xu X I , . , f, I "' N 'pg 'L ' n -2 " :vs v .- -. f 1 XX - 'X V ' ' 'ar jg, 1. Z I! xaswl' 4 L U A-' ' T4 I 'af I XX u 1 1' 'Ni v T L xy " -r f ' I C 11 nr-15 K -N3-E I f.r1--0--- X' ' I -I v ' ' v ' V 7 7 7 Returning varsity players Brandhorst, Swift, and Captain Hicks, and some J.V.,s from last year, Singer, V1 Y, V . . Y 5 . 5 V ' Y y 3 - N . Y 7 ' ' 7 Y ' . 1 , ' Q Q , - . A Y. V, ' . K U . I VARSITY BASKETBALL AWARDS VARSITY LETTERS-Brandhorst, Goodwin, Hicks, Keefe, Leonardi, Price, Sawyer, F. Stanley, Swift, Wood, Seagrave Qmanagerj. GREATEST CONTRIBUTION-Bundsie Keefe FOUL SHOOTING TROPHY-Captain Sam Hicks CAPTAIN-ELECT-Norman Swift Vermont Vermont. . Vermont.. Vermont. . Vermont.. Vermont Vermont 58 Captain Sam Hicks holds Foul Shooting Trophy presented by Coach Castagner at Winter Sports Banquet. VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON ...47 37 Cushing ,....,,.53 62 New Hampton Vermont.......... ........39 48 Mount Hermon Vermont........,. ,,,,W53 43 Kimball Union Vermont.......... ........40 49 . Dartmouth Frosh "B" Vermont.......... ...,....47 59 Kimball Union Vermont.....r.... ....,..,53 48 Alumni All-Stars Vermont.......... t ig! XGA HU W pe eel iiiiiii K., ,xx fgcfatgigl Mo fJWU4f gi ag l Vermont ..........,,...,........ 44 59 yzydvffft Deerfield ........64 34 Middlebury Frosh ...W46 34 Cushing ....58 71 Deerfield .......46 80 Tilton ......-50 53 Williston .......39 65 Mount Hermon it g x..z Ygamuh X 2 5 2 'QGIMUJ VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD-Back muy' Singer. Leonardi, Swift, Seagrave fmanagerj. Middle row: Wood, Brand- horst. Goodwin, F. Stanley, Mr. Castagner fcoachj. Smfeds Keefe, Ptife, Captain Sam HiCkS, Sawyer. JLVIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SQLAD Bzrlf rfu Slosbtrr, Iishcr 7mn Dick fmmagerj Aflddle :ou Chase Hickcox Aitken Quchmfm Ros M Iiry CL h F ul 1 XYh1tchilI Fberle Cipcn ffaptainj Cray P Allen V BASKETBALL This yelr s junior x Irsity bislxcthill term xx is eomposcl ol ci ht juniors four seniors 'md 1 sophomore Brtclt from 11st years term were liy Fhcrlc Romld XWhitehill Ink Ouebmm mtl fftptfun Herb Cfipcn bp from the 'lhircls were Lirry Cfly Rohm Ross fre Chlst mal Xvoody I-litlxrox The rest of the telm XX1S aomposetl of Totlrl lisher Pull Slosbcr Due Aitken Pete Aillcn mtl Don 7mn The teim finished mth m S H retord beitmv Cushm lximhill Lnion Lelmd incl Grly Seminary Springfield High School and XX ootlstotk Country Sthool while suffering losses to Bellows Illls High School ind Mount Hermon 1y Lberle mth oyer two hundred points led the telm m storing Good shooting from the outside by Herb Qapcn ack Quebmln Llrry Crry md Roniltl XXh1tth1ll netted mmy points The blcl-tbmrds were Qontrolled by Herb Capen md Rohm Ross Thinks to the good toachmg of Mr lohn Lucy uerxont on the team fifuretl m the scoring which ayeragtd 40 points 1 game JV BASKETBALL AXX ARDS JV BASRFTBALL SFASOX JUNIOR VARSITY LETTERS-Aitken P Allen Cipcn Xcrmont uebman Ross Slosbcrg XX hitehill Zinn X crmont X crmont X ermont X crmont X crmont X crmont X crmont X ermont Vermont X ermont Vermont X Cushing Xlt Hermon Lelmd and Gray Bellows lllls Springfield QVt XVooclstock Country lximball Lnion Cushing Leland and Gray Bellows Ialls XX oodstoclt Xlt Hermon if , . S tx l. V1 . , . V - . 1 ,' S , Af. 7. '. ,I . I . . I ' .' U . I . ' . ' . . s, r. .1 " 'imc 'ro mf: " ' f 4 . . . Q ' ' ' , . . U I .' L . '1,g'1A', . "','.'K' L,L ,..' ' Y S 4 I S l L 14 In '. ,D f, 7 'Sl ..". K nl V 'S ,'. ' L '..' 1 1 ' :iq V' i L ' ' V . ' 4 ' A ' ' A ' . .A . . b. . . . l l ' 'i . -' " A i .L 5 ' v. " , Y A . '. . L' I H V , ' , , f L . A . A ., L L 'I ' , ' 1 A K , ' A , L . L 7 f . . ' . V " , . A . .L .' 7 7' .. VVV,V.V...,. 38 ........,,,, ....,. . i Chase, Cray: Dick Crnanagerj, Eberle, Fisher, Hiukuox, Vermont.. ., ,,.., .. ,,,,,,..,. 