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1 " ','iAu 4: IW " A -v Us ,AAA . .f"'.f Ufff-7..' , 'fx '. ' CL A. 'A A , A. f,..A,, . ' Lil- - yK'A.74'r1"'5' ' Q -Kg' f Q", f. 4559 -I , 'ff ' V . M x A -A 19 -, 4 ' , ., 5- R., 9 'fbt Aff,-4A'gA-,U' "'.1A",. ' ' I-A A? A - I' ' Q'-. nfl", Q A , NA- A 5 at 4 ' ' v . Q' X' .74 Q2i"ff1- -'Q '7-"",'5' 4' XA' fri. 1 .g. fi ze' . N A 1" ' .'A., 5, ,uf ' f' ..,Q.'V . I 2 I ,la . , ,v I' :linen q Q ss A,1 "ff: , n,.t.+:5?,!A1-Q ' 1 . fi, I ml-e z .ri x T L,AAyvX .Af 3, ff ff 41?-' In-gf-T A . . . , . ly.,-A, A, A'!V'A, A 5 wr, "i ' "I 211 -' .4 '.d's,.s" rg.. gf? .Ai ,xA ,Q11rA' ll','sA5w 'LI-. .. ' -Q Ay. ,. ,Af C Q A . 64 A . R 2 .' .AA . . -L1 Y ' A A-' 4. ff . any -fi ' 'r' - wif' L - ' 1 fa ,A ' Yr.. A y 'ff www, - . 248 '+L ' 3-V7'5m'N .. s ,An . 5 Ive! in N N' ' M .1 "fv" ' 4' . , ... . "Af 3. 'ff' ge A ' -. -A . .1 n- '- . 9 ,I I fha ,.. , Eli' - ' I A , 9- . . ' 1 ., ' . u I' I 5 r G , ,A I . ' A. A IAEA.: R bA.AAA.. A!,,.A xg . ,SQA 1 A , A' bv A A, QA. 6.4 'I - I Atgxx-'R .bf .9 1 ,W ' 1 H 44.4 ' . 2' " Y' A., 'A Q A 1 .4!1 .AQ A A A V1 f ff. iv, -Fw, ,- '. I ,., 'A A:- 8. A.,-,pJ'7'AA , 1- ' 1' Q 'A 1,,.nn -1' I L . Ay, J g ' - 1 6f'.,'Q' iii: 'YA 9' ' 5 ' 'JA A lr A A J OWLA .,A. aw-L A. , .A .' ' A ., ' ,,.""' , j .. ' 1 'A--N ., , ' .. I, 1 .ygffh A AA, A1 JA, ,AAA IL r .A . , A A, ly '-.IIA 'A gi .'.',. 5 al, ' ',-.a' j A ,A 4' ' 5 ,g 1 ' yxbs " -RY .r T-'. P ' 4 J' 5 ,-A.. off,-U, '.. ,Q Wil.. Af . A-A i' ' 1 ' "'-'EQ ' ' "-WT '71-'s' 'F W ' faq...-. .514 its . - Q."-Q.-Z'-Q' fx -.. . ru - AA . A.-A .3 A st ,. A r A . fvgksyifjfw .5 A ,Q A gf - , A X :vi 'L A' ,fi A 'A , . .., A ...A ,A - A . ,A 7w,:5'l n 7' ' ' JT' ' Yhf- '.,31..' . 3-,' - 'f , - . '. - . . , ' -Q .. 'f A . - Af " - f .:.,gA-tfg'.- 5 A pi A Tfgvfjg.-'AL gf' T it , 15,9 A A -A' Avg . . A. Aan rr l A, Q' ' 5 ii -' I 'tl'l 1 'nA - Z A I .A 'X7,,.A 4,515 .-. .- 1 ,:'.g' 'A iv D. , ,,f ' .. .A .,,,.-. .-. .- .. ' .. ' ' is -no v :A If 77 ' A-,trff -YW.-1'-' J 4' .l -5- 'A ,AJ -JA 3 Af EA" A, '42 1'-4A ,g.A "',A Jw.-A nz- ,Q1,a.A,A ,AQ 1, A Aux .W .':,. ,IAM-A A' ri' Lf :Ag A :gn A . ,. A A .'y1q'.::A?' '.- " '.'-AA. . AAA "' X ' y 1 A wffif Asif"-'AX2. '- A' sf 1 A 199 h 'A rt' '-if "' V9. :IQ .. ' .KN " 2. ' . ff. --:rr . '. H I ' ' b ?.J.:f,g' 3' .A lr!! XP I I 'wif '. - 1' , 4 ,kt-'Y ififb' ' .sp :..+:Qn. h A gp A v N A -'I . ' '41, .,' 1' AAI' -.XA Ln' ' "L.',A' ' gl V ' ' xl.: 5 ap ' is 5 ,.. '.Qr' ,-, .' , 'v 5'!'2 -5, 'T' : !7'f.7,'- , , ' 'L' . ' - J' I Q 'V e A- Ay J' 5- ,G .-F3 , ,gf-fgi,,15 ft -14 LL. V- A g 4' ' q--,V ' .1 Aw' A ". -4 ' .' .J-G.. " '1"5 ' V .' ' ' f ' 1-'T ' - -' " ':'n7a- . is 'JE' f.""' S ' Q . 1 . 'P -19.-'T 'I A2 ' Y VWJ7' yi-I A.,.n 4 A, . HA AA .KA ,ri . L . A a AL ,:ff,1-fav.-i '-,- , ..5 .J-si,-H-.5 1' f- , -LA4 L ., . ""1iiTf'. 3.1" 3 ' wir A A 12 df .!'Q,:'f-Fil 2 ' 1 ' 'J ri V 1, r - - J. p , . .. X , .Q , 2 JUU1 x" . ' ., , ' ' ". 'f. . 5' Ai' A 4 A I ' 3 'J ,- A-I ai -, ' ,' ' .'-' Jn X59 I A Tx ." JEN7' . ' ' 'J1' ' X ' ' ji J ,' 'UL I-51 I-f Vx ' T Lg!-1 X .- Q! 'f"" M 1. , ,,.. , A -Af . f ., , .J mA3.2a,..,AAA A. A r A - A... A Av A A x A!.,5- .- AAA A , A A U 44 .J AA A Vt '-A, with A '. 'A NN . I A.A1'A J, Af, ' x ,L .X .AEA A, A . - A AA , 'x Zig A A? , -A. 4 .-. 5 A- , -A..,QsA,, L- L--A--5-X- E Ac.. ?l. !1AE,:A .f A . H ' AN:.A: . .A ', -' 'ff j. Q, ' :IAQ 1',A ' f""H X A N 'KN A ' ' '- ' 'P' ' . A AAmAA ,, 11,-QA .,A A. , jp' 'A A ,,.A.ANAAu H., - T- .AA A H A , AAA A UA . .1 72" . A .Qa'sI. ",.' it. 11,3 -' .XNT ' Aug' WC.,-' ' 'QA 'A 5' A ' --J fv. .-.f-. , , .rw -- 14 4 -- ..-aw .. ,w-'aw , A ' - f- . Q " if ' ' I gifs". '- K -. -:b ,,-on 3-'Q'-vi" ' . ' " - . ' F' 7 -- 'fxx 1"" X 1' A ...av .Aj11,1'Af.. md . . J " 9? L,',g., 'A -Qia z,aafJQ-v -sw, 1' A L. , 8: 5 A . E 2h,,.JA,A. 'gg' ...A lv AfAA4,,AAA-A, ,J ,V G-1 Ffa A AKAA5: -,AJAA ,I ..'q'?::i!kA::Al i MA ' 0 A ,A AAA A.f-Agi,-A , r.. . , ' .- 'rw A.' .,j- ' A - . yr f--. A. wi' -'. 'tr'-' A . A, H A,,..X,.,iAfi .-,pA::fAf,..+EA le? fa J A4 L! A. .. A . A A AA ,IAA .A ,:.AAAAA-3-'A.A-,AAA AA.::A .tw ,A . A .,- ,AA A AA 'A Ag .Ati If . ff mf' s if . . 2 gf!-isavfg. in 9 - '-PM ' 4 - -: Pi' -' 4- ,5f'-- 2 - 'f -' ' -'J' ' . -. .- F A 1 fg'1w?? A 1 31 'ILL eg, A ' ' f 1 :AA QA. ,A A! 1 1 A ,Aa y ,.A - - -.v fx., - -3. 1 A f A A A 'f .. A - -' v Lgjg- Ag. . 5 , Q, ,,, 12 L. h Qu, 4..- ilrzisge Y?-tif. f4!'.'fj-5 P' ff VT: 1: 'tg' fl " .ff ' r 2Tg.if.E:9il7"i'f'J ' xx ' T' L" fx-, .f 'F 'F-I1 V-ni ' 5 '4 455f,'.f.-.ags M, Q ' 'A A Q f , 3' l'r'??iv1,"wgn:gaTR ,' 'A . 5 . lf ,- , A- - ,, 5 q.11:h+::-f. - -A ,f " J 3' 1 Wir' A9515 Q ,. . 5 A ' 53 ' fF1"" f f -.f .1 - ff 'W1.1Fr3i , - A. 5? A-AAA: s. A A ..AA A. 55.25.,'.f:Aqle57.?ZSEYQAAAAEAAAE A A y' .. 'J QA A- ':, Aga! 1 . , AV A.,AAA5A1AA4A,A 5 A A Q. A A :AAA AAQAJAALA A A AA A 'M ' ' vr ' ' 1 r'f .. 5 Q gv 'AA'- 'f A pff'A,'.fA A 559 , IA' A -3 ,, ,kggi Anl A.. Fit- A x L1"AA' A .A A A 0- 'S - Y ,g A - ' r ' Y-ff. A' .. Qs., 'A A M ul ,Q .A 5 Aff, 1 4 gf, F ' dw Q. ff53?lAg1jAA1A.AiAA AA L.. 'X As A . gfwfgf 5.5 .- A . 3-an x J, A- ,H . , 1-f gh 1 ' 7 A x . O . yi. ,,A,,xf.,Af, .A . A , , J 1 m 3. I AA at A I . X.. A .v'.,.,,ALi 'A c- . Q . . .fqx . A: . 5 - f . ,API 6.-- A, - A :L S-4-4 .3 fi -gil, X?-fc' ,' XIV :" 2 ,. T Y. if -fjxgggfl 'A ggfssrasr-,fm-.-.f,., . . .' 3- ' 5 x ' 3- 7 't ' 'ah' 1' I rua Qi q,'94"7if'S'ffW5'-."3"f'9'fW'.,1 -' - " 5' N su 11 . 0 " 'MH .' ,TJ W -. 7" 1 1 F' - 1, '- f-- "' L' .1'f-f?fTf' 'T."'f.'J. wfg-? 'L'',a ,, 'f 'vi '3 .' "' .' - 1' 9 ,J. A rv A Q- Ah, ,Av-flp.A, xi - 'X :Ak AA - . x 4- ' ' a 4 ', 1- '- . a "shy -it .I H.. ff. . Lp! PUBLISHED BY THE ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OF Verdugo X-Mfg Hgh Qchoof TUJUNGA, CALIFORNIA Sas IQ Qi 'HW' 5 S gem' Q X ":I W QW wx I El FORM! ! 967 i'N,' gl' i I 1 I lL CiBlK ART Does your locker reflect your personality? Does your locker smile at you when you open it? Does your locker need ci volume control? If all of your answers to these questions were "Yes", then you have iust officially been made a member of the Lock Art Generation. These are just a few of the wondrous creations around Verdugog a home away from home for the students. Through the humdrum and common everyday sights of school life, these lockers seem to show off the true artistic talents of Verdugos weary but wary students. So, in view of all that has been said, just remember, stu- dents, only You can prevent dull lockers . . . N0 NOK! I -an ai' wggw' -r l ' ,,,,f fn A N SURF Lwev KEEPC , D if f ' my 1,5 'a +-. ' 'W WHEN NUT , 4 L.11 1 f JZ A.., LOW 'H-ln-n. uruynqgp msxr nf? ""' cu we' 1 Q., 5 '5......-san:-vw .i ,V ,Y izil wr E 52 V5 LA W 'V M fm W 5 nh 2 8 O NB ..,,' 5 ...N 2 4 fi iii.f as , fm I ty. a 5 W wa , 1 2 fm 59 ff? J' 4 'Y -, Q5 M ,L..,.,.,, 3 A' ,Q I 1' I Q , WHATS OP? ,f-. win-n sf Q, 'X X lnumfwm f',. 1' ,J I iwfji' cb A 'Y 7 WN WX mm Ne N Principal of Verdugo during Mrs. Kirby's absence, Dr. N'aTalie J. Ward, has been a Teacher and adminisTraTor in The Los Angeles CiTy Schools for TwenTy-one years. Dr. Ward became a consulTanT in The division of secondary educafion in l957. She was born in Los Angeles and earned her Bachelors degree aT Pomona College, her MasTers aT California STaTe College aT Los Angeles, and her docToraTe aT UCLA. She is a member of The NaTional Council for The Social STudies and pasT presidenT of The California STaTe Council for The Social STudies. She also belongs To The California Associafion of Secondary School AffiliaTes and The Professional Women in EducaTion. Dr. Ward is co- auThor of a US HisTory book. Heading The adminisTraTion during The fall semesfer aT Verdugo Hills High School was Mrs. Eva M. Kirby. Principal of Verdugo since December, l962, Mrs. Kirby has a greaf amounT of awareness for Verdugo's sTudenT body. She knows Verdugo is one of The finesT schools in The Los Angeles School DisTricT. Mrs, Kirby earned her BA aT UCLA in The field of Biological Science. She Then wenT on To receive a Masfers degree from USC. Reading, hiking, and Travel 'are among Mrs. Kirloy's many inTeresTs. The spring semesfer gave our principal an oppor- TuniTy To pursue her love for Travel, as she Took a Travel leave, going To SouTh America. Bofh sTudenTs and faculTy will welcome her reTurn in The fall. C Lsiird L 't A 4 Mr. Thomas Barkelew, the boys' vice-principal, began teaching at Burbank city schools. He entered the Los Angeles City School Dis- trict in l958, as a teacher at Monroe High School. Previously an administrator at Sun Valley Junior High, Mr. Barkelew arrived at Verdugo this tall. He is a native Californian, ac- quiring his BA and MA at USC. "Hang tough", now a familiar phrase to all Verdugo's students, is Mr. Barkelew's motto. Arriving at Verdugo last tall was Mrs. June Peterson, girls' vice-principal. She earned her BA and MA in education from USC. Mrs. Peterson started teaching at Manual Arts High School in Business Education. In l963, she became principal of Garden Gates High school. Following this as- signment she accepted the position of the girls' vice-principal at Monroe, in the spring of l966. Facuffg X ft l X r i F . -,,,,..f' lndugffvisf Qcfcn ce Joseph R. Angelo Joseph La Savio Maurice Levin Donald Matthews Daniel Morehouse Henry Springer James Stocks Sfephen Ayers Haskell Collins Phyllis Nicholson Cardwell Oglesby Norman Ray H0 me E00 n om my 'Ni SJ' K7 K 'sb N!!- ZQJQ fl , 1 Loessa Thompson llffuyfc Bacfnecc Educa ffon Sidney Davidson Katherine Kendrick Harold Toring Robert Crippen Fay Hall Norma Johnson William Krauss ,Q r - .: 5 5 P Q 'M wftvfy' Mark Dreben Patricia Elmquist Yoshio Goto Joan Crossley Evangeline Morros Af' ' 1' Patricia Wilson William Novikoff 'll i ik ,A y aii . ii Yv X E Cortes Phillips lx gi f ' .- . af. x Jane Davies Lillian Krahn Edith Krasomil C9 fefe N3 Virginia Nylund Y 'WWW wx vi 'Wir Edna Myers ,ik Y V5 M eg? Virginia Reed Louise Sailor Martha Va ndenbrock No ra Van Hook Qfaz? Ruth Kofsky Lillian Baker June Hanlon Mary Hallman Frank Jaggers ,rw -1, s Nell Moffett 'Q-P lime E I L 3 i r ,ii i ' X tba . S52 168' -,k ww- Q , if -ff -. - , Gary Mott Alma Ogletree -..,, f . is so- , sl ii ivwiriu .fl 1. Kay Pennock Lee Smith xv ., ,N-,,. L if " its .1 X an - str M 12 t 3,5 Q N ,R Q. 2 Engkfv Paul Berry Quail Thomas Bruskotter C. Wallace Foreman Ronald Gold Charlotte Gratz Stephen Haims Earle Jagger Sandra Luber Thomas MacCalla Mary McNeil Helen Reed Albert Schoenberg Jane Shaw , ea. L r ee 5 ities it' 565 in W, L L ' , ge rf,-1 A 'S v fix: John Blyoder Leonard Goodwin Paul Goulding Helen White Foreign language Whether overwhelmed by other responsibilities or camera shy, some of our faculty were reluctant to occupy the spotlight. However we should like to give them the recognition they deserve. Not neces- sarily by Department and not necessarily last . . . 2 , . , it if 5. Wir: fri. "TSG f. do G George Adams Clara Arnold Ralph Frankhouse Robert Bennett 55, Edward Cordova Gwyndolyn Doble Alfhea House Ruth Knapp .loan Kolostiar Robert Lee Max Ludwig Sally Olins Patricia Perla Gerald Pressn Florence Rees1 Douglas Emerson Joseph Henry Munson Hovey Harold Miller, Registrar Harry Morton Thomas Pottmeyer Alice Saldivar Kenneth Schmidt Bernard Spector Alvin Tonies Robert Williams Sol Wynar Ki Cynthia Woodbury John Reeve ,.v-- .. Stephanie Simpson . ,.., W.. -ggggf-.ff ' lik, iff: T -5 f- a. 51 'fi 1. 33 is A is A :qi it -2 7 's 1:1 Q11 2.s?1z,, Q. 'QQ -if M9 ff: Monte Hart Joanne Hon Gladys Ker Adele Saxe Marion Staerkel Gary Stakan Peter Tanas Virginia Thelander 9009! Qfudfec Billie Booker, Head Counselor Marylin Conrey, Librarian Mary Perry George Peters Guida nee and Drivers' Eduaa fron Up, ...,f.i?-iq, . 1 M. ,f l M .dv ..- nf 'R r , ' t K5 N aw ax' W. 3152 . v t , 1 f,ffif2'11l,:- -i 1- , ,. ,K .L Frank presen1'ed'f-Thus ear by the Plcxy Production proved To be one of Verdugo' Dlrechng The Mr Gcjg scenie 3Wh8f64 An ne . frm. "w-.. ARTWORK- by George Clark if xv- K ' 2 w n , fr ' ,f 5 5 W , i as , Y i','.' -fp . , , . fax-"fr ..-., ,iz J Q- W xii 1 ' Q M, J 2 'J 2 N 2 If . if - :xv WW' 1 ,f ' 1 LA.. - -4 ,n, A .M , 3. -Nr ,A Q! 'E K.. -an sxisu ,. Y A friend assists Vroni with a proiect. 