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 - Class of 1974

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Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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If f L' , 4, f 40" 4 ' if - gy' A 5 A ,iff LP -4 f XC ff u . gf' . , , 4, , f X ', 1 , If 4 t if ' i ',4 J i' :df 5 U I t 41,57 4 r Y I7 I 4 4 1, 441 L I I 4, 444 1 - , 4' 4 f ' ,f X4 I f J ,' , j" ' ,W f MQ ' , 3 X 4 4 ,f 4 K, 41, 4 M N ,f f ,M f ,Jw nl f fl , L7 I K, In , fr' ,' ,ful -'V ,Lf ' ul' N ,ff J 4 , ' ' Lf '. , ,ff N , . ' 1 J 4x1 4 f IK I O4 i 4411 ,4g 1 8 f X 4 44 , 4 4 4 L 44 ' if .vk 4 ' 4 .. L! -44 ' ,7 'J x J f V V! ,Ivy If N L V 'J' . I ,ALL MFC-J A I . ' ' x ' ' A XM. ' . K I grew? ' . , fx IL N 1 f ' 1' 1 'X ' - 4 !!d4'd, fd-A-'K 1- 5 X, 1 ' A f I ' 1, ' ' 7' fl.. -'4 ' - 4 L4 , v ff , , 'LCS . , ' ' L ,450 ,iw ' f f Wag, 7 Md WULAA L'1 'XVK 4 14 fd " r f , , I 1' t - ' , X 41 If I v , L1 X 4 44 . 4444! 14,44 I 4Il.k4!,' X I fx 1 f 1 If If '44 if 4 ,Y If W l 4' ,fdtc !,j I ' lf! i 1'1" ' I- ' J V .. , - ,I I 1 JI ' 4K4 4l ' 4, .rf i , 1' 1 'N i w 4 x4x fd I I f 4 4 f X x .4, , 4 x XE f X X A . , Lf 1 - SAX " QN X T . V I SUCK X f" , N ' X" , ' cv v . 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' l L a V 1973-74 'YCG5 Xigbg Q2550 QW 4 WBA 5 Q53 VOLUME 42 - Contents Theme Faces . . . of Seniors 16 of Classes 40 of Faculty And Students 56 of Athletes 74 in Activities 94 of junior High 112 of Community 120 of Closing Pages 126 Vow, f Boot colfwofl OK gear' , Prelel Ll 3004 Llegf QQ li gc-Dlitkbcslt +JVXCL'-sl' kl5 I, QOMFQ CN molly NQYQCLCV Rikchev SQ hong 'ix V, Jem eral CGQQ, Cloufo Q, 3 The Administration Union District W5 as it is known officially in the state has a well structured administration. Faces fa- miliar to the teenagers and to their parents who are elected by their fellow citizens serve on the Union High School Board of Directors. They are the ones who determine the organizational policies of the district. They are also responsible for presenting the budget to the taxpayers. In this current year other problems presented by the energy crisis must be resolved by them. Superintendent Twiss executes their wishes and ascertains that the requirements of the State Department of Education are met locally. Within our school Principal Samuel Loughridge and Assistant Principal james Fitzpatrick are the ones to whom we, the students are responsible. Familiar faces, the secretaries in the offices are the ones who meet us and respond to our individual needs on a daily basis. Assistant Principal Mr. james Fitzpatrick. i it 1' 1 Mrs. Anita Godard, -' Mrs. Marjorie Sweet, and Mrs. Earline Smith - Office Secretaries. Principal Samuel Loughridge Mr. Robert Twiss - Superintendent of the Northwest District. Mrs. Lois Thurber - Secretary to the Superintendent. SchooligOilrc1MQI11befS - SEATED - Mrs. Nancy O'Bryan, Mrs. Anna Husk, Mrs. Lillian Birkett. STANDING - Mr. IJHWS McDermott, Mr. Ronald Gardner, Mrs. Marlene Bedard. Missing - Mr. john Taft. 5 Kathy Mil Faces And Expressions That We , A 1W37?77,!77.-111 fm 4400 efzmz fwf ML Rqfmdlflf, ww Z,UhfuL' L1 Xjlfiffl CZ' goed fvhfwa amd, fL,eff4n,1c1f,g74, .ff ww W iw W Saw 1 M M dn ,Dew 'QQ' Je- Twfwq G f ' ww'9.L,f ef,-PULOZ? CD AIIKnow0An A reclgte W, f U5 ,H 5, a. Wwkk WJZLZAQA, WML 5,11 gen! fnwgnnl M X79 wx QZXLWJO ,efc...1C1Zar C727 Saud ?fLfcfaU?fyObf 94LJ,CvfQwff dav ww 16 Wy WAHM -WOM Ogifwemyw Newexperiences . f A . .ff , - lieahead. .elf fjwwf., LW ffdnikvf Lax F'ie'LdSpaas'. K-t1i0cLQ"' cfm Cfffffcf!-fifzg. s?jO'ZfL 9443 5' 'UMW tt enrwor , V , 4 f Esyahecfizl 4794: M05 mwnfj ,ff,6pz,6ff? 447143, 47,49 ' leaveawarming smil . ajw -.,f,U0fLfK,,Uf'57flz,k,ff 41704 Lcipjyk 1661 f. 1 4 ' f Words, ' C34 tical' Cf 'f7a'V'Z ij z2,54ff' Wifi WWW 'emi' CDG ' ff 5340726 Q5 f64Mff 5213, pro ems, 5 , A- I ,, M - Completition OAL ,6f77dd 147117 eydfdyffwj 7A 4 I' , h Ilen eus. - ' 4 ' K J A Cw0f05Lf' C a g 775001 0m??7Lf'7J 73a ffofwud Sdmf ccczfffi Announcements start e., f , 7 ' Dailyevents 4?OO6l!f'jKfQfL Fawn: 'C21 WV? "f707fC5i gjyugafpj require reactionsljm-'Lag 5177742 CZ 7?OQf-Kuff C-Aa! A mile, , 1 4 afiappy expressicxh'rZe5f""""J7 -Sfxkff 6fL6dL'4"r4'kfy 60537771 900 740 "6-1, Iiftusall. Q 5005! 2016 you Qh,efw.lfJ15Q ry ffifyj- ,GMA OUQZA, WHL 0044 Jfaafmx ICUSL jjazkl fb.-au. ' 5072 05 541576 KOA yomfc Afggkbu WMM 05 wear 14-La? 50464444 Ufffbf.. Qbmiu a Affwwecf 425547 137 56441 cw ff haf, 'Chff724L,. 53 O29 136441 me bid? 4? t SOMA 6U'74, C"ff771'J aaa Wfffff 7 mxZEf7f4 ffff Gur Faces Reflect Gur V Nl? -if I e E ee' Ae?-Q School is not just formulas and equations, grammar rules and metaphors, dates and political trends. There are also those relaxed moments, friendly encounters in the corridors and quiet observation of others' activities. Quiet relaxed faces in classrooms, corridors, library, and cafeteria are welcome sights. . . 5 ll 4242-. t N S ! N..L Anne Duany, Wanda Elzinga, Bre Chamberlain. Kim Delorme and Page Merrigan. lody Charbenneau and Mike Mack Ellen Pratt Kevin Kilbride :B .Km um .Q .bw J, 4 AQ +',qp,s X ,K t ng. 1 'i 3 N - V. 4 f 91, fp' ri Z U. ff ,, Xi .-,W Q? ,X if vw . 4 'R P, i.-13351-1-fi 'J' ' 54' sy W--k x'!'x7' 'Y' 'N ."".q I ,, . 33 i Q if X gi 'A K6 'a V. Spectators And Participants What drives the runner forward? ls it his desire to excel? In part, yes But those people on the sidelines also push He knows that a few of them live the strain, experience the agony with him. Faces show strain, interest, zeal, yes and even indifference. Ken Epstein Peter Hammock, Coach Crown Lisa Ouillette Our Main Goal ls fa Q, W-siiupi 'X b.., MJ. I I4 f A ,J fd' I 12 Q Achievement Th rough Work NAI.. 2 This is the real business of our world, reading, writing, and arithmetic. Wide interest and varied talents find expression in the classroom. The practical, the artistic, the musical, the farm oriented, the domestically inclined, the writer, the mathematician, the scientist, all find the course that fits them. Effort, application, 0 -It even drudgery finally . achieve excellence. , P li al - - Q sg i 2' . int H r , ' 4 q I W 'I iv . W jig? .X 1. Q., .P :Q mt. f'3iis'7 f ,5'i Fi' . T '.i- . ,A rx-f V ga... -mt. aff, ' I if f, ff' my . "!',,' I' ' .f V TN A., xi any G'-'. mg ku. TQQ. A Q- 'A ., if Aw ' H V--1-' .. ' 0 Randy Yantz and Bill Reed. Kim Burnham and Charlie Be- mis. Donna Miller and Stephanie Goss. john Kipp, Marty Conners and Derek Schaetz. Donna Hall and Harvey Russett. 13 '1l 5? F,-. A l Wendy Cushman, Don Palmore, Cathy Mitchell. 14 ffffi mpg Y "mb Familiar Faces in Familiar Surroundings J , 425, flair' glltww mf-ww fW,','1 .W ,MM www M 44 700 f 'iff W9 Wagga' rf We IUZUQMI '74 Early morning rides over country roads bring us to V.U.H.S. Work in evening hours prepare those rooms for our return. Lunches prepared in our kitchen nourish us daily. Faces of friends are in all these places. Bus Drivers - David Barrows, Osman Fisher, Harold Moulton, Dana Hall, john Austin, Ramona Swenor, Earl Fuller, Edward Cole. Cafeteria Personnel - Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Jewell, Mrs. Mack, Mrs. Thiess, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Litch. 15 f 197O'1971 1971- 1972 1972-1973 1973-1971 GPcC1uC1t10m sm 1f'1x1 YN ,ff .N 5 ,. X Q17 'N' 'ly 1 15111 -Q , 2.,'o,N " 1- xx S USN ff NW x . 'K I I S-4 Q? rf wlq U N J,J 1,5 ,mv 1 Q? MQ. Y if 09' 10? Q M 7f'f'ax 75' xmi ,4m'QQ: N3 I I x X , - ' -W.: A ' . " -XL Q 'V 'AFC S fm f gm , lf '5 M N X 'K ' x , l N T 'Q fi lf: ff. X I N B ' X3 ' X, l r 19g X p -'X 5 f . ' ' N, f - ? VXN ' JIQQB, ,I ll ' A ' x ' K4 ,. ' f X . . , A hi ' if J X . I 'P , Q F -3 ,ig 'gi ,N x ll 3' A5 1' .. X wflkf A f' :X ' N ' : 5. JI R Q :g f X... ' '-iglgfjqsgrh V, S , , l QL nf v ' - 7.1 , In f 'v gf ' " K W Z -Q..,s : 6 ' ', -A V. . x. 5 I X Q 0 + 47To'3 A f ' X W XR? ni' X " ' - ' A 'f' Y ' - "J x x 1 ' yg fi ' Q "swf L- Q5 fix' XY 1 1 'K X-f X ! .lx 1 Nt I' wv ,. KS- - A . -f- wuq.a-v ,-,ay 1.- ,, K K 1 N -,X X I Lael!! i IU. A ,fi QQ' ' ik ' ug x V "X ff I It In 12' 4 f ,-vt. N I gl V, Fx. I we Wisvd fn U l M NK! "ow X X' 9 'V' We Are Passing Through the Doors of Time"" E Xi. -7 Gary Donovan Andrews june Louise Armell Pixie Susan Barrows "To laugh at men of sense is the privi- "Laughter is the gift of God." "What we are is C-od's gift to us, what lege of fools." Soccer Cheerleading 35 Gymnastics we become is our gift to God." Wrestling 2-45 V.I.C.A.4. Team 35 Yearbook staff 45 Office Aide Track l5 tutor 25 shownite 25 lr. Class 'lv f l ,' . -' , ff ff f 1 ' r 5 'wr H 5 - ' ,tg ll! f dis: l, 16.1 C. A ii l -we as S T x x S rsnl 1 g 'eg ' PM-J' .kr I .. 1, 44- Timothy Patrick Barrows "A man for all seasons." Soccer 3,4. play 35 Human Values Day Committee 35 One Acts 45 Spring Production 4. "Tim Barrows remembered the soccer season lor weeks after its close." Zf5jI!?Il':l'Yilnfvv fw- ,.....,,, Willaim D. Benton "Beauty is only skin deep and fades like a plucked rose, but the deeper quali- ties in life such as money and property last forever." 1.V. Bk. Ball 1,2, Co-capt. 25 V. Bk. Ball 3,4, Co-capt. 45 X-country 1-35 Golf 1-4 QMVP 175 Chess Club 25 A.V. 2,35 Class V. Pres. 2,45 Student Council Tr. 35 V. Club 35 Prom Comm. 35 Boys' State Rep. 35 Ski Club 3,45 Soccer 45 Student I XNX ,.z' john Brigan "This quote is better than no quote." 1.V. Baseball 1. Council 4, Q Y. ge. X . . X 8, X I ' .L' . 5 . -- ' . . 5 1 C Q. 'L . , . c . . 1. 5 . Q In Q V H .5 R, K Y .. 5 ' Qfc 5 f . - 5 as ' est ts 5 , Q l Q4 . Q X. . 1, i. 'HQ kk . E 8 . an i K x 9 . Q uan., ami U. 4 . ' K 2 1 t- ,. if A lx ' ' r In 5 "Wendy Cushman and Bill Benton at their daily feast." ffl? M JU' Randy Kevin Briggs "The Future is Now" LV. Soccer 1,25 l.V. Bk. Ball 1,25 Golf 1- 45 Chess Club 2-4 iPres. 455 V. Soccer 3, 45 V. Bk. Ball 3,45 Boys' State Rep. 3, Pep Club 45 V. Club 45 Student Council 4. Susan Irene Bronson "A simple life is a happy life" Field Hockey 1,25 London Pilgrims 35 Business Club 45 Yearbook Staff 4. l l f l' yt U "'N l K "Wg U 'N l 'A J l "NN YWEvlfvvvwwviveffwfwwwv km! If" ,Lx 1'f,f,-44,1 ' X! wp 5,50 ff! Am, M, L ,gf 1 ,Z4 y in is i pf .1 iw' Wal 5 kzlf-fl ,wafaifaiiiflf ,ff,Mfw11f'ifsy cyfffzfilf ifffdf ffffifff -0 51 gfarif '74fD:.-J ff? L t , 'll , X N ZM ,Q , ga 7 ff VK. . ' .-1 Q' , 1 f H 4, , ,-' ,.,, .- f f ,H yr 1 Hu X' ,i",.ff 1. 5 . 1 f Y Q, V feW4Kff4?VQUlf ffi',fAffQv5ueZ2?Li'MLff?6 eafecwef bwlyl Wf5lCfffpflJef k, - VK 1 if '-'ta-w':s--ff' lf' f 1 "' f- ' f 1' , ' ' I In ,ff O -'KI I I b a rsq I I I- 7 n fly Bob Bl-Qwn -- Portrait j V.- N ,lv-,ff ,771-P 7 V WI, jN7,,,4, af nj' XV! ?..4 4,,1w!- ,i xx, I X. fl .f ll f ,4,"j.ff.fif!fL,1, ,,5d,,j,'f3.A.,g,l,,4,,.,Lg,,f ,, 441, gfjtfj f4f,.f9gf" 1 ' V Wi If fly. ' if ' , ' Diane L. Brown Robert john Brown ,iff-ai. 1,137 'I "When shall all men's good be each man's rule, and universal peace be like a shaft of light across the land?" Record Club 15 Square Dance Club 1. Teil. ai' "Kodak makes your pictures cou ' tiff? ,,ff1f7 I LV. Basketball 1,25 Soccerillfggflflblblr " Play, Senior Play, BaseballflY2?5fC3'mera Cmb2. f 'SN-1-It 4u.,,..,.- Monica Ann Brunet "They who live for themselves will have small troubles, but they will seem to them great. They who live for others will have great troubles, but they will seem to them small!" Human Values Day Committee 3. leffery Frank Bushey "Doubts are more cruel than the worst of truths." Tina M. Bushey "Make a little sunshine. What would the world be like without it?" Shownite 2, One Acts 3,45 Spring Pro duction 4. Onl Memories jill Charbonneau exclaims to Kathie Estey and Ellen Pratt, "Why Mrs. Whitefield, what brings you to London?" jill Charbonneau "l can't see a reflection in the water, I can't hear an echo on the rocks, but I 2 know everything is all right because I can feel the sun on my back." One Acts 1-45 Fruezap 1,25 Pep Club 25 Press Club 35 Show night 25 Senior Plays5 Yearbook 45 Iunior Play 35 Trav- elers to Quebec 4. It W- rx J , 5 I T , 'Wi' fel , 4 J V152 5 I I all - i Ka 4 wyyfttlrs V, . 5, I 0+ ci ..g my 4-av ' z j,,,,,.. William Bernard Charbonneau Rebecca Marie Cooke Guy Peter Cousino, lr. "Another day, another ditch." "Our ideals are our better selves." "Good persons are able to do great V. Wrestling 1,2,45 Varsity Club 1,2,45 Field Hockey 1-35 V. Manager 45 Na- kindnesses." Class President 15 Student Council 15 tional Honor Society 3,45 Vice-Presi- Wrestling 2. Prom Committee 35 Intramural Soccer dent 45 Gymnastics 3,45 Business Club 45 Senior Play. 3,45 X-Country Manager 45 Yearbook 45 Track 84 Field 45 Ski Club 4. Aerudjr. ,if6,r,,,,mwr,r rf ,J VMS, cfwr f"'l,M flu an M1294 iii ffffwffv W, Q A Wg Q I - Mwsrmli f3?537iM55i Mfr fW2.J4fI So Let's Make It All Good for the Present fl' X Gael Anne Coyle "To live without loving is not really to live." Library Aide 1,25 Office Aide 1-45 Tutor 1-45 Student exchange 35 VICA 35 Upward Bound 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Travelers to Quebec 4. Wendy Alice Cushman "Thoughts which come with dove's footsteps guide the world," Class Sec. 1-45 l.V. Bk. Ball 1,25 LV. Cheerleading 25 V. Bk.ball 3,45 Girls State Alternate 35 N. Honor Society 3,45 Prom Queen3. , g 4. .1 ? ,il a---ssssw 5 4 f 1- xv 'ff ""'s-. vu 4 al ws' "Coonie Danyow gives the girls a pep talk as Deb Senesac has second thoughts." Sally Sue Danyow "l'm not arguing with you ... l'm tell- ing you." Field Hockey 1-45 Co-Captain 45 J.V. Bk.ball 15 V. Bk.ball 2-45 Co-Captain 45 Softball 1-45 Track 15 Student 1-45 Presi- dent 45 Ski Club 1-35 Varsity Club 1-45 Cross-Country 25 Class President 35 Pep Club Chairman 35 Girls State 35 D.A.R. Citizenship Award 45 Senior Play 4. if . ...-.ag7Q,., . ,, .. bf. Qin.. james T. Dickerson "To lose one battle is not to be defeat- ed, to win one war not to conquer." Basketball 2-45 Student Council 2-45 Vice-Pres. 35 Class Pres. 25 Class Treas. 15 Press Club 1,25 Editor 25 One-Acts1- 45 Senior Play5 Shownite 25 junior Play 2,35 Spring Production 1, 200 Below Chairman 25 Track 35 Ski Club 3,45 Chess Club 1-45 Varsity Club 3,45 Vt. Rep. to Hugh O'Brien Youth Founda- tion 25 V. Soccer5 Student Exchange Program 2. aulkrfs, ll, Brian Patrick Donnelly "Only one thing matters - that wher- ever I go and however I go - My drums shall go with me." j.V. Wrestling 1-35 j.V. Basketball 15 Showni-ght 25 Audio Visual Aide 35 Track 3,45 Senior Play 4. P ,tl David 1. Essex Kathryn Estey "Play comes easier than work, but "I feel the capacity to care is the thing money comes easier with work, than which gives life its deepest signifi- with play." cancef' FFA 1,25 V.l.C.A.3,4, Tutor 2,35 Freuzap 25 lunior Play 35 Se- nior Play 45 National Honor Society 45 Nurse's Aide 3,4, r I , , .Q Harold Kenneth Field "A time to keep silent and a time to speak." ,Q Wendy Cushman is the only person listening to Brian sing -- "joy to forgive and joy to be forgiven, I .Ye And Better for the Future ia, xt J 1 Lynn Ann Fleming hang level in the balances of love." 3 xx, - ,-.Q .A pq-..,N Class Officers: P, Husk, W. Cushman, FB. Benton, D. Hall 2 .L Kenneth A. Gebo F loyce I. Gevry "Let every man mind his own "Her bright smile still haunts me." business." Travel Club 25 Business Club 3-45 Vice- FFA 'l-4. President4. l 0-x""" lrene Grace Gosliga "A proud man is always hard to please, because he hath too great expectations from others." Field Hockey 35 Chorus 3,45 District Chorus 3,45 Allstate chorus 45 National Honor Society 4. v-Q ,-..,. vw-inf .