51 29 A,.... Kimball Union Q . -, AL, 'f' ' . A , '- ..... ..sres., L 1 5 52 ,err,e ,., i . - ls ... ..r........,.... 50 45 ........,... " ' ' 7' ' ,,,.,,,,.....,....,..... -16 L18 ...., ,.,,. . . . ' :L 'A .,..,....i..,,.......... 50 16 .Y.i.,..,,., ' " 7' ..... .... ,.,,.......... 5 0 45 ...v.... l ' A ' 7' .........,. .....v....., fl 5 35 .... .,,,., 7 I l A 7' ..,.. ,.,,,......,, 2 5 28 .,..,.,,....,..,..,.,,..,. , I 7 ,,,.......,,,,..,.,.,,.. 40 50 ,,.,.,,.,.,. ' ' ' 7 .,,,......,,,,,.,,...,,, 43 27 ....,,,.,.,.,..,..,. i' ' ' ,,,,,. ,,,....,i.....,.. 2 7 49 .,.....,....,r..i. 1 . .. 4.1 THIRD TEAM BASKETBALL SQUAD Bark mu Lrvmgstone Weston Aullsx Mzddle mu S Taylor fmanagerj J Noyes Xllfestergren Merzbaeh Mr Calvert feoaehj From mu Angell Partell Gxllette fcaptamj Hope Lester THIRD BASKETBALL Under the able coaching of Mr Larry Calx ert the Third Tetm fmrshed therr smson wth 'ln undefeated reeorcl Wxth Captam Fred G1llette leidmg the way for VA the first three xxctorxes ox er Brattleboro Bel lows Trllls and Sprmgfreld mme qulte etsrly Crllette plrlyel und scored vtell 'uemgrng 15 pomts per game The telm xx 1s at lts best IU the second time mth Brlttlelworo Brlttlehoro dommlted the plqy IH the fnrst hilf but V A mme biele Ill the second hilf to um hx the seore of 64 43 In thxs mme ohn Hope hnd tvsentx pomts ind Brmn Angell Dmny Prrtel md Blll Denker phyed mth re1l hustle After these four xretorxes the Thrrds fmlshed out the seas an hx bmtmg KlIDb1llUUlOD twlee and Sprlng fleld and Bellows I llls onee more Throughout the sertson the boys dlspllyed fme splrlt md seemed to nmproxe vt 1th each game THIRD BASKFTBALL SEASON X ermont Vermont X ermout Vermont X ermont X ermont Vermont X ermont X 3 ff Bellows I'1lls Brlttleboro Brlttleboro Springfield Knmblll Lmon Bellows Falls Klmbill Lmon . X yi - ' ' ' , . , N.. ' ' . , ' ! 3 l ' ' I V: 7 Y 7 5 ' I - -s A -a 1 ' H , ' ' , . ' . I '. 1' . "L r . ' , L ' . U 4 S 4 '. . ' ' 1 g. A " r ' . L - ' 4 . ' 1 ' f 1 ' . ' ' , .. A ' vt rl . 4 7' ,.,,Y,,,. ..,,,.....,,, 3 2 25 .. ,.,,,.. . ' ' '. . 15 Springfield f f,,...,,Y..... .,,,,.,,. A 15 29 ,.,....,..,..,...... 1 A ....,.,,,.r., V,.,,,,, , I4 43 ..,...,.,,,......,r, r - 7' ---,-,-,---,-,,...V..... 32 I6 ........ .... ...,...... ' ' A I' -,'----- ,,t,,... . ....,,, 4 Q 32 ...f....,...,. ' . I I 7, 7-7 qi!! ' Y ' fffzj' - FN ,-9, , 1 . fx V-N r N , U. 1 x, ' 7 "yy l V 1 - V,- ZXKHX, nfl 'Ji x WM 2 'Q A? ' w"'!, KJ 7j'lP'Y H W .g54IW'yk -wg i I R 9, xc, J 'I I 7. X . rx ,X K I J W, LJ XJ Xl, 'E -1- '7..ff . zfk fVN fffv 'iv Pfff,1,f' 1,5 Sf Sltnzdmg 112 re.1r.'jon Clarner, Don Welch, Vice-President, Penn Lardner. Seutrd: Sam Hicks, Presidentg Don Keefe, Gary Brown Secretaryg Bruce Fe-nn. TUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council is elected by the students to facilitate and extend the rights and privileges of self- government among the student body and to represent them in dealings with the faculty and administrative officers. This year's Council, with Sam Hicks as President, had much to show for its year's efforts. They spon- sored the trip of the entire school to the football game at Mount Hermon, and they took charge of ar- rangements for the annual Christmas party for youngsters from Kurn Hattin. The Council also took responsibility for maintaining the school canteen and the pool table in the "Rec" room. Among the Councils other undertakings for the year was the Fall dance with Stoneleigh-Prospect and Mary Burnham girls' schools. Student meetings throughout the year gave students the opportunity to propose various improvements. These suggestions were put before the Headmaster at regular Council meetings and as a result favorable action was taken on several proposals, The indoor smokers' "grove" proposed by Phil Tabor became a reality after careful consideration by a faculty committee, An area was cleared and put in shape by