4 'E Hard at work in Home Economics, VEAEAIT VH DRAWS' 70 AA! AWD FO? AFS' QTUDEAIT Vroni Malzacher came to Verdugo in September 1966. She is from Zurich, which is Switzerland's largest city. Vroni's favorite class is Modern Dance, although it has nothing to do with her' future career, which is to become a hotel secretary. She finds the United States quite differ- ent from her country, and she was very impressed with how friendly the Ameri- can people are. She remarks that in Switzerland, there is more respect for the teachers, but she enjoys the close- ness and informal attitude between teachers and students. Vroni had at- tended an all girls' school and says school is more fun with boys. When Vroni leaves Verdugo, she is go- ing on a cross country trip which will take 3 weeks. Vroni likes the mild California climate but is very anxious to return home. i One of Kathy's favorites, Art Class. D0!V!VE77'E BXDS' VEEDU8 0 A DIE!! Kathy Clift came to Verdugo in February 1966, as a B-12. She was born in Australia, and when she finishes her travels, she will return to her home in Melbourne. Kathy is very interested in architectural drafting and will enter the Royal Institute of Technology after she returns home. After leaving Verdugo, Kathy has the opportunity of touring all over Europe and visiting Hong Kong. When asked her opinion of the United States Kathy replied, "l'd love to come back and visit but there's no place like home." Kathy with a few of her many friends. if iW'l3'Yi A Sue McQuade, Director ot Hospitality, and Lynn Hoop- er, Director of Elections. Andy Sprague, Director of Athletics and Emily Pitt, Di- rector of Social Activities lnot shownl Pam Diamond, Director of Sports Night, Laurel Herbert, Director of l.C.C., and Jerry Hoggatt, Director ot Campus Activities. Sherry Wenty, Director of Fi- nance, and Sue Dillingham, Director of Assemblies. T6 Elected by the students, nominated by the students, installed by the students: this is the spring govern- ment of Verdugo. The purpose of student government is to give the students an opportunity to develop leadership and to encourage pride in the school. Their main job is to provide activities beyond the course of study. Through such drives and projects as Destination Pride the Christmas Food Drive and Verdugo a'Vay-a Vaya, they have accom- plished this goal. THE PEUPZEQ CHO CE A 1" was ,qfti uf f, ., .,. Qi nw. L if Q if if 4 ,va 2553 535561 Qgffgx 1, ,,, A -Sen: :!33i'515?f yy 5 25 293, , :EQ , fb: ,-'siz-fm fr z,,, ,,,,,, U11 '-Q: Ifsgzirsxsiiiiif, dun, :3::asii1-: W HF , 4' ZA, it Three Eepfegenf BOTTOM ROW: P. DeGreeve, A. Au, J. Morris, S. Piccola, N. Permal, C. Leg- nard. MIDDLE ROW: S. Wenty, M. Perozzi, J. Duham, G. Weeks, K. Conway, R. Palmini, B. Mohren. TOP ROW: T. King, L. Forrest, J. Rourke, C. Coffman, A. Sprague, S. Ozark. BOTTOM ROW: R. Finke, D. Thorpe, T. Scott, S. Cates, S. Silverman. MIDDLE ROW: M. Sanchez, J. Redican, P. Nelson, R. Engles, M. Ware, K. Porter, D. Flanders. TOP ROW: R. Azzarito, R, Phillips, K. Wong, W. Wexler, C. Moody, V. Malzacher. BOTTOM ROW: M. Sheehan, R. Tsuka- shiwa, S. Walder, N. Higa, T. McDonald, J. Connway. MIDDLE ROW: A. Jimenez, A. Cameron, M. Pennala, E. Pitt, L. Kelly, W. Gora, L. Hooper. TOP ROW: Unknown, Owen B. Legnard, P. Sulots, D. Patrick, R. Wybrew, P. Barker, J. Hoggatt. l8 Dona af C490 Your student body cabinet represented you in many conferences this year from a local to a state level. On Wed. Oct. 19, Nadesan Permal, student body president, along with Candy Coffman and Jerry Hogatt, ventured to the California Association of Student Council's District Conference on Law and Enforcement. It is through attendance to these conferences that your representatives try to air the opinions of the student body. Later in the year several delegates traveled to Sacramento for the Governor's Conference on Traffic Safety. Among the various obiectives of Government is to strengthen communications between the various offices, departments, and individuals in order to provide a more effective teaching and learning environment: to bring about better understanding and greater appreciation of the over-all school program, and to increase professional growth and fulfillment of professional responsibilities. BOTTOM ROW: Unknown, D. Nichols, D. Zumwalt, J. Kirshner, J. Hamner. MIDDLE ROW: Unknown, S. Dillingham, D. Penser, Gail, C. Hawskworth, D. Wilder, R. Scott. TOP ROW: L. Guiterezz, D. Odonell, D. Parsons, B. Whitaker, L. Osborne. PRIDE AND PUQPOS' Noel Higo, Director of Athletics, Cathy Moody, Director of Hospitality, Jerry Hogat, Director ot Elections, Nadesan Parrnal, President, Nancy Mashler, Director of Publicity, Linda Osborne, Director of Sports Night, Pam Diamond, Director of l.C.C.p Barbara Wilson, Director of Finance. Mig, . 'i uiigf The student body cabinet directs many student gov- ernment affairs during the school semester. Some of the activities the cabinet spon- sored were Operation Pa- zazz, Clean Campus, Noon Press Conferences, and United Crusade Drive. lt was a most successful year. Gail Weeks, Secretary Nadesan Permal, President Rudy Finke, Vice President I Mrs. Davidson, Sponsor WW 'Q' l' James Machlin Barbara Smith Susanne Martinez Rick Martin Terry Richie Dave Boileau Linda Goldberg- Debbie Moad Linda Thomas Llew Keller Cathy Phaneuf Marilyn Chisholm Cindy Nunamaker Ruth Zehfuss Owen Mason Mike Barron ly ' hx ,H "Your side is making all the errors, Debbie!" 'iNo, we are not. Chisholm can't draw a straight line," Yearbook S'f9f'f'C0nff'1buf.Q9 To Qchoof Mrfofy. . . UAPIUREQ MAMOAPJEQ OF FHEMDQ Editor fl Susie Lee Par McCaskill Elaine Roper Madeline Brugeman Donna Boyd Melanie Humphrey Charles D'AcunTo CU,-f Ar,-owsmgfh "Why is everyone looking aT me iust because l left ouT Rise Shirley The Seniors' names." The yearbook is considered by many sTudenTs To be as much ci parT of school life as The homecoming game or The prom, as challenging as a role in The drama club producTion or a pl-ace on The Scholarquiz Team, as Treasureol as The class ring or class honors, as Thrilling, as conducTive To friendships as The pep rallies or The aTTer-school acTiviTies,-These Things are noT The reason or purpose of The school's exisTence, buT They deTiniTely add To iTs life 'a sparkle, a verve, an inTeresT, an opporTuniTy for personal conTacTs. We feel The yearbook capTures and preserves The Treasurecl momenTs, The memories of friends and acTiv- iTies, The classes, The Teachers, iT Thus TosTers a spiriT of school loyalTy as perhaps noThing else does. Linda Goldberg EdiTor Cindy Bell "Hurry up, Type faster, fasfer. The prinTing deadline was yesterday." "Cindy, you are making me nervous breaThing on my neck." be funk N , PaTTi Prince Jack KurTz ' Glenys Johnson Dorothy Marrs 3 2l , E L. LeRoy D. Boyd W. Nichols S. Seeger B. Carlile G. Whitney The hectic rush in the last minutes of the countdown before a new addition is released. P, Goldstein L. Manning K. Price M. McConnohie T. King N. Keheley J. Rourke C. Foster D. Galford O. Richardson J. Puntar J. Brown Mrs. C. Gratz Sponsor La Yuca Verdugo's newspaper carries the Span- ish theme of the school YUCA being the Spanish if ' word for Yucca the tall desert plant flourishing in the foothills of Tuiunga. The La Yuca Staff f gathers news invents feature material and cov- which are printed by the school s Graphic Arts O . I I N I I f"es vs' Q' 1 1 L ers sports for ten issues per semester, all of S I b Three of the issues are especially devoted to school service: the welcome and orientation edition pub- lished on the first day of each semester, the election containing a sample ballot and statements from all the candidates, and the six page Open House edition, issued during Public Schools Week, which presents helpful information for visitors to the school. The editorial policy of La Yuca is that it should represent the interests of the students. Two examples which illustrate this policy are the six- page Recognition edition featuring the aims and activities of the Senior B class, and the six-page Senior Edition, which includes two pages of material commemorating the graduating class. Each semes- ter new La Yuca Staff members affirm this policy by making most of the decisions on the content and the page design for all editions of their paper. l 22 . es ,nj tv' K- v 1- i s L- v gg 3- ,N fl. ....t ' ' -t is ' is 'f M " ff H. - 'B---u Staff members discuss new year policy. J. Anthony R. Castle M. Gross L. Buchanan K. Dumas I. Hamilton Ray Wright and Phil Goldstein interviewing Owen Mo son, provide copy for coming issue Al!! ffze llfe wg HY fo Pfmf New .Qponcow Qefg fha Pace "We hoped to continue the work started by ear- lier sponsors and to give Verdugo Hills High School an informative and lively newspaper. We want to give Jour- nalism students a good background in newspa- per writing and editing. Participation by non- .lournalism students for the coming year would be an opportunity for any Don or Donette. We invite you to send in letters, ideas, and feature and literary articles. We par- ticularly want to invite the lower grades to loin our staff and stay with it for many semesters. A well-trained group will build up the size and quality of the newspaper in keeping with the tradition of our school activities." -Mrs. Adele Saxe, new La Yuca sponsor. Mrs. Saxe, summer sponsor A. La Greene L. Plourde S. Stanners C. Ledyard G.' Reedy K. Valdez L. Mercer T. Richey R. Mc!-Xninch FClll editors: Torn King OF1Cl .lOf1ClC1 Rourke Other Journalism students not pictured: S. But- Surnmer editors: Keith Price and Debby Galford ler, M..Goldstab, V. Gray, L. Levine, C. Niel- son, L. Osborne R. Wright, and L. Herbert. 6010 US' 61,919 Gm!!! Gfrfi' GIRLS ,f""' Monday Tafenf WiTh The Theme of "Color Us Girls" Monday, The firsT day of Girls Week, was high- lighTed by The presenTaTion of "Pink ParTy Dress". . l wif.: ,UIQ ' 1' 4' .SG fuecdag- Gfrfi' Dag 177 Z Q90'.Qf'9f71Q0 ResponsibiliTy was The basis for Tuesday, Girls Day in Leadership. A few of The senior girls who wenT ouT inTo The com- muniTy were: Linda Goldberg, L.A. Board of Ed., DepT. of Child Welfare, CaThy Dixon, L.A. Board of Ed.: Andrea King, Councilman Louis Nowell, AniTa Koslar, Judge Hazen MaTThews, Vroni Mal- zacher, Calif. Horse Racing Board, and Leslie Callow-ay, Pacoima Lufheran Hos- piTal. Wedneedag Qfudenf Teacher? QRS?" I Kathy Woody teaches Bookkeeping Q I ua ,L WE 'fin 5 Z 2 WY I Sue Petri . . ,Senior Foods Mr. Blyoder's Spanish Class, Shelley Mowrey Nui TOP RIGHT: Sue Mivalez, teacher in all male class. SECOND PIX: Barbara Miller taught Government. THIRD PIX: Shirley Dumble stitches the latest creation. BOTTOM RIGHT: Leslie Hanks . . . "what do you mean, hold it!" .40 wwf. Corcl Powers-Girls Vice Principal Chris Nelson-Assistant Girls Vice Principal Shirley Dumble-Li brciricm Jon Vernon-Principal gfkffg' Efyby Change of P309 .Qfudenf feachery fry fha ofheff fide of fhe deck - LQV ,-, I .K -ij., A, In yktiiivkhivjil. fs, h s 1 3 l'i1lf1.fQfZlf -,jr-..' ' - -, Q.. ' . , Cindy Hcxwksworth Nurse ,rig X 3 . Girl's Week brought a welcome break in school routine. Girls enioyed responsibility as well as light fun. Wed- 'nesdciy marked the day when girls took over adminis- trative positions in school. .lan Vernon became our school Principal. Coral Powers acted as Girls Vice Prin- cipal, and Shirley Bordeaux was Boys Vice Principal. Thursday was Fun and Games Day, highlighted by lunch-time relays between female Faculty and girls. Friday was crazy-hat day, lt brought the week to cl successful end with a picnic in the Auditorium, The Chapter XLI appeared to provide entertainment. '-'f A ' ' r- fhurgdag . - P For a happy lunch try a little spectator sport. Faculty women and girls mix reloy races and 3 xijgzffr . . .kkk. . 1.-. ,Q I , .Q ' ' giggles! , L K 1 s - 'I N cg . 4 lf tw 's:ff1,9. 5 L. . ffl ' .Q in "' a .. l 'l , PM l , of f P r "sp . ' ui ,Ir . . ?1,,T,f,g sz 1- A' 1 f ' V J . P' , 1 -2 ' ' i , ' l ' A Q Q F i , iss: . , i-X. W Us -r.. it it ,. silk .1-4 A . TI . Hiya-hm, ,gs ,,if:',Q .Q' . , - ' 1 , 'sein' HX Q i I No ,-mfs - Q '-r. my . A' f f A 'VUUKHF I L...- ,T W M ...,.,.,........ We 1 mlb' U . .,,, To everyThing There is o season, and C1 Time To every V T purpose Under The heaven: M T- A Time To Weep, ond C1 Time To laugh, ci Time To mourn, cmd 0 Time To dclnce, . .. X, V. A Time To geT, ond 0 Time To lose, cz Time To keep, ond T T ','i A T ' 'Q Time To ccJsT owoy, W A Time To rend, ond 0 Time To sew, C1 Time To keep V ' ,, silenT, and cz Time To speck, ' Q Nfkei - -Old TesTomenT: Ecclesic1sTes, III, 1-8 , . A T A " ' A M .1 , M ,, Q s . I T ' , H1 f ,.,, I ,, .. ft:-T, Aff ff Q' ,Q 'T H MW? f -,,, L T , -,,' Q ,,': Tr 'T' A z k vi V 6 -if I " W ACTXWTIES' cr: iv' A I y .. W I"""?f Planning activities for fellow students. TOP ROW, Andrea Ruff, Ann Levin, Robert Solomon, Ruth Lom- bard, Bob Ryan, Cindy Hawllsworth, Larry Barge, Craig Satterfield, Alan LaGreen, Candy Coffman, Tim Moore, Dana Atkinson, Tom Dixon, Pat Lombard. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Manning, Cathy Foster, Arlene Sipelstein, Bill Wixon, Julie Newman, Chris Judson IPRESJ, Bill lmler, Maureen Bates, Beverly Berwald, Laura Huff. KNEELING, D. Storrs, B. Chambers, M. Thomas, Peaboday, SITTING, D. Duncan, K Crowe, R. Chamberlin, F. Comer, J. Robinson, G. Gunderson, S. Cates, STANDING, T. Kiss, D. Boileau, B. Grantham, A. Sprague, J. Bucharilli, C. Gamble, S. Bussard, C. Harris, S. Butler, J. Cole, L. Williams, Mr. Morehouse. 