Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA)

 - Class of 1941

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Verdugo Hills High School - El Portal Yearbook (Tujunga, CA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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my M, - yi 'vm ,Y . m 3 , , 'g"L' ,. M Q ,N W: .L X My ' k,,,.xg, My M .Az fu 'L ,, .WTA A v Q W L Af h usa,-ggi, Km: ,,h,4gg 3 4 ,- WW ' ' Q g L V+-'2f.f..., ,,, , f " W f. ' H N dh Hr fe . , , ' d 5 A IYA v, ' V K 4 .pr V ,,. gm Q ,Y MW , W, k , K4 , k 1 k-xX ,K 1 gut 3 - V. . ,V X A ,fr AQ-1 " .V 1 -1 L ,, ' Q ' ' Y 3 , ,,, . W qu' : k -WW .wQ,,M' Maw ' Q +--may 1,4 1 " wg M , 1 M-mf . A f iffy, jk., Jxwek 1 XX- X f ' Q ' v , 'V My 3 y my ' 4 A -1, 49 ' M , 'ff 'Q Q V , A A X awww aw Q Y 5 1 K N 1 S' . fs J, f X s Q MJ' ah. - ' M 'S' ' A A , M . ,, . , I 5 M K! 'pig f :Y V' X 7, QA ,. ' ,F V ' TMS di K A f A Y , K 1 , I , z " M, Jr , 5 5 1: 1 S c Y A . B- A ' , J ' k ' W " V' s' 'Q 1 X K' -f SL A xx 4 .M qw 7 , , nw i KAK W, ,. I 4 , lyme' Mr! 'lanky' M- f-Mgt , -,ww - X ,W W x 4 k V q A M' ' K iwmffxf K ,I y 5 ,L Q igyfqm ,vkwwiwu 'Php gg, . - g K K, f . ,- M 'M Q L - . E - . M as C N . In 1 R, R, - . 4 I EH - V K ' - T ' ' -4 gtkmm' uk A . , .. -A A nw. f ,Q QW' fd hm , JH 1 yu. xv rf k w v + M -4 'Y ' F ' ., x A . I .- an , , .4 'N . A -9' M, was an , ' 4 4 MLM., Q lllgw b :via Q... .,.. 4 v-QQ, qqk k V ...M , "' NM., ' x A. , K 3 , f A A . . . , . , . , az., K 6 M' 1 '- .- Q' -u-,K ' "NA ax A " "lm-. 4 "'X'm V Xf x 4 ,. . A W, , A t W K - VW. -was-X5v,,'5qh, ' 4 7 Q 9- N. X-kv!f'+.g, X v . s 1 f w f w.x,Q . x 'ww-.,, . ,. ..-md ,,M K 'K K A :pin ' ""'--Q . h "Lax Q 'X 2 ' vw! N M"Wf' '+- ""'W v -Q ' ww ww "'f3', Qahaw N- wb., M qw-f 'gli-xv , gw. ,, k , .., 1 , ,ar Wk. 'f Maw 'f fgx just L 7' L, M as .M -,ww Q3-gif'-H Q- A x ' I , - j:mWLW'.t'fPnag, ,L V' M ., WWW. , ' 1 ., 4 H.. Q ' -f X X 5 x - wixgdi- Q, 'Q' , wr A 2 fi - wxmwmw 4 i t . K ga 'im L' gl K M , M L P ,-., ,... I L ANN mr xkkbgxg A X A - an M . F M, wit . .. y N "'X""'i swam --.MK "1 Hb. ,, K- 1,84 fx 1 w.v, I P! X D . .I, 1? -K ,o- . , X 'i' . A , X e:mfW 1- faq ' Q x W .N iwwwxwc, ,W , ,. 31w,,Ag j,L?3-wk ' i 4 L , . . , Q rl, 8 X 1 T. Y X ?'K i xv 'irq V 'a 'S' . Y If. I -J, I W. - .F I 1'?'x. it W!!- . ' K - ,..f,. ,Q ,K . 1 J., IA Kaxp ,,.- s-N W ' 2. A ' E ' "', 5 W JA' Q". ""' xrf -f,c.- 7" " 'A ' J ., 4 - lv AM f'i"'fPffm if .A.. ' S3353 f ,Q Kg' fr' S 'A Q5 We ff f f N .' .Q ff , - ' I 5 iI1g,ge?fQgf 16 gag lui' , ,J 'f -1ff-fn JWf?wfxwQwAHw-Qf4wffW 0 4 .. - , wifi 10.5354 ' Wi fgaf.+ M M ge' ' -e 5 s Q fin 'bf' 12' yiftsfwfff. fiigfw. . f A ' ' 5 ' fl fflfafWq5E'w'1 ' ' ' J rdf.: x Q' X : gk sfifu-1 5 ' " f ' -wif-jig,-,f5',f5 M' -... - 4 1 5 . .R ' 1 Q ,N if + 5. M 54 wa' ,m ' if, ,M Y-f W i Q if " fe"f'f'l' X' 'fi' f L 4 Q .4 Q 'A 'Yi 5 fi 'J V '-A-, , if xg? 7' 2 - 125- x. Q, F NS 1 . . E .A 1. nw .7 if W ,,t,"f'Q . f , ,- I 3 g44i,:' ,wg.f1 gf! -2 ' W- vi ,yi I by - ' 'fx - . r w'2,1gY4'1r , vi V-5 7 xi 5 1 As, .vfffihif 4 ff - Q ti -ei ,P , in ip Q3 A gy W -g,i',.rjVFiigfw5, f :Eva . 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' -Q ' -hir' . 3, , V .,,4l'Q5 ,' I 1, G' '32 .C wlsfff 'N ff fmff 2537 if: 'qiglfmgi '- ,,5,,: 552' , ts f.w"e3! . :. ,yum-. , MQEQ JWW Tublzkhed by the STUDENT BODY VERDUGO I-IILLS HIGH SCHQQL TUJUNGA, CALIFORNIA NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY ONIP . 5,941 lhfvf fffiwf V Ulllllllllll Because oT The realizaTion oT our need Tor acTive parTicipaTion as ciTizens, Verdugo Hills l-ligh School is sTressing Those school inTluences which will help us To Tind our proper place in The world aTTer graduafion. Our whole enTerprise prepares The sTudenTs Tor acTive parTicipaTion in communiTy liTe, and Tor wise use oT The TacTs, slcills, and lcnowledge ThaT They had Tound classiTied in TexT books. Feeling as we do, we, The sTudenTs OT V. l-l. l'T, S., wish To dedicaTe This, our EI PorTal oT NineTeen l-lundred and ForTy-one. To our TaculTy in appreciaTion. During The whole Tour years oT iTs exisTence The adminisTraTion has, ignoring The limiTed TaciliTies and cerTain oTher obvious ob- sTacles, helped Toward The developrnenT oT The characTer and indi- vidualiTy oT each sTudenT. They have given noT only oT Their Time as required OT TaculTy members, buT have been ever ready wiTh unsTinTing advice, encour- agemenT, and assisTance in prornoTing The growTh OT all school acTiviTies incidenTal To EducaTion in iTs highesT sense. Under Their guidance, clubs, various organizaTions connecTed wiTh sporTs, liTeraTure, and arTs have Tlourished, and have loroughT sTudenTs in close collaboraTion wiTh one anoTher and wiTh Their Teachers. They have, also, Through Their splendid example, helped in The promoTion oT denf1ocraTic ideals. Through Their lcind co-operaTion They have advanced The QrowTh oT selT-governmenT, showing us noT only how To Tollow, buT how To lead. And so, Tor These reasons iT is To you The TaculTy ThaT we, The sTudenTs oT Verdugo l-lills High School, dedicaTe This our nineTeen hundred and TorTy-one EI PorTal, in appreciaTion. N, WWW, ww ,F-f-f""J-A ,...J' xv,- es A In NH X fm,rr,x Q EF- , , ,,, My A M,,,.,-A ,W-f"' A,.w""'Q M," ,N v -uma.-K .1 A ,ww W0 'J' A ,JP A -42' " ww., www, wfw wp A IJQREWQRD A ADMINISTRATION A SENIORS A IUNIORS A ACTIVITIES A BUYS' SPQRTS A GIRLS' SPQRTS A CALENDAR UNTENTS aww qt VV 5,4.,j,x ' ,W ,. www YV ,WJTIQ N 3 ,.A .,,,,,:..,?,.:.::, ..1Q.5,... . . -. ' 14 , 5, V7 V, , , , lmmmwwfeq-fw'vw4MW7'?g: F K2 -W, :.,,w..ff.,:3x:::...t lx K L , f,,, .Www - A . . , A an Wav' 4.- i .ff A2f,.,.M f , ,. V V 3 'W . W, 4 ww V' fziziii ,V ffm '1Q2?wif3Q?Z5, , z ,r,, h , ,A-,w'QZw1fW,,, . mv W ff .. Mm- ww Mn, QM K , ig iiffbiws S if X55 gms is' N new-Q 65.418.- -I SHNWIEXQN Q K g mu., Q X . J 33,12 1 W ix n is-we Y ,pf gf Xigs X QA: Swag hw if W W-Q fs , HMI ISTHATIU A 5 5 ,I g:T,,-4511, - Q X 4 ..+ ,xx Q .,-:, , s .FK P- ,,,, iziiii f 4 X N. XX ix R + 3 e YQ SNS' , , 5.3 A Z .... ' x ' 119- x 4. My Vsik E:-S Q Q ,x X SM A x .fi ,MM ff. W Nxihwx , . ' if ' i' , fu . Q51 .auth- "1 W - ' xi :fin ' ... a f FW , , 5 4 e 1 1 ' af mf" z 1 kk, - Y ,mi ,Q gjwz, , ,W 'b5w3fifs37f'4 Vwyg iq V575 Eg' 'I , ,xp 'Q-'W W.Y,!,' ', I, 4 A .3 A , 'K ,. 4 M W' K Q .l 't 'H 'Mid Q 9,6 X fy , W4 ' 'Q ,U J' if -f ,. ,ff v Jil. ,ff 1 ,gf1f,mf' , My i Y-ffgf 1 i4+"gi:j3,,1! if ll W4 vaf' 'D if S9-4 'W ' f 1' K 14 , ww X' e v 1 f " 'ak .W ,,,, A, A,s,.,.,..: W, ..N,,,,,, farm .e ? D. RAYMOND BROTHERS Principal lf has been apfly said "fhaf only fhose who de- serve freedom gef if." Freedom is fhe very essence of good cifizenship, and is dependenf upon efernal vigilance. Good cifizenship, fherefore, implies firsf of all fhaf we have frue freedom wifh all ifs privi- leges, righfs and immunifies, as well as ifs dufies and obligafions. We have learned by biffer experience fhaf fhese fhings do nof iusf happen, buf are fhe resulf of long and careful planning. Only in fhis manner may we hope fo mainfain fhese privileges for our- selves and fhose who follow. We musf decide whaf are fhe fundamenfals of good cifizenship for us. under our governmenf, and fhen diligenfly sfudy fo perpefuafe fhem so fhaf all may enioy fhem fo fhe fullesf. These may be mainfained only fhrough careful sfudy and hard worlc. JOSEPH K. BELFORD AcTing Boys' Vice-Principal IT is The paTrioTic duTy OT every ciTizen To give his besT To his coun- Try. Now, more Than ever, our naTion and world democracy need The besT ThaT each of iTs ciTizens can give. EducaTion helps The in- dividual To discover and puT To use his naTural abiliTies. PaTrioTic duTy demands ThaT each girl and boy make all possible preparaTion To serve his counTry and Tellow ciTizens in This emergency and in The reconsTrucTion ThaT will Tol- low iT. AMY CATHERINE KENEALY Girls' Vice-Principal EDUCATION FOR CITIZENS!