-.---..-, --N-.W -- What causes Donna Hall's sweet pensiveness? ...I E Dennis lay Hall "An experienced, industrious, ambi- tious, and quite often, picturesque sto- ryteller." l.V. Basketball 1, A.V. 1-35 Ski Club 1-4, Student Council 1-4, Class President 4. K.-'s Donna Marie Hall John A. Hamel Richard james Hawkins lr. "To love and to be loved is the greatest "Let's enjoy the rich wine of today, "Quiet is beautiful." 'happiness of existence.". because tomorrow grapes may be Soccer 1-4, Yearbook 2-4 Baseball I.V. Cheerleader 15 Track 15 Student sour." manager 2,3, One-Acts Stage manager Council 2,4p Wrestling Auxiliary 2,4. 2. x' i -J in-gs ' wr! 1 l Scott Ross Hawkins Randy L. Hitt Curtis Peter Huizenga "Time is an infinite movement without "We'fG 80003 have PQHCS, love and "Keep on truckin"' one moment's rest." happiness very soon - forever." Senior Play. FFA1-4. Yearbook 15 Ski Club 1-25 A.V. 25 Se- nior Play 4. Brian Thomas Husk "Work consists of whatever the body is obliged to do, and play consists of whatever the body is not obliged to do " f, Q59 W-1-fini JN 'Qs Peggy Sue Husk "Before we met, my life was so simple, so easy, so empty." Wrestling Auxiliary 2-45 Captain 45 Stu- dent Council 35 National Honor Socie- ty 45 President 45 Class treasurer 4. Brian prefers to keep Let's Show Peace And Understanding Toward One Another Some men in the Senior cast pose proudly. 'Faf 'Ex IT' David 1. Hutchins Florence Mary Kandzior "To be successful, learn what you can "Say little, do much, and meet every- do best - then o on w liar " 'th 'l " g e e. onewt asm: e. Audio-visual aide 1 shut du ring lunch ?7 ,,,.. I... . .. We Can Face the Challenge of Responsibility ' Kevin Patrick Kilbride "Anxiety in a man's heart depresses it, but a kindly word makes it glad." l.V. Soccer 1,2,35 LV, Baseball 1,25 One Acts 15 Senior Play5 Yearbook 4. :I 4 F 5 1 .ge fa flaw., K1 in jiri' lohn Allen LaFlam "No man is an island." LV. Soccer 15 Golf 2-45 Chess Club 2-4. X . X1 all C' al D ol' Ui .o V bow x 60 Oo, NK DJ UNL U' Q L X F N- SP4 E rf .00 Y ave K4 FX if lb 0 N 0 sf Lk Q GIA ff s 514 rg. 2 A ,ai xg Q 1515 3 X. x l x lvl' QR- Bernard S. Kittredge "A friend is never known till a man has a need." Wrestling 1-45 FFA 1,2. lohn T. Lalumiere , "My goal -- California on a Honda." Kevin NJ. J . qty JN l W XBQNUZSX L JXP "You ain't got no class 11. Q Q, i . x X QF wc N KX U 1 9- OO go f sl QNX Q, 7 28 Q0 we Keebee Cookies class at all!" - Sheryl Lowry 'fs' ,. 5. xt, Y s .AX Lyle L. Loven "Life is half spent before we know what it is." Robert Edward Marshall, lr. "Every man for himself and God for us all." Soccer 1-35 lunior Play 35 Boys State Representative 35 Travel Club 25 Lon- don Pilgrims 35 LV. Baseball5 Audio Visual aide 3. Sheryl Elizabeth Lowry "Kindness is a language everyone understands." Shownite 25 One Acts 2-45 Press Club 35 Senior Play 45 Yearbook 45 Wrestling Auxiliary 4, Spring Production 4. Gayle Margaret McClay "Love possesses not, nor would it be possessed, for love is sufficient onto love." Library Aide 'lj Pep Club 25 Nurses' Aide 3,45 National Honor Society 4. l With Open Eyes Matthew Connley McDonald "A gentleman never hits a lady and a lady never gives him cause to do so. Fruezap 1,25 Editor 2, Student Council 1-4, Treasurer 45 One Acts 1,3,45 Ski Club 1,25 Chess Club 1,25 Press Club 1- 35 Pep Club Chairman 2, Shownite chairman 2, lr. Play 2,33 Boys' State Rep. 3, Winter Carnival Chairman 4, Spring Production 4. 'Trp 'D ,X Eric Thornton Mills "Oh, what a lucky man he was . , . l.V. BkBall 2. Katherine Lee Mitchell Wanda E Moulton "When man is satisfied in this world, Be not overcome of evil but over then he is through with life. He needn't come evil with good live an lon er " Business Club 3 4 Y S - Cheerleading 1,25 field hockey 1-41 Ski Club 3,45 Gymnastics Team 3,'Track 3. And An Gpen Mind lames Michael Murray "This world is a difficult world, indeed, and people are hard to suit." Q-. 5 V X ,,i.: v V ., - ,- fb. .,f, - ir? 1 y'.-,-: 1,5 fi I Ee- ' ffpll. .am-: i -, .-5.5,-. ,, -"'T' Shu... Gregory S. O'Bryan Kristina Olson Nathan Brent Palmer "The wheels of life last an eternity, "Smile, always smile. Have a smile "Have I got a deal for you tif'n l was while the wheels of an automobile are ready even though sometimes it hurts. that kind ofa guylf' easily destroyed." Business Club 3,4. Senior Play 4. Class Vice-President 3. 31 Ellen lane Pratt "A friend you have to buy won't be worth what you pay for him." FFA 1,25 Track 84 Field 1,25 Freuzap 15 l.V. Field Hockey 25 l.V. Bk. ball Man- ager 25 Student Council 2,35 200 below committee 25 Show night 25 V. Field Hockey 3,45 Travel Club 35 Wrestling Auxillary 35 lr. Prom Committee 35 Sr. Play 4. Susan Kay Panton "It takes less energy to be mends than to be enemies." l.V. Basketball 15 Student Council 15 Field Hockey 2-45 Gymnastics 3. 'Hill' S-'15 fb Stephanie Ellen Price "There is so much bad in the best of us and so much good in the worst of us, that it hardly behooves any of us to talk about the rest of us." l.V. Cheerleader 25 Yearbook 45 Senior Play 4, lf.:- Susan jane Parkinson "Have God thy friend who passeth all the rest." Yearbook 1,45 Freuzap 15 Pep club 25 Library aide 25 One-act plays 25 Nurse's aide 3,45 junior play5 Travel club 35 Prom Committee 35 Senior Play5 Stu- dent Council 45 National Honor Socie- ty 4. 1 J, , V .M . , f ..,, K. 1 'W vf ' if .vi wa. 555' ,, ,RZQRQ " ' af L' .Tie 5E',,l.L . x .qu 1 L f .f-4' , 2. it is Roger Raymond bea 21 0 -3 .,. 2. ' R in V J! We Shall Always Remember, Yet We Look to the Future . . . Debbie hopes for a close-up. 4 i- i i T' 'R ii "i"""i R' ' i , i 5 ' . MC! 'X A z K., , . ' I. A Roger R. Raymond David lay Ringer "Better to give than to take." "From mini to mighty, Honda has it FFA 1 au." A is . fe- M, K 4 ,X wk 1- Xxw A r the photographer. 33 nd are Willing to Greet a New Life Lisa Ritchie Donald C. Rivait Diane lane Rivers "Don't walk in front of me. I may not "lt matters not what you are thought to "You can't fool all the people all the follow. Don't walk behind me. I may be, but what you are." time, but you can try." not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend." Transfer from Long Island 35 Yearbook 45 Senior Play 45 One Acts 45 Tutor 4. 1-r-'fir Ann Alberta Rossier Alfred L. Rotax "A classic is something everybody "Remember this - that very little is wants to have read, but nobody wants needed to make a happy life." to read." Tutor 35 VICA 3,4. Travel Club 25 Basketball 1-45 Field Hockey 2-45 Track 3,45 Varsity Club 3,4. 34 jeff Bushey and Don Rivait if" C42 of fa, Dwi ht Edwin Ro ce Harve Jose hRussettiIl 8 Y Y P "To know is nothing at all5 to imagine "Life is like ascrambled egg." is everything." FFA 1,25 VICA 3,4. 4 themselves before homeroom. l.V. Wrestling 15 Varsity Wrestling 3,4. loni Elizabeth Smith "I couIdn't have lived without having disturbed someone!" l.V. Basketball 1,25 l.V, Field Hockey 1- 35 Track 84 Field 2,35 Class Treasurer 35 V. Basketball 3,45 V. Field Hockey 3,4. C Nsaqt tiff 6 A j Qi Q, C? X! R 9719, SZ 9? OO X O Oi. Some men see things as they are n say 'why?'. I dream things that neve were and say 'why not?"' Ski Club-1-45 Basketball manager 1-45 Freuzap 15 Student Council 15 Field Hockey 2-45 Office Aide 2-45 Show Night 25 Prom Committee 35 One Acts 35 Spring Production 3,45 Senior Play. Deborah Lee Senesac X' ,? ll ' d li Elizabeth L. Spooner "I don't know where l'm going, but l'm on my way." Freuzap 15 French Club 25 Senior Play 45 Yearbook 45 One-Acts 4. .9 ca C? 35 'x ,.l, l So Let's Have Courage . . . Cory Edward Steady "Who's got the wheels? Dodge - de pend on it." FFA 'l-4. l . , eeeee 5 ii ar""" vi' Joseph Michael Tarte "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet." 4 Gary Donald Stearns "In everything, we must consider the outcome." Randall Brian Thurber "There is often less danger in the things we feel than in the things we desire." l.V. Wrestling, 1,25 V. Wrestling 3,45 VICA 3,45 Vice President 4. The painting james is t 'N 1 r 1 f I 4 2 I t i "Look at me .,a 1 J is the ultimate baroque. l'm talking to you!" .W--.-tml, " . " ww' fm. r 4, ll, Dennis lames Torrey , "l used to be such a sweet, sweet thing... " Senior Play 4. i 222 ft l " A mx Mark Alton Torrey "No one knows what he can tries." FFA 1,25 VICA 3,4. do till he in Randy Thruber, I didn't know wrestlers could read! Kathleen Suzette Turn bell "I believe that God above created you for me to love." National Honor Society 3,45 Nurse's Aide 3,45 Photography Club 4. for We Can Change This World. 'l...,tx 'S Kenneth A. VanDeWeert "Don't talk so much, you keep putting your foot in your mouth. Be sensible and turn off the flow." FFA 1,25 Chapter Secretary 2g District' Secretary 25 VICA 3,4. W i Faces of '74 ' if .tw Seniors pose for the funny picture julie Booth with a book? CO- L 1 l-I T' ,IQ HQ More faces of '74 Qi X Pictures not available Gary Armell Rhonda Armell julie Booth Michael Campbell Nancy Chamberlain Yvonne Clark Cynthia Douville William Phelps Wesley Thompson Thomas Warner is PN 1 if N52 ,121 fl 'N fi , 5+ QR '60 Nj -il' -. iff C QQ ' I 'jx 73 ff, C QQ, vi, IE Y, if C flf lffi-. rl! N0 .bfi , .U Andrea Lynn Wernhoff Nathan Kurt Wright ' ,LQ CH' 0 C lv he Q, A, "Gentle ways are best." "When a dog bites a man, that is not Q4 blflm QI 'jg NJ L 2 French Club 2-45 Yearbook 2-43 Chorus news because it happens so often. But JK. n fjl Q N 'l-"Q '- fx 2,32 Pep Club 25 Student Council 33 whenaman bitesadog,that's news!" 7s , 'fff QQ K , t 'Q One Acts 33 Varsity girls' Bk. ball Man- Yearbook 2-4g Sports writer 2-45 Bas- , Gm 4" GI -Qi .N 'KR fc, ager 35 Office Aide 4. ketball Manager 1-4. . l 1' fi X Up ff N 0 CIA- ' f fb X C will 1 if Tyr: O7 Qjff ' We N fit L MVO gif' L? fri fs HQ J N f V , , QQ Lb Off, 0,00 ,Q 'DSN G l 05 Juniors Sophomorxes We Shmem Eighth Severxih Q? S H M W X! 0 PN ffx Nl f551 R -I V ' Q . . . 'an , A QQ i v 'ob u in Q 'gy' -1 i l' f A 11 'Q 'I 'K fx AAT NX JI? ,lt f' XXX X ik . -f 1' 1 :-'W 4 1' - ,C ' U ' 'lp A M . 1 4- 31 wx: ff f ' IN' f,4l I A Lrg A max! A I - ' Y 'f My 3 QQ. 44 R- X f 'f 'I' 'Q ' xg 4 '- ' xx M ul X ,N :fl XXXN f ' ?- ,Af V l I 4 I !l" um' K T Y ',-' +31 ' XIX - P E " ' ' 9 Q fn ' l , fl X I x8 X X, y ' l Q E I! X x QA 1 . hh 1 I M . , Xl f :PNA ' 4' N 1' A. ,,"l ., Sl! J f . X 0- , n 7 , X R 1 W v .s ' Y- S: X I f f :C ' -:R 4 X . NJ GJ Where Are the junior Faces? The juniors have shown their talents in many ways. ln athletics, the Varsity teams have been infested by juniors. junior spirit has been evident by their deep concern for the activities of the Pep Club. The prom is a new adven- ture for the class and by the concern and level of participation it promises to '- be a memorable one. lunior faces can be seen everywhere in the school: studying in the classrooms, working on school projects and on the athletic fields, eating lunch in the cafeteria, or just around the school taking advan- tage of their high school years, they are seen and heard everywhere. Laurie Brigan ludy Browe ' "3 Kelly Bull " ' " X' V f b ix 17, .211 ,. I Kim Burnham ji l 1 K x X l Brad Bushey f l Cindy Carr C ' ' - AA xii Mike Chapman 1 - Q Laureen Condon 4 B ' Q1 Harley Creighton K N' Beth Dibler 's L ' - Grace Elzinga A, . v' lay CoffeY f L . if I I fl . Joanne Emerson : ' . . s f t ClareFagon - X s 1 2 l 'fa Ralph Fitzgerald i . 5 ' I HenryFrancis . jj ' -' ff - - N DanaFranklin f ' " V t X Q f-EQ, sf . - gif . - wil, 'E 'Sv w F 4 Q l an . Darlene Fountain A Q ,. . s W i , ve. WendyGilbert .- , .' 'C if RayGodard Q if .f-...i . 1 l P Valerie Hamel ' Pg ' Scott Hawkins l j . , ' ' SuzieHodSman 1 v ---it"t - ' ' ' , x ' ..,. sl A 1 " fa! ' f - 4 ' , 5 ,am . ,. .,, W -ifk, ,ak rs W ,gift j k-'- frgjgi: 2, lj K XE H Amy? . x, ' -.Uv-rf Barb 'non . 5t,giI,3MJ 4, .E , Z -ar... K X. -3,2 .5 f .f-. ggjyf. ' . -. f ffffffzzfw 5 5 lf iii? Q " LQ Carleenlackman f K Pffwfl sjgiffsil A sg? Connielimmo . 'fi' ' ' 'il Tomlangeway ' ., K -. i Albert LaRose Penny Lee f .C cccs . , . Paul Mailloux Debbie McDurfee Bruce Meacham Kathy Miles Kim Nuttall Robin O'brien . , ' 1 f 42 1 l Q 5 27' C ,QC . Q.. fX I Kathy Anderson i Gene Bell Bill Baldwin loe Bodette 2 c. Il .ff Q ,FFF ax ! 3 'Pad 0 x wf . I if 5-"V f a' .,.-f B if 1. ii ' .Tj 9 1 'P' , Q if .9 , A 'N a 4 7 if if 535 - , lags if S ,gin Q R-life ggi A 4 f Xia f S151 fm , 4 415 5.3 V ' W , . .. 1, - Q j.,,',,, r A ,W ,,j.. .. , ,I , ,,,. gg .X ,.A... 3 ,S lt.. . , ,, Y- -I f .. . ' fygfdfi . ifsgfg 2,5 f ..-f . . . ,kwa A gs--X3 f V353 lf - , - Q s'-iz " - 'f .gf - sp., -, M3 1. . if sl 'fiijflila . P a :iii , . ,- 4 - g 33 Y x Y 3 4 Q f 4 9l .4 A ' 2 gist x f , 1 : ' ' sp . . . iw Yi 12-, i EN, it in Is this what Kelly thinks of studyhall? 1' at V 'V t -. ,s... if l fx Y ' W it I s I ,P I-'Cx 9' ec.. 'KA Nelson Sears lean Sherrin Edward Stanley Lorraine Strada Steve Sweet . -.X J ff- s 5 cc, tt., f. :M ' '-1 E l,.e M. S st -,A .-1' YN X 5 'fx X1 1""' K sv . 'FR' . 1 . s ,zr l lr. Aa A f M A ik S S lane Swinton Molly Helene Lillian Thomas Whitcomb Woodward Don Van De Lois Wildason Charles Weert Wright Marilyn Van Wyck janet Villeneuve Diane Susan Plankey Scott O'Bryan Peter Provencher Don Palmore Poquette Mary Ringer TT, ,wat ll 9 1 ln!! 'lv l 'N Q aebfre, - -cd 04,01-Mtbpw-.414 JWQL , gggqvs ls ludy practicing psychology behind Pete Poquette's back? junior Class Officers: Kathy Miles - Treasurer, Sue Plankey - Secretary, Susie Hodgman - Vice President, loanne Emerson - President. 43 Mary-lane Adams Wendy Allen Tina Ansell Leisa Aunchman Ken Bannister Debbie Barre it if l CV' .- F ff' .33 V if X 1 if S ,. l- ,. - H , ,dex f . . ,t , - M. -as , Joann Barry 1 ' a , ' -- A, A Tammy Barrows A , ' a M , ' 6 Charlie Bemis ' I ' J ' " ' V ' Linda Bissonette 1' Q t ' I 9 . - ,., ' lenny Broughton ll t : ., It 'ii I k:' Legg john Browe t M D gf I5 A, ,, My Q I ' s 4 Q:-K f - 4 tl ' 'ie 5 . ilffa W i ' . 1 fs , As7,s- l Billy Brown IF M A ryir at u i 19 if g Pam Brunet t V V a F ,-A' B, a A Don Carney A "V" I Q ' at as Jocelyn Charbonneau XZ- , +' 1 y ' ,' L lody Charbonneau 'S K 'fl 1, ffl " Laura Charbonneau - ., , t , l - ' A 3 A Chester Clark ' K! V C , 5 ' A s -.5 3 Pete Curler S llll 9 'F 'l ' A " Elaine Cushman t ""i " ' ' W X 234 Y ' " 'Q A Sam Cutting Y- A x . l , ' AV Mike Delphia' Q 'W Y V 1 V I 1 - my Angie Dim AIS, r B + 'f l S X t mpgs s it 'fl A li'its i t Wanda Elzinga 3- 2 5 tt-I. k V ' -A I ,ff Iimmy Emefwn 'Y""5 if "ws A f " li' r s Kathy Epstein - ' f if i FSE' if lg vu, , ,...a ag- Danny Essex 4' 4 ,Q . A' I, -1 if 2 'rf X gl Laura Fahey ,, 2 ' V g l ,gflff MaryLou Fisk ..1 r ' if V Q - -',, T DA V sg N94 .5 ' L" 4, fn, ,' :AN X Qt , i f' ,iii-.1 Do the Sophomores Lack Spirit? What has captured Ronny Francis' thoughts? Maybe the sophomores don't have a Freshman Day or Prom, but we sure do have lots of Spirit! It's the Sophomores who make up the majority of the junior Varsity teams, who eventually become Varsity players. Over half of the Chorus are sophomores and the sophomores are the students who most quickly sign up for the over night hikes and the travel club voyages. We enthusiastic sopho- mores are also the ones most like- ly to volunteer for salesmen, pro- gram passers, and ushers So take a look around VUHS and just see for yourself these "Spirited Sophomores." Sophomore Class Officers: Elaine Cushman - President, Nancy McNulla - Vice- president, lenny Broughton - Treasurer, Merdy Mills - Secretary. . l I 5, A A , Tina Ansell, Sandy Hodgman all 'X i . and Lori Little enjoy a vigor- ous game of volleyball in ' Q gym' 4 5 ww "' GY z"' G A X i if, l . i NX f . Eh? .r A- .Fl " 6 Q 5fN' ',f'l,,,LQ Fifi ,H ,i X. ' 4.4- L ' L v-Y V1 ser... - .4 i . :' 916' 7 -I f ,Q ff -1. ' K' . .' if r.' . 