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1 1 Q, Y , .L if Q4 : ,V v r' 2'1- 1 ,,l -.Q Y 1 uv . 4, X H K. 1 , v. 1., ' 1,1'7U "' my L , :- vm- W Wi, , , ' vff 1 P-we ,A M"-"'fT"'1f-L-' T - V. ,Q 'X 2 f ' V f 1 I ,1 4 hw ' A ff' 'V 'Q- fi , -'MJ , ,J Yr 15 my 1, E -err "" X 4 ww ' . 4 This., . Q ' J 4 1. . D1 V .,,:,."'1 1'f 'a x,?'1i . 14 ffl-j A an .3 :Ml X , 'L is I .Q I 1 iff' :.Q-if-. , 'Wf- 'vfaixs - K A 1 ' 1, 'K 'K in . 'ff 1 ,255 Ty-.3 --. , .w-.EL if im.-"'fff .' f 1 'YE I ' N-Lf. W - ig -Q in , . , ' ,f .1j.gfQ "wg ., Y ' Sf. , -rf.. 75554 -5, .M , '- j , . 'Q . 1155'- W V1 :Z ,. gif" 1, 5" H I , .Y -A .Agn T' F' ' 2"' 'g"vryf'gmu-'T'-1 -'ff r-'rw-rv' vi-1-qv'-. ' 1 - W 1 'vw W iAV V"gJf -KW 3. f fl37'z,rw3,,f,gT,L4 Zfwfzv-H, 1732 My wi Published by, THE ASSOCIATED STQDENT BODY I VENTURA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL 1 D 1 . , . ,, '.--fl, ,5.,..: -1 ..:.N:'- A , ...ww - , Wg.Q.ia:qs.9, 514-1 if 'Al . ..,,,. . , -.iiifli -S' 2 EUNHNTE.. . Administration . Classes . Organizations . Activities Athletics 13, is 14 . F542 L,,Y-'92 -L , M1512 ww, 31. , we i ' I 1 1 QQAEEZ 'S' .A ,:1,.4P'5 0.3 ' .r ,'-AT-1 , -'Lf ai 2, Gi" , - 'Q ', . QQ s il,3,ygk,- ,- f - ' "f. I, 2 V" iff" ' 'J I , ,.q3A ,I V , ,Y qzffir. HAL Hicks- .1 4 ' 552 llllllllllllll Some impressions live only with the individual, It is the earnest ambition of the staff of "The Log" to recreate fond memories of activitiesland organiza- tions of the year i938-39, As you turn the pages of memories, it is hoped that this eventful year will never be forgotten, Unimportant they may seem today, but one, five, or ten years hence they will be fond recollections of the past. l3l Ulllll-lllllH As a gesture of appreciation lo our Principal, Lee Ogden, vice-principal, Fred Newcomb, and dean of girls, Miss Bidwell, who have guided our Mariner craft so wisely and skillfully on its voyage during 1938-39, we are very happy to dedicate our first annual, "The Log." l4l 1? .., V 4 ' ,I JA We SON. A. B.. t Tnp row-VVARRICN T.XYI.L7Il, M. SC.. I'. I'I.I G. L UGDISN, Prlnvijmli GLIGN TUHNICII., A, R. woudvruftl MARVIN OLSON. M. S.. ICIHIIISII. Ixus- Ilw-SS: MIGIILIC UNITI-IRIIILL. A. Il, ICml'IISh. math: IIUIIIGRT KIELLIQR. M. A.. biology, general sch-m-eg BEN XVUODCOCK, M. A., zcnglm., mmm J. A. COI'Ill'.XS. A. B.. I". E.: J. A. ULARK, A. II., lu'IntIng': CAROL STICYICNS. B. SC., HIIEIISII. hlflill. IAEHHY Second row-PAVL WILSWN, M. A. Kellnisi VICTOR FITIMAIIRIPFI, M A., EIIHIISIIZ IIUMIGR KREIIS. A. Il. nwlnl crnfi: TIUBICRT ARMSTRONG A. H.. nwclmnlcul drxuvinyx: J. Il. I'ICXI'lLICTON, M. A.. El'0lIl'!'llI hurli- hoss: VVOOI7 GLOVER. A. II., P, IC, YYAYNIE SIMPSON, A. B.. English ninth: CARI.'I'0N TPIOMS, A. II. linglish. lllnllll ULYIFIU CAMPBICLI. A. B., Womlcrafii I.VAI.TI'III IIAAS 'I'IUl'1I l'0W-LICIJI HOIX'I'II4I., II. S1-,, IJIIIIKI, 0l'L'IlCS!l'HZ MISS MARY ICICI.- Lmn, .x. n., mmxllsn, mmm: MISS FI.UI.lICNCI'I IIAGLICY, A. H.. I". E.. MISS MARGAIIICT IIUMICR. A.II.I',I'I. MRS. I3UIl0'I'I-IY KING, IILA. ICIIILIISII lhnihl MISS M.fXIl.IORIl+J ENGLISH. R. S.-., cymng: Mxss M. 112, IYRIGI'I'I', II. IC., IUUSIP1 BIISS IIICTTY VENNICY, M. A.. Iflmfllsh, Journalism! II. Il nxv,xu'rrI1'1c. .x. B., mngnsu, num.. Fruni row-M IIS. . II'Irrzu'I2uli A. Il.. lnllsIv. Fun:-th rnwfALI.1CN Mn-NITT. M. A.. ITHHIISII, dl':Im:I2 MISS CLEO IILRICY, A, R.. home-lnnkimrg MISS IGLIZA- BIUTII CRISICLI., Il. Ii.. AN.: BIISS IIARIIIHT IIUIUI, A. Ii., nlgclxrn, gv- nllwtryr IPRANCICS OSTBICRG, .L B.. II. H. N.. School nurse: MISS MAR- .IORIE Fmxslcn, B. lc., my-mug: Miss IILLIAN IIIIWXVIHILL, neun of GIFISI MISS VIVIAN TAMBLYN. A. H.. I'. I-I.: XVILLIAM NACOMFIIIIR, M. Sv.. Iivtilfsh. math. XLIPFI IIARIKI- MRS. MA X' STONE. A. II.. vlnlllinfli MRS. LAI'- RFINA IIAICICR, A. Il., NpullISIl1 MISS MARY l1.fXI.LAGIlICR, M. A.. ulfxuhrn. 1:'vmxwtr5': MISS MAIIICI. NICALIC. M. A.. Iimzliih. math! MISS GLAIIYS XVUOIIYAIID. B. E0 f00tIS2 MRS, ICD- NA ATKINSON, M. A., Lniinl MISS IELLIGN LANINHS, H. Su., English: MISS IIAISY l'IiOMVI'lCl.I.1, A. R.. nrt. ISI - fu 9 . 35 I Hack row: Elimx Ollvelt, Dun Pulnskl, Cecil Thadker. Lyle Stewart, Bob Slye. Second rnw: Miss Betty Penney, LaVerne XVelsc-I. Front. row: Donna Loo Wlxsun, Mary Lou Knox. Mane .ms-na mimi-, Alice Knox, Frank vivei-os, lllll lUl3"Elllll The staff of "The l.og" has had the privilege of editing the first annual ever to be published in Ventura junior high school. In previous years, the only records of school activities were bcund editions of our school newspaper, the "Campus Chronicle." This year, however, after an energetic campaign, "The Log," sponsored by the senior class, came into being, The staff was se- lected on the basis of interest and writing ability, Each editor was responsible for a particular section, The campaign, which was led by Grace Moore and Bob lmmel under the supervision of Carlton Thoms, was won by the boys. The graduates hope that this annual campaign for sales will become a traditional contest between the girls and boys. The A. S. B. presented a silver loving cup to the staff. Each year on this cup will be engraved the name of the winning side, The "Boys of '59" were so honored this year. The Iieutenants, chosen from the homerooms, did much to aid in the success of the campaign. Since this was the first pub- lication of its kind, the goal was set for the sale of 750 annuals. One thousand were sold. Don Pulaski won the contest by selling over one hundred annuals, Alice Knox ran a close second by selling seventy annuals. Members of the staff were editor-in-chief, La Verne Weisel, activities, Merre Jayne Pekor, classes, Donna Lee Wixson, organizations, Mary Lou Knox, ath- letics, Frank Viveros, advertising manager, Lyle Stewart, business manager, Cecil Thacker, art editor, Arthur Tarin, circulation, Don Pulaski, photographers, Bob Sly, Elton Oliver. A great part of the credit for the success of this yearbook goes to members of the faculty who aided in the work. Miss Penney was in general charge. Miss Cromwell had charge of photography and art work, and Wayne Simpson acted as business advisor. l5l 5, -Q c cc- 'A ,. i-1, 1 'I-1' ' ', . 4x , Jr,-.SHIP-. Q -L . U, Fwggij-1.,j., X A flair? M L -1 Q' "' "'1?3A3Jg gr-lv?-QL. ' J., rj,-A A, 'Egfr 5 f A , x-A xp-5 1 ,-, " H. AvF'4i..s V' IT?- ,,,-,.ri,,,.' Y. , , -, . . .- 47' ' 3 4 Hill klltson, president: Lyle Stewart, vice-m'esldi-nt: Jenn Monro, secretary: Dick Wright, xrensm-er. lllllll lilllllli ' Beginning the festivities, the annual picnic was held on May 6 at Matilija plunge where about l5O students enioyed several hours' swimming, hiking, eating, and playing group sports. The iovial mixed group was carried by school bus to Matiliia, leaving the school at lO a. m. and returning at S p. m. Following this and promoted by the tens was the class day program, also an annual event held in the auditorium during the last week of school and attended by the whole school. On the program were several numbers by the orchestra, an address by Gale Graham, A. S. B. prexy, who presided over the entire affair, and a special intro- duction by the tenth-grade class president, Bill I-litson. A band appropriately called the Mariner Class orchestra, conducted by Melvin "Straus" Kirkman, gave out with several delightful, popular numbers. All this preceded a novel "Gay Nineties" program arranged by the musical department heads. With Wilbur Jensen as master of ceremonies, Colleen Watson, Betty Higgins, Mary Martha Morgan, and members of the Glee club were introduced as the perfor- mers depicting those early days. Last but not least in this theme, a skit called the "Cake Walk Dance" proved to be an hilarious affair. The long-awaited will, history, and prophecy were then enacted by several prominent students. Returning, Bill l-litson presented the school with the class gift which consisted of a bright, gayly colored Mariner flag. To the new presi- dent of the A. S. B., the Mariner Wheel was presented by Gale Graham in an impressive ceremony. Principal Ogden made a short presentation and gave the Doty Memorial to the outstanding commercial student of the year, The graduation was held on Thursday evening, June 8, in the iunior high audi- torium, which was filled to capacity. Carrying out several new ideas, the gradu- ates wore bright blue caps and gowns, topped with a gold tassel and entered the main auditorium doors alone. Following streamers, the graduates proceeded to the platform to receive their diplomas. The partners walked together the last six feet up the plank onto the Good Ship Mariner to conclude the ceremony. l9l E. E E f 3 ,. E. 5 5 Q, 5 .Tl cr v. 5 3 E E i -4 E o s.. 3 : i gs f 45 E 1 E4 : 'C 2 E :A ': 5 ... Q. 3 .ac f. e Z1 V Uenisc 1 J E 'a Q F 2 E a Q 3 3 v. I S .x af : .3 5 9 QE PL 7 .E 1 v F Z .1 v L B1 3 5 G L is . E E .- IE m Q .. D .1 S A 'E 0 C N P E 3. 'E E E1 .. w 2 : m :I 2 E fi -I 2 ni U U . 5. .I 33 was Ev ,A 1:3 FM. U, Q: wi Q Fm .15 .23 gl :W vi m. '3 is E ww -gi Tau E.: .e L- .22 N GE '-1 ff-I. ,N h E5 Ei .. TP U? ii gm as 25 .Q aa. 0 L. 4 di 0 w Ray Martinez, Sn lVa.yland Ross Louis eefe, Roy Lungbreak, Howard Molin, Joe Hyde, Ted Glelchman, George K mn Koji hio Second row--Edward Fazin, Tos Danny Rurk, Roy Martinez. Whitlock. -if , Dir AFC Blorrlilul, gill Reed ml rey Pe Beulah Needham. Mufxrfl, Ethelyn Madrid, Elzaheih Puwell, Grace Shirley Gunn, Xine Sm th, Bettyjean YVHUDX, Ma. Yve r, Jenn Moore, row--Jean A nn Fnurth Papler, Bctty XVODG. Olive r, Virginia. eatrlce B Shirley 'Nellx-5, Arles Papstein, eid, rg e Nickula, Vivian Gentry, Evangeline Guzman, Mary Lou Knox, Betty J. R mpsfln, Jnyce sam, Si non calvin. Mary Edna er 'ecll Thacker, V rs I ro w FI Roberts. Tony, Fannie Sawyers, Florence Mary X , Ay Q x w TJ 1.5 14 I. SV:Ayne Illldrrth, W':llter Hal r, Fred XVest, Herhert XVHHan19, Prix rl Dulra, Darre ye r. Cecil Saw E if 5 E. E3 5 E 1, P 5 .-A E IL E K-1 'F F E E 5 LQ 3 rc IE I J? Ti -w s:: Ev: ia. , s OLY- LI fi N2 'E Ja.- .55 51.2 X C IS L in E ii Gm :U N. Zi' il E E 33 Y N, -S in 'JU :C u.: QL :af .- -3' P' is SE :GU an Q: dre Second row A rl P1 'E : 2 I U J VI 2. it Q E 371 1 mi BI W .. E .. IV Bl .. 71 L . 52 1:3 :C IIE AH: an 15 ff ,,.s Q.: I:- WC U2 C 3:5 1-: E: AE :fm Es. Q.. EE "z . 'en Vi' ,EE NE' 'QCII lla. Z 'iw EK! fe I-,J ii' AL. L53 w 5... IEW 5 .J E EE 5? Wm .EE CZ. .: .Q-I ,.. A2 gr FJ . -Y! ii mi ME E-'Z 54: -13 lr. V2 i E' J K- 2 z Z E 5 iz. 2 S r. 'il 5 G 5 E J, -B . I1 . 