-IIP CiTizenship means Thai' in re- Turn Tor cerTain righTs and privi- leges we pledge our loyalTy and TrusT To our government How do we educaTe ourselves To be worThy OT This TrusT? By developing inTo well-balanced ciTizens equipped To share in a posiTive way in The democralric way of life. We musT see ThaT we undersTand The re- sponsibiliTies OT democracy and share in The building oT a beTTer civilizaTion for Tomorrow. l llllllll Geneva l. Allen Aileen P. Ball Joseph K. Bellord J. B. Benson Edilh Blanc Irwin H. Braun John B. Clarlc, Jr. Helen D. Darlancl Phyllis E. Davis Dorolhy C. Douglas Alice Eisiminqer Norman B. Forsler May Torrey Forlune Ralph Plafl Franlchouse L. Ocleal Hargreaves Ru+l1 Har+ley George R. Jaffray Slephen M. Jessup Elizabefh Keeler N X GRI Q We 3 is .SX l WW. 11.1 . lllllllll Yvonne M. McCollom Juclillu McDonald Dorice M. Myers A. T. Nollerman Waller OH Cy Pollwernus C. P. Seiler Harry Smilli Paul Smyser Eclna Sleele Maryefla Slrader Jane Sullivan Berl J. Teazle Virginia Tlwias Vernley W. Tice Roderick Wanee Charles Parlcill James F. Young Paul S. Mueller OFFICE RUTH S. CURREN Allendance Clerk STEPHEN JESSUP Reqislrar GENEVIEVE L. NAVARRA Secrelary Fi CUSTODIANS rsl Row- Glenn Johnson Gilloerl WrIql1+ Arflnur Cox Donald Madsen Second Row- I-Ienry Kolwenn Waller Sooy Malcolm Rogers Joy Boswell Susan Long Thomas Dorralm Ke-nnelln Ullord xww NW + Wwe- , I s. .. . New .xxx . x.,.., I .. . MM. .X ws- .,..... . sw ,ss-s.ssN-- - CAFETERIA AND BUSINESS MANAGER ERNEST T. WOQD Business Manager AMELIA A. RICHARDSON Calelerla Manager ANNE SMITI-I Caleleria Pxssislanl RUII-I VERR EN Calelerla Asslslanl ,Ng ws X Q-A. A fx QM S ,535 1 Q 5 w P' 3' fs Ns. X nf -bud. 3? 4 ww: 4 HGH einem SENIOR STUDENT BODY The dufies of The Senior S+uden'r Body officers are To +ake charge of siudenf acfivifies and fo represeni +he Sfudenl Body a+ Sfudeni Council Meeiings. The Presideni presides al fhe assemblies, while fhe Vice-Presidenf is fhe official hosfess of The School. The Secre+ary's duly is lo handle +he correspondence, and 'rhe Safefy Presidenf does all in his power To furfher The efficiency of our safefy organizalion. ' Norman Ewers Presidenf Richard Nohles Presidenf l-lenrieiie Forshaw Vice-Presideni Margarer Frifh Vice-Presidenf E c Mabel Tsumori Secre+ary Frances Whife Secreia ry Jim Files Safely Presidenf Raymond Carrer Saiery Presidenf W'4I CLASS The Navigalors gave an original skir called "Swea+er Trouble." They had a glorious lime on 'rheir 'rrip +0 Snow Valley. They alrlended The Prom wifh a naufical rheme given by lhe Senior "B's". Their colors were burgundy and beige and 'rheir mollo was: "Today we launch, buf where do we anchor?" S'4I CLASS "Polcehun+us" was +he Warriors' recognilion play wilh an all-s'rar class in burgundy and while. For Their class par+y 'rhey wen'r fo Adahi. The W'42 Class gave 'rhem a sophisficaled prom wifh lhe penfhouse Theme. They leave us girded wifh lhe mo'Ho: "Friendship our shield: success our sword." SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Todd Chase Presidenf Norman Ewers Presidenr Vivian Pemfield Vice-Presidenl Joan Eisiminger Vice-Presidenl' Ma rga rel' Thomasson Secrelary Peggy Carlock Secrefa ry Sam Springer Secrefary Roberl Van Riper Treasurer lI1HlHIHNS The word "Epheloian" is lalcen from lhe Greelc word lor ciiizen: from every lorly graduales an Ephebian is chosen noi for scholarship alone, hui for charac+er, conlrilouiion 'ro school aciivilies, and inieresf in civic affairs. The Los Angeles Ephebian Sociely encourages useful cilizenship, l-lenrieiie Forshaw ol fhe W'4l Class and Roberi Van Riper and Susan Byrd of 'rhe S'4I Seniors fulfill 'rhese requirement fully. lvlilfon l-less won honorable rneniion in lhe W'4I Class. Each had a high scholaslic raiinq and lheir worlc for lhe com- mimaiy and vefdugo Hills is well known. Vfe are sure lhey will live up io ihe honor and rozponsibilily laid upon lhem. W'4I , . . l-lenrieiie Forshaw S'4I A .... Roberl Van Ripe: S'4l. ,.., Susan Byrd X :Q Li K - if T A , X W'4I NAVIGATORS Millon I-less "Milly" Todd Chase "Chase" Vivian Penlield "Penny" Sam Springer "Sammy Donald Landreau "Don" Jeanne Larson "Jeannie' Bill Frye "Frye" Harold Tlwomsen "Tuffy" Blaine Kemsley "Kemsy" Margarel Thomasson "Tommie" Henrielle Forsliaw "l-lenny" CAMERA SHY SENIORS Jack Cooper "Smokey" Waller Tupper "Ducky" George Whilman "Muscles SUMMER '4I WARRIORS Mary Pfafricin Gaflock--"Poqqy'N Kcfnnofh L. Bufnf.-iMKenny" 4- . 1, . yy nuunn EMC: Byrob- Sumo Harosd Sl-,noy-MHaV' Jacqueline Ardizzono-"Jacky Bur? Janos---Mpeiou Naomi Hinor Chesworflw-"Noni Raymond I.. Carfor-"Ray" Joan E, Smifhf"Jeanie" Joy Elizabefh SyYva-- -"Slat" BHNQQ Lorraine Mar1cagg"BEN Norman G, Ewer:+"Busn' Marqorof F:-Hn-Hpunkx' Frank CaHquFr'if-"cally" BMW Jeno Snyde-rg"Bedqo Joan Diane Eifsin'nnqer'f"Jo" Doroiny Weqqoner-"DoTfi12" Pnexander Alperi-"Alex" SUMMER '41 WARRIORS Dorolhy Ann Richardson-"Du+ch" Alloerl Slills-"Alb-ie" Dolores Spencer-"Del" Gerald l-laile-"Jerry" Carolyn Morgan-"Keegie" Sheldon Therior-"Shel" lvlargarel Prilchard-"Margie" Richard hlohles-"Dick" Georgefre B. Deuber-"Bebe" Richard J. Shubsda-"Shubie" Priscilla Arm Rulherlord-"Silly Ann Donald MacGregor-"Don" Barbara Bellord-"Barbie" Roberl Van Riper-"Bob" Gloria lvlerris-"Bucke-T" Jaclc Van Essen-"Van" Helen M. TruiH-"Hel" Tommy Shinpo-"Shimp" SUMMER '4l WARRIORS Leonard L. Linslcy-"Professor lvlarllma Shilling-"Mar+ie" Dick Kelley-"Kelley" Norma June Bales-"Nicky" Jason Haines-"Jasper" Bernice l-lurrn-"Binny" Arnold R. Fay-"Army" Frances Mclienney-"Milly Lou" Edward Elliol-"Eddie" Jeanerre Virginia l-lenriclm-"Sandy" Mary Frances l-lousley--"Dopey" Joyce Barnefl-"Joycie" Jean S. Jolnnson-"Jol'1nnie CAMERA SHY SENIORS Paul Courlney-"Sl'wor+y" Clayfon Graflenried--"Puncl1y Francis O'Conner-"Foo" Russell Merris-"Russ" Joseph Reider-"Joe" Jayne Solso--"Jaynie" Jean Hardy Harley France Carrnela Moreno Presidenl Vice-Presidenf Secrelary CLASS OF W'42 The Senior "B" class, sponsored by lvlrs. Helen Darland of lhe Arl Deparlmenl, and Mr. Vernley Tice, Prinler, is forlunale in bolh members and sponsors. The class, numbering only Twenly-four, has received lhe C.S.F. scholarship banner. has had a hundred per cenl in "El Por+al" lwice, and one of Hs members won lhe lirsl annual spelling conlesl in lhe Senior High. Class members have held orfice in lhe Boys' and Girls' Leagues, and fhe Sludenl Body, on lhe La Yuca slahf, on EI Porfal as co-edilor, in many clubs and service groups, and on The Traclc and Tennis reams. Their moH'o is "Qualify nol quan'riTy," which lils lhem well. Aci'1cs0n,F. Addison, C. Alexander, H. BarreH,Jin1 Brown, R. Burch, P. Burns, A. Burien, R. Casey, P. Carierail. D. Clinron, G. Conway, P. Cooper, V. Ccirey, S. Corwin, A. Coulflnard, FX. Courtney, P. Dalron, M. Davis, L. Dc Biizan, R. de Somov, T Eilerrscn, B. Figueroa, J. Files.J. Fiaxman, R. Franzen, M. Garfocic, B. Gilder, C. Gillian, R. Grnur, B. Good, C. Haiie, E. Harmeii, VX. Hoafly, M.J. Hoalr, K. Hubbard, R. Jackson, V. Kassin, R. Kamolra, M. Kirchner E. Laine. J. Landreau, M. Lawnead,J. Lombard, J. Macgreqor, l. Mandeiias, K. May, L. McKee, H. Moyers, B. Morqan, C. Morgan, F. Murphy, T. Onnidf, F. Paepicc, D. Pa1ee,D. Riclrriusa, P. RiHenour, R. Robbie, C. Rosin, D. Ro1ei1,0. Sapiro, L. Searon, D. Sneilenberqer L Silverberq, R Snyder, A. Suliivan, L. Tanii, S. Thomas. P. Tsumori, M. Wafanabe, H. Whirney, G. Wimarns, F. Wrighf, V. Zander, J. Adams, F. Aiello, F. Ara, J. Barraqan, L. Barraff, L. Binoer, V. Burns, J. Carnmack, for, H. Cas Carlin, B. Cayron, Y. Cheney, E. Coonrad, W. CorreU, M. Covello, F. B. Crawfo rd, P. De Lux, A. Eafon, M. Farmer, A. Fevoq, C. Foersfek J. Glider, F. V. and, R. Golisin, Gulrem Haines Haines Hanlon Holben, J. Keirn, B. ,F. ,R. ,A. Leporf, O. Lopez. F. Mankin, J. Marfens, B. Mason, J. McKenney, Miller, P. Nelson, E. Olds, B. Schmid, J. Smith, H. Solso, S. Sorenson, C. Sfeimer, F. Silvers, R. Swenson, C. Tanner, B. Walker, J. Wrvifney, E. VJiHiarns, B. E Abernaflwy, N Arflnur, C. Baker, A. BaiNey, B. Baird, N. Banks, J. Barrerr, J. an, B. E. Bauqlwm Brewer, Brewer, Brown, Bufz, D. Champleux, P Coco, C. K. D. Cook, C. Cook, V. CornwelL M. Cunnlnqlnam, Dawson, J. Davis, B. de Scrngv, S. Dock, D. DowdNe, V, ENcr+son, P. Endo, E. Fnes, B. Foqel, B. Food, P. Ford, B. Goddard. B. Goodwin, D. Gvribbin, H. Grip, B. Harier, B. Head, B. Hodnbaum, L. Horncf, Jackson, B, James, T. Jesscn, S. Johnson, B, Jonnsmn, E. Jordan, L. KIHar'n,1. KirnbNe, B. Kindred, J. Klnq, B. Kino, G. Kingman, D. Lfeckrone, A. Lindsey, D. Livinqsfon, A. Lonq, R. Lucas, R. Mahan, B. Malbon, F. Maineou, J. Mason, C. Mcflamrny, P. McLaren, W, Moqdner, S. Mohan, L. Moore, I. Moore, H. MouHon,J. Nekon, B. Nelson, L. Odqers, E, OJ-iare, K. Osferkarnp, P. Perry, J. Pefers, B. Pierson, W. Praff, G. Proebs1eLS. Prox, L, PuL'fer, I. Reynolds, D. Richlusa, A. Rlnenearf, P. Roadruclc, H. Rofer, P. Sa1?erlee,R. Selfzer, M. X K ms Sf X .gig P , PRS is -s - L x. 