Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD)

 - Class of 1943

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Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1943 volume:

' A E' fl: " - u'7V?"5'-.Q-'-'V . . -1 L.-. . .- H .. . -11 1 ,1 V , ,S -,ff--V V Q 4 , .. , A - 'fg1?fEv.zl5'- .- -. 2 f ,-.'3.ff1'-S '. nf -ahx ,ML -1: fe-he-1-'V-f rl 'Q ' 1 f . 'M 1. J 'N' ,. . ., 14fa'?75:'XiJ" .- ef 1- -. W ' " ..-'I-eg.. . , kit --fi .. .471 J L ,Af . , 2 ?'77J-J . ,Q 4, - , fain, A , Y .f - pf" Ki 1' 43-... 4,gj!',, '. " ' :"Ai4:'.f- 1 - f ' - - ...ff .V.?'..-.1-5 V. ' ' we 'Z'.?f3'5"-,"3fs. - Qw'.1. Q 2:Q'.-si... A - ., . Z. H I .- l ,-1 ,MH QL. Us " .2 . 5? ., .U M-Q , - 'b - . " Wxff - W' --5' . . K-yi., ff ' , 1- - "..i5'Z1'-i,,"1"'- ' :.' "Ik ,X . f- .ar '1,-iii. -?9."g.f- , 2 - 2 - jg- '. .-12 5,..-f.f-- W .. .K-1, .,.a- - V, '1 -V .V M - ,-. .. ,fn 1 55553- 3 ' -.-5 I ' ' ",fif-'.Q.f3',5f.r- -.Vi lw "QQ ' . ' .1 ' N f'?7.lQ :.E,3:i-"' ' ifrj 'K EV. - V.5?'Af'. 5 lfsf- -'lg 1- '- . -,,.., 7 V . - 4- 131 LT ,-,rigg-1-.-V. - -' -TY . ff.: .-.yfqgfifg-.25 gg. fu. A Eff-If: ..w,.:V1V.:. .. - .. -ftiph V.'fax.f , .,,, " V. M .-fam--' - . 1 ra. . f -4 ,. .1 1 5 - x ,, . ,--N ,.- ,.,-1. . . . -.4 ..-f 1. . . , , - If -',-i, .e'1W an . 5" -as - ,gm j, ' L -5. -Q.. ' -.V M.- . . -. Q... " I-SEZ-'H 1.f'g .54:5.Qsf'- - .ra mp lr -5 H., i ' I ' 1 ,,j' .J ., " -'-.. mg- ', g.-Jia . ' wqmsrrgj: ..1i2iff?z.57 . 13 . - X - V J J3,x' kZ . gy. I Q A - ,.9g?gt4' I . , SJ' V " -1 + iw J, ,:- iz' z,i,j'Qfg:. .V f f215"'Y'1"7qkf"'QJ"'1?.44 ' ,s-- rg ri. f-. -.1-:h '- w -V .3415 .V ., .. - ' Q Qgsvf- kgs.-Vw ' ,l V r Lg- Q., A- 271.4 , ' -,:?"2+'f-ff "'?i' ' we 1 41? op- -1,...,,,:1,. T - ,- V A- 'lf . - . - az. .I .e-.QF - ,. ...Q A 1, .--, .- .. 1 - - L. ,':'V--1.2-Q5 r - J, J V- .fi . . we 1. .. 1 ' 4 ,L 'i 4- , 1 .- 3 +!"'fL .' -1 .Q-' .- , ,.,, HW .- 1-,gy-,5--.,?..". -Yf-f -f "".--fi'-ff' ":'g,Tj,15.- '. :..V. ,-' 1, '4.g- " ..9..5 ff f12'x . . - La Q - -f. , .V V! 34... -1 ,V .V f. ' . twap A . 1' 'z-l15e.l1.Q'-E.'ffr.-fp, - ,,, H21 :V , 5 - ., .,. - f .. ,,"L.- '-.g.,',gj: ' '. , v-- V-Y 1 V. . 'Q 4 - - , ' ' "fi .ff 'Ag -41?-- . Vf z - 45L:.z,-,.,, n- 9,9 --51.1. -..f nf.. - 1' .fm , ' A gf? 'ii-1.F'3""fE 4J5'f"5" A . Lqfx 'j"' ,--,2'!i,-fb. 3" " ' --"iii ..g5h..'-fylitp--.x Q " 1 V ,,--gif 1 .544 aw - ,Y -5 ,lu 4 .. .--bds' . 13. 3 qt: -' . 'if'-4-.'. " ,ff-. 1-"" 335-:R ' "W 55. . iSze,'.. -.15-. - Q..-V PEXV,-,,ggV.,-'Q -,A ' -- ' -s. . ..-.f!- ' E ., ff. -' 'i "f..kf5x"", '- VV ' ' Spf-1.-'li 372'-F .,-. ?-H-Y. -5140 Q 1 E ., .-:B 1 -ggi-....V,.F:,.5 ., , - -V ' . X, --1-":.,f.:1- 3 if- - ' Q gl ,zf 5 - V . 31.-' V' Q ,- 'A "ff . . IV. "?.2a.aaf v- --9 V. - K ' 5 '13, ik. Nr ff' . 'W - " . .2 . 1, f F '.-1. - .Q. V . ,,,fV:L,,a2. -. gy, ',f'5Qg..---- .- I V.?:3.- - V . --if 5 f- -1- , - --. 1 ' ' fgv.-.5 -1 A-if-7 1 .. '..V:.-z.-.1 . - 2, J-4. -,. . f 1g1?',.1.,.rE: ...:frj'lf' ,. ,, JO 3'f!3V','1-iv--. S -Q1f,,,f-'2 5-sv gzigi - gif, -'f -Rf' -.f:1'mfil.q, - .- an-1-'1 1-'fif .T -T11 -.3 -fvf f. " -15 ' f U: -. 1- .-5: 1.25 3' 342,f"?ffFQP' S ' .' 7122 . fh - l V ..- '73 f 'JV' A 'LJ ,, "fm " 'Q' VWSVJ5 V V" -TA . ' ' .. -2- ' " ' ' - " 1J'2-4':- ,V- -L.- P - ' , 'g.'-WB ' '7- y- , rffmak 'V' 13r,F'g- -- 42"-Wi. "-- XX-. m ,-aff V. - . -H 'j, ,-' .f Q. -4 H ,,3?f, .fu JLVig.,'- . S .. Q M... ' 'Tj ,.?,:..,. V - -L 'sf ' .,V4'1 A' '-A "iii-if I i' ' -F214 .. 'rr-V fsfffw:-f-- H-2V5g,,,2. " -,- Q " . -5' ' -T ' . V V'-:.x,3'.7JrV' rf- 1- J H ., V . . ' . , ' 1...-1 -Q .' 'W --f 4. F if I TT' M' Q M 've- -r . aw .. --fr':fLVf'. .. . .- 1, aa -- . A ' 3 !!j?g1.L4i-. -1-"'fE',J"..""- l -..i1e:.'L,"k'1.f,."f- 'bu . '52 1.-T...QV-ggggig-.3-7321? V - -mi, G ...fl-3' ':: Y 'iw ...A .- " ix -'?igz,3'F'fff V ,,-as-wid. , Q., A , L 1 ' 1-.,K,.R-if',I - ,,,g'1l?J2 .- ' ', -w. . 1 - A , '- 152 - fgi-V fif'-2v23w . -552' ua.. W '14 3,74 . V QF. . .. 7'?"i,'5..- Ki' ,jf "--izfg' ' -. risk? 1 3- fi.. .. ' - ' 'i-Mm, . ' ' Q '- '- - .pg gf ,k .Q fy V f f rl -7" V -- - vw Q , .4 .- , V-V , - .V . 'f"1'?.V'-V--,4,:-: ' 9... ' 7 . -. ' -- . EI-:VFW -1 M 'A"5"l':ii'-:5'3i., .+-, '--:e " A. ,- ,H gf V - X ' .- 'Xi A ' " if A 52:9 In . - M A Jfe:z'f?'5"'?T?2Cf" "M" , vl . ' . . ' V '15-wr . 2 - . ' " ""' ., .Qc . xx . 4' at "- A A , yr - . .. ,hr I . P 5, 'A ? , ,if "' f J" 5. .' '. . -P 1 . -.1 ,av V Q fe V ,UV V, 1' v -V 4,1 'Ma gm, -. ., --,z -, . - .gehjin LU'-. 4.-ref. "KV ' THE TANAGER Ve1rmJiIU1i0Jn1 High School 1943 UAUYEIVIIV 595 5:',0WIf M , 2'-: ' Q -,, - q fy gh. ., Q V ..,t,,,,,,,, 4 E It ,Q if J ,P , .. .. ., ww r gg M A, V ...,.... .,,,.,,. . wg' AL 'iwjy ' 4-r+"1' ff? - ' Q, 1 Y . f 'J N x Ll '5jgfa1-- L Z- -'H' , Q 2 ,, 16,3 'WSQSQFE , ,- , I W i fi, Q . Vx hi,-iizkgfye? fu , 255 A20 ,M 1,1.-.1- .... ---. . V QW- ,W H -- ,eff ' f , W - Q w ,.mQisH f , WP W qw A 'HE K ' VAN WA? MDW!!! XEORKY " xx fl 9470! 