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K Vw 50016 THE P RO P ERT Yo Le LOG PRES E N TE D av -n-as cuss l95I D I I The end of the school year always brings with it a brief interlude of quiet for members of the faculty,and this year it will have special significance for Mr Dewitt and Mr Geb hardt, for it wlll glve them a pause to look back upon their twenty five years of service to the Vermilion schools and the community Much has happened in the quarter century which has elapsed since those two young teachers first appeared at V H S in dw fall of 1926 In those twenty five years they have seen many students come and go, they have seen good times and hard tres large classes and small classes, and through it all they have devoted their time and efforts unstintingly in an attempt to m e V H S a better place for students, Vermili n a better community in which to live It is with all this in mind, that we are most happy to be able to dedicate the 1951 LOG to our Executive Principal, C K Dewitt, and our High School Principal, Mr Willis Geb hardt 45 SAYS C K Dewitt dlllis Gebhardt 0 F D E C A T O N ak . . . ' o v Mr. 2 v- V N I' , 1 '1 1 S 5 N.,,,. E K .3 R V .I Ci H 7 N " fi: Y ' XIX. 'N- ADMINI ST RATICN f Robert A Braden Annie Chadwick Mary Chadwifik Do The Faculty We thank you very much for the help and guid ance that you have of fered us through the years The Seniors Harold Flanders J.L. Hoffman Adele Kovanic 2 Helen Grob H.V. H9810 Mr Braden Social Science, Health, Phys Ed, Coach Miss Annle Chadwicc 9 Q- Ensflish, School Lib rarian Mlss Mary Chadwick Languaves, Social Science Mr Dewitt Amer1can History Mr Flanders Industrial Arts Allen M Schroeder My Gebhapdt Mary Stukey Mathematics Mies Grob Mr Hoffman Instrumental Music Miss Fovanic English, Vocal Music grades lthrough 12 Mr Peam Sciences, Arithmetic Mr Schroeder Biology, Problems Phys Ed, Coach Paul Tuttle Robert Ullman Miss Stukey English, Phys Ed Mr Tuttle Vocatlonal Agri culture Mr Ullman English, Phys Ed Mr Utter Mechanlcal Drawing, Driving, Arithmetic Mrs Nelker Commercial, Phys Ed 3 Sarah Welker O 0 l I A.: ,J - - AJ W L: ' O O ' 0 a ' S Vocational Home Economics ' . 5 ' .L Q A 1 C ! O J O 0 I O O 0 , A Y . O 0 0 ,Q .ff ' '?9f?y2:g9ff1f3 SE ICRS -lu .Q m,A' L. .sg it EVELYN ALLISON A Majorettes l,2,3 Girls' Glee Club l Cheerleader 2 A 'I plan to go in o office wor N NORMA BAKER G A A 1, , G A A Officer 2 3 GirlS' Glee Club 1,2 3 M Mixed Chorus 2,3 A Cafeteria Work 1,2 Class Play 3 May Queen Attendant Compass Staff 3 Ticket Takers 2 Cheerleader l I1 I Plan to enter social adminstration at Kent State CLYDE BACHMAN F F A 1 2, F F A Officer 1 Boys: Glee Club l,2,3 Football Team 1,2, Basketball Team 1,3 M Track Team 1 Varsity Club 2,3,h Compass Staff 3 nMy future years will be spent in mechanics 4 G.A. o"'1 2 FQHO e'l - ' t k. q o o' 9 39,-L O 0 O 1 , ' ' I N.J.vgGqAo'3,lI- .N A o o Q' 2 3 o 0 0' ' 1 " 1 9 1 ' 9 -3 .71 CARL BEURSKEN F F A 1 2, , nMy next years will be spent in arming JANET BARTH G,A.A.-1,2,3 Librarian-1,2 Honor Roll-l,h Annual Staff-M French Club-3 Class Play-3 Ticket Taker-A Compass Staff-2,3 Girls' Glee Club-l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus-l,2,3,h Varsity Choir-M Cafeteria work-3 May Queen Attendant-3 nMy present plans include college, and a career in merchandising or art H GEORGE BEURSKEN Class Play 3 'My present plan is to become a c e , but I'11 probably end up 1n the Army cook and bakery school N 5 o o o' , 3 14- ' fn .Il Librarian-2 ' h f ' I GERAMD BLAKELY Football Team M Basketball Team M Track Team LL Sandusky High School l,2,3 ! ROBERT CARTER Librarian M Varsity Chour M Band l,3,M Varsity Club M Class Play 3 Cafeteria Nork 2 Boys' Glee Club 1,2 Mixed Chorus l 2,3,M Basketball Team 2 3 M Football Manager 2 Orchestra 1,3 M Erie County Band 1 N civil engineering hope to become an electrician I plan to enter college to study JOSEPHINE BODDE A Girls' Glee Club 2,3,M Mixed Chorus 3 M nMy hopes are to become a beautician 6 II .il 8 GQAQ o',-In " J I FoHsAa'l . O" " 139,-L ' 1 " 9 J ' J "I .N ACE COLEMAN A 1 Magorettes 1,2 Girls' Glee Club 1 2,3, Mixed Chorus 2,3,h Basketball Queen 3 Class Officer 2 M Ticket Taker M May Queen Attendant 3 Bus Patrol 3 A 'I plan to become a secretary for some big firm PAUL CHERVENAK A A 2 F A A Offlcer M Boys' Glee Club 2,3,M Mixed Chorus 2 3 M Basketball Team 2 Librarian 2 Tlcket Take M Class Play 3 Linesman M Parliamentary ppccedu e 2 3 L My future will be spent in farminv RONALD CZARNECKI PICTURE F-F'-A--2 Football Team-2,3,h NOT Varsity Club-3,h AVAILABLE nwhen the Navy is through with me, I want to have a business of my own 7 Fu 0 Q' 9391+ X o-s 0' - if .D 1 "' 1 1 I. .- NsJeVoGqAo'3,Ll- I1 3' , ,A H D JOI GQAQ q"1 2 ' s Ll- - ,' 4" .4 "' 9 , .n JACK DEAN Boys' Glee Club-1,2 Wrestling-1,2,3,h Bus Patrol-M - Study Hall Assistant-M Our fellow classman nwittyn Dean left for the Navy on March 2O,l951. U C m Q o H Q C7 9 ffl H m o 2 N ku Football Team l Student Council 2 Student Government Basketb ll Manaver Class Play 1 nwhen Uncle Sam is through with me, I'm going to settle down to a busi ness of my own KAREN WLANDIRS A 1, , Magorettes l,2,3 Girls' Glee Club l 2,3 M Vixed Chorus l,2 M Cafeteria work A Compass Work 2,3 French Club 3 Librarian l 2 Band 1 Orchestra l Class Play 7 'I plan to enter the field of nursing 8 ... ,3 x - TS . . P 1 1J D n ' G.A. HO" 2 3 ' 1 s LA " 339 Class President-l P - an , V .v v .n A jf it 1 LELA GLRBER A , Magorettes 1,2 Mixed Chorus 1,2 Football Queen L Way Queen Attendant 3 'I'm golng to Texas MARJORIE GATLIN Cirls' Glee Club 3 Mixed Chorus 3 M Varsity Choir A Cafeteria Work M Another School 1,2 3 'I plan to go towar s nursing career LILA GERBER A , G1r1s' Glee Club 1,2 Vice President of class Cheerleader l,2,3 M May Queen Attendant F H A 1, Treasury 3 'I expect you'11 see me smiling a you behind the cash register at Krogers 9 GoAoAo",-If ' U ' nu " 1 ' 2 1 d 8 .ll G.A. .-1 2 1 Girls' Glee club-1,2 s x , .H f 2 GQAO o'1 2 - - , ,Q ' t .C . .N . fd 19:2 DAVID GOLDSMITH Boys! Glee Club-L Mixed Chorus-M Varsity Choir-M Basketball Team-M Compass Staff-3,h Class Officer-L Band-3,h Orchestra-3,h Lorain High School 1,2 Football Announcer A I plan to enter the ministry DCN HABER Mixed Chorus 3 M Track Team 3, UGA 2, FF'A1,2, Student Council M Orchestra 1 Boys' Glee Club 3 A Band 1,2 F F A Officer 2,3 Class President M Erie County Band 1,2 Parlamentary Procedure 2 3 M 'I'm goinv to spend my future n farming 'IO .M - , - NQJQ Q o Q' 3,Ll 0 0 0' 3, Varsity Choir-A Librarian-1,3 - ' - 2 , r , 1 ' .9 s 1 D 1 .ll Football Team 3,M Basketball Team 3,h Varsity Club M Compass Staff 3 Student Government Lorain High School l,2,3 HI plan to enter engineering schoo GlP1S' elee Club l,2 Mlxed Chorus 2,3,h Varsity Cholr h Cafeteria Work 2,3 Compass Staff 3 Student Government 1 Ticket Takers h May Queen Attendant 3 n , MARILYN HAM AN Girls' Glee Club-1,2,3,h Mixed Chorus-1,2,3,h Varsity Choir-M Cafeteria Work-1,2 French Club-3 Honor Roll 3 M A Class Play 3 I expect to enter the field o religious education and hope to work with young people of the church U MARILYN HARRIS m planning to con 1nue secretarial wor N FFA l,2,, Orchestra l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus h Varslty Club 2,3,h Boys' Clee Club h Wootball team 2,3,h Basketball team 3 Class President 2,3 Vrie County Band l,2,3,h N J V C A Officer l,2,3 Parliamentary Procedure Team,Pres 2,3,h 'I plan to make a career of farm P 11 V I F.H. o'1 , .K y yy - 7st I n f I W ' a3.oLlf I t' k. i HAROLD HOLZHAUSER 3 I 0 - 0 0 "' 3 I-L . J - - c o o fo 0 "' , ju- ' ' j-n:,.I! EJ GERALD KISH Boys' Glee Club 1, Football Team 3 Basketball Team 1, Track Team 2,3 Varsity Club 2,3,h Compass Staff 3 French Club 3 nMy future is with Uncle Samfs Sailors, I hope in radar ANTHONY KUDELA F A 2 Wootball Team M Football Manager 2 V G A , Parliamentary procedure 3 A 'Uncle Sam wants me too The Navy's my preference Afterwards, I'd like o buy a farm PATRICA LACOURbE Girls' clee Club Cafeteria Work 1 A I'm goin? to work at the Dari Bar thi summer, but it s wedding bells for me 12 - 2 - 2 K .n Fu l 0' ,3,I-L 5 A NQJQ 0 0 o'3 - g" 9 ' O t In ' 5 1 i. A -1 ,sf FJHQ- 0-1 . H S .H ! jg-.--il RUSSEL MEYER Class Officer French Club 3 'I'm going t take my pen in hand and write for a living JOANNE MISKOW A l,2, , Annual Staff M A Dresident M Compass Staff 2 3 A Officer l,3,h Librarian 2 Bus Patrol l,2,3, Class Play 3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h A V rsity Choir M Ticket Takers 2 3 M Secretary of Athletic Board 2 Girls' ulee Club l,2,3,h May Queen Attendant 3 Majorettes 2,3 'd like to be a receptionis ' ROGER MOC F W A 1, , Boys' lee Club l Basketoall Team 1,2 M Tracf leam 1 Varsity Club A Compass Staff 3 'I clan to go on W1 farmi v 13 -1 Y O N N O G.A. I" 3 LI- ' G.A. . A - - , GoAo 0 " ' - M - ' FoHn o'1 Student Government-2 Cafeteria Work-2,3,h HI t., ' l o--o o" 2 3 - "' 1 3 ' A 'th nO.n JOAN MYERS Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,L Varsity Choir A Cafeteria l,2,3 A 'Take note J C Penny, I'm looking or a job,n BARBARA NEUMAN Girls' olee Club l,2,3,h Mixed Chorus L Cafeteria Work l,2,3,h Compass Staff 3 Class Play 3 ' 'd like to become a dietician JANET PLESTED A n Girls' Glee Club l,2, M Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Varsity Choir A May Queen 3 Class Officer 2 Student Council M Student Government 3 M Librarian 1,2 Class Play 3 NI plan to do seoretar a work N 14 1. U .