'NEED A Ms X f .K Shellard, D. Shirley. B. Skinner, N. Srnifh, A. Smifh, Jack Smilh, Jerome Sfarlc, R. Slephan, B. Slonebarqer, L Tanner, A. Thompson, S. Thornslrom, G. Treio, B. Tsumori, B. Tuclcer, W, Uplheqrove, E. Veil, E. Walers, M. Walers, P. Weinman, D. Whifcomb, B. Whifcornb, M. Williams, M. Whi+e, R. Young, W. Alderinlc, F, Bardovi, M. Barraqan, J. Baumqarlner, G. Bedwell, S. Benlley, J. Bernard, R. Blorlz, B. Borkin, E. Bowman, R. Burch, P. Bulfon, T. Carr, L. Chiflenden, D. Crowell, B. Davis, T. De Lapp, P. Flahive, E. Friese, A. Hinlcle, D. Keim, B. Kindred, E. Knafz, D. Knudsen, M. Kohler, R. Lamb, I. Landreau, L. Lopez, R. McCoy, B. Marfinez, A. Milloll, L. Nichols, E. Norslrorn, E. Ohniclc, B. Oldham, G. Pefrofla, J. Plescia, I. Press, A. Rhodes, E. Theriol, R. Uland, O. Valenzuela, D. Ward, D. Williams, G. w'ww 'sq f e ? x S w X geijifi Y f wi- X M "SE .wi 5 S Ji N K X w X Q Q K S .s " 144 W 'STN NME QM r 'N xy' p,--... . M K. ff Q. 4: , X 1 . X swwi ,Q f . ww mi hi: Aa- 1- sw. 5 .W . mn1x , VCMJJ J QWM7? ff ' Q vffff If of J UNIIIHS W '? 'Y 1 " in JUNIOR STUDENT BODY The Junior High School Sludenf Body Caloinef is composed of s+uden+s elecfed by Ihe Junior Sludenl' Body for Iheir scholaslic record and characler Iraifs. I+ repre- senls +he Junior Srudenr Body in all business or social rnaliers. The primary airn of Ihis organizalion is Io prepare Ihe iunior high school s'rudenI's for fhe senior high division, and if has succeeded rernarlcaloly well. Many of 'rhe preceding officers of The Junior High Sludenl Body are now Ialcing acfive par? in 'rhe ac+ivi+ies of The Senior Sludenf Body. ' i I X I I - :U ' X xl i H X xxx 4 ,I ly , . I4 I , o g 'jf . . '. ARTHUR MARTINEZ l i l . ., Presidenl I I. l 5 ' I' DICK REMICK Presidenl JOYCE BENTLEY Vice-Presidenf MARY CHEN EY Vice-Presidenf LAURA LANDREAU Secrelary BERNEICE ROBINSON Secrelary A9 CLASS OFFICERS The W'4I A9 gradiuaiing class under Ihe sponsorship of Miss L. O. Hargreaves and Mr, R. L. Wanee, celebraied i+s depariure from Ihe Junior High wifh a grand parly on January 2OIh. The gradualion exercises were held on January 28, wilh fhe slogan "Good Neighbors" and The eagle as Ihe emblem. The S'4I A9 gradualing class, sponsored by Mrs. Edna Sleele, Mrs. Aileen Ball, and Mr. Paul Mueller, held i'rs class day and a parly June 24+h. On June 25+h The class had an impressive gradualion ceremony on Kersey Field, wi+h Ihe Iheme of Pan-Americanism dominaling The program. I RICHARD TI-IERIOT Presidenf KENNETH MASON Presidenlr EDNA FLAHIVE I ,Vice-Presidenf HELEN MCCAFFERTY Vice-Presiden+ JOYCE BENTLEY Secreiary MARIE CONNOLLY I Secrefary TRUMAN DAVIS 1 Treasurer an mv 'DH 4-Q! PAT WELTON Treasurer Andrus, D. Bahrrnan, M. Bol1in'y:r,C. Benron, R. Bequo, B. Brunnr, A. Burnr., L. COUU, Cfxwn B. Cnufhran, J. Cfxyrrrn M. CLmr'npQr:ux,l'1 Crwurnh, M. Ciifford, B. CnHins, T. Cf:nnr1Hy,M, Corey, R. Cf1ulWmrd,C. Damon, T. Dfnyls M. Dewey, P. Duncan, D. Faunr Lf: Pray. V. Fisher, B. Frasier. K. Poster, M. Forsyth, B. Fous, H. Frrfz, W. Frye, J. FuHor, VJ, Galfaqlncr, L. Gerfyl., E. Graham, H, Gulremand R. HanL0n, J. Harier, B. Heder, A. Herman, E Hurd, B, Hurm, D. Johnson V. Joy, B. Kearns, M. Lake, S. Lanfiasfer M. Lfanq, C. Lawson, C. Lrrwis, G. Lloyd, R. Lfnb.1m,C. Madrid, J. Mnfbfnn, S, Mflrfrn, Masfvn, K. Mfcfxffffrfy, MfDu!r- J M rfrr.rn.1n,P. Mnlrfr, H. Mfifrrf- B. Mm-gan, A, Mwrrruwn T. Mnwrny N. NfmL P, NfvL',f1n,A, NIHWLS, G. Nfukffn, R. l"lnrr.L:r?fr, N. Pfmhnslwfu p. pJlffLYUV, Voricrer LJ. Pnrmnf, B, pllfsfrmr J, Pbimyun L.. Purwiffr H. Prafir M. Priffrrrrri, J. Prm U. Puf1Lu,J. L,Dur:r?r'-, J, Pfxrnnrif, J. Rr1odfxS,6. RIf.Lrrnar', S. Robinson, B. Rofeff, A. Rueda, J. Scalef, C. xx? riff ' 32 L . Q . T i is . '. f"'SL . 1 X L fr L-L' an QM. rpQ.:ims L -L-xs i 29 R :ii Q N... "" L. . L " f5'Sw QQ ww.: sr- -Q., N'i'wA, Q LL . .ir-umm lay 'Q L S15- Q i Li X 'X XX Xa QA., L L Q? 5,55 , a Q Y X X as .X sk X Q.. Q x RN Lew? - 5 -H.. . QQ ESNWQYB :. .- ..:.L.L.:-Lw:g..Xg5 .Ax AN. K 45.5.5 ' L Q . L sf. - I jx. :GFS Q. er K -Q L . .1 A sis. L , L. h L X 1 3 L. lnx l. 5 x X Q . X . Q S RN X? X L . 'gms .01 Xu LL . .L QLSX s LQ 9 .i , .3 L S - Qu . 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Yi ' F . .1 .LL N X L L ff 4 fl? , ' ' . r rs if . L Q5 . . Q, 3 Q' :L 2' 5' , LL L ji.. . .2 . y 1 . . f . v LQ ,gf ., .. -'N .ML L . 'N K XL. . Q L Q 3 .4 - X XL. .. Wg . y - . .L . : sm . . a N: . . J --up . .N A, W , . . , V, a "N , 1 :Li A 5,-Lg. WN L 'T L.L. 1 'X ., L J . A .sw 'A . -- ' 4 2 LL Q ..L.x Hsfi HX. 1' y x 1, 4 x, QZQ X N S , . R -. 0 A X5 im Q53 X X N ., MF'-e -Q f if Sv R 1 V dh. if ii? swf? . . ,Q wx. Q X Tb, QA 2 a .- - . Q NW ..wY'lf . .11 A . V31 2? H QL xv y .QQ lf Qi, A ' . ,gpg J WK 5 Wife Fix SB Schnelder, G. Scoll, R. Sealon, N, Shea, J. Sherwood, S. Shlnpo, N. Shishido, M. Sonqer, L. Swenson, C. Talley, li. Thomas, J. Trulll, E. Tyler, F. Vllalberq, A. Weayer, B. Vlfeldenleller, E. Wellon, P. Whilacre, J. Widener, lvl. Willlarns, P. Young, T. Zimmerman, A. Anderson, B. Beals, S. Blclcel, L. Bollon, H. Bond, P. Bridqelord, D. Cheney, M. Clearman, M. Dallon, B. Dallon, F. Dayalos, A, Dixon, J, Fee. C. Fischer, C. Fowler, A. Golden, R. Gray, J. Halle, O. Haines, H. Healey, J. Hellmers. B. l-lines, J. l-lines, P. Jewell, D. Kahn, A. Kane, E. Lane, K. Ellioll, C. Lloyd, D. Lyfle, B, llvlaxey, C. McCoy, C, Mallory, G. Monloya, Benny Monloya, Billy Moyer, A. Nichols, S. Obee, J. Olds, O. Quiiada, M Reid, B. Rerniclc, D. Rich, L. Romeo, C. Schmldl, D. Shoenberqer,J S-colleld, M. Seaslrom, N. Shaw, C. Shellon, D. Slallery, C. Smilh, L. Sorensen, E. Slinnell, V. Slorey, M. Van Kleelc, F. Verde, E. Weaver, R. Welman, VJ. Wilmarlh, L. Winfon, L. Yamashila, Y. Adachl, H. Ardizzone, F. Pxmry G. Balvrman C. Balwrrrwar' D. Bauqlvfer, Y, Bvarm-UV! Bwkiuf, H. B'f1flfvnf,rrr, lj. Bfurnrnr-l B. Burrm, l. CFIVVI Clwarnpieux Clnrywlrxr, R C'flfJVWf3U, B Cl1lJffl1, H. Crawford, DFIVIS, lJr:Lux, E. lJw0lrlfl1,B. llillfvy, A. Eflflns, U. Pinlff,-rnnyfvr, L. Ewln, B, Esfalfeda P. F,-xunl Ls: Rmy Ffrllx, A, Fnslwlmfl B Fmrsylh, N. Pranlrrs, W. Franmn, L, L. D, pVOfJ1H'lfl'f1 Prll7, A. Fuller, E. Galen J. Garrlnlfr, V, Garmll, F. Glllan, N, Glllln, F, Girard, lf. Grnur, P. Gmldlmrg ,l. Gmliulw P, Gfnnul, l.. Gl'fJ'yVffnV'7Y' Harlnr. U. Har?lfry. C, Hayes, A. Hfzaqland l.. Hfrklmaum, HwllJmfulf G, Hmmm, P. lMl'llV,hlffJ Jffsporsfyn, G. .lfmn5fun, N. Karyn J, Kr:f'n,fr2y, A, Kin 4, B. Lannin A, Lori, Lure, l. Lrewlx, H. Lfmnsbury lfwunsbury, Lopnz, R. Mason, M. Mfljole, Dale MfDole, DOES McLaren V. May, J. fVlf:Qlr, J. Minlwaud, J. Moore, C, Muilraf, P, Myers, A. Nelson, F Oalfzs, C. Parislv, D. Pellrey, G. Perry, B. Perry, D. Prrffa, M. Pierson, M. Powell, M. Puql'1,C, Randolph, A. Rnnfro, J. ReV1IIe,D, Reynolds, R. Rowland, D. E. J. n,E. H 35 P xwp,ws H1 K I u M., X P. D. . . ..... . . L A 401, X iw. .sr 1 E 4.5, 2? ig..