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xv' .. Q P .4. 4 w., , .a , , p -1 gp W mmf M U 44 ' ix. A ' ,' M P, P: ...Jil W, Q W. 1 ... M gg.. . vw MAX 7-4 X. -. V,-: Xu n , f iM,.3',,,,. "-. 1 U., 1. v, -,Q-,. I .rw x. ' 41.1 M f ,. fi Ei" -f ' 1 'YV U.-mn, .rf ' v r - qxxqww-mnwvqvzl " Wad- . ., N cd' " . H "H , !':t.g', . :,- 1, We 4--'fer' f 4 1 Cliff p ' 5 W .-gr ,n ,. fy Uv, h. QVIU1 ' -2. WM . ,4 v . l ,S 1 ' , J HM.. - , nwwljm ' M I I 1' fi X 1 N ,. N ' ' 'x -' - X J- xu V-1 x X , ,xx fx, xx' I f""' , 4 . I W vvhx 4. , . .g-.4-33f?"'f'Fff1" h'u. ,. 3 ' 'ur' W M WT . N- ..W.,s,WA 4. -..'?.'- .. T . ' - A ..N--g'MW?b4-.:,',-- A ' - 5 Q ' ' ' 'Cxv 'N' ' W' X Q . "V" r-Tzu!- "'SF-g-.11 .4 V . H' - , W , , lky . ,. ' X . .,:, I Y V ',N ,INF , L ' f c , V , ,- I id.. . iff, Y Y, .. , , . , , , , I . I . , . ,F . A. X Kjbnxb Q W N X35 QM W Tgigffwk ESWX gQW5g53mf1fWi' Nigw ag MWwM'1,QffQf2v NUM? Jw SES ig S E I QR i X E SQL .S Q E325 si A Si R 5551-igw Wagga Q 5535? 51 ii E .-fe., 11,' :,, 1 is, X ,L,'ll1Zifijf. " ,ee 1. Lx .1 ' . I VE ,.W,- 1,,,L4g1,f:-f.f-m.f1.., 'K ejouene Vergennes H VergennesgVerm nt 1974-75 Volume 43 f as W hool . , ii w X, we 'X 1 Table 'htents x E -. J, X ff W +1 QQI I Activities - 94 jr. High Section - 114 Sponsors - 124 Senior Section - 14 Under Classmen - 38 Faculty - 54 Sports - 76 - 1 . FQ, , 115 ,K ,Q 2 4 4 nm xx! X I , M ,raw ,r K .' x 1 V ,. '11 ' , - A , ' , 1113, , iggrg X SNfrif'ff'?::'-AA K 1 "" , 41: A ,H 4 A- p.Zi Q 5 !' df" " I XT , .." 1 1-Eg X , Q .SRX K w X il f W H ' nil , ' , I- l , gn .L 5 h 1 5 f "A":S2?3S?EI k .-1 U vu- 'uv SW . 1-- Q.-..--------'ww v 4 xp I ......--. ,--,.,. . , - if ,V 5 -1. ,, X- , . :- - '- , b S li , ,Q Ii W gp, ' I' v - , .... "' -A A ' .. ff .1- ff N ' :?ifI7::fi1 1123q,-. .m.-an-rp1:f:77,7n,53gg1 ,u,77,AQ.ig"L?,nN X f X O I r A I V I M , .1111 1 .., , , .,l,l,l,,..'V, H,,,,,,,,,,,1ll,,ll,,,,,11111111111111 4,1vw4r4...,,,- 4, 1 -,w.,.44..:,,z.,-Jfzzzgqgqqgf,,,4,45gg4Qgcgzsfzgfgggaggggqgzfgggwgy A J J ' ' , X -1 -------. H-- ,.-'-. . - ---...C1.1:'L,,A,-A-V gn., , . , ' all A , , ,,.... s . , gps H .nm . .AY - glut: 5 , , A v-' -Q.. , I u A 1 X 1 M, , Y L M , , H . , V , W Y I 'E 3 W ' 'W 1 M 2 'ff 4 - . pf. -1 1 -V -:J ' 111 l 1 IMI ..,, 0 '- ....- , 4 ,,,,.....X X I . , K . gy Y - A 1 H ,Y,, 7 ......, "'- ' 'X' x 5 .., - - M , Y ur " , ' - "' Y -- Y -t Y ' , ' 5 , 11114 , 1 N nu fn-fn.- .. ' ' f - - ig. , y ,-' 5' x 'Hu 12j2"'I'-..i:iZ"'j17" - '-0.5:-.-.n-,---v1.H'51'L'::1. ' . 7 n A ,UZ,.,zzz::wW!fxZfQ457:::14g2:1.annum I - , f f 5 I 'A U -v-Zlllllllfli cf lf' 1' ,,-.1 ll" ,11lflln. U-, f f N 1' 'I-rf.,-ffl.-- --, O., .d114f14--,...6 -"'1,111J-rn, -. Z, 4 ' Ivaf, "Ay H Z',"f,'i,,ZI 19 gf: 1.1-P? 19.5 - - QQQMIQA' ' ' ' ' . 1 ' --- 'o,, lc, - 'P 1- : QI II I ff ,fall Iv A ' . . ""3' f:Q4c,"IZ'4's0f:j fgi'--6 ll' Q' """' - X V "lur11H"Url!-- Q'--:Q0,fv:-2:"a I' -- . 3 N 4 1 1 4' - - -"'1,f 'H 'zzz f ' .5 gl. ,vi 2 3 1 V Q . ulsnnrwfm Q. ' I A , 1 f, A A ' Q. -1 1 1 .QM Z vggwewq, A A - , M y -- , l ' 9953 -W L - 'Un ,lkf 'I NA A I, :uv , - . X .V X O I l."'...l .x.5.... ff "'+,..g+uuuxu-,fnpnvvg S I X H V, 'viii 'I .R l '.l , " I V -, :Inf W . . . ' ., ,, Yfgx mw X - W X u Exif: Km 1. Sniff. Hg Qnlgiy' 5 1 I u 5 5 X K9 J do B Lil: MQ 'Cf K K M-N. vi Q :W uf if E ips One of the pleasantest things in the world is going on ajourney, But I like to go by myself - Hazlitt journeys signify movement and change and they necessarily involve people. School is the natural starting point for many journeys, whether they be move- ments toward knowledge, toward the outside world or toward making friends and finding a place among fellow stu- dents. People move and change in different ways. There are field trips, such as the English trip to see the movie "200'l", the annual excursions to the Shelburne Mu- seum and the biology trip to Camel's Hump. Sports teams cover the area thor- oughly traveling to away events, and a number of juniors and seniors attend classes at the Vocational Center in Mid- dlebury each day. Students travel as far away as France and Montreal, and stick as close to home as a 7th period jaunt up- street, or a price-checking trip to the local supermarket. "Senior Learning Experience Week" was initiated this year to encourage stu- dents in their last year to move outside the school walls and learn through direct experience with a new environment. Those who participated had to plan and finance their trip, and evaluate its success. School is also a journey into the mind, and thoughts wander in every direction, dipping into knowledge, daydreams, sleep, conversation and controversy. Minds and bodies are somehow being prepared for after-high school journeys, and either consciously or unconsciously we are moving toward new realizations, the discovery of new friends and different ways of life. We are looking inside and outside of ourselves, expanding and growing. no--fc-frfwx an ' 5:25 my-' mf 'fbi ,I X J ,o ,Lfii'4f5il! .V ii- 'll sf ' l ' , we .ll . 5, 4 ' ' ' 1 no An 4 A' l-5 Left: Mr. Fitz gives Ace his number. Below Top: john Dykema, working as usual. Be- low Middle: You don't see Patty doing homework very often! Below Bottom: Beth, is it really you? XX lv K, - 5.,,'w. Q . sS'Y' ,gif Nr """'R.1t ,. was-vim f3':'1y ,JD 0-fr 5 l Good company in ajourney makes the way seem shorter. Walton i Tell us a joke, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Yarnell. Nicolee jerry, a future housewife of Amer- ica. "Mommy, they're different?" says Kathy Dickerson. QCD g y, Q Q 'Q as E S "Here a crutch, there a crutch." Stella Wilda- sin moves slowly. Don Carney runs away from the camera. .-.-......... "l'll never tell," says Cindy Pidgeon. One must move very fast to stay in the same place. Life is motion Kelly Barrows stuffs his victim into the garbage can. Edie Kneeshaw gives Laura Farley her nightly work load 'ffm U Kris Wernhoff takes a mind trip. plfll-ferr,-p QL... ' ---W - f .l 1. 1 ,env F 4, if 6: H Efcawe . ., wi 1, vw 0.31 f -w f W- :Ex ff m. ' f-Q "xu::aua1 4 J uxuun sf' 3 ' rp --- fs K C J ,fha wr 'Sf-fx! ! 5-S, S, ,f A 11 A S all 'Wins H4 X 44,61 If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer Let hlm step to the music he hears, however Li N Upper Left: And so ends another day at V.U.H.S. Upper Right: Mr. Thibault's typing class takes a word journey. Low- er Left To Right: Lee Martel looks in on another world. Mr. Lynk's shop class making their first canoe. Pictured are Ken Wrisley, Terry Derrick, Mike Vis- Conti, David Bodette, Ricky Davis, Mike Hallock, Bobby Glover, Tom O'- Brien and Phil Russett. Bill Wager pre- pares for attack while Mr. Boyce looks on. Timmy Mott concentrates on his schoolwork, r H 'QW -U- L. Q6 N ,,.at-Q. 'YQ ox fit S As We The Class Of '75 -rs Qi ...rt Katherine Martha Anderson William Arthur Baldwin C9119 Bell "Don't speak until spoken to." "Better late than never." H - 4 A A great Pl3Yef Wa5 he." Cross-country 'l, l.V. Soccer 2, Varsity Soccer 3-4, I.V. Basketball 1-2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Varsity Baseball 1-4, Var- sity Club 2-3. Denise Austin enjoys a moment of quiet reflection as she studies in the library. l l Travel Down The Path 1.4. ,NNW David Yantz, joe Bodette and Matt jerry just goofing off. X 'Civ' 'wsop joseph Albert Bodette Michael Brace Laurie Ann Brigan "If all you seem to have is troubles, sell "l've been through the desert on a "Friendship is like money, easier made your Chevy and buy a Plymouth." horse with no name." than kept." Cross Country 1-2, Wrestling 2-3-4, LV. Basketball 1-2, Varsity Basketball 3- Wrestling Co-Captain 4, F.F.A. 1-2, Se- 4. nior Play-4. Of Life . . . ,' Christopher Brooks "Goodbye, so long, it's been fun, live for today and hope for tomorrow." l "Smile. If you see someone without a smile, give him yours." l.V. Basketball 1-2, I.V. Field Hockey 2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Varsity Field Hockey 3-4, Spring Production 3, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Senior Play 4. ludy Lynn Browe 27 ,, .-1 .. .ii 3? Q1 -if V it Qiwjw 'S .1 6151-1: . Kelly Bull on his way to instigate some worthy activity in another class. ' W 'Tix . . A -- -1 as 'QS 1 . K . I Frederick Kelly Bull "Can I play basketball with you?" LV. Basketball 'l-2, Varsity Basketball 3- 4, M.V.P. 3, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Travel Club 4. Kim Michael Burnham "I want to take you higher!" LV. Basketball 1-2, l.V. Baseball 1-2, j.V. Soccer 1-2, Varsity Baseball 3-4, Vica 3- 4. Forget Not The Six Years ..,,. X1 4 -fi QC as yt Ninn.. Cindy Carr shocked by Mr. Fitzpatrick's reprimand. Cynthia Jane Carr "Friendship is just a little word. It's people who make it big." Lunch Aide 1-3, Pep Club 2, F.F.A. 2-3, Library Aide 3, Yearbook 2, Office Aide 4. Bradley Edward Bushey "Going to be a Marine!" Soccer 1,2,4, Wrestling 1-2, Baseball 1 VICA Vice-President 3, Varsity Basket ball Manager 3, Student Council 4. iii' l Stephen Richard Casavant I ,Face piles of trials with smiles lt riles them to believe f that you perceive the web they weave And keep on thinking free. 2 l Michael john Chapman "We're gonna Boogie tonight." l.V. Soccer 1-2, Varsity Soccer 3-4, l.V Wrestling 1-2, 1.V. Baseball 1-2, Varsity Baseball 3-4, Varsity Basketball 4, Se nior Play 4. Of Our Lives sw- 'W wrcwft ' lay Wagner Coffey "One should Eat to live, Not live to Eat." LV. Soccer 1-2, Varsity Basketball Man- ager 1-4, j.V. Baseball 1, Student Coun- cil 1-4, Vice President 3, Class President 2, Varsity Club 2-3, National Honor So- ciety 3-4. ,JO Shirley Beth Dibler "Show me thy ways, O Lord, Teach me thy paths." Yearbook 1-4, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Pep Club 3, Senior Play 4, Tutor 2. . s Laureen Lee Condon "Smile and the world smiles with you." 1.V. Field Hockey 1, Band 1-2, Stage Band 3, Track 1, French Club 1, Teach- er's aide 1, Human Values Day Comm. 1, Yearbook 3-4, National Honor Socie- ty 3, Treasurer 4, U.N. Delegate, Travel- ers to Quebec 3, Representative for V.U.H.S. in Montpelier, Representative for V.U.H.S. in Marble Island. ' to it :I I . Dana Bruce Devine "They made me do it." LV. Soccer 1, Varsity Soccer 2-4, l.V. Baseball 1-2, Varsity Baseball 3-4, l.V. Wrestling 1-2, Varsity Wrestling 3-4. Could Beth Dibler be making a move for Art Flanagan? 'J N, aff? Michele Lyn Dickerson "I can forgive, but I cannot forget, is just another way of saying, 'I cannot forgive'." Class Treas. 2, One Acts 2-3, lr. Play 2, Exchange Student 2, Ski Club 2, Human Values Day Comm. 2, Office Aide 3, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Model U.N. 3, Class Treas. 4, Senior Play 4, Ski Club 4. 2, rf . tw iff ILP 'tm' Stephen Allen Dugan "The fun has just about come to an end, who knows what's next." l.V. Soccer 1-2, l.V. Wrestling 1-2, l.V. Baseball 2, Varsity Soccer 3-4. Embedded In The Walls Steve Dugan and Kim Nuttall discuss their future plans for welfare. ,,...,......,. .,.,. ,,,,-m ,... , , l 'uf ltfff 3 . 9 5 Grace Arlene Elzinga "And now just as you trusted Christ to save you, trust Him too, for each day's problems, live in vital union with Him .. . Let your life overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done." Band 1-3, Track 1-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Yearbook 4, Bible Study 4. to Y , X 1 it l, ,,f' sL..l -X loanne Marie Emerson "If with pleasure you are viewing any work a man is doing, if you like him or if you love him, tell him now." l.V. Cheerleading 1, Track 1-4, Capt. 3, Yearbook 1, Student Council 1, l.V. Field Hockey 2, l.V. Basketball 2, Gym- nastics 2-4, Capt. 3, Class Vice President 2, Varsity Club 3, Varsity Field Hockey 3-4, Capt. 4, Varsity Cheerleading 3, Class President 3-4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, jr. Prom Queen 3, National Honor So- ciety 3-4. Of The V.U.H fi Clare Marie Fagan "That love is all there is, is all we know oflove." l.V. Field Hockey 1-2, Varsity Field Hockey 3-4, Student Council 1, Student Council Secretary 3-4, Cross Country 1, l.V. Basketball 1, Track 1-2, Office Aid 1-2, Varsity Cheerleading 3, Varsity Club 3, Spring Production 3, Senior Play 4. Gerald Ralph Fitz-Gerald "Open your eyes, there are places to go, things to see, and people to meet." Band 1-4, Stage Band 3-4, Show-Nite 1, Travelers to France 2, l.V. Basketball 1- 2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Human Values Day Comm. 2, National Honor Society 3-4, l.V. and Varsity Girl's Softball Man- ager 3-4, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Cross Country 4. , ,-.., .3 5 Q. 1 'I W . ll qi' 'l uh Dana Franklin's smile comes through again. 0. f a .5 Arthur Flanagan "Good things happen on a Honda!" Varsity Soccer 1-4, l.V. Basketball 1-2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, l.V. Baseball 1, Varsity Baseball 2-4. yvawgm Dana Gordon Franklin "To try, and fail, yet keep on trying, is a far better thing than it is to sit back and criticize those who aren't afraid to be laughed at." Cross Country 1-4, Track 1-4, Travelers to France 2, Show-nite 1,3, Human Val- ues Day Comm. 2, lr. Prom Comm. 3. Forget Not The Memories xf ,Q .sp "' t 'K' Wendy Gilbert " For I am Il Art Flanagan and Paul Mailloox watch two thorns' to see if their picture comes out. Gary Grant "Dream your dreams, live your life and carry a smile." 