30 KIVXGHK' Ushering at all senior assemblies. BOTTOM ROW: Dan Person, Don Storrs, Mike Thomas, Bruce Chambers lPRES.l, Steve McGough lV.P,l, John Hamner, Johnny Robinson, Noel Higa. TOP ROW, Mr. Barkelew, Mike Arm- strong, Steve Lafflam, Joe Adams, Marty McGough, Craig Gamble, Don Nichols, Nadesan Permaul, Kevin Kelly, Rudy Finke, Doug Duncan, Hugo Jacobsmeyer. BOTTOM ROW, Mrs. Peg Hayek, Debbie Moad, Sue McQuade Leslie Callaway IPRESJ Andrea King, Cindy Nunamaker, Bar bara Dudley lV.P.l, Cheryl Malbon, Sue Petrie. TOP ROW Nancy Keheley, Judy Levin, Virginia Robinson, Rosemary Giese Kathy Norby, Mary Pennala, Chris Chadwick, Pam Diamond Linda Atkins, Karen Conklin, Tanya Skvor, Linda Goldberg Nancy Catteral, Anita Kosler, Donna Koch. Serving as hostesses at various school functions. ZE77Ef?ME!l! KEVE77 Ushering at all senior assemblies. BOTTOM ROW, Miss Staerkel, Lorrie Kelly, Cathy Clift, Rosemary Phillips, Elain Mor- ales, Nancy Graef lPRES.l, Wendy Wexler, Karen Corbin, Mary Ann Medley, Sandy Spontak, TOP ROW, Marie Acosta, Mary Middlestaedt, Kathy Glockner, Jennie Skagen, Cathy Miles, Cathy Moody, Nancy Hunte, Melody Welmon, Becky Dunkleburger, Hobie Katz, Sherrie Lon- don, Margaret Moricoli, Roxane Azzarito, Ruth Zehfuss. 1 7'HEV WHO QERVE.. BENEFIT 7!-IEMQEZ VES' AND THE QUHOUZ GERMAN UZ UB Scholars of the German Language and Culture lmler lPres.l, A. Ruff lSec.l, F, Young lTreas.l, S. Woods Standing R. Peterson, S. Passon, E. Kelly, Mr. Goulding, J Colvin, L. Barge. QPA MQH CZ UB KNEELING, R. Soloman, S. Derfler, R. Beamer, E. Rau, J. Spence. STANDING, J. Blyoder, J. Newman, E. Estrada, M. Welman, B. Legnard, A. Aultman, J. Campbell, D. Gordon, P. Sabella. Students interested in the Spanish language and culture. ZA DIES' BOTTOM, Arlene Sipelstein lPres.l, Beverly Berwald lV.P.l, Maureen Bates lSec.l, Cindy Hawksworth lTreasl, MIDDLE, Lorie Morehouse, Shirley Bordeaux, Raysa Engles, Ruth Lombard, Andrea Ruff, Christine Judson, Janet Baer, Judy Giese. TOP: Mrs. Peterson, Jonda Rouke, Cathy Dixon, Candy Coffman, Carol Mahoney, Chris Nelson, Jan Veron, Vroni Malzacher, Bess Derfler. Aiding at school functions and greeting campus guests. SITTING: J. Michiel, C. Boettger lpub.l, M. Bates lVP.l, B. I i lf X9 Beffef' 70 6'l'V.Q.. ' Zeaderghfp Trims Pee, gflgfl feng' H9 ff Time is now! At top speed the sorting takes place. 8..- The Christmas feeling was being exhibited in many campus activities around school. To start the season right on December 6, the Christ- mas tree committee, under the direction of Candy Coffman, put up the Christmas tree and decorated it with ornaments brought in by students. Art classes graced the tree with decorated egg shells which were hol- lowed out and dipped in resin. On the following Friday,'December 9, a special "IQ o'clock Frolic" was held at noon in the girls' gym. The charge was only tive cents or a booster button. Service clubs ioined in the spirit of giving, making Christmas stockings for needy children in various LA. schools. Girls' service clubs made and decorated the stockings, and the Knights and Key Club filled them -with candy. During the first two weeks of December, the student body brought in canned goods, boxed goods, and money which was collected in the second period classes. These are distributed to needy families who would otherwise have no Christmas dinner. This drive builds the Christmas spirit in all of us and it makes our Christmas a happier one when we know that it is better to give than receive. Pep Cfub Through The semesTer, The Pep Club has helped To provide spiriT and supporT for The aThleTic Teams aT Verdugo Hills. Any sfudenf aT Verdugo Hills High may belong. There is no grade average or grade level qualificaTions. You can rec- ognize The club by iTs colors which are The same as The school Thar iT supporfs, red and black. U ,,..-f Ln BOTTOM ROW: W. Wexler, L. Kelly, C. Mahoney, R. Rosen, E, PHT, S. Dillingham, R. Engles, P. Nelson, S. Bordeaux, Coach Cordova. MIDDLE ROW. B. Ryan, C. MeTroviTsch, P. Nelson, P. WaTson, S. Eades, D. Plourde, P. Diamond, L. ATkins, K, Tomich, P. Broffman, N. Keheley, C. Chadwick, C. Ledyard, J. Hamner, TOP ROW: C. Coffman, T. Roberts, L. Vierson, J. Rourke, P, Mitchell, L. Merrill, S, Sfanners, H, Jacobsmeyer, M. Thomas, D. McNuTT, N. Permaul, C. HawksworTh. Efybgabfe ln fe egfc Occupy Mhoi' The llfegsffvec The purpose of This club is To promoTe an inTeresT in phofography, and To geT a series of slides in a group, and seT iT To appropriaTe music wiTh a narraTion. Our club has been in exisTence for Two semesfers. We have begun To puT The plan, a proiecf enTiTled "Some Happen- ings" inTo effecf. The club meeTs The firsT and Third Thurs- day, aT noon in roorn 13. AT our lasf meeTing, we discussed candid picTures aT school, and club posTers. The Negafives welcome visiTors and new members. E .. ...S 1. . :V fgi,31:3ii'.Q'- M2 - s,,gir.f as . ,,.,.f-""",' 33 fuk 'ss s .mee as sssrrs i l rrsss .V-me - -is 1 H ,, p-in 1' ' Qchobfqufz Team LeRoy Vierson, Nadesan Permaul lCap- tainl, Fred Young lalternatel, Marshall Sass and Doug Duncan. if '-as -Q if look Uafyiif .. WE 7,9155 The 1967 Verdugo Hills Scholar- quiz team defeated Earl Wilson High of Downey 152-147. After falling behind by 33 points, 99- 66, Verdugo won in a come from behind effort. Verdugo's team closed the gap and edged out Earl Warren High for the vic- tory. For participation in the contest, members of both teams received awards. For being the winners, Nadesan Permaul, Doug Duncan, LeRoy Verson, and Marshall Sass received additional prizes. The contest was held on Feb. l9 with representative Student Body of both teams in attendance. Educational television, here we come! HARPER Alan LaGreen-winner ln March, RoloerT BenneTT, our speech insTrucTor announced his selecTion of Alan La Green, Paul Colf, and Gary Norris, as school TinalisTs in The Lion's Club lnTer- naTional Speech ConTesT. The Meefing was held aT STerling's resTauranT on Tuesday, March 2. Alan Lo Green emerged as The winner. This compeTiTion is similar To many Thaf Take place each year. Through an eliminafion process a naTional winner is chosen. Ver- dugo is one of a number of high schools across The naTion ThaT compeTe in This conTesT. Paul Colf lion Z2 C705 lnfemaffbnaf Qpeech Con fesf Gary Norris 'QF .,,s.c,5 A ffer I2 Years 01' Work, Ha ro'9h 1ps', Qfudg, Joy, Ana' Qoffowc. .. Fx 5 X 531 1 , -x x 1? . QEAIIURS' Q img, ff' 6, ATHLETIC AND POISE Harry Peabody Jerry Horref MOST INTELLIGENT Bill Plcm Chris Judson MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Bill Plot? Jondca Rourke MOST CLASS SERVICE Bill Kingsboker Jondo Rourke BEST DISPOSITION CUTEST CLASS FLIRTS MOST DIGNIFIED MOST TALKATIVE MOST CHEERFUL WITTIEST BEST COMPLEXION MOST PHOTOGENIC MOST OUTSPOKEN BEST DRESSED FRIENDLIEST MOST COURTEOUS BEST BUILD-FIGURE BEST IMAGINATION MOST FUN MOST HANDSOME-PRETTIEST BEST DANCERS MOST POPULAR MOST SCHOOL SERVICE BEST EYES BEST TEETH BEST HAIR MOST SPIRIT SHYEST BEST SMILE BEST PERSONALITY OID 7fQ4ID!7!0!l!--IIXEW FACES' MOST INDIVIDUAL John Siegel Mara Baygalow Dan Honey Dennis Wescombe Jim McCully Bruce Chambers Bill Kingsbaker Ralph Osler Bob Solomon Bill Broderson Ralph Osler John Pagones Bruce Chambers Ralph Osler iBruce Chambers Harry Peabody lMike Cage lMike Cage lSteve McGaugh lRalph Osler Bruce Chambers Bruce Chambers Bob Steele Mike Mohar Dennis Wescombe John Pagones Karl Bauman Mike Mohar Ralph Osler Beverly Berwald Pam Whitehill Sally Grace Jerry Harret Sally Grace Raysa Engels Sally Grace Pam Whitehill Nancy Graef Susan Ogletree Melanie Voska Raysa Engles Christi Vanderpol Nancy Graef Mara Baygalow Raysa Engels Nancy Graef Delores Hastings Nancy Graef Raysa Engels Yolanda Bonales Pam Whitehill Pam Whitehill Raysa Engles Mary Buttigug Donna Ross Raysa Engels The hall of fame is a Senior A tradition. This tradition affected every member of the Al- phadon class. Categories were thought of, each class has a different idea about what titles are important. Classmates were nom' inated for the different titles. Then the im- portant part, the election, was held. There was a great deal of excitement involved in the election, it was all tied-in with gradua- tion. The individuals that won the election offered one impression of a class. This im- pression will remain in the minds of many. A class is remembered by those in its lime- light. ln this way each graduating class proves unique. Therefore, the Alphadons have chosen these people as an example of their class seen through their eyes. MOST TALENT Mike Cage Delores Hastings The Alphadon's, meaning, "FirsT of The Nobles", choose for Their moTTo, "In The Lighf of Wisdom, We Shall Seek Peace". Their col- ors are olive green and powder blue. The class emblem is The embodimenT of Their moTTo. The Torch in The cenTer of The emblem provides The lighT of wisdom for The Winfer '67 Class. The olive leaves symbolize The peace ThaT The Alphadons shall find and hopefully help achieve Throughouf The world. The surrounding circle unifies The Class inTo one big group which will sTrive To fulfill The goals of The Alphadon Class. A-ll OFFICERS President Bruce Chambers Vice President Sfeve McGough SecreTary: Melanie Voska Treasurer: Jonda Rourke HisTorian: Susan Wollam B-12 OFFlCERS Bill Kingsbaker Jonda Rourke Julie Newman Susan Wollam Chris Judson Alphadon's Clan Officers are, TOP ROW, President .Ionda Rourke and Secretary Kathy Hudspeth. IOT- TOM ROW, Historian Arlene Sipelsteln, Vice Presl- dent John Pagonee, and Treasurer Chrls Judson. leading the class cheers are, TOP ROW: Nancy Graef and Kathy Gloclmer. BOTTOM ROW: Sharyn Cleary and Melanie Voska. Dar Deeds' Defermine Us Ac Much Ac We Defefmme Our keafc. ' GEORGE ELIOT James Ackerley Roberta Anspach Arne Austen Donnel William Ball Yolanda Rose Banales Maureen Bates Mara Victoria Baygulow Melda-dee Bean Barbara J. Campbell Laura Ann Celebron Bruce Douglas Chambers Susan Chism Sharon Cleary Gail Lynn Coffelt Kathryn Jean Clift Cathy Conaway Virginia Jane Benson Beverly Berwald Peter LeRoy Bowlcls Robert Buhl Michael Burbank Janis Lee Burgan Steve Lowell Bussard Mike Allan Cage 1" Bradley Garrett Kathryn Irene Glockner Judith Gordon Glenn Charles Gork John Francis Grace Sally Ann Grace Nancy Graef Morag Lee Hall Maureen Elissa Crane April Margaret Culp Don Gene Danville Nancy EasT Raysa M. Engels Donald James Fallis Julaine Fay Randy Gardiner Jerri Ann Harrel Dolores Corinne Hastings Frances Jane Hernandez Claudia Lee Huber Sandra Herwick Eric Blaine Hodges Daniel James Honey Kathy Diane Hudspeth Terry Joyce Huffman Melanie Rae Humphrey Dan Johnson Phillip Johnson Fred Jordan Linda Christine Judson William Kingsbaker Fred Laiuperissa Michael Mohar Linda Jean Monieverde William Harold Mogensen John Kevin Morrison Gregory Bryan Moss Bill Mortensen Jack Thomas Moore Darrell Murphy Susan Janeiie Lee Gloria Lee Lozano Thomas Payne Marks Linda Ann Marlin Olga Martin Susan Daine Meikleiohn David Raymond Miller Donald Albert Miller ii? Ralph Stewart Osler James L. Oxley John Paul Pagones Wanda Lee Paulsen Elizabeth Pendergrass William Platt Danny Thomas Radfke Wanda Louise Rarick Joel Ward McAtee James Wesley McCuIIey Steven Owen McGough Theresa Ma rgaref McGovern Susan Leila McMas'rers Pamela McSwain Julia Florence Newman Susan Anne Og letree Susan Lynn Reisner Florence Rhea Donna M. Ross Johnda Frances Rourke Linda Rouihier Andrea Louise Ruff Janina Salem Joyce Louise Rose James Mitchell Scinta Pamela Seitz Loreen Medley Shaw Henry Lee Sheppherd Arlene Marcia Sipelstein Elinor Dorthy Slack Darlene Louise Smith Robert Kenneth Solomon 4" Rosemarie Valenzuela Christi Ann Vanderpol Susan Gail Van Cleave Melanie Lynne Voska Wayne Warren Walker Susan Marie Wollam Dennis Michael Wescombe Lila Lorraine White Laura Christine Sprague Bobby Glenn Steele George Ann Stimson Judson Denys Stone Judy Takala Eileen Theobald Dee J. Todd Gordon Tylosky I Q C Pamela Whitehill Sydney May Wiese Joel Arthur Selznick Whether The photographer ran short of Tilm, whether The students were not available, or wheTher They were reluctant To be in The limelight, we olo not know. We only know that for These students There is . . NO PICTURE Karl Edward Bauman Jesse Biglay Linda Blankenship Bill Broderson Mary Frances Buttigieg Deena Ethington Robert Daniel Hutton Linda LeRoy Ronald Charles Maxfield Epfzebfene The Ephebian Society is a civic betterment and service organization whose membership is composed of citizens who were graduated from The Los Angeles area high schools. They were selected Tor membership in The So- ciety by The faculty and senior class of Verdugo Hills High School on The basis of outstanding charactership, leadership ability, high scholastic achievement, and dem- onstrated service. Achieving This honor were-from left to right, JONDA ROURKE, ARLENE SIPELSTEIN, STEVE Mc- GOUGH, anol BRUCE CHAMBERS whose picture was not available. Larry Mead Carl Wayne Meyer Bonnie Margaret Presby Jerry Roskilly Charles Salfer Richard Joseph Scotti John Joseph Siegel Sharon Taylor John Paul Valadez T17 'WE KAXOW WH!! T WE APE BUT IVOT WHAT WE MAY EE ' - wfzzmff QHAKEQPEAEE The Senior "A" class of Summer T967 chose their name, Deucalions, from King Deucalion, coun- terpart of Noah. King Deucalion was the only survivor of the "great flood". He set out to start the world over again. Like King Deucalion, the senior class is striving to make this world a better place to live in, by gaining more knowledge. The Deucalion colors, Royal Blue and Powder Blue, were chosen. The royal blue symbolizes the boldness and fortitude held by the members of the class, The powder blue shows the hu- mility and pride felt by this senior class. An eternal torch appears on the emblem which sig- nifies undying strength and untiring faith in the class, school, and nation. "He who keeps his face towards the sun shall find that the shadows fall behind him." This is the motto chosen by the proud Deucalions. The words have a deep meaning for all of us. We all look forward to a bright and successful fu- ture. Thus, we will find that the past does not interfere with the accomplishments we have yet to achieve. it x B-12 Cabinet left to right: .lan Vernon, Treasurer, Gail Witacker, Secretary, Robyn Palmini, Historian, Johnny Robinson, Vice President, John Hamner, President. A-ii Cabinet left to right: Melody Wel- man, Secretary, Joey Adams, Vice Presi- dent, Ruth Lombard, Treasurer, Laurel Herbert, Historian, Nadasean Permaul, President. M...