'PZUF 1901107 ,V " T006 ' xpff-Wffd B08 I Ib., M W ADMINISTRATION ADMINSTRATION Mr. T. VanGorkum Mr. H. Conners Mr. L. T. Uecker I Mr. J. G. Farmer Mr. O. Hasik MF- E- H- Lien ':::7"V MV if FW M -D' .iq f W 2 Dr. W. H. Fairbanks Mrs. Harold Brookman Mr. C. G. Beckwith adn 4thraw ,Na Mr. Barstow, Miss Stinson, Mr. Van Gorkum, Miss Sutera 3rd row: Miss Anderson, Miss Cross, Miss Page, Mr. Conners, Miss Lewis 2nd row: Miss Vaaler, Mr. Foss, Miss Erickson, Mr. Uecker, Miss Hasik Istrod: MR. BARSTOW Science Northern State Teachers College--B.S. University of S. Dak. MISS STINSON Secretary University of S.Dak. MR. VAN GORKUM jr. high principal University of S. Dak. B.A. MISS SUTERA Algebra Bookkeeping Librarian Yankton College--B.A. MISS ANDERSON Social Studies Iowa State College Colorado State College of Ed. MISS CROSS Homemaking Iowa State College--B.S. MISS PAGE English Speech University of S.Dak. B.A. Miss Westaby, 'Mr. Nelson, Miss Beis, Mr. Anderson MR. CONNERS H. S. Principal Mathematics Physics University of S. Dak. B.A. MISS LEWIS Social Studies Augustana University of S.Dak. University of W. Va. MISS VAALER Typ-ins Shorthand N.Dak. University--B.S. MR. FOSS Band Science Sioux Falls College B. A. MISS ERICKSON Vocal Music University of S. Dak. B.S.--M.M. MR. UECKER Superintendent University of S.Dak. B.A.--M.A. MR. HASIK Grade School Principal Kearney State Teachers College University of Nebraska B.S. MISS WESTABY English jr. Hi Colorado State Teachers College--B.A. MR. NELSON Coach Dakota Wesleyan--B.A. University of S.Dak. M.A. MISS BEIS English Columbus College Creighton University University of S. Dak. B.A. MR. ANDERSON Minneapolis School of Fine Arts Black Hills State Teachers College--B.A. QXQQW L Back row: Miss Vaaler, Donald Wagner, Alda Nelson, Susie Albers, Melvin Erickson. Mr. Conners. MhiUe rar: Arthur Erickson, Patty Frankenfeld, Franklin Paplin, Gayle Hofstead, Bill Conaway. Fran raw Mhrgaret Conaway, Dorothy Barton, Bill Radigan, Sally Artley, Peggy Cadwell, Merrie Lou Conaway. The Student Council is the governing body of the school. The members were elected by the students from each class and organization. A girl and a boy were chosen from each class and one from each organization. They have sponsored several dances and also have started the Friday Night Club, an organization that was just created this year in order to provide recreation for the students on Friday night. Miss Hulda Vaaler and Mr. Howard Conners were the sponsors for 1942 and 1943 Not shown in picture: Jo Payton. E Y., v 5 at 5 1 3 S X '-QR. , 1 Q ' - z , ' ' 'J , N Y...,... -, L Mnvx-L' l K. ,M W, ,LLX V M ., h,,,,,--.,......- CLASSES .av ASS UF 41-3 Student Body President WILLIAM RADIGAN Basketball 4,3,2,1 Football 4,3,2,1 Track 4,3,1 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 Student Council 4,2 Vermillionaire 4 Quill k Scroll 4 Senior Class President RICHARD EDBERG Roosevelt H. S. 1 Central H. S. 2 Football 4,3 Band 4,3 Class Officer 4 Student Council 3 Pep Band 4,3 Football Co-Captain Instrumental Solo 3 Brass Ensemble 3 SUSIE ALBERS Mt. Marty Acd. 2,1 G.A.A. 4,3 Girl Reserves 4,3 F.T.A. 4 Librarian 4,3 Student Council 4 Class Officer 4 Quill B Scroll 4 DONAVON BACON Basketball 4,3,2,1 Football 4,3,2,l Track Hi-Y 4.3,2,1 Declamatory 1 Librarian 3 Vermillionaire 4 Tanager 4 'V' Club 4,3,2 Basketball Co-Captain 4 ROBERT BROWN BURDETTE BENSON Basketball 4,3,2,l Football 4,3,2,1 Track 4,3 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Boys' Ensemble 4,3,2,1 Mixed Ensemble 4,3,2,1 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Vocal Solo 4,3,2,1 Band 4 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 'V' Club 4,3 Dramatics 4,2 Tanager 4 Attendant to King 4 Basketball Co-Captain 4 9 KATHLEEN BR ICK Mt. Marty 1 Glee Club 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Band 4,3 G.A.A. 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 3,2 F.'r.A. 4,3,2 Drill Team 2 Student Council 2 Cheerleader 4,3 Vermillionaire 4,3 Tanager 4,3 Dramatics 3 Pep Band 4 Orchestra 2 Quill B Scroll 4 BEVERLY anovm c.A.A. 3,2,1 N V l BARBARA EROOKIAN Glee Club 3,2 Chorus 3,2 Band 4,3,2,1 G.A.A. 3,2,1 Girl Reserves 4,3, F.T.A. 4,3 Declamatory 3,2,1 Debate 1 Librarian 3 Class Officer 1 Vermillionaire 3,2 Tanager 4,3 Cheerleader 4,3,2, Dramatics 4,3 Attendant to Queen GORDON BROWN Basketball 4,3,2,1 Girl Reserves 3,2,1 Football 4,3,2,1 Drill Team 2,1 Track 3,2,1 2 1 Declamatory 1 Football Co-Captain 4 Vermillionaire 4,3 LORRAYNE CLARK ROBERT CLARK Girl Reserves 2,1 Football 2,1 Track 2,1 Hi-Y 1 MARSHALL CLELAND MARCELLA COLLINS Basketball 2 Meckling H. S. 1 Track 3,2,1 G.A.A. 3L2,1 Glee Club 2 Girl Reserves 3,2 Chorus 2 Drill Team 1 Band 3' Debate 1 Student Council 1 Pep Band 3 Instrumental Solo 3 PEGGY CADWELL Belle Fourche H. S. 1 Glee Club 4,3 Chorus 4,3 Band 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3 F.T.A. 4,3 Class Officer 3 Student Council 4 Tanager 4 Homecoming Queen 4 MYRTLE CHRISTOPH RSON Glee Club 3'2,1 Chorus 3,2,1 Band 2 String Instruments 2 BONNIE CHRISTOPHERSON G.A.A. 1 Librarian 4 OPAL CH ISTOPHERSON Girl Reserves 3,2,1 Drill Team 2,1 Tanager 4 is Q I MERRIE L U CONAWAY WILLIAM CONAWAY Iowa City H. S. I Dreher H. S. 2 G.A.A. 4 Girl Reserves 4 F.T.A. 4,3 Declamatory 4 Librarian 4 Student Council 4 Vermillionaire 3 Tanager 4 Dramatics 3 Quill E Scroll 4,3 ROBERT DAHLMAN Hobby Club 1 S Dreher H. S. 1 Football 3,2 Debate 2 Student Council 3 Vermillionaire 3,2 Tanager 3 Dramatics 3,2 ggill k Scroll 3 ' Club 3 Joyce DAVIS Glee Club 3,2 Chorus 3,2 Band 4,3 Girl Reserves 4,3,2,1 Debate 2,1 Librarian 3,2 A r ROBERTA DRAFAHL MARGARET DUMAN u. H. s. 3,2,1 c.A.A. 4 LEONE SANFORD LOIS EDSTROM G.A.A. 1 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Girl Reserves 2,1 Chorus 4,3,2,1 F.T.A. 1 Girls' Ensemble 4,3,2 Drill Telm 1 Mixed Ensemble 4,3,2 Declamatory 1 Vocal S010 4,3'2'1 Librarian 3 - ' Band 4,3 Tanager 2 Dramatics 2 Quill 3 Scroll 3 ELDON HANSON LOWELL HANSEN Track 4 Basketball 4,3,2, Band 3,2 Football 4,3,2,1 Hi-Y 4 Track 4,3,2,1 Vermillionaire 4 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 