'X V xf J',- - Marty Fleming Ronny Francis Dani Fulford Bonnie Gardner Mark Gebo Dennis Gendreau Kathy Gobbi Lynn Gobbi Karol Goss Mark Hall Gail Hawkins Sandy Hodgeman Cathie Hughes sid Humistan Tom Husk Brent lerger 45 Don Jerome Kevin jewell Bob Kerr Kieran Kilbride Edie Kneeshaw Lori Langeway Paul Leach lody Lefebvre Lori Little Lawrence Lowry Kathy Mack loan Marshall Ken Martel Larry Mayer lanthone McEvilla Mancy McNulla Brent Meacham Mike Miller Merdy Mills Ted Murin Ricky Raymond Rusty Raymond Bill Reed Donna Rivers Mike Robarge Diane Shroeder Chrysta Shepard Pat Sheerin Sue Shortsleeves Kim Smith . SX , sy s ' ' ' -F -f 1 V 'it 1 f a f x. - ,, fu. I , SSG' Kip Sorrell Mary Torrey Naomi Tatro Ray Torrey "Y -fm? .aw S ' Nr J 1 Q ,fp is 'I' v 'W' 14' 'fs VG' 'A I I .. Q L at S fn '- rf r Fm t l 'I' ' Q ' Tj' "rw , I ll S' H ef' ,I KA . I lx g Q' 'S qw- l I1 N -,i A !x X J, si get H -f 'L it 1 In X' V :Ss , j -f f' f f r is ' . 533 tfxn , ' S ' li R 1, X L SA , ' x ,, Q. v f-r ll .T-' qxs ll . , k 1 'N Mafk TU"Pln Scott Wilber l3Ck TYnan Sherri Vause KfiS Randy Yantz Wernhoff il Q Q' fxfX . -at 55 ,., J V' Q-v A . , - . .fl 'S K at C7 - - . w'js5g,rg -.gfiifj 'ff 'fi ' " v A y W ,A fa. if ...v I ur, 'A ' 4 f' X Q A 'Jr A01 an SEL... . -1- f - , if lj fx A ' ,ieigcffgg " A Q t W S - F . in iii, , - 'b , X m . , s, , ' t 15115 1- 1 , - f mfg 9' - ' ' t t ' " V , . gag, . -4 ,. , -f tx ,, ,Q . 8 , , I K' ' ' x 1 , , ,Q lMA. .f he F A - X YS?5f 'E K. Q'-43159 1 ' ' fl 't - J 35 6.1 - , .-T145 . LQL.. "" S :Q-at t J fi'-TH Tv ' ,-'ffl' ' .S mag . 'GMP 5 . , av? l S2331 as 5 A mil 0,,,,, , qt, .. QQ... , qt. ,. 1 4, .Q 1:--2 'W . we R ' ' , 'tw . R 'a i' 'Q '. Sus- ' ww S ffif:-'ii ' - .v , . , A . i X .' i ,gr ,Q L 1-Tie Ps X ,S .55 . PT it f'l'l.E' it . tif. . like Q vt , 3 at-,ff -L A . .. . ,wig ,AN . A 'A ' iwhvwi .fig if -P' . A - if 4 ' - .4-gag it V' S Q, Q., . V, jamie Kyle Bushey Mary Brinkman Paula Bushey Charbonneau john Bull Tom Casey Lela Claflin Steve Burlock Tracy Tom Clark Chris Bushey Chamberlain Marty Conners s. XP ,, ' Nsxi sa bah if ' - z-.wif .--A Clayton Abair Lori Adams Mark Adams Cheryl Aunchman Billy Austin Richard Bacon Maureen Baggott Kelly Barrows Steve Barrows Bob Belanus Lisa Bemis Leslie Bienvenue joe Birkett Frank Bliek Tom Bodette Steve Breeyear 1? Freshmen Have Many Faces The new freshmen for 1974 are here with sleek styling, out- side elegance and sophistica- tion. We're like nobody else's freshmen. For your pleausre we have many different mod- els. ln our line-up this year appear the intellectual Student Council models, the compact junior Varsity sports coupe, and the racey Yearbooker to name a few. All have V.U.H.S.'s personal guarantee. So when it gets right down to it, wouldn't you really rather have a Freshman? 4 J. , :fit ' 'U 'fin 1 is , A . . N v, ,f,, sw 5 , t ,- B 53' 3-.91 . .N I 5 .J , . J L . -f .:.. ,,s.3FL,'14.'s 4 fig' . '-3? ggi tx X Q 3 -E 5. , Here are our contestants for L K todays game of The lokers ,J f f Wild - Tracy Chamberlain, A Lori Field and Anne Duany. Z t ' -t ' " 1331: .'i . . W as , fn K iii. : 5. K kigjgg vggw if ,:' -t-a,,llk-'g vsi :X g gifs 9 55 Q . at ' 1 ' -4 s. 4. '. 52 'dll' , , .. .45 3, W 'I . 1 15 - 212.3 .,'-- hx . ,, I ' 31. .S xg I - ' Cindy Cooke Eddie Devino Anita Dubois Michelle Kathy Karen Epstein Cunningham Dickerson Lori Davis Sharon Richard Donnelly Dessureault Anne Duany 47 Ken Epstein Ronnie Fairbrother Lorri Field Lee Fleming Brian Forand Sam Fountain joe Gaines Lyle Gallison Maryann Cendreau Melissa Gevry Alice Gosliga Richard Goss Mary Haines Mariann Hammock Kathy Highter Marita Hitt Diane Humiston Matt Husk Meg Irion Karen lerome Brenda limmo Brian Kayhart Laurie Kerr Mike Kittredge Francis Lalumiere Jacques Litch leannine Litch Phyllis Lowry Mike Mack Bruce Many Nancy Marshall Barb Martinec Donna Mason Leo Mayer Karen McDermott layne McEvilla lody McEvilla Artie Miller Cindy Miller L... 3' 'J F 'F ri,e F ..1- N l Q M I X 0 L. hli rs XX W 1 3 S li s xx , ' :fx N 3 Gif I X ,,. -1 M Q X :f.:. we 1 i x ' G 1 X -.-r R A ff, -::,,:, .- Q ,HX 5 :W . Sw-:if 1- . an 5 Ag, ,eg l V l "' 1? l R '..' Y I E Q Q ,, . QC! as was ' mr V., As 2 F f . - 1,41 4. 2 -. F rx L. ., ,ZW 1' ' L :.qs:w..1:4 . L , .eggs . -L gm? Q s.. Q , while f ".i1s4'5'S"i 1 ,455 fyrl L . L L 4 5 S. Q. ry- we A .B i T -S - rv EM 5' f fi' f: 2 Mia E, Q 1 I ef? Ken's fac Bob's .. W 'K L mtvmx . X Kr. V ,,.s -N I . f A A , K ' "L AA t . .atc . .i . L., 4? W9 W. 2 X l " "v" F A f, 1 ' sf- 5 I -fr fl' ui X- S lil ' . 8 l i IQ N' , L ,., crf'?ii 3' 'P a 1 H-Ei f All sw" A ' Nl 1 4' L if f 1 R ,Alfx 1 no S if . 'V' 1 ,ll I N it 41' ff." . V . ' 4 r , .. i 3 9... gg' :Q -lfrtf --Q. . Q . -I 'V I f V 13 ' gt' lr , Frank Miller Larry Miller Lisa Mills David Miner Betsy Mitchell Kevin Mott Lee Moulton Dean Muniz Elisa Ouellette Beth Pidgeon Pam Pierce Marie Polchies loe Pollender Pam Provost Luanne Ringer Susan Rivait Liz Rose Derik Schaetz Lisa Schroeder Mark Sleeper Bonnie Stearns Bob Stearns jeff Tanner jimmy Tatro john Tisbert lody Turpin Michelle Twitchell Monette Twitchell Sharrie VanDeVeert Neal VanWyck Diane Villeneuve Darlene Whitcomb Paul Wildasin Kermit Wrisley Cindy Yandow Cindy Yantz What a Conglomeration This year the eighth grade has some new faces and some old ones. Some of the kids are hidden behind long hair, wild shirts, dungarees, sneakers, and sometimes a large piece of gum. We have all kinds of kids. Some are silly, shy and hardly ever listen- ing. There are some who are chatter- ing and a few who are hardworking, helpful and busy doing something. Most of us are busy with classes and worrying over grades, but all the while we are learning, and sharing experiences. The activities in the eighth grade curriculum have been enlarged this year. The soccer season left us, to be replaced by basketball, but the cheerleaders are still hanging in there. Our great cross-country run- ners went to the big meet this year. Student Council, the yearbook staff and French club attracted some of US. We eighth graders have all sizes, shapes and kinds of students each with different likes, dislikes and faces. Put us all together and you have some of the best looking faces in school, all of us loyal to our class. 50 X I Q Q su - 2 S t ' YZNF ,I 4' it W 1' Q 4 .L li A Q t.. t , .ts J v K sr s Xl B ..-L Q . , rrft if 7 45 - . .715 . . . sy M RA t ll g,lg5,,.,f' ,,l I 1 tl ,l A SX., Q fviff t, B . " i g Q , ,, Q . f . 1 - T 5 Tig if 1 K fl. l goiit. x at .I in 14 -' ,. 4' it . g , .t l 15. T f' 4 ..k. .J Q Y joe Abair David Bodette john Allo lo-anne Pierre Angier Bodette Helen Ansell Penny Booska Mike Austin Terrance Sharon Baker Brace David James Bruer Bannister Susan Brigan Joanna Richard Birbeck Brunet Sheila Burlock " " -2-rff aff g .,if,,..,g J l if ll if ' 'f' Ji ' ft 1. fs . , t Q., . x I , i l V2 ' N' 'NA vy . .. "-,s varies' r y S 'V g L .3 K ,le A .vi v :sg l T "' 'yt .C ' 7 N N ,f ' ' . T ' Vt ft 1 .X . - f' - L.-wry a ' I f , N f - ,f -R V 4 .fin ' .V K 1 x thx, if g a l N" . Sl? A uf pf ..' 5. 1 -W 1. A -an SJ A, li Jew N ' , t 1. F 4 'Th .-'KY ' Xt x 'gmt 4 V Matthew Edward Bushee Colomb Suzanne Ricky Condon Bushey Lisa Cousino Tammy Patricia Curtis Bushey Susan Cutting Christopher Bernie Dam Campbell Lori Danyow Nancy Carr Tamar Lise Danyow Charbonneau I Susan Charbonneau Eighth Gfilde Charles Clark OfflCefS LSL aurie Laflin, Sue Brigan, and Lori f ' anyow do in study hall? :mA 1 N C s - loe Abair,Mike Plankey, David . .cast-fu. ix ,Q x y I Y t tyk: 1 5 is Q Q ti .. ---, ,. L si- N t " Qq up . .. ,,,. ,WWE R ,- fee: wikis-'Q - 3 fl' ' ' s. S- . V ' 'X i ' P s 'Q' ,Q R Q . L A ..,,,,.,,:g, L, 1--gs A tx' X .W-N V N X ,Q Q . Q 31 'fs . K- x -S w it Q. ss MW ,M I h , Q 365 'KVI A t f, ' 4 N 959 N J as if M s -6 4 ef' X 5 ss ' ,. 'S ' 551 ' W E .ft Q ,S X its 31 rr .,T4'QT. L 1 t 1 X it J R 5 'x is 3 its .-HQ 'ing 'K . f?fQ1gj if ix 'N H .. 5 . -.,' 5. . i V .iw fa--5 ,Q , ' x INA , PE' ' M5 ax ,, as I AA lx A ,Q N I. 5 li kaktxv 1-QQ9 L. sus in , fc E", 'fiz -1- 1 ' - YCZIZQ P P' X355 1 s - ft waz.: n 'WN ' ,Y - 1-wal .IQ l1i 4 sf ..-r it A RA fl P ' X ga Richard Davis Stephen Delphia lulie Devino Henry Dykema Patricia Elzinga jennifer Emerson Ruth Fitz-Gerald Kevin Flynn Lance Foerch Daryll Fulford Lori Gebo Melinda Gevry Robert Clover Stephanie Goss Micheal Hallock Tina Hamel Peter Hammack Laurie Heath Timothy Hitt Michael Hutchins Charles Jackson Brenda lerger Randall lerome Peter lewell Loren Kandzior Sean Kilbride ludy LaBombard james Laflam Lori Laflin William Leach Thomas McClay Roxanne McQuire '1 'ss--me ' J ,waffl- 52 'f""'r1'Q - -W Terri Miller Timmy Mott Kathy Myers Thomas O'Brien Marlene Ouellette Cynthia Pidgeon Mike Plankey Kate Pollender William Poquette Lauri Potter Cindy Provost Lesli Ritchie Theresa Rivers Mike Roberts Sharon Roberts Richard Rotax Kate Royce Phil Russett Lorraine Sabourin Kim Schroeder Fran Senesac Dawn Severson Michael Shackett Bryon Smith Greg Sleeper Donald St. Onge Mike Strada Derrick Strong Alana Tracey Bobbie Tyrrell Gina Villeneuve William Vincent Michael Visconti Paula Wendel Ted Whitten Ken Wrisley 2 4 1 1 I vw Q3 ki . T . ,aa v X ,T 5' 2',f:f55'f1fl:EiE5iEfi5 1... l i FA' -3 eyed as usual. Dave Bodette stands goggle- Robin Meacham Donna Miller 5 Qff L-X 1 2 Q .. if ' 'X Hi. ai A ,.x f fellt I. xl 3' Q. . r Sv' - . 3 Q Q Y as - Q. S - . 1 " 3 "L t S E .ai x 1 I t. U ,X K all Pl f , , Q x , A P 'Q 2 - 2-,ti. I , 9' s r 5 6 " 2 ,r II, , ' A. ' :Y - K fl ' ' ' S 51 V, " - lf. f 'K ill' , g f s si 4 ri N S Q . ft- . - A AL gi ff-ilxzm , ' Lf f5Q92f1'11T'i'!S. 'Q PI A ' L FTW L ' 'S QW .. A, A S .Q , if ,K , 5, ff Q, 1 I V , -as T - ' L25 ffl, .T J 5255352 fr S 3 rw, .f.r53 1, 3 sl . s . N24 s Q 1 f ' A f T . S. " P it ' W7 '47 - X j ,f , ff ' 5 K 4 1 ' ' 1 X g t . . . S' .. "1-1f1?if'iiltt r 'if Vi 'V 33213132 ' . V r i l W7 - S Ev' 1 " ' '5 fri i . '-l' Ft?-2 dh - ' gferg J -' 24 ' '35 ' fl , ,. 1 'V . -A -t.-mi - . 1' f iii" ' i A 13 X. SWEA T . " ' if' f, '- ' " 3' . , 9 f img: iQf:"Fw -'1?,E'.'.:.'Qf,3 ' 1 . ' 1 "fi .'5.1A.I..l,'. ,gy J I .T I L i. K gl What Do 7th Grade Faces Tell Us? K I Q K, ,.Q:,..,.,gZ'-f'i'j3'f-" ' at .j . X ,t My sfwv sap .- -.U - b ."'f"xl- ",. ...Q 1 . ff I tv .wiv x x t 491 5 fl ,. Mu- M, in " - if! . , A .st y 4 . .Q " -f T Cf' . Q K 9.,.'f-.ff".i.if Sf' F at -N 'IL - 4- -' 1-A . , fl ,V Lil: ' .li it' I f V . yxfx ii. Q- A 'T-be 1 " ' ' 6 ww f . l' ll A A 'L' w ' .. :if I , gt 'eo . , ' w i -sv! , 5 .Y Q 'X A l 'D img t 2 Q 4 . .5 4... 3 it " li' Q' gk fx we B T ' H A. i :L ft , it e'-' . ! . in Q? 4 S-, 764' Q, T ' .a JH C, ' -B if William Francie Greg Browe Mary Ambrgge Bienvenue Lisa Brunet Chapman Mark Armell David Bicknell Carl Bushee Kevin Cooke Pamela Rodney Roberta Delores Coyle Aunchman Blacklock Bushey Theodore joseph Austin Deborah Brenda Coyle Douglas Barry Booth Cameron Mike Currier Corrine Bemis Kelly Wendy Kenneth jeanene Brinkman Campbell Curler Beenen Dorothy Brott David Carney Stephen Kevin Brooks Delong jar . Afvf' .gg mi it s' .. T 653 x- if 25. y ,ur 1 1 715 , Q Q. , mx- tar' A 'fa U be ... ' ,..,.M l..A ,IS il .til Q Kim Delorme Wendy Dickerson Iohn Dykema David Emerson Chris Fagan Randy Fairbrother Linda Farley We are the lowest and youngest in the school. From the youngest in the school someday we will be walking down the aisle to get our diplomas. We are curious, ener- getic, and mischievous. But, the seeds and the potential for great- ness are in us. We are growing up and learning about high school life. This seems to be a year of ini- tiationg going up the stairs we get bumped, spat on, and generally pushed around. This year is dif- ferent, the girls are having crushes on a million guys a day, while the boys still say they hate girls, but who knows what lurks in their minds. Starting junior High is like start- ing first grade again. You go from being the oldest kids to being the youngest. We are finding new adventures everyday. , . .. So this is what Linda Field thinks of her classes!!!l!l!!!! 53 , .rw F-sawmgifwy s g 1 1 VN W Q f fc- fe 5 N at wx X SVN X. J Q, :K l ' Q Steven N 1 1 ,.. fi-Ff"5t .N t as Farnsworth Linda Field Lynette Fountain Deborah Francis . K 3 at 'K ' e gg ' w as Xl 4 . A S' 1 "' lg . . l . ed t, at i Q- - r - asf- . 'gj .3 er. r V I ,Q Qs X , 1 1 - . . 1 t f I :, sk: fussy: at L .. i , 1 iii: - , A ,K fi 'cis s . t 4 Q, ' - 2 3 W, iii -yjgg ' - . 'cl lgicir' ' v .' 1? . , fyikgfl . ,, -5-'P ads, izliitfl-,Li l l7?3i'i ' L- ,V 1 5 1 K xys tef new ' I Qi 2 . fi ff 4 M l l ? , . aiaiaythglgg it Ita -I z.Qf.,g K . 2 f . - 16 . . L 4 U f 'Y " ff S5 J lg, .X D ' 1 fl' Six 5' - W V . ,. ls Qt ' . f M " L S Sf gztq X 5' Y , , ' ,-is K e 5' , . - .341 3 L 2-WN :fer Dwayne Mark Gilbert Sherry Godard FUlf0I'Cl Vickie Gilbert Gerry Gogliga Vickie james Glover Kenny Gardner Shelly Godard Haggett Barbara Gebo Laurie Michlynn Hawking Gevry Randy Heath Laurie Hunt Rose Hutchins Sherry Jerome , Yi , "' 'U :tr ' f sz t r Rs 0 f' i , Srl' if I 'Q 'F ts t t ' lft lf? 'QQ W, gif" ' QW' 1 5-4 N . -jztazgzg it -Q S . Q EE ,. . - rt. ess t 1, s-lffiiagi "- fieff! 1 s. -:N ri .Q-5 . , 35, Q as sr., ,L A . sf: ,Y . , , 3 ? SS si S M M if ' . xr' ' L f 1 l , ,Mx . l' t Mx J! l ll . f 1 ff '- t- v lwt il ., 3 'W' '. X 9. ' X. 9 3' t 1 my s J 3 . I .- Cheryl limmo Bill Katz lohn Kerr Tara Kilbride Steve Kittredge Susan Kittredge Mark Laumiere Darlene LaRose James Leach Calvin Loven Helen Loven Donna MacGowen Daniel Mack jackie Mailloux Rebecca Many loan Marsh L v ,Q L ...44 s-.' ,.. 1 he-.. 0 L '23 ' 1 - .I ! r-- av .L V l L David Marshall Nancy Mashtare Lee Martel james Meacham Oega Miedema lim Merrigan Mike Merrigan Deborah Miller x tif Lori Miller Kelly Mills lon O'Brien lenny Osinga Kristy Oxholm Gus Palmer lim Phelps Ann Pidgeon Susan Pierce john Polchies Danny Provost Walter Reed II Mark Rivait john Roberts Kim Ross Mike Russett Luanne Ryan Valerie Schneider Nt ,A ' rx !'-it ,ati . ' x if as P any 'S ' Y- ' 39,553 P, . Sill .- - - :ir . Q , , ' , , 'X .xt SX I 1: " ' mf, C, ,Q 1 K ' i"IL Sff'sr . -sk L. - - 'A , P .C - ' ELSE ti' 'TT xx!! -Q' . . . - -ESQ it lit' ' Q . ii ' E ,sf S N? Y , r K K f ' Mfsisffi,-2 if . M - 35.5 .3 fs ' t H M'-?35E!X'l" Lee Senesac Peter Smith Michael St. Onge Steve Stone Debbie Sumner Ricky Sumner Denise Tatro Cookie Thomas David Tisbert Beth Torrey . A . N . , Q 0 S C. an ir -.wk .,.-v . . , I .,,..,,kN , W Y :h t ' M i 5' 41 4- X it 'Qi C Q . J., .ASQ S f i A a.,i'f 2 . l , . m 'S l , fe: Z5 y -11 A -E2 P S ffl F Two demure seventh-grade science students, Sherry lerome and Chris Fagan. , Ps 'i ,P 'N V... ...,, ,rn iv- -'ai - fi 'I 4. Q r, My .