-':' 'Q k 1 I , I W-4 ev . 'F' .xx MN, . was jaw QW 1-'K w.. -xx-2 -1 Q ,ix was 5-if-.1 ' 1 4 F K .X i.: ,N ,,,.- is , W""N1x .Q as X as Q ' aaa N, 'Fa .X .ge Q - , r v n 5. aa a ' ' N55 f . A .M WN J as in Q Vx 4 J.. ,-X J., ff .,f.. , x . ,, . Quit f, .':"" 55-" M - .. x - ' k M1 . ,, 1 ., 1 . , .. - . ga . . ,t wg.. , b 'fl J. ' T . xr Q 'z na-. ' W 1 ' ,, A I Q. ,, ...Q-.Xi . Q gg- 5 z : . -. . X . . gig, ,mx xii F i. QFSEQ. ""s:1z- an X R an y ., .I3zf.,, , K..-'fs Alva f Q J - ' -2 , . K ' 1-A q 'A T it . V-A ki! . gm, K . I I .xx ' r ' ,Q I !'. - Q Nbr K . X - . 1 -X. . , X . X ..X ff arm H wwf J. 3 na: if 3 54" ..a. Wx f . ff, X XX: , QQ +32 ,ii A, if' 1, 35523932 ni' via -, .I rf ima ,. 'Qs r-. iw N N isle , Y L,,V ,:,.q...,.::,,:,., , s in , .,,.,.,.,, S . ' an .a.. , J W wxkb W iw 5 . . Q. - I - 2 gp s 1 S Seaberry, R. S A Shaffer, L. Shannon, J. Shoolc, J. Sisney, L. rnilh, l. Spencer, Marlin Spencer, Mary Slanley, M. Tedman, B. Thomas, J. Thompson, L. Trimble, R. Tsumori, P. Uplhegrove, E. Veil, D. While. E. While, R. Weidbrechl, J. Wolfe, D. Wolhle, l. Wrighf, l. Allman, D. Becker, R. Bernard, A. Bravo, R. Burns, M. Cornwell, M. Davalos, C, Day, D. Endo, S. Folzman, E. Fraser, D. l-less, R. l-lill, D. lnlimmelman, E. l-lorninq, F. Hull, D. Iman, S. Joyner, P. Kalaolra, M. Killarn, W. King, B. Kirchner, B. Kohler, P. Lange, F. Le 'Mail're, L. Lehmann, R. Lopez, T. McKay, l-l. Marlin, B. McDonald, J. Morrison, G. Nelson, D. Norloerlo, J. OJ-lara, B. Olhlanlon, J. Oldham, D. Pallerson, P. Pelerson, G. Power, E. Radebaugh, B. Roadruclc, D. Shaw, J. Silverii, D. Smilh, L. Spencer, M. Sullivan, A. Thunberg, J. Tresler, W. Abernalhy, A. Augus, R. Baumgarlner, M Beall, G. Beals, P. Becker, J. Bonner, J. Breedmen, D. Brummel, R. Childers, J. Church, C. Coon, A. Coonrad, J. Covello, D. Cunningham, R. De Bilzan, R. duflenores, M. X DQ Maria, F. Do Snnfis, P. UiHfowsl1y,S. lylowdhr, R. Uoxle, R. Urouiw, C. Endo, R. Ervin L. Fnrreh, A. V mrs-H, S. Forrosfev, 9. Porsyrh, J. Fosfer, D. Fowler, J. Franke, B. Friese. F. Pfyfl. Gvanfy, F. Garrrzif, B. Garrwf, S. Gerlrin, Y. Giwoy, M. Gohien, P. Goodrich, D. Granshaw, B. Grnnshnw, D. Grove, R. Harrfey, J. Hedrick, J. Hughes, E. Hume, B. Hunfer, G. Jensen, M. Johnson, M, Jones, C. Kczeley, F, Kaiser, D. KeHoqq, B, Kemsley. G. Kino, J. Landreau, E. Lanfz, B, Larsen, H. Lewis, K. Lomnsruey, J MacGregor, J. Machado, D. MacKay, D. Madsen, J. Mandeflas, J. Marineau, O. Mason, R. Mafhewn, E. Mafhias, B. May, A. McDormNd, R. MfKennf:y. G. Mcliown, U, Milfoff, V, Morehouse, T, Mull, G. Munfz, B. Myeru D. M Nichols, J. Parish, J. Parker, C. Pafee. J. PVTJOVSOV7 H. Poweh, B. nv- rw .AS r Prnif, S. Prosa, V. Purdy. S. RHVYWFBNJ, B. X- Rmm R, L A x Roberf, C. ' Radffbauqh, N. Ros znberq J. Srhneydor, L. Sander, J. A -I KC' . -. .4 ng' 91 i f fb 1-Lx fx'- X-+04 - 5. Qi ' X . I ...Q 1-59 Q Q Ss ANA? ' 3 S' ji C X X 5 3 is 2 'T f-.-X , K ... ig Roi x Q' Ns A .- wk K ., .....-Q5 N N Egg W an- . all . ' Riff? - ex, . i ?f A . jfsv s. -xx 5 i x K .kxg . ., , N K x g ,,,, on S A 1 'Q Y Skis? E XEC. ,, ,wow 11. W e J .g ag . N l ss Q .. . Q N' 'Xb S' in 'R 25' 1 .es ' ssc X. XS .. . f-ps ,en- -rg 5 X X X525 X: xx M Q9 'RQ ..,i of ' QW? ILQ Q ' s .,,- hw l R Rx X ann- K Self, J. Shook, C. Shulls, l-l. Sis! M. Solso, B, Sorenson, W. Sprlnger, R. Sl. Marie, M. Sloul, C. Seeley C. Taylor, C. Thompson, C. Tmehearl, K. lupper, D. Valadez, F. Vandaqrlll, C. Van Winlcle, R. Wells, F. Whl+e, S. Andrade, A. Andres, C. Andfus, R. Ardlzzone, J. Burch, L. Carnmacln, J. Camp, B. Carler, M. Chase, C. Chillenden, R. Collins, C. Conslanfino, B Crosby, l-l. De Slelana, F. Edwards, W. Endo, J. Fee M. Flnkelsfeln, L. Flaxman, L, Flores, A. Fowler, M. Garrlson, D. Gerber, P, Gruenfhal, S. J Homer, l-l. Jenkins, W. Jesperson, J. Johnson, M. Jones, l-l. Lellernnan, J, Llvlngslone, R. Lopez S. Lolllo, J. lllCClanahan, C. McKee, J. Mackay, D. Moullon, R. Mornlnqslar, R Oll-lara, D. Paup. B. Perrlseau, M. Phillips, M. Pugh, E. Raede, R. Rhodes J. Roberfson, R. Roesch R. Rosales, J. Rwearson, J. Shlnoo, A. Sftllh A. Sfewak B. Suffer R. Tarlalcow, E. Teague, C. Thomas, B. VVard, J. Ward, R. Whifconlb B iMC...If3.,., f.. 5. .. 'S wxedbfecw, N VIT if ' L' i' ,jg i m- ,.,..1r 11,5 ' f . I f , 'X 1, a 1 Q L J ' , . - 511 xx -'af 2 2 1 fiyfififx.-f2S fl 1 ,.Q ' f 1 n 4 A 4 uf V, 5 .Q ' 1 R . we .vw 'psf 1 ,f.'g1A,, Wil" f , fl " X EN i .ff S i Q' .9 , A me ,wg Q'-iv 4 .K A 'Ln-Wi' f Ag X? ' , gr. 3,V.,:fQ if V Ns i 11,5 M 1.. fA' :vqth., , X MQ ' 1 ' wi FJ f 4 , + f g , , 'f 6117? f, 5 ' X 4 U 't ' ,pf 5 ,, 3154, in 41 W, fy,-,Q gs. X, A Q 5 B PW! ,Q , I ' ff gftff fe wif.. 415' ff Q' - l xx -f , I Q' Ay SN ' gQ,.j Mx-wx wa: , . ., ' gf' -" ' Q, L , V , A . , Num Q 1 ' . I If T Q' , X is , ,, 1 ,fry in ' ,Q K 1? Qx 2: , , , g 8' ,B ' L, r NN., ff . 4 Q uv' ,asf V .T X 4 'N fi. 5 A .q K. L KY X A s, 9 A , w A J 9 i it x 5 ' V ,k ff ' rv . ' -I if f ,,a M,f M " as nw xl M., A x , Q r x I K 4 ...j I H- .. 4: WW 5 'Mr , 'gi ' - ' ,ff 1 M M, ls: "" ,:,, A " , ,f S5 , -' uw' 4 N Q W ff 4 he ,x"9wv if -W -ff' ,,...vW V, ' 'f ' 3 W gags I I I Q W 1:' f ,, ZA QM """'! I 'va 'M E Q A-MRM-W ' 371 T... Agg- Q -an STUDENT COUNCIL Norman Ewers PresidenT Richard Nohles l-lenrieTTe Forshaw Vice PresidenT , lv1argareT FriTh Mabel Tsumori . SecreTary , Frances WhiTe Jim Files SaTeTy PresidenT , Raymond CarTer Susan Byrd Girls' League PresidenT , Jean Johnson Edwin SlaTTery Boys' League PresidenT Richard Shubsda Anim Mammal Junior swdem Body Presidenf Digi Remiclc The STudenT Council is composed oT STudenT Body elecTed oTTicers, who serve as The oTTicial represenTaTives oT The STudenT Body. They sponsor mosT oT The STudenT Body AcTiviTies. This semesTer. along wiTh The regular noon dances, noon movies were sTarTed, and have proved very popular wiTh The STudenT Body. The summer STudenT Council worlcs hard To malce our Annual "Carnival" a success. BOYS' LEAGUE Boys' League was insfirured 'ro give each boy a membership in some club. Every boy is a member and each guidance room eie-cfs a represenraiive, This semesrer Jrhe president Richard Shubsda, has worked whoiehearfediy for Jrhe improve' men+ of fhe League. This organizafion has sponsored every afhiefic raliy af Verdugo. lf pufs on Boys' Week, has sloeciai boys' assembiy, and coesponsors The Carnivai and 'rhe Chrisfmas Food Drive. Mr. C. P. Seiier, fhe sponsor, and Richard are a+'remp+ing fo Train yeli leaders in The Raiiy Ciub. The League is growing every year. Q gt , fb 1 Q i 'U' P .,... L I: Edwin Siafiery Richard Shubsda Biii Prifz James Hines Sr. Pres, W '41 Sr. Pres. S '4I Jr. Pres. W '4I Jr. Pres. S '4I SENIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE Susan Byrd PresidenT .... Jean Johnson The pasT semesTers have again accomplished a winning record Tor The Senior Girls' League. This year The girls have enjoyed Two insTallaTions, one in OcTober and The oTher in January, The Tormer being wiTh Tlowers and The laTTer by candlelighT. As in previous years The league has sponsored various pasTry sales To Tinance iTs acTiviTies. IT has also puT on a Tashion show, displaying SimpliciTy PaTTern sTyles, and The FourTh Annual CoTTon Parade, TeaTuring Mrs. Enid Case oT Bulloclcs and our own Tashion show. Then, Too, a "GeT AcguainTed ParTy" was held in The Tall, carrying ouT The rainbow Theme. Each year The Girls' League grows bigger and beTTer, ever seTTing TorTh a gleam- ing sTandard Tor our girls To Tollow. I S if .,,yI,.P, JI 71' . 616, Jfjw. ,LA Ar,..,4!9".l l 1 !cf5ff4 ly , , sdlff fulf- .D Q 4fn-'-y'1H 9I!A.AA'A m y wil L J. Q 44 ,2Mi,s.4r .4 wg fvrir L LQ. vf if gf ' J ,MI 4 iz, A +lX2gr'. 