Hobby Club 1 Class Officer 2,1 Camera Club 1 Quill 3 Scroll 4 PATSY HASIK MARILYN HEIKES Davenport H. S. 2,1 Glee Club 3,2,1 Glee Club 3 Chorus 3,2,1 Chorus 3 Mixed Ensemble 3 Band 4,3 Band 4,3,2.1 Instrumental Solo 4,3 G-A-A- 1 Girl Reserves 3 Gifl Reserves 3,2, Woodwind Ensemble 3 F.T.A. 4 Pep Band 4 Declam 1 Tanager 4 1 1 HARLAN EMERSON PHYLLIS ENGMAN Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 Vermillionaire 2 Tanager 4 MARJORIE ERICKSON Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Girls' Ensemble 4 Chorus 4,3,2,1 G.A.A. 3,2,1 Girl Reserves 4,3,2,1 F.T.A. 4,3,2 Declamatory 2,1 Librarian 2 Student Council 1 Vermillionaire 2,1 Tanager 4,3 Attendant to Queen 4 D.A.R. Representative 4 Dramatics 3 MELVIN ERICKSON Basketball 3,2,1 Track 4,3,2,1 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Vocal Solo 2 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 Declamatory 3 Debate 4 Librarian 4 Student Council 4 Tanager 4,3 Vermillionaire 4,3 Dramatics 4,3 Quill E Scroll 4,3 ANNE HBLSTROH NADYNE JACOB Glee Club 4,3,2 Yankton H. S. 3,2,1 Chorus 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 1 Declsmatory 3,2,1 Debate 4,3,2,l Vermillionaire 4,3,2 F.T.A. 4 Tsnnger 4 Vermillionaire 4 G.A.A. 4 FLORENCE JACOBSEN ALICE JOHNSON Glee Club 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Band 3,2 G.A.A. 4 Girl Reserves 4,3,2,1 F.'r.A. 4,3,2 Declsmatory I Debate 1 Class Officer 4 Student Council l Girls' Ensemble 4,3 Glee Club 4,3,2 Chorus 4,3,2 Vocal Solo 2 Girl Reserves 3, 2 Vermillionaire 4,3,2 Quill L Scroll 4 s MILDRED JOHNSON Newdale H. S. 1 VERNON LAMBERT Basketball 4,3,2,1 Football 4,3,2,1 Track 3,2,1 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Boys' Ensemble 3 Mixed Ensemble 3 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Vocal Solo 3 Hi-Y 2,1 Track Captain 3 Roman Jonms Football 2,1 Hi-Y 4,3,2,l Declamatory 2,1 Debate 2,1 Class Officer 3 Student Council 2 Vermillionaire 3, Tanager 3 Student Athletic Manager 3 KENNETH LANE Hobby Club 2 2 AVIS LIND CARLTON LEIKVOID Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Glee Club 3,2 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Chorus 3,2 Band 4,3,2,1 Band 2 Girl Reserves 3,2 Drill Team 2 Pep Band 4,3 Orchestra 2,1 H LEN LOCKWOOD EILEEN LYNCH Band 4,3 G.A.A. 3,2,1 G.A.A. 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 4,3,2,1 Girl Reserves 4,3,2,1 F.T.A. 4 Drill Team 2,1 Declamatory 3,2,1 Declamatory 1 Debate 4,3,2,1 Vermillionaire 4,3,2 Librarian 3 Tanager 4 Student Council 2 Pep Band 4,3 Vermillionaire 4 Tanager 4 Dramatics 4,3 Oratory 4,2 SAMUEL LAW BURTLN IAWRENSEV Larchwood H. S. 2,1 Rockfield 1 Basketball 4,3 Track 4,3 ni-Y 3,2 LYLE LAWRENSEN DEAN LEE Rockfield H. S. 1 Basketball 4,3,2,1 Track 3 Football 1 Hi-Y 3,2 Track 3 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 Cheer Leader 3,2,1 MARSHALL MACY PHYLLIS MCDONALD Football 2,1 Girl Reserves 3,2,1 Class Officer 2 Drill Team 2,1 Attendant to King 2 Tanager 4 Mayor of Hickville 3 THOMAS MEAD ALDA NELSON Basketball 1 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Football 2,1 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Glee Club 1 Girls' Ensemble 4 Chorus 1 Vocal Solo 4,3,2,1 Hi-Y 3,2,1 Band 4,3,2 Declamatory 3,2,1 Brass Ensemble 3,2 Debate 3,2,1 Girl Reserves 2 Student Council 1 Drill Team 2 Vermillionaire 2,1 Class Officer 4,1 Dramatics 1 Student Council 4 Oratory 2,1 Tanager 4,3 Extemp 3 1 Pep Band 4,3 W 3 L H.S. Arlington,Va.2 Quill 8 Scroll 4 6' WARREN OLSON ROBERT OWENS Band 1 Football 4,3,2,1 Track 3,2 Hi-Y 2,1 Declamatory 1 Debate 2,1 Class Officer 4 Vermillionaire 4 Dramatics 4,3,2 "v" Club 4,3 KATH EEN PAULSON VINCENT PETERSON Centerville H. S. 1 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Band 4,3,2,1 Boys' Ensemble 4,2 F.T.A. 3 Mixed Ensemble 4,3 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Vocal Solo 3,2 Band 4,3,2 Hi-Y 3,1 Librarian 4 Pep Band 4,3 Dramatics 2 PHYLLIS SEARIGHT BRADLEY SIMONS Band 4,3 Football 4,3,2 Girl Reserves 2,1 Band 4,3,2,1 Declamatory 4,3,2,1 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 Debate 4,3,2,1 'V' Club 4,3 Librarian 4,3 Pep Band 4 THOMAS SCHATZ ROBERT STARK Basketball 4,3 Band 4,3 Football 4,3 Hi-Y 4,3,2,1 4 Track 3 Debate 1 Glee Club 1 Class Officer 3 Quill B Scroll 4,3 Vermillionaire 3,2,1 Tanager 4 Dramatics 4,3, RITA SWISH R MARGARET WALZ Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Glee Club 4,3,2,1 Girls' Ensemble 3,2,1 Chorus 4,3,2,1 Chorus 4,3,2'1 Vocal Solo 2 Mixed Ensemble 3 Girl Reserves 2,1 Girl Reserves 3,2,1 Librarian 4 F.T.A. 4 Student Council 2 Dramatics 4,3 Vermillionaire 4 CLARENCE WILLIAMS WALTER SCOTT Hobby Club 2 .. 'V Back row: Doris Sundleaf, Iola Davis, Marshall Macy, Joyce Hanson, Warren Harris, Dale Firof, Robert Haines, Stanley Lundquist Middle row: Betty Lambert, Marjorie Anderson, Virginia Mortenson, jerry Harlow, Jim jorgenson, Roland Girard,Stan1ey Lee, Twila Severson, Doris Coombs Front rw: Franklin Papin, Dorothy Barton, Warren Swisher, Gwendolyn Hansen, Mark Meisenholder, Charles Anderson, Virginia Bauman JUNIOR CLASS Back row: Arthur Nissen, Alice Inman, Katherine Simons, Eugene Seiier, William Ufford, Gene Nelson, Ellis White, Sterling Leikvold, Clark Strong, Lester Johnson Middle row: Rosabelle Wilson, Marion Hemmingson, Marilyn Horner, Duane 0'Danie1s, Virginia Hurlbutt, Shirley Lee, Ray Mount, Norman Jaquith Front row: Norma jean Hendricks, Archie Bacon, Evelyn Jacobsen, Dale Nelson, Margaret Conway, Lester Emerson, Marjorie Wagner, Betty Barton, jo Ann Payton Q. 5?