'S l 'ffl- Reynald Charles Godard a rose caught between "lt's not how fast you do things, it's how well you do them." ' Travelers to France 2, Cross Country 3- 4, Track 3-4, National Honor Society 3- 4. T, i. .f t. L- i 'r11 it X Q a I Ray Godard lights the candle of Scholarship. Both Good And Bad The winter sports pep rally, led by the cheerleaders, aroused the spirit of the se nior class. I ' f'L. ,l H a ' N ffl 'oeeee , A wr - ' 4 A-f ,ha f , v ,P H1 - L 1, A as rf 1595 " 2 W if :f'1i:95ifl5f ww , , Sf, .L 'F-"A, l" Fr, "f3'Mr ' 5' -il 1" f, ' LMA! 'S H. Az-fini ,r . 1,1 N a W, N. j . swf 'f ' we 1 fsizfgjggiij. 'Q Valerie Alice Hamel "A smile is worth a thousand words." Si ,asf riff' What's Steve Casavant so goggly-eyed Paula Hill Suzanne Faye Hodgman about? "ln the midst of the winter, I finally 'fi accept the fact that love is love learned that there was in me an invinci- though I understand it not at all." ble summer." Barbara Mae lrion "I chose the road the least traveled, and that has made the difference." Ski Club 2-4, Honor Society 3-4, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Spring Production 3, Senior Play 4. Kay-Ellen Husk "lt's your know-how that counts." Chorus 1-4, Tutor 1, Yearbook 3, U.N. Delegate 3, Spring Production 3. Carleen Marie lackman "lf l can not do great things, I will do small things in a great way." l.V. Field Hockey 1,2, Manager 3, l.V. Basketball 1, Ski Club 1-4, Varsity Soft- ball 1-4, Office aide 2-3, Varsity Basket- ball 2-4, Student Council 3, Pep Club 3, Girls State Alternate 3, Varsity Club 3-4. cd!-R' .ae 'fl i I' I s 'X I V t, fx .-Q v ' .. , ,5- A ' ., . I Msg .rt-f-' A Carleen Jackman gives Steve Casavant a helping hand while Molly Whitcomb muses at her answer. GW, wvw-3 cilmoj QACLLJ Jutc fx 3 . ,Q egmm on Smal mmol r il tubutfl QMOCY'-TUWOJ fsckpln 6oit1vot9.OCto1m -x- 'ij-B JQQQQDQ QM, Wm amd Q-Tumi W-L Q51 LQXJQ Matthew lerry O-3-v..uC "The bigger they come, the harderuvgj they fall." Qqlxli 2 U The Friends And Foes Constance Ann limmo "Uniqueness is a virtue easy to lose and ' hard to find." 3, LV. Basketball 1, Chorus 2, Yearbook 3. Connie limmo reads another exciting episode of MR. AND MRS. BO IO IONES. A ,,,,' CN 'S-uf 'I Robert Truman Kerr Edie C. Kneeshaw Thomas Micheal Langeway "Buy a Chevelle, buy the best, drive a "Love is the light ofthe world anda gift "Life is either a daring adventure or mile and you'll always drive the rest." from God." nothing." Yearbook 3, Yearbook Editor 4. F.F.A. lr. Reporter 2, F.F.A. Reporter 3, Band 2-3, Stage Band 3-4, F.F.A. Vice- President 4, School Represenator in National F.F.A. Convention 4. lWho Helped Mold 1 .Q .Av- A R45 - . ll- ..g.X,f y I I x .4 A 4 s B - 1 ll 1 1.-iii , Y l Harold james Leach Steven Carlyle Little Paul Emile Mailloux "Setagoal, then achieve it." "There ar two ways to slide easily "Never say anything that will not im l.V. Basketball 1-2, Class Vice President through life: To believe everything or prove on silence." 1, Student Council 2, Varsity Soccer 1-4, doubt everything. Both save us from Cross Country 1-3. Varsity Baseball 1-4, Varsity Basketball thinking." , 3-4. ll ll lil! 11' ,-491 Bruce Meacham "Women are the spice of life." lift Co-Captain Skip Leach of the Vergennes soccer team, listens as ref briefs BFA cap- tain before game at Vergennes. Our Personalities Y. L4 Marilyn vanwyck and Diane O'Bryan discussing yearbook pictures. Carol Ann Mitchell "Everything has its beauty, but not ev- eryone sees it." Varsity Softball 1-4, l.V. Field Hockey 1, Ski club 2-4, Office Aide 2-3. 8 f of Kimberly Kaye Nuttall "Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you." LV. Cheerleading 1-2, Capt. 2, Human Values Day comm. 1, Tutor 2, Show- nite 1-3, Travelers to France 2, Travelers to Quebec 3, Pep club 3, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Spring Production 3, One Acts 3, Yearbook 2-4, Senior Section Staff 4, Varsity Cheerleading 3-4, C0- Capt. 3, Capt. 4, Senior Play 4. Kathy Lee Miles "Rudeness to some, is sheer courtesy." Student Council 1-2, j.V. Field Hockey 2, Human Values Day Comm. 2, One Acts 2, Varsity Field Hockey 3-4, Class Treasurer 3, Varsity Cheerleading 3-4, Co-Captain 4, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Prom Court 3, Spring Production 3, Varsity Club 3, Office Aide 3, Yearbook 3, Class Vice President 4, Senior Play 4. 1 V-.. , . ,, 41' -, 4 4, J-.Q l Diane O'Bryan "The thing that costs least but is worth much more is just a pleasant smile." Math Club 1, Show-nite 1,3, Yearbook 1, l.V. Basketball 1, 1.V. Basketball Man- ager 2, Chorus 1-4, Travelers to France 2, One Acts 2, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Spring Production 3, Pep Club 3. Which Mesh Together Donald lay Palmore "He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill." Drama 1-4, Ski Club 1-4. Carleen lackman as she receives her test results. tl Don Palmore doing what he does best , , . gazing. r , 1 ' l I Susan Mary Plankey "Better by far you should forget and smile, than you should remember and be sad." Show-nite1,3, l.V. Basketball 1-2, Track 1-2, Chorus 1, LV. Field Hockey 2, Var- sity Field Hockey 3-4, Class Secretary 3, Spring Production 3, Student Council 4, Senior Play 4, lr. Prom Comm. 3, lr. Prom Court 3, Varsity Cheerleading 3- 4. i S' 'i th A Peter jay Poquette "Life is jest and all things show it thought so once and now I know it." l.V. Basketball 1-2, Stage Band 4. nj 1 1""-. . Scott Foster Provencher "Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished." Shownite 1-2, One Acts 2-4, junior Play 2, Travelers to France 2,4, Spring pro- duction 3-4, Student Council 3, lr. Prom Comm. 3, Tutor 3, National Hon- or Society 3-4, Yearbook 4, Senior Play. N - ' - , ' r K 4 , 469153 ,X Y' w 'r -piano Mary Louise Ringer "Laughter is a reflex without a pur- pose." l.V. Field Hockey 1-2, LV. Basketball 1, Co Captain 2, Varsity Softball 1-4, Stu- dent Council 1-2, Office Helper 1-2, Varsity Field Hockey 3-4, Varsity Cheer- leading 3, Co Captain 4, Gymnastics 3. Scott Provencher finds the atmosphere of the hall conducive for studying. iqs 'L nA Lory Ritchie P "Miracles happen to only those who believe in them." Transferred 2, Gymnastics 3-4, Year- book 3, Spring Production 3, Senior Play 4. V i -.....,-.,,, we-....,,,v Kelly Jean Russett 'fAsk me no questions and I tell you fibs." For lf We Forget Laurie Sue Russett Gregory Leigh Schroeder "He who seeks will gain." "Let the light shine on those who cher- Track 2-3. ish their education." Nelson Gordon Sears "lt is better to be short and shine than to be tall and cast a shadow." One Acts 1-4, Show-nite 1,3, French Club 1, Travelers to France 1, Yearbook 1-4, Senior Section Editor 4, Human Values Day Comm. 1, Spring Produc- tion 3, Pep Club 3, Student Council 1-4, Student Council Treasurer 4, jr. Prom Comm. 3, Boy's State Alternate 3, Se- nior Play 4. .iii Stephen Senesac "Man was created first .. . then there was Levi." Nelson Sears blows it again. These Six Years 44?-bf Lunch is good? lvan Shores isn't sure. lean Marie Sheerin "An act of kindness, no matter how small, is never wasted." Transfer Student 2, Varsity Cross Coun- try 2, Varsity Cross Country Manager 3, Varsity Softball 2-4, l.V. Field Hockey 2, Basketball Manager 2, Varsity Basket- ball 3-4, Girls' State 3, Pep Club Chair- man 3, Yearbook 3-4, Student Council 3, Student Council President 4, Prom Committee 3, National Honor Society 3-4, Senior Play 4. 'US- Ivan Donald Shores "Think of the Lord in goodness and seek Him in simplicity of heart." Varsity Wrestling 1-4. -1: M' Edward Stanley "Live for today for tomorrow may nev- er come." 419 :CX Patricia loan Stoessel "It was a long time coming, but I finally made it. And it was worth it." Vica 4. The Path Of Life Lorraine Ann Strada "I do not ask to comprehend life. I only take the miracle and say: Thanks, Lord." Transfer Student 2, l.V. Field Hockey 2- 3, Varsity Softball 2, Prom Committee 3, National Honor Society 3-4, National Honor Society Vice-President 4, Show Nite 3, Spring Production 3, Yearbook 3-4, Senior Class Secretary 4, Senior Play 4. rv? Stephen Charles Sweet LAnd all your fortune lies beneath your at." j.V. Soccer 1-2, Band 1-4, Math Team 1- 2, Travelers to France 2, Stage Band 3-4, Show Nite 3, Ski Club 3, National Hon- or Society 3-4. ,V 'li H3 Faster than a bouncing meatball, more powerful than a wet noodle, able to leap oil slicks in a single bound . . . It's Wonder Woman, alias Lorraine Strada. ,QT Jayne Iaye Swinton Lillian Gladys Thomas "We have just enough religion to make "I never forget a face, but in your case us hate, but not enough to make us l'Il make an exception," love one another." Office Aid 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4. Will Become A Tangled jungle ll fl x X .E X fl Alben Thomas Tisbert "Great things happen when rnen and mountains meet." Varsity Wrestling 1-4, Varsity Boys' Cross Country 4, Boys' Track 4. di. john W. Tucker, jr. "Not many students realize how much fun school is until they have graduated." , N K , .- fa' , .sefcst-gm sq.-.rtiivtf Ax- -1 . .-Q fb-Q4 ?5..n'1 V ' -5 222233234 ' ,4mr.::n15"f4, Bw., 11 'i,z22LH.'g-'.-. s . . X . vW'M.QS: .z:z:'w-'.-'.+- magma: fziggjiff --gift Aj. ,Many V -.. A 1... ,3- 'N' fr, M2 .. g.',-.-1.-s 45:1 A:-:-:Q-Q 4 ... ,, A. ,- t- 3 -'.:1,v gg1'twm ll 5 -sm- .K ,D st., .A 4,14 A 3 . - v,g.., 4aia33f5i5,4,-3 '.-1.-jf-jg' A av., -ff:-:P Barry Scott Tracy "lf not learned, be observing." FFA 1-4, Senior Play 4. Raymond Torrey "Strike not with hands but with words." 1 A l Judy Browe and Tom Tisbert discuss the results of last night's wrestling match. QE, af 4+ 4 'Trai r Swallowing Us Up ' ph t .-1 -si .X 9 " ,Q -1 l X I c. 'gf ye wx If I t i , 'ffl lf' if -' , li -f, Q 1 ,j e 9 lk Qf' 5" if Q' . Suzanne Angeline Tucker "The secret of contentment isp know- ing how to enjoy what you have, and being able to lose all desire for things beyond your reach." Student Council 1,3, Human Values Day 2, l.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Girls Basketball 3-4, One Act Play lpromp- terl 2, j.R. Prom Comm. 3. YY Donald G. VanDeWeert "lf you can't be first, at least make the guy ahead of you break the record leven if it isn't an El CaminoJ." Varsity Wrestling 3-4, N.H.S. 4, Senior Play 4. Dave Yantz, Barry Tracy and Don VanDeWeert, our vocational students, join us for morning classes. is Q1 f'??3 'l as I ni " Marilyn Van Wyck "The man who finds life will find it through trusting C-od." Transfer student from Eastern Christian High School, Band 3-4, Stage Band 3-4, District Band 3-4, Chorus 3, Girls Soft- ball 3, Varsity Girls Basketball 3-4, Bible Study 4. Sherrie Vause "And the meek shall inherit the Earth Into Oblivion "--40 lanet Anne Villeneuve "Every Human being is intended to have a character of his own, to be what no others are, and to do what no other can do." j.V. Field Hockey 1, Varsity Girls Cross Country 1-2, manager 4, Varsity Girls Track 1-4, Yearbook 1-2,4, Pep Club 2, Travelers to France 2, j.V. Cheerleading 2, lr. Prom Comm. 3, National Honor Society 3-4, Varsity Cheerleading 3, Ski Club 3-4, Gymnastics 4. Malania May Whitcomb Lois Louise Wildasin "Don't walk in front of me, I may not "School is fun, but getting out is follow. Don't walk behind me, I may fantastic." not lead. lust walk beside me and be Student Transfer, Health Aide 3-4, Knit- myfriend." ting and Crocheting Club 3, VICA Varsity Girls Cross-Country 1-3, co- Member 4. captain 2, Varsity Girls Track 1-4, Year- book 1-4, Chorus 1-2, Travelers to France 2, Ir. Prom Comm. 3, Pep Club 3, National Honor Society 3-4, Treasur- er 3, President 4. 119' x 's 'vw Charles Wright "Strive for the best and settle for noth- ing else." it ff, Senior Class Officers: loanne Emerson -- President, Kathy . So Forget Not . it "" David Yantz Drinking again Steve? "The mouths of fools are like time, they keep running." u-"' 7 me . Michelle Dickerson -- Treasurer, Lorraine Strada -Secretary. -4' l Camera-shy Seniors Denise Austin Lori Brinkman Gerald Fuller QT-Dara 41 .I we 4' . " 4, if nr 4' J -Of , W J' ., ' ' .f 'Q ca. . , 4. if r'4-4m my of UNDEIRCLASSIYIEIN M Q! C6260 WZEQZLC ggi! Afjctgzm M4 QWQZMZZM LQ 952652 wig 61 Efwwg 259 GFWL QfQDfLewQ Q51 The juniors are constantly moving forward, seeking the end of one journey and looking forward to be- ginning another. Hoping for a truly successful junior Prom, they have been working hard to promote var- ious fund-raising activities, such as food sales and movies. It is the great spirit and earnest participation shown by many juniors that keeps Varsity sports vital and active. juniors also help with Yearbook and Student Council activities. As one day moves on to the next, so too the juniors move on toward one more goal, the end of one jour- ney anticipating the beginning of another. junior Class Officers: Kathy Epstein - Presi- dent, Merdy Mills - Secretary, Nancy Mc- Nulla - Vice President, Elaine Cushman - Treasurer. juniors Give Their All Mary jane Adams Debbie Barre john Browe Laura Charbonneau Sam Cutting jim Emerson Martin Fleming Tina Ansell Tammy Barrows Bill Brown Chester Clark Michael Delphia Kathy Epstein Ronald Francis Leisa Aunchman Charles Bemis Pam Brunet Don Cousino Denise Dionne Danny Essex Dani Fulford if ., we , Diane Baker Linda Bissonette jocelyn Charbonneau Peter Curler Angela Dykema Laura Farley Bonnie Gardener Ken Bannister jenny Broughton jody Charbonneau Elaine Cushman Wanda Elzinga Mary Lou Fisk - Mark Gebo During Final journeys Kathy Gobbi Lori Langeway Nancy McNuIla Bill Reed Kip Sorrell Stella Wildasin 1 Lynn Gobbi Paul Leach Merdy Mills Donna Rivers jeff Stuygles Allen Grant Lori Little Ted Murin M i ke Robarge Naomi Tatro e. K. v x..