4, L ,fi Eh. E." V1 ,N :: :U :: -ga 'Q ,..: Eb ' as 5: 2- ,Ei .EE V35 rw v .F sf Qi' sr 2, . :JE C: ui! 4' L EQ Wm -lea T4 C 3 9' EE m-3 '1 Q. : :n an : If -DD as 5 :Q e -2 :df E.: mf. a. .,. Sz E11 E5 -.. hm .PT U, 27: gi Z IE Fnurth row Koh Wlxson, Kathleen Moss. e he Knox, Donna Betty Wells, Naomi Naknya, lmrolhy Graves, Allce mom Harms, wamr Cummings. A clls, Hob Bradford, 'I rt Curr. be Ro ren Llvfs. P Jensen, 1-zugene anla, Lorraine Armstrong, Avanell Bruuk. Marjorie Hlehl' Alem 1 4 Ab ELAEEPHUPHEEH Good evening. Mr. and Mrs. North Alnvrlcn nnd nll the ships nn sen. Thls ls your nuthm-wldn 1-mnmgnggmrl bringing yan thu news nf the dny. Lefs So tn press. Flash!!! Wrigley field. Los Angeles. Callfornln, 1050, Alter 11 stiff but shnrt lmltle-, lnsthu: only nm- minute :xml thirty-nine seconds, henrvywelght chnmnlon, Homer Blvln. teamed with contender, Arnold Bahns, emerpred nuuln vlctor. Thls: ls the sixth time that Blvln has successfully defended hls vrnwll, Perhaps this: wlll qulol lhe urpro of Hom' bnrrel. Tony Gnrcla, to enter the ring lu June with lhls Luulsinnn tornado. Flash!!! Ventura, California. LnVorne Welsnl, Klng of the Helms, hns just broken lhe worlrl's freight lrnln hopping: rm-nrd, llnpnlngf on nl the maximum speed of thlrty miles per hour, he can then take lt nu the "lamb" nnd jump off at n speed nl forty mill-s per hour. Flush!!! Cnnltol, Xvashlngton, D. C. Congress ls planning nn Antarctic lrlp to lu- finance-ml hy the gov- ernment nnd handed by vlce-admiral, Billy llltson. His wlfe's lthe farmer Jeanne Ayr:-su only slntenmnt wus that she certulnly hopes Tnotslffs llttle trip will bs sum-essful. Mr. Hltson ls taking suhlvlles and secret mllltnry nrnlers to the South Pole to nld Admlrnl Vincent Badllln, tu mnlnurln the naval nlr bmw situated there, Flush!!! Flllmore, Calllornln. 'WVQ ent nlxythlng nnd everything fruln phonograph needles tn nutomnllllesf' ls the slmrnn uf tho fnnmus University of Fillmore, Professor Antonells xnys tlmt there lsn'r. n boy or xx pzlrl, for that mutter, who Couldlfl Show UD ally of lhn 1939 frog enteri, Flash!!! New York Clly, New York. MISS Jnl'llK'e Allzlllw, thc well- knnwn nmnnikin, ls seeklnx 520.000 crush clnmalres from Clmrles Abbott, an snlesmnn for um llnrlpwvu Auumhum Company. She :asserts llmt she was struck ln mid-nlr unnecessarily and received n battered eyebrow. :L slmtlrrrd rib, und n uervnus hrcnkdown. Flush!!! Trenton, New Jersey. Alter 11 mnrrlnze lasllm: two years. Mrs, .lm-k Rm-k4 ley has Suddenly fllerl sult for dlvnrvo nlmrsrlng extreme mental cruelty. lt seems that Mrs. l1ockley's rensun fur wantlnn' hor name tn xucnin reml Miss Helen Alexnkls wax that he showed so llltln splrit, not own furnishing nn interesting argument. Flash!!! Allnnm, Genrglu, Police Cuptnln, Dnvld Andrew. ls very much lu Un- spotlight thx-so rlnys, slnve he recovered the gr-'nt Star of Ilnitl, goin nl' Amerlcnfs Ambassador lo South Anwrlcn, lwllss Bnnnlo Arrants. Flush!!! Hollywood, Cnllfnrnln. Even though casting was begun on Um best seller, "Gone With uw wma," wny buck ln 1939, u lms rnmuy been released in 1950, featuring Pntrlcln Berry ns sm:-lm o'H1m. mm Melvin Burton ns Rhet Butler. Flush!!! l'ltlslmrg', Pc-nnsylvxmlxl. Slx-base, Blg Langue Tinaelmll ls growing hy leaps nnd hounds. ln hu-t, Warren Bell, a Babe Ruth the twelfth, ls really ptulng to town, lf he lu-cps up his bnltlnpr avr-rnge nf 450, hu will soon be the hlghest paid nmn in his profession. Flush!!! San Frzuu-Iscu, Callfur. nin. ln vlvw nf all facts nt hand, Verna Blvln, local fnrmer's daughter, has made the catch of the sermon, and the vnfch happens to be XVlIbur Jensen, noted character autor, Flash!!! Omaha, Nehraska, Mlns Vivian Gentry, vn- vallst for Melvin Klrknmn nnd his Swlngnrons, walked out lmlny when Klrknmn lrlcd to make: her reluenrsv slx hours n dny, vnntrary tu lnlmr unlon rules, Flash!!! Bnlse, ldnlm. Accnmpllshlng nn :almost impossible fem, An- nrow chnkn-es ls naw deserving or prnlse. no ls sum to gn down ln history ns the man whose constant umm, hnvn nt lust brought nhout the rutlflcntlon nf nn almost forgotten bill, thu Townsend Plan, Flush!!! Mlaml, Ejnrlda. llnltf-d States President, Glen Gnoss, ls expected in nrrlve hero solnotlmc todny after a lrlp abroad, whore hc- lnspecled Uncle Sum's fortlflcatlons on the Rhlne river. Flash!!! London, England, Tunlxlxls' men's doubles at Wlmluletnn will declde whether Amerlm ls to he- c-hnmplnn. Beverly Bum: nnd Roger Burt arc our whlte Imp:-s, and we certainly hope ihey come through. Flash!!! By Wny of the Hiprh Sens. Cm-rlln-nn Sen. The Llm-r, Muyllower, carrying three thousand lmssengcrs, mek. wlth a gruesome cntnstrnphe Inst night whvn the steam mum exploded, kllllmr tive hundred penple, malmlng some seven hundred, whlla the remnlndar escaped with brulses nnd xx good slmkeup, Those of promlncnne who ssl-npr-d were Mr. Bob llrnrlfurxl nnd wilt-, Anno Bronnlbent Brmltorfl, newlyweds. Mr. llnrlzuul Brldges, novellst on vncaulon, and hls wlfe, former debulunlc, llnrharn Foss, escaped with slight lnjurlen. Flush!!! Berlin. Germany. Mnklng :L nun-stop flight thrlca nrnund the world, Yvonne Poole was sighted tndny 1-rosslng the great Danube rlvor on the second lnp nf hor extenslvo journey. Flush!!! A news Item from Louisville, Kentucky, states that "lt'll be down the river" for Dean Brown 1-num-ated with the blonde kldmlllning cnse, if Dlsu-let Attorney Mnsntoshl lmnxnurn nnd hls nsslstnn! Mnrtln Buulllu. wln their L-nse to be held next Wednesday, Flash!!! Boston, Massnchusetts. The stock market crushed: sn Mr. Norman Palchln, prominent lawyer, his wlfe, Altec- Burner, and three ehlldron ru-e muvlng to n hotel, as their Lwelvv room house gnc-s on the nuctlon hlovk tomorrow. Flash!!! Sutlcoy, Calllonlln. According to Rex Burks, wvuther fore- caster, Satlcuy will experience two feel of snow tomorrow evening. Flush!!! Los Angeles, Callfnrnin, Miss lluth Callandor, surglvnl nurse for Dr, Rolxnrt Curr, vlsltlng surgeon from Carson City, Nevndn, mndc- puhllr- today lwr intentions to wed Hurry Chenuwelh, lncul flnrlst. Flash!!! Brondwny, New York. The blprgesl hit nn Hrnnrlwny slnca 1939 ls. "Tulip Toes," stnrrlng Mary Lou Knox, dolng her version of the ancient Jltlerbug dance. Flash!!! Canrlinn Alley, New York. Another hlt lur Len Smith ls that best seller, "Thu Llfe nnd Loves of Rnymrt Keller." Flash!!! Denman-k. The coveted Nobel prlzo wus awarded to genius. Erull Slnlth, fur hls nulslxuullng lnvcmhm that wlll re-establlsh the cotton lndustry, n glass eye mnde entlrely from the substance- forming the pleasure ground of tho boll-iweevll. Flush!!! Clxlcmxn, llllnols. Miss Sophlrn Cundlnnlrlvs lodny won the lllstlm-tion of belng the flrst woman to be fined for driving tnn slowly under the new federal lnw. KVM-n she tnld Police .lu1h.:v, Richard Branch, that she had been doing fifty nt the time ol her arrest by lmtrolmxm, Manuel Cabos, he tlnrsl her flhy dollnrx nnd warned hor to "step on ll" after this. Flush!!! Blrmlnghaun, Alnbrunn. Curl Lnum-r, Spanish instructor at Alalmmn. University, nurrowly escaped injury and posslble death today when his clmuffeur, Gnlo Gruhnm, failed tu sec an nututrnln careenlng down the street. Gralmm swervml ln time to nvolrl the uvvident, but both persons were taken to the hospltnl wlth nervous breakdowns. Flush!!! Versailles, France. Clnire Cooke went on the witness stand iodny far the murder of Mickey Mouse, faclng a charge of murder In thu first degrev, Flash!!! St, Moritz, Switzerland. Claude Tuttle, formerly of Ventura., ls mnklng ax name fur himsolf ns scout leader of n. puck of St. Bnrnnrds. It's reported that he's becoming dizzy wlth dulmr an mnuy good turns. Flux-uh!!! Plcadllly Clrcus, London. The worlll's champion strong nmn, Bllly Cox, is xnaklng n personal nmmzuwunve tour, lfsl -t 3 El!-X55 PHUPHEEY :Arriving ln Liurm-mouth, l-England, duy nfter tuxnox-row. Flush!!! Wvalter Cummings is the greatest seamnn nf all tllue-S, ln View nf the fur! that he hu!! just vtrlllpleted a l'0ulld-the-World Vuynge ln .ll POW boat. Flniill!!! Street corner. Ventura. Native sun, Marlon Dunne, burned up the street Lodny with a hot saxaphone solo when he pnrtlvlpnted ln the lirend Line Band Convert. Flash!!! Vex-nol Colvin, geometry teacher of the Venlurn Junior hllrh, ls patiently trying to tenuh tlw fundmnentnls ol this science to Genell Cone, who has nlrnln flunked for the tenth consecutive yenr, Flash!!! Bill Reed is better today. recovering from n. severe Injury suffered from trlnulng over the corner of luls llvlug-room rug. Follnwlng his nccldent. he wns rushed to the haspltnl by his butler, Bob lmlnel, and plnlled under the care of Dbctor Louis Dunswyvtk. Flash!!! ln the hendllnes lndaly Comes the l-we story ul' Bob Srnllh. Unable to decide whether to marry Jenn Hinsdale, Merre Jayne Pekor, or Helen Snr-ar, he committed sulm-Isle yesterday while plsylug tennls with Donald Pulnskl. Flash!!! Austin, Texas. Ernle Rolls, sob slster on the "VVS-elily Bunk," has now been promoted to soclety edltor, Flash!!! El Rio, Cnllfornla. Murray Hammond and Frank Holley. former kings of the amateur tennis world, .ure now In lil Rio cnutluulllg their natlnn-wide professlnnnl, tennls tour. Flash!!! New York Clty, New York, Cowpuncher Dirk XV:-ight ls nnw running n llude rnnvlx ln New York Clty with such dlstlngulshed guests ns Powell Potter, Andrew Snnchez, nnd James Slrull enjoying his Forty-second street und Broadway nccolnmudatlons. Flash!!! Oxnard, Cnlllurnla. Doris Tucker has finally nchleved the coveted posltlon of stewnrdess on :L Round-the-WVorld Airways llner on yvhlvh Cecll Thacker is 4-lxlef pilot. Flush!!! Clmrleston. South Cnrnllnn, Shirley Wells and Grace Moore are stlll wnrklng slde by slde, now washing dishes in .lark Tcmplln's Chllljulnt, Flash!!! Chlcngo, Illlnols, All the women in Chicago nre fnlllng nmrlly ln love with that woman-hnter, Frankie Tnutrlxn. who now resldes in the XVlndy City, holdlnp: the honumble noslllun of dog-catcher. Flush!!! Helena, Montana. Opening a school lor sum-h amateur photographers ns Bob Slye nnd Elton Ollver, Frankie Wnrnek ls doing n rushing buslness. Flush!!! Van Buren. Arkansas. Loud-mouth Louis Snow has just won the nntlun-wlde hop:-calling contest, detenllng .luck Landye by 11 wide xnnrpzln. Flush!!! Lnnslng, Mh-hlgnn. Going' into the sports world, we find Rlclmrd Gilmore venting Glenn Cunnlnghzlmks Immortnl track record. Flush!!! Danville, Illinois, Those North Pole explorers, Betty Hnrdncre and Martha Rlchesln. have just returned from their secluded, northern palace to clvlllxntlon. Flush!!! Salem. Oregon. Again making the hendllnes. we tlnd that Helen Pendleton, Cztlvln llnxu'ell's sixth brlde to be, has just sued hlm for heart balm. She wlll be represented ln court by tlmt nee criminal lnwyer, Elwuyne NVhltloCk. Flash!!! Xvnukegan, llllnols. The lntest society news ul' the week comes from here where Rnlnh Vorls and Pat Cline are to he mnrrled In June by Fred VVest, pastor of the Baptist Church, Flgshlll San Quentln. Wallace Hobson has