-lf? Back ran Third row: Second row: Fran raw: Back ran Third raw: Second row: Fran raw Manford Brown, jerry Fraser, Margaret Gronholz, joseph Reedy, Kenneth Domina, William Sanger, Barbara Bolstad, Bill Bergman, Ann Teeman Aimee Knutson, Connie Atkinson, Wayne Wylie, M8XiHe SeVefS0nv Donald BCHSOH. Marlys Hult, Bernice Millett, Marilyn Collins Robert Peterson, jurdis Lund, Elaine Paulson, Robert Spensley, Mary Schatz, Jeanne Ficken, Arthur Erickson Adele Clark, Elwood Macy, jack DeVany, Betty Golz SOPHOMORE CLASS john Armstrong, Wayne Johnson, Marilyn Dawson, Maurice Severson, Stanley Jensen, Helen Armstrong, Wayne Johnson, Gene Owens Williard O'Connor, Holly Swedeen, Phylis Seiler, Leota Ostlund, Lenette Lind, Tom Torstenson, Shirley Stride, Lauris Jensen Tom Kaltsulas, Gayle Hofstad, Cecilia Slowey, Cecil Olson, Helen Brown, Lois Hyink, Robert Dennison Leslie Slowey, Betty Jorgensen, Ardell Brown, Patty Frankenfeld, Ione Teutsch ! Back ran lHdd1e row: Front row: Back ran Third row: Second row: Fran ran Melvin Marcotte, Yvonne Hansen, Burdette Sargent, Jerry Hanson, Robert Heckenlively, Mary Bouchey, james Dahlman Beverly Drafahl, Donald Malone, Adeline Lass, Marietta Christopherson, Molly Malone, james Malone Beverly Stride Carolyn Grace, Erma Davis, Gene Collins, Mary Mockler, Nels Brunick, Gloria jones, Betty Christopherson FRESHMAN CLASS Sally Artley, Sterling Lind, Wayne Merrigan, Jeanette Cotton, Karl Lemmer, Duane Iverson, Katherine 0'Conner Carleton Hoy, Beverly Seller, Arvard Bertrand, Ralph Rubida, joan Schatz, Francis 0'Conner, Juanita Bouchey Joanne Heikes, Gwendolyn Leikvold, Merlin Kaeberle, Donald Wagner, Bonnie Hanson, Jaqueline jaquith James Berke, Philip Ostlund, Roger Nelson, Bonnie Clark Back row: Middle row 5 Front row: Back ran hHdHle raw: Front row: Earl Garvey, Anna Mae Erickson, Duane Mohr, Buddy Davis, Leon Kaltsulas, Jean Geppert, Don Mount Phyllis Golz, Bud Barton, Roberta Bauman, Stewart Risk, Marceline Lenhart, Lawrence Law, Gladys Batty Ronnie Brown, Dexie Jensen, Craig Lien, Tom Searight, Lucy Slowey, Glenn Williams BA 8B Deryl Kruse, Harold Ahlgrim, Gloma Hall, john Prins, Ceoyne Hurlbutt, Fred Jacob Ben Westre, Phyllis Lawton, Dick Millett, Leona Watson, Bruce Leer, Lewis Miller q Bonnie Bowie, Tom Walker, Shirley Boom, Buzz Jones, Katherine Hasik Not in picture: Verne Ficken, Eloise Lull WQWWT5 'BETA' Back raw? MhhUe row: Front roy: Back ran bHddh raf: Front row: 'Mr james Schell, Lela Christopherson, Dale Peterson, joan Chaussee, Kenneth Girard, Betty Anderson, Kenneth Spain Beverly Collins, Dick Mead, Adelaide Benson, james Bliss, Shirley Garvey, Bill Bason, Marilyn Myron Alice Christenson, Dick Owens, Helen Dahlman, Henry Holmes, Donna Brown, Larry Boom, Dean Cadwell X 7A 7B Duane Reaney, Donna Kirwan, james Dalton, Ceceil Olson, Bill jones, Orpha Hanson, Boud Townsley, Marillyn Lunning Junior Davis, Virgil Girard, Marilyn Gunderson, Merlin Anderson, jean Hanson, Claire Robbins, Evelyn Young Blanche Watson, Bob Colvin, Julie Rauk, Con Button, Betty Marcotte, Warren johnson, Jean Shaw , I - :O-ivofsr e wsff' 1' furor cha.: fan-ni!ur2f Agffjy- e i e n f7eaZ',jb0zje?e..fs of Jjfyfyy- .wwoafff aaa' Jmilbfa Cieer Keao4er ent-- Gffflu rcvbaoffy .Emir C553 Vibe fre.: 'imeaffi af f fic' fda' A"eZ'QfZ?a-gjfjif JO - Arif! of ' GA A ffefifefid' :Z-4659 2.46: Aa fl! A,., , , ,0147'- ' ' Zfe lass 00-xzfg I h 'j2z1rfpe9Zg5?fZ,!,::,Zcg,, : -2:5 ,OZ - X' 0 f Zi Wy? af kg' qw .if 2 npluluuin-in-gqq A Ii. J 'A f Ap 7- Vie fesf gAl,P7fS L Come in JMJA' ,00C4'd9e,5' is 4 fi? L-................ f ff - r 1' I - f-ess --- Ialagjfzjeifnf 55-filzr eijfn MOJlb?0 Q,-M3 ADVA po '7f,r " 7 V0!V1Vf 10474 .mu y Jafrfmff Z2- ACTIVITIES Taprom J. Miller, asst. coach: D. 0'Conner, E. White, S. Lundquist, B. Benson, L. Hansen, V. Lambert, J. Armstrong, B. Owens, E. Seiler, D. Firof, W . Conaway, W. Clark MhiHe raw: B. Bergman, T. Kaltsulas, G. Brown, B. Ufford, L. Emerson, B. Radigan, D. Edberg, B. Simons, D. Bacon, H. Boline, T. Schatz, Coach Nelson Bottamrow: J. DeVany, M. Brown, E. Macy, K. Domina, A. Erickson, W. Wylie, B. Seargent, H. Swedeen, A. Nisson VHS 19 Tyndall 6 This first game of the season showed much early season raggedness as all first games of the season do. Many substitutions were used and this game promised Coach Nelson that a good season was in prospect. VHS 19 Beresford 0 Playing in rain and mud which made play very hard, the Tanagers rang up victory number two in the second game of the season. The Tanager defensive play was very im- pressive, although many sub- stitutions were used. VHS 13 South Sioux 6 Stepping into Tri-State Conference competition for the first time the-Tanagers defeat ed the South Sioux City Cardi- nals 13 to 6 in the first home game of the season. The defense set up by the local eleven was very strong and promised to be a deciding fac- tor for future games and also labeled the Tanagers as a strong team. VHS 0 Leeds 7 Again playing a Tri-State Conference team, and risking an unblemished record of three wins the Tanagers went down fighting to a strong Leeds Lancer eleven 7 to 0. Battling back and forth the whole game on even terms with the Sioux City team. Unable to overcome a first quarter touchdown they were defeated. VHS 26 Wagner 6 Springing back in a fine fashion after losing to the Le ed s LBITCG rs tl1e we ek previous the Tanagers journey- ed out to Wagner to help cele- brate the Homecoming bywinning