-4 ,,, 1 5 Aera' L f h b S d ecm Permoul, Presd Li d O b d ll Toni b T We Who Keeps MK' F909 Toward? fire gun gba!! Hho' Thaf The Qhadovvg Fa!! Eehfhd!-bm. ' S ONS A- X2 Uablhef Chris Abdo Marie Acosta Robert Gilbert Acosfa Joe Richard Adams Dennis Leigh Alexander William Allen Ron Howard Anders Andy John Au Jane Madelon Anthon Dana Ellyn Atkinson Sherrie Lee Baugher Sandy Lynn Baukind Larry Richard Barge Casey Dixon Barry Abbye Bayer Linda Lou Bakey Janet Susan Baer Cynthia Brasington Chris Maria Beaver Darlene Joyce Beam 'Q Cindy Bell Barbara Irene Biglay Tim Robert Bird Donna Mae Boyd David Lee Boileau Robert Joel Bolding Shirley Ann Bordeaux Madeleine Brugman Barry Eugene Brewer Duane S. Bradford James Brown Rickey Brown Kathy Rae Brandt Doug Branzi Cindy Lee Brewster Linda Buchanan Steve Butler Susan Mary Buchanan Geoffrey A. Buchiarelli June Ann Burtoff Jean Charlene Bussard Leslie Sprague Calloway Ann McGregor Cameron Robert Harry Castle Lesley Calfee Nancy Jean Catterall Peter Melvin Carlson Christine Alma Chadwick Greg Lex Chasian Kriss Chrisman Tana Click George Clark Karen Corbin Larry Cooper Candy P. Coffman Sheila Colleen Coleman i!"" Kathleen Devlin Edward Allen Dinius Linda Kaye Dickerson Cathy Lynn Dixon Tom Dixon Sieve Eugean DuBois Douglas Marr Duncan Shirley Ann Dumble Paifi Rae Cohen Kenneth Coons Jack Cole Sharon Kay Connelly James Craig Keiih V. Crowe Janis Cruise Bess Derfler Nancy Emerson Trudine Eyraud Dee Dee Farran Gail Irene Fasching Susie Rose Felix Fred Fink Rudy J. Finke Daphne Ann Flanders Caihy Eclifh Dulebohn Kaihy Dumas Barbara Lynne Dudley Sharon Eades Barbara S. Eberle John Edwards Jerry Elford Linda Susan Edelstein Billie Diane Flood Karl Fleischbein Robin Ailana Foster Lynn Marie Forrest Ron William Forstner Judith Kathleen Friend Stephanie Fraser Mike Francone ""T'F Jane Edith Ganzel Thomas Garrett Craig Robert Gamble Danny Roy Galloway Steve Garrison Bertha Croline Gensheimer Phillip Goldstein Judy Marie Giese Dean Thomas Hale Larry Hanson Lucinda Lee Hawksworth John Anderson Harnner Roy Michael Hatch Pat Lee Haley Laurie Lee Haley Jerry Hastings Sharon Gibson Kathy Gillian Linda Gail Goldberg Ronald Mark Golstab Hugo Gonzalez Vicki Irene Gray Deborah Gutierrez Guy Lee Gunderson Darres Hoffman Tom Hulberf Nancy HunTe Hugo Allen Jacobsmeyer Phillip Mark Jarvis Dave B. Jaeckin Jim Dale Jenkins Aurora Jane Jimenez ,f"N. Leslie Fay Hanks John Dean Helberg Laurel Ann Herbert Russell Heisler Walfer Noel Higa Judy Kaye Hiner Debra Lynn Homan Kathleen Hoffman Bonnie Kathleen Jewell Dwighr Johnson Donivan Johnson Carolyn Johnson Mike John Johnson Marilyn Louise Jones Mark Kawahara Kathleen Kennedy Nancy Carol Keheley Cindy Kay Kelly Sharon Ann Keeble Lorri Kelly Kevin Lee Kelly Andrea Kathleen King Kathy Ann Kimmel Thomas King Daniel Robert Kussro Lewis Landau Doris Ladd Mike Latauska Steve Latauska Steve Lattlam Dan Lee Ann Levin Tim Steve Kis Peggy Diane Knaur LeRoy Klemmer Kristine Kreizl Richard Kramer Rick William Kirstein Richard Kunkel Jerry Kunkle 11" Brigitte Theresa Liebl Bill Lars Linsley Glen Linden Ruth Reeta Lombard Bob Arthur Love Barbara Lockos Carol Jean Luna Glenna Marie Ma rchese Linda Ann Ma reno Vroni Malzacher Carol Ann Mahoney Danny Kenneth Mahan Bonnie Ann Mastro Tim Maher Nancy Joyce Mashler Charlene R. Mattey Cheryl Ann Maibon Susanne Martinez Rosan Rebeca Machlin Anthony Marrota Roy Leslie Manesmith Pete Manessero Ronald Jay McPherson Sue Lynne McQuade Margart McRobbie Jeanette Marie McPhoil Peter McArdle Leonard Meehan Catarino Victor Mendoza Lorana Kathleen Mercer Cathy Lynn Metrovitsch Debbie Mertz Darlene Motschenbacher David Louis Morrow Sandy Lynn Moreno Julie Mortensen Lee Robert Morain Mike Moad Lorinda Ann Morehouse Elaine Teresa Morales Lawrence Millar Lynn Miland Karl David Miller Jack Gordon Misner Susy Christine Mivelaz Virginia Miller Barbara Helen Miller Lesley May Moore Ted A, Nash llene Nesott Rhonda Jane Newman Chrlstnna Marlone Nelson Nltke S, Nrklrk in lk Katherlne Loalse Norby Don Wllllarn Nrchols Robert Nrchol Danothan Francls Noonan Lrncla Mane Nordstrom Dov rl Dean Northrop Cindy Lee Nunornalcer ,MNH Valerie Lynne O'Byrne 15? Terry Sophia Ofalloghon E. -. 7" gan... Kathleen Louise Oloh Cormello Mary Onore Kth qs, Mi' V ' QW- f Si iifxm' 5 .. . f ' 542:-L , K X Beverlee Rodenborn Sharon Faye Rucker Oman Philip Richardson rang Rice Karen Reynolds Alice Rinnnga Antoinette Rekers Jeanne Helen Rekers Lona Ellen Rucker Robin Susanne Rofhblum Lenore Rose Mary Mah Robinson Johnny Mah Robinson Toni Marie Roberfs Karen Luba Roberts Chris Floyd Roberts Joni Lynn Recesso Elaine Roper Larry Davis Ranfa Ken Sieve Randolph Wayne Randall Robert Earl Ramsey Marshall Stuart Sass Mary Sanchez David Vicior Saine Phillip Sabella Marlaine Sauer Dan Saurman Charlene Scarvarda Carl Schrnicli Caryn Schloss Sieve Schaefer Georgianna Simon Gene Srnirh Barry Solomon Connie Soto Bob Springgaie Paulette Sfeinbrook Vern Slanion Laura Stump Raberi SCOTT Mark Sebesfyen Dave Seals David Shaidell Sylvia Seeger Bill Shurnberger Mike Shipley Mary Sheedy Kafhy Slyles Don Storrs Gary STory Jerry Sfroud Pamela Sulofs Sandy Switzer Nofasha Ta rabonchuk David Tarbei Dawn Taylor Mike Thomas David Thorpe Diane Thenhaus Mike Thorp Gary Tickler Roy Tripi Richard Traufwein Par Treppa Larry Underwood Sieve Underdovvn Neil VanOrder Carlos Vaca Jan Vernon Frank Velasquez Evelyn Verdugo Le Roy Viersen Kathy Visco Priscilla Watson Steve Walker Kathy Walter Sharon Watson Coleen Wallace Melody Welman Debbie White Gail Whiteaker Madeline Whitney Vicki Wiclcstrum Jim Wilson Rob Willott Dennis Wilson Kim Wong Cecelia Wenty Sherry Wenty Steve Webb Jeanne West David Wengert Wendy Wexler Linda Whitten Britt Whiteaker Tanya Willbrant Trina Wolford William Woodward Raymond Wright F ni Kim Wurl Sharon Yeoman Norman Zuckerman Patrick Zuehike David Zumwalt Diane Burleson Charles Cardillo Linda Fifer T' Linda Grier Evelyn Lurtsrma Doreen Patrick Keith Price EPHEBMAIS' The Ephebian Society is composed of students who have maintained good grades throughout their high school years and have also shown outstanding, unselfish serv- ice to the class and school. Noel Higa and Le Roy Viersen gg. 'J-B f z ,. 1 1 was was 1 Doug Duncan and Rudy Finke .lan Vernon and Candy Coffman mf Q.,-v Q'-5 .lohn Hamner and Nadesan Permaul Not shown: Shirley Bordeaux and Bess Derfler 65 I if 9' 2' 2,7 I ig: who ,,,.. L MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST CLASS SERVICE Jon Vernon, Nodescn Permaul Candy Coffman, Nadesan Permaul MOST INTELLIGENT Bess Derfler Doug Duncan -we . 'W I Q if 'ff , ...'- l V' 3 ,sf as I I4 PRETTIEST-MOST HANDSOME ATHLETIC-POISE BEST DANCERS MOST POPULAR MOST SCHOOL SERVICE MOST INDIVIDUAL BEST EYES BEST TEETH BEST HAIR MOST SPIRIT MOST TALENTED SHYEST BEST SMILE BEST PERSONALITY MOST OUTSPOKEN BEST DRESSED FRIENDLIEST MOST COURTEOUS BEST DISPOSITION CUTEST CLASS FLIRTS MOST DIGNIFIED MOST TALKATIVE MOST CHEERFUL WITTIEST BEST COMPLEXION MOST PHOTOGENIC Janice Cruise Jan Vernon Elaine Morales Candy Coffman Candy Coffman Kin Wong Emily Pit? .lan Vernon Elaine Morales Candy Coffman Kim Wong Kathy Pagliuso Lorri Kelly Lorri Kelly Sharon Keeble Nancy Hunfe Sue McQuade Jan Vernon Sue McQuade Lori Morehouse Janet Baer Sharon Eades Sue MCQuade Sue McQuade Candy Coffman Bobbi Perfu Rosemary Phillipps .lack Cole Mike Latauska Dan Pearson John Hamner Nadesan Permaul Stove Piccola Andy Au Leroy Vierson .lack Cole Leroy Vierson David Tarbef Tim Bird Dave Boileau John Hamner Steve Piccola Ted Nash Nadesan Permaul Nadesan Permaul Craig Gamble Dave Tarbef, John Hamner Keith Crowe, Tim Kis Nadesan Permaul Leroy Vierson Tim Kis Steve Piccola Jack Cole Dave Boileau 70 lam' fhfougfv Dine Can any class have a nobler wish Than This one? The Iargesf parT of This wish involves people, in focf IS people-individuals. These pages are devofed To The people of our closs. They are dedicafed To The happy Times These classmafes represenT. WhaT memory could be more significanT Than Thaf of class honor and accomplishment, for They are memories of people. Our class offered iTs dedicaTion in The form of a song, IT is a dedicaTion To fuTure and self. IT was praise wriTTen from The pride of youTh. The words To our class song were wriTTen by Aurora Jimenez. These words were put To The music of "Exodus". We believe They signify The feelings of our closs. DEUCALIONS, A PROUD AND MIGHTY NAME TO LAST THROUGH TIME IN HONORED FAME A FACE HELD TO THE SUN, AND ON THE FUTURE'S PLAIN, SUCCESS SHALL EACH MAN FIND. TO SEEK TO KNOW, THE WISDOM OF THE EARTH. ALL MEN AMID THEIR NOBLE BIRTH, SHALL KNOW THIS LIFE WE SEEK, UNTIL ETERNITY- SHALL OUR NAME DEEM STRONG STAND PROUD . . . DEUCALIONS. ln Hono ea' Fame , g Q T u. Top: BEST IMAGINATION-Kim Wong, Bob Ryan Middle: MOST FUN-Candy Coffman, Bob Ryan Botfomz BEST FIGURE-BUILD-Carol Mahoney Iabsenfl, Mike Thomas lxtcxxx I W his VN, Oops! During The week of March 27-31, Mr. Wynar's second period C. A. P. class challenged Mr. Tanas' second period l.R. class To a game of baseball. Every lunch period was considered an inning Don'T crowd-give me swinging room. "Who's on first?" and every day The number of players varied. By the end of The week Wynos Second slid past The Tanos Second 22-21. The week of April lO-l7 brought aboui The vicior of Wynos Fifth and Tanas Rackets. mmf? , 1 , ' ' - Watch where you're going! N0 PWC? ffbe. . . 501' lofi' Offan '15 For Three years There has been no acTion on The baseball field aT lunch Time. Since iT is The base- ball season, Mr. Wynar decided if would be fun To have someThing To do aT noon, The noon base- ball game noT only pro- mofes class spiriT, buT also gives sTudenTs a chance To geT To know each oTher beTTer. The game originafed several years ago and became a cusTom and a privilege of The seniors. lf' .W f' .4-'fx Yea, Wynos! QQ Dance lessons paid off ll! ll .V 'l K. 5 K ff Q, is 3 3 2 :P 1 r i ? 2 n Q sz E, Q. 5. ui Y, 5-S 2 5 Z' 5 S 5 K 2 sf S 4? ? gi P0 Coaches Novikoff and Phillips await referees decision. ' ' rits 3 H Q,,., . U iii K amass 'I 1 T. Edwards going straight up The middle 72 Pass complete from Gee to Simpson Handoff from Hulbert to Freese Plagued by iniuries, The Dons miss a successful season. 9130 ......... 1017 ......... .. lO!l4... lOl2l lO!29 .... lll5 ll!lO... llll8... Fairfax Jefferson Wilson Marshall Eagle Rock Franklin Lincoln Belmont 'Wt QUQTATIVEO EFFORT THROUGHOUT QEZIQOIV lam' gears lllofffvern league C'!v.9mpf'0n9 riff! fo Eepeaf Ji 313313 5 5 5 3.652 Q 4 B HQ A A sl' El 'ws M ' ' N , if in ,, 1 2 BOTTOM ROW: C. Haren, R. Justice, G, Baily, C. Ekin, D, Zirkle, L. Hanson, T. Hulbert, L, Haith. ROW TWO. T. Moore, G. Buchiarelli, N. Smith, W. Gran- tham, K. Speers, J. Edwards, R. Freese, V. Yerby, B. Chambers, B. Smith, J. McElvain, ROW THREE: R. McAinich, P. Chauvin, B. Springate, J. Harmon, G. Alamillo, S. Graves, B. Petries, S, Yates, J. Ortiz, G. Ranta, ROW FOUR: M. Latauska, B. Garrett, A. Sprague, R. Willott, S. Latauska, M. McGough, L. Schwartz, B. Crout, S. Greenwald, B. Legncrd, M. Fox, R. Scapellati, TOP ROW: H. Fritz, D. Miller, M. Graham, C. Harris, A. Holman, W. Walker, A. Gee, D. Mahan, T. Telfer, J. Bugos, M. Phillips, M. Simpson. 