in- terested students. The Council also backed the idea of hooking up the school TV set with the town cable so that the reception would be improved As a result a large number of students have been able to enjoy favorite' programs in their free time. The Council's most memorable achievement was the granting by the faculty of the new senior privilege making Saturday night movies optional. This highly appreciated privilege went into effect early this year. OUTI G CLUB Oldest and largest student organization on campus, the Outing Club provides facilities for outdoor activi- ties and stimulates interest in hunting, fishing, camping, skiing, and similar pursuits. Besides running the Mountain Day program, decorating the chapel for the Candlelight Service, and managing the Winter Carni- val, the club exerted its usefulness in a variety of ways this year. The Trail Crew rebuilt the take-off of both the varsity and the 'IV jumps, strung wire for the ski hill telephone, cleared brush from ski areas, installed a new tow rope, stocked the brook with trout, and ran the Sugaring Off party among other ac- tivities. The camping program of the club included a number of over-night trips to the upper cabin near the campus as well as weekend trips to farther away places such as on the Long Trail and to the Dartmouth Outing Club cabin. The manifold affairs of the Outing Club are under the general supervision of Mr. Chivers and a council comprised of the officers-Bob Naramore, President, Don Mclnnes, Vice-President, Bruce Fenn, Secretary- Treasurer-the captain of the ski team, C. B. Vaughan, a ski representative, George Yeomansg and a rep- resentative of the Cabin and Trail Crew, Pete Myers. Seated: Mr, Chivers, Faculty Advisor, George Yeomans, Ski Representative, Don Mclnnes, Vice-President, Bob Naramore President, Slarzdirzgr C. B. Vaughan, Ski Captain, Bruce Fenn, Secretary-Treasurer, Pete Myers, Cabin and Trail Crew. 71 fo 1 2 iq- 5 '1'ffpmtv Bosworth. P. Mitchell, Compson. Dean Clark. Hanson, Ifrion. Eberle. Palmer. Hicks. F, Stanley, Third muy' Lardner, Maynard Blauvelt. Steinle. Van Schaick. Seeley. Dowlin, Swift. Noonan. Mclnnes. Yeomans. Scmzid mzzx' S. Taylor, T. Richardson, Ragland. Lawr ence, Talbert. Hasseltine. McKenzie. P. Allen. Newcomhe. Vea. Schahtach. Frwzl rffzi: Mr, T. K. Tischler. directorg Ross, Wiltshire, Singer J. Noyes. Stewart. Baxter. Shields. Chase. Hickcox. Arthur. GLEE CLUB A D OCTET The Glee Club provides an opportunity for boys to sing together for their own pleasure as well as that of others. Their annual appearances begin with the Sunday morning service on Parents Wfeekend and in- clude the traditional Candle Light Service of Christmas carols and the Northfield Music Festival in March. Outside performances often include a visit to Bellows Falls High School. Mr. Tischler felt that this year's Glee Club was one of the best in the past few years. He hoped to make a recording of the club's current numbers during the spring. Sam Hicks was President of the club this year and Dean Clark Vice-President. Peter Mitchell and Ron- ald Stewart served as managers, and Mr. T. K. Tischler directed. :9fJf1cf111,u.'I Managers Ron Stewart and Peter Mittltell. St.11tJ: Director I. K. Tischler. President Sam Hitks. Vice-President Dcan Clark. if The V-8's-as the octet is officially desig- nated-are a group selected from the Glee Club on the basis of their ability to harmo- nize well. They make a number of appear- ances. sometimes on their own, sometimes with the rest of the Glee Club. They enter- tained at intermission during the XVinter Carnival Dance and sang for an Alumni group the following week. Spring engage- ments included an appearance at the Bellows Falls Women's Club and the Lions Club. - 7 2 2 '11 - Q THE V 8,5 OCTET Sun links. Tom Riilmrdson. liill liosuoitli, Pc-nn l..n'clnci1 Vfoody Hickcox, Pete Allen, Eric