-1 - A f Q O v I n -- y F.H.A.-1 '1 5 c-.A. .-1 2 - 3, 1 , A 1 1 . q FT7"'--43 RONALD PUTNAM Boys' Glee Club 3 M Mixed Chorus 3,h Varsity Cholr A Compass staff 3 Wrench Club 3 Librarlan A Another School 1,2 'I intend to be a lawy 41' 1 -qu, DONALD POWERS Boys' Glee Club-2 Mixed Chorus-2 Track Team-2,3,h Another School-1 'A forest ranger's life is the life for me JAMES REUTENER W A l 2, W W A Officer l,2,3 Basketball Team 2,3 Track Team 2 Varsity Club 2 3 A Student Covernment Student Council A Basketball Mana er Football Manaver l Honor Roll l Linesman 3 M 1 3aU 'I plan tobe a farmer 5 A nhl , I -' ,.,," ' n - ' ' has L 1 2 1 eI,.n . nf'2f?t? 4 F... .- , 3,u -- ' - '- ' "' - :Ll- f . A ' su ,rj - 41 - 3 1 . J - , 5 J. "1 Q iv " 92 ' 3 V N O Another School 1,2 socxal security Cirls' glee Club l,2,3 A Mixed Chorus l,2,3,k Cafeteria work 1,2 Annual Staff L Class Officer l,3 May Queen Attendant 3 WILLIAM RYSER m goinv to retire and l1ve on my JAMES SANFORD Football Team 2,3,M Varsity Club 3,M Annual Staff A Compass Staff 3,L Student Councll 3,M Student Government 3 M President of Student Council A Basketball manager 2 Movie Operator 2,3,k Honor Roll 3,M Class Play 3 W H Kirk Junior High l 'I aspire to a physici t's posit on GRACE SCH VER A I am planning to do secretarial work n 16 HI' D . N -4- 0 ' ' s I S 1 1.1! GQA-0 s'1 1 A - , F.l-1.4.-1 I JERRY SCHMIDT l,2,3, Officer L, C A Convention 2,3,h Parliament ry Procedure Team 3 nmirst I'm going tosail the seven seas When I'll settle down to the florist business LARRY SCHaFER w A , Bgysr olee Club l,2,3 Mixed Chorus l,2,3 Basketball Team 1,2 Cafeteria vork 1 NI want to work with diesel envines CALVIN SCHWEINSBERU Boys' Glee Club 3,M Mixed Chorus 3,h Varsity Choir M Lorain High School 1,2,3 'I plan to go into business adminis ra tion 17 Fc - 0- o"1 2 .Il FOFCAO1 be ng FQFQAQ " NoJqVoGoAo'2,3,Ll- IXTQJQV. 7. . 0 n ' :Ll- A Q .ll I .H DAVID SHATTUCK HI p an to enter the Navy RICHAPD SMITH Football Team M Basketball Team l,2,3,M Track Team l,2,3 Varsity Club l,2,3,h President of Varsity Club A Class Play 3 'I plan to enter electrical englneer nv LARRY STUMPP Ticket Taker-A Class Play-3 nAfter high school I will try my hand at salesmanship.n 18 1 ." T Q I ' i O JOHN TUTTLE Boys' Glee Club 1,2,h Football Team 2 Basketball Team 1,2,3,h Varslty Club 2,3,L Cafeteria Work 1,2 Annual Staff L Compass Staff 3 M Class Vice presidentyh 'I'm going to study business adminis tion MARY TERAVSKY Girls' Glee Club l,2,3,LL Mixed Chorus l,2,3,h Varsity Choir M Cafeteria Work 2,3 Band 1,2,3 Orchestra 1,2,3,h Erle County Band l,2,3,h ' would like to be an accounta ' CARL WEAVER Boys' Glee Club l,2,3 Track Team 3 'I'm going to be a submarine techie in the Navy 19 'L 'I nt.' I A If f " 1 ' tra- .N C f ' .li LASS WILL Last Will and Te tament Ne, the 1951 Graduatlnc Cl ss of Vermnlion Hlgh School, County of Erie, State of Ohio, be1n of sound mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this, our last will and testament, ln manner and fornxas follows I, Evelyn Allison, leave my soft, refined volce to Nancy Sum ers I, Clyde Bachman, bequeath my un excused absences to hr Cebhardt Dewitt girl slow Norma B ker, bequeath my intelligent expressions to Mr Janet Barth, bequeath my esteemed position as the only Algebra II class to Connie Agnew Carl Beursken, bequeath my 'hotrodn to nHotrodn Nordstrom George Beursken, gratefully leave Driving Class to some driving individual I, Jerry Blakely, will my wrestllng matches with Joyce Ridenour to Coach Braden I, Josephine Bodde, bequeath my middle name, Wilhelmina, to Mary to an Ann Wilhelmina Wlodarsky Robert Carter, leave Margie Simon, unfortunately'1 Joyce Coleman, bequeath my hair to Mr Gebhardt Ronald Czarnecki, leave my arguments wlth Coach Schroeder y poor unfortunate soul who wants them I, Jack Dean, leaxe my Spanish dlCtl0DnP5 to Miss Mary Chadwick Ik Scott Donelson, bequeath my expert fisticuffs to Jack Abel I, Karen Flanders, will my sense of humor to Miss Annie Ch dwick I, Marjorie Gatlin, bequeath my flirtatious ways to Sonia Radosevich We, the Gerber twins, will our sweaters to Shirley Szekely I, David Goldsmith, think too much of myself to leave any thlnv behind I'm taking everything with me Cone to next Neuber Morris White Callahan Stuart Griffith, bequeath ny short, curly hair to Dick Don Haber, leave my falr way of running the Senior Class year's F F A Marily Hamman, bequeath my sweet disposition to Janet Marilyn Harris, bequeath my school girl figure to Mary Harold Holzhauser, leave my passion for women to Bruce Jerzy Kish, leave my room at 31 Cum ings to Billy I Anthony Kudela, leave my peroxide to Harriet Langfitt I, Patricia IaCourse, le ve to meet Bob at the altar I, Russell Meyer, depart to write the sequel to Forever Amber I, Joanne Miskow, devise and bequeath my shy, retiring ways to Louise Langfitt. 20 s . T ' g a I, fx ' V I I, , in . I, ' I, I, . I, Paul Chervenak, bequeath my farming ability to Joe Mayer. I3 0 0' I, ' OI, .. I, ' 1, ' I, x I, I , I, - I ' 0 H ll I, Roger Moc, bequeath my bloodhounds to C K to track down Kishman the truants Joan Myers, bequeath my sewing ability to Evangeline Barbara Neuman, will my temper to Phyllis Borer Janet Plested, will my man catching ability to Gretchen Don Powers, bequeath my cowboy boots to Dave Rathbun Ronnie Putnam, bequeath my white turtle neck sweater to Clara W team to briefca I, Jim Reutener, bequeath my position on the basketball Carol Lydic William Ryser, le ve my pipe and tobacco to Bobby Poyer Jim y Dick Sanford, bequeath my one hundred pound se to Mr Utter Grace Schafer, bequeath my ability in typing to Chuck Leidheiser I, Larry Schafer, do devise and bequeath my size 16 feet to Odessa Nickley Kovanic Baker graders Jerry Schmidt, will my ability to get along with Miss to her next year's English class Calvin Schweinsberg, le ve for Pennsylvania Richard Smith, will my nickname, Big Dick, to Dick Larry Stumpp, will my toy guns to Mrs Francis' first lary Teravsky, w1ll my Home Ec projects to anyone who wants them I'm sick of them I, John CCupidJ Tuttle, bequeath my Casanova tactics to oh, no on second thought I'll take them with me I'll prob ably need them der and Carl Weaver, leave my package of snuff to Coach Schroe the basketball team Tom Brown, bequeath my Missouri drawl to Miss Stukey WITNESS NHEREO , We have hereto subscribed our names and affixed our seals, this first day of June, in the year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred, Fifty one Witness CLASS PROPHEC It is now the year 1961 and our senlors of ten years back have at last found their chosen rung ln tne ladder of life Norma Baker has obtained herdearee of B S at Kent State an nn with is now a top flight entertalner at the swanky Riverside Her side kick, Marilyn Harris is now singing second soprano the Salvation Army Band in front of Deutschoff's in Lorain Jack Dean, alias the celebrated Spanish speaking wrestler, Pancho Felippe Rodriques Ferdinand Franeisco el Deablo is now a weekly feature at the huge Vermilion-on-the-Lake Marigold Gar- dens, 21 I, . I, I I, " I, 1 o I, I, I, 9 I, , I, I, 2 I . I, Dave Shattuck, depart to join the Navy. I, ' I, . I, 1 ' I, " I, Q IN ' F I d . Q 0 0 I . - CLASS PROPHECY conrmuio After ten years Lela and Evelyn are still peeling potatoes as prlvates in the Wacs Tom Brown is busy taking care of his ten llttle Indians on a reservation in Nevada Larry Schafer and Carl Veaver are being decorate for brav ery Their submarine sank 15 Polynesian fishing vessels in the great baitle of the Barbary Coast Barbara Neuman and Margie Gatlin are now patients at Tol edo, after ten happy years as head straight Jacket put er on ers Grace Scha er has now earned her first million by diving for quarters off the Brooklyn Bridge David Goldsmith, famed inventor of the rocket ship, nMoon mouth,n now has the added distinction of bein the sole ln havitant on the moon fHe didn't perfect a way to get home D Jerry Kish is now the owner of 31 Cummin s and spends most of his time there John Tuttle and Janet Barth are married and are in the process of raising a blond, pug nosed world champion basketball team Don Powers 18 a junior member of the orest Ranger assoc iatlon He holds the lmportant job of ChOpplHFUVOOd for the cook's stove Lila Gerber and Jlmmv Reutener a e now proud owners of Reutener's Tomato, Turnlp, and Tamale f rm, and are raising llttle hot tamales Dick Smith, after fifteen divorces, is now a confirmed bachelor and woman hater Joanne Miskow has retired as Miss Hadacol of 1960 Ronnie Putnam, a celebrated lawyer, is now running for the presidency of the United States on the Democratlc ticket while Don Haber is his opponent as a representative of the powerful F F A Marilyn Ham an is spending her fifth year trampinv through the wilds of Africa under the name of MBenka Stinka Great white Missionary with Rover Moc Cdog breeder! accompanying her on a s arch for the lo t African hound the nCaninus Gismogus Clyde Bachman has now risen to the position of head car washer of Sharpnack's Garage but begs his food from the Okagi Restaurant where Mary Teravsky is cnief cook and bottle washer Larry Stumpp, wlth the help of his accordion, is the late winner of the Godfrey Talent Show and is the Star attraction at Blakely's Bar and Casino, run by our old classmate, Jer y Jerry Schmidt is still trying to catch up on his English IV assignments from way back in 'Sl Bob Carter is a celebrated engineer and has Just completed a huge bridge five miles long across the fathomless Vermilion River Carl Beursken, Paul Chervanek, and Tony Kudela are co owners gf a 50,000 acre farm and have amassed a huge fortune in Jelly eans Harold Holzhauser, a fromer F F A member, has now left h1s farm and is the rage of Hollywood as a second Valentino, nThe Great Lover Karen Flanders is now head psychologist at the new six bed Vermilion Memorial Hospital bullt by the illustrious surgeon Dr. James Sanford, B.S., A.B., Ph.D., and S.L.O.B. George Beursken is now a famous horse breeder and ownerof the Great race horse nPlug Along.n 22 Q . o . 