- . , . ,,v,w Jw ..f- Sandy Hodgman Lawrence Lowry Mike Paquette Diane Schroeder Mary Torrey juniors Tina Ansell, locelyn Charbonneau, and Pam Brunet actively participate in various activities. Cathie Hughes Kathy Mack Harold Perkins Pat Sheerin Darrell Tucker s if W. 5 F-'L-It Q ,'T.'..' ' ,tw -'f 1 li 5 ' X Q' 2 To m m y Husk loan Marshall Gale Paquette Crystal Shepard lack Tynan David Kittredge Ken Martel Ricky Raymond Sue Shorts- leeves Kris Wernhoff ,X Bob LaBombard l a n th o ni McEvilla Rusty Raymond Kim Smith Scott Wilber This year's Sophomores have the jet set look. Our lineup includes fancy dungarees, cute shirts, wild turtlenecks and the latest in hair styles. Our lr. Varsity and Varsity players strive to maintain a high level of achievement. The Sopho- more is envied in every hallway discussion, and the musical talent in our class is unbelievable. Our activity groups work steadily to uphold our reputation, entering the fields of Yearbook, dance committees, Wrestling Auxilary, and of course just plain old student morale. So if you want to become part of this look, stop a Sopho- more and ask him how. You have no obligation, so don't waste time! Class Officers, Treasurer - Steve Burlock, President - Kelly Barrows, Vice-President - Nancy Marshall, Secretary - Lori Davis. I Sophomores Strive To Lori Adams Mark Adams Cheryl Aunchman Billy Austin Mau reen Baggott Kelly Barrows Steve Barrows ff Bob Belanus steve Lisa Bemis Burlock Leglie Chris Bushey Bienvenue KYle BU5heY Frank Bliek Paula BU5l'leY Tommy Tom Casey Bodette TVBCY jamie . Chamberlain Brinkman Lela Claflin lohn Bull T A Tom Clark Kevin Cole Marty Connors Cindy Cooke Judy Coyle Michelle Cunningham Lori Davis Maintain Their Reputation f l' S ,, 1 lx L e' l ' Mary Charbonneau and Eliza- beth Rose converse by visual language while leannine Litch resorts to paper and pen. Harold DeGraaf Eddie Devino Bob Devoid Kathy Dickerson Sharon Donnelly Anne Duany Anita Dubois Karen Epstein Kenneth Epstein Veronica Fairbrother Lorri Field loe Gaines Lyle Gallison MaryAnn Gendreau Melissa Gevry Alice Gosliga Mary Haines Kathy Highter Maritta Hitt Diane Humiston Matt Husk Karen lerome Brenda limmo Brian Kayhart Mike Kittredge Francis Lalumiere jacques Litch leannine Litch Phyllis Lowry Mike Mack Bruce Many Leo Mayer Nancy Marshall Barb Martinec Nick Martinec Karen McDermott laynie McEvilla lody McEvilla , at , it 1 lt ill 1'- f if -N .,,, if ' at l it a l .sl s fu' 4. Page Merrigan Arthur Miller Cindy Miller Frank Miller Larry Miller Lisa Mills . ill! 3' V , -- ' 4223295 , .-52-,. s ,wi 'sf I , K Sift- ' J: - ' kaI"W"?l' "" 5 A, tr. 4 i 6? a r 4 t.1,,f., ,ip ,tt l' X W l ggi 1 A it ,ls '1 Anne Duany models the Sophomores' letSet look! Betsy Mitchell Kevin Mott Lee Moulton Dean Muniz Lisa Ouillette Beth Pidgeon Marie Polchies Wilfred Pollender Randy Provencher Pam Provost Luanne Ringer Susan Rivait Tom Casey and Mark Wilson seem uninterested as Leo Mayer attempts to recite "The Three Little Pigsl" G 7 A i if Luz Rose ,i j I ' , H ' a Derek Shaetz f S v 5 Lisa Shroader f 'W 5 , ' Mark Sleeper J Bonnie Stearns gre' " " ' I If -b:5'11rfnr1 'v I I g lt FZ, an Q i ti 5, L if n ' sl' , ' 'tis 3 L 33' ' 1 -xi Z., W, jeff Tanner lames Tatro Neal Van Wyck Shari Van De Wert Diane Villeneuve Darlene Whitcomb Mark Wilson Cindy Yantz Cindy Yandow Kermit Wrisley Brenda Iimmo searches for the solution to an algebra equation while Lorri Fields looks on. Freshman Hit High School With Enthusiasm joe Abair john Allo Pierre Angier Helen Ansell Mike Austin Sharon Baker Sheldon Ball David Bannister lay Barry Joanna Birbeck David Bodette lo-Anne Bodette Penny Booska Terry Brace limmy Bruer Sue Brigan Ricky Brunet Sheila Burlock Matt Bushee Susie Bushey Tammy Bushey Chris Campbell Nancy Carr Cindy Champine Lise Charbonneau Susan Charbonneau Charles Clark Edward Colomb Ricky Condon Lisa Cousino Laurie Curler Susan Cutting Bernie Dam Lori Danyow Tamar Danyow Ricky Davis U. 2 , CX sn. T f The Freshmen class has moved strongly and actively into high school life. We have shown our energy and pep through sports and other activities. Billy Leach even made the Varsity soccer team, a feat of which few Freshmen can boast. For the first time, a Freshman, Laurie Laflin, holds the office of vice president of the Student Council. Also for the first time, a small group of freshmen are going to France in the Spring. Some of the other activities we participate in are yearbook, French Club and photography. ln November we had Freshmen Ini- tiation Day, where we dressed as "greasers", and slaved all day for the upper classmen. ln the evening we were invited to the Freshmen reception. We now feel more a part of our school. i 5 i mmy Mott thy Myers m O'Brien arlene Ouellette nthia Pidgeon ike Plankey te Pollender ll Poquette urie Potter nthia Provost sli Ritchie ike Roberts aron Roberts ebbie Roy te Royce illip Russett rraine Sabourin im Schroeder an Senesac reg Sleeper ryon Smith onald St. Onge ike Strada errick Strong lana Tracy tTynan ina Villeneuve illy Vincent ., .... Q ,. .K Y, AIX It Q , A -: K X1 1 xv .Q 3, J if ' 'l , za.. ',.f....Nli.v v M 'ii wi tittfite t P so N .y kt. A, X lv '.-. , A A 1 ,,. 5. f , w Q ' ' ,KH Y QW, C f.' H41 t, . ula Wendel d Whitten en Wrisley is - S 1 . n 8' J C' 1 ' Mike Hallock attacks his work with enthusiasm. Freshmen Class Officers: Mike Plankey - Secretary, Dave Bodette - Treasurer, Lauri Heath - President, Lorri Gebo Vice President. s X gl 8th Graders Get It All Together We are the eighth Graders. As you can see, we come in wide variety. There are talkative ones, whom no one can keep quiet, and the quiet ones who don't say much but just lis- ten. There are athletes who go out for every available sport, and there are those of us who won't get within ten feet of a basketball. We're mem- bers of activities ranging from chess to wrestling to gymnastics. We are all over the school, making ourselves known. We're out to make a name for ourselves and we're doing it! Jacqueline Mailloux and Selena Dike watch Bill Katz's pencil-in-the-ear maneuver. ,QQ-.. is A .gi A av il' g Y X x15 Mark Armell Co r i n n e Bemis De bo ra h Booth Carl Bushee Mary Chapman Kenneth Curler Edward Dionne Pamela Aunchman David Bicknell Kelly Brinkman R o b e r t a Thomas Scott Chase Steven Delong john Dykema loseph Austin Francis Bienvenue Kevin Brooks K i m be r l y Delorme David Emerson ,mum Douglas Barry Rodney Blacklock Do r ot h y Coyle Wendy Dickerson C h r i st i n a Fagan leanette Beenen Andre Bolduc Lisa Brunet Donald Carney Ted Coyle Selena Dike Randolph Fairbrother J Micheal Merrigan Oega Miedema Kelly Mills Deborah Miller lon O'Brien jennifer Osinga Kristy Oxen Gus Palmer Anne Pidgeon Susan Pierce james Phelps john Polchies Timmy Price Walter Reed ll Diane Rittwage Mark Rivait john Roberts David Rose Micheal Russet Kimberly Ross LuAnne Ryan Denise Tatro David Tisbert Roberta Thomas Beth Torry Kelly Tynan Dennis Senesac Lee Senesac Peter Smith ' Kimberly Smith -' Steve Stone Micheal St. Onge Ricky Sumner Debbie Sumner Roy Sweet Tina Vincent William Wager Kim Weeks Robert Weinhagen Tracy Wilber Susan Wilson Timmy Yandow Bill Wager announces a gym class victory 4, Mark Yantz 7th Grade Arrives With A Bang! This year's 7th graders are the liveliest, most exuberant group to reach junior High in years. They have adjusted quickly to their new situation and are beginning to subtly put their mark on the school. Fun-loving, sometimes boisterous, some- times hard-working, they're a welcome asset to V.U.H.S. :ir -'K I ,gk ff" B ..4v" 1 .al , WN, f Af I, 1 Betsy Adams Laurie Allo George Anderson Margaret Badore lohn Baker Sean Barrows loanne Beenen Dennis Benoit Timothy Bicknell Penny Birch more Karen Bolduc Diana Booth Tommy Brigan Cheryl Brinkman Dennis Brinkman Paula Brunet Frank Brunet Melody Camp Duog Carney Monica Caron julie Chase Dawn Claflin Timothy Condon leffrey Couch Susan Coyle Gregory Curler john Curler james Dam Midhelle Delisle Kevin Delphia Theresa Dessurault Daniel Devoid Bonnie Dickerson Norman Dunham Ben Dykema ,V , M ' fl Ki. . 2 ,R A sf .5 X Tl f . 'F ,Ei -. 'I fe I . ii 4 X! x' 7th grade class officers: Laurie Allo, Secretaryp Abby Pollenderp Presidentp Greg Curler, Treasurerg Ann Pollender, Vice- President. If Arlene Easter julie Emerson Ron Epstein Carol Fagan Steven Farley janet Field Larry Fleming Holly Franklin Donald Gebo Lissa Gebo Robert Grover Lindy Guyette Laurie Haines Homer Hamel Donna Hodgman Mary Lou Husk David jacksom Laura jackson Mark jackson Laurie jennings Nicolee jerry Sheryl Kandzior jeffrey Kasupski Kevin Kayhart Diane Lafleche Lisa Laflin Rodney LaRose Diane LeBeau jacqueline Litch Christopher Madarasz Giselaine Mailoux Tawnya Malcolm Kelly McKinnon Andrea Messenger Terry Morris Robert Morris Phillip O'Brien Frans Osinga f' X Robin Warren Kevin Weeks White Robert White Terry White Phillip Wlld3Slf1 jeffrey Ouellette Gregory Parkinson Sharon Parot Sally Pierce Abby Pollender Ann Pollender Todd Reed Bruce Richardson Lynn Ritchie Denise Rittwage Debra Roberts Sharon Rooney Peter Rose Dana Russett Mark Sabourin Mavis Schaetz Pamela Schroeder Courtney Sears Bridget Sisters Floyd Smith Lori Smith Richard St. Onge jeffrey Steady julie Stearns f - ii. joey Sumner Kelly Tanner Andrew Tisbert Scott Tucker Lisa Turpin Peggy Wager Brent Williams Abby Pollender and Cheryl Brinkman assemble the haunted house from Tom Sawyer. Q2-2 6172 cmucxcxcmm ,, rzrtwx-3 5 K' -, 'H . . .J Q 0 0 YQ Lf' -- if WW ! N'1f",Z' Y 'Q FA CU LTV dministrators Face Tight Budget, Our Principal, Mr. Samuel Loughridge. Office Secretaries, Mrs. Anita Godard and Mrs. Marjorie Sweet. 56 ff' I 115'-W -vvf"- In acknowledgement of the na- tion's economic belt-tightening, Union District 5's administration faces the challenge of improving school facilities and curriculum without over-reaching a tight bud- get. A major concern is how to im- plement the many repairs our 17- year-old school building now re- quires, at the lowest possible cost. A major emphasis this year is to find ways of linking the school with the community and other outside resources. One emerging possibility is allowing students to find jobs for which they earn money and also receive school credits. Another is using outside agencies to work with problem students. Finally, to improve and clarify the purposes of their course offerings, teachers are being urged to look closely at their objectives and to be more conscious of the life-con- cepts they are teaching. 1-'Y'-" a Yet Aim For Qualit Education. The Union District 5 School Board: Sitting: Mrs. Anna Husk, Mrs. Marlene Bedard, Mrs. Nancy O'Briea,-Mrs. Lillian Birkett. Standing: Mr. Richard Casavant, Mr. Ronald Gardner, Mr. Terry Evarts. Assistant Superintendent Mr. Raymond Davidson and Mrs. Lois Thurber, Secretary. The Superintendent- Mr. David Potter. T Practicality And Humanism . ii? ffl' - M - 4. W' Mr. W. Ganson agrees that science can be fun. The Science Department has strengthened its movement toward individualized classroom and project work, and to- ward a humanistic understanding and practical application of scientific principles. The second group of sophomores is now studying Project Physics, and is demonstrating that physics can be just as suc- cessfully mastered by sophomores as by seniors. The approach here is interdisciplinary and humanistic, as opposed to study- ing physics as a collection of theorems and equations. The department hopes to made revisions of the same kind in chemistry by allowing for more individual work, and by reviv- ing some of chemistry's practical aspects. The three-year sequence of ISCS courses in junior high is now being evaluated, and seems to be a great improvement over previous efforts. These courses have stressed individual- ized learning rates, and fundamental ideas in the physical sci- ences. The one area slated to receive the most serious study this year will be individual student projects, which, ideally, will provide the student with an opportunity to explore areas of his own interest and obtain credit and recognition for that effort. lE Wayne Ganson, Department Chairman, Ron McKinnon, Earl Weeks! R0bef1MCNama'a and Mike Burke' English Means Communication, The English department this year continued its focus on the basic skills of communication as well as familiarizing all students with our rich literary heritage. The primary instrument for measuring each students's progress in the basic skills of communication is the National Cooperative English test which is given to all students at the end of each year. During the year teachers work with their students to improve in these skills through myriad assignments in VOICE and SCOPE magazines, textbooks, workbooks, individualized instruction with ACE kits and teacher-constructed assignments. ln addition to the customary reading assignments in literature, students in English were offered a wide variety of literature-relat- ed experiences outside the classroom. Students were offered trips to UVM to participate in oral reading workshops and festivals and to Middlebury to see plays such as "Man of LaMancha" and "West Side Story". An innovation in course offerings was a histo- ry-literature-art course taught by Mr. Rodgers and Mr. Yarnell. Mrs. Crocker was the moving force in organizing the popular Human Values afternoons which offered students a variety of dif- ferent and exciting experiences. New to the English faculty this year are Mrs. Mary lane DiPiero teaching 9th grade English and Ms. Nancy Cornell teaching 10th grade English and the popular Media course. f-l ' i Mr. johnson reads to his College Comp class if W5 at sxffx Thomas lohnson, Department Head, Nancy Prescott, Mary lane DiPiero, Nancy Cornell, leff Minns, Maida Crocker and lay Rogers. Written, Oral And Visual ff, ff L 3 fffirggff 4 - Q" 'il Q F -QQL i . x' A 'Ulf' " M' ' ' f -.'Lii3 Ms. Cornell listens intently to her class. MV- R08ef5 laU8h5 at MV- Y3fnell'5 OdY55eY l0ke5- Mrs. Prescott smiles at one of her student's "Huck Finn" antics. MFS. DiPier0 gazes fondly at her 9th grade pupils. 