- s 3 wi' 4 . "fe X 5 kiwi Wendy Twitchell Kelly Tynan Tim Van DeWeert Chris Vincent Bill Wager EDQliE5h MGP Q 7 GW W5 Science ranch German Art cl. E rx X E Q Z X ,A 0 Gi 4f X jg 'P 74,5 X? xx U W 4,5 'Q ff , f 'MH' ax N A NN ' M .K . Q J f, , o ' A fo 5 x 0 0 x , t u, ... - ff' . i Y .Nu ' ' 'fr' -QP' Y, . LE' A4 X 12 7' N04 M 0 " 211 Kfffn-ci' I X X 1 ,Q GJ U J ' -X - X ,F 1 X Q 1Kk"Yx Q 7' N' 19030005 f xr' k N, - 2 Cx A 4 N Q5 QJ GJ C IN NP- ,lk 14,5 R tif J Q K WD: M Q T X' if 5? KK N x ' ifxf' XX, V xx x, .jQk Rf- ' XQ, of "Y 5- X f ' C V xh X ' kk X V X 5' ' X A C B Y I xx if Ly XXQSN A N 2 QXNHQ' fi Q ,I XMB-X-5' L Al K, X V,,,, f ,LZ -Xt: K X KIXJJL kid . Q5 ' X A' GJ" MLQ ix C C2 ' fx' Uff' 'N J 4.9 X 41 f 1 5 I fffx ffl Q UW rv' 6' X 4 -4 ,,. S A.: 8 0 , 'fff 51 W V 'x 1 QL flu, X N9 it c"f ' 19' 0 x if - ' -'25 'x fx 53 ' Q ' 5" 1 - ' . f QPTW1' ' K ru I f, XX 'I ., J f M M1413 'Wx if 'I 1, 'uf N , ' ' 2 L C X, T Uk fvi .-3 . ' . 4 K5 K' X X Q N N K ,G-.K L fy .S 1 ' ' ,Q XC E Q- V If ,, 5, Ur , 4 ' . . XD W -BJ! I f if C' 1 2 V T4 Iv' U 5 fl ' fi x , f Xiu ga Sf. l? :- - Qf' 'KEN " v ' f fl ff, 1. , X f vf ffla",f,Q 'Q t ',,., X.. V 1 3 .' ' A fl X f ' A xX'1Q2?..'ll Z 5 'VX ,. - ' : I V ,ll ,Mx J Z .I f .Vx 1, I, A , - ' 1 " N 1' 1 X mfg qqjiil 1 - ' lv ,, ' Q- 'x UPA 1" Q' " -'V' LV NX 2 f - - as A 5 -P 1' vbw it if fr .33 .ST X ,,--, .V W - 1 , A' iw f L ""'QN I 7755- W 1' 23 "N . ' , . rl! L10 fra v 9 - x I ' " 'A . , 1 "4 Q N IQ' ii-af-1. KX 'X . 40 - , f f ' Vg' fh xfx 'ff I1 25,31 3-:K ,X Y I 5 H" . v 1: , IK 5. X 5 7 fm. 't -,Tx , . .x I M 5 'X A v - S9 -X ' 1- fl v' X5 . ' ' 93 ' . of? Q' ' ? A.. ' ' Q: fw' 0,- N Will' ' 'H+ Nl , X f f ' " f ' Y , "'Si- - ' Q -. 1' 'Z-. X 0' , 1' R f 1' wwf , .0 ,ff X Wx ll Y ts: Riga , R if Q i f ' 'X QQ- P 1' N .I x J V 't 'STZEX :U lr xp . x fx r' 'Z - lnnu15' 'v 'N--. I1 'XX F 'V ' 1' 0 XX ' '.-r . :I 1 X XV : Q.: X' fi Ht' , ff ' , 4 f'f"" -X '- 'U , x Q I N ?,-N , I H X I Xl J Q 'I , ' fl Q fi'-.2211 v, iq H . ,jf 1:-5 . -' X f XX X f N ., may S.: .- 14 X 516' my I gi- , N' I ll ul 'gtg' -A ,I '4 I , ti!! " Q K , if l C . we d . -If Z! Q4 t X, x xy!! , k .ju " ' . ,, 5153 ff 'K-,Rx N ' .- . ' 1 .- xx ' ' ' X ' ' C 'Q 4 'N f x 4 A u ,X 2 " if 51 ' GRAMMARA DLITERAT RE Mrs. Prescott, Miss Synder and Miss Neilly as the students see them each day. "Let's make one thing perfectly cIear." - Mr. Minns C1 SEATED5 Nancy Prescott, Thomas lohnson, Chairman, Townsend. GO HA D l HA ITH SELF-EXPRESSION Mr. johnson adds color to the English Department. For many classes this year English has become much more than the basic grammar skills. Students this year went to Bur- lington to see the showing of Romeo 81 juliet. Also in the class- rooms more films were shown. Emphasis was placed on the television movie "Brian's Song" in many classes. The junior High is, this year, reviewing and learning gram- mar skills in preparation for High School. Class libraries are available to students along with particular study of the books, HUCKLEBERRY FINN and ROBIN HOOD for some of the students. In the 9th grade, different levels are doing plays, acting, and creating advertisements for their productions. The Freshmen are also reading "The Taming of the Shrew", THE OUTSIDERS and many other selections. Seniors this year, are getting ready for graduation and col- lege with College Composition taught by Mr. johnson. This semester twenty-nine students are enrolled. Also offered in class is the students' version of Password. Due to the energy crisis, many field trips have been cancelled. This year the sophomores, among other things are now dis- cussing the male and female roles in our society and the rever- sal of these roles. Books read by certain classes include, UP THE DOWN STAIRCASE and HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY. They have also viewed such films as "Brian's Song" and a mov- ie on job opportunities. junior English offers a great variety. Projects encompass grammar and vocabulary exercises, the reading of books such as, HUCKLEBERRY FINN, the acting out of plays studied in class, and working on research papers. Mr Ro ers creates an inspiring atmosphere. jay Rogers, john Nimms, Sally Neilly. - 3 59 SOCIAL STUDIES ENCGMPASS MORE l i Barry Aldinger in American Civilization class. l0hn Yameuf Charles Usher, il-'difh THA THETYPICAL MUNDA EHISTORY "Don't worry Nelson, it won't hurt . .. much!" This year the Social Studies Department offered a great choice of electives and many students chose one of them. Mr. Yarnell treat- ed his students to History Through Art, Litera- ture and Music. This course traced the arts from early Grecian times through the Spanish Civil War. His World Government classes cre- ated an international bulletin board that will be remembered by all. Mr. Ward's Anthro- pology classes went on some archeological expeditions and came back with Otter Creek points and scrapers. The Future class talked about what the world would be like in the year 2000. Mr. Aldinger's class discussions about Agnew, Watergate and the Mid-East War have kept the students in the American Civilization classes informed on current is- sues. Meanwhile in the Psychology classes students were gaining a greater self-under- standing. Miss Campbell, our new, young 8th grade teacher brought lots of enthusiasm to the classroom, particularly in her units on Ecology and Maturity. Mr. Usher keeps his 7th grade classes interesting with "Mystery Quizzes", talks about the Vermont Railroads and ancient coins. if ag, s"' 1 'lt XX. Campbell, Afl9mUS Wafd, Chairman, Ba""Y Aldlngef- "MaybeIshouldhavegoneintotherestaurant business." 61 Q, 9,5 W sa S do-T MATHEMATICS COMPGSE THE The field of Math is changing rapidly and has effected many schools as well as VUHS. New perspectives of teaching have developed. lt is no longer taught autocratically with long term memorizing and tedious drills. Many classes now work individually at their own speed of comprehension and absorption, with the teachers helping when neccessary. This places the responsibility on the students and aids them to develop self-discipline. Different courses in the Math Department include junior High Math, Math 9, Algebra l 84 ll, Geometry, Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus and Life Service Math. This year more so than ever, the Math De- partment has been trying to meet the needs of the students to help them cope with the ever Cham . ...-.... JN.- X l l 4: "Did you say Candid Camera?" 62 lames Ouimette, Evelyn Burke, Michael Thibe I have a little test here for you !" ASIC INGREDIENTS OF LIFE Ie Crown, Robert Barlow, Department Chairman. f , rf!!! I , "Pity their poor souls at Mid-years." QL., "You mean you haven't heard the story about . , ." I'IIjust verIookthat." V,f' , C faaawebvi 4 -N1 wx " . . J 'hi ,, ,V S311 C f , 1 -- 3 V., , f 'L ! 2 ' 1 iflf? X K A Nd' nl, af , QF 4' vw - .1 2 Y 54 s 1 7 may tg- N EYCND THE OBVIOUS Wayne Ganson, Science Department head. Bi . .P.. lm. if-rar-susan sea-svf BBEFSBQQ Biiiihnr in in ii sun ni Qgeiairiii, Eiili- ir If .. .--mf "wil . ..-, T .,..- f- l A 43.1- Earl Weeks, Ronald McKinnon. Formerly, it has been the case that students took some Life Science in the Seventh grade, some Physical Science in the Eighth, perhaps no Science in the Ninth, Biology for all in the Tenth, fewer did Chemistry in the Eleventh, and finally, for the intellectually able, Physics in grade Twelve. This sequence of courses made no logical sense, it simply developed as tradition. Some time ago Biology was a pu rely empirical observational study. One classified things, memorized phyla and species, perhaps performed a few dissections and did some more memorizing of in- ternal organs and systems. The fact that no mathematical ability was required probably was the reason for teaching it in grade 10. Chemistry, which required some math, but no Physics, became a luniorfSenior course. Physics, re- quiring the most math, was usually postponed until the Senior year if it was taken at all. Today the material is much different. Chemistry is no longer a catalog of elements and typical reactions. Chem- istry now bases itself in Physics. One needs to know about atoms, electricity and energy. Biology has increasingly become Bio-Chemistry. As more and more is learned about cells and molecules and their relationship to life processes, the study of Biology requires a knowledge of Chemistry and Physics. Thus it is that we have turned our curriculum around in an attempt to be logical and realis- tic. We need to study things in the order of their com- plexity. When building a house, one doesn't begin with the roof. Currently we have our Seventh graders studying Basic Energy Relationships iPhysicsJ. The Eighth grade builds on this foundation its study of the structure of matter lChem- istryb. The new Ninth grade program, ISCS-Ill, builds on the previous courses. lt deals with several topics in Biolo- gy and Earth!Space science. Beginning with the Tenth grade the new approach repeats this cycle again, but for a deeper level of maturity. For the general student who wishes to become scientifically literate, and move on to college or life with the best possible grounding in Sci- ence, the Department recommends that hefshe take Pro- ject Physics. ln the Eleventh grade, the student should study Chemistry, and finally Biology in grade 12. 65 As in other schools smaller num- bers of students have elected Latin in the last few years. As a consequ- ence it was dropped from the lan- guage offerings in September. How- ever two freshmen are studying Latl in with a private tutor during schooll hours. To replace the scheduled Lat4 in courses, German was added to the language department as a second modern language. Miss Olson con- ducts the new German course of study. The students study grammar, poetry, and simple literature. They are doing some Brecht poetry which is simple in grammar and vocabu- lary, but very existential in thought. The German students put their German to use in the community by sharing German Christmas Carols. Many of the German students have become interested in baking Ger- man foods which they share with the entire class. A "Wein probe" was also held. This consisted of the class tast- ing wines, which actually were soft drinks since alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the classroom. The French department hopes to continue its travel program through- out the year. One Saturday excur- sion to Montreal took place on No- vember 17. lt included a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral, to the French patisserie in Ville Marie and soupe a l'oignon and crepes in the Crepe Bretonne ala Rue Montagne. Plans are developing for a four day trip to Quebec City during April vacation. This voyage will acquaint the students with a city on this side of the Atlantic which is essentially French in its appearance, language, traditions and culture. Mr. jesus Diaz, the seventh teach- er-aide from France will spend nine weeks in the school beginning janu- ary 19. Art classes have continued to ex- pand in enrollment and offerings. Particular interests this year have been in the area of ceramics, lapi- dary work and drawing. This year the band and chorus, under the supervision of Richard Wheeler, have been practicing in- tensely to improve their talent and add culture and entertainment to the school and community. On November 10, the band and chorus of Vergennes, as well as other schools combined their talents and participated in a music festival. They displayed their works and came up with a finely composed concert. ART, Music at LANGUAGE "Allez au bureau! Comprenez-vous?!" ix .js "Why didn't I stick to basketball?" l ,f" .41 !3 - ,, 'ix km 'v "'533 -N ,. ff g K X ix K 4 + v n ' 1, 1 if .eg-, 'x-.XR-L H X yer X Q R R X 1 iv- QQ' fi I M v x, 1 -Me 'W Q.. ' A Q5i5'Nf5-RET X yi? MQW T I il-Jefs g,,f'fi-- . gf ff C' eggs? Q3 gurl ss AND HE LT 95, ei"i5ff'J flag' Qqivygflsif ywhe 53KDPhysical Education Department is expanding to v more sports and include more of the student y. The Physical Education program begins with soccer and field hockey, moving inside with cooler weather. The fall finishes up with volleyball, and moves into gymnastics and rhythmic dance. The girls have lessons in cross country skiing and in the pro's and con's of snowmobiling. Basket- ball will pick up the winter months, ending with a tourna- ment between the classes and faculty. As spring approach- es the girls will still be inside in a program working with badminton, ping pong, and wall tennis. This year, Gymnas- tics includes 7th and 8th graders who are not eligible to compete but are coming out to improve their skills. The Senior and junior boys' Phys. Ed. classes began the year with soccer under the direction of Coach Connors. When soccer was completed they went on to play football and archery. Also planned for this winter are basketball, volleyball, and hockey. The Sophomores and Freshmen are busy this year with volleyball, basketball, archery and soc- cer. This year Mrs. Bartlet's freshman class has completed soccer, speedball, and she hopes to do badminton and tennis. Also in her junior High classes they have finished soccer and volleyball. She looks forward to basketball, gymnastics, tumbling, and softball later in the spring. This year the special services of Nurse Claire Coady have been branched out into many different fields due to the expanded knowledge in Medical Technology. Throughout the school year Mrs. Coady teaches several mini-courses. Other courses include, personal hygiene, dental health, and the dangers and abuses of smoking, drugs and alcohol. As well as treating ill students, Mrs. Coady has also set up a resource library for students who have an interest in Medi- cal Research. Mrs. Bartlett teach- es lr. High Phys. Ed 68 Ethelyn Bartlett, William Conner, lacquelyn McNamara keep the ball rolling in Phys. Ed. . l.. Coach Conner observes and encourages in a gym class REI TERDEPE DE T Richard Hawkins looks spellbound. Mrs, MacNamara adds grace and poise to her Phys Ed. classes. Ji f, Nurse Cody administers an eye test Claudia Hotchkiss - Home Economics. Thelma Oxholm - self-contained classroom ,., . 4 ' ' 1 x , 'M l X Marcella Fulmer - Reading Consultant. Gael Lynk - Reading Consultant. Roland Guyette - Driver Education. Nancy Calcagni - Librarian. HELP MOLD TH EVQCHOOL Study Hall Monitors: Mrs. Hutchins, Mrs. Devino, Mrs. Allo. I :AIM A: , I , , Q. :,z,.,r 5 , ,QFQEAQQQ ' f 'sjqf'-,, MII., ' ' ' TWMQ M -' if 'ft V, W .-'fn-PL f . . . t, . ., , .pi ...s,. ,- amy 1 z-.4--. zuyk' 'Q x f . ' 5-' Mr. Boyce helps students gain knowledge MV- Lynk l'felP5 Stlfdems increase their that will aid them in everyday living. knowledge ln Vocallonal Am' Throughout the year special services have been a very valuable asset to our school. The Reading Laboratory under the supervision of Mrs. Lynk and Mrs. Fulmer is designed to expand and rein- force basic reading skills for junior High students. Mrs. Kitty Oxholm teaches the self-contained classroom where groups of seventh graders re- ceive instruction in English, Math, Sci- ence and Social Studies. These students do a great deal of work on their own, in addition to group activities. Home Economics taught by Miss Claudia Hotchkiss is primarily concerned with strengthening family life through edu- cating the individual for family living, improving the services and goods used by families and furthering, in the community, the nation and the world, conditions favorable to the well being ofthe family. Scott Lynk and Harmon Boyce super- vise the Vo-Ag department. Through- out the year they have taught courses in mechanics, studies of soil and ferti- lizers, animal diseases and the fitting of livestock. Changes have developed in the li- brary under the guidance of Nancy Calcagni. The collection of books has been updated to current events and more modern selections. Also a new paper-back section has been added to satisfy the needs of the student body. The Driver Education class, taught by Roland Guyette is in full swing this year. A new Driver-Ed car has been purchased for the course. The students are first instructed on the steps of driv- ing and the precautions to be taken. They put this to use by driving on the roads. At the end of the course each driving group goes to Burlington to become accustomed to driving in city traffic and on thru-ways. Three new staff members have been added this year, Mrs. Fran Allo, Mrs. Grace Devino, and Mrs. Lorraine Hutchins. They supervise the study halls and keep them running smoothly. 