'LT 41 U fQf,:AI',LLw3 I ,- 41, ' 1. . r" ff-I md! "1 " " ff Q . - 5 JUNIOR GIRLS' LEAGUE f -NA ' 'U EDNA FLAHIVE Presidenf MADELEINE CAYRON The Junior Girls' League, under +he sponsorship of Mrs. Blanc, has held a prom- inenl posilion as one of Verdugo's foremosl organizafions. The aim and purpose of fhe League is 'ro serve rhe girls of The Junior High School by developing a spirif of friendliness and cooperarion among ijrs members, and by exlending a spiril of lriendliness and courfesy lo new girls as fhey enler our school. The acfivifies of fhe pasl semesler have included Insrallalion Services for new officers, Coflon Day, May Day, and Field Day. The expenses for lhese acfivilies were mer enlirely by fhe pie sales which are held every monlh by The members of Jrhe cabinet 1 X V - n l 0,5 JL ,nlrbff-fu EL PORTAL Your slall's goal has been lo make ihe 194-I edihon of EI Porial dillerenl We have fried io gel new ideas, new layoui, less copy and more piciures The responsibilily ol edilorship chosen for The firsl lime. being 'loo greal for one person co ediiors were The slaff hopes fha? you will keep This book as a permanem' record of l94l a+ Verdugo l-lills l-ligh School. Co-Edi+ors Laureiia Jane Puller Susan Byrd Ari S'I'aFF Michika Kalaoka Clara lvlorgan Geraldine Barnwal Boys' Spor+s Bud Gmur Girls' Spor'l's Billee lvlarkas 1 Phofography Bill Rowland Circulalion Norman Ewers Adverfising Dick Kelley 409+ We SCRIBBLERS The Scribblers Club is an organizalion 'rhe express purpose of which is crealive wriling. Under The sponsorship of Mrs. Phyllis Davis, lhis organizalion has Thrived lor lwo years and now has a membership of sevenleen. The Vinlage, a boolclel of sludenl work, is published annually. Two Scribblers, Kalhleen l-loalc and Eslelle Borlcin, have had poems accepled by Jrhe l94I edilion of lhe l-ligh School Poelry Associalion. Miss l-loalc's was awarded honorable menlion. Anolher Scribbler, Dorolhy Lindsey, received honorable menlion for an essay on Americanism in a conlesl sponsored by lhe Los Angeles Daily News. mu food CH rhino my ts rn or Q ' so ' S O5 Do .. 0 er is Not 5 G quor ifuo - org f UI' on ' I ng' ody fu m ' fermm f OC" ects. 0 qc. Is Qf ' er - 'Tv '71' ef . vin eos from QV' Q :6' ' d fo QS off? SX I o s O D ' . , K d K' ' d ov S K Bu x lc O gov UG qn xh VO' U 3 I on Hex ex o ners gn , V117 o O 8 Gr 1chOOx5 V ' - . .. s JU 'he . 9 e 17007650 I 31 , on on ls fr D ' F I eV 7 ' q d we le I1 or O p ' t fu 'I Th S Q ' . i e"Vu griculture Clu gr f ersu 'Sig' r. Moo Oo . ' lh ,ylont 'ished 'recor N uni T' West deyg . T e O n S- n Pod C- fe' nd Towel Service Or r u A "H0Vi"9 Gd 9 mf me bovs b n'Lf3'S' TTY yofme had UdTlTOh,lf f the mounto , ' V 'rr by t lx .ll- by th S Bl-ld GVTWUV Edifof Jim Files, EdI+OF V ,J-N es. gy 1 5 as Bud Gmur and Gail Clinlon were chosen as delegales lo Boys' Slale, wilh Girls' Slale delegale being Carol Addison. The Legion Essay Award winners in lhe senior high were Frances McKenny and Shirley Proeloslel, The iunior high winners were Don Duncan and Kennelh Mason. Our lirsl annual Spelling Bee was sponsored by Mr. John Slephen McGroarly. ln lhe senior division, Frances While BIZ, won lhe indi- vidual prize. The winning leam was composed ol Belly Slephen, Bruce Bailey, Shirley Proeb- slel, Vera Cook, and Erma Uplhegrove, AlOs. ln lhe iunior high Kennelh Mason A9 was lhe besl speller and lhe winning leam was made up ol Slanley Richman, Bill Frilz, Marie Connolly, Belh Clillord, and Lloyd Burns, also A9s, Roberl Nielson won lhe lirsl language award by lacilily in lhree languages. The lyping awards in lhe senior high were lo Mariorie Vifalers, Carolyn Morgan, Mildred Correll and Jean Marineau and in lhe iunior high lhose receiving recognilion were Harold Shinpo and Arline l-leclcer. For lalcing shorlhand al lhe rale ol eighly words a minule Jean Johnson and Carolyn Morgan were given awards, and lhose given awards lor sixly words were Jacqueline Ardiz- zone and Margarel Prilchard. ln lhe music deparlmenl Georgelle Deuloer received recognilion lor her oulslanding serv- ice lo her school. To all lhese lhe "El Porlal" and lhe Sludenl Body as a whole oller congralulalions on lheir line work. MUSIC ....:i:...A Clrchesfra Chdr Band Q Q. T--A-.,....,...,. A., ,mW ...V ..,, HW. f """'W"-wmv ww-M---N k . Y i Q E . A. 5 gi Q ew sa em + ---Q38 is Q33 ,vg3:'."'...:"..:.-"-.... m m s, U ,Gm Q' M M M . 1 i l 1 , N , , - , , 2" Y Q ' Q' S " ew Ad 56 HHHMH The Senior Drama Class. on April 3rd, successfully presenied a lhree acl play on ihe 'rrials of an adolesceni frying +0 choose beiween being a Tomboy or a glamour girl. The casi was well chosen and Mr. Harry Smiih, The drama Teacher, did a line iob of diredion. The casf was: "JUNE MAD" Penny Wood ..,. Chuck Harris ...,. Roger Van Fleck.. Mrs. Wood ...... Elmer Tuiile ,... Dr, Wood .... Ellie ....,........ Milly Lou ..,,....... .....Jean Lake .....Pa+ Casey . , . .Dick Kelley .,..Billee Markas . . . . . .Hal Sisney .....Alber+ Sfills . .Joan Eisiminger Frances lv1cKenny G. Mervyn Roloeris ..... Jimmie BarreH Mr. Harris ........ Shirley Wenrworrh Ralph Wenfworih .... Julie Harris ,,.., ., ,....BilI Rowland . . , . 4 .Joyce Ara Wallace Wellman ....Cuppie Hoak JUNIOR THRIFT SENIOR HOSPITALITY JUNIOR HOSPITALITY 'I .f Mega Q 'W if I Y ei WP sq! A 3 as nav ..- -.-. R ,,,,,.M,...M..........,.,.........Q--. - .... ,W,I,,...,, .............. . Mwwmw , ..--pq 1 ---ang K wMlWD9'l'Y"P""'! ,---'num ,I---nun g....---I-u ...Q-nm Q...-anon , wwwww i W,w.u,gQw Www SENIOR SAFETY COMMITTEE JUNIOR SAFETY COMMITTEE ATHENIAN JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP , ' I ., CTW-Eff .-A- -, X W' Q I I ' E51 I 'iff' ' I . If y was 'SF NTU , S... ..... Q... ...,,,..., l'71'?Z1'3"""" NE' ,A . M,-ax., BETSY ROSS CLUB SERVICE CLUB V. T. E. USHERS .. .X ,Q N... 1 " X -"vm r , un- 'QW 1'-Pkg A . -av . ,I : 4- A l n df- 'ggi' -Q ' K P " 44 n ' Q if f Q." .F Q " 1 S ffm Y.: at 'la Y 5? g Q A 'V 9 H, ,.,. Tx? Q 1 51 1 1 at 1 0 i, 4 --a "! W.. .J J' rv wir. u 4'A ft- ,- f 5, 'fvff-Y' ,mga A -QM CW! QW M. N c5"2fTi?NW4"X N , t" idk, Q wg, 1 kvgffkvwlq' A RX ,X U m k 'SN 5 'fm ggi ar A -5- WW -w-4 '- wif, x W5 'fn V, A ,L Q m"""""4-,M fffsf 3x if A "fl: ,.. ' ..., dggyiqa,-'JY , 1 ,P my P Y f s f: ' Y' 3' 1 v"'v , ' 4 'lr "Z: if ' Y 5 W? Q, Y 25,4 H K 55 'V Xvf'wnf,4 'mf s., f Q 1, 3 " A 2? if T w, 2 wwf? '5 'O iw. i2 '? wf 2 ff ,aw W fimw 1 it vi E-on .5 Sum a W M f ' -3415! wunuaAwmm:vmnmuumumfrwwQmmmwawm,4w-up mawsmmw 'Q S A w mama wwf- Awwnwvmr-wM.mmmm.4zvmwywm1,.vf.wu mmw imma ,umm ,mununww , 1- .mm A Aznwf,-1 w fm-y,:. During The nexT Tew hundred words oT This column, l will aTTempT To summarize The l94O-4I year oT ',porTs aT Verdugo T-lillf, l-ligh School. AlThough Tinishing lasT in The Valley loop, The Don varsiTy landed Three members oT iTs sixTeen grid- ders on The AllfValley elevens. Dick Kelley, Bob STone, and CapTain Jim Beckius wee The honored TooTballers. They opened Their pracTice schedule aT MonTeA bello where The Qilers eked ouT a dispuTed 7fO vicTory. NexT lvTenTor Cy Polhemus and his bo s Iris g If i' ,Jing ...,..... ., enTerTained The Wilson Mules, who Tallied Tour Times To beaT The Dons. They losT all oT Their league encounTers, buT always had eleven men in The Tussle geTTing experience Tor TuTure wars. The bee TooTballers had approximaTely The same kind oT a season as The varsiTy. The only excepTion . wwe K was a scoreless Tie wiTh The lvTonTe- bello lighTweighTs on llersey Field, in Their iniTial appearance. Coach Norm l:orsTer's TirsT Verdugo grid squad did make The oTher Valley squads know They were in a ball game. Coach Pefry Seiler's varsiTy bas- keTball Team didn'T have iT This year. Lack oT experience and no scoring ThreaT landed The locals aT The boTTom oT The heap. The class bee Tive had The mosT successTul season oT any Don aggree gaTion This year. They won several pracTice TilTs, and were on The long end oT Three league wins. The l94O valley soTTball