Sclubtach. and Dean Cl.1rk. CHEERLEADERS Under the enthusiastic and imaginative leadership of their captain, Chip Smith, the Cheerleaders sue- ceeded in whipping up school spirit to some new highs during the year. A notable innovation was the introduction of a V-shaped gauntlet through which the team ran onto the field at the beginning of the second lulf fit the home football games. Chip's colorful and original posters featuring a distinctive Wildcat attracted it good deal of interest. l.t 'J .U f,'.f,' DLJII C l.nl4. liill lirgel-ni. Don XX clcli lhnzl Singcr. lllul 'lnbezi Cfrdutorcl Sweeley. Violin l.inlc. Chip iinitli. li'c.l btdnlcy i ji? ff- - 7' , ' f 52 J I. ms, f INT A Mi vt. rg, dir? . la 1 " -1 s M J: ff, "King of Hearts," Act II DRAMATICS The Dramatics Club once again fulfilled its purpose of providing interested students with an outlet for their theatrical inclinations. This year the Vermont Academy Players scored a hit in their successful version of "King of Hearts" by jean Kerr and Eleanor Brooke, which was presented in December under the direction of Mr. T. K. Tischler assisted by Mr. Charles Solms. john Arthur interpreted the lead role of Larry Larkin, a noted cartoonist, Whose secretary and fiancee, Dunreath Henry, was played by Pam Lucy. Mark Palmer was Francis X. Dignan and Sally Brodine, jeniella. Larkin, ostentatious and egotistical, hires Dignan to ghost-draw his comic strip while Larkin honey- moons with Dunreath. However, Dignan falls in love with her instead, and, after various complications, wins her hand. Chip Smith and Brian Angell performed capably in supporting roles. Others in the cast were Tony Carbine and Richard Hubbell. Stmzdirzg: Mr. Solms, assistant director. Smltd: Mr. Tischler. director' Don Mc- lnnes, Vice-Presidentg Chip Smith, President, Roger Seagrave, Business Manager. fl W1 'NFA' psvfi' 1- bs. S' J my 'lx L A l , . 1 ' s ll l ui , fu Y 1 2 X 'R ,V A L I . ,J rfb - f 4 1 . Q - f N ffm' - ,Q-H: .tgp 'lf 'vi' ..,:- ug. -A :1 e it A. sa 'Z ,xl - " r X 1- at .- I ' . A ,fini 1' ,fi f '-'1 ' ' f 1- -A . ff ..,-, ' xx hy --H r XS ' 1 '19 ' 'I 'J f 4 1 ' 1 J lv .L 7, rw -4 , , 1 if N' 'L' Sf-1'1ffl'15Q-' 'turn Keriiwn, Qary Brown, Sam Hieks, Denny Emerson, Fred Stanley, john Dick. Sealed: john Arthur, Bill Bigelow, The l.ife Staff is responsible for two publications'-f-the weekly bulletin board and the quarterly magazine. lzditorfin-Chief: Chip Smith. The weekly edition provides a running aeeount of Current exents, while the eluarterly gives a more eon- densed xersion that serves as a permanent reeord. The quarterly, with a eireulation of over 3000, in- cludes tlass notes of interest to alumni. This year's "Campus Confidential" was a popular feature with its humorous sidelights on Campus life. liruee Cagniers satirie Cartoons provided many chuckles. A notable acquisition during the year was a glassedfin cabinet for displaying the weekly edition. The Wfildeat Board was organized early around a steering group who got things rolling before enlisting the serxites ot' a large number of the other members ot the graduating tlass. lfor a variety of reasons-f intluding the liaet that this was the Zith year for Mr. and Mrs. l.eaxitt at Vermont Atatlemy and also their last year the hoard detided to make the '59 Wilrlt at the best VA. yearbook ot' all time. The Spring Supplement will show additional stalilimen who helped on both l.ilie and the Wfildtat. Sf.ll,'t!,'ll.lf.' lhtue lialunitr, Cautoonistg Dean f,l.lll'i. fauitpus lfelllnl, Sain links, Sports lfthtor, Hill liigelow, Plmotograplly litlitor. 51.1 lollll Al'llllll'. llusiness lNlanagel1 Clary Brown, litlltftl'-lI1'f,lIlL'f ful. wkkalti f-Ffa? Shoes? j iff 'S ' Q ifmgfii 7 iw ff " L NX V x V4 Saga-wfmg "Q V , 9'-r gg: III-'U f ,rf-' ,f"f"v alia.,-,,,,,,,5.