7l ANC-E OF SERVICES Though the days are long, Mr. Burke still smiles. .l rl!! is 'll l x . s img: W ,f Y is 1 1' E' 'V N, a 3 'l ' . , , V . x M., . :V . lust a friendly chat with senior, Dennis Hall. 73 9 Cross-Country ollglll . Flelcil Hockey Soccer XE OQMGLQ Uk lwowfvl cxbeQ'h V Beelsellvell m,5E Wrestling 33755553 Bebebell 5O10tl3ell jf' -lfeclfx GQ 1 4 'N rg x 6 IAN 'QQ Cv -4 I fi 4 6. lg 4, ?, 'x 441- l ,fffll 'flis K if v Kg Q .X ill 'WI - I xx ll " TA 'll ll lu "qw" ' I, "' E" 1 f" f x H - - 5, ,,. iw 'Q ' . lat? ll ' ' xx W I l, " K ex ' Q11 " fe .,. l D CM fqu x 'vi' . ' I ,NH X f X J' X XJ ti tbx Y 'fp 'A A A I i I, 7 NN, ' ,v I Q I Q ,,,X ,o iglluh 0xx P x K X 1 X w ' fsi-V C . ,-51.1 5' kv 'MH X W F Y w 'K X h ' fl QSM 4' 2 J 4, x ' Kew -I 74 41 cf- ,1 M 5, ,sf -'S' . f' . Ya I X 'ill as V lx -. XM? MHS X 193k -X, A QQ L U F 1,5 . W Nl 4' ' "N 'HQ QQ 5422 . 1' 115-X -W g., ,,' , Mi' -x 1 .QT ,f- f Q! . KW! ,X v, 4 I .- "2 'o a fx f" K' nd' '-'If 1 '. 'X 1 x ,Qs ' ' ' ' ' ' ff' IN 1 ' rw I 4 "lf X: W .- Qv 6 XX R'-' wi' . X figfxyx 1 M -EH' NX ' X Y Q .' -Q:-at Q1 N I, lx X'A Q 3 I' 1 xx U 'U g ,,,, nys t . D x rg . wx , mtg... Zi, 11 'I' ILS, 1 fix lb' 'Q ,f-, W ig.. " h Q' ' If ,I S 'ax xx we W l if 44' ,QV If 7' . 1 I X S 'Q v ' ' Q E. YQ , if A , X ' 'I X? K wg x- mgrx H ' ', ' L kv gk lv, N N jf I ' , ,Y I K l l I U .J My - QQ.. X Ox yy . l '15 tw hx .qv ' 'JL X y XXXSSI I VJ , w N w , W f SCOREBOARD Varsity Has Disappointing Season v.U.H.5. Middlebury 2 The Varsity was plagued by a lack of test eventually went into overtime and Bellows Free depth this year. Twelve players gradu- Vergennes won it on a second goal by Academy ated l6SI lune and only four Seniors Nick Martinec. The Commodores then Mount Abraham went out for this year's squad. Other suffered three successive setbacks Missisquoi players quit for personal reasons and before again facing Middlebury. This Middlebury Tim Barrows broke his leg in the first time the game was on our home field. Champlain Valley Mt. Abraham game. The Varsity Soccer Middlebury again scored first but once Union team finished the season with a disap- pointing 2-10 record having lost the last seven games of the season. The season opened on a winning note when Vergennes traveled to Mid- dlebury. The game began slowly but picked up momentum as Middlebury drew first blood for a 1-0 lead. But Ver- gennes fought back to tie the game, when Nick Martinec scored. The con- more Vergennes came back on goals by Mike Brace, a penalty shot by Randy Briggs and an insurance goal by Mark Gebo. This was our final win of the year. From this point on we lost the remaining seven games and wound up 2-10. Coach Usher felt his team played its best overall game against Milton, the class I runnerups for the state championship. Essex junction Mount Mansfield Mount Abraham Bellows Free Academy Milton South Burlington OPP. 1 5 6 7 1 12 6 6 3 3 1 ,io frqxk lunior Varsity Soccer Team: KNEELING: N. Martinick, M. Gebo, l ' K. Barrows, B. Hall, Coach Yarnall. 2nd ROW: L. Mayor, L. Lowry, ll ' N . r K. Bannister, T. Clark. 3rd ROW: l. Tynan, M. Sleeper, M. Adams, X ' . ' I C. Abaire, A. Miller. Varsity Soccer Team: KNEELING: D. Devine, R. Briggs, B. Brown, A. Flanagan. STANDING: N. Martinick, L. Lowry, M. Gebo, K. Bannister, T. Clark, H. Creighton, G. Bell, S. Dugan, B. Schaetz, M. Brace, K. Barrows, B. Benton, M. Adams, M. Chapman, l. Tynan, S. Leach, C. Brooks, K. Sorrell, T, Barrows, Coach Usher. pal well l'Vlfslyl9f SQ,',sfxQ B97 09 Nrfjrx-l Lmelll cyfii' in ego -.lug fx Qwzrw . is oak we 63 bcgqvxii 6 I5 Sense Fung, 76 rfipffl Q TOWXEX .ug xglfl 23 l.V.'s 10-4 Record - Best in Soccer Histor The l.V. soccer team finished with an excellent 10-4 record for the season. This was the best record any junior Varsity soccer team has ever had in Vergennes. ln fact, it was the first sea- son a l.V. soccer team has even had a winning record. The l.V.'s fine season left hope for an improved'Varsity team. ln Mr. Yarnall's initial year as coach of the l.V.'s last season, the team had a dismal 3-9 record, even though that was an improvement over the previous year. However, the last several games of 1972 were well played games and may have been a sign of things to come. Coach Yarnall's second year with the l.V.'s proved that this was the case. The l.V.'s tremendous record was proof enough of this, but there were other optimistic statistics. The l.V.'s never gave up more than two goals in y SCOREBOARD V.U.H.S. any game because of the good work in Middlebury 2 the nets by Kelly Barrows and support Bellows l:,ee from fullbacks Mark Adams and Larry Academy Mayer. All of the l.V.'s four defeats were by one goal. The junior Varsity's good defensive work also showed up in the scoreboard, which found them shutting out their opponents five times and outscoring the opposition by a massive difference of 36-13. While most of the games were close, the I.V.'s did overwhelm two of their opponents. They shellacked South Burlington, 8-0 and easily beat B.F.A., 6-1. Besides Kelly Barrows, Mark Adams and Larry Mayer other outstanding performers were Kenny Bannister, Art Miller, Nick Mar- tinec, Mark Gebo, and Kip Sorrell. Coach Yarnall felt that his team "dis- played comradeship and good team spirit for the entire season." Otter Valley Mount Abraham Missisquoi Middlebury Champlain Valley Union Essex Mount Mansfield Mount Abraham Otter Valley Bellows Free Academy South Burlington Milton OPP 1 O 0 1 1 0 2 2 2 0 1 1 0 2 .....,, .4 Mark Gebo dribbles down the field. They Chased Their Hearts Across the Finish Line This fall the call for candidates for CIOSS-Country was answered by a small but very dedicated group of nine youngsters. Only four had had any previous running experience and all nine candidates were u,nderclassmen - three juniors, three sophomores and three freshmen As the schedule consists largely against "L" schools, most of which had experienced returnees on their squads, the outlook for a successful season as far as a won-lost record was concerned seemed bleak indeed. This year's goal was to profit by gaining some experi- ence and improvement in each race. This was successfully carried out as the young squad steadily improved their times during the season. The conclusion of the cross-country season is the participation in the State Meet and the young harriers eagerly awaited the day when they could uti- lize all the winning techniques they had discovered during the season. For- tunately, they drew an outside position on the starting line, which meant they would not have to worry about being "boxed in". They concentrated on get- ting off to a good start, then running as hard as possible until the race was over. lt paid off as the inexperienced squad finished a strong third in the state class "I" division. Freshmen Steve Burlock finished eighth, Sophomore Paul Leach took the twenty-third position, Fresh- men Ken Epstein thirty-first, junior Dana Franklin thirty-fourth, and Soph- omore Randy Yantz forty-first to com- plete the scoring for the young Ver- gennes team. Congratulations, boys and best wishes for steady improve- ment in future years. ... lviiiii f l The start of the Middlebury meet. Cross Country Team: KNEELING -- SCOREBOARD A - V.U.H.S. OFF. Middlebury 15 50 tForfeitJ Bellows Free Academy 48 15 Winooski Q 21 36 Missisquoif V 15 45 Middlebury s 40 15 Champlain Valley Union 36 19 Essex junction 15 50 tForfeiti Otter Valley Union 30 25 Rice 30 25 Mount Mansfield 47 15 Otter Valley Union 36 23 Rice 38 21 Bellows Free Academy A 45 15 Union -- 32 31 26 Milton 39 20 South Burlington 46 17 Winooski 25 30 Champlain Valley Conference 6th Green Mountain League Sth State Meet 3rd H .. S. Burlock, K. Epstein, P. Leach, R. Yantz. STANDING - M. Husk, P. Mailloux, R. Godard, K. Wernhoff, D. Franklin, R. Raymond. Coach Crown. 78 Girl Harriers Place 3rd in State Meet Luanne Ringer and Cindy Cooke give their all as they sprint for the finish line. 'Vfk -eu s....1Uf 1.3 J Q . ,f The Girls' Cross Country team, consisting of ten freshmen, one sophomore and a junior could be seen running through Vergennes on any day of the week during the fall season. These dedicated and determined harriers ran to an undefeated season, the best in the young team's history. ln both the Champlain Valley and Green Mountain League, Ver- gennes took second place, scoring only a few points behind Mount Mansfield. In the State Meet, held in pouring rain and freezing tem- peratures at Lyndon Institute the girls ran their best race. They placed third one of three schools to have two runners, in the top ten. The first five finishers were Luanne Ringer - fifth, Cindy Cooke - seventh, Cindy Yantz - seventeenth, Darlene Whitcomb - nine- teenth, and Molly Whitcomb -twenty fifth. 4 KNEELING: P. Provost, M. Hammock, C. Cooke, E. Ouellette, C. Yantz, N. Mar- shall. STANDING: I. Sherrin, P. Sherrin, D. Villeneuve, D, Whitcomb, M. Whit- comb, K. McDermott, L. Ringer, Mrs. Bartlett. SCOREBOARD V.U.H.S. OPP. Middlebury forfeit Middlebury 47 16 Mount Mansfield 22 35 lissex junction 27 28 Mount Mansfield 23 34 Mississquoi 15 50 Mississquoi 15 50 Champlain Valley 2nd League Green Mountain 2nd League State Meet 3rd 79 Varsity Hockey Posts 3-7-2 Season Halfback loanne Emerson tackles Middlebury wing and comes through again. Led by new coach lacquelyn McNamara, last year's strong junior Varsity, combined with the remaining'Varsity players compiled an overall record of three wins, seven losses and two ties. The team's greatest weakness was the constant change in positioning, but all were aware that this year was a rebuilding season. The Varsity showed great team work, strict work, endurance and strategy in their first en- counter with longtime rival, Middlebury. De- fense kept the opponents from scoring during the first half, but Middlebury dodged during the last ten minutes and scored two goals. Co-cap- tain Sally "Coonie" Danyow, played a tremen- dous game with 21 saves. The forward line was at the Middlebury goal many times during the fifty minutes but no one was able to score. ' li in Leading scorer for the 1973 season was right inner Kathy Mitchell with four goals. Other scor- ers were left inner Clare Fagan, left wing Mary Ringer and co-captainifcenter forward, Susan Panton. All had two goals each. 'T Most valuable player for the season was "Coonie" Danyow, our third year varsity goalie. All agree-that the team received much more rec- ognition and success due to Coonie's saves. With Senior Ellen Pratt, Susan Panton, Kathy Mitchell, Annie Rossier, Sally Danyow, loni Smith, and Deb Senesac all leaving, several posi- tions will be filled by the l.V. players, many of whom already have been molded into Varsity material. SCCREBOARD , v.u.H.s. oPP. Essex , 0 5 Mount Mansfield 0 1 Winooski 0 0 South Burlington 1 0 ' Milton 5 ' 0 Middlebury 0 2 Mount Abraham 1 2 4 Mount Mansfield 0 2 Winooski 1 1 Middlebury 0 5 ' Mount Abraham 1 0 , Champlain Valley ' Union ' 0 1 Varsity Hockey: KNEELING: K. Mitchell, S. Plankey, I. Browe, C. Fagan, K Miles, I. Emerson. STANDING: I. Smith, K. Epstein, E. Pratt, D. Senesac, M Ringer, A. Rossier, and Mrs. McNamara. Missing - S. Panton and S. Danyow. r I pl I I j 1 f' A ' , lV's Face Disappointing Season Elaine Cushman and Merdy Mills walk onto the field. ls it disapproval, Merdie? SCOREBOARD V.U.l'l.S. OPP. Essex junction A 0 6 Mount Mansfield 0 2 Winooski 0 4 Middlebury 0 5 Mount Abraham 0 1 Middlebury 0 4 Mount Abraham 0 3 Champlain Valley Union 0 2 The only thing the l.V.'s seemed to be lacking this year was experience as only two players re- mained from last year's team. The season began with a lot of pep which never dampened through the eight losses. A Winooski forfeit to us was the l.V.'s only victory of the year. As the season prog- ressed the hard work in practice began to show in increased skills, but their stamina could not match that of the larger teams. The most valuable player of the season was Nancy McNullg, one of the returning players. Zpotwllff OVW MQ 9? ,gk , UQ WW in junior Varsity Field Hockey: - KNEELING: 1. Marshall, A. Duany, 1. Brough-0 CW ton, M. McNulla I. McEvilla, K. Smith. STANDING: C. lackman, C. Yandow, M. l ' Mills, E. Cushman, M. Fisk, Coach McNamara. w y7 Q ' I LU I ' fc l goof ,QW IS: 1 l . ' we Z4 fw zgvclft FL 53 XU 81 ff 92497 Basketball Team Has Disappointing Record The Varsity Boys' Basketball team had a very disappointing season with a dismal 3- 16 record this year. The off season for the Commodores could be attributed to the fact that Vergennes lost its entire starting team last year. It also suffered a lack of height and a lack of players. With the Commodores having nine players at times and eight at others, Coach Aldinger had very little bench to work with. The Com- modores were also hurt by injuries and various other misfortunes which cost them the loss of three of their starting players at different times during the year. The high points of the year were the Commodores' two victories which came at home. The first win was against Mt. Mans- field after Vergennes had dropped their first three games. It was a very close and exciting win, with the Commodores com- ing back from a six point deficit late in the game to overcome Mt. Mansfield. The game was won when 'Kelly Bull made a dramatic shot with three seconds left to play. Vergennes' second victory came against the Richford Falcons, and snapped a 10 game losing streak for the Commodores. Vergennes had been beaten by Richford the first time by 5 points but this time Ver- gennes was the victor by five points. The Varsity team got big support from Mike Brace with 17 points and Gene Bell with 14 to help ensure the win. With the lead late in the game, the Commodores put the freeze on and were able to run the clock down and break their losing streak. The basketball team re- lied on Bill Benton for rebounding most of the year until Mike Brace joined the team in the middle of the season. Kel- ly Bull and Gene Bell were counted on for their ac- curate outside shooting. Skip Leach setup the plays and averaged over 6 pointsagame. Kelly Bull defends against a long reach Kneeling: Skip Leach, Bill Benton. Standing: Art Flanagan, Randy Briggs, Ralph Fitzgerald Mike Brace lim Dickerson, Gene Bell, Kelly Bull, Coach Aldinger. 