over them 26 to 6. One of the finest exhibitions of football the Tanagers played all year was displayed against the Wagner eleven. VHS 6 Hawarden 0 The first night game of the season and the only one brought a 6 to 0 victory over the Hawarden Comets. The cold hampered the play of both teams, with neither team threatening very often. VHS 0 LeMars 6 Another cold day was the scene of the powerful undefeat- ed LeMars Bulldogs 6 to 0 win over the Tanagers. The Bull- dogs simply did what they pleased with the ball. Although the Tanagers fought back, the weight of the LeMars eleven was too much. This was the Tanagers second loss in seven games for the season. VHS 0 Yankton 13 Playing their old rival the Yankton Bucks the Tanagers tasted their third defeat of the season as they fell before the Bucks 13 to 0. Both teams battled furiously as this is the game that everyone waits for. The Tanagers threatened continually but the Bucks seems ed to have that old scoring punch that wins ball games. VHS 12' Elk Point 0 Playing before a large Tanager Day crowd, the Tanagers defeated the Elk Point Pointers 12 to 0. This Same was another old rivalry which featured much pep and enthusiasm on the part of both schools. This game Climaxed a day of gala events and entertainment which started early in the week. This win closed the season for the Tana- gers. The Tanagers wonsix games with three defeats. Top rar: D. Benson, L. Hansen, V. Lambert, B. Benson, I. Harris, Coach Nelson Bottan row: T. Torstenson, G. Brown, D. Firof, B. Radigan, S. Law I Brown Not in picture: D. Bacon K VHS BASKETBALL SEASON Winning but five games out of sixteen for the year, the Vermillion Tanagers finished a very mediocre season. Although their record is none too impressive, the Tanagers played good basketball all year and were beaten many times by very close scores and were twice beaten in overtime games, once by the champions of the Tri-State Conference, the Leeds Lancers, in a double overtime, and the other by the Bucks of Yankton High School. Three wins and seven losses were all that the Tanagers could win in the Tri-State Conference, but even that was good enough for a four way tie for third place. Compiling a total of 390 points against 406 for their opponents, shows that the Tanagers, although having only a fair season, scored nearly as many points as their opponents. The Tanagers this season competed in the State 'A' Sectional Tournament, held at Yankton. This section is one of the strongest in the State, and this year produced the champion of the State Class 'A' Tournament, Sioux Falls. Top row: Thinirow: Second row: Bottom row: 5- M. Cleland, E. Seller, B. Benson, E. Hanson, G. Nelson, D. Firof M. Erickson, B. Rndigan, L. Hansen, W. Harris, D. Iverson, C. Thomps on D. 0'Conner, A. Nissen, R. Rubida, K. Domina, S. Jensen, P. Ostlund, J. DeVany, D. Benson, L. Slowey A. Bacon, W. Wylie, D. Bacon, M. Brown, C. Strong, E. Macy, L. Emerson, A. Erickson VHS TRACK SEASON VHS speedsters will soon start pounding the cinders down the home stretch and the weight men will be putting everything they've got behind the shot put and discus. Coach Nelson thinks that he has a lot of prospects that will produce a very successful season. The first meet will be April 9 when VHS will be host to Canton and Lennox in the first meet for all three. Top row: B. Benson, E. Seiler, V. Lambert, J. Armstrong, W. Harris Third row: S. Lunquist, W. johnson, D. Firof, B. Owens, L. Hansen, B. Simons W. Conaway, D. Edberg, B. Radigan, W. Clark, T. Kaltsulas, H. Boline, D. Bacon B. Bergman, T. Torstenson, M. Brown, L. Emerson Second row: Bottom row : BAND Under the direction of Ardeen Foss, the Vermillion High School band has made several public appearances during the school year '42-'43. It has been active in school and community functions, a few of which were on Dakota Day, rural school day, a Christmas program, and several minor concerts. The winter concert was held February 24, and the annual spring concert was presented April 18, at Slagle Auditorium, the proceeds of which went to the American Red Cross. The officers of the sixty piece band are: Dick Edberg, president: Dorothy Barton, vice-president: Marilyn Heikes, secretary, Barbara Brookman, treasurerg Arvard Bertrand, librariang Patricia Frankenfeld, student council representative. The 'Pep' band, which is a small section of the large band, entertains at theatrical intermissions, basketball and football games, and at pep meetings. FLUTE Bill Ufford Kathleen Brick Joyce Davis Leota Ostlund OBOE Philip Ostlund Roberta Bau an BASSOON Barbara Brookman Jeannette Cotton ALTO CLARINET Pat Frankenfeld BASS CLARINET Lela Christopherson ALTO SAX Don Wagner Wayne Wylie TENOR SAX Mhrjory Wagner XYLOPHONE Joanne Heikes BASS DRUM Jack DeVany TIMPANI larilyn Heike: DRUM MAJORETTES left to right: Gayle Hofstad, CLARINET CORNET Patsy Hasik Dorothy Barton Beverly Olson Marshall Cleland Evelyn Jacobsen Marilyn Horner Phyllis Searight Thomas Searight Bonnie Clark Roger Nelson Marilyn Lunning Julie Rauk Boyd Townsley FRENCH HORN Salley Artley Evelyn Young Betty Marcotte Gwendolyn Leikvold James Schell Richard Owens SNARE DRUM Arvard Bertrand Robert Spensley Melvin Marcotte Dick Edberg Peggy Cadwell Bill Sanger Carleton Hoy Virginia Bauman Dean Cadwell James Berke Donald Button Deane Reaney TROMBONE Avis Lind Kathleen Paulson Bud Barton Sterling Lind BARITONE Alda Nelson Helen Lockwood Linette Lind Elaine Paulson BASS HORN Vincent Peterson Dale Nelson Bradley Simons Burdette Benson lone Teutsch, Margaret Gronholz, Shirley Stride and Mary Jane Lee DRUM Mum Dean Lee, not in picture. He enlisted in the Navy. " ww 4.n.xmVf4 'L Yr vs: , nrwwa W fm? ek ,ami 4 . ff' wwe fm 4444 444444 4. 