1 o o 1 O c - o J . - o . - - - o J. N 1 , - g O Y- 1 LJ s 0 nr 'J 0 - 0 - T1 L' O - . . . 0 3 o . " W7 e - -. ' . . ' o o . O 0 O o ll o 0 N S .f . , 0 -. o C , 14 . . , L G - o ' , o .. . 0 o . I I O ' Q YI o . I Josephine Bodde is a great make up artist in Hollywood and is the favorite hairdresser of the great actress Joan Myers. Joan found fame and fortune in her portrayal of nHepsibah Schnockengruber, Girl Female,n a best seller written by the famous author, Russell Meyer. Joyce Coleman is a famous Parisian dress designer having introduced the new MDelicatessenn bathing suit, made frpm Salami skins and spaghetti. Ronnie Czarnecki, as a famed veterinarion, is treating Scotty Donelson for bee stings which he received while following his chosen occupation of nBeekeeper.n Stu Griffith has set up his osteopathic practice in Verm- ilion and spends most of his time treating Cal Schweinsberg who is constantly putting his arm out of place while jerking sodas at Baumharts. Pat LaCourse has set up housekeeping on her own and has quite a time keeping herhubby and thirteen children in line. Dave Shattuck is now a Submarine commander and is stationed in Alaska to keep the polar baars under protection Bill Ryser has boat houses all over the country and has retired at the age of twenty eight to his violin and snuff box Janet Plested has become the world's greatest woman detec ve She found the Lost Chord N Thus we come to the end of our predictions forishe unpredic table future Some daywve may look back with amazement at how right Cor wrong! we were SrAF'F Cooks "V rms Margueflte Ball as Janice Maurer . p . .- . D ti H 0 0 . . Q I o I L J I 'y 2 as in, it w , .yea 11, ,V -,gz,m'j V. sift afii ?Qf1?,, " ' kai M, I n-, JN ' tiki in " f gfi ff ' J, P . gb. , ' - - a x Artie 5 ' 7., .Mg . 1 ' X M - A -Q - . ' 5 'Il 1 . 4 - I tv K 1 k - 0 1 AIA .', THE 1951 LOG OUR PICFURE STORY OF THE YEAR JIM SANFORD, EDITOR JOHN TUTTLE, BUSINESS MGR JAN T BARTH, ART EDITOR JOANNE MISKON, FEATURES GRACE SCHAFER, TYPIST SARAH WELKER, ADVISER BILLY CALLAHAN HAROLD GEBHARDT JIM GREENAWALT BOB POYER Junior Staff X 1 ,l 24 'F fi" s-I i""L Tn: 4' -7 .5 was ai 12,2 E 9 31" ww assay 1 IQ' Lft. :Bott Knll PB C, N VRD., M45 TD BB MB DW 'r KH Ablhhk: WM:vyiddSShwf J N H H G bh I DD T R V J K K B P H Smhh. D Feldk C K C 11 S5 hit y Boo G BP J akyvml I H J M F nh Juniors The Juniors,l4.L4. strong with 27 males and 17 females,start ed this eventful year by electing Jimmy White presioent, Bob Poyer vice president, Shirley Szekely secretary, and Harold Gebhardt treasurer They, as othfrs have done, started early to raise money and make plans for the Junlor Senlor Reception The final deci sion was to have it at Mcfarveys with music by the Four Shades from Chicago All, are boastlng land ko ingj that it will be the best yet The class play, "The Perfect Idiot' was lots of fun and a little more work, but finally turned ext to be a roaring suc cess, thanks to the efforts and perseverance of Miss Kovanic director The class advisors are Mr Robert Braden and Mr Allen Schroeder 26 0 Rifh : om Row: P. er. L. Jfmes. . orer, I.. 'crb , 0. .N-kl , J. B . ' ' N- H1rlk0n.E- Ruler. . illnrd, . Jones. Second Row: . elcfv, J. li-,ey'. ' . y .mjonz ionungl. , UMW- C- W1 Inky- - Ridenwr- B- Henle. J. offman. J. mmm. H. Q ua, D. She ard. Ima Rnw: . . ia. U- ' Crum- - 'Pi'-Y - 0 Cf. - - U lm . . ovacs, C. C Lon, D: Sand . G: COLEIII, : nyer: ou R B, n ahan, J. e. H. ne, . Hnrrm, D. urkel. J. Greenawnlt. . H'ldnm. R. ' in, R. unbly, B. Gro: . 1 ' 1 -. 9 O C A -U , J . l 0 I 9 0 I 1 1 ' 1 0 o 0 0 pa-ni SCDPHCMQRES l Itounm R .I Neuber I Rue: R Nixllu .I Bradley F Lnnghtt C Comitn S. Au!! W Lune D Bdlty B Bmwn, J Jnntz E Peck J Zelenlki 2nd Row M Smith E Holzhlu er C I imrth C 'imilh I Agn I I-nchtl S Rndoso- vxeh D Ruetenik P Strnmky A Showalter B Mollohm D Maurer M Sch seinsberg .I Fleming A Bates J Wrxzht h m Il Aurelur Mk Row D Rathbun G Claunr D Llmpe J Krln D Kyle B. Becker H Vick D B k r .I Jann J Esper D Greemmnlt R Pvrsnns E Marks. B 'Kaur R Wqiion Sophomores The sophomore class was composed of about eivhty boys and girls. The girls and boys had separate homerooms. The advis ors were Miss Mary Chadwick and Mr. 'Doc" Ream, respectively Following the various campaigns the election turned out as follows, Joyce Zelinski,President, Bill Lee,V1ce President, Shirley Plested, Treasurer, and Elona Peck, Secretary Because of much argument and indecision, they got off to a late start with parties, about April It was a real humding er when they had it As usual, the sophomores decorated the auditorium for the May D y procedure A job well done, you must say. 27 owz. .I.'...".. .. ..'.. .- .. .5 . ,. .. . :. .. ,L ew..."f.-l ' , . , . I Z . I ' . . . x' . . . - . . S. Pleated. L. Kyle. A. Huber. 3rd Row: B. Shank, B. Lee, J.. Dickason, D. Wilkes. D. Sheppard. B. Whimker, L. Miller, D. Chcsnut, T. Bodde. B. Nordntmm. C. Leidheiser, D. Knittle, D. Comer, F. Norcross. D. Cone, W. Glover, C. Ruggles, A. Os- n v, . i . : . I '. . . . - , . . , . . - fl 'P - - D , I 0 O 0 O O o 0 . 0 9 .A . x, UC' lst row left to nlht Ni Benrlken R Warburton D Hnmhl Nl Koller X 'Wehn rL.I Horton S Ch lk J Wooten. Frale B Wnemm F Pl e S Busch K Baker NI Llg'-l 2nd C Waxr I Wnt P K ntl B Bnynes Wolfe G Maurer D Bathmnn, D Osberg B Croll E Miller D Mlskow D JODCI D Smith G Flanders A Tlrrm! L lx cl n 4th A Copeland C Walker B Wlnte Lv Hoffman H Brown B Budde W Schmidt R Ho! l' Plslml' H h nz P May R Dunn Vreshmen we elected o r class officers at the beginning of the year as follows Bernard Bodde, President, Ray Dunn, Vice President, Marlene Light, Secretary, Reah Warburton, Treas urer A successful skating party at the Lorain Coliseum in December boosted our class treasury. Everyone had a wonder ful time although some woke up the next morning wlth bruises and sore muscles. Our boys have gone out for football and basketball this year. Bob Croll was the only Freshmen to make the Reserve basketball team. Some ofishe Freshman girls went with the G A A to the Ice Follies in Cleveland in January. za - ', ' :.. .. .. ,.'.. .. ..Lax,.. S. y. . 'n , .J 'n. . . . , . . ...x row: . ',r,. 7 , . n' e, . . U. Hunrkls. P. Plunrlck, G. Hornlng, F. Royal. B. Darcy, P. Redinzer, L. Rlgzleman, B. Banks. 3rd Row: R. Aekllnd. I. , . , . . . . , . , . , . , - , - a - n 5 'on mu' y. row: . , ,. . . ' , '. , . . . . . . . . - n R, uc ri . . 'er, . . v U 'J O O 1 O I Q 1 O -J o n a 'i A ?' , 11 , X l JUNICR HIGH 1 1 1 -ez- -. qfx V K -:L , H ' 'Q ' lf: 1- K -Ay A. ,.f 1-zoqcgs iv S31 X -sh Y rth.T H If Eighth Grade We are poor little eighth graders awaiting the day we can be considered a part of the high school in other words, the freshman class To head us in our troublesome ways this year are Miss Grob and Mr Flanders Our class is divided between the girls and boys, there fore we have two sets of officers For the girls, it's Marlene Calvert, President, Sandra F rrell, vice president, Alice Arnold, secretary, and Nadine Miskow, treasurer Emery Kobza is the big boss for the boys with energetic Michael Anastas as vice president, secretary, and treasurer The new students this year are J C Gibson from Home stead, Florida, Lucille Gomez from Cleveland, Ohio, and Virginia Elliot from Monclova, Ohio Terry Montonye and Rosemary Allen left the class That brings the total to 86 35 girls and 51 boys, the largest class in the high school Because the class is so large it is not very active in class meetings 29 Ge fuel. nu , Peuofff ' ' U' ' Y' ' ' " ' ' " "' " - I O I .- O I 2 1 O O 0 ' 0 ' - I O I e ' I 0 o 0 smean.yAumaaeJ Clrt,Fa uwgmn uslmk nmbuymm Plc K Kd ty mu asm Mr Stone from Stone Dancing Studio gave the class an opportunity to take ballroom dancing The ones interested were Kathryn Norcross, Alice Arnold, Peggy David, Sandra Farrell, Liz Shook, Janet Bodde, Georgene Horning, Rachel Howell, David Bentley, Gilbert Olah, Emery Kobza, Mike Anas tas, Jerry Normandeau, and Ray Petroff The Junior Hi team this year was not so successful They played eight games and lost them all The eighth graders playing on the team were Lee Becker, Leon Buell, Don Miller Gene Jackson, Bill Lydic, and Jim Beursken Bob Greenawalt and Mike Anastas were the managers The boys in our room who participated in the Boys Sport Night show were Lee Becker, Don Miller, Ray Petroff, Jim Beursken, Bill Lydic, Leon Buell, Dave Croll, Carl Brown, and Terry Khittle We had a big turn out for our Christmas party with the extra money we bought our homeroom teachers a gift We are locking forward to the weatherman this spring for a picnic outdoors, 30 : . mo ,' . ones, Wolfe, uve rre , ri , owe , , Klshmm, A , 0 1, r Q. 2nd Row: G. Beursken, Green. Shannon, Shannon, Annum, Wisdom. Stark. Lnngflitt, Mlskow, Notemln, ropf: nz Bentley, Buzz, Greenawalt. 