82 Skip Leach defends. f V.,U.H.S. 69 29 53 43 43 28 ., 45 41 54 44 33 51 40 45 42 46 44 48 35 52 SCOREBOARD Richford Moriah Moriah Mt. Mansfield B.F.A. lFairfaxi Middlebury Mt. Abraham Missisquoi Mt. Abraham Milton Middlebury Enosburg Falls Mt. Mansfield B.F.A. lFairfaxJ Richford Missisquoi Mr. Abraham Milton V Middlebury Enosburg Falls OP P 74 67 81 42 63 66 60 64 70 58 59 53 62 47 37 53 76 59 67 50 Mr. Aldinger, Harley Creighton, lim Dickerson, Ralph Fitzgerald watch from the Gene Bell f3ke5 alUmP Shot from Outside sidelines. Girls Earn a Playdown The 1973-74 Girls' Varsity Basketball team got off to a good start by defeating B.F.A. lFairfaxl 39-21. The girls went on to finish the season with an 8-8 record. The final game of the sea- son was a decisive win over Milton, won by a free throw sunk in the last seconds. This win qualified Vergennes for tourna- ment play. The Commodores met Mt. Mansfield in a play- down game on February 13 and suffered a defeat after a hard fought battle. The team suffered a set back at mid-season when ludy Browe, a leading scorer and valuable asset to the team, frac- tured her leg in a crucial game. Marilyn VanWyck led the team in scoring with 203 points for the year. Other high scorers were Coonie Danyow, loni Smith and Carleen Jackman. The team will lose Coonie Danyow, loni Smith, Annie Rossier and Wendy Cushman through graduation. Senior Co-Captains: loni Smith, Sally Danyow, Wendy Cush- man, Annie Rossier. Qi, fi' .559- , N l Kneeling: Susie Tucker, Wendy Cushman, Sally Danyow, Annie Rossier. Standing: Coach Guyette, lean Sheerin, Joni Smith, Marilyn VanWyck, Carleen lackman. Miss- ing: ludy Browe. , L ' .if will ,im MMT Y. i High Scorer: Marilyn VanWyck takesafoulshot. loni Smith and Carleen Jackman in a fine defensive play. ,at 4 V1 - 0,610 SCOREBOARD Q V.U.H.S. OPPONENTS WA .0 L 39 B.F.A. lFairfaxJ 21 XA yt vu-Q We 25 Richford 51 38 Mount Abraham 21 li-'Q OTC' N' 43 Middlebury 49 . A 25 Mount Mansfield 52 ll J UVL' 46 Enosburg 39 f 28 Winooski 33 6 18 Milton 38 42 B.F.A. lFairfaxl 40 cd ' 34 Enosburg 36 Mp U, 32 Mount Abraham 21 'fp CQ 30 Middlebury 23 30 Richford 47 KNL' MX l ' 38 Mount Mansfield 54 44 Winooski 31 ,QMCYL OJXQ 'WDC CECYCQ 32 Milton Tournament 31 , 29 Mt. Mansfield 47 LAW!-Q. Up and in, Sally. Encouragement from coach Guyette on our home floor. 85 The l.V. Basketball team was plagued by the same problems as the Varsity this sea- son They lost their entire starting team from last year and were also hurt by disci- plinary problems. The lV's wound up with a record of 3-11 under Coach Thibeault. Vergennes began the season by being crushed in the first two games by Moriah. From this point on, the team played more close and exciting games. The lV's lost two games by two points and lost a third by three points. The best game of the season was probably against Mt. Mansfield, whom they defeated 56-51. The key performers during the season were Ken Epstein, Steve Burlock, lack Tyn- an and Kris Wernhoff. j.V. Boys Share a Disappointing Season Steve Burlock under close guard. if 4, , if scoxsdoixizp , - v.u.H.s. OPPONENT 29 ' ies ,Moriah 5 ' fJ?f125?l?i' f,.a. Mfiflah tt'i 76 5 Manfsffiild .st T ,,g.g?5'l 395 tsstsi B .r.A. 4 .., 4,47 33 Missisquoi'fill51llf?ifj 4' 43,3 31 . --f- tMr.Abrah9ai1 4 46 42 Milton if "tts 43 50 41 43 ff Enosiurg 45m gg Mt. Mansfield, 1,55 am. , 41 Richford ,.... 1 sf..', Q 156 44 Missisquoi E '69 .5 44 Mr.AbfaWa?va,, ss 35 Milton 65 51 ' Middlebury 56 52, .'t' Enosburgp Falls 55 Su-fa Ken Epstein sets up for a shot. F? Kneeling: 1. Tynan, K. Wernhoff, M. Gebo, Standing: I. Emerson, M. Husk N. VanWyck, I. Birkett, M. Adams, D. Essex, K. Kilbride, K. Epstein, S. Bur- lock, K. Barrows, P. Leach, Mr. Thibeault. junior Varsity Girls Post a Winning Season Last minute instructions Coach Yarnell. The junior Varsity girls' basketball team closed the season with a winning rec- ord of 13-2. They had the thrill of playing ten unde- feated games in a row. Luanne Ringer was high scorer for the team, Laura Charbonneau and Patty Sheerin were close rivals for that honor. 1 Laura Charbonneau pulls down a rebound. V32 lk fag- 3,24 SCORLEFEOARD , v' s's lilrr C PWQPONENTS artisr , . A qu 1 .iaalebufyi at A9 , 1 ,274 .y,t Minifieidf .18 .t.s .aa tittt y 17 sa L 'ftbifiobska so C 115 ass Milton ' 15 11 ' 42 if wad.. . 38. .trr gg . ' M 22 ,t 20 29 23 25am 25 .t., B.F.A. lFairfaxJ Enosburg Mt.lAbraham Middlebury ,Richford g Mt. Mansfield Winooski Milton 22 16 to 27 13 . 26 18 15 4, az, Kneeling: D. Villeneauve, L. Ringer, E. Cushman, K. Dick- erson, P. Provost, S. Vause, N. ,, McNulla. Standing: Coach Yarnell, M. Fisk, L. Mills, C. Yandow, P. Sheerin, B. Gard- ner, C. Epstein, L. Charbon- neau, K. Gobbi, M. Adams. ,,. 87 Wrestlers Bring Home a State Championship The 1973-1974 Varsity Wrestling team had six veterans. The team also had three members from the last year's junior varsity line up. Three new members contributed to this year's team. The squad began to rebuild strength early in the season. Their will power and hard work so- lidified the team. Injuries plagued the team to- wards the season's end. Bill Char- bonneau, Nick Martinec and Tom Tisbert were unable to finish the season. On February 22 and 23 the team participated in the State Meet in Essex junction and placed 6th in a field of twenty schools. In the 105 lb. class Dennis Gendreau brought home our first State Championship. Ivan Shores placed 2nd in the 112 lb. weight class. loe Bodette placed 6th in the 98 lb. weight class. Dana Devine placed 4th in the 132 lb. Class and Randy Thurber placed 6th in the 138 lb. class. Don VanDeWeert, Randy Thurber, Dana Devine, and Dennis Gen- dreau congratulate Brian Kayhart on his varsity pin. Kneeling: D. Devine, B.Charbonneau N Martinec I Shores D Gendreau I Bodette Standing M jerry D Kittredge D Van DeWeert, G. Andrews, T. Tisbert, R. Thurber Coach McNamara 88 Randy Thurber has a good hold on a Northfield opponent. E' Aw. 4 '59W3??f2'2g3 ' X .Am .. M.. . opt... fr' -.- , V.U.H.S. 48 57 33 27 25 17 33 40 53 33 40 61 21 16 26 29 SCOREBOARD OPP. Lamoille 15 Mt. Abraham 0 Harwood 21 Middlebury 32 Mt. Mansfield 35 Middlebury 29 Lamoille 21 Fair Haven 18 Northfield 6 Champlain Valley 12 Lake Region 8 Oxbow 0 Hazen forfeit Spaulding 32 Mt. Mansfield 26 Mt. Abraham 24 Harwood 20 Tom Tisbert watches for a chance to move. i qw-., 'Vx . .... ,. I N 3 'l an f ff .I .. ' ,X ,-l . 1-,, K' c K ' .sv ffl ' H Matt lerry and Don VanDeWeert ' are as involved in the match as the , wrestler on the floor. sconrisomzn Lamoille i l Mt. Abraham Middlebury Harwood Mt. Mansfield Lamoille' Middlebury Fair Haven Northfield Champlain Valley Mt. Abraham Spaulding A Mississquoi Mt. Mansfield Chris Bushey and Bruce Many display their stamina in an exhibition match. l L Y - Kneeling B Many C. Bushey, T. LeFebvre, R. Provencher, 1. Tisbert, S. Fountain, T. Bodette, Coach Minns, D. Dessureault, I. Litch, K Sorrell A Grant B Kayhart, B. Belanus, M. Kittredge, D. Carney, L. Lowry. Randy Provencher pushes for a pin. .. if- ?l'X'fif "if 1 ii r ' ' ? , . .5 U' 1' S gi junior Varsity Wrestling The junior Varsity Wrestling team showed tremendous dedication and enthusiasm and should be proud of its' 10-4 record. Bob Be- lanus, john Tisbert, Gary Andrews, Brian Kayhart, Lawrence Lowry, Don Van DeWeert, Matt jerry, Don Carney, and Tom Bodette turned in great performances in the j.V. Western Regional Tournament, fin- ishing in the top four places in their respective weight classes. The squad captured more places than any other competing team. john Tisbert was the champion of the 126 pound class and Matt jerry was the 185 pound champion. In the Febru- ary 22 State Meet john Tisbert won a 2nd place in his weight class and Matt jerry brought home the state championship. M1 -.Qmmm -vim DOH Carney's face reflects his struggle. Coach Minns watches one of his boys in competition. 91 Girls' Wrestling Auxiliary Sparks Spirit The 1973-4 Wrestling Auxiliary has four new members with veteran Donna Hall as captain. During the season they all kept busy making posters and learning new cheers in their effort to keep the team's spirit going strong. The whole auxiliary made every trip to rival schools and appeared at each home match. Auxiliary Members - Lori Field, Captain Donna Hall, Sheryl Lowry, Lori Davis, Barb Martinec. 9? fi S 7? J Q S e fx Q 55 Y 'jg 'F 2 X , 3 gr N Cljx IO 5 vp CI 5F U 5 Q" 0 ,a Q , 2 f U D Q 535 3 53-L' ff af? I ff J D fp jf 5 Q ,Q E UO 2 fff ,B F5 gy ' 6 il Page UL ' ,Q E of A2 f if VP 35 f 922 57 X 7 5 X W O' --ff-2 1 jx. wing '75 O . A5 if fn if f f inf Q , 6 M if qw GA, x gf? W 97 cj U 'tj aj 44 55 5+ Qfj' 0 Q2 2 5 A' f5'Q 51 cl 1 Q O-C 6 ' Q4 3, 2, i 9, 0? Q 'X If 4 9' QP ff 'VEQ Q 2553 3 S ' ff 5 fg 0 3 1, Q2 D V 52436 wafpi if S Q-'ii 0 15 C E 05:22 I aw iw- RQ , 5 5 5, 5 M, ff Qlfvx gf O". 53 x 5: 3 5 T3 'MN QTWQ jl O Jo Q, --l. 7 'xl f- 3, 5 A 5123 , fc , 'if'5f1" H! 25 'SE xxx , 4? -Avi - XL' -f ft v N: W" U - ,, - .1 - F bfi: X 8' if-X : lik. 429 Q .X Z Q i f I I X lk Q xX ...Z C 7.-AN fkx Qx J ll Vi H 1X N. A U Mgjggx K 1- - Q ,pl 'pix 50 .GQ ,'z3?SSf 31,911 W . 4 .W If 'A ' 1? J mx J . sf - ,J i f K it + .gtk P IR1 3: 1' W -41 ' 0, 'N 0 .5 ta, ' " , fy J if ? f J " V . 4 x ff. mp: x V ' 4 "1 4 Nx ' J . 1 V - , x V W' V'QX- ' i A A x q 6 -X -- .-" If . if W ' I iff Y' x '2 .' 1 vf - 4 '21, if SKA X YN y - -,rif X 3 K ' K - X NX g 1, gtk, fi . ' I . X' .3 3: " NF ' XX gi H- ' N , 5 Q ' gx 5 II 3 - - .Vx s - I Y 4 AA - ' ' E. wg! .- 1 -- '- .f ' ti- al A x me ,W A , A ., . Qs I ' 5 Q 'fire Q ' H L.-v K i I ' f .QT-QE? If- Y K E 5, ' ofjp I if .fr-x'.. L . "f -53. -'J 7' H ix MZ If R , s I ' Q l?'P, 'Ha I 1 , iw R Yu 9? tx x 'I K KA" Y , JQQ '- ,ff gfsvk' SQ" ' .ff uw - ' ' A l Q' 1 f' ' 'ff 1,1 fx -'gt' x 4 x K '- A 5,3 L fy kx 4 X, N . V I W I LX: I 1 ' .' .4 X H N I' :ffl X u 'X '35 ' N 11,4 X. Wflf' ' : . Q All 'K . 7 is I r VI A a N A H? L x X Y 1 wx K ' . o ath xx! I U1 I ll I ur If Ili Y llnl x M, Y fb we X M Q Xt 'US WA .N l , nfl Y Un Student Council Brings About Changes The Student Council has brought about some change this year. After two months of planning, the proposal to provide a smoking area was accepted by the School Board. This has resulted in much less smoking in the lava- tories. Everyone hopes that students will use this privilege wisely. The Student Council has also cleaned and painted the bathrooms. f' The Winter Carnival took place February 16- 23. Inter-class sports, a marathon dance, Show Night and the Carnival Ball were highlights of the week. The snowmobile races did not take place this year because of the gasoline shortage and lack of snow. A spaghetti dinner and a food sale were held to raise money for the Action Peace Corps. The money raised for the Action Corps will be used to help build a school in Latin America. Freshman Day was held in October. Fresh- men dressed up as Cowboys and Indians dur- ing the school day and were entertained at a dance in the evening. The Student Council officers - Vice President, jay Coffey, Secretary, Clare Fagan, Treasurer, Matt McDonald, and President, Sally Danyow. Alan. FIRST ROW: 1. Broughton, S. Cutting, B. Martinec, D. Hall, K. Dickerson, N. Sears, I. Browe, K. Weeks, D. Carney, L. Field. SECOND ROW: D. Hall, N. McNulla, E. Cushman, S. Danyow, D. Cousino, I. Marshall, L. Farley, S. Tucker, L. Danyow, W. Thompson, I. Char- bonneau, B. Benton, B. Marshall, M. McDonald, 1. Emerson, C. Fagan, S. Parkinson, L. Heath, N. Marshall, L. Laflin, I. Coffey, K. Bar- rows, Miss Campbell. 98 Smoking Area Committeeg lay Coffey, Bill Benton, lim Ditkerson, Nelson Sears, Barb Martinec inot presentl. Michelle Dickerson and Nelson Sears brave the weather for a loe Pollender and Mark Wilson dressed in Indian attire for cigarette in the new smoking area. FI'6Sl'1mar1 Day. 99 O . U' There has been an increase of inter- est and participation in the Ski Club this year. Even though there's a lack of snow and new problems brought on by the "Energy Crisis", there is an optimis- tic outlook on skiing. Skiing is a sport that people of all ages can take part in and you can learn how to do it anytime. This year's adventure, promoted by French students will carry 37 students, teachers, and some parents on a trip to Quebec City. The trip will take place from April 22 to 25th. The travelers will visit the Citadel, la Ville Basse, the Plains of Abraham, as well as the small shops and Quebec restaurants. The club has sponsored food sales and a dime-a-dip suppers to raise money to support this project. The French Club spread the Christ- mas spirit by traveling through Ver- gennes singing Christmas carols. The French Club also sponsored a trip to Montreal in November. There, the stu- dents practiced their French, indulged in French.crepes, and tasted the deli- cious French pastry. Travel Club FIRST ROW: I. Pol- lender, A. Duany, C. Hughes, B. Pidg- eon, D. Fulford, L. Little, K. Nuttall, M. Haines. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Nor- ton, M. Hammock, R. Goss, C. Bemis, K. Bannister, D. O'Bryan, C. lack- man, B. limmo, T. Ansenn, T. Chamberlain. Clubs Find Different Means of Travel Ski Club FIRST ROW: P. Hammack, S. Ball, C. lackman, S. Kilbride, S. Sweet, L. Senesac, I. Emerson, K. Dickerson, M. Hammack, S. Wilson, N. Sears. SECOND ROW: Coach Connors, B. Benton, D. Hall, K. Mitchell, 1. Dickerson, J. Villenueve, M. Wilson, B. Hall, T. Clark, D. Palmore, K. Bannister, S. Senesac, B. Cooke, K. Oxholm. ' , - f . . French Club C. Yandow, K. Cole, Miss Townsend, A. Wernhoff, L. Little, T. Ansell, I. Pollender, L. Mayer. IOO Chess Club Boasts Many Serious Players SEATED: M. Wilson, K. Bannister, R. Briggs, T. Murin. STANDING: l. Abair, K. Wernhoff, I. Pollender, P. Leach, S. Fountain, B. Brown, S. Wilber, D. Bannister, 1. Laflam, C. Bemis, l. Gaines. The Chess club has sixteen members under the direction of Mr. C-anson. The president is Randy Briggs. The Vice-presi- dent is Ted Murin. Ken Bannis- ter is treasurer and Mark Wil- son is the group's secretary. The club boasts a treasury of about forty dollars. Chess play- ing goes on during the Monday and Thursday activity periods and sometimes after school. There is keen competition between all sixteen members for the title of most valuable player. Ted Murin Ponders a move. Randy Briggs points out a move to john Laflam. lOl Two Groups Work to Increase Spirit The Pep Club is the motivat- ing factor behind the spirit at V.U.H.S. Their activities this year ranged from an apple sale in the fall to a winter sports pep rally. They also worked along with the cheerleaders in mak- ing posters for the gymnasium. The Varsity Club is a group of athletes who participate in a varsity sport. Their purpose is to further athletics at V.U.H.S. They also work with a group of parents to plan and raise mon- ey for the annual Sports Ban- quet held each spring. --1. Cheerleaders on the floor during the winter sports pep rally. 102 FRONT ROW: I. Villeneuve, P. Sheering, M. Whitcomb, C. Oxholm, D. Fountain, K. Nut tal. 2nd ROW: 1. Coffey, D. O'Bryan, C. Jackman, 1. Sheerin, R. Briggs, N. Sears. FRONT ROW: S. Plankey, K. Mitchell, A. Rossier, N. McNulla. 2nd ROW: I. Sheerin, K Miles, C. Fagan, I. Emerson, E. Pratt, W. Cushman, I. Smith. 