'R , ' .s..X.x.kx Mg- Mrs. Crocker helps Pierre Angier with his indirect objects. Mr, Minng contemplates the intricacies of an adjective, Social Studies Curriculum Involves U Q 122 GQQQQ L'J Artemas Ward, Department Chairman, Pam Cox, Barry Aldinger, Charles Usher and john Yarnell. The Social Studies curriculum offered students a wide variety of courses and course-related experi- ences. Mr. Usher's 7th grade World Geography and World Cultures classes studied coins and mythology, and spent a day in the Fall hiking the Long Trail. The 8th grade dealt with ecological problems as well as the American Revolution, the Civil War and World War ll. Mr. Aldinger's American Political Behavior classes enjoyed many fine films and participated in "Opera- tion Shadow", a project in which 9th graders ex- plored various career opportunities by visiting busi- nesses in the community. Mr. Yarnell's World Histo- ry classes used a wide range of materials to trace the progress of civilization from pre-Biblical to modern times. This year's American Civilization classes, taught by Mr. Yarnell, Mr. Aldinger and Mr. Ward, traveled to the Shelburn Museum in the Fall, and their studies included such subjects as the American Dream, American Technology and the Civil War. Mr. Ward also offered a course in Psychology and Child Development, and one in Sociology and Anthropholoy. - st: -- S ,...4 Mr. Ward searches for some resource materials to entertain his American Civ. ll class. Wide Variety Of Topics H 3 Mrs. Cox lectures her 8th grade class. Mr. Yarnell, a work of art himself, is shown teaching Histo- ry through Art. X x 5 Sgt., t 5 lu ' 1. Mr. Aldinger presents Governor Salmon to his freshman Mr. Usher always keeps one eye on his class. APB class. Math Combines Practice With Theory: A familiar sight in area supermarkets this fall was the notebook-toting math student, moving method- ically up and down aisles, jotting down prices of var- ious brands in competitive stores. In addition to their comparison shopping excursions, the Life Serv- ice Mathematics students had contact with several community members, such as representatives of Chittenden Trust who spoke about some of the available services in the area. Nine seniors were involved this year with Indiana University's Advanced Placement Mathematics pro- gram, and were registered for a semester of college credit in calculus. They will receive high school graduation credits on the basis of successful comple- tion of the indiana course. The junior High program became more indivi- dualized than ever, and in several mathematics class- es students began working in laboratories similiar in concept to a science lab. no--""' Mr. Barlow works with Lori Smith on her individualized math program. Mary Ann Kulig, Susan Mosher, Bob Barlow, Department Chairmanp Evelyn Burke and Merle Crown. . l I' ' I I' V 4 J , -.1 i r ,1 .Sy A i Q? 1 V. I 1 Mrs. Mosher takes on a dual role, posing and explaining. Mrs. Burke helps Sue Wilson and Selena Dike with their math Ms. Kulig intently watches her class. Mr. Crown catches a glimpse of his ghost, Casper. ,Art, Music And Languages Help Communication is basic to successful and happy living. We obviously communicate through language, and less directly, but also significantly, we speak through art and music. Students who study a foreign language are increasing their ability to communicate by learning the language of the people of another nation and culture. The first stage of this new experience requires concentration on listening and repeating in order to understand and be understood. With additional experience a whole new world opens up, and as students advance they begin to appreciate the liter- ature, art and drama of this new language. With this in mind the French students have traveled to nearby Montreal to see a city of two languages. An excur- sion to Dartmouth College enabled French IV and V stu- dents to enjoy an Ionesco play performed by the touring "Treteau de Paris", and they were able to see a student- produced French play at Middlebury College. The French Club has sponsored a series of luncheons and caroling at Christmas, and as this book goes to press, plans are devel- oping for a Spring visit either to France or to French- speaking Quebec. The school's German students are planning a week's camping trip to Pennsylvania Dutch country in the Spring, in another effort to widen foreign language experience to more than tape recorders and text books. The art classes teach students to express themselves crea- tively through oil painting, molding pottery, making can- dles, and jewelry and lapidary work. Music, one of the more pleasant forms of communica- tion, now has a more secure place in the curriculum. junior and Senior High bands and the chorus meet five days a week instead of during activity periods, and consequently are doing outstanding work. The year's performances in- clude an exchange band concert with Mt. Abe, a Christmas concert, district and state music festivals, a musical comedy and the Spring concert. or wk. lAboveJ Drummer Ted Whitten gazes thoughtfully at fel- low band members during a break i t e rehe sal. lRightl Mrs. Bartlett gives Beth Dibbler advic n Ar wifi 'illllflli Mr. Wheeler concentrates on leading Vergennes and Mt. Abe musi clans during a well-received exchange concert. lllixllff- lltllfllllllt ll iltlflliif il? S1215 66 wwfll iftrillfii illtlllilfliiflliltlwlwetaf U12 ek Us To Communicate xo PV 5 gr UKDXOWW' Q r - ff wif OL WQU l A OJQWAQ XQQJ LIU ,VU M VN L Q eing in a Our new German teacher, Miss Ostovitz. PL of WD L w wthxiggigke is so we Mrs. Crocker's class II d b d feam. . . . f L XA X ess. YN We W X VV WDA V W W xl 5 qua Dawn O s, xpoxv WW -mannere , rt's like 67 + 1 Special Services Help To Round At Right: Mrs. Oxholm instructs Norman Dunam and Danny Devoid in her self- contained classroom. Below Left: Mrs. Fulmer looks on as her students read aloud. Below Right: Mrs. Lynk assists Greg Curler in her reading lab. Special Services balance the regular curriculum by providing a number of vital aids and alternatives. These services include the Library, Reading Lab, Self-Contained Classroom, the Nurse's Office, Home Economics Department, Driver's Education and Business courses. Without them the spectrum would be narrower and the opportunities for a well-rounded education would be lessened. Mrs. Lynk and Mrs. Fulmer supervise the Reading Lab, and by emphasizing basic communications skills they give a necessary boost to many students. Ms. Phillips, our librarian, is new this year and has introduced several innovations into the normally staid library atmosphere. Fri- days are now set aside as research days and students working on class projects and papers can get special help. Mrs. Oxholm teaches the Self-Contained Classroom, and here a group of 7th graders studies English, math, science and social studies. They work both individually and in groups. Mrs. Cody runs the Nurse's Office and tends to all of our wounds and ills. Her door is always open. Miss Hotchkiss is in full charge of the Home Economics Department. She teaches Living Arts, Consumer Education and other courses having to do with managing a home and family in today's complicated world. Mr. Guyette's domain is the driver's education car where he instructs aspiring young license holders in the intricacies of Vermont driving. Mr. Thibault teaches typing and business skills to those not attending Addison County's Vocational School. Out The School lgnlv' ef' I Mrs. Cody comforts a patient. Above Left: Ms. Phillips poses as Marion the Librarian. Above Right: Miss Hotchkiss demonstrates to her Home Ec. class how to measure cloth for a pattern. More Special Contributions 'FB umvm tnummuu' Look out, here I come," says Mr. Guyette. "l've told you a thousand times, you have to turn the typewriter on first!" says Mr. Thibault to Kathy Highter. "That wasn't funny," says Mrs. Allo to Kevin Weeks and Terry Morris. New Units Spark Phys Ed Program Kelly Brinkman reaches new heights in gym class. Mrs. Angier smiles after a hard day at the gymnasium? The Physical Education De- partment, in an effort to place more emphasis on individual sports which can be developed and enjoyed beyond high school, began this year with 4- week sessions in swimming and tennis. These co-educational units, as well as cross country skiing in winter, were enthu- siastically received by V.U.H.S. students. The skill and cooperation gained from team sports were developed through volley ball, basketball, girls and boys soc- cer, softball, field hockey, gymnastics and wrestling. Learning the fundamentals of these games gave students some training for participation on the school's competitive teams. The girls' physical education classes were directed by Mrs. Cherie Angier and the boys were taught by Mr. Bill Conners. u. - At. X, 0 Q ft .-J0'0'0""' -- X gofqooo 5 -0136337.00 un u o . -' a 1 o coo oooloffl: :an .563 .o'o' Vu' ga,. oo 2'o ,--ooo g.:,. Coach Conners smiles and says, "You guys are learning. Now if you could only put it in the right basket . ,. " Students Use Hands And Minds In Sho There are two parts to the shop area of our school, industrial arts and vocational agricul- ture. In Industrial Arts Mr. Boyce and Mr. Lynk are interested in teaching the skills involved in using both hand and power tools properly and for the right job. The students develop these skills by building projects of their own choice. In Vocational Agriculture Mr. Boyce teaches the skills needed by students to further their education in Vo-Ag at the vocational center. The vocational courses include two years. The first year students learn plant and soil sci- ence and animal science. The second year stu- dents learn shop skills such as welding, small engine work, electricity, safe tractor operation, woodworking, and hot and cold metal work. Both years students work on community leadership activities such as parlimentary pro- cedure and public speaking. They also work with the Vergennes Garden Club in getting ready for various seasons in the city, such as putting up Christmas decorations or planting flowers. Mr. Boyce shows David Rose and David Marshall how to weld. :kts c 13149. Control Center For Student Curriculum Ms. Hoinkes looks up from her daily guidance duties. Mr. Burke phones a prospective stu- dent employer. The Guidance Department is a very impor- tant part of our school. We have a new guid- ance counselor this year, Ms. Hoinkes, who is primarily concerned with grades 7-10. She and Mr. Burke help students with schedule prob- lems, give tests, and get our report cards out. Ms. Hoinkes talks with each seventh grader individually and acquaints them with the guid- ance office. Mr. Burke arranges for students to meet with college and armed forces represent- atives. Both Mr. Burke and Ms. Hoinkes coun- cil students with regard to their home and school problems. The guidance office is there for any problem a student might have. , Our Cooks And School Bus Drivers M . ' . lurlgihMack, the hot lunch agent, sells Edie Kneeshaw tokens for Mrs. Smith washes the lunch trays' With a lot of grace the girls bring you the greatest meals you've ever had, especially con- sidering the money you pay. Our cooks work from sun up to sun down, producing sensational sal- ads and great goulash. And of course let's not forget their mighty meatloaf! With a delight- ful smile Mrs. Mack receives your tokens of thanks, so don't forget to say "hello" when you go through the line, and "thank you" when receiving your daily ration of V.U.H.S. lunch. Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Clifford and Mrs. lewel cook some tantalizing dish for lunch Mrs. Thiess, Mrs. Litch and Mrs. Baldwin wash up after lunch. As They Face Their jobs. Mr. Kipp and Mr. Hall confronting one of the boilers. Our night janitors, Mr. Gaines, Mrs. Murray and Mr. Munnet, about to embark on their duties. With brooms in hand, our janitors make a clean sweep of every custodial problem. They respond to all requests, whether it involves turning on the heat, fixing a broken desk, or sweeping the cafeteria. On a very basic level, they're the ones who keep the school together, and their devotion is an ex- amplefor everyoneto follow. Dedicated to getting up early and braving all kinds of weather are the drivers of our 72-passenger buses. Twice a day they follow their routes through Panton, Ferrisburg and Addi- son, as well as making a trip to Middle- bury and back to the vocational school, and ferrying students on various athlet- ic and field trips. The bus drivers - Mr. Kasupski, Mrs. Swenor, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Gault, Mr. Moulton, Mr. Barrows and Mr. Fisher. Dave Barrows is not pictured. Lili K0 Mmmqjgh SPCRTS :Sqvl WL? Varsity Has Tough Season Varsity Basketball team: Kneeling - A. Flanagan, M. Gebo, S. Leach, K. Bull, C.. Bell. Standing - Coach Aldinger, M. Chapman, D. Essex, K. Wernhoff, R. Fitz-Gerald, 1. Tynan K. Epstein. Team captains Skip Leach and Kelly Bull. Mike Brace flies into the air to retrieve the ball. ,O 'QK7x X Ll Ralph Fitz-Gerald leaps for the rebound in Vergennes-Milton game. The Boys' Varsity Basketball team ended their season with a discouraging 6-14 record. The leading scorers were Kelly Bull with 277 points, Gene Bell with 160, Skip Leach with 154, Ralph Fitz-C-erald with 106 and Kris Wernhoff with 99. Through graduation the team will lose Art Flana- gan, Skip Leach, Kelly Bull, Gene Bell, Mike Chapman and Ralph Fitz-Gerald. Sophomore, Ken Epstein, aided the varsity in 5 games, scoring 20 points. Varsity Girls Boast11-5 Record Scoreboard V.U.H.S. OPPONENTS 30 Mt. Abraham 21 24 Mt. Abraham 28 37 Enosburg 24 48 Enosburg 28 42 ' Middlebury 35 44 , Middlebury 45 38 Mt. Mansfield 30 38 Mt. Mansfield 36 28 Winooski 44 23 Winooski 53 48 Milton 57 50 Milton 45 lean Sherrin receiving a pass from Nancy McNulla during Enosburg game. 44 Fairfax 38 52 Richford 48 60 B.F.A. 32 1 The Girls' Varsity Basketball team ended their 1975 season with an 11-5 winfloss record, but lost their first tournament game by 2 points,to Middlebury. Their good, aggressive performance in this final game provided a satisfying Qose to the season. The girls' most accomplished win was the 50-45 victory against Milton. - ' Pi Through graduation the team will lose Marilyn VanWyck, Carlene lackman, Judy Browe and lean Sheering. Marilyn VanWyck was the team's leading scorer with 166 points, followed by Luanne Ringer with 144, Patty Sheerin with 113, and Laura Charbonneau with 105. Luanne Ringer was the only sopho- more on theteam. A G Team Members: Kneeling - N. McNulla, J. Sheerin, I. Browe, L. Charbonneau, C. lackman. Standing - Coach lon Yarnall, E. Cush- man, L. Ringer, W. Elzinga, B. Gardner, M. VanWyck, K. Epstein, P. Sheerin, Manager K. Epstein. I JV Boys Pull Gut With A 11 9 Record junior Varsity Basketball team: Front Row- B. Leach,T. McClay B Poquette M Plankey S Burlock K Flynn I Abalr K Barrows Back Row-Coach Thibault,M.Husk,M. Bushee,N.VanWyck M Adams R Burnet L Eoerch 1 Allo andl Blrkette Q . if 1 ' ,vi .fl Q1 1' 1' Ken Epstein at the line in the 1st tournament game against Middlebury Ken Epstein backs up joe Abair The Boys' l.V. Basketball team experienced a difficult season, ending with an overall record of 11-9. Leading scorer for the team was Ken Epstein with 308 points. Other high scorers were Steve Burlock with 247 and Neal Van- Wyck with 119. The season began with two losses to Moriah, and the boys' most pleasing victory was against Middlebury. ln this game, Ken Epstein picked up a loose ball to score the winning 2 points, the final score being 60-58. Freshman Bill Leach started for the l.V. team, and scored 216 points. l.V. Has Outstanding Season l.V. Basketball team: Back Row - Mgr. K. Dickerson, L. Mills D Villeneuve C Yandow C Guyette. Kneeling - L. Gebo, S. Burlock, P. Provost, C. Provost D Dr nne SCOREBOARD V.U.H.S. OPPONENTS 37 Mt. Abraham 30 28 Mt. Abraham 15 12 Middlebury 8 17 Middlebury 11 27 Enosburg 29 22 Enosburg 18 25 Mt. Mansfield 13 35 Mt. Mansfield 20 27 Winooski 14 30 Milton 14 28 B.F.A. 10 25 Richford 21 31 Richford 21 J The junior Varsity Girls' Basketball team had an outstanding season, with 15 wins and only one loss. This defeat was to Enosburg by 2 points on their court, and the Vergennes girls retaliated lat- er in the season by beating Enosburg 22-18. Leading scorers were Nancy Marshall with 117 points, Pam Provost with 86, Cindy Cooke with 82, Diane Villeneuve with 51 and Cindy Provost with 44. The team was coached by Roland Guyette and Ms. Mary Ann Kulig. Varsity Soccer Comes On Strong Scoreboarghd 3 . 3 v.u.H.s. AV A ' rrrr ROpp. Mr. Abe A 2 L' 'I Q r C Milton in L A o1 oi 3 2' A . B.F.A. Q oioo 51 s 5 on Mansfield C B 1 Qi 4 , Champlain Valley' s . 3 Mt. Abe 1 Missisquoi A 1 nr Essex l 2 S. Burlington A 2 3 lg L aia gMiddleburiy c 4-l 1 1 sBurlingt0I1Yf 2 Commodores struggle through the mud for a winning goal. M -'OOXQDSSJJAQ-og,Qb,t9..Xlqo cds-9. lib Fdaoln -x Hg em. G90 Acta , 4- 9J3S.n.."X T e 1974 arsity soccer team consisted of any experienced players who nevertheless had a rough sea son and finished with a 2-9-2 record. Freshman Bill Leach was the team's leading scorer. Dana Divine, Art Flanagan, Gene Bell, Steve Dugan Mike Chapman, Skip Leach, and Chris Brooks played their last high school game. Front: B. Leach, S. Leach, A. Miller, M. Chapman, D. Devine, S. Dugan, G. Bell, N. Martinec, L. Mayer. Back: Coach Charles Usher A. Flanagan, M. Adams, T. Clark. Back: L. Lowery, M. Gebo, K. Barrows, K. Bannister, D. Muniz, B. Hall- Manager, 1. Emerson. I l.V. Never Loses Spirit Kneeling: Mike Roberts, Terry Brace. Front: Tim Mott, Mike Plankey, Bill Poquette, Daryll Fulford, Dave Bannister. Back: Sean Kil bride, Greg Sleeper, Phil Russet, Chris Campbell, Pierre Angier, Mark Sleeper, Kevin Flynn, Coach Yarnell. lr. Varsity this year had a hard season ending with a 3- 10-0 record. The boys this year worked hard to keep the school spirit. Overall Daryll Fulford was the leading scorer for the team. Scoreboard V.U.H.S. 3 B.F.A. Mt. Abe 2 0 Milton 11, Mt. Mansfield 0 Mt. Abe 0 Missisqqpi 0 g ,ygssexi 2 2 4 iill Burlington 0 Burlington 1 Otter Valley 3 Otter Valley Opp 2 2 3 22 2 5 'I 3 2 o 2 4 'I Coach Yarnell gives his boys a pep talk before a game. 14 .sf.t.:-tg .. :Q- N-P97 Team Has Unfortunate But Spirited Season The Varsity Field Hockey team, this year coached by Cherie Angier, hit a streak of bad luck. They had three wins, seven losses and one tie, but their spirit was always up. The field hockey season was high- lighted by a visit from lean Dewars, a coach from Scotland, who was tour- ing the United States, and coaching field hockey teams from various schools. The girls picked up a num- ber of important pointers which they hope to capitalize on next year. This year three juniors, Elaine Cushman, Nancy McNulla and jenny Broughton moved up to become Varsity players, and made a valuable contribution to the team. Front: Fagan, 1. Emerson, 1. Broughton, K. Epstein. Second Row: S. Plankey, K. Miles, C. N. McNulla, 1. Marshall lmgr.l. Scoreboard Ver ennes , O . 0 g Milton pp1 0 S. Burlington 3 1 Mt. Mansfield 1 1 1 Mt. Abe H 2 5 B.F.A. S 0 3 Milton 1 0 S. Burlington 1 0 ' at Mt. Mansfield 1 1 MY-Abe ,i . 5 B:Ef.A. i .,..,.. 0 '1 Middlebury is S1 T ludy slugs hard as loanne, Elaine, and Laura are ready to assist. l.V. Field Hockey Team for 1974 ends season with 0-2-3 record. Front: Lisa Ouelette, Kim Smith, Lori Danyow. Meredith Mills, Karen McDermott, lanie McEvilla. ck: Coa ch Cherie Angier, Ruth Fitzgerald, Lisa Mills, Barbara Martinec, Karen Epstein, Tammy Barrows, Lori Adams, Cheryl Aunchman iMgr.l Jeb Rossiter Assistant Coach, Not Pictured: Marie Polchies. Lori Danyow, lane McEvilla and Ruth Fitzgerald wait eagerly for the ball, ready to jump into action. j.V. Girls Keep Cn Smiling Through It All!!! This year's j.V. team went through a lot of ups and downs but somehow managed to come out smiling. Their overall record was 0-2-3. There were nine new players on the team this year who had never played field hockey before. The girls worked learning a lot of the fundamentals and you could see later in the season that they had really improved. Boys Brin W HONJQ' Home 4th Place In States Ken Epstein congratulates Steve Burlock on his first place win at the quad eet between Missisquoi, Otter Valley, Rice, 8: Vergennes. WSH Front: T. O'Brien, B. Vincent, R. Yantz, S. Burlock, S. Farnsworth, 1. Kerr, L. Senesac, R. Blacklock, P. Leach, R. Godard, 1. Tisbert, Coach Crown. Back: T. Tisbert, K. Epstein, B. Smith, R. Fitzgerald, D. Franklin, K. Wernhoff, M. Flemming, I. Birkett. Not Pictured: P. Tynan, I. Abair. The Boy's Cross Country team had a great season. Hard work and practice paid off, and the boys brought home a 14 win, 4 loss record, giving Coach Merle Crown over 200 career victories as a Cross Country Coach. The team went on to place 5th in the Champlain Valley League, 3rd in the Green Mountain League, and 4th in the State meet. Steve Bur- lock proved to be a particularly valuable asset, consistently taking first place. Vermont State Meet Placed Name 9th Steve Burlock 25th Randy Yantz 28th Dana Franklin 33rd Ralph Fitzgerald 35th Paul Leach 40th Ray Godard 42nd john Tisbert Girls Have An Impressive Season ,fn-11. .aww-, ..., ,,. V R' 5 t ,N 3 R 1:1 4 VN 'W f L' f' Wff'f'A'W U" xv -W Kfrs -Z-NT:--.--7-K. , M N,AL .,,,,.,, . A . ,...,- .,..,,,,,,. ,. , ,. , K - A3 Af 02' ttf '11 f' il L f 5, ,iii is 'ee A 'ss -Nl 5 C can-uv-warhnlngigl V i ' I Q5 JV , V N M K M. ,hy ,Rx N 7, ' W t f , '-'L .. -- T. ' I Q ..- W fr.. am 'it' . sf a er . 'if ,r bi 1 pt , ' 1 1, lf v :A - , A ' - ily , "1 . .h A s 0 gg X, C is ' , . '- lx S. X" l '- ,Y-Y . Q ' "LA e 3 .sr JW! I. , y is 3 XXSG' 5' 'WM ' , 'W hw , 1' l Sitting: julie Chase, Susie Wilson, Kneeling: Cindy Provost, jenny Emerson, Pam Provost, Laurie Allo. Standing: janet Villeneuve lmgr.i, Cindy Yantz, Lu- Anne Ringer, Dianne Villeneuve, Cindy Cooke, Nancy Marshall, Coach Bar- tlett. Not Pictured: Fran Senesac, Pat Sheerinj, Darlene Whitcomb, Betsy Adams, Diana Booth, Lisa Laflin, Kelly McKinnon, Abby Pollender, Anne Pol- lender, Lynn Ritchie, Diane Rittwage, Beth Torry. The Girl's Cross Country team had a very impressive season, with twelve wins and seven losses. The girls ran their best race of the season against Montpelier, winning 35 to 20. In this meet Cindy Cooke placed first, Cindy Yantz 2nd, Cindy Provost 4th, LuAnne Ringer 5th and Pam Provost 8th. The dedicated Vergennes runners did their part to break in the new cross country course, and could be seen most evenings, working to better their times. Their efforts gave them a 3rd place in the Champlain Valley League meet, a 3rd in the Green Mountain League meet and a 7th place in the Vermont State Meet. And they're offll arsity Wrestlers Win 2nd In States The Varsity Wrestling team capped a successful 15- 5 season's record with a second place win in the state tournament. loe Bodette placed first in the 98 lb. class, Mike Kittredge was 2nd in the 119 lb. class, and David Kittredge placed 2nd in the UNL weight class. David lost with only seconds left in the match. These three wrestlers competed in the New England matches, held this year in Massachusetts. The team will lose four strong senior wrestlers - loe Bodette, Dana Devine, Tom Tisbert and Matt ler- ry - but hopefully they will have good replace- ments from thel.V. team. SCHOOL Fair Haven Missisquoi Mt. Abraham Harwood B.F.A. Middlebury lC.V.U. Essex lunct. Spaulding St. lohnsbury Mt. Mansfield SCOREBOARD V.U.H.S.-OPP. V.U.H.S.-OPP 47-10 ' 41-15 57- 9 53- 0 24-28 23-21 43-15 42- 9 36-10 37- 9 8-37 18-23 41-20 36-20 19-22 52- 6 25-33 30-18 31-17 . Q If L. Wrestlers intently watch another team member on the mat. Phil Russert pushes fOr a pin against B.F.A. Kneeling - joe Bodette, Greg Sleeper, Dennis Gendreau, Mike Kittredge, Nick Martinec, Dana Devine. Standing - David Kit tredge, Matt lerry, Phil Russett, Tom Tisbert, jacques Litch, Bob Belanus and Coach McNamara. .V. Wrestlers Have A Fine Season JK l.V. Wrestlers: Kneeling - Daryll Fulford, Terry Brace, Brian Kayhart, Mike Roberts, Tom Bodette and Scott lackson. Standing john Tisbert, Art Miller, Randy Provencher, Randy Jerome, Pat tynan, Tom O'Brien and Coach leff Minns. john Tisbert is the victor. -scoiggaoxan 3 MEM USXTHEM Fair Haven 49-12 30- 9 Missisquoi . 24- 0 21-12 Mt. Abraham 21-24 47-19 Harwood 13- 3 22-12 B.F.A. 26-35 21-43 Middlebury ' 26-42 48-18 C.V.U. 36- 0 50-19 Essexlct. 