73 long Thom M? A3 iw! 1 an W g l g AN' Q B V x ff .. 3 ' f " ' nf "" gg.. V+ 2 kj in i .V W f 2 - V 2: f W Q s -V La, W ag M xx I gi . 1: :fav -g N erf. ,,,,., H Lhir- 1 " .,,,.:z,,LL: .,,, , K.,, X , fa g , , . .F4 ' 5 ,, FH LLWVV A , . , I H K R - .V . - , J A ,,n,.0 Line paves The woy . , . . LL.x f ,, 1 r J C W- I 1... . i ,,.. Wi. . ,f., .J,,,,3. MM M ff. L.- t u- , 5 . .Y " fjgf ' 73 . r .. Q.: ff V .. ,,,-.., . , N .rw .,,, v-..,. M..f,..... ,...- Mwwfvr- as Bee buck finds daylight. 1 .-....,, , dairy -vw- ' ' " XPFNEJ' ters, S. J. Smith, B. Cox, iiiiing, C. Doe, R. Sukpneon, D. hyf' " . -wtf.. S. Rothbium, R. House, J. Morris, C. Smith, N. Higa, L. Castle, R. Weber, L. ,,, Bentley. kVonHoHon, I,,GQQgg,lgk,.M. Fechner, T. Waugh, G. Bussurd, C. Higcx, J. Honis, B. Richard- C. Hendersoifignl ,.,,, A. Vasquez, M. Rueiecxs, T. Doe, J, Sfosik, J, Dumbie, giwwson, R. Seaton, A. Jensen, H, Fritz, G. Warren. 5 Mau P11957 A TTEMPTQ Skis pcxrollel, squeeze rope-and Hong on! A ,W ,Wawm .4-or-: WI' 0, M035 Sleepy-eyed o n d expectant CresTliners uwoit bus of Ver dugo. The CresTliners club hcid The doTe of Februciry il, T967 circled on Mrs. Soxe's colendor. The riTuol of preporolTion Tor The upcoming ski Trip begoin The weekend before. STudenTs mode The necessory Trips To renT ski-equipmenf, poles, booTs, ond skis. On The week prior To The Trip, skis, lugged Through The holls of Verdugo were o common sighT. The enThusiosTic mock procfices on gross were To insure The uTmosT sciTeTy OI'1 SHOW. Skis remoiined unTouched on The TirsT oTTernoon prc1cTice. NoTes on cor- recT ski procedure, including inTormfJTion on how To remoin worm, were diligenTly Token. Dry loind lessons begon on The six-TooT poles oTTgched To eoch TooT. The much cinficipofed SciTurdoy morning downed brighT ond cleor Tor The loyol ski enThusiosTs. Assembling in TronT oT Verdugo, There wos much sleepy, buT exciTed conversoTion. The bus finolly come o1TTer whoT seemed like hours of wc1iTing. The brove CresTliners were oTT To o new odvenfure. The TirsT view of Toble MounToin, The desTinoTion of The beginning skiers, broughT ponic To The minds of mony. All were condiTioned To Trovel down slopes oT breok-neck speeds. They were noT, however, reody To dodge Trees. The some skis ThoT hod been so diTTiculT To move Three inches in The gross, begon To slide unconTroIlobly. The TirsT problem wcis leoirning To sTond in one ploce. The TirsT order given by The insTrucTor wos Tor every- one To Toll, This wos To give prc1cTice in geTTing up. ATTer reviewing The dry- lond lessons The big mo- menT cirrived. Shoky, buf brcive, The CresTlin- ers prepored To ski on Their TirsT slope. Some of ""' The firsT ciTTempTs were copfured on Tilm. Eoch new Try broughT odded confidence. Mon- euvers become easier ond more groceful. All Tecir hod vcinished by lunch Time. Lunch con- versoTion was sprinkled wiTh boosfs. T T" Domp ond weciry CresT- liners climbed on The bus oT The end of The doiy, Though cold ond Tired, oll were proud be- ginning skiers. TOP: June Gcmzel, Judy Giese BOTTOM: Lorna Mercer, Cindy Nunomciker Verdugo's campus looked good To The survivors Hey, who stole my chicken-noodle soup? J-M A rf Once again The illusTrious Dons voTed Tor Their homecoming queen. There was vigorous compe- TiTion from all candidaTes. To begin acTiviTies, The boys belonging To service organizaTions nominaTed Ten girls as candidaTes. Prior To The vofing, by The male half of The sTudenT body, color slides of -The candidaTes were shown in The audiTorium. The candiolaTes were Jean Bussard, PaTTi Cohen, Janice Cruise, Shirley Dumble, Nan- cy Graef, Lorri Kelly, Carol Mahony, Linda Os- borne, Rosemary Phillipps, and Pam WhiTehill. AT lasT, The day, November 18, 1966, arrived. On Kersey Field, during half-Time, The scene was compleTe. AT ThaT momenT everyThing revolved around Three girls, Nancy Graef, Lorri Kelly, and Rosemary Phillipps. Over The loudspeaker came The voice oT Nadesan Permaul, . , second prin- cess is Lorri Kelly." Cheers and Tears. Then came, . . first princess, Nanci GraeT." There was no need To announce The name of Rosemary Phil- lipps as The T966 Homecoming Queen. The stage is seT O Id crowns, new faces Long awaited mome T A new reign beg Y A id juli eaolhg 1907.99 CARRY O!-7-' HOAIORS' M! COAXTXAXMNG 7,?AD!7!O!l!S' Lorri Kelley Second Princess 80 Excitement, nervousness, and an overall feeling of anxiety are some of the many emotions held by the three finalists for Homecoming Queen. After the long awaited announcement was made, the reign of Queen Rosemary Phillipps began. Each of the girls who participated felt a great personal pride in the beginning competition. When the three girls finally were chosen, the suspense was almost too much. The great mo- ment came. As Queen Rosemary Phillipps stat- ed, "I will always remember being Homecom- ing Queen as the most wonderful experience any high school girl could have. Nancy Graef First Princess j x 5 K EAITHUQIAQM COMIIVG 007 Despair Cheerleaders leading The sTudenT body wiTh cheers . . . swirling skirfs and flying porn poms . . . a roar from The exciTed specTaTors along wiTh mounTing suspense , . . Then.. These are The common sighTs and sounds during The games in This year's cornpeTiTion. Our dynamic Teams were looosTed To vicTory by The greaT encouragemenT of sTudenTs and cheerleaders. A Touchdown! ,K , V1 x , -"1 TOP ROW: Cheerleader, Mike Thomusg Songleaders, Lorri Kelley, Carol Mahoney, Raysu Engles. BOTTOM ROW: Wendy Wexler, Peggy Nelson, Head Cheerleader, and Shirley Bordeaux. Noi shown ure: Head Cheerleader, Leroy Vierson, ond Cheerleaders, Hugo Jacobsmeyer, and Doug Parsons. 82 HAIVGXAIG QCEAIEQ THROUGH THE CAMPUS' "if I use Ban, will all my friends come back?" Patty Bakey "BoBo ski clit en dot en . " Jane Anthony The students ot Verdugo, do not iust stand still. They keep moving. Walking around campus is merely changing scenes, moving in thought-the changing and exchanging of ideas-is movement in minds. Students thoughts, their reaction to people, and places, show a great variation in their person- alities. Here are some reactions, and comments to a few scenes through the campus. "Step right up" Rise Shirley "What? Us confused! Never!" Toni Roberts f W -W -WWW Z Y Y 5 Y . Beginning a half-time show, the Band is led by two Drill Team flag-bearers One of the many Band activities is providing music for the crowning of the Homecoming Queen. A!! LQ Owef... Then A NQUUIOIQI7 Eumf Of found' The Verdugo Hills High School Marching Band is a compact School Spirit Pack. Providing music at football games is one of the groups many functions. lt is also responsible tor playing at sports assemblies, Pep rallies, and other special school events, Dressed in full uniform with the new hats and spats, the Band has made a superior impression on our student body as well as students on other campuses. Members of the Band show their loyalty, spirit, and pride in Verdugo, by giving much extra time and energy to the organization. 84 I 0 5 f 5' ' rg 85 BOTTOM ROW: B. Lockos, B, Bigloy, D Koch. STANDING: J. Vernon, M, Welmon M, Jones, M. Pennolci, T. Roberts, HAZF TIME EAXTEETAINEEQ . BOTTOM ROW: Y. Soto, A. Koslor, B. Big loy, N. Cgtteroll, S. McQuode, V. Robin son, D. Ross, K. Styles. MlDDLE ROW: C. Moody, B, Lockos, I. Thurman, C. Mullins, K. Tomich, K. Cliff, C, Wenty. TOP ROW C. Coffmon, C. Chadwick, M. Jones, T. Roberts, C. Webb, S. Miveloz, M. Welmon 86 At dll foofbcill games entertainment is provided by the ever-marching Drill Team, whose hord work is sponsored by Mrs. Ruth Knopp, ond Mrs, Pdtrico Perlo. Mony mornings these girls rnoy olso be seen morching up o storm on the boys field. Thru frost, ond worm weother, they come thru with on excel- lent job of keeping the crowd enter- "-Q... AT RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: J. Beverage, J. West, L. Whitten, C. Metrovitsch, M. Moricoli, D. Koch, J. Giese. MIDDLE ROW: L. Osborne, C. BeII, P. Simpronio, M. McRobbie, Whybrevv, V. Miller, N. Tono. TOP ROW M. Pennolo, D. Johnson, S. Keeble, J Brockway, C. Nunomoker. AT RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: P. Leon, P. Prince, S. Wen- ty, N. Keheiey, R. Zentuss, S. Stonners, D. Mood, D. Gordon. MIDDLE ROW: B. Ryon, J. Bradbury, D. Taylor, K. Wolfey, L. Atkins, J. Rourke. TOP ROW. L. Hooper, S. Clorke, C. Genung, B. Folkins, K. Conk- lin, J. Vernon. .f 'J' AT LEFT BOTTOM ROW: M. Mittlesiuedt, L. Merrill M. Souer, D. Plourde, S. Switzer, J. Boer J. Wood. MIDDLE ROW: P. Lombard, L Morehouse, K. Norby, L. Calloway, S Petrie, S. London, L. Manning. TOP ROW J. Gotter, D. Murrs, A. King, P. Diamond B. Wilson. SE 5 K? Ee F E s 22 an Z4 f fi, ii 2 L VAIQQITV Left lo right, Mr. Cordova, 5. Dr iljimcan, D. Pearson, S. Butler, H, Pealg3rgC.1Gam- ble, G. Clark, B, Brewer, S, Thompson, M. FX ..,, ff J,, H'5??l?E?CObSmeVe" or YQ X - -- .-11 A P " YW? X 1 :Mlm C"""? WN ' , l o ,,... ., rx W,LA J IS x 15 l Ljj lf Q '31 1 fr LL, e N - 'v-- w or X i- X , .. .., .... ,, ....., E 'N ww The art of Basketball is prac- ticed by one of the more grace- ful players, Hugo Jacobsmeyer. Craig Gamble leaps high To block shot of Eagle Rock player. 89 5 Moore, M. Jenny, S. Suikonen, R. Woldron, P. De BOTTOM ROW: J. Connowoy, R. Ambrose, R. Chez eskny, D, Styer, L. Joyce, STANDING: T, MGCCGlIG1COUCh, T. Thompson, B. greve, J. Homner, J, Selznick, T. Dovis, C. Condillo. Q.-rw .wwf Q .A I Wgrz.. f WS Craig Gomble stretches to recover ball, CEES' STANDING. G. Anderson, F. Young, L. Kenny, S. White, G. Hees, B. DePiozzu, B. Endo, J, Jensen, R. Zuch, M. Selznick. BOTTOM ROW. J. Pouley, G, Srneltzer, P. Ondesco, L. Yuge, R. wall, B. Feosten. ,.. .. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Cohen, S. Swaner, Jim Tolle, C. Simkins, G. Srnith, R. Bartz, C. Manners, R. Griffin, John Tolle, B. Wadding, R. Gillan, D. McGinnis, D. Watson, G. Brewer. Mocf lbfuabfe Pbgerf Varsity , . .Craig Gamble Junior Varsity. . .Greg Corbett Bees. . .Sam Suikonen Cees . . .George l-lees Capfafhg Varsity. . .Craig Gamble Junior Varsity , . , John Tolle Bees . . .John Hamner Cees . . .Jim Jensen Gooofexon For 1 lf 3' This ye-ar's iunior Varsity Basketball team started the season in style. ln a hard tought game the Dons showed their terrific potential by deteating Reese High School. Under the leadership of Coach Cordova, J.V, talent thrived. With leading scorers Steve Swaner, Bill Wadding, and John Tolle, and a fine bench, the Junior Varsity team accumulated a season record of ll wins and 3 losses. This secured second place tor the high scoring Dons. For the Bee and Cee teams, the season ot T966-67 was a season tor building. Coached by Mr. MacCalla, the Bee and Cee teams give boys who are not big enough forthe varsity teams an opportunity to compete and to play with boys their own size, Bee and Cee teams are also im- portant because they develop the skills of the boys who later will be eligible for Jr. Varsity or Varsity. 91 D. Saine, M. Mahan, J. Jenkins, S. Walker, R. Hodges, K. Fleischbein, D. Alexander. J. in UAW! mx .ep mf IVORTHEEIV 1.1-M9115 10th grade ends with 4-1 record KNEELING: E. Simmons, C. Mendoza, D. Craine, J. Gault, D. Callahan, STANDING: R. Acosta, J. Elford, D. Firman, D. Walker, R. Wright, R. Hood, R. Justice. KNEELING. E. Lee, R. Scripter, J. Burnett, R. Luna, S. McCaffery, L. Simons, R. Osler, S. Newsom, D. Shick, STANDING. S. Zbin, R. MacDonald, J. Warrender, S. Wendlandt, B. Ferns, D. Lockhart, P. Saine, M. Carlson, G. Fayette, Coach R. Crippin 92 Verdugo's Junior Varsity cross country team has taken first place in the North- ern League with an undefeated record 5-O. The tenth grade team came in sec- ond only to Lincoln. The Varsity cross country team was not so lucky coming in fifth place in the Northern League. Junior Varsity scores for the season were 17-48, low score being better than The high, against Franklin, 15-64 against Eagle Rock, 21-31 over Marshall, 22-33 against Belmont and a 66-73 win over Lincoln. Season scores for the tenth grade team were 16-47 over Franklin, 18-47 over Eagle Rock, 27-30 against Marshall, 27- 32 over Belmont and a loss 69-31 to Lincoln. B..