champs had a Tough season wiTh only Three oT lasT year's championship squad in unies. ln The Los Angeles CiTy l-ligh School soTTball Tourney, They knocked over SouTh GaTe in Their debuT. BUT were conquered by The Tourney win. ning Franklin PanThers in Their nexT sTarT. Beside a pair oT exhibiTion games wiTh Wilson, Their only oTher win oT The campaign was Trom The Tigers oT San Fernando, a game played in seven innings oT rain, Looking The money in pracTice maTches, under The helm oT Coach George JaTTray, buT showing noThing in league compeTiTion The Don rack- eTeers were Taken by Tive oTher valley schools and ended in The cellar oT The Tennis league. Hll lHllll lllN DICK KELLEY lsf sfring guard i BOB STONE CAPTAIN JIM BECKIUS Zfld S'l'f'lI'1Q back 2nd gfring end SPIKE FINALISTS The following boys qualified for fhe Valley League finals af Van Nuys l-ligh School. Class A-Bruce Caflin. Class Bee-Doug Goodwin, Harley France. Class Cee-Earl McKenney, Oscar Cano, Billy Ohniclc, Bob Jaclcson. The following boys won medals in fhe Valley finals of fhe Bee and Cee field evenfs-Bob Jackson, Isf place Cee shofg Harold Gribben, 2nd place Cee high lump: Lyle Dilley, Isf place Bee pole vaulfg Joe Zander. 3rcl place Bee pole vaulf. .Q , 4, Q A. 'A Y 1-an M is '94 FUUTHALL 1 i 1 S S Q S X ' L .Qi cw' M - SAX 5 .,. s X L. X FUIITHML KD Eff J W P. ff 4 1+ X 3 A n vu f .2 l -ff A gn., A H! r 'ff -4 wx W? VL f ,4 mf, Nw v ,. 1:9 . me-'yw f .. .- . ., , f 917 1 s .U v ,A ' , t .sg 'Ill-f .f w.. a- way avr' r J , f 'Aix BASKETBALL 4 Q! X NQYX gm W AN? - g S YY 1 1 X YS .X L x X . Q W 1 - .L - X nf faq- . Lx is is-Xifafsffi 5-il X N9 Nz' x.'uxu'll .xy u,-'A gyr- BAS KET B . g 5,95 ,X . K . - 'X x E h 2' XSRSES gxgsw Q mfs sg wg as-Q Q f Q f Q w '- ggcwg gs ixig fvgbrw x N3 N' mr: tv ' ' Q: ,hw ,kim J , Ram - A Q-M1 J. . . f A wx ,XMRQN A Av -Xwh K ,J . sr 1, xi My .sewn kk -W V Q X, S -,ighig ms, y mum. . 'fm nm' -1. , ali W +1 SES , , xx, Q. 'Q P4 g 4 sul' wg YB C I' MSX 325 S pqsnofw-H C 'f uk f, Q., , M , ,M ,,M.m.,..MmfM z., H9 ,. 532 ,if LZ ff" ' .W www k.M,Wm+wa-1-WMM xwgew M ...x .MM ,,,.1.,.,-. ww , x tk: ' .1 WMWM, ,, ,,f,N""'WJM ,XMLJ M if ' Qx , S x X ' 2 Q NNIS 235543 x 4 4 ,X X li if S A , XXX xf-:XLXSXXX -X x A NX X XXX . x x K K ' ,WX xvgim WXNXXX N xf New-XX.X ww? XX .X X 3 :jx A xzgfwiy ,, W' "Y X 'xX'g A , X v ......X Q N 1 . - FW M ff . ,, ff- WSYNQNFQQSX-S - X , V 15" ' A ' ' - XX W XX X,wwwXwf--X'j5??f"ffii F'fl '- 5 Lg g ' f ' Q X X . X XXX wf - f -:XX Yi X I 54 A - X X ' ' N Q I Q f ' ' X ' f ' f lk x k k 7 Rig K XX M XX X Q ' szbiu 5 S X Q X .,,,,vg-wg-m,Xn ,. . .XX x X:.Xg N 5 4-.. sw., 'H BX X xx K hw 1 5? THMK N MN i, . s i. .xy ww Q. Q x -5:52, 5 Q : ,.:., 5 . . 55 x ,Q Y M ,X XX X sy Q X X X x X X.ffxQx xv X wiixkx xxx XNV xx . - X..-x- NX . .Q x 1 Xs Xxs X TRACK x X fa S xcgkx it Q . m Sfgs S Q x q K 5 X S NS 'P Q Y . ' f if L llqfiilx-Li Q . f f 1 ' . ' x Xwfallx K ' :X .3Q,:. X A , NV'-Qi X N X xx . Q K x K X- 4. 9- - 55-E5f'i:-. .425-.s.ilEI-I,.i:IjI gl ifiv Sk llf wil if . T U i N S f Q X Q'-:Q-'nfxi 9, . 1 "':IQ.?:,Ig.. :I: 5' ., . X ' f 1'.' .I'Ij.' Y -.N xwwmwp aw. X ' Q5 A ,NXSQ M ,Q A. , QRR5. A M, . X Q Wk AA Q F 1 "X"-x+'iQ . -was , X www 4 - . K Q Q 1 X X - wg3f.S+fwlis X S X Xgsiigms mwf - X ftf , . gi X' fglefz , ,AWN .. if ,W 1 --w 'B 'Wi wig R 1 bi 'Vw-Q , X .W Aww X , ,M M 'lx Nu., wgfa-f iw Y J y ' - f Nfw 1 VHlllYllHHMI1SlH4H CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL For The TirsT Time in The brieT hisTory oT Verdugo Hills High School a championship was won by a Don squad. Coach Cy Polhemus and his I94O soTTballers wenT Through an undeTeaTed season behind The superb piTching oT WalT Robbie and The Timely hiTTing oT Arnie Fay and Jerry Haile. The Don champs meT The Tigers in The lasT game oT The season Tor The champion- ship, and were able To shuT ouT San Fernando 3-O in The mosT Thrilling TilT of The year. Taking a loolc aT The champs now, we Tind Two oT Them in Uncle Sam's Navy. namely Harold Thomsen and WalT Tupper. Jack Zander is gone by way oT graduaTion. Joe Zander and Arnie Fay Tound acTion on This year"s varsiTy ball club. Johnny FoersTel has chosen work raTher Than school and aT presenT is a service sTaTion aTTendanT, ,if wirgif-Qiiqim grow A. mv if sit ffjmgqg Q ' J. Zzxwosgrg W. 'wooszng A A s T Qi rgrrrmoucg XXX KX T 'T 'M A L5 A-'W P T1 lat, + mimiiq A . T saaaiii Tsai ZANDFD ' ' X W Qmoeeif: f ' y - T. ACAQDTAIN ' A 'I si J" N 2 QJMUQ 1' 9' .My 2 ' 'E T s my KA APN L . h 1 V x.Q.c -sky J. E-l-... s is H. .wjaDOLp.iCx ix Q 5 Ls 1 5 N., VZXLLEV CHAMDIONS ri TQ-40. gm Al , .,. t v thx t 0' wmuxwwwsqmw Y' . if N k X .N y .W,w'ix2,v-Nw ' X 'v-mm Minn... -W fi -..,bwm W Q N1 x X' xm k . V W as A 4 wwf'-fgg, x fx N' U """""-xx 'Eh A 1 4 U . Q 'W as ,Liv .M 4--fi xv may QQ XM' xi? NN S! S MLW' Q1 7 'CWJOQJ 'xx , ,lf ,X , 9 fy ff' Q. 'WA fy Jffxf ' J. ,, xy X MJ' ff' " x5 , ii 'X I-Q ff 5 ' as if 3' 5 1' 5 X . -v -4 - Y' xl QW: ,M awe' VY 5 Sw 'few'-"'k IHLS' SPUHTS Yr -991. Q Q :Q 'ymvi ' -, sis: "' Y W V ,n-H' w9,,..J-ffv-5 if Q, x '-'f-"K,,,,W,. , ds ,an . , x Xa,,,ir "Vs -if i"' . , lkwmr, WW,,W,'f , ,ff ' W ,,,.wf"W -un-fi , H -w me Y ,if f I A Y' s, M' ..,, if 6 va ix M X ' : 5 , .-: f A W1 , T78 ' k v QF L. , '4 Q v :, s, V 4 "vm we 'fin'- bf' 9 fzmfuf, u W U Q- K Egg-' " w5"'ifS2. 1- Mlh? 'wgv 'f f x , Y , U I W, Y. vi U f K Qi WW X"'W"ii M Q... 4 my W. x, ww W? g min ,,,,.,v'AKVt,,a vw , , ' . , 5 vfam 9 M .Q b' .w""""", Qf. iw ' wif? 1 f " W ww' 'M ,,:., 4 , ,win is if A K Lwqf' 9 ' yy? 75 62 My i 'kfwff N3-7 :5 ,. ' fm" ""6'W 'K94xw,i.' 1 'JW ..1..........-.. -1.-....4.. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Iourlh year oi Ihe Girls' Alhlelic Associafion is past Verdugo had Ihe Iirsl playday on November 28, I94O, and had as guesls Van Nuys, Canoga Parlc, and Bel- monl I-Iigh Schools. The girls had only one "oil-Ihefcampusu playday, being enlerlained by Canoga Parlc. The fall inslallafion of oiiicers was held in our own cafeleria as parl of a grand parly, So anofher year of The Girls' Alhlelic Associalion ends in a Irance of golden memories, never Io be forgolfen by Ihe girls oi Ihe G. A. A. Prcsidenl , Vicefpresidenf. Socrolary , ., . I-lead of Sporfs Presidenl , . Vice-President Secrela ry ...,... Head of Sporls Ivlargarel Thomasson . Margarel Frilh .Priscilla Rulherford .Tafiana De Somov .. .... .Susan Byrd Tafiana de SOTTTOIJ . . . , . . .Jean Smilh Kalherine Mandelias n-:gm 'Q QCYQVB Q' Fa :- : , , K E 'ics LETTERGIRLS The le-Hergirls, wirh an increased mem- bership of fifreen. enjoyed Their Third year of exislence, The fwo highlighfs of +his year's aclivilies were a successful dance and a bicycling parly. The girls broughl porluclm suppers and really Worked up a healrhy apperile aller an hour of sfrenuous bicycling. The lellergirls have a new and grand sponsor This year, Miss Sullivan. Our hear?