just been glven B. one yn-nr sentence lu San Quentin for nntchlng fleas out of season. Hobson wus apprehended lu the Angeles Forest by game wnrden Edward Diaz, Flush!!! Randolph Fleld, Texas. Quinton Doran, nrvuy's ace flying instructor, funds n record slow-motion parachute jump today from 11 height of eight miles. He begun his jump at slx 11. nn. and is expected to land about nlne p. m. Happy landings! Flush!!! Sing, Slug. New York. Cltl- xens are warned to observe utmost cnutlon nt all times, whether at home or ln places of huslness, until Public Enemy No. 1, Merle Dunham, n. fly klller, has been can tured, due to his escape from prlson. Flush!!! Minneapo- lls. Minnesota, The first shlpment of golden, Cnllfornln frult has just arrived by wny ol' Cecll Reeder's truck llne with Leonard Thonms drlvlng. Flush!!! Santa Barbara. Cnllfornla. Speed cup, Cecll Sawyer, has just nlcked up Armando "here-he-comes there-he-goes" Gnrcln for golng through n red llght ln Saticoy, Flash!!! Ojnl, Califor- nia.. Wllson Pendry's Ojnl Philharmonic Orchestra ls now plnylng its slxty-third week in Cnsltas wlth Ns-well Zan! as solo nlnnlst and .luck 0'Connor solo lmrltonlst. Flash!!! Oakland, Callfornin, John Gilbert, professional bathing sult model, ls suing "Four Story" mnguzlne for prlntlng un unllntterlng plcture of hlm. Flush!!! Ottawa, Kansas. Edylho Crawford nml Norma Dahlgren, well-known educatlonnllsts, lenve for London, England tomor- row, Seeing them off wlll be Earl Hawkins and Jack Haydon. rumored sultors, Flash!!! Honolulu, Oahu. Dorothy Dleknson mul ner crew of slx chorus girls, lncludlng XVlllle Nell Dlckersnu, Melba Eliot, Barhnra. Flanamm, Irene Funk. Leona Glddings, nnd Sylvia. Good, are plnnnlng to return to the States soon, ns they have learned the native nr! nt the Hula and Hnwnllnn slnglng. They ure booked to open :Lt the Cocnnnut Grove as floor show enter- tulners on July 16. Flush!!! Munich, Germany. Miss Evnngellne Guzman, Amerlcnn inlsslonury, ls scheduled to arrive ln Munlch day aft:-r tomorrow lo begin ner health cnnumlgn nlded by Leann Handel, Flash!!! Snn Jose, Cnllfornla. .lncquellne Herring was tmlny amxulnted senlor vice-Coxnlunnder of the lVest Polnt nuxlllary by the president when Barham Hitch resigned to get nmrrled. Flash!!! Beverly Hills, California, Veteran motlon picture actor Jackie Cooper was married today tu Miss Geneva Jones. The couple have been going together for over a year and sny tlmlr romance will nut go the way of most Hollywood mnrrluges. Mlss Ruth Kingston and June Kllngensmlth were two of the most prominent brldesmnlds nnd Lawrence Heckenllvely was best mnn, Flash!!! Yuma, Arlzonn. Taxl drlver, Hernmn Henry, nlded ln the elopement of Bert Hedges and Donna Hny, soclalltes. last nlght. Tndny they started on their honeymoon, to Coney Island. Flash!!! Omnhu, Nebraska. Mr. Dyton Herrln left the hosplml tonlght nfter recovering from n collapse due to the separatlon of hlm and hls wife, Mrs. Nancy Kunze He-rrln. Flush!!! Annapolis, Maryland, Mr, lVa.yne Hlldreth, lnercurochroxuo salesman, was rushed to the hu:-Ipltnl tudny nfter drlnklnl: s bottle of lt for xt dustomer, Miss Lorralne Llttell, ln an effort to prove to her its double-quick notion. Flash!!! Long Island, New York. Clllton Hodglus, Long Island fisherman, today won a flsh story telling contest when he gleefully brought forth n. slx loot trout to prove hls point. Flush!!! Madison, Wisconsin. Raymond Horton nnd his Chorus Cuties dld some fancy steppln' yesterday at the Wlsconsln Trnc when they literally danced nwny with flrst prlze. Horton's cutles lnclude Donald Hunter, Delwyn Hrouesh. and Tommy llnrtmnn. Flash!!! Lexington, Kentucky. Tony .Inrnmlllo and Toshlo Kc-jlmu, butterfly catchers, did some high flying today when they mistook a yellow jacket for n, baby, yellow butterfly. Ilunglue their surprise, Flash!!! Lake Erie. The annual, ice-blnyle race wus pumped to a flnlsh today on Lake Erie with Dean Larklns. Eugene bgumulst, Rennie Lives-my. und Ray Lnnglwrake pnrtlclpstlng. Eugene Lnnqulst put on his brnkes, slid around U61 's- t 9 ELASSPHHQHEEY the eorner, and won hy a spoke. Flash!!! Metnphls, Tc-nneesse. Mllte Lorenzanu and his wlfe, Margarltte Ort:-na Lorenltlnn, were totllty nwnrded fll'St llrlze ln the World-wide ntnntetlr radio operators, runtpst, More power to yon, hams, Flash!!! llalelxzh, North Carolina. Vernon Lowell, poet of the day, has just puhllshed a book of hls poems to no on the market in Aturust. Flash!! Chleago, llllnols, Lorralue llnffman on the llour of Lovely Lndles program, today ell-tned a new three yenr radlo contract, The voenllst wlth her orehestra ls lxelng replaced hy Dolores Lorenzana. Flash!!! Concord, New I-Iampshlre, Mrs, Ethetyn Madrld Lovo and hushnnd Floyd wlll enter- taln tonight ln thelr swxtnky Nest Vlew apartments. Mlss Jeanne Mlller, sorlallte, was guest ot honor. Flush!!! Tulsa, Oklnhfvlna. -lean Moore, Songbird of the South, vlslted trlends and relatlves ln Tulsa on her way to Rank Bits, Flash!!! Tnllnhnssee, Florida. Boll Lowe, rlullu sponsor, tunlght shined a. contract wllh Cnrlton E. Morse to sponsor hl'0rst"s "One Malfs Fnlnlly" hronrlensts. The new east IS ns follow: Grace Powell, Mother l,lnl'luou!'l Vt'lllnrd tvrlght, Father Barbour: DICK Zlwller, Paul! Beulah Neerlllnrn, llnzel: Lllllnn Rnsnlnonll, Clnudla: lluwnrd Malln, Cllttordg Archle Molner, Nlckey: Cllfton Mt-Reynolds, Jack: Helen Pendleton, lit-tty: and .lanlce Orr, Teddy. Flash!!! Butte, Montana, Roy and Ray Martinez make their last public appearance tomorrow night as t-ooklug tent-hers of the Qulrltlt- range, as they are trolng into the selling department, Flash!!! Tat-otna, Washlnlzton. Calvin Maxwell axul brltlo Kathleen Moss left late last nlght on thelr way to the Ventura World's Falr for n brief vat-mmm. Flush!!! Culver City, cttllftwnttt. Bm--mess Naoml Nnkaya. wife nr Bmw-tt von So so, bouprht -Kru- neth Maeleud's latest dress ereatlon for the staggering amount of 532.000, Flash!!! l'It-rre, South Dakota, lilalne Owen, strnglrllnu, portralt artlst, won thlrd prlze eonslstlng of ten dollars, for her portralt of a lazy dolr. Sadly enough she lost the prize money on her way homo, and, eonsequently, she plans to return as lmsher ln George YVl'lgllt's restttllrallt. Flash!!! Des Moines, luwll, Former Hruntlwny hunter, Arles Pnpsteltl, ls pltlnnlng to return to the brlght llllllts under the mannptelnont nf Jack Tunnell, Flash!!! Hilton Rouge, Lolllslnllll. Hob Trlvell, tnulll- mllllnnnnlre, has just purchased a 320,000 yacht whleh he lntends naxnlng after his eharmlng wlfe, Mattle Lou Plttlnnn, Flash!!! Clnvllllllttl, Ohio, Deputy Sheriff Frank VIVCFOS and hls asslstant, l-Illznhetll Powell, were ttlnk- lnlr xt valiant attempt to track down soda-fountain straw stealers today utter numerous oomulaints from loertl owners had reaehed them. Flash!!! Bullfropr, Nevada, Lyle Stewart, nresldent of the U, S. Dynamite Corp,, and hls wlfe, the former Maxine Smlth, are now honoymoonlng ulmrond, Flash!!! Galveston, Texas. Newest uorporatlon tu no into buslnes lu San Diego is the Lonely Hearts club wlth '1'lny Smith as llrosldent. Flash!!! Forest Clty, North Dakota. Gordon Thompson has just heen made proprietor ot' the nntlonally-known health resort at San Mlxuel bench. Flash!!! Larmnle, Xvyomlnlr. Merle Tlpton ls now ln the Good Samaritan hospltal, following severe lnjurles suffered whlle bowllng last evenlnl-Z. lt seems he forgot to let go of the hall when attempting to throw it. Flash!!! Salt Lillie City. Utah. Lllllnn XVOods is now the bearded lady ln Robert Tnyl0r's ten ring' ulrcus, Other nttl':lCtl0ns nre lilennor Zlnn, the Indy Wlth thlrteell cllllw, Danny Hork, the tntnoed nlnrvel of the world. and Eugene Prentice, three-legged freak from Afrlcn. Flash!!! .It-ff.,-1-atm City, Missourl. A new rush has just bee-n dlscovered by Carl PrltChnrd, chief Chef nt the Waldorf-Astol'ln. Flush!!! Utica, New York, Ceell Reeder, the number one bachelor and playboy of New York, has been seen recently wlth tho popular young: sm-lallte, Betty' Jean Xvllcox. Flash!!! Lorraine, France, The newest addition to the French Forelxn Lerlon ls Stanley Net-se, who ls sald to he nlnlnw hls heart away for Fannle Sawyers, Flash!!! Phlladelphla, Pennsylvnnln. Shlpscrat-ker, John Tennessee. .tgnln tho jello and screen, Floyd Ross and has just returned from hls Jewel smuggle-r, has again annual selnlvhnndlean wlth Xvnyland Ross as jorkcy, Flash!!! Nasllvlllr, has offered another three year contract ln those comedians of the stage Flash!!! La Fayette. Loulslann. Blll Parsons, noted soldlet' of fortune, Colnlntt ln Siberln. Flush!!! Llttle Rock, Arktlnsns, Rodney Philips, famed successfully evaded his lnvome tax this year. Flash!!! Newark, New Jersey. Arthur 0shorn's prize hopeful, today won the eorporntlon Joyce sun. most recent Tarln. expert erllnlnnloizlst. has just been asslprned to capture tt notorlous gangster, Tnrln ls ehlel' of the htnnl- olde squad ot' llarletn. Flash!!! Sioux Clty, Iowa. NVas George Reld, Iowa fat-mer, surprlsevl today when he tountl 'FIM the deed to the has :Knowles City Hall, sold to mm by ft mlm answerlng the aestfrlptlmt uf Bin Phlllpotts, was nrl nllsnlute fake. Flash!!! Spokane, Yvnsltllllxtnn. Seeflrrn Torres. young tennls stnr, has totlxty sllvvessfully de- fended her title as wotnen's indoor tennis champion, and she ls seheduled to meet Unnl Vvflkle. Ullly fvlllilllllng contender, sometime later this month. Flash!!! Hartford, Connecticut. Astoundingx the world today wlth his frank confessions, Darrell Prader released hls latest novel, "Cnnfesslons of a Spy." Flash!!! lloustou, Texas. Announc- lnt: the lone: nwalled winners of the "Wlty I Llke ivory Soap," contest, we flnd that Itlnry Tony has just been awarded a brand new Cndlllac V-16, Flash!!! Ft, Wayne, Indlnnn. Turning to the sports' world, we flnd that Ilnrold Seott, aee hurler for the Ventura Glnnts, was serlously lnjnred in an nutoplane areltlent when hls lnuohlhe struck one drlven by Iletty lV00d of Lnnrnster, They were both better totlny under the supervision of Doctor Royce Snllth of the Foster lmspltlll. Flush!!! Rtlffaln, New York. Minton Rohlnflult, New York real estate ngent, has just vnlnlileted ll. deal for the Durchllse of 'Retttrlue R, 'I'tlt.tle's Swank Nlte vlulu hy Violet Burn, promlnent lmslness woman from the east. Flash!!! Dayton, Ohio. Harry Van Dellndvr, t-lty edltor for the Moon- llght Herald, was scooped last night for the first time an the story of the year, lI7l Holi- 'S' 'C t Art Morrison wills hls ample understandlm: tslze 12 to be exact! to Frankle Xvebbcr. ' Passing on n gift from the Chinese, Marjorie Blehl presents Patsy NVagner wltb :L set of flngernalls. ' Betty Haney leaves her question hook--minus