-webs!! --1 if Qfgfe 'OP ROW: Coach Phillips, J. Vallez, R. Zuch, B. Moore, S. Mivelaz, N. Walker, C. Pefers. AIDDLE ROW: N. Smifh, F. Young, M. Nash, R. Glenn, L. Kenny, L. Herbert, S. Rothblum. TOTTOM ROW: K. Nordin, R. Suihkonen, S. Suihkonen, J. Dumble, M. Cano, M. Ruelas, and T. Rasmussen. B. Nakasone and R. Pursley are noT pictured. Junior ldvffcffg Dong M71 fhree 0fH7'cf Eve This year's Junior VarsiTy base- ball Team combined good field- ing and hiTTing wiTh good piTch- ing To sTand ouT in The EasT Val- ley League. Under The coaching of Mr. Phillips, The Team provided suTTicienT evidence ThaT They belong in The Tougher and beTTer EasT Valley League. The Team consisTs of all TenTh and elevenTh graders. The Top players This year are Bob Ras- mussen, Craig PeTers, Ray Glenn, Neil SmiTh and Mark Nash. In The TirsT Tive games The Junior VarsiTy Dons compiled a 3-2 record. The fourTh game was a T4-2 romp over NorTh Holly- wood wiTh Bob Rasmussen geT- Ting The win. The TiTTh game was a T-O edging over Van Nuys in which Bob Rasmussen again piTched The Dons To vicTory. Artwork: by ALGEE QQAX :vii VW l.Y,..Jqg. fd.. ri ly? .1 , ll Don D1am0n0'D.Qm0n9 ,W TOP ROW: G. Simonson, B. Brewer, M. Simpson, R. Willotf, A, Sprague, D. Hole, B. Castle. MIDDLE ROW: C, Gomble, V. Yerby, S. Butler, D. Boileou, S, Coles, R. Bobb. BOTTOM ROW: C. Horris, J. Cole, A. Vos- quez, D. Noonan, L, Williams ond Coach Cordova. Us . Bemge M M Gef get 80 f BOTTOM ROW: Griialia, M. Soto, C. Confreczs M. Ellersick, I. Fecsfer, B. Gamble, K. Woll, R Maknes, B. MIDDLE ROW: STone, S. Powell, J Harold, D. Osler, S. Stevens, M.-Schramm, J Schick, D. TOP ROW: Golien, B. Friesern, D Bradbury, B. Kelly, M. Duncan, Kyrioco, J X. x 1. Il. K . , , ,, lbfcffg OW' fo Uyfhg gfaff Left to Right, BOTTOM ROW: Waugh, T, Ducan, D, Lan dau, L, Speer, K, Jacobsmeyer, H, Latauska, M, Mc Donald, B, Ortiz, J. SECOND ROW: lmai, R, Walker, S, Sinnon, L, Alexander, D, Clemans, R, Greenwald, S, cfowe, K, Grantham, B, Fritz, i-I, Bentley, L, THIRD ROW: Fleishbien, C, Ladd, B, Kussro, D, Masino, M, Scapelltti, R, Johnson, C, Upthegrove, K, Robertson, L, TOP ROW: Wright, , Hulbert, T, Walker, D, Snow, B, Moore, T, Peterson, M, Wiley, J. Deck Team 6929 Goals such as running the lOO yard dash in TO flat or high iumping 7 feet went untouched by this year's track team. Though, dedi- cated as they were, all their efforts failed to produce these marks, However, under the fine coaching of Mr. Morehouse and Mr. Novikoff, they represented Verdugo in the new East Valley League. They did this in a manner that made Poly, Grant, Van Nuys, North Hollywood, as well as the rest of the school, proud. This year's track team got off to a flying start as all three teams clobbered Franklin. Varsity went on to win three of its first four meets. During the course of the year, many individuals gave inspired performances. Out- standing were Lous Landau in shot put, and runners Dennis Alexander, Keith Crowe, Vic Yerby, and Hugo Jacobsmeyer. The entire team shows great promise for next year. Track members learn to discipline them- selves both mentally and physically. The runners gained a great deal of experience and developed the endurance required for many track events. This was exhibited by the Walker brothers in the two-mile run. Track is an excellent competitive sport and stresses both individual ability and team co- ordination. , V,,, I ., ,. x ' , , ,,2i1'w, J, - A ggi. V .. , A "'tZ.""'. 'r . , -- gift?" . A- g 1 'ww H., 1333: -,-- 1:-gvg .v,k I A M gf 5 F'- Te sf rfer Tlks 1 over vvnh The boys R Q.- ..Q....X ,'11 ,K i Q mf: ,, ,, nl Qcem X .. ' 'L 'Y X: F 1,L 1QmY,5 gi -ff g f' A record. Masino makes another Qfesfefg We for Herold and Osler are over. Walker and Simmons are in the Home Stretch. Wcfofy Marshal Sass tries for another new mark. 4d2Y2,!7"', .v-lr Q , . Rod Wall and Ken Spears give their last ounce of strength and it was over, -1+-4-fri-wavfyf -f Q t 4 4 1 , 1 4 x f f i , , iii: 1 Aqua ' Q 4x4"" 1ril' F' ,4 I F' -fi N. xqgt' af A 4 ., 4 wg' - ij,-gg, g X , i 4 K T i i 1 x 1 ' fi, ,Q i , 1 Q 1 1 Q 1 1 i 2 R 1 X i i - Y 'f W ' X, 'Tx ,,,. -Af ,T 1 . N . i 5 , T 4 1 Q I 1 e i v , K I , 4 f . X , 1 i Q i ffg 'Nan ' i .,. , l- ' . . fs-Um, 5542 T so f - BOTTOM ROW: Norman Zuckerman, Ron Anders, Jim Wilson, Nodescm Permoul. TOP ROW: Donivon Johnson. Vierson ond Company watch The other guys match. ...' x A in Lf-- , 'T , . A rrW,,,.m fa, vi ,, . 'fihqm Mr. Tones, Woyne Pierson, 1 TOO Here goes . . . service break, M ST' .,,-w5f':M1 1 f , ,.f, I 4 is ,, -iii, A W Tennfr Qeayon gf3ff9 lfwfh lA.07l0f'y At the time the yearbook went to press, Mr. Peter Tanas the new tennis coach promised a great year. He unconditionally guaranteed to lift spirits and provide super enthusiasm. The team showed great prospects for future victory in the new East-Valley league. This year's varsity stars were Ron Anders, Wayne Pierson and Jim Wilson. Outstanding J-V players were Jack Davis, Steve Louie and Kevin Skinner. Wilson misses the . . .double fault. 0 ..,.,., ' tit' "' " 31 W 1' 4' 1 . nf 'I is v . -rv ""T"'f"' , X if me W gk M rf m i Y sv MF' sii . R f .V J-V Squad. BOTTOM ROW: P. Wheeler, J. Jenson, S, McCaffery, J. Davis, S. Robin- son. TOP ROW: B. Kraft M. Horn, Mgr, K. Skinner, R. Johnson, S. Louie, C. Pohl. ...ik if ' My M , my .M ,QTMTLH , M A' I J 5, .,., , - - it ' J Mg , ..f ..,., 1- I , ,,.. J, . , , , lOl X I DUNS' TAKE 70 THE WA75? ----n-. " ""'7 Y T I- n--. 5 K I 1, ------.....,.,..,,,, .ff.jQff . IYQ R . 3 ,, , g e ' 5, :L-'. R Cee Team BOTTOM ROW left to right: D. VanHolton, R. Snow, P. Mitchell K. Dyer. MIDDLE ROW: B. Mayfield, S. Byrd, G. Becker, B Storrs. TOP ROW: M. White, S. Miner, J. Luby, G. Stewart S. Curtis Bee Team BOTTOM ROW left to right: R. Benson, G. Bussard, C. Higa, C. Manders, R Waldron. TOP ROW: K. Kenna, B. Marshall, A. Fahlen, R. Beamer, D. Gunther, L. Davidson Varsity Team BOTTOM ROW left to right: C. Simpkins, T. Scott, M. Thomas, K. Emery, P. DeGreve, B. Cook, MIDDLE ROW: R. McDaniels, F. Comer, B. Edmonds, R. Chamberlain, R. Franklin, J. Kloep- pel, D. Storrs, A. Holman. TOP ROW: M. Harling, C. Russell, W. White, P. Luxon, T. Perry, B. Petrie, K. Price A ..,, ,ff ,Quail Swimming is ci skill known To most of us, perfection of this skill is nor. Early in February, the 'reom sions workouts. As The ololiadage goes, practice makes perfect and no one knows ii beifer Then our Swim Team. lf seeing is believing, if could have been seen oiier school ar The locol swimming pool, where prac- rice was in session. Eoch member of The team ol- woys pushed for his 'rep effort With the ioining of The Eos? Valley League, This season held many sur- prises for The swim Teom, Excitement ran high, and The Varsiiy, Bee's and Ce-e's were as good, if not better, than before. Coach Krauss and Mr. Schmidt discuss The chances of The season. Diving info ci new seoson Don Storrs Winner of 200 Yard Freestyle 7 ,irs ,rss f l 13,11 is,,s llr 1 ri,s s i f 1 A H: in W' ,W ,g ' if ' as ff, fa a J Wm ,f : f .. , ' im, --Bw, -," ".1mi?iQ1.iw f " , , ,E ,.,. 2 ,Z ,k.,, A 5 5 V ,L , N , V ' -sim, ,,,,, .WW , V 1 A61 QEQEAXGTH ABXUTK AND F0 M In The pasT six years Verdugo's GymnasTics Team has capTured The League Champion- ship. Top man who has led This yeor's Team was Guy Gunderson, a reTurning leT- Terman, compeTing in Tree exercise, Tumbling, parallel bars, rings, and long horse. Backing up Gunderson are Eddy Walls on The rings and high bar, and STan Soll in Tree exercise, Tumloling, l and rings. OTher Top compeTiTors are Rick Mashler on The high bar and rings, John Robinson in Tree ex- ercise and long horse, Jon HursT on side horse, Tim Kis in free exercise and long horse, Dan Black on The parallel bars, and Gene SmiTh on The rope. Stan Soll in free exercise. 1522- fl -This f all if' 9 T i Qi ' V, A V , Don Black performs on parallel bars. , ,. np: E in h 4, V V ff hi, A " ' ' ff" 1 - if e vs. Q l .lb c , 1,3 V11 T s A XA V V V ru., ' by X , V, Q. AV 4 , X ' W!! ,w 4 r. T' 0 JV, ji! E VVX V QW ' T ' A, ' yi ' 1 af V T 5, V' I Q W 'Q f l ,f . ' :T x QR fl h QE A L A 5 4 .1 1 i . ' T ' ' 4 'Th V t V K If ' ,V . , A , X , ' 3'5" f x V V VV ,, T .,-. sTT,4V, , FT T V ,VV VT T . ,TT ,X gg ser T, I agpfips ,ff -, T 3 V. , ' ' G l ': ' . A , ,,.' if , , V' 4 ,U T lr .WF xi. T . sxsXll ill A l '- ' ' Q' T if L X'-T T. T .f Ni, T V . .4 VV QQ . Vffcp V.f V VV V T , , I I, QVV V y V V . V J I W 1. . V , X ll , r Q VV X V. V - , 5 V , . K , f V V 1 , K, T' F , X x . -A V I. V , . s l X all' f ' Tri I, :Ar f 'll' ll, I Tx l Y X, ' ,Vi AV . it T ,T V V V V V , ,4VV, V N' X V tv T V, ,I , X . V . , . T - ' is l , T nfl T T T' Q, T . ld I f T . lf Q T T g c ,c T ' G fl V ' T T 7 i T Q 'fi T ' f ll iii i N ' X ' . 3 all , - If fa'-A ' l , l , V. X 1 is t , 5 T "T T ., , 1 f T 1' ' s i ' 'H rl , T fl l T- ,f T' X -1 w , T I , il , V -W ,,.3 "xx 2 lil, f , we., ,f , -,., ,JG Q ,M , l , ' ' T l 5 ' .TT 1 ' T Tfygxe im wgrligggfiivggs-1Tsgi3ig5 rg gag -, Trigger. , Tia fV5i.igbc. igygf-, .'y ,, g,rfg -s r fs,?fi:'ir3?3i. re f wg? ' ' r ' ' ' 4' ' ' --'32 ' V- G -,Mia T1 YA - , T' P' 1 'T ' 4 'K ii.' - 'f . L 'Q' 4' 73 ' 1 'lr' K' KW -3' il 'WFT " 3'f5 . 'H at ' 3i lN '?Q, - Zfv lf-4-"?"v'+ T '- ta' 'M ' W l Spit . il u. f' ,wiT , Q.. M B U T i rwfiii' ,. A-wainzfi v4.24-TH "-FW 'T affimTa.Ti2fszT fhfiafff -i w 'iff ffrrf AND... THE RACE LQ O!!! 444' x.,,,.N.. Sue Mcqucde, Vice President of G.A.A., enters Mother-Daughter Fun Day G.A.A. Board Members, Julie, Cheryll, Sue, and Linda, wait for the ccfion ro begin. Beginning The Trodifionol Mother-Daughter Fun Dciy, G.A.A. President .londci Rourke welcomed dll Moms. Fronticolly clufching slippery volley- bolls, pingpong paddles, ond hocky sticks, Moms ond dciughfers competed in lwilorous relay roces. Refreshmenfs ond enferfoinmenl concluded The pleosclnf clflernoon. ,, ,,,,f,,.,w -- ' " Relay race winners stand to receive prizes W 'Rfk " W . '-f :- 9 , .1-5 ? Q fb ,N .. 5 1 f y K , V x .: . . ', wif-ur V ' sq . MX -' , f ' 3 A - . 1 -5 ,f wi - A K " i is n 6 : Q J df W? , Q I 5 Q If J W ' Y i , fl M K 5 , I' G li in J 17 Q W' x K f ' . A f p 'Q ?H 5Sfw 2 " 2 FM - i uw ., ::x N T KY if! .2 y R xl X Q C A I s Y If A 'nag , .4 b .- r 'rf W1 .YN Q. 45 G , y , . it i 'W , ,665 Q 5 E L I f' X5 5' S Q Q ," f i X ' af 'N ., , fi 1 , Y A , , . iiz if Q' 5 3 . if Q V-af - M , ' Q.. 2 - .,+ X la as . 'wi- """'-snug I W W if A sr A ' 1 I' G. Bailey K. Baker L. Baker P. Bakey D. Ball R. Barfz M. Bauch K. Baugher C. Baumann L. Baxrer Aines Ainsworfh G. Alamillo Alfeld Allen Apperson . Armstrong Aronoff Arrowsmiih G. Ashburn M. P. S. R. G. G. L. L. R. A. Allen Allen Allen Ambrose Ameen Ashburn Atkins Arless Azzarifo Aultman ...U ' ex if :.-::. .- s iss 1 ear 1 ,eg I .... .. ...L 'J-0: 5. u ,Wiz 'S F Y' . fx xx ,An .4 f xvlatlt .. v.. EW v' H. Banfield T. Barnes K. Barrett M. Barron N. Barth L. Beciios S. Becker W. Bell D. Benneff B. Binoin fl S. S. Braunheim Brehm T. J. Brice Brockway y. C. Brosius 5 l'f'A N A A Bernot ' V Q ' Beverage feyyf 9 ' K Beveridge my "w 4,1 ' A Bilbruck B? si X Bisby W K' S er if A .... , .....-' "i' A B' "l' ' A Black A A ' Blankenship Y ie. B 9' Bloomfield A- "fj'- --' Bloore xt, :SK Bluachard J -"U" -- maui .. ze- - R- Bobb .asis . J. Bork Id ?L . Borsvo A K .B - ' J' E ' J. Bradbury ' L 9 . . S. Brainard A ' ' ' B J' Brown .... , k.,,. . ...... ' M. Brown Q in -- " J. Buchanan gi! V ' if, D. Buck J ,QT . C y ge 1? M. sum f mk J B . L .1 .., " . .G fe, 'fri " . Burke J. Burke K. Burke T. Burton Burke W. Butler . Burleson C. Byle Burneff C. Camarillo Cambaliza D. Callahan Cambell J. Carnes Cannon L. Carr Q Xl W. Caouf L. Carroll gg Q 1 J Cardillo M. Carter n'-' 'rrA-'1 rir 111 " V ff C. Carver -.I Q. ' - R. Casey W B J .ff . sf ' A . A , ..-.. -f. . ,Bk H M - - S. Cafes -:'. N . 13" ,, y ...f L' ' C. Cervanfez ' - ' QQ k ..f 4 A... ie ,F X x--'X x, ' I.11'?Fvllgrl B. M C. D. M Bullock . Bunnell Burbank Burdage Burgan . ' ..-- 1, gr 'pix 1 FB R. E. B. R. L. Chamberlin Chapleau Chapman Charpenfier Celebron Folkins ' .i R. Franklin L l L s. chase M. chasholm E QQ B. chasm v. chiiwood I , L 4 -5 J B. Chavez D. Chrisman ' is J A L ,. C. Chesterton L. Chandler V i Q Y 4 P K eW'g,f A G. chips o. Clark -Q ' f .1 5, f ,' ' l rrrr Ky M C. Qoigm 5 5. Clufke E. Collins . A- J 11, is l E. Clolhlef E. Comer J 1. ' G, Colbolis B. Comerford ,. j , ' -. . ,.- ft... A 5 J. Coe D. Conklin 5 lg: L V .fly 'L ,.e. Connaway A -l- COOVO'-J9l'l Connelly . " f as C -ei , , .+ ' C. Cornet? Connolly K r . ' i 5 1 ., . if-if -19 K. Corbin Contreras 4 ':-' . i 'ji krig f F. Courtney Coons .i B L. Cowell . is .... . .. .... .. B Coy l J llll' J .2 J B D. Curtis Crain .Q ., .- . L. Dalton Crompton - V. V f if , ,- r L. Daverson Creager A ,L ' zkh , K' if li llr Lg D. Davis Chanery i- 3" ' 1' 5 . k.rr i K T. Davis K. Deecken P. Degreve i -'L B. Delaney 9 - C. Delatorre V ' - .ar L. Delong B . I J. Delvecchio rs A M. Derry ll E. Deulin i B. Dewees .L if 4 A. P. Diamond QR, ig i a"N v---.f--.-M, Diaz I ' S. Dillingham Diehl ' i L . ' J A J. DiMino Dillard J i. "Q .,!. -rx .. ,iff -f as T- D06 Dilley ' ' ii if ii Lat' I i S. Doss , x ' I- ll 1 ki fil' 'K W' . ,,..s 1 'f K' J I L, . . Dmk . . .