3rd Row: Crnll, Jackson, Buell, Bates, Lydic, MiHcr, Klllen, Aurelius, Brown, Knittle': Mezlan, Shoemaker, Mon o e, er. . roken. I Q I O 1 o o o l ' 3 o o l l I 0 0 dMk.l SelthTo'pR.l7wL Wdd ldSdkHlvh1 Slalylltllb Seventh Grade Seventh graders! At last that magic barrier was cross ed and we were no longer grade school kids! We were in high school! Maybe not exactly high school, but we were on that side of the building and were in contact with our heroes and heroines! To be truthful, it was a little confusing we had class es all over the building and there were such crowds ln the halls, and we couldn't get our lockers open, and we lost our books and forgot where we were supposed to go, but through it all Mr Utter managed to hold on to his temper and finally we got settled down into the routine of school Our number has fluctuated up and down all year At one time there were about 80 of us, but we settled down to aver age about 75 all the time There are 39 girls and 36 boys in our class this is one of the few classes where the girls are in the majority we elected Jean Szekely president, Leslie Roberts vice president and Pattie ward treasurer Harry Lenhart is our representative on student government Eleven new students have enrolled since classes start ed in September Theyare the following Robert Berryman from Boston, Mass, Low Bradley and Beverly Brumback, from Lorain, James Henline from west Virginia, Lister Robinson from Mobile, Alabama, Barbara Russell from Fairview Park, Cleveland, Dick Smith from Birmingham, and Charles Nooton from Kentucky 31 in Row: Roth, Pulpu, Bnruome. Lenhart. Uioco, Mollohnn. wneeler, scatter, Emen. Ind Row: Allison, Dkhlom. Smith, Evans, Barber, Pnullurr, lleifert. Mlllis, Bradley, Fischer. 3rd RCW! WOONDR, Tlfrllll, Roberts, Clrey, Lonfyel, BURR. May- er, War , er ey, Carlson, : aux, i owsun. Jones, Arno , an a . A . Thayer. ll . a un. o . . '1 0 o - o 0 ' an 0 I - O 0 0 Q . . I O i . I o 0 7 o l t Ro J Hall Fl ng G slett H t an, Hey M l U0 h Walk M L ghlln. Ind Ro Wi: B hm I. gy I Cioeo llild teh R 3rd Raw Ge dk My! ll Hin Be 5 Kx ttl 4th R H li I' Ca sidy Whig Betty and Jim Evans, Patty Payne, Larry and Lonny Ott, Bob Mclntosh, Dough walker have enrolled and departed This year we were given the opportunlty to enroll in the Dancing Class sponsored by the P T A and conducted by Mr Stone of Elyria There won't be so many wall flowers among us when we get into high school Those of us who took this class were Harriet Cicco, Barbara Russell, Kay Harrison, Harvey Heys, Larry Hartman, Ken Bruner, Carla Widdowson, Patsy Thayer, Pattie ward, Diane Rathbun, Nancy Reifert, Leslie Roberts, Jimmy Roth, Harry Lenhart, Arthur Mayer, Lee Mollohan, Richard Cicco, Louis Emen, Hannah Dickason, Henry Arnold, Cheryl Barber, Janet Bradley, Carol Carey, Martha Paulson, Jack Seith, Jean Szekely, and Phyllis Heyman Some of our girls particip ted in Girls' Sports night, and some of the boys were in the Boys' Sports Night program We have had a lot of fun this year, we have learned a lot, and we are looking forward to our next five years as a part of VHS 32 l wx . , uni , o , arm s,Harrison. cn n, er. Stwln, c an we e- man, ac an, Boone, cn e, Borer. , um, Beurlken, Dit rand, nnlell. : n l, rl, o lon, Herman, Evans, rr 'man, xi c, Simon. ow: Maurer, Bruner, en nc, I-hu . JQUVUIII, s , e. Day. S 'th. I . . f X o 1 0 o 0 " 0 O O I E. o I 0 nn , w J Why gn C 1 oh su 3 Ro s z d dk S m Band Since the picture was taken the followlnv have come into the bano, uswnv instruments given to the school by the P T A Mary Dorris, Patfy ard, Rosemary McGrady, Leslie Poberts Hannah Dickason, Elizabeth Shook, Dottie stark, Dick Hlavin Jack Qeith , Edward Kinnev, and Bob Greenawalt The lh new instruments iven to the school are being loaned to these people for a li 1 ed tlme lhe b nd has been rehearsing some new m sic llch the e bevinnin students are capable of play ing Ne are goin to keep gettlng more difficult music and learn to march so we'll be eady if and when we vet uniforms Some time in April we will Hive a concert for the P T A with all, or at least one of each kind of the instrument being demon trated M nv are working on s los, duets, trlos, and quart ts Ever one is workin, Q rd so that our marcring band will be one of the flU6S+ around 33 Sun d: 'H . Hoffman. o usy. f'1xre'. 'idrlowson. Jackson. Neubfr. Teravslry, lnllg 2nd RDWI ' 1' 'V' w""'-'k"- Schweilrh athbun, Jones, llidcnour, alver , Moll an, Hnhcr. V1 I ms. rd W1 ml ll, D- SIN lk- Clffef- Gddsmhh- Kovacs, I y . Cone, R. San n , Maurer, eat er. "- LJ 1 . ' . - 3 ' '5 0 o .o , .' 'lv - I 1 1 ., rl . , , c' .. . , . L1 A Q A - ff . t f - W t '1 , E a ' lu UA' - S ,Q Q - - . o Sf ' , VU - J , 3 I I I , f: Q me ' ' ' "' v ,J K J r . l R ' if . 5 4 ' 1 v o GIRLS CL E CLUB Bottom Raw Lnnrlitt Pleated Hnmmvn Schafer Rndosevlch Cnmnn latlm Schwemnsberg 'Vlnllu Lyduc Szekely Brad Inv Teravskv Sunon Jmtz 2nd Row Neuman Brnun Ballu Smxth Peck Zelnnakl I-'lemmz Koller Naegele Rlden- Wf DUIUI Myers Borer Ries Neuber ltd Row Baker Budde I-'mhtel Harris Flanders Bath Mulmw Coleman Stran 'IU Wbdaflkf krnew Ruetmlk, Kllhmen Showalter tom Row Lanffltt Pleated Baker Hnmman Barth Harms Flanders Rldblfikh Cbmlfl Gatlln Schwelnsberg R en uf Snkeb' BYHCUCY Tertvlky Riel Jsntz 2nd Row 'Vlng KOVRHIC Nxeding Borer Iseuber Peck Mnkow Coleman Sirk v holler Wlodanky Dunn Myer Putnam Schweinsherg Carter 3rd Row Poyer Gebhnrdt Cole Greennwelt Sch! er bnldsmlth Harnbly Abel 34 x 1 , ' . . . , f.G '. . .-.": ': : - ' ' V , Q Bot : , I ' . ,- 'I D ,Q , gd . B OYS GLEE CLUB Bottom Row C0110 Greenuult Clllnhln Schafer Abel Knvacs Smith Vick Hambly 2nd Row hlednng Tuttle PDIQI' g?l:::L'gubf:::1hE::izr3M::-2311: Chervennk Hoffman 3rd Row Rathbun Haldum Snndak Goldsmnh Cwrter Putnam IXED CHORUS geottomkRow Lunzfltt Plated Baker Hamman Schafer Radosevlch. Comxta Gatlin Schwemsber! Will-il Slfkely Bra ey mon' WIMIYUKY Dlllln Myers Borer Neuber Showalter lushman 3rd Run Bodde Guldsmnh Creenawalt Chesnut ons- Binh- MHKUW Coleman Stnnlky Afnew Kovacs Payer Putn Sch insberl Nach. -ith Row R 0'-F " " hm' Schafer Gdhlnh Clffel' Nffdilll' Chorvenlk Hxldum Abel Hninnlaly Erpir : ' v - - . , ' . ' . - : " ' . . ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 v ' . . 4 - I . : l - . . . ' ' , . ' l . l . '. dl H msn' 7' Ria- Jimi. Ruetenlk. hd Row: Neuman, Budde. Fichffl, Smith, Harris. Flxnden, Brnuri. Peck. Zelinski. Koller. C . : 1 , . I . . . I . . . . V . i. P - ' : B -.N - .L 35 tl htlltll LenhrtSF ySSklyTJN.JPlnte1lBNQelLLl.nt! 2 Ro JS R DG tDRhbu C.Shaf S lflth Student Government The student government body of Vermilion High School is composed of two units, the Student Council and the Student Assembly These groups work to promote close cooperation between the students and the faculty and among the students The Student Council is the primary action" body Such business as awardin concessions, checking on the activlties of the boards, and reviewing students recom endations are handled by the Council Complaints and suggestions from the student body are brought to the Assembly This is the truly representative group of the school The members discuss and act upon meas ures of importance to the entire Vermilion High School. 36 H be l B The members of Student Government are President Vice president Secret ry Arts Board Athletic Board Safety Board Social Board James Sanford Don Haber Theora Jones Janet Plested Chairman Theora Jones Sandra Farrell James Ruetener Chairman Charles Schafer Louise Lanvfitt Bob Croll Dick Jreenwalt Chairman Stu uriffith Shirley Szekely Harry Lenhart Barb ra Naevele Chairman David Ratnbun Barbara Darcy 37 I.-f I R'gh!: D. A r, Mr. Gtbharth. J. Re I D. f' ' It, J. S f d. T. J J P . I 3 J 3 f' 'W Q A O A' 1 Varsity Club The Varsity Club started out the year with eleven mem bers, nine seniors and two juniors This group promptly elect ed Dick Smith, President, Buzz Reutener, Vice President, and Jim Sanford, Secretary The other members are Ronnie Czarnecki, Harold Holzhauser, Jerry Kish, John Tuttle, Stu Jriffith, Clyde Bachman, Harold Jebhardt, and Charles Schafer These boys sponsored the Alumni Game and led the others in the promotion of Boys Sportsnight The benefits of both events strengthened the injury fund by several hundred dollars and eliminated the use of insurance for sports in V H S The club membership was greatly boosted with the conclu sion of football and basketball seasons The Juniors led the field with six members, Jim Greenawalt, John Hartman, Bill Callahan, Gene Nickley, wayne Mayfield, and Jack Abell The seniors followed with four Bob Carter, Jerry Blakely, Roger Moc, and Tony Kudela The sophomores contributed with Harvey Vick, Doug Sheppard, and Charles Leidheiser while the long freshman entry was Bob Croll 38 S 1 d: Coach Schroeder, Grii-ith, Tutt'e Gebhardt Reuteuer, Conch Braden. Standing: Kish, Qzarnecki, Bachmnn, S 'th, Hal hu s , S ford, Schafer. - . - U C 0 rw fi ' 0 0 V O I O C T 0 Z P 0 I 1 1 zha en 2 If R B h Pl ted w K Mm! me sm wma W 1 y n n M Gtm H S '1 In kyMils. cwlod ky!