answers-to Howard Boatncr. ' Blnlr Smith gives back to Jimmy Llres hls shlners. ' Cleredlth Clay- pnol wills slsterly love to brother Gerald. ' Claude I-laltermau leaves sincere sympathies to all Satlcoy lads and lassles. ' Gulnxrl Golnxl Gone to Roberta. Wlxson! One sugar polsonullty from Frances Cnttrlcl. ' Doclleness la pri-sented to Mary King by Kathleen Blgler tk Co,, Unlimited. ' Nadine Flnkle leaves the reigns to .lobnnle Lee Rrakeblll-the better to carry on they say. ' Carolyn Barnard donates to charity one foot of height to be used when needed, ' David lfiaklns hands his aristocratic appearance to Phllllp Carr for a happy-go-lucky one. ' Opal Allen wills her Secrets to anyone n0l llltvrestetl. ' Edward Fnzlo leaves hls lnllludent llllpufletlce to whomever lt may concern. ' Life ls full uf ups and downs: so Mac Louise Bent gives Illlda Manning one pnlr of plucked eye- brows. ' The larger ls to the smaller as the larger is ID the smaller-so goes geometry. NVe hopo lt Works when Fern Davison wllls her number flve shoes to Mae Barns, who wears sevens. ' Carolyn Quinn leaves her sister, Pat, to Miss NVondyard to watch over. ' By popular vote, Rlchard Goodman wllls all hls characteristics to Edna ltlley. ' Since "Romance Runs lu the Family." Vlrglnla Papler leaves her heartaches to Betty Ann Higgins. ' Ola Mae Flnk has bunherl her gum for the lust time, for legally ll's Catherlnc Dodson's. ' Leighton Stewart wllls his moustache wax to Blll Grceurock. ' Shirley Rupert leaves her dreamy eyes to Fayrene Butcher ln hope they'll stop drt-alnlng'. ' Shire Sllullvy Clayton t'an't wlll Rex llowzlrd the world, he'll t'0xnpl'0mlSe Wlth ll Lrerigranhy hc0k. ' lt's on again of! agaln when Ben Mnrby wllls his hair to Loulse Sandoz. ' Jack XVlnters, a black sheep ln lzunb's clothing, wllls ms wool to Betty McCall. - George Keefo wins his mln-soul-ls, oll, and an-tu Robert scott. Marion Halls leaves ber good-luclt gossip ring to Leo Henuessey. ' lllll lla.WkinS, allas Clark Gable, Wills hls ltsy, bltsy ears to lielth linrnard. ' James llnrren leaves his regards to all. ' lVallace Randleman gets a quack- llornard Lalte's duck quack. ' From now on, lt's comedy plus for Dorothy Leal, thanks to Henry Gibbons. ' Till! art ot combing' ont-'s crowning glory ls presented to Edna Lopez by Esther Gr-lego. ' It's up ln the world now for Margarettc liurlcy, slnce acquiring Esther l-lardeman's height. ' Chester Connor wills a letter of lntrodnctlon tn Ring Crosby lu llls own behalf K0hl Jockeyl. ' Florence Dover leaves her toe-nall pollsh to Mr. Thonis. ' Blll Campbell wills Coach Coultas his snbtleness. ' Mary Stedllla leaves her ablllty to light the fire on cold mornings tu Virginia Baker. ' Geraldine Morrill wllls thc hoop slilrt that her prralldluother willed her mother and her mother willed tn her to Rae Jo Catlin to wlll to somebody else next year. ' Helen XVagner wills hor "chipmunk 4'batter" to Maxine Stiles. ' Xvhether wlse or otherwise, Thelma, Rlggans has been willed Lorraine Plckerlng's scholastlc ahlllty. ' Forfeltlng her chance to play XVee WVlllle WVlnkee, Betty TVells wills her height to Vercle Eaton. ' There can be plenty of variety when It comes to technique, but Joe Kaiser prefers to leave behind hlln his most cherished one, that of bridge. ' Girls used to blush when they were embarrassed: now they're embar- rassed when they blush: so Marlon Shearer is wllllng her blusbos to June Arnold just to be on thc Safe side. ' Avant-ll Brock wills her hlpxh school glrl complexion to Betty NVeaver. hoping mother nature wlll will her n college 5rlrl's for future use, ' Being a glrl with vlslon, Shirley Goln presents the seventh graders wlth ber art ahillty so that their band wrltlng wlll not only be on the wall but also be legible. ' Vlrsrlnla Nelon leaves to Shannon Jones the knlfc that Gale Graham gave her. ' Betty Jenn Reid goes from history to bystcrlcals. leaving the latter ln Lois Todd, ' No gentle Julle over had n. more gentle nature than Dorothy Graves, hnt alas and aladk lt's going to Vlrginla Gnder. ' Betty Ilobues leaves her "curated" anatomy to Patricia Fix. ' Alvln Vononl leaves his mannlsh facial countenance to "baby fare" Harvey Guthrie. ' Lorraine Brokaw wllls her dlpznltled individual- ity to Gerry Burnt-tt. ' Beatrice Oliver wills her very evident gum chewing to Beverly Low. ' .lean Ann NVQ-Ir loaves her "I don't get lt" look to Colleen Watson. ' To anyone wlthxa big mouth and leather lungs goes Mar- Karet I'renlice's megnphone. ' Arles Papstelu leaves her sincere smile to. Ada. Jacobson. ' Joe Hyde leaves his nn-rits and demerlts lmostly demerltsl to Evelyn Bays. ' Shirley Smith wills her red-red halr to Marion Carr. ' Some skate slttlng down, and less than some skate standing, and less than the less dou't skate at all: so Lucille Thorpe ls simply passlnp: on her skating: ablllty just as it ls-take lt or have it-to Jean Van Dellnder. ' Vlrglnla NcNeIl wills her biology book to any little book worm, ' XVlnona Moore leaves her bowling ball with the two thumb holes in it to Mlss Mcffandless, ' Josephine Colvln wllls her English charac'terlstlc, stubborness, to Sophia .-Klllnnells. ' ROSQ: Petldicurll wllls the front Ol' her horse tu anyone who wlll feed lt Well. ' Betty Rclrl wills het' "trucking" ablllty to anyone who has n "trnclt." ' Helen Paul leaves her geometry book to Miss Burr for agood hook of answers. ' Doris lVllcox leaves her lipstick on every wall of the Zlunlor hlttb. ' Manuel Dutra. wills his baked nbple to Mary Guzman. ' Herbert WVllllnlns wills his extra parts from old cars to Robert Gymnultls. ' Dorothy Reisenwy gets Lydia Di:tl's job Ht the htllltlsout booth. ' Mary Simpson leaves nll the arts, clrcles, and IIS1 g 1 , 1, f' ELHEE lllll polnts nf lm-us thnt she nnnstrllcted lll geollletry to Elsie Powell, ' Leroy Henthnrlle lenves his golden Voice to Jlmlney Helltll'll'kS, ' Dnle Alhee wllls his nlllllty to .uhurso nI'oulul" to Ralph Enlunf Blll l'llLrWell's poker farc goes to Everett Tlttsworth. ' Fllrtlnpr ls nn nrt all ln its own, hut lil-rnnrd Trney has certainly mustered lt and ls passlng lt nn to Jack Powers. ' Dillon "pay no ntteutlon to the tem-her" llroussnrd wills hls fine nrt to lVn.rren Mann. ' Mary lillzabeth Porter leaves her shlnlng tresses tu Helly Lee Stugner. ' Neldn Robinson wllls her nxune to Mrs Tinker, who lnvnrlnbly unlls her by her mntllPr'n name, The rensnll is that her mother ls gfittlng' tlrtvtl of golng around without her name. ' Relzlnnld James wllls n porket full of rubber bonds, tops:-ther wllh a book un how to shoot them, to Alles Gnllnrrher. ' Mnrybelle Ynuglenves nn eyelash to Rosalie Young, ' Dorothy Johnson wllls her glasses to Mlss English so thnt she wlll have two pnlrs, nnd, In this way, she mny be able tn Elnd them ln twn out of every hundred places lnstend of one. ' Connh- Snnchez wllls her "bored with-education" attitude to Chole Ralnlrez, whn erm do well without lt. ' Lawrence Morngn wllls his pen and nenrll to some smart student. ' Elsle l.nI-'onlie wllls her lzrrnss skirt to Rlohnrd lflemhroe. ' llenlse Claire wllls her had lurk ln hllnd dates to Ray Gene Butcher. ' Vlnlet Hnrvel wllls the memory nf shaklnp: hands wlth Tyrone Power to Kntherlne Alexakls. ' Good grades ln English along wlth 21 knowledge of the parts of snot-eh go from Pete Snntlbnuez to l'nul Santos. ' Rebecca Cuentns wills her qulel, serene manner tu Renee Oobos. ' Al Robertson wllls hls enlhnrrasslng mn- menls tnot mennlnpr Geneva. Jnnesl to hon Thels. ' .lohn 0'l3rlen wllls hls llnplsh dimples to lla Schell. ' Allen Knox wills her snlesmnnshlp to Bob Cooney. ' Mary Rrlfhres wllls her Trl-Y pln to Charles Nlchnlrs. ' Darrell Hnrtlnl: Kindly wllls his tuba to Wheelock Lallrum. ' Donnn Lee WVIxson wllls her disagreeable VH dlsposltlnn to Doris Webber, ' Edith Rhodes wills her hobby of saving Axnerlrnn money to .lack Murray. ' Lourdes Alemnnln. leaves her love for basketball to Yoneko Matsue. ' Esther Mornles leaves her Spanish grades to .losephlne Cer- vantes. ' Hlxrold Holthe loaves hls dnlntlness flncnpgnltol to Lurry Smlth. ' Herr-'s the cream of wlt, Robert Ross leaves hls height to Beth Newcomb. ' "Blessed ls the person who has nothlnf: to say and ennnot be nursunded tu say lt" belleves Margie Nlckola ns she nasses this saying on to Betty Louk, ' All of last yeax-'s clothes thnt Florence Roberts enn spnre go to Lois Hlclcs. 4 Dorothy Steln lenves Mr. Koller a. bouquet of roses out nf the gratltude for nn Interestlnbr course ln lxlologlk ' Betty Nanshnum wills her tnhl Maryland nee:-nt to June Skelton. ' Trudy Tenmle lrlres liunene Brnaten hack hls heart. ' linrl Smith wllls hls trnnslntlnn ln Spnnlsh to Enoch Mullord. ' Lorrnlne Armstrong wlll give the flrst to send ln, n 1939 clnss nln lf they wlll tenr the top nfl' n box of "Nomar Scholl" and send It to her. ' Zola Robinson wills her excellent view of the shops In study hall to Betty Benson. ' Pem-rx Plmnn wills a suede brush-tr she can rind one-to .loyee Haney, ' Irene Sm basket that she lost and then found to Ferdinand the Bu cap tn Pnul Fly. ' Louls Horllbllclile nntl Ed McDonough wlll their Emrllsh and geometry nbllltles resnectlvely to red halr to Billy I-litsnn's g'rnndL'hlldren, ' To see Carl Lnuber lneeonw head exerutor Fly'5 only Wlshi So she wllls her wlsh ln Esther Rolnlinrl. ' "Pass Xvord to Lnrlcspur Lone," nn excellent mystery Betty Murnhy's wlnlilnpr technique ls vlmnglng hnnds. It piece of enrbon copy to Ronltn Cone to use next year In ll to Trllett Klrli, ' The "tlltChlllK" ahllltl' nf Hal Buttelfleld H085 to Bllly Hustle. White to Bob Lulnb' tlt's only :L Duppet. So sorryl. ' A bottle of wonderful Sat! sun by wny of Ernest Tlel, Just to keen his jokes from frettlng stagnant. they say. Grecian profile to her enzerly awnltlng slster. ' Fay Snend lexwes her sports alulllty tlcny bus will he given to Mr. Newcomb t unndltlon to Nr. Coy. ' Rnlllh Smlth wheel from the Sn sllng shot ln perfee ' To anyone who Coleman wllls his ' Arthur Johnson leavesdhls personality to Douglas Van Wonmek. ' Glenn 1505 to Miss Bidwell, ' Edmund Vasquez lenves hls dlrtl' gym sult to Meredith Hnrdlson. ' Evelyn Slgmnn leaves Allce Vnrela wills her xtblllty to deseend the stairs slttlu likes to push u car und nurnp up tires, nblllly to Glitch the bus to Mrtrllyn Hull. Pomuerwell wllls hls flnlzernnlls to Mr. lth wllls the yellow ll to enrry flowers ln, ' Out of Sltrlxt. out of lnind. thut's wllllm: uns lunndl- what hnlmens to Kenneth Munzer's homework nsslgnments: so he's nddlng insult to injury by are putting: oll their eggs ln one Mlss Penney nnd Miss Burr, ' Elnln basket when they XVhll.t-hill wills her for the NV l' A ls Gerilldlne ' Norma Hull wllls her pug nose to IH-me l'lI4-kock. story. is srlven hy Ruth Stamln to Doris Imrles, ' belongs to Retty Fox nnw. my-plug. ' Nell enrter has ' Dorothy Rlvll:ll'flS wllls 11. no nmhllirrn: so lnfs wllllng - lm:-rt so-or-nl-y wun- Snow eoy water goes to Mr. Sllnh- ' 1.1-noru Underwood wills her to Miss Tmnhlyn. 