47-15 The l.V. team finished the season with an excel lent 13-4 record. Sixteen wrestlers participated in the Western Regional Tournament, and three of these boys, P. Angier, D. Carney and P. Tynan, made the semi-finals, taking 3rd, Of the six who went to the finals, Terry Brace, Chris Campbell, jacques Litch and Phil Russett placed 2nd. Tom Lefebvre and john Tisbert also finished with ex- cellent matches. Top l.V.'s wrestled at the Varsity State Meet at Essex and john Tisbert became state champion, winning his match 4-2. Tom Lefebvre was the runner-up in the 105 wt. class. Wrestling Aux. Keeps The Spirit a l Wrestling Auxilary: Marie Polchies, Lorri Field, leannine Litch, Barb Martinec, Lori Davis and Lisa Ouellette. The Wrestling Auxilary cheers the team to victory. ,4- Wrestling Aux. Captain, Barb Martinec. if This year's Wrestling Auxilary contained six very energetic girls. These girls attended each match with enough oranges and spirit to keep both Varsity and l.V. wrestlers going strong. At home meets they kept the scores posted on the chalk board, and through- out the season they helped keep up the team spirit, even when things looked bad for Vergennes. C-ymnasts Grow In Skill And Courage Gymnastics team: Front Row - Lori Kerr, janet Villeneuve, Lori Danyow. Back Row - Mary jane Adams, Dani Fulfordjjayne Mc- Evilla, jody McEvilla, jenny Emerson, jocelyn Charbonneau, Lori Adams. Not pictured: Mary Ann Gendreau and Merdi Mills. Dani Fulford gracefully finishes her routine on the beam. The Gymnastics team is one of the school's youngest competitive teams, this being only its second year. Consequently, there are many fresh- men and sophomores participating, and the im- provement from the beginning of the season was tremendous. The gymnasts competed in about 16 meets, and early in january their scores averaged about 26. By the final meets in March, the team score had climbed to 60. With the help of Coach Cheri Angier, the girls jayne McEvilla performs her floor exercise for thejudges. worked out their Own I'0utll'1ES on the beam, floor and uneven bars, and learned various vaults for the horse. Cheerleaders Generate Spirit 'ii K Q ' I R?" , ' ' ' ,ins 3 5' Q ir 1 l '. .Y , gn' Susie Shortsleeves Tammy Barrows Captain Kim Nuttal Mary Ringer Cathy Hughes C C 4 'K X .ilu ' Debby Barre Susie Plankey Varsity Cheerleaders in group formation. N- - N' ,CP 1- C' gf Q2 Qtr T, gf? A, 4q,A 62 ' , Q F4 Q7 rt- 5- of if I T '11 , v Ed' 7 To 'xv TC' ,, Zu- '1 Q2 . 59 Q Y CC' 2 fs if f 7 CRXF 0 62,70 Laurie Heath Lesli Ritchie Karen lerome junior Varsity Cheerleaders show their best form. i 3 E T Phyllis Lowry, Captain lt's fun - but also work The Varsity Cheerleading squad worked hard to prepare and energetically perform their routines during the 4- month-long basketball season. Under the leadership of Kim Nuttal, Captain, the i four juniors and 3 seniors on the squad made sure the gym was constantly rever- Shalom Bake' berating with cheers, as well as bouncing balls. The junior Varsity Cheerleaders also had a lot of spirit, and this group consisted of four freshmen and two sophomores. Phyllis Lowry was Captain and Laurie Laflin Co-Captain. The girls began working on jumps, chants and techniques in October, and they perfected about thirteen floor cheers and numerous bench cheers to help the l.V. on to victory. Both squads traveled with the boys, from Mt. Abraham to Richford, and with nine home games, the townspeople had ample chance to see the girls in action. Mrs. Fran Allo served as advisor to the cheerleaders. Laurie Laflin fi 'Eb-1,7 ,Q A7 QQSQQ gaflgzb fig. T. gp Xf . ,Az , if ww M x i' age . xx A I I Qin. X 1 -4, rid-'W'o-, QM. I ACTIVITIES 5,3 iw may mark!! V - ,, , ' K ' 111' , 1, 4' Q, A - 1 ' . A .E 1 xiii sf, QQ 43 1 'iii fy la, Standing: L. Heath, K. Myers, L. Laflin, 1. Sheerin, D. O'Bryan. Kneeling: I. 'ia Coffey, N. Sears, A. Duany and P. Leach. nd Works In Communit skill rug, ' it ' The Pep Club committee makes a gallant effort to boost school spirit. tt . .1getyqggifg-f.Tw.r'gt1?v.5QiAi':j,Exsfw4g,f.5F!if5:-ifZ4Qrivwf':1get-:ft:i.1f3S"Lg:313a3'-graves AAif,Vyq.55W., f .3 twsaarff.-s.,.w Y r. 1 f4."'.mxx-he w.1:'lifm aw-xv no.. 1: M . wrfffft-'P'.,, Wu. t , i .H 1 4 i . A" .k' Freshman Day greaser, Lesli Ritchie, carries a book about "greasers", while Lori Danyow stoops to tie a Dean Muniz washes an unusual car, to raise money for Council activities handy shoe. W 74:2 f:'7f"f Qi , awww- M 'gf Members of the Student Council sold "Vergennes" sweaters in the fall. Clubs Encourage Students To I France .X 4x French Club members. Standing: T. Ansell, P. Schroeder, D. Rittwage, K. Cole, K. Jerome, L. Mills, B. Sisters, I. Pollender, I. Gaines and Mrs. Crocker, advisor. Sitting: R. FitzGerald, R. Warren, L. Turpin and C. Yandow. Two activities which continued to meet this year were French Club and Chess Club. The French Club sponsored a trip to Montreal in November and enjoyed touring a wax museum and St. loseph's Shrine, and had lunch at Le Crepe Bretagne. At Christmas they learned French carols and entertained the community on a caroling outing. The Chess Club gave 21 students a chance to exercise their problem-solving capacities by holding matches during activity periods. The elected officers were Ted Murin - president, joe Gaines - vice-president, Mark Wilson - treasurer and Charles Bemis - secretary. Chess Club members. 3rd Row: I. Polchies, M. Wilson, 1. Pollender, S. Tucker, S. Wilbur, I. Gaines, K. Haggett, C. Bemis, T. Murin, D. Bannister, S. Barrows, and Mr. Mc- Kinnon, advisor. 2nd Row: 1. Roberts, 1. Glover, D. Fulford and T. Yandow. Sitting: W. Reed and I. O'Brien. Not pic- tures: K. Bannister. Broaden Their Experience Travel Club members. Standing: Mrs. Crocker, D. Whitcomb, C. Hughes, D. Villeneuve, L. Potter, K. Pollender, D. Miller and Mrs. Norton. Kneeling: B. Austin, 1. Pollender, C. Yandow, I. Emerson, S. Burlock. Not pictured: R. FitzGerald. .xx '-.., F I"Sv,:Y . .4 ,L :U - of fa -- ff' 'v U " .. -"'---. "" T 3343 Li: J: 11-' ZZ -,lfillgl 'Tl . .., .W V, 5 pcm Ski Club members. N. Sears, K. Epstein, S. Wilson, T. Clark, F. Senesac, D. Palmore, I. Pol- chies, B. Hall, B. Mitchell, K. Dickerson, M. Wilson, K. Bannister, T. Hitt and S. Kilbride. Ruth FitzGerald and Kate Pollender discuss the high price of going to Paris. Both the Ski and Travel Clubs emphasized move- ment from one place to an- other, the difference being the distances involved. The Travel Club worked to fi- nance a spring tripto France, holding countless dime-a- dip suppers, food sales and a telephone directory sale. Sponsored by Mrs. Crocker and Mrs. Norton, the group planned a two-week visit to Paris and the chalet region of France. The Ski Club got off the ground slowly due to poor snow conditions and little interest, although consider- able interest in cross-coun- try skiing has grown out of the physical education classes. The club sponsored Saturday trips to Snowball ski area and sold concessions at sports events to finance an overnight skitrip. F.F.A. Serves The Communit l i F.F.A. members. First Row: 1. Barry, R. lerome, B. Many, I. Breur, R. Condon, M. Husk, T. Bodette, M. jerry, K. Flynn, I. Abair, I. Clark, H. Dykema, B. Dam, S. Delphia. Second Row: Advisor H. Boyce, R. Brunet, P. Wildasin, R. Dessuralt, 1. Guillemette, I. Tatro, P. lewell, L. Kandzior, T. Langeway, I. Bull, 1. Kipp, F. Miller, H. DeGraaf, D. Miner and P. Curler. The Future Farmers of America is a group of boys who are taking vocational courses either here at Ver- gennes or at the Vocational Center in Middlebury. They work with the local garden club to beautify the city, and earn money by roto-tilling people's gardens in the spring and snow plowing in winter. The tractor the group purchased 5 years ago was paid offthis year. Popular F.F.A. activities are the carnivals held with the Middlebury and Mt. Abe F.F.A. groups at which stu- dents compete in such areas as tractor skills, chopping wood and basketball. 100 F.F.A. Officers: H. Boyce - Advisor, lohn Kipp - treasurer, Frank Miller - reporter, Tom Langeway - president, john Bull- vice-president, Harold Degraaf - secretary, and Peter Cur- ler - sentinel. Vocational Center Trains For jobs Ill' Mary Ringer and Laurie Brigan study bookkeeping. Mary lane Adams, Crysta Shepard, Diane Schroeder and Jody Charbon- neau wait for the bus in front of the Vocational Center. This year the Addison County Vocational Center has become an increasingly impor- tant part of V.U.H.S. Seventy-five students now go to Middlebury each school day for a wide variety of learning experiences. The courses range from Child Care Aid to Office Machine Repair, and from Health Occupa- tions to Building Trades. Most of the stu- dents are involved in only one program, but some take two courses. The Vocational Cen- ter rounds out the curriculum of the school and supplies a very much needed service to the area. Mike Chapman, Kim Burnham, and Steve Senesac "rest" between classes. Honor Society Rewards Top Honor Society induction was held this year the day before Thanksgiving vacation, and the inductees and their parents were entertained at a reception after the ceremo- ny. The most exciting happening at the cere- mony was the lighting of Lorraine Strada's hair along with the traditional candle light- ing. The group supported an Indian girl as a service project and had several fund-raising activities to contribute to this cause. Laureen Condon lights the candle of scholarship. Honor Society members. Sitting: S. Sweet, B. Irion, L. Condon, Mrs. Crocker, L. Strada, M. Whitcomb and M. jerry. Standing: 1. Sheerin, R. Godard, R. FitzGerald, l. Coffey, G. Elzinga, S. Provencher, D. O'Brien, I. Villeneuve, I. Emerson and S. Hodgman. A 1 n Whether in the library, the front office or the nurse's office, the school aides provide a valu- able service to teachers and students. They do much day-to-day "busy work", and in the pro- cess gain experiences and responsibilities which contribute to their own growth. These students, who give of their time without pay or special recognition, deserve a word of thanks and praise. Aides Help Gut ith Illini .-W Kay Husk and Kim Smith look up from their morning duties. able , .. , . .-- -'-- - --we - ' Office aides: W. Campbell, A. Tracy, K. Husk, L. Thomas, K. Oxholm, A. Duany, 1. Tatro and K. Smith. Dolly Coyle, Rose chins and David arious Responsibilities l ox l ' ,,-'H-nr'-.-4. Nurse's Aides: C. Fagan, S. Parot, D. Roberts, L. Menard, D. Schroeder, H. Franklin. ue their literary inter- R 1-..------ .-v' Library Aides: L. Ryan, M. LaLumiere, K. Oxholm, D. Claflin, M. Rivait and M. Badore. Seniors Amuse Audience With ' i FHQNJ Tully Bascomb iSoctt Provencherl, and Duchess Gloriana XII , , Barry Tracy, Don VanDeWeert, Matt 1erry,and Steve Dugan, iClare Fagani make plans for their wedding. Meeting of Gloriana's Court- Kathy Miles, Matt lerry, Steve Casavant, Steve Dugan, joe Bodette, Barry Tracy, Nelson Sears, Don VanDeWeert, Scott Provencher, Clare Fagan, Mike Chapman, Don Palmore and lean Sheerin. "The Mouse That Roared" -'anna . . in by S 'Tw' The. Seniors entertained the school and Q' gh community in February with a two-act comedy, "The Mouse That Roared". The cast included Clare Fagan, Nelson Sears, Don Palmore, Scott Provencher, Michelle Dickerson, Steve Dugan, g., Mike Chapman, Sue Plankey, Joanne Emerson, Steve Casavant, loe Bodette, Kathy Miles, Lory Ritchie, Mark Gebo, Barry Tracy, Don Van- DeWeert, Skip Stanley, Matt jerry, Kim Nuttal, ludy Browe, Lorraine Strada, Beth Dibler, Di- ane O'Bryan, jean Sheerin and Barb Irion. lay Rogers directed the play with the assist- ance of Nancy Cornell. Pete Tucker helped backstage with lights and props, and the cos- tumes were borrowed from Middlebury Col- lege's Drama Department. Many of the seniors in the cast have been the' backbone of past school productions, and their efforts were again a success. the mighty Grand Fenwick army, wait for their cue backstage. l l if X MYS- BaSCOmb llean Sheerinl, Sec. of State tMike Chaprnanl, and Mr. Ioe Bodette as Prof. Kokintz, worries about the safety of his Benton fDon Palmorel, walt expectantly for Gloriana's fClare Faganl bomb, announcement. Yearbook Emerges Graduall , Yearbook members. 1st Row: L. Menard, I. Barry, N. Sears, K. Nuttall, 1. Villeneuve, L. Strada, L. Condon, L. jackson and Mrs. DiPiero, advi- sor. 2nd Row: L. Miller, T. Ansell, B. Gardner, L. Little, R. Heath, D. Rittwage, 1. Mailloux, A. Pidgeon. 3rd Row: P. Elzinga, W. Elzinga, K. Cole, L. Aunchman, L. Farley, K. Oxholm, C. Pidgeon, and E. Kneeshaw. 4th Row: 1. Bodette, L. Ritchie, K. Dickerson, K. Royce, K. Mc- Dermott, A. Tracy, M. LaLumiere, 1. Marsh, S. Burlock and D. Miller. Yearbook section heads: 1st Row: C. Pidgeon - activities, B. Gardner - junior section and asst. editor, K. Royce - faculty section. 2nd Row: A. Tracy -activities, S. Burlock and I. Bodette - sports, D. Rittwage -junior high section. 108 This year's yearbook staff has been really busy, with never a dull moment or a lack of something to do. Each member has some re- sponsibility, whether it be making lay-outs, taking photographs, writing copy, typing, doing art work or proof reading. Only a staff member realizes how much work is involved - the hours of work after school, the many con- sultations with advisors and pho- tographers, the rush sessions to meet a deadline. The staff hopes the 1974-75 yearbook has cap- tured the special moments which everyone will want to remember. . ,A E is 5 ' S f 'Q 1 I 5 f ' 1 A Q xx 1 xx ,ix X Yearbo Editor Edie Kneeshaw. Laureen Cond Busnness Manager A ff ,gf I fzff 1 . . 