-'ih1,elSkly' G A A The Gir s' Athletic Association began the season with Joanne Miskow president, Joyce Ridenour, vice president, Carol Lydic, secret ry treasurer, Clara Nlodarsky, Jr Re Pat Stransky, Soph Rep, Nancy M hnert, Freshmen Rep , and Mrs Welker, faculty adviser At the initiation in Octob r, the new members provided the entertainment which was followed by a pot luck sup er and the formal signing of the G A A book by the new mem bers On one Nednesday night the girls hiked over to the Lag oons for a weiner roast In November they traveled to San dusky for a swimming p rty, and in January theyattended the Ice Follies in Cleveland The organization worked hard to present an auditorium program for the student body The MaJorette's twirled, the JUH1OPS and sophomores sang, the coaches were called upon to lead the student body in a cheer, and the final number show ed girls modeling oatninv sults ranging from 1925 to 1950 styles, Girls' Sports Night was held on april 12 and was well received by a capacity audience The Spring Dance was held on May h and the girls end ed the school year with a mother daughter barquet at which time the new officers were revealed and the letters awarded 39 5-nIed:h.J.S' R' , " f Y, . . , n tow: M1-hnerl, Sllfznkv nllsc'.Ruesenllf'RI:ii:cvlirBdIt-lrulirl lakh kyle, Haber' Jann' Beunhm' Hgmric ' ' ITB!! I . Row: e, C. Smith. Bat s. haw ter A ew Str' B e ' Braun' B. H' Ho on' Schwem' r ' ' lxnlltle. olzhaumr. ' ' ans ' 5 ow- f- lr! . c . ze e . Rldenour o n o , l 1 I rw 0 ' 0 C ' ' - . p . , O ' ' O . L u o S . L 5 0 0 C ' o Y A - .. g 1 A 3 ' E1 o ' o Q Q . . I 'X 1 1 0 , Q , 0 .J J - - V 9 Librarians "When's my book due? "Are ther any good books of h s orical 'friction'?" "Hurry up and find me a short book that I can report on next period 1" 'wher-e's the new Popular S i ence?" 'Got change for a n1ckel?' "Put me on the waiti g list for those three books for world history Such demands as these are hurled daily at the fifteen students who this year have given one period each day to ser ving their school through t e library They find that there are many jobs to be done hey file books, cards, and maga zines, some mend books, some page new books, while others paste pockets, letter, and stamp them And always there are questions, questions, questlons to be answered, Not only do these librarians help their school, but they gain for themselves valuable experience in workin with people and books O SYeuled:vMin A. Chadwick. M rris, Farr Il, Si , N b , R , ' - , bum, Foyer, Carver, Putnam, Bgeuler, Anistnlmon eu er adoseuch' AVMW- Stlndmll- Bmtley. Jackson, Arnold, YY 1 t- 1 C - ' ' ..- . ......,. YI... . W C 1 1 Q . . - C I Q f' 5 9 .. 4 I- UU hflllk R 'Slayer Mllln Buggies Maurer D 1 h IH, Znd R b ldak C I I Seurengildd sl N Kudeh J Mayer hd Ro C tl e ak C B chman gghmmt .Horly W F A This year's ' H A was headed by President Harold dolz auser The other offlcevs were Jim Weutener, Vice Dresi dent Don iaber,Secret ry, raul chervenak, Pe orter harles schafer, freasurer ani Jerry cqmidt, Sentinel The first activity lH WHlC1 the 'hapter took part w s the H rliamentarj procedure contest at vawemln They recelve d a silver bar to 4 to tneir arevlous afards The bl est event w s the annua 1 w r can 'our 3 for tnis trip, by F r A was made OSSlDlc fo K on c n cessioms a d score car' Four senlors took part ln the an ual Uhio tate Il cultural Schola shlps West at sanuusky Thaw, qltngu H C10 6 not amonv the wlnners. This year' Habrr. Local haoter awards have een won orlon Collins, Warm nSCQ8WlCS, eldkamp, arm flectripicsti nl David Qandax, Farr Safety. tar's ' P A establisoed a s program tolvetter the 'hapter in Vut re years. T do is special com.ittees and activities were set up and carrled through. A recent electlfn found ntxt vears'ofPice s to be Challes scnafer, Dave sandak, Toiy oojde, Dave Weldxamr, Harvey Vlcx, nd Joe Mayer. were s Dekalo Awar went to D bv n 4ao r, Soil and .ater ana on, Joe L ye , Dalr Q rme 6 alwl et of ey Laws ano a 'I 1 bltaxcdz Y , . . I I A ' . - - - Lu mam, li. Undda-, P. Nlayev, ow: ' I lj muilr . f . n', 41 ll . , - V W5 - H-'ulskc-H, Sclmfvr, len yu' , K, .4 , ' . .' - I . l -1 f4 ' - , 1 . , . V L A , - llf. , f' . t J -l - . 1 5, q - . 'X 'W - . ff .K , L dk- , ki " V' u , 4 ' , ' x1 1. L. 5 X . . w N A ,Q 4 - J v s gas 2' v fs, A s .1 ' - 5 X - - - XA - I , 1 - .. , X 1 . Y W - Y Y N . V 5' P' - - W - , J, fs x . V N 3 ,- Y . . V A . 1 N.J.J.G.Q. tF,D tw Ref O 1 ' S. 3 - 9 , - - 'A .4 teen o. our twenty-four memofrs attended. inanoinl belg ' ' 1-1 ,Q ' ' ,- , . ' .1 , , . rf 'D , In - O - V I - ff QS , . . A- -, , n l o 5 Ag' - V7 . f H vw ' 1 HJ to . A - : 4 A U -f lf r- ' fn 1 1 5 n ,I v - :J -" -- ' o' 1 'TR 1 G A, , o V: D1 M e star , ,, -. Q . .ve , 5 c , rg Af , , f - . u . .u " 5 .uemzg T- 1 t 9' . A L . ' f l : If .' -. -'br w 7 'Y A Y, , M . - .., M- U "1 2 ' -. 'W ' .Lhg y Q T' g . 9 0 4 v ' HA - , , , Q o th YY F 2 A . A t 1 . ' Y 3 -r we o J 'V A L A l W - 1 K A 1 H V . I Q , R .11 Majorettes The five majorettes pictured above have drilled every Thursday eighth period under Mr Hoffman's direction and have achieved a degree of finesse that is hi hly commend able The girls participated in the Memorial Day Parades in Berlin Heights, Milan, and Vermilion, and took part in the County Band's performance at the Erie County Basketball Tournament in Sandusky In addition, the girls participated in the G A A pro gram for the student body Their uniforms have purple skirts with white and gold tops and were made by the girls They are hoping to have something entirely different for next year, and also hope that more girls will be interested in becoming majorettes 42 Left L0 Right: M. Smith, D. Rnetenik, E. Peck. C: Lydia, ll. Wlodarlky. 0 if - o . . o o 0 "' o l 0 I 1 'FX HEERLEADER RESERVE Vlona Peck Judy wright Pam Knittle Liln Perker 1 X T Zelin Vi lodarskj A RS ITY l.fttR.KhtBott L DM JVI Dgc KH h use ex usmcw-ak ko d B Dbhwml A ! 1Blklyl'lHh S Clxdh rdR Ullman. Football Thirty four willing and able spirants answered Coach Braden's call for football on August 20, when he turned his talents towards rebuilding h1s squad which had been hard hit by graduation Three veterans, S nford, Holzhauser, and Czarnecki were the experienced Senior men from last ye r's undefeated squad To these were added Gebhardt, who had seen some actior at quarter back, Blakely, who had transferred from Sandusky, and Big Dick Smith, senior, who was reporting for his first year of football Coaches Braden and Ullman drilled long and hard on the fundamentals of football and by the end of the season the recruits, Vick, Leidheiser, Sheppard, Croll, Schafer, Green awalt were giving creditable accounts of themselves The 1951 Squad should be ready for all comers Graduation this year will take only Holzhauser,Smith Blakely, S nford, Czarnecki, Griffith, and Fudela The season's record l win, 8 losses 44 Bt! Ro Ld' DshWd.BL lntalizht Cou:hSd.ned B.Callh Coll! L Basketball Bowing out in the nrle County Tournament semi finals to Huron to the score of YM A , the Vermilion Sailors wrote 'finis' to a basketball season that had been unhappy frorr the very beginning when the "big snow made it necessary to reschedule several of the games To add more grief, Big Dick Smith, on whom Coach Allen Schroeder was depending to play a keyspot, wa stricken with appendicitis and unable to play until the final games of the season Finally, Roger Moc, who had lead his team mates in scoring and stood second in the League scoring race was retired from competition on the orders of his doctor But, beaten on Friday night, Monday found the boys bound ing back in the gym, working harder than ever with Coach Schroeder to perfect their plays and get back into the game No opponent really found the Sailors a push over this year as most of the scores will testify, although their aggressive ness cost then many a point at the free throw line Graduation w1ll take Smlth, Blalely, Carter, Bachman, Gold smith and Reutener, but Mayfield, Nickley, Gebhardt, Schafer, and Greenawalt, all seasoned second strlngers and a bal nced reserve squad will be fighting for positions next year Season's Record Wins 2, losses, 1 Reserve Record 1 ns 6 loss s 45 , - ? V - , V, Q am W: " ' Cf. . .1 . n e 1 an G. nl C' eidheisor B Croll - f H - , M- -f lker. emu Uumn. :na now: .l.uudm. lt. Schlfe . G.'N' uw. af b n r. J. izu'1-,' ci Bachmnn. D. Smith. D. Goldsmith, J. Groenawnlt. W. Mayfield. H. Gebhardt, J. :leutonex H. Boone: - c he , LJ A M 1+ , O I 1 v I I H 3 .u I I S , - a U .- J C 1 3 ' , l L " Q ' ' fc .. ' 3 -. C ,D . S ' : . 5' 3 O , : Ni : 3 l e , 9. SENIOR FELLA SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS SENIOR BASKETBALL PLAYERS Blakely Buhmnn Smith Goldsmith, Carter Boutonor 46 Botiom Row: Kudoh. Griffith, Czunecki. ind Rvwz Holxhaul er. Smith. Blakely, Snnford.. is-.... I . f I f 42 3 5 . f' - as ELEMENTARY 9 A Btt C.Wfl MecklBMll LSh.hDNdinM.. DSN 2dRb WE3oddRRHflLDASmlthA.LtxRSobllcll.JC kA El' HWlk SMR Wlod KSC P.lcluonPWlk PSlu.nkAWkeGldETodd 4thR.4rw BWillia RK R.H.ll.ndlDKeithWHrilDHrikJKiddBSh bryJTod S Mr Welker Grade 6 As you can see the boys are in the majority in this group They have followed the usual sixth grade curriculum with extra effort on writing, book reports, art In art Robin Kane has painted some very nice sketches in oil and water colors. Another of our oil painters has been Eddie Davis This class has been such a good collector of sales tax stamps that it has paid all of its expenses with a sur plus for books Nancy Lee has been our st r collector 47 0 om RUWI C HH. P- c. . i er. M. Kuken, G. Collins. . m . . ie . Kane, . mer. n w: V- 2- - ll' - . u , . . onway, H. Blac, .Hnsenflue. . Andrus, . e er. ow: N. ee, .0sb0me, N. nreliul,E. an y, . one, . 1 , . 