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K5 'ggimm vi N 332. ., K . 1-3 LJ.. laiqi' C. iizffii.. . 2 9 J P--,L ' - -' r- f-"' WMMZMEXEHE Kal.. -1 , l ,.x l Hunk row: Xvllllaxn Mnvnmber. mlvlser Claude Tuttle, hull patrol: lluh Immel servlve: Art Isforrlsnn, boys' rtlhletlcs. Second ruwi Beulah Neerlhalnl, Sm'l'Pturv: Iirnlu Rdll langue: Shirley Wvells, assemblies unrl orgumlzntluns. lloltum row: l.uVerne NVol3s4lml'l llnllne' Gull' Grilllklil Jlesld l F' M I ll ' ' , , . , I - . en g .man our-0, v ev-pi-esu-mg xvmuu- 110019, gn-is lxnomi Nakayn. girls' athletics. liSEllElillEllElUUlNlllllllY At the helm of the' Good Ship Mariner this year. have been ten of the most capable students in the school, elected to their positions by the student body. The board was officially installed in an assembly early in the year, at which time they pledged their services to the school. For three years the major project sponsored by the A. S. B. has been the Mar- iners' Variety show. The show, which was bigger and better than ever before, cleared over three hundred dollars this year. The money received will be used for student body necessities next fall. This year"the'student body purchasec eighty new glee club robes as well as the customary football and basketball equipment. Something new in school governments was started when the various A. S. B. boards of Ventura county met several times last winter to discuss and help solve difficult questions that came before the different groups. The A. S. B. council, whose members are chosen from each home-room, offered many suggestions to the board for approval in an effort to help improve our school. One of the many duties of the board is to approve the use of money from the A. S. B. fund. At their weekly meetings, the group decides questions important to V. J. H. Most money-raising projects are managed by the commissioners. Many sales of various kinds have been sponsored- by the commissioners to add money to the steadily growing treasury. Members of the board acted as the nominating committee for tenth grade offi- cers. They also acted as a nominating committee on various other occasions, i291 luulruez 4 i 3 Back row: Mnry l-lrldges. Nndlne Finlcle, Mnxlne Snilth, Peggy Plnnm, Mary Tony, Cleredlth cmypnnl, mmm Gmdings, Nm-nm immgi-en, .lat-que-line Herring. second row: Jean Hins- dnle, Allce Knox, Helen Pendleton, Helen Spear. Mary Lou Knox, Sophia Cnndlnnides. Front row: Ann Cooney. Shirley VVi:-lls, Grzwe Moore, Yvonne Poole, Beulah Needham, Arles Pnpsu-ln. Anne Broadbent, Jenn Anne Xllelr. Bark row: .lnckle Herring, sponsor uhr.: Mary Bridges, school service: Helen Pendleton, hospitality: Maury Lon Knox, league court? Helen Alexnklsr trentnrer: Front row: Yvonne Poole. pri-slat-mp Naomi Nnknyrt. G. A. ,x. president: Sophia cmidiumdes, social service: Colleen NVntson, rlce-president: Ann Cooney, secretary, EllllE' lllllll lllll EPHNSUHE One of the most active organizations in the school, to which all girls are privileged to belong, is the Girls' League. Their outstanding contribution of the year was the annual May celebration, which this year was in the form of a carnival. Most of the active groups in the school rented booths from the League for five per cent of their profit. The May Queen, Ann Cooney, chosen from the tenth grade girls who had the high- est number of merits, was crowned, as in former years, at this May festival. The sponsors are a group of tenth grade girls whose duty it is to help their "sponsettes," the seventh grade girls, to become acquainted with our school. Several parties were held for the girls under the direction of the Hospitality Committee, The Social Service Committee this year sent birthday presents to the children in the County Hospital. lsol 1, X fw,zr'ra:2gvEg1 .' . sm, , . tg f it - f' lv: - ' ' -X , f" M. - JSR? wmfrzlil at . .... - e H y fl . .fail .rf f., , , , , Q ,di . ,,. K 4, ri" if-rf" f'fyit+?f?5r.' - rg f .f ey A r '-ff' K , '31, V, 1 :W 'ron row-wrmds. Atkins-ui, oliver, imma, mm, Higgins, Murphy, Skelton. Alemrmln, Crum, Flnklcl Sovunzl rnw-Mill:-ll, Curtis, Tlnty, HFOCK, AdnmF, Kllnze, Stiles, Flnnagnn, Ayresl, Edwards, ll'alls, Morrill, llllvhl lhlrrl row-Cnlllll, Penlllctml, lVLLl'd, Miles, Finn, Pnpler, Horn, Hull, Vnlelnzlll, Tsunndn, Clnylmnl, Glrlrllngs, Speer! fourth r0whMlss VVrILrh!, Stein, Fcrnurl, Rlesvnnxvy, Bauicrlnlii, Robinson, Wuodwnrd, Vllcst, Lowry, Mnrtuy, Cook, Puts-, Barnes, Mnrtln. Mui-riiyz frnnt ruw-Gentry, Hedges, 'l'nltlo, Slmnnn, Wagner, Shearer, Butcher. mucnlpni, R:-lnlmrmlt, Ami-gnu, Benn-, watson, Weir. Bavk row: NV1xllls, l-IVMIS, Stuck, lllnnvllawd, Penwruli, lsvnsee, Mr. llmls, dlrcctor, Sc-cunrl row: llllnrlo, Flnklv, lrlxunniond, cmmr-ire, cm-i-, xrrrri-iii, nriswll. Flrsv. row: um, ithrrrtos, Fletcher. Clnypool, lizwrlus, .lnspuiy ndcmnnnnlst. I I Under the efficient direction of Miss Mtrion Wright and Walter Haas, the Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs have enjoyid smooth sailing for the year l938-39. First Semester Jean Ann Weir Colleen Watson Rae Jo Catlin Helen Pendleton Boys: President Vice-president Librarian Girls: president vice-president secretary rcpor ter Second Semester Betty Curtis Jeanne Ayrest Mary Martha Morgan Georgiana Hedges Murray Hammond Dale Fletcher Avery Osborn 311 . -Ml., . 9? 4 9 Warren Taylor, adviser: Ernie Rolls, presldentz Bill l-lllson, vice-president: lirvll Smlth, sf. cretary- treasurer. llUHS'llllEllE The Boys' League, an organization for all boys enrolled in Ventura junior nigh, was formed in the school year, l933-34, Many league assemblies were held thrcughtout the year. During the winter, thc league presented a gym carnival in which student athletes demonstrated their ability to wrestle, box, and play basketball, The faculty volley ball game was also a big hit. Probably the most interesting event of the evening was an exhibition of Japanese fencing and judo, presented by several boys from Oxnard. Speaking at the various assemblies held were such interesting speakers as Orrin Denny, noted lion hunter, who talked on his exciting adventures in Africa, Highway Patrol Officer Brantley, who told of his daily experiences as an officer of the law, and Sergeant Whitney of the U. S. Marine Corps, who gave a very interesting and entertaining account of his life as a Marine. The Boys' and Girls' Leagues combined to give several assemblies, among which was the annual assembly which one group sponsors and the other follows with a dance. This year the girls had charge of the assembly and the boys gave the dance, which turned out to be a huge success, Perhaps one of the main reasons why the dance was a success was that cider and doughnuts were served to the entire crowd. l32l , 1 5 BllllEl llllllllll llESlllfllllIllll The Girls' Athletic Association, which is open to girls of all grades, has had a very busy and eventful year, The annual hockey spread honored the girls who had won their awards in the winter sports, and award winners tor spring athletics were presented with their trophies at the big banquet held this spring. The following awards are given: numerals, lOO points or first team in any sport, triangle V, 850 points, block V, ISOO points, the big chenille V for the three girls with the largest number of points, Sports this year have included speedball, volley ball, hockey, basketball, base- ball tennis, dancing, badminton, deck tennis, and ping pong, Many tournament play-offs were held in all individual sports. The letterwomen, although unorganized, attended potlucks given by the letter winners of Ventura county. Two playdays were held with neighboring towns with V. J. H. coming through with high honors. One of the playdays, held in Ventura, was in the form of a handicap with each town taking the name of a race horse. An assembly, several races, including a relay, and an award presentation took place at the playday. Volley ball, baseball, tennis, and badminton were played during the race time. l33l ,wmv -, 1 Tun row: Pat. Cline, lflvelenn Dysurt, Ninn Johnson, XVlnrinir Moore Yi ml Nxknwn pre t Ili-nt. Front rnwi Husxlllv YUUIIK, Betty Coflk, Bette Curtis, Getltglalll II 111.1 i 1 5 Torres. .- sr, Trl-Y: Center, ui-Y A1 Runnin, mx nh, Trl-Y. Elllhlh : Ut-ntvr. Hi-Y 0 I Bultnlll. Trl'Y, Seventh '45 t- On the gridiron, the concert stage, and in parades the Ventura junior high band has been a huge success this year, During the football season, they executed marching maneuvers never before attempted on our football field, The stunt that most of us will remember was a novel idea, Out of an airplane formed by the band, Reginald James, dressed as a Mariner pilot, pursued a Yellow-jacket, Oxnard high's symbol, and finally caught him, killing him with a flysprayer, and mournfully carried him off the field to the dirge of taps. Another outstanding performance of the band was given when the combined junior college and junior high bands gave a brilliant exhibition of marching at a junior college night game. ln the Armistice Day parade and at the Christmas preview, the augmented band of eighty-five members marched down the street in arrow-straight ranks and played music that would have done credit to any band. To climax the year's work, the band gave a brilliant performance at the annual musical assembly, held in the middle of April. Among their attractions were the difficult overture, "William Tell", a trumpet sextet playing the Herbert Clark composition "Flirtations", a twirling stunt in which the advanced members of the twirling class performed expertly, a novel comedy ocarino quartet, which set the entire audience to roaring with their discords and original arrangemements of their music. The band has been led in the past year by Lee Howell. i361 Q, f UANET lillllU ANU lllllllTEllill The Ventura iunior high dance band has been a very active organization during the year i938-39. It has furnished music for all the school dances and the lettermen's hop, A selected group, who were afterward highly commended for their work, played dinner music at the Ventura Chamber of Commerce ban- quet. Their outstanding performance of the year was given in the Variety Show. Membership in this organization is wholly optional. The members are selected on the basis of their ability and desire to become dance musicians, They receive no compensation, except the musical experience. The music is furnished by the A, S. B. The 'orchestra is composed of sixty students from the seventh to the