--. ii . .. B. Early Driscill B ' . - N f ' is i. ggwofgs in k lb i J J I C 'W' X i WG' S Dliilpicinurger 1 5 in A 'X 1 Ai M. Edwards Durkin is .DM fi? X . " ' B- Edmonds ' llll 1 i C. Elgin L. Enrico "ll - R. Ellefsen S. Epstein ,H i A A Li Ci Ellloll- K. Erickson ry - i L Avg "ll K, Emery G. Estraoa .5 . ' Q . ,..l Qui Jin-ff .aw 5, English R. Euerhcirt ' if fslf'-f3i.5t?lSl'f i' , H5 " ki V . .fr g. ' 1-- G. Factor Pi FGVYTWGF I - J. Fagan K- FCIFFGY 1 555 -ig i ll s. Fair T- Fav ' I Q Q ff- Ci Fall B. Feaster K 'r ..l ,ig-s. - Fanaras S. Fehrenz V wr, il - F . fr-.Y 2 -iif Fife, Y T, gf ' . ' l C. Foster Q ... er i M. Flohr n ' I Y as Q 'F 'Mfg S. Frahm i . Griffin Gillan Gilman Girardin . Godfrey Graves Grier Griffin Griialva Grover ' J . llwa .3 I -J ,W E 'Q J, .ir I ' ' 'lv-v. , QA. 4. Wi Goodmansen Gordon Grace Graham Grantham Guarino Gulli Gunther Gutierrez Guy r'lr ii? R. Freese HI Fritz - fi' i'i1iii I L. French T. Fugate A , - R. Fresh 5. Folfs gf ' J ' . .X I ,t l-- Price J. Fuzzell P A fy 5 A L M- Frifts D. Galford .111 + lib' . . - , ,..- . J D. Gardetto A. Gee K 'my I D. Garver C. Genung V LQ S. Garvey B- Gepfer , I Y SN T i 5 ,K W. Gow,-C, D. Gerhardt J ' 4' l Xmas 3 i .1 5.-:LVM J- GGUH G. Gerhart . Wk I X li ---"""" K 3 ..--. .... ..,, ,..... 1 . B hi fi .. . F.. J 5 if-+f',l!. D :ik 5... lr, . .V K I nrt f . A . M it 5 lc R R ll W Am. 4 , Q dx I 1 1, .cos - 5 xiii lffli. R f ' . 1' " ' . .Ms swE'5.F.'i'X3 . w 3 lr ix ' 9' 4 Y M. Hagen 7 C. Hagerly 14 pg. , J. Hagopifn A '.'45, J. Haidel L. Haith C. Hall P. Hall C. Hallman , G DZ !Wi'Y1QfI5"il Q Q1 A 5 X' 1 " M. Haley . ,... L l. Hamilton 'fi 1 ' , YU 0 Q'1if'."lT...r . ,... , , ,.. Harris - Harrison 4 X A A it 3' Harrison . ., - , .Y . ,' fi 7 ' ' .F 'A- Hays i V S , f A Q f. r xiiq, s H... ff- i f f 2. '14 zfzifq: ,... tfl j ll ' ' ' H e rbe rf K . i... .....,,. 'W' .., . Q .W Herbig W . . I . Heroldi J f' ' if 1 Z , ,, . Herrano ' . A' - 5 REM 1 Ro S . Hess . . Jacobs Jarris Jenney Jensen Jensen f'lLi+l.i 4 si 6. ,V w wr' sim 1 6 44 P. Hamata B. Humphrey " , R. Hood G. Humphrey ' I A L. Hopper C. Hunsaker ' V 5 fig ., E. Hopkins L. Hutchinson - A 1,1 5 L. Hornback L. Hutsinpiller Il "1-1f " , G. Hornbuckle W. lmler ' J. Howard R. Ireland - 1 M. Hoyt P. Irwin A J A, f L. Hovland D. Jackson " J J. Hoggatt L. Jackson 1 it fi Y ff. ..V . 2.23, . , 1 , . .N , A psi i . gl i I 5 fl X lea , . Healy Heddy Hemphill Henry Henry Havens Hill Hoggaty Hoff Hoffner .1 .., . A Jobbes Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson -xy- ,.? M 1 fig? A Q ef A. Koslar D. Kounce L. Kovncs J. Kloeppel S. Knight S. Latovsky N. LeBlanc S. Leger A. Lehman M. Ledbetter M, Malan S. Malone C. Manders L. Manning D. Maldonado B. Mason C. Mastersin B. Maunu C. Mouthe R. McAninch . if 'i . Mintey J. Minzey Misner P Mitchell 35 Ei An Qs. L' .QQQSQ-f ve-fmff' K x 5 32, l . 1 . E . e . . . . L.- r Q 5 5 3 Mohan Macrae MacGiIIivary Masino Lyons Keef Kemmer Kenna Kennedy Kennedy ,f -. Q ,xi -new 1. ' .V vii. McCoe McDaniel McDonald McDonald McElvain Mcvicker Medina Medley Merrill Metcalf p .." 5 Jomms iiiii . R. Justice V Q .All N h , Justice A J June A .V .. 1 ' i . tw . 1-Q' H. Katz if 5 'I Y 'Q y yyyy y . aff!-:zfrairfha . J . .i .et nga Q Al l ' 'rii'1t . Kennison -Y P. Kent r . Kev la . Kilmun 5'-4 or ' D. Koch f - .K F P. Kranig -0 , V Z. .A K. Kuhn i q, J.KUnz LJ-,Z "U 'Q 6 L. Kwace ' ' .Q 'A ...I tv A. LoGreen tg 1:-I 'UL W' U 5' kwa. C. Levey r - I K. Lenander . A Q , ' D. Leveau - 'I' . 1 - y . J. Lydia 5 , . u - M. Liney . , 'wif 1... - P Little A Lombard ' I-5 - N, 5' A Londin Hx B , ii gg rf Loomis 3 73' fi i 4 V. Loverde 3 Q A P f have J . i B. Luisi Luke ,Q A . Luker y gl ,J is Lurtsema A I ' Q. . . , 'P P3 C. Lutsey :V ' F' . lftiful af ' iiii' ,Q , N. Manzo i D. Marocco . i ' X , D. Marrs Y .i ,.Q F' L A , C. Martin -mf 15:5 A nj gigklxiy W ' R. Martin -. .. -,-.. , .' . FL, J. McBride 0 L: ,L Q S. McCaffery - , H - P. McCaskill ,K ,gs t J. McLain M D. McGinnish Mclntyre McGough I K P . M Stalan f", ' . -P McNeehy be all N. ' f . N McNees V A .A I 1 N Meyer A Q Meyer 3 C Miles 1 Q l Miller ' . . ., Milliken ill' ' . 'B . Mohles Mole M. Molina Moore Moad M S , . - M J . . . 2" if R 'fi l,' .fl P- B, - 5 Q1 P , I A 151: gf M - . l ,,. z .,. . A X ii-r I L .r-- H. r kt' A A f l I E. wf A i Q" gn . T- M. Mafrelsmedr Hd' " A V X' D' A 2, A E . 4 , 5 3 pf Q A 'Y M 'ZZL C. Moody Moore 'Q ' E Q A N Y M. Moricoli Moore ll o ' 1,535 if R ' J. Morrow Morrow V 1. V V ' ,V ' A ol ' V R, Morrison Mcqjoiioy P- J ' li A ml 1 T. Moore Mullins i . ooolofoo P . F. Mu rphy Newbe My . D ll' . ,f ':"gg 1 B' Nokosone Nielsen ' .. H moo iv 15, S .. P. Nelson Nikirk 2 ' L . - g'o,o P. Nelson Niwo ", i C no K . .., . AJ. .,M,..t syn T. Newsom Norman ,,.. .og lm s . 's l. R Norris ' J B. Osiick Norris -, N of C 4 R, OW Rowland .Ego gjii New . P - . is . S. Owen O'Donnell C . 51314 4, -- '?"YY- Q-X! -N 5, Ozark O'Donovcm 'H '91 ' J - H if L. Patrick i J S V J " V : i ,Q K " . v m .' 1" A 2 F 11' is .1-11 . kkll . . ' Parker . 'lllll P D. Pelzer Porsons i D K N , A T , M. Pennala POfl'lCk .oflf :bf ' 5 , D. Pentzer P9059 X' i' 5 J. Perez Peden """ ' 'P ' . -'5' l J' '5 E. Perkins M. Perozzi A Q kim is Q J. Perron Qs- B. Perry . C. Peters gg D. Peierman .N C. Peterson 'rf M. Peterson J YQ ' - D. Pfotenhauer 1 'P A C. Phoheuf I E Nl. Phillips lflWllllP5 K. Podsadeck Plello . . , i 4, ,J L C. Pollay Pierson :L f li - ' t .4 uf ' .Y P. Puick Pinksfon iv. , ANA MK F, Quinn P0Cl"Y A oo,'- . I X P R. Rosnussen .. sf o fi. f , V 2 V:.o . , Rauch J. .tl , G. Reedy Recesso , t A . L. . .. ., A it G W- Reising Reddick - , A si I 1 V .'. D. Resnik Reed XV ' X J . y..,,.5io A - in D. Rey Reed 'l I ' s i Q Oy' 'R Y 'O R. Reynolds ll W P. Rhoodes Ricker A V ..-V V - in L. Richardson iqickmon A M s P X -ii R G. Richardson Rinqek 5 . A i' 1,5 3 'K ' .4 oi Q Q M N, Richards Rinn D f 5. o-.gogfigi P. Richardson Rising f ,,...:4j, if J l Je Air s ' .... 5 C, Riffinhouse Robeifison N. f. .Q , S- R00 e Roco A . , i il 1 ' R4 ROPSVTS Rodriquez ig 4? I Qtjxx ' K P fp J, Robinson Roque mg' in if I ' " -Q ' V, Robinson Romano 'fl ff-ZW .W X- R anti, . ,.,... 5 wi.. 345 1 -' 3' v, Rose ..,,. . A iooii C- Ruggiero Rosenfeld if 1 ' 7 , 9. W . A L. Russell Rosenthal I " J . 2 l K B. Rupe Ross ' N, D ' ' . A 'if T- RYGY1 Rossillon -- Zi ' l C -L -L l-' SEUVUOUI' C. C. C. L. J. M. L. L. M. M. Schmierer Schwab Schwartz Schwartz Schweigert Selznick Sexton Seymour Shaw Sheehan ...Y M. Tompson m e ' r i B. Pollock J. Jorkee R. Powles C. Preble G. Presar P. Pytell T. Sadler P. Sandelin K. Saracino H. Saruwatari js. if ,Ji D. Smith G. Smith T. Smith M. Smith M. Smith Y-. Soto K. Speers S. Spontak A. Sprague S. Stanners QQ ... gf. V L . - Q ,... . . . i Lk Li L- it T .iii B. Trezo ... A -l- TlTClYer z--'Ei' lggl L. Thomas L. Thompson 1 , WEE: sr. . K. Stevens A. Steward D. Stith R, S'l'lTl' H. Stokes D. Styer S. Suihkonen H. Surles B. Swallow S. Swander ii' K -.'., L -. -. X. 5 49 .... ...L i K. Price f S. Price I ' R. Price M. Proctor R. Pursley Q, R LL... C. Sattertield L LL.. . ' R. Scapellati ,L " 'l I T. Scnhmbelcs - L A LL J. Schembri Qfiigzes' ' J ' A. Schlosser fell" .k.... . . SCOTT Q. ,L . R. ' 'rl, ,N A 'P 'L T' SCOTT --ii .L . r--,. 'L ,V J. Seaton we Yi S S , c. seeds K iff L1 ixifailliiglil iik ..r ' A R. Shirley . f i Y A. Shockley F. Shoemaker 'kkl'S S' Slegel 7 J ' l S, Silverman S T C. Simkins i "l" E. Simmons A C. Simonson ' ' M. Simpson . ..i.L , A if 3 P. Simpronio ' F4 ' -s lflr, 1 illgf. E fffi s . ' K. Skinner S A . - J. Skogen ff, , Vk.. L Lg- ., .9 ,LL5.. T. Skvor A ii' Y L T. Smay .SX J , ,eff A if f ,, -.3 2 '-". . Lf:-1 sg. V Q- -ry 1. . L N. Smith 5L ,V I + L. , cr L W. Snyder i i . S ...i B. soddnii ' L Z s. Soll 1 S. Solomon S. Stark L -r H sr. J. Stasik L LL RX G. Steeanik f S iii.i 'if M- Sfemples -i iieee. 2. J. Storms A I M. Stowe Q V . gm S. Streeter K L' K. Stubbs L V "'.. L. L Lg - S. sfufdy . sei J iiiei S S... - eei if ...Ti.... .,. . .... . ,.... ...... .. ...... . J. Swanson S i . A :ii T B4 Swiegert L L LL5 LLQL LL L .L C . Tarrant f L Q 5.-3 S. Teague i L e g LL L T. Telter 1 , , L L af-Q. . .... -z V W A L5 S. Thompson S. Thomas T. Thomson T. Thompson l. Thurman 5 f .A L.. . J. R R. Vigil M, Vogel G. Voils B. Wadding C. Washburn C. Webb C. Webb N. Webb T. Webb G. Weeks . -". -4 L sslrf f.5k I-:Sw i ' I E . tg? 3' . . X X." Q , w Ax f. Qgvzszfwzss . Qi 4 sri " J. Torres L. Torres A K. Tomich J. Trent f N. Tona T. Trier J. Tolle C. Trittler ..., Ll J. Tolle R. Tsukashima 5 V ssc K- TUfT K. Upthegrove K- TUVUSV J. Valadez T. TUl'flZlGnl M. VanScl1oonhoven ,jf D- TUTGVW S. Verna xi M- Ulmcn A. Viersen ' . Tiiiiiii T T ii .. J TJJJ A , . . ' ' ' A T1 X553 gg, f . ' IJI .P+ . . . T ii is-A - . Q ' wi. 56" iie. A . . 1 .. K L Q Q ,, kxp zf k 1, X Jr Q , 'L T ll 7 5 ' -W? E 'M ' 1 ' 3 m.w...s5.fg5,..C. I CW .1 W 9 L. White W. White G. Whitmin B. Whitney R. Whybrew J. Wight D. Wilder L. Williams L. Williams W. Williamson fm . VE i A. X 4,9 . . L- V CA if A. N f ssii 15 , 'J K D. Walker B. Walker S. Walker M. Ware P. Warrender E. Weiser D. Welch C. Wentworth A. Wesley B. Wheeler 75 of 1 W1 nw, .,.. ... ,....... . he C. Wolkensdorfer B. Wilson W. 'WH A 'Zu J' Wilson r ' Q 1 .., J. Wood K. Wilson '-4.Q. lg . 3 ' fy ' 'J A ffm H. Woods W. Wixon A 5' ,' . X 7 'W ,a 4 Q X-48 S. Wright D. Wolfe iii--. . We ' ' L. F 'f iii, L. Wynn ru W .5 fyi . A I .5 QV r V, Yerl3Y R. Zehfuss R. Yoder Q D Q . ...L P. Zeigler F' Young ,L 'A .r J, 1. 4 Q A' ,. C. Zimmerman R. Young 'r V ,: A ' Q 4, , -:gf 'Q J. Zuber Rf Zahn A ' . T B , Q. Abbott fi? A ll. 1. 'gif'--'Ja' ...,, .. .....,.. .... . Xl B. Achuff A. Aeschliman .., W., V A -1 S. Acuff R. Aguayo Q T Af, - Q, 3. K. Adams J. Allen b -5 A V7 t ,.. . . X L. Adams J. Alexander x Q qi ag .. A - ' s' ' ' A M. Adams B. Allison . . . lr Q - 'V l 5 M :zbt t V. S," A . G. Anderson E. Arnone 5 'E' L fl J. Anderson J. Arnone v H I mg, . --R R. Anderson D. AI'On0ff Q A A . up .... M ..: km L V. C. Ansdqch J. Aviian ...S Len g: xl ..' A J. Armstrong K. Baer K T E. Y "W"-" fi L . it . '--, If, . ' .J fi 0 Pi L. Baker P A i -. . , . A 4 D- Barclay B. Bamer ' . 5 fr . K ,. .3 F ' B. Barclift M. Baukind ,- ..,.. ...i VK 5. K I K R. Beamer J. Ball i'iiYl' 'T' A-,f,1:'r.f f i.. I-X1 9 il'ii ! F7 r-., D. Beckermann L 1-K I-I . 'xl 1 fl 'ff . 4 X I J. F. C M M B. M S. T. T. F X..,, . ... M . L. Becker E. Benson Q "' ? P. Beckley L. Bentley V ,A ig' l R. Begines D. Besenye aff J' T '- A W x N '. , F l D. Bellairs K. Beiriger - -1, 1 " 4 jf 1 fl i ' ' if lf M, Benge M. Bell V mf as J W CN, L B B. Bild M, Bishop Q J' J 4, 2 ,X S. Bindon B. Bifner L , ' L1.. Llflr ' K ' Sf - L., N. Bird R. Blankenship ff? 1 . .L 1 if I K K. Bishop P. Bloomfield jf' -Q A gl A X ' 4 L, Bishop C. Bloom 'C i gm , gs S. J A i Boofh A L Bono Buchanan 1 Vs - F A D. Bonner Bl-'eflgef iff ii D Bordner Q AQ f K . T' - Boggs ,FL 5 f L Borowick - BOOQWWGU B 1f. L. Boucher he . i is Bower T Bowman . Bower 'if 1 . ..- ' 1' K Boyer Bowles -1 ,-N1 . 1: P l D Branch Bowlin ., Hui' 1 ' f K Brandt Bowman 4 G Brennan f L Q V1 3 L. Brown M. Brown S. Brown E. Brownson J. Bruck J. Bullock B. Buner B. Burke J. Burnett D. Burns lllll Ns., J. Christner R. Chrisrner B. Carlile R, Cindrich C. Clark L. Breese R. Bressler G. Brewer R. Brewsfer P. Broffman S. Bromley B. Bronson J. Broquisf -. f J. Brown K LL ....-. ...f Jr L. 'R' .J i fl L. L K Brunelli I 3. Q Buchanan ij Q -, T, A Buchiarelli .1 ' . U 4 Bugos ' T D B lr 1-'IEP gs, Bu sh in 6 Burton . LSL A - R' . V, A Burton Q., ji, A L. Bussard f fi 'W' 1 . ., of .2 Butler k:'V V . ,N ' , A Cabaniss M. Calabro J. Caraway Q S. Call R. Carrufhers .L f I J. Camarillo J. Carlson ' I ' N G. Campbell M. Carlston 1 ' - J. Campbell S. Cannon ' ' Q 3 V K L. Cano K. Checkwood D. Carpenter R. Chezeskny in H L , Q M. Chapleau J. Childers , C. Charney P. Chitwood A V SV Q.-as '- P. Chauvin G. Chrisliansen i g Clark 1 Cleary Q Q ff . Clegg .. -WK. L ' N Clemens ' Clousfon ba 1- i"L . .5 L ' X A . r P, QE I -lfif .1 X. f Q Yr a LR 4. Ji l Rm x i fr.: N J. C P. B. i , Crowe CUDP Dacunfo Daniels Darling J D. A. S D. Davis Deangelps DeaTon Decker Deharf B. Donovan L. Douglas T. Downs R. Dudded B. Dudley P. Duncan K Dunham J. Dunham L. Durant D Durbin ' P J. Clouston P. Cole A M tm ,Q A , . B. Cogan K. Colgan N 51 535. , L, Cohen J. Colvin 5.3. D' J f l fi 'J' as A S. Cohen D. Colapiefro X P5 i QQ ":. R. Coleman J, Comati Q5 .. , 2.21 ' N ,. --.ig -5. 4ff:: ff-g we fr 'f-- A D. Conafser T. Copper my ' Q M .J .Q I SQ J. Conrad R, Coumrymann J H . le. .. ii B. cook M, C..-,ig V g, F' , R. Coons R. Crundell .fn.... J -rs R. Crawford "1lll , A D. Croals :QQ Q L. r' L. Cross lr Q. vi ., "' D. Crusso E' f I A g - A R- Cfoswhife rL" J N 'Q ' ' 1 .. , . P L, Davidson D. Davis A L. 0 Q 1 C. Davis 1 .fi J ye., U I g sf- J J' Davis .. rv K, Davis it Q K . if L J I-.1 P. Denucha 8 . ,, B. Depiazza . E 3,1 5 Q S. Derfler 4' D Defiman ggi' I '. P. Diamond i..