-ll- AQ'-'56 ,Bi ,Q Qi si' I 9 Bare rozcx' Hickcox. Naramore, Kilgore. Baxter, Bigelow. Clark, Alicfdle wfzi: Cannon, Wfallace. Smith, Mr, Lunetta, Schab tach. P. Mitchell. Iirwrf wzcy' Cooper, Flatow. Stewart. ART CLUB The Art Club. in its first year of service to the school. gathered an enthusiastic' group of artistically in- clined boys. Under the expert guidance of Mr. Richard Lunetta. who joined the Academy faculty last fall as 21 language instructor. a number of prospective painters. modelers. and sculptors were given the oppor- tunity to develop their talents and to discover previously hidden artistic' abilities, Unlike the other clubs. the Art Club had no officers and held no formally scheduled meetings. Its members met in the art workshop, a convenient room in lfuller Hall basement. where boys gathered in- formally and worked at their own pace under Mr. l.unetta's supervision. The workshop also housed the art materials and supplies of the group. During the year various items were added to the Clubis assort- ment of art equipment. XY'ith the workshop expanding. the future of the Art Club looks bright indeed. Undoubtedly its cul- tural impact will be felt in the life of the school. Participation in the program helps the members use their free time constructively as well as to observe representative phases of artistic endeavor. Perhaps the Club's greatest contributions are its encouragement of self-expression in boys and its development of their ap- preciation of art forms. b9 SCIENCE CLUB The principal .tim of the Science Cluh is to hring to nic-mhers ol the various stiente clcpartinents an up- to-clate look at recent science contrihutions. This years programs inclucletl .1 report on the St. Lawrence Sc-.1w.1y, .1 t.1lk on small hore shooting hy Johnnie lloll.1r, .1 t.1lk on suhmarines hy C.lPl.1ll1 Rohie Palmer, and il program on careers in science, The spring series of programs included three film transcriptions of Bell Telephone television presenta- tions: "The Nervous System," "The Science of LLIITKQLIJKLQL '," and "Nemo the Magnificentf' as well as talks by guest speakers from the scientific and teaching worlcl. President of the club this year was Roger Seagraveg Vice-President. john Dick: and SCCfClLIFj'-TFCLISLIFEI, George Wfiltshire. Mr. Bosworth was the faculty aclxiser. Top wuz' Branclhorst, Quebman. Compson. Hicks, Goodwin. Wallace. Naramore. F. Stanley, Dean Clark. Third mu: Eddy, Eastman, Butler Cannon. Carbine, Bosworth, Hickcox, R. Noyes, Bert Dixon. Second mu: Merzbach, Linder. Denker. Lawrence. Dick. Seagrave, Wfiltshire Slosherg, Baxter, Calder, McCall. BZIHUNZ wuz' Mr. Black, G. Brown, Arthur, Bigelow, Smith. Stewart, Chase, Kilgore, S. Taylor, Mr Bosworth. CAMERA CLUB The c.imcff.i Club is set up to give boys a wider knowledge of the use of camera equipment and to teach them how to develop and print their own film. The club is also responsible for much of the photog- raphv work for both the weekly and quarterly editions of Life. the school magazine. and for the Wildcat, the yearbook. The Club participates in the Vermont State Camera Club exhibit at Burlington as well as in the Southern Vermont Exhibit at Manchester. At the end of the year the members put on a local exhibition of pictures they have taken during the year. The photographic equipment owned by the Club was added to this year by a gift from the Argus Com- pany of an Argus C-3 and an Argus 75. Through purchase the Club acquired a wide-angle lens and a telescopic lens to augment the usefulness of the new cameras. They have proved helpful in the coverage of sports events, Movies were taken of home football games to assist the coaching staff in their task of sharpening the teams performance. The bulk of the photographic work in the XY'ildcat, other than the senior portraits and organization groups which are professionally taken, is taken care of by Camera Club members under Mr. Bosworth's superv ision. 