tenth grades, and it, as well as the dance band, is under the direction of Lee Howell. This musical group has participated in all of the assemblies and outstanding events this year. They also furnished the musical background for the Mariners' Variety Show. The orchestra deserves to be highly complimented for their fine performance given in the annual musical assembly, in which both the orchestra and the band performed. After playing the brilliant strains of the "NC-4" march, they proved their ability to play difficult symphonies by giving a superb interpreta- tion of the "Dance Macabre" and "Beethoven's Fifty Symphony in C Minor." As a novel presentation, a bottle band played a humorous version of "Old Folks at Home," i i371 t 9 Blok ron Xndrew Chlkires, MISS 'Betty Penney, lulvlSur, Gellell Cone, Dnlllttl LP13 NYiXs0ll, 'tlerre .lupus lrknr Jennne Miller, XVallor Cuinnilng'F, Frank Vlverns. Front row: Tlny Nui th Xlurs lon know, Margurvl Prentice, Anne Brmulln-lil. .lunn Ann Weir. lfraiila Tnnlllln Wllbul Tvnsen. ElllllllllS Ellllllllllll The end of another year is here, but not the end of the Campus Chronicle, lt has become one of those traditions in iunior high. Every two weeks regularly, i600 five-column, four-page sheets roll off a down-town press into the hands of students eager for school news. During March, the staff, together with the junior college iourrialism staff, went to Los Angeles for a day of instruction and fun. After a visit to Hunting- ton library to see rare, old newspapers, the staff visited the Los Angeles Times and went through the press rooms, Later in the afternoon, the group Saw the eastern broadcast of Jack Haley's show. The Campus Chronicle, which is one of the largest junior high papers in the state, is a member ot the National Scholastic Press Association and this year won a national superior first-class honor rating. The staff for the first semester wasi editor, Mary Lou Knox, assistant, Andrew Chakires, feature, Donna Lee Wixson, sports, Bill Parsons, clubs, Dorothy Dickason, exchanges, Harland Bridges, business manager, Frankie Tautrirn, circulation, Tiny Smith, reporters, Jeanne Miller, Jean Ann Weir, Jean Moore, Martha Richasin, Betty Wells, Genell Cone, Wilbur Jensen, Ann Broadbent, Walter Cummings, Mary Bridges. Second semester staff members included: editor, Andrew Chakires, feature, Frankie Tautrim, sports, Tiny Smith, clubs, Dorothy Dickason, class doings, Genell Cone, exchanges, Harland Bridges, business manager, Wilbur Jensen, circulation, Walter Cummings, reporters, Jeanne Miller, Jean Ann Weir, Mary Lou Knox, Frank Viveros, Merre Jayne Pekor, Anne Broadbent, Marjorie Pren- tice, Donna Lee Wixson, faculty adviser, Miss Betty Penney, business adviser, William Macomber. i381 l t P Huck rilW: Gltlllll Grmss, llulo Allmv, Hull Slyo, Ilud lXl0Kihllx'y, ilzwk XVlhlel'S. Third TOWZ Slwehaxn, Phyllis Tipton, .lean Mriiire, .lvuu llinsilule, George Antoni-lls, ldrvil Smith. Second row: .loan Ml'Nell, Jenn Ann YVOil', Livls Tudd, Gvnell Cone, Mary Idllznlrelll Pol'l,er, linln-rt Ross. First rnsv-liiirlyzii-u Conte, llurntliy .luhnsun, Maw Bin-nes, Jeanne Vim Dellndcfi Doris XVllv0X, SeCi1rl'n Turrz-S, Vhlllrlvnl Ralntllollmn, Fvlilikle YVebllol', ElllllllllllEllllll Avery successful club schedule has been enjoyed by students this year, Through the use of "A" period, many varied and unusual programs have been carried out during club time. Speakers of interest to the different clubs ap- peared to talk to the students. Clubs have been held every Wednesday, and each student is required to be a member of the club in which he is interested. The entire club program has been under the direction and supervision of Miss Bidwell and Shirley Wells, commissioner of organizations and assemblies. The clubs were sponsored by interested faculty members and were led by enthusiastic students, The presidents of these organizations were: A capella, Esther Reinhart, All-sports, Ernie Rolls, Art, Bernard Lake, Bacteriology, Dorothy Johnson, Book, Maye Barnes, Boys' Glee Club, Murray Hammond, Card, Lois Todd, Charm, Mable Pollock, Boys' Cooking, Stanley Pierce, Current Events, Pauline Sparks, Curtain Pullers, Jack Myers, Dance Band, James Muhl- stein, Drama, .lim Byrnes, Fancy Work, Barbara Coates, Clinic, Ethel Davis, Girls' Shop, Mary Porter, 4-H club, Floyd Ross, Hand Writing, Wallace Randal- man, International Friendship, George Antonellis, Knitting, Salonge Barr, Latin, Warren Mann, Leadership Training, Jean McNiel, Librarian, Phyllis Tipton, Mechanical Drawing, Leroy Henthorne. Others are: Metalcraft, Genell Cone, Model Airplanes, Elmo Dugan, Office Secretaries, Don Halderman, Outdoor Games, Glenn Gooss, Photography, Bob Slye, Safety, Doris Wilcox, Scout Craft, .lack Winters, Social Dancing, Ercil Smith, Sub-Deb, Jean Hinsdale, Tennis, Dale Albert, Typing, Nelda Robinson, Tumbling, Robert McKinney, Vacation, Charlotte Owens. l39l I l40l 1 Q 3 Sllllllll Elllillllll SEPTEMBER FEBRUARY 6. Another school year begins l 9- v, Y l6. A. S. B. "Get Together" 29. Holida Admission Da Pep Rally in stadium 30. Beginning football-Oiai here OCTOBER 6 Girls' Vox Pop show 7 Santa Maria football game, there l2 Club system inaugurated I4 Oxnard football game, there l7. Waterman conducts assembly I9 First matinee hop 20. Pep rally and Kangaroo Kourt 2l. Moorpark football game, there 27. Student talent assembly 28. Santa Barbara game, here NOVEMBER 3 Girls' fashion show 4 End of first quarter 5 Football game with Taft, there l0. Patriotic assembly, Armistice Day ll Holiday, Armistice Day ll Football game with Oxnard, here l6 Football dance l8 Santa Barbara game, there 23. Thanksgiving film 23. Thanksgiving baskets distributed 24, 25. Holiday, Thanksgiving DECEMBER 8. Boys' League assembly 9. Ojai basketball game, here l0. Matinee dance I4. Spanish party IS. Christmas assembly l6. Simi basketball game, here l6, 30. Christmas vacation JANUARY 6. Talk on Yugoslavia l0. Gym carnival l2. Lecture on Africa l3. Santa Paula basketball game l9. Boy Scout assembly 20 Game with Lancaster, there 20. End of first semester 23 Tenth grade meeting 24 25 26 27 27 1 Tenth grade class officers' elec- tion , 3l. Infantile paralysis drive Girls' League assembly Basketball game, Fillmore, there Junior college assembly l43l . G. A. A. spread 2. Sergeant Whitney speaks to boys 3. Barbetball game, Oxnard, here 6. Film on safety 9. Preview of Variety Show l0. Music institute IO. Santa Paula basketball game, here l3. Tenth grade class meeting I3. Basketball game with Villanova lil. Valentine dance l7. Variety Show 2l. Ninth grade girls' party 22. Holiday, Washington's birthday 24. Basketball game with Oxnard 24. Marinettes beat St. Catherines 27. "Annual Troubles" assembly 28 "The Log" campaign begins MARCH 3. Tennis squad beats Villanova net- ters 7. Unveiling of "Za::a" iAnnual stuntl 8. Choosing of annual staff 9. Outside talent assembly l0. Successful climax to annual cam- paign l6. Combined League assembly l6. Matinee dance 2l. Latin party and plays 28 End of third quarter APRIL 3-7. Easter vacation l3. Combined band and orchestra 20. 27. MAY 4. concert Constitution assembly Girls' League assembly Campaign assembly 5. Carnival, Spring Festival 6. Class picnic l3. Latin picnic l8. A. S. B. installation of officers 23. G. A. A. banquet 25. Girls' League installation of olfi- cers 30. Memorial Day assembly JUNE 7. Class Day 7 . Tenth grade dance 8. Graduation 9. Summer vacation ll-lOORAYl!!! de 3 Ellllllf lEllllE Pioneering in junior high, Shore Leave made its sensational debut on Friday, March Bl, l939, and was received with intense enthusiasm. The whole school, including teachers, dressed up in some type of costume and wore them throughout the day, ln the afternoon, after shortened classes, the main events took place in the stadium. First on the program was a Rugby game between the ninth and tenth grade boys, in which the latter won. A mixed boys' and girls' track meet and pie-eating contest followed the game. Winning the pie-eating contest was Mary King. The events of the track meet were a girls' 50 yard dash, sack race, eight-man shuttle relay, and eight-man 440 yard relay. A Grand March followed for the purpose of selecting the outstanding costumes. Ernie Rolls and Edith Hawkins received a wallet and a gold compact, respect' ively, as prizes for their originality. Edith was dressed as Huckleberry Finn and was near perfection in the role, Ernie, in an outfit that suits his personality, was dressed as an umbrella clown. The only two entries for the beard contest were Bill Reed for the fanciest and Bob Smith for the heaviest. The two received tubes of shaving cream. tiiiuii liiiili Color week was held during the week preceding our first football game and was truly the most loyally colorful week of the school year! Everyone wore our school's colors-royal blue and glittering gold-or else! Officers were posted in the halls to take the names of people who violated the law, who if caught off guard, were placed in the custody of Judge Gilfinkus of the Kangaroo Kourt and then were scheduled to appear before the court sometime during the football season to receive their penalties. The Kourt was held in the stadium on September 20 following a football game and Judge Gilfinkus, alias Gale Graham, presided. After taking vows and ceremoniously kissing the red arithmetic book, each of the offenders was taken to the Judge and asked a leading question. lf he replied truthfully a white light shone, but if he answered th question falsely, a red light flashed accom panied by the embarrassing whirr of a lie-detecting bell. B if lit Rf if H Sillllll Ill-lllEfS Swinging to the steps of the Suzie Q and the Lambeth Walk ninth and tenth graders have crowded the girls' gym during the past year enjoying the excellent music of the iunior-high dance band and the splendid floor at the gym All of these dances except the first, at which the A. S B Commissioners were hosts and hostesses, were sponsored by three or four homerooms under the super vision of Miss Bidwell and Grace Moore. These matinee dances were held at month and a half periods and were invitational to a few eighth graders. The only school dance that accepted seventh graders was the Shore-Leave dance, which was the climax of that eventful day At each dance, student talent furnished an interesting intermission ln addr tion to the regular dances, special dances such as the lemon dance German dance, and the whistle dance were added to the programs T441 t at lllllll llllllllliilil Portraying scenes from famous Roman myths, the first and second year Latin students ioined together to entertain their mothers and other guests with several plays at their annual party and program