'NN , V, .4 if' .:, CJ 3 ftffg 2 A :silt -.v -A -- Q -1-ml. Students Have Activity Choice juniors planning for their prom. janet Villeneuve and Diane O'Brien painting their blocks above the se- nior lockers. Aside from the school's officially registered clubs, students could participate in other special activities once a week during activity peri- od. Mr. johnson ran the photography club, and taught students to take pho- tographs and then develop and print them. Mr. Mc- Namara sponsored a guitar club. Other activities which met at some time during the year were "Cooking With Apples", a knitting and cro- cheting club, Bible study, art club and the junior prom committee. A somewhat less official activity was invented by the seniors when they received permission to paint the walls above their lockers. The space was divided into indi- vidual blocks , and the re- sulting poster-like designs made their hall the most enviable spot in school. N-j Above - Knitting and crocheting, without mistakes?! Below - What's Michelle Dickerson painting -the wall or Carol Mitchell? f Winter Carnival Proves Amusing juniors Laura and lody Charbonneau soundly defeat seniors Dana Franklin and Ray Godard in the three-legged race. Artie Miller steers lohn Tisbert in the wheelbarrow race. Lori Field get off to a jolly start. I,-rf' . Students pause from snow sculpturing in front of the school. Sophomores Luanne Ringer and Seniors defeated juniors in a rousing volleyball game. Winter Carnival this year was very eventful, beginning February 10th during activity period with class competitions in the three-legged and wheelbarrow races, basketball and tug-o-war. Throughout the week students were involved in other matches, such as field hockey, ping- pong, wrestling, wrist wrestling, table hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, chess, ice hockey, races and football. And of course there was the an- nual judging of snow sculptures. A new event this year to determine the Win- ter Carnival King was Friday's "hush day." All the girls wore tags with their names on them and weren't allowed to talk between classes. If a boy could get a girl to talk, he was entitled to her tag. The boy with the most tags, loe Bod- ette, was crowned King at the Winter Carnival dance February 14. gs is N7 My good Jbstcik , Q4 ww oc Watt " ' had QZLLAAL HOLL , T Students Enjo "VernTeWiHeritage" .sg Q0 Q B tg Q Q Eli .5 g i bg gohn Bower of Middlebury College, explains ski tourning methods nd equipment. QE It Sw! f' J Soi "" xDavid Smith amuses students til x with his "Vermont Humor". W Arthur Healy, well-known artist, talks of the area's history and heritage. , ,H .. . . K KJ ix -5 4 i oqir f x Human Values Days have been a part of the V.U.H.S. cur- riculum for several years, and were initiated with the idea of broadening students' experience in specific areas. This year's Human Values afternoon, held in November and organized by Mrs. Maida Crocker, was entitled "Vermont Heritage". After a general presentation in the auditorium, and a slide show of the bicentennial committee's plans for reviv- ing Vermont's 1867 transportation system for next year's celebeation, students attended smaller sessions of their own choice. There were 21 different sections available, and they covered a wide range of topics, from folk dancing and country music, to antique cars, Vermont humor, Indian ar- tifacts and salmon fishing. Most students enjoyed the change in pace, and the chance to hear outside speakers. Q I l , .sr ,- Q , .. S Q ' .- 'i ' 'LJ . 1' 1 l . 'gs li .few .V gi . V. Y, in pk -..-,Kg wifi H I 2,4 5 sw: "' ff'75..,+ s Y .. gfsf, .rf , Mary lane DiPiero shows students how to rub tombstones. jf i Harry Grabenstein demonstrates how to make and play a dulci- Ben Bergstein of U.V.M. folk dancing club sho:gFDarlene er. I ould and Lori Adams some new steps. , . fl 21.7 'QfV'Wl'N f ' A' nfflnff fx lginpvlrlgyf ti y - - A 1 I mwmwfawwmwmww om WW dt mow mf on V Tlf f ' The Three One Acts In Competition ii xAFl l 1-pn.: navy-.. lain. il . i T . T. pr . 5 .Six f xc 1 X f it 1 . if - T Q il A A 1 si O :IP ' ' -. . ' ,...c W .. ' 515 V Delia iKim Nuttall and Edie tPhyllis Lowryi discuss Edie's approaching death, over a cup of coffee. Three one-act plays competed in March, for the right to represent V.U.H.S. in the District contest at Mt. Abraham. The winning play at the Dis- trict goes to Regionals, and each year two plays from that contest represent Vermont in the All New England com- petition in Boston. "Owl", directed by Mrs. Maida Crocker, was a comedy in which the main character Uoe Pollenderl tries to buy an owl. When the doctor iTracy Chamberlainb proves difficult, Mr. Franklin turns into an owl himself and attacks. Another comedy, "No One Wants to Know", was directed by Ms. Nancy Cornell, and involved a couple tKim Nuttal and Nelson Searsi, who have just won the lottery but are both dying. Nelson dies gloriously in a sea of ket- sup, having been stabbed on the way home. Wayne Ganson directed "The Re- cantation of Galileo Galilei", a serious drama in which Mark Wilson as Gali- leo, finally gives in to the authorities and takes back his contention that the earth is round. ,f if ,,., , Q 5 , fig ig, rf 5 is 1 , 1 in w 1 ns., Y - F,,,.,,.... i "Owl" cast: Kathy Epstein, Lela Claflin, Brenda limmo, joe Pollender and Tracy Chamber- Ben L. Franklin U09 Pollender! In quiring about an owl from recep tionist Miss Dross lKathy Epsteinl 9' sues "No One Wants To Know" cast: Beth Dibler, Kim Nuttal, Mark Gebo Steve Casavant Phyllis Lowry and Nelson Sears. Not pictured are Mary Haines and Sue Charbonneau Tom Mark Wilson. , . y i 3, vi Z 4 3 . . , .3 3 Z 9 ri K 4 2,5 cast: liner Villeneiive, jane 2' 1, ,r r Z -I 1 6 553253 I i1.g'wp3'-1-f-412'-Fi" ,, .JA JUNICDI2 HIGH MLM-, , if . -5 A 1 . Fall Sports Teams Are Enthusiastic .JV-... Soccer team: Kneeling - Mike St. Onge, Richie St. Onge, Dwayne Fulford, Dana Russett, Kevin Weeks, john Polchies, john Rob- erts, Floyd Smith, Bob Morris, Frank Bushey, Sean Barrows, Todd Reed, Kevin Delphia. Standing - Tom Brigan, Carl Bushey, jim Leach, Scott Chase, David Marshall, Andy Messenger, jon O'Brien, Phil O'Brien, Tim Bicknell, Ron Epstein, Bill Katz, David Bicknell, Tim Price, Manager jack Tynan and Coach jeff Minns. The two fall sports which occupied much of the junior high's energy were soccer and field hockey. The boys' soccer team had a fairly successful season, with 6 wins, 5 losses and one tie. They had practices almost every day, and with the help of Coach jeff Minns, the players developed their skills considerably. For the first time, the junior high girls had the opportunity to play field hockey as an organized group. They began with an enormous amount of enthusiasm, and won their first game against Wi- nooski, 1 to 0. They lost both their games with Mid- dlebury, but by the final game they had improved greatly. Soccer Scoreboard V.U.H.S. OPPONENT 0 Mississquoi 5 3 Mt. Abraham 1 0 Otter Valley 0 0 Milton 1 2 Otter Valley 1 0 Mississquoi 5 4, Middlebury 0 6 Mt. Abraham 1 3 Middlebury 0 1 Milton 2 3 Charlotte 2 2 Charlotte 3 Field Hockey Team: Top Row -jackie Mailloux, Wendy Dickerson, Tara Kilbride, Beth Torrey, Kelly Mills, Kelly McKinnon, Dianna Booth, Lynn Ritchie, Lisa Laflin, Carol Fagan, Sharon Parrot. Middle Row - Kim Delorme, Mary Chapman, Kelly Brinkman, Sally Pierce, Bonnie Dickerson, Betsy Adams, Melady Camp, Cheryl Brinkman. Bottow Row - Cheryl jimmo, Sharon Rooney, Lisa Turpin, Robin Warren, Diane Rittwage, Anne Pidgeon, Donna Hodg- man, Lindy Guyette. jr. High Wins 2nd ln Tournament 7th Grade Basketball Team: Seated - Coach S. Lynk, F. Smith, K. Weeks, G. Cur- ler, T. Brigan, R. St. Onge. Standing - I. Dam, P. O'Brien, T. Bicknell, R. Epstein, R. Morris, D. Russett. lim Leach at the line, while Greg Browe and Carl Bushey look on. Both the 7th and 8th grade basket- ball teams won more games than they lost this year. The 8th grade played 11 games and won 6 of them, the 7th grade won 4 out of 6. The boys worked hard throughout the season, and their efforts paid off when they placed 2nd in the late February tournament. Four schools played in this tournament, Otter Valley taking 1st, Middlebury 3rd and Mt. Abraham 4th, W' Coach Lynk with Phil O'Brien, Dana Russett and Richie St. Onge between QLIBTIETS. 8th Grade Basketball Team: Seated - Coach Lynk , S. Farnsworth, E. Dionne, D. Senesac, T. Price, I. Roberts, G. Browe, K. Haggett Standing - S. Chase, W. Wager, K. Brooks, C. Bushey, I. O'Brien, K. LeCompte, I. Leach, I. Polchies. Girls Win All Their Games Practices began December 4th for v--M. the junior High Girls' Basketball team, and were held twice a week until Feb- ruary. Although only two games were scheduled, both against Mt. Abraham, the girls won both times, and were anx- ious to try their skills against more opponents. They were coached by it Mrs. ludy Cushman and Lynn Cushman was assistant coach. Top Left- Chris Fagan being guarded by her Mt. Abraham opponents. Top Right - Lisa Brunet, Abby- Pollender and Rose Hutchins play on de- fense. Lower Right - Lisa Brunet and Abby Pol- lender reach for a rebound. l-I . ff- . o H X Y, xl:-,:vY':ll xxx w I .1 it ' f en ul 6 junior High Girls' Basketball Team: Top Row - A. Pidgeon, D. Rittwage, S. Pierce, I. Mailloux, K. Tynan, L. Gebo, R. Warren, D. McGowan, M. Husk, L. Field. Middle Row - C. Fagan, I. Field, L. Brunet, A. Pollender, A. Pollender, B. Dickerson, K. McKinnon, P. Schroeder, L. Williams. Bottom Row - C. Brinkman, L. Turpin, L. Haines, N. jerry, S. Rooney, N. Jewell, Mgr. S. Parrot, Coach ludy Cushman. jr. High Cheerleaders Are The Best Ever k figw?.,,.t.t,: - Upper Left - Monica Carran, Upper Right - Lyndie Guyette, Lower Left - Lisa Laflin, Lower Middle - Chris Fagan, Lower Right- Laurie Allo. ers made up the group, and they cheered at all 7th and 8th boys' bas- ketball games, and at the girls' games too. Mrs. Fran Allo, advisor, attended many practices and gave the girls encouragement and ideas. The peppy junior High Cheerlead- ers practiced 2 or 3 times a week dur- ing the basketball season, making up their own cheers and working to become the best junior high squad ever. Five 7th graders and two 8th grad- lr. High Cheerleaders: Laurie Allo, Lyndie Guyette, Lisa Laflin, Chris Fagan, Diana Booth, Monica Carran and Tara Kilbride. Tara Kilbride Diana Booth Wrestlers Begin Season Late ,. ,WM 7th and 8th graders competing in the Winter Carnival. lunior High Wrestling Team: Back Row - P. O'Brien, S. Bejons, D. Rose, M. Russett, S. Kittredge, P. Smith, R. Sumner, O. Miedema. Middle Row - D. Benolt, T. Coyle, D. Carney, R. Fairbrother, M. Merrigan, A. Bolduc, D. Bicknell, I. Kerr. Kneeling - T. Reed, M. Mills, 1. Polchies, 1. Merrigan, K. Weeks, D. Carney, B. Grover, A. Tisbert. The lunior High Wrestlers, coached by Mr. Minns, were not able to begin their sea- son until early March. They had several spring matches scheduled. Their major win- ter performance was at the Winter Carnival, when the 7th graders competed against the 8th, Mark jackson wins match against john Roberts. Gymnasts Work To Gain Experience Gymnastics Team: First Row - L. lennings, K. Weeks, W. Dickerson, B. Torrey, T. Dessureault. Second Row - Coach Mrs. Angier, L. Ritchie, T. Wilbur, D. Francis, B. Adams. Third Row - M. Chapman, K. Mills, D. Hogeman. Back Row - K Delorme, K. Brinkman, l. Emerson. l l julie Chase on horse. A junior High Gymnastics program was begun by Mrs. Angier this year in order to give younger girls some experience before they reach high school. The girls competed during Winter Carnival, 7th against 8th grade, and hoped to have some regular meets later in the spring. They worked on floor routines, uneven bars, vaulting and the beam. Beth Torrey works on the uneven bars jr. High Students Are Busy With Above - Diane Rittwage and Kelly Tynan give Mr. Fi- tzpatrick a lift. Right -A scene in study hall. Lower Left- Rose Hutch- ins and Kim Ross escort Miss Kulig to class. Lower Right - Ann Pidgeon, jackie Mailloux, loan Marsh, Kelly Tynan and Diane Rittwage work on yearbook. Xu The Current Events team spent many hours preparing for their spring competition, determined to bring the trophy home with them. Pictured here are team members john Marsh, Rodney Blacklock, Steve Farnsworth and Kristy Oxholm. Not shown are Bill Katz and Coach Mrs. Pam Cox. , . .-N255 523-K 5 ' r .Sl Am N n Activities Official And Unofficial Above Left - Ben Dykema and lim Dam blow their horns. Above Right - Kim Ross serves as an up- side-down welcoming committee. Left - Mrs. Allo and her study hall gang, Mark Sabourin, Todd Reed and Vickie Gilbert. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '75 FROM: 3525 SPONSORSHIPS AMERICAN LEC-ION POST 414 CIAINES INSURANCE 5520 SPONSORSHIPS CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE YANDOW-IRION GRAIN CO. 3515 SPONSORSHIPS LC. BALFOUR CO. LEBEAU 84 O'BRIEN CO. A 84 D AUTOMOTIVE DEVINE'S SALES 84 SERVICE ' FOOTES INSURANCE FRIENDS OF THE CLASS OF 75 Qi. :L Q . Ebfzgt S553 'I' 3' c:'0 .J v 5 5,-ifgqlofioiilfe 8-OIT-5 mg' w -f 0..:5If,w3 GI s :Ir Agligfm 'U +5 fm-'53 Q., ggwqq ffn-O JEQT v 536,252 'QUEES o 1 g 6-I5QaI'I'5 J' . Cya 31' 3 ' Q NJ R-I-QQ dm-5 W wi-IO' si' E5 ,QB UE J T ' - ,3 vw AN fi FISHMANS DEPT. STORE ERIS PORTRAITS VERGENNES FURNITURE DAIGNEAULT'S COUNTRY STORE CITY BARBER SHOP VEROENNES BOOKSTORE lg HOSPITAL CREEK COTTACIES If BURPEE'SCnARACuE ALANW.WRICHTD.V.N. NORTHBURG MARKET KEN'SMARKET VERCENNESDISCOUNTSTORE IIMMO'SGARAGE VERENNES BUILDING SUPPLY WRISLEY'S BIKE SERVICE CIUYCHENCIS IHAWKINS BROTHERS MILLERS CHEVROLET ED 8: lEAN'S COUNTRY STORE -I S S 33.5 YS S S3 o 5 V2 Ti SCE 7 I 9 lo? ' , 'S 2 Q N 0 S' e 5 Ski 'II 3 S' ,g .C Q: J CHQ' 'IK Q Q 5 H Q v 7 5 A '37 V 'Q 5 'T QI 3 .0 -.p .Q 5 W 0 530 Q C-a Q Q wx W8 5 .4 TP 5 5 09 0 2 Q S 59 -J V xD Lf N 7F QL 3 -1' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '75 FROM: 558 SPONSORSHIPS 555 SPONSORSHIPS VHQCLUSEK I HAVENINSITEISA-'LIYSEEAG'IENCY . 