4 Q VW Q X as wwggkiiii ,MW M 0' 11- w if N51 ,, , , 4 4 -2 ""' 2 .- rf" ., . 5,2 -1' ': - ' ef ' 4 ' 4 W ef 44 , -"" ' 4 , 4 .4 , 4 - - w LM . ,:eg.,Qf,.1:, wg, I' Q WW' 4 W4 rf X4 W W . V' . wg , W4 4 Q 41. ' .. - 4 Lt ' A x 'S rfifz ..2s2a5"2'f5,.,, ., I'."":- "" -,-4-1' size, 12 " " " Q,:.:gf5,.:E sw H14 , 7 X4 ' 4g,i'iwf ' x - , x . N - u- ' 4 4. ,.,..: W Y f f . M Ng - 4- wwe. A 44 , ,4 5 N, 4. W sf ' X .Mfr ' x f Q vf lf -1 4 mv-.4 aww .x isp. 'A a We Back raw MidHle row: Front raw: Beverly Drafhal, Yvonne Hanson, Margaret Duman, Shirley Benson, Marlys Hult, Bernice Millett, Adele Clark, Avis Lind, Adeline Lass, Alice Inman, Katherine Simons, Kathleen Brick, Alda Nelson, Elaine Paulson, Helen Armstrong, Lois Edstrom, Gayle Hofstead Phyllis Seiler, Molly Malone, Jurdis Lund, Lennette Lind, Cecil Olson, Art Nissen, Jerry Larlow, Jim Jorgensen, Manny Brown, Arvard Bertrand, Philip Ostlund, Gwendolyn Leikvold, Jeanne Ficken, Betty jorgenson, jcky Jaquith iry Schatz, Leota Ostlund, Joanne Heikes, Peggy Cadwell, Marjorie Erickson, Rita Swisher, Art Erickson, Dale Nelson, john Armstrong, Bud Benson, Tom Kaltsulas, Roger Nelson, Jim Berke, Gene Collins, Beverly Seiler, Carolyn Grace, Miss Erickson Not in picture: Norma Jean Hendricks, Marietta Christopherson, Vincent Peterson. MIXED CHORUS The entire vocal department put on a minstrel show in November. At Christmas time a program was given by the Junior High and the mixed chorus. The mixed chorus, together with Yankton High School, put on a festival in Yankton on May 7. A concert was given in April and this was the final performance for this group before May 7. There was no contest this year. The mixed chorus is composed of forty-eight members. few? fwwxfes-fe sv Back row: MhiHe row: Frantrow: Molly Malone, Leota Ostlund, Marlys Hult, Linnette Lind, Margaret Duman, Alice Inman, Katherine Simons, Avis Lind, Helen Armstrong, Lois Edstrom, Gayle Hofstead Beverly Drafhal, Mary Schatz, Yvonne Hanson, Shirley Benson, Adeline Lass, Kathleen Brick, Aida Nelson, Bernice Millett, Gwendolyn Leikvold, Beverly Seiler, Betty Jorgensen Joanne Heikes, Adele Clark, jurdis Lund, Phyllis Seiler, Marjorie Erickson, Peggy Cadwell, Rita Swisher, Elaine Paulson, jaqueline jaquith, Carolyn Grace, Jeanne Ficken, Miss Erickson Not in picture: Norma jean Hendricks, Marietta Christopherson GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The girls' glee club participated in the minstrel show, the Christmas program, the April concert, and the festival. The glee club is composed of thirty-two members. GIRLS' SEXTETTE Shirley Benson, Bernice Millette, Helen Armstrong, Lois Edstrom, Alda Nelson, Marjorie Erickson The six girls in sextette participated in the various programs during the year and also sang at various organizations. -3I Bmi'nw: Cecil Olson, Arthur Nissen, Jerry Harlow, John Armstrong, Phillip Ostlund, Arvard Bertrand, Manford Brown Fran row: Arthur Erickson, jim jorgenson, Dale Nelson, Burdette Benson, Roger Nelson, Tom Kaltsulas, James Berke, Gene Collins Not in picture: Vincent Peterson BOYS' GLEE CLUB The boys' glee club consists of sixteen members. This year there was a decrease in quantity from last year but the quality was very good. The boys sang at the various programs during the year. BOYS' SEXTETTE jim Jorgenson, Vincent Peterson, john Armstrong, Bud Benson, Dale Nelson, Art Erickson. The boys' sextette took part in all programs during the year and also provided entertainment for various social and religious groups. Back rar: Ilerrie Lou Conaway, Rita Swisher, Susie Albers, Marilyn Horner, Evelyn Jacobsen, Patty Frankenfeld, Kathryn 0'Conner, Yvonne Hansen Middle row: Betty Barton, Marge Wagner, Eileen Lynch, Marilyn I-leikes, Barbara Brookman, Phyllis Seiler, Beverly Drafhal Front row: Joanne Heikes, Marjorie Erickson, Dorothy Barton. Peggy Cadwell, Marilyn Dawson, Shirley Stride, Beverly Stride FTA Future Teachers of America under the direction of Miss Adah Gould, officially opened this year's activities with a tea for new members in the early part of September. Patriotic in theme, the meeting was highlighted by a talk delivered by Miss Keitha Lewis. ' FTA's other important social event was the annual girl-bid party on February 22. A United Services theme, and defense stamps for admission were features of the evening. Primarily a service organization, FTA members were responsible for VHS's war stamp selling program. Yvonne Hansen and Beverly Drafhal were the members in charge of this campaign. Under the supervision of Merrie Lou Conaway, the club also sponsored and constructed the nSthools at War' scrapbook. DEBATE TOP ROW BILL UFFORD MELVIN ERICKSON TOM MEAD BOTTOM ROW A NN HELS 'I'ROM B ARBARA BOLSTAD EI LEEN LYNCH PHYLL I S SEAR IGHT The debate team although small, had a fairly successful season. Their first debate was held at Yankton where they got second place. Their next contest was held at Beresford where they got first. The third contest was held at the University against many bigger teams, where they got sixth. They tied at the debate in Madison and then got second at another contest held at the University. ill!!! The winners in the local declam contest were Bill Ufford, humorousg Art Erickson, oratoryg Audrey