1 er, , , , g Q , , , g ' ml- - UW- 1' . - .. . lr . . am c, . , . oemnker.L.Snlhu , . LG. mith. . - e e e - e 3 e R.. Bilt: D MLC ou, D Yel ky T Shim L H D P W Clip D y J nk P NI E p S K R.. Stritmmth Eb B Bl t S. G denlwe. C I G Robd D C k Fulm GSiLh,LCl1m 8rdR DB DBayn SKtt D G h rlt D G KK JDvid 4thRo MBUK pf N y B H Shir? k dlySW!kin AMrl.l.S Miss Kropf Grade 6 If you see Miss Eropf's M3 pupils going around with bandages on their hands it's because they have had to out line geography so much Besides geography we have eight other subjects including music and writing We average about four persons on the honor roll each time we have four children in Mr Hoffman's instrumental class We also have music, two times a week under the direc tion of Miss Kovanic But don't think we work all the time. We have had more vacations then any other sixth grade Miss Kropf has ever taught we were out of school six days because of the big snowstorm We have had two parties and hope for another before the end of the year. Those of us who have good grades have gym once a week Miss Kropf takes the girls down on Tuesday and Mr Welker, the other sixth grade teacher, takes the boys down on Thurs day You can bet our last year in grade school has been a busy one! 48 Bottom Row: , . r , em , . er, . owell, S. Lang-fitt, C. Neuhcr, . anom, . lon, J. a , . P' ur. Row 2: . . oltner, P. s er, M. Holloly, . uhl, er, C, erle, . at ner, r . er, . m . o ' I. ow: . lrco. P. Carlson, D. Beunkefn, , cs, . ni e, . num, . lj n, . ut rie,J.T ner, . re , . a . w: ro . J. eidinz, K. Duc. . odnon, J. nmc. N. Kearns, J. Lin me , . a s, . or . Meier. 2 o o o o o o . . o o o I o un B y b Si R.Cve ILL lu.2nd Fl W Lwldd Bt IQMLCMIY MDill Mhll I GG W Sh K DN! Mr Peck Grade S when school opened in the fall, M2 pupils were enroll ed in Mr Peck's room, later Edward Murray, Glenn Anderson, and Linda Machabee were enrolled but Linda Machabee moved away in a few months Darius Nutt, Harold Price, and Allen Thompson were in our class for awhile too, but all three mov ed away later LaJean Walton and Roylene Titzgarald were the last two who came this year,making M6 pupils in our room we have learned a lot this year and have had lots of new work History and science were two new subjects and fractions in arithmetic had everybody 'oking and awing un til they got the hang of it On Christmas June and Dena Kubishke drew a santa claus on the black board. For Valentine Day, June and Suzanne Burch cut out an ice skating girl and put it on colored paper Joyce Goolsby, Barbara Ell1s,and David Hambly put valentines on the bulletin board and they looked pretty Leslie Smith and Milan Black put up pictures of the west ern states for us We had a test on the states and capitals and it was pretty hard when we vet done reading about them we are going to have the M8 states test Milan Black and Linda Widdowson are drawing George Wash ington on the black board 49 1 o om Row: K. uell, S. Burch, R. Me , G. Todd, D. Ku ischke. G. Wilson. M. ob ech, D. Walker, o land T. Neidin , . ouc Row: B- xior. . Boone, . uwsong E. n G. Anderson, '. r , . man. D. Hambly, Milan Black, E. Howell, T. Esper. 3rd Row: R. Sanderson. L. Mink w, E. Murray, J. Kubilchke, K. Baumhnrdt, L. Machlbee, J. Goolsby, S. Williams, S. Cornell. L. Smith. ow: Mr. Peck, C. Gouett. L- B0 iff. C- LICWYW- B1 EIU P. Tremnin, . endicl. P. ixuton, A. .'c midt, . S lliv . ut . . - Q 0 0 0 - 0 0 ' I N I1 - o .J . 0 0 ' Q o 0 Bt! L KY! MibchellBT D Whel T HR Pice R HH Bill 2ldR DRobx.n B.Dy'IAltR whl1!bMbl JtPlebedSK10.GMdr!inBROth.N A I w I Ks, kLEp F FHIA nam-ma Mrs. Jantz Grade 5 Our family has been a big one this year with fifty enrolled At the present time we number fort seven seven teen girls and thirty boys no man shortage' here Our year has been an active one Class officers were elected to care for our room business They consisted of Pres V Pres , Secy , Treas , Librarian, Room Custodian and Reporters Our bulletin boards have been very interesting A theme for each month has been our idea we have made all of four decorations Other boards are for hobbies, news, geography, history, and English displays We have a miniature museum which contains collections of Indian things, stones, cottonfseeds of which we have plant ed and are up several incheslskulls, teeth, joints, and etc Several parties for birthdays, Christmas and Valentines have been held Thanks to our home room mothers, N 50 o om Row: . Kreu,.C. 0. H- . . roxel, . Dickerhnll, M. eer, . 0 man, D. r , . o . G. as Reyj ow: - 'Wh I - - U . - ' . '- 'er. . n , . n . , . . bel. to d YQVWM- Keller, L. Conway. A. Gomes, W. Hlnrln, R. Znhneiner, J. Turn. J. Paulson, F. Stiglln, T. Tuner, T. Sul- uf , . ard. 4 h Row: Mrs. Jmtz, R: Bnlley, D. elf, E. Mason. R. arrell, . au , . WHIDII, . ns, . Ben- - A- UWM- rum y. . s ar. 71 N . Y- -- an N ... ,D . 0 . . 0 , O O I 0 , 0 ' N Q- o o a o O m zJswk.rn.smzanos in 'LSC NBA!-BIKE an.vMm m cc h wan J Rdft M c D A zlhml RN! Jmh MK HQMW-ku' P Hr FREN, Ryxnhm M ld DM.-my F Mrs Mehnert Grade Ll Our class has enjoyed a very happy year together Our aim this year was tovoork on our manners that is being con siderate of othfrs in the classroom, on the playground or in the halls, and to welcome each new pupil to our room and make him feel at home Each child has tried to earn a reading certificate for reading a minimum of 10 books Five reports were given oral ly and five were written we enjoyed reading about people of other countries and found that they lived much the same as we do As we studied each country, the children brought in many interesting articles from home pertaining to those lands we have had lots of fun, but we have studied hard,too. 51 lxouom Row: J. urskrn 'I' Gallk H D' Y Ln.. I " '.' mk'l'J'h"'-G-OW. f , , . 0. . m . n w: . Tarrant, J, Bu-co, Pfnasbel. .liwjgnem v B' 'avkettlgieqef U- - - LI. ' R' gfufwon' S' 3:"k' S- PU'-R S- Mlllif. S. Olson. Brd Row: D. Hurd. D. Halley, M. Blakely, R. Bauzhton, S, Bbwen, En e ' ' 0 X- . Bulhlll. P. MII! lllfl, . llen, J. n erman, . Conwa , wg , Hi um, , 5 Q I I ' " " - U- - H0 . . e ed, . Wamer. . er, nun. , - L . o -- .- v A o . 5 - ' . . 0 mn as sn: uc nxu murmeammrrm nxbu cs k LPwkM SithS.Gib B0ddSGdi M DL mt 41 FH rskNwnmke12.Pmen,l1.Hom1ng 'C M T N" " Mrs DeLamatre Grade I4 During our stay in the fourth grade our geography has proved toloe an interesting subject It has taken us to many lands and we have learned how other children live As a result we have a much better understanding of other boys and girls we are proud totne living in the United States but we can also appreciate what other boys and girls have to make them happy Another subject on which we have spent a great deal of time is arithmetic These division problems! How we have worked on them' We also enjoyed the two step problems They have made arithmetic real to us We were told that we would have to be good readers to enter the fifth grade where we have harder geography and his tory Our library has been increased by new books which have been a help 52 om RPWF - UCF- P- 0 0, . Snez , . Gonas, . o er, ve , ' , . i er, . u il gb. Peter- lw, L- Leldhedseg. Ind Row: R. Mrolki, C. Burns, R. Russel, N. Mayer, . trans y. mpson, , . ard, J. Brwm. R. Cbmell, T. Schmitz: 3rd Raw: P. Anderson, J. Emmerich. D. DittebrandJ L. Chiles, R. Spicer, C. Conway, S tn aan C . lop. M. 0' . en ca, rs. e 'lm re. hRow: jo ns 1. ,G Y. 5, ,si M,,,,,.'4' LY. , .- e " 0 0 - e I e ' 0 e o e lm Black D Flsten J Boone J Hill R Welch B Mc! rad, R Wallin K Aplcy l- Snenk .I bxmon nd R0 R. Balmer! B Noltner E Peck B James A Schafx Carolyn Grmgg C louclu P Thomas C Halley 8rd lvr D llarrls R Lenrycl F Smih V Witt 'l' Smith tocknnn M Havnlln R. lu' ler Mrs Greenawalt Grade 3 There have been forty one pupils in our room, but we have lost Kathleen Hayes who moved to Huron, Dick Welch to Elyria and Eva Ann Thompson beck to Pennsylvania. Our room mothers, Mrs. Halley, Mrs Apley and Mrs Thom and provided a tre t on Valent1ne's Day The puplls planned short programs of entertainment for hese parties. Janet Lindsay had a month's vacation in Florlda this winter. Jim y Fischer is a casualty again this year. He had the misfortune to break both arms while playing on some rails near the R P crossing. 53 lint 0 lion: B. ' , . . , , , D Q 1 . - ,- N - .- Ilxni M. Ollin. Undily. J. Flldtentll Robinson, M. Rlpprirh, J. liropf, B. Kohn, Nl Crow a, ll. Ward. ith Row: R. "T ' ' 1- w- . - , . ',l..S '-. . '..'.k. . - 1- 1 X o o X . . F A 1 9 4. D . T I O Batt-omRo :dm SK.Kidd.L.DStNthiDsB1lFt0.PBl nJW11h AG lweBML gh Ck 3 lWR.odg R.FxlyWMhnrtEEy ANedin1JBn.hl WShu1kRDb C Mrs Fox Grade 3 The third grade class in Room 105 started the school year with a new teacher and 39 pupils Before the close of the year, two boys of the beginning 22 had moved away This still left a majority of boys in the class in proportion to the girls, a state of affairs which will no doubt change to the girls' dismay as the class nears and attains the top goal of grade 12 In our spelling tree project, more girls than boys were victorious, all of which shows how the gentler sex can cope with situations even when out numbered! 