3rd ROW: P. Sheerin, M Whltcomb, I. Coffey, G. Bell, S. Panton, C. Danyow, D. Senesac - Varsity Club. I-. ,,s. I 1 Q mth-.411 uhm. au , , f juniors And Seniors Earn Recognition The Honor Society is composed of juniors and Seniors with B or better averages. The students must also meet high standards in three areas: character, leadership, and service to the com- munity and school. These qualifications are judged by and voted on by the faculty. The induc- tion ceremonies take place in the fall and in the spring. The activities of the Society include raising money all year long to help support an Indian girl in Arizona, through the Save the Children Feder- ation. Every year the members sponser a toy drive for the St. loseph's Child Center, in Burlington. They also contribute to the National Scholarship program. LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathy Estey, Susie Turnbell, Gayle McClay, Peggy Husk, Barb Irion, Molly Whitcomb, janet Villeneuve, Lorraine Strada, Diane O'Bryan, Irene Goslinga, lean Sheer- in, Suzie Hodgeman, Grace Elzinga, Susie Parkinson, Scott Provencher, Matt jerry, Ralph Fitzgerald, Steve Sweet, lay Cof- fey, and Miss Townsend, advisor. 'T , .' I iitsfd Ld f w X T :T E ,,,.,t'r l 1 1 ,. , ' an uf ,, ,l nk. .la Molly Whitcomb, Lillian Thomas, and Irene Gosliga at the inductee's reception. ff janet Villeneuve and Lorraine Strada wrap toys for the St. loseph's Child Center. 1011 Ju if P i :Hx HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS: Peggy Husk, President, Becky Cooke, Vice-President, lay Coffey, Secretary, and Molly Whitcomb, Treasurer. r Q. lx 'I t 2 5 Susie Turnbell, Matt jerry, and Ralph Fitz- gerald light each oth- ers candles during the induction ceremony. IO5 What Would We Do Without the Aides? One of the student activi- ties that you hear the least about is the job of the Aides. These students give up free time during study halls to assist the office secretaries, the school nurse, and the school librarian. Student Aides contribute to the effi- ciency in all three areas. They run errands, help keep records and direct people who need assistance. 2 Library Aides: K. Goss, D. Emerson K Oxholm 1 Abair C Carr B Katz L Aunchman H Dykema Mrs Calcagni librarian Office Aides: M. Dickerson,D Senesac A Wernhoff K Miles L Thomas A Tracey S Vause Nurses Aides G McClay K Estey, A. Tracey, S. Parkinson,P Brunet S Turnbell Mrs Coady nurse 106 Class of '74 Presents "Tom jones" T i v s 4 A 5 Cast: Debbie Senesac, Ellen Pratt, Sheryl Lowry, jill Charbonneau, Betty Spooner, Kathy Estey, Sue Parkinson, Matt McDonald, Dennis Torrey, Lisa Ritchie, Kevin Kil- bride, Bob Brown, Wes Thompson, Nate Palmer, Curt Huizenga. Seniors Brian Donnelly, Matt McDonald, and Wes Thompson appear on stage in TOMIONES. The only theatrical performance during the first semester was TOM IONES, produced and presented by the Seniors. The entire cast of 23 Seniors did a com- mendable job with this comedy. The addi- tion of period costumes borrowed from the Middlebury College Drama Depart- ment gave the finishing touch to a fine performance. lO7 Our Love of Music Reflects On Our Faces -iff Under the direction of Mr. Wheeler the chorus practices twice each week and presents one or two concerts each year. This year the concert took place on Saturday, February 9 and the group performed to the best of its ability. Some of the chorus featured numbers were "Velvet Shoes," "Scarborough Fair," and "Happiness" For the first time the band was bro- ken into two groups, the stage band and the concert band. Both groups practice twice a week during activity periods and occasionally after school. The stage and concert bands appeared in the February 9th concert. Two of the stage bands better renditions were the "Theme for Hawaii 5-0" and "Shaft." 108 1,2 .1 The stage band performs in the February concert A quiet mood is reflected in Sheila Burlock's face as she plays the flute. ,ff , X e 1 . ,1.,....1 33' i 1 ai, ,M fi ii 155 - ssh, gf ff 'AY ,-4 Aw . ff wA 5-5 Q l p .fm T."""1.. il':Qi.' ,, uf, .Y ,, 2- -r' - -1 5 nh I1 ' " - A: .X "ggi ' ei X, - we wx. 1 ' I ,X O , x The Yearbook Strives to Reflect the Faces of '74 The Yearbook is an exciting challenge that we face every year. Each year the staff works with enthusiasm, to put out a better book that expresses the ideas and feelings of the student body. Our theme this year is faces: faces that express all aspects of school life, excitement, T boredom, surprise, concentration, vitality, and even disappointment. Each page reveals a new discovery. The yearbook staff has been busy taking pictures, making layouts, writing copy and selling books since September. Much work is involved to meet the deadlines set by the publisher. There are many decisions for the staff to make. These include: color combina- tions, themes, cover, design, division pages, and layout patterns. Every activity period brings a new decision. We hope that you will enjoy this year's Blue and White. Senior Section Staff, FRONT ROW: 1. Charbonneau, B. Brown, I. Armell, G. Coyle, L. Ritchie, C. Lowry, M. Mc- Donald, B. Cooke, A. Wernhoff, I. Gosliga, B. Spooner. X s X -'- " K x 'Y' K Y . E li ' ' ' W' X.. - Y' X X -ff 5 ' X , M. Chapman, K. Brinkman, L. Brunet, M. Gevry, K. Delorme, L. Strada, K. Nuttal, D. Fountain, B. Dibler, D. Fulford, L. Claflin, C. Pidgeon, S. Goss, M. Haines, L. Field, K. Husk, N. Sears, C. Jackman, R. Goss, 1. Villeneuve, I. Broughton, I. Charbonneau, I. Lifeboce, C. Pollender, A. Tracy, K. Oxholm, T. Chamberlain, R. Hawkins, l. Charbonneau, S. Parkinson, S. Price, B. Spooner, M. Whitcomb, D. O'Bryan, M. Mills, C. Hughes, K. Kilbride, S. Hodgeman, T. Ansell, E. Kneeshaw, I. Goslinga, E. Cushman, A. Goslinga, B. Brown, M. Irion, B. limmo, C. Yandow, J. Sheerin, K. Epstein, K. Epstein, K. Dickerson, K. Mitchell, K. Miles, I. Browe, L. Ritchie, L. Little, W. Elzinga, B. Gardner, M. McDonald, A. Duany. 110 .X Q , Qzg-flies am- N, .g - f V V 'S-it-be . Wm Senior Section Staff Members - Lisa Ritchie and Betty Spoon- er at work. Business and Circulation Managers - Laureen Condon and Gail Coyle. Sports Editors - Richard Hawkins and Kurt Wright. 111 Athletics Cheerleading Clube Current Event e Pipe? Dive e. e My 4RNNNNy 4 Sl J ' ' ,Z buxix 0 cs 0' , HQQ Jn 4, fpo 5 'tb so' Q' O I, . 1 - I' ,n X I ,Fix 4' 4 , 'KN 0 -1 youu K sg 7 8 , "fx it ,X Iv' W' 'V 'lx If FP' l 1 .4 1 'U' 0 KP' K 'W' Fx ,r ax ll :ll x X .X I . ELL K I ei Q Qi' Af ' 4. U ' ,fx ff , X ,MGX flxxxf ' ,QC A X ' RY 21-' " Ng ' X. , X 'E N 3 X EJ RFQ? .- ' 'L -,Q .. . rl X -J A ',- X , . 5, 4 A I, . Q ' Q Vu ,fil- jrffgmix NX , 1 7 I 191' 'q': I . ,, 4s,sx 1 - 4" X, xxx. 7' ,v X. . N 6,i,.,.H, X, p . ' VBA V - -' :qw "-QQ. Q ' x ',, ,Q 4 neg., 41 ' f Q v, ff "HHT H - , . L . G "- 2' 1 f 'T . 9 gg 09 .QSM xx. jf I 4 Z ! fl " ll ka fig fu,'vf!! xl 6 J: Y N "o' 'i I 'i X I . k it Xxx .V --:xv gf ,t I ISKPT. Q' f . fl wr ' Q W fl' 1 N- X, . I 5. I, 1 h I N Aw af .. 1, A 0 . - ' i X lx' yt . K . 4 Q' ' 9 -' I Q! ix bl", N 'YN' ' kb- 'Pail' VM' ' - 4 . wk U lf 'Q' V' ,fv x' '4' gy X4 U :bin . Y- 'lx Cf 'wx K A Ui y, W 'V' 5 D ,5 71' 1? X X35 ,F TN ll ' 'X :hX I 'fi -jf . "VN Q V N, X' M X X ' ' If .., X AR xx ' 1 I cfo ' ,fi ,R ' 2., D N3 I 'Q . 'N t ' 2 fl. .Lf " xi VF r 1--s x J ' , 1. -X.. K -1-1 3: .- ' ' I 1-.xv '- IE x .I R 'ree 'J J 'N 1 6 lvl X, junior High Boys Have Encouraging Seasons The junior High X-Country Team: S. Farnsworth, L. Senesac, R. Blacklock, P. Hammock, M. Yantz, Coach Crown. Steve Farnsworth keeps up with the competition The boys' X-Country team, though small, showed good spirit this season. They practiced along with the Varsity and benefited greatly by it. In their best race all five boys placed in the first five places. The junior High soccer team finished the season with a 7-2-2 season. Outstanding team effort domi- nated the season with a strong defense led by Bill Leach, Mike Roberts, Dave Bannister, Pierre Angier, Mike Visconti, and goalie, Terri Brace. Offensively the team was led by the scoring ability of john Polchiesq, Billy Poquette and Daryl Fulford. The junior High Soccer Team: I. AIlo,1. Abair, M. Plankey, W. Poquette D Fulford T Mott 1 Polchles J Roberts S Kilbrlde D Marshall, D. Bicknell, Coach Minns, D. Carney, M. Hutchins, 1. Leach M Roberts B Katz T Brace E Colomb I LaFlam M St Onge, G. Sleeper, D. Bannister, I. O'Brien, K. Flynn, W. Leach C Campbell M Bushee P Russett C Bushee P Angler M Visconti. 1 111 I. junior High Cross Country Girls Get a Lot of Experience The junior High Girls- X-Country team: T. Danyow, F. Senesac, K. Tynan, j. Emerson, R. Fitzgerald, C. Provost, R. Bushey, K. Oxholm, Mrs. Bartlett, S. Wilson. N-N141 X f x The junior High girls-X-Country team did not have a very encourag- ing season this year. ln spite of this, the girls gained a lot of experience and some valuable training. The girls showed good sportsmanship and were very enthusiastic. Their dedica- tion, faithfulness, and perserver- ance should be praised. The season was by no means an entire loss be- cause the girls established skills for oncoming years. Mrs. Barlett really keeps her gym class on theirtoes. .,......--sv 1 Cindy Provost puts on the steam, hoping to pass Darlene Whitcomb. junior High Cheerleaders Encourage The Wrestlers The junior High wrestlers eat a hearty lunch. There was a large turnout for the junior High Wrestling team and a great deal of interest devel- oped. Several of the team members were able to work out with the Varsity and junior Varsity teams and picked up skill from association with the more experienced wrestlers. Two of our eighth graders had an opportunity to try their skill against the Mississquoi wrestling club, which came to Vergennes to wrestle our junior Var- sity. Both pinned their men! This is a good indication of the progress our junior High team has made. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Coyle, M. Merrigan, j. Merrigan, D. Carney, G. Sweeper, K. Schroeder, R. Fairbrother, M. Plankey, D. Emer- son, j. Kerr, M. Russett, O. Meidema, M. Visconti, T. O'Brien, Mr. Minas tcoachj, T. Brace, C. Campbell, S. Kittredge,P. Tynan, P. Russett, B. Smith, P. Angier, R. jerome. The junior High cheerleaders of 1974 displayed their abilities easily while urging the players on to victory. Laurie Laflin, Lorri Gebo, Susan Brigan, Cook- ie Thomas, and Beth Torrey make up this year's cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders work hard to make up the cheers. They are a good example of what school spirit is and what it means. junior High Cheerleaders: B. Torrey, L. Laflin, C. Fagan, L. Gebo, S. Brigan. 1l7 junior High Students Have Varied Interests LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Fulford, K. Pollender, L. Potter, j. Bodette, Miss Campbell, j. Allo - Current Events Team. The Current Events team put in a lot of hard work after school and on weekends. The long hours were often lightened to some degree by popcorn and candy. Practically every night after school a group of six, Miss Campbell, Lauri Potter, Daryll Ful- ford, Kate Pollender, joanne Bodette, And john Allo were seen busily working until late into the eve- nings. Even though the season could not exactly be called a success the team is one V.U.H.S. should be proud. LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Provost, R. Blacklock, D. Mack, L. Miller, T. Price, j. Roberts, L. Farley, D. Senesac, L. Senesac, j. Austin, K. Oxholm, B. Katz, D. Fulford, j. Polchies, V. Gardner, M. Rivet, C. Bushee, G. Palmer, j. O'Brien, W. Reed, D. LaFleche, C. Loven, j. Glover, and Mrs. Prescott -- Chess Club. I 18 Kathy Myers and Pat Tynan struggle through a quiz? The junior High Chess Club meets twice a week during activity period. To many people this activi- ty has been an exciting learning experience. Many new club members have learned how to play this interesting game, while the more experi- enced members have had fun improving their skills. Mrs. Prescott has been a great help in im- proving our basic skills. Approximately 2 tons of paper were gathered by the energetic 8th graders of Vergennes this fall. They brought paper from all over the Vergennes area. They stored their bundles in cellars and sheds. The paper was then carted by truck and car to Burlington Wastes and Metals, where it was to be recycled into new paper. Your move, jimmy Meachum. Vu . fi K 4 . f ' ....2L."i'1'?4"f' mv' '1 1, LX F Y ft A S f n xsj- v A ., -495: x Q5 Q gl 5 Ak ,.L4M..m,, .- ,,,,,.,-.,f f , Oz - ,fl ,5 1 I 1 iff 2 351' 7f3f'?i2i1' iQ'21:'7kQV 7 iiillllll i Poi Friends of the Blue And White Who Have Taken 5525.00 Sponsorships AMERICAN LEC-ION POST 56514 BASIN HARBOR CLUB CAMPBELL'S PHARMACY C. AND F. LeBEAU CHITTENDEN TRUST COMPANY CLARK'S NIURSINC- HOME, VERCIENNES DEVOID'S CONSTRUCTION AND EXCAVATINCI CO. KENNEDY BROTHERS MOUNTAIN CONSTRUCTION CO. POLLENDER'S REAL ESTATE MR. AND MRS. FORREST ROSE SIMMONDS PRECISION THE STANDARD REGISTER Wim SSW Ti SCM5 'LW QA QQQQSN QXSYNXQNQ? YQQXQQ. Qcwxxeygxxq. QNNQNNQV- Keep up Qsmcxxqvmqs RQN wxexk USG? 3-I X Y: QB R . VFX Qc.. xxx or x.u..sQxT5 'XQS QXQONKXQQ QQXXXQQ XQQCNX YXQXN K-YSQQDCV QQXNVN XXQCC. vXQ.OQ, RAR 'xRwQg Sxxofvxv-vxszv' QJQCNQ QQ, XQQQQXHI QYYXQXJOSNWXB Friends of the Blue And White Who Have Taken 3515.00 Sponsorships BEN FRANKLIN CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE COUNTRY KITCHEN RESTAURANT DeVINES SALES AND SERVICE FOOTES INSURANCE AGENCY GAINES-LEACH INSURANCE GREEN MOUNTAIN POWER CORPORATION THE HOWARD BANK LARROW FUNERAL HOME LeBEAU AND O'BRIEN OIL COMPANY L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY MILLER CHEVROLET PLACE'S GENERAL STORE RUSSETT'S FLOWER FARM STEPHEN'S PHARMACY VERGENNES BUILDING SUPPLY VERGENNES SANITARY PICK-UP Friends of the Blue And White Who Have Taken 5510.00 Sponsorships A. AND D. AUTOMOTIVE A.D. PEASE GRAIN CO. INC. ALAN W. WRIGHT D.V.M. BOHLENS T.V. BRUCE AND FRANCES OURENSMA BURPEE'S GARAGE C.A.S. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ED AND jEAN'S COUNTRY STORE, WEST ADDISON EDGAR CROSBY, HOMES AND BUILDING LOTS FERRIMONT ORCHARDS, FERRISBURG FISHMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE FOUR WINDS GALLERY GUY CHENGS HAWKINS BROTHERS INC. lIMMO'S SALES AND SERVICE j.W. AND D.E. RYAN KEN'S MARKET, NORTH FERRISBURG SAMUEL FISHMAN - ATTORNEY AT LAW THE DOG TEAM TAVERN INC. THE HAVEN INSURANCE AGENCY THE JUNCTION COUNTRY STORE, NEW HAVEN THE SALOON'S RIVAL SKYVIEW MOTEL - CONGRATULATION'S TO 74 VERGENNES BOOK STORE VERGENNES CITGO YANDOW-IRION GRAIN CO. YANKEE KINGDOM ORCHARDS Friends of the Blue And White Who Have Taken 558.00 Sponsorships Allen P. Clark - Realty Bridge Diner - Chimney Point, Vermont Bristol Market -- john and Shirley Coffey Cardinal Cottages City Barber Shop Dakin Farm and Mountain Shop Donald S. Bicknell M.D. Eris Portraits Fisher Flower Farm l.B. Fabrics - Yarn - Needlework Larry Myott - New York Life Mountain View Snack Bar Reverend And Mrs. Warren P. Waldo Robert B. Hill jr. General Contractor Sue's Beauty Shop The Bee Hive The New Haven Motel The Old Covered Bridge Farm Vergennes Furniture Vergennes Laundromat Vergennes Marine - North Main Street Wrisley's Bike Service Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Simmons Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kneeshaw Vergennes Auto Co. Clark, Chester 44 A Abair, Clayton 47, 74 Abair, Joseph 50,101,106 Adams, Lori 47, 93 Adams, Mark 47, 74 Adams, Marylane 44,87 Aldinger, Barry 60, 82, 83 Allo, Frances Allo, John 50 Ambrose, William 53 Anderson, Katherine 42 Andrews, Gary18, 88 Angier, Pierre 50 Ansell, Helen 50 Ansell, Tina 44, 45,100,110 Armell, Betty Armell, Gary Armell,June18,110 Armell, Mark 53 Aunchman, Cheryl 47 Aunchman, Leisa 44,106 Aunchman, Pamela 53 Austin Austin ,John 15 ,Joseph 53 Austin, Michael 50 Austin, William 47 B Baggott, Maureen Baker, Diane Baker, Sharon 50 Ball, Sheldon 100 Bannister, David 50,110 Bannister, Kenneth 44, 74,100,101 Barlow, Robert 62 Barre, Debbie 44, 46, 95 Barrows, Dave 15 Barrows, Kelley 47, 49, 74, 98 Barrows, Pixie 18 Barrows, Steven 47 Barrows, Tamar 44, 95 Barrows, Timmy 18, 74 Barry, Douglas 53 Barry, Jay Barry, Joann 44 Bedard, Marlene 5 Beenen, Jeannette 53 Belanus, Robert 47, 90 Bell, Gene 42, 74, 82, 83,102 Bemis, Charles 13, 44,100,101 Bemis, Corinne 53 Bemis, Lisa 47 Benton, William 19, 24, 74, 82, 100 Bicknell, David 53 Bienvenue, Lesley 47, 53 Birbeck, Joanna 50 Birkett, Joseph 47 Bissonette, Linda 44 Blacklock, Rodney 53 Bliek, Frank 47 124 98, 99, Bodette, David 50, 52 Bodette, Jo-Anne 50 Bodette, Joseph 42, 88 Bodette, Thomas 47, 90 Booska, Penny 50 Booth, Deborah 53 Booth, Julie 38 Boutwell, Louise Boyce, Harmon Brace, Michael 74, 82 Brace, Terrence 50 Breur, James 50 Brigan,John 19 Brigan, Laurie 42 Brigan, Susan 50 Briggs, Randy 19, 74, 82,101,102 Brinkman, James 47 Brinkman, Kelly 53,110 Brinkman, Lori Bronson, Susan 19 Brooks, Christopher 74 Brooks, Kevin 53 Brott, Dorothy 53 Broughton, Jennifer 44, 45, 79, 98, Browe, Gregory 53 Browe, John 44 Browe, Judy 42, 43, 77, 98,110 Brown, Diane 20 Brown, Robert 20, 74,107,110 Brown, William 44,101 Brunet, Lisa 53,110 Brunet, Loren Brunet, Monica 20 Brunet, Pamela 44,106 Brunet, Ricky 50 Bull, Fred 42, 43, 82 Bull, John 47 Burke, Evelyn 62 Burke, Richard Burlock, Sheila 50 Burlock, Steve 47, 49, 76 Burnham, Kim 13, 42 Bushee, Carl 53 Bushee, Mathew 50 Bushey, Bradley 42 Bushey, Christopher 47, 90, 91 Bushey, Debbie Bushey, Jeffery 20, 34 Bushey, Kyle 47 Bushey, Paula 47 Bushey, Roberta 53 Bushey, Suzanne 50 Bushey, Tina 20 Bushey, Tammy 50 C Calcagni, Nancy 106 Cameron, Brenda 53 Campbell, Chris 50 Campbell, Judith 60, 98 Campbell, Mike 110 Campbell, Wendy 53 Carney, David 53, 98 Carney, Donald 40, 90 Carr, Cynthia 42,106 Carr, Nancy 50 Casavant, Stephen Casey, Thomas 47 Chamberlain, Nancy Chamberlain, Tracy 9, 47,100,110 Chapman, Mary 53,110 Chapman, Michael 42, 74 Charbonneau, Jill 21, 98, 107, 110 Charbonneau, Jocelyn 44,93,110 Charbonneau, Jody 9, 44 Charbonneau, Laura 44, 87 Charbonneau, Lisa 50 Charbonneau, Mary 47 Charbonneau, Susie 50 Charbonneau, William 21, 88 Claflin, Lela 47,110 Clark, Charles 50 Clark, Tommy 47, 74,100 Clark, Yvonne Coady, Clare 106 Coffey, Jay 42, 90, 99, 102, 104, 105 Cole, Kevin 100 Colomb, Edward 50 Condon, Laureen 42,111 Condon, Ricky 50 Conner, William 100 Connors, Martin 13, 47 Cooke, Becky 21, 93,100, 105,110 Cooke, Cindy 47, 77 Cooke, Devin 53 Cousino, Donald 98 Cousino, Guy 21 Cousino, Lisa Coyle, Gael 22, 110, 111 Coyle, Judith Coyle Coyle , Maria 53 ,Teddy 53 Creighton, Harley 42 Crown, Merle 11, 62, 76, 128 Cunningham, Michele 47, 49 Curler, Kenneth 53 Curler, Lori Curler, Peter 44 Curtis, Patricia 50 Cushman, Elaine 44, 45, 79, 87, 98,110 Cushman, Wendy 15, 19, 22, 23, 24, 84 102 Cutting, Sam 44 Cutting, Susan 50, 98 D Dam, Bernie 50 Danyow, Lori 50, 98 Danyow, Sally 22, 84, 85, 98,102 Danyow, Tammy 50 Davis, Lori 47, 49, 92 Davis, Ricky 51 DeGraaf, Harold Dejohn, Steve 53 Delisle, Darrell Delorme, Kimberly 53,110 Delphia, Michael 44 Delphia, Stephen 51 Derrick, Terry Dessureault, Richard 47, 90 Devine, Dana 6, 74,88 Devino, Eddie 47 Devino, Grace Devino, julie 51 Devoid, Robert Diaz, jesus 128 Dibler, Beth 42,110 Dickerson, james 22, 82, 82, 99, 100 Dickerson, Kathy 47, 87, 98,100,110 Dickerson, Michele 99,106 Dickerson, Wendy 53 Donnelly, Brian 23,107 Donnelly, Sharon 47 Douville, Cynthia Duany, Ann 9, 47, 79, 93,100,110 Dubois, Anita 47 Dugan, Stephen 47 Dykema, Angela 44 Dykema, Henry 51,106 Dykema, john 53 E Elzinga, Grace 42, 104 Elzinga, Patricia 57 Elzinga, Wanda 9, 44,110 Flanagan, Arthur 74, 82 Fleming, Lee 48 Fleming, Lynn 24 Fleming, Martin 45 Flynn, Kevin 51 Foerch, Lance 51 Forand, Brian 48 Fountain, Darlene 42,102,110 Fountain, Lynette 54 Fountain, Samuel 48, 90,101 Francis, Deborah 54 Francis, Henry 42 Francis, Ronald 44, 45 Franklin, Dana 42, 76 Fulford, Dani 45, 93, 95,100,110 Fulford, Daryll 51 Fulford, Dwayne 54 H Haggett, Kenneth 54 Haines, Mary 48,100,110 Hall, Dana 15 Hall, Dennis 24, 25, 98,100 Hall, Donna 13, 25, 92, 98 Hall, Mark 45 Hall, Robert 74, 100 Hallock, Michael 51 Hamel, john 25 Hamel, Tina 50, 51 Hamel, Valerie 42 Hammock, Mariann 48, 77,100 Hammock, Peter 11, 51,100 Hawkins, Gail 45 Hawkins, Laurie 54 Hawkins, Randy Fuller, Gerald Fulmer, Marcella G Gaines, joseph 48,101 Gallison, Lyle 48 Gardner, Bonnie 45, 87,110 Gardner, Ronald 5 Gardner, Victoria 54 Ganson, Wayne Gebo, Barbara 54 Gebo, Kenneth 24 Gebo, Laurence 44, 74, 75 Gebo, Lorri 57 Gendreau, Dennis 44, 88 Gendreau, Mary-Ann 48 Hawkins, Richard 25,110,111 Hawkins, Scott 26 Heath, Laurie 51, 98 Heath, Randy 54 Highter, Kathy 48 Hill, Paula Hitt, Marita 48 Han, Randy 26 Hitt, Timmothy 51 Hodgman, Sandra 45 Hodgman, Suzanne 42, 43,104,110 Hotchkiss, Claudia Hughes, Cathie 45, 95,100, 110 Huizenga, Curtis 26,107 Humiston, Diane Humiston, Sidney 45 Emerson, David 53,106 Emerson, james 44,100 Emerson, jenny 51 Emerson, joanne 42, 43, 78, 93, 94, 98, Gevry, joyce 24 Gevry, Melinda 51 Gevry, Melissa 48 Gevry, Michlynn 54,110 102 Epstein, Karon 47,110 Epstein, Kathy 44, 78, 87,110 Epstein, Kenneth 11, 48, 76 Essex, Daniel 44 Essex, David 23 Estey, Kathie 21, 23, 104, 106, 107 F Fagan, Christina 53, 55 Fagan, Clare 42, 78, 94, 98, 102 Fairbrother, Randolph 53 Fairbrother, Veronica 48 Farley, Laura 44 Farley, Linda 53, 98 Farnsworth, Steven 54 Field, Harold 23 Field, Linda 53,54 Field, Lori 47, 78, 92, 98, 110, 128 Fisher, Oscar 15 Fisk, Mary-Lou 44, 79, 87 Fitzgerald, Ralph 42, 82, 85,104,105 Fitzgerald, Ruth 51 Fitzpatrick, james 4 Gilbert Gilbert Barbara Mark 54 Gilbert, Gilbert, ,Vicky 54 , Wendy 42 Glover, james 54 Glover, Robert 51 Gobbi, Kathy 45, 87 Gobi, Lynn 45 Godard, Anita 4 Godard, Reynold 42, 76 Godard, Shelly 54 Hunt, Laurie 54 Hunt, Robert Husk, Anna 5 Husk, Brian 26 Husk, Kay 42,110 Husk, Mathew 48, 76 Husk, Peggy 24, 26, 104, 105 Husk, Thomas 45 Hutchins, David 27 Hutchins, Lorraine Hutchins, Michael S1 Hutchins, Rosalynne 54 I Irion, Barbara 42, 104 Irion, Margaret 48, 110 I Goslinga, Alice 48, 110 Goslinga, Geraldine 54 Goslinga, Irene 24,104,110 Goss, Karol 45, 106 Goss, Richard 48,100,110 Goss, Stephanie 13, 51,110 Grant, Allen 90 Grant, Cheri Grant, Gary Greene, Cheryl Guillemette, jean Guyette, Roland 84, 85 jackman, Carleen 42, 79, 84, 100, 102,110 jackson, Scott 51 jerger, Brenda 51 jerger, Brent 45 jerome, Donald 46 jerome, Karen 48 jerome, Randal 51 jerome, Sherry 54, 55 jerry, Mathew aa, 89, 104,105 jewell, Kevin 45 jewell, Peter 51 125 jimmo, Brenda 9, 48, 100,110 jimmo, Cheryl 54 jimmo, Connie 42 johnson, Thomas 58 K Kandzior, Florence 27 Kandzior, Loren 51 Katz, William 54,106 Kayhart, Brian 48, 88, 90 Kerr, john 54 Kerr, Laurie 48 Kerr, Robert 46 Kilbride, Kieran 46 Kilbride, Kevin 9, 28,107,110 Kilbride, Sean 51,100 Kilbride, Tara 54 Kipp' John 13 Kittredge, Bernard 28 Kittredge, David 88 Kittredge, Michael 48, 90 Kittredge, Stephen 54 Kittredge, Susan 54 Kneeshaw, Edith 46,110 L LaBombard, judy 51 LaBombard, Robert LaFlam, james 51 LaFlam, john 28,101 Mack, Kathy 46 Mack, Michael 9, 48 Mailloux, jacqueline 54 Mailloux, Paul 42, 76 Many, Becky 54 Many, Bruce 48, 90, 91 Marsh, joan 54 Marshall, David 54 Marshall, joan 46, 79, 98 Marshall, Nancy 48, 49, 77, 98 Marshall, Robert 29, 98 Martel, Kenneth 46 Martel, Lee 54 Martinec, Barbara 48, 92, 98 Martinec, Nick 74, 88 Marshtar, Nancy 54 Matot, Winston Mayer, Laurent 46, 74 Mayer, Leo 48,100 MacGowan, Donna 54 Meclay, Gayle 29,104,106 McClay, Thomas 51 McDermott, james 5 McDermott, Karen 48, 77 McDonald, Matt 30, 31, 98,107,110 McDurfee, Debra 42 McEvilla, janthoni 46, 93 McEvilla, jayne 48, 79, 93 Moore, Ronald Mott, Kevin 49 Mott, Timmy 52 Moulton, Harold 15 Moulton, joseph 49 Moulton, Wanda 30 Munez, Dean 49 Murin, Lee 46, 101 Murry, james 31 Myers, Katherine 52 N Neily, Sandra 58 Norton, Ellen 100 Nuttall, Kimberly 42, 94,100, 102,110 O O'Brien, jon 55 O'Brien, Thomas 52 O'Bryan, Diane 43,100, 102, 104,110 O'Bryan, Gregory 31 O'Bryan, Nancy 5 Olson, Kristina 31 Ouellette, Lisa 11, 49, 77 Ouellette, Marlene 52 Ouimette, james 62 Osinga, jennifer 55 Oxholm, Kristina 55,100,102,106,110 Oxholm, Thelma P LaFleche, David Laflin, Laurie 50, 51, 98 Lalumiere, Francis 48 Lalumiere, john 28 Lalumiere, Mary 54 Langeway, Lori 46 Langeway, Thomas 42 LaRose, Albert 42 LaRose, Darline 54 Larrow, Rollie 128 Leach, Harold 74, 82, 83 Leach, james 54 Leach, Paul 46, 76, 101 Leach, William 51 Lefebvre, jody 46, 110 Lefebvre, Thomas 90 Litch, jacques 48,90 Litch, jeannine 48 Little, Lori 45, 46,100,110 Little, Steven Livingston, Michael Loughridge, Samuel 4 Loven, Calvin 54 Loven, Helen 54 Loven, Lyle 29 Lowry, Lawrence 46, 74, 90 Lowry, Phyllis 48 Lowry, Sheryl 29, 92,95,105,110 Lynk, Gail Lynk, Scott M Mack, Daniel 54 126 McEvi McGu lla, joane 48, 93 ire, Roxanne 51 McKinnon, Ronald McNa McNa mara, jacquelyn 78, 79, 93 mara, Robert 88 McNulla, Nancy 45, 46, 79, 87, 98,102 Meacham, Brent 46 Meacham, Bruce 42 Meacham, james 54 Meacham, Robin 52 Merrigan, james 54 Merrigan, Michael 54 Merrigan, Page Miedema, Oega 54 Miles, Kathy 6, 42, 43, 78, 102,106,110 Miller, Arthur 48, 74 Miller, Cynthia 48 Miller, Deborah 54 Miller, Donna 13, 52 Miller, Frank 49 Miller Miller Miller Mills, , Lawrence 49 , Lori 55 , Terri 52 Eric 30 Mills, Kelly 55,94 Mills, Mills, Lisa 49, 87 Meredith 45, 46, 79, 93,110 Miner, David 49 Minns, jeffrey 58, 90, 91 Mitchell, Betsy 49 Mitchell, Carol Mitch ell, Kathy 15, 30, 7 8,100,102,110 Palady, Bonnie Palmer, Gus 55 Palmer, Nathan 31,107 Palmore, Donald 15, 43,100 Panton, Susan 32 Paquette, Maurice Paquette, Michael Parkinson, Susan 32, 98,104,106 107 110 Perkins, Harold Phelps, jim 55 Phelps, William Pidgeon, Anne 55 Pidgeon, Beth 49,100 Pidgeon, Cynthia 52,110 Pierce, Pam 49 Pierce, Susan 55 Plankey, Michael 50, 52 Plan key, Susan 43, 78,94,102 Polchies, john 55 Polchies, Marie 49 Pollender, Catherine 52,110 Pollender, Wilfred 49, 99,100 Poquette, Peter 43 Poquette, William 52 Potter, Lauri 52 Fran, Ellen 9, 21, 32, 78, 102, 105 Prescott, Nancy 58 Preston, Christopher Price, Stephanie 32,110 Price, Timothy Provencher, Louis 90,91 Provencher, Scott 43, 104 Provost, Cynthia 52 Provost, Daniel 55 Provost, Pam 49, 77, 87 R Shepard, Crysta 46 Shepard, Urban Shores, Ivan 88 Shortsleeve, Susie 46, 95 Sleeper, Gregory 52 Russett, Raymond, Ricky 46, 76 Raymond, Robin Raymond, Roger 32, 33 Raymond, Russell 46 Reed, Walter 55 Reed, William 13, 46 Ringer, Dave 33 Ringer, Luanne 48, 49, 77, 87 Ringer, Mary 43, 78, 93, 94 Ritchie, Lesli 52 Ritchie, Lisa 30, 34, 107, 110, 111 Ritchie, Lory 93 Rivait, Donald 34 Rivait, Mark 55 Rivait, Susan 49 Rivers, Diane 34 Rivers, Donna 46 Rivers, Theresa 52 Robarge, Michael 46 Roberts, john 55 Roberts, Muchael 52 Roberts, Sharon 52 Rogers, lay 58 Rose, Elizabeth 49 Ross, Kimberly 55 Rossier, Ann 34, 78, 84,102 Rotax, Alfred 34 Rotax, Richard 52 Royce, Dwight 35 Royce, Katharine 52 Russett, Harvey 13, 35 Russett, Kelly Russett, Laurie Michael 55 Sleeper, Mark 49, 74 Smith, Bryon 52 Smith, Doris 46, 79 Smith, Earline 4 Smith, loni 35, 78, 84,102 Smith, Kimberly Smith, Peter 55 Snyder, judy 58 Sorrell, Christopher 46, 74, 90 Spooner, Betty 35, 107, 110, 111 St. Onge, Donald 52 St. Onge, Michael 55 Stanley, Edward 43 Steady, Cory 36 Stearns, Bonnie 49 Stearns, Gary 36 Stearns, Robert 49 Strada, Strada, Lorraine 104, 110 Michael 43, 52 Stoessel, Patricia Stone, Steve 55 Strong, Derrick 52 Strong, Steve Sumner, Debra 52 Sumner, Ricky 55 Sweet, Marjorie 4 Sweet, Swi nto Steve 43,104,110 n, jayne 43 T Taft, john Tanner, jeffery 49 Tarte,j oseph 36 Tatro,Denise 49 Tatro, james 49 Russett, Phillip 52 Ryan, Luanne 55 S Sabourin, Carol Sabourin, Lorraine 52 Shaetz, Boris 9, 74 Shaetz, Derek 13, 49 Schneider, Kimberly 55 Schroeder, Dianne 46 Schroeder, Greg Schroeder, Kim 52 Schroeder, Lisa 49, 93 Tatro, Naomi 46 Thibault, Michael 62 Thomas, Lillian 43,106 Thomas, Roberta 55 Thompson, Wesley 98,107 Thurber, Lois 5 Thurber, Randall 36, 37, 88, 89 Tisbert, David 55 Tisbert, john 49, 80 Tisbert, Tom 88, 89 Torrey, Beth 48, 55 Torrey, Dennis 31, 37,107 Torrey, Mark 37 Sears, Nelson 43, 61, 98, 99, 100, 102,110 Senesac , Debbie 22, 35, 78, 102,106,107 Senesac, Dennis Senesac, Francis 52 Senesac , Lee 54, 55, 100 Senesac, Steven 100 Severson, Dawn 52 Sheerin, jean 43, 77, 84,102,104, 110 Sheerin, Patricia 46, 77, 87,102 Torrey, Mary 46 Torrey, Raymond 46 Townsend, Maida 58,100,104 Tracy, Alana 52,106,110 Tracy, Barry Tucker, Darrell Tucker ,john Tucker, Suzanne 84, 98 Turnbell, Kathleen 38,104,105,106 Twiss, Robert 5 Twitchell, Michelle 49 Twitchell, Monette 49 Twitchell, Wendy 55 Tynan, jack 46, 74 Tynan, Kelly 55 Tynan, Patrick Tyrrell, Bobbie 52 U Usher, Charles 60, 74 V Vause, Sherri 46, 87,106 Van DeWeert, Donald 43, 88, 89 VanDeWeert, Kenneth 38 VanDeWeert, Sharon 49 VanDeWeert, Timothy 55 VanWyck, Marilyn 43, 84 VanWyck, Neal 49 Villeneuve, Diane 49, 77, 87 Villeneuve, Gina 52 Villeneuve, janet 43, 94, 100, 102, 104, 110 Vincent, Christine 55 Vincent, William 52 Visconti, Michael 52 W Wager, William 55 Ward, Artemas 60 Warner, Thomas Weeks, Earl Weeks, Kimberly 55, 98 Wendel, Paula 52 Wernhoff, Andrea 6, 39,100, 106,110 Wernhoff, Kris 46, 76,101 Wheeler, Richard Whitcomb, Darlene 49,77 Whitcomb, Malania 43, 77,102,104, 105,110 Whitten, Ted 52 Wilber, Scott 46, 101 Wilber, Tracy 55 Wildasin, Lois 43 Wildasin, Paul 49 Wildasin, Stella Wilson, Mark 99,100,101 Wilson, Susan 55,100 Woodward, Helene 43 Wright, Charles 43 Wright, Kurt 39, 111 Wrisley, Kenneth 52 Wrisley, Kermit 49 Y Yandow, Cynthia 49, 79, 87,100,110 Yandow, Timothy Yantz, Cindy 49, 77 Yantz, David Yantz, Mark 55 Yantz, Randy 13, 46 Yarnall, jonathan 60, 74, 87 127 Other Faces of '73-'74 to Re mem ber le'sus Diaz, our Student Aide from Bor Deau France. Mr. Larrow our well liked Senior Custodian 3 A Does the ice cream taste good, Mr. Crown? ff, QXXN ' x 'LIS I x DX -' 3 f 3' x f ' fl lax , Y ,,' 'I' Q.-nv The bubble blower - here Lorri Field. O E 522223 jfiiax K N 1 5 1 I x I v V f f Llvvx . 1 17' ,af fl I Xl x A lj -J xr' f' ,fr I, " ,, I, 1- ll 1 1 I I X ll F If' X41 I J xl y .-U, '1 I ll S, Y X I., 5, fl! f 17 M, J If ' W 1 X I 4M"A' x JV X I f , ' ,2"'? ' 4 1 , Lx I I W f 1'- L, , ' ' v'. 4 'ff V V V I if ' - lx , , . ' 1" ' '- ,Lf , V f ,' .Qu ' L- my , , . . M, fl- f I I 1 4, I, A ' I TQ lf'5AX.C,H 205 Qifagw f L W3 Fi rQ,QJ5Qx QQQ un WU New qiljwjxgxiimm Www .W , S+, HJ, . 5 tg ' K Q E L ,Q .1 0 M 17 4'WJQU'f, UT Q, if it GG 4? 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Suggestions in the Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) collection:

Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 30

1974, pg 30

Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 63

1974, pg 63

Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 80

1974, pg 80

Vergennes Union High School - Commodores Yearbook (Vergennes, VT) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 32

1974, pg 32

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