- lelr lhanlcs and apprecialion go 'ro her for all +he high ideals and srandards ser before us so graciously. Presidenl' .... . Billee Marlfas Vice-Presidenf ., , ,Joan Eisifningei Secrelary .. . ., Carolyn lvlorfmn Presidenl ....,... .. .Joan Eisinwinqer Vice-Presidenl ,... Mary .lane l-lealley Secrefary .,.... . Margarel Pritchard VOLLEY BALL The G.A.A. volleyball 'reams lhis year, as always, were viclorious over lhe maiorily ol opposing reams. A greal improvemenl in The rhylhm and cooperalion of lhe girls was shown. By 'rhe end of lhe season, Verdugo's learns were looking like real pro- fessionals. A lournarnenl was held among lhe various grades wilh lhe lwelllh graders coming oul on lop. The elevenlh grade pul' up a valianl' fighl, while lhe 'renlh grade oughl lo confine ilsell lo "no+ so lough" cornpelilion. All in all, volleyball was a sporl enjoyed more lhan ever before by 'rhe girls in lhe G.fX.A. ,wpbwf aww! TN BASKETBALL Baskelball, always a favorife, was played wi+h more enlhusiasm and fervor lhis year lhan has ever been indicafed before. The girls seemed more concerned wilh lhe correcl form and played a much belrer game. Slar performances were handed in by every girl, which nalurally meanl more even compelilion for lhe Teams. Baslcelball always allords fun galore, and Jrhe girls agree 'rhal lhis year didn'+ le+ us down. More concern, be-Her form, and sfeady Jrhinking all conrribuled 'ro Jrhis year's popular game, baslcelball. BASEBALL Baseball, fhe G.A.A.'s favorife sporf, was enioyed fremendously by all fhe girls. The feams were chosen by grades, and sfiff compefifion was an inspirafion which improved fhe girls' abilify greafly. The fwelffh grade emerged vicforious again, buf had fo figh+ desperafely fo hold off fheir valianf opponenfs. This year fhere was more speed on fhe ball, more "caughf" flies, and beffer fielding fhan has ever been shown before. This game, baseball, cerfainly has a differenf "somefhing" abouf if fhaf malces if fops among fhe girls. They look forward fo baseball wifh a glowing enfhusiasm, and why nof? Affer all, baseball is fhe "Nafional Pasfimef' A-A A .- A ',. 5 ....., ,, 4 1 4 if ' .'-13-5 4 H K: .... Q if . K X :MEI ', 1 X ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH GRADES TENTH GRADE l wr F -gi Q' MISS McDONALD AND MISS SULLIVAN .', 1 Our sponsors, lhe real inspiralion behind all our aclivilies, deserve l'he maiorily of credir for anylhlng oulslanding lhal mighl' happen in Ihe G.A.A. They seem more like memloers, buf slill have lhe upper hand al all limes. They are always where you wanl lhem lo be, wilh a word of sympalhy, a geslure of lcindness, and a sense of humor lhal simply can'+ be ouldone by anyone. ln all sincerlly, we, 'rhe girls, would like lo express our apprecialion for all lhey have done for us. So, lo Miss McDonald and Miss Sullivan, go our apprecialion and 'rhanlcs lor all lhose grand limes lhal were more numerous lhan ever before. ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Presidenf .... Vice-President SecreIary ,... I-IisIorian, . .. Treasurer I... ....ForresI Theriof Barbara Guiremend . . . .Nancy TruIH .... .VioIe+ EIIswcrII1 ..,,ArI Emery CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 27. STudenTs overTlowed This Tall. We aren'T so IiTTIe aTTer all! OCTOBER 4. EooTbaII season wiTh all iTs cheers Begins Today-buT This Time Tears. I I. EiTTeen home rooms successTuIIy sTrive To be hundred percenTers in The La Yuca drive. I8. The new cheer leaders are Burns 81 Nohles, They help us yell as Dons make Their goals. 29. The I-IifY hosTs aT annual TesT WiTh Ernie SmiTh as honored guesT. NOVEMBER I. Today sTarTs The drive Tor CommuniTy ChesT, No one could say ThaT we didn'T do our besT. 8. A Sadie I-lawkins Backward Dance, Well, sheT my mouTh gals, hyah's yo chance! I5. The new caTeTeria all shiny and brighT, Is Tormally dedicaTed TonighT. 29. BaskeTbaII season sTarTs wi+h a whoop: WaTch our Dons puT The ball Through The loopl DECEMBER 4. Three carToons Tor The price oT one Opened our cinema season oT Tun. 6. ThaT nasTy microbe known as "TIu", Worked and worked 'Till There was no work To do. I6. The ChrisTmas Tood drive begins Today: We did our besT-is There more To say? 20. For The Dick Kelly, up goes The Tally- Eemme hearTs TluTTer as he makes all valley. 27. Welcome is Dr. Barker's advice, As sTudenTs aTTend his Tine lecTures Twice. JANUARY 3. We're To have a new gym-The plans are all made- BuT we won'T raise our hopes 'Till The ToundaTion is laid. I I. Spring eIecTions in The air, And Nohles Takes The Prexy chair. IO. I-Iopes Tor "PorTaI" bring glad grins, The sTaTT is chosen and hard work begins. I3. A senior Prom-all brighT and gay, BesT so Tar IThe B I 2's sayl. 24. Norman Ewers-ThaT brighT young lad, I-las won a scholarship--hmn-noT badl CALENDAR FEBRUARY 7. I4. 2I. Commencemenl over-Seniors gone- Proverbial grindslone slill grinds on. A Girls' League Assembly surprise- Tips on colors and labrics lor lhe lashion wise. Tom-loms beal and signals blaze, As "Warriors" recognized Senior Ayes. 28. Thal lowly scum llhe B-I2 classl Break lradilion-make lheir Prexy a lass. MARCH 7. Many Verdugoans buck lhe licle I4. 2I. 28. APRIL 4. I8. 25. MAY 2. 9. lb. 23. 30. JUNE 6. I3. 20. 27. For lhe "Mission Play" in Riverside. Religious Conlerence held loday? All religions had lheir way. Thanks lo our lriend John McGroarly, The school is in lhe lhroes ol a "spelling bee." Due lo Mr. Smilh's promolion Our play "June Mad" caused quile a commolion. Carry your honesl share ol lhe load And help enlorce lhe new salely code. The lrack season slarls wilh a lhree cornered meel Our leam proudly show oll lheir "alhleles' leel." Mrs. Sleele gels logelher lhe Junior Scholars, All brighl as owls, all brighl as new dollars. Correcled lo "Glamour Boys," spruced and sleek, The boys hold sway lor a whole darn week. The girls in lhe lashion line sway and swing, For lhis is lhe day lhal collon is "King," The G.A.A. had a play day- A mad, a glad, a glorious gay day. Ball games and backers all down lhe lineg Come onel Come alll ll's Carnival lime. Caplain Mingay-our dear lriend ol old- Comes again lhis Memorial Day we are lold. ln a Prom remembered all ol lheir days, The Bl2's dance wilh lhe Senior Ayes. Senior Girls' League, wilh ideals brighl, lnslalls new ollicers by candle lighl. Proud and haughly llhe resl ol us boredl The smarlies receive lheir honor awards. School is over-vacalion new- Bul dear, oh, dearl Whal's lhere lo do? ,"""'? 'Q'- this u Q X g we S? 5 1 1 www-w.....,.,,,,, A ,Qc S me X sh Q I X W Q X4 xx ,Q E 1 xx Xi wdxmfa QQ in F 'n 'Q ,' '-If sw' 1 . H W'-A JF Nw gmmmww .X . RN m X x - S 1 5 '64 Q Nw. .sg Q' A px :QM Jil: Tiff' ..w,..w. .gs s Il bs R ii Clemenline Dress lRoscoel l-larry Geyer Mayde Dee Larry's Place' Sherwood LeRoy Ben Welman Aileen Munson l-lomer L. Mar+in Brillon Bowlcer PHlHHNS Shop Commerce Produce Company Dr. Joseph J. Jelinelc Valley Aufo Supply lSylva 84 Sylval Lee I-less Bill Ralser Dr. K. M. Fosler Jean D. Wier Jesse Massey Falher Falvey Dr. E. l-l. King Euqene Oliver WM. W. TAMKIN TOWEL SUPPLY SERVICE Specializing in GYMNASIUM TOWELS Serving the School System Since 1923 1018 Venice Blvd. Pflospect 1787 AMERICAN LEGION tllllf, x Ep' If ilu i Cir x fv'4i??T'tQfifLE 21969515 2 ffirmiilx TUIUNGA POST No. 250 Compliments of DUNLAP 5 6: 10 VARIETY BOBBIE SOCKS, GREETING CARDS HOSIERY, SNOODS, NOTIONS 8346 Foothill Blvd. Sunland Phone Sunland 2666 7245 Foothill Blvd. TUIUNGA CLEANERS I. 1. McBEE, Prop. Cleaning, Dyeing, Tailoring and Laundry We Call for and Deliver Next to Snyder's 5 6- 10 Store VALI.EY REALTY 6 BUILDING CO. INSURANCE Ada N, Stills-Licensed Real Estate Broker Elizabeth Camp-Associate Chas. W. Stills-Licensed Contractor 10000 Commercial Ave. Sunland 2586 Tujunga. California ANAWALT LUMBER 61 MATERIALS COMPANY "Satisfied Customers" 10169 Tuiunga Canyon Blvd. Phone Sunland 23 TO THE GRADUATE! Stationers Corporation extend best wishes to the Class of Iune, 1941. Wherever your path leads . . . you will find our entire organization happy to serve you with quality merchandise. STATIONERS CORPORATION Printers . . . Engravers . . . School Supplies 525 South Spring Street MUtual 2341 Los Angeles 6369 Hollywood Boulevard GRanite 4188 Hollywood 1040 Sixth Avenue FRanklin 1344 San Diego T. V. ALLEN - C. W. RI'I'TER CO. Manufacturers Diplomas, Rings, Pins, Medals. Awaras Announcements, Trophies, Cards Stationery Official Iewelers California Scholarship Federation 2922 S. Main St. Los Angeles. Calif. ZITTO'S SERVICE HARRY V. ZITTO 6621 Foothill Blvd. Phone Sunland 45 Tuiunga, Calif. STAN'S NIGHT LIGHT CAFE We Never Close TRY OUR STANBERGERS "A Meal in a Bun" 3211 Verdugo Road Ph. Churchill 37 Closed from 2:30 to 5:30 A.M. iw wix sw ,F ,xg 2 x . v A x 3 4M 1 T' -. ' X S XY X Q X .Nsgz A Q XX X X X x :Q X X X f YP: l Ax , 'W Q