Tuesday, March Zl, in the school auditorium and girls' gym. Warren Mann opened the program with a speech of thanks to the many people who helped to make the party a success, Carrying out the classical theme Newell Zaph played two well-known piano selections, "Moonlight Sonata" and "Raindrop Prelude." The first play was an enactment of a court trial testing the Latin language. The last two plays, which were in Latin, dealt with heroic, mythical characters, the plots of which were told before they were presented. Following a musical program, refreshments were served in the girls' gym. Those taking part in the program were Helen Pendleton, harpist, Janice Adams, pianist, Nina Johnson, songstress, Bettyiean Wilcox, accordianist, Mickey and Richard Hembree, guitarists, Melvin Kirkman, saxaphone player, and Walter lsensee, singer. -siemens: El3llllSll Hllllllll Cie llllilllllllllf' December I3 was not bad luck as predicted but remains vividly stamped in the minds of the second-year Spanish classes, for that was the date of the annual Spanish Christmas party at which they enjoyed gay, quaint customs and observances. The highlight of the affair was the gaily bedecked "pinata." The pinata, an old Spanish Christmas custom, is a huge crock filled to the top with delightful gifts, nuts, fruit, and candy. lt is hung from the ceiling, and the participants are blindfolded, then given a strong stick, and turned around three times. They are then told to hit the pinata and break it, but it finally had to crash to the floor to break. Alice Valera and Evangeline Guzman were in charge of decorating the pin- ata, Helen Alexakis and Norma Dahlgren, with the aid of their refreshment committee, served punch, ice cream, and delicious cakes, and Cecil Thacker headed the brigade making up the clean-up committee. Nllllllullllillllillllllll Successfully handled by three charming hostesses, Lois Todd, Phyllis West and Betty Cook, the ninth grade girls' party given by the Girls' L ague So ial Service committee was held in the lounge of the girls' gym, February Zl For entertainment, two dancing contests were held, a waltz and a iitterbug Betty Curtis and Nina Johnson won the waltz, and two couples, Phyllis West and Lois Todd, Colleen Watson and Marie Miles, won the jitterbug Refreshments were served by Jean Ann Weir, Helen Pendleton and Jean Hinsdale, members of the Social Service committee, who sponsored the affair The glasses of punch, accompanying small tea cookies, were attractively arranged to form a large V. J. H. l 45 l t D presented by VlHlilY SHUW The most important and probably longest remembered event in connection with V. J. H. S, talent is our annual Mariners' Variety Show. This year, l939, gave to the student body and community a top-notch show with all performers turning in splendid performances. Grumps, a crotchety, bitter old man was excellently portrayed by Gale Graham. Another stellar performer was little Toddy, played by Russell Hodgson, who encouraged the troup of performers that were stranded by a halted train to "strut their stuff." Patient, understanding Grandma was ably done by Genoa O'Neal. The time was early dusk and the place was Grump's garden. ..lnto the calm, peaceful night came the chatter of worried actors and actresses who had wandered into the vicinity of the garden, The performers, who, finally, with the aid of Toddy and Grandma, went through their acts, included such stars and novelties as Bettyjean Wilcox and Chuck Kane in an accordian duet, beautiful, soft, harp music, played by Helen Pendle- ton, a novel comedy act done by Helen Wagner and Rose Peddicord, dis- guised as the old gray mare, some popular melodies by our songbird, Anne Broadbent, a song and saxaphone solo by our "maestroes of melody," Melvin Kirkman and Walter lsensee, a novel and different "Book of Nursery Rhymes," the Girls' Glee club, ably assisted by prominent seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, a "sweet and hot" popular ditty gayly sung by Margie Pren tice, the melodious Boys' Glee club in an amusing minstrel act, those two little iitterbugs, June Arnold and Irene Smith, who sang and rated three encores and a hilarious skit promoted by La Verne Weisel, Wilbur Jensen and other H i -Y boys. Other numbers on the program included several tap dances by Bgty Ragland Patty Fix, Betty Higgins, and Georgianna Hedges, a current song by swing ster de luxe" Colleen Watson, a charming combination soft shoe and tap dance by Mary Martha Morgan, a beautiful aria, "ltalian Street Song by Nina Johnson. Pat Atwood proved her musical accomplishments by a difficult piano solo. Returning from her success of last year, Barbara Greenwood executed a complicated acrobatic dance, those musically inclined guitarists, Mickey Hem bree, Richard Hembree, Donald Wilson, and Elwood Case enraptured the list eners with melodies from Hawaii, and the ever-popular dance band set hands to clapping and feet to twitching with many popular swing numbers I 3 8 if 8 3 ilEHlH EHHUE PAHlY The popular Easter bunny made an unexpected visit to the annual eighth grade girls' party Thursday, March 30, in the lounge of the girls' gym. Begin- ning at 3.30, the girls had an hour of fun, playing games and dancing. The gym was decorated in typical Easter fashion with charming, green and yellow appointments, and refreshments of cookies and punch were served. An original holiday program was prepared under the direction of Shannon Jones, who was appointed by Helen Pendleton. Those taking part were Betty Swift, Neiva Butler, Louise Sandoz, Donna Arrants, Nadine Doran, Jean Miller, Elsie Tatum, Ruth Tuttle, and Salonge Barr, i451 4 t Elllllllllll The day when the carnival-goers heralded the beauteous May queen and her attractive attendants at the carnival arrived at long last on May S amid a burst of fanfare and festivity. Shattering tradition, the identity of her highness, the queen, had already been revealed. By popular vote, Ann Cooney was chosen to the honored position. Ac- companying her in the processional were sixteen attendants, the girls being those with the highest merit record in the tenth grade. Instead of the usual May festivities, the entertainment was in the form of a carnival held from 2:30 until 6:00. Prominent V. J. H. organizations sponsored the concessions which made up the carnival. The attendants did a special dance, arranged by Miss Tarnblyn. Each girl was beautifully arrayed in a spring formal of lovely, pastel colors. Attendants were Maxine Smith, Jackie Herring, Mary Tony, Jean Ann Weir, Naomi Nakaya, Jean Hinsdale, Helen Pendleton, Grace Moore, Shirley Wells, Ann Broadbent, Helen Alexakis, Dorothy Stein, Arles Papstein, Yvonne Poole, Norma Dahlgren and Beulah Needham. A list of the concessions and their sponsors were: Guess How Many Beans, Sub Deb club, Portrait Drawing, Art class, Treasure lsland, Friendship committee, Hot Dog Stand, Tenth grade, Lemonade Stand, World Friendship, Popcorn, Social Senfice, Fish Pond, Hospitality committee, Candied Apples, Girls' League, Coca-Cola Stand, Publicity committee, Fortune Teller, Seventh grade Charm club, Dance Band, Advanced band, Ring Toss, Sponsors, Hawaiian Booth, Girls' League Finance committee, Duck Ringing, Boys' League, Ice Cream Booth, Leadership Club, Candy Booth, Book club, Ice Cups, Girls' League, Fun House, Hi-Y A's, Sponge Show, A. S, B. commis- sioners, Dart Throwing, School Service,"Abba Zaba" lthe human balli Arm- strong's period four, Ball Throwing, Letterman club, Battle Busters, World Friendship, G. A. A. Review, G. A. A. isxxrtxrzm Beginning the annual G. A. A. spread, a hockey game was played betwc ft the ninth and tenth graders that showed the elders victorious followed by th spread in the junior-high cafeteria in January. Under the direction of Georgiana Hedges and Betty Cook, a program skill fully performed, was given which consisted of two skits, musical numbers an interesting reading, and a classic by the girls' sextette. Secorra Torres made the decorations for the table, which consisted of pipe cleaners representative to the last detail of a hockey team. The next G. A. A. affair was a banquet in May and was the same type affair. lt was held in honor of the baseball games between the seventh and eighth grades and another between the ninth and tenth graders. The appointments were arranged to portray the eventful basball season and were done by a committee appointed by Betty Cook, vice-president l +7 I I F E4 F E 1 'P 'rap mit'-Bradford. rrmmmi, alma--1, Pulaski, imnwi. lx, smiui ia.-an ii.-mia Hamill i-nw-Tnmima, manager. Pouch Tiiyior, Dorian-s-ir, imiim-. Citi,-emi, nimmk train.. Hain-i mlm, Mmm-yin. of-aah viiuiuis: third i-ow-The-is, mi-ry. Beckley Kllen irinmn Lila .iam-sum. sim-ia. 'r. sumti, Stewart: front. ri-it--di-ziigimifi, Henrw Huithurne iii Prum Rolls, XVonmCk, Barton. Ileunessey, Hronlsh, llllllSIlY llllllllHll The I939 Mariners' varsity football squad had a very good season, winning five, losing two, and tying one game, With only three lettermen, Garcia, Hitson, and Rolls, remaining, the team started off slowly, tied by Ojai and losing to Santa Maria. After learning the new system and plays put out by head Coach Warren S. Taylor and assistant coach, Jimmy Coultas, the team improved in every game. They won two games from Oxnard, lost one to Taft, won from Moorpark, and climaxed the season by beating Santa Barbara twice, something that has not been done in seven years. The team was led by hard-hitting Captain Ernie Rolls, ably assisted by Garcia and Hitson in the backfield and Smith, lmmel, and Reed in the line. Prospects are bright for another good team next year with six returning letter- men. lsil Q 'MB:ai.'i.l:- f i f 4 P 1 4fJi'v: l Back row The-in Tl Ogden, Couvh Coultns. Tlihtxl row: llonilrlvks. iugr., Vasquez, Gnrclix, 'Fempllu Lam- Howard Tony. Second row: Cox, E. Smith. IJ, Brown, Thompson, T, Smith, lxont rou Womack Thomas, Campbell, Peters. Stewiu-t. Back row Cummings mgr., Wllder, Gm-cla, B. Reed, H. Smith, Rnlynrd, Cntfh Glover. Dunham Second row Macleud. Pendrey. L. Smith, Rolls, Scott, Ross, Tracy. Front. row: Hennessy Whitlock ludker, lllurrlsnn. Burton, Donswyk "ll" ANU Tflllilillllll With an impressive record of winning fifteen out of nineteen games played, Coach Wood Glover's 1939 Mariner hoopsters fought their way to the top by setting a scorching pace all season. Under the leadership of Art Morrison, our guard-captain, Tony Garcia, Leo Hennessy, Ray Martinez, and Bob Smith at the running end of the team, and Bill Reed and Melvin Barton in the guard posi- tions, the Ventura boys won the "mythical" Ventura major league "B" cham- pionship and also won over all Minor league "A" teams with the exception of Simi. The "C" basketeers made a record, winning six out of eight games this season. With Campbell, high scorer for the season, leading a fast-breaking attack, the Cee Five under Coach Coultas, was unequaled, i521 4 X w w 1 9 rn emi " ' 1 ' 6' , !'1f.. i DL-1...3,..h I v- ,, ,.i--- ,, ., ie !S-,,,.,..,!