54 ?,, n wgviynmuu 'Tiers' Lin.lmc,. ",. l,. l n, .teen , . egg. ,j,3rd :-" " n. ers, re,.ee,.mgn,,',,, I R. Szmarwn. REWPH-gf' g"xB'gkBl?o- Flllllink, L. Warner. P. Wellner. K- H0U0BY. J. Burke, D. Fi:cher, B., , I , , ,omki ' 0 ' - nf C- Tefzlaff. L. wmmue. M. simmer. M. Ford, B. Eldridge, T. 1-mm, c. mu, . - Q o 0 mn TBUWIK Jswbb nm rw MDNHMH Y -'WT S J Ze L B B Mun WM Mrs Barnes Grade 3 In September 1950 there were 37 pupils enrolled March, 1951 we had lost 3 girls and gained 1 girl and three boys making a total of thirty eight C 13 girls and 25 boys We have had two parties At Christmas Santa came to our party and everyone exchanged gifts Our home room mothers brought pretty cookies and ice cream On Valentines Day we had a party was opened and valentines passed out, heart cookies we plan to make an Indian village have Indian stories in our readers and eating tales of them The class is learning to write lette s correctly and address envelopes We are learning many new things in arith meticfborrowing and carrying when we subtract and addl mul tiplying and dividing After the pretty box we had ice cream and as a table project We dave read many inter 55 7 ,U 'gn R-:Wim-er I. I zea omdtz, Ka ,B. bay, Koller, J. Koaver, M. Russell, J Sekely, R. Creme, . ' ' ' ' ' n W2 - CYTYHIBII. . ontonye D. inla d, J. Lo , W. C . 'd, P 3V'?'flf'?inR Ellllfhlfdf. M- w0Yh0. R. Gilles. B. Lowder, G. Mollnhnn, Ray Smith, P. Clazumn 3rd Rowling? Pajer, gnMyal0nc. Us der, . . lxwell, . Stonebrook, . LlCourse, G. sl, '. Hnrnil, G. a doner, C artlome, , 'i gon, . og-5. . .. . By " o 0 ' o o o . . 0 L .. J 0 'I' . .- 0 Bottom Row R Wilson A David R.. Tudel' L. Washburn R Wersi IL Khhman R. Morris G Tuuey K Elper K LBMB. B Anderson 2nd R0 L Meier N Peterka K Shnemaker C. Matthew! D Kubishke, P Murray S Bulen, D K kvairldi K Mcllaulhlin, M Crarwford S Mayer 3ni Row R. Tremaln M. Ward R. Williams L. Robmaon, R Nol tner L Summers P Shoemaker N We1ch.S Mayer P Suttilf J Lenxyel D Knal H Dmley 4th Row D Salisbury J Bllfflhlt ll T DFBDH' B TIyl0l' I- Fly E Bmrman B Sopko J Wxsdom A Mxoskl B An old Mn. Yeamnna Mrs. Yeamans Grade 2 The dren but seven by The enrollment of our room began with thirty nine chil transfers from other schools increased it to forty Christmas. children assist each month in decorating the room in accordance with the season of the year or special events in the month An elaborate Christmas party was given to the children by the home room mothers and the P T A Another party was sponsored by the home room mothers on Valentine's Day 56 "4 F' I l I' 1 ' ,n yn li l 5 - W-- .. .. . .- . .. . ll' ,- '. .. . : , ,' , ' ,. 'g f- -- -' .- .- ,. ,. 5 :. , - "-- v- . -. .- .. ,.',.n, . - - - - 0 aeo 0 Btho R Zan W Qmfdiaughilfmdkgz Bunny: J Lnzhhn n::nEklyJD DAS C FC Hmhsh ln L P! CH! xbhk I Mrs Peterka Grade 2 In September the orivinal class was to have been about 33 children but by the middle of September it had grown to L15 with the addition of 12 new children entered from all over the United States and one from Conarky, Africa They came from Chicago, Ill , Pittsburgh, Pa Norfolk, Va ,Mich igan, Ala ,Kentucky, Syracuse, N Y , Loraln and E1yria,Ohio an N Va By October the class had grown to M9 with more new pup ils from near by places Wakeman, Elyria, Lorain, and Spring field In January the class was reduced to 36 some of the child ren were sent to the new second grade at Reformed Church We had a full month of birthdays in our room for Novem ber and ten children celebrated their birthdays The P T A furnished us with a very nice Xmas party in December We plan to have an Easter dramatization and invite an other room to see it After Easter we will be studying about birds and their babies take nature walks and play games on our playground, 57 omnw: S .m .ump, ,,-ilu. ,Il n ow: '. e. . I urn. . mx-co. . e an C' sake I I uc e ' ' I man' ' am" K' ann' D' owen' Hi H ' . D . . I r, . vans, J. Edmondson, . oncnr, . e ler. I.. Hang, gYljQ:"bKhmnk:"'1- ,jeg Rom la- Byrch. R. Smnh, R. nvormk. L. Nuhn, n. Burke, M. Hull. zz. num, s. Wel er, . Genital., J. Creef. Mrs. eerkv: W' 4 - umm' A' u i' " D' BWI- J- Sfi 1511. B- Hayes, D. Ford, W. 0 .- X.: . 0 0 3 Q " . ' . Q , d T o o -, .. 0 C 0 C . - O 1 0 Q . PW Mas:-:ucusu JG ,Ml non uni. 2 B n K :mn LM c nan I-hues n acznh :J h raifa R 3MB R JM' LKMMGA ns MQRHUITM ncmdnnwhnnlhnrn m'R'wDBck"hMK'n'NMCNlF-Dck Mrs English Grade Our year here have tried to make all the activities has been an interesting and happy one W our town hall room a real school,' with involved The routine duties were taken care of by a corps f housekeepers They changed shifts every week We had a large play area which was much in use Plenty of blocks, games, and etc occupied our spare time We celebrated all the holidays with appropriate deco rati ns and pictures Ne especially enjoyed making Easter bonnets and cowboy hats for our hat bar The goffy line always showed our brain storms When we learned to tell time we made cuckoo clocks Our room motto for the year has been nwhat is fair for one is fair for all ' 58 U - ' D rgntom fiowgar. ood, J.Russe . . oblnscm, D. o , . Judy, R. Griggg. nd Row: A. neu .sc Mu in ' .' N' T er. uon. M. o an, . Irwin. ow: . o son ' st r' 'Neumm ' ' f - lfflli. -SUV. . sn, . asenflue. . u ' ' ' U- -BOWCQMM """"-- Y. " "-- Bl. IC Q : 3 2 Q 6 n 0 O 0 o 0 o e - ,, w ,V O U ll o 11 H Q O C me Sswl YS khL0mmJ G r J :an Mrs Widdowson Grade 1 Sept found us getting acquainted with seventeen boys and eleven girls Michael Olson joined us, making twenty nine Our first month of school was exciting for we took walks, visited the children at 'Town Hall , watched a car being unloaded t the railway station, learned to write our names and followed a Reading Readiness program Oct. we visited the dairy and correlated our read1ng,num bers, writing and art with this activity Jerry Erne moved to Texas Mr widdowson entertained our mothers at tea Nov found us enjoying our 'New Reading Program H We made hats and an Indian Tepee Mr Koontz took our picture when we were playing Indian We gave this as a gift surprise to our mothers at Christmas. Dec we could write all our small and capital letters, started our new primer, made the Christmas decorations for our room, and had a lovely party Jan There were twelve birthdays in our room! we had fun every week! We made a writing b ok using the days of the week Feb we made a post office using the back of the piano Everyone had a box with a number and recived plenty of mail on Feb lk we finished nMany Surprises and began our First Read r, Happy Times ' March we worked on a play house Loring White and Thomas Hamilton moved. Nolan Goodrich, Dennis Morgan and Kenneth en rolled with us. April and May We were busv preparing for second grade, 59 om Row: ' 0' ' MII neue E. eiezli, Russell B Mundny B Abl Meier n ow- R. evhmimte gl"-if Kuhhle- M- Grim. K. Bllmert, D. Lmgyex, R. mmm, P. Mecndy. Af Gonuf 'ara Row: w. 'Nelrh-1. L- ' ' un um' R' Nenef- C- JHSHISKY. K. Grant, P. Bnynes, J. Hurd, C. Stump. . - C A ' o U H 8 o o 0 o o 0 a O O 0 0 . 0 0 C 1 . o o 0 . H o H I 9 o : ' Q o Bo B KFisheRM cmqm 1' F scxp Ms-uma :anew Ischdd MK T Wlod 'Mn Mrs Francis Grade 1 On September ll, 28 boys and girls enrolled in Room 106 with Mrs Francis as teacher We had 13 boys and 15 girls We started off with a great deal to do Singing songs, playing games, getting ready to read, listening to stories, and drawing pictures took up most of our time Larry jeffrey was the first one to leave He went to Tripoli, with his dad, Capt Jeffrey Hugh Martin, a little Englishman was the next one to enter our group Jimmy Schneider left for Lorain, Elaine Futo left for Greensboro, S C , where his dad was sent Xmas time, Gary Bosley went to California to live Since then 3 boys and 1 girl have joined our group We are now real lst graders, reading, writing, draw ing, and getting ready for second grade. 60 tlom Row: . Rileman, , r gg. K j S k . . 0. 'rmmr c. wmml P 'rum A'H1grninK.A 'wafer 'B 'K 0'f10'.y ' Bpope' B' ml ' ' """ ' ' " z ' -' -- -- .. ..wu,,' , . . n er. . unix. E. lylnr. B. Baker. J. as-sky. P:nlzf!arqu.nrt.lf:?Ig:w:2h,kC?xmfi Liesws 1? H. Mu-dn' . - 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o o e 0 0 1 Bot.oROFLe,MB h.ltLlil DbyJGoodDBB' JKIIZRH JG 2dRo KlxbihkM MCO GMlnBIrvinMho Win t 7 INIR PHITUCPII KOC.SmhhKCon TSDU: JM RBhm Wil Ube Mrs Burdue Grade l On September ll, 2h children enrolled in our class Dur in the month of October James Good came to us from Pennsyl vania, David Buffington from Youngstown, Ohio, and Martin Gendics from Avon, Ohio In November Larry Hough moved to Lorain but promised to join our class again in the spring December brought us another new pupil, Jimmie Pickens from Arkansas, however, his stay was not very long for h returned to Arkansas again in January We now have 30 members in our class We enjoyed decorating our room for the seasons and holi days At Easter time we read nThe Egg Treen by Katherine Mil house we liked the story so much that we decided it would be fun to make an egg tree we painted a small tree brought in from the woods. kets and placed them under the tree for We also baked bunny cookies and invited eo the the s and hung them on made Easter bas 'Bunny' to f ll other first grade rooms in to see our tree and enjoy our tree and enjoy our cookies Our big project for the year is collecting tax stamps The money which we receive from them is used to purchase lib rary books and puzzles for our room we have had a pleasant year and are looking forward to being second grade pupils 61 t m w: . an num rd, . o.B. er , . . . uinnon, . i , . uenflue, . nlik,xlgGen- dies. n w: . 'u s e, . il nu, . near, . nr , . , .T ml.F- SzokelY.S-H0V9.M- mf!!- ow: . 1 , . em r. , . renne, . 'er. . nu-er, . ac nn, H. nnnd, J. e rlint- , .- , .- 0 O 6 o I o o ' go We - , 1 . 