x R ,. S xiii if Ni' N xr : 'L ,, 'i - IN 3: 53 W x Q wi . is X. -x ,X is 5 .. X N Sxgiljx XQN x . X Congratulations from the TUIUNGA SHOPPING BAG MARKET Complete Shopping Center 0 GROCERIES 0 VAN DE CAMPS BAKERY 1' VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT 10 CALVIN'S QUALITY MEATS Compliments to the Student Body of VERDUGO HILLS HIGH SCHOOL from IERRY WEISSMAN "Your Candy Man" 1941 Greetings to a Growing School from a Growing Community Sunland - Tuiunga Chamber of Commerce PAINTS BUILDING MATERIALS PATTEN BLINN LUMBER CO. Arthur Nelson, Manager 10034 Somoa Ph. Sunland 10 Congratulations to the 1941 ANNUAL MOORE AND COIVIPANY OF LOS ANGELES Manufacturing Iewelers 202 S. Spring Street Phone MUtual 1704 HOLLYWOOD ATHLETIC CO. Telephone TUcker 1254 211 East Seventh Street. Los Angeles. Calif. DOUBLE FLAVOR BREAD BARBARA ANN BAKING CO.. LTD 3545 Pasadena Avenue Los Angeles My M SCAN LON'S SPORTSWEAR ' ' 'ONTROSE ' I extends congratulations to VERDUGO HILLS HIGH SCHOOL on the anniversary of their annual and to continued success Compliments of SUPERIOR ENGRAVING CO. We Furnished All Engravings for This Annual Phone HEmpstead 8149 1606 Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood H. V. SCHMID RITZ ICE CREAM Wholesale and Retail Dealer Phone Sunland 164 10602 Sherman Grove. Sunland Central Pharmacy MICHAEL I. McCAFFREY. Ph.G. "Next to Post Office" Tuiunga. Calif. Ph. Sunland 5 l Compliments ot STROUD'S BETTER MEATS SILVER SHIELD DAIRY COMPANY Producers and Distributors of HIGH GRADE DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone Roscoe 6522 11585 Wicks Ave. Roscoe. Calif. Irvin R. KBobl Snyder Marjorie Snyder SNYDER'S 5 6 10 STORES 7249 Foothill Tuiunga. Calif. Phone Sunland 2667 You have tried the rest . . , now try the best C. W. MARKS Gasoline-Oils-Tires-Batteries Complete Automotive Repairing Prompt Service . Ng. Ei S2 as ga S if 51 K x w Q w ,X NW Q X' x gm ASHA? 'Ba N ff: " W , N. 'H -J-MQ. YM ' 'W ' QQ , i fps? K -Agra:-'sgyw Af Q1 .l -SET AQ , . Nymgw -- 5.1-l-'.,g:- :M - ' ' -gif ' w g-5, W ,- L W5 I f- x Eff? 'fgs fE-f x , v-an 55, Y f, xx 455. X msflfx EX iii 5 Q Y 1-4 xg. K wiki. 1 gg WH. Kf- . -5232 ' ' W wxrwri . V Q 4 y in www J Q -L - 'fism E Sl' wr x 1 x f 9: gn gg, 5x 9 S Q5 N M- ,Vff NWRQ fa ,AWN S xxx N F Wg KE -N ,xg MM sw X wg X Q 'PY SG E, RQ. Q5 SPN' A 'Q 'W X ' Q li ,hu x. 6 llgijxj s!,f'r " -7L,LJ SWIM at Indian Springs Montrose, California Churchill 186 C. I. EARLEY Plumbing and Appliances 8148 Sunland Blvd. Roscoe. Califomia . Phone Chase 7-7416 Drive in . . . Let TE CO IACK 6 ARNOLD ' SERVE You N Foothill and Commerce EL CAMINO MARKET 743 San Fernando Road San Femando Phone 399 Groceries, Meats, Food and Vegeiables Free Delivery Compliments Roscoe Hardware Co. 8165 San Fernando Road Phone Chase 7-7ll7 Use More 9 SUNLAND BRAND OLIVES They Are Good ior You Ask Your Local Grocer Compliments Van Auto Body Works Complete Automotive Repair and Painting W If N 'I " in fl -Vx.,-V THIS YEAR BOOK produced by Walla Jluddell ancf fquacialea lf' if V6 r 7fjj,,,,,w 71? B941 Foothill Blvd. Sunland 516 - ERNESTS N l, Barber and Beauty Shop LOS S . Specializing in All Beauty Work ' ff' a Two Operators A Q 11 10051 Commerce St. Sunland 494 ' 'WJ -'xl ,lr WW Qffijv-1 Hulunnnuus W M ' Mwpww . WLMWMQALA A . I SJYEUG GJ O ff 45 ut! J To a .Una X QVYXI WI BV1 BTL ' M M 3332? J ,A si V9 , Q fa M wma? RWM? 0 Qi 5 I - X LQ0'?:wg3fi if EM 'A' "K" 17' , 1' .Lfblb J, g: I, . HEKNHllllllHlllliNlS QC-QA. I M in +al" sfaff graiefully acknowledges ihose who i eiZ1Q and falenis 'ro The publishing of "El Pori'al." ! all and Miss Slrader, our sponsors, whose names , es nd our apprecia+ionafor fheir help . u H9 Mrs. Noiferman and her indis- ecwbgx l + ' Q excellenf sales campaign and 1, ' I Q Mr. Smyser and +he Service 2 Club. WE Ere raie o e six'rh period 'teachers who , ma week efore deadlines. To Mr. Moro- M zoff for our groups and Mr. Faunf Le Roy for +hose lovely wp, -yous. Our apprecia+ion 'fo Mr. amiel of fhe Superior Engraving Company, Holly- o , n u, e of Waller Hubbell and Asso- ciafes, o , r miles when we didn"r V meef our deadlines. To our adveriisers and pa+rons whose 3 help made fhis book possible we are grafeful. To Be+'ry Cailin, Bobbie Richey. Margarei Friih. Peggy Garlock. Dick Nohles and Richard Shubsda we give our sincere apprecia- 1'ic6'i1',for The 'rhankless iob of geHing rads. To' +hose s+uden'fs jwhdisenf in canciids, youfhave made iihis book more in'reres'r- x ing. We wish +o congra+ula+e +he winners of 'rhe Piclure Con+es+. The sweepsiakes winner was David Breeden, A7. Ray garier and BeHy Oldham won awards in +he Senior high and Jack, Shannon. Madeleine Cayron and Clyde Eddo received awards in +he iunior division. Those whose picfures appear on lhe candid pages are Magl,Qleine'Cayron, Celesia Good, Irma Pulfer, Jack Shea, Raymond Garfer, Be++y Old- ham, Jack Shannon, David Breeden, Norma Skinner and l.aureHa Jane Pulfer. Thank you. And las? buf no'r least +hank YOU for your subscripiion. L T ff Mfg-W Q1 117, WMM 55:2 Ff , M-K ,. '17 W' mg Q A XE' 6 ' Q .... XFLQLK rg., diff X,- Mwff f A . Eff, s.- . HQ-I, 41 fff' xx fy" Nw .sz W QP,-?wr:1' mm W WWW! awww fx W SEM MJ MS A A fva"i,ifAOyr6 A big ix M' in E .Q , I Fmwmsl if ,'. I ,. .Nw iff!-ff,Eg3zig,: . Q.A . . Fiwbiswi Q -1- X1 ,. 5- lm. . ,.. X X- - . .. ww, . , . . - . . v D 1 9 . , .1 . W. . ff f-1. -H , A , ,.., ,, I Nw' W . MA gmWg.s,?'Z1.m,Q,,.v-W New WQQQESY . ww b w- , . x- -, . - 1 ' . . txfQ...,,, .. A , .,...,A. . .., 'jzg--.,lif'iNQ-wgss--'tw L: 3 , .,. XA' 'M' 'W5if1wQ:.ii , " S in. l MM A ,mfiw A 1... WWW "N-'fm' . " . ..,.,,.,,, 4 6 W wk Nix ' . - - , . . X' -1' We Nm:m:mS-W, f - .,, W , 'nw -w.. 'Q 'NL'-M-' "W ,gpm N. , x " if ' -W-...MX f ,Q , AM . Y 1' ' 1 nr :L x M , M, .4-R , 1 'av'-.N-sq ,vtfisf it V, w,,.. "" is W... ,. .. 4 Q. .. .. ws.. ., Q 1 - ' " "M, r . 1 sf M' ' P' . " 1" " , ,. 1 , P phgl,-svn . S K X . f 5.1m A F -of ' ' "f - fs. N . ' fb W ' Q -..W ' wwf A x k N UN f ff' ." L " """'M.+- x Q ' N ' H51 A 5. A I . A .rx xx .. K .. lx -ff . Q- d Jw. , kJ.v,.M Ax 4.1 'rm Q. xx Md , X , .. K ,. .., X ,. . Q A .. ...,,k.W,M 1 wi y F V . ,.M..,.,, W ::t.:Q . . -wr-ding, + f. - K.. . J ff. X 'Q W -.Q " ...fS'? 4 1, x K 515' f 4 we -- ,M.Aa2"'hA3 w , ,w, . A. A Yu' . ffm, H g' ' 'wt--a.4i W" ri. fiw x . 'W-w..,.... 1 2, W N 'W' " " ?P -mama-..,,,,, ' .- ,, , , , .,. , . , A4 K . W Q A ' ""'f'f" Q 1-fm"'f3.-a,1g'Sf" .M 'Q .. , i"N"J'." -' A . f . 5 1 jx . '- ' 1 " " x - , -4 . V ' X ' 'S " Lx'1, ,Ji M.,-,,,.' , , "' -f 4-...,.., ,, ! ,b 5 . " 'W 'uv' V' -' ' f ,Nw 7 1, A --. A.-. . . Q y ' V-.fn A, -. I . ..A' ff 'J v ff V- ,Q ,J ' 'fa , ,-, 6 '-X .nv ,M 1. I f nf ' -,., -V, ' J ,W -4' x ,fu ' X .K . ', V . A f . im, , M, f pf fggfff-fy sf, uw - 1 , ' . Atv , 1.f,F.f:.f-Q, icvdal' fx .fx , .f N, A fygi , ., s .n . - A ,. - fi'-:,,,"'s..'R3,v',,-1 Wsyf .M . xi 'Tm T Q,--fffm - Q, h, ,V ,Q-1 -Y Q , . S - ,, -, h f ,, pl?" ' f- wi",-.-2Q..p' '."' wig, -,,'.,'!fy55 fa'-gf -,ph4x',1g- f--.VS . , lfikwqgf-. M- ,. -M ,-X . 14,141 . gr' Fr.. ,V-,sf,,Q .fr Q. 1 'fy X' -',U",?"-'AQ V 5 .f!,f67"Q5'f'N?f2C,.' fr llfifi ' ,f L- ,JW iw i 6 ' .Q 4. Q- A -.,,f yt,,,A' 4 ,.,f' ,w A ff ,I ,34-wyfJv,f,fKQ,.,rK,A f af f 2 ,lg . A -f- f ' . ' A ' K' ' 5' ." X' x . , 11W-ww -w x A 'SX Q. - .. inch gg , K .K QA W ,,,,e5waPm'.Tw.,w-".ar f' F . Mg. 1 , 3 . -at . aw K f. .. A uv ' , 4 . W.. xv UA 4 w25?fffS??"S 'V w .if 225 www-Nw. ' Y ln X Q -Q' I y v ' N , 1 ' t C . N 4 4 4,1 K , X gx n 5 f I ,S z H . . 4 1 S1 ' NMa.. M- - A Y A . wr. 'M A ,, f 'Q' , sv 'yn , x +226 W ,WV , M aw : , ., df 4 .rm ,1 -. , ., vw - sr 'f.x"fg-4,34 ..,., V ,, in wif f" "MLA K ffl. , , F 4 ' v-4 ,K gg. .2, Qty, M it , 3 Uv.. 5 1 ,-.dx Us ,7 V' N ,My , W' wi ag 'W 1 'TW' 'fuk if ,. ! K , Q ., if V, Q if 1 . t Y ,sfvf

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