+?i,l.',fQi' .il ' . I G Dickenson .4 , L R. Diekmann .Q ' ' G Dilly 3 . 'Q . L. Dilley 'P' J . 4' L. Dillingham f Q Zh v 'iff i' R. Dinius A . I - P D. Dolim Q Q P J L W, Doise . N , Af 6 E. Domschine xf M s- y 'R .. ' "L K -. 5. A ' ..,.,, R. Dullea K ' 'Y i"'i I B. Dulepenn 6 5 . D. Dumas ' ' K ' 'N ' ' J. Dumble ' Q e w L f,, 1 . fi W' J Q, Q' ' . - 5 J ts.. 3' V K. T. Dumond -V. 5 l , ,P fir. f .XI S. '- " 3 J' East B' Endo t , i- 'Elms S 1 ' D I ' P. EdWGrClS K, Esflow , J f 1 7 ' li"' l T. Edwards E. Estrada , Q ' Q 'T .iv in I. Elversieck S, Egger V l1" " I ' . l C J rl C Ellsworth K. Evans 3 LVV, E P 5 ' P Farmer G. Fichman .. Y - - P Fasching M. Finn P :ii Y' f f' -,m B Ferns C. Fleming if ' '. '.' 'J J. , ' ' D Ferguson B. Flohr 5: .- ,V 'L 4 I fv ' , H Ferri D. Perkins , rrr- F. Forrisf .- P Q KL D. Foss V Q . in 3 J D. Foster ' . J . , 5, W H K- FOSJEV X .. A 'J fl lf' 2 rl V ' iii l ,L . . .Q f L. Foaler J ' . ' Q . W ' 'lllll Wi 'J J T4 ...uni '... 1 x ' - C. C. C. L. S. J Fout Fraley Frasier Freel Fulgenzi 5: -s Exif? - ' no ',,.: ' V J. Furlano C. Garuey V VV ,kN. VV - z. J, Fuzzel R. Giese L - VV L ' .V V ig! 4, B. Gqlein D. Gillingham 'L . L ' ga X ' . ' V ' B. Galloway B. Gllmllfi ' - .. ... B' Gepher P- Gliflf I - P i 4. w' . a ,.,- . if L ' i"l'5', 1.. . R. Godown T. Gonzales . .. . . Q P. Godsey N- GOSS ' VVJV xiii . HV Golden M. Gould V VV. V , . . -..'- D. Goldstein P- GOUVU5 V . 5 f A. Gonzalez M. Graham A X ViV3.V'-V ' iilfiili Wi '' lvk ik' W . KV Gray V..V.VVV V VV VV VV MV Gross C. GraY Q I A C 2 A L' . J L. Gugler S. Greenwald . .1 Vi "V B' ., J .. .f. B. Guida M. Griialua V ,., , V , 43 A L. Gustafson J. Grossnickle gh Jfgc K H A 5 S. Gustafson N E ' s ' "-Q' 4 .i rv - A I' A . . J. Gutter li' , ' P. Hagan T. Gutaacrrez z ,. A ,. 1. , ,V A , V. Hagenow R. Gutterrez .V Qi C. Haith J. Gutierrez X - -' I ' V Q ' -L S. Hall R. Hadar ' -'A V3 V1 C. HammJ f 1 'f ,LQ 5 C. Hanf C. Hanel - A N . A - V -: .. J. Hanie V A G. Hansen 5' 1 . '.:gi"'f1 A. Haryer I -L, ' V ' J ii i . gf E 114 , J. Harmon V .V C. Harrison My M .. D. Harvey V L ' ii Q . L. Haslam 1 V ' B. Hastings . 'P gi fi' ?li . K L Y J 'num--x:'. - W L was T- l'lGTCh L lllyllll it llll ll fx . -x B. Hayward D. Haubrock 2 . A V D, HL-,Zleff L. Hawkins ' f W . Va, V , .gi v G. Hees A- l'lGYeS . Q V . 'L N l 'J NCQ' L. G. Helmandollar R. Hayes VJQV V : VV 1. , 7 V ,lf . 1 . SV Helder in gif - -. ...J -It - ' . '15 'ff ' W. Helton V - L. Higgins J. Henderson . , ' VV LV -. .. D B, Hqnson L- Henlhom M g 'fr . ll is K. Hiestand B. Hederman V VV X19 VV 6' 'Q' 5 M .2 -.Q CV Higo SV Hirsch ,J VVVVV Q V ..,Vx, X - VE? Q ' L, Hqffmqn VV VV .X A . 1 . ' VV V S. Holm M. Horn V A V iill , all V, A. Holman S. Hornbuckle A V "Q Elf, 4 r ' VV V J. Holloway D. Horning -- Q " in I 3 -X' gf G' Holt M' Homlck A .. V15 ' k fmsiit. i G- HMO Vi ' ' 'V' A. Howard L. Huff V V, J M. Howard D. Huffman Gi L V . Q .QL A Z. -1 L. Howard D. Hulbeff . f ff' s V 'I' J V P. Howard J. Huret V4 --'A 'ff 'Vg VJV, L C Llli . ... W. Houdeshell G. Humphrey ' t 7 . ' - ' l Humphrey ma Jacobitz L. . . R. I l L. .Q , 1 L N , ' . J. Jacobs H i . it ' sl .. E. Jackson - A 'T E T - I 5 . B. Jackson B. Jackson M. James S. James C. Clark L. Martinez puffs ie. D .,, in J effe rso n J oh n so n K ii .,, " Jenkins Johns .L gf Jensen Johnson K 'V Q , Ng we : 1 f s? Jimenez Johnson ' . ,... C , EI. Jimenez Johnsfon ' 'sf siege i who---A - A A Johnson Jungerrnan ii , , H Q f, -, Johnson Kohfava f .. , 'J 5' J ' Jones Kallenbach ct' of . ' " Jorgenson Kay -ff '- Joyce Keasler L ' 'Q' C. Keith is Jnsn lnx K ' H " Kefch-im L. Keller l Q Q ' V gb V Kimbarli L, Kelly K f 5: - LN K, fi, Kirnmer e E. Kelley ' fi R' A Kimmel L. Kenny A s's1s i ' J... p, H, ...Sew Kirchner K .Fw ..L.. 5. ligviigil 5 i Lea. i Xmas. J ,fm :Q so H. Kindred r V M P A Knutson G, King - I -h A H ' Koehler R, King K' - dll f I 1 A . f Konde R. Klein .. L Q X,--1 ' fi R ' 1 Kose K. Klingler :L : Q 2 11 h " .ii Koster -ff" A f 'X E R is Kounle - 'A , Kowol 1. Kraft Krahn if "1 ' ' " W 'K Krassie i i El d .... A mv' I Q '- Kwafe ' Labbe L Lamm Lane X 1 R. Lanoue Leisge C. Leblanc - .5 E , Levin H. Leger ,", . 11 ' W wits , H Lenander S- Lee I l . .,,g J 1 , 1' .. A-., Levine BA Legnord 1. s , Y . ' 1- . Levinson lfififniiii i QL. so - ' l n . R. Lewis 3 Logsoon D. Lewis N . ,:z. V , Lopa M. Lien , 1 A ' n R ' 9 Loretto C. Lizorraga Ri . I T A 4 .A A , - I . Aw Loucks D. Lockhart f L R :wi 1 l Louie 5 S - swf - Y f' ' Qs C. Love LVl"lCl'l gm f , Love . MGCISKS 5, 4, I . 5: 1 'iz , Lovick Macdonald .V ,g V Q- -2 eggs ' i of Low Macleod N .5 .4 ' 55 . r Lum Machlm . . i ' 12. .a Q . V13 . ini ri'r -' ' . il li MQW MUHZO w I L L V.. ..... NlGll0Or1 Mason K , 4 :U r Malbon . Marelli J 7,55 7 9 ' .A 'f ' Manners V. Morenco 1 V . L' 'E C- Mflnnlng . Marrsy 25 1 f 1-- f . sqs i or J . . B. Marshall Q Marfy G. Martin A is - ,L A , MOVTZ W. Martin Q P 3' ' 1 5 , . Matt B. Martinez Li., A ' Mauer J Maxfield S G. Mayekawa P. McCarthy ,V R. Mayfield B. McCampbell .K iK .V ' lg f W S. Mcoowcll M. McConnohie A Q . I fs R. McAnl?ch S. McCrary V Ki K VKMK K K S. McCa ery T. McCulley . - -LK K 1 x"-' 3, ' I A ll B. McDarmenf JK Mcsmn VK . .. R' McElroy G. McMackin A .+- .sf - K r . V5 W N- - M, McFarland DK MCNUH. R K.. Q. :Lf ,K K KK ., I M- MCG'nne5 J. McRobbie ' 'tj gi-6.-.. 'l' McGovern B. Mesrill ' X "iii X1 - J i'f4t'4lr A f mf.. L . .fir-L ::-' ' J. Meduna KK MK Mmlyn B' Mendoza . .4 . 5 ., MK Miller D. Mertz A,,. .K Ka wg l9"'39K KI K ' S. Miller J. Machrel ' '1 fs 'fl . . . be P. Milliken M. Millun L Q K j , .QV KK Q . E. Msmey A. Minus B. Mohren C. Mannrch 4' .V -K L M. Mollenrwuen L. Mitchell . K .3-QV' VAKKV -1 R. Montes L. Mittelstaedt J 3 K K S. Monty S. Mivelaz fifw. S. Montgomery ' T. Fl 5 B. Moody kkgy I J. Mooensen ,g . V -5 2- K B. Moore ' I Q W K- T. Moore l Nc Q .K K B. Morley f it S. Moser K S. Morin K M. Morr .. 3 'K ' J. Mortensen VVVRQ KK S. Mowrey ..g-,.,l I X l W ' f J L R. Muller V ' A K. Nome' GK Murphy K 'K Kg V T. Navdel L. Naiar L '. " ,Ka rgliahaus M. Nash W J 6 J - eson DK Nome' Q f . L. Nelson 1 r E. Nelson 1 V S- Newsom A. Nelson A . . A .K R. Newberry CK Nelson in ' , KK I -' ' B. Nichol I. Nesoff .V K. n ' . W. Nichols D. Newcomer r - V V D- Nicholson -1 ' r J. f 1... f. wiqqyrs sm KK -W as W MEP . ' C. Nixon V Nunley A ' ' 1 K. Nordin J. Oconnor V. V V V .. V S. Nordstrom B. Olson ren- KV K F-K 4 J Q ag. V ' ' 4 R. Noxon B. Olson VK 45 V .V V QV 1" L. Nulby P. Obdesko V15 H fmt' f ' 1 V' if 5 ' . ..,..... J A iw ' 1 ' C. Ontiveros S. Pallhanis . KV A V , V, Or-Cuff L. Pagones K - 1 VK' K , E- Kd R. Osler C Pahl lf fg 4 L ls . 'f , L B. Oswald D Polner Ns 1 -, . i' J ll QXJ K M, Quqffrggori J. PC1I'I'lClC K wi . ' ' f 'if ll 1 lf i . M, U . 1- .so -uf. . 'blls S. Partidq V . V E f C. Pease M. Paris VV '- - '. - -V ' 'FJ .- 1. BA PeCk 5V Pgsson 52? J .fi A " K. Penteria S. Pratchett KK 5... We ' - L- .L 1- ' K jff Qi., W S K or G. Pease J. Pauley in . L - .' P. Powers -..,.1.,,..5,,5.. ffff f .. ......?g,... .e,.f..,k, is z1.... Ag g.,.53-.-as . ' J S- Penfzef D. Perttu if P "' . ft -- 2' . .5 3 -L L B. Perkins P, Perry ' Q. if K., . if fl C. Perry B, Petrie ' 1 gt, , , X 3 1 'if fy T- PGVVY G. Peters fi". 1 -X. 1. . i - fb X H J A . T. Perry R' Peferson X 1 C. Peterson G. Pierce as J I J G. Pfeifer J. Plotkin ' 11 I 5 L -fb 1 A JL V C. Phoneuf B. Plotnick QQ, L, -'il i J' rf L,,. . L. Phoneuf J. Pounds tx lyk.. J . - .. , . ,., . I .N A fr 5 3- N F. Pico D. Pollcik X ' . . S I' T f i . PCJlGr1CO R. Provencol D. P9FlClI'lS 7 ,A , - I ' 1, ,.b- . L. B, Provolf D. Preble fb -N L . fl L - I, J. Puccini V Price will J Vh J l 5.4 ' J K J X A.. lil J. Quinn . - R JV' ' .. Ea.: 311 ' 4 win - . D. Price l' ft gpg 5 igfQ,.4,45A .A 2 K . .2 K P. Quigley . Rau 4 K. Redding . Rouiol L Q J J. Rediwn . Rekers ff ig ' W- RFCS K. Rernmen Q X . f H- RlCl4eI' D. Reese 'K T .1 . P. Rice .. el 5 R. Ricks , B. Richardson - ' f C. Rizzo W v S. Robinson so , L. Rowe 7 "' '..T"T- R. Rosen , .. - vw Q S. Robinson 7,1 ' L' 1 S. Rothblum 4. 1 -f " Q 1 N. Robinson ' -sw! 'ji 'A l J. Ross V ' is l' X E1 , K. Roush R. Roberts D, Rodrigues ,, 1. Q W, f, 0 'gl J Q, ,A -l- Rodino 1 ROSS ' 5 . . ' li' 'i Q J "4 " T. Robinson pr Rodmbom at V F 45 ' .,.. X P. Russell G- Robinson Y, V ly K W. Roberts L ...zlgafiiliiililliilf fl kkrrikk 5kkA7:: M - Q 1 E. Russell J llllll .., P' Sm-'er M. Ruelos . l T" L . J X P' some T. Russell Q L 'in x 1 -f .J , Eowylar D- Suyper A . In 9 W 1 4. o J . orccione P. Soyfrs K Rza f' P, Sanchez I 'S ig f-'P V . . 3 xl l "ill' 'll' J. Soczbye R. Scullion H J S! A G. Solos B. Scovill L , UQ fit' . V- ' J. Sanderson S. Schilperoort TS J " P. Samuel L. Schlosser fix X lx A L V - P. Schloss T. Scott T , V . Lk'- .A A R. Scott J. Schmitz - J' Q .K A' A- Schneider M. Schaefer ing? ff? if V S. Schiff G. Sevenns . 5 Q -. lx .5 Q. , .J 3' A S. Schoofsrncl J Seflinger P Q R . ii - K ' VET Q 1' A S. Schwab L. Shultz ,g H A A . ifiww 1-A . f li it f ----. P. Shorp E. Shull S. Show . 'W E. Shonnon S. Sherrick -if V:..' , ,425 S, Slater P. Shipley m - .f S M. Silva D. Shlvely ' 5 T. Smith i ... A Simmons S. Sandoval 1 A A 4 gn Simon J. Skriletz A Hi - 2 ' L -, Simons K. Skinner I A X ' lj . Simpson D. Skinner C ff f fi ni X uf L Simmons L. Smith ' Q, .isis gi J Sl j Smith J. Smock , Z , , Small C. Smith 'L X 'L A5 1 S' L Smithwick D. Smay L 5 ml - 5 ..':' -.fl K i" Exim: QS I Smith J. Smith J I ' . 1' . Smellzel S' Snyder if V' ai S .. -S B. Snow L D. Snow 1 , V ,. L . J. SOyl4lf1 K V . - Q C- Solo ' All S f S 'i' f f- L , is L V T. Solomon N. F ,, "i'i2, i . J S. i J t S F. sums L. Steely N - G, Stassi Q. V. ' T. Stevens ' ' Q- '- S. Stevens K l C. Swaner P. Swovelin K. Tarizzo S. Taylor M. Tairb R. Totta D. Torres M. Trout .k g- J. Turner 4 V " ff A , S. Van Cleave 4 W A qzy, ..,, T 1 . X K L S S 'fg L ,LLL W KLA 3 H liz io - Q . . 1 ,'.: Q if b is . ,X 3 . -. sy, D. Welshons S. Wendlawdt B. Weesan M. West W. Wexler ',...,-..... . K ie. ,. . 4 3-3,1 C. .xx , M. Sorensen D. Spencer J. Spence C. Spallicro D. Spencer L. Stafford R. Stevens J. Simpson V. Stevenson S. Streeter G. Stewart .. B. Stuart A S. Stevenson 1 if - 5' l ,A J. Stuart L ,V D. Stokes 4 5 ....r g E. Stanford an . - C. Suggett s. sufhericnd Q D. Suanson .X 3, ' by K J. Sutten 7 if Q 8-'ji if L J tfififi S ' ,, R. Tansky ,C - Q fr 4- . Taylor 9 Q, 9 L ' . Taylor , . I li i'-: , ..... '... 2 .. . gi i N B' Tale T. Van Histine . A. - J. Vanden Broelk f-.U 9 A ' ' X S. Vanmeter ' , xx ' J A. Vazquez P L X ' . ', L. Vickernhn Voneglopf B. Wqlker I V0ilS N. Walker A M, F ,, Voile R. Wall A Walsman M. Walter Yfiis A '57, , Waldron RA Wqlfon . t . Walton P, Webb . Wars J- Webb Waterman L. Webb if g 11. , DI Vvegkg VVGLJEI' ' W , Weaver B. Webster ' 'N I R. Wheeler 6 L rf .1 A K, . White Q Rfk 'U A ' S. 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General Telephone Company of California, a Subsidiary of T General Telephone 8. Electronics AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Cable Address- BANKAM ERICA T5 f Am ' , anis n num NATIONAL HQELA3 Assocnmou 85lO Foothill Blvd. 7l79 Foothill Blvol. Sunloncl, Coliforrrio Tuiurrgo, Coilifornio T33 7?- 3 41-f i., ,4'1f?Q.' .xyi 5.7.1. - 983-0588 767-2117 767-9064 VlTO'S AUTO WRECKING CASH FOR YOUR CARS - VVRECKED OR OTHERVVISE USED PARTS FOR ALL. CARS 842 0942 lEve. or Sundoysl ROBERT HALL CHEVROLET ART GRAY IOOOO Glenooks Blvd. Sun Vcllley, Calif. HONDA - B QA. ,C'6'HW!!l!!l! 19!6'V6'Z ES' CARAIES' CVCZE QHOP 8459 FooThill Blvd. Sunland, Colifornid Joe Cdrnes FLoridd 2-l458 FRED HAU75? F0199 CARD! MIES' 2460 Honolulu Ave. Montrose, California 9922 Commerce Ave. Tuiunga, Calif. Phone: 353-3312 CHurchill 9-6105 CHapman 5-0336 2247 Honolulu Ave. Monfrose, California Phone: 249-1959 1 lfWXS'0!l!'S' UOMMEPCE PHARMAUV 9938 Commerce Avenue ' Tuiunga, Calif Phone: 352-3104 QOUTHERAI czzzffoefvm momfzz Emmy .cozzgaf pggl T H gSTyl llgljslqclisesoffllgl y P TG d r T g Preparaf f ST T B d E m 10483 Sunland Blvd. also Sunland Confinenfal Beaufy 6854 lgoollqlll Blvd l Academy ' Phone' 352-2334 1236 San Fernando Rd. TUWHQG, C0'l1fOl'f'1iO San Fernando 365-7179 ,.Q.l, .g' '. -- "' W . , .,. . 5, F N , 'V ". J .':..' ' '41 q'.x,, 29 1 Asgii,-I M '. .:,. H, X if". . -,'.1Xx-'-"".f' , -nu, xhg .V-gx --- C D xl ' I . g P , A ' ' ' i'f'1.1 . , . ' " L ' . LJ' ' gx' 0 A Us 71. rv 5' . V . x .h ,Q -1 . L 'lu . ' 1 Av, 'Q 4. 2. 'x'9 . . yi A, s . -f . , F na! 3 l.!.X.-EN wx r, R Z.-.111 df- W-.f ,QL ' fjdhckl ,A ,-,Q ,gr O X. . '. . , N 1 M -.,-...ft - .M q,,QwisV Hx... x X nt. .' . G . 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Suggestions in the Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) collection:

Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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