1 j Quebman. Naramore. McLean, Wallace, D, Taylor. Third wuz' Eastman, Compson, Bosworth, F. Stanley, Zinn, Clarner S Tay i ic cox. Sccffud mu: Brodhead, Flatow, Cooper, Linder, Denker, Myers, Compton, Baxter, Tarshis. Sealed: Taber, Lawrence, G Brown Arthur Secretary, Bigelow, Presidentg Dean Clark, Vice-Presidentg Chip Smith, Treasurerg Stewart, Kilgore, Mr. Bosworth. Top faux' Ashworth. Turnbull, P, Mitchell. Wfallace, Ebcrle. Swift. Zinn, T. Ritharalson, Partell. Third wuz' Hubbell, Little- field. XX'vL1l1lSU'OIlT. Linder, S. Taylor. Eastman. Serwzd mzzx R. Anderson, Patlclford, Borch, Talbert, Hnsseltine, Livermore, Shields, Al Dixon, Mi1cNutt. Fin! mzi: Mr. Black, I-let'fern.1n. Smith, Singer. Sclmbtacli, G. Brown, Lynch, Compton, Swenson. Iqflblfliflgf J. Dixon. Mason. RIFLE CLUB The hunting progmm. which is p.1rti.1lly uniler the sponsorsliip ol' the Rifle Cluh, helped get the Club off to .1 line start in Septemher with .in unusually l.1rge .intl interestul group. The would-he tleerslayers were .ill Anxious to slurpen their 1lT.1fl'iSIN,1I1SlllV. Vntler the i.lL'l.llll' supcrxision of Mr. Black. Club ITICIN- hers tiireil L1 good many rountls git the rifle range, The hunting season w.1s unsuccessful, but this w.1s ilue more to lick of game than to errors in grim. ln 'QL'tlC.'I'.1l. the aim ot' the Rifle Club is to priiinote hotter m.1rksm.1nship while incultgiting hnhits of safe- ty with lireitrms. hoth in the fir-lil and on the r.inge, This ye.1r some .tltertitions and improvements were :mile on the mnge in the lxisement of Tones ll.ill, lhtltstiwps .mtl liylifilll WUC TIUPVUWJ UU lD0TlT UTC prone .incl oft-h.1ntl ranges, This y'e.1r's Presitlent w.1s lfrit' SClT.1lUi.lkl1. with Paul Sing strxing .is Yitcfpresident. Mr. Black was faculty .itlx iser. 72 S53 Gyn Us s N-,J . 4 I' SQ-N f K.. YF, , 2 gf C so YV -H 1 ll' QM FALL in-?.,.L 11, ,,,...- ,Mia 1 xx If 'f U DERCLASSME Q flv..s. - -.. " I, N-2.2 -1 nl N 1 is Q DAVIS HOI'5Ii CAMPBELL HOUSE PROCTOR HOME fC,1pliw15 for 1u1dfn'l.1,r5 group pifluref are an page 791 ALUMNI III DAY STUDENTS XII 'RIILXH-XN'I' .Dvds I 'vw Z '-Q-- 4 'ty' ' Al? 'QI I I 4. ' 1, 5' ,-JA 'I' wr , A M ! , A 41" W? JONES HALL UNDERCLASSMEN I I FQ' ,lt IXI III I I -f .5 .gh E I ? . 3 I NDTRC RADI ATI C ROI P PIC II RI S Qt D-XXIN IIOI NI XX citcrgrcn S lu Xcnmmx R1 L rr CXXIPBELI HOL NI S' 1 ua IC rmm I OICIC Cltrncr Qtemlc Inn Aulrsl Jx X IOR IIOXII rt IX In 1 I Qtmlcx Sc If Angell Txrsm I utmm Xiu HI Xforton COIlCl 1 ALLXINII III Yffalzzg Sxxcclcs I-Ixclxtox Common Ctrbmc D Tzlxor Capen Bwtcr Stmd P HX cn Ilr nu Nxnvcr Doxxlln Rcxnoltlx Oucbmtn DAX STUDLIXITQ-Sl wfnzg Cru x1IlSCl11lClx Iortl Bosxxorth R110 XX Cston Steele Sealed Clnm IWCFIIT Don Clrrlx Xlllllkll Iconrrcll NIOITIQSCIII Nxlc I Nous QILRTIVANT IIOLSII Ylzmfm Prwt Hornh Rttlmontl Blunclt Plrtcl Stuchcll Compton Prtdcl torcl SL ff Hubbell Flztosx Ashworth Boothbx Brotlhctd Xlcrzblch I Drxon Thrrd prec IONIESI Sf in U Laughton Butler Artkcn Eddx Kcnnx Stew Irt Sc lei Swuft Cmnon Eberle XX'al Inc Swanson ICJNFSII XIuWutt kcxxcombc XX hlstrom Noonm Hole S Tulor Cooper Llnder S zlcd I Anderson T Stexcns Shlelcle Lrttlcfrcld Ruth D nkcr XX allter I NVQ III 9 Z C1ldcr Clust Icbtcr Frnn Turnbull Raglmcl A Drxon Serlcd Gmllctte Llxer more Bogclznsln Btrtou F Allcn I-Ictfcrmn R Anderson Rose ,A . In 9 . i Q , T. . 1. Fir. Ingo I f K' ' . fcc ' I . "lim -. I. . - 'f T-,,f.:f1g.flfrg,' XIQ.. Mittl All, MIC. D11 . , Stmfgt .' " . .. ', - ' , Z' IPC Q" . 2--Sf,:1,n.'!f.'kq.' T.1lb: . Sull' . . Sjwtronl. -I vlmson. I.. , . :rf K - . 1 ,I 4. f . . I .1 . A , . Sc poo I L M ,, ', . , , ' .. , - , ' , , . , , . - - fl A f L - J, I 1 - A I . ,.. . . - 4 , , 4 . . I . rll-. .LII " ', - .. L . K ' I , fr, 'jx 2.11 'Q I, . 5 ' . ', "I , . .' ,. :lf P. it ' . .." tl " 7 1 ' I I .4 , ' ,,, 'H . V, , . C - .. 5. . . . . . . . , , . Q . Elf fl' .' , . ', ' , f". 