-- 4- t -24 . g - I H Lf wr? ' w a, 1, a n H A vw JZ? ' ' it ' mist . L., Y A - V R , 3. -fa e ' ' - "TEFL '- ' .Z '-if , . 1 ' J -S' 2 - " " 'i g'-., ' A ,, . " ' 1' fag' 4, . gQ' f A ,glzlla-. - rf X. , . Q x -,Ai ,, X ,K g Nl Q .I 4 i 5 '-1 ,f -, sl , 'Q . l 5 1 - lm-34" Q M -. :if -' , , V-,A 1 eat f vm- - .' W , s J f A xim,,,, 4 i , S 5 .ggi 'is . :U In r, :tag . - 1. - , r ,M are ,t it An Q . f 4 ,..1 Wi '15 H 'F' ri 'f Vex.. ,' A 'f v " K ' Es. I ' , f ' 1 4 Q '-9' -, , .. 4 l f, , ' - Back row: Gilbert, llalldcrnmn, Immul, Tlcl, lived, Scott, Dmmc, Montoya, Tnylmr, vom-h. Second FDWS llulthv, Pursuits, Glblxuus, Honlwssy, Llres, Rolls, Pt-udery, Rnlhelisolll kneel- Ing: Jensen, mgr., Cabos, Landye, lmnmuru, Zan-ker, Gnrrlu, Walker, an-ir row: emu-h Taylor, Knlser, Puuvr, crm-, C. ll:-own, mlm-ily. J.-risen, mm-. sa.-4.11.1 raw: Knox, rum-kills, xxmmat-ir, sie-wan, ni-mmm, Han-ni-ii, in-it-i-S, Ku--1-ting: Ugilen, I-:, smlui, . T. smith, McKinney. "ll" ANU "E" llllllll The Bee track team this year distinguished itself by the running of Bill Reed in the high and low hurdles and the relay team of Rolls, Garcia, Reed, and Allen, who lost only one race all year. Reed has been undefeated all year in the high hurdles, winning the Russel cup meetg his best time in the 70 yard high hurdles was 912. Although he set a new record in the league meet of l4:4, his best time in the l2O yard low hurdles was l3:8 seconds. The 660 yard relay team set a new record in the league meet of lil4.3 seconds. l-lennessey and Tarin earned their points in the distance races while Landye and Daane scored many points in the jumps. U if U It 8 5 Winding up the season in good fashion, the Mariner "C" spike-men lost only one dual track meet and that to the well-rounded Santa Barbara Donlets. lssl v. - , M5231 fi Back row: Pnul lVIlson, vouch: Hllexnan, Xvrlglxi, Ve-lt, Second row: D. Opxdcn, B, Ogden, Zeyen, Nnrton, Phillips, Tmkl-r. Front row: Taylor. Pn'ns:n,, Mnhlsu-ln, Kirknmn, Holley, Myers. lleinzman. BUYQANU EIHLEWENNIE 1 Y i Back row: Mary King, Janet Bauerleln, Mleredlth Hardison, Nancy Glelchmnn, Jewel Slaughter, Betty Endicott. Catherine Cate. Mlsx Bagley. Pr-ont row: Rosalie Young, Mellm Eliot, Alice Lopez, Serorra Torres, Marybelle Young, Arleen Pate, Alberta Feraud. ISM -4 3- Back row: Cox, lvle, Burton, Donswyk, B. Smith, Whltlnck, L. Qmlth Butler Sedond row: Conch Glover, Ln Brum, Doran, Dunham, Thomas, Hltson, Cxnmpbell HlSfHHll At the time "The Log" went to press, Coach Wood Glover's Ventura junior high baseball team had only two victories and two defeats on record. The first game of the season was lost to the hard-hitting Oxnard varsity 6-3, but in a bitter return game, our determined boys won with a ll-4 score. The third game of the season, also won, was played against Simi and ended with a 6-2 score after a hard-fought game. The most recent game was against Santa Paula and finally ended in a 6-7 defeat for Ventura, after an extra inning. A great deal is expected of Quentin Doran and Bill Hitson, first string pitch- ers. The baseball schedule included games with Moorpark, Nordhoff, Simi, and Villanova, lNlHlMUHllE Offering an excellent opportunity to students not able to make the school teams, this year's intramurals, under the direction of the coaches, had play-offs for every maior sport except track. All the boys in the school were divided into four divisions, the Bears, Trojans, Indians, and Bruins. . At the beginning of the year, Coach Taylor promptly commenced the football play-offs, and, at the end of the season, when the final scores were summed, the Indians were the football winners. In the basketball play-offs, after a lengthy season of hard playing, the Troians came through with flying colors. ln the volley-ball tournaments, the Indians came out on top, through keen competition. lssl i ' , S Bulova - Elgin - Waltham "Your 11 ome-town store" Hamilton Garden The Johnson Company Mar et L61 ding ANDREW BRAKETELAS Credit moss E. Main was ewelers finest DIAMONDS TELEPHONE 6408 Y E v 377 E- Main A brrlnd-new store for you Complete Best of Luck Department S101-4.3 To Au Junior High Students DRY GOODS CLOTHING READY TO WEAR SHOES for the entire family J. C. Penney Co. UP HHT SANDWICH SHOP 7 1 Bartlett Your favorite store - because you get just a C 0 m D a n y little more in value and l service 1 JCWCIVY GOOD LUCK TO ALL Smtionery Junior High , Students Muslc w Ventura Department l since 1875 Store fl 412 E. Main ventura Main at PM K - u , CONGRATULATIONS to the qjvonqgf. I Graduzxtiug Class VVQH I ,1 3, "fu 5 . Q Lv: TK E Cornmerclal I ff KW? h 03 -f 9 ' S o Q54 1 o ,Q Statlonefy CO. T 9A11Qf "1 ,T i iQl!i.f""'1gl+,vf fb ' 0' it L, ' v . - GONE 'ro .... I S84 F. mm St. "I have graduated to better class sportswear," 577 E.M2ir1 says George, who has been educated to the fact that Zander's has the clothes! I 53 l ' 'lfrla-k:h?'Al Bakers IJrigI1am's Flower Shop clothing For M' YOUNG MEN flntnzrs MEN WHO STAY C'?V'F'9 YOUNG 20 S. Chestnut St. Phone 2392 584 Main St. Ventura "Everytl1 ing for the S 'I' U DEN 'I' " CDUNIY STATID N EDS ISuccessor to J. J. MacGregor! Phone 3720 472 E. Main St. VENTU RA, CALIFORNIA I Books fe Fountain Pens - School Supplies - Gifts Wir gxgwzfzky Business and professional Mens Stationeryrl .... Loose Leaf I:orms..Boolc l3rinting...XXfedcIin5 and Social Announcements ffyjgfeefzi PRINTING STUDIO Telephone 3910 50 N. Oak St. VENTURA, CALIF. Isol 5 Karl s Shoe Store, Led. and Cf M I4 t 5 I' C I , I , Norso ron Shoes for the enhrc izunily Foods - Pl-iwg 1 service at popular prices GUARANTEED . 'XD 405 5. Main 378 E. Main sr. 5484 iii A. H. Ba ns 4'1'1.E.asi.II1ain . Jeweler . A 0 CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU On the Publication of Your First "MARlNER'S LOG" MHUUUX Cf Fountain Lunch 1 13-I E. MAIN STREET VFNIURA r fplafauf of pbtblctioll fat u4rm:n sn! lffbzu ' . ,Q 'FIESTA' By Carole King . . . dashing as ai young ealizillero. Ten-section skirth that hugs the hipline and swirls beguilingly around the knees. Laced with COI1il'flSi'illQ'iil1Cll string . . nubby spun fabric . . . .f N4 i 3 4, ix Svuif' A" ,r V5 VP: ,fgcxlf X OVQQ f f l tr? ii? .fiifpi 5 4 '.::, .- gg W . , gf, . ii 25.34 'P me ,- if u g Q' .gba zzzz --i i , -A-2.1-' -'1' NTQW 1 .33 .. iiSQ,Q srn li' bit' 'iif , . fi '33 "f","' S ,, 3 h, ,. Q I- ' Q. .X v 9 X 5 Qs .9 19 x Q' Q N ,A K 3 QAVX ,:.., 'ii A ,K I You will find our Junior department an intimate retreat where the Miss from ten to sixteen may pick and ehoose as she pleases. H,-,ming Raman for Wm.. ulllma Ollzrr .vlylcs from S295 S m95 wi 1 in Sk- Ulm f QA, .. . . - +,. ' -ff ,Q . 5' W QPU ff A P fa , N, 3 I V ,X N . I A Q Ev!!! V ft . I W I 1 W NSR' I 7, ,Mr ' Af 4 I J Ju ff I f E w, . h, L Is' 4" v w x ,, L , 4, 3. L .PE 2' X AUIUGHMHE V ff A D if 9,24 A F Q: . , ' 6K321gbq,f'Qc . 1 , ',f xjifci, A M, 1 " ' A . 'f' f Qffd! f 5. Q' 1 f J., ,f'f4,g-:f ' X ,W f-ggi I - Q , 4 'J - 3 fag? WDW 'QL ASUPDQ' . k ,zu ,A AX-o 3 gums' gay X 4 S ' F , 'Sus lC7A.S. 'zi,3X M .di Q ' Q. 4350 r- ov -nb , V N I fL"fQ,' mmfit fw Q Q - J f X - lliliil :V kilt? Do Y W, .YA ' QQ X i ' 'Ei A Y Xi 5 , aaa Q Wfsvf Sm ' Q1 if Q62 '4 'f.L ' Xb W - A LLQKXZXX U 6 75 , w I X NL- Q- ' .-v' " 1 A . Ir' 'I i K If NJ' 'f' if' A. R . ima K g ,EL I , d,.t . ' h X1 'I Hu" 1 -' h X V . , x 'S f V,fv!,!,,-R J KZZWALA fig dhfwge . 3 Y .fy ff- 3 iz 0-u,Lo.e cuff ZJ 24? 'Q - :ga 225 'G W V 52 A AE! '97 , E r , M73 'HS - , - YK dv' S vs? W ff j 35 ' I 1 . 'A'-15X 'f 'na-.vl -r fig P XJ 1. z r 1, fi l Y 1 VVJE I 1 LQ' , 2 'Ay ,N I J f I 7 4 x x b A Q1 .J 1 .Q AUTUGHAPHS X, KX , . Q ffvf' I . ' gil, -3, Af 'ff - F:, g, . 1 N fx bf' SBK- .SRA X Q X XVUQJ f , r v GY , ' 1 I. , 1 X " ' , , dv! ' ' 'V A X wx f X N N LJ M s X f ! ' xl' Z. 5 1: A , , E , , A . W . gf yi ,NF 5 'x L- P 'N L Dr? 'L Fw 4 A 'N f 5 X xx 'IQ 'IS 3 ' I E . . Bi Q .Q 1 ' JL ' Y JB! l J' .. fx 1' 5 , I X Qx , Ux ' A V , BE Q XJJLM ' q N f - X my Q , Ty.. :ii-gf, B V 'J ' A - . N N N jk A P Q: D 5 -A Fi f , "3 . YN xiii W ' x N5 J j . J ' 1 ' fy -XI r I . A 2 N,f 131 , m V. J , X ,fx J ,SY j ' ff A :V '74 V t i I, 3 1, . It ,I 1 , J Q 161 S+ ' 771' , ' l , 61 fi" i ' 1, of f . - , ' , A ' , . Q 5 , i Tl!" 1 ff I ,,,- Cf . , 5 I J fy.: fl f Q l- ,ag ca- 'JL' K I n l P 'A lk., i XX , J All-fx tfzcw: A QT XJ 'K 'J ,N 'i JL!!! -Lx ' f ,iifml , p ' mf If L f X i 4 .T1lQ1J .x W In C M A A . M!fLu1,LQx , VXNQL pc! Kgs? U 9 f ti i. f r L - . .,, It .kxxq X 1 lv N fllcfyjfp ' 'ig E N. Mi , I I' 1. . 1 K VI i G f' l , X . ,l N ' Cf' ' '--'-:Qi U :iw fit- 4 i lf:-1 1 a 'Q W ,. it Gllllllllllllllilllfllllg Q PJ. lg The chances for success of our first annual would have been greatly lessened XT' Q- had it not been for the aid and suggestions of those connected with its publica- U . it A i"' tion. For that reason, the annual staff wishes to express its appreciation to ? 1 Tig the following individuals and firms for theirnefforts directed to making a suc- iv' ' fssfzg nineteen thirty-nine "Log" V , ,IQ e ffvflfn uf l X LC ,V f Mrs. Norris Ewing ' X , l - v in ' -. I, ' J -, kg, 5 li . ' r bd! an wtf-L ft Wiivert's Printing Studio ZQ,-' 1 - I fffi f ' " X if - Riley-Moore Engraving Co. f, 14, ' e 'X ' gp , ' Q H' ' HarJwm's Photography Co. if, is 1 sf fl - , ., f , x..Q ., ' ' A , ' Q' f ' 51 lake, offitt C1 Towne - C N '5 - J if fx - P . A J ! ' XQJVL XQNN I ' ' iff at I ff QC fi sa i wut Gt I 1Mjj7,,,4l,if Q i-.,lf' g X. 3 'J X 1 jp 1 J XB Xyxf f --f. Q NY. fs X -' Q X up l .s Ln in ,L t x X E ,H C .. yfr . ,J , Jil- . J, tc L- fi I ,rj X ,iw ' I ' x , 9:7 , il ,.Z .Li Qwfggj qxxxt , X rg ' 2 X M ' r M X, "- Xl ll Q .,. -wwf- ' 1 ,Q.W5 f 'E- M fi Y "W" F .",' -544' I E J J . 'F aifffp Jff bf k l .mgffju M' S- eiifwvlwevf -'if ig "YQ, ' ' . " -"I U. all ' Y..P"V ,, b iuvylzu 4 N, ' V ': '. , 'L.j:f?EJ-5.4 M . H . j 1 'H-R -Tl ll - 1 1 ',!v "3 ' Q , 1' . ' ff? 1 .L YXAL A. Y. IN A obetgt-U-,V .. M- '3'?'f',.af 1 -J 1 f- ,J W '--- .41 af' ,154 7.5 ' ,,ik'fff' 55 A WL Lp! K " I , V , law mf

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Ventura Junior High School - Log Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 17

1939, pg 17

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1939, pg 42

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Ventura Junior High School - Log Yearbook (Ventura, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 45

1939, pg 45

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