1 V605-57-1 T10-UQ, RUssETT's FLOWER FARM Twyogeh Kmwsog QOQ. Yoo Owe, Csocxw 3 Sfwwi, 1QoYx5Q'QQvC.5orxA XOXSKAXMQHQQYQ more Qeopke, wx Rmb mor TCE WXQ, mx. S X 9 1009, Q 45 EXQQQCBQXKQCER J 7 A Time For Fooling Around was .Q , ants! VW, av r f Upper Left- Barb Irion and bag. Middle Left - Tom Casey, David Bannister and joe Pollender playing chess. Lower Left- Mr. Wheeler joins a senior mug shot. Lower Right - lean Sherrin with a friendly hose. And Continuing Movement Onward it manual ff nn 1i-..-0 - l m A. Wlfxs J 5 its ...J ft' ll., Y xxx t A ' -I ,Hcp ,. ' ilk.-'Yr Upper - Mike Brace, Molly Whitcomb and Tom Tisbert oppose juniors Sam Cutting, Wanda Elzinga and David Kit- tredge. Left - Sandy Hodgman and Mary Torrey trampo- lining. Right- Mary Lou Fisk at the Vocational School. 4if'fsQ,,,,2,,f.cww MW' g?xLw!J 65 7 jggggigi aybififvfg, M JQMM QQf,1, gZ.Lf3454f36wf?f'fiZi'f0g4ffif pwwdt ,nf icivvrijppwg ,ywwfk 46Y"'f"'J'f'1'U?'f'W w efo jJ2,,l,4cwv:'b ji? fs 02 591221 63 2 32? 2333 SP ggpyxx if,2 W 353 QQ Kg XA G 'if .A fL 'Ro 353552 me 'vw?gQjs.QgQ,gX 5 E O, Q -35 GU: -x M555 H553 'if Q9 QOGBBOX QX Q4-QOX ww gags. QJQQQ iE?ff?65g?95 Q JFQQKQQQQQ' my .0 JN x fif sb C1 vw -CBQOQ QS? Wx XY A Q QV X Q Q?5iQp, PX - O ON x0 O O N .-QF 7QJ59?Q7Cb OX Qqc SX Y G . . KSQX 5039 q!,D6O 7035 I W? 535 N9QS,Af 'Q Q Q55 3? 9 509 .OSS Q5 X 'S IS? Q5 Sak 1. ij. 1 ... v, . . .m ., " lfju, ' 4 4, I .. I - 'V s 4- ,- r A ak, , '- . ,i I' . ,w r E ri... ,X " Y ' . 31, 'x lv P . f-N' xl , X' 1, - t ,, . X 4 ,u 3 x . ,,. X A ng' Nix? 3 ' "- l".XN'5 -X., 'N ' ' 7-'VY' . Q . If--: QSX. I 'f U lc- xxx' G r gg u .-- ' " .. 1 ' s ' It ' - u ' X N -,.,,, . 1- J! W K 4 If-,A , 5tQi,g.wg, . 'vw r H E we L , L V I 114 Jr-Aft, Q-rw, W. :M qgah. I M ,X -5 ,. -. gi M ,yu 'V .,- :gif I . ...,, ,. , ,- . ,, it i .gh .1 - ' ' r-YQN-- ':-1""I42' , X. .H w .gm-.-1+ mf, . - " ..','- .' .4,....-..4---+"fI'n ,,-f"z' - 1 -" " A .j f ' 4 +-1 :M T , Q' " ' - ' ' I f 1- .144 A f - W. N 1 ftp' . .v Q X5 . " ' --fl., ,' ww . 4 1.x xxx H I Kr , in , " ,-'-5" .'."f ',-- ' ' " 1 1 " '57 ' lux +.QIT Q W, x lf. 'NJ l fy "-3.3 .xXx 4 HL' N, u ., ' 5 V "' Q ' A .V '-1,1 Q Q. ' 'g-T,-,p 'Qs'Q".'.- Uly' .-.- .' " - ' ' ' L - Hg ,+I ' N s.g 5.HFfi5- A -, I -. - - - ' 'PQ-4... 'Q' ' K ,N ,- x. . .l . ,, . , 44 4 N ,H - f- . f - Q -h -. 1 n X ', .X-:,,g' :1 ,I K. i ' N ' ' lx' 1. lk - 'mv I 5' - ,Xxx-.X '. . , ',. r -7Q. . YKN- 'l ni '-Q' 14.2-' N ' '- X . Ki' 1-fl ff, J' - "KA " - '. 'Q " ' ".u.T'-Q' T. '-if -n - we -- 2 ' 41 ,Ly .RL ' . ix' 5 ' A-Q . ' 5 il ,.-'iw If. R ' - -M 1 '- A ,J - . J- , -I-Q, ,-' ' 1 r',, .EQ 6 A if .- uv! - ' 'EQ-j' ' , '- . - - . ' -Nr 1 i , BXL-'L X N V ',' 'Hx-. 3 .- "5 ' '- . .- , ' 'KQV f Q, A ,' . s ' - -X - -3' if K. . .' - x '.. : J-2 5 V Amvqg ....g -5' .K-,Q , Q -' .X x, SL .N ' L ' ' . 'NF 'Km M. Q' 1' 'll X ' .f"" e 1 'T' 3' ' ' . yE'25'-ff,:- '53 'A N XS ax V, ,, , fn 1 . N, .. Q I ,Si - . 'I NX X 4. . ' f'. X X -' X .1-'s L X ' ' , ' v x- g, Q Q--.YQY Y" gag '. f - - . . ' . 'I 572'-Y Lv NH -- ' ' w -, .nf -x '.-- ---r: x - - ' " I - ': . - 'g 'NA' -' - v H ' ' 'Vx 5 'v ' X ' , - I ' "'.. . - " ' -Ii ' Q' x - N. Y ' S .- - fm . ' ' " ' 1 X ' .J iw I b - .s . i - 8 : -. ' .. 'ff -2. . 's , ' ' .:'2,- ., 1 Stephanie Price welcomes parents and friends of the class of '74 to the Graduation Program. The Faces of Graduation This year's Graduation Week was not very different from the one of previous years. The Baccalaureate Service on june 'IO opened the busy week for the Seniors. Marching practices, the completion of the last minute school res- ponsibilities, chats with friends, picnics, an Alumni Banquet and a final emotion-filled Graduation Day brought the week to a close. Each activity was special to the seniors as each one will carry the memories of this week throughout his or her life. Ellen Pratt receives congratulations in the reception fol- lowing graduation. 3 . Matt McDonald delivers a portion of the Class History dur- ing the Class Day Exercises. BELOW: Salutatorian Susie Parkinson and Valedictorian Peggy Husk before graduation. RIGHT: Curt Huizenga reads from the Class History on Class Day. Class of 1974 poses in june for final class picture Can you find yourself? Faces Show Emotions of Graduating Seniors LEFT: Senior Marshalls, Mike Brace and lean Sheerin. 'nr Peggy Husk, Diane Brown, Donna Hall, june Arnell Register different emotions. Cheryl Lowry and jill Charbonneau re- ceive congratulations in the receiving line following graduation. 'Skt Many Participate in Spring Sports Varsity Baseball Team - A. Miller, K. Burnham, D. Devine, S. Burlock, P. Leach, A. Flanagan, B. Brown, G. Bell, M. Chapman, S. Leach, C. Brooks. RIGHT -- Coach Ush- er, Manager Coffey , and players on the 1 sidelines. 1 junior Varsity Boys Baseball Team - 'Ist ROW: M. Sleeper, S. Burlock, T. Clark, K. Epstein, 1. Emerson, 2nd ROW: W. Brown, S. Cutting, K. Barrows, Coach Thibault, P. Curler, M. Gebo, R. Provencher. ..,f it Golf Team - Coach Connor, I Laflam, R. Briggs, Boys' Team Post Only Fair Record i Q - A . . si. ri lfxq. M. Wilson, S. Fountain, L. Mayer. Track Team - 'lst ROW: 1. Gaines, W. Katz, S. Farnsworth, D. Bicknell, P. Hammock, B. Hall. 2nd ROW: Coach Crown, R. Yantz, G. Andrews, 1. Tisbert, B. Donnelly, R. Godard, G. Cousino, N. Martinec, T. Barrows. 'D'- r-- r ft-5.7. ..,.. ,... . ,WW , it . . . . . . . . , -.L A . ., .. . . ,-- . . . . ,+. 1..,.. ,,-.LN W4 S' ' , 'J'-1. :FKIW .. . Fw W F. K4 .r,f W t .- . ,. 'W . .,1Q7"'L 'N' -I ' - ""-' T' Tfff' ."v':1- "' 2 .FMF -'W'-.sik f . F.. -ii" L :W..,5.4.-New.'1g.".-,'T. ".,,..w' 'F 'L " so . . .-5'-if-Xg.,Q'r1PQr.. 'Wk '- , ff- ,iv ' ff Q, X- E ' ..,,,,,,M-.- .15 ' .,,, J x - , ' Lg- j px-f'Q?5g'EH .. .A .ML . Y :Vs -. - ng -' - .f .: new vw V. 4 wi.. 1.4, 1.9 -. - -r , Qs . .L K ,x,, . ,L A L, .. . .farm-. ...ERN br. . WL gr, -. ,. , b, Ami, K way 4 ,gy a Q- vi'ff1Qi..-eeffl..--fx-, ...rms av 9-141-swf?-M.-.flff- U-.M F' if . -- f -ua-'-We junior High Boys' Baseball Team -1st ROW: 1. Abair, T. Yandow, 1. Polchies, D. Fulford, D. Bodette M. Plankey, D. Emerson, D. Bannister, B. Vincent, l. Crlover. 2nd ROW: G. Sleeper, K. Schroeder, M Visconti, I. O'Brien, K. LeCompte, D. Marshall, T. Price, S. Delong, 1. Leach, K. Brooks. 3rd ROW Coach Minns, B. Smith, T. Brace, T. O'Brien, K. Flynn, M. Bushee, B. Leach, C. Campbell, P. Russett, M Roberts, R. Burnet. C-irls' Teams Enter State Competition The '74 Track and Field Team was a squad of very determined young competitors. Thirteen of the fourteen members were underclassmen. The season was marked by two outstanding events. Diane Villeneuve won second place for the High lump in the Northern District Track Meet and earned the right to compete in the State Meet. A Medley Relay Team composed of janet Ville- neuve l110 yd.J, Molly Whitcomb C110 yd.l, Cindy Cooke 1220 yd.l, and Kathy Epstein C440 yd.l placed second in the State Meet. They missed first place by six tenths of a second. During the course of the season the following girls captured first place positions at least once in interscholastic meets: lo Emerson, Diane Ville- neuve, Laurie Russett, Kathy Epstein, Cindy Cooke, joni Smith, Molly Whitcomb and janet Villeneuve. l. Emerson received the most valuable player award. Diane Villeneuve received the outstand- ing field award and Kathy Epstein received the outstanding runner award. Patty Sheerin displays perfect pitching form. Varsity Softball - 1st ROW: M. Ringer, C. Mitchell, C. Danyow, P Sheerin, I. Sheerin, C. Jackman 81 M. VanWyck, Manager R. Fitzger- ald, KMISSING: S. Vausel. junior Varsity Softball Team - 1st ROW: 1. Lefevre, A. Dubois, V Girls Track And Field - 1st ROW: C. Yantz, D. Fulford, C. Fairbrother, S. Hodgman, 1. Litch, M. Polchies, D. Villeneuve, L Hughes, I. McEvilla, 1. Villeneuve, J. Emerson, S. Plankey, K. Ouellette, Manager Fitzgerald. Epstein, D. Whitcomb, M. Hammack, I. Smith, G. Elzinga, C. Cooke, Coach: Mrs. Bartlett fMissing: D. Villeneuve, M. whiz- comb, and L. Russettl. . j . 9 5 S 33 21. S . 15 27 at 9 24 I 16 5 8 5 . 'IT 11 QX 1 t. Mansfield . . R,AX if issiggqiff SouthiBumrlingtoni'iii' 26 Mtfsftbreham . 8 Milton' . L 15 Mt. Mansfield 13 South Burlington 8 B.F.A. X. as dd 3 h B.F.A. . 6 State Tournament Playlts 5 X d . i piski -B ' B 9 The 1974 girl's Varsity Softball Team, a tough de- fensive club, led by the strong pitching of Patty Sheerin finished the season with a 10-3 record. It posted a 7-2 record in the league. This seeded the team in the first State Softball Tournament. In quar- terfinal action against Winooski at Essex lct., Ver- gennes came from behind to win 15-11. The win advanced the team to Semi-final play against Wind- sor at Randolph. In a close match with the score tied the entire game, Windsor overpowered Vergennes 15-11 in extra innings. The team will lose senior first baseman Coonie Danyow pictured in her famous bunting stance at the left. junior High Softball- 1st ROW: D. MacGowan, P. Aunchman, C, Fagan, K. Weeks, K. Tynan, S. Burlock, P. Wendell, V. Gilbert, C. Provost, C. Oxholm, V. Gardner, I. Mailloux, C. Bemis, T. Kilbride, S. Godard, L. Fountain, B. Torrey, W. Dickerson, Mrs. Boutwell, K. Mills, L. Gebo, R. Fitzgerald, A. Pidgeon, G. Villeneuve, S. Brigan, T. Hamel, S. Baker, L. Charbonneau, 1. Devino. L. Ringer, N. Marshall 81 B. Martinec, P. Provost, 84 Coach Lynk. L. Davis, 1. Charbonneau, P. Pierce, K. lerome, N. McNulla, Coach Lynk. hs. i Es Mr. Ganson calls the plays behind Catcher Mary Ringer. ' Il ' ' ll A Smash Hit Bye Bye Birdie The Drama and Music Departments presented the musical play, "Bye Bye Bird- ie" on May 24th and 25th. This production brought to light a great deal of musical and dramatic talent. Partici- pants and audience enjoyed two evenings of hilarious fun. Costumed as young people of the 50's, they caught the look, enthusiasm and spirit of the screaming, admiring youths of the Elvis Presley era. UPPER RIGHT: Conrad Birdie IDon Palmorel with Rosie fNaomi Tatroi, Albert Peterson Uviatt McDonaIdJ , Lorraine Strada, Kevin Cole, Tina Ansell. jim Dickerson, K. Husk, and I. Breur fthe McAffee family? sing about and through their frustrations. MIDDLE RIGHT - Conrad Birdie is welcomed to Sweet Apple by Linda Farley, Judy Browe, Bonnie Gardner, Kristy Oxholm. LOW- ER RIGHT - Kim McAffee lClare Faganj sings "How Lovely to be a Woman". Underclassmen And Seniors Share Honors Each year Citizenship Awards are made to outstanding juniors and Seniors. A Model United Nations is held at Plymouth State Col- lege in New Hamp- shire. Students com- pete to be chosen for this assembly spon- sored bythe Odd Fel- lows. The local Ameri- can Legion Post spon- sors representatives to a miniature Legislature, held annually at Nor- wich University the week following gradu- ation. The local chapter ofthe Daughters of the American Revolution sponsors a Good Citi- zenship Girl chosen by vote of the Senior Class andthe Faculty. Girls' And Boys' State Representatives - Ralph Fitz- Good Citizenship Girl: Coonie Danyow Gerald, lean Sheerin, and Matt jerry, Missing lay Coffey. Try-outs for the Model Unit- ed Nations: Debbie Barre, Winner Kay Husk, Alternate Ralph Fitzgerald, Laureen Condon, Laura Farley, Nancy McNulla. juniors Plan And Create Prom-Goers: Susie Hodg- man, Chris Brooks, Mary Ringer, Gene Bell, Dana Franklin, Clare Fagan, Karen McDermott and Skip Leach. If ,f"""",-'- Kurt Wright, Diane O'Bryan and Molly Whitcomb seem relaxed but Nelson Sears looks suspiciously at the camera. Gene Bell and Susie Plankey help with the week-long prepara- tions in the gym. A Stairway to Heaven" The Prom Court - Susie Plankey and Kathy Miles. An elevated promenade leading to a gaily decorated stairway brought those attending the annual junior Prom to a dimly-lighted streamer-covered dance floor. Mu- sic bythe Satin and Steel group made each guest feel that he or she was truly following the "Pathway to the Stars". juniors loanne Emerson and Kelly Bull were chosen King and Queen by vote of those present. One se- nior, Matt McDonald, and three lu- niors: Susie Plankey, Cathy Miles and Gene Bell made up the Court of Honor. A buffet supper served in the cafe- teria completed the Prom evening. Mr. Loughridge crowns Queen Joanne Emer- son while King Kelly Bull and Gene Bell watch. rr'-Q Gene Bell and Matt McDonald. l g aj, -...-'W' -I ,K ,, ,g , , .,fY.. '.-Q-'-:L . ' I-2 il. if L'-. .1.. S, , i , l -.-, J 4- f . ..- - -5 . ' f V 1- 1 . , ,. If A'-1 , A . . fa- - . w f. 1-Av. . 'L. . -. 1 .v f-v.. . . J. Q I .. - . Q ,. -rg. ,, g ---L ,' 'H 'UV R 2 H9 K. A 1 x U ,., f ' :fish 11" . L ,hu '--ax . ' -Ji nf ..l hav" , I 3395 v:.'i,.g31'-ww A 114115. if I 'f vyeff- 6: . '45 .Q .1 ,A . ., I I N ,:j"Qf, f ' - ' ' ., ' My Azffkw , 5' " -.-1 Y - , '7""f ., " , ,':". ' , "' 5"'!A'vt'., .F ,L -' ,,, , .J -53. 'J ' I : , ,,f'.,,..,,..,f , - ,Q ,,.,L' . , 1 , Q-1. -i , ,W h - '- V 1' " fm-. "' . . ' ,-, f 'M - -J. ' -- . W' -' Q.-1 , ' -., , ' - . , . .x 1- :'. "+V .1 ' 11 , -f, . ' 4: ' , ' , f ' 1 u Q 5 Vx: , V .'-- , A, ..,::fi- b Jw , w ' M 2.-'A - Q . -' Q 'Q :azz-,I - . . ,M 'Aa . , " -Q nf " J. ':, sf ' ,U V, 'I'-5, ' Y ". , ', f, . 4'- - : :'f-1-.. ' . uw- ,- 'Q-"av 'f , ' , , H , 1 1 .gn ' . , . ' V J h , 3 A - U 1 - J, V . .1 I ,, .- ,,: - ' KW - ra' , ,f , 7 fi,-VF, 1 , an . ,P - - . ' N' - - r 1- .-,fa f 's . . 2- J - . ,. . . , ,rum Q ,! L r ,, . ,'- , ,, 5 , V V x .- X . ,- I ', 1' , . .1 1 :rl K .. ,Zh U VK MUNI M " ., . 1. . ' . -. - .:.+ 'Ky , 'I . f , - . f ,w 1 ' f..' ' ' 1. .,. -, ' .". -' .-- ,-

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