Fry, poetry: Helen Armstrong, dramatic. These representatives traveled to Elk Point where they participated in the contest there. A local original extemp contest was held here and Tom Mead placed first. The repre- sentative from this district went to the divisional contest and again won first. He also participated in the state contest. , An American Legion contest was won in this district by Eileen Lynch, who went to the divisional contest and then to the state contest. The original oratory contest was won by Merrie Lou Conaway, who then entered the divisional contest. DECLAII ORATORY EXTEMP- TOP ROY IEANETTE COTTON BILL UFFORD TOM MEAD EILHN LYNCH BOTTOM ROI MERRIE Lou CONAWAY BARBARA BOLSTAD HELEN ARMSTRONG BETTY JoRGENsoN PHYLLIS SEARIGHT P L A Y C A S T TOP ROW EILEEN LYNCH ROBERT OWENS MELVIN ERICKSON DUANE O'DANIALS BOTTOM ROW RITA SWISH R HELEN ARMSTRONG BARBARA BOLSTAD BEVERLY OLSON 'The Youngestn a three-act comedy was the only production of the year. An all high school cast of nine and a technical staff of seven produced a theatrical success as each character handled his part with care and ease to thrill the audience with the true to life drama. The technical staff of the lone play this year were very deserving of praise for their efficiency and helpfulness. The staff is made up of the promptersf production staff, and the makeup artists. Credit should also be given to Miss Marie Bies, the director. Usually, though their jobs are difficult their names are not as publicly known as the play cast. T E C H N I C A L S T A F F TOP ROY JAMES JORGENSON JERRY HARLOW TOM MEAD Barron Row BARBARA BROOKMAN MERRIE LOU CONAWAY MARGARET GRONHOLZ JO ANN PAYTON FRONT ROW Joanne Heikes, Bonnie Clark, Shirley Stride, Jaqueline Jaquith SECOND ROY Miss Bruening, Cecelia Slowey Marilyn Collins, Betty Golx, Helen Armstrong, Bernice Millett, Susie Albers, Vir- ginia Bauman, Ione Teutsch THIRD ROW Lenette Lind, Mary Bouchey, Mary Mockler, Phyllis Seiler, Marlys Hult, Carolyn Grace, l Twila Severson, Betty Chris- topherson, Marcella Collins G. A. A. The Girls' Athletic Association has been more active this year because of the fact that the girls realize that they must be fit, physically and mentally, for their future responsibility. Another incentive for the girls is the fact that an individual had to have 100 points in order to appear in the above picture. Also, an award system has been adopted. This system allows the girls to receive certain awards in the form of letters if they have earned enough points. - The meetings, under the supervision of Miss Marie Bruening, were held in the gym in the afternoons. Organized sports that were played were basketball, softball, volleyball for which the girls received four points an hour. Three points an hour were earned for the unorganized sports such as hiking, tennis, bicycling. The girls participated in two tournaments--basketball and volleyball. 'Dem Gremlins won the basketball tournament and the sophomore team won the volleyball. These teams are pictured below. FOURTH ROY Bonnie Hansen, Beverly Denni- son, Beverly Olson, Jeanette Cotton, Sally Artley, Beverly Drafhal, Doris Coombs, Maxine Severson. FIFTH ROW Iola Davis, Virginia Morten- son, Marilyn Dawson, Joyce Dawson, Katharine Simmons, Evelyn Jacobsen, Helen Lock- wood , ,Mm -3s- First row: Jo Payton, Barbara Brookman, Marge lagner, Susie Albers', Merrie Lou Conaway, Pat Frankenfeld Second row: Miss Lewis, Helen Lockwood, Marjorie Erickson, Peg Cadwell, Jeanette Cotton, Beverly Olson, Mary Mockler, Betty Barton Third row: Joanne Heikes, Betty Lambert, Bonnie Hansen, Eileen Lynch, Peg Conway, Beverly Stride, Marge Anderson Fourth row: Marilyn Dawson, Helen Armstrong, Sally Artley, Joyce Hansen, Evelyn Jacobsen, Marilyn Horner, Katherine O'Connor, Beverly Seiler GIRL RESERVES The Girl Reserve officers for the past year have been: President, Susie Albers: Vice President, Jo Payton: Secretary, Marlys Hultg Treasurer, Marge Wagner, and they have been under the supervision of Miss Lewis. The cabinet consists of twelve members and six committees who plan the parties and meetings. The service conmittee consists of Marjorie Erickson and Pat Frankenfeld. Evelyn Jacobsen and Peg Barton are in charge of the programs - Betty Barton, Rita Swisher, social, Leone Sanford, Helen Lockwood, publicityg Katherine Simons, Helen Armstrong, Music: Merrie Lou Conaway, Florence Jacobsen, religion. B Back ral: bHdU1e row: Front ran mdmmwwa Donald Wagner, Eugene Seller, Maurice Severson, Eldon Hanson, Gene Stanley Jensen Bob Heckenlively, Clark Strong, Art Nissen, Kenneth Domina, Archie Bacon Art Erickson, Lester Emerson, Melvin Erickson, Harlan Emerson HI-Y The Hi-Y of Vermillion High School celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. It is an active boys' organization with a membership totaling twenty-five. The officers are: Melvin Erickson, president: Harlan Everson, vice president: Lester Emerson, secretary-treasurer. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character. Clean living, clean speech and clean-sportsmanship are their by-laws. Coached by Melvin Erickson, the club took part in a YMCA basketball tournament which was held in Sioux Falls. Eight fellows made the trip and played a team from Hawarden. The club, which is under the supervision of Mr. Otto Hasik, held many recreational and educational programs throughout the year, among these being the intramural basketball program. Fhwtrow: JoAnn Payton, Margaret Walz, Miss Sutera, Joan Schatz, Gwendolyn Leikvold - Second row: Phyllis Searight, Merrie Lou Conaway, Joyce Hanson, Beverly Seiler, Peg Conway, Bonnie Christopherson Third row: Jack DeVany, Melvin Erickson, Duane 0'Daniels, Wayne Merrigan, jerry Harlow, jim jorgenson Susie Albers, president of the organization is not in the picture. The library for the past year has been under the supervision of the very capable Miss Mildred Sutera. She has been assisted by student librarians from every senior high school grade. These students devoted their study periods to the service of the faculty and student body unselfishly. They receive no credits for this service. Their pay has been merely the satisfaction of a job well done. The librarians who do not graduate this year will form a nucleus for next year's staff of assistants. Back ran MhkUe row: Frontrow: Bill Conaway, Bill Radigan, Bud Benson, Gene Owens, Jerry Harlow, Harlan Emerson Merrie Lou Conaway, Barbara Bolstad, Eileen Lynch, Jo Ann Payton, Shirley Lee, Alda Nelson, Marilyn Horner Betty Barton, Marge Wagner, Helen Lockwood, Kathleen Brick, Marge Erickson This year's Tanager was published by a group of students from all four classes under the direction of Mr. John Barstow and Mr. Melvin Anderson, who supervised the art work. Cover: Harley Boline Art: Alda Nelson, Marshall Cleland, Mary Bouchy, Bonnie Clark Photography: a John Barstow, Harlan Emerson, jerry Harlow, Bud Benson Athletics: Bud Benson, Gene Owens Band: Marilyn Horner Vocal music: F.T.A.: Speech: G.A.A.: Girl Reserves: Hi-Y: Library: Tanager, Vermillionaire: Quill and Scroll Cheerleaders: Special pages: Senior pictures: Snapshots: Business: Student Council: Marge Erickson Merrie Lou Conaway Barbara Bolstad Jo Payton Evelyn Jacobsen Melvin Erickson Eileen Lynch Marge Wagner, Pat Frankenfeld Merrie Lou Conaway Kathleen Brick Helen Lockwood, Merrie Lou Conaway Shirley Lee, Betty Barton Alda Nelson, Phyllis McDonald Bill Radigan, Bill Conaway, Melvin jo Payton Erickson fwM5 Qui ? i was 4,W UMW' VERMILLIONAIRE Once each month for the past twenty-five years a Vermillionaire has been distributed among the high school students, faculty and surrounding community. The Vermillionaire was first published in the fall of 1917 and was then known as the Versodak. No records or files were kept of the first volumes. From year to year the format has been changed. The paper was first published in booklet form and was later enlarged to the size used now. The paper is partially self-supporting by advertising solicited from local dealers. Members of the business staff are responsible for necessary advertisements. Two co-editors have been in charge of each page during the year. Front page editors are: Marge Wagner, Pat Frankenfeldg Departmental Page editors: Betty Barton, Alice Inman: Sports Page editors, Bill Radigan, Gene Owens: Editorial Page editors: Alice Johnson, Gwen Hanson. The business staff is composed of Bill Conaway, Elson Hansen, Bonnie Hansen, Cecil Olson. Typists for the paper are Helen Lockwood, Jeanette Cotton, Beverly Olson, Susie Albers, Nadine Jacobs, Barbara Brookman, Marilyn Horner, Peg Conway. sl Back row: Frontrow: 42- Pat Frankenfeld, Bill Conaway, Eldon Hanson, Bill Radilan, Susie Albers Betty Barton, Marge Wagner, Alice johnson, Merrie Lou Conaway, Miss Westaby Not in picture: Kathleen Brick, Bob Stark, Walter Scott, Melvin Erickson, Alice Inman, Alda Nelson, Gwen Hansen QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll is an honorary journalistic society which was organized in 1941. The adviser for this year was Miss Carol Westaby. At present there are sixteen members. The members are chosen for membership on their ability and aptitude in the journalism field. Work on both the Vermillionaire and the Tanager is considered in choosing members. The officers for this year were as follows: President - Bob Starkg Vice President - Walter Scottg Secretary - Melvin Erickson and Treasurer - Merrie Lou Conaway. . EM? af? Q Q QEQQ Q si Football Season Charlotte Kaltsulas, jim jorgenson, Kathleen Brick Once again the cheerleaders were chosen by the vote of the student body at the end of each seasong the first being for the football season and the latter for the basketball season. All of the classes were represented with the exception of the Sophomore class. A Junior, for the first time was the Captain both seasons. This position is usually held by a Senior boy, but he automatically took over the position when no other boy opposed him in the final voting. Basketball Season Art Erickson, Barbara Brookman, Charlotte Kaltsulas, jim jorgenson we Infro ucinq- - Bl!! - Jfuden! body ,orex -- -fioibaff 6 far fllfffll chief bbim so WI 216 ,ok aff aflrdfhs- - DICK-Nr loop afsnfy hhfseff- ' ' :Sr afa as pref 31.08 -popufa r-Q acclfre 1,7 Eferffffhf ' " ' "' " SUZZT - aff CW1000' yfkfu for-es. - - VHXVJ 'L easy jam? - ""c?f6!aZ1'c- - ' ' ' ' lVlfpGf-,voz'eof1Gr Aer draw! + Wea! aAf!f?'y B00-01490 wifi meh!! 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Suggestions in the Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) collection:

Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 34

1943, pg 34

Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 30

1943, pg 30

Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 14

1943, pg 14

Vermillion High School - Tanager Yearbook (Vermillion, SD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 9

1943, pg 9

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