1 , I . , '. . 'C U L - .::f1f'JO.' I , , ' " , f, - 1 . 1.2 1: " , . , , ' - ,J1 l.n- , T I 4. .1 .. X, . if , , A . ff-', .4 ' l - 'A ,C r, YY 7 UO. I -W-.f.1n,'t DJAQJ . ' , . . " ' , 1 Aw . , k , , . . 'I .' ' ' , I ' U DERCLASSME AITKEN, David, 500 S. University, Denver 9, Colo. ALLEN Elliott W. Park Place, Fair Haven. Vt. ALLEN Peter Box 1737 Sag Harbor L I N Y ANDERSON John 55 Rodney St Glen Rock N J ANDERSON Robert Hidden Lake Lodge Marlboro ANGELL Brian Grafton N Y ASHWORTH Bruce Beecher Rd Brooklyn Conn AULISI Rachard 5 E Blvd Gloyersvalle N Y BARTOXW Samuel 94 Black Horse Lane Cohasset Mass BAXTER Glenn 31 Claremont Rd Scarsdale N Y BLAUVELT Reginald 647 Berkeley Ave Orange N J BOGDANSKI Joseph 161 Preston Ave Meraden Ct BOOTHBY Albert Millbrook N Y BORCH Peter 426 Forest Rd Scotch Plains N J BOSNWORTH Wallaam Saxtons Raver Vt BRODHEAD John Darrow School New Lebanon N BUTLER Francis American Embassy Tel Aviv Israel CALDER John 105 Maan St Dansxalle N Y CANNON! Philip Weston Rd Lincoln Mass CAPEN Herbert P O Box 329 Stoughton Mass CARBINE S Anthony 67 Ives Ave Rutland Vt CHAMBERLIN David Saxtons Riser Vt CHASE Gregory 53 Summer St N Brookfield Mass CLARK Donald Saxtons Raver Vt CLARNER Jonathan 27 Westbourne Rd Concord N COMPSON Rxchard College Hall Clanton N COMPTON Eno P O Box 1452 Greenwich Conn COOPER Richard Woodbury Rd Sprangfaeld Vt CRAY Laurence Saxtons Rayer Rd Bellows Falls DENKER Wfallaam Paracaama 925 Mexaco 10 D F DIXON Alfred Ivy Hall Farm Cockeysvalle Md DIXON John Iyy Hall Iarm Cockeysvalle Md DORMAN Gay P O Box 235 Beirut Iebanon DOWLIN Jolm 1800 Perry Rd NW Canton 8 Ohao EASTMAN Vilallaam 106 Billings St Sharon Mass FBFRIE Joseph Centa al Rd Rye Beach N H FRION Donald Robinson Rd Nashua N H IIAIOW Peter Rock Rammon Rd Stamford Conn FORD Dvsaan Box 576 Saxtons Raver Vt C IIIIVITE Irederack 17 Dell Rd Springfield Vt HEFFERNAN Machael 725 Neponset St Norwood Mass HIC KCOX Charles 203 E Rohanson Shrexeport Ia HOPE John Sycamore Aye Shrewsbury N HI BBFII Richard lrystang Pl N Scituate Mass JOHNSON Frak 53 High St Berlin N H KFNN1 XX ard 160N Oxford Hartford 5 Conn KIIGORE Jess Pottersyalle Rd Chester N IARDNFR Penn 301 I pper MontelaarA1e Montclair N IAI CHION Robert 19 St Mary s Ianc Norwalk Omnn IFONARDI Mark Saxtons Raxer Vt LISIER William 39 Knollvyood Rd Short Halls N IINDTR flarcnce 53 lockuood Rd Scarsclale N 'a Ill IlI'IlI'lD Dayad 6l0Grove St I pper Montclaar N LIVERMORE John 25 Jason St.. Pittsfield Mass. MacNUTT Lowell 171 Fountain St.. Ashland Mass, MASON William 5 East Traal Darien Conn MERZBACH Jan 236 N Pleasant St Amherst Mass MIIES John 938 Ackerman Axe Syracuse 10 N Y MINICH Roy Saxtons Raver Vt MITCHELL Peter 136 Kemper St Wollaston Mass MORRISSEAU Olaver Saxtons Rayer Rd Bellows Fal MORTON John 921 Kimball Aye Westfield N J NEWCOMBE Richard North Windham Conn NILES Nathanael Lawrence Saxtons Raver Vt NOONAN Denis 490 Wallaam St Pittsfaeld Mass NOYES James RFD No 1 Bellows Falls Vt OKIE Theodore 128 Camp Ave Daraen Conn PADELFORD Charles 385 N San Rafael Pasadena Cal PARTEL Danael 807 Castle Point Ter Hoboken N J PICO-T Christopher 118Whate Oaks Dr Alexandria Va QUEBMAN John 107 N Worcester R No 2 Norton Mass RAGLAND Chris 456N Maple Aye Greenwich Ct REDMOND Peter 51 Wannacoash St Laconaa N H REYNOLDS John 166 Locust Ave Amsterdam N Y RICE Lavyrence Saxtons Raver Vt ROSE Wallaam Main Road Orient N Y RUTH John 14 Inwood Rd Essex Fells N J SEELEY Robert 25 Carlton Pl Staten Island N Y SHIELDS William 248 Middlesex Rd Darien Conn SINGER Paul 22 Park Ave Westerly R I SJOSTROM Rachard 107 Waverly Rd Wyncote Pa STANLEY Lee Anson Rd Forbell Manor Norwalk Ct STEELE Christopher Box 11 Cambradgeport Vt STEINLE Edward 70 Craagmoor Rd W Hartford Ct STEVENS 'lhomas XX'oodland Aye S Plainfield N J S I EWARSI Ronald 116 26 Poxaells Coxe Blvd Whitestone I N SILCHELI XY'allaam Hamilton Ianc Darien Conn SUI LIVAN Michael Ianesyalle Newy Milford Conn SWFNSON James H5 Stephen M athea Rd Darien SVUIFT Norman 51 News Me adou Rd Barrington 'IAI BERT Robert 105 Grove St Claremont N H 'IARSHIS Andrevt Maple Corner Calais Vt 'IAXIOR Daxad Haeh Meadow Rd Southport Conn 'IAYIOR Scott 645 Clark St 'Ihermopolas Wyo I'URNBI LI Richard West Wfarclsboro Vt VAN SCHAICK Peter Saxtons Raaer Vt VEA Peter 2316 Rosendale Rd Schenectady N Y VUAHLSTROM David 21Wall.1rclAae Worcester 2 Mass WALKER Mark Common St Groton Mass VUALLACE Racharcl Hilltop Rd Mendham N J WESTERC REN Kurt 359 Main St Portland Conn VUFSION Joseph Saxtons Raver Vt YEOMANS Ceorge Elm St Norwich Vt YINN Donald 1015 Kanestoaara Rd Peace Dale R TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 1 1 1 1 1 7 I 3 7 3 1 1 -- 1 1 - -1 - - - 1 I I 1 - i 1 l 1 - 1 s -1 1 ' ' , 1 - -. 1 - - - 1 1 - - . 1 1 1 - 1 1 '1 1 ' 1 , . -1 1 - A , , . ., ' , , . , ' , c. ' ' .. ' ls, Vt. 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 , A V 11 l 1 - - 1 1 -1 1 ' ' 1 D 1 I 1 - 1 I 1 1 41 , 1 - ' 1 4 '. 1 1 I 1 - 1 1 1 -- 1 ' 1 I - ' l l -1 I 4 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S Y I 13 y ' ' , y 1, I Q . - 1 1 - . 1 . , , - 1 1 ' . , -Y- 1 ' . ' .. , . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I , .1 A , . 1 1 -1 ' 1 - - 1 1 - "1 1 - - -, 1 T I 1 1 1 -1 1 - - 1 A 1 - l -1 li 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 ' 1 , I I -1 I 1 - - 1 - 1 -1 1 . , , ., , . . 1 1 ' 1 - 1 ' , . I , 1 1 1 " ' I ' '2 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 -1 1 - - 1 1 11 1 - H- , , - ., , , . 1 1 1 1 1 Y- , ' ' , - ' . ., ' , . 5 7 ' ' 7 4 I ! ' 1 , 1. X., le , . . 1 1 " 1 1 , . .. ' , 4. 1 ' ' 1 ' A1 ' 1 Vt- e . , ., . 'c . . 5 4 ' 1 I ' 3 Y ' ' , 4 , , I , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - . , .A .. . 1 , , 1 1 A r ' 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 - , 1 , . ' , . . I. ag . . -, 1 , .- . " Q , .M 1- J- 1 gy ' 1 57 1 , A -1 1 2 1 I., .. . Y. ' I ' U A ' 1,- ' 3 ' ' V ' ' 1 ' . . ' . . . - . 11 1. - 1 ' , , ,' 1 , ' EDDY, Dana, Waslaangton SL1 Box 1551 DUXl2UfY1 M8551 SXVEELEY, Craawford, 25 Curtis St., West Somerville, Mass. Y , ' . 1, . 1 1 1 - - - - - - - -1 1 - . . 1 . .-1 1. e ' A " ., A A,f,t. '1 i 1 1-1 1 - 1 .' 1. J "' 'z ' .. ' " ,R.I. 1 l 1 ' I Y a ' 4 1 ' 1 S .. 1 ' , . . . . 1 1 '. , A 1 , . 1 1 V- - l 1 1 - 11 1 -- 1 . , , ' 'a .. , . 1 A 1 A V -1 - 1 4- I - 1 I V4 1 - - 1 - 1 1 ' 11 Q ' A-1 . . . .. . , . ., . c , 1 . , q , 1 1 , 1 1 ' - , . . , - , -, , ., ' ' , . . .A ' ' f 1. , - 4 , , .4 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 -5 -1 - -1 . , Q 1 I l a'. ' , ,S . A "I .' ', H , , ' ' 1 I, , y -' I. v , 1 I 1 1. - 1 " . ' , ' la , ' .,. I ' fc. 1 ag ' ., ' 'S , . a . 1 , , . -1 1 . 1 r 1 a , - . , , , A IM f40'1a Bea' 'en'Dc:laA1QIqy1orrvldl X -.. wx f X ,iw bk 4 xx X lj 'Y Fwy, Fwy mif PQJWJLH xii g7'! 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H ,fl il f , 177 f W -B ra , S L J Q3 l 1 y KN W X - ' J ' ' f I W ,V f P Q-X ' 5 gl f V X X x Mlilq bg 1 Q9 X ,fl fl' 3 ,K 4 ' qxxw Y, gl- ff I Sf? 5 HI. X' -Tr 'H '4 QR X. I 1 ulllflwmuln AWN!! ' LD? I 75- 4 fff4,,, 141 , V' ' ' l fl 4. 2 Q 'M QW A1 ' . I 1 W! I " 1, jx muu""'W 4, If 1 '. , " 1 N W K 1 'wx 1 X 1 N 5 P NX j X X Y, 1 . X , .nxzx x KN ,,,, Qi., Y I I :- g of X H H 1 , , XJJXMKI I "I A ZQQQ 2-jggggxx QW ZZ ge 16495 Q WM lk W f fm w m N Xf! xfj Nfl Z Sfyfygfpjpih ,. VW? ,, W x cg YJ ' ' W T1 J ,!,i 'l , A f' mfafti fffJfff"5 a n 2 : " al 0 Z2 3 ' Z! LMTUE' fp fir! NUT" 2 T Z W f K XX U2 X N X xi ix XX M M fA + V x ff' X YA" X ,jx , X fuk X nxn X 'flffr1f ,N K K II' ff 277 jj ,K 1qi?XR X X W' X1 . W xjv WW N W? ifMpw1 ff YB Xl i Xjx X K WO k K I f l I 'ff X 5 X' U-X 0 fx if VJL9' 107 ' 8 , .,l ffl Eli' R

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