0 K 0 O c IIIMFM 'I lBlll3f1 A3 renin-I5 Bott R Snfdl-I DDkkhollWH DP 2dR P I..Leulhi WCB DKbishke.CStr kyRJlenky JRfertSStrkM Cllln Lpwkrgglzglkg 3dR RB Aul. msnltsx EHIJKMI c" F' S EVNQ IMIK th F sr rmwmzmmvnrnznn l:iyC G.. J' Tho D L Ep MR tm S B D mlvvm P wuz B ru MK Y ecil Nidlnclfthl School Safety Patrol The School Safety Patrol, endorsed and affiliated with A A A and Ohio State Automobile Association, as well as Erie Co A A A , has probably been the greatest single factor in reducing accidents among school age children Recognition of the purposes of the Safety Patrol and absolute obedience to the Patrols themselves are essential elements in the effec tiveness of the program. In addition to protecting schoolmates from hazards in crossing streets and highways, Patrol members of our school are assigned to other duties such as supervising of stairs and halls in school building, parking of bicycles, cafeteria duty, and supervising play areas The fourth, fifth, and sixth grades volunteer their ser vices and ten or fifteen from each grade are chosen Leader ship, Reliability, Punctuality, Good Judgment, Alertness Scholarship, and Ability to carry out instructions are some of the characteristics tobe considered for membership o health is also important as the Patrol works in all kinds of weather The boys and girls who are on the Patrol are performing a worth while service for others It means giving up some of their play time at noon, extra time in mornings and after school, attending meetings, keeping their equipment clean and repaired. In otherwords a jobl A big responsibility But they perform their duties willingly and well and we are all proud of them! 62 A Y 5 U -Y . me . , X. I "tM""""""""W'M""'LMt''tt't'tWt"-'------W------usees, N'AA,,.wma,lwl,,,N,,M, NAA, . fl -, C'-n -h,, . ' Tin-na: or . u.'Muon. . .mer . arrin . earsons. n ow: S. n'tt,- P. MIIQIZI t,' . Reiber. Hlll'll'iCk. N- ifllvke. 'i"iBCh0I'. M. Wakefield ii ljlarrilon i' was ' . . '- ' l . H' ' si ' ' Lyons, H' Homing' L- Chun, J. Emmerich. J. Ntedl. D. An. .D H 'Ten-. r ow. . unto. R. Wieckle D. Hurd. G. cank,'1'. sm-mm. an navy: J. Puma. L. cmfwxfr. u lloosefiv.. smlzwfn' fi B"f"'i',,"' J' Nuxg R' S"i""Lf- 3. 1: L. gocard . mmsix 4. Ls gy'-, S. Cornel1. h Raw: . , I ' ' lm ' 'I n . .en nes. . TI Ay. . aum art, -. mi . .Murray, T. Esper, R. errymln, , . ' ' ' ' ' Sh.,::,:::u, 1 zzz. F- S 1- K- 1. . . P. ' D. . :.:'1' : ' '22, ag I O Y U ' I O U l ' o o , - e Q . G od 0 .. l . ' 0 """""""2!Qav- EX P-ldm' dflr. 5 . i V' QF' 0 H if w 1' it fr? 5, XZ! - 4 1 ,Aix-,V,,f ,-"',WV!.,f" 1 1 ,. y X I Z!! I, .1-"A f ,L',' The Er1e County Umted Bank VERMILION OFFICE VERMILION OHIO Offzcers Q 1 Il LL I 1 11k Dzrectors I K I 111111 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP 610,000 MAXIMIM INSUWANCE FOR EACF DEPOSITOR 63 0 I 0 a o ll. 5. 121111 ,, , ,, li '11'llllL11 411 L11L' 111121211 XX':1f11: 1Q1I1Vk'1'IF ,- ,. ,- ,.- 1'1'1-xirlp-111 11:11-1 .N1v1.g1111- 1'lXL7L'111lXQ' X111 1'1'n:x111-111 211111 Cz1f1 101' 1',l'J1111x 1Q11xw11 1-111 1,1'l'xII1K'I11 ,X11lk,'IA1 1. liz Sn-1' , -A ,. X11 - 1'1'Qsi11-111 1111141-11x 51111111 -, ,- -, ,I -- Sgc1'ctz11'g .X11f11:1 1.. Iiutzig. C, -, ,. W '1'1'tIL:11I'C1' XX, 1-1. 11111-1f H C- -E .Xff1ftL111L H1151 ' -1 o 1Q. 5. 1,lz11'1' ,X114111 1i,11c1'1f1g 1X1111'1'1 bl. 1i111:Qf1A 1112115 Htl.: 11' XY:11c' Ii1111c1'tf 1'.I'l1I11i Russell A1IlIIfII2 S ' 1 111111 rl. Xewullg T . H . ' 1. A L COMPLIMENTS ov VERMILION HARDWARE CO. 4I6 camo PHONE 2 72 COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS I-IARTS EOR MAMONDS LASS OF l95I LORAINS LARGEST JANTZ GROCERY JEWELRY STORE vEmvuuoNoN THE ARE MT HARDWARE CO SAY IT WITH GENERAL ELEc'rmc FLOWERS APPLIA CES JEWELERS 0 PTOMERTR IST RYAN SUNOCO SERVICE LIBERTY AND Tousoo srs T0 THE ' ' ' L 575 BROADWAY LORAIN 0Hl0 HARDWARE PAINTS STOYES RANGES N f 74 YEARS OF RELIABILITY WALTER S NIELSON 3H""'ki"' lnmer ani! Gift ,hop I 405 Pininion 'hui f I o'a'lzi.Ii.nn,0Ul 4I9 avwv. Loman, on-no EST. I877 - PHONE 7lII . COMPLIME NTS OF GQMPUMENTS OF SCHMlDT'S HAYES 25355125519 sorno STATION FLOWEES ALL AT THE BRIDGE occfxsnons VERMILION VERMLUON MCGARVEYS TRANSPGRTATION CO RESTAURANT ELYRIA LDRALN AMHERS FINE VERMILION CLEVELAND F0095 CLEVELAND SPECIALTY VERMILION E PHONE VER 4222 PHOE 4081 VERMMON gs wane 4607. DAILY DIRECT SERvnCE - WAS- 50'-OWN ' PROP TERMINALS i OP N DAILY LAKE SHORE HARRY NIELSON CLEANERS JEWELRY WATCHES 347 BROADWAY PHONE 2377- WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS GUNZENHAUSERS ENGLEBRY 6 HULL DEPARTMENT STORE COAL HUW OH 0 BUILDERS SUPPLIES HOME FURNISHINGS PHONE 2542 FURGASONS BOWLING AND BILLIARDS DIVISION ST VERMILION CAU. ANU DELIVERY COMPLETE LINE OF PRISSINCQREPAIRING TERATIONS 405 DIVISION VERMII.I0l,0. AND IRON FIREMEN STOKERS READY MIXED CONCRETE 1 CGNGRATULATIGNS TO THE CLASS OF I95I CGMPLIMENTS OF BRC, fa ERO THE SCHOONER RHODES JEWELRY E E BAKER ron HIGHEST Qufxurv ZYCJESSSARE SALES slsrzvucrz DIAMONDS WATCH REPAIRING 409 DIVISION .ST Mens 5 saocames BEST VWSHES NAEGEI-E oTHE CLASS OF 5: BROTHERS HART S CORNER DRUG STORE PHONE 3742 VERMlLTON WE GIVE OWL STAMPS OHIO 0 Pm-was ezez E E THE BEST TN ECOMPLIMENTS AND AT , Faozen Focus, Too COMPLIMENTS OF E ABRUSHABEQ AD. BAUMHAPIT PLUMBING 5 THE HEATING REXI.I.I-..IE.T0'IE 'IIII?II.I..5.I' COMPLIMENTS K G I-IEBERLIN G HEATING AIIENS T LORAIN ELYRIA KBHMAN FISH 4IO BROADWAY WHOLESALE Er RETAIL THE FAMILY FRESI-I AND FROZEN FISH MARKS WELDING VERMILION PAINESVILLE HURON FERGUSON Tluxcrons 81 EQUIPMENT SALESAND ERVICE . . S.D0 . , I I , I 'RED GOOSE FDR CHILDREN - FISHERIES AT ELBY SHOES FOR MOTHER 69 SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF '5I ALL SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS FASHIONED IN THE LOC MADE BY PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY NEAR HOSPITAL LQRAN QHIO RUDY MOC STUDIO J AC K M' KE OWN VERMILION, on-no EBQTECTION PRDPERLY PROVIDED gifs, INS URANQE FIRE - LIFE - CASUALTY mme msunmcs CE nouns RESWEN 5552 ,, PHO ,, 4880 COMPLIMENTS OF E SM OND GRADE A MILK OKAGI S DAIRY PRODUCTS RESTAURAN 'CE CREAM SANDUSKY LIBERTY ST 0Hl0 VERMILION LEE BOAT YARD DEALER Fon STEELCRAFT CRUIS ALONG OWENS WE BUY AND SELL USED BOATS R 9 SALES 6 SE VICE SUMMIR AUD WINTER STORAGE 71 COMPLIMEN rs OF TONY 5 THE VERIVIILION STORE PACKAGE STORE REZAQIQSRY VEAM LION X RAY FITTING WE GIVE AND REDEEM 0H'0 EAGLE STAMPS WALLPAPER COMPLIMENTS OF VENETIAN BLINDS TILE WAL LBOARD W'NDfxf,DZSQDE5 MAURER VVIKEL ART SUPPLIES I. O PAINTS Maui 205 5 I-ORAINO DAIRY PRODUCTS 3 I - IBERTY ST. VERNILION O. PHONE 7554 SEE L' PAINTS FOR ALL OSES TH. 511 , - COMPLIMEN TS o I-'TMAN5 NEWS SERVICE DARI BAR NEWSPAPE R5 AND MAGAZINES GREYHOUND LINES PHONE 2892 C H ANDRESS STEVE MARTIN INSURANCE Mms QROQERY PAINT HARDWARE GLASS RAY MILLER 4I8 DIVISION ST VERMILIQN on-no -, COMPLETE une OF LIBERTY sr vsmwuon SOIQIIIIPERS RICHARD SEIMCE COMPLE TE BRAKE KOON-IZ senvucs Isnmom Horoeawnan FUELPIIMPS 7'9 STATE 57 MINOR REPAIRS TEL 6OOI COM PLIMENT SMITH GGERI-IART DEPARTMENT STORE DIVISION ST VERMILION JAMES M FISHER F " 05,0 D AND ALL INCO RPURATED , A SIO-520 BDWY- LORAIN,0. S LORAWS LARGEST AND FINEST HGM T E SHGES M ' c Y E 5 E COMPUMENTS SCHISLERS FOOD MARKET RESTAURANT MEATS cnocemuss VERMILION FROZEN FOODS OH 0 GEO W ROBERTS HAQEMAN SHOES SHELL PRODUCTS UUA'-WY SHUES VERMILION 0 S PHONE 2982 387 BDWY LORAIN o CGMPUMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF A me FO D CROW B S O LUMDER co MATERIALS PHONE 3542 vemwuon on-no VERMILION w 1 Home amen mes Ano aou-s I nous 2762 we oeuven WE GIVE AND ' REDEEM own. TAMPS . , , 7 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF M LAKE ERLE FISHERY MARWE SERVWE HAROLD NEIDING COMPLIMENTS OF PISTELL G SCHNELDER WAGNER ELNE JEWELRY GIFT SHOP COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF KYLE C- SON QZQQQAC M L4 D LQLJCLQS AND SEWE BARBER SHOP BDWK AT 7TH- LORAIN, 0. AND WILL USED LARS 76 Af'.S'LEE'1.Z0E'QUTf,'i'2NT GOMPLIMENTSOF FOR ALL SPORTS SEE us WIS IVIAN LGRAIN JEWELERS HA 6I3 BROADWAY BROADWAY AT FIFTH ST LORAIN OHIO HOUSE OF GIFTS COMP'-'MEM OF GREEFNGSFCTIERDS W L THAT ARE DIFFERENT S ooRoTHv BARBER LORAIN OHIO THE BEST TO THE CLASS OF I95I THE LUDLOVV STUDIO PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL PI-IOTOGRAPHY O S THE BEST FOR LESS ' A 209 LIBERTY sz vsnmuuon VERMIUON WAKEMAN Ano 4o1v, svn lou sr. PH. seaz But you cant erase the shadows' Shadows 111 .1 classroom can t be erased thu must be prex ented In a ood usual Cl1XlI'0HII1C11t shadows and glare and CXCCSSINC bmghtness contrasts are at .1 1n1n1mum because the xarious e11v1ron mental elements haxe all been carefully controlled and coordmated the coordlnated classroom and we are happx to sax that VVakefield finely englneered llghtlng eqmpment has figured consplcuously 1n lts development VX here color seatlng and fenestratlon haxe all been brought into balance it has been shown that the Wakefield Star the Wakeheld Grenad1er and the VV'akefield Commodore are contrlbut mg remarkably to an CIlNlI'OllI'I1CI1t 1n xx hlch seemg 15 relatively effortless The F NN XX akeheld Brass Lompany X ermlllon Ohio l 7, l I I ' O, -l 4 v. 1 7 V . r . sf ' 1 . . . The ideal approach to an efficient visual environment is found in " ' ' V Y Y 7 l r ' . .. - ,, ,' ' ' , - l 0 111 1111110611 HOIEFZ '1 JN 1' Q.: